The #1 Pretty Boy of the Immortal Path Chapter 51-60

Chapter 51: Tsutenji

This temporary owner also seems to be quite uncomfortable. Just taking a sip of wine that is not much worse than fruit juice will be punished-- It seems to be meek.

Just thinking, Ling Xiao lifted the teapot on the table and poured him a cup of tea.

Lin Shu would drink tea as quietly as a chicken.

Ling Xiao said: "It just so happens that I have to go to the Magic Mountain and take care of you by the way. You call my cousin."

Lin Shu: "Cousin."

Yue Ruohe was choked and coughed around his neck.

After slowing down, he talked with Ling Xiao: "Brother Ling, I heard that your teacher inherited the" clean knife "Qingjiang Jun."

Ling Xiao smiled, "Exactly, Suiyun Daozong is practicing." Yue Ruohe said: "Jiuwen Suiyun Daozong Daiming."
Ling Xiao said: "Apologize."

Lin Shu quietly looked at him, and saw that this man was handsome, with a slight frown on his eyes, and smiled like a breeze and a bright moon, which made people feel close to each other—associating with Ling Fengxiao ’s good-looking features, the power of genes can be seen from this .

But his eyes did not hide, and Ling Xiao looked back again, and saw that this man raised his eyebrows, which seemed to be smiling. Lin Shu: "..."

How to be polite when talking to Yue Ruohe, when you look at yourself, you are always ready to make things difficult.

Probably because he is too weak and not satisfied with his cousin's marriage contract?

The two were talking, Lin Shu was thinking wildly, and suddenly someone patted Xiao Xiao's shoulder from behind.

"Well, you're Lingxiao!" The comer had the shape of a big man, followed by two or three people, and laughed heartily. "Leaving us halfway, I thought you weren't coming, I didn't expect to wait at the inn Yes! "

Ling Xiao said: "There really is something urgent, brother forgive me."

"Urgently?" Said the brother. "I don't believe it. I haven't seen you for a few days. You suddenly dressed like this so much that we almost didn't recognize it. Could we go to meet our lover?"

Ling Xiao just laughed.

The brother also had no choice but to ask him, "What are you going to do with us?"

Ling Xiao said: "My cousin has a trust and will not go all the way with you."

The man looked him up and down, his eyes stopped on his waist sabre: "Is this the sword that doesn't return? The young lady is so big!"

Ling Xiao said: "It has always been so."

"This commission is cost-effective," said Brother. "Be careful yourself." Ling Xiao said: "Natural." After listening to their conversation, Lin Shu felt a little guilty when she learned that the young lady had fostered herself and had to pay the cousin.

When he was bored a few days ago, he read Bai Xiaosheng's weapon spectrum, which included some of the world's most famous weapons. The "same sorrow" in Miss's hand and the "not return" held by Ling Xiao at this time are listed here. There is a demon sword "ashamed", seen in Xiao Shao's hands. Thinking of it this way, he can be regarded as a hamster who has seen the world.

Ling Xiao's brother and his party sat down nearby. At this time, the lobby of the inn was almost full, and Phoenix Village gathered a bunch of girls in red in the far side. They are all young Junjies on Xiandao. Everyone is greeting each other. Xianqi flutters and says "Jiu Yang", "Mu Zan", "Dare to be" Yunyun.

Everyone drank tea and chatted for more than an hour. A clear light came from afar, and the aura of heaven and earth suddenly became quiet.

Feng Lei looked at the disciples of Xuegong and said, "The gate of heaven is open, let's go."

The disciples stepped out of the inn one after another, picked up the light- weight technique, and flew towards the clear light.

Ling Xiao said softly: "Offended." Then he grabbed Lin Shu's waist with one hand and led him to fly up. After a few ups and downs, he arrived at the gate of the Great Heaven.

However, the dozen or so people who were entering Tianmen at this time were not the people of the previous Xianxiang Inn, and the method of entering Tianmen was also unique.

All the pedestrians were wearing white clothes, holding long swords, heading the sword out of the sheath and pointing across it, inspiring the three-foot sword, making a imaginary stroke toward the heavenly gate, and the air flowing in the heavenly gate was cut open. Just enough to allow them to enter in turn. When they entered, the remaining talents took out the token jade and walked into the heavenly gate.

"It is a disciple of the Jiange," Ling Xiao explained to him. "Only when the Tianmen Gate is opened, will there be a disciple of the Jiange going down the mountain and going to the" Wanzhang Mijin "to make a heart. You can enter without tokens. "

Lin Shu nodded, looking at the digital disciples that were gradually disappearing between the white mist.

After coming into this era, occasionally homesickness is also limited to the old school site in the mountains, the main hall in the old site, and the deceased master. In short, it is related to the Shimen. Ling Fengxiao said that Jiange has been born for a long time. Ling Xiao now also said that disciple Jiange would only go down the mountain when the Tianmen was open. He was devoted to seeking the way and deceasing his independence, which was similar to the ancestor's mentorship of Master Shiren who had listened to it from childhood. It was definitely his own door.

But now I see Jiange disciples occasionally under the magical mountain, but he is a little embarrassed. He doesn't dare to come forward. I don't know if it is more timid to be close to his hometown, or because he understands that he is not a mere person at the end. He cannot compare with the four characters of "Jiange Disciples".

Let's wait for the day to come.

Ling Xiao glanced at him and said, "Let's go." Lin Shu: "Yes."
After walking through the magnificent sky gate, a long white step up the mountain, and finally disappeared in the clouds and mists around the mountainside, I do not know where to lead, as if there is no end.

There were no sights on either side, but only large clusters of white clouds that slowly stretched and rolled. This is the "Tiantianjie" that Mr. Meng once said. Looking at the steps that seem to have no end, I know that the so-called "ninety-nine" stage is just a false name.

"The test of the first ninety-nine steps of the Tongtian order is that the number of orders is uncertain, the test of the will, and the test of the mind of the disciples, most of the schools and schools do not say."

Lin looked at the steps: "I didn't do it."

"I know, Xiao Xiao said that you had gone into a demon." Ling Xiao said, "The test of the magical mountain, cultivation is not important, Jin Dan can complete the ninety-nine level or above. With me, you can go without worry. . "

His voice is very nice, he has a very clean gentleness, his tone is resolute, and it is very reassuring.

The people next to each other stepped up the stairs one after another. At first glance, everyone's steps were no different from normal speed.

Lin Shu stepped on the first stage and felt a slight resistance from all directions. Going up, the pressure will increase by one point for each step, and the degree of increase will be greater and greater.

By the tenth level, pure physical strength could no longer be supported, and breathing became unstable.

Ling Xiao said: "Can you go?" Lin Shudao: "Try it."
Ling Xiao said: "Okay."

If people want to say that one thing is difficult to do, most of them will use the word "difficult to climb to heaven", which shows the difficulty of ascending to heaven. The name of Tongtianjie is called Tongtian, which naturally has its reason. Lin Shu walked up and down a difficult step, sweating from his forehead, the joints in his body seemed to be squeezed, and the pain was tingling.

On the next level, the pain is no longer squeezing, but directly crushed into powder.

He breathed a few breaths, all over his body as if collapsed. Ling Xiao held his right arm and said, "I'll come, you will hurt." Lin Shu thought about it and said, "One more level."
Ling Xiao: "Only one floor." Lin Shu: "Yes."
The pressure on the Tongtian Order is not a common spiritual force suppression, but a more vast and powerful thing. It is said that there is the true meaning of heaven in the magical mountain, and this is what you want. If you can experience it for a while, it will be of great benefit to cultivation.

At about sixty or seventy steps above, someone has already meditated directly on the steps to realize the power of the world.

Lin Shu closed his eyes and stepped forward again.

The whole meridian seemed to be shredded little by little. His eyes were black and almost fainted.

"Okay," Ling Xiao patted him gently. "After that, you can reach the twelfth floor with a mortal body, which is extraordinary."

This tone is a bit like a kindergarten teacher who is coaxing a child. Lin Shuping breathed a few breaths and nodded: "... um."
If this is the past life, why is it so, but nowadays, you must learn how to stop when the body is full. If you go up, you may be in danger of life. There was a sudden surge of spiritual power around Ling Xiao, and the moment Lin Ling covered Lin Shu's body, Lin Shu suddenly felt that the pressure on his body was relieved a lot.

It turned out that Ling Xiao directly motivated spiritual power to counter the coercion of heaven and earth. If she could do this, it would be another Yuan Ying Xiu--the young lady should be assured, obviously she can really be assured.

In the subsequent fifty steps, with Ling Xiao's spiritual protection, it was almost as easy as the first two steps. Later, Lin Shu felt more pressure-and then at the critical point again At that time, all the pressure in the whole body subsided like a tide.

"Here." Ling Xiao withdrew Lingli, said, "Are you still in pain? Take a break first."

In this ninety-nine stage, his eyes have never left Lin Shu, making Lin Shu feel that this is no longer a temporary owner, he is simply a parent.

It is really a serious and responsible cousin.

Lin Shu slowly adjusted his breathing and slowly recovered his state, indicating that he could go, and his cousin moved forward with him.

After taking a step forward, the surrounding scenery suddenly changed.

The white mist dispersed, and finally a mountain view appeared around it, and the red autumn maple covered the mountain in depth.

At the same time, the steps underneath were indistinct, the back steps were still there, but the front steps disappeared, as if a void.

Lin Shu tentatively stepped forward and found that the next step appeared in the void, but the next step did not.

"The road is endless," Ling Xiao said. "The way is clear." Lin Shu moved forward, the steps extended indefinitely. A gust of wind rose and the rustling of the mountain maple forest rang, looking up at the sky, boundless and distant, as endless as the footpath, and I do not know where to go.

Lin Shu looked at the void in front and suddenly understood what it was about to do.

There is a way to pass the sky.

If there is no way, climbing tens of thousands of steps is also a sorrow. The path of mortals is the road, and there is a road in the fairy house.
Those who cultivate immortals ask for nothing more than longevity, unity of Tao, ascension, and force ... The difference is that the Tao is different.

what about you?

——Why do you cultivate immortals?

The author has something to say: I: Upgrade the cubs (/ ??) Brother Shao: Watch the cubs upgrade (/ ??)

Chapter 52: Load sinking and floating

Why do you cultivate?

Where does this road leading to heaven lead?

Ascension is what the Xiuxian people want, and longevity is what the world wants.

If the immortals join the WTO, the world is rich and glorious, and it is also within easy reach.

Lin Shu was thinking.

Fairyland does not know what it looks like, soaring may not be a good thing.

After living a long life, it is just a repetition of life day after day, and living this thing is really not interesting to him.

In the world, you have to meet with all kinds of people, just think about it, you can't do it.

For this world, he really has nothing to ask for, and he chose to cultivate it because he had to cultivate it.

In the original world, it is natural for me to use the vest method and read the sword spectrum since my memory. And with his bad character, if he is not a cultivator, he would have been trampled by a vast crowd of people, and then fled to a corner where he couldn't see the light, and ended up depressed.

When he came here, he couldn't do anything. He couldn't live in the mortal world. He had to go to the Academy. However, in the troubled times of the wolf, there is no way to protect yourself without repair, so he chose to continue to cultivate.

