The #1 Pretty Boy of the Immortal Path Chapter 121-130

Chapter 121: Demon King

The footsteps are getting closer. Lin Shu looked back.
The visitor wore a black robe with a strange red pattern on the black robe, a crimson totem print between his eyebrows, and a long eyebrow raised slightly upward, which was quite evil.

Lin Shu didn't know who it was originally, but when he saw the breath of "I'm the No. 1" in the whole body, he felt that this should be his own cheap master.

The man looked at him and raised an eyebrow: "Apprentice?" Lin Shu: "Yes."
Qingming Devil looked at him a few times and said, "OK." Lin Shu was flattered.
The Demon continued: "Tell you one thing." Lin Shu: "... Okay."
The devil's tone is very lazy and at the same time very marginal. After Lin Shu agreed to this matter, instead of going straight to the topic and saying what it was, he started other things: "Fighting for the teacher and the dog thief, Half the sky broke down. "

Lin Shu: "... Master is terrific."

It seems that the life of the devil is very full, and there is still a fight in the fairyland. wrong.

All have risen to the immortal realm. There is no national hatred and family hate, there is no righteousness and evil, and there is no mutual opposition.

What resentment?

Devil said: "Chen Gongzi threw this errand to me and asked me to sacrifice my power. Disciple, the teacher doesn't want to make up for the sky, but can only let you run errands in the world."

Lin Shu: "... Okay."

"Do you know the peerless method?" Said the demon. Lin Shu: "I know."
Like "Sauvignon Blanc" and "Everything is in Me", they are all capable of practicing Mahayana and bearing extraordinary luck.

It is said that there are only four or five copies of the entire Nanxia.

"I randomly found two or three originals, and burned them as a teacher." Devil lazily said.

Lin Shu: "?"

He said, "How to burn?"

The devil said: "It's burning." Lin Shu: "Just burn it?"
Devil said: "Can it not be burned directly?" Lin Shu: "Burning it?" "Well," the demon uttered an unclear tone, saying: "Burning is all you need."


Lin Shudao: "But I have to find it first."

The Devil is dissatisfied: "My apprentice, Qingming, can't I get a few originals?"

Lin Shu justified: "They are all in the elite ..."

"Grab it." The tone of the demon is taken for granted. "After the grab, and then tell the world, this is what the Qingming Devil ’s disciples did. If you do n’t agree, you can ask the devil to talk about it. You and I are outside the devil Why do n’t you act with your hands and feet. ”

I'm not.

I do not have.

I am not a demon.

However, once he became a disciple of the demon, it seemed that he had really stepped into the abyss of the evil demon.

Lin Shudao said: "I can't get enough repairs."

"How is it possible?" Demon looked at him for a few eyes: "Your meridian is very fine and beautiful, and it is more broken than I was then.
Presumably, the silence and imagination are also good." Lin Shu suffocated: "You haven't finished writing."
——Where did he learn the silence and vanity? In a dream? Devil frowned: "I really don't seem to be finished."
Lin Shu: "Yes." But the next sentence of the devil is, "Will you not comprehend it by yourself?"

Lin Shu: "?"

He said, "The disciple ... is dull and cannot understand."

"It's really stupid," said the demon. "I have my draft in the study. You can take it for a look. It's ugly and not very recognizable."

Lin Shudao: "Why do you want to practice?"

"It's an errand to talk about," Mojun said lazily, "don't worry, you take your time, you can do it before flying."

There is very little room for change.

The devil does not say, "Apprentice, are you willing to run for the teacher?" It is "apprentice, run for the teacher."

It didn't say, "You just do what you can, just don't do it." Instead, "Just do it before flying."

Lin Shu thought about the possibility of this matter.

Nanxia's exercises can not be moved, and out of morality, he cannot move.

But if there is a battle in the next day, there may be a chance for Peixia's peerless exercises over there.

Qing Ming waved his hand: "Okay, let's go, the cave for the teacher will take it for you to play."

Lin Shu: "How to get there?"

Asking such questions, he felt like he was a living mentally handicapped. But there was a mirror in front and a black hole in the back. He really didn't know how to go. "It's around," said the demon. After that, he looked at the mirror.
"Apprentice." The devil looked at the man in the mirror, and said, "You're a bit bad at this."

Lin Shu: "?"

He also looked into the mirror.

In the mirror, he stood still on the top of the snowy mountain as coldly and silently.

In fact, in his last life, he used to be dazed in the mountains like this. As for the exercises ... Is there a problem with Sauvignon Blanc?
"I think it's fine," he said.

"It's okay," said Mo Jun. "It's just that I think you have children, and it's a bit of a hassle."

Speaking of which, he seemed to be interested, and deviated from the point: "The little girl is very beautiful. Who gave birth to you? How did you give birth?"

Lin Shu: "Pick it up." Devil: "Oh."
Lin Shu: "Son." Devil: "..."
"Let's go," said Mojun. "Someone called me and left for the teacher." Lin Shu: "You walk slowly." The body of the devil dissipated for a moment. As soon as he disappeared, Lin Shu seemed to have a hallucination. He heard the devil say in an impatient tone: "Roll."

Lin Shu thought, maybe the demon was talking to the man who called him.

Last time I played chess with the boy in Linglong Dongtian, who is also from the fairyland.

The people in the immortal world have never had a precedent for the lower world. It seems that they cannot come down. Even if they want to communicate with the world, they can only pass through the phantom and have no mana. And only in specific locations.

The son has said that his phantom can only appear in the phantom mountain.

Lin Shu suddenly thought of a possibility.

If, at that time, he did not go to the top of the building to cross the robbery, or if there was no lightning rod installed on that building.

Then he might ascend to fairyland.

Then, he will encounter the prince, the Qingming Demon King, and the Yuehua Xianjun in the fairyland.

Even ... Xiao Shao.

What will Xiao Shao look like? Will it be the same as it is now? Will there be other hamsters?

He and Xiao Shao became nods in fairyland, or did not know each other at all.

When I came here, I met and met them in another way. He played chess with his son, became an apprentice to the Demon King, and lost his wife with Xiao Shao. This time and space crisscross, the sense of impermanence made him suddenly for a while.

Oh, not only did he lose his wife with Xiao Shao, but he also tried double cultivation, and there was a little fruit that he didn't know was his daughter or son.

He stopped thinking about running in some strange direction and returned to the mirror in front of him.

He was still in the mirror.

What is the principle of this mirror? Why is there such a scene?

The devil also said that Sauvignon Blanc was a bit problematic, but not a big one, and it seemed to be related to children.


However, doubting one's skills is a taboo. Lin Shu decided to observe later.
The devil said to go around, so he touched the mirror with his fingers and walked to the side.

After about a hundred steps, the smooth mirror surface disappeared and became rough, seemingly engraved with the edges of the pattern.

Lin lingers.

Behind the mirror, suddenly changed a world, the lights were bright.

——It is a place similar to the main hall, with a huge character hanging in the center and writing the word "extinguished".

In the temple, Xiao Shao took the fruit and looked at a mirror hanging on the wall. Lin Shu suddenly turned back.

Where are there any mirrors, behind a row of screens. Xiao Shao said: "You are here."
Fruit: "Really here!"

Xiao Shao: "We are separated from you. I think it is the Qingming Devil who led you to where."

Lin Shu nodded and approached them. In the mirror, the scene is still there.
He asked, "What do you see?"

Fruit said: "I am with a bunch of beauties! All of them are as beautiful as you in skirts!"

It is reasonable for Fruit to see beauty. Lin Shu looked at Xiao Shao.
Xiao Shao did not speak, but asked him, "How about you?" Lin Shu told the truth.
Xiao Shao said: "I haven't seen anyone." Lin Shu: "Huh?"
Xiao Shao: "I saw a lot of blood."

After all, he reached out to take the mirror off the wall and turned it over. There are rough lines on the back with a line in the middle.
Isolation polymerization. This mirror has an unusual breath, and it seems that everyone sees something different.

Xiao Shao said: "I have never seen this spell."
Lin Shudao: "Many spells at that time were different from now." For example, the formation methods and exercises of the Qingming
Demon King are all things that are difficult to achieve in the current fairy road and magic road. Then, it is normal to present some magic weapons that they cannot understand.

Xiao Shao asked, "Did the Devil pass on your exercises?"

Lin Shu: "The demon wants me to go to the study by myself." Xiao Shao asked, "Is he okay?"
Lin Shu didn't know why Xiao Shao asked this, and it was true: "He seems to be busy."

After a few words, he was called away.

He also said: "The Demon King is already in the fairy realm, and the Yuehua Fairy King is also there, it seems that they have fought not long ago."

Xiao Shao said: "This is the fault of Yuehua Xianjun."

Chapter 122: Point

Lin Shu: "May not be the first move of Yuehua Xianjun."

I don't know why, after seeing the deity of Qing Mingzun, he felt that the fight with Yuehua Xianjun may well be that the demon had nothing to do.

Fruit held the mirror and asked, "Is everything here yours?" Lin Shudao: "It's all."
Fruit happily held the mirror in her arms: "I want this." Lin Shu: "Okay."
Xiao Shao said: "You didn't even shout 'daddy', why did you start something?"

Fruit made a face at him: "Hate!" Xiao Shao hooked his lips.
Lin Shu found that when the two men were present, they often rejoiced in attacking each other—when he first arrived, he also saw Xiao Shao holding the fruit and looking in the mirror, very harmonious.

The fruit was allowed, and he couldn't stop looking at the mirror. He said that he saw himself with many beautiful sisters. Then he said that the beauty had become one, and he was watching the moon with him.

Lin Shu felt that Fruit's behavior should be forgiven.

