The #1 Pretty Boy of the Immortal Path Chapter 161-170

Chapter 161: Ask

He said, there is no crime in the world.

Lin Shu thought, may this be the difference between Ling Fengxiao and Da Wu?

Just thinking, the man hugged him, put his chin on his shoulder, and asked, "What if I agree with the big witch? Would you like me again?"

Lin Shu thought about it.

My mother and I fell into the river, who do you save?

It turned out that even without a girlfriend and switching to a boyfriend, he couldn't escape the ultimate problem.

Ling Fengxiao: "Huh?"

Lin Shu said, "Yes."

"Hmm ..." Ling Fengxiao said, "You have to do everything I do?"

Lin Shu: "... Um."

Ling Fengxiao kissed him.

Lin Shu accepted the kiss without expression.

Ling Fengxiao asked: "Because I look good?"

Then self-denial: "You have cultivated the ruthless path, I'm afraid you can't distinguish between beauty and ugliness."

Lin Shu thought seriously: "You are still beautiful."

Ling Fengxiao: "You are not firm."

Lin Shu countered: "Very firm."

Ling Fengxiao: "Then your five senses are not slow?"

Lin Shu: "Slightly bland."

He realizes that the world in his eyes is much lighter than before, the color is no longer strong, the voice is gradually blurry and chaotic, and the sense of touch and pain have faded.

Ling Fengxiao opened her eyes.

Lin Shu: "?"

Ling Fengxiao said, "That ... that ..."

The person spoke very little, and now he was a bit abnormal.

Lin Shu: "Huh?"

Ling Fengxiao said, "Then you two days ago, at night ... you made me cry."

Lin Shu: "..."

Ling Fengxiao went on to say, "If you have no mercy, don't you cry from beginning to end."

Lin Shu's eyes were dark.

I will insist on relentlessness.

Ling Fengxiao coughed.

The topic is back on track.

"The defensive law formation is very strict. It is necessary to enter from the first floor, from the inside to the top floor." Ling Fengxiao's fingers were drawn on the drawing provided by Xiao Yuan, and the route was determined, and then he said, "If you do not alarm the big witch, you can see To him, it is naturally very good. If we are alarmed, we will immediately enter the sky of Qingming Cave, and there will be no casualties. "

Lin Shu said "um" in agreement.

When working with Ling Fengxiao, others can completely give up their minds and let him arrange things without any detail.

Ling Fengxiao took a pen and sketched on the drawing.

Lin Shu watched him determine eight plans to get up the tower, seven plans to get down the tower, and three sets of emergency escape plans.

With everything in mind, he entered the tower.

The defense underneath the tower is not very rigorous-for those crossing the robbery period.

The two of them, relying on their little accomplishments, avoided all surveillance smoothly, and drifted into the window of the first floor.

The first floor is empty and tall.

The huge statue of Pilu stood in the center of this space, leaning forward slightly.

This statue has hundreds of eyes, thousands of arms, and grows around the body. The indescribable weird lines are all over the statue.

The largest eye is on the front of Pilu, probably from the neck to the navel.

Although I have seen drawings before, I can still feel the suffocation that is crazy, treacherous, indescribable and full of pressure when I am immersed.

They talked about the **** Pilo yesterday.

As a result of the discussion, Pilu God is to the Dai people, just as Tiandao is to the Xiuxian people.

The **** Pilu has a hundred eyes and a thousand arms, which are used to detect the evils of people and judge those who are guilty. Tiandao, in the theory of Xiandao, also knows everything in the world, and punishes those who are extremely sinful.

Then Ling Fengxiao thoughtfully gave an example, saying that the country of Yunnan believed in the "Miao God", and the "Sadong God" in the western Xinjiang, as well as other kinds of different races, various practice schools, and even the most born Buddha. Similar to the supreme gods such as Pilu, Tiandao, Miao, and Sabang.

As if there is a set of untouchable iron laws between heaven and earth, there is an omnipotent **** of law.

Xiao Xuan raised his palms in admiration and listened to Qing's words, which was better than reading for ten years.

Lin Shu did not dare to squeak.

To be honest, although he is an immortal, he is actually an atheist, and often even tries on the edge of materialism and modern physics.

However, having said that, whether or not there really is such a thing, looking at this statue of Pilu is free of dust and apparently well-maintained, it can be speculated that the big witch may really claim to be the **** of Pilu, heaven, etc. The gods, unable to get used to the filthy world, want to be thoroughly purified.

They bypassed the idol, came to the back, and climbed the tower from the left wooden ladder.

There is no one on the second floor, and there are only some strange sculptures, which share the same vein with the **** Pilu.

There are no people on the third floor, there are only some strange murals, and the paintings are in the same vein as the **** Pilu. Some black shapes dance crazy on the dark brown walls in a frantic form. After watching them for a long time, they even think they are Will move.

The fourth floor is still empty, but there are no sculptures or murals. It is empty, but on the southernmost wall, there is a picture of a beauty. The beauty has no face, no shape, and even no gender. It is only on old paper. A blurry red shadow, but Lin Shu felt that it should be beautiful.

All of these floors were horribly silent. No one walked around. When Lin Shu wondered whether there was any fraud, he saw a huge ice coffin on the fifth floor.

There is water in the ice coffin.

The water that will not freeze is the endless water at the bottom of the South China Sea and in the market.

There was a huge clam in the water with a large white shell and the size of a shell, which required dozens of people to embrace. The clam was sleeping with its shell closed, and only a pale white mist escaped from the gap, emitting a sweet and confused atmosphere.

Obviously, this white mist is not cold, but hallucinogenic radon. So, this is not a big clam, but a tadpole, a tadpole of a mirage.

In the South China Sea, ships are overturned every year. Most of the people on board were fascinated by anger and died on the way to the mirage.

Right now, it is sleeping, but when this thing wakes up, the suffocation permeates to the full floor, and those who step into it will completely fall into the illusion.

However, such small wisps of radon will perturb the mind.

However, the blazing sun in Fenghuangshanzhuang's mind is the natural nemesis of radon.

Lin Shu tried to pull the sleeves of Ling Fengxiao, but he pulled out empty.

He looked around, but only saw an empty room.

Lin Shu took a few deep breaths, remembering when he was separated from Ling Fengxiao.

——But found that since entering the tower, his memory is very vague, it seems that he has not spoken to Ling Fengxiao at all. I didn't know when to release my tight hand.


Lin Shu looked at the uncle in front of him.

Perhaps this tadpole is not real.

Perhaps when they first stepped into the tower, they were bewildered by the imperceptible radon, and fell into a half-truth and a half-truth.

There was a silence in the tower, Lin Shu didn't dare to play the piano to clear his heart, but silently read his mental formula, trying to escape from the illusion.


The scene in front of me is always a large, empty room, a snowy urn.

Look again, the staircase when he came has disappeared, and the staircase going up has not been found.

Only in the corner of the room was a darkened doorway that seemed to connect a corridor.

Lin Shu had no choice but to walk there.

The moment he stepped in, he suddenly hesitated for a while, and on the second floor, he was among countless strange and terrible statues.

He passed through his limbs from now on, and in the same position, it was still the doorway of the black urn. Then he went in to the third floor, the mural.

The walls, ceilings, and pillars were all twisted shapes, and he walked through them, as if walking through algae bushes. At the same location and the same doorway, he entered the fourth floor, the one with the beauty map.

Going again, it is the fifth floor that raised the cricket.

An endless loop.

Lin Shu finally stopped on the fourth floor, in front of the beauty map.

Beauty illustration.



Ling Fengxiao.

He looked at a blob of red on the old paper.

In any case, this color made him feel safe.

But as he stared at the picture, the cinnabar-like red gradually faded.

An empty piece of paper.

He was a little breathless, leaning against the wall, thinking about how to crack it.

If this is his illusion in suffocation, then things in the illusion should be related to himself.

And if ... this beauty picture represents Ling Fengxiao, what are the treacherous, twisted, layered sculptures and murals on the second and third floors?

Although his chest was stuffy, his mind was very clear.

He remembered walking on the street in the previous life, facing a surge of people, and the sun was a messy shadow on the concrete floor.

He suddenly thought.

Those who are treacherous, twisted, dense and indescribable may be the people in his eyes.

As the thought flashed, there seemed to be footsteps coming from the door.

Lin overlooked there.

As if only an illusion, the footsteps disappeared in an instant.

He continued to look at the beauty.

The beauty figure symbolizes Ling Fengxiao.

But now the red shadow on the picture has faded.

What is this again?

He has learned a lot about the illusion, and the illusion is often related to the state of mind. You must think clearly about the meaning of the plants and trees in order to find the flaws in the illusion.

Fading ... relentlessly?

He touched the mottled drawing paper, a little confused.

The footsteps sounded again.

Lin Shu turned his head again.

This time, he saw Xiao Shao in black leaning against the door, slowly wiping the knife.

With a silver mask on his face, Lin Shu hadn't seen him for a long time.

There was red blood under the mask, which seemed to fall from the eyes.

Lin Shu didn't step forward, he knew that everything in the illusion could not be trusted.

There was a sound of debris falling in the silence.

It was the painting that was broken.

The walls were empty.

He looked away from Xiao Shao.

Xiao Shao looked at the place where the painting was originally.

For a long time, he heard Xiao Shao said, "Lin Shu."

Lin Shu: "Yes."

Xiao Shao asked, "Do you like me?"

Lin Shu: "... like it."

Xiao Shao said, "I don't like it."

Lin Shu: "No dislike."

"I don't like it." Xiao Shao's voice was a little dumb, at the same time, the blood stain slowly slipped, and it landed on the ground with a tick.

"Cultivation and cultivation of the mind, the cultivation of the immortal keeps the ruthless path. If the monks hold the ring, they should be light and passionate. If they are emotional, the ruthless path will collapse instantly. You alone ..."

The room was empty and echoed slightly.

Xiao Shao seemed to smile: "... so high Xiuwei."

For a while, Lin Shu was confused and didn't know how to answer.

Xiao Shao did not know when he came near him.

In the thick blood, he lifted Lin Shu's chin, his fingers were cold.

"Whether it's ruthless to repair or not, you have never been emotional ..." The cold scabbard reached Lin Shu's chest, and then gradually moved up to the neck, cheek, and ear.

In the shivering cold touch, he heard Xiao Shao whispering, "Isn't it?"

Chapter 162: Real and magic

The tone is cool, the breath is cool, as cool as his hands and scabbard.

The dark scabbard finally rested on his lips and did not move.

Thoroughly cold.

Lin Shu held up his scabbard and took it away.


Blood continued to flow from Xiao Shao's eyes and landed on the ground.

Lin Shu looked at Xiao Shao.

Xiao Shao's scabbard trembled slightly.

The mask covered most of his face, he couldn't see clearly, the kind of gesture that he wanted to approach, but restrained himself from going forward, Lin Shu didn't know how to describe it.

Lin Shu raised his hand again, trying to remove Xiao Shao's mask.

He thought, what is Xiao Shao in front of him?

Is it an illusion derived from his heart, or Xiao Shao himself?

If he imagined it, then ... it means that he has always had doubts about his relationship with Xiao Shao.

And if this is Xiao Shao, or Xiao Shao, who is affected by the illusion, it means that he has not performed anything in his daily life, but he feels the pain in his heart and even feels ...

Lin Shu frowned slightly.

Xiao Shao on the other side leaned slightly, closer to him, and whispered, "Stop talking?"

Lin Shu took a step back.

Xiao Shao laughed almost inaudibly.

A very light breath, even more like a self-deprecating sigh, made Lin Shu feel that the person in front of him seemed to be sad.

He did not come forward again.

They were deadlocked in the dim room.

After a long time, Lin Shu suddenly drew his sword!

He didn't use any other tactics, and directly stabbed the man in the "Abandoned Valley" in "Sauvignon Blanc"!

Xiaoguang Jian Jian, full of swordsmanship, and whistling wind, is a totally unrestricted move.


It is ashamed that the sword came out of the sheath, in a "sad autumn", blocking the "forgotten return of the empty valley."

Lin Shu froze.

In the midst of this dreadful electric light and flint, "Sad Autumn" turned to "Tianhe", blocking all his escape routes!

Lin Shu was severely impacted on the wall by a huge impact and spit out blood.

The man pressed him against the wall, and Yin Hong's mouth smiled.

Lin Shu coughed a few times and his chest was burning.

He thought that this person was not Xiao Shao.

He thought that this person was not Xiao Shao, so he issued a sword, but ... the person on the opposite side actually used "Sad Autumn" and "Viewing the River". Xiao Shao will.

So is it really an illusion?

He doesn't think so.

Then there is only one outrageous possibility.

Lin Shudao said: "... you are not Xiao Shao."

The man whispered, "Who am I?"

Lin Shu decided to go all out and said, "You are a big witch."

The man smiled.

"Master ..." The voice in his ear gradually faded: "So you are smart."

Lin Shu gasped for a few breaths, looked up at him, and saw that Xiao Shao had disappeared and turned into a big witch in Tsing Yi.

The big witch's eyes were crimson. The outline of the facial features was pale and pale, but the red lips restored this. At that moment, Lin Shu understood the phrase "not like people" in Xiao Yan's mouth.

The big witch asked, "Isn't it like?"

Lin Shu shook his head.

Not much.

Da Wu Dao: "What's not like?"

Actually ... it's very similar.

The tone and movement are similar, seamless.

Especially the two tricks "Sad Autumn" and "Viewing the River" are extremely authentic.

It was about seeing that Lin Shu didn't speak, and the big witch's hands around his neck tightened again, his tone was a little paranoid: "... what is it like?"

Lin Shu was having trouble breathing, thinking a little bit of suffocation, I can't always say, is this a guess?

You ca n’t say it because you did n’t call my baby.

Not to mention, I don't think Xiao Shao will hit me.

Speaking of this, it really means that he is petting and arrogant. Lin Shu is a little embarrassed.

To be sure, Dawu's performance is fine.

