The #1 Pretty Boy of the Immortal Path Chapter 11-20

Chapter 11: Sendoin

Li Jiomao: "What's wrong?"

Li Yamao patted the donkey's head again: "The gentle fairy said, Dao You, you are very savvy, but the basic skills are too poor, you do n’t recognize a few words, and it is too shameful. I want to go home and practice Da Zhoutian , Learn more characters, he will come to the school next year- brother, I have a show! "

The donkey was screamed by him, but Li Yamao couldn't help but patted it again: "The donkey knows that I congratulate me!"

"Okay!" Li Jimao was really happy for him. "You work hard for a year, and I will stay at home to take care of my father and mother. You can go out."

Li Yamao couldn't see his eyes with a smile: "I really hit the Grand Canal
... what else did that fairy say?" Li Jiumao: "How?"
"He said, Dao You, your name is a bit unsightly. You will have to change it when you go to school in the next day. I said, if I don't know the word, you can give me a strike. I wrote three words. I also said that my brother's name is chicken feathers, which are not very nice, and you also give it a shot-he has a good temper and named you! "

Li Jiumao: "How do you say it? Please write it for me."

Li Yamao scratched his head: "I don't recognize the characters, I can only remember the strokes, but the strokes are too thick, so I can go home and let Brother Lin recognize them."

Having said that, he turned his head and asked Lin Shu again, "Brother Lin, how are you?" Lin Shu struggled to stay awake in dizziness and said, "OK."

"It must be admitted!" Li Yamao was very pleased again. "Brother, go to Xuegong to explore the road, I will go to you next year."

How to rejoice all the way, not to talk about, after returning home, Li Yamao was scolded.

"It's nothing you can't miss, you must be so excited!" Auntie akimbo, her eyebrows raised her eyes, "How to make Xiaoshu like this!"

Li Yamao guilty his head in guilty conscience: "Is he yours or I am yours

"I am!" Aunt took the rolling pin, "Which of you three is not my one bowl of rice and one bowl of rice to feed? That is my brother!"

Li Yamao said, "Are you eccentric?"

"I'm biased?" Auntie slipped his ears: "You don't urinate and take pictures, the crooked dates are broken. Is there any parent who is handsome?"

Lin Shu slowly fanned the fan on the bamboo chair beside him, watching Li Yamao beating with interest.

Speaking of it, he was really raised by the eldest mother. The little fool once took care of the three meals a day. The little fool ran around and fell into the water. The shell was replaced with Lin Shu. When she woke up, she was also taking care of her.

After his mother hit Li Yamao, she looked at his condition and poured some water.

Lin Shu was carrying it and sipped.

"How is it like a kitten!" The aunt laughed. "Drink more." Lin Shu thinks this relationship is new and wonderful. However, no matter how careful the care is, after all, the foundation of the body is poor, and it has been exposed to the sun for a long time. Lin Shu is like the young crops in the field, stunned.

After half a month, the "Shang Lingbang" was released. Among the five people in Ning'an, there was Lin Shu's name. Li Yamao came back with a smile and reported. The family was happy, and Lin Shu continued to chat.

After the heat stroke subsided, it became cold again with wet hair. "It's summer, the wind is cold!"
Lin Shu coughed out half his life, labored with moving his fingers, and couldn't explain to his aunt what "immunity is low."

In his last life, he had built a foundation at the age of six or seven. Since then, he has never been ill. He really doesn't know what it means to be ill.

In this way, another half month passed, and in August, he finally set off for Shangling Academy in Shuzhou.

Auntie was not assured that Lin Shu was alone on the road, so Li Yamao and Lin Shu first rented a carriage from Ning'an to go south, took a ferry from Baojiangkou to Dongting, and then took the road west to Shu.

When leaving Ning'an, it rained lightly.

Li Yamao reached out to catch the rain and said, "It's still too small, it's all dry in the field. What can this rain do?"

Lin Shu lifted his car curtain, looked at the cracked land beside the road, and turned his head again, looking at the lady who was holding an oil umbrella by the road.

When Auntie saw him looking at herself, she took a few steps and said, "Be careful on the road!"

Lin Shu felt a slight fever and nodded. Li Yamao drew a whip in front of him and shouted "drive-". The wheels twitched and went forward.
Auntie stepped forward a few more steps and told Lin Shu: "Go home next year and cook for you!"

Lin Shu responded, "Hey."

The horse's hoof gradually rose, the rain and fog were wide, and soon swallowed up the figure of the maiden. Lin Shu looked at the crop fields on both sides, after watching, then cast his gaze in the direction it came.

Hopefully the rain will be heavier, he thought.

Li Yamao asked, "The road is a bit bumpy, brother, will you?" Lin Shudao: "It's all right."
——Oh, now Li Yamao ca n’t be called Li Yamao in a strict sense. The system gave him a new name, Li Yayi, but the pronunciation is still that, so Suri is still called Yamao.

It was another January when the two left.

Along the way, Lin Shu roughly saw some local customs, and the city was far less prosperous than modern times, and it was indeed an ancient time with relatively low productivity.

After entering the land of Shu, it gradually prospered.

On this day, Li Yamao hurried on the official road and suddenly said, "Brother Lin, look!"

I saw the mountains surrounded by the dense fog, and a towering towering city was revealed indistinctly. The towering towering, magnificent and impressive. Lin Shu's eyes were completely obscured about this world. Li Yamao was trapped in the ghost town for ten years, and he was not much different from them. They didn't know where it was. They stopped to look for a while, Li Yamao asked Passers-by know that this is actually the capital of Nanxia.

That hurriedly said: "Our country capital-that's really cool!"

Li Yamao was fascinated: "If you have a chance in the future, you must go and see the world."

It's just that the school day is about to start. When they detour again, I'm afraid that they made a mistake. The two looked at it and went on the road.

When they arrived at the foot of Shangling Mountain, it was in mid- September that the scenery of Shuland was very beautiful, and the autumn was very refreshing and pleasant.

From the bottom up, the entire mountains are surrounded by misty fog, the plants on the mountain are verdant, the spirit birds fly high, and occasionally you can see the exposed eaves, which have a fairy-like style, which is very different from the city on earth.

In Nanxia, ??there are five short and one long pavilions, ten long and one long pavilion. In the long pavilion at the foot of the mountain, there are two young people in sky and blue. The pavilion is surrounded by a huge crane. When the carriage came, one of them came out of the pavilion and said, "Guests in front, but want to go to school?"

Li Yamao said: "Exactly."

Lin Shu came down from the carriage, and one of them was humane: "Is one going to school or both?"

Li Yamao said: "One person."

The one in the kiosk was modest and polite: "Please come here to draw a name." Li Yamao stepped forward, and the man handed in a book. He turned to Minzhou and then to Ning'an. He found Xiandaoyuan and found Lin Shu's name. He drew a tick and returned it to the young man. All right."

——I don't know a few of these characters, but they are accurate to find them.

Before Lin Shu had time to answer his questions, he was all handled by Li Yamao, feeling that he had been acquiesced as a disabled person, weak, poor and helpless.

The young man took the book and said, "Shangling Academy, mortals stop, Lin Daoyou, follow me."

Lin Shu looked at Li Yamao and said, "I'm gone."

Li Yamao took the parcel out of the carriage and laughed, "Brother, take care of yourself, and my brother will be with you next year."

Lin Shu smiled embarrassedly: "Okay."

The big fairy crane made a long beep, and the young man said a "rise", Lin Shu was supported by a gentle air machine, rose to mid-air, and fell on the fairy crane. After a moment, the young boy fell on the crane.

The crane lifted its wings and Li Yamao waved to Lin Shu on the ground. Lin Shu kept watching him and waved.
In his last life, after Master left, he no longer had friends and relatives. He never expected to live again. Suddenly, there were two brothers and aunts who took care of him to such an extent. They were a little overwhelmed, but they were really moved. Time is also in perseverance.

——I don't know how soon I can repay such care and kindness.

The fairy crane flew straight into the misty surroundings, and Lin Shu also stole the thoughts of the talents and looked up. Although he almost practiced Mahayana in his last life, he never met with Xiu Xian people other than Master, not to mention such a large school, and was a little curious about what this system of Xiu Xian looks like.

The fairy crane is flying higher and higher, it is a bird with spiritual power, so it is extremely fast, it has reached the top of the mountain in two minutes, and then circled down-but within dozens of miles, the fairy palace is gorgeous, and Qionglin is colorful, The flowing spring waterfall is extremely beautiful.

Crane flying near the gate.

On the gate of the mountain, four large characters were engraved "Drunken to the Tomb".

There are several people under the gate, each under a guise. Fortune- telling scammers often hold in their hands and write "XX gods" on it.

On the steps were scattered a few people in gray clothes, some of them in a daze, some of them were reading books, and the guise was "Confucianism and Taoism."

The grass beside the steps lay on the ground horizontally and vertically, and a cover was inserted on the ground, which read "Xiandaoyuan".

And among those lying horizontally and vertically, you can see a red patch at a glance.

Lin Shu: "..."

There are even acquaintances.

Several girls at Fenghuang Mountain Villa were surrounded by a fan beside a glazed couch.

Sitting on the glass couch was Miss Ling Fengxiao.

September in Shudi was also quite hot. The girls were all wearing tulle, with their arms and shoulders exposed. Only the young lady was wearing a gown with wide robes and large sleeves. Feed iced grapes.

Ling Baoqing noticed the movement above, looked up, and said, "Here is coming."

Immediately someone asked aloud, "Which hospital? Sister or sister?"

The young man who led Lin Shu to the fairy crane said: "Master of Xiandaoyuan!"

A member of the Confucian Taoist Academy and the Shuyuan Academy uttered a "beep" and was very lost.

Xiandaoyuan is also a bit lost, it may be because the visitor is not a sister. When the fairy crane landed, Ling Baochen first laughed out.
"Miss," she said, "you see who's here."

Ling Fengxiao raised her eyelids, looked at Lin Shu's body a few times, and also ticked the corners of her lips: "Coincidentally."

This sound fell, and was originally very frustrated. They continued to stand on the grass or lie down or sit in an immortal-shaped fairy temple, and all of them suddenly stood up and made salutes.

"It turned out to be Sister Ling's acquaintance!" "Disrespectful and disrespectful!"
"Master is really a talent!" Lin Shu tilted his head: "?"
Where is your fairy wind bone?

