The #1 Pretty Boy of the Immortal Path Chapter 21-30

Chapter 21: Observed

Ling Fengxiao is not only a bit wrong, but she even wants to take a closer look at the Yuxi.

Lin Shu quickly said: "Le."

Ling Fengxiao let go of her electric shock, Yu Yu returned to Lin Shu's chest.

have some problem.

Shouldn't the normal script be "Le? Your neck is too bothersome, show it to me"?

Lin Shu silently shoved Xiaoyuyu back into her clothes.

"You ..." Ling Fengxiao looked a little hesitant, then said, "Where did this come from?"

Lin Shu thought that this jade could attract the attention of the young lady.

Previously, when Ling Fengxiao asked about the village, he did not say that he had a master in this shell, and now it is hard to say that it is the legacy left by the master, saying: "Ancestor.

"Ancestor?" Ling Fengxiao frowned. "How many generations?" Lin Shu edited: "It's been spreading."
"When it was passed to you, what did you say about this jade?" Lin Shu continued to make up: "It's valuable."
He looked closely and found that Ling Fengxiao's expression could be perfectly summarized with "...". "What did your ancestors do?" Ling Fengxiao asked.

Lin Shu thought about the small village and said, "Plant land." Ling Fengxiao: "..."
Lin Shu had a bad heart, and the young lady discovered the blind spot.

This jade can attract Ling Fengxiao's attention. It must be extraordinary. The extraordinary jade must be said from that small village.

Ling Fengxiao's pair of ink-like pupils stared at Lin Shu's eyes, which made him feel hairy.

Ling Fengxiao: "Honestly?" Lin Shu: "... seriously."
Ling Fengxiao had a bad tone: "Aren't you a fool? Why do you know so much?"

Lin Shu: "..."

Lying one day, lying for life, blind spots everywhere. He touched his nose: "The villagers told me later."
Ling Fengxiao did not speak, and looked him up and down, as if to see the flowers.

Lin Shu was terrified: "... what happened?"

Ling Fengxiao said lightly: "It's all right, jade is good."

The man said with his mouth okay, but still looking at himself, there must be something.

Lin Shu silently opened the book and looked down, in order to reduce his sense of existence, his heart flashed through countless possibilities. The quality of this jade is so good that even the young lady of Phoenix Villa must be amazed.

This jade has a special origin, and Ling Fengxiao became interested in it.

This jade evil gate, Ling Fengxiao originally suspected that she had entered the Shangling Xuegong with bad intentions, but now she is more solid.

It wasn't until the hour arrived, that the real diners entered the hall and began to teach. Ling Fengxiao heard the lesson, and Lin Shu was relieved.

Although the real person of Juding is called "Juding", he is not huge. He is a short old man who is meticulous at first glance. He is very serious when he talks about the class.

The real person is talking about Cheng Dan's principle: "Smelt the gold stone, and use the trick to catch the yin."

It is said that there is energy in all things. According to Dan Fang's smelting with spiritual fire in the tripod furnace, all things can be gathered in Danzhong, and it can never be refined. Taking this kind of elixir has many wonderful things.

Lin Shu has roughly flipped through the book before. The previous part of "External Danshu" talked about the aggregation of the spirit of all things. Many examples were given, such as "Langxuan raw copper" and "dansha smelting into mercury". In the category of inorganic chemistry, you can even write chemical formulas.

After this mundane part, Qifeng emerged, and after the introduction of concepts such as "aura", "aura fire" and "yin and yang", it became another family that cannot be explained by science at all.

In his last life, Lin Shu was receiving materialist modern education while being indoctrinated by Master. His worldview was very confused. In the end, he was vaguely convinced that there were two sets of principles in the world, and he was left behind. According to the master, the decline of the Immortal Path was due to the barrenness of the Reiki. Fortunately, our gatekeepers repaired swords for generations and did not rely too much on the Reiki to survive.

And this aura rich world, as can be seen from this book "Introduction to the Foreign Dan", each theory is very solid, the whole immortal path is much more prosperous than the last immortal immortal path.

Tiandao throws himself into a prosperous world without giving a little talent, which is a precise punishment.

Ju Ding's real life is an hour. After a short break, he starts to explain the basic techniques.

There were no problems in the previous steps in selecting the tripod, researching the stone, and introducing the mercury. After ignition, some accidents occurred.

Lin Shu was all right, Ling Fengxiao's Dan furnace almost blew up.

The real person from Juding saw Ling Fengxiao's three-foot-high flames here, and said, "Reiki must be stable! Do not ask for more!"

Then walked over quickly, staring at Ling Fengxiao. Ling Fengxiao extinguished the fire and started again.
Flick your fingers lightly, slowly letting out a touch of spiritual power, there is only a faint red in the air.

Juding nodded: "That's it."

The next moment, the half-human height flame slammed again, almost scratching the beard of a real person.

Real person: "..."

Ling Fengxiao blinked innocently. Juding real man twisted his beard and thought for a long time, saying: "The internal strength of Phoenix Villa is a fire. It has a great influence on alchemy, but it is not harmful, but you are not. You are too heavy from the fire, and you should not practice alchemy. Choose another class. "

Ling Fengxiao asked: "Can I use the spirit of the jade spirit to ignite?"

Real person: "When attracting spiritual power, Jade is also affected by you, which is inappropriate."

Lin Shu is very comfortable.

Therefore, he does not have to be in the same room with Ling Fengxiao in the future.

Who expected Ling Fengxiao to say: "Can you ask others to light it up?" Juding really said: "It's okay."
Ling Fengxiao: "Thank you real person." After that, I looked at Lin Shu.
Lin Shu had to use her jade to light the young lady.

A cluster of small flames trembled higher than the alcohol lamp.

Although the spiritual fire is small, it has its own special features and is 100 times more powerful than ordinary fire. Only this small cluster can cope with simple smelting of elixir.

The real person nodded: "The texture is pure and fair." Anyway, Liaobu left and went to see the flames of others. Ling Fengxiao looked at Lin Shu again.
Lin Shu felt wary from the exploiting classes. Ling Fengxiao said, "After the class, you sit here and help me light up." Lin Shu: "..."

Although you are not willing, you still have to give in. Ling Fengxiao continued: "Fifty jade souls at a time." Lin Shu: "Okay."
It takes one-fifth jade soul to light a fire. For fifty jade souls, the young lady is a clear stream among the exploiting classes.

Succumb willingly.

After this storm, the rest of the time was calm.

Lin Shu extinguished the fire, packed things up, and was about to leave. Leng Fengxiao was asked, "What is your class next?"

Lin Shu: "The initial formation of the formation." "anything else?"
"Getting started with medicine." Lin Shu was very disturbed.
He was a little hesitant, afraid that Ling Fengxiao would slap himself at the top of the food chain as he did with Xiao Lingyang.

——What did you choose? Why don't you cultivate well?

Although she never lived, Ling Fengxiao did not take such a stand, but the temperament of this puffer fish was so changeable that it was speculative and had to worry about it. I didn't expect Ling Fengxiao to say, "Okay."

Actually, he paid attention to his own curriculum, but Lin Shu no longer knew Ling Fengxiao.

Maybe it was the wrong medicine, he said.

Maybe that piece of jade was really evil, Ling Fengxiao wanted to know the whereabouts of this potential criminal.

When he saw Ling Fengxiao no more talking, he quickly left Han Dandian. Before leaving, Yu Guang saw Ling Fengxiao taking out a pen and paper, and I didn't know what to write.

It doesn't matter, it hangs high, which doesn't slow down Lin Shu's footsteps.

In the air without Ling Fengxiao, he safely finished two courses, went to Liulitian for dinner, and then went to the tenth floor of the library to arrange his books.

Coincidentally, as soon as he entered the tenth floor, a red shadow was rubbed into his eyes.

There is a case table on each floor of the Library for students' learning. Ling Fengxiao is reading a book.
Lin Shu quickly slipped into the bookshelf.

However, to organize books, we must shuttle between bookshelves and inevitably pass through the area where Ling Fengxiao is located.

Her own existence was naturally perceived by Ling Fengxiao.

No, it was not only the perception, he felt that Ling Fengxiao's sight was not on the book, but that he had been watching himself.

Lin Shu worked hard to calm down his mind. I have nothing to observe, the only function is ignition. After a few days, the young lady will naturally realize that this is an unusually salty fish, and there is no need for observation.

Chapter 22: Burn money ghosts

Lin Shu spent an hour in the library.

He felt that Ling Fengxiao also observed himself for an hour.

He had to confirm again and again whether his clothes were decent, his hair was neatly tidy, and there was nothing strange about him.

The result of repeated confirmation is that there is really nothing special about himself.

Fortunately, Ling Fengxiao left early.

However, when Lin Shu returned to Jingfeng Xiyuyuan, he inevitably looked at Ling Fengxiao who had tea in the atrium again.

The man was drinking tea and reading a letter, and a white dove was parked next to it, and some stationery was spread beside it.

This is a carrier pigeon raised by an immortal, a very fast little spirit beast that can fly thousands of miles in a day.

Lin Shu walked through the atrium of Tea Fragrant Tea without going to see Ling Fengxiao, trying to reduce his sense of existence, returning quietly to the room, closing the door, and dropping the window, all in one go.

He began to meditate, but less than half an hour later, Yue Ruohe knocked on the door and entered.

"Brother!" He looked very excited. "Hurry up and tell me, what's wrong today?"

Lin Shu: "Ah?" "This morning, my sister and Baochen took the same class. She said that when she went to find the young lady, she saw that you had also taken" Getting Started with Foreign Dan ". Everyone was spreading this afternoon. The male disciples in the hospital had a big argument with the great prince, and even started to fight! I think that person must be you-I just said that you have a good relationship with Fenghuang Villa, but you never thought you were the young lady!

Lin Shu's eyes were confused.

No, I don't. Ling Fengxiao wants to discipline his brother. I'm just an innocent fuse.

Yue Ruohe ignored his confusion, was extremely excited, and whispered, "Lan Yan misfortune! Now you are going to be famous!"

As I was talking, there was another knock on the door. It was Ling Baochen and Ling Baojing who came in.
"Lin Shu, I'll send you something!" Ling Baochen took a light blue bag.

This is a kind of storage device in Xiandao. Although it is just a small bag, it uses the method of "sumi mustard" in it, which is self-contained and can hold many things.

"This is Jiuzhuan Taiqing Dan, this is Zixiao Cunju Dan, this is Tianyuan true water ..." Ling Baoqing put out many bottles and cans, "The young lady said that the main hall had given a heavy hand, These medicines are used for the time being, they are not good medicines, they can be taken at will, and they must be wounded. "

"There is another 5,000 jade here," said the young lady. In the future, it will be a long time. In the alchemy class, I will bother you to help with the ignition. I will use 5,000 to support it first. Pouch on the table.

The two didn't wait for Lin Shu to respond. They put things down with a smile, pulling one by one, and they walked fast. Lin Shu and Yue Ruohe looked at each other.