However, Xiao Shao is not such a person-not someone who would question him "you don't like me".

It's a long story.

But Da Wu's hand strength is not very great. He will not be able to die in a short time, and Lin Shu has a little bit of spare time to think about it.

In fact, he has not made much progress in dealing with people. But Xiao Shao, and Xiao Shao who put on all kinds of shells, are the only people he can get along with without any pressure.

It is true that this man is moody and has a bad temper, and he is also very afraid of Miss.

However, afraid of being afraid, he knew from the beginning that this man was a very resolute person.

If you do anything to make him angry, this person will explode into a puffer fish.

The point is, when fried into a puffer fish, he will tell you why he fried it.

Then, as soon as it is changed, the puffer fish will recover.

So he doesn't think it's difficult to get along with Xiao Shao-there is no need to speculate where he is doing badly to make people unhappy, and he doesn't need to work hard to think about where he is not popular.

For example, at the beginning, when the ghost village first met, the young lady wanted to throw this dirty little fool out.

Then the little fool became clean and was not thrown out.

For another example, he knew nothing about the marriage book, so that the young lady was so angry that she almost drew her sword, and finally admitted that she was wrong, and returned to good.

He felt that if Xiao Shao really said this mercilessly, there was a hurdle in his heart, and he had long been transformed into the weak little Phoenix, and humming.

Or, even if Xiao Shao didn't say it, and chose to get angry quietly, then he ... I'm afraid he died of dehydration in Fenghuang Mountain Villa because of crying from beginning to end.

But why doesn't Xiao Shao care about it?

Suddenly Lin Shu was a little scared, thinking about it, not getting a result, and then fainted himself.

He closed his eyes, decided not to, and reopened his eyes to face the witch.

The big witch was really a little paranoid.

The witch continued to ask, "What's not like?"

Lin Shu said, "You are not him."

The witch let out his face expressionlessly.

Lin Shu had been suffocated for a long time, and was suddenly let go. Her limbs were free, she slid along the wall to the ground, and coughed laboriously.


The wall on the other side of the doorway was broken and apparently broken.

Then footsteps sounded.

Then someone hugged him from behind.


Lin Shu leaned on the back of the man.

He thinks this is really Xiao Shao.

He coughed a few more times and explained the situation to Xiao Shao: "Dawu ..."

His voice was dumb because he had been choked by the big witch before.

"Good, don't talk first." Xiao Shao smoothed his back, "I heard everything."

Lin Shu didn't say anything, let him hold it.

Just a bit desperate.

Did you hear everything?

What is the structure of this illusion?

Xiao Shao spoke quickly, and whispered to him, "Phoenix is full of blood and poison, and the illusion has little effect on me. Only now I am exploring. Here is a matrix method with puppets as the core, but it is similar to a dream. It's under the control of the witch, so I'm late. "

Lin Shu nodded.

Then he started watching Dawu and Xiao Shao staring at each other.

Xiao Shao said, "His Excellency asked him like that, what do you mean?"

The witch said lightly, "Curious for a moment."

Lin Shu: "?"

Curious for a moment?

Curious for a moment, you dressed as Xiao Shao and asked me if I like him?

He eased for a while, feeling that he could breathe smoothly, and tore off Xiao Shao's clothes.

Xiao Shao noticed, let go of him, then pulled the knife out of the sheath, the knife tip tilted up and pointed at the big witch.

Lin Shu reminded him: "He will be" lonely. "

Xiao Shao frowned slightly.

There was a hint of mystery in the big witch's smile: "I have no intention of working with you."

Xiao Shao: "I intend to do something with you."

The big witch coughed a few times, his face was some kind of pale, and slowly said: "Underneath is the land fairyland."

Xiao Shao smiled and smiled: "Now it is."

Lin Shu: "..."

Nirvana breathes.

The biggest hole card of the phoenix method can make people live up to a higher level.

Xiao Shao is now in the robbery period, so he can go to the land fairyland.

The big witch also smiled: "You, little phoenix ... you are not fledgling, you should not come."

Xiao Shao: "You appear in a fantasy, not reality, and you intend to disturb the mood of the two of them, and you won without a fight ... presumably you are physically weak, and today is the day you are buried.

Lin Shu quietly listened to the two of them.

What Xiao Shao said was learned.

At the beginning, there were many partial courses in the palace, one of which taught disciples how to talk to the enemy.

Da Wudao said: "If I can win in a fantasy, why don't I do it."

Lin Shu thinks Dawu has also studied this course.

They spoke again for a while.

Lin Shu silently watched, and suddenly felt that from a certain angle, the outlines of the two were similar.

Again, the difference is huge.

He was trying to take a closer look. The two men had stopped speculating, and they didn't know who had started first, or perhaps at the same time-no longer you came to the car to talk to each other, and each shot.

Both are worthy swords.

Disgusting, flesh, flooded the entire room.

The dagger screamed, black gas entangled.

Xiao Shao used "viewing the river".

The big witch repelled with "viewing the river".

Xiao Shao used "sick spring".

The big witch repelled with a "harmful spring".

The exact same moves are from "The Lonely," but the styles are very different. Xiao Shao's approach Xiao Xiao is lonely, and the big witch is very evil and suffocating.

Why does the big witch have these swordsmanship?

Lin Shu determined that he hadn't even seen the next few moves in "The Lonely."

In the flash of light, he suddenly saw Xiao Shao change his moves!

The trajectory of this move is extremely difficult to describe. No trace is found, but it is mellow and mysterious.

In the fierce battle, this Lingbo knife was like a pen from God, and straightened towards the gate of Dawu Nian.

Lin Shu recognized it.

This style is called "guizhou", it is not the sword style in The Lonely, nor is it the inheritance of Phoenix Villa.

This is a set of moves created by Shao Shao years ago.

Still ... it was created because of him, that Lin Shu was quiet and obedient, making him feel quite peaceful. I felt a bit and created a set of swordsmanship.

The big witch retracted the knife obliquely, drawing a strange track to block this pattern.

Xiao Shao's swordsman turned in shock, and his swords fell like a heavy snowfall, sweeping forward, blocking the witch's whole body and retreating.

With a swipe of his right hand, countless swords appeared in mid-air, colliding with and offsetting Xiao Shao's sword!

This trick, Lin Shu also knows, is called "Snowy Night", inspired by their snowy night roast rats many years ago.

The big witch's moves are unknown.

He breathed a sigh of relief.

With Xiao Shao no longer using "loneliness" and other advanced swordsmanship of the Phoenix Villas, but using a variety of knowledge and self-creation in earlier years, the two people's approach finally does not look like the same person.

Although the outcome is still unknown, at least not like before ... strange.

They were facing each other for a quarter of an hour, and the two had passed thousands of moves. After a stalemate, Xiao Shao's impeccable body style suddenly appeared a flaw.

Lin Shu just wanted to make a sound, but swallowed again.

In the whole world, I am afraid that besides himself, the number of martial arts paths he knows is Xiao Shao's.

This person was intentional.

I saw Xiao Shao's sword suddenly cut to the right, carrying the potential of wind and thunder, passed the tone he had broken through the wall before, and went to the next door.

Next door is the cricket.

He uttered a low hiss, and the whole tower suddenly shuddered.

Lin Shu knew, and immediately gave up his sword, and the sword gas split open the wall, exposing a huge hole.

Then he continued to beat the cricket to death.

The tower's shaking is more intense, and the illusion will be broken.

The witch's body also began to fluctuate unreally.

Xiao Shao: "Who are you?"

Big Witch: "Will you kill me?"

Xiao Shao: "I will kill you."

The big witch smiled: "Then ... I have to kill you."

The words fell, the environment was completely destroyed, Lin Shu's eyes turned in circles, and then he opened his eyes, already standing on the fifth floor in the tower, next to a dead cricket.

Xiao Shao beside him is still Xiao Shao, not a girl like Dan Zhu in reality.

Lin Shu: "Or a fantasy?"

Xiao Shao: "Not like."

The disappearing staircase appeared again in front of them. The wooden staircase was long, twisting upwards, leading to a deep stone door.

This tower originally had only six floors-the next floor should be where the real witch is.

According to the speculation of Xiao Shao's genius, the big witch tried to repel them with a fantasy ... which means that this person's true body may be really weak.

Lin Shu took out the bronze dice and entered into the body, confirming that Qingmingdongtian can enter normally.

The brother still wandered in the hall. When he saw him, he greeted him, "Brother!"

Lin Shu responded with a "brother," but when he was going out, he was stopped: "brother, don't go!"

Lin Shu: "Huh?"

The brother pointed to the corner: "Your cat doesn't know when it came in secretly! Is it shaking there, is it sick?"

Lin Shu looked to the corner.

In the dark corners, there were two green eyes, and a weak meow: "Meow."

Then the cat stopped step by step and came out hesitantly.

Lin Shu: "You want to follow?"

The cat's voice trembled: "Meow."

Lin Shu picked up the black cat who was counseling and returned to reality.

Xiao Shao looked at the cat: "Not afraid."

The cat buried her head in Lin Shu's chest, afraid.

They continued to climb the ladder.

The stairs are long and endless.

Xiao Shao suddenly said: "The big witch asks you mercilessly. It is about intentionally making me hear it and disturbing my mood.

Lin Shu thought about it and asked, "Do you care?"

Xiao Shao stopped.

Lin Shu looked up at him.

Xiao Shao said, "You naturally don't know about this."

Lin Shu tilted his head.

Xiao Shao had a slight smile in his eyes: "Baby actually likes me very much."

Lin Shu: "Why?"

Xiao Shao said, "Come here."

Lin Shu leaned to his side.

Xiao Shao took the trembling cat from his arms, placed it on the handrail of the stairs, and then pulled his hand: "If you like someone, do you know what to do?"

Lin Shu shook his head.

"When I haven't come, for many years," Xiao Shao said softly, "no one likes you, so ... the baby doesn't know how to like someone."

Lin looked at Xiao Shao.

Xiao Shao's voice was a little dumb, and held him in his arms, saying, "I don't know how to do it, I just obey, so I will be so good."

Lin Shu quietly leaned against Xiao Shao's chest, nowhere to rest his hands, and gently grasped Xiao Shao's corner.

There was nothing in his heart, he seemed to understand, but he didn't seem to.

The author has something to say: Cat :?

Chapter 163: Wing Teng Bliss

When the trembling cat was about to shake itself off the armrest, Xiao Shao picked it up again.

The cat was so angry: "Meow!"

Xiao Shao scratched the back of his head: "Senior, your land fairy does not need to be afraid."

The cat ignored it.

Lin Shu: "The big witch is a land fairy, but it has not risen."

Theoretically, there can be no terrestrial fairyland in the world—because everything that soars has soared, except for cats that haven't paid the cause and effect.

Xiao Shao said: "According to Xiao Yan, he suspects that the big witch is not human."

Lin Shu said "um".

Great witch, evil.

But the genus of monsters and monsters is limited by its talents and cannot have the profound and unpredictable skills like the big witch.

For example, the strength of a cat is unquestionable. It ’s common to set up an enchantment and spit out aura, but it ’s very unrealistic to let it spread a precise array—after all, it ’s just a cat There is no such high intelligence.

What makes people even more stunned is why the big witch is "lonely".

On the silent steps, he heard Xiao Shao's voice faintly say: "The imagination of just has been broken, but now ... it doesn't seem to be real."

For example, if it is reality, then he should be surrounded by Dan Zhu girl, not Xiao Shao in men's clothing.

This tower is inseparable from the illusion.

Then the big witch himself may have a close relationship with the illusion.

Lin Shu connected Xiao Shao's brain circuit: "The big witch appears in the world as a phantom ... if we see him as a phantom, then his true body may not really be human."

The question now is, what is Dawu?

Every time I met before, the way the big witch left was that the figure dissipated directly in the air.

Previously, Lin Shu always felt that Dawu's phantom was because he had practiced some kind of out-of-body spell. But what if the big witch he saw was originally a fantasy?

What is the real body of that big witch?

A giant cormorant?

Lin Shu: "..."

Xiao Shao continued: "He traveled the world with his illusion, and there is nowhere else in the world to go."

Lin Shu nodded.

Then I heard Xiao Shao said, "It was only with him that I had a trick, and I thought, why did the big witch use the Phoenix sword technique. Then I tried it, and found that he hadn't learned the sword technique I had learned in earlier years."

Lin Shu said, "Indeed."

Xiao Shao said, "Do you still remember meeting Dawu Chu three years ago, and he said," I have found you. "

Lin Shu: "Remember."

"After the battle against Beiguan, I practiced the swordsmanship on a weekday ... he made no difference, and 'guizhou'" Snowy Night "and the like, except for showing you in a dream, I never used it. Early The same is true of some swordsmanship during the year. "

Lin Shu thought, he probably knew what Xiao Shao meant.

The Witch uses the Phoenix Blade.

The premise of using a knife is that you have seen it.

Suppose Dawu has seen Xiao Shao use those swords, then the most reasonable guess is that he has observed Xiao Shao.

Since when did you observe it?

About three years ago, after the First World War against Beiguan, I learned that they existed in the world.

If the above assumptions hold true, the witch's illusion can be free and boundless.

So what should the big witch be?

What is his purpose?

However, Lin Shu had no time to think again because the stairs were over.

What kind of big witch is it? Open this door and you can know about it.

The stone door is dark and heavy, but it is not difficult to push away.

In fact, Xiao Shao pressed his right hand to the next moment of Shimen, and it trembled spontaneously, making a loud noise, opening to both sides.

Lin Shu was dazzled by the sudden light, but recovered very quickly, because it was a very soft light, like the soft glow of the evening in the evening in the spring.

The world before him regained its clarity.

This is not a room or a palace, nor is it a bordered tower.

Presented to them is a world that seems to be endless.

The sky is warm yellow and plump white clouds stretch slowly.

On the ground, where they are, is a bustling town with a solemn and silent fragrance in the air.

He looked at Xiao Shao and walked forward.

