The #1 Pretty Boy of the Immortal Path Chapter 131-140

Chapter 131: baby

Lin Shu gave himself up: "You eat." Xiao Shao: "Do not eat."
Lin Shu: "What to do then."

Xiao Shao picked him up, and the two leaned against the bed. Lin Shu looked at Xiao Shao.
As the looks were too similar, he almost had the illusion that it was the young lady who was holding himself at this time.

No, it was originally that these two were simply one person. Xiao Shao kissed his lips.
Lin Shu had no place to focus, and could only climb Xiao Shao's shoulders.

Xiao Shao asked, "Do you like me?" Lin Shu didn't speak.
Xiao Shao asked, "Don't you like me?" Lin Shu shook his head.
Xiao Shao said: "You like it."

Lin Shu looked up at him, and met his gaze, and the gentle affection in his gaze.

He wanted to cry again. No one treats him like this, and he never thought that someone would treat himself this way.

Last life, this life.

Xiao Shao said: "You will always be with me in the future."

His tone was very bland. It wasn't negotiation, it seemed to inform.

"Go to the battlefield, be defeated or defeated ... all with me," Xiao Shao said gently, "find a beautiful place in the future, and live in seclusion, soaring, soaring together, not soaring. Together. If you wish, ask for the next life when you are reincarnated. "

He said, tightening Lin Shu, like a dragonfly, a light kiss fell on his hair and cheek: "I don't bully you, good to you."

After saying this, he froze: "How did you cry?"

Lin Shu reached out his hand and touched his cheek, touching warm tears. He choked his throat and buried his face in Xiao Shao's chest.
Xiao Shao patted his back: "Good, don't cry."

After that, he asked, "Have you ever been bullied when you were a kid? Was Li Yamao? I went back to pack him."

Lin Shu shook his head: "Not Li Yamao." Xiao Shao: "Who is it?"
Just this sentence, let Lin Shu almost collapse. He couldn't stop crying, sulking: "Bully me ..."
"No," Xiao Shao said, "only I can bully you in the future." Lin Shu: "?????" Then I heard Xiao Shao say, "But I don't bully you, so no one in the world bullies you."

He took Lin Shu out of his arms, wiped his tears with his fingers, and said, "Be good, don't cry anymore. Shuangxiu."

Lin Shu thought about it, the old seniors were still being beaten outside. They were double-minded, Xiao Shao laughed at first, and cried out of control, which is a bit nonsense.

Xiao Shao pressed him to the bed and kissed him from the forehead. Lin Shu was soft and breathless, holding him tight.
He seemed to have lost control of his body, and could not distinguish between active and passive, and Ren Shao moved.

The familiar cold aroma could not be tangled around his nose, and it seemed to become an ubiquitous illusion, wrapping him all over and drowning.

He was like a man who had walked deep and shallow in the snow for a long time. There was a lot of snow in the sky, and his hair was frozen with ice, and his bones were cold, and he hurt every step.

——But he has always been like this, so I don't know what is cold and what is pain.

Until then, the heavy snow turned into white feathers, and the cold and severe winter passed day by day, and the flowers bloomed, and finally knew what warmth was.

It wasn't until Xiao Shao said that when he was a kid, he finally knew what was wronged.

The water silk underneath was very slippery, and the bed was soft as if it were to be trapped. Everything was comfortable, but it was still not as good as Xiao Shao's eyes. Xiao Shao turned away from his forehead.

Lin Shu raised his head and panted lightly, facing Xiao Shao's eyes, feeling that he was falling into the gentle town.

Xiao Shao's voice was a little mute, and he said, "Call your brother." Lin Shu shouted, brother.
Xiao Shao said, I don't know how to call you yet.

Lin Shu was trapped in the quilt, exhaling softly, and saying, follow you.

He felt his voice was also very dumb, with a little crying, and some kind of weak sweetness.

Xiao Shao said, do you have any words? Lin Shu shook his head.
Most of the people in Xiandao have no words, and it is the rule of Confucian Taoism to choose words.

When the students of Confucianism and Taoism Academy reach their first year, they will ask elders who are respected and honored to give their characters. When the people in Xiandao are successful, most of them will choose their own Taoist number, but they are not particular about the character.

Xiao Shao said, I'll get one for you. Lin Shu said yes.
Xiao Shao whispered in his ear, baby. baby.
Lin Shu felt that his cheeks were cold and he seemed to have shed tears, but he didn't hold back, and turned his lips up. He felt that he should be a little dazed at the moment. But if it is in front of Xiao Shao, it seems nothing.
After all, he is the baby of this person. Xiao Shao said, don't cry, I feel bad.
Lin Shu tried to restrain himself and did not cry. Xiao Shao said, obediently, don't bear it.
This person was inconsistent, and Lin Shu was so frustrated that he didn't want to cry, and even wanted to laugh a little.

Xiao Shao said, do you remember the exercises? Lin Shu nodded.
The sentences in "Same Tong Qi" are meditation in my mind.

Yes: Human beings have nothing but body. Yuan Jing Yunbu, because of Tuo Tuochu. Yin and Yang are degrees, and the soul lives. Yangshen sun soul, yin **** moon soul. The soul and soul are each other's house.

He doesn't have any spiritual power in his body right now, so it doesn't have any substantial effect, he just clears his heart. It was Xiao Shao's side, and there really was a scorching spirit.

Dry and straight, smashing the fine stream; Kun quietly and swiftly, for the road ...

There was a slight pain in the meridian, which was slight but long, like a fire burning in the meridian. It was first ignited in one place, followed by the trend of Ebara.

He closed his eyes, meditated on the exercises, and felt the burning fire in his body as if to burn the broken meridians into a clean fire-and then imagined the movement of spiritual power. Just retreat, soften to nourish. Nine return seven, eight return six living ...

When there was nothing to burn, his body was clear and clear, and the stagnation of the meridians disappeared strangely, leaving a quiet and ethereal body.

Xiao Shao asked, does it hurt? Lin Shu shook his head.
Xiao Shao said, that continues.

Originally concealed, internally shaped body. Block the exchange, build Guling strain. San Guang Lu Shen, Wen Yang Zizhu, ignore it, easy to find

The spiritual power from Xiao Shao penetrated Lin Shu's body. As if a spring weather turned rain, everything came into being.
The blood of the Phoenix family was a peerless hearth when it was first cultivated, so that the practitioners who reunited with it could regenerate Nirvana, and possess the top and most impeccable meridian roots in the world.

Lin Shu closed his eyes, and something took root in his body.

Supervisor, Ren, Chong, Belt, Yinqiao, Yangqiao, Yinwei, Yangwei, the Qijing are already connected, the eight pulses are self-contained.

He slowly breathed in and out, and incorporated the spirit of the world around him into his own use.

Big and small, smooth. Next is Jian Ge's mentality.
He began to recite Sauvignon Blanc. Halfway through the exercise, he suddenly felt the icy chills erupting from Dantian and began to spread to the whole body.

He said, Xiao Shao, I'm cold.

Xiao Shao hugged him and asked, what happened. Lin looked blankly towards the ceiling.
He said, Xiao Shao, I don't need to repair it. Xiao Shao said, what happened to you? cold.
This is cold.

He never knew it was cold until he knew what was warm.

But as soon as he knew what it was warm, he was going back to the icy snow.

Lin Shu murmured repeatedly, I was cold.

Xiao Shao said, I don't know if Shuang Xiu will be like this, I'm not afraid, it will end soon.

Lin Shu shook his head, and his body felt a sharp pain. He closed his eyes, grabbed Xiao Shao's arm, and suddenly his heart seemed boundless.

Five sounds, five colors and five flavors were peeled away from him in an instant.

The author has something to say: The source of the exercises: Eastern Han Dynasty Wei Boyang's "Same Tong Qi".

Chapter 132: Too loveless

Lin Shu coughed up blood. Xiao Shao wiped his blood off.
Lin Shu leaned forward to Xiao Shao's neck.

He could not smell the lingering cold fragrance.

No, it doesn't smell, he can smell it, he knows there's a scent here.

But he smelled this light breath, but never thought of snowy night, plum blossoms and moon.

He looked at Xiao Shao.

Still good looking facial features, but he--

He reached out and traced Xiao Shao's features.

Xiao Shao held his wrist in a hesitant tone and asked, "Baby?" Lin Shu closed his eyes.
The world was suddenly quiet.

The touching limb, wheezing suddenly ceased to exist at that moment, the ice surface shattered, and he fell into the bottom of the lake, sinking slowly, the stars and the moon in the sky became more and more blurred, and there was a long, long silence in his ears. .

There was a thin layer of sweat on the forehead, but it was gone, and it was slightly cold.

Xiao Shao was calling him with a vague voice in his ear. He tried to respond, trying to open his eyes, but couldn't open it. After struggling ineffectively, he fell into the memory of many, many years ago.

Master said, it's time for you to learn our Jiange mentality.

The master said, "Youtu, you are talented. You are a rare sight for thousands of years. Ordinary minds and swordsmanship are no longer useful. Starting today, I will practice my" Shangcai "sword school.

The master also said, "Tuer, this exercise is a forbidden thing that cannot be easily taken out even in my sword pavilion. Be careful when you practice."

He was about ten years old at that time.

It seems that from the age of eleven or twelve, he did not feel that he was being bullied.

——I didn't feel that everyone was dirty. It's just some moving bodies.
Spring, summer, autumn and winter, overcast, rainy, and snowy, with five sounds and six rhythms, all have no meaning.

He became an inconspicuous mortal step by step, gradually gradually, many things, do not care.

He is no longer grieved, uncomfortable, and does not want to die. To die or not to die, there is no big difference, then live first.
It turns out that it's all because of the exercises? This is the mind of Jiange.
This is the man in the sword court. From the beginning-that ’s it. He spent nearly 20 years in this life practicing this kind of cold and ruthless mind to the practice of crossing the robbery. Now, if he wants to get the cultivation back, he must return to this mind Go.

There cannot be a second option. This matter cannot be changed, but he did not know it before.

Master didn't tell him, or he told him, but he was too young to understand. Now he finally understood, but it was too late.
What about Xiao Shao?

How should he talk to Xiao Shao?

His mind is not under his control, and he runs frantically in his body. Frost and snow-like spiritual power has flowed through the strange veins that have just been repaired.

As the spiritual power washed away again and again, some ripples of the previous mood gradually calmed down.

When Xiu Wei recovered, he opened his eyes and met Xiao Shao's eyes. Xiao Shao looked at him and said nothing.
There was an indescribable look in his eyes. Lin Shu didn't say either.
Looking at each other like this, Xiao Shao finally said, "Your hands are so cool."

Lin Shu found out now that he and Xiao Shao had fingers crossed.

He looked at the interlocking fingers and was a little bit dreamy, but he didn't even know what was going on. He said, Xiao Shao.

Xiao Shao said, I am here.

He said that my mind is ruthless.

Xiao Shao held his hand and tightened, even holding him a little, and after a while, he slowly relaxed and said, "... It doesn't matter."

"I don't know." Lin Shu said, "I just ... just knew."

He paused, lowered his eyes, and said, "... I'm sorry."

He felt as if he was crying, but without feeling or emotion, he reached out his hand, and his cheek was wet and cold.

"Don't cry, it's okay." Xiao Shao held his face, wiped his tears with his thumb, then leaned down and touched his forehead with his forehead: "I didn't expect it."

Lin Shu shook his head: "It's not you."

He took three years of classes in the academy, and no gentleman had ever taught anything about ruthlessness.

It is just a noun. It will only be carried over when people review the history of Xiandao. There is no specific meaning, and there is no cultivation method.

The Jiange is far north, and it has been hidden for a long time. No organization or force can hear the news. No one knows the specific method of Jiange, let alone ruthlessly talks about such things.

"Tao Yuanjun is not like this," Xiao Shao said, "so I didn't expect you to be like this."

Tao Yuanjun ... isn't it? But Tao Yuanjun is also a disciple of Jiange. According to Xiao Shao, he also practices the technique of "Sauvignon Blanc" like him.

But now that things have happened, it doesn't make much sense to discuss anything.

Lin Shu looked up at Xiao Shao, and saw a little blood in his eyes. Xiao Shao said: "Let's go out first, and say later ... be good, don't cry." Lin Shu nodded.
In his limited memory, he has only watched others cry, never crying himself.

But today in front of Xiao Shao, it seemed as if he could cry at the touch, how could it not stop.

However, at the same time, he didn't know why he cried.

He looked at Xiao Shao and felt a kind of sadness beyond emotion. Xiao Shao said: "Let's get dressed."
Lin Shu nodded.

Xiao Shao took out new clothes.

When Lin Shu put it on, he saw that there was a red mark on his shoulder, which was left by Xiao Shao Fang, and it was now fading to the naked eye.

There are several places on him.

In fact, it's not very serious, just a pale red color. Xiao Shao said that he was not willing to work hard.

But at this moment, they are all disappearing. Spiritual power runs and qi and blood flow unhindered. If injured, it will heal more than ten times faster than normal fetal body.

Besides ... it's such a trace.

He looked at the traces, and although he was healing, he felt that he had lost something forever and forever.

Xiao Shao said, "I'll change clothes." Lin Shu: "... Um?"
"Look a few more eyes," Xiao Shao said, "It will be a long time before I see Xiao Shao."

Lin Shu asked: "When will Xiao Shao?" Xiao Shao said: "When there is no one." Lin Shu: "People in Nanxia or Beixia?"
Xiao Shao's lips seemed to be a secretive smile: "Perhaps."

At this moment, his clothes were casually dressed. He just put on his robe, exposed a large chest on his neckline, and good-looking muscle lines. This smile showed a little mysterious and undulating uninhibited.

Lin Shu nodded.

Xiao Shao said: "I went." He went to the stone screen.
Lin Shu got up from the bed, picked up the folding bamboo sword, and injected spiritual power into it.

