The #1 Pretty Boy of the Immortal Path Chapter 81-90

Chapter 81: Heavy snow

Yue Ruohe asked Xie Zishe: "Sister Xie, do you often come to Jasper Sky?"

Xie Zi said: "I often come here to study."

Yue Ruohe sighed, "I chose Mr. Sui Liu from the Confucian Taoist Academy in the past six months. I'm afraid I have to get C and answer the question again."

Xie Zi said: "How do you say?"

Yue Ruohe said: "There is only one question in the exam. What should be written about 'killing one person' and 'killing 10,000 people' on Confucianism, Wang Dao, and Chivalry. I didn't attend the class, so I don't know if 'killing one person' and 10,000 people ' Something, Hu Huo got a pass. "

Xie Zishe refilled himself with a glass of wine, and said, "Hookers steal, country stealers, kill one person as a thief, kill 10,000 people as a male."

"That's the way it is," Yue Ruohe said, "how do you solve it?"

"Would you like to be a thief to kill one person, or a male to kill 10,000 people?"

Yue Ruohe said, "I don't want to kill."

"The killing is really not very interesting," Xie Zi said. "In my opinion, killing one person is a thief, killing 10,000 people or a thief."

Yue Ruohe: "How do you say this?" The others also turned to Xie Zishe. Xie Zishe looked at Ling Fengxiao: "Miss, what do you think?"

Ling Fengxiao grilled the bamboo rat, slowly brushing the ingredients, half of her face was illuminated by the flames, and said lightly: "Kill one person as a thief, kill 10,000 people as a pirate, and kill 100,000 people as a puppet."

Xie Zi said: "So what does Miss Yi see?

Ling Fengxiao said: "Kill 10,000 people to save 100,000 people, kill 100,000 people to save one million people, dominate."

There was a moment of silence in the pavilion, with only the beeping sound of firewood burning.

For a long time, Xie Zishe clapped her hands and praised: "Excellent." Ling Fengxiao was expressionless, still seriously grilling and deboning.
After a while, I only listened to Cangyu saying, "I think, 10,000 people who died for the life of 100,000 people, and 100,000 people who died for the life of one million people, did nothing wrong.

Xie Zi said: "If someone wants to kill 10,000 people for 100,000 people, what do you do?"

Cang Yun thought for a while, and said, "I want to die for those 10,000 people and fight against 100,000 people.

Xie Zi said: "This is the" Xiadao "." Cangliao said, "Master, how about you?"
Xie Zi said: "I am willing to use my life to find a way so that 10,000 people do not have to die and 100,000 people can live."

Yue Ruoyun said: "This must be Confucianism." Xie Zishe looked at Xiang Yueruohe with a smile: "What is the king, what is the chivalry, and what is the Confucianism, do you understand?"

Yue Ruohe nodded thoughtfully: "I see."

At this time, Cangyu seemed to remember something, and touched Lin Shu with his elbow: "Brother Lin, in this situation, what are you going to do?"

Lin Shu was eating rats quietly, but he was drawn into the doctrine when he was cold and thought about it.

He felt that if he was one of those 10,000 people, he felt a bit innocent, and if he was one of those 100,000 people, he felt a bit of reason. He didn't think he was right or wrong.

Like the tens of thousands of corpses in Wanguiyuan, it is really difficult to judge.

And if you are an outsider, you have nothing to do with both parties, and probably do nothing.

He said, "I'm watching."

The young lady looked at the flames, twitched her lips, and smiled deeply. Xie Zishe looked at him with interest, and asked, "Why not?"
Lin Shu thought for a while and thought, "You worry about yourself."

——In this case, the king, Confucian, and Xia quarrel and make choices. Yue Ruoyun laughed out loud.
Xie Zishe looked at him for a long time, and sighed softly: "You are truly unique."

Lin Shu didn't speak. Xie Zi said: "This is‘ Sin Tao ’.”

Yue Ruohe asked, "How do you say?"

Xie Zishe looked up and drank a glass of wine, and said, "Xiandao has not fallen for a long time."

Having said that, someone asked again, she just smiled mysteriously and did not answer.

Lin Shu was also a little puzzled.

There are many disciples at Xiandaoyuan. Everyone is diligent in studying martial arts every day. They are all in high spirits and have strong mana.
Xiandao is very prosperous and cannot be said to decline.

But he thought about it again. Xie Zishe said that he was "xiandao", so this "xiandao" probably did not refer to the immortal road in the secular sense, but meant the salty fish that ate like him.

After graduating from the Academy, those disciples who actively worked for the dynasty, or developed and expanded the family sect, were not the "xiandao" in Xie Zishe's mouth.

But there are so few salted fishes like this, "Xiandao" is indeed declining.

After the talk, several people laughed again and again. They were very happy when the wine was dry and the laughter continued. When the moon reached midday, the wine was full, and the wine, bamboo sticks, and rat bones were packed, and the fire was extinguished, and the ashes were buried in the snow.

Although Lin Shu did not take the initiative to speak, they answered many words because they talked about the magical mountain. He felt that he had talked too much on this day, even if he didn't drink, he was a little dizzy.
When he walked on the road, he was better blown by the wind.

When they came, the snow was only a thin layer, but when they went, they were three fingers deep, stepped on, crunched, leaving a footprint. The lady asked, "Is it cold?" Lin Shudao said, "Not cold."
The young lady said "um", took his hand, and said, "The road is not smooth."

Lin Shu was held and walked back slowly.

The road seemed to be so long that she couldn't go anywhere, and the young lady didn't speak.

Lin Shu felt that Miss's look was a bit wrong, and she seemed to have something on her mind.

After walking for a while, the young lady spoke, and said lightly: "Xie Zishe said that killing 10,000 people to save 100,000 people is king.
Although I agree, if there is choice, I would rather be a hero or a fairy." Lin Shu thought about it and said, "I know."
The young lady had said this before, and even her cousin, after a long journey, said that he could only live in four words.

As I was thinking, I heard Ling Fengxiao speak a word gently.

Lin Shu is a bit familiar, and it seems to be a sentence in an ancient book.

It is "My father gave birth to me, my mother gave birth to me, and I want to repay, and Haotian is extremely good."

Lin Shu listened.

He also knows that there is something in the ancient book called "The Lord of the Country is the Lord of the Society, and the Ominous Kingdom of the Country".

To myself, Nanxia didn't make much sense, but Ling Fengxiao was different. Ling Fengxiao grew up in Nanxia, and even in the royal family of Nanxia, Fenghuang Villa, is also a school that holds half of the mountains and rivers of Nanxia, and Ling Fengxiao is not a mean person.

Therefore, it is impossible for a young lady to be a chivalry or an immortal.

This is the case of the young lady, and so is Xiao Lingyang, but Xiao Lingyang does not look like he can become a big weapon, and others need to take more effort.

The young lady could not help herself in her life, and practiced such a violent mentality and swordmanship, and had a bad temper.

He looked at Ling Fengxiao.

Under the wind lanterns hanging on the roadside, in the sky full of snow, Du Lingfeng Xiao is black and red, with a bright red coat and eyebrows, as if the colors of the heavens and the earth are all on this person.

Lin Shu has few wishes.

But at this moment, he suddenly thought, he hoped that the world would be clear, singing and dancing would be smooth.

That way, the young lady only needs to look good.

Then let Ma Nanshan, for the immortal and knight, indulge in affection.

When he was in college, the roommate spent the whole day shopping with his girlfriend. After returning, he complained to others about how fierce his girlfriend's vision was, and those clothes and jewelry, lipstick and perfume, he tried hard to see the difference.

But he felt that if he was a young lady, he would be willing to accompany him, and he would not complain.

The young lady said, "What do you think I do?" Lin Shudao: "... you look good." The young lady laughed.
After laughing, his eyelashes dropped, holding him forward, and he said, "I have something to tell you."

Lin Shu: "Yes."

The young lady said, "I'm going to retreat." Lin stunned for a moment.
Retreat is the normal sentiment of Xiuxian people.

The young lady must also retreat, and after the retreat comes out, the cultivation will be greatly improved.


He thought blankly, and didn't "but" anything, only asked: "How long is it closed?"

The young lady said, "Within three years." Lin Shu: " Um."
They went forward in silence, and after a while, Ling Fengxiao said, "I don't want to be closed, I want to play with you."

Lin Shudao: "When does it start?"

"There was a letter the day before yesterday. The situation on the border was critical, and time didn't wait." Miss said, "It will be closed tonight."

Lin Shudao said, "Well."

He felt his voice a little stuffy. As he was talking, he walked into Jingfeng Xiyu Garden.

Ling Fengxiao stood still, facing him: "I thought I would tell you earlier tonight, but you just want to have fun with them for a while before you play with them."

After all, Lin Shu was put in a bag.

Ling Fengxiao said: "Inside are silver money, jade and some other materials. If you want something in the future, go to the treasure hall to buy it. I have ordered a few of Baoqing to take care of you, and the cat is there. bully."

Lin Shu nodded.

The young lady said, "Take care of yourself." Lin Shudao: "You too."
The young lady reached out and touched his hair.

Lin Shu looked at the embroidery on the young lady's clothes.

Then, I heard the young lady say, "Two or three years later, when it snows, I will come out. You need to raise yourself, or you will be punished."

Lin Shu smiled.

I laughed and felt a bit empty.

He thought that in the future he would have to raise himself. The young lady said again, "Don't run outside."
Lin Shu: "Yes."

The young lady finally said, "Waiting for me, obediently." Lin Shu looked at the young lady and responded. The young lady said, "You are so good." Lin Shu: "..."
Silently watching for a long time, the young lady said gently: "Hug." Lin Shu: "... Um."
The young lady smiled a little, moved closer to him, wrapped around his shoulders gently, and then touched immediately.

The familiar cold fragrance was strong for a moment, then went away, leaving a trace of lingering fragrance.

The young lady said, "Let's go."

Lin Shu was again at the mercy of the young lady and was sent back to the room. Then she took off her robe, let off her hair, and stuffed it into the quilt.

The young lady said, "I'm gone." Lin Shudao: "Treasure."
The young lady said, "You too."

-Then blow out the candle in front of the bed, walk out of the bamboo house, and close the door.

After a long time, Lin Shu found himself unable to sleep.

The snow fell in the bamboo forest, rustling gently, and the night was getting darker and the snow was getting heavier.

He got up in his cloak, opened the bamboo curtain, and looked across.

The young lady hadn't slept yet, the light was on, and she cast a beautiful silhouette on the window, as if looking at it. Lin Shu didn't light up, so she wasn't afraid to be found awake by the young lady.

After a long time, the figure in front of the window left and the lights went out. Then, a ripple of spiritual power rose and fell into the enchantment.

Lin Shu looked up and looked through the window to the sky.

