The #1 Pretty Boy of the Immortal Path Chapter 141-150

Chapter 141: Youying

Prince apparently noticed, "Ah".

Lin Shu walked out of the hall, Lingsu followed, and Qing Lu was unknown, but he followed.

There was no snow this night, and the stars and moon were very bright. It was located on the top of the mountains. Once out of the gate, the night sky was everywhere.

Therefore, the vision of the stars is even more obvious. Lin Shu looked up at the seven places in the south.
The stars of the heavens are divided into twenty-eight places, and the east, the north, the south, and the north are seven. Wells, ghosts, willows, stars, Zhang, wings, and magpies are in the south, corresponding to Suzaku.

At this moment, these seven places are obviously much brighter than the other twenty-one places. If you look closely, they even emit a slight red light.

Jian Ge is not good at stargazing.

However, the stars change is obviously not a good thing.

Lingsu immediately sent a message to Lingshu, and after a while, Lingshu brought many astrological-related books from the library.

Lingshu and Lingsu began to search. Qing Lu looked at each other. If there was nothing he could do, he began to help.

After three or four hours of time, Lingshu said, "I found it." I saw that page of the book: "Suzaku Chihui, Phoenix Yufei, the world is turbulent, and it will last for ten years."

The description of the horoscope is obviously consistent. But what it foreshadows is really unknown.
Phoenix Yufei, these four words are relatively neutral, and nothing can be seen, but "turmoil in the world" is a very serious problem.

However, Lingsu told the truth,

She said, "But the world is already very turbulent." Lingshu said: "Maybe it will be more chaotic."
Lingsu said, "Are there going to be wars in the two summers?" Lingshu: "Maybe."
Their tone is very unusual-after all, Nanxia and Beixia fight, it has nothing to do with Jiange.

Lin Shu continued to look at the sky. He felt that he was still a big witch.
He is not a person who is worried about the country and the people, even if there are signs of chaos in the world, he will not see the big witch because of this.

And, strictly speaking, he didn't believe much of these things. Better to believe in modern physics than to believe in astrology.
And at this moment, the abnormal flash of light in the southern Qisu slowly faded.

As if everything was back to normal. The next moment, a shooting star cut through the sky. Two.
Three. Ten.

In the night, there are countless bright streams of light, the whole mountain seems to be in the beautiful rain, and this rain is not composed of water drops, but a meteor.

Or, meteor.

Lin Shu even heard the sound of meteorite landing very far away. Hundreds of meteorites will be scattered throughout the world.
Lin Shu was stunned when he saw Qing Lu beside him. Lingsu trembled, "This ..."
At the same time, a distant valley suddenly made a sword sound!

It is the direction of the sword mound. After the ancestors of the sword pavilion or the body or ascension, they often buried the sword in the sword mound.

Jianzuo has a spirit. Last time Lin Shu used the Sauvignon Blanc sword intention, which was sensed by Jianzuo, and then Jiange found his trace.

And what's the reason for Jianzong's ever-changing sound again?

Lin Shu looked down the mountain and saw that the halls of the elders not far away also sounded, and several elders flew to this side. Elder Crane arched his hand: "The Lord of the Cabinet, Changming Jianzhu, there is something different in the sky, I'm afraid something happened."

Lin Shu naturally knew something happened.

Another Elder Song said: "According to the record, such a sound means a warning."

Elder Crane said: "This matter ... is related to the accident many years ago, I am afraid."

Lin Shudao: "What is it?"

Elder Crane was on the sidewalk. It was impossible to test. Many years ago, there was a major event in Jiange.

This is not a man-made disaster, but a natural disaster.

And this natural disaster must start from thousands of years ago.

Elder Crane said that there are at most some wizards in the world, but there are few evil spirits.

Lin Shu nodded.

Elder Crane continued, but hundreds of years ago and even thousands of years ago, there were still immortals and demons in this world. Many demon repairs, muddy things, and big devil were a disaster to the world. At that time, the sword Pavilion was not completely hidden, but often joined the world Cut monsters and remove demons.

Among the monsters that can't be cut, the monsters that can't be cut, and the monsters that can't be removed, are brought back to the Sword Pavilion and suppressed under the sword mound. For thousands of years, they have also suppressed many.

Lin Shu felt a little familiar and thought about it. His master had told a similar story. Elder Crane continued to tell the story, saying that after thousands of years, Xiandao was flourishing, and demons had rarely appeared, and Jiange gradually ignored the world, and no one mentioned it.

But that year, suddenly a meteor fell on the sword grave unbiasedly, smashing the sword grave into a hole, the place of repression and loosened.

That place has not been noticed for many years, and even thought that the monsters had been completely sedated, but did not expect that a peerless great devil was nourished.

And the peerless demon has no sage, but is extremely powerful.

Having said that, Elder Crane looked at Lin Shu: "However, the monster was very strange. After escaping the repression, he went straight to the library and wanted to obtain my Jiange's township method" Sauvignon Blanc ". Disciple of Jiange, naturally cannot let him Succeed. "

Elder Crane said, it was a fierce battle. The disciples of Jiange suffered countless damages.

At that time, the disciples of the Jiange were not able to support the battle, and the army would be wiped out at first sight.

An unknown Jiange predecessor repaired under the snow mountain abyss was born, and he fought against the big demon, defeated the big devil with a cultivation approaching the land fairy, and made Jiange escape.

Elder Crane continued, during that battle, the original court was killed in the main battle, the unknown senior was also greatly injured, and the strength of the sword court was greatly reduced.

And there is an unbreakable truth in the world, and that is-Huaiyang's guilt.

In the past, no one dared to sing "Sauvignon Blanc", but when Jiange's strength was greatly damaged, the outside world gradually increased its peep.

Then there was the incident of an unknown senior leaving Jiange with Sauvignon Blanc. The sword court was able to recover from the disaster, and then quickly recovered its strength in the following time. After the recovery, it began to seek the master of the court.

Lin Shu: "..."

How did this happen?

Some people use the meaning of "Sauvignon Blanc". Okay, the unnamed senior has trained the future master, so let's take it back.

After talking about the events of that year, the topic returned to the present events.

These two things have one thing in common-both meteorite landings are unknown.

Elder Crane suspects that there is any big demon's idea of playing Sauvignon Blanc.

Lin Shu said, I don't know where Sauvignon Blanc is.

The elder crane was overjoyed and said that no one knew that it was a good thing, and the unknown seniors really arranged it closely.

Lin Shu: "..." Fine.
According to Elder Crane, the sudden appearance of the "Unknown Senior" and the "Acacia" inherited from the unknown senior may be related to Tao Yuanjun?

"Where is Taoyuan Jun" and "Why Everyone Wants" Sauvignon Blanc "are now two of the unsolved mysteries in Lin Shu's heart. And "Why Everyone Wants" Sauvignon Blanc "can be extended to" Why Everyone Want Peerless Skills ".

He thought, Dawu doesn't have a donkey for me. The world is in chaos, and he may not care.
However, in his position to manage his affairs, Jiange must not be ignored.

Discuss with the elders at the moment, finalize the departure tomorrow, and go to the place where the witch said.

In order to locate this place, they took another effort.

"Zhongzhou Dalongting" is not an existing place. Ling Su Lingshu turned over a lot of classics and found it on an ancient map.

The vicissitudes of the sea have changed over the millennia, and this place is now located in a large mountain at the junction of North and South.

Having determined the location, the elders dispersed. Lingshu, Qinglu and Lingsu retreated in order.
Lin Shu sat still in the temple, for no reason, his mood was a little fluctuating.

In his hand he held the jade charm that connected to Shangling's dream. Meteorites are one thing, but Suzaku Chisu is another.
Suzaku, Phoenix. Phoenix, Phoenix Villa.
There is also that edict, the world is in chaos.

He suddenly thought, I wonder if Ling Fengxiao is doing well. Holding the jade charm, after a long silence, he sank the divine thought into it.

Not coming in for three years, Dreamland has deleted his role information in order to save the spiritual power of the large array operation.

Lin Shu rebuilt one without any cover, and used his current face. He entered the Yanwu field.
A group of people surrounded the dais in the distance, and the disciples talked happily.

It is said that the engagement between "Flying Fairy" and "Flame Prince" is wonderful.

Three years have passed, and the name on the Yanwu field has changed round after round, and the fairy you like has also changed a few. Looking at completely strange names, it is inevitable that there will be some fading.

But it's nothing to do with him.

Lin Shu came to Shiping, Xiao Shao has not tried to compare with others in these years, I do not know where they fell. After he finally found Xiao Shao's name in a horn, he stood quietly for a long time, and then sent a request for an appointment.

Jumping out of Shiping: "Lin Shu treats Xiao Shao." No one noticed the news.
Counting two years of retreat and three years of separation, the name Xiao Shao must have not appeared in the field of view of the disciples for five years.

They always forget it quickly. According to the rankings, this appointment is just a mutual peck of two thousand chickens, and there is no need to watch.

As a result, Lin Shu got an unattended ringstand.

The next moment, Shiping jumped out of the message "Shao Shao was fighting."

Lin Shuyuan thought he was busy and would have time to reply later. He silently organized his words, and suddenly a flash of red flashed. Lin Shu thought it was Xiao Shao who went online with her shell.
But not.

Standing opposite him was a little girl.

A little girl in red, about five or six years old.

The little girl looked at him curiously, and then came forward and continued to look up at him with clear eyes.

This is by no means Ling Fengxiao. Renamed?

But the girl's eyebrows looked like ... he himself.

If Lin Shu was a girl, when he was five or six years old, it was like that. He asked, "are you?"
The little girl shook her head and pulled his hand. Lin Shu: "You can't speak?" The little girl nodded.

Lin Shu gave her a hand, and she started writing on Lin Shu's palm. "You look like me."
Lin Shu asked her, "What's your name?"

She lowered her head, the small fingers like Yuzhuo, glittering pink at the tips of her fingers, and started writing in Lin Shu's palms.

Profit, profit. Lin Shu stunned.
He continued to ask: "Do you ... recognize Xiao Wuqian?" The little girl nodded and wrote in his palm, "It's brother." Xiao Wucai is her brother.
And her name is Yingying.

After writing, she looked up at Lin Shu, in the beautiful dark-eyed pupil, as if there was Haoyue's Qinghui.

Xu Shi saw Lin Shu didn't answer, she continued to write in Lin Shu's palm: "Who are you?"

who are you?

Chapter 142: daughter

Who is he? Lin Shu.
Yingying couldn't speak, and Lin Shu didn't speak, but wrote the word "Lin Shu" on her palm.

He thought that Yingying would know who he was.

But Yingying didn't show anything special, but smiled at him.

The delicate little face, with frowning eyes, seemed to have a beautiful clear water in his eyes.

Yingying wrote on his hand: "Brother Lin Shu." Is it brother?
Lin Shu looked at Yingying's silhouette.

If he remembered correctly, once the fruit came over and said Xiao Shao's bad words, Xiao Shao asked it to bear another fruit.

The fruit also said at first that Xiao Shao was bad. In order to suffocate Xiao Shao, it had to **** in Lin Shu's aura so that the fruits of the future would look like Lin Shu and not him.

Now ... is that fruit bearing out?

Is it worthy of returning to Tong Bei? But ... Yingying didn't recognize him. Did not recognize the name Lin Shu. She just shouted "Brother Lin Shu" just like meeting a stranger. But she, strictly speaking, is Lin Shu's daughter.
Lin Shu thought that perhaps in the past three years, Xiao Shao had not mentioned the name "Lin Shu", so Yingying didn't know that such a person existed.

When I was thinking about it, I saw Yingying stretch his arms towards him.

Lin Shu is familiar with this action.

In the beginning, Fruit liked to hold people like this. He leaned down and hugged Yingying.
The little body was soft and the red clothes he wore were the kind of cloth commonly used by Ling Fengxiao. There was no smell in the dream, but Lin Shu's nose seemed to smell the light milky fragrance.

After being held up, Yingying's eyes were full of smiles, tightening Lin Shu's neck.

Her hair tip swept over Lin Shu's shoulders, as if the cat's claws were scratching gently.

Lin Shu wrote on her hand: "Why can't you speak?" Yingying returned to him: "Born."

Is there a problem with the fruit or the knife?

When talking about the problem of being unable to speak, Yingying seemed to be a little dim, and dug into his arms dullly.

Lin Shu wrote in her palm: "You can't do this to strangers." Yingying wrote: "I know."

