The #1 Pretty Boy of the Immortal Path Chapter 41-50

Chapter 41: Sword Court

It seems that Lin Shu's gaze was noticed, and Taijiu turned his attention to him, saying, "This Taoist friend is born."

Lin Shudao: "Lin Shu."

Ling Fengxiao said, "He is here this year."

"Lin Shu ..." Dajiu repeated his name again. "It was you." Lin Shu thought of disappearing immediately.
Taijiu naturally knew his name.

At the beginning, he did not discuss with Yue Ruohe, and was living with Yue Ruohe by the big offering wine punishment. Then, Mr. Meng arranged Ling Fengxiao to have today's Jingfeng Xiuyuan.

Later, he discussed with Xiao Shao and broke the dream. According to Mr. Meng, because of this incident, the first offering of Xiao Jiu saved Xiao Shao a sum of money and punished him for not changing his image in the dream for a year. Always show people with the appearance of folding a bamboo.

Fortunately, the wine did not say anything more, but turned to the owner of the Yuetang: "It is not too late. I have ordered people to set up a law formation, so please call the older seniors."

Yuetang said: "That's right."

With a wave of sleeves, Shangling took away their wind.

In the middle of Hexu Tian, ??by the shore of Xingluo Lake, the court has been set up. Yue Ruoyun and Yue Ruohe are looking at this side. Yue Ruoyun saw them and ran forward, saying, "Grandpa! Dad!"

The head of Yuetang bowed his head and said, "I'll protect the law for Laotang."

Yue Ruoyun said, "Okay. Dad, my brother and I ca n’t get home, but just searching for land within a few miles, we have to make trouble."

Yuetang said: "Don't practice hard in the future."

And the more muddled and still confused with Ling Fengxiao, stressed: "I promise you to come to the mountain, you must remember!"

Ling Fengxiao: "Naturally."

Speaking, he added: "If there is turbidity within a hundred miles, the predecessors must trace the source."

The less muddy it says: "It's easy."

After all, he stepped onto the dojo and sat down cross-legged.

The master of the Yuetang and Yiyingtang disciples also stepped forward and sat down to protect the law around the more troublesome.

Lin Shu's teacher's gate is a sword repair, and the way he walks is a standard path. At this moment, he was curious about the famous internal strength in this "combined path", and watched without blinking.


A quiet breeze blew by the silent lake.

This wind is different from the past, it seems to come from all directions, and will go all directions.

Lin looked at the more confused. The wind is getting stronger and stronger, the bamboo forest is rustling, and the flying flowers in the Qionglin are like rain. Everything in this world seems to be in harmony with the more unpleasant breath.

Such a scene, he also saw the brothers and sisters of the Yue family when they practiced, but the two were still young and their internal skills were shallow. Naturally, they couldn't be compared with the more upset at this time.

At a certain critical point, the whistling wind suddenly stopped, and the woods and flowers also returned to a standstill instantly. The silence was so terrible that suddenly an invisible spiritual power erupted!

That spiritual power is like the tide that Peran Mo can control, with the more muddy as the center, sweeping away in all directions.

Shangling Jane said: "Yue's predecessors' internal strength has reached its peak, and I'm afraid it's not far from the cohesion of the Tao, and I have lost another master in Nanxia."

Ling Fengxiao said: "Yue seniors no longer know their loved ones and are about to forget me. Even if they are not feathered, I am afraid they may not be willing to play for Nanxia."

Shangling Jane said: "His Royal Highness can invite his predecessors to come to help, presumably he can also invite his predecessors to come out completely."

Ling Fengxiao said lightly: "He is far from the world, why do you pull him back to contaminate the cause and effect on earth."

Shangling Jane: "His Royal Highness is still young and does not know how the mountains and rains are coming.

"I naturally know," Ling Fengxiao frowned, "I just hate myself for not being high enough."

Shangling Jane said: "His Royal Highness joked." Lin Shu focused his attention on the less fluent he was at performing his exercises, but the two were right next to him, and it was unavoidable to say a few words into his ears.

Others in the Xuegong called Ling Fengxiao “Miss”, but Shangling Jane called Ling Fengxiao “His Royal Highness”, while others called Shangling Jane “Large Offering Wine”, but Ling Fengxiao called “Great Master "Obviously, the name between these two people is not the same system as the others.

Xiao Lingyang is the great prince of Nanxia, ??and Ling Fengxiao is the sister of Xiao Lingyang, so Ling Fengxiao is probably the princess of Nanxia in addition to the young lady of Phoenix Villa.

Living in the rivers and lakes, dealing with the Immortal Taoist school, it is the young lady, and when you get along with the great kingdom master, it is your highness.

It is really an epic rich woman.

I only listened to Shang Lingjian and said, "Since the predecessors Yue shot, they must find the source of the monster."

Ling Fengxiao said lightly: "Since the predecessors of Yue are good at finding flaws in human speech, presumably the skill of searching and inspecting monsters is also extraordinary."

Lin Shu feels that the young lady's ability to damage people is even more extraordinary.

Shangling Jane said: "His Royal Highness is careful."

Ling Fengxiao smiled slightly and changed the topic, saying: "Sir, what do you think Beixia intends this time?"

"This is not a trivial matter," Shangling Jian Shen said. "The two puppets you killed yesterday, I sent someone to the surgery. Today, a real person from Bilin said that there were new changes in the voodoo of Beixia. The monsters of Xuegong are more weird than before. If you are not sensitive to this thing, you may not find them until now. "

Ling Fengxiao: "Yes."

Lin Shu felt that Miss was very annoying now.

He moved out without a trace, and then the cool lady gave him a cool look. Once the young lady is annoying, he will be affected anyway.
Although this puffer fish is very good to himself, but not to others. Once the young lady throws her temper on Xiao Lingyang, Xiao Lingyang has a great chance to find his own affairs.

However, after all, there are very few rich women in the world. You can not only have a rich woman, but also hope that this rich woman has a good temper.

In the eyes of the young lady, he had to move back silently.

Shangling Jane continued: "I haven't found any signs that they have started against their disciples. Therefore, if Beixia is not testing whether the new voodoo can pass the mountain guard, it is also the idea of" Sauvignon Blanc "... ... if "Sauvignon Blanc" is really in Nanxia's hands, why is it today? "

Ling Fengxiao didn't speak, just a little smile in her eyes, she was so cold, she didn't know what she was thinking.

Lin Shu froze.

The Sauvignon Blanc in their mouths will not be the Sauvignon Blanc they know?

He killed the sword book for half a lifetime, and "Changgu forgot to return", "I don't see Tianhe" and other tricks are called "Sauvignon Blanc". This name is too weird, very few secrets of Gongfa will be named like this, so the probability of duplicate names is not high.

Lin Shu raised his ears and continued to listen to Ling Fengxiao's conversation with Shang Lingjian.

After half a while, Ling Fengxiao said: "If they are still looking for" Sauvignon Blanc ", Jian Ge has not yet entered the WTO. One day, a formal war will begin, maybe there is still a chance ..."

Sword Court. Lin Shu: "..." Sword Court.
God knows that this is his own division.

If there is only "Sauvignon Blanc", it may be just the same name. If it only says "Jiange", it may be just the same name.

But when these two things are put together, he really is his own teacher, and he has also studied probability theory.

After coming to Xuegong, he paid attention to the school of his classmates, and Yue Ruohe also introduced him a lot, so he knows the name of any larger school, and there is no sword pavilion in it, so he cancels it. The idea of ??looking for a teacher in my previous life was unexpectedly heard here.

Lin Shu couldn't calm down.

Although, even if found, the teacher may not recognize himself.

The meridians are not connected, so sorry to claim to be a disciple of Jiange?

——Masters and ancestors, although I have troubled meridians and poor health, Master ’s name is spoken, and you have n’t heard it, but I ’m a disciple of Jian Ge. A hundred times to prove it? Really won't be beaten out?
He reluctantly pressed His Majesty's frantic thoughts, and continued listening to the two.

They have changed the subject.

Shangling Jane said: "As soon as this happened, the disciples were so excited that they would run away again and again, saying that Beixia was a bully and that Nanxia had to start a war with Beixia.

Ling Fengxiao's hand gradually tightened the scabbard.

The hand that looks very good, the part that touches the dark silver scabbard is slightly whitened by force.

There is a word on the scabbard. This is the name of the knife. Lin Shu had seen it before, and it was called "Tong Bei".

On that day, he discussed with Xiao Shao. He also used a knife. The way and Ling Fengxiao were slightly different. The knife he used was well deserved. Like the sadness, he was a peerless sword.

And he didn't know when he could get it.

If you really want to return to the division door, you don't even have a sword, it is really decent.

Just thinking, I heard Ling Fengxiao say, "Give me another five years."

"After five years, my cultivation may be viewed, and Nanxia may have more chances." Ling Fengxiao said.

"After all, you know the big picture, and you have this kind of mentality," Shangling Jane sighed and looked into the distance. "I haven't seen Lingyang today, I don't know what he thinks about it. Your Highness, if you are a man, I I don't know how much effort will be saved. " This time it was replaced with Ling Fengxiao and said lightly, "Sir, be careful."

Shang Lingjian no longer spoke, neither did Ling Fengxiao.

Half a moment later, the more slowly the eyes in the middle of the dojo opened their eyes slowly, the flowers and trees around them were shaking gently.

Ling Fengxiao stepped forward first: "Senior, how's it going?" The less muddy it says: "It's dirty!"
Very dirty.

Then there are indeed a lot of monsters.

The Beixia monsters were breeded by the "demon species" made by the big witch. Not only were all actions controlled by the big witch, but all the things they saw and heard in the ears could be transmitted to the big witch.

With more turbulence, they began to check the magical species of Shangling Mountain.

——Jade Jade Sky, where all the disciples live in Xiandaoyuan.

The monster is a heart-shaped stone, with three large fists, black texture and scarlet light, and a very unknown shape.

In Jasper Heaven, a total of sixteen were dug out, all near the bamboo garden where the disciples lived.
Jingfeng Xiuyuan is not around, but there is one near Jinfeng Xiuyuan. A girl from Jinfeng Xiyuyuan saw with their own eyes an ugly monster,
and when she thought of it, she hovered around herself, her face pale, and she did not hold the sword in her hand. Ling Fengxiao frowned slightly: "These gardens ... many female disciples."

There are not many gardens for the two girls, such as Jingfeng Xiyuyuan, because the brothers and sisters of Yue family want to live together to take care of them. There are not only two girls, Lin Shu, Yue Ruohe, and Yue Ruo Yun Ling Feng Xiao. Most bamboo gardens only have female disciples or male disciples, and most of these bamboo gardens where the magical species are found are actually girls.

No, not only that.

Lin Shu looked at the girl who was pale and could hardly hold the sword in front of her eyes, thinking that these gardens were not only where there were many girls, but each garden had at least one girl with a sword.

Girl child with sword.

Suddenly in his heart, his back was cold.

Although I don't know if Jiange has anything to do with Beixia, Beixia is indeed looking for "Sauvignon Blanc".

"Sauvignon Blanc" is the martial arts of Jiange.

Zhezhu and Xiao Shao had a fight, which was recorded by the photo-beads. In the part that was sold for circulation, he used a lot of Jiange's moves.

Are they looking for bamboo?

Lin Shu was uneasy and looked up at Ling Fengxiao beside him. "What's wrong?" Ling Fengxiao said slowly.
Lin Shu shook his head.

Even if you look for bamboo, you can't find yourself.

"I'm in the garden, nothing will happen," Ling Fengxiao said, "not afraid." Lin Shu: "... Um."

In this regard, he was quite convinced that the place where the young lady was present would be safe. As long as she stayed beside the young lady securely, no moth would emerge.


Chapter 42: Stand by

The magic species have been found. This thing will accumulate magic energy, nourish the monsters, and ? is just one of them, but with older seniors, all the monsters will be removed. It was not difficult, and Shangling Jian immediately ordered the comprehensive cleaning of the monsters.

The monster can be solved, but there is a crucial question-who put down the monster in Jasper Sky?

Are there people who mix Beixia in the Shangling Academy?

——But the man who repairs demons in Beixia has muddy gas on his body, and it is impossible to escape the eyes that are not muddy.

The only possible explanation was that someone had placed a demon seed in the academy and then left.

——Shangling Xuegong Palace is protected by layers of mountain guards. Many of the formations are designed to fight against Beixia monsters. If this is the case, then the person entering and leaving the Shangling Xuegong Palace is as if he was in his own backyard. How can we not worry about the failure of the mountain guard?

"For the sake of today, only the nursery school has investigated whether there is a loophole in the Hushan array."

Ling Fengxiao: "Maybe there is another change in Beixia magic."

"The academy has begun to study the monster this time, and I hope there is a way to deal with it."

Ling Fengxiao: "Yes." Lin Shupo can understand the logic of Shangling Jane.

The virus has been upgraded, naturally it is to start upgrading the firewall.

Fortunately, the monster was discovered in advance by Ling Fengxiao, and it was not a remedy.

However, it is not clear whether the purpose of these monsters is to fold bamboo, and Shangling Jian and Ling Fengxiao did not mention it.

Lin Shu felt that the observation and IQ of the two men would not be lower than themselves.

And the Dajiu wine knew that he was folding bamboo. He didn't mention it, would he think too much?

Lin Shu settled down completely. The sky fell, and a tall man stood. And if he is tall, can he withstand it?

Since you can't, don't worry, the boat will turn over naturally when it reaches the bridge.

I saw that the two had finished their discussions and gathered the demons together and planned to destroy them.

Ling Fengxiao asked the more muddy: "Senior, is there really no other turbidity?"

"Exactly," said the less muddy, "call the dog and show me!" Ling Fengxiao said, "I'm by your side."
Lin Shu silently followed the previous stop: "..." "Is that you?" The less you squinted at him, the more you said, "You look so handsome!"

Lin Shu: "Well praise."

The less turbid it was, the more immediately it exploded: "Fallen praise? You are so neat and tidy. I say you are decent and decent. To be honest, why do you use the word" wrong "and how do you like it? So indifferent, huh, but Seoul! "

Lin Shu: "..."