But above the bamboo sea, the snow was flying and the world was silent. Medium volume · Wind and rain

Chapter 82: Extinction Spirit

Lin Shu is in class.

This class is "Master of Foreign Dan", and the class is still Dan Ding's real person, but compared to "Introduction of Foreign Dan", it is already many times harder.

After learning "Introduction to Waidan", I know a lot of basic alchemy techniques. You can go to "External Dandan", after you finish "External Dandan", you can choose "External Dan master". After obtaining Grade A, he is theoretically proficient in all alchemy techniques and techniques, and even metaphysics. With the sufficient materials, he can make all the famous elixir in the elixir step by step-unless that elixir requires a very special opportunity .

Dan Ding was very good to him, and often praised him by name, saying that his fire was peaceful, that there were no impurities, and that he rarely made mistakes in his technique.

——But only Lin Shu knew that the fire was peaceful because he could not use spiritual power, but could only use the pure spiritual power of the jade spirit to light the fire.

Everyone else in the school, who knew him, thought that he was the piano player in Lexiu and Jin Danxiu.

"Brother Lin." At the end of the class, he was stopped by a girl at the same table.

"Brother, the real person said, 'Everything is changed and everything is returned to the ancestors', I don't understand something. Can you explain it to me?"

Lin Shubi sorted out the language to explain to her. From spring to autumn, in an instant, he could already be called "brother".

In the last few final exams, because he had a good back, he took a lot of armors, but he gradually became a hegemony in the next population, which is also very novel.

After the girl understood the meaning of the sentence, she clapped her hands and laughed, "So it is!"

Lin Shu didn't say anything anymore, he packed up his things and planned to go back.

The girl said, "Brother, would you also go to the dining room?" Lin Shudao: "Yes."
The girl said, "Let's go together." Lin Shudao: "No."
The girl was a little unhappy and said, "Okay."

Lin Shu collected the good things and went to the dining room alone.

He wasn't afraid that the girl was unhappy, because as long as the girl inquired a little, he would know that he already had a feed owner.

Although the owner is temporarily absent, he should also do his part and not contact too much with other girls.

Having dinner and returning to the bamboo house, it was already evening.

He no longer entrusted to organize books and take care of Lingcao. In the past two years, he has been practicing piano, taking care of cats, and studying "Silent" except for class.

The lady had instructed Phoenix Villa to look for materials before the retreat, plus those obtained in Wan Gui Yuan, the "Needle" had been successfully refined. The needle is one finger long, black throughout, and extremely cold. The usage methods and techniques left by Zuo Qingming Demon King, no matter what kind of enemy is opposed, as long as he can find a chance to pierce this needle into his body, in a split second, the person will definitely dissipate his whole body power and become an ordinary But mortal, and hard to practice in life.

Needless to say, the power of this needle is a bit too sinister and cannot be easily used. Therefore, it is only used for life-saving purposes. His current strength is mainly on the piano.

Lin Shu feels that he has learned about weapon manipulation, and he has mastered the theory, so he can go to the next level. He turned to the last part of the cheat book, intending to see what kind of exercises of Qingming Demon King's "Spiritual Void Gong".

It should be noted that all the exercises in the world are dedicated to the flow of spiritual power. Without spiritual power, naturally there will be no such exercises, but the Qingming Demon has created such a "permanent spiritual imagination", Lin Shu has been curious for a long time .

——If it wasn't for the habit of mastering the cheats that Master has cultivated all the year round, he should not be able to jump, he would have read it.

He turned to this last part.

The first feeling was that it was thin.

However, the previous content has proved the high standard of the Qingming Demon King. If you want to come to this part, you must be brief and concise. Although thin, it is very profound.

Lin Shu started reading with awe.

The sentence on the first page is still the style of Qingming Devil's consistent, semi-literal and strong personal emotions: Ben Jun thought that any spiritual powers and exercises are nonsense, and the meridians are even more so. When I practice "Spiritual Void Gong", I must make the study of Xiandao and Magic Tao look good.

Lin Shu became interested in this unusual speech and continued to turn down.

On the second page, Qingming Demon King raised a question.

People in the world need to pay attention to the state of mind when they cultivate their deities. But why and why? Why does spiritual practice have a relationship with the state of mind?

——Lin Shu thinks this is a good question.

Since Mr. Meng mentioned the issue of mood two years ago, he later went to the library to read a lot of books about mood. In the classics, the general point is that the cultivation of the immortal is the cultivation of the mind, the heavens are constant, and nothing changes, so everything in the world has life and death, and the cycle is endless. So is the state of mind of a person. Only a heart like a stagnant water, clear and clear, and the flow of spiritual power can endure.

For the sake of spiritual cultivation, although there is no lack of bold and upright people in Xiandao, there are no rude and impetuous people.
Although there are smart and cunning people, there are no treacherous and sinister people.

Lin Shu wanted to see how Qingming Mojun explained this problem, so he turned to the next page.

——At this moment, he thought of a question. Wouldn't he turn over the remaining pages soon after writing on a page of paper according to a sentence like Devil?

Then the devil wrote: Ben thought and went back and forth without thinking about the established relationship between the state of mind and cultivation. He also thought of the materials used by Ben to make the needle of doom, the sword of doom, and other treasures, such as the dragon's bone. Thousand-needle lotus leaves and other things clearly have no spiritual cultivation, but its toxicity can make people's spiritual energy completely dispersed. It can be seen that spiritual energy is not a unique thing in the world.

-This statement is quite refreshing. Lin Shu continued to turn down.
There are also a lot of words on this page. The demon said that he believes that spiritual power is also one of the common objects in the world. It is no different from grass and trees, cats and dogs. The reason why people can control spiritual power is that they only borrow a little power from heaven. That's it.

Then, the devil is enclosing here: Of course, heaven is not a magical good thing.

On the next page, the demon king finally entered the topic, saying: However, how does man borrow this power, and how does it relate to that state of mind, this is the problem that Ben ’s "Spiritual Void Gong" will discuss.

Lin Shu turned back. Lin Shu: "..."
A few big words are written on the next page: Yuehua dog thief, scam me!
I went to seek revenge, I will not write anymore!

Don't write anymore, that is to say will write in the future? Lin Shu then turned back.
No more then. Turn back again.

In the following places, I scribbled a few words: Ben Jun killed his apprentice, there is no predecessor to pass on, and when he heard the treasures collected in the floating heaven palace, he surrendered what he learned in life. If anyone saw it, it was mine. Heir, I left something for you in Qingming Mountain, remember to get it.

Turn back again.


Lin Shu didn't know what expression to make for a moment.

Chapter 83: save

Lin Shu feels that although Yuehua Xianjun is not dead, it is something to be pleased with, but this cannot be a legitimate reason for the discontinuation of cheats.

He turned the previous part over and over and read it many times, speculating what the Qingming Devil wants to write.

However, the devil's thinking span is so large that Lin Shu has experienced it deeply in the previous part, and it is even more impossible to guess the latter part.

On the last page, "Qingming Mountain" is in Hezhou and He County. The devil has not mentioned it. For thousands of years, the vicissitudes of the mulberry fields have changed, and the place names are still unknown.
Even if future generations read this cheat book, I am afraid It is also difficult to find out where this so-called "Qingmingshan" is.

The cheap apprentice Lin Shu speculated that the demon's intention was unsuccessful, and silently closed "Silent".

At this time the night was already deep, and in the bamboo sea outside, the practice of brothers and sisters of Yue Ruohe had also ended.

Yue Ruoyun said: "Daddy wrote again today, saying, Grandpa's brain has become more confused recently, and he can't tell the difference between me and his parents, and he often says some mysterious words in his dreams. If we are on vacation this time, don't go outside and go home and see. "

Yue Ruohe said, "Okay."

Lin Shu thought for a long time, he had not contacted Li Yamao's family in Minzhou for a long time. The last correspondence was in June.

The test of Li Yamao's Shangling can be said to be very bumpy.

In the first year, the year Lin Shu came to the Shangling Academy, Mr. Meng asked him to go back and learn more literacy. Otherwise, he might not be able to read the secrets of mind law and keep up with the courses of the Academy.

However, Li Yamao didn't know a big word before. Even though he was born a little clever, he could not know a lot of words within one year, so he was called back by Mr. Meng to continue literacy the next year.

In the third year, I finally learned enough words, and I was confident that I could pass the assessment. Before the exam, I had a serious illness, and my fever was very high. The whole person was confused, and I could n’t even leave the door. I missed only one morning. Shangling test.

Today is half of the third year. Lin Shu thought about it, and before he knew it, he came to Shangling Academy, and it has been two and a half years.

He looked at the bronze mirror in the corner. Two years later, the person in the mirror had grown a lot, and he was not very short. Adjective ".

Thinking of Li Yamao's family, he wrote a letter asking him what was happening at home and whether he was safe.

After writing the letter, put it in a prominent place, and plan to bring it to class tomorrow and give it to the soul pigeon of Houshan to send to Minzhou.

After doing this, there was nothing to do. He looked up at the window and looked at the bamboo house of Ling Fengxiao.

There is a black cricket there. For two years, it has been like this, as if no one has ever lived. The new students and sisters in the school are not familiar with the name of the young lady.

But for Lin Shu, his life in the past two years has been the same, without any novelty, and nothing new and profound has happened. I feel that the days I spent with Ling Fengxiao two years ago are vivid. As if the young lady was sitting in the atrium with a red umbrella yesterday, Gu Pansheng was bright and eye-catching.

And he looked at Miss's room at this time, and looked at the letter on the table, and suddenly felt that he was somewhat involved with this world.

After thinking about something, after a while, after washing, empty his head, hug the cat from the middle of the bed, and sleep.

Every day is as calm as this day. In an instant, many days passed.
His life with the cat has not changed in any way, but the atmosphere in the school palace has become tense day by day.

First of all, there was a dispute within the Confucian Taoist Academy. The master sister Xie Zishe and the senior brother Ping Xu opposed each other because of different viewpoints. The two main factions, the main and the main faction, were at odds with each other. Gradually the flag was clearly divided into two factions.

The main and the faction regard the main war faction as heresy, and the main war faction treats the main peace faction as if it were a father-killing enemy. Not only was he ashamed to sit with the rival faction in class, the dining hall was even divided into two parts-the main faction was on the east side, and the area was relatively large.

——Even the girl who often asks him questions after the alchemy class, timidly asked: "Brother Lin, which school are you from?"

Which pie? No faction.

——Even when eating, you have to see where the two factions pushed the front of the dining hall today, so you can choose a middle position to sit down.

Therefore, when Lin Shu was asked, he did not speak, and left after packing.

Since then, the girl has stopped talking to him.

Although Lin Shu does not know what the situation is outside, he also understands a little objective law. The more the dispute between the main warlord and the two factions is, the more imminent the battle is.