Yue Ruohe carefully looked at those bottles of elixir.

"I said, brother," he said, "how much injury did you suffer? These few medicines are enough to save a dead person."

Lin Shu almost forgot that he was injured.

Xiao Lingyang pinched his neck, left a few bruises, and Ling Fengxiao applied the medicine. There was no feeling now.

The bottles and jars sent by Ling Baochen are more expensive than his life by just listening to his name.

Alas, there are five thousand jade souls.

Five thousand, a total of 25,000 fires can be given to Dan furnace.

Alchemy lessons take place every two days, and each lesson takes 50,000 days to complete them.

It's a ghost who burns money. What a good girl, how a fool.
Yue Ruohe was still recognizing medicine, and said, "How many people this fairy road wants Miss Dao to be jealous of, Brother Lin, Brother Lin, you are really a real person."

Lin Shu touched his nose: "We're not familiar."

"Otherwise," Yue Ruohe said, "Brother Lin, the young lady doesn't owe you anything. If you are unfamiliar, how can you give these many things, you and the two obviously have a close relationship."

Lin Shu: "It's really unfamiliar." "Brother Lin, don't be shy," Yue Ruohe, "I don't want to hide it. My friends and I had discussed what kind of man the young lady would like-you must know that young lady has a marriage contract, and it is said that it is a hidden world Xianjun's high apprentice, unfortunately for all these years there has been no news, no shadows, and no one knows who is a dog.
Therefore, I am afraid that this marriage contract will not be fulfilled in the end.

Lin Shu: "Yes."

He really knew that the fiance of Ling Fengxiao was probably dead.

"Now it seems that the young lady actually likes such a quiet and lovely character of Brother Lin," Yue Ruohe thoughtfully. "The young lady likes this, then the sisters around her are probably the same. It seems that I have to say less on weekdays. That's the word. "

Brother Yue, you have fallen.

But the young lady didn't care about herself, and if Ruohe closer to her character, she was afraid she would go astray.

Lin Shu said, "You don't need to change."

"Brother Lin, you are not so authentic," Yue Ruohe sighed. "You and I live in the same garden, and we should be blessed and share. How can we not let me change--who doesn't want to marry a disciple of Phoenix Villa?" "

Well, go and marry.

Yue Ruohe still wanted to speak, but Yue Ruoyun called out to him: "Yue Ruohe! Come out to practice!"

Yue Ruohe always listened to his sister's support, and told Lin Shu to resign, and asked him to come to Japan to discuss it in detail.

Lin Shu returned to quiet. It is also interesting to talk about the martial arts of Yue Ruohe and Yue Ruoyun.

At the time, my own viewpoint in the Shangling test was between heaven and earth in life, such as in a fan cage, but the "rumengtang" where the two brothers and sisters are located believes that man and heaven and earth are one and the same. There is infinite meaning here-and it is no wonder that the system will allocate itself and Yueruohe to talk about it.

As Mengtang's view is, so is martial arts. They do not use weapons, or everything can be a weapon.

Flying flowers, fallen leaves, flowing water, and the breeze are all credible in Rumengtang martial arts. Among them, they are famous for their two unique skills of "free flying flowers" and "silver rain".

Their "exercise" is not the practice of knives and swords, but sitting and watching the meditation at a fixed hour every day, realizing the "qi" of all things.

After more than a moment of crane leaving, the sound of rustling leaves and rustling leaves in the bamboo sea, and the sound of a breeze blowing through the forest, were the result of the brothers and sisters inspiring the machine.

Very mysterious.

I don't know when I can have such cultivation.

Thinking of this, Lin Shu also went to see the bottles and jars on the table.

They are indeed some healing remedies, living dead human bones and bones, but unfortunately, one is useless to the meridians and can not solve the urgent need, and the other is that he and the young lady are completely indifferent, and it is not suitable for receiving such valuable things, but he has no understanding of human affairs I don't know how to return it. He tangled for a short time, without tangling the results, put things back in place, and began to settle.

Silent and quiet, Lin Shu suddenly felt his heart veins faintly faint, very similar to that of his right hand.

Comparing the hatchbacks, he suddenly found something in common. These two meridian changes, Ling Fengxiao touched herself.
I once touched my hand to try his cultivation, once to protect his heart and lungs, fearing that he was strangled by Xiao Lingyang.

So, it seems that Qingxuan Yangmai Jue is not useful for meridians, I don't know.

Ling Fengxiao's use is true, I don't know what it is. But he couldn't always go to Ling Fengxiao.
Miss, I'm bothering you to lose me a little bit, and the more, the better. What's the difference between "rich woman, hug me"?

Chapter 23: What

After thinking about this, Lin Shu collected the two bags and planned to find a suitable opportunity to return to Ling Fengxiao.

He took off his hair crown, put on his robe, and started to settle.

After you are fully familiar with tuna, you do n’t have to remember your breathing and tuna at the time of entry. You can enter a more relaxed state of "forget-me-not". .

After waking up for more than a few hours, he was still thinking. He was a little hesitant for a while, as if the sound of a train whistle came from his ears.

In my old life, in July of each year, I went to live in the mountains to the north with the master for one month. According to the master, it was the old site of the martial arts.

Several broken halls, many of which were scattered, Mr. Meng said that he was a famous disciple, Lin Shu felt right. According to the old site, when the school of his own origin was prosperous, he must also be a large number of disciples.

The railway was built under the mountain. When the night was quiet, the sound of the whistle passed through the night fog and through the enchantment around the hall into the ear. It was a very distant sound. He liked to listen at that time.

After a brief stun, Lin Shu reacted. The whistle only existed in fantasy. He was now in Shangling Xuegong. The original world was gone.

I don't know if there is any connection between this world and that world. But with or without it was no different to him. Lin Shu looked at the quaint furnishings in the room, got out of bed, and opened the bamboo curtain that had been lowered.

A gust of wind blew, and the bamboo sea swayed, like another generation. A glass lamp was lit in the atrium, and Ling Fengxiao had not yet left.
Lin Shu had seen the man drinking tea and reading a letter before, but now he was wiping his knife, moving very slowly, as if thinking of something.

Then, Ling Fengxiao seemed to notice his gaze and looked up.

Lin Shugang was awake from entering the setting, and was in a relatively dull state. Seeing everything was like a dream. There was no response for a moment, staring at Ling Fengxiao for three seconds.

Then, he saw Ling Fengxiao chuckle his lips and smiled, and seemed to say something.

Looking at the mouth, it seems to be-"Early. Sleep." Lin Shu pulled back the curtain blankly.
——In this situation, should he say "Thanks to the leader for caring for the life of the younger brother?"

Ling Fengxiao must not care, this person must be worried about who secretly slept late last night.

Lin Shu got into the quilt, leaned on the bedside, and turned over tomorrow's textbook.

"Southern Xia Fengxiu", "Xia Shu", "Lagerstroemia indica". Roughly geography, history and metaphysics.
He turned the "Lagerstroemia indica" over and over and watched it for a long time, his eyes were confused, and he felt that the course was about to hang. In the atrium, it was said that the brothers and sisters of the Yue family returned to the house after practicing the exercises and greeted Ling Fengxiao when passing by the atrium.

After a while, Ling Fengxiao came back to the room, and after a sound of covering the door, she was silent.

Lin Shu put the book back to the bed, obeying his inner sleepiness, and fell asleep.

No dreams overnight.

It is foreseeable that every day in the school of the future will be spent like this, regular, very satisfying.

The first course of the second day was the examination of the Nanxia customs. Because Lin Shu had to take care of the herbs in the spiritual medicine garden, he was still the same as the alchemy class that day. empty.

He sat down in the corner and waited for the lesson while reading.

I don't know why, I always feel that the person in front always turns to look at himself, and then starts to whisper.


Lin Shu continued reading.

— Until a sneer came to my ears.

Lin Shu looked up, Xiao Lingyang had already come near, staring at him with a bad look.

Lin Shu: "..."

He felt a pain in his neck. But he also felt that at this moment, Xiao Lingyang's face was also faintly paining-some less obvious marks remained on the right cheek.

This person is not expected to be an immortal. She was choked on her neck yesterday. Lin Shu didn't feel any infusion of vitality. The traces on her neck disappeared quickly after she applied medicine. People, that one slaps no mercy, it is estimated that Xiao Lingyang suffered a lot.

At least, now he just sneered and didn't dare to do it anymore.

After Lin Shu confirmed that he had no intention of doing anything, he lowered his head and continued to read his book.

Xiao Lingyang sat down beside him.

Lin Shu decided that the next time in any case, he had to end the things in the Ling Yao Yuan as soon as possible and go to the classroom earlier.

I came to the same table with Ling Fengxiao last night, and come tonight with Xiao Lingyang, if I come later tomorrow, I don't know what strange species I will encounter.

Probably his sense of existence was too weak. Xiao Lingyang did not continue to find things. After sitting down, he began to play the Nine Consecutives until Mr. Yizhou, who was teaching, came down unwillingly. A pair of reluctant speeches, half heard, Then went out and played.

Lin Shuyuguang saw his movements and thought to himself that this lesson was not about Xiao Lingyang's own choice, but that Ling Fengxiao added it to him yesterday after returning miscellaneous lessons, otherwise he was so reluctant.

Mr. Yizhou said that the Nanxia Kingdom is divided into Shu, Jing, Fujian, Jiao, Guangdong, Guizhou, Xu, and Yiba states. The state has counties, prefectures, and li, which are mortal towns. In each state, there are many Xiuxianmen who are hidden in the famous mountains and rivers. They often come out to cut off evil and evil. The government can't solve the problem. They often turn to Xianmen who shelters here. Door of convenience. The Xiuxianmen are required to pay "immortal tax" to the dynasty every year. There are also many positions in the dynasty specifically for those who are immortal. Each generation of the great state division is headed by the head of the immortal.

Lin Shu heard Xiao Lingyang sneer and laugh.

In view of the "Your Highness" that Ling Fengxiao shouted before, Lin Shu felt that the laugh was not simple.

His Royal Highness is actually Ling Fengxiao's brother, which is even more difficult.

Lin Shu has always been reluctant to get involved in things that are not easy, so he decided to stay away from them.

After the brief summary, Mr. Yizhou started from Shuzhou, where Xuegong is located, and explained in detail.

Lin Shu listened quietly, and gradually expanded his knowledge of the world. After more than a few hours, he learned a lot.

After the lecture, Xiao Lingyang left the hall as if he had been burned by the fire.

Lin Shu: "..."

His Royal Highness is really a little overwhelmed, and it is no wonder that Ling Fengxiao is so harsh on him.

He was not stunned by the fire, and packed up slowly before leaving.

Just as soon as he stepped out of the gate of the palace, he walked up to a white jade bridge connecting the two palaces, and encountered Xiao Lingyang being blocked on the bridge by Ling Fengxiao.

