The #1 Pretty Boy of the Immortal Path Chapter 31-40

Chapter 31: Fleeting

Take advantage of it. Ping Yifan challenged. Fold the bamboo to win.
Fold bamboo, please fight without rain. The rain is no challenge.
Fold the bamboo to win.

Lin Shu encountered Qiu Yuchen while flying to another Yantai.

Qiu Yuchen arched his hand and said, "Sister Zhezhu, you are really hidden."

Lin Shu: "Brother is wrong."

Lin Shu's current body voice is cold, with a little sand, and it is worthy of the image of a fairy in white clothes, but she doesn't really feel comfortable with it.

Qiu Yuchen said: "Sister, you have played dozens of games today, you should rest."

Lin Shudao: "Go after this fight." Jian Guang.

Spike, pick, point, hack. After a few months, the feeling of holding the sword in the past has finally returned, with Sanchi Qingfeng in his hand. His spirit, which has been floating in mid-air, has a little dependence.

The system of immortal practice in this world is roughly the same as his previous life. First, he built the foundation, opened the meridians, then formed the elixir, penetrated the sea of ??air, and then Yuan Ying, formed the Dharma body, and then healed and rose.

To build a foundation to look at talents, Jin Dan relies on understanding, Yuan Ying is even more mysterious, and the talent and understanding are indispensable. Because of the first test of the entrance examination of the Shangling Academy, the disciples of Xiandaoyuan have already established the foundation. Or the foundation is about to be built smoothly. Famous disciples have practiced since childhood, and there are many Jindan period. Yuan Ying has not seen it yet. I wonder if the top thirty on the Zhenwu list have reached this state.

Having said that, but Jianxiu is different from Xianxiu, in his master ’s words, "I and other sword-setters, who have reached Jindan, can freely control their spiritual power and extend their lifespan. After that, they are all in their hands. Sword, until the sword is clear, you will realize the sword's heart, and you will be exalted.

In his last life, Lin Shu skipped Yuan Ying and reached the realm of robbery. Therefore, his spiritual strength may not be as good as humans, but his accomplishments on the sword cannot be said to be poor.

The man arching across the road said, "Serve next."

Lin Shu nodded slightly and turned to leave, feeling that he had the grace of Xiao Shao yesterday-although it was just because there was nothing to say.

He felt a little embarrassed.

Others have worked hard in the world for more than ten years, and finally hit the real martial arts list. However, he relied on the cultivation of his last life to open directly. Today, he has reached the top 300.

After thinking about it, Lin Shu decided to submit a few of the sword tactics he had previously learned to submit to Zangbao Pavilion, and sell them at a low price as compensation.

Although his division was withering, his inheritance was not. The harem collection of books in the harem was piled up. Except for his martial arts, all others could be passed on, and it did not violate the rules of the division.

Regrettably, he had learned the sword with all his heart, and the realm of Zhuji, Jiedan, Yuanying, etc. all came to pass. He had never looked through this type of reference material, so he only remembered some swordsmanship and mindbook cheats. Can't take it out.

Qiu Yuchen's swordsmanship is fast, but too deliberately strange and complicated, but there is no room for flexibility.

Lin Shu plans to put a copy of the "Flying Flower Sword" into the treasure hall.

Yu Wuzheng's swordsmanship is upright and peaceful, but the spirit is insufficient, and he intends to put a copy of the "Ziyang Heart Sutra" to the treasure hall.

In this way, every time a person is defeated, they hand in a cheat book and climb forward on the Zhenwu list.

As for whether they can buy cheats, they have to follow the fate.

Lin Shu convinced himself, walked out of Wuchang, and returned to the top of the mountain.

Mr. Shu Yun hasn't returned yet, Mr. Meng hasn't returned to normal, he started to practice sword on the top of the mountain himself.

Fighting with others can prove martial arts, but practicing swordsmanship is also essential. After studying and learning, you will have a better understanding of swordsmanship. At this time, practicing swords will have many benefits.

This is what his master said, but Lin Shu had no chance to try in his last life. No one can fight against him. The whole immortal road is only he and the master. The swordsmanship is the same. Even if they are learned, they use the same swordsmanship to cut each other, but it is a sharp reaction.
Speed ??is nothing.

Until now, Lin Shu understood that what Master said was really true.

The same sword tricks, practiced thousands of times by yourself, may not have a new understanding, but if you face the sword with others, it is easy to realize some subtle mysteries.

He practiced the basic sword moves for most of the hour, and then began to practice the sword technique of this door.

He was praised by Master as a mortal genius in the last life, but all the cheats of swordsmanship can be used as soon as he understands them. Only one cheat book is incomplete, and it died for five years.

From dying to junior high school to college, until that day I received a call and heard the news of Master ’s death, he stood at the gate of the school and watched the endless stream of people, suddenly realized that he was nothing more than a lonely wild ghost, and there was nothing in this world Contact, the mood changed slightly, and the first trick of the night was "forgot to return".

After passing through, the realm was loosened, and the cultivation of nowhere to enter the country gradually approached the point of crossing the robbery, and then it was the grudge against the lightning rod.

Until he was smashed here by Tian Lei, the sword technique only knew a little, and the second move never entered the country. Now picking up the sword again, naturally continue to die with it. The "empty valley forgets to return" style, the silence is vast and desolate, and the next style, "Seeing the Tianhe", has never been better, adding infinite solitude and magnificence, which means that it is indescribable.

After Lin Shu made a note of "Forgot to return to the empty valley", according to the secret book, the sword should be changed to the next type of "not seeing the Tianhe". However, whenever the exercise is here, all the spiritual power and sword intentions are stagnant. Following.

When he delivered the cheats, Master once said that there are some things that are destiny and non-human. The things in this book cannot be forced.

He died for another half an hour and made no progress. Lin Shu collected his sword, returned to the martial arts, and continued to pick people.

Now that I've found the feeling of using a sword, let's set a small target tonight and make it into the top thirty.

Then, don't worry too much about yourself, just hang it on Thirty's tail, just go to the magical mountain.

The thirtieth person was named Li Changchuan. He used a dragon gun and was fierce and overbearing.

Lin Shu will repair Jin Dan to fight with him. After hundreds of moves, the victory will be gradually divided.

Li Changchuan said: "Thank you for your enlightenment."

A line of words popped up on the stone wall: "Zhenzhu and Li Changchuan fought fiercely on the fifteenth stage of the day, and Zhezhu won."

Lin Shu intends to leave here, but finds that there are a lot of people watching, and they are all looking at themselves.

Free from the mortal body in the illusion, his ears are clear and he can clearly hear people's discussions. "The girl who broke the bamboo enters the top 30 overnight, and I have another legend in Shangling Academy."

"I greeted the crane at Shanmen this year. Indeed, there were a few outstanding new teachers and sisters, like the legendary biography of the Dream Hall, the close disciples of Gu Shanjun in the South China Sea, and the virgins in Wanghailou, but they did not look like the youngest sisters in the family."

"I don't know how many students can be ranked in the end, it is better that we start a gamble."

Lin Shujing listened quietly.

He already knew enough about the speed of rumor spreading in Xiandaoyuan. Tonight some people were watching from the platform. Then there must be a classmate to talk together before class tomorrow. Within a day, these leisure hairs are like a treasure to the top thirty The disciples at Sendoin would all know that there is such a person as a folding bamboo.

Lin Shu was very dull inside.

Even if they have great patience, no one can associate oregano with Lin Shu—they do n’t even know if Lin Shu is there, let alone their gender.

When Mr. Meng came back, the chaotic system was restored, he built another shell, and the person, Zhanzhu, disappeared like a flash in the pan.

According to the rules of the rankings, it is a bit accidental to win the game, not to mention that one person is inserted into the ranking, and the rankings of many people will change afterwards. Therefore, the Zhenwu list cannot be rashly ranked according to the victory or defeat of the first battle, and beat the 30th. If you want to take his place after the name, let the next 30 people back one each, and defeat the 31st and 32th.

Lin Shu first selected the 32nd place and successfully won. The thirty-first place is a little troublesome. Xiao Shao.
Lin Shu confirmed that he was returning to his best, and sent Xiao Shao to make an appointment.

This person, he has no certainty of victory. "Fight the bamboo and fight Xiao Shao."
Not long after, a message popped out of the stone wall. "Xiao Shao refused to fight."
This person is estimated to be too lazy to fight with someone other than the second, and simply refuse to fight. Refusing to fight is tantamount to admitting defeat, and the name of Zhezhu jumps to the thirtieth.

Lin Shuyuan should stop here, but one thing is a bit offensive to see Xiao Shao, and the other is not to play against Xiao Shao, the most outstanding of Xiandaoyuan, he feels a little sorry for the sword in his hands.

So he sent a series of invitations to fight.

Using a shell that is not his own, even his face is much thicker. "Fight the bamboo and fight Xiao Shao."
"Fight the bamboo and fight Xiao Shao." "Fight the bamboo and fight Xiao Shao."
Xiao Shao did not move for a long time, and for a long time, it seemed to be annoying.

"Xiao Shao fights." The author has something to say: Xiao Shao: What ghosts are swiping the screen, so annoying, it's fine to kill.

-Really fragrant.

Chapter 32: Wu Feng confidant

"Zhuzhu Yutian's third platform is waiting for Xiao Shao."

The people in Yanwuchang sniffed the news on the stone wall. When they heard that there was a beautiful frame to fight, they were still born today and the undefeated Xiao Shao was immediately swarming over them.

Lin Shu stood on the side of the field, holding a frost sword in his hand, which was also the sword that was attached to the girl to establish the image of folding bamboo, which was still available.

Xiao Shao refused to fight at first, and then annoyed before accepting this discussion. Presumably, his attitude was very negative, but he was not too late.

When this person landed on the field with light work, a face with a mask that could not show expression looked at himself, Lin Shu said, "Please enlighten me."

Xiao Shao didn't speak.

Lin Shu did not do more entanglement, pulled his sword, and went straight to Xiao Shao.

He no longer squeezed his strength to the same level as the other opponents, and slowly used his skills to use his superb martial arts.

In this style, the moonlight is cold and cold, and the front is sharp and difficult. The light footwork "Riubo Taxue" is changeable.

People around sighed, "What a beautiful figure!" Others said, "The sword of Zhanzhu Shimei is so fast!"
Between the voices of the crowd, Lin Shu heard Xiao Shao's voice. His voice was very low and very light, only Lin Shu could hear. He said: "Good sword!"
Lin Shu's expression remained unchanged, and among the voices, he only cared about the wind breaking the sword.

Suddenly, he seemed to be back in the distant world yesterday. He was all silent, forgetting everything, the only bright sword heart, and the frost sword in his hand.

Xiao Shaofei stepped forward, turned around, and passed the sword tip, then Yu Xiao slanted to the sword body.

If this trick hits the ground, Lin Shujian will be obstructed. The two are very close. At this moment of stagnation, Xiao Shao can quickly turn into an offense. In this way, Lin Shu can't pick up the sword and can't protect him. It must be messy.

However, martial arts are ever-changing, and the tricks are only in the blink of an eye.

Lin Shu heard the wind on the left, his wrist flipped, and the original straight sword pointed up and turned upwards, then stabbed to the left, changing the trick "sometimes wandering" and swinging like a snow sword, straight to Xiao Shao neck.

Xiao Shao leaned back, then quickly turned around, Yu Xiao turned around in the hands, stabbed the forest sparse shoulder well, a series of changes to the bank, flowing water, but also extremely fast, just like a shocking roaming dragon.

Above the ring, all were filled with Xiao Shao's magical power, and even the people watching outside felt the pressure of solidification.

The previous day, Cangyu was defeated by the control of spiritual power. Once shocked by Xiao Shao's spiritual power, his own spiritual flow will be disordered. Lin Shu is not. He is not dependent on spiritual power. In the sword, the weapons will not fall into the wind when they collide. There is no complex spiritual direction, and there is no possibility of disorder.

It is for this reason that they are now fighting almost purely by martial arts moves. In a few breaths, they have taken apart hundreds of moves, without distinction.

This is a very horrible person. Ling Fengxiao said that he was purely spiritual overpowering people, which is very uninteresting, but now the superb martial arts shown by this person is far beyond ordinary people.

Around the ring, there was no sound, and everyone was watching with breathless breath.

