Lord Seventh Chapter 21-30

Chapter 21: Fight against each other

After the first month, the last bit of noise in the capital also quieted down.

After all, Wuxi was young, and the injuries were not serious. She had been jumping alive for a long time. In just ten days, she had Jingqi hook up and walk around the entire capital.

When he came to Beijing, he was only a child in his early 10s. For a few years, he had endured the loneliness of the Witch Boy Mansion so much that he spent all day with poison, guarding everyone and getting used to it. Jing Qi seems to have opened a door that can be reckless, and pulled him into the paper drunk gold fans of Beijing.

Listening to music by the bar, listening to books in the teahouse, listening to the opera in Liyuan, the ancients and the modern, the mountains and rivers in the water, Jingqi is worthy of a sentence when he can't catch people, and he is so annoyed when he jumps his feet—the mixed devil.

Wu Xi felt dispensable. Although he was young, he was naturally happy and quiet. Of course, Jing Qi will enjoy playing and having fun, but those tricks are a bit fresh at first sight and take a little longer, and he is a little bit arrogant and not used to it. But this dead-headed child recognized Jing Qi as his friend, thinking that since Jing Qi called him out, he had to accompany him, and he couldn't disappoint the other party.

At the beginning of February, the Nanning prince finally couldn't hang on. He was imprisoned by his prince, Helian, and put on a ceremony to listen to the dynasty. He had a face-to-face meeting with Helianpei, who was not likely to show up in the court several times this year.

He Lianpei didn't know if he regretted it when he first faced up, or he still remembered something. The hall dragon chair had n’t been hot yet, and he had nails on his buttocks. Keeping it open, there was something impatient with the expression of fart, and clearly told the civil and military officials that there was less talkative nonsense, and he knelt down and sent him to the emperor.

Some people still do n’t know each other. Doctor Yang Zheng, the imperial officer, came out and impeached the Ministry of War to Li Hongwei and Yang Dalin, a member of the Beitun City. "

He Lianpei had a big head when he looked at Jiang Zheng. It looked like a little old man who was scratching his head. Two special thick eyebrows jumped when he talked. As long as he had a mouth, it was okay, either. On the back.

However, this time, everyone present, including Jing Qi, did not respond for a while. Although this old Jiang is not a prince, he has a decent character. He has a reputation of righteousness. He is not like Zhao Ming who catches anyone and bites him. His main business is trying to figure out what he wants, slipping his horse and speculating.

Whenever you speak, you must have something to say.

The weird thing is that Yang Dalin, who was impeached, doesn't mention who he is. He is a small general in the border town, but he is only a sergeant, saying that he is sesame mung bean, and sesame mung bean must feel wronged. Just talking about Li Hongwei, Master Li, is also the truth-teller of a small number of officers in the military department.

Such people are easily jealous and provoked. Someone who impeaches them is nothing. The person who impeaches him should not be Jiang Zheng.

What's even more weird is that there are rumors that Jiang Lao and Li Hongwei had a good personal relationship.

Jing Qi glanced at Helianji, just as Helianji cast some doubtful eyes, and shook his head gently.

Li Hongwei was more calm, only raised his head slightly when he was named, and then he stood on the side and said nothing.

He Lianpei squeezed his eyebrows and beat the starting spirit to deal with this boss's dying old man: "Li Hongwei and Yang ... well, what did the Yangshen general say, so you ca n’t wait to see?"

Jiang Zheng threw himself on the ground with a "thump", and said loudly, "Return to the Emperor, on the seventh day of last month, Li Hongwei, in the matter of the military ministry, just blatantly slandered the political affairs of the border, and deliberately criticized the border. It ’s alarmist, arrogant, and daring to ask Master Li. Now the government is clear, the emperor is valiant, the world is peaceful, the world is prosperous, and the letter says eloquently, 'The Beige Wagge people gather together, there must be changes within a few years, Then my border is in danger. 'If so, what is the peace of mind? "

He Lianpei's lazy face was blank.

Jing Qi and He Lianhe glanced at each other. Her Lianhe's expression was a little complicated. Jing Qi sighed and turned his head to look at the generous submission of Jiang Zheng, and realized that Jiang Zheng did not mean to be true. Impeach Li Hongwei.

"Li Hongwei listened to Yang Dalin's words"-the border turmoil continued in the early years of Daqing. For this reason, the emperor Taizu ordered that the border guards had the right to write and talk regardless of their grade, let alone Yang Dalin was a general, even if he was just a centurion. Long, there is really a problem with the border, and it is also possible to write directly to Helianpei for eight hundred miles. Why do n’t you talk directly to the emperor and go through Li Hongwei?

In addition, although the emperor was not a big prince on weekdays, the discounts of the ministers were good-looking and at least a glance at it. It was related to border security. Even if Helianpei was unreliable, he did not faint. To the extent that this kind of thing goes unheeded, why have to ask "Is this true?"

But on the seventh day of last month, He Lianpei hasn't squeaked yet. Is the emperor inattentive ... or the emperor has not seen this discount at all?

If the emperor can't see the discount on the minister, where's the discount?

The impeachment of Lord Jiang's half-truth and half-truth led to two layers of meaning. It was really intentional. It is estimated that he was in private with Lord Li in private, but whether he could achieve the desired effect, Jing Qi sighed secretly in his heart, I am afraid it was enough. .

He Lianpei settled on the dragon chair, his expression sank, and he couldn't see the emotions. After a long pause, he dragged a long note, "Oh", and turned his eyes to Li Hongwei: "Li Aiqing, have you ever done this kind of discount?"

Li Hongwei knelt down: "Return to the emperor, the minister has been there, but the words of the minister, Yang Shen's words, the sentence is true, and there is no half-word exaggeration. The Wagish barbarian took the opportunity of the spring market every year in my The Beifang area cannot be entrenched, and the crowds are out of order. If there is no control, I am afraid that the Northwest will not be very peaceful, please the emperor.

Sure enough, He Lianpei ignored the Northwest, because he was focusing on another thing. He just laughed at him and said, "It's strange, you listen, they all startled, this I have n’t seen the discount on the seventh day of last month. "

The last few words became more and more cold, and there was no one from the Manchu Civil War.

Jing Qi did not expect that he had encountered such a lively event on the first day of the dynasty. He had never been to the dynasty before, but he did not grasp the situation through Helian, and some fragmented memories. He did not expect the dark tide to come here and frowned slightly. I'm afraid the plan will change.

What the northwest is too far away for Helianpei, the emperor cares about who is so bold and dare to plunder the ghosts under his nose, is he trying to usurp the throne?

So he asked, "Zheng Xi, who is going to the study room now?"

The father-in-law hid busyly: "Return to the emperor, it is the father-in-law Weicheng of the original House House."

He Lianpei snorted coldly: "Bring the prince Wei Wei, the great master of Weicheng, to you."

The **** walking in this study room has no other duty. It is to collect the discounts handed up by adults every day and present it to the emperor to the study room. The original absence of this person is a special feature of this godless dragon who can never see the end. It is convenient for him to handle politics in the most lazy way.

At that time, some people objected to saying that it was unreasonable and ignored by the emperor in deafness.

Jing Qi Leng watched as the father-in-law Wei was taken to the hall. Everyone looked like a mirror. What good would it be to the emperor, and he would be shocked and scared all day long. No one can be like the father-in-law. Mixed with half a red man in front of the other, isn't it possible to make some money?

It is estimated that Wei Gong is also used to collecting money when he is fair. When adults are biting each other, whoever gives more money will help whoever raises the discount. Others will press down to arrange the amount of money. Gasser. I do n’t know how much this time, my eyes are blue, lard blindfolded and pressed Master Li ’s discounts, and now they are gone.

If it ’s a long time, that ’s it. Anyway, Helianpei is not too young, and her memory is not good. Who knows that Her Majesty does not know whether it is to indicate that all things sprout in the Spring Festival, people have to be alive, or did not sleep last night Well, I woke up in the morning and had nothing to do, or simply blew the wind, and rushed to such a junior dynasty meeting, and appeared.

East window has been there, waiting for the incident.

It really did.

He Lianpei Longyan was furious. He ordered Wei Cheng to be dragged out into the prison and tried at Dali Temple.

The Dali Temple Secretary understood that the father-in-law Wei had no way to go. He wanted to be tried only for two things: first, the emperor had to know who was so bold to deceive and conceal a bribe and walk the father-in-law; .

After that, He Lianpei briefly said Jiang Zheng and Li Hongwei, and said that he would go back and see what Yang Shen would say, then make a conclusion, and let the matter of Northwest China be exposed. Jiang Zheng thanked En with his teeth gritted, and his legs and feet were trembling a bit when he stood up.

After the early dynasty, Christine sent the emperor, Jing Qi gently moved his bones. He Lianqi hurried past him, without even having time to look at him, Jing Qi raised an eyebrow, and vaguely guessed something in his heart.

Coincidentally, the great prince Helien Zhao turned around, and Helien Zhao looked inexplicably in a good mood. He looked good to everyone, and actually greeted Jing Qi actively: "Is Beiyuan the first day to go up?"

Jing Qi said in a hurry, "Yes, there are a lot of things that I don't understand, and I hope that His Royal Highness will take care of them in the future."

He Lianzhao smiled and told him a few words before leaving.

Jing Qi stood in place, looking at his back, and narrowed the smile on his face, thoughtfully. It wasn't until Helianchi landed deep and reached out and shook his hand before him.

Helianchi laughed: "Someone frowns. Come on, walk out with me."

Before Jing Qi had time to speak, glimpsing Lu Shen's frown frowned a little, and he knew what He Lianren meant by "walking out of the palace".

I want to come, but Helianji rarely ran to him recently. It turned out that he went out to see his beauty. In the eyes of Lu Zhuangyuan, the prince went out of the house at random, but he still went to see this ... Woman, although it's nothing great, it's a romantic thing to pass on, but it's not that decent.

Lu Shen looked forward to Jing Qi. Jing Qi heart said that I should not be a bad guy who is loyal to his ears. He just nodded and said generously: "That would be good. If your highness treats you, you can save me a meal."

Lu Shen followed behind silently, and found that this one was even more hopeless. He was not too old, but he had a lot of stinky problems. He was quite depressed. I heard that Zhou Zishu spoke highly of him. Lu I don't know what good this Lord Wang has besides being good at talking.

After spending some time in the gentle song of the beauty in the gentle township, Helianchi was content to talk about the business with satisfaction. The three went to the restaurant. Zhou Zishu and He Yunxing had asked for a private room, waiting for a long time.

The wine came up, and without an outsider, Lu Shen said: "His Royal Highness, although the young girl is a good girl, but she is an elite, after all, it is good to be a confidant, but you should not be too close."

Helien paused with a glass of wine in her hand, but didn't answer him, but sighed. Gu Wei said: "When I asked the father the day before yesterday, the father mentioned marriage. "

Several of the people present were stunned, but Zhou Zishu consciously or unintentionally glanced at Jing Qiyi.

He Yunxing laughed: "Congratulations to the prince, I wonder which girl has such a blessing?"

Helien shook her head and said, "It's not settled yet, these things should not be talked about. The province's tarnished the girl's reputation. After a few days, it's settled, and you will know when you come down."

Jing Qi just said leisurely: "But the focus is not on the future concubine, but on the matter of the prince becoming a family. When folks talk about becoming a family, they have to set up a career. At that time, the prince will start to learn governance with the emperor. Then ... How can the two masters settle down? I want to come to the palace on the next day, meet each other, and sing and dance. Although these things are not very good, but they are not harmful, but in the eyes of the two, they are much better than diligence and self-denial. "

The people were silent for a while, and for a short while, Helianchi glanced at Jing Qi a little.

Lu Shen sighed: "It is difficult for His Royal Highness His Royal Highness to hide his laurels, and the eyes of the rats and rats are so inconceivable that they should say something that they shouldn't say and punish themselves with a glass."

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However, the puppy is so cute and grassy. When it's hot, it takes a small paw in its water bowl, and then twitches and spreads the water. It slaps upwards, spit out its little tongue, tears ... it seems to turn home.

Flowers are fragile

Chapter 22: Full City Wind Moon

Jing Qi bowed his head slightly, avoiding Helian's gaze.

Lu Shen is a talented man. If he polishes it over time, he will be the backbone of the country, but he has read a lot more, he is young, and he is somewhat naive.

Helianji often went to see Su Qingyu, a little bit of true feelings and some hypocrisy, in fact it is difficult to tell, this man seemed to be tightly bound by an invisible rope all his life, and never deviated from the path of his monarch. , Even if you can't help it.

He has astounding ambitions and ambitions, and naturally has pain and insecurity that are invisible to others.

Jing Qi admits that his mind is still a bit complicated. On the one hand, like a bystander, he sighs without concern, and on the other hand, he can't help but think of things that happened hundreds of years ago-despite those pressures Deep in my heart, even though all the crazy feelings were gone.

I don't care, it fades, but it's still there.

This feeling is really subtle.

Fortunately, at this time, He Yunxing opened up the topic and asked: "I heard that the emperor has turned up today, and he has a temper. What's the matter?"

He Yunxing has a great reputation in Beijing. He is known as the top three young people in the capital, but he has n’t entered the job. He has been recommended on several occasions by his father, the old man Hou Ye. Perfunctory reasons concealed the past, making him so depressed that he had no ambition but was too busy with pain, and could only run away every day. Fortunately, he was recommended to Helianth by his friend Lu Shen, but it was true at first sight.