As if in the next generation. Countless scenes flashed in front of his eyes, the stone bench for practicing swords in his youth, the empty and quiet hall of the sword pavilion, the heavy snow falling on pine trees in December, and even the boundless snowfields, snowfields, and fold bamboos sleeping in ice coffins.

The folding bamboo sword is originally a sword from Jiange, and naturally matches the spiritual power of Jiange.

He drew a few sword flowers. When he was a child, he wielded swords ten thousand times a day, and his memory was engraved into his bones. Even after he came to this world, he had not used the sword for three years, and he was still not rusty.

After about a quarter of an hour, Xiao Shao turned from the screen. No, it's not Xiao Shao, it's Miss.
The black hair was scattered casually, the red coat was glaring, expressionless, but stunning.

Lin Shu looked at Ling Fengxiao's face. A face very similar to Xiao Shao.
From beginning to end, the face of the young lady has a strange beauty. It does not come from the bright and beautiful features, but from some kind of upside-down feeling, as if approaching the limit of aesthetics.

Now he finally knows that this kind of beauty comes from a mix of two genders, which is different from all simple good looks.

Ling Fengxiao approached him and said, "Go out." Lin Shu: "Yes."
None of them spoke.

When I walked to the main hall, I saw fruit playing with my brother. As soon as Guo turned to see them, he leaped at Ling Fengxiao cheerfully, reaching out to hug, "You're finally wearing beautiful clothes!"

Ling Fengxiao picked up the fruit.

Fruit lingered on Ling Fengxiao, and then stunned: "No chest."

The fruit turned to Lin Shu and said, "I also want Lin Shu to wear it."

The half-sweet voice of Crisp Health was abrupt and stopped, turning into: "Lin Shu, what happened to you?"

Fruit twisted his head and reached out to touch his face: "You look so cold."

Ling Fengxiao held down Guo's hand: "Now don't make him." Fruit flattened his mouth: "Okay."
Ling Fengxiao put the fruit back on the ground and looked at the brother: "If I can go out with him, I would like to ask the seniors to take care of him.

The brother said that the brother's daughter, like my own daughter, would take good care of it.

Fruit made a grimace where the brother couldn't see.

Out of the hole, put the bronze dice, Ling Fengxiao looked at Lin Shu and asked, "How long will it take?"

Lin Shudao: "Two quarters." Ling Fengxiao said, "OK." Lin Shu meditated on a rock.
The sky of Qingming Cave is closed and has no connection with the heaven and earth. If Lin Shu wants to fully recover, he must do it here. The heaven and earth aura, like Baichuan returning to the sea, poured into his body and gathered in Dantian.

He needs a lot, a lot of aura.

It is easy to get across the robbery.

The influx of spiritual power is getting more and more crazy, and even the violent tornado is set off in this world.

This cannot be covered up.

In the distance, the old senior was beaten down again and spit out blood. The witch retracted his hand, but looked in their direction.
The voice came far away: "The two Taoists have been hiding for a long time, and finally they are willing to show up and meet next."

Ling Fengxiao drew her knife out of the sheath. With the knife of sadness, the sword was as bright as water, hunting in the wind and blood, and walking slowly, she said, "Jiuwen Zun drove his name."

Da Wu Dao: "Rewarded."

The old man on the city wall clearly saw Ling Fengxiao and recognized Ling Fengxiao.

He said, "No!"

If Ling Feng Xiao hadn't heard it, she said loudly, "Lingzhou Ling Feng Xiao, come and learn."

"Beauty comes with a sword to ask for advice. Naturally, it's not easy to shirk," Da Wu whispered, "It's just, why doesn't the friend behind you come to see me?"

Ling Fengxiao said, "If you want to see him, you must kill me first." The big witch said: "There is always mercy and cherishment underneath."

Anyway, it was a sudden rollover of the robe sleeve, violent murder, swept away!

There is no trace of "compassion and cherish the jade".

Ling Fengxiao is unavoidable, and her whole body is rising steadily, waving her sword to meet!

Lin Shu looked at the scene, closed his eyes, and sank into the meridian of Dantian.

Although he sat in the wilderness without defense, he knew that he would not be hurt by the great witch.

Perhaps it was because the person in front was Ling Fengxiao, Xiao Shao, and not anyone else.

Chapter 133: Sword and sword

Xiandao has magic.

There are two types of alchemy.

One is outside Dan, the other is inside Dan.

Waidanshu is a panacea that is made from celestial treasures in a kiln.

Inner Danshu uses itself as the furnace tripod, Dantian as the real fire, heaven and earth reiki as the elixir, and Taoism as the material to make a natural Jindan.

With 10% of Jin Dan, the spiritual power flow is endless, and the breath is 100 times higher than before. It can be regarded as a true cultivator.

At this moment, Lin Shu's body was flowing with endless heaven and earth aura.

Run, condense, compress.

His Dantian was completely released, and the river flowed into the sea. The majestic aura was originally invisible, but at this time it gradually condensed into a golden mist.

Lin Shu continued to initiate this process with his own understanding of the Tao.

Everything in the world, but in one go.

The gathering of qi brings all things together.

When all the reikis turned into mist, new changes began quietly. A drop. Two drops. Three drops. Ten drops.
Thousands of drops.

The mist of mist, drop by drop, turns into a pale golden liquid, which is filled by Dan Tian.

Lin Shu silently read the recipe and guided it with Jiange mentality. []
The mentality is like fire.

The pale golden liquid gradually closed up and became a viscous solid, and the color changed accordingly, showing dazzling red gold.

The elixir became thicker and more pure, rising slowly in the dantian, condensing into a round ball, and then Guanghua Dasheng, spinning on its own.

The Golden Dan Realm has come. Next is Yuan Ying.
Although Jin Dan contains awe-inspiring nirvana, and is full of vitality, it passes through the eight veins of the Jingjing, and Dan Tian is a tangible thing. What is tangible is everything!

Cultivation of immortality, the cultivation of the mind and the Tao, how can it be attached to the tangible things?

Lin Shu breathed slowly, letting go of the hollow god. Everything is born in one go. People are all things.

Then the thing is me, and I am the thing. So I am one with everything.
So I was a vein of air between heaven and earth. So I am heaven and earth.
The tactics in his mind did not stop, and the change in Dan Tanzhong did not stop for a moment.

The newly formed Jin Dan, solid and dazzling, turned out to be illusory. The spiritual power gradually dissipated.
From Jin Dan, it turns into a light golden liquid, and then turns into a light golden mist, and then disappears invisible, as if it never existed.

It was only in the void of Dantian that there seemed to be a man looming, and it finally dissipated completely.



Lin Shu still closed her eyes at this time, but she could see everything outside.

He seemed to be transformed into an endless void between heaven and earth. In a brief moment, he looked at everything in heaven and earth,

——This is Yuan Shen, because it is still in its infancy and is also called Yuan Ying.

Jin Dan is a thing that exists in reality, but Yuan Shen is not. It has been separated from the body and exists in heaven. Therefore, although some Xiuxian people have died physically, they still have a little chance to live by relying on Yuanshen.

Refining Yuanying also means one thing-you can communicate with Tiandao, and Tiandao recognizes you.

When Yuan Ying grows up with his cultivation, he deepens his understanding of the Dao and becomes a mature Yuan Shen completely. This person has a part of the power that can compete with the Tao, and he also puts his name there. .

This is the robbery.

After entering the robbery period, the strength of the Xiuxianren continued to grow. At the critical point of a certain force, that is, when the peak of the robbery was crossed, Tiandao would lower the robbery at some point in the future. Under the thunderstorm, either break the heavens and rise to the immortal realm, or fail to cross the calamity, and come again in the next life.

Lin Shu's realm is still there, so Yuan Ying soon grows into a complete Yuan Shen, but it is only some insights of the Taoism. It may not seem to be fully returned at one and a half, and it ca n’t have enough spiritual power in several areas in a short time. So it was a little bit before the peak of the robbery.

However, it is enough.

In such a situation, such cultivation, many things in the world, but only one sword.

If one sword fails, it's just two swords. He opened his eyes.
The aura of tortoise hovering above him suddenly dispersed. Lin Shu stood up and walked forward. His ears and eyes have never been clearer than before, and his perception has never been so sharp. Even when he calms down, he can feel the ebb and flow of heaven and breathe in.

Directly ahead, the evil spirits are heavy, and the knife spirits are vertical and horizontal.

The black and purple ones are big witches. They do not use weapons and rely solely on witchcraft. They are all unscrupulous. They are tricky and take lives.

His sword is evil, Ling Fengxiao's sword is also evil.

Only killing can stop killing, but evil can stop killing, and can calm down the stubborn people who are "deserved" to the sky Xiao Xiao, are they gentle and kind?

But the evil spirit of the big witch comes from the mysterious witchcraft, the eerie cold, the evil spirit of Ling Fengxiao originates from the Phoenix sword technique, kills fiercely.

Despite the stalemate, Lin Shu can see that Ling Fengxiao is totally a life- threatening play!

If you pass a knife forward, you can hurt Dawu's right arm, but if you hurt Dawu's right arm, his right body is a weak defense and will be hit.

Ling Fengxiao did not retreat, waving a knife forward. Three-foot knife, knife light like autumn water.
Blood splatter.

He has suffered many injuries, large and small, some of which have nothing to do with ya, and some have serious injuries.

Lin Shu thought that he was reassured to rehabilitate because he believed that Ling Fengxiao would stop the big witch during this time, and Ling Fengxiao was fighting with Xiu as the unbelievable big witch. He woke up before being severely wounded and even killed by the great witch.

Lin Shu drew his sword. Zhezhu Qingming.
The big witch turned his claws into a palm, and patted him hard!

The majestic pressure is almost like a river pouring, almost breathless!

Lin Shu's wrist turned, and his sword came forward, and the palace went straight.

The starting style of Jiange swordsmanship is "Moonrise Cold."

Out of the sword, straight forward, this sword trick, there are traces in almost all swordsmanship cheats.

Therefore, this sword move is unremarkable. however--
If there is only a sword in a person's heart, then even the swordsmanship is unremarkable!

There was a thunder on the ground.

Electro-optic tears the dark clouds, and the heavy pressure is completely broken, and the point of the sword is pointed at the throat of the great witch.

A sharp ghost howl came, and a witchcraft mantra came towards this side.

Lin Shu inspired the sword, broke through the witchcraft with a clear air, and then turned to the left to move "Shan Han Mountain" diagonally.

At the same time, Ling Fengxiao swaggered down in a horrifying manner. If the big witch is not hurt by Lin Shu Jianqi, he will be chopped on the left shoulder by the same sorrow knife. If he protects the left half of the body, he will not be able to avoid stabbing the right chest and abdomen by Lin Shu.

But when he saw that he didn't dodge, he slowly turned in the air.

This action seemed very slow, but it was indeed completed in a moment.

Dawu's body completed an incredible turn, his right arm was forward flexed, Lin Shujian's tip was pressed, his left hand swept across, facing the Ling Fengxiao blade, and after a moment, he got out of the siege of the two, and the whole person drifted a step behind.

The texture of his body did not resemble a living person at all, and he made a sound of gold stones when he hit the blade.

The sword body and the sword body were buzzing endlessly, and both of them were forced to take a step back, then looked at each other and continued to move forward.

The big witch is one enemy and two, but it just falls slightly!

Sword light, sword shadow, the sound of the sword, the sound of the howling wind, and the remaining sounds have been replaced by new sounds.

Hundred strokes, a thousand strokes, very fast, no one can think about.

However, at this instant, he tried thousands of times, and in the dizzying battle, Lin Shu suddenly found the flaw of the big witch!

No, it can't be said to be flawed. The witch's body and spells have become perfect, without revealing any slight holes.

It can't be called a flaw, but it can only be said to be-strange! slow. His movements are slow.

Slowly so subtle zero, zero, zero and one beat. It's not a certain trick, but it's all the same.
He could obviously do better, but it was so slow for a tenth of a second, and the purple silk sleeves were cut by the sword.

Lin Shu and Ling Fengxiao looked at each other. Ling Fengxiao nodded at him.
Not much words.

The sword light over Ling Fengxiao suddenly exploded!

Lin Shu also quickly changed his moves, using the fastest set of "Juanzhu" in Jiange swordsmanship.

Big witch is slow, he is fast!

He even closed his eyes, abandoning all thoughts, and only had an invincible sword in his heart.

Sword tricks and sword tricks change rapidly, there is no fancy skill, only changeable tricks that are fluent to the point where no thinking is needed.

Lin Shu finally knew what the 10,000 times he wielded his sword every day brought to him.

The storytelling in the world has been read a hundred times, and its meaning is self-evident, and the sword strokes have been practiced 10,000 times, and have penetrated into the bone marrow and will never die.

Fast, fast.

The sword is fast, the road is fast. The weak point brought about by the zero and one hundred and one beats slowed by Dawu finally appeared under such stormy offensive, and then quickly expanded!


Without any thought, Lin Shu folded his body forward, raised his sword point, handed his sword body, turned down, and swept lightly.

It is the first form of "Sauvignon Blanc" "forgot to return".

There was a flash of light in front of his eyes, and a "ding" sounded, and the blade actually hit the blade of Ling Fengxiao.

The buzzing is endless.

There was a stun in his heart, as if the sword and the sword suddenly communicated with each other.

Ling Fengxiao's trick was extremely exquisite. It was exactly what he had seen before. It came from the first type of "sad autumn" in Fenghuang Village Town's sword-making method "Loneliness".

Neither of them made any mistakes, nor could they choose the wrong angle. Why did they hit each other?

However, the situation at the moment can't be considered much. The spiritual power erupted with a sword attack, and they sent the weapon forward together!

The witch's neck suddenly burst into blood.

The next moment, Lin Shuhuan recruited the second form of "Sauvignon Blanc" "I can't see Tianhe".

