The #1 Pretty Boy of the Immortal Path Chapter 1-10

Chapter 1: Remember a failed robbery

Black clouds piled up. There was a swirling black center over the city. The sky opened a crack, thunder and lightning, and thundered.

A few young people are gathering, Tian Nanhai Bei Hu Kan.

"Speaking of my roommate ... the one named Lin Shu," one of the young men snorted, "as sick, I never saw him say a word."

The person next to him opened a can of beer and echoed: "Say that he is hoarse and has no expression, and hurried out to find a place to live. I really don't want to see him, fuck."

A loud thunder cracked in everyone's ears, and deafening, the rain poured down.

They accidentally turned out the window: "It's really fucking."

The little young man complained just now and raised his eyelids, looked at the sky, suddenly froze and opened his eyes.

"This ..." hesitated and surprised, "Boss, isn't it the dead man's face standing on the top of the building over there?"

The third child stunned his short-sighted eyes: "Really, it's such a heavy rain, this person is really mentally ill?"

"If you don't have depression, you have to be autistic. Anyway, it's abnormal," the young man smirked gloatingly. "Hey, younger, why do you still hold things in his arms?"

"Mental patients are more joyful-they look like swords."

However, before they could see clearly, a scene beyond their cognition happened. A huge purple thunder winded out of unimaginable radial lines on the black sky, and went straight towards the figure at the top of the distant building. The flash of light was too dazzling, and no one could see what was happening.

On the street downstairs, many people took photos with excitement under the rain, with the words "The huge thunderstorm in City X is like the end of the world, where is the Daoyou here?"

——This is the last time they saw Lin Shu.

When Lin Shu woke up, he felt like he was lying down, rolled his eyes and tried to open his eyes.

"Little fool is awake!" A thick accent sounded in his ear.

His body froze immediately, his eyelids were as heavy as Tarzan, bones were rusted, and he could hardly breathe.

I'm allergic to people, really.

He took a deep breath, the air was damp and rotten, and it smelled terrible. He tried to run the Qi, and repaired nothing.
"Isn't it quiet again?" The voice continued, a middle-aged elder lady with a loud voice. She seemed to have reached out her hand and leaned towards herself.

Imagining the heat of the approaching human body, Lin Shu's senses exploded into a ball and opened his eyes sharply.

Auntie was also startled by his sudden open eyes: "A thousand swords!"

Lin Shu was stiff, breathing a few breaths, and finally saw all around in dizziness.

The aunt in front of the bed looked fierce and wore a sackcloth skirt, her hair curled up, and a thin piece of wood inserted, not a modern look. I was in a thatched hut. The hut was extremely rotten, and the walls were pitted with mildew. If I was making a retro movie, it would not be easy to build such a broken house.

Lin Shu: "..." Tragedy on earth.
He just wanted to make a disaster—it wasn't too far from the ascent after the crossing, and he had classes at night. He didn't have time to leave the city to find the wild countryside to cross, so he had to choose a tallest building nearby to avoid alarming ordinary people.

The bad is bad on this building-it ’s so good to die, a huge lightning rod is installed, Tian Lei did n’t hit himself, and he was led by the lightning rod. Those who cultivate immortals are not sincere and determined, and try to use the foreign object to avoid the disaster, without exception, they will be condemned by the heavens. In other words, they will be wiped out, and they will be beaten back from the beginning, such as now.

He really didn't expect that the lightning rod could actually lead the thunderbolt away.

Modern physics hurt me.

Lin Shu vomited a few breaths and felt his own body.

The meridians are extremely stagnate, and the roots and bones are strangely poor. They say that mediocre qualifications are all with closed eyes. If you want to cultivate your fairy, you are afraid that Toad wants to eat swan meat.

He was like a student punished for cheating.

Seeing his dull appearance, Auntie sighed and sighed, "I've been silly for almost ten years, and I'm not seeing any good-I ran into the horns all day long. This time I was drowning, so I have a little memory." There was a man yelling from a long distance, and the elder mother gave a "hey" sound, pressed him on the quilt, and turned away.

Her hands brushed Lin Shu's neck almost, causing Lin Shu's goosebumps. He had difficulty breathing, and it took him a long time to slow down.

The act of auntie was really normal, but Lin Shu couldn't accept contact with people. The quilt was bizarre, cold as iron, and the cover was even more uncomfortable than not. It was really unfortunate.

When the aunt went away, he got up from the bed, pushed open the wooden door with sticky hands, and looked out. What you see are equally dilapidated houses that come together in pairs, like a village. His courtyard is located on the periphery of the village. Outside the village is deserted arable land. A little further away, it is gray, covered by fog, and nothing can be seen.

The sky was strange and dark. If it was early in the morning, everyone was walking around and cooking smoke; it was also far-fetched in the evening, the sky was dark, there was no star and no moon, and there was no shadow of the setting sun. unlucky. He couldn't think of anything for a while, and wanted to observe it again. He saw a villager walking outside, and the leg he wanted to step back to shrink back, turned and walked back to the room.

The room was really lackluster. It was broken and messy. The furniture had only one bed, and the table in front of the bed, without a mirror, and could not see himself. I guess my shell is indeed a mentally impaired man, and I don't know how respectful he is.

Lin Shu felt a little suffocated by touching his weed-like messy hair.

At this moment, the courtyard door creaked and was overthrown, and footsteps came from behind him. He turned his head, and the person who saw him was still the aunt.

Auntie held a white bowl in her hand, crossed the threshold, and called the dog like, "Little fool, eat!" After shouting, the little fool turned his head and looked at himself, still not very normal, but also very different from before.

Auntie frowned: "It's even more silly to fall into the water once." After that, she put the bowl on the table and turned to leave.
There are not many quiet people in this world, and fools are one of them, because no one will talk to a fool. This is what Lin Shu has never wanted, but it doesn't work now. He must communicate with someone, otherwise, he can only be a fool for life here. Although he likes to be quiet, he doesn't want to be a fool-especially a fool with a moldy quilt in a moldy room.

So, when the maid was going out, she heard a trembling voice behind her: "... thank you."

Auntie: "Oh!"

She turned sharply: "You're not stupid!" Lin Shu nodded stiffly.
The eldest mother almost had to dance and whispered loudly to the outside, "Little fool is not stupid!"

The sound of mixed footsteps rang, and at a moment Ural gathered at the door a large group of yellow-skinned villagers, all excitedly extended their necks to look into the room.

"Aren't you stupid?" "Isn't he really stupid?"
"Little fool is really not stupid!" Lin Shu: "..."
How can a fool suddenly make such a big noise? Auntie put the bowl down, drew forward, and held Lin Shu's hand: "You ... what do you remember?"

Lin Shu: "!!!"

He was gripped by the aunt, his hair was erect, his eyes darkened, and he took a few steps back like an electric shock, almost flying away from the sky.

Unexpectedly, Auntie knelt straight down: "You must save us!"

The villagers saw the aunt kneeling down, followed suit, and banged their heads outside the door: "You must save us!"

Lin twitched his lips and struggled to organize the language. He wanted to ask why these people kneel.

Unexpectedly, I haven't spoken for too long, and it's completely unorganized.

He said hard, "What do you want me to do?"

Several people talked eloquently, especially the maiden voice was the loudest. Fortunately, although Lin Shu could hardly speak, he could still listen to people's words, and barely understood their meaning.

Ten years ago, I do n’t know what the monsters are.—In short, there is a huge disaster. When the whole village is in danger, a fairy passes by and uses spells to protect it for ten years. The condition is that the villager was entrusted with a dull life. Little fool, said to be his apprentice.

The villagers asked again, what magic can protect for ten years, and what to do after ten years.

The immortal hit a lot of machine fronts and said a lot of magic stick words such as "but wait for the opportunity to come" and left.

Now, the ten-year period is about to come, and the magic barrier is shaky, but the little fool is not stupid. It can be seen that the opportunity has come, and the villagers are naturally overjoyed. I just hope that the little fool who suddenly opens up can deal with it.

Lin Shu looked out.

It's still the same scene-the mist of ghosts and ghosts pervades the wild, and it is said that the vitality in the mist is extinct, all of which are living corpses and evil spirits. The whole village is like an isolated island at sea. It has been 10 years since there was no news from the outside. Even if the villagers want to break their heads, there is no way to go out, and if he has no countermeasures, he will also be trapped here.

He has been repairing immortals since he was a child. He has perfect roots and bones. After ten years of practice, he went smoothly to Mahayana.
Now he has been assigned to this place by the heavens. Not only is he trapped, he has to talk to people.

Lin Shu stood there, took a few deep breaths, and did some psychological construction before finally organizing the language and asking, "Are there any swords?"

The villagers looked at him together, their knees were a little weak, and they wanted to bow down and worship.

I didn't expect that the little fool would become so calm and calm, and he was so good, that the fairies didn't fool me.

Chapter 2: Our young lady

Sword, yes.

Someone handed it over.

A stubby little wooden sword cut to play for a three-year-old child.

The child burst into tears and cried out, "My sword! My sword! Return my sword!"

Lin Shu was struck by his tinnitus, and after all he did not pick up the sword, he folded a branch on the dead jujube tree in the courtyard, held it in his hand, exhaled a little, and felt a little more comfortable.

He was trained in the division, and would rather die with a sword than live without a sword. For more than ten years, he had carved it into his bones. Now it ’s a total loss. Although there is no practical use for holding the sword, the sword is in his hands, after all, it can slightly alleviate the discomfort brought to him by the Wuyi crowd.

Lin Shu crossed the crowd and walked towards the edge of the village. The closer you get, the thicker those fogs are.

Behind a layer of enchantment, he suddenly and not far away a ragged shirt, rotten pus body looking at his eyes.

The thing was still alive, hissing, half a hop, the monkey rushed over, blocked by the enchantment, Lin Shu stepped back, watched it smash into it madly, and his claws broke through the enchantment , And then popped up again, it can be seen that this enchantment is not very reliable.

Half-rot, limbs on the ground, fast action, contained in "Nine Shao Aliens", said crawling corpse, is a low-level evil, afraid of light, wind and fire. The villagers apparently knew some of its habits, and had taken torches to drive them out.