Lu Shen said that Jiang Zheng was impeached and that Wei Cheng was dismounted. He Yunxing couldn't help frowning, looking at Jing Qi said, "Isn't Wang Yeh also talking about Wagchunchun last time?"

Jing Qi shook his head and said, "I'm just thinking and thinking in the closed city of Beijing. There are more and more people from the Northwest, and they live in the barren land. Looking south, there are all kinds of things in Daqing. If they say they have no heart, the ghost will not believe it. "

But the emperor letter.

Of course, the following sentence is not convenient to say. Jing Qi just smiled bitterly in his heart and said, "It's nothing. I heard that Wag Wa is still an alliance of several tribes. As long as they are not one and the same, it is not a climate. . "

He Yunxing was silent for a moment, and sighed: "The man should be a slasher, he will serve the field and make a career, but unfortunately I am ..."

Everyone knows that Laohou Ye He Jing is such a lone seedling. When he was a kid, the baby was so anxious that he didn't want to be seen, but he was born with a strong and powerful man, capable of writing, and being the most restless person. He Jing was because of this baby Son, don't worry too much.

Helen only whispered: "If the world is peaceful and the people are happy, why not do the cause of butchering the sword industry?"

He Yunxing froze and shook his head with a smile: "Yes, His Royal Highness is right, it seems that I am narrow."

Zhou Zishu groaned and asked, "Everyone has been unconscious about going to the study room to collect money. If it is a normal situation, then the **** is really bold, unless it is ..."

His voice suddenly went down, and his narrow eyes swept across Hellen's face: "Unless this person is not so ordinary."

Helian frowned, his heart's suspicion became clear-there weren't many people who were "different" by Zhou Zi in the middle. There were some people in the northwest, he had a number in his heart, and some people were involved in the northwest. He knew too. When I think about it, I get angry, and glances at a few people around me, forcibly presses it down again, only faintly said: "I know it alone."

Jing Qi smiled and said, "Multiple lines of injustice must be self-defeating. Now I'm afraid that Wei Cheng's words won't bring down the person. If His Royal Highness is not relieved, how about I add another fire?"

Hellen looked up, looking at him with disapproval.

Jing Qi just smiled: "It's all right, I have something in mind, Minger will find a way to call on His Royal Highness."

"Bei Yuan," Helian Zheng straightened, staring at him without blinking, "you are good, don't get involved in these pickles, how can I protect you when the basket really comes out?"

"Rest assured, I have a sense." Jing Qiren said indifferently, but his eyes dropped slightly and looked straight at the glass of wine, not to see Helianchi.

As he was talking, there was a sudden cry and yelling from outside, and Jing Qi laughed and pointed at the outside and said, "Here it is."

Helena asked, "What's going on outside?"

Ya Jian closed the door, but Jing Qi seemed to have a perspective, and smiled: "It's okay, Cai Gongzi robbed the daughter of the people."

Lu Shen Yiyi: "Which Cai Gongzi?"

"Which one can it be?" He Yunxing said agitatedly, "It's not Cai Yazhang's son Cai Jianxing, the son of the Ministry of Family Affairs, but the boy Jin Yu's appearance is defeated, and he's so winey. go with."

After saying nothing, he grabbed the sabre on one side and stood up.

This is the gap between the old rivers and lakes and the newborn calves who are not afraid of tigers. Jing Qi holding back the view of He Yunxing, suddenly feels that he is old, but he is not as energetic as young people.

Helianchi looked a little bad. Zhou Zishu and Lu Shen looked at each other, and they both stood up. Zhou Zishu said: "I and the two also went out to see. The provincial Yunxing lost its place and made an accident."

The two of them also followed, and then Helianchi held Jing Qi's hand holding the wine glass and whispered, "What the **** are you doing?"

Jing Qi also whispered in the same way: "To deal with the people who make troubles, you can get rid of the things. His Royal Highness do not listen to these things, your ears are stained in white, and I will watch the fun.

Yan Yan also had to stand up, but was pressed by Helian: "Jing Beiyuan, I don't like you doing these things."

King Qi Yiyi.

Just listened to Helian: "This capital is not that big. If I live a day, I can call you a safe day. There is no need for you to calculate these things with great effort. Can you have that fine point? "

Jing Qi wondered a little bit, is there really such a big difference between true feelings and false intentions? There is no such thing as pure and black and white in the world. I didn't understand it, but I'm used to it now.

For a moment, he chuckled, took his own hand, stood up, and said very slowly and slowly: "I was born a sinister and gentle gentleman, His Royal Highness, the thing is the best it can be."

Yan stopped and went out, regardless of the dimly glooming glance behind Hellenchi behind him.

As soon as I went out, I saw He Yunxing fighting Cai Yazhang ... No, correct it. He Yunxing was angry with Cai Yazhang, and a sales girl Li Hua, wearing a green shirt and holding a piano, was crying in the rain.

Lu Shen already felt a bit wrong, and he was sorry for a scholar who had no power to bind chickens. He could only be anxious and pulled Zhou Zishu: "Brother Zishu, are you still pulling Yunxing back?"

Before Zhou Zishu talked, Jing Qi would stand by the two of them and said lightly: "It's okay, fight-uh you, right is you," the guard around him, "to help Xiaohouye, It's better to slap Cai Gongzi so that his father doesn't recognize it, and we'll find it later. "

Seeing this battle, Zhou Zishu already had some speculation in his heart, and smiled, "Why is this, Lord Wang?"

Jing Qiyi pointed to the girl from Pear and Rain and said, "I see her."

Zhou Zi shuddered, raised his eyebrows high, and then lowered again, as if he understood something, but Lu Shen had a dull expression with his face chopped by Thunder.

Pitiful Cai Cai, today really became a trampled boy.

On the next day, three or four versions of the rumours came out in the restaurant. The girl who sold the song was utterly lost. Some people said that she was so attractive and beautiful that she lost her soul at the first sight. Even Nanning Wangye and the Monk's House The Cai Gongzi fought for her jealousy. Some said that Cai Gongzi had always been badly rated, and robbing civilians had become commonplace, just happened to be caught up by Lord He Xiaohou and Lord Nanning, and he gave a lesson. Got half life.

There are many different opinions. There are many wealthy and idle people in the capital, and they are okay on weekdays. I like the fact that the parents of the family are short of the west family, three mice and four eyes.

Strangely, the singing girl has not appeared since that day, so there are good people guessing whether it was brought back to the gold house in Jiaosang by the little prince who just started to love.

Of course, the palace did not hide her. The girl was safely given money and passed away. The girl was born in a blue building from an early age, and she was "combing her hair". Before she had time to break her body, she was watched by Jingqi for a redemption. She played such a show, and then gave her some silver money and found a few rural people. Settled her, thank Ded for not having to say.

Even those who were n’t at the gate of Wuxi heard about it. Jing Qi wrote a placard to send auspiciousness to the Prince's House, and someone reported that the witch was here.

Wuxi was actually very curious. In his impression, Jingqi has always been smooth and trouble-free. He did not expect to see him in two days, and he became a gossip character in Beijing. As soon as Jingqi looked up, he saw Wuxi open. A pair of black eyes were looking at himself, and that look made him suspect that the rice grains were stained with rice at noon, and he couldn't help but reach out and wipe, and asked, "What are you looking at?"

Wuxi slowly said, "In our case, at your age, it will take a year or two to marry a daughter-in-law."

Jing Qi almost shouted, and looked at Wuxi with a horror: "What the **** are you marrying?"

Wuxi asked, "Aren't you marrying a daughter-in-law?"

Jing Qi stared at his eyes: "Don't talk nonsense, where is the smokeless thing?"

Wuxi thought for a while, and nodded, "Oh, I see, they're bullshit-Ai Lai went out to listen to someone in the morning and said, you like a girl, and you brought her back to the palace."

Bringing a girl back to marry her ... Jing Qi sighed, knowing that in the concept of this child, people who like it will marry at home to be a daughter-in-law, saying that these foreigners brothers in the wild land They are too simple and too lazy to correct, and waved handily: "Don't listen to the nonsense of the market, those people are very boring, and do not chew their tongues for a day."

Wu Xishen nodded in agreement: "I also think it is nonsense, marrying a daughter-in-law is a big thing, and it shouldn't be so hasty."

Jing Qi was okay and always teased him for a while. Seeing his seriousness as an adult, he thought it was fun, and asked: "Why, now the witch child is too old, and it ’s not beginning to be passionate? What do you like, say it? I'll look back for you later, will you go back and bring a daughter-in-law of Daqing in the future? "

Wuxi was really stunned. After thinking about it for a long time, he didn't figure out what he should like. After stunning for a while, he said, "I don't have to think about it in advance?"

Jing Qi smiled, "Why not, or else there are so many women, how do you know which one to marry?"

Wuxi frowned, and felt that it made sense. When he looked up, the young boy smiled and bent, with a little bit of slyness, and suddenly a faint shadow appeared in his heart, then he blurted out: "Then I hope she looks better Just look good like you. "

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Chapter 23: Disrespectful

Jing Qi froze at that time, and Wuxi just reacted. It seemed that he had just said something wrong, and sincerely explained, "I'm not saying you look like a woman, but I just praise you for being good-looking."

Jing Qi drew a corner of his mouth and laughed, "Thank you very much for your compliment."

Wuxi felt inexplicably happy.

Jing Qi rolled his eyes, sat down, and waited for the auspiciousness to come and give Wuxi tea, and then asked, "There is something important to ask you, and it happened that you were here."

Wuxi nodded: "You ask." There was an endless expression of knowledge.

Jing Qi was a little surprised. He was a suspicious person, so he couldn't understand Wuxi's frankness. He was a little bit like a gentleman, but he couldn't help but try again: "You're not afraid of me Inquire about things like your secrets in southern Xinjiang? "

Wuxi said: "How can you have time and mind to care about that."

Jing Qishen thought that, and thought in surprise, it turned out that this small scale was a confidant before he nodded, and then he heard him say, "You have time to run out to eat, drink and have fun."

Jing Qi was silent, but Wu Xi laughed. A narrow, narrow smile suddenly appeared on his quiet face, and he became very vivid, saying, "What do you ask?"

In a word, Jing Qi suddenly felt that he was just making trouble out of no reason, so he reluctantly smiled. Then he said, "What were the assassins who were looking for the dead who met in the alley last time?"

Wuxi froze for a moment, the smile on his face gradually receded, and he was silent for a moment before he said, "Those people are called black witches. You know our southern Xinjiang is much hotter than here all year round. There are swamps everywhere, and the place is not small. Compared with your Daqing, there are not many people. Poisons run rampant. People at our place are more or less used to deal with those things with poison. Are you afraid of us because of this? "

Jing Qi swaggered: "Don't look at me and say, I'm not afraid."

As if to confirm what he said, the little purple sable "slipped" from the door and jumped to Jingqi's desk three or two times. Immediately, a few black footprints were left on the white rice paper, and then a little You're welcome, picking up a book and biting it up, Jing Qi said "ah", busy pinching his neck to hold it up, rescued the book from his mouth, and took out a square scarf from his arms. He wiped away his muddy claws waving wildly in the air, and then gently threw it on the table and told him to bite the pen and paper to play.

Wuxi frowned, and his voice was a bit cold: "Why is this little beast so pretentious here?"

The little sable who was having a good time then froze afterwards, carefully looking at Wuxi, opened his mouth, and grouped himself into a ball, squinting his eyes with this little one. . Jing Qi smiled with a temperament, hugged the sable, held his chin with his hand to play, and said, "Probably I think I'm better bullied ... well, you go on to talk about the black witch."

Wuxi then continued: "But our martial arts and domesticated poisons are used for self-defense, and they are not easy to be used casually, especially some big salamanders are extremely fierce, and they will never be taken out if they are not destroyed. Not to mention the use of these things to harm people for no reason is to ruin their lives. "

Jing Qi was familiar with these things. When he heard that, he immediately understood that the fundamental problem was nothing more than the so-called "orthodoxy" and the demon's extraterritorial power, and then asked: "According to you, the black witch family is Are you harming yourself casually? "

Wuxi nodded and said: "It is said that many years ago, a big wizard named Ruerha took a pair of twins as witches, one called Mugatu, and the other raised and taught the same things. Mugatu is kind-hearted, but he is obsessed with evil arts. What he learns is perfunctory. He likes to get into his room and make some extremely dangerous things. Of course, the great wizard Ruerha prefers Mugatu more. I wanted him to inherit his position. He was jealous of Mugato and wanted to kill him. He didn't expect that he wouldn't get backfired so that people wouldn't be ghosts or ghosts. Rulha turned his anger into anger. He was banished. "

Jing Qi smiled a little, without interruption, and his mind was not sure what was going on at the time. The legend is that the loser is the king and the loser is the pirate. This legend also speaks of deceiving the simple people in remote areas. Obviously, Mugatu has more eyes and minds. It is estimated that the amount of learning is too much. People are a little wooden, and they are framed so that no one is ghosts or ghosts.

Wuxi continued: "But the forehead didn't die. He lived in the forest, full of resentment and ability, so he established the tribe of witches. Followers of him are all devotees of witchcraft. So since then, As a rule, there must be only one witch heir to every great wizard. "

Jing Qishen thought so, and thought it was even more right, obviously not to prevent the children from getting worse, but to prevent the children from killing each other, and asked, "Is the black witch very shy with you?"