Ling Fengxiao used the second style of "Loneliness" to "fall away." The joint moves forward, and the feeling of **** is rising again. This time, the big witch stepped back and coughed up blood. His figure is slowly blurring.
--Why is that?

Mr. Meng said that there is a method of incarnation in the upper classical books that Dawu repairs. Is this really just his illusion?

But only the "phantasmal body" can explain the strange slowness of the big witch, because after all, the magic body is not as flexible and fast as the real body.

But the power of phantom body is still like this, what exactly is the real body?

"The two swords are combined, and most of them are defeated. They will meet each other in the future, and they will consult again." The big witch drew a hook to them, showing an inexplicable smile.

At this time, the big witch was in the middle, Lin Shu was in front of him, and Ling Fengxiao was behind him.

Lin Shu was about to take another shot, and suddenly looked at the big witch.

Sen cold, strange tones, and smiling voices. The witch said, "Catch, arrive, you, now."
The next moment, his figure disappeared, and the accompanying people suddenly turned into fly ash.

The world is clean, as if nothing had happened. Only that sentence echoed in my ears.
Lin Shu looked up and saw Ling Fengxiao's thin lips clenched, staring at herself as if she knew something from that sentence.

Chapter 134: Intentional

Da Wu said, caught you. how you said that?
Caught him, what did you catch?

The big witch phantom had dissipated, and the danger of rejecting the North Pass was completely lifted, and Lin Shu fell back to the ground.

Ling Fengxiao landed beside him.

Lin Shu smelled blood and Ling Fengxiao's injuries were not minor.

However, this person did not immediately bandage the wound, but said, "Sauvignon Blanc?"

Lin Shu nodded.

There is nothing special about him, and there is nothing worthy of praise. If there is no need to say yes, it can only be Jiange's town mentality "Sauvignon Blanc".

Since the big witch wanted the four peerless exercises that Nanxia possessed, how could he not have thoughts on Sauvignon Blanc?

What's more, the back of "Sauvignon Blanc" represents Jiange. Getting it may have an extraordinary meaning to Beixia.

In the past, they mixed into the black market and auctioned the peerless methods on the black market. Xiao Ye thought that the method being auctioned was the "Sauvignon Blanc" in the world, and he bought it for four million dollars. In "I"-this led to another series of events, which is the end. And the big witch--

Lin Shu suddenly thought of a possibility.

At the Zhaozhao meeting, he and Ling Fengxiao killed Dawu's left and right two guards, and some martial arts have been revealed. Although he did not use "Sauvignon Blanc" and Ling Fengxiao did not use "Loneliness", but the sword technique The implication of this is impossible to hide, but no one can see the clues.

And if the big witch had followed them since then--

The Dawu threatened the life of the northern city as a threat, and he had speculated that if he did all this, he would only use him and Ling Fengxiao to use the true bottom of the box, thus confirming that he was indeed a disciple of Jiange, and would use "Changge "Acacia", the heart is even more embarrassing.

And Ling Fengxiao's expression changed suddenly after hearing that sentence, also because he immediately figured out the key to it.

"Don't worry about it," Ling Fengxiao said. "If it's for sauvignon Blanc, he should start on the road."

Lin Shu nodded.

Although he knew that this might only be a consolation for Ling Fengxiao, there were indeed a lot of strange things about Dawu's behavior.

For example, if you suspect that he is a descendant of Sauvignon Blanc, why not catch him on the road and torture him severely, but have to wait for him to recover and become difficult to control?

This matter needs to be looked at again. Ling Fengxiao coughed up blood.
Lin Shu: "Bundling." Ling Fengxiao nodded.

Nearly half an hour before he recovered and repaired himself, Ling Fengxiao was blocking the big witch. He sustained injuries that were hundreds of times heavier than himself. Not to mention that after the injury, he continued to fight with the big witch. The wound was pulled, and the blood flow was like Note, also thanks to this **** red coat, it is not too obvious.

Lin Shu was preparing to take out the medicine and miracle, and saw a pile of people coming down from the Wudang gate.

The general who rejected Beiguan said: "The two immortal monarchs are upright and save the city full of soldiers in despair. I am so grateful and grateful!"

Ling Fengxiao said, don't have to.

The old one came over, and the old one was also seriously injured. He was brought up by the boy, looked at them and looked at them, and sighed: "You have such a cultivation as the background, it is really a hero who is a boy . "

Speaking again, "I have heard of the young lady of Phoenix Villa, but I don't know who this young man is next to you?"

Ling Fengxiao said: "I am a younger husband."

"Fu Jun?" Said the old man kindly, "It's really a pair of puppets."

The general over there was keen-eyed and caught clues from their conversation. Immediately, Ling Fengxiao was the young lady of Fenghuang Villa, and the young lady of Fenghuang Villa was the long princess of the dynasty. The party immediately called to see His Royal Highness.

Ling Fengxiao's tone was weak, so they got up and arranged the army to a quiet place. The general immediately ordered to go down, even if someone led them back to the city to heal them.

Ling Fengxiao is so honorable. Even though he has been seriously injured, no matter whether he is an immortal or a dynasty general, no one dares to step forward and take care of him, for fear of exceeding the rules.

Lin Shu helped him.

I saw Ling Fengxiao leaning on her side and whispered, "Aren't you holding me?"

Lin Shu hugged the man horizontally.

With the practice, the physical limitations were lifted. Previously, when the young lady passed out, he couldn't hold anything, but now it is easy.

Ling Fengxiao grabbed his arm, leaned against his chest, and closed his eyes.

The crimson palace dress, the red gauze woven gold thread, the pattern is complicated, and it is lined with a beautiful face that is not square.

When he arrived at the residence, he put Ling Fengxiao on the bed, and then formulated the wound medicine.

Ling Fengxiao looked at him.

A pair of dark pupils are still so beautiful. However, unhappy.
Lin Shu adjusted the medicine and dealt with the biggest and most terrible wound on his back, Ling Fengxiao said, "I'll do it myself."

The remaining injuries, either on the chest or shoulders, are not difficult to deal with.

Lin Shu gave him the medicine and handed the gauze by himself. After taking the medicine, feed a few pills to treat internal injuries. The room was silent and speechless.
When Lin Shu took the soup soup that was presented by the next generation to feed Ling Fengxiao, he suddenly saw Ling Fengxiao's eyes red.

It's not obvious red, just a little blood color under the eyes. He asked, "Does it hurt?"
Ling Fengxiao shook her head and took the bowl and spoon in his hand. She drank very slowly and seemed to be unable to swallow.

At the fifth sip, I finally put the bowl and spoon on the case and never drank again.

Lin Shu asked: "Is it hard to drink?"

Ling Fengxiao shook her head and looked out the window.

He looked out of the window, as if looking at a point in the void, with a little blankness and hollowness.

Lin Shu has never seen this look in Ling Fengxiao's eyes. In his cognition, although Xiao Shao has many faces, no matter which one, he is always calm and sober.

Ling Fengxiao suddenly said, "You don't like me in the future." Lin Shu looked at him.
This is a question that he cannot answer now. Even like the word, it has nothing to do with him.
He wanted to remember the bits and pieces with Ling Fengxiao or Xiao Shao in the past. He remembered the mood and thoughts at that time, but it was like watching flowers in the mist, separated from the past by a thick white film. To Jiguang Pianyu is like having a dream.

In just one day, it was like another generation.

He opened his mouth and wanted to say something comforting, but in the end only one sentence came out.

"I do not go."

He didn't know how to solve the problem of ruthless Tao and how to get along with him in the future, but if Ling Fengxiao was willing, he would not leave.

One year, two years, ten years, or even longer.

Ling Fengxiao first had a little smile in her eyes, then she shook her head, and the smile in her eyes became boundless crickets.

He reached out his hand. Lin Shu put his hand on it.
Ling Fengxiao took his hand, raised it, kissed the back of the hand gently, and then didn't move.

His hair slipped and fell on Lin Shu's hands, with a cool touch, just like his lips.

Lin Shu said, "Don't cry."

"I didn't cry." Ling Fengxiao put down his hand, and the blood under him seemed to be worse.

He said, "Give me back?" Lin Shu said, "Here."
He sat by the bed and was embraced by Ling Fengxiao. Familiar movements and breath.

Ling Fengxiao hugged him from behind and buried his face in his neck. He heard Ling Fengxiao sulking: "How do you feel now?"
Lin Shu thought for a while, realizing that he couldn't describe his feelings in words at the moment, and tried hard to organize the wording, and finally said, "I only know what I should do."

Nothing to do, no sight to see, no person to approach, as in previous lives. Ling Fengxiao asked, "What should you do?"
Lin Shu thought that he didn't seem to have anything to do except one. "What you want me to do is what I do," he said.
Generally speaking, a person must have an identity to do what he needs to do. For example, the general should be stationed at the North Gate, and Yue Ruohe should get back the secret for Rumengtang.

He has no relatives and no reason, neither Master is alive, nor are there any friends worth mentioning, and only one who is still connected to the world.

He is the fiance of the young lady.

She also has a factual relationship with Xiao Shao.

Ling Fengxiao smiled and said, "In fact, you were the same before." Was it the same before?

"I haven't changed your heart, you ’ve cultivated for restoration. From now on, you will be the immortal prince. It is a good thing. I should be happy." Ling Fengxiao hugged him and said, "It's just ruthless cold Silence, afraid of you. "

Lin Shudao: "It's fine."

After all, I have lived more than ten years in my last life. He paused and said, "I too ... I'm afraid of you."
Ling Fengxiao pulled him back, Lin Shuquan leaned on him, so they both fell on the bed.

Ling Fengxiao leaned on him and said, "The flowers are intentional, and the flowing water is ruthless. It is not uncomfortable in the world. After all, I can still hold you."

Lin Shu looked at him.

To be sure, Shao Shao is a true man.

But Ling Fengxiao's shell is the first beauty in the world.

And the first beauty in the world is leaning on his chest, softly saying that the flowers are intentional.

It is really a beautiful family.

Lin Shu thought that his life was also very legendary.

Not only did he cultivate his ruthlessness, he also had a girlfriend. Girlfriend is also boyfriend.
They are all very nice.

He reached back and hugged Ling Fengxiao. Ling Fengxiao played with his fingers. It seems that nothing really changes.

Three days later, their injuries were all good, and they were ready to go back to school.

Although it was said that there was no need to **** it, the general said that His Royal Highness had a body of gold. If he returned to the palace, he would probably be punished, and sent a team of escorts.

Nanxia seems to be even more desolate than when they came. Even passing through towns, they are all desolate and desolate. There is no shop selling snacks on a long street.

The beginning of spring is the period of the most food shortage, not to mention the poor harvest last fall.

In the evening, they went right into the wilderness, and a team of soldiers and horses looked for a place to stay in Taoist Temple.

The soldiers camped and rested at ease, with Lin Shu and Ling Fengxiao watching.

There is an old Taoist who is about 80 years old in the concept. He is old and has little mana left. He is a little confused. He does n’t speak the last sentence, and the preface does n’t match the last word. It ’s still Xiuxian who seems very happy, saying that it ’s cold and warming up the porridge for two children.

They lit a fire in front of the heavenly statue in the view, raised a shelf, and hung a clay pot for porridge.

Porridge is made of coarse rice. As soon as the water is boiled, it emits a sweet scent and the warmth of the flame, which makes Tianshi's face flush with redness.

The old priest sat on the grass mat and talked to them, saying that my disciples were not early. As soon as I saw you, I remembered him. He also said apprentice, you have a bad temper. Today I saw two children as a teacher and wanted to accept the apprentice.

Ling Fengxiao listened quietly, occasionally speaking a few words, or sweetening, the old priest was extremely happy and almost couldn't close his mouth.

Speaking of Xingtou, I have raised two beautiful fishes for you to see.

I was about to get up, as if I was thinking of something, and said, oops, the water is cold in winter, and I'm afraid the water in the water tank will freeze up.

Ling Fengxiao leaned on Lin Shu and coaxed the old Taoist priest to say that in spring, the two of them will come back to see you.

The old Taoist said, how can there be such a thing.

He stirred the porridge and sighed, saying that this world is the big river. I put the fish in, and the fish left me and the other fish, and never came back. My apprentice left me and entered the river like a fish. As soon as you two leave, you will also enter the river. The old man will never see you in this life.

As I was talking, there was a bang at the gate, as if weasel passed by. Weasel is not a good animal. Ling Fengxiao raised his hand to solve it. The old priest was busy, don't hit the fox, don't hit the fox.
He was dazzled and recognized the weasel as a fox. But this stop, the weasel has run away.
Seeing that it had not been beaten, the old priest narrowed his eyes and looked very comfortable, saying that when A Cui was young, she looked like a beautiful little fox.

Ling Fengxiao said, is A Cui your apprentice. The old priest said, A Cui is not, A Cui is a little girl, that's what happened in my teens.

By the way, again, A Cui later married, I am a true Taoist priest. I am not a true Taoist priest. Atui tells me to forget her and practice well. I said I can't forget, Acu said that this is what I said in my monastic book.

Speaking, the old Taoist priest took out the "Southern China Scriptures" with him, recognized the sentence by the light, and showed them both.

Fish looks like water, and man looks like Tao. Those who are related to the water are fed through the pond; those who are related to the Tao are born without incident. Therefore, ——

Therefore ...

Ling Fengxiao murmured: "Therefore, the fishes are forgotten in the rivers and lakes, and the people ... forgotten in ... Taoism."

He read slowly, seemingly difficult and jerky, and holding Lin Shu's hand slightly tightened.

The voice fell, and in the silence, I only heard the old Taoist sigh: "I really think I am a Taoist who is together."

He said, turning slightly turbid eyes, looking at Lin Shu and Ling Fengxiao, for a long time, said: "It's good."

Then he looked at Lin Shu: "What's wrong with you guy, why don't you smile at your lady?"

Feng Shui took turns, Xiao Shao was punished in Taohuayuan, now it is his turn.

