The #1 Pretty Boy of the Immortal Path Chapter 111-120

Chapter 111: Shao Ge

How do I get along?

Last night, the two of them lay on each side of the bed, and said nothing. Although they did not sleep with their backs facing each other, they did not face each other, but faced the ceiling. If it was in the past, when the young lady was still a young lady, she would fall asleep.

This stimulus is really too big.

But at this time, he was blind and inconvenient. Xiao Shao put something in his hand: "clothes." Lin Shu: "... Thank you."
In this case, Xiao Shao is still a good person.

He picked up the robe, fumbled a few times to find out where the neckline was, and then put in one sleeve and looked for the other.

The material of the clothes was slippery, like water, and he couldn't tell the difference. He made mistakes several times, and couldn't wear the second sleeve.

Feeling very embarrassed, a hand passed through his back and picked up a corner of the cloth: "Here."

The sound was very faint, and no emotion was heard, just like the faint scent of cold plum.

Lin Shu remembered Xiao Shao's image in a dream. High above, frosty. He persuaded even more and felt very helpless. After finishing helplessly, it's time to wash.
The place to wash is in the yard. Use a wooden scoop to get water from the water tank.

He and Xiao Shao got up at about the same time, both at the end of Yin, that is, five o'clock in the morning. At this time, there was no movement in the village.

He took the green salt and water handed over by Xiao Shao, and finally took the cloth towel handed over by Xiao Shao and felt that he had completely lost his ability to take care of himself. Avoid these chores.

A blind person has too much to do.

After finishing the chores, Xiao Shao said, "I'll take you back to your room."

Lin Shu said "um", Xiao Shao held his wrist and walked back to the room.

The wind was cold in the morning, and his face had just been washed, and was a little hurt by the wind.

The wrist was loosely gripped, feeling a bit strange and not used to it.

Lin Shu thought blankly. It turned out that he and the young lady didn't know when to start, they were accustomed to holding hands directly, and sometimes even got their fingers crossed.

——And now returning directly to the strange, handshake stage, is still out of necessity to take care of the blind.

So when he returned to the room, he said "thank you" to Xiao Shao again. Xiao Shao said: "No."
Lin Shu sat back on the bed, wondering what to do. Xiao Shao sat down beside him. Lin Shu didn't know what to do.
For a long while, he vomited, "These two days ... you have to take care of you."

"No thanks," Xiao Shao said, "you are injured to save me."

Lin Shudao said: "You also saved me and Yue Ruohe to deal with them both."

Xiao Shao said: "It is my fault to bring you to Beixia out of selfishness and make you in danger."

Lin Shudao: "You ... take care of me a lot in the Xuegong, and I can't watch you go to Beixia alone to take risks."

A word of thanks, that's how it evolved into mutual review.

Lin Shu thought, no matter how to say, whether the young lady, cousin, or Xiao Shao, they are all taken care of themselves, it is a lot owed.

——Because of the limitation of physiological function, he can't give up a surplus.

Xiao Shao stopped the topic and asked him, "Does it still hurt?" It actually hurts.
The veins were broken, and there was no reason for no pain. Lin Shu pursed his lips and finally whispered, "It doesn't hurt."
Xiao Shao was silent for a while, not knowing the letter or saying, "Continue taking medicine."

Having said that, Lin Shu heard several sounds of unplugging the jade bottle. He was put on a handful of heavy pills.

Lin Shu thought that when he woke up, the pain in the meridian had been much less than it was in the beginning. Presumably, Xiao Shao had already given himself the medicine.

He slowly swallowed the elixir one by one, feeling a sense of guilt.

These medicines must be invaluable holy medicines. Put them in the past. With the stuff of Miss, he has been used to it.

But ... Xiao Shao's stuff.

He always felt that he was in vain and owed something.

After all, both men are men, and the marriage contract naturally exists in name only.

The marriage contract is in vain, and they may not even be able to make friends.

He thought about it from Xiao Shao's point of view, and felt that this matter was not very pleasant.

In this way, when facing Xiao Shao, he was even more at a loss, and almost returned to the stage when he first met the young lady.

He also wanted to thank Xiao Shao, and before he could organize the wording, he listened to Xiao Shao and said, "A marriage contract ..."

Lin Shu didn't want to hear it, but he wanted to hear it a little bit. He finally raised his ears, as if he were a criminal waiting for his verdict.

"I think my mother and your master may know something about the marriage contract."

Lin Shu: "Yes."

He thought about it for a long time last night. First of all, Tao Yuanjun knew that he was a boy, and Xiao Shao's mother must know that Xiao Shao was a boy.

Does Taoyuan Jun know that Xiao Shao is a boy? May or may not know.
The same is true of Xiao Shao's mother.

So there are two possibilities for this marriage. One may be that the two parties did n’t know it, and they made a huge oolong and made a ridiculous marriage contract.

The second possibility is that they know. And knowing that they were two boys, they still made a marriage contract-why did they make a marriage contract for the two boys?

As I was thinking, I heard Xiao Shao said, "So, I think that our marriage contract may have another hidden feeling. How much do you remember about your master?"

Lin Shudao said, "I don't remember anything." Xiao Shao said: "So how did you make it?" Lin Shu: "..."
Oops, a huge flaw.

A person even forgets his own master. How can there be a repair of robberies if the memory before the age of 15 is completely wiped out?

He could only bite his head and said, "Just remember martial arts."

Fortunately, Xiao Shao didn't do much entanglement on this issue, but talked about what he knew.

"My true identity must not be known to others. Therefore, my mother said that Tao Yuanjun's apprentices may dress up as men and women in the future. In this way, I can complete the marriage contract with her without having to worry about being pointed by my father or the marriage . "

Lin Shu: "..."

His focus was on one thing, this man dressed as a woman, even his father didn't know.

Dad didn't know it, so he didn't know it and was excusable. Lin Shu's heart was much balanced.
Then he said: "That said, your mother meant that Tao Yuanjun knew you were a man."

Xiao Shao said: "It is true."

Speaking again, he said, "Tao Yuanjun ... is the immortal monarch who is hidden from the earth, and will not do anything to deceive."

Lin Shu thought for a while, and felt that there was something strange.

It must not be that the elders of both sides are afraid that the child will not find the target in the future, regardless of whether they are combined together, right?

However, he feels that if the engagement is meaningful, sooner or later, it will come to an end. Now a more critical question is how should he and Xiao Shao handle their relationship?

He looked to Xiao Shao, and even if he was blind, he had to use his eyes to express his sincerity.

Xiao Shao was quiet.

After a while, as if knowing what he was saying, "I thought a lot last night."

Lin Shu: "Yes." "Although this is not what you and I want, it can't be changed." Xiao Shao said lightly, "You and I will get along as usual until I go back to the villa, ask about the ins and outs of the marriage agreement, and plan again."

Lin Shu nodded.

He thought Xiao Shao would be mad at death. What kind of robe would be needed? I didn't expect to save a little crumbling friendship.

Silent for a while, Xiao Shao asked, "Are you still willing to wear women's clothing?"

Lin Shu was unwilling.

However, in the eyes of the aunt, he has become a young lady who Xiao Shao just aborted, for fear that she will not be able to wear men's clothing again.

He said, "I continue to wear skirts." Xiao Shao asked, "Will you?"
Lin Shu's fingers grabbed the sheets unconsciously, and said, "Not willing."

The girl is indeed very beautiful, but he is still a bit unwilling to wear skirts.

Xiao Shao said "um", picked up the bag on his body, and put a suit next to Lin Shu: "Wear it back."

Lin Shu: "Can I wear it?" Xiao Shao: "Yes."
Although it seems that it is a different person, Xiao Shao and Miss Dai are very similar to each other-it makes Lin Shu think that since he said yes, then it can. He changed back to menswear.

Changing menswear, Xiao Shao said, "Here."

He was completely dominated and sat somewhere unknown. Then Xiao Shao started combing his loose hair.
Comb it and simply put it together.

——This time it is the state of normal gender.

For no apparent reason, Lin Shu suddenly remembered the scene where she was giving out to the young lady, and she felt a little stunned.

Xiao Shao also seemed to sigh gently, and then said, "You ... that's fine."

After the beam was finished, three beeps rang out, and there was a sound in the yard.

Xiao Shao said, I go out to help the aunt, you are in the room obediently.

Lin Shu has responded, there is nothing to do in the room, but to listen to the voice of the entire village quietly.

The sound of chickens, the sound of distant people, the sound of water, the sound of pulling the stove bellows in the kitchen.

There was a faint voice of Xiao Shao and his aunt, Lin Shu listened carefully and heard that Xiao Shao had found a perfect reason for his menswear.

Roughly, the two walked the rivers and lakes, and finally realized that the human heart is sinister, and they must act with a low profile, and the women must pay more attention. When the lady intended to be out in the future, she would dress up as a man to match his brother. Try it out these days to see if you can look like it. The elder lady said that it is a blessing for you to be as beautiful as the young lady, but when the world is bad, you can be a man.

After a while, the food was ready and Xiao Shao came to take him to dinner.

As soon as I left the house, I heard Auntie clap her hands and praised, "Good handsome Xiaolangjun! But you can't let other girls see it!"

Lin Shu was a little embarrassed and just smiled.

Like the baby's own eyes, the aunt greeted him to sit down, and it was a meal and a soup.

Lin Shu thought that thanks to Xiao Shao's mask, the aunt could not see his face clearly, and only treated it as a semi-black and white crow.

Otherwise, if you see the man's appearance, I am afraid that I will add another heart treasure.

——Although he has never seen Zhen Rong under Xiao Shao's mask, the young lady is very beautiful, and her cousin is so clean and handsome, Xiao Shao must not look bad.

The elder mother said, "In my opinion, there is nothing wrong with this appearance. You call out to my brother and brother to come and listen to me."

Xiao Shao said: "Sparse brother." OK, Shumei becomes Shudi.
Lin Shu thought about what he should call Xiao Shao—the people in Xiandao did not have the tradition of taking characters. He had only one name, so he could only draw the gourd and said, "Shao brother."

Auntie laughed extremely abnormally: "Wonderful!"

After a while, I started to eat. Xiao Shao said: "I feed you." After being fed a few spoonfuls, Lin Shu realized that this action could be done without eyes, and it was not good to bother him again, saying: "I'll come."

He gave him a spoon.

At first, everything went smoothly. Lin Shu drank a few mouthfuls of porridge and was fed chopsticks and greens by Xiao Shao and Auntie.

It started from the wrong position of his spoon and hit the wall of the bowl.

The next time, his spoon fell directly out, emptying. Xiao Shao laughed.
Lin Shu: "..."

His brother took the spoon back from him.

When he took it, he smiled and said, "Little blind man."

The ridiculed Lin Shu could only continue to be fed, and quietly hated the "little blind man".

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Chapter 112: brother

After dinner, the elder sent Xiao Shao to go to the village stream to fetch water.

Xiao Shao said, "Go out with me?" Lin Shu nodded.
After blindness, it is difficult to move, but daily activities are still necessary, otherwise lazy bones will be raised, which is not conducive to cultivation.

It was early morning, and the wind in the field was refreshing. But somehow it's warmer here than outside.
——It is already a cold winter moon outside, but here is like the scene of early spring. I wonder if there is any hot spring.