However, in the shadows, the whistle gradually began to ring in the dense forest. After a while, dozens of people had gathered. According to villagers, these evil things have been wandering outside the enchantment, with thousands of people.

Lin Shu looked at the corpse who was driven out of the enchantment. He could see very clearly that the enchantment was already extremely weak. I am afraid that it will not last for half a month. If there is no way to escape, I am afraid that he will be trapped in the village. Already.

But his cultivation is not one-and-a-half minutes, or in other words, it is unknown whether he can return in this life, the fool's body is also very weak, probably due to malnutrition all the year round, two steps must be panic-unless remodeling In the root bones, it is difficult to cross the threshold of Xiuxian by opening up the Qijing Eight Paths.

The villagers looked at him silently, playing drums in their hearts, and no one dared to step forward.

Half a quarter of an hour passed, Lin Shu finally said, "Are there any pianos?"

I want swords and pianos, but in remote villages, there is no such thing.

Lin Shu saw them looking at each other, thinking for a while, and slowly said, "Anyone who can make a voice ... is fine."

This time I have it.

A few young guys ran to the east of the village. After a while, they brought an old man and an erhu.

The old man had eye problems and was blind. Mr. Zhou, a storyteller from a tea house in the city of Minzhou, went out to visit his relatives in the city ten years ago. Who would have expected that this disaster would be trapped in the village and never go out again? Already.

After listening to the narrative, Mr. Zhou Lao shook his hands tremblingly: "Young man, as long as you can take us to Minzhou City to avoid disasters, let me make this old bone do everything."

That's what it says, but what can the old man who is about to die like this do? The villagers were puzzled.

Lin Shu didn't want the old man who stepped into the coffin to do any physical work, but asked him to play the piano.

Xi Jian must first cultivate his heart. His teacher has a tradition of learning the piano and clearing his heart, so he knows a few songs that break the magic and eliminate the evil spirits, and he picks a song called "Clearing and Eliminating Evil Songs" in an attempt to teach the elderly.

However, the level of Lin Shu's speech was really dare not be complimented, and the scores of Guqin and Erhu were quite incomprehensible. The exchange was difficult. The two returned to the house for a long time, and finally pulled out a tune that became a key. .

That night, Li Jiomao and Li Yamao, two young sons of the elder mother, opened their torches in front of them, and Lin Shu and Mr. Zhou Lao came to the edge of the enclave again, and several strong villagers followed.

In the thick fog, the ground rose into phosphorous fire, and dozens of eyes looked at them again.

Mr. Zhou Lao took the bow and pulled it up. The villagers exclaimed: "Really gone!"
I saw the tree trembling from time to time, and several corpses crawled away one after another. After the song was pulled several times, they walked as much as half. The melody is indeed effective, but the lyre people only have physical bodies. There is no mana in the melody, and the deterrent to evil things is still limited.

Lin Shu meditated silently how to make the power of the song more powerful.

Just thinking, Mr. Zhou Lao's action was one stop. "There is movement outside," he said.
The blind man's ears must always be a little more aura.

Sure enough, after a few breaths, a voice came gradually. At first it was a sharp collision, mixed with the woman's innocence, and then, footsteps and voices came.

A woman's voice was faintly heard: "There was still a voice just now, why did you stop?"

The old gentleman froze and continued to pull up. Li Jiomao and Li Yamao also realized that an outsider had come to the neighborhood and waved the torch with joy.

The woman's voice seemed to be calling her companion: "Here it is!"

After a while, the footsteps of the miscellaneous were getting closer, and Li Jimao shouted, "Here! Here!"

I only heard the sound of the wind and the collision of the flesh from the weapons. The remaining a dozen corpses also fled. The group pulled out the bushes and passed through the enchantment. Don't stop living people.

Lin Shu looked up. The comer was seven or eight young girls with sharp swords and short swords. They were erect and handsome, and they were martial arts perennials.

Headed by that "?", she drew her sword and asked, "Who are you?" Li Jimao honestly said, "It's the village."

Li Yamao moved forward charmingly: "Sister Fairy, are you here to save us?"

She snorted and pointed her knife at Li Yamao's neck: "What a shameless man! Are you a man or a ghost?"

Just shouting "Sister", she became shameless. The young girl was so beautiful that she didn't expect it to be so vicious and startled Li Yamao.

"Not a ghost, not a ghost," he said. "Women, we are human." "Nonsense, how could there be mortals here?"
She looked at the people behind her, her fingers pressed against the scabbard, and she looked very alert.

Li Jimao said, "Women, we have been trapped for ten years. If you don't save us, we will really become ghosts."

Heading for the girl, Zai carefully looked at him again, and observed Li Yamao trembling beside him. He had never seen such a wicked ghost, and finally put down his guard a little.

"It's true that we don't have such a living ghost. It's hard for us to stay here for ten years," she asked. "We came in to find someone. Within three days, has anyone been here?"

"This ..." Li Ji Mao said, "Women, we haven't seen outsiders in ten years."

His looks were honest and honest, and his tone was sincere, and he never seemed to lie. As soon as he said this, the girls behind the sword-bearing girl suddenly got anxious: "Neither here nor there, where is the young lady? "

The girl also had anxiety on her face, but barely maintained her calmness and asked, "What happened here ten years ago?" Li Yamao: "Ten years ago, I didn't know what happened, it was all those things ..."

The nearby villagers also answered one by one. You said one word to me, and it was not much different from what I told Lin Shu before. It all said that a disaster had happened overnight. An immortal rescued them, and the village was isolated from the world. No one ever went out.

Li Jimao carefully said: "Women have great skills and are not afraid of those things. Can they take us to Minzhou City?"

——At this time, no one noticed Lin Shu, these girls became new saviors.

"Minzhou City?" She shook her head, and said, "No one has been to Minzhou City for ten years! Anyone who enters thirty miles outside of Minzhou City, will never go back!"

Everyone froze.

They thought that it was only their village that had been hit, and the city must be okay. After hearing this, they knew that the situation in Minzhou City was probably 10,000 times worse than outside the village.

When the girls finally calmed down and talked to the villagers, everyone finally knew the cause and effect.

The grumpy girl named Ling Baoqing is from a "Phoenix Mountain Villa". They traveled to the vicinity of Minzhou with the young lady and heard that Minzhou City has become a ghost town that has been cut off for ten years. Take a look.

When it comes to Minzhou City, there is another matter.

Speaking of this matter, Ling Baoqing started to blow up the beauty of her own lady, and she wanted to blow her into a peerless beauty in the world.

On the rivers and lakes, whenever there is a beauty, there will always be many admirers. Of course, Miss. But the young lady has had a marriage contract since she was a child, or three media and six cards. Therefore, in addition to being more beautiful than other beauties, the young lady has other special features. She is a beautiful woman who can not be viewed from the distance and is not adorable to marry.

——The young lady's fiance is from Minzhou City. In the past ten years, neither he nor his master have heard the news, and it coincides with the time when Minzhou City became a ghost city.

At this moment, the young lady has more reason to explore the city of Minzhou. Widowhood or non-widowhood is a major event after all.

When they entered the realm of ghost town, they encountered countless living corpses, evil spirits, and zombies. Due to their high martial arts strength, they were not injured and went all the way.

"The young lady originally said that what happened in the city must not be simple. Later, we met a corpse king who was extremely high. We fought each other and some of us were injured. The young lady asked us to stay in place and not move. , She went to lead away the corpse king, but she didn't come back one day and one night, we had to look around. "

——In the thick fog, you ca n’t see your five fingers, even if you light a torch, you ca n’t tell where you are, and you just follow the direction and then you are off. When you hear the sound of erhu, you are attracted here.

Having said that, a girl suddenly cried.

"Hateful!" She stomped. "I'm afraid that Minzhou City has already lost a living. Poor our young lady, young, you must watch the door!"

Another girl said, "Mrs. Ms. Miss is not widowhood, I just hope she is safe now!"

"Shut up!" Ling Baoqing said, "The young lady's martial arts won the world, she must be unharmed. Now it is time to think about how to meet the young lady." The fourteen-year-old girls walked all night in the barren mountains and wild forests. They were both worried about the widow's widowhood and fear of being hurt, and they were afraid of being separated from the young lady.

The author has something to say: Hopelessly: the man died before passing through the door.

Chapter 3: Beauty night with knife

Ling Baoqing turned to comfort his companion. Li Jiomao and Li Yamao tried to persuade them, but they couldn't do anything about it. Instead, they cried and said "You Don't curse our young lady! "

The two leaned on the tree beside them, remembering that their village was trapped for ten years, and they were about to die, and they began to shed tears. Mr. Zhou Lao was infected by them, and he sighed very sadly.

Lin Shu fell into the memorial service for a while, and stood silently for a while, organized the language, and said to Ling Baoqing: "How did you come in?"

Ling Baoqing wiped his eyes and looked at him. About his current image, he could n’t even compliment her. She was polite to Li Yamao and Li Maomao, but not to him. She wrinkled her nose and stiffened her voice: "Of course I came in of."

No, I didn't mean that.

Lin Shu realized that there might be a big problem with his language expression, paused, and reorganized the language: "You ... how do you identify the direction?"

These girls said that there was no clear direction in the dense fog, but they also said that they were gradually approaching the gate of Minzhou City before they disappeared.

Ling Baoqing finally understood what he meant, and replied: "Some of us can't do it naturally, but our young lady has a high state of mind, can feel the luck of the stars in the sky, and can walk freely."

Lin Shu expressionless: "..." Ling Baoqing shouted, "You little screamer, do you have any opinion about our young lady!"

First, Li Yamao shouted "Sister Fairy", and was dismissed as "shameless stink man". Now that he did nothing, he was caught off guard and criticized by name.

Lin Shu didn't have the will to speak, but the eyes of this Miss Ling Baoqing were too aggressive and made him uncomfortable, so he said, "You should not go."

Lin Shu feels that if anyone has a little self-knowledge, when they can't distinguish their own direction and others can distinguish, they should stay honestly and wait for people to come back instead of walking around.

Ling Baoqing was somewhat ill-defeated and anxious: "When will it be your turn to sing and draw!"

Lin Shu ignored her.

After Ling Baoqing said this sentence, Qi Yan was weakened, and said, "Why don't we understand it, just panic."