The author has something to say: The sentence comes from "Zhuangzi · Grandmaster", and "Zhuangzi" is also called "South China Classic".

Chapter 135: Marry chicken with chicken

Then the old priest stubbornly said, "It's not ridiculous to see your lady slap you, but not to see you slap your lady. Young people need to know well Treat the lady. "

Lin Shu said yes, then stretched out his arms and held Ling Fengxiao's shoulders.

Ling Fengxiao helped him excuse him: "He is like this."

The old Taoist snorted, and then let him go. He looked out the window again and sighed, saying, "I don't know that Acuine is still alive."

Then he said, "I shouldn't recognize Acuadorian when I enter Quanzhen Taoism. I shouldn't embark on Quanzhenlian Taoism when I recognize it. But I have learned Tao and I have recognized Acuine."

After practicing the Tao and recognizing Atui, what will happen?

Either choose not to follow the path, stay with Atrium, or continue with the path, separate from Atrium.

The old Taoist did not say what they chose, but they already knew. For no apparent reason, Lin Shu looked at Ling Fengxiao.
What is the result of being ruthless and being with Ling Fengxiao? Ling Fengxiao said: "The porridge is ready."
At the moment, I shared porridge, drank porridge, and heard the old Taoist Tiannan Haibei talk about things that traveled in all directions, and went to sleep.

After lying down, Ling Fengxiao hugged him and closed her eyes. Lin Shu hugged him back and put his hands on his waist.

The world was silent. For a time, only the clear and shallow breathing sound of Ling Fengxiao was in my ear.

Lin Shu closed her eyes. No dreams overnight.
The next morning, bid farewell to the old priest.

The old Taoist said last night that the separation of people between heaven and earth is like a fish swimming into a river. Once separated, they will never meet again in this life.

The world is vast, and their fate with the old Taoist priests may have ended with the night talks surrounding the furnace last night, and I will never see you again in this lifetime.

And what about him and others? Lin Shu didn't know.
This road was quite peaceful. A group of people went all the way south. In the early spring to the south, the border was still the season of the north wind. However, the surrounding area of Shangling Mountain was already springing back to the earth.

At the foot of the mountain, the great offering wine Shangling Jane personally came to greet him.

Ling Fengxiao had to explain to him what had happened before.

He did not mention that Lin Shu was a disciple of Jiange, but only that he was a robber.

Shang Lingjian, after Ling Fengxiao's narrative, finished talking to Lin Shu: "Dao You can join His Highness Fengyang with swords and swords, and repel the big witches, compared to non-offspring." Lin Shudao, award.

Shang Lingjian said again, "I don't know where my teacher is?"

Lin Shudao: "Master only taught me swordsmanship, but did not say martial arts."

This is the rapport that he agreed with Ling Fengxiao a day ago.

At that time, Ling Feng Xiao said, North Xia really had conjecture, Nan Xia is not a clean place, you have the "Sauvignon Blanc" method, it is difficult to guarantee that it will not cause others to sting.

He is now a self-cultivator, and he is not afraid of others' puppets, but if he bites up like a locust, it is also unpleasant.

Lin Shu said that it may not be concealed.

The specific swordsmanship of Jiange may not have been seen by others, and it was not recognized for a while, but if someone carefully figured it out, it may not be impossible to guess one or two from the style of the move and the unique sword.

Ling Fengxiao said, I know, I just don't want you to be involved in the dispute. If it can be delayed for a while, I can make more arrangements.

Lin Shu thought, he was thinking too simple.

It is true that there may be Xiaoxiao generations who smash peerless exercises, but the main snoop should come from the Damen, and even from the dynasty. The meaning of Ling Fengxiao is that he may be involved in a multi-party dispute.

Lin Shu naturally did not want to be involved in the disputes between various parties.

But there is a saying that marry a chicken with a chicken, marry a dog with a dog, and so on. Marry a chicken with a chicken, and a dog with a dog. Although it is not clear whether his relationship with Xiao Shao should be defined as marrying or marrying, they all have to follow.

He didn't know how many undercurrent disputes existed in Nanxia's political situation or on Xiandao, but he knew that the young lady must be at the core of these disputes and participate directly.

——He didn't know what he was doing, and didn't want to know what these people were doing, but he only needed to cooperate with Ling Fengxiao.

Shangling Jane listened to this "I don't know my sect" and didn't know whether to believe it, but his face was still polite: "Respected Master must be a hidden master, I don't know ... where is it now?"

Ling Fengxiao said: "His master is an immortal prince who doesn't ask questions about the world. He has some relationship with Fenghuang Villa. He traveled around the world fifteen years ago.

Shangling Jane said: "So it is."

Then, I didn't ask Master Lin Shu about related matters.

Lin Shu felt that Shangling Jane should be trying to win over his master, Taoyuan Jun.

After all, for North and South Xia, one more expert is one more chance to win.

However, Ling Fengxiao first said that Tao Yuanjun didn't ask about the world, indicating that he would not be seduced, and then carried out Phoenix Mountain Villa. Even if Shang Lingjian wanted to explore this matter, there was no room for inquiry.

After talking to Shang Lingjian, the two returned to their residence.

The jasper sky is still the same, and even some new bamboo shoots appeared in early spring. A gust of wind blew, and the bamboo leaves rustled, like another generation. There was no change in the furnishings of Jingfeng Xiyu Garden, but as soon as they came in, they saw a green shadow pounced on them.

"Brother Lin, Miss!" But the more Ruohe.
Yue Ruohe was very excited. The excitement made this clear-cut staff also talk upside down, but the central meaning was still clear.

After Ling Fengxiao was broken that day, let Lin Shu and Yue Ruohe go first, and then Lin Shu stayed behind, let Yue Ruohe go first, Yue Ruohe knew that he would go back with blood poison and "Everything in Me", responsibility Major, immediately rushed to the wind, returned to Nanxia all the way, without encountering danger. After returning to the academy, he handed blood poison samples to the academy, and the cheats were still home. He immediately sent someone to sneak into Beixia to investigate the tracks of the two.

Ling Fengxiao said, "Why not ask in a dream?" Yue Ruohe: "You two have no names in the dream." Lin Shu: "..."
In the dream, one of them is oregano and the other is Xiao Shao. If Yueruo can find them in the dream, then there will be ghosts.

Ling Fengxiao was also a little embarrassed. She shifted the topic and asked how the stolen cheats were stolen.

It turned out that the elders of the elders who were older that day, such as the dream hall gathered up and down the ceremony, all majors also sent congratulations, the defense where the cheats are slightly loose, was stolen by unimaginable superb means.

For example, Mengtang searched and searched from all directions, but did not find the whereabouts of his own cheats, but heard that the black market will auction a piece of peerless method that is suspected of "Sauvignon Blanc".

There are only a few copies of Peerless Techniques. One was stolen and the other was sold. How can there be such a coincidence?

However, the news came to Rumentang. It was already a bit lagging. When Yue Ruohe rushed to the black market, the exercises had been sold—so he sneaked into the king of Beixia to search for clues, only to meet Ling Feng Xiaolin. Thing about two people.

Having said that, Yue Ruohe said, "Although I have recovered the cheats, I think this is too strange."

Ling Fengxiao: "Indeed."

Then he looked at Lin Shu: "What do you think?" how to think?
What else can you think about?

Since the person who steals can steal the cheats with superb means, why not swallow it by himself, but sell it on the black market?

If you ask for money, you will sell it. How can you fake the name of "Sauvignon Blanc"?

Lin Shudao: "Someone wants to lead Jiange out." Ling Fengxiao nodded.
Lin Shu frowned.

First of all, I got "Everything in Me". There is special luck in the Peerless Gongfa that can be recognized. For example, the news that Mengtang lost his cheats is hidden and no one knows, so everyone will think that this is Acacia. And those who want to buy "Sauvignon Blanc" ... apart from the influence of all parties in the South and North Xia, there is another, is the sword Pavilion!

Beixia, for several years, had an idea for Jiange. Then ... he and Ling Fengxiao, are they not cited? Lin Shu felt that things were not simple.
He looked at Ling Fengxiao and saw that this man frowned slightly too, feeling that things were not simple.

Ling Fengxiao pulled him back to his room.

Lin Shu Yuguang was stunned when he saw Yue Ruohe.

Chapter 136: Meet the Lord

Miss' room is still soft and gorgeous as before.

Ling Fengxiao got on the incense burner at first, and a dark shadow came into the window.

The cat quickly climbed onto Lin Shu. Sinking again.
Lin Shushun smoothed the cat's hair, it ran to Ling Fengxiao's arms again, and screamed charmingly.

Ling Fengxiao also embraced it.

The next moment, the fruit came out of the sky of Qingming Cave and shouted, "Qingyuan!"

Cat: "Meow?"

The fruit picked it up and began to shave. Ling Fengxiao asked, "Do you recognize it?"
Fruit said, "I recognize that I have a little bit of bamboo folds."

Lin Shu thought that although the fruit is not a folded bamboo, when it was transformed, it borrowed the body of the folded bamboo, so there was a little fuzzy consciousness from the folded bamboo.

The cat originally lived on the Magic Mountain, and was once Ye Di ’s cat. He was raised by Ye Di, and the folding bamboo is the sword that Ye Di used. Fruit said: "I must have a little bit of bamboo in my body. Look, it is close to me!"

Before the words fell, the cat slipped away from the fruit and crawled onto Lin Shu again.

Fruit: "..."

Ling Fengxiao laughed. Fruit: "No laughing!"
He went to Lin Shu's side: "Cat Hug." The cat ignored it.
Fruit: "..."

The atmosphere was very embarrassing. Yue Ruohe knocked on the door symbolically, then pushed open the cover door and came in: "Cang Yue heard that you are back and come to see-"

There was silence in the room.

Lin Shu looked away from the cat and looked over the door. Yue Ruohe and Cang Zhichu stayed out of the door.
Lin Shu then followed their eyes and looked back. These two men are looking at the fruit.
To be precise, it is looking at the face of the fruit. Lin Shu also looked at the face of the fruit.
The fruit looks beautiful, and it's pretty creative. Half like Ling Fengxiao, half like him. It's the kind of iron plate that can be seen at a glance. He looked at Cangyu and Yueruohe again.
Seeing Cangyu struggling to say, "Your two ... children?"

Fruit is pulling with the cat, and when he heard the words, he said, "Yeah." Cang choked and drooled.
"You ... have had an adventure outside in the past two months?" Cang Chen's eyes were dumb: "Going to that kind of place, one day outside, one year inside?"

Yue Ruohe also lost his eyes: "Miss, did you retreat before, was it ..." Ling Fengxiao stopped their illusion: "Not what you think."
Yue Ruohe: "... Oh."

Does Yuruo He think that the two years of the retreat of the young lady were not retreats, but that she had given birth to children?

Lin Shu thought that Ling Fengxiao was only eighteen years ago, and he was too human. No wonder Yue Ruohe's eyes had changed just now.

Think again, this year, he is almost nineteen, and Xiao Shao is not human. After explaining the origin of the fruit, the two nodded doubtfully.
The two people who were sent to express condolences came one after another.

——Thanks to the girls from Phoenix Villa, they went outside to make a commission, otherwise the scene will be more lively.

Fruit is upset.

The reason is without him, do not want to talk to men. Lin Shu and Ling Fengxiao had made very few friends in the school, and most of them were not girls, which made the fruit very uncomfortable.

But no one sympathized with him.

Desperately returned to Qingmingdongtian, the cat fished out by the way. Only Lin Shu and Ling Fengxiao remained in the room.
Ling Fengxiao leaned on Lin Shu's shoulder and said, "I want you to live with me in the future."

Lin Shu has no idea, but his current principle is based on Ling Fengxiao's will, and he said, "OK."

Ling Fengxiao said, "Then wait to pack in your room."

Lin Shu thought for a while, and asked, "Is it harmful to your reputation?" The world still values the reputation of girls.
Although Xiao Shao is not a girl, Ling Fengxiao's shell still has to abide by some rituals.

"Did I have a good reputation before?" Ling Fengxiao said, "When a good apprentice chews his tongue, he often says that Ling Fengxiao is watching the widows-now I am your fiancee with three media and six hires and three teas and six courtesies."

After all, he said, "However, we still have to find an opportunity to publicize the world."

Lin Shu: "Yes."

"I don't want to go to school." Ling Fengxiao played with his fingers: "I want to go back to the villa and marry you."

Lin Shu thought, in my last life, people said that early love is harmful to learning, and it really is true. Even Ling Fengxiao is not exempt from such learning.

He opened his mouth and wanted to tell Ling Fengxiao that he still had to go to school, and suddenly saw Ling Fengxiao's eyes.

Obviously talking to go home to get married, but it is very lonely eyes. He was speechless for a long time and said, "Sorry."
"Anyway," Ling Fengxiao said, "you extraordinary people, if you are passionate, you are the obstacle."

"It's you ..." He smiled and continued: "Xianjun, if I do this, will it hurt you?"

Lin Shu: "I don't know."

Ling Fengxiao said, "But I think you are quite stable." Lin Shu: "Yes."
In fact, his cultivation was not only harmless, but even continued to grow because he was slowly absorbing the aura of heaven and earth, and he could return to the original level in about one year.

Speaking of Xiu Wei, Ling Fengxiao seemed to be intrigued: "Your two strokes" Sauvignon Blanc "are extremely mysterious."

Lin Shudao: "You too."

The two of them had nothing else to do now, and Ling Fengxiao immediately took out a pen and paper and wanted to dismantle with Lin Shu.

Lin Shu painted the first two strokes of "Acacia", "Forgot to Return to the Valley" and "Not Seeing the Tianhe", while Ling Fengxiao was the first two strokes of "The Lonely", "Sad Autumn" and "Viewing the River". Ling Fengxiao looked at Lin Shu's moves and said, "These two styles are vast and silent, as if you can understand them."

He also said, "This is already the first two styles of" The Sauvignon Blanc ", but since then, only ruthless people can use it."

