The #1 Pretty Boy of the Immortal Path Chapter 101-110

Chapter 101: Ha She City

The next few days will be calm.

They went northward all the way to Beixia.

Xiao Yan, who is not serious, screams "beauty and beauty" and occasionally teases, but actually does not do it.

-The only thing that is wrong is that I like to stare at them both.

Ling Fengxiao said, "Your Highness, why do you keep looking at us?"

Xiao Yan raised his eyebrows and grinned: "One beauty is pleasing enough, and two beauties are more comfortable."

Having said that, I glanced at the beauties on the table, and my eyes seemed to be distressed: "But just, why aren't these beauties good?"

Lin Shu: "..."

The beauty of this plant was originally upright, like a beautiful antler, but at this time, the end of the horn was somewhat sunk. Anyone with eyes can see it, it's embarrassing.

Xiao Yan said: "The peerless beauty is on the side, but she is stunned. It is a strange thing, is it because the two girls are not caring enough?"

Enough, very enough, I have to care about death.

Lin Shu now only hopes that it will hold it until they come to the capital of Beixia and get a blood poison sample.

—— Then she and Ling Fengxiao immediately slipped away, and let Xiao Yan go to find another beauty, maybe they can remedy it. Xiao Yue continued: "Two beauties, touch it again."

Lin Shu can only stretch out his right hand, and touch his fingertips to the smallest branch.

When it was about to come across, the little antlers retreated in a direction that was hard to find with the naked eye.

This is not the first time Lin Shu has seen this. The beauty is so disgusted with the man, it can be said that he disliked it completely.

His fingertips continued forward. The antlers continued to retreat.
The next moment, as if stiff, did not move.

——It was Ling Fengxiao's fingertips approaching from the opposite direction.

Lin Shu thought to himself, it really is a spiritual plant, but when the young lady came, she was good.

He lightly touched the end of the antlers with his fingertips. Ling Fengxiao also touched, just right at his fingertips.
After one touch, the whole plant seemed to be stubborn again. Lin Shu expressed sincere guilt to it.
Xiao Yan came to look at it, and sighed, "Is it sick?" Yes, I'm sick.
It is allergic to men.

Xiao Yan continued to sigh: "Can you just listen to fate?" After a person buys something worth four million gold, he won't care too much about the one hundred thousand gold thing, so after Xiao Yan sighed, there was no other expression, let Lin loosen a sigh of relief.

After a while, Xiao Yan went out to breathe.

Ling Fengxiao leaned on the couch, looking a little shaky, and patted the pillow next to him: "Come to sleep."

The north is cold, and it is near winter at this time. Last night it was a hailstorm, and now it is cold rain again. The young lady is uncomfortable in the rainy days.

Lin Shu poured a cup of hot water for the young lady.

The young lady took a few sips from the cup and put it on the table, and said to Lin Shu: "Hug."

Lin Shu then hugged the man.

After a while, the young lady who was already in a bad mood fell asleep. The young lady hasn't slept well since hail last night, Lin Shu knew.
He lifted an arm around his waist, sat up, pressed the quilt on the young lady, and turned on the hand warmer in the carriage, shoved it into the quilt, and pushed the young lady's belly. .

After doing this, he stared at the beauties on Xiaoyu's table.

-Then, move the table to the head of Ling Fengxiao's bed, so that it will absorb some of the young lady's aura and remedy the impact.

After remedying, he also lay down and began to take a nap.

——But I didn't fall asleep completely, maybe I slept too much at night.

Half a dream and half awake, I don't know how long it took, when I heard the young lady seemed to be awake, there was some movement. The sound of something being pushed first seems to be the jade table.

Then, the voice of the young lady sounded very low, very light, and it seemed that she did not want to disturb him.

"Don't you want to bloom?" Lin Shu: "..."
The young lady seemed to be asking beauty.

"Aren't I beautiful?" The young lady said coldly: "Since it's beautiful, what else do you want?"

Lin Shu listened quietly.

"If you don't want to die, you will bloom. If it doesn't open tomorrow, carefully I will touch you from morning to night until I die."

After the intimidation, the young lady lay down, hugged him from behind, and continued to sleep. Soon, her breathing grew evenly, and she seemed to sleep peacefully.

Lin Shu closed his eyes calmly, and silently vested.

In Jiange's mentality, in his last life, he did not run in his body all the time. He did not recite it when he came to this world.

But when he thought of making it out, he had to work with the young lady first, and he was a little nervous.

Life is not easy. Difficulties always follow. Lin sighed.

One calm afternoon and one evening passed. The next morning, Lin Shu was awakened by Xiao Yan's voice.


Lin Shu opened his eyes, sat up, and looked at the jade table. In order to avoid suspicion, at night, they put a small jade table in the middle of a large couch, separated by two sides, Ling Fengxiao and him sleeping on one side, and Xiao Yan sleeping on the other.

Although, myself and the young lady are not actually a gender.

However, Lin Shu thought that he and Ling Fengxiao were serious marriage partners, and they didn't need to avoid suspicion, so it was not a frivolous lady.

Ling Fengxiao is also watching the jade table.

Lin looked over and was surprised to find that a few small, petal-shaped things were born on the bifurcation of the small antlers.


Xiao Yong clapped his hands and praised, "Two beauties, your looks are really effective."

Lin Shu studied the beauty grace.

The branches were still ticking, the petals looked very listless, and the entire antlers seemed to be thin, as if they had squeezed a few more flowers on the edge of death.

Did Miss ’s threat really work yesterday?

But why did the young lady threaten like that? Can't you hold it in your arms for a few days? Lin Shu could not figure it out.
But as long as it blooms, it's always good.

Xiao Xun said: "Finally, flowers bloomed on entering the city. Presumably a few more days will be able to bear fruit before the sunshine." Having said that, he opened the curtain in front and said, "Beauty please see, the convenience is Ha She City."

Ha She, Beixia King City.

Lin Shu looked outwards, but seeing the boundless horizon mountains, a tall black city stood tall, and the spikes on the walls stood unknown, which shone in cold light in the light of daylight, as if the beast of a beast. tooth.

At the gate of the city was a group of soldiers in black armor. Wu Qi showed a token and the soldiers immediately released it.

The city is quite prosperous.

Many of the streets, platforms, and mansions are made of a large black irregular large stone brick, most of which are flat-topped. They are very different from the Nanxia style and have a certain kind of rugged simplicity.

And stone bricks are often painted with things that look like mantras, and the wine flags and mules on the road are also black backgrounds, embroidered with some wild white or purple patterns-the clothes of pedestrians are probably the same, it seems The whole city is full of mysterious danger.

Especially among pedestrians, occasionally a North Xia shaman with a wide black robe and tattoos appeared on his face, adding even more mystery.

The hustle and bustle of human voices came, sometimes mixed with the tone of the Qiang people, but the general was not difficult to understand.

The carriage went all the way to a secluded but stylish place.

"This is the residence outside the lower palace. These two days, the two girls will rest here-also below." Xiao Yan smiled wildly, "the two beautiful sisters are affectionate, may wish to be on the west side together Stay in the room. If the two want to go out and visit their loved ones, no one will stop them, as long as they can raise the fruits of the beauty. "

Ling Fengxiao said, "Thank Your Highness."

-Then, someone led them into the door and went to rest to the west, Xiao Xiao didn't know where to go.

After entering the room, the man who led the way also retired.

No one was watching, no one was watching, Xiao Ye also promised that they could go out at will.

In other words, they can immediately find out whether the wizard has developed contagious blood poisons, and even the Skyshine Club can go to see it smoothly.

Things are going really well.

Lin Shu was somewhat skeptical. He asked, "Is no one watching?"
Ling Fengxiao picked up a sword as a decoration in the room, fingered the blade of the sword, and said lightly, "Xiao Yuan is looking forward to us to get things done, how can he send someone to watch?"

Lin Shu: "Ah?"

Miss, I don't understand what you're talking about.

Ling Fengxiao smiled at him, smiled helplessly and petted, even lightened his voice: "Have he questioned our history and names?"


"Have you ever asked where our family is in Ha She City, and what is it at home?" "No."

"That's it. The mermaids sold in the night market are mixed, and unless he has a problem in his head, he will be so unguarded."

Lin Shu: "Then ...?"

Down the road, Xiao Yan was indeed defenseless and regarded them as credible people.

Ling Fengxiao said: "As Xiao Bei, the emperor of the Xia Dynasty, maybe Chu Jun, but he had to travel thousands of miles to the black market and buy treasures for the big witch.

Lin Shu: "Yes."

"Therefore, Xiao Ye may not be waiting to see the big witch. On this way, we have no suspicious actions against him, and he understands that you and I do not care about him. If we really do not have good intentions, it is not to harm him, but to go Adding to the witch. He is happy and will even facilitate. "

Lin Shu once again suspected that his brain circuit was simplified compared to these people.

Chapter 102: Gas

Since Xiao Ye gave them the convenience of walking in the capital of the king, Ling Fengxiao mixed in with the purpose and did not go out, it was a bit unreasonable.

So they simply packed up and went out.

——Anyway, Ling Fengxiao ’s face has been perfectly disguised, and no one will recognize it, but Lin Shu ’s face is very similar to the boy ’s face before Wei Rong, but he has a veil, and he ’s not afraid Someone recognized it.

Besides, do the kings of Beixia still have their acquaintances? When she went out, no one was blocking her.
Turning out of this street, there is a boulevard in front, leading to two different directions. At the end of the boulevard, the road seems to divide again.

Where to go?

Lin Shu was confused.

But he will not be lost for long. The young lady said, "This way."
Lin Shu followed, and they walked all the way, crossing the streets and lanes, more and more pedestrians around, and finally went to a long street with shops on both sides.

Lin Shu felt a little familiar and had seen it when he came. So, the young lady has a precise map in her head, which can perfectly restore the route when she came.

Ling Fengxiao said, "Find a restaurant. What do you want to eat?"

Lin Shu looked around. He didn't recognize Beixia's food, and said, "It's okay."

Ling Fengxiao: "Then go to the biggest one."

In the largest restaurant, the lobby is full of guests, and the second child shuttles back and forth. The aroma of the food is very tempting.

"Where are the two beauties?" Ling Fengxiao said: "Yajian."
"Okay." Xiao Erli led them upstairs to take a seat.

The elegant rooms are separated by a screen, but it does not prevent the guests inside from seeing the lobby below.

After taking a seat, Xiao Er picked up the vegetable poster.

Nanxia dishes are mainly light, most of them are exquisite, and the entrance is long. The dishes here are obviously heavy oil and salt, and the names are very straightforward.

Ling Fengxiao ordered sweet and sour carp, Sixi meatballs, Baxian duck and milk soup Pu Cai. After a while, they served in order. At the entrance of the dish, the flavor is fresh and strong. Compared with Nanxia, it has a unique flavor.

They were eating, and the crowd they met had some changes. Looking down, it turned out that a little girl had come in.

The little girl was about thirteen or fourteen years old. She was plain- dressed and described as thin, carrying a copper pipa that was very heavy at first glance. -Even more striking is that she was holding an old man who was faltering, his eyes were cloudy and dim, and his hair was gray.

Behind a screen, Lin Shu heard the guest in the next room saying to her companion: "Zhao Pipa has come to play the pipa again, she is playing pretty well."

Companion said: "It looks good."

I heard a laugh from "嗐": "What's the use of dragging an old man to death? Her grandfather was able to read a book two years ago. Now she's confused, she can stand stupidly and rely on Zhao Pipa to feed her."

Listening to what they said, the little girl was called Zhao Pipa, and she was here to perform.

Just listen to the little girl saying, "Dear guest officers, today I will play a" Breakdown ", and please ask the guest officers to appreciate their faces."

After all, she sat down on a simple wooden bench, held up the copper lute, pressed the string with her left hand, and plucked her with her right hand.

Suddenly falling, the stone was shocking. Ling Fengxiao said: "Play well."
Lin Shu: "Yes."

The pipa is often played with soft sounds, but the copper pipa is made of copper wire and its sound is so powerful that it is difficult for ordinary people to control. This Zhao Pipa looked so slender and thin, and never expected to play the copper pipa so well.