After all, as a benevolent beauty, I can only stay with two men every day, which is not in line with nature, and I can only relax by relying on a mirror. Xiao Shao frowned at the mirror: "This thing is ominous." Fruit Road: "Causality is on the mirror."
Xiao Shao: "How do you say?"

Fruit has a special touch in many ways.

"The cause of today, the cause of yesterday, the cause of yesterday, the effect of today." Fruits say something, "You have Xiao Xiao because of the cause, with your daughter is the cause, came to the village because of it, and found that Dongfu is the result. All the previous causes determine all the results today and tomorrow. Therefore, I think this mirror can peep at the causes of your body and project the results of the future. Moreover, it also says 'separation and aggregation, is there anyway'? word."

Xiao Shao said: "It is also considered smooth."

The fruit is proud: "I am a heaven and earth aura, and naturally it is extraordinary."

After all, Fruit ran away holding the mirror and went to look elsewhere. The two followed the fruit along the way.
-Fruit went straight to the treasure chest.

There are a lot of strange treasures, but most of them are some rare elixir jade. There are no powerful magic weapons.

This is not consistent with the character of Mozun-so Lin Shu thought it was probably confiscated by Yuehua Xianjun.

Discard the meridians first, then confiscate the dangerous items, and the demon will have no attack power.

However, even if the Qingming Demon King does not have the meridian, he has to do things. Thinking of the silence and vanity, he thought of the demon let him go to the study.

The fruit stayed in the treasure house to organize the property, but didn't want to go, but only gave Lin Shu a large piece of pale chalcedony: "This can be fed to the bamboo, and the sword spirit will come out sooner!"

Lin Shu picked it up.

The study was very large. After the lights were turned on, the cabinet was high enough to reach the top of the hall, full of books.

There are many rice papers scattered on the ground and the case, some are handwritten, some are not, and some are meaningless lines.

Finding traces of dying spirits in these tens of thousands of blank papers is not easy.

Lin Shu felt that he had something to do in the future.

Xiao Shao took a moment and sat down with him, picking out meaningful paper and setting it aside.

Without fruit aside, the room became quiet, with only the sound of breathing and the flipping of paper.

After a while, Lin Shu heard Xiao Shao faintly say, "I'm worried about the things in the mirror."

Lin Shu gestured.

To be honest, that fruit--

He saw another self in the Snow Mountain, and Xiao Shao saw blood. Is this their "fruit"?
He said, "Me too." Xiao Shao said: "Do you remember the ghost master of Wan Guiyuan?" Lin Shu: "Remember."
At that time, Xiao Shao was still a cousin. In the battle at the bottom of Wanguiyuan Cliff, they encountered a lot of "Ghost Xiangshi".

Ghost Xiangshi is formed by the grievances of countless people who are dying because of terror. They can see through the most feared things in people's hearts and win by shaking people's minds.

"When we met Wanguiyuan, he said a word." Lin Shu: "Huh?"
He recalled it, remembering that at that time, the ghost master did say something, what was "Caiyun easy to disperse, glazed and crisp" Yunyun.

Xiao Shao said: "Ghost Xiangshi said, the fire is cooking, the flowers are in bloom, and the scenery can last."

Lin Shu connected: "It's too easy to fold, and Zhi will be hurt. Caiyun is easy to disperse, and the glass is crunchy ... it's good to do it for yourself."

What is Ghost Xiangshi saying, who is going to shake? Xiao Shao said: "I often feel that this is talking about me." Lin Shu's eyes appeared for no reason.
At night, looking out of the window of the bamboo house, I often saw the young lady, sitting alone in the atrium, or playing flute.

The flute sobbed, often too low to be sustainable, and started again. He often thought, why did the young lady play such a tune?
Now that he knows Xiao Shao, he knows that there are many secrets that cannot be said, and the secrets are often not easy, let alone the secrets are extraordinary.

He thought, in fact, he felt that the road ahead was slim and he didn't know where to go. What about Xiao Shao?

Will Xiao Shao have such a shocking moment?

He looked at Xiao Shao, not knowing what to say, and finally said, "I don't understand what is in the mirror. But ... I will know it on that day."

The boat sinks naturally to the bridgehead. It will not sink today and tomorrow.

When Lin Shu was young, he often regretted things.

For example, you have learned Feihua swordsmanship. Feihua swordsmanship and Tianyun swordsmanship cannot coexist, and you can no longer practice Tianyun swordsmanship.

However, when he regretted it, he told himself that if he returned to the original situation and chose one of Feihua and Tianyun, he would still choose Feihua swordsmanship.

Think of it this way and you won't regret it.

Many other things are like this, so he thought that no matter how bad things he encountered, they were the consequences of what he had done before, and what he had done before could not be changed, even if he went back once. The situation will not change. So this is something I should encounter, and there is no room for regret.

It is said that "dead pigs are not afraid of boiling hot water." If you always preset yourself as a dead pig, there is nothing to worry about.

Xiao Shao reached out and touched his hair, grabbed a strand in his hand: "What you said makes sense."

Lin Shu looked at Xiao Shao and saw that he was looking at his hair. "Although there are ominous signs, I feel that Xiao Shao has not done anything shameful in this life, and there is no one who is worthy of it. No matter how it ends, I am willing."

Xiao Shao seemed relieved, but he still didn't let go of the hair. Lin Shudao: "I think so."
He thought that he was wrong. People like Xiao Shao would not be confused. Even if they were, they would be short-lived.

Xiao Shao smiled: "What do you think?"

Lin Shudao: "You ... naturally have your thoughts."

He thought about it, and added: "Before, I didn't think there was anything a young lady could not do. Xiao Shao probably did the same."

Xiao Shao said: "Sweet mouth."

Lin Shu smiled a little embarrassedly.

Xiao Shao said, "I used to think that Lin Shu was a very good little thing. It was painful to stay beside him quietly. Later, he felt clear-minded and immortal, as if he would never change. Now, Although he has become a boy, it has not changed much. "

Lin Shudao: "I haven't become a boy."

In the same way, they have not lost their wives and women. It doesn't exist, it doesn't exist.
Xiao Shao laughed.

After the smile, he said, "I have a bad temper, but I feel that when you are around, you will always be more stable. There are depressions in your heart, and I feel light after talking to you." Lin Shu didn't know how the topic became so fast, but since Xiao Shao said so, he should also respond appropriately: "I'm useless, thank you for taking care of me."

Xiao Shao leaned down and kissed his hair gently: "Xiao Shao's heart was unstable, the road was bewildered, and Lao Xianjun would become a little bit more."

Point, also become.

Lin Shu didn't think it was hard to be Xiao Shao's tree hole. But why does Xiao Shao kiss his hair?
Lin Shu thought, this person is probably trying to develop a long-term relationship.

Chapter 123: Ling Xu Gong

Xiao Shao let go of that strand of hair.

The hair slipped back to the shoulder, and somehow Lin Shu felt a little hot.

Although Xiao Shao let go of that strand of hair, he reached out to pluck his other hair.

Lin Shu half-dropped his eyes, staring at the dark silver streaks on Xiao Shao's clothes.

Finally, Xiao Shao's hand stopped.

He found a small strand of hair that was significantly shorter than elsewhere.

Lin Shu looked at the neatly truncated tail and recalled it, thinking that it was probably the strand of hair that Xiao Shao had cut off when the two of them escaped from the king of Beixia.

Xiao Shao said lightly: "What do you think?" Lin Shu: "I don't know."
Xiao Shao let the strands of hair fall back from their fingers one by one and said, "I think so too."

After a while, he again said, "But if you are very disgusted, I'm afraid you have already fled."

Lin Shu: "..."

He felt that Xiao Shao was right. Xiao Shao didn't say anything, he straightened out the messed-up hair, and returned to the countless draft papers of Qingming Demon.

Draft paper can be roughly divided into three categories.

The first type is the sacred meditation sentiment, or the bizarre technique copied from a book.

The second type is the sketches of matrix formations sketched by the devil, most of which are semi-finished products, useless, and some are completely meaningless lines, or turtle doodles-the devil likes to draw turtles, there are a hundred or so in total, most of them The tortoise shells are emblazoned with the words "Yuehua".

The third category is probably the diary of the devil, which is mainly single words, sometimes it is full of pages of "Trouble, Trouble, Trouble", sometimes it is a whole page, "Hahahahahahahahahahahaha".

The sketches were piled aside with hahahahaha, Lin Shu began to look at the serious exercises.

After turning for a long time, I finally found clues in the dense lines.

Qingming Devil wrote a few thousand words for the review of his fight with Yuehua.

It is said that Yuehua had the charm of the breeze and the bright moon when making a sword, making people feel like being among the stars of Longyue. He felt that such a man of such integrity should not have such a weather, and began to study the principles. Finally, it was concluded that when Yuehua sat in silence, she realized the avenue of Yinqing's absence, and when she came out of the sword, her feelings naturally appeared in the sword.

And his own swordsmanship, because he has killed many people, with his own energy, every time he wants to teach his apprentice, his apprentice is frightened and his legs are weak, saying, Master, let me go, I do n’t want to fight. The demon is a person who studies the roots. Others study swordsmanship and understand that swords are like people and people are like swords. It is necessary to study why people are like swords and swords are like people.

——The devil said that in the Tao, man is part of the Tao, the state of mind is part of the Tao, and the sword of man is also part of the Tao.

So a person, and his sword, are unified in the heavenly way.

The so-called magic method of Xianjia Magic Taoism is only relying on a few hints of its own, and borrowing a small part of the strength of Heavenly Taoism with such a few mental formulas.

And he did not want to borrow.