Lin Shudao: "I can only realize two styles right now."

Ling Fengxiao said: "The snowy glaciers in the north, the world is lonely, is very suitable for the mood of" Acacia ". I will accompany you to the world of enlightenment, and may enter the country."

Lin Shu: "Thank you."

Ling Fengxiao said: "No need to thank."

They then discussed the third form of "Standing Ahead" in "Acacia". This style, in the original vast silence, has a boundless solitary height.
"Compared with the previous two styles, this style is one point higher. And now you can see the small mountains at a glance," Ling Fengxiao deduced with a pen on the paper, "the day of training is just around the corner."

Lin Shu follows his deduction imagination.

The third form of previous life practice is always impossible, but now I have some clues.

Ling Fengxiao's accomplishments and talents in martial arts are really amazing. You can get started quickly when you first come into contact with the sword pavilion.

After deducing the three styles, each had a lot of gains, so he put away the paper and was ready to see Ling Fengxiao's knife technique.

Ling Fengxiao suddenly said, "Why is this unforgiving sword technique called" Sauvignon Blanc "?" "It is said that the predecessors had deep meaning," Lin Shu answered him, "if the disciples are in a state of mind that is not enough, seeing the name" Sauvignon Blanc ", they will float their minds, just by reflecting on swordsmanship, they can understand their lack of state of mind."

"Is that so?" Ling Fengxiao's eyes were thoughtful, and she did mention another topic. "The last form of" The Lonely "is called 'Heavenly Sword', and what is the last form of" The Sauvignon Blanc "?"

Lin Shu replied: "Sadly ecstatic."

Ling Fengxiao seemed to be choking for a long time before she said, "Sure enough."

Lin Shu: "Huh?"

Ling Fengxiao talked about a story.

It was said that he had a blood attack of Phoenix when he was a child. Fortunately, Tao Yuanjun rescued him.

"Tao Yuanjun was a very nice person. At that time, sometimes I was awake for one or two hours, and I always pestered him, and he never got angry." Ling Fengxiao leaned on his shoulder and looked out the window. It seemed a little fascinating: "I heard my mother say that Taoyuan Junxiu was a peerless man with a unique swordsmanship, so he told him to watch his swordsman. He always followed me and showed me" Acacia ".

Lin Shu thought, no wonder Xiao Shao had had that trick with him in the performance martial arts field at the beginning, and recognized "Sauvignon Blanc", which he had seen before.

"What specific swordsmanship moves I have forgotten, just remember the last one." Ling Fengxiao lowered her eyes slightly. "That one move made my heart shake. After he danced for a long time, I still could n’t return to my heart, I just felt Feeling lost. Later, when he grew up, when he saw the four words, "Sorrowful Ecstasy", he felt as if he saw that again, but at that time, he had no news. " Lin Shu said, I can show it to you after I have finished. Ling Fengxiao laughed and said, I'll wait and see.
After finishing Sauvignon Blanc, I watched Loneliness again.

In contrast, Lin Shu immediately saw the difference between the two exercises.

"Sauvignon Blanc" is lonely and cold, with nothing and no emotion, but "loneliness" is different.

If one word is used to describe "loneliness", it is "sad."

Together with the autumn wind, many leaves are scattered, and people are not golden stones. After a hundred years, they also return to the dust, which is "sad autumn."

Ascending and watching, the river flows eastward, and the deceased is so untraceable. It is "viewing the river".

It is indeed sad that the world is flourishing and flourishing, after all, it is dust.

And only those who once loved this thing would feel "sad."

But the sky is constant, and the disappearance of beautiful things is an irreversible process. This is the principle of "aspiration of heaven".

At this moment, Lin Shu suddenly understood what Mr. Meng said. Mr. Meng said, I would rather not use such a trick in your life.
He couldn't help but look at Ling Fengxiao. Ling Fengxiao is drawing intently.
very beautiful. This person doesn't look bad.

But Lin Shu felt that the young lady who had no one in her eyes when she first saw her was the most beautiful.

But the young lady at the time was not without worry. He asked, "When will you do these two tricks?"
Ling Fengxiao said: "It will be very early."

His tone is bland, but this is not a bland sentence.

I met very early, I knew very early what "sadness" is.

Lin Shu thought of the Phoenix Order in Ling Fengxiao's hand.

There is only one Phoenix Order in the world, representing the supreme authority of the Phoenix Villa.

There is only one phoenix order, which is not in the hands of the landlord, but in the hands of Ling Fengxiao.

Therefore, although Ling Fengxiao is the young lady of Phoenix Villa, in fact she is the actual owner of the Villa.

After all, Miss is not Miss.

Ling Fengxiao asked him, "What are you thinking?" Lin Shu: "Nothing."
Just thinking, if the young lady is really just a young lady, she is so proud and beautiful every day, she is overbearing, and she has no taboos.

Ling Fengxiao put down the drawing and hugged him. Holding it tightly, as if he let go, he would leave. This is also the day after.

As long as she could, Ling Fengxiao had not left him for a moment, and even had discussions with Tu Longwei.

Lin Shu always felt that what Ling Fengxiao was afraid of, or what she wanted to catch.

On this day, Ling Fengxiao finally had something to do with him. He took the cat out to bask in the sun.

After resuming cultivation, he could see clearly that he could hear the worms of a mile away, and also vaguely understood the current rumors in the Xuegong.

The young lady planted on Lin Shu, who is Lin Shu?

Some people say that Lin Shu looks good, and his temperament is dusty.

Some people say that it is said that Lin Shu did not cultivate, and this is not a good match for Miss.

Someone said that don't you know that Lin Shu was a little white face raised by a young lady three years ago?

Others said, hey, haven't you seen their daughter? Carved in a mold, I ca n’t see how many days, Xiaobailian is no longer Xiaobailian, and he is going to enter the room.

He finds it interesting.

Then I heard someone say, Lan Yan misfortune, Lan Yan misfortune. At that time, the young lady and His Royal Highness fought for this person, and her brother and his sister came to the wall.

Lin Shu: "..."

Little white face is fine, goodbye is gone. And where did Xiao Lingyang fight for Lin Shu and Miss Wang? That was because Miss Shu was hit by the Miss Wang.

Being out of touch, interrupted by a bell.

This is the big bell of Hexu Tian. It usually serves as a bell for class lessons, and sometimes passes messages.

For example, three consecutive taps are all the disciples gather in Hexutian.

This time, after the bell rang, it continued to ring again, obviously not the usual school bell.

He counted the bells in his heart. One, two, three, four, five.
The bell struck five times, and the guest came to visit. However, this has nothing to do with him.
Lin Shu remained in a daze until an apricot golden figure appeared in his vision.

Lin Shu: ...

Look at the trajectory of the apricot golden creature, coming straight at himself.

The apricot golden creature approached, and the visitor was not good.

"You!" Xiao Lingyang walked straight in front of him, raised his chin proudly, opened the door to see the mountain, the tone was bad: "Today, you must explain to me, what is going on with you and Ling Fengxiao?"

Lin Shuping said blandly: "Nothing." "I heard you all have daughters! Still living together!" Xiao Lingyang looked angry and choked, and couldn't say anything: "You ... you ... you, bully her!"

Lin Shu continued to say blandly, "No."

"I don't believe it!" Xiao Lingyang exclaimed: "You ... shameless!" Lin Shu: "..."
Xiao Lingyang banged on the stone table frantically with a fan handle and was so angry that his chest was undulating. He said, "I will never allow you to marry her!"

Lin Shudao said, "Well."

Xiao Lingyang was even more angry: "What are you" um? "I don't allow it, are you happy? Do you want to give up on her?

Lin Shu wanted to knock Xiao Lingyang's head open to see how much water was in it. If it was poured out, could it fill Xingluo Lake.

Xiao Lingyang jumped his feet: "You speak!"

"There is no end to abandonment," Lin Shudan said indifferently. "You don't allow it, it's useless, so I'm" um. "

Xiao Lingyang seemed to be furious.

According to Lin Shu's experience against Xiao Lingyang, usually at this time, he would take a physical attack.

Sure enough, Xiao Lingyang bullied himself and planned to do something.

But today's Lin Shu is no longer Lin Shu of the past, but Lin Shu who has passed through the robbery period.

Xiao Lingyang's movements were blocked by an invisible aura wall, and he could not perform. According to Lin Shu's experience, if the physical attack fails, the person will launch a personal attack.

Sure enough, Xiao Lingyang said, "Why do you marry her? Little white face!"

"Are you rich? Is there potential? Does Phoenix Mountain Villa want you? Little white face!"

"You just have a face! You don't even have a martial arts background, little white face!"

Lin Shu took a sip of tea slowly and listened quietly to the repeater calling "Little White Face".

"The young master of the Nanhai Sword School, I think he is very good. I suggest that you compare with him. At that time, you will know that you are just a little white face!"

Lin Shu thought, a little progress, and learned to give examples.

"General An's eldest son is also very good, and Ling Fengmen's young master is also good," Xiao Lingyang gave a big example. "Do you think about it, do you have money? Are they handsome? Are they trained to be high? Have their origins Prominent? Don't you feel ashamed? Don't you feel unsuitable to be with Ling Fengxiao? Even with a daughter, I tell you, you— "

He chattered until Lin Shu looked up and looked over himself, looking forward.

Xiao Lingyang thinks that Ling Fengxiao is here, turning around like a frightened rabbit.

But not Ling Fengxiao.

Lin Shu saw a group of people in white walking towards this side. He knew it first. It was Yun Lan, a disciple of Jiange, who had a few connections in the Magic Mountain.

And dozens of people behind him, all dressed in snow-white clothes, cold temperament, are all like Jiange.

Yun Lan stood in front of the pavilion. "Jige disciple, Yun Lan," he said.
A **** his right said, "Practitioner Lingsu."

A young man on the left said, "Disciple Lingshu."

Yun Lan held the sword in front of her with her right hand, her sword pointed to the ground, her left hand covering the back of her right hand, her head bowed slightly, and Xingjian Pavilion's servant sword ceremony.

The other disciples did the same thing.

Just listening to Yun Lan and other disciples facing themselves, he said in unison: "Meet the Lord."

Lin Shu looked around the pavilion.

The only living person in the pavilion was himself, and Xiao Lingyang.

The remaining creature, the cat, came out of his arms, sat at the table, stared at Xiao Lingyang, and shouted, "Meow."

And Xiao Lingyang turned his head stiffly and looked at him, unable to tell: "You ...?"

Lin Shu: "..." do not ask me. I do not know.

Chapter 137: misfortune


In fact, Lin Shu is really the owner of the Jiange.

However, I do n’t know the owner of the Jiange after thousands of years. When his master was there, master nature was the master.
Master is gone. Lin Shu is a living person up and down the entire sword pavilion. Lin Shu is the master of the sword pavilion.

However, this is clearly not the case now.

Jiange is an independent force with great legacy. Nanxia and Xiaxia are extremely powerful forces who want to win over, but they are always out of their reach. There are many disciples, so it goes without saying.

Lin Shu felt wrong.

No, he cannot be the owner of the Jiange. These people may be shouting cats.
After all, this cat has a strange origin. He looked at the cat.
The cat is proudly holding up its chest and watching Xiao Lingyang. Xiao Lingyang looked at himself rigidly.
He looked at Yun Lan again, seeing that Yun Lan's gaze remained on himself, and he did not look at the cat or Xiao Lingyang. He was alert.

So he asked, "Who are you looking for?"

Yun Lan performed another sword ceremony: "Master Huihui Pavilion, I will come to welcome you back to the mountain."

The girl next to him, Lingsu said, "The Lord, the two elders are still talking to Mr. Shangling in Hexu Tian. I waited to see the Lord's enthusiasm, so I came rashly."

Lin Shu hadn't spoken yet, Xiao Lingyang called out first: "He is the owner of the sword pavilion, why don't I know?"

Lin Shuxin said, I don't know.

Yun Lan didn't treat him specially because he was the Highness of Nanxia. He pardoned and said indifferently, "This is my Jiange thing."

The implication is that outsiders should not speak.

But is Xiao Lingyang so easy to pass, saying: "You recognize the wrong person!"

Yun Lan said: "I did not admit it."

Xiao Lingyang said: "I don't think this is possible." Yun Lan said: "This is an established thing."
Xiao Lingyang said: "He didn't even repair it!"

Just at this time, another party came, with two white men in the middle, a white-haired old man, and a large offering of wine on Lingjian.

Shangling Jane said to Lin Shuyou, "Lin Daoyou, the same day you crossed the road and repelled the big witch with Ling Fengxiao, and you are still guessing. Your teacher's gate should be the Great Immortal Gate of the hidden world. . " Xiao Lingyang: "..."

Lin Shu looked at the two men in white and looked at the appearance. They were about forty or fifty, and their breath was smooth. It seemed that they were crossing the road. Another old man in white was much deeper than them.

The style of their clothes, Lin Shu recognized, was the dress of the elder Jiange.

The old man looked at Lin Shu and said, "The old man has seen the Lord." Lin Shu: "... Dare not to be."
Yun Lan said to the old man: "Return to the elder, the patron does not know that he is the patron of the sword pavilion."

The old man said, "When something happened suddenly, the cabinet owner naturally did not know."

Lin Shu asked: "Why am I the owner?"

"Fifteen years ago, there was a change in the sword pavilion, and it is inconvenient to discuss it in detail." The elder looked at Lin Shu with a trace of kindness in his eyes, and then said: "The owner only needs to know now that the person who cultivates" Acacia "is the sword pavilion. You can do it. The twists and turns will be explained to you in the future. "

Lin Shu asked: "Why do I know that I am practicing Sauvignon Blanc?"

"Return to the Lord, ten days ago, the swords and mounds were all together. As a sign of the relentless sword's birth, I immediately went down the mountain to trace the trail and came to Jubei City to learn your identity in the mundane world." Yunlan Road.