Listening only to the ups and downs of the voice, it seemed to be straight into the clouds, which made people excited. When it slowed down, it was like the desert of Huangsha, silent and desolate, which made people sigh. At the end of the song, Zhao Pipa took an iron bowl and walked through the gap between the wine tables. While walking, she said, "Guest, please enjoy your face."

She played really well, and she was young and sympathetic, so she kept having copper coins in the iron bowl. Although it was small, she was able to eat.

The layman watched the excitement, the layman watched the doorway, Lin Shu was pondering her music.

In this girl's song, don't have a kind of sorrowful demeanor, and a kind of fierce strength, which he doesn't have-he can only play the piano according to the score, and there is no emotion that can be mixed into it.

He had to admit that such a tune is a superior tune. If this girl can use her spiritual power and can attack with the sound of a pipa, her attack power must also be very strong.

Ling Fengxiao said: "It sounds good without your piano." Lin Shudao said: "Fun praise."
The young lady occasionally possesses Mr. Dream's possession, boasting that he is rare in the sky and unparalleled on the ground. He is almost getting used to it.

After thinking about the song, I looked down, but saw that Zhao Pipa was in trouble.

"Mrs. Zhao." A man with a rough voice said, "This broken song is crooked, like a saw, what does it mean? You give the old bullet a nice sound, and I will reward you with one or two silver today."

One or two pieces of silver, but worth two hundred copper plates. Zhao Pipa asked, "What do you want to hear?" The man's eyes were a little stunned, as if he was a little stunned, and said, "I heard a couple of children playing" Drunken Flowers "in the Chunfeng Tower a few days ago.

Zhao Pipa lowered her head, pursed her lips, half-squeaked and said, "... I won't."

The man was so angry that he patted the table and yelled, "Well, you can, won't you?"

Zhao Pipa hugged the pipa tightly, her knuckles were white, and her lips were pursed, her voice trembling slightly: "I haven't learned, I haven't studied ... their music."

The man slammed the table again, and the drunk could not judge by logic. It seemed that he was about to choke Zhao Pipa: "Little sister, do you think I believe it?"

Zhao Pipa lowered her head and said nothing.

The man grinned fiercely: "I see you look good, I pity you, I want to take you back to my hometown-"

Zhao Pipa shivered and looked back at her grandpa.

Her grandpa's head was really unclear. When she saw her, she just smiled "smartly" and was very kind.

Zhao Pipa turned his head, bowed his head, and said nothing. The man said, "Fast!"
Zhao Pipa: "... I won't."

The scene was very rigid, and no one shot or spoke to help Zhao Pipa.

At this moment, a voice came from the corner of the lobby: "Depending on your opinion, your statement is inappropriate." Lin Shu saw the young lady frown sharply. He himself jumped in his heart.
The reason is without him, this voice, this tone, he is familiar. There is ... a gas.
He followed his reputation and saw only a man in a black robe all over his body, without a face.

This black robe is often worn by the wizards of the Northern Xia Dynasty. The black hat covers most of the face, revealing only a pale chin and a weird curse tattoo on the right cheek.

The man also looked over, and saw that the wizard was a wizard, and the anger suddenly weakened a lot, but when the drink was over, people often lost their senses and said, "You care about Laozi?"

"First of all, you are not Zhao Pipa's Lao Tzu or my Lao Tzu. The word 'Lao Tzu' is incomprehensible, and the fallacy is very great."

The surrounding spectators burst into laughter. Lin Shu looked at the wizard hesitantly.
There are hundreds of different types of banjo in the world. Thousands of types of stalks, there are hundreds of types of spurs, which are different from each other.

He's a bit familiar with this guy's bargaining, which is very strange. And this sound, I feel very familiar, it is even more bizarre.
When he looked at Ling Fengxiao, he saw that Ling Fengxiao had a deep frown, and his eyes were extremely solemn.

— Things are big. They may have encountered acquaintances in enemy kings where it was impossible to meet acquaintances.

Chapter 103: Wedding dress

Although Lin Shu rarely talks to others, he does not completely say nothing.

Moreover, Yue Ruohe and Yue Ruoyun raised the bar in the atrium all day. Even if he did not participate, he had heard hundreds and thousands of sentences. He had long remembered their voice and tone, and even imagined their expression when they raised the bar .

But now, the voice of the black man dressed up as a wizard is like-Yue Ruohe!

But how could Yue Ruohe appear in the king of Beixia?

Just listen to Ling Fengxiao and ask, "Where was he when we left Xuegong?"

Lin Shu thought for a while and said, "The Yue Lao Tang is mainly feathered, and they go home to participate in the ceremony."

——At the beginning, it was Yue Ruohe and Yue Ruoyun who talked about going home. He remembered writing a letter to Li Yamao's family. Then Li Yamao had an accident and returned to Minzhou. The two brothers and sisters have already gone home to participate in the Feathering Ceremony of the Elder Brothers.

But this man in black is indeed like Yue Ruohe, very much. In this case, there are three possibilities.
First, there are so many people in this world, it is inevitable that two people are somewhat similar, and the black man in Beixia happens to have the same voice and tone as Yue Ruohe, and at the same time loves to raise the bar. Second, like Ruohe, like them, they have tasks that must be completed, disguise themselves, and dive into Beixia.

The third is that no one wants to see, that is, Yue Ruohe actually has identity in Beixia and has contacts with Beixia. And if he had a relationship with Beixia, the whole Rumengtang could not be separated.

Lin Shu believes that Yue Ruohe is a person, so he tends to the second kind of guessing. However, people always plan for the worst. He looked at Ling Fengxiao's expression, and knew that Miss also thought so.

However, even if you are in the enemy's king, it is really too dedicated not to give up the bar, it seems that the bar has already penetrated the bone marrow.

They watched it change.

Just listening to the man being stung, and after a moment, he said fiercely, "This Lao Tzu, not that Lao Tzu!"

"Also," Humane in Black, "This word has many meanings. This Lao Tzu is not another Lao Tzu and can be used at will. I can call myself my Lao Tzu. Girl Zhao Pipa can also call you Lao Tzu, or even a guest in the entire restaurant. Thousands of people on the street outside are your Lao Tzu. "

It should be noted that there are thousands of curse words in this world, but the two most severe ones are nothing but cursed mothers and self- proclaimed fathers. The man was not very awake at this time, and was so humiliated at this time, his face flushed with redness, blue tendons on his neck violently, and he hammered the table hard: "The dog barks!"

The man in black said, "I don't understand you. I walk on two legs, but anyone with eyes knows that I'm not a dog. Since I'm not a dog, I won't bark."

The man who was inexplicably became the son of a man on the street, and now he has no eyes. The man is angry and angry, and has nothing else to say: "Do you understand people!" "Human words, naturally understand, but just your words, but I do not understand a little."

The people in the lobby laughed again.

The companion who ate at the table with the man saw that the situation was not good, lest he offend the wizard, and said to him again and again: "Forget it."

Then he pleaded guilty to the man in black: "Master Witch, my brother is drunk and unreasonable. Your grown-ups don't remember villains, so don't worry about him."

The man in black has to compare with him: "In this way, the girl Pipa has said that she will not play" Drunk in the Flowers ", but you want her to play, shouldn't you not understand people?"

The man finally seized an opportunity to defeat the enemy, immediately raised his chest, and sneered: "I said what you want to do! It turned out to be a fancy girl!"

The companion was so frightened by him that he quickly got out of the seat and bowed apologizing to the man in black: "This lord, I'm really sorry, I'll go and pull him away."

The man was dragged out by his companion and still did not give up. He was very entangled: "Secretly, is not to grab the mother with Lao Tzu!"

The man in black seemed to wink at Zhao Pipa, and the girl was also smart and treated him with a gift, holding her grandfather, and walking out through the door.

Lin Shu watched this scene quietly from top to bottom.

The young lady said: "If he really is more like a crane, he has done a good job for the girl. But if he was dressed up in disguise and mixed in, then he rushed into the scene, I am afraid it will cause trouble." Lin Shu thought for a while and said, "They have a rough road, sometimes they can't help it."

People like Cangyu, Yueruohe and Yueruoyun belong to the ranks of knights. When weak women are oppressed, they will inevitably stand up.

Thinking of this, he couldn't help but lean towards Yue Ruohe again. Ling Fengxiao just said "um" slightly, and continued to watch the scene.
The Pipa girl has already left, and will probably avoid the limelight for a while, and the man has also been pulled away by her companion.

The man in black who suspected Yue Ruohe continued to sit back to his original position, hurriedly ate a few chopsticks, drank the wine in the glass, and checked out.

Ling Fengxiao said, "We follow him." Lin Shu said "um".
They also went downstairs to check out, dangling behind men in black. Lin Shudao: "I think it's very similar."
Ling Fengxiao said: "Me too."

For example, Mengtang's "All Things in Me" is very magical, assimilating people with all things. The more Ruohe practiced this practice since he was a child, although he can't call it superb, but he is also proficient.

It can be seen what internal skills a person cultivates, just like the soil in which the same tree grows.

For example, when Yue Ruohe usually walks, he is very relaxed and natural in every move, especially when wearing a green robe and walking in a bamboo forest-almost integrated with the entire bamboo sea, it is really a bamboo pole fine. But now, he was dressed in black, obviously dressed as a sorcerer of shamans, but showed a certain sense of mediocrity, as if he didn't see it, he would be drowned in the vast sea of people.

Lin Shu and Ling Fengxiao followed him around, and finally reached a very special street.

All the buildings on this long street are made of dark stones. The houses on the streets are closed with closed doors, and the alleys that branch out are also cold and deep.

What's even more creepy is that somebody's screams are ringing in my ears somewhere.

Ling Fengxiao drew a few words "Tian Xing Xiang" on the palm of Lin Shu.

This name, Lin Shu, heard it in class, but it is the place where the wizards of Beixia gathered and traded. The wizards who came from outside the capital were often staying here temporarily.

It seems that this person who seems to be more like a crane, and most likely is more like a crane, lives here.

On the surface, Tianxing Lane is sparsely populated and very quiet-so their presence is very eye-catching.

The man in black stood at a concealed gate and glanced at them imperceptibly.

The young lady raised an eyebrow and smiled, her acting skills were pure, she was full of enchantment, like a magic road demon girl.

Humane in black: "Why do the two always follow?"

——It turned out to be a long time ago.

This is not to blame them for their negligence, and two such beautiful beauties walking on the street will inevitably attract the attention and discussion of many people. It is also difficult for him not to notice.

Ling Fengxiao stepped forward and said, "My grown-up rescued the girl in the restaurant. The two of us admired him very closely. I wonder who his surname is? Who lived there?"

The man in black turned slightly, without answering any questions, and said, "Farewell."

-Then he retracted his eyes and pushed in.

Only Lin Shu knew that asking a question was not the purpose of the young lady.

Just before approaching that moment, the young lady had already unknowingly awakened the scent of the Phoenix Butterfly to the man in black for the convenience of tracking.

They waited outside the door and saw other wizards coming in one after another, and they pushed in.

Inside the door was a dark corridor.

Walking in the corridor for a while, there is no cave in front, but it is similar to an underground market.

Mortal market, selling goods.

The Bazaar Wizards' Market not only sells goods, it also sells people. There are living and dead.
The dead body is naturally useless. The dead here are living dead.

Every other way, you can see a huge iron cage filled with living dead with pale skin and pale skin, smashing the door with the head and matching the dim light, making the back cold.

And there was always a black robe wizard who sold them by the iron cage. Lin Shu felt a heavy look on him and Ling Fengxiao.

Beauty is often noticeable, and his white clothes are indeed incompatible with here.

After walking for a while, Ling Fengxiao pulled him into an unmanned corner, took a red gauze robe from the bag, and said, "Chang this."

Lin Shu replaced it, feeling very awkward.

It's hard enough to dress as a woman, and now it's even harder to dress as a demon girl in red.

He was dominated by Ling Fengxiao, first changed his robe, and replaced the white yarn covering his face with red yarn.

After Ling Fengxiao finished dressing him, he looked for a long time and did not speak.

Lin Shu was a little upset: "Is it strange?"

"Not surprising," Ling Fengxiao said gently, "like a wedding dress." Lin Shu: "..."
Miss, why is your hobby even more perverted?