Lin Shu turned to the right side, trying to avoid Xiao Shao's slash from top to bottom. The snow jade flute was clearly elegant, but in Xiao Shao's hands, he made endless Xiao killing coldness, wrapped around The power of cloud crack stone.

Just when Lin Shu was about to dodge this move and was about to return, Xiao Shao turned into a stab, and the situation on the field suddenly changed!

On top of the jade flute, the spiritual power permeated to the extreme, and a clear humming sounded. The air seemed to freeze. Numerous jade flute shadows appeared in the air to seal his body.

On Frost Sword, the spiritual power belonging to Lin Shu was oppressed by Xiao Shao and quickly lost.

This is a rare sight, which means that in this world, all the spiritual power that can be motivated has been controlled by Xiao Shao, and Lin Shu has not left a star or a bit. This is a unavoidable evasion, Mo said. It was destroyed by a sword, and even people were afraid that they would be cut in half.

Lin Shu closed his eyes and clenched the hilt. Not fear, but ...

In this mortal situation, the wind whispered in his ears, and the frost sword was buzzing. He opened his eyes and raised his hand, which was still the original trick of "Moon in the Sky"!

I saw Frost Sword, the silver and white openwork sword body, suddenly shrouded in a layer of strong dazzling cold light.

A jingle sounded, the world was silent.

It is because the sword tip is opposite to the flute tube. Both castrations are stagnant.

After a short while, the huge momentum rebounded, and the two took three steps back.

Lin Shu spit out blood and raised his hand to wipe it away. Xiao Shao's situation does not seem to be very good.
"You are Jianxiu." Xiao Shao said. Lin Shu: "Yes."
The cultivator uses spiritual power, and to the extreme, there will be an image inspired by Xiao Shao. The road is unified, and the sword is cultivated. There is also such a thing, called Jianyi. Despair, something that appeared on Frost Sword.

Xiao Shao said: "Continue."

Frost sword trembled, from the tip of the sword to the blade, there were cracks.

"You are both a sword repairer and a folding bamboo sword. Why don't you use a bamboo folding sword?" Xiao Shao asked.

Frost Foil is dim, obviously it is no longer available. After the weapon is damaged, you can choose again. The weapons in the world are included in the performance martial arts field. From Fantie to Peerless soldiers, as long as you dare to use them, you can get them in dreams. The girl's choice is now broken, and Lin Shu can naturally re- select the folding sword.

He put down the Frost Foil, and the white mist slowly condensed in his hands, turning into a chilled bamboo stream with ice crystals.

But he did not make a move, but asked: "Why do you use flute?"

Unless it is a special method of doing things to defeat the enemy with music, in other cases, Xiao is not a suitable weapon.

The length is not enough, and there is no edge, can not be far offensive, can not be near, and at most can be flexible, but for people of Xiao Shao's level can be ignored. In general, it is purely beautiful, and it is arty.

With Xiao Shao's fierce killing, and martial arts tricks based on chopping, chopping, stabbing, and lattice, he obviously used single-edged weapons instead of useless jade flutes.

Xiao Shao put away the jade flute and said lightly, "I am just afraid to scare my classmates."

Lin Shu: "..." This tone is fine.
However, it seems to make sense that this person can easily defeat Cangliao with such a non-aggressive weapon as Yu Xiao. If he changes to a weapon that is more readily available, I am afraid that Cangzhen will doubt his life and Wu Chi is not foolish. Be cast out of psychological shadow.

"However," Xiao Shao continued, "Wu Feng confidant today, even with a knife." The people next to the platform took a breath of air, then stretched their necks and looked at Xiao Shao.

Yu Xiao disappeared, and the dark air in his hand was entangled. After a while, a dark long sword was condensed.

As soon as that sword appeared on the scene, the original tense atmosphere sank a bit more.

Someone asked, "Well worth it?"

Others exclaimed: "The demon sword is worthy!"

Lin Shu knows little about the world of Xiuxian. He hasn't heard the name, but I can see from the reaction of others that this knife is very famous.

The knife in Miss's hand also looked very extraordinary, I don't know how it compares to this.

The same is the use of a knife, I do n’t know how Ling Fengxiao compares with Xiao Shao — there are no people like Ling Fengxiao on the Zhenwu list. I am afraid that the young lady disdains mixing with these people and cannot see them The contest is a bit regrettable.

Xiao Shao slowly pulled the knife out of the sheath, the blade body was dull, and the power was inherent.

He said, "Come."

Lin Shu drew his sword, and it was still the "Moonrise Greeting".

Xiao Shao's reaction did not seem to have changed, but this game is quite different from the previous one.

Lin Shu's first feeling was, fast.

See tricks, tear down tricks, change tricks, even tricks, everything is more than twice as fast as the previous one! He can't hear people, can't hear the wind, and can't see Xiao Shao. Among the five senses, five inner senses and five senses, there is only one sword and one knife!

Hundred strokes, thousand strokes, Xiao Shao has entered a good state, the aura on the platform is like a river flowing backwards, the sea is stormy, the sword is killed, and the soul is trembling. Falling wind.

Lin Shu's respite was slightly quick, and he finally knew what the endangered competition was like.

How to make this move, how to keep it, how to return it, how to change it, there is no room for thinking at all, dozens of strokes have passed after one breath.

At first, it was still possible to rely on the judgments learned and practiced by Su Ri. Later, even the judgments had no time, and all depended on the intuition and the sword tricks carved in the bones.

There was noise from the audience, and Xu was fainted and exhausted.

The next moment, Xiao Shao seemed to have formed a realm with spiritual power, which blocked their eyes, okay.

I don't know what Xiao Shao's side is, but if I have learned 10% of my life, I am afraid that I have already used 11%.

This distraction, Daoman suddenly stabbed to the left chest, avoiding it.

There was a blank space in his mind. Suddenly the Lingtai was clear, he lifted the sword tip, handed the sword flat, his movements were extremely smooth, and the angle was incredible.

Only after blocking Xiao Shao's sword did he realize that what he had done was the "forgotten return of the empty valley" that he had only come to realize after years of death!

Xiao Shao's action was a pause, but a moment later, the sword surged, sweeping in the direction of Lin Shu with an indescribable trajectory. This move is like a torrential storm, in which the odd rise is beyond words.

Lin Shu set up a sword and then swung his sword to the right, colliding with Xiao Shao's blade.

At the moment of the collision, his heart trembled, his breathing was rapid, and he spit another blood.

The reason is without him, this style, this style-

It turned out that in the sword book, "Kangu forgot to return", he has been dead, but has not yet penetrated "I can't see Tianhe".

The hard-to-find trick was suddenly used by himself. His soul shook violently, his heartbeat was almost incredible, and his eyes turned black for a while, but he didn't know where it was.

It seemed that Xiao Shao was helping him. After a few breaths, the sage gradually became clear.

This fairy shell was so slender that she almost came to Xiao Shao's shoulders.

Xiao Shao's breath also seemed to be unstable--think about it, if he can still be stable at this level, then the person doesn't have to stay in the world, and can directly fly to heaven.

Xiao Shao saw the situation improved, and released him, and asked, "Are you okay?"

Lin Shu: "It's fine."

"Just the two tricks, what's the name and where did it come from?" Xiao Shao asked.

Wu Feng ’s opponents, seeing Li Xinxi, wanted to know Wu Gong ’s provenance, but Lin Shu thought about it and said, “Master is not allowed to say it to outsiders.” That cheat book is the ancestor of his own division. The division has strict orders.

Xiao Shao stood still for a while, then asked, "What's your master's name?"

Lin Shu then reported his old man's road sign indiscriminately: "Hulu Taoist."

Xiao Shao was quiet for a while, and then Lin Shu heard a laugh.

The smile was very mild, but extremely bad, which made him a little hairy.

"Continue to pretend." Xiao Shao whispered in his ear, with some meaning of gritting his teeth, "Tao Yuanjun's martial arts, the world does not know, I do n’t know, in dreams, if you get caught again Horsefoot ... "

Lin Shu :?

The name Taoyuanjun is a bit familiar.

Chapter 33: Be jealous

Xiao Shao asked, "Are you still playing?" Lin Shu: "No."
He felt that his body and spirit had been hollowed out, and now he just wanted to go back and think about the trick "I can't see Tianhe".

Xiao Shao: "Yes."

Lin Shu collected the sword and returned it to the sheath. For some reason, he used the sword with ease.

There was a Nanhai sword school senior who said that this sword is not necessary. Now it seems that it is different from person to person. In any case, he also needs to get 10,000 jade souls and switch to realistic folding bamboo.

Xiao Shao asked, "Are you coming tomorrow?" Lin Shu wanted to come.
A battle with Xiao Shao benefited more than his previous discussions with everyone, not to mention the use of "I can't see Tianhe", something that I never dreamed of.

He just opened his mouth to say that he was coming, and suddenly the ground trembled under his feet.

A voice came from outside: "No good! The stand is about to fall!"

Xiao Shao solved the obstacles, Lin Shu looked out, and it turned out to be a mess.

The ringing creaked, trembling violently, and was about to fall apart. Everyone floated in midair with light work, and after the collapse of the largest platform, the large and small platforms around them also shook and shook.

"Ground movement?" Someone said: "There will be ground movement in dreams?"

"It's not just the ground, the sky is moving!"

Lin Shu looked up at the sky, and the violent clouds rolled in the sky, revealing a lot of black cracks, which were even ridiculous.

Naturally, the dream does not move. This vibration is probably due to the instability of the dream and an accident.

As for why it is unstable.

Don't you ... he and Xiao Shao?

The fall of Yantai started from their Yantai.

"Spiritual power fluctuations exceed the limits of dreams," Xiao Shao said.

Lin Shu: "..." It really is.
The shock was getting more and more intense, and the originally stable spiritual power in the dream was madly fluctuating. At a certain moment, Lin Shu's mind suddenly became blank. At the next moment, the consciousness returned to the real world and was forced to leave the dream.

"Brother? Brother!" Seomyeon, Yue Ruoyun shouted, "Can you still dream in? How can I not get in?"

The tone is almost like asking each other if your home has a power neighbor after a power outage in the corridor. There can be no electricity, the current is too strong, and the transformer is broken. The maintenance department is traveling around and cannot repair.

Yue Ruohe said: "I can't go in these days. The brother was just in the martial arts field! The martial arts field was knocked down by Zhezhu and Xiao Shao! I have to wait for the real person from Shuji to come back!"

Lin Shu touched his nose and felt a little bit weak. He researched for half an hour in the guilty conscience, and then prepared to sleep in the guilty conscience.

The Yanwu field collapsed, and I couldn't fight with Xiao Shao again. It was a little regretful to think about it.

Another problem is that Xiao Shao seems to recognize his last two moves, and he also recognizes the relevant ones.

He felt that Xiao Shao must have admitted it wrong.

If you do not admit it, it means that there is also a cheat book in this world, then this world may be its original world, but at different points in time.

So in this world, there may be their own divisions in this world?

However, my classmates in the Xuegong Palace introduced each other's martial arts to each other and did not hear familiar names.

Forget it, everything follows, if there is, then you will definitely come across.
The #1 Pretty Boy of the Immortal Path: The first section is the alchemy class.
Lin Shu came out of the Ling Yao Garden, went to the Handan Hall where he was in class, and sat in the position requested by Ling Fengxiao.

The young lady has arrived and is looking at a book that seems to be a sword. When he sees him, he raises his head, so quietly watches him sit down, watches him take out "Pandan", and watches him start to look .

Lin Shu was seen with a bit of hair in his heart, pretending not to know, and continued to read the book, not knowing where he had caused Ling Fengxiao again.

He inspected himself, whether his clothes were neat, his appearance was neat, and his manners were meek.


At most, it was because it came out of the Ling Yao Garden and was stained with the grassy aroma of Ling Cao, but Ling Feng Xiao also incenses on weekdays, so I probably won't hate the fragrance of Ling Cao.

He ruled out all possible causes of his own, it was only the problem of Ling Fengxiao, that the woman was really speculative.

Several disciples in front were mumbling together.

Lin Shu spent so long in the Academy, and found that they all enjoyed talking about some anecdotes, shocking gossip, and the speed of rumors spreading in the Academy.

For example, today's topic begins with an accident at Yanwuchang.

"Daoyou, do you want to buy a photo pearl? The contest between Zhezhu and Xiao Shao yesterday was so wonderful!" "Dao You, you have sold the wrong person. I am a disciple of the academy and do not watch competitions."