Lin Shu didn't want to talk.

He felt that the frequency of meeting the young lady was too high recently. I saw Ling Fengxiao holding the "Southern Xia Fengkao", leaning on the bridge pillar, her eyes were half-closed, her expression was cold.

What Xiaoling Yang is doing is answering.

——Lin Shu knew that not only did he not attend the lesson, he also solved an hour of nine series.

Not only did the nine serials of an hour be solved, but nothing was solved.

He went forward silently, feeling that Ling Fengxiao was about to explode again.

Sure enough, after more than ten steps, I saw Ling Fengxiao closing the book "Feng Wu Zhi" and said indifferently: "I will go to Jaspersky every day in the future to find me."

Xiao Lingyang became so angry and regained the book that he fiercely said, "Why do you care about me?"

"I'm willing to control you?" Ling Fengxiao chuckled. "If my mother didn't want me to watch, I'll let you die."

"Okay, you do." Xiao Lingyang said, "I'll wait for you to make me a good one. In the future, I will be the emperor if you wish. The first thing is to marry you to Beixia and his pro!

Lin Shuxin said, this is also a ruthless person, just afraid of being beaten again.

Unexpectedly, Ling Fengxiao was not angry, but smiled: "You marry."

"I'm waiting in Beixia. If your Majesty is not the master of ZTE, I will have to make waves in Beixia and let you be the king of the country!"

The sound of endless sullen pressure in the voice made people feel that if this person said it, he would be able to do it.

Lin Shu pretended not to hear anything, passed silently. As I walked, I thought, Ling Fengxiao had such an unconvinced brother, and it was very troublesome. Xiao Lingyang had such an elder sister, which was also extremely unfortunate.

Ling Fengxiao went to her own troubles, and Xiao Lingyang went to misfortune. He just hoped that the young lady would not have the idea of
??killing or beating because she heard what she shouldn't. Just thinking about it, I saw Ling Fengxiao looking at herself.
"Lin Shu," the beautiful woman in red clothes leaned on the white jade railing, turned slightly, and said lazily, "Don't go, come here."

The fire broke out at the gate and it really hit the pond fish.

Lin Shu walked over and wondered what Ling Fengxiao was doing.

Xiao Lingyang didn't care about him at all, and said to Ling Fengxiao: "You can't do anything wrong!"

"Isn't it a bad thing?" Ling Fengxiao sneered. "Your war is about to start, but your highness wants to make peace with Beixia. Is it a bad one?
Knowing that I already have a marriage contract, I still want to send me to Beixia. Is it tantrum? "

It ’s okay not to mention the marriage contract. This time, Xiao Lingyang immediately occupied an advantageous position in the quarrel. The gloomy and resentful look was swept away and replaced with a gloating look. You just have a dog temper, you see who dare to marry Xiandao? I will not give you a marriage in the future, you will keep your door open forever, deserve it! "

Ling Fengxiao smiled, "Oh?"

"Oh?" After Xiao Lingyang ignored him, he turned to Lin Shu and said lightly, "Are you hurt?"

Compared to the tone of Fang Cai and Xiao Lingyang speaking, it can be said to be soft-spoken. Xiao Lingyang's expression seemed to see a ghost day by day. Lin Shu was suffocated, and said, "Okay."
Ling Fengxiao: "Where to go to class?" Lin Shu: "Chengyuan Hall."
"Well," Ling Fengxiao said, "let's go." Lin Shu: "?"
He felt something was wrong.

But one person seems to think things are even more wrong. Xiao Lingyang was dumbfounded.
Ling Fengxiao said angrily to him: "Aren't you leaving yet?"

Xiao Lingyang said: "Aren't you going to the other side for a class?" Ling Fengxiao expressionless: "Send my brother."
"You ... beat me because of this person yesterday!" Xiao Lingyang jerked a few times, his expression was very tangled, "It's not really not to give you a marriage! Don't you want to raise ... What is that? "

Chapter 24: Little liar

Ling Fengxiao raised an eyebrow: "Which one?"

"What's that!" Xiao Lingyang looked at Lin Shu and Ling Fengxiao again, eyes wide, very anxious, and looked like "my sister wants to take drugs".

"Well, that's not bad." Ling Fengxiao glanced at Lin Shu.

That pair of flowing beauty, clear black and white, glamorous, ecstatic, as if not a person in reality.

Xiao Lingyang said: "What system!"

Ling Fengxiao said, "What matters to you." Xiao Lingyang: "I don't know the importance!" Ling Fengxiao: "Do you know?"
Lin Shu listened to the two of them arguing, tried to slip away, was discovered by Ling Fengxiao, glanced at Xiao Lingyang, and said, "Hello, you are doing it yourself."

——Then ditched with Lin Shu. Xiao Lingyang: "You ...!"
Ling Fengxiao ignored him.

Xiao Ling's anger was bad, and he said, "Lin Shu, wait for me!"

This man was strong and strong, and his nephew counseled, apparently arguing with his sister, but did not say "Ling Fengxiao, you wait for me" and said Lin Shu, it was extremely deceitful. Lin Shu and the young lady walked across Bai Yuqiao side by side, panicing in her heart.

He didn't know what to say, Ling Fengxiao didn't say anything, he just walked forward slowly, and the atmosphere was very awkward for a while.

Ling Fengxiao's body has a scent of blue and musk, which is very sullen and very smelling.

When I got off the bridge, I came to a Qionghua Forest, and the flowers fell like snow. Many disciples were stopping to enjoy the game, and then they both looked at them with curiosity.

If you think about it, it is rare that the young lady went alone with the unknown teacher and brother.

Lin Shu was thinking.

Would you like to ask why Ling Fengxiao followed herself? Why observe yourself?

——Miss, what are you following me?

——Miss, is there something wrong with me?

He hesitated for a while, and finally finished the draft, and said, "Ling ..."

The next moment, there was a wind howling in the air, and the flowers fell suddenly, and the snow-like sword light suddenly turned on!

Lin Shu flashed a red shadow in front of his eyes and was pointed at the neck by the sharp blade.

Instincts let Lin Shu know how to avoid, and the physical body makes Lin Shu too late to respond.

He could only stand in place, watching Ling Fengxiao draw a knife to himself without expression, the corners of his eyebrows were sharp. According to the movement of the knife, this knife will accurately cut off his neck.

Lin Shu blinked blankly, motionless—he couldn't move if he wanted to.

——Live again, this life is so unclearly explained here, the mind of the young lady is too speculative.

As I was thinking, the wind stopped suddenly, and the knife stopped by his neck, and a hint of coolness infiltrated.

The moment he saw Ling Fengxiao spit out blood at the moment he stopped.

There is no turning arrow when opening the bow, and the same is true for the sword. The shock of the sword is bound to the wind and thunder. If it is retracted halfway, it will certainly suffer internal injuries.

Ling Fengxiao erased the blood on her lips at random, and said, "You really don't have martial arts?"

Lin Shu: "Take it seriously."

In the final analysis, this man still suspected that he was a criminal with no intention of attempting to injure the enemy by one thousand and self- damaging 800 to try his martial arts.

Ling Fengxiao closed her sword and said, "Mr. Meng will never put a talentless person into the school, pretending to look like this, it must not be a casual person."

Lin Shu honestly said, "I am a leisurely generation." Ling Fengxiao laughed.
This man was going to pull a knife and kill someone for a while, and then he was so gentle and drizzle that Lin Shu was very shy.

He asked, "... Are you okay?" At that moment, when I stopped the knife, I had to suffer severe internal injuries. Besides, Ling Fengxiao also vomited blood.

Ling Fengxiao seemed to snorted, took out a small jade bottle, sipped a medicine, and she had a pale face.

He is a leisurely generation, but the medicine that Miss carries with him is certainly not a leisurely medicine.

It's nice to be rich.

"The meridian is inaccessible, martial arts won't," Ling Fengxiao finished her medicine, frowned, and seemed a little dissatisfied. "What's the matter with you?"

Alright, it turns out that I need a little martial art to light the young lady. Lin Shu felt that he had been rejected.
The meridians are not connected, Wu Gong is not, and he is desperate. He could only say, "That's it."
Ling Fengxiao still looked unbelieving, and asked, "Your master didn't teach you?"

Lin Shu: "No."

Ling Fengxiao: "That's a master." Lin Shu: "!"
A fool in the small village also has a master, and it sounds a little problem at first.

Is this a quilt?

He clearly realized the fact that his mind was really not very good. At least in the face of such unpredictable people as Miss, it is better not to speak.

However, once you don't speak, you have to make Ling Fengxiao unhappy again.

I just listened to this person coolly: "Either don't talk, or contradict each other, don't break and attack. Do you have the truth in your mouth? Huh?"

Lin Shu kept quiet like a chicken, only blinking innocently.

Ling Fengxiao looked at him with a smile, and said, "... liar liar." Having said that, he turned and went on.
Lin Shu quietly followed, quietly reached the entrance of Chengyuan Hall, went in quietly, and sat down quietly.

Ling Fengxiao: "I'm gone." Lin Shu: "... Um."

What is the young lady doing? It's really puzzling.
Lin Shu could not find any logic for Ling Fengxiao, and not only was Ling Fengxiao strange, but his classmates were also strange now.

When I first arrived at the palace, just because the young lady said "coincidentally", the brothers of Xiandaoyuan changed their attitudes to themselves, not to mention that now the young lady gave herself to class- the eyes he received have become more and more Something is wrong.

The strangest thing happened in the evening of the day. After class, he was going out, blocked by Xiao Lingyang. "You," Xiao Lingyang surveyed him up and down, raised his chin proudly, "I don't care what kind of soul soup you put into Ling Fengxiao, stay away in the future, otherwise ..."

He made a dark movement to wipe his neck, and continued: "For the people of Fenghuang Villa, this is a trivial matter, and you must not easily mess with the men outside. But wherever you stop lingering Fengxiao, what do you want? I can give it to you, do you want money, cheats, or a woman? The qualification to go to the magical mountain is okay, and you people in Xiandao always like this. "

I do not want.

I just want you weird species a little farther away from me.

Who is arguing with Ling Fengxiao like the black-eyed chicken today? Why are you protecting like eyes?

Ling Fengxiao's head went into the water, somehow and I couldn't get through, I didn't do anything.

Besides, give me ten guts, and I can't go to Miss Dai.

What happened in the past two days has gone far beyond Lin Shu's cognitive scope.

He was like a salty fish sunbathing on the beach, suddenly involved in the disputes of the underwater world.

Chapter 25: small things

At this time, Lin Shu had just completed one and a half hours, and the number of Lagerstroemia indica was as difficult as Tianshu. He was close to coma. Already.

"You stand still!" Xiao Lingyang shouted, "Did you not hear?"

He took a few steps forward, grabbed Lin Shu's shoulder, and seemed to want to do it again, but due to Ling Fengxiao's previous discipline, his strength was not great.