Chapter 12: Look at each other

xianfengdao bone? No.
Looking at them, it seemed that as long as Ling Baojing gave up the fan in their hands, they immediately took it attentively, agitated his arms, and sent the cool wind to Miss Ling.

As for this Ling Fengxiao, it is really strange.

On a very hot day, there are people fanning and feeding ice grapes, obviously they are afraid of heat. Look at the dress of several people in Ling Baoqing, light gauze and silk, bare arms with bare arms, bare shoulders with bare shoulders. Obviously, the world's dress is not very conservative. Not too bored.

Of course, Lin Shu just dared to think about it, saying it was impossible to say.

I saw Ling Fengxiao also looking at him. After looking for a while, he raised his chin proudly and asked, "How are you settled?"

"The settlement is very good." Lin Shu answered.

Answer, think again, add another sentence: "Thank you, Miss."

Ling Fengxiao said "um" without saltiness, stood up and said, "Follow me."

——Miss, is this going to show him the way? Lin Shu felt flattered for a while. However, Ling Fengxiao's attitude was obviously not sincere, and Shu Zun Jiang Gui was also unwilling.

"Hold it."

Lin Shu took over a jade from Ling Fengxiao.

——In order not to have physical contact with himself, the man only carried Yupei's rope with two fingers, lifted Yupei, and finally placed it on his hand.

Lin Shu is also willing to submit this way.

After all, he is not a face-seeker. As long as he is a living creature, he refuses to make physical contact with the other party.

"This is a token for going in and out of Shangling Dreamland," Ling Fengxiao said lightly. "If it matters, you can use Mr. Meng to call Mr. Meng. If Mr. Meng is looking for you, he will also use Jade to communicate."

Lin Shu accepted: "Thank you."

The night when I first met Ling Fengxiao three months ago was too dim, and then I just glanced at it from afar, so he only found out that although Ling Fengxiao was only one or two years older than himself, he was taller than himself. A head.

——The girls who practice immortality and martial arts are always taller, and the little fools have been undernourished for ten years. They are also undersized and understandable.

At this point, Ling Fengxiao was walking on the mountain road, followed by Lin Shu, Ling Fengxiao did not talk to him anymore, Lin Shu naturally did not say, the mountain road was silent, only the footsteps could be heard.

Ling Fengxiao was very tall, and the foot course was naturally faster than Lin Shu's physical body. Soon, Lin Shu dropped down more than 20 steps. Lin Shu didn't care about the character of these things. He even had the interest to look back at Ling Fengxiao. On the misty mountain road, the flowing clouds and red clothes slowly moved up, but it was a beautiful view.

Even two small birds flew out of the vine-entangled giant trees beside the mountain road, hovering around Ling Fengxiao for a while before leaving.

When the gap widens again, Lin Shu speeds up his steps. Ling Fengxiao seems to have heard the changes in his steps, and finally stopped and waited on a high platform.

Lin Shu went up, this was the end of the mountain road, and the mist was everywhere, and the shadow of the towering fairy palace could already be seen.

Ling Fengxiao stretched out her hand and closed it with her five fingers, and the fog was usually ebb. Shown in front of Lin Shu is a patchwork of palace groups that stretch for several miles. The color of the palace is mainly white. The texture of the masonry is close to jade, delicate and moist, with a slight luster shining in the sun, exquisite and clear.

"Here is the place where Hexutian is a class," Ling Fengxiao said in an official tone. "The disciples of Xiandaoyuan live in Jasper on the east, the disciples of Confucianism and Shuyuan live in Liulitian. Come with me."

The two continued to walk a few miles to the east. It was about the unique fairy atmosphere on Shangling Mountain. Lin Shu had been away for so long, and they didn't feel tired.

Jasper Sky is another lush mountain, with bamboo forests like the sea, and breeze blowing. Among them are many interesting bamboo houses, all of which are detached houses, but every four buildings are closely connected by an atrium, looming Unite.

"Each person has one room, four people and one garden. I'll ask Mr. Meng where you are." Ling Fengxiao took out her jade charm and said to Lin Shu. Lin Shu nodded, at the same time, his jade amulet glowed slightly.

Ling Fengxiao frowned slightly, seemed puzzled, and said, "Mr. Meng called you, go."

Lin Shu did not know where Mr. Meng was sacred or how to find him, but the moment he picked up the jade charm, a soft white light enveloped him.

When I opened my eyes again, the mountain peak rose early, and the morning breeze seemed to be the login interface of Shangling Dreamland.

The system is still wearing the fairy-like blue suit, and smiled at him with a smile: "Dao, meet again."

Lin Shu: "Mr. Dream?"

"It's down," the system whispered. "A big dream in Shangling, I'm the one in my dream. If you don't dislike it, you'll call Mr. Dream next."

Lin Shu obediently said, "Mr. Dream."

The system's smile was a little thicker, but after laughing, he took care of his clothes and straightened up: "Taoyou, it's important to call you this time."

Lin Shu asked: "What is it?"

"This matter is rooted in the bottom," the system sighed. "Dao, you remember, in the second test of the Lingling test, I didn't want to listen to the small lifting bar and you Untangled, spare your argument? "

Lin Shu: "Remember."

In this matter, he really thanked this reasonable Mr. Meng.

"Bad is bad in this matter. Shangling Jane, the high-sacrifice wine of Xuegong, he is too much. He must say that this is out of order. Although both of you should go to Xuegong, this is the second try. And in any case cannot be avoided. " ——In this way, I still ca n’t avoid discussing the fate of a Tao with Jing Jing. Lin Shu has a little drum in his heart, but this is what he should have done after all.

"You listen to me," the system sighed. "The bad embryo of Shangling Jane said, Shangling Xuegong has clear rules. If it breaks the rules, it will be punished. I have received my punishment, and you Both were exempted from a ruling, and punished. He wanted you two to live together, and then argue every day, every night, and discern the truth of the Tao before he can stop. "

Lin Shu: "..."

It's a sunny thunderbolt.

How desperate is his dormitory life in the future?

"But ... I'm not helpless," the system closed his expression of sigh, and smiled slyly again. "This little lifter is like a disciple of Mengtang, named Yue Ruohe, Yue Ruohe Dao You and his sister Yue Ruoyun came to the palace this year. Yue Ruoyun Daoyou is still young and needs to be looked after by his brother. They both want to live in the same garden, and you naturally live in the same garden with them. This Yue If Yun Daoyou is stunned by her elder brother's ears and is very fond of raising the bar, they will go to each other, Daoyou, you will suffer less noise. "

Having said this, the system went on to say, "However, this does not work. After all, there are rules in the palace. Every year, the bamboo garden where the new disciples live must be taken care of by a brother or sister last year. So, the fourth in your garden, I specially arranged a powerful person who can manage these two people. In this way, Taoists can completely avoid the pain of raising the bar. "

To escape, Lin Shu almost wanted to thank Mr. Meng with tears.

I just wanted to say thank you, and the system spoke slowly and slowly: "Dao You, in the Shangling test, although the sword method you chose is not ordinary, you can also see from the bottom that Dao You must be an extraordinary person on one of his swords-just right She is also a martial arts genius who has been hard to come by for a century. If you live together in the same garden, Su Ri can learn more martial arts in the atrium and talk about dharma, which is very beneficial to each other's cultivation.

After all, the system looked at Lin Shu, Ming Qing's younger face, but there was a kind smile like the old father.

Lin Shu suddenly froze.

Shidao is a martial arts genius that is rare in a century. A brother or sister last year.
A powerful person who can control these two people. Wait, wait.
This description sounds familiar.

Holding a glimmer of expectation, he asked the system: "Mr. Dream, who is that ...?"

The system laughed: "The little Phoenix of the Ling family is full of rivers and lakes, and you must have heard the name."

In Yongping for four years, Lin Shu was in Shangling Mountain, Jasper Sky, Shangling Dreamland, and died.

He struggled: "Thank you ... Thank you ... Mr. Dream." The system laughs.
Lin Shu was expressionless.

Lin Shu felt that he was not very good. The young lady obviously didn't want to see herself, and she was very bad- tempered, she always wanted to be skinned. He wanted to stay away from him, the farther away the better.

Rather than living under the fear of being dominated by Ling Fengxiao, he would rather argue with Gang Jing every day, every night, to Mahayana, to soar.

But the system did not give him any chance to speak.

"Daoyou, I'm sorry to call you in a hurry. Now that you've finished the explanation, you should go back."

After all, with his big sleeve, Lin Shu was immediately sent out and returned to the real world, still in the posture of holding Yu Jian in his hand.

He looked up and saw Ling Fengxiao across. Ling Fengxiao's expression was not right.
——He remembered that Ling Fengxiao had been going to ask Mr. Meng which court he lived in before, and now he must have known that the two of them would live in Yiyuan.

He is a little fool in a small village. At first sight in Ling Fengxiao's eyes, it looks dirty and annoying. Presumably, the young lady Jin Jinyugui would not want to live in the same garden with herself.

It's so boring.

Ling Fengxiao didn't speak all the way. When she went to the gate of the garden engraved with the words "Frightening Wind and Rain", she said stiffly, "Here."

The two continued to move forward, and before they reached the atrium, they heard a noise there. Across the bamboo forest, no one saw him. He first heard his voice. A clear voice sounded, but his tone was very polite: "Is that the one who called Lin Shu? How, then I ask you, there are four seasons of cold and heat, and it ’s cold, do n’t you add clothes? It ’s hot, do n’t you take off your clothes? It ’s like this hot day, if you still dress tightly, it ’s not A pig? "

Lin Shu actually thought he was right. Before he could respond, a rattle sounded.
Lin Shu turned his head and saw Ling Fengxiao's eyes become thin with anger, and the air machine shattered several thick bamboo bowls.

When it comes to hot clothes, Ling Fengxiao is indeed a model.

Brother Zhugan, ask for blessings, and bullying on campus is right next to you and me.

Chapter 13: Puffer fish

The person inside did not know it, opened the door, and poked out his head: "It can be seen that your statement is contradictory, and it is not smooth, it is exactly the Sky Building —— "

A sentence in the "Sky Tower" was not finished. I only listened to the sound of "?? ?" a few times, and dozens of green bamboo leaves were spurred by Ling Fengxiao, and nailed into the doorpost next to his head like an iron piece. on.

The man immediately raised his voice: "Brother Lin, you are not so authentic. I could talk to you well. I could have a good argument, but you are ashamed and angry, and I must have been dumb!"

Ling Fengxiao sneered and walked out of the bamboo forest.

