The #1 Pretty Boy of the Immortal Path Chapter 71-80

Chapter 71: Pick flowers

The more you move forward, the more evil things there are. Although the mana is limited, there are many in the end.

Lin Shu played the piano quickly and stopped the fish that escaped the net from the sky and the canopy. However, as the number of these things increased, his eyesight was challenged—with the speed of mortal eyes, so fast. Now, just being able to see countless fuzzy shadows, and then trying to see their tracks, it is impossible.

In such a dim light, he had to take care of the evil spirits rushing to the left and right, and pay attention to the situation of the two people. After a while, he felt tingling in his eyes and closed his eyes simply!

In the silence, the sound of the wind caused by the action of evil things is particularly obvious.

He listened to these winds, waved his hands with both hands, and radiated spiritual power in all directions.

However, as soon as he closed his eyes, the instinct of practicing sword for many years came to mind.

This evil creature from the southeast has a tendency to form a corner with the two in the southwest, and if it is swept in a "Pinghu Dangyue", it can be killed together.

On the north side, three of them jumped down from the top, and flew straight at the back, and two of them rushed from the back. If they all flung to the front, and looked for the niche from the west, there would be a tricky angle. "Changhong Guanri" can wear them all.

The Cangbi's epee is sweeping downwards from the Tianshu position. If you pick out the sword and cooperate with him, you can beautifully kill a dozen things in front. And Ling Xiao ...
These things were all taught by Master. When he studied in the past, although he did a good job, he never really practiced them, but he talked on paper. However, now that I am really in danger, what I have learned in the past is actually reproduced one by one, so it is so useful.

However, I have no sword in my hand, only the piano, and no sword trick.

However, the piano can stimulate spiritual power, if you use aura as a sword ...!

He was so clear in his heart that he repeatedly played a few times, and the cymbals on the strings shot a solid spirit, and attacked in all directions in accordance with the trajectory set in his brain!

Cang Jing said: "Good piano!"

For a moment, the three of them were invincible. At this time, their strength was steep, and they cleared out a clear space free of evil.

The group of evil objects was silent for a short time, and then the roar suddenly rose, and several of them hugged into a ball. Thousands of evil objects generally smashed at them.

Lin Shu still closed his eyes and gazed at his fingers, his fingers cleared, as if immersed in some mysterious realm.

Sword moves, not only can the sword be issued, the sound of the piano is intangible, but also has the power of gold and stone.

Is it Qin? Is it a sword? He couldn't tell the difference.

The three were so madly killed, and after a quarter of an hour, they had already penetrated into the ghost's abyss.

At this time, Ling Xiao said, "The ghost master is here." The only thing that besieged them was just some low-level evils around Wanguiyuan, called "early ghosts" and "crawling corpses", which would all use low-level mana to cooperate with the body to attack. The "ghost phase master" is different. Although he moves slowly and his body is fragile, he has a certain intelligence and can order lower-level evils.
Moreover, its power is not only that, it also has a certain deceiving ability.

It is said that the ghost phase master is formed by the grievances of countless people who are dying because of terror. They can see through the most feared things in people's hearts, and hit the most vulnerable part of Xiu Xianren's mind in one fell swoop.

Soon after Ling Xiao's voice fell, Lin Shu really felt that there was a lot of attacking rules between ghosts and crawling corpses, and waves rushed up, as if to fight with their wheels.

At the same time, a murmur of deep murmurs rang in the distance, and a steady stream of eerie echoes aroused among the mountain walls.

"The flowers are in bloom, the fire is cooking, how long can the scenery be?"

"It's too easy to fold, and Chi is bound to hurt, Caiyun is easy to disperse, and the glass is crispy.

Ling Xiao said: "Northwest." Cangyu: "I'll go first."
Lin Shu hearted them to understand what they meant. Once the sound of the piano turned, the spiritual power focused on the northwest attack, opening the way for Cangyu.

Cangyu lifts the epee, and the spiritual power is like a whirlpool, whistling and rolling towards a place, forming an unbreakable spiritual imprisonment.

Ling Xiao's sword came first, and was shocked there. In Lin Shu's ears, a sound like a cucumber was slammed, and the sound of the mysterious **** stick was silenced, and the brain of the ghost master was broken into several pieces.

Cangliao said, "It's up to you to do it yourself!"

At the same time, the second and third ghost masters appeared, and more faint sounds rang out in all directions, almost speaking the unknown words in the world, like a monk in a Buddhist temple singing a curse. Lin Shu turned the piano axis, changed the music, and began to play "Qingming Lingxu Mantra". The sound of the piano sounded into the ear, and it turned into a cool spring water flowing all over the body.

The ghost master who is close, kills if he can kill, and those who are far away, let him go by relying on the sound of the sober piano. The three continue to move forward. It can be said that God blocks the **** and the Buddha blocks the Buddha . At the same time that Cangyu called out "Merry!", Lin Shu also felt that it was a joyous thing to be able to realize what he learned in his lifetime and help them.

After killing behind, more and more high-level "King Kong Demon" and "Tianluosha" and other evil things are becoming more and more, and the realm of immortal people is mostly Jin Dan. Cangyu started fighting with them. At the same time, Lin Shu's control of Bingxian also went up to the next level, and began to block the tide of low-level monsters and ghost masters alone to prevent the two from being distracted during the fight.

After about an hour of non-stop killing, in their ears, besides the roar of the evil creatures, the sound of gurgling water came.

——I want to come to the river in Wanguiyuan, and the riverside is the place where the white bone flowers grow.

At this point, the evil that chased them down had indeed reached a terrifying amount, as expected. If it weren't for the strong defense of Cangyu and the extremely sharp sword of Ling Xiao, I am afraid that these thousands of dense and dense evils could kill them even if they were pressed. Even with this intensity of mad killing, it is becoming increasingly difficult for the number of enemies to increase.

Ling Xiao said: "Use a symbol."

When the spell was activated, Lin Shu felt that his body was unreal for a moment, and the monsters who rushed to him suddenly acted, and seemed to have lost their target.

The three quickly left the place, and while there were no monsters attacking, they took several landings with light body exercises and reached the river.

As soon as he landed, Cangyu meditated on the spot: "I feel it."

Lin Shu took out the prepared jade box and went to the shore to pick the bone-bone flowers.

This flower is easy to find. In the dark, such a small plant with transparent roots and white flowers exudes a faint light. There are almost one every hundred steps by the river.

The things in the world live in harmony with each other. Within a hundred steps of the venomous snake's nest, there must be detoxifying herbs, and Wan Guiyuan, a place where vitality is cut off and countless evil spirits, has the elixir of healing and saving people.

Lin Shucai picked three trees and Lingxiao picked four trees. After the trace time was about to come, he returned to Cangyu.

Cangyu also opened her eyes and said, "It's really rewarding." Ling Xiao said: "Congratulations."
Lin Shu also echoed: "Congratulations."

Cang Jing said: "Brother Lin, I didn't say that when you attacked evil things, the sound of the piano was too unpleasant." Lin Shu: "..."

If it is a fixed piece of music, although his musical accomplishment is not high, it can be considered to be out of tune and beautiful. But if the piano and sword are united, they only want to know how to motivate the most solid and sharp spiritual power.

He said, "I try to correct it." Ling Xiao said: "It's not bad." Cangyu: "It's really ugly." Ling Xiao: "Huh?"
Cangyu: "... It's not bad." Xiao Ling smiled softly. Lin Shu wanted to laugh.
They relaxed for a short time, and while the effectiveness of the mark had not subsided, they immediately flew along the river upstream, intending to lurk in the dark snake at the source of the cold current. On the way to the middle, Cangyu suddenly made a stun.

At almost the same time, Ling Xiao stopped. Lin Shu also felt wrong.
In other places, there were a lot of ghosts, and there was no end to the evil.

At this moment, the cat who had been holding Lin Shu and let go, even raised his head and "meowed".

Ling Xiao said: "Go and see."

The author has something to say: Cangyu: yield.

Chapter 72: Hu Deletion

They landed, went into the area where no evil was moving and began to explore. After a while, the signs of the three men had all been invalidated, but no evil had come to attack, and it seemed that this place was indeed strange.

Ling Xiao took out a night pearl, which slightly illuminated the surrounding area.

The terrain here is no different from other places in Wanguiyuan, the ground is rugged and deep cracks. Occasionally there will be falling rocks, so be careful.

All the way forward, suddenly, a faint golden glow appeared in front of them.

Ling Xiao closed the night pearl, and they walked towards that golden light.

The closer you are, the brighter and softer the golden light becomes.

——Until he came to the front, Cangyu made a surprised voice: "This is

I saw a golden lotus growing in the crisscross cracks on the dark ground.

Lin Shuxin said that the lotus has always been born in the water, but this flower is in the crack of the stone. It is rare and its color is so prominent and even more extraordinary.

Ling Xiao said: "Return to Yang."

Cang Jing said: "Is there such a thing in the world?" Lin Shu: "?" Ling Xiao seemed to guess that he would not know, and began to explain.

The name of this lotus is "Return to Yang", which is a wonderful thing recorded in "Divine Desire · The Great Wilderness". For hundreds of years, no one has actually seen it.

It was only said earlier that time and misfortune depend on each other, whether it is extremely Thai or not, the white bone flower of living dead human bones and bones grows in the nether land, and now this "return to the sun" is the same.

The effect of this flower, like its name, is also Yang, and it is said that it has a wonderful effect of communicating life and death.

Resentment, suffocation, evil qi ... If all of these raging ghosts are condensed, if they live within one hundred feet of "returning to the sun", within ten years, they will gradually be able to produce bleeding meat, tendons, The flesh that can walk in the world.

Cangliao said, "Shall we?" Ling Xiao said: "Yes."
Lin Shu looked at this golden lotus, but felt that there were countless mysterious and mysterious atmospheres floating on it, warm and bright, fascinating, and the whole body's momentum was daunting.

There is great terror between life and death. This lotus has the power to communicate life and death, and it is no wonder that it will make life fearful.

They do n’t benefit from holding it, they just broaden their horizons. But even if it is just for the study of the palace for the study of real people, it is better than leaving it here-if these evil spirits in Wanguiyuan have a person and walk the world, the consequences will be unimaginable.

Thanks to their discovery of this "Return to Yang", otherwise, letting it open here may cause a great disaster. but--

This flower is clearly the existence of those things, but now, there are no evil things around.

The only explanation is that it is occupied by some powerful being! This square is the domain of that thing!

As if confirming what Lin Shu thought, a groaning howl came in the distance, the earth trembled, and a low "whistle" sounded. A very heavy monster was coming to this side!

They want to leave, but find themselves locked in place by a heavy aura of might and struggle!

If Lin Shu can't make it, it is not unusual.

If Cangyu can't make it, then this thing may be the pinnacle of Yuanying.

But Xiao Xiao couldn't make it, indicating that the person who came—is crossing the robbery!

The evil that crosses the robbery period!

If divided by the level of the evil spirits, it is the king of all ghosts. Footsteps were extremely slow, but that thing came fast!
Ling Xiao said: "Go!"

They fired the sign of the rune, the pressure on their body was relieved for a moment, and the next moment, locked again!

The huge, dark figure was like a mountain, with a strange shape, like a mass of clay that was pinched, with numerous skulls and bones stuck to it.

The cat finally lifted his head from Lin Shu's shoulder, and squeaked softly and weakly: "Meow." That figure was quiet.

The suppression on them suddenly disappeared.

Ling Xiao leaned down to pick flowers, and put that "return to the sun" into the cold jade box prepared for picking the bone-bone flowers.

The ghost king roared angrily, deafening, and shaking the earth, and a stone goblet over them.

Ling Xiao drove Lin Shu to his side, avoiding a huge falling rock. After roaring, the huge body of the ghost king flew towards them! The cat trembled while hugging Lin Shu, and shouted, "Meow."
Chaos Spirit rose, and gathered into a tremendous solid force, colliding with the ghost king.