Then he paused and continued to write, "But I want you to hug." Lin Shu looked into her eyes.
The beautiful, dark-eyed pupils are clear and bright, and the eyes are full of unconditional trust.

Like fruit, Yingying, are all formed by the aura between heaven and earth, and have an extraordinary keen sense of many things.

At this moment, Yingying wanted to be held by him, maybe she felt some familiar atmosphere.

For example, fruit, like to rest on him or Xiao Shao when everything is fine.

Hold for a while, Yingying wrote: "Let's go to the water to play." Lin Shu wrote: "Okay."
Yanwuchang is not simply a place composed of dais. The dais are scattered on a large lake. Although few people come by the lake, there are many beautiful scenery and many small buildings. Vaguely remembered that he and Ling Fengxiao occasionally walked by the lake.

He led Yingying to walk by the water, and Yingying curiously looked at the egret in the shoal, or went to fold a reed flower or two.

A small red butterfly flew around.

Tired of playing, find a trestle, sit down by the trestle, and quietly nestled in his arms.

Lin Shu asked her, "Don't you sleep?"

Although the dream is daylight, it is already late outside. Yingying wrote: "There is no one in the room and I can't sleep." Lin Shu wrote: "A person?"
Yingying Hui: "There are still cats." Lin Shu: "Have you lived alone?" Yingying: "No."
Then write: "Sometimes there is nothing, sometimes ..."

Writing here, she paused, seemed to be thinking about the wording, and finally wrote: "Sometimes my dad would stay with me."

Lin Shu thought, fortunately, he was asking, changing someone else, I'm afraid Yingying sold his father to be a man.

However, if it was someone else, she would not be so relieved. He wrote: "Where is it?"
Yingying wrote: "Run away from home." Lin Shu: "..."
He asked Yingying: "How long?"

Yingying wrote: "Wuqian often runs away from home and will come back in two or three days."


Lin Shu thought, often running away from home-could this be a psychological disorder for children of single-parent families?

But think again, it is not himself who caused the single-parent family. He was a little bit lost. He didn't ask again, but asked, "What about your father?"

Yingyinghui: "Not yet back."

... Lin Shu: "What did you do?"

Yingying: "He just left and he was very busy." Lin Shu didn't know what to say.
For a long time, slowly write in Yingying's palm: "Is he okay?" Yingying wrote: "It's okay."
But the little girl's box opened.

She continued to write: "But he often doesn't sleep."

Then he wrote the key point: "Just so many meteors, he coughed up blood, but he was fine after coughing."

Then he wrote: "I often go out and drink with people." And: "I didn't eat well."
Continues: "A lot of people are afraid of him." Continued: "He is fierce sometimes."
It continued: "He went to the border gate last year and said it was very cold and cold."

The long complaint can almost be compared with that of Xiao Lingyang's magnificent book "The Twelve Evil Books of Pain and Chen Fengfeng".

Yingying wrote the last sentence: "He is unhappy."

Lin Shu didn't say anything, he just hugged Yingying gently. He came to Xiao Shao in his dream this time, but because of the unknown vision of the "Suzaku Chihui", he wanted to ask Xiao Shao if he was okay.

According to Yingying's answer, it's fine, but it's not good. The hemoptysis was obviously related to the star vision.
He was silent for a long time, and wrote in Yingying's palm, "Persuade him."

After writing, it was a little stunned.

Yingying is still small, can't even speak, what can I persuade? Then he wrote, "If you cough up blood, tell me."
Yingying nodded, and continued to look at the egret in his arms.

Lin Shu counted his time and felt it was late at night, and wrote in Yingying's palm, "It's time to sleep."

Yingying flattened her mouth, nodded, and wrote, "Are you still coming tomorrow?"

Lin Shu originally wanted to say nothing, but to those beautiful eyes, the ghost nodded his head.

Yingying smiled happily, and wrote in his palm: "I'll wait for you tomorrow."

After writing this sentence, I wrote, "Dad won't let me play with boys, I won't tell him."

Lin Shu touched her head, sent her offline, and then controlled her divine thoughts and left the dream.

Standing by the window, looking out at the night sky, he thought about Yingying's words. He is unhappy.

With the most wanted Yingying, he was still unhappy.

He didn't know what he was thinking, so he stood all night and returned at dawn.

In the early morning of the next day, after a little tidying, he went down the mountain and headed southward, took Tianchi Ridge and headed for Dalongting.

Accompanying them were Elder Crane and Elder Song, as well as Lingsu and Qinglu.

Qing Lu Xijian worked hard.

But his qualifications were really poor, and his understanding was bad, which may be one of the reasons why the elders were not willing to ask him.

Lin Shu asked him to recite the sword first, and after practicing it, he began to practice basic sword tricks, wielding the sword 30,000 times a day.

Thirty thousand times, this number is really large, even Lingsu was a little scared.

Qing Lu asked him, "Master, do everyone practice this way?"

In order to maintain this apprentice's self-esteem, Lin Shu did not say that it was because you were too poor, but nodded: "Yes."

Qing Lu: "Okay, I'll practice it now."

After he left, Lingsu asked tentatively: "He only learns swords. Is there a lot?"

Lin Shu: "Anyway." When he was a child, his old man asked him this way, saying that 30,000 times was the rule of the Jiange, which was the foundation of the foundation.

Thirty thousand times, many, he suffered a lot.

But now in Jiange, everybody swings the sword 10,000 times, not 30,000 times-he was actually donkey by the old man.

The author has something to say: After "I sell myself", Lin Shu has achieved the achievement "I pit myself".


143: Dragon Vein

Since Qing Lu diligently backed up his sword, he didn't talk about it. Two days later, they and their group arrived at the Great Dragon Court.

There are many places in the world where mortals do not want to set foot, because there are immortals and demons in the world, and many places are full of danger for mortals.

But for the Xiu Xianren, in these dangerous places, there are often strange monsters, or magical exotic flowers and grasses that are helpful for spiritual practice. They are very willing to go to these places to take risks.

One of the many ghosts that Lin Shu went to when he was young.

But there is another kind of place, where weirdness and danger are everywhere, and there are no corresponding treasures. Not only are mortals unwilling to go, even the immortals rarely get involved.

Dalongting is such a place.

It's hundreds of miles away, and it's completely deserted, so no one would have come-not to mention that the address of its address has disappeared in history, thanks to the many ancient classics in Jiange, it can be turned over.

When they finally arrived, they saw Dalongting, surrounded by mountains, as a deep lake between the mountains and mountains.

But what sets it apart is that the surrounding mountains are majestic and majestic, tall and tall, but all black and black.

But this great lake, which is more than a hundred feet deep, is dry. Looking down, it looks like a million feet abyss. This lake also has a name, "Qianlong Yuan". Lin Shu took Lingsu to the lake.
There is something at the bottom of the lake.

In those invisible depths, a skeleton crisscrossed a skeleton. Elder Crane stroked his beard and said, "Is this ... a dragon?" If it is a dragon, it is very similar.
I saw that the white bone was dozens of feet long, about a dozen people were as thick as a snake, the shape resembled a snake bone, meandering on the bottom of the lake, due to time erosion, showing a slight grayish white, but with a bit of gold-like gloss.

If this is the only way, it can be interpreted as a cricket, but looking at the branch of a dragon-horn-like branch at the top of the bone, they have to suspect that this is the true beast dragon that only exists in the legend.

Think of the name of this place "Dalong Ting" ... It really has that kind of meaning.
In order to find the location of the "Big Dragon Chamber", Lin Shu turned over many ancient books. One of them said that the Big Dragon Chamber was the place where the kings of the world were sealed.

Human kings are indeed keen to compare themselves with dragons.

The big witch said in the letter that year that he looked at the stars on April 27, and three days later, he waited for Lin Shu in Dalongting.

Today is the next day.

But Lin Shu looked around, and across the deep lake, there seemed to be a little blue shadow, like a person. He flew over in the wind.

There is a stone platform on the other side.

On the stone platform, there are tables and chairs. There is a jug and two wine glasses on the table, which are filled with wine. There is a Tsing Yi man sitting in front of the table.

The man looked up and said lightly, "You are here." His voice was low and hoarse, the voice of a big witch.
However, his people made Lin Shu almost unrecognized. It's almost like a scholar without a chicken.
Aside from the plain Tsing Yi, the witch pattern on his face was gone, and his pale skin was exposed, and he had fairly regular features.

The only thing that doesn't look like a scholar is the dark light that seems to be flowing between the eyes and the pupils. It makes him feel a lot more gloomy, and there is another person who refuses to kill thousands of people outside the city The shadow of the big witch who did not blink.

He said, you are here.

If it was anyone else, Lin Shu would say "I'm here." But he really didn't wait to see the big witch.
Just said: "Um."

The big witch lifted his lips and smiled.

The next moment, he suddenly knocked over the wine glass on the table! Water drops splash! Thousands of drops of water turned into sharp arrow clusters, wrapped in the wind and thunder, and blasted towards Lin Shu!

At almost the same time, Lin Shu pulled his sword out of the sheath!

If he was to face the big witch who did not blink, how could he tighten his mind from time to time!

When the wind roared, I only heard a tinkling sound. The water drops were like unstoppable arrows, and the sword gas flew across them, directly facing them!


The last drop of water hit the tip of the folding bamboo sword and landed on the stone table.

It quickly dipped into the table, first a dark pool, and then disappeared.

The big witch calmed himself, straightened the overturned cup, and continued to drink: "The master's swordsmanship is outstanding, and he is ashamed of the next."

Lin Shu received the sword: "Reward." He is seated.
The big witch took a sip of wine.

Maybe he was stimulated by the drink. His bloodless lips faintly turned red, showing a strange evil spirit.

After drinking, he asked Lin Shu: "The Lord ... why not drink?"

The sound is very gentle. Generally speaking, half seems to be contained in the chest.

Lin Shudan said lightly, "I don't drink." The big witch raised an eyebrow and removed the wine glass in front of Lin Shu: "I forgot about it."

Lin Shu didn't speak.

He was waiting for the big witch to get to the topic. The big witch doesn't speak.
The big witch just drinks.

Finally, after drinking a glass of wine, Dawu said, "Is the cabinet owner aware of the particularity of Dalong Ting?"

Lin Shudao: "The king is sealed."

The big witch looked in one direction. He was looking at a long road.
The road has been in disrepair for years and has been damaged. There are various statues on both sides.

"This road is called Martyrdom. It is a unity of people from all over the world. After passing through the Martyrdom and coming to Qianlong's Abyss, it must be recognized by Heaven to be crowned Emperor.

What he said is consistent with what Lin Shu saw in the classics.

Lin Shu thought that the matter was nothing but legend. But it's true to listen to the tone of the big witch.

The big witch continued: "However, there are so many queens in the world

Lin Shu was thinking.

Thinking about the Big Witch is one of them. Then, the witch said, "However, only one person can be recognized by Heaven."


and then?

The witch seemed to know what he was thinking, and continued: "Later, some people cut off the dragon veins, abandoned the dragon court, and made the world no longer connected with the heavenly path, so that the people of the world, who have aspiring ambitions, will be kings at will."

Lin Shu: "What then?"

Da Wu Dao: "Although it is intended to cut off the dragon veins, once the earth and heaven are no longer connected, the immortality of the immortal road is also completely cut off. The master ... There are many exquisite spells in the world, and the superior sword tricks, but now they are using Not coming out. "

Lin Shu frowned slightly.

What the big witch said was not false. He has seen two cave days.
One is a small jade card hanging on the cat's neck, which contains the floating heavenly palace.

One is a bronze dice that is carried on the body, which is transformed by the heavenly cave.

After bringing the cat back to the palace, he and Ling Fengxiao studied it for a long time. How a fairy palace was put into this finger-sized white jade card, but there was no result.

Similarly, the treasures in Xiangong are all things that cannot be made by Xiandao now. I won't talk about the other, just to say that my lyre is not something that can be made in the world now.

The same is true of the treasures in the sky of Qingming Cave. The bronze mirror engraved with "Separation and Aggregation, Must Be Predetermined" says that there is a power of cause and effect, but Lin Shu never knew that cause and effect can also become a force.

But even if this was an objective situation, Dawu told him, what was he going to do?

Will this news have anything to do with last night's star vision? There was no movement on his face, and he said lightly, "So what?"
"Actually, it's not much." Dawu's fingers tapped rhythmically, "I just want to tell the patron, Little Phoenix is going to die."

Little Phoenix ... Dying?