"Do you know that the dream has completely collapsed today?" "know."
"Play your dreams in a fragmented contest! Tao You, are you really not interested?"

"A bit interesting, how many jade?" "Two hundred, only two hundred." "give me one."
Lin Shu: "?????"

Two hundred jades? that's it?
Just sell a video?

——And it's also a video of his own starring. Lin Shu was jealous.
"I also want!"

"I also want to see!"

Lin Shu closed himself completely.

After the man had sold the photo beads, several people started talking.

"It's unimaginable that Master Zhezhu could be evenly matched with Xiao Shao." "Your fairy temple is so terrible?"

"Sister Zhezhu's figure is really beautiful, but unfortunately it doesn't seem to get along well."

"This year, you Xiandaoyuan already has so many outstanding teachers and sisters, and one more bamboo fairy. It is really jealous."

"I don't know what Oshiba Takeshi was outside of her dream."

"In my opinion, even if the appearance is different, the temperament will not change. It must be a cold beauty."

Cold beauty is a ghost.

Surely the academy's brothers would not appreciate the level of the people they consulted with, and would only evaluate the looks of both sides.

Lin Shu treats those words as if he hadn't heard them, but unexpectedly someone is more stubborn than himself.

The young lady said coldly, "Shut up." They trembled for a moment.
Lin Shu thought, the young lady had the size of rice grains. She was raised by others since she was a child. Today, I heard that others praised the beauty of other girls.

As a "folding bamboo", he felt a little strange.

Chapter 34: Hide from me

The young lady is very jealous. Looking at her expression, she is in a bad mood.

Not long after, Ju Ding's real person arrived and began to teach. Lin Shu gave Ling Fengxiao a flame of fire, and the two of them practiced alchemy.

Today, you need to refine Gu Dan. This thing is not worth anything. Two hours and one furnace can be made into three pills. One person can eat one pill for ten days without eating. In the school palace, there is a dining room that serves meals. The food contains pure spiritual power, which can help Yixiuwei, so the disciples do not eat it. They only carry a bottle with them when they go out. After the disciples are successfully refined, they can be hung in the treasure hall for sale. Pills are rarely even bought.

Lin Shu was sitting on the left hand side of Ling Fengxiao. The man on the right hand side was a young man with a round face and a round face. After half of his training, he scratched his hair and said, "One pill of Pigu Dan can save ten days of food. Yesterday I heard Mr. Xiu Zhao from the Confucian Taoist Academy said in class that the harvest was not good this year, and the famines in Nanxia were all around, and the disaster relief was also difficult. Why don't we refining and distributing Gudan in large quantities to the hungry?

No one ignored him. After a long time, Ling Fengxiao said lightly: "How many people are there in a county?"

The boy with a round face said, "Five thousand?"

Ling Fengxiao said: "How many raw materials do you need for fifty thousand Pigudan?"

The round-faced boy said "Ah": "That's a lot." Ling Fengxiao said: "The famine caused famine in the year of the disaster. Even if the weather is smooth next year, it will take another year."

The round-faced boy stopped talking. After a while, I said, "I don't think so."
Ling Fengxiao didn't speak anymore, holding the jasper pestle slowly stirring Dingzhong's elixir, the mist was steaming, and she could not see her expression.

Lin Shu quietly calculated in his heart that on the day of 365 a year, a person would eat 36 Pigudan, and a county would be close to 200,000 a year. However, the famine year will never end. The land of one county affects at least dozens of counties. In this way, even if all the Lingshan Medicine Gardens are hollowed out, I am afraid it will only be a waste of money. The world is ruthless and cannot be resisted by manpower. After all, you can only live forever, and you cannot save the people of one country and one country.

He suddenly remembered that he had left Minzhou for more than two months, and that this year was also a dry year for Minzhou. I wonder what the situation is now.

How is Nanxia's situation and whether people's livelihood is suffering? He doesn't care so much now, but only cares about the Li Yamao family in Ning'an.

Because of this, he left Handan Hall as soon as he had a lesson. Yu Guang saw Ling Fengxiao looking at himself from the window and seemed to be annoyed.

He went back to his room, wrote a letter and asked what was happening at Li Yamao's house. He went to the Treasure Pavilion and changed two big bottles of a total of 100 pegotheliums. He took them to Houshan Ling Animal Farm and spent fifteen more. A jade soul rented a spirit pigeon to send a letter and elixir to Ning'an. The pigeons traveled very fast. After a day and a night, they brought back a letter from Ning'an. Li Yamao's words were crooked, but they were quite smooth, which meant that we were a little sad, but overall it was okay.
Being able to barely make ends meet, we have accepted the elixir in case of an emergency, you should study hard in the Palace of Learning and don't worry about us.

After Lin Shu finished reading, he settled down and prepared to put away the stationery, but found that there were still words behind it.

Li Yamao said, by the way, in September more than a few women who did n’t know came to the village to inquire about you. They said that they were from Phoenix Mountain Villa. They were given the order of the young lady. The villagers entrusted you to the fairy. Let us tell you the truth after ten years in the village. I don't think the sisters of Phoenix Villas are bad people. There should be nothing, but it's better to tell you.

Lin Shu: "..."

He should have thought that a person like Miss would not be as simple as observing himself.

Thanks to him, he also made a mess, and it turned out that Ling Fengxiao had already sent someone to Ning'an to check his news.

In September, it was the beginning of Ling Fengxiao's observation of herself. After the alchemy class that day, Lin Shu also saw Ling Fengxiao in the Handan Palace and wrote in the courtyard of Zhuyuan to receive the letter. Exchange information outside.

The puffer fish is a person who can't rub the sand in his eyes. In order to avoid trouble, he did not tell the little fool that he has a master. In Ling Fengxiao's eyes, it naturally became a deliberate conceal. Don't have ulterior motives, it is a potential dangerous criminal .

Then, the man suddenly drew a knife at himself in Qionghua Forest, and found out that he really had no martial arts, and his attitude gradually improved. Today, somehow, Ling Fengxiao started to examine and observe himself again. What did he do wrong this time?

Lin Shu fell into deep despair and self-doubt.

Apart from Master, what else can he do to deceive Ling Fengxiao? Have no idea.
Recently, it is better to deal with Ling Fengxiao less.

Fortunately, apart from the "Introduction to Foreign Dan" which has been completed for the past two days, there is no longer a class with Ling Fengxiao, and Ling Fengxiao's schoolwork is also very busy. The two did not meet at all. Lin Shu It is also easy to stagger the time to eat and return to the garden.

On the third day, the palace was celebrated all day—the real life of Shu Xi came back.

The original dream incident was just a little chaotic and harmless. The real person was not in a hurry to return. Now the entire dream has collapsed and the incident is urgent. The high festival wine personally took the hub of the real person and real person who was still enjoying the famous mountains and went back to school. Miya, immediately began to repair the large array of dreams.

One thing led to that. The friend who traveled with the real person of the center was named Yushi Taoist and was the teacher of the "Kistler Appreciation" class. Now that he is back, he started to prepare for the Kistler Appreciation class that has not started. The first lesson is scheduled to begin after ten days.

Lin Shu found the speculative cylinder and put it in a conspicuous position. He planned to ask the jade Taoist how to open it after ten days.

A few days later, Yu Fu lights up, the dream scene is repaired, and Mr. Meng returns. "Dao You, why did you do such a big thing while I was away?" Mr. Meng turned from the pavilion, arched a hand to Lin Shu, and smiled.

Lin Shu: "..."

Others don't know if he is folding bamboo, but there is no doubt that Mr. Meng, who is closely related to the dream world, knows it.

He said, "I was not careful."

Mr. Meng said, "Taoyou, you must blame yourself. You did not expect that the Magic Mountain opened in advance, and did not protect the large array, which made the dream much more fragile. This was our fault."

Lin Shudao: "I'm wrong."

"Well, Daoyou, it's good that you can think like this," Mr. Meng sighed. "Although I insisted on it, it is not your fault, but the meanness of Shang Lingjian said that you destroyed the dream. In a big battle, it's hard to blame. He saved Xiao Shao a sum of money and punished you. "

Lin Shu was a little flustered.

He doesn't have money to be captive.

I only listened to Mr. Meng and said, "In the beginning, the dream was chaotic and confused your image with the image of another Taoist friend, which made you use a female body. I will not be allowed to change your image for you during the year so that you can remember the lesson. "

Shangling Jane, this great offering wine is really suffocating.

Lin Shu remembers that when he first arrived at the Xuegong Palace, because he didn't talk to others in the Shangling test, he was punished by Shangling Jian and Jing Jing lived in Yiyuan. Fortunately, Yueruohe couldn't argue with himself, and he was caught by Ling Fengxiao.
Intimidation, I have rarely seen each other recently, and I have not experienced the distress. Now, this punishment can be said to have risen to another level. Within a year, if you want to fight with others, you have to use the image of folding bamboo.

He just couldn't help but stopped the game with Xiao Shao halfway through the game. He didn't reach the 30th place, and he still had to fight with Xiao Shao.

He entered the martial arts field and issued an appointment to Xiao Shao.

Xiao Shao returned quickly this time, and the stone wall almost flashed out "Xiao Shao was fighting."

Lin Shu waited on the ring. After a while, Xiao Shao in a black robe fell to the opposite side.

Xiao Shao didn't look at him, just wiped his knife slowly, and said coldly, "Aren't you hiding from me? Why are you here again for an appointment?"

Lin Shu didn't quite understand.

As soon as the performance martial arts field opened, he came up and fought hard. What did he hide?

This person is inexplicable.

Chapter 35: God is like a knife

Lin Shu didn't speak and pulled his sword forward. Xiao Shao didn't say any more, it was opposite.
On that day, Lin Shufu's spirit came to the bottom, and he made "forgot to return to the empty valley". This shocking power exceeded all his expectations.

However, Xiao Shao thought back to the trick of "forgot to return to the empty valley" and deal with the trick of "not seeing the Tianhe River". After returning, Lin Shu thought for a long time and felt that the subtle and mysterious place was not lower than himself.

It is a pity that it cannot be used now. After all, dreams are an array of personal powers. The spiritual rules they carry are limited and cannot accommodate such high-intensity simulations.

If they want to fight with that level of moves again, they must return to reality.

However, in reality Lin Shu is a sick seedling without the power of a chicken, and there is no way to fight, which makes him feel a bit sorry.

Xiao Shao's sword is getting faster and faster, the sword light is united, and the meaning of Xiao Se is boundless, like Huangsha desert.

Lin Shu confronted the sword with a sword. The two of you came and went. For a while, the court heard only the sound of the sword and the sound of the sword.

However, the moves to be used cannot be stopped. The moment Xiao Shao's knife came down, Lin Shu's body turned instinctively, swaying a sword light, and it was "forgotten to return".

He and Xiao Shao looked at each other, and the next moment, they left their palms in the palm of their hearts like spirits, and each time they spit out blood and took a few steps back.

"Ordinary competition, I can't win you." After standing, Xiao Shao said lightly.

Lin Shu: "Me too."

The sword is opposite, he and Xiao Shao can't tell the difference.

"When I was thinking about it, did you come?" Xiao Shao closed his sword and said.

Lin Shu knew what he meant.

This man is about to fight himself in reality.

If he had changed to the body of his last life, he would definitely go to an appointment, but now, not.

He said, "No."

Xiao Shao's action of retracting the knife was paused, then he slammed the knife into the sheath, and made a bang sound, saying, "Farewell."

Almost the next moment, the figure of this man disappeared in front of Lin Shu.

He went offline so quickly that Lin Shu was a little confused, and even felt that the "signing off" had some angry meaning.

The next moment, a message popped up on the stone wall, "Folding bamboo against Xiao Shao, Xiao Shao conceded, and folding bamboo ranked 30th on the Zhenwu list." Xiao Shao conceded, just as he did to the top thirty.

Lin Shu wished to get the top 30, but because of Xiao Shao's appearance, she felt that it was not a taste.

Previously, Xiao Shao had a word that worked well.

At that time, they had just passed a few hundred strokes. Xiao Shao said, "Today's Wu Feng confidant, it's okay to use a knife."

Wu Feng confidant, the weight of these four words is very heavy, more than a thousand weight.