Ten days ago, it was the day he and Ling Fengxiao hit the big witch together. It turned out that "Sauvignon Blanc" swordsmanship was used, and there would be induction over the sword court.

Lin Shu: "..."

If it is based on "Sauvignon Blanc", then he is indeed the owner. He looked at several elders.
The elders looked at him kindly.

He looked at the young disciples again.

The young disciples looked at him with admiration. Lin Shu felt that he needed to be quiet.
Aren't you ruthless, why can you be kind and admirable?

Think again, "Sauvignon Blanc" is cultivated by the master, others may be ruthless and not very thorough, just cooler and cooler than normal people.

And Elder Whitebeard said, "I don't know if the owner needs to pack? If not, I can return to the mountain immediately."

Do not. Nope.
They came to pick him up to the sword court. What about Ling Fengxiao?
In any case, Lin Shu felt that he had to wait for Ling Fengxiao to return.

Ling Fengxiao had always been by his side in the past, but received an urgent letter yesterday evening, saying that the capital had changed, and rushed to Wangdu the next morning, and said that he would return as soon as possible before leaving. "I ..." He said, "Can you think about it?"

Shang Lingjian smiled and said to the elder, Xianshi, this incident was too sudden, Lin Shu needs to accept it.

Elder Road, naturally.

Having said that, he approached him, looked at Lin Shu for a long time, and said quietly: "At the first glance, the lord of the cabinet is the man in my sword, and there will never be any falsehood."

The cat also flattered, "Meow." The elder said: "But Qingyuan?" Cat: "Meow."
Lin Shu: "..."

Oh, the legendary Emperor Ye is also the owner of a certain cabinet. It's all one.
The elders are more kind.

He is a man in Jiange, and there is no fake. but……
Lin Shu didn't know what he was "but", but he knew he couldn't make a decision so suddenly.

The elders began to talk with Lin Shu. The center of content was the long- time search for the Lord of the Pavilion, which is the backbone of the Pavilion. It is indispensable. What else is the snowy field where the Pavilion is located is suitable for the cultivation of "Acacia".

When it was getting late, Shangling Jane said that he arranged for each of the immortal masters of Jiange to stay. The elder reluctantly explained that he would discuss the matter of returning to the mountain with the host.

Xiao Lingyang has been in a trance state, leaving a bit of a trance. Lin Shu was also a bit erratic.
Shangling Jane said to send him back to Jingfeng Xiuyuan. On the way, Shangling Jane said: "Taoyou."
Lin Shu: "Sir."

Shangling Jane said: "Taoyou seems to have something in mind, so let's talk about it."

Lin Shu said, "I don't know if I should leave." Shangling Jane said, "Taoyou, do you want to go?" Lin shook his head blankly: "I don't know."
Jiange was a division. He was a disciple of Jiange since he was a child. He grew up in Jiange. Although there was only one master in Jiange at that time, all the mental methods he learned, the sword techniques he practiced, the cheats he used and the elixir were all An ancestor from the sword court. In a sense, Jiange is also his home. When he first came to this world, he really wanted to return to Jiange.

And Yun Lan said that Jiange needs the owner.

The elder also said that only you are the owner of the sword pavilion. He should go back.
However, Nanxia also has Ling Fengxiao.

Shang Lingjian's next sentence was: "How do Taoyou care about Nanxia?" care? probably is.
Lin Shu nodded.

"Jiange is a hidden school, and only asks Kendo, and never intervenes in world disputes." Shangling Jane said: "I am a Nanxia man, naturally I want to stay in Nanxia, I hope Daoyou can stay and help Nanxia. However, in all fairness, the rivers and lakes are chaotic, the world is impermanent, and the mood is often disturbed.

"Jiange ..." Lin Shu thought for a while, and asked, "How?"

The people in Xiandao rarely mentioned Jiange, but every time they raised it, it seemed like a mountain—but no one really commented on the strength or status of Jiange.

"Jiangge is naturally excellent," said Shangling Jane. "Shangling Xuegong has devoted all its power to training Xiandao disciples. Learning from tens of thousands of disciples can become a robber, but there are only a few people. Jiange is only a few hundred. The person who crosses the calamity can compare with the entire Xuegong, or even win it. Not to mention the Jiange mind and sword, it has its own uniqueness. "

"Therefore ..." Shangling said slowly, "Jiange asked the palace for a person, and the palace could not stop it, nor could it stop it. The same goes for Taoist friends."

Lin Shu didn't speak.

He looked at Lingjian, and in the twilight, the outline was slightly blurred, making Shanglingjian more like Mr. Meng.

The tone of the speech is like, even shouting "Taoyou".

Xu was aware that he had difficulty making a choice, and Shangling Jane sighed: "Would the Taoist listen to a story?" Lin Shu: "Okay."

Shangling Jian slowly said, "At that time, the name was Meng Jian, and he had not been a great master or a high-prize drinker at the academy, but was stationed in the south. Fifteen years ago, when the Minzhou rebellion was ordered, he was ordered to go to Ping An. . "

Lin Shu suddenly moved.

Fifteen years ago ... the rebellion in Minzhou, the dynasty sent troops to suppress, destroyed the entire population of the city.

Isn't that the origin of the ghost town of Minzhou? It is precisely because of this incident that the Li Yamao family and the little fool will be trapped in the ghost village for many years.

And did the slaughter of the city actually be done by Shangling Jane?

Just listen to the Shangling Jane: "The Minzhou rebellion, the rebels are not divisions of tigers and wolves, so although they are urgent, they are not serious. At that time, they could gradually win the rebels, even directly, by consuming the strength of the rebels. Persuade. "

Lin Shu listened to his words and thought to himself, why is there such a thing as slaughtering the city?

He listened to his next sentence: "Only, in those days, the northern border changed, the Beixia army was under pressure, my elder brother ... stationed in Changyang City, with the strong troops in the north, still supporting the city, the situation was severe. .He didn't know about the rebellion in the south and asked the king for help, and ... I had a limited military force. If I wanted an army that could stand up to Beixia, only I would get one. "

Shangling seemed to be smiling with a light cloud, but there seemed to be a boundless shiver in the smile: "If you go north, the south will be chaotic. If you stay in Minzhou, Changyang City will be more fierce. If you have a force, For two, the chances of winning on both sides were less than 30%. At that time, I was in a difficult situation. I first attacked Minzhou City with an elite force, with the intention of making a quick decision, and then rescued north. However, Dugucheng is not a leisurely person. After a day of stalemate, I decided Provocation is prohibited. Prohibition cannot be controlled. Once activated, it will kill the entire population of Minzhou. "

"The Minzhou Rebellion was settled. After that, Xixia immediately aided Changyang City, but ..." Shangling Jian said gently, "The big witch is here, and the moment I brought the reinforcements to the city, it was when he died."

Lin Shu knew the identity of Mr. Meng.

Mr. Meng has a blood relationship with Shangling Jane, and he can guess.

How Mr. Meng died, he also knows, but he doesn't know, there is such a good old story behind this.

"After the reinforcements came, although Changyang City defended it, he could not be resurrected. Tens of thousands of people from Minzhou also died because of me, and turned into evil spirits," said Shangling Jane.
Time and again, it causes ... a lifetime regret. "

He said, and laughed at himself: "This is a matter of irrelevance. When it comes to today, you are all because of Daoyou and me, and you must make a decision as soon as possible. If you stay, stay, do n’t stay They will not stay. If due to the instability and the long time of thinking, Jiange doubts your position, or the dynasty conflicts with Jiange to keep you, and even if Beixia learns the news, it will be worth the loss. "

Lin Shu nodded: "I know."

Shangling Jane said, "Are you Daoyou waiting for His Royal Highness Fengyang?"

Lin Shu said, "Yes."

He just ... needs to see Ling Fengxiao. Shangling Jane said: "From what you see below, Your Highness may not let you stay."

Lin Shu: "Why?"

Shangling Jane didn't explain, but said, "Just guess."

After returning to the bamboo house, Lin Shu immediately took out the jade charm, entered the Yanwu field, and issued a contract to Xiao Shao.

Xiao Shao did not reply for a long time.

Lin Shu emerged from his dream, put down the Yufu, and looked out the window for a while, then Yufu flickered, Xiao Shao took on the battle.

Lin Shu entered the Yanwu field. Xiao Shao smiled at him: "Miss me?"
Lin Shu looked at him, not knowing how to lift it.

Xiao Shao set up an enchantment, blocking other people's eyes, and said to Lin Shu: "Hug."

Lin Shu gave him a hug. Xiao Shao held tight.
Lin Shu knew that he was a human-shaped self-propelled emotional comforter for Xiao Shao. When Xiao Shao wanted to hug him, sometimes he just wanted to hug, sometimes it might be something.

Lin Shu asked: "What happened to you?"

"I'll be back tonight, and then bring Xiao Lingyang back to the capital." Xiao Shao said: "Father Emperor is ill, the capital is in chaos, I'm afraid ... it's hard to suppress."

Lin Shu stunned.

Chapter 138: Lonely leaf

Lin Shu asked: "Your father ... are you okay?"

"It's not good," Xiao Shao said indifferently, "to continue life with immortal medicine, at least as long as three months, as long as three years, but it is not so clear."

Speaking again, he said, "After Xie Zi's involvement in the DPRK, the main faction is strong, and he is climbing to bite the main war faction minister. After rejecting the Beiguan incident, several other ministers turned to the main peace. Messiness. I tend to the main battle, Xiao Lingyang naturally follows me, the master and the faction would not want him to be emperor. "

Chao Tang was rolling, Lin Shu didn't understand.

But he knew that Xiao Shao was facing a very, very complicated situation.

When it comes to Chaotang, all are involved in the whole body and cannot be solved by force.

Xiao Shao supported the main battle, and the main faction would make him annoying.

——Literati do not have any force, they can be solved with one stroke. If they are solved, they will be clean.

But later?

These ministers are all high-ranking ministers, who have extraordinary strategies and talents. Nanxia ’s people ’s livelihood has become so bad. Half of the people can barely sustain their livelihoods, and the disaster relief in each affected area can be maintained. They wave after wave of reform. Without them, the operation of the entire court would be problematic, and the chapel would be immediately messed up, and the chaos would not be far from the world chaos.

Therefore, to deal with the literati, we can only weigh the advantages and disadvantages and carefully check the balance.

Xiao Shao's shell is a bit more restrained, so he can't see his emotions. If he changed the shell of the young lady, Lin Shu estimated that he would be so annoyed and exploded into a puffer fish on the spot.

Lin Shu patted Xiao Shao's back to appease.

"I still have something to do here." Xiao Shao kissed his forehead and said, "You can only come back in the middle of the night. You sleep first."

He seemed to want to go.

Lin Shu grabbed his sleeve and began to organize the wording.

But Xiao Shao seemed to think he was uneasy, and said, "Tulongwei and Phoenix Villa are in my hands, and nothing will happen."

Lin Shu said: "Are you ... annoying?"

"Sooner or later," Xiao Shao said, "but now ... it's messy, and in a few days, Xiandao will be messy."

"I sometimes think, how can I send a message to Sword Pavilion and let Sword Pavilion pick you up."

Lin Shu stunned.

Halfway through, he asked, "... why?"

"The dynasty is turbulent," Xiao Shao said. "Some things are very dirty and I don't want you to see them. The big witch doesn't know what to plan, maybe it is related to" Sauvignon Blanc ". You are very dangerous. If you return to Jiange, he will not dare to touch his fingers. Lin Shu asked: "What about you?"

"I have to do what I should do." Xiao Shao said.

Lin Shu looked into his eyes and said, "But they have found me." Xiao Shao: "They?"
Lin Shu: "Jiange."

Xiao Shao's movement stopped.

For a long time, Lin Shu heard him whisper: "Baby." Lin Shu said "um".
Xiao Shao: "Are you leaving?" Lin Shu: "... I listen to you."
After a long silence, Xiao Shao said, "Wait for me to go back." Lin Shudao: "Okay."
Xiao Shao finally touched his lips, then went offline.

Lin Shu leaned at the window, waiting for Xiao Shao to return.

He had nothing in his head, didn't think about anything, just touched the cat mechanically.

In the early spring and night, the night is as cold as water, only this cat's hair has some temperature.

When Ling Fengxiao pushed in the door, it was the moon and the sky. Lin Shu looked at him and asked, "Am I going?"
Ling Fengxiao did not speak. Lin Shu smelled the breath on him.

It's cold, with the air conditioner outside. He was crushed on the wall.
In fact, it is a very good resistance action, but his body seems to be used to the existence of such a person, and did not respond in time.

Ling Fengxiao started kissing him for a long time.

The deep kiss was like a siege, and there was no room for refusal. Lin Shu didn't know it could be like this.
He was out of breath, his body was soft, and at the end, leaning against Ling Fengxiao's shoulder, he gasped slightly.

Ling Fengxiao said nothing, but he already knew. He asked, "Who is the fruit?"
"Follow me," Ling Fengxiao's voice was a little dumb. "He is too noisy, and he loves to make troubles unreasonably, which will hinder you."

Fruit appeared out of thin air in the room, and said loudly, "No!" Lin Shudao: "Follow me ... it's okay."
The fruit seemed to have water in his eyes, and his voice stunned: "Lin Shu will not leave!"

Ling Fengxiao said blankly, "You follow me."

The fruit cried wow, and went back to Qingmingdongtian in autism, maybe it was thrown away to his brother.

Lin Shu hugged the cat and put it in Ling Fengxiao's arms: "The cat follows you." He returned to Jiange, and there were so many elders crossing the robbery. In any case, he was not afraid of the big witch, but Ling Fengxiao would be very dangerous without himself.

With cats around, it will be much better.

The cat squeaked softly and wanted to crawl into Lin Shu's arms, but Lin Shu was back again.

Lin Shu said to it, "Your cause and effect is not finished yet, follow him."