Chapter 104: Shadowless

Changing clothes, the young lady took out a box of red and purple lipstick and painted it, and then hooked the corners of her eyes. , Became the perfect cult demon girl.

They used the Phoenix Butterfly to guide the way, and they were adorned with a black man suspected of being more like a crane, and saw him walking in this wide underground space, and occasionally stopped to see the living dead in the iron cage, but did not stay, all the way through Phantoms are like **** on earth.

Then, after passing a short corridor, the lights here are brighter and more crowded.

The walls were hollowed out into grids of different sizes, most of which were not empty-this is somewhat similar to the treasure hall of Xue Gong. Under the grid of things, each one has a bronze medal.

"Yuan fetal breast milk, one hundred and two gold, or three or two dzi beads."

"Scared maggots, forty-two gold, or smelt materials of the same price."

There are also grids with silver money and bronze medals with the materials you want to buy.

——Obviously, the place where the dead people were sold just now is where the goods are traded.

Beixia's witches also need materials for cultivation, especially those weird corpses and puppets. The conditions are very harsh and they need a lot of materials to support them. If you lack any kind of material, you can put money here and buy it. If you get something you don't need, you can put it here or sell it. So, is this man in black here to buy something? Still selling?

They continued to observe and found that the person paused in front of almost every grid with objects, looked at the contents of the grid, and walked away.

——Neither saw him buy, nor saw him sell, just to see. Ling Fengxiao whispered, "He is looking for something."
Seeing that the person had seen almost everything, Ling Fengxiao took Lin Shu forward.

"This lord." Ling Fengxiao's eyes were bright and he asked, "What are you looking for? Maybe we can help."

The man said nothing.

Ling Fengxiao laughed softly: "Are you shy?"

The man turned his head hard and continued to look at the things on the grid, ignoring them.

Lin Shu looked around, and saw that many wizards' eyes turned to this place, especially himself and Ling Fengxiao.

Because of his unpleasant life, he was very keen on this kind of naked and malicious eyes, and immediately noticed that the wizards were looking at them with a kind of promiscuous and evil intentions.

It can be seen that no matter where it is placed, its beautiful appearance will bring disaster.

In the night market, it can be said that he truly realized how dark the black crows in this world can be.

If the young lady has no martial arts, or Phoenix Villa has no power, I am afraid that the dregs swallowed by this ugly world. However, after all, if there is no monstrous power and peerless martial arts, then there will not be such a magnificent and glorious lady.

Lin Shu: "..."

He realized that he was fascinating again, and quickly pulled his thoughts back to observe the man in black.

Life in black told Ling Feng Xiao hardly: "There is another important matter next, leave."

"Oh?" Ling Fengxiao said, "Sir, why don't you give me your place? I'll come to Japan with my sister to visit."

The remarks turned softly, and the tone was very eloquent.

The wizards had cast their eyes on the man in black, as if wondering what was special about him so much that he could be favored by such beauties.

The man in black didn't appreciate it. His body was slippery and he didn't know how he moved. In a moment, he turned out from Ling Fengxiao and walked towards the other side.

On the other side was an equally dark black corridor covered with shadows. The moment he stepped into the corridor, the whole person seemed to disappear into the shadow of the wall, and there was no trace.

One of the wizards laughed strangely: "It does have some skill." Another wizard said: "This body is good."
Ling Fengxiao stared at Lin Shu.

This person, eight achievements is more like a crane!

All things in me are assimilated with all things in the world, and they are used in concealment. At this point, if they chase further, I'm afraid they will be more vigilant, they will not keep up. Anyway, there is a Phoenix Butterfly, so you don't lose anyone.

What is Yue Ruohe looking for? Is it good or bad?

——All need to do exploration again.

However, at this moment, they encountered a new situation.

Since a cult demon can meet a wizard, then other wizards can come to a cult demon.

A wizard who couldn't see his age came over, his voice hoarse: "The two beauties looked at each other."

Ling Fengxiao said: "The two of us came to Wangdu, you look at nature." "Oh?" The wizard said, "I don't know where you came from?"
"Both of us are people with a master, and naturally we follow the master." As soon as this word came out, the scene was quiet.
The "master" who can raise such beauties is certainly not an ordinary wizard. Others want to dye their fingers and weigh their own weight.

However, they want to let Ling Fengxiao go, but Ling Fengxiao doesn't want to let them go.

Just listen to the soft voice of the young lady: "This lord, take a step to speak."

The adult really took a step to speak.

In the corridor, Ling Fengxiao asked, "I don't want to say that my adult said that the two of our sisters are here to inquire about the news of our host." The wizard noticed immediately and asked, "What news?" Ling Fengxiao did not speak, but took out a black stone.
This stone is a rare Yinsha stone, born in the place where the ghosts and evil spirits gather, is very precious, and it is of great benefit to the practice of the magic witch-speaking, it was originally collected by them in Wanguiyuan.

In the whole world, most lascivious people also love money, and this shaman has not got rid of the cliché.

I saw him looking at the stone in Ling Fengxiao's hand: "The girl asked."

Ling Fengxiao said: "My master, usually has no other preferences, only likes to study blood poison. Recently, the master heard the wind and said that some of my wizards had developed new blood poison. The corpse's skin was blood red. It's so beautiful. The hosts meet each other, but they just can't find the clue ... "

The shaman's face suddenly turned bad: "I don't know." Really do not know?
I'm afraid not.

Otherwise, why is his face so bad?

Ling Fengxiao didn't change her face, she turned her left hand, took out a white bone flower from the bag, and a bag of heavy gold: "Sir, you may wish to think again."

The sorcerer groaned for a long time and said, "Thinking about it, I do have some impressions."

Lin Shu: "..."

It turned out to be a bargain. Ling Fengxiao said, "Sir, please."

"Your grown-up is not in the capital, you may not know about it." The wizard said, "The other day, the Dawu Right Guardian and the Emperor clashed with each other because of this. The emperor wanted to be soft, but the Dawu Retreat is missing him. "

The man said, a gloating smile appeared on his face.

——It seems that the relationship between the wizards and the Beixia Dynasty is really not very good.

Ling Fengxiao: "A conflict?"

"That blood poison is not simple, like a plague, it can be passed on one hundred times. The right protection law says that this thing can be applied to the battlefield, but the emperor is afraid that this thing will get on his own.

Sure enough, that blood poison!

Not only that, the wizard of Beixia also had the idea to use it on the battlefield!

Ling Fengxiao asked: "My master is drunk with witchcraft. Regardless of these things, I just want to see it. But I don't know how to see that blood poison?"

"Difficult, blood poison is either sealed in the palace or brought to the body by the right protector. You may wish to see the right protector."

It's hard to be afraid.

Although Xiao Yan put them outside to block the big witch, he wouldn't be stupid enough to reveal such important blood poisons.

Seeing the right protection law, they are afraid of revealing stuffing. Beixia's big witch doesn't know how deep the cultivation is. The two rules of protection are second only to him. If they face each other, it is a question of whether they can retreat.

It might be that they stopped talking, and the wizard rolled his eyes and said, "However, there are individual ways."

Ling Fengxiao said, "Please."

The wizard pointed to the south grid: "Oh." Ling Fengxiao said, "Thank you."
The wizard laughed strangely: "Beauty, don't stop there." Anyway, take money and leave.
Lin Shu and Ling Fengxiao came under the area he was referring to. As soon as Lin Shu raised his eyes, he was blinded by a huge number. Three million two gold!
At the night market auction, the technique that allows people to get up to speed is also of this order of magnitude.

Lin Shu asked: "Do you have it?" Ling Fengxiao said, "I have."
Lin Shu: "..."

People who have money printing machines at home are definitely different.

However, Ling Fengxiao said, "But I didn't bring it." Lin Shu understood. Gold is just a unit. Three million and two gold can already be stacked into a golden mountain and folded into silver. I am afraid that it must be as high as a real mountain.

Except for those who want to bring enough money to buy things, if they are not mentally troubled or extremely miserable, who would carry them with them?

Such a large number, I am afraid that it must take dozens of mustard bags to fit.

Lin Shu: "Can I really get it?" Ling Fengxiao said: "Let's try it."
Therefore, Ling Fengxiao took off the things in the grid.

It is a fluttering piece of paper that says, "You can make the" Shenxian Hand "shadow one shot without a trace, and the things in the world can be captured."

In other words, with this piece of paper, you can make "Shadowless" shot once.

Or, hanging this paper in the grid is the shadowless person. Who is Shadowless?
Is a famous thief, even Nanxia spread his legend. Legend has it that there is nothing he can't steal.
He traveled among the rivers and lakes. He was not a Nanxia or Beixia man, not an immortal or a demon. The fame is so great that anyone who inexplicably loses something valuable should mutter "Is it stolen without a shadow!"

In addition, this person is not only highly skilled, but also very noble in his professionalism. As long as he pays 3 million gold, he will never steal it.

Lin Shu felt very heartbroken.

The young lady wants to make three million two!

This recognition hurt his heart more than his own debt of three million dollars.

He asked, "Can it really be stolen?"

Ling Fengxiao said: "It is said that this man never missed." Lin Shu was a little suffocated: "Three million two."
Ling Fengxiao underplayed: "Huh?"

Lin Shu asked, "How much money do you have?" Ling Fengxiao laughed: "How do you ask this?" Lin Shudao: "Curious."
"It is more than enough to support you." Ling Fengxiao took the note and said, "We are working for the court this time, and spend the treasury's gold. You don't have to worry about eating it later."

Oh, it's not the money of the young lady.

——No, it's not about worrying about eating poorly. Miss, I am not such a frivolous boy.

Chapter 105: Never enter Jinguan City

After exiting the underground market, the two probed again in Tianxing Lane and finally got an address.

This address points to a mountain in the outskirts of Wangdu.

There is a stream in the mountain. As the winter approaches, the stream has been cut off.

There is a small courtyard to the west of the stream, which is very interesting.

If it is spring, all things will grow, the mountains will be green, and the flowing water will be a perfect retreat.

But there was a loud noise in the courtyard at this time. A child's voice said, "Master! The chicken is missing!"
Then there was a male voice: "Did you peek at her again?" "I do not have!"
"you have."

"I do not have!" "Go out and find!"
Then the courtyard door squeaked open. The people inside were looking up at them. A handsome boy said, "Master, fairy!" Master sighed: "Women are all scourges, and I am afraid that a great disaster is upon us!"

Lin Shu observes the master.

A man with a plain appearance who makes people forget it in a blink of an eye, is about thirty, in black.

Is this shadowless?

Ling Fengxiao said, "But seniors without a trace?"

The Master looked at them a few times, and the tone was not so good: "What's wrong?"

Ling Fengxiao opened the note in her hand and said, "I have three million yuan of gold. I don't know if my predecessor can take it?"

The child said, "Master, God of Wealth!"

The indifferent attitude is better, saying: "Come in and say."

For some reason, Lin Shu always felt that Ying Wuzhao had been looking at Ling Fengxiao's face.

Passing by the courtyard, a gatekeeper went up, screamed, wanted to bite, was pulled away without a trace, and stuffed into the fence.

Goose: "Ga!"

The child said, "Goose, don't bite." Goose: "Ga!"
The child tied the goose's beak.

Ying Wuzhao said without apology: "forgive me." Ling Fengxiao: "Nothing." When I arrived at the house, as soon as I entered the door, I saw nine huge characters written on the opposite wall.

"A thief cannot pick flowers, Picking flowers will fail. "
Still using cinnabar ink, bloody, it was shocking.

Seeing this sentence, Lin Shu remembered the anecdote that Ling Fengxiao told him halfway.

There are two principles for saying no trace.

The first is that there are no main flowers in life.

The second is that he never entered Jinguan City in his life.

The reason is that this "immortal hand" who came and went freely in the world once folded in the hands of a woman in Jinguan City.

He sneaked into a place in Jinguan City one day to steal something, and raised his eyes to see the hostess's demeanor and beauty, and shook God for a while, revealing flaws and being captured.

Combining these nine characters, it seems that this anecdote is true. They settled in the hall, and the apprentice poured tea.
Yingwu said: "What do you want? Where?" Ling Fengxiao said.
"It's not too difficult," Ying said. Isn't it too difficult?
It's not too difficult to steal things from Dawu's Right Guardian or Beixia's treasury. It can be seen that this man's skills are superb. Unexpectedly, Ying Wuzhao said, "You are Nanxia people." Ling Fengxiao: "Why did the senior say this?"
In the next sentence, Ying Wu said: "Your surname is Ling, you have easy to look at."