However, with her irritable and proud temper, Qi Yan will not always be so weak, and she will regain her strength the next moment.


Lin Shu no longer looks at them.

It is said that most people who use knives are grumpy, and it really is. The upper beam is not right and the lower beam is crooked. The young lady did not know what kind of big splash skin, so she brought up such a group of small splash skins.

Ling Baoqing and his party were too lazy to take care of the dirty little barking flower, and began to talk about feasible ways.

"Can someone bring the Phoenix Butterfly?" "The black lamp is blind, and even if you bring the Phoenix Butterfly, you can't see it."

"The compass turns around and it's useless."

They sat cross-legged on the ground, discussing for a long time, and finally someone patted their heads: "Little star array! If we draw the small star array and mark the Big Dipper, wouldn't we also be able to sense the direction like the big lady?"

Ling Baoqing was overjoyed: "Sister Baojing is right!"

Sister Bao Jing, who was right, said: "Sister Baochen, I remember that you have learned the lessons of spells this year. Maybe you can draw them?"

Sister Baochen, who had learned the spell, said: "Hateful! I went to practice the sword with the young lady at that time every day. I escaped eight times in ten classes and couldn't draw it."

Li Yamao, who was listening, couldn't help but laughed out of "swish", even though Li Jimao covered his mouth in time, he didn't escape a curse.

After yelling at Li Yamao, they were completely deadlocked and silent, only sighing.

After sighing, Lin Shu silently spoke. "... I can draw."
The girls turned their heads to look at him, and looked at them with unbelief.

If it is said that Mr. Zhou, who plays the lyre, will be a little credible, it is simply a nightmare to switch to this unkempt little crocodile.

"You? Where did you learn the formation? Dream?" Ling Baoqing asked angrily.

Lin Shu didn't speak. Ling Baochen looked at him a few times, took out the rune paper, pen, and rune sand from his carrying bag, got up and came to him and said, "This

After a pause, he couldn't shout the proper title, and just said, "You try it." Lin Shu honestly said, "No spirit."
"You!" Ling Baoqing blew up again: "You playing with us?"

If someone else had quarreled with her already, but when Lin Shu didn't want to talk, he was a gourd with a beak and a winged puppet that didn't poke her, and said to Ling Baochen: "Pass it to me."

Ling Baochen pressed his hand on his right shoulder and began to inject spiritual power into his body.

Lin Shu was originally extremely unsuitable for cultivation. The meridians were stiffly filled with spiritual power. It was like pouring rivers into dry river channels. The whole arm was sore and cracked, and he almost vomited blood. Ling Baochen's hand pressed against his shoulder, making him want to vomit again.

But if he wanted to go out, he had to draw a rune. He had to endure it, and he dipped the pen in rune sand and drew it.

Ling Baochen whispered, "It seems to be true."

Unexpectedly, this little yeller did have some skill. Ling Baoqing blushed and stopped talking, leaving her eyes aside and not looking at him.

The small star array can be used for stargazing, and it is not a difficult array. When Lin Shu painted halfway, he suddenly thought that the spiritual power used by the people here was the same as his former spiritual power. He also learned from the Little Star Array-maybe the same world, but at different points in time.

It is said that the inheritance of his own division has a long history. I wonder if it can also be found here. After finishing a rune, Ling Baochen finally let go of his hand, and Lin Shu was half dead.

Ling Baochen held the rune paper and urged it with spiritual force, but seeing Fu Sha shining on it, she dripped blood, closed her eyes to realize, and for a moment, she said, "Here!"

The girls were overjoyed and gathered around, ready to start immediately.

"It's just that my spiritual power doesn't match him after all, and I can't use it freely. This array is unstable, and it can only last for half an hour." Ling Baochen was embarrassed.

The girls looked at Lin Shu again, their intentions were very obvious, and they wanted Lin Shu to set off together. If they were broken, they would draw another one.

Ling Baoqing said "Hey", his expression was embarrassing, and he might apologize for what he wanted to say.

Lin Shu didn't know what to return, so he ignored her and just kept up. That's it, if you want to go out, you have no choice but to follow them.
The brothers Li Jiumao and Li Yamao volunteered to join in. With the two of them holding the torch and lighting up, they freed up the hands of the two girls. When they met an evil object, one more person could win.

As a result, the girls were defending on the periphery, Lin Shu, Li Jiomao and Li Yamao were clustered in the center, and the party went towards Minzhou City. I encountered countless living corpses and ghosts along the way. Their skills were exquisite. Although they were not very high, relying on the cooperation of tacit understanding, they were in shock.

When it's safe, Li Yamao can't bear the loneliness and always talks to them. Among these girls, Ling Baojing is the youngest and has the best temperament, but he is not fierce, and talking, Lin Shu can be regarded as a story. Learned the beginning and end of "Phoenix Villa". This is a martial arts school that only accepts the desperate orphans. If they have the talent to practice martial arts, they can worship the mountain village to practice the "Phoenix Sword Technique". If not, they will put in many shops such as the silk village and the money village under the name of the village. , Business is spread all over the world, and also has deep friendships with other martial arts, a very high status, no one dares to deceive.

Ling Baojing said here, smiled, but stopped talking.

"Sister Baojing is ashamed," Ling Baochen laughed, and then continued, his voice was crisp and fast, extremely sweet: "Our Phoenix Villa is as close as a family, and we are connected with one another. The reason why everyone respects everyone on the river ... ... but there is another reason, because many of the village's sisters marry into various martial arts. Those stinky men always said that Phoenix Village is the mother-in-law of the entire rivers and lakes. If you offend Phoenix Village, even if you did not offend your wife, It will inevitably offend the wife of the brothers and sisters, as well as sister-in-law, uncle, sister-in-law, younger sister, and so on. Therefore, the entire Phoenix is ??the only villa in the Phoenix Village.

At this point, the girls laughed together. They were all fourteen-five years old. Although they were not very good-tempered, they were still innocent in general. Now that they have directions, they are a lot more relaxed and naturally lively and cute. In the circumstances, Li Yamao's eyes were straight, and he laughed.

While walking with a smile, Li Yamao suddenly stopped.

"This ..." He jumped aside, his voice trembling, grabbing one hand over his head, and a black stain of blood was shining from the fire.

The girls said, "Ah", they drew their swords in preparation for war, and the whole group spread out, freeing up a space in the middle.


Black blood dripped from above and fell before them. Li Ji Mao raised his torch, Lin Shu looked up.

Before seeing the situation on the tree, I heard a very light laugh first, followed by a voice.

"You can do it."

The sound was extremely beautiful, with the coldness and mistiness of the moment, like the pine winds on the mountain, which made people stunned for a while, but could not tell whether they were male or female.

The girls cheered and shouted, "Miss!"

At this time, Lin Shu finally saw a man standing on the dead branch of a tree above his head.

The fire was limited, and only the figure was visible, but the appearance was invisible.

This man was in the dark, and the group of demon rings served him, but as if sitting idle in his own courtyard, he was slowly wiping the knife, and the black blood was slowly dripping from the blade of water, shocking.

——It is the young lady in the mouth of the girls.

The young lady folded her sword and scabbled down from the treetop and came to them.

Li Jiumao and Li Yamao took a breath. Lin Shu also looked forward.
Now they finally knew that Ling Baoqing's description of the appearance of the young lady was not a lie.

The young lady wore a veil, and the lower half of her face only revealed a silhouette from behind the tulle, which made people notice the eyes, trim her eyebrows, and look forward to flying. She was so beautiful that she was daring. Look straight. Ling Baoqing and his party were dressed in short suits, and they were handsome and charming. The young ladies were of average age, but they were very different in dress.

The girls gathered around and asked how the young lady found them, but the young lady was injured. What happened to the young lady and the corpse king? However, despite their eager tone, they were all three feet away from the young lady, and they were not close. They could see that they loved and respected the young lady.

The young lady did not answer them, and glanced coldly from Lin Shu, Li Jiomao and Li Yamao, and asked, "Who are they?"

Ling Baoqing briefly explained their experience this night. Just now, when she met Lin Shu and Mr. Zhou Lao, the young lady frowned, her eyes full of disgust, and interrupted her: "Too dirty, throw it out."

It is Lin Shu who is talking about.

After all, you can't expect how clean a fool who drills into the corners will be all day long. Even if Lin Shu really wants to brush his new body, there is no condition in a hurry.

Ling Baochen busy excused Lin Shu, saying that this was their benefactor.

The young lady said "Oh" and looked at Lin Shu and said coldly: "If so, just hit a meal."

Lin Shu: "..."

The young lady's hand was pressed on the handle, and her eyes jumped, as if trying to press herself to kill herself with a knife, and said to him, "If you want to follow us, clean yourself up. If you get dirty, I have to Peel your skin. "

Lin Shu: "?????"

Fine. The master of this group of small splashes is really a more unreasonable big splash.

In the evening, the mountains and wild mountains, where does he find water to wash himself?


Chapter 4: Girl, please mourn

Fortunately, Lin Shu doesn't need to go to the mountains and mountains to find water. Ling Baochen smiled and smiled. The next moment, a white light smashed at him. After coming down, it is a common cleaning spell.

Lin Shu's whole body had a hot tingling sensation. After half a quarter of an hour, the spell stopped, and she had been thoroughly washed by the spiritual force. She felt that her breathing was lighter.

"Yeah," Ling Baochen smiled. "You're so handsome, you look good."

Several people in Ling Baoqing probed to see what tricks he could come up with. After reading, they all laughed and laughed: "This man is really strange. He is neither a fool nor an ugly monster, but makes himself like a muddy ground. Hit the dog. "

Lin Shu was unable to breathe due to their eyes, but would rather be dirty.

The young lady froze coldly here, and finally reluctantly hummed with her nose, which was considered as not peeling Lin Shu's skin.

Ling Baochen asked: "What are your three names?"

Li Jiomao said: "My name is Li Jiomao, and my brother is Li Yamao."

They laughed in a group, and even the young lady had some smiles in her eyes, asking him, "Why are there no feathers?"

Li Yamao respectfully said, "My young lady is so clever, my sister is called Li Goose!"

Ling Baochen looked at Lin Shu again, and Lin Shu said, "Lin Shu."

"Your name is a bit interesting, but what's the meaning?" Ling Baochen asked. Lin Shu: "No."