He can't see anything, he can only hear sound.

On the distant ground, there were several guys working and talking while writing about their own chickens. They added an egg or something, and the atmosphere was friendly.

In the village, there were women who drank the children to go home for dinner, and stopped playing with Ergouzi.

It can be seen that there is no famine in Taohuayuan. People are self- sufficient and everything is going well.

Xiao Shao said: "It looks good here." Lin Shu: "Yes." Just relying on the green grass in the wind, the rustle of leaves, and the sound of flowing water in the distance, you can imagine.

At that time, the young lady said that she wanted to return to the mountains and mountains in the future.

-No, it's not desirable.

Lin Shu thought that it was probably Shumei and Yingying who would agree after returning to Yinshan Forest.

He was a little frustrated and followed Xiao Shao silently.

The sound of running water is getting closer, Xiao Shao said: "Here is the north, there are frozen springs, and the south is the hot spring pool."

Lin Shu: "Yes."

Xiao Shao said, "Will you just 'hmm'?" Lin Shu: "..."
Sure enough he was rejected.

He could only look at Xiao Shao's direction blankly based on his feelings, then lowered his head, and admitted wrongly: "... I don't know what to say."

"I don't mean that." Xiao Shao's voice seemed softened, "you ... have nothing to say?"

Lin Shudao: "No." What did you say?
He felt a bit astringent in his eyes.

The next moment, Xiao Shao's voice was a little helpless: "You ... don't cry." Lin Shu, don't overdo it.

He didn't know what was wrong with him, only felt a little wronged.

He felt as if he had been bred to a hamster and was suddenly thrown away. I couldn't find the original owner, the new one offered him some food, and it was very fierce.

In fact, in the case of blindness, it is already good to continue to be taken care of. He knows clearly that he should be grateful to Xiao Shao.

But ... there seemed to be something wrong with his mood and he didn't quite understand.

After being silent for a while, Xiao Shao came to his side. "In total, you and I have known each other for three years." Lin Shu: "Yes."
Well, I remembered that Xiao Shao didn't let him, and added: "Yes." There was a helpless smile in Xiao Shao's voice: "No, I will not let you." Lin Shu: "..."
Xiao Shao sighed softly, then said, "Are you afraid of me?" Lin Shu shook his head.
Fear, no, after all, Xiao Shao can't eat people.

I was just afraid that he would upset him again.

"In the past three years, I have seen your menswear, but you have always been with me Ling Fengxiao." Xiao Shao said: "So, although I am surprised, this is acceptable. I want you to be more sad than me."

Lin Shudao: "I can't see." Invisible.

That's the problem.

The darkness in front of him often caused confusion, sometimes Xiao Shao was a completely stranger, and sometimes he felt that the young lady was still beside him, but the young lady became a lot more fierce.

Sometimes, when thinking about Xiao Shao's appearance in the performance martial arts field that is thousands of miles away, he downplayed the appearance of retreating Cangyu, and felt that the person around him was a personal self-propelled refrigerator, which was extremely unattainable.

Xiao Shao said: "I heard that the frozen spring quenched the ice and jade needles and pierced the acupuncture points, which can lead to blood stasis, and I can try it later."

After a while, he said, "When I came out of the academy, I brought a lot of elixir. I dipped the elixir into the hot spring and I could go to the bath."

Lin Shu: "Thank you."

Xiao Shao asked, "Are you ... unhappy?"

Lin Shu's emotions still didn't come out of the depression, nodding his head and shaking his head wasn't the same, he only looked up at Xiao Shao.

Although I don't know the specific height of Xiao Shao, he is taller than himself-and taller than the young lady.

The so-called "Xuan Ju Hua Gu Gong" was basically used to change the skeleton, but he was justified for the young lady at the time, and felt that this was the beauty of girls.

Xiao Shao was silent for a while, and said, "I won't get along with boys. If there is any place where you feel unwell, I will change." Lin Shu thought about it and found out that it really seemed like this. Xiao Shao is the young lady.
The young lady grew up in Phoenix Villa.

There are no men in Phoenix Villas, none of them.

So, the young lady may only get along with girls? Can it only coax girls? By the way, coax him as a girl?

Think again about the cold attitude that the young lady usually treats Xiao Lingyang, Yue Ruohe, and Cang Yun. Lin Shu suddenly felt that Xiao Shao's attitude towards himself was not very fierce—it was just as mild as spring rain.

Lin Shu actually raised a little sympathy for Xiao Shao.

This man has grown up, except for his black-eyed chicken brother, who has not had any close contact with the same sex.

But he thought for a while, did he touch it himself? Lin Shu said, "... I won't get along with boys."
Xiao Shao's focus is in a strange place: "Then you will get along with girls?"

Lin Shu: "No."

He won't get along with people.

Xiao Shao said: "When I was Ling Fengxiao, you and I got along well." Lin Shu gave up thinking: "I only get along with Miss."
Xiao Shao said: "It seems so."

He added: "Or you and I are still like before." Knowing that Xiao Shao was also at a loss, Lin Shu suddenly felt a lot easier.

He said, "But you used to think of me as a girl."

Xiao Shao said: "You used to think of me as a rich woman before." Brother Shao, do you always know?
Lin Shu justified: "Later it wasn't." Xiao Shao suspected: "Really?"
Lin Shu continued to argue: "Really."

Xiao Shao continued to doubt: "I didn't notice any difference."

Lin Shu continued to argue: "Because I have always been well-behaved."

Xiao Shao let him go and turned the topic: "If I treat you as my brother, is it feasible?"

Lin Shu was a little scared: "Is a brother like Xiao Lingyang?"

Xiao Shao's voice brought a little smile: "The obedient kind, don't hit." Lin Shu nodded, thinking that it seemed feasible.
Xiao Shao said: "When Xiao Lingyang was born, my mother told me that I had added a younger brother. I think I should treat him well in the future, teach him to practice swords, watch him read, and watch him become emperor in the future. He was also very good Yes, when he was six years old, I saw him again and found out that his temperament had changed so much that he is now. "

Lin Shu said: "He loves you very much."

"I know," Xiao Shao said lightly. "If it's an ordinary person, it's all right, but he is Chu Jun." Lin Shu found a problem.

Xiao Shao has a younger brother, but he has never been an older brother.

Even father doesn't know that daughter is not daughter, and younger brother doesn't even know that sister is not sister.

Suddenly he was curious when Xiao Lingyang knew the truth.

"Don't talk about this." Xiao Shao said: "Shudi is not very easy, do you have a nickname?"

Lin Shu: "No."

The old man in his family has only one apprentice, so there is no need to name him, just call "apprentice".

Xiao Shao seemed to be thinking for a while, and asked: What did Cangyu call Yueruohe? "

Lin Shu: "More like a bar."

Xiao Shao asked again, "How about the Yueruo Crane calling Cangyu?" Lin Shu: "... Baiyun."

Cangyu is not very white.

Lin Shudao said, "White Cloud Cang Dog."

Feeling Xiao Shao's silence, Lin Shu actually wanted to laugh a little.

The boys in the Xuegong are estranged from each other in terms of "brother X", "brother", and "daoyou". If the relationship is good, they will call each other, strange, covering almost all birds and animals.

In short, there is no serious title. "Shu Er? Xiao Shu?" Xiao Shao said, "Still like a girl." Lin Shudao said: "Shao brother is not happy."
"Isn't it smooth?" Xiao Shao said, "Call out to me." Lin Shu: "Shao brother."
"Shout again." "Shao brother." "Is it bad?" "Not good."
Xiao Shao seemed to groan for a long time. Finally, he said, "You can remove Shao." Lin Shu hesitated.
After a long while, he vomited, "... brother?" "May repeat."
" brother?"

Xiao Shao said: "OK." Lin Shu felt wrong.
He applied: "Can you call your brother?" Xiao Shao: "Not smooth."
Lin Shu: "?"

Brother Shao, tell me, what's wrong?

Chapter 113: Fruit

The title question was finalized, and Xiao Shao went to draw water for her, saying, "Don't move."

Lin Shu dare not move.

The brook was full of stones, and he was afraid that he would fall when he moved.

He seemed to be a kindergarten student waiting for his parents to pick him up. When Xiao Shao returned, he grabbed his sleeve and followed carefully.

It happened on the way back.

When you go back, you will pass through a field.

Lin Shu couldn't see it, but according to Xiao Shao, the field was full of wheat on both sides. At the moment, wheat seedlings were very tender and could not be stepped on.

Tian Tian can only pass by one person.

When he came, it was easy. Xiao Shao had two hands to take Lin Shu to keep him from stepping on the air.

It is not easy to handle the bucket now. Xiao Shao said: "I carry you?"
Lin Shu: "Barrel."

Xiao Shao said: "I hug you."

So, a complicated posture appeared. Lin Shu was held by Xiao Shao, while holding the bucket for a while. Xiao Shao took a step.
Lin Shu: "!!!" Water spilled! Spill it on!
He changed the bucket tightly to prevent it from shaking again. Xiao Shao: "Can you?"
Lin Shu: "Probably." Xiao Shao went on.
Take two steps this time. Lin Shu: "!!!!!!"
He felt Xiao Shao's chest trembling. This man is laughing.
But Lin Shu couldn't laugh. The water still spilled.
Because the barrel was slightly tilted when he was holding him, he was held horizontally by Xiao Shao, and his body was also inclined.

Water splashed his face. Lin Shu: "..."
Xiao Shao took the bucket away and put him down. In the process, he smiled again. Then he rubbed it on his face with something and said, "Don't move."

——Even the short words "Don't Move" with a smile. Lin Shu: "..."
After being called "little blind man", he was laughed at again.

He can be sure that if this person is still a young lady and he is still a young girl, he will never be laughed at.

Xiao Shao wiped away the water on his face.

Lin Shu stood silent in the cold wind in the early morning. Xiao Shao said: "Are you okay?"
Lin Shu: "Not good."

He was splashed with water because of inappropriate posture and bumps, and then laughed at three times.

However, this mockery is not malicious.

Combining his previous experience in the Xuegong Palace, he thought of the pattern of Cangyu and Yue Ruohe.

When Cangyu made some ugly operations, Yue Ruohe would laugh at him mercilessly. When Yue Ruohe did this, Cang Yue would taunt back ten times.

When I was in college, my own roommates seemed to do the same, attacking each other tirelessly in the terms "dad" and "son".

Is this the friendship between the two boys? Xiao Shao: "Continue?"
Lin Shu: "Can you sprinkle it?" Xiao Shao: "I'm afraid it will." The man laughed again.
Lin Shu now wants to strangle him.

He carefully recalled the details of how the good friends of Cangyu and Yueruohe got along, and planned to learn from them, and then used it to respond to Xiao Shao.

As a result, a blind spot was discovered before the wording of the response was thought out.

Lin Shu asked: "Why can't I and the barrel be separated?" Xiao Shao: "Separate?"
Lin Shu: "... for example, the bucket goes first." Xiao Shao was silent for a while: "I didn't expect it."
This is not really a question of how two people and a bucket can cross Tianyu, but a question of succession.

As long as Xiao Shao puts the barrel to the end of Tian Yao first, and then comes back to bring himself over, everything can be resolved.