The man immediately became a chicken with his throat choked: "Ling ... big, young lady."
Is there no one in this immortal who does not give in to the young lady? Lin Shu was thinking, and he heard the man say in a choked voice: "...
Aren't you hot?"

-It really does.

Ling Fengxiao said, "What do you do?"

"Miss, forgive me, this is a very uncomfortable thing. As the saying goes, the rabbit is sorrowful and hurts everything. When I see the lady is hot, I feel the same, and I feel hot. How can I say this? What does it do to me ... " I saw that this man was very beautiful, wearing a green silk shirt, like a bamboo pole with green and water spirit.

But Ling Feng Xiaofu shattered numerous bamboos as soon as he entered the door, and naturally he would not cherish the one in front of him.

Ling Fengxiao approached him and began to slowly pull out the bamboo leaves that had been nailed into the post before his head.

One piece, one piece, another piece.

The root codes are neatly gathered in my hand: "Your name is Yue Ruohe?"

Yue Ruohe nodded.

"Brother Yue," Ling Fengxiao said lightly, "I have to go to Shanmen to wait for the crane, Brother Lin will bother you to help settle in."

Those dozens of bamboo leaves gathered in the hand were cut by an invisible sharp air machine and turned into green debris thinner than dust. It was dripping from the pale fingertips of the young lady, and then flew in the wind. not see.

Yu Ruohe took a breath, and charmingly said, "... Yes." Another person succumbed.
Ling Fengxiao gave him a cool look, and turned around to come out of this "Feng Yu Xi Yu Yuan".

Did not look at Lin Shu again.

After the big red figure disappeared completely among the bamboo forests, Lin Shu wanted to ask Yue Ruohe which room is his own room, and before he opened his mouth, he listened to Yue Ruohe continued: "Brother Lin, we will continue to talk about the nature of the world, and humanity. For the sake of it, IMHO, it ’s a normal day ... ” Lin Shu: "You're right."

"I'm right, Brother Lin looks at his point of view. "you are right."
"In my humble opinion ..." "you are right."
Yue Ruohe: "?"

Lin Shu calmly held his parcel: "Brother, where should I live?"

——Thank you Li Yamao for the noise these days. He speaks really fluently.

Yue Ruohe was threatened by Ling Fengxiao first, but he couldn't realize the joy of victory in the debate on Lin Shu, and he was embarrassed. He was helpless: "I live in the east, my sister lives in the west. Yesterday, there was a group of sisters and sisters from the Phoenix Villas cutting bamboo and planting peony in the south. Brother Lin, you are only to the north. I will take you."

From the atrium to the north, one or two hundred steps in the bamboo path are the small bamboo houses where Lin Shu will live in the future.

The bamboo house is composed of a small hall and a bedroom, which are very simple and simple, but it is very interesting.

"Here is the Taoist robes prepared for the disciples by Xuegong-if Brother Lin has his own martial arts, then wear martial arts clothes. If not, wear this." Yue Ruohe said: "However, in my humble opinion, this rule is great It ’s not good. One of them promotes the portal's views in the palace. The other is that we are all dressed in colorful clothes, which is really unsightly. Three ... "

He even talked about "Six," Lin Shu quickly said, "You're right." A sentence "You're right" makes Yue Ruohe's eyes blind, and returns to the topic: "We usually do our homework ourselves, practice and martial arts are in Zhuyuan, and classes are in Hexutian. The canteen, library, The martial arts courts are all set in the back of the haze. I do n’t know how to go, just ask Mr. Meng at that time. "

"Ah, yes," Yue Ruohe seemed to think of, "We will start classes in three days. We will learn at least 20 courses in a year. You should find Mr. Meng to choose a course."

He explained something else, summed up in a sentence, "Mr. Meng Meng."

After finally speaking, Yue Ruohe added: "Miss Ling has been picking up people frequently these days. She is very busy and has a bad temper. I finally saw it today. We have been avoiding these days and not playing with her. "

Lin Shu nodded.

In fact, he really hasn't seen Ling Fengxiao's temper. The fiance died in Minzhou City, with a bad temper. Ning'an, lost his patience and had a bad temper.
Shangling Xuegong, frequently picking up people, bad temper. The wind was drizzling, and the temper was bad.
Just a puffer fish.

After reaching an agreement on this issue, Yue Ruohe no longer had two eyes, and even asked Lin Shu to go to Xiaxia Tian to eat together at night.

Lin Shu was a little overwhelmed.

The Yueruohe room friendliness did not treat him as coldly as the roommates of his previous life, although it was not the roommate's fault. They sometimes say ridiculous things. Lin Shu was relatively high at that time and accidentally heard a lot. After all, they are not in a group with them, they don't deal with them, they don't speak, and they have no expression, which makes everyone feel uncomfortable.

But Yuruo He seems to be able to speak a lot by himself, maybe ... it won't cause embarrassment because there is nothing to say.

Therefore, he hesitated, and finally agreed.

After Yue Ruohe left, Lin Shu cleaned up the room and finally changed into the suit of the school palace.

The light robe with light blue pattern and light blue edge on white background is quite serious.

He tried again in the mirror for a long time, and finally tied his hair and put on his feathers.

This face in the mirror looks like a fourteen or five-year-old, but it looks a little bit nice, and the outline is a little strange, but it is not strange, in fact, it is a bit like the face of a previous life. Maybe when there is no expression, people's faces are always similar.

Lin Shu thought about this. After a long journey, he pulled back his thoughts and began to remember those things that Yue Ruohe explained.

Thinking about it, I suddenly thought that he said, "Miss Ling has been picking up people frequently these days."

He naturally did not know why Ling Fengxiao took people frequently, but from this sentence, it can be seen that Ling Fengxiao has taken many people these days, and may have taken everyone over.

When Ling Fengxiao personally took him up the mountain, he really felt flattered.

It now appears that there is no slightest favoritism. Even if she knew that Ling Fengxiao didn't want to see herself very much, she never had any expectation for the young lady, Lin Shu still felt a little lost.


Chapter 14: Salted fish


Under the sunset, the bamboo forest is like the sea.

"We Rumentang's clothes are green, Phoenix Villa is red, and the few blues over there are swordsmen from the South China Sea." Yue Ruohe took Lin Shu along the road, and his sister Yue Ruoyun followed-these two people They all wore green robes and they wanted to blend into the bamboo forest.

Jasper sky is okay, not too many people move around, and when the misty sky is reached, the colors gradually increase.

The Confucian Taoist School values ??the Shimen pedigree, and does not have a school like Xiandaoyuan. Therefore, the uniform of the school robe is the same as that of Lin Shu, but the pattern and piping are changed from light blue to gray, and the surgery school is red. .

In the canteen, at first glance, most of them were sitting at the same table at the same hospital. Some disciples of the Confucian and Taoist schools were sitting with the disciples of the Xiandao Academy, reminding Lin Shu of a passage in "Bai Xiaosheng's Details of the Shangling Academy".

In general, it means that there are many factions within the Confucian and Taoist schools, and the parties are formed. There is a debate between them, and the most disturbing is dogs and dogs. Fortunately, after all, they are literati, unable to move the knife. The only thing I was afraid was that when I couldn't argue, when I was staring, I went to the same classmates in Xiandaoyuan to help each other, and it turned into a fight on both sides, and then a group of people were punished by the big offering wine and thought under Xingxing Waterfall. The cave face thought about it, thinking about it, and started to move again, it was a chicken flying. When I was thinking about it, I saw a disciple of a Confucianist Taoist chopsticks on a table: "The name must be made to refer to the truth, the name is not correct, why is it smooth?"

He said the opposite: "Hear what you see, take the truth and name- otherwise, why do you understand‘ white horses are not horses ’?”

Yue Ruohe said, "Let me argue with them."

Yue Ruoyun said, "You forgot what Grandpa said? Mo talked with Confucianism! Once you can't argue, be careful to lose Rumentang's face!"

Yue Ruohe said, "I'm like a dream church, I stand by martial arts. Even if I can't argue, what's the point?"

"A defeat is also a defeat!"

"How can a defeat be counted? Can things be said to be defeated?"

"If you lose, you are downcast and you have lost your argument. You are also downcast. How can you not be defeated?"

"The more I have someone who is broad-minded and the gentleman avenges it, it's not too late in ten years.

"My aunt, last year Brother Chen was just 'Boundless Silk Rain' a little bit better than you. You just stared at someone for half a year, broad- minded?"

"I care about my brother entering the country, what's wrong? Miss Ling's hand folding and killing today is better than mine. Which of your eyes saw me become a black-eyed chicken?"

"You know that Ms. Ling is really strong and strong, breaking ten times without any profound ingenuity like my martial arts martial arts skills.

"Well said! That year Miss Ling came to visit the hall, who blushed her eyes and jumped behind her and said," It's obviously an age, how can she be so much stronger than me? "If I don't have a broad mind, your mind I'm afraid it's just a pin-eye! "

"I said that you were not broad-minded, and I didn't say I would be broad- minded-besides, I later convinced Sister Ling to take it. Now I live together, and I must consult every day. In the future, Wugong has entered the country. I want to teach you how to look good! "

Lin Shu: "..."

He watched as the two brothers and sisters said more and more, more and more, from Confucianism to Ling Fengxiao, he couldn't stop for a while, so he had to go to pick the vegetables himself.

While picking up vegetables, take a walk.

Yue Ruohe and Yue Ruoyun are both well-known orthodoxy disciples. They both admire the martial arts of Ling Fengxiao. Even Mr. Meng said, "The little Phoenix of the Ling family is full of rivers and lakes." It is indeed extremely outstanding.

He was thinking about how his cultivation at this age in his last life was compared to Ling Fengxiao.

Although he has not seen Ling Fengxiao pull a knife, but this person shattered the bamboo forest today, and picked leaves to hurt others, showing his martial arts is extremely powerful, if he changed to 15 years old ...

——No, he was a quiet salted fish in his last life. He was not in the same family as the pufferfish. He obeyed the law and never destroyed the vegetation.

After returning from the dishes, the two siblings were still entangled. Lin Shu silently began to eat, half of it, and Yue Ruoyun finally pulled the topic back to Confucianism: "Even if you want to stir up with them, They also need to change their clothes, so as not to let them find Rumentang's head. " Yue Ruohe was dissatisfied and tried to continue to distinguish with her. Yue Ruo Yun said, "I'm hungry! Don't say any more!"

