The #1 Pretty Boy of the Immortal Path Chapter 191-200

Chapter 191: Lights red

There is no sun and moon outside the window, so I don't know how long it has passed.

This was the same last time at the Qingming Cave, but this time it was more chaotic and fierce than the last time, and it was so unbearable.

His skin would tremble because of being rubbed by the vines, and when all the untouchable areas were under the control of the vines, the whole person was already floating in the turbulent waves and undulating waves.

If it were replaced by a mortal body, I'm afraid I would have passed out.

But the state of crossing the robbery, one is powerful and difficult to faint, and the other has some ability to recover on his own. These two factors keep him clear and tortured from time to time.

Although the rapid breathing and panting sounds were out of tune, he bit his lower lip and tried not to make a sound.

The vine sent himself to his mouth in dissatisfaction. He had no strength but had to make fun of them, his throat choked, choked, and was a little uncomfortable.

If it had been crying long ago, at this time it was just a glimmer of water.

He thought, he was afraid that there would be nothing left and right to flow out.

He was turned over by the vine and changed his posture. The vines walked down the clothing, so the clothing was still there, but it was just a scene that could not be taken off. Ben is a light-weight material, soaked in thin sweat at this time, he even looked shameless.

I was afraid. This was a feeling of being too intense. He didn't want to touch, but he was afraid to touch.

But after understanding Xiao Shao's intentions, he was afraid, but he also went.

You can't wait for yourself to sink into this red dust, Xiao Shao is satisfied, and you can hear him say a few words.

But he has been tricked to the point where he did not know how many times he has gone back and forth between life and death, but he still has a clear mind-he looked at Xiao Shao's expression, and became even colder.

I'm afraid it still doesn't work.

Finally, Xiao Shao got up and walked towards him.

The red candle in the wedding room was made from the savage oil, and it did not go out for many years, and he saw a swaying red candle in the misty veil of shadow, and came alone.

Faintly familiar figure, but I dare not recognize.

Xiao Shao's finger was on his right cheek.

It's cold, but it makes him sober again.

Fingertips wandered and moved to the ear, just cold machinery, just as ruthless in this man's eyes.

Lin Shu looked at it, as if back to the day when he was a hamster beside him.

At that time he was panicking, always avoiding the owner, and then caught back. Now it is you who want to live together peacefully, but I have been left behind.

The stream of water that had previously been in the eyes turned into two lines of tears, and suddenly could not stop.

He thought that even though he had walked in the world, he had become the master of the sword pavilion with the practice of crossing the robbery, and it turned out to be a sound hamster.

There is no such thing as income.

Sincerely falling down these two tears, Xiao Shao was attracted.

Xiao Shao's fingertips touched his eyes and wiped away the tears.

Lin Shu struggled a bit and found Xiao Shao standing here, and those spiritual vines no longer severely restrained him.

He barely supported the bed with his arm, sat up, and fluttered, fluttered, and suddenly planted in Xiao Shao's arms in front of him, and had to grab his placket to stabilize it.

Lin Shu didn't know how long he had been made by the vine. Now he was soft and hot all over his body, and when he touched Xiao Shao's cold and strong body, the whole person was a spirit.

But he did not leave, but leaned on Xiao Shao just like that, took a few breaths, and grasped his right arm with one hand, his face close to his neck.

As if in a gesture of embracing, Xiao Shao embraced him symbolically-putting his hands on his waist imaginarily.

The vines moved slowly, Lin Shu trembled, and the hand holding Xiao Shao's right arm became tighter and tighter. He couldn't help breathing, if it was a pair of lovers, it must be a beautiful scene.

However, Xiao Shao was ruthless and unintentional, and Lin Shu knew that it would be meaningless to go on like this.

Taking advantage of this posture leaning on Xiao Shao's chest, his right hand flashed faintly, one and a half feet long, the whole body was black, and the strange sharp weapon appeared in his hand.

At that time, he learned the secret of Qingming Demon King's "Persistent". According to the records, Ling Fengxiao searched the world for three precious needles, and used one in Beixia territory. One dropped and one left, but it was used on Xiao Shao's body.

The purity of his body couldn't be soiled. The torture on the bed was meaningless. Lin Shu confided that he could no longer be subject to Xiao Shao.

Xiao Shao uses resentment as the root cause, so he is immortal, but he still uses spiritual power to control this spiritual power vine.

Exactly, the Needle of Extinction destroys the root of spiritual power and spiritual power.

With this stitch, there are no more pesky vines.

The needle pointed at Xiao Shao's heart and gradually approached.

Xu Shao didn't find it and proceeded quite smoothly.

While holding the needle of silence, he stopped short of touching Shao Shao's chest.

There was something in his heart.

Does it hurt?

He was no longer a man. Would it be sad if he lost his spiritual power now?

Suddenly several thoughts flashed, without even thinking about it, but it was reflected in the action. It was exactly that moment that he paused.

At this moment, he knew that Xiao Shao could not be concealed.

He looked like a small animal stared at by a natural enemy, slowly raised his head to see Xiao Shao, and then prepared for death.

Seeing Xiao Shao's expression, he froze again.

Xiao Shao was still the same, unable to see the mood and anger.

He just narrowed his eyes slightly, narrowed his lips slightly, the candlelight reflected his eyelashes, and cast a shadow.

He seemed sad, Lin Shu suddenly thought.

But when he saw Lin Shu's movements clearly, he did not stop it, it was like silent indulgence.

Suddenly, Qian Chen's past came to mind, and he remembered that Xiao Shao had said a word.

It says that only two people in the world can hurt me.

One of them is the queen, and the other ... is self-explanatory.

He can be injured, not because of how powerful he is, but because of love and hate, too deep. If the other party insists on hurting him, he can only suffer. There is nowhere to hide, and he doesn't want to hide.

And what he did at this time ... didn't hurt him.

The queen had hurt him so deeply, how could she ...

He didn't hide or avoid. Is there still a little clarity in his heart, remembering a little past?

Lin Shu's fingers holding the doom needle trembled slightly. He closed his eyes and thought, Lin Shu, this person, is just as hopeless.

This needle can no longer be punctured anyway.

He was so weak that he almost couldn't hold the silencer needle.

He slowly dropped his hand.

The vines, which had stood still, began to slowly swim again.

And he looked at the needle of extinction in his hand, the ghost sent God to the ground, took it up, and looked in front of him.

Thinking of a shortfall of success, due to the pity in my heart, I still did not stab Little Phoenix.

After all, there was no way he could hurt Xiao Shao.

The vines all over the body became fiercer. The body ’s response was uncontrollable. They lost their helmets and armors, and even broke into the army. They could n’t hold their breath and sobbing. Their throat was already dumb. Obviously.

Suddenly he laughed stupidly.

Slow, but no doubt.

He looked up and looked at Xiao Shao.

Xiao Shao also looked at him, seeming to sting for a moment.

Just this moment, he slammed his strength and passed the needle of silence into his heart!

There was a thunderous thunder in his mind, and he realized how similar it was to that mirror.

It turned out that the fate was destined?

The lonely, nothingness.

This stitch, the cultivation of the past, spiritual power, Taoism, all disappeared.

In the past life, the chickens started to sing, rested in the middle of the night, dawned on the heavens and the earth, and felt the yin and yang at night. Water drips through stones, sand gathers into towers, is superbly repaired, is unparalleled, is it important?

Very important.

But it doesn't seem so important.

Far red dust, near red dust, red dust out, red dust out, ancestral religion is rampant, teachers and friends advise, chatter.

Jian Ge's mentality, exquisite sword tricks, ruthless way, if you think about it, it is actually useless.

By the power of the extinguishing needle, self-destruct meridians, self-defeating repair, self-abandonment of Tao heart. The blood flow in the chest is like a note, but in fact there is no pain, but something disappears and disappears in the body, and then disappears.

The smell of ice and snow, the aroma of cold plums, suddenly rushed towards the face.

In the past, greed and resentment suddenly came to mind.

On the moonlit night, looking for plums in the snow, the lights were dim, and the sparse shadows slanted into the end.

He reached out and climbed Xiao Shao's shoulders, then took his face and sent his lips up.

The lingering charm of the vine was still there, and the clothes had slipped halfway, revealing half of the shoulders. In the past, when he was hot, Xiao Shao had been coaxed and forced into the bronze mirror, so he could imagine what he looks and poses now, and what he is doing.

Obsessed with confusion, it is deliberately disturbed, and then obsessed.

If you want to be distracted, you have to be emotional.

Today's affectionate Lin Shu, facing Xiao Shao's mind, must be tempted and distracted, distracted and fascinated, fascinated and lost, and then fall into red dust forever, mingling with the troubled and dirty world.

Xiao Shao seemed a little at a loss, his eyes seemed empty and confused.

Lin Shu touched his eyes with his fingertips, and looked at the empty look that he couldn't remember. For a moment, he felt cute, and laughed. Laughing, but the pain in my heart was sour and irresistible, and tears fell.

With tears in his eyes, Yu Guang saw the red candle on the bed swaying, and the lingering moth fluttered fire, and smiled lightly again.

The body was empty, the meridians were beautifully broken, and there was no way to fight it. There was no spiritual power at all. I wanted to reincarnate myself, ask the avenue, repair it for more than twenty years, and after several rises and falls, I finally became a human body.

The vulgar words of the villagers said that they often walked by the river. There is no reason why they don't wet their shoes. The magnificent red dust, in the great world, he planted like this.

But he also acknowledged it.

"Aren't you awake," he pressed his forehead to Xiao Shao's forehead, and whispered, "I ... came back to play with you. Are you still ... awake?"

The author has something to say: "I hope the rebirth lamp will be red again that month."

The chapter name is taken from this sentence, which is from Tang Xianzu's Peony Pavilion.

Chapter 192: Cannot

I haven't finished talking, but I've been suppressed.

There was a sweet blood coming out of his throat, and he swallowed again and again, but after all, he didn't stop the moaning.

His eyes suddenly turned black, and he planted himself in Xiao Shao's arms.

But this is just the beginning. At the next moment, the limbs and bones of the whole body seem to be pierced by tens of thousands of feet of extremely fine needles, and then stirred fiercely.

He shuddered all over.

He was shaking when he was entangled by vines, but this time it was different-out of extreme pain.

Lin Shu clenched Xiao Shao's shirt tightly reflectively, only one thought in his mind.

——The Needle of Extinction is not only the unique weapon that Qingming Demon has spent his life researching, but also the things he intends to use to torture his long-time rival Moon Huaxian Jun, how could he be merciless? Not only will not work on how to reduce pain, but will also specialize in how to make the pain more intense and make people die.

The materials needed for the silence needle, so many venomous holy relics, I am afraid half of them are for people to hurt.

He didn't think of it any more. His body was choked, and it seemed to be cut into numerous pieces and spread on the fire. The next moment, he was thrown into the mansion, and the next time he changed his pain. ... The pain in his body seemed to exceed the sum of all the pains in the world, and for a long time, he finally lost all his thoughts and passed out.

Before completely losing consciousness, it seemed to be held by Xiao Shao. The hand that Xiao Shao grabbed his arm seemed to tremble slightly--whether it was shaking, he didn't know, it hurt too much.

And after passing out, there was no better place to go. Nightmares were flowing, all kinds of strange dreams, and I wandered into the eighteenth floor of **** a while, listening to the strange laughter of the evil spirit, and then fell into the blood and blood of the corpse and couldn't breathe. Dreams, but have psychedelic effects.

Lin Shu thought that his cheap master really hated Yuehua Xianjun-but was experienced by his apprentice.

He slandered the demon king's abdomen a bit, and survived many strange and horrible dreams, and finally felt his real body headache, cracked the light of the sky, and woke up.

Opening my eyes, I didn't feel any pain, but I was dizzy, and it took me a while to see what was in front of me.

He was lying on the bed, covered with a quilt, and the fragrance of elixir between his lips and teeth.

This black chick has a good conscience.

Thinking of the black chicken, Lin Shu looked up.

Then look at the black chicks.

Xiao Shao stood on the bedside of his bed. After facing his eyes, he did not blink or avoid, and reached out and pressed a pill of elixir into his mouth.

Lin Shu ate and felt a little more brisk again.

He sat up, hugging the quilt, and looked at Xiao Shao's eyebrows.

——The familiar, gorgeous, and cold-hearted features are obviously used to it, but at this time they feel like they have passed away.

At this glance, the young lady, cousin, Xiao Shao, Xuegongli, Beixia territory, and imperial city ... the old things are coming.

His heart, which has always been beating regularly, was a little faster.

The room in front of me, though dark due to the dark sky, is a thousand times more vivid than when I was ruthless.

The red candle swayed, the light was warm, and the surrounding walls were lined with tulle red silk, with a fine golden sheen.

Together with the candle of Changming, the earth dragon in the room is not extinguished all year round.

Unconscious now, I now know that the construction of this wedding room is really elaborate.

At that time, Xiao Shao said that this was the one that he spent several years laying down one after another.

Lin Shu is nothing fussy.

I can only pick the person in the room.

He watched Xiao Shao.

Xiao Shao looked at him.

Still not much like the previous Xiao Shao, but also like an individual.

Lin Shu: "Xiao Shao?"

Xiao Shao crooked his head and seemed to be saying, "?"

Lin Shu: "Are you Shao Shao?"

Xiao Shao said lightly: "I don't know."

Lin Shu: "You are Xiao Shao."

Xiao Shao: "Oh."

Lin Shu: "I'm Lin Shu."

Xiao Shao: "I know."

Lin Shu: "When did you know?"

Xiao Shao: "When you were not awake."

Lin Shu: "How do you know?"

Xiao Shao: "Know what you know."

Lin Shu: "What is my relationship with you?"

Xiao Shao: "You are my person."

Lin Shu thought about it and was right.

Lin Shu: "How to know."

Xiao Shao still stood next to the bed like that, expressionless, and said coldly, "You're faint."

Lin Shu: "Then?"

Xiao Shao: "You hurt."

Lin Shu: "And then?"

Xiao Shao: "My heart hurts a lot, and I think of it a little."

Somehow, he said that his heart hurt, Lin Shu heard it, and his heart hurt a little.

He said, "Come here."

Xiao Shao came over.

Lin Shu pulled his hand: "Remember what?"

Xiao Shao: "I don't know."

This kind of poking, jumping and asking and answering made Lin Shu laugh a little.

Xiao Shao expressionless: "What are you laughing at?"

Lin Shu: "Nothing."

Although it was fine, he still wanted to laugh a little, and continued: "You used to treat me like this before."

Xiao Shao: "Oh."

Lin Shu reached out and touched his face.

Xiao Shao didn't move, let him touch it.

Lin Shu touched his beautifully shaped eyebrow peak, and then, the tail slightly slanted. If it flew up, on the face of the young lady, it was a magnificent beauty. On Xiao Shao's face, it was slightly sharp. Handsome.

Touch his eyelashes again, the tall bridge of the nose and the thin, soft lips.

People are real, good-looking and real.

He suddenly embraced Xiao Shao and buried his face on his shoulder.

Then without saying a word, motionlessly, wet Xiao Shao's shoulders.

Lin Shu didn't know where he had so many tears to shed, not because he was wronged, but because of Xiao Shao.

Xiao Shao: "No more crying."

Lin was sullen, "um", but still couldn't control it.

Xiao Shao: "It doesn't hurt anymore."

Lin Shu: "It doesn't hurt."

"So what are you crying?" Xiao Shao seemed puzzled: "I bullied you before, and then you want to retaliate by making my heart hurt?"

Lin Shu: "..."

He changed places and buried his tears in Xiao Shao's chest, then raised his head—fortunately, he just shed tears, not too morbid.