Lin Shu: "!!!"

How did you get it?

"Predecessors really have something special." Ling Fengxiao said.

"Beauty is in the skin but not in the skin," Ying Wu traced. "Your bone is like your mother, but it doesn't match your skin. If it's not easy, it won't.

Ling Fengxiao said: "The junior mother's surname is Ling. Do you have a relationship with my family?"

The shadow disappeared but he did not speak.

He took the tea cup and took a few sips slowly before he said, "I know it. I missed it for a while, and owed your mother something. Today I will get blood poison for you, even if I pay it back."

Lin Shu thought it over.

Jinguan City is the old name of Nanxia Imperial City.

There is an imperial palace in the imperial city, and there is a queen in the palace. The queen is the biological mother of Ling Fengxiao.

Ling Fengxiao is a rare beauty in the world, and the queen is naturally not ugly.

So that year, the palace of Nanxia was stolen, and the queen of Nanxia was encountered. The queen was born in Fenghuang Villa, but she is not a woman with no chickens in her hands.

"I rarely meet my mother. She never mentioned it."

Shadow disappeared: "Tenth day after tomorrow, the things will be given to you, two clear."

Ling Fengxiao said, "OK."

"There is one more thing." Ying Wuzhao sipped the tea, lazily raising his eyelids: "I Ying Wuzhao is a thief, the least likely to hide, you better lift the veil.

——It's Lin Shu.

Lin Shu looked at Miss. The lady nodded.
Lin Shu loosened the veil.

"Keke cough--" Ying Wuzhao was sipped by a sip of tea, and he coughed in shock, almost backing away.

"Master!" The apprentice went to give him gas.

At this moment, the goose Xu outside broke his mouth and screamed, and the scene was very chaotic.

Lin Shu: "?"

After the film disappeared, he was finally relieved, and his eyes glared at him: "Your father ... is it your own Taoyuan?"

Lin Shu: "I don't have a father."

"Nonsense," Ying Mou said firmly, "you look almost exactly like him." Lin Shu: "My master is indeed called Tao Yuanjun."

"Impossible." Ying Wupat slapped the desktop: "I remember people most accurately, you and your dad are carved out of a mold, even the bones are exactly the same!"

Speaking again, he muttered, "If there is only one skull, I would think you are him."

Lin Shu crooked his head.

So, the little fool may not be Tao Yuanjun's apprentice, but Tao Yuanjun's son?

The marriage book clearly stated that the little fool was the apprentice of Tao Yuanjun.

But Tao Yuanjun hasn't heard from him for so many years. Jo Mo is dead. It doesn't make sense to discuss these. Lin Shu doesn't want to entangle him more: "Okay."

Shadowless did not stop, but rather gloated: "The thing looked so indifferent, like a fairy, I didn't expect to have a child, so it was planted in the hands of a woman. "

This person planted in the woman's hands, and speculated that others also planted in the women's hands, it was not very kind.

Ling Fengxiao: "Taoyuan Junxi hasn't heard from him for a long time. We have no news from him."

"Well." Shadow disappeared without comment.

Ling Fengxiao: "Dare to ask the senior who is Tao Yuanjun?"

"Hit a fight." Ying Wuxiao looked at Ling Fengxiao and said, "He and your family also have some relationship."

Ling Fengxiao smiled and said, "Indeed." The topic was stopped, and Ying Wuzhen asked the details of the blood poisoning of Ling Fengxiao. After talking, they were going to leave.

Shadow disappeared: "Slow."

Ling Fengxiao: "What do seniors command?"

"Four people are more than two, after all," Ying Wu said. "Let's go find chickens."

Ling Fengxiao: "Okay."

So the four of them went to look for chickens.

"Luhua chicken!" Said the apprentice, "she likes to run into the mountains!"

Look for chickens, naturally spread out.

Ying Wuzhuang was dissatisfied with them: "You two can only be used as one person, what it looks like."

Ling Fengxiao was holding Lin Shu: "I'm afraid she's lost." "Let's go," muttered Wuying. "Women are trouble."
With that said, he should also teach his little apprentice: "Woman! Don't come near you!"

The apprentice nodded ignorantly.

The chicken was finally found in a hay den deep in the mountains. A black-and-white reed hen is lying cooing.
Ling Fengxiao approached it carefully, then hugged it violently. Chicken: "--Goo!" He whispered, flapping his wings, and wanted to escape, but he was helpless to be restrained by Ling Fengxiao, and he could only continue cooing in despair.

Lin Shu picked up a white egg in the drafting nest, and they returned to the side of the stream, and the shadowless, apprentices would reconcile.

It was almost twilight at this time, and the apprentice received the chicken, very happy, and said that he would invite two fairy sisters for dinner.

——He took that egg and fry it with other eggs.

Therefore, the shadowless old **** was guarding the rice porridge in the pot, the young apprentice beat eggs, Lin Shu and Ling Fengxiao were sent to the yard to pick onions.

In autumn and winter, the rest of the vegetables were gone, but the green onions were still growing. Ling Fengxiao held a handful of green onions and looked up at the cooking smoke in the chimney.

The sky is wide and the smoke rises with the twilight rising and spreads in the distant sky. The clear voice of the apprentice from the kitchen makes the scene seem more peaceful.

"Hidden life, don't ask common things," Ling Fengxiao smiled slightly, "coming to Japan ... you and me."

Lin Shu felt feasible and said, "OK." Ling Fengxiao said, "I want a daughter." Lin Shu: "... Um."
"Two," Ling Fengxiao said, "one looks like you, you look like me." Lin Shu: "Okay."
It's good if the young lady is happy. Ling Fengxiao continued: "Few more reed chickens and one gatekeeper--"

The words didn't fall, there was a noise in the fence, and the chickens and geese fought.

Goose: "Ga!" Chicken: "Goo!"
For a while, the chickens and geese jumped and their feathers fluttered. Ling Fengxiao: "Forget it."
Lin Shu wanted to laugh.

The dinner is ready. It is sweet and soft rice porridge and golden onion oil scrambled eggs. Although simple, don't have a straight flavor.

Eat and go back to the city. In the next few days, they followed the Phoenix Butterfly to explore what the Yueyue Crane was doing, and they stayed at the residence honestly and did not go out again.

And Yue Ruohe did not make any unusual behavior, and only stayed in a temporary residence in Tian Xing Xiang, not even the door came out.

Under the continued intimidation of Ling Fengxiao, Beauty En finally struggled to produce a little waterdrop-like thing, Xiao Ye overjoyed and gave them both countless rouge gouache, beauty elixir, and Huanhuahua clothing, let them Use is said to promote fruit growth.

Lin Shu opened the cover of rouge and piled it next to the beauties. This method was really effective. Although it still looked like a quiz, it did grow faster. The small water droplet was already the size of a soybean.

However, after all, things in the world did not go as Xiao Yuan had hoped, and before the fruits were ripened, the sunshine began.

Xiao Zheng was helpless: "Two beautiful women, let's go, you can take this fruit that you don't know well with, and maybe it will mature before it ends."

Although Lin Shu thought it was unlikely, he brought it with him.

——After the left and right day photos will pass, they will slip away when they get blood poison samples, and let the poor plant endure for another day.

Chapter 106: Everything in me

The location of the Tian Zhao Hui is the center of the capital of the Northern Xia Dynasty.

In Beixia, the most prosperous power in the world belonged to the big witch, who had a very high degree of cultivation and had imaginary power that the dynasty dwarfs. The royal family has even reached the point where it pays tribute to the great witch.

As for prisoners in jail, it is not uncommon for good people to be provided to wizards to test blood poison.

This is very different from Nanxia.

In Nanxia, the status of Xiuxian people is also very high, but after all, Xiuxian has a state of mind and will not look for mortal things. Moreover, Xiandao's chief leader, the Great National Division, even obeyed the emperor—Lin Shu didn't know how to do it.

The carriage went all the way, and the street gradually widened.

At this time, it was early in the morning, and in the sky to the west, a full moon had not completely fallen.

Ling Fengxiao looked out the window and said, "And then Yue Sheng, also profited by three or five, and three or five." The word "Ying" is also good. "

Lin Shu machinery echoed: "Yes."

Over the past few days, the young lady has been keen to name two daughters who still know where they are. This person is very particular about the name. Although the name of the plant is beautiful, it is vulgar and the second is not long-term. The name of the flower willow herb cannot be used. Even if it is used, the evergreen wood, such as the pine and cypress bamboo banyan class. If you want to use jade, you must also use the Qingming Lingxiu, such as the genus of glass glazed.

As for those deep meaning words, there are even more, like what Pingning Hongwei Shu-

Lin Shu's life these days is dull listening to the young lady sorting and combining huge numbers of words, and then being asked, "Which one is nice?"

The difficulty is almost equivalent to distinguishing the slight difference between lipstick colors.

The harder thing is that the girl is not one, but two. You have to name two good names that echo each other.

When his master named himself, he didn't seem to have experienced such a big setback.

The old man was just the old **** twisting his beard and saying, "The sparse, the far, the sparse. The distant world, don't be earthly, absolutely red, no mind, your name is sparse."

He thought again, I do n’t know how to take out the words Feng Xiao.

The girls of the Ling family, like Ling Baoqing, Bao Chen, Bao Jing, the word in the middle is Bao, but the young lady is not.

Could there be a "treasure" in the middle, too imposing? Ling Baoxiao?
Not as good as Ling Fengxiao. He thought for a while, with a little smile in his eyes, caught by Ling Fengxiao: "What are you laughing at?"

Lin Shu is honest: "Why isn't there a word for" treasure "in your name?" The expression on Ling Fengxiao's face was blank for a moment.
Then, he said, "Don't talk." Lin Shu: "?"
He tilted his head: "Why?"

"The name with the word" Treasure "was taken by your master." Ling Fengxiao said stiffly, "It's really difficult to reach the elegant hall, let alone talk."

Lin Shu was curious.

But when I saw the expression that the young lady seemed to eat a child, I didn't ask any more.

Difficult to be elegant? Could it be called Ling Bao?
Impossible, Taoyuan Jun always has no culture than himself.

Ling Fengxiao said: "Therefore, it is impossible for me to name my daughter at will."

Well, things are back to naming.

Taken all the way, it was the occasion of the Skylight Festival.

——This place is a magnificent high platform in front of a black high tower that sticks into the sky. It is rumored that the big witch is on the high platform and accepts the worship of all peoples in the world.

On both sides of the high platform, some people played music. The sound of the white-bone horn had a special texture, vast and distant.

Stained by Xiao Xiao's light, the two are in a very good position and can see everything on the high platform.

There is a high bone chair in the middle of the high platform, but no one is there.

Xiao Kun asked the black robe wizard who was standing next to him: "Did the big witch not come down yet?"

The wizard said: "The great witch has not yet cleared the gate."

Xiao Yan's face was cold for a few moments, and after a while, he said, "In the Skyshine Meeting of the past few years, the big witch has always been close."

The demon said: "I practice in retreat. I don't know the sun and the moon. If the big witch can't go out of the customs, he has two Dafa protectors to preside over it."

Xiao Yan: "Why not tell the court?"

The Witch laughed: "The court didn't give Dawu a face, so why should Dawu tell you everything?"

Xiao Yan's face was not so good.

Even Lin Shu can guess why he is not so good.

According to the information they had previously asked in the wizard's mouth, in order to decide whether to use the new blood poison, the Beixia court and the Dawu clashed and became deadlocked. At present, it is clear that Dawu doesn't want to deal with the court, and even the Skyshine Meeting, which accepts tribute from all parties, has not appeared.

——Xiao Yuan photographed the cheats before the sky price and prepared to dedicate it to the big witch, which is precisely the court's intention to serve the big witch softly.

The big witch didn't even show up, so it really lost the royal face.

And the big witch's attitude is so, it is no wonder that the magic witches under his command are so yin and yang.

Lin Shu clearly saw that Xiao Yan's hand clenched the armrest of the seat, the blue tendons on the back of the hand were raised and shivered slightly, and it took a while to let go slowly, and his face barely recovered.

