The #1 Pretty Boy of the Immortal Path Chapter 201-209 (End)

Chapter 201: Acacia

My brother found a wall in a side hall of Dongtian.

A pale golden French seal was engraved on the walls.

As Lin Shu studied the carving of the divine spirit in the process of trying to solve the chicken plague, it can be seen that this is a special mark, leaving a divine spirit mark with a fixed pattern-and then triggered by something, No matter how far away, the spirit can return.

The brother started the practice and lit a joss stick before the mark. Pointing and saying, "Master, the dog will come out after a while. That dog's eyebrows can be seen, his eyes can be seen, his nose and mouth can be seen, but when they are put together, it makes people want to hit.

About a quarter of an hour later, the soft light enveloped the room and made people feel like a spring breeze.

Not long after, one person stepped out of the light.

The visitor wore a white coat with a pale golden pattern, a jade crown with black hair, a handsome eyebrow, a tall and erect figure, and the sun and the moon were in her arms.

However, the blood on his face seemed to be scratched by sharp objects, and it was still fresh.

He touched it lightly, and the trace healed as if it had never existed.

This man's mouth twitched a little smile, originally it was very mild, but when he saw the brother, his smile widened a little, and it brought a wave of teasing meaning: "Apprentice, miss me?"

Brother: "Get out."

Then look at Lin Shu: "Brother, this is the Yuehua dog of that month."

Yuehua Xianjun looked at Lin Shu, and met him solemnly: "Just heard your name."

Lin Shu: "The younger generation also admired the older generation's name for a long time."

The long-known word is true, but the word "dog thief" is always followed by the name.

Yuehua Xianjun smiled softly: "I don't think it sounds good."

Lin Shu naturally couldn't tell the truth, but only said: "The older generation is detached, the younger generation admires it."

Brother: "Hey."

Although the brother and the Qingming Demon junta yelled that Yuehua Xianjun was a "dog thief", but now that he is not a dog, on the contrary, the immortal style of the whole body is really like the moonlight and the moonlight. .

Yuehua Xianjun sat with him at the jade table.

"A few days ago, Chen Gongzi went to the world and said that there might be a world of resentment. Now you call me, but for this matter?" Xianjun said.

"The grievances have been resolved." Lin Shu considered the words carefully: "Today, please ask Xianjun to come down to the ground and ask for something."

Yuehua Xianjun smiled: "Even if you say that, as a young man, I will do my best to help you."

Lin Shu told the truth and said from the beginning: "I have a chicken in my soul."

He saw the question mark in the eyes of Yuehua Xianjun.

To remedy, he took out the feather.

"This is the phoenix feather." Xianjun looked at the feathers: "the breath of the phoenix soul."

Lin Shu explained the whole thing, including the appearance of the chicks and the weakness of the chicks.

Xian Jun groaned for a long time: "Don't hide your words ..."

In Lin Shu's experience, once the four words "don't hide you say" come out, things will be bad.


"I have a deep hatred with the Phoenix clan, and I have no chance to contact the news of the Phoenix clan." Xianjun said: "But I look at it, it seems to be related to Nirvana."

After all, he looked at Lin Shu: "The origin of this feather ... really just appeared out of thin air?"

Lin Shu jumped.

He said, "Do you not know how to save it?"

"I really don't know that the habits of the Phoenix have always been a secret in their clan, and according to you, the existing classics can no longer be found, which is tricky." Xianjun said.

Lin Shu felt very lost.

Just then, the causal mirror jumped out of his mustard bag, floating in midair.

Yuehua Xianjun looked at the mirror: "Is it in your hands?"

Lin Shu: "Yes."

Yuehua Xianjun beckoned, and the mirror flew into his hands obediently.

Xianjun saw the cracks spreading behind the mirror at a glance. The words "Separation and Polymerization, Couldn't You Fix It?" Were almost invisible.

Lin Shu heard the immortal saying: "The seal is crumbling, eight cheats ... you have collected seven."

Lin Shu: "Yes."

He wanted to explain why they had n’t burned them yet, but he saw a smile in Yue Huaxian ’s eyes and looked at the opposite side of the mirror: "This mirror is made by Qingming ... This seal is my killing beast a thousand years ago. , 斫 Dragon veins, made by unlimited luck. "

Lin Shu: "?"

You killed the beast?

Did you cut the dragon veins?

No, not to mention this.

He continued to listen.

But listening to Xianjun continued, "You said that the ancient books of the Phoenix have been destroyed in recent years ... that's all, this mirror can help you to see the classics of a few years ago."

Lin Shu: "What to do?"

Yuehua Xianjun did not answer directly, but slowly said, "Yin Yuan hides a secret about heaven and earth, and you open the seal with the air of eight cheats gathered. When both the front and the back are present at the same time, you You will understand what to do. "

Lin Shu: "Don't you ... destroy eight books?"

"You have fully realized the" permanence ". Understanding the permanent is almost nothing, I am not afraid of your heart." Xianjun said indifferently: "Just remember that after the completion of the event, burn the secrets immediately, do not fall into Caring people. "

Lin Shu: "Okay."

Speaking of which, Yuehua Xianjun smiled: "Just recently, your master is in a bad mood today. I can help you once, but you can also go to him for invitation."

Lin Shu crooked his head.

Brother interrupted: "You mad dog! Are you biting my master again!"

Xianjun said indifferently, "Regain the law of the body, don't you want it?"

The brother shut up.

"The time has come." Xianjun re-looked at Lin Shu, his figure gradually faded, and his voice gradually faded: "The time is infinite and the manpower is poor. I have seen the intensity of your spirit. Remember, you have three opportunities, and Don't stay long, otherwise the soul will collapse and everything will be gone. "

The light faded away.

Lin Shu said goodbye to Yuehua Xianjun, thinking about his words.

The implication of Xianjun is to collect all eight cheats by himself, and by then, naturally know what to do.

Eight cheats, one remaining Sauvignon Blanc.

The chicken was dying, and his time was running out.

In this world, no one knows the trace of "Sauvignon Blanc", except for Tao Yuanjun, who has disappeared.

After leaving Qingmingdongtian, he began to search. All the power of Fenghuang Villa, Jiange, and even Tulongwei was used, and there was still no progress.

Tao Yuanjun, who seems to live only in Xiao Shao's memory, is an illusory, imaginary figure who has never walked in the world.

When asked the elders of Jiange, they only said that there was no Taoyuanjun, and "Sauvignon Blanc" is even more illusory. For thousands of years, everyone only knew that "Sauvignon Blanc" is the safest place in the world.

In the end, Lin Shu returned to Jiange.

The snow all year round in Jiange still fluttered as he left.

The hall on the top of the snow-capped mountains lit a bright light, and he rolled out a piece of paper.

Those words in memory, because they are too long, cannot be traced. In his meditation, when he remembered learning the sword, he wrote it down on the paper.

"There is always a day in heaven, not for the sake of survival, or for the death of the deceased. If you don't realize this, you won't be able to solve the love of too much."


He changed a piece of paper.

The sky is constant, not for the sake of survival, or for the death ...

Or not.

Peerless Cheats involve Qi, and now he doesn't feel it. Writing on paper seems to be just the most common words.

By the month to midday, he still had no progress.

The north wind started to scream, and he looked at the snow outside the window for a while.

Late at night, the past will always come to mind.

He remembered the sentence of Yuehua Xianjun for a while, "Is this feather really just out of thin air?"

There is also the phrase "seems to be related to the Phoenix Nirvana".

On that day, Xiao Shao was caught in thunder, and a bird fell in the air, which he caught.

But that day, apart from being worthy, Xiao Shao didn't take anything with him—all his things were given to Lin Shu.

Lin Shu took out the feather and held it in his hand.

In the empty hall, in the endless loneliness, the feathers exuded a warm red light, as if to flow from the palm, warming him all over.

He heard himself whispering, "Is it you?"

The sound touched the icy stone wall, echoed layer after layer, and finally dissipated in the north wind outside the window.

No one answered.

Lin Shu didn't dare to expect it, but he was afraid of being disappointed. He would rather only think it was an ordinary feather and lived an ordinary cub.

He put the feathers in front of the case and raised the pen again, only to feel discouraged. He wanted to be trapped in Acacia, and had lost his original meaning of ruthlessness in Sauvignon Blanc. I am afraid that even if he wrote down the entire copy without fail, he would not be able to reproduce the peerless secret book that could inspire the heavens and earth.

But ... Why is it called Sauvignon Blanc when it records the practice of relentless Tao?

Sauvignon Blanc, who is it for?

He has no way of knowing.

He discarded another page of paper that reads "Anything Goes Everywhere", and wanted to know that he had insufficient understanding of Dao Fa, and decided not to write this page.

He wrote the first type of "Forgot to Return".

He looked out the snow.

A bit of a lonely lamp, like a distant mountain, a vast snow valley.

In his previous life, his memories began in this snowy valley, day after day, year after year. At night, during the day, his life seemed to be integrated with it.

In the snow, he always forgot to return to the room, close his eyes, meditate on his mind, and forget to return.

He wrote it.

In the original description of "Sauvignon Blanc", he couldn't remember it. Based on his own feelings, he wrote this move and the realm of the inner meaning in the move a little bit at first, and then it flowed like a stream of water. Out.

At last, there was a faint thunder from Skyrim.

Lin Shu thought that it seemed that he had a profound understanding of this move.

The second type is "I don't see Tianhe".

At that time, he was far away from the Jiange, and away from the turbulent river under the Jiange Mountain.

The third type of "Li Qian Qian Qian" ...

There seems to be some guidance in the meditation, one after another, he seems to be in the original scene, and walks through his life of more than twenty years, and in the process of re-experiencing this life, all kinds of moods and Feelings flowed from the pen end, out of control. At the end of writing, he had the feeling of being drawn by the words on the paper, his heartbeat was fast, and it seemed empty.

——It was his pen that controlled his past life. He couldn't stop or even pause for a moment.

Time is like an arrow, and many years have passed.

On that day, Ling Fengxiao was red in the fog and rain on the bank of the river. He stood on the bow of the boat to see the endless sky and the river flowing.

Leaving Ling Fengxiao, he seemed to have cut off the entanglement between this life and the rest of the world, and came to a clean place-but when he stood on the boat and Jiang Feng blew his shirt, he felt very lonely and lonely. A small boat on the endless water surface sways like a small boat on the water waves.

That is the "one leaf lone boat".

If ruthless, do you still feel lonely?

Lin Shu didn't know whether his understanding and the original meaning of Sauvignon Blanc were inconsistent, but he couldn't control it.

The memory goes back to the past. By that day, the big witch's sword pointed at the back of Xiao Shao, and the only reaction he made intuitively was to stand in front of the blade.

Because all his life is tied to the person behind him, he can't do anything else at that moment.

And precisely because of this, the affection has taken root, when the Sri Lankans have passed away, the yin and yang are separated--

Sorrowful Ecstasy, nothing more.

The past, those who are willing to recall, and those who are unwilling to recall, are all revealed and presented to him. He froze before his eyes, as if he was not writing with ink, but with his life.

The words "sad ecstasy" dropped, and he coughed sharply.

A thunder exploded in my ears, shone through the room, the wind blew through the windows, and the paper sheets on the case fluttered to the ground.

He wiped the blood, gathered them one by one, no matter how the sand and rocks flew outside, howling winds, he just held them on the table and bound them.

Whatever the original meaning of Sauvignon Blanc, he thought, he wouldn't care.

Relentless, affectionate, a lonely boat, sadly ecstatic.

He was born in a silence, unaware, ignorant, and therefore unknowing and ruthless. The heavy snow in his eyes covered everything in the world.

Skin, color, rhythm, and taste all seem to be common.

But in this ordinary world, when all appearances are skins, he still feels that Ling Fengxiao is beautiful. When he forgets all the wonderful sounds and tastes in the world, the fragrance of Hanmei will still come into the dream.

Then this man became his affection in his relentlessness, and this feeling of acacia was like a medicine, and from this he saw other feelings in the world.

For Lin Shu, this is Sauvignon Blanc.

He gently wrote down on the cover, and wrote the words "Sauvignon Blanc" seriously and unexpectedly, looking at the cover, he had a distant familiarity.

The call of the cold wind outside the window stopped abruptly.

The whole world is quiet. An indescribable spirit rises from this thin book and fills the entire room and even the whole mountain. There seems to be a vision between heaven and earth, but he has no time to look at it.

He set aside eight cheats, and the Qi machine became more and more prosperous, killing Hao Ran like the power of heaven and earth.

The Yinyuan mirror spontaneously floated in the temple. When the last cheat book was put on the book, only a click was heard. The pattern on the back was completely broken, and the copper filings fell down one after another.

Beneath the patina is another smooth mirror.

Lin Shu walked to the temple and looked up at the mirror.

In the new mirror, there seemed to be infinite space and scenes. In an instant, he seemed to see his past life again.

——Remember the previous description of this mirror by my brother. One side is the past and the other is the future. What he saw in the mirror before is the future, and the present side reflects the past.

According to my brother, this causal mirror has another serious name, called "Nie Jingtai".

Nie Jingtai is a double-sided mirror.


He widened his eyes suddenly, and the mirror mid-range logistics turned, stopping at a scene three years ago.