But they hugged and hugged here, not into the body, and even caused the tragedy of cold water splashing their faces-this is not because his posture is wrong, but the dumbness of the two people together.

Lin Shu even suspected that the IQ of both of them had declined to some extent.

In the end, Xiao Shao first brought him to the end of Tian Yan, and then returned to pick up the barrel.

Mother asked: "Why did it take so long?" Xiao Shao said as it really was: "Play with water for a while." Auntie: "What! You let the lady touch the cold water!"
Xiao Shao was sanctioned by his mother. Lin Shu felt happy.
After Xiao Shao was sanctioned, he obediently took him back to the room and said he would treat his eyes.

Lin Shu listened as he lit the spiritual fire with jade, roasted the ice jade needles, and dipped them into frozen spring water.


Subsequently, Xiao Shao's footsteps came over, and he put a hand on his back.

"I want to stab your Lizhu and Sibai points."

Lin Shu: "You don't seem to have learned" Introduction to Medicine. " Xiao Shao: "But I have learned" Liu Rendian Acupoint. "
The needle seems to be piercing.

Lin Shu was a little scared, estimating the distance between himself and the needle, and then hit a very small chill when the imaginary needle stimulated his skin.

Xiao Shao: "I haven't stabbed." Lin Shu: "..."
The next moment, something icy pierced precisely into the Sibai cave under his right eye. Lin Shu hadn't responded yet. After a second, another cold silver needle pierced into the right bamboo hole on the right.

He calmed down and prepared for the next stab in a second. One second, three seconds, ten seconds.
Lin Shu: "?"

The next moment, when he just relaxed his vigilance, the four white points on the left were pierced.

After a random period of time, the left Zhuzhu Cave also fell sharply.

Lin Shu worked hard to make his relationship with Xiao Shao seem more natural, and he said, "You can have some regularity."

Xiao Shao said lightly, "I'm afraid you're nervous." Really, I think you're playing with me.
Sting the needle and pull it out a quarter of an hour later.

Lin Shu felt that something slowly flowed down from the acupuncture point.

Xiao Shao said: "There is blood."

Lin Shu felt Xiao Shao's cold fingers slide under his eyes. "Like you cry."
Subsequently, the fingertips were replaced with moist cloth towels, and the blood flowing down was wiped clean.

Lin Shu suddenly felt that his eyes were more comfortable.

After removing four needles in sequence, Xiao Shao covered his eyes with a hairband and said, "Wait a while." Lin Shu said "um".

Xiao Shao sat down beside him and continued to read the medical book. After a while, Auntie shouted in the yard: "Xiao Xianggong!"
It turned out that the mother was changing the quilt, and there was no one in the house for the time being, and she needed someone to help.

Xiao Shao told him to remove the hair band after half a quarter of an hour, and then went to the yard to help organize the quilt.

Lin Shu thought that this man was a good person.

A series of things that happened over the past few days were too complicated. He was a little bit restless. When he was alone in the room and had nothing to do, he took out a folding bamboo sword.

The blade was cold and calming. Immediately, he took out the soft cloth of the sword from the bag, and wiped the sword gently.

Previously, when the young lady was bad-tempered, she would wipe the knife in the atrium alone. He couldn't understand it at that time, but only now understands that wiping the sword and sword can effectively relieve anxiety and calm people.

He spent half a quarter of an hour in peace, laid the folded bamboo flat on the table, and untied the hair band from his eyes.


There was a blurry halo in front of him, which seemed to be a window.

-It really works.

He turned his head and looked into the room, mostly dark, with only deep or light halos in individual places. Wouldn't it soon be better if the pricking needles were used every day for blood stasis?

Thinking of this, Lin Shu thought again, what if he could use his own spiritual power to break away the blood stasis?

If you can drive away one day earlier, you no longer need to trouble Xiao Shao and Auntie.

After Xiao Shao used "Nirvana Breathing", he will not be able to use his spiritual power for seven days, and his words-his Julingdan have four pills left.

It is a routine operation to break the silt and congestion with spiritual force.

Lin Shu thought about it, crushed one julin and ate a quarter of a pill.

The familiar cold and cold spirits condense in his body. He carried his mind, his heart gradually became cold and silent, and then-the next moment!

Lin Shu's limbs exploded with a fierce and unbearable pain. The whole person's eyes were dark and planted forward. Before losing his consciousness, he heard the sound of some ping-pong-ping objects falling to the ground.

When Lin Shu woke up, he opened his eyes, and his eyes were still in different shades.

A voice said: "Your meridian is broken, and you can no longer take Julintan."

There was a bit of sternness in the voice.

Lin Shu thought about the tragedy that had just happened, and said, "... I was wrong."

He was ready for pain, but he didn't expect it to be so painful. Xiao Shao stretched his hair and straightened his hair, and said, "It won't be like this in the future."

Lin Shu: "Yes."

Xiao Shao's tone lightened: "Does it still hurt?" Lin Shu shook his head.
"Don't worry about your eyes," Xiao Shao said. "Even if I can't get better in my life, I won't leave you."

Lin Shu was a little flattered.

However, Xiao Shao's next sentence made him jump.

"Just before you fell into a coma on the table and knocked over the beauty."

Lin Shu: "Are you alive?"

"Alive," Xiao Shao paused, "but the fruit is gone, I didn't find it."

"Did Xiao Xiao have said ..." Lin Shu's voice was a little astringent: "Fruits can't be stored, can't leave the branch too long?"

Xiao Shao: "Yes."

Beauty grace will almost mature, just because he took the wrong medicine
... gone?

Lin Shu was so distressed that he couldn't breathe. "It's okay," Xiao Shao said. "You can raise them."
"But," Lin Shu was a little frustrated. "We have kept fruit for so long."

-He hasn't seen what the fruit looks like when it is ripe.

Chapter 114: Medicine spring

Xiao Ye also said that it is extremely difficult for beauties to blossom and bear fruit. Generally speaking, a beauties only blooms once in a lifetime. A fruit.


Lin Shu was very frustrated, and even regretted why there was no benevolence returned to Xiao Yan in advance, so that it would safely come to fruition in Beixia.

Xiao Shao comforted him a few words, and said that he could find new benevolence plants later, and that this fruit grew out under his threat. I'm afraid it wasn't congenital. Even if it came out, it would not necessarily be useful.

He also placed the small antlers of the beautiful plant under Lin Shu's hands and let him feel it.

This time, the antler did not avoid his touch. Is the plant too sad?
He passed out for a long time, so now it's time for lunch again. They set aside beauty for a while and went to have dinner with their aunt.

After dinner, nothing happened in the afternoon, and villagers came to visit one after another. They were very curious about Xiao Shao, Lin Shu and the things outside and asked a lot of things.

Xiao Shao answered one by one, and said that if it is not necessary, it is better not to go out of the mountain. Even if he wants to go out, he has to wait for a few years, and the world will usually come out again. The villagers also knew that fighting was not a good thing, and they said they would not go out.

From their conversation, Lin Shu can hear that these people have lived in peace and quiet for two hundred years, and have no worries about clothes or food. There are no external or internal disputes. All of them are very simple and kind, and they can speak straight, very comfortable. .

A little girl asked, "Brother, why are you wearing a mask?"

Xiao Shao said: "I have a burn on my face, I am afraid of scaring others." The little girl asked again, "Brother, what are you doing outside?"
Xiao Shao said: "I am a musician who plays the flute." The little girl said, "What about your lady?"
"Play the piano."

Lin Shu quietly listened to him.

If a face that has never been seen before can burn, it is also a strange thing that has never happened before.

The little girl bounced a few times and finally asked, "Brother, why don't you have babies? My sister is as old as you, and you already have two babies!"

Lin Shu: "..." Hurry up.
Xiao Shao finally managed to talk about Yingying's affairs, and now he was asking again about a lively and cute little girl. Now I am afraid to touch the scene again and think of his dead daughter.

As Xiao Shao continued to talk nonchalantly, "My lady needs care, and I have no time to take care of my child." The little girl said, "Big brother is nice."

Lin Shu thought to myself, I believe in your evil.

When Shao was found to be a man two days ago, one of Xiao Shao's biggest reactions was that Yingying was gone. That night, he didn't even dream of Shumei, but dreamed of Yingying-although Lin Shu was curious, how could this pair of father and daughter who hadn't seen each other ever dreamed.

He suddenly found that he was not only helpless, but also very irritable, and always had an opinion on Xiao Shao.

That does not work.

He took a deep breath and tried to calm himself down.

After half a day, the villagers, the little girl and the boy were sent away, and the courtyard was finally quiet.

It is true that the villagers are very kind, but Lin Shu is still not good at dealing with people. After half a day, he was warmed by Boo Han, and his thoughts were faint.

Xiao Shao said: "Are you okay?" Lin Shu: "Not great."
Xiao Shao touched his head: "Let's go to sleep."

Speaking of it, it seemed to remind me: "Soaking in hot springs can relieve fatigue."

They went to the hot spring.

The further south I went, the warmer I felt. It was just early spring, but at this time it seemed like summer-the village was really strange. Lin Shu was pulled and walked a lot of mountain roads. It is said that on the mountain to the south, there are several hot spring pools of different sizes, with different colors and transpirations of mist.

When he arrived, Xiao Shao began to put herbs into the fountain.

There are dozens of silver frost flowers with elder bones, which are used to treat traumatic unicorn pith, and pour a large bottle.

Xiao Huan Dan has no side effects. He pours his brain into it, while Da Huan Dan needs to think about it and put seven or eight on it.

Zixiao surviving Dan, put a dozen.

Because Lin Shu had mastered the foreign Dan master, Xiao Shao did not, he also asked whether Lin Shu medicine has a conflict.

The more Lin Shu listened, the more he felt that this was not a medicated bath.

Even if a seriously injured person is put in such a pool, he can immediately make a living dragon and a tiger. A person with all limbs soaked in such water can grow his limbs again.

Rich or Shao brother is rich.

Put the medicine, Xiao Shao said: "It's okay." Lin Shu held down his neckline.
Soaking in hot springs, naturally take off some clothes.

If he is still a young lady at this time, it will be more troublesome.

Xiao Shao is of the same sex. It stands to reason that there is nothing rude about taking a hot spring together, but still a little embarrassed.

Xiao Shao said at this time: "Can you take off yourself?" Lin Shu: "Yes."

He untied the girdle and took off his robe. After taking half, Lin Shu's movement stopped. He said, "Are you looking at me?"
Xiao Shao said: "Yes."

Lin Shu looked in the direction of Xiao Shao-even though it was just a vague dark shadow, it did not prevent him from intuition that someone was looking at himself.

He said, "Why do you look at me?"

Xiao Shao said: "This is the last chance." Lin Shu: "?"
"If you are a boy today, you are indeed a boy." Lin Shu: "..."
He took off his robe cruelly, and took off the middle layer of feather- jacketed jacket for the cold, in order to break the unrealistic fantasy in Xiao Shao's mind.

At this point, there was only a layer of white silk robe on his body, which was blown by the wind and was quite empty.

Xiao Shao said: "I'll take you down, watch out."

The perimeter of the hot spring pool is a naturally formed rock with various shapes and ruggedness.

As soon as Lin Shu went, he stepped out.

Xiao Shao's eyes were quick and he grabbed his waist. Lin Shu hugged that arm in a hurry, and was taken back. The whole man threw for a while, and finally stopped tightly behind Xiao Shao's posture.