After a loud bang, the ghost king was struck a dozen feet away and hit the ground fiercely.

Lin Shu: "..."

Cat, you can make the ghost king fly away during the robbery period with a little call, so why bother?

He smoothed the cat's hair, soothing the trembling cat. The cat screamed again, "Meow."
The ghost king was thrown out dozens of feet away again, and after listening to the sound, he did not get up for a long time.

The cat did not shake, but continued to shrink into Lin Shu's arms. Ling Xiao said: "Let's go." Since then, things have gone very smoothly, playing the Yin snake, taking blood from the bones, collecting poison water, and killing the siege.

However, everyone has deeply realized the power of the land fairy. "Take me out, I must burn a few joss sticks for the kitten."
Lin Shu felt a little bit reluctant.

I am afraid that the attack of the ghost king during the robbery period would have to be carried out by Ling Xiao, and then take him and Cangyu to escape. On the way, regardless of his life, only Cangyu and Ling Xiao would die. To be seriously injured. The cat helped him by paying back the cause and effect of the owing to Xiaoxiao and Cangyu. Next, I'm afraid to find Yun Lan, the same disciple who helped.

Out of Wanguiyuan, after returning to the bottom of the cliff where the bones were piled up, Cangyu sat down and took out a book from his mustard bag.

The title of the book is "Xuanyin Foreign Matter".

He flipped through the book and said, "In the previous records of Wan Guiyuan, information of various ghost kings was included, but there was no one we encountered. It should have appeared in recent years. I have to find out whether it is what."

Ling Xiao took out the night pearl, illuminated the area, and watched his flip book.

After a while, the movement of Cangyu turning over the book stopped and remained on one page.

This page reads: "祜 犵, its shape is indefinite, and its weight exceeds the mountains. In the seventeenth year of the Yuan Dynasty, the ancient Shu Kingdom suffered from floods, plagues, and more than ten thousand dead. Born, ravaged 13 states, killed four After 10,000 people, they mourned nine times and died. Cangyu: "This ..."

At the same time, Lin Shu frowned deeply when she saw Ling Xiao. Ling Xiao said: "Five years ago, Jiangzhou plague, do you remember?"
"Remember," Cangliao said, "My home was only two hundred miles away from Jiangzhou. At that time, the whole city was closed and everyone was in danger. Fortunately, there was no danger."

Ling Xiao looked at the white bones at the bottom of the cliff: "Where do these dead people come from?"

Cangyu suddenly turned pale, horrified: "You mean ..."

Chapter 73: Jiangzhou Chenshi

Lin Shu understood what they meant.

The puppet recorded in ancient books was born after the plague plagued and killed 10,000 people. And five years ago, Jiangzhou, not far from here, had just spawned a plague.

After all, ancient medicine was limited. Once a plague is born, if it is not cured, the plague will spread, and a large area of death will occur.
According to Cang Wei, the plague five years ago was fortunate to survive. However, Ling Xiao's words turned sharp, referring to the dead here.
Could he suspect that these dead people and puppets were related to the plague?

If so many people died of the plague, the conditions for the birth of the babies would be met. But if that is the case, how could these corpses come to the bottom of the cliffs of Wanguiyuan? Moreover, this is also inconsistent with "surprise without danger" in Cangyu's mouth.

Lin Shu looked at Ling Xiao.

I saw Ling Xiao's cold eyes glanced over the mountain-like white bones, and seemed to be thinking about something.

Cangyu looked at the ancient book and said, "The several crickets that are remembered here have appeared after the epidemic, and those who said they were dying are deeply grieved, mingling with illness and giving birth to evil."

Ling Xiao said: "There must be deception in Jiangzhou." Cangliao said: "If the county guards bully and conceal, conceal the epidemic, it would be too bold. And how did these corpses get into the Wanguiyuan?"

Ling Xiao said: "I'll check."

After all, he said, "One more thing." Cangyu: "How do you say?"
Ling Xiao took out the cold jade box that sealed the "return to the sun" lotus, opened it, and said, "Smell the fragrance."

Previously in Wanguiyuan, the damp, cold and cold air was too heavy, and there were many rancid smells on the evil objects. Therefore, Lin Shu did not hear the score, but now he was out of that ghost place, Ling Xiao opened the box at first, Lin Shubian Asked a very light, seemingly scent.

If this fragrance is stronger, it will be very similar to the incense of a Buddhist temple.

He immediately thought of the pendant necklace hung by the two widowers who had threatened them.

Earlier, I heard that Ling Xiao said that the pendant had a scent of worship. He also wondered if this is a cult organization, and now he wants to come—the two brothers will not rely on the "return to Yang" to return the evil thing. Right?

I have great strength. To return to Yang, it takes many years. However, if one or two young people have no mana, it is easy to return to Yang.

Ling Xiao said faintly: "You will know when you try."

He picked Lin Shu and jumped up the cliff, and Cangyu followed.

The cat untied the enchantment, and the two brothers were still hung in despair, and did not break free of bondage. When they saw them, they were struggling immediately and said, "Xian Chang, Xian Chang forgive us!"

——Being consciously before, they will kill them in cooperation with Tie Teng Teng, and they did not know how many people who had successfully come to Wanguiyuan before them, but also asked for “forgive us”, but there is only one No self-knowledgeable person would be so delusional.

Therefore, the performance of the two men from the beginning to the end is really a little exaggerated, which made Lin Shu more affirm his own conjecture.

The person whose brain circuit is not complicated can think of it, cousin can think of it even more.

I saw Ling Xiao bring them up, watching the two brothers struggling for mercy, and opened the cold jade box again.

The moment "Huanyang" emerged from the cold jade box, the two brothers froze, their bodies were stiff, their eyes were dull, and they slowly looked at Ling Xiao: "You ... you "

Ling Xiao said: "How are we?"

Suddenly the boss was struggling with excitement: "You **** it!"

Cangliao said: "As long as you return to Yang, you can be peaceful. Just kill others, but say that we **** it, it doesn't make sense!"

Boss: "Oh!"

Ling Xiao's tone softened at this time: "You stay here, kill people, and nourish Guiyuan, but what's the problem?"

The boss and the second son unanimously said, "You **** it!"

Ling Xiao lowered his eyes and said lightly, "Can Jiangzhou plague be related to this incident five years ago?" The boss and the second son unanimously said: "Oh!"

Ling Xiao raised her hand slightly, lighting a cluster of red flames at her fingertips: "If you don't say it, you have to burn your soul torture."

Boss: "Oh!"

Ling Xiao didn't care how powerful they were, and just continued: "If you say, someone will decide for you."

The boss and the second son unveiled in unison: "We don't believe it!" Lin Shu: "..."
Now that you have said unbelief, it is clear that someone needs to decide for them. Before the two men returned to Yang, they were low-level evil spirits, and their brains were obviously not very effective.

"The two of you brothers are here to wait for the rabbit. If anyone comes, no matter the immortals or mortals, they will lie to the cliff to kill. With you, there must be other evil things into living people. People, seduced here, and then killed by you. Over time, there can be many people. "Ling Xiao said:" If the fairy, looks older, seems to be an extraordinary repair, let it go. See us today They are all teenagers, but they do n’t think they have much magic power, but they accidentally overturned the boat. ”

The two brothers stared at him with a dumbfounded look. Lin Shu sympathized with their stunned eyes.
-Is the cousin's IQ imaginable like us? It is too little to draw a list of other examples, and more than three hundred is more than enough. As long as there is a clue, the whole thing can be speculated.

After the two were dumbfounded, it took a while for the incense to slow down.

The second child said: "There are sleeping ghosts." Ling Xiao: "Sleeping ghost?"

"Master Guan collects taxes and ca n’t pay them. I just want to die. We took him and said that jumping off a cliff will make a good life in the afterlife!" The boss smiled, "They have the most, and they are one family.

It turns out that this tax is not a matter of sleep.

"In this way, you hate the dynasty for a long time." Ling Xiao's voice was very low, and she said to herself: "Where did this resentment come from? When the Jiangzhou plague came, they were spreading the plague to prevent the plague, and they were afraid it would be revealed Tens of thousands of people are thrown into the Ten Thousand Ghosts, and they are entangled in anger and sickness, and they give birth to you, and they raise you again ... "

The two brothers were in harmony again: "You **** it!" Ling Xiao asked, "How many people did you kill?"
Old Avenue: "Countless." "How many tax ghosts?" "Countless."
"How many drug seekers?" "Countless!"
"How many Xiuxian people?" "A dozen!"
"How many people do you have?" "Countless!"
Ling Xiao said: "It can be considered a big cause." "No!"

A cold mang flashed, "咚" and "咚" two sounds, two human heads fell to the ground, blood splattered.

Ling Xiao closed her sword and said, "Let's go."

Cangyun's face was pale, her lips were fluttering, and she seemed to want to say something. After all, she didn't say anything, only "um".

On the road, he said, "What about other evil things that turn into humans?"

Ling Xiao said: "I sent a message to Xiao Xiao, and she would mobilize Tu Longwei to thoroughly investigate Mr. You Fang and the missing cases in the nearby towns of Liuzhou."

Cang Jing said: "Yes."

Out of the realm of Wanguiyuan, it gradually warmed up, and Xiao Xiao reached out to unlock Lin Xue's snow fox cloak, put it away, and asked him, "I was the one who killed me, did I scare you?"

Lin Shu shook his head.

Ling Xiao said: "That's fine."

Lin Shu thought that the two men were manipulated by the puppets to kill mortals and nourish Wanguiyuan with their lives. Although there were hardships, the actual sins could not be forgiven.

And I probably rely on those who are killed to enhance their strength, and once again strengthen the strength, while waiting for the return of people, if not found by them, if they succeed, it must be a great disaster.

It's just that the reason is a bit sighing.

In the evening, they settled in an inn in a small town. At night, Lin Shu was planning to sleep, but the door was choked. Open the door, and the next person is Ling Xiao.

Cousin said: "I'm leaving."

Lin Shu was a bit unable to digest the meaning of this sentence: "Ah?"

Ling Xiao came in, sat down at the table, poured two cups of tea, and said, "Sister Xiao explained to me that I would protect you on the Magic Mountain, and I thought it was pretty good."

Naturally good.

More than good, it's perfect.

Cousin continued: "Now that I'm done here, I'm the body of the rivers and lakes, I can't get involved in Jiangzhou's affairs. Qiao Xiao's sister is idle and can pick you up soon ... When you go back to the mountain to cultivate, you and I will stop here. "

Lin Shu was a bit reluctant for a while, and didn't know how to say it. Compared with Ling Xiao's eyes for a long time, he only uttered a sentence: "Take care."

The cousin smiled and reached out and shaved his nose. Lin Shu: "..."
Second time!

Just listen to my cousin Wen said: "You also have to take good care of yourself."

Lin Shu: "Yes."

"I don't know when I can meet next time, and I have nothing to give you," Ling Xiao said. "I just went out and bought this outside." He took out a simple flowing cloud and white jade, put it on the table, and said, "It's not a rare thing, but I think it must look good on you."

It seems that I have gotten used to receiving the stuff from the big lady, but I still feel a little nervous about receiving my cousin's gift. Lin Shu thought for a while, he had no long things, and there was nothing to give back to his cousin. He could only say, "I have nothing ..."

My cousin smiled: "You can prepare for it later, and send me the next time I meet."

Lin Shu: "Okay."

Ling Xiao looked at him again and said, "You go to bed early, I will leave after a while, and I don't have to send it."

Lin Shu felt that he had a lot of things to say, but he was limited in his ability to express words, but he didn't say anything. He could only say, "You pay attention to safety."

Ling Xiao said: "Natural."

After all, he touched the cat again and said "I'm gone". The cat "meowed", turned over, and continued to sleep. Lin Shu looked at Ling Xiao.
Ling Xiao said: "Take care." Lin Shu: "Take care."
As soon as the door rang, his cousin's footsteps gradually walked away in the corridor. Lin Shu glanced out the window and looked out. After seeing the figure of Ling Xiao, there was only one full moon left. Several lights made him feel a little in his heart Empty.