The less muddy he said: "Why don't you speak? I must have been speechless!"

Having said that, she stretched her neck and waited for Lin Shu to refute. Lin Shu: "You are right."
The less full the meaning of raising the bar, suddenly caught in the throat, for a moment, actually fell into silence.

Ling Fengxiao laughed.
Lin Shu heard this nice chuckle and turned to look at Ling Fengxiao. I saw a fire spontaneously burning on the finger of the young lady,
intending to deal with the monster species, but at this time, looking at the scene here, her lips were smiling slightly.

The smile was a little narrow, which dilutes the slightly indifferent arrogance of the past, and it shows a twelve-point bright and moving.

After laughing, the young lady returned to business and sent the fire spiritually into the deep pit containing sixteen demons.

This fire is not an ordinary fire, the edges are white, but anyone with a little chemical knowledge knows that this is a sign of extreme heat. The main body of the flame is intense red, which is the color of Ling Feng's spiritual power. As soon as the flame touches the surface of the demon seed, it spreads wildly.

The fire kind of smoke was emitting black smoke, and among the demon kind, there was a painful hissing scream. The sound was sharp and sharp, and it was very miserable and extremely unpleasant.

Lin Shu stepped back a few steps, and wanted to pull the less muddy wheelchair back, at least not to let the sound hurt the elderly's ears.

The less muddy he shouted, "Don't move!" Lin Shu stopped.
I saw the more unsteady looking at the front, as if being held, only breathing shortly, his chest undulating, but his body was not moving at all.

Yue Ruoyun lost his voice: "Grandpa, what's wrong with you!" Yue Ruohe is also very worried.
The less muddy his right hand was, holding the wheelchair's armrest tightly, for a while, the undulations of his **** gradually eased, and he lowered his voice: "A thief ... a thief Beixia!"

Yue Ruoyun said "ah".

The less he looked at the demon species burned in the fire, he remained silent for a while, and suddenly yelled "Yi Yao!" And passed out.

Shang Lingjian immediately took a few steps to this side, reached out to explore the pulse of the more muddy.

"Excited, retrograde qi and blood," he said, "the old man is fine, and wakes up naturally in an hour or two."

Several juniors in the Yue family were very worried and immediately said: "We send the old man to rest." Shangling Jane nodded: "Go."

Having said that, he turned to Ling Fengxiao again: "The demon seed has been destroyed, this matter will come to an end."

Ling Fengxiao said: "Sir, if nothing else, we will go back."

"Go," said Shang Lingjian, "if there is a clue, I'll find you again." Ling Fengxiao went to Lin Shu and said, "Let's go back."
Lin Shu felt Ling Jian looked at himself.

He pretended not to notice anything, and after saying goodbye to Shangling Jian politely, he left with Ling Fengxiao.

On the way, Ling Fengxiao suddenly said, "Do you know the battle of Changyang fifteen years ago?"

Lin Shu: "I don't know."

"Beijing Xiashu, in addition to the demon species, there is blood poisoning," but Ling Fengxiao did not suspect that he knew very little, saying, "People who have blood poisoning gradually become confused, and eventually become listening only. The living dead manipulated by the great witch are inaccessible, and there is no life or death, unless they are burned with real fire, otherwise they cannot be destroyed. "

Lin Shujing listened quietly.

"The predecessors of Yue had been a swordswoman of the Nanhai Sword School. It is said that the two were young couples and were very loving," said Ling Fengxiao. "Fifteen years ago, the Northern Xia and the Southern Xia wars. Taking the upper hand, Beixia made hemorrhagic poison, adding tens of thousands of living dead to the battlefield, Nanxia defeated. "

"Yue's seniors' blood was poisoned and they gradually became living dead. In the end, senior Yue himself burned his wife's body to ashes with real fire," Ling Fengxiao said lightly. "I'm afraid he was touching the scene. " Lin Shu: "... this way."

The less muddy was originally completely confused, and even the children and grandchildren didn't recognize it, they just shouted "Yiyao!" It was about the confession that Ling Fengxiao had just said. The reason is indeed sighing.

Ling Fengxiao said: "The sword has no eyes on the battlefield, and it is not safe in the school."

Lin Shu: "Yes."

"Although I will always look at you, there are unavoidable omissions, you should still have some self-protection."

Lin Shu: "That's it."

This is what he had been thinking.

Without martial arts, there is something in my heart. Ling Fengxiao said, "First pick some weapons for you."
Then Lin Shu was taken to the treasure hall by the young lady.

Then, he stared at the young lady in a stunned way, and took off the jade charms under the most expensive and easy-to-carry machine.

Taking off the jade charm means buying it.

Then, Ling Fengxiao went to the area of ??the sword again and picked a few good swords.

There were many people in the sword area, much more than when Lin Shu looked at the sword last time.

These people don't look like they are picking swords seriously. They only chat on the sidelines. Most of them are disciples of Xiandaoyuan, and there are three or four wearing the clothing of Confucianism or academy. Weapons are rarely seen, and weird today.

Ling Fengxiao asked, "What are you doing?"

"Miss Hui," they whispered, but they rarely had a unified central meaning: "We are waiting for someone!"

Ling Fengxiao: "Who?"

"Zhuzhushimei!" They danced in a frown. Ling Fengxiao frowned.
Lin Shu thought, bad, Ling Fengxiao didn't like to fold bamboo at all, this group of people even mentioned it, the young lady managed to calm down for a few days, and then I was afraid that she would become irritable again.

Just listen to Ling Fengxiao: "Have you seen her?"

"It's just that I haven't seen it before, I have to wait here," one person said. "The master of the bamboo folds is unparalleled, and it makes a wonderful sword. I wait deeply and admire it!"

Which pot is not open.

In Lin Shu's eyes, the man was cold. Ling Fengxiao said coldly, "So?"
"So we are guarding in front of the folding bamboo sword. None of the rest of the Xiandaoyuan dare to use the folding bamboo sword. Therefore, if anyone comes to buy the folding bamboo sword, it must be a folding bamboo teacher!"

This group of people eloquently said: "The girl who folded the bamboo must buy the sword with folded bamboo. If you want to see the true body of the girl, this method is the most secure!" "I just have to wait for the rabbit and wait for a long time, but as long as I can see the real body of Master Zhezhu, no matter how long I wait, I am satisfied!"

"Sister Zhezhu didn't show up in Yanwu recently, and I can't see her sword skills anymore. It's a pity!"

"Brother Xiao Shao's swordsmanship is equally unbelievable, but after all he is a man. Outside of dreams, it doesn't matter whether he sees it or not, but he really makes people want to see what it is!"

Lin Shu: "..."

She did not really allow you to meet. You are really rushing to death.
Wouldn't the young lady be jealous?

Yes, very well, it was previously blown into puffer fish because of other people's exaggeration.

Sure enough, Ling Fengxiao sneered at the corners of her lips: "So it is ..." "Exactly!"
Ling Fengxiao said slowly, "Is it good to fold the bamboo sword?"

"Of course it is a peerless sword! Sister Zhezhu will definitely buy it!" "Oh." Ling Fengxiao said lightly.
But when she saw the red robe, Miss came to the front of the folding bamboo sword.

"Miss, look at this material, oh-"

After half a halt, they suddenly closed. The ducks were rattling, and the group of people who were waiting for bamboo were suddenly choked together.

The young lady took off the jade charm in front of the folded bamboo: "I bought it."

"This ..." Someone wanted to cry without tears, and said, "Miss, the mercy of our men, we can count on folding bamboo swords--"

The young lady said slowly, "I have to give a good sword and sword." The male disciples were tested as funerals.
Then, Ling Fengxiao walked to Lin Shu and put more than a dozen exquisite jade charms in his hand: "Are these enough?"

The eyes of hatred fell on Lin Shu immediately.

Lin Shu even illusioned that he heard Huo Huo's grinding teeth. Lin Shu: "Enough."
It's not just Mohuo Huohuo, he almost has to lift his sword.

After all, no one dared to make trouble in front of the young lady, and even if he hated again, he had to counsel.

Lin Shu felt like he was dreaming.

The young lady hated the folding bamboo teacher and even unexpectedly got herself a folding bamboo sword!

Moreover, the young lady bought it, and no matter who it was, she would dispel the idea of ??tracing the bamboo by folding the bamboo sword.

After all, the only clue that can be found in folding bamboo swords is that they are too good and guilty of being guilty. They were taken away by the young lady and used with many other precious weapons to raise a hamster without a chicken. -Brothers, sorry.

Lin Shu took the jade charm.

Then I heard the sound of broken hearts of the brothers.

The young lady ignored them completely, and only looked at him, Wen Wen asked, "Do you like it?"

Lin Shu thoroughly felt the joy of being nurtured.

Chapter 43: Living dead

Lin Shu: "Yes."

Ling Fengxiao said lightly: "Just like it."

Lin Shu heard the sound of the brothers' eyes falling to the ground.

Presumably after today, their doubts lingered in their hearts, in addition to "what is the true appearance of the younger sister Zhezhu", there is one more "who is such a big brother beside the young lady".

Why did the young lady foster such a younger brother? Lin Shu also wanted to know.
But the last time he asked the young lady about it, the young lady only said, I do n’t support you, should I still raise Xiao Lingyang?

This is almost equivalent to him winning the lottery, asking the staff why they won, and the staff said that they still need to ask.

——Yes, Ling Fengxiao had such an expression at that time, as if looking at the expression of mental retardation, making him embarrassed to ask again now.

After buying the weapons, the two went downstairs. After coming to the lobby on the first floor, Ling Fengxiao said, "Wait a moment."

Then went to pick up the task.

I want to come too, it is said that Phoenix Villa is rich in the world, but after all, Jade is not a gold and silver treasure in the world, but it still needs to be commissioned to earn money and avoid making ends meet-just those weapons and machines that I just bought just spent it like water.
Nearly 200,000 jade souls are beyond imagination for Lin Shu. However, when he saw the task that the young lady took, he knew where all the jade came from.

When Ling Fengxiao buys things at will, she even picks the most expensive option, and so does the commission.

Whenever a disciple who can be picked up by a disciple of Xiandaoyuan needs to use force, such as the evil spirits infested in the lower reaches of the Minjiang River, explore the "Shijiedong Mansion" where there is no access in a famous mountain, and pick the rare medicinal materials in the deepest place of "Manganbuchi" "Bone Bone Flowers" and the like are all in the selection range of Ling Fengxiao, each of them looks very dangerous, and accordingly, the price is abnormally high.

Ordinary disciples need to take on such a task, and they need to go in groups to dare to go, and then divide the jade soul obtained from the task equally, but the young lady is repaired to be high and martial arts, and she can easily single out in Minzhou City. Corpse King, naturally you can do it alone.

After taking the task, Ling Fengxiao said, "You can do it on your way back from the magical mountain."

Lin Shu nodded.

Lin Shu looked at the gloom above the wall, indicating that the dozen jade charms had been accepted for the task. The scope of the mission spans four states, and the road alone will take a lot of time.

"I didn't have to pick up so much," the young lady smiled. "But now there is one more person."

Lin Shu touched his nose, feeling a little embarrassed.

After all, he has not been completely lost in the foster care of the rich woman, knowing that he feels guilty for his unworked gain. But the young lady seemed to be in a good mood, and there was nothing to worry about trying to do more of these commissions.

The Xuegong is not completely closed. Every three months, there is a one- month holiday. The disciples are free to go out and travel, complete the commission, or stay in the Xuegong to continue their studies.

Ten days later, it is the day to go to the Magic Mountain. According to Bai Xiaosheng's record, the journey of the Magic Mountain will take about ten days. In this way, after he came out of the Magic Mountain, he just caught up with the man who entered the palace. First holiday.

Lin Shu plans to plan this month's vacation. Then he discovered a problem.
The young lady must be going to Magic Mountain, and she must have a place.

The young lady also asked him if he wanted to go to Magic Mountain.

At that time, he had not yet identified his hamster identity, and wanted to confirm his martial arts in the performance martial arts field, and rejected Ling Fengxiao's goodwill.

Now, he is ranked 30th on the Zhenwu list, and can be qualified to enter the Magic Mountain. The Magic Palace is the unified organization of the Xuegong Mountain. Thirty or so people are led by the real person who led the team to fly to the Academy.

So, when meeting on Feizhou, how should he explain this to Ling Fengxiao?

I'm sorry, young lady. Although I refused your help, I qualified through my own efforts.

The young lady will say, oh? How did you qualify? He can only tell the truth, young lady, I hit the top thirty on the Zhenwu list.

The young lady must ask, who is your last name on the Zhenwu list? What should he say?
Am I folding bamboo?

Inappropriate, Miss is very disgusted. so what should I do now?
Lin Shu was in panic.

Tell the truth or make one up? How to edit?
Shouldn't the young lady show up, wouldn't the young lady be angry again. Lin Shu felt unable to breathe.
He followed the young lady out of the Treasure Pavilion while walking frantically, waiting for the door to hear the torrential rain before returning to God.

At this moment, it was raining outside, and it was pouring rain.

Ling Fengxiao issued an unpleasant tone, opened her umbrella, and said, "Are you hungry? Go to the dining room."

Lin Shu thought for a while, and indeed nodded when it was time to eat.

Ling Fengxiao was very troublesome on rainy days. First, the place where the window was too abandoned was too heavy, and the place inside the room was too stuffy. Finally, she barely sat in the middle of the dining room. Lin Shu picked up the vegetables and came back, and found that only a small cup of white almond butter was placed in front of Ling Fengxiao, and he was stirring with a silver spoon carelessly, looking like he didn't want to eat.

After thinking about it, he finally decided to express his concern for the owner: "Aren't you eating?"

Ling Fengxiao said, "I'm not comfortable."

Lin Shu thought about the wording and asked, "What's wrong?"

"When I was a child, practicing mysterious bones is not a serious exercise method. Every rainy day, the water in the water is heavy, and I will go back." Ling Fengxiao said lightly.

Lin Shu blinked in doubt.