The word Phoenix, Lin Shu can only think of Xiao Shao. He looked at Dawu: "Why?"
The witch smiled casually, looking towards the bottom of the lake of "Qianlong's Abyss".

In the abyss of Qianlong, there is a sensen bone of a real dragon. Lin Shu can understand the meaning of the big witch.
The dragon has been dead for thousands of years. That little phoenix, I'm afraid it won't be long.
Lin Shu asked, "Why did you die?"

"The qi pulse is cut off, the immortal path is passed down, and many alien beasts and gods connected with the heavenly path are destroyed ... but the phoenix pulse has the same benefit and can be nirvana." Da Wu Dao, "The blood veins are fused and passed down from generation to generation.
Resuscitation, but after the recovery, how long can I live without the nourishment of heaven and earth? "

Lin Shudao said, "What is the meaning of Suzaku Chihui yesterday?" He remembered the edict, Suzaku Chihui, Phoenix Yufei.
"At this point you can talk to me more ..." The big witch grinned and said, "Suzaku Chihui, Phoenix Yufei, is a sign of the gradual recovery of the blood of the Phoenix. Open, once resuscitated, it is not far from death. But the Phoenix bleeds, the world is sad, so the hexagram is a big fierce. "

Lin Shu asked: "How to solve?"

The big witch put three books in front of him.

One title wrote "The True Spectrum of Wind and Thunder", one wrote "Cihang", and one wrote "Spring Mountain Sword".

It's Gongfa, and the name of Gongfa is plain.

But there are some well-known truths on Xiandao.

The more the name is garbled, the more nonsense it is, and it is not helpful to the Tao.

The real peerless exercises are all loud and unremarkable.

And the big witch put in front of him is the unique skill of the three who has no luck!

"Three thousand avenues, countless exercises in the world, each article can be seen in the heavens and a half claws, but the world's eight peerless exercises, you can see a lot more." The big witch laughed strangely: "Master, your" Acacia " ", Plus the four Nanxia books, and the next three books, are exactly the cornerstones of Heaven's standing. I will bother you to gather them together, and then go to the magical mountain, and re-call Heaven's Road. At that time, the life of Little Phoenix ... naturally. No worries. "

His voice was getting quieter and quieter, and his figure became more and more transparent, and finally turned into a plume of smoke, dissipating between heaven and earth.

Lin Shu knew that the big witch who had just spoken to him was just a phantom like the big witch who refused to live in the north of the city.

But although the phantom disappeared, the three peerless cheats were actually on the table in front of him.

When he put his hand up, he could feel the majestic spirit and vast luck. Cheats are true.
So, is what the Witch said true?

To determine if it is true, you must first see Xiao Shao.

Lin thought blankly and realized that he was about to remember Xiao Shao's appearance.

The big witch called "little phoenix" and "little phoenix" shouted, making him the image of a helpless chick.

Lin Shu: "..."

He forgot the image, briefed the elder Crane about the matter, and went south all the way to the wind.

When it came to the capital of the Nanxia Emperor, it was late at night. He asked for directions and then ran into the palace.
——It is easy to avoid the guard and enter the Nanxia Palace. Then, following the sound, he went all the way to the most lively place, then hidden behind the tall eaves of the palace next to him, and looked down.

It was a large-scale banquet. The lights were swaying, the sound of bamboo and sounds were staggered, and I didn't know what to do.

At the top, he saw Ling Fengxiao at a glance.

Ling Fengxiao was in a gorgeous and heavy red dress, still so high and arrogantly beautiful, like a magnificent crimson peony, leaning halfway on a gold high seat, looking casually at the singing and dancing below, occasionally taking a sip of wine in the glass. He spoke, sometimes "um", sometimes just as he didn't hear.

At the end of the song, a slightly obese middle-aged man in Chinese clothes stood up.

"His Royal Highness, Wei Chen visited the four seas and got a treasure, dedicated to His Royal Highness at the Peony Banquet."

Ling Fengxiao raised her eyelids slightly and said casually, "Oh?" Middle-aged man in Chinese clothes clapped his hands.
But after seeing the shadowy layers of peony screens, a beautiful young boy in white fluttering and holding the piano turned out.

Very beautiful, very dusty, pick a thousand miles. especially……
Lin Shu thought about it, and felt that the boy looked a little like himself.

The middle-aged man in Chinese clothes looked at the boy with satisfaction, and looked at Ling Fengxiao again: "His Royal Highness, this

He banged, and Lin was too lazy to listen, only looking at the boy. Appearance and expression, very well-behaved, like a pleasant hamster. Then he looked at Ling Fengxiao.
Ling Fengxiao was watching the boy. Lin Shu looked coldly.

Chapter 144: Deep flower

The middle-aged man in Chinese clothes finally finished, and finally said a sentence as the epilogue: "Xue Yu is very good at playing the piano, would your Highness want to hear it?"

Ling Fengxiao put down her wine glass and said lightly, "No need." The middle-aged man in Chinese clothes seemed a little panicked. Ling Fengxiao looked up again at the boy named Xue Yu: "Come here." The middle-aged man in the Chinese service suit looks ecstatic.
Several other middle-aged men in Chinese clothing also envied him.

Lin Shu continued to watch, thinking to himself that it was the songs, dances, performances, and other programs presented by those who did not receive the favor of Ling Fengxiao. Only the middle-aged man in Chinese clothes presented a unique gift, even the piano Without having to play, she was called by Ling Fengxiao.

Those middle-aged men in Chinese clothes began to talk to each other, and with Lin Shu's ear strength, they heard that the content of their conversation was roughly: "Originally, Your Highness liked this."

"His ... It seems that there are rumors that when His Royal Highness was still in the palace a few years ago, he had a hobby of raising his noodles."

"That's the case, that's the case. His Highness has always been moody, but he didn't expect something he really liked."

Of course, there are also discordant voices: "Brother Chu, you see, no matter how she takes power, she is still a woman ... hmm!" Brother Chu said: "Brother Chen, you're right, this woman is a woman after all ..."

They said, the boy named Xue Yu, holding the piano, looked at Ling Fengxiao timidly.

Ling Fengxiao said again and again: "You come."

The texture of the sound is cold and faint, with a little husky, can not hear the mood.

Xue Yu bit her pale lips with soft texture, walked forward, put down her piano, and knelt down obediently in front of Ling Fengxiao.

Ling Fengxiao still had no expression on her face. From the side of Xiao Lingyang's hand, she took a folding fan of gold and raised the boy's chin expressionlessly.

Xue Yu was forced to look up at him. Lin Shu kept watching.
A boy of sixteen or seventeen is inevitably a little weak, and with his exquisite facial features, he is very beautiful and beautiful.

——Not to mention when raising his face, the light of the candle light next to it pulsates in the dark pupils, adding a warm yellow color, which also promotes the vaguely disturbing look in those eyes, like a frightened little Rabbit.

Lin Shu was still watching.

Ling Fengxiao provoked the boy's face, seeming to look carefully up, down, left and right.

After watching for a while, her thin red lips were raised and she smiled.

After this smile, the boy's pretty eyes seemed to turn into a stream of water, and he screamed, "His Royal Highness ..." However, the next moment, Ling Fengxiao's face suddenly changed! The folding fan was pinned to the ground by him!
The folding fan rolled a few times and fell on the jade steps, the sound was crisp.

The boy was more like a frightened bunny, shivering.

The middle-aged man in the middle-aged Chinese suit, who was slightly obese at the bottom, also began to shiver.

However, Ling Fengxiao who made such a move did not show any anger, and did not even raise his voice.

It's just cold.

As cold as the icy ice in the empty valley.

He opened his lips gently and slowly said, "What are you ...?"

The boy was so frightened that he couldn't help saying: "His Royal Highness ... Your Highness, I ..."

As he said, he was still looking at the middle-aged man in Huafu and asked for help.

Lin Shu looked at the boy.

If it was a cousin, or Xiao Shao, it might not be the case, but unfortunately, this cute boy is facing Ling Fengxiao.

Ling Fengxiao's temper has always been bad. It's more than bad, it's almost terrible.
The boy asked the middle-aged man in Chinese clothing for help, I am afraid it is invalid, and even the middle-aged man in Chinese clothing has to protect himself. He thought silently, and saw the boy shrink into a ball, shouting "His Royal Highness" in his mouth.

Ling Fengxiao originally leaned slightly in order to see him. At this time, he retracted his upper body, leaned back on the high seat of Jin Jin, supported his head with one hand, and Lin Shu saw his sharp face between the lights and shadows. Under the eyelashes is a pupil with no waves, showing a startling indifference.

His voice was as indifferent as his eyes, and said only one word to the boy who had been crying to Pear with rain and shivering into a branch of Sydney in the wind.


The boy didn't know what had happened, and was crying.

The guards underneath still glanced forward, and struck him down. But Ling Fengxiao's expression was not relieved in the slightest.
Another wink guard pulled the piano left by the boy and whispered, "Burn."

Ling Fengxiao's expression still did not ease.

Several guards looked at each other, and walked towards the gray-faced middle-aged man in Chinese clothes. Regardless of his yelling, he begged him to drag him on.

The rest of the men in Chinese clothes were trembling.

I saw Ling Fengxiao picking up the agate cup again, shaking the liquor slightly, and slowly said, "I ... I have a bad temper, and I just lost my mind for a moment. Zhujun forgive me."

"Missing the moment" and "forgive me," said everyone, but anyone with ears could hear the condescending and lightness of that tone. The middle-aged men in Chinese clothing continued to be quiet as chickens.

Ling Fengxiao took a sip of spirits and said, "If nothing happens, then ... continue."

The sound of shreds of bamboo squeaked, then gradually returned to normal.

The atmosphere underneath has gradually recovered and everyone has pretended to ignore it.

Lin Shu looked at this scene closely.

Just the scene just before, we can see what kind of authority the current Ling Fengxiao has in his hands.

These middle-aged men in Chinese clothes and their families are all ministers or royal nobles in the capital. All the banquets are to please Ling Fengxiao, and Ling Fengxiao loses his temper, and they dare not speak out. Ling Fengxiao said that nothing happened, then nothing happened.

And Xiao Lingyang, this apricot-golden creature, does just that: Give Ling Feng Xiao the dishes.
Pour wine to Ling Fengxiao. Wink at the guard.
Lin Shu finds it interesting.

He was still hiding in the shadow of the corner of the temple, and stretched out a lingering spirit to explore the breath of Ling Fengxiao.

The breath is fairly stable, and even has reached the realm of robbery. From the appearance, there is nothing wrong with it.

It just seems to be a reduction from three years ago. He saw Ling Fengxiao drinking.

He drank much more often than before the boy appeared, almost drinking and looking down at the staggered crowd below the platform.

A cup, then a cup.

Xiao Lingyang said: "Don't drink, don't die." Ling Fengxiao said, "You let me die."
Xiao Lingyang: "Then you die quickly."

Ling Fengxiao smiled, but she drank less and sipped.

It was just that a pair of mists were overcast in the domineering eyes of ordinary people, and they seemed a little drunk.

Beauty, drunk, is certainly good-looking.

But who dares to look up and take a closer look at the people at this banquet?

Ling Fengxiao suddenly coughed, took up the silk silk cover next to her hand, and lowered it.

Xiao Lingyang glanced at this side: "Your lips are so fat." Ling Fengxiao expressionless: "Get out."
Lin Shu never looked away from that white silk.

He can see clearly from this angle, where is the lipstick? Clearly blood.
He frowned slightly. Earlier, Yingying told him in a dream that her father had coughed up blood.

It seems that the body of this little phoenix really has a problem.

The banquet continued, and he saw Ling Fengxiao spit blood twice more. Finally, at midday on the moon, the banquet was over and the song ended. Ling Fengxiao said nothing and walked behind.
Xiao Lingyang said "hey" and wanted to keep up, but was stopped by the middle-aged men in Chinese clothes.

Lin Shu continued to be too lazy to listen to these chubby men seeking news, asking His Highness Fengyang why he was so angry. He could only hear Xiao Lingyang being overwhelmed, and said, "She can't see anyone playing the piano, she can't see anyone in white clothes, and even more people. You play the piano in white and you remember today. "

Those people continued to ask, but Xiao Lingyang lost patience, walked back, left the crowd, and shouted "Sister".

But when the palace was empty and the flowers were shaking in the garden, his sister's shadow had disappeared.

Xiao Lingyang exhaled a bit in his nose, and then left on his own.

Lin Shu looked away from Xiao Lingyang and continued to look at Ling Fengxiao.