In the kingdom of bliss of Dawu, there is a Buddhist temple. In the center of the temple, there is a double-sided Buddha. One side is the past Buddha and the other is the future Buddha. This Buddha image really connects the past and the future. It is the core of the whole country. . In the past, the Buddha can trace back to the past, and in the future, the Buddha can see the future.

When a person masters the double-sided Buddha, all the causes and effects of the entire kingdom of paradise are changed by the time. He was in control of Xiao Shao at that time, which accelerated the passage of time and collapsed the entire kingdom of paradise. Break the mystery of the big witch cloth.

Well, this double mirror ...

He reached out and touched the mirror.

Yuehua Xianjun said that time is endless and manpower is poor. He has three opportunities.

If time goes back twenty years, will he be able to see the Phoenix Cheats?

He deserves to stay silently in the temple and grabs his corner.

Lin Shu acquiesced in his actions.

The moment the finger touched the mirror, the sky turned round, and he was placed in a boundless space.

Hundreds of lines of cause and effect are intertwined with each other, moving forward slowly, and expanding tenfold more than the bliss country of the great witch. Too big and complicated scenes are enough to deter all visitors.

And this is the river of time for the whole world-he can view sentient beings from a higher dimension.

Lin Shu closed his eyes and deduced.

Twenty-four years ago, which node in this river of time ...

——He is going back to before Ling Fengxiao was born.

The author has something to say:

Without infinite reincarnation, I don't like w

I like high-dimensional strikes.

Jog into a line and move into a surface. The two-faced Buddha is related in Chapter 166. If you forget, you can review it, eh.

Chapter 202: A lifelong obsession

This time node is not certain. Based on the results of the deduction, Lin Shu roughly selected a section and took it with him.

The scene changed again, and in the dizziness of the world, Lin Shu thought—no wonder Yuehua Xianjun wanted to seal this mirror, no matter it was to change the past, or to glimpse the future, once it fell into the hands of the caring people, it could indeed create the sun and moon Reverse the scourge of that level.

The ins and outs of this mirror are now completely clear.

In ancient times, the magical mountain was the mountain that connected the heavens, the residence of the emperor of the immortal, and there was an artifact "shengshengzaotai", which controls the lifeline of the world-once this level of artifact, once it is in possession, it can turn the clouds and rain to control the world. Danger Extremely. Perhaps it was out of this consideration that the Emperor Xian destroyed that.

After many years, the Qingming Demon King was born-this is an outrageous man and an amazingly talented person. Maybe he is looking for fun, maybe he wants something, but he uses the wreckage of Shengshengzaotai Smelt into this "sin mirror stage" that penetrates the past and the future.

Then, in order to prevent the disaster, Yuehua Xianjun of the right way pulled up his sword and destroyed the Qingming Demon for Tianxingdao, destroying the Negative Mirror Platform. This may be the beginning of the entanglement between these two people. Later, perhaps because of a fate, or a mutual regret, in short, it did not kill you, but a compromise. Yuehua Xianjun sealed the side of this mirror, making it ineffective.

Taking control of the Nie Jingtai, Lin Shu really realized the context of time and cause and effect, and knew the composition of this world in a higher dimension.

However, he learned this way. The Dawu created the country of bliss many years ago, and the principle is the same--how can the Dawu know?

There was a vague anxiety in his heart, but he couldn't tell what it was, and he calmed down his mind and landed without any shame.

The sun in June is very prosperous.

The mirror faintly floated beside him.

He chose the point in time, but he didn't know how to choose the place. The mirror decided it by himself.

This mirror penetrates the cause and effect, carries the luck, and since it brings itself to a specific place, it must be because something is happening in this place that will affect future cause and effect.

Lin Shu looked around the tall eaves, the colorful glazed tiles, and the palace people walking around in an orderly manner, and found that this place is truly the imperial city of Nanxia.

He was ashamed, and it was not easy to move around. Fortunately, at this time, he was considered sensible, and he went into Qingmingdongtian himself.

Lin Shuyu made a stealth technique, gradually approached the Queen's residence, and heard two news from the palace girl's mouth.

First, the small hall descended, and was His Majesty's first child, a little princess.

Secondly, His Royal Highness was seriously ill and was in danger. His Majesty, who was under the influence of Jiangnan, heard the news, and was anxious and was rushing.

Little princess ... that must be Ling Fengxiao.

This is when Ling Fengxiao just came to this world.

An indescribable feeling spread on Lin Shu's heart. He felt very soft in his heart and couldn't help but want to laugh, but at the same time, he was sad.

He took a few deep breaths and came to the periphery of the Queen's dormitory—with his practice, nowhere could he be found anywhere in the world.

The queen and Fenghuangzhuang's main screen retired from the crowd and were discussing in secret.

The owner's tone was very anxious: "Although he has concealed his true body, the drip is not leaking, but this phoenix blood is in chaos ... The child is about to lose his breath."

The queen's voice still brought the weakness of the postpartum: "There is no way for the famous doctors in the world. It is rumored that my ancestor of the villa also carried the blood of the Phoenix ... how did he survive?"

"Phoenix blood is the air of extreme yang, this child is a boy, and the situation is much worse than that of his ancestors. You have often had severe pain in your stomach a few days ago. I have checked the classics, reconciling yin and yang, and ice charcoal. With the help of gas, the blood of the Phoenix can be solved. The ancestors became accomplices with Yijiange Xianjun, so they lived a hundred years old ... But Jiange escaped the world and did not receive any outside news at all. None of the messengers I sent entered the gate of Jiange. "

The queen seemed to sigh, with a cry in her voice: "My Fenger ..."

"Jinmei, you're confused again. This is your new son, not Fenger."

The queen didn't take his word for it, just a taste: "You need to find a way before Her Majesty comes back. Sister, this thing has to start with the sword Pavilion ..."

Lin Shu was standing outside the door, the wind was very strong, and the petals of begonias that were bright red were blown off.

He looked at the withered red, thinking about the man in the causal mirror.

In the peach blossoms of Manshan, a person, wearing a Tsing Yi and cutting wood.

He looked at the clothes on his body—seeing things can make people think, and the white clothes always reminded him of Xiao Shao, who loves to look at the white clothes.

The jade crown should be used for white clothes, and the wooden clothes for Tsing Yi.

In the midst of it, he seemed to feel something.

He tapped the door of the temple lightly.

The owner's voice was full of murderous vigilance: "Who?"

Lin Shudao: "Jiange people."

"Swordsman?" He heard the queen calling gently: "Sister, please."

Lin Shu was invited in.

The young queen had a beautiful face, but Lin Shu had no intention to look at it.

At a glance, he saw a small, small thing in the quilt in the heavy mantle.

His eyes seemed moist, and the unspeakable softness hit his soul again, and he let his breath subconsciously.

The seal that symbolizes the identity of the patron and the token of the sword pavilion, which he carries with him, is enough to prove his identity to the queen.

"Governer," the owner of the Phoenix owner said with sincere excitement and joy: "Our baby's phoenix blood ..."

"Master," but the queen's voice interrupted the owner of the Phoenix, and said softly: "Are you leaving for a long distance, is there anything important?"

She gave this opportunity, even if Lin Shu would not speak anymore, she knew what to say at this time, how to do it: "I have to ask for Guishanzhuang."

"Xian Jun said, my sister and I will do our best." The queen said gently.

"The blood of His Royal Highness can be helped by Jiange's bloodlines," Lin Shu began to say blank words with no expression, "Finding you and the lord of the Phoenix is because I am aware of swordsmanship, which means" Nirvana ". , Beth is incomprehensible, and wants to borrow a view of the ancient books related to the ancient Phoenix from the villa. "

Anyway, Jiange people are addicted to swords, which is well known.

He couldn't take out the feathers and ask the two to watch, because they were afraid they would recognize it as their own villa.

The queen seemed to groan: "This ... is naturally okay, it's just the blood of my baby. Is there any way for Xianjun to do this?"

Lin Shu: "Maybe let's try again."

The queen agreed.

However, Her Royal Highness Jin Zunyugui, even if it is a baby who has not been born for many days, can she let outsiders see the whole picture, Lin Shu's full of love, and finally only see the queen poking out the curtain and putting out a section of white and a little fat The small hand-I can only hear the little rapid breathing sound in the account.

A golden longevity lock was wrapped around the wrist, making the skin whiter.

Lin Shu gently held the small claw that was soft at first glance.

His heart was sore, his fingers trembled, and he wanted to kiss the little paw, but the owner and the queen were beside him, and he could only hold them loosely.

His meridian was abolished by himself. Fortunately, there were only a few pills left in the bottle that could inspire spiritual power.

He took the medicine, drew his spiritual power into filaments, and slowly fed it into the meridian of this little thing.

The spiritual power walked, calming the surging phoenix blood, Ling Fengxiao's rapid breathing sound was much smoother, and Yu Xue's small claws gently held Lin Shu's fingers back, making Lin Shu's heart a little itchy.

However, the child's body is weak, the meridians are also thin, the true Qi and spiritual power that he can withstand is limited, and the blazing sun energy will continue to grow. He roughly estimated that this spiritual loss can last for four or five years.

After telling them the situation, they were both worried and asked what to do in four or five years.

Lin Shu said he would come again in four or five years.

In short, he has three chances, and he is not afraid to run one more time, but this little Phoenix who is still a cub cannot be wronged.

The queen seemed to feel more at ease, but raised a new question—according to the classics, the older the child grows, the more madden the blood of the Phoenix will be. The simple transmission of spiritual power cannot solve the problem, and other means are needed—she cited the ancestors of the Phoenix Example, and then there was a hint of hope in the voice: "Thanks for working with the Fairy King, my sister and I are very grateful ... But what should be good twenty years later? The little girl pleads with the Fairy King, if Jiange has a child of appropriate age, Is it possible, is it possible ... "

Her voice became ashamed: "I also know that this is delusion, but the mother is really concerned about the child. If we can marry with Gui Ge, my child will be free from the pain of the bloodline, and I will be at ease .If Xianjun can allow me, all the classics of the villa, even if all of them are given to Xianjun, it ’s okay. If the villa's property and site are needed, they will also be given to Xianjun.

Lin Shu: "..."

He finally understood what the queen meant.

Central thought, I want to book a priest who can solve the blood problem. If you agree, the classics will be shown to you.

According to ordinary logic, Jiange Xianjun required ancient Phoenix records for the sword. Sword is the lifeblood of Jiange people, and she pinpointed the lifeblood of the immortal king, and asked Jiange to assign her son a dual-religion companion.

The lifeline of Lin Shu is not a sword now, it is this sick little Phoenix, and the sick and weak chicken left by Little Phoenix.

Therefore, even if there is an error, she still grasps the lifeline of Lin Shu.

Is there any way for Lin Shu?


In order to see the Nirvana classics, he could only agree.

He just feels ridiculous.

The little fool didn't have any master at all. It was Lin Shu who sold himself for several books.

After agreeing, the owner of the Phoenix was very pleased, and immediately took the initiative, and did not give Lin Shu any chance to repent: "Xian Jun, if you agree, we will set up a marriage letter immediately."

Lin Shu: "..."

Phoenix Sovereignty when he acquiesced.

When even watching the owner of the Phoenix villain prepare a complete set of his future sales contract.

The owner wrote with a pen.

These are the clichés about what "chicken and dolphin co-op, Sangzi yin and yin, early marriage and better marriage".

"The first commander of the phoenix landlord in Fuliang, with ..."

At this point, the owner got stuck and said: "The immortal monarch's place of origin and name have not yet been asked."

Lin Shu has already flew into the sky: "His native place is Minzhou."

"Minzhou ..." the owner wrote on his lips and asked, "What is the name of the Immortal King?"

Lin Shu: "No name."

"The people in Xiandao have always been named by their names ..." The queen whispered softly: "Is Xianjun not abandoning us, and he would not disclose ..."

Lin Shu quickly stopped her slang: "Not so."

"It's just that if there is no name, the marriage book will be irregular and cause criticism. Where is Xianjun's hometown? Or a place you love, a perennial residence, just pick a place name, and you can be named.

Lin Shu was a little stunned.

He has no fixed residence and no place to go.

There are several places in my heart that I love.

Zhu Yuan, who lived with the young lady at the Shangling Academy in the past. In Beixia, the source of peach blossoms in the mountains. There is also the Phoenix Mountain Villa filled with blood mist at last, and even the peach blossom valley left by Xiao Shao in the Bingzhou Prefecture.

The reason why I like it is that Xiao Shao is here, and Xiao Shao spends a lot of time here safely, without the invasion of the wind and rain of the world-in terms of its nature, all are paradise and related to one person.

——This is all his requirements for this life's return, and his distant hope.

Xiao Shao said, Dongfeng blows away peach blossoms and touches your placket, that is, I come to see you.

He closed his eyes, knowing that he would eventually be dominated by unchangeable cause and effect.

He tried to avoid those two words, but at this moment, there were only two words in his heart.

He said softly, "Taoyuan."

The owner slowly wrote down.

Taoyuanjun, Minzhou.

Chapter 203: Glass is fragile

In short, this is what happened irreparably.

Lin Shu felt very erratic.

Set up a wedding book, divide it into two, and seal it in a cylinder—one for each family, and separate a smoky hostel as a token. This marriage is a success.