The skin was close, and the warm touch made him a little scalp. Xiao Shao smiled again.
Lin Shu "..."

I'm afraid his face will be lost in these short days.

"Why didn't I find out ..." Xiao Shao let go of him and said, "You are so fun?"

Not fun at all.

Lin Shu took a deep breath and moved forward cautiously.

However, you can only ensure that you walk carefully enough, and you cannot predict how sinister the distribution of stones is in the pool under your feet, not to mention the buoyancy of water will make your feet unstable.

After several consecutive accidents, Xiao Shao laughed and said, "Forget it."

Then he took Lin Shu out of the water and hugged him to the other side of the hot spring. He found a flat, smooth and smooth stone of appropriate depth and put him down.

The water was deep, and Lin Shu was floating, so he managed to control his body and sit still.

Xiao Shao asked, "Is this okay?" Lin Shu: "Yes."
The water in the pool was hot and slightly hot, and the medicine had already taken effect, causing heat to flow in his limbs. He remembered that there was also a fountain in the back mountain of the sword pavilion.

When I was a kid, I practiced basic skills, wielded the sword every day, and practiced the basic sword tens of thousands of times. If my body is damaged, I should soak in the Lingquan every three days.

However, the spring was very cold, soaked in it, the whole blood seemed to be replaced with snow water.

Lin Shuqu raised his knees and hugged with his arms, dazed. This is a movement he was used to while bathing in Lingquan. He felt that Xiao Shao was watching himself.
Lin Shu crooked his head.

Then Xiao Shao pinched his face. Lin Shu: "?"
Brother Shao, you were not like this before. You used to shave your nose.
Xiao Shao retracted his hand. "I'm puzzled," he said.
Lin Shu: "What is it?"

"I used to think of you as a girl in the past, and I just wanted to love you. I always told myself not to be rude, not to be frivolous." Xiao Shao said, "Now you have become a boy. I don't know why.

Lin Shu was startled, thinking that you don't want to be frivolous, but you want to be frivolous. This person is probably a little perverted. He moved his body away from Xiao Shao.

Then Xiao Shao went back and pressed back to the original place. Xiao Shao said: "Just like this, I really want to bully you."
There was a smile in his voice.

Lin Shu couldn't see his face, but listening to the voice, his cousin appeared before his eyes.

The pair of eyes that always contained peach blossoms, when they were slightly bent, they looked like peacocks with open screens, which was very annoying.

But his cousin laughed this way, Lin Shu felt very gentle and beautiful, replaced Xiao Shao, thinking that this person laughed at himself many times, and now he confessed that he wanted to bully his own bad behavior, and he was a little itchy.

He said, "I want to hit you too."

Xiao Shao said: "You and I haven't cultivated at this time, you can fight as much as you like."

Lin Shudao said, "I'm not stupid."

He dragged a meridian that was almost broken into powder and had no power to bind the chicken. Although Xiao Shao could not use spiritual power for a while, it did not prevent him from having the power to bind Lin Shu.

Xiao Shao said: "Really?" Lin Shu grinded his teeth.
He said, "If you want me to fight, you can wait for me to recover." Xiao Shao said: "As a senior to cross the robbery, you bully our Yuanyuan infant, shameless."

Lin Shudao said: "Yuanying you, but you can match the two witchcraft wizards, I think this Yuanying is open to question."

"Huh?" Xiao Shao reached out and raised his chin. "Why do you have so sharp teeth?"

Lin Shu didn't speak, and after thinking about it, he found out that he did speak a lot fluently.

——About Xiao Shao is too bad.

Xiao Shao said: "What about my little dumb?"

Lin Shudao said, "Even if I am dumb, it is not your home."

Xiao Shao: "Father's order, matchmaker's words, even if you can't be my lady, I'm afraid it's not easy to separate for the time being."

Lin Shu: "Well, don't you marry a woman, don't you have a surplus?" Xiao Shao: "If Yingying was not born of Shumei, what would it mean?"
Lin Shu thought that when Shao brother was only twenty years old, he lost his wife and daughter. It was really miserable. He should tolerate him and comfort him.

Think again, why is it that he is not a bereavement of wives and daughters?

They fell silent for a moment.

After a while, Xiao Shao said, "Strange." Lin Shudao said, "Well."
Xiao Shao: "Did you find out?" Lin Shu: "I found it." Someone is watching them. A look came from behind. He turned his head.
That direction is the direction in which they put their clothes before entering the water.

Suddenly, a white shadow came across the hazy room, and with the sound of a breaking wind, fell straight into the center of the hot spring pool.

Lin Shu: "... what?"

Now he felt that look again from the middle of the pond. Xiao Shao said: "Your sword."
Lin Shu: "Fold the bamboo?" Xiao Shao said: "I'll go and see."
Probably the effect of medicinal power, Lin Shu felt that he had seen a little more clearly, and he could see that a figure had gone to the center of the pond.

Seeing that Xiao Shao was about to walk to the middle of the pool, suddenly there was a tender, crisp but angry voice.

"Go away !!!!!!"

Chapter 115: Surplus

There is some milk in the sound, but it does not prevent the collapse of it. Xiao Shao stopped.
Lin Shu thought for a while and got up and headed over there.

Near, you can see the central hot spring underwater, there is a faint white light.

No, not only that.

The center of the hot spring pool seemed to have a vortex, and the current fluctuated violently.

At this moment, a desperate voice came out of the pond: "Ah !!!" Lin Shu: "?"
Xiao Shao just said that it was folding bamboo that flew in, so now the shouting should be folding bamboo.

Are you done?

How to become fine?

Lin Shu suddenly thought of a possibility. Fruit.
The fruit of the benevolent grace was originally to enlighten the spirit.

When he fainted in the morning, he fainted on the table and knocked down the beauties. At the same time, the folded bamboo was on the table. Origami eaten the fruit?
Xiao Shao obviously noticed this, and said to the other side: "fruit?" In the hot spring pool, the waves are rough.
At this time, Lin Shu noticed that the smell of the medicine on the nose was gradually diminishing.

Xiao Shao said: "Stop, this is for Lin Shu." The voice said: "What about me ???"
Xiao Shao said: "Who are you?"

The voice was furious and said: "Am I not Yingying ???"

Even if he can't see clearly, Lin Shu can feel a huge question mark floating on Xiao Shao's body.

Just listen to Xiao Shao: "Come out." With that said, just walk over there.
"Go away !!!" The voice said, "I don't want to see men !!!" Lin Shu: "..."
This is no doubt the fruit.

In the whole world, there are many people who hate men. It is estimated that they hate men so much.

Xiao Shao said: "I don't believe you are Yingying."

"Who gave birth to me?" Just listening to the voice, Lin Shu felt the anger of the fruit: "Who gave birth to me ???? It's you two men !!!" Xiao Shao: "Do you want to say, am I your father?"

"I don't accept it!" The voice burst into tears, "I don't want a man to be my father !!!"

Lin Shu: "?"

"Your voice doesn't seem like a girl." Xiao Shao said lightly.

There was a moment of silence there, and the next moment, a cry of despair erupted.

"Don't you expect two men to give birth to a girl?" Guozi said, "Don't you know that dogs can't vomit ivory?"

What a metaphorical ghost.

But Lin Shu thought that this theory was actually not right.

According to the theory of junior high school biology, two men, if technology permits, can give birth to a daughter.

But, obviously, the fruit is not.

Should be determined that fruit is a boy, Xiao Shao lost patience.

Lin Shu watched him come forward and scooped a white thing from the hot spring pool and put it on the shore.

The small group of white shadows struggled: "I don't allow men to touch me !!!"

Xiao Shao said: "If you are a girl, I will follow you."

"Am I not a girl?" Guozi said, "It's you who made me a boy!"

Having said that, the fruit yelled, "Don't go ashore! I don't want to see the man's body!" Xiao Shao's voice didn't waver: "I'm wearing clothes." Fruit continued to yell, "It doesn't work with clothes!" Xiao Shao said, "Why are you wearing women's clothing?"
Guozi yelled, "Isn't it because you are wearing women's clothing when you touch me?"

The scene was awkward for a while.

Lin Shu said silently, "Where is the bamboo?" Fruit: "Isn't it me? Don't you recognize me?" Lin Shu discovered the way fruit speaks.
Am I not Yingying?

Do you expect two men to give birth to a girl? Am I not a girl?
Am I not folding bamboo?

So, fruit, are you Yingying or Zhanzhu, a boy or a girl?

Moreover, Lin Shu believes that this is not the character that should be taken.

Even if it turns into a sword spirit, the folded bamboo should be quiet and deserted, instead of becoming a yelling fruit.

He asked, "Are you folding the bamboo?"

Fruit said: "Of course I am! You man without conscience!" Lin Shu touched his nose. He probably knew what happened.

The inherent attribute of beauty grace is that whoever grows up with will be like everyone.

However, he did not expect that when the fruit grew up with a man, it would become a man, and when it grew up with a girl, it would grow into a girl.

In fact, it doesn't matter, but this fruit hates men so much, but it produces men, and the fate is really speculative.

Xiao Shao: "In short, you are not my daughter, you are a boy." "I'm not!" Fruit said, "I'm a girl!"
Xiao Shao: "A girl with a boy's body."

Fruit said: "Don't I want me to have a girl's body?"

"Seeing is believing, you are actually a boy." Xiao Shao said, "I have prepared a lot of names for my daughter, but I have not prepared for my son. Yingying is profitable, so you call it lack. I allow you to be in Lin Que and Ling Que's choice. "

Lin Shu almost laughed out loud.

Brother Shao, are you so serious about the boys? "I don't lack it!"
"Just the name." "I'm Yingying!" "You don't call." "I want to call!" Xiao Shao's voice was extremely bland: "It's worthy to be on your right- hand side, cut yourself."

Chapter 116: Xiao Wuque

The fruit was shocked by Xiao Shao's indifference. Taking a sigh of relief, "Did you treat your daughter like this?"

Xiao Shao: "Cut it, it's my daughter." Lin Shu shivered.
Xiao Shao is a cruel man.

To be ruthless to yourself and to others.

Thanks for not saying when he found out that he was a boy, "Cut it, it's my fiancee."

But fruits are not ordinary fruits.

It can be said that it is a frightened fruit.

Fruit said: "I am a spirit body and cannot be cut off." Xiao Shao said: "Then don't call."
Fruit: "..."

He grunted aggrievedly.

Lin Shu looked at the white shadow and asked, "Are you really folding the bamboo?"

He knows what kind of sword Folding Bamboo is.

Cold, clear, held in the hand, the weight is light, and the chill is heavy. How did it turn into such a squeaky fruit? Fruit said: "I'm not folding bamboo." Lin Shu was relieved.
The next sentence of Guozi said, "But I live on a bamboo fold for the time being."

Lin Shu: "?"

When talking to him, the fruit was a little more amused. It is said that it can't be converted into bamboo.
The role of the benevolent is to capture the power of creation, and to give souls and spirits to instruments that should not have been alive.

But folding bamboo, it can't do it.

The fruit is a five- or six-year-old child, and his speech is a bit confusing.