It turned out that when the young lady was a little girl, did she practice chaos?

But this "Xuan Jue Hua Gu Gong" is strange and weird at the first name. It is not something that the young lady of Phoenix Villa can practice.

Ling Fengxiao seemed to understand what he thought, put down the silver spoon in his hand, and put his left hand on the table.

A nice pair of hands.

Slightly pale, only a touch of powder on the nails, like jade. The fingers are long, the skeleton is thin, and the bones are clear. Every inch is flawless, and there is no cocoon.

——The person who makes the sword and sword must reach a certain level, he must try his best to avoid making cocoons on his hands. The reason is without him. Once there is a cocoon, even if it is only a thin cocoon, it will affect the perception of the sword when holding the sword. Therefore, the inferior swordsman because of neglect to practice, no cocoon on his hand, the intermediate swordsman because of holding a sword all year round, five fingers with cocoons, and the high-level swordsman must return to normal, finger skin is as delicate as jade, so is the swordsman.

Therefore, the young lady's hands are perfect for viewing and making knives.

But the next movement of these hands made Lin Shu's eyes widen.

I saw Ling Fengxiao cover her left hand with her right hand and twist it gently.

A few inaudible clicks sounded, and the hand was not like a living thing, but a moldable work of art, which could be arbitrarily pinched-stretched, shortened, or changed the thickness of the phalanges.

Ling Fengxiao tossed her hand, and then restored it to its original state, saying: "Since you want to be a girl, you might as well be perfect, change your appearance, and you can look better."

Lin Shu felt deep admiration.

You girls, do everything in order to look good.

For this reason, every rainy day, it is uncomfortable.

He thought about what girls should do if they were uncomfortable in their last life.

Barren life experience tells Lin Shu that he should drink hot water.

He had no hot water on hand, thinking for a moment, and pushed a bowl of steaming bamboo shoot and duck broth in front of himself to Ling Fengxiao.

Ling Fengxiao laughed: "You are very sensible." natural.

Do your duty to the hamster.

In front of this bowl of soup, Ling Fengxiao did not carelessly treat almond butter, but had a good attitude, and finished it with a spoonful of spoon.

After dinner, go to the library.

Lin Shu's work involves running between bookshelves. The last time Ling Fengxiao accompanied him to the library, he ran around.

But this time, knowing that the young lady was really uncomfortable, and didn't even want to eat, Lin Shu cautiously.

He said, "Sit down."

The young lady looked at him with a smile and said, "Why don't you let me follow?"

This person is too good-looking, usually expressionless and cold, and can be praised as the first beauty. Once he smiles in his eyes, it is a criminal visual impact.

Lin Shu's eyes flew elsewhere, away from the source of the visual impact, and then he said, "You are not comfortable after all."

"Even ..." Ling Fengxiao said, "It's rare that someone hurts me." Lin Shu was a little embarrassed and said, "Then I'll go."
Ling Fengxiao said "um", "I'm waiting for you here."

Said to wait, but they are all on the same floor, not too far away, and sometimes they can be seen at a glance.

Lin Shu shuttled in the bookshelf, and occasionally approached the area for the disciples to read. Then he saw that Ling Fengxiao didn't read the book seriously. She only held her cheek with one hand and looked at herself, her expression was almost mild.

Has the young lady ever treated others like this?

The classmates who witnessed this scene are all the expression of seeing ghosts day by day.

Is this how a hamster beloved by his owner? Lin Shu thought.
--may be.

He took back his thoughts and continued to work seriously.

The library has a very large area, and there are many books. The vastness of the books is huge. Once there are few people, it will become especially quiet. Especially some bookcases in the depths are not well-lit, which makes them look ugly.

Lin Shu put them in place according to the number of the zodiac in the book.

This time, he walked particularly deep, and in the big place, there were only footsteps.

Gengwu District ...

Holding a copy of "Akiyama's Little Chronicles", he turned the rows of bookshelves and looked for Gengwu District.

This area is also hidden too deeply. It is probably that the disciples of Xiandaoyuan mostly like the secret recipes of exercises, and very few people borrow the history of wild history.

He walked through the Gengyi District and finally saw the word "Geng Wu". He was exhaling gently, and when he relaxed slightly, he was scared of heart disease.

——This ghost place is actually someone!

A woman wearing a gray coat of Confucianism is standing in front of a bookshelf, leaning her head slightly, and her black hair is only a little tucked away, almost loose. In this background, she looks like a ghost.

Lin Shuping breathed again, looking for the place where Akiyama Kozuki should be put back, and put the book away.

When she went back, she passed the bookshelf, and the girl was still standing.

Lin Shu felt that she didn't move.

When this idea came out, he couldn't help but stop and look at the girl's breast.

He has no problems with sight, which is certain. And he is not very far from the girl.
Didn't move. like a statue. Not breathing.
If it weren't for the appearance, it was like a sculpture.

There must be something wrong--Lin Shu's first reaction was to find Ling Fengxiao.


Just in his heart, the alarm bell was a masterpiece, and when he wanted to leave quickly to find the young lady, the girl turned slowly and with a very mechanical movement. Pale face, slack eyes.
Lin Shu only heard the terms "blood poison" and "living dead man" today when Ling Fengxiao talked about the reason of coma.

But now he has no doubt that this girl is.

He held his breath, tightened, and his heart beat violently. Older Tang Lord, you are really a bit unreliable.

Chapter 44: Ling Fengxiao's Cylinder

It is said that the monsters have been cleared out, but there are living dead in the depths of the library.

However, this situation could not allow him to think more.

Lin Shu quickly folded herself behind the bookshelf where the girl was located, cut off her sight, and then took out the mustard bag.

He didn't know the fighting power of the living dead, but only knew that he had no power at all.

For a moment, the thoughts turned, and he took out the "Zixiao Survival Dan" that Ling Fengxiao had given from the bag, and took two pills.

This is the holy medicine that protects life. Once ingested, the pure medicine power will immediately turn on and protect the heart veins, so as not to be killed by a living dead.

Only this moment of taking medicine—the bookshelf made a loud noise, and the students were broken. For a moment, the sound of the books falling and falling was heard, and a pale hand stuck out from the bookshelf with cold and cold wind.

Lin Shu's instinct was forced by this situation of life and death. At the same moment when he wore it out, he leaned back, almost aside, and avoided it.

He raised his hand, the sleeve arrow machine on his wrist was activated, and three small cold iron arrows with cold light were fired towards the hand, and one of them slammed into the hand.

Thanks to Ling Fengxiao who had taken him to the treasure hall to pick a weapon, at this time he had a life-saving hidden weapon, otherwise at this moment he was afraid that there was no room for protection.

Lin Shu took a few breaths, pulled his leg out of the bookshelf, and ran in the opposite direction.

In Yu Guangzhong, the gray shadow had already spooked out from behind the bookshelf!

He gritted his teeth, fired several more arrows on his backhand, and continued to run forward.

Drum-like footsteps rang behind him, and the lifelines were generally getting closer, the cold breath could be heard, and even the sound of rattling in her throat was getting closer.

Can't escape.

Lin Shu wanted to call Ling Fengxiao, but he was choked because of excessive tension, how could he not make a sound.

And even if she could shout, the library was so deep, even if it was Ling Fengxiao, if she didn't listen carefully, she might not notice it.

After thinking about his isolated situation, he drew a sword that was not a foldable bamboo.

——What the monster sees and hears can be directly transmitted to the eyes of the big witch, wondering if the living dead will!

After holding a three-foot sword in his hand, his body folds to the right, turns around and turns back, and the straight sword pierces the approaching living dead.

With a bang, the long sword stabbed at the chest of the living dead, and the ground touched by the sword's tip was as hard as iron stone, but it struck like gold.

He has no spiritual power, so no matter how good a sword is, he can't exert the power that a sword should have. There was a murmur of low voice in the girl's throat, and her five fingers became claws.

Lin Shu Hengjian blocked for a moment, taking advantage of the stalemate for a while, then spurred the armour, and Xiao Jian shot towards the girl's face.

She retracted her hand and backed up, Lin Shu took the sword back, and bounced to the left, trying to escape again.

However, it cannot keep up with the speed of the living dead.

He had a sharp pain in his left shoulder and was caught backwards.

Lin Shu didn't know where he was coming from, and endured the increasing pain on his shoulder, turning abruptly.

The girl's face was completely distorted.

In fact, living dead people can no longer be regarded as humans. They have similar habits to animals. They do not use weapons, and their attacks are completed by biting.

I saw her open her mouth, revealing her gray gums, which was to bite off Lin Shu's neck.

--It's now.

Lin Shu raised his left hand in a difficult way, and pressed a red round ball into the mouth of the living dead among the flashes of light.

The essence of fire.

According to the young lady, living and dead people cannot live or die, but they are afraid of burning.

The true fire in the world is harder than the flame essence contained in the essence of the fire. After doing this, Lin Shu suddenly took off, leaving only the dead and waiting to bite.

But he was calm inside.

I'm going to be bitten, but you also swallow the essence of fire. After being bitten, I have Zixiao Jujuan and may not die.
And you are going to be cold.

If he fights bare-handed, Lin Shu can't fight anyway, but now he has a lot of props to continue his life.

The reason is because he has a rich woman, but this girl does not.

Lin Shu thought about his current situation and found that when there was no other means of resistance, he gave up the resistance and felt relieved.

There was a rattle in the throat of the girl, and there was a faint red flame under the pale skin of her neck, but she still did not give up attacking Lin Shu, and she was about to bite his neck.

Knife gas.

A killing knife gas straighted up.

Lin Shu almost thought he had hallucinations.

But the action of the living dead girl really froze for a moment.

The next moment, Hong Ying rushed from a distance, the sword light burst, the girl used her arms to block the knife.

Lin Shu was caught by his waist and moved towards the middle of his arms.

However, in the narrow distance between the bookshelves and the bookshelves, the swords were stretched freely, and the living dead had a body as hard as a stone, and they could not carry this fierce sword and were forced to retreat.

Lin Shu quietly watched the young lady about to hold him in one hand, leaving the other hand to make a knife with one hand, and was able to fight the living dead with no strength.

He felt that it was time to applaud the young lady.

At the time of retreat, the living dead who had red skin all over his body screamed, completely dying, and straightened towards them both.

Lin Shu heard the young lady sneer, and threw the "Same Sadness" knife into the air with her backhand, leaving her right hand to face the living dead with her palm.

The palms gathered with incredible solid power and patted them against the chest of the living dead.

The moment the palm touched the chest, the whole world seemed silent for a moment. Then, a huge stream of spirit erupted from the connection, and the living dead was struck by more than twenty steps.

At this moment, the knife happened to fall down, was caught by Ling Fengxiao, and closed.

Then Lin Shu was hugged and rolled on the spot.

The next moment, he felt a violent heat all over his body, feeling a blast of heat sweeping the entire area.

After a few more breaths, Ling Fengxiao let go of him, got up, and then pulled him up from the ground.

"Dead," Ling Fengxiao said.

Lin Shu looked forward, and saw that there was a raging fire in front, still a spiritual fire. It was about the spiritual power contained in the last palm of Ling Fengxiao that inspired the real fire in the essence of Lihuo, which burned the living dead from the inside out, and then—exploded it.

Otherwise, why are all these dozens of bookcases burned neatly? Lin Shu turned to look at Ling Fengxiao.
Just to avoid the fire, he rolled on the ground and his hair was a bit messy. Ling Fengxiao drew a few strands of hair from her cheeks to her ears and asked him very quickly, "Are you hurt?"

Lin Shu shook his head.

Ling Fengxiao continued to ask, "Did she touch you?" Lin Shu nodded.
Ling Fengxiao frowned immediately: "Where?" Lin Shu: "Shoulder."
Still hurting.

Ling Fengxiao said: "Undress."

Lin Shu was sluggish for a while, but the tone of the young lady was too unquestionable and she had to untie her robe.

The young lady came behind him and laid a hand on his shoulder. Lin Shu is a stimulus.
However, the next move of the young lady was too cautious-she pulled down the neckline of the robe very slowly, revealing only a small half of the back, and then pressed her finger on the right shoulder. Area, after a while, pull the neckline up and close. "Not deliberately frivolous," Ling Fengxiao's voice relaxed a little, and said, "Blood poison is very easy to pass on, but fortunately you are not infected."

It turned out to check if he was infected.

Lin Shu made his clothes good and said, "That's good."

It was so hard to pick up a life, and it would be embarrassing to become such a living dead if infected with blood poisoning.

His heartbeat was still a bit violent, and he took a few deep breaths before he calmed down. When he wanted to thank the young lady, he saw the young lady looking at herself and asked, "Are you scared?"

Lin Shu shook his head.

"I haven't seen you for a long time, I'm afraid you'll run out of reach again
..." Ling Fengxiao sighed softly, and then said, "But I heard a fight." Moving owner love.
Fearing that he couldn't reach it, he came to help and met the murder scene.

Lin Shudao: "Thank you very much."

"No need, if you have an accident, I ..." Ling Fengxiao paused and said without saying, "I'll go to the dreamland and call the Great Kingdom Master."

Lin Shu nodded: "Yes."

The Great Master came very fast, and there were many real people in Xiandaoyuan beside him.

The first thing that came was to fight the fire. The fire was so great that there were tens of thousands of books when it was burned.

Lin Shu felt very ashamed, and looked at Ling Fengxiao's side with the general eyes of the creditors of the Great National Teacher Division.

Ling Fengxiao: "I burned it."

Great Master: "The ordinary books are good to supplement, this rare ancient book ..."

Ling Fengxiao: "Qifeng Pavilion has it." Great Master: "Fine."
Lin Shu felt that they seemed to have reached a deal.

The fire was finally put out, and the Great Master strode to the central body of the living dead.

The essence of fire is still glowing, but it is much dimmer than before.

The dead body of the living dead has been burned into charcoal bones and black ash. The Great Master groped in the bones and took out a jade charm.

"Chumei girl of the Confucian Taoist Academy," he said.