He has tried this for a long time, but he is always stuck in the exercises and cannot escape. Until that day, Yue Hua's entire body meridian was abolished, and there was no sense of spiritual power, and the whole world was finally clean.

In order to realize the truth, the devil took the elixir that made people lose all sense of touch, locked himself in a lightless and silent cell, and did not eat or drink, and ordered his disciples to call him ten years later.

The apprentice knocked on the cell door ten years later: "Master, are you still alive?"

The demon lord said, the prince really lived.

From then on, he had the "Spirit of Extinction" that made people dread the horror. With only one finger, all the enemies repaired and all were destroyed.

The demon is also famous again for the words he said to the twelve demon.

Say yes, within five steps, your life is up to me, not heaven. Silent spiritual imagination, no formulas, no skill moves, only two words- born, completely born.

A person in the heavenly way can't fight heavenly way anyway, just like a person can't lift himself up by grasping his hair.

——This can only be done when completely separated from heaven.

The demon did it. He killed someone, not the physical body of the person, but directly killed the part of the heaven that the person was attached to.

The devil is enclosing here. Of course, for this reason, I was also miserable.

Lin Shu read it over and over for a long time, and finally had to admit that he was just a little garbage.

He was struggling with the so-called "complete birth", feeling that he had already lost his soul and had a headache.

Xiao Shao passed him by, rubbing his temples one by one.

I don't know how long it has been before, a faint voice came to mind in the room: "Master! Master!"

Lin Shu opened his eyes and saw a grayish-white translucent man floating in front of him, a vaguely young man with a beautiful appearance.

He asked, "are you?"

"I'm a brother!" Said the man, "Master had shot me to death in the first place, and regretted it afterwards. He took my soul back and made me a housekeeper!"

Lin Shu: "... Hello Brother."

The brother rubbed his hands excitedly: "Brother, have you finished reading? Do you understand? It doesn't matter if you don't understand, I don't understand." Lin Shu: "..."

"I just saw you seriously, and the two of you were so affectionate again, Brother didn't bother to bother!" Brother Ghost said, "But Brother still has to give you the keys."

Lin Shu: "The key?"

Brother Ghost emptied a bronze dice with his palm.

Lin Shu reached out to pick it up, then reacted and was still embraced by Xiao Shao.

He was a little embarrassed.

After taking the dice, my brother said, this thing needs to be refined into your Dantian. From then on, everything in Qingming Cave can be changed according to your mind, and you can also explore the situation outside at any time.

——The whole Qingming Cave is actually not a real estate. It uses a huge Sumi mustard spell, which can be carried with it. The advantage is beyond description.

This refining is four days.

After Lin Shu took control of Dongtian, he reached an agreement with Xiao Shao.

Since Qingming Cave Sky can be controlled at will, they can move this cave mansion to distract the wizards outside and maximize the security of Taohuayuan.

He felt the shadow of the dice in Dantian, manipulating the entire Qingming Cave sky to rise to the ground.

The magnificent palace floats in the air and moves past the ground to the northwest. And he looked at the outside scene through the dice. At this moment, more than a dozen array masters have just unlocked their first defending array and are staring at the floating palace.

After chasing for hundreds of miles, Lin Shu stopped, sank the palace to an underground place, set the four hundred and ninety-six matrix formations in turn, and then-put away the Qingming cave sky.

The entire hole turned into a bronze dice, extremely lightweight.

He and Xiao Shao came out of the mountain with fruit on the other side- with Qingming Cave Sky.

As for those formations, let the wizards slowly solve them-they can go back to Nanxia,

But there is one more thing to do.

There are several very powerful defensive magic weapons in the treasure chest. They decided to make a trip back to Taohuayuan to buckle Taohuayuan.

In this way, you can thoroughly worry about the safety of Taohuayuan. So they returned.
Outside the high mountains surrounding the Taohuayuan, plum blossoms are blooming. Through the peach forest and through the slits, you can see this isolated fairyland on earth.


There was a burst of blood in the air.

Chapter 124: Land of Peach Blossoms

Lin Shu looked down at the spring water flowing out of the gap.

The stream in Taohuayuan is clear, even if it is mixed with hot spring water, it is only slightly turbid.

At this time, the water had a hint of dull red. Xiao Shao grabbed his hand and clenched.
Lin Shu felt his fingers cold.

Xiao Shao didn't say anything, took him away from the dead vine outside the gap, and walked into the slit.

The slit was deep and dark, only the sound of water echoed in the ear. Lin Shu remembered the blood when he heard the sound of water.
He even instinctively refused to go forward. Xiao Shao said: "Don't be afraid."
After turning a corner, a line of sky light emerged, gradually dazzling. Xiao Shao reached out and covered his eyes.
Lin Shu knew that this was Xiao Shao's fear that the strong light after a while out of the mountains would strike his eyes.

Out of the slit, the wind blew, and the **** smell became stronger. Lin Shu was taken forward by Xiao Shao and then stopped.
He reached for Xiao Shao's hand covering his eyes. Xiao Shao didn't let go. Lin Shudao: "I'm fine."
Xiao Shao said: "Your hands are cold." Lin Shu: "You too."
Xiao Shao said, "Do you really want to see it?" Lin Shu: "I can ... accept."
Xiao Shao said: "It's very similar." Lin Shu: "Like what?"

Lin Shu's mind was blank.

Xiao Shao gently removed his finger. blood.
A lot of blood.

Dark brown, immersed in the soil, verdant weeds, also splashed with blood stains.

He looked up.

The village is still that village, but it's terribly quiet, and even the birdsongs crickets can't hear a trace on weekdays.

There were a few splashes of blood by the stream.

His hands trembled, trying to maintain his balance, and headed towards the alley. The alley was so silent that they only heard footsteps from both of them.

There was also a big splash of blood on the courtyard of the neighbor's house, which covered the wall dripping brightly, shining slightly in the sun.

There was a small beach beside the ground. Somehow, Lin Shu remembered the gray dog.

Xiao Shao opened the door of the aunt's courtyard.

In the courtyard, usually only the elder mother is alone, because the men at home will go to work in the morning, and will not return until mid- afternoon.

Lin Shu saw a lot of blood dripping on the vegetable ground in the yard at a glance. I wonder if it was chicken or duck.

Half of the water tank was stained dark brown, the water inside was red, a large piece of water was scatter on the ground, and there was a water scoop on the ground.

I don't know when the fruit came out, stomping on the edge of the water tank, staring blankly at the water, and looking at the kitchen door, Qing Lingling's eyes filled with tears.

Xiao Shao whispered: "Why ..." Lin Shu also wanted to ask this. why?
When they left, they laid the strongest enchantment they could, and when they left, they ensured that all wizards were led away from here.

Who slaughtered the whole village of Taohuayuan? And ... why is such a means. No bones, no corpses, only blood.

The whole village, the fields outside, were all blood.

——The blood is no longer fresh, and it has coagulated. When there is no coagulation, what is the scene of blood flowing into the river?

Lin Shu's eyes flashed, suddenly remembering his last life, on the way to school, a car accident occurred in the middle of the road.

The scene has been cleaned up, the blood has not been wiped clean, and a large pool of dark blood stains flow irregularly in the center of the road, which is conspicuous.

He thought then that human life is just such a pool of blood.

But now, seeing the blood on this beach, the voices and smiles of his elder mother, neighbors, and even the barking of gray dogs appeared in his eyes.

The kitchen door was closed, as if the aunt would push it out the next moment, holding a bowl of white and delicious fish soup in one hand.

His eyes were astringent, and for a moment he could barely stand still. Xiao Shao said: "It is a very evil sorcery."
Lin Shu nodded.

Not only evil, but also very powerful. He went to see Xiao Shao.
Xiao Shao looked at that pool of blood and was speechless for a long time. Then he went to the room.

The room was as they were when they left, neat and tidy, and there was even a wilted white plum in the vase on the table.

There is something more on the desktop. They walked over.

Xiao Shao picked it up—it was a bead. A photo-bead.
In Taohuayuan, naturally there is no such thing. It could only be-left by the man in Tucun.
Xiao Shao injected spiritual power.

The air in front of them was unreal for a moment, and then--

The shrill screams and painful sounds sounded at this instant, as if coming from all directions.

The picture is from top to bottom, shining on the ground.

A human body suddenly turned into thick, thick blood, and the sound of "噗" splashed on the ground.
One voice said, "Respect the Lord, do you want to clean up?" "No need." The voice had a strange tone and a mysterious husky.
A pair of feet stepped over the pool of blood, deep purple boots, spreading the blood.

The man's hem was the same, almost dark, dark purple, with some tangled and frantic voodoo lines on it.

His voice seemed to have a trace of a smile that didn't come from: "There is no place to be clean in this world."

The voice that first appeared continued: "Respect the Lord, are you going to Qingming Cave?"

Honorably: "Boring." The image came to an abrupt halt.

The photo pearls turned into crumbs, flowing down from Xiao Shao's fingers.

Lin Shudao: "Who is it?" Xiao Shao: "Big Witch."
There is a Majesty and a Lord in Beixia.

His Majesty is the emperor of Beixia, the Lord ... is the great witch of Beixia.

Is the big witch out?

The witch put this photo-bead on the table in their room. What's the intention? Does he know they will come back? Is it for them to see?

Are those screams and screams tortured?

Lin Shu couldn't think about it. As soon as he thought about it, he saw that the aunt had turned into a thick pool of blood.

Does it hurt?

Will ... be very scared?

His heart was choked with something, and the pain was twitching. It was a feeling he had never experienced before.
Taohuayuan is gone.

All people and things became blood.

