The #1 Pretty Boy of the Immortal Path Chapter 61-70

Chapter 61: Fiddle

Yun Lan also pulled his sword out of the sheath, the tip of the sword was clear and cold, as if the cold air above the snow-capped mountains.

The one suspected to be Cangyu, he didn't have to pull his sword.

The top of the mountain was already cold. At this time, the sun was blocked, like the night, the wind was violent, and it was chilling.

Lin Shu looked at the sky.

Wait for the thick clouds to get darker, like when you want to drip thick ink--

A white light opened the sky, causing a momentary glance. Lin Shu silently counted seconds in his heart.
three. two. One.
The cat gave a shudder.

The thunder suddenly burst into deafness, and the whole mountain even shook slightly.

Lin Shuzhang played three times in a row, his spirits fluttered, he protected the cat, and then he continued to "Unlimited Clouds" to help the three people facing Tianlei gather their hearts.

I saw a thick purple-black sky thunder above Gao Tian, chopping straight down here! As if everything was slowing down, between the heavens and the earth, there was only a giant thunder of unmatched power.

——How do you prove to the Tao that cultivation has been accomplished, the sword heart is clear, and the avenue has been verified?

Only with the extraordinary martial arts practice, to block nine roads containing the true meaning of heaven and earth!

Lin Shu shook his head, almost thinking he was back a few months ago.

He went back to seeing the sword rising to the sky, hunting down his sleeves.

The surging sword rushed into the sky and collided with the thunderbolt in mid-air!

Just this, Lin Shu can already see that his cousin's cultivation is probably on par with Xiao Shao.

The world was silent, and after a brief moment, Tianlei slowly pressed down.

Ling Xiao bounced up, her figure was shocked, and she was a knife.

After the huge thunder blast, the purple thunder calmed in the air for a while and then slowly dissipated.

The group of disciples gathered in front of the temple didn't matter which school he came from, just applaud: "Brother is a good knife!"

The cat was not so shivering too much, it seemed quite sensible.

Lin Shuqin's voice gradually lowered, and then became continuous and clear.

After all, Ling Xiao is not going through the robbery period. He resists the thunderous power. Even if it is not obvious on the surface, there will be dark injuries. Therefore, while the second thunderbolt has not come down, he will replace it with a healing song. I hope it will work.

After the half-pillar incense time, a depressed dull thunder came from the sky.


Nine sky thunder, one is better than the other.

Yun Lan's vertical sword pointed at the sky and wiped the sword's edge. With his movement, Qingguang's sharp rise suddenly, it was a sword.

I saw that under the thunder, the sword light was like snow, and the sword qi was vertical and horizontal. He picked up the light body and jumped into the air, and faced and retreated with Tian Lei. The sword was extremely fast and stable. At the moment when Tian Lei was about to press on the crowd, the sword was steep and pierced towards Zi Lei!

Under the thunder, the human body seemed extremely small, but the immortal Tao practiced for many years, and with a small body, it had the power of sword against heaven and earth.

Purple Thunder, which was consumed most of the time, dissipated under that sword.

The disciples onlookers continued to applaud: "Brother is a good sword!"

The young man said, "Two brothers, you and Tian Lei are far better than me, but when it comes to defense, I'm the best at it."

Ling Xiao said: "Wait and wait."

The dark clouds rolled, the thunder thundered, and the third thunder came suddenly.

Instead of a sword, he inserted a black epee into the ground! The thick spiritual power is centered on the epee, and the ripples are generally stirred up, then abruptly closed, and turned upwards, forming a circular spiritual cover that just protects four people and one cat. The mysterious flowing mystery is extremely intangible, but it feels like copper cast iron and cannot be destroyed.

Lin Shu confirmed that this boy is Cangyu!

On that day, Cang Ling showed such a magnificent style in his discussion with Xiao Shao, with profound spiritual control of the mysterious.

Cangyu held the sword handle in both hands, her eyes closed tightly, and her whole body was rising steadily, and that spiritual power hood became more solid.

Purple Thunder slashed straight at them!

The black cat yanked sharply, tightening Lin Shu's neck tighter, almost preventing him from breathing.

Facing Jiuxiao Purple Thunder, who was almost in front of him, Lin Shu closed his eyes instinctively.

One second, two seconds, three seconds. Nothing happened.
The black cat "meowed" happily.

He opened his eyes and saw Cangyu grinning, holding his epee, even though his face was pale.

Most of the spiritual barrier was destroyed by the thunder, leaving only a thin layer. However, after all, it successfully resisted the third thunder that was stronger than the first two!

The disciples over there continued to applaud: "Master Shi has good mana!" ——It's so strange that Cang's face is too small, so anyone wants to call his brother.

After a brief silence, the sky continued to thunder.

The first three thunderstorms did get off smoothly, but the power of the later thunderstorms increased exponentially.

Yun Lan said: "You and I join forces."

Ling Xiao and Cang Ling have no objection.

Ling Xiao and Yun Lan are good at confronting Tian Lei and consuming its power, while Cang Ling is better than defensive. The cooperation of the three people really blocked three Thunder.

The disciples who watched did not know how to boast, and the applause was replaced by a unified one: "Okay!"

If I only listened to the sound, I thought that Mr. Storytelling in the teahouse had spoken a wonderful clip, which attracted a lot of enthusiasts.

However, Lin Shu started to play offensive or auxiliary songs from the beginning.

He was frantically healing the three men.

No matter how talented they are, and how they can be tough, they can't hide the fact that they are still in their infancy, which is a big difference between crossing over and robbery.

Or not.

The injuries that Qin Sheng could heal were far less than the injuries they had under the thunder.

The seventh thunderbolt slowly dissipated. Cangyu spit out a large mouthful of blood, as golden as paper, holding the epee to barely fall.

Yun Lan's hand holding the sword was also trembling slightly, apparently the spiritual power was overdrawn.

As for Ling Xiao, Lin Shu couldn't see it.

But the people of the Phoenix family have always been fierce towards themselves, so Lin Shu suspected that he had also suffered the same serious injuries, but he covered up better.

It is impossible for the three seriously injured in this way to survive the next two thunderstorms.

In this case, they can pull away, but no one wants to give up if the gentleman promises nothing.

The disciples onlookers did not applaud this time, but looked at the four people in the center silently.

In silence, a disciple of Yuan Yingxiu stepped forward and stood with them.

the second.

The third.

Then, Jin Danqi's disciples stepped forward.

Twenty-three people on the top of the mountain have stood under the thunder.

When the eighth track came down, all the disciples exhausted all their strengths, all kinds of spiritual powers were intertwined, and they blocked the eighth thunder mine together!

However, the thunder of the thunder, how can they tolerate these low-level disciples. No one was intact and all were seriously injured.

Ling Xiao wiped off the blood on the corners of her lips and said lightly, "You spread out."

The disciples also knew that with their own strength, when the next thunder fell, it was the day of death, and they retreated silently.

Then he said to Cangliao: "You go too." Cangyu gave him a deep look and nodded.
Under the sky, only Ling Xiao and Yun Lan remained.

Lin Shu listened to the sound of thunder from the sky, felt the terrible coercion between heaven and earth, felt very disturbed, and shouted his name: "Ling Xiao ..."

Ling Xiao turned her head and smiled at him: "I'm fine." Lin Shu pursed his lips.
Ling Xiao asked, "Are you all right?"

With such a high-intensity playing, there is no device for finger protection in a hurry, Lin Shu's fingers have already become red and tingling slightly.

He knew that this was negligible compared to the internal injuries suffered by those who opposed Sky Thunder.

Lin Shudao: "It's all right, you ..."

Ling Xiao gently stroked the blade with his left hand and said, "Relax." Lin Shu said "um", still a little upset.
However, he thought that although the time spent with him was extremely short, his cousin's character was beyond reproach and he was a true gentleman. If he did not have a complete grasp of the thunderstorm, he would certainly not leave Yun Lan with him and die. Let yourself stay nearby too.

Therefore, if Ling Xiao does this, he is sure that he will not die, and neither will others.

Thinking of it this way, the sound of the piano finally returned to peace. Ling Xiao said: "It sounds good."
Lin Shu hasn't heard others praise himself for many years, and he fluttered his heart, accidentally playing the wrong tune.

Xiao Ling looked at him and smiled slightly.

A thunder blasted in the sky, more powerful than all the previous thunderstorms.

Yun Lan coughed.

The author has something to say: Brother Jianxiu: Love is affectionate and detrimental.

Chapter 62: Cardinals behind

Lin Shu frowned.

At the time he crossed the gang, the first thunder broke, and he was convicted of serious cheating and came here.

If the robbery can be completed, it will not be easy for the ninth-level thunder to use his cultivation practice at that time.

There was silence on the top of the magical mountain, and only the sound of the piano continued.

Lin Shu was still a little worried about Ling Xiao.

At the height of the thunder, it suddenly stopped for a while. Dead silence.
Dark clouds rolling in the sky, as if brewing the final blow in the boundless silence.

The more silent, the more the heart is held by the cold hands, and even the sound of one's heartbeat can be heard.

Suddenly, the black cat on Lin Shu's shoulder squeaked gently.

Lin Shu was trying to free his hand to touch it, but unexpectedly the cat went down his body and stepped on the ground.

It hesitated, first looking at Lin Shu, then Ling Xiao, then Yun Lan, then at the sky, and then looking back at Lin Shu, one paw leaned forward and retracted, repeating this several times, and finally He took a small step to the center of the mountain platform with an extremely seductive attitude, sat down, and looked up at the sky. It's so touching.

It finally decided to cross the robbery in person.

For the thousand-year-old spirit cat, Lin Shu is unbelievable. But counseling is also true.
The sky was booming, and the sound was too loud, so that people didn't seem to hear it at all, only the eyes were black and the ear drums were aching.

The thick purple thunder fell abruptly, covering the whole mountain as if a comet struck the moon.

Cat: "Meow."

A spirit of chaos rose from its body to contend with the sky thunder that was about to be split.

Cat: "Meow."

Spiritual power continued to accumulate, Lei Guang slowed again, but still fell firmly.

Cat: "Meow."

The tug of war continues.

The cat's spiritual power did not disappoint it for thousands of years, but Tian Lei is not a good kind, faintly gaining the upper hand, no matter how much spiritual power the cat releases, he will firmly hack it.

The cat scratched the ground anxiously with its paws, tail hairs had faintly blew up, and looked back at Lin Shu again.

Lin Shu played the light tune to appease it. Tianlei continued to press down. The cat was about to collapse, its claws scratched wildly, and its tail fur was blown up, making it impossible to bark.

That layer of spiritual power was gradually devoured by Tian Lei, which had gradually faded and was about to be consumed.

Ling Xiao's right hand rested on the handle.

The cat gave a last snoring sound, struggling to gather another solid aura, and took the initiative to hit the thunder.

It can't support it anymore, but Tian Lei is also at the end of the crossbow. With a bang, it finally dissipates slowly.

The cat passed out.