After Ling Fengxiao left the banquet, she walked alone through the palace building and the cascading flower road, and came to a small wooden pavilion from the depths of the flower.

At this time, it was when the peony flower was in full bloom.

Flowers and shadows swayed slightly in the night breeze, so Xiao Lingyang did not see him. Lin Shu looked at him from a high place like this, seeing that he walked slightly because of drunkenness, leaned on the pavilion, then sat down and looked up at the full moon in the sky.

He took out a tube of bamboo flute, and seemed to want to play a piece of music. The flute reached the lip, but dropped it again.

The moonlight is like water, and the lights are dim in the distance. Lin Shu came down from the corner of the eaves and headed this way.
His footsteps were very light. Ling Fengxiao Yueyue didn't hear the sound and never looked back.

After Lin Shu also walked through the flowers and came to the small wooden pavilion, standing behind him, he slowly turned around.

At the first glance, Lin Shu determined that the man was really drunk.

Ling Fengxiao first looked up at him, looked at him for a while, then stretched out his hand to him.

That action, and Ying Ying's move to embrace, have something in common.

Lin Shu took a step forward and was embraced by Ling Fengxiao and rolled outward.

He caught off guard and Ling Fengxiao both fell into the dense peony flowers.

Ling Fengxiao stood up and looked at him, her eyes were still not clear, she smiled stupidly, and reached out to trace his eyebrows.

Lin Shu didn't move, didn't speak, and let him move.

After drawing, he leaned down and said in Lin Shu's ear: "I haven't dreamed of you for a long time ..." After that, I smiled again. Lin Shu looked into his eyes.
In a pair of eyes, the waves shone and melted into the melting moonlight tonight.

Does he think this is a dream?

Ling Fengxiao also looked at him and said gently: "I ..."

After saying "I", the text disappeared, but Lin Shu looked at him and felt that he was about to cry.

Ling Fengxiao opened her mouth again, but at the end she said nothing. Lin Shu asked: "How is your health?"
Ling Fengxiao lay down, leaned against his chest, grabbed his sleeve with his right hand, and his voice was very low: "Body, all good ..."

The epilogue faded away.

Lin Shu looked at him, but saw that the man had closed his eyes.

He went to explore the pulse of Ling Fengxiao and found that the pulse was astringent and not good.

He did not know why he sighed softly and got up from the peony flowers.

Although Ling Fengxiao was fainted, she still held him and hugged him horizontally.

When hugged, Ling Fengxiao's hair rubbed to the flowers next to her.

Lin Shu looked around and saw a sea of peony flowers, blooming glamorous. Looking at her arms again, Ling Fengxiao closed her eyes quietly, dressed in a crimson palace dress, and the veil fluttered in the night breeze, because of drunkenness, the corners of her eyes were still faint reddish.

Although he is a swordsman with no emotions, he still has a chance to retain a certain aesthetic.

Only the peony is a real national flower.

Chapter 145: Phoenix Yufei

After admiring the man's beautiful face, he began to wonder where Ling Fengxiao lived. He had never been to the dorm, and he did not know where Lingfeng Xiao's dorm was. Ling Fengxiao's physical condition is worrying and she needs to lie down.

As a last resort, Lin Shu held the person in his arms, returned to the small kiosk, took out the jade charm, and looked for Yingying.

Yingying looked at him and crooked her head.

Lin Shu wrote in her palm: "Do you live in a palace?" Yingying nodded.
Lin Shu continued to write: "There is a place with a lot of peony flowers, and there is a small wooden pavilion inside, do you know where?"

Yingying thought for a while, then nodded. Lin Shudao said, "Go there."
Yingying crooked her head and wrote in his palm, "What to do?"

Lin Shu originally wanted to write to pick up your unconscious dad. After thinking about it, he replaced it with a more gentle expression: "I have something for you."

Yingying's eyes lit up, she nodded towards him, and quickly dropped the line.

Lin Shu also went offline to return to reality.

Ling Fengxiao still did not wake up, just stayed in his arms so quietly. After Lin Shu had cultivated himself, it was not difficult to hold him.

A gust of wind blew. In the evening of spring, the wind was warm and fragrant, and there were several peony flowers that were about to fail.

Lin Shu had to reach out and pluck the petals piece by piece.

Ling Fengxiao's eyelashes fluttered a little, but she didn't wake up. The ends of the long eyelashes were curled up, like the wings of a Phoenix.

When this person treats others, it's really not worthwhile to talk about temper, but with beauty, people can't get bored.

After about four pillars of incense, Lin Shu heard footsteps coming here. Somehow, he was nervous.
The flowers were sloppy, and after a while, a little girl in red came out. After the little girl got out of the flowers, she looked at him.
Lin Shu also looked at him and said softly, "Yingying."

Yingying seemed to be reacting at this time. Brother Lin Shu in the dream was standing in front of her alive now.

She laughed, her eyes narrowed, and she was covered with the starry moon.

Lin Shu looked at her smile and thought to herself, sure enough, she could not speak in reality.

Yingying stepped forward, ripping Lin Shu's sleeve, as if confirming that he was really a real person.

After confirming it, she looked at him, and then looked at Ling Fengxiao in his arms, and then reached out and stuck it on Ling Fengxiao's forehead. Lin Fengxiao's temperature has been tried by Lin Shu, and there is no abnormality.

Yingying also figured this out, and went to explore the breath of Ling Fengxiao. His eyes were very worried and worried, and finally he turned to Lin Shu for help.

Lin Shu said: "Take me back to his room." Yingying nodded, leading the way.
Lin Shu hugged the comatose little phoenix across the walls of the palace, and was naturally seen by many palace people and guards.

Because of Yingying's relationship, no one blocked it.

However, when they looked at Lin Shu's eyes, some were curious and inquisitive, while others were solemn and respectful.

Lin Shu: "..."

After walking a long way, they came to a brilliantly lit, gorgeous palace, and the gate of the garden was written "Wutong Garden".

The phoenix is not a sycamore, and the name of the garden is very good.

The maid inside looked at her own princess being carried in by the man, and if she was chilling, there were only one or two clever people. She raised a lantern to lead the way.

Lin Shu put Ling Fengxiao on a gorgeous and warm soft couch.

Yingying went up, covered the quilt for Ling Fengxiao, and lay down next to him.

Lin Shu first explored the pulse of Ling Fengxiao.

After all, the "Introduction to Medicine" learned in the Palace of Learning came in handy after all. There are no exceptions in other places, except for every five jumps, there will be a stagnation.

This pulse is too exhausting and has the symptoms of overwork. Xiao Lingyang cannot help the wall, only his sister is full of eyes, and the middle and small affairs are piled up here with Ling Fengxiao, which will definitely consume people's energy.

But the body of an immortal person is a hundred times better than a mortal person, and he can't vomit blood even if he simply accumulates trouble.

Lin Shu explored Ling Fengxiao's heart with his spiritual power. This exploration made him frown slowly.
Phoenix blood.

Overwork can lead to physical problems in mortals.

And the abnormality of spiritual strength will cause the Xiu Xianren's body to have problems.

The phoenix blood flowing in Ling Fengxiao's body has caused his spiritual power to be abnormal more than once.

He saw Ling Fengxiao's body, the hot air from the fire slowly floating, burning his veins at all times.

As a result of cauterization, the meridians are damaged, the internal condyles bleed, and the whole person will ache and naturally vomit blood.

However, during this slow process of damage and self-recovery, the meridians are widening day by day, and Ling Fengxiao ’s cultivation is growing slowly and uncontrollably.

Lin Shu took Ling Fengxiao's hand and slowly poured his spiritual power into it. The anger of fire met Jiange's frosty spiritual power, which dissipated on its own accord. After the spiritual power walked slowly in Ling Fengxiao's body, his breathing also stabilized a lot.

However, at the next moment, Lin Shu discovered that after retreating his spiritual power, the gas from the fire had a tendency to resurrect, and it re- permeated the meridians.

He repeatedly reused spiritual powers and washed away many times before the speed of rebirth from the fire slowed down.

Suzaku Chihui, Phoenix Yufei.

If the astrological sign of that day was a harbinger of the phoenix blood's beginning to wake up, then the anger from the fire in Ling Fengxiao's body is exactly the proof.

The meridians are constantly being widened by the impact of the gas from the fire. If this momentum has been maintained, Ling Fengxiao ’s cultivation will grow thousands of miles a day—isn’t it the so-called "Phoenix Yufei"?

If ... If this is the process of Nirvana in the blood of the Phoenix, to what extent is Nirvana successful?

After the success of the Phoenix Nirvana, will it really be like the big witch said, because it ca n’t get the nourishment of heavenly luck, will it fall again?

The Qingming Demon wants him to find more than two peerless cheats and burn them.

The big witch said that collecting eight cheats and going to the Dangshan Mountain to re-call Tiandao, the little Phoenix could live.

What are they going to do? Lin Shu didn't know. But he knew he needed more information. He went to Qingmingdongtian.
The brother floated over: "Brother! See you for a long time!" Lin Shu asked, "Brother, how can I find Master?"
The brother said, "There is a barrier between the fairyland and the world. Master can come down once every ten years."

Lin Shu: "..."

He said goodbye to his brother and returned to Ling Fengxiao's bed, thinking.

How to do?

Waiting for Ling Fengxiao to wake up? Will Ling Fengxiao know something? Thinking about it, it was a mess outside.
Lin Shu looked up and saw that the maids were stopping a few expensively dressed noble men.

Your sons and daughters insisted on making progress, while insisting, they said, "What system!"

Lin Shu: "?"

He looked at the lantern-maids, "Who are they?"

The maid looked hesitant and didn't seem to know what to say. Lin Shu was unconsciously grabbed his hand by Ling Fengxiao.
At this time, Yingying came out of the quilt and hugged Lin Shu's arm. Lin Shu saw himself and Yingying's face in the opposite bronze mirror. It was really carved out of a mold.
The maid's eyes changed, and she seemed to understand something. She explained slightly: "A month ago, the lord was sparse, and her Royal Highness had reached the age of marriage. It was time to choose her Highness ... Your Royal Highness allowed it, and the prince gave it to you. Boys ... waiting for election. "

Lin Shu: "..." Fine.
He can imagine it.

Ling Fengxiao came to power, and the ministers in the DPRK had some opinions. They wanted to quickly marry Ling Fengxiao, so that Her Royal Highness could not be justified.

Just ... send the sons in?

Lin Shu looked at the dazzling boys outside and thought they were a little delusional.

The sons and daughters heard that His Royal Highness was hugged by other men to return to the temple, and immediately rushed over like a chicken that had been plucked.


Anxious is okay, and excuseable. It's just that they gathered outside and quacked, hindering Ling Fengxiao's rest after all.

Lin Shu gently removed Ling Fengxiao's fingers and pulled out her hand, and said lightly to the maid, "Take me out."

The author has something to say: It is the aura of the main palace.

Chapter 146: Better not to

The maid brought the carved lantern and led Lin Shu through the screen and went to the door of the palace.

At the gate of the palace, the ducks were still screaming and blaming the maids and guards. The main point is that you and we must not allow outside men to destroy the high reputation of the Highness. We must understand the situation and teach the man who knows nothing.

I don't know the tall man came out.

Lin Shu stood at the door of the temple and looked at them. The ducks snored for a moment.
Lin Shu inspected his dress before going out.

They are all cleaned up, very proper, no problem. The costume of the owner of the Jiange Pavilion is more expensive than when he is on the mountain.

Snow-white clothes, straight silhouette, flowing clouds and wide sleeves, delicate dark patterns, very inedible fireworks, very patron.

He evaluated the current situation with objective eyes and felt that his appearance was better than these croaking ducks.

A duck fluttered its wings, raised its chin, and asked him, "Who are you?" The maid next to Lin Shu looked at him with a questioning look.
Lin Shu nodded.

The maid stepped forward: "You boys, you are making a noise here and disturbing Your Highness, please move back to the Temple." The first duck to open his mouth stalked his neck, looked at Lin Shu, and said, "Why, if we can't get in, he can get in?"

When the ducks heard the commotion, they all asked "Who is he?" Lin Shu stood at the door of the palace and asked, "Who are you?" The ducks said, "We are His Highness's candidate! What are you?"
Look at the righteous look, he has already regarded himself as the official prince of His Highness.

The waitress approached Lin Shu to siege and said, "Dear sons, this is the immortal who came to cure the Highness, not what you think ..."

The ducks didn't believe: "Cure the disease? Why don't we let the disease go?"