The cat's nest fell into Ling Fengxiao's arms, and it seemed that he had closed himself up.

Lin Shu felt that he was also going to be autistic.

But after thinking about it, Ling Fengxiao must be more autistic than him. "I have nothing to give you," Ling Fengxiao said, "only this."
Lin Shu was put a cold object in his hand. He looked at it through the light and was a **** token.

Phoenix Order.

Lin Shu asked: "Don't you need to?"

"It's OK to have Ling Fengxiao's face." Ling Fengxiao said, "I'll send you as a gift."

Lin Shu accepted it.

After all, rich women are still rich women.

From now on, all the villas, shops, and darts of Phoenix Villas will be allowed to receive and dispatch him.

"Beixia people, don't touch," Ling Fengxiao said. "Nanxia also has sinister minds and can't respond. When you arrive at Jiange, you can cultivate with one heart. Things in the world can only happen when nothing happens." Lin Shu: "Yes."
He said, "What if we fight?"

Ling Fengxiao only said: "You are a person from a different world." Lin Shu didn't speak.
Ling Fengxiao did not.

Finally, he said softly, "I'm not good." Lin Shu: "Huh?"
"If the dynasty is stable, or if I have the power to protect you, I will not let you go." Ling Fengxiao looked out of the window, Hao Yue, and said, "If that day, I will pick you up."

Lin Shu said, "OK."

But he thought that Ling Fengxiao had done a good job.

Regarding Xiuwei, strategy, and anyone else, it is impossible to be as good as Ling Fengxiao.

Ling Fengxiao is only twenty this year.

He felt that the day Ling Fengxiao came to pick him up, there would be. And if he stays beside Ling Fengxiao, it will add another trouble.
The man jumped into the big inkpot of the dynasty dispute without any reason, and took a Lin Shu with him, and also had to bother to keep this Lin Shu white.

The big witch's conspiracy does not know what it is, and he must be afraid of his hamster accident anytime, anywhere. Lin Shu worked hard to get himself out of autism, thinking that as soon as he left, Ling Fengxiao could stir up the wind and rain in the big ink bottle without any worries.

He watched Ling Fengxiao.

Ling Fengxiao looked out the window, her eyes looked heavy, and she didn't know what she was thinking, but it was not a pleasant thing.

Xu Shi noticed his sight, and Ling Fengxiao leaned down and kissed him again.

This time it was much gentler than the last time, but Lin Shu felt that it was a little sad.

Ling Fengxiao took him to the bed and continued to press on the pillow.

They were too close. Lin Shu felt that he wanted to do something, such as double cultivation, and he relaxed his body as much as possible.

But I didn't know how long he had kissed, Ling Fengxiao let go of her hand, only holding him, and did nothing else.

Ling Fengxiao said, "Sleep."

He also said that I will leave tomorrow and you will leave tomorrow. If I watch you go, I am afraid I want to leave you again.

Lin Shu naturally followed him. So he fell asleep.
But he did not fall asleep, and knew that Ling Fengxiao was not asleep.

Even so, the next morning, when Ling Fengxiao got up, he pretended to be asleep.

A slightly cold lip kissed his forehead, smoothed his hair, and then pressed the quilt angle before leaving. As soon as Ling Fengxiao left, Lin Shu got up quietly and got up.

He didn't know what he was doing, he just watched Ling Fengxiao secretly deflect Xiao Lingyang's resistance and pushed him into the carriage.
Regardless of Xiao Lingyang's resistance, he pushed him into the carriage, and Xiao Lingyang's "I don't go back" and " Ling Fengxiao, you are not a human "and sporadic" I want Lin Shu to take you away. "

Lin Shu felt a bit interesting, thinking that at this time Xiao Lingyang knew who her brother-in-law was, and no longer gave examples of the South China Sea Sword Master, the eldest son of General An, and Ling Fengmen.

But when the carriage went away on the official road, and then disappeared, he felt very boring.

Go back to the palace and tell the elders to go back.

The elders were naturally comforted and very happy, and the disciples were also very happy.

Lin Shu felt that he was expressionless and incompatible with this happy atmosphere, but he did not expect that the elders finally praised him as "the style of the owner of my sword pavilion".

Then they set off, headed north, took a section of land, went to Wangnanjin's ferry, and changed the waterway.

Not far from the ferry, there is a kiosk and an open-air wine restaurant.

The wine shop was unremarkable, and the flag was not too old. It could not attract any attention.

Ke Linshuxin suddenly seemed to be caught, staring at the wine shop until he saw a red dress at the window.

He said to Yun Lan, "Stop." Yun Lan stopped. Lin Shu got out of the car and came to the restaurant to open the wooden door.

Ling Fengxiao looked at him. There was a hip flask and two empty glasses on the table.

There was no one in the hall, only the shopkeeper snores at the counter.

"I thought about it," Ling Fengxiao poured the wine, "I still want to come to see you."

Lin Shu stepped forward.

Ling Fengxiao stood up and toasted him.

Lin Shu picked up another glass of wine on the table and drank slowly.

In the past, Ling Fengxiao was not allowed to drink alcohol, so he was drinking it for the first time.

The wine was spicy and went down the throat like a cold fire. Ling Fengxiao drank the wine and said to him, "Treasure." Lin Shu: "You too."
Ling Fengxiao's eyes seemed to be misty, and she bit her lip, her cup- shaking hand shaking slightly.

This may be a manifestation of uncontrollable emotions, Lin Shu thought, the next moment about this person is like the scene often described in the storybook, to throw the wine bottle on the ground as a clear and neat trick.

But Ling Fengxiao didn't.

He just gently and gently put the wine bottle back on the table, the bottom of the glass touching the table, without even making a sound.

He said, "I'll send you another ride." It was extremely soft and rainy outside, like smoke from clothes.

Ling Fengxiao handed Lin Shu a bamboo umbrella and propped up one herself.

Jian Ge and his party were waiting at the ferry.

Before being sent to the ferry, Ling Fengxiao said, "Stop it." Lin Shudao: "Take care."
Ling Fengxiao: "Yes."

Lin Shu went forward, led by Yun Lan, and got on board. The hull swayed and went down.
Southland, mid-March.

The mist and rain were empty.

Across the vast misty waves, Lin Shuwang always looked at the road.

Ling Fengxiao was wearing a red coat and holding a red umbrella, which was clearly the only bright color in the heavens and the earth, but in the vast willow color, it was a little bit glamorous.

Ling Fengxiao was also looking at him.

When the smoke and rain and Jiang Wu completely blurred his face, he saw Ling Fengxiao's umbrella blown to the ground by the wind, hit a few turns, and then stopped.

Ling Fengxiao turned around and walked away.

Lin Shu still looked at it, until the little red shadow became smaller and weaker, and finally disappeared in Jiang Tian color.

This way, Tianya Luyao. Lin Shu also turned around and walked from the stern to the bow.

Lingsu stood by his side and said, "Master, walk on the waterway for two days, pass Fenglingjin, turn north, and head up from the Tianhe River to the Liuxue Mountain."

Lin Shudao: "Okay."

Lingsu asked, "Master, don't you come back to the cabin?" Lin Shudao: "You go back first."
Lingsu said "yes", then retreated and returned to the cabin. Lin Shu was left alone in the bow.
He looked across the Strait.

I saw the endless sky and the river flowing, only this leaf light boat left in the mist, in the dust.

He felt that the sky and the earth were endless. And in the world of life, suddenly travellers.
A lonely leaf.

The author has something to say: the middle volume · wind and rain is obscure, and finally.

Scroll down, heaven is like a knife

Chapter 139: Sun and moon

On the river, the fog is fascinating, cold and cold. Lin Shu returned to the cabin.
Lingshu and Lingsu waited at the hatch, and when he saw him, he said, "Lord, follow me."

The Jiange boat is very simple. Although it has an elegant appearance and a large and sturdy hull, it only has some necessary furnishings inside.

Lin Shu understands that in the ancestral teachings of Jiange, the five colors, five sounds and five flavors are all red dust, and it has no meaning except to disturb the mood.

Lingsu led him to the main room of the cabin, and said, "Master, I and Lingshu will change your clothes for you."

Lin Shu: "I'll do it myself."

Lingsu said "yes", and held up Yiying's clothes.

In previous conversations with the elders, Lin Shu knew that Lingshu and Lingsu were not disciples of Jiange Zhenzhuan.

Their mentality is naturally excellent, but their talents and qualifications are insufficient, so they are "swordsmen."

The disciple of the Jiange is conscientious in his daily practice. It is inevitable that he will not be able to take care of himself, and daily living requires some energy. Therefore, senior teachers, elders, elders, and masters all have "swordsmen" with them. Su Ze is the master's swordsman. The swordsman takes care of the host's daily diet, and even all chores, and the host only needs to practice without hesitation.

The true disciples of the Jiange generation used "cloud" as the first word, such as Yun Lan, and sword servants as "spirit" as the first word, such as Lingshu and Lingsu.

However ... even the less qualified swordsman of the Jiange disciples are all Yuan Ying's cultivation.

Lingsu is a beautiful young girl who looks only sixteen or seventeen years old, but she is already in the early days of Yuanying. Her temperament is clear and quiet, her eyes are clear. If she is placed outside, she can already be regarded as talented.

The level of other disciples in Jiange can be imagined.

Lin Shu looked back and picked up the clothing that Lingsu had brought up.

This is the dress of the owner of the Jiange Pavilion.

The long coat is white, tied with a light silver waistband, and the outside is a cold white wide-sleeve robe. There is no extra pattern or decoration, only the faint silver light flows.

He sat down in front of the mirror, and Lingsu took the jade comb to tie his hair.

The hair bundle is not complicated. Two strands of broken hair are left on the forehead, and the remaining long hair is half and half scattered, and finally fixed with a flowing cloud and white jade.

Lin Shu looked at himself in the mirror.

The physical features of this body have always been good-looking.

It was only snow and ice in his eyes that made him a little confusing. He just suddenly thought that if the girls at Phoenix Mountain Resort were here, they might have to laugh and joke, "What a beautiful fairy!"

Or maybe it can't be fun-the person in the mirror looks so indifferent that he looks like himself in the mirror every day in his previous life.

Lingsu put things away and handed them to Lingshu with a slight smile, and his eyes were very clean and admired, saying, "The Lord is really the Lord."

Lin Shu asked: "Didn't there any owner of Jiange before?"

Lingsu knows everything: "After" Sauvignon Blanc "is absent, the title of the cabinet will be empty, and we have been waiting for you to return to the mountain."

Sauvignon Blanc.

Lin Shu thought that Jiange's town style "Sauvignon Blanc" has been lost for two decades.

It has been two decades since the forces of various quarters ravaged "Sauvignon Blanc".

Although he knows "Sauvignon Blanc", it was learned in his last life. He has never seen "Sauvignon Blanc" in this life.

Why doesn't the elder ask where his "Acacia" was learned? Why not have any doubts about his teacher and identity?
He asked, "Aren't you looking for Sauvignon Blanc?"

"Don't look for it." Lingsu said: "Elder Crane once told us that he was guilty of guilt. Sword Pavilion is a pure place. However, whenever" Acacia "is present, one day cannot be separated from the chaos of the world. It is said that "Sauvignon Blanc" was lost. In fact, a senior in Jiange took it away many years ago and put it in a place that has nothing to do with Jiange, but outsiders can never find it. " Elder Crane is the elder with white beard.

Lin Shu learned from yesterday's conversation that there are currently six elders crossing the robbery of Jiange. Among them, the elder Crane has the deepest qualifications. When the owner of the house is vacant, he is in charge of Jiange.

Isn't "Sauvignon Blanc" lost?

The people in the sword court transferred "Sauvignon Blanc" out, so that outsiders can never find it?

Isn't his own teacher very suspicious, why did he consider him the owner of the Jiange Pavilion, and who is the Taoyuan Jun who cultivates "Acacia" like him?

Lin Shu thought so, and asked: "Is there a predecessor in the sword pavilion ... is the title" Taoyuanjun "?"

"Back to the Lord, I don't know." Lingsu said: "In this case, the Lord can ask the Elder Crane, but the name is not like the people in the sword court."

Lin Shu: "Yes."

Lingsu said that she didn't know, but according to her words, Lin Shu felt that Jiange could not be separated without this person.

Where is Tao Yuanjun? Why is Sauvignon Blanc again? Dead?
However, according to Ling Fengxiao, this Tao Yuanjun is a person who can use "Sauvignon Blanc" from beginning to end. His martial arts attainment is so profound that he can imagine it. Such people will not die unless they soar.

That may be soaring. No matter how lost Sauvignon Blanc can be found.

——Otherwise, how could the master of his last life pull out a "Sauvignon Blanc" for him to learn?

After thinking about this, Lin Shu stopped thinking about it, anyway, no matter how he thinks, he can't run away and be the master of the sword court.

It's done, he doesn't have much curiosity.

The days went by like this, Lin Shushen abbreviated, Jiange did not advocate eating, was solved by Pigudan, nor did he promote sleep, and he used meditation to observe his meditation instead. His daily life was all cultivation and restoration of spiritual power.

There are spells on the boat, and they are extremely stable. If they did not get out of the cabin, they would not even notice that they were sitting on the boat.

However, on this day, the ship stopped suddenly.

Lin Shu opened his eyes and looked out of the hatch.

Lingshu Lingsu was sitting and meditating aside, and at this moment suddenly opened her eyes and took up their respective swords.

Lingshu said: "I'll go out and watch." Lingsu: "OK."
The voice of Elder Crane came from the outside: "Why is your Excellency waiting in the middle of the river?"

Another voice replied: "I have been admiring Jiange for a long time. I heard that the owner of the Pavilion passed by this place and invited him here to share with him."

The voice Lin Shu recognized. The voice of the great witch.

He thought about it, and his party had been away for two or three days. After all, it was indeed time to reach the boundary of Beixia.

Beixia naturally has big witches.