Ling Xiao picked it up from the ground and handed it to Lin Shu. Still breathing, all right.
I don't know if he was completely exhausted and still fainted. Lin Shu wanted to laugh.
In the sky, the dark clouds receded like tide waters, and in a blink of an eye, there was a clear sky, and the clouds even shrouded a layer of grand golden light.

When the cat wakes up from a coma, and completes the cultivation to completeness, and then the cause and effect of the world can be lifted up to the fairyland.

Of course, it borrowed manpower to overcome the calamity, and it was necessary to repay the people, I am afraid that they will stay in the world for a long time.

How much cause and effect is owed? Only the cat knows it. When it wakes up, it naturally follows the person who owes the most cause and effect. The disciples were all wounded, but they were still weak and applauded: "The guardians have good mana!"

Tianjie finally came to an end. Although they were just injured, they were energetic.

This time, I took a shot to resist Tianjie, and knowing what happened to Tianlei, it ’s like everyone is taking the college entrance exam naked, but they have the chance to experience God ’s chance and experience a simulation. How can they be unhappy—even if they are seriously injured, It's nothing.

Cangyu came to see the cat and asked Lin Shu: "Is it all right?" Lin Shu: "Live."
Breathe evenly, the body is very warm, there is no big problem, it is a little heavy.

Cangyu: "It's a cat!"

Disciples echoed: "It's incredible."

Beixia had been stunned for so long, afraid of rushing to attack, and it would lead to the mysterious and unpredictable millennium cultivation in the magical mountain to be shot by a dead master. Unexpectedly, it was such a timid black cat.

"I'll wait to heal first," a disciple said, "wait this ... uh, the shoushanmen wake up and take us to the treasure house."

They agreed and sat down to heal each other.

Yun Lan said goodbye to them and went down the mountain. Lin Shu asked Ling Xiao: "Are you okay?"
Ling Xiao said: "Not so good." Lin Shu picked out a bottle of Sanqing Dadandan from the bottles in the bag and handed it to Ling Xiao.

Ling Xiao took it, but didn't eat it, put it in his hand and played a few times, and said, "I don't eat."

Lin Shudao: "Eat."

"I don't eat," Ling Xiao's voice gave a little smile, pressed very low, and passed into her ears, as if the cat's claws were scratching, almost to make people excited, "Just play the piano for me. "

Lin Shu: "..."

Cousin, I think you're looking for something.

But he refused to take medicine, nor could he, because he was seriously injured.

Lin Shu hung the cat on his shoulder and freed up his hand, intending to find a suitable posture for Ling Xiao to play a healing song, but Ling Xiao gently held his shoulder.

He ate a big Huan Dan and said, "Don't move."

Lin Shu looked up at him, expressing doubt with his eyes.

But when Ling Xiao's eyes crossed him and looked at the crowd, Lin Shu couldn't describe his expression at this time. He seemed to be smiling but with some murderousness, which was very killing.

"The praying mantis catches the cicada, the yellow bird is behind," he heard Ling Xiao said, "the magical mountain is opened, and the ancient treasure house can be chosen by anyone. Such a great event ..."

Lin Shu was suddenly shocked, and then heard Ling Xiao continue to say, "The guardian was weak and unconscious after the calamity, and his disciples were all severely injured. God-given opportunity." Lin Shu suddenly turned back.

I saw a few of the disciples meditating on the ground of Bai Yu, slowly and stiffly raised their heads to look at them, their eyes were dull and their faces pale.

Living dead with blood poisoning!

They hissed and rushed over to this side!

It was said that at a later time, almost at the same moment, Ling Xiao's sword exploded, weaving an airtight knife-air barrier, and attacking the living dead.

Lin Shu hugged the cat tightly, took a few steps back, and stood behind him while blocking the living dead from Ling Xiao.

There is no doubt that the goal of a living person is a cat!

The cat is a mountain guard who was counted in Nanxia's top combat power before, or the key to the entire treasure house of Xianxia!

For Beixia, if killed, there are many advantages. If conquered, it will become rich overnight.

Chapter 63: Mantra

Lin Shu was thinking about the richness of the black cat, and suddenly a strong wind swept through his ear, and a gray hand came through the oblique stab.

He instinctively swiftly avoided the blow, and Ling Xiao quickly repelled, slamming his palm on the chest of the living dead, the pale red spiritual power fleeting in the air, and the color of Ling Fengxiao Similar, it really is the bloodline of Phoenix Villa.

Holding the cat, Lin Shu can neither play the piano, dodge attacks, or is not very flexible. Fortunately, his cousin is powerful enough to keep him from parrying, and Yu Yu slaps his cat's ears a few times, and wants to wake him up soon.

The disciples met with Beixia's enemies. Even if the injuries had not improved, they tried to pick up weapons and guarded them around Lin Shu and Ling Xiao, joining the battle with the living dead. For a time, only the screaming and living dead people on the magical mountain Weapons ping pong ping pong collision sound.

With their help, Xiao Xiao ’s pressure is reduced, and she has a lot of skill in her moves. This gives Lin Shu more opportunities to poke the cat's ears. After a few pricks, she is afraid that the thin ears will be broken and changed to drag. tail.

It's a pity that the cat was completely fainted, and Ren Linshu played like a dead cat with warm fur.

While trying to wake the cat, he followed Ling Xiao, standing within three steps of Ling Xiao, the safest area.

Followed by, he found that Ling Xiao's steps were strange. Although this man's swordsmanship also has the fierce killing spirit in Fenghuangshanzhuang's swordsmanship, it is more clear and elegant, the knife light is like snow, and the footwork is also-however, with Lin Shu's eyesight, he can see his movement The direction is not forced by the war situation.

Under normal circumstances, when people are under siege, they will consciously choose the direction that is most suitable for breakout and then break through it. Ling Xiao is not!

He was going consciously but without traces in a certain direction, and that direction was not a proper direction.

Ling Xiao has other intentions!

Lin Shu hugged the cat to follow Ling Xiao in the chaotic war situation, eyes watching Ling Xiao's knife.

The scuffle lasted for about two columns of incense, and Ling Xiao's knife suddenly stabbed at a living dead.

However, when the tip of the knife was worthy to touch the chest of the living dead, he quickly changed his direction and pierced the throat of a disciple who was helping Ling Xiao to resist the living dead!

That disciple, Lin Shu even met in Xue Gong! A disciple exclaimed: "Brother! Wrong!"
Ling Xiao sneered, the blade of light was like snow, the castration was undiminished!

The disciple had a block and the angle was extremely tricky! Ling Xiao quickly fought with him.
Lin Shu was surprised to find that Ling Xiao ’s strength at this time was not weakened or even strengthened compared with that against Tianlei, far exceeding his level of understanding the peak of Zhongyuan Infant, and the level of crossing the robbery was extremely shocking .

And that disciple ’s martial arts was not weak. The swordsmanship was tricky, and he wrestled with Ling Xiao. There were hundreds and thousands of moves at once, and the wind fell temporarily.

The other disciples saw the fierce swordsmanship and knew that they might not be going the right way. They woke up to God, and several people pulled away from the battle with the living dead to deal with that strange disciple.

Although their strength was not good at this time, they eventually harassed the disciple, Ling Xiao's swordsmanship was revealed, and he slashed across his shoulder, splashing high blood, while the man was suffering because of this, the offensive was suspended It took him straight to the door again.

The man guarded himself with spiritual power, Ling Xiao's blade was disturbed by spiritual power, swiped to the left, brushed his cheek, and made a light red mark.

The two continued to fight, and it was at this difficult time that Ling Xiao suddenly took out his left hand and took him straight.

The spiritual power of his body suddenly erupted at this moment, making it difficult for the man to move. Taking advantage of this moment's delay, Ling Xiao tore a piece of translucent from his face.


A few disciples of Xuegong exclaimed, "Kunshan Jun!"

Under the human skin mask is a thin, cold face, which is one of the two real people responsible for protecting the disciples along the way, Kunshan Jun. Kunshan Jun is a sword practitioner with a very high degree. When Lin Shu chose the course, Mr. Meng even asked him why he did not choose Kunshanjun's course since he learned swords.

He was supposed to stay at the foot of the mountain with Feng Lei, but why disguised himself as a disciple of Xuegong and mingled in the magical mountain?

Moreover, the treacherous swordsmanship and spiritual power all prove that this person has gone into evil ways, and may even be the man who controls these living dead!

Ling Xiao said: "I've seen seniors in Kunshan."

He said "Meet the Seniors" on his mouth, but his actions were almost like a move, and he was nearly as powerful as the melee at the beginning.

It's ... terrible.

Just before Kunshan Jun was still inferior to him, at this time was completely suppressed.

I saw Kunshan's lips squirming, and he said something quickly. Those who lived and died suddenly ran into Ling Xiao and Lin Shu!

Ling Xiao waved the knife, and the knife light struck a round of moon-like clear light, and opened them all.

But at this moment, the Kunshan monarch burst out a sword, the speed was so fast that it could not be seen by the naked eye, the sword had a sharp edge, broke the layers of spiritual protection, and went straight to the sky. A weapon fell into the sound of the flesh, and the sword penetrated Ling Xiao left abdomen.

However, Ling Xiao didn't feel anything at all. When his figure turned around, the blade edged down to the Kunshan Jun. The Kunshan Jun was already at the end of the crossbow. At this time, there was almost no fight, barely support, a few After ten rounds, he had several knives in his body. Some disciples took the initiative and said, "I have the magic chain!"

Kunshan Jun was tied into a mule by the chain of the demon, and he could not cast any moves.

The actions of the living dead immediately became rigid and mechanical, and after a while, they were restrained.

Ling Xiao stepped in front of Kunshan Jun and said, "Kunshan Jun has a plan."

Kunshan's eyes were cold and he said, "... Phoenix Villa!"

"Seniors miscalculated," Ling Xiao smiled. "Ling Fengxiao is not here, but I am also the bloodline of Fenghuang Villa."

Kunshan Jun paled and said, "It's just a fluke."

"Why didn't the seniors want to, Ling Fengxiao didn't come on purpose?" Kunshan Jun, tied into a mule, stared at him coldly.
A disciple looked sad and said, "Master, you ..." Kunshan Jun ignored him and said nothing.
"Down the mountain," Ling Xiao said, "this person is tortured by Tu Longwei."

At this time, the cat in Lin Shu's arms slowly opened his eyes, watching a chaotic situation, and "meowed" blankly.

It was time to wake up. If it wasn't clear that it was in a coma, Lin Shu would think it was pretending to be faint.

But he couldn't care about the state of the cat at this time.

The blockbuster of blood was already spreading on the white clothes of Ling Xiao, faintly showing purple and black, and the situation was very bad.

Ling Xiao took the healing medicine from Lin Shu, took a few pills, took a few breaths, and looked fine.

When they descended, they saw that Long Wei was already guarding the mountain. When they saw them, they immediately exchanged with Ling Xiao and detained them.

In this process, only the leader of Tu Longwei said, "Thank you for your help." After that, they had no other conversation. It seemed like they had a good heart and had a plan.

Ling Xiao asked for two rooms at Xianxiang Inn.

Lin Shu felt that the injury he had suffered was not minor, and needed to take medicine and medicine, he took the piano and went back to the room with him.