Lin Shulian looked on and saw that the ducks didn't care about His Highness' condition at all, and the whole point was that His Highness was with other men, and they were not allowed to go in. It can be seen that what they are concerned about is whether their identity as a "candidate husband" is threatened, and whether they will become the official husband of the Royal Highness in the future.

Who is Ling Fengxiao?

Is the long princess of power.

Right now the old emperor is seriously ill, and the North Korean and Chinese affairs are under the command of the prince.

The prince was dominated by Ling Fengxiao-so Ling Fengxiao had full power and can be said to cover the sky with one hand.

If you become the husband of Ling Fengxiao, the benefits are conceivable. Not only will you benefit tremendously, you will even take the whole family to the sky. No wonder the ducks were so excited when they learned that His Highness might know other men.

Lin Shu silently thought that he thought that everyone's longing for the rich woman was big enough in the school of academy, but did not expect that the capital city, these noble sons, even worsened.

The girls of Fenghuang Mountain Villa are also worried about their widows being unable to marry in the future. It now appears that even if she is guarded hundreds or thousands of times, and has the identity of "the princess of the world", there will be a steady stream of ducks coming out to marry.

Of course, Ling Fengxiao was not widow. At best, it is to keep alive.
Lin Shu thought that Ling Fengxiao must not like these ducks, so it would not be too much time to drive them away.

Under the offensive of the ducks, the maid opened her mouth and wanted to continue to excuse Lin Shu.

Lin Shu put her right hand on the maid's shoulder and motioned for her snoring.

The maid was very obedient and stopped talking. Lin Shu: "Standby?"
The duck was righteous: "candidate."

Look at that look, as if "candidate" is a great honor.

However, if you think about it, the husband who can be selected as Ling Fengxiao must be a noble son with a prominent origin.

Lin Shu: "Oh." The leading duck was displeased: "What do you mean?"

Lin Shu looked away and went to see the guards on both sides. The guard also looked at him.
Lin Shu said: "Get out." The guard obeyed.
The ducks couldn't believe it.

The process of expulsion was another quarrel.

When Lin Shu had pain in his head and had pressed his hand on the hilt of a sword, a duck shouted, "The small hall is down!"

Your Highness?

Lin Shu looked up at the gate of the garden, and wanted to see where it was sacred.

Lin Shu: "..."

Fruit with a few beautiful ladies, came here with a swagger.

I haven't seen it in three years. He has opened a lot, but he still hasn't bid farewell to women's clothing. He wears a white dress and long black hair.

It is very similar to Ling Fengxiao, with a very beautiful face, with "Fei Yang" written on the left face and "Postscript" written on the right face.

The ducks embraced him, and said, "My Highness, there is a bold man, who is actually thinking of His Highness!"

The fruit was dissatisfied: "Bold!"

Flock of ducks reconciled, one after another complaining and crying. Fruit said: "Take me there!" Then came aggressively.
Then it stopped.

The wind of spring night is very loud. Lin Shu looked at the fruit.
Fruit looked at him.

Lin Shu was expressionless.

But he saw that the eyes of the fruit suddenly turned red.

The ducks remained unknown and continued to complain about the fruits. There was also a cry in the fruit voice, saying to them, "Stop!"
The ducks went on unknown and asked, "Who is he?"

Fruit wiped his eyes, stomped his feet, and ran to the temple. Before leaving, he shouted to the ducks, "My father!"
Then, after passing through Lin Shu, he didn't even look at him and went in.

Lin Shu vaguely felt that the fruit was angry. Are you mad at yourself?
Furious at him that year, he suddenly left Ling Fengxiao, Cat, and Wu Que and went to Jiange?

The ducks were shocked by the phrase "my dad" and began to whisper: "Ah?" "what???"

"father???" "I disagree."
"The big deal is bad."

"Isn't your highness a spirit body? Isn't there no father?" "Do you think they look a bit like each other?"
"I think the little princess is more like him." "hiss."
"I am afraid……"

The ducks' eyes gradually became cautious.

Lin Shu once again scanned the guard with cold eyes.

The guard continued to drive the ducks, and this time the action was much firmer.

The ducks did not resist this time, and they spread apart and disappeared into the palace group.

Lin Shu enters the hall.

Ling Fengxiao hadn't woken up yet, and Xiao Wuqian buried himself in the quilt next to him.

He stepped forward and uncovered Xiao's quilt.

Xiao Wuque cried and cried, "You still have a face back!" Lin Shu couldn't resist for a moment. When Yingying was unknown, she held Lin Shu's arm and tilted her head in doubt.

Xiao Wuqiu took Yingying into his arms: "Patient! Don't touch him!" He blinked helplessly.
Lin Shu tried to explain: "I ..."

Fruit does not listen: "I do not listen!"

Suddenly, the chicken in the hall jumped up and jumped directly to the channel of family ethics drama. Lin Shu noticed that even the maid looked at him wrongly.

While the chicken was flying, the guard outside the temple came in and informed him, "The queen mother arrived."

With a sound of fall, the chicken was no longer flying, and the dog was no longer jumping. Only Xiao Wuque cried, holding Yingyingyu, and said to the door: "Grandma ..."

Lin Shu also turned outside.

The purpose is to strike a phoenix like the haze and fire. Looking up, I saw a face of the mother instrument world.
He is not old. He is about 35 or 6 years old and has many similarities with Ling Fengxiao in outline, but the specifics are very different. Among the flawless features, there is a little bit of sharpness, a little gentleness, and a gentle expression, which is a realistic interpretation of the word "queen".

She was also the woman who could make Ying Wu Zhanhong glance at first glance and fall in love at first sight, and then vowed that she would never enter Jinguan City in her life.

The queen was watching him. Lin Shu didn't know how to describe her eyes, because she seemed to hold her back. After a while, she adjusted and asked him, "Are you ... Lin Shu?"

Lin Shudao: "Yes."

The queen stepped forward, looked at his face, looked left and right for a long time, and said gently, "Are you ... a boy?"

Lin Shu: "..."

So how did Tao Yuanjun and the Queen make a marriage contract then? The queen also thought Lin Shu was a girl!
No wonder Ling Fengxiao firmly believes that Lin Shu is a girl. Lin Shu could only say, "Yes."
The queen sighed softly: "... that's it." Lin Shu: "?"
Why is that so?

Queen, what do you understand?

I saw the queen walked to Ling Fengxiao's bed gently, and stroked his cheek with his fingers: "No rest for many days, let him sleep for a little longer."

Lin Shu: "Yes."

Queen said: "Did you come to Jinguan City because you knew something?"

Lin Shu: "Yes."

The Queen continued: "Do you want to know something else?" Lin Shu: "Yes."

The queen sighed softly: "Come with me." She got up and walked outside the temple. Xiao Wucai continued to weep.
Lin Shu touched his head and kept up with the queen.

He had a hunch that he would know something very important.

The queen is not only the queen of Nanxia, but also the core character of Phoenix Mountain Villa. She must know the secrets of many mountain houses and the royal family.

At the same time, she recognized Tao Yuanjun, met Tao Yuanjun, and signed a marriage agreement with Tao Yuanjun for two younger generations.

-She must know many things, and Lin Shu really has too many questions.

The queen took him to the highest point of the entire Nanxia Royal Palace, the top of a tower as high as a hundred feet.

This building is called "Qifeng Pavilion".

Looking down from Qifeng Pavilion, you can see Wanjia lights flashing in the imperial city.

And all this was shrouded in a faint night mist, separated by a layer of veil, very unreal, like a cloud cover.

The queen looked down and said, "Xiao Er is not a woman, so you must already know."

Lin Shu: "Yes."

The Queen said, "I never thought that you were not your daughter." Lin Shu: "Tao Yuanjun said I was a girl?" The queen gave him a deep look.
"Yes," she said. "At that time, Taoyuan Junyan said that he had a girl and could be assigned to Xiaoer. Because Xiaoer would dress up as a woman in the future, he would also make his apprentice dress up as a man, in order to cover his eyes."


It was Taoyuan Junkeng who had Ling Fengxiao and the Queen. Lin Shu: "Why does he want women's clothing?"
This question, he has been puzzled for a long time, how Nai Ling Fengxiao has a mantra on her body, can not say.

The queen said: "This is a long story." Lin Shu: "Please say."
Queen: "Do you know the blood of the Phoenix?" Lin Shu: "I know."
Queen: "How much do you know?"

Lin Shudao: "A thousand years ago, there were great disasters. The world ’s strange beasts, protoss, and other things connected with heaven have fallen, and the blood of the Phoenix is special. It can hide in the world and wait for Nirvana.

The queen nodded and said, "You already know a lot." Lin Shu: "I only know these."
The Queen said: "Anyway, let me tell you." Next, Lin Shu listened to the queen telling a story that was similar to the big witch.

However, it is much more detailed than that version of Dawu. What is said is the matter of lingering dragon veins.
"Every mortal who wants to become a monarch must first walk through the Martyrdom of the Great Dragon Court. He must have the permission of Heaven to gain luck, and enjoy a long life and dominate the power of the world. His blood is also endless. Fortunately, you can walk through the martyrdom and become the next generation emperor. "The queen slowly said," However, in the world, there is no shortage of greedy and insatiable. Among the greedy and insatiable, there are inevitably people who are far- sighted. Even if you sit on the four seas, you ca n’t give it by the true dragon, or become the emperor ... In this case, you will dig the dragon veins and abolish the Taoism, so that the people of the four seas can be called kings by cutting the land, and the emperor can be called the king.
The men and women of the world were fighting together, and the blood flowed into the river, eventually unified in the Daxia Dynasty. After that, there was a rebellion of the Dai people and the dynasty moved south. "

Lin Shu nodded.

This is what he knows.

"However," the queen turned sharply. "At first, the emperor could get extraordinary luck after being approved by the true dragon. Later, he deposed the dragon veins and called the king emperor. Naturally, there was no luck, except for power. "

Lin Shu: "Yes."

The queen smiled: "But Qi Yun has not disappeared, but is hidden in eight wastelands and four seas, and the heroes have separated. The more bases there are, the more powerful Qi Yun is, so the war in the world is not endless. Today, North Xia also strikes me toward the land. " She paused and said, "Why do you know that Immortal Road is inseparable from the dynasty?"

Lin Shu: "I don't know."

In his cognition, since Xiuxian should stay away from the dust, just ignore human affairs.

"If there is no peerless skill and no transcendent talent, if you want to practice Mahayana, you need extraordinary luck. If you want luck, you can only depend on the dynasty."

Lin Shu stunned.

What is luck?

It's a stepping stone.

Heaven is the one who controls all things in the world.

And luck is the key to communication between man and heaven.

Those with strong luck are equivalent to being escorted by heaven. There is a technique of divination in the folk, which can be counted as human fortune, and it is also guessed by glimpsing human fortune.

If you are an immortal, if you have the luck to join you, you will have thousands of miles to live and practice, and you will have countless chances to encounter.

How much luck there is in a person is determined by heaven, and when he is born, heaven sees you pleasingly, and luck is a little bit more than others.

And the emperor's seal, it is heavenly to see you particularly pleasing to the eye, and put the luck of the whole world on you.

But after the dragon veins, this is not the case. The connection between the earth and heaven is broken.

The amount of luck is not determined by heaven, but can be freely contested.

A dynasty can have as much luck as it can hold. A person who cultivates immortals, unless he has a peerless secret book that is already responsible for extraordinary luck, can only rely on the dynasty to share luck, reducing the difficulty of cultivation.

As a result, there were disputes in the world. Each dynasty fought with each other and robbed the city. The immortal people were also involved in the dispute and became dependent on the dynasty and became the weapon of the dynasty.

And they didn't know the truth. For centuries, the recognition that Xiandao belongs to the dynasty has become something that everyone is accustomed to.

The more accustomed it is, the less one investigates the cause. However, there is another problem.
Lin Shu asked the queen: "Since the connection between heaven and earth has been cut off, why is there luck?"

The queen said: "It's not cut off, it's just blinded." Lin Shu understood.
Originally, heaven and earth were closely linked.

True dragons, phoenixes, fairy hills, fairy islands ... all have the veins connected to heaven, and they can talk to heaven, and they are nourished by heaven, and they have power beyond ordinary.

Later, this pulse was cut off. Then, an existence replaced them and became the spokesperson for communicating with Heaven.

Heaven is blinded.

Therefore, the luck of the world is still there, but the heavens are not distributed.

Lin Shu: "..."