"No revenge," he said in a dumb voice, whispering to Xiao Shao: "I just want to ... you have suffered a lot in these years, but I have been ruthless for my own cultivation, and you have treated me sincerely However, I have not treated you sincerely, and you have suffered a lot of grievances, and consciously ... have suffered a lot from you. "

Xiao Shao looked at him, and seemed to be thinking about it. After a while, he said, "I didn't realize you were losing me."

Lin Shu: "You forgot."

"Even if I forget, don't I have it in my heart?" Xiao Shao said unhappyly: "Even if you remember, you have never lost me."

Lin Shu: "Okay."

Although he had been tossed by that inhuman Xiao Shao for a long time, and his heart was full of slander, he always felt that Xiao Shao still had a sense of intellect since he hadn't completely turned into world resentment.

And ... take Xiao Shao as a person, and probably will not be completely demented.

Therefore, it may not be that Xiao Shao cannot wake up, but that he shouts.

Why don't you wake up shouting?

Xiao Shao will stain him.

Then he made him dirty.

Just playing with the body is not good, then the relentless path is abolished and the mortal body is returned.

After fulfilling his wishes, this person will probably be a little restless, and he also has room to think about further countermeasures.

It never occurred to him that what made Xiao Shao awake was his pain.

The two of them looked at each other silently.

Lin Shu squirmed into the bed silently.

It means Xiao Shao comes up.

Xiao Shao was able to understand and came up.

By relying on Xiao Shao, he carefully thought about what topics should be raised, and used language communication to evoke Xiao Shao's memories.

I remembered how the young lady coaxed him when he was silent without saying a word.

After thinking about it, he felt that he should start from the area of interest of this person.

Finally, "Do you remember that ... lip grease?"

Xiao Shao: "What?"

End of topic.

Lin Shu: "Well ... well worth it?"

Xiao Shao: "I don't know."

End of topic.

Lin Shu: "So ... Xiao Lingyang?"

Xiao Shao frowned: "What?"


Lin Shu continued to think.

Thinking and thinking, he felt that he was caught in his arms by Xiao Shao.

Keep thinking.

Can't think.

Xiao Shao started playing with him.

Lin Shu shivered: "No."

Xiao Shao: "Yes."

Lin Shu: "Not right."

Xiao Shao: "Fine."

Lin Shu was shocked by this black crow.

Xiao Shao began to study his body without expression.

Lin Shu felt that he had no way out.

After the abomination of the ruthless Tao, the senses became much sharper.

When he was touched by Xiao Shao, he frantically tried to escape, and was held down.

Xiao Shao researched for a while: "I'm a little familiar."

Lin Shu: "..."

The next moment, he was surprised.

Tiny vines wrapped his limbs again.

Lin Shu: "No vines."

Xiao Shao: "It was possible before."

Lin Shu: "Never again."

Xiao Shao: "Then I can?"

Lin Shu took a few breaths and said, "Let's ... maybe."

Xiao Shao withdrew the vine and turned him over to play with it.

In the end he stopped in this position in bed, kissed from the ear, but did not stop.

Lin Shu found that he really liked to touch those places that he couldn't touch, and he would tremble and want to escape when he touched them, and even would cry out because of being out of control.

But the two hands are not capable of taking care of both.

Can't balance the best.

Lin Shu numb his scalp when he thought of the bed of vines.

This surprise got Xiao Shao's dissatisfaction: "What are you thinking?"

There was a blur of white light in Lin Shu's brain, and he couldn't even breathe, naturally he ignored him.

Xiao Shao then intensified, and what he did was to move slowly and repeatedly, and the action was extremely excessive.

Too much is too much.

Forgive you two hands, a pair of lips, kinder than the vine.

Lin Shuzheng managed to escape from Xiao Shao, and suddenly a spirit felt that the number of hands on his body was wrong.

too much.

He was awake instantly.

There is a Xiao Shao in front of him.

Behind, why ... still rely on a Xiao Shao?

"You ..." Lin Shu was about to say something, his waist was soft, he almost hummed softly, and slowed for a while before he softened: "No ..."

The former Xiao Shao looked up, seemed to have a hooked lips, and the voice was very low, like dipping in wine, "Xian Jun just said, the vines are not allowed, and I can."

"You ... two ..."

Before he could finish speaking, the one behind him hugged him tightly and lowered his head to bite his neck.

Lin Shu couldn't bear it, tilted his head to one side, and was forced to press it back.

He struggled a few times, and his calf was caught by the one in front, unable to move, and lost all control of the body.

This man is crazy, really.

However, Lin Shu had nothing to do but admit planting and obedience.

In case the rebellion is too fierce, and this person transforms into a phantom, he really can't walk out of Phoenix Villa alive.

Fortunately, although Shao is too perverted, he is still not rude-in fact, he has always been strong but gentle.

But despite this, two people, compared with one, can't stand it.

Finally, when he was about to fall into a coma, Xiao Shao accepted it when he saw a good one, and changed back to another.

Lin Shu leaned in his arms and was held by him from behind, but at this time he just wanted a chicken with a blade.

"I seem to think of some." Xiao Shao said: "I want to go back to the mountains with Xianjun, and then ..."

Lin Shu listened to his tone and said, "?"

Do you want to praise because you think of it?

Are the two phantoms together, did you do anything before? Trying to get praise?

He was weak: "Whatever?"

Xiao Shao slowly rubbed his flat belly: "Xian Jun gave me a daughter."

The words fell, Lin Shu suddenly felt the hand on his stomach stopped.

Lin Shu: "..."

He took that hand away and turned to face Xiao Shao's eyes.

Xiao Shao: "..."

Hatchback looked.

Long speechless.

I don't know how long this silent atmosphere lasted, and finally heard Xiao Shao speaking, his tone was quite difficult: "... Yingying?"

Lin Shu didn't say a word, patted the pillow on his face, and buried himself tightly into the bed, no longer paying attention to Xiao Shao.

Xiao Shao held him across the quilt, and said something about the fairy, baby, I know wrong, I will not bully you in the future.

Lin Shu came out of the quilt until he was almost able to control his emotions. The tone was bad: "I have sent a letter to Yingying and Fruit before I went to find you, so that they would stay in the palace and not be allowed to come to the villa."

Xiao Shao's eyes were a little red, and he hugged him: "Baby ..."

Lin Shu was held by him, and his hearts were mixed. He wanted to pat his back to appease him, but he didn't want to suddenly cough up blood.

The blood was red, but tangled with unknown blacks.

He saw Xiao Shao frown.

Chapter 193: Red Dust Like Dream

Lin Shu frowned.

He was not injured. The needle of death only broke his meridian, but did not leave a dark wound enough to vomit blood in his body.

And Xiao Shao at most left some flesh wounds-in fact, not even the word "injury".

But Xiao Shao's expression showed that he knew what was going on.

Lin Shu was wrapped in his robe, tried the forehead temperature, and held it in his arms.

Xiao Shao said: "It's my reason that you hurt your soul."

Lin Shu: "Huh?"

"My extraordinary mortal body, previously out of control, can no longer return to its original state." Xiao Shao said: "So my whole body is full of evil spirits, and you are a mortal body, as long as you stay by my side, the soul will be damaged ... It ’s useless to fix it, and it ’s postponed. ”

Xiao Shao put him on the bed, away from him, his eyes were dark, and he didn't know what he was thinking.

Lin Shu: "Can't you solve it?"

Xiao Shao: "No."

Lin Shu thought for a while and asked, "So ... how long can it last?"

Xiao Shao groaned for a while and said, "About three days."

Three days?

Lin Shu felt a little confused.

He asked again, "How far is it from you to die?"

Xiao Shao gave a number: "Five feet."


Lin Shu was even more confused.

What's the difference between never meeting?

He slowly moved to Xiao Shao and leaned against him.

Xiao Shao would throw him to the other side of the bed.

Lin Shu: "Not in a hurry."

Xiao Shao seemed to be moved. His fingers brushed his hair. After a while, his frown seemed to loosen. "Maybe there is a way."

Lin Shu: "Huh?"

Xiao Shao hugged him horizontally: "Take you to a place."

Lin Shu was taken out by him.

He was tossed for so long, he had no strength, could not stand, and leaned on Xiao Shao's shoulder all the way, feeling very comfortable.

——In the last life, he did n’t come in close contact with anyone, and he would be upset for a while if he was touched, so he was puzzled. Why do the fluffy kittens at the end of the street like to play together? Now I have some understanding.

Xiao Shao hugged him and walked in the mist of blood. On the way, he couldn't help saying "You're so good."

Lin Shu originally hung on him obediently and obediently. He was a little unhappy when he heard this sentence.

He said, "Good and useless."

Xiao Shao chuckled: "What to say."

Lin Shu didn't know where he was a little bit aggrieved: "I stood in front of you and said a lot, you didn't see anything, when you talked about Yingying, you all remembered it."

As soon as the words were spoken, I felt a little regretful. What I thought and how I felt was that the speech just showed a kind of pride and arrogance.

"How can you wrong me out of thin air." Xiao Shao was wronged.

Lin Shu swayed his calf in the air, waiting to hear how he argued.

"Who is Lin Shu, I already think about it, but I do n’t remember what happened in the world," Xiao Shao said softly. "You are my beloved in my heart. It has nothing to do with all the other trivial matters. You do n’t need to wake up. Gradually I remember, and when you mentioned Yingying, I remembered the rest of the world.

The crow's words were really nice.

It was only that Lin Shuna was tossed by the vines and Xiao Shao psychedelic bodies. He had already learned the cunning of this crow and would not be easily moved to tears.

I heard Xiao Shao said, "I need to resolve the impact of the grievance on your emotions quickly, or I won't know what to pick you out after a while."

Lin Shu laughed.

Xiao Shao saw him smile and hesitated, but held him very tightly: "I ..."

"I" for a while, but no more.

Where did this phoenix ever stop talking, Lin Shu was curious: "Huh?"

Xiao Shaozhen kissed his forehead seriously, and it was a very distressing situation: "I can see you with a smile, and I have no regrets in this life ... It's just that you abandon the ruthless path because of me, and suffer from heartbreaking pain I don't know what to do ... "

He didn't finish talking, but was interrupted by Lin Shu: "In fact, it doesn't matter."

His throat was dumb, and he couldn't hold up his strength when speaking, so his voice was slow, slow, and with a soft nasal nasal sound, he was embarrassed to listen.

But what should be said is still to say, so continue: "In the eyes of the world ... Lin Shu is just a little white face raised by the young lady, isn't it a little white face, and it doesn't need to be so high."

Xiao Shao smiled lightly, but his expression was still very complicated. Lin Shu pushed him: "It's you who have nothing to do, but walking is important."

Xiao Shao snorted and said: "This resentment is also good, you will talk back."

The tone was almost like a loving old father.

Lin Shu was a little annoyed, and he said that it was inappropriate for him to be so fierce.

No longer talking at the moment, Xiao Shao hugged him to leap between the pavilions of Phoenix Mountain Villa, and finally shuttled at a specific pace in a large expanse of array, and entered a deep, long underground corridor, with a maze of seven turns. After eight rounds, stop in front of a small hole in a wall.

Lin Shu looked at the shape of the cavity, and consciously took out the Phoenix Order previously given to him by Xiao Shao. The Phoenix made Yan Si fit into the recess, the wall cracked, and an underground treasure chest opened.

Xiao Shao led him into it and said, "This is the secret house of the villa, guarded by ancient methods, and known as the safest place in the world."

As I was talking, I stopped in front of Dopod and picked up a bottle of elixir. The elixir bottle is written with a few words, but it is different from the common name of elixir. It is a pair of sentimental short phrases, "Like a dream in the next world, where to find the trace".

"Finding Fang Zong ..." Lin Shu was thinking of these three words, remembering an anecdote that the real person had told in the class of medicine.

It is said that a certain Danjun has a deep love with a certain fairy. However, because the unexpected soul flew away unexpectedly, Danjun devoted his whole life to studying the method of gathering souls, and became a Qidan that can capture the heavens and earth. He converted most of the pot of elixir into elixir and fed it to the body of his beloved wife, trying to reunite the soul of the apostles, who can be wiped out. Where can the soul be found? The beloved wife's soul had no movement at all, and Dan Jun was killed with anger. However, there are still a few bad pills in this furnace, which have become famous celebrities. The world ’s only holy medicine that can stabilize the soul is not in the hands of Fenghuang Villa.

Xiao Shao poured a medicine into his air, and the elixir was melted away. Lin Shu really felt that his whole body was clear, and the feeling of weakness after he had vomited blood immediately improved.

"One pill of elixir can work for about one month." Xiao Shao said, and poured the pearl-like elixir in his hand, counted it, and made a total of five.

Adding a pill that Lin Shu has taken, that is, it can be delayed for half a year.

"I asked Dan Dao to go to the pharmaceutical industry." Xiao Shao said to Lin Shu.

Lin Shu nodded.

But he also understands that the soul is easy to gather and difficult, and the injury is more difficult. For thousands of years, Xianxiandao has just such a pot of elixir that can stabilize the soul. How can it be easily obtained again?

However, Chaolu's origin is easy to disperse, and life has always been short, and one day is one day.

He was about to turn around, but his eyes stopped, tearing Xiao Shao's jacket.

Xiao Shao turned to look.

But when you look at the high cabinet, the Qi machine is powerful and profound, unpredictable, and faintly looks, it is the shadow of several books and books, and it is still very familiar.

They boarded the top of the treasure hall and saw the cheats.

The "Spring Mountain Sword" and the like are three books sent to Lin Shu by the big witch, and the "Phoenix Sword" is the peerless cheats of the Phoenix family. The other two books really make Lin Shu confused.

"Everything is in Me", "Imagination is Real", "Whale Drinking and Swallowing the Sea" ... These are three unique peerless books such as Mengtang, Huanhailou and Heng Lianzong!

Why is it here?

From this perspective, Phoenix Villa has already owned seven of the eight books, leaving only one "Sauvignon Blanc".

Xiao Shao frowned for a long time, and said, "My mother once mentioned that after the theft of the dream hall, the Xiandaomen sent everyone to self-danger, and the magical sea floor Tuoshanzhuang, which made a good relationship with the villa, is temporarily keeping the secret."

Counting the days, the sky fire was the most prosperous in the beginning of July, and it could burn the cheats for the transport of heaven and earth, but recently it was a war and the horror of the Phoenix Mountain Villa was changed, and the chance of the horror passed, and the owner of the Phoenix was not like her As promised, the cheats were burned, and on the contrary, they were even collected immediately.

If Xiao Shao had been in the past, he must ask the owner of the Phoenix to understand, but now I am afraid he no longer believes anyone.

But seeing that he put away his cheats, he said, "There is something strange about it. We should discuss it from a long-term perspective."

Lin Shu nodded his head: "Yeah."

Then, I thought, eight books, seven books have been seen, and where is Sauvignon Blanc? Where is Tao Yuanjun?

This unsolved case cannot be solved from beginning to end.

Xiao Shao listened to his doubts, saying that if Tao Yuanjun was not soaring, he would not be able to die. If he had a fate, he would definitely meet.

Lin Shu asked him about Tao Yuanjun's appearance.

Xiao Shao said that it was too small at that time, the five senses could not be remembered. Tao Yuanjun always wore a Tsing Yi. His temperament was pure and gentle, not stained with fiber dust. He was like a fairy in the sky, but he was transparent. Describe in words. At that time, he was very ill and could not go out. Every day, he was sullen. Tao Yuanjun accompany him in front of the bed, and told him the world's famous mountains and rivers, anecdotes of the four seas ...

Listening to this series of beautiful words, Lin Shu was dizzy and dizzy.

Xiao Shao smiled and scratched the bridge of his nose: "With such a good master, I am jealous. You have forgotten all about it, but now you are drowsy and have no conscience."

Lin Shuxin said that I really could not remember.