And their death, can't they get rid of themselves? If they had never stepped into Taohuayuan, and never knew the existence of Taohuayuan, would this isolated paradise on earth be like this and exist forever and forever?

His fingers clenched his palms.

Xiao Shao held his hand, covered the back of his palm with his palm, and took him into his arms.

Lin Shu leaned on Xiao Shao's chest and closed his eyes.

There was a sea of blood in his eyes and he heard his heartbeat. Hey, hey, hey.

Xiao Shao hugged him slowly.

Lin Shu has never realized so clearly like this moment that when he was an anxious and thoughtless boy, on this day, in this sea of blood, he completely declared the end.

His, and Xiao Shao's.

He has never really been born. He was born before because he never entered the world.

He drank water in that clear stream, took the porcelain bowl and drank the soup made by his mother, and he is already in this world.

In the world, you can't escape the emotions and emotions, and you can't escape the good fortune.

Xiao Shao patted his back gently.

He reached out and grabbed Xiao Shao's arm. Xiao Shao said: "There will be an explanation." Lin Shudao said: "The big witch didn't come from the sky for Qingming Cave."

Xiao Shao: "It's not to hunt you down."

If it is for Qingmingdongtian, the big witch cannot go out. If they were to hunt them down, they still have a life.
Xiao Shao said: "Reject the North City."

The big witch went out of the customs and traveled south all the way. Hundreds of lives were up and down in Taohuayuan--
They separated, walked to the entrance to the village, and headed south.

Out of the mountains, the cold wind blew across the face, and fine snow fell on the outside, and Taohuayuan was so hidden in the rolling mountains that it could no longer be found.

Lin Shu looked back at the faint green hills, and thought of "Peach Blossom Origin".

And under the county, the eunuch, said so. The **** sent someone to follow him, looking for what he wanted, and then he lost his way.

Sui Mi, no more road.

Chapter 125: Snow field

In December, it was freezing cold.

Out of the boundary of the Peach Blossom Source, there was nothing left in front of me.

The leaves are withering, withered trees, covered with a thin layer of hoarfrost, and Jackdaw inhabits.

Lin Shu closed his eyes, and in front of his eyes were all peach blossoms.

He had never experienced anything like this in his previous twenty years of life.

Even then, when he received the news of Master's death, he just felt that the world was sparse and that only one person in the world was left alone.

Because Master's immortality is inevitable and will happen eventually, but Taohuayuan is not.

Life and death, in an instant.

Although this **** case was caused by the big witch, he was also inseparable from himself.

He was fascinated and overheard Xiao Shao said: "The big witch is a man of somber speculation and acting strangely.

When the big witch slaughtered the whole village, he said that there was no clean place in the world.

Is it because he hates the clean place? Otherwise, who are the people in Taohuayuan? Murdering seemed to be an understatement to the big witch. He wanted to kill and then killed.

Xiao Shao said: "Nanxia and Dawu will finally meet with swordsmen, maybe it is not far away. In the next day, they will have to deal with this person and comfort the villagers."

After listening to this sentence, Lin Shu suddenly felt that he could not escape from Nanxia.

The eldest mother, Li Jiomao and Li Yamao in the ghost village of Minzhou, took care of him a lot, Mr. Meng, Mr. Xiu Zhao, and Bilin Zhenren are all his mentors.

Xiao Shao, Yue Ruohe, Yue Ruoyun, and Cang Yun are all his friends. He and Xiao Shao can be said to be acquaintances who have suffered and died together.

The great witch slaughtered the entire Peach Blossom Source, this is enmity.

The couplet on the mountain gate of Shangling Xuegong said, "In a hundred years of the career of the gods, the rivers and lakes will be in sight."

He finally inevitably entered into the grudges and hatreds of the rivers and lakes, and gratitude must be revenge and revenge. Only by clearing all of these can we cut off all connections with the world again, live outside things, and pursue immortality.

Two years ago, on the night of Xueye Roast Rat, Xie Zishe said that Xiandao did not fall for a long time.

These immortals were born in Nanxia, grew up in Nanxia, and learned immortal skills and martial arts in the Shangling Academy in Nanxia. The country hated them and their diaries were in their hearts. How could they be separated from the earth? They are not immortals. Cultivation is a means to gain strength. In troubled times, there is no fairy.
He opened his mouth, his voice a little astringent, and said, "I ... with you." Xiao Shao said: "Rong and Ma are fighting, not yours."
Lin Shudao said, "I also want to have a clear conscience." Xiao Shao was silent for a long time and said, "OK."
Silo was silent, no one was chasing them. They went directly south to Yuqi for a whole day, and in the middle of the night, they temporarily settled in an inn in an unknown town.

Xiao Shao said, "What do you think is the purpose of this trip?" He said, unfolding a map of Beixia.
Lin Shu froze.

This is the first time Xiao Shao has sought his opinions on these matters.

Previously, no matter Xiao Shao, Miss, or cousin, he never made such decisions-where to go, what happened, and what to do, it was all in his discretion.

He is completely a hamster brought around. Is the current inquiry because of his position? He looked at the map.
Taohuayuan is probably at the midpoint of the North Xiawangdu and North-South border, and they are now close to the North-South border, and there is still a day to go before the North City is rejected.

The witch came here for three possible purposes. One is to hunt them down and get back "Everything Is In Me". The second is to explore Qingmingdongtian to obtain treasure. It turns out that neither of these is true.
Then there is only one possibility left-the big witch just goes south all the way, and traces "All Things Are Me" by the way.

And all the way south ... Further south is the border.
Lin Shudao said, "We got blood poison samples, but the big witch must have them."

Xiao Shao: "Indeed."

Blood poison, as long as there is a method developed, how much is required.

Yue Ruohe brought the blood poison sample back to the academy, but it was only to enable the surgical school to develop a countermeasure as soon as possible.

"And ... Dawu had been in retreat before, and even the photo session was not attended. He was killed by us, and he did not respond." Lin Shu looked at the map and said, "I think this retreat is important."

Xiao Shao said: "I think he has entered the country again or has developed a new technique."

Lin Shu nodded his head: "So he went south, most likely to Nanxia."

"The big witch went to the border and left traces on the way, so that we know his whereabouts, he must be completely sure." Xiao Shao looked at the map with a deep voice: "Reject the North Pass ..." He said: "The war may be coming. I sent the letter to the capital and we immediately rushed to the Beibei Pass."

Lin Shu nodded.

Xiao Shao said: "You go back to Qingming Cave to rest." Lin Shu: "Yes."
People who cultivate immortals can support themselves at all times, without eating, drinking or sleeping. Lin Shu's mortal body still needs to sleep.

He returned to the bronze die where Dong Tian was, and was taken by Xiao Shao.

Once in Dongtian, my brother floated out: "Brother, you are back!" Lin Shudao: "Hello Brother."
Brother said: "Brother, your girl is so cute." Lin Shudao: "It's very cute."
Fruit likes Qingmingdongtian, so he didn't come out and stayed there to study various treasures, as well as a companion.

He asked his brother, "Brother, is there any place to live?" Brother said, "Are you going to live in Master's bedroom?" Lin Shu: "Is there anything else?"
Brother said: "There are rooms."

Lin Shu was taken to Dongtian's guest room by his brother.

The furnishings of the guest room are gorgeous, but now he has no intention to look at it, and can't sleep anymore, just staring at the folding bamboo sword.

Folding bamboo is still crystal clear and cold all over the body.

Fruit did not know when he ran to him, and said, "It is possible to use chalcedony."

Lin Shu took out the pale chalcedony.

The fruit took over, and it was transformed with spiritual power. The chalcedony turned into a pale cyan juice, which dropped on the sword of the folded bamboo, and then gradually disappeared.

According to the fruit, the origami bamboo has been spotted, but it takes a lot of luck and a lot of heaven and earth aura to transform into shape. It must be taken slowly.

Fruit held Lin Shu's arm and said to him, "Fold bamboo is a boy." Lin Shu: "Huh?"
"That's why I have a puppet!" Said Guozi. "Weapons are shaped, it depends on the male and female! It is the bamboo that hurt me!"

Lin Shu: "Isn't it because Xiao Shao and I are men?" Fruit said: "There is also your sake!"
Lin Shu: "Xiao Shao has no surplus?" Fruit said: "Xiao Shao is bad."
Lin Shu: "Huh?"

The fruit said, "He wants the benevolent to bear another fruit, to be used by the same sorrow, and the sorrow is a girl."

Lin Shu: "..." He asked, "Then you, did you end it?"

"I'm trying to end it." Fruit hugged his neck: "Suck more of Lin Shu's aura. If you don't **** Xiao Shao, Yingying is just like Lin Shu, unlike Xiao Shao, and mad at him."

On the fruit, there is a light fruity aroma.

The fruit looks more like a young lady, and it is very fresh and proud. Lin Shu touched his hair.
The fruit spat out his tongue, got into the bed, covered himself with a quilt, and closed his eyes.

Such a small and beautiful one is really painful.

Lin Shu turned his head to look at the folded bamboo.

After absorbing the chalcedony, the Jianguang of the folded bamboo seemed to be clearer.

He held the hilt and suddenly had a mysterious perception.

It seemed as if he was suddenly in communion with this sword.

He was in a panic, his eyes darkened, and after a short while, he found himself in an endless snowy field.

In the middle of the snowfield is a piece of piercing ice. He approached.
The rectangular ice is like an ice coffin, in which a person lies. An undersized boy, dressed in white, with black hair.
Apart from that, everything was indistinguishable, as if separated by a layer of mist, and the details of his clothes and the outline of his face could not be clearly seen. Tick.
At the corner of the ice coffin, a drop of water dropped.