He was suffocating about it and suddenly thought of something. Xun Longmai, who benefited the most?
——It is a dynasty.

It is the Da Xia Dynasty that unified the whole country. It thus possessed most of the luck in the world.
If the dragon veins are not abolished, the master of the Da Xia Dynasty may not be able to become emperor.

However, after the dragon veins, he can.

Since the North and South Summers were split from the Daxia Dynasty, it is hard to guarantee that this secret will not be known!

Well, they will certainly not be willing to see Heaven return.

After all, once Da Long Ting is restored, they may no longer be emperors. Then ... why should the queen bring this up to herself?
He looked at the queen.

The queen smiled slightly and said, "You see."

Lin Shu nodded and asked, "Does the emperor know?" "He ... naturally knows," the queen's tone chilled, and then said, "The reason why I know it is that the Phoenix family gradually came to know during hundreds of years of contact with the emperor."

"The dynasty deceived the Phoenix family for a long time," the queen's smile was a bit tragic. "Daxia regarded the Phoenix family as a confinement, one coveted the power of a peerless furnace, and the other controlled the blood condition of the Phoenix family at all times. "

Spring night was silent, only the voice of the queen was ringing in Lin Shu's ears: "In the five elements, the phoenix belongs to the fire, the fire is the atmosphere of the sun, and the woman and even the yin body are not in harmony. If the Phoenix is born, it must The boy with phoenix blood ... "

Lin Shu opened his eyes wide. and so……
"So, Xiaoer can only be a girl." The queen looked at the boundless night sky, her voice was slightly hoarse: "At that time, when I was pregnant with Xiaoxiao, the night and night were unbearable, and I felt that when I was giving birth, Make perfect arrangements. At that time, under the grace of Sima Youyi and the great disaster in Yunnan, he persuaded His Majesty to travel south, so when I gave birth to Xiao, His Majesty was not with me. I killed many people in the palace and changed to a villa Xuan Mai, and then gave birth to Xiao Er. Under the world, those who know Xiao Er's true identity, alone, the owner of Phoenix, Tao Yuanjun and Xiao Er himself, now you are one more. "

Lin Shu asked: "Does he ... know the reason?" The queen shook her head.
he does not know.

I don't know the real intention of the dynasty. Lin Shu suddenly did not dare to think. He could only ask: "Will he die when the blood of the Phoenix awakens?"

The queen said: "The blood of the Phoenix relies on the nourishment of the heavens, if not, it will gradually dry up and die. According to the current situation, after the blood is completely awake, Xiaoer will die."

Lin Shudao: "The big wizard of the Northern Xia Dynasty told me to gather eight cheats and re-call the heavenly path in the magical mountain, Ling Fengxiao can live."

The queen said: "Big wizards, if they are not good, never do good." This is exactly what Lin Shu was worried about.
The big witch is not a good person, and they are not close to each other, or even a deadly enemy. The big witch asked him to go to the magical mountain to re-call heaven, and there must be some big plans in it, and he couldn't act lightly.

He asked, "What about it?"

The queen looked at the full moon and slowly said, "If he has all the seas

Lin Shu stunned.

Turns out, does the queen think so?

"The Emperor only had Xiao Lingyang for a while, and Xiao Lingyang was raised under my knees. Since I was a child, I have to deal with him, making him weak and useless," the gentleness of the queen gradually
faded away, replaced by some kind of 睥睨Leng Rui, "The emperor has been seriously ill for a long time, and can't breathe for a long time, so Xiaoer's identity cannot be revealed. When he collapses, the prince will let me handle it and regain Beixia in the next day. Xiaoer will be crowned as the emperor and possess good luck Why are there no nourishments? "

The queen turned sharply: "I'll do it. And Xianjun you ..." She paused and looked at Lin Shu: "After Xiao'er came to power, the main faction was powerful. I just hope that on the day when I will face Beixia Bingrong, Xianjun-you can help him!"

She looked earnestly.

And Lin Shu was never good at rejecting.

What's more ... Ling Fengxiao is different from him after all.

He opened his mouth and noticed that his throat was a little stiff.

"Jiange escaped from the world, and I cannot let them participate," he said. "But ... if there is one day, I will come."

The queen turned to him, and made a formal ceremony: "Thank you Xianjun."

On the high platform, the queen said a lot to him. About Ling Fengxiao.
As a child of Ling Fengxiao.

There is also the situation in the two summers.

When he returned to Ling Fengxiao's room, he had not yet woken up. Lin Shu knew that he was really tired.
If in the past, where did Ling Fengxiao sleep so deeply?

The fruit's wailing is not over yet: "You ... man ... black crow! Pig's hoof! When he wakes up, you ... hug him."

The night wind entered the window, Lin Shu suddenly felt that the wind was so cold.

Fruit is right. It is time for him to hug Ling Fengxiao so that he can be comforted. But he practiced ruthlessly.
He couldn't give it.

He can hold Ling Fengxiao, he can hold it all the time. But his eyes were not as gentle as those of the queen.
Not even as docile as the boy who was presented to Ling Fengxiao tonight.

There was a stun in his eyes, thinking of Ling Fengxiao's seemingly calm face when he faced his ruthless self many years ago, but actually his eyes were on the verge of collapse, and Ling Fengxiao's arm trembled slightly when he embraced him. He didn't want to let that look, that kind of action
... reappear in Ling Fengxiao's eyes.

Ling Fengxiao already had enough heavy things on her body.

At the moment, he was soberly aware that his existence would only make Ling Fengxiao more sad.

He looked at Ling Fengxiao's sleeping face, and finally turned towards the door.

Better not to.

Just when he ... never came.

In the garden, the peony shook off.

The good times of the past, the past, suddenly came to mind. He crossed the palace gate.

Chapter 147: The smoke has started

A hand held him.

Lin Shu bowed his head. It's Yingying.
Yingying took his hand, raised his head, his eyes were a bit red, so was the tip of his nose, and dark, beautiful eyes had tears.

Lin Shu leaned slightly and touched her hair.

Yingying grabbed his hand and wrote a few words in his palm. Lin Shu's footsteps stopped.
Those words were: "Just now, when you came in, Dad woke up."

Lin Shu turned his head and looked at Ling Fengxiao's vague sleeping face after watching the heavy screen.

Are you awake?

Does he not want to see himself?

Lin Shu thought that was indeed the case. Better to meet each other.
Rather than ... torture each other, as it is now. It ’s good to go.
He has promised the queen that he will stand on the side of Ling Fengxiao when he comes to battle in the southern and northern summers of Japan, and then the thing to do now is to consolidate and repair Xiushan into a state of mind. In the coming days, there will be more chances of winning on the battlefield.

And then ... Ling Fengxiao was sealed as the emperor, when the world was peaceful.

Until then-- Until then…… What about him?
Lin stared blankly at the infinite stars and moons in the sky. Yingying pulled his cuffs again.
He looked at Yingying, thinking of her previous complaints and writing lightly in her palm.

"Tell your dad." "Don't ... overwork."
"You don't have to be angry for Xiao Lingyang." "Go to bed early."
"Add more meals." "Take care."
Yingying's tears twitched in her eyes, then slipped down. Lin Shu reached out and wiped her, then wrote: "You too."

Yingying bit her lip and nodded.

She wrote, "Can I still find you in my dreams?" Lin Shu wrote: "Okay."

Yingying looked at him like that, then slowly released her hand.

Lin Shu knows that Yingying has always been very obedient and not as persistent as Xiao Wuque.

Released his hand, he continued to move forward and walked out of the palace door.

After going out for a while, he looked back to the terrace to hide the flowers, and the trees were in bloom.

The lights in the garden went out little by little, as if starting to sleep peacefully.

Something was falling slowly in his mind.

Suddenly he wanted to go back, but he didn't look back after all.

He walked out of the palace gate and out of the Royal Street of Yangliuyiyi.

At the end of the street, there is a lotus pond for people to enjoy. In April, the lotus leaves were not displayed, and the surface of the pond was smooth as a mirror.

Lin Shu walked in and looked at his reflection in the water. He felt that this expressionless face was as poor and ugly as it was years ago.

But it is inevitable.

This seems to be his life.

A rustling voice of clothing interrupted his thoughts.

Lin Shu looked up at the source of the sound, and saw a man walking by the poolside, who walked to a willow tree, holding the trunk, his shoulders shaking, as if retching. After a while, he walked to the pool again, looking at the reflection of the water like he had before.

At this time, Lin Shu finally saw clearly that this one in front of him was an acquaintance.

Xie Zishe.

Lin Shu looked at her direction.

When you see a spacious mansion, there is a light of lights and a sound of silk bamboo orchestras. You can think of how the lively scenes are intertwined.

He was watching, and saw Xie Zishe approached, and with a slight erratic voice he said, "Xiao Lin Shu?"

But seeing her wearing a wide-sleeved black satin robe with embroidered silver patterns is a very luxurious and formal style, but it is a man's style.

She didn't tease her hair as carefully as her ordinary daughter, but simply pulled it together. In the dimness, she could only see her face faintly. She was still as handsome as she was in the school, but she was also a lot embarrassed.

In the heavy snow that year, when the master sister of the Confucian Taoist School came in an old green robe and came to step on the snow with a lantern, the spirit of the eyebrows seemed to wear away a lot.

Lin Shu: "Yes."

Xie Zishe was really drunk, and looked at him for a long time: "Xianjunna

Speaking again, bowing slightly, covering his mouth, it is uncomfortable to look like he can't vomit.

Lin Shu handed her an antidote. In Xiandao's theory, wine is also poison.

Xie Zishe took it over, ate it, and after a while, it seemed much better: "Thank you."

Lin Shu: "No thanks."

Xie Zishe leaned on the willow and looked at the pool surface, saying, "I came out to hide from wine."

Lin Shu didn't answer.

He didn't know how to answer, and didn't necessarily need him to want to come to Xie Zishe.

Sure enough, Xie Zishe didn't take it seriously, and continued to say in a tone similar to self-talk: "The current atmosphere is to enjoy the feast. The factions are their own families. If I don't sing and harmonize with them, I will face them. I am afraid I am helpless. "

She chuckled lowly: "Tonight, I wanted to write sparsely, and I could read some books if I had no luck."

Apparently, her wish was not fulfilled.

Xie Zi said: "It's just that people's hearts are trembling now, and the hall is acting decisively and decisively. After a few days, I'm afraid that these people who are the only ones in the Lord and the faction ... will be dispersed."

In the night wind, her originally clear voice was a little dumb. Lin Shu asked: "Why is the Lord and the peace?"
"Anyone in the world ..." Xie Zishe's voice was like sighing: "In Germany, it's not dangerous."

She picked up a willow leaf, and looked at it, saying: "The correct path of Confucianism is in my southern dynasty. Beixia and the barbarians are at a loss. Even though they are now strong and strong, there is no sage charm. After a century, it is not worth mentioning. If I can recuperate my health, hide my strength ... "

She held on to the willow and smiled lowly before sighing again: "Don't talk."

Lin Shu: "What if Bei Xia invades?"

Xie Zi said: "Cut the land and seek peace."

After that, she smiled at herself again: "It's just, but no one agrees with me, and I ... dare not say."

She staggered forward a few steps, looking at the bright moon in the sky: "The world will be chaotic."

Lin Shu knew that she might never realize her wish.

Ling Fengxiao tends to the main faction, and the queen ... even more so. Lin Shu: "If you fight, what do you do?"
"Yue has a clear day ..." Xie Zishe didn't answer him directly, but instead looked at the moon drunkly and muttered to himself: "Instead of saying that the sky is not what people want, it is better to say that the world's wishes are often contrary to the will of heaven. , The world asks, but the happiness is complete, and this matter is ...

She laughed a few times and looked at Lin Shu: "If it is really inevitable, haven't I learned the art of war?"

Yefeng handed over the hustle and bustle in the courtyard over there, and faintly said, "Where has Master Xie gone?"

Xie Zi said: "I'm going."

She was still awkward, but her back was straight, and as she walked, she hummed the poem like a song. "Jun doesn't see ... Jun doesn't see the bone-covered fields like snow." "Jun does not see ... Jun does not see Gao Shu's sorrowful wind." "Jun doesn't see the child still hug, slang Aye returned home early." "When the hero pulls his sword ... it's another ten years!"
Lin Shu watched her leave.

Her footsteps suddenly stopped. Spring night, silence.

The sound of horseshoes outside the city. Horseshoe Stomp.
And look northward!

In the distance, in the distant mountains, the fire lighted up, reflecting a huge plume of smoke rising!