Lin Shu frowned, and said, "I'm not familiar with Ling Fengxiao."

"Unfamiliar?" Xiao Lingyang chuckled. "Do you read my letter? She hasn't even sent me yet, and even sent you to class ... Huh."

Lin Shu: "..."

He thought about it, Ling Fengxiao first observed himself in secret, and sent himself to another class. It ’s really not credible to say that he was unfamiliar. After thinking about the wording, he went down the donkey and said, "You are not afraid that Ling Fengxiao will pick me up. ? "

Xiao Lingyang froze a moment, and then closed his hands.

——This person is afraid of Ling Fengxiao, Lin Shu knew it. He slowly said, "Farewell."
Xiao Lingyang stared at him fiercely: "You are waiting."

Lin Shu thought as he left, without martial arts is really annoying.

It seems like just now, blocked by Xiao Lingyang, if he has cultivated himself, he will not be subject to him at all. But the foundation is still far away. Where can martial arts come from?

Because of this, after finishing today's collection of books in the library, he turned around for a long time in the area of ??exercises.

The collection of Xuegong's books are mainly based on the peacefulness of Zhongzheng. There are no crude and superb generations, and there are no peerless exercises. Most of them are basic exercises. This also means that these exercises are very satisfactory. Generally speaking, the law must be cooperated with cultivation and martial arts attainment.

Lin Shu wants the martial arts that wins purely by skill.

This master of martial arts mentioned in his last life that when a person's eyesight has reached a certain level, supplemented by some odd rising techniques, even if he does not use the true spirit and spirit, he can defeat the enemy purely with his skills.

Master gives some examples, and then refutes that these exercises have no internal roots, they are external demons, and you must not go astray by being lazy.

However, this time is different from the past. Without a practice, if he wants to have the power to protect himself, he can only ask for "exorcism".

However, it is clear that there is no such secret in the library of Xue Gong, at least not in this area where the disciples can enter.

Lin Shu found nothing and left the library. I do n’t know if I can find such things.
After thinking about this matter, facing Yao Xinghui's brilliant Xingluo Lake, he began to think about what happened to Ling Fengxiao.

Combining what happened today, and thinking about every conversation with Ling Fengxiao these days, he thought of a possibility. The young lady knew herself because she wanted to find her fiance in the ghost town.

After coming out of the ghost town and coming to Xuegong, Ling Fengxiao still did not give up this matter, and even came to visit the following night, just to ask himself if something unusual happened in the village. When Minzhou City became a place where evil spirits gathered, Xiu Xianren is able to escape.

Then there is one more special thing.

At the beginning, I learned that Minzhou City was completely reduced to a ghost town. When there was no survivor, the young lady had an extremely bad temper.

But today Xiao Lingyang made a mockery of "watching the door", and did not see Ling Fengxiao get angry.

Based on this, Lin Shu speculated that the young lady might have found her fiance's trace, so her mood improved and she did not care about Xiao Lingyang again.

And how did you find your fiance?

——It must be what happened in the village that he explained to him, which helped Ling Fengxiao.

Otherwise, why is it that Ling Fengxiao, who has no one in her eyes, suddenly notices herself and is kind to herself?

Perhaps, Ling Fengxiao had given up looking for that person at that time, but after questioning him three nights ago, it was learned that those who cultivated immortals might escape from that appalling **** suppression and rekindled hope , Re-searching, and then really achieved his wish.

The elixir and jade sent by Ling Baochen Ling Baochen that day may be thanks from the young lady.

Lin Shu felt that he was right. However, Ling Fengxiao usually treats people too indifferently, showing a little goodwill and gratitude to himself has aroused criticism from the people in the school, and also caused Xiao Lingyang, a non-decent black- eye chicken, which is really wrong, so she had to patience.

After he figured it out, he became comfortable all over.

When it was time to return to Jingfeng Xiuyuan, Xiao Lingyang was being questioned by Ling Fengxiao in the atrium, and Ling Baochen was serving tea.

Seeing Xiao Lingyang flying up and down at this moment uneasy and uncomfortable, Lin Shu was somewhat happy.

The man was trapped by his sister, so tonight he couldn't come to him. A quiet evening is coming.
But his vision is always broken.

After settling for less than half an hour, someone knocked on the door again.

It was actually Ling Baochen who should have waited for the young lady to drink tea.

She looked around at this simple bamboo house and groaned with a smile: "Lin Shu, Miss sent me to ask you, is there anything uncomfortable in Xue Gong? If you feel uncomfortable, let us add something for you."

The kindness of the young lady is too big. I'm so happy to find my fiance?
Lin Shudao: "No, it's not used to."

Ling Baochen said: "You are so deserted in this house. It ’s really deserted. In my opinion, it ’s also good to hang some calligraphy. I have a picture of Mr. Yu at four o'clock, and a picture of the magical mountains and clouds of Peach Fairy. It ’s better to give you tomorrow. Send it! There is also a luminous luminous pearl from the South China Sea-after all, lighting the lamp hurts the eyes, it is better to use beads. "

She thought for a while, and said, "The incense burner is also required. It is very useful to smoke ambergris when it is set."

Lin Shu was stunned, and quickly said, "No need."

"How can you not?" Ling Baochen said, "You are not an outsider right now, you don't have to be polite with us."

Lin Shu: "?????"

Why isn't he an outsider?

He felt that the facts might be slightly different from what he had just speculated, and asked Ling Baochen: "Why?"

Ling Baochen actually covered his mouth and laughed. I'm confused.
"Miss Miss is right!" Ling Baochen said. Lin Shu: "What?"
Ling Baochen blinked, and said, "Miss said, Lin Shu, a little thing, has been fascinated and has a few words in her mouth, which is also a bit chic."

Lin Shu: "..." Fine.
But why isn't he an outsider?

He wanted to ask, but didn't know what to ask, and was thinking about the wording. But Ling Baochen kept looking at him across the table, making him uncomfortable, and he could hardly think.

Ling Baochen looked up and down enough and sighed: "Although the young lady's fiance can't be found, it's not unhelpful. Kobayashi, you can play with the young lady. If there is anyone else in the future, you don't have to. We are jealous of the wind. Naturally, our villa cannot be short of you. "

The moment Lin Shu heard this, the whole person was choked. His previous guess was wrong!
It's more than wrong, it's a total mistake.

Ling Fengxiao, would n’t you really be unmarried, give up on yourself, and want to raise ... what is that?

Xiao Ling then tried to stop, and the girls at Phoenix Villas gave their full support.

-That can't be raised on your own.

He thought that Ling Fengxiao's eyes might be a little difficult to use. Ling Baochen finally smiled and asked, "Do you know?"
Lin Shu: "I don't know."

"Pretend to be stupid!" Ling Baochen said with a smile, and got up and said, "I'll go first. The things will be delivered to you tomorrow."

Lin Shu felt like he was living in a dream.

The textbooks can't be read anymore, and I can't get into the set. I always feel that the nose is lingering on the scent of the blue musk on Ling Fengxiao's body, and the murderous sword is on the neck.

He decided to go to dream to find Mr. Meng to practice sword. Sword practice can be meditation.

The jade amulet connected to Lingling Dream was held in his hand, and the faint light flashed a few times, but it went out.

After a while, a line appeared on the jade charm, which was Mr. Meng's tone.

"Dream arrays have unstable eyesight and can't accept people, Dao You, you just sit down and practice, then you can come in later."

Everything goes wrong, and the malice of this world always follows.

The routine in the city is deep, and the world of Xiuxian is really too complicated. He wants to go back and return to Ning'an Prefecture to plant the land peacefully with Li Yamao and Li Maomao.

The author has something to say: Ling Fengxiao: The little things are cute. Girls: We get it!
Lin Shu: Who am I and where am I?

Chapter 26: fairy

Out of the window, the practice of the brothers and sisters of the Yue family in Zhulin came to an end.

Lin Shu heard Yue Ruoyun saying, "Strange, you can't go in today's dreams, do you do the same?"

Yue Ruohe said: "Yes, it is said that there was a problem with the frontal eye and it is temporarily impossible to enter."

"I hope that it will be resolved sooner--saying that on September 24th every week, we will open the martial arts show to new disciples, but today we have been unable to get in, which is very anxious."

Yue Ruohe said, "You're just doing the usual work, and you're afraid of being beaten into melon when you go to Yanwu."

"I am," Yue Ruoyun said, "I was beaten into a melon, and you were beaten into a big melon."

Lin Shu didn't mean to overhear the two men's quarrel, it was the silence of the bamboo forest that could come with a little movement.

They mentioned that the opening of the martial arts field on Sunday, September 24 was an important matter. Lin Shu had encountered too many things in the past few days, almost forgotten, and thanked Yue Ruoyun for mentioning.

Xuegong, especially Xiandaoyuan, does not encourage disciples to learn how to fight. One is powerful and destroys the building of Xuegong, and the other is swordless. As long as you use the true skills, it will never be a bit over. The truth-for example, today, with Ling Fengxiao's repair, forcibly retracting the sword and still suffering internal injuries, let alone other people. Therefore, if the disciplinary skills of the disciples are slightly inadvertent, they will bleed and be injured. They will need to be raised for a long time, delaying schoolwork, which is not appropriate.

However, the immortal martial arts could not be separated, and the study of martial arts was a great opportunity for progress in the realm. The academy could not stop it, so there was the existence of Zhou Tianyan Wuchang in a dream.

Each disciple can freely choose weapons in the martial arts field of Zhou Tian, ??and find someone with the same strength to challenge-no need to stop, you can use your housekeeping skills to fight with your opponents, even if you lose your life, you can still fight Restore the original look.

Due to the existence of the martial arts field, a series of dream mechanisms also emerged at the historic moment, such as the record of each person's record, the winning percentage is a few, the introduction of martial art style ... and even the bet bet with jade as a bet, All these are different.

At the same time, Yanwuchang also has a function. This is an anonymous performance martial arts ground.
During this period, here, in order to prevent the grievances brought to Taiwan from being brought into reality, anyone can choose to change their appearance and name in the performance martial arts field. If the number of martial arts is recognized in reality, it is another matter-but Xue Gongji Thousands of people are scattered and cultivate each other, and there are really few opportunities to meet. This kind of thing is rare.

In other words, after entering the Tiantian Arena, you can meet the immortals of the Quanxue Palace to prove martial arts, and you can remain anonymous, without any disputes in real life.

This is exactly what Lin Lin cherishes.

Just put on a piece of skin, you can go to a dream to find a variety of sparring exercises to practice swords, back to reality, one shot and two scattered, no one knows who.

He also happened to be able to see how powerful people are in this world.

In reality, he is weak, poor, and helpless. As soon as he enters a dream, he can be very different, and his physical condition is not different from that of the previous life.

The former self, since he was called by the Master to be a rare genius for thousands of years, should be born as a sword and die as a sword.

But thinking of this, he could not help but wonder about the mechanism of the dream.

How does dreamland determine a person's strength in dreamland?