Then they went to fetch vegetables.

Lin Shu ended up faster than them. After eating, he tangled for a while and said, "I'll go to the library first."

Yue Ruohe said "um" and said, "See you later." Lin Shu: "See you later."
He walked out of the dining room and headed eastward, he exhaled softly. He is still not used to being with others.
At first, the two siblings were addicted to chuckles, and after eating, they followed the rules of eating and sleeping, and did not communicate with themselves from beginning to end.

Lin Shu began to think, was n’t Yueruo He originally inviting himself to dinner just for the sake of politeness, in fact he didn't want to ignore himself.

However, no matter what Yueruhe thinks, the ultimate problem lies with him.

He doesn't know how to open a conversation and what he should do when he gets along with others. Even in this life, there are suddenly many people who are not bad for him, he still can't join it.

Lin Shu is a little confused, I don't know what to do in the future. Maybe ... or like last life?
He continued to move forward and passed the library when he came to the dining room, so the location was not difficult to find. The library is a fourteen-storey pavilion. According to Bai Xiaosheng, the books of the Confucian and Taoist Schools are on the first six floors, the academies are on the seventh to the ninth floors, and the remaining five floors are on the books of the Immortals.

He walked up the stairs, reaching the tenth floor, panting, feeling like he had lost half his life.

There are so many books on fairy tales, and there are countless basic exercises. Fortunately, each bookcase has an index. Lin Shu did not spend much effort to find what he wanted.

The first is to screen in the exercises and find a copy of the most basic "Meridian Forging Method". In any case, only by improving the physical fitness of the body can we pick up the sword again.

Then there is the problem of meridians.

The first threshold to enter the Immortal Road is to build the foundation. The purpose of the foundation is to open up the meridians and lay the foundation for future cultivation.

For those who are suitable for immortal cultivation, the natural meridian is like a slight blemishes of white pimple. Just run according to the "Yang Qi Jing" for a long time. For a long time, the body is full of qi. "Rijiji" is the best talent.

If the talent is slightly worse, it will take more time and effort to open up the meridians within ten or twenty years.

Even worse, it's a long way off. Most mortals in the world are like this. Lin Shu's body is very mortal.
He looked for a long time in the bookcase related to Zhuji, and finally found a "Qing Xuan Yang Mai Jing".

Roughly turned, there are many methods for nourishing the meridian, which were originally prepared for the practitioners who believe that their meridians are not wide enough and their qi is not running smoothly, but it seems to be feasible for them.

The whole book is divided into five parts, which are Lingdan, Lingquan, Lingyu, Furnace and Miscellaneous.

Miscellaneous articles record some foods and tuna methods, you can try. According to Bai Xiaosheng, the disciples in the Palace of Learning did not lack the opportunity to obtain the elixir, and the elixir was not infeasible, and the other Lingquan Lingyu was temporarily unavailable.

As for the furnace tripod-not considered, although this seems to be the fastest way to improve the meridian.

All in all, he didn't come to the wrong place in Shangling Xuegong. Although the foundation is far away, there is a slim chance.

He found two more books related to the foundation, and after registering them in the booklet on the first floor, he took them out of the library.

When it came out, it was night and the sky was full of stars. He suddenly froze.
The haze sky was built on a peak, hugs the central Hexu sky together with Jasper sky and Liuli sky.

At this time, looking down from the haze sky, you can see all the scenes of Hexu Sky.

Among the Qionglou Yuyu, a lake reflects the starry sky, which is about special water quality, with soft stars shining on the lake.

Bai Xiaosheng's book states that the lake is named "Xingluo Lake", and its source is "Xingxing Waterfall" in the west, which is a great beauty of Xuegong.

In all silence, Lin Shu felt that it was beautiful, as beautiful as the stars in the sky. He hasn't seen the stars for a long time-this is what he loved to do as a kid. Because in the face of the starless sky, he will gradually become a god, delusion that he is also one of many sentient beings, not a lonely wild ghost wandering outside the crowd.

After looking at the lake for a long time, Lin Shu returned to Jasper Sky.

When he gradually approached his little bamboo house, he saw that there was a candlelight inside.

When we approached again, the door opened.

Continue to approach, there is a bean-like lamp on the table in the hall, a person sat on the chair, facing the direction of the door.

"Do you know how to come back?" Ling Fengxiao's voice was extremely displeased.


Chapter 15: Beauty picking lantern

Wrong room?

Why is Ling Fengxiao here? Miss is waiting for me?
This matter is much more serious than walking in the wrong room, because Lin Shu neither knows why the young lady has to wait for herself, but also knows clearly that the young lady has limited patience. After waiting for a long time, her temper will be lost.

He hesitated, and asked, "Are you looking for me?" Ling Fengxiao: "Otherwise?"
Lin Shu: "... what happened?"

Ling Fengxiao dialed the candle wick with a silver needle, and the flame suddenly lit.

In the light, beauties dress up in Chinese clothes and lightly pick flowers, even from the barren aesthetic of Lin Shu, it is also beautiful.

However, the protagonist in this scene is the young lady, and everything is a different matter.

He began to think whether he had caused Ling Fengxiao to provoke him to confess his crimes late at night.

He is now very clean and well-groomed, and shouldn't make Ling Fengxiao feel dirty with his eyes as he did in Ghost Town.

He did not make noise like Yue Ruohe, disturbing Ling Fengxiao's ears. Is it that he and Yue Ruohe have reached an agreement on "not playing with Ling Fengxiao"?

But Ling Fengxiao would not have played with them.

"I have something to ask you." Lin Shuzheng thought wildly, Ling Fengxiao knuckled the table and said.

Lin Shu obeyed, "Well."

"Your village ..." Ling Fengxiao said, "Is there anything special ten years ago?"

——It turned out not to be a questioning teacher. Lin Shu answered truthfully: "Nothing is hidden ..."
Ling Fengxiao raised her eyebrows and looked like she was listening carefully.

"I'm a fool." Lin Shu blurted out. Ling Fengxiao: "..."
Lin Shu looked at Ling Fengxiao and pressed her finger on the waist scabbard again: "..."

He wanted to swallow his tongue.

I don't know why, when faced with Ling Fengxiao, he was always more nervous than when talking to other people. One accidentally caused the brain to enter the water.

Ling Fengxiao pressed the scabbard, stroking the lines above, and said Yin: "Do you treat me as a fool?"

"No," Lin Shu explained with a sincere attitude. "I used to be a fool." "You're not smart now," Ling Fengxiao said coldly. "So, you want to say, you don't know what happened?"

Lin Shu nodded.

He really didn't know.

"I'm so ignorant ..." Ling Fengxiao's voice was not as crisp and sweet as those of Ling Baoqing's girls, but on the contrary, the texture was very cold, with a slight husky, deliberately slow At the time, people were very worried.

Just listen to him continue: "It's unheard of to draw a little star formation, and not to be a bad fool."

Miss, you found a blind spot.

Lin Shu stood still, thinking wildly how to get past.

Ling Fengxiao slowly picked up Denghua and said, "Continue editing." Lin Shudao: "Although I am a fool, but one day it will be just fine." Ling Fengxiao said flatly, "That's really rare."
Lin Shu continued editing: "I read some books left by the old people in the village, so I would draw a little star array."

Ling Fengxiao smiled and smiled: "You are really a genius." Lin Shu couldn't make up: "That's it."
Ling Fengxiao put down the silver needle holding the lamp and looked at him, didn't speak, and didn't move.

And just when Lin Shu felt that he could be lucky enough to pass the level, the right hand suddenly caught Ling Fengxiao! A hot qi came through where the skin touched, punching his own meridians.

My own meridian can't run all day, where is the place where the energy can flow?

Ling Fengxiao's move was to try his own cultivation, but he really did not have any cultivation, even the meridians were not connected.

Ling Fengxiao frowned slightly and recovered her anger.

"How do you get mixed up with this qualification?" Ling Fengxiao sternly said, "What are you trying to do?"

Miss, you found a blind spot again.

Lin Shu stiffly said: "No attempt, Mr. Meng thinks I have a high understanding."

Sorry, Mr. Meng, I can only pull you out.

Otherwise, do you still say that you were harmed by modern physics and re-improved by the thunder?

He also has a face.

Ling Fengxiao looked at him with a few doubts: "I forgive you, the dwarf seedling, cannot do anything harmful to the academy."

Lin Shu: "..."

The sick seedling is sick, and a short character is added, this person's mouth is too poisonous.

Ling Fengxiao continued: "Bao Qing said that your village can survive in the ghost town because of a sword-qi enchantment. Who keeps the enchantment?"

"A fairy ..." "Of course I know it's a fairy," Ling Fengxiao interrupted him. "If I say a little more nonsense, I will pull your tongue to feed the dog."

Lin Shu was also desperate.

When facing other people, he was not fluent in speaking complex sentences. Although he was fluent in his mind, he could only speak out little by little.

Just like before, he wanted to express that he was a fool before he was fifteen years old and then recovered. The first reaction was to say "I'm a fool". Now, I want to say "I'm a fairy who passed by accident and then left." He must first say "is a fairy", and then slowly add other information.

However, Ling Fengxiao's appearance obviously did not listen to him slowly adding, not only did not listen, but also pulled his tongue.

He said: "The immortal passed by the village, left the enchantment, and left."

He didn't mention the immortal's staying in the village. If he said that, Ling Fengxiao would definitely ask, but he really didn't know that one thing was better than one thing, so he would not mention it.

At this time, he noticed that Ling Fengxiao's expression was actually relaxed: "So, after the rebellion of the Minzhou City was suppressed by the dynasty, although the officials and the people were killed, the people who cultivated immortals were not necessarily."

Lin Shu: "Maybe."

"What else will happen later?" Lin Shu: "It's gone."
"Can that fairy have a last name?" Lin Shu: "I don't know." He was waiting for Miss's next question, but saw Ling Fengxiao get up from her seat and said, "If you say today, if there is a word false ... hum."

Having said this, the man walked away.

He walked to the door and stood still for a moment, and said lightly, "Remember to ask Mr. Meng to choose a course within three days."

Lin Shu: "Yes."

— This time it was gone.

Lin Shu was very puzzled about Ling Fengxiao's intention.

It wasn't until he cleared up, meditated in bed, and began to practice tonaya, that he suddenly thought of a possibility.

This young lady, isn't she still looking for her fiance?

-Such a fierce fiancee, I don't know who can bear it.

