Lord Seventh Chapter 11-20

Chapter 11: Reciprocity

Although this man's Yushu Linqing was very expensive and looked very pleasing to the eye, Jing Qi said he was very reluctant to see him.

The so-called "Xia Zao Chao" is actually just a routine waiting for the morning outside the Golden Crest Hall. If there are any discounts, you should get up and exercise in the morning. Say hello to adults, and talk a few words if you want to draw together. If it's not pleasing to the eye, run between the lines and run, and then everyone will fall apart, what to do.

The emperor was busy drinking tea, listening to the drama and feeding the birds, and had no time to listen to their fight.

So when Helian arrived at the palace, it was still very early. When Jingqi just arrived, he was only ten years old, with a mouth full of milk, and the words spoken became popular. Occasionally, he made a little laugh and he was a little grown-up. I ’m afraid it ’s going to be creepy. of.

He was too lazy to pretend to be so tender, so apart from the silly peace of the intestine, he has become increasingly unwilling to go out and deal with people all these years.

He was still a little jealous of He Lianhe, and even he was a little dismissive in his heart. He seemed lazy and sleepless all day long.

Over time, His Royal Highness was accustomed to it, only to think that this person has been okay since the old lord was gone, and after a serious illness, it is still young and hurt, and people always look a little lacking. A person who has lost his stomach and is full of bad water has talked less in recent years.

It can be seen that sometimes misunderstandings are also beneficial.

Jing Qi was awakened by the sound of his coming in, staring at him stupidly, frowning subconsciously, wrapping the quilt, turning his back to him, and then sleeping. Helianji came very hard, and after a long time, everyone was used to it, and Jing Qi was too lazy to talk with him about any politeness.

His Royal Highness naturally knew that he didn't want to enterprisingly and wait for death. At first, he relied on his seniority and identity to say a few words, but later he saw it through. This is a rotten tree.

However, after all, it was a friendship that grew up together, a little bit more than a brother, and this person is rarely utilitarian. At a young age, he prefers quietness, but it is a good place to slack off. When Helianchi sometimes felt the headache caused by the blood and rain in this direction, he came to the royal palace in this world to sit for a while, and then he calmed down when he left.

Therefore, Helianji always had a good temper and some patience, and he did not care about him. He reached out and patted him across the quilt, and laughed, "Is this the end of the year, are you ready to go out? Are you full? When you're full, you won't be as diligent as you are in the pig store! "

I looked back at the peace and rubbed my eyes again, shook my head, and said, "What kind of master is there, and what kind of servant are you?" I was too lazy to go together, and said, "Go and get water for your master." And tell him to wash. "

Ping An responded, and went out leisurely, Helien went back, looking at Jing Qi ’s "I will let you wind and waves, I will sleep in peace" look, angry and laughing, stretched out his hand at him I took two hard shots on my body: "Jing Beiyuan, get up! What time is it? I got a break, my father and the emperor have already approved it, telling you to enter the court after the New Year, will you be so tired and lazy?" "

Jing Qi told him to toss, and slowly sat up holding the quilt: "Into the DPRK ..."

"I can't get up to do more work yet, so that the sour college juniors can make a joke that you are a bitch?"

Ping An came in with water and brought a little yell auspicious, brought in the wash and waited for Jing Qi to change clothes. Helien stood up and sat aside, making tea for him.

Jing Qi was auspicious to play with, as if he hadn't woken up, and after a long while, he said leisurely: "Please also invite His Royal Highness to make another fold, and let the Holy Ghost take back his life."

Helianchi raised the tea cup, lifted the lid a little, and raised his eyebrows at him: "It's fifteen after the New Year. It is a rule to enter the North. What do you want to do if you don't want to do business?"

Jing Qi covered his face and yawned. A pair of peach-like eyes could not be opened. The water vapor was so stunned that Helian looked at it for a moment. He bowed his head and drank tea and covered it with emotion. I do n’t know when this person will start The child who speaks milk and milk, but tends to be like a little grown-up, grows into such a young man like Zhilan Yushu, with a little tiredness and laughter, and has the beauty of the first princess, and the charm of the old king, In the future, I am also probably a man named Man Chenghuai / Spring Girls who can't sleep.