In this town, the road is straight and the crowds are constantly flowing. Each of the houses is clean and tidy. The glazed tiles are bright and the walls are shiny and painted.

People walked and talked, everyone smiled, and there was a peaceful look in their eyes.

Lin Shu and Xiao Shao walked along the street. People met strangers, smiled and saluted, and gave way.

Everything is unreal to the point of dreaming, making Lin Shu doubt whether he is still awake.

Xiao Shao said: "Dian."

Lin Shu nodded.

The land of Dian is high and the sun is extremely prosperous. Therefore, the Dian people's skin is dark and their appearance is also unique. In addition, the people's clothing and etiquette on the streets are in line with the customs of Yunnan.

The cat leaned out of Xiao Shao's arms, looked around, and a girl who came over face smiled and touched her head.

They went deeper and deeper in the bustling street market, and then looked back, as if they had been lost in this grand city.

The capital of Nanxia is indeed prosperous, but after all, this kind of field where everyone's clothes are decorated as new and every family has carved beams and painted buildings. What's more, three hundred miles out of Jinguan City is a scene full of chaos. There are wild wasteland, roads with white bones, and Xiao Seoxi.

——The bustling weather in front reminds Lin Shu of the bustling city in which people flow in the modern world of previous lives.

But people in the modern world are far less peaceful than the people here.

This scene is very different from the world he has experienced.

Only one point has not changed.

The cat was still persuading, the trembling was smaller, but still trembling.

The cat suggested that it was still dangerous here.

The danger must come from the great witch.

So is this prosperous world of peace and tranquility another imagination created by the Dawu for them?

Xiao Shao stopped an old man.

He spoke politely, "Boss, do you know where the city master is?"

The old man just laughed: "There is no city owner."

Xiao Shao asked, "Is there anyone in charge?"

The old man still smiled: "No one in charge."

Xiao Shao: "Only beings in the city?"

The old man nodded and walked away from him, humming the strange tune in ancient Dian while walking.

Lin Shu saw Xiao Shao stop and looked back.

In a place like a dream, there is a slight disorder in space and time, and there is no shadow on the ground. Lin Shu looked at the breeze from somewhere and blew his black clothes.

He wondered whether Xiao Shao, as a person who wanted to govern the country, would have expectations for his own country.

His expectations will be what the city looks like.

For a long time, he heard Xiao Shao said, "Let's go."

Lin Shuji could not leave for a long time, maybe in a flash, maybe a year or two.

They walked through the alleys and the long street, took a few girls singing and dancing floats, were sent by the street's old lady to the sugar gourd, and finally took a treasure ship to the edge of the city.

They came to a high place and looked down at this grand and strange city.

Xiao Shao said suddenly that there were 300,000 people in this city.

The country of Dian, 300,000 live corpses.

But this can't be obtained by visual inspection. Lin looks at it, only knowing that there are many, many people.

The edge of the city stretches outward. It is an endless, golden-yellow wheat field, undulating in the breeze, with a slight light.

The whole world seems to be covered with a filter, which is unreal, but it is undeniable that it is beautiful.

Footsteps rang behind them, and the cat "meowed".

The visitor is undoubtedly a big witch.

The witch's body still seemed to be bad, and he still coughed a few times in such a warm wind.

Xiao Shao gently pressed his right hand on the handle of the knife and turned to look at him. His eyes were still very cold, saying "Sari Buddha ... Why is Betu called Buddhism? All beings in this country have no sufferings, but they are named after all the music. Bliss. "

The big witch said: "The sentient beings ... should make a vow, be willing to have another country."

The conversation between the two of them comes from the same Buddhist scripture aimed at telling a country of bliss.

Xiao Shao: "In the city are the living beings of the Dian Kingdom?"

"If so, what's His Royal Highness?" The big witch's voice was still that kind of strange mechanical husky, blood red eyes slowly turned, looking towards the city: "All beings in the world, do n’t need to chant the Buddha, do n’t have to make a wish, you can all escape the bitter sea ...... Yong Deng Bliss. "

Xiao Shao: "What are the living beings here?"

The big witch folded his sleeves lightly: "This world is dirty, just throw it away."

Xiao Shao looked at the sky and said nothing for a long time.

The witch slowly said, "My Highness and I have never separated from hatred."

All in all, he flicked his sleeves slowly, and a breeze passed across the boundless wilderness.

A figure of Mai Mairou appeared in the field, running after a gray dog.

As they ran farther and farther, a forest of Merlin gradually emerged from the sky. Behind the forest was a peaceful village. There was traffic in the countryside, chickens and dogs heard each other, and there was smoke and smoke.

"Madam!" The young man returned to the village and said, "how have you been standing at the door?"

The elder mother said, "The pair of children who have left in the past few years have never seen me back."

The author has something to say: The Buddhist scripture is taken from "Buddha Amitabha Sutra".

Chapter 164: eye for eye

This is Taoyuan.

There are the eldest mother in Taohuayuan, the young man in the neighbor's house and the gray dog.

Taohuayuan is as peaceful and peaceful as before.

As peaceful and peaceful as the city in front of them.

This city, and this peach blossom source.

-They are all killed by the big witch.

Either killed directly with a spell, or died of blood poison.

If this world is not a fantasy, but real, then after they died in the hands of the great witch, they came to another world in some way, with soul, or something else-the world that the great witch prepared for them.

This world has no wind, frost, rain, snow, no war, no famine, everyone is amiable, and they have come all the way without seeing even a crying, angry, sad face. Lin Shu thought, I don't know if they were the same people before they died, and don't remember what happened before they died.

And another question is, if this world really is true, then does the big witch want everyone in the world to die in his hands, and then lead the world to this "bliss world"?

Is a great witch with ideals.

He thought about these without boundaries, and heard Xiao Shao asked, "Is this the land fairyland?"

Big witch said: "Yes."

Xiao Shao: "Get out of the shackles of heaven and create another world?"

The witch slowly said: "The world on earth is nothing but a floating reed in chaos. Once you have practiced successfully, separated from the world, and risen to the immortal world, why not open up the world by yourself."

Lin Shu didn't want to talk, but just listened to their conversation and gained new theoretical knowledge.

Originally, the ascension of Xiuxian people was a complete and complete understanding of their own "Tao". They could live independently without being attached to the heaven. At this time, after breaking the thunder and thunder, they could ascend to the immortal world and go to the wider upper world. .

At this time, this person already has a set of self-consistent "Tao", relying on the heavenly Tao, there is a human world, then relying on this person's Tao may not be able to create another world that can be self-consistent.

After all, the legend of Pangu that has spread the world since ancient times is also a person who opened up a world in chaos.

The Buddhists say that the grandmother's three thousand worlds are life and death. Even in modern physics, some people have put forward the hypothesis of "parallel universe".

Lin Shu thinks he can accept this theory.

He continued to listen.

Xiao Shao: "Why didn't you take off?"

The witch smiled: "There is nothing left."

Xiao Shao looked faint. He didn't look at the big witch, but just looked at the living beings in the city: "The rest is to make the people in the world, never to bliss."

The big witch seems to be a pyramid scheme: "If you want, you can make peace with the two summers."

Xiao Shao looked indifferent: "Are you here to make peace?"

Big Witch: "Otherwise?"

Lin Shu actually somehow felt that Da Wu was very good to Xiao Shao.

He was even kind, like an elder, and he was not as ambiguous as he was to him.

However, the meaning in the Dawu words is not at all kind.

North and South Xia shook hands and made peace, and everyone became a living corpse in the world, and then lived peacefully in this world.

It ’s okay not to make peace, forcibly infect blood poisoning, and everyone will become living corpses in the world, and then live in peace in this world.

Lin Shu: "..."


Xiao Shao said: "Can't agree."

Big Witch: "Why."

Xiao Shao overlooked the whole city: "Are they doing well?"

Big Witch: "Okay."

"No more hatred and resentment in my heart?"

Big Witch: "They have all dispelled their lusts."

"In fact, if you want to achieve your wish, you don't need to harm the common people." Xiao Shao turned to Dawu: "Just turn yourself into one of the beings in the city, and you will no longer have hatred and resentment.

The witch was speechless for a moment.

Lin Shu thought, Shao brother or Shao brother.

But the big witch is not a frivolous one: "I pay the wind and snow for all beings, how can I go one step ahead."

Xiao Shao: "I'm afraid it's just your wishful thinking."

The witch smiled faintly.

When he laughed, the blood in his eyes seemed to flow, cold and secretive.

"His Royal Highness," said the witch slowly, "how do you know they don't want this?"

Xiao Shao didn't speak.

Lin Shu looked at Dawu and felt that the blood in his eyes had deepened again.

Just listen to the big witch saying: "The mortals of the world are exuberant, or suffer from harsh policies, or suffer from famine, do n’t hide from one's body, do n’t eat food, they have reached a very hard place, do n’t believe in the coming day, just solve it ... I ’m crossing them here, why? No? "

Xiao Shao: "It's my fault that all beings are suffering. You ... If you have this wish, why not stop fighting with Nanxia and support people's livelihood?"

The big witch Yin Hong's mouth continued to draw a faint smile: "Can't help me ... willing or unwilling."

Xiao Shao: "Oh?"

The witch lowered his head slightly, his lips still smiling.

The blood in his eyes was beating slightly, like a pool of flowing blood, almost breaking the restraint of his eyes, and flowing down.

Lin Shu looked at the big witch.

He felt that the witch's expression was crazy at the moment, and it was very depressed in the madness, and he drew in the cyan sleeve of his side, revealing the bloodless, shriveled hand, shaking slightly, as if in Suppressing something.

The big witch's voice was hoarse and intermittent, as if half contained in his throat, saying, "Your Highness, aren't you like me ...?"

Xiao Shao: "No."

The big witch smiled.

He put his hands together and slowly separated, something suddenly stretched between his hands, and then appeared out of thin air.

——It is a worn copper mirror with green patina.

"Different ways, do not work together." Da Wu said: "Gift this mirror to His Royal Highness, chat to relieve boredom. I'm sorry to leave."

After all, his figure slowly dissipated, and turned into countless black flying ash, scattered in the sky.

Lin Su and Xiao Shao only had the bronze mirror in front of him.

Xiao Shao took the bronze mirror, and the copper rust fell down.

Lin Shu and Xiao Shao looked at each other.

Lin Shu said: "Will he come back?"

Xiao Shao: "No."

Lin Shu: "Oh."

Xiao Shao: "Leave?"

Lin Shu: "Yes."

He was quite clear in his mind.

As soon as the witch left, the two of them were trapped in this world.

As for how to get out, you have to find a way to crack it yourself.

Xiao Shao said, "Go to the village."

Lin Shu: "Yes."

Anyway, Taohuayuan is a special existence.

They left the high ground and went north. Everything in Taohuayuan is in sight, a sight that can no longer be familiar with. Even Tianyu and Xiaoxi are places where they have traveled, and the stream often swims from time to time. At first glance, the fish are very fatty, and they are the kind they once picked up.

The villagers were working hard in the fields. When they saw them, they showed a kind smile on their faces and greeted them. A few even called out their names and said they hadn't seen each other for several years. You two are back.

The smile on his face was almost exactly the same as the crowd in the city. But this kind of expression appeared on their faces, except that the expression on everyone's face was almost the same, a little weird, and it didn't go against them.

Lin Shu thought about the reason, thinking, the villagers in Taohuayuan actually live very close to the people in that city-no war, no hunger, inexhaustible food, an orderly and carefree life .

Taohuayuan, is it a small country of bliss?

They walked into the alley where the eldest mother's house was.

The greyhound ran out of there, sitting on the side of the road, shaking his tail at a fixed frequency, opening his mouth, exposing a small part of his tongue, as if laughing.

The aunt leaning against the door frame also smiled: "The child is here."

She wiped her hands on the sackcloth apron, turned around, and walked in with two people: "The quilt is ready to sleep, sleep comfortably, boil fish soup, and supplement the child ..."

The snow-white fish soup was served on the table, with fresh and verdant green onions floating on it, and the long and fragrant taste was exactly the same as in memory.

The aunt was sitting opposite them with a smile on her face.

Lin Shu and Xiao Shao drank regularly, and the aunt laughed deeper.

Xiao Shao caused a topic, and chatted with her, and she talked to them, and the dialogue went smoothly.

Had it not been for the series of events that had previously occurred, Lin Shu would almost have thought he was back three years ago.

And through dialogue, in the memory of the mother, she was not killed by the big witch at all. Her life was peaceful, but the pair of children had gone three years ago, and came back to see him three years later.

Seeing Xiao Shao's frown, Lin Shu asked her, "Ma'am, is there still movement in the village?"

"Ground motion?" Auntie looked puzzled: "What is ground motion?"

Xiao Shao tapped his fingertips on the table, and then said to Auntie: "Nothing ... I'm wrong, this is a word outside."

He sighed softly and shifted the topic: "Madam, I don't know if you remember, me and Shuer, the child who lost."

The child who lost it?

Lin Shu recalled.

In retrospect, he and Xiao Shao discovered that each other's gender was male and questioned each other and lost Yingying, who was not born.

The elder mother showed a puzzled expression again: "You two have been outside for three years, how many more I don't understand."

"It's just that ... Shuer was pregnant, but accidentally slipped ..." Xiao Shao's face did not change.

The eldest mother was even more puzzled: "How can the child who is in the stomach fall off? I have never heard such a strange thing."

Lin Shu heard Xiao Shao's bizarre change of topic and brought it to irrelevant matters.

After the fish soup was finished and the conversation was over, they were stuffed into the bedroom by the elder mother and said that they came from afar and had a quick rest.

When the two of them were left in the room, Xiao Shao said, "The aunt's mind is much clearer than the people in the city."

Lin Shu: "Yes."

They talked to people in the city, and the people there were often unknown, and the two words began to be mechanically repeated, but the auntie could talk to them completely.

Xiao Shao sighed softly and said, "I know how Dawu created a country of bliss."

Lin Shu used his eyes to indicate that he would like to know the details.