I do n’t know when the troubled times will come, and he has nothing to do but to work hard to cultivate.

In such a tense atmosphere, one semester is coming to an end, and the disciples are free to go out and travel and complete the commission.

Lin Shu did not intend to go out, after all, the young lady would not let him run around.

"Brother Lin," the girl said to him in an incredible world, and asked, "Are you planning to go down the mountain to do the task? What task?"

Lin Shu: "No."

"I took a difficult task with my roommates, sneaked into the north-south border to look for the limbs of the North Xia living dead, and handed it over to the Academy for research. Will my brother join?"

Lin Shu: "No."

The girl's eyes instantly became strange and alienated: "Brother, are you Lord?"

Lin Shudao said: "No." The girl bowed her head and said, "Is it?" Lin Shu felt very boring and left.
He felt that it was still better for the young lady to live, at least there was no stance problem, and he defaulted to the young lady's position automatically.

Back at the bamboo house, a snowy white dove stopped on the corner of the eaves.

——After so many days, Li Yamao finally wrote back?

He recruited the white pigeon and took off the small jade tube on its feet. A piece of thick paper for snacks was stuffed in the jade tube.
Lin Shu opened the paper roll.

Scribbled handwriting, only one word was written. ball.

What does it mean? What is Li Yamao doing? Lin Shu was puzzled.
However, although Li Yamao was slightly mischievous, he could not reply to a thousand miles, and only returned an unintelligible "ball".

He turned the rough paper over and looked at it, and when he looked far away, he could not see any mystery.

What ball? The ball?

In this era, there is not even Cuju, how can there be a ball. Lin Shu suddenly felt a stir.
In this era, the word ball is not a commonly used Chinese character at all.

The moment he realized the problem, he looked at the scribbled handwriting, the creases that were scribbled, and a word appeared in his mind.


Chapter 84: Chisato Akachi


Li Yamao is asking for help?

Lin Shu frowned, took out the previous letter and compared it with Li Yamao's handwriting, and found that this time the handwriting was very scribbled compared to the past, and it can be seen that it was written in a hurry.

If he is really asking for help, then what kind of thing will make him write such a letter without even writing extra words?

Lin Shu's first thought was that Beixia came over and hit Minzhou.

But this is obviously impossible. First of all, Minzhou is located in the southeast and is the hinterland of Nanxia. If Beixia can hit Minzhou, then the entire Nanxia Yomo has fallen.

Moreover, there was no news of the beginning of the war in the palace.


So, is it something else in Ning'an?

Lin Shu first went to Minzhou to write another letter, and continued to inquire about the situation. Then he simply packed his things, took the cat to Lingshou, and met Zhaoye.

Seeing him at night, he gathered in affectionately.

The young lady had given him many things before the retreat, including the night, and Lin Shu would visit it every few days.

Lin Shu said: "Can I ride you out?" He snored according to the night and continued to slap Lin Shu. Lin Shu thinks this is the default.
He took a grain of Pigudan, rode Zhaoye with the help of a cat, and left the mountain behind Xuegong by horse.

The official road signs were clearly written, so he did not encounter any difficulties on the road. As a spirit horse that picks up thousands of miles, Zhaoye's footsteps are naturally extremely fast, but she reached the border of Minzhou in two days.


Lin Shu tightened the reins and slowed down the night, allowing him to see the scenery on both sides of the official road.

The rain three years ago did not fall after all. The so-called Chichi miles, but so.
There are farmlands on both sides of the official road. However, there are not many crops. The land has cracked deeply due to successive years of drought. It is as hard as iron with some hay on it.

But under the scorching sun, only five creatures, Lin Shu, Zhao Ye, and Cat, could see five birds in a cloudless sky.

Lin Shu could not tell what it was like. He snored according to the night, his footwork gradually rose, and he turned toward the official road leading to Ning'an House at the fork in the front.

Farmland is the root of a state and a government. The land is so dry that the city is naturally slumped. The doors of every house are closed. In the shadow of the house and the house, there are hobos, and I do n’t know how long it will be.

Lin Shu went through the town to the suburbs, and found the address that the young lady had chosen for their village in the direction of her memory. The village is still there, with dozens of houses sparsely drawn, and at this time, it is inclined at an angle, and there are smoke from several chimneys in the house.

Since there is cooking smoke, it's okay, and the village has not suffered any major disasters.

Lin sighed, rushed towards the village, came to the familiar door, and patted Chaimen.

No one was driving, he shouted again: "Duck feather."

Footsteps finally sounded inside, and the door creaked open, revealing Auntie's face.

I haven't seen it in more than two years, she has been stunned a lot.

After seeing herself, Auntie lips twitched a few times, and her eyes were radiant from the turbid eyes, holding his shoulders, her body shaking, and for a moment, she was speechless.

Lin Shu asked: "What about duck feathers and feathers?" Aunt Muran said in a heavy accent, "It's been taken away!" Lin Shu: "Catch it?"
The elder mother said, "... the officer sent him!" Lin Shudao: "Why?"
Auntie said: "To fight!"

Having said that, she looked around and clasped Lin Shu's shoulders with both hands, saying intermittently: "In the first year you left, your uncle ... was enlisted, and in the second year, the feathers also went to the border ... This year, they came home to ask for duck hair, what to say The service
law was changed. I said that duck hair would go to the palace to be a fairy, and begged them to let it go. The old man said that he cares about whether I am immortal or not Long ... the dozen people just pulled the duck feathers, I don't know where I went ... "

Lin Shu looked at her withered face, looked in the room, and saw a timid- looking girl who looked timidly at the door.

The girl Lin Shu knew, Li Ya Mao and Li Ji Mao's sister Li Goose.

Li Ge Mao stared at him for a while, suddenly flattened his mouth, and cried, "Brother run away! Someone caught brother ..."

Chapter 85: Car

Lin Shu stunned.

He looked at Li Goose.

The girl poked at the door frame, her eyes widened, and looked behind him in horror.

He turned back, there was nothing behind, only the empty village. Auntie said: "Don't be afraid, girls, they won't catch this brother." After this conversation, Lin Shu finally knew what was going on.
He thought that the situation in the academy was already extremely dangerous, but he did not expect that the outside world would reach such a point.

The war is coming, the army needs to be expanded, and the various fortifications also require a lot of manpower.

According to Ling Fengxiao's previous statement, Nanxia originally implemented the "Employment Law", that is, each house has the number and number of years to serve, but it can be avoided by paying the corresponding money and food. Part of this money is used to recruit other civilian husbands who are willing to serve, and the remaining part is used to fill the national treasury. However, after the "Commission Law" was restored, ordinary people could no longer be exempted from military service by paying money and food, but had to leave.

What's more, even if the "employment law" is still implemented, during the drought years, the grains have not been harvested, how can the people hand over enough money to avoid bondage? Looking at the girl's extreme fear, she obviously had a deep psychological shadow. From this, one can imagine how fierce the officials were when they arrested people.

Their family was originally a happy family of five, but now they only have their eldest daughters and young girls. How can they survive in this war and famine?

Think again, Nanxia land, how many people should there be? I'm afraid countless.
In this case, Lin Shu had only read relevant poems in the Chinese class.

There are countless specific words and expressions. Even though the war had not yet begun, he thought of the word "spirit-coated".

When he first went to school, he only endorsed it. He never thought that he would be among them one day.

Auntie said: "Yamao is still looking forward to learning immortals next year ..."

She had bloodshot eyes, and the hand around Lin Shu's shoulder was shaking, her eyes were full of pain.

Lin Shu patted her arm lightly, took a bottle of Pigudan from the mustard bag, and said, "Eat one for 30 days without eating or drinking."

Auntie froze for a moment, then reacted, picked up the bottle and shoved it into her arms, and then looked out again to confirm that no one saw it.

Lin Shu was led by her.

The aunt poured him a bowl of muddy water and said, "Without good water, don't let it go."

Lin Shudao: "It's all right." This is true of Li Yamao's family, and so must be the other family's, and eating and drinking are all problems.

The elder mother watched him sip the water with a sip, wiped a tear, and said, "A few days ago, Duck Feather was looking forward to studying the immortal next year. I didn't expect ..."

Lin Shu asked: "Are they gone?" Auntie: "What?"
Lin Shudao: "Army."

"No," said Auntie, "I have to go elsewhere to recruit soldiers, saying that they will be sent to Makou in five days."

Lin Shu said "um", "You wait a while." Anyway, picked up Jade, and went to dream.
Mr. Meng turned and said, "Dao, you are here. Do you want to practice swords?"

Lin Shu hesitated, and said, "One thing." Mr. Meng said, "What is it?"
Lin Shudao: "Do you know Li Yamao?"

Mr. Meng smiled mildly: "Do you know him, Daoyou? He should have come to the palace this year. When I hosted the Shangling test, I felt that I had not seen him, and he had deliberately sought it. If you recognize him, you must Ask him to remember next year. "

Lin Shudao: "He is sick this year." Mr. Meng suddenly said: "So it is."
Lin Shu continued: "Recruited a few days ago, he was arrested." As soon as the words fell, Mr. Meng frowned. "This ..." He continued: "Why is that?"
Lin Shudao: "Can he come to the palace?"

Mr. Meng said: "He is not bad at talents. He is already a man of immortality. I just fear that he won't be able to follow the course, which will make him learn more words in the world."

Lin Shu thought about the rescue word written as "ball". Although it was written incorrectly, it was also written in part. From the fact that he didn't know a big one to writing, he really learned it seriously.

"Dao friend, if you haven't set aside, go to their station and look for Lizheng, I will come to him to ask for help."

Lin Shudao: "Thank you."

"Taoyou, what's the situation, you tell me more." Lin Shu told Mr. Meng the situation in the village. "Why is that!" Said Mr. Meng again.
Mr. Meng's spleen was always mild, but at the moment he frowned, with a severe tone, and his eyes were full of anxiety.

For a long while, he said, "I know this is helpless ... It's just that the situation is so severe, it's my fault after all."

Lin Shu doesn't know who this "I'm waiting for" refers to.

Mr. Meng sighed, and said, "Taoyou, Yamao, you can rest assured that this official face will still be given to Xiandao."

Lin Shudao: "Thank you." "Don't have to thank," Mr. Meng looked at Yunhai. "Dao You, go find Lizheng. I'll talk to Shangling about this first. The strategy for conscripting must not be the case, otherwise the national strength will decline within three years. Although he doesn't care about the affairs of the world, he can still speak before him. "

After all, Mr. Meng arched his hand towards Lin Shu, and the figure disappeared immediately.

Lin Shu left the dream and saw the aunt was looking at herself, and there was twelve expectations in her eyes.