Lin Shu looked up at the snowfield sky, and a pale sun hung in the northwest.

Is this boy the sword spirit of folding bamboo? Was he able to take shape the day the ice melted? He reached out and touched the hard ice.
That mysterious feeling came to my heart again, and my heartbeat suddenly missed.

He was cold all over the body, and the chill spread from the bone cracks to the whole body, as if at this moment he was lying in the ice coffin himself.

Chapter 126: Stormy

Lin Shu put his hand closer and put it on the ice coffin.

This time, he clearly felt that the cold aura was flowing in the body, walking through every inch of meridian, and walking through many big and small Sundays.

It was cold but familiar.

Many days and nights in the previous life, so the cold spiritual power circulated in his meridians.

I didn't feel cold at that time, but now I realized that it was so cold.

He didn't have anything to eat in his life, because the dishes at the entrance seemed to have a taste; there was no favorite music, but it was just some monotonous ups and downs.

But now he knows that Jiangzhou's roast duck is delicious, the fish soup cooked by her mother is very delicious, and the young lady's flute is very pleasant.

Lin Shu let go of the ice coffin, but for a moment it was a little stunned.

He turned to look around the vast snowy field, the distant mountains were foggy, the fine snow flew, and the color was white.

He seems to have seen it here.

What I saw in that mirror was also a snowy field.

But the world's snowy fields are almost similar, and it is not certain that they are the same. He didn't know how to go out, so he walked forward, remembering what happened just now.

Jian Ge's mentality, Jian Ge's spiritual power.

Earlier, after eating Ju Ling Dan, he also ran inside his body, without exception, very cold, and then lost consciousness of everything around him.

He remembered his last life.

I was bullied in school, and I didn't know what it was like, it was always uncomfortable, so I buried myself in the quilt for a while.

The master came in and said, "Tutna, what happened to you, why did you not practice sword today?"

He said he didn't want to practice sword. Master said, swords still have to be practiced. He said, I don't want to live.
Master said, if you live, you still have to live.

He thought about it and said, why am I different from them. Master asks who they are.
He said he was his classmate.

Master said, it's just a group of mortals, mortals are foolish and don't need to care about it.

He said, I have nothing special.

Master said, you are different. You have a sword. He said, I still feel bad. Master sighed, Tuer, you are not in a stable state of mind, and you just now recognize a lot of words, it is time to learn our Jiange mentality.

He said that if I learn my mind, will I not feel uncomfortable?

Master said, naturally, Jian Ge's mentality is clear and transparent. Once you learn it, you will never care about mortals.

He said, OK.

I learned it, and since then, in addition to practicing the sword, backing the sword spectrum, walking around every day, there is another vest method.

I have a lot of backs, and I can't help but use them when I breathe in and out, and when I put out a sword, it's very different.

Master Fuxu laughed and said, "Yuer, you are talented, your mind has become."

He said, oh.

After practicing your mind, aren't you uncomfortable?

Lin Shu thought back carefully and felt that it was indeed not uncomfortable.

Thousands of faces in the world, either laughing, crying, concerned, or ridiculed, are merely changes in the shape of the eyes, ears, nose, and nose, and it seems to him that it has no effect.

Later, those people in junior high school, high school, and university gradually grew up, understood some truth, and never actively bullied him.

He had nothing to do with this world for many years, and he practiced well in the martial arts. On the outside, he adhered to the duties of a mortal.
The days were calm and the practice was unhindered.

Lin Shu suddenly thought, if, if he resumed cultivation, when the cold spiritual power is working endlessly around the body again-- Will he return to his previous life? He looked up at the sky.
Fine white snow drifted from the dome in the gray daylight, and fell on the ends or eyes.

He seemed to get some kind of cold metaphor from the silent distant mountains and white snow, suddenly understood something, and a blank sorrow filled his heart.

The snowy field is not big. It belongs to one of the illusions. Lin Shu has walked for hundreds of steps and came to an end.

At the end was a gray void. He tried to walk into the void, and then he flew back to the real world, still in the posture of holding a folded bamboo.

Fruit did not know when to open his eyes: "You are in a daze, haven't you come to talk to you?"

Lin Shudao: "Yes."

Fruit's eyes lit up and asked, "Is it good to fold bamboo?" Lin Shu: "I didn't see my face clearly."
Fruit said: "A beautiful sword has a beautiful face."

After all, Guozi moved his body to the side of the bed and patted the quilt: "Let's sleep."

Lin Shu responded and took off his robe and lay down.

Fruit rolled towards him, leaning his head against his chest, reaching for his sleeve.

Lin Shu asked, "Don't you hate men?"

The fruit stunned and said, "Lin Shu is not annoying." Lin Shu smiled.

Fruit said, closed his eyes, and plans to sleep.

Lin Shu reached out and hugged the fruit, looking at the beautiful little face, and felt that the child was still cute.

The ups and downs in life between him and Xiao Shao are reflected in the fruit.

Most people in the world are acquainted, engaged, married, have children, divorced.

He and Xiao Shao are engaged, met, divorced, and have children.

After thinking for a while, he closed his eyes and tried to fall asleep, but there was something in his heart. It took him a long time to fall asleep, and he didn't sleep well. He had a lot of dreams, and dreamed of many things. Even classmates in the palace.

Half a dream and half awake, he thought, in his last life, he had rarely dreamed.

After another dream, Lin Shuyin vaguely felt that someone was standing by the bed, and opened his eyes.

At this moment, he was holding the fruit, and the fruit was still asleep. He raised his head in a very light motion and looked to the bed.

——It hit the eyes of Xiao Shao.

Although he could not see his expression through the mask, Lin Shu felt that Xiao Shao's eyes were very gentle at this time.
He let go of the fruit lightly, and the fruit hummed, without waking. He got up and got out of bed. Xiao Shao had already taken his clothes,
helped him put them on, and stretched out his hands to go around under his arms, tied the belt, a series of movements, as if done many times-actually also Did it many times.

Lin Shu couldn't help wondering if Xiao Shao would not be with him one day, could he still maintain a normal life.

Out of the room, Xiao Shao said, "We are here." Lin Shu: "How is it outside?"
Xiao Shao said: "Nothing has changed." They walked out of Qingming Cave.
A cold wind blew across the border.

The Beibei Pass stands tall, the city walls are solid, and the defense is tight, as solid as gold soup, like an unshakable beast.

In the wind, there were screams and shouts from the soldiers in Kannai. There were no big witches and no Beixia army.

They took a few steps forward.

At this moment, the situation suddenly changed!

Lin Shu suddenly turned back and saw that they had just left the place, and suddenly raised a thick black barrier!

The barrier seems to consist of dark fog, and it is not limited to this. In all directions, at this moment, shrouded in this black mist!
As if a dark iron pot snapped into this side of the world, everything around them suddenly dim.

The neat and fast footsteps sounded against the Beiguan city wall. In this obviously abnormal situation, thousands of soldiers got on the wall, or held strong crossbow or artillery to guard against possible enemies. The atmosphere was like a tense bowstring, the world was silent, then, I do n’t know what direction, maybe in all directions, and suddenly a sound of regular footsteps sounded.

At the same time, a noise sounded.

The sound was cold and deep, slightly hoarse, with a strange tone.

——It is the voice of Dawu.

"I have never intended to be an enemy of Nanxia." The big witch tone was very light, as if sighing. "However, the situation has to be so."

The defender on the tower said loudly, "Thief, what do you want!" At this moment, the big witch finally appeared.
No one can tell how he appeared, as if in front of the tower, a pedestrian suddenly appeared.

The four dead-blooded, sullen-looking living dead lifted a gorgeous off- white seat with a carved face, the texture of which seemed to be bones.

Four black robe wizards stood side by side. The man in the seat wore a dark purple robe, and from the perspective of Lin Shu, he could not see his face.

"I do n’t want to do anything below," said the witch gently. "In the three days, the general is telling us the official city of Jinjiang ... please invite Her Majesty Nanxia to present a book to me. "True" and "Whale Drinking and Swallowing the Sea" are indispensable.

The general did not speak, but made a gesture.

The long horn sounded from the city, including the rhythm of killing crickets.

This horn sound means, fight! The big witch sighed softly.

There seemed to be some strange wave in the air, Lin Shu's eyes widened. The next moment, the harsh screams sounded!
Above the city walls, the soldiers' bodies exploded together! Blood splattered and half of the city wall was red with blood.
"It's my fault that I haven't said everything. Please also add a word from the army," said the witch gently, "more than a day, slaughter the ten cities."

Chapter 127: Fifteen years ago

Lin Shu's first reaction was that the big witch was so big.

However, thinking of his mysterious strength, this tone is not big, but it is not praised.

This big witch ... instantly, he killed thousands of people, and then thought of how he destroyed the whole village of Taohuayuan. This shows that he is indeed extremely cruel, not a person who can judge by common sense.

Another point is that the Qingming Demon King asked him to find a peerless method, and the great witch was also looking for a peerless method. The difference is that the demon wants him to find two books to burn, and the big witch obviously wants to wipe out all the elopement techniques that Nanxia possesses.

Even as many days ago, Xiao Min mentioned that Da Wu was very fond of collecting exercises.

Is there any connection between the two? Xiao Shao said: "Did you see it?"
Lin Shu: "See it."

This caused thousands of people to explode at the same time, and turned it into blood and water. Except for some elements of witchcraft, it was more of an absolute suppression of violent spiritual power!

In a very short period of time, the spiritual power of that area was squeezed to the extreme, like a solid body-and the mortal body and mortal body ... no resistance! To explain it in modern physics, it is similar to a person who was originally on land and was suddenly thrown into the depths of the deep ocean. Under the pressure of horror, the whole person was squeezed into a point, and then the pressure disappeared instantly. People exploded and no bones were left.