Thinking of Ling Fengxiao's peeling of his skin, and then pulling his tongue to feed the dog, he raised 120,000 points of sympathy for Ling Fengxiao's fiance, who did not know whether he was a ghost.

My dear, you are still dead.

Chapter 16: Rich woman

After thinking about it like this, Lin Shu started practicing the breathing and breathing method in "Qing Xuan Yang Mai Jing".

In the book, breathing and appetite can solidify the root cause, and meditate at rest every day to make the breath even, gentle and deep. It is for the sake of appetite, and after a long time, the meridian condition will gradually change.

Lin Shu avoided distracting thoughts and followed the recipe in the book. His breath gradually became longer and he was gradually immersed in it. After an hour, he slowly woke up.

This feeling is very familiar, similar to the setting of the last week after running Dazhou.

He reached out his right hand.

A very weak hand, slightly pale palms, some shallow and messy palm prints can be seen in the moonlight.

At the end of the tuna, this hand was a little hot, with the Shaoyang Jing and Zhongchong acupoints changing especially, and there was a little bit of qi in it.

Lin Shu picked up the Qingxuan Yangmai Jing on the bedside again, and carefully looked at the part of the tuna, but did not mention this situation.

——Does it work so quickly?

He retracted his hand and decided to try again. The entry time is longer this time than before. His right hand wasn't very hot anymore, and there were only some residual feelings, and the tiny infuriation had dissipated most of it.

He turned the book over again, almost seeing the pages of the book and found no reason. Theoretically, the effect of this tonification method is similar to that of spring wind and rain, and the moisturizing material is silent, and neither the effect nor the rebound should be rapid.

Lin Shu fell into thought. This shouldn't be.
Thinking nothing, he lay down slowly, and plans to try again tomorrow.

-After all, it is not a bad thing.

The next morning, Lin Shu woke up very early.

If it is modern time, it should be four in the morning.

He used to get up at this time to practice swords, and even if he does not practice now, he is used to waking up at this time.

Yesterday's fevered right hand has completely returned to normal, but the blocked meridians have smoothed a little.

Although it is only a trace of insignificance, it is already a miracle to put it on one's body that can be regarded as an immortal.

Lin Shu then started another round of tolls.

Wake up an hour later and visit the meridians without change. Lin Shu: "..."
This is a bit metaphysical.

He did not continue his inquiry, and planned to start practicing the Meridian Forging Method. The name is very fairy, but it is actually an enhanced version of radio gymnastics.

There is no reason for it, and other forging methods must be supported by the flow of qi. Lin Shu has no qi, and can only find the most basic exercises-only radio gymnastics.

Looking at the movement above, Lin Shu felt that he had become a person who got up early in the square at five o'clock in the morning to play Taijiquan, leaving only one cup of wolfberry.

After leaving the bamboo house, the morning mist floated outside.

His room sat north and south, across the atrium, and on the opposite side was Ling Fengxiao's room.

Looking far away, after the smoky bamboo sea, the area that belongs to Ling Fengxiao, according to Yue Ruohe, was razed by the girls of Fenghuang Mountain Villa, dug up the bamboo, and replaced it with peony-maybe they think the bamboo and Not worthy of their own young lady.

I don't know what method they used. In the September season, the peony bushes are still deep pink and green. From a distance, the clouds steam Xia Wei.

Yun Zhengxia had a little red shadow, Ling Fengxiao also got up very early and was practicing sword.

With a three-foot knife, the blade is like water. Lin Shu pushed the door open, and the blade of water moved around, marking a faint flying light.

Lin Shu was expressionless and locked himself in again.

People practice beautiful and sharp swordsmanship, and crookedly do radio gymnastics on the opposite side, which is not very good-looking.

He pulled up the bamboo curtain of the window again, and then practiced the exercises with peace of mind. "Meridian Forging" is very thin, with only three sets of movements, and the difficulty is increased in turn. Because of this body that can not climb up on ten floors, only the first set can be made. After tossing up and down, the muscles in the whole body were quite sore when finished.

Lin Shu had only practiced swords in his last life, and had not been exposed to such exercises that purely strengthened his physique. It felt a little magical for a while, and he planned to study it in the next time.

He sweated and walked to a small room behind the bedroom.

A jade bath barrel is set in the room, and there is a matrix method on it, which will condense the mist of fairy clouds over the bamboo forest and become a spiritual spring.

Lingquan is rare, and its efficacy is extraordinary. It can even be used for healing, and it naturally benefits the body.

——As Bai Xiaosheng said, Xuegong has already prepared everything to enable the disciples to avoid customs and diligent practice as much as possible.

However, it is not too hot.

When Lin Shu was out, he sneezed and felt himself cold again. He returned to bed, holding the quilt and watching exercises.
At about the hour, the outside gradually became lively. The brothers and sisters of Yue Ruohe said a few words across the atrium, and Yue Ruoyun said a few words with admiration and Ling Fengxiao.

After a while, the voices of Ling Baochen and Ling Baoqing came from afar. The voices were getting closer and closer. The girls of Fenghuang Villa were scattered next door to He Feng Xi Yu Yuan, Jin Feng Xi Yu Yuan and Xie Feng Xi Yu Yuan. Ling Fengxiao.

Lin Shu sneezed again. Certainly it is going to be cold.

He got up in despair and went out to dinner in Liulitian.

Really dead, during the meal time and collided with Ling Fengxiao.

When Yu Guang saw the red shadow behind him, he wanted to slip away and was stopped by Ling Baochen.

"Lin Shu!" Ling Baochen clapped her hands and smiled, "If you don't see it in one day, you'll be wearing this outfit, it's very fairy!"

Ling Baojing also laughed: "This new teacher is obviously not crazy or stupid. What do you do in a ghost town like that? It's so beautiful."

Lin Shu thought that night in the ghost town, it can be expected that it will become a black history that he can't wash out in his life.

The girls at Phoenix Village are again a group of naive and lively narrowing hairs, so hold on.

He didn't have much to say, but could only say, "You look good too."

The girls laughed again: "Your mouth is also sweet, but this flattering is wrong. There is a young lady here, who dares to say that she looks good?"

Lin Shu touched his nose.

Ling Fengxiao looked at them with a smile, and a little smile in her eyes, she said lightly: "Don't make a noise."

Ling Baojing put out her tongue and said to Lin Shu: "Let's go!" They continued to bounce forward.
When passing by, the morning breeze blew, and a ray of dark hair on the forehead of Ling Fengxiao was shaved.

Lin Shu found himself staggering. Ling Fengxiao really looks good, he doesn't know how to describe it.

Ling Baochen each has their own beauty, but they are not as good as Ling Fengxiao ...

Lin Shu couldn't think of proper adjectives, which was a kind of chaotic upside down, as if approaching the limit of aesthetics, so beautiful as to be overbearing, and even scared to be seen for long.

After his aesthetics was brushed off, he was a bit erratic. When he came to the dining room, he started to eat silently.

After eating half, the more Ruohe came, the more Ruoyun immediately took a seat next to the more Ruohe.

Yue Ruohe's face was excited: "Brother Lin, I saw you on the road. Are you familiar with Fenghuang Villa?"

Lin Shudao: "I know."

"Wonderful!" Yue Ruohe said, "Brother Lin, bring me one!" Lin Shu: "?"
Probably I saw his confusion, the more Ruhe said: "Don't you know?" Lin Shu didn't know.
Yue Ruoyun asked, "What is it?"

Yue Ruohe said, "Sister, you can't listen." Yue Ruoyun: "?"
Yue Ruohe approached a little: "Brother Lin, have you ever thought about your future companions?"

Lin Shu: "No." "Then you have to seize the opportunity," said Yue Ruohe mysteriously, "Phoenix Villa! Leaning to the Villa to enjoy the cool!"

Lin Shu: "... how to say."

Yue Ruohe said, "Do you think we have money in Xuegong?" Lin Shu: "Yes."
Those Qionglou Yuyu, Xianjia formations, exercises and classics are precious things.

The Xuegong supplies a lot of things, but it does not accept any repairs.

"Half of our palace money is from the court, and the other half is Phoenix Villa," Yue Ruohe said. "Phoenix Villa is rich, and you do n’t hide it, brother Lin, if you walk on the street, half of the shops Behind the industry, there are the operations of Phoenix Mountain Villa. "

"If you think about it, if you have the princes of Phoenix Mountain Villa, you will never worry about elixir, worry about heaven and earth treasures, worry about peerless secrets, let alone ..." said here, He coughed. "My sister is here, Brother Lin, you'll be fine. In short, I became the uncle of Fenghuang Shanzhuang and practiced less than forty years."

Lin Shuyi would not come out, but he already knew.

This immortal road, not only does not have immortal wind bones, but also fantasy rich woman all day.

It's really the world.

Yue Ruohe got into trouble and got the names and characters of Ling Baoqing and Ling Baochen from Lin Shu. She left with satisfaction. Before leaving, she told Lin Shu that she must be concerned about this matter, like an old father who was worried.

Lin Shu continued to eat quietly. When his master was still there, he once sighed, "Apprentice, if you can find a girlfriend in the future, pigs can fly into outer space."

Pigs ca n’t fly into outer space, so he ca n’t have a girlfriend. Not to mention the rich wife girlfriend.
Let's practice for more than 40 years. This is what a muddy person should be.

Chapter 17: Treasure Court

After eating, Lin Shu came to the treasure hall next to the library.

The Treasure Pavilion is just like its name. It is a treasure house of the Xuegong. It is divided into ten floors. The first three floors are open to everyone. After that, every time you stay in the Xuegong for another year, you can go up one level. Do Not Enter.

The gold and silver treasures of the world, all kinds of elixir, eighteen weapons, and even small spirit beasts as pets can be found in the treasure hall.

-But these things are not free to supply, but a separate purchase process. In Lin Shu's eyes, this treasure hall is like a point exchange system.
On the first floor of the Treasure Pavilion, there is a large wall covered with dense jade signs.

The sign on the jade sign entrusted--such as sweeping the courts of Hexutian's palace, taking care of the animals in the mid-mountain spirit beasts, fighting in the medicine garden, cutting vegetables for the dining hall ... More advanced is going down the mountain Disciples and demons and the like, disciples can accept commissions by themselves. After completing different commissions, they can exchange for different amounts of "Shangling Jade Poems". Disciples can also receive commissions in the Shangling Dreamland, but both the jade and treasures Coming to Treasure Court.