"People have seven emotions, joy, anger, fear, love, and lust. People in the kingdom of bliss know joy and not others. It is because the big witch erases the memory related to fear ... or the soul's related things. Everyone is kind and happy, and forgets everything related to fear. Therefore, the auntie clearly remembers you and I love to drink fish soup, remembers the room where you and I sleep, and remembers that you and I have been away for three years, but I do n’t know what to do and what to do. Slipping. "

Lin Shu thought Xiao Shao was right and nodded.

Xiao Shao continued: "People in Taohuayuan were originally simple in nature and lived away from the world. There were not many emotions related to fear, so ... there were fewer things stripped by the great witches, and the savages were more normal. And the livelihood of people in Dian Suffering, stripped by the great witch ... there are so many, so unconscious. "

A very reasonable explanation.

Lin Shu looked out of the window to this beautiful village.

The village is still that village, the auntie is still the auntie, her soul is still ... or the original one, but, something is permanently erased.

And the big witches wiped out all the negative things in people's hearts ... they will live forever and forever in such an atmosphere of peace and harmony, and the kingdom of bliss will continue to operate indefinitely. Peace forever and peace forever.

After all, no one knows what "bitterness" is.

This is a self-consistent world. Theoretically, it does exist.

Without external force, the world of Dawu will never be destroyed.

Well, they can't find the loophole here.

Can't go out without finding loopholes.

He looked at Xiao Shao and looked out the window, with a little confused look in his eyes.

Lin Shu thought, this is probably a difficult situation.

If you do not find the flaws, I am afraid to stay here forever.

He saw Xiao Shao smile.

Lin Shu: "Huh?"

"Nothing ..." Xiao Shao said: "Three years ago, I thought that it would be my life wish to stay with you in Taohuayuan forever. It ’s a matter of worries given by the Dawu today.

Lin Shu said, "Then ... stay?"

He is a swordsman with no emotions, no principles, and no attachment to the outside world. If Xiao Shao suddenly changes his mind and wants to stay, then it is all right. For him, it is a lifetime.

He continued: "Then ... no more loopholes?"

"Look." Xiao Shao chuckled his lips. This life is very beautiful, and the corners of his eyes are slightly raised. This smile, good-looking, with a little bit of suffocation, as if peony stained with blood, peach blossom frosting: Blood debt will be paid for with blood. "

As an unemotional sword repairer, Lin Shu has no subjective tendencies and only echoes: "Okay."

Just listen to Xiao Shao: "The kingdom of bliss actually has a terrible loophole."

The author has something to say: Talking: I am a ...

Chapter 165: Sentient beings

Amazing vulnerability?

Lin Shu was still thinking that the Dawu had constructed a perfectly self-consistent world by eradicating the negative factors in people's hearts, and was very self-explanatory-Xiao Shao said that there was a shocking loophole, which made him have to doubt his brain Is the circuit slightly simplified compared to Xiao Shao.

But what can he do?

He can do nothing.

He can only ask: "What loophole?"

"It's a long story." Xiao Shao touched Zaomu's table with his fingers and nudged it gently.

At that time, the rooster in the aunt's yard cried and the two hens murmured.

"My mother has two hens. She lays her eggs every morning. She used to pick up the eggs every day and gave them to the two sons at the end of the lane." Xiao Shao said, "Later, we came, and the two eggs a day stopped I'll send it there, but I'll leave it to you. "

Lin Shu nodded.

The eldest son's two sons went out of their house and went to live with their daughter-in-law, but they often came to the door. My son lost his daily egg supply.

Xiao Shao said: "In the first few days, the two brothers were actually a little upset."

Lin Shu crooked his head.

Xiao Shao continued: "Later I saw you through the window ... You were still wearing girl clothes and Yi Rongzai. I'm afraid they will see you beautiful and stop being jealous of the two eggs."

Lin Shu: "?"

Xiao Shao "coughed" gently: "After all, you look so good, they often like to mess with you-I was slightly punished later, and my wife's ears were twisted, so I don't look at you much. . Then later you change to men's clothing, everyone is fine. "

Lin Shu: "..."

It turned out that this kind of thing happened in the period when he was blind.

So what does Xiao Shao say about this matter?

Xiao Shao seemed to know the confusion in his heart, and continued to explain: "Taohuayuan is already a rare and simple place in the world without suffering from widowhood, but the two of them also jealous because of two eggs."

After a pause, Xiao Shao continued: "Then the next few days, I looked at the whole village and thought, Taohuayuan has these people, it is enough, not more."

Lin Shu frowned, "Huh?"

Immediately, he reacted, his eyebrows stretched out, and he felt that he understood Xiao Shao's intention: "Well."

Xiao Shao looked at him and smiled.

Lin Shu felt like he was being laughed at.

Taohuayuan is located between the mountains, with cliffs on all sides, so it can't go out, it can be said to be a closed world.

In other words, the area of this land is fixed.

The land area is fixed, and the resources that can be produced are also fixed ... But if the village continues to multiply, from the current 200 or more people, to 400, to 800, or even 2,000?

What would happen to Taohuayuan if the limited land could not provide enough food? Will there be contention? Will there be turmoil?

-By then, it may not be a peach blossom source.

Xiao Shao dipped his fingertips in water and drew a circle on the table.

"This is an egg," he said.

Lin Shu felt that Xiao Shao was treating him as if he were treating a mentally handicapped child in a kindergarten.

But what can he do?

Only nodded like Teacher Xiao like a kindergarten child.

Mr. Xiao said, "Suppose it is the favorite of Zhao Ji neck and Zhao Ya neck, and this is the only one."

Lin Shu continued to nod.

Zhao Ji's Neck and Zhao Ya's Neck are the two sons of Aunt Taohuayuan.

Xiao Shao continued: "My aunt will give you this thing, and Zhao Ji neck and Zhao Ya neck will be displeased."

Lin Shu: "Yes."

"If you are not a fairy in white, but an ordinary boy, Zhao Ji neck and Zhao Ya neck will bother you. Then the two sides clash and even start a fight."

Lin Shu nodded.

Although Xiao Shao's argument is a bit strange, it still makes sense.

Xiao Shao smiled very lightly, and stroked his fingertips again, dividing the egg into two.

Dividing it into two is not enough. Continue to divide it into four, and divide it into eight. In the end, the whole egg is horrible, and it turns into a mess of water that can not be seen.

Just listen to Xiao Shao said lightly: "Things in the world, wars and disputes, all out of this."

Lin Shu: "It seems to be."

The territory of the world is limited, but the reproduction of the people has not ceased. No country can give up the desire to open up the territory, just like Zhao Ji neck and Zhao Ya neck hope to get eggs. The war broke out from this, and the people's livelihood was afflicted, and as a result, the war broke out.

Lin Shu said, "So ..."

"The reason why Taohuayuan is Taohuayuan is because the villagers can be self-sufficient, and that city ... is permanently peaceful and peaceful because of the endless food taken from outside the city." Xiao Shao said.

Lin Shu nodded.

They have observed the lives of people in the city.

Water, food, clothing, houses, all can be born out of nothing, without exhaustion.

And everyone has the same things, so there is no comparison and no fight.

Every day, there are beautiful girls to drink the clear and sweet water of the river and fill the glass. Residents in the city can drink freely when they are thirsty, close their eyes while drinking, and when they drop the glass, they are intoxicated with smiles.

"Because they are not widows, they can be equal, and because of their evenness, the people are happy ... the saints say that" who does not suffer from widows and suffers from unevenness ", in fact, there is inequality with widows. "Zhao Chicken Neck and Zhao Ya Neck have a fondness for eggs, so they are jealous of losing eggs." Xiao Shao said lightly.

Lin Shu remembered the happy expression when the residents in the city drank water.

They must have liked it, the big witch did not deprive him of this positive emotion.

But if everyone in the city is thirsty and the river is cut off, and there is only one glass of water left in the city?

What will happen to them?

Will it rob?

After all ... they all like it.

Like it, you want to get it.

If you want it, you will argue.

Once they scrambled, they all reached out to fight for that glass of water, and there was no doubt that the city was in chaos.

Then the city at this time is not the bliss city that Dawu wants.

Xiao Shao finally said: "He hates the filth of the world, all beings are bitter, but the world ... that's it. The mood, the anger, the fear of love, the love of one another, the joy of life, the love of evil. Dirty in the past, you can always be quiet, but I don't know that the spring breeze is blowing and living, there will never be a clean day. "

Xiao Shao explained to himself so much, Lin Shu poured him a glass of water, shoved it, and echoed it: "So ... the great country of great witches is actually an air tower. If there is no unlimited supply of resources, it will sooner or later fall. Has nothing to do with his emotions. "

Xiao Shao rubbed his hair: "Smart."

Lin Shu: "But this world was created by the Dawu. He wants endless resources here, and he will have them."

Xiao Shao said: "I don't believe that this world will not consume Dawu itself."

This made Lin Shu sober.

The witch's body is very poor.

According to Xiao Yan, there will be seven days of weakness every month.

Is it just to maintain a world?

If this assumption is true, the supply of this city may seem infinite, but it is actually limited, depending on the power of the great witch.

There is no end to the kingdom of bliss.

If the end of the kingdom of bliss comes, then if they find the end, they can return without being trapped here by the great witch.

How can we get to the end?

Xiao Shao suddenly poke the black cat's head.

The cat was trembling intently, poking at him, staring angrily, and even raising his tail.

"Senior." Xiao Shao was very polite: "Senior is a terrestrial fairy. Isn't there anything special besides his deep spiritual power?"

The cat's anger suddenly weakened, and even its tail drooped.

Xiao Shao was disappointed.

Lin Shu was disappointed.

But Xiao Shao didn't give up: "There are bursts of eyes, and there should also be a center here. The predecessors are much more perceptive than us. Is there nothing special about the pulse in this world?"

The cat got into Lin Shu's arms and didn't look or listen.

Xiao Shao became indifferent and curled up the cat's neck.

"I hugged you all the way. The frequency of your trembling is clearly strong or weak." Xiao Shao was indifferent: "Take us to where you are most afraid."

The cat made a few weaknesses, unable to "meow" with a compromise.

Xiao Shao put it on the table.

It jumped down and went outside.

Lin Shu and Xiao Shao kept up.

Although the cat persuaded, once Xiao Shao became indifferent, his whole body was very cold, which made the cat yield.

The cat took them back to the city, walking through the streets and going deeper and deeper into the city.

Finally, it stopped step by step, step by step, and stopped in front of a Buddhist temple.

Buddhism in Yunnan is known as the "Miaoxiang Buddha Country" since ancient times, so it is not unusual to see a Buddhist temple here.

Xiao Shao softened his attitude, picked up the cat again, and touched it comfortably.

The cat buried his face ruthlessly in his body.

They walked into this Buddhist temple.

The Buddhist temple is extremely quiet, not even a figure of a monk sweeping away. The Noble Palace is empty, and there are only a few pads and mottled buddha statues as companions.


Lin Shu looked at the four walls.

This is the only dilapidated place in the brand new and colorful Bliss City.

——The cat did not lead the wrong way.

The meaning of the big witch was to trap them in a land of bliss, and eternal life could not come out, but they did not know that they also carried a land fairy with them.

Cats are common, but terrestrial fairies are rare.

Even if it is a big witch, you can't think of it.

They looked at the tall Buddha statue.

In the dim Buddhist temple, the outside light penetrated in, illuminating the floating Ukiyo dust in the air, the tall Buddha statue stood quietly, leaning forward, looking down at all beings, pushing forward with one palm, palm outward.

The shape of the Buddha statue and the pattern on the Buddha's clothing are very different from ordinary Buddhist temples. The most frightening thing is that it has only one eye, which is located in the middle of the face, looking down slightly, as if overlooking all beings.

Lin Shu: "Past Buddha?"

Xiao Shao aroused spiritual power, and the invisible energy pushed the Buddha statue slowly to reveal the back.

The back is not the back, but an almost identical Buddha statue, the same posture, and an eye. The difference is that this eye looks slightly upwards.

This is a two-sided Buddha.

The side just before symbolizes the past Buddha.

This side is called the Future Buddha.

The incense of the Buddha spontaneously ignited without flames. The scent of incense was permeated throughout the Great Hall of the Great Heroes. I don't know where the chanting sound came from, and this slightly forward-looking Buddha image seemed to have a heavy pressure in the air.

They were looking up at the statue of the Buddha and they heard footsteps behind them.

An old monk, looking at clothes, and possibly the abbot here.

The abbot looked kind and gave them a gift: "The donor."

The people in Taohuayuan, because there are very few negative emotions in their hearts, their minds are mostly normal.

The negative emotions of monks have never been much, and it can be inferred that the abbot's mind is quite sober.

Xiao Shao said: "I have a doubt."

The abbot smiled and bowed, "The donor, please."

What Lin Shu didn't expect was that Xiao Shao asked that question again.

"Where is the Lord of this country?"

Abbot said: "Everywhere."

Xiao Shao: "Is it one person, everyone?"

Abbot: "It's one person."

Xiao Shao stared directly at the abbot: "Who is the ubiquitous person?"

The abbot twisted the rosary in his hands, and his eyebrows were like a bodhisattva lowering his eyebrows: "It's all beings."

The author has something to say:

Cat: Oh.

Chapter 166: River

The owner of the kingdom of bliss is one person.

Then why does the old abbot say that it is sentient beings?

Xiao Shao's gaze was thoughtful, saying, "Thank you abbot."

The old abbot bowed down and said, "The donor, you're welcome."

Xiao Shao said: "Abbot, why worship two-faced Buddha?"

The abbot did not speak, his expression still kind.

Lin Shu knew that this question was beyond the scope of the abbot's answer.

Previously, they stopped the old man on the road and asked who the owner of the kingdom of bliss was. The old man did not give any meaningful answer, and the abbot gave it, indicating that the abbot's mind is clearer and he has some understanding of the world.

When asked "Why is a two-sided Buddha", the abbot could not answer.