At the same time, this also means one thing-good news.

This method is not effective for Xiu Xianren, or at least it will be discounted, because Xiu Xianren can also manipulate spiritual power, can detect changes in spiritual pressure, and can make timely resistance.

However, the good news is not very good.

Being able to compress the spiritual power to this point in a split second shows the mastery of the witch.

Lin Shu boasted that he couldn't do it when he was at his peak.

However, he did not have special strengths in spiritual power, he might not be able to compare like this.

However, the strength of Dawu is at the pinnacle of robbery.

As for where this peak can go, there is no reference, but there is no comparison.

Lin Shudao: "What shall we do?"

"Wait." Xiao Shao said, "There is no robbery in the North City." Lin Shu was slightly relieved.
To say the same, rejecting the North Pass is the only natural danger between the North and the South. If it is only guarded during the Yuan infant period, it is too dangerous when a strong enemy strikes.

As I was thinking, I saw an old man walking up the city wall. The old man is not tall, and his appearance is unremarkable. He wears a brown cloth, just like one of the hundreds of ordinary old people who can be seen on the street.

But listening to him slowly said: "Your visit suddenly, with Tucheng as a threat, is too much to regard me as no one in Nanxia."

The big witch's tone was lazy: "Cang Wuji, don't come here." This "Cang Wuji" reminded Lin Shu.
Nanxia has four peerless exercises, that is to say, in general, there are only four factions who can survive the robbery period—except for some amazing talents.

Phoenix Villa has "Loneliness", Yue Ruohe's Rumengtang has "Everything is in Me", and Magic Ocean House has "Magic is True"-there are very few martial arts, but the maiden of Magic Ocean House is also studying in Xuegong Lin Shu often wears a purple dress and a veil. Lin Shu has seen it many times. Apart from these three, the remaining one is Heng Lian Zong who owns "Whale Drinking the Sea", which is the gate of Cang Ling.

This old man seems to be the old suzerain of Heng Lianzong and the grandfather of Cangyu.

The old senior held a simple epee in front of him: "Please enlighten me."

The big witch still reclined on the seat: "Fifteen years ago, Meng Fanshang was not against me. What about you now, compared to Meng Fan 15 years ago?"

"The old husband is very old, and it is true that he cannot be compared with General Meng. Your siege has led thousands of troops to besiege him, but it is really shameless."

The big witch laughed and said: "Meng Jianchi came late, he is alone in a lonely city, no wonder I am."

Lin Shu suddenly opened his eyes. What is "Fifteen Years Ago, Meng Fanshang Was Defeated Against Me"? In addition, thousands of troops besieged him, and the aid came late-- Ling Xiao once told him a story.
Said to be the battle of Changyang fifteen years ago, when the great wizard of Beixia arrived, the army arrived late, and there was a man who stayed at night in a lonely city and died with arrows.

That man seems to be ... Mr. Meng. He looked at Xiao Shao.
Xiao Shao nodded. This is the old thing.
It turned out that the Taohuayuan tragedy was not the only grudge between them and the big witch.

Chapter 128: Royal road

I saw that between the heavens and the earth, the spiritual power swelled and the situation changed.

The big witch said: "You don't know how the emperor will answer, why should you oppose me and humiliate yourself?"

The elder senior said: "This matter has nothing to do with the dynasty."

"Oh?" The witch smiled softly: "You four factions can decide to stay in their own cheats, I don't know."

Lin Shu didn't even know what they were talking about for a while. Not in the meantime.
The four peerless cheats are township exercises of the four sects. Can they be left behind by other people?

He thought about it and found it suspicious.

The big witch asked for four cheats, and instead of directly applying pressure to the four martial arts, he called directly to the Emperor Nanxia, which was a bit problematic.

He wanted to ask Xiao Shao, but Xiao Shao said before that, "Go to dream."

Yes, go to dream.

This is the fastest way to communicate.

Shangling Dreamland connects all the people in the academy, which is equivalent to connecting all the schools of Xiandao. Once Mr. Meng knows this, it is equivalent to knowing the Great Kingdom Division. Once the Great Kingdom Division knows, the dynasty will naturally know.

Xiao Shao said: "I told Mr. Meng what you saw in Beixia, and you tell him what is happening now."

Lin Shu nodded, took out the jade charm and sank his consciousness.

This is the fastest method. First of all, Mr. Meng is not strictly a living person. His divine thoughts can be divided into countless incarnations and deal with different things at the same time. Two people can talk about things separately, which can save a lot of time. Secondly, Xiao Shao's mastery of the political situation of the North and South Xia is obviously far better than himself. Explaining the present situation of the North Xia to the Dawu will be much more effective than him.

The next moment, he came to a dream.

The dream is still the top of the mountain, the kiosk, and the blue coat in the kiosk standing with his back to himself.

Mr. Meng turned: "Dao You, you are here."

He was still young and gentle, with a mild smile.

After a while, he seemed to notice that Lin Shu's expression was different, and asked, "Taoyou, what happened?"

"Yes," Lin Shu said.

Then, he laid the big witch under a black enchantment, trapped the entire city, and then refused to pass the Beiguan message to the emperor, asking for four volumes of cheats—then he slaughtered thousands of people in a second thought, and then confronted the old senior with Cang Wuji The series of events, the whole and originally informed Mr. Meng.

He finished speaking in one breath, and Mr. Meng did not interrupt in the middle, but frowned slightly, listening quietly. Until he finished, Mr. Meng looked at Yunhai in the distance and said, "I'm afraid this day will be long."

His eyes were half staring, and his back seemed to be lonely. Lin Shu couldn't understand Mr. Meng's expression.
"I never thought that it would only become true after just fifteen years." Mr. Meng folded his sleeves and opened his eyes again, his eyes were clear and quiet, "" Feng Xiaofeng has also turned Beixia I was informed about the recent situation ... Twenty years ago, Dawu obtained the secret book "Fuzan Atlas" in an ancient Damu graveyard, killed the former Dawu, controlled Beixia, and marched south five years later. Thousands of rivers and mountains stop at Changyang. "

Mr. Meng paused and said: "At that time, his" Fuzan Atlas "was only a small achievement, which caused two thousand miles of rivers and mountains to flow into the river. This method is terrible and bizarre, and the scene of Dacheng cannot be imagined."

Lin Shu asked, "Is he ... Mahayana now?"

Mr. Meng said: "Not yet known, but according to you, he can fetch thousands of people's names at his fingertips, and even if he hasn't succeeded, he has made great progress."

After speaking, Mr. Meng turned his head and looked at him solemnly, "Taoyou."

Lin looked at Mr. Meng.

I only listened to Mr. Meng, saying, "Four secret books, I will never give them, at this time I have informed Shangling Jane. Troublesome friends went to investigate whether the Hexa enchantment might break."

Lin Shudao: "Okay."

——Nanxia, is this coming? "If it can be broken, within two days, I will definitely send someone to reinforce." Mr. Meng said.

Lin Shu and Mr. Meng looked at each other, and suddenly found that Mr. Meng Su Ri was always gentle and clear, with extremely complicated emotions.

"If you can't ..." Mr. Meng closed her eyes gently and said, "You and Little Phoenix, no matter how miserable you see, remember to keep yourself, don't do it."

Lin Shu stunned.

He asked, "Why?"

"The great witch repair is outstanding, however, he is not very old. During the battle of Changyang, he was less than thirty." Mr. Meng said: "I face North Xia. Although it is not a complete victory, it is still at a disadvantage. The reason is not that there are not enough soldiers and national strength, but that there are no such shocking figures. "

Lin Shu thought about the famous robbery period. Nanxia has a robbery, and it is not very rare.
But without exception, they are old people who are dimmer like the owner of Yue Lao Tang, and even the vast majority of them are "combined paths", and the lethality of "combined paths" is much better than "broken paths".
Not as good.

On the battlefields where immortals and wizards participate, the top or bottom two people decide the success or failure.

Mr. Meng said: "Such a person may not have one in a hundred years, and you and Ling Fengxiao belong to this category."

Lin Shu thought, he knew what Mr. Meng meant. I saw Mr. Meng slowly said: "This is not my wish, and it will regret me for life. However, the blood of the Beiguan Pass is allowed to flow, and you must not lose anything. Taoist, do you understand?"

Lin Shu didn't know how to answer.

He did not answer, but asked: "Leave the big devil of" Fuzan Atlas ", soared?"

The Qingming Demon seeks cheats, and the big witch also looks for cheats. Is the big witch also ordered by the immortal people?

Mr. Meng replied: "No. The demon repairers crossed the calamity, and most of them went to the devil to die. Rarely succeeded. The big devil has been robbed in a mine. Where did the Taoist ask?"

"A little curious," Lin Shu said, "why do the witches want to cheat?" Mr. Meng only said: "Four cheats are the foundation of Xiandao." Lin Shu nodded.
Before leaving the dream, Mr. Meng once again exhorted: "Dao You, there is a method of incarnation in the" Fuzan Atlas ". The big witch may not come by using his real body. Even if he breaks through the northern city, the masters of Xiandao gather, there is also a The power of war, you and the two of you remember to protect yourself. "

Lin Shu emerged from his dream and met Xiao Shao's eyes. They looked again at the city wall.
In the city's head, flying sand and rocks, the wind and clouds changed color, just a short moment after they went to the dream, Dawu and Cang seniors had already begun.

Senior Cang, like Cang Chen, used an epee to excel in defense. And the big witch-- Lin Shu couldn't see his way, not even his style.