"I told Xuegong." Lin Shudao said, "Wait at home, I'll look for Lizheng." Auntie's lips moved, she couldn't speak, and her eyes seemed to have tears. Lin Shu didn't know how to comfort, and just said, "You can rest assured." After saying that, I asked Li Zheng where he was and went out.
Nanxia set up one hundred households as a mile, and each mile set up a position to be responsible for hukou and commission.

The eldest mother only knew Lizheng's place of residence and yamen, but did not know where Lizheng was at the moment. Lin Shu stiffened and asked a few times, only to find Lizheng and Lizheng in another village ten miles away from the village Men.

Two men are pulling a young man out of a family's yard. Here is a white fat middle-aged man who took a sip on the ground and said, "Hidden in the cellar! The cellar! I have seen this more!"

The man's family members held the child who could not walk and sat crying on the threshold: "Sir, we orphans and widows, can't do anything, will we drink the northwest wind in the future?"

Li Zhengdao said: "It's not your only family to drink the northwest wind!" The woman burst into tears and saw that she was about to hit the door with her head, and the man was in pain.

Li Zheng said fiercely to her: "You are hiding your man today, you will not fight well in the next day, when you want to drink the northwest wind, I am afraid you will not die!"

Having said that, the opponent said, "Go!" Turning around, he looked up and saw Lin Shu.
Lin Shu knew that the clothes he was wearing were not ordinary styles, so he wasn't surprised to look straight at him, and gave him a ritual: "Master."

Li Zheng took a few steps back and also gave a gift: "What's the advice of Xianchang?"

Lin Shudao: "One thing."

As soon as the words fell, the jade on his waist flickered. After a while, he saw Mr. Meng's phantom appearing in front of him.

Mr. Meng made a speech to Li Zheng, polite, and explained the context, Li Ya Mao is a disciple of Shangling Xuegong, he must go to Shangling Xuegong, please let Lizheng let him go. And the other one should go through the formalities to transfer it in-house, and Li Zheng doesn't have to be afraid of the blame of his superiors.

Li was looking at them for a long time, saying that Xianchang naturally has a reason for it, but my mortal person also has mortal difficulties, and this matter must be reported upward.

Mr. Meng said, "OK."

Lin Shu knows that there are rules in the world, not to mention that the disciples of Xiandao have never acted on mortals. Even if Mr. Meng is close, they must abide by the rules of the world, and cannot rescue people immediately. Li Zhengdao, the Xianchang returned to camp with us.

Lin Shu responded, and was about to keep up, but when he saw one of Li Zheng's men, he suddenly fell to his knees, his voice trembling, "General!"

He shouted "General", but his eyes looked at Mr. Meng.

Mr. Meng must have looked at him a few times and said, "I have seen you."

"Quyang City!" The man took a few steps on his knees and came to Mr. Meng. "General, you still ... you are still!"

He reached out to grab the corner of Mr. Meng's clothes, but his hand went straight through Mr. Meng's phantom and grabbed an empty space.

——I saw his face blank, looked up at Mr. Meng.

Mr. Meng has a blue suit, wide robes and wide sleeves, and a fairy air, and his appearance is only more than twenty, and the man has grown wrinkles and is thirty to forty years old.

Mr. Meng said, "It was just a vacancy, you just call my husband."

The man looked at himself as he was going to catch Mr. Meng's clothes, but he didn't catch anything, and said, "... Sir?"

Mr. Meng said: "I am no longer alive."

The human said: "General, Quyang City ... I am a soldier. I have seen you several times, but I did not die. After the battle, I did not get any credit. I was released as a clerk."

Mr. Meng whispered, "Just survive."

The man gasped heavily: "General, it's time to fight again."

Mr. Meng leaned over and gave him a helpless gesture: "The world is impermanent and suffers." Lin Shu looked at this scene and thought to himself, in this way, Mr. Meng is indeed the night lonely man who the young lady said.

It is said that Xianfan is different, but in this world, Xianfan is inseparable. After the disciples of Xiandaoyuan completed their studies, they either returned to the clan or martial arts to continue their cultivation, or served for the imperial court, and came to the army. Both the Xiandao martial arts and the clan had close ties with the dynasty. Once the war broke out, Xiandao could not stand alone.

Mr. Meng comforted the man a few words before returning to the jade.

Lin Shu followed Li into the carriage and returned to the temporary barracks all the way.

The barracks are a row of low thatched houses, with men ranging in age from 20 to 60.

There are many people. Lin Shu didn't see Li Yamao. He followed Li Zheng to the other side, watching Li Zheng asking for instructions. After the last request, he finally crossed out the name "Li Yayi" on the roster.

Then a soldier went to the temporary barracks and yelled at his name. After a commotion in the distance, Lin Shu saw Li Yamao running towards himself.

He was wearing a coarse brown cloth and had lost a lot of weight. His face was pale and his expression was very haggard, and he suffered a lot at first sight.

"Brother, you ..." Li Yamao's **** were undulating and he took a few breaths. "The people here are watching tightly, and I can only sneak a word while they can't see, I didn't expect you to--"

Lin Shu: "That word was also wrong."

Li Yamao's expression was very awkward.

Li Zheng was impatient and said, "Go fast, shake the army!" Lin Shu took him away. Before leaving, he looked back at the barracks and saw countless men in brown shorts in the barracks looking at them. Lin Shu couldn't say anything, probably jealous.

However, he can only bring Li Yamao alone.

Lin Shu looked at this scene, faintly reminded that two years ago, the night of the roast mouse in the snow, Xie Zishe put forward the argument.

He didn't feel anything before, but now he finally realized something vaguely.

Xian, and Xia, although they have extraordinary force, have also been recognized by others, they have a social status and can do things that ordinary people can't. However, this force or status can save one person and not ten thousand people.

To save or kill 10,000 people, what is needed is the power of Wang and Confucianism, a kind of political force that has no form but has the power to kill millions of people.

However, this has nothing to do with him, he just came to "ball" a Li Yamao.

After returning, how happy Li Yamao was and how much she was grateful. After two days off, Lin Shu took Li Yamao on his way back to the palace.

After the instructions of the Great Teacher, Li Yamao can directly enter the academy, and when the new semester begins, he can choose classes normally.

Li Yamao was recovering from a serious illness, and was tossed in a barracks for several days. He was weak and could not bear the galloping wind and the sun, so they used another worldly carriage and returned to the academy in ten days.

Lin Shu took Li Yamao to familiarize himself with the structure of Xue Gong, and returned to his bamboo house late at night. He started practicing the piano.

Today, for him, practicing the piano is practicing sword.

Spiritual power sloshed from the strings, like sword qi, cutting off numerous bamboo leaves.

But what happened this time down the mountain may be because he knew Li Yamao and couldn't get rid of himself completely. It actually made his mind drift, and he couldn't calm down and play the piano completely.

At the end of the song, there was an illusion, and I felt that I could hear the lingering flute.

I actually heard the young lady's flute, and she was really unstable.

Chapter 86: Miss me

When Lin Shu finished playing a song, he put his hands on the strings, closed his eyes, and felt his own mood.

There is a word in the book called "things hurt others," and when he walked around, what he saw really touched him.

It is precisely because of this opportunity that Lin Shu found that his state of mind really needs to be cultivated-the state of mind in his last life was calm and calm, and about the constant operation of Jiange's cold and cold mind, and the lack of life experience, he has not seen Too many things.

After thinking for a while, he began to play a quiet and quiet song, and then his thoughts were gradually let go.

After letting it go, I was fascinated again, thinking, if the young lady saw that scene, what would she do?

The family of the man who was repatriated believed that the dynasty had broken their way of life and was looking for life. Li Zheng believed that the forced conscription was due to the necessity of fighting, and it should be. Mr. Meng believes that this measure is depleting the national strength of the dynasty and is not desirable.

Where is the young lady? What do you think? How to do it?

He couldn't think of it, only knowing that the young lady's mood would not be very good, and he didn't know how to soothe well.

This absurdity played another tone. Lin Shu: "..."
It is not advisable to practice the piano today. He left the piano table, memorized textbooks for a while, flipped a few pages of sheet music, washed them, and planned to sleep.

Before going to bed, I couldn't help looking at the black window in the opposite bamboo house, and felt a little empty in my heart.

I usually don't feel anything. Now the rain is coming, the situation is grim, and my own mood has become a problem again-I feel that the owner is not there and my position is to be determined. It is as if I lost my backbone.

Although at a loss, I didn't worry too much, and slept after a few cats.

Although he can eat Pi Gu Dan, he doesn't have to go to the canteen to eat, but the cat is unwilling to go to the canteen to eat fish.

So, the next morning, he got up on time and hugged the cat to the haze.

The cat has not eaten well in the world these days, and is looking forward to the dining room, and has been meowing in his arms.

The main building of the haze is the Treasure Pavilion, Bookstore and Canteen. To go to the canteen, you must first pass the Treasure Pavilion. When Lin Shu passed by here, he saw a group of people surrounded by what he was talking about, and faintly heard a few words such as "change" and "new species".

Lin Shu didn't want to pay attention, but heard a familiar voice—it was the girl sitting next to him in the alchemy class.

Before he went to the world, the girl took a difficult task with her companion, and also left, saying that she sneaked into the North Xia border to collect blood samples for research in the academy. Twenty days later, I have returned, and it can be said to be very fast.

Because of the girl, he took a closer look at the crowd. The center of the crowd was the girl and her companion. A translucent glass jar was placed in front of it, and some broken corpses were placed in it. It was this corpse that caused the onlookers of the rest of the class-they were watching the corpse and discussing that it was different from the living dead before. I am afraid that the voodoo of Beixia has undergone new changes.

Lin Shu remembered the incident of the monster invading the Academy two years ago. At that time, the Academy also said that there was a change in the magic of Beixia.

He thought to himself that although the Xiandao disciples in Nanxia were diligently working hard to improve their cultivation, Beixia has been improving the number of new voodoo, and I do n’t know which one is faster.

After thinking about it, and wanting to go forward, the cat screamed.

Although the cat's voice is all "meow", the tone of it is subtly different, and Lin Shu heard this at this time, which is probably not the usual "meow".

He asked, "What do you want to see?" Cat: "Meow."
——This time with a positive tone, Lin Shu held it and took a few steps.
The identity of the cat's mountain guardian is not known to most people, only the Great Kingdom Master, a few real people, and disciples who have seen it on the Magic Mountain at the time.

Originally, if the person who cultivated immortals, after crossing the robbery, the realm would improve, and he would overcome the bottleneck, rise quickly, and when he reached the level of consummation, he would soar immediately, even beyond his control, but the spirit beast is different.

The cat owes cause and effect, so it must be paid off in order to rise, so it can spend a lot of time in the mortal world. Nanxia concealed its true identity, but also stored some considerations that did not let Beixia know. The cat didn't know if he would take the initiative to help.