Just after the demons of Jasper Tianxian Taoyuan were removed, the Confucian Taoist School had trouble again.

Shang Lingjian inquired about Lin Shu and Ling Fengxiao carefully during the process, and remained silent for a long time, saying: "Check."

Then he looked around the empty bookshelf and asked, "What books are here?"

Lin Shu replied: "Miscellaneous history of Xiandao." Shang Lingjian seems to be lost in thought.

Ling Fengxiao asked, "What are they looking for?" Shangling Jane shook her head: "It's not known yet."
Mr. Yue Lao has not awakened from his coma and can only start with the whereabouts of Chu Meimei girl these days, but her classmates and roommates who live in the same garden all said that this girl was nothing abnormal. The previous day I still have a class and endorsement.

The Great National Division suspected that a Beixia demon who had cultivated to be extremely deep sneaked into the academy, or that there was a Beixia traitor in the academy.

In any case, a thorough investigation started at the upper and lower Xuegong. All the disciples were forbidden to go out and stay in the bamboo garden, which was closely protected by real people.

Ling Fengxiao took Lin Shu back to Jingfeng Xiuyuan. Tea, pour water, boo cold, ask warmth.
Lin Shu was dominated and lay on the bed, and then applied medicine. When asked by the young lady if the wound was still painful, she discovered that she had a fight with the living dead and changed from a hamster to a first-class protection animal.

He was leaning on the back of the bed with a quilt. Originally, the wound on his shoulder was still acceptable, but once someone was caring beside him—the high-ranked young lady was now filled with suffocating virtuous virtues, making Lin Shu The whole person was a lot spoiled, and the pain worsened, and he was stunned.

Ling Fengxiao wanted him to sleep. Can't sleep.
Can't sleep and don't know what to do. The two of them were relatively silent, embarrassed for a moment. After a long toss, Lin Shu said, "Look at the book for a while." "I'll get it," Ling Fengxiao asked. "Which one?"
Lin Shu asked for a textbook on "Amazing Stones."

According to the original day, this class will be taken tomorrow, but now that something is wrong, I don't know when it will start normally.

He also thought about waiting for the class to go and ask the real person about the material of the "Ling Fengxiao Cylinder" and how to open it.

To this end, the cylinder was also placed beside the textbook.

Thinking about it, I saw the young lady picking up the cylinder and examining it.

He suddenly saw hope. The young lady was well-informed and perhaps knew what it was. He didn't need to ask unfamiliar real people.

Before speaking, I listened to the young lady and said, "How to put it outside?"

There is drama.

After hearing this, the young lady really knew.

"I can't open it, I want to take it to identify the jade Taoist, take it out in advance," Lin Shu asked, "Do you recognize it?"

Under the lamp, the figure of the young lady suddenly stopped. It was almost like the girl was at first, motionless.
It took a long time for the young lady to speak, her tone was slow, and she even fluttered: "Don't you recognize it?" Lin Shu honestly said, "I don't know." There was another silence.
In death, the young lady looked at the cylinder and finally spoke, but in a slightly unnatural tone, she repeated the last sentence gently: "You ... don't know?"

Chapter 45: Not simple

Lin blinked blankly: "I don't know."

When the people in the village handed the cylinder and the jade sash they were carrying into his hands, they didn't explain what it was, apart from saying it was left to him by the little fool's master.

Lin Shu only knew that this was a container.

A container with a special material that cannot be opened.

He hoped that the masterpiece left by the master was hidden in it, so that he could change the meridians and enable him to resume cultivation.

If there is a little bit of cultivation, it will not be like fleeing blindly in the face of the living dead girl.

Ling Fengxiao was still still and didn't respond to him. Lin Shu felt that the matter was strange.
He tried to ask, "Is there anything wrong?"

Ling Fengxiao finally slowly said, "Is your master left?" Lin Shu: "Yes."
He grew up in a small village isolated from the world, and he had no long objects. Such a thing that is very rare at first glance can only be left by Master.

"Will not open?" Lin Shu: "Yes." Ling Fengxiao seemed to take a few deep breaths and continued to ask, "What did you say when your master left it?"

Lin Shu answered very honestly: "I forgot." Ling Fengxiao: "..."
Just listen to the young lady Shen said: "Do you dare to forget this kind of thing?"

Blowfish is back.

Lin Shuyi was shocked, and quickly sorted out his expressions, making himself extremely docile, and then explained the truth to the lady.

"I said before ... I'm a fool," he said. "I only wake up when I'm fifteen." The young lady took the cylinder and slowly said, "Where's your master?" "I have never met him."
Ling Fengxiao was quiet again for a long time, and finally said, "Who am I?"

Lin Shu: "Miss." "anything else?"
Lin Shu thought for a while and said, "The princess of Nanxia ...?" "anything else?"
Lin Shu thought about it and shook his head.

Against the candlelight, the young lady came towards him. Lin Shu shrank nervously into the quilt.
The young lady stared down at him. Lin Shu continued to shrink into the quilt.

The young lady is not in a good mood, he can feel it. It's not the same as being angry.
Very complicated.

The young lady said, "I don't believe it." Lin Shu :?
I have known each other for so long, why does the young lady still not believe that she was a fool before?

He said, "Really."

"That's it," said the young lady. "I'm to you, just someone from Phoenix Mountain Villa?"

Lin Shu shook his head.

The young lady raised an eyebrow: "Huh?" Lin Shudao: "Still a classmate."
The young lady's hand rested on the knife handle. Lin Shu tightened his body alertly.
"Same classmate ... will accompany you, support you, protect you, will you accept it all?" The young lady sat down on the bamboo chair beside the bed, and stared at him without blinking.

Lin Shu didn't know what to say.

No one except him has been so kind to him. The classmates and roommates of the previous life have no expression on him, ignore him, and have been treated kindly.

Someone was kind to him and he didn't know what else to do except accept it.

Thanks for speaking, but can only say a few words of thank you.

Feeling unworthy of being treated this way, wanting to refuse, and not knowing how to organize language.

Whether others are good or bad for him seems to always accept it in its entirety.

So Lin Shu nodded at Ling Fengxiao's eyes.

"You!" The young lady frowned, pursed her lips, and looked completely angry.

Lin Shu looked uneasily at the young lady, wondering if she had done something wrong.

I saw the pair of black and white ink pupils looking at herself, with a careful and stern look.

"you. "

The young lady reached out. Lin Shu receded.
The young lady's eyes softened and her tone eased slightly: "Don't be afraid."

Lin Shu stopped.

The young lady pressed the corner for him: " you have a good rest."

Lin Shu nodded. After thinking about it, he said, "You can sleep too."

——It's raining outside, but after all, it's still raining. I'm afraid the young lady is still uncomfortable and needs more rest.

Ling Fengxiao: "Yes."

Later, the young lady took Lin Shu's book aside and took it back to her original position. She looked around the room again and confirmed that everything was normal. She said, "I'm back to my room."

Lin Shu nodded, then thought of the cylinder again: "That cylinder ..."

"Jade," Ling Fengxiao said, "It is used to store precious correspondence, and it is easy to open it."

Lin Shu: "How to open?"

"At the beginning of the day, the daylight disappeared, and the blood dripped with the finger of a designated person, and you can open it." Ling Fengxiao said lightly, "Since it is something left by your master, you can open it with your blood."

Lin Shu: "Thank you." The young lady smiled.
The slightest smile, which meant that the skin was not smiling, let Lin Shu drum in his heart.

"Come to the atrium tomorrow morning and open it," said the young lady. "Then, read the words, one word at a time, to me."

Lin Shu didn't know what this meant, but the young lady acted with her own truth, so she nodded obediently.

The young lady continued to smile: "At that time, I'll pack you up." Lin Shu was panicked. After the young lady left, she tossed and turned on the bed, thinking about what the young lady meant.

And-where did you provoke Miss?

He carefully thought through his conversation with the young lady in his mind, and a thought flashed through his mind.

Is anything really important in this cylinder?

Otherwise, why did the young lady have a bad temper when she saw this thing, and then asked herself again and again if there was any explanation from Master when he left it.

With such a mood, he threw himself into the middle of the night alone, and slumbered past.

Throughout the day, the young lady didn't show up. Appearing in his house were the girls of Phoenix Villa. Changing dressings and taking care of meals is meticulous.
"The young lady asked us to come here to take good care of you," Ling Baochen laughed. "And to protect your safety, I said, Xiao Linshu, young lady has never been so good to any other man!"

Ling Baoqing snorted and said, "Who would have thought of this day when you were outside Minzhou."

Ling Baojing said with a smile: "Lin Shu, you look really good and look like a kitten. We all like it when we look at it. No wonder the young lady likes it."

Lin Shu didn't know how to respond to their teasing, and only asked: "What about Miss?"

"Miss said, I don't want to see you today, so calm down and let us take care of you," Ling Baochen's eyes flashed with curiosity. "I said, are you angry?"

Lin Shu touched his nose: "... it seems."

The girls snorted together, chasing Lin Shu to know the cause and effect.

Where Lin Shu was able to fight it, in the end, he had to use pretense to die. No matter how embarrassed the girls were, they wouldn't speak up, and escaped.

The girls saw that Cong Linshu could not ask anything, so they started playing by themselves, and said some gossip.

"I heard that there is a conclusion about the living dead!" "How to say?"
"When Mr. Yue woke up, when he learned about this, he lost his temper and said that the school was indeed clean and there were no monsters. He said that the living and dead man must have been fabricated to make him difficult."

"The old predecessors really have no heart. What happened later?"

"Later, in the girl's room, she found Beixia's sorcerer's marker stone. Everyone said she was in collusion with Beixia!"

"Ah, is she from Beixia?"

"The mark stone is indeed a pattern of witchcraft in Beixia. Therefore, even if she is not from Beixia, there must be a running dog in Beixia."

"Then why did she become a living dead again?"

"But I do n’t know about it, the Dajiu liquor is still under investigation. It is said that during this inspection, several disciples suspected of being related to Beixia were really found in Jaspersky and Liulitian.
Unfortunately, there is no tangible evidence. The lady said that she had sent a letter to the palace and asked Tulongwei to come for assistance. " "I hope this matter will come to an end." "Exactly."
Lin Shu didn't know how the day passed.

Staying in Zhuyuan, reading indiscriminately, thinking wildly, I just lived like a year, and I didn't know how long it was, and finally came to dusk.

In the distance, the sun is thin and the mountain is approaching. At the end of the hour, he leaves his bamboo house and walks to the atrium.

There was a teapot and two small cups in front of the young lady. At this moment, she was holding one of them and drinking tea slowly. When he saw him, he said, "It's good to come."

Then he said, "The things in the jade jade must be read to me from beginning to end. There must be no mistakes."

Lin Shu took a dagger from the bag, pierced his left middle finger, Yin Hong's blood beads, and dropped it on the cylinder.

The original dim pattern suddenly caught a layer of light, and after a few breaths, it became bright and clear.

Xiangyun, water pattern, dragon and phoenix pattern in the center, auspicious and festive.

It doesn't look like it contains prettier cheats.

He was thinking, the cylinder clicked, and a hole appeared at the top.

Lin Shu reached in and touched the paper, took it out, and unfolded it. It was a thin piece of rice paper with the words on it.

The moment he saw the handwriting, he froze slightly.

There is a kind of unclear, distant, and unfamiliar brush strokes and strokes. He must have seen them somewhere, but he couldn't tell them anyway.

Taking a look at the young lady's calm look, Lin Shu began to read. "Apprentice, see the letter."
— Hiss, is the handwriting of the little fool's master.

"There is something for the teacher. Let's go first. Take care of yourself and don't die."

Lin Shu: "..."

This tone is too casual, not written at all.

He went on to say: "You have a bad meridian, don't take it to heart, just play as much as you want, don't be tired yourself, there must be a road to the front of the mountain, and the teacher has arranged it."


Ling Fengxiao said the same way, and Master Lean said that if you want to have fun regardless of the meridian, is there any better way in this world than panacea and peerless exercises?

He thought, and continued to read, "Because of the fate meeting, don't delve into it. In the meditation, you have your own days. Don't worry about it as a teacher, you will meet by fate."

After reading it, he looked at Ling Fengxiao.

The young lady looked at the cylinder and said, "Yes."

Lin Shu reached into his hand. This time, the paper he felt was much thicker. It was actually a bright red paper seal, which was wrapped with what seemed to be paperwork, tied with red satin.

Lin Shu took it in his hands. A heavy piece of paper with slightly yellowed edges and very thick and solemn paper with auspicious patterns on the back of the paper.

This pattern was associated with the dragon and phoenix pattern on the cylinder, the bright red paper seal, and the red satin sprinkled with gold, which gradually raised an ominous premonition in his heart.

Things are not simple.

... is not easy.

Looking at the young lady's smile, Lin Shu took a deep breath and tried to escape.

Chapter 46: Alternate day

Lin Shu went through a fierce ideological struggle. Whether to open or not is a problem.
It changed from a Schrödinger's cylinder to a Schrödinger's scroll.

Schrödinger's cylinder may contain a peerless secret, or a piece of waste paper.

And what can Schrodinger's scrolls make? It seems that there can only be one thing.
Then it cannot be called Schrodinger's scroll.

Lin Shu looked up again at the look of the young lady.

The young lady held a light in one hand, and slowly twirled the tea powder with a white jade tea cover in her hand, and saw him smile with a smile.

Smile is pretty.

But the young lady never laughed that way, so this is undoubtedly the last tranquility before the storm, the last sugar ball before drinking Chinese medicine.

No matter how beautiful the face is, at this moment, it's all-"I want to eat you" on the left face, and "I want to kill you" on the right face.

From this expression, the only conclusion can be inferred: it, really, is the scroll of Ling Fengxiao.

Lin Shu, like a prisoner waiting for the final sentence, unbuttoned the red satin, shaking slightly. He closed his eyes, his heart crossed, and he opened the satin knot completely.

The scroll is open.

There were a few different kinds of paper rolled up inside, and the texture was different, but without exception they were all very solemn.