It was cold in the night, and he closed the window and lay on the bed. After turning over a few times, I couldn't sleep a little. I thought that when people get along with each other, the so-called separation of sorrows does exist. If I have had such friends in my last life, I am afraid that the appreciation of ancient poems and reading comprehension can score more points.

The next morning, he got up and planned to go to dinner, passing by his cousin's room, and he had a bit of an unreal feeling about the farewell last night. After all, I thought that it was difficult to walk late at night, and my cousin might still be, so I knocked on the door.

No one answered, but the latch was loose. He pushed gently and the door opened.
In front of the bronze mirror in the room, there was a palace-dressed beauty in red. The beauty had black hair scattered, and there were a bunch of bottles and jars in front of her, and she traced her eyebrows in front of the mirror.

Lin Shu: "!"

The young lady turned her head and smiled sweetly: "You get up early." Miss, you come early.

Chapter 74: His Royal Highness Fengyang

The young lady put away Luo Dai, closed the box, and lip smiled, "It's been a long time."

The morning light was dim, and the room was illuminated through the lattice of the window lattice. The room was not very bright, and the young lady looked more and more glorious.

Lin Shujing quietly accepted the impact from the aesthetics for a while, and said, "It's been a long time."

If you think about it, he and the young lady did not see each other for many days-only once in a dream.

Young lady is not the same as cousin.

The cousin has a mild spleen, which is comparable to Mr. Meng. When he was raised by his cousin, he felt very stable and not nervous. But the young lady who changed her grumpy, although also very stable, was always a little flustered.

The lady said: "Come and show me." Lin Shu passed.
Ling Fengxiao looked at him for a while and was satisfied: "I am a little fatter."

——Lin Shu suspects that she was scared and thin by the young lady before.

After observing his condition, the young lady asked again, "How are you doing?"

Lin Shudao said, "Yes." The young lady said, "Do you like your cousin?" Lin Shudao said: "... like."
The young lady "hmmmed" a little, her tone was unknown, and then said, "I am quite similar to him."

Lin Shu: "..." really.
Miss, I think you are lying to me.

The young lady turned to the mirror, picked up a rhino horn comb and started to comb her hair.

For black hair, pick up a few strands from the two hairpins, and fix them loosely in the back with a two-finger gold small comb. When this is done, it will not hinder the action, but it will look good.

Lin Shu watched the action of the young lady and felt that she had discovered a truth.

If Baoqing and Baochen were around, the young lady's hair would be more complicated, and then wrapped with fine gold tassels. If the young lady was alone, she would deal with this simple and beautiful method.

The young lady said, "I can't make it myself, you come."

Lin Shu received a carved pattern of the phoenix wings, and fell a small gold comb with ruby beads, and put the young lady into her hair.

The hair was very slippery and a little bit cold, and Xiao Jin combed it in, slipped down, and wanted to slide to the ground.

Lin Shu caught it and took it down, very confused,

Ling Fengxiao laughed: "It's not like that, you have to check it." Lin Shu confused asked: "How to make a plate?"

The young lady took a strand of hair and gave him a demonstration, and while she was presenting, she said, "You don't even have hair, what can you do in the future?"

Lin Shuxin said, I don't need to make my hair like this. Immediately, he thought of a possibility.
Does the young lady want him to make hair for himself for a long time? This is in line with the positioning of the young lady's exploitative class.
Moreover, the existence of that marriage book turned into legal exploitation.

He learned that this time he successfully fixed a strand of hair and turned to another.

The young lady looked at the mirror and said, "In this way, you do n’t know about ring jewelry, rouge gouache, and eyebrows?"

Lin Shu: "I don't know." Miss: "I have to teach you." Lin Shu: "?"
The meaning of the young lady is to let Ling Baoqing and Ling Baochen resign, to practice martial arts with peace of mind, and then let herself wait for living?


This is a feudal society, where men and women cannot accept or accept each other. How can they go and apply powder to the young lady every day? However, the thought that they had a marriage contract did not seem to violate the etiquette law.

However, it is still a bit wrong. Lin Shu was puzzled.
Shu Haofa, the young lady looked at herself in the mirror left and right, did not make any comments, it seems to be passing.

The young lady said, "Go down to eat."

He naturally took Lin Shu's hand and took him outside the door.

Lin Shu was frightened at first, thinking that he and the young lady also held hands in the fantasy, and then calmed down slightly.

Not only did the young lady hold him, when she went down the stairs, she had to go down first, and then take care of him, as if she was afraid he would fall on the stairs.

Lin Shu felt that he suddenly became a protected animal, and for a while he didn't know what to do.

Down the stairs, came to the lobby of this small inn.

The inn's business was sluggish, and there was only Cangyu in the lobby. There were dozens of drawers of soup on the table, and many empty drawers were beside it.

He heard footsteps, looked up at people, and was about to say hello. "Ling Da ... Miss!" He said.
Then he quickly looked at the table full of food, his face was very ashamed.

Lin Shuxin said, Brother Cangyu, when we were down the Dangdang Mountain, you ate a whole table in front of me and my cousin. Ling Fengxiao nodded slightly and said, "It's you."

Cangyu took a few deep breaths, and his speech finally fluent, saying, "Miss, why are you here?"

Ling Fengxiao said: "Get Lin Shu."

Lin Shu saw Cang Yun glanced at Ling Fengxiao, looked at himself, and then looked at the two of the hands they held, a flash of awakening in his eyes.

——He felt that Cangyu was thinking at this time. The rumors in Xuegong were true, and Lin Shu was indeed a hamster raised by Miss.

Cangji scratched his head and said, "I did hear horseshoes last night." Ling Fengxiao said, "It's me."
Cang Wei smiled a little embarrassedly: "I just saw the young lady and was a little excited."

Ling Fengxiao took Lin Shu to sit down at the table next to him, and said, "Anyway."

Cangliao said, "Where is the young lady next?" Ling Fengxiao: "Jiangzhou."
Cangzhen again: "Miss is for the plague?" Ling Fengxiao: "Yes."
Cangyu seemed to think about something, and said, "I have no identity in the world, and I don't know these things ..."

"You go back to the palace to consolidate your realm," said the young lady. "Things in the world interfere with the state of mind. Don't get too involved." Cangyu: "Yes."

After the words were over, Xiao Er served them breakfast, egg soup and soup buns.

Lin Shu watched the young lady put the soup bun into the dish in front of him, poke open on the top, let the steamed buns leave the hot steam, and then naturally lifted the vinegar bottle from the table to his egg. After pouring a few drops into the soup, I felt that my cousin had not left.

He said, "I'll do it myself."

The young lady put her hands up, raised her cheeks with one hand, and watched him eat without expression.

Lin Shu ate two soup buns and drank a bowl of egg soup under the eyes of the young lady.

The young lady said, "No more food?" Lin Shudao said, "Eat."
The young lady said unpleasantly, "Too little." Lin Shu: "..."
He had to pick up another soup bun and ate it hard. The young lady said, "Not much now."
Lin Shushi tried to impress the young lady with innocent eyes like the cousin, so he looked at Ling Fengxiao and said, "I can't eat anymore."

The young lady looked at him cautiously, and said lightly, "Let me go."

——It turns out that not only cousin, but also young lady eats this set. Lin Shu acquired new skills. Then, he glanced over the table of Cangyu, and saw Cangyu looking at this side, his eyes were dull, and his eyes were about to fall to the ground.

Lin Shu felt embarrassed.

After eating and staying in the inn for a while, they just left here.

Cangliao said, "Miss, Brother Lin, don't stop here, and see you again at the School Palace."

Lin Shu: "Farewell."

Cangyu left here with a sword alone, and Ling Fengxiao returned to Ma Xu, pulling out Lin Shu's long-lost photo of the night.

Zhao Ye was still beautiful like that. The young lady turned on her horse and brought Lin Shu up. The two of them went north, went to the official road, and galloped towards Jiangzhou.

The official road was dilapidated and even invaded by stale grass. The posthouse next to it seemed to be unused for a long time, and there were several late autumn vines climbing on the wall.

In the autumn, the wind is cold and the horse is galloping, and the cold will be poured into the nose.

But before Lin Shu had time to breathe, she was wrapped in a sable fur cape by the young lady, and even sipped by Mao.

The cat was sitting on the horse's head, and it was quite fascinating. The cat left this incident, Lin Shu was also puzzled.
It stands to reason that from Wanguiyuan, if the cat has requested the cause and effect of Xiaoxiao Cang, it is time to go to Yun Lan to repay the debt.

But the cat didn't leave--indicating that the cause and effect owed to Ling Xiao hadn't been fully paid off, and they had to pay back. However, last night, my cousin went away, and the cat actually slept in his own room. It did n’t mean to follow his cousin at all. The next morning, not only did he not find his cousin, he even went into the arms of the young lady and gave something. Mei, pulled the pendant on the young lady's clothes a few times to play.

When Cangyu left, it did not reveal any intention to keep up. Confusing.
As I was thinking, the cat walked for only three seconds. After being blown by the wind for a while, it came down from the horse's head, desperately drilled into the cloak, and finally succeeded, being embraced by Lin Shu.


Nothing along the way, two hours later, he reached the boundary of Jiangzhou.

Lin Shu felt that along the way, the young lady was paying attention to the situation of the towns along the way.

Jiangzhou Prefecture is where the prefectures and counties are located, but it is a big city.

However, although it is a large city, there are not many people walking around. The soldiers at the gates of the city are bored and chattering into the sky. After seeing them, they cleared their minds and prepared to check the identity credentials of the people who entered the city.

However, the young lady didn't restrain the horse, and only showed a scarlet red in his hand. If the token was burned by the flames, the soldier suddenly changed color, stood up and did not stop.

Lin Shu slightly looked at the token with curiosity.

The young lady said lightly: "The token is divided into four colors: Zhu Xi, purple and black. Black is held by the Tulongwei office, purple is held by the inspector Yushi inspecting counties and counties, and black is held by his special envoy. Scarlet only one, dedicated to Phoenix Villa,
named 'Phoenix Order'. Seeing the Order of Phoenix, like your Majesty. '

The young lady was first the young lady of the Phoenix Villa, and then the long princess of the Nanxia dynasty. Not only did the emperor Tu Longwei obey the young lady's dispatch, but even the Phoenix Villa's only Phoenix Order was also in the hands of the young lady.

Lin Shu looked at the Phoenix Order, knowing that this half-slap token may represent the monstrous power of the world.

The next moment, he realized it.

Perhaps the soldiers at the city gate quickly reported the letter. The sound of horseshoes in the slumped streets rang, and hundreds of soldiers were used to form ceremonies. Several green robes and purple robes were hurried behind him.

Heiying was kneeling in unison, and his noise was loud. "See His Royal Highness Fengyang!"
Fengyang seems to be the title.

Lin Shu thought about it and thought it was quite nice. His Highness Fengyang's four characters were imposing, and it was also very suitable for the young lady.

He looked at the crowd kneeling in front of him and the expressionless lady with only one thought in his heart.

who am I? where am I?
What kind of rich woman did I meet?

Chapter 75: Duck

Facing the crowd of black women, but listening to the lady said lightly: "Get up."

The soldier was still on his knees, and several officials did not get up. The central purple robe screamed, "His Royal Highness Feng came here.

Ling Fengxiao said: "No."

Several officials stood up in sincerity and fear, saying, "I don't know if you come down here ..."

"Nothing," Ling Fengxiao said.

As soon as "no problem" came down, Lin Shu noticed that some officials were sincere and scared a little bit-about not fearing something, but fearing that his highness could not find anything.

Ling Fengxiao did not mention the plague, saying: "Just playing, you don't need to accompany me. I will find you when I have something."

The official responded with a "yes" and then said "it must cooperate with all efforts" and "arrange the inn immediately".