In general, it means that there is no such thing as a bamboo leaf that has existed for thousands of years, and its strength is too strong, and it will not be able to raise a soul for a while. It can only be clicked. Whether it can be achieved depends on the future opportunities.

After performing the point-based operation, it naturally formed a spirit body with the aura absorbed by these days according to nature.

But the fold bamboo has not yet produced a soul, the spirit body is just a body.

Spirits want souls, just like the roots of plants want water. At this time, unexpected things happened.
Because the fruit is growing, because it was raised by two men, they breathe their breath and grow up. The resentment is very large. It is no longer a simple fruit. It is a conscious fruit.

-Then, it was sucked in by that spirit, and as soon as it opened its eyes, it had a shell.

Still a boy's body. The fruit collapses.
But everything has been cast, and it is no longer that simple fruit. He is a boy.
A boy.

When Guo Zi was here, he almost lost his breath.

"Huh." Xiao Shao said, "So you want to call Lin Que or Ling Que? Xiao Que is OK."

Guozi said, "Do I want to make myself want?" Xiao Shao said: "You want to be short."
Fruit snapped: "Even if I can't call Yingying, can't I call it flawless." Xiao Shao said: "Yes."
Guozi said: "Your royal family name, someone's luck, I want to surname Xiao."

Xiao Shao said: "If you call my father, you can of course surname Xiao." Fruit shouted "Daddy" in humiliation.
Xiao Shao said: "Be obedient."

Fruit turned in disgrace, and went aside. Lin Shu thought that although Shao Shao had lost her daughter, she had a son, so she could be balanced.

Then he heard Guozi said, "What am I calling Lin Shu?" Xiao Shao said: "You can also call father."
Fruit: "Should people not have only one father?" Xiao Shao: "Are you human?"
Fruit said: "Dad."

Lin Shu was caught off guard and became a dad. He felt that he was young and should not be like this.

But the growth of the fruit was promoted by him and Xiao Shao, and the fruit can indeed be regarded as their two sons.

Lin Shu: "..."

He was digesting this "daddy" and listened to Xiao Shao: "Did you also
**** Xiao Xiao's breath?"

Lin Shu's heart was not good. At the time, he, the young lady, the beauties and Xiao Yan were in a carriage together. Strictly speaking, it was the three of them?

This is a bit confusing.

Ziguo said badly: "He is not beautiful. Do I look like him?"

Lin Shu thought again. In this way, whoever the fruit breathes, it will look like anyone.

——He began to wonder what the fruits of his and Ling Fengxiao's looks were.

After all, the fruit goes to autism. Lin Shu and Xiao Shao soaked for a while, feeling that they had soaked enough, and after clearing their heads, they cleaned up and came out of the hot spring pool.

After changing clothes, Xiao Shao wiped his hair.

After half of it, Xiao Shao asked the fruit: "Nothing, do you have spiritual power?"

Fruits say yes, I am a baby.

-Then the fruit is exploited.

Fruit dried Lin Shu's hair with spiritual power, and said to Xiao Shao: "I advise you to treat me well."

Xiao Shao: "Oh?"

Fruit said: "Don't you want to have more instrumental spirits? Don't you want to make your shameless, your other sword shape? Only when I'm in a good mood can my body produce more fruit."

Xiao Shao: "I don't want to." Fruit: "..."
Xiao Shao continued to exploit: "You can use spiritual power, then you can restore Lin Shu's eyes."

Fruit: "..."

Lin Shu felt that a hand was resting on his forehead, and a cool spiritual power flowed in, channeling his blood.

It is not difficult to get rid of blood stasis with spiritual power, because now he and Xiao Shao have no spiritual power, he has been blind all the time and has to rely on medicine to slowly adjust.

With the fruit now, everything can be solved. A slight tingling came from around the eyes. After the tingling, it was feverish.

The things he saw in front of him were shaking. Fruit said, "Don't see the light, just a moment later." Xiao Sha covered Lin Shu's eyes with a hair band.
They intend to leave.

Lin Shu's hand was held by something, it seemed to be a soft hand. Xiao Shao asked, "Why don't you hold me?"
Fruit said: "You are bad."

Xiao Shao said, "Aren't you not touching a man?"

Guoguo said: "But the folding bamboo is Lin Shu's sword." Xiao Shao: "Oh."
Lin Shu smiled.

So the scene turned into Xiao Shao holding him, and he was holding fruit at the same time.

After leaving the hot spring area, the water vapor dispersed and the air became dry and refreshing.

As the fruit walked, she quarreled with Xiao Shao.

The mountain road is not easy, so the speed is very slow. Lin Shu walked away and found that he could almost see the pattern of the hair band covering his eyes.

The texture of black silk is embroidered with dark golden clouds. He said, "I can see it."

The two men stopped twirling.

Xiao Shao turned to face him and reached out to untie the hair band.

The two were very close, and Lin Shu once again smelled the distant plum blossom fragrance.

The headband was peeled off, Nikko suddenly stabbed in, and was blocked by Xiao Shao's fingers.

The gap between the fingers penetrated a little light, and Lin Shu adapted for a while, and said, "Yes."

Xiao Shao let go.

Lin Shu looked up.

Xiao Shao, who had only seen a few faces in a dream, now appeared alive.

It's still such a gorgeous black robe, with a long figure, and the whole Gaohua is indifferent, like the plump plump fragrance.

The man covered the upper half of his face with a silver mask, so he could not see the appearance, only the beautifully shaped jaw.

He met Xiao Shao's eyes, and for a moment he didn't know what to say. Xiao Shao also remained silent for a while, then said lightly, "Let's go."
——Lin Shu thought, at this time he looked at him, but it was very indifferent, very temperament, nothing at all like the person who was just fooling around with fruit.

Just thinking, his cuffs were torn. Lin Shu looked down. A small face as beautiful as the petals came into view.

The fruit is covered with soft black hair on the shoulders and in a white skirt.

Like himself, Lin Shu doesn't know, but it seems like it. And those dark ink pupils, and the little radian that the corner of the eye slightly provokes, look like a great lady.

Fruit looked up at him and flattened her bright red lips. Lin Shu felt a little soft in his heart.
But who would have thought that such a beautiful little girl was actually a boy?

Isn't such a beautiful little girl qualified to become Yingying? After watching the fruit, he couldn't help but go to see Xiao Shao.
——Then Xiao Shao was looking at him, his eyes were unpredictable. Xiao Shao said, "Go back."
Lin Shu nodded.

——See Xiao Shao naturally took the other hand of the fruit. Fruit snorted.
Lin Shu laughed.

So now the problem is coming. How should they explain to Auntie?
Going out to take a trip to the hot spring, and you have such an old daughter?

Chapter 117: Ground motion

Lin Shu asked: "Can you change back?"

"No, I don't agree with the folding bamboo sword, and can't change at will." Fruit grabbed both of them to swing on the swing. "Wait back, I will return to the body and return the sword to you."

The body of the fruit is a benevolence. This time, the coincidence happened, and the folded bamboo did not turn into a fruit, but it turned into a fruit that should not be transformed into a fruit.

And according to the fruit, the origami does not know when it will take shape.

Therefore, fruit cannot disappear out of thin air. This is a bit troublesome.
The two met the village, and they must be seen by the villagers. An extra daughter out of thin air?
God knew that Lin Shu was in the eyes of Auntie, still a young lady who had just had a miscarriage and was weak.

Xiao Shao came up with a rune: "Use this."

It was a simple invisibility spell, which was nothing in the eyes of those who practiced it, but it was enough to deal with mortals.

Don't worry about how to explain to the aunt, Lin Shu looks away from the fruit and looks at the surrounding scene.

They were on a mountain at this time, looking down from the mountain, and saw a large area of regular green farmland. To the south, a sparkling creek runs around the village, hiding in the thick green forest.

In the center is the village, and there are faintly visible figures.

In the dense forest on the mountain, there was a chirping bird song. Quiet and beautiful.
Fruit spread their hands and walked forward, bouncing in the mountains like a small white butterfly.

Lin Shu and Xiao Shao walked slowly on the road. From his perspective, Xiao Shao's face could be seen. He asked, "Is there really a burn on your face?"
Xiao Shao said: "No."

Lin Shu asked, "Why a mask?"

Xiao Shao's left hand was gently placed on the dark silver mask on his face.

Lin Shu thought he was going to pick it off, but he didn't, but seemed to be touching the lines on it.

"Just telling myself." Xiao Shao's eyes stared into the distance, and the corners of his lips were tickled, said lightly: "This face does not exist."

This face does not exist, that is, Xiao Shao does not exist in this world. There is no Xiao Shao in the world, only Ling Fengxiao.
Lin Shu felt that he understood what Xiao Shao wanted to express.

He thought, perhaps, only in the isolated Taohuayuan, Xiao Shao would appear in his original appearance for such a long time. Why on earth?

Will he always be like this?

The first question, Xiao Shao had a mantra on him, he couldn't say, he just asked, "When will Xiao Shao be?"

Xiao Shao put his hand down and said, "When they don't need Ling Fengxiao."

This sentence is vague. Who are they?
Dynasty? Or Phoenix Mountain Villa? Or something else.

Although it is not entirely clear what Xiao Shao said, Lin Shu can guess that there may be some big things behind this matter.

Xiao Shao, as the royal family, is also the heir of the Phoenix Villa, and is in the center of the dynasty and the immortal road. The things and entanglements in it are not understandable by him.

There is nothing to say for the moment.

Lin Shu felt that Xiao Shao was different from his cousin.

The cousin is very gentle and kind. The presence of Xiao Shao is very strong. This kind of presence is very aggressive, which makes him a little bit confused.

After a while, Xiao Shao said, "I also want to ask you something." Lin Shudao: "What is it?"
"Are you planning to return to Jiange?"

Lin looked in front of him, somewhat surprised. He is very kind to the Jiange division. If he can go back, he naturally thinks about it.

Just before he planned to follow the young lady, he just let go of this idea. Now, the young lady is a man, and her marriage contract is useless.
He said, "I don't know."

"If you are willing to go back, I will not block it." Xiao Shao said: "In the war, Jian Ge's legacy is independent, and it will be much safer."

Lin Shudao: "I will consider."

Later, I thought of myself, even if I returned to the Jiange, I could not cultivate.

He added: "But I didn't do it."

Xiao Shao said: "If I am a double practitioner with you, it doesn't seem to be a system."

Lin Shu: "Yes."

It is normal for him to be an accomplice with a young lady, and then to do double cultivation.

But with Xiao Shao, it's really a bit unimaginable.

...... It's not about gender. In the classics, there is no restriction on gender in this matter.

However, Xiao Shao, he is not familiar.

The young lady's temper was almost clear, and she had many intimate behaviors when she got along.

Xiao Shao seemed to be a distant person. Remote and mysterious.

Xiao Shao said, "Do you want to cultivate?" Lin Shudao: "Don't you mind if I'm not a girl?" Xiao Shao: "How about you?"
Lin Shu: "I ... I don't know."

Xiao Shao said: "You can try it slowly." Lin Shu made an ambiguous "um" sound. If Xiao Shao doesn't care, he can try it.
But if he has done both, if he resumes cultivation, where will he go? As I was thinking, I saw that the fruit in front stopped and came back.
Fruits held several grasses in their arms and said to them, "There are so many spirit grasses here."