Why is enshrining a two-faced Buddha a more difficult question to answer than "who is the owner of a land of bliss"?

The abbot did not answer, and the matter fell into a deadlock again. Xiao Shao used the spiritual power to urge the Buddha statue to make it slowly rotate.

The past Buddha and the future Buddha alternately appear in the rotation. The solemn and silent expression, the palms pushed forward, and the eyes squinting in the middle of the face all reveal some kind of unspeakable secret.

In the process, Xiao Shao suddenly spoke.

"Abbot," he said, "where is the Buddha now?"

The past, present, and future buddhas are the "three buddhas" of the Buddhist family. They often appear together in the sutras. However, this temple only worships the two-sided buddha where the past buddha and the future buddha are united. There may be some problems.

The abbot's tone remained kind: "The Buddha is now among beings, and there is no need to worship it."

Xiao Shao frowned, as if thinking about the mystery in this sentence.

He stopped.

The Buddha image just turned to the past Buddha side, and the eyes in the pupil looked down, as if looking straight at the three people in the temple.

Xiao Shao stared at it.

The strange silence flowed in the temple.

A trembling meow broke the silence.

Lin Shu and Xiao Shao looked at the cats who were sitting in the corner, and never came out.

Obviously, cats are afraid of Buddha statues.

Therefore, it can be proved that the Buddha statue is the core of this world.

"Senior," Xiao Shao said in a coaxing tone: "If we can't leave this world, you will never have food outside."

The cat tilted its head.

Xiao Shao continued: "Not only that, it can't take off."

The cat's ears moved.

Although its body is still honestly curled up in the corner, the slightly turning green pupil has leaked the shaking of its heart.

Xiao Shao's voice slowed down: "Good, go out and grill you bamboo rat."

The cat's ears moved again.

Lin Shu thought, sweet words, really useful.

The cat stood up.

The cat stepped forward.

The cat trembled towards the statue and reached the base of the statue.

But it didn't stop, but jumped slightly, and landed in the lotus seat where the Buddha statue sits.

In the nine-petal golden lotus, the cat shook for a while.

Then it climbed up again, onto the knee of the future Buddha, and then jumped on the arm of the statue.

Arm straight forward, palm out.

Then, a black, fluffy cat's claw rested on the palm of the Buddha's push.

This action seems to be forming a mysterious Buddha seal, and the action of looking at the cat seems to suggest that there is a mystery on the palm of the hand.

Xiao Shao stepped forward, observing the palm of the Buddha's statue, and his eyes were full of thought.

Lin Shu also looked at the palm of the hand.

There is a faint mark on the palm, and it is also the shape of an eye looking down.

Eyes are actually a very strange thing. They are not terrifying only when they appear in pairs on a person's face.

In any other situation, the shape of a single eye is somewhat mysterious or even unknown.

Xiao Shao gently touched the eyes on that palm.

Putting down his hand, he frowned slightly.

Lin Shu: "What's wrong?"

Xiao Shao said: "There is a ... very special feeling."

Having said that, he slowly extended his right hand and offset his palm with the palm of the Buddha!

Lin Shu opened his eyes wide.

At that moment, he felt an indescribable ripple in the air!

It is a very, very special feeling.

As if inside the entire world, there was a slight change, like a huge machine, the gears started to run in different directions.

Xiao Shao closed his eyes, Lin Shu called him a few times, but did not respond.

The cat was caught on the arm of the Buddha statue, and he was also paying close attention to Xiao Shao. Since Lin Shu encountered it, this lazy animal showed the sharp claws like a small crescent moon for the first time, and it seemed to be ready to take Xiao Shao Scratching.

Lin Shu looked at a incense stick in the incense stick.

When the incense burned out, Xiao Shao opened his eyes sharply!

His eyes were dark and deep at this time, as if with endless chaos. After a while, this feeling gradually dissipated, and everything returned to normal.

Lin Shu: "What is it?"

Xiao Shao said: "I saw a ... scene."

After all, he seemed to be rational, looking for the right wording, but failed, saying to Lin Shu: "You come too."

Lin Shu stepped forward, and stuck the palm of his hand to the palm of his hand like Xiao Shao, just now.

The vast but invisible suction came from the palm of his hand, and his entire soul seemed to be pulled out of the body and fell into the endless abyss.

Unbearable. After the vertigo that filled the whole brain, Lin Shu found that he could see.


A piece of gray.

Up and down, it's the same scene.

In dizziness, he didn't see his own body, and he didn't know where he was. In the gray world, there was no silence.

After a while, it seemed that he had adapted to the environment here, and he was not dizzy. At the same time, the endless gray void was suddenly covered with dense, looming golden lines.

At first glance, there are endless numbers, and they are tangled and intertwined, entangled in an indescribable posture, and the lines are vaguely faint.

Although it is entangled, but after careful observation, there is an overall trend, they seem to be flowing.

It seems that a stream of light flowing forward breaks here in Lin Shu.

Moving forward is the void, so Lin Shu chose to follow the current.

He didn't know how long this journey was, he just knew that the entanglement, the golden silk thread, had been continuously reduced, and the relationship between the silk threads became simpler and no longer complicated to make people sick.

This golden river of light narrowed and narrowed in the void, only half its original width, and then came to an abrupt end.

It collapses a bit.

What exactly is this?

Lin Shu hovered over the golden light spots in the void.

As a literate person with modern physics, many professional and scientific terms flashed in his mind.

For example, very simple concept particles and origin, and then singularity.

Observation was inconclusive, and he went down the river again, moving forward, moving forward.

It seemed as if I had walked for a long time, and finally reached the end of the river. The end came to an abrupt end, and those golden silk threads tangled in the void seemed to be severed by a section!

Lin Shu lingered on the cross section, trying to see the full picture here.


He worked hard to adjust the angle.

Suddenly, in a special position, he suddenly became a spirit!

In this position, he saw the real cross section. Due to the limited viewing angle, the ins and outs of the golden silk threads were all hidden behind him. He saw the overwhelming, golden light spots.

The golden light dots flickered faintly, and the background was endless void. The whole scene was like the starry sky in midsummer night.

The next moment, when the sky turned around, and when he was awake again, he returned to the Buddhist temple.

Xiao Shao took a hand and stabilized his figure: "Did you see it?"

Lin Shu: "See it."

Then he eased from the dizziness and took a few breaths: "A river, many lines are flowing ... but I don't know what it means."

Xiao Shao: "I didn't figure it out."

Lin Shu was relieved.

Brother Shao didn't figure it out, so he couldn't figure it out, and it wasn't a shame.

Xiao Shao turned the statue of Buddha, facing the side of the future Buddha, and said, "Try again?"

Lin Shu nodded.

The Buddha statue is very large, so the hands are also large. Both of them can stick their palms on it at the same time.

After the same vertigo, a starry sky appeared before them.

But Lin Shu is already an experienced person. He fluttered to the side, the scene changed immediately, and it became a river composed of tangled golden silk.

At the same time, another golden light spot floated in front of him.

This world has only lines and no points, so Lin Shu estimates that this is Xiao Shao.

And his current form should also be a light spot.

He saw that light spot draw a circle towards himself.

So he flew a circle.

The spot of light flew intimately next to him.

Together they flew along the river.


Fly nonstop.

In the just space, there are fewer and fewer silk threads, and the river is narrower and narrower, but now they are flying forward, and some of the tangled golden silk threads are broken, but new threads are constantly being produced. At a slower and wider speed, the entanglement of lines becomes more and more complicated.

The entire world is flooded with golden rivers that cannot be seen on the edge.

The whole river seems to end forever and never.

Xiao Shao stopped.

Lin Shu also stopped.

Xiao Shao seemed to dispel the thought of continuing to move forward and began to circle around him.

Lin Shu also circled around Xiao Shao.

Around, he found the light spot representing Xiao Shao, dragging a faint golden trail.

He looked back and found that because of flying, he left a mark in the void.

The two traces entangled with each other and then disappeared quickly.

He suddenly paused, and Ping burst into a thunder in his head!

The brain hummed as if glimpsing a shocking secret.

If he is physical, he will tremble slightly at this time.

He remembered a word.

Jog into a line.

Jog into line!

This is not modern physics, this is mathematics.

He looked at those golden lines.

People, independent people, are a golden light spot in this space.

When this light spot moves slowly and goes forward, it is a line.

The two light spots meet, attract or repel each other, and their lines are entangled with each other and no longer parallel.

And many, many, uncountable lights dot together and move forward to become a golden river.

Suppose, say, that each light spot is a person, or an animal, or a grass, a tree.

All the light points together are the projection of the entire world, in the void.

And time flows forward, the light spot keeps advancing, and the light river is constantly flowing.

The name of the Buddha image, the past Buddha, the present Buddha, and the future Buddha, are related to time.

Then each cross section of the river, the starry sky composed of that vast spot of light, is a specific point in time, what the world looks like.

For example, when they came here, the cross section in front of them symbolized the present.

The light river flows from the past and flows into the future, and all the threads are entangled with each other, which is the world in which they live.

Then this river of light is ... a river of time.

The author has something to say: Maybe a bit abstract?

Probably similar to four-dimensional space.

When a point moves on a plane, it can only see that it is a point.

But looking down from a higher dimension, it draws a line.

People are similar in time.

I am a materialist cultivator, sand sculpture, but hardcore!

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Two-faced Buddha and Lin Shu's mirror.

Chapter 167: Life of mind

Lin Shu's heart thundered for a long time.

He was thinking about many things, thinking about the past, thinking about the future, thinking about that river, mainly about modern physics.

Through the past Buddha, you can go back to the source from the river of time.

Through the future Buddha, you can go forward to the unknown future.

There are no present buddhas in Buddhist temples, because their time is now.

He hovered quietly in the void with the light spot representing Xiao Shao, and then at a certain point of time, suddenly dizzy and returned to the real world.

Xiao Shao removed his hand from the palm of the Buddha statue and looked at him.

He and Xiao Shao looked at each other.

Xiao Shao asked him, "What do you think?"

Lin Shu shook his head.

Talking about modern physics with Xiao Shao, after all, it doesn't work. He needs to organize the language, so he wants to hear Xiao Shao's views first.

So he asked, "I listen to you first."

Xiao Shao said: "You and I are light spots in the void, similar to the material of gold threads."

Lin Shu nodded.

Xiao Shao continued: "The number of gold threads is inexhaustible, and there are lives and deaths. I think it may be people in the world, or souls."

Lin Shudao: "I think so too."

Xiao Shao looked at the statue and said, "That mirror."

Lin Shu: "Huh?"

"Everything in the world is born of cause and effect." Xiao Shao recounted the inscription engraved behind their strange bronze mirror, and then said, "I think the gold threads are intertwined and cause and effect between different beings. All the gold threads move forward. , Constantly affecting each other, if they were not entangled with each other, but gradually entangled and moved forward ... "

Xiao Shao frowned, as if he didn't know how to describe it. After a while, he said: "In the void, when I approach you, there will be a ... feeling, there seems to be force pushing."

Lin Shu nodded.


"The silk thread went forward and pushed each other. The direction of the moment is determined by the last moment. The direction of the last moment is determined by the last moment. It is like the fruit of today, the cause of yesterday, the cause of today, the fruit of tomorrow, and Tao Yuanjun You and I made a marriage contract because of the cause. You and I are deeply affectionate and fruitful. In fact, everything in the world is actually determined by the cause planted by all the previous events, and what is happening now is an event that will happen in the next day. Fruit. "

Lin Shu understood what Xiao Shao meant.

The intertwining of these gold threads is the cause and effect entanglement of all things in the world.

Xiao Shao continued: "That river, I think, is the transformation of the whole world."

Lin Shu's eyes have changed.

Xiao Shao continued: "The sage stands on the river, and once said, 'The deceased is like a husband, who does not want to leave the day or night.' I think the river of cause and effect can also be said to change over time."

Lin Shu: "!"

Brother Shao, please go through modern times and learn physics.

Presumably when I got into college and appeared in the classroom, when I looked up, you were already a professor.

Think again, there is no Taoyuan Jun in the modern world, it is estimated that he and Xiao Shao will not have any intersection.

Teacher Xiao must not notice him always in the corner of the classroom.

Although ... he did well.

Lin Shu pulled back his thoughts.

Xiao Shao asked him, "What do you think?"

Lin Shu plucked an incense in the incense burner on the windowsill, spread a thin layer of incense on the windowsill, and started drawing in the incense.

He drew a straight line, then cut two more straight lines.

Xiao Shao: "Huh?"

Lin Shudao: "The light spot moves and becomes a line, but if I cut the line ..."

Xiao Shao: "It's been a while."

Lin Shu continued: "If this paragraph is very small, or infinitely small ..."

Xiao Shao frowned slightly.

Lin Shudao said, "——When it can't be smaller, I cut out a point."

Later, he added several wavy lines beside the straight line to signal that it was the Guanghe River, and then drew another straight line to cut it off.

"At this time, I cut out countless points." Lin Shu said: "This is a static world at a certain ... moment."

Xiao Shao looked at the picture with a little thought in his eyes, then stretched his brow, and said, "It really is."

Without waiting for Lin Shu to continue to explain, he said: "When entering the future Buddha, the river starts to flow from somewhere, that is, the moment you and I enter the Buddha statue."

He took the incense stick from Lin Shu and cut it off in the river: "You and I were here when I entered."

Then he cut off not far from the river: "If you go in now, here you are."

Lin Shu nodded.

Xiao Shao kissed his side: "Baby, you are so smart."

Lin Shu's face was a little hot.

Xiao Shao took the incense stick a few times on the incense ash, and then said: "In this way, from the past Buddha, you can go back to the past, and from the future Buddha, you can predict the future ... And what happened in the world, cause and effect, has already been Doomed. "

Lin Shu frowned, and said, "Maybe you can say that."

Countless rays of light have different interactions with each other. They push each other, change each other, and entangle in the river of destiny ... If there is a computer with enough computing power, the trajectories of all rays can actually be simulated and predicted.