However, just listening to this "Zhilan Yushu-like beautiful young man" with a slight nasal tone, said slowly: "What to do ... there is no good job, or you can ask for the grace of the emperor and let me keep the emperor's tomb?" He yawned and wiped his tears with his fingers. "Whenever you want to sleep, you can sleep whenever you want, and whenever you want to sleep ..."

Before he finished speaking, Helianchi patted the tea cup on the small table on the side, took a safe sip, and quickly swallowed back a yawn infected by Jing Qi's tiredness and laziness, bowed his head, and did not dare Speak up.

Jing Qi stared blankly at Helien with an unawakened face, his expression very innocent.

It's ... Jin Yu's appearance, and the ruins of it; the dead wood can't be carved, and the dung wall can't be dirty ...

Helena yelled, "How old are you, so ambitious ?! I dare to say such things when I was born in such a home, is there any future?"

Jing Qi actually woke up, seeing the young man solemnly sternly, reprimanding himself for not learning and having no ambition, and laughing in his heart, but still looking at him calmly--

Right now, the head of the middle is He Lianpei, who shook his hand on the bright side, and in private it was He Lianzhao's crazy dog who caught him and who bit him, and He Lianqi's sissy with a twisting belly, and who he was mixing with Is it promising?

Hellendar and him stared at each other for a long time, and countless words rushed into their hearts, and they were taken back again, facing his embroidered pillow face, which was unknown, and he was really angry.

He had to sigh and squeezed his eyebrows: "Get up and eat something fast. Today, the University of Lu is a scholar, and the emperor himself prepared the reward. Anyway, look at it."

Jing Qi was struggling to say no at this time, would this young man directly explode his hair ... impulsively about this thing.

Sure enough, Helianchi stared: "Still alive!"

Jing Qi sighed secretly, feeling a bit reckless.

I picked myself up, and Heli and others would have a good morning and don't worry about him. Jing Qi remembered something, and ordered: "Peace, run for me at Witch Boy's Mansion, and ask his master if he will go to the banquet. If he does, he will be invited." He paused and looked back. With a thoughtful glance at Helianji, he said, "Tell him His Royal Highness is also there."

Ping An answered, although there was a lot of resentment in his heart, but he had already run away from Zhizifu, and even the fierce southern Xinjiang warriors knew him. The most violent temper, the last one named Alailai They all stepped back and asked him to drink a pot of medicinal wine—of course, after knowing that the five poisons were soaked in it, he came back and vomited.

Herlian's face could not see the mood and anger, and he said consciously or unintentionally, "How close are you to this ... witch boy?"

Jing Qi slightly tilted his head, avoiding his gaze, and said lightly: "Isn't that what the emperor meant, the emperor still hopes that His Royal Highness will get closer to the witch boy."

Although Helianchi felt that the witchcraft of the southern Xinjiang was tricky and covered his face in adulthood, the demon in the demon did not look like a good thing, but he did not want to make enemies out of nothing, and this person seemed to be guarded by Helianpei in these years. Lian Zhao was so aiming that he couldn't catch his handle.

Wuxi lives in Jianjian, and rarely deals with outsiders. Except for teasing Jian Zongzong in the hall, he basically doesn't deal with people. The second child, He Lianqi, always remembers this person. Who knows that he can kick a piece of iron, and do not eat hard or hard. Hellenki seldom put down her body to please someone, she had a bit of perseverance, but unfortunately the threshold of the witch's house was too high.

For such a person who cannot understand the depths, Helianchi naturally does not want him to be assisted by Helian Qila. If he happens to have a good personal relationship with Jing Beiyuan, it would not be a resistance even if it was not a help. He Lianchi turned a few corners in his heart, and smiled on his face: "What does the emperor mean? How good are you to use this dim sum for your business? Just so, I am always curious about this witch, but maybe people do n’t Willing to ignore me and other ordinary people, if you are familiar, you may recommend. "

"Familiarity, just the neighbors, it's good to give face." Although Jing Qi didn't care, he was certain that Wuxi would come out.