Since the cat wanted to see it, Lin Shu held it forward.

The girl saw Lin Shu and lowered her head, and said, "Brother, you." Lin Shu said "um".
The girl said, "Did you go to commission these days?" Lin Shu: "No."
The girl said, "Now the situation is tense, and I need my disciples to come forward, brother, you are so negative--"

Since the girl asked him whether the main battle or the main peace, the attitude is a bit subtle, and now there is dissatisfaction in the tone.

Lin Shu didn't feel anything, but everyone else was not satisfied with his eyes.

He remembered that although the girl was weak and weak, she was active in the main battle, and her friend was naturally a radical main battle group. I was afraid that salty fish like her could not get in their eyes.

The situation was a little tense at the moment, and many people looked at Lin Shu vigilantly, at this time the cat suddenly made a very short cry.


Lin Shu hugged it, and apparently felt that the cat's body suddenly became stiff and a little scared at some moment.

The next moment, the girl and several of her companions were lifted off by a thick chaotic spirit!

"Ah!" The girl fell on the ground more than ten meters away, and several companions also dropped. The disciples who wanted to go forward were blocked by the same spiritual power!

The next moment, the glass jar was also taken off, grunted a few times, and landed in front of the girl.

"Why are you insulting!" The girl stood up, red eyes and questioned.

The rest is the same, Lin Shu became the target of public criticism for a while.

Others have spoken accusations, with swords stretched out, almost having to pick up weapons to punish this dangerous member who hurt his fellow students.

Lin Shu drove down the cat's blasted hair, thinking that the cat must have done something to do this. Because of its terrestrial immortal realm and mixed-eating personality, if there are no special circumstances, it is really too lazy to deal with these disciples who have reached the highest level.

Probably seeing him unmoved, the crusade around him became more intense.

One of the oldest elder brothers said, "Sister, you must give a statement if you injure the beast, and then apologize to them."

Lin Shu just smoothed the cat calmly and said, "They have strangers."

The elder brother seemed very angry and said, "Sister, not only do you not go to work for the country, you also hurt your classmates, but I don't know where they are wrong, only you are wrong."

Others said, "Don't you apologize to them?" For a moment, the sentiment was angry.
At this moment, a sneer came suddenly.

They couldn't hear where they were, they looked around. The girl said, "Don't pretend to be a ghost!"

The voice was cold and misty, and the tone was cold.

"My people, even if they did something wrong, why should they apologize to others?"

The next moment, Lin Shu smelled a familiar cold fragrance, and his eyes were blindfolded from behind.

The human said: "Who am I?" Lin Shudao: "Miss."
The man said again, "Do you miss me?"

Lin Shu thought about it. He only thought about the young lady yesterday, and said, "I think."

The young lady laughed and let go of his hands covering his eyes. The next moment, her voice became extremely cold again.

"You," he said to the girl, "turn around."

The girl opened her eyes wide and was very uncomfortable for a while, but the voice of the young lady with such a cold command tone was beyond doubt, and she was subconsciously obeyed.

She turned around.

The young lady said, "Undress."

The girl was anxious and turned to look at the crowd.

But at this time, the brothers and sisters did not help her, but frowned. A sister said: "Sister Qing, you take off first."
She couldn't, and unbuttoned her gown. The crowd gasped and made a noise.

But when I saw the exposed arms and shoulders, it was a **** corpse spot!

Chapter 87: Ling Fengxiao

This corpse is known to anyone familiar with the dead.

Beixia's monster is no longer a living creature, but it is not a dead thing. Half dead is not alive, immortal is not alive. If it is a living dead person, it often has large blue corpses.

Now that there are corpses on the girl, it means that she is transforming into a living dead person.

She did so, and those fellow travelers were also shaken away by the cat's spirit, and it seemed that they could not be spared.

I saw those people opening their robes one after another, and sure enough, a trace appeared on everyone.

People looked at each other: "This ..."

Lin Shu looked at the glass jar containing a sample of the dead body.

After encountering the living dead, he had read the relevant information. The North Xia shaman produced "blood poison" and applied it to a living person with a secret method, and that person will be eroded by blood poison and gradually become a living dead man manipulated by the wizard.

But the girl and her companion apparently only went to the border to collect the fragments of the dead body of the dead for research in the surgical institute. How could they be infected with blood?

Lin Shu looked at the girl's frightened eyes, but could only think of two possibilities. One was that they encountered the Northern Xia Wizard without knowing it and were cast blood poison.

The second is that Beixia ’s voodoo technique really made a big breakthrough, making blood poison infectious. Ordinary people can get infected just by touching the living dead.

These two situations, if they are the first, are not too dangerous. But the second one is simply too scary.

Imagine that when the two armies confronted each other, Beixia took the lead with a large number of living dead. At the time of the battle, Nanxia's army gradually transformed into living dead in the process of fighting with the living dead, obeying the dispatch of the North Xia wizard, and then the spread of blood poisoning increased. Larger, until the entire army of the Nanxia annihilated.

Even if the war has not yet begun, you do n’t need to consider this kind of problem. But if Beixia sneaks into Nanxia territory, casts blood poison, blood poison spreads ten, ten spreads hundred, hundreds spreads, according to the laws of physics, it will increase exponentially. Wouldn't it be more terrifying than the most violent plague?

The disciples who were present also wanted to understand the key points for a while, and went into the dream to find Mr. Dream. Soon, five prestigious predecessors of the academy hurried in, looking dignified.

"All spread out." A real person said, "All the disciples who have stayed here today go to the academy for observation."

Later, several real people took out Lin Shu's unknown utensil-like utensils from the mustard seed bag, put the glass jars together, and used many amulets to surround the disciples with a spiritual force and wind. Barrier, arranged for the disciples to go to the surgery.

The disciples also knew the danger, and obediently followed the real person-although everyone was worried. A person's infection with blood poisoning is small. If it affects the entire academy, it will be a major event that affects the entire immortal road.

Lin Shu has not touched the glass cans, but in the end he has stayed around the glass cans and must be isolated for observation, and the young lady cannot be spared.

He didn't follow immediately, but froze at the end of the crowd. The young lady looked at him.
He also looks at Miss.

The lady in a gorgeous red coat is still the color she used to wear before the retreat, but she is taller.

The original look that was shocked to heaven was even more eye-catching at this time.

Lin Shuyuan thought that his aesthetics had been scrubbed by the young lady of the past to an indomitable level, but today I saw that I was shocked again, I don't know how to describe it.

The outline of the young lady is a little deeper and more dazzling than two years ago. It reminds people of the national color peony that is full of March and quickly opened. The slightly raised eyes add three points to this face. , Can no longer be described by the word of national color and heavenly incense, but like the most beautiful and sharpest knife in the world, the sharpness shines directly into people's eyes, leaving his brain blank.

The young lady waved before his eyes: "Return to my mind." Lin Shu's thoughts returned.
He thought that the younger lady was a little older than herself. Before the retreat, she was seventeen or eighteen years old, and now she is two years older. Thinking about it, I saw that the young lady was taller than him.

Originally, the body of the little fool was somewhat inadequate, about one head shorter than the young lady. Goodbye today, the gap narrowed a little, only two or three fingers away.

After the comparison, Ling Fengxiao took a few steps back, looked at him, and then came forward, saying, "You've grown very tall."

Lin Shu secretly poked and thought, the young lady is already the very tall one among the girls, but I am afraid that it will not be long in the future, and she has just grown up and can grow taller again.

As I was thinking, I heard the young lady smile and said, "If you grow taller, my body will not hold you well now."

Lin Shu: "?"

Miss, you can't ask my boy to be held by the girl like a bird.

The young lady took his hand, and they slowly walked forward along the crowd.

The cat crawled out of Lin Shu's arms, stepped on his shoulder, and then jumped onto Ling Fengxiao flexibly.

Ling Fengxiao said: "You have also gained a lot of weight, beware that Lin can't stand still."

The cat ignored it and seemed to have no idea of its weight.

They were not afraid of being poisoned by blood. After all, there was such a land fairy, if it had, it would have been shaking with anxiety.

The young lady asked how he had been in the past two years, and Lin Shu truthfully answered.

Answering and answering, it is inevitable to mention Li Yamao's case, and to mention Li Yamao's case, it is necessary to mention the status quo of suffering in slavery.

The young lady looked up to the horizon, wondering what she was thinking. After a while, she said, "Since ancient times, it has always been like this when fighting."

Lin Shudao said, "Well."

"However, the people are innocent, and they are suffering. It is ultimately the fault of Wang and Confucianism."

Lin Shupo looked at Ling Fengxiao with a little surprise, thinking that the old lady still remembers the argument in the snowy night.

The young lady said, "In this way, you are uneasy because of this matter, playing the wrong song twice?"

I did not expect that I played the wrong tune and was heard by the young lady. Lin Shu was a little embarrassed and admitted: "Yes."

"You learn immortals, you are not a human being. You don't have to worry about these things," said the young lady. "From now on, the safety of friends and family will be with me."

Lin Shudao said, "Well."

"As for the people of the world ..." Ling Fengxiao's hand was gently pressed on the handle of the knife, looking at the new sun between the mountains, squinting her eyes slightly: "The success or failure is unknown. The restoration of the old country will give them an account. "

Lin Shu asked: "Can you win?"

"I don't know." The young lady held his hand, spread his five fingers gently, put it on the palm of her hand, and then slowly gathered, said: "But be ashamed."

Lin Shu suddenly felt a lot of peace in his heart. Ling Fengxiao is a man with a changeable temperament and superb acting.

But what this person said, for no reason, Lin Shu felt that it would be fulfilled.

The outcome is not yet known, but there must be no regrets.

There is no such thing as grandeur, but it is more trustworthy than grandeur.

Then, just listen to the young lady saying, "However, it won't make you wrong."

Lin Shudao: "Thank you."

After a lapse of two years, the young lady is still the owner who said that he has kept the hamsters well and thoughtfully. He doesn't know what advantages he has, but he can be favored by the young lady. "Thanks a lot".

The young lady raised her eyebrow and smiled. "No thanks."

Then he paused and continued: "You play the piano every day, and the sound of the piano is clear, I will feel at ease. If the piano sound floats, I will have some concerns, as it did last night."

Lin Shu: "!"

He asked, "Don't you get settled all the time?"

"Wake up occasionally, and wake up for a while, and at night I can hear your piano." Miss said.

Lin Shu was ashamed: "Then I ... delay your cultivation."

"Anyway," Ling Fengxiao said, "your piano is clear and peaceful, but it makes me feel better."

Lin Shu asked: "How are you doing?" Ling Fengxiao said: "Show you at night." Lin Shu looked curiously at the young lady.
He really wanted to know how the young lady's cultivation had gone, whether the sword technique had entered a new realm, and whether it had even entered the robbery period.