But he was really sleepy, really.

He, a mortal, couldn't resist Xiao Shao's toss.

Xiao Shao also knew how much he had done previously was not human. After holding him back to the room, he was properly placed in the quilt, hugged, and said, "Sleep."

Lin Shu fainted almost immediately. In the last scene before the coma, he saw Xiao Shao's gaze over himself and the dark sky outside the window.

Yes, although Xiao Shao recovered her intellect, those grievances that were released outside could not be collected again, and it was dark and dark for thousands of miles. I do n’t know how to end it.

The following days were very laid back.

There is no dynasty, no villa, no trivial matter, Xiao Shao's nature is revealed.

Lin Shu lifted Xiao Shao who was snoring on himself and put a pillow on him, saying that he thought you were a hard-working **** puffer fish. I never thought that once there was no restriction, it would be a salty fish.

Xiao Shao, who has completely transformed into a salted fish, is playing and sleeping the rest of the time, except for dragging him to do double cultivation.

Oh, and one more thing, urging him to study Silence.

Under the urging of Lin Shu, she slowly understood some, and she was able to get started.

But what was Xiao Shao doing when he was studying hard?

Sleeping next to him, or reading some meaningless books and folk rumors, local ambitions, what millennia of foxes and scholars are entangled in love and hate, what so-and-so bandits slaughtered thousands of innocent people, causing condemnation, and five thunder.

After half a month like this, Lin Shu began to write notes to some old swordsmanship books. Although he had no practice, his understanding was still there, and it was easy to write. Xiao Shao finally had something to do, that is to write with him, discuss doubts together, or consult the classics.

On this day, Xiao Shao suddenly had a whimsical thought and said to him, "Baby, you are so talented. According to your memory and your comprehension, write a" Sauvignon Blanc "silently, maybe you can also stimulate the heaven and earth, and create A Sauvignon Blanc. "

Lin Shu knows his own level, but he hasn't integrated the last move yet, and talks about how to reproduce the peerless secrets.

Before I had time to speak, Xiao Shao seemed to be a little depressed, saying, "You should have been a fairy king in the cloud, but because of my drag, I became a mortal again. I can never forgive myself.

"I was occluded by the meridians that year, and it was because of you that you could recover. It was also a cause and effect." Lin Shu looked at the red candle on the table and said lightly, "What's more, how do you know ..."

Xiao Shao: "Yes."

"How do you know ..." Lin Shu's voice was lightened, as if talking to him, and as if to himself: "Being an ordinary mortal is not what I want?"

With that said, he himself was astonished.

If you have cultivated a fairy for a lifetime, if you want to ask for something, but you really do n’t have it. You just have to do it since childhood.

It seems possible to be a mortal in this red dust.

Lin Shu looked at Xiao Shao's eyes.

That deep love and pampering will be known at a glance.

Xiao Shao ... is a very good person, both in appearance and in person.

Such a good person would like him so much, isn't he ... bad?

If the current self, when he was a kid, can he also get along well with others, can ... be a person he once secretly envied in the corner, that kind of person?

He suddenly knew that he was no longer afraid of people, and that his speech was no longer stiff. The unbearable emotions of the past, which were difficult to look back on, seemed to dissipate with the wind, and could no longer stir up the mind.

Is it because you met Xiao Shao?

He looked at Xiao Shao, but he was getting a little faint, and at that moment he felt that it was good to spend time with this person and spend his whole life here.

Xiao Shao kissed him and asked what he was thinking.

Lin Shu rubbed his eyes and did not speak, leaning on his shoulder.

Xiao Shao took the pen to write a note for him.

Tired for a long time, Lin Shu suddenly thought about it and heard his brother's exhausted shouting: "Master, master!"

He was shocked that he had become a mortal, and the strength of his soul had decreased. He didn't know how long the brother shouted and how much effort it took to finally let him hear.

He thought of sinking into the sky.

The brother cried: "Brother, you are finally here! This mirror is crazy! It's going out! The whole hall was almost broken by it!"

Lin Shu: "..."

He took the trembling mirror from his brother and took it out.

As soon as I went out, the mirror was good.

Lin Shu looked left and right, and saw that the cracks behind the mirror had increased a few more times, and it was about to be completely cracked.

But neither he nor Xiao Shao could solve the mystery of this mirror. They couldn't do anything. They had to take another photo.

Lin Shu's wedding room was poked, and Xiao Shao's blood was fulfilled. Lin Shu took the mirror and wanted to see what moths would be photographed again this time.

The moment he saw the front, he seemed to be sucked into the mirror by himself.

It was a peach forest like the sea, and the wind was blowing, and the peach blossoms came down, falling all over him.

He saw the road in front of him, and walked along the slate path covered with petals and moss all the way into the depths of Taolin.

Then he saw a back view of Tsing Yi.

This dress is of a mortal style. It is a gentle and light color after raining in azure. This person rushed into a half beam at random, and inserted a simple flowing cloud clog. The whole person seemed very calm and relaxed. The overall dress was like a casual tourist in the world.

He wanted to look at the front, but couldn't turn away, he could only look at the independent back in the mountains and flowers.

Withdrawing the divine thought, Xiao Shao asked him, and he said that he seemed to have met Tao Yuanjun. Xiao Shao said that you do have a destiny.

Lin Shu asked what he saw, but Xiao Shao said nothing but said that it was not against his wishes.

That's fine.

The two still live the life of salted fish.

In fact, sometimes, too salty can make people a little lacking.

On the morning of that day, Xiao Shao told him, Xianjun, had been staying in the villa for one month. Shall we go out to play?

Lin Shu: "Where to go?"

Xiao Shao slowly wiped the shameless knife in his hand, and said with a lip, "Being immortal and being Confucian is king is not what I want. Therefore, in the past, I did many things I did not want to do. Wandering Ranger in a hurry of vengeance-killing people who could not be killed in the past, things that can't be done in the past, Fairy Jun? "

When he said this, he slightly raised his beautiful eyebrows, the breeze was bright and the moon was young, and he immediately returned to the corners of his eyebrows.

Lin Shu looked at him, remembering that he had traveled with his cousin in the past, when Xiao Shao was so showy and unrestrained, he was calm, and his attitude was so chic.

Hongchen is like a dream. After several twists and turns, it seems that it was a few years ago.

When even smiled, said: "Naturally."

"There are many storms in the rivers and lakes, multi-colored ghosts, and many thieves," Xiao Shao approached him, taking a breath in his ear, making a joke, "Xian Jun, you have to follow."

Lin Shu crooked his head, pondered for a while, and finally took out the ice string piano that he hadn't used for a long time.

"Then I will play the piano for you."

Chapter 194: Liangzhou no return

Xichuan, Linjiao County.

Ten miles outside the city, there is a century-old temple.

The dark night sky was high, and Xiao Shaoyu opened the old wooden door.

Lin Shu Baoqin followed, went in, and saw three idols, I don't know what they were.

He thought of those words that Xiao Shao had read before, saying: "Speaking of rivers and lakes knights, and staying with the broken mountain temple, you have all worshipped the gods and Buddhas, do you also worship?"

Xiao Shao unconsciously drew his sword: "Why should I believe in God and Buddha?"

Having said that, I tickled my lips: "If I would carve a jade statue for you in the temple, I would willingly go to worship sooner or later."

Lin Shu plucked the strings, just smiled slightly and didn't speak.

After making up his mind to travel in the mountains, this piano was changed by him and Xiao Shao. The texture was quite light and thin. He carried it as a mortal with no skill, and effortlessly, either stood or sat, or lay flat or inclined. Can be popped up.

In the aftermath of Qin Yin, Xiao Shao Daoguang suddenly exploded, slicing straight towards the largest idol in the center!

The hollow idol collapsed, revealing a darkened hole.

Not long after, Shao Shao took Lin Shu straight into the gangster's nest that had been running in Tongchuan for more than ten years.

The big-faced boss trembled: "Knights, knights spare their lives!"

Xiao Shao sat on the high seat that originally belonged to the bandit, and indifferently, blew a knife edge, as if he had abandoned the invisible hole to dirty his sword.

Then raised her eyebrows slightly slightly: "One hundred and twenty-three lives in Huojiazhuang, Linchuan, three thousand and two treasuries in Xichuan House, and Jiang Jindu's Jin Jiayi helped destroy the door ... Do you believe it?"

"This ..." The gangster couldn't help gimmicking: "Knight, you Mingjian, this day and night, the people are not talking about life, my brothers and I are all up and down, and we are forced to make a living, this ..."

Xiao Shao looked at him with a low smile.

He smiled mildly, but apparently, in the eyes of the bandit boss, it was the smile of the ghost.

"Oh?" Xiao Shao said, "I don't know. It's been a long night, it fell 10 years ago."

Immediately no more words, worthy of the knife out of the sheath, a "God-like will" swept the entire bandit, hundreds of heads, and landed instantly.

The dark night wind is high, and this person hangs two heads of two heads, two heads and three heads, and hangs on the gate of Linjiao County. When the day is bright, the whole county will know.

The wicked bandits who did bad things for more than a decade ago did not die, and the people in the city probably want to applaud.

Xiao Shao took Zhu Hong's pen and wrote several large characters on the three hanging heads.

Liangzhou has no returning guests. The killing of whale gangs helped a total of 483 people.

The color of blood red was very shocking, just like the dark red stripes on his black ink suit, blood red, the demon was striking and shocking.

The ancients had a poem saying, "If you go to work, you will go deep and hide the merit and the name." Xiao Shao did not hide the merit and the name. Instead, he told the story widely. It seems that everyone in the world knows that "Liangzhou has no return." customer".

Lin Shuquan was Xiao Shao's former involuntary, a bit uncomfortable. Now he bottomed out and bounced back. He also read a lot of words in the previous days. Therefore, he burst into the middle of the second, and even thought that he was a little cute and played the song of the heart So that he would not indulge in the killings, so he left.

The priest is twenty-three or fourteen years old, and suddenly he is in the middle of second. What can he do?

-There is no other way than to get used to it.

After writing the words, go slowly. The neighboring counties are more prosperous, including Phoenix Inn, restaurants, money houses, and so on.

At that time, the queen's ambitions were revealed, and none of the disciples of the Phoenix Villas survived. Only the women who did not have the talent for cultivating immortals and operated in the shops under the name of the Villas had no trouble, so the shops were operating as usual. Lin Shu holds the Phoenix Order, which is equivalent to half the owner of the villa.

The two stayed at the inn in the inn.

Elegant window, reflecting the dark sky outside.

It's not too dark, but it's almost the same.

Lin Shu came to this world that year in a ghost village outside the city of Minzhou. The ghost village was shrouded in demon resentment, but the sky was not seen. As a result, the crops were weak and the animals were as thin as firewood.

And now the whole world is so similar to the ghost village at that time.

Fortunately, Xiao Shao has not completely lost his mind. The heavens and the earth are only dim and there is no breeding of grievances. Otherwise, the legendary "world of ghosts running rampant" may have arrived.

Lin Shu looked at Xiao Shao who was out of the window.

The current situation was not his fault. The queen planned the resurrection of the Phoenix. The sacrificial woman and Xiao Shao were sacrificed. However, the failure was not achieved, and Xiao Shao got out of control, which caused this great disaster today.

But Lin Shu knew that Xiao Shao would not excuse himself in this way.

He could not comfort him, but only played soothing and clear songs to soothe Xiao Shao's heart.

After a while, Xiao Shao summoned the shopkeeper of this inn to inquire about the changes in the world these days.

The treasurer has nothing to say.

On that day and night, things could not be concealed after all, but the truth was too obscure and twisted and passed to the ears of the world. After being interpreted by Mr. Storyteller, he had changed his appearance. It is said that this queen seems to be the mother of the world, and the actual desire is difficult to fill. In order to obtain the authority of all ages, she sacrificed her own daughter, Princess Fengyang, and resurrected the ancient Phoenix. However, there was a problem in the process. The beast Phoenix did not resurrect. It was an evil phoenix returning from the eighteenth floor of Shura hell. This evil phoenix is the most terrible and fierce monster in the world, with boundless mana. Therefore, as soon as this world is born, the world will usher in a long night, and the Phoenix Villa will be reduced to the **** sea hell. Now the night is difficult to understand, and no vegetation is born. I wait for the ordinary people to live one day and one day.

Xiao Shao: "It makes sense."

It was also said that the North and South Xia were united, and the Western Territory also bowed and surrendered. In the end, my South Xia Prince crowned the throne, pardoned the world first, and cut taxes. The people loved it.

Xiao Shao: "It's kind of promising."

It ’s gone. The rest of the world is a trivial matter.

The shopkeeper stepped down, Lin Shu spontaneously entered Xiao Shao's arms.

Xiao Shao caressed his hair once and said, "Resentment overwhelms the sky, and the long night is difficult to understand. It is an accident that I caused."

Lin Shudao: "I was in a ghost town like that. For more than ten years, although difficult, it can still support ... There are still many profound ways in the world. In more than ten years, we must find a solution."

"No more help ..." He thought for a while and continued: "The barrier between the immortal world and the mortal world, the immortal can appear in the mortal world once in ten years as a phantom, and then we ask the Qingming Demon King or the psychedelic Master Mountain, it can be resolved. "

Xiao Shao kissed his forehead and tasted his lips very gently.

After Lin Shu was finally let go, remembering that today there was something wrong with playing the piano, he took the piano and played it to Xiao Shao again.

Xiao Shao listened and said, "In March, Qingxi was sent to the mountains, it was cool and clear, and your temper was quiet and dusty. It was naturally suitable, but in the second half of the tune, the peach blossoms were dipped in water, and the falling flowers flowed with the water. Once again, you must have the meaning of "harmful spring". When you practiced ruthless Tao in the past, you naturally won't, but now you can realize it. "

Lin Shuyi said, playing it again, it was much smoother than last time, Xiao Shao also said, "Now we are right."

Lin Shu took advantage of it and played it several times, while Xiao Shao took out a bamboo flute to make peace with him.

Immediately, his heart sank into the song, as if he were walking in the verdant mountains, walking along the clear stream, lingering and forgetting to return.

At the end of the song, Lin Shu looked at the bamboo pipe in Xiao Shao's hand, remembering that Xiao Shao had not seen him use it for a long time.

Naturally, I remembered that in the school of the year, the young lady loved to play flute under the moon, and played the ancient song "There are tall buildings in the northwest" most often. The tune is:

"There are high-rise buildings in the northwest, and the sky goes up with the clouds.

There is a string of singing, and the sound is sad.

Sighing again and again, there is sadness in generosity.

No matter what the singer is bitter, but the wounds are sparse. "

Seeing him mention the tune, Xiao Shao just hugged him and smiled.

With a smile, he said, "At that time, I was in a bad mood. I often hurt myself, and people in the world who did not know me naturally liked the song."

Then he squeezed Lin Shu's nose: "Now, the person who has no concern, the acquaintance, stays with me for a long time, and hasn't played that song for a long time."

Lin Shu was curious: "Am I the one you know?"

"Otherwise?" Xiao Shao said, "Do I like you only because you are good?"

Lin Shu: "Isn't it?"

Xiao Shao: "?"

Lin Shu slowly said: "Because I obey and then I don't get in trouble. My brain is not very easy to use, but it is better to use than Xiao Lingyang. What you want to do is not stopping you ..."

Xiao Shao raised an eyebrow: "Do you really treat yourself as a white face?"

Lin Shu: "No, but ..."

Xiao Shao said: "No."

Lin Shu also wanted to put forward arguments, but Xiao Shao did not give him this opportunity and immediately sanctioned him.

In the following days, he swam around the world. Xiao Shaoguo really did what he said, killing people who could not be killed in the past, and doing things that could not be done in the past. After killing, he would leave the news as before.