As soon as she entered the room, Ling Xiao's body suddenly shook, her face pale, and she was completely exhausted.

Lin Shu reached out and gave him a hand, so he didn't fall down, and sat on the inn's bed.

Lin Shu asked, "Are you going to bandage?"

Ling Xiao held the wound and said, "Poisonous, wait." Lin Shu asked: "Are you going to detoxify?"
Ling Xiao looked at him with a gentle look in his eyes and said, "No, I'm not afraid of poison."


Ling Xiao said: "You sit, too." Lin Shu sat next to him. "Kunshan Jun's case was a trick to get the snake out of the hole," he said. "Not long ago, the Beixia monster appeared in Shangling Academy, and Xiaomei suspected that there was a high-powered mutiny in the Academy.

Lin Shu: "?"

"You invited the owner of Yue Lao Tang to come out of the mountain, and" all things are in me "to observe all the things in the world. The palace has Beixia Neiying and is well-informed. When he heard the news of the master of Yue Lao Tang, he immediately stayed away from Shangling Mountain, and after the investigation was over, he returned. "

Lin Shu thought about it for a while.

The owner of Yuelao Tang vowed that the Xuegong Palace had been cleaned. After half a day, he encountered a living dead in the library, which makes no sense.

When is the Old Master coming and leaving, ordinary disciples do n’t know, they can only be tall real people or gentlemen.

"In the past, Beixia has always loved to do some actions on the Dangdang Mountains, but there are mountain guards who are deterred and are limited to observing in secret," Ling Xiao said indifferently. "This time the black cat was seriously injured, and the other disciples were also seriously injured. This is a golden opportunity. It is expected that Bei Xia will take a shot. "

Lin Shu thought about it, and it all made sense, but to identify who was Bei Xia's spy, it took a bit of effort, and I don't know how his cousin made his judgment.

Ling Xiao seemed to know what he thought, saying: "The rest of the disciples must be willing to help the cat cross the sky. The first few days of thunder were not powerful enough to try out the depths, so I stopped them from starting."

Lin Shu: "..." terrible.

Cousin, your mind is really good.

Tian Lei's deterrent to people was directed at the spirits, no matter how leaking the camouflage was, the coercion would surely lead to flaws and show housekeeping skills. This time, he jumped into the cousin's trap and could only reveal the stuff.

In the chaos, no one could find a flaw, but his cousin was not an ordinary person after all.

"The spy spies are both real people in the Xue Palace, and Bei Xia also loves to work on the magical mountain. Therefore, the spies are probably one of the real people of Fenglei and Kunshan." Ling Xiao said, "It really is the Kunshan mons."

Lin sighed.

Ling Xiao looked at him, smiled, and said, "In the next few days, I will have no spiritual power. We will stay in the inn longer."

Lin Shu: "Why?"

Instead of answering directly, Ling Xiao asked, "Why do you know Kunshan Jun dare to kill cats?"

The half-dead black cat lying on Lin Shu's shoulders gave a shock. Lin Shu: "I don't know."
"Because Ling Fengxiao is not there," Ling Xiao said, "Phoenix Villa is based on the bloodline of the village, with the spirit of the villa. There is a method called" Nirvana Breathing ". When the spiritual power is exhausted, it will be alive in nowhere and repaired within half an hour. To rise a great realm, but lost his spiritual power for the next seven days. "

It turned out that this was why Ling Xiaoming was severely injured, but repaired soaring, directly suppressing Kunshan Jun. It can also explain why he said "all right" when faced with the ninth severe thunderstorm.

Xiu is a big realm of rising directly. The normal level of Ling Xiao is Yuan Ying. After rising, he is crossing the robbery.

"If Ling Fengxiao is here, there will be people who are capable of robbery on the Magic Mountain. Kunshan Jun will never act lightly, but Xiaomei is not there," Ling Xiao said: "It is a pity ..."

Unfortunately, the world often thinks that Phoenix Villa is all women, and ignores those boys who do n’t belong to Phoenix Villa in name but have the blood of Phoenix.

Kunshan Jun is indeed miscalculated this time, and his cousin's plan is really powerful.

Lin Shu somehow remembered Ling Xiao's previous words to Kunshan Jun, "If Lingfeng Fengxiao didn't come on purpose?"

I can't think deeply about this sentence.

He said silently, "You take good care of your injuries." After a while, I heard my cousin say, "Yes."
Lin Shu looked at him.

Ling Xiao met his gaze and seemed to want to say something. The next moment, he was planted over to Lin Shu.

Fainted like a black cat.

Lin Shu helped his fainted cousin and laid the person flat on the bed. In the process of leveling, I touched the blood of one hand. Let him be fainted like this, he must not do it, he must bandage.

Lin Shu looked in the bag, and found out a pile of medicine and a soft cloth bandage, as well as a few bottles of spirit dew.

Then, he set about untangling Ling Xiao's clothes and exposed the wound.

He first moistened the cloth with spirit dew, and then wiped the blood off the wound.

His fingers touched Ling Xiao's warm and sturdy waist, which made him panic in his snack and wanted to escape.

However, the next moment, Lin Shu completely choked.

After the blood was wiped off, there was a black mark next to the three- finger wide wound.

The mark is strange in shape, like some kind of unseen text. But he has seen this mark!
In Xuegong, thinking about the hole, the captured disciple.

The lady said that this is a long-lost Beixia witchcraft. It is called a mantra of mantra. It is branded on the soul. Things that cannot be solved.

Chapter 64: I won't go

Lin Shu cleaned Ling Xiao's wounds, applied medicine, bandaged and bandaged, and his heart throbbed a few times.

The cousin had the mark of the North Xia magic. Is he related to Beixia?
He felt impossible.

Ling Xiao is a bright and clear person, and only then did he capture Kunshan Jun.

I'm afraid that it was only in the fight that was killed by Beixia!

That mantra is really a mantra. If there is any other sinister mantra with a similar pattern, the consequences would be disastrous.

Lin Shu is a little anxious. What should I do now?

He knew nothing about Beixia witchcraft and could do nothing. Help others?
No, in case they rely on this curse to fix Ling Xiao's connection with Beixia, wouldn't it be impossible to argue.

Then there is only one option. Find Miss.
The young lady must be able to solve it properly.

However, he immediately thought that he did not have contact information for the young lady. If you are using a pigeon to send a message, you also need to know where the young lady is now-he doesn't know.

Only use dreams to communicate. In the Zhou Tianyan martial arts field, the disciples can appear there at the same time, even if they are thousands of miles apart in reality.

But he did not know the account number of the young lady in Yanwu Stadium.

The young lady may not even have an account at all. He was distressed, and suddenly thought of someone. Xiao Shao.
They knew that the young lady even said that Xiao Shao was a credible person, and the two of them might even be related.

As long as I find Xiao Shao in the performance martial arts field, and ask him if he has contact information for the young lady, it's all right.

Lin Shu entered the martial arts field. Crashes out messages on the stone wall. Fight against Shao Shao.
Fight against Shao Shao. Fight against Shao Shao.
The disciples who heard the news started to make a noise, and looked one after another.

The brothers of Xiandaoyuan were very excited: "Finally the bamboo fairy has finally come to play Wuchang!"

Lin Shu was uncomfortable with their eager eyes. I just hope that the year will pass early so that they can get rid of the fairy's shell. At this moment, a crisp voice of a woman sounded behind him: "Well, you're finally here!"

He turned to look, and saw a beautiful powder-painted girl staring at herself with a frown, wearing a frosty sword around her waist.

Lin Shu: "..."

He didn't recognize anyone, but he did recognize the frosted sword—it was the weapon originally worn on the number Zhezhu. Later, he and Xiao Shao negotiated and broke the sword, only to change the Zhanzhu.

Therefore, the girl in front of me is the very beginning. When the dream breaks down, the girl who exchanged her body with herself is the original owner of the appearance of folding bamboo.

Taijiu punished himself with a female body for one year before he could go to Mr. Meng's office to change it, so he could only maintain the form of a folded bamboo, but this girl did not commit an offence, so it is not necessary. I am afraid that she has pinched another face.

Then, today, I caught myself. Lin Shu felt unable to breathe.
"What **** girl, hum! Obviously a younger brother!" The girl waved a sound-proof enchantment, and said, "You're shameless!"

Lin Shu had nothing to say and felt ashamed.

The girl continued: "I'm going to tell everyone today, the fold bamboo fairy they admire is not a girl!"

Lin Shu: "... don't say."

The girl said, "What? You're addicted?"

Lin Shudao said, "I broke the illusion, and the high sacrifice punished me for using this body for a year." When the girl heard it, she wasn't as fierce as she was, but smiled: "This method of punishing people is wonderful!"

Lin Shu: "..."

"If I say it, others will know that Ozuku is a teacher who is prone to wearing skirts. You must not want to be said that way," the girl's eyes turned. "So, if you give me a seal, I won't say. "

Lin Shudao: "What do you want?"

The girl said, "You have martial arts, and now you are going to the Dangdang Mountain, and it must be easy to do it outside. My father was seriously injured two years ago. Take a trip, pick one back, and put it in the treasure hall. I will buy it at that time, and I will not lose your jade. In this way, you will be kind to me, and I will not care about you I've pinched my body carefully! "

Lin Shu feels familiar with the white bone flowers of Wan Guiyuan, and she thinks carefully that the young lady has previously taken the task of "picking white bone flowers at Wan Gui Yuan".

Wanguiyuan is an extremely dangerous and evil place, and it is not helpful for cultivation. The disciples are rarely willing to go. The same is true of other people in Xiandao. Therefore, the bone flower is an extremely rare elixir.

He thought the girl's proposal was feasible.

He was guilty of occupying his body, and Beixia had noticed that Zhezhu may be related to Jiange and was looking for him. He couldn't reveal that "Zhezhu Shimei" was actually a boy.

Lin Shudao: "Okay."

The girl said, "Then we'll make it up!" Lin Shu: "Yes." The girl's eyes looked excited: "Thank you!" Lin Shudao: "No thanks."
The girl Jomo saw that her father's injury was saved and almost jumped up and said, "You will get it!"

Lin Shu thought for a while, relying on the ancient artifact of Bingxianqin, he already has the strength to approach Yuan Ying. In the music sheet passed down by Jiange, there are many songs that break demons and evil spirits. Also works.

If your cousin is injured and you can follow, you can get it even better. He said, "Yes."
The girl's expression of happiness couldn't be masked: "You are so good!"

——I was still fierce and wanted to carry out extortion. Now that I have achieved my goal, I am happy to be like this, and I am also a little cute, a ghostly girl.

Lin Shu looked at her, feeling a little strange.

He had never dealt with outsiders in his life, he had never helped others, and he was never thanked.

It turned out to be this way.

Looking at the girl, he felt a lot better.

However, remembering that his cousin was still in a coma and suspected of being killed by Beixia, he became anxious again and said, "Girl, I still have something to do, let's go first."

"You're busy!" The girl said, "I must be tight-lipped." He said "um". The girl withdrew her enchantment and happily set foot on water and went elsewhere.

Lin Shu looked up at Shibi. There was still only news that he had called for Xiao Shao. Xiao Shao did not reply.