The young lady said, "Let's go back", and then turned around and headed for another long street.

The black squadron of gangsters came fast and fast, and soon left the street, and the pedestrians continued to move.

Lin Shuxin said, the puppet princes still have to smile and fire, but the young lady doesn't have to, just stand there.

He looked away from there and turned to the street. The footsteps of Zhao Ye slowed down and slowly moved along the long street.

It's almost noon, it's not cold, and the sun is good, but a Sanli Long Street is very quiet. There are a lot of shops closed on both sides. Only three or four are selling melon and fruit snacks.

"Jiangzhou tea is good," Lin Shu heard Ling Fengxiao said to herself, "by noon, I will give you a drink."

Lin Shudao: "Thank you." The lady said, "No thanks."
After a long walk, all I saw was depression and loneliness.

They settled in small towns before, so even if there were not many people, they didn't show up in the cold. For a big city like Jiangzhou, once the pedestrians were few, they became extra empty.

Lin Shudao: "Aren't you checking?"

"Check," the lady replied, "I'm just a bit scared." afraid?
Is there anything in the world that the young lady is afraid of?

The investigation scene originally imagined by Lin Shu was that the young lady took a group of Tu Longwei and went straight to Jiangzhou Government, sat in the lobby, and then transferred the family register book and local chronicle. Find out the truth, immediately cut off many official dog heads.

Just thinking, his hand was slowly held by the young lady.

His hands were always in the cloak, warm. The young lady's hand was always outside because she wanted to control the horse. At this time, the five slender jade fingers were as cold as jade. He felt that the young lady leaned forward a little, got closer to herself, and her voice was lowered and a little cold.

"I just thought that the Jiangzhou plague, involving tens of thousands of lives, has a wide range of implications. Several county officials may not dare to do such an outrageous thing as putting all the infected people into Wanguiyuan. Besides, once this is detected, immediately It will arouse public anger, Shang Tiantian listens ... "The young lady's voice was getting lower and lower, and almost disappeared in the end." I was afraid of this matter, and I won my Majesty's approval. "

Lin Shu: " "

This is a bit scary.

At first, it was speculated that the infected people were put into the “manipulation” of Wanguiyuan, so that the spread of the plague was cut off. Both the cousin and Cangyu showed relatively strong emotions. It can be seen that the plague is not a very infectious disease. The law can be ruled, not to the point where such means are used.

He said, "What then?"

"You and I pretend to play today," said the young lady. "When you arrive, go to Jiangzhou House at night, look for the household register and local chronicle, and find out if there is an order from Her Majesty that year. If not, check it tomorrow. Just stop there. "

Lin Shu said "um".

If the matter was really the Emperor's intent, then it wouldn't be able to turn it around.

He is not a man who grew up in feudal society, thinking about it, thinking about "tax ghosts", and then looking at this big city with obvious people's livelihood and the less prosperous towns and broken villages that he saw along the way, only I don't think this emperor is a good man. But if it is Xiao Lingyang, it will be worse. After all, it's not as reliable as the young lady.
But he felt in private that the young lady was annoying to take care of these things.

When I was thinking about it, I heard the young lady said: "If it is to be prosperous, I just want to travel around the world with you or find a good place to live in seclusion and talk about swords. Now I have to involve you in running around with me, I often do n’t think it ’s big. happy."

Lin Shudao: "I'm okay."

He looked at the thin pedestrians on the street, thinking about the white bones at the base of the cliffs of Wanguiyuan, and finally realized what kind of life he came to, a life of grass.

If there is no young lady, you can't find a way to change the meridian, you can't cultivate the immortals. After a few years, you can't say it is one of the bones.

The young lady said: "There are still some relationships. Taoyuan Jun was originally a hidden monk who did not belong to the world. You are his apprentice, and you should depart from the world. I have a home country and want to live in the dust , Always feel bad for you. "

Lin Shu thought for a while and said, "There is no difference."

What's outside and inside, to him, it's not much different, but it's a bit annoying in a crowded place.

After listening to his words, the young lady smiled a little, and said, "I forget who you are-Xianjun, what do you want to eat today?"

Lin Shu looked at those shops, there was nothing to eat, nothing to eat. After thinking about it for a long time, he uttered a sentence: "Your way." The young lady teased him again: "Follow me, what if you don't like it and eat less?"

Lin Shudao said, "I always eat so much."

The young lady said, "You eat a little more every day, and after a long time, you will not eat so little."

Lin Shu: "?????"

He now thinks that the young lady is not raising hamsters, but it is too ugly to switch to pigs. Only duck filling is more appropriate.

Thinking about it, I felt the young lady let go of his hand.

He thought that Miss Fang Cai suspected that the tens of thousands of dead in Wanguiyuan were the emperor's father who ordered the killing himself, and thought about something in the dust, so he was in a bad mood, pulled his hand, and now he feels better, Just let go.

It can be seen that in addition to playing a little piano, it can also play a role in soothing the emotions of the young lady, which is not very useless.

The young lady has a lot of affairs and is exhausting. She is really annoying. If he can really relieve his emotions by touching him, then he will take the initiative to overcome allergies and contribute to his own body, which is not a big sacrifice.

Chapter 76: faint

On this day, Miss Lin took a tour of several famous historic sites in Jiangzhou, bought candy gourds on the road, and returned to the post hall to eat crabs and Ban Ya, also drank the misty tea brewed by the young lady.

Due to continuous feeding, he spent a full day and felt that the young lady was happy in the process of watching him eat.

However, before the evening, he was ordered to go to bed by the young lady.

No worries, he lay in bed for a while and slept. By midnight, I noticed the movement and woke up.

The young lady did not know when she appeared in the room, and said to him: "Leave."

During the day, they made an appointment to visit Jiangzhou at night.

In the martial arts story, when exploring a place at night, they must wear night clothes, otherwise their attitude will not be correct. The young lady reluctantly gave a bit of meaning, and put on a veil to cover the lower half of her face.

They go out.

Here, the post hall is used by Jiangzhou Government to entertain VIPs. There are guards everywhere, and two are standing at the main entrance.

The young lady said: "The moonlight is very good tonight." Lin Shudao: "Yes." The young lady said, "It's a graceful thing to enjoy the moon with you at midnight."

Lin Shudao: "Yes."

The lady again said: "The towers here are mixed. It's not right. Let's go back."

Lin Shu: "Okay."

Then they slipped away.

After slipping to the bushes in the garden behind the post hall, waiting for the patrol guards to go away, Lin Shu was picked up by the young lady and taken to Jiangzhou government.

The young lady's technology for bringing people is much better than her cousin's. It doesn't stretch your stomach too much, and it doesn't interfere with breathing too much. But half a moment later, the two fell to the periphery of Jiangzhou Prefecture.

The entire Jiangzhou government is composed of the Yamen and the Zhengshitang. The front door is in front, facing the people, responsible for handling the civil affairs, the government affairs hall is behind, similar to the small court in this state, there are various branches in charge of clerical affairs.

At this point, the Yamen and the Government Affairs Hall were closed. Only a few places were still lit, and someone was watching the night.

They walked around the outer wall, and after observing the general structure, Ling Fengxiao took Lin Shufei up again, and gently applied forces on the wall, eaves, and roof in turn. The shape was like Ling Bo's fallen leaves. Over half of the government hall.

There was a veil decoration on the young lady's clothes, and the fly floated, and finally scraped on Lin Shu's face. The night watchman's position was very tricky, and she could see the scene in all directions. Miss Naihe was superb in her skill, she just flew past the sparse tree shadow and finally landed on the roof of the night watchman's house.

The eaves walked a few times and finally landed on a roof northwest of the center.

A large copper lock was put on the house. Although it can be broken open by violence, it will leave traces after all, which is inappropriate.

Then, the young lady entered an enchantment and began to uncover the tile. Lin Shu beat his hands and set aside the moving tiles.

He really did not expect that in his life, there was such a novel experience as going to the room with the young lady.

The tiles are densely packed. Below are wooden beams and tenon-and- mortise joints. One hundred and ten pieces were uncovered. Finally, there was a gap between the beams to allow one person to pass.

After illuminating the inside with the night pearl, it was found that there was a thick bookcase under the mouth, which could stand people.

The cat jumped down first, followed by Lin Shu, but the mouth was really narrow. He got stuck in the middle and was pushed by the young lady before going down completely, and landed on the top of the bookcase.

However, it was easy for the young lady to come down. I don't know if it was because of her slender figure or because of the "Xuan Ju Hua Gu Gong".

After landing, the night pearl illuminated the nearby area.

There are many large bookcases and many booklets on display in this room, and it is about where all kinds of documents are stored.

Ling Fengxiao said: "The regulations of the state affairs halls in the states are similar, and it seems that I remember correctly." Ling Fengxiao's trip was to verify that nearly 10,000 people were killed in Wanguiyuan, whether the officials deceived them or the emperor's order.

However, the young lady did not look for the decree, but first looked at the records of changes and promotions of officials of Jiangzhou Government.

He frowned slightly as he looked.

Lin Shu was on the side and saw a lot of oddities.

In the thirteenth year of Yongkang, the governor of Jiangzhou was condemned for defamation and degraded to Liyang.

In the summer of the 14th year of Yongkang, Jiangzhou Situ Wang Jingzhi was demoted to Zhulin.

In the winter of fourteen years in Yongkang, Jiang Bingshi Si Bingguang was recalled to Beijing.

In the winter of the fourteenth year of Yongkang, the **** of Jiangzhou, Zhao Yan, told his old man to return home.


The dynasty changed its year name. It is now Guanghe two years, that is to say, the fourteen years of Yongkang and the thirteen years of Yongkang are exactly four or five years ago.

Within a year or two after the plague, upper-level officials in Jiangzhou actually experienced a major blood transfusion. Most of the original people went to other places for various reasons and were no longer in Jiangzhou.

"He is dead." Ling Fengxiao said suddenly.

Lin Shu looked over and saw the young lady's finger point at the name of the assassin who had been recalled to Beijing: "Three years ago, because of the involvement of friends, he was taken as a public, and then depressed. Having said that, the young lady said lightly, "I don't recognize the rest, but I don't know how many lives are left."

Five years ago, the Jiangzhou Plague plunged tens of thousands of people into Wanguiyuan.

Within the next two years, important officials were successively replaced, and one of them has been confirmed dead.

Ling Fengxiao moved to the bookcase where the household register was checked every three years.

A stack of papers was picked out and opened, all in shocking scarlet letters.

Someone in a certain township died of the disease. His wife died after being infected with the disease. The eldest son died of the disease.
His second son died of the disease.

These scarlet letters have a regular pattern. Family members often die, and people in a village often die.

——Why is this.

Lin Shu looked at Ling Fengxiao, and for a while, they were relatively speechless.

There is no need to look for any books or secret orders. The terrible tragedy of Wan Guiyuan does have the intention of Tianjia behind it.

All the affected people were cleaned up, and the whole village was hardly spared. Then, they had to control the news.

How can a single official do this without fail, even if he has a monstrous power? Therefore, at this time, there must be seamless cooperation between various departments.

And after the epidemic subsided, all officials who were likely to know the truth were removed, or returned to their hometowns, or far away, or died.

-How could there be no will from the capital?

For a long time, Ling Fengxiao put down the booklet and said, "Let's go." Get out of the roof, drop the tiles back, and go back to the post hall.
-After knowing the truth, they can't do anything.

Lin Shu knew that the young lady was in a bad mood at this time, so she didn't dare to say anything, and returned to her room.

He didn't sleep well in the middle of the night, thinking a lot of things before falling asleep.

The next day, I left Jiangzhou and went back to school.

When leaving the city, Miss Lema turned back and said, "Look."

Lin Shu looked at the sparse pedestrians on the street, and wondered what the young lady wanted to see for herself.

The young lady said, "Most are women."

Lin Shu looked again and found that this was indeed the case.