He gathered the papers together and read the outermost scroll. "The chicken and dolphin company, Sangzi cross."
The young lady raised an eyebrow: "Huh." "Early agreement ..."
Miss: "Continue."

"Early marriage agreement, more application ..."

Lin Shu's eyes were blurred, and his consciousness gradually became unconscious.

The young lady put down her tea cup, undressed her sleeves, folded her hands, and looked dignifiedly.

"Early marriage is better, it's better to be old." The young lady smiled deeply.
Lin Shu has been flying away.

"Fu ... the first commander of the phoenix landlord in Liangzhou, with Taoyuan Jun in Minzhou ... Jiatu. She is a fairy and a knight, and continues to be a family member. She learns Tao and Wushu, and is the same teacher. "

The young lady poured tea with her hands, filled the empty glass in front of Lin Shu, and continued to listen. "A person is rare, time is easy to change. When the dew falls, the heavens and the earth meet, and Huang Yasheng leaves."

"In a word, the two hierarchies are reconciled. But ... the marriage affair, it is better to let it go to Huang Tianhou soil."

Lin Shu's brain was blank and his tongue was out of his control.

"After my appointment, I will grow older and choose a date to marry. I wish that the immortals are old and the harmonious, and today we have established a marriage book as a user."

The lady nodded: "It's not bad, next."

The title of the next picture is "Recruitment".

"Here is the return of Gao Yi, Xu Changyuan Shu Ai is a room servant's disciple, and he dare to ask the famous people to know ..."

This sentence has a strong classical flavor, which is harder to write than martial arts cheats. For Lin Shu, it is too obscure, so it is very stiff to read.

After reading "Employment and Confirmation", then "Ask for Prospective", after "Ask for Prospective", then "Formal Post".

When he finally finished reading, Lin Shu stunned himself and tried to wake up.

Can't wake up.

This dream is really strange.

When the young lady saw him finish reading, she slowly took out a crimson gold-plated mustard pouch from her waist and took out an identical cylinder from it.

Dripping blood, open the cylinder. Lin Shu watched the young lady take out a scroll that was exactly like hers, but also tied by red satin.

The young lady opened the satin knot and unrolled the paper roll. On that scroll was written exactly the same text as his.
The other documents are different, they are "re-employment," "allowing relatives to start," and "formal post."

Lin Shu: "..."

He was a little less awake now, not quite sure what was going on.

"Three books and six courtesies, three media and six recruitments ..." The young lady seemed to smile, "You said ... don't know?"

Three books and six ceremony, three media and six employment.

After the appointment, I will grow older and choose to marry another day. Chosen another day.
Lin Shu suddenly remembered something.

The young lady asked him to go to Magic Mountain, and said, "If you are ordinary, am I not ashamed?"

When going to the west of Sichuan, I asked the older seniors to come out of the mountain and mentioned Zhaoxue. The lady said: "You have to accompany me to travel the mountains and rivers. Naturally, you must use the same mounts. It happens to be twins according to the night, and they are raised."

The young lady has a fiance.

That day, when the girls in Fenghuang Villa were met in the ghost town, they were going to find someone's apprentice. What's that man's name?

Lin Shu moved his gaze mechanically and came to the wedding book.

"The first commander of the phoenix landlord in Fuliang, was a Taoist monk in Minzhou Taoyuan."

Oh, Taoyuan Jun.

Tao Yuanjun left the marriage book to his apprentice.

Little fool's blood can open the cylinder left by Tao Yuanjun. Tao Yuanjun's apprentice is Miss's fiance.
Little fool is Lin Shu now.

To sum up, Lin Shu is Miss's fiance. Lin Shu: "?"
He's just a hamster.

He was just what the young lady wanted to raise ... that what. Now, after this evil cylinder opens, he becomes the main palace? There is no such thing as impermanence.
Lin Shu felt that he needed some time to accept this.

Of course, he preferred to wake up from this strange dream. Ling Fengxiao saw him for a long time and said, "Huh?"
"I really don't know ..." Lin Shu quickly confessed, and then saw that the young lady was about to eat, quickly changed her mouth and gave up the struggle: "... I was wrong." "Wrong?" The young lady smiled slightly and asked, "What's wrong?"

Lin Shu was flustered and desperate, "I don't know the marriage contract."

The young lady's fingers knocked at the bamboo table regularly, knocking Lin Shu's hair furry.

"Ignorant is not guilty, but that's right," said the young lady. "Think again."

Lin Shu couldn't think of it, he could only look at Miss's eyes docilely and innocently.

After about half a cup of tea, the young lady smiled. Lin Shu thought it was extremely angry.
However, Ling Fengxiao's voice has indeed eased a bit.

"It's no use selling," said the young lady, "think of it if you can't figure it out."

Lin Shu really couldn't think of it and had to say, "I can't think of it." The young lady took a sip of cold tea and finally spoke.
"If anyone, lives with you for nothing, treats you for no reason and buys you ... then you accept it all? Then you get turned back?" Asked the young lady.

Lin Shu: "!"

He finally knew.

It turned out that the young lady always thought that she was a fiancée and a palace, and she raised hamsters, and she was well-known for her fame and integrity.

And today I finally found out that I was just a rich woman. If it wasn't for the rules of the instrument, Lin Shu would almost cry and hide his face.

He finally knew what the expression of the young lady meant. It's "you frivolous, bottomless boy."
He wants to hang himself.

The lady continued to ask, "Is that so?"

"Not so." The desire to survive made Lin Shu say a rare long sentence, "After all, no one in the world is as rich and beautiful as you, enough to make me ..."

The young lady's hand rested on the handle, interrupting him: "You better pay attention to the wording."

Lin Shu shut up.

The young lady leaned back, as if trying to calm her breath. Lin Shu dare not squeak.
After a long time, the young lady said, "Does your shoulder hurt?" Lin Shu: "It doesn't hurt anymore."
"I thought about it here without pain," said the young lady. "Before the beginning of the 19th century, what did you do wrong and why did you make a mistake? Tell me how to correct it in the future, and I will decide on your disposal at my discretion."

Lin Shu said, "Okay."

Then the lady really stopped talking and let him think quietly. Yefeng was originally cold, but now it's getting warmer. Lin Shu suspected that the young lady had been so angry that she could not control her spiritual power, and the temperature in this area had risen.

He started frantically thinking about what happened today. Miss ... fiance?
That dead ghost?

The more I want to choke.

The more I think, the more I feel like I'm finished. What will he do in the future?
What a hamster should do, he knows, it just needs to be raised quietly. What about the fiance?

Time passed so quietly, the moon rose, Miss Shu didn't speak, and Lin Shu was as quiet as a chicken.

Near the beginning of the sea, the silence in the atrium was broken by outsiders.

A man in black, and two others in the same clothes followed later, walking almost silently.

The style of the clothes, Lin Shu has never seen it, can only be speculated that it is a strong suit that is very suitable for fighting.

The man reached the atrium and walked in front of Ling Fengxiao. Ling Fengxiao looked up at him.
Then, all three of them fell on one knee. The headed man said, "His Royal Highness." Ling Fengxiao said: "How much has come." "twenty."
"A thorough investigation," Ling Fengxiao said faintly. "After ten days, there are only innocent people going up and down the school."

The man bowed his head and said, "Observe."

"Send another five men to protect the Highness. Don't be negligent." The man said, "Yes."
"Stay back."

The three of them said "Yes" in unison, got up and retreated, and went as silently as when they came, and disappeared into the melting night in no time.

Lin stared at the direction they disappeared.

The cultivation of these three people is very high.

Ling Fengxiao saw him look there and said, "It's Tu Longwei, it's Yuan Ying Xiuwei. He is only in the palace, and His Majesty sends them to solve the school accident."

It turned out to be a great master.

The big offering wine and Ling Fengxiao discussed things. These Tu Longwei came to the Xuegong and also reported to Ling Feng Xiao first. It was also interesting to think about it.

It seems that everyone knows that Xiao Lingyang is unreliable and that he needs to find his sister.

Lin Shu: "Yes." Ling Fengxiao looked at him, his tone was obviously lighter than when he talked with the three Tulongweis, but overall, the qi was not gone, and it was still not very gentle.

"The emergence of internal traitor in Beixia is not a trivial matter. However, the reason is only for" Sauvignon Blanc "." Ling Fengxiao stroked the scabbard with his right hand and said lightly.

Hearing "Sauvignon Blanc", Lin Shu raised his ears.

"The two countries are at odds with each other. In addition to the strength of the soldiers, it depends on each other's masters of crossing the robbery," Ling Fengxiao said. "However, after the crossing of the robbery, it will soon rise. There is such anxiety in the South and North Xia.

After crossing the robbery, Xiu was soaring as soon as he was successful.

Ling Fengxiao continued: "Thousand years ago, Ye Di took Xiu as his perfect body, and he was detained for more than a hundred years. No one knows the reason. According to legend, Ye Di's" Sauvignon Blanc "practice method can be passed through. If you do n’t have the ascension method, if you can get it, you will have the upper hand when you start war in Japan. "

Lin Shu: "?"

But Sauvignon Blanc is just a sword.

"The rumor is not true, but there is another benefit to getting Sauvignon Blanc."

Lin Shu: "What benefits?"

"Fifteen years ago, Jian Ge, who was born of Emperor of the Emperor, lost the town forbidden law" Sauvignon Blanc ". If anyone finds it and returns it to Jian Ge, presumably Jian Ge will know the favor. Jian Ge has been born for a long time. Once we can get Jiange's help ... conceivable. "

Lin Shu blinked. His division seemed to be very powerful.

"Southern Xia and Northern Xia, and even western Xinjiang and countless other schools are looking for" Sauvignon Blanc ", so ..." Ling Fengxiao's voice gradually lowered, "You learn about" Sauvignon Blanc " You know, I know, don't be known by a third person. "

Ling Fengxiao knew that she was studying Sauvignon Blanc? Lin Shu suddenly remembered something.
That time, in Yan Wuchang, when he and Xiao Shao were fighting, he used the first two methods of Sauvignon Blanc. As a result, Xiao Shao said, this is Tao Yuanjun's swordsmanship!

And Tao Yuanjun is his own cheap master!

At the same time, Tao Yuanjun made a marriage contract with him and Ling Fengxiao.

Therefore, Ling Fengxiao can indeed know that he will be "Sauvignon Blanc" through Tao Yuanjun.

How did Xiao Shao know?

The young lady said, never be known by a third person.

After playing with Xiao Shao, something happened to Xuegong. Xiao Shao ... will not be a traitor in Beixia?
Lin Shu's heart beat a few times, this time she was really scared. He told Ling Fengxiao: "Someone else has seen it."
Ling Fengxiao's voice was immediately prudent: "Who?" "At Yanwu Stadium," Lin Shu said uneasily, "Xiao Shao." He saw that Ling Fengxiao was silent again.

For a long time, Ling Fengxiao said, "Xiao Shao?"

"Xiao Shao, the first on the Zhenwu list," Lin Shu lowered his head, he did something wrong, and he did not care about revealing that he was a bamboo fold, saying: "I have studied with him and used two strokes of Sauvignon Blanc. Swordsmanship ... "

Dead silence.

Lin Shu looked up and looked at Ling Fengxiao carefully.

The young lady looked at him and seemed to want to draw a knife.

He was keenly aware that the young lady wanted to hit him-this feeling was not the first time today.

Lin Shu asked carefully, "Miss?"

I saw the young lady pressing her right hand on the handle, taking a few deep breaths, closing her eyes and saying, "It's Xiao Shao's words ... it doesn't matter."

The author has something to say:

References for wedding books: [1] Xu Siyuan.Research on the evolution of traditional wedding books in China [D] .Shanghai Normal University, 2017.

Chapter 47: Twelve Evil Letters of Painful Chen Lingfeng Xiao


That's good.

Lin Shusong breathed a sigh of relief and thought about it again. Xiao Shao's surname was Xiao, Xiao Lingyang was also surnamed Xiao, and Ling Fengxiao was Her Royal Highness Princess.

These excellent people will always know each other. Oh no, Xiao Lingyang is not good.
He continued to obey the young lady's orders and thought quietly.

The young lady did not continue to die, but pulled the Tongtong knife out of the sheath and wiped it slowly with a fine silk.

Lin Shu felt that the young lady might really be so angry that she couldn't calm down, because his master used to wipe the sword when he was in a bad mood.

Tongtongtong body is dark silver. When the trick is used, the sword is as bright as water and looks very good.

Finally, at the hour, the bell struck three times.

The young lady looked up, looked at him, and asked, "Are you thinking?" Lin Shu: "... I think so."
The young lady said lightly, "Say." "I was wrong to be too frivolous and easily seduced by Jade." Lin Shu reviewed himself deeply.

"Well," said the young lady, "continue."

"The young lady is bright and clear-hearted, and kind-hearted, and treats me well." Lin Shu said this organized for half an hour, and the words of authenticity were questionable, and continued, "So I accepted the goodwill of the young lady . "

The young lady said, "It makes a little sense."

Lin Shu relaxed a little, and said, "I'll change it in the future ... I'm good at myself and don't accept the benefits of others."

The young lady said, "You should have been like this." Lin Shudao: "Thank you very much for your advice."
"No thanks," said the young lady. "I don't think you're very smart. Thanks to meeting me, I'm afraid I'll be deceived by others."

Lin Shudao said, "You're right." Miss: "..."
After the silent silence, the young lady said, "I still don't understand one thing."

Lin Shu: "Yes."

I saw the right hand of the young lady slightly stuck into the collar and pulled out a thin black rope. The end of the rope was a smoky jade.

Lin Shu is very familiar with the color and texture of the jade jade. Compared with the little jade jade hanging around his neck now, only the carved pattern is different, but it is a phoenix.

Lin Shu: "..." Thinking of the alchemy class that day, Ling Fengxiao accidentally tore off his jade in order to give him medicine, after that, his attitude to him suddenly changed, and he finally understood something.

It turned out that this jade pendant was also a keepsake. From the day when the young lady saw her jade pendant, things had been revealed.