In common terms, the antecedent has been determined, then the consequences have been determined, and all futures are ... destined.

This is a bit less materialistic, but the facts are already ahead.

Lin Shu reinserted the incense stick and cleaned up the ashes on the windowsill.

After clearing, he saw Xiao Shao looking at the two-faced Buddha with deep eyes.

He walked to Xiao Shao.

Xiao Shao: "I have a dangerous idea."

Lin Shu: "...?"

Xiao Shao: "This Buddha image is the core of the kingdom of bliss."

Lin Shu nodded.

——When Xiao Shao stepped forward, his fingertips touched the buddha's fingertips.

Then he burst into strength!

The majestic spirit aroused at that moment, compressed to unimaginable intensity, and went straight to the Buddha image!


A crack appeared in the fingertips of the future Buddha.

At the same time, the old abbot has always been kind-hearted, and his eyes suddenly lost all his charm, turning into two bleak black holes!

The next moment, he turned his fingers into claws, and quickly attacked Xiao Shao!

Fold the bamboo out of the sheath, Lin Shu Hengjian swept forward, a cold light blocked the abbot's offensive!

The incident happened between the electric light and flint, and suddenly the sword came out. Lin Shu didn't leave any backhand, and the abbot was immediately hit by the violent sword gas.

The sword qi during the robbery period hits mortals, and he will be seriously injured if he does not die!

But when the abbot was pushed on the wall with the force carried by the sword, he spit out blood and his body gradually dissipated!

And to ... the people of the Land of Bliss are not real people at all.

He heard footsteps.

Dense footsteps.

As if the ground was shaking.

The monks in the gray robes came first, their eyes were as dark as those of the abbot, and they ran directly into Xiao Shao.

Lin Shu solved them all.

The footsteps roared, still without stopping, and the walls were dusty.

Lin Shu knew that people from all over the world are coming here.

This is not a bad thing-at least it proves that what Shao Shao is doing will shake the foundation of this world!

That's why a steady stream of people attack him to protect the kingdom of bliss.

He took a look at Xiao Shao.

Xiao Shao turned his head and nodded at him.

The rift has spread from the fingertips to the entire arm of the Buddha statue.

Lin Shu turned his head, facing the surging beings outside the temple gate.

They all seem to be controlled by something, unlike sentient beings, but like millions of living corpses.

Lin Shu has not killed or blood.

But he is now a swordless soulless.

And these people cannot be regarded as people at all.

Fold the bamboo sword, the sharp edge flashes.

The merciless sword is like an eternal sky.

The people of the land of bliss came in like a tide, and where Lin Shu Jianfeng went, they fell into pieces and disappeared.

Finally, at a certain moment, everyone was still.

They slowly separated a road.

The big witch of Tsing Yi came here.

Lin Shu closed his eyes, calmed his mind, and then slowly wiped his sword.

The big witch is a terrestrial deity, a level higher than him, and there is no dead war.

In the past, he meditated outside the Beibei Pass and resumed his practice. It was Ling Fengxiao who held him down to protect him, but now it is time for him to defend Xiao Shao once.

The big witch stopped in front of the temple door, his eyes passed him directly, and he said coldly to Xiao Shao: "Stop."

Xiao Shao didn't mean to stop.

The big witch vibrated forward, and in his figure, the spirit was deep.

Lin Shu never shied away, swinging his sword to meet.

The fifth form of "Sauvignon Blanc" is relentless.

A dark blade of war appeared in the hand of the witch, striking the blade, and then swept up quickly to take Lin Shu's throat!

This style is extremely fast and fierce!

Lin Shu seemed to hear the blasting sound of the soldier blade mixed with thousands of painful growls and howls.

He settled down.

Folding bamboo sword Qingming.

The howling howl went away instantly.

On the top of the mountain, snowflakes fall.

Bury all earthly sounds.

The sixth style is often silent.

The big witch hooked his lips coldly, and the sharp blade once again met.

His moves had a chaotic and evil atmosphere, and blood flew towards him, as if from Shura Hell.

At that moment, the world in front of Lin Shu seemed to be soaked in blood.

He instantly changed his moves.

The snow stopped.

In the mountains and rivers, on the ice field, there is a vast expanse of white.

All the colors are gone, the blood, the wind has stopped, and the world is the same, leaving him alone, a sword.

Seventh style, a leaf lone boat.

This mortal move was caught by him as an offense.

The next moment the sword light burst into the hands of the great witch.

Lin Shu closed the sword back!

But not guarding, the big witch's ghostly appearance flashed over him and went directly towards Xiao Shao!

The blade of the knife is so dark that it takes Xiao Shao's heart!

Lin Shu's mind was empty, but his body was faster than his intuition.

Of course, the witch's body is fast.

However, the thousand-year heritage of Jiange is not inferior.

He didn't know how he blocked it.

I do n’t know how the arms and blades move, and the meaning and trajectory of the sword.

Everything seems to be done instinctively.

He stood behind Xiao Shao, and the big witch's blade penetrated his left shoulder, slightly downward, a position almost the same as the heart.

And he cut off the right arm of Dawu.

Blood flow.

Lin Shu didn't feel any pain.

When he was studying Sauvignon Blanc, he kept thinking.

Jiange's sword moves, lonely and barren, never go forward, there has never been such a sword move, such a self-injury to hurt others.

With this move, there is no room for self-protection. When the person using the sword causes fatal damage to the enemy, the opponent's sword must have run through his heart.

This is the eighth form of "Sauvignon Blanc".

The big witch's knife didn't penetrate his heart.

At the last moment, he seemed to take the knife, the range was too small, Lin Shu didn't know if it was.

The big witch sneered, but he looked at Lin Shu's gaze, which was complicated.

A kind of crazy look and pain, like the tangled lines in Guanghe.

He held the knife in his right hand and drew blood from Lin Shu's left chest.

The blade pointed again at Xiao Shao-only between the slightest!

Time and space seem to be still.

A moment of silence.

The buddha shook, shook, pieces fell, and collapsed!

The collapsed pieces were all turned into black flying ash and disappeared, and a dark golden light spot appeared in the place where the statue of the Buddha was.

Xiao Shao slowly held the light spot in his hand and said, "You are late."

The next moment, he shook his right hand!

The light spot disappeared in his hands.

Lin Shu looked at Xiao Shao, and at that moment there was a dark golden river flowing in his eyes.

The next moment, he caught Lin Shu, flying away with him, and then flying over the whole city.

"Does it hurt?" Xiao Shao hugged Lin Shu's waist with his left hand and let him lean on his shoulder.

Lin Shu shook his head.

Xiao Shao said: "Show you something fun."

The next moment, the world suddenly returned to normal.

People laughed and walked down the street.

In the next moment, they moved much faster!

The next moment ... everyone became fast-moving, almost like an illusion.

Lin Shu opened his eyes slightly.

He knows.

Inside the Buddha statue is the core of this world.

And with the core of this world, you can manipulate it as you wish!

So Xiao Shao now is the time to speed up the world quickly!

A generation is dead.

A new generation is born.

More and more people, the Bliss City is spreading rapidly.

I don't know how long, Xiao Shao said, "It's slow."

He said, "Baby, I'll take you directly after two thousand years."

Two thousand years later, the city couldn't see the end.

Xiao Shao fast forwarded again.

Three thousand years later, the city of Elysium fills the entire world.

No more rice fields.

Xiao Shao smiled at the corner of his mouth and continued to accelerate the time of this world.

In the city, there are more and more people, more and more crowded.

When food was divided, hunger appeared, and then scramble appeared.

The two held each side of the **** and gave up.

The chaos began.

Snatch, trample, attack.

Screaming, screaming, struggling.

The whole world began to tremble and crumble.

Xiao Shao speeded up the time flow for the last time.

The whole land was stained with blood, and this peaceful, beautiful bliss kingdom collapsed, as if approaching a long-term doomed end.

Chapter 168: Crying at Night

The **** dust is flying, the sky, the land, and the wind, all falling apart and falling into pieces.

Lin Shu smelled the dry, cold air at night.

He looked out and saw the outer edge of the whole world collapse.

Scene change.

He found himself lying side by side with a girl in a scorpion shell, with soft scorpion meat beneath him, which was entangled in them, almost forming a scorpion.

A confused atmosphere.

The Millennium Falcon is a terrible monster between heaven and earth.

When sailing at sea, this object released radon gas, causing people on the passing ships to fall into illusion, and gradually became crazy and crazy.

As the ship capsized, the seafarers fell into the water and became rampant food.

I do n’t kill people, I just contain people in my flesh and gradually erode.

According to legend, that person will still be alive, even the form will be retained, but all memories and consciousness become part of the trance.

In the time when they fell into the illusion, the witch did not kill them, but fed their bodies to the puppet, and then introduced their spirits into the kingdom of bliss, intending to trap them there forever and ever.

He miscalculated, Xiao Shao discovered the loopholes in the kingdom of bliss, and the help of the land fairy cat, they found the core of the kingdom of bliss and defeated it.

Lin Shu inspires spiritual power and cuts off the snow-white flesh entangled in himself and Ling Fengxiao.

Dan Zhu girl slowly opened her eyes.

The first thing is to check the wound on Lin Shu.

Without wounds, it seems that what happened in the kingdom of bliss has no effect on the substance.

Lin Shu was pulled up by Ling Fengxiao to remove water vapor from her body with the blazing sun power.

The night was low, the stars were red, and it was slightly red.

They were at the top of the tower where the big witch lived.

A cough.

In the heavy night, the witch slowly turned around and faced them.

He coughed up blood, his face was pale, except that his pupils and thin lips with blood were red.

Ling Fengxiao drew a knife and took a few steps forward.

They face each other.

Lin Shu felt the breath of the big witch.

Xiao Shao is right, the existence of the kingdom of bliss is consuming the witch himself.

Xiao Shao just turned the time of the country of paradise quickly, making the city of paradise expand rapidly, people filled the whole space, and finally the whole world could not support their consumption and fell apart. As a result, the big witch was hit hard, and his breath was much weaker than before.

The night mist rose and became thicker and thicker, Lin Shu could only see the two of them standing opposite each other.

He has two puzzled things.

First, why didn't the big witch kill when they could kill them.

Second, blood poison has already been developed, and the strength of a great witch can also wash the world. If he starts, he can already slaughter the entire world and bring all the people into the land of bliss, but he has not done much. This may be because with his current strength, he cannot maintain such a huge bliss country. In the early years, he heard that the big witch had been looking for "Sauvignon Blanc". Similarly, this person also liked other peerless cheats. At first, they all thought that Dawu was going to strengthen Beixia's strength. Now it seems that Dawu has nothing to do, and Beixia doesn't get into his eyes. So will his previous actions be related to the land of bliss? Find all eight cheats, will something happen? Will this be conducive to the longevity of the blissful nation?

The big witch once told him that if he had collected eight books, he could go to Huan Dangshan and re-invite heaven, and the owner of the Phoenix said so.

Qingming Demon also wants cheats, but he wants to destroy them.

Ling Fengxiao spoke.

He said, "The land of bliss, but in the sky, are you ... still obsessed with it?"

The cold wind blew up the sleeves of the big witch, and only listened to him slowly: "You are sober, so why is the world better?"

Ling Fengxiao: "It is naturally not as good as you slaughtering the people, with **** debts."

The witch seemed to sigh, and the black smoke appeared in his right hand, circling, condensing, and turning into a black sword-shaped blade.

But his breath, like the residual candle in the wind, was already crumbling.

Lin Shu knew that Ling Fengxiao and Da Wu were absolutely incompatible.

Yu Gong, Ling Fengxiao would not kill Da Wu, Nanxia would have no vitality. Da Wu would not kill Ling Feng Xiao. He has always had such a threat in the world.

In private, Da Wu destroyed Ling Fengxiao's Taohuayuan himself, and in return, Ling Fengxiao destroyed Dawu's Taohuayuan.

However, the atmosphere between the two of them was not tense, and there was a strange relief.

The moonlight was clear.

The big witch stared.

Suddenly Lin Shu found that his age was not very big from the appearance.

After concentrating the deep suffocation, it was Qing Qingxiu Xiu's face, half of the drooping eyelashes covering the expression in his eyes, and looked at it as if sad.

After a while, he said quietly: "Little Phoenix."

The intonation is light and even mild.

Ling Fengxiao looked at him in silence and finally replied, "Have I met your Excellency?"

The big witch tickled his lips and said, "I have a word, I have always wanted to warn you."

He said, the evil sullen gas rose from the smile again and continued: "But you won't listen if you want to come."

Ling Fengxiao: "Please."

The big witch said, "I don't say."

Lin Shu: "..."

"Oh," Ling Fengxiao said lightly, "I don't want to listen either."

Dawu's right hand slowly tightened at the handle: "Actually, I have never wanted to kill, nor do I want to kill you."

It's true.

Lin Shu watched his voice indifferently, saying "unwilling to kill you" behind him, but a monstrous killing blood erupted in an instant. A dark blade was like a ghost and a ghost, and the whole person swept away towards Ling Fengxiao!

Ling Fengxiao has also been tense, immediately responded, and drew a knife to meet.

In an instant, hundreds of moves had passed, regardless of the outcome.

The big witch whispered.

"It's not my wish to meet you, but I ..."

Lin Shu's heart jumped slightly, looking up at the sky, and seeing the sky full of red stars, a kind of unknown crimson, the sky became lower and lower, and rushed towards the face.

He opened his eyes wide.

The next moment, the starry sky seemed to become a sea of blood!

A sharp roar stabbed in his mind for a long time ... as if the whole world was crying with a hiss.

The blood in the sky is getting more and more prosperous, and the power of the original witch in the wind is as if nourished by moisture, and it grows wildly. His sword is entangled with blood mist, and the sound of wind breaking in one stroke seems to be thousands. The sound of wailing.

This tragic sound is everywhere, like the sound of magic sounds, and the sense of sadness and hatred is so strong that it is so appealing.

Lin Shu collected the folded bamboo sword, took the ice string harp, and acted with extreme spiritual force.