There are so many people who practice martial arts in the world. However, Wu Wu second, if you fight, if you win or lose, it is easy to win, but it is difficult to distinguish between the two.

Wu Feng confidant is like Qi Feng's opponent.

Xiao Shao esteemed the heroes on the Zhenwu list and was undefeated in all battles. Although others looked very beautiful, it was not necessarily the case for himself.

If there are no rivals, there will be fewer opportunities to go to the next level.

But he can't fight Xiao Shao in reality, no wonder he will be unhappy.

This man confessed to losing the line, he also got the top thirty, and it has no meaning to stay in the performance martial arts field. Lin Shu returned to his dream and planned to practice a sword on the mountain for a while.

However, practicing and practicing, and remembering that Xiao Shao was gone, I felt very uninteresting, and did not want to practice the sword.

Mr. Meng saw him put away his sword and asked, "Daoyou, why not practice?"

Lin Shudao: "I don't want to practice." Mr. Meng said: "Do you have a mind?" Lin Shu didn't speak.
Mr. Meng smiled mildly: "Taoyou, if there is something wrong, or if you encounter problems in cultivation, you may wish to tell me."

It's nothing, it's just a conflict with people, nothing to say, just a joke. When it comes to cultivation, there are indeed problems.
Yesterday he had a night's dream, all over and over were "forgot to return to the empty valley" and "not seeing the Tianhe".

I woke up in the night, tossed "I can't see Tianhe" over and over again in my mind, lit the lamp again, and silenced the sword of my last life by memory, and began to see the third type of "Li Qian Qian.

This style is extremely high.

However, the graphics and descriptions on the empty paper could not be practiced anyway.

In his last life, he asked Master why this was the case. Master said that these moves, which are destined for humans, are not human, and are not things that can be learned with talent and understanding.

He is unbelieving.

Sword is a very sincere thing, and it should not have the mysterious and mysterious saying of "Destiny".

The direction of the sword move and the flow of spiritual power are there, and it should be used.

He told Mr. Meng: "I learned the swordsmanship on the sword notation. I could clearly see the moves, but I could not use them."

Mr. Meng asked, "Is it a very advanced sword?" "It's really deep," he said, "but I already know how spiritual power works, and I feel I can use it."

"That being the case ..." Mr. Meng groaned for a long time before he said, "But at this point, the sword was clear and unmistakable, but blocked in an unknown place, unsustainable?"

Lin Shu: "Yes."

Mr. Meng folded his sleeves, looked at the distant horizon, his voice was a little low, and said, "There are some tricks in the world that can't be used."

Lin Shu didn't quite understand.

Mr. Meng looked at him with a confused look and smiled, and said, "You are very young and you don't understand the truth here without world affairs."

Lin Shu: "What makes sense?"

Mr. Meng sighed and said, "It's a state of mind."

After a pause, he continued: "You know 'Phoenix Knife'?" Lin Shu: "I know."
Ling Fengxiao also practiced the Phoenix Blade in front of him a few days ago.

Mr. Meng slowly came to the edge of the cliff and looked at the Asahi in the distance. He said: "The Phoenix swordsmanship is well-known in the world, and it is a stand-alone move. Among them, there are scores of moves. "Missing the Eleventh Day of the Moon" Xiao killed loneliness ... For hundreds of years, no one can beat his edge. Among them, the most esoteric is a loneliness.

"The ancestors of Phoenix Mountain Resort used the last form of" loneliness "," Heaven is like a sword, "and one person ran over tens of thousands of teachers." The power of one person crossing tens of thousands of iron riders, the power of this "God-like will" is conceivable.

But Mr. Meng's words turned sharply: "However, although the loneliness of the sword has been passed down completely, for several generations, no one can use a trick and a half until the little phoenix of their family is born. Only natural talents can do two tricks. "

The "little phoenix" in Mr. Meng's mouth is Ling Fengxiao.

Lin Shu knows the exquisite skill of the young lady. There are also moves that the young lady can't make in the world, which is a bit strange.

"The reason is that the world only knows how subtle this knife is, but it doesn't know how it was created." Mr. Meng said lightly, "Two hundred years ago, the old was broken by the iron hooves of the Beixia Inverse Party. There was no life on the charcoal. The master of the Ling family was just a weak woman. He was accustomed to the vicissitudes of change in troubled times, and Fang Wu realized the loneliness.

Phoenix Villa is naturally the most powerful school in the world, but Lin Shu never thought of how it came.

To open such a martial art with one person's strength is not something that ordinary people can imagine.

Mr. Meng continued: "Later the dynasty moved south and divided the world with Beixia, and then it gradually settled down. Xiandao Confucianism and Taoism gradually recovered. In the old days, the sight of blood flowing into the river was hard to see, and it was like" loneliness ". "The sword," God is like a sword, "but no one saw it again."

"Taoyou, do you think, how many days does a person have to go through unsuccessful things, life and death, national enemies hate, can they understand the weight of the word" God's will "?"

Lin Shu didn't speak. He seemed to understand something.

Mr. Meng sighed and said, "These moves are like" God's will like a knife ". If there is no corresponding state of mind, unless the chance is coincident, it will be difficult to use. Therefore, even if they have unparalleled power, I would prefer you I ca n’t use it for a lifetime. Dao, do you understand? "

Chapter 36: You fierce

That is to say, these moves can't be used unless there is a mental understanding.

The ‘God ’s Will as a Knife’ at Phoenix Mountain Resort has to endure hardship and thoroughly understand the principle of good fortune, so that it is considered to be such a lonely state of mind, what about the state of mind in the “forgotten sky” and “not seeing the Tianhe River”?

Even though he didn't understand very well, he also knew that the implication of these tricks was very lonely.

When I heard the news of Master ’s death that year, I was amazed that there were no close people in the world, but I was just a lonely ghost and a ghost, and I barely realized the first form. Then I came to this world and lived in a strange land as a stranger. Suddenness may be the reason why the second style can be used. Another possible reason is coincidence, which was forced by Xiao Shao's moves.

Seeing that he had understood and did not talk about this problem anymore, the two talked about other gossip at will-mainly Mr. Meng said, Lin Shu listened, and after a while, Lin Shu went out of his dream and returned to reality .

He put the textbooks to be used tomorrow on the desk, and after reviewing the homework for that day, he began to settle in. He contacted Tuffana, and after an hour, he fell asleep.

This sleep did not rest well, and made a lot of dreams, dreaming of Jianzhao, dreaming of angry young lady, and dreaming of fighting with angry Xiao Shao.

Fighting and fighting, it became more and more fierce, and used "Kangu Forget to Return" and "I Can't See Tianhe", and suddenly woke up. After waking up, I knew the culprit of restless sleep. I did n’t know when. The autumn rain began to patter outside. The raindrops were knocking on the bamboo house. The movement was very large, the windows were not closed tightly, and the moisture leaked in.

Since the beginning of autumn, this is the first rain, and there is so much water in Shu. After this rain, it is about to usher in a continuous rain period.

The whole house was cold and wet, and it was not suitable for him to live like a child.

Lin Shu got out of bed, took out the jade box containing the essence of fire, put it on the bedside, and opened it.

The red beads emit a lustrous luster, and the warmth immediately swept the entire room, as if a flame was flowing.

He walked to the window, intending to close the leaking window tightly, but found that the atrium was still lit by a ray of flickering light. In the rain curtain, a little red shadow leaned on the bamboo fence.

Ling Peixiao, a peerless night owl, hasn't slept yet.

Lin Shu looked closely through the bamboo shadow and the rain curtain, and found that the man was playing a flute.

The extremely low sound of the flute came through the sound of rain in Xili. At night, the beauty was blowing bamboo flute. It was a very elegant thing, but the weather was a bit wrong, and the flute sound was very desolate. Listen quietly. Seems chilling into the bones.

I don't know if it is because of the sound of rain, the sound of flutes seems to be intermittent, many astringent, low enough to be no longer low, unsustainable, only after a few breaks, gradually began to rise.

Ling Fengxiao played another song, and then played another song, which is also a very depressing tone. In reading comprehension, it should be evaluated like this: "The basic tone of this song is desolate, and it entrusts the author to sigh the impermanence of the world and to be sentimental. "

Lin Shujing listened, and suddenly remembered many dark nights in his past.

He knows this song, and also learned it when he was learning the piano. It is an ancient song called "There are tall buildings in the northwest".

There are high-rise buildings in the northwest, and the sky is up with the clouds. There is a string of singing, and the sound is sad.

Sighing again and again, there is sadness in generosity. No matter what the singer is bitter, but the wounds are sparse.

Music is sympathetic. When listening to such an unhappy song, it is natural to think of unhappiness, and when he is happy, there are too few. It is human nature to be touched by the music.

But Ling Fengxiao is not like someone who can blow this tone.

The young lady of Phoenix Villa, the stars have grown up with moons, they are talented, and their martial arts are high. With the orders, countless people are willing to go to soup and dance. Such people will not have any troubles in their lives, let alone, The young lady is now only fifteen or sixteen years old, and it is too difficult to know what sorrow is.

At the end of the song, Ling Fengxiao seemed to look up at the night sky without moving for a long time.

Is it really sad?

Lin Shu found that she actually cared about the young lady—this is actually reasonable, and she has received countless holy medicine and jade of the young lady, and now she is still holding the beads that the young lady gave her to warm her up. The Lord's mental health should have a degree of concern.

This concern was arrested. When I saw Ling Fengxiao froze, his eyes suddenly looked in his direction. The light was on his side, and it was easy to find that he had not slept.

Sure enough it was found.

The young lady stared directly at his window, her eyes glazed and expressionless, like a peerless female ghost who wanted to eat people.

Lin Shu was about to blow out the candles, pretending that nothing had happened, and saw Ling Fengxiao rising from the bamboo gallery in the atrium and walking towards his room.

This man walked slowly across the bamboo path, wearing a red suit, and even his umbrella was a red umbrella, lined by a rain curtain, and was actually beautiful and somewhat desolate.

Lin Shu had no choice but to open the door and wait for the big lady to come.

Ling Fengxiao put the umbrella under the eaves, entered the house, closed the door, and looked around the room. She walked to the window and closed the window that Lin Shufang hadn't had time to close before closing her seat.

With the doors and windows closed, the room was warmer.

Lin Shu didn't have anything to entertain the young lady, he just lit up the lights and made the room brighter.

Ling Fengxiao leaned on a bamboo chair with a slightly lazy gesture, raised his eyelids, looked at him again, and said, "Ignore me and eavesdrop in the middle of the night, you are really inexplicable."

Then, the young lady leaned herself on the table and approached Lin Shu. Lin Shu reflexively a little back.
"What do you hide," Ling Fengxiao smiled, "I don't eat people." Cannibalism is better than cannibalism, Lin Shufa slandered.

Ling Fengxiao stopped just one foot away from him, and said, "You have seen me in the past few days, why do you hide?"

Sure enough, Ling Fengxiao only had to look for him, and there was no good thing.

It is the instinct of living creatures to benefit and avoid harm, and Lin Shu feels that he has good reasons for his actions.

He touched his nose and said, "You are fierce." The young lady smiled.
The beauty smiles naturally, and it is naturally beautiful. This bamboo house was originally simple and unpretentious, and Ling Fengxiao smiled here, but it seemed that the corners were shining brightly.

"You always lie to me, I am naturally unhappy," said the young lady. "If it is obedient, why is this?"

Around, it was because she had concealed the incident and was found by the young lady.

Lin Shu: "Okay."

The young lady seemed very satisfied and said, "You and I each have their own difficulties. I don't want to say something directly, just leave it alone. I'll let you go this time."

He didn't want to say that he wouldn't speak, and wouldn't want to talk more.

However, since the young lady wants to let him go, that's better. Lin Shudao: "Thank you."
The young lady said, "You have both master and martial arts." Lin Shu: "Yes."

The young lady has checked the village and knows that she has a master, but those who have no foundation in martial arts have no way to pass the Shangling test.

The young lady continued: "But the meridians are occluded, and they don't work at all-have you ever gone into a devil?"

Lin Shu didn't expect Ling Fengxiao to go into the devil, but this way, it can explain many problems. If the meridian occlusion is born, he will contradict his martial arts skills, and he will make Ling Fengxiao angry. So ambiguous: "Almost."

To go into trouble is to destroy the meridians, to repair the loss, and to fail the robbery. This is the result. There is no difference between the two.