It seems that this person is also busy and has no time to see Yufu.

Lin Shu thought about Ling Xiao's injury, the original underground line, back to reality.

Ling Xiao was still faint, and the cat was on his chest, as if sleeping.

Lin Shu took the cat aside and didn't let it fall to the sky-he didn't know much about his weight.

The cat continued to sleep on the quilt next to it.
My cousin is breathing smoothly at this time, and it should be fine. He put the jade charm connecting dreams in a prominent place, so that
Xiao Shao could pass immediately when responding to his appointment.

After doing this, he was standing beside the Xiaoxiao bed, and as soon as he wanted to start learning "Silent", there was a knock at the door.

He went to the door, opened the door, and saw Cangyu outside. Cang Jing said: "How is Brother Ling's injury?"
Lin Shudao: "I haven't woken up yet, I'm watching."

Cang Jing said: "Everyone is grateful to Brother Ling for breaking through the plot of Beixia, and he shot back the traitor of Beixia, and asked me to send medicine."

Said, stuffed a bag into Lin Shu's hand: "Master must take it." Although he has many medicines here and needs nothing else, Lin Shu doesn't know how to refuse, so he accepts them.

Cang Yun smiled happily: "Trouble brother Brother takes care of Brother Ling."

Lin Shu: "No trouble."

Cang Yun asked Ling Xiao's situation again, and after expressing the admiration of the disciples again, he left.
Cangyu was sent away, and a few men with swords came over there. These people, Lin Shu also recognized, were the disciples of Sui Yun
Daozong, who had previously greeted Ling Xiao in the inn. Ling Xiao also came from Sui Yun Daozong and called their brother.

He said, "Brother."

Several brothers also came to see Xiao Xiao's injury.

After taking care of Ling Xiao's injury, he headed the brother and said, "When my brother was in the door, he always said that he could not practice" Nirvana ". At the moment, it seems that he has already been trained-thanks to him, otherwise I'm afraid that blood will flow into the river on a fantasy mountain! "

A few people groaned, leaving a lot of medicinal herbs, and then left.

Lin Shu explained to them this time, and said a lot of "thank you", "anyway," and "I will watch." I felt that I had finished speaking for a year today, and it was very hard.

After a while, he picked up Silence and began to look through it. Before long, the cat suddenly screamed.
Lin Shu turned his head to see the cat. The cat did not know when it was awake, stabbed Ling Xiao a few times, looked at Lin Shu, and "meowed" again.

He immediately threw the book aside and went to see his cousin. I saw him frown slightly, as if suppressing pain.
Lin Shu reached out to test his temperature. hot.
Scary hot.

Moreover, the flow of spiritual power throughout the room was abnormal. Beside Ling Xiao, the chaotic flow of light red spiritual power.
It is conceivable that the conditions inside his body will only get worse.

Abnormal spiritual power, chaos in the meridian, the consequences are extremely serious, and it is not a panacea.

How to do?

Lin Shu frowned for a moment, then turned to look at the cat: "Can you understand me?"

Cat: "Meow."

Lin Shu: "I need Julin from Tianzi Library to help him. Can you give me?" Cat: "Meow."
After meowing, it crawled on Lin Shu and watched the door. It does seem to understand.
Lin Shu took out a few runes from the bag and said, "Can you excite them?" Cat: "Meow."

A cluster of spiritual power ignited Fuyu, forming a strong enchantment around the bed.

In this way, he is not afraid that he will be in danger. Lin Shu hugged the cat out of the inn.
This cat is very spiritual at this time, using its powerful force that has completed the robbery realm to cast a scale-down spell, and also a "guardian", can control everything on the magical mountain, and immediately remove Checkpoint. Lin Shu passed unimpeded all the way, and soon came to the Tianzi Library of the Floating Celestial Palace.

The cat opened the library door, Lin Shu followed the memory and got Ju Ling Dan, and immediately went down the mountain.

Back at the inn, he came to the Lingxiao bed, and he took out a delicate and clear Julingdan and ate it.

Almost immediately after the elixir melted, severe pain emanated from the extremities.

His hands trembled, and he reluctantly suppressed them. He felt strands of aura in the meridians, and immediately healed and started his mental method to transform those pure spiritual power into his own.

After part of the transformation, he sat by the bed and held Ling Xiao's right hand, which was against his palm, and put his spiritual power into it.

According to different mental methods, there are differences between spiritual powers.

When he knew that Ling Xiao's spiritual power was out of control, his first thought was to find someone with the same strength to pass on the power for him and suppress those spurious spiritual powers!

Who are you looking for? He did not know the people outside, nor did they know what kind of exercises they were practicing.

Then ... the only option is himself.

Ling Xiao and the young lady's internal merits are almost in the same vein, and they are biased towards the power of fire in the five elements.

And Jian Ge's mentality, which contains ice and snow, may be feasible.

The faint white spiritual power overflowed at the contact of the palms, like the smoke escaping from the ice.

And the effect is actually 10 million times better than I thought!

Lin Shu originally thought that it would take a lot of effort to suppress that violent spiritual power. However, he did not expect that at the first contact of his spiritual power and Ling Xiao ’s spiritual power, they would blend together without hindrance. Blending, back to the purest state of chaotic spiritual power-actually can cancel each other out, it is too coincidental.

Lin Shu breathed a sigh of relief and sent the spiritual power to the meridians of Ling Xiao's body.

After a quarter of an hour of spiritual power running, Ling Xiao ’s body was completely healed and returned to normal. His slightly frowning brows also stretched out, from a sick good-looking person to a quiet, sleeping good-looking person. People.

Cat: "Meow."

It continued on the quilt and was ready to sleep.

Lin Shu saw the performance of the black cat and knew his cousin was okay for now.

He wanted to withdraw his hand.

——But it was held by Ling Xiao unconsciously. Because of the previous hotness, Ling Xiao's body temperature is still higher than normal, and Lin Shu feels slightly burned.

He tried to pull his hand.

Ling Xiao held it very tightly, as if the drowning man grabbed the life- saving straw, he couldn't pump it back.

Lin Shu continued to smoke. Still can't go back.
Cousin, watch your manners. I won't go.

Chapter 65: Sister

However, the unconscious cousin has no way to pay attention to his behavior and still does not let go.

Lin Shu struggled several times without success, and then looked at a black cat that had nothing to do with himself and felt deeply helpless.

In the end, he could only push his cousin into the bed with one hand. He lay down on the vacant place with his clothes and covered the quilt.

Although it is too close to his cousin, it is also a bit of a benefit. If the cousin's body comes out again, he can feel it.

Lin Shu sat on the bed and began watching "Silent" with one hand.

The Qingming Demon King's books are all based on the fact that those who practice the exercises are not blocked by the meridians and cannot use spiritual power.

This determines that this book does not have any minds or magical powers.

The meaning of the demon is that the spiritual power is strong, although it is the cultivation of the right path, but it is equally terrible to practice the "surgery" to the extreme.

Take the Needle of Death as an example. In the face of an enemy with spiritual protection and physical evasion, how can he not only protect himself, but also pierce the poisonous needle into the position of the needle, destroying his meridians?

It's rare, but not impossible. When he has a spiritual guard, he seeks flaws, and if there is no flaw, he induces him to reveal it. He has a wonderful body, and your technique is better than his technique.

Lin Shu roughly turned the first half of the book and realized that this cheat was not a basic one.

Although it is said to be practiced for people with inaccessible meridians, the combat experience, intuition, physical skills, and even psychological quality it requires are all top-notch.

A person who has troubled meridians from the beginning can't learn even if he gets this book.

Only those who have had the best practices and methods before, or talented horrors, can practice spiritual skills without spiritual power.

In the same way, before the Qingming Demon King was abolished, the Demon Tao was already the Demon of the Dao Demon Road. Even without cultivation, the vision is still very high. The exercises he created under these circumstances are naturally not practiceable for the casual generation.

Lin Shu thought about it, and felt that he was also a successful practitioner in his last life, and he was not low in level when he talked with others. He should be able to reach the threshold of practicing "Silence".

Another threshold is financial resources, such as the Doom Needle and Doom Sword, all of which need extremely precious and hard to find poison to temper.

Lin Shu feels that he can cross this threshold.

After all, he now has not only a rich woman, but also a rich cat-although he doesn't know why the cat has been following him.

He thought about it, and thought that the black cat might owe more to Ling Xiao's cause and effect, and he needed to stay and repay him. Just when he had mastered the more familiar tortoiseshell technology, the cat stayed with them both.

In this way, I still do not have a rich cat, or rely on my cousin to get the favor of black cats.

Lin Shu: "..."

Things always repeat themselves. If the black cat really owes it to his cousin's cause and effect, then he seems to be the hamster who is useless, helpless, and only spends money.

He has to get used to it. Black cat: "Meow."
Lin Shu looked at it.

After crossing the robbery, according to Xiandao, it entered the Mahayana period and only waited for the ascension.

At this time, the people were extremely powerful, between the Xiu Xianren and the Xianren, and were called "land gods."

Well, this cat is now a cat with a land fairyland.

It's a wonder that such a cat wouldn't even become human.

When the cat saw him looking at himself, she screamed charmingly, "Meow."

Then he climbed onto him.

Lin Shu had to put down the book and give the cat a hair. After a while, asked, "Can you change people?"
The cat had a bad tone and yelled, "Meow." Lin Shu continued his hair.

The cat made a pleasant voice: "Meow." Forget it.
Child is not a cat, knowing the joy of cats.

If it is this cat, it is really possible to choose the same person because he likes to be shaved, or it is really possible to follow him because of his superb shading skills.

At this moment, it was already twilight outside, the stars rose, and night fell.

Lin Shu gradually became sleepy, but his cousin had not yet woken up, and his hand had not been released.

Lin Shu gave up struggling, got into the quilt, and decided to sleep just like that.

But ... the sense of existence of the hand being held was so strong that the cat squeezed in again, and to sleep between them, he worked hard for a long time before falling asleep.

Who would have thought that a person who is allergic to people actually fell asleep holding hands with others?

The next morning, when Lin Shu woke up, there was no one around him, only a cat was sleeping loudly.

He looked out of the bed. Facing the cousin's eyes.
Cousin's expression was still mild, but a bit complicated. "Last night ..." cousin said, "I was rude." Lin Shu's body feeling gradually returned to the cage.

I don't know if it's a psychological effect, he felt that his right hand was still a little hot and a little physiological panic.

He said, "It's all right." Cousin said: "Are you angry?" I do not have.
I just haven't completely woke up.

Lin Shu buried himself in the quilt and said, "No."

He is not a girl, and his cousin is not a girl. Even if she sleeps together for one night, she still holds her hand-in essence, there is no such thing as rudeness.

After another pause, he awoke from his drowsiness, got up from the bed, and rubbed his eyes.

After rubbing his eyes, he found that his cousin was watching him. Due to the faint morning light, Ling Xiao's entire outline is soft.
The look in his eyes was hard to describe. Lin Shu thought about it and came up with a very suitable metaphor.

It was a look at the kitten. Lin Shu: "..."
He said, "Are you okay?"