Wuxi shook his head: "No, I heard that two decades ago, there was a big conflict between the black witch family and us. The big wizard brought people to defeat them, and they have been driving the people of the black witch to poison. Here, the black witches disappeared for a long time. I thought they were dead, but I didn't expect ... "

Jing Qi groaned silently, and Wuxi didn't bother him. For a moment, Jing Qi called in safely, saying: "Run for me last week, and ask who the South Xinjiang Guards are stationed in and what they are doing."

Ping An took the lead. Obviously in recent days, he had a lot of opportunities to deal with Zhou Zishu, and he was used to it.

Wuxi could not help asking: "Is it Zhou Zishu?"

Jing Qi laughed: "It's him. Ask him something. He can't be wrong."

Wuxi nodded, no longer asking, and the sky was dark, then he said, "Are you going to take a nap? Then I'll go back."

Jing Qi waved his hand and said, "I'm not going to sleep. I'll go out for a while. Do you have anything to do when you go back?"

Wuxi nodded and said, "I practice."

Jing Qi glanced at him: "Don't all the practitioners work harder or later, why are you doing this?"

Wuxi said: "I practice in the morning and evening. Except for sleeping at two hours a day, if you don't tell me to go out, I will practice all day."

Jing Qi stared at him for a while, and suddenly he became filthy, half a moment before he coughed: "You ... hey, why didn't you say that earlier, knowing that you've delayed your time and effort, I won't tell you to go out and play."

Wuxi smiled: "It's okay. When you asked me to go out, I was able to see a lot of things I haven't seen before, and I was very happy."

Jingqi couldn't help asking, "What are you doing so desperately?"

Wuxi smiled and didn't answer this time. Jing Qi noticed that the child seemed to have grown a little bit more recently, and the lines on his face were a little tougher. At first glance, almost some men looked like black eyes. This kind of particularly firm thing, the anger and resentment were almost invisible at first, so only firmness remained.

Jingqi realized for the first time that this stubborn little guy would not be something in the pool in the future. He sighed and asked blurtly, "I'll go to the Prince's House in a while, will you be with me?"

Sure enough, Wuxi froze for a while, then shook his head and left in silence.

Jing Qi secretly sighed, but is today's imperial capital really able to tolerate such pure love and hate?

He Lianzhao began to receive Jing Qi's worship, and he has been wondering what this is for.

He and King Nanning have no friendship at all. After all, when Jing Qi entered the palace, he had already established a family and built a government. Occasionally he rushed into the palace to meet him, and he ended up with the impression of "the youngest little follower".

Turning her head to the girl who stood by, "Go and call Zhuo butler."

Zhuo Silai, the housekeeper of the Grand Prince ’s House, was a housekeeper in name. In fact, it was his first staff member. He was eight feet tall and handsome in appearance. When he first saw this man, He Lianzhao could not help but look at him twice. Even more commendable is that this Zhuo Silai is not an embroidered pillow. When he planned and studied the history of the classics, he had the idea of soliciting, but unfortunately he was born in Shangjia.

Daqing Light Commerce regards this as a junior, stipulating that the children of businessmen are not allowed to enter the government, so they simply take care of them.

There is no other problem with this person, only one is not good, but it is slightly romantic, which is nothing in He Lianzhao's eyes, but often laughs at him.

After a while, Zhuo Silai came in, and somehow, He Lianzhao noticed that Zhuo Silai's eyes were a little blue, and his face was obviously dark, and he asked: "Looking at his face, what's wrong? ? "

Zhuo Silai stopped talking, and finally swallowed the words, only shook his head, and whispered, "Why not worry, Your Royal Highness? Why is Your Highness coming to me?"

He Lianzhao pushed Jing Qi's worship post forward and motioned him to take a look. Zhuo Si came over and looked at it in ten lines. He wondered: "Wang Jing Beiyuan in Nanning?"

He Lianzhao nodded: "I'm afraid you haven't seen it before. Well, if you look good, you can get in your eyes."

Zhuo Silai knew that His Royal Highness was running on himself again, with a bitter smile: "Your Highness doesn't know me, it's not good for that. Why, what is this rare guest doing?"

He Lianzhao shook his head, holding his chin, and narrowed his eyes: "He will come a while, and you can also look at it, to see what this little king is all about."

When the afternoon came, Jing Qi came. Of course, not only did he come, he also brought a silver ticket with a thousand and two, and handed the silver ticket to Helianzhao very straightforwardly.

He Lianzhao froze, didn't answer, and didn't push: "Master, what do you mean?"

Jing Qi's face was stretched, and he was not gentle and polite on weekdays. He simply said: "The Ministry of the Highness is in charge of His Royal Highness. Beiyuan has no other meaning, but to buy money with you."

He Lianzhao looked at the boy as if the anger was not too small, so he invited him to sit down and asked people to have tea. He laughed, "Why, there is still someone in my household who can offend the king? If this court official is wrong, Owned national law and family rules, Wang Ye took a thousand and two silver tickets in front of me and wanted to buy a life ... This, Zhuo steward, wouldn't the government do such a business? "

Zhuo Si nodded and said yes.

Looking at Jingqi again, his face was a little whitish, and he spoke very quickly: "His Royal Highness, the book of the family, Cai Jianxing, mediocrity, mediocrity, and inaction. What ’s the use of the maggots in the court? I know I ca n’t pull my face under the palace, it ’s not ... ”

His brow frowned, and he swallowed the words behind him, and glanced at the ground, anxious that he had swallowed the book of the family department, Cai Jianxing.

He Lianzhao was stunned. Although he was in charge of the household, Cai Jianxing was not his man. The old man was slipping his head. Seeing the wind made the rudder's kung fu first-class. Everyone's **** was shooting, and no one was relying on him. Seeing that he was doing nothing, Zhao couldn't stop his way for a while, so he went by him. Who knew that because of him, Nanning King came to the door.

He squinted and looked at the sulking young man, wanting to see if he was real or not, and saw Jing Qi's hands pinching the tea cup tightly, the knuckles of his fingers became white, and only the romantic peach blossoms were felt on weekdays. His eyes were angered, and a little murderous was brought out.

I knew he was really angry, but just couldn't figure out why.

Zhuo Silai did often often find fireworks in alleys and mixed streets. He immediately remembered the recent anecdote, and leaned down, and simply explained the conflict between Jing Qihe Yunxing and Cai Jianxing's son Cai Yazhang.

He Lianzhao was happy as soon as he heard it, and turned back to Jing Qi said, "The fight for the young father is to treat you as a half son. It is the grandfather who has grown up and has been born these years, otherwise you should have called me a big brother. Beiyuan, tell your elder brother, what is going on? Then Cai Yaxing's son Cai Yazhang provoked you, isn't it?

Jing Qi lowered his head and did not speak.

He Lianzhao was so happy that if there was no interest, he would be eager to take some things to show that he was very capable. Looking at this young boy who was in his early years, thinking of the other party to ask for his own anger, the inexplicable even patiently tone. Asked again: "Is it?"

Jing Qi nodded dullly, a hand on his side clenched: "The dog slaves of the Cai family bully people too much."

Sure enough, He Lianzhao nodded, and then deliberately asked slowly: "How come I heard that you and Xiaohouye joined forces to slap Cai Gongzi?"

Jing Qi said angrily: "I wanted to let him go like that, who knows if the kid was scolded and grieved. Then I won't learn it, and I'm afraid he'll dirty his high ears."

He Lianzhao nodded, lowered his head and sipped the tea, and suddenly asked, "Does that girl look good?"

Jing Qi first raised his head and looked at him without a response. After a moment of reaction, a face turned pink even with ears.

He Lianzhao laughed, and stopped after a while, and pushed the silver ticket back to Jing Qi: "Then Cai Shangshu teaches his son no way, but we ca n’t use it for the sake of public affairs, do you mean it? If Cai Jianxing really does what you want Saying bullying and concealing the murderer, I need not say that I was the first to forgive him. But this court is a matter of the court, and it is a personal matter, not because of the children's personal affection, will it destroy the social platform, right? Take this back. "

Jing Qi whispered, "Yes, I see."

Instead of accepting the silver ticket, he said: "His Highness is claiming to be Big Brother. How can you be so stingy as a younger brother? There is no reason to give away the gift. I haven't given my nephews and nieces any money this year. His Royal Highness is not too small. "

There was a meaningful smile on Helien Zhao's face: "So, it's disrespectful."

Chapter 24: reshuffle the card

The youthful expression on Jing Qi's face remained intact until he left the gate of the great prince and got on his own carriage. A face seemed to take too long to pretend, and it took a while to rest. Along the way, the expression was a little rude, sitting quietly in the car, thinking about things without saying a word.

When he arrived at the palace, the peace that he had spoken all the way came over immediately, and used his pure and innocent eyes to accuse Jing Qi of another "loser" behavior.

Jing Qiyi started to pretend he didn't see him, but didn't want the boy to be exceptionally persevering. He chased after him, moving step by step, without saying a word, and stared at him with a kind of stomachache.

Jing Qi finally couldn't ignore him anymore, and sighed: "Peace ..."

The Ping An Committee aggrievedly looked up.

Jing Qi took a deep breath, organized two or three languages, and returned them to her, so she rubbed her brows: "Why, do you think I spend more money today?"

Ping'an gritted his teeth and said: "Not much, adults come and go, and every one hundred thousand snowflake silver, you only shot five thousand two, stingy."

The implication is that although the number is not small, it is not a great amount of money. If it is an ordinary transaction, it is too much. If it is a trustee to take care of things, it is less.

In Ping'an's opinion, for an inexplicably redeemed woman, and for an inexplicable Cai Gongzi, the money is definitely the same as a water splash.

He didn't quite understand the practical significance of this kind of behavior of sending money around 800 circles. He almost felt that the little prince had been defeated for the sake of defeat.

Jing Qi sighed: "If you send too much money, the thing you are asking for is bound to be a big deal. If I were too trivial today, He Lianzhao would be more careful, not my calculation, but too much. Of course, it is even more important. I am now in the eyes of the adults in Beijing. It is such a fool's stuff. Wouldn't it give him a heart if he gave less? "

Ping An can't wait to cry to Tianming—these two are all named in the name of Tao Guangyang. Is the private singing girl wanting Taoguang to hide the shadows?

Peace is consciously dumb, only to think that this group of five people and six pretend to be serious masters, but they are helpless, but they are all happy ...

Jing Qi stretched out his hand, and Ping An immediately trained him to pour the tea for him and brought it to the front. Jing Qi moisturized his throat before whispering: "If this is Helenqi, he will do nothing. Regardless of himself, he will either take advantage of the opportunity or ask for something else. If the prince is seeking, the prince will definitely feel that someone is not asking for it. With his care and caution, he will never nod. But Helianzhao is different. He Lianzhao naturally likes others to obey him. He is obsessed with the omnipotent feeling. He hopes that everyone will be like the pets under his feet. When he asks, he will come up to please him and reward him with pleasure. "

Jing Qi paused and smiled: "In his eyes, gold and silver money might as well please him and ask him to do something, please make him happy, and this matter ... He Lianzhao will definitely help. "

Hearing peacefully, he held the teapot in his hand, and forgot to put it back, then asked: "Why?"

Jing Qi showed a somewhat weird smile, his voice was even lower: "I heard that Cai Shangshu's sixth room, Hu's Hu, is only 23 years old, really good age and good looks ... I also heard that this Hu's body is not very good recently, he asked the doctor for treatment, but it was ... he had two months of body. "

Ping'an's face turned red: "Lord, master ... how do you, you know this kind of thing?"

Jing Qi smiled: "What's so strange, Hu's plugged the silver, so that the doctor covered up the matter, and he didn't tell him to tell others. Who knew that the doctor was not a good man, then he changed the news to another For one price. "

"Gongzi?" Ping An's mind finally turned and scratched his head again. "But, this is a good thing ... why to hide it?"

"Because Cai Shangshu can no longer be humane." Jing Qi said lightly. "As for who the adulterer is, there is also an interesting rumor among the people in Shang Shufu. Some are like the great housekeepers of the palace. "

Ping An almost held her breath.

Jing Qi stood up and added another sentence: "The great housekeeper, although romantic, is also passionate, but unfortunately, I ca n’t wait to meet that beautiful woman when I ’m not married—what, I ’ll go horizontal for a while, half an hour Call me later, I haven't slept at noon today, I'm short. "

Peace stands still.

But he didn't want Jingqi to take two steps and back again: "I said to you last time that you secretly set up a field, did you do it?"

Ping An then woke up to God and immediately nodded: "It's seven, seven, eight, eight. I'll look back at your account book."

"You do n’t have to, you just have what you have in mind. You can take care of the outside industry. You can raise more confidantes. Only one, whether it ’s a shop or a grange. Give it to me quietly. Do n’t let anyone know it ’s a palace The silver that went out will be the others, "Jing Qi said, bending his eyes and smiling." Trust you. "

Yan Zhao turned and left, tears of peace and tears-of course not moved, but for the sake of his own family, although the money lost quickly, I do not know what is the throttling, but anyway, I also know what is open source. Not thin.

Jing Qi turned his back and closed his hippie smile in the face of peace. If you are thinking about it, is it because the situation is not as good as others? Looking at Chaotang today, besides Helien Zhao, who else can afford this Dongfeng?

Why didn't you give birth thirty years earlier ...

The Wei Cheng case was full of torture, and I am afraid that even Jiang Zheng himself did not expect that such a strong wind would be blowing in the court.