Liangzhou has no returning guest, killing 276 people in Jiangyin Prefecture's Poyue Villa, on the 9th day of August in the 1898.

Liangzhou has no returning guest, killing Jin Zhengcheng, the chief prince of the city, and killing 142 people including Dang Yu, Xiao Yan, and the guard.

Liangzhou had no returning guests, forty-seven people had killed Ha Shecheng, and it was August 16th of the year.


There are many types of people he killed.

There are bandits who gather in the mountains and forests, thieves who come and go without a trace, gentry in Yurou Township, courtiers who wantonly use power, and even sects who go into evil ways, unscrupulous wizards.

Lin Shu had counted the number of people before, and later, the number became larger and larger, and simply stopped.

Bloody handwriting, iron hooks and silver hooks, behind which the blood flowed into the river, the bones were like mountains, making the sighters war, the sighters were shocked.

The name "Liangzhou has no return customers" quickly spread throughout the world.

Because the people he killed had no small crimes, after the eradication, one side of the people were grateful to Dade, so everyone praised them, even compiled them into nursery rhymes, and chanted them on the streets. And those who previously committed a lot of evil behaviors are even more frightened and converged a lot.

——This non-returned guest pulled out the folk tumor maggot, and the new emperor pardoned the world, and reduced the tax. For a time, although the world was still dark and dim, the folks had the weather of He Qinghaiyan.

Only three months later, there have been new changes in the circulating speech.

To say that "Liangzhou has no returning guests", it is true to eradicate the wicked, killing people like hemp, and it is true to have no humanity. Killing hundreds of people only in the blink of an eye, how can people not be afraid? This person has a lot of blood debts. If he kills the most guilty person, he must find a person who misdemeanor, and then develop into a person who is innocent and innocent ... This person is violent, killing is sexual. Woe.

——In addition to this eternal long night, the people ’s livelihood is still unknown for several years, and the world is in danger!

It is also said that some people have recognized that the "God's Will" is the relic of Fenghuang Villa, and his unfathomable cultivation behavior, this person must be the Phoenix Villa resurrected from Shura Hell " Evil Phoenix. " The iron evidence is the thing that looks fairy and misty beside him, but it is actually disgusting-this man was a little white face raised by His Royal Highness Feng Yang, who was sacrificed by the queen and died on the Phoenix Mountain Resort's roof. Then he cast a new master, relying on a few colors, and continued to be that little white face, beautiful and pet, and ambiguous behavior with that person, his eyes filled with affection, His Highness Fengyang Jiuquan learned, what do you think?

Lin Shu only didn't hear it, but after Xiao Shao heard it, he dismissed a lot of discussions about him as a "little white-faced" person.

As for those words that said Xiao Shao was "violent" and "killing nature", even though it reached Xiao Shao's ears, he did not see any special reaction from him, as if by default.

How can the world's dirtyness be clarified at one-and-a-half moments? Such killings are indeed too much. But Lin Shu also knows clearly that Xiao Shao has been sane and clear, and there is no time to get out of control.

In this case ... Maybe Xiao Shao has his own reason.

So this is another month. In December, it is said that there is a plum valley in Jiangzhou, and Xiao Shao took Lin Shu to enjoy it.

The sky is still dark. Although the plum blossoms are difficult to bloom, they are sparse and not as good as in previous years. They are only cold and fragrant, and they are still pleasant.

They were talking in a small pavilion, and they had wine in front of them, sipping lightly, but they saw three people coming in the distance.

Lin Shu recognized this figure at a glance. One was a fruit, the other was Yingying, and one ... but a little monk.

Xiao Shao also saw it, but did not step forward,

"You go," he said, "they are not near me."

Lin Shu left the kiosk and greeted there.

When I saw Yingying ran over, I flew into his arms, a small face like a petal, and when I saw him, tears burst into my eyes.

Lin Shu hugged Yingying, and Yingying buried her face on his shoulder and wept. She still couldn't speak, only tears falling down, and his shoulders were wet after a while.

Guozi and the little monk came over later. Guozi did not wear women's clothes this time, and she wore a beautiful red dress. It was just a pretty young man in his righteous years. He only listened to him and said, "You haven't heard from me for a long time. That's the rumor, and we're here to find you. "

Having said that, I pulled the young monk again: "This is my friend, who refused to know Beicheng. You knew it before."

The little monk made a monk's etiquette towards him: "Lin Shi."

Lin Shu looked at the young monk and saw him about 13 or 4 years old. It was about the same size as the fruit, his eyes were clear, his eyes were clear and quiet, and his whole body was quiet and aura. Why was he brought out by this fruit crutch.

He asked why Guozi did not wear a skirt.

Guo Ziyi said suddenly that the thief monk didn't want to be close to a woman, and when I saw that I was wearing a skirt, I closed my eyes and settled. I was so annoyed that I didn't wear it this time.

Lin Shu wanted to laugh.

The gap between their speech, Yingying also cried, Hong Tongtong's eyes looked at Xiao Shao in the distance, tearing Lin Shu's placket.

Fruit also said: "Won't you go over there?"

"He has a different physique now. If you are near him, the spirits will be damaged," Lin Shu said. "Go back first, and we will go back here."

"But rumors say ..." The fruit was obviously in a hurry.

Lin Shu touched his head: "Qian Qiu's success, and leave it to future generations to comment."

"I ..." Guo Zi's eyes were a bit red, and she seemed to want to say something, but held back, and finally said, "I don't know what happened, you, you must ... take care."

Lin Shu: "Okay."

Fruit looked at Yingying again and said, "I want to hug too."

Yingying flattened her mouth and came down from him.

The fruit stung on Lin Shu.

Lin Shu told him to study martial arts and take care of his younger sister. Don't always go out and mess with flowers, and don't delay the practice of others' monks.

Fruit wiped his eyes and said I knew.

He embraced Yingying and said to her, "They have business, let's go."

Even though Yingying was reluctant, she still had tears in her eyes and nodded.

Just as Lin Shu was about to turn away, he heard a clear voice: "The donor stayed."

That little monk.

Lin Shu paused.

I heard him say, "The donor in the kiosk was too murderous to cleanse him. He also hoped that the donor would persuade him to put down his butcher knife, so as not to be condemned by heaven in the future, and he would never live.

Having said that, he stepped aside and looked down at the Buddha's beads, as if he could stop talking.

Lin Shu stood still on the spot, thundering in his head.

Sin is too heavy to be condemned

It was condemned.

The scene flashed back in his eyes, thinking of those bizarre talks that Xiao Shao had previously looked at, who wrote all evil, the thunderous thunder, the spirits flying away ...

In this world, no one can hurt Xiao Shao.

Who else can hurt him? Who can crack the resentment of all things in this world?

He was awakened as if in a big dream, and suddenly saw all the content about Xiao Shao, and he was almost stunned.

He held his breath and said to the young monk, "Thank you, Master."

The little monk didn't speak.

He turned and walked back to Xiao Shao's position, watching his good-looking silhouette of self-drinking. In just a few hundred steps, the time fluctuated, and the four seasons turned, as if he had gone through his life.

Only Xiao Shao's figure has not changed.

He thought, yes.

Xiao Shao has always been such a person.

Never changed.

He's never been ... this way.

Seeing him return, Xiao Shao got up, took his hand, and said, "Let's go."

Lin Shu's face was as usual and his tone was as usual. He said gently, "Okay."

They walked slowly towards the exit of Meigu.

After taking a few steps, I heard footsteps coming from behind me. It seemed that someone was running over, and there was a sound of argument, and Yingying was arrested without a defect.

Xiao Shao did not turn back, and continued to move forward.

But when I heard not far behind, a soft voice with a crying voice came suddenly: "Daddy ..."

Lin Shu felt Xiao Shao hold his hand tightly.

That was the voice of a very small girl.

When you hear such a voice, you will immediately think of her small and soft body, white and slender arms, black and soft hair, beautiful and timid eyes, and a light fragrance on her body.

It's Yingying.

Their young daughter.

She can't speak.

The first sentence she said was such a "daddy" who was sadly crying.

Xu Shi didn't look back at any of them. Yingying's voice was louder, her crying was more obvious, and she was even out of breath.



"Daddy, don't leave ..."

"Dad ..."

The sound drifted away in the cold wind that roared in December and dispersed.

Whenever a man who has been a father in the world hears such a crying and piercing cry, he will immediately go back and hold his daughter in his arms and tell her that if father doesn't leave, he will always stay with you.

But Xiao Shao never looked back.

Chapter 195: Knights

I do n’t know how far to go, and then look back, the valley pass is only a large area of snow and mist, and the small pavilion has quietly disappeared in the misty white mountains. On the way, I don't see anyone on the road.

Lin was inadvertently embraced by Xiao Shao.

He hugged so tightly that he almost had nothing to do with Lin.

Lin Shu leaned on his chest and let him hold him so tightly.

They often have such moments when their skin is close to their breath, and Xiao Shao's icy cold plum aroma will soak on him for a long time. At this time, Lin Shu always has an illusion, that in the vast world, there are only two of them. He is part of Xiao Shao, Xiao Shao's breath is his breath, and Xiao Shao's bone blood is also his bone blood.

He looked up and looked at Xiao Shao.

Xiao Shao looked down at him.

Lin Shu's voice was a little trembling, trying to calm down: "Why don't you want to watch Yingying?"

So much like Yingying.

Xiao Shao was silent for a long time.

"This is the end of the world," he only said softly, "see you again, only to make her hurt."

Lin Shu closed his eyes, after all, could not help but shed two tears.

This life, the previous life, he has never been like this-so vulnerable, it seems that there have never been tears in the limited memory, but this year, it is so frequent, as if to pay off previous debts.


Xiao Shao thought so, and he told himself like that.

The fate of this life, in any case, is here to stop.

"Then I ..." he whispered, "I wouldn't ... add any more hurt."

Xiao Shao: "I am selfish."

Lin Shu buried his face on Xiao Shao's shoulder.

He was afraid he would cry in the next moment.

Xiao Shao hugged him silently.

Lin Shu didn't speak again.

After calming down, I separated and returned to the inn.

On the bed of the inn, Lin Shu took the initiative to kiss Xiao Shao's neck.

Xiao Shao held his shoulder and leaned down to kiss him.

When he was confused, Xiao Shao took him to the mirror.

The floor was covered with soft blankets, his shirt was half unbuttoned, and he knelt in front of the bronze mirror on the floor, with Xiao Shao's hands around his waist.

He looks at himself in the mirror.

In the past, Xiao Shao also forced him to look in the mirror. He didn't understand why Xiao Shao always loved it, but he was never willing to look at it.

Therefore, this is the first time he has carefully examined his body and features.

The white dress with a veil-like texture slipped halfway, exposing the shoulders and half of the arms.

He looked at the handsome and beautiful features of the man in the mirror, his thin red eyes, and his pink skin due to the touch of his skin.

Is this himself?

It's not disgusting.

Xiao Shao touched his bare shoulder with his right hand.

"Does it look good?" He muffled his voice, like the confusion from the deepest part of the night.

The ghost was so terrified that Lin Shu reached out and touched his face in the mirror.

"Does it look good?" Xiao Shao asked again.

The man in the mirror had a surprised look and nodded hesitantly.

Xiao Shao choked his throat, his strength was neither light nor heavy, and he slightly blocked his breath.

"Does it look good?" Again.

Lin Shu knew that he had to force himself to say those words.

He was a little lost, and said, "Good-looking."

Xiao Shao kissed him and said, "Do you like yourself?"

Lin Shu was even more confused, looking at the same confused person in the mirror, and didn't know how to answer.

Xiao Shao said: "Xiao Shao likes Lin Shu, does Lin Shu like himself?"

Lin Shu didn't know.

Whether he likes it or not, he is Lin Shu.

Since the ending is the same, why make a choice?

Xiao Shao was paranoid and asked him over and over again: "Do you like him?"

Originally disliked.

But since Xiao Shao likes it, and this person is not disgusting, can he like Wuya and Wuwu as well?

Lin Shu's fingers stayed on the side of the man in the mirror, and he shouted, "I like ..."

He saw Xiao Shao's eyebrows narrow in the mirror, smiling very tenderly, as if he had repaid all year long wishes.

Xiao Shao said: "Say it again."

Lin Shu: "... like it."

Xiao Shao: "The third time."

Lin Shu: "Like."


Forced so much, he said with a voice, but something suddenly fell in his heart.

Or a door that has been sealed for decades has collapsed, revealing things outside the door.

He was stabbed in the eyes in the scorching light, and after adapting, he wanted to cry and laugh.

Old things, old clouds, rotten moss and rotten wood in the corners, the wettest cold soil on the ground, suddenly turned into the lightest floating soil under such hot and shining light. A gust of wind blew over, and it was scattered and scattered to heaven and earth. Nowhere to look.

He remembered certain past events that were difficult to recall, all kinds of bad eyes and laughter, crowded crowds of hot and humid people who could not escape, and slowly, his face was no longer abominable, and the smell was no longer disgusting.

He used to think that such a scene would be his fault. Because he was useless, he was sad and was punished for it.

He seemed to see the time fly by, the crowd dispersed, leaving him alone, standing in a ray of light.

It's not like this.

He likes this person now.

This person deserves to be liked.

No one has done anything wrong.

He reached out to the group of lights, and returned to God, finding that he was still touching the smooth bronze mirror and himself in the mirror.

The chest behind him belongs to Xiao Shao, warm and solid.

Lin Shuzhen bowed his head, opened his five fingers, and looked at his lightly disordered palm prints.

His master Xiu Xian was a bit feudal superstitious, and he showed him palmistry in his youth.

However, Master also knows that fortune-telling gentlemen have more rhetoric and threatened the gentleman to say only bad things and not good things.

The street **** with a pair of sunglasses reckons that your destiny, lonely star, more ups and downs, injustice, no merit, life is long, and you will die.

Master panicked and asked her how to solve it.

Mr. Deity, one finger, one finger, one finger: "Every time, life is also ... the old man has limited mana, is willing to save people, unable to return to heaven, whether there is a chance to reborn, can only be created by yourself."

He was fascinated, Xiao Shao held the hand, and then covered his palm.

In this way, in the arms of Xiao Shao, in Xiao Shao's hands, he was finally reborn and reborn.

Xiao Shao bit his ear gently and said, "Xian Jun, you will never be confused again."

He pulled down Lin Shu's robe.

The white clothes, like falling clouds, fell on the vermilion carpet and spread out.

He unplugs Lin Shufa.

The flowing blue silk slipped off his shoulder.

Xiao Shao kissed him from the side of his neck and gently licked and bit down.

Lin Shu hugged him, fingers running into his hair.

The red candle swayed, and he took a breath and followed Xiao Shao's movements, slightly pushing his chest up.

In the mirror, he saw a rounded arc on his waist, which Xiao Shao took in his hands.

He closed his eyes, as if trapped in a big dream that would never end.

But day after day, night after night, time passes by like this, twelve hours a day, no more than a moment, no less.

In a blink of an eye, it was more than a month.

He followed Xiao Shao, almost walking through most of the red dusty mountains and mountains, watching the ghosts under his sword more than a day, there were tens of thousands of people, and the blood on the sword was thickened day by day, and one night he opened his eyes It was shocking to see Wu Gu spontaneously glowing with a dim red light in the night.

Sometimes, the causal mirror will float out by itself, and follow them, he does not care about it, and does not explore-no matter what this mirror is, for better or worse, things cannot be worse than now.

Until the end, the heavy murder of Xiao Shao could almost be felt intuitively.

Where he was, there was a faint thunder roar in the sky.

And the folk rumors are getting more and more fierce. On the other hand, the words "Liangzhou has no returning guests" are the incarnation of the evil phoenix, the culprit of this long and eternal night, but his cultivation is unpredictable. Can give birth to a super hero, kill this.