In fact, it doesn't matter if you find a place to die, but since you don't have a pain to live, you don't really want to die.

The road beneath my feet seemed to never end, step by step, very dazed.

The purpose of this Tongtianjie is to make his disciples clear and firm, and to be more brave and progressive on Xiuxian Road in the future-this makes Lin Shu very desperate, he foresaw that he would be trapped.

He felt that it was not why he cultivated himself.

Since there is no reason, there is no way to talk about it, and you cannot go out.

If the young lady is here, she must be dissatisfied: "things that don't fight."

But my cousin was a thousand times better, walking with myself for so long, and only said warmly, "Are you tired? Take a break."

Even if Mr. Meng is here, there will be no better temper.

Everyone who has a conscience will feel ashamed of his indifference.

The cousin, at first glance, knows that he is also very good, and naturally he will not be indifferent like himself-Lin Shu feels that Ling Xiao is just waiting for himself to go out. Once he goes out, Ling Xiao only needs to gather his spirit and reach Tongtianjie Prove that Taoism can come out immediately.

Then he was seen by his cousin at a glance. Ling Xiao asked, "What are you thinking?"
Lin Shu lowered his eyes and said, "I have no way."

Ling Xiao said: "Everything in the world has Tao, you naturally have it." Lin Shudao said, "After all, I am less motivated." Xiao Xiao laughed.
The slightly lower breath sound passed into the ear, and it had a feeling of over-electricity.

After laughing, Ling Xiao said: "You might as well admit to Tiandao, maybe it sees you cute and releases you."

Lin Shu: "..."

Although my cousin has a good temper, why is it a bad embryo that promotes narrowness and mocks others seriously.

He continued to move forward in anger.

Xiao Ling asked: "The Tao is the true heart. What do you want to do when you leave the academy in Japan?"

Find a peaceful place to eat quietly?

-It seems good, but I don't know if it is feasible.

But naturally he couldn't say that, only asking prudently, "What about you?"

"If it is a peaceful world, I want to wander the world with my acquaintances, or hide in the mountains and forests, leisurely clouds and wild cranes," Ling Xiao said indifferently.

Having said that, he paused, and then smiled, "But please be ashamed."

Although this smile is out of helplessness, it should not have a sense of relaxation and sophistication. The so-called youthful spirit is probably the case.

Lin Shu felt quite envious. what about me?

Do I also have something to do?

He thought, his thoughts gradually drifted away, and he suddenly caught the little "want to do" signs, remembering the scene many years ago.

Maybe it's junior high school.

After school that evening, he went halfway, remembering that he had left the exercise book in the classroom, and went back to get it. Along the way, there were no people, and I met a few, but did not meet my classmates.
They were all strangers, and they only saw each other when they didn't.

He went up the stairs to the fifth floor, and when he stepped out of the stairwell, he suddenly stopped.

There was no one on the long corridor full of vocals in the past, and the rays of the evening sun shone on the railings and wall tiles, bright and dazzling.

The surroundings are extremely quiet, the whole world, as if only he was left, with a huge sunset and a high sky.

This scene may not be special, but at that moment it really made him shake his heart. He felt that he even saw the end of the world at that moment.

No one, no one who knew him, at the moment he had nothing to do with the world, he thought it was beautiful.

Later, he likes to watch the sun rise or fall in a no-man's land, the stars are bright and dim, and then he gradually forgets that he is still in the world.

If Xiuxian had to have a purpose, he wanted to do so for a long time, and wanted to stay in the dust and stay outside.

After a while, I gradually understood. He paused.

Xiao Xiao looked at him.

Between life and earth, as in the river.

The person who cultivates immortals is separated from the mortal's life, as if going up against the current.

But he didn't want to make progress, he just wanted to go down the river, and then follow the waves, floating down and down.

After all, you can't expect a salted fish to stage a carp fight and jump to the Dragon Gate.

He turned and walked down.

Only in this step, the scenery around him suddenly changed, as if the three thousand world mother-in-law thanked him.

He turned back and saw Ling Xiao look slightly surprised.

My cousin probably thought that there should be such a salty fish in the world that he should be killed.

Chapter 53: Wanzhang Mijin

The next moment, he was completely surrounded by white mist, and he could not see the mountain road or Ling Xiao.

In the midst of it, a force lay in front of him, as if blocking his downward steps.

If Wandering Mountain is conscious, it should be asking, "Are you really going to give up?"

Lin Shu thought about it and couldn't say no to give up.

I didn't have a good life, so I wanted to run away from it and go to a place without people.

The people I met in this life, for some reason, were not malicious to him. He even had Yueruohe, who was a familiar person, and a rich woman.

It seems good to live like this all the time.

He just follows the flow, and accepts whether the people around him are malicious or kind.

Lin Shu continued to go down. Although the resistance has always existed, it can only be regarded as obstruction. If you really want to go down, it will completely lose its effectiveness.

One more step, the sky turns round, the willow blossoming.

Lin Shu stepped on the real mountain road, and the white mist around him disappeared, leaving Tongtianjie.

He thought Tongtianjie was amazing. It is impossible for modern science and technology to read people's thoughts through the soul and make judgments.

It is said that the later Wanzhang Mijin and Linglong Dongtian are also very magical. Moreover, Tongtianjie and Wanzhang Mijin are not human- made, they have no matrix method, and they are born purely by nature.

Such a mountain is used as a cram school for young disciples of Xiandao.

Lin Shu looked back and saw that when he came there was a layer of white mist barrier. Others came out of his own magical work.

After a few more breaths, Ling Xiao stepped out of the white mist, saw him, walked to his side, and said, "You are too unexpected for me."

Lin Shu continued to be ashamed.

Because the salted fish was too straightforward, he was released by Tongtianjie. It is not very pleasant to say this.

Ling Xiao said: "However, there are three thousand roads. Anyone who can get out of the heavens is the right way to cultivate immortals, and you don't need to worry about it."

Cousin, what's going on with you. Isn't Mr. Meng up?
After thinking about it, Ling Xiao's martial arts were not from the Shangling Xuegong. He should have never seen Mr. Meng. This is because of his good nature.

It can be seen that although the cousin looks very similar to the young lady, her personality is quite different. The young lady's temper is not genetically determined.

Ling Xiao said: "Let's go." Lin Shu: "Yes." Going up the mountain road, you can't count how many steps you have taken, and finally you can see a stone inscription on the mountain wall, which says "magic".

There is a sea of ??white mist in front of it, which is the so-called "wanzhangzujin".

Before Lin Shu read the book given by Miss Wang, I knew that there are two kinds of illusions in this world. The first one must be broken by force. Depending on the formation method or psychedelic drugs, he must fall into these illusions. It is usually the flaw of the illusion that destroys it, and the illusion collapses. The second kind breaks through the heart. Those who fall into the illusion will see the obstacle in the center of the cultivation path—or the demon, and then be trapped by the demon and it is difficult to escape. You can only leave the environment if you overcome your heart demon and your mind has changed.

Imagination Mountain is the immortal mountain that connects the heavens. If it is the first kind of fantasy, it may be too low, and it is naturally the second kind.

When you step into the mystery, some people will return to the hardest part of their lives, others will fall into the gentle hometown of dreams, and some will have both, and others, one by one, the illusion will revert to the illusion, in short it will be the tempering of the state of mind .

Disciples who come to Huan Dangshan generally have two purposes. One is to cultivate. Such disciples often stay in Tongtianjie and Wanzhang Mijin for a long time to sharpen cultivation and mood. The other is to pass Tongtianjie and Wanzhang Mijin. , Linglongdongtian, came to the floating heaven fairy palace, met the mountain keeper, and got a peerless treasure in the fairy palace.

Lin Shu is undoubtedly the second.

Ling Xiao seemed to know this, and said, "You and I have to fight each other quickly. If anyone comes out first, they will wait in Wuhai." Lin Shu was a little hesitant. He knew what his demon was.
That was not very pleasant. Since he knew the existence of Wanzhang Mijin, he also thought about how to crack it, but he never thought of a perfect method.

About when I returned to school, I came to the suffocating classroom, saw the hot crowd again, and there were malicious mocking laughter.

He said, "I may take longer."

"Anyway," Ling Xiao said, "I just wanted to say this. You are pure-minded. Imagination is not a problem, but I may not."

Lin Shu looked at him.

Although the time spent with each other is very short, his cousin's personality has been revealed-Lin Shu thinks he is a very smart and clean person.

Does such a person have a demon?

Ling Xiao raised an eyebrow and said, "Why keep looking at me?"

Lin Shu receded his eyes obediently and walked into the misty sea, and seemed to hear Ling Xiao laugh in his ear.

Moving forward, he heard the rush of traffic. Suddenly, it seemed like a distant dream.
Lin was awake.

It was too late to carry the sword back yesterday. I couldn't help but doze off during class. I can remember it vaguely, like an ancient thing. A group of people were studying immortals in the mountains, and there was a beautiful but bad-tempered person. Lin Shu rubbed his face, made himself awake, looked to the front, and tried to keep up with the thinking of the math teacher.

His position was too remote, and the doze was not discovered by the teacher.

Today, there was a little girl in the class sitting in the first row.

He suddenly jumped in his heart, and the scene seemed to have met. What happened to a girl who came to work on this day?
He looked at his drawer.

Empty, there is only one exercise book.

This is indeed the case. This day, they hid their schoolbags between classes.

This kind of thing has happened many times. The hidden place is strange, from the broom pile to the window sill.

Lin Shu also didn't know why these people were always able to watch his schoolbags tirelessly.

After class, he left his seat,

There were no brooms, no windowsills, nowhere to look.

He faintly felt the excitement and malicious sight, and he was nauseated.

And when he stood blankly in the middle of the aisle, someone suddenly pulled his sleeve.

Then, a ball of paper tucked into his hand gently.

He turned his head, the new girl, who smiled kindly at herself. Lin Shu shuddered, thinking that such a smile was the best looking expression that human features could make up.

He opened the note in his hand, and crookedly wrote the words "schoolbag on the cabinet in front of the first row".

No one had ever treated him like this before, never.

Lin Shu stepped on the bench and saw that the top of the bookcase was indeed a schoolbag. The cabinet was high, and it was just a dead corner of sight.

He took his schoolbag back, walked into the aisle, and looked at the girl. According to the rules that people get along with, he should thank her.
But when I opened my mouth, I couldn't say anything. Something was stuck in my throat. Once I opened my mouth, I felt like vomiting again.

He hasn't spoken to outsiders for too long, and he dare not speak.

The little girl looked at him, first with a very kind look, and became confused when he saw that he had not spoken for a long time.

Lin Shu's heart thumped a few times, but still couldn't say anything.

He felt embarrassed, as if he stayed in front of her for a while, he would show more distress.

He only fled.

He finally knew that he was such a person.

Even if his appearance is the same as everyone else, he will never be integrated into the crowd.

This suffocating life is like a quagmire. It is his fault, not others. However, he also wanted to say thank you to the girl. He ... also thought of having friends.

He returned to his place, the sore pain was stuck in his throat, and he lowered his head to read the book, but couldn't stand it.