A long list of people dismissed one after another. I did n’t know what was going on at first. Anyway, in the end, people with eyesight could see that this was someone shuffling, all kinds of muddy water touching the fish, breaking the fortunes and avoiding disasters. And arrived at six Jiuqing.

The first one pointed directly at the book of the Ministry of Households Cai Jianxing.

This old man has been playing a slippery life, and the corpse has been vegetarian for a whole life, and it is finally insured at the end of the holiday. He Lianpei didn't expect that the minister he had chosen would not give his face so much. He was furious and ordered the Shang Shufu to be assigned to Daxinling.

Cai Jianxing was frightened and frightened. He went to see Taizu before he was on the road, and no one noticed. On the way, there was a woman named Hu who was missing.

Jing Qi was also busy. He wanted to be mixed. The more mixed, the better. Few under this hall were clean. They attracted intimidation and suppression. The first round of dark circles came out in this life. For the first time, a talented and talented young man who has no power or power has his own power.

In the end, Wei Cheng died silently in Dali Temple. The report was about suicide. Everyone knew what was going on.

No one had expected that the insignificant dead **** could bite out of Hellenki. During this time, His Royal Highness was so anxious that he lost sight of each other, and he had made someone with a secret smile.

However, Lao Jiang's original intention was to give the emperor an alarm on the Northwest issue, but the tired emperor sent a word of "worrying the Qing Dynasty", and then passed away.

In private, even Lu Shen couldn't help but be moved-people are in the middle, like a boat entering the sea, and they can meet the three-foot waves without wind. No one knows where the wind is blowing, just to see who laughs to the end .

Long live the Longevity Festival is getting closer, Jing Qi offered a banquet to thank He Lianzhao.

After getting along, He Lianzhao's last doubt about him also disappeared. After all, this is just a young man who is not yet a weak champion at the age of fifteen or six. He Lianzhao is confident that he should not have mistaken such a half-large child.

Jing Qi's attitude towards him has been a little rude from the beginning, and he has become very affectionate and casual, and he has become more and more uncomfortable. He has some common language with Zhuo Si.

Zhuo Si came to Maggie Hu's family. Although it was not outsider, he had to have a good opinion of this Nanning prince who "produce trouble for him". He often contacted and found that the lord is also a good play. Talking about those busy events, I feel very close.

As soon as He Lianzhao entered the door, he was hurried by Jing Qi monkey: "His Royal Highness, here is something good for you."

He Lianzhao was a soldier. He was strong and fit, so he wouldn't tell him to pull away, but because he's in a good mood recently, he didn't care, and walked along with him for a few steps, laughing: "Why be so anxious, what is such a treasure?"

Jing Qi smiled: "You know when you look at it."

He talked to him in a small garden. This small garden is extremely elegant, with two plum trees at the entrance, a row of bamboo forests behind the garden, pavilions, and flowing water. Although the scale is not large, it is in the carved jade bracelet. Since there is a point of ancient awkwardness, it has not been lost to craftsmanship.

Jing Qi pulled Helian Zhao into the seat, and let Zhuo Silai, Zhuo Silai was afraid that he would not be too busy. He pushed back again and again, and when he nodded, he sat down aside.

Wine dishes have been put on, Jing Qi said: "Go and bring them."

For a moment, I saw Luo Qi's beautiful woman drifting all the way, walked in a small step, and a fragrant fragrance entered the park. Everyone couldn't help but take a deep breath.

Zhuo Silai couldn't help but praise: "What a" Qian Ying "is horizontal, and the fragrance is floating."

The beauty bowed her head and smiled slightly, and then bent her knees to a blessing. Only then did He Lianzhao and others see that she had a kitten in her arms.

Jing Qi smiled: "His Royal Highness, Brother Zhuo, this is a misunderstanding, this fragrance is not on people."

Herenzhao said, "Where did that come from?"

Jing Qi beckoned to the beauty and said, "Hold it up and hear from His Highness."

The beautiful woman came forward and showed Heleen the kitten in her arms. The cat was just the size of an adult man's two palms, snow-white, with a pinch of brown hair on his forehead, which looked like a beautiful man on his forehead. The same. The beauty said softly: "Yeah Wang smelled it, did it smell?"

He Lianzhao stepped forward and smelled it.

Jing Qi smiled, "There are more lively." Winked at the beauty, a servant next to him handed a pipe, the beauty took it over, and put the cat on the ground. After only a few auditions, I saw that the kitten was immediately energetic, straightened its neck, and rounded its eyes.

The flute sounded like a song, and it understood it, with its front paws off the ground, and then twisted.

He Lianzhao widened her eyes and waited for the performance. Then she leaned down and hugged the cat: "This is a rarity." He didn't necessarily like it a lot, but just remembered the Wanshou Festival that was close by. This thing is sent up, but Jinshan Yinshan can please that person.

Jing Qi smiled: "His Royal Highness gave me anger, but unfortunately, the palace was poor and white, and there was no thing that could be used. Just when I saw it at Witch Boy's House, I gave it to him with a face, intending to give back to the Buddha with flowers Now. "

The smile on Helien Zhao's face was a meal. He put the kitten on the table, casually took a piece of meat with chopsticks, and fed it to him. Don't take a deep look at Jing Qi and see the man's face. If nothing happened, then he said slowly: "The prince gave you something, the prince would hide it from him to give it away, wouldn't it be great? A gentleman wouldn't take advantage of others, this ... I'm afraid it's inconvenient to collect."

Jing Qi waved his hand: "How can you, if you let him know that I concealed him and give away what he gave, wouldn't he want to stalk me and cast a spell on me, and never die afterwards? Naturally it is the time Just told him. "

He Lianzhao was a little surprised, with a smile on her face that could not see the emotion: "I don't dare to collect the rarities of witch children.

Jing Qi thought for a while, Da La La said, "Why is your Highness receiving nothing? I owe you a favor, and he owed me a favor last time. This time, I thank His Highness for me."

He Lianzhao didn't know if the Nanning King was really stupid or fake stupid. He couldn't help but glance at him—this is not human, not money, so what?

Listening to Jing Qi said again, "Besides, he always remembered that when he was young, he was young and did mischief on the hall. Later, he realized that he had swept the face of His Highness. He felt very sad, and his person would not Speaking, afraid that he would be more upset when he came rashly, always thinking about how to apologize. "

Jingqi intentionally pulled Wuxi in, even though he knew Wuxi was unwilling.

He Lianqi kept the black witches in the south of Xinjiang privately. If this happened in the future, He Lianzhao would not give up the opportunity and bite it. Daqing people could not tell the difference between black witches and white witches. One name is called Nanmanzi.

At that time, Helianzhao would definitely not be in trouble, and he would surely pull this unsightly witch boy into the water in his busy schedule.

Anyone who knows a foreign country, hides an assassin, or fiddles with a witchcraft, whichever one is brought out is a death penalty.

Jing Qi sighed secretly, and said that you should not blame me for the little poison, this is also a precautionary plan, in order to save your life.

But unexpectedly, He Lianzhao groaned for a moment, and suddenly said, "I heard that Wutong Mansion is right next to it, and there are few steps, so just ask him to come and have a fun together?"

Jing Qi suddenly stopped.

The author has something to say: Wuxi will come out in the next chapter ~ Trust me

Chapter 25: Unbearable

But it was a moment, Jing Qi adjusted his expression immediately, frowning like nothing, and asked impatiently: "What should I ask him to do so well with that boy, he still can't get a fart on his three feet? , A mouth still occasionally blocked my chest tightness and shortness of breath, and said something unpleasant, didn't it wipe out the highness of the Highness? "

"What disappointment, the child's family cares about a few words wrong, I am so indifferent?" He Lianzhao looked at him with a smile, "Why, Lord, don't I deserve to be called a witch boy?" "

——It's true.

Jing Qi scolded He Lianzhao from the beginning to the end. Isn't that nothing to eat when he's full and it seems that he really underestimated the extent to which He Lianzhao had to sell well. On his face, he still had to accompany a smiley face: "Isn't your Royal Highness saying that you are running on me? I can't afford to be charged with this crime. Go to the witch and say that Your Highness is here with me. Ask him to come and tell."

If there is anything else, Tianqi's basket Jingqi is not afraid, but Wuxi ... At this moment, Jingqi remembers that the child's brain hurts, so what a "axis" is. Although He Lianzhao loves flatteringly, King Nanning and the prince approached this thing, which all the people in Beijing know. Of course, in the eyes of the prince, the prince is not a concern. After all, there are still a few old politicians. Those who were cautious saved the temptation of Nawuxi.

Jing Qi was pretending to be indifferent on his face, but his mouth was bitter. For a moment, he thought about a lot of possible results that he thought were possible-for example, Wuxi simply couldn't pretend to die. For the reason, I was afraid that he would come. As soon as I met, I would say "I know you He Lianzhao, you are our great enemy", or you can just pull out his hook and kill him, and come and clean him ...

-He really can't do this. How can you avoid the hatred of life? Jing Qi and He Lianzhao and Zhuo Si are doing a heartless and heartless diversion, and their minds are turning sharply, and they start to wonder if Wuxi is really here and how it ends .

The Jade Emperor Guanyin Bodhisattva, the little ancestor of Wuxi, no longer expects you to turn your face, only hope that the way you turn your face will be a little euphemistic.

Fortunately, things like pushing cups and holding stinky feet each other have become his instincts. He used them for so many purposes, and the two did not notice that they were wrong.

After a while, he came back safely: "Your Highness, Lord Wang will wait a while, and the witch will come over."

He Lianzhao nodded, and Jing Qi's heart sank first.

After a while, I heard someone reported that the witch boy was here. Jing Qi took a look at it. Okay, it was the dress of three layers in the body and three layers in the body, anxious to take out his eyes, so the other half was lucky. My heart sank.

At any rate, King Nanning has also gone through a lot of wind and waves, and as soon as he was prepared for the worst, he immediately began to figure out the subsequent retreat and how to solve it. Thinking in his heart, the man stood up and stretched his hands across Wuxi: "You're in a hurry, come and see His Royal Highness."

On the surface, he pulled Wuxi to see Helien Zhao, but in reality he was not in the middle of the two, and secretly looked at Wuxi's expression while unfortunately, Wuxi showed a pair of eyes on his entire face, those eyes It was still so dark and calm, and for the first time, Jing Qi was a little confused about what he meant.

He Lianzhao was still the expression that made people want to clasp the plate on his face, pretending to be inscrutable with a smile, but it was nothing to do.

The eldest prince nodded his head to Wuxi, saying, "Witch boy is here, sit down."

Actually more handsome than Jing Qi's serious master.

Wuxi is of course a proton sent from southern Xinjiang. It is indeed a dispensable character in Beijing, but after all, it is the future great wizard of southern Xinjiang. In terms of identity, no one is higher than others. He Lianzhao's words were extremely frivolous.

Jing Qi felt that the arm in his hand was tense immediately.

Then he dragged him to his side and sat down with a smile: "Brother Shang Zishu brought a few altars of good wine, you haven't tasted it yet, just this time there is a mouthful."

He got up and poured wine for Wuxi, turned his back to Helien Zhao slightly, the smile on his face disappeared, and shook his head at Wuxi slightly. Wuxi's eyes only looked at the clear wine slurry in the glass, and they didn't know if they saw it.

Then the boy raised his glass, stood up, and said to Helien Zhao, "I respect His Royal Highness for a cup. I'll do it first. There was something wrong in the past. Your Highness also looks at Wuxi's young and ignorant. do not worry about it."

Jing Qi stunned.

He Lianzhao laughed, raised his glass, raised his hand to him, "What does this say, where did the witch offend me? Why don't I remember it myself? Think of it, do you remember?"

Zhuo Silai grinned, Wu Xi lifted the veil slightly, drank the wine in the glass, and He Lianzhao lowered his head. He touched his lips with such a meaning, and then put down the glass. Holding up the sweet cat in her arms, she smiled, "The gift of the witch boy is too heavy, it makes people sincere."

Wuxi stooped slightly and said lightly, "It's not expensive, it's good that your Highness does not want to abandon it."

He Lianzhao was playing with a well-behaved kitten, and was very happy.

This kind of happiness has nothing to do with Wuxi. I know that this witch boy who doesn't see anyone and doesn't give any face is stinky and hard. He is like a stone in a pit at a young age. That year, He Lianqi showed him several times, and he was unkindly blocked back. He only made He Lianqi's humiliating cub so angry.

But just such a person today bowed his head to himself.

He Lianzhao looked at the kitten who narrowed his eyes obediently because of his caress, and suddenly gave birth to a kind of swell and strange swell as long as he wanted to. .

Can't help but flutter up a bit.

At a meal, both the host and the host had their own misfortunes, and only His Highness Helianzhao was happy.

It was not until He Lianzhao was sent away that Jing Qi was relieved. Only when the wind blew did he realize that his energy was too concentrated, and even a little cold sweat came from his back. These days are so smooth and smooth that he suddenly found himself in the end. Some ambitious, almost to this day Helen Manfu broke things.

He turned back and saw the boy wrapped in a dark suit like that, his eyes lowered, looking at the ground without a word.

Jing Qi looked at him, and suddenly felt that he was like the stone that fills the sky in the legend. The sky fell down and everyone was in danger, and only he had to stand up straight as he tried: "Wuxi ..."

Wuxi looked up at him very slowly, for a long while, and whispered, "I'll go back first."

The exquisite master Nanning didn't know what to say for a moment, so he had to watch him slowly walk past him. The young man's back was straight, like a gun.