Xiao Shao still only heard nothing.

Lin Shu also looked down on it. It was still the same thing that he said to Guoguo. After all his successes, people have no right to put a beak and leave it to future generations to comment.

The last medicine was also taken for more than 20 days. Xiao Shao had entrusted the familiar master of Dao Dao to prepare the "Ming Fang Zong" medicine according to the ancient Dan Fang, but after the senior heard the rumors, he abandoned the furnace to destroy the medicine. No more refining-In fact, even if he continues to refine, this ancient medicine is not reproducible by the current alchemists.

Only these days, Lin Shu found that Xiao Shao's direction of travel was returning to Fenghuang Villa.

One day in February, they returned to the villa, after which Xiao Shao did not kill anyone again. He went back to his former room and took out the ring jewelry and silk kerchiefs that the girls had stored there, and set up a tomb for them in a quiet valley. Seeds of flowers and trees were buried next to the grave, watered, and fertilized. Ten years later, after their souls returned, they could see deep green trees and lush flowers.

On this day, Lin Shu accompanied him and dug out an altar of daughter red from the phoenix flower tree, opened the sealed mud, and sprinkled it on the grave.

There seemed to be a breeze between the heavens and the earth, and there was a girl's tulle sleeves rushing in front of her, and the scent of fragrance seemed to be pinched at the nose, and then dissipated again.

Heaven and earth were silent, and suddenly I heard the noise from the main entrance of Phoenix Villa in the distance.

Going down the Shanmen Grand Order, you can see the crowds gathered together. There are many of the eight majors, and there are also many other majors. Each of them has a representative in front of it, full of integrity.

——Even the wizards of the former Beixia came together for fun. The immortal heroes and the wizards together pulled a huge white and miserable guise, and wrote the four-letter word: “Going for the Sky”.

Xiao Shao led Lin Shu and stood at the highest point of the mountain gate.

Seeing them, the heroes were angry.

Yaoyao heard a strong man mobilize: "Today's heroes are gathered together. I will wait for the concerted efforts to kill the evildoers and wipe out the world!"

They shouted in unison: "Kill the evildoers and cleanse the world!"

He also saw Cangyu and Yue Ruohe, and his classmates with Sanliang Xuegong.

It's just that these people are struggling with reason to try to stop them-but the voice of opposition soon drowned in the shouts of the heroes.

The crowds agitated, marched forward slowly, and the killers came up.

Xiao Shao laughed.

"Heroes." He had a smile in his voice, and the ending was slightly provoked. Zhang Yangzhong was a bit harsh and wishful young man: "coming from afar, it must be hard, and it would be better for you to catch the wind."

The headed man shouted: "The thief must not be crazy! Today in the next year is your death date!"

This is a cliché. Even Lin Shu couldn't help laughing.

Xiao Shao sighed with sigh: "You heroes are just so thin and admired."

Then the conversation turned around: "It's just, where do we go from here? We have plans for the next morning, but today and tomorrow. How hard are you to get humiliation?"

"The wicked bullshit!"

After another generous statement, the two wizards who had been robbed and repaired, and the two wizards who helped with friendship, no matter how much they deceived, violated the morals of the rivers and lakes, pulled swords, pulled swords, Flying all at once, one shot is the biggest killing move, and the momentum is very vigorous, such as Bai Hongzhiri.

The heroes shouted, "Okay !!!"

I saw Xiao Shaomo's black robe sleeve flutter.

Several righteous stunned righteous people were locked in midair, unable to move.

The heroes snored.

Lin looked at them silently.

These people only know that Xiao Shao's killing of mortals is as easy as cutting a mess, and they don't know that his true cultivation has been greatly underestimated.

But Xiao Shao only needs to lightly move a little finger, so that they can know what it means to "take their own shame".

The early birds are sanctioned, and the rest are turned into black people.

Xiao Shao folded his arms, turned around, and sighed lightly: "With the help of the heroes in the world, Xiao Shao can't be ignored in this life."

He went up the mountain.

Lin Shu embraced the piano to keep up.

The heroes followed suit, keeping up with some.

Xiao Shao finally walked over to the offering roof.

Lin Shu stared at him.

He stroked his right hand over his forehead, and gently kissed his forehead.

Lin Shu heard him say, "Treasure."

Lin looked at him sparsely and said, "You ... rest assured."

Xiao Shao smiled: "Take care of your body, practice diligently ... as early as possible in the fairyland, I am waiting for your good news below."

Lin Shu heard himself whispering: "You go."

Xiao Shao went.

Lin Shu hand plucked the strings.

On the way to him, there is a sound of piano, and it can also resolve loneliness.

He went to the center of the altar and lit the candle of worship to heaven and earth.

The heroes stood up, wondering what he was going to do.

But seeing him pull out his knife.

The blood is full of strength like the sea.

Xiao Shao will be worthy of being inserted into the altar of offering heaven.

There seemed to be a flicker of blood rising up to the dim sky.

The faint sound of thunder between the heavens and the earth was suddenly loud.

But seeing him look up slightly, looking at the horizon.

"Xiao Shao, a returnee, has a lot of blood debts and cannot be tolerated."

"In the past, traveling with priests in Beixia led to the case of hundreds of people in Taohuayuan who also rejected the tragic death of the generals in Beiguan. This is the beginning."

"The daughters of the Phoenix Villas died because of me. On July 15th, the fire was burned and more than a thousand lives died because of me. In the long night of the world, the people left, and the dead were numerous."

"Since then, Xiao Shao has been in a terrible state of mind, and the slaughter is unstoppable. He has killed more than 30,000 people in the world. The civil grievances are extremely high.

"Although the bad karma created in the past has remorse, it cannot be indemnified. It is the only death."

Speaking of which, his voice seemed to be lessened: "It's just that all kinds of sins are made by me, and have nothing to do with Lin Shu."

The sound of thunder in the sky was so high that it almost overshadowed his voice.

But when he heard the sound of thunder, he slowly said, "Just ask the sky to descend from the purple thunder, and burn my soul, and never sin."

He said one word at a time: "Xiao Shao asked the heavens and the earth to ask the soldiers for help."

The words landed.

Bright purple thunder, tearing the gloomy sky.

Bing Ge's killing spirit is more than a hundred times stronger than crossing the robbery Thunder.

The gale rose suddenly.

Xiao Shao remained motionless.

At this time he was not like the evil in the population of that world.

No one knows that the blade in his hand is a well-deserved sword.

He deserves nothing in his life.

No shame, no shame.

Blood splattered three feet and ended injustice, but did not touch the body.

Lin Shu's harp first made a sound of killing and felling, and instead had a sense of broadness and chicness. But seeing the sky and the water, Hongyan went north, looking far away, the world is endless.

Kill one person in ten steps, not stay a thousand miles.

When things go, I hide my strength and name.

-This song is called "Xia Ke Xing".

The author has something to say: "Kill one person in ten steps, leave nowhere for thousands of miles, get away with everything, and conceal merit and name."

Chapter 196: be deeply grieved

Thunder thundered, as if a blaze of fierce blazing light.

Lin Shu's entire vision was drowned by the strong light of purple and white.

He couldn't see anything, but still didn't want to close his eyes.

Strangely, he didn't have any fluctuations in his heart, but just ended to the wrong end.

He even thought, Xiao Shao, after all, you can achieve perfection.

He didn't know how long it had been, maybe for an instant, or for many years.

At the moment when the light receded like a tide, the cloud that had been shrouded in the sky for a long time centered on the rooftop of the mountain sacrifice and gradually dispersed to the surrounding.

At first glance, Lin Shu looked to the center of the altar.

No one seems to exist in the empty altar.

He reached forward with a harp, took the well-deserved sword from the altar, and returned it to its sheath.

Well worth the sword.

He trembled his fingers and put it on his body.

Suddenly a piece of red fell in front of me.

He reached out to catch it, and saw a golden-red phoenix feather that was almost as long as his forearm.

Is it Xiao Shao's body? The mine was not destroyed.

He didn't know, just held this feather with a faint glowing temperature, and put it away.

The causal mirror floated up and hung beside him.

After doing all this, he turned around and wanted to return.

But they saw the martial arts warriors on the side of the altar who stood alone, and they aspired to go forward together, and each pulled out the sword, and they became a siege to him.

As the first old man of Xianfengdao bone said: "No return guest is dead! The evil spell is set on this person."

The crowd echoed: "If you keep this person, you will suffer endlessly!"

There is also humanity: "If you know the truth, you will surrender the law and swear that you have no relationship with the returnee!"

They acted firmer again, each with their own power.

Lin Shu looked coldly at these diverse crowds.

It is true that someone cuts the demon and removes the demon, and some people touch the fish with muddy water.

After all, the little white face around Wuguike has no practice and can only play the piano, which is what everyone sees.

And he has been following Wugui Ke for a long time, and surely knows where his strange and terrible cultivation came from.

Huaihuan's sin, if the Huaihuai is weak and deceived, and his reputation is bad, he can't blame others.

He didn't move and let those people come forward.

But he saw an epee, which lay in front of him.

Cang Yun flashed in front of him, and said, "Brother Lin is not a man of heart. If you want to kill him, kill me first."

Yueruo's body appeared like a light smoke: "I'm coming too."

Along with them, there was a disciple who was familiar with Lin Shu, but did not know him, and vaguely remembered that the girl who had taken care of the fold in the treasure hall was the one who took the lead.

Immediately someone said, "Old seniors, Yuetang owner, the afterlife of your family is also confused by this demon!"

The old senior said, "Lin Xiaoyou is kind to old people, Qin Daoyou, forgiving old people can't survive."

The same thing is said by the owner.

Lin Shu knew that they did not want to harm themselves, but because of the communication between the various factions, they could not help.

The "Qin Daoyou" then said: "You also have your hardships, but these three posteriors, since they are together with demons, they are also very important!"

Now everyone will attack him!

Cangliao said, "Brother Lin, don't worry."

Then he closed his eyes and guarded the royal array.

But he is still young, how can Xiuwei be compared with those famous Xiandao predecessors.

At this moment, I heard a clear drink from midair: "Bold!"

Lingsu and Elder Crane landed, along with Yun Lan and Qing Lu.

Elder Crane said in a deep voice, "Who dares to hurt me?"

Lingsu half kneeled in front of Lin Shu: "Master, I'll be late."

"Anyway." Lin Shu said softly.

The heroes didn't put these in their eyes: "This person follows the non-returned customer, as everyone knows! Since you are doing your best to maintain it, we have nothing to say, the sword has no eyes, everyone, please be careful!"

But see the sword lightsaber come together!

These people who stand in front of Lin Shu also want to shoot.

Lin Shudao: "Slow."

Lingsu turned back: "The Lord ..."

Lin Shu put the piano on the ground and slowly pulled out the folding bamboo sword: "I'll go."


Lin Shudao said, "You can rest assured."

Seeing him getting out of the crowd, "Qin Daoyou" flashed greed in his eyes, and came with a sword!

Lin Shu held the cold handle of the folded bamboo.

There are no fancy moves, no spiritual power, no vitality.

In one style, the Moonrise Cold Field with an empty shelf collided with Qin Daoyou's knife.

Qin Daoyou suddenly opened his eyes.

He fell to the ground, as if losing his energy: "You ... you ...!"

Lin overlooked to others.

He had thought that he would hide in the Qingshan pastoral, and did not expect the people in the world to want him to be clean.

Also, if there is no perfect practice, some people will follow it. Even if someone blocks it today, they will come again.

But Xiao Shao ... Since he left in peace, how can he let him be fooled by these people.

Under the urging of that man, he had a little understanding of "Silent".

The rest of the people, seeing Qin Daoyou's defeat, had some fear before, but seeing that Qin Daoyou didn't seem to be seriously injured, they shouted and rushed up.

Lin Shu only stood in place.

In the eyes of those heavenly figures, all of them were blurred, and they turned into all kinds of noisy and noisy shadows.

Xiao Shao said the world is dirty.

He lived and died for the rest of his life.

He didn't know if the world was dirty or dirty, only Xiao Shao, forever and ever, was gone.

The world was suddenly silent, he lost contact with all people and everything in the world.

He also seemed to lose his senses, eyes, ears, nose, tongue, body, all empty, as if nothing.




At that time, the young prince demon claustrophobic into the cave of no light, no sound and no sense for hundreds of years, and realized that he felt dying.

Together with the autumn wind, Man Ye drifted.

Thousands of prosperity, after all, a dream.

He smelt the scent of Hanmei again for a while, so that people would get lost in it.

——It's probably like a dream, let's ... ecstasy here.

Faced with a crowd of people, he raised his sword, issued a sword, and daggered.

Suddenly, there was a flash of light, accompanied by the silence of the consciousness of consciousness, and his mind was illuminated with light and flint.

When he used this trick, he remembered the name of this trick.

be deeply grieved.

The final form of "Sauvignon Blanc", however, is indispensable for the legacy of the Qingming Demon King "Silent".

The crowd seemed to be struck by the invisible things in the void and fell to the ground.

Lin Shu closed the sword and returned to the sheath.

The others were shocked and terrified, and looked at him, afraid to step forward, and finally uttered a few harsh words, and retired.

Several people in Cangyu are still there.

Lin Shudao: "Thank you."

He picked up the piano, held it, chose a direction at will, and walked towards the end of the horizon.

The haze dissipated, and the grassy warbler flew in February. The distant mountains were faintly smoky, and because of the lack of daylight, they were faint, like a very pale landscape painting.

He walked among the mountains, stumbled, and barely stabilized his body. The ice string trembled because of the instability of the body, and he didn't know where to touch the machine. A white paper seal fell down.

Lin Shu caught it.

It's an envelope.

I do n’t know when it was put in the piano, and four words were written on it.

I love it.

Lin Shu didn't cry. From beginning to end today, he didn't even change his mood at all.

But the moment these four words came into view, the wind and sand of Spring Day fascinated him.

The author has something to say:

"It's almost like a dream, let's ecstasy here." A pair of couplets written by Zeng Guofan.

Final scroll · Sword like a dream

Chapter 197: Well worthy

A peach blossom note, familiar strokes and fonts.

Shuer, see words as you meet:

Recently, my mind has been mixed. I was awake at midnight, seeing you sleep like this, with all kinds of sadness and joy, all in my heart, this book was completed.

Xiao Shao's intention to die has been decided. When Xian Jun spread his letter, I had sold my body and went to Huangquan to be a lonely soul and ghost of Yin Si. If you know what I mean, you don't need to repeat the reason for your death. There is an old saying "There is a way in the world, a way to die in the world, a way in the world, a way to marry the body." Although this body is burdened with sin, it is worthy of the people in the world.

With this in mind, writing for a few times has been a long time since then. If you want to sue sadness, but lest you go wrong. You are a **** in heaven, so by chance, I am delighted. I have tried to figure out your ruthless ways, and rashly ruthlessly, I am afraid that it is not the original intention of Sauvignon Blanc, but you must also understand the meaning of Acacia in the world before you can surpass it. After wanting to leave in this life, Jun Dang fully realized the seven emotions, returned to the avenue, and became too forgotten, Xiao Shao felt under the fountain and was also pleased.

Although the avenue is near, you still have to delay for a few years in the world. I know that you have always cultivated with one heart, and you do n’t need to ask for more. You are afraid that you will cope with it and hurt yourself. There is a saying in the folk: "Although Jin Dan is a long-lasting medicine, it is difficult for a young man to stay in the face if he is young." You need to spend more on the property of the villa and eat and wear. If there is no special preference, remember to choose the highest price. In addition, your body is weak, and you should tonic in autumn. You must live in the southern country in winter and winter. Do not drink alcohol, drink strong tea, do not eat cold things, stay away from swamps, do not sleep late, and get up early, remember.