Lin Shu naturally knew that their ancients had promised thousands of dollars. The effect of a paper wedding book was 10,000 times stronger than that of a marriage certificate. From now on, regardless of Qianshan or Wanshui, Phoenix Villa will marry his young lady to a certain sword club. An anonymous descendant.

For Fenghuang Villa, this marriage contract has solved the sequelae of the Phoenix blood once and for all, and it has also avoided the sexual exposure of Ling Fengxiao caused by the emperor's random finger marriage.

For Lin Shu, although he got the corresponding classics for the chickens, he also sold his life to the Phoenix Villa-it is a touching father's love, although he has nothing to do with the chickens. Know.

At this moment, the night was already deep, and the queen held a glass palace lantern in his hand, and the Chinese costume dragged the ground, and took him into the library of the deep palace: "Taoyuanjun, please see."

At this instant, he suddenly heard a soft rubbing of the cloth in the corner.

The voice was by no means from the queen or himself.

Lin Shu came out with a sword.

But he doesn't need his sword.

The queen stepped forward, and a palace lamp illuminated a thief.

The thief was holding the book and staring at the queen.

The next moment, this person woke up to God, scattered books in his arms, and struggled with Lin Shu.

Martial arts accomplishment, he is naturally inferior to Lin Shu, but his body is strange, so that Lin Shu can not grasp.

Like a plume of smoke, he hooked out the window and flew out like a bat, without a trace-maybe not an illusion. At the last moment, Lin Shu saw him look at the queen again.

He knows who this person is.

This is nowhere to be found. In Beixia that year, Lin Shu had a relationship with him, and had eaten the eggs he had fried with green onions.

This man is the first thief in the world. The only time he failed was because he saw the most beautiful woman in the world and lost his mind.

So he hangs nine big words in his residence: "If you steal flowers, you must lose them."

Lin Shu said to the queen: "Did he steal it?"

The queen leaned down and picked up the scattered books.

She said, "Even if he steals, he will return."

Lin Shu knew what she meant.

Because of the word passionate, it hurts itself most, and people in the world are often obsessed with skin. Maybe she just smiled a lot and many people were willing to go to the fire.

Because of her extraordinary beauty and tenderness, she has been loved by others all her life.

The love of the emperor, the love of the lord of the phoenix, the love of no trace ... even the love of Xiao Shao.

Perhaps because she was so used to the love and sincerity of others, when she knew that the emperor could kill their children for the imperishable glory and authority of the imperial family-she knew that there is something else in this world that can make Man is crazy.

Then she heard her say softly, "I know that Your Excellency is not a cripple, not because I saw your token."

Lin Shu: "Why is that?"

She stepped forward, and was very close to Lin Shu, whispering softly: "Your eyes are very clean. I have never seen anyone who has not seen me since I saw you. So if you are not intent on your way, you have your heart. If you Some belong to such a degree, and it can be seen that they are also pure-minded. "

Lin Shu narrowed his eyes slightly, and said to his heart, not because of this. One is my wife's mother-in-law, and the other I have a **** hate with you.

He said, "I met someone when I was young, so beautiful.

The queen seemed quite interested: "Oh?"

"It's just a dream, everything is empty, the skin is fragile, and the glass is fragile," he looked at the queen's eyes, and said lightly: "This is the case, and the wealth and power of the world is the same.

The queen chuckled: "Do you want to warn me?"

"It's just ... these things, Yu Xianjun, have passed away, to me ..." She smiled vaguely, bitterly bitterly: "It's not like me ..."

She turned the lantern, swayed the lights, and the clothes were dazzling: "The classics are here, please stop."

Lin Shu looked at her back, Qi machine condensed in mid-air, extinguishing the spirit of killing, and headed for the Queen!

If the Queen's life ends early, will the subsequent events change as a result?

The next moment, however, he stopped suddenly.

——Because there is a faint golden red behind the queen, the soul of that ancient phoenix protects her at all times.

Lin Shu turned around and put his right hand on the old spine.

Can't we change the future even if we go back to the past?

In other words, the past that determines the future already has its own participation.

The queen left and deserved to come out, looking at him quietly in the darkness: "I did not touch the little phoenix."

Lin Shu: "I only touched my hand."

Worthy: "It's really useless."

Lin Shu: "Touch it next time."

Ashamed: "OK."

Lin Shu faintly felt the anomaly of his soul and soul-the world is consuming it madly. If he can't pull away in time, I am afraid that he will be left here forever, and the spirit will be scattered.

He quickly searched for books, but fortunately there were records of the Phoenix Nirvana.

Well worthy of turning, but at the same time said coldly: "You advise that woman, it is tantamount to playing the ox on the cow."

Lin Shu: "If she can understand ..."

"How could she understand?" Lichen licked the corner of his lips. "It's the same in the world. I eat a lot."

"Xiao Wugui, you have to resent it, sooner or later, get into trouble." Lin Shu has nothing to say. If Xiao Shao's incident repeats itself, he really does not know how to face it.

After solving the chicken problem, he will need to be detained.

Well worth not talking.

Lin Shu's eyes suddenly stopped on one page.

Ashamed silently gathered up.

The book says that the nirvana of the Phoenix is very simple.

The dead phoenix is already a burden on the flesh. After it is abandoned, the blood and soul are placed on a bone, a toe, or a feather.

Then, in Woye, Phoenix Nest, Nirvana reborn in the sky fire.

In addition, it must be a special innate fire of Woye Phoenix Nest. Without this fire, the Phoenix soul can only die.

Lin Shu: "..."

Ashamed to read the book, and then looked at him: "That's it?"

Lin Shu had nothing to say. In memory, Xiao Shao seemed to say this thing, but at that time they thought that the Phoenix was just a legend of nothingness, and no one really took it seriously.

The vitality of the chicks is here. It's simple.

Woye Phoenix Nest? This address in ancient times is now the back of the mountain of Fenghuang Villa. The innate fire has never been extinguished, and it has been used as a forging knife by the villa.

Lin Shu closed the book: "... Let's go."

Yuehua Xianjun said, don't stay for a long time, Lin Shu immediately activated the mirror, and after turning in circles, returned to the original point in time.

They landed.

Lin Shu coughed up blood, and the situation was well-deserved.

After only half a day's work in the past, his soul power was consumed by half, and he was directly linked to the soul. He may now only exert his strength at the beginning of the robbery.

The next moment, Lin Shu suddenly felt that the atmosphere in the room was a bit wrong.


He pulled his sword out of the sheath and looked around the room.

Footsteps came.

Several people appeared before him.

It was precisely at the time that they attacked Xiao Shao and attacked Xiao Shao, and then attacked Lin Shu's "Qin Daoyou" with several parties and five or six wizards.

I saw the humanity headed: "The manuscript of the Great Witch is really good. This man is when the spirit is weak and can be killed without effort! The Negative Mirror Platform is an ancient artifact. After solving this person, we can worship the artifact! "

Lin Shu clenched the hilt.

After the change of the Phoenix Villas, these people have disappeared on the rivers and lakes. I did not expect that the ghosts are still there ... and it seems that they have learned the secret of Nie Jingtai.

Divine spirit is the foundation of a person. The divine spirit is damaged. It is not a sword move. He can only use "Silence".

But he must survive.

A wizard who had passed the robbery stepped forward spookily, and Lin Shu gathered together to make a sword run.

The swords collided, Lin Shu consumed a lot, but the wizard also lost four successes.

But he didn't budge, and continued to fight with Lin Shu!

At the same time, the rest of the people joined forces, and the turbulent killings were like Tianluodinet, falling towards Lin Shu.

Lin Shu was standing in front of the shameless, ready to suffer.

Just then, his body suddenly flashed red!

A blazing golden-red spiritual power covering Lin Shu's whole body was actually preventing this mortal blow!

Lin Shu breathed a sigh of relief.

The queen has a Phoenix soul guard, and he happens to have a chicken.

But this chick was dying, but now it is consumed a lot ...

Lin Shu hasn't figured it out yet, so he will see those people hit again!

He clenched his lower lip, and the power of the soul was madly consumed, and a "sad ecstasy" was about to fall!

Suddenly, the headed wizard stopped suddenly.

His body twitched unnaturally, his eyes burst with bleeding!

The next moment, bleeding from his fingertips!

At this moment, the north wind blew through the doors and windows, heavy snow rolled in, and the man screamed sternly.


As a whole, he became a vague flesh and blood, and then completely turned into a pool of blood, seeping into the ground of the hall.

The screaming howl didn't stop, and the rest of them, light or heavy, began to bleed.

Lin Shu's pupils shrank.

The shocking situation in front of me, and the sorrow of the heartbreaking heart, coincided with the peach blossom source of many years ago.

He looked sharply behind him!

Ashamedly looking at the people in front of him, his face was pale and his body was shaky-then, he lit a messenger firework.

The fireworks shot out the window and exploded in the night sky.

It is worthy to rip Lin Shu's sleeve and hold the Nie Jingtai with the other hand!

The next moment, the two were once again in the high-dimensional world.

Lin Shu's mind was blank, trying his best to stabilize his mind and find the right time node.

They landed again.

This place is Phoenix Villa.

The atmosphere in the villa was completely silent. From the disciples passing by, we can see that the young lady was unconscious for one month and was already preparing for the funeral.

Ashamed without expression: "Since they dare to come, there must be more than just these people. We will spend some time here waiting for the elders of your sword court to come over."

There was black gas and blood on his body, and his eyes were red.

Lin Shu chatted for a moment and couldn't hear what he was talking about.

He could only hear the buzzing sound of his own blood flowing in his ears.

Vaguely, something out of the blue, ugly, hovered over his head.

Xu Shi realized that his face wasn't right, and his blood-stained eyes looked straight at him: "What's wrong with you?"

A well-deserved intonation has always been different from ordinary people. It is the habit of people talking thousands of years ago. Sometimes it is too straightforward and sometimes there are strange setbacks and twists.

Like a person.

Five years ago, there was a person who had a special tone when speaking.

That person, he also has blood red eyes.

Lin Shu: "You just murdered ..."

"It's killing." Before he finished speaking, he was interrupted without any shame, and his attitude was very negative: "I told you early, I'm so bad."

"No," Lin Shu frowned. "How do you kill ..."

"Oh." A few steps back, worthy of indifference: "Do you feel dirty?"

"No." Lin Shu frowned and realized that he could not communicate with Deserved at all. The child was born with such a wicked temper.

Ashamed, ticking the corners of his lips, slowly said, "You feel dirty ... I can't help it."

Say it, turn around and leave.

Lin Shu held his shoulder: "Stop."

Ashamed to break away from him and stay away from him.

Lin Shudao: "You ... remember to follow me, don't be alone, when the spirit is not enough, we go immediately."

Well worth it or the world-weary expression, raised a slightly raised eyebrow: "Are you afraid I'll fall here?"

Lin Shu was unable to take him, and gradually lost his ability to communicate: "Let's go."

He deserved to drop his eyes, but never approached him, followed silently behind him.

Lin Shu was confused by him, stopped and grabbed his hand: "Are you angry?"

Ashamed blood-red eyes glanced at him coldly, opened his hand, and said nothing into Qingmingdongtian.

Chapter 204: That one

The phoenix owner also recognizes Lin Shu.

She said: "I haven't seen him for a few years. Xianjun's face has not changed."

Over the years, Lin Shu has finally learned how to communicate with people, he said: "The same is true of the landlord."

-No more polite, the young lady is dead, and she must rescue immediately.

Fenghuang Villa is a martial arts sect. There are not so many rules in the palace. Lin Shu saw the little phoenix lying on the bed at a glance.

There was ice in the room, and the head of the bed was made of cold jade, but it couldn't hold down the burning spirit in his body.

Ling Fengxiao was lying on the bed like this, wearing a red gown, a small jade-like face, and slightly moving eyelashes like crow feathers, revealing the pain the host was suffering.

Lin Shudao said, "I'm sorry to ask everyone to retreat."

There was no one in the room.

Lin Shu sat in front of the bed and held Ling Fengxiao's hand.

He has done this many times, and Ling Fengxiao's body meridian trend is even clearer than Ling Fengxiao himself.

Binghan's true qi was slowly and slowly injected into his meridians, and the ice and charcoal breathed, and the mad fiery sun spiritual power gradually calmed down like a flame extinguished by water.

Ling Fengxiao's breathing was much smoother, and her tight body was relaxed because of the pain. The hand held by Lin Shu seemed to be instinct, like a drowner holding on to the straw and holding his fingers tightly .

Lin Shu remembered that many years ago, his cousin was in a coma in front of him for the first time. After losing his spiritual power, he was tightly grasped by this man.

Involuntarily, holding Ling Fengxiao's hand, he smiled slightly.

It turns out that the habit of holding people back is a memory developed from this time.

He touched Ling Fengxiao's forehead with his other hand, stroking the delicate and beautiful nose, soft, petal-like lips.

The child in front of him is sleeping so heavily that only the most carefree person will. He hasn't seen the wind and rain in the world, and the wind knife and frost sword in the human heart has nothing to do with him.

Lin Shu wanted to hold him at this moment, hold him in his arms, and break the thick wooden door carved with a phoenix. They escaped from this huge mountain house, as if fleeing a heavy fate after many years.

But he couldn't.

This is the second time he has come to the past. The wear and tear of the soul has left him with only Yuan Ying's strength, and he is rapidly declining.

Ashamed suddenly appeared at the bedside.