When bullied, he just wanted to vomit. But this time, he wanted to cry.
This is his demon.

Chapter 54: Involuntarily

The illusion of chaos and reversal in the illusion gradually disappeared, Lin Shu gradually became sober, and looked coldly at the young self in the illusion.

He thought of many possibilities of the demon, but he never thought so.

It's like a person who has been in the dark for a long time, while afraid of darkness, and at the same time feels that the flames are too hot, not something that they are entitled to own-but, actually, they want it.
However, this vacillating bit of desire was completely consumed in the endless darkness in the future.

Since that day, he has never dealt with that girl again. The campus is very small. When he is about to meet, Lin Shu will even avoid, or look in other directions, pretending not to see her.

Those who met in the school, when they returned home, would not talk to Master. If they were afraid to speak by themselves, they would be criticized by the Master-disturbed by mortals and uneasy.

Time flows.

Many years ago, I thought, if we can integrate between them- But it was just a struggle without results.
I ca n’t remember when it started, even this kind of thought gradually faded away, maybe it ’s getting older and its mental capacity has also increased, or it ’s been a long time to learn the martial arts mentality. That's what it says-"not confused by foreign objects."

The classmates around him changed round after round, and his age also gradually increased. He stopped doing nonsense tricks. He still didn't talk, and finally returned to strangers with everyone. Lin Shu is on the top of the building.
He sat on the edge of the roof, his legs hung up, and looked up at the stars.

He sometimes felt that he was in the water, and while falling down, he was looking at the starry sky in the sky. It was far and distant, and there was no way to touch it through a film.

Master seems dead, he doesn't know.

In the illusion, everything is chaotic, there is no cause and effect, only those events that affect the mind happen again and again, as if dreaming, there is a voice in my heart calling to leave here, not to be lost in the illusion.

And the reason why he was so trapped in this illusion is--

Lin Shu withdrew his thoughts, thinking about the record in the previous book, took a deep breath, and jumped down from the top of the building.

As if jumping into a kaleidoscope, the surrounding scenes constantly changed, and finally stopped on the small road home from school when I was young.

The little girl was carrying a pink schoolbag and was walking alone.

——If time can really go back, he wants to say thank you to her.

Perhaps from now on, there is a person in the world who does not consider himself strange.

One is just fine. He went forward.
The girl turned to look at him, reached out and greeted, and smiled, "It's you." Lin Shudao: "Thank you."

The girl smiled and frowned, "You're welcome." She asked, "Where is your home?"
Lin Shudao: "West Street."

"Just the way," she said. "Let's go together." Lin Shu shuddered and nodded.
She jumped forward, Lin Shu followed.

As you walk, the world around you is shattered, falling apart like autumn sunset leaves.

When that girl's figure flew into pieces, another girl appeared in front of Lin Shu.

He looked around and found that it looked like a mountain road behind the Shangling Xuegong Mountain.

Out of the magical illusion just arrived, the next fantasy.

The young lady in a bright and dazzling red dress fluttered in the wind, standing with his back to the end of the mountain road, a beautiful back.

He stepped forward and stopped by the young lady to see what Wonderland wanted to do this time.

-He boasted that he had not encountered any unpleasant things in this world. Even if he had a demon, his power was about very small.

The young lady looked at the front and said lightly, "Where do you want to go?"

Lin Shudao: "It's okay." Miss: "No."

Lin Shudao: "Where do you want to go?"

Miss: "It's where you want to go, not where I want to go." Lin Shu thought for a while and said, "I have no place to go." Miss: "Yes."
The young lady turned her head, looked into his eyes, and asked again: "As the world is big, there must be a place to go. Where do you want to go?"

Lin looked at the front, the road ahead stretched indefinitely, as if it were going to the end of the sky.

He said softly, "I want to go far away." "how far?"
"It's too far away."

"Too far to go-what else?" "nobody."
"I see." There was a faint smile in the young lady's eyes, and she stretched her wrists, "I'll take you there."

The red veil fluttered in the wind, and they ran forward in the wind. Everything was like the morning going to the dream hall.

Landscapes, towns, and villages went away one by one, and the scenery around them gradually blurred. Until the end, the two stopped in the empty void.

The lady asked, "Do you like it?"

Lin Shu looked around the chaotic void around him and said, "... okay." The young lady said, "Then I'm gone." Lin Shu: "Leave?"
"If you don't have a place, naturally you don't have me," said the young lady. "I'll go."

Then, when I really turned around, I walked in the same direction.

Lin Shu stood in place, watching the figure of the young lady drift away.

When the young lady left here completely, leaving him alone, she remained completely in the void.

As he always wanted, a place that could not be farther away and no one was there.

But at this moment, he felt boundless, thrilling blankness and nothingness.

Finally, when the figure of the young lady was about to disappear from the field of vision, he said, "Miss."

Ling Fengxiao stopped and looked back at him: "Don't you want me to leave?"

Lin Shudao: "No."

Ling Fengxiao said, "Don't you like it?" Lin Shu: "I don't like it very much." Ling Fengxiao: "Only like and dislike." Lin Shu: "I don't like it."
The young lady smiled, "Little liar." Lin Shu: "..." How did he become a little liar again.

"If one day you can get rid of wrongdoing, I will play with you," said the young lady.

With that said, turn around and continue to move forward, not only getting faster and faster, but also running.

The gauze fluttered, and the ring was ringing, like a red cloud on the horizon, to be blown away by the wind to the unknown.

Lin Shu chased, but he always couldn't catch up. Every time it seemed as if he could reach the light robe sleeve as soon as he reached out, it was like grabbing the mist and dissipating in his hands.

I don't know how long, he finally said: "Miss." The young lady was unmoved.
He said: "Ling Fengxiao."

Ling Fengxiao looked back at him: "Huh?" Lin Shudao: "Wait for me."
Ling Fengxiao smiled: "Okay."

Ling Fengxiao reached out and held his wrist again: "If you said this earlier, wouldn't I have caught you already?"

Lin Shu: "You keep running, it's not like you are willing to catch me."

Ling Fengxiao said: "You just need to speak, there is nothing in the world that I don't want to give you."


"Naturally because I hurt you." Lin Shudao: "Other people in the world may not hurt me." "They won't give you, won't you take them?"
It seems to make some sense.

I don't know how long it has been, and the young lady asked again, "Where do you want to go?"

Lin Shu finally learned the mechanism of its operation from the theme of this illusion.

He said, "I want to go out." The young lady said, "OK."
As the words landed, the whole world turned into endless fragments and flew away with the wind.

Lin Shu returned to the misty sea of ??magical mountains. As he walked forward, the white mist gradually thinned.
As he walked, Lin Shu pondered the profound meaning of this illusion.

The first illusion made up for the deepest regrets in my heart, and finally said a "thank you". I made friends with the girl for a while to go home from school. The mountain must have gained something, and it really is the truth.

The second illusion is a bit puzzling.

The whole illusion spreads around the young lady and sends him this message:

Don't wait for the rich woman to offer help. Learn to speak.

Like or dislike, you have to give feedback to the rich woman in time. What you want, just rest assured to find a rich woman. Lin Shu: "..."
The Magic Dangshan Tuition Course, Tiandao personally teaches you how to become a qualified little white face.

-It's a strange thing.

He continued to move forward. After the fog completely dissipated, it was no longer a mountain road in front of him, but a wider jade step, and he could see the ghostly shadow of the towering fairy palace in the distance.

Standing on the top of Yujie was a person, his figure was straightened, and only his clothes moved lightly with the wind.

Strangely, even though the clothes and looks are different, even the men and women are different, Lin Shu feels that the scene of his cousin standing on the jade steps is very similar to the overall temperament of Ling Fengxiao at the end of the mountain in the environment. Problem.

Ling Xiao watched him come down a few steps: "You are out." Lin Shu: "Yes."
Ling Xiao asked: "Is there any gain?" Lin Shu: "Yes."
"That's good," Ling Xiao walked forward with him, and said, "Before us, three people went to Linglong Cave."

People who have gone to Linglong Cave Heaven instead of staying in Tongtianjie and Wanzhang Mijin to cultivate their state of mind must also come to the treasures of Xiangong like them.

The fairy palace is guarded by the mountain guards. What you can get depends to a large extent on the wishes of the mountain guards. Therefore, the sooner you arrive, the greater the winning face. They quickened their pace and went forward.

On the way, Lin Shu couldn't help looking at Ling Xiao.

He felt that his cousin had less words at this moment, and there was something wrong with his expression.

If it had been before, he would n’t have asked anything. However, he walked in the illusion and said thank you to the girl. The language barrier seemed to be loosened a lot and he wanted to continue to overcome it, so he asked, "You what happened?"

Ling Xiao said: "Thinking about fantasy."

Lin Shu got stuck again, I don't know how to continue. However, there is no cold field.
Ling Xiao said indifferently: "It is inconvenient to mention a lot of tragic things in the fantasy. Today I think about it, I have gone through my whole life, but the word‘ I ca n’t help myself ’.”

Lin Shu found that his cousin seemed different from what he imagined.

He thought that people like this had nothing to fault in their personalities. They were born with top talents. They should cultivate themselves immortal without any trouble, and how can they be "self-involuntary".

He didn't know how to say it. He could only look at Ling Xiao and use his eyes to express "I don't know what you intend to say, but I intend to listen to it".

Xiao Ling looked at him and laughed.

He said, "How are you willing to listen to someone today, eh?" Heavenly Taoism.
Moreover, I have not listened to anyone before. He continued to look at Ling Xiao, expressing with his eyes "I am innocent."

Ling Xiao also looked at him, half-snapped, eyes full of smiles, reaching out and shaving his nose.

Lin Shu: "..."

The author has something to say: Try to talk to the temporary owner: "Squeak."

Chapter 55: Exquisite chess

Lin Shu took a step away from the cousin who was scratching his nose. Nasal shaving, bad plot.
The cousin seemed to laugh lowly, leaving him alone.

The two continued to move forward, and after passing about one hundred jade steps, a boundless peach forest appeared in front of them.

There are no four seasons in the mountain, and this peach tree is also an extraordinary peach.

According to records, this is the so-called "Longlong Cave Sky."

Originally, the test of Huan Dangshan has been perfected. It has tested both cultivation and mentality. It can be determined that the excellence of the comer, but when the imperial palace is about to arrive, there is such a level.

According to rumors, this exquisite cave is not a thing inherent in the imaginary mountain, but a person who lived on the mountain thousands of years ago is extremely boring and specially constructed to make things difficult for latecomers.

In Linglong Cave, walk into Taolin, there is a game of chess in Taolin.

In this game, some people call it "Taolin game", some people call it "Longlong game", and there is a term in the art of playing chess. The concept of Kiki in the game is called "Zhenlong", so more people are willing to It is called "Zhen Long Chess Game".

In the commission list on the first floor of the College ’s Treasure Pavilion, there is the item “Cracking the Zhenlong Chess Game”. The commission pays very high. This commission is still hanging on the wall today, indicating that this “Zhenlong Chess Game” has always been No one cracked it out completely.