Thanks to this person's imagination? Under the subconscious? Still a soul?

It is impossible to imagine, so that everyone can have the power to destroy the world in the dream.

The subconscious mind is also not very reliable, and what modern science cannot capture is a bit unbelievable.

And if a person enters a dream with a spirit, the strength in the dream is determined by the spirit, it makes sense, and no wonder Mr. Dream is convinced that he is a well-trained disciple without any inquiry. .

If this thing is true ... then it shows that his spirit is still there.

Once the realm is still there, the obstacle to Xiuxian is only this body. As long as it can open up the meridians, build foundations, Jindan ... and even later layers, it will not be too difficult to break through.

Other people's cultivation is to climb mountains and ridges, and a mountain is higher than a mountain. His cultivation may be to pass the Pingchuan River after crossing a mountain, but the first mountain is the Himalayas. Those who can change the meridian—peerless cheats, or heavenly treasures, elixir, are all things that he is hard to get at present.

The reason is poor.

Xiao Lingyang said he could give, provided he was a little farther from Ling Fengxiao.

But he and Ling Fengxiao have not been close, there is no way to get far. Once I thought of Ling Fengxiao, my thoughts were biased again.
-What exactly does this person want to do?

Lin Shu lay on the desk case, staring blankly at the moon outside the window.

The pie will not fall in the sky, and the young lady suddenly gets better for herself, and there must be something strange about it.

Be vigilant in the future.

Just thinking about it for a while, the Yufu in front of him suddenly shimmered.

"The dream has been stabilized, Daoyou can enter by himself, but the real person is not returning, and the formation cannot be completely repaired. If there is an accident, Daoyou Haihan is also expected.

——The real human being is the famous formation method of Xiandao. Most of the formation methods that Shangling dreams rely on have his skills.

Now that he is stable, Lin Shu has successfully entered the dream. Strangely, there is no trace of Mr. Dream on the mountain today.
Lin Shu walked into the pavilion where Mr. Meng stayed and found his study book on the stone table. "Dao You, Mr. Shu Yun travels, can't take care of the array, but now the array of eyes is unstable, and he will be gone for the time being. He will return within 30 days, during which time all matters will be jade-funed.

It turned out that the program failed and the system failed. Mr. Meng is absent, how should Zhou Tianyan Wuchang go?
Lin Shu wandered on the top of the mountain for a while, and finally found an inconspicuous trail in the jungle.

Although the trail is small, it is certain that it has never appeared before.

He poked out the bushes and walked in, the path was filled with white mist, and after stepping in, the world suddenly changed.

In the white mist, a bronze mirror appeared in front of Lin Shu.

——This scene he had read in "Bai Xiaosheng's Details of Shangling Xuegong" is exactly the Yirong interface of Zhou Tianyan Wuchang.

Lin Shu just thought about the appearance of his previous life, and his image in the mirror gradually changed.

After changing his face, he was still wearing the robe prescribed by the Xuegong. In this way, it would not look obtrusive and would not be recognized.

Lin Shu quietly pushed away the mirror and walked forward. The white mist world suddenly changed.
Before you see anything, just listen to the noise.

"The contest between Hongxianzi and Yan Xuan a moment later, 20 jade bets made a bet, and they will leave hands—"

"Can you enlighten me, this buddy?" "Brother Qin, it ’s so wonderful that you did‘ Longyou Qunuma ’! I admire you!”

"Today's dreams are unstable. The new teachers, younger sisters and sisters are late, and we have to be entertained."

Lin Shu thought, no wonder that Jasper Sky has been so cold and deserted. It turned out that everyone gathered in Yanwu Stadium to fight.

The white fog dispersed, and the scene in front of him gradually became clear. He looked forward, and saw a vast and immense water surface.
There were stars and studs standing on the pier, and he was on a pier with one piece on each side of the pier. Like a boulder in a mirror, all kinds of news are rolling on one side, such as "Hongxianzi and Yan Xuandi's 13th stage contest: Hai Shizheng." "Qin Qing Yuxuanzi 16th stage is waiting for enlightenment from Taoists" .

On the other side, the boulder did not move, with many golden handwritings engraved on it. Looking closely, it was the ranking.

The first person's name is very prominent, called Xiao Shao. The second person's name is smaller than that of the third person. To the bottom, it is completely dense and small.

According to Bai Xiaosheng, this boulder is called the "Zhou Tian Zhen Wu Bang". The rankings fluctuate with the results of each competition. The top ranking is also the same as the one obtained in the course.

——I found another way to get the jade soul. If we compete hard every day, maybe he will not be poor.

Lin Shu was thinking, Yu Guang suddenly noticed that someone was watching himself.

He turned.

When I turned, I felt a little bit wrong.

I felt a huge mistake after turning around. The man across was looking at himself suspiciously—with the face of his last life!

Lin Shu looked at himself. Lin stunned.
He is wearing white clothes. Very white.
And yarn.


The kind that girls would use.

"You ..." the human opposite said, "You used my body! Give it back to me soon!"

The image he set for himself was never possible to wear women's clothing, and the person opposite said that he had used the wrong body, which must be true.

And the man's appearance and dress were all set by himself before the mirror.

Lin Shu: "You also used my body."

The human said: "Yes, I don't know how to return it, you better not be an ugly monster!"

Said, the man went to the water, and then said, "Although I can see it, but I definitely do not want a man's body! How can we change it back?"

Lin Shu also approached the water.

Among the blue waves, there is a fairy in a white suit with a flowing cloud, half a cloak and a half hair, with cool and beautiful facial features and an alpine temperament.

Lin Shu felt a bit unable to breathe.

The person who used his body said, "I must not be a man's body." It must be a girl who pinched such a dusty fairy image for himself, but was used by him.

The girl said, "I'm afraid the dream has gone wrong. Let's go in again." Lin Shu: "Okay."
He pulled his consciousness out of the dream, went in again, and walked down the path.

However, this time there were no bronze mirrors at all, and I went directly to the dock.

The girl stood on the dock with her own body and looked at herself.

There was no way to change the image after re-entry, and the atmosphere was very embarrassing for a while.

At this moment, another person appeared suddenly out of thin air.

After the man stood still, he touched his head, yelled, and went to see the water.

"This ... what happened?" He said: "I have prepared Yi Rong handsomely and handsomely, how can I become a bald pock now!"

Now the three of them looked at each other.

"I remember Mr. Meng said, if there is an accident, I also hope Dao Youhai Han." Said the girl.

The third man said: "This accident is too annoying!" Lin Shu: "... I'm leaving now." Looking at the reflection, he couldn't accept it.

The girl put on Lin Shu's face and said, "I will go too."

The third man said, "I can't accept that I'm a pock, and I'm gone."

Lin Shu returned to the real world, holding the mirror, thinking about the appearance of the fairy in white, and decided not to step into the martial arts half step until Mr. Meng returned.


Nothing beats jade, than a month.

The author has something to say: Shu Xi's real person went out to travel and actually caused a terrible tragedy.

False love for a lifetime: What do I do after confessing my fiancée's gender?

Tracing to the Source: Where Did the Original Misunderstanding Come From?

This issue of "Approaching Xiuxian" reveals your secrets in depth.

Chapter 27: Essence of Fire

Zheng Zheng, the chicken cries three times.

Lin Shu got up as usual, ran the Yangmai Jing and the forged body formula as usual, took a cold bath in the spirit dew as usual, and sneezed as usual.

He felt himself wandering on the edge of the chill.

After that, walk out of the room and go to the dining room.

It was a little early, and there were some people sitting sparsely in the dining room. Looking at them, there was a red color, which was the girls of Fenghuang Villa.

Ling Fengxiao was not inside.

Lin Shu relaxed a bit, went to get his meal, and found a remote place to sit down.

The dining hall of Xuegong Palace is almost 100 times higher than the level of the school canteen. The raw materials used are Lingzhiling Valley, which contains spiritual power, and the effect of Linglu in the bamboo house. Now, although the meridians have not progressed, my physique has improved a lot, at least, just wandering on the edge of the cold and not really entering.

He has always been slow to eat, probably because he often drowses while eating.

He decided to get rid of this vice in the future.

Because when he was half-eaten, Ling Fengxiao sat opposite.

In front of the young lady, a bowl of lotus porridge, a cup of walnut butter, and a plate of almond tofu are very vegetarian. Lin Shu is more vegetarian. His division is strict in diet.
Five sounds and five colors, five shapes and five flavors, are all dust barriers, which hinder the Tao heart, need to avoid.

Alas, there is one rule of the division, there is one, you can't speak, you can't sleep.

Ling Fengxiao also seemed to carry through the sentence to the end. The two of them ate quietly and no one spoke.

After a while, another person sat opposite.

Xiao Lingyang glanced at Lin Shu obliquely, looked at Ling Fengxiao again, and began to eat.

Lin sparsely finished.

Ling Fengxiao ate the last piece of walnut butter gracefully, put down the silver spoon, and said to him, "Where are you going?"

Lin Shudao: "Spirit medicine garden."

Xiao Lingyang quickly said: "You go to the Lingling Medicine Garden, Du Ruoren will not let you go, don't think about it."

Lin Shu felt that Xiao Lingyang was guarding the thief. He had nothing to say, saying, "I'm gone."
Ling Fengxiao said "um", but she also got up, trying to walk with him.

Xiao Lingyang stared at him again with a hostile look, and got up to follow.

Lin Shu lived for nearly two decades, never eating at the same table with anyone other than Master, let alone eating with others and leaving. He felt strange, a little unnaturally nervous, and when he came to the door, he had a cold morning wind and a few coughs.

Ling Fengxiao quietly watched him cough. After a while, she said lightly, "Hair is not dry."

Lin Shudao said, "No spiritual power."

The voice dropped, and a pale red spirit rose up beside him. After a hover, some of the originally wet hair dried immediately.

The spiritual power of this color he has seen is from Ling Fengxiao, the one that almost exploded the Dan furnace in the alchemy class, and drying his hair is much faster than other spiritual power.

Xiao Lingyang rubbed his teeth.

Lin Shudao: "Thank you very much."

"Since you are a sick seedling, you should know the importance." Ling Fengxiao was expressionless. "Be careful in the future to save yourself from death."

Lin Shudao said, "Well."

The hair that I could dry with a little spiritual force in my last life can only be wiped with a cloth towel to half dry, and I have thoroughly experienced the life of mortals.

Although you know you need to be careful with your body, there is no way to be careful, after all, there is no hair dryer in this world.

Ling Fengxiao heard the sound of his response and sneered: "Perfunctory." Lin Shu: "..."
Fortunately, the lady was not entangled on this issue, but changed the topic, saying: "Recently, the magic power of the Dream Array is unstable, and it is affected by the magical mountain. When the heavenly gate of the magical mountain opens, the floating heaven fairy palace will open soon. Do you want to go? "

Floating Celestial Palace?