For no other reason, Dawu's control of spiritual power is too terrible. It seems that as long as the spiritual force is simply agitated, this world can be played with palms.

——This scene is even a little familiar. Xiao Shao defeated Cang Chen easily in the Wuchang ring.

Old seniors, can not support for long. Lin Shu was staring there.
Mr. Meng said, remember to protect yourself.

Said to stay in the mountains, not afraid of no firewood.

It is said that the green mountains will not change, and the green water will flow long.

He and Xiao Shao really have the power to protect themselves. If there is no way to escape, they can protect themselves by entering the Qingming Cave.

But if so ... if so!

The Taohuayuan bloodshed will reappear in Beibei City.

And Mr. Meng will never just tell him, what does Xiao Shao think? Will he choose to preserve himself for the future?
Da Wu is indeed a shocking figure, but Xiao Shao ten years later, or even five years later, is nothing in the pool.

If we hide our strength and conceal ourselves, we may not be able to resist the witch one day. Lin Shu suddenly thought of the royal way of "killing one person, saving ten people, killing 10,000 people, saving 100,000 people".

He looked at Xiao Shao.

Then saw that Xiao Shao five fingers slowly clenched the knife in his hand.

Xiao Shao's knife is called "Deserved".

Suddenly, Lin Shu was a little bit surprised, thinking, so Xiao Shao has always been a complicated person.

The way the world expects this person to go is not the knife in his hand.

Chapter 129: Expedient

On the city wall, Cang Wou-ki puts his epee in front of him and stuns on the spot.

The thick and solid spiritual power extended outward like a stormy sea, and then surged high, forming a vortex over his head.

In the midst of the air, it is as if a giant whale swallowed the sea water, and absorbed all the aura between heaven and earth in the belly.

This is the housekeeping method "Whale swallowing the North Sea" in "The Whale Drinking the Sea". When the whale used to come out, the whale seemed a little young, and it was a little fat. The old predecessors used it, and the spirit was full, as if the heavens were swept across the sky, so that the people in the city felt as if they were being pinned down by Taishan, and they all felt the heavy pressure.

Of course, this is only part of the spiritual pressure spillover, and the main part is directed at the big witch.

The big witch waved his sleeves.

Lin Su saw the face of the big witch flying around.

He didn't have much expectation for the appearance of this person, because Master once said that the heart is born by heart, the heart is determined by the Tao, and after seeing one's tricks, you can think of his appearance.

Between these brief glances, he saw a pale complexion and half of his cheeks with weird tattoos.

The facial features are very clear, but it is not that it is not good-looking, but it is a bit nervous, and the meaning of paranoia in the eyes is placed in modern times, that is, the mental hospital has been booked. data of. People who have problems often have something special.
Speaking at a later time, I saw a thin line of purple and black radiating forward with the action of the big witch!

On the stormy waves of the ocean, a small boat suddenly came up against the current and reached the tip of the wind.

-Then, the thin line spread out and turned into a thick black purple mist. In the fog, all ghosts hissed.
The mist is pervasive, and the mist is neither light nor soft. Each grain is like an indestructible weapon, piercing Cang Wuji's spiritual barrier as if it is solid.

The purple-black thin lines and purple-black weapons are not the appearance of spiritual power in the heavens and the earth, but the wizard's own technique, which contains the wizard's own way.

He is invincible by this strange and sharp "Tao", even if the infinite barrier is so natural.

-This may be the difference between "broken road" and "combined road".

The Tao is the most harmonious, the most flawless, and is most likely to be repaired.

For those who cross the road to robberies, it is difficult to have one in a hundred years. Once there is one, it is incomparable with the Tao.

I saw the mist filled the wild, suddenly merged into a torrent of torrents!

Cang Wuji trembled, spit out blood, and the hand holding the hilt trembled slightly.

The witch waved his sleeves again. The fog scattered, as if nothing had happened.

He regained his hand with anxiety, and said, "If Meng Fan is still alive, it would be a bit interesting."

The general who refused to pass through Beiguan grasped Cang Wuji's shaky body.

The big witch sat down on the chair again, closed his eyes, and calmed his mind.

Cang Wuji looked at the big witch, his eyes cracked.

It was unclear whether there was more anger or hatred.

Lin Shu looked at Cang Wou-ki, thinking that a large witch could kill thousands of people between the bombers, but at this moment he did not kill Cang Wou-ki, and it was a great shame.

And the big witch actually ... can also mention Meng Fan.

The man died in his hands, but at this moment, he could say something like "If Meng Fan is still alive, there is something interesting".

And thinking of Mr. Dream ...

Mr. Meng is a very nice and nice person.

He was fascinated when he saw Xiao Shao turn around and go back. Lin Shu followed, and the two walked towards the black enchantment.
Looking at this enchantment carefully, it is also composed of countless turbid mists, seemingly loose, but it is impeccable.

Lin Shu touched falsely and felt a suffocating sense of oppression. It felt like an ant was standing in front of a wall. Although he has no practice, he still has a little eyesight. He knows that this enchantment must have the same practice as the big witch and cannot be broken.

Xiao Shao said: "It can't be broken." Lin Shu nodded.
Rejecting Beicheng is like an isolated island.

The big witch closed it, taking the whole city as a threat, and asked Nanxia to hand over four cheats.

Rejecting the North City is a crucial natural danger for Nanxia. If this city is broken, most of the mountains in Nanxia will be exposed to the iron hooves of Beixia soldiers.

The four cheats are the foundation of Xiandao. The foundation of Xiandao is Nanxia's dependence on military force.

The original of the cheat book cannot be copied, even if the full text is silent. It only has the true meaning of the person who wrote the cheat, and only the part that explains the "Tao" carries a great world. Luck.

According to Mr. Meng, Nanxia—whether it is His Majesty ’s meaning or the Great State Master ’s meaning, will never hand over four cheats.

Territory is lost, Xiandao is here, and there may be a resurgence in the next day.

The immortal road is down, there is no crossing, there are no majors, and the demise of the dynasty is only a matter of time.

For the possibility of a resurgence, it is not necessary to reject the tens of thousands of lives in the North City-even the people in dozens of other large and small cities can make sacrifices.

Lin Shu looked at Xiao Shao and saw Xiao Shao touching the dark enchantment, wondering what he was thinking. The cold wind at the border blew up his black robe sleeves and became a sparse silhouette under the dim sky.

There are many different ways in the world.

He has just made a decision not long ago, from being born to joining the WTO, and Xiao Shao now has to make a choice between two other ways.

Choose the king's way, weigh the advantages and disadvantages, and then hide the future and wait for the future.

Or Xiadao, when the road is uneven, draw a knife to level it, and deserve it.

Somehow, he didn't want Xiao Shao to face such a choice, which was too difficult, and no matter which one he chose, he would lose something very, very important.

Lin Shu looked at Xiao Shao's silhouette and suddenly thought, if only he hadn't lost his cultivation.

After a while, Xiao Shao turned and pressed his right hand on the handle. Lin Shu heard him faintly: "You stay, protect yourself."
Lin Shu: "Are you going?" Xiao Shao said, "I'm going." He didn't say anything else. Just saying, I'm going.
Lin Shubin did not ask why he was going. He just asked, "What am I going to do?"
Xiao Shao looked at him and said: "I'm also a" broken path ", and the Phoenix sword is strong when it is strong, and may not have a chance to win. Even if he dies, at least he can force the real wizard to practice the trick ... , Remember, the future will be useful. "

Lin Shu lowered his eyes and looked at the ground under his feet. Xiao Shao: "Huh?"
Lin Shudao said, "You must die." Xiao Shao: "..."
Lin Shu wanted to bite off his tongue. But that's the thing.
Xiao Shao said: "I will die on the battlefield one day."

Lin Shudao: "But you are going to die now, the next day ... no one will deal with the big witch."

Xiao Shao said gently, "Will you?" Lin Shu thought about it.
It used to not, now, maybe it will.

Before he said anything, he listened to Xiao Shao's quiet voice and said, "You and I are frightened, the Tao is blocked, and the rest of my life can't be repaired to the peak, or I will die alone. You live for me. Or better. "

Lin Shudao: "I have no way to live for you."

Xiao Shao wrote lightly: "At this time next year, remembering Brother Shao in my heart, even if he lives for me."

If he wasn't really discussing the issue of immortality, Lin Shu would be laughed at by him.

Xiao Shao said: "I went." Lin Shu said subconsciously: "Don't go." Xiao Shao: "?"
Lin Shu lowered his head: "I can go with you, we ... the odds will be bigger."

His brain was blank until he finished speaking, and then he didn't respond to what he said.

Xiao Shaojing for a while: "Do you mean to have a double cultivation with me?"

Lin Shu also calmed for a while: "... expedient."

According to the book, double cultivation is just one of many normal ways of cultivation. The situation is very serious at the moment. He and Xiao Shao can temporarily abandon their former suspicions, walk through the normal procedures, and legally promote the repair.

Xiao Shao said: "I don't want to force you this way." Lin Shu: "It's not forcing me."
Xiao Shao: "Aren't you unwilling to work with me?" Lin Shu was choking, "I'll overcome it."
Xiao Shao: "You ... let me calm down."

As a result of calmness, the wind and sand outside were too great, and calmed down to Qingming Cave.

Brother and fruit are too noisy, go back to the room to calm down.

There was only one chair in the bedroom, sitting side by side on the bed to calm down.

Xiao Shao didn't seem to calm down and said, "Hug." Lin Shu was quietly held by him from behind, and after a while, asked, "Are you calm down?"

Either dead or double cultivation, which should be an easy choice. Xiao Shao: "No."
Lin Shu: "Huh?"