Not only does it contain spiritual power, but it can also be exchanged for items in the treasure hall, which can be said to be the currency in circulation in the Xuegong.

Lin Shu glanced at those jade picks. The bottom commissions are some trivia of the palace. It is very simple and the number of jade issuance is very small. For example, go to the canteen to cut vegetables, one jade for two days, and help Du Ruo real people to take care of the yellow letter No. 3 herbal garden. One Jade Puppet—If it was replaced with “Helping Du Ruo real people to take care of Xuanzi No. 3 Spirit Medicine Garden”, it would rise to five Jade Puppets every day.

Further commissioning requires some professional knowledge. For example, help Du Ruozhen to take care of the Tianzi No. 2 fairy medicine garden, go to Kirin Valley to clean the scales for the little unicorn, help Juding real people to take care of the Dan furnace, help Mr. Liu to organize the classics ... you can get more than ten jade .

Further up, the boundary of the Xuegong has been out. It is a disaster that occurred within a thousand miles of the Xuegong, or a pending case of a local government, a difficult problem that Lang Zhong couldn't solve ... everyone asks the Xuegong for help, Xue Gong will be responsive and issue a commission to the disciples. After the disciples have completed the commission, they can get hundreds of jade souls, even thousands.

Lin Shu continued to look up.

Exploring the "Shijie Cave Mansion", killing the "Golden-Eye Five- Flower Puppet", cracking the "Zhenlong Chess Game" ...

After reading these, and then going up, the content above made him hold back.

"Julin's land moved, and the people were displaced, helping them."

"The emperor wants to change the tax system, please offer suggestions."

"The Xi River in the west of Sichuan is facing floods. If you want to build a dam, please offer suggestions."

These commissions were issued by the court of the Nanxia dynasty, almost all related to the national economy and people's livelihood. The number of jade souls depends on the degree of completion, and can be up to tens of thousands.

"Learning literary and martial arts, goods and the emperor's house." A voice sounded suddenly around him.

Lin Shu turned his head and saw a young man wearing a gray robe of the Confucian Academy not far away from him.

When he saw Lin Shu looking at him, the man smiled and looked at Lin Shu: "Sentence came, and my brother smiled."

Lin Shu: "It's all right." "Sitting in your first year?" Lin Shu: "Yes."
"The younger brother's time to enter the school palace is still short, and he can't take out of commission. Du Ruo's temperament is good, and Mr.
Guan Liu is easy-going. His younger brother can consider it." Lin Shu: "Thank you."
That humanity: "You need to be polite."

Lin Shu looked at the jade sign below for a while, and finally chose to help Du Ruo real people to take care of Xuanzi No. 3 Pharmacy Garden and reset the books on the tenth floor of the Library in two hours.

——There are five jade souls in the care of the spiritual medicine garden every day, and three in the bookstore's commission every day, which is a little less, but although he nearly reached Mahayana in his last life, he has never seen such a system of Xiuxian, so take this opportunity to go Yeah, some library.

He pressed his finger on the jade sign, and the jade charm that had shimmered and shimmered immediately, indicating that the commission had been picked up. The two commissions took about two hours a day, so he couldn't take them anymore-he had to attend classes and practice.

The requirement of the Academy is to take at least 20 courses each year. At the end of each course, the disciples will receive grades A, B, C, D, and
E. If they get A, there are 1,000 jade souls, and B is 500. C is half off, D is half off, and Wu has no jade.

And Lin Shu wants the beneficial meridian "Yuxu created Huadan" and "Tianyuan Shengmai drink", the former one hundred jade souls one pill, the latter two hundred jade souls one bottle.

According to the "Qing Xuan Yang Mai Jing", these two kinds of things must be eaten for a long time, at least a hundred of them can take effect.

As for the more expensive elixir, I am afraid that I will have to wait for the end of the class.

All in all, the long road is long, work hard and study hard.

After receiving the commission, he planned to return to Biyutian to find Mr. Meng to choose a course, but was stopped by the fellow of the Confucian Academy.

"My brother stayed away." That humane.

He was looking at it, Lin Shu followed his gaze.

The largest piece of white jade on the top was engraved with only one line. "Pingbei Xia, Dingxi Xinjiang, the restoration of the Great Xia Kingdom."
"Many of my younger brothers and sisters will come to pick it up when they first arrive, and it will become the practice of the academies," said Humane.

Lin Shu stood in place, as if thinking, but actually didn't. "No," he said, "Thank you Brother." "The younger brother seems to be a person in the idle clouds and wild cranes." The man did not do more entanglement, and said, "Everyone has his own will."


Lin Shu does not have this idea.

First of all, he didn't know much about the system of this world, his cognition of dynasty was very vague, and he didn't have a sense of belonging. Secondly, for so many years, he has no big ambitions, but just cultivates the fairy tales step by step, hoping to achieve the so-called "freedom in the heavens and the earth", and then break away from the crowd and blind himself.

It's just a salty fish. In addition to the daily dream of taking a few tablets of elixir, there is only one sword on the third floor of Treasure Pavilion that is very wanted, but the price is 10,000 jade.

Poverty darkens our eyes.

Chapter 18: Sword name

When he was about to leave, Lin Shu hesitated for three seconds, and walked up again.

He also wanted to see the sword.

The treasure hall is golden and brilliant, and the cabinet of Huanghuali is full of elixir, rune, spirit beast, and elixir. In his last life, Lin Shu lived in a world without the inheritance of Xiuxian. He had never seen these things. He had at least read records in ancient books. He was very new to all of them.

But there is one thing he is not unfamiliar with. sword.
He is the most familiar thing in his short life.

His master said that the person with the sword has his life on this sword. The sword in your hand will not deceive you, will not embarrass you, and will not abandon your only thing. For a man with a sword, he must believe that he was born for the sword, and believe that he ultimately died for the sword. If not, Kendo cannot be majestic.

Therefore, he must have a sword, just like a lascivious person looking for a female companion and a passionate person to make friends.

Among the thousands of swords of all kinds, he glanced over and saw only that one.

The three-foot long sword has a narrower blade than the ordinary sword. The blade is thin, thin and sharp, and the whole body is clear of ice crystals, as if the cold air is overflowing in the forward direction. Under the sword is a jade plate with the name and material.

This sword is called the fold bamboo, which is made by the ice soul in the far north, the deepest place in Wannian Hantan.

Although he couldn't hold it in his hands, he still felt that the sword was good.

Watching, thoughts were interrupted again.

——The people in this school seem to be very enthusiastic.

"Master, do you like this sword?" The man was tall and thin, with good facial features and wearing a azure robe, which was exactly the style of the disciples of the "South China Sword School" that Yue Ruohe had pointed out.

Lin Shu nodded.

"The younger brother has a good vision!" The human said, "but the sword is not necessary. The younger brother should go and see another sword."

Can't you?

Lin Shu froze in his heart and asked him, "Why?" "I don't know the origin of this sword?"
"I don't know."

"The sword was priced at 300,000 jade." 300,000.
Ten thousand is already sky-high for Lin Shu, and three hundred thousand is beyond imagination.

——Even if he spends ten years, he gets first class in twenty courses every year, only 200,000 jade souls. "The material of this sword is hard to find in the world, and the skill of casting swords is even more exquisite. However, even so, the price of one hundred thousand jade is enough. It is already the highest price among swords.

Lin Shujing listened quietly to him.

I saw the admiration of the man's face: "The 200,000 jade extras are because it was the sword Emperor Yedi made thousands of years ago."

Lin Shu blinked.

Who is Ye Di?

Listening to this person's tone, he must be an extremely powerful person. He could even let Xuegong drive up prices and raise the sword from 100,000 to 300,000.

"Naturally many people want it. Over the years, the folding bamboo sword has been taken away many times, but without exception, they have been returned," the man sighed, "the price has been lower and lower until Now, you can get it with only 10,000 jades. "

This man didn't speak well, and for a long time, this is why he can't do it, and why he returns.

"Because this sword is too cold for ordinary people to control. If the sword user is a little careless, the Tao heart will be affected, and it will be dominated by it, even going into magic." The younger brother and sister want to choose this sword, they must stop it. If you find that it is not suitable after you get it, then you can only get half of the jade, and lose a lot in vain. "

Lin Shudao: "Thank you Brother."

After he said this, he couldn't rest assured: "My brother must never think about this sword." Lin Shu vaguely said "um", under the general gaze of his brother and old father, he had to pretend to look at another sword, and then slipped silently.

He still wants a little.

Although he could only see and not touch, he felt that this sword must be very suitable for his own school of swordsmanship.

In any case, say enough for ten thousand before talking.

Today I started to go to Zangshuge and Lingyaoyuan. There are eight jade souls every day, about 3,000 a year.

These three thousand are used to buy Yuxu Huadan and Tianyuan Shengmai drink. The former is one hundred and the latter is two hundred and one bottles.

So, one year, each can buy ... ten copies? Lin Shu " "
You will always be poorer than you think.

In this way, usually also pay attention to whether there is anything on the first floor that does not take too much time and can be done by yourself.

Commissions like Zangshuge and Lingyaoyuan cannot be accepted. He still has to spend his time on schoolwork. Ten of the twenty courses have got a grade, so they can switch to folding bamboo swords.

And A, etc., to be honest, it is difficult. If there are forty students in this course, only four or five of the forty students will be able to get Class A.

Lin Shu's eyes turned black, and he suddenly returned to his little bamboo house, took out the jade charm, and planned to go to Mr. Meng to choose a course. Xue Gong's course selection method is very modern. Lin Shu feels that if he can do this kind of thing in ancient society, Xue Gong's great offering wine can be said to be an educator.

Confucian Taoist Temple, Xiandao Yuan, Shu Yuan, and even Xueshan Houshan did not pass the trial selection of Shangling. Instead, they were courses of Zen temples composed of many Buddhist temples. Disciples were free to choose without any restrictions.

Although it is stipulated that twenty courses must be taken, the final grade of these courses has nothing to do with whether the disciples can stay in the academy.

It is up to Mr. Meng to decide whether the disciples are qualified for their studies.

Mr. Meng will test the disciples in June every year, and judge whether he has improved this year according to the talents, character and martial arts of each disciple.

If Mr. Meng judges it to be unqualified for two consecutive years, he will be removed from the school.

In the Shangling test, I used a sword, that is, one year later, my sword must be one level higher than now to pass Mr. Meng's examination.

——How to practice?

Lin Shu felt a little uneasy. He was uneasy for a while, and didn't think of any solution, so he had to advance his dream.