He has been in modern times for a long time, and many women have been seen on the street, so at first glance, he doesn't feel anything. But here is the ancient world, Xiandao is okay, the women in the world are not very public.

"Five years after the battle in Changyang, Beixia made frequent incursions again. The situation at the border was urgent, and I changed the law on hiring to the law on servitude. Adult men in each household successively served in order." Ling Fengxiao said lightly, " There are soldiers on the border. Once there are more soldiers, they need more money to raise soldiers, and they only have to pay more taxes. After ten years, the state treasury is empty and the strength of the people is weak. "

"Five years ago, the floods in this area affected hundreds of thousands of people in five states. Relief, relief, and treatment of plagues all require huge sums of money and food. With limited national power, we have to slash the knife quickly and kill the patients "Ling Fengxiao's voice
gradually lowered:" It's just that I have a hard time in my heart. " When saying this, Miss's hand kept holding Lin Shu.
Lin Shu also knew the young lady's dissatisfaction, and patted the back of the young lady's hand with another hand that was not held to show comfort.

Then, Miss's other arm came from behind, encircling him all over—the hand that hadn't been caught was caught.

Just listen to the big lady continue: "This matter traces its roots to the roots of the war, until I come to Japan to advance in martial arts-"

The words did not finish, but Lin Shu knew what Ling Fengxiao meant. He said, "You must be OK."
Ling Fengxiao laughed: "Thank you."

Lin Shu thought that the young lady was so motivated that she couldn't be lazy when she returned to the school. She had to work harder on the piano and study "Silent".

A long hiss, according to the night, rushed towards Shuzhou.

They were on the road during the day and rested at night. After three days and three nights, they returned to Shangling Mountain. Ling Fengxiao set Zhaoye in the back of Lingshan Lingshou, and walked side by side with Lin Shu towards Biyutian.

Shangling Mountain is full of aura, and the air is full of fragrance of plants and trees. Unlike the world, when you come here, the spirit slowly relaxes.

The cat looked around curiously in Lin Shu's arms: "Meow." The young lady felt it and said, "Who do you want to live with?" The cat drilled into Lin Shu's arms: "Meow."
The young lady said: "Then you must protect him." Cat: "Meow."
Lin Shu watched the serious conversation between the young lady and the cat one by one, and found it very interesting, and could not help but smile.

The young lady laughed when she saw him, and also tickled her lips. The next moment, he smiled and frowned slightly.
Lin Shu felt that this look was very wrong-at the next moment, when she saw the young lady holding her forehead with her right hand, her figure shook, and she was going to plant it!

He paused for a beat, immediately spread the cat away to pick up the young lady.

But it all happened too quickly, he didn't catch it completely, only pulled the young lady's arm, and the center of gravity was unstable, and finally the two rolled heavily on the mountain road.

The cat was also dropped, and said badly, "Meow!"

Lin Shu got up, but saw that Ling Fengxiao had passed out without warning. He reached into Miss Forehead's forehead and almost got burned.

Feel the spiritual power again—The burning spiritual power surges wildly, flowing chaotically in the meridians.

Isn't this what happened to Ling Xiao the other day? Why did it appear on Miss?

However, no matter why, it is considered that the cause of the disease, Lin Shu relaxed a bit.

There is no reason for him. He just can cure this problem.

It's just that at least half an hour is required for Yungong. In any case, you must get people back to the bamboo house first.

Lin Shu then wrapped the young lady's waist in one arm, let the young lady lean against her chest, and the other arm passed through the knee of the man, intending to hold it horizontally.

Hold up horizontally. Hold up.
-Can't hold it. Lin Shu: "..." Is he too vain?
The cat sat aside and sneered, "Meow."

The author has something to say: It is difficult to be strong and strong: Fate has to let Lin Shu do things he can't, such as hugging his fiancee.

Shao does nothing: Shao brother never expected that accidents would happen this way.

Chapter 77: Phoenix Blood

Lin Shu tried again. Really can't hold it.
The young lady's figure looks slim and feels slim, just a little too soft. Do those who practice martial arts have a higher muscle density?
But in his last life, he was also a martial artist, and his weight was within the normal range.

Lin Shu couldn't understand it, but ultimately it was due to his own body that was still too weak.

Then the question came, how could he bring the young lady back? It can't be held unless it is towed away.
But dragging this action off is not very nice after all.

A young lady like Jinzunyugui, the princess hugs her with disrespect and drags her to death--it is absolutely impossible.

Lin Shu looked at the cat: "Qingyuan, can you help?"

The cat was just thrown a bit, hating it and not answering him. Lin Shu was desperate.
He thought about the countermeasures, and finally took out the bottle of julingdan, and decided to take a pill-after that, he had spiritual power in his body, and he could easily fly back to the young lady, but his veins hurt. Anyway, I want to treat the young lady's spiritual loss of control, and sooner or later.

He took out a pill and was about to swallow when the cat "meowed". He is looking at the cat.
The cat squinted at him.

With such big eyes and small eyes staring for a moment, Lin Shu felt that the cat's spiritual power gathered around him, and the young lady's body immediately became extremely light.

He said, "Thank you."

-Cats really hurt themselves.

He picked up the young lady and walked forward, while the cat walked on the ground, while walking, playing with flowers and plants on the ground.

After coming out of the mountain, to the jasper bamboo sky, there is wind in the bamboo sea, blowing the young lady's red clothes, very beautiful.

Lin Shu couldn't help but look down.

The young lady leaned on her shoulders, her black hair fluffed, her eyes narrowed, and her eyelashes like feathers.

Because of the coma, the face that often made people feel bullish was a little pale at this time, a little more fragile.

It simply doesn't look like someone in reality.

He almost tripped over the stones on the road and had to look away.

On the path in the bamboo sea, occasionally a disciple walked by and noticed the young lady in his arms, his eyes surprised, and whispered. The news in the Xuegong was spread too fast, and the road was only halfway through. Several girls in Phoenix Villa got the news. Huoyan generally came over and shouted "Miss?" The lady passed out? "

Before approaching, Ling Baoqing asked, "Lin Shu! How did the young lady pass out? But she was injured? How long has she passed out?"

Lin Shu said: "Suddenly fainted, not injured, a quarter of an hour."

Ling Baoqing stomped anxiously: "No injuries, good people, why do you faint?"

Ling Baojing said: "In any case, send the young lady back first, and then go to the surgery to call for a doctor."

Lin Shudao: "No need." "Ok?"
"She is out of control and I can pass on the power."

Ling Baoqing said: "You obviously have no spiritual power." Ling Baochen said: "Moldo said! Go back first!"
Ling Baoqing took over the young lady, Ling Baochen took Lin Shu, and flew back to Jingfeng Xiyuyuan within a moment.

Back in the garden, this move brought the brothers and sisters of Yue Ruo He Yue Ruo Yun again. Several people were surrounded by the young lady's bed with great concern.

Lin Shu was stared at by these many eyes, ate a Julingdan, barely suppressed the pain of the limbs and bones that suddenly exploded, held the right hand of the young lady, carried out this method, and slowly conveyed the spiritual power. Into the great lady's meridian.

It may be because of the same blood, the spiritual power of the young lady and the cousin's spiritual power are so similar that they can't detect any difference.

Therefore, the transfer of power is also the same as when the cousin fainted last time. At first glance, the foggy spiritual power met the intense red spiritual power, and the two immediately merged and merged into chaos and slowly dissipated in the meridians. .

However, the situation of the young lady was more dangerous than that of his cousin. After half an hour of healing, Lin Shu took two more pills and continued to work.

Gongfa reciprocates in the heart, and the frost-like spiritual power slowly flows and runs through the meridians throughout the body. He has not experienced this feeling for a long time.

Kusama returned to his previous life and sat cross-legged in the main hall of the former Shimen site. Late at night, there was the sound of snow sizzling outside the window.

After half an hour, the last trace of spiritual power in the young lady's body finally dissipated, the meridians returned to calm, and her pale complexion was much better.

Lin Shu wanted to withdraw her hand, but her finger was gently pulled by her unconsciously.

Lin Shu: "?"

At this time, Ling Baochen said softly, "Baoqing, we just remembered it. Do you remember? The old man in the village said that the young lady had fainted once when she was five years old?"

"What time is it?" Baoqing said.

"You always forget things," Ling Baochen said, "At the age of eleven or twelve, in the new year, we listened to Aunt Chongxi's story by the stove, and mentioned that the young lady was the blood of Phoenix—"

"Ah!" Ling Baoqing called out, "I remember!" She looked at Lin Shu and said, "Lin Shu, listen carefully, and see if the young lady passed out this time for the same reason."

Baochen said: "Although we are all surnamed Ling, that is the surname given by the owner, not the bloodline of Phoenix Mountain Villa. There is something special about the bloodline of the village. The effectiveness of the law, such as that of "Nirvana Breathing"-even in the veins, only the best talent can make use of it. "

Lin Shu said "um".

"If it is the best and the best blood, it is exactly like our ancestors in the villa, with blood in gold, called 'Phoenix Blood'. Aunt Chongxi said that our young lady is 'Phoenix Blood'. Those who are born with the phoenix blood are naturally associated with the gas phase of leaving the fire, and the breath of the fire automatically accumulates in the meridians. When it is too thick, it will eat back the master. Most people with this blood die young. "

Lin Shu silently thought that it was a genetic disease.

"My aunt said that the young lady had suffered such a disease when she was five years old. She was unconscious for a hundred days, and the villa invited the world ’s divine doctor to do nothing." Ling Baochen was slightly embarrassed. "It was just that a few of us were too young then.
Either I have n’t entered the villa yet, I do n’t know about it, but I only heard a few words from my aunt—Finally, a fairy in white came to the villa and cured the young lady with the exclusive method—we only know That's it. "

Lin Shu understood.

It is not a coincidence that one's own spiritual power and the spiritual power of the young lady can be completely offset. There are tens of thousands of exercises in the world, and there are tens of thousands of spiritual powers, which cannot be easily offset.

The immortal Jun Yue is his own master, Tao Yuanjun. Tao Yuanjun was born in Jiange, and he was also born in Jiange. He has the same spiritual power, so he can cure the young lady's spiritual out of control.

The young lady is the heart and soul of the Phoenix Villa. Taoyuan Jun saved the young lady, and she has great affection at the Phoenix Villa.

However, the young lady will relapse, and Tao Yuanjun happens to have an apprentice.

Taoyuan Jun and the villa became their in-laws.

In this way, the young lady's illness can be resolved, and the apprentice's future life is also worry-free.

He was thinking, and suddenly heard Ling Baochen called: "Lin Shu?" Lin Shu: "Huh?"
"You ..." Ling Baochen hesitated: "You look wrong ... are you all right?" "It's all right," Lin Shu said.
He slowly dissipated his spirit.

Jiange is located in a lonely cold place in the extreme north, and its internal skills are as cold as frost and snow, which sometimes affects people's temperament.

Ling Baochen asked: "The situation of the young lady is the same as what we said?"

Lin Shu: "Yes."

Ling Baoqing said strangely, "Xiao Linshu, can you cure it?" Lin Shu nodded.
The girls were relieved: "That would be great." Ling Baojing even said: "Miss once said that Lin Shu was not easy, it really is!"

Ling Baochen said: "That's good."

At this point, the night was deep, Lin Shu said, "Go back to sleep, I watch."

It's not easy to put in so many people in this room.

The girls confirmed that the young lady was in no trouble at this time, so they left with the Yue family brother and sister.

When they came to the door, Lin Shu suddenly thought of something, and said, "Is Ling Xiao like this?"

He was a little skeptical now.

"You mean the grandfather? We don't know. The grandfather is not living in the villa and he doesn't like to go home. He can't see him for a few years." Ling Baojing said.

Ling Baochen thought about it and said, "However, since the eldest son can comprehend the" Nirvana Breathing "method, the bloodline must not be weak-it may really be Phoenix blood."

Lin Shu said "um".

Lin Shu and Ling Fengxiao were left in the room.