But Dawu wanted to see him, but it was very unreasonable-they had a fight a while ago, and Dawu obviously had no intention to "catch you".

Caught, it is impossible to catch.

Jiange came to pick him up, and the pomp was very big, and three elders crossed the line. And Lin Shu himself is also the practice of crossing the robbery.

At this time, the Lingshu who went out returned to Lin Shu and said, "The Lord, the elder Crane asked me to ask you, Beixia Witch wants to see you, do you want to see?"

Lin Shu: "I don't want to." Lingshu went out to preach.
Hearing Elder Crane said: "The Lord doesn't want to see you, please come back."

The witch's voice at this time was very polite, saying, "I have something to discuss with the cabinet master."

Lingshu spoke again.

Lin Shu said, "I don't think there is anything important between him and me."

After listening to the message, the big witch was silent. Lingsu laughed softly. Lin Shu was expressionless. This is real.
The sword pavilion is a hermit school, and the southern and northern summers have nothing to do with the sword pavilion. The sword pavilion does not have to rely on them. What can be done between him and the big witch?

Unless the big witch has bad intentions and plans, what traps should he dig for him-this is even more invisible.

After the silence, Da Wu said: "So, there is a letter underneath, I urge you to forward it."

Elder Crane said: "OK." Then he said, "Sir, goodbye."
Da Wudao said: "Farewell to the next day." Lingshu presented the letter.
The letter was sealed, the envelope was dark, and it seemed to be the thin skin of some kind of animal, with a dark red witch pattern on it.

Lin Shu opened, and there was only one thin declaration inside. "Three years later, on April 27th, please see the stars in the heavens. Three more days later, waiting for Jun at Dalongting, Zhongzhou. "
The big witch is as good as the word, and the word is not ugly or even beautiful, but it has a gloomy chill.

The letter meant that he wanted to see the stars on a specific day three years later.

Then say three years later. Lin Shu folded the letter.

Lingsu said: "Master, I put it away."

However, at the moment of the transfer, Lin Shu saw that there were still words on the back of the letter.

It's a poem.

Looking at each other at this time, May the moonlight shines Jun.
Lin Shu: "?"

What does the witch want to say? Lin Shu couldn't understand.
Love poem? Sorry.
I am a swordless man without emotion. signal?
He and Dawu don't have any secret codes.

Lin Shu didn't think about it any more, handed the letter to Lingsu, and didn't mention it again.

Excluding this episode, the rest of the journey was smooth sailing. After Fenglingjin, they went up the Tianhe River.

The Tianhe River is not an ordinary river. The ground veins are unusual. The upper part of the river is full of spiritual power. It is not mortal, even the immortals and wizards can avoid it, and they will not cross the river easily. At the birthplace of the Tianhe River, the realm of the sword pavilion was protected by an extremely tyrannical enchantment, completely separating the sword pavilion from the outside world, and only those allowed by the sword pavilion could enter.

Passing through the enchantment, a cloud of ice, snow and sand was stirred up. After the fog was cleared, the endless snowfield and the endless snow mountains appeared to Lin Shu's eyes.

Jiange is on the highest peak in the snow mountain.

Liuxue Mountain, nine thousand long steps, you can reach the summit by picking up the steps.

There is a sword pavilion on the mountain. Elder Crane said: "Master, follow me." Lin Shu went with Elder Crane.
But this way, he is familiar, and even traveled many times.

He grew up here last life and has since gone to school outside, but he also comes back here twice a year.

Nine thousand long steps in the ice and snow, if they are mortals, they are physically weak, and they ca n’t even go up, and they need to do some cultivation.

Lin Shu just walked seriously.

Suddenly, Li Lili's blood appeared on the long steps in front of him, fresh. He looked up and saw a teenager in sackcloth walking slowly up.
One step, nodding, no further, nodding.

His forehead had been pierced, as was his knee, leaving blood on every step and continuing forward. It was freezing cold, and every time I pressed my head, three bloodstains were left. In the cold wind, the blood stopped quickly, and then on the next step, the skin was bleeding again due to the collision between the skin and the rough steps.

The flesh on his forehead was blurred.

Lingsu seemed to have noticed his gaze and explained gently: "The Lord, this is a person who seeks to worship. Every ten years, there are elders in Jiange who choose disciples in the world, but if young people come on their own initiative I will not refuse. Regardless of qualifications, if I can walk one step at a time and complete the 9,000 steps, I will be my disciple. "

Elder Crane stroked his white beard and said, "One step at a time is not to disciple respect the sword pavilion, but to test the mind of the disciple.
Those who can reach the 9,000 ranks must have perseverance. The transcendent talent, regardless of the root bones, will be accepted by the sword court. "

Lin Shu: "Yes."

They crossed the boy.

Lin Shu noticed that the teenager was watching him. In the eyes, it was very hot looking up to admiration. He nodded slightly to the boy.
The boy's already slow and extremely slow movements seemed to be reinvigorated into life, and he was fast again.

There are five thousand long steps ahead.

Lin Shu walked through these five thousand roads, and the Jiange Mountain Gate appeared. On the left side of the mountain gate, there is a huge piece of bluestone. The letter in eight characters-"Sincerely, the stone is open".

These eight characters are the first article of Jiange's ancestral training. The days of Jiange were very painful.
Xi Jian, ask, meditate, day and night.

However, if things in the world and cultivation of immortals are sincere, it doesn't seem to be difficult.

The reason why Jiange's strength is superb is probably due to the credit. Lin Shu has walked countless times in his last life.
Qingsong, Baixue, Shitai, open space, like another generation.

The difference is that there is a disciple in white who saw the sword, and received the sword as a gift, saying, "I have met the Lord."

Lingsu said: "Master, your dormitory is here."

This is a single hall on the highest level, according to Ling Su, where the pavilion resides.

Lin Shu walked into the room of his last life.

White stone is used as a table, Han Yu is used as a bed, and the furnishings have not changed at all.

Going out of this temple, passing a chain cable, to another peak.

-That's where he practiced his sword.

Lingsu said that all the masters of Jiange have practiced swords here. So he stayed. It seems that the owner of the Jiange does not need to do anything. This is the case in my last life, and so is this life.

He spends most of his time practicing sword.

In this snow-capped mountain, all feelings and thoughts are silent, only a thousand miles in front of me, with a sword in my hand.

Forgot to return to the valley under the Liuxue Mountain, an empty space makes people forget, and then forget to return.

When the thick fog rises, the sea of clouds rises, Tianhe in the distance loses its traces, and the sound of torrential water gradually disappears with the sinking of the state of mind, and it is silent.

Asked Jianfeng Mountain to be so high, climbed to the top of the mountain, looked down, and saw the vast world, but an inch below the mountain.

Sauvignon Blanc comes first.

The first type, Konggu forget to return. In the second form, Tianhe is not seen.
The third style, the wall stands thousands of feet.

After that, I no longer look down the mountain, no longer look around the body, and think nothing, just feel the vastness of the world-to the second.

The fourth style, eternal clouds. Fifth style, the world is ruthless. The sixth style is often silent.
The world is over, and returning to itself is the third priority. Time is like running water. In three years, he practiced the seventh style, a lonely boat.

Lin Shu closed his sword.

His cultivation has all come back, even deeper than the previous life, but he hasn't been able to cross the robbery, and it is far from instinct.

The April 27th that Dawu said seemed to be coming, and he had to go back and look at the days.


In the world, there are continuous winds.

He stood like this. At night, the mountain top was very close to the sky, the night sky pressed downwards, the stars rushed towards him, and disappeared again in the dark clouds.

The snow was getting bigger, and he closed his eyes, and a few snowflakes fell on his face and fell again.

Lingsu stepped forward and covered his feathers. Actually, he is not cold.
He couldn't remember how cold it felt.

The emotions and the five senses, and the past, gradually faded away, and the fog disappeared. Day after day, just go on like this without feeling anything.

It was only late in the night that he occasionally felt that his life was extended indefinitely with the repair, and his life was like this, which was gradually deprived by the cold, summer, and sun.

Whenever this time, he thought, I wonder if Ling Fengxiao sleeps well.

Chapter 140: Qinglu

April 27.

On this day, something else happened.

Lingsu said that the master and newly-disciplined disciples have passed the assessment and formally worshipped in my sword court. The disciples and the elders are waiting in the hall.

The rules of the sword court, every new disciple is a named disciple, remembered in the name of a highly qualified master, uncle, elder and even the master. After registering, in addition to learning the basic exercises and sword strokes, most of them took the initiative to learn the martial arts of the named master, and in the future they might become disciples and be taught by the master.

——Another part of the disciples did not want to have a master's biography, but realized it by themselves, so it is another matter. The classics in the library are so numerous that they have worked hard for their predecessors.

Today is the day when the disciples are assigned to a named master. It is called an "introductory ceremony." Most disciples have selected the master to follow during the three-year assessment, so the ceremony is not long, just a form.

Lin Shu came to the main hall, the elders sat under the main seat of the main hall, and the new disciples stood neatly in the main hall, led by a few brothers and sisters.

Seeing Lin Shulai, the disciples saluted together: "Meet the Lord." The six elders smiled. Xu is because of his young age. Although these elders treat him with respect, they are more caring.

After Lin Shu was seated in the central seat, the introductory ceremony began. There is no red tape, just the disciples explain their knowledge of kendo, three years of martial arts perception, if a master wants to put it under the door, he will ask a few specific questions, and then logically into the door.

Some of these disciples are peerless geniuses that the special elders have searched for in the world, some are stubbornly stepping on their heads, climbing up to nine thousand long steps, and their children are determined and far superior to ordinary people. People want disciples.

Lin Shu watched the disciples quietly from above.

In his last life, about the Jiange has fallen, he has never performed such a formal worship service.

But his old man, despite his mediocre swordsmanship, is indeed a good master.

The main hall at that time was a bit more rundown than it is now, and the middle hall was very deserted. When the night was quiet, you could meditate in the main hall and hear the sound of your own heartbeat.

This is also the case for the prosperity and decline of the world. Xianmen like Jiange will gradually disappear and fall, let alone the bustling people under the mountain.

A moment of silence brought him back, and saw a young disciple standing upright in the middle of the hall.

This young man has good facial features, but will not leave a deep impression. Lin Shu only felt familiar and thought about it before he remembered that it was exactly three years ago when he was on his way back to Jiange. Mai boy. Originally, after explaining his kendo sentiment, Master would ask questions and put him under the door.

But no one asked him questions.

He stood in the center like that, bowed his head slightly, and looked a little uneasy.

The needle was heard in the hall. After a long time, an elder asked, "Why did you learn sword?"

The boy said, "I ... nowhere to go." The elder sighed softly.
Lin Shu knew the reason for the sigh.

There are many reasons to learn swords in Jiange.

You can learn the sword for the sake of the Tao, you can learn the sword for the martial arts, you can learn the sword for the sword.

I can't, because I have no choice but to learn swords.

In other words, when you first entered the sword hall, you could learn swords because you had no choice but to hold the sword for three years. It would be a bit wrong to say so.

——To learn the sword today because of the lack of a way, the elders do not like such people in the future.

The elder's sigh almost gave up the disciple.

The hall was empty and empty, only this fifteen or sixteen-year-old boy bit his lips slightly, revealing a little embarrassment and sorrow in the eyes of everyone.

This embarrassment and ignorance somehow suddenly touched some of Lin Shu's memories in the void, and at the moment when his mind moved a little, he met the young man's eyes.

It was still that simple hot yearning, exactly the same as when climbing the nine thousand long steps.

He heard himself asking, "Why nowhere to go?"

The young man's tone of voice was a bit more unstable than when he faced the elders, saying, "Back to the Lord, I didn't have any relatives or friends, nor did I want to do anything. I didn't want to live, but just wanted to come to the sword Pavilion ... and try "

He paused and lowered his head: "I was on the steps and couldn't hold on, but you Lord ... looked at me, and ... nodded to me, I thought, if I later Can be a person like the patron "

He said that his voice was gradually muted, and it took a while to return to normal: "I don't want to go elsewhere."

After hearing this, the disciples changed a little, and all of them were watching him, making his head lower even more.

Lin Shu did not expect that he would inadvertently insert a willow, but this disciple who was not supposed to be in the sword court went to the sword court.

Since then, the boy has not wanted to go elsewhere, which is also his fault. He said, "You stay."
The disciple opened his eyes in disbelief, then his voice trembled: "Thank you very much, Master!"

Lin Shu was a little stunned for a while, thinking that he had a day called Master.

This was a misunderstanding, but he thought that it was always a pity that he did not serve Master in his last life. He accepted a disciple today to fulfill his responsibility as a master, and it was also a cause and effect. Lingsu led the young boy down until the end of the ceremony, Lin Shu went to practice his sword, and then ended his practice. At night, he brought him up again.

The teenager was a little cramped.

Lin Shu is also on official business, asking, "What's your name?" The teenager seemed a little embarrassed and said, "Gourd."
Lin Shu's action was paused.

The old man of his own family, the Taoist is Hulu Taoist. Is there any fixed number in the world?
But when I think about it, it ’s always casual to choose a name in the world, such as the brothers Li Ji Mao Li Ya Mao, and there are a lot of them called "gourds", maybe just coincidence.

But the name Hulu, after all, is indecent and needs to be renamed.

Jiange has been a generation for 20 years. This generation is lower than Yun Lan's generation, with the word "Qing" as the first word.

Lin Shudao: "Your name is Qinglu."

Qing Lu's eyes brightened and he said, "Thank you Master for your name." Lin Shu glanced over him and looked out the window.
Today is April 27th, the day the Dawu said.

He stared into the vast night sky, trying to find a few moths, but unsuccessfully, he felt like a big witch donkey.

Qing Lu asked: "Master?"

Lingsu whispered: "The Lord always has to meditate and don't bother." Qing Lu: "Oh ..."

At this moment, the southern seven places, the Suzaku bit, suddenly shined brightly.
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