And there are several streamers across the sky, the figure of the cultivator, rushing towards the palace.

Xia Chao believed in wolf smoke, and a beacon at fifty miles.

If an enemy strikes somewhere, immediately light up the smoke of the wolf, and the rest of the beacon stands to identify its location. It will also pick up the smoke and call for help from the nearest military camp or the capital!

The wolf is rising, the war is over!

At the moment, there is only one possibility, Beixia invades! Xie Zishe laughed loudly.

After laughing, she bent down and kept coughing, listening to her voice, almost coughing and bleeding.

Finally calmed down, she looked at Lin Shu: "Take me to the palace?"

Lin Shu didn't speak again, luck led her, and flew away towards the palace. And, straight to Ling Fengxiao's palace.
Along the way, the flute stopped, but saw the cavalry flying in the imperial city!

The iron hoofs break the spring flowers and autumn months, and the children are in love.

Lin Shu fell at the gate of the Indus Garden.

The Indus Garden, which had previously been turned off, was brightly lit at this moment.

Xie Zishe knelt before Ling Fengxiao: "His Royal Highness."

"You're here." Ling Fengxiao's words seemed to be addressed to Xie Zishe, but looked at Lin Shu.

In his eyes, there seemed to be nothing, and it seemed to have everything.

Then, Ling Fengxiao closed her eyes and slowly said, "Northern Xia colluded with the Western Territory and the Dian Kingdom.

Even if Lin Shu does not understand the situation, he also knows that this is a shocking change.

Beixia is the enemy of Nanxia, but the western Xinjiang and Dian kingdoms bowed down to become the country of Nanxia in the previous battles. And now ... rebellion.

Jinguan City is not far from the southwest border, and the soldiers and horses from the Yunnan land can soon reach the lower part of Jinguan City!

However, at the same time, Nanxia's elite soldiers are almost all concentrated in the North!

It takes at least ten days to move!

In this way, Jinguan City can be said to be isolated and helpless.

Xie Zi said: "Recently, troops can be transferred from Suicheng, 50,000." There was silence in the temple.
Ling Fengxiao said: "It is ordered that Shangling Xuegong keep the city." Someone took the lead.
But everyone present knows that the power of Xiandao is only part of it. Beixia must send countless elite wizards over.

Moreover, there are many taboos for immortal people to kill mortals. Soldiers and horses.
Need soldiers and horses. But where did it come from?
Everyone looked at Ling Fengxiao. Ling Fengxiao looked at Lin Shu.
The next moment, Ling Fengxiao got up, flying in red and walking down the steps. "For the transfer of soldiers and horses in Beijing, all of Xie Zi's orders were heard," he said indifferently. "The Shangling Academy is fully arranged by the Great Power Division."

Someone said: "This ..."

Ling Fengxiao and Lin Shu passed by.

Lin Shu heard Ling Fengxiao say to him, "Wait for me."

Then, Ling Fengxiao passed him and went straight out of the hall. Running at night.
Ling Fengxiao turned over and galloped away from the palace! The white horse in red quickly disappeared into the night.
No one knew what he was going to do, and even Xie Zishe looked out of the temple with questions.

Lin Shu looked at the tall towers of Jinguan City. He didn't say anything, but luck flew past.
After a quarter of an hour, the city guards and the immortals began to be transferred one after another.

The gate tower of Jinguan City is the focus of defense.

Lin Shu stood on the city wall, and Shangling Jane fell beside him. He solemnly addressed Lin Shu: "Thank you for your help."
Lin Shudao: "No thanks."

It has nothing to do with the southern and northern summers, and the fairy roads and magic roads. Ling Fengxiao asked him to wait. Then wait.

The author has something to say: The towering palace is connected to the sky, and the emperor Jiuyi wants to open the territory.

Dongcheng Jianer prepares saddle horses, Xicheng Jianer City sword. Everyone cuts clothes, and every family eats military food.
The child still hugged, and Ye Ye returned home early.

Jun sees the bone-covered fields like snow, and the high trees are sorrowful.

Once the hero pulled up his sword, it was another ten years. From Yan Leisheng's "Tian Xing Jian".

Chapter 148: Quiet night

Standing on the tower and looking out, the dark mountains are silent.

Xie Zishe has arranged for the defense of Jinguan City. At this time, a detailed map is unfolded in front of her, and a chess piece is being played on it.

"Jinguan City is easy to defend and difficult to attack, and the enemy forces are coming from the direction of the Dian Kingdom ..." she murmured: "Tiaoyu, Yue, Wu ... the eight city defenders came north."

An old minister next to her opened her eyes wide, at first she was stunned, and then she shot the case and said, "You ... want to abandon these eight big cities?"

"Otherwise?" Xie Zi said: "The enemy forces came all the way from the north to the north. These eight cities are isolated and helpless. They have neither natural danger nor fortifications. They must be broken, only in an instant! City defenders, Jinguan City will have an additional 20,000 defensive forces, and the outcome is not yet known! "

The old minister glared with a beard and said, "You ... can't do anything wrong! This is tantamount to putting half a mountain in the air, letting people smash your hands!"

Xie Zi said: "Do you want to stop?"

The old minister said, "I insist on blocking!" Xie Zi glanced coldly.
"Wei Wei," she said, "take Master Guo down." Since Ling Fengxiao arranged all forces in Jinguan City to be mobilized by her, she has two Tulongweis around her.

Tu Longwei was directly under Ling Fengxiao, and the order was forbidden. At this time, naturally, he also obeyed Xie Zishe's order unconditionally.

When the old minister was put down, he cursed, "Ignorant woman!"

Xie Zi turned a deaf ear and just put away the map, and said, "Order from the eight cities."

When everything was clean, Shangling Jane said, "Xie girl, this is a desperate attempt."

Xie Zi said: "If there is any other way to keep Jinguan City, what would I do?"

Lin Shu did not comment.

The capital is indeed to be held to death. The core of the entire dynasty is in Jinguan City. It cannot be broken.

Xie Zi looked into the distance and said, "His Royal Highness ... will definitely bring reinforcements back. What I have to do is to stay in Jinguan City. The rest is the same ... whatever!"

Lin Shu thought that although Xie Zishe was not in the main battle, he really fought and was indeed a ruthless person.

"What's more, there will not be too many enemy forces." Xie Zishe whispered: "I am not a weak country. The military strength of the western Xinjiang and Yunnan countries has been cut several times. China and West Xinjiang echoed each other, and how many troops could they transport to the country of Yunnan? "

She paused and continued: "How can they cross the army thousands of miles apart? I can't figure it out." In the world, there are not many things that Sister Xie can't figure out.

Indeed, the most vigorous and easiest way to attack Jinguan City from the direction of the Dian Kingdom. But how can the army of 200,000 people cross the entire Nanxia territory to Beixia without being discovered?

Even if this is a world of immortality, it is not feasible. Lin Shu suddenly jumped.
There is nothing that cannot be explained unless there is a lack of known conditions.

There is exactly one thing that Xie Zishe doesn't know. He looked to Xie Zishe.
Xie Zishe noticed his gaze and raised an eyebrow. Lin Shudao: "There is a blood poison in Beixia." Xie Zishe: "What blood poison?"
"Turns the living into a corpse, manipulated by a wizard, and can ... pass it from person to person."

Xie Zishe's eyes suddenly changed.

Lin Shu pressed his hand on the hilt of the sword, looking towards the direction of Dian Kingdom, and asked, "How many people are there in Dian?"

Xie Zishe did not answer for a long time. The moon was shining like water.
There are thousands of lights in the city. Night, silence. The author has something to say: A copy of "Zombie Siege" loadng

Chapter 149: old friend

Night is silent.

But the murder has spread like the moonlight tonight, climbing behind everyone's back.

Xie Zishe's voice was astringent: "The country of Dian ... has more than 300,000 people."

If, as Lin Shu thought, Beixia attacked by manipulating corpses ... the number of enemies would be very objective, and even the combat effectiveness would be very, terrible.

And Beixia produced 200,000 troops, and it didn't need to spend a lot of time to transport the army, even ... just a bottle of blood poison!

As for why the Dian Kingdom agreed to such a self-destructive policy, it was about what agreement the Beixia and the Dian Kingdom Royals reached-such as how much land was allocated to them after conquering the Nanxia.

Mortal greed is endless. As long as there are enough benefits, they will take a risk and decide to cooperate with Beixia, even if it is tantamount to seeking a skin with a tiger.

Shangling Jane said: "The Academy has developed this blood poison defense medicine a year ago, and has produced many."

Xie Zishe suddenly looked at him, asking a series of questions: "How many people can use it? How can I use it? If I have been infected, can I be treated?"

Shang Lingjian's eyes were heavy, and he shook his head: "It can only be used to prevent beforehand. Once poisoned, it can't be easily treated. The amount of medicine is sufficient ... but it is only effective for Xiuxian people. The medicine available to ordinary people is still under development."

Xie Zi's eyes sank: "How long does this poison work if it comes into contact with mortals?"

Shangling Jane said: "Six hours."

Xie Zishe immediately passed down the order: "Please Zhao Shangshu, Xin servant shoot."

Shangling Jane said: "I'm going to school." Xie Zishe nodded.
Lin Shu relied on the tower alone and had nothing to do but silently backed the sword.

Ling Fengxiao gave Xie Zishe great power, and the Great Master also trusted Xie Zishe very much.

But after seeing her order to pass down quickly, after learning about the blood poisoning, not only must the soldiers be withdrawn, but the people must be evacuated-the people in these eight cities must not be reduced to corpses controlled by Beixia!

The Ministry of Defense said: "Within two days, enemy forces will be approaching, and while we are dying to defend the Jinguan City and mobilizing the northern guards, we may wait for reinforcements to come, and each of the three checkpoints on the north side will have a robbery.
Long, if you can invite them to come ... "

"No!" Xie Zishe frowned: "The northern guards must not move!" Bing Shangshu: "Why is this statement? The situation is urgent ..."
"If Beixia's voice hits the west and the defense of the northern border is weak, what should you blame?" Xie Zishe slightly raised his voice: "Not only immovable, but also ordered the North Border Sanguan to stand in line, the Beixia army will always invade!"

Having said that, her voice was slightly relaxed: "If anyone has a little vision, Beixia will not use her army to become a corpse, and the northern border should be able to block it."

There was another order. After several openings of the city gate, Pegasus summoned in all directions.

Xie Zishe finally ended here, waiting for news feedback. She left the desk case and walked towards Lin Shu.
"Are you robbery?" Xie Zi said. Lin Shu: "Yes."
"I don't understand the matter of Xianmen. But listening to the meaning of the Great Division, this time the only enemy who has committed an offense is the Xiu Xianren." Xie Zi looked to the distance and said: "Fortunately, Xianmen, Shuzhou." Lin Li, four of the nine majors are in Shu ... plus the Shangling Academy, the situation may not be bad. "

Lin Shu faintly said "um".

Indeed, the strength of the Shu land is not as good as that of the Northern Territory, but when it comes to Xiuxian people, Shu land has the most.

Phoenix Villa is located in Liangzhou, not far from Shuzhou.

There are hundreds of people who can gather together for the Yuanying Xiu to go to the Xuegong and other schools.

It might be feasible to block the torrent of corpses. I'm afraid of the big witch.
Xie Zi looked at him, and said, "Do you feel terrible?" Lin Shu: "Maybe."

Xie Zishe's voice was cold, and he was categorical: "Only death battle."

She continued: "The enemy army is not a regular army and does not carry heavy weapons. If Xiandao can stop the corpse, there are many heavy weapons such as artillery and catapults in Jinguan City, or there may be some odds.

She said nothing, and frowned.

The night breeze blew through her wide robe sleeves, making her whole look a little thin.

There was a moment of silence on the tower until a light footstep came. "Meow."
A ball of dark shadows climbed onto Lin Shu's body.

The cat tried to sit on Lin Shu's shoulders, but this was a little difficult for her body.

The cat tried to sit on Lin Shu's head, and the move was even more challenging.

The cat jumped down and spun anxiously at Lin Shu's feet: "Meow." Lin Shu: "..."
Xie Zi said "Yeah", squatted down, and looked at the cat: "some familiar." The cat walked towards her charmingly, then was held in her arms.
Xie Zishe's expression softened a lot.

With such a fat black cat, even with the help of his skin, even Xie Zishe was able to capture it, which really puzzled Lin Shu. Xie Zishe: "Is it afraid?"