There are differences between men and women, and even more so in feudal society. Naturally, he cannot sit on the bed of the young lady, so the transfer of power is done by kneeling in front of the bed.

But in Miss's room, the floor was covered with luxurious thick velvet blankets, which was no different from the bed.

His right hand was held by the young lady, and he couldn't move. He put his left arm across the edge of the bed, buried his head in his arms, closed his eyes, and took a deep breath.

Most of the techniques of Jiange are like this. The Yunlan I saw the other day was very cold and indifferent.

After a while, the effects of the running exercises completely dissipated, and he finally returned to a normal state.

The cat "meowed" aside.

Lin Shu looked up at it and said, "I'm fine."

The cat tilted its head, jumped from the table to the bed, and gave him a few stings.

Lin Shu thought it was very cute and smiled.

The cat ran to the young lady again, and got together, seemingly planning to sleep.

Lin Shu looked at her breathing evenly, as if she was a sleeping lady, remembered the business: "..."

So, Tao Yuanjun, just like that, sold the little fool to Phoenix Villa and the young lady?

As a result, he had a rich woman, and when he was in custody, he only needed to treat his cousin and young lady.

Where did Taoyuan Jun go?

Thinking of his cousin, Lin Shu was puzzled again.

He carefully looked at the outline of the young lady, and indeed she could see that the young lady and her cousin looked very similar.

The meridians of the two people are similar, and the spiritual power is more similar. This is nothing, after all, they are a family. However, when he was about to pull his hand, the movement of unconsciously grasping was too familiar.

Lin Shu felt that this matter was a bit wrong.

He thought again of those things that happened on the mountain. If the whole thing is the wisdom of the north and the south--
In order to lead the snake out of the hole and seduce her to show her feet, the young lady cannot appear on the magical mountain. Otherwise, she will be afraid of the strength of the young lady.

However, another person who can calm down in the mountains is needed in case something goes wrong-a cousin is there.

So ... Is it possible that, in order to ensure foolproofness, Yirong became a cousin? After all, the young lady has countless hallucinations, and she can freely change the shape of the bones with "Xuan Ju Hua Hua Gong".

In case this is really the case, it is simply too scary, and the acting of the young lady is too realistic, and no one sees it wrong.

Especially when I finally said goodbye, I also gave away my sister-in-law seriously, as if it were real.

He thought the guess was unlikely, but he felt a bit more reasonable.

The author has something to say: Sparse eyes: Describe Lin Shu is always caught in the drum, can't guess the truth.

Shao'an Don't be restless: Seeing that the baby is so dumb, Shao brother is relieved.

Focus: Remember this hand in hand action.

Chapter 78: Have something to say

I was thinking, and I saw the eyelashes of the young lady flutter, and slowly opened her eyes.

The ancients had a finishing touch, and although it was exaggerated, it was true. The moment he opened his eyes, Ling Fengxiao was alive and vividly as a whole-but there were a few waking people in the eyes, not as high as usual.

Then, Miss looked at the hand they were holding, and seemed a little embarrassed.

Lin Shu tried to take his hand back.

Although the young lady was a little embarrassed, she didn't let go. Lin Shu: "..."

As long as the young lady wants to do it, do it as long as possible. Then, I saw the young lady looking into the room.
With the intelligence of the young lady, she must be able to guess what is going on immediately.

But the person didn't lift it immediately, but leaned up, leaned on the back of the bed, and said warmly, "Cool on the ground, come to bed."

Lin Shu felt a little embarrassed, but since the young lady had given the order, she could only sit beside the bed in amazement.

The young lady has not fully recovered yet, her black hair is loose, and she is a little lazy, holding his hand and asking, "You still have Julingdan?" Lin Shu: "?"

Miss, how do you know Juling Dan? He was vigilant and said, "Hmm." The lady asked, "Does it hurt?"
He said, "It doesn't hurt anymore."

The young lady looked at him and said for a while: "I'm not good." Lin Shudao: "It's all right."
The young lady smiled and said nothing. Seeing her expression, she seemed a little surprised.

After a while, he said, "When I was sick as a child, it hurt for more than a hundred days."

This kind of spiritual power is out of control, and chaos in the meridians must be painful, Lin Shu knows.

The child ’s body is still tender, and ca n’t tolerate too much spiritual power.

The young lady really has talents that ordinary people can't reach, but because of this, the hardships that have been eaten are unthinkable by ordinary people.

"It wasn't until later that Tao Yuanjun came over and resolved the anger from fire with my own spiritual power. I recognized Tao Yuanjun and saw his sword skills. But my mother didn't want to tell me how to find it. For a person like Tao Yuanjun, why is Tao Yuanjun willing to pass me merit. You forgot your past, and you probably do n’t know. ”

Lin Shu: "Yes." ——It's not only the past, he doesn't even know what Taoyuan Jun looks like. He only knows that this person will also be "Acacia".

"Tao Yuanjun is a predecessor of seclusion and cleanliness, and he has extraordinary martial arts practices. I admire him. When he is leaving, I am very lost and ask him when he can see you again. Tao Yuanjun said that he will meet when he has a chance. "

——Whenever there is a fate, I will meet each other. This is also the word that Tao Yuanjun left to the fool.

However, because of this matter, after all, it is too mysterious, so Lin Shu only treats it as a **** stick.

"My mother asked, what should I do if I get sick again. Tao Yuanjun said to me that he will entrust one person to me, and when I grow up, I will meet her. By then, the disease will be met. "Feng Xiaoxiao smiled," said, "I did not expect to dissolve my spiritual power, but I will make you suffer-I would rather be unconscious."

Lin Shudao: "It doesn't matter."

He was not a painful person, but the young lady couldn't go wrong. And it's a shame that a beautiful girl like Miss is always asleep.
He said, "I'll go to Xiefeng Xiyuyuan to tell them you're awake." The young lady said softly, "Don't go."
He said, pushing away the red silk quilt like flowing water, leaned over, and said to him, "Go back later."

Lin Shu was puzzled: "?"

The young lady said: "Since Tao Yuanjun said to me, I have missed you, but you have forgotten all, it is punishable." On the one hand, Lin Shu had a deficiency, and felt that after all, he was drowned by the little fool, and occupied the body of the little fool. At the same time, he thought, if this shell is still the original soul, the young lady will probably face a dirty A foolish, mentally fool.

——At that time, I'm afraid he will have to peel his skin. However, there is another problem involved.
As the lady said, Tao Yuanjun is the light wind and the moon, and the prince who has escaped the dust, how can he accept a little fool with no meridian as an apprentice?

Lin Shu couldn't figure it out, so he just gave up.

But the young lady said unpleasantly, "You have gone astray." Lin Shu touched his nose: "I want Taoyuanjun."
He returned to his thoughts, thinking about what the young lady had said before.

-Say you want to punish yourself.

He said, "What are you punishing me for?"

The young lady raised her eyebrows and looked at him for a while, and then said, "It's time to punish you for your love, but it's not punishable."


Lin Shu tilted her head and said, "Thank you, Miss, for letting go."

The young lady laughed, and suddenly reached out and hugged him from the back. She was holding one hand with one hand, and now the other hand is covered up, pinching his five fingers. And don't speak.

Lin Shu's breathing was a little unstable because of this too close contact, but because he hurried a few days ago, the two have always been in this posture, and they have not reacted too much.

——Miss said that because he is cute, he will not be punished. Although he doesn't know where he is cute, but Miss ’s beauty is real. Well, for the sake of the beautiful lady, he is also willing to provide his fingers for her to play.

He turned his head slightly to look at the young lady, and felt that the young lady was half-stretching her eyelashes at this moment, and she was so sharp and sharp that she was quiet, peaceful, and could not see the look of puffer fish at all.

He then took advantage of the young lady's mood and tentatively asked, "What are you doing in those days when I go to the Magic Mountain?"

The young lady said, "Go to the Imperial City for a day, and then ..."

After speaking of the word "then", the noise suddenly disappeared strangely. After a while, Lin Shu heard the voice again: "Then I came to you."

Lin Shu thinks this time is a bit wrong.

It only took two days for Xuegong to go to Magic Mountain.

Tongtianjie and Wanzhang Mijin did not take long, at most a day or two, and Linglong Cave Sky took more than ten days.

If the young lady came to the Imperial City one day and came to find herself, then they should have seen each other, instead of going down the magical mountain and going to Wanguiyuan again, then they would reunite with the young lady.

The young lady looked at him and suddenly smiled happily.

Then he let go and pulled him back, and they lay side by side on the soft bed. The account hanging on the small silver hook was pulled apart by the actions of the two people, but when the red tent was warm and the veil fluttered, it made people suddenly stunned.

The young lady seemed to like the atmosphere, closed her eyes gently, and said, "You think about it."

Lin Shu thought about it.

He felt that there was something in the lady's words.

He said, "I went to Huan Dang Mountain with my cousin, then Wan Gui Yuan, and then you came?"

The young lady didn't speak, but said, "Well, how can I rest assured that you're alone? I'm afraid one will be sold if you're not careful."

Lin Shu: "?????"

Miss, I'm not stupid.

I can hear you talking about me stupid.

Although it was said to be stupid, this way, it proves that there is something in the young lady's words.

He had a bold idea.

He reached out his hand towards the young lady's waist.

The two were very close, so the action was constantly taking the liberty.

When her fingertips touched the golden embroidery on the side waist of the young lady's clothes, the young lady said, "It hurts."

Lin Shu was suffocated.

My cousin was hurt in this place. What do you hurt? He said, "You are ..."

He thought it was a thunderstorm. Cousin is out of control, so is Miss.
My cousin would catch it when he pumped his hands, and so would the young lady.

My cousin's knife was amazing, so did the young lady.

My cousin is wearing red, and the young lady is wearing red too. My cousin will live in nirvana, and so will the young lady.
Then, prove it by contradiction.

If the young lady and the cousin are not the same person, then the young lady will not have a wound on the flank, and will not say that it hurts when he is about to run into it.

But the lady said, it hurts.

So Miss and cousin are the same person.

There is no problem with this reasoning, but the result is incredible. Lin Shu was dull all over.
The young lady Xiaoyingying asked, "Do you understand?" "I ..." Lin Shu struggled, "I see."
——So my cousin finally gave the sister-in-law, said goodbye, and took care. Is it too deep into the show?

And that night-that night! My cousin came to his room, said goodbye, and pretended to leave. In fact, he just returned to the room, removed the bone-changing method and the effect of Yirongdan medicine, and changed back to his original appearance
—and then put on his makeup in the morning. :"long time no see." It's been a long time since I saw a ghost.
Cangyu also said that the sound of Zhaoye ’s horseshoe was heard in the middle of the night-Zhaoye was simply a horse himself? There are no people on the back!

And the cat who knew everything but said nothing. Why did my cousin go and the cat didn't follow me?
-Because my cousin didn't leave at all. Lin Shu felt that he needed to calm down. He felt unable to calm down.
"It's good if you understand," the young lady seemed to sigh. "If you don't understand, it's also a trouble."
"You ..." Lin Shu struggled to organize the language. "It's really not easy." Acting, so did it. Women dressed as men are also a common storyline.
People must learn to accept reality. But they acted so much!
Miss, what kind of creature are you?

"It's just leather," said the young lady. "It's male or female. It makes no difference to me."

Lin Shu thought about it, and felt so. The character of the young lady is indeed not like an ordinary girl. Although she has a beautiful face, she has nothing to do with the words delicate and delicate. It is not too difficult to be a man.

He said, "Why don't you say?"

The surface is very calm. In fact, I really want to hit people, but I also want to hit cats.

The young lady said, "I was thinking, it's so obvious that you never see it." Lin Shu: "?"
The young lady sighed, and then said, "I never thought you really couldn't see it. I think I'd like to see when this little thing can detect that something is wrong."

Lin Shu: "..."

The feeling of myocardial infarction. He said, "You look like you."
The young lady said: "The situation is compelled and you have to look like it."