Ling Baochen yelled, "You are too boring." Lin Shu didn't answer.
The name is allegorical, but he doesn't want to speak, because he is really a meaningless person.

The young lady walked forward. "Leave."

The girls trot to keep up, and asked Miss how to find them.

"You are so noisy, you can hear it ten miles away," said the young lady. The girls do not follow.
The young lady smiled slightly and raised her hand. A butterfly emerged from the night and landed on Ling Baoqing's shoulder.

Ling Baoqing said: "It's Phoenix Butterfly! We also thought about using Phoenix Butterfly to find you, but it's too dark here. Even if the butterfly can find you, we can't find the butterfly."

"Listen," said the young lady. "If you can't hear the sound of the butterfly fluttering, and you encounter Ruiantang's 'Flying Flowers' hidden weapon, why not hold your hands?"

Ling Baoqing obediently said, "Yes, we need to practice more."

Lin Shu heard Li Yamao sighed beside him, and he could not imagine that one could hear the sound of butterflies fluttering.

If a person wants to hear the sound of butterfly fluttering, he must have experienced an unusually long practice. This patience and stamina alone are far beyond ordinary people.

When a person has such patience and determination, martial arts and cultivation must also stand out. This young lady who is about to peel off when she meets is indeed a simple young lady.

Lin Shuzheng was thinking, and suddenly heard Ling Baochen said, "Why did the young lady go back so long before coming back, is the corpse king really so powerful?"

The young lady said: "Easy to kill, but difficult to catch alive. The King of the Corpses did not lose his mind. After I caught him, I asked him to tell the truth about the city. If I did n’t say it, I would start from the shoulder blades. Broke him a bone. "

Lin Shu: "..." It's a cruel man.
Just listen to the girls continue to ask, "Did he say that?"

"Say," said the young lady, stroking the scabbard with her right hand, and said, "In the fourteenth year of Yongguang, the generals in Minzhou City had the lone and sincere king. They gathered for the uprising. Officials, scholars, knights ... all killed! "

The girls said "ah".

The lady continued: "The sorrow of the deceased turned into a ghost, and the city of Minzhou is indeed a ghost city."

Ling Baochen's voice trembled: "So ... we have to sue the owner?"

The young lady said, "Things that cannot be settled by the dynasty can't be settled naturally."

"Also ..." Ling Baoqing said, "Will we go?"

"I'd like to meet the lonely general who gathered up the rebellion and ask something." Said the young lady. The people of Fenghuangshan Villa are naturally the head of Miss Wei, and Lin Shu is casual, but Li Jiomao and Li Yamao are very scared. They asked Lin Shu: "What shall we do?"

Lin Shu walked to the side, distanced him, and said blankly, "Follow." Li Yamao said, "That's a ghost town."
Lin Shu: "Then you go back." Li Yamao: "..."
You can't go back to nature, even if you don't know what the young lady's idea is, you have to keep up.

He beat the living corpse along the way and moved forward. About two hours later, he finally reached the main gate of Minzhou City.

Lin Shu's fragile body was almost out of reach. He took two breaths and took all the will to support him, but let the young lady look a few more times.

The young lady raised her hand to knock at the gate, apparently using her spiritual power, knocking the heavy gate of Yu Gao out of a dull snoring sound.

Subsequently, the young lady spoke loudly: "Lingzhou Lingfeng Xiao, see General Dugu."

——The original name is Ling Fengxiao, but it's a pretty name.

A few moments later, a hoarse voice rang out: "It has been a long time since the city of Minzhou has escaped the world. Why don't you see any foreigners?"

Ling Fengxiao said: "Looking for someone." "who?" "As the saying goes, marry chickens with chickens, marry dogs with dogs, and marry ghosts naturally with ghosts," Ling Fengxiao said lightly. Your city is looking. "

"Girl, please wait."

About half a quarter of an hour later, the voice rang again: "The general said that if there is such a ghost in the city, it is not unreasonable for the girl to marry into the city of Minzhou. May I ask the girl husband's name and birthday.

Ling Fengxiao: "I don't know."

Across the city wall, Lin Shu could feel the gatekeeper's speechless.

It took a while before the janitor continued: "Girls know what to say, though."

Ling Fengxiao: "..."

I also paused for a while before saying, "Age 16 and below, regardless of gender."

The janitor surprised, "Doesn't the girl even know men and women?"

Ling Fengxiao calmly said: "Spoofs sometimes can't distinguish between men and women, but I'm afraid you're wrong."

The gatekeeper said: "Don't hide the girl said that if the girl's Lang Jun is below sixteen at this time, she was just a young child ten years ago. She has a weak soul and cannot become a ghost, and she is no longer alive."

Ling Fengxiao said: "Then look for his master, who is an immortal monarch named Tao Yuanjun."

The gatekeeper replied: "Cultivators tend to be cold-hearted, lack resentment, and cannot be ghosts, and the girls grieve." Li Yamao snorted and whispered to Li Jimao: "Even if the young lady is the world's most beautiful girl, she will become the world's most beautiful widow today. But after all, it doesn't sound good. "

Ling Fengxiao turned to look at him, her eyes were cold, and she scared Li Yamao into a quail with her head down.

I only heard Ling Fengxiao continue to tell the gatekeeper: "So, I will leave, but there is still a word to tell General Dugu."

Janitor: "Please."

"Now the war between the North Dynasty and the North Xia Kingdom is fierce. If the generals abandon the dark and cast themselves out, they may be released from the dynasty."

The gatekeeper smiled with a shudder: "The dynasty lost me a lot of Minzhou City. Unless the dynasty is changed, Minzhou will never help Nanxia to die. Please go back."

Ling Fengxiao was not entangled on this topic, and said, "Is there really no two in the city?"

"No, really." The janitor tone was earnest.

The young lady was so annoyed that she could see it.

Among the people of Phoenix Villa, the youngest Ling Baojing cried in the back.

The young lady is indeed widowhood!

Seeing them go back, Li Jiumao trembled, "Our village ..."

The most kind Ling Baochen said to Ling Fengxiao: "Miss, let's take them out of town."

Ling Fengxiao was in a bad mood. She had a bad temper. She looked around Lin Shu and the three of them, but she said, "I let them die." A short while later he said, "Send the villagers to settle in Ning'an."

The girls responded and started the journey, cursing softly as they walked: "This man who has suffered a thousand swords is dead!"

Chapter 5: Leave it alone

Ling Fengxiao ordered that after taking the villagers to Ning'an Prefecture for resettlement, she carried away her light work and left. The red palace dress fluttered in the air and disappeared In the eyes of everyone.

The young lady's mood was more irritable than they thought, so much that she didn't even want to go along this way.

"The young lady made a special trip to Minzhou City. I didn't expect such a result." Ling Baochen said.

"From now on, if the young lady wants to marry others, she will not be able to marry the best ones." Ling Baojing said.

Ling Bao sneered coldly: "The original ghost was not so good! The master of that ghost is Tao Yuanjun. I ask you, have you heard the name of this person on the rivers and lakes? But an unknown junior, and What good apprentices can I teach? "

Ling Baochen sighed: "Our landlord has no exception for the young lady. The name" Taoyuanjun "is very reclusive. Maybe it is a hidden hermit master. Unfortunately, the" rebellion " The implication is so wide that even the hermit master cannot survive alone. Otherwise, if Tao Yuanjun is still alive, how can there be no news for ten years? "

The three Lin Shu followed them quietly, along the way, listening to these girls breaking the heart for the wedding of the young lady, after exhausting the young talents of suitable age on the rivers and lakes, came to a conclusion: no one is worthy Miss.

They were very worried. Li Jimao and Li Yamao also sighed a few times, but Lin Shu himself didn't understand this feeling very well. First, after all, he is not very familiar with the customs of this world. In his original cognition, it is not a shame to kill her husband, let alone a doll who has never seen such a face. Second, a girl who is accustomed to threatening people with "skinning" and "shocking bones" is really ruthless, and those who are ruthless are generally cold-blooded and ruthless.

——But no matter what kind of person the young lady is, he has nothing to do with him. He and the young lady just meet each other. From now on, about goodbye forever. He just wanted to find a way to overcome his constitution and start practicing.

Thinking of cultivation, he suddenly remembered his last life.

Every day at midnight, I watched my mind, practiced the sword in the early morning, and packed my schoolbag at dawn to go to school.

There are a lot of people in the classroom. He has been sitting in the last corner, stacking thick textbooks in front, as if he has isolated an undisturbed world.

One day, all these things were pushed to the ground.

Several people surrounded him, mocking and cursing words that he could not remember, which should be more vicious words than "mental illness" and "dumb", and more people were watching.

He squatted down, picked them up on the table, and then they were pushed down again.

He lowered his head and continued to pick it up.

Probably, bullying a fool is really boring, and watching a fool being bullied is not an interesting entertainment. After repeating it a few times, those people are bored and they are gone.

That day, he returned home and said to his master: I want to die.

The old man said: No, you have to practice sword. After the Mahayana, the heavens and the earth can be free and easy. If you don't want to deal with people, you won't deal with people. Lin Shu: Oh.
He did not die, and continued to practice sword.

Practice and practice, a few years passed like a stream of water, Master died.

There is no change in his life, how to practice, or how to practice, by the way, he also took a college exam.

Later, he was about to become Mahayana and had to cross the road. Later, I came here.
Apart from the fact that there may be a little more people who work with immortals, and there is no lightning rod, the source of all evil, the world is no different for Lin Shu.

How to spend the last life, how to live this life, just practice sword. People like him, if they want to live comfortably, either die or mahayana.

It's just that it's too difficult to cultivate an immortal with this strangely poor body.

He was a little confused, and could not help slowing down. Ling Baoqing urged him: "Not yet!"
He did some psychological construction, and asked Ling Baoqing, who had a vicious face, "Is there a lot of people outside?"

"How," Ling Baoqing said to him, "Do you want to cultivate an immortal too?"

Lin Shu: "Yes." "It's simple," Ling Baoqing didn't make him difficult. "Confucianism and Taoism like to say, there is no teaching, and so is our immortality. As long as we have talent, we can personally cultivate immortality."