"So you ca n’t use martial arts outside the dream ... Then I will make peace with you." The young lady thought for a while, and then said, "You have to destroy the meridians, after all, you must find a way to get through. "

Lin Shu: "Yes."

The young lady actually thought of going to solve his meridian problem? What a touching roommate.
Lin Shu was calm on the surface, but actually was not calm enough.

Just listen to the young lady continuing: "Elixir for remodeling the meridian is scarce, but it is not impossible to get it. No matter how bad it is, I can also open the meridian with your qi."

In Lin Shu's eyes, the whole body of the young lady was already accompanied by the Holy Light.

He was about to organize a language of gratitude, and suddenly heard Ling Fengxiao continue: "However, it is not feasible in the end." Lin Shu: "I think it works."

"Inappropriate," Ling Fengxiao shook her head. "It takes pain to reshape the meridians, or to open the meridians with qi, all of which are extremely painful. It is impossible to eat for a few days and nights."

No, I am willing to hurt for a few days and nights.

When Lin Shu just wanted to speak, she saw the young lady give him a warning look: "This way, you don't need to think about it in the future."

Lin Shu tried to express his resistance with silence. The young lady was unmoved.
Halfway through, the young lady said, "So, there is only one way left." There is another way-Lin Shu is slightly excited.
"You don't have to try to cultivate in the future," the young lady calmly said, "whatever I want to play, although I play, I will take care of myself. After a few years, when you get older, the meridians will naturally open up."

Lin Shu :?

He asked, "How do I get through?"

Can the meridian become better with age?

The young lady's look was a little unnatural at the moment, and stiffly said, "Not many questions."

Lin Shu :?

He said, "But ..."

"No," said the young lady. "You can just idle." Fine.

Although very skeptical, I still believe it.

"What class do you have tomorrow?" Ling Fengxiao asked.

This topic became too fast, Lin Shu almost doubted that Ling Fengxiao was shifting the topic.

He said: "The examination of the things of the Nanxia style, a comprehensive overview of the different arts, the initial introduction of the array method, and the introduction of medicine."

"It's raining these days. I'm not comfortable and can't go to the martial arts class," said the young lady, leaning back on the chair back, lazily. "How about waiting for you to eat in the morning, and then attending class with you?"

Not how.

Lin Shu is still a little afraid of Ling Fengxiao. However, because of a little fear, he refused to refuse.
In particular, although the young lady said "how", her tone was plain "it was so set."

He gave a "yell" in submission.

He glanced at Ling Fengxiao's expression, and found that the man's face was really pale and imperceptible.

It is said that how many days does a girl feel sick every month? It seems true, even the young lady cannot avoid it.
He tried to ask, "Are you okay?"

"Nothing," Ling Fengxiao said faintly. "The rain will stop." Lin Shu crooked his head.

Is it still related to the weather?

He felt that he had acquired some new knowledge.

Having said that, the two were speechless for a while, Ling Fengxiao said, "Go to sleep."

Lin Shu has no objection.

It was late at night. He was sleeping and woke up at night, only to provoke Ling Fengxiao, and he was really a little sleepy.

But Ling Fengxiao didn't seem to leave.

Lin Shu quietly returned to the bedroom, took off his robe and rushed into the quilt.

The bedroom in the bamboo house is connected to the main hall. There is only one door frame on the middle wall, and there is no door.

Ling Fengxiao didn't enter the bedroom. He saw him buried in the quilt across the door frame. He seemed to smile, and said, "I'm gone."

Lin Shu: "Walk slowly." What a wonderful evening.
There was no dream overnight. In the morning, after getting dressed and washing, Ling Fengxiao really waited for breakfast as he said last night.

They both walked side by side on the road. Lin Shu rarely got so close to people. According to his original temperament, he slipped away without a trace.

However, the young lady is already his owner in a sense. If she tries hard to overcome it, she can still live together obediently. They got up early and there were very few people in the canteen, so it only caused a small crowd of spectators, but when Lin Shu came out of the spiritual medicine garden, he was picked up by the young lady, and then they went on the way to "Overview of Alien Art" together. Hexu Tian has already been crowded, and Lin Shu has been surrounded by a wide range of people.

Look, the young lady went away with this man again! -Lin Shu can imagine what they are talking about.

Whatever you say, whatever you want. Right now, Ling Fengxiao is big.
The first class is the Nanxia customs examination. This is a class of Confucianism and Taoism. Mr. Xiu Zhao is a multi-talented student, and he has a lot of wonderful words. It is a very good class.

There is only one bad thing about this class, and that is to go with Xiao Lingyang.

Every time this person took a class with Lin Shu, he had to tirelessly find things, or talk bad things, or stabbed everywhere, but because of Ling Fengxiao, he didn't dare to get started.

Now seeing Ling Fengxiao actually come to accompany Lin Shu to class, Xiao Lingyang thoroughly exploded, looking at them both, staring, so angry that speechless, waiting for Ling Fengxiao to sit next to him, already incoherent "You guys ... you guys ... you guys!"

Ling Fengxiao: "Do you have an opinion?" "Of course I have opinions!"
Ling Fengxiao: "Opinions are useless."

Xiao Lingyang said: "How many days have passed? You just came to accompany him to class ... with him! Is there another month to go to Huan Dangshan? I also want to go! I want to Look at you! " "You don't go." Ling Fengxiao ruthlessly devastated his brother. Xiao Lingyang: "I don't agree!"
"Don't agree? If you get a class in every course this year, and then you will be praised by the Great Teacher ..." Ling Fengxiao said slowly.

Xiao Lingyang: "Can I still learn?" Ling Fengxiao: "--That's useless." Xiao Lingyang: "..."
Ling Fengxiao continued to intimidate: "If you bully him again ... think for yourself."

Xiao Lingyang finished the whole class quietly like a chicken, but Lin Shu felt that the corner of his eyes had been shining with bad intentions.

"Overview of Alien Art" is a very interesting course, which focuses on the evil ways on rivers and lakes. It is said that the purpose is to prevent disciples from being deceived when walking in rivers and lakes in the future.

Lin Shu remembers that Yi Sheng was taught in the last lesson, and Yi Rong was taught in this lesson.

The empty and real person who taught the class talked about nine easy-to- receive techniques and eighteen easy-to-report materials, including human skins.

The most excellent Yirong technique, combined with excellent Yirong materials, can be completely false, even if it is ugly and ugly, it can also become a peerless beauty. Even a weak scholar, it can also become a big man, a true Yirong master. One person can have thousands of faces, men, women, children, and children.

Lin Shu was listening and taking notes, and thought it was very powerful. Ling Fengxiao had no textbooks, so she read a book with him and said, "Your words are so ugly."

Lin Shu: "..."

Picking up a writing brush for two months and writing it like this, he has worked very hard.

In modern times, even his master has become accustomed to writing with ballpoint pens, and he naturally has no chance to touch the writing brushes.

Alright, keep practicing.

After talking about the Yirong method, the empty man began to talk about the identification method.

The easy-to-make, easy-to-make, easy-to-make, masks, eyebrows, and beards are extremely uncoordinated, and they will be terrible in the presence of water, making it easy to distinguish.

Although Yirong's appearance is impeccable, its materials are limited and cannot be maintained for a long time. It takes time to maintain, and it takes time to discover the clues.

The perfect Yirong is flawless, seamless, and can only be judged by the inconsistency of the skin and bone, but most people do not have such eyesight after all.

Someone asked how to tell.

There is another way to be empty and humane. No matter how perfect Yirong is, it is not his own face. It is unnatural to laugh and scold.
Therefore, the old Yirong often used to be expressionless and met such people. You need to pay more attention.

Lin Shu felt that Ling Fengxiao looked at herself. Don't do it. Although my face is often blank, but my face is true, so it seems that the empty way is not reliable.

After talking about this, Kongkongdao added that in addition to these easy-change methods, there is another one in the world, which is more seamless than seamless, and it cannot be recognized by any fairy god.

The disciples were curious.

Kongkong Taoist said that in this world, there is a peerless miracle called mirage. As long as you take this elixir, change your appearance like painting on paper, reshape your body like making a clay figure, except that you can't change the skeleton. Any disadvantages.

The disciple was shocked and asked how he could crack it.

The Taoist said that there is no solution, and there is no need to solve it. This raw material of Rongdan is hard to find in the world. Unless it is an amazing family with deep roots, it is impossible to get together the raw materials and make a pill. Such a person naturally You won't play with this trick of Yi Rong, take a step back ten thousand, even if Yi Rong, do not bother to do some tricks on the rivers and lakes, you do not have to be afraid.

When Ling Fengxiao heard this, she asked Lin Shu: "I have a lot, you either?"

Lin Shu: "... No need."

One pill is hard to find in the world. You have a lot of people to give it casually. Rich people really play.

The author has something to say: Miss: Express. Lin Shu: Rich woman hug.

Chapter 37: Not afraid

Ling Fengxiao said that he could accompany him for a whole day of class. Even Lin Shu went to the library to organize his books, and the young lady also sighed. Distinguished noble, put a handle beside.

Lin Shu felt that Ling Fengxiao was too boring, so she had to play with herself.

However, this man didn't say much. At most, he looked at him occasionally and did not make Lin Shu feel any discomfort.

In this way, the young lady's attention to herself is probably like a boring man raising a hamster and passing the time. He just needs to continue his life quietly.

Of course, there are times when Ling Fengxiao has to interfere with his life.

"How many jade souls do you come here to organize books every day?" The young lady asked coldly, watching him running between bookcases.

Lin Shudao: "Three." Ling Fengxiao was silent. Lin Shu can understand.
A wealthy person may not think of a tiny unit like "Three Jade Poems". After the silence, the young lady frowned, with a cold dislike: "Retreat." Lin Shudao: "Can't retreat."
Ling Fengxiao said, "Why do you have a commission for the library?" No, I just do some work and buy my sword. Lin Shudao: "No."
The lady asked, "Why do you do this?"

"After all," Lin Shu thought for a while, and said, "I am poorer."

Ling Fengxiao asked: "How many times are you entrusted to the Ling Yao Yuan?"

Lin Shu: "Five." Ling Fengxiao: "..."
Lin Shu thought that Miss might be surprised by her poverty.

No one's jade is brought by the gale, but the gap between people is huge after all. The young lady can take high-level commissions at will, kill several millennia monsters, and immediately earn tens of thousands of jade souls, and he has no chicken Force, you can only raise herbs, set books, and watch your jade figure slowly squirm.

Oh, in the top 30 of the Zhenwu list, he has a reward of 3,000 jade souls, plus the 5,000 jade souls given by Ling Fengxiao, and the entrusted reward recently saved, he has already 8,000. There are a hundred and a dozen, if you don't buy those medicines for warming the meridian, you are not too far away from the sword you want, and even the grass and the book have a lot of motivation.

Ling Fengxiao said, "Do you need jade?" Lin Shudao said, "Well."
"Retreat immediately, so do the elixir garden," said the young lady. "Go to Treasure Pavilion now, whatever you want, just take it."

The hamster raised by the young lady must be the happiest hamster in the world. However, these two commissions cannot be returned.

Although the jade is very meager, it is already the highest reward I can get in this system.

The young lady doesn't know why. If she is so good to herself, it will be difficult to guarantee that one day she will suddenly wonder why she is bad to herself.

People still have a little sense of anxiety and cannot die in peace.

And if you give up the entrustment halfway, you will not be able to pick it up next time.

He touched his nose and said, "I like grass and books." Ling Fengxiao said, "Huh?" He said no more.
Lin Shu picked up a book and wanted to put it back, but he was a little short and had to stand on his feet to barely reach it.

Ling Fengxiao took the book out of his hand, and calmly put it back to where it should be. This was the saying: "Little things that are not promising."

Lin Shu: "Yes."

He is just a salty fish with no ambition. Ling Fengxiao: "I will not retreat."
Lin Shu: "Yes."

After completing the commission of the Book Collection, it was just a short time later, when the rain came out from the haze, the rain was very small and there was a tendency to stop.

Ling Fengxiao was a little bit embarrassed today. When she saw Yu Xiao, she didn't even hit her umbrella. She was going to stay under Lin Shu's umbrella.

Na Helin's body has not yet opened, but she is very small, shorter than Ling Fengxiao, and has no strength on her arm. It is difficult to keep raising the umbrella. Ling Fengxiao was hit by her hair twice. Later, he took the umbrella from Lin Shu and changed from Lin Shu's umbrella to Lin Shu's umbrella.