It is recorded in many classics, and Bai Xiaosheng also explained it in detail, so Lin Shu knows it.

On the top of the magical mountain, the floating heaven fairy palace, no one knows how many years it has existed, only knowing that there are several hundred years, there are always some years, when the snow is full and the snow holds the mountain gate, the gatekeeper of the fairy palace will open the magical mountain Tianmen has allowed young ancestors in Xiandao to enter. In recent years, the opening of Xian Palace has become more frequent, almost once every four years.

On the dangling mountain, there are "wanzhangmijin" illusions that can sharpen the state of mind, there are peerless spiritual veins for cultivation, and entering the floating heaven fairy palace, there are countless secrets and treasures, generation after generation of immortal cultivation.

However, after all, these things are too precious to be easily obtained, and they are of great importance. Therefore, Futianxian Palace is said to be open to the Immortal Road, and it is not practical to enter it at will.

Every time the Tianmen Gate is opened and Daxian Road is opened, only one hundred people can enter with the token.

The tokens were controlled by the dynasty, of which 30 were given to the majors, the other 30 to the Shangling Academy, and another 30 were scattered to other schools in Nanxia.

The remaining ten were carried by masters dispatched by the dynasty to protect the thoroughness of the ninety young disciples in the imperial palace.

Lin Shu wants to go. There are countless treasures and numerous cheats in the imperial palace, which is likely to be helpful to his practice.

But why does Ling Fengxiao ask herself this?

He was thinking, and he heard Ling Fengxiao say, "If you want to go, I'll take the place of Xuegong and give you the villa."

Lin Shu: "!"

It's not surprising that Ling Fengxiao spoke so insignificantly of precious places, but ... Although the young lady is not good at mouth, she is really nice to herself.

He said subconsciously: "No." Ling Fengxiao: "Huh?"
Lin Shu: "I really don't need to."

The young lady nodded reluctantly: "Stay in the Academy." Lin Shu is really going to suffocate.
Inexplicable goodwill is more intriguing than inexplicable malice.

Thinking of the performance of Ling Baochen and Xiao Lingyang, wouldn't the young lady really want to support herself?

His strong thirst for knowledge finally overcame his language barrier, Lin Shu said, "Why me?"

Ling Fengxiao looked at him with a stupid look. Lin Shu is innocent.
After an embarrassing silence, Ling Fengxiao said, "If you are ordinary, am I not ashamed?" Lin Shu: "?"

I am ordinary, how can I make Ling Fengxiao shame?

Does the young lady have such strict requirements for roommates, tablemates, and younger brothers?

——At the same table, your grades are too poor. I don't like it pleasingly. Would you like to apply for a magical mountain cram school?

Although the motivation can be explained, this personal situation is too big. As Lin Shu, he can't afford it at all. Therefore, it is better not to accept it, and he himself may not be able to get a place to enter the Magic Mountain.

The 30 places in the Shangling Academy are for the top 30 people on the Zhou Tianzheng list.

Can he enter the top thirty and fall next? The most difficult obstacle to overcome is that if he wants to be ranked on the list, he must go to Yanwu Stadium, and his image in Yanwu Stadium is because of the disorder of the system and swapping with a girl. Now, until Mr. Meng returns, he may only be able to maintain the appearance of the white fairy.

Oh, according to what Ling Fengxiao said just now, the chaos of the system is the spiritual fluctuation when the Magic Mountain is opened.

The world is too malicious to itself.

After Ling Fengxiao said "I'm not embarrassing," I didn't say anything else, Lin Shu couldn't organize the language, and he was speechless all the way, only Xiao Lingyang's irritable kicking stones.

When he arrived at the Ling Yao Yuan, a sign was erected at the door, "The five elements are in harmony with each other.

Seeing Ling Fengxiao as such, he not only exploded the Dan furnace, but also burned the grass, it can be said that he was a walking dangerous element. Ling Fengxiao said, "I'm gone." Xiao Lingyang said: "Hurry up." Lin Shu: "Yes."
On this day, although there was a strong beginning and a beginning of Ling Fengxiao's appearance, but after that, it was calm and regular, and Lin Shu liked it very much.

He calmly finished everything and returned to Jasper Sky calmly. Once I went back, I was not calm.
The girl at Phoenix Villa knocked on his door, and laughed and banged in the bamboo house for half an hour, with calligraphy and paintings hanging on the wall, a night pearl on the bed, an incense burner in the bedroom, and a rattan on the wall.

"This was specially ordered by the young lady to send me!" Ling Baochen opened an ice jade box, which contained a red round ball. The beads seemed to be on fire. The moment the box opened, hot air rushed out.

Ling Baochen said: "The essence of 500 years away from the fire is a rarity, and there is no second in the world."

Lin Shu has seen records of such beads.

This thing can not be met-the famous mountains and rivers, where the gas and machinery converge, accidentally landed, and accumulated over time, you can grow the essence of the five elements, the essence of the fire is one of them.

This level of heaven and earth treasures, devoured by beasts, if unfortunately not dead, you can give birth to spiritual intelligence and master the spiritual power. If the immortal person with the same spiritual power attributes obtains it, it will be refined and absorbed, and it can be further improved . But one is not a beast in the mountain, the other has no spiritual power and cannot refine the essence of fire. Ling Fengxiao also knew that he had no meridians, and it was definitely not for him to practice, so this was probably a heater.

Not only can he stop taking cold showers in the future, but he can also dry his hair at any time.

The reason why Ling Fengxiao thought of this for herself was that he might cough a few times while eating together this morning.

Lin Shu looked at the bead.

When Ling Fengxiao was going to give himself a place, he didn't think much.

But now, looking at this bead, he feels that Ling Fengxiao, maybe, really, is not helping the same table with learning difficulties.

Chapter 28: Undefeated

Lin Shu is pondering.

What about Ling Fengxiao?

Does Ling Fengxiao want to support herself? He couldn't think out.
Even after living for nearly two decades, his experience of dealing with others is almost zero, let alone to speculate on the thoughts of people like Ling Fengxiao.

So he changed his thinking.

Ling Fengxiao wants to support me, what should I do?

Ling Fengxiao didn't want to support me, what should I do?

--not so good.

If Ling Fengxiao really wants to raise "that what", he seems to have no effective way to refuse.

If Ling Fengxiao does not want to, he will not approach the rich woman on his own initiative.

In summary, he doesn't have to do anything, he can't do anything. Life is still peaceful, there is nothing to worry about.
Lin Shu felt a lot easier.

He held the jade charm that connected to Shangling's dream, thinking about the fascinating descriptions of the magical mountains in the classics, and his heart was a little complicated.

It was complicated for a quarter of an hour, and then I thought about the sword I wanted, the cultivation I wanted, and finally my heart sank and I went into a dream.

In the best interests, it is not very important for a man or a woman to have a skin, let alone, no one will associate him in the performance martial arts with Lin Shu in reality.

He entered the path, the scene changed, and he came to the dock again. It was still white veil, and the whole person was floating.
The last time I didn't study it carefully because of the accident, this time he stood in front of the Zhenwu list and took it seriously.

The list is the name of countless people. When the attention is focused on a certain person, the entire boulder will capture the will of the viewer, change, and the detailed information of that person will emerge.

Lin Shu glanced across the list, randomly selected someone's name, and focused his attention.

The rest of the writing on the stone wall really disappeared gradually, and a few more lines appeared.

Autumn afterglow.

Two-foot sword, fast attack.

One hundred and seventy-four wins, one hundred and one losses, sixteen draws, two hundred and forty-seventh place.

The handwriting is shiny gold, which means that the person is now in the martial arts field. If the handwriting is dim, it means that the person is not in the martial arts field. In this case, if he is called for an appointment, the relevant information will appear in this person Holding jade charm. At this time, the handwriting about this autumnal dust was bright golden.

The disciples can stay up to ten years in the palace. The number of students each year is about 1,000, of which the number of Sendo-in temples is about half. In the midstream.

Lin Shu exited the Taoist information interface and pressed his finger on his name.

The area where the finger touched the stone wall was slightly heated, and the situation on the stone wall changed again and became blank.

Lin Shu paused with his fingers, and then wrote two words on it. Folding bamboo.
-Ready-made names, no more thinking about it.

A layer of ripples on the stone wall returned to normal.

A line of red text appeared on the opposite stone wall: "Break the bamboo, please fight the autumn dust."

——The rest of the handwriting is gold, but the information related to themselves will be marked with vermilion, and the other person ’s thoughts will be affected.

Lin Shu tried to know if he could get the admission qualification for Magic Mountain.

This qualification is undoubtedly very precious. Of the 5,000 people, only the first 30 can get it, and he was considered a successful person in his last life, but after all, I don't know what level he is in this world.

Therefore, he decided to choose one of them to challenge.

If you win, there are 2,400 people, then choose 1,200 people to challenge, win again, and go to the 600th. According to modern science, this method can determine which range of strength is within the shortest time.

Although he hates modern physics, he still needs to use scientific knowledge.

Lin Shu looked at the stone wall.

After a while, a few words appeared on it: "Qiu Yuchen fights against bamboo."

A moment later, another message came out: "Autumn leaves in the ground and the eleven dais are waiting for enlightenment from friends in the bamboo path."

The rules of the performance martial arts court, the challenger initiates the challenge, the challenged person chooses the venue, less than a thousand, if it wins, it will be ranked before the challenged, and the loser will not change.

Ranking rules within a thousand are a bit complicated-for example, if a person wants to be ranked in the 100th place, then he must defeat the original 100th, 101th, and 102nd places. , You can rule out most of the accidental factors and confirm that the person's strength can be ranked one hundred.

Lin Shu looked at the high and low platforms on the water, and confirmed the approximate location of the ground word eleven according to the distribution law.

On the eleventh floor of the ground, a young blue swordsman stood aside, wearing a two-foot sword around his waist.

From the choice of weapons, we can roughly see the martial arts style of this person. The two-foot sword is slightly shorter than the three-foot sword used by Lin Shu. It is not a common weapon, and is generally only used for close combat. Seeing him, Qiu Yuchen said, "Taoyou."

Lin Shu also looked back at him like this: "Taoyou." Qiu Yuchen said: "Dao You come for the first time?" Lin Shu: "Yes."
He can see Qiu Yuchen's record, and Qiu Yuchen can naturally see him too. "It was Shimei." Qiu Yuchen said.
Lin Shu: "Hello Brother."

When the jar was broken, the younger sister was the younger sister. When Mr. Meng came back, the skin was removed, and no one knew that he was folding bamboo.

"Sister Mei, please enlighten me!" Qiu Yuchen drew his sword, defensively.

Lin Shudao: "Brother comes first."

"Sister Mei wants me?" Qiu Yuchen smiled, but then resumed a serious look, "Sister Mei, be careful."

He drew his sword suddenly, his sword skills were fast, fast and complicated.

Good sword!