However, the naked eye can only see that the young lady is beautiful again.

During the talk, I have entered the field of the academy, the mountains in late autumn, the red maple like the sea, and a few leaves occasionally fall, which is very beautiful.

These disciples who had contacted the glass jars at close range were placed in a compound in the northwest to observe whether they had symptoms of blood poisoning. The focus of several real people is on the girl and his party.

The martial arts of the real people in the academy were mostly unwise. In order to prevent these people from becoming living dead and violently hurting them, Ling Fengxiao confirmed that he would not be infected with blood poisoning, and then guarded the real people around him and incidentally Lin Shu.

The girl is placed in a jade half the size of a room. The jade is made of deep jade cold jade, which can slow down the speed of poisonous hair. The wall is surrounded by runes and contains the wind of the wind. The breath will not leak out, so naturally there is no need to worry about blood poison spreading to real people.

The girl was frowning, her eyelashes were shaking, she looked panic- stricken, and when she saw Lin Shu, she was both embarrassed and embarrassed, and shouted "brother".

The young lady raised an eyebrow. The girl looked at the young lady again.

The young lady stood by the window blankly.

The two real people asked about the girl's situation and thought about the method of detoxification. According to the original experience, it is still possible to save them in a short time after being infected with blood poisoning.

After the inquiry, the details of the corpse collection were asked.

Originally, some dead people were found in the mountains on the border. The skin color was dark red, different from other living dead people, and powerful, much more powerful than those seen in previous years. The Academy learned of the news, and feared that Beixia witchcraft had made new progress, it released such a mission in an attempt to study such a living dead.

The girl's team came to the border, found the wandering living dead according to the clues, killed two, and brought the body back into pieces. Some people in the team were injured and others did not suffer. However, whether they were injured or not, they were infected with blood poisoning. There was even an uninjured disciple who had more corpses than the injured.

This matter-really no small matter!

If it was n’t because he was infected with blood poisoning because he was scratched by a living dead person, but simply came into contact with the living dead person, then it is very likely that the blood poisoning of Beixia could have spread out of thin air!

Real people frowned, and after researching, they shook their heads and sighed: "There is no blood poison sample, and no matter how much the discussion is, if you can get the sample, you might know its ins and outs."

Another human said: "Blood poison samples are carefully preserved by the shamans of Beixia University. How can I get them?" The third person said: "If you don't find out what happened to this blood poisoning soon, I will die if it spreads among the people!"

The first humanity said: "There may be clues at that border." Several real people nodded in unison: "Exactly."
Another said: "If you go to investigate, if something happens again ..."

The words of real people did not fall, Ling Fengxiao said lightly, "I'll check."

"This ..." The real person was surprised, and hesitated again.

Lin Shu didn't feel surprised, he knew that Miss was such a person.

When he was playing the piano last night, he thought, the rain is coming, the war is about to start, the creatures are covered with charcoal, the emperor desperately conscripts, and Mr. Meng deplores the people, thinking that the dynasty should reform the system.

And what about Miss? What will the young lady do?

At that time, he thought that the young lady would bring the same sorrowful sword and thousands of soldiers to take the first rank of the enemy general. The prosperity and decline of the dynasty and the sadness and joy of the people may be tied to that sword.

Ling Fengxiao's person is exactly the same. According to Lin Shu's observations, this person never uses things with sorrow and sadness, but always does those things that can be done and which may be meaningful.

He felt that it was "deserved" of this sword, and regardless of the heavy killing, it would be very appropriate to just look at the name and hold it for the young lady.

-Then suddenly thought that it was the cousin who got the well-deserved sword from the treasure house of the magical mountain. The cousin is a young lady.

The young lady got "well deserved". what about now?
What about the knife?

Chapter 88: Beauty

Lin Shu thought about it for a while, and thought that--the young lady said that she was worthy of a knife, but she was sent to Xiao Shao.

The knife Xiao Shao used in his dream was "well-deserved", presumably in reality.

Thinking of Xiao Shao, he naturally thought of the performance field in the dream.

I do not know when, Xiao Shao's name disappeared from the rankings.

——It seems that when he and the young lady came out of Jiangzhou, returned to Xuegong, and looked at the ranking of Yanwuchang, he couldn't find his name.

The last time he met, he tried to find Miss by Xiao Shao.

This incident also caused a big storm in the Academy, but no one knows what Xiao Shao looks like in reality, so it is impossible to guess where this person went.

Lin Shu felt that he was probably graduated.

Although there is not much intersection with Xiao Shao, and he may not meet again in the future, Lin Shu still feels a bit sorry.

After all, the contest, which he remembered to this day, was still a bit thrilling.

If he hasn't lost his practice, he can often discuss with Xiao Shao in reality, and he will definitely make a breakthrough in martial arts.

However, the young lady and Xiao Shao must be very familiar. If she has been following the young lady, she may never have met him again. He took back his thoughts and looked at the girl.

Several large cavities on the girl were given cold needles by real people. The corpse was still there, but it did not continue to expand. She was calmer than before and said, "Thank you, real people."

A real person who is good at medical treatment consults like an expert and asks her condition carefully.

On the other side, a real person said to Ling Fengxiao, "His Royal Highness, you have no choice but to go rashly, I'm afraid it's not appropriate."

Ling Fengxiao said: "I'm afraid no one is right."

Reality: "This trip is extremely dangerous. It is better to ask the senior Yuanyuan of Xiandaoyuan to investigate."

Ling Fengxiao said: "I am also Yuan Ying." The real person was speechless for a moment.
Lin Shu thought that the strength of the young lady, even if placed on the whole Xiandao, was outstanding.

In Immortal Road, Zhuji has the most disciples, and Jin Dan has fewer. Then he goes to Yuan Ying and then crosses the robbery. After crossing the robbery, he can soar.

After building the foundation, even if you are stepping into the Immortal Path, this stage is just that your body is strong, your ears are clear, and there is nothing worth mentioning.

Among the 10,000 disciples, there are eight thousand who can master the law of spiritual flow and produce a Qidan in Dantian. Since then, the spiritual power in the body has been centered on Jindan, and it can be used continuously. Spells can also incorporate spiritual power into martial arts moves. With a full blow, a sword can probably break a house. Of the eight thousand, one hundred can enter Yuanying.

This is a huge watershed, because Jin Danxiu believes that no matter how good the spiritual power is and how powerful the martial arts power is, it is just a martial arts.

Yuan Ying, on the other hand, symbolizes that he has his own Tao.

The spiritual power in the body also gradually changed with the "Tao". Finally, Jin Dan in the body gradually changed, reborn, and gave birth to a human figure in Dan Tian named Yuan Ying. The body of the Xiuxian people in the Yuanying realm has a world of "Dao". Each trick can affect the profound "Tiandao" between heaven and earth. Compared with Jindan, the power is also a world-changing change. One can say that it has the power to turn mountains and reclaim sea.

As for the robbery period, not to mention, the "Tao" is gradually perfected until it can resist the heavenly Tao and be able to escape from the law of birth, illness, death, and death in the world.

At this time, Tiandao lowered the world to break the thunder and thunder. If he had carried it, he would rise to the immortal world and be happy. If not, he would have to go back to reincarnate.

According to Lin Shu's limited understanding of Xiandao in this world, there are very few people who have crossed the robbery period.

For example, the Yue Lao Tang in Mengtang is one, and the remaining two or three seniors who cross the robbery are also old men who guard one side of the school.

Moreover, it is said that all walks are "combined."

The "hedao" robbery period is not as powerful as the "broken way" robbery period.

But "Broken Road" has indeed not passed the robbery period.

Lin Shu thinks that the big lady can do it, and Xiao Shao is not bad either. In modern times, he can practice silently until the robbery period. It is not difficult for the gifted talent of the young lady.

Just listen to the big lady saying to the real person: "That's it." Real person: "It has to be considered."
The young lady pressed her right hand on the scabbard and said, "I don't want to stay."

The real man twisted his eyebrows, frowned his beard, and groaned for a long while, and said, "You need to ask for a big offering."

The young lady said, "OK."

Then he said, "This matter cannot be brought to others." Humane: "I know it."
Lin Shu thought about it, and felt so.

There are many people, if you accidentally walk around and show the wind, Beixia knows that someone will go to the border to investigate and set up traps, which will be a little trouble.

Then, I saw the young lady taking a few steps forward and came to the girl.

The girl said, "... are you?"

The young lady said, "Ling Fengxiao."

The girl said "ah" softly, and looked at Lin Shu again, turning her eyes several times between him and Ling Fengxiao.

Lin Shu is not surprised by this behavior. After all, everyone in the school who is not isolated from the world knows that the young lady is the owner of Lin Shu. The girl lowered her eyes, and she was pale because of blood poisoning. At this time, she looked sad.

"Brother, will I die," she said.

Lin Shudao said, "It depends on the medical treatment of real people."

The girl smiled hard, then looked at the knife slowly leaning on the wall, a cold lady, whispered: "Brother, are you forced? I know you are not like this "

Lin Shu didn't even know what she was talking about for a while. She didn't know until she noticed the desire and stopped looking at the young lady's eyes. The girl probably didn't feel that she had a good character and would not be held by someone thing?

No, girl, no, I don't have much conduct.

What's more, if you just look at the young lady and then look at me, you know that even if the young lady raises me, it will be a great honor.

I want to raise a young lady, but I don't have that much money.

He saw the young lady glanced here with interest, and suddenly felt a strong desire to survive: "I am willing."


Ling Fengxiao said, "I'm gone."

Lin Shu followed her obediently, and before she left, she saw that the girl had a complex expression. He was so distressed that he was so disappointed that he chose to be kept in custody.

He had nothing to say. Anyway, everything was clearly arranged on the wedding paper in red and gold.

When he stepped out of the door, he saw an interesting smile on the corner of the young lady's mouth. not good.

I have said a few more words to the girl in the past two years, and now the Lord is back.

Sure enough, the young lady said, "You have a good friend. It seems that the past two years have really been good."

Lin Shu touched his nose: "Same table."

"Anyway, it's good to make more friends, but don't be fooled by beauty." Lin Shu: "..."
He said, "It's not as beautiful as you are."

The young lady was satisfied and took him to sit on a piece of bluestone in Qionglin.

"The Great Master hasn't answered yet, let's go to the dream first." Ling Fengxiao took out the jade, "I created a few tricks, and we're going to tear them down."

Lin Shudao: "Okay."

He also took out the jade soul, sinking his consciousness into the dream.

At that time, he used the fairy shell of the folded bamboo, and after one year expired, he could finally change his image, so he reused the appearance of his previous life, and finally did not need to maintain the appearance of the girl.

He came to the dock and saw the opposite. The young lady stood in the wind in red and looked at herself, her eyebrows frowned slightly, and she hesitated for a long time: "... Lin Shu?"