Mr. Meng turned around in the small pavilion on the top of the mountain: "Dao, you are here. But you want to choose a class?"

Lin Shu nodded: "Yes."

Mr. Meng sat down on the stone bench in the pavilion: "Dao friends, please sit down." Lin Shuyi sat down and found that there was a book with a blue cover on the table.

After opening, it is the names of real people and gentlemen in the school. After each name, there is a course taught by this fairy teacher.

He ca n’t go to the ground-breaking guidelines such as “Flying Flower Sword”, “Lingbo Microstep”, and other martial arts methods that require the use of vitality and spiritual strength, and “hundred days to build the foundation” and “thousands of refined gold dan”.

——Even if he passed smoothly to Mahayana in his last life, all styles of swordsmanship were already familiar, light footwork was good, and he couldn't go, now his body is no better than before. Mo said that one year, even ten years may not be able to cultivate a trace of spiritual power.

Lin Shu thought that he could only take theoretical courses.

Such as "the misty Taoists explain the" Southern China Classics "", "Mr. Xiu Zhao elaborate on the history of Nanxia" and the like.

Another example is the "Introduction to Danshu", "Introduction to Shushu", "Number of Lagerstroemia", and "Initial Formation of Matrix Method".

There are also "Elixir Identification" and "Introduction to Medicine" by Du Ruo's real person, and "Identification of Spiritual Beast" and "Feeding of Spiritual Beast" by Bi Lin.

Thinking of his cylinder of unknown material, he chose another "Stone Appreciation".

Lin Shu can already envision his future.

In order to get the armor and so on, every day he goes back to the dark side of the dark side, backs up the history books, draws arrays, and even learns how to tell fortunes.

He hooked up a feasible course. Mr. Meng watched him go over twenty, withdrew the booklet, and smiled: "Why don't Daoyou choose Kunshanjun or Fenglingjun?"

Kunshan Jun and Fengling Jun are swordsmen.

Lin Shu didn't dare to talk about his physical problems, but he was expelled from the school immediately when he was afraid.

He could only say, "Master will not let it."

——Thank you Yue Ruohe for the briefing that day, one for two and three for letting him know that there are portal views in the immortal path, and some martial arts will taboo their disciples from learning martial arts.

Mr. Meng nodded: "It turned out that the rules of the division were very strict. Daoyou was interested, and he really respected the teacher."

Lin Shu listened to this sentence and thought that his master would cry for the ground even when he went to school, and even felt depressed because he had to submit to the rules of modern society and would be deprived of custody without sending his children to school. A lyrical long poem. With such a sharp-minded mind, if there were other schools in the last life, Master would certainly not let himself learn their martial arts. If he said this himself, he would not deceive Mr. Meng.

It's mainly because Mr. Meng is so kind and kind. He is so useless that he can show his strengths. He is a little embarrassed to deceive him.

However, in the Shangling test, the sword technique has been revealed, and now he dare not tell the truth, he has already been riding a tiger.

He could only ask, "Mr. Dream, I'm inconvenient in reality. Can I practice swords in fantasy?"

"Of course you can," Mr. Meng smiled, "Shangling Jane's sour man made mountains and bamboos for artsy, I already said that this thing hinders his disciples from practicing martial arts, but he refuses to listen. It is difficult for you to think of sword Qi will hurt the bamboo forest, and it is difficult for one of the ten disciples to find me because of this. Taoist, you are really kind-hearted, and it is ten times better than the hateful little phoenix that has damaged several acres of bamboo forest. "

Lin Shu's eyes were empty, pretending that Mr. Meng had said everything. The author has something to say: folding bamboo w
Lin Shu and Meng's daily life: Mr. Dream: Blow.
Lin Shu: I am not. Mr. Dream: Blow. Lin Shu: I don't.
Mr. Dream: Blow.

Lin Shu: You are right.

Chapter 19: On Jade

"However, if you choose a course like this, it will take more effort after all."

Mr. Meng got up from the stone bench and came to the pavilion.

The stone pavilion was built on the top of the mountain, and it is a cliff ahead. The mist stretches into a sea of ??clouds in the abyss, rising at the beginning of the day, the light dripping down, and the infinite golden red in the sea of ??clouds.

Mr. Meng was dressed in a wide-sleeve blue suit, and flickered slightly in the morning breeze. He saw him looking up at the glorious dawn, and sighed softly.

"In the beginning, Xuegong did not have such rules as twenty courses. The number of years a disciple spends in Xuegong can also decide on his own. At that time, on the year 365, the disciple sang with a sword or was drunk. "How free-spirited."

Lin Shujing listened quietly.

"It's just that the world is drifting now, and the smoke is raging, and you can't tolerate singing about wine anymore," said Mr. Meng, holding hands and slowly saying, "you come to the dream of Lingling, I'm the one in my dream, but I can go all over The Lingxue Palace is just a big dream in a troubled world. I only hope that you will work hard and come to Japan or help the community, or be alone, and you will be satisfied. "

Seeing that Lin Shu hadn't answered for a long time, Mr. Meng turned around and still smiled gently: "However, you are still young and have such a temperament, you don't need to think about it."

Lin Shu wanted to speak, but didn't know what to say. "You leave," said Mr. Meng, "I was talking more today."

The moment before leaving the fantasy, Lin Shu saw Mr. Meng turning back to the cliff again, looking at the vast sea of ??clouds.

He felt that Mr. Meng was less and less like a system in a fantasy world, but rather a living person.

Mr. Meng calls himself "the man of my dreams", and it is true.

A system, would he like to care for the students while worrying about the country and the people-all these things that Lin Shu could not do as a person.

The troubled times, big dreams, and social sorrows that Mr. Meng said, can't make any waves for a salty fish that often chooses to be autistic.

So Lin Shu still lives a very ordinary life.

After leaving the dream, he went to Hexu Tianhou Shanduruo's spiritual medicine garden.

Du Ruozhen was obsessed with serving the fairy plants, handed him a booklet detailing the care methods of the elixir in the garden, and then continued to fiddle with a small tree in front of her.

The commission in the spiritual medicine garden is completed in the morning, and it takes about one hour each day, but one extra time every night to record the state of the plants. In this way, Lin Shu's schedule is roughly determined-get up early every day and practice vomiting Nafa and forging tips, go to Liulitian for breakfast, and then go to the Xutianhou Mountain Spirit Medicine Garden to wait for the flowers and herbs. After waiting for an hour, it is when the palaces of Hexutian start classes. After a full day of class, go again Ling Yao Garden, then went to Liulitian for dinner, finished, went to the library to organize books, returned to Jasper Sky, reviewed homework, tossed, and slept. It's very busy, but once it gets busy, after all, it greatly reduces the time to deal with people. Compared with the school life of the previous life, it is much more comfortable.

Classes will not begin until two days later. Lin Shu has nothing to do, and he spends a day's time on the classics brought from the library.

At night, he discovered a terrible fact.

The lights in the entire bamboo garden went out more if the clouds went out first, and then more if the cranes went out, then Lin Shu himself blew out the candles and prepared to sleep.

At this time, Ling Fengxiao's window was still on, but it was n’t candlelight. The young lady naturally did n’t use candles. She used night pearls. When she was about to sleep, she put the night pearls into the box, even if the lights were off.

And when he woke up at the end of the next day, it was called between 4 am and 5 am according to his previous life. Looking out the window, Ling Fengxiao was already practicing outside.

Lin Shu was disturbed by this person. It was very similar to the time before the college entrance examination. He walked in the corridor of the classroom and heard that the students next to him got together and said, "Last night until XX" "Do more last night A set of papers. "

Therefore, the next night, he did not sleep as usual.

When Hai Hai saw that Ling Fengxiao's window was still on, he began to meditate, breathe and toss, and woke up after an hour.

Ling Fengxiao was still there. He went on to settle again.
Wake up again, still on. Lin Shu: "..." Who is this? Lin was sparse.
He looked at Ling Fengxiao's window for the last time and decided not to consume it with this person and return to the life of salted fish.

Turn off the lights, change clothes, lie down, and wrap yourself in a quilt.

Lin Shu was so confused that he was about to close his eyes with force majeure.

However, just before the eyes were closed, Ling Fengxiao's window darkened.

Lin Shu: "?" So coincident?
Don't this guy also consume with himself?

If this is the case ... Lin Shu imagined that Ling Fengxiao was also trapped in the consciousness, and was happy.

On the day after waking up, it is time for the official lesson of Xue Gong.

In September, Jasper Sky is still a bamboo forest like the sea, but He Xutian is already full of maple leaves.

After Lin Shu took care of Du Ruo's elixir, he went to the palace where the course "Introduction to Danshu" was located this morning.

Thirty Dan furnaces are placed in the hall. The front row of Dan furnaces are already there. They are gathered together in twos and threes, to see that the costumes are all disciples of the Academy.

Lin Shu walked in, found a corner, and sat down. He looked expressionless, but actually calculated his jade numbers in his heart. Jade soul contains spiritual power, which can be used to ignite the flames of the Dan furnace, or draw patterns of arrays, etc. He almost uses Jade soul in his academy courses.

In this way, a problem has come. It takes one fifth of the spiritual power to ignite the Dan furnace, and one-half of the spiritual power to the lowest- level matrix rune. There is an alchemy class every two days. Lit the Dan furnace at least once in the second lesson, and once every three days, you should draw a lot of runes.

Then, add some prerequisites to this elementary difficulty math problem.

Lin Shu earns eight jade souls every day. The price of the chemical alchemy is one hundred, and the price of Shengmai drink is three hundred. The influence coefficients on the degree of obstruction of the meridian of the forest are X and Y, respectively.

Finally, ask questions.

How can Lin Shu, while satisfying the needs of the alchemy and the formation law class, eat as much of the alchemy and raw blood as possible to complete the foundation building?

In this way, it has changed from a mathematics application problem in elementary school to a high number problem.

Lin Shu does not have a pen and paper to calculate this high number problem, but he knows that the answer to this problem is called no solution.

The suffering of life is always followed in this way, Jade is never enough.

This cognition made Lin Shu see Ling Fengxiao come in. The first thought was: this person studied carefully and practiced the knife seriously, he must be a **** of learning, cultivated in depth, martial arts, and killing monsters such as cucumbers. Complete many tasks, then not only is the family wealthy, but there are bound to be countless jades in the school. Rich woman, hug me.