In the classics, many obscure sentences are used to describe the solution of Zhenlong chess game. It is not easy to repeat them. Lin Shu thinks that this is a mathematical problem in human terms.

There are many solutions to a mathematical problem, and one of them is the optimal solution.

The rule of Zhenlong chess game is that whenever a solution is found, it is passed, regardless of good or bad.

When disciples see this rule, their first thought is always to be perfect and to do their best.

But the facts are cruel. When they really stand in front of the Zhenlong chess game, they will despair to find that it is already the limit to try to unlock it, let alone what is done well.

The two walked through the peach forest and went deep.

There are already three people standing in front of a huge stone wall in the middle of Taolin. The three that Ling Xiao said before walking out of Lin Shu before seeing them all look at the stone wall, their bodies are motionless, like a sculpture.

Ling Xiao said: "Let's go together."

Lin Shu nodded, moved his gaze to the smooth stone wall, and stared at it.

As soon as his eyes touched the stone wall, it turned around, and Lin Shu was already in a void.

Ling Xiao appeared next to him, and those three were also in the void.

In front of everyone, there is a huge stone platform. On the stone platform, there are numerous light spots of black, white, gray, gold, red, and blue. Some of the light spots are faintly connected by thin silver lines, and some are not.

As Lin Shu and Ling Xiao entered, the same stone platform appeared in front of them.

——This is the so-called "Zhenlong chess game".

The chess game of Xianjia is naturally different from mortals.

This sentence does not mean that the two are high or low, but that they are quite different in principle.

There are nineteen chess games in the world, with black and white as the child. The three-foot game is like a battlefield. There are thousands of changes in the set. The layout is even more visible. The Confucian and Taoist Academy in the academy, apart from the two things, debate and pull the Confederate Academy to fight after the defeat, the favorite is "hand talk" with chess pieces, the master sister Xie Zishe, is also a big power in the world .

The Zhenlong chess game is a three-dimensional chess game.

In the chess game, those colored dots are called "exquisite beads", and there are a total of 1,800 on the entire chessboard.

Each kind of exquisite pearl has a certain and extremely complex flow of spiritual force. These spiritual flows alternate and flow inside the exquisite pearl, and then extend out. If the spiritual flow of different exquisite beads can be connected, there will be one between them. The silver line, which seems to have nothing to do with, means that these two exquisite beads have been connected.

——The method of cracking the Zhenlong chess game is to connect all these 1800 different kinds of Linglong beads together, so that the spiritual flow can communicate with each other, the circulation is endless, and the flow is endless. This is a test of sensitivity to the flow of spiritual power. It is also a puzzle.

In the words of Xiandao, this level tests perception.

Your understanding of spiritual power, your control of spiritual power, the overall arrangement of the overall spiritual direction, and even the style of practice and the path you follow will be shown in the final combination of results. Out of words,

If this is really created by one's own strength, it is really admirable, and he is really nothing to do.

Lin Shu felt tricky.

He is really not good at things like spiritual power.

The most important thing in the sword repair of the division is the sword energy and sword meaning. One sword breaks through many methods and does not make a fuss about spiritual power. However, modern spirit is lacking and there is not much spiritual power to fuss.

In the case of the owner, you should find the owner if there is a problem, and it can also be temporary.

He looked at Ling Xiao. Ling Xiao said: "Can you?"
Lin Shugang wanted to say that it was not very possible, and Yu Guang suddenly saw a white shadow.

There was no trace of variegated white clothes, and he was a disciple of Jiange.

That Jiange disciple is condensing the exquisite beads. On the stone platform in front, half of the exquisite beads have been connected by silver threads, forming an extremely complicated and delicate vein. Nope.

He is also a disciple of Jiange who is also a sword repairer. He is so well- organized that he can't help thinking of going to the point of asking the owner for help.

Lin Shudao: "Yes."

"Zhenlong chess game is endlessly changing. After today, you and I will definitely improve," Ling Xiao looked at the various light spots in front of himself, and said to him, "You are in Shangling Academy, naturally you know Shangling dream."

Lin Shu: "Yes."

"The spiritual source of Shangling Dreamland is based on the formation method. However, the various aspects of it are not the formation method."

Lin Shu: "Yes."

The existence of Shangling Dreamland is almost unimaginable, it is not like what a simple matrix method can do.

"Decades ago, Lin Yu and the Meng family had children, and their talents were extremely savvy." Ling Xiao said indifferently. Talking about the principle of the operation of the heavens and the earth, it is all in the Zhenlong chess game. The prototype of Shangling Dreamland is his writing after the magical mountain. "

Lin Shu: Wow.

If he only said that the game was awesome, he didn't feel anything, but if a person came to the game to create the Shangling Dreamland, the mystery of the game would be very intuitive.

Lin Shu said: "Is he soaring?"

Such a legendary person, I'm afraid it has already soared. Ling Xiao said, "No."

Lin Shu was slightly surprised.

"Fifteen years ago, in the battle of Changyang, a big witch from Beixia arrived, and the army came late. He ... guarded a lonely city at night, and his arrows passed through his heart and died."

For a moment, nothing.

Lin Shu suddenly remembered Mr. Meng, who always smiled kindly.

Chapter 56: Break the panic

Meng said that he had a big dream in Shangling, and he was the man of his dreams.

If the entire Shangling Dreamland is regarded as a holographic online game, then the setting of Mr. Dream is undoubtedly the core intelligent system.

Is Mr. Dream a real person?

Lin Shu didn't know, but whenever he recalled the vast sea of ??clouds, the back of Mr. Meng standing on the hillside pavilion against the wind, and the seemingly endless solitude in that back, could not regard him as a system.

And the person in Ling Xiao's mouth can create the dream of Shangling. It must be the most brilliant genius-he can make 108 solutions to the precious chess game. His understanding must be outstanding, and the spirit is extremely powerful. With these two things, cultivation must be Not bad.

But in the midst of war, under the iron hoof of thousands of troops, who can resist it with his own power, even if it is a robbery body?

Not to mention that in this world, people who practice are not separated from the earth. Of course, Nanxia has a profound cultivation of immortals, and Northern Xia also has a powerful and powerful witch. How to repair the master.

And with one's own strength, night guard the lonely city- Lin Shu can't imagine.
This precarious world is much crueler than he imagined. He retracted his thoughts and looked at the game in front of him.

In times of trouble, even life preservation is difficult, and the only way forward is to work hard to improve it.

After Ling Xiao next spoke, he started to break the game.

He placed a red delicate pearl in the middle of the game, and then began to arrange delicate pearls around it.

Everyone's way is different, and Ling Xiao's solution has his own considerations, not others can imitate. Lin Shu looked back and began to observe the chess game in front of him.

These exquisite beads vary in size and color. After looking at their types, Lin Shu found that they were roughly in line with Yin, Yang and Qiantian, Duize, Lihuo, Zhenlei, Howling Wind, Kanshui, Genshan and Kundi gossip.

Each type of exquisite pearl has its own flow of spiritual power inside, and the spiritual flows extending from it are also different, but they all release spiritual power while absorbing spiritual power from the outside. One instrument can produce spiritual power, and the other consumes spiritual power.

Lin Shu first tried to combine several exquisite beads, trying to understand the principle of the interconnection of the spiritual streams.

These exquisite beads form a small system. In the best case, this system is self-consistent. The spiritual power can be completely independent of the outside world. It flows in a loop and is endless-but it is also simple. If there are only a few exquisite beads, it is easy. You can form a self- consistent system, but once the beads increase, the situation will be much more complicated. If you use all 1,800 beads, and then try to circulate the spiritual power, the amount of calculation is really unimaginable. Test the soul. First of all, we must determine a theoretically feasible framework for this game.

At this point, the disciple on that side suddenly waved his hands-it turned out that all the previous structures were all broken up and started again!

Apparently, he found a loophole in his chess game and could not complete the game, so he decided to start again.

This move illustrates the difficulty of the game!

Lin settled down, thinking about a feasible framework model.

Regarding the theory of the flow of spiritual power, the first thing he thought of was the interpretation of this in the Men's Heart Sword Technique.

It is said that the sword came out of its sheath, and the spirit was bursting out of the air.

The direction of spiritual power, if you want to make a metaphor, is like an elongated pyramid. At first, the spiritual power is intertwined and the foundation is solid, and then the more forward, the more it is compressed, the spiritual flow becomes simpler, and it only moves forward in one breath-then, it becomes more solid, more sharp, and finally, The tip of the sword is a bit cold, unsharp and unbreakable.

Lin Shu intends to use this as the framework of a chess game to connect ordinary linglong beads in accordance with this law, and then use yin and yang to solve the problem of the source and destination of spiritual power.

After determining the frame, he began to sink his heart to observe the spiritual direction in each delicate pearl, remembering, and madly imagined what kind of bead such a bead can be connected to each other. After the connection, the overall spiritual direction What will happen, if you add another exquisite pearl- Fortunately, although his cultivation is no longer, the strength of the spirit has not changed, and it is still the same as in previous lives. Otherwise, combining hundreds of exquisite beads with mortal body is already the limit-after all, the human brain is not a supercomputer and there are not so many computing units.

He thought about it for a while, and felt that he had roughly figured out the principle and started to combine beads.

Shimen is located in the far north, and many swordsmanships have ice and snow. Therefore, he chose to use the pearls of Kanshui as the foundation and connect the remaining delicate beads around.

In the world of black and white chess, it ’s most forbidden to take one step to see one step. You have to take one step to determine ten moves. This is also the case with exquisite chess. You have to watch fifty moves and one hundred moves. There are as many as 800, and once something goes wrong, the vulnerabilities will accumulate and become larger and bigger, and they may eventually be irreparable.

After half an hour, he combined 153 pieces. One and a half hours later, 418.
Three hours later, 672.

The further you go, the more you need to consider, the slower it gets!

Lin Shu felt that his soul had become hot and hot because of endless calculations, and the whole person was slightly dizzy.

However, we still have to continue. Four hours.
Five hours.

He felt like he was on the verge of crashing. Just when his consciousness was dark and his eyes were dark, his mouth was suddenly pressed with an elixir.

After seeing that Xiaoxiao was in front of him, he swallowed the medicine obediently.

The elixir melted away quickly, his mind was awake a lot, and the tightness of his mind was slightly relieved, and he took a sigh of relief, and after a few heartbeats, he gradually returned to normal, and there was a feeling of escape. .

He saw Ling Xiao watching his game.

In response, he temporarily looked away from his chess game to observe Ling Xiao's game.

Ling Xiao's chess game has also been completed for the most part, centered on a pearl from the fire, the rest of the beads, like the stars and moons, surround it.

Suddenly he thought, if the young lady was here, what kind of chess game would be combined.

If Miss Xiao is standing in front of this chess game, it seems suitable.

Ling Xiao saw him watching the chess game, and smiled. He looked good. The laughing peacock turned on the screen and was very angry, which made Lin Shu very confused. After watching Ling Xiao's chess game, he took a brief breath and continued to ponder his own chess game. Ling Xiao also turned to play his chess pieces.

Two more hours later, 1,600 chess pieces have been connected to each other, and spiritual power has flowed in from all directions, gathered forward, compressed, and gradually solidified.