Lin Shu: "Yes."

The young lady said, "Why don't you use your original body?" The author has something to say: the defense of men is indispensable. The defense of women is also indispensable.
Anti ...

-Where is my wife? ? ? ?

Chapter 89: marriage

Lin Shuluo.

Then he remembered that in the performance martial arts, the young lady had only seen her own image of folding bamboo, and had never seen this.

In Yanwuchang, an image is bound to a name. He now uses the face of his last life, called "Don't Fight", which is the name that Master gave himself in his lifetime.

The young lady stepped forward, her eyes stopped for a long time, and she asked, "Whose face is this?"

Hesitation in his tone and unhappiness in his eyes. Lin Shuyi was shocked.
Naturally, he couldn't say that he wasn't actually a person in this world. He was assigned here by Tiandao after failing the calamity, so he thought for a while, and said, "I did it myself."

The lady asked again: "Why don't you break the bamboo?"

Lin Shu touched his nose: "I'm not used to the costumes of girls." "Is that so?" Said the young lady.
Lin Shu consciously has very good reasons.

Then I saw the young lady sighed softly, and said, "You are wronged."

The young lady was so considerate, knowing that she wore women's clothing and walked around Yanwu that year.

Lin Shu was very touched and said, "It's fine." As soon as I was touched, I heard the young lady say, "But I like the style of folding bamboo."

Lin Shu: "..."

Not moved anymore.

The lady continued: "I want to see you in a skirt." Lin Shu: "..."
——What is this bad addiction? He said, "But I can't wear a skirt."
The young lady said, "It's in a fantasy, anyway." Lin Shu felt unable to breathe.

He went offline silently.

Log in again, set the image in front of the mirror, change back to folding bamboo, and walk back to Yanwuchang.

As soon as I arrived at the pier, I saw people gazing at this side, whispering: "Zhuzhu Fairy appeared!"

At the same time, the indisputable name disappeared, and the name of Zhanzhu appeared on the leaderboard.

Fortunately, he did not fight this body with other people. The name was drowned in the vast sea of people. No one would notice that it disappeared. Naturally, it is inferred that indisputable is folding bamboo, and folding bamboo is indisputable.

The name of the folded bamboo appears at the top of the list. Lin Shu was a little embarrassed and touched his nose.

——Who makes Cangyu's person love Wuwu and become obsessed, he must challenge the folding of bamboo. From then on, the first few people go through a new round of discussions, and finally stay at the top of folding bamboo and Cangzhi second.

The year he used the folded bamboo body, almost every three or four days, he would jump out of the invitation to fight, and he was very disturbed.
After the one-year deadline, he immediately changed his body and ran, and never appeared again.

On the day that the name Zhezhu disappeared, Cangyu even saddened Yue Yueruo, Yue Ruoyun and him to drink, and talked about a lot of loss in their hearts.

The young lady saw him across the crowd and smiled distantly at him. Lin Shu passed.
The young lady said: "Although there is no big difference between men and women, I prefer girls after all."

Lin Shuxin said, It turned out that the young lady grew up in Phoenix Villa, which was only a girl, and was used to staying with beautiful girls, not looking at the men outside.

The young lady took him to find a place where no one was, and said, "Show me my sword."

Tong Bei knife came out of the sheath, and gave out the sound of Qingyue Changming.

The young lady firstly gave out a gentle knife, and said, "I have shown this style to you, and it's called" Gui Zhou "."

Then the tip of the knife was lifted up and flowing, marking a moon arc- like mark. This move is not complicated, even without any skill. What is commendable is the inner meaning.

Lin Shu looked and pondered, thinking that most of Phoenix's swordsmanship were harsh and overbearing. When it was extremely extreme, it would inevitably be insufficient. If these two moves of the young lady are used between other moves, they can solve this problem perfectly, and they will be more flexible when fighting people, which is really wonderful.

"This trick is called" Yuanyue "," said the young lady. "I remembered that I was in Jiangzhou with you two years ago, and I planned to visit Jiangzhou at night, and asked the moon to avoid the eyeliner of the posthouse. I thought about it that night The moon is indeed very round. "

Lin Shudao: "It's very round."

The young lady smiled, her body folded back, and the blade of light suddenly burst into the sky, then turned down.

The red dress fluttered, the sword light was extremely fast, but it was not sharp, but it was falling and turning around, like snowflakes.

Lin Shu thought it was very good. The first two moves were won in harmony, and this move was changed. It required extremely high skills— while moving and still beautiful.

Ling Fengxiao danced and looked at him and said, "It snowed the night before I closed the house. The roast rat in the bamboo sea gave you food, and I felt very quick. With this trick," Yuexue. "

Lin Shudao said: "It's beautiful."

In front of the horizontal knife, the young lady closed her eyes, held the handle with one hand, and raised **** with the other hand, and wiped gently on the blade.

Tong Bei knife issued a clear cry. Lin Shu saw that with the movement of Miss's finger, the knife actually trembled slightly.

The tremor was so small that it was hard to see with the naked eye, Lin Shu was puzzled, and was planning to look closely, and felt that the air in front of him was extremely quiet, no wind, and no sound.

Then, a drop of water slowly landed on the smooth water surface like a mirror.

Layers of ripples are rippling out on the water surface, spreading outward, and the fluctuation of spiritual power is like spring rain and wet night. At first, it is inconspicuous, and then brings the spiritual vibration in the whole area.

This trick is very subtle in the control of spiritual power.

But Lin Shu couldn't figure out how to use it in actual combat.

While she was pondering, she saw the young lady put away the knife and said, "This trick is called 'Wen Qin'."

Lin Shu: "Wen Qin?"

The young lady said: "While retreating, I occasionally wake up at night, and when I hear your piano, my heart moves, just like the still water, so I have this trick."

For no apparent reason, Lin Shu felt a little hot on his face.

He lowered his head slightly, and was afraid to look directly into the eyes of the young lady.

Ling Fengxiao laughed softly and said, "Shy?" Lin Shudao: "There are some."
The young lady's smile was very happy. Lin Shu thought to himself that Mr. Meng once said that Fenghuang Villa's swordsmanship was too solitary and overbearing, and it was probably harmful to him, so men could not practice it. He thought that even a girl might not be harmed by her, and the young lady realized the quiet and gentle tricks just before, which would be of great benefit to future practice.

It's just that the chances of these tricks are on him, making him a little bit embarrassed.

He was fascinated, and he just raised his chin with a finger. The young lady said, "Do not look down."
Lin Shu: "..."

The young lady asked, "In the past two years, I haven't had much accomplishment in martial arts. I have only created the few that just pleased you. The rest of the time is precipitating my state of mind. Now I am building a solid state of mind. There are no rivals in Yuanying, and if they meet the "Hedao" predecessor, they can fight. "

Lin Shudao: "That's good."

With Ling Fengxiao's natural understanding, it should be so.

In modern times, at such a big age, he was also on the threshold of Yuan Ying's peak, and there was only one opportunity to enter the robbery period.

He thought about it and asked, "When did you get into the robbery?" Ling Fengxiao's answer was greatly unexpected.
"I can't cross the robbery." Ling Fengxiao said. Lin Shu: "Why?" "First, after entering the realm of robberies, Tianjie will come someday. If I soar, the force of Nanxia will be even weaker. It is better to press on the peak of Yuanying and use the internal power of 'Nirvana to breathe' in critical situations. The combat power during the robbery period. "Ling Fengxiao said indifferently." Second, I am in this world and I cannot escape from the world. I am not in the state of mind, even if I want to enter the robbery, it is difficult. "

Lin Shu looked at Ling Fengxiao and said, "So what is the end of the war?"

"Huh." Ling Fengxiao said: "At that time, if I was still alive, I would go to the mountains or the lands of the sea with you, no longer care about the common things of the world, and concentrate on immortality. It may not be difficult to rise and cross the calamity."

Lin Shu: "Yes."

"However, you have to wait for me." Ling Fengxiao smiled, and originally took his chin and turned to his hand, gently touched his hair, and brushed a few strands of forehead to the ears.

The movement is very gentle, and the tone is also: "If I die, you should cultivate well and fly faster. If I haven't died, I can survive, you are not allowed to enter the country too fast, and fly away before me."

Lin Shu thinks this is unlikely.

He said: "I have nothing to do now, soaring is probably far away."

Ling Fengxiao said, "However, once you recover the meridian, the previous state will return soon."

After that, he asked, "What was your realm before you went into the devil? I haven't asked."

Lin Shu thought for a while and felt that he couldn't tell the truth, so he lowered the "Peak of the Robbery" and said, "Just a new baby."

"That is already high." Ling Fengxiao frowned, "If you soar too early ..." Lin Shu felt that the young lady was even a little wronged. He soothed: "I don't fly so early."
Miss: "Let's believe it."

When mentioning take-off and rise, Lin Shu remembered her meridians, and when she thought of meridians, she remembered that there was a way to fully restore his meridians.

Lin Shu tempted: "How can my meridian be good?" Ling Fengxiao looked into his eyes.
Lin Shu was a little flustered by the young lady.

Ling Fengxiao started to speak, but said something that was indifferent: "Are you eighteen this year?"

Lin Shu was puzzled, but still nodded.

"Although, if it ’s enough in the world, I think it's still too young." Ling Fengxiao's voice dripped softly, "I'm afraid to go to Beixia to investigate this blood poisoning, etc. Back, I'll take you back to Phoenix Mountain Villa to see your mother and ask her to set a time. After one or two years, you and I will become married, so you don't need to worry about meridians anymore. "

Lin Shu was confused: "Coupling can make meridians better?" Ling Fengxiao paused to touch his hair: "Don't you know?" Lin Shu: "... Ah?"
He looked up and saw Ling Fengxiao's inexplicable expression.

After a word was difficult, Ling Fengxiao adjusted his mood, and his tone was more gentle, it was a soft whisper, lest his voice would be harsh, it would scare him. "You have a" Yang Mai Jing "in your room. Haven't you read it carefully?" Lin Shu: "Read it."
Ling Fengxiao: "Then read it again." Lin Shu: "... Okay."
He said yes, but in fact he was very skeptical. He didn't believe what flowers could be written in the mundane Yangmai meridian, and he practiced for two years according to the above method. The meridian did not change at all.

"In short, after marriage, you will have meridian with extraordinary talents." Ling Fengxiao pulled his hand and said, "If you want to restore the meridians as soon as possible, it is not impossible, but after all there are rudeness, and I am not willing to Touch you. "

Lin Shu became more and more confused. What exactly is Miss Miss talking about? marriage?
These two words made him even more panicked. He is going to marry a young lady?
See mother?

These three words are not even a thunderbolt.