——Fruit is a spiritual plant. If you find other spirit grass, it is also very fast.

Xiao Shao took the grass, Lin Shu also looked at it.

He took the class of recognizing the spirit grass, and at a glance he saw a few rare elixir of feather flower strain and scale grass.

This thing is so ordinary that it would not be easy to find it in the jungle unless it was picked out.

Fruit: "Can it be an ordinary mountain?"

Spirit grass needs aura-rich soil, and it does not appear densely in ordinary mountain forests. Xiao Shao asked: "Are there any?"

"Are there only a few of these? Naturally there are many more." Fruit said: "You either?"

Not necessary.

But this mountain seems unusual.

The mortal realm has a lack of aura, and the earth's veins are unpopular, and seldom grows spiritual grass and elixir. The rare materials in Xiandao are cultivated and picked in Dongtianfudi.

In just a few dozen steps in the forests of the earth, the fruit was harvested with a few immortals, which was obviously abnormal.

Could it be said that Taohuayuan is not the home of mortals?

However, the villages are obviously ordinary mortals and nothing special.

But when I felt it carefully, I did not notice that there was ample aura in the air.

Xiao Shao said: "I can come to investigate after I recover." Lin Shu nodded.
Fruit did not look for another Lingzhi, and jumped all the way to the village. When he was about to enter, he was photographed as an invisibility.

——They went back to the village smoothly.

Lin Shuhe Guo returned to the room, Xiao Shao was left by his aunt. Auntie is a chubby auntie. She wears a robe and looks rosy.
She was quilting and Xiao Shao helped her lead. Lin Shu looked through the window, observing Xiao Shao in secret.

After a while, a small head appeared in front of him, and the fruit came to the window, and looked at it with his feet.

Xiao Shao's attitude was very correct, and he saw no patience at all, and even mildly replied a few words when his mother-in-law spoke.

Lin Shu felt that Xiao Shao should like this quiet life very much. It's just involuntary.
He thought, if one day, something happened, would Xiao Shao choose to return to Taohuayuan?

Where was he then?

He suddenly felt that the future was very unpredictable. The world is so big that I don't even know where to go. The day passed so calmly.
The fruit turned into a ball of white light, submerged in the grace of beauty, and after a while the grace disappeared and the fruit appeared again.

The fruit returned to the body, Lin Shu took back the folding bamboo sword.

Compared with the old days, the folding bamboo sword is slightly different. There is a bright light flowing on the sword's edge, which seems to have more aura.

Lin Shu put it on the side of the pillow according to the usual habit.

Guo Zi feels that when he becomes a person, he should follow people's habits and try to sleep with them. This narrow bed is too crowded and Xiao Shao gets out. Fruit struggles: "Am I not your daughter?" Xiao Shao: "No."
Lin Shutuo looked at Xiao Shao to suppress the fruit, and found the two people to be very interesting.

After being suppressed, the fruit turned into a beauties of grace, and aggrieved on the bedside table.

Xiao Shao said: "After a few days, when there is a big bed, you come to sleep again."

Xiao Shao's attitude towards fruit is very cruel, but it is actually pretty good.

——They promised that they could sleep together with a big bed. Now the bed is too small.

But the fruit did not appreciate it, saying, "Oh!" Lin Shu laughed.
Xiao Shao pressed him a corner: "Sleep." Lin Shu: "Yes."
Xiao Shao managed Li Lin's sparse hair and could not see his expression.

Lin Shu felt that Xiao Shao seemed to be observing himself, and his fingers stayed on his face for a while.

Then turn off the lights and sleep.

Lin Shu, because of something in his heart, some couldn't sleep, turned around, and gently stroked the folded bamboo in a daze.

The folding bamboo sword body suddenly trembled. The next moment, he felt Xiao Shao hold it well. Everything is silent.
The next moment, the ground suddenly trembled, accompanied by a loud boom.

A bark of dogs in the village, mixed with shouts of people, "ground moved" and "mountain collapsed".

Fruit appeared in the room, looking north, and said, "Someone is over there."

Chapter 118: Heart of Black Crow

Someone? People outside?
Lin Shu's first reaction was that Beixia's followers arrived here. How can they find it here?
Suddenly, there was a loud noise, the whole house was shaking violently, and the roof was gray.

Xiao Shao leaned over and blocked Lin Shu from the small stones falling on the roof, then clothed him: "Go out and see."

The fruit suddenly changed back to beauty, and returned to the table. The next moment, the aunt pushed in the door and quickly said to them, "The ground is moving. Don't be afraid, let's go out!"

Lin Shu responded, took the sword, and plucked the beauty into his arms. Auntie stamped her feet: "What time is it, still holding grass!"
Then they left the house and went to the yard.

Everyone in the village ran out, extinguished the candles in the room, lit a torch, and looked at the north side together-the huge roar came from the north side.

Auntie said, "There's movement just north of it, it's not quite like moving. The last time it moved, the house was about to collapse."

Later, he softened his tone and calmed them: "There are always moving here, sometimes big, sometimes small, you two just arrived, don't be afraid, ah." Xiao Shao asked, "Do you often have it?"

"Hi." Auntie said, "Every three to five years, there is always one."

Lin Shu recalled the lesson of Fengwu Kao that he had learned, and also said that some places would move frequently, but once every three or five years, it was indeed a bit more.

And, no matter if Taohuayuan moves frequently, the fruit has already been said, there are people there.

Auntie also said that the voice is only on one side, not like a burrow. He and Xiao Shao looked at each other.
Xiao Shao nodded slightly to him, and then said to the elder mother, "I and my lady have read books in the academy, know some astronomy and geography, and plan to go and see."

The elder mother said, "What will happen! What if something happens?"

Xiao Shao said: "Let ’s just look at it from afar. There was a special movement called" The Dragon Turns Over "in" A Different Story ", which starts from one place and slowly spreads around. It is very powerful. The movement was 'the earth dragon turned over'. I am afraid the village will be victimized. Let's observe it. If the situation is not good, we will tell you to move south. "

——Speaking like the truth, Auntie was really coaxed by him. Xiao Shao said: "We will be back soon."
Auntie nodded, ran back to the house again, took a thick cloak, and put it on Lin Shu: "Come back! Be careful not to freeze!"

Lin slackened his clothes and nodded to Auntie.

Auntie touched his head again, her eyes full of concern. Lin Shu's heart was hot, and her mother really treated them as if she were treating her relatives.

Xiao Shao took his hand: "Let's go."

Out of the village, Xiao Shao said, "No problem, take us there." Fruit appeared, snorted, grabbed their hands, and flew north.
The mountain to the north was shaking, and in the night, it was like a giant beast moving.

When trembling, from the north of the mountain, dazzling glare erupted from time to time.

Xiao Shao said: "Spell." Lin Shu: "Yes."
He felt a strong spiritual fluctuation.

-Someone is bombarding this mountain with force.

Is it someone who will search them? It seems unlikely. If you chase yourself and Xiao Shao, just fly over. Why bother to bombard this mountain?

However, this is not a good thing anyway.

Taohuayuan is surrounded by high mountains and isolated from the outside world. Once the barrier is broken, this pure land will appear in the eyes of the world and return to the world.

They flew higher and higher, getting closer and closer to the mountain, and finally stopped on top of the mountain.

Looking down, the torch stretched and the figure moved.

They covered their bodies with bushes in the mountains and looked down. From the moonlight and firelight, it can be seen that some of them are wearing black robes and are Northern Xia Wizards. In addition, there are hundreds of cavalry.

The wizard was blasting the open space in front of the mountain with magic spells, causing the whole mountain to tremble.

Fruits joined their hands together to form a seal, then slowly separated their hands, and a white light spot appeared between the palms.

The light spot was like a firefly, floating quietly down the mountain.

At the same time, Fruit's hands were sealed again, and a mirror-like plane appeared in front of them, showing the scene near the light spot.

It is said that the fairies generated by the heaven and earth aura often have some special spells. It seems that this is one of them. It is very useful for tracking and monitoring.

Lin Shuzheng thought so and listened to the fruit: "It will go to the beauty by itself, and if there is a witch in it, it will stop."

Lin Shu: "..."

So, is this method effective only for beauties? Lin Shu had to doubt the true use of this method. After a while, the light spot stopped.
Two pretty witches appeared on the mirror. Fortunately, they are chatting.
Once chatting, it is inevitable to reveal what these people are doing. One said: "Can the spell really go away?" "But it's hard to say." Another said: "There is no progress right now. The wizard has invited those who are good at formations to come here, probably about to arrive."

"If it is really a cave house of the ancient devil, I can't open it with our ability, only the big witch can do it."

"That's what you don't understand," said the wizard. "Every cave of ancient deities and immortals will not be completely closed."

"how do I say this?"

"Senior demon gods studied throughout their lives, often collecting countless treasures. Write countless secrets of exercises and put them in Dongfu, waiting for the successor to inherit. The exercises and treasures obtained by the great witch in the demon **** belong to this category."

"Unstoppable, it can be seen that Dongfu is not willing to let you and me in."

"It ’s a test. The big demon cave is found. Which one ca n’t get the treasure if it ’s dead? If this place is really a cave man of the Qingming Demon King, even if there are thousands of people dead, one person can get the inheritance. . "

Lin Shu stunned. Qingming Demon King? Isn't this his cheap master?
Xiao Shao apparently heard the name, and said, "Your second master?" Lin Shu: "Yes."
After a while, he added: "If it's not stress."

After hearing the news that the enemy Moon Huaxian was killed, Qingming Demon not only did not clap his hands, but instead became angry from the heart, and for a moment did not control himself, and killed the apprentice who came to report. He has no predecessors, and can only default to those who have obtained the cheats of "Silent" automatically become his apprentices.

If this place is really where the Qingming Devil Jundong Mansion is located, it is also a coincidence. The weeds on the mountains, the peach blossom source and the warm spring-like climate, as well as the frequent ground movements, can all be explained. There are some peculiarities.

"If it's his cave," Lin Shu thought for a while, and said, "These people can't break it."

The Qingming Demon King is very interesting. He wrote "Silent", which is not like writing cheats, but an autobiography. There is a part of the autobiography that describes how he arranges his cave house "Qingming Cave Heaven". The strongest part of Qingmingdongtian is defense. The reason for it makes people laugh and laugh. In Desolation, the devil wrote: "The world is a man of good morals and clean, not stained. Before the retreat of Qingming Cave, I set up nine defending formations, nine lost formations, nine sleepy formations, nine killing formations, and nine layers of enchantments. Since then, It is the safest place in the world.
Regardless of thousands of years, if the Yuehua dog thief finds here, if he wants to take advantage of my retreat to hide the black hand, the bones will be gone.

After doing so, the Qingming Demon King began to introduce the cloth methods of the nine defending formations, the nine lost formations, the nine sleepy formations, and the nine killing formations.

Regarding the part of the formation method, it is said that this person is Yuehua. Although he is not as good as the first monarch in the world, it is worth mentioning in the world. I am afraid that the simple guarding the mountain array cannot stop him, and he must fight hard .

Ben Jun then delved into the books of the formation law, and made 396th formation, which would surely keep dog thieves out. If the dog thief is determined to fight against Ben Jun, break the battle all the way, and kill himself in the battle, that is also the blame, and no one can blame.