He climbed onto Ling Fengxiao's bed, got into his quilt, and let Ling Fengxiao face himself.

Lin Shu thought that Ling Fengxiao might be special for being worthy of it.

Ancient artifacts are so famous that countless people went into trouble for this demon sword, but it waited for thousands of years and only recognized this one master.

After a while, Xu was relieved of the pain, and Ling Fengxiao opened her eyes in a coma.

At first glance, it was worthy.

Lin Shu looked at this very small and beautiful Ling Fengxiao in black clothes, red eyes, frowning with shame and resentment, and then rubbed his eyes, then turned to his own disgustingly. direction.

This little thing is not awake yet. It is in a state of wandering-like a child with hysteria often after fever, which is normal.

But when I saw Lin Shu, his eyes seemed bright and his head crooked.

Ashamed, he was going to be mad at him, and flew back to Qingmingdongtian for a moment.

Lin Shu smiled at Ling Fengxiao.

Ling Fengxiao looked down at Lin Shu's hand, pulled it out, and then looked up at Lin Shu.

--- This look is exactly the same as when Yingying wants to be held.

Lin Shu picked up this little thing.

Ling Fengxiao laughed and wanted to play with Lin Shu's hair, and Lin Shu let him play.

It ’s a pity that the owner of Phoenix Phoenix, who was so happy because of the awakening of the young lady, came in, thanked Lin Shu for all his kindness, and after discovering that Ling Fengxiao seemed to like Lin Shu very much, he proposed to let Lin Shu be in Fenghuang Villa Live, and want Ling Fengxiao to get along with his predecessor Xianjun.

Lin Shu should have left, but he chose to stay for a while.

Although he faced Ling Fengxiao, who was still an ignorant child, as a gentleman, he knew clearly that this life may be the last time he met this person.

And Ling Fengxiao who was awake did not understand.

He wore a red suit, black hair on his shoulders, no frills, and no special dress for girls—after all, with his exquisite features, he couldn't recognize gender at this age.

About the Phoenix owner mentioned, he knows who Lin Shu is.

"Tao Yuanjun." Under the gentle evening sun, Ling Fengxiao was swinging on the swing, and Lin Shu helped him from time to time.

"Taoyuanjun, are you called Taoyuanjun?"

Lin Shudao: "Not his real name."

Ling Fengxiao swayed very high, but maintained a very good balance. The whole person looked like a light little red bird. When he fell back, he asked him, "What's your name?"

Lin Shudao: "In the future, you will naturally know."

Ling Fengxiao stopped, stood on the swing, turned and crooked her head: "What should I call you?"

Lin Shu couldn't think of it for a while, but thinking that he had already assigned the little apprentice Xu to this little thing, and said, "You can call me Master."

As a child, Ling Fengxiao was obviously more lively than Yingying. She hugged Lin Shu's neck to hang on him, and called sweetly several times, Master.

But after a while, I was a little lost: "But I use a knife, you use a sword, you are not my master."

Then it seemed to have a clever idea: "Then I call you Xianjun."

Lin Shu: "..."

Ling Fengxiao jumped down from him and took him to see the strange flowers and plants of Fenghuang Villa.

Xianjun, look at this.

Xianjun, look at that.

Xianjun, why don't you wear white clothes?

Lin Shu was uncomfortable shouting by this vocal "Immortal Jun", but when he saw the beautiful pair of eyes that looked like Xingyue's, they were still angry and finally recognized the little phoenix. According to his preferences, he changed into a fluttering white coat and told him many stories. Of course, he was also hugged by this little phoenix who was both fragrant and soft. He vaguely felt that he would be jealous of being in the cave. There was blood dripping from both eyes.

However, it should be uncomfortable. The title of "fairy prince" left Lin Shu with too deep a shadow, which directly caused the owner of the Phoenix to find them, and asked the owner to give the child a nickname. Lin Shu named this little thing "baby". He was scratched by Ling Fengxiao for a while, but he was completely comfortable.

After the owner left, Ling Fengxiao looked at his sword dance, and emphasized specifically that he wanted the best one.

Lin Shu broke a peach blossom as a sword, thinking about what is good and superb swordsmanship. After thinking about it, there is still only Sauvignon Blanc.

But here the sky is full of clouds and clouds, the layers of the forest are stained with mild golden color, and the tired birds return to the forest, a peaceful and peaceful place. Ling Fengxiao in red was sitting on a large rock and looked at him seriously. Behind him were lush and colorful flowers and trees, falling calyx, like heavy rain.

Armed with a sword flower, he presented it in a "sad ecstasy" style. After all the flowers were exhausted and the endless sights were gone, he saw Ling Fengxiao's eyes.

Fallen flowers fascinated his eyes, he suddenly found that behind such a lonely move, there was endless tenderness.

The writing of "Sauvignon Blanc" is still not perfect after all, but I can't write such a nuance.

He closed his sword.

Ling Fengxiao said that Xianjun looks so good.

Lin Shu was holding his hand and was talking to him in a borderless way.

Lin Shu suddenly thought that Phoenix Villa was here.

He asked Ling Fengxiao if he could take me to the forge table.


He was led by this little thing and went all the way to the forge table.

This is not a cluster of skyfires.

This is a sea of fire, even the hardest meteorites will melt, reminding Lin Shu of the flowing lava.

It was so hot that even the spirits would be melted by it. Ling Fengxiao said that only Phoenix Spirit can enter.

Lin Shu took out the feather and gave it to Ling Fengxiao, and said to him, Xiaoer, find a place you like the most and put it in.

Ling Fengxiao responded, holding the feather, and bounced to the depths of the sea of fire. The phoenix in his body is the most pure, so he can walk to the core of the sea of fire and put down his feathers.

Lin Shuyao looked away, and there seemed to be a soft whisper in the spirit. He thought about the chicken and some hopes, and finally felt relieved.

In the time and space outside the Mirror Mirror, he was under siege, extremely dangerous, I wonder if he can get away, and the best place for the chicken cub is here.

According to the records of the classics, the completion of the Phoenix Nirvana takes at least 20 years.

He was shaking, thinking, no matter who you are ...

Xiao Wuyi, no matter who you are, no matter how many years the Phoenix Nirvana takes, you must spend it peacefully and live.

Ling Fengxiao came out of the sea of fire, asking Lin Shu to hold him.

Lin Shu leaned over and touched his head, and said, I'm leaving.

Small things hummed all the way, saying that they like Xianjun, don't leave it.

Lin Shu told him that he would meet again in the next day.

Ling Fengxiao said that Xianjun must not lie to me.

Lin Shu said not to lie.

The little thing was just happy, and sent Lin Shu to the gate of the mountain, and suddenly pulled his sleeves, and said dumbly, "Xianjun, my ..."

Lin Shu: "Huh?"

He didn't seem embarrassed, and finally hesitated, "Xianjun, do you know that I am ...?"

The middle word was silenced, Lin Shu thought it might be the effect of the mantra.

He smiled and said, "I know you are a boy."

Ling Fengxiao frowned, and smiled Yingying: "That's good."

Lin Shu: "?"

He felt a bit wrong.

When he left, he finally realized what was wrong, and turned to Ling Fengxiao to make it clear that his fiancee was not a girl, and suddenly saw a white shadow behind Ling Fengxiao!

It is well deserved.

This thing must have guessed the reason why I was not seen by Ling Fengxiao before. I didn't know where to pull out a white suit, and it alleviated the resentment and suffocation in my body, and my eyes turned back to black, and my body was pure.

-Even cleverly spreading his hair, his facial features were strangely almost the same as Lin Shu, and at this young age, he was handsome and beautiful, and looked like a little girl at first glance.

He blindfolded Ling Fengxiao from behind, and when Ling Fengxiao turned around, he put down his hand and called Ling Fengxiao: "Little Phoenix."

Ling Fengxiao looked at Lin Shu in the distance and looked at him again, with a delighted expression in her eyes: "Is it you?"

Ashamed: "How do you know it's me?"

Ling Fengxiao: "I know."

He seemed to want to play with Deserved for a while, but looking at Lin Shu, he was a bit lost: "But you have to go with Xianjun."

Ashamed: "In eleven years, I will wait for you to pick me up."

Ling Fengxiao said, "I will."

Ashamed to touch his hair: "I'm gone."

Ling Fengxiao said: "You wait for me."

Worthy: "Okay."

It wasn't until he was worthy of coming to him that Lin Shu finally reacted to what happened.

He wanted to curl his neck and ask why he was pretending to be a fiancée to say these ghost words.

After a while, I wanted to understand that he deservedly did not pose.

He wore white because he was keenly aware that Ling Fengxiao didn't like black or slippery autumn.

He said eleven years later, waiting for Ling Fengxiao to pick him up--

It's all because that year, Ling Fengxiao not only brought Lin Shu back from the ghost village, but also… took it from Futianxian Palace.

The truth of the terrible tragedy that acknowledged the wrong **** at that time finally surfaced.

Well-deserved behavior is not a problem in itself, a knife and his master have a deep friendship.

However, Ling Fengxiao thought that this was his beautiful fiancee, and the fiancee made an agreement with him to meet in Japan, so he was convinced of Lin Shu's false gender.

Lin Shu felt real suffocation.

Chapter 205: Spring Moon Flower Night

The reason for Lin Shu and Ling Fengxiao's farewell is to go around the world.

But it's actually not—and not back to the real world.

Lin Shu plans to go to Minzhou.

On the one hand, he did promise Ling Fengxiao that a fiancee was right-but where did he go to get an apprentice out?

On the other hand, while the soul is not exhausted, he also wants to figure out one thing: Where did the little fool come from, and why did he pass through this era.

He said to be worthy.

Ashamed did not speak, it seemed to be angry with him.

As soon as he left Ling Fengxiao's field of vision, the thing changed into a black suit, blood-red eyes, and expressionless.

Lin Shu went and took his hand.

He hid.

Lin Shu: "Are you still angry?"

Well worth noting, looking up at him.

There was black gas entangled in him, much thicker than before.

-This change occurred after he killed the people in the hall with cruel methods.

Lin Shu remembered that every time Xiao Shao killed someone, he was ashamed of blood, and the evil spirit on his body was a bit heavy.

Lin Shu couldn't help but compare him with the big witch of the year.

Such paranoid eyes, suffocated body, almost uniform killing methods ...

But when he saw that he changed his look without any hesitation, he chuckled his lips coldly: "You just think I'm dirty."

Lin Shu: "I don't."

"You do." Ashamed licked his lips. "You are clean-haven't you killed anyone?"

There was a faint madness in his eyes: "But Ou Yezi made me out to kill people."

Lin Shu listened to him, and he didn't tell him that he had killed someone.

That man killed Mr. Meng, washed the peach blossom source in blood, and killed thousands of soldiers in Jubeiguan with a single finger, and instantly turned the 200,000 people in Dian into a living corpse.

Ashamed to say, "You come."

He stepped forward, ashamed and still young, and he knelt down and looked up ashamed.

He was ashamed of his neck, and he thought he was worthy to hold.

But he heard the sound of a well-deserved voice, sounded in his ear: "You are the most affectionate, you support me ... but because I am the little Phoenix's knife, otherwise you would have killed me long ago."

His hand grabbed Lin Shu's shoulders, and the cool air passed through Lin Shu's skin to his skin, even into the bone marrow.

In the plain tones, there is a familiarity that makes Lin Shu feel cold all over the body: "You don't want me, kill you with you."

Lin Shu hugged him in silence.

The small, cool body in his hand seemed to tremble slightly at the moment he was holding him.

"In the future ... you won't let go of your grievances and kill innocent people, I will always want you." Lin Shudao said.

"Just before they besieged you, before they besieged Little Phoenix, are they innocent?"

"No," Lin Shu gently walked along his back: "But you can't kill like that, you can't take pleasure in killing."

"You have done a lot of good things in the past two years, do you want to be the right person?"

Lin Shu's voice was a little dumb: "Don't you remember why Xiao Shao died?"

It is ashamed to speak until a long time later.

"People who hold salaries for everyone will eventually drown in the snow," he said. "If I'm like Little Phoenix, I won't die by myself."

Lin Shu: "How are you going to die?"

Ashamed but did not answer, but said: "He took away the grievances, but the world is still so bad, they will never be good unless they die."

He broke away from Lin Shu, his mouth ticked, and there was a faint madness in his eyes: "I have been buried for many people. I am going to die, at least for the world.

"Don't you want to return to Taohuayuan?" He said, "Kill everything and you will be clean."

After all, he didn't care about Lin Shu, he went forward.

Lin Shu looked at his back, remembering what had just been revealed in his words, and his heart was beating.


He thought, but time was wrong.

This year, the big witch has led troops to attack Changyang City on the northern border.

——Changyang City.

He counts the days.

Unexpectedly, just today!

In February of this year, when the moon is full.

Too late.

Lin Shu took a deep breath and said, "Well worth it."

Well worth stopping.

Lin Shu: "You went wrong."

Worthy: "..."

He said, "You're heading southeast?"

Lin Shu: "Yes."

At this moment, it was worthy of being in the spring, looking at him, and saying something that Lin Shu couldn't understand.

"Lin Shu." He looked at the southeast, and then looked at Lin Shu: "You will miss me someday."

Lin Shu didn't know how to answer or what he was talking about. All he knew was that it was going to be night and it was going to be late, no matter whether he was going to Changyang City or Minzhou City, it was too late.