The skylight will begin as usual, and will be presided over by the two right-hand guardians.

It is said that the Dawu's right and left protection methods are of the same level.

Even if the law is protected, the strength of the big witch is even more terrifying.

With a bang, the chambers of commerce, the demon martial arts, the famous wizards, and even the princes of the princess of Beixia went up in order to present treasures.

Gold and silver treasures, natural treasures, and rare materials are countless.

The big witch may not be able to use it, but the tribute must be enough, otherwise, it is almost indifferent.

Lin Shu looked at all kinds of babies and opened his eyes. However, the treasure was not enough. Someone actually offered a living creature.

The living creature is very large, another one is long, the other is tall, and the whole body is black, like a cow but not a crocodile.

The wizard who offered living creatures guarded the right and left. This is a water chestnut he found in the sea and on the shores of the Bohai Sea.

Right protector asks what is special about this beast.

The wizard replied that the beast could swallow the sun and the moon. Right protection method: "Please act."
The wizard took out a bone whistle and blew a long sound.

The Ling Ling heard the whistle, and a deafening roar made in his throat.

Suddenly, flying sand and stones fell, and the heavens and the earth darkened, but for a moment, the surrounding area became dark with five fingers out of reach, and people could only hear the sound of surprise.

Right protection method: "Wonderful, when will it fade?" The wizard said: "After a moment of incense."
Someone set off the fire, but found that the fire of the fire is lit, hot, but there is no trace of light.

Lin Shu was grabbed by the young lady to prevent loss.

Dazed in the dark, he suddenly felt a cool wind blowing from his side! Intuition tells him that this is not unusual!
Next, a voice sounded in my head.

"The goods have arrived. Just clear the two and get the two." No trace!

In the dark, he felt that his hand was being grasped by the young lady, went to a place, and then touched a cold, what seemed to be a bottle.

Blood poison samples were obtained.

Before I could think of anything else, the voice sounded in my mind again.

"There is still a thief here, but the skill is not very clever, far less than me, just beware of it, just stop here and say goodbye"

Still a thief? what?
Before I thought about it, the wind was blowing again, and it disappeared after a while.

The next moment, the field returned to light. The right protector rewarded the wizard.
Ling Fengxiao pinched Lin Shu's finger, Lin Shu knew it, knowing it was about to slip.

Just as the next time Xiao Yan should go up to present his treasure, as soon as he left, the two immediately found a head to mix into the crowd, intending to leave the capital as long as the right guardian had not noticed the blood poisoning theft.

Then-they heard Xiao Yan's voice far away.

"I heard that the big witch loves to collect various exercises, Xiao Xun Jin Xiantian and other secret books."

The heavens and the earth are yellow, the word of the sky is the highest, and the cheats of heaven are the cheats that can be soared. Obviously the right protection law came to interest: "What is the power law?"

Xiao Yan replied, "Everything is in me."

These four words were in the ear, Lin Shu stunned, and felt that Ling Fengxiao's movements were also paused.

Everything is in me!

How did the dream practice work appear on the black market, and then Xiao Xia bought it in Beixia?


——Yes, Yueruohe!

Yue Ruohe pretends to be a wizard and sneaks into Beixia, is he going to get "All Things in Me"?

But he didn't know exactly where this exercise was, so he searched for the place where the wizards traded, but failed.

The shadowless predecessor just said, there is still a thief here. Wouldn't it be Yueruohe who wants to get back the cheats?
But here the wizards gather, and there are two big protections, how can I get them?

They stopped, Ling Fengxiao turned back, looked at the high platform, his body was tight, and he looked alert.

Right protects the law: "Let's take a look." Xiao Yan took out the cheats.
At that moment, there was a sudden strong wind in the field. As if there was an invisible hand, that cheat was taken away from Xiao Yan-and then the cheat disappeared suddenly!

Such as the inner strength of Mengtang, that's it!

Just listened to Lian Hufa's cold snorting sound: "Zhu trick."

I saw him waving his robe sleeves, and suddenly, there was a heavy mist of blood in the field, and all the ghosts hissed.

After a few breaths, someone said, "There!"

On the eaves in the distance, a shadowy black shadow appeared.

Lin Shu went to see Ling Fengxiao subconsciously, and saw that Ling Fengxiao had taken out the knife!

The young lady pressed her right hand on the scabbard, apparently ready to help.

But the sword was not the "same sorrow" commonly used by this man.

Also, everyone in the world knows that Miss Phoenix Villa is the owner of the same knife. If you use it again, it is equivalent to revealing your identity.

But now this knife, the dark blade body is faint and full of evil spirits, very familiar.

But-well worth it!

Chapter 107: Red Hunting

Well, he thought it had been given to Xiao Shao, but now it seems that it is still in the hands of the young lady.

But the martial arts function of the young lady seems to be unsuitable. However, at this moment, we can't think more about it!
You Hufa sneered: "During Yuan Yuan's infancy, come kings to be monsters?"

As soon as the words fell, the **** mist of the sky seemed to have life. It immediately condensed and turned into a huge blood-red palm, patted towards Yueruohe!

Yuan Ying, crossing the robbery, between the two adjacent realms, but across the inexorable nature.

Therefore, the power of this blow is unimaginable-not less than the fall of Nine Thunders.

But I saw Yue Ruohe's body stretch, looming in the air, his hands opened outwards, and his five fingers brought the ripples of spiritual power.

The ripples of spiritual power spread out quickly in the mid-air, and then turned into countless rain and mist.

This is exactly one of the famous stunts in the martial arts martial arts "Boundless Silk Rain".

But seeing that the blood-red palm is solid and terrible, it is finally formed by the aggregation of countless blood mists, and there are thousands of rain silk in the "boundless silk rain", which are exactly restrained from each other. Posture, after all, slowly. Taking advantage of this moment's respite, Yue Ruohe's body was unreal again, and flew towards the south!

At the same time, the right guardian gave a soft "snap", pulled out his weapon and waved, forming an airtight defense around him.

Just listening to the sound of jingle, as if there were countless hidden weapons shot down by the weapon, but the real thing was not visible.

Lin Shu also knows this trick-it is the "free flying flower" with the same name as "Boundless Silk Rain".

Free flying, not a hidden weapon, is better than a hidden weapon.

The so-called "free flying flowers are like dreams, and the infinite silk rain is as thin as sorrow." Hard to detect.

However, the spiritual power condensed on each piece of petals was so tight that it struck the weapon with an invisible spiritual state, and a clanging sound of gold and stone collided.

This trick is extremely dangerous, but due to the realm difference, after all, it was seen through by the right protection law.

You Hufa was obviously irritated by this move, and he yelled: "Sculpture of carving insects!"

At the next moment, his body flickered in the void, and he did not know what magical powers similar to the incarnation outside the body were used. He actually condensed a virtual shadow in the distance and appeared in front of Yueruohe!

The more Ruohe went violently and wanted to go in the other direction.

However, how could that virtual shadow make him succeed? The two began to fight close to each other, at the same time, the right body of the right protector ran towards the wind! Lin Shu's heart was tight. He knew that Yue Ruohe was good at attacking from a long distance, but he was not better than defense when he was unprepared, and he was especially afraid of close combat.

Seeing that the real body and phantom of the right protection method are about to become a pinch, the more the crane will kill the spot, but the sound of the sword screams, and the spirit is smashed.

"No shame" unsheathed!

Ling Fengxiao's figure flickered in mid-air, and she actually appeared on the platform. An extremely razor-like sword was cut off in a flash, and she immediately cut off the sacrifice weapon and the two arms of the left guard who was about to attack!

The right protector is a bald head, burly and fierce, and good at attacking, but the left protector is thin and pale, like a scribe, good at witchcraft.

But when he saw his eyes rounded for a moment, he looked at the arms that fell on the ground, and his eyes were split: "... you!"

Zuo Hufa read an obscure spell, and the dark purple and black evil spirits gathered behind him, twisting the terrible vines like countless snakes, sweeping towards Ling Fengxiao.

When Ling Fengxiao's body turned Ling Bo, between the electric light and flint, a knife was slashed upward, and all those evil spirits were cut off!

Lin Shu opened his eyes wide and looked at Ling Fengxiao who was hunting in red on the high platform like blood, his face cold and frosty.

If he read it right, Ling Fengxiao gave out "Nirvana Breath" at the moment of the sword, and pulled his strength to the robbery!

Therefore, it was so smooth and unexpectedly cut off the arms of Zuo Hufa!

And that doesn't belong to Phoenix Mountain Villa, but it is very familiar
... For a moment, he was a little sluggish.

Zuo Hu Fa shouted and wanted to resist again.

However, losing his arms and inconvenience, his strength has been greatly reduced, under the attack of Ling Fengxiao left and right.

The right protector over there apparently noticed the situation over here and yelled, "Bold!"

Lin Shu's score was clear. At this moment, if he wants to kill Yueruo Crane, Zuo Hufa may be killed by Ling Fengxiao.

If you come to rescue Zuo Hufa, the more Ruhe may escape.

The left protection law during the robbery period, and a secret book that can repair the robbery, are they important?

Lin Shu believes that the left-protection method is still important, and the right-protection method will definitely come to help.

Once the right protection law came to help, Yueruohe could escape immediately.

As for how he and Ling Fengxiao should deal with the two guardians, then another thing is said, at the moment Yueruohe's life is more important.

However, the next moment, Lin Shu realized that he had overlooked a little.

This is the capital of Beixia.

Moreover, a skylight party is being held here, a large annual event centered on Dawu.

--what does this mean?

It means that at least half of the elite wizards in Beixia are gathered here! Just listening to Right Hufa shouted, "What are you doing?"

A series of incidents just happened in the electric light and flint. At this moment, the wizards woke up, and there were countless black robe wizards around the high platform, looking away, as if a group of bats.

Among them, some went to deal with Ling Fengxiao, and some went to contain Yueruohe.

Not only that, but the wizards who had only noticed that he and Ling Fengxiao were together looked at themselves.

Lin Shu took out the ice stringed piano, pressed his right hand on the string, and tightened his body, always ready to deal with their outburst.

Seeing that Yue Ruohe was entangled by more than a dozen Yuan Ying wizards, it was impossible to escape, and Right Guardian immediately ran to the high platform.

And Ling Fengxiao couldn't kill Zuo Hufa who was also in the midst of a robbery for a while. He immediately dropped him and immediately came to the platform, picked Lin Shu, and headed towards Yue Ruohe.

Wherever the sword's air is worthy, it can be described as invincible. Regardless of Jin Dan Yuanying, I don't know how many wizards have been cut off and plunged to the ground.

The wizards were afraid to come near, and only disturbed them with witchcraft spells, flutes, or fog.

Lin Shu's fingers pressed on the strings, and he continued to play so that he and Ling Fengxiao could stay awake.

When Ling Fengxiao arrived, Yue Ruohe immediately escaped from the joint attacks of the wizards and said, "You are—"

"No more nonsense." Ling Fengxiao said coldly. Yue Ruohe nodded. Lin Shu thought to himself that Ling Fengxiao now has Yirong, and he has a veil.

The next moment, Lin Shu was taken by Ling Fengxiao, and with Yue Ruohe, he picked up the light body exercises and quickly went south.

They all spurred their spiritual power to the extreme, and Lin Shu whistled in his ears, turning his head and looking back.

The right protector is healing the left protector.

The healing process is not long, it seems that only pure witch power is injected.

Then-the left arms were cut off the two arms, from the wound to give birth to the white bones.

The next moment, they chase here! Ling Fengxiao stopped.
Yue Ruohe was puzzled and stopped.

Ling Fengxiao let go of Lin Shu and stuffed blood samples into his hands, and said to Yue Ruohe, "Behind my temple, take her away."

Lin Shudao: "You--"

When I had time to say a "you", I was interrupted by Ling Fengxiao: "After five days, the black market will reconcile."

Said that Ling Fengxiao looked at Yue Ruohe: "What are you still doing?" Yue Ruohe gritted his teeth, led Lin Shu, and fled to the south.
Lin Shu: "!!!"

He was caught off guard and had no time to look back at Ling Fengxiao. Ling Fengxiao nodded to him distantly, then turned around, facing the left and right guards approaching quickly.