Although there are few clean places in the world, three years ago, when I went down to the south of the Yangtze River and visited the famous mountains, I had a wonderful place to plant plants and flowers for you. Dongshan planted peaches, Xishan planted plums, Nanshan planted maple, surrounded by three mountains, and open-sourced canals became a lotus pond. There are colors throughout the year, and when you are tired, you can go to Bingzhou to have a look. Counting the day when I die, it should be on the occasion of the handover in February and March, when the peach blossoms bloom. One day you walk through Dongshan, Dongfeng blows away peach blossoms, and touches your placket, that is, I come to see you.

The night wind just came into the window, and you frown like you dreamed. I want to set aside my account and stroke your brows, thinking about your lonely night after that. There are thousands of words, but "treasure".

Xiao Shao wrote by hand on July 27, Geng Yue, and four drums at night.

Although separated by life and death, it was like meeting each other.

Lin Shu didn't realize he was holding the stationery hand too hard until he finished reading, leaving finger marks on the paper.

He desperately tried to heal, but he couldn't.

I don't know how many times he read it, he smiled a little, wanted to go to Jiuquan to find Xiao Shao, and laughed at him.

For your handwritten book, the preface does not make sense, half of it is to arrange how to raise myself, but if I do not raise well, what are you going to do?

He thought like this, thinking about crying for a while, and laughing for a while, and didn't know how long he had stood-finally, he was afraid that the mighty spring wind would blow the paper, and then put it away.

Is trying to continue to move forward, suddenly heard the footsteps behind him, Cangyu chased up.

"Brother Lin stayed!"

Lin Shu stayed a step, Cang Yan said, Brother Lin, I just forgot to tell you that the reason these people can gather together is to be a stubborn man. The house arrested the Great Master and His Majesty in the palace. The strength you just showed, I think ...

Lin Shu knew what he meant, and said, "I'll go immediately."

Now he went to the palace.

He didn't know his current state of mind, only knew that the moment Shao died when all thoughts were grayed out, he suddenly realized the "permanence" and got the true inheritance of the Qingming Demon King.

He finally stood by and watched the laws of everything in the world, and had the strength to directly resist it at the level of the Tao.

At the end of the heavenly path, he could see that he broke through the realm and soared to the immortal realm.

But no matter how immortal the world is, he does not want to go.

On the way, suddenly I heard the thunder of thunder, and the dark clouds gathered in the sky again. This is the scene of Tian Lei's approach.

Lin Shu felt the chance and saw that Tian Lei was aiming for the sword.

He felt that the Tao of Heaven was a bit deceiving. He had just taken Xiao Shao, did he have to take it again?

Fortunately, the Thunder was not as scary as just now.

Ashamed trembled in his arms, vaguely lingering red light.

An irritating knife, the ghosts under the knife, there are tens of thousands less.

But killing is the killing of those who use the sword. What can it do with it?

What's more, Lin Shu didn't want to lose the only thought related to Xiao Shao.

Therefore, when Tianlei finally fell, he shot.

Tianlei is the will of Tiandao, but Lin Shu is now out of the control of Tiandao.

He blocked.

One, two, three ... Nine of them, not like heavenly condemnation, but like robbery.

Cangyu watched him downplaying the nine thunderbolts, stunned, and said fluently: "Brother Lin, you you you you you ..."

Lin Shudao: "It's a fluke."

Cang Yun: "My brother admires it."

Lin Shu smiled.

But even with this practice, he just wanted to return to the time when the meridians of the previous day were damaged.

Just thinking, the knife suddenly sounded a few more times.

Lin Shu asked it: "What happened to you?"

Ashamed shivered, the whole body was filled with a mist of blood.

After the blood mist dispersed.

Lin Shu: "..."

He and a child were staring.

Looking at the appearance, the child was about six or seven years old. He wore a dark and dull black clothes, like a well-deserved scabbard, and his pupils were blood-red, red, just like blood mist.

At the same time, he was indifferent, with an indifferent expression, and his eyes were cold and strange, not like a living person.

Lin Shu: "... well worth it?"

Ashamed did not speak, but turned silently and walked with him.

Cang Yun sighed and sighed: "Brother Lin, I finally know that you and the young lady's children were born like this!"



With more children out of thin air, Lin Shu's mind was a little complicated.

But there are fruits first, and then Yingying. He is already an experienced person and knows that he needs to have more contact with children.

It is worthy to ignore him, but he is going to ignore it.

He went to hold a well-deserved hand.

Well worthy of avoiding.

He speaks well.

Well worth saying nothing.

Lin Shu saw that the child was not as close as the fruit and Yingying, but was somewhat autistic.

Anyway, there are more children, just like the forest grows up, naturally any character will have.

Well worth autistic for three days.

He had the right not to be Lin Shu or Cangyu, but he hadn't left, but just followed closely.

When encountering mortal beasts on the way, Lin Shu felt ashamed that there was always a malicious look in his eyes. He seemed to want to kill and took several actions-of course, he was forcibly stopped by him.

"Well worth it" is itself a well-known "dark sword" on the weapon spectrum. Naturally, nature is not good, and Lin Shu can accept it.

He still tried to speak with the child in question every day, trying to hold the little paw that seemed very cold, without any success.

Later, he traveled to the borders of the capital and broke through the formation that trapped the Daguo division and other people-the original flawlessness and Yingying were also detained in the palace.

The fruit was so anxious that he picked up the sword and went to get the dog heads of the group, but suddenly he was ashamed, and suddenly he was caught.

"Is this ... deserved?" He was surprised in his eyes and asked Lin Shu.

Lin Shu: "Yes."

And ashamed still not speaking, as if everyone was air.

The next few days, the fruit was restless, and finally, this day, Taralinsu came to his room and spread out an ancient book to show him.

Turning the book, he said, "You know, you are worthy of blocking the transformation?"

Lin Shu: "I didn't know it was a robbery."

Guo Guo sighed: "It's no wonder you don't know ... this thing is a long story long. Transformation into robberies is a savage weapon that is born when it becomes a human being. It can be used to transform weapons into humans. Spiritual wisdom shapes human bodies, so they do n’t have to undergo natural disasters, but if they are born by themselves, they need to undergo nine thunderbolts before they can be transformed-this is transformed into disasters. "

Having said that, before Lin Shu responded, he said, "Why do you know that I don't deserve fruit?"

Lin Shu: "You said it was worthy to be too bad."

"Exactly!" Fruit gritted his teeth and said, "Well worthy of the human form, that would be a big trouble!"

He showed Lin Shu's well-deserved history in ancient books.

Lin Shu knows this period of history, and even deliberately searched it.

The ancient book that Guoguo turned over was similar to what he had read before. They all said that it was a thousand years ago, the world was in chaos, and countless hegemony and domination.

In this era, there is a world-famous forging everyone, the name of Ou Yezi, is the first master of eternity.

Among the emperors who were allegedly male, another emperor was particularly ambitious. He heard that the first craftsman, Ou Yezi, forged weapons, carried endless luck, so he ordered Ou Yezi to forge a royal sword for him to help him rule the world.

Ou Yezi said that the emperor did not have the dominance of the world and refused to forge a sword. The emperor was furious, and killed Ou Yezi's family by cruel means, and continued to force him to forge. Ou Yezi was forced by strong authority and had to promise him. However, he claimed that the sword needed to collect nine different irons and three extraterrestrial meteorites, forged with the flames of the extreme south, and smelted with blood from the wars of the Chinese in the fourteen states, and then in the mass graves. Only after burying for ten years can we gain the good of heaven and earth, and have the power to kill all living things in the world.

The Emperor was pleased to allow him to conquer battles to collect blood and slaughter ten cities to build mass graves. After five years, the materials are collected. In three years, the weapon was completed and buried in a mass grave. In another ten years, Ou Yezi took out the weapon and dedicated it to the emperor. But it was a knife. The emperor was furious. He died of Ou Yezi and was buried with his family.

Although it is not a sword, the emperor put it on his side for the legendary king who could rule the world.

On the second day, Qiqiao bleed and died violently.

Later, those who admired the sword were not spared, and the sword was worthy of being changed into a monster, and she was put on the shelf.

"Fourteen states in the world, blood smelt into blood during the war! It was buried in a mass grave for ten years! This is clearly the worldly evil forged by Ou Yezi in revenge on this emperor. You think how much resentment it will have Ou Yezi is the first master of eternity. He can forge a peerless artifact and naturally forge a worldly weapon. Would it be a normal weapon? Will it be a good person when it becomes a human? He hates it at first glance? The world hates the world and can immediately go out and kill people like hemp. His eyes are blood-red. "The fruit seems uncomfortable:" But this is the end and I ca n’t stop it. I suggest you deal with him early. "

Lin Shu looked through the ancient books, and looked at the uncomfortable look of the fruit: "You should love your brother."

Guo Zi bangs his hair: "I'm very upset. I'm very upset when I see him. I'm a congenital spirit plant. My instincts have always been accurate. Do you know why he encountered metamorphosis? Because Dad killed him With too many people, he was originally a shaman, and he drank his blood in this half a year, and his wisdom was born from the blood of tens of thousands of people. "

Lin Shu thought for a moment.

Finally, "I will discipline him."

Fruit: "In case you can't control it."

Lin Shu: "He is actually a pretty good boy."

Fruit: "Do you think he is cute?"

Lin Shu: "After all he is so small."

Guo Zijiuzui: "You don't love me anymore, you have a new son."

Lin Shu did not know why.

He remembers that he was trapped in the blood of Fenghuang Villa that day and couldn't find Xiao Shao.

In the past, when walking with Xiao Shao, he deservedly acted like all the spiritual weapons in the world and would take the initiative to warn him when he was in danger.

So ashamed, although silent and autistic ... it may not be very bad in nature.

He Guoguo said something else, Lin Shu left here and opened the door.

Straightened his well-deserved eyes.

It was worthy to look up at him, still very indifferent, and I did not know how long I had listened outside the door.

The next moment he saw Deservant's eyes narrowed slightly, seemingly at a loss.

He didn't say anything, and still held his hand as usual.

Yingying likes to be dragged in this way, so he thinks that he should like it too.

At that time, he was in Jiange, and regardless of the world, Xiao Shao raised himself.

Now he is well deserved.

Things seem to be a reincarnation.

It's just that the world is big, but Xiao Shao is no longer there.

It was worthy to hide, but the range was not great, and the action was not firm.

Sure enough, it was a cold little claw.

The author has something to say:

Lin Shu, a single father with no emotion.

Happy New Year's Eve!

The victory of the Anti-Japanese War in another day. As a famous anti-Japanese general, when you passed the Wu Pass by ship, if there were waves, then I came to see you. ——Guo Rugui

The overall tone of the letter refers to Lin Juemin's Book of Wife with similar circumstances.

Chapter 198: Chirp

He is holding the little claw.

The temperature of the small paw is strange, as if it will never be warm.

Lin Shubei did not pay attention to warming either. He took it loosely, took him back to his residence, and asked him, "Are you going to sleep with me?"

He is actually a very responsible father.

Sleeping with the fruit, and sleeping with the Yingying, is just like driving.

Ashamed looked up at him, a pair of evil, cold blood-red eyes, wondering what they were thinking.

Lin Shu reached out and tried to touch his head.

At this moment, Yingying showed up from behind the pillar, and Jiao Didi shouted "Daddy".

Ashamed, he slowly shook his head, released his hand, and walked away.

Yingying walked to Lin Shu's body, stretched out her hand to be hugged, and then was hugged by him.

"Daddy slept with me," Yingying said against her shoulder.

Lin Shudao: "Okay."

He walked to the palace, and Yu Guang saw a dark shadow at the end of the garden path, as if looking at it with ashaming.

Wash, change to Yingying loose robes, blow out the candles, and hugged her daughter to sleep.

But Yingying's head leaned against his chest and suddenly asked: "Daddy, what about Shao Shao's father?"

She doesn't know yet.

The fruit is already big and the world is transparent. I already know what Xiao Shao did, but Yingying is different. No one told her.

Lin Shu thought for a while and said, "He has gone to Nirvana."

Yingying asked: "Is the Phoenix Nirvana?"

"Well," Lin Shu patted her shoulder gently. "The Phoenix will be nirvana."

Yingying asked: "When will he come back?"

After a while, Lin Shu gently said, "Ancient gods and beasts have a long lifespan, and a mortal is a hundred years old. It may take a long time for him to return."

"That's it." Yingying Xu really believed it, and said dully, "He doesn't look back at me, does he not like me?"

"No." Lin Shu hugged her tightly: "He knew he was going to leave for a long time, afraid that you would be sad. He ... he always liked you."

Yingying finally smiled. After a while, she asked, "Is Dad really a big phoenix?"

Lin Shu didn't know how to answer.

The so-called Nirvana is just the words he made up to make Yingying feel at ease. Xiao Shao wasn't even a human being in the end. It was because the queen had abandoned the blood of the Phoenix. Why was the Phoenix Nirvana?

But he had to coax Yingying again, so he remembered the bird's hair found on the altar that day.

He took it out, and the golden red phoenix feathers were faintly flowing with golden shimmer, while also exuding heat just not to cause burns.

Maybe it's a treasure in Phoenix Villa, he thought.

"He is a phoenix," Lin Shu gave Yingying his feathers. "I pulled it off of him."

Yingying was obviously very happy, researched for a long time, and finally pressed the feathers under the pillows of both of them, before falling asleep.

By the moonlight outside the window, Lin Shu looked at her for a long time.

He had nothing in his mind, thinking about the long night like this, maybe he won't be able to sleep again.

Thinking about this, the letter left by Xiao Shao appeared in his mind, asking him not to sleep late.

He has always been obedient.

He closed his eyes and thought about nothing. Slowly, he fell asleep.

He had a weird dream, and he was in a white world, unable to distinguish up, down, left, east, west, north or south.

There was a clear "snap" sound without a rhythm in the distance, and it seemed that something was beating.

He had nowhere to go, and followed his voice.

Finally, a round egg appeared before his eyes.

Although it is much larger than the ordinary eggs, as big as a child's cuddle, it is undoubtedly an egg in terms of shape-Lin Shu also fed chickens in Taohuayuan that year.

The crisp snoring came from the eggs.

Lin Shu thought, maybe there was a chicken in the shell.

But this chicken may have no strength and poor health. He pecked at the shell for a while, and after half a day, he saw no effect.

Lin Shu was ruthless, and Xiao Shao forced him to say so many "likes himself", his character became much calmer, and he now has three children, and he can't help but treat such young things-such as The chick in the egg gave birth to love.

He walked to the egg.

The **** inside "stuck" a few more times, and then, seemed to be out of energy.

Lin Shu reached out his hand, curled his knuckles, and knocked on the eggshell a few times with the same frequency.

There really was some movement inside the eggshell-the **** knocked again.

Lin Shu also knocked.

This should encourage the chicks inside.

Sure enough, the chicks pecked their shells much faster.

Lin Shu continues to encourage.

叩叩 Buckle.



Just knocking tirelessly.

at last.


A crack appeared in the eggshell.

Lin Shu continued to knock.

The first crack appeared, and the later things were much simpler. As the chickens inside struck, the crack gradually expanded, and then at a certain moment, it split into two halves.

Lin Shu and the chicks met their gaze.

A large cock, which is genuine, is almost the same as he has seen before.

The fluffy fur is yellowish, and the body is round and round, and a pair of small wings have no serious feathers, and it is also fluffy.

The chick tilted his head and looked at him: "Hey."

Lin Shu took it out of the shell and put it on the ground.

The chicken raised its claws and tried to walk. Unexpectedly, the paws were still tender and could not walk. Anxiously flapping its wings, but to no avail, it finally fell to the ground with a bang.