Wouldn't the big owner of the Phoenix Villas abandon him? His brain was like an overloaded processor, and it exploded.

Chapter 90: Women

After stagnation, Lin Shu began to think. marriage.
Yes, he and the young lady have a marriage contract. According to the truth, he really wants to get married.

However, this is a bit different from his previous limited vision.

He thought at that time that he was a person who cultivated immortals, and the young lady also cultivated immortals. That marriage contract meant that they should become priests.

Auntie, usually play a piano, blow a flute, and dismantle a move together. On the theory, he does not like to be too close to others, but it is possible to do these things with the young lady.

But in this world, there seems to be no big difference between Xiandao and the world.

-In other words, this marriage is a true marriage.

Yomo, like modern times, is getting a marriage certificate.

He doesn't know how to get along with the marriage certificate. Lin Shu was a little panicked.
He asked Ling Fengxiao: "Get married?" Ling Fengxiao said: "Get married."
He said, "What are you going to do after getting married?" Ling Fengxiao said: "It's not different from now, just closer."

Lin Shu thought for a while, and if that was the case, it seemed possible.

Ling Fengxiao looked at him and asked, "Why do you ask? Do you not want to marry me?"

Lin Shudao: "No."

Ling Fengxiao was very satisfied: "That's it. We'll go back to the villa until the matter is resolved."

Lin Shu panicked again.

He asked, "Is your mother ... fierce?"

"Although she is tougher, she is actually very good." Ling Fengxiao said. severe.
Lin Shu had some ominous premonitions.

Ling Fengxiao seems to have noticed his application and rubbed his hair: "It's just a bit harsher to me. If I see you, I'll love it."

Lin Shu believed it and nodded.

Ling Fengxiao seemed to suddenly think of something again, and said, "In addition to seeing my mother, I also want to see my father and mother."

Lin Shu: "Mother?"

Ling Fengxiao is the long princess of Nanxia, or the young lady of Phoenix Villa, so Lin Shu always thought that the owner of Phoenix Villa was the queen of Nanxia.

"Mother is actually not my biological mother. It is my aunt from the point of view of blood. My mother is the mother." Ling Fengxiao said, "Every queen of the Southern Xia dynasties came from Fenghuang Village. If you gave birth to a boy for the royal family, you would naturally be a prince. If she is a daughter, she will be sent back to Phoenix Villas for upbringing. "

That turned out to be the case.

Ling Fengxiao's biological mother was a queen, and then she was sent to Phoenix Villa to be raised by the owner.

The big owner and the queen are close sisters, so naturally they also treat Ling Fengxiao as if they were oneself.

Ling Fengxiao's background is naturally noble, but it is not entirely due to power at home.

If you don't see him, the phoenix order that symbolizes the high status of Phoenix Villa is not in the hands of the owner, but in the hands of the young lady.

The young lady holding the Phoenix Order is equivalent to having more than half of the real power of the Phoenix Villa, not to mention the identity of a princess.

Lin Shu doesn't have any background worth mentioning. He doesn't have any idea himself, just because outsiders would laugh at the young lady when he married a salty fish.

However, when I think about it, there is no man in the world who can be worthy of a man like Miss. No matter who it is, it will be set off as a salted fish.

"The mother-in-law has a gentle temperament. You saw it and you must like it." Ling Fengxiao looked to the distance: "I haven't seen her for many years, and I don't know if it has been reduced."

While talking, there was a little white light flashing in front of Ling Fengxiao.

"Mr. Dream called me." Ling Fengxiao said. Lin Shu: "You go."

The young lady's figure disappeared in situ, and then she reappeared in Yanwu Stadium.

"The Great Teacher is here," Ling Fengxiao said. "I set off immediately." Lin Shudao: "Okay."
Back in reality, walking down the mountain, he asked, "I'll send you?" The young lady suddenly groaned for a while.
A long while, said, "I'm afraid I'll take you there." Lin Shu: "Huh?"
"If I meet a strong enemy, I consume too much spiritual power, or my mood is unstable, I may pass out again." The young lady frowned.

This is indeed a question worth considering.

The young lady fainted twice in total, once blocking the sky calamity on the magical mountain, and fighting with Kunshan Jun again. The second time I went to Jiangzhou City at night, and learned that the real murderer of the Wan Guiyuan tragedy was the emperor, and his mood changed.

— Just in case, he really should accompany the young lady.

Moreover, in the past two years practicing the piano day and night, he has been able to fuse the sound of the piano with the sword, and is very powerful. In addition, in the process of practicing the piano, he is familiar with the other independent controls that he is not good at. Han's spiritual power is the highest level of Jin Dan, but relying on his own understanding and skills, he may not be defeated in Shangyuan's infancy, and probably will not drag the young lady's hind legs.

He said, "I follow you." "Alright," Ling Fengxiao said, "I don't know how long it will take, and I don't want to be separated from you."

Time did not wait for anyone to agree on this matter, and they were immediately ready to set off.

Ling Fengxiao opened a map showing the location of the investigation.

At the junction of Beixia and Nanxia, a little bit towards Nanxia, near a village called "Lintong", there were wandering, living dead people of a different body type, and the entire village was slaughtered. Xuegong called this kind of dark-skinned living dead person "blood corpse", issued high- level missions, and entrusted disciples to investigate the situation and bring back blood corpse samples for research in the academy.

The girl's team successfully retrieved the sample, but it was infected with blood poisoning, and blood poisoning may be contagious that has never appeared before. It is extremely dangerous. If it is used on the battlefield, the consequences will be unimaginable. This is the whole story. .

Ling Fengxiao's visit is to thoroughly investigate the matter, find the person who manipulated the blood corpse behind the scenes, and even get a blood poison sample for the academy to study the response.

The cat was left in Xuegong, followed by Cangyu.

Cang Bing is happily discussing with his classmates the topic of "Zhenzhu Fairy Reappearing Zhou Tian Yan Wu Bang", and a black cat was stuffed in his arms.

The cat was upset and called several times. Lin Shudao said, "You look at Xuegong."
Ling Fengxiao said, "Bring you the food outside." Cat: "Meow."
The meaning of this call is "to be satisfied." Lin Shu and Ling Fengxiao went out, relying on their strengths, as long as they did not meet an exaggerated opponent, such as crossing the robbery period, they should be able to retreat, but the cat must stay in the palace.

The young disciples in the Xuegong can't have an accident. Once they have an accident, the immortal road is out of touch, which can be described as critical.

There is a land fairy sitting in the town, which can be guaranteed.

After setting up a good cat, they packed up some runes, stone formations, elixir, etc. that might be used, and the young lady put a lot of things into a mustard bag and was held by Lin Shu.

Once you have your things ready, set off immediately. Because they were going to the border and were too eye-catching in the night, the two did not ride horses, but relied on light body exercises to guard the wind.

At the foot of the mountain, I saw a group of Confucianists and a table of wine.

In the middle is an acquaintance-Xie Zishe.

Seeing them, Xie Zi laughed and said, "Miss, do you come to see me?" Ling Fengxiao: "You're leaving?"
"I closed my business the day before yesterday and left for the capital today."

Ling Fengxiao: "Zhengshitang?"

"Exactly." Xie Zi said, "I have aspirations in my life, and I can finally show. Miss, please don't leave it here, I wish you good luck in Wulong."

Ling Fengxiao: "I also wish you to go straight up."

Xie Zishe drank a glass of wine from Lingfeng Xiao and took a long sip: "When the country comes to Japan, they meet each other, and when the river is clear, Haiyan will rejoice with wine."

Say nothing, get up and board the car. In the autumn wind of Xiao Seqi, the coachman sighed, the car snorted, and the carriage galloped towards the country. After half a quarter of an hour, the car turned a corner and disappeared, leaving only the setting sun and distant mountains ahead.

Lin Shu and Ling Fengxiao also set off. After three days and two nights, they settled in an inn in a small town.

Lin Shu looked at the map in the room.

This direction is not quite right. Lintong Village is on the west, but their town is on the east.

He asked, "We went wrong?" Ling Fengxiao said, "Yes."
"This is Xinjing Town, Lintong Village is ..." Lin Shu looked at the map. The difference between the two locations was ten thousand miles.
But seeing Ling Fengxiao's lips grin: "Who said we're going to Lintong Village?"

Lin Shu: "... Ah?"

"In Lintong Village, I can probably guess the truth. It is nothing more than a wizard who has developed new blood poisons and tested the effects on the border."

Lin Shu nodded.

"Every five years in Beixia's" Tianzhaohui ", the famous wizards will go to the North Xia Capital to fight, and the winner will receive the Dawu award, counting the days, it will be two months later."

Lin Shu grasped the meaning of the young lady: "You are going?" "The wizard who slaughtered Lintong Village developed these magical blood poisons, and knew that what he was doing had already attracted the attention of Nanxia, and he must have set off to return to the hinterland of Beixia, intending to present it to the big witch at the Tian Zhaohui. Xiao Dandan said, "The North Xia ’s witchcraft is secretive. We ca n’t find his whereabouts, but we can guard the rabbits at the Tian Zhao Hui. Moreover, if we mix in the Tian Zhao Hui, we can also see if Bei Xia has become more powerful in the past five years. Technique. "

The young lady was right.

Lin Shu asked: "How can we get in?"

"I have my own points," said the young lady. Lin Shu nodded.
The young lady naturally has the method of the young lady, he just needs to follow.

"This matter is not even known to the Great Master. God knows, you know I know, even if the detective hears the news, only when we go to Lintong Village, no one will know that we go to Tianzhaohui, Beixia even more No way of knowing. "

Lin Shu admired Miss's safe behavior.

The next moment, the young lady said, "Only one thing, since Kunshan Jun can be mixed into the Palace of Learning, Beixia will know some news. You and I need to be easy to change, and we can't use the current appearance to prevent others from recognizing it. "

Speaking, put another light cyan bag in front of Lin Shu: "Here is something for you. You saw it and naturally know how to use it."

Lin Shu: "Okay."

It was late, and Ling Fengxiao returned to the room after explaining. Lin Shu opened the bag and wanted to see what it was.

He sinks his consciousness into the mustard bag, and for a moment, stuns. Then he took out one, the skirt.
White, similar to the style worn by fold bamboo, and even smoked a touch of blue fragrance.

The second, also white, is the gauze on the outside, embroidered with silver patterns.

The third one is the skirt.

Take it to the end, come up with some ring jewelry, all are simple and elegant styles.

Lin Shu: "..."

He thought of the pouch containing the elixir of pill, so he turned it around for a long time. In the corner of the horn, there was a miscellaneous elixir, and he took out a small bottle of pill.

He put Huan Rong Dan, clothes, and mules together in a mixed mood. Miss, do you mean let me dress?
The author has something to say: Brother Shao: I tried my best to let the baby wear the skirt.
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