"Thank you," Ling Xiao said, "It will be all right in a few days."

Having brought up this topic, Lin Shu immediately thought of the mantra of Ling Xiao. He said, "I saw a mantra on you yesterday."

"Mantra?" Ling Xiao's expression was not unexpected, and she pressed her right side on her flank: "This?"

Lin Shu: "Yes."

Ling Xiao said: "Anyway." Lin Shu: "?"
"Bei Xia's witchcraft is not unique," Ling Xiao sat down beside the bed and said to him, "South Xia and Bei Xia were originally one.

This Lin Shu knows it.

"Mr. Xiu Zhao talked about the history of Nanxia" and related things.

It was said that there was no South Xia and North Xia, but the Da Xia Dynasty that unified the world.

Later, the power of Daxia weakened, and the Dai people in the north invaded and killed the emperor and several emperors.

The royal family was lucky enough to take the one that had escaped from birth to the one with the heavy ministers. They moved south to Shu.
Although they lost half of the country, they were fortunate to keep the orthodox and help the new emperor to ascend to the throne. They are still called the Daxia Dynasty.

Later, a prince imprisoned by the Dai people actually made his way through the Jedi. Not only did he end up as gloomy as the others, but he gained the support of the Dai patriarch. In the end, he relied on the strategies of the demon and various incredible means to usurp us. Out of place.

He became emperor and called the dynasty "Daxia Dynasty". But the prince himself practiced some kind of wicked and weird method, and the Dai people stood on the magic road again. The two combined, and it became Beixia, which is now orthodox with witchcraft.

Perhaps, at that time, the Emperor Nanxia bowed his head and actively abdicated to return to Beixia, or he abdicated to welcome the Emperor Nanxia back, and the Daxia Dynasty was still the Daxia Dynasty that ruled the whole world.

However, it is obviously not. Both think that they are the Daxia Orthodox. Nanxia deserted Beixia and entered the evil path. Beixia despised Nanxia and stole it. The contradiction not only did not end, but also intensified.
Later, the war continued. Resentment against the sea of blood has become the current situation.

Ling Xiao said: "Therefore, there are also ancient witchcraft books in Nanxia, and there are still a few remaining copies."

Lin Shu nodded.

In this way, wasn't the cousin's mantra being harmed by Beixia?

"A person can't keep a secret unless he is dead," Ling Xiao said lightly, "unless he has a mantra."

Lin Shu looked at him.

Therefore, Ling Xiao has a secret that cannot be told. If this secret is exposed, it may cause extremely serious consequences, so he uses the method of mantra.

"I was very young then," Ling Xiao said, "don't talk." Lin Shu: "Yes."
Because of the power of the mantra, my cousin couldn't say it, even if he was willing to tell him. "But I ... never lied to you," Ling Xiao smiled, changed the subject, and said, "when do you plan to return to school?"

"I don't know," Lin Shu said, "I want to go to Wanguiyuan." Ling Xiao: "Huh?"
"A sister asked me to help her pick a bone flower." Lin Shudao said. Ling Xiao: "Sister?"
Lin Shu: "... Um."

Ling Xiao: "When did you have a good sister?" Lin Shu: "..."
Ling Xiao: "Huh?"

Lin Shu felt that the situation was a bit wrong.

He remembered that his cousin was Ling Fengxiao's cousin after all.

His cousin had good reason to be unhappy when he went to do something as dangerous as picking a bone flower for a girl other than the young lady.

Looking at the dangerous expression of his cousin smiling and laughing, listening to the slightly lowered "Huh?" He wanted to hang up a little.

Chapter 66: miss her

Lin Shu firmly did not want to exchange his body with that girl, and also became the "Zhuzhushimei" thing that the brothers of Xiandaoyuan liked very much. The reason is without him, this matter is really a shame, and he does not want to shame in front of his cousin.

He could only flash his words, avoiding stress and whispering: "A girl I met in Yanwuchang, her father was seriously injured and needed bone- bone flowers to heal."

My cousin said, "Then I asked you to go to Wanguiyuan to collect bone flowers?"

Lin Shu: "Yes."

"Wan Guiyuan is so sinister, she must let you go alone, she must be deliberate."

"She should not be a bad person," Lin Shu seemed to be being questioned, and touched her nose in guilty conscience. "And we won't meet. She will give me the corresponding jade as long as I hang things in the treasure hall for consignment."

He found that he was very fluent in speaking with his cousin, and his logic was clear. I didn't know whether it was because his cousin was good- tempered and he was not nervous, or because his cousin's expression and tone were not right at this time, his desire to survive strengthened his language expression ability.

"You may know more friends," his cousin finally eased, "but you must remember to be careful. Especially girls, don't be fooled by them."

Lin Shu nodded: "Yes." His cousin finally let him go: "So, when I'm hurt, we will go west to Wanguiyuan together, and just a few of the materials for quenching the Needle of Death are there."

Lin Shu: "Thank you."

Xiao Ling smiled: "Don't need to thank you. If you make any friends in the future, don't forget to tell me to avoid encountering evil men."

Lin Shu worked hard to make his voice meek: "Okay."

My cousin seemed very happy and said, "Go to breakfast."

They went downstairs, and downstairs, Cangyu was sitting by the window, beckoning them: "Brother Lin, Brother Ling!"

Among the girls in Phoenix Villa, Ling Baochen and Ling Baoqing have come down from the mountain, saw Ling Xiao, came forward and greeted: "My son, I haven't seen you for a long time! Before we come to the palace, the owner will miss you!"

Ling Xiao said: "I will return to visit my mother at the end of the year."

Ling Baochen said: "That's right, we haven't been together for a long time."

They also asked Ling Xiao about the detailed battle situation on the Phantom Mountain yesterday. After listening, they lamented: "It is really dangerous. Thanks to my son, he has become a Nirvana."

Ling Xiao didn't speak.

They laughed and laughed at Lin Shu again. Ling Xiao said: "Don't bully him."
The girls said, "My son, if you bully it, you know it's fun!" Lin Shu: "?" If you do n’t do good things, do n’t bring bad cousins.

After they had spoken, they returned to their seats to eat. As Cangyu greeted them, they sat down opposite Cangyu.

When they left, the cat was still asleep. As soon as she sat down, she saw the cat appear at the entrance of the staircase, looked around a few times, and ran downstairs into the arms of Lin Shu.

Cangliao said, "Brother Lin, after a few days, everyone will come down the mountain one by one. Where are you going?"

Lin Shudao said, "Wan Guiyuan."

Cang Jing said: "It is indeed a good place to hone martial arts." Ling Xiao said: "Are you going with us?"
Cangliao said, "Okay, I think I need to go to a place where there are a lot of evil beasts and evil spirits."

Ling Xiao said: "A thousand ghosts are feasible." Cangyu: "Let's go together!"
After talking about this, I waited in my seat for a while. The children in the inn came to eat. The Xianxiang inn only served tea, "drunk in Taoyuan" wine, and simple steamed rice. Although simple, the taste was mysterious. Make people feel like being in a wonderland.

Lin Shu gave the cat a small dish of rice, and it actually ate slowly.

Lin Shu remembered a question, the cat is here now, how can he open the storeroom door to the other disciples who reached the top of the magical mountain?

He asked the cat: "Are you ignoring everyone else?" The cat looked out the window: "Meow." I saw a mist rising from the mountain gate, and then it disappeared in an instant.

Lin Shu: "..."

It turns out that no matter where the cat is, he can freely control things on the magical mountain. In this case, it still tirelessly led his disciples to the storeroom every time, and he really wanted to wait for the opportunity to be shaved?

Ling Xiao also looked at the cat and asked, "Do you have a name?" Cat: "Meow."
Xiao Ling laughed: "Without a name, I call you a cat."

The cat "meowed" briefly, seeming to be dissatisfied, and then jumped away from Lin Shu's arms and went upstairs.

After eating, they went back to their rooms. Ling Xiao had to adjust her breath and nourish her and returned to her room.

Lin Shu also went to Ling Xiao's room first, and planned to take the "Period" left there and read a book in the next room-his cousin was not in a coma right now, so he didn't need him to take care of him.

I never thought, as soon as I entered the room door, I saw "Silence" being carried to the ground by the cat, and torn off three pages.

On one page, a claw hook was drawn on one "Xie" word, on the second page, the word "Qing" was hooked, and on the other page, a "circle" was hooked.

-It is difficult to find three words in this book. Ling Xiao said: "Your name is Xie Qingyuan?" Cat: "Meow." After meowing, it jumped back to the bed, and peacefully got together. It really seems that name.
Lin Shu thought, in this name, Xie is the surname, not to mention, the circle is true, clearing may not be, showing that it is a bit misleading.

Ling Xiao seemed to be thinking, saying, "Ye Di was your master?" The cat did not answer.
Ling Xiao said: "It is said that Ye Di had raised a black cat."

Ye Di, the former owner of the folding bamboo sword, is also the person who wrote the "Sauvignon Blanc", or the immortal emperor who has lived in the floating heaven fairy palace for a long time. For thousands of years, there are only rumors and ignorance of his true records Just a few words. However, if this cat is his cat, it is no wonder that it will become the guardian of the dazzling mountain.

The cat seemed unhappy and got into the quilt.

Lin Shu touched the quilt a few times, took the book back, bid farewell to Ling Xiao, and returned to his room next door.

After watching about half an hour, the Yufu set aside suddenly lighted up.

He checked it and saw four words appearing on it: "Xiao Shao was fighting."

Lin Shu: "!" How to do.
Yesterday's cousin appeared on his cousin. He rushed to the doctor and tried to find the young lady through Xiao Shao. He sent an invitation to a contract. But now Ling Xiao has been out of danger, and the Mantra of Mantra has not been harmed by Beixia. How can I explain it to Xiao Shao? Pretending to fight?

He squeezed Yufu, entered Shangling Dreamland, greeted Mr. Meng outside and entered the Yanwu Stadium.

Xiao Shao still met for the first time, wearing a black robe, cold white fingers holding Xueyu's long flute, and a silver mask with a complicated pattern on his face. He could not see his expression, but the whole person revealed a high Indifferent, "I don't want to talk to people" breath.

Lin slumped across from him.

Xiao Shao said lightly, "Are you looking for me?"

"I wanted to find you before," Lin Shu finally decided to tell the truth honestly. "No longer needed."

Xiao Shao: "Yes." Lin Shu: "..."
The atmosphere fell into silence for a while, and Xiao Shao asked, "What's the matter?"

"I have something to look for Ling Fengxiao, I don't have her contact information ..." Lin Shudao said, "No need now."

"No need?" Xiao Shao said, "Don't you miss her?" Lin Shu: "... Ah?"
He thought about it carefully. It was only seven or eight days after he left the academy. He usually got along with his cousin.

He said, "OK." Xiao Shao: "OK?"
Lin Shu thought for a while and asked, "What is she doing recently?"

Chapter 67: Return boat

"She hasn't done anything recently." Xiao Shao said. "Is she studying in the palace?"
"Not here," Xiao Shao said. "You've had enough fun with Ling Xiao, and she will pick you up."