This is a wilderness here. There is a vast sky between heaven and earth. I saw a red coat standing with a knife, like a bit of cinnabar blood that pierced the mountains and the sky.

The speed of the crane was extremely fast. In an instant, the scenery whistled away, and the mist gradually deepened. After half a column of incense, even that little red shadow was swallowed up.

Lin Shu looked at the direction in which Ling Fengxiao disappeared, and the whole person was almost choked, his eyes widened slightly.

The two major protection methods are both in the period of robbery, and their strength is second only to the North Xia Dawu.

There are countless wizards of Jin Dan and Yuan Ying, and countless treacherous witchcraft, like locusts.

Ling Fengxiao has even given him blood poison. Just in case?
Unexpectedly ...

He unconsciously tightened his fingers, and his nails hurt his palms. Yue Ruohe said, "Girl, at this speed, we can escape."
Yes, you can escape.

Ling Fengxiao restrained those two guardians. The speed of Yueruo was so fast that they couldn't catch up.

Obviously he had escaped from birth, but at this time he was having trouble breathing, his hands and feet were cold, and he even shook slightly.

He heard himself say, "Stop." Yue Ruohe: "Girl?" "More like a crane, stop."
This time, he used his own voice and said as he removed the veil. Yue Ruohe stopped in the air and looked at him suddenly: "Lin ..."
Lin Shu put the vial containing the blood poison sample into Yue Ruohe's hand: "You go back to the school directly and give it to the surgery school."

Yue Ruohe said: "You want to go? Impossible-are you crazy?" Lin Shu took out Julingdan and opened the stopper.
At first, I took one, then three, and finally poured the elixir into the palm of my hand and swallowed it with a big mouthful.

He was choked and swallowed desperately.

The extremities of limbs and bones are violently painful, almost making people lose consciousness, but at the same time, endless, endless, familiar spiritual powers are flowing.

Lin Shu put away the ice string harp, took out the folding bamboo sword, and looked at Yue Ruohe.

Yueruo looked at him, put away the blood poison, and moved his lips a few times, but after all he said nothing and replaced with a nod.

This action means, rest assured. Lin Shu nodded to him.
The next moment, Yue Ruohe's figure disappeared out of thin air, as the same gust of wind swept south.

Lin Shu took a few deep breaths, and picked up Jiange's mentality. Qingliu Sosei, big waves and sand, all chaos was washed away with the movement of mind, five senses, five senses and five within, a calm and clear.

All the sounds between heaven and earth were immediately clear, and all the scenes in front of me were gradually revealed.

In the distance, two hundred miles north, spiritual power is exploding, colliding, and sweeping across.

Ling Fengxiao's strength now is through the robbery period. There are two robbery periods in Beixia.
Actually, it's nothing.

Lin Shu clenched the cold scabbard of the bamboo and thought, I am also crossing the gang.

Chapter 108: Set off

Lin Shu injected his spiritual power into the bamboo.

This peerless sword, because he had no spiritual power, was hidden in the box for a long time. Today, he had to drink spiritual power and issue the Qingyue sword.

And his spiritual power is also unobstructed in the folding bamboo sword- the folding bamboo sword seems to be built for the spiritual power of the sword pavilion, and in his hands, it seems to become a part of the body.

He lucked Jiange's light body exercise "stepping on the snow" and flew north.

The body fell to the ground.

The purple-black blood also spilled on the ground.

But his gaze was only hurried, looking at the red shadow in the middle of the battle.

It is worthy that the sword blocked the silver maggot of the right protection method. Ling Fengxiao jumped up in the air, flying in red, and slashed upward to the left under the heavy pressure of the right protection method. The powerful spiritual ripples surged in mid-air, and the nearby wizard was shocked by this solid spiritual power, and almost did not stand still.

The aftermath alone is already so intense, it is conceivable how much pressure the central Ling Fengxiao is under!

A mouth was stabbed on the right chest of Right Guardian, dripping blood, but as if unaware of it, he sneered, the other hand waved the silver cymbal, and hit Ling Fengxiao's waist! He made Shuangshou, powerful and flexible, but Ling Fengxiao had only one knife and had no time to return.

Lin Shu saw Ling Fengxiao's eyes.

Black and white, indifference and slaughter, to the extreme, even at this moment of life and death, there was no panic.

Ling Fengxiao turned around and turned to the right side, but the magic of the left protection law came again, holding it firmly!

Ling Fengxiao was inevitable, it seemed that she could only suffer this blow.

After being struck by this attack, he must be seriously injured and be arrested.

The corner of Zuo Hufa's mouth was also sneered. The wizard next to him shouted, "Protect the power!" Right now--
Between heaven and earth, a "ding" sounded softly and crisply. Lin Shu used his light to see the wizards around him widened.
The sword tip of the folding bamboo sword is facing the body of Yin Zhi.

It's still that move-up style-Moonrise greetings, Nakamiya goes straight and pierces directly into the center of the battle!

Wrist tremor on right wrist!

Taking advantage of the pause at this moment, Lin Shu gave up another sword, the cold and dreadful sword smashed the left curse's spell curse, and then caught Ling Fengxiao's waist and flew backward. He saw four pairs of eyes guarding the law, staring alertly at himself, as if trying to judge the strength of this abrupt returnee.

Lin Shu ignored them and landed with Ling Fengxiao.

Ling Fengxiao wiped the blood from the corner of her mouth with her back, looked at him, and smiled.

Lin Shu asked, "Are you okay?" Ling Fengxiao said, "OK."
After looking right, they didn't talk any more. Ling Fengxiao coughed a few times, closed her eyes, and took advantage of this short stalemate to adjust her breath.

Lin Shu stepped forward and stood in front of Ling Fengxiao.

He also pointed at wiping across the crystal-sharp sharp scabbard of the folding bamboo sword, and the sword was inspired by inch by inch.

The sword of the sword court has three realms. Sword skills, sword gas, sword meaning!
I saw that the sword body of the folded bamboo seemed to be frosty, and there seemed to be an invisible but sharp force around the sword body!

Three-foot sword, like ice and snow.

Lin Shu suddenly remembered his last life. The old man asked, "What's in your hand?"

He said, "Sword."

"Not a sword," said the old man, "it's your life! It's you!"

Lin Shu raised his eyes and looked to the left and right to protect the law. Without the slightest bit of hatred or scrutiny, just a simple, very bland look.

This glance had no other meaning, but it clearly provoked the right and left defenders.

They looked at each other and turned to Lin Shu again.

I saw that the right protector suddenly closed his eyes and then opened it again, his eyes flashed with deep blood, and the whole person was like Shura.

He sang loudly, struck each other, and bounced towards him, his body carrying a dark red blood mist, like a **** Changhong.

And Zuo Hufa sacrifice a maggot-shaped instrument, and suddenly the sky and the earth changed, and all ghosts roared.

The heavens and the earth instantly became dead.

This overbearing power, other wizards useless, just whispered.

At this time, Lin Shu heard his words clearly and heard them plainly: "The two famous tricks of protecting the law cannot be broken!"


Lin Shu did not shy away, waving his sword forward.

In a style of "Bei Dou Lan Gan", Jian Yi burst through the sword body and moved forward.

In the offensive of the right protection law, there seems to be an ancient and desolate atmosphere. The spell of the left protection law summons all ghosts, and it seems to have penetrated the ghost.

However, Jiange Gongfa, demon demons, breaking evil, this is the magic! Just hearing a loud noise, the world is silent. Lin Shu was shocked by the huge recoil and numb his right arm. He took a breath, and the right guard's chin was already full of cracks!

At the same time, Ling Fengxiao had flew forward, and she deservedly pointed at the throat of Zuo Hufa!

The situation was reversed, and Ling Fengxiao was pinched left and right from the beginning, and has become the same as now.

Bei Xia, the so-called "famous stunt" wizard, suddenly turned into a chicken with a choked throat, quiet and silent.

The right protection method missed a hit, slammed, and his whole body surged!

Lin Shu collected the sword back to defense, blocked the right-guard thunder strike, then stepped out, inducing the sword tactic.

The clear cold sword is bright but sharp, no less inferior to the right cultivation of right protection!

Lin Shu knows that his realm is not low, and what he lacks is the experience of facing the enemy. Therefore, he still has insufficient skills in dealing with the moves, but fortunately, the sword pavilion conquered the demons, so he pulled back another round, and Right protection method is flat.

On the other hand, Ling Fengxiao's side is slightly superior. But he knew that he couldn't go on like this!
Ju Ling Dan is time-sensitive!

Ling Fengxiao's "Nirvana Breathing" method can't last long either! They must make a quick decision.
During the gap between the two, they looked at each other. The next moment, Ling Fengxiao is out again!

The castration seems extremely slow, but it is extremely fast, it seems as erratic as a leaf in autumn, but it is inevitable!

Just like the autumn wind, everything drifts and cannot be rebelled. Lin Shu has seen this move.
But the situation was not waiting for him. He retracted his gaze, backed out the sword, raised the sword's tip, handed the sword body flat, the movement was extremely smooth, and the angle was plain and unpredictable. The implication was incredible.

It is the first form of "Sauvignon Blanc".

The rhythm of the right protection method was obviously disrupted by this move.

Lin Shu did not give him the slightest chance to breathe, swinging his sword to the right.

The second type, I do n’t see Tianhe!

This sword is invincible, and it slammed into the shoulder of the right protector!

The right-protection method added injuries, offered a mouthful of blood, and was forced to retreat several steps.

Lin Shu now knows that although the right protection method has a strong and outstanding practice, there is no such a peerless method of "Acacia"!

Look at Ling Fengxiao, too.

He breathed a sigh of relief, thinking that according to the current momentum, it is indeed possible for the two to leave this right and wrong place before their powers fade. However, the next moment, Right Guardian looked up at the sky and laughed.

He didn't know where to take a gray-white bone flute and put it on his lips.

"The big witch made it by myself and gave me the life-saving holy weapon, but you were forced out of it!" You Huofa chuckled and said, "Huangquan is good to go!"

Anyway, he slammed the bone flute!

A sharp sound, as if ringing in the spirit!

Lin Shu's head hurt suddenly, his eyes darkened.

Then he saw that with the harsh sound of the flute, a huge blood-colored prison cage appeared between the heavens and the earth, the power of which slowly flowed with the sound of the flute, and extremely cold, locked him firmly and difficult to move.

The higher the flute, the sharper, and the smaller and smaller the cage. Above the cage, there was perplexing death.
——A magic weapon, can it still be so, is this the legendary big witch?

The right protection method is playing more and more focused, it seems that all the essence is captured by this flute, and the cage is getting closer and closer, as if the next moment will swallow them alive.


Lin Shumeng broke his restraint with all his strength and took a step in the direction of right protection!

One step is enough.

In his right hand, he held down the chest of the right protector. Between the two fingers, there was a black tip, and the next moment it disappeared.

The right guardian who played the flute drew his eyes sharply, and the sound of the flute stopped abruptly.

The cage disappeared, Lin Shu closed his hands and backed away.

Right protector pressed one-handedly on his chest, his body trembled, and he made a terrible cry.

That is the needle of silence, the invention of the Qingming Demon King, Lin Shu has three.

Once in the body, the meridians are completely exhausted, just like ordinary people.

It was only at that moment that the right guardian devoted himself to using the holy weapon and could not defend, so Lin Shu had a chance.

The next moment, he and Ling Fengxiao exploded at the same time, intending to stay in place to protect the left!

The right protection law has been abolished, and no one can share the pressure. There is no suspense in this battle.

After the hundredth round, the folding bamboo sword shattered the left weapon's weapon, and the sword hole penetrated the left weapon's chest.

Zuo Hufa's body fell to the ground!

Lin Shu looked at the other wizards in front of him.

Ling Fengxiao also watched, tearing a piece of red silk while looking at it, wiping the knife slowly.

The meaning of this limb movement is very obvious, I hope the dead come to lead death. No one wants to die, so no one resists.

The wizards stared at each other. After a while, they fled!

——The left and right protectors are folded here, how can they possibly win?

When the last wizard disappeared to the north, Lin Shu and Ling Fengxiao looked at each other.

Without saying anything, they immediately started to practice the exercises and flew south!


While you are still in the robbery period, the farther you can escape, the better!

Beixia not only protects the law, there are other masters in the city, and even-the big witch!