Lin Shu feels that since she has to choose talents, she cannot be said to be educated. The cultural level of this Ling Baoqing girl is a little worrying.

But reason kept him from revealing it, and he asked, "What do you say?"

"For example, in another two months, it will be the" Shangling Trial ", and my people in the Nanxia Dynasty can participate," Ling Baoqing said.
Anyone who passes the Shangling Academy once a year can enter the 'Shangling Academy' in Shuzhou. In the Academy, countless teachers open altars to teach, but if you want to learn, you can build some results. Except Shangling There are several other academies besides the academies, although a little bit, they are all good. "

After she said it, she looked at Lin Shu from head to toe, and said as she walked farther forward: "Well, Xiaohuahuazi, I see that your small body is too weak to practice martial arts, and you naturally have no Confucianism and Taoism, I'm afraid-enough! "

Lin Shu felt a little worried, but he silently wrote down this "uphill test."

After returning to the village, Ling Baoqing and his team conveyed the meaning of the young lady to the villagers, and said that they would be escorted safely to the more prosperous Ning'an House, a hundred miles away.

The villagers were naturally grateful. After all thanks, they immediately packed up their belongings, discarded all the heavy items, and left only some valuable things, put them on a trolley and pulled them with thin mules or donkeys.

The girls at Phoenix Mountain Resort did not dislike their shabbyness and helped. Lin Shu stayed in his thatched house. The room was empty and there was nothing to clean up, so he just looked at the rooftop to meditate on the mental formulas he had previously remembered, so as not to forget it in the future.

I don't know how long it was, footsteps sounded outside the door, it was that auntie.

Auntie held a black wooden box and said by the door: "Master, then your master entrusted my house to keep this thing and said it was for you."

Lin Shu took it, and said stiffly, "Thank you."

Auntie glanced at him a few times and said, "I didn't expect that you washed it, but you are handsome."

Lin Shu's language system was not enough for him to respond to this sentence.

He looked at the box in his hand and felt that since his body had a teacher, it was better to figure it out, and he asked, "My master ... why did you keep me here?"

The aunt said "Hi" and said, "Where do we know what the fairy is thinking, you will meet in the future, just ask yourself."

I'm afraid I won't recognize it.

Or the cheap master recognizes himself, but he does n’t recognize him He had to say, "I don't remember what he was."
"I remember it a little," said the compliment on his aunt's face. "Young, pretty in white, pretty."

This is actually the same as not saying it, because people who cultivate cults often like to wear white clothes, and young people in white clothes are usually very handsome. Lin Shu chose to continue to ask, "What's your name?"

"I don't know," said Auntie. "Where can the name of the immortal be casually known by people like us."

Lin Shu: "Thank you."

After saying this, thank you, his language reserve was completely drained and fell into silence, and the atmosphere suddenly became awkward.

Fortunately, the mother-in-law waved her hand: "I have to clean up the things and leave now."

Lin Shuo breathed a sigh of relief and opened the box. There are two things in the box.
The first is a smoky jade jade. It is very small, exquisite and clear. After holding it in the hand, a sense of coolness is immediately transmitted from the palm to the limbs.

The carving on the jade is very clever, it is a lively little dragon, one of its body circled a small hole, and was penetrated by a thin black rope.

Lin Shu pondered for a moment, and finally picked up the thin black rope, and hung the jade pin around his neck.

Regardless of the origin of this jade, its material is good. A good Lingyu can nourish the body and help meridians. Although it is not very effective, it is better than nothing.

The second thing does not see the material, it looks like jade but not jade, it looks like gold but not gold. It is a cylinder in shape with some auspicious and festive patterns painted on it.

Lin Shu picked it up and shook it, and really heard a sound.

He hoped that the masterpiece of masterpiece martial arts left by the master to his apprentice would be contained here. After learning, he could wash the marrow and transform the waste wood into a genius.

Wishes are wonderful, but I don't know if this is the case, because it can't be opened.

The texture of this cylinder is very hard, and it cannot fall off, and there is no gap in the body, which makes it impossible to start.

Lin Shu put it away religiously, believing that it must contain a peerless secret book, and believed that he could one day open it.

After half a day, everything was packed and a dozen horses and donkeys drove off the cart with great force.

Li Jimao and Li Yamao each drove a donkey, and Lin Shu was assigned to the cart pulled by the two donkeys. All his luggage was only one precious, Schrodinger, which might lead a peerless secret or a waste paper. Cylinder.

Lin Shu smelled an ominous breath from this Schrödinger's cylinder for no reason, probably because modern physics always brought him bad luck.

When leaving the village, everyone, the donkey and the mule looked back at this ruined hometown, and then left happily.

Although jovial, the donkey and mule's footsteps were very slow after all, so they arrived in Ning'an House six days later.

And that person had run out of patience, and his temper became even bigger.

When they met at an inn, the young lady drank on the second floor expressionlessly, and when she saw someone, she threw a stack of things onto the table downstairs, causing a huge crack in the wooden table. .

It was a title deed, a stack of government documents, and several silver tickets. It turned out that the young lady did not go with Ling Baoqing, not because the husband was dead, it was too annoying, but to go one step ahead to confess the news to the government of Ning'an. In the past few days, the young lady not only solved the problem of the villagers' native place, but even bought a piece of land for them in the southern suburbs.

Ling Baochen shoved the title deeds and silver tickets to the villagers who didn't dare to pick them up, and said warmly, "Will our villa be short of this money? Quan Dang thanked Lin Shaoxia and two brothers Li for guiding us.

"The young lady is still so kind-hearted," Ling Baoqing rolled her eyes where the villagers couldn't hear, "Quan Dang accumulated virtue for the dead ghost."

The villagers were so grateful that they almost chanted Miss Da as the Guanyin Bodhisattva.

The Guanyin Bodhisattva did not show any gratitude to them, and even snorted coldly, and pulled down a snowy white horse, saying, "Leave."

Ling Baochen said, "Hey," he said to the villagers: "Dear everyone, I will wait for this to happen, so don't leave it alone."

But when the young lady turned over her horse, she wore red gauze and gold thread on the white horse body, and she was extremely proud and noble. When the girls followed, the horse galloped, and the figure of the group gradually disappeared in the setting sun sky.

The villagers held deeds, papers and silver tickets: "It's a good man."

Lin Shu felt a bit complicated, so it seemed that the young lady was not a completely cold-blooded person, and she was indeed kind. After all, Pingshui meets, and it is all right to bring the villagers out of the ghost town.

Women really are fickle.

He decided to rename the cylinder of Schrödinger to the cylinder of Ling Fengxiao, so that it not only kept the nature of the cylinder but also got rid of the shadow of modern physics.

Chapter 6: I want to go to school

Mrs. Da took a generous shot, and the title deeds and property deeds were all in place. The whole village settled in Ning'an, and soon she lived a normal life.

"Although the young lady is a little bit fierce, she is indeed a good person," Li Yamao admired. "If we have a chance in the future, we must smash our bones to repay the young lady's grace for rebuilding."

Li Jimao echoed: "Who said no."

Lin Shu stood with his arms in front of the door, wondering why the two brothers came to their room to say this.

Li Jimao turned his head to him: "Brother Lin, you are also an immortal?" Lin Shu: "No."
"So ... that array?" "Draw casually."
Li Yamao: "I believe in your evil."

Li Jiomao said: "My duck feathers and I plan to sign up for the Lingling Exam. I wonder if Brother Lin has any advice?"

Lin Shu: "I want to report."

Li Jiomao: "The three of us happen to be companions. In case the blind cat meets a dead mouse, duck feathers and I are a bit talented, and we ca n’t say that they are Xiu Xiong!"

Li Yamao frowned: "I heard that although everyone can participate in the Shangling test, there are difficult exams. What are some fairy tales? I and the feathers just got a few words. How could I understand? So just try your luck. "

"The truth ..." Lin Shu looked at the lines on the table and said, "I will." The two brothers were overjoyed: "Brother Lin, teach us?"
"But you have to help me find out the news." "what news?"
Lin Shu thought for a while, and slowly said, "What about Shangling trying ... Anything works."

The two brothers set off immediately.

Lin Shu stayed in the room, looking out the window at the blue sky and white clouds, only four words in his heart.

I want to go to school.

Before Ling Baoqing told him something like "There is no teaching," and the "Shangling Test" of Shangling Academy, he remembered in his mind, but never thought that the situation in this world was indeed as Ling Baoqing said As long as you have talent, you will never be left behind.

Because, just two months later, the "Shangling Trial" notice was covered with a notice wall in the city, and even a copy of it was written by hand.

If he wants to embark on the path of cultivating immortals, he must first transform his physique.

And to transform your own physique, although you don't know how to do it, you can be sure that there are only two ways to go.

First, get the rare treasures of heaven and earth, and second, get the magical peerless exercises.

These two things are not in the mortal world. Even the cylinder of Ling Fengxiao is of special material and inaccessible. If you want to find a way to open it, you can only lean on Xiuxian.

And if he wants to leave the mortal world, the only way he can choose is to pass the Shangling test and enter the Shangling Academy.

talent? No.

I hope there is another way.

About half a day later, Li Jiumao and Li Yamao returned.

They walked through the streets and took Lin Shu to a bookstore in the city.

"Brother Lin, look at that."

But there were many books in the dense bookcase.

The first thing that caught my eye was a book "From Entry to Foundation".

Then there is "Shangling Exam No. 1 Teach You How to Prepare for Exam".

Then there is the "Anecdotes of Xue Gong: The Resentment and Resentment between Confucian and Taoist Schools"

"The boss said that if he read these books well, he would definitely be admitted to the school."

Lin Shu: "..."

For a moment, he seemed to be back in the original world, carrying the college entrance examination admission ticket, and selecting reference materials in the small bookstore next to the school.

He looked at it carefully, and finally pulled out a copy of Bai Xiaosheng's Shangling Academy. The vertical text is not difficult to read, he used to learn cheats like this before.

——Shangling Academy is located in Shuzhou. It is the first school in Nanxia. Every June, the "Shangling Trial" is held throughout Nanxia. About 1,000 people can pass the Shangling Trial and enter the school.

And Shangling Xuegong is not just a place for purely immortal cultivation, or in other words, Xiuxian is just a part of Xuegong.