Lin Shu: "Yes."

For a moment, nothing.

Lin Shu thinks that Xiao Shao's words are only a little less than himself. Silent for a while, he said, "... I'm gone?"
Xiao Shao didn't speak, playing with the jade flute in his hand, and suddenly went offline.

Lin Shu: "..."

Although it may seem like a sudden disconnection, it is clear that Shangling Dreamland will not disconnect the network unless an unexpected situation occurs, so Xiao Shao should be too lazy to greet him and go offline.

He felt that this man was too lazy to take care of himself, and would never find him in the future.

Thinking about it, he turned around and planned to leave here, return to reality, and suddenly saw a little red shadow floating on the shore.

This red is a bit familiar, and girls in Xuegong rarely wear such red. The young lady drifted to his side a few backwards on the water. ——It turned out that Xiao Shao went to call her. Lin Shu touched his nose.
The young lady hasn't seen his bamboo shell. The young lady said, "Did you miss me?"
Lin Shu finally knew how to answer this time, and said, "I think." The lady laughed: "It's almost the same."
Lin Shu: "?"

He felt that this sentence was a bit wrong.

But when I have time to think deeply, I will listen to the young lady and continue, "Ling Xiao said, are you going to pick flowers for a girl?"

This is a proposition.

Lin Shu thought madly about how to survive, and finally blessed her soul, saying, "I don't like her."

The young lady smiled and frowned: "Savvy."

After all, Lin Shu was caught by the young lady's wrist and went to the edge of the ring.

The platform was built on the water. When we approached the edge, we saw the reflection of the two in the water.

The appearance of the young lady is exactly the same as in reality. She is beautiful and sharp.

Folding bamboo is like a snow-white coat with half-strokes of black hair, cold and beautiful, as if a fairy.

It's really pleasing to stand together. The young lady looked at the reflection for a while, then turned to look at the bamboo leaves: "You are so beautiful."

Miss Lin Shu is very good at her jealous temperament and said, "You are more beautiful."

The young lady listened to it, and she looked like she was in a good mood. Lin Shu: "The truth."
The young lady smirked and said, "You are rare to be able to wear a skirt, shall we stay here for a little longer?"

Then, he said, "It's just that they are too abominable."

Lin Shu looked around, knowing that the young lady was talking about the brothers on the next stage—Folding bamboo is already the goddess in the minds of the brothers. The reputation of the first beauty of Miss Jiang is also well known. Being together and intimate manners really caused a large range of onlookers.

——No, the point is not this.

What does it mean "You can't wear a skirt?"

Does the young lady herself like to exchange those beautiful red gowns that he can't see any difference between the pattern and the style, and she pushes herself and thinks that others also like to wear skirts?

Miss, you should pay attention to my gender. I didn't have anything to do with the skirt, I don't want to wear it.

But since the young lady wants to stay longer, she stays longer. "Go to the water," said the young lady.
Lin Shu: "Okay."

The young lady looked at him and suddenly stopped talking. Lin Shu didn't know what the young lady was thinking.

After a while, I heard the young lady said, "Can I ... hold your hand?"

Lin Shu thought for a moment--when the young lady touched him, she always said "insolence", and she just held her wrist. Today, the meaning of "holding hands" probably refers to holding your fingers with your fingers, just as if you were caught by the coma that day.

But the two girls pulled their hands, and it seemed that there was no such thing as "insolence".

He said, "OK."

The young lady gently touched his finger with her finger, and then gently held it again, smiling.

At the moment when the fingers touched, Lin Shu's body felt something awkward reflectively, and the allergic attack occurred, as if a small electric current rose from the place where it touched, and then walked around the body.

However, the night when Jomo and his cousin held hands and slept together, he adjusted a lot to his physical contact. After taking a few deep breaths, he gradually relaxed and did not feel uncomfortable.

He looked up at the young lady, but saw that the young lady's usual bland expression seemed to have the same tension, and it took a while to relax.

Look at the fingers of the two hands. The young lady ’s hands have always been very good. The body of the folded bamboo was carefully made by the girl, and the shape of the hands is perfect. The words of praise are very appropriate in this hand. Now holding it together, it is even better to see the twelve minutes, coupled with the red silk and plain yarn that are occasionally intertwined due to the wind, making Lin Shu feel that his aesthetics have been brushed again. They walked by the water in this way. At the beginning, they didn't speak. After walking for a while, the young lady talked about some precautions in Wanguiyuan, and explained them all the same. Even in Wanguiyuan, it was cold. Telling it again, Lin Shu felt as if he had lost the ability to take care of himself.

About half an hour later, the young lady said, "I recently created a new trick. Would you like to watch it?"

Lin Shu: "Okay."

The young lady let go of his hand and went to the nearest ringstand. The Tongtong knife unsheathed and pulled a beautiful flower first.

I saw Daoguang as Qiushui Chengliu, first dancing a few moves known by Lin Shu, from the "Lingyun Nine Style" of Fenghuang Villa, and then calmly changed at the end of the move. The inconspicuousness and clarity are so similar to Ling Xiao's swordsmanship, but overall they are still different.

Lin Shu didn't understand anything else, but he was also somewhat accomplished in martial arts. After pondering about it, he saw something very simple.

"You," he said, "was it from a state of mind?"

Mr. Meng has said that there are some tricks in the world that are not available to everyone. To cope with the corresponding state of mind, the young lady's trick is very similar.

"Exactly," Ling Fengxiao closed the knife, looked at him with a little smile in her eyes, and said, "Since you are by my side, I have a lot of peace. I felt a little big the other day. One destination is not lonely, he created this trick. "

Lin Shu was a little nervous and didn't know how to respond, so he asked, "What's your name?" Ling Fengxiao said, "Return to the boat."

After saying that, I will rehearse the move again, saying that although I was touched for a while, I used it, but there are still one or two things that I didn't think about clearly.

Lin Shu had some interest in these things, and the two thought about it. At the rise, Lin Shu also used the folding bamboo sword to dismantle a few tricks with the big lady, and finally polished this style of "going boat" to perfection.

At this time, two hours were about to pass. When it was time for lunch, the young lady retracted the knife, but went forward and took his hand again, saying, "You should go back."

Lin Shu: "Yes."

The young lady said, "I'm not willing to let you go." Lin Shu: "I will stay for a while?"
The young lady said, "No longer, you cannot be hungry."

Lin Shu was reminded to go offline and opened his eyes in reality. He was lying on the bed at this time, looking at the sky outside and wondering how fast time passed.

I thought of walking in the fantasy world with the young lady and pondering the sword, which was very interesting.

At this moment, he suddenly understood why the classmates liked to play together after school when they went to school.

Xiao Shao asked him if he missed Miss, and he said it was fine. But I just met the young lady. When she left, she said she was unwilling to let him go. He didn't say anything else, but at that moment, he didn't even want to leave.

Chapter 68: Wanguiyuan

After that, the days were very peaceful, Ling Xiao was injured from morning to night, Cang Yun practiced sword from morning to night, Lin Shu practiced piano from morning to night, May 6 Time flies.

"I said, Brother Lin," Cang Chen lay on the table and looked at him, his face was ruthless. "How can you still eat?"

In front of Lin Shu was a small bowl of Ling Rice in Xianxiang Inn, eating a spoonful of spoonfuls slowly.

Cang Yue continued: "Look, cats don't eat anymore."

The cat turned a blind eye to a dish of rice in front of him-obviously he would eat a little more the other day.

Xianxiang Inn only serves rice, and the rest of the meals don't need to be thought about. After eating for six days in a row, the cats and people were tired.

Xiao Ling smiled and looked at Lin Shu: "It's good to eat and you can gain weight."

Lin Shu: "..."

He didn't feel much about this. The rules of the teacher's discipline were mainly light diet, and tasteless was the best. When I was young, I even ate rice longer than this.

On the seventh day, the aftereffects of Ling Xiao's "Nirvana Breathing" finally recovered.

At this time, the disciples on the Magic Mountain also came down one after another, each looking for a place to go, some went out to practice, some went back to school to study.

They falsely reported the real person to Feng Lei and registered where they were going. When they were about to leave, the cat suddenly jumped from Lin Shu's arms and "meowed" in the direction of the magical mountain.

Lin Shu was stunned, watching the fairy palace on the top of the magical mountain rise, gradually diminishing in the sky, and then passing a rainbow, hiding on the cat's neck.

The cat turned around and crawled back into Lin Shu's arms. A small collar was added to its neck. There was a crystal clear white jade bell on the collar. The jade quality was exactly the same as that of the floating heavenly palace.

So, was the Imperial Palace accepted here? Then carried by the cat? Rich cat, rich cat.
Out of the boundary of the Xian family, past the boundary mark of "Mortal cessation", Cang Yi said: "I want to eat!"

Lin Shu laughed.

Ling Xiao said: "... Okay."

Cangyu flew over to find traces of mortal towns, and it took a long time to return. There was a tea stand somewhere in the sky, and somewhere in the town was Yunyun.

When he arrived at a place called "Pingchun House", Cangyu plunged into the largest restaurant and asked for the largest table.

Ling Xiao: "What do you want to do?" Cangliao said, "Eat."
Lin Shu: "I think this table is too big." Cangyu: "Not big."

Lin Shujing watched its changes.

The four juniors served one dish after another, filling the large table that should have been seated by a dozen people.

Lin Shu picked each of the meat dishes the best, and piled up a dish in front of the cat.

After looking back, my cousin clamped himself a lot.

Xiao Er came up again, and each of Ling Xiao and Cang Ling poured a full glass. When it was Lin Shu's turn, his cousin meditated for a long time, and finally picked up the jug and poured it a little in Lin Shu's cup-barely going to the bottom of the cup, Lin Shu felt that he could count it with drops.

Then, Cangyu started his performance.

Lin Shu's eyes watched as the dishes on the table decreased at a speed that could be seen by the naked eye, and the empty plate on the side quickly simmered.

The waiting second child was stunned, as if he couldn't believe that such a handsome and handsome teenager had such a big appetite. Fortunately, here is the third floor elegant room, otherwise I am afraid that someone will invest money to reward this wonderful trick performance.

Lin Shu feels that the volume of dishes eaten by Cangyu is already as large as a person.

Brother Cangyu, is there a folding space in your belly?

It was not until the meal was full and the dishes on the entire table were eaten that Cangyu leaned on the back of the chair with satisfaction, saying, "This is the internal strength of my family," whale drinks swallow the sea ". body." ——It turned out to be Gongfa, but that could barely be explained.

Suddenly, Ling Xiao remembered something ordinary, and said lightly, "No one in your family has practiced 'whale drinking and swallowing the sea' for hundreds of years."

"Although this method is practiced, it is very easy to eat," Cang Yan grinned, "but the threshold is too high, and often it takes inhuman perseverance to get started."

When he said that, he smiled a little stupidly: "Speaking of which, I can practice as a whale drinking and swallowing the sea", or thanks to Miss Ling ... I am a dumb player with little qualifications, no matter how I practice, They can only be at the middle and lower levels, and have been ridiculed by their peers. One day, I was reprimanded by a real person because I could not understand the sword tricks, and I cried on my own in Zhuhai behind the mountain. Ask me what I'm crying. I said that my qualifications are dull and useless, and I have no face to stay in the school. "

Lin Shu heard her story and raised her ears.