The rest of the work is to use Yin and Yang to resolve the source and destination of spiritual power.

In theory, this system is complete. But when Lin Shu picked up a sun pearl, suddenly his brain was blank and he found the problem.

This is a system that makes ends meet.

If Lingzhu does not absorb spiritual power from the outside, but is provided by Yangzhu—the limited spiritual power collides with each other in the forward process, and a large part of it escapes. After reaching the top, it is already weak and completely Not a theoretical value, there will be a lot of Yin beads responsible for consuming spiritual power-and Yin and Yang grow together, and the spiritual power absorbed by Yin beads returns to Yang Zhu. After the next round of transmission, the entire system ’s spiritual power will change. Less, less and less, and finally cool off.

This is actually a physical problem. Perpetual motion is not feasible.
I don't know why, Lin Shu feels that the shadow of modern physics has been hovering above his head.

He felt suffocated.

But when he turned his attention to the chess game of Ling Xiao, he suddenly felt a lot of balance.

For no reason, this man also encountered a problem. His chess game overflowed.
After those chess pieces passed up their spiritual power layer by layer, after some complex structures, all converged on the red ball in the center, those spiritual powers had nowhere to go.

Ling Xiao did not put Yin and Yang beads at the end like Lin Shu, but kept combining them from the beginning. I am afraid that there are some structural problems. The absorption of Yin beads has not been exerted well. In the end, the system passed A few beads away from the fire, continuously put out spiritual power.

Lin Shu: "..."

Ling Xiao: "..."

For a while, it was relatively speechless.

According to the rules of the chess game, they are actually enough to pass, but Lin Shu thought that an excellent man like cousin must want perfection, and it must be a bit uncomfortable at this time, I do n’t know if it will be like the sword court over there Like the disciples, the whole chess game was overturned.

As I was thinking about it, Ling Xiao facelessly picked up the liuhuozhu which played a central role.

——I'm afraid they are really going to be overthrown. Their Ling family is indeed some ruthless people.

Lin Shu was amazed, and suddenly saw Ling Xiao holding the bead, holding dozens of indistinct silver threads, and taking a few steps towards his side.

Lin Shu: "?"

I saw Ling Xiao get that liuhuo with the ridge of water on top of him! A silver thread lit between the two delicate beads.
There is also this operation.

In this way, oneself is not enough, Ling Xiao is overflowing, and it seems feasible.

Lin Shu looked at Ling Xiao's chess game and looked at his own, and began to quietly ponder the spiritual direction of this new whole. Seems like ... really feasible?

Just listen to Ling Xiao said: "You and I are in a chess game, we can see that the roads are complementary, and you can also join the sword if you want to come."

Lin Shu looked at Ling Xiao and found that he looked at the chess game. Although his voice was very light, his eyes were serious, even mild.

Their games are indeed matched, so that only two exquisite beads need to be connected, the problems of the two games are solved, the spiritual powers are connected, and the flow is not hindered.

And his game arrangement relies on the sword technique and mental method of the division. If he wants to ascend to the Tao, it is not unreasonable.

But, cousin, I think your remark is a bit improper.

Such words don't usually happen between people in our relationship, and we need to change the wording.

Thinking about it all of a sudden, the two chessboards suddenly lighted up. The silver thread between the delicate pearls suddenly turned into a glittering gold thread, and then turned into a mist, which slowly disappeared. This side of the world, also faintly shaking, seems to be a precursor to collapse.

The alarm bell in Lin Shu's heart was a masterpiece.

He has ruined the dream of Shangling once. Do n’t you have to make trouble again this time?

Chapter 57: Not here

Lin Shu and Ling Xiao met their eyes.

In Ling Xiao's eyes, Lin Shu even found a trace of suffocation. It would be too suffocating to really ruin this place.
Shangling Dreamland can still ask a real person to repair it, but now what is this place?

——It is a legendary mountain that inherits the Tao of Heaven and is extremely mysterious. For thousands of years, no one has understood the principle of operation.

Can't afford it.

Lin Shu suffocated and looked at the surrounding scenery.

The shaking and shaking were getting more and more fierce, and the white void they were in was peeling off like a long, wet old wall, and the figures of others who were cracking the chess next to it also fluctuated a few times and disappeared into the air.

Only he and Ling Xiao remained. Ling Xiao said: "Don't be afraid." Lin Shu: "..."
I'm afraid.

Afraid that Miss received the sky-high bill.

Ling Xiao said: "It is rumored that the person who is particularly outstanding when cracking the chess game can see the long thought of Master Linglong Cave left here." I hope so.
Lin Shu: "But you obviously violated the rules of the game."

The last model is indeed very good, but it was made by two players.

Ling Xiao: "Since you can go down in the Tongtianjie, why can't I merge the two games?"

——It makes sense.

After a few more moments, the surrounding scenery suddenly changed.

After the void was completely peeled off, the nose suddenly smelled the fragrance of flowers and trees, and in front of them was a burning peach forest.

This scene is similar to the time when you first stepped into Linglong Cave, but the 10,000-acre peach blossom is much brighter than before.

Especially between Taolin, the streams are gurgling, flowers are falling, and birds are often heard, so beautiful.

They walked across the diagonal branches, walked for about a quarter of an hour, and finally approached the center of Taolin.

——The center is no longer that stone wall, but an exquisite octagonal jade pavilion. There is a veil of veil like veil floating between the pavilion pillars, which moves with the wind, making the entire pavilion stand as if it were in the haze.

There was a man sitting in the kiosk.

-Presumably it is "Linglong Cave Master" in Ling Xiaokou.

They stepped forward, Ling Xiao stood outside the pavilion, and said, "Meet your elders." The human inside said, "Guest, please sit down." The voice is warm and temperamental.
After walking into the pavilion, he finally saw the whole picture of the man. He was handsome and elegant, dressed in brocade, wearing a waist hoop, and even holding a folding fan in his hands. people.

Ling Xiao was calm and sat down, sitting opposite to the man.

Lin Shu sat down on the right-hand side of the man, and then saw the stone table in the pavilion as if it were a chessboard.

That humanity: "The two guests are very good at chess. How about a game with me?"

After all, without waiting for their answer, the robe sleeves waved softly, and all kinds of light spots immediately appeared on the stone table.

"The magic hall of the Treasure Hall of the Magic Mountain is divided into the heavens and the earth, and the four treasures are under the control of the mountain guards. If you can play against me, I will give you ... How about any treasure in the heavenly font library?"

According to the rules, if you can come to the floating heaven fairy palace through Tongtianjie, Wanzhang Mijin and Linglong Cave Heaven, you will meet the mountain keeper, and the mountain keeper will grant the person who enters the palace to enter one of the heaven, earth, mystery, and Huangsiku. , Each person can choose two treasures from it.

This treasure can be a peerless secret book, a panacea, a treasure of heaven and earth, and even a rare soldier. The treasures in the Tianzi Library are the rarest and the yellow font library is the most rare. However, the Floating Celestial Palace is an ancient tradition. Even the treasures in the Yellow Font Library are placed in In the treasure hall of the Xuegong Palace, there are also tens of thousands of jade souls--if there is one more treasure in the Tianzi library, it is a great opportunity. I just don't know why the exquisite master of the sky is doing this. The whole Magic Mountain is a place for young disciples to practice.

Xiao Ling glanced at Lin Shu. Lin Shu has no objection.
Ling Xiao said: "Okay."

With a sound drop, the exquisite chess game before them appeared on the chessboard-Lin Shu's was on one side, Ling Xiao's was on the other side, and a middle fireball was connected to a sill, like a bridge, connecting the two. Spiritual power.

"You have the same skills and know the principle of complementary profit and loss, but it is also rare," the boy stopped his finger on a pale cyan wind bead, pushed it away, and continued: "Let's see."

As soon as the bead was removed, a gap immediately appeared in the originally closed game, and the spiritual force oozed outward.

Ling Xiao frowned and thought, after about two and a half minutes, he moved a zizhu bead diagonally above the gap and re-established relations with other beads. In this way, the gap was filled a lot, and the overflowing spiritual power was obviously slowed down.

"Heavenly way, there is more damage than compensation." The son shot again, removing a fireball from the depth of the chessboard, "Look again."

Lin Shu's mind flashed through countless possibilities. After crazy calculations, it was about two and a half minutes later, and he finally ended his thinking and moved only a thunderbolt in a distant key position slightly up. In this way, the spirit in the entire area The force direction is affected, and the position away from the fireball is no longer a rush.

"If Daying is in a hurry, its usefulness is endless," the son smiled, "continue."

The subsequent games were roughly the same. At first, simply adding chess pieces to the chess board can still cope, but now, there are a total of 3,600 exquisite beads on the entire board. To look at the entire game and find a way to re-circulate the spirit of the game, compared to the previous difficulty, it has not only doubled, but has increased similarly.

In this game, I don't know the sun and the moon.

There are legends in ancient books that the mountain people cut firewood and even watch the Tao people play chess. At the end of the game, the axe on the ground has become a rotten world.

Lin Shu now feels similar.

His soul was like a processor that was hot because of excessive speed, but with a self-upgrade function. After the initial discomfort, he gradually calmed down, and his mind was empty and clear.

In Taolin, the sun rises and sunsets, and the sunset rises again. I don't know how many days have passed.

The bead moved more and more, and the exquisite beads surrounded him, shining brightly.

Finally, he said, "Please close."

This time, it was much faster than before.

Lin Shu reached out and touched a sun pearl on the upper left. Almost at the same time, Ling Xiao also touched the bead.
Fingers touched, Xiao Xiao smiled and retracted his hand. Lin Shu held the sun pearl in his hand.
At this moment, the original 3,600 exquisite beads were removed from the 1,800. However, the spiritual power is constantly flowing, reciprocating, and it is natural. It is much more refined and perfect than the previous two. Lin Shu Qingshu breathed a sigh of relief, inspected his own soul, and found that the soul was actually a little firmer than before.

The son asked, "Can I get anything?"

Although he did not speak frankly, he looked at Lin Shu.

Lin Shu thought about the change in the spiritual strength of the entire chess game when moving the exquisite beads, and then thought about the last nearly perfect chess game, saying: "Every skill has disadvantages. If they can complement each other, and then remove the impurities, you can achieve perfection. melt."

The son said: "The two exercises are still like this. What if there are thousands of exercises?"

Lin Shu stunned.

After a long time, he said, "Avenue."

Every kind of practice in the world is the founder's sense of avenue, gain something, and create it. If all the exercises in this world are brought together to take the best of them, wouldn't they tend to go down the road?

Gongzi said: "While the manpower is poor, the world can not learn everything."

"So there is a 'broken path'," Lin Shudao said, "if you can get out ..."

He didn't know how to word, but his heart was suddenly clear. If the arrangement of the chess pieces on the Zhenlong chess game is Tao, then the last thing he and Ling Xiao formed is a kind of self-consistent "Tao", and play against the boy to remove impurities and modify the spiritual flow. In the end, it becomes another Tao that can exist independently of the original Tao—the same is true of Heaven. If you walk out of your own way, you can escape from Heaven, and if you break away from Heaven, you are flying! He was ignorant about this, and his practice in his last life was step-by- step, following the guidelines of the classics. Now he was suddenly awakened, only to feel a clear heart, thinking about the sword tricks he used to practice in the past. There is no consistent way, which is really inappropriate. If you find your own way, it should be a reborn change.