But he has one more thing to do.

Even if it was worthy of being lifted up, Yufeng rushed to the southeast of Minzhou City-regardless of the spirit being consumed in madness.

Relying on the memory and the knowledge of the ground learned in the course of "Nanxia Fengwu Kao", he finally rushed to the territory of Minzhou, but the direction of Minzhou City was unknown.

Lin Shu looked down in the air and saw a figure on the waterfront.

The man was in a stone pavilion and didn't know what he was doing.

He immediately fell down, went to the pavilion, and asked, "This brother, please Minzhou City-"

The man shook his head and shook his head, but ignored him, but said, "Brother Taiwan! I have a destiny to meet, and I really appreciate the legacy of my predecessors. It is better for you to enjoy it with me!"

Lin Shu: "Minzhou City-"

"Xiaotai, look at the bright moon in the sky, see Chunjiang in front of you-and look at the first sentence," the man pulled him to see the splash of ink on the pavilion wall, the voice prolonged, and he faltered: "Chunjiang-tide water ... Lian Haiping. "

"On the sea ... Mingyue-a common tide!" He was very excited: "Brother, do you know the name of this poem?"

Lin was too lazy to read the texts he had learned in his last life, turned around, and was entangled again. He said, "Chunjiang Huayueye."

"Exactly!" The man grinned and said, "Xiongtai must be a full-fledged person! Xiongtai looks at this! Who first saw the moon on the riverside, and the first year of the moonlight on the river ..."

"I still have this. At this moment, I don't know each other.

Lin Shu was pulled by his sleeves, unable to escape, and was about to pick up the spell to escape, but he heard the words, "What does it mean?"

That man had a new goal: "Little friends are commendable!"

Ashamed of him.

The man began to explain: "This Qianqiu poem, but the word" miss ". Separated between the two places, I do not know whether life or death, but this night of the full moon, the world looks to the moon in the sky, and that person must also be-incarnate With this moonlight, you will reunite with the person who looks at the moon ... My little friend, it will take you more than ten years to understand the truth. "

Shameless expressionless face: "Where is Minzhou City?"

The man was stunned by his blood-red eyes, and his soul was captured, pointing to the south.

Lin Shu no longer cares about this poetic idiot, and heads to the south, but the direction is not clear at first, until he sees the sky in the south, half-walled with blood.

Beacon fire everywhere.

a mess.

Lin Shu followed the blood and came to the city gate.

Seeing the army stationed outside the city, there was a solitude.

In the city, the forbidden surgery has fallen, and the wailing sounds shake the mountains.

In this half year, Meng Jian led the army to calm down the Fujian rebellion. The dawn has just begun, and in March, he can descend slowly.

However, on this day, the northern border, Changyang City was attacked, the defenders were defeated and the Nanxia soldiers were weak, but his army had a battle with the Beixia elite.

If troops are withdrawn at this time, Fujian will be in chaos, and when the chaos in Fujian is in chaos, the capital will be anxious.

If peace and chaos continue, the city of Changyang will break, and the army of the North Xia will drive straight in, and the mountains and rivers of Nanxia will not be guaranteed.

No matter how you choose, you are bound to die, and you have to face this dilemma when you are living.

At this time, Meng Jian and Shang Lingjian, the great national teacher who came to Japan at this time, made a decision that he regretted for life, but had to make a decision.

He spurred ancient embargoes to indiscriminately kill all living people in the entire city of Minzhou-the rebels in Minzhou completely lost the possibility of chaos.

Then, the army immediately set off and rushed to the battlefield of Beixia.

Lin Shu took a white gauze and put it on his head, and walked to the central handsome account.

The young Meng Jian stood in the open space. He looked at the blood in the city, and the light illuminated his face.

Lin Shudao: "General."

His eyes slowly turned to Lin Shu.

Lin Shu didn't talk to him much.

He just took out a piece of purple silk paper.

There is a complex shape on the silk.

"Soul Mark," he said, "but ... gathering spirits."

Meng Jian caught the purple silk, clenched it, and gave him a deep look, his voice trembling slightly: "Thank you."

The next moment, Meng Jian suddenly looked at the guards around him: "Go north immediately."

The horn sounded.

Meng Jian turned on his horse, and as soon as he rode in the dust, the hoofs of the horses boomed, and the army disappeared into the distant sky like a tide.

Well worth asking him, "What are you doing?"

Lin Shu: "Save someone."

His soul strength is now as thin as a piece of paper, barely being the realm of Jin Dan, and in no way can support him to reach the border.

But he can go to Minzhou.

Meng Jian is the practice of crossing the robbery at this time, he can.

And that soul mark ...

Two years ago, for the plague of chickens, he searched the books of Qingming Cave Heaven, and found no records about the Phoenix, but learned this magical magic.

At that time, he thought, if he learns to control the spirit, can he bring back Xiao Shao, who is flying away.

But after learning, the world is so big that the soul does not know where it has been scattered, and there is no trace.

But, at least today, it can save a person.

According to records, when Meng Jian arrived in Changyang City, it was when his elder brother Meng Fan was killed by Wan Jian.

Meng Fan, later Mr. Meng.

Shangling dream always smiles mild system.

Xiao Shao's soul has been scattered for a long time, and his soul cannot be reunited, but Mr. Meng is not. This soul seal can keep his soul intact.

As long as the soul stays alive.

Lin Shu exhaled softly.

Looked at him without doubt, "Who is it?"

Lin Shu thought that this little thing was too insecure and his mind was too small. At first Xiao Shao had two knives, and the other one was the same sadness. He was jealous and his eyes were bleeding, and Yingying was about to be strangled—now Xiao Shao was gone. Instead, he was afraid that Lin Shu would not want him, or that Lin Shu had someone else.

He explained, "Mr. Xue Gong."

Well worth not talking.

But Lin Shu looked at his face, frowned slightly, and said, "Your face ..."

Ashamed to touch his cheek.

Lin Shu saw the dark lines on his face and under his pale skin.

But he was worthy of being touched, Lin Shu gave him a bronze mirror.

Ashamed looking at his face in the mirror, he said, "It's the pattern on my body."

Lin Shu thought about the lines on the sword, and could barely match it.

He asked, "Why did it happen?"

Ashamed, there was a slight blankness in his eyes, and he looked towards the Minzhou City where the blood and fire were burning. Behind him was the shouting scream of tens of thousands of people in the city under the ban: "I said, a thousand years ago, I was buried here ... . "

Suddenly a slight red light came out of him!

Lin stunned for a moment.

It is worthy that the whole person is madly blurring, and the red light on the left chest is getting richer and thicker than blood.

Black gas, black gas in all directions, the resentment in the hearts of tens of thousands of people strangled in Minzhou, like thousands of blood vessels that connect the heart, are injected into the chest from all directions!

The light grew stronger and stronger, Lin Shu finally saw the appearance of the thing in his chest.

A beating, blood-red heart, guilty of dark grievances, was terrible and terrible. Lin Shu had seen it once, many years ago, on the tower where the big witch lived.

Too much, there is too much resentment in the city of Minzhou, the rivers are flowing backwards, and they are injected into the well-deserved chest-I am afraid that because of this, the spiritual power is out of control, showing a vision.

Lin Shu heard his voice shaking, "What's your heart?"

"It's my body." The clear voice was erratic: "Someone killed Ou Yezi's family in order to become emperor. Ou Yezi created me for revenge, dedicated it to him, and committed suicide. The man died when he touched me. Bleeding because I'm not a knife. "

His voice sounded in Lin Shu's ears: "I was always resentful."

Suddenly he hugged his head, and the whole man trembled violently!

Then he stepped forward uncontrollably.

"Minzhou City is calling me ..." He gasped, looking back at Lin Shu, but his eyes were all filled with blood, as if he could see nothing, and murmured in his mouth: "Lin Shu ... Lin Shu saved me. "

Lin Shu: "Well worth it!"

There was no sign of hearing, and the whole man was uncontrollably taken to Minzhou City.

Furious resentment is like a beast, and the two of them are like two dusts under a tornado.

Lin Shu stumbled and grabbed the well-deserved sleeve, but he was taken to Minzhou City.

There is no practice, there is no way, no matter what you say, you ca n’t see it or hear it ...

Lin Shu clenched his lips and clenched his folded bamboo sword.

All that remained was the infusion of swords, entangled with silence. He avoided the position of the heart, and drew the sword into the well-deserved chest where the meridians were dense!

As long as you can abolish the whole body's spiritual power ...

He had only this one thought in his mind, sending the sword forward.

The ashamed action stopped.

He lowered his head, looked at the point of the sword piercing his left chest, and slowly turned back.

Chapter 206: Separation polymerization

Holding the sword blade with one hand worthy of it, blood dripped and dripped, his eyes faded, and he looked at Lin Shu stubbornly, resentfully sulking, and turned up. .

He was only controlled by the resentment of Minzhou City and lost his mind. Lin Shu thought he hadn't recovered and tried to calm down, but was locked in place by the fierce gas machine, unable to move, and unable to make a sound.

It is worthy that the heart in his chest is red and wins. Although Lin Shu has abolished the meridians of his body, his strength seems to have not been lost at all, and his resentment becomes an entity, and Jingtao generally shoots at Lin Shu.

Lin Shu was shot down by him from the air, his back fell heavily on the rocks, his heart and lungs were in pain, and he kept coughing and bleeding.

The blood-stained folding bamboo sword fell to the ground.

Lin Shu held up his body with difficulty and looked deserved to walk towards himself.

Behind him is a sea of blood, at this time, this scene is similar to Xiao Shao, who was controlled by resentment and lost his mind.

He was like a pale puppet. He touched his chest with his right hand and stained his hands with blood. Yin Hong licked the back of his hand, tilted his head, and said blankly, "I said earlier, you're clean, you always don't want me."

"Well worth it, I want to--"

He was too badly injured, and just when he opened his mouth, the severe pain in his heart and lungs made him tremble with convulsions, hard and intermittently: "I ... just want you ..."

Before he finished speaking, his heart seemed to be choked, and his eyes were black, his heart was accelerating, his whole blood was agitating, and there was only a strong tinnitus in his brain.

-He immediately reacted, and he deserved to kill himself in the same way he used to kill those outside.

The sentence "You don't want me, kill you together" was still in my ears, but I didn't expect that it would happen today.

But he just wanted to get rid of the grievances--it was the only way he could take.

He couldn't say anything, his ears were buzzing, his body was burning and he couldn't move, he could only watch the child step on the **** sea and walk towards him step by step.

The child he raised with his own hands, spent two full days and nights, longer than any other child.

Thinking of the tragic situation that turned into blood when those people died, Lin Shu didn't have any waves in his heart, but he desperately wanted to speak and explained the reason for that sword—explaining that he didn't deserve it.

Ashamed but crooked his head again and smiled: "I can't kill you."

He also coughed a few mouthfuls of blood, but still laughed: "You are just ... for Little Phoenix, you have been transformed into a horror. Please drop a shell in heaven, why is there such a big cause and effect?"

The resentful heart throbbed violently, and gradually gradually came out from his chest and floated in the air!

Black gas lingered around the heart and became a vague humanoid figure.

The body seemed to lose its vitality, closed its eyes, and fell aside.

It's worthy to hear the cold voice from the vague humanoid: "You blocked the thunder, the shell is yours, and it's back to you, and the face is back to you."

Lin Shu gasped hard.

Ashamed but still did not kill him.

Lin Shu guessed that he had helped him through the disaster, and owed cause and effect in Tiandao, and he could not kill himself.

But the squeeze of resentment had made him almost unconscious, he wanted to speak, and was stabbed with blood from his mouth, and his heart was sore and painful that he kept coughing and bleeding.

The black figure floated, and he felt a complex gaze staring at himself in the air.

After a while, the dark shadow rose into the sky and headed straight for Minzhou City.

The blood in Minzhou City was flourishing. Suddenly, the howling and mourning sounded a hundred times stronger, the demon atmosphere filled the sky and shrouded the wild.

Lin Shu guessed that the whole city of Minzhou became a grudge, and there should be a well-deserved reason.

He shook his hand, took out a few healing elixir, swallowed it, and finally became clearer, but still couldn't stand up, barely moved to the body, and pressed the elixir to the wound on his chest.

He suddenly remembered that Xiao Shao kissed his left chest long ago, and said there seemed to be a scar here.

He laughed, smiled, and coughed again, bloody.

Time is easy to change, and the person is rare. When the nectar fell, the heavens and the earth merged, and Huang Yasheng was away from her.

The tangible things in the world are born of harmony of yin and yang, and the genus of the sword is an inanimate device. By coincidence, the spirit can be born, and only after passing through the calamity will the heavenly rules open up a line. Shape a body for this spirit with heaven and earth aura.

Lin Shu blocked the thunderbolt, and his body was his—but he already had a human body, and the spirit couldn't leave his body, so he could take the opportunity to transform into a human world.

It turns out ...

The effect of the elixir played quickly, and Lin Shu's congestive vision gradually became clear. He saw the wound healed, and his small body opened his eyes ignorantly.

The chaotic and stagnation eyes, without spirit, Lin Shu shouted at him, he should not.

It's just a bodyless body.

Lin Shu trembled with a sword, stood up hard, and picked up the child.

He repaired and stumbled a few steps.