In the past few years, although he has seen Wuxi more often than Helian, he has found some rules for the witch's temper. For example, this child is usually not a troublemaker, but if anyone messes with him, he will not let go of it if he cares about the relatives and relatives of the emperor and the emperor, and it will be a retribution; otherwise, if anyone treats him well, he will feel uneasy He always doubts that others have a good intention for him, and he is very careful. Others have given him benefits. He either doesn't follow up, or he must entrust an individual matter to return the favor.

The Central Plains pay attention to etiquette and exchanges, but between these exchanges, there must be a degree. For example, if someone sends a half basket of eggs, it is not easy for the family to immediately return to a drawer of buns, otherwise it is a barter and a relationship. Expressing unwillingness to associate with others, some look down on the other. We must remember this person's love and courtesy. After a period of time, and then returning quietly to return, it is considered "relationship".

Wuxi only knows that the Central Plains people pay attention to "reciprocity and exchange," but they don't know that this behavior is extremely rude to others.

However, Jing Qi was not much to understand him. He only knew that the child was not working. He probably stayed in the ravine with his big wizard for too long. I heard that following his practice, even his parents and brothers did not see it. It doesn't seem to be very human.

In particular, the people on their side are more arrogant, and they can do whatever they want. If they are dissatisfied, they just open their mouths and say that they probably don't think about so many twists and turns.

Although Wuxi was unwilling to interact with Jingqi intuitively, but remembered that no matter what the mentality was, reminding himself that day was a bit sincere. I always felt that I owed Jingqi one point. It was a pleasure to reject Hellenki, but Rejecting the Nanning King was always a bit unbearable.

It ’s a good intention to send things over there. It ’s not good. Basically, every time you send something over, Wuxi will search the whole house and find something similar to send back.

In the beginning, it was quite peaceful, and I felt that going to Proton House to send some home-made gadgets was like catching up—when holding a chicken, I had to change back a few pounds of rice. Later, I knew that his family was a pie. Already.

It happened that Tianjing Qi entered the palace to ask for peace. He saw the novelty of the tribute from Nanjiang in the palace. He Lianpei was generous. He immediately rewarded him a lot, and when he came back, he picked up some gadgets and made his way.

This worries Wuxi. That thing is not much value to say, but the road is far away. After all, it is not visible in the capital, but it is also something from his hometown. I do n’t know what value it can be measured in .

How can I respond?

Ping An's first delivery did not get something else, somehow proud of it.

Jing Qi estimated that he was invited, and said that the prince was also there, and the witch child there probably wished to "give face" by taking the opportunity to change the last favor.

Since he heard that Lu University scholars have been invited to ministers, he knows that Helian will surely drag him along, so he starts to figure out how to let Helian and the witch meet--

Even if it is only with fellowship, to show it to outsiders, there will be a little thought in his heart, whether he misunderstood it? Anyway, He Lianhe has nine things in his heart and naturally pushes the boat smoothly. Wuxi estimates that no one in the dynasty can even figure out. By then, I'm afraid he got on the Prince's thief boat.

Although he has no such thoughts about the past life ... Jing Qi looked at He Lianhe who secretly started a small abacus, with some emotions, but after all, whether Daqing can be ZTE, I still have to count on this person.

How long has he lived, and he is also a Daqing man-some things are downplayed, but some things have to be taken to heart.

Chapter 12: Copper skin

Jing Qi was stuck in the palace for four or five years. Although both ears have been listening to events outside the window, and he has not read the sage book with one heart, the people outside are not at all obsessed with this door. Legend has been deeply favored by the emperor. Little Wang Ye is still unfamiliar.

He originally belonged to the kind of person who didn't get much peace. He was reincarnationed into the seventh generation. In the world, he added up for a total of only forty years, and the rest of the hundreds of years. Grind it out, otherwise if he came from the first life, even if people misunderstand him, the fox fairy leaned down, it would be difficult to live in seclusion in the palace for so long.

Counting that he was already fifteen years old at this time, he could go to the court to listen to politics. He was not a young child. He was stupefied, and occasionally spoke well. Others would not be too surprised, so he was screamed. Then he came out of the boat.

Wuxi really lived up to expectations, seized every opportunity to repay others, and "the two do not owe each other" seems to be the only realm he has pursued for several years. After less than a cup of tea time, I heard someone report that the southern Xinjiang witch Child visit.