This time I was clean, and it was very appropriate from position to angle.

Lin Shu thought to herself that the young lady was not difficult to get along with.

Back in Zhuyuan, Ling Fengxiao was a bit busy. To test Xiao Lingyang's homework, Ling Baoqing and Ling Baochen heard that the young lady was idle today and came over to ask Ling Fengxiao to point the knife.

The young lady was lazily leaning on the chaise couch, listening to Xiao Lingyang's endorsement, and watching the girl dancing.

Xiao Lingyang's attitude today is very good, and he didn't look for Lin Shu's things, just looked at him a few more times.

This person was not normal, Lin Shu was vigilant. He looked around.
In the atrium, martial arts practice and endorsement, even the two brothers and sisters of the Yue family are tirelessly raising the bar.

Yue Ruoyun said: "The letter from my father said that there will be no rejuvenation when flowers are reopened, and we are required to study the arts of martial arts in the Palace of Learning.

Yue Ruohe said: "These words are not quite right. People can make sense even when they are young, and the flowers are dying. How can there be a reopening day?" Yue Ruoyun said: "You are really unreasonable. This means that there are flowers on the tree. This year's flowers have been thanked. Next year, there will be new flowers blooming. This tree can be a flowering tree every year. It is impossible to be a young person every year. "

Yue Ruohe said, "You have a problem saying this, the new tree is blooming, analogy to a young man in life, the old tree is blooming, can you say it is a young man? This is not smooth."

Yue Ruoyun said: "You are too groundless to say that the old tree is blooming, but it is a metaphor from time to time. Every tree is still leafy and blooms and bears fruit. No matter how old you live, you cannot say that it is an old tree. It's a big tree. "

Yue Ruohe said, "According to what you said, the age of a tree is divided into a small tree and an old tree. Wouldn't it be the same year as the rest of the year? So I said," The flower has 'Reopening Day' is really not very interesting. With pen and paper, I have to argue with my father today. "

This can also raise the bar, which is really amazing.

The more the clouds fell, the more they went to get paper and pen, the bar paused.

Lin Shuwen finished his homework today and watched the girls quietly.

The Phoenix Sword has its own system. The girls all learn the Phoenix Sword, but the specific swords are different. Ling Bao is practicing "Lingyun Nine Style", Ling Baochen is practicing "Yaochi Buer", and Ling Baojing is practicing "Moon Missing Eleven."

And the big lady will.

Ling Fengxiao was looking at Ling Baochen's knife at this time, and was telling her the essentials. Suddenly her gaze swept across the black bamboo forest in front of her, and she said coldly, "Who?"

Everyone held their breath. There was no trace of movement in the bamboo forest. Ling Fengxiao raised her hand suddenly.
Several turquoise bamboo leaves burst out, and in the sound of smashing air, there was a slight “squeak” in the distance of Wuzhang, and after a while, it was screamed again.

Ling Fengxiao took out the night pearl, let Lin Shu and Xiao Lingyang follow closely, and the girls with martial arts spread out, turned away the bamboo forest, and headed towards those two places.

On the ground where the sound came, there were two big palm-shaped, black things like birds.

Its neck is cut off by bamboo leaves, its head is a crow, its beak is a pointed hook, it has no feathers, its wings are like bats, and it is extremely ugly and indescribable.

In short, there is a malicious unknowableness spreading all over the body. Ling Baoqing said: "Here it is again!"
Ling Fengxiao picked up the jade charm, looked dignified, and said, "I'll go to Mr. Dream."

Lin Shu asked: "What is this?"

"Well," Ling Baoqing said, "Dirty things in Beixia, I am afraid that when the dreams were damaged a few days ago, the mountain guards were also unstable, so they flew in, thanks to Miss Wang's discovery! Good danger!"

Xiao Lingyang's face was a little white.

"Not necessarily," Ling Baochen said, "Fifteen days ago, Zhanzhu and Xiao Shao fought. Although the second half was covered by the enchantment, the first half was written down by the disciples with photo beads and spread around, thinking that Beixia was outside. Come on. The practice of martial arts by the two of them is already the future state of Yuan Ying. I think it is only one line behind the young lady ... If it attracts the attention of Beixia, it is not impossible. "

How did it involve Zhezhu and Xiao Shao?

"Lin Shu," Ling Baochen replied sharply, and said to him: "Do you know why we obviously have different schools, but we are gathered in the school? Why should we change our image in the dream to learn from each other?"

This is indeed a problem. The disciples of various schools can obviously grow up in their respective schools, but they all have to come to the palace for further studies. Mr. Meng ’s interpretation of Yanwuchang was to prevent disciples from discussing in reality and causing unnecessary injuries. However, listening to Ling Baochen ’s tone, there was another secret.

Lin Shu: "I don't know."

Baochen said: "When you grew up in a ghost town, you naturally don't know the tragic case 20 years ago ... Within a year, many young geniuses with high hopes were killed in succession, even Confucianism and Taoism. No one was spared! It was said that everyone was in danger at that time, and it was actually Beixia's handwriting to check up and down for a long time! They used these methods to curb my strength of the Xianxiandao.
After the matter was investigated, the Great Master gave the big festival. The job of wine, the expansion of the Shangling Academy, and the acceptance of the world ’s talents are both training and easy to protect together-we have an unbreakable mountain guarding team and so many Xiandao predecessors, and nothing has happened. "

Ling Baoqing added: "But Beixia still drives these monsters from time to time to explore, and now they are there, it's too deceiving! Is Xuegong the place where they want to come?"

It turned out that Xiandao is not a very peaceful place, and there are powerful enemies. If the immortals who cultivated for the depths played for the dynasty, they could exert a terrible power, and as the enemy of Nanxia, ??if the future immortals could be strangled in the cradle, it would be better.

Nanxia established the Xuegong Palace to protect young fledgling disciples, and then set up a dream performance martial arts field. Everyone used virtual appearances and names to discuss with others to confuse everyone's strengths. The folding bamboo and Xiao Shao played well. They Realm is good, martial arts, but who knows who these two are in reality?

Lin Shu thinks this protection mechanism is wonderful.

As she thought about it, Ling Fengxiao opened her eyes and said, "Mr. Meng said that investigations should begin immediately. It is unclear how many monsters are in Shangling Mountain. We are required to protect ourselves."

Ling Baoqing took the initiative and said, "We escorted His Royal Highness to the Xuantian Round."

Ling Fengxiao: "Okay."

Xiao Lingyang looked at Ling Fengxiao and said, "Can you do that?"

"What about me," Ling Fengxiao laughed, "they didn't dare to make my idea, you quickly turn to the sky, just follow the Great Teacher."

The girls drew their swords to guard each other and escorted Xiao Lingyang back.

Ling Fengxiao said to Lin Shu: "I will take you back to your room."

Waiting for Lin Shu to return to the room, this person had to watch Lin Shu sleep again before giving up.

He even stood at the bedroom door and asked politely, "Can I come in?" Lin Shu said yes. The young lady frowned and asked again, but if I entered your bedroom, was it a bit abrupt?

-This posture looks like a man going into the girl's bedroom. Lin Shu said it was not abrupt.
Ling Fengxiao came in, and even closed the window for him and pressed the corner.

"There are more than one kind of monster in Beixia. There may be something wrong with Xuegong. I will cope in Jasper Sky, and I will not sleep tonight." Ling Fengxiao took out the essence of the fire and put it on his pillow, his tone was very gentle , Said, "Are you afraid? If I am afraid, I will always stay here."

Lin Shudao: "It's fine."

Although I don't know what kind of thing the monster is, he is so inconspicuous that he probably won't be the target.

But lying people always talk softer and weaker than when they are standing. It sounds a bit dull. They are strong outside and strong, and even Lin Shu himself is frightened by this weak sound.

The young lady was completely no longer fierce, although her tone was mild, but very gentle.

"Not afraid," the human said, "I'm here."

Lin Shu buried himself in the quilt. Yu Guang saw Ling Fengxiao gently blow out the candles, and felt unexpected safety.

Chapter 38: Do you like it

When Lin Shu woke up, the sky was bright.

Tianguang came in from the window, reflecting the silhouette of Ling Fengxiao. The young lady did not sleep all night, at this time was reading a book, lowered her head slightly, a few strands of hair slipped on her forehead, and her posture was very beautiful.

The man's knife was out of the sheath, and it was laid aside, so he could shoot at any time.

Jingfeng Xiuyuan is roughly located in the center of Jasper Sky. In this way, no matter where there is movement, Ling Fengxiao can catch up with it as fast as possible.

However, Ling Fengxiao is still here, and nothing happened this past night. Lin Shu got up from the bed and rubbed his eyes.
Then I heard Ling Fengxiao say, "Wake up?" Lin Shu: "Yes."
Ling Fengxiao said, "You sleep a lot."

Lin Shu's consciousness is indeed not shallow. The quality of his sleep in these two lives has been very good, which is about nothing.

However, the young lady actually stayed with her all night, Lin Shu felt very wonderful.

Who would have thought that a month ago, he was still threatened by the young lady to peel.

Not only peeling, but also pulling the tongue to feed the dog. Really impermanent.

He got up to wash, then put on his robe and put on his crown.

Ling Fengxiao waited for him to finish, closed the book in his hand, and set it aside-Lin Shu realized that it was his own "Xuan Xuan Yang Mai Jing".

Right, in addition to the textbooks in his room, there are only Yangmai Jing and two secret books about building foundations. Ling Fengxiao naturally would not read books about building bases. Lin Shu reasonably suspected that this person's realm must have reached Yuan Ying.

Zhuji, Jindan, and Yuanying completed these three steps, which is to lay down all the foundations for Xiuxianyangqi. The only remaining thing is to accumulate reiki, practice martial arts, and accumulate enough depth.

"Nothing happened last night," Ling Fengxiao said, "classes are closed today."

Lin Shu looked at the jade charm, and she saw a line of words appearing on it: "The North Xia monsters have been mixed in, but the clearing has not been confirmed. Daoyou, please stay in Zhuyuan today and never go out."

There was some noise outside Zhuyuan. Two real people were starting the magic circle.

When Ling Fengxiao saw him looking over there, he said, "Monsters are different from strangers, so they need to be explored by arrays."

Lin Shu nodded.

In Beixia, he had read some books. In Nanxia where he lived, Xiandao was the main place, but Beixia stood in the magical way, and used witches as the state religion.

Cultivation of immortals and magic was originally just a different path of cultivation, but it was manifested in martial arts and magic. After all, the magic path was cruel. Therefore, the Nanxia people often thought that the Northern Xia were evil and cruel, and even those who practiced the path of evil demon.

The fact that the monsters appeared in the Xuegong was really a big event. Either someone was spreading the demon species in the Xuegong, infected the birds and beasts in the Xuegong, or there was a North Xia shaman infiltrating and making plans, no matter which kind of possibility , Are full of sinister, I do not know how the palace will respond.

Lin Shuzheng thought wildly, but saw the young lady look up at him from the window, her eyes seemed to smile, and asked, "What are you doing?"

Being accustomed to being fierce, the young lady suddenly was as kind as spring breeze, and for a while she really couldn't adapt.

Lin Shudao said, "Think of monsters."

"What's wrong with it, you're dirty," said the young lady from the bamboo chair under the window and came to him. "You don't need to worry about these things, just the same, stay by my side these days."

Lin Shu said "um".

If replaced by his previous life, he naturally has no fear of monsters, but now he has no power to bind the chickens. Although the monsters have no reason to find their own affairs, following the young lady is more secure than staying alone.

After all, it is the instinct of a creature to seek advantage and avoid harm.

Ling Fengxiao asked, "Do you always get up at this time in the morning? What do you do afterwards?"

Lin Shu replied: "It's this time, and then practice the method of vomiting in Yangjing."

Ling Fengxiao said: "Then you are very diligent." Lin Shu blinked.

He felt that the young lady had a tendency to become Mr. Dream. Instead, when she got up at this hour every day, the young lady had already practiced a knife in front of the peony bushes, and when she was sleeping, the young lady was always in the room or The lights are on, or what to do in the atrium, and the level of hard work is simply amazing. Lin Shu is ready to be criticized by the young lady for being lazy and lazy, but he did not expect to be praised for his diligence.