The black mist was permeating, the demons were rising, and the transformation of Minzhou City had begun.

He was trekking in the mountains. I didn't know how long it was before, and finally there was a dim light in front of him.

Lin Shu put down the child, wiped the blood on his lips, straightened the messy placket and hair, took him, and walked into the village.

The eldest mother lived in the village. At this time, Li Ji Mao and Li Ya Mao were still children, and goose feathers were not born yet.

He knocked at the door.

Because of this unusual terror, the entire village was in panic. The aunt opened the door, looked at her with vigilance, and looked at him from beginning to end, only slightly relaxed: "This ...?"

Lin Shu breathed a little breath and pushed the child in front of his aunt: "Below Taoyuanjun, a man of immortality, come here today, and ask her to help me look after this child for ten years."

He looked around: "Minzhou has become a place for demons to gather, and I will set up an enchantment for you to protect the folks from being invaded by magic ... in return."

Auntie looked at him suspiciously.

He smiled, took out the defensive weapon, and forged a solid and energetic enchantment for the village.

Suddenly, the black mist in the village disappeared, and the mournful sorrows that filled the wildness disappeared miraculously.

Auntie believed it, but still asked him a lot, such as who this child is, why she lost her mind, and how to raise her.

In order for the aunt to take care of this child, Lin Shu can only say that this is his apprentice.

To this day he finally knows the ins and outs of all this.

He left a marriage book and a token with Ling Fengxiao, and even faced the question of "how should I tell this child in the future", and left a book for the apprentice who did not exist.

The aunt held the child and finally dispelled all doubts, and said, "Will the immortal go now? Come in and have a glass of water."

"No need." Lin Shu had lost his strength and whispered, "I will meet when I have a chance."

After 1,000 years, Lin Shu will fail due to a lightning rod, his body will be wiped out by heaven, and the spirit will soon dissipate.

For some reason, he traveled thousands of years ago, and in this era, there is exactly one undivided body divided by the heavenly way to Lin Shu.

Ten years later, Lin Shu will be born again in the body of the little fool.

In the same year, the young lady of Fenghuang Villa passed through Jiangnan, hitting a knife in a red night and killing herself in Minzhou City.

Isolation polymerization.

He finally understood the four words behind the mirror.

He smiled and looked towards the direction of Minzhou City. It was difficult for him to restrain himself from some kind of helpless sadness.

He didn't fix it at all, and his soul was as thin as a piece of paper.

He wanted to call it back, but how to call it?

Suddenly the thoughts turned, and he was reminded that the eight cheats were still in the book case of the Jiange Hall, and the thieves looked at them with anger--

Things are irretrievable now, but the eight cheats are bound to fall into the hands of others. He closed his eyes and closed his eyes, and the divine thoughts withdrew from this place and returned to the high-dimensional world in the causal mirror.

Just as he was about to return to the present, a glowing human figure suddenly appeared in front of him.

The light represents the strength of the spirit, and the light is madly dissipating, symbolizing that the person's spirit is rapidly being consumed.

Lin Shu shook the figure's hand and lost a few strands of his own soul power, and finally saw the face of the man: "Qing Lu?"

"Master ... Master." The figure whispered.

Lin Shu saw what was still in his arms.

"Why are you here?" He asked, "how is it outside?"

"Outside ... can't go outside." Qinglu said: "Several elders saw the fireworks of the messenger, came immediately, and fought with those people. I didn't have any mana, I only knew ... I only knew."

He said, holding out the contents of his arms, it seems that they are the eight cheats: "I only know that this is an important thing. To keep it, I took it from the master's desk and kept them hidden in the screen. Behind."

Lin Shu: "What later?"

"Later ..." Qing Lu's voice trembled: "A mad black thing came out of the mirror, opened the killing ring, destroyed the sword pavilion, killed many people, and several elders were also seriously injured. Sister Lingsu Also ... I don't know if there is any life. "

Lin Shu closed his eyes and thought that thing should be worthy.

And after thousands of years, the Jiange Hall did indeed have traces of reconstruction after destruction.

Qinglu continued: "That thing made a lot of movement, half of the sky was blood red, it killed enough, circled in the air, and returned to the mirror. I thought ... it was safe."

Lin Shu: "What happened then?"

Qing Lu clings to the eight cheats, and his body is uncertain: "The mad black thing is gone. I came out of the ruins, but I did not expect that the Qin ... surnamed Qin, tangled with a large number of people ambush under the mountain Seeing the mountain calm down and killing again—threatening me to surrender my cheats, the elders were seriously injured. I was forced to death by them, there was no place to go, the mirror ... sucked me in. "

Lin Shu: "How many more of us are there?"

"No." Qing Lu shook his head, anxiously: "The young disciples are hiding in the enchantment, some of the elder deacon died, some wounded, Master, you can't go out! They have a hundred people, and The two robbers took the lead, and the surname Qin practiced the magic of the evil gate, and it became a robbery. You go out and die. "

Lin Shu: "Stay here is dead."

This place is not something ordinary people can do. Besides, Qinglu just finished Jindan last year, and the spirit is no different from ordinary people.

"Master, you have been here for so long, it must be okay, I ... I am dead, it does not matter!" Qing Lu repeatedly emphasized: "You cannot go out!"

"What about you," Lin Shuwa said lightly.

"I ..." Qing Lu also felt the passing of the spirits: "I am also dead when I go out, and I stay here to accompany Master. Haven't the elders taught, life and death are all instantaneous things, Master, I am not afraid. "

Lin Shu's eyes were sore: "I haven't done anything for you."

"Master has a rebirth to me. At the original 9,000 steps, Master ... glanced at me, disciple ... disciple will never forget." Qing Lu stared straight at him, and the spirit was mad and extinct. Fading signs.

Lin Shu said: "You go in."

Qing Lu: "Ah?"

Lin Shu raised his neck and took him to the river of time.

When he went out, he was besieged by the crowd and died. Here, the spirit will disappear and die, but there is a way for Qing Lu to live—keep him at a certain point in time—forever.

He found something desperate.

Back in the past, it also needs to consume the soul—the amount of soul consumed is enough to make this one who is ignorant and inexperienced and repaired as a mediocre Qinglu.

He stared blankly at this Guanghe, constantly changing the time, but found that the closer he is to the present, the less souls he needs-perhaps, this is also a rule that Tiandao has set to prevent someone from messing in the past.

Beyond this point in time, and going to the future, even less.

He held Qinglu in the unknown, and traced it all the way at the fastest speed, and finally found a point in time that could support the wear and tear of Qinglu's spirit, so that after he landed, he was still a conscious living person , Not a fool with insufficiency.

According to his deduction, this is already the next millennium, maybe even two thousand years later.

"Are you afraid of death? You can't lie to me." Lin Shu said to Qing Lu.

Facing the crazy dissipation of spirits, Qing Lu's voice seemed to be crying: "I'm afraid ... Master, save me."

Lin Shu lost another stun to him: "You will go to a very different place, but you can live and live well. There may also be seniors in the sword court, you can find it."

He thought back to modern life. Although Qing Lu was mediocre, he was not a stupid person-he barely had a practice that could rise in the clouds and fog, enough to adapt to the changing times. What's more, the inheritance of Jiange was not broken until his generation, and Qing Lu could be protected by his elders.

Qing Lu said: "Master, can I still come back? I want to come back."

Lin Shu thought about it, bit his index finger, and drew a soul mark on his back.

Qing Lu said: "So hot!"

"This is the Seal of Soul Sentence. I will be extradited if you have enough spirits."

"When is it enough?"

"Cross the pinnacle."

"Ah? Don't I never come back?"

Lin Shu: "..."

He stuffed "Sauvignon Blanc" into Qing Lu's arms: "This can be repaired."

"Ah? What is this?" Qing Lu shouted, "Master, even if you give me" Sauvignon Blanc ", I can't fix it!"

Lin Shu threw him into the river of time: "You do your best."

Qing Lu continued to yell in the air: "Master, I don't have a sword! My sword has fallen out! Is there a sword over there? Ah ????"

Time was urgent, Lin Shu had no other choice, and threw the folded bamboo in that direction.

Qinglu catches: "Master! I will come to see you!"

The sound gradually decreased, and Qing Lu turned into a light spot, disappearing in the river of time.

Lin Shu returned to the original position and deduced the time, but his soul was dead and he could not push the exact time point. He could only engrave the seal of the soul mark on a time point that roughly belongs to the present time. The error control Within thirty years.

If Qing Lu could reach the summit of the calamity in his lifetime, this mark would bring his soul back from the future.

At this moment, he suddenly stopped.

A snippet flashed back into his mind in his long, dusty memory.

That was when he was very young.

His master stabbed blood and carved a complex mark on his back.

He was unknown, and asked, "What is this?"

His master blew the mark and said, "This is the seal of our pavilion. Your ancestor passed it to the teacher, and today he passed it to you as the teacher."

He didn't ask again.

After a while, his master said, "Actress, do you know why you are called" Lin Shu "?"

He said: "The sparse ones are far away, you said, you want me to be far away and die."

Master smiled and said, "No."

Lin Shu said: "You often read ancient texts, and there is a sentence," The moonlight under the forest is sparse, like snow. "

Master said, "Neither."

He didn't guess.

The master sighed and combed his hair: "Baby apprentice ... you really look like a person."

Thinking of this, Lin Shu covered his mouth, tears suddenly fell. In this quiet space, before the endless time, he remembered that he was a human being, and he was sad and happy, and he cried and laughed because of fate, and couldn't restrain himself.

The mark was engraved on his back by Master's hand, so when he was stabbed under the thunder, the soul returned and returned to the past.

Who is Master? Who is he? "Sauvignon Blanc" is still in Master's hands, where is the bamboo? Who is Okinawa?

He felt that he had gone mad, and everything in the world pressed against him, rushing to his face, unable to struggle.

Some things can't be remembered repeatedly, this is too deep a kind of entanglement, tearing his lungs.

He looks at the river.

The deceased was so unwilling to leave day and night.

At that moment, he wanted to jump, just like the deceased person jumped into the flowing river, the cold water would drown all sorrow and joy, and he obtained a long-lasting peace.

Xiao Shao, ashamed, Qing Lu, folding bamboo.

He has nothing to lose, except his own life.

When a light spot turned on, he wandered around him, Lin Shu worked hard to see it, and found that it was the mirror.

This mirror is the beginning of all stories.

The eight words "Separation and polymerization, must be set before", faintly lit, hanging in the mirror.

He grabbed the mirror: "I have another chance?"

The mirror flickered and a word appeared on the mirror: "Yes."

Lin Shu looked at the river, seemed to be talking to the mirror, and seemed to be talking to himself: "I want to see Xiao Shao."

He lowered his head, his eyes blurred, the light of the river refracted into overwhelming gold: "But I can't figure out time."

He had no other thoughts. Everything in this life was washed away by the will of the sword, saying that all thoughts are gray, and everything is silent. In the end, there is only one thought in his heart that has been suppressed by countless days and nights.

He thought that Xiao Shao, as a survivor, had never stopped, deceived everyone, and deceived himself every day, every moment, and he could no longer deceive him.

He saw the handwriting in the mirror change: "Why not learn Lu?"

Find a time in the future and live?

"I don't want to go," Lin Shu's mind was blank and there was no way to think. In the utter silence, his mood finally collapsed, his tears kept falling, and he couldn't stop crying, he could hardly say the whole sentence: "I want Xiao Shao ... don't go where there is no Xiao Shao. "

He lowered his head, his voice was faint, almost nothing: "I think ... look at him again."

Four words appeared on the mirror: "Go away is death."

"I know." Lin Shu put his hand on the mirror, and said dumbly, "I want to die in a place where there is Xiao Shao."

There was a blank in the mirror for a long time, and a word finally appeared.


Chapter 207: Dip

After the word "good" fell, the mirror was silent for a long time, and then a line of words appeared: "I can take you back to Xiao Shao's time, but you still have a cause Unclear, whether to go together. "

Lin Shu: "Yes."

The cause and effect are like an endless cycle. He seems to be locked in fate by fate. He thought that when he came, there was nothing to worry about, and he was clean when he left.

The mirror shimmered, shrouding Lin Shu.

The forest sparsely fell.

He found that his body became transparent, shimmering, and there were countless spots of light escaping outwards, and as they dissipated, the light on his body became darker.

He reached out to touch himself and walked straight through, without substance.

The spirit is weak enough to sustain the entity and is still dissipating.

The mirror said, "Go to death is dead." Sure enough, the third chance to return to the past will completely consume all his soul.

He looked around.

Sea of blood.

Night sky.

Red glittering stars.

——This year, in Beixia, Xiao Yan said that Dawu would be extremely weak around fifteenth of every month, so he killed Xiaowu by coincidence with Xiao Shao.

Looking at the current situation, it was the moment when the big witch was dead and Xiao Shao took the initiative to bear his grievances.

He stepped into the sea of blood.

In the sea of blood, Xiao Shao, who was wearing a gorgeous black robe, closed her eyes and merged with resentment.

Lin Shu put his hand on his cheek, and traced his eyebrows, eyes, bridge of nose and lips.

His face looks as good as he remembers.

His shoulders and chest, once pillowed by him for countless nights, were still so warm and strong.

Lin Shu hasn't seen him for two years.

As long as a lifetime.