Lin Shu thought that the young lady really had to work hard to catch Kunshan Jun.

He restrained his desire to hit people and cats and said, "You've worked hard."

"Anyway," the young lady said softly. "You'd better understand."

The author has something to say: He didn't understand. Guess whether you are a cousin or because of the calmness bonus of Jian Ge's mind.

Today's text is "Shao Tong Shu Shu". This idiom is too simple, so I will not spend more time explaining it, and leave it to everyone as homework.

Chapter 79: For nothing

After saying this, Ling Fengxiao stopped talking, got up and lay on the bed, with her head on one hand, watching Lin Shu.

The young lady had a beautiful smile in her eyes, and the soft red gauze account added beauty to her.

Lin Shu felt both good-looking and nervous.

Think of the young lady as a cousin, the cousin is a young lady, and the cousin treats herself so kindly-it turns out that always good to yourself is always a young lady.

The young lady reached out and brushed a strand of hair from his cheeks. Lin Shu felt a little hot on his face.
At this moment, the cat sleeping while waking up woke up and "meowed" and walked between them.

The young lady reached out and hugged the cat into her arms, scratching the soft fur behind her ears, and said, "I think it's too fat, so I need to feed less in the future."

The cat just snorted comfortably, heard a scream, broke away from the young lady, and jumped on Lin Shu.

Lin Shu: "I think so."

The cat blew up, jumped to the table, turned its back on them, and looked angry.

The young lady said, "Qing Yuanyuan is good and not angry." The cat lay down and ignored them. The young lady laughed and turned to look at Lin Shu.

The account was warm and fragrant, and the smell of honey was flowing in the air. Lin Shu found that he had relaxed a lot.

"I think it wouldn't be a waste of time if you were like you every day," said the young lady.

Lin Shu didn't know how to answer, and said "um" softly.

If the other party is a young lady, it doesn't seem to be difficult to get along with others.

They said something again, and the young lady got up reluctantly from the bed, hung her account, tied her hair, and said, "Go to Xiefeng Xiyuyuan, and save them from worrying."

The atrium of Xifengfengyuyuan was brightly lit, and the girls had not yet slept, and gathered in the atrium to read.

Ling Baojing was surprised when she saw the two of them: "Miss Miss!" The girls gathered around again to take care.
"The young lady didn't wake up, so I couldn't rest my heart, and only read five pages of books till now." Ling Baochen said.

Lin Shu looked at the books stacked on the table and suddenly thought of something.

At this time, Ling Baoqing complained again: "Miss, I can't see this‘ Shu Di Shi Kao ’, I ’m afraid to get C!”

The young lady said, "It doesn't matter." Lin Shu: "..."
The school will take exams twice a year, once in June and once in December-right now it's mid-November. It's the end of the period. End of period.
Lin Shu: "!!!"

His Nanxia customs examination, history of Nanxia, foreign alchemy, and initial formation—20 courses are almost all to be taught.

The young lady seemed to think of something and looked at Lin Shu: "We should also review our homework."

Lin Shu nodded his head, crazy in despair.

-And the number of Lagerstroemia indica, he has never learned! In addition, you must accept Mr. Meng's assessment.
The course is not well tested, at most it is to lose some people, get less jade, and postpone graduation. Mr. Meng's assessment failed, but he had to be kicked out of the palace.

The young lady said something to the girls before leaving, and asked him on the road, "Is there any homework?"

Lin Shudao: "I don't know the number of Lagerstroemia indica." The young lady said, "I will study with you."
Lin Shu felt happy again.

He can get the help of learning God.

The following days, there was peace in the school palace, and no accident happened. The Dajiu wine even came to Jingfeng Xiuyu Garden, bringing a cat with an extremely delicious fish maw, and promised that the restaurant would specially invite a chef to make fish in the future, and welcomed the guardians. This made cats realize that they would not be deducted from rations, and they felt much more energetic when facing Lin Shu and Ling Fengxiao.

Cats are naturally in a good mood, and Taijiu looks great. It is also said that there are mountain guardians in the realm of terrestrial immortality guarding Shangling Xuegong, what are they afraid of?

——Even if the defender is just a fat cat who wanders in the bamboo houses of Lin Shu and Ling Fengxiao from time to time, eating and drinking.

Cats like to sleep in the atrium recently because everyone gathers in the atrium to learn.

Lin Shu endorsed, the brothers and sisters of Yue family practiced in the bamboo forest. Most of the two courses they chose were martial arts, so they didn't need to recite too much, much more leisurely than Lin Shu.

As for the young lady, she was very busy, while reviewing her homework, helping Lin Shu to see the number of Lagerstroemia indica, while disciplined Xiao Lingyang, and at the same time abused his brother when Xiao Lingyang was strange to Lin Shu.

However, my brother is tenacious and persists in provoking alienation under domestic violence. He reads “Ling Fengxiao is not a good thing” ten times a day in Lin Shu ’s ears, ten times “you just have a small white face”, ten times I will abandon you. "

Lin Shu: "Oh."

Ling Fengxiao: "Nanxia History, copy ten times."

Xiao Lingyang: "Ling Fengxiao, I advise you not to be arrogant. Although you have confiscated the" Book of Twelve Evil Thieves of Painful Chen Ling "written by me, I can write it at any time!"

Ling Fengxiao: "Even if you write" The Painful Book of Chen Lingfeng Xiao 1,234, "Lin Shu is already my person." Xiao Lingyang: "You are not married, everything is not yet known!" Ling Fengxiao: "Oh."
——This scene is played back and forth every day, and the whole November is passed by the chicken flying dog.

From December to December, each course begins to take one after another.

As a **** of learning, Ling Fengxiao took a few more courses than normal people and took more exams. Therefore, although the two of them live in the same garden these days, they rarely meet each other. Often Lin Shu was going to sleep, Ling Fengxiao hadn't returned, or had breakfast together, so they went to take their own tests.

On the afternoon of the exam, the disciples were going to Dreamland to accept Mr. Meng's assessment.

Lin Shu entered the dream, and originally turned his back to the mountain road, staring at Yunhai's Mr. Meng turned around, straightened his sleeves, and said softly, "Taoyou, sit."

He sat at the stone table in the pavilion with Mr. Meng.

"Taoyou's martial arts attainment is already very rare. Without a special opportunity to perceive it, it must be more sophisticated." Mr. Meng raised a pot of tea and poured tea on both, saying, "So I want to see Are Taoist moods different than before? "

After speaking, he sighed softly and said, "But the mood of Dao friends is already in a state of incomprehension. I didn't even know how to take the school for a while."

——Every time he talks with Mr. Meng and is praised by Mr. Meng, Lin Shu has to doubt whether the praised one is his own salty fish.

"It is difficult to pass the test, Taoist may wish to tell me about the experience and realization of this trip to the Magic Mountain." Mr. Meng finally said. Lin Shu sorted out his thoughts and began to explain to Mr. Meng.

On the Heavenly Order, the part that moves forward by spiritual power is not good enough, so it directly says the part that tests the Tao heart.

"I couldn't get out of Tongtianjie at first." Mr. Meng said, "Huh?"
"I am immortal, I can't think of any purpose." Lin Shu was a little nervous, looking down at the lines on the stone table, and said, "I don't know why I am immortal, so I can't get out."

Mr. Meng said, "What happened later?"

"Later ... I thought about a lot of things. I realized that I really didn't want to make progress, but I didn't want to change. I also thought that I would cultivate the immortal, but I was willing to do it.

Mr. Meng laughed.

Lin Shu blinked innocently: "Then I went down the stairs, and Tongtianjie released me."

Mr. Meng claps his hands and praises wonderfully: "Taoyou, you can concentrate on cultivation, that is," do something ", do nothing, it is" do not fight "." Yun Yun Seven Signs "has the cloud, the way of heaven, do not fight . It's exactly your path. "

Lin Shudao: "I don't know."

He thought about it, and felt that according to Mr. Meng, his path is in harmony with the Tao of Heaven, and it is time to take the path of "Heaven", but he did not want to assimilate with Heaven, so he said: "Then I am" Hedao " What? "

Mr. Meng said: "No." Just listening to his voice is gentle and gentle, like a stream and a stream, slowly saying: "Combining the Tao is to understand the mechanism of the operation of all things in the world, understand the rules of the operation of the heavenly Tao, and then obey the principle of heaven and assimilate with it. Taoist, have you ever done this? Ever? "

Lin Shu: "Never."

He just often watched the rising sun and sunset in a daze, and didn't have the diligence to wait to explore the reason of rising sun and sunset.

"That's why, you are still a" broken path ", and you will rise from a thunderstorm in the future." Mr. Meng smiled slightly and continued the tea channel: "I think the Confucian Taoist Academy is the second in literary terms, and the intention is to First, it will be the same as changing to Xiandaoyuan. "

Lin Shujing listened quietly.

"The morality of the cultivator is the literati's intention. The philosopher's way is the literati's article. After the article is written, it must be judged by others-whether it is unique and self-explanatory. The same is true of the cultivator. If your way is firm enough, without any flaws, and able to live alone from heaven, then you can expect Mahayana, break away from the world, and go to the immortal world. "

Lin Shu nodded.

If he didn't understand it before, he can understand it now.

What Mr. Meng said at this time was roughly the same as what Linglong Dongtian taught.

"Your heart is in harmony with Heaven. That is, your intentions can be compared with Heaven." Mr. Meng smiled. "You have such a temperament before you are a weak crown. It is rare. The so-called" Qifeng branches are still weak. " "The shape of the Hualong has been faint, 'won't it be possible to catch it when you grow up and rise and rise?" It doesn't seem difficult to practice step-by-step cultivation and take off. But Lin Shu still felt that he didn't have any Taoism or Taoism.
In his last life, he only practiced according to the internal and mental methods of martial arts and martial arts. Naturally, he reached the robbery period. If he wanted to describe it, it was really lacking.

Mr. Meng probably saw his confused eyes and didn't do much research, but said, "You will understand in the future."

Lin Shu nodded and said, "OK."

After talking about Tongtianjie, he also said that a demon caused by an old thing was solved in Wanzhang Mijin, and then he talked about the precious chess game he and Ling Xiao completed together in Linglongdongtian.

He didn't say who Ling Xiao was, but only someone who happened to be on the same road.

"The reason for the Zhenlong chess game is the reason for Xiu Xianren to rise to immortality." Mr. Meng said, "You have won the favor of the master of Linglong Cave, and you must have gained a lot."

Lin Shu nodded his head, his spirit was strengthened, and he was quite skilled in spiritual power operation.

He also said the truth that he understood in Linglongdongtian: There were loopholes in his game, and there were also in Xiaoxiao. The two were complementary and the problem was solved. Then he eliminated the impurities and had a perfect solution. According to the protagonist, the two exercises are combined, and even so, all the exercises in the world come together to go to Wucunjing, it must be an extremely exquisite avenue.

Mr. Meng's eyes showed a thoughtful look, then he relieved, and nodded: "Taoyou, your words have benefited me a lot. Even if one person made thousands and eight hundred solutions in the exquisite chess set ... , But it's a bit biased-I've gone astray. "

Lin Shu looked at Mr. Meng, and thought of the cousin again.

The man had the natural talent to make 108 games of Zhenlong chess game, but died at night in a lonely city in the battle of Changyang.

That person's surname is Meng. Meng, dream.
And Mr. Meng said at this time that he had gone astray— He was suddenly a little surprised.
After drinking the last sip of tea in the cup, Mr. Meng closed the cup with a smile on his face: "Dao You, in the past six months, you have really learned a lot."

Lin Shudao: "Yes."

"However, even if it is the Tongtian Avenue, it won't be all flat. I have something to warn you."

Lin Shudao: "Okay."

Mr. Meng put his hands in his sleeves and looked out to the sea of clouds outside the pavilion, saying: "It is difficult to tell the story. I will quote an example so that you can understand."

Lin Shujing listened quietly.