Helianchi stretched out his hand and poked on his shoulder, and smiled: "You look so much bigger than my second emperor, who digs out to please others."

Jing Qi shook his hand holding the tea bowl, raised his eyes slightly and glanced at He Lianji. When he saw that he was just joking and had no other meaning, he let his heart down and laughed at himself, too, and said casually: " Neighbors and neighbors, a dog hit his door every day, and it was time to open the door and throw a bun, so I would ask when His Royal Highness was there, and he would n’t even give that point. "

Hellen gave him a sideways glance, and then bounced his head a little, and cursed with a smile: "What's nonsense?" Get up and dress up, "Go, let me see this magical witch boy who can't see you."

Wuxi actually regretted it as soon as he went out, but unfortunately he has returned to peace. For him, do n’t care who promised it, as long as it is promised, it will be done by death. The other guard, Nu Aha, went to the palace.

The king of Nanning was the first king of a different name in Daqing. When the emperor was peaceful, he and Jing Qi's grandfather Jing Rui were acquainted with each other. Later, Jing Rui died for the emperor. The emperor felt his loyalty and raised him up. Sealed the king again. Jing Yuyu and He Lianpei grew up together from a young age, but they were not the same, but they are still confidants. It is said that the princess that Jing Yuyu married was also the sweetheart of He Lianpei.

Later, the Zhijia people were absent from their own hearts, and they were so generous to personally marry the two, which was also a kind of affectionate story.

Therefore, the Nanning Palace was built to the specifications of the Prince. In Wuxi's eyes, it is a word-big.

Heading from north to south, the two doors are wide, the courtyard is extremely deep, the pavilions are full of rockery, the walls are tall, the front hall, the back bedroom, the back room and the east and west hall are all available. If no one is leading, I am afraid that I will get lost in it .

Although Witch Boy's Proton House is not far from the Royal Palace, it is also close to the Imperial City, but because of his embarrassing status and hurried placement, he looks a lot shabby.

But after entering the palace for a while, Wuxi discovered that the palace was large, but it was very quiet inside, except for the occasional bird calls that didn't have time to fly away, and the water in the courtyard stream rang, almost no human voice could be heard. However, there were only a few rough men who cleaned the courtyard. They were not surprised when they saw him. They all stopped his work, saluted him, stood aside, and waited for what he should do after he passed.

Quite insulting.

They brought them in, a sixteen or seven-year-old boy, with a pair of smiling eyes, thin and small, but very clever, watching Wuxi quietly looking at the Wangfu all the way, he opened a conversation box, what is here, where What did it do? The tree dropped a lot of leaves and the master would not let it sweep. Although the weeds over there were fierce, the master said that he would not pull out if he had a mood.

Lively and not noisy, Wu Xi's face under the veil relaxed with him.

He didn't wait long, as soon as the tea came up, he saw two people walking in one after the other.

The one who walked ahead had a weak crown age, with a proper smile on his face, and looked forward to the spirits and extraordinary atmosphere. When he saw him, he arched his hand first: "It has been a few years since the witch boy came to my Daqing. Visited, sinned. "

Wuxi froze a bit, stood up subconsciously, and knew in his heart that this was the Prince of Daqing, and the future emperor.

He was not seen, but he was not impressed. It seemed that this young man rarely spoke in front of everyone, and had no pomp. He was not very conspicuous and polite to others, but not like the great prince Helian. Zhao is so high-spirited, as if he is already the future master of this country.

He nodded, and made a ritual with the southern courtesy: "His Royal Highness."

——I am not familiar with it anymore, I don't know what to say anymore.

Helian was stunned, and said that the southern Xinjiang witch boy was a bit lonely and weird. When he saw someone, he would say hello, not even a few words, just so cold and standing like a wood.

Jing Qi smoked at the corner of his mouth and did not squeak, but politely arched at Wuxi, stood aside, listening to Helian's unilateral greeting, and Wuxi Muran's occasional response to see how Helian's long-sleeved good dance played on the cow Fortunately, the weather felt fine.

The three of them went out, got on the horse, and went to the Lu University scholars together.

He Lianhe and Wuxi walked side by side, and Jing Qi was slightly in the back half of the horse's body, quietly garnished, not very speaking.