Canglia continued: "Miss Miss said that the talents and qualifications are all nonsense. It is ridiculous that you are sad. I am not convinced that you have the talents that you can choose from thousands of miles, and you can achieve positive results casually. I would say so. Miss said ... "

He paused and went on to say: "Miss Miss said that even if her qualifications are like me, her cultivation status will not be lower than now. Say, don't bother me and leave. I later met Phoenix Villa The other sisters of mine told me that since she was a kid, the young lady waved the knife 30,000 times a day. The entire palm was worn out, not to mention learning the mind and cheating. She only slept for one or two hours a day. That is to say, in the past two years, only a breakthrough in mood can be achieved before the robbery period. Only a little rest can be taken. I think that Miss is right, no matter how dull qualifications, if you can achieve that point, you can exceed Ordinary people, and determined to learn the internal skills of 'whale drinking and swallowing the sea', a few days ago, I went to experience the magical mountain, I got some insights, and finally got started. "

——It turns out that there is such a reason why Cangliao is a martial art idiot that everyone in the school knows.

Cang Jing said: "To the young lady, this incident is just a careless insertion, but I am grateful. I only hate myself for hurting myself in the past few years and waking up too late."

Lin Shudao: "Miss is a good person." Cang Yi said: "That's right."
Ling Xiao raised an eyebrow: "What?"

Lin Shu thought for a while and said, "I was trapped in a ghost village with many people at the beginning, and it was all rescued by the young lady."

Ling Xiao laughed and said, "Why don't you care that she is going to peel your skin?"

Lin Shu: "..."

After thinking for a while, he said, "Miss is just not talking about people." Ling Xiao: "Huh?"
Lin Shuxin said, the young lady really has nothing to do with her mouth, which is actually very good. At first in the ghost town, the young lady was in a bad mood and had an extremely irritable temper. When she heard that the villagers were trapped, she said "I will let them die" and left. But in fact, I went to Ning'an Prefecture and completed the procedures for resettlement in response to villagers. They are really good people.

However, my cousin also knew that the young lady had to peel her skin. It seems that the two of them are very brothers and sisters and must have said a lot. At this time, Cangyu agreed: "I feel the same way."

Ling Xiao refilled herself with a drink, and after a brief sip, she said to Cang Yi: "She also has many reasons for practicing the exercises like that, and there are countless elixir deaths. You must not use too much work, or you will damage the foundation."

"Anyway," Cang Yan raised his eyebrows, "I chose Shengshengzaohuadan in the Tianzi library, and I can surely hold it."

Ling Xiao said: "Well."

After chatting for a while, they continued to go north, leaving the sanctuary area of Xiandao martial arts near Huandang Mountain. The official road was in disrepair and the town was ruined. It was much desolate than before. Along the way, they passed five or six abandoned empty cities, and the pavilions remained. It's just that there is no figure, which makes people a little dazed.

After a few hundred miles, there were no traces of people. After passing through a boundary mark of "Mortal Stop", a black mountain range appeared in front. Continuously, the ghostly spirit is very heavy, and there are faint crying. When the mountain road completely disappeared, a "Gunyuanyuan" road guide was set up in front of them. In order to save spiritual power, they did not fly with imperial air, but walked into the mountain.

According to the map, if you go over a mountain and jump down a cliff, you can see the slits in the ground, and you can go down and down all the way along the slits. "A thousand ghosts" is more dangerous than Lin Shu's original trapped ghost town.

On the way, they finally determined the purpose of the expedition.

Cangyu wants to hone martial arts, and there is no demand for the treasures in Wanguiyuan. My cousin, as a temporary breeder, provides purely military support, indicating that if valuable treasures are available, they can also be taken in.

Lin Shu needs a lot of things, promises the girl's bone-bone flowers, as well as the blood of the snake, the dragon's bones, and the mysterious poison potion used to quench the Needle of Extinction. Qi.

The three went deep into the mountains and followed the directions of the map and road signs. When they were about to reach the cliff, Lin Shu's shoulders warmed up. Lin Shu felt the thick mist of ghosts, and put the cat on his shoulders. Bingxian, pressed the strings a few times to dispel the evil spirits ahead.

Suddenly warm, his cousin was covered with a white fox fur.

Hu Qiu was light and soft. He couldn't take his hand with Qin Teng, and Ling Xiao went around him again, fastening his neckline.

Lin Shu looked up, and saw his cousin looking at himself with the same look as the hamster.

Cangyu ignored them and kept observing the situation in front of him, and suddenly said, "Someone is ahead."

As they approached, they saw two young men dressed as widowers and thin-skinned at the edge of the cliff looking out to the bottom of the cliff.

Seeing them coming, the two rushed to their knees and said, "Immortal help!"

Cangliao asked about the situation. The two said that their mother was seriously ill. After listening to Mr. You Fang saying that Wan Guiyuan had a panacea to save his life, the three brothers came here a thousand miles away. The situation, but there was no response for two days and two nights, and the two of them were left, neither was it, nor was it, anxious.

Ling Xiao frowned, and said, "How dare you come here?" The two cried and rushed to the ground, saying that Mr. You Fang was unknown, and they didn't know that this ghost place was dangerous, and they only asked Xianchang for help.

They cried too much, and Cangyu couldn't bear to hear that after we went down, we would pay attention to the presence of your elder brother.

The two were so grateful that their heads were to be broken. With the matter settled, the three set out on the cliff.
It's okay to just fly down, but the boss said that he might not be trapped somewhere on the cliff, so the three chose to go down the vine that the boss climbed.

Cangyu went down first, Ling Xiao passed through Lin Shu's arms with his left hand, and crossed him, hugged him, and hung him on his body in a posture of a stranger holding a cat, and then grasped the vine with one hand .

Lin Shu looked desperately on the edge of suffocation.

It doesn't matter if you look up, you can see that the two brothers are looking down, the angle is not good, it seems that their faces are terrifying.

However, the next moment, Lin Shu knew that this was not an illusion!

The two men held up the axe for chopping firewood and chopped down on the vine!

Cangyu: "Ah, ah, ah, ah!"

The cat also screamed: "Meow!"

And Ling Xiao let go of the vine with his left hand, and patted it against the rock wall with his palm, rising up into the air with the turbulent energy, and said coldly, "Sure enough!" Did he think about it?

Lin Shu began to wonder whether his brain circuit was simplified compared to Ling Xiao.

They broke away from the broken vines, but the next moment, the entire rock wall suddenly appeared a layer of sticky black, and all the vines on the cliff turned into living tentacles, rolling towards them!

In the whistling wind, Lin Shu heard the two brothers laughing above and said, "Three more deaths!"

Chapter 69: Sway

The ears are crows and cats screaming in fright, but Lin Shu has no idea, because both cangs and cats are just barking.

As a connoisseur, Ling Xiao's strength is self-evident. He barely has the combat power of Jindan period. Cangliao is the second in the Yanwu field rankings and is near the peak of Yuanying.

And the worst cat named was the terrestrial immortal realm that had completed the calamity. Unless it was the immortal realm of the immortal realm, no one could help it.

If the two brothers above wanted to kill them, it would be too difficult. Listening to their tone, they killed others before the three of them.
But this time it was indeed kicked.

After Cangyu called, he quickly inserted the epee on the cliff stone wall, stabilized his body, and then, the chaotic spirit from the cat held them all up.

Ling Xiao hung Lin Shu with one hand and drew a knife with one hand. Ling Bo's figure turned around, and she cut at the tentacles that hit them.

The sword and the tentacles struck, and the sound of a golden stone was heard.

Canglu said: "Iron rattan!"

In an instant, thousands of rattan tentacles were born on the cliff, wrapping them firmly like silkworm cocoons, sucking away the inner spiritual force frantically, and secreting a strange smell of mucus, which touched the air, "Burning" sound. Lin Shu felt like he was eaten by a giant pitcher plant.

And Ling Xiao said: "The vines of the iron barnyard can sell three thousand jade per foot in your treasure hall."

Cang Yan said: "Very good."

Speaking late and fast, the two leaped up almost simultaneously. Ling Xiao's knife light flickered in the dim environment. The blade of Cangyu came over immediately, pierced into the hard vine, the violent spiritual force exploded, and exploded in the vine. The two co-operated, and the thick cocoon woven by the vine was immediately blown out of a mouth.

The new vine wanted to fill the gap, but wouldn't the two make it work. For a moment, the sword lights and swords were chaotic and vigorous, making Lin Shu who was hung on Ling Xiao almost unconscious.

The sound of the golden stone collision continued one after another. After a while, the two completely broke the vine, reappeared next to the cliff, leaped upward, and looked down at the two brothers on the cliff.

The two of them probably didn't think that the three would die. The expressions on their faces were very cheerful. I didn't expect this to happen, and they turned pale and shivered like sieve.

With the power of Tie Teng Teng, it is indeed possible to harm two or three Jindan, and these two people seem to be recidivists!

In other words, some of the disciples who died in Wanguiyuan in Xiandao Rumors are because the ghosts in Wanguiyuan are really dangerous, while others are in the hands of mortals?

Ling Xiao sneered, taking Lin Shu to the ground, and the spiritual force rolled towards the two men, and shot the two of them **** the ground.

This trick was so heavy that blood was spit out in both populations, and it couldn't be moved in a short time.

Lin Shu was let go and finally escaped from suffocation and coughed hard. Ling Xiao also knew that Fang Cai's posture was a bit problematic, and he patted his back smoothly.

After finishing the qi, this looked at the two people on the ground.

They looked panic-stricken, saying: "The villain and the dog don't know Tarzan, the immortal lives!"

Due to the close relationship between Xiandao and the dynasty, there has always been a customary rule on Xiandao, and those who cultivate immortals must not use force to oppress and harm mortals.

However, it is clearly not normal now.

Ling Xiao said: "How many people have you killed?"

The two said, "The villain has never harmed anyone. Today, the financial enthusiasts knew what to do, and Xianchang raised his hand and spared our brothers."

Lin Shu: "..."

Even though his brain circuit has been simplified compared to Ling Xiao, we can see the exaggeration of the acting skills of these two people.

Besides, if it is really for the moment, how could it be possible to reach an agreement with Tie Teng Teng and make a fool?

Ling Xiao was not in a hurry. He gently wiped the mucus on the knife with a soft cloth and slowly said, "Do you think ... I believe it?"

I wonder if it was Lin Shu's illusion. He felt that Ling Xiao at this time was a little faintly similar to the young lady when interrogating people.

After he wiped the knife, he wiped the blade on the faces and necks of the two, but he didn't put it into reality. He only looked at the two people's fear of shaking, and said, "We need to make better. " The faces of the two people were so pale that they were really frightened. They talked wildly in the mouth. Lin Shu reluctantly clarified their logic. It was said that the boss had been eaten by the iron vine a few days ago. I could n’t eat any of my belongings, and they all fell into a gap and could be picked up. They thought that if they could n’t get the elixir of Wanguiyuan, they could also get some money, so they pitted two young disciples who came here to experience the sweetness. Today, they saw three immortals coming here, and they used their skills again .