This thirty-six path formation method, the world's only Ben Jun will publish, the subtlety is beyond description, Ben Jun can not bear to lose this method to the world, I will teach you. This formation method has nothing to do with the prince ’s silence. You are willing to learn, you can throw it to others, or sell it.

The demon is bracketed here, but Ben has left a lot of property, presumably you will not fall to the point of selling cheats for survival.

Lin Shu then told Xiao Shao from beginning to end.

Xiao Shao laughed softly: "The devil is indeed a temperament man." In the mirror, the two witches continued the discussion.
"If the cave can be opened, the two people will always be arrested and the big witch will certainly be rewarded."

"It's been a few days now, and the two of them have probably left the border. I can only try to open the cave house, dedicate the treasure to the witch, and kill the crime."

"Unfortunately, after the witch is angry, he still continues to retreat, otherwise, with the power of the witch, the cave has already been opened."

"Little witches rarely retreat for such a long time, and there must be big advances."


So, these people are hunting for themselves and Xiao Shao. They came here all the way south, and then they found stilts and accidentally found Qingming Cave Sky?

Looking at their current progress, they are still blocked by the first of the nine guards. To break through the four hundred and ninety-six arrays is really tantamount to heaven.

Xiao Shao said: "Let's go back for a while and wait for me to recover, and come here again."

Lin Shu nodded.

The two of them have nothing to do now, even if the fruit of Yuan Ying's repair helps, there is no way to approach the entrance.

The sequelae of "Nirvana Breathing" are still four days away, and within four days, those people are unlikely to break the array.

The Qingming Demon is not an ordinary demon, and Lin Shu is deeply touched by it. Many of the theories in "The Doom" are extremely deep, far higher than the level of immortality or magic.

They returned the same way, and took out the Fuyu, and laid a lot of protective enclaves around the village to ensure that even if they searched here, they could not find the existence of the village for a while, and then the next layer of sound insulation enclaves reduced the villagers. Our fear.

Back in the village, to appease the villagers, they returned to the house.

On the small table, he lighted an oil lamp, Lin Shu took out "Silent", Xiao Shao was sitting side by side with him, and the two of them looked at the similar autobiography.

The fruit did not squeeze in, sitting on the opposite side with his cheeks, his legs dangling and boring.

Xiao Shao gave him a small mirror, a pile of rouge gouache. Fruit overjoyed and began to learn makeup.
Lin Shu: "..."

I am afraid that it will be another Ling Fengxiao ten years later. I wonder if there will be an innocent boy like himself. He continued to look down at the book.

The more I looked, the more I felt inconsistent and inconsistent.

This man was dethroned by Yue Huaxian Jun, grinning his teeth, and ran back to Qingming Dongfu retreat to write a book. He laid 36 matrix formations and wanted to engage Yue Huaxian Jun.

The result was not achieved. On the day of the customs clearance, the apprentice sent a good news. Yuehua Xianjun was killed. He was so angry that he shot the apprentice to death and then avenged Yuehua.

After revenge, I went back to Qingmingdongtian to continue writing—this time I knew that I had no apprentice, and I was too lazy to take it in, so Lin Shu became a cheap apprentice.

Qingming Cave Sky is easy to enter.

Either break through thirty-six formations, nine enchantments, and break in directly-Qingming Demon said that if anyone can do it, he is not as good as others, and he is willing to give up.

Either strike the door three times with silence, and then set up the secret code set by the demon.

As for what the secret code is, the demon said that you would know it by then.

Lin Shuxin said, it would not be to give the word "Yuehua", and then the Xia Lian would say "dog thief".

Xiao Shao turned to the last page.

On the last page, Qing Ming heard that Yue Yue had lied to his death, and immediately abandoned the book to seek revenge, and the book was not written, so it stopped abruptly.

"He ..." Xiao Shao said, "This time, I won't come back?" Lin Shudao: "Can it be killed by Yuehua Xianjun?" Xiao Shaodu said, "No."
Lin Shu: "?"

Xiao Shao said: "If Yue Yuehua wanted to kill him, he would kill him long after he abolished his meridians."

Lin Shu thinks it makes sense.

"Moreover ..." Xiao Shao turned forward, and said, "After Qingming was abolished by the meridians, she breathed with Yuehua and chose not to restore the meridians. Instead, she would use her body to completely abolish the meridians of the moon, explaining Yuehua Abolishing his meridians, he did not kill him. "

Lin Shu thought about it, and felt so.

Yuehua abandons Qingming's meridians, but this meridian can be recovered, but Qingming is unwilling to recover.

Can the waste be recovered?

Lin Shu wondered: "Why did the devil never return?"

Xiao Shao looked at the pages of the book and said nothing.

Lin Shu looked at him side by side, and saw a slight smile on the corner of Xiao Lip's lips in the faint candlelight.

Turning his head again, he saw that the fruit did not know when to put down the small mirror in his hand. Looking at this side, the dark and beautiful eyes turned around, and said, "The heart of the black crow, the black crow knows it, alas."

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Chapter 119: Out of the mountain

Xiao Shao laughed unclearly, which made Lin Shu confused. However, Qingming Demon King is all right, that's naturally good.
They turned over again from beginning to end, knowing the specific details of Qingming Cave Sky, and then returned to bed.

Outside the window, the Ming River is in the sky, and the stars are shining.

The bark of dogs and human voices gradually calmed down, and the silence surged like a tide.

Xiao Shao said: "I plan to resign from the village after I resume my practice."

Lin Shu: "Yes."

Taohuayuan's life is very peaceful, the villagers treat them as relatives, the children of the neighbors are very lively, and even the gray dogs are more pleasing to the eye than the watchdogs outside, not to mention the eldest daughter who has been taking care of them.

However, they cannot stay here for long.

One is that the situation is ever-changing. They are going to return to the palace. The other two were hunted down by Beixia. They have been staying here for a long time. I am afraid they will affect them.

Xiao Shao said: "When I came to Japan without any concerns, I came here to live in seclusion."

Lin Shu looked at the moon out the window. He thought that his own path was remote, and he would go with the current, and there was no place to go, but he was isolated from the world, and the peach blossoms of the four seasons were a home.

He responded, "I think so."

Xiao Shao said: "After many years, you and I may meet again here." Lin Shudao said, "I don't know where to go."
Xiao Shao said: "I will know when the time comes." Lin Shu thought, too.
There must be a road to the front of the mountain. The boat turned over naturally at the bridge. He has lived this way for many years. Why are these days suddenly confused?

He buried himself in the quilt and planned to sleep.

When I closed my eyes, I saw Xiao Shao looking at himself.

In the past, although the young lady had a bad temper and did n’t have many expressions, at least she did n’t cover her face. With a subtle look, she always let people know what he was thinking and whether she was in a good mood. But Xiao Shao was covered by a mask. Living with all the emotional changes, only a pair of dark-colored pupils remained, looking cold and inscrutable.

Lin Shu tried hard to find the clue of writing emotions from Xiao Shao's face, but still failed like countless times before.

Xiao Shao said: "What are you looking at?"

Lin Shu looked at him, and thought of Fruit's face again.

Strange to say, the appearance of the "Dan Zhu" created by Miss Yi Rong is not the same as the original, but half of the fruit looks like a very young lady. Lin Shudao: "You're easy, why does the fruit still look like Ling Fengxiao?"

Xiao Shao said: "Beauty is in skin but not skin."

Lin Shu thought about it, the fruit should have penetrated the skin and looked like the bones of himself and Ling Fengxiao.

But-Ling Fengxiao is not a real face.

He asked, "Does Xiao Shao look like Ling Fengxiao?" Xiao Shao tickled his lips: "I won't show you."
Lin Shu: "?"

Xiao Shao said: "When I was young, Xiao Shao's face, at first glance, was to show my lady."

Lin Shu: "..."

He wrapped himself in the quilt, turned his back to Xiao Shao, and closed his eyes.

The next moment, Xiao Shao leaned over with a smile in his voice: "Are you angry?"

Lin Shu pretended to be asleep.

Xiao Shao patted his shoulder first, then leaned over, his voice softened: "Good, not angry, I was wrong."

Lin Shu opened his eyes.

Xiao Shao said, "Do you want to watch?"

Lin Shu thought that it was nothing more than a mix of young lady and cousin. At this time, let ’s talk about it, and just sat down before Xiao Shao called “angry”, as if a little embarrassed, so he said: “Do n’t look. "I look good." Xiao Shao said, "Don't you really watch?" Lin Shu: "Don't watch."
Xiao Shao laughed, with a low laugh, and with his breath, he went straight into his ears, and with the cold plum scent of plum blossoms, it seemed that his entire bed was full of his presence.

Lin Shu buried himself completely in the quilt.

Xiao Shao came to get rid of his face-covered quilt: "boring."

Lin Shu was stripped from the quilt, giving up resistance and pretending to be dead.

Xiao Shao didn't speak. After a while, he said, "How do you think about the double cultivation?"

Lin Shu said: "Aren't you leaving your lady?" Xiao Shao said: "I lost my wife."
Lin Shu: "You can marry again." Xiao Shao: "Don't marry."
Lin Shu closed his eyes and listened to Xiao Shao: "I don't think I will have a wife anymore in this life, and the blood on my body is useless. If you double-cultivate with you, you can recover to cultivation. I am also considered to have completed Tao Yuanjun. Entrusted. Besides ... "

Lin Shu raised his ears and waited for his following, and for a while, listened to Xiao Shao continuing: "Not to mention you are cute."

Lin Shu: "..."

Instead of putting forward his own ideas, he raised a realistic question. "We," he hesitated, "can it be repaired?" Double repair ... yes, that or whatever.

Xiao Shao also remained silent for a while before saying, "So last time I said, I can try it slowly."

Lin Shu was a bit desperate, thinking, why am I facing these things when I am not twenty years old?

Just thinking, he was agitated and felt that Xiao Shao's finger was on his neck.

At first it was the fingertips, then the fingers, then the palms, and then the fingers were upwards, and they touched their ears slightly from the ground.

The feathery touch made him a little difficult to breathe, he said, "I don't think so ..."

The sound was a little shaking.

"Um." Xiao Shao let go and said, "Sleep."

Lin Shu felt that the place where he had just been touched seemed to be burned by the fire, and gradually burned it, and it took a while before it subsided.

Isn't he allergic?

Mingming usually contacted Xiao Shao, and this situation did not occur. He told Xiao Shao: "You can sleep, too."
Xiao Shao: "Quilt." Lin Shu: "..."
There was only one quilt on this bed, which was not very wide. When he wrapped himself, he used the entire quilt. He rolled aside and divided half of the quilt to Xiao Shao. Xiao Shao came in, and they inevitably got close again.
Xiao Shao's hand crossed his waist, and he moved lightly.

This is an action often performed by young ladies. For a while, this strange and familiar feeling made Lin Shu a little embarrassed.

He tentatively placed his hand on the back of Xiao Shao—this is also the action that the young lady often used to respond when the young lady held him.

Then, Xiao Shao didn't move, he didn't move, and the drowsiness gradually came up. This time he really wanted to sleep.

Although his eyes were closed, Lin Shu always felt that Xiao Shao was looking at him.

The next day, the chicken sang.

They used the enchantment to block the outside movement, and Taohuayuan restored its tranquility.