Once the big witch catches up, the consequences are unimaginable!

The wind was blowing in my ears, and I did not know that I had driven hundreds or thousands of miles away. The north behind it was a powerful force that burst out!

The next moment, Lin Shu was suddenly drained of all spiritual power, and fell straight down!

The time limit for Julindan has passed. Ling Fengxiao caught him: "How are you?" pain.
The original pain has almost made people unconscious, and now the pain is even more intense. It is true that Julindan has caused great damage to the body.

Lin Shu closed his eyes and unconsciously grasped Ling Fengxiao's placket. All the meridians on his body seemed to be scraped by an iron knife, sweating coldly, and the whole person was shaking.

His consciousness was almost vague, only knowing that he was tightly hugged by Ling Fengxiao, and went a little further.

Then, Ling Fengxiao stopped and said, "My skills are gone."

Lin Shu knew that after the Nirvana Breathing Method was used, at least seven days could not be used for the slightest spiritual power.

So, they are now two futiles.

The powerful force that was just sensed was obviously the big witch out of the customs and was already heading south. Immediately afterwards, the big witches must be angry, track their whereabouts, and then Beixia Tieqi started searching--

They are still in the territory of Beixia, at this time they are equivalent to mortal bodies, and it is not difficult to be caught.

How to do?

He heard Ling Fengxiao say, "Let's change our costumes first." Lin Shu nodded and closed his eyes.
He was placed somewhere. After a while, the sound of the lining was lifted again, and he took off his robe and put on something.

He opened his eyes, only to find that everything in front of him was blurry, only large patches of color.

Ling Fengxiao's side was black, and he was in red. I can't see my face, I just feel that Ling Fengxiao is a little taller than usual.

It was too painful, he could not speak, and could only hear Ling Fengxiao's voice.

It didn't seem to be the voice of a girl. He wondered for a moment, did Miss Mo Fei act as a man again?

Dressed as a cousin on the magical hill, and using Xiao Shao as a shell in his dream, he really loves menswear.

——To this day, he saw the young lady react with Xiao Shao's knife. pain.
Can't stand the pain.

Someone held his hand, and Lin Shu held it back. Then, he heard the sound of the blade cutting his hair. A strand of his own hair was also shaved off.
He was hugged and leaned freely on Ling Fengxiao.

He had tinnitus violently and could not hear clearly. He faintly heard: "You and I don't know if I can survive Nanxia, but now you are wearing red clothes, just like a wedding gown, and I no longer cover up and use my true colors."

"Today ... I made a contract with you, and I have no regrets in this life, would you?"

Lin Shu's mind was chaotic, and he only heard a sentence of "burst", and nodded blankly.

He was sorely sore now that he was about to die, and when he reached Huangquan Road, he was regarded as a close-knit ghost. The next moment, he was hugged horizontally.

His arms seemed to be very strong and reliable, and the voice softly said, "It doesn't hurt anymore, good. I'm here."

Lin Shu responded, trying to relax himself.

He smelled water vapor and a faint plum blossom fragrance, and finally relaxed his mind for a moment. Then he thought about the reliability of the young lady Su Ri, and finally his eyes became dark and she completely lost consciousness.

Chapter 109: Taohuayuan

Lin Shu is dreaming.

In the dream, he sat cross-legged in the middle of the Jiange Hall. It was snowing outside the hall and the north wind whistled.
He closed his eyes and practiced his mind.

There is a mixture of things, born congenital, lonely and lonely, independent and unchanging.

Spiritual power emerges from the extremities and remains in the body as he moves around.

Very cool spiritual power, even the whole person is empty, I do not know where tonight.

He was a little hesitant for a while, and felt that this feeling had not appeared for a long time.

Suddenly, he heard someone calling himself, somewhere far away. Seems to be a shouting name with a sparse word.
Lin Shu thought hard, it was time to wake up.

But he was so weak and powerless that he couldn't open his eyes. He should have been choked.

Lin Shu tried to move his fingers, and then recovered his body consciousness little by little, and finally opened his eyes.

In front of him, there was darkness. Lin Shu blinked slowly.

It was still black, exactly the same as before. He reached out and covered his eyes.
Eyes are still there. blind?
He was hesitant and confused, and blinked hard again. Or not.
At this moment, he held his wrist in one hand. The hand was firm and strong, just a little cold.
Lin Shu has no allergic symptoms, so guess it is Ling Fengxiao. It's just that I can't guess which skin the man has covered.
"Your meridian is broken, and you have blood stasis on your eyes, so you need to rest." A male voice said lightly.

At first sight, the sound was very misty, Gaohua was cold, like a solitary moon in the sky.

He felt familiar, thinking about it, it was Xiao Shao. He relaxed and shook Xiao Shao's hand back.
No. 1 on the list is indeed the young lady.

This can also explain why Xiao Shao disappeared from the ranking- because the young lady went to retreat.

But ... I always feel wrong. Even after knowing that his cousin was a young lady posing, he realized that this person's acting skills were superb, and holding hands at this time, he thought that he was in close contact with another man, and felt a bit wrong.

But the contacts between them don't stop there.

He was helped by Xiao Shao, leaned against the man's chest, and was half- embraced.

Xiao Shao said: "Drink medicine." Lin Shu nodded.
Xiao Shao had a very light, cold fragrance.

Unlike the incense incense on Miss, this fragrance, if it is absent, is like stepping on the snow to find plums, but for a long time, but in the misty snow and cold air, the night breeze sends a faint plum fragrance.

The next moment, a spoon lightly touched his lips.

Lin Shu obediently opened his mouth and swallowed the medicine soup.

The bitterness is sweet, and it seems to be deliberately sugared, so it is not difficult to drink.

After drinking, Lin Shu asked, "Where are we?"

Before the words fell, I heard the door ringing, a hearty and honest female voice that seemed to be old: "Xiao Xianggong, are you awake?"

Xiao Shao said: "Wake up."

"Just wake up!" The female whispered, "I'll kill a chicken and replenish the little lady's soup!"

Lin Shu thought for a while, remembering that he was still wearing women's clothes, and Ling Fengxiao changed to men's clothes, so-became Xiao Shao's lady?

Well, although it was switched a bit, it was not bad. Just listen to Xiao Shao: "Thank you, Madam."
"It's okay, you two pitiful young couple, you've suffered so much!" The aunt sighed, "I'm going first, you can take good care of you."

Xiao Shao said: "Natural."

This mother-in-law's accent is strange, unlike Nanxia and Beixia. When she was gone, Xiao Shao made clear to Lin Shu the context. They are in a village.
Say it's a village, but it's not.

Yesterday, Lin Shu collapsed and was unconscious, Xiao Shao took him to the north.

There was no one in the wilderness, the mountains were high, the trees were dead, there was no people, there was only a stream, and I did n’t know where it came from.

Xiao Shao walked along the stream and saw the plum blossoms by the stream.

At that time, the plum blossoms were open and extremely beautiful. Xiao Shao realized the strangeness.
The plum blossoms should not be open at this time-at least until the middle of January or February, when the weather is warmer and the ice has melted before snow can be seen.

He checked the surroundings and felt that it was warmer here than elsewhere. Further exploration, it was found that the water in the stream turned slightly yellow and smelled of sulfur.

Xiao Shao immediately realized that there were strange things here, so he went all the way to the source of the stream. The more he went upstream, the plum blossoms became more prosperous. However, he didn't find the source of the stream. Shares hot springs.

Because of the hot spring, the environment here is pleasant. He plans to stop here for a while to heal Lin Shu.

Lin sweated coldly and attached to his clothes, presumably very uncomfortable. There was dead vine on the mountain wall, so he went to break the vine branch and planned to make a fire.

——Unexpectedly, in the mountain wall, under the shadow of dead vines, there is a deep slit, in which there is wind.

The two escaped the pursuit of Beixia, and the more concealed the better
—Xiao Shao held Lin Shu and walked into the slit.

Then, as I walked further and further, and deeper and deeper, I actually saw the faint light ahead.

-Then, suddenly open.

He came to an isolated village.

The village is surrounded by mountains, all sides are cliffs that stick into the clouds, and the slopes are blocked by the mountains above, so it is difficult to see its existence even in the sky from any direction.

There were villagers in the village. When they saw outsiders, they were surprised and asked.

It turned out that two hundred years ago, during an extremely violent ground motion, the mountain fell and completely blocked the path to the outside. The villagers don't care. They live here and are self-sufficient. They are even free from the burden of taxation. Over the past two hundred years, the idea of going out has been gradually dispelled.

Because of the lack of contact with the outside world, the people here are extremely simple. Xiao Shao concealed his identity, saying that they were the couple who encountered robbers on the road, and had no choice but to find it by accident.

The villagers helped one another, cleaned up a clean house, and asked about the situation outside.

The situation outside Xiao Shaodao is not good, and there will be war at any time.

Villagers are thankful that they live here, to avoid the famine of war. Lin Shu listened, thinking of a text in junior high school.
Wuling people fishing for their own business, they travel along the edge of the river, forget the distance, and suddenly meet the peach blossom forest

It is "The Story of Peach Blossom".

And this isolated village is like a living peach blossom source.

Taohuayuan was concealed to the extreme, and no one outside had discovered it for two hundred years, and it was extremely safe-Xiao Shao said that he went outside last night, erased his footprints and other traces, and then made a cover to the entrance to ensure that it would not be found.

Lin Shu relaxed.

Xiao Shao hugged him and asked, "Does it still hurt?" pain.
Still hurts. But it's much better than before fainting, and within a tolerable range. Lin Shu said "OK."
At this moment, he leaned on Xiao Shao and heard the roar of chickens outside, the crackling sound of firewood burning in the kitchen, and the voice of women and children coming from afar.

This peach blossom source must be as peaceful as the legendary peach blossom source.

Xiao Shao held him tight.

Lin Shu felt that this chest was a little hard.

Not stiff, but not as soft as a girl, but rather strong. Although I know the lady's chest is flat, it is too flat.
Because he couldn't see anything, Xiao Shao was still in men's clothing. Instead, he was bolder. He tried to attach his hand to Xiao Shao's left chest and pressed it.

Not soft.

Not soft at all.

The only elasticity is because there is a layer of muscle.

Lin Shu still recognizes the difference between fat and muscle. Lin Shu: "?"
This is almost a flawless, man's body. Is the young lady so dedicated?
Then he felt a shake in his chest. Xiao Shao laughed: "What are you doing?"

The voice was very low, and it passed into his ears, as if something was scratching, Lin Shu was about to hit a spirit.

He pretended that nothing had happened and withdrew his hand.

Xiao Shao smoothed his hair, put something in his hand, and said, "This is for you."

It is a very light bag, not a mustard bag commonly used by Xiuxian people, but an ordinary one, but the embroidery and pattern on the surface of the bag are just a touch more delicate than ordinary mustard bags.

Lin Shu asked: "What is this?" Xiao Shao said: "Hair."
Closing, here, is a very solemn ceremony.

Said it: "To be married as a husband and wife, love is unquestionable. When life returns, return to death, sauvignon Blanc."

Lin Shu felt that his palms were a little hot.

I heard Xiao Shao said, "We are here to cultivate, and we will go back to Nanxia when we have all recovered. I ’m afraid your meridians need to be
... double cultivation."

Shuang Xiu, mentioning this, Lin Shu was very nervous. and......
He said, "I can't see."

"Anyway." Xiao Shao kissed him gently on his forehead. Is it really okay? Lin Shu was very skeptical.

But he has always been very obedient, and since it's okay to say it, then it's okay.

He didn't talk anymore, holding the bag, feeling very hot and breathing hard.


Xiao Shao's shell is too realistic.

He always felt that he was being held by a man.

The young lady Su-ri has been decisive enough to be overbearing, no doubt, at this time this feeling is even stronger.

He felt that he was dominated by Xiao Shao, and he didn't want to move except to be obediently held.

Xiao Shao continued: "Ling Fengxiao is a human skin capsule, and Ling Xiao is Yi Rong's replacement. I often think that He Ri can meet you with true content. I never thought of today."

Lin Shu: "?"

Lin Shu: "?????"

He said, "What are you talking about?" Xiao Shao said: "Say Xiao Shao."
Lin Shu: "Xiao Shao, what's wrong?"