"You see," the son said.

Lin Shudao: "Thank you senior."

"Can't be called a senior, just a idler." The son got up, opened the fan, and was extremely elegant.

He said slowly: "The loneliness of the fairyland, I and some friends take turns to come here to help you get lost, I just hope that a few more people in the fairyland will rise, so it is lively."

Lin Shu: "..."

Therefore, this magical mountain is really the first tuition course in the world of heavenly characters held by the immortal world.

He looked at Ling Xiao, thinking, wondering what his cousin realized. Ling Xiao just looked at him with a smile.
"I didn't ask him," the boy saw the scene, and blinked. "This person, I don't want to be here, I'm just here to play with you."

Lin Shu: "?"

Chapter 58: Sky font

"Senior," Ling Xiao just smiled and changed the topic, saying: "His meridian is damaged and he can't use his vitality. Can you please point out the right in Xiangong? treasure?"

The boy said to Lin Shu: "You come."

Lin Shu stepped forward, and his son pressed his finger lightly on his forehead. When Lin Shu stood, he felt a clear stream flowing outward from the soul.

"Your spirit ..." The son suddenly "snapped" a soft voice: "Are you Jianxiu?"

Lin Shu: "Yes."

The spirits of the people in the immortal road are not much different, but Jian Xiu has some slight differences with others after all. This predecessor is already a man in the fairy world and must be cultivated in depth. It can be seen that he is a Jian Xiu.

I only listened to the son and laughed and said, "If it's Jianxiu, maybe it has something to do with me."

Lin Shudao: "Senior is also sword repair?"

The boy slowly shook his fan and said, "I don't cultivate immortals, but my companion is a sword."

Speaking of which, he said, "If you change the meridian or the secret book
... there are indeed a lot in the imperial palace, but although the day-to-day reconstruction is feasible, it is not as smooth and perfect as it is after all." For Lin Shu, it is already good to be transformed into a meridian that is not bad. It is a little bit of joy, but sees Xiao Xiao beside him frowning: "Not right."

The son shook his fan and chuckled: "If there are other methods, it is best not to force the transformation. I have always been painful. When I was a teenager, the meridian roots were very bad. Flesh and blood, now I am a little scared. "

Lin Shudao: "I'm not afraid of pain--"

Before he finished speaking, Ling Xiao said, "No." Lin Shu: "..."
He used his eyes to express his longing for the meridian.

Ling Xiao's voice softened a little: "Xiao Xiao is not allowed. If I follow you, how can I explain to her?"

Well, the young lady is definitely not allowed.

Ling Xiao said: "When you grow up, there is naturally a way to put in a talented meridian."

Lin Shu is doubtful, but still believes: "Okay."

The son's gaze turned between them, and he laughed, "That's the best. If you want to keep your treasures up and running freely, there are a few in the Tianzi Library, only you can No one can pick it out. "

Ling Xiao said: "Thank you seniors."

"Xian Fan has a gap, and my phantom can only appear in the magic swing mountain. Today you and I have done this, and I will see you again in the fairy world." The man's hands that had touched Lin Shu's spirits let go and rubbed his hair. , "Go to the fairy palace."

Lin Shu said "um". The son withdrew his hand and looked at Ling Xiao.

"You ..." He seemed to be moaning, paused, and said, "Well, don't ask for it, just follow it."

Ling Xiao said: "Thank you for your success." "Huh," the boy waved, "Let's go."
The two of them didn't know what kind of striker was playing, Lin Shu didn't care, but when the son waved his sleeves gently, they returned to the peach forest in reality.

There were dozens of people in front of the stone wall, all concentrating on the exquisite chess game. The disciple in white clothing was no longer there. Presumably, the chess game was solved, and he went to the floating heavenly palace on the top of the mountain.

Often people who first arrive at Xiangong will be granted the right to access the treasure bank of the highest level of Tianzi by the keeper of the mountain. Opportunity to go to the fairy palace, but the son also gave them the qualification of choosing a treasure in the two-man font store, which was too wrong, not to mention, Lin Shu ’s spirits were condensed a lot, and this harvest is no longer something that treasures can measure. Already.

Lin Shu was going forward, and suddenly heard a young man saying, "It's done!" He opened his eyes suddenly, his eyes full of joy.

This young man is familiar, and has seen it on the flying boat of Xuegong. He is not tall enough to use an epee.

The young man also apparently recognized Lin Shu and greeted, "Taoyou, have you broken the game?"

Lin Shu nodded.

"Very good," he said, "Let's go to the imperial palace together!" Ling Xiao was expressionless, didn't speak, and wanted to come. He was not a man in Shangling Xuegong. Naturally, he didn't know this person, and there was no reason to talk.

The boy took the initiative to walk with them. There was no reason to refuse, Lin Shu said, "OK."

He looked at Ling Xiao. Ling Xiao didn't pay attention to the boy at this time. He glanced over the people standing in front of the stone wall. It seemed to be thoughtful, pressing his finger on the scabbard, as if waiting for the opportunity. After a while, I said, "Let's go."

The three went on the road together.

Passing through Taolin, the road behind is flat and wide, the jade steps are gorgeous and gentle, and you can look upwards. After seeing the thousand- story stairs, a whole white jade and bright fairy palace hangs in the clouds and mist, compared Xutian's palace is 100 times magnificent and magnificent. It is truly an immortal style and fascinating.

Ling Xiao asked, "Are you tired?" Lin Shudao: "It's fine."
Ling Xiao said: "Tell me if you are tired." Lin Shu: "Yes."
After the dialogue was over, Lin Shu felt that the teenager looked at himself.

For those who practice immortal training, these thousand steps are not difficult. Climbing is as easy as drinking cold water, but he has to be asked by his cousin about his physical condition, and it is no wonder that strangers should take a closer look.

Then the young man said, "Taoyou, do you recognize Miss Ling?" Lin Shu: "... recognized." The boy said, "You are Lin Shu?" Lin Shu: "... Yes."
Lin Shu felt that there was something wrong with it.

Why didn't the boy recognize Lin Shu at first, but now he recognizes it?

Is it because he is being cared for by his cousin, which is too much like the usual situation of being held by a young lady?

In addition, my cousin and Ling Fengxiao's outlines are similar, so they were recognized.

The young man got his affirmation and asked, "So ... Does Daoyou know why Miss didn't come?"

Lin Shudao: "Miss has something else to do."

The boy said "Oh", his expression seemed very lost.

——The boy has a clear eyebrow, round eyes, and is very cute. After hearing that the young lady did n’t come, the feeling of loss is full of words. If you do n’t know that the young lady has never been expressionless or embarrassed when dealing with others, Lin Shu almost doubts Will this be a hamster once again?

Somehow, even though he thought so, he still asked the devil: "Do you recognize Miss?"

The boy lowered his head and shook the handle of the sword uneasily in his right hand. He was slightly ashamed and vomited: "The young lady had kindness to me two years ago and never thanked her in person ..."

I'm afraid it's someone who admires Miss.

Lin Shu thought for a while and said, "You can come to Jingfeng Xiyuyuan." ——He often feels a little uneasy when talking to outsiders, but now this boy seems more uneasy than himself. Compared with the two, his speech is smoother.

The boy said, "I know, but ..."

Before he finished speaking, Lin Shu listened to Ling Xiao's warm voice and said to himself, "There are still nine hundred steps. It's not easy to climb. Would you like me to carry you?"

With this interruption, the young boy didn't feel embarrassed to continue, just smiled and stopped talking.

Lin Shu: "... No need."

Although there are many steps, they are not high. They are similar to walking on the flat ground. They have not lost their ability to take care of themselves and can handle them.

Ling Xiao said "um".

Later, Lin Shu heard Ling Xiao's voice saying: "Sister Xiao doesn't provoke others, this person is just grateful."

The cousin excused the young lady and seemed to be trying to avoid thinking that the young lady was a frivolous girl.

Cousin, it seems that you still do n’t know your cousin very much. Ling Fengxiao has always been too lazy to talk to others. Even the excellent Confucian master Xie Zishe confessed publicly that this person would attack her. The strategy of the world is an air tower.

Lin Shudao: "I know." Ling Xiao smiled slightly.
When this person laughed, his eyes were flowing and his screen was turning on again. Lin Shu turned his head, looking ahead, not looking at him.

There was no word all the way, and after a quarter of an hour, the three came to the imperial palace.

The door was wide open, and entering it was a glazed hall.

Legend has it that everything in the mountain is in the eyes of the guardians. When the disciples pass through the three levels and arrive at the imperial palace, the guardians will decide which treasure house the disciples should enter to select treasures according to the performance of each disciple and personal preferences. But he did not show up, his pet would lead his disciples to the corresponding treasure house.

Of course, everyone can only take a treasure to leave in accordance with the rules. If they take more, they will be immediately punished by the mountain guards by thunder. There was also a disciple who had speculatively brought a few treasures home by secret methods, and was discarded and repaired by the mountain guards that night.

After entering the hall, the first thing I saw was a throne across from it, carrying a rather fat black cat on it, without the appearance of a fairy beast, as if it were a mortal cat.

This black cat is the pet of the legendary mountain keeper.

I saw it lazily looked up, exposed a pair of round green eyes, jumped from the throne, and walked proudly to the apse.

The three kept up.

Go through the gates of the heavy hall and arrive at a branch in a corridor.

The cat stopped, and sat down facing them, his eyes fixed on the three of them, motionless.

The young man said, "What is this doing?" Ling Xiao: "I don't know." The boy said: "It really is like Bai Xiaosheng said, this black cat has a weird temper."

Ling Xiao: "Wait." Lin Shu: "..."
He knows what the cat is doing.

When he was young, he had no friends and didn't practice too much. He often played with stray cats in the alley.

After playing for a long time, I know that cats can also speak. This kind of body is motionless, but the eyes are staring at people. It is obvious that they want to be touched.

He took a few steps forward, seeing that the black cat had no other movements, but locked his eyes firmly on himself, confirmed his speculation more, and continued to move forward, in front of the cat, squatted down, Touched his head and scratched it behind his ears.

The black cat's throat grunted. Lin Shu continued his hair.
Run from the back of your head to the tip of your tail, then scratch your jaw, continue to go back to your ear, and repeat the above action.

Repeated several times, the cat actually came forward, grabbed his collar, and hung it in his arms.

He stood up holding the cat.

The cat kept his arms around his chest.

This is a manifestation of lack of care. Once there was a lost pet cat in the group of stray cats. After being approached, that was how they kept pacing and asking for hair services. Lin Shu: "..."

He hugged the cat and turned back, seeing that the teenager was shocked, and Ling Xiao's expression was a bit unnatural.

Without him, the cat was proud and weird just now. It was so brazen at this moment that anyone would be surprised.

Only Lin Shu himself knows that cats, unless you approach them, will never reveal their desire to be held. It seems that even a pet that is a superb and mysterious mountain guardian is not exempt. .