Lin Shu smiled, touched his head lovingly, hugged it, squeezed the pale pink paws, and continued to put down, asking him to walk.

It seemed to be afraid, and didn't leave, just crooked his head and watched Lin Shu.

Lin Shu held him in his arms.

The **** nested into his arms and closed his eyes. "Oh."

The furry ball was exuding warmth, Lin Shu didn't know what to do with it, so he silently touched its fur and looked around, thinking that his dream was really strange.

The surrounding area was white and white, Lin Shu felt that it was inappropriate, this is not the environment needed for the chicks to grow, there should be grass.

With this thought, the surrounding scenery suddenly changed into a boundless green grassland.


He wandered around the prairie with his chicken.

Newborn little things are drowsy, so is this chicken, as if he is going to sleep in his arms until he grows old.

It wasn't until Lin Shu's meaning was a little vague that he realized that it was time to wake up before putting the chicken back into the shell.

The **** seemed to be awake and looked at him, his smooth and delicate beak poked at his fingers.

Lin Shu opened his eyes, the sky was bright, and there was a kind of exhaustion on the soul.

Then he got up, put on his clothes, and arbitrarily tied his hair. He flipped out a copy of Zhou Gong's Dreams in the bookshelf, consulted the chicken-related content, and looked at the nonsense of "promotion", "getting wealth" and "great joy", meaningless, and No longer thinking deeply.

Closing the book, Yingying was not in the room. He asked the palace people, and the palace hall went to the garden to play.

He had nothing to do and went to the garden.

In the palace garden, pear blossoms were like snow, and the east wind blew up one after another.

He heard a short exclaim.

It's Yingying's voice.

Lin Shu frowned, his heart sank suddenly, and flew towards the sound.

One fell behind, but saw Yingying struggling around her neck with a well-deserved side by the pond, struggling.

Look at the intensity, it is worthy of a dead hand.

Lin Shu immediately shot back and deserved.

Yingying rushed into his arms, coughing and tears in his eyes: "I ... just give, give well, say hello ..."

Lin Shu appeased her a few times and put her into Qingmingdongtian. Brother Tuo looked at it, and then looked at it as well.

Ashamed looked at him so straightly, nothing was dodged.

Lin Shu: "What are you doing?"

Well worth not talking.

Lin Shu frowned: "You want to kill her?"

He deserved to smile at him, held out his red tongue, hit the tip of the tiger's teeth, and licked maliciously.

The atmosphere of evil was almost condensed into a substance.

It is indeed worthy to kill her, Lin Shu has no doubt.

Yingying is the same as the sorrowful sword. One transformation is the strength of Yuanying. As a demon soldier in ancient times, the transformation is the robbery—if Yingying still ca n’t speak, or he is late to the garden. One point, Yingying will really die in his hands.

Lin Shu took a few deep breaths and asked, "Why?"

The shameless look is still so evil. There seems to be blood dripping from his eyes. He slowly speaks, perhaps because he is rigid, and he is not proficient in speech. His tone is stiff and weird: "Because I am bad."

"How many people are there in the palace, why do you want to kill her?"

Ashamed tilted his head: "I don't like her."

Lin Shu: "Why?"

Ashamed seems to have thought about it, and said, "A person cannot have two knives."

Then he said, "You can only have one child."

Having said that, he licked his lips again, without concealing the malicious look: "I wanted to kill her when I was a knife."

Since he was a knife ... that is to say, Shameless and Tonggui are both Xiaoshao's swords. At that time, Shameless had some resentment.

Lin Shu knew that according to ordinary people's logic, at this time he should get angry or get angry.

But he has no experience, he doesn't say that kind of thing, and he doesn't know how to get to the murderer.

In the end: "You need to change."

Worthy: "I was born so bad."

He grabbed Lin Shuyijiao and looked up at him. The threat was full of meaning: "Hello."

As soon as Lin Shu wanted to stop him, he turned into a light smoke.

This thing is Xiao Shao's sword, and they have learned 10% of those methods.

Lin Shu had to go back to Qingmingdongtian first, soothing Yingying, so that she stayed in it first, then raised the sword, and looked for it everywhere. On the one hand, she wanted to get it back. .

In the end, I saw the shame in the corner of a loft in Wutongyuan.

He hugged a dark plumage and buried his face in it. Lin Shu recognized it as Xiao Shao's old thing.

Hearing his footsteps, he was ashamed to slowly lift his face from the feathers, and now there were two bloodstains.

He seemed to be crying, as if aggrieved.

It's just that he has a special constitution--different swords, each with unusual traits, no tears, and blood flowing from his eyes.

Lin Shu came to investigate the crime, but he saw this scene—a scene worthy of holding Xiao Shao's old object in the corner. He had no other choice but to be so soft-hearted.

He pulled Ashamed from the corner and wiped the blood off his face.

Worthy to let him move, only a strange smile.

After doing all this, Lin Shu ignored him.

He also ignored Lin Shu.

It is impossible to continue like this.

Lin Shu even wanted to send this problem to the children.

In the end, he made a decision to take a deserved person to live in Jiangnan for a few days, and for nothing else, let the deserved person no longer have a chance to cause trouble, and then familiarize himself with himself, at least to be able to communicate.

In March, the fireworks went south.

In the valley left by Xiao Shao in Bingzhou, the peach blossoms were romantic.

Peach blossoms like Yunxia in the mountains fell with the wind and fell into the forest.

He was ashamed to go up the mountain, the highest point of the peach blossom, the bamboo house looked like.

He didn't know what kind of mood he had watched the furnishings inside and outside the bamboo house. Finally, after the bamboo house, the peach blossoms were scattered around and he found a half-open unknown empty grave.

He knows what it is.

It was Xiao Shao's tomb.

This peach blossom valley was left by Xiao Shao three years ago.

At that time, he was in Jiange, Xiao Shao was in the red dust, and coincided with the troubled times, Xiao Shao knew that he might die at any time.

He didn't want to be buried in the villa, he didn't want to sleep in the royal cemetery, and he couldn't have a place in Jiange Jianzuo-he left an empty tomb for himself here, and one day he was wrapped in horse leather, and he died in this place intended for Lin Shu, One day Lin Shu came here by chance, and seeing Taohua Manshan was a reunion.

But ... he had died and he was buried.

Peach blossoms rolled into the mound. If there is no deserved person, Lin Shu will bury the deserved person in it.

——But ashamed is already a living person and cannot be buried.

He thought about it, took out the phoenix feather, and planned to put it in.

The moment I put it in, a voice suddenly came from the spirit.

"叽 ——!"

Chapter 199: Lonely


Lin Shu: "?"

Is there a roar in his spirit?

Lin Shu believed that it was an illusion and continued to put feathers in the mound.


Lin Shu: "?"

He heard it this time, it was really a chicken call, or a chicken call.

He took out the bird's feathers and repeatedly put it into the mound.

Put it in, take it out, put it in, take it out.

The cock's cry changed from the terrified "叽 ——", gradually weakened, and finally turned into a "啾" with implied meaning.

This "wheezing" reminded Lin Shu of the fluffy and round chicken in his dream last night.

He looked at the feather and a ridiculous guess emerged in his heart.

Behind this feather is actually a chicken.

In other words, Xiao Shao left himself a cub in addition to being worthy?

He couldn't accept it and didn't want to accept it.

He is only 21 years old and should not be the father of four children.

Just thinking, in the spirit, the chicken cub "weighed" weakly again.


Lin Shu put his feathers aside, and took out Xiao Shao's tube of bamboo flute and buried it, sealing the soil.

As soon as I blinked, I saw a well-deserved face that viciously released a mist of blood covering the feathers, as if to swallow it.

As soon as he tried to stop it, he saw a golden-red sheen on the feathers and burned the shamelessly.

Undeservingly retracted his hand.


You two can hurt each other.

Lin Shu drew the feathers from his worthy hands.

There was a charming "啾" in the spirit.

Lin Shu studied this hair.

It is Phoenix feathers.

But the thing he saw in his dream was indeed a genuine chicken, without any sign of the Phoenix.

He gathered his feathers and decided to watch it change.

After processing the feathers, the focus shifted to the well-deserved body.

First Yingying stung, then tried to kill the feathers, which shows that his nature is bad.

Ashamedly, he only looked at him with a pair of evil eyes.

Lin Shu was exhausted physically and mentally. He pressed his eyebrows and planned to visit the hot lady in the workshop to learn the techniques of reprimanding others.

After getting into the dark, it was worthy to sit on the bed and rubbed his eyes.

The child is still young, and Lin Shu does not care about him because of the daytime events. He told himself in his heart that Jiangshan is easy to change his nature, and this bad character is not a fault that is worthy. .

Bypass: "Sleep."

Ashamed rubbed his eyes again: "I can't sleep."

Lin Shu: "Why."

Ashamedly looked at him, with a little provocation in his tone: "Usually, I sleep with Phoenix."


Lin Shu took out Xiao Shao's sooty feather bun and wrapped him.

It's worthy to be buried in the feathers of Feather, and it seems to squint, but then smiled strangely: "I am the sword of the Phoenix, but I can't sleep. You have no buddies, but you still have a mood to urge me to sleep Sure enough, he is indifferent. "

Lin Shu blew out the candle and said blankly, "Because I'm your father."

His tone was so stiff, but the ending was dumb, and the blunt knife cut in his heart was the same pain, and he sat in the posture beside the bed for a long time.

The collapse of man was actually instantaneous.

After Xiao Shao left, he seemed to become two people.

One as if nothing had happened, the silence was empty, everything was alive as usual,

It was only when the memory of Xiao Shao flashed back in his mind that the whole world was tearing up the ostentatious, bloody, and the wind was cold, blowing directly into the internal organs, but he had nowhere to escape.

I don't know how long it was before, and he deservedly pulled his sleeve.

Lin Shu turned his head.

Ashamed, he covered him with the feather puppet again, and then huddled into the quilt silently, lying down with his back to him.

After a while, listen to him: "I didn't mean it."

Lin Shu was on the moonlight, folded the feathers, and put it on the bedside: "It's all right."

Well worth not talking.

Lin Shu lay down and looked at the small ball curled on the edge of the bed, sighed softly, and finally leaned over there, reaching out and gently catching the small thing.

The well-deserved body was stiff for a long time before relaxing.

Lin Shu didn't fall asleep, or maybe he didn't want to sleep subconsciously.

In the sober midnight, a distant and strange sound suddenly sounded in the distance, like waves crashing against the eardrum.

He opened his eyes and looked out the window, feeling the ground beneath him tremble slightly, fleeting.

Ashamed also opened his eyes.

He looked at Lin Shu and said two words: "Spring flood."

Lin Shu: "Then?"

Ashamed grinned, blood-red eyes seemed to pass a hint of dark light: "Isn't it rainstorm on your way across the Yangtze River?"

Spring flood and heavy rain.



Ashamed rubbed his eyes and seemed to want to sleep again, but still said to him: "The dam has collapsed, it is late."

Lin Shu frowned: "Why do you know?"

Ashamedly said, "I was buried in Jiangnan a thousand years ago."

Lin Shu: "How to solve?"

Ashamed seemed to smile, and said, "What are you doing?"

Lin Shu looked at his face ashamed.

He is very small, six or seven years old.

But to this day Lin Shu finally found out that Asham is not like Yingying, a ignorant child.

The ancient demon soldiers are tempered by the blood flowing from the people's wars in the fourteen states of the world. They have been buried in the mass graves for many years.

No words overnight.

He was right.

The flooding of the Yangtze River is a ferocity that has not happened in a thousand years. It has affected six states, hundreds of thousands of people have been trapped, and the state is not stable.

In the capital, Xiao Lingyang and Xiao Yue were panicking.

Xiao Lingyang was a duck being caught up in the shelves. The usual operation of amending the world to reduce taxes is not to show cowardice. It is difficult for him to properly rescue the disaster.

Xie Zishe, although he had extraordinary strategic talent, could not bear the deficit of the state treasury.

The poor soldiers have been fighting for so many years. South Xia is not rich, and North Xia is also stretched. Now the combination of the two is even worse.

The continuous rain dripped down.

In the rainy season of Jiangnan, in April and May of each year, the spring rain just splashed into March, and it seems that it did not stop.

Without adequate protection, the grain in the warehouse must be moldy and deteriorated under the influence of moisture. For the tens of thousands of people and hundreds of thousands of livestock that were directly drowned along the Dajiang River, the dead bodies could not be handled, and the plague came immediately.

To make matters worse, this is the case.

Jiangnan is in danger.

The peach blossoms in the mountains were blown down by rain and wind overnight, and the ground was withered and red, paving the mountain road.

The waves were still turbulent and the boats could not cross. The right-hand man who was responsible for the relief of the victims could not cross the other side. They had to go further upstream and pass by the cliff and iron trestle bridge, which took a long time.

The two younger brothers in Guodu remembered that he was in Jiangnan and passed down the book with the pigeons. They asked him to converge with Tulongwei sent by Guodu and take the lead to check the disaster on the south bank.

Then he went out of the state with a good conscience and went to the four states along the coast.

Someone in Tu Longwei also recognized him, saluting: "Lin Gongzi."

Lin Shu had met with them and went to the Yangtze River.

After climbing the highest mountain here, he looked down.

The rainstorm did not stop, and the fertile water villages of the past were all turned into swamps. Whether it is pavilions, pavilions, or cottage houses, all have been washed down by the flood.

The corpse ran in the mud, or floated on the surface of the water.

Overnight, at least 100,000 people were killed or injured. Jiang Nan also suffered a great deal of vitality, and I don't know how to recover. After the merger of North and South Xia, the Qingping meteorology that had only appeared before, suddenly disappeared.

Behind Tu Longwei exchanged information, compiled the disaster situation of each province and county into a book.

Lin Shu propped up an umbrella in the wind, and suddenly someone in Tu Longwei, who was listening, said, "A man can kill a man, but a man can't stop it."

They were silent.

The wind suddenly rose.

A broken wooden board floated on the river and was washed down by the water. A bare-chested man was picked up on the broken wooden board, grasping things hard and trying to lean on the shore.

There are thousands of people like him on this land. The ants are generally struggling to survive, and some of them find it, some do not.

Man-made disasters can be calm, and disasters can be prevented.

In silence, Lin Shu suddenly thought.

Xiao Shao is dead.

What he has done has slowly made the whole world better.

But overnight, like a dream bubble, the situation was severe and bad.

The people seek survival, the court seeks governance, the Xiuxian people seek longevity, and no one is not struggling.

But the world is ruthless after all.

People live forever, plants and trees fall, and the world is impermanent. The struggles of the people in this world do their best, but they have little effect.

Life is accidental, but death is inevitable. After all, new life is short and everything is dead.

He suddenly remembered a word.

The sky is constant, not for Yao ... not for death.

Suddenly his memory became clear, remembering what had been blurred in years of memory, the title page of "Acacia" was exactly such a paragraph.

The sky is always constant, not for the sake of survival, or for the death of the deceased.

Then he remembered the "sad ecstasy" realized that day.

"Sauvignon Blanc" moves so far, what will be after the ecstasy?

Realizing the impermanence of the world, all things end up annihilating, the seven emotions are sold off, and then completely silent and empty?

——Is it so-called “too embarrassed”?

For a moment, there seemed to be some enlightenment.

At Tulongwei, the general situation has been understood, and the rest is trying to save people with the officers and men of various prefectures and counties.

However, it seemed to be a dead end. It saved people and could not live.

People without a house need to eat, live, dress, and cure.

Where can I get the money and food needed?

Lin Shu walked among the refugees.

In hunger, countless people reached out his skinny hand.

In the streets, the cry of children came first, then the women, and finally the men sobbed.

The strands of black and red air escaped from them.

This is resentment, Lin Shu is familiar.