Xiao Shao kissed his ear for a while and said, "It's me."

"I know ..." Lin Shu's voice was stiff and trembling: "What about Ling Fengxiao?" "I walked in the rivers and lakes with the body of Ling Fengxiao, and I could not say more."

"No ..." Lin Shu's voice had begun to drift: "Are you ... a man?"

He heard Xiao Shao's voice also a little erratic: "Otherwise? How could you order a baby kiss with a girl?"

Lin Shu felt that he would suffocate and die next moment: "I do n’t order a doll with a girl, do I order it with a man?"

Xiao Shao said: "Are you and your man engaged in marriage, isn't this justified?"

Lin Shu's head was blank.

For a long while, he spit it out, "You mean ... I'm a girl?" He felt Xiao Shao silent.
The next moment, his neck suddenly became very uncomfortable, and he coughed violently.

Xiao Shao walked down his back, his voice a little nervous: "What's wrong?"

Lin Shu coughed, feeling a familiar heat flow around his shoulders, neck and face, similar to the feeling of eating Rongdan.

He pressed against his neck, feeling a bulge coming out.

After eating Huan Rong Dan at the beginning, because he wanted to wear women's clothes, he pressed his throat into it and pressed it. The thing was not very obvious at first.

Now it is back to its original state. It is about the effect of Huanrongdan.

Lin Shu let go and pressed his hand on the neck, feeling weak and weak: "The medicine of Rongdan has passed." The next moment, he felt Xiao Shao's movement stopped. Stifling silence in the room.
For a moment, Lin Shu didn't even know whether he should feel bad for himself or Xiao Shao.

He came out of Xiao Shao's arms in despair and buried himself in the quilt.

Xiao Shao did not stop him.

As soon as the door rang, the aunt came in.

"Hey, what's the matter? Arguing? I looked in the window just now, wasn't she still kissing and hugging?" Auntie's voice was very loud: "Xiao Xianggong, this is your fault! The lady just woke up, Why should you breathe with her? "

There was a sound of footsteps, the elder mother approached, forcibly lifted Lin Shu's quilt, and pulled his left hand out, and the other hand came over Xiao Shao's right hand, and put the two hands together, Why think about it! Young couples, how can you be so angry? Come, what's the matter? Tell my auntie! "

No, there is nothing to be angry about. I just had a dream.
I should wake up now. Wake me up.

Chapter 110: Surface couple

Madam's tone is so ardent: "Speak to Madam!"

Lin Shu thought, is it true that he found his fiancee a man? This matter is simply incredible.
However, if you think about it, there were also many flaws in getting along with Ling Xiao and Ling Fengxiao.

The young lady said a lot of suggestive things, he subconsciously found a reason for the young lady.

Lin Shu wanted to strangle himself at the time.

But no matter if Xiao Shao hinted or pave the way, Lin Shu was blinded by the truth.

Ling Fengxiao is a man! His fiancee is a man!
They have just closed their hair and are still discussing double repair! Why is this happening?
Is this true?

This doesn't seem to be true anyway.

Lin Shu stumbled himself in the quilt, but felt the amazing truth. Lin Shu: "..."
and also. Why does Xiao Shao think he is a girl?

When he was in the palace, he neither wore a skirt nor painted an eyebrow. Where on earth did he look like a girl?

Lin Shu could not figure it out.

He was still black with two eyes, only to hear Xiao Shao answer to the elder mother: "Some trivial matters, I will coax."

In his voice, he pretended to be calm.

The aunt said with satisfaction: "It's quite understandable. Madam, I always have to coax more."

Xiao Shao said, "Thank you, Madam."

"You're welcome!" The aunt said heartily: "I cooked **** syrup for the young lady and put it on the table. I'll go to the pan and you must remember to feed syrup."

Xiao Shao said: "Remember."

The aunt pressed their hands together again, and then she was relieved to leave.

As soon as the door rang, Auntie left.

I'm leaving, I'm afraid it's time for a detailed settlement.

Lin Shu didn't know what to say or what kind of complicated mood he was now.

Is it really true?

However, the next moment, his psychology was balanced. Because he heard Xiao Shao said, "I don't believe it." Lin Shudao: "I don't believe it."

Xiao Shao asked, "How do you prove?"

This person did not prove himself, but asked him to prove it, Lin Shu replied: "You also have to prove it."

Xiao Shao calmed down and said, "You can't see."

Lin Shu organized the language difficultly, and said, "... I don't believe in seeing is believing."

Where is the young lady?

What about a pretty young lady? is fake?
He emerged from the quilt, opened his eyes, and stared blankly at the ceiling—although he was blind for a moment, his eyes were dark and he could see nothing.

Then he felt Xiao Shao's approach.

Fortunately, he had already desensitized this person, and although he refused, his body did not react.

Xiao Shao's cold fingers pressed his knot in his throat and squeezed it again.

Later, Lin Shu felt that Xiao Shao pressed his chest.

He was like a salted fish dried on the beach, motionless and under examination.

-It's useless to touch it, just as flat as you. Finally, Xiao Shao stopped his hand. He didn't go any further. He probably knew that he couldn't get the results he expected.

Then Lin Shu heard him say, "You can touch me." Lin Shu reconfirmed in a complicated mood.
I already touched my chest, groped up, touched a throat knot, and went up again. When I wanted to touch the mandible, I suddenly encountered something cold metal—a mask. Xiao Shao took this in the illusion. At that time, I also thought that in the illusion, everyone changed their appearance, but this man did everything, and put on a mask, it was secretive, not a good thing, far worse than Lei Luo's young lady.

After confirming, Lin Shu withdrew his hand.

Then he heard Xiao Shao said, "Why can beauty be fruitful?" Lin Shu said weakly, "I was intimidated by you."
He now knows why beauty is so difficult!

——Chengri stayed with the two men, and they still bear fruit, which is really difficult for him.

Thinking of beauty, I think that the spiritual plant cannot be put in the mustard basket for a long time, otherwise there is a risk of death.

He took the jade pot planted with beauty from the bag.

Xiao Shao took it, put it on the table, and said lightly, "It's ripe."

They originally thought that if they had a chance before leaving, they would give it back to Xiao Yan. Unexpectedly, when they were about to leave, Xiao Yan went to the stage and was not with them, so they did n’t make it, they had to raise it.

Now it's Lin Shu's turn to ask, "Why do you ... think I'm a girl?" "If you weren't a girl, how would Tao Yuanjun match you with me?" Xiao Shao said: "My mother said the same thing, so I knew from an early age that I had a fiancee."

After saying this, he paused and continued: "When I was young, because of the blood of the Phoenix, I was in a coma all day. I don't remember many things clearly. I don't remember the appearance of Taoyuanjun, but I still remember it. Seems to have seen you. "

Lin Shu: "?"

Now that you've seen it, you should know that I'm a boy.

Unexpectedly, Xiao Shao said, "When you were a kid, you wore a white skirt and asked me to wait for you."

Lin Shudao said, "That's probably not me."

"Our wedding book is packed in a jade tube, and only the blood of the designated person can be opened." Xiao Shao said, "If you can open the jade tube, it cannot be someone else."

Did the little fool ever wear women's clothing when he was a kid? "Later, I asked my mother, but my mother said that when Tao Yuanjun
came to Phoenix Villa, he did not take his apprentice." Xiao Shao said, "Is it really an illusion in my illness?"

Lin Shudao: "Yes."

"You are so expressionless, isn't it because it's easy?" Lin Shudao: "I have always been like this."
"You have always been well-behaved, being carried by me, not like a boy." Lin Shu thought for a while, and said, "I ... will be safe when I meet." The atmosphere was very embarrassing.

For a while, Lin Shu was afraid that Xiao Shao would be mad, and asked, "Are you ... okay?"

The next moment, he heard Xiao Shao's voice: "What about my surplus?" Yingying?
Lin Shu was wondering what Yingying was, so Xiao Shao asked: "Before you are born, you are gone?"

Lin Shu thought, it turned out to be a daughter. This man finally gave his daughter a name.

However, it is no longer possible, and none of them has the function of having a daughter.

Xiao Shao pressed the hand on his chest and grabbed the cloth on his chest: "Where did you get my Yingying?"

Xiao Shao was not in a normal state of mind.

Also, Lin Shu feels that his spirit is also abnormal now. He said, "You also lost my profit."
The atmosphere was very awkward for a while.

The embarrassment was broken by the aunt and the aroma of chicken soup.

"Okay!" After the heavy bowl sound, the maiden's aggressive voice sounded: "What do we say to keep you two gassing, and also thought, why is the young lady young and her body so weak, it turned out to be small Born a child! Xiao Xianggong, lost a child, your lady is already sad enough, but you are still questioning here, this husband is not very competent! "

Lin Shu: "..." Auntie listened to the second half of their conversation, and produced some strange misunderstandings.

The enthusiastic aunt is really the most difficult person in the world.

In this situation, even if she knew what was wrong with her, she could only pretend to admit it.

Sure enough, Xiao Shao said: "I was out of control for a while."

"Out of control? Lost today, lost tomorrow, do you want to pass the day?" Just listening to the voice, Lin Shu can imagine the elder mother's frowning eyes.

This matter was not Xiao Shao's fault alone. Lin Shu tried to bear part of the anger of the elder mother and said, "I cannot give birth."

"Hi! Young, how can there be truth?" Auntie said.

No, at a young age, there is a truth that cannot be born.

"Daughter, stay at ease. Mother will cook you sugar water and boil old hen soup every day. After a few days, your body will be healed!" When talking to him, Mother's tone was very kind and kind: "Maybe When you recover and get back out, you're pregnant again! "

After comforting Lin Shu, he immediately turned around and criticized Xiao Shao: "If it is not good to the lady again, the elder lady will never spare you!"

Xiao Shao said: "Yes."

Somehow, Lin Shu wanted to laugh.

Unexpectedly, the next sentence pointed to him again: "Daughter, do you have a sunflower level?"

Lin Shu said: "No." "That would be a little troublesome," said Auntie. "But our village has hundreds of years of recipes. Auntie will give you medicine, and I will be able to adjust it!"

Lin Shu: "..."

He heard a light smile.

He just laughed at Xiao Shao, and now he was laughed.

However, now that I do n’t have Yirong, I have n’t recognized the gender by my aunt. Although I have worn women's clothing, trimmed my eyebrows, loose hair, and are still young, I haven't fully opened these four reasons, but it also proves this The body is really beautiful.

So that Xiao Shao faced a man in the past, he could hug him without changing his face.

It's really making people.

After finally coping with the maid, it's time to drink soup.

A cruel fact is that even if Lin Shu understands that both people now want to calm down and stay away from this man who has deceived his feelings, he is still blind and still needs Xiao Shao to feed.

Xiao Shao started to feed. This attitude is much more negative than when he just took the medicine.

After feeding, you have to wait for washing and even sleep in the same bed.

The bed was very small, and there was only one quilt. Depending on the feeling, Lin Shu knew that each of them now occupied one side of the quilt with a long arm in the middle, and everyone tried repeatedly on the edge of the fall.

If the aunt sees it, I'm afraid that she will criticize them again, criticizing them for being indifferent and sharing different dreams. Lin Shu couldn't sleep and turned over a lot. He knew Xiao Shao was not asleep.
Whenever a normal person loses his fiancee and then the sorrow of his daughter, he will never sleep at night.

After all, I tricked myself into falling asleep, and made some messy dreams. When I woke up, I was very tired.

Xiao Shao also got up, listening to the voice, and watering the beauty. Pouring, said: "I dream of Yingying."
The sound was also very exhausting.

Lin Shu thought, Yingying, perhaps in this world.

When he was a girl in Xiao Shao's eyes, and the young lady was also a fake girl in his eyes, in the near future, there really was a surplus.

But after yesterday, their daughter disappeared from the world forever. This is one, Schrodinger's surplus.
Lin Shu finally realized this fact. Since he was on the top of the building and was struck by the thunder to this ghost place, the shadow of modern physics is destined to accompany him throughout his life.

In this world, there are no young ladies, no sparse sisters, and no surpluses, and some are just two boys with fatal lives.

Lin sighed.

At least in the next few days, he will be a superficial couple with Xiao Shao in this peach blossom source, and live a period of time.

How to get along is a problem.
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