The entire academy is divided into three parts, Xian, Confucianism, and Shu, which are called Xiandaoyuan, Confucianism and Shuyuan.

When Bai Xiaosheng wrote here, he mentioned an anecdote. The original school was divided into many parts-Tao, Wu, Confucianism, Dan, instrument, music ... countless.

Later, those who learned the Tao accumulated all their spiritual power and had nowhere to vent, and ran to learn martial arts. After learning the martial arts, those who learned martial arts found that manpower was limited after all, and they went to study the path to supplement martial arts. In the end, the personnel of the two hospitals were extremely confused and could hardly separate each other. They simply merged into Xiandaoyuan, and the number of people in each session was too small-- everyone with a little talent went. Xiandaoyuan sought martial arts and longevity, but everyone who had a little ambition went to Confucianism to learn how to benefit the world, while the disciples of the other schools withered, each courtyard had at most two or three people, and finally had no choice but to merge. —Although still very depressed.

Lin Shu suddenly felt that he could still save it.

Since there are other courtyards besides Xiandaoyuan, then he can choose a direction like alchemy and formation, and recite Danfang or array maps in the remaining two months. Maybe it can really pass. Ling test, enter the palace. Bai Xiaosheng said in the book that after entering, the Xuegong will hold an assessment every six months, and will be expelled if it fails two consecutive assessments. At that time, he can also recite madly and get back the feeling of the end of the week, maybe not get fired.

However, this idea was completely overturned the moment he turned to the next page and started to look at the specific operation steps of Lingshang.

Chapter 7: Shangling Dreamland

According to Bai Xiaosheng, because there are many and tedious items in the Shangling test-the Confucian and Taoist exams require policy and writing, and the Xiandao Academy exams To observe each candidate's talents in spiritual control, understanding of martial arts skills, and so on, the academy is even more difficult to do. You need to open the furnace to practice alchemy, stargazing in the field ... all kinds of exams. However, the number of people who registered for the Lingling Examination is very large. If you take such a careful assessment, I don't know how much manpower, materials and time will be consumed. In order to solve this problem, the Shangling Xuegong gathered all the powers of Nanxia to form a large array of "Shangling Dreamland".

After the formation of the law, everyone will be pulled by the power of fantasy and enter the dream of Shangling. All the examinations of the palace are held here, whether it is the Shangling test or the semi-annual assessment.

-This turned out to be a computer test.

Lin Shu's heart missed a beat and quickly turned to the next page.

The next page is the specific examination process of Confucianism and Taoism in the Shangling Examination. Lin Shubei turned a few pages and came to the section of Xiandaoyuan.

There are three exams and the explanation is very easy to understand.

The first test: the wood of embracing, born at the end; the platform of one hundred feet, starting from the base soil, Xiu Xian must first raise qi.

The students sit in meditation in the dream of Shangling. First, the Qi machine is flowed through the 720 acupoints around the body. After that, the dream will designate any number of acupuncture points. The meridian path must be selected by itself. Finally, dreams will add obstruction obstacles to meridians and acupoints. Students must choose whether to break through or bypass obstacles, and how to make the internal air- conditioning flow as smooth as possible under these obstacles.

Second try: Taoism, non-Taoism, and non-Taoism.

This test is purely to test the level of understanding. The dream will choose twenty essential sentences in each classic, and the students will express their understanding of each sentence. Then, the dream will pull two people with opposite opinions into the same dream. Men talk in dreams.

Third try: Xiawu Jingji, Zhongwu into philosophy, Shangwu got the way, Daowu is inseparable.

After entering the third test, the dream flowed, and the students chose their own weapons to practice martial arts in the twelve realms of morning, dusk, day, and night; spring, summer, autumn, and winter; overcast, sunny, rain, and snow. Bai Xiaosheng added a note here to explain that martial arts level is secondary, the key is to use Wujian Tao's understanding, even if the person with high understanding raises an axe, it is also different from the person with low understanding.

After completing the three exams, Bai Xiaosheng continued to explain. The general meaning is that these three exams are very difficult, but the original intention of the academy is not to successfully complete the three exams, but to observe the talent and understanding of each student. The first test was basically smooth, and any part of the last two tests was successful. It is possible to pass the Shangling test and enter the palace.

In other words ... the "talent" to be tested in the entire Shangling test is a metaphysical talent, not a physical talent?

——Yes, they do n’t have to test physical talents at all, because those who have stagnation of meridians, no matter how many acupoint maps they have read, and how many times they have recited Yang Qi Jing, it is impossible for the Qi machine to be physically Those who are in circulation cannot gather in reality, and naturally cannot imagine any method in a dream.

Shangling dream is a fantasy.

In other words, there he would not be limited by this body at all.

For other people, if the natural meridian is unreasonable, the first try will do nothing.

However, the body meridian of his last life was no longer able to describe the word "unblocked". Day and night, the Qi machine unknowingly circulated tens of thousands of times between the 720 acupoints. , The pulse is smooth, with pulses and pulses, which meridian should be used to walk with the Qi machine, already familiar with the heart, everything in the first try, it is as easy as drinking cold water for him.

The second test was very suffocating. I was afraid that it would be ridiculous for myself and others to have difficulty speaking everyday. However, according to Bai Xiaosheng, it should not be difficult for him to enter the Shangling Academy-after all, there is a foundation for his life.

All in all, I still want to make a ghost, and just choose Xiandaoyuan directly. Not only is there no problem in the Shangling test, you don't have to worry about every assessment in the Xuegong.

The only question is, how can he explain, why he can't even condense a little spiritual power, a chicken can't be killed, but he can pass the exam?

Li Maomao and Li Yamao stared at Lin Shu, and looked at the cover of the book expressionlessly for a long time. They couldn't help saying "Brother Lin?"

Lin Shu exhaled softly and said, "Let's go."

Due to the approaching test of Shangling, the bookstore owner's business has been very popular recently. Almost everyone who comes here will buy many instruction books to go back. The boss saw that these three talents only bought a book, and he was very dissatisfied and watched them leave. When he was angry, he was so angry that he stared: "Well! I can't get into the school palace!"

Lin quietly left.

Failure to pass the exam is no longer his concern.

He was afraid that he had passed the exam, and then everyone in the Xuegong doubted how it was passed.

The books and pens that had been swept away in his last life suddenly appeared in front of him, making him a little nauseated.

After returning, he didn't do anything else, he just tried to mobilize his barren language to teach Li Jimao and Li Yamao how to recognize acupuncture points and air ventilators, and taught them the most basic points, thorns, hacks, chops, Twenty-five styles, knowing these, if there is really talent in Xiuxian together, it will naturally be selected by the Shangling Academy.

Because of this, Li Jiomao and Li Yamao both admired and trusted him very much, but Lin Shu became increasingly restless.

That night, he had a very strange dream.

The dream was still the gloomy wilderness outside the city of Minzhou. He walked aimlessly, and there was a rush of footsteps behind him.
Looking back, it was actually Ling Baochen who met before.

Ling Baochen held his horns, Huarong lost his color, and his voice was extremely helpless.

"Brother Lin," Ling Baochen cried, "The young lady was caught by the King of Corpses, and I escaped. I don't know what to do ... Brother Lin is the first name of the Shangling test, and must be cultivated in depth and martial arts. Extremely high, she will surely rescue the young lady ... " He didn't know how to answer, and Ling Baochen was pulled all the way to the corpse's lair.

Ling Baochen pulled out his sword to him.

And he had no spiritual power, and drew his sword and looked blankly.

-Then he was shot dead with the palm of a dead king.

The final scene is when the young lady is hung in the air by the corpse king, looking coldly at his fleshly body: "Useless things should have been peeled by me."

Lin Shu felt his fate strangle her throat, and opened her eyes after choking for a while.


This day cannot be passed.

The author has something to say: The exchanges of Xue Gong students:

——Why doesn't he know anything, and still take the first test every time?
? ?

-It must have been raised by Miss.

——Miss Pangshang, fight less for twenty years.

——Miss, hug me.

Chapter 8: Give up

In June, the summer is approaching and the sun is burning.

These days, the days are extremely sweltering, the rivers are very dry, and the crops in the fields are running out. The whole city is only looking forward to a heavy rain. If this rain does not come, there may be a severe drought.

Li Jiumao came back to work from the ground, covered with sweat, and poured water on himself as soon as he came home, working hard in the hall.

"You dog-save some water!" Li Yamao poured a small glass of cold water for him.

"It's time for you to go in the afternoon." Li Jiumao drank those waters, wiped his mouth, and said to Li Yamao: "Take care of the dead dog."

"My aunt," Li Yamao said, "I can take a big Sunday today, you can hurry up to catch up, if we two can go to practice immortality, we won't have to suffer from this bird."

Li Jimao sighed, "It's easy to say."

There was no rain in January, and Fujian, Guangdong, and Guizhou were thousands of miles away. I don't know how many young children are like these two brothers. I am looking forward to passing the Shangling test by chance, and then I will break away from the world and live a fairy life.

Watching the sun go to the middle, Li Yamao said, "Let's go to Brother Lin for dinner."

——Brother Lin's family naturally has no food, so they must bring them. For the past two months, this has been the case. When they went, Lin Shu was practicing sword under the tree.

A three-foot poplar branch, obliquely pulling a sword flower. The two brothers watched outside the door for a long time, but they are only the basic five types of point, stab, chop, chop, and chop. There are no fresh sword tricks.

——It's not that Lin Shu is unwilling to practice anything else. This little fool's body is really weak. After two months of eating and drinking on time, he didn't see any improvement. He would breathlessly dance a tree branch, let alone a complicated sword move. .

He was a little dizzy, and the plums and duck feathers came to find him, so he dropped the branch and went back to the room.

These two days, the two brothers often come to him, sometimes asking for something like Qi, acupoints, etc., and sometimes just come over to play- for the first time, someone will come to play for themselves.

In his last life, when he was six or seven years old, he saw that everyone had friends, and he was envious of it, and wanted to have a playmate or two together. It's just that, just stop thinking about it. He has been following Master since his memory-it is said that Master brought it from the orphanage. As for the old man who insists on wearing long robes and wearing robes in modern society, how can he successfully adopt the child? Lin Shu can't think of anything. So he always thought he was stolen from the orphanage by the old man.