Helianchi was a little bit confused about what this witch boy meant. Lu University scholars are the heads of today's literati. Although they are old and have already fallen into love, they will return to their hometowns. After all, they were all under the influence of the Daqing Dynasty, which affected the Daqing Dynasty. It is conceivable.

Today, his name is Guoshou, and the big guy also knew in his heart that this was to leave Beijing to return to his hometown to take care of himself and retire, and it was considered a farewell. Anyone who looks a little bit faced in North Korea is here.

At this time, the witch boy would not have to go, but not only did he show up, but he also came along with him all the way. This is what He Lianqi saw, what would he think?

But ... Helianji tilted his head and looked at the man walking beside him, but since he was so easily called by Beiyuan, shouldn't he be close?

Why is attitude so perfunctory?

Hellendar was amazed, wondering what the man meant. Jing Qizao understood his small movements at a glance, and saw what he was thinking in his heart. He couldn't help lowering his head slightly and covering his face with a bit of patience.

——It turns out that His Royal Highness was actually thinking too much.

Although He Lianpei invited Wuxi for a western seat, which serious taxi doctor wants to be a master of such people? In case he accidentally annoyed him again, wouldn't he be trying to make something as degrading as Jian Jianzong?

Later, it was easy to arrange a young Hanlin in the past. As soon as he entered Wutong Mansion, he was scared of half his life by poisoning him from all over the house. He trembled into the house, and a slash of green on the beam A small snake with a thick finger came and was so frightened that he nearly doubled his eyes and almost went to see Xiansheng.

No one dared to come to the door again. He Lianpei had no one to sue. He could not help but send a batch of books to the past to make the witch learn by himself.

It can be seen that Wuxi is also not very diligent. When Helen Pengwen was very polite, he didn't understand much. He only knew that although it was good words, few words were not obsolete. They are not malicious, and it is not bad to ignore them. They just agreed there, nodded when they heard the question and the statement, and then said "good" when they heard the emotion.

Jing Qi looked very interesting while watching, but Wuxi suddenly turned around and said seriously: "The things you sent me a few days ago are very good, I haven't thank you yet."

Jing Qi busy said: "But some objects are not enough, if you can understand the homesickness of the witch child, it is also a virtue."

Wuxi thought about it and said, "I'm at home ... not playing with these."

Jing Qi calmly pretended that he could not help a moment. I just listened to Wuxi and said, "Anyway, thank you." Turned his head and stopped talking.

Jing Qi felt that this little bunny had grown so big and hadn't grown a bit, it was very unlovable.

No matter what, Helien Wong was a prince, there was no reason to wait for the guests early. When the three stepped into Lufu, the guests from all walks of life were almost there. When they saw the three, even the host, They couldn't help but hesitated for a moment. The voice of the low-talk in the crowd was lowered for a while, and their eyes were focused on Helianyu and Wuxi.

Helianchi was at ease, but Wuxi felt that so many people were staring at him--with the look of surprise, temptation, thoughtfulness, and sudden realization--that was uncomfortable. He couldn't see his face under the veil, but hesitated slightly under his feet.

He Lianqi's mouth was mechanically involved, and she lowered her head slightly, pretending not to see He Lianzhao's gaze like a joke, her hand holding the glass tight.

The scholar of Lu Renqing Lu University was busy leading everyone to the ceremony, and said to Helian: "See His Royal Highness, how lucky the old minister is to be there!"

He Lianji gave him a help in the hand, and said in the mouth, "Don't dare, in front of Lu Lao, Gu is just a post-school, but it's too late, sorry."

He glimpsed Lu Renqing secretly looking at Wuxi, then pointed to Wuxi sideways: "Lu Lao's face is not small, look who is this?"

Lu Renqing saw that Wuxi was also a bit big. The reputation of this witch boy was a bit ... But the people brought by His Royal Highness were not good enough to give face, and fisted: "It is rare to see the witch boy. Brilliant. "

Wuxi had no impression of this old man, and was designed by Jingqi. He didn't know who he was and didn't say anything. He nodded, put his hands on his chest, and performed a ceremony to see the elders.