They went out to collect water for the aunt, then watered the vegetables and took care of the melon shed in the yard.

The gray dog next door liked to follow them, squatting on the ground, and wagging his tail.

Occasionally looking back, I saw a small head appearing near the window, and the fruit was observing in the dark.

The clouds flowed through the sky. The days seemed to be passing slowly, but unknowingly, the four days were flowing away from the fingers like flowing water.

The bed in this house is very small, and it is not much bigger than the single bed in the bamboo house of Xuegong. Auntie didn't think it was wrong for two people to sleep on such a big bed. After all, this width is enough for both husband and wife. The two of them, a couple of days ago, were so different from each other that they fell asleep in the same bed and dreamed wildly on the edge of not touching each other or falling down. They slept very hard. Now that their relationship has eased, they have slept together.

Xiao Shao and Miss Wang have very similar behaviors. Once they lie down, they like to hold him.

There was some convergence before, and after two days, it completely changed back to the previous state.

Lin Shu found that his body had developed a habit and was not disgusted, so Xiao Shao went.

During this time, they went north many times.

The number of wizards has increased a lot, and there are also masters who specialize in formation methods, but the defender of Qingming Demon is still as stable as Mount Tai, and the first floor has not been broken.

On this day, they were assigned by the aunt to catch fish by the stream to stew fish soup.

Xiao Shao took out the well-deserved sword, bent his fingers and bounced a few times, the intangible spiritual power wave was excited, the water in the stream trembled a few times, and three fish turned over the belly of Baihuahua.

They put the fish in the basket, walked back, greeted the villagers they met on the road, and tried to ride the cow of the little shepherd's house.

"So fast!" Auntie praised their speed of catching fish, and then picked up the fish and went to the kitchen.

The fish soup was white and delicious, and the aroma was overflowing. The elder mother sprinkled a little green onion, and the green onion was lined with fish soup, just like jasper. Lin Shu took a few bites of fish soup. The aunt asked, "Is it delicious?"
Lin Shu: "It's delicious." The auntie smiled happily.
There was a sound of something turning in the kitchen. Auntie: "Did you just move?"
Xiao Shao: "I didn't hear it." Lin Shu: "No."
Auntie: "Oh."

——Lin Shu knew that the fruit must have quietly entered. After this little thing turned into an adult, he lived like a human and even started to learn to eat.

He continued to drink fish soup, and the plate in front of him suddenly moved, and Xiao Shao put a piece of fish meat that had been pickled.

He also felt strange and familiar-when he ate fish with the young lady in the past, he was fed from time to time. At that time, he wanted to pick the fish and return it to the young lady, but he was not very skilled at home, and the fish was 708 No, it doesn't look good, so I eat it myself.

The fish was crystal clear, the entrance was soft and delicious, Lin Shu originally had a small meal, but this time he ate a lot.

Eat, help the mother to clean up the chopsticks, according to the habits a few days ago, it is time to return to the room.

Xiao Shao didn't move. Lin Shu did not. Auntie looked at them.
Xiao Shao said: "Xiaoshu and I plan to leave." Auntie froze and said, "... so fast?"
"There are still things out there." Xiao Shao took out a bottle of Dan Wan and whispered, "There is nothing left for you, only this one. If you get sick in the future, you can heal after taking it. If you have a chance in the future, I'll come to Xiaoshu with you to stay. "

The aunt was quiet and finally sighed.

"I don't think you are ordinary people, and you can't stop them," she said. "When you go outside, take care of yourself, no more trouble."

They should go down.

When they left, a lot of people came to see the farewell, and even the grey dog reluctantly made a few noises.

Xiao Shao said: "Farewell in the future."

——Go north, so that the magic is hidden in the mist of the forest.

They confirmed again that the enchantment was very strong and would not be intruded by outsiders, so they left with confidence.

The wizards were still overwhelmed by the mountain.

Peerless treasures are in front of you, but you must not enter them. This feeling, if you think about it, must be very uncomfortable.

Fruit continued to follow the spell, and still saw the two witches.

"This formation is extremely mysterious, I am afraid that only characters like Kong Xie and Master Wan Ming can unlock it!" "I hate invitations to several master caves, but somehow, there was no response."

"You can only do your best."

They went to their utmost ineffective efforts, but Lin Shu's side was not smooth sailing.

The Qingming Demon King said that the needles of the gate were destroyed three times with silence.

The gate was a few strangely shaped stones on the mountain side, which had been discovered by the wizards, and they were stationed not far away.

Naturally, the two of them could not go to the door, but could only find opportunities.

At midnight, most wizards rested, and the cavalry was stationed outside.

They sneaked into the camp, Xiao Shao laid down several sentries, and quietly beat the vigil witch.

Lin Shu, based on the records in The Silence, finds a few bursts of eyes and inspires them.

A faint white mist rose from the ground, as if it were just ordinary night mist. But since it is the Qingming Devil's handwriting, there must be something unique-this way, even if they are found and have the obstruction blocking, they will not fall into the siege.

Lin Shu came to the door and took out a pin of silence.

The materials of the dooming needle are extremely difficult to find. At the time of the refining, only three were made.

One of them was used to deal with the left protection law a few days ago, and the second one was taken out today.

Lin Shu silenced the Echidna Gate. The tip of the needle touched the stone, making a strange and crisp noise.

Three times later, the silencer needle dissipated and turned into a strand of black gas, hidden in the stones.

The mountain trembled slightly, and the stones inlaid there slowly moved up to form a smooth stone curtain.

The moon was shining on the stone curtain, and the words to the right were vaguely revealed.

——It is not the "Yuehua" in Lin Shu's imagination. It can be seen that although the demon is not reliable, he is not completely fainted by Yuehua Xianjun.

These two words are "permanence". Silence.
What should I do?

Lin Shu pondered for a while, and did not remember where in the "Silent", there was a single word for "Silent".

Mozun, will you know at first glance?

Chapter 120: Man in the Mirror

—— Lin Shuning would rather he be dazzled by Yuehua Xianjun. At the very least, the answer can be guessed.
But now there is only the word "permanence", which seems very difficult.

The cheat book left by the demon is called "Permanence", but there are too many references to the word "permanence", like what is the mute needle, the mute sword, the mute spirit ... and also No special instructions.

Lin Shu looked at the stone wall and began to speculate on the intention of the demon king.

Three shots of Doom's Acupuncture Gate proved the inheritance of Doom. For the word "permanence", what is it for?
Lin Shu thought that this should be a test of the disciple ’s understanding. After all, as long as the corresponding materials are available, the needle of silence can be refined.

Lin Shu seemed to be back in his last life, guessing the teacher's intention on a test paper in the examination room of the final exam.

He said, "I'm not sure."

Xiao Shao said: "Since you have completed" Silent ", you will definitely be able to match."

Lin Shu: "Really?"

Xiao Shao said: "You have always been smart along the martial arts journey." Lin Shu: "..."

Xiao Shao meant that he seemed to be mentally retarded in other respects, he knew.

He was thinking about silence, the meaning of the word itself. Silence literally means demise.
The magic method created by the devil is just to dissipate all the skills of the opponent in an instant.

And those who use this method are also incapable of doing anything.

He pursed his lips and stopped his finger on the stone wall. After half a column of incense, he slid his finger on the stone wall and wrote "Nothingness".

Shibi fluctuated like ripples, the original "permanence" disappeared, and two new words "tiandao" appeared.

This Lin Shu knows.

This is the core idea in Silence. He wrote "nonsense."
The stone wall moved again, this time replaced by "fairy demon". Xiao Shao laughed softly.
Lin Shu also smiled for no reason. This, they also saw it when turning the book last night.

He wrote "Yiqiuzhi".

The stone wall moves again, it is "silent vanity". Lin Shu wrote "There is nothing out of nothing." Shek Pik continued to move. Four words appeared this time.
Amazingly the "Green Demon King". Lin Shu: "..."
Master, it's super outline.

He said, "Do you want us to guess?"

Xiao Shao said: "I guess it is" Invincible in the World. " Lin Shudao: "Me too."
He reached down and wrote four large words "Invincible in the World" on the stone wall.

After a violent wave, the stone wall was smooth as before, and after a while, Qingming Devil's handwriting slowly appeared.

The silver hook of his iron painting is arrogant and recognizable.

"The Dao comprehension is still insufficient. Remember to admit that your ruler is invincible, and let you in."

Lin Shu: "..."

After this line of writing disappeared, another line appeared.

"The outside world of Qingming Cave is forbidden to enter. Except for family members and disciples, they cannot be brought in."

Lin Shu looked at Xiao Shao and looked at the fruit. Family members, let's count it. After this line of handwriting disappeared, the stone wall disintegrated, and once again became the strangely shaped pieces, hidden in the mountain, and a black vortex appeared in front of them.

The vortex is not like an object in reality, it is extremely dark, as if it swallowed all the light, making people feel that when they step in, they will step into Sen Luo Hell.

Xiao Shao said, "Go in." Lin Shu: "Yes."
Fruit reached out and took his hand.

Xiao Shao observed both of them, observed for a while, reached out and held Lin Shu's other hand.

Lin Shu just dragged his house into this black hole. In one step, the scene suddenly changed.
He was in the dark with no fingers, and could not see anything, but clearly felt that his hand was suddenly empty.

"Xiao Shao?" He said. No one responded.
He shouted again and no one answered. Lost?
Lin calmed down and walked forward.

It was black, with different shades, walking and walking, it seemed to turn into an invisible mist, and gradually dispersed.

There is a huge stele in front of him. On the stone tablet is the writing of Qingming Demon King, "Qingming Cave Heaven, let alone life and death."

Lin Shu looked up at the misty road ahead, feeling very sinister.

Qingming Dongtian, let alone life and death, mean there are still trials in Dongtian?

Sure enough, the matter is not reliable, or the Qingming Devil is the best.

It is conceivable that Xiao Shao and Guo Zi were also sent to a separate place at this moment.

Although Xiao Shao resumed cultivation, after all, he had not learned the magic monk's method, but the fruit was still small, I wonder if he could handle it.

Lin Shu pulled out the folding bamboo sword and accelerated his pace to move forward.

There was silence all around, and he could only hear his footsteps. He walked through the mist and suddenly saw a white shadow in front of him.

-Seems to be alone.

He continued to move forward, the white shadow became clearer, indeed a man in white.

The closer and more familiar.

When he finally arrived, Lin Shu's footsteps stopped.

The man in front of him looked like a snow-white suit, with one hand empty and the other holding a sword.

The sword is a folding bamboo sword. And that face was Lin Shu's own face. But it was an expressionless face. Lin Shu stared at him.
The man also looked at him, his eyes were cold and cold, as if nothing was left.

The background is a snowy field, and the mountains on the snowy field, in the fine snow, this person is standing on the top of the mountain, and the white clothes are gently flicking, as if he will return with the wind at any time.

Lin Shu took a step forward. The man did not respond.
He moved forward, but bumped his head all at once. Lin Shu: "..."
He reached out his hand, and felt a smooth thing running between himself and the man.

The touch reminded him of the mirror.

Here is Qingming's Dongfu, naturally there will not be a person who looks exactly like himself.

But if it is a mirror, why is it such a picture?

The next moment, he heard a footstep behind him.
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