After being stolen, at a very young age, he began to memorize swordsmanship, learn exercises, and those things his peers said ... he didn't understand it at all, he hadn't even seen it on TV. Therefore, he did not know how to talk to the people around him, nor did he know what to say.
Children play together. Once a person has no friends at the beginning, he will not have it in the future.

Later, he graduated from elementary school. By junior high school, he could barely keep up with the pace of modern life, but he was already lonely to a certain extent and no longer wanted to contact people. After a long time, he had a very good ability to talk to himself. Others become dumb.

Here, the life in the village is simple and consistent, and the two brothers are very honest. They laughed in front of him all day and gradually became familiar. As long as they did not touch themselves close to each other, Lin Shu would be able to meet them. Being peaceful is nothing but a rare experience.

Continue to be peaceful for a few days, seeing the days of the Lingling trial.

The eldest mother sent the three to the village entrance, and said to Li Jiomao and Li Yamao, "You two are finished, you don't care what kind of old lady you are, don't lose the little ones!"

Li Yamao said with a smile: "Relax, mother, we will take him well!"

Lin Shu looked at this scene and thought about it, and he has not lost it. I don't know why he left the impression of being lost easily, a little dazed: " "

Auntie cast her gaze on Lin Shu, and she was worried: "Look at it! It's like nothing else! Don't you just let go!"

"He listens!" Li Yamao excused him, "I just don't make expressions, so I look a little bit!"

The elder mother gave a "snack" and took a few more steps, and said to Lin Shu: "Follow me!"

Too close, Lin Shu was a little stiff and nodded silently. The aunt was satisfied, waved her hand, and let them go.
Ning'an is a small county. It is only a dozen miles from the southern suburbs to the center of the city. They each ride a gray donkey and walk side by side on the dirt road. Lin Shu also brought in a bucket—this is the first mother who knows that he is not well For fear that he will be stunned by the big sun, specially added.

Lin Shu was walking by the donkey while watching the scenery by the road.

When I first entered the city, the streets and lanes were sparse on both sides, and the houses were low. They were all old wooden mud houses. They were not very prosperous. After passing through an archway, I saw the rather elegant official houses in the inner city. , Selling some fruit and fruit snacks, screaming one after another, quite interesting.

As soon as the test room was approaching, there was a lot of meaning, and the vocals were also very enthusiastic. The test room was actually an open space with dozens of squares and blue brick paving.

Over the black crowd, Lin Shu saw a very high bamboo pole standing in front of it, with a green cymbal hanging on it, and the words "Shangling Test" written on it. Participants took this bamboo pole as the center and sat on the floor.

Li Yamao: "It's also really good." Li Jiomao nodded.
Lin Shu thinks so.

However, when almost everyone came, he felt that the perfunctory and simple nature of this place was not without reason—the whole Ning'an Prefecture did not know whether there were 5,000 people. One thousand people only came to the exams, for fear that all young people Everyone came here for luck. The Shangling Academy has only recruited a thousand people throughout the entire Nanxia year, and hundreds of thousands of people can participate in the Shangling Examination. If the venue is really carefully arranged, detailed assessments in reality are not easy.

Li Yamao did not know where to pull out a hemp rope, tied Lin Shu's wrist, tied the other end to his waist, and said, "If there will be many people, if you really lose, my mother is afraid to put I hang up and fight. "

When he was stunned three times, the noisy crowd calmed down, and he heard a vigorous and powerful voice from a distance: "Get up!"

Taking the bamboo pillar as the center, the bluestone slabs suddenly spread with a complex pattern of milky white patterns. After shaving, the light was bright.

Lin Shu's consciousness was suddenly pulled. After a moment of weightlessness, he opened his eyes and was already on a mountain mist- filled road. There was a stone on the roadside with the engraving "Shangling Dreamland".

He climbed up the steps, and after a few dozen steps turned around and turned a bend, the peaks and turns, and suddenly he reached the top of the mountain.

The top of the mountain was rising early in the morning, and the morning breeze was blowing. There was a phantom of a man with a very blue appearance in front of him.

Lin Shu sit quietly.

"Where is Daoyou's house?" "Minzhou, Ning'an." "What's your friend?"
"Lin Shu."

"How old is Daoyou this year?" "fourteen."
"It's a hero." Having said that, the man in blue continued: "Dao friends, please close your eyes."

Lin Shu closed his eyes. "Men, please meditate." Lin Shu meditates.
The man in blue smiled: "Poke and jump, Daoyou really obedient." Lin Shu: "..."
The IQ of this examination system is quite high. The author has something to say: Lin Shu: Hey.
Chapter 9: Jun heart is iron
Lin Shuyi followed the words of the man in blue and closed his eyes for meditation.

Suddenly he heard him say, "Daoyou come to test Xiandaoyuan?" Lin Shu: "Yes."
He responded, and suddenly thought that the examination system had called him "Taoyou" from the beginning, and that it also had a recognition function.

"That's it," Lan Yiren cleared his throat. "One of the first trials, the air machine flowed through the whole week, Daoyou please."

Lin Shu felt the acupoints of the meridians in his body, and it was really unobstructed, different from the body in reality.

The big and small Zhou Tian are the basis of nourishing the qi, and the little Zhou Tian can do it for everyone. The big Zhou Tian is more complicated. It requires skill and skill. Exhale, gather Qi in Dantian, sink to Qihai, descend to Yongquan Point, inhale, pass Sanguan along the Governor's Vessel, reach Baihui Point above your head, and eventually run on the tip of your tongue. The internal strength of each first-class faction is slightly different on the specific path, but the end result is the same: Qiqi eight veins, seven hundred and twenty points, all have Qi flow through, repeating, endless, each passing Sunday, The internal air compressor will have a deep point. The so-called "repair" is accumulated day and day during the weekly operation.

After Lin Shu was brought home by his master, he began to recognize acupuncture points and walked around, so this time was quite smooth. The man in blue clapping his hands and admiring, "This is the foundation that Daoyou has laid since childhood, and he admires it. The second of the first try, please listen carefully."

Just listen to his soft verse:

"Zhongchong Lone Goose broke through the clouds, and several times the Laogong broke loneliness.

Turning around the history of Daling, Quze Tianchi Mo swaggered. "

The meaning of this poem is obviously to transfer the Qi from the hand to the chest-belly Tianchi acupoint. The middle must pass through the four large acupoints of Laogong, Daling, Jianshi, and Quze. The path is well- formed. I did it, and I thought on the way, I wonder if the two brothers Li Jimao Li Yamao who can't understand a few characters can understand the poems.

When he finished, the system groaned immediately, so five times, it was considered an attempt.

The voice of the system with a slight smile: "No. 3 of the first test, there is no way to re-examine the mountains and rivers, there is another village in Liuming Huaming, Taoists don't open your eyes, and you should transport Da Zhoutian first."

Lin Shu did according to the words, and suddenly felt that his back was connected with his fingers, sealing several large holes in the shoulder well and Zhangmen.

If there is a problem with the talents of the immortal, or if there is a problem with injury, poisoning, or practice, the acupuncture meridians can easily cause problems and hinder the operation of the Great Zhou. For other meridians, it all depends on how well this person controls the air machine.

Lin Shu controlled the internal ventilator to break through the obstacles in the shoulder well, bypassed Zhangmen, took Tianzong, and reluctantly walked through a large round of heaven. Then he slowly gathered the gas and opened the damper gradually. With the shoulder well and the damper open, the obstacle at Zhangmen had been loosened, and it was broken after a few weeks.

The system is again the disease point of both hands, sealing several key meridians.

——This first test was originally a test of basic skills, so no matter how the system works on the meridian points, there are always ways to follow. After a few back and forth, the obstacles are broken by Lin Shu in turn.

The system said "OK" lightly, just when Lin Shu thought the test had ended, he suddenly noticed a blast coming in front of him, and straightly took the dead point in the middle of the chest and abdomen!

He moved faster than his instincts, suddenly strayed away from that finger, moved his right hand forward, grabbed the system's wrist so that he couldn't get in, and opened his eyes.

The system was restrained by him, with a smile in his eyes: "Dao You should have sat still and couldn't shoot."

Lin Shu let go of the system's hand: "You shouldn't let yourself be injured."

Langzhong is a place where Qiqi gathers, even if it is to go into trouble, as long as it is not a big fork that goes backwards and forwards, there will be nothing wrong with Langzhong. If external force causes damage to Langzhong, half of its life is gone, and Xiuxian is hopeless.

The system laughed: "Extremely, Daoyou has seen the puzzle and is really alert."

Lin Shu: "..."

This system will lie.

——I don't know if I can pass the Turing test. Just thinking, the system tone concerned: "Are there any Taoists?" Lin Shu: "No shortage."
System: "Then I will try again immediately."

——Afraid that it can really pass the Turing test.

I don't know how deep and magical formations can be to achieve such a dream of Shangling. At least, those things he knew in his last life are not enough. I am afraid that the way of this world is much richer than he has seen in his last life.

Oh, he only saw one martial art in his last life, and a cultivator was his martial art and his master. The old man once mentioned that there were other martial arts, but they were too unproductive, could not find good disciples, and gradually fell into mortals. In the war years, they lost a group, and now there is only one martial art in the whole fairy road Only seedlings.

——My own seedling was injured by a lightning rod, and was assigned here by Tiandao. The original immortal in that world was afraid of death.

System: "Taoyou?"

Lin Shu returned to God.

System laughs: "Dao You are so cute." Lin Shu: "..."
There is something wrong with this system.

"Second try," the system sat cross-legged with him, and said, "please understand‘ forget me. ’”

He was dressed in a blue suit, smiling kindly and looking at Lin Shu's eyes, which made Lin Shu feel very uncomfortable, but thinking that this was a virtual image, he could barely accept it. It is so difficult for people to speak, and they can answer noun explanation questions smoothly.

"When you sit still, you are inward and outward, incarnate in nothingness, and heaven and earth ..."

When he came to "Heaven and Earth", he paused, thinking that when he was sitting and watching the meditation in the past, he did not feel the heaven and earth like the classics said, but he was just empty and dazed, then he skipped and said: "Incarnation Nothingness, forgotten things, forgotten, are forgotten. "

The system nodded, but the next question was very tricky, as if it was specifically based on his previous answer: "Please understand‘ world ’.”