Then, the young lady repaired the book and passed it to Fenghuang Villa. The disciples of Fenghuang Villa in Minzhou came to Ning'an Mansion and asked the villagers about the fate of the fool. The villagers truthfully explained that—15 years ago, an immortal entrusted the fool to Let them take care of them.

It's just that the village is in a ghost town, the crops rarely get sunlight, and they are extremely thin. They can't eat enough, and naturally they can't take care of a mentally fool.

In any case, after this inquiries, Ling Fengxiao has determined that she is a fiance.

And he didn't realize it himself, thinking that the young lady suddenly became interested in this salted fish and wanted to raise it.

The young lady unwrapped Jade, put it in her hands, and said, "After I found your identity, I got along with you as a loved one. You grew up among mortals, and the rules of etiquette are very strict. I'm afraid you're shy, and you haven't talked about the marriage contract, but there are many words in the words that you really didn't notice it? Are you unwilling to fulfill the marriage contract and deliberately pretend to be stupid? "

Miss, why do you always suspect that I pretend to be stupid? Lin Shu despaired: "No, I'm not very smart after all."
Really, he couldn't think of it anyway, he was the young lady's fiance.

A little fool living in a shabby thatched hut, drinking clear soup and cooking vegetables, even if he had a famous master, he had nothing to do with the young lady of Phoenix Villa.

The young lady's fiance, in his mind, must be at least an excellent boy like Xiao Shao.

Therefore, even if the young lady was suddenly tender to him, and spent a pricey jade and gave away many precious treasures, he only thought that it was the rich woman's breeding of hamsters.

It seems that he was not only a fool before, but also a fool now. The young lady sighed softly.
Lin Shu looked at it carefully, feeling that the young lady was stunned a lot.

"When my ego was very young, my mother walked, Tao Yuanjun was a fairy fairy, and his apprentice was naturally a quiet and lovely apprentice
... I want to treat my fiancee well in the future," said Miss. " That's why I have always wanted to see you since I was a child ... I never thought you knew nothing. "

The young lady's voice gradually became weak and weak. Lin Shu felt that she must be angry with the young lady by her actions. She could not speak up, and even her consciousness was blurred. She described her fiance as a fiancee.

However, he has already made a huge mistake tonight. Naturally, there is no dog courage to point out Miss Sylvia's mistake, but only obediently: "I was wrong."

"Well, it's not your fault."

Lin Shu glanced at the look of the young lady, gathered her courage, and asked, "Are you not angry?"

"I miss your first offense, even if the matter is revealed," said the young lady. "It will change in the future." Lin Shu: "Changed."

He can't be a frivolous boy in the future, but a boy with a bottom line. But there was no other rich woman supporting him except the young lady. So life can continue.
"It's early," said the young lady. "I'll take you to bed." Lin Shu was meekly sent to bed.
The essence of the fire was fed to the living dead. There was no heating in the house. The young lady frowned, her fingertips gave out a light red spirit, and the room was immediately warm.

"I'll order someone to look for something similar tomorrow," said the young lady.

Lin Shudao: "Thank you."

"No thanks," said the young lady. "If you are ill, I will take care of it."

Lin Shu was murdered for one night today. At this time, he was treated properly. He was flattered, and he was suffering from Stockholm disease. Because of his fiance, he was greatly affected by the psychological shock, and the whole person was very weak.

The young lady sighed, went to the bed, and let out her voice: "Good, sleep well."

Such a soft whispered sentence suddenly made Lin Shu feel that he had been greatly wronged today. Somehow, his eyes were sore.

Ling Fengxiao's look immediately revealed a little overwhelmed.

"Don't cry," the young lady sat next to the bed and looked at him. "I was wrong today, too, and I shouldn't be bad at you." Lin Shu didn't actually cry, just a little bit wronged-now the young lady is his fiancee, and although she hasn't accepted it well psychologically, she was bullied and cried by her fiancee, and it was really shameful to speak out.

He said, "Then you will ..."

"It won't be fierce in the future," said the young lady. "As long as you obey."

Lin Shu nodded.

When it comes to obedience, he is still very good at it.

The young lady looked at him with a faint smile in her eyes. "After today, there will be no gap between you and me, nor will there be any deception."

Lin Shu nodded.

The young lady blew out the lamp for him and said, "Sleep."

Lin Shu's spirit was not very good at first. After thinking about his fiancée Yunyun for a while, he fell asleep.

On the second day, his spirit was much better, just when Ling Fengxiao came to him, and said that the day when the Magic Mountain was opened was near, whether he had prepared something.

Yesterday, he told himself about the fight with Xiao Shao. With the mind of the young lady, she must have understood that he was folding bamboo. Although it was a bit embarrassing to use the female body, fortunately, you don't have to worry about explaining to the young lady how you got it.
Quota matters.

He said that preparation had not yet started.

The young lady said, there is nothing wrong today, let me help. Then he reorganized the clothes, weapons, runes, and elixir when he went out, and put them in a bag.

The young lady was extremely neat and did not need Lin Shu to intervene.

It's almost like feeding a cage that mainly cleans the hamsters. The hamsters just need to stay quiet in the corner.

-Still a hamster.

Nothing seems to change in life.

After finishing it, Tu Longwei came over there, and the young lady went to do her business.

Lin Shu stayed idle reading in the room.

After half an hour, an unexpected visitor came.

Or gorgeous clothes and proud look, it seems to be His Highness Xiao Lingyang.

Lin Shu has a headache.

When Xiao Lingyang entered the door, the first thing was to pat a stack of paper on his desk: "You see."

Lin Shu looked.

The first thing that came to mind was the huge subject. "Twelve Evil Books of Painful Chen Lingfeng Xiao".
Lin Shu: "..."

Xiao Lingyang said: "You are fascinated by money, and you do n’t know how sinister Ling Fengxiao is-I will forgive you! I spent seven days writing this book to reveal the truth to you. If you do n’t know the truth, leave This person ... hmm! I don't know what to do! Take it for yourself! " His words were not clear, and his words were inappropriate. It shows that the level of writing is relatively low, but the central idea is still clear: leave my sister.

It turned out that Her Royal Highness was under the coercion of the young lady and did not dare to bully and threaten him directly.

Lin Shu did not open the book "Twelve Evil Letters of Chen Lingfeng Xiao".

Xiao Lingyang said with a loud voice: "Look!" Lin Shu was unmoved.
After all, the hamster and the main room are different. At least when he faced Xiao Lingyang, he had a lot of confidence.

He didn't have any parents in his last life, and even after his death, Master has no relatives and no reason. Now he has to deal with his relationship with Xiaoyi, which is a bit new.

Seeing his negative attitude, Xiao Lingyang twitched his eyes and almost made a case.

Lin Shu slowly swallowed the jade hanging on his neck and put it on the table.

The moment Xiao Lingyang saw the little jade cock, he was completely silent.

Lin Shu was gleeful.

He thought that Xiao Lingyang's mood at the moment may be almost the same as when he knew the marriage contract.

"You ..." Xiao Lingyang eased from the silence and breathed quickly: "You!"

Lin Shu: "Me?" "How are you possible!" Xiao Lingyang could not say: "You ... have no power or potential! Xian has not repaired it! Even if there is a marriage contract, it is just a little white face!"

Lin Shu thought about it, it seems that is the truth.

He thought about it again, and said, "Compared with Miss, no one has power or power."

Including you, Xiao Yan.

Ling Fengxiao is discussing the matter with Tu Longwei, but you can come here for nothing, don't you think there is something wrong.

Xiaoxiong, like the oldest church owner who heard "You're right," was choked hard.

He snorted from his nose and repeated: "Little white face!"

Lin Shu did not hesitate to him, and continued reading, very peaceful. After all, he is now a famous hamster.

Chapter 48: Economic Strategy

I saw Xiao Lingyang seeing that he had no response, and asked for a big boring, very annoying, looking around in the room, trying to pick.

However, looking at this bamboo house will only make His Highness more irritable.

The reason is without him. The calligraphy and paintings hanging on the walls are the collections of the Phoenix Villa. The vines and creepers creeping on the walls and the roof, and the incense burners placed in the corners of the room. What Lin Linshu, who has such a mundane background, can have, is the writing of the young lady.

Xiao Lingyang looked around, his attitude was even worse, and asked, "Are you going to the Magic Mountain together?"

Lin Shu: "Yes."

Xiao Lingyang shouted, "How can this be true!" Lin Shu felt strange.
In the past, Xiao Lingyang did not know that he was the fiance of the young lady, and thought that Ling Fengxiao was about to embark on a no- return path to raising Xiaobai's face. But now, he puts out that piece of jade badge, Xiao Lingyang really recognizes it, why is he still in this attitude.

Xiao Lingyang dragged the fairy vine, rubbed it fiercely, and said to Lin Shu: "I warn you, if you profess to be Ling Fengxiao's fiance, bully her, or do something that makes her unhappy, I will never decide Spare you! "

This naturally does not. Bullying Ling Fengxiao?

What kind of dog gall can do such a thing? Lin Shudao said: "No."
"It's better not!" Xiao Lingyang exhaled through his nostrils. "Huh, man!" Lin Shu: "..."
Xiao Lingyang is obviously a younger brother who cares for her sister, but how can she be extremely bad when facing Ling Fengxiao? It seems that he has a bad temper no matter who he is.

Wanting to understand this, Lin Shu was even more calm.

No matter how Xiao Lingyang jumped his feet, he didn't get any response here in Lin Shu. It was really boring. He made a splash and finally decided to leave: "I'm gone, so please do it for yourself!"

Lin Shu looked at his annoying look, and felt that the young lady had to study hard, study martial arts, and deal with various affairs. It was really hard work to discipline such a black-eyed brother.

The ancient book said that "in his position and seek government", Lin Shu now has to fulfill his obligation to share the concerns of the owners.

He typed an abbreviation and calmly said, "Since you love Miss, why don't you study hard and make her less angry."

Xiao Lingyang, like a cat with a tail on his tail, almost bounced off and said, "You let me die!"

After all, he went away angrily.

A few dark shadows turned around in the bamboo forest, and also followed him away-it was Tu Longwei who was ordered to protect His Highness by Ling Fengxiao. Lin Shu continued to read the book in peace and saw that he was a bit tired. Yu Guang saw Xiao Lingyang staying on the table for seven days. Study.

Except for some inappropriate words, it's smooth. First Malignant Condition: Cruelty by Nature.
It details the fact that Ling Fengxiao had applied for the carcasses of several pigs in the ice cellar in order to practise knives in the past.

Then, Xiao Lingyang made a note with a huge scarlet letter: Ling Fengxiao regarded his life as a mustard, peeling and deboning, such as chopping melon and chopping vegetables, showing that it is sinister. Today ’s pig, I do n’t know if it ’s you. If you are obsessed, the ice cellar at Phoenix Villas is the place where you will be buried in Japan.

Lin Shu: "..."

To be honest, when he was practicing sword, he had chopped pork for a few days. Ling Fengxiao practiced the knife in the normal way, which had no causal relationship with the ice cellar he would bury in Japan in the future.

He turned down, the second evil: cold-blooded and ruthless.

The previous evil is no longer true, and this evil is even more ridiculous— Xiao Lingyang complained that Ling Fengxiao lived in Phoenix Villa and it was hard to see this person return to the palace once except for the birthday of his father and mother.

Then there is the same huge batch of scarlet letters: thousands of miles away from the palace, no thought, cold blood, ruthless, can be seen. I am the younger brother of this person, and still so, how about a little white face? Yesterday I was the one who came to Japan, and today I greeted you with warmth, and the next day must be abandoned in the end.

Lin Shu was going to be teased by him. Xiao Lingyang is also really interesting.

He was about to turn down again, and wanted to see what flowers Xiao Lingyang could criticize Ling Fengxiao could write, and there was a footstep outside the door. It was the young lady who came back.

Before approaching, the young lady asked: "Xiao Lingyang came to you?" Lin Shu: "Yes."
It can be seen that Tu Longwei is the eyeliner of the young lady, and Xiao Lingyang's whereabouts cannot hide the young lady.

Ling Fengxiao looked at him: "He bullied you?" Lin Shu: "No fruit."
The young lady smiled: "That's good, when I'm free, I will teach him immediately."

Later, Ling Fengxiao walked to his side, and at a glance he saw the "Twelve Evil Books of Pain Chen Lingfeng Xiao".

Ling Fengxiao picked it up from the table and started looking. Lin Shu touched his nose.
Xiaoyao, think of myself.

Ling Fengxiao turned over extremely quickly, brushing it roughly, and said coldly, "nonsense."

Look at Lin Shu again: "Xiao Lingyang is bullshit, you can't believe it." Lin Shu obediently: "I don't believe it."
Ling Fengxiao was satisfied with his answer-but still confiscated the things. In fact, Lin Shu kind of wanted to finish watching.

After confiscating the extra-curricular readings, the young lady said, "Tulongwei has arrested a spy of Beixia and is thinking about the interrogation. Do you want to see?

Lin Shu tilted his head.

The young lady did n’t solicit the opinions of others. Lin Shu thought of these days. Except that yesterday, she was angry with the young lady because of the cylinder. She did n’t see each other during the day and stayed together at other times. Although the words are "Do you want to see them?", It is actually "You accompany me to see them."

He said, "OK."

There was a smile in the young lady's eyes.

The thought cave is in Hexutian, a cave behind the Xingxing Waterfall. There is probably no place like a dungeon in the Xuegong, and it can only be interrogated at the thought cave.

Ling Baochen and Ling Baoqing waited outside the cave. When they saw both of them, they called out "Miss" and followed them in.

After entering, Lin Shu knew that the hole was different from his imagination. It was not narrow and dark, but had no space. It was artificially expanded out of a large space. It was illuminated by long bright lights and the stone walls of the cave were polished. I thought about it.

Because it is behind the waterfall, the cave is inevitably wet. When walking up the stairs, Ling Fengxiao held Lin Shu's wrist across a layer of clothing.

Lin Shu jumped reflexively in his heart, and then tried to calm down. He understood that the young lady's move was completely out of his own intention to avoid slipping, but he was just held loosely and slowly adjusted. Nothing along the way. After this easy-to-fall section, I suddenly said softly, "You might as well gain weight."