It didn't work.

Not even the slightest effect.


Don't cry.

Some swallowed, some cried, some women sobbed, and children cried at night.

The full moon was stained with blood.

Lin Shu has used all his spiritual power.

A cold hand rested lightly on his shoulder.

"It's useless," said the hoarse voice of the big witch. "How can you stop the sound of the piano that pops up now, when you leave the world and die?"

Lin Shu fiercely bent, drawing his sword to shield the big witch's arm, and a flash of red shadow flashed, Ling Fengxiao also rushed to this side.

The big witch just laughed.

The thick and strange and terrible opportunity pressed Lin Shu to its place, and he couldn't move a minute or a minute. The big witch raised the tip of his knife against his throat.

A bright red blood flowed from his right eye socket.

"Little Phoenix, I don't want to kill, but I kill you ... I have thought about it for twenty years, but I always feel a little bit reluctant." His voice was a little shaken, and his expression was paranoid and crazy, like crying and laughing: "You ... a very hard heart. "

Lin Shu didn't know what he was talking about.

A clash of the soldier's blade clashed, and the big witch's knife was picked up by Ling Fengxiao.

He stood in front of Lin Shu and said coldly, "You and me are nothing to do with him."

"Don't be afraid." There was still blood in his eyes, and his tone seemed to be comforting: "... I'll let you die together, burn to ashes, and sprinkle them together in the peach blossom source."

In the sky, the stars shake.

A **** meteor cut through the sky.

The next moment, the stars fell wild.

Lin Shu didn't know what the big witch was--what could have blood stained the stars, and then try their best to fall?

All the spiritual power between heaven and earth seemed to be drained at that moment.

Then, all—a drop instilled into the witch's body.

He raised his knife to Ling Fengxiao.

The night mist turned into blood mist, and the cries were sharp and endless.

This is a mortal sword.

Whether it is Lin Shu or Ling Fengxiao, crossing the calamity realm or the land fairy realm, facing such a spiritual power as the coercion of the heavens and the earth, it is like a moth and a mote when the mountains and rivers fall.

The feeling of horror at this time ... was even better than Lin Shu when he crossed the sky to face the thunder.

Ling Fengxiao stood in front of Lin Shu.

Lin Shu pressed his hand and took a step forward, side by side with him.

Ling Fengxiao gently pressed her left hand on Lin Shu's shoulder.

Man's dying will have some physiological reaction.

For example, although Lin Shu felt that his mood was not fluctuating, his heartbeat was really fast.

And Ling Fengxiao gradually calmed down after this soothing action.

To be honest, he did not expect that he would die so quickly.

However, there seems to be no regrets.

It's just a pity that Ling Fengxiao.

He began to wonder whether the ruthless sword will not be affected by spiritual power and whether it can protect Ling Fengxiao.

The big witch laughed paradoxically and was crazy, as if he had been wishing for so many years, he was always paid.

Daomang is like a silent thunder, extremely fast and extremely slow.

Lin Shu pressed his right hand on the hilt.

The next moment, he was suddenly pushed forward by a force on his shoulder!

This angle is extremely tricky. He wiped the Dawu's sword and was pushed away, took a few steps, and stopped behind the Dawu unharmed!

So the strong move, the more unable to recover, Da Wu's sword can only stab forward towards Ling Fengxiao.

Lin Shu's eyes were suddenly covered with blood, everything turned into slow motion, and the dark blade was slowly and slowly running towards Ling Fengxiao's chest.


In the silence, a thin voice suddenly sounded.


Chapter 169: Bliss wish

With that "meow", another thick and pure chaos spiritual power appeared between the heavens and the earth, and it hit the big witch's sword directly!

The cat was originally retrieved by Lin Shu from the Qingming Cave Heaven, but did not expect to take the initiative to come out at this time, and took it into the arms of Ling Fengxiao.

It is a spirit beast cultivated for thousands of years, and it is also the realm of the land fairy.

-Just, still lost!

Chaos spiritual power collided with the blood evil's gas phase, at first it was deadlocked for a while, then it showed the potential, and was slowly followed by the blood evil's air pressure.

The witch sneered and added gravity!

The cat trembled in Ling Fengxiao's arms, but a cat that was always so timid and frightened at this moment, even though it was shaking like a sieve, was still trying to release its spiritual power to resist the witch.

Ling Fengxiao pursed her lips, held it up, and prepared to put it on the ground: "Good, go back."

Cats are innocent after all.

But I did not expect that the next moment, between the electric light and the flint, the cat actually broke his hands with Ling Fengxiao and flung forward!

This flutter was sending it to the blade of the big witch.

Suddenly, the witch is working hard!

The cat whispered.

It's short, it's urgent, it's the sound of a small animal when it is severely dropped on the ground.

But at the same time, the white jade bell hanging from the neck of the tower suddenly shined brightly, and another lonely spiritual force was rushing into the mountains and the waves, sweeping towards the witch!

The two resisted, the two spiritual forces collided, and then all dissipated, and the big witch spit out blood.

But he is still standing.

The white jade bells radiated, I wonder if I could brew the next blow.

Lin Shu knew what it was.

The cat is the owner of the Floating Celestial Palace, and when they followed them, the entire Floating Celestial Palace turned into a white jade bell, which was always worn around its neck. The white light should be the guardian array of the Floating Celestial Palace.

Whether or not the white jade bell is brewing the next strike, the big witch still has plenty of room!

I saw him in Tsing Yi flying in the mist of blood, facing the cat, the next moment, the sword was rising again!


Lin Shu is behind him.

Holding a folding bamboo sword, he pierced the big witch's chest from behind.

There is nothing to hinder, Jian Feng penetrates the flesh, as if he is stabbing not to the big witch in the realm of the land fairy, but to a mortal without the power of a chicken.

Ke Linshu clearly remembers that every time Ling Fengxiao fought with the big witch before, when the lance stabbed his body, the two collisions would send out a sound of golden stones. The big witch's body was like a copper wall and an iron wall, and would not be injured by any weapons.

Perhaps the big witch cares little about the enemy and does not use spiritual power to protect himself.

Or maybe the sword is broken, or the ruthless sword has its own special characteristics, which can break the whole witch's defense.

He thought that in the kingdom of bliss, he had so easily cut off one arm of Dawu with Sauvignon Blanc 7th "Lifetime Mind" without any hindrance.

But anyway ...

The sword pierced the big witch's chest.

This angle is impeccable, and there is nothing special about the feelings of the men. Lin Shu can be sure that the broken bamboo sword hole penetrates the heart of the big witch.

No one can live after the heart is pierced.

Nor can the land fairy.

Because one day did not rise into the immortal realm, one day is still a half-immortal body.

The witch coughed violently and coughed up blood.

The next moment, Ling Fengxiao's sword smashed his Dantian in the air!

He was shaped like a leaf falling in the wind and was excited by the invisible force. He was thrown up, fell, and fell heavily to the ground.

The blood mist at the top of the tower was still so dense, but the witch seemed to have lost his ability to move. Chaos spirits from the cat trapped him again, making him unable to move.

The sound of his breathing was heavy.

Ling Fengxiao picked up the cat's body: "Qingyuan."

no respond.

Lin Shu looked over there and saw that the cat's body seemed to have softened, and two chubby hands were weakly hammering to one side.

The cat's eyes were still open, but it seemed to be misted.

Ling Fengxiao put it on the ground, took out the elixir, opened her jaw, and fed it one by one.

Can't feed it.

All spit it out.

He replaced it with healing elixir and poured it into Qingyuan's mouth, but it still had no effect, and instead choked his throat.

The cat coughed weakly, and its eyes might not be closed, and it was full of tiredness.

"Don't sleep," Ling Fengxiao pinched its ears, "obedient, don't sleep, take medicine."

The cat "meowed" weakly, his head clenching his hand.

Lin Shu came over and held one of its front paws.

Its meridians are completely broken.

But no one knows how the cat's spiritual power flows in the meridians, and no one has the same chaotic spiritual power as the cat.

The big witch lying on the ground next to his side looked at this side, the corner of his **** mouth was still hanging with a slight smile.

His voice was more dumb, like the broken bellows, and said, "Lin Shu, come here."

The cat's meridian is completely abolished, why isn't the big witch, let alone he was pierced through his heart and shattered Dantian. This person lost all available power at this moment, without any threat, Lin shunned away.

He actually wanted to know what the words said by the big witch meant.

He can be sure that he had no contact with this person before.

He walked to the big witch.

The big witch coughed and looked at the night sky: "The man is dying ... his words are also good, there is something, you must be obedient."

Lin Shu: "What is it?"

"Eight Cheats." Da Wudao said, "Stay ... you won't use it for less than three years."

Lin Shu did not refuse or agreed.

He looked at Dawu and said, "Do I recognize you?"

The big witch laughed.

Desperate and sullen smile.

He said, "This is the second time you have killed me."

Lin Shu: "When was the first time?"

The big witch said, "Twenty years ago."

Lin Shu: "Twenty years ago, I was just born."

The witch coughed a few times and said, "The world is not as simple as you think."

Lin Shu: "Who are you?"

Big Witch: "Nobody."

Lin Shu has nothing to say.

"Go and see your little phoenix," the crazy and cunning look appeared on Da Wu's face again. "After tonight, it's not ..."

He coughed violently, couldn't stop, his pale complexion appeared gray, and he was about to die.

But the blood mist on the top of the tower is like a sea of blood, which is getting thicker and denser, and the stars and moons in the sky are already dripping.

Thousands of crying did not stop, permeating.

Ling Fengxiao held the cat's head.

Lin Shu gently flicked his ear.


The cat laboriously opened his eyes, and with his furry head, he pinched Lin Shu's fingers.

After stunning it, it lost all its strength and softened in the arms of Ling Fengxiao.

The green eyes were about to close, and this one could never wake up again.

Like the big witch who fell on his back, his eyes narrowed slowly and slowly.

But the moment he closed his eyes completely, the night sky suddenly opened his mouth slowly.

The bright white light was very warm, and it just shone on the cat's body.

Lin Shu and Ling Fengxiao looked up and saw the white crack, as if there was endless void.

The cat, who was dying to death, opened her round green eyes again.

The lost spirit gradually returned.

The indescribable soft white light enveloped their vision. In white light, a figure gradually appeared.


A boy in a gold suit, holding a gold fan in his hand, has a handsome eyebrow, and has a warm smile in his eyes.

Lin Shu met the boy on the Magic Mountain, played chess with him, and listened to his speech on the heavenly path-he didn't know the exact identity of the boy, only he knew the fairy.

"Heiyuan, how did you fall into such a field?" The son yelled.

Qingyuan made a meowing sound in a vicious manner.

The boy took it from Ling Fengxiao, and then looked at Ling Fengxiao: "I don't know why you haven't seen soaring for so long. It turns out that I am happy with beautiful women."

Qingyuan didn't bother him.

The son Zhao Lingfeng Xiao said, "Thank you very much for helping Qingyuan to cross the robbery. Now that the cause and effect are over, I will lead it to the fairyland."

Ling Fengxiao: "How about its injury?"

The son said: "It doesn't bother me. I will take care of it in the sky, and its other old masters, and he will be cured in three days."

Ling Fengxiao said, "Thank you."

The son turned around and saw Lin Shu again: "It was you."

Then he looked at the **** surroundings and frowned slightly: "What are you doing?"

Lin Shupo was a little embarrassed: "Fight."

"That's wrong ..." The son's voice sank, looking at the **** stars and moons in the sky: "Blood is painted in the wild, Beidou reverses ... Who did it?"

Ling Fengxiao touched the big witch's breath, and then said to the son, "He. He hasn't died yet."

The boy's frown came to this side, and in order to investigate, a clear voice came from the white cracks: "Chen son! Come back soon! Qingming and Yuehua are fighting again!"

Chen Gongzi said badly: "Close to Chiling Mountain to make up for the sky."

His body is a bit illusory.

Just listening to the Chen Gongzi speaking very fast, saying: "I can't maintain my phantom for too long, you listen."

Lin Shu: "Yes."

Chen Gongzi said: "This person is not human, he has become a spirit body, so I don't know what his original body is, but he feeds on the grievances of all beings, and before he dies, he triggers a vision of heaven and earth to build up strength ... the world will be chaotic.

Ling Fengxiao: "Why is it messy?"

The son asked: "Is it a troubled time today? Is it a prosperity time?"

Ling Fengxiao: "Chaos."

Son: "How many years have you messed up?"

Ling Fengxiao: "Three hundred years."

"Heavy people are born in times, ghosts are born in troubled times." The male stared at the **** stars in the sky: "In the troubled times, the creatures are covered with charcoal, and the sentiments of all beings have accumulated for three hundred years, and they have been gathered and gathered. At that moment, the spirit's resentment ran away in the world, and the world's demons ran rampant ... unstoppable. "

After saying this, the son seemed helpless again: "I just haven't looked down for a few years, why is there such a mess?"

Ling Fengxiao said: "How to solve?"

Son: "I have never seen it before-"

His body became more and more illusory.

There is an insurmountable barrier between the immortal world and the human world.

The son said, "You can only act by chance."

Ling Fengxiao: "..."

Ling Fengxiao had nothing to say, but Lin Shu had a question.

He said to his son, "Eight Cheats ..."

"Eight cheats are related to life in the world," the son seemed to know what he wanted to ask: "If you can destroy, you must destroy them. Don't make the eight cheats in the hands of the wrong mind ..."

His voice was getting smaller and smaller, gradually disappearing, and his figure disappeared into the sky.

The cat poked his head behind his son's shoulders and finally "meowed" them.

Then, the white rift in the sky slowly closed, as if never before.

And the top of the tower was still filled with blood.

Lin Shu listened to the cry in the wind.

The son said, this is the resentment of sentient beings.

A person's resentment is nothing. At most, after the death, it turned into a ghost and a ghost, and was surrendered by the immortal path-just like the corpses and grudges around the ghost town of Minzhou.