Then, I heard the young lady say, "It doesn't have to be that way." Lin Shu: "?"
What are you doing, miss?

Even Mr. Meng, although boasting without any bottom line and principle, still encourages people to cultivate well.

Just listen to the young lady continuing: "After all, you cultivate as you don't."

Lin Shu: "..."

This is true, but after all, it is not very nice and harsh.

But Miss's next sentence sounded good again: "With me, I will never let you be bullied. You can play as you please, and you don't have to force yourself to practice."

Lin Shu didn't think so.

Not to mention that he still has some hopes of resuming cultivation, but only to say that the entire school has a strong learning atmosphere. Almost everyone is studying hard and practicing martial arts.

He said, "But everyone is working hard." "You care what they do," the young lady looked at him, and said lightly, "If I can cultivate by hard work, they are afraid to be more diligent than now."

Lin Shu was amused by the words of the young lady, and could not help but smile when she remembered the desire of Xiandaoyuan to be rich.

Then she saw the young lady looking at him, her voice softened, and said, "You may wish to laugh a little more."

Today's young lady is too gentle and pleasant. It seems that she took the wrong medicine. When Lin Shu was staying in his home for the last time, he heard his roommate call his little girlfriend and saw that he had never used such a tone.

He thought for a while, and while the puffer fish became a dolphin, he finally asked the sentence that he always wanted to ask: "Why do you raise me?"

The young lady seemed to have heard a joke, and said, "I don't support you. Should I support Xiao Lingyang?"

Yeah, shouldn't you raise Xiao Lingyang? Lin blinked blankly: "I don't think it should."
"There is no difference between being close," said the young lady. "After a few years, he will look like an adult, so I will not care about him, but you have to stay with me for a long time, and I will naturally support you."

This statement was taken for granted, and there was no ups and downs in his tone, as if to make a statement, even Lin Shu had to believe it.

But it shouldn't.

With so many people in Xiandaoyuan waiting to be supported, why did the young lady pick herself up? The meaning of listening to this is still long- term. Is the young lady too perfect, the martial arts too high, the material must be reversed, do you like this kind of small salty fish with no ambition to eat and die?

This is not as bad as the pie falling from the sky, and it is also possible from the perspective of probability.

Thinking about it, I saw Ling Fuxiao's Yu Fuliang. For a moment, Ling Fengxiao said, "Let's go down." Lin Shu: "Hey?"
"The monsters in Beixia this time are different from the past, and it is difficult to detect even the magic circle," Ling Fengxiao said. You can also see where the monsters are when you look at everything. The more Ruohe and the more Ruoyun have not yet reached the fire, you must invite the owner of the old church.

Lin Shu: "Yes."

Ling Fengxiao suddenly came to the spirit, with a faint smile in her eyes: "Go to Houshan, I will take you to look at the night."

There are spirit beasts in Houshan, and Zhaoye is a horse.

A white horse with no traces of variegated horses, eyes with gods, bright fur, and a robust body. At first glance, it is a rare god.

As soon as the horse saw Lin Shu, his huge head came together, and a pair of black glazed eyes turned out to be human and curious.

"You know who to kiss." The young lady turned to her horse, her posture indescribable.

According to the night, he continued to gather around Lin Shu, and it was very important to slap him, Lin Shu retreated.

"Don't scare him." Miss patted the horse's head, said. He snored according to the night and still wanted to move forward. Lin Shu looked up at Ling Fengxiao.
Ling Fengxiao reached out to him on the horse's back: "Come."

The horizon rose at the beginning of the day, and the light shone on the young lady, and it took a moment to shake people's eyes.

Lin Shu shuddered and reached out.

Ling Fengxiao grabbed his wrist and supported him with an invisible force. After a while, he landed on the horse steadily.

Ling Fengxiao untied the horse rope and rushed forward according to the night. It was extremely fast and stable, making people feel as if they were sitting in the clouds and running. Very pleasant.

The sound of the wind was the voice of Ling Fengxiao behind him.

"Yuelaotang's old age is a bit confused, and he has a weird temper. When he meets, don't talk to him more," said Ling Fengxiao. "As long as you talk to him, you will know the brother and sister of Yue family How did you learn how to raise the bar? "

Is it a veteran? That really is the upper beam is not right.

On both sides of the mountain road, the high mountains lined up next to each other. Between the clouds and fog, the green trees and red maples shined, and they splashed deeply and deeply. Looking forward, the sky is high, as if there is never an end. There are many different feelings when you come.

Ling Fengxiao leaned forward and asked him, "Do you like it?"

Due to horse riding, the man was sitting behind Lin Shu, and leaned closer again at this time, his voice was so nice that he could not speak. The faint smell of blue musk was also lingering on the nose, which was fascinating. This way, the whole body has been messed up and down, and I have forgotten how to breathe, which is very disturbing.


Being nurtured by people has to test their psychological quality and the risk of triggering allergies.

Ling Fengxiao seemed to think he was scared, and chuckled: "I won't fall, I'm not scared."

Lin Shu said "um", trying to calm his breath.

However, Ling Fengxiao's concern did not stop with verbal comfort, but was put into practice. His arms gently wrapped around Lin Shu's waist, and stabilized his shape immediately.

Lin Shu: "!!!"

He is now like a fish being patted on the beach by the waves, while beating his tail in a panic and despair, while struggling to adjust his breathing, relax his body, and calm his mind.

When it was about to be overcome, it happened to happen that Ling Fengxiao asked again, "Are you better?"

Lin Shu's heart jumped, his breathing was chaotic, and all his former efforts were abandoned. He had to readjust.

This day cannot be passed.

The author has something to say: Brother Shao: Yes, his wife fainted. He faints you.

Chapter 39: Injustice

Ling Fengxiao is a little bit more controllable, and the speed of night light is slightly slower.

"you're uncomfortable?"

Lin Shu was indeed a little nervous, grasping Zhao Ye's beautiful horsehair with his right hand.

Hit him by night. Lin Shudao: "Hand."
The young lady first said, "Huh?" Then she gently retracted her arm: "I was negligent for a moment of negligence."

Lin Shuxin said, in fact, it can not be regarded as rude, it is just ordinary touch, the reason is that Ling Fengxiao was afraid he would fall. The ancient world paid attention to etiquette and law, and the young lady was a girl again, so she was half-carrying herself behind her back. In this way, she still took advantage of other girls.

But if Ling Fengxiao didn't take his hand away and walked for a while, I'm afraid he would carry his breath away.

He didn't know exactly when it happened.

I just remember that when I was in my teens, I learned a little, knowing that most people in this world live in groups, but they didn't dare to talk to others anyway.

At that time, he thought about the past, when he was very young. When he was still in elementary school, he went to school alone and left school, and all the students around him gathered together in a joke and laughed. He felt that a person's life was actually very young. It was already finalized.

It's not that when you are not dealing with others, you walk down the aisle, and suddenly a pencil rolls down from the ground in front.

On the seat next to the aisle was a fat little man with a high toe, and grinned, "Little dumb, pick up the pen."

I picked it up, or didn't pick it up, I can't remember, similar situations have happened too much.

At this time, other people in the classroom often draw a crowd around. He picked it up and was said, "Hey, the little dumb can understand you!"
Without picking it up, someone said, "He can't speak, can't he hear his ears?"

The people on the sidelines laughed.

The memories are often vague. I do n’t remember the specific details. I just remember those eyes with malicious light flashing. The laughter was all bad. The whole classroom was filled with the heat of the human body. The heat was like the breath of an ugly monster. A mixed stench.

He wanted to leave, leave these things, and run as far as possible.

Escape to a place where no one else except yourself can breathe smoothly.

It seems that over time, it has become what it is now, severe allergies, allergens, living people.

The lingering lingering fragrance of Ling Fengxiao pulled him out of his memories.

This scent smells good. The young lady has a bad temper, but after all, the bad light is bright, candid, and there is a cause for every anger, and no revenge after being angry, neither bullying nor pretending to be angry, even if you were a kid, you must have been with the tyrannical fat man different.

If this response had already penetrated the bone marrow and coexisted peacefully with the young lady, it would not be totally unacceptable.

In this way Lin Shu thought for a long time in silence and suddenly realized that-was he justifying for Ling Fengxiao?

In order to maintain a friendly relationship with the rich woman, she actually tried to overcome the psychological shadow of more than a decade.

Lin Shu is about to abandon himself.

Although the young lady removed her arm from Lin Shu's waist, she still had to control the horse after all, so the posture of the two did not change much, and Lin Shu was still held in front of the young lady.

He took a few deep breaths and finally got better.

The speed at night gradually got faster, and after half an hour, it was galloping on the mountain road again.

Ling Fengxiao said, "Are you okay now?" Lin Shu: "Yes."
There was a slight smile in Ling Fengxiao's voice: "Zhao Ye has a twin brother called Zhao Xue, who is raised in Fenghuang Mountain Villa. Like Zhao Ye, he is a famous **** in the rivers and lakes. He looks beautiful. I am You have stayed for many years, and you must not be afraid of horses. "

Miss's things, from elixir to treasures to horses, are all precious treasures, and they are not soft to send people, Lin Shu will be numb. But this time different, he found a blind spot. Lin Shu: "Many years?"
"Four years," Ling Fengxiao said, "I thought at the time that I would graduate from the academy in Japan and travel the rivers and mountains. If there is no good horse, after all, I am not happy enough. If you want to accompany me, you must use the same mounts, just to night According to twins Xue Xue, they are raised. "

Lin Shu probably understood the logic of the young lady.

It turned out that the young lady did not care about hamsters for a while, but had long planned.

Cages, rollers, and rat food are prepared first, and then go looking for a pleasing eye and take it home.

——Miss, do you do that, does your fiance know?

Oh, there is also a possibility that according to Xueyuan, it was prepared for the fiancée who had never met, but the sky was too bad, and the fiancé died. The young lady began to give up by herself, and raised hamsters. The original preparations, naturally Also enjoyed by hamsters.

He no longer speaks, Ling Fengxiao also concentrates on controlling the horse, and runs along the night, it is a spiritual horse. Such a speed is not much more than the light body spell of Xiu Xianren. After only one hour, it has already been After passing several cities, I came to a fairy mountain surrounded by clouds.

There is a road stone under the mountain that reads "Stop for mortals."

There is no reason for it. The Xianjia school has many mountain guards and raises many beasts and birds. Many of them are fierce. If mortals who have no practice do not intend to step in, there is no guarantee that nothing will happen. Therefore, once there is such a road stone, it means that the Xianjia Realm is ahead.

Rumentang, the school of Yueruohe and Yueruoyun.

The night slowed down, entered the mountains, and walked through a rugged mountain road, his eyes suddenly opened up.

On a very slow half-hill slope, a few acres of Xianzhuang are located next to the mountains and the water. The shape is extremely simple and elegant, almost integrated with this mountain forest-this is also in the same vein as the "Dao" walked by Dream.

The whole immortal road is divided into two schools, "Broken Road" and "Combined Road".

For example, Ling Fengxiao uses martial arts to control the aura. It is a "broken path". After it is repaired to the extreme, it can be separated from the rules of heaven. At this time, the sky breaks through the thunder and thunder, and if it is successfully crossed, it will be able to leave the world in the future. , Into the fairyland, called "flying."

"Combining Taoism" is different. The cultivators who follow this Taoism respect the Heavenly Taoism and mainly comprehend the rules of the Heavenly Taoism. Wugong moves also rely on this. When they enter the highest realm of the Enlightenment, the soul is assimilated with Heavenly Heaven, and the physical body dissipates in heaven and earth. It is called "feathering".

Located on the west side of Shudi, this dream-like hall is just the "Heaven" people. Its famous internal skill "All things are in me" can feel the dynamic changes of hundreds of miles of grass and trees. The monsters are mixed into the school palace. At its source, asking for help such as Mengtang is the fastest way. The purpose of Ling Fengxiao's visit is to invite the oldest master who has the deepest internal skills to get out of the mountain. Ling Fengxiao dismounts, and then Lin Shu dismounts. After they land, they immediately go to knock on the mountain gate: "Shangling Xuegong Ling Fengxiao asked to see the owner of Yuetang."

Some disciples in the green clothes checked the palace's tokens and led the way: "Miss, come with me."

Alas, all the people in Xiandao, together with the little disciples in the mountain, know that Ling Fengxiao is a big lady.