Jingqi suddenly remembered General Feng, the dismal man told him in the dark hall of worship-"The boy was born in the world, not to hear the princes, but to stand on the ground, not to be rich and glorious, but to live and die. "

The general also said that even if it was too easy to fold, it would be better to bend than bend.

Jing Qi raised his face and closed his eyes. He felt that he had done something very wrong today, and even bent the child's waist. Xie Yi snake, long sleeves and good dance, these things are engraved in his bones, like a touch of false pale protection color, from childhood to get used to mood and anger invisible, accustomed to these mischief.

But Wuxi is different.

The child had persistent pride and love and hate, never bowed his head, and never ...

Ping An didn't dare to bother him on the side.

Suddenly, Jingqi strode out, chasing out safely: "Master, where are you going?"

"Don't follow."

Jingqi chased down the Witch Boy's Mansion. After knocking on the door for the first time, he omitted those shabby nonsense, and asked, "What about your witch boy?"

Nu Aha didn't respond. He froze for a while, then said, "It just seemed that I was not in a good mood when I came back. I went to the backyard alone and didn't let us follow ..."

He hadn't finished talking yet, and Jingqi had gone to the backyard.

Wuxi doesn't know what it means to be "once you are a prisoner, and you will lose your strength". If you haven't climbed high and looked at the Bagong Mountain, you won't be so self-deceiving.

Homeland is three thousand miles away, however, the past is gone.

I remembered going into the main hall for the first time a few years ago, and relying on an unwillingness to lose one's heart and a willingness to bow my head, I suddenly felt that it was a thing of my life.

Wuxi roared hoarsely and slammed his fist on the hard wall of the backyard with a fist, as if this could let the entangled thing blocked in the heart vent, and the stone powder cracked, but he seemed to feel no pain. of.

Suddenly, someone's arm was pulled, Wuxi closed her eyes, and put a hand on the wall, breathing heavily, half a moment before raising her head, staring stubbornly at Jing Qi who was holding him.

The young and handsome Wang Nanning's cheeky and flattering face, which always seemed a bit unruly, was full of harshness.

Seeing the old fox who has been used to wind and frost for hundreds of years, and the sea is still unshakable, he stands opposite the little wolf who walks all the way to the black, his head is broken and he does not want to turn back, and no one is willing to concede each other.

After a long while, Jing Qi sighed, raised Wuxi's wrist, pointed his fist in fist to himself, and said quietly, "Hit here, get out of breath."

Wuxi's fist was so tight that his entire forearm was shaking.

Suddenly broke free of Jing Qi's hand and waved a fist, Jing Qi's eyes didn't blink, but Wu Xi's fist wiped his cheek and emptied. The wind brought by the fist was called under the corner of Jing Qiyu The coming hair fluttered along.

Wuxi took a deep breath and whispered, "I won't hit you, you are for me."

Jing Qi hesitated for a moment, but then he heard him say, "The black witch in your eyes is probably the same person as us. They-those with the last name Helian, did everything to fight for the throne, He If Lian Zhao finds that He Lianqi has a relationship with the black witch, he won't let him off easily ... I know you just saved me a life in front of Helian Zhao. "

Among the millions of southern Xinjiang children, he was elected to be the heir of the great wizard. His qualifications must be good and he is extremely intelligent, but he knows something in his heart, but he is unwilling to do it, biting the bit of uneasiness in his heart. He refused to bow his head, as if he could not give in to this black and yellow world.

The imperial capital is like a dyeing vat. How many people have seen these Xu Hua Hong Liu Liu Green, and they are still as good as ever.

Wuxi shook his head and repeated the same with all his efforts: "You are for my good ..."

"I only knew that you were right."

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Chapter 26: Acacia

The sound of the pipa is like a pearl jade falling from the plate, pouring out from a small embroidery building, clear and lingering, I don't know where it is, a small tune, like the little country stream slaps in people's hearts.

Zhou Zishu listened quietly at the door, and then pushed in. The pipa sound stopped abruptly, and Yu Yin was still walking around the room, but the girl who had played the piano had stood up and bowed her head: "Zhou Gongzi."

Zhou Zishu said busyly, "Girl Su, don't be polite."

She put on a light makeup slightly, and there was a touch of bright red from thick to light in the corners of her eyes, which was slightly provoked and scattered in a cloud-like hair bun, making the face white like snow. She speaks differently than she sings, and is a bit low, not as crisp and sharp as ordinary women, but rather strange.

Gentle narratives, all movements are appropriate, neither like the so-called everybody's best lady, the door is not out of the door, not boring, dull and boring, but not as a firework woman, a boring wind and dust.

Zhou Zishu couldn't help sighing-such a woman, what man can refuse?

Helien said: "Qing Ye, go and rest first, I'll say something to Zi Shu."

Su Qingxi silently retreated with the piano. Helianchi nodded gently, "Zi Shu sits."

Zhou Zishu sat down aside and laughed: "His Royal Highness is so beautiful."

Helianchi seemed to smile a little, but it was a little perfunctory. The smile was fleeting, and he looked up out of the window, slightly surprised. Zhou Zishu was a savvy and unspoken man. He poured himself a glass of fruit wine, and narrowed his eyes with enjoyment.

For a long while, Helianchi sighed lowly: "Because of Cai Jianxing, Bei Yuan moved his hands and feet." He did not use a question, it must be very.

Zhou Zishu laughed: "It's hard to say. Anyway, the drama teams in Beijing have continued to write new stories recently. They talked about the **** of the fallen minister's wife and the adulterer. There are also rumors that see the housekeeper of the king's house. On that day, a big-bellied woman was helped to the sedan chair, and she took a closer look and said that the woman was Cai Fu Hu's. "

Helien gave him a look, and said quietly, "What you pretend is not that he entrusted you to make the moths you made, and it filled the city with roar."

Zhou Zishu knew that this man always hated these things. He smiled and regarded it as a tacit agreement.

He Lianchi was silent for a while, and then asked, "What on earth is he going to do with Cai Jianxing? It was a few days of loneliness, but he didn't quite understand."

Zhou Zishu said casually: "If the prince thinks far and wide, if the prince can't figure it out, how can Caomin figure it out? But the prince never does anything unreasonable, and people have a sense of proportion, His Royal Highness rest assured."

But Hellenger smiled bitterly and said, "I have no reassurance. He is a little ghost who has only three points to talk about when he is a kid. Over the years, I can't even see him."

Zhou Zishu was shocked. He used to walk the rivers and lakes, and with this careful work, he was also a person with a lot of thoughts, but after all, he was not the same as those who had been in the court of the court in the early childhood, and occasionally there were occasions of negligence. Immediately after Helian's remarks, Zhou Zishu found that he had just said the sentence wrong, and he should never say it in front of the Prince.

When he lowered his eyes, he asked softly, "The prince is also planning for the prince. If the prince can trust him ..."

Zhou Zishu suddenly remembered that Su Qingxun came. He has no official position and is a man of the rivers and lakes. He is usually informal and accompanies He Lianxun to listen to Su Qingxun's singing more than anyone. At first, he didn't pay attention, but time After a long time, Zhou Zishu found that the girl with green head turned silent like a person. He said half of it suddenly came to mind, but the last half did not continue.

Hellenchi raised his eyes and looked at him.

The gentleness of His Royal Highness Prince Zhou Zhoushu looked at him tightly. The eyes were as deep as a deep well hidden inside, so that no one could see the bottom.

After all, the prince is a prince Chu. He can pay corporal vigilance and drink and enjoy with all the people, but no one can touch his mind.

Suddenly, Helianchi smiled and whispered, "Father Emperor intends to declare his granddaughter Song Tai's granddaughter to the orphan while he is celebrating the Longevity Festival."

Zhou Zishu said busyly: "Is it already settled? Congratulations, Prince."

But Hellenchi asked eagerly: "But when I told you about it that day, everyone was surprised and listened to you, but my eyes went to Jingbeiyuan, but I didn't understand. "

Zhou Zishu's face turned pale: "Cao Min ..."

Cold sweat on the spine began to drip.

But Hellenchi sighed: "Look, you haven't said anything yet, you're nervous, you people."

He looked up and looked at Zhou Zishu and asked, "At that time, you were thinking, the lord who was remembered in the Prince's heart was right in front of him. What did he mean by that? Could it be that he wanted to test and fail? Right?"

This kind of thing can be counted in the heart, but it must not let people see that they have the heart. Zhou Zi's thoughts turned sharply, but he didn't know what the wind was, and he had to take a step to the side and kneel down: "The grassroots shouldn't pretend to be arrogant, this ... the sin should be dead, His Royal Highness ..."

Hellenchi chuckled, and said, "Get up, make a fuss, what a big thing, you can see it when you see it, you can't let people dig your eyes out."

Zhou Zishu felt more anxious.

Helianchi whispered, "What can you do if you are alone. He's under the eyelids and he looks good at him, and that's it. What kind of person is he? You always know something. If you are alone, He was locked next to him, wouldn't he be faint? It's because of social and personal affair, and it's still important to be lonely. Don't think of solitude so ridiculously. "

Zhou Zishu breathed a sigh of relief, then stood up, but was afraid to sit down.

Heliann sighed, "If he has half of the youngsters worrying about him, it will be fine if the weather is not normal."

Late in the spring when he hated, he called Luohua Independence, hurting the drizzle Shuangfeiyan most.

After all, Helianyu was a sober person. Since I knew that Ye Yulin Ling was finally resentful, why bother to have that Laoshan language for a half-night midnight?

However, with a cut of the shadow and a moment of excitement, let ’s talk about the acacia, there is still a long stream of water flowing, maybe the years are gone, the youth feelings are gone, and that ’s it.

Helianji said, "He hasn't acted a little these days, although ... in the end, I'm not assured. You should watch more in private."

Zhou Zishu nodded eagerly, saying that Helian nodded and waved, "Go, sit alone for a while."

But he hadn't stepped out of the threshold, and heard He Lianchi whispering behind him: "Zi Shu, what's happening today, you know what I know, if ..."

Zhou Zishu turned back suddenly, and saw the young Chu Jun sitting half-length in the shadow cast by the curtain. He could not see the mood and anger in one face, only his eyes were as strong as cannibalism, and his heart froze. Whispering: "His Royal Highness, Cao Min should be more reliable than the dead, please be assured."

Hellenbe waved his hands a little tiredly.

The palace was busy in a blink of an eye. He Lianpei's fifty-fifth birthday, anyway, was a whole number. Yu Wei in the Weicheng case was still spreading, and the air was still tense. However, the emperor Sun Wenguan and the generals had to start a new round. Racked their brains.

The odd cat that Jingqi gave to Helian Zhao could not be delivered on the day of the Longevity Festival, otherwise the name of the "big prince stubbornly having fun" would be solid, and the gift would have to be "Fu Ru Dong Hai, Shou Bi Nanshan ", the orthodox set of the thousand-year-old tortoise, so He Lianzhao sent a dancing sweet cat a few days in advance when he entered the palace to greet him.

It only said that his own people had collected it from folk strangers, and he did not dare to be beautiful. He sent it to the father and emperor, and he should do his filial piety for himself.

This kind of behavior that made the beasts filial piety made He Lianpei satisfied, and immediately gave a bunch of rewards. If it was not a bit sane, he almost blurted out to give He Lianzhao a cat-like prince.

He Lianpei had some kind of heart, and when he got a good thing, he was willing to show him around. He also went out to the palace of Nanning, took a meal, and gave Jing Qi a good performance. Before the cat was given to He Lianzhao, she was raised in the palace for more than ten days. Everyone was tired of seeing it. It could not be said that the emperor was full of interest, and she had to accompany him to pretend to be fresh, and Jing Qi couldn't help crying and laughing.

These days, good things and bad things continue to happen, and He Lianzhao obviously overwhelms He Lianqi, and people will not say anything when the joy of the happy event.

With the news of the Prince's wedding, an old fox with a keen sense of smell, began to notice the power behind His Royal Highness Prince, who has always had a good reputation.

He Lianqi finally understood what it was to be a low-key person. He was covered by the black witch's career. Jing Qi held Zhou Zishu to visit, but even Zhou Zishu had no results for the time being. It can be seen that the second prince was cautious.

After half a year, Lu Shen entered the Ministry of Households, and finally he was able to show his fists. In addition, Jing Qi helped him to insert the pins and lead them everywhere.

Wangfu has an additional "student". Since Jingqi knew that Wuxi only slept for two hours a day, and after all the other hours of practice, he was embarrassed to drag others out for fun, but Wuxi was used to coming here every afternoon to sit for a while, generally Jingqi just woke up for a nap At that time, He Lianpei had not succeeded in assigning Mr. Wutong Mansion. When Jing Qihao was a teacher, when he was sitting and drinking tea, Tiannanhai Beidi told him.

Wuxi is definitely a good student. He never listens to Jing Qi because he looks like his age. As long as you are right, as long as you are knowledgeable, you can learn something, not to mention Jing Qi, the little girl who speaks tea, and he will listen attentively and without interruption.

Jing Qi ’s life is exhausted, but not because he did n’t read, but because he ’s read it before, and he ’s impatient to come again. The Scriptures ca n’t be said to be omnipotent. What he read in the palace with the princes in the past still has some accomplishments. In addition, there are far more insights than those of the old masters. They are never boring to talk about, and the quotations are handy. Sometimes, they just go off the topic. The four books and five classics can be strung into the history of the court. trickery.

Wuxi is listening with interest.