The sound is rendered by the cave's stone walls, and gentle water drips out.

Lin Shu consciously had grown a bit more and taller than when he first came to the palace, but the young lady didn't seem to be satisfied.

The young lady also said, "I heard that eating in the mortal world is more supportive. When we return from the magical mountain, we will live more in the mortal world."

Lin Shu was planning what to do during the holidays the other day, and now he does n’t even have to worry about it, he feels very relaxed.

He responded, and the two stopped talking, only Ling Baochen gave a stuttering laugh and was beaten by Ling Baoqing.

After walking for a while, Ling Baochen suddenly said, "Will Xie Zishe be here?"

Ling Baoqing said: "Maybe." The young lady didn't speak.
After another turn, a stone chamber appeared in front of him.

The two Tu Longwei stood at the door and saw Ling Fengxiao come over and said, "His Royal Highness."

Ling Fengxiao walked in with Lin Shu.

There are several Tu Longwei in the stone room, several real people and gentlemen in each hospital.

On the side of a young woman, the sound turned and turned.

She is wearing a Confucian Taoist disciple's uniform, tall and tall, with a solitary height like Lan Rumei between her brows. Ling Baochen said gently in Lin Shu's ear: "She's Xie Zishe, is the master sister of Confucianism."

Because of this introduction, Lin Shu looked at Xie Zishe more, but saw that Xie Zishe was also looking at him, and then looked down—Lin Shu always felt that she was looking at her own lady hand.

After a moment, she turned her eyes to Ling Fengxiao and said, "You are here."

The young lady nodded her head slightly, took Lin Shu forward, passed her, and then let go.

Da Guo Shi Dao: "His Royal Highness, please see this person."

Lin Shu looked up and looked forward. He was previously blocked by the figure. Only then did he see that in the shadow of the cave, a chain was pierced through the stone wall, and a young disciple with loose hair was bound.

Xie Zi said: "Tu Longwei also found in Liulitian that several disciples held Beixia things. They were all disciples of Confucianism and Taoism. These disciples were innocent of what they did and what they did. They all joined the Tangtang Poetry Society. ', Chanting in the Poetry Society and giving gifts to each other, it is a common practice, the Beixia witches found are all gifted to the poets of the same society. He was born in the northern and southern borders, his parents died, no relatives, no reason, nor suspicious."

Ling Fengxiao looked at the leader of Tulongwei next to the man and asked, "What have you asked?"

"Ashamed of his subordinates," said the leader, "even if he burned the soul, this man did not reveal a word."

Lin Shu observed the disciple, only to see that he was half-hung eyes, his face was extremely faint, his face pale, and although he had no obvious injuries on his body, he was half-dead. The torture on the soul was more than the punishment on his body. Hundred times more pain. Ling Fengxiao said: "Continue."

Tu Longwei said a "yes", and then his five fingers became claws, which were buckled on the disciple's heavenly cover.

The disciple was tense, shivering, his eyes closed, and a painful snoring sound in his throat.

Lin Shu realized that Ling Fengxiao was watching herself. He looked back.
The young lady took a step and got closer to him.

He Yuguang felt that there was a glance, and he turned around and saw that it was Xie Zishe.

——In the past, people have seen more with all kinds of eyes. He is always sensitive to the sight of others.

With relative eyes, Xie Zishe calmly moved away and turned to the disciples who were being questioned.

Tu Longwei said sharply, "Not yet!"

The disciple shivered even more when he heard his words, and hissed, "... let me die! Let me die!"

Tu Longwei said: "From the actual explanation, you can suffer less, let alone die."

The disciple's soul was burned, and it was still painful, but he laughed intermittently, making people creepy: "You ... even torture me ... for a hundred days, I also ... .. can't say! "

Tu Longwei's brows frowned, and his hands exerted strength. The disciple's voice of pain suddenly rose, it was really unbearable.

Ling Fengxiao said, "Stop." Tu Longwei obeyed and let go.

The disciple was sweating and dying and panting.

Ling Fengxiao stepped forward, but cut the man's shirt with the tip of a knife, cut a one-foot-long opening, and then opened the clothes.

At this moment, even Lin Shu could see Ling Fengxiao's intention, and under the clothing, the disciple came out two inches below the ribs, and had a thumb-sized, strangely shaped black mark.

"True mantra," Ling Fengxiao said, "On top of the soul, the man who casts the curse wants him to say something, even if he wants to speak, he can't say anything, just like dumb."

Tu Longwei said: "I have never seen such a spell."

"The evil spell of Beixia has long been lost, and it has reappeared." Ling Fengxiao said.

Tu Longwei asked: "Are there any solutions?"

The disciple took a few breaths, smiled at the corner of his mouth, and raised his eyes to look at Ling Fengxiao.

Ling Fengxiao: "No solution, kill." Tu Longwei said, "Yes!"
She was about to start a knife and fell, but the young lady changed her mouth and said, "Let me go and kill."

He also said: "With the mantra, there is a guide behind the North Witch, sending ten people to the man's hometown to check, and the rest to stay in the palace."

Tu Longwei took the lead naturally. In a silence, Xie Zi said: "You have really seen something extraordinary, and you really admire it."

Ling Fengxiao only returned her two words: "Well praise." Having said that, re-lead Lin Shu, and walked out of his thoughts.
Out of Xingxing Waterfall, came to Xingluo Lake, Qionglin still fell like flowers.

Ling Fengxiao began to speak, with a slight apology in her voice: "I thought they had finished the trial, and only consultations were left before I brought you. Now it stains your eyes."

——It turned out that the young lady walked so fast for the sake of his eyes.

Lin Shu shook his head: "It's all right." Although this scene is a bit ugly, it is acceptable.
Lin Shu has no interest in South Xia and North Xia things, and has no curiosity. Today, he should just see the world by the way.

But listening to Ling Baoqing said: "Girl Xie is really unusual for Miss."

Ling Baochen said: "I told you this already, you don't believe it-Xie Zishe's girl is definitely different from other girls. Didn't you hear her remarks?"

"I've heard it. She has refused countless men to court, saying that men in the world can't bear to see, only a few women can see it."

Ling Baochen laughed: "But you don't know the latter sentence. She said that she has read countless people in this life, and she admires the character of Miss Ling's killing and decisively."

The young lady said coldly, "Tell her what to do." "Among the best women in the world, the girl Xie can be regarded as one after all." Ling Baochen said, "She is said to have made the revolutionary book" Three Sketches ". Not only do you great masters, but even your majesty once said that she has a talent for domination, I also admire it.
She is nothing more than her 'admiration' for Miss. "

"I remembered it," Ling Baoqing said with a soft "ah" and said: "It is rumored that she only confessed that only her own experience in the world can match the young lady Ling Yunzhi, and the rest are far behind."

"You can't do anything about it in the air," the young lady said indifferently. "The prefectures and prefectures have been accumulating evil for a long time, and they are entangled with the Xiandao martial arts. She has a beautiful speech, but it can't be implemented. Not to mention ..."

Lin Shu felt that the young lady had jealousy again.

Listening to Ling Baochen's words, the girl Xie Zishe was really talented, but the young lady had to talk about her in the air.

As I thought about it, a piece of Qiong Yu fell from the branches, and fell on his hair.

I was going to pluck, but I saw Ling Fengxiao reaching out and gently plucking the piece of flower feathers. I still didn't take my eyes off, looked at myself, and continued what I hadn't said before: "What's more ... if I like it How can she let her bother with economic affairs alone? "

Lin Shu blinked, always feeling that the words of the young lady meant something.

Ling Baochen laughed: "Miss, you are so good, if I like women, I'm afraid I also like you!"

Let's stop, look at Lin Shu again and drag him in: "Xiao Linshu, do you mean?"

Lin Shu naturally couldn't say no, saying: "Very well." As soon as the words came out, the young lady suddenly stared at him, then thoughtfully.

"You have no memory of the past, naturally you don't know ..." The young lady frowned, "Do you like women?"

Lin Shu didn't know where the young lady came from, but naturally he couldn't like men, so he said, "Should be."

Chapter 49: No object

After he said this, the young lady frowned slightly.

Lin Shu consciously reflected on whether he had said something wrong. He didn't think so.
Fortunately, after a brief frown, slowly spreading again, Ling Fengxiao restored her normal expression, and said, "You have been isolated from the world since childhood, you don't know the world's feelings ... It's okay."

Lin Shu: "Huh?"

I saw the young lady take a deep look at him and said, "Go back."

Due to the accident at Xuegong, most of the disciples had to stay in the bamboo house, and on the way from Hexutian back to Biyutian, there were very few people, and they were full of chill in late autumn.

In the cold and lonely, Ling Baochen probably saw that the atmosphere was too deserted, and said, "Although no one is walking now, the martial arts field is lively."

The young lady returned to her: "Confucianism and Taoism come to Yanwu to make trouble again?"

Ling Baochen said: "Exactly, they were ordered to stay in the bamboo house and couldn't argue in person. They had to enter the martial arts with a brain. Mr. Meng's heart was soft and he put them in. Right now, Xie Zishe's main battle is Ping Runing. One faction is at a quarrel, and the martial arts field is almost chaotic. "

The young lady said: "Xie Zi was involved in the division of Cheng Zhongxiang, and Ping Runing was in the division of Cheng Qugong. Ling Baoqing said: "I'd rather defeat-I also decide not to see the court and seek peace."

Ling Fengxiao said faintly: "Once the mountain guardians soar, Nanxia will be alone and alone, and it will be difficult to make peace."

Ling Baochen sighed and stopped talking.

Listening to what they said, Nanxia was indeed a stormy time at this moment-there are still "mountain guards" sitting in the town. Once the guardians soar, the situation will be even worse.

Lin Shu doesn't know what to say about this. Although he is isolated on the edge of the crowd in modern times, he can be considered to have grown up in a peaceful era. He has no personal feelings about this scene.

Ling Baoqing said: "So what?"

Ling Fengxiao said: "One day at the villa, you can learn martial arts with peace of mind."

Lin Shuwen's words were a little uneasy. If there would be troubled times, he wouldn't repair himself, after all, it would make people feel guilty.

Although the young lady said that he did not need to care about the meridian, Ling Fengxiao would not be by his side from time to time, like a living dead in the library-if Ling Fengxiao was not rescued in time, is there any forest in the world? It is open to question.

Therefore, the Magic Mountain must go, even if the cheats of the meridians are not changed, try to find a way to protect yourself.

I was thinking that when I got to the stairs again, after the rain, a layer of moss grew on the stone stairs, which was very slippery. Ling Fengxiao took his wrist again, and went up the stairs himself first, then waited for Lin Shu to come up.

With this move, Lin Shu naturally did not have any risk of slipping, but felt nothing at all. The young lady took good care of herself.

Remembering that he had just arrived at the Shangling Academy, Ling Fengxiao took him to Jasper Sky, leading the way far away, regardless of whether he could keep up, and it seemed to be a matter of his life.

Really impermanent.

After returning to Jasper Sky, Ling Fengxiao said that there was a fantasy in the dangling mountain, which was the most difficult one, and there was a solitary copy of all kinds of fantasy in the room, which he wanted to show him.

Ling Baochen and Ling Baoqing gave each other a smile and said goodbye, leaving only Lin Shu alone to be taken to counseling homework.

Usually Lin Fengxiao came to his room, Miss Shu's boudoir, Lin Shu had never entered.

After walking through the peony clusters with flowers, came to the door, Ling Fengxiao pushed the door, let Lin Shu advanced.

——Everyone's house is obviously the same in appearance, but inside it is self-contained. It is not something Lin Shu can imagine out of nothing.

I saw four walls shining brightly, facing the doorway, hanging a hundred birds and phoenixes, dotted with many pearls. On the west wall, there are fairy grasses like waterfalls, and on the east side, there are many colorful treasures. In the room The tables, chairs and other furnishings are elegant and luxurious. Needless to say, the small door connecting the bedroom has disposed a red screen, and the high bed soft veil can be seen faintly. The entire room is full of rich atmosphere, and the rough room of Lin Shu is large Different.

The white smoke in the incense burner, the aroma of the room is floating. If it is blue incense, it is too faint. It is sandalwood, and it is not as dense and heavy. . After he walked in, Ling Fengxiao came in, but it was a little unnatural: "The house that Baochen turned into, I don't like it."

Lin Shudao said: "It's beautiful."

A beautiful girl like Miss, no matter what her temper, should live in such a beautiful house.

"You like it?" Said the young lady. "Your room is really too plain." Lin Shu: "No need."
The girls were cleaned up by Baochen in the room. It was very good. They were more beautiful, and they might have violated the instructions of Shimen and tried to get the old man out of the coffin.

The young lady smiled slightly and said nothing else. She came to the door and said, "Come in."

Lin Shu was a little bit stingy. First time into a girl's bedroom.
In the bedroom of the young lady, there is a bookcase. There is a desk in front of the bookcase. On the opposite side is a large bronze mirror. Next to the bronze mirror is a slightly smaller multi-shelf.

Ling Fengxiao first sat down in front of the mirror and removed a wooden box from the shelf.

Lin Shujing watched the young lady make up.

Scarlet rouge touched her lips and spread them lightly.

But the man in the mirror was wearing a red suit, his hair was like black ink, his eyes were bright and bright, and Gu Pansheng was shining.

Lin Shu said he had never seen such a beautiful girl. The book says that beauty is not a square, but that's it.

The young lady saw him in the mirror and looked at herself. She paused and painted her hand, smiling, "You come."

His smile was so bad that Lin Shu was vigilant.

He approached vigilantly, leaning down slightly, and the slight nib in Ling Fengxiao's hand gently clicked under his eyes.

Finely dipped in eyebrow ink, at this point, a small mole was spotted under the eyes.

Ling Fengxiao motioned to Lin Shu to look in the mirror, and said, "This time, there will be some fireworks on your face."

Lin Shu took a closer look at himself in the mirror, except that there was a black spot underneath, and he didn't see any difference.