Finally, the black cat was suffocated, and his eyes looked in the direction of the fork.

They walked along this road, and at the end, it seemed like a closed door, with the word "sky" written on it.

Day font library.

Lin Shu and the black cat face each other. The black cat barked extremely charmingly.
Lin Shu continued to walk the cat, and he said that although he had the strength of Ling Xiao to obtain the qualification of Tianzi Library, he had gained the appreciation of the black cat, and I am afraid he also contributed to this.

The young man even said, "Brother Lin, you are so good." Lin Shu: "Cough."
With a squeak, the heavy bronze door opened by itself.

Lin Shu walked into Tianzi Library and was almost blinded.

Things are rare and precious, and there must be few treasures. Therefore, the font of this day is not large. It is a normal room size, but it is more glamorous than the huge treasure hall. The treasures are surrounded by a coercion. Some of them are full of clear air, and some of them are full of blood.

Lin Shu looked at it one wall at a time.

Previously, the boy said that there were treasures suitable for him in the Tianzi library, just to see if he could pick them.

The treasure house is secret to the west, weapons and magic weapons to the east, and treasures such as elixir, ore, classics, and spirit grass to the north and south.

Lin Shu, as a sword repair, naturally looked at weapons at first glance.

He naturally knew the goods, and he could see that the swords were extraordinary, and some of them were better than origami, but none of them seemed to be suitable for their own exercises, and they were not as kind as the native swords that they had cultivated with their heart and blood.

Ling Xiao stepped forward and took down the knife. Lin Shu recognized it.

-Well deserved!

The weapon that Xiao Shao used in the illusion was actually sealed in the sky font library of the floating heaven fairy palace.

Legend has it that the sword is full of vitality, and when the sword comes out, all the ghosts cry together. The users are affected by their minds and bloodthirsty, until they go into the devil, so it is also called "the demon sword"!

For a cousin like him, it is right that he now has the "no return" of the bright and clear, but it doesn't seem appropriate to use "deserved".

Lin Shuzheng was thinking, so he listened to Ling Xiao: "Give away." That is not bad. Lin was relieved.

People always do not want the good things to go bad. Although his cousin always loves to open the screen, it does not affect the fact that he is a good person.

It's just that Xiao Shao can't get this knife, I'm afraid it's a bit uncomfortable. But Lin Shu had no friendship with him, just thought about it and passed.

He set his mind attentively, glanced across the east. He had no hope at all, but just took a look at it, but his heart suddenly jumped.

——It's a piano.

This piano is surrounded by a faint spiritual power wave, and the wave becomes more obvious as it approaches.

When Ling Xiao saw him go to see the piano, he also approached, and stroked his finger over the piano body, and said, "Endless wood?"

Chapter 59: Silence


The "Divine Sutras of the Southern Wilderness Sutra" contains: "There are volcanoes outside the Southern Wilderness. Among them are endless trees, burning day and night, and the storm is not fierce, and the rain is not extinguished."

Fire has always been to overcome wood. However, this wood was born in the fire, but it did not burn, so it was called "endless wood".

The reason why it can be burned is because the wood is a rare spiritual gathering.

In the Palace of Learning, the fairy mist is fascinating. Each droplet contains a touch of spiritual power. The disciples live and practice in this mist all year round, and they benefit a lot. However, although the fairy mist can carry the aura, it is very small in number. Without going far, far beyond it.

The endless wood, the innocuous wood, and the three mulberries are the legendary three great sacred trees. It is difficult to find one in Kyushu, which shows its rareness.

Among them are not known for their outstanding ability to gather spirits.

I saw that the piano was between three and four feet long, the body was slender, the color was dark, and there were seven white strings on the snow. Although I didn't know how many years it had been stored in the treasure house, there was no dust on the body, and it even exudes a slight obscurity. A touch of glow.

Lin Shu held this very heavy cat in one hand, and pressed the other hand on the strings, only to feel that the spirit was surging and almost broke out. He swiped lightly on the strings with his left hand.

The voiceless sound on the piano is so cold and clear as ice and snow. The spiritual power contained in the piano finally finds its exit, and the ripples generally spread outward quickly. .

After the release of such a spiritual power, there seems to be no decrease in the spiritual power in the piano. It is conceivable that if the spiritual power is to be exhausted, I don't know how many songs to play.

Lin Shu can play the piano. The theory of Shimen believes that learning the sword must first clear the heart, and the heart must learn the music. When he first came to this world, he taught Mr. Zhou Lao to play the "clearing magic" to repel the living corpses. , But in the absence of spiritual power, even if the tune is popped out, the effect is limited, but once you have such a powerful ancient guqin, the situation is very different, as long as you can play For different scores, the spiritual power contained in the sound of the piano can be used by oneself.

Ling Xiao said: "Want this?" Lin Shu nodded.
He took a closer look at the piano body again, and finally found two cymbals "ice strings" on the right end.

Since it is carved on the body, that is the name of the body.

At this time, Ling Xiao also found the harp in the treasure book of the treasure house.

It reads: "Guqin‘ ice string ’is made of endless wood, with unicorn horn as the fetus, and ice silk as the string, the sound is beautiful.”

But he hugged the cat, and the cat kept purring softly, purring from time to time, no intention of leaving his arms, it was noble, rebellious, Lin Shuteng could not take the shot, so he did not collect the piano now Instead, he turned to other places and planned to find a second treasure. However, if I look closely at the entire library of Tianzi, I have a broader vision, but I haven't found an object that suits me like this ice string piano.

When Lin Shu came to the area where the cheats were kept, he was planning to begin to find out whether there were evil gates that could be performed without meridians, but the young man said, "Brother Lin, look at this."

Lin Shu walked over and took a big fist jade bottle from the teenager. Three words "Ju Ling Dan" were written on the jade bottle.
The young man pointed to Lin Shu under the medicine list in the treasure book.

Compared to the simple introduction of Bingqin, this bottle of elixir has been introduced a lot. It is said that it is made from hundreds of spirit leaves, spirit fruit, spirit dew, and spirit bones on the southern barren hills. It no longer exists, and Ju Ling Dan has no way of refining it, so it is listed in the Tianzi library with mediocre utility.

But its mediocre utility is very remarkable for Lin Shu.

There is no reason for it. This medicine was specially formulated by a legendary Dan master to study the principle of spiritual power generation. Its effect is just as its name suggests. After taking it, it will produce full spiritual power and dissipate on its own after a quarter of an hour.

The treasure book also said that this elixir must be taken with caution, because after taking it, the body carries spiritual power, the pain is intolerable, and the meridians are damaged.

Lin Shu wants it.

He could not use spiritual power because the meridians could not be introduced into the body, nor could he stimulate the spiritual power of the whole body, but this elixir allowed the spiritual power to come out of the body. Although the effect was only half an hour, enough. As for the damage to the meridians-his meridians are so bad that they can't be damaged anymore, and he is not afraid of any damage.

Holding the jade bottle, he was about to put it into the pocket, but Ling Xiao held it down.

Ling Xiao repeated the record in the treasure book: "The pain of serving is unbearable, the three-day prescription disappears, and the meridians are damaged, so be careful."

Lin Shu immediately had an ominous hunch.

My cousin took the jade bottle out of his hand and put it back on the shelf expressionlessly.

He said, "I have this idea again, eh?"

Lin Shu recognized the cruel fact that he was dominated by the temporary owner, and obediently looked away from Ju Ling Dan.

The young man on the side whispered, "I found it!"

I saw that he took a small red jade bottle and looked carefully. The jade bottle is engraved with "Shengshenghuahuadan".
When looking through the treasure book, Lin Shu saw the name of this elixir, which is a holy medicine. After taking it, his flesh and bones were reshaped and he could have the so-called "King Kong is not bad" body.

People who cultivate immortals pay most attention to the state of mind, followed by martial arts. Those who practice martial arts will not be inferior in physical fitness. They do not need to specifically look for forging exercises and elixir, but this is a matter for others.

He went back to see the cheats.

There are two kinds of cheats, one is a blue cover, which is a fairyland secret, and the other is a crimson cover, which is a magic repair method. The two immortals can ascend as long as they can find their own avenue and reach a certain level. Therefore, there is no portal view between the two, but the vast accumulation of immortals in Nanxia, so most disciples choose to cultivate immortals.

The cat was very spiritual. When he saw that he had come to the cheat book, his eyes dropped to Ling Xiao, and he made a long "meow".

Ling Xiao knew, took the cat into his hand, hugged it, and scratched the smooth fur.

Lin Shu finally freed his hand to look through the treasure book, which wrote down the name of each cheat, the author and the general introduction of the exercises.

There are many exercises, just by looking at the introduction, you know that it is not suitable for you.

Ling Xiao has calmly picked up a copy of "The Nine Thunder Knife" with one hand, and Lin Shu is still reading the treasure book.

The young man who came here got the favorite elixir, and was happily studying the growth of other exotic treasures, almost studying a wall, and Lin Shu was still reading the treasure book.

Progress is that none of the cheats in Xiandao is feasible, and the three- quarters of the li in the magic Tao are not feasible.

According to probability, he is unlikely to find one-eighth of the cheats left.

Lin Shu was a little annoyed, but kept turning.

Flipping over, he felt that Ling Xiao was watching himself.

He looked up and bumped into his cousin's slightly smiling eyes. Lin Shu: "..." This is mocking.

He was even more upset. Then turn down.
He turned it over, feeling that his cousin had come behind his back and pressed his right hand on the page.

He stopped.

Ling Xiao said: "It is rumored that the Qingming Demon King is an ancient great demon, and then was abolished by the people of Xiandao ...

At this moment, he was standing behind Lin Shu, because he turned the book so close that his voice seemed to be ringing in his ear.

Lin Shu had a hard time breathing, and looked in the direction of his fingers.

What is recorded on this page are the works of the "Qing Ming Demon King".

What is "Dark Flame Mystery", "Yan Luojue", "Seven Killing Swordsmanship", "Sen Luo Tu Lu" ... It can be said that it is ghostly and evil.

Lin Shu can't use the mental method, neither can the sword method. The matrix method recording can be viewed, but it is not practical.

However, according to Ling Xiao, this demon monarch's meridians have been exhausted, and he can still cross the demon world, presumably there is no strange rise in power.

The arrangement of the books is very regular, according to the distance of time, that is, later cheats will appear later.

Lin Shu turned back a few pages and came to the end of Qingming Devil's work. The last book is called Silence, which is very short and only two words long.

Exercise caution.

Lin Shu found "Silent" in the bookcase according to the above index. Open the first page and write a short two lines.
These two lines of words and "want to practice magic skills, wield the sword from the palace" are actually different.

Yes: "He who enters my door breaks the meridians." Lin Shu's heart moved.
There is drama.

He continued to turn down.

Foremost is the cause and effect of Qingming Demon King creating this method.

Yuehua dog thief, abandon my meridian, this dog thief meridian will be abolished in the future.

The meridian has been destroyed, and I want to reshape it. However, I think of Yuehua dog thief's mouth and face, and I feel annoyed. I just want to dispose of the meridian with a disabled body.