This question is difficult to answer, because these two words often have different meanings in different contexts. He thought about it and decided to answer it from a more metaphysical perspective: "The unreachable place is the sky, and the unreachable place is the Ground is ground. "

The system thoughtfully said: "According to the Taoist friends, there is a poor manpower and an unreachable place. The world of life is like being born in a fan cage and exhausting all its life. It is impossible to get a glimpse of the things outside the fan cage. ? "

Lin Shu nodded.

The system grinned: "Which is the case, Daoyou ask for‘ Happy '. ” Lin Shu: "..."
This system is refined.

He explained according to his own understanding, and then systematically found out the blind spots in his answer and tricked the questions. With more than a dozen contacts, the questions became more aggressive and Lin Shu answered honestly. Although there is something that can't be expressed, it is also considered dangerous. Parried. Bai Xiaosheng said that there were 20 questions in the second test. Lin Shu counted the number. By the twentieth, the system did not continue to deliberate, but started another topic.

"Please explain‘ there is always good and humane ’.” Lin Shu was stunned.
He remembered when he was a teenager.

The night before, his master had just taught that "there is always good and humane." It is said that the operation of the entire world has its own laws. Since ancient times, even if what is "scientific", it is still studying these things. In the world of life, mortals seize these rules and follow suit. For example, if you plant spring in summer and grow in autumn and harvest in winter, you can profit from it. , Xiu Wei will greatly benefit.

That day, like all other days before, he observed the meditation, practiced swords, went to school silently, attended classes, and left school.

What class he had forgotten, he just remembered that the bell rang out of school, and the crowd from the tide was rushing out of the teaching building. He was pushed by the crowd and pushed from the classroom to the stairs and from the stairs to the school gate. God, I just feel that my life is surrounded by a torrent of incompetent power, everything I see, hear, and experience, willing or unwilling, doing or not doing it, is this torrent. Part of it, and he was in it, and couldn't do anything.

The movement of the whole world naturally has its own laws, but that has nothing to do with him.

Perhaps the eyes of the system at this moment are too gentle and kind, and it is not a realistic person. Lin Shu originally wanted to answer according to the set of rhetoric taught by Master. Confronting such eyes, he slowly expressed what he had in mind.

"Heaven and earth ..." He said, "Like dripping water ... it is humane to flow down the river or up against the river." The system nodded slowly, his eyes were gentle, let him continue. "However, the rivers end up in the sea.
The system asked warmly, "Taoyou, are there any more?" Lin Shu honestly said, "I won't say."
The system asks again: "How often do people behave?" "Nothing."
The system asks again: "How often do you travel?" "Nothing."
The system laughed.

He looked at Lin Shu up and down: "The sky is constant, you are not good, Taoist, you have a natural Tao heart, and you are naturally separated from the crowd, so you should search for the road."

Lin Shu didn't want to talk.

He used to feel that he had a mental illness and should go to the doctor. His master also said that he had a natural mind and didn't need to bother.

Master ’s words are inaccurate, just like he also felt that his master should have some physical illness and should go to the doctor. The old man said that this was a big deal. Heaven called for me. The result was a sudden cerebral hemorrhage, an accidental death, and he was not dead. .

The system continues: "Tiandao is Fan Cang and you are a river current, so you escape from heaven, how?"

Lin Shudao said, "anywhere."

However, the system seemed to be his tacit consent. He stood up and sneered at him: "Jun's heart is like iron, without turning or moving. Dao, your way is the road. The road is lonely, no relatives and friends, and precious. "

His eyes were gentle and clean, with Yin Yin's concern and expectations, which made Lin Shu's mind feel a dazed grievance.

He said, I didn't, I was really casual. The author has something to say:
-Then I met the three-line Buddhism of the autistic teenager Lin Xiaoshu: I wo n’t say, no matter how, I just casually.
Chapter 10: Ocean current
"Dao friends don't seem to like talking." System Road. Lin Shu: "... Um."
"The practice must be calm, and it is good not to speak." The system still smiled.

Lin Shu quietly listened to the system to praise him.

Except for his master, he hadn't been praised by others, and felt a little strange for a while.

I saw that the system closed its eyes for meditation, took a few breaths, and opened it again, and sighed: "It should have been the second test of the second, so that Taoists and others can talk, but this Shangling test The one who is suitable to talk with Dao You is a stubborn man who is entangled in love. I'm afraid Dao You can't say anything about him anyway. "

After speaking, without waiting for Lin Shu to speak, he continued: "He just raises the bar. You don't like talking, and it's boring to think about it. I'm the master for the time being, to avoid the Taoist friend's attempt."

Lin Shu couldn't help but said, "Thank you."

He knows that he is struggling to talk together, and talking to normal people is not enough, let alone talking with Gang Jing.

It's also very interesting that this system can be skipped directly.

The system stands still on the top of the mountain, with wide robes and large sleeves and fluttering clothes. It is a fairy-tale way, saying: "One of the third trials, morning. Now it is just early morning weather, Taoist friends please start." Lin inadvertently saw that he had a black three-foot sword across his waist.

He was very familiar with the shape and pattern of the sword-the one he had originally used.

He took a look at himself, and saw that he was wearing a very simple white robe, which was also dressed in the door of the old division.

It turns out that this "Shangling Dreamland" can reflect people's minds. When Suzy cultivates the immortal, what kind of clothes he wears and what kind of sword he uses will all float into the illusion.

As soon as he thought, the sword disappeared again, and he meditated in his heart. After a while, it really appeared again.

System laughs: "Taoyou really loves to play."

Lin Shu stopped playing and pulled out his sword.

The dark scabbard and the long sword in the scabbard are also cold and dull, and the texture is a bit heavy. If a little fool wants to pick it up, he will have to work hard, but after all he is in a fantasy state, he will be a lot easier.

Since coming to this world, Lin Shu has not touched the sword for two months, but the sword feels familiar.

System said: "Dao friends, please sword out."

Lin Shu obliquely raised his sword tip as a starting hand. He thought about it two months ago. In the third test, he practiced a set of basic swordsmanship called "Sea Current". This set of swordsmanship did not have many strange tricks and was very peaceful.

The next thing Lin Shu didn't want to remember.

He finished a set of "Sea Current" in the morning light, and stroked the system admiringly: "The sun rises at the beginning of the day, the sea is flowing, it is really good weather."

He finished a set of "Sea Current" at dusk, admiring systematically: "Evening night is waning, all rivers return to the sea, and a friendly mood."

He completed a set of "Sea Currents" in heavy rain, and the system continued to admire: "The wind is raging and rain is raging, and the sea does not rise or fall, and he is friendly."


God knows that he is practicing the same set of swordsmanship, and there is no change in his moves.

Wait until morning, dusk, day, night; spring, summer, autumn, winter; overcast, overcast, sunny, rain, and snow in turn, and the system will sigh: "Taoyou, your swordsmanship in these twelve states No difference can be seen below. "

-You can see that there is a ghost.

Lin Shu answered honestly: "There is no difference."

If he had to tell the truth, he lacked a bit of aesthetics, was lonely for a long time, and was very insensitive to outside things.

Since he didn't even feel it, let alone integrate the feelings of foreign objects into swordsmanship, it was impossible for him to break his head.

That's why he chose "Cheng Hai Liu", a peaceful and ingenious sword technique of Zhongzhenghe, and practiced it twelve times in an attempt to get rid of it.

If you haven't been confused, you have to go home and recite Dan Fang, and apply to the academy next year to practice alchemy.

He was a little uneasy, but did not expect that after the system sighed, he thought, "You are always in the sky, how are you not-yes, in your way, you don't care about these foreign objects." I'm not, I don't.
Lin Shu's expression was blank, and he said "you're right."

The system said: "That's it, you should go quickly! It's hot outside, and you'll have a heat stroke carefully."

Lin Shu thought about it and asked, "Can I go to the palace?"

The system said: "Taoyou, your basic skills are very good. You must be a disciple who is decent from Xiaoxiu. Daoxin is a rare and rare genius. Do n’t worry."

Lin Shu looked at the system with a sincere look and felt a little embarrassed.

The system says that he is a rare genius, but only he knows himself, and he can't even know if he can become an immortal. Only by studying at the palace can he grasp the faint hope that can change his qualifications.

He asked, "Is there a certain number of people in the school every year?"

Systemically said: "Not necessarily, but whenever there is talent, and can keep up with the courses of the Palace, it doesn't matter how much, the Palace always wants."

Lin Shu breathed a sigh of relief, so that he would not squeeze other people's places, eliminating possible troubles in the future.

System said: "The exit of the dream is not here. You follow me."

Lin Shu obediently followed the mountain and left the landing interface on the top of the mountain. At the bottom of the mountain was a ferry crossing the river.

"When Daoyou enters the school palace, he can go there." The system did not know when to support a bamboo raft, Wen said, "Come up." Strange to say, it is clear that the top of the mountain is morning, but it is night at the bottom of the mountain. The night is fascinated. The mist on the river is diffused, and the system supports the river. Going relaxed and comfortable, I felt the hot and humid air outside.

He opened his eyes, and it was almost noon at this time. The frail body stayed here for a long time, dizzy, uncomfortable, and wanted to go to the shade of the side-hatefully, his wrists were again Li Duck feathers were tied, and several knots were tied, which could not be undone anyway.

When Li Yamao woke up from the illusion, it seemed that Lin Shu was surrounded by more air and less air.

Li Yamao shouted, "My little ancestor!"

The ancestor gasped slightly, and the whole man was not very awake.

Li Yamao dragged people to the shade, and for a while, there was nothing they could do. Fortunately, Li Jimao also quickly woke up. They dragged people off the field and filled a large bowl of mung bean soup. Lin Shu slowly eased over.

Lin Shu: "..."

This physique is really hateful, and I have to die before I can succeed.

Seeing him normal, the two brothers were relieved and pulled the donkey out, ready to go home.

Li Yamao said, "Brother, how are you doing?"

Li Jimao shook his head: "The fairy who took my test advised me to do things at home in the future. Don't bother with this trip."

Li Yamao said "Hey", his expression excited, and he slammed the donkey's head: "Do you guess what happened to me?"
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