For thousands of years, people's grievances have accumulated in this way, becoming more and more serious.

He looked at the dissipation of these grievances, but found that most of them were flowing in one direction.


His voice was cold again: "What are you doing?"

Ashamed: "Can't you eat?"

Lin Shu: "You eat it?"

The red tip of his tongue licked his lips, and the blood in his eyes grew thicker: "I feed on it. If you want to blame, blame Ou Yezi."

Ou Yezi is ancient, Lin Shu naturally cannot be held accountable.

He said, "Not later."

Worthy lacking: "Oh."

"Everything, we will return to the court, Prince Lin, not too early, you go back." Tu Longwei's leader told Lin Shu.

Lin Shu watched them all day, and as headless flies rushed as the court's command language was unknown—if Xiao Shao was still there, the situation might be different.

If Xiao Shao is still ...

He was suddenly a little surprised.

Tu Longwei said: "My son?"

"Nothing," Lin Shu replied.

After a while, he said, "You ... follow me."

Tu Longwei did not know why, but still followed him.

Lin Shu remembers that the manager of Phoenix Mountain Villa in this city is in a cloth village.

The villa claims to be a descendant of the Phoenix, and likes to choose a high place to live, so the village is not much damaged.

Supervisor: "Lin Gongzi."

Then he saw Lin Shuyin walking on the street in the rain with stains on his clothes: "Do you want to change clothes? Zhuangzi has a lot of clothes according to your size."

-Although it is not for this, it seems that it should be changed.

Xiao Shao likes him to wear white clothes, the lighter the material, the better, the more ethereal the shape, the better, it is best to blow the breeze, then the sky is moving like a fairy cloud.

This kind of clothes is not suitable for the current situation, and no matter how he wears it, he wears white and fairy again.

Lin Shu didn't choose that one any more, and he took a smoky robe at random, very simple style.

"Remembering gentlemen, Wen Qi is like a jade." Guan Shi smiled and held a simple-looking peach-wood magpie: "Lin Gongzi changed into Tsing Yi, but he was much gentler, soaked in some human fireworks."

Lin Shu will also change.

After that, talk about business.

Lin Shu's intentions are simple.

The official treasury has no money, no cloth, no medicinal materials.

Phoenix Mountain Villa has.

Wealthy rivals are not stigmatizing.

He wanted the villa to open a warehouse and work with the government to help the victims.

The steward initially hesitated, and only after he saw the Phoenix Order did he fully accept.

From the firework of the rumors, the villas opened their warehouses in various places to help the victims.

Tu Longwei said, "Thank you, Gao Yi!"

Lin Shu didn't speak.

He watched the struggling people under the mountain.

He may be reluctant or maybe not.

I only know if Xiao Shao is here, he will do so.

Since Xiao Shao's death was gone, he was not in his possession. Sometimes, he had to live for Xiao Shao.

After all, he can't forget.

He can't do nothing.

He just wanted a full moon night, the tent warm lights were red.

In the pavilion, between the silk and bamboo orchestras, I turned my head to see Ling Fengxiao, in a big red suit, sprinkled with peony, turned from the brocade of the Taiping prosperous era, and slightly smiled.

He has been away from the crowd all his life, loves to be quiet, wears white clothes, and uses ancient swords. It is boring and boring. It seems that the richness and magnificence that you have seen and thought throughout your life is here.

The Sri Lankan is dead, and his shadow is hard to find. If he meets Huang Quan in the future, he can talk to Cheng Ping on the ground and listen to him. Thinking of that scene, it seems to comfort the loneliness of his life.

He was thinking that Tu Longwei over there took the order of the national capital. Due to the lack of understanding of the local situation, he contradicted the previous order, making the leader very big.

Lin Shu looked at his head like a fight, scratching his head in a dilemma, and couldn't help smiling.

The arrangement of various matters is actually not too difficult.

Xiao Shao's response when he was in danger, he saw a lot, on the other hand, his conscious organization was clear.

The phoenix in his hand circulates the scarlet sheen.

Seeing this order, in Phoenix Villa, as the owner of the owner, and in the dynasty, such as the emperor.


He put the token on the table, tapped it with his fingertips, and turned it to the leader of Tulongwei.

Slightly look down at the phoenix pattern on the token and whisper: "Tulong listens to orders."

Chapter 200: Fowl Plague

Tulong Wei is obedient.

Lin Shu's self-proclaimed orders were fine.

Throughout the ages, the idea of rescuing floods has been similar, stopping water, saving people, preventing epidemics-and then prioritizing according to specific circumstances.

Of course, an important reason is that there are materials in Phoenix Mountain Village, and you are not afraid of lack of money.

By the time Jiangnan ’s disaster relief work is gradually on track, it ’s gradually organized—the court ’s mission team has arrived.

The leader is the shameless Xiao Xiao.

——This man succeeded in the battle with Xiao Lingyang and was defeated. He is rejoicing. Unexpectedly, Xiao Lingyang, the anti-general of hatred, made a name for himself, and created a title similar to that of the Regent King out of thin air.-Every day From the top to the bottom, he also had to live in the palace for a long time, cooperating with the emperor to handle government affairs, and Xiao Xiao was sullen.

Xiao Xun had been reluctant to come to Jiangnan to try to clean up the mess, such as funeral and examination, but seeing the relief has improved, overjoyed, went to visit Lin Shu, shouted to save me from fire and water, my brother is grateful.

Lin Shu: "?"

Xiao Yan turned around and saw that he was ashamed, and rushed over again, and embraced him as a kindness: "Brother Lin, you gave birth to another? He went to Nirvana, aren't you tired to bring it by yourself?"

Lin Shu: "... Well."

——The younger brother and daughter are as easy to cheat. Now Xiao Ye and Xiao Lingyang think that Xiao Shao has gone to Nirvana.

Xiao Xuan expressed his filial piety: "Say my dear, if I come to bring children with you, then I will not have to suffer and suffer in my country ..."

Lin Shu: "?"

However, before he could react, Xiao Yan's face was instantly scratched.

Xiao Yan: "..."

He lay down ashamed, but his eyes were still staring.

"Brother Lin, this child really looks like you."

Lin Shu: "Huh?"

Ashamed to look like him?

——No one ever said that.

"At first glance, you can't see it." Xiao Yan looked at it carefully. "But I read countless beautiful women. When the child grows up, he and you will be carved in a mold."

Lin Shu: "I don't think so."

He even crooked his head, looked at Lin Shu, and shook his head.

"Because you look very different in clothes." Xiao Yan insisted: "You let my little nephew change their clothes in white."

Lin Shu put on the clothes that Guo had worn in previous years, and took out a set of white coats at will.

It is worthy to take off the thick gorgeous black robe and put on white.

... still nothing like that.

Xiao Yan said: "The eyes are too red."

It is worthy to roll a huge white eye, and then back, the blood-red pupil turned black.

Still not like it.

Lin Shu continued to read the papers, and planned not to take care of this nonsense Xiao Yan.

"The eyes are too evil." Only listening to Xiao Yan said: "Brother Lin, look again."

Lin Shu looked up and saw Xiao Yan covering his well-deserved eyes with a hair band.

——When only the eyebrows, nose and mouth were left, Lin Shu found that this one was worthy of being carved out of a mold like Yingying.

——And Yingying grows in his own way.

According to transitivity, is it worthy of him to look like him?

Lin Shu frowned and asked ashamed: "How did your appearance arise?"

"Naturally born." He deservedly touched his face: "I'm not the fruit that grows on others."

— That's too coincidental.

But it was worthy of frowning, and he wasn't feeling good: "Maybe you helped me get through the calamity, I have a cause and effect, and alas."

He gazed at Lin Shu and said indifferently, "I think this face is not pleasing to the eye, I don't want to grow up like this."

Lin Shu expressionless: "Oh."

Xiao Yan: "What do you want to be?"

It is worthy to take his red **** eyes to him and smile strangely, "What's the matter with you?"

Xiao Su shuddered suddenly, like taking some horrible things, taking a few steps back, the next time became very uncomfortable.

Lin Shu: "What's wrong with you?"

"It's okay ..." Xiao Yan's tone was not lively, and he swallowed hard: "I just ... think of it alone. Although it doesn't look like ... it's impossible ..."

His voice was a little stingy.

Lin Shu: "Who is it?"

"Unlucky." Xiao Yan also said quickly, slipping away.

Lin Shu didn't care what bad memories he remembered, and still coordinated Jiangnan affairs.

Time is like an arrow. In a few months, he walked through many places in the south of the Yangtze River and did a lot of things. He saved the dirty children in the mud and spread the porridge in the porridge.

There seemed to be many beautiful remarks about him, but he didn't listen carefully.

After Jiangnan affairs gradually got on the right track, Lin Shu spent another two years, took many places with a good deed, saw a lot of things, and did a lot of things smoothly.

Two years.

After the floods in the south of the Yangtze River, the weather was smooth and thriving.

As Lin Shu took a well-deserved tour of the famous mountains and rivers, and often received help from two younger brothers, his affairs were still very busy, or spontaneous, or entrusted by others. Sometimes I am going to fix a certain place in Xianmen, sometimes I am going to solve the monsters of the majestic side, sometimes I am going to solve the huge cases of corruption, and now I am going downhill to help the poor-plus the injuries that the Great Masters suffered in the Phoenix Villa gradually get better Yu Li rectified Xiandao. In the past two years, his reputation in the world and Xiandao has gradually become like the fragrance of Zhilan.


"Sorry, this fairy has a heart in her heart, so I can't pick it up." He whisperedly refused the puppet sent by a fairy.

Then, she heard the fairy biting her handkerchief behind her, and said to her companion, "My father is the head of the South China Sea Sword School, and he can be regarded as rich in armor. Isn't that enough to support Lin Xianjun?"

Fairy's companion said: "Yeah, too. Although the youngest lady in Phoenix Villa is the richest woman in the world, we are a bit inadequate compared to her, but Lin Xianjun is no longer a young boy with ice and cleanliness. He also brought children and also It should be lowered. "

The fairy continued to cry: "But Lin Xianjun is so beautiful and gentle. I can't let it go. I'm going to find my father. Lin Xianjun must not be embarrassed by those women who stare at him."

Lin Shu heard question marks.

The immorality of Xiandao is something he knew many years ago.

However, no matter how bad it is, it can't be so.

He is rich now. It can be said that he is the richest person in the world, the property of Fenghuang Villa, the property of Qingmingdongtian. After the cat soared, he left the floating heaven fairy palace in his hands. Oh, he can also control the treasury.

He is also very powerful. It can be said that he is the most powerful person in the world. The emperor of Daxia and the Prince Hou are both his younger brothers.

His cultivation is also very high. No one in the world can compare today. After comprehension of "Sauvignon Blanc" and "Period", his actual state is far beyond the robbery. With only one thought, he can lead to ascension. mine.

He also looks good and is not short. Qing Lu often cries while standing with a wine bottle. When he is exercising, he weeps. Master, when can I have a fairy like you.

But why, when Ling Fengxiao had these conditions, he was a rich woman whom everyone wanted to be close to—he became a little white face that everyone wanted to raise.

Lin Shu was puzzled, and the fact was annoying him.

There were two other things that bothered him.

One is well deserved.

Ashamed really can't be changed.

He is a natural evil, subconsciously trying to kill, and subconsciously sucking resentment. Despite walking so many places, watching Lin Shu save many, many people, he is still so cold-hearted to read the world.

——He didn't even want to follow Lin Shu at all, but Lin Shu helped him through the transformation. This is like Xiao Shao helped the cat to fly through the ascension of thunder and thunder. All of them have to repay, there are causes and effects entangled in it.

Lin Shu looked at him from time to time. He couldn't hurt Lin Shu either. Fortunately, he was fine. Another thing, he really didn't know what to do.

That night, when he slept, he pressed the phoenix feather under his pillow again.

——In the past two years, he has found that whenever the feathers are near when he sleeps, he will see the chicken in the form of a spirit.

Sure enough, as soon as I fell asleep, I heard a weak "啾".

Lin Shu hugged the chicken.

The chicken raised his eyelids hard and leaned against his chest. "Hum."

He rubbed the chicken gently: "What the **** is wrong with you?"

The **** seemed sad and bowed his head: "Hey."

The temperature in my arms was already slightly cold.

Since Lin Shu first dreamed of a chicken cub two years ago, it has gradually weakened from day to day. From health to illness, to this day, it is already dying.

At first Lin Shu suspected that it was worthy to make a stalk, but found that worthy was not that he hated feathers, and sometimes even talked to it with his feathers, and called it "little phoenix"-his attitude towards feathers was even better than that of Lin Shu one cent.

In the past two years, he has found countless treasures of stable spirits, and also read countless books. Even the most lonely magical seal in Qingmingdong Tianzang Bookstore has learned 10%, still unable to slow down the weakness of the chicks.

If the soul fails, look for records about the Phoenix.

However, as if to create people, all traces of the ancient Phoenix in the world were collected by the queen more than 20 years ago.

After the collection?

Lin Shu couldn't find it all. He could only speculate that the queen had been carrying them on her body. Then, when Xiao Shao killed the queen, he used the flying method to kill the queen.

Therefore, Lin Shu will never know where the chicken came from and how to treat chicken plague. He can only defame Xiao Shao himself and hurt his own chicken.

After holding the fragile chick in this way overnight, before leaving, the chick held his sleeve weakly, as if he was not allowed to leave.

Lin Shu felt sore in his heart that the chicken was really not going to die.

Woke up in the morning and looked at him ashamedly: "Would you like to leave Xiao sick again?"

Lin Shu put away his feathers: "Yes."

——Since the chicken was found to be weak, Lin Shu named him Xiao Wuji, but to no avail.

Ashamedly laughed badly.

His attitude was strange, Lin Shu really couldn't tell whether he was eating his own vinegar or chicken vinegar.

He said, "I am dying without disease."

Ashamed: "Return it?"

"I don't know what else to do." Lin Shu looked at him without hesitation: "You do n’t know what happened to the ancient phoenix, do you not know about the ancient Phoenix?"

Ashamed: "What do I have to do in the henhouse?"

As soon as he said this, Lin Shu suddenly jumped.

It is worthy to ignore the "things in the henhouse", but the fairy of a thousand years ago may know.

For example, Qingming Demon King, such as Chen Gongzi of Dangshan.

However, there are barriers in the fairy, only once every ten years, and it can only be a fixed place where the mark is engraved before soaring. Generally, it is its own cave. For example, Chen Gongzi's phantom is only in the magical hill, and the demon is only in the Qingming cave.

Only once every ten years ... the boy and the demon can't come down for a short time.

But there is one more person!

Also, there is a person who may know where this person's Dongfu is.

Lin Shu came to Qingmingdongtian.

The brother floated over and said, "Brother! Long time no see!"

Lin Shu: "Brother, do you know where Yuehua Xianjun's cave is?"

The brother was very disgusted: "The thief is very good-looking. For the reputation of the immortal road, Dongfu is impoverished, not to mention it is a magic weapon, not even a copper coin. It is as clean as moonlight. The brother asked him what he did.

Lin Shu: "I want to ask Xianjun to go down to earth.

"Xia Fan, Xia Fan ..." The brother rolled his eyes, "Don't ..."

Lin Shu: "How do you say?"

"It's true that Master, Yuehua's thief's Dongfu, was shattered by Master thousands of years ago."

Lin Shu: "..."

Is his chick destined to die?

But the brother said sharply: "But why, this place where the dog thief goes down is not in his cave house."

Lin Shu: "Where?"

Brother's eyes moved, and he was very uncomfortable: "Master broke his cave house, he climbed and bite up, owed the debt to pay the money, owed the house to the house ... Is this extraordinary soul mark ... he ... he ... engraved It's in our sky. "

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