But I don't know if it is because of his disposition. When it comes to conspiracy, he is always a little confused.

On this day, Jing Qi is talking about history, mentioning the hegemony of several countries in the past, and when he talks about vertical and horizontal techniques, he feels and proclaims: "The so-called 'Alliance' is actually only a period of time, with the same goal Man, there is no eternal enemy and no eternal friend. At the beginning, he made a small suit to show people's weaknesses, found the other party's weaknesses, straight hit seven inches, bribed them, and drew them to soften his attitude, not too deliberate, otherwise Stupid, falling into the wind, staying calm and making things seem coincidental. "

Wuxi nodded: "Just like you did to Helien Zhao."

Jing Qi sat upright and came to the spirit: "Yes, but that's not enough. Do you know what's worse?"

Chapter 27: Lantang Nightlife

Wuxi thought for a while, and said, "You mean, this alliance is just hypocrisy, isn't it sincere and not long?"

A secret praise was taught, Jing Qi didn't know where to take the fan, and banged on Wuxi's shoulder. Wuxi knew that he didn't have much strength and didn't hurt, so he didn't avoid suffering, and then asked patiently: "Is that wrong?"

"It's time for ideas." Jing Qi shook his head and sighed with emotion, "This alliance must be unstable, and there is a saying," The husband and wife are the same forest bird, and the calamity will fly on their own, "not to mention this" dew marriage " It's ... "

Wuxi frowned, and Jing Qi coughed slightly, knowing that the child's disapproved expression, so he gently exposed: "Just metaphor, metaphor."

Sure enough, Wuxi said more truthfully: "A husband and wife are going to have a lifetime, why is it" the same forest bird ", and they say," Flying to each other "is not good?"

Jing Qi was too lazy to care about these trivial issues and waved his hand: "I just said that, that's not what you meant, you're in the ear."

Wuxi frowned, not knowing why, because his casual attitude was a little unpleasant. But he was still thinking about Jing Qi's topic, so he pressed down and decided to communicate with him later.

After so long, Wuxi can also see that this friend seems to be laughing and joking with everyone, in fact, others do n’t take it to heart to say something to him, and it seems that the mistake is recognized quickly, it is not at all important. After a while, I forgot.

Jing Qi sniffed his nose disrespectfully, and hurriedly brought back this less-marginal topic, saying, "You said just now that courting is not possible, and fate is not possible. The so-called alliance is to make an appointment to work together. Advances and retreats, but the agreement is not a rope, and if anyone breaks his word, he can't help it. "

Wuxi frowned, and said in his heart that Daqing people were really unbearable. The promised things were also betrayal, and they were not afraid of eating.

Just listen to Jing Qi and then say: "You cannot be an alliance that can only enjoy and not be happy. You can't work hard to draw an alliance. When you need someone critically, ask him to stab a knife behind him and leave you alone. Fight. What do you say? "

Wuxi was silent for a while and shook his head: "I won't ally with such people, my friends are trustworthy. What do you plan to do with Helian Zhao?"

Jing Qi laughed: "Teach you two secrets, one is called intimidation, and the other is called lure. The so-called intimidation is to take his shortcomings and tie him to himself on a boat. If you want to kill him, he will kill you. Coolness is the highest state of intimidation. Enticement, this is even simpler, the world asks, but there are few things of wealth, color, power, and desire. There are no things that people dare not do and cannot do in this world, as long as you give Is high enough. "

This statement was too red / naked. Wuxi listened to it, but felt that there was an acid water in his stomach. It was unsatisfactory. After thinking for a while, he couldn't think of how to refute this statement, because Jingqi said it right. It really makes sense.

After a long while, he sighed softly and asked, "What is it for? Is it also for the desire for wealth?"

"If I want to talk about wealth and power, I won't tell you this. Why isn't it? The whole world is the emperor. If he doesn't, he will eat alone and sleep alone? Did not see him? In the middle of the night, Beijing was full of sleep. "Jing Qi's smile was a little bit drifted, and he narrowed his eyes habitually, sighed, stood up and stretched out," just to be alive. "

Wuxi kept silent.

Just at this time, Ping An came in and presented a gift list to Jing Qi: "Lord, look, what's wrong with the congratulations to His Royal Highness?"

From the intent to the Ministry of Internal Affairs to start preparations, and then to the good fortune, when the spring solstice arrives, the autumn solstice is considered to be tormenting. Seeing that a good day is coming. Jing Qi took a glance at it, which was quite satisfactory. He nodded and said, "It's about His Royal Highness, don't go beyond his two elder brothers. It can be thicker."

He nodded safely, indicating that he understood.

Jing Qi remembered something and said to Wuxi, "Prince, your wedding is next month. Are your gifts ready?"

Wuxi nodded: "I heard that I asked Nu Aha to help me prepare, and asked him to ask for peace if he didn't understand."

Jing Qi nodded: "It's the right level, just look at the rules and regulations. The prince won't argue about you, you are special, don't go ahead."

Wuxi's mind apparently drifted to other things, and asked, "Did not the emperor say that he would marry a daughter-in-law to the prince?"

Jing Qi explained: "Prince Prince Chu, in the future, he will inherit the throne, and he will also be married to the prince and concubine. There are many rules. The Ministry of Rites must prepare for a long time, and it is also important to look at the yellow calendar and find an auspicious date. right now."

"I understand that it would be troublesome if our nobles were married, but ..." Wuxi frowned. "What about Girl Su?"

Jing Qi blinked and did not respond. What did he mean by saying: "Ah? What happened to her?"

Wuxi immediately realized that he was talking to the same chicken and duck, so he clearly accused: "Prince was as good as Girl Su before, but now he wants to marry another girl. Even if he wants to marry someone else, why is he in this half year? Still go to see Su girl often? "

After frowning, the boy frowned, "Prince is wrong."

Jing Qi was powerless: "Then tell him yourself."

Wu Xi looked at him condemnedly: "Are you the same?"

Jing Qi Yiyi, my heart said that this has a half-copper relationship with me again. Isn't this wrong? So she laughed and said, "When did I ever do this, how can you be wrong?"

"Master," he hadn't finished a word, and auspicious came in again, handing in an invitation, "Sent by Xiao Hou Ye, today is the Qixi Festival, and he has caught up with" Lan Tang ", please Wang Ye must be honored at night. "

The invitation was very special. The cover was pink satin, with embroidered lace on it. As soon as it was opened, the scent was fragrant. Jing Qi knew what it was at a glance. At that time, the auspicious child was thinking to come in and wait. Hitting his face.

Wuxi's sense of smell was too keen, his nose was itchy with the scent, and he couldn't help but rubbed his hands and looked at it curiously, but after all, he was kind and courteous, and he didn't ask much.

But listening to Jixiang continued, "Xiaohouye also said that if the witch boy is willing to admire his face, please also go together, only once every three years. The last time the witch boy was young, he would never have been there. If he can't catch up this year, he must Wait another three years. Ye Hou said that he reserved a special room. "

He Yunxing is afraid that the world will not be chaotic.

Wuxi then asked, "Where can we go?"

Auspiciously explained with a smile: "Our Daqing Qiuyi is once every three years. It is a selection of talents. Every year, there are civil and military champions. As a student of Tianzi, you also know whether Master Lu is Qiuyuan's Wenqu star champion. .Does the witch know who is the Pink No. 1? "

Wuxi vaguely understood why the invitation was so unusual. He glanced at Jing Qi and saw that this "gentle gentleman" was embarrassingly avoiding his gaze and drinking tea.

Wuxi smiled and said, "His Royal Highness said last time that she was a mother of the moon."

"Exactly," said auspiciously, "the mother of the month was held by nobles. In our capital, there is a custom of singing by the mother of the moon on the moon at the end of the year, but the beautiful girl has one thousand and eight hundred. In order to be afraid that the “talent” was buried, there was this triennial event. In the past, it was called “Qun Fang Ban”. Later, the emperor felt that the word “Qun Fang Ban” was vulgar, and then changed it to “Lantang Ye Pin ', this is saying ... "

Auspicious paused, after all, he was not an elegant man, after thinking about it for a long while, he didn't figure out what the allusion in it said.

Jing Qi smiled and said, "Isn't that the phrase," There is a beautiful lady in Lantang, and the room lads poison my gut? "The emperor laughed and joked when he was young."

Jixiang laughed: "Yes, yes, this is the sentence. Moms in the building, some of the class leaders from other places who have not become popular, all show their talents with their own girls, and even some nobles’ sisters. Children who are willing to show up for everyone to join will also participate. It is a colorful event. If there are really outstanding girls, you will be attracted by the nobles. Maybe it will be the month of the next three years. "

"Are you saying that the best girls in Beijing are participating?" Wuxi asked.

"Not ..."

Before the auspicious words were finished, he was interrupted by Jingqi waving his hand: "It's just a bunch of puppets / players for fun, good girls, who has such a thick leather court to make a lot of publicity? These people follow The cats, dogs, and cats that are raised are not far behind. Don't listen to the auspicious rabbits talking nonsense. However, just follow the scenes and play with the people. If you want to at night, I will take you to the fun.

Wuxi was silent for a while, and then asked, "Did the girl Su also participate?"

Jixiang said: "Isn't this an unwritten rule, Yueniang has participated in it, or where will the opportunity be watched by the nobles and won the favor?"

Jing Qi smiled at Wuxi with a smile.

Wuxi knew that Jingqi, the man who did n’t know what to say, was borrowing the words to answer the words he had just said about the prince. Su Qingye was just a public plaything. Because he was held higher, Jingui was rare. In addition, there is nothing more than that. It can't be compared with the princess of Ming media who is married and everyone is from. A person cannot marry two wives, but without saying that if a person marries a wife, he cannot play birds, cats and dogs.

People are so expensive, just because this is a vanity fair.

But "playing in the field"-Wu Xi thought the word was awful.

After a moment of silence, he nodded: "Okay, I'll come to you in the evening."

Chapter 28: Emerald altar

Although this formal nightlife conference only started at night, this time the "Landang" jade building was already surrounded by three floors inside and three outside, even on the wall across the street across the street. It's full of people, and the restaurant across the street is standing tall, and you can see a little on the top floor, then the restaurant will be closed, because every time this time, selling seats makes more money than anything.

When Jing Qi used his meal slowly, and then took Wuxi, he wandered all the way to the past, and the person was so crowded that Wuxi took a sigh of coolness first. He has always been afraid of crowds, and asked in a voice, "Why are there so many people?"

It's a pity that the surrounding people's voices are too noisy.

Jing Qi had already known it in the heart, and he specially brought in a few more guards with large waists and rounds, just to use this way to open the road, afraid of being scattered, he stretched his hands to hold Wuxi, the autumn night was slightly cold, his palms were warm, his fingers But it was chilly. Wuxi called him a blast of ice. He felt extra sensitive on his hands. He only felt that his hands were thinner than himself and his fingers were thinner, but with the special strength of a man's finger. Some cocoons don't seem to be taken out with a pen.

It was so easy to enter the Emerald House, and then someone came out to greet him. He handed out the invitation, and someone immediately diligently invited them to the second floor.

When Jingqi went in, Zhou Zishu and He Yunxing had already arrived, while there were special escorts to accompany Su Qingyu, and there were several exquisite and beautiful little girls waiting. He Yunxing laughed: "It's coming. Brother Zishu almost thought that the two were not willing to appreciate it today. Penalty and alcohol!"

His Royal Highness is absent, and the sage's disciple, Lu Shen, is not there. A few people can be said to be all the way in a certain way, and they are free to play a lot.

Jing Qi didn't quit, and quickly took over the drink. La La La sat down and smiled: "The taste of this flower wine is always different. Drinking a few pots is also acceptable-Yunxing brother , When can I make fun of things without me? "

He Yunxing laughed: "You are here, and I am sure to be here today! Beiyuan, I can tell you, if you haven't participated in this evening show, you will be ashamed to see the wind and the moon."

Jing Qi smiled, and then drank a glass without answering. He said to you, a little young man, Ye has more "nightlife" than you have heard.

He laughed while listening to He Yunxing smugly pulling Wuxi to show off.

"Wizards come over and see, see the platform underneath?"

Wuxi followed his gaze and saw a high table in the middle of the lobby downstairs, full of flowers underneath. At first glance, the table looked like a flower, with a small tree next to it. The stairs, the stairs are narrower and thinner than the ordinary stairs, and the girl has a feeling of lightness and elegance when she walks up.

Although the table was set high, it just happened that the guests in the lower lobby and the upper room could see clearly. Wuxi looked at it for a long while before saying, "Looking at the shape, it is a bit like the altar we used to worship God there."

He Yunxing hesitated for a moment. He just forgot about it for a while. Although he often saw Wuxi in Jingqi, he usually said hello, but the other party stopped talking. Rarely he gave a response today, so he was a little bit shy. He Xiaohouhou, who was inclined, was excited and asked, "What is your altar doing?"

"Ah?" Wuxi hesitated for a while. He Yunxing thought he would not answer before he heard Wuxi say, "The altar is dedicated to the great **** of Xi, and the **** must use domestic animals and the five poisonous blood. ... "

He Yunxing realized that he had asked the wrong question.

Wu Xi continued expressionlessly: "The ancestors of sacrifices were usually killed by the enemy, so the head of the enemy should be placed on the altar, and the blood of the enemy should be splashed on the steps and stepped on."

He Yunxing looked bleak.

Jing Qi nodded his head and said solemnly, "This is pretty good. I feel a bit like you when you say that."