Xiao Shao said, "I never thought that ... I would be so diligent with you." Lin Shu thought about it and asked, "What should it be?"
"I have thought clearly that I am pleased with you, and you are also pleased with me. Then, between you and me, you can plan for the next few decades." Xiao Shao wrapped his arms around his waist and said in his ear: Inform the teacher, relatives and friends, after the ceremony, worship the heavens and the earth, and finally the dual cultivation. "

Lin Shu: "?"

"This is getting married," he said. Xiao Shao: "Shuang Xiu is married."
Lin Shu: "Then we can ... can't do double cultivation now?"

Xiao Shao: "I don't know how much I like you, or if you like me." Oh.
In this person's detailed plan, the first step has not been completed.

Lin Shu broke the jar and broke: "Maybe I will know it when it's finished." In short, he didn't really want Xiao Shao to die.
But if Xiao Shao would rather die than double cultivation, then he can only watch it, and then remember Brother Shao every year. Fortunately, Xiao Shao is more sane: "... or whatever." Lin Shudao: "Then ... repair?"
Xiao Shao: "Will you?"

Lin Shu: "Remember the exercises." Xiao Shao: "Me too."
Lin Shu silently recalled "Participation in the Same Deed": "What then?"

Xiao Shao also seems to have just finished recalling, saying: "You don't want to resist."

Lin Shu blinked: "Okay."

The next moment, he felt that Xiao Shao held tighter. Xiao Shao kissed his neck lightly.
Lin Shu felt that all his hair was blown up, and he was about to jump up, but Xiao Shao was held in his arms.

"Be good, don't move." Xiao Shao said. Lin Shu couldn't breathe.
Xiao Shao started chatting with him: "What was your original state?" Lin Shu: "Crossing the Peak."
Xiao Shao took his hand and clasped it up: "You guys in the sword pavilion ... all frosty, will you become like that?"

Lin Shu: "Maybe."

-He really doesn't know. He was a little hesitant and asked Xiao Shao: "What if I really become like that?"

Xiao Shao said, "I'll just coax you all day." Seems feasible.
Lin Shu said, "Are you tired?"

Xiao Shao continued to kiss his neck and held him in advance, and then said, "You are obedient."

Lin Shu felt that his allergy was experiencing an acute onset, his body was trembling, and his breathing was not able to be controlled autonomously. He trembled: "Am I not obedient enough?"

Xiao Shao laughed softly: "Little things."

The laughter was light, with a slight nasal tone, which was very petting. When he drilled directly into his ears, Lin Shu felt that his neck and ears must now be red.

He felt that the situation was beyond his control. The prelude to this double revision is too close.
He grabbed Xiao Shao's hand and pushed it out, but he couldn't get the strength. Instead, he made his back tighter with Xiao Shao's chest.

A clanging sound, the sound of something falling to the ground. Lin Shu looked on the ground and saw Xiao Shao's silver mask.

Chapter 130: medicine

The silver mask, Lin Shu has never seen Xiao Shao take it off.

Although ... he wanted to see it a bit, but Xiao Shao said half-truthly that he would only show it to the future lady, and he gave up.

At this point the mask fell to the ground.

I don't know if it was accidentally touched off, or Xiao Shao took it off by himself.

Lin Shu was a little cautious and asked, "May I see?"

Xiao Shao tightened his hands around his waist and did not speak. Lin Shu is very shy.
After a while, I heard Xiao Shao said softly, "It was originally for you."

Xiao Shao let go of his hand, got up and walked forward, then turned to look at him.

Lin Shu looked up.

-He saw it.

Suddenly everything was silent at that moment.

Lin Shu shuddered for a moment, and felt that he had fallen into the prosperity of Wanzhang Hongchen Moon.

He looked at Xiao Shao's face, and didn't speak for a long time, until Xiao Shao approached, and asked, "Why not talk?"

Lin Shu shook his head. Xiao Shao touched his head, then leaned slightly. Lin Shu reached out to touch Xiao Shao's face.
Strangely, he didn't feel any stranger.

Xiao Shao looks like this, in his subconscious.

Lin Shu's fingers touched the corner of Xiao Shao's eyes.

It is a face with a sharp outline, enough to make people remember. Eyebrows are trimmed, the bridge of the nose is tall, the lips are a bit thin, but the shape is beautiful.

Xiao Shao's eyebrows are very similar to Ling Fengxiao, but there are many differences in specific outlines.

Some are like cousins. Some shadows can be found in the five senses, but they are mainly like young ladies.

Lin Shu used Huan Rong Dan to turn herself into a “Yu Su”, but made fine adjustments to the original features. As long as someone saw it, she would think that the girl was Lin Shu ’s sister or sister. The same is true of Shao and Miss.

There is no lady with the magnificent beauty, but it is simple, looks good, like the moon in the sky, and a little cold.

There is also a scent of cold plums like him.

At this moment, Lin Shu suddenly couldn't distinguish Xiao Shao from the big lady.

He looked up and saw Xiao Shao.

As in the night of searching for plums in the snow, he followed the incense, searched in the snow, did not find it, and then looked up to see the full moon in the clouds. Xiao Shao said: "Does it look good?" Lin Shu: "It looks good."
Xiao Shao smiled.

At this moment, his eyes seemed to have Haoyue's clear light, a kind of gentle light, which made the frosty, high-rise eyebrows vivid, and Lin Shu pursed his lips unnaturally.

Xiao Shao said: "You look good too."

He reached out and held Lin Shu's face, and kissed his forehead like a dragonfly.

Lin Shu closed his eyes, feeling Xiao Shao's cool fingertips tracing his lips.

Xiao Shao said: "Is this all right?" Lin Shu said "um" quietly.
Xiao Shao touched his lips lightly.

Lin Shu thought a little at a loss, very soft. Xiao Shao let go of him.
Lin Shu opened his eyes and was hugged by Xiao Shao and laid flat on the bed.

He didn't move, just looked at Xiao Shao. Xiao Shao said, "Why are you so good?" Lin Shu, don't overdo it.
Xiao Shao started touching him. Lin Shu: "!!!!!!"

He grasped the quilt under the water, shaking, trembling, having trouble breathing, and having trouble speaking: "No ... OK ..."

Xiao Shao: "Your response is so great." of course.
I'm allergic to people.

Lin Shu was like a salted fish that was photographed on the shore by the waves, thinking desperately that I didn't respond before because I was desensitized to you, and now I don't know how to start allergies again.

He explained, "I ... can't be touched."

Xiao Shao leaned down and kissed his cheek, and said, "It can't be touched, it's ..."

What is it

Lin Shu was curious, but Xiao Shao didn't go on to say, but changed his words and said, "Be nice, relax."


It is impossible to relax.

Every time he was touched, he wanted to run away immediately.

Escape from this room, or get into the quilt, and stay away from Xiao Shao-and then flutter in Xiao Shao's arms, making some sounds like humming, and finally held by Xiao Shao.

Xiao Shao did not press at last, lay down beside him and smiled. Lin Shu: "?????" Brother Shao, you laugh a little perverted. He stood up and asked Xiao Shao what to do. Xiao Shao said: "Unless I force you."
Lin Shu broke the jar and fell: "Then you force it."

Xiao Shao said: "You are so cute, I don't want to force it." Lin Shu: "..."
He looked at the ceiling and felt the confusion of life.

After a long while, Xiao Shao said, "Drug, have you kept it?" Lin Shu: "Medication?"
"Those given by the black market director." Lin Shu remembered.
At first, the two of them sold women's clothing, so they also threatened a supervisor on the black market. The supervisor sent them away as if they were sending plague gods. They not only included many dresses, ring jewelry, rouge gouache, There are some messes, and at first glance it is not a good medicine.

He took the medicine out of the bag and dumped it on the bed. Xiao Shao opened one by one, observed, and smelled a little.
There are many courses in the palace to identify plants and elixir. They have also taken these medicines. They are not complex elixir, so it is easy to recognize what is done and what it is done.

Xiao Shao picked and picked all the medicines with a very critical eye, and finally selected the most gentle bottle and poured out one. Then Lin Shu fished out and fed.

Lin Shu took Xiao Shao's hand and took the medicine. After a while, he felt a warm thing in his blood. The whole person seemed to be anesthetized, or the acupuncture point was sealed, his body was soft and he did not want to move .

So although he was still allergic, he didn't have the energy to pounce. Xiao Shao continued.
Lin Shu put his elbows on his eyes and pressed them. He did not look at the ceiling or Xiao Shao. In this way, although he was still shaking, he could deceive himself by accident.

Xiao Shao pulled his arm away and said, "Remove the little paw." Lin Shu opened his eyes and looked at him.
Then Xiao Shao laughed and put his arm down again: "Still cover it." Lin Shu: "?"
Xiao Shao said: "Your eyes always make me feel that I am bullying you." Lin Shu thought, didn't you just bully me?
So he lowered his arms and continued to look at Xiao Shao, thereby increasing the guilt of the person.

Xiao Shao continued to laugh, as if there were peach blossoms in her eyes, she was very angry.

After laughing, he said, "What do you want me to do like this?"

The sound was a little sandy, and the ending was picked up, making Lin Shu shake again.

Lin Shu looked at Xiao Shao's eyes. He didn't know how to describe it, but he knew that it was a pet look.

It's not frivolous petting, it's very cherished, like looking at something that is like and important.

He has never been treated like this.

He reached out and touched Xiao Shao's face again, and then touched his hair. He felt very soft and wanted to cry.

Xiao Shao looked at him, kissed his eyes, and then said, "I can't get my hands."

Then he asked, "Otherwise, do I take medicine?" Then he denied himself: "No."
Lin Shu: "..."
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