His soul is getting lighter and lighter, and the light is getting darker and lighter. He gently pecks at Xiao Shao's forehead.

As if nothing happened.

Lin Shu closed his eyes.

It seems that there is a beginning and an end to this death.

I don't know if Huangquan will meet again.

He thought he would have mixed feelings and wept bitterly, but at this moment, facing Xiao Shao, and the coming death, he was suddenly calm.

Destiny is reciprocating, but in any case, it begins with life and will eventually die.

The past, the present, the future, the entangled, the passage of time, the changes in the world, the moments disappeared.

Maybe there is a past life, maybe a future life, but he doesn't want to.

At all the moments when he needs to make a choice, Xiao Shao has done the one he will inevitably do. When he died, was his heart so calm?

He waited calmly for his soul to dissipate, but he did not hesitate.

Seeing something, Lin Shu opened his eyes and turned to look in one direction.

Someone came towards him.

——It should not be said that it is a person, it is a void spirit, rising from the corpse of the great witch not far away, and walking towards him.

Lin stared at him.

He also looked at Lin Shu, a lonely Tsing Yi, a young face, and slightly lowered his eyes when he contacted Lin Shu's eyes.

Lin Shu walked towards him.

This is the big witch.

Well worth it.

It is worthy to lose control and go mad in Minzhou City, and eventually stayed in the past. I don't know how to use it, and finally became a big witch who was famous for his violent addiction.

Together they watched a white shadow walk through the sea of blood to Xiao Shao, and gently called his name.

——That's the real Lin Shu in this spacetime. He doesn't know anything. All the dangerous and sinister things haven't happened yet. He is trying to wake up Xiao Shao.

He is a living person, he cannot see the spirit in the air, nor can he hear the dialogue between the spirit and the spirit.

The big witch coughed a few times.

Lin Shu looked at him and said softly, "Why a cough?"

In his memory, the big witch seemed to be sick all the time.

The big witch said, "Your sword hurt my lungs."

Lin Shu: "You are out of that body."

The big witch smiled: "It hurts in my heart, and the soul remembers it. You stabbed me on the fifteenth day. I see the full moon on the fifteenth day, and the disease will be more dangerous."

Lin Shu: "I'm not trying to kill you. You are out of control. I just want to abolish your meridians."

"I know." The big witch seemed to smile a little while, but after a moment, he bit his lips again and again, crying and laughing, and when he spoke again, his voice was dumb: "I only knew ... . "

He looked at the smaller one, wearing a folding bamboo sword, and was shouting at Lin Shu of Xiao Shao, and said, "He killed me, I only knew that you didn't want to kill me then."

He seemed unbearable. He closed his eyes and took a breath before slowly saying, "You give me my body, and I owe you cause and effect. If you want to kill me, I am out of town outside Minzhou. . "

Lin Shu didn't know what to say, looking at the grown-up.

He shuttled three times, but only one day.

For the worthy of staying in the past, it has been more than ten years.

There was blood in his eyes: "I was ... too young at that time, for nothing ... I hated you for twenty years."

A drop of transparent tears slipped from the corner of his eyes, he looked at Lin Shu, his eyes turned red, like a child who did something wrong.

Lin Shudao said, "I don't blame you."

He turned around, his back was lonely, and there was a shadow of the North Xia Witch: "blame me."

He walked towards the center of the tower: "I am a grudge, and I have drawn all the grudges in my life, even if there is no matter in Minzhou, sooner or later, I will get out of control one day. Either you, or Little Phoenix, or someone else will kill me . "

"When I was a kid, you wanted me not to kill or to hold back my grievances, but I later killed people like hemp, not because you didn't teach them well." The big witch said lightly: "Killing is my nature. From the day Ouye forged me ... It cannot be changed. "

The big witch came to Xiao Shao.

Xiao Shao's mind seemed to be called back by that Lin Shu, and his eyes opened in confusion.

The big witch smiled and rubbed his hair in emptiness.

Lin Shu heard Da Wu said, "Do you want to die here?"

Lin Shu: "Yes."

"Okay," Da Wu continued, bumping into Xiao Shao by the chance that the living person could not see him, and said, "Anyway, since the day he died, you want to die."

Lin Shu didn't speak.

The big witch said, "But you still go back."

Lin Shu: "Why?"

The big witch said: "I owe you cause and effect. I have no chance to pay it back."

He turned around and stared directly at Lin Shu: "If I have a soul rebirth, I will not make a knife in my next life, I will make a sword, and the knife is too fierce."

Self-deprecating, he continued: "Without Ou Yezi, it is an ordinary sword, picked up by an ordinary small sword, and I often dream of it. But it is black like a well-deserved body, and it is not beautiful."

Lin Shu smiled: "You are like him too."

Xiao Shao's status talent, but always thought of returning to Taoyuan, and worthy of an ancient demon sword, his wish is to make an ordinary sword.

The witch naturally knew what he was talking about.

He grinned.

It was a kind of easy-going smile, as if all things were unloaded-whether it was in a well-deserved or later witch, Lin Shu had never seen such a smile.

The big witch walked towards him, his white light flickered a little, but he merged into Lin Shu's body, and the pure soul power stabilized Lin Shu's figure.

His body was about to dissipate in the next moment, but with a smile in his eyes, he said, "I know that my nature is difficult to change, the killing is unstoppable, and the evil is unpardonable, but death can be relieved. I just want to pay back the cause and effect, and I will not entangle with you like this in my next life. Jun ... the evil karma created in the past is worthy of self-repentance, and the grudges are written off. I will send you another journey today. "

He also pointed to the palm, Tsing Yi fluttered, and patted his arms in the direction of Lin Shu.

Lin Shu suddenly floated in the air and saw his body completely dissipated between heaven and earth, and the scene in front of him was getting farther and farther, and finally disappeared.

Opening your eyes again, you already have the entity, stepping on the ground with your feet.

He was standing on the ruins of the sword pavilion, his soul was still unstable, his body was extremely weak, and he had disappeared.

In front of him, there were more than a hundred people assembled by the Taoist Qin surname and this person. When he saw him, Qin Taoist eyes were clear: "He is coming!"

This path took the lead to control Lin Shu with swords, the heroes moved, and then turned into a vicious face. Someone rebuked him to open the artifact privately, trying to change his life against the sky, and some people asked him how to open the artifact.

Lin Shu just smiled.

There is good and evil in the world. It is still the same when changing to Xiandao.

Some people carry their sins, others want to fill them, and this has been the case for centuries.

It's just that there is always a day to go, and having a power has to pay a price.

This is true of the merciless way, and so is the evil mirror.

A person possesses an artifact and can travel through time, thinking that he can change everything arbitrarily, but in the end, he finds that the world is already doomed, and he just moves forward slowly-in which he loses despair and does not suffer from a type of torture.

If it is worthy of change here, I am afraid that all these people will be thrown into the artifact mirror, let them self-destruction, if Xiao Shao, it is also possible.

But Lin Shu didn't think so.

The greed of more than a hundred people, but one of the world's 100 states, is easy to change, and it is difficult to change its nature, just as if it was born to kill people. He knows what it is like in the mirror of evil, but the rest doesn't stop there.

He didn't speak.

Qin Daoyou sneered and dragged him to the edge of Jiange cliff: "Quickly explain!"

He looked at the bottomless abyss under him, and looked at the crowd in front of him, calm and calm.

Floating life is a dream, but life and death are just a flash. In the mirror platform, he has realized.

Xiao Shao, 21, was accompanied by 19-year-old Lin Shu in that time and space.

Xiao Shao, who has been dead for two years, is still waiting for him to accompany him.

Today, it is Qin Daoyou's lead, which can be regarded as the same goal.

Qin Daoyou's sword tip abuts his chest, and between them, he smells the fragrance of Hanmei.

Suddenly, he laughed, and felt that the mortal man had hallucinations.

Something slowly fell on his placket, fluttering softly, a small piece of red, like peach petals.

Xiao Shao said, "Peach blossoms stick to your placket. I came to see you."

Xiao Shao, Xiao Shao, have you come to see me?

Chapter 208: Meet each other

is not an illusion.

He trembled his fingertips, took the piece off his placket, and held it in front of his eyes.

Light red, like Xi Hui, held in the hand, with a warmth at the fingertips.

He lost too much blood, his eyes blurred, and he could barely see that it was a small feather.

But Jiange has no peach blossoms and no birds.

He looked around blankly with his feathers, but saw the people in front of him look changed and looked at himself.

He had nothing to scare these people-he turned his head and saw the golden red flames behind him, reflecting half of the sky.

A gust of wind rolled him up, a red shadow appeared, and one arm crossed his waist, and he was beaten horizontally.

Just listening to the sound of a smile sounded in my ear, the sound is very good, like peach wine mixed with ice cubes, echoing layers of echoes in the mountains.

"Heroes, don't come here."

The crowd was horrified, Qin Daoyou even stepped back and stared back a few steps, his chest violently undulating: "You, you ...!"

"Me?" The man smiled gently, the sun was burning like sea, and the flames ignited in the middle of the crowd instantly!

This fiery sea is hot and bright, like the glorious sun, and the spirit of killing it seems to imply a mighty providence. Even if it is a robbery and repair, it is like facing a thunderstorm without any resistance.

Lin Shu, after a lot of toss in the front, was so weak that he tore his sleeves and said, "You can't ... slay the evil again."

The man kissed his forehead gently, "OK."

"The heroes bowed to the artifact, Xiaomou admired it very much, and always thought of it, thanking his tears, I don't know how to repay." He said, "But the artifact is a great thing, it is a hindrance to the world, and now you have the intention ..."

He paused deliberately: "The princes stay here, plunge into the Abyss of the Sword Pavilion, and suppress the artifact with his life's spiritual power-Brother Qin has the greatest credit, as a team, the century is too short, not as long as 1,000 years."

The face of Qin Daoyou was ashes, and his legs were weak immediately, and he fell to his knees.

——This kind of punishment is probably more uncomfortable than going directly to death.

The man chuckled and laughed, his voice extremely cold and frozen for thousands of miles.


The fire was raging, the wind was rising, and the mighty air was rising. The more than a hundred people, like dumplings, were wrapped in wind and fire, howling and falling into the abyss under the cliff of Jiange.

Lin Shu laughed.

After laughing, my mind was still blank, and I lost all thinking ability.

He slowly turned to the man.

In less clear vision, the man was dressed in red.

Lin Shu stroked his cheek, feeling that he was being held tightly so tightly that he could hear his breath, and felt that his body was not easily trembling.

Before he spoke, tears came down first, and his voice trembled, "How do you ..."

The man's trembling fingertips wiped his tears, lowered his head, and matched his forehead: "Grow melon, melon, bean. What did you plant?"

Lin Shu was tearing, and laughed again: "Fifteen years ago, I planted ... a chicken."

He bit his lower lip and buried his face on his shoulder: "Xiao Shao, Xiao Shao ..."

"It's me," Xiao Shao said dumbly, "Baby ... I'm not crying, it's me."

He hugged Lin Shu and kept kissing his forehead and eyes: "The baby planted a chicken and now has a phoenix."

Lin Shu trembled: "Don't you ... kill the Phoenix blood yourself?"

Xiao Shao put him down so that he could hold him tighter, while running down his hair, he said, "But I also eat the soul of that Phoenix."

"Good, don't cry ... I will never go again." Xiao Shao said: "Baby, you are suffering."

He didn't say it was okay, but this shouted, Lin Shu couldn't help it anyway.

In the past two years, Wanli has traveled all over the mountains and rivers. From beginning to end, he has never been alone, nor has he wanted to be alone.

He was just a hamster without his owner, desperately running on a roller that would never stop.

He didn't feel wronged at the time.

But in Xiao Shao's arms, all ... all grievances, sadness forgotten for countless nights, all came to mind.

"Qin ..." He was out of breath.

Xiao Shao patted his back gently: "I was hit by the abyss."

He was buried on Xiao Shao's shoulder, and grabbed his clothes with his right hand: "Mirror ..."

Xiao Shao: "I'll smash it."

He seemed to cut his wrist and fed Lin Shu's lips: "Baby, obedient, drink."

Lin Shu couldn't see what it was. He only smelled the blood, but Xiao Shao asked him to drink, and he bit his wrist, and drank the blood that was pouring out.

The blood entered the throat and burned in the body. After a while, it turned into an ironing warmth. All his previous injuries seemed to heal in a moment, the weakness of the compound was not clear, and the things in front of him gradually became clear.

He came out from Xiao Shao's arms and looked at him with contempt.

"Baby ..." Xiao Shao's eyes were red: "I miss you so much."

Lin Shu said "um" and hugged him again, as if in the cold wind of the ruins, they seemed to depend on each other.

He said, "I also ... miss you."

Xiao Shao wiped away his tears and looked carefully, in the corner of his eyebrows, as gentle as March peach.

The mood of Zhu Linshu was finally calm, Xiao Shao took his hand and led him into the ruins.

The first thing found was a severely wounded, unconscious spirit.

Xiao Shao made another cut on the wrist, filled with blood from the jade bottle, and dipped it on her lips.

Lin Shu looked at Lingsu's pale cheeks, and he looked at the wound on Xiao Shao's wrist.

"Now it's real Phoenix blood," Xiao Shao smiled, and said, "living people, flesh and bones."