Lu Renqing only said that he was arrogant and rude, but he was not happy, but he was not good at it. He glanced at Jing Qi, who was standing quietly, and quickly found himself a step down, and said, "This is ... Little Wang Ye!"

Jing Qi said with a smile: "It is difficult for Lu Lao to remember his juniors."

"Why don't you remember?" It ’s good to know that there is a comparison. At this time, Lu Renqing felt that the smiling Qi Jing and the cold Wuxi looked particularly cute, so he was very enthusiastic and authentic. Junlang, be Daqing Junjie for me! "

Helianchi lowered his gaze, and Jing Qi still talked to the University of Lu University chucklingly, thinking at the same time-Lu Lao, are your old eyes dizzy?

Lu Renqing led the three to the upper seat, but others didn't say anything, but He Lianqi stood up with a chilly smile on his face.

Jing Qi stepped in a footstep, and quietly reached out, grabbing Wuxi's clothing corner.

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Chapter 13: Wuxi Brothers

He Lianqi, who said it wasn't good, was a little devious.

A young man who is okay and always likes to get some elixir. He is followed by a skinny old priest all year round. The old priest has a pair of white eyes, a chin like awl, and his cheeks are dry. Like good people.

He Lianqi must not be said to look bad. At first glance, he still had a stunning feeling, but this young man with a graceful appearance was a more terrible opponent than He Lianzhao.

After all, although He Lianzhao is fierce, he is a rough man.

Jingqi suddenly grabbed Wuxi, but he was startled. He was not tolerant of people. Besides being unwilling to deal with people, he also had poison on his body—for example, a poison on his wrist. Green bamboo leaves.

Jing Qi pulled his sleeve without a notice, and Wu Xi apparently felt that the snake on his wrist trembled slightly with his movements, and actually leaned out his head, covered by his wide sleeves, scarlet. The letter came out, little by little on Jing Qi's finger.

Although the snake venom has a solution, Wuxi looked at the small body of King Nanning, but he did n’t know if he would be bitten by a bite, and he would not be able to get the antidote; if he did n’t bite, Wuxi would go dizzy from the last time. Han Lin ’s response also knows that the Central Plains are afraid of this small poison, and then scared him ...

But the fingers are so sensitive. Before Wuxi had time to plug the bamboo leaves that came up, Jingqi felt something was licking his hand, and bowed his head, just like the green little in Wuxi's sleeve. The snake looked at each other, and Wuxi paused.

Unexpectedly, Jing Qi just glanced at the little snake lightly, as if the thing was just an ordinary bracelet. There was no response or letting go. He slightly dragged Wuxi back half a step, not asking him to face him. Hellenki, then he glared at Helena.

What's even more strange is that the snake in Wuxi's sleeve stared at the person's hand, and touched the letter a few times. After a while, he felt boring. He inexplicably retracted again, and was honestly on Wuxi's wrist. on.

Wuxi was relieved.

Although Helianki is a brother and Helianyu is a younger brother, but Helianki is the Prince of the East Palace, counted as "Jun". When Helianqi and Helianzhao met, they had to salute.

But now what the three brothers are all about, everyone knows. He Lianzhao didn't even come to say hello. He met from a distance. He proudly nodded and passed, so He Lianqi also made a very perfunctory gift. He greeted with a smile: "His Royal Highness."

Helianchi lowered her eyes and smiled. No reluctance could be seen on her face, and she was still polite: "Second Brother Huang."

Ninjas can't do it before they can succeed.

Jingqi pulled Wuxi, meaning he wasn't told to speak, and he stepped aside, and saw a ceremony with Helian scrawling.

He Lianqi's gaze stayed on him for a while, and Pi Xiaorou said without a smile: "I haven't seen one day, Beiyuan is really more handsome."

This statement is even more incorrect. In this tone, it is obvious that the elders should say to the juniors and the upper and lower ones.

He Lianpei was both an elder and a king. To be fair, Prince Helian was a few years older and was considered a king in the presence of King Nanning. Relying on good friendship, he barely spoke.

But He Lianqi just occupied the name of a prince, and has not yet become the king. If it is not the grandson of the dragon, the grade alone is not as good as the prince of Jingqi, the true grandfather. He Lianqi said it in this tone, and seemed to feel that she was superior.