In the troubled times, the people ca n’t eat their food, do n’t hide their clothes, their wives are scattered, they complain about the world, the dynasty, and themselves ...

If the grievances of all people come together in this world ...

"I know why the Great Witch established a kingdom of bliss." Lin Shu heard Ling Fengxiao slowly said: "It is not that he is obsessed with ignorance. I do not know that the kingdom of bliss is an air tower ... but the people in the world. In the chaos, I hope there is a bliss country. . "

Ling Fengxiao's voice was very low: "The son said that he uses the common grudge as the source of strength, then he will do what the common life wants to do. To create a worry-free, carefree illusion, so that people in the world Can live and work in peace and contentment. "

"That ’s why he said, he could n’t help or wish." Ling Fengxiao approached Da Wu's body, and seemed to tell Lin Shuting and himself: "He also knows, Armistice, support the people's livelihood, people will be better after a hundred years. But the world ’s billions of people were born in troubled times, grew up in troubled times, uneducated, natural disasters and man-made disasters, heavy taxes and pressure, who would believe that ... the dynasty will make things change Okay? "

Perhaps, at first, the people believed in the dynasty.

But the dynasty can only train soldiers and levy taxes. Its harsh policies are fierce than tigers. For a hundred years, they have regarded the dynasty as a tiger, and complained the dynasty as a tiger.

From disappointment and despair, the dynasty can't believe that today's suffering has reached its extreme, and tomorrow can't be expected. They can only turn to believe in an immortal afterlife, hoping to be reincarnated after death, born in a rich, peaceful, no famine war, no dynasty jurisdiction Country of bliss.

This is the resentment of sentient beings, the source of the weird power of the great witch.

-This is also the will of all beings.

As for what the big witch is and why they can master such power, they don't know yet.

The top priority is that after the big witch's death, resentment will dissipate. According to the son-in-law, the grievances of the people during these hundreds of years will be directly turned into grievances and ghosts.

He saw the big witch's body dissipating.

Starting from the edge of the body, it turns into flying ash, scattered in the sky.

Heaven and earth, the blood is getting stronger and stronger.

He also saw Ling Fengxiao staring at the witch's body, silent.

Blood-red light came through the body of the great witch.

When the witch's body was completely dissipated, the whole thing appeared.

A blood-red, crystal-like thing, like the blood color of heaven and earth, condenses and compresses the core.

The reason why the big witch can gather and manipulate the resentment of all beings is related to it.

It beats slightly, like a heart, its color is unknown and venomous, and as it beats, the rhythm of the blood mist changes.

Lin Shu saw that its edge began to melt a little bit!

A drop of blood water fell, and the sky marked an extremely **** meteor.

Anyone with a good eye can guess that when this heart is completely melted, it will be when all the demon stars fall, and combined with the saying of the son, the world will soon breed resentment and demons run rampant.

Hold the heart in one hand.

Slender fingers, cold white color.

Ling Fengxiao's hand.

"Baby." Ling Fengxiao looked at him.

The eyes were gentle and seemed lonely.

He said very slowly: "Baby, I'm getting dirty."

The next moment, he pressed the blood-red heart into his chest.

Chapter 170: Phoenix bath fire

The sky is bloody, and it's an instant.

Ling Fengxiao closed her eyes slowly.

He looked calm, as if doing something common.

It's such an ordinary thing as eating a panacea and drinking a glass of water ...

Suddenly the blood mist swelled up!

Ling Fengxiao frowned slightly, seemingly suffering great pain.

Lin Shu took his hand and tried to lose some spiritual power.

Ling Fengxiao held him back, with great strength, her fingers trembling slightly.

The hands are cold and the bones are cold.

Lin Shu's aura, which had penetrated into his body, was immediately bounced out by the wrathful resentment!

It was a sheer sinful resentment. At the first touch, the ears of ten thousand ghosts screamed.

This is the life of the world. For three hundred years, in the midst of war and hunger, the resentment and sorrow accumulated under sorrow and despair.

The gathering of sand can be a tower, and the axillary can be turned into a fur. Once the grievances of sentient beings gather together, it is the force that makes the whole world turbulent.

As said by Chen Gongzi ... Once such resentment is scattered in the earth, it will be the beginning of a troubled world.

At that time, Lin Shu was still thinking that the big witch was dead, and Xiao Yan didn't seem to love fighting too much. By the time the demon ran rampant, the camp was divided into two sides of the demon and it was a stretch of war. He thought what Ling Fengxiao would do.

Most likely, they first negotiated peace with Beixia, and then began to set up warfare. Finally, they devoted themselves to battle and became famous.

But Ling Fengxiao did not do so.

He took the initiative to melt the core of that grudge into his own body.

What will happen, Lin Shu doesn't know.

Will he go into trouble and lose his mind, or be controlled by resentment and become another big witch?

He couldn't do anything, he could only reach out his right hand and gently poke the sweaty hair of Ling Fengxiao's forehead slightly.

A drop of blood-red tears lingered in the corner of Ling Fengxiao's eyes.

He reached out and slowly wiped away, the bright and beautiful blood color came from the corner of his eye, and fainted on the pale pale cheek of Ling Fengxiao.

The surrounding blood mist seems to be thicker. These unknown mists contain obvious malice, slowly swirling around them, forming a blood-red swirl.

A cold hand held his right wrist.

He heard Ling Fengxiao's voice in his ear, "Baby, I hurt."

Lin Shu hugged him and patted him on the back.

Ling Fengxiao hugged him and buried her face on his shoulder.

He was trembling all over.

Lin Shu knew that only one person would have such a reaction when he endured extreme pain.

All the resentment between heaven and earth is eroding his body, his mind, and even his entire soul.

This is not something a person can bear, nor is it something a single person should bear.

No one asked Ling Fengxiao to do this, and no one would blame him for not doing it—he could not have done so.

But at the same time, Lin Shu was soberly aware that this was what Ling Fengxiao would do.

If you kill one person, you can save ten people, and if you kill 10,000 people, you can save 100,000 people. As a monarch, you will kill them decisively.

But if it was himself who was to sacrifice ten people, 100,000 people, and one million people?

To say that it is the scum of the kingdom is to be the owner of the society, and to be ominous to the kingdom is to be the king of the world, but ...

Lin Shu thought wildly about something, gently stroking the long hair spreading out by Ling Fengxiao, and accidentally turned his eyes to see that he had already been stabbed with blood on his shoulders.

Blood shed tears, endless, is Ling Fengxiao crying, or is the world crying in despair?

He remembered the way Ling Fengxiao comforted himself before, and learned the same way, and said to Ling Fengxiao, "Stop crying."

Ling Fengxiao returned to bite his shoulder.

Lin Shu: "..."


He continued to smooth the hair of Ling Fengxiao.

Along the way, I remembered that in the kingdom of bliss, when I blocked Ling Fengxiao from the sword, I suddenly used the eighth type of "Sauvignon Blanc" in "Lifetime Mind".

In Jiange, after he realized the seventh style "a leaf lonely boat", the eighth style went no further, and only realized that there was a tricky condition for this trick.

This is not a completely offensive move, nor is it a total defense. There is no need to defend it. Even when it comes out, there will be many flaws in the body. When facing a strong enemy, it is likely to be seriously injured.

This trick is not superb and perfect.

But there is a place that is perfect.


Those who used this trick were absolutely safe behind him.

So the meaning of this move is not to attack or defend, but to protect the things behind or the people behind.

Only in this case can this trick be used.

A person who cultivates "Sauvignon Blanc" without emotion should have no one or something to protect.

But if this person is Ling Fengxiao, he can still do it.

Even Sauvignon Blanc is allowed.

Lin Shupo was a little relieved, and his hair movements were much lighter.

Little Phoenix, still cute.

I don't know how long it has been, the blood fog around is still so dense, but the sharp maliciousness has gradually faded.

At the same time, these blood mists-slowly poured into Ling Fengxiao's body.

The endless blood mist surrounds his body like layers of red lotus, and it seems to be a cold flame.

Lin Shu saw that his body was gradually fading in his arms, as if something had changed in the interior, and it changed back after a while, clearly disappearing, as if it was no longer something that should be in the world.

The fire in **** licked, and the color in front of him gradually became strong. He found that he could no longer see the appearance of Ling Fengxiao, but he could only see a vague blood mist.

He thought that it would be good to be anything.

In the void that was entered by the two-faced Buddha, the two of them became two light spots, and they could also go around each other, playing well.

As long as Ling Fengxiao.

As long as that little Phoenix can come back.

He felt that his heartbeat was gradually accelerating, and for a moment, he heard it in the haze.

"Ling Fengxiao," he heard his voice, "Ling Fengxiao, Xiao Shao ..."

He called the man's name over and over again.

Keep shouting and thinking, don't get lost.

He didn't have a loud voice and didn't use much force, but in the end, his voice was still dumb.

The blood mist was decreasing, and he clearly saw the trend.

On the stars in the sky, the fierce blood red light is gradually weakening.

The disappearing blood color all merged into Ling Fengxiao.

The world in front of Lin Shu is clearer.

He is no longer holding the thin waist of Dan Zhu.

It was held by unknown creatures.

The unknown creature seemed to have a face of Xiao Shao.

Lin Shu poked his hand indifferently, it was human skin and the temperature rose a little.

The world before us is a little clearer.

He was like a person watching a phoenix nirvana, eagerly wondering if this nirvana was successful, and a phoenix or a roast chicken was born.

So he rubbed his eyes.

Before rubbing it twice, the wrist was held down.

Lin Shu looked up and met Xiao Shao's eyes.

Visually overstimulated by blood color slowly returned to normal.

He saw a pair of dark black pupils.

The shape is still that good-looking shape, but it is dull and dull, and it means something indifferent.

He saw Xiao Shao at this time, in a gorgeous black robe, with dark blood flowing in the dark lines of his clothes, and a well-deserved knife around his waist, still the appearance of evil spirit.

Behind the red lotus industry fire, the sea of blood is boundless, reflecting the blood on his eyes.

At this moment, if someone tells Lin Shu that he is not in the world, but Shura Hell, or Huang Quan in the underworld, Lin Shu is also a believer.

After all, he was now held down by his wrist, and then forced to raise his face and look at him.

No matter how many times Xiao Shao's face has been seen, Xiao Shao's aesthetics must be washed away, not to mention the strange and strange atmosphere at the moment, not to mention a flavor.

Lin Shu: "Xiao Shao?"

He saw Xiao Shao's look slightly confused, and seemed to think about it, before he answered, "It's me."

The texture of the sound is like spirits, with ice cubes in the spirits, cold texture.

In reply, he squinted for a moment, frowned slightly, and seemed to be in pain.

Lin Shu cared: "Does it still hurt?"

Xiao Shao shook his head.

Lin Shu saw the vague paranoia and indifference in his expression, different from the past, and could not rest assured: "Are you okay?"

Xiao Shao said: "Many people are crying."

Lin Shu: "Huh?"

The cry in the sea of blood did not know when it had subsided, he could not hear it now.

Xiao Shao moved his fingertips slowly across his face, traced the outline, and said, "In my soul."

Lin Shu was described by him as being itchy, and he tilted his head to the side, but did not know how to recruit Xiao Shao.

Xiao Shao forced his face back, asked him to look in his eyes, and then said, "It will be better when you are near you."

As he said, he would continue to touch his face, press his fingertips on his lips, and then kissed his head blankly.

This person is a bit perverted, I'm afraid he has lost his humanity, Lin Shu realized.

He was afraid that Xiao Shao would have a problem with his mind, and asked, "Do you remember me?"

"Remember." Xiao Shao said lightly: "Baby ... call me, I'm back."

Seems sober.

And he will shout "baby", proving that it is still Xiao Shao, not something strange.

Lin Shu felt relieved.

At this time, the blood mist faded many times faster than before, and the stars in the sky almost returned to normal.

At the same time, Xiao Shao's looming momentum slowly climbed.

When everything returned to normal, there was a faint voice outside, and many North Xia Wizards were coming here.

Lin Shu naturally knew that they had just fought with the big witch, and there was a lot of movement. The wizards must have noticed that because of the barrier of blood, they could not enter before, but they can now enter.

Ye Changmeng had many dreams. When he saw that Xiao Shao had nothing to say, he didn't solicit opinions and dragged people back to Qingmingdongtian.

Say hello to my brother and go back to the room.

The bedroom of the devil is naturally reserved for the devil. The two of them live in Dongtian and have a cleaned up room.

As soon as the door was closed, Lin Shu had a slightly ominous hunch, as if locked by something invisible.

He was a bit frizzy all over, turning to look at Xiao Shao.

Xiao Shao was watching him.

"Are you ... okay?" Lin Shu asked again.

Xiao Shao: "OK."

Lin Shu: "... Would you like some hot water?"

Xiao Shao seemed to have a little doubt in his eyes, then shook his head: "No need."

Lin Shu had a lot of things to ask, but for a while, I didn't know where to start.

He pondered over and over again, picking and choosing among these many questions, and finally came up with a more representative-are you still human?

Unexpectedly, as soon as he opened his mouth to ask, he was pressed to bed.

Xiao Shao stood high, expressionless, but still indulged in touching his face a little bit.

From the forehead, to the cheeks, to the corners of the lips.

"You ..." Lin Shu just said a word, and there was no way to speak.

Because Xiao Shao's fingertips separated his lips, and because he was unprepared for a while, he had already passed through his lips and teeth, entered a lot, and hit the tip of his tongue.

Xiao Shao stared at him, then added a finger in.

Lin Shu had something to ask, so he tried to push those two pointers, but this movement seemed to him like he took the initiative to lick and bite those two long fingers.

He watched Xiao Shao's eyes become increasingly wrong, and his heart was gradually panicked.

Xiao Shao leaned down and held his shoulder with the other hand.

"Xianjun," Lin Shu heard Xiao Shao slowly with a slightly hoarse voice, "you are clean."

Lin Shu didn't ask.

He should have known the answer.

Xiao Shao was never alone.
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