Lin Shu and he held the jade bottle to shuttle among the ruins, and rescued all the people in Jiange who had not completely died.

Elder Crane takes the lead and wishes to give a gift to Xiao Shao, thank you.

Xiao Shao helped him: "The elders don't have to be polite, I'm not an outsider."

Elder Crane: "Where is this benefactor ..."

Then he unfolded a wedding book.

Xiao Shao's eyes smiled: "Elder, I am the fiancee appointed by the three masters and six matchmakers."

The look in the eyes of the elders was "I believe you are a ghost", but after reading the marriage book, the look of Xiao Shao immediately changed from the look of the benefactor to the look of inspection.

Lin Shu didn't know what Xiao Shao had calculated. He asked Elder Crane: "Elder, I have a doubt."

Elder Crane and Martyr said, "What doubt?"

Lin Shudao: "Are there any Sauvignon Blancs in Jiange?"

Elder Crane caresses his white beard and never sees the rigorous expression of the story of the Great Devil, but instead assumes the shape of a god-like rod: "As the old saying goes, if you believe, there is no ..."

Lin Shu: "So it is."

As soon as the words fell, he was taken by Xiao Shao's wrist.

Xiao Shao salutes the elders: "Elders, let's go to discuss the marriage with the cabinet owner, and by the way travel around the world, stop here. The repair of the sword court is all done by Phoenix Villa ..."

Talking, Lin Shufei picked up, away from the elder's attack range.

Just listen to the elder crane's voice like Hong Zhong: "How can this be true !!!"

However, Xiao Shao was already escaping from the forest, and immediately went down the mountain, cuddling Lin Shu to his horse, holding his waist, and heading south.

Lin Shu looked back at Jiange Snow Mountain, and said goodbye to the elders.

In the Tianhe River, a boat came down.

In the cabin, Xiao Shao covered Lin Shu with a quilt and kissed his forehead: "Sleep, sleep first."

Lin Shu's spirit was really exhausted. He grabbed Xiao Shao's sleeves and almost fell asleep immediately.

At first it was haunted by nightmares, God's will, fate, so that he couldn't breathe, but there seemed to be familiar sounds in his ears to appease him. He sniffed the fragrant cold plum aroma in his memory and gradually calmed down, as if immersed in warm water. As restless as a bow-struck bird, he slept soundly.

When he woke up, Xiao Shao was in his arms.

Xiao Shao said, baby, tell me.

Lin Shu nodded.

In March of the fireworks, on the painting boat, he leaned against Xiao Shao's chest, looking at the landscape outside the window, and started from the beginning.

"I was born in the sword pavilion ..." He closed his eyes, and there was a faint flash in his memory, such as fireflies, leading him up.

Said young.

Well deserved.

Said Tao Yuanjun.

Said the big witch who eventually died on the top of the tower.

This is the time of day and night.

Xiao Shao caressed his hair: "To keep Qing Lu alive, you sent him thousands of years later and gave him origami and" Sauvignon Blanc ". Master Hulu ... is Qing Lu, the" Sauvignon Blanc "you learned as a kid. "In fact, you are now writing" Sauvignon Blanc "..."

He kissed Lin Shu with a smile on his head: "So, do you doubt ... you are folding bamboo?"

Lin Shu nodded his head: "It is said that he has digitized oregano and fed him many fruits ... only a few decades before the origami can be changed."

Qing Lu, after decades of modernization, turned the bamboo into an apprentice, and he accepted it as an apprentice, in honor of his deceased, and named "Lin Shu".

Qing Lu's qualifications were not good, and he never repaired the robberies. The engraved soul seal he carved finally played a role in himself.

He returned here, before everything had happened.

Xiao Shao pinched his arm: "But the baby is soft and beautiful."

Lin Shu gave him an expressionless look.

Xiao Shao changed his mouth: "It is also very beautiful."

Lin Shu played with his finger: "But I don't know where it started ... I left Qingzhe to Qinglu to have me today, but without me today, no one would leave it Lou. "

"Like a circle." Xiao Shao said: "Tao Yuanjun accepted Xiaolin Shu as an apprentice, and Xiaolin Shu became a Tao Yuanjun again."

Lin stared out the window at the stars: "So ... where do I start?"

Xiao Shao said: "From ancient times, the folded bamboo was forged, and then circled, and then went out, until Xiao Shao and Lin Shu flew up to the immortal world and broke away from heaven."

Lin Shu watched him draw a schematic diagram of the time trace in the air, smiled, and looked at him again: "When I was in the mirror, I felt like an endless loop."

"Perhaps time is not in any order." Xiao Shao transformed into an illusion in the air in front of them, the rivers of time moved forward slowly, and the lines of cause and effect entangled with each other.

"In time, like a boat going down the river, we can only go forward with time, so we feel that there is an antecedent and then an afterthought." Xiao Shao said gently, "But standing outside the river, they are actually at the same time. presence."

He drew the lines of cause and effect, like playing strings.

"Causality and entanglement are entangled with each other, and the whole body is moved," he drew a thread and let Lin Shu watch the change of the entire Guanghe, saying: "If you change the past, the later will change, and if you change Later events, former events also change. "

"So ... you think everything is doomed and you're in vain, in fact, it's because what you see has changed, and it's different from before ... you have changed a lot." Xiao Shao buried his head on his shoulders, seemingly addicted to him Breath, sulking, "Baby, how could I be alive without you in the world?"

Lin Shu hugged him and gently smoothed his hair, like soothing a coquettish big child.

He stared at the river of time in the illusion and saw the deepest secret of time and space.

Time is just a dimension, no matter what the order. There is no past and no future in the world.

"The sky is constant, not for the sake of Yao, or for the sake of death." He heard himself muttering: "This is the sentence on the title page of Sauvignon Blanc, I just understood, but who wrote it What about it? "

Xiao Shao said: "Maybe it was added by Qing Lu."

Lin Shudao: "If he also realizes this truth in time ..."

Xiao Shao said: "Then his realm can soar day by day, and one day you can still meet his immortal realm."

Lin Shudao said, "... I realized."

Xiao Shao kissed his neck.

Lin Shudao: "You should learn physics."

Xiao Shao: "The theory of everything?"

Lin Shu: "Yes."

"Don't learn." Xiao Shao pulled his clothes: "Where is the fairy Jun fun?"

Lin Shu half looked at him helplessly and half indulged, and was pressed on the soft collapse along his movement.

The red candle went out, but Xiao Shao's movement stopped.

Lin Shu: "?"

I saw Xiao Shao said, "I suddenly remembered that you are the Taoyuan Jun ..."

Lin Shu crooked his head.

Xiao Shao seemed to want to put on his clothes again: "I also called your master, and also my senior ..."

Lin Shu wanted to laugh, and this crow finally realized what he was doing.

He reached out and embraced Xiao Shao's cheek, and said softly, "Master hurts you ..."

Xiao Shao thought about the meaning of his words. After thinking, his eyes gradually became abnormal. He leaned down and said dumbly, "I also hurt Master."

Chapter 209: End

Lin Shu was hurt by his apprentice, leaning on his shoulder, and wanted to sleep again.

But he saw another small feather down on him.

He picked up the feather and asked Xiao Shao: "What is this?"

Xiao Shao: "Phoenix feather."

Lin Shu: "Why float out?"

Xiao Shao's voice broke the ground with a grievous nasal voice: "I ran out to find you after fifteen years ... I'm still ... hair loss."

Lin Shu laughed, Xiao Shao didn't allow him to laugh, but he didn't hold back.

"Little Phoenix." Lin Shu shouted Xiao Shao.

"Little chick? Baby Ling?" Lin Shu continued to shout.

The little phoenix who was still losing hair completely buried himself in the quilt and ignored him.

Lin Shu rushed to smooth his hair and finish his hair. He immediately changed his itinerary and stopped traveling around the world to continue to Nirvana in Fenghuang Villa.

This phoenix nirvana was too inattentive and did not want to leave him for a long time. Lin Shu became a parent who picked up his child and went to kindergarten. He had to send the chicks to the sea of fire in the morning and had to pick them up in the evening.

After three more years like this, Xiao Shao finally changed his hair and Ken let Lin Shu look at his beautiful body.

And he is now the complete blood of the Phoenix-originally the blood of Phoenix Villa is thin, the role of the furnace tripod is only useful for the first double repair, now it is a peerless furnace tripod at any time. Lin Shumingming didn't repair any immortals, but he was fed to the repair of crossing the robbery.

It was exactly that month that Xiao Shao was completely nirvana, they received an invitation from Rumengtang, saying that it was Cangyu and Yue Ruohe asking them to gather together.

——He went. The other guest was Xie Zishe. The address of Xiaoju was in Rumengtang, and the owner of Yue Laotang had a “Knife like Dream” kiosk.

The reunion of old friends, first of all, the old, and then the exchange of their martial arts.

Xie Zishe laughed at Cangyu and Yueruohe: "Two masters, when you first martial arts were full of chivalry, and after a few years, when you stood up for your country, you also contained ambitions, but now, you are out. Dust. "

Cang Wei said: "As I grow older, I have seen all kinds of things in the world, and it is a bit enlightened. I heard that Sister Xie, you are gradually no longer in control of the political power of the DPRK."

After Xie Zi was filled with wine, respecting Shao Shao and Lin Shu, he continued to say to Cang Yi: "At present, people are hard at work and love, but they are not well-known. The world is peaceful, the heyday is just around the corner, and Her Majesty is ready to handle things. I You have to be idle. "

Speaking of this, she raised her eyebrows: "Someone asked me three words, Confucianism, Chivalry, Kingship, and now I would like to say three words to you, would you listen?"

Yue Ruohe said: "Naturally willing."

Xie Zi said: "These three words are, Ranger, You Yan, You Xian."

Xiao Shao asked, "What's the solution?"

I just listened to her indifferently: "The young man came out of the rivers and lakes, and became a guest of chivalry. As a playground, the road was uneven, and he helped each other with a knife. What a pleasure-it was for a" gauntlet. "

Lin Shu recalled the situation of these people when they were young.

Xie Zishe drank another cup and said: "Someone said," The big man of chivalry is for the country and the people. "When the young ranger was a little older, he found that a private sword could save one person, ten people, one hundred people, but not the world— -Only by joining the dynasty and the barracks can we help the Jiangshan community, peace and prosperity, and complete the chivalrous sentiment. Then we will go out of the rivers and lakes, into the dust, and although we have the heart, we will be forced to work in the dust. . "

Cang Yun seemed to realize, and nodded: "That year, I and Rugao assisted the Wang Chaojun, and they took the post in the middle of the North. Brother Xiao was in charge of political affairs.

Xie Zi drank his lips and drank the third cup: "After that, the world calmed down. Gradually found that the world's wealth, wealth, and wealth are like a cloud of smoke. After all, they passed away. In the world of happiness, it is 'youxian'. "

Speaking of which, she looked to Lin Shu: "After many years, you have finally become like Lin Xiaoshu, and you are here."

Cangyu and Yue Ruohe quietly realized for a long time, laughed, and after the teacher ordered, there was enlightenment on the way.

Xiao Shao Yaoyao offered her a drink: "As a hero, you will eventually disappear. When will you retire?"

Xie Zishe laughed: "You are hidden in the heavens and the earth, and hidden in the market, all the same."

After drinking another cup, she poured out ink in this "sword as a dream" little pavilion and wrote the eighteen characters that the people of Xiandao had dreamed of since ancient times.

——Bentou traces in the dust, out of the heart, clarify, live forever.

On the end of the road, you have to eat.

Cang Yun said that these are the top delicious foods he has tested in recent years.

Among them was a Heshuo roast duck. He elaborated on the origin, workmanship, and taste of the duck, and he spoke endlessly, as if a burning duck and an elixir standing in front of him at the same time. Without hesitation, grab the roast duck.

However, while talking, he finally noticed that Lin Shu looked at himself with a smile, and then he blinked, and realized that Xiao Shao had already picked up the silver knife. Only in Lin Shupan, and the other in this person's own dish.

Cangyu: "..."

Xie Zishe and Yue Ruohe laughed.

It wasn't until the glimpse of another roast duck on the table that Cangyu was happy again.

After the banquet, they returned.

The spring was just right, Xiao Shao drove a white horse in red and walked from the top of the wild grass in Asakusa to Lin Shu.

Cangyu asked aloud on Gaopo, "Brother Xiao, where is this going?"

Xiao Shaoyang said, "The ends of the earth."

He walked in front of Lin Shu, and immediately reached out to Lin Shu, his eyebrows, with a gentle smile: "Will Xianjun go to Taoyuan with me?"

Lin Shudao: "Okay."

-And go back to Taoyuan.

The catkins fluttered, and the light of spring fluttered. Lin Shu reached out and gently covered the back of Xiao Shao's hand.

He turned back and saw Xiao Shao's frowning breeze and bright moon.

In the past, the clouds of smoke dissipated.

He thought, no matter if you are a ranger or a fairy, roast duck is delicious, and elixir is worth a taste, but in this world, the soft rice of my wife is the best.

The author has something to say:

"Bentou traces of dust, out of the heart, clarify, live and die forever."-Tang Yang Juyuan "red line biography"

Rangers, Youyou, Youxian are quoted from Mr. Chen Pingyuan's "Eternal Literati Knight Dream": "Juvenile Ranger, middle-aged wanderer, old age fairy."

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