These remarks are also justified, but they are really vicious, and they bluntly ask the disciples for medicine, and they will not be rejected.

Ling Xiao smiled and said, "It's a good program." One of them said: "Xian Chang, this is a true matter-"
Ling Xiao pressed the blade down, and her voice was suddenly so cold that she said, "Look for death."

Having said that, they knocked the two together and said to Cang Yi: "Search for the body."

Cang Ying responded, and went over to pick up the clothes of the two men. Lin Shu heard Ling Xiao say to herself: "Good, don't look over there."
With that said, turn his body around and let him turn around to look at the cliff.

Lin Shu was docilely dominated by his cousin, but his heart was full of doubts.

He thought there must be something wrong with it. Cangyu has been searched, why can't I let myself see it? There are strangers.
Cang Yun's movement was fast, and within half an hour, he said, "OK." Lin Shu looked around tentatively and found that his cousin did not stop himself, then turned back.

The two were indeed mortal men with no magic power. At this time, they were sealed off, unable to move, and speechless. All that left was a linen sackcloth pants, and all the other belongings were piled aside.

The machete, flint, moxa, water sac, dry food ... are all things that look normal, nothing can be seen.

Ling Xiao rummaged through the pile of debris and picked up two leather ropes.

At first glance, this leather string was used to hang it around the neck. Both of them had a round black pendant, not a rare stone.

Cang Jing said: "For the purpose of eliminating evil, my hometown has such a custom."

Ling Xiao took the two pendants in her hand, and after a while, she said, "There is fragrance."

"Scent?" Cang Ling took the pendant, sniffed it **** the nose, and said, "It really seems like ... it doesn't smell too much."

"The fragrant incense." Ling Xiao said lightly.

The two men who cut firewood naturally do not go to incense, so the incense on this pendant is a bit strange.

Then, Lin Shu watched Ling Xiao tie the two with ropes and hung them on the cliff. The two were hung in the air, and at their feet was the abyss.

Ling Xiao put away the two pendants and smiled at the two of them: "We said we might not be back in a few days, the two of them should think about it."

Speaking to the cat, "Trouble your next enchantment." Cat: "Meow."

An enchantment immediately covered the two men, hiding their shape and voice.

What kind of cultivation can produce what kind of enchantment, the enchantment set by a cat as a land fairy naturally requires the same land fairy to crack, and naturally no one will find the brothers.

Cangyu gathered up the corpse of Tiepi Rat and asked Ling Xiao: "Brother Ling, what do you think?"

Ling Xiao left a photo-bead in the hiding place and said, "Absolute."

Chapter 70: As bones as a mountain

This thing is indeed strange. Mortals are not related to Xiandaosu, and how can the two wise men who cut firewood have the courage to murder the fairy?

Lin Shu thought about it, Wan Guiyuan is notorious, even a mortal, he should have heard its reputation, even if he did n’t know it at first, when he stopped in the towns around this mountain range, no matter how much he wanted to use the elixir, It should be dismissed by those appalling legends.

However, since Xiao Xiao has put down the camera on the cliff, when they come back, what can be seen in the video-if anyone comes to find them, this is a gang crime, you can go according to the clues in the video Follow the vine and touch the melon.

If no one is looking, it is a case. The rope that Ling Xiao used to tie them was a top-notch magic weapon, and the enchantment would never be broken. When he returned, he was escorted to Tu Longwei for interrogation, and it came out.

Ling Xiao took Lin Shu again, and took a light job and jumped off the cliff.

The cats seemed a little afraid of heights, and they were not assured of their light work. They gathered extra spiritual power to protect them.

Sen Han's overcast wind blew across his face, and there were looming ghost cries below, and I didn't know how long it took before the three finally landed on the ground.

The visibility here was extremely low. After Lin Shu stood firmly, he plucked the strings a few times and repelled the ghost fog with the clear and spiritual power of the ice stringed piano, so that he could dimly see the scene ahead.

Cangyu opened the way, Lin Shu was in the middle, the cat stood on his shoulder, and Ling Xiao walked last.

According to the map, they should look for a slit, and under the slit is the real Ghost Demon.

However, obviously, in such an environment, Mo said it was a slit, and it was difficult to find even the top of the mountain.

Lin Shu was thinking, thinking if he had studied geology in modern times, and knew if the geomorphology of the Rift Valley was relatively easy to find the legendary slit.

Thinking about it, he was tripped by something and almost fell.

Ling Xiao's eyes were fast and he supported him and said, "Be careful." Lin Shu looked down: "..."
The culprit was a section of White's thigh. He said, "Wait."
The two stopped, Lin looked around, looked for a stone that looked relatively clean, sat down with his knees crossed, straightened the piano, and started playing virtuously.

I played the "Clearing and Destroying Magic" which was used in the ghost village.

The spiritual power fluctuations interwoven with different phonics are naturally much more powerful than the random press of a few strings. As the pitch becomes higher and higher, with the ice stringed piano as the center, the ghost atmosphere and mist gradually fade outward. After reaching the apex of the song, it gradually fell, but the intensity of the spiritual fluctuations remained unabated, and even because the previous bedding became stronger and stronger, those who obstructed sight faded like tide.

At the end of the song, all the fog of several hundred meters dispersed. Lin Shu got up, continued to hold the piano and looked around: "..."
He grew up on a peaceful modern earth. Although he has cultivated immortals, he has only seen corpses and bones in social news since he was a child. He has also been treated and will not be too scary.

The current scene is really visually striking for him. Bone is like a mountain, but that's it.
At the bottom of the undulating cliffs, there are scattered corpses everywhere, and at a glance you can see the human bones.

Legend has it that Wanguiyuan eats people and doesn't spit out bones. If there is no arrogant practice, otherwise there is no entry, and surely there is no exaggeration.

Canglu said: "Abnormal."

The word "chao" is really high today. Ling Xiao said: "Too much."
Lin Shu estimated the number of these bones, and his piano sound only cleared out this area. This is already the case. If you count the other places that are not visible, I am afraid that all the disciples of the Shangling Academy are not enough.

Although people die for wealth and birds die for food, everyone has a mind in the end. Knowing that this is a place where people can't eat their bones, why are there so many people coming to death? Moreover, those books that recorded the situation of Wanguiyuan did not mention that the entrance was full of bones.

Cangliao said: "Yes, this is too much."

Ling Xiao Road: "If all the people in Xian Dao are here, then Xian Dao is no one."

Cang Jing said: "I'm afraid most of them are mortals-but how come there are so many mortals here?"

Lin Shu listened to the two of them talking, and the two brothers came to mind.

Are these mortals pitted by others?

Then Lenovo Ling Xiao said that the two pendants had the smell of incense for worship-is it the scene of a cult?

However, the government records all household registration records. Every five years, the census is not false, and if so many mortals are pitted to the ghost ground and killed, the dynasty cannot be unaware.

Ling Xiao took out a compass, which Lin Shu thought made him look like a good-looking **** stick.

As soon as the compass was taken out, the hands on it turned wildly, and there was no tendency to stop.

Ling Xiao said: "Resentment."

"Awkward, awkward." Cang Yi said, "Let's go and explore." Ling Xiao said "um", and the three continued to move forward.
Lin Shu slowly adjusted to the fantasy, and every time he walked forward, he played a song called "Clearing the Magic", which helped Ling Xiao and Cang Ling open their eyes. They finally recognized the direction of the mountains on the map, followed it all the way, and found a deep crack that seemed to extend into the dark void.

After entering the crack, they were completely isolated from the earth.

However, the map is correct, that is, when the person who drew it draws the map, it is not as if the fingers were out of reach under the cliff. These fogs blocking vision are likely to diffuse later.

Lin Shu felt that he was smart once, and for the time being, he remembered this doubt and was held by his cousin half-holding and half- long along the steep crack and deep into the slit.

Even though he has no keen consciousness of the cultivator now, and is wrapped in warm fox fur, he can't help but shiver.

In the darkness, there are shattered animal footsteps in all directions, snoring sounds of rubbing against stones with some textures, and murmuring murmurs and fighting sounds everywhere.

According to legend, this is the ancient battlefield between the ancient Shu and ancient Dian kingdoms. This is the place where the blood is soaring to the sky. According to Feng Shui, it is also the place where the evil spirits gather. Hundreds of years later, the vicissitudes of the vicissitudes of the vicissitudes of the vicissitudes of the sea, after a countless movement of death and injury, the evil spirit rose into the sky, the formation of hundreds of ghosts, the breeding of evil things, became the ghosts of the people's conversation.

Listening to this voice, it turns out that there are many unclean things moving around.

Ling Xiao whispered, "Go!"

Cangyu smiled and said, "Wait for this moment!" Lin Shu picked up the piano and was ready. People are naturally noticed among all ghosts!

As soon as they are aware, they will be attacked by them!

To this end, each of them has prepared three seal marks, which can keep their breath from being detected by evil spirits within a time of incense.

With these three trace marks, the plan to enter Wanguiyuan this time is out.

First of all, kill all the way into Wanguiyuan, go to the deep Nether River, collect the bone bone flowers, and then use the traces to get rid of the huge siege. Go down the river and come to the old snake's nest, kill it, and get overcast. Snake Blood and Nether Dragon Bone. Finally dived into the Nether River and got the Xuanbing Poisonous Water. At this time, the evils introduced along the way accumulated to a horrible scale, and then ran away again. After a fragrant time, Wanguiyuan was killed, leaving one Zhang Yi traces symbols in case of need.

At this point, their existence was apparently discovered by the evil spirits, and the snoring and footsteps suddenly rose after a distinctive long cymbal, converging to them.

Canglu said: "Good job!"

The epee swept through, and the dull "咚咚" sounded into a piece. Cangyu carried light body exercises and ejected forward. Wherever the epee swept across thousands of horses.

Ling Xiao swam in the back, and Lin Shu was taken care of by the cat.

The cat's chaotic spiritual power can almost condense into an entity, hold him up, float in mid-air in a most suitable position for playing the piano, and fly forward with the speed of Cang and Ling Xiao.

Lin Shu felt that the transportation was wonderful, and after getting used to it a bit, he quickly bounced "Unlimited Clouds". The Qingzheng spiritual force pulsated outward from the ice stringed harp, which can not only cause a lot of damage to the black monsters, but also help Cangyu and Ling Xiao, and help them calm down.

As for the cat himself, he clasped his neck again and refused to look out.

Lin Shuxin said, this may be because the cat knew that Cangyu had to rely on the killing of Wan Guiyuan to practice, and he also needed such an extreme environment to run into the weapon of Bingqin, so he did not shoot and created promotion for both Opportunity in the realm-finally give it some face.

At this moment, his eyes adapted to the dim light here, and saw countless strange and ugly evil creatures rushing towards them all like a tide, and the lingering sword strength was like a crazy bulldozer. In the same way, under a heavy siege, he broke open a gap and moved forward rapidly.

It seems effortless, but they all know it--it's just the beginning.
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