Wuxi asked strangely, "Do you know what our altars look like?"

Jing Qi shook his head, but thought in his heart that it was different, it was all a place for selling meat.

Of course, due to the beliefs of the people of the southern Xinjiang, this is still unexplained. So he came over on the railing, pointed to a few large baskets full of flowers in the corner and told him, "See that one? After a while, someone will send flowers up, and if you see anyone, Then, when she came to the stage, she threw the flowers on the table and someone came to collect them, but this is not the meaning of the girls competing with each other. It ’s important to be at peace. If you like it, the girls are sitting behind, and you can write the girl ’s flower name and post it, if she is willing to ... ”

Jing Qi laughed unwillingly, and a pair of peach eyes swept gently: "Then I'd be envious."

Zhou Zishu Qi said: "Is Xiao Wang really never participated in this Lantang meeting? How do you know so clearly?"

Jing Qi coughed slightly: "What's so strange about these gold-plated Zhangtai Buildings, aren't there just a few tricks? I haven't eaten pork, I've always seen pigs run."

As soon as the words fell, I saw Wu Xi staring at him with a kind of "still saying you're not that kind of person", Jing Qi touching his nose, so he sat back and stopped talking.

After a while, the lights around the lobby were covered by a cover and dimmed. Mother Li of the Jade House brought two little girls to personally greet everyone, and the noisy men calmed down. After a while, there were slaves carrying flowers and sending them to the guests one by one.

Yi Hong's fast green debuted one after another.

The guests upstairs in the elegant room are still more subtle, just whispering. The lobby was lively, applauding, some words were vulgar and some were offensive.

Wuxi looked at it, and felt that the charming songs and dances were boring. He didn't understand Jing Qi's words before he planned to come and see for himself. At this time, he finally knew what it means to be a good character in the audience.

He thought that this was not the same as when they were there for the festival, the girls in the clan sang and danced, and even the bold, like-minded teenagers showed love. Because the people look at them with kind eyes, like father, like brother, like lover, respect them and be happy together led by them.

Unlike here.

He felt that those charming girls on the stage were also pitiful, because others treated them with disdain, and they treated themselves with disdain.

This Lantang is actually not elegant at all.

The atmosphere was gradually pushed to high / tide. At this time, Jing Qi leaned over, holding two jugs of wine in his hand, and handed him a jug, leaning casually on the railing, getting close, Wuxi smelled the smell of the wine on his body, remembering the glance just now This guy and Zhou Zishu, two drunkards, you haven't had a drink with me. It seems that I have drunk a bit.

Jing Qi holding the **** the stage playing Xiao Ruan singing and looking at the south of the river, she suddenly knocked on the carved fence and sang lowly with her piano voice: "Mo Pan, I am too biased. I am Qujiang Linchi Liu. This man is going to smash the other, and loving for a while ... "

His voice was as low as a whisper, and the word was sung miserably, but he pressed the vibrato inexplicably than the girl, singing "green as blue" and "red wins" more in harmony with her piano. The acquaintance always sings words and listens to the sounds outside the string.

Wuxi's ears suddenly felt itchy, and she couldn't help leaning over her head: "What did you say?"

Jing Qi raised a smile and pointed at the girl who stood up and whispered, "Did you see her smile?"

Wuxi looked over and nodded silently. The girl was only fifteen or sixteen years old, with a smile on her face, but it made people feel inexplicable sadness.

"The red belt around her waist shows that she is still an undressed girl. She sings well today, and only a few people have lost her flowers. It seems that I can buy a good price early in the evening." Jing Qi Said vaguely.

From the beginning there were tears and wet Luo Qi, and there was a young boy who lost Endor.

Jing Qi sighed slightly. The sigh of the past life and this life, which made Wuxi tremble a little, could not help but reach out his hand to support his shoulder: "You drink too much."

Jing Qi nodded: "Well, I drank too much ... but I was too drunk for a while. What else can happen? The world follows the flow of the river, and a big dream comes to life ..."

Suddenly he broke away from Wuxi, picked up a flower and threw it down vigorously, and raised his voice, "My King has fancy this girl!"

After saying nothing, he was going to go downstairs, and while he was keeping up quickly, Su Qingyu, who was accompanied by the wine, stood up with some anxiety: "Master Wang ..."

Wuxi waved to her: "It's all right, I'll follow up to see."

Unexpectedly, it was just the effort of saying a word. Jing Qihe Ping'an was drowned in the crowd of people in the lobby, and there was no trace.

Wuxi frowned, and was a little worried, fearing that he was drunk and had an accident. He called back his counterpart, Alai, who was the best at the family to fight birds. His eyes were very good. Wuxi pulled him over and said: " Show me where did Lord Nanning just go? "

Although Ai Lai was able to play the most cunning prey in the jungle, she was a bit silly in so many noisy people and tangy fat powder wine, staring at a pair of copper-bell-like eyes, half a moment, a little embarrassed Looking at Wuxi: "Witch boy, this is really ..."

Wuxi sighed, "I'll go find him."

He was already sensitive to the smell. The upper room was okay. As soon as he arrived at the lobby, he felt that the strange sweet aroma of the scent mixed with the taste of various people, and he was sneezed and nauseated.

When women passing by with red willows and greens pass by, they will take a closer look at this handsome boy, and some people even deliberately walked on him. Wuxi had to drag Alai Lai as a shield. Poor such an eight-foot southern man, without a moment, One face turned reddish, and seemed to be bleeding.

Fang Caijing's girl who said "fancy" has stepped down. Now she changed her person, but Jingqi didn't know where to go. Wuxi looked around blankly and frowned. He really didn't like this place very much.

Suddenly, someone pulled him nearby, Wuxi turned around and looked at him. The person who pulled him turned out to be safe. He raised his index finger up and told them to keep quiet, and then whispered, "Witch boy comes with me. . "

Wuxi was awake from the incense in the lobby and he was sober. He knew that Ping'an was the most loyal. Jing Qi drank too much and ran around. He would never leave the master alone. I knew what was going to happen, and winked at Ai Lai, followed the peace and slipped out along the root of the wall.

It turned out that there was an inconspicuous corner door in the corner of the lobby, beckoned safely, and took their master and servant out from there. As soon as they went out, the cold wind blew in. Wuxi stirred up a bit, and then asked Ping An: "How What's the matter, your lord? "

Heian said: "The Lord is waiting for the witch boy in front of me, please here."

After walking through a narrow and crumbling path, Ping An brought them into a small house, which looked like a place for people to stay downstairs in the jadeite. As soon as they entered the house, they saw Jing Qi and a thick cloth. The young man was inside, and the legendary Nanning king who played drunkenly seemed sober that he couldn't be sober anymore.

Chapter 29: Fake phoenix

Wuxi first looked at the middle-aged person alertly, and then asked Jing Qi: "Are you drunk?"

"A little bit up, not to the point of insanity." Jing Qiji sat relaxed in a tattered chair, pointing at the middle-aged humane standing next to him, "This is Mr. Lu, and it is Zishu's people."

"Mr. Lu" salutes Wuxi: "I have seen a witch boy, and Wang Ye speaks loudly. The villain Lu Yu is just a run for our owner."

Wuxi looked at Jingqi with some doubts: "What happened?"

Jing Qidao: "Mr. Lu, listen to me."

Lu Yu said "yes" and said, "Sometime ago, the villain visited the 'black witch' secretly at the order of the landlord, only to find some clues ..."

"Where?" Wu Xi's expression flickered, his eyes sharpened, and Lu Yu couldn't help avoiding his eyes at that moment.

"His Royal Highness Herian wanted to ask Immortal to ask about it. Zhuangzi in another courtyard was built beside the" Huaixu "Taoist temple. The black witches were raised by him in the Taoist temple. Let others know that Hellenki is very alert, and it took us three months to mix in a daily food delivery person. In addition to visiting the trail of the black witch, I also found an unexpected person who secretly harmonized with They contact. "

Wuxi glanced at Jingqi's indifferent expression, with a little suspicion in his heart, and asked, "Who is it?"

"Yueniang Su Qingyi." It was Jing Qi who spoke, his voice was extremely low, and his face was temporarily cloudy and indistinct.

Ah Lai stared at Wuxi in a stunned state. Wuxi was silent for a long while, and a lot of things flashed in her mind. She asked slowly and cautiously, "Are you sure? Except that she has been to that Taoist temple, there is other evidence. What? "

Lu Yu nodded: "Later, we went to trace the history of Su Qingyu. We learned that her original name was Su Cuier, but she was from Jiangsu and Zhejiang. The village she lived in was Su Jiacun. There are no other relatives in the family, but it is said that Her parents helped a Taoist named Li when she was young. "

Lu Yu glanced at Wuxi's gloomy face and added: "Listening to the old man's description, he seems to be the one in Hellenki's house."

Jingqi answered: "Wuxi, you know the Black Witch better than me. Those people have been hidden for six months by Helien Qi. They can't do anything. Will they be willing to live under house arrest?"

Lu Yudao: "Yes, if it was not because of the conflict between the black witch leader and Guanzhu, our people are afraid that they are not sure yet, and they are hiding in Taoism."

Wuxi nodded slowly and asked, "There is such a special event tonight, many people come out to watch the fun, is Jinwu can't help it?"

Jing Qi nodded, and Wuxi knew why Jing Qi was mixing up and turned to Ai Lai and said, "You go back first, gather the samurai, come here and wait for me."

Adele's eyes widened: "Witch boy, who is here to protect you?"

Wuxi glanced at him unhappyly, and Alai quickly said, "Yes, the witch boy is powerful, but ... but ..."

He "but" for a long time, and finally remembered a reason: "But if you go up a while, but I'm not there, shouldn't it be suspicion?"

Lu Yu smiled: "I'm not afraid."

Having said that, he walked aside, pulled out a small dark grid, turned his back to the crowd, and tossed his face for a while, then turned around again, and Ai Lai almost jumped up, pointing at Lu Yu: "You, you How are you ... "

Jing Qi smiled: "Mr. Lu's Yi Rongshu is indeed worthy of his son Shu Zhenzhuan.

Lu Yu said with a face exactly the same as Adailai: "But the tricks of the worms are not meticulous, but the dark lights are dark, so you can hide it. You have to ask the Adailai brothers and me Change clothes. "

Ai Lai had to change clothes with Lu Yu unwillingly, and Lu Yu called a child again, and said to Ai Lai, "Don't make a fool of the snake, tell him to lead you another way."

The two took orders.

Jing Qi stood up, and just wanted to leave, and remembered something, and said to Ping An: "Go and bring the girl, and for a while, the people in the province said that we squeezed in vain and Wuxi went back with me."

After entering the corner gate, he returned to the hall of the monsters and monsters, and Jing Qifang's eyes immediately disappeared. He leaned softly and leaned on Wuxi, a drunken look. Wuxi was already used to saying that his ability to change his face changed his face, but he was still not used to being so close to him, so he had to hold him up.

Jing Qi whispered in his ear: "Turn around below and wait for the coolness to dissipate before going up."

The voice almost came out against his ears, and Wuxi's root "took" and it became hot. Suddenly he realized that the sweet and greasy smell floating in the lobby was probably a slight reminder / love. s things.

Think of it this way, but feel more cramped.

The body in his arms was special, unlike any person he had contacted before. They also had physical contact when they tried to fight with Ai Lai, but those people were hard and hard, they were close, they could smell a sweat, and punched them like they were hitting the wall. of. It is not like those women who have just deliberately stabbed past him, it has such a strong smell of fragrant powder, and the slippery body reminds him of the big python in southern Xinjiang.

The man leaning on him now was very thin. When Wu Xi supported him, one arm went around his ribs, and he could feel the hard ribs, making him dare not push too hard. The shoulder on his body hurt him a little, his waist was thin, but it was not the slender grip of a woman, hiding a flexible force.

Wuxi just found out that Jingqi is not as spoiled and fragile as he shows. People who practice martial arts know that the strength of the limbs is actually only second, and the most important thing is that the waist and sacral region can drive the strength and flexibility of the whole body. .

It can be seen that, even if it is Huaquan embroidered legs, on Jingqi, it is definitely the Huaquan embroidered legs that have been practiced. People living in the study room all day are unlikely to have such tight and powerful waist muscles.

The man's eyes narrowed slightly, his eyes slackened, and the water vapor was dazzling. Although he knew he was pretending, Wuxi couldn't help but look away.

He thought the coldness on him had been steamed out.

After all, he came back with a shy and timid girl with his head down. Wuxi hurriedly pushed Jing Qi as hot as a potato, and took Lu Yu, who was posing as Alai, hurriedly upstairs.

Went to Yajian, Wuxi's face still had a little time to dissipate the heat, but some people misunderstood it. He Yunxing looked at Wuxi Road with ambiguous expression: "Witch boy went down for a while and saw a pleasant girl?"

Wuxi was quite upset. He gave him a cold look when he heard the words. He Yunxing blinked, knowing that he was waiting to be recruited, and he murmured pitifully.

What did they do at this moment? Zhou Zishu knew what he was saying, so he didn't squeak. Instead, Su Qingxi asked with a little worry: "What about the Lord?"

Wu Xi looked up at her. Su Qingxi couldn't help but shiver a little, but felt that there was something very cold and scary on the teenager who hadn't given her a good eye, and she could not help shuddering, like It was the feeling of a rabbit on the prairie when it met a wolf.

After a while, Wuxi slowly said, "He's behind." He looked away.