Lin Shu looked closely and found that it really woke up, meowing anxiously, burying his head in Xie Zishe's chest, his body trembled imperceptibly.

Xie Zi scratched his ears, Wen said, "Oh, well, not afraid. Many immortals will come."

Lin Shu: "..."

Sister, do you know, this is a land fairy.

Even if the gangsters of Quannanxia are gathered together, I'm afraid they can't help it.

If it is a big witch ...

If the big witch comes and you have a cat, don't worry too much. I just do n’t know how well the cats do for them.
Once cause and effect has been repaid, it will soar immediately and no longer be on earth.

The cat got deeper and deeper in Xie Zi's arms. It was taken for granted. Xie Zi said after a while, "You ... are so heavy."

The cat "meowed" quietly.

Lin Shu thought that Xie Zishe was not a cultivator, but a literati, a woman, and a delicate girl, how could she hold this fat cat for a long time.

Xie Zi was trying to put it down.

The cat was desperately charming and couldn't resist it.

Lin Shu originally wanted to pick it up, but Tu Longwei, named Wei Wei, took a step forward and said, "Master Xie, let me come." Xie Zishe gave him the cat.

Wei Yi was dressed in black, straight, expressionless, hugged the cat, and looked forward without squinting. Only the fingers slightly smoothed the cat, showing a strange contrast.

The land fairy continued to tremble in Wei's arms. After half an hour, news came ahead.
The enemy marched far faster than expected, and indeed most of them consisted of corpses.

Xie Zishe ordered to abandon three of the eight cities, order them to stand still, to delay time, and to evacuate the remaining five cities during this time. Be sure to make the five cities empty cities before dawn tonight!

This decision, objectively speaking, is a bit cruel.

Xie Zishe also said "Taoguang Yangyang" two hours ago. At this moment, after all, he did not hesitate to do "kill 10,000 people to save 100,000 people".

The stars and the moon are bright, and the hearts of the people are trembling.

Pegasus entered the capital and reported frontline news that all three cities were broken.

After the five cities were evacuated, the enemy's troops continued unhindered and the marching speed continued to accelerate. At dawn, it was probably the moment when the enemy came to commit crimes.

The moon was sinking to the west and the day was dawning. Lin Shu suddenly fell down next to him: "Brother Lin!"
Lin Shu turned around and looked at it. Three years later, Cangyu has grown a little taller, but a baby boy face that has been so beautiful and clear has not changed, and is smiling at him somewhat silly.

"Brother Lin, I haven't seen you for a long time!" Cang said, "Everyone in the school said that you are actually the master of the sword pavilion ... I think, brother Lin has always been different from others, but it is very suitable to become the sword pavilion master.

Lin looked at him for a moment, but didn't know what to say.

Cangyu did not mind, saying: "The bamboo poles are coming soon! Except for the young disciples and disciples who ca n’t reach Yuanyuan, everyone is here."

As he was speaking, Yue Ruohe's figure gradually appeared in the air behind him, saying: "You are not too particular about this. Among the young disciples, there are disciples who are not good enough for Yuan Ying, and they are not good enough for Yuan Ying. Among the disciples, there are also young disciples. The two overlap each other.

"Rolling," Cang said, "What do you mean by your deception?" Yueruohe was speechless for a while.
The next moment, Yue Ruoyun appeared next to the two of them in the same way, and said with a smile: "It should be said that 'the disciples who are younger and less than Yuan Ying, the disciples who are older but less than Yuan Ying, Young disciple '! "

Cangliao said, "After you say this, Beixia should call you."

They were talking here, and more disciples of Xuegong came one after another and spread out on the city wall, among them there were many familiar faces of Lin Shu.

After a while, a flying boat came, and a piece of green spread out on the wall, like disciples of the dream hall. Shang Lingjian gave a gift to the owner of Yuetang: "Thank you brother Gao Yi."

Yuetang said: "This should be the case, there is no need to thank the teacher."

Many people from the South China Sea Sword School, Magic Sea Tower, and Jingtao Villa also came one after another.

When the sun was showing a corner in the east, Ling Baochen patted Lin Shu's shoulder: "Xiaoxianjun, you are tall!"

The girls from Baoqing and Baojing still laughed happily as they did three years ago.

However, their knives were wiped cleanly, and the cold light flashed in the mist in the morning.

These girls shouted at Ling Fengxiao's "big lady" and "big lady". Some people always thought that they were Ling Fengxiao's maids, but in fact they were not.

They are the autobiographical disciples of the owner of the Phoenix Villa, and they are second only to the owner, the young lady, and a few masters in the Villa. Correspondingly, the cultivation is definitely not low.

Ling Baochen said to Lin Shu: "Wait a while, our big farmer will be here. The young lady has been raised under the big farmer's knee, but you want to see your mother-in-law!"

Bao Jing said: "Xiao Linshu, have you seen the Queen Mother?"

Baochen clapped and smiled, "There is only one mother-in-law in the world, but you have two!"

Lin Shu was speechless for a moment, and said silently: "At this time, you should be serious." Ling Baoqing said: "We kindly help you to relieve your mood, but you don't appreciate it!"

Cangliao said, "Brother Lin, I haven't seen you in three years. Why don't you keep talking?"

Yue Ruohe said, "Brother Lin does seem to have changed a bit."

Ling Baochen seemed very proud and said, "Of course, the young man's pavilion in Jiange is more handsome than you little disciples!"

Lin Shu thought, they didn't know that they had cultivated ruthlessness.

But at this moment, looking at the old friends who surround him, he suddenly thought, What is it?

Chapter 150: Bougainvillea

Lin Shu started thinking.

First of all, compared with the time when he had no practice before, his change is very obvious, so obvious that Cangyu and Yueruohe can see it.

He asked, "Where has it changed."

"Feel it ..." Canglu muttered, "Brother Lin, you don't seem to like me anymore."

Lin Shu: "?"

Ling Baochen stunned him: "You want to be beautiful!"

"No, the eyes are different," Cang Ling gestured, "Brother Lin, when I was talking before, you looked at me, it was my eyes, now you look at me, I think you are looking at me a little bit ahead The place."

He pointed in front of him: "Here it is."

People in this era did not have the term "air", Lin Shu felt that what Cang Yun wanted to express was that he was looking at the air in front of him.

This seems to be true.

Lin Shu recalled for a moment, and felt that when he looked at everything, he felt like a thick white film. No matter what he was doing, he seemed to be out of the way.

He just knew what to do.

For example, when you see someone you do n’t know, he should not make any representations.

When I see Cangyu, I will think that this is my classmate three years ago. We have done many things together. He spoke to me and I should respond.

He seems to have become a machine with a fixed program. What happens outside, judge it first, and then do the right thing.

It also seems to be a student who has not attended a semester and only reviewed one night before the final exam. It feels rusty to face the questions on the test paper.

The ruthless way is to make people lose the exact feeling, and then in this environment, gradually get out of the ordinary? He felt that sooner or later, he would forget his existence.

After Cangyu said it, Yue Ruohe went on to say, "Brother Lin, you would still laugh, but now you are gone."

Lin Shu's thought of Yue Ruohe also had some truth, and he had gradually forgotten how it felt like anger and sorrow-although these emotions were not often before.

At this time, Yue Ruoyun added: "I think you look even better! Sisters and sisters like this lonely fairy king!"

Ling Baochen said: "Xiao Linshu, you used to be so well-behaved and fun, but if you are standing with Miss now, it's more like a pair of puppets!"

They said nothing to me, the atmosphere quickly lived, but was quickly sanctioned by Shang Lingjian.

Shangling Jane said: "Concentrate on preparing for war."

The disciples criticized by the principal were as quiet as chickens.

Then, Shangling Jane walked to Lin Shu: "What do the masters think of the battle?"

Lin Shudao said: "The corpse is hard to die. Kill the Beixia Wizard first."

Xie Zishe turned his head: "The friends of the Immortal Tao divided into two types, one was to kill the Beixia wizard, and the other was to stop the corpse. People enter the city. "

Shangling Jane said: "I think so."

After all, he looked down.

Jinguan City Tower is an important fortification of the defense of Jinguan City. Jinguan City is surrounded by mountains and is easy to defend and difficult to attack. The city wall where the tower is located is the only gap in the mountains. It can be said that it is here , Is equivalent to holding Jinguan City.

Shangling Jane said: "I have ordered the Academy to set up an enchantment in the whole city. If necessary, the Imperial City Array can also be started."

Xie Zi said: "Before your Highness returns to the city, you cannot pursue, you can only stay dead."

Shangling Jane nodded and said slowly: "At present, the mortal army is of little use. If His Highness is to bring reinforcements, it seems inappropriate."

Having said that, he looked at Lin Shu: "The owner knows where the palace is going down? Can he subpoena?"

Xie Zishe also looked at Lin Shu.

This means that we know that your relationship with His Highness is extraordinary, and you must know where His Highness is.

But Lin Shu really didn't know and couldn't contact Ling Fengxiao-Yu Fu was in Yingying's hands.

He can be sure, though.

Ling Fengxiao will not return with mortal reinforcements.

After all, this person Ling Fengxiao is reliable even if everyone in the world has dropped the chain. If these people in the capital can think of it, he will also think that they will not do anything unhelpful.

So Lin Shu said, "He won't do anything useless."

The two people did not continue to be entangled in this issue, but looked to the distance, wondering what they were thinking.

After a while, Xie Zi said: "Sir, are you doing it?"

"Reluctantly," Shangling said slowly. "After the events of that year, the realm fell, and for the next 20 years, we can't move in."

Lin Shu knew that he was talking about Mr. Meng.

Shangling Jane said: "I often think that if he was with Changyang City on that day, even if he died, it would be better than living alone today."

"Unsatisfactory things often happen," Xie Zishe said indifferently. "Things in the world may be worthy, but often have regrets."

Shangling Jane said: "I hope there is no regret today."

Xie Zi said: "Let's borrow the best words from the teacher."

After a while, Shang Lingjian turned to pick up the owner of the Phoenix, and Xie Zishe also handled the business.

Cangyu pounded Yueruohe and said, "Bamboo stick, you see, we are still disciples in the palace, but Brother Lin can be matched with the great national class."

Yue Ruohe said: "In the next day, you became the head of Heng Lianzong, and you can also be commensurate with the great masters."

Cangliao said: "That's the year of the monkey and the year of the monkey, and it will be like when you become the head of a dream hall."

Yue Ruohe said, "It is imperative that we survive today."

Cangliao said: "So too."

The sun gradually grew, and the atmosphere was like a tight bowstring.

In the mountains and mountains in the distance, there were suddenly birds flying.

Shangling Jian Shen said: "Get up!"

As his words fell, a spiritual ripple rippled from the tower!

The air seemed to be silent for a moment, then, the thick spiritual enchantment stood like a city wall ten miles outward!

The people of Xiandao pulled out their swords.

The soldiers on the walls also began to heat the artillery.

Nanxia's style of immortality is prevailing. Due to the technique of refining alchemy and refining equipment, these heavy weapons are very developed, while Beixia is good at applying poison mist because wizards study voodoo.

This is probably the difference between thermal weapons and biochemical weapons.

At the next moment, on the horizon in the distance, there was a huge shadow!

The people of Xiandao flew down and chose to defend or attack according to their respective martial arts styles.

Like Cangyu, defend in front of the enchantment to prevent corpses from breaking through the enchantment, passing blood poison into the city, and avoid premature destruction of the moat enchantment because of too many attacks!

And martial arts like Dream Hall is hidden in all things, intrigued, and there are two large-scale killing tricks of "free flying flowers" and "boundless silk rain". They all flew out of the enchantment and chose to attack the manipulators behind to manipulate wizard!

The first corpse rushed to the enchantment and was beheaded by a disciple in blue!

However, after the head was gone, its blood-red body continued to bounce towards the enchantment like a big spider!

Ling Baochen slashed his backhand, and the hot red spiritual power was wrapped around the sword, splitting the corpse's body from the middle into two halves!

Above the rift, there was a hissing burning sound.

Although the bodies of the two halves can still move, the speed has been extremely slow, and they were stabbed by other people's swords and stopped.

This is just the first one.

Looking around, the world ahead was filled with corpses!

Two hundred thousand living corpses, like a flood of blood red, or a locust plague that overwhelmed the sky, rushed to the closed gate of Jinguan City!

And there are only two thousand people in Nanxia who cultivate the immortals.

The amount of contrast is terrible, but no one is holding back.

I hope no regrets today.

Lin Shu drew his sword.
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