After looking at his face, Ling Fengxiao looked at himself again, and put away the rouge gouache and the like, and said, "I have to go out to see someone today, otherwise I won't paint."

After all, go to the bookshelf to pick up the book, and said gently halfway: "I sometimes also think that the skin is just beauty or ugliness, male or female, but it doesn't matter."

Lin Shu pretended to agree, but he did not agree.

Although there is nothing wrong with this statement, only the young lady like this has the confidence to have a good skin.

After taking the book that described the illusion in the ancient times, Ling Fengxiao told him again in the matter, before Lin Shu went back.

He read the book through in his own room and felt it was understandable. Then he took out the jade charm and went into a dream to plan to practice swords. As usual, Mr. Meng stood in the wind in the small pavilion on the mountain. When he saw him, he turned and smiled and said, "Taoyou, I haven't seen you for a long time."

Lin Shudao: "It's been a long time."

"Xuegong is in an eventful season, and I am afraid that it will not start classes in the near future. Taoists may wish to come to more dreams."

Lin Shudao: "Okay."

Mr. Meng stopped talking and stood quietly in the pavilion.

Lin Shu met the Great Master several times these days, and then looked at Mr. Meng at this time to confirm that the gods of the two of them were not delusions.

He couldn't help but glance more.

Mr. Meng laughed and said, "Daoyou, why do you look at me?"

Although he knew he was not a real person, Lin Shu still felt a little embarrassed and took out his sword in a regular manner, intending to practice basic sword skills.

Suddenly, seeing Mr. Meng looking at him, his eyes were light and distant, and he said softly, "Taoyou, I am the body of Shuiyue Jinghua, all kinds of dreams, have come here and forget it."

Lin Shu said "um".

There must be many people in the Xuegong who have seen the Great Guru, and they must have noticed the similarities between the Great Guru and Mr. Meng. Mr. Meng must have been asked a lot, so he knew why he looked at his appearance and made a statement. Let him not be curious about this.

As Mr. Meng said so, he no longer wanted to concentrate on practicing swords. After training, Mr. Meng said: "Dao, you have to go to Magic Mountain, you must know the situation of Magic Mountain."

Lin Shu stepped forward, and Mr. Meng sat down at the stone table in the pavilion, and flicked his right hand on the stone table, and a faint shadow of a fairy mountain appeared on the table.

"Xiang Dangshan is the place where Ye Di lived in the past. There are countless treasures in the floating heaven fairy palace. Anyone who can climb the Tongtian Road of the Xuandang Mountain will gain something. It ’s extraordinary. ”Mr. Meng whispered the situation of the Magic Mountain, and moved his finger to the bottom of the mountain:“ Here is the sky gate, there is an air barrier, only those with tokens can enter. ”

Later, Mr. Meng moved his finger up and said, "When you enter the Heavenly Gate, there are ninety-nine Taoist steps, and there is a flow of air, which needs to be repaired by yourself. There are many mysterious things that you have visited before. know."

Lin Shu felt a slight suffocation.

He didn't cultivate it to be able to compete with it-but after thinking about it, since the young lady had asked him to go to Magic Mountain, there must be a solution.

The unreliable person in the world has its own chain, and the young lady has never been related to the unreliable word, so he need not worry.

Mr. Meng continued: "After passing through the Heavenly Order, it is through the test of cultivation. Up the mountain road, the roadside is full of illusions of thousands of things. Be sure to keep your mind. When you see the road monument halfway up the mountain, you will go to the" Manzhang Mijin " , In the midst of mystery, there are many illusions and it is extremely difficult to get out. Most of the disciples can't go forward here. "

Fantasy. In his last life, Lin Shu only heard of his name and had never seen it. It was about a virtual holographic world similar to Shangling Dreamland.

"Although I can't go forward, the illusions sharpen the mind, which is extremely helpful to Xiu, and it doesn't count as returning empty-handed. And if Taoist friends can get out of the puzzle and go up, they will be exquisite, test their mind, and pass this barrier. , You can climb to the top of the mountain. The mountain keepers live in the floating heavenly palace on the mountain all the year round. Due to the rules and the matter of the fairy palace, I can't explain everything.

Lin Shudao: "Thank you very much, Mr."

"No need," Mr. Meng laughed. "Taoyou, you only need to remember the characters" Dangdang then Duan "and" Lost in the way ", and this trip is all right. You don't have to miss the palace while you are on the way, there is nothing to do When you do, you can also return to your dreams through the jade card. "

Lin Shu nodded.

After this day, his life returned to tranquility, eating, practicing and sword daily. Ling Fengxiao sent Tu Longwei to stay in the garden, but he was a horrible ghost. He only asked him to eat every day or went to bed to act as a heater. Lin Shu did not ask what the young lady was doing recently, and Ling Fengxiao did not contact him. He said that after just three days like this, it was time to go to Magic Mountain.

Yue Ruohe and Yue Ruoyun took the places assigned to Rumengtang, and they were also going. The two of them were looking forward to the latest flying boat developed by the Academy, and got up early in the atrium to set off.

Lin Shu waited for the young lady in the room.

Last night, the light in Miss's room kept off. It seemed that there was no one in the room, which made him a little disturbed. When Chen arrived, the young lady did not wait, but waited for Ling Baochen.

She said, "Xiao Linshu, Ms. Xiao was rushed back to the capital last night with a piece of paper, and she couldn't get away. This time, she couldn't go to the Magic Mountain."


Can't Miss go?

He wants to go alone?

Lin Shu lost his owner's leadership and suddenly panicked.

Chapter 50: Wonderland again

No, not just a little panic, he was panic.

But Ling Baochen immediately said: "Miss Miss hastened in a hurry and had time to leave with you face to face. I want to tell you that he has arranged it, just rest assured."

Lin Shu was a little less panicked.

He found that he had become accustomed to the arranged life and became more and more unmotivated.

Just then, Liulitian in the distance had a huge milky white shuttle. "Fei Zhou!" Yue Ruoyun shouted.
"A boat is something floating on the water. Once it is flying, it cannot be called a 'boat'. The name of the academy is problematic." Yue Ruohe said.

"A boat is a shape, and it does not depend on water or land." Yue Ruoyun retorted.

"This isn't right--" Yue Ruohe shook his head and shook his head, waiting to raise the bar, Yue Ruoyun hit him: "Not yet!"

Yu Ruohe succumbed to the beating of his sister, and had to temporarily lower the bar and not lift it, and said to Lin Shu: "Brother Lin, let's go!"

"You go first," Ling Baochen said, "Baoqing and I will go with the rest of the sisters and sisters in the village, not on the flying boat."

Lin Shudao: "Farewell."

Ling Baochen said: "Farewell to Magic Mountain." Yue Ruoyun was very curious about Feizhou, jumped to the front, and came to the open space on the highest peak of Jasper Sky.

According to Lin Shu's piecemeal understanding of the two siblings, it is known that Yue Ruohe should have scored in the top 30 himself, but Yue Ruoyun's martial arts have not yet arrived at home, using the dynasty's quota for Ru Mengtang.

More than twenty people have gathered in the open space, looking at the costumes, all schools have, and their weapons are very different.

"Xiao Shao didn't come, which one would be Cangyu?" Yue Ruoyun whispered.

"It depends on who is the most diligent in cultivation," said Yue Ruohe, looking around in the crowd and saying, "I'll take a closer look today, which teacher is the fairy of bamboo."

In the crowd, the rest of the older brothers whispered, "Are all people here? I don't think these girls seem to be sisters and sisters!"

Lin Shu looked around in the crowd, especially the girls.

There are young girls dressed in sword costumes of the South China Sea, female disciples in the uniforms of Xiandaoyuan, and mysterious girls in purple clothes with veils, each with its own advantages.

The folding bamboo in everyone's mind may be created between them.

Yue Ruoyun said, "How do you become a sundial and fold a bamboo fairy!"

Yue Ruohe said: "If you can draw a tie with Xiao Shao, I will remember you every day, but you can't beat it."

Yue Ruoyun: "Can you have a draw with Xiao Shao?"

Yue Ruohe: "Nature can't, so I just remember to fold the bamboo fairy. If I could, I would have already contracted with her." The distant flying boat came slowly towards this side, and then landed firmly on the open ground.

I saw that it was milky white, I don't know what material it was made of, and the shape was completely a sea boat.

The academy disciples wearing red stripes on white background lowered the stairs, and they rushed in.

Behind the deck is the cabin, where you can choose your own room, enough for more than 30 people.

Lin Shu and Yue's two siblings lived in three rooms next to each other, with only one bed and one table, barely able to cope with life.

He didn't expect that even in the ancient world, he could still take a manned aircraft-but this aircraft used mechanical techniques. Walk with imperial qi, because it is too heavy, and the speed is not fast. It is about the same as Zhaoye. After three days and two nights, it can fly to the boundary of the magical mountain.

As Feizhou went to the Magic Mountain and the Kunshan Jun and Fenglei Reality, who were responsible for protecting the disciples on the road, they were all repaired by Yuan Ying.

All the others went together, the invisible air machine swelled on the flying boat, the ship trembled a few times, and slowly left the top of the mountain.

I saw the scenery passing by slowly, Feizhou left Biyutian, drove towards Hexutian low, and then continued forward, flying over the mountain gate, trying to leave the upper mausoleum boundary.

At this time, Lin Shu saw that the gate of Xuegong was still writing on the back.

When the disciples went up the mountain, they saw "in the hundred years of the immortal career, the rivers and lakes were in sight", and they were "drunk and fell to the tomb". When they were going down, there was a pair of "flowers blooming and falling, flowers blooming and blooming" on the opposite side of the mountain gate. , The handwriting is misty and beautiful, full of dust, and horizontally "reentered fairyland".

When the disciples entered the palace from the world, they did enter the fairyland, but at the moment they went down the mountain, but they said they were "into the fairyland again".

In the next three days, Lin Shu spent all of it on the ship, and read the ancient books related to the illusion many times-although whether or not he could pass the first ninety-nine level Tongtianjie is still a pending case.

As soon as it entered the imaginary mountain boundary, even Lin Shu could feel that the surrounding flowers and trees flourished like spring days, and the aura was strong and brisk.

However, Feizhou did not go directly to the gate of the Magic Mountain, but fell on a flat ground where the mountain could be seen far away.

A few pavilions and an inn were built in front of Yishan.

The plaque on the inn read "Xianxiang Inn", and there were people walking around.

"This is the Xianxiang Inn, specially designed for the Xiandao people who come to understand the true meaning of the heaven under the magical mountain. I will rest in the inn for a while, and after two hours the Tianmen opens, I will enter the mountain." Fenglei Zhendao said.

The disciples said "yes" and walked into the inn.

The lobby is spacious and bright, and many people are seated in it. It looks like young disciples, and it is about going to the magical mountain.

Lin Shu and Yue Ruoyun Yue Ruohe sat at a table, and some children in smoke and blue clothes stepped forward and put the fruits and asked, "Do you want wine?" Yue Ruohe looked at Kunshan Jun and Feng Lei, who were separated by several seats, and said in a small voice: "A pot, let us see it live."

The child smiled slyly: "Nature."

Yue Ruoyun said, "Well, you are more like a crane, and you have to drink secretly."

Yue Ruohe said: "These words are bad," Drunken into Taoyuan "at Xiandangshan Xiangxiang Inn is a good wine full of immortals, but my brother just wants to identify whether it is worthy of the name."

Yue Ruoyun: "Well."

Lin Shu quietly watched the two of them joking, and found it very interesting.

As he said, the boy brought a teapot and placed it on their table: "Dao, yours."

Yue Ruohe: "On the road."

The boy smiled and transferred to other tables for tea, but it was unknown whether the teapot was wine or wine.

Yue Ruohe poured a glass for everyone: "This is sweet wine, not intoxicating."

Yue Ruoyun took a sip of doubt and said, "It's really delicious."

Lin Shu looked at the orange-yellow wine in the wine glass, lingering a sweet air, thinking about it.

The rule of his teacher is not to drink excessively, which means that he can drink.

So he took the cup and took a sip of light, it was clear and sweet, only a little bit of wine. Yue Ruohe began to talk: "This 'drunk into Taoyuan' is said to have been brewed by the owner of Xianxiang Inn, and the peach blossom was used in March. Many winemakers have asked the boss for winemaking techniques and recipes. Not as expected.

As Lin Shu listened to him, he planned to take another sip.

I just put my hand on the wine glass, but I haven't picked it up yet, but I was gently pressed by the edge of a dark metal scabbard and couldn't pick it up.

Lin Shu looked up blankly.

In the aisle, the side of the table didn't know when to stand alone—a very young man, snow-white, covered with a red gauze. When he saw him, he chuckled his lips and said, "Drink privately, think about punishment."

Lin Shu: "..." Who is this
I saw this man withdrawing the scabbard and sitting opposite to Lin Shu, sitting calmly, with a bit of unruly smile in the corner of his eyes, and the endless beauty.

Yue Ruoyun: "Well, you ..."

Lin Shu knew what Yue Ruoyun was doing, because he had no reason. The man in front of him, between his eyebrows and eyebrows, was similar to Ling Fengxiao.

"Under the skies." That humane.

Yue Ruoyun said suddenly, "That's the case." Lin Shu looked at him: "?"
The man also looked over, as if knowing his confusion, saying, "Ling Fengxiao is my cousin." Lin Shu: "... Oh." It's cousin.
The rules of Fenghuang Shanzhuang are to keep the girl and not the man, if the daughter is to go to the villa, the son will be placed outside the other school-most of them follow the father.

Yue Ruohe said: "Brother Ling, Jiu Yang." Ling Xiao said: "Brother Yue, Jiu Yang."
He said, stretched out his hand and took the wine in front of Lin Shu and put it in front of himself, smiling with a smile: "My sister Xiao told me to take care of you in Huan Dang Shan, and said that you are weak and you need to pay more attention to your diet- As soon as I saw him, but I saw you drinking here, what should I do? "

Lin Shu: "..." Fine.
He was adopted by Ling Fengxiao to others.
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