It's as fast as lightning, just as the wind blows from the ground, and it's like spring flowers, just like the wind blows away the drizzle. Obviously it is only a two-foot sword, but the sky seems to be full of the phantom of this sword.

In the dense sword shadow, the most deadly and merciless one is hidden. Lin Shu pulled his sword out of the sheath. "Dang" rang, and his sword was hit with Qiu Yuchen's real sword covered by phantom, and the sword buzzed for a long time.

Qiu Yuchen said, "Good sword!" He stumbled to avoid Lin Shu's sword tricks, and reissued the sword. Within a few short breaths, the two had already dismantled dozens of tricks.

His sword, fast.

Lin Shu's sword is slow and slow, neither slow nor slow.

Qiu Yuchen's swords are extremely complicated, but Lin Shu's swords do not have such a powerful sword move, but simply pick and stab.

He looked for the most effective of these sword moves, and then blocked it. The slower was the process, and the faster was the sword movement.

——It's really comfortable that there is no hindrance to that shell. Qiu Yuchen's sword is good, but it has a fatal flaw.
This fast, so changeable sword moves, the consumption is also huge, not obvious within a hundred moves, after a thousand moves, gradually show a downward trend.

After a flaw, Lin Shu finally turned to attack, only the sword that Pingping handed out, but cut off all the retreats of Qiu Chenchen, pointing directly to his heart.

Qiu Yuchen retracted his sword and stepped back: "My sister's martial arts are far ahead, Qiu's worship."

Lin Shu collected the sword and scabbard: "Thank you."

His breathing was quicker, and his physical and mental energy was consumed.

However, in general, it is still very easy. He can also feel that his realm is much more than Qiu Yuchen. What he lacks is the experience of the enemy, and he does not use the slightest cultivation. He only uses a little spiritual power to use the sword to attack the enemy. Otherwise, this consultation Can end soon.

In addition to Master ’s sword, I have never played against anyone in my last life. It can be said that it was built behind closed doors. Whether it is appropriate to go out remains to be discussed.

He decided to spend an hour in Yanwu Stadium every day.

At the end of the battle, he was looking for other opponents, but heard a noise at the dock.

The eyes of the Xiuxian people are very far away, so although they are far apart, they can still clearly see the words on the stone wall.

The latest news is: "Cang Chen calls Xiao Shao."

Qiu Yuchen said, "Cang Chen is challenging Xiao Shao again."

The names of these two people, Lin Shu had seen on the Zhenwu list, Cangyu was the second, Xiao Shao was the top.

He was not interested in others at first, but now he is very interested in martial arts, so he asked: "What?"

Qiu Yuchen said: "The first time you come, naturally you don't know, Cangyu is the famous Wuchi of Xiandaoyuan."

He paused and said, "But Xiao Shao ..."

Pausing again, it seems to be organizing the language and organizing for a long time before finally saying: "It is a long story, Xiao Shao has never challenged others, and only others have challenged him, but no one can win. The short of this person appears In just one month, the people who had been challenged were sent to the first place, and they have never fallen down since. " At this point, Qiu Yuchen took a deep breath and said, "To this day, Xiao Shao's record is zero, and the rest have long dared not to take part in the battle. Only Cang Yun will ask him for advice after a few days. Sister Zhanzhu, I You're going to watch their match, are you going? "

Lin Shu: "Okay."

Shibi continued to brush the news: "Xiao Shao fought against Cangyu."

The meeting place for the two was very easy to find, because everyone was moving in that direction.

The Tianzi No. 1 platform is very large, more than enough to accommodate hundreds of audiences.

"This is Cangyu." Qiu Yuchen said.

There was only a tall man in a gray coat on the stage, holding an epee, handsome and handsome, his eyes burning.

Half a moment later, a person floated in midair and stood opposite Cangyu.

It can be speculated that this man must be Xiao Shao.

This man was wearing a gorgeous black robe, with a high temperament and aloof temperament, and a slender figure. He held a snow jade flute in his right hand. The flute was beautiful and his hand was pretty.

Canglu said: "Taoyou." Xiao Shao nodded slightly.
This person, most of the people in the martial arts show changed their looks. Others couldn't recognize it, and they even wore a silver mask to cover the entire face. The extent of their actions was such that they could be strict with the summer. Ling Fengxiao is comparable.

Alas, Ling Fengxiao. It was probably that Ling Fengxiao left a deep impression on him. Later, he heard a lot of praises for Ling Fengxiao ’s martial arts at the Yue brothers and sisters, and even Mr. Meng. He originally thought that in a place such as Wuyuan, the young lady should Is at the top of the list. Even when I saw the name Xiao Shao for the first time, I wondered if it would be the pseudonym of Ling Fengxiao. After all, there is a word overlap.

However, Xiao Shao is a man, and his weapon is not a knife. Obviously, it has nothing to do with Ling Fengxiao.

Lin Shu was a bit lost.

Even Xiao Shao was not pleasing to the eye.

Weapons are not flashy, don't show people their true faces, hide their heads, hide their secrets, they must not be good.

The author has something to say: Xiao Shao: OK.

Chapter 29: Not at ease

Cang Yi said: "Please enlighten me."

There is no epee, his sword has no sheath, so there is no need to unsheath it.

But when he saw his hands up, the spiritual power around the ring was surging wildly and ran towards his body like a whale sucking the North Sea.

With Lin Shu's eyesight, this sword is of special material, with a hundred pounds less to say, and the spiritual power it can motivate is more horrible, which is suitable for taking the road of oppressing others.

However, since Cangyu is called Wu Chi, it must not be an ordinary Wufu.

Lin Shu looked at it from afar, and saw that the trajectory of spiritual power was deep and mysterious, which was difficult to describe, and caused the turbulent waves of spiritual power around him. Although he just started, he had a magnificent, solid foundation and various subtleties At this time, Lin Shu was the first time he saw it. For a moment, he was dazzled. He was fully absorbed and deduced in his heart. If he was standing opposite Cangyu at this time, how should he deal with it?

First of all, we must crack the sword, block, or force him back to avoid being stabbed.

Secondly, it is necessary to cut off the complex spiritual power of the perfusion sword, so that it cannot exert its strongest power, and the connection with the subsequent sword tricks is difficult, no longer flowing, and endless.

Doing these two things can be regarded as blocking the pattern and temporarily gaining the upper hand. To achieve these two things, first of all, have a very high intuition or experience of breaking tricks, and secondly, control of spiritual power is more proficient than the other.

The former is martial arts, while the latter sees Xiuwei, and Xiuwei depends on the realm. Therefore, immortal and martial arts are inseparable.

Lin Shu turned his attention back to the field, Cangya side, waved a sword to Xiao Shao in the oblique stab, and took his left shoulder to the point.
Because of the successful hand-building, this style came into being, and God was full of energy. Coupled with spiritual pressure, almost unavoidable.

Xiao Shao stood still, his clothes still.

Cangyu used an epee, and he used a white jade flute to take advantage of it. Now he can't see any aura flowing on his body.

At this moment, when the two were compared, Cangyu was like the ocean before the storm, and Xiao Shao was a lonely boat in the middle of the sea.

Jianmang is coming.

The situation in the field is abrupt.

The giant sword cut to the shoulder. With this strength, he could almost split the person in half, but instead of retreating, he folded forward and greeted him!

The crowd made a chilling sound. However, Xiao Shao didn't mean to die.
But seeing his body as ghostly and light as stepping on the snow, half of his body turned to the left in an instant, rubbed against the edge of the sword and passed for the next moment, Bai Yuxiao in his hand crossed, and slammed into the blade of the sword . With a bang, the stones struck each other, and the ripples of spiritual power centered on the point where they collided, and splattered sharply. Lin Shu felt a sting all over his body and silently tried to make himself an aura barrier to avoid being affected.

This ripple can affect other people 100 meters away, and Cangyu is the first to bear the brunt!

All his spiritual power flowed, and he was still at that moment.

The sword body was picked from the bottom by the jade flute, with great strength and strong spiritual impact, but anyone with long eyes can see that a large sword weighing more than a thousand can be hit by such a slender jade flute. You have to lift it up.

Cangzhen squeezed his lips tightly and returned to the sword, but how could Xiao Shao give him the opportunity to return to the sword?

That jade flute was extremely flexible, and he made a slight understatement in his hands, and suddenly changed position, pressing on the sword of Cang Yun, Xiao Shao leaped in the air as if he were a leaf.

Cangyu condenses into a barrier with spiritual power, the sword body is slightly biased, and the jade flute is obliquely pressed. The flute is short and the sword is long, so it is easy.

Xiao Shao didn't care, and even did something that made everyone astounded.

He withdrew the jade flute that was entangled with Cangyu's sword, and threw it high into the sky!

The next moment, Xiao Shao, who was still in the midst of the air, put out his sword against Cangyu.

On the sword of Cangyu, the original flow of spiritual power was impeccable. But even Lin Shu has not realized until now that those spiritual currents, as early as the beginning, the jade flute collided with the sword, the stagnation of the spiritual power was shocked and chaotic by Xiao Shao's spiritual power.

Xiao Shao has a good pair of hands.

These hands are like hands playing chess and writing chess. In any case, not a pair of martial arts.
However, it was such a slightly pale right hand pressed against the mighty sword.

The aura in the air suddenly solidified, and the aura on the sword was instantly disturbed.

The next moment, a crack appeared on the epee. The next moment, it turned into powder.
Cangyu spit out blood and was pushed back a dozen steps by the force of this shock.

At this moment, the jade flute thrown by Xiao Shao just returned to his hand.

Cang Yi said: "Thank you for your enlightenment."

Xiao Shao still nodded indifferently, turned around and walked out of the ring area, people spontaneously gave way to him. After a while, his figure gradually became illusory and finally disappeared.

This is not a close match, but it is really a unilateral "teaching". The two are not in a state at all.
Even after this brief match, Lin Shu didn't see Xiaoshao's martial arts style and path, only he knew that this man's control of spiritual power reached a certain level of horror.

He didn't make a move in advance to make preparations for the move, because the preparation of spiritual power was completed at the moment of the move.

For people who are not well-informed, Xiao Shao can't even see the use of spiritual power.

Lin Shu was a little dazzled.

He finally saw the top combat power in the Academy today. Cangyu is rare, Xiao Shao is even more difficult to describe.
Lin Shu is a sword repairer. Strictly speaking, these people who fight with spiritual power are not in a theoretical system.

In the world of his last life, spiritual power was so thin that he didn't know what level he could control spiritual power.

——It is still necessary to learn more from others to prove martial arts, but today it is not completed. One is about to sleep normally, and the other is to see the trajectory of spiritual flow of the two people compared to the fighting time, which consumes a lot of spirit .

Lin Shu returned to the real world.

The atrium was still lit by candles, and Xiao Lingyang seemed to have just left, because Ling Fengxiao was collecting books, and it seemed that he was not in a good mood. It was about his brother who didn't study well.

Therefore, Xiao Shao could never be Ling Fengxiao.