Just listen to Mr. Meng asking: "You know, why is Phoenix Villa only a woman?"

-This is a good question.

Chapter 80: Bamboo rat

I do n’t know.

He said, "I don't know."

"It seems that Daoyou knows very little about Xiandao." Mr. Meng said, "But you, Daoyou, live with Xiao Fenghuang, you must already know something about Phoenix swordsmanship."

Lin Shu: "Yes."

"Phoenix Mountain Villa has only one set of internal skills, but there are many swordsmanship methods. Among them," Yaochi Fuji "and" Zifu Wushuang "are complex and beautiful, and are suitable for viewing, so they are very popular among female disciples. ',' Missing Moon Eleven ', etc., but not so. "

Lin Shu nodded.

There are no male or female divisions like "Lingyun Nine Styles" and "Moonless Eleven Swords". If it is a male disciple practicing, there seems to be no problem-but Phoenix Villa does not accept any male disciple,
even if it is 嫡The children of the veins, if they are boys, have to be sent outside for upbringing. They do not belong to Fenghuang Villa.

"Ling Yun's nine styles are sharp, and the lack of eleven-month killing is a prestigious sword, but—" Just listening to Mr. Meng, one word at a time, "Phoenix sword, internal skills, men ca n’t practice, even if they are not If the younger generation is a male, at most it is to learn some shaping methods. The "Nirvana Breath" you see on the Magic Mountain is here. "

Lin Shu was puzzled and asked: "Why?"

Mr. Meng smiled and asked, "Is Little Phoenix a good temper?" Lin Shu: "Not good."

——Although he has been good to him these days, in fact, his overall temper is still very bad, such as when facing Xiao Lingyang.

Mr. Meng said, "It's easy to fold after being too rigid." Too easy to fold.
Lin Shuyi thought for a while.

Indeed, the mentality and swordsmanship of Phoenix Villas are all based on the anger from the fire. Among the five elements and gossip, the fire is the strongest. And the village's swordsmanship, such as Lingyun nine styles, and the lack of 11th moon, are even more violent, extremely powerful, and have no sense of peace, rigidity, and softness, or even completely fall short of the word "soft". relationship.

Mr. Meng seemed to see that he had understood a little, and continued: "Many years ago, when the Phoenix Villa was founded, it was not without male disciples. The Villa did not strictly prohibit the practice of exercises, and there were also some men outside who practiced the Phoenix Knife.
The precedent of the law. But without exception, if you reach a certain level, you will go into the magic, and then fall from the realm, and then explode. In the end, the reason is the word "too rigid and easy to fold."

Lin Shu was really surprised, and continued listening to Mr. Meng.

"Being born of heaven and earth, we must follow the principle of the operation of heaven as it is under heaven. Men and women, I believe in immortality, but men and women in the five elements of the yin and yang are different, with slight differences in physique, root bones, and mind."

Lin Shu nodded.

Mr. Meng continued: "The man is a yang. If he studies the techniques of Fenghuang Villa again, the violent gas phase merges with one another. One enters the country fast, the foundation is unstable, and it is easy to get into the magic. The violent killer is addicted to killing. After a while, he loses his mind and goes astray. The Phoenix Blade, like the sword with hundreds of fires, is brittle and easy to break. It must be smashed with cold water before it can be destroyed. Only women can overwhelm their skills. "

Lin Shu digested for a while, and felt that the mystery of this theory was no less than that of the protagonist's argument about the "avenue."

Mr. Meng smiled and said, "If you have too many things, you should kill them. This is how the world regenerates everything. Taoist, do you understand?"

Lin Shu nodded: "I see."

"Of course, there may not be men in the world who can practice the Phoenix Sword Technique. However, the mentality and dedication needed can be imagined, and the hardships and hardships to be experienced are not difficult to imagine. I have not seen it yet. Riches and glory are like cooking oil with fiery fire. They share a half-life with the royal family.
They need to know how to protect themselves. This is a matter of mortal affairs.

Lin Shu understands the reason that Mr. Meng said, but why Mr. Meng wanted to say this to him still couldn't figure it out.

Fortunately, Mr. Meng doesn't have the magical habit of "you go back to enlighten yourself". After speaking, he said, "Taoyou, once you understand this truth, you should think about your own path. It's easy to break, Hui It's very easy to get rid of the cold and get hurt. Your path is empty and silent. When you reach the end of the avenue, when the heights are extremely cold, whether there will be heart demon and road obstacles, and how to resolve and choose, you should prepare early. My concern is also here. "

Lin Shu looked at Mr. Meng's eyes, and realized the earnest love, earnestly, and said, "I will."

Mr. Meng said: "Then I will rest assured." Having said that, Mr. Meng asked about some trivial matters of life, but there were inconveniences and so on. After asking, Lin Shu said goodbye to him and left the dream.

After going out, he sat cross-legged on a bamboo bed, thinking that he had passed the examination of Mr. himself, and had only benefited from the dialogue.

As for Mr. Meng's final warning--

He thought of his twenty years of life as if he was a lone soul and a wild ghost, and then thought about his own demon seen in the mountains and rivers, and felt that his state of mind was indeed not solid, and he had to temper it again. It is a question worth considering.

He decided to go to the library to find some books about mood and demon, and see how the mood should be sharpened.

Think of the library, think of the dining hall.

This morning, Ling Fengxiao said that Mr. Meng's examination school would be all right after the afternoon, and asked him to have dinner together.

Thinking of this, Lin Shu got down from the bed, put on the white fox fur cape hanging on the bed, and walked towards the door.

——This cloak was originally the one used by his cousin to pack him. The young lady used another sable. However, all of a sudden, the cousin and the young lady became one person, and Ling Fengxiao naturally stopped covering it, and gave him both.

Lin Shu thought that when Ling Fengxiao went out, he even prepared two cloaks to cover his eyes and eyes, he felt that this man was really a bit hateful.

As soon as the door opened, I saw the young lady sitting in a bamboo gallery outside the atrium. In winter, small snow fell in the mountains, many small grains of ice crystals fell in the air, and the bamboo leaves were covered with a layer of frost-like snow, which looked good.

And Ling Fengxiao wore a big red feather cricket, slanted a red umbrella, the hair was untied, and she draped it down freely. The whole person was conspicuous in the snow.

The man originally held the cat and looked up at the snow in front of the porch. He didn't know what he was doing. He saw the door open and smiled, "You are here."

Lin Shu stepped forward, Ling Fengxiao got up and gave him half of the umbrella.

"I originally asked you to go to the dining room, but I can't go there. Only then did Cangyu say that he had few exams. After practicing martial arts in these days, he digged many bamboo rat holes in Jasper Sky and caught a dozen sleeping in winter Fat bamboo rat, asked us, Yue Ruohe, Yue Ruoyun and the cat to roast the bamboo rat to eat. "

Before Lin Shu said, the cat first raised his ears, raised his head from Ling Fengxiao's arms, and quickly "meowed".

-It seems I really want to eat.

Lin Shudao said: "I'm afraid a dozen are not enough to eat alone."

Ling Fengxiao said: "I think so too, but he said that each one weighs four or five pounds. A dozen of them add up to about a hundred pounds. After the blood is roasted, dozens of pounds can be left. Maybe Cangyu When we are full, we can leave one or two for us. "

Lin Shu laughed.

After laughing, I thought that the Yue brothers and sisters would also go, and asked, "Does he recognize Yueruhe?" Ling Fengxiao said "um", "The nine major martial arts often come and go, and Cangliao came from Heng Lianzong. He and Rumengtang are close friends, presumably they are friends with Yue family."

They went to the place where Cangyu said it was good, in an abandoned pavilion in Zhuhai.

The brothers and sisters of Yue family are already here, are lighting a fire together, set up the shelf, are playing with a bunch of bottles and jars, and preparing baking materials.

The fat bamboo rats have already been processed, stringed one after another, and marinated neatly.

Cangliao saw them coming and greeted, "Brother Lin, senior Qingyuan, you are here! Miss, you are here!"

The lady said, "Why don't I come when you have invited me?" Cangyu scratched his head: "I just tried to ask ..."
Yue Ruoyun patted him and laughed, "Lin Shu and the cat are here, and I said the young lady will come."

The people were all there, the seasonings for Cangyu had been prepared, the fire was booming, and the whole pavilion was warmed up. They did not care about the simpleness of the pavilion. They sat down on the ground pu mat and started to eat bamboo rat.

Ling Fengxiao did not ask Lin Shu to bake it on his own, but skewered his one together, and the two bake together.

The fat and thin bamboo rat meat is gradually roasted on the fire, scorched yellow and fragrant, and the spices are brushed up from time to time, the aroma becomes more and more attractive.

Cat: "Meow."

"Meow." "Meow."

Ling Fengxiao: "Wait." Cat: "Meow."
Lin Shu looked at the cat and saw the hostility in the cat's eyes.

The cat must think that the young lady has cooked the bamboo rat, and the first bite will not give it to her.

Fortunately, Cangyu was roasted first and was dedicated to the seniors of the land gods.

The cat screamed with satisfaction and began to bury its head in the rat.

After a while, Ling Fengxiao's is all right. On the browned and crispy rat meat, brush another layer of sesame and ground pepper.

The young lady took out a sharp little silver knife, divided the rat meat, and ate with Lin Shu.

Cangyu talked about the deliciousness of bamboo rat meat, what is "bamboo rat born from eating bamboo, it has its own fragrance", "bamboo rat weighs four or five pounds, fits in size, is fat and moderate, and is suitable for roasting", "bamboo Eat bamboo rats in the sea, don't have a flavor "Yunyun.

The other few people are familiar with each other. These days, they are busy with the exams and rarely relax. There are also many things to say, so chatting and chatting are much more lively than those dinners in the dining hall.

It was lively, suddenly there was a sound of footsteps in the distance, and when I entered, I saw a person coming on the snow, holding a lantern in one hand, and holding something in one hand.

More recently, Xie Zishe, the master sister of Confucianism and Taoism, appears. I saw her wearing a half-old grey crane, holding a wind lantern in one hand, holding the wine jar in the other, and carrying a bookcase on her back.

"Who is here to make fun of me? It is you," Xie Zishe put down the altar and smiled. "Snowy night roast rat, good Yaxing."

Yue Ruoyun said, "Are you sister Xie Zishe?" Xie Zi said: "It's right next."
Yue Ruoyun immediately said happily, "Sister Jiuwen's name!"

Xie Zi said: "I like your jasper bamboo sea. I often come to this waste pavilion to drink and read, but today you are the first."

While talking, looked at Ling Fengxiao. Ling Fengxiao said: "Coincidentally."
"As it is a coincidence, I will also add a foot." Xie Zishe laughed: "It happens that you have meat, and I brought wine."

Cangbi said, "How did you get the wine?"

Xie Zi said: "Confucianism does not take strict precautions against drinking."

Yue Ruohe said, "Can we go to the Confucian Taoist Temple to buy wine?" "If there is a doorway, naturally."
Cangliao was very happy: "Sister Xie, if you eat meat with us today, you can be our doorway."

Xie Zishe laughed and said, "I'm welcome."

Lin Shuzheng the next piece of meat fed by the young lady, ate slowly, and looked at the master sister of the Confucian Taoist Academy. She was so clear-eyed that she looked a bit solitary and tall, but her personality was easy-going, and she soon got into a laugh with the three.

The next moment, he saw that Xie Zishe also came over, stared at himself, smiled, and raised a glass of toast: "Why didn't this master drink?"

Lin Shu felt that she was looking for something, and did not intend to ignore it.

Then I heard the young lady said lightly, "I don't allow him to drink." Xie Zi took a sip and said, "You actually hurt people."
The young lady used a silver knife to pick up a piece of fine bone, skewered two pieces of roasted tender meat together, and handed it to Lin Shu, then said, "When you want to hurt someone, you will naturally."

The author has something to say: Sister: Let me see where this little thing looks unique.

Lin Shu: Serene.
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