On the day of Fa Cheng, when he was out of Dongshan, he wanted to find a dog thief and play tricks. The disciples came to report: Congratulations, Master! Yuehua Xianjun fell into the twelve demon trap three years ago, and died fighting! Hurry up!

I was shocked, angry and murderer, and stunned by the twelve demon, looking for the moon bones, unsuccessful, presumably swallowed by the beast. I want this person to be innocent and immortal, defeated by filthy tactics, and buried in the belly of a wild dog.

hate! hate! hate!

Chapter 60: Nine Thunders

These three hate words are like silver hooks with iron paintings, sharp pens, and **** hatred are almost out of the book!

Lin Shuxin was taken by him for a while, but he returned to God after a while.

Just listen to Ling Xiao whispered: "Sigh."

Although Lin Shu is still not quite understanding, it can also be seen that although the Qingming Demon King dismissed Yuehua Xianjun as a "dog thief", he became angry and mad after Yuehua Xianjun was killed by a conspiracy and slaughter. People, I am afraid that Yuehua Xianjun is in tit- for-tat confrontation, and there is also a sympathy for cherishing each other.

Although this demon monk cultivates the demon path, he does not respect the dirty means of twelve days of the demon to join hands to kill Yue Huaxian Jun, but he is also regarded as a bright man.

He continued to turn backwards.

This cheat is called "permanence". The Qingming Demon King created this method completely for the purpose of tooth-for-tooth, abolishing the meridians of Yuehua Xianjun, so it is not used for killing or fighting.

The first volume is called "The Needle of Silence".

Find the silver needles of the ice soul, quench the ice jade cold poison, and then search for many strange poisons. Use the formula given by the Qingming Devil to urge into the silver needles, and cooperate with the unique point finding, force, and darkness recorded in the cheats. Powerful technique, only three needles are needed, and the meridians of the whole body are immediately discarded-it is not even necessary to secretly apply the needle. This technique is extremely difficult to learn, but it has its own mysteriousness. You only need to face the enemy brightly and openly, and let him have a stronger body. It is also difficult to escape this unpredictable blow.

The poisonous gas of this needle is exposed, and it will be melted into the body. Just holding it in your hands will greatly damage the meridian. The pain of meridian injury can be painful. The use of acupuncture is extremely miserable. Therefore, studying this method cannot have a smooth meridian .

Ling Xiao was also watching, after reading: "Although it is difficult to find, with the power of Phoenix Villa, it can be made ... with it, you can protect yourself."

Using the dooming needle as a hole card, plus those original weapons, weapons, and ice strings that he already had, although he could not use his martial arts, it was difficult to be injured.

Roughly turning back, there are many methods of "finger of silence", "sword of silence" and "virtual wisdom of silence".

Lin Shu lightly breathed and closed the pages.

The cat who was in Ling Xiao's arms waited for the opportunity to get into his arms again. For a while, it seemed that his cousin's hair-hunting technique had not reached home yet.

Ling Xiao withdrew her hand and helped Lin Shu collect the cheats and piano, saying, "Let's go."

Lin Shu nodded.

This trip finally came.

The only problem is that this cheat is too evil, and I am afraid that it will not pass the test of the Academy. The treasures the disciples bring back from the Magic Mountain will be carefully examined by the real people in the team to confirm that they will not be immature. If misuse results in a calamity, only disciples will be allowed to use it. Those who fail the review must be placed in the top level of the treasure hall, or the forbidden area of the library, and disciples are not allowed to browse through it-of course, if this happens , Xue Gong will compensate the corresponding jade to the disciples.

However, the exquisite son of Linglong Dongtian gifted the two of them the qualification to take another treasure from the Tianzi library. Xuegong did n’t know. In this way, Lin Shu put "Period" into a pocketbook and put ice The strings can be checked by a real person and they can pass.

The three walked out of the Tianzi Library, and the doors closed, their voices were dull, and they echoed in the long corridor.

After a while, the sound still did not disappear. Lin Shu: "?"
Ling Xiao frowned slightly.

The young man said, "That sounds weird."

After a few more breaths, Ling Xiao said quickly: "The sound is outside!"

They listened attentively, and sure enough, the voice was low and endless. It came from outside the hall, and after going back to the corridor again and again, it was a bit distorted.

The cat in Lin Shu's arms suddenly screamed, and the cat's roots on the tail exploded, and his neck stretched forward.

Lin Shu understood what it meant: "Let's go out." The closer to the hall, the clearer the sound. thunder!
Depressed, endless, huge thunder. Falling in Lin Shu's ears, unexpectedly familiar. This is not unusual thunder!
It's minefield!

They walked quickly back to the main hall, went out of the main hall, and came outside.

The sky is low, almost over the head of a person, and the black clouds tumble into a huge vortex.

It really is a thunderstorm!

And on the Dangdang Mountain, the only person who might cross the robbery is the mountain guard!

That's right, the original Magic Mountain was opened in advance because the mountain guardian was approaching the robbery and was about to soar.

Lin Shu looked up and saw that the center of the vortex was facing where they are now. Then, when Tianjie officially begins, Tianlei will fall here, which also shows that the mountain guardian is near here.

Looking around, only a few have also cracked the Zhenlong chess game, waiting for the cat to lead the disciples to the treasure house. Where is the shadow of the mountain guardian?

At this moment, Lin Shu suddenly felt that the cat in her arms was shaking.

As he shook, he whispered quietly, and from time to time he looked up at Lin Shu, and after watching him, went to see Ling Xiao again.

Lin Shu: "..."

Ling Xiao: "..."

Ling Xiao said: "Is it you?" The cat barked again. Fine.
Really impermanent.

Lin Shu lifted the cat up and down with it. Cat: "Meow."
Lin Shu: "Really you?" Cat: "Meow."
The roar of thunder is getting louder and louder, and the black cloud is getting lower and lower. After all, Lin Shu is a person who has experienced a calamity. How can he not know that this is the sign that the thunder is about to be broken?

Since Tian Lei is going to hack here, the people who should cross the gang must also be here.

No one is here to cross.

There is only one suspicious cat.

The suspicious cat was still shaking at this moment, and then forced her head into Lin Shu's arms, trying to escape.

Lin Shu looked at Ling Xiao.

Ling Xiao was looking at the cat. Somehow, Lin Shu felt that his cousin was very displeased now, and Jomo was dissatisfied with the cat's disapproval.

He asked, "What to do?"

Ling Xiao: "You got caught in it." Lin Shu: "..."

People can enter the fairyland by crossing the robbery. Beasts are also theoretically possible.
But the beast is different from man after all.

The beast that the beast is going to cross is a ninefold thunderbolt that is exactly the same as man. Throughout the ages, there have been only a few precedents for successful monster robbery.

But heaven is kind, after all, it leaves a glimmer of life for them.

When people cross the sky, don't speculate, or else they will be condemned
—such as Lin Shu.

But the spirit beast can be associated with others and help each other-as long as it finds someone willing to help it.

The scene right now is obvious, this cat, Lai Shanglin sparse.

The shivering body was written brightly with five words: "Please help me out."

The so-called mountain keepers are about to cross the robbery, so the Magic Dangshan is opened in advance, so that the disciples will finally come in and pick a treasure, all under the guise. It is obvious that this cat is about to cross the robbery, and he is afraid that he will not survive. We help ourselves through the robberies.

In the end, there were no mountain guards.

The so-called "guardian's pet" is the guardian himself. a cat.
A cat desperately trying to escape the robbery. What else can Lin Shu do?

When the cat looks at him, he looks at his cousin. Cousin, please help us through.
Xiao Xiao laughed.

He pressed his finger on the scabbard and said, "I'll cross it, you should stay with it."

The boy slammed the ground with his epee behind him and said, "I am coming too."

Lin Shu's gestures and gestures made him familiar. Between light and flint, he thought of someone.

Zhen Shao was the second, legendary Wu Chi who was pressed by Shao Shao on his head.

Cangyu also used a similar epee, and the boy passed three levels all the way and entered the imperial palace before the owner of the Shangling Academy. It must not be a leisurely generation.

However, the tall and burly green urns in the dreamland are too difficult to connect with the handsome and handsome boy in front of him.

He was thinking, and several other disciples were aware of the situation, and they wanted to step forward, and Ling Xiao said, "You don't have to cultivate enough, you don't have to come."

The disciples sat cross-legged in the distance-after all, watching the scenes of crossing the robbery was a rare opportunity to learn the heaven.

About half a column incense time, a man in white came up from below and landed in front of them. ——It was the disciple who first came to Xiangong. When Lin Shu went to Xiangong, he had lost his shadow. Presumably he had taken the treasure down the mountain. At this time, he noticed the movement and returned.

"Xia Yunlan," he said, "I would like to help." Ling Xiao said: "Thank you."
According to Lin Shu's eyesight, all three of them are Yuan Ying Xiu Wei, and they are the best among them. However, it is still unknown how to deal with the disaster.

Naturally, he couldn't stand idly by, so he set the lyre and placed the cat on his shoulders, remembering the scores he had learned before.

The cat also knew that the matter was important. He was placed obediently on his shoulders, and his two front paws hugged Lin Shu's neck, making him a little breathless.

Lin Shu ignored the furry touch on his neck, pressed the strings lightly, and began to play a "Qingning Jue".

Reiki gathers on the strings, and then turns into a soft mist to spread around.

Yun Lan glanced at him and said nothing.

Lin Shu didn't know whether this tune was a widely-circulated piece of music in Xiandao or a unique tune of Jiange. If it was unique to Jiange, Yun Lan would probably recognize it, but if Yun Lan didn't speak, he wouldn't say anything.

There was a thunder in the clouds.

The black cat clasped Lin Shu's neck tighter and called out in a soft voice, as if afraid.

If the keeper of the mountain has always been it, it can be regarded as a spirit cat cultivated for thousands of years, and it is really natural to provoke it like this.

Animals such as cats, dogs, and ducks are not ferocious in nature, so they rarely practice successfully, even if successful—look at this charming black cat, and you will know how to cultivate Chengdu. I like to drill small things into people's arms.

Lin Shu looked up at the sky.

The strength of heavenly power gradually strengthened, reminding him of the scene when he was crossing the robbery.

Had it not been for the lightning rod, he would already be in the fairyland at this time.

The Jiuxiao thunderstorm, which contains the true meaning of heaven, can be defeated by modern science and directly absorbed by an ordinary lightning rod. This is really a strange thing, and he still can't understand it.

Several disciples came in front of the main hall, but none came forward.

After the song was finished, there was a rattle on the sky, and the wind in front of the temple was violent.

Ling Xiao uttered a snoring sound, pulled her knife out of her sheath, her eyes faint.

After Lin Shu tuned the strings, changed to a song called "The Absolute Clouds", and the sound of the piano turned upwards, with the intention of killing.

Fortunately, when I was a child, Master had strict control and a solid foundation, and the skill of playing the piano has not been unfamiliar to this day.

With the lyre, the sound of the violin can help them wake up, breathe, heal, and attack if necessary. This time, they have not hindered their legs. The young man who was suspected to be ugly said: "Brother Lin, you are so good!"

Before Lin Shu answered, she listened to Ling Xiao: "Natural."
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