Lin Shu was observing secretly by the window, until Ling Fengxiao looked at it and was not surprised, he did not close the bamboo curtain.

Ling Fengxiao said lightly, "You come." The facts observed in Lin Shu's secrets were true, he was caught right away, and he took the lead first, accepting the call of the young lady.

According to intuition, Ling Fengxiao was not in a good mood.

Ling Fengxiao asked, "Don't you really want a place in the mountains?" Lin Shu: "No."
Today, compared with Qiu Yuchen, he didn't use much practice. His last life can also cross the sky, and it is not impossible to enter the top thirty.

Ling Fengxiao said: "After this time, the Magic Mountain may not open again."

Lin Shu: "Why?"

"It was originally opened in December, but this time it can be entered in October," Ling Fengxiao said, with a rare peace of mind, "Last night, the villa passed a letter saying that the guardians of the magical mountains wanted to ascend."

The last step in the cultivation of immortals, soaring.

"There is no one in the Immortal Road who is qualified as a mountain guardian. After this time, the mountain gate may no longer open." Ling Fengxiao said lightly. Although Northern Xia and Western Xinjiang are embarrassed, they do not invade. After the mountain keepers have risen, Nanxia may be an eventful autumn. You have nothing to do, and I am not at ease. "

This is probably the longest paragraph that Ling Fengxiao has said to him since I knew it.

Because of the long time, Lin Shu extracted the keywords after a while. I'm not assured.
He hadn't responded yet what it meant, Ling Fengxiao said, "Hand." Lin Shu refused, but the young lady was too strong, and she was so heavy. She had to obey her.

Raising a good body doesn't happen overnight. The little fool is still undersized, looking only at his thin white wrists, and it is said that girls are also believed.

Ling Fengxiao did not ridicule him for "dwarf sickness seedlings", but instead carefully explored his meridians.

Spiritual power was walking on the body, there was a slight burning illusion, Lin Shu instinctively wanted to withdraw his hand, but was held down by the young lady.

Ling Fengxiao said: "Before you open the meridian, if you go out of school, follow me obediently and don't run around by yourself."

Lin Shu listened, but the words still echoed in his mind. I'm not assured.

Chapter 30: cute


For the first time, Lin Shu heard others say such things to himself. He was flattered a little.
Unexpectedly, the young lady was expressionless, and then said, "If you die, wouldn't it seem that I'm incompetent."


That's what it meant.

Lin Shu didn't know what to say, he just said, "Thank you."

"No thanks." Ling Fengxiao closed the book and took a tube of bamboo flute in her hand. She said nothing for a while, and finally said, "Did you go to Yanwu?"

Lin Shu: "Go."

"Go away," Ling Fengxiao said, "general, don't look at it." Lin Shu didn't think so.
Cang's martial arts achievements are really remarkable. Xiao Shao, who is unbeaten in battle, is even more unpredictable. In any case, he has nothing to do with the general generation. Generation, then at least Xiao Shao's level can do it.

He said: "Today we watched the competition between Cangyu and Xiao Shao."

Ling Fengxiao's hand paused and said, "Xiao Shao is OK." Passable.

What kind of evaluation is this?

"However, blindly overwhelming people with spiritual power, in fact, there is no rule, and ultimately boring." Ling Fengxiao said, "If you want to have fun, you might as well watch me dancing."

Lin Shu: "Look."

Ling Fengxiao smiled: "You are now at a loss." Lin Shu touched his nose.
To be honest, he really wanted to see Ling Fengxiao's knife.

Although this man was practicing his knives in the peony bushes every morning, he couldn't see how the swordsmanship was because they were all the most basic and simplest one hundred styles.

It's not that it's not good, but it's not ornamental.

Practicing swords this way is actually terrible, because looking at the world's swordsmanship, it is only derived from the changes of more than one hundred styles. Lin Shu used his routine to practice swords all his life.

Many people want to practice cheats for lifelessness. However, even if they get the world's unparalleled skills, they think that they can dominate the world from then on. In fact, they can spend their entire lives, but they can only use one or two swords to exquisite. "That's it.

And if you practice your basic skills thoroughly and solidly, and you are looking at the mountains in the distance, others are riding thin and poor horses, but you are a peerless god, and you will naturally go further.

A person who has practiced the basic moves to the peak and compared with a person with a peerless secret cannot easily determine the outcome. And if a person not only exercises the basic skills to the highest level, but also has a very famous martial arts heritage, his strength cannot be underestimated.

The foundation of Ling Fengxiao is self-evident. As a well-known big faction in the world, Fenghuang Villa will never be ordinary.

Therefore, for the first time Lin Shu saw Ling Fengxiao practicing his knife in the morning, he knew that this man's knife would never be a trick- he was always curious about the level of Ling Fengxiao.

As for "at this time, it's spirited", it is very problematic.

Lin Shu introspected himself. Although he heard that the young lady wanted to dance the sword, it really brightened up, but has she been listless before?

He reflected for a moment, straightened his attitude, and looked at Ling Fengxiao.

There is an open space outside the atrium. Ling Fengxiao got up and walked there, slowly pumping her sword, and she said, "The villa is famous for its 'Phoenix Knife', of which the 'Lingyun Nine Style' is quite impressive."

The knife was shining like water, rising obliquely, pointing at the bamboo forest.

Ling Fengxiao's wrist turned, and suddenly the sword was swaying, and the full moon lost its luster.

Then he lifted himself up and turned, and Daoguang crossed the air, and for a moment, he was dazzled.

When it comes to the Phoenix Blade, there is an anecdote.

There is no shortage of martial arts in martial arts, but the only one who reaches the summit is the Phoenix. In the past, there was a disciple in the village and a literati. The well- known scholar saw her dancing and wrote poems in praise:

"Qiu Shui flew his wrists, and Binghua was scattered. Sheng Chi shocked Baidi, and the light lost the jade wheel. Murderous Tengshuo, Hanmang Weeping Ghost God.
Wu Yu returned to the purple sleeves, Xiao Yan full of Cang Yun. "

After the spread of this poem, the reputation of the Phoenix sword is even more noisy. The Xiao Feng of the Phoenix sword is more deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, and the reputation of the villa is no longer limited to rivers and lakes. The student only knew the beauty of the Phoenix swordsmanship, but did not know the power of those who practiced martial arts. He took it as his duty to marry a disciple of the villa, and he became so enthusiastic that he sold sour talents outside the villa and was beaten by the villa. Provoked many jokes.

Lin Shu withdrew his thoughts and continued to look at the sword, but it was already amazing to see Ling Fengxiao's starting hand, and his later moves were even more extraordinary.

But when I saw the red clothes flying, at first, the swords were complicated, and the swords were like ice flowers, all over the body.

Then gradually became fierce Xiao Yan, murderous gradually flourished, Han Mang vacated the quiet, but weep ghosts and gods.

very nice.

The skill of the sword is high, and many of them are subtle changes. They are better than Cangyu. When it comes to calm momentum, it seems to be comparable to Xiao Shao.

And the piercing red dress, coupled with the astounding face of the young lady, was really pleasing to the eye. The young lady's facial features are strong and beautiful, and she is full of beauty. When she just looks at it, she feels a splendid color. However, she does not have the delicate and feminine air of a girl. She is extremely cold and proud. If you change to modern times, you will definitely have Numerous believers knelt and shouted at the queen.

No, now is the time to look at the sword, you should not look at your face. Lin Shu stopped imagining and continued to look at the sword.

When she looked away from the face of the young lady, the so-called "Lingyun Nine Style" was nearing the end. After a knife-knife that had done all the killing of Xiao Xiao had passed, the sound of the blade breaking through the air disappeared, and Ling Fengxiao closed the knife and returned to the sheath.

I don't know when the bamboo forest, but one after another leaves all over the ground.

The young lady spoiled the vegetation, and she showed no mercy. It's even more ruthless for Qi Linshu.
Ling Fengxiao returned to the atrium. I didn't know where I was upset again, and said, "You don't like it?"

Lin Shu denied: "No."

Ling Fengxiao: "Why are you mad?" Even God was found.
Lin Shu had to tell the truth: "You look good."

"Then if I change my face, wouldn't you be unhappy?" Ling Fengxiao was still unhappy. Lin Shu really didn't understand how the young lady's thinking was skewed to this. About girls always like to make trouble out of reason, and even the young lady is not immune.

"Not necessarily," he said, "your sword is fine." "My knife is naturally good."
Lin Shu: "..."

I can't talk this day.

However, talking to Ling Fengxiao was actually much easier than others.

Ling Fengxiao's words are actually not much, and if this pufferfish is not happy, it will show immediately. Lin Shu doesn't have to be like other people, and every time he says a word, he guesses whether it is appropriate.

Moreover, he didn't have to take the initiative to do anything. The young lady asked him to come over and then come over. What the young lady asked and answered, it was always very labor-saving to poke a life.

"It's late," Ling Fengxiao said, "go to sleep." Lin Shu: "Yes."
He got up and wanted to leave. Ling Fengxiao: "You ..."
Lin Shu: "Huh?"

"Nothing," Ling Fengxiao paused, and said, "Are you so good at all?" be good?
If it is good to poke, then he is really good and will continue to be good. Lin Shu: "Yes."

There was a smile in Ling Fengxiao's eyes: "Go to sleep." Lin Shu went to sleep.
After walking halfway, I heard Ling Fengxiao behind him and asked, "Do you really want to keep the mountain token?"

Lin Shu: "No."

Although it is not clear what his own level is, but if he ca n’t make it to the top 30, he ’s too shameful. His master Izumi Izumi knows that he can be furious.

Ling Fengxiao did not speak again.

Lin Shu went back to his room to sleep.

After serving the elixir the next morning, I came to the palace where I was in class, but I heard everyone gathered together, talking excitedly.

Lin quietly listened.

"Xiao Shao's ranking dropped? Actually?" Eh?
How can it be?

However, someone else can't believe it even more than he said, "Fell? How can it fall? Who comes first?"


"Impossible," a disciple slammed the table excitedly. "Last night Xiao Shao and Cang Pi competed, winning effortlessly, I saw it with my own eyes!" "Where did Cangyu defeat Xiao Shao? You listened to the rumors." Another said, "Xiao Shao even picked the top 30 people late last night. As long as the opponent responded, he voluntarily conceded, and the ranking fell to 31. Just stopped. "

"This ..." said the humane at first, "However, as long as there are the first thirty people in Dangshan, will he not go?"

"What do you know, Xiao Shao's self-cultivation has already reached its peak. I don't think he disdains to go to the Dangdang Mountains. This move is to make room for us white people, which is really upright."

"I said, how can Xiao Shao and other characters lose?" The disciple at the table breathed a sigh of relief.

After listening to this discussion, Lin Shu slightly changed Xiao Shao. Seems to be a good person.
The author has something to say:

The poems in the text are from the sword of Zheng Shiyuan in the Qing Dynasty.
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