Su Qingxuan was relieved.

After a while, Ping An strove to help Jing Qi, who was like a dead dog, up. Jing Qi was like this, but he still didn't forget to grab the little girl's wrist, and his mouth turned upside down and he didn't know what to mumble. All I can say is that the little girl's head is lowered. Wuxi felt a little dazzling subtlely.

Thinking to myself, it should have been discovered long ago that this beautiful word of Lord Nanning and "serious" had nothing to do with it. In the future, it must be a trivial and carefree one. If they have sisters, they would rather interrupt their legs than let them know about this kind of scourge man.

The crowd laughed very late. During this period, He Yunxing, who was afraid that the world would not be chaotic, kept pushing a little girl named Ink who was accompanying him to Wuxi. The girl's name was elegant, but the people were very bold and bold. Seeing that Wuxi didn't buy it, he was tired of feeding him with his mouth to mouth, and Wuxi could not bear it. He pushed her away and stood up, almost turning away.

Two half-drunken men next to each other drunk and laughed heartlessly. Wuxi's hand in the sleeve felt a poisonous needle, and he planned to go back and poke the thing at him later. Bringing this place to Jingqi.

Until the middle of the night, the lobby was still lively. It seemed to be all night long, but Jing Qi was already seated and couldn't sit still, and the mud was slipping to the ground. Zhou Zishu was helping him and said, "Master Wang cannot Drink again, Minger has to rush to Shang Dynasty early in the morning. "

"Up ... last fart, the emperor won't go, I ... I won't go ..." Jing Qi vaguely took advantage of the drunkenness, and this time, even Wuxi couldn't figure out whether he was true. Drunk or false drunk, although awake at that time, what if the wine is up? Moreover, he just sat down and poured a lot.

If you were n’t drunk, when did Nanning lord say such an insignificant #word?

I didn't even care about trying to stab him with poisonous needles. I called Ping An and Fake Alai to stand up together and said, "Then I'll send him back, two of you."

He Yunxing's tongue widened: "No, there is no winner yet!" It was ignored.

Su Qingxuan said to the little **** one side, "In this big autumn, the dew has fallen in the evening and it must be cold. Go and call a carriage."

Wuxi's lips froze. Some wondered how Jing Qi was arranged. Would you like to take this woman's car? Before this night, he always felt that Su Qingxun was very beautiful and pitiful. Although he didn't like her very much intuitively, he didn't want to contact her, but he occasionally thought that since the prince had her, he married another because of her low status. Others, she must be very sad and always sympathetic to her.

This will know the truth, just think that this woman is pretending to be everything, hypocrisy makes people cold, and she is too lazy to even look at her.

Just listening to Jingqi, who was trembling by two people, asked vaguely, "Hmm ... car? What car? Is there a beauty in the car?"

Helpless, Su Qingxu coaxed him, "Yes, there is nothing when the Lord says anything."

Jing Qi laughed: "Okay, take a car ... take the beauty and take a car ..." and struggled to go out.

Wuxi had to keep up.

Su Qingxuan personally led the two people out of the door. There were two carriages waiting at the door. I don't know if it was arranged earlier.

She was afraid that Jing Qiyi would be called, so she took the little girl with her, but did not expect that the cold wind was blown out when she went out, and the little prince who was not in the 4th or 6th was even more indistinguishable from the southeast and northwest. "Amalay", rushed straight to Wuxi, raised his chin, "hehe" smiled: "beauty, go back to my king ... my king ... will not treat you ..."

Wu Xi's face finally turned red, and he was about to knock on his back neck, intending to faint and drag him back, but was stopped by a group of people. However, Jing Qi dragged his clothes on the corner without letting go, but helplessly, Su Qingyu could only tell the little girl to stay, and told Jing Qi to drag Wuxi into the same car.

The author has something to say: Eun En, and the last chapter of jq tonight

Chapter 30: Bloody Night

The carriage turned only one street. The driver drove the car very slowly. Suddenly, there was a cold on his neck, and the driver was excited. A cold dagger was already on his neck. A man said softly behind him: "Stop the car."

The coachman did not dare to stop, tremblingly parked the car on the roadside, daggered his neck against his skin and made a circle around his neck. He kicked him off the car with a smile, and before he was struggling, several figures rushed at once, pressed him, and blocked his mouth.

Jing Qi played with a dagger in his hand, looked at the driver, and said to some of the guards who followed him: "Brother Zishu has found out which way he will take us today. It is useless to keep him and kill Save trouble. "

A guard stepped forward and pulled out his waist knife. The driver immediately strove to work hard, not knowing whether it was intentional or coincidental. The stuff in his mouth was struck away by such a struggle, and the driver wailed, "The king is forgiving, the young is just the woman who paid for it, what? I don't know ... Lord Wang spares his life! "

The guard stopped and looked at Jingqi like a sign.

Jing Qi shook his sleeve impatiently: "Who is it? You ca n’t drink too much when you are the king? Then Su Qingye is Helian Er. She is now ventilating and reporting to kill us and can make money for employment Such a rough thing? Do it, don't let him sting, it will be annoying to listen to. "

The coachman said busyly: "The prince has misunderstood. The villain is really not the second prince. The villain was originally a priest with a view of imagination, and it was the Lord Witch who asked me to do this ..."

"I just said it was a woman. I don't have a word of truth. Why are you still talking? My king is farting ?! Chop it!"

The coachman said in a very quick voice: "The black witch leader is also a woman ... Ah, ah, lord, slay, lord, slay!"

Wuxi was a little surprised. He had never seen this mysterious black witch leader, and he waved, "Listen to him first, do you say that the black witch leader is a woman?"

The guard's waist-knife hangs less than a palm above his head, and the driver is scared to urinate his pants, and busyly said, "Yes, yes ... the Lord Black Witch questioned His Royal Highness, and the younger one listened to them secretly and said, Doubt The second prince put them under house arrest because he was afraid they would cause trouble, and he was implicated in him. He also said that His Royal Highness would surely kill them in the future. Then the Dark Lord came up with a plan, under the name of His Royal Highness, called The younger deceived the green girl, and asked her to closely monitor the whereabouts of the prince and the witch child, and then they could kill the two without saying goodbye, so that Her Royal Highness could not be found ... "

"Kill me ... guys?" Wuxi narrowed his eyes.

Jing Qi gave a light whisper, and "think of a plan", this black witch is really a rural killer from the countryside. They didn't work, and He Lian Er dreamed of immortality that day and night, and he was so tempted to touch them. I'm afraid this time I'm going to be embarrassed.

And that Su Qingying, really has a long face.

"Yeah ... yeah, the black witch maiden told the young girl, I must let you get in my car, and then take you to the road outside Cheng Wumen, using the whip three times as a secret sign, They rushed together and said ... This time they went to the nest, and even Lao Tzu could not hide, and fled at night after killing people. "

Jing Qi and Wuxi glanced at each other, Jing Qi took a deep breath, stroked his forehead, and laughed: "Really ... people are not as good as heaven, oh, I knew this already, I wouldn't let you go all the way Looking for Helian Zhao ... "

The coachman looked at them sternly: "Wang Wangwang ... Lord Wang, villain me ..."

Jing Qi tilted his head and glanced at him: "What are you? As soon as the king is frightened, you say everything, and now of course the king is about to die."

He winked at the guards, and immediately someone blocked the driver's mouth again, and slashed ...

Jing Qi didn't look at the rotten meat on the ground, and smiled at Wuxi: "Witch boy, are you ready to fight?"

Wuxi had pulled out the hook and smiled coldly, without words.

After a while, the samurai of Wutong Mansion were brought together by Ai Lai. Jing Qi left a few guards to Wuxi and took his own peace and went back another way.

After all, it's a matter for the people of the southern Xinjiang. With Wuxi's self-esteem, it's enough for him to step in here.

The black witch had been dormant for a long time, and the dew on the autumn night condensed in the air. It was as cold as biting, but they waited motionlessly as if they could not feel it.

I don't know how long it took before the carriage wobbled in the mist of Emperor's confusion. The black witches still did not move lightly. They waited patiently for the carriage to approach, until they saw the familiar look of the driver.

At this moment, the driver raised the whip in his hand and waved three times in the air crisply--

It's time to hunt.

Twenty-three black witches emerged at the same time, and the driver immediately rolled off the carriage and hid in the corner. No one noticed him. The carriage was quickly turned into a hedgehog by poison arrows. The people in the carriage were almost even connected. Before he could make a scream, he went to see the king.

At this time, the twenty-fourth person came out of the darkness and was wrapped in a dark night clothes. However, from the figure, she could still see that she was a woman. She walked over and lifted the curtain of the car. There was a **** breath, and there was only one dead person inside.

The woman's heart was tight, and she felt vaguely that something was wrong. She grabbed the dead man's hair and dragged him out-the assassins almost exclaimed, because the dead man was just the driver who had just got off the car!

If the real driver is dead, who is that face and that person just now? !!

The woman violently let go of the corpse, but unexpectedly the corpse suddenly sat up strangely, and the blood-stained hand clung to the woman's wrist!

Someone cried, "Blood Corpse!"

The woman's hand quickly turned blue-purple. She immediately cut off her hand with a knife. Blood splattered away a few feet away and screamed, "Go!"

Footsteps rang through the empty intersection, and the southern Xinjiang warriors struck from all directions. The weird "carriageman" mingled among the crowd, with a strange and strange smile on his face, as if the skin was only thin The drawing is the same.

Cheng Wumen-the ancestors beheaded the head of the last emperor of the previous dynasty here, Taizong launched a coup and killed his brother. General Xi Zheng, the emperor of the emperor, was suspected of rebelling against the soldiers and deceived him. He and the army were shot dead by random arrows, Zheng Si counted arrows in his body, and he still made dozens of steps, shouting "the world is unkind, and the stunned king mistakes me."

There are nine hundred and eighty-one pieces of bluestone slabs that are three feet long and three feet wide, and there is blood that can not be wiped in each gap.

The victors of the victors, the souls of the losers, this is a life-and-death fight.

The entire emperor was in a dream or carnival.

The woman's blood bleeds all over the ground. She knows that she has nowhere to go. Everyone is dead. Only her is left. Her two hands are broken, one was cut by herself and the other was beaten in a fight. The other person cut it off, and then she watched the half-blooded teenager step towards her step by step, looked down at her, and gently stretched her veil.

Wuxi said, "I didn't expect to be lucky to see Master Black Witch here."

The woman laughed sternly, opened her mouth to speak, but caught Wuxi's neck by surprise. The woman's sharp laughter stopped in vain. Gradually, her eyes began to protrude from her orbits, a pretty face turned blue-purple, her legs twitched and struggled, and a "grid" sound was made in her throat. .

Wuxi said coldly: "I know that the black witch leader has a kind of maggot called" revenge maggot "in his body. When the host is about to die, the maggot will crawl out of his throat, and it will be as fast as lightning and stick to it. The person immediately died of corpse water. The only way to deal with this thing is to pinch the host's throat and let the tapeworm suffocate in it, so ... "

The woman's eyes were wide open, and a stench came out, her chest suddenly melted away, clothes, flesh, and finally exposed the white bones inside, and the white bones were also changing at a speed visible to the naked eye. Wuxi gently let go and let the woman's body fall to the ground, then said, "This way the maggots will end up with the host and become water together."

He wiped the blood off the hooks on his clothes, beckoning to Aha and Alai, saying, "Clean up here and leave no trace."

Someone drove over to another carriage, Wuxi climbed up, suddenly remembered something, looking at Lu Yu, who was posing as a driver. Lu Yu has not recovered from the cruelty and blood of this southern Xinjiang killing, with awe in his eyes.

Wuxi nodded to Lu Yu, and said with a bit of exhaustion: "Thank Zhou Gongzi for me. No matter how he and Wang discussed it, I always owe him a favor, and it will be useful to me in the future, despite speaking."

Lu Yu bent down deeply towards him, only then did he really understand the southern Xinjiang witch boy—what kind of future ruler of this southern Xinjiang is—that is, hundreds of thousands of southern Xinjiang people are close to God in their hearts. The respected object, even if he is in a foreign country, even if he is just a fledgling young man, he should not be underestimated.

The people living in the mountains and forests that cover the sky, if they are friends, are the most loyal friends, if they are #enemy, they are the fiercest enemy.

When Wuxi returned to Wutong Mansion, it was almost dawn, and he had washed away his blood, alcohol, and nasal fat powder, and went to bed to rest, the little snake got out from under his pillow, Beside him intimately, drank his temperature. Maybe it was tired, maybe the lingering worries in his heart were gone, and Wuxi almost fell on the pillow and went to sleep.

He didn't know what to do in the dimness. He stood outside a carved wooden door. Wuxi only felt that the door looked familiar, but he couldn't remember it. He pushed in the door. There was a large bed in the room. The bed curtain was down. There are people sitting side by side.

Wu Xi's throat suddenly tightened, and he slowly walked towards the bed veil, his heart beat faster and faster.

He slowly lifted the bed veil with his hands, and saw that there was a person sitting there, his face was not clear, but he felt very good from his heart. The strange thing was that the man was full of white hair, like a snowdrift, full of bed. Both, he leaned down, gently picked up a strand of hair of the man, and held it in his hand. The man suddenly caught his neck, and some cold lips fell to the tip of his nose, a good smell. Come on.

He felt a little familiar, but he couldn't remember it. A pan of congee was made in his mind, and he couldn't help but reach out and hug the man's body to suppress him ...

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