Lin Shu spurned himself very quickly, and quickly annihilated the idea. Then he thought of a question.

Why did Ling Fengxiao come to practice alchemy? No, this is not the most important issue.
The most important thing is that there are no more seats.

He stared at Ling Fengxiao's gaze all over the temple, and finally he reluctantly came to the Dan furnace next to him, his eyes were not good.

I saw the man sitting cross-legged, the red clothes slinged to the ground, and the flowing gold clothes decorated the sound of a soft collision.

Unfortunately, Lin Shu can't see anything now.

He finally knew where the evil spirits of Xiandaoyuan came from. Xianfengdao bone is impossible.
He now has only two words in his head, Jade. Perhaps there are two other words, rich woman.

Chapter 20: Can't fight back

In retrospect, even if the young lady is sitting next to her now, she is still out of reach.

Lin Shu silently read the textbook "External Danshu".

Ling Fengxiao also did not speak, and was also turning the book.

For a moment, only the disciples of the front academies whispered and laughed.

Two quarters before class, a red shadow appeared at the door, Ling Baochen digged at the door frame and looked here.

Seeing Ling Fengxiao, she got up and went out, but did not return for a long time.

Lin Shu felt more comfortable.

He used to be in the corner of the classroom and never had a table at the school. Now there are only thirty Dan furnaces in the whole hall. They are placed very close to each other. In this way, the distance from Ling Fengxiao is really too close, making people feel slightly uncomfortable.

As soon as Ling Fengxiao left, he read faster.

In Xiandao's theory, Dan is divided into outer Dan and inner Dan.

Wai Dan is a variety of magical elixir smelted in the celestial furnace by Tiancai Dibao. Nedan is the body that uses the body as a furnace and the essence of Qi as the medicine. A Qidan, after training, a Jindan of variable size appeared in the Dantian. The whole body air machine converged and diverged in Jindan, and the seven tricks are connected. It is the so-called entry into the Jindan realm. Lin Shu ’s foundations are far away, and Jin Dan naturally does not need to consider it, so this course he chose is only an introductory course for refining Waidan.

According to this book "Wan Dan Shu" this morning's course should explain the principle and basic raw materials of Cheng Dan.

He was watching, with footsteps coming behind him, and getting closer and slightly floating, not the footsteps of Ling Fengxiao.

When the sound was too close, Lin Shu turned his head and looked human.

He was a boy in Xingjin robe. The texture of the clothes was obviously very gorgeous, his eyes were a little gloomy, and his expression was lazy.

The man glanced around the palace carelessly, and finally walked to the only empty Dan furnace beside Lin Shu.

Ling Fengxiao was absent, but the textbook was left there. He seemed to be sitting down as if he hadn't seen it.

Lin Shudao: "Someone here."

The man raised his eyebrows, raised his toes, and kicked the book "Wai Dan Shu" a few feet away. He didn't mean to leave. He sorted his clothes and planned to sit down.

At this moment, a disciple in front of Lin Shu coughed. This cough was almost out of nothing, very deliberate. Did you cough yourself? Let yourself not get involved?
He has obtained a lot of information about the academies in the classics, knowing that there are many young masters here, as well as many relatives and relatives of the emperor. They are all white, and try to avoid unexplained problems.

Lin Shu: "..." The man was so aggressive in front of him that he seemed to be having trouble today anyway.

The previous classmate had already given a fake cough reminder, and if he uttered a word to stop the person from sitting down, he might be caught by the person.

If you don't stop, wait for Ling Fengxiao to come back and see your seat occupied, fearing that it will explode into a puffer fish, and you will inevitably have to spit your breath on your side.

Good luck.

He was supposed to be a meditation swordsman deep in the mountains in the 21st century, but now he is involved in the junior high school student's fight for seats.

For the sake of today, there is only one bet on Ling Fengxiao and this person who can't afford to offend even more.

Lin Shu decided to believe in Miss. He continued: "Someone."
The man's casual gaze was so cold that he turned his head to look at Lin Shu, two steps forward, and stood high.

He reached out his right hand, pinched Lin Shu's neck, and said coldly, "What do you think?"

He has very heavy hands and Lin Shu has some breathing difficulties. Are these second generations so big-tempered?
——But there is still a difference. Ling Fengxiao's temper is not good, but after all, it is much cleaner, just "I'm not happy". There is no violent, gloomy, disgusting and overlooking in this person's eyes.

This kind of look made Lin Shu back to his last life, a little vomiting. The man smiled and said, "Why don't you talk?"

Lin Shu was strangled by his neck. He could barely think, but of course he couldn't speak.

The man continued: "You look so good, but unfortunately." Lin Shu is about to die.
The cultivator has no neck on his neck for a while.

He wasn't, at this point his eyes were black and he rolled his eyes involuntarily.

When the consciousness was about to be completely blurred, a sudden noise came from the door: "Release him."

The timbre is very beautiful, slightly lower, and a little bit ethereal, but at this time the speed of speech is much faster.

It was Ling Fengxiao's voice.

The man's hand stiffened, but he hadn't moved yet.

Ling Fengxiao walked this way and said coldly, "Aren't you got ears?" Lin Shu's neck was quickly released.
His blood rushed up, he coughed frantically, and was about to pass out.

Ling Fengxiao reached out and supported him, and patted his back smoothly.

A fiery stream of qi flowed into Lin Shu's body from the place where his skin touched. He felt his heart and lungs were being protected. Although he was still coughing, he felt relieved.

After a while, I finally lived. After confirming that there was no danger, he was let go by Ling Fengxiao.

At this time, all the people in the temple were quietly gazing towards this side.

Ling Fengxiao said: "Xiao Lingyang, you have grown." Lin Shuxin said, oh, it was known.
He was guarded by the young lady and felt very safe. He looked up at Xiao Lingyang.

Xiao Lingyang's face was pumped a few times, and his face was obviously straight, stiff and distorted.

His voice was also a bit astringent: "... I didn't know you were here."

"I'm not here, you can run rampant and hurt others ... I know." Ling Fengxiao's speech slowed down, and she returned to the usual way.

However, this speed of speech is actually the most worrying, Lin Shu deeply understands.

Xiao Lingyang's face was much paler and he said, "There is no seat here, I just ..."

Ling Fengxiao only looked at him and didn't speak.

Xiao Lingyang shut up, and after a while, squeezed out a few words: "I was wrong."

"Where is wrong?"

"Raging and arbitrary, hurting people at will." Xiao Lingyang said. "Snapped!" A slap in the face fell firmly on Xiao Lingyang's cheek, and that eyebrow's clear face turned red immediately.

Xiao Lingyang's eyes were full of unconvinced hatred. "What class is this?" Ling Fengxiao asked.
Xiao Lingyang: "Getting started with Waidan."

Ling Fengxiao said: "The way to cross the latitude and longitude, the method of governing the country, how many courses are there, and there is a great country teacher waiting to talk about the emperor's strategy for you. Do you come to" Introduction to Waidan? "

Xiao Lingyang crossed his neck and said, "Aren't you also attending this class?"

Ling Fengxiao grabbed his placket and was very close to him, his voice was low, only Lin Shu could hear some.

He heard Ling Fengxiao say, "What's my last name? What's your last name? Your Royal Highness, let's do it for yourself!"

Xiao Lingyang's eyes flickered, and Ling Fengxiao broke away and stood still.

"Let's go," Ling Fengxiao said coldly, "I asked Mr. Meng to replace all your miscellaneous lessons at noon."

Xiao Ling was very angry, and said, "Ling Fengxiao! You bullied me too much!"

Ling Fengxiao said lightly: "Then you want me to change my class and go to read it with you every day?"

Xiao Lingyang closed his mouth, stared at Ling Fengxiao fiercely, and walked away. Lin Shu finally saw what it means to be outsiders. The original two generations were also divided into three, six, and nine. They were so high- spirited and up to Xiao Lingyang. When confronted with Ling Fengxiao, they still had to fight back and curse.

Ling Fengxiao, a person standing at the top of the food chain.

Lin Shu's neck at the end of the food chain was very uncomfortable and he coughed again.

Ling Fengxiao turned to him and said, "Don't move." Lin Shu is very obedient.
I saw Ling Fengxiao take out a jasper bottle, take out a pill of elixir from the bottle, put it on the hand, and opened it with real gas.

The melancholic fragrance of the elixir came, and upon smelling it, it was known to be a good healing remedy. It was used for the smears that were drawn out of it, which was really overkill.

Ling Fengxiao walked a few steps to see that posture, he was going to give him medicine.

Lin Shu stiffened, and his body, who refused all contact, stepped back uncontrollably.

Then Ling Fengxiao held her shoulder and couldn't move.

Lin Shu was frightened, watching Ling Fengxiao's hand rest on her neck.

"What are you afraid of?" Ling Fengxiao felt that Lin Shu was unnatural and laughed, "I don't eat people."

As he said, he applied the medicine to the seal on the neck, and even pulled out because the rope on the neck was in trouble, and the piece of jade was pulled out because of the excessive movement.

With his fingers sliding around his neck, Lin Shu was about to die. Fortunately, although Xiao Lingyang's hands are heavy, the size of the fingerprints is limited, so it will probably not be painted for a long time.

But Ling Fengxiao was slower when she was talking.

"... Xiao Lingyang is my brother." Ling Fengxiao said, "Things that don't listen to people, today I slapped him and turned back to Baoqing to give you something, which is considered apologetic, even if the matter is revealed Afterwards, I will not care about him in the future. "

——It turned out to be an attack by himself, the main purpose is to discipline his brother.

He only said "um", but didn't say exactly why there was a conflict with Xiao Lingyang, and he didn't speak again.

Who is Xiao Lingyang? Ling Fengxiao does not pay for the crime. The matter has not been revealed, but it does not matter. According to the conversation between the two just now, Xiao Lingyang's main fault was not that he arbitrarily shot and hurt others, but chose the wrong course. And he was just a trivial person, annoying people, soothing it afterwards, just leave things in the future.

To be honest, this perception is a bit uncomfortable.

Ling Fengxiao finally applied the medicine and closed her hand.

The man still had a little insignificant conscience, knowing that he would put back Xiao Yuzhen who had just fallen out of the rope.

Lin looked at the ceiling and said in his heart, please finish it quickly, and leave quickly, I am going to die.

Just thinking like this, Ling Fengxiao just couldn't move. Lin Shu looked forward.
Then I saw Ling Fengxiao holding the piece of jade, and looked at it with a stunned expression.
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