All the way through the water and around the water, came to the main hall, sitting on the top of a dark green robe, a clear-looking middle-aged man.

Ling Fengxiao said, "Yuetang Lord, don't come here."

Yuetang said: "Miss came to the Pipa, I wonder what happened?"

Ling Fengxiao explained the matter briefly, and then said, "There is an emergency and I have to come and disturb. If the master of the Yuetang or Laotang can give a helping hand, Xuegong is grateful."

After listening to the master, Yu Rong said, "The major factions are connected with the same spirit, and the Xuegong is a place where young disciples of various factions gather. Rumentang must do his best to help each other."

Ling Fengxiao said: "The juniors thanked Gui Gaoyi."

"It should be so, don't need to say thanks." Yue Tang said this sentence, but he was embarrassed and said: "This matter is of great importance.
Everything is working in me. My father is the most exquisite. If he comes out, it will be safe ... ... However, my father is very old, and he has become even more confused in the past two years. Now I do n’t even recognize it. I just have fun, and I do n’t know if I can move. "

Ling Fengxiao said: "Right and try."

Yuetang said: "It can only be this way, please come with me." Walking across a bridge, a corner of a gazebo was exposed in front of it. The plaque on the pavilion was engraved with the words "Sword Like a Dream", light and secluded.

If no one is seen, hear the voice first, there is a hidden meaning of dispute.

The main face of Yuetang was a little embarrassing: "My father likes to argue with others, so I asked Mr. Yamashita to talk to my father, and the two laughed."

Ling Fengxiao laughed: "The old church owner's heart is really enviable." The owner of the Yuetang also laughed.
Lin Shu observed the young lady secretly, and found that when this person communicated with outsiders, she thoughtfully and thoughtfully, but was not overly enthusiastic, but did not lose her politeness. She was very calm and nice.

As they approached, the voice in the pavilion gradually came and the situation became clearer.

In the middle, a wooden, wheelchair-like thing was parked. On it was an old man with white hair but a rosy face and a healthy body. He was wearing a dark green robe, which was like the color of a dream hall. The older the church owner, the more unclear it became.

The main body of the old church was healthy, with no signs of illness on his face, and his eyes were a little muddy. He was indeed not very clear. The white-faced gentlemen sitting beside him were pale, seemingly unlovable.

I saw a few of them talking to a nun, seeming to signal him what to do.

Mr. Na shouted his spirits and said, "When it comes to the scenery of the day, the three types I like most are the morning of learning, the afternoon of Xiaoxiao and the night of langlang, early morning, the cool breeze, just happening to read, and when I take a nap, The rain sounded outside the window, don't have a sense of interest, and the moon is clear at night, looking for friends, poetry ... "

Before he finished speaking, he was interrupted.

"You're not smooth," cried the more you slapped the wheelchair, "It's good to have a clear breeze in the morning, but once it does, the sun will shine at noon, and if it rains at noon, it will be muddy at night. There is no star and no moon. If the wind is clear and bright at night, and it will be a sunny day tomorrow, how can you teach this picky person to be satisfied? "

Mr. Na said, "The world cannot be perfect. In one day, the three have only one of them, and they are satisfied now."

The less muddy he continued to slap the wheelchair: "If you like rain at noon, you must hate the breeze in the morning. If you like the moon at night, you must also hate the rain at noon. How can you say that all three like it? Paradox!"

When they talked about the wind and the moon, they even called the old club's main bar up. Lin Shu was stunned. As Ling Fengxiao said earlier, today he can understand how the two brothers and sisters of the Yue family got the bar.

There are two small sticks of Yue Ruohe and Yue Ruoyun. It must be because there is an old stick that is more and more muddled. As the saying goes, "the upper beam is not right and the lower beam is crooked." Presumably there are many more in this dream hall The old and young big bars and middle and old bars are not too small. If they are gathered in the same room and all the people are in the same room, the scene is really indescribable. Just thinking about the barbell, Lin Shu felt a big headache, thinking that he would stay away from Yueruohe in the future and had no relationship with this group.

The master of Yuetang has this old one, and there are two younger ones, such as Yueruohe and Yueruoyun. It seems that they have to hire someone to accompany the old father to raise the bar. The old church owner was obsessed with raising the bar. No matter what it seemed, he seemed to enjoy it. Even the Yue church owner said that there was nothing he could do. I didn't know how to ask him to go down the mountain.

Thinking about it, Ling Fengxiao was suddenly holding his sleeves, and the two of them stepped forward together and sat down at the stone table.

Ling Fengxiao said faintly: "The older you are, the older you are, and you are just wrong."

Looking at this posture is to raise the bar with the less turbulent. The young lady is really versatile.

Chapter 40: Festival liquor

Ling Fengxiao said: "In the past, I went to Yunnan to visit Xuanshuimen and spent some time in central Yunnan. The wind in Yunnan is very changeable in the early morning. It ’s cold and windy, and in the morning, the sun is shining. If it is July or August, it will rain suddenly. The rain comes very quickly, and it goes quickly. After a while, the sun will come out again. The rain on the ground is dry and the night is beautiful. The gentleman said that he loves these three kinds of things. If he goes to Yunnan, he will be perfect.

Mr. Na also realized the glance, and quickly descended the donkey: "The girl said that she had spent three years in the Yunnan Province in one day, and indeed there were three kinds of things in one day."

Ling Fengxiao also said: "There are so many lands in Yunnan, poisonous insects run rampant, and you ca n’t go naturally with the respect of the old church owner.

The old church owner stared at these people back and forth, his beard shaking, half a ring, and a "snoring" sound: "What you said is also reasonable."

But after a short while, he blows his beard and stares again: "You said that Central Yunnan, I can't go to Central Yunnan, how do you get the fine skin and tender meat of your baby? It must be colluding with this thief and deceiving me! What a reason! "

Ling Fengxiao said unhurriedly: "I was born in Fenghuang Mountain Villa, with a body away from the fire, so I am not afraid of being frightened.

The more confusing I was, the more I looked at Ling Fengxiao, suddenly I flickered, left the wheelchair, and patted Ling Fengxiao with my palm! With this palm, God is full of energy and strength, and it contains endless mystery. Ling Fengxiao's side is extremely dangerous.

However, I do n’t know how Ling Fengxiao ’s feet moved. In a moment, the red clothes swayed, and her body shape had already turned. The demon fell behind, the less she covered.

The less turbid he got back into the wheelchair, he said, "It looks like you're telling the truth."

Ling Fengxiao: "Dare to deceive."

Lin Shuxin said that the wheelchair of the old church owner was a display, which was not only not half-legged, but also freely moving and martial arts was extremely high.

And Ling Fengxiao really found the lifeblood of Gang Jing. This kind of creature, regardless of young or old, looks for loopholes in human grammar. If you seriously put the facts with them, you won't be able to do it.

The more unkempt he looked at Ling Fengxiao with his eyes, he said, "You talk very well and look neat, and you can be my wife's wife."

Lin Shu: "..."

Is this your mate choice criterion in Yuejia.

But seeing the young lady said, "Old master, I've promised someone."

It's okay not to say this sentence. As soon as this sentence hits the ground, the less the expression becomes more immediate, the more angry you become!

"How can this be true!" He shook his beard, his eyes widened, and said, "Which dog is he allowed? Does the more my family speak clearly? The more my grandson, the more ..." Speaking of this one Yuezi, the fire suddenly went out. It turned out that the old gentleman had grown old and was so confused that he forgot his grandson's name.

He himself was obsessed with raising bars, and it seemed that he was proud of his grandson who also loved raising bars. Even in the mind of others, marrying a girl was "speak clearly" as the top priority.

Lin Shu thought, if your grandson is more like a crane, the first day when you see the young lady is threatened because of raising the bar, and you will never dare to make noise in the ear of the young lady and let him marry the young lady. He will never agree.

But the less muddy obviously did not think so, but paused, ignoring the grandson's name, and exclaimed: "Call the dog out! Argue with me!"

Ling Fengxiao said, "Senior, although you have a peerless talent, you may not be able to pick out his mistakes."

The less muddy "Oh?" Said, "Let me see him!"

Lin Shu silently watched, thinking of course that he couldn't pick out his mistakes, and there would be no mistakes for dead people.

I saw the young lady and said, "He is a bit afraid of life. Senior, if you can promise me something, how can I lead him to meet you?"
The less muddy he said: "Yes! I'll see ... what kind of person it is!" Ling Fengxiao said: "We all went to school in Shangling Academy.
Yesterday the monsters of Beixia suddenly appeared in the Academy. I'm afraid there are plans. Shangling Mountain is vast and it is difficult to troubleshoot common spells. It's better to help. "

The less muddy he squinted, "You want me to go to the mountains by spell?"

Ling Fengxiao said: "Exactly." The less muddy he said: "It won't be easy." Ling Fengxiao said, "Senior, it's a word." "Of course it is!"
Lin Shu just watched the young lady abduct the Yuelaotang master with a few words.

Ling Fengxiao has said that the Beixia monster invaded the Shangling Academy, but the old church owner didn't seem to notice it at all, and only got the message of "seeing the mountains by magic", which shows that it is really confused. If it is an ordinary invitation, it really may not be able to speak.

Ling Fengxiao turned around and looked at the owner of Yuetang. The owner nodded, and after a while, he was ready to go to Shangling Academy.

Ling Fengxiao said: "Senior please."

The less turbulent I reconfirmed, "Is there anyone I can't go wrong with?" Ling Fengxiao said: "The seniors will know the matter to be resolved."
The younger the disciple, the happier was the young disciple who was glad to be taken into the carriage, accompanied by several outstanding disciples such as Mengtang. The owner of the Yuetang also followed, and it seemed that the safety of Xuegong was really at heart.

Ling Fengxiao asked Lin Shu: "Are you going to the carriage?"

Lin Shu weighed the pros and cons between Lao Jing Jing and Miss, and finally said, "No more."

The young lady said, "Then we still ride the night." Zhao Ye is still very close to Lin Shu. With the previous adaptation, Lin Shu is now much better.

"I thought it would take some talking," Ling Fengxiao said behind him, "I didn't expect Yue senior to be so coquettish."

Lin Shu could not help but smile.

The older the church owner is, in fact, a bit cute.

Ling Fengxiao said, "It just aggrieved you. If you find out the source of the monster, the senior Yue still remembers what I said before, so I have to let you talk to him, you just don't talk."

Lin Shu: "?"

After a while, he reacted, and the young lady wanted to use him as her fiance, to make it more confusing.

——This man is also really cunning, just telling the old gentleman that he must not be able to pick out the mistake of that man, and he doesn't say how good the man is in debating.

If a person doesn't speak like a gourd with a beaked mouth, then he can't pick up any mistakes.

He rushed to the east according to the night, and the carriage of Rumentang was fast, and he returned to the foot of Shangling Mountain from time to time.

The pedestrian changed to the Linghe to rise into the sky and landed in front of the mountain gate.

Ling Fengxiao took out the Yufu message, and the group waited temporarily under the mountain gate.

The last time Lin Shu came to Shanmen, when he first entered the palace, the place was unfamiliar, and he hurried away. He had to look carefully in the future. Stopping at Wangshan Gate, I finally saw what the couplets on both sides wrote.

In the centuries of the gods' career, the belts and rivers are in sight.

Hengpi is the four characters "Drunk Falling to the Mausoleum" engraved in the middle of Shanmen.

Full of immortality.

After about a minute of incense, Ling Fengxiao said lightly, "Here is the Great Master."

The big country teacher in the mouth of the young lady is the sacrifice of wine on the palace.

Lin Shujiu heard of his name, but he never saw it. Wen Yan retracted his eyes from the gate and looked forward.

I saw a figure coming out of layers of fairy mist.

In appearance, Mo was in his thirties, wearing a dark blue robe, half- length hair, dressed as a Confucian, with a calm eyebrow and a calm temperament.

Daijiu first stunned the master of Yue Lao Tang: "Senior Gao Yi, thank you very much."

The owner of Yue Lao Tang raised his eyelids: "Hey."

Then, with a smile to Ling Fengxiao: "His Royal Highness." Lin Shu looked at him.
He feels familiar.

If the high offering wine is seven or eight years younger, then the calmness of the eyebrows will be replaced by clean and kind ... ——It is like seven or eight points like Mr. Meng.
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