If others, I may be too angry if I do n’t turn my face. Fortunately, Jing Qizhuang's grandson's ability is not lower than that of Helianji, but he only concealed it lightly: "His Highness is praised."

He Lianqi's eyes crossed him like a hook, and finally stopped at Wu Xi. His eyes were very beautiful, he raised his eyes narrowly, and he couldn't say the romantic style was charming, but Wu Xi felt that the eyes of the two princes It is a bit more vicious than seeing the blood-sealed snake, and when looking at him, it makes people feel that a layer of yin and cold is floating behind.

He Lianqi smiled at him: "Oh, who is my Tao, isn't this a witch boy? It's not easy to see Zun driving back. The prince's face is not small today."

Wuxi put his hand on his chest and said coldly, "His Royal Highness."

Hellenki chuckled, stretched out her white fingers to arrange her sleeves, and pointed at the old man who was as dry as a firewood, deliberately prolonging her voice, saying yin and yang strangely, For this technique, this brother Li Dao has been asking me for some referrals, but ... It seems that I haven't faced Helenki enough, and I have posted on the post a few times, but the witch boy has closed his door to thank the guests. Doesn't it mean that I am high? "

This is the temptation to find the difference, Wuxi took a moment to hear the hostility in Hellenki's words, and he subconsciously glanced at King Qi and said, "Whether southern Xinjiang witchcraft and your Central Plains Taoism are not Same, I don't think there is anything ... "

Jing Qi gently patted him on the back of his hand, interrupted him, rolled up his sleeves, and said to Helene: "Look at this misunderstanding, what's happening at Wuxi, His Royal Highness is still not clear, right? Those little animals raised were scared of Mr. He who came to ask for teaching. Now there is no Mr. Dare to come to the door. Now I do n’t know all the words. How can I understand the crepe of the text sent by His Royal Highness? ”

He said these words intimately, and even called Wuxi's name directly. He Lianqi frowned and glanced at him and said, "It seems that Beiyuan and the witch boy have a good relationship. Referral Referral? "

Jing Qi smiled and said, "Let's live next door and take care of yourself."

Hellenchi narrowed her eyes.

He Lianji gave a cough, stretched out his hand to hold Jing Qi's shoulder, and drank softly: "Bei Yuan." Then he nodded to He Lianqi, "The second emperor invited me. Since the emperor brother has a strong witch child, he must be alone today Be a middleman, but the two will be able to get closer to each other later and no longer be seated. I am afraid that Lu Lao cannot celebrate the birthday today. "

Lu Renqing said busyly: "Exactly, please, two Highnesses."

He Lianqi glanced at his hand resting on Jing Qi's shoulder with a smile, and turned away with Li Daoren.

Helianna kept pulling Jing Qi to the table, as if he was still using him as a child. He was afraid that he would walk around and sit down. Then he glanced at him and lowered his voice, "What are you doing to provoke him?"

Jing Qi ’s lips were hardly tilted, and his voice was vaguely: “I want to provoke him if the tree wants to be quiet but the wind does n’t stop. What ’s more, I sent the word“ princeling party ”on my head to go out It ’s not that Helena is n’t pleasing to my eyes. ”

But Helianchi thought of something like a smile: "Yes, not when you were a kid. The father asked you to read. Helenki originally wanted you to be a companion. You're better. You don't talk at all. The father's thigh was crying and refused, only saying that he didn't like him. "

Jing Qi just picked up a glass of wine and almost stunned: "I ... why don't I remember?"

Herren was giggling but not smiling.

However, this seems to be what he said, since childhood and He Lianzhao barely managed to make up the past-of course, He Lianzhao is much older than him, busy with seizing power, and busy with black people fighting, and has no intention Answer him that the little broken boy who is not stable all the way-he and He Lianqi alone will not deal with it.

The old man said that children have an animal-like talent, and they can see things that others cannot see. Although they are not sensible, they just know who is good.

He Lianqi belonged to the kind who was born in conflict with Jing Qi. He obviously looked very good. He was also good to him at the beginning, but it didn't work. When he couldn't say anything, he cried when he saw He Lengqi. Those who crack the lungs to sorrow the heart, do not know if there is any evil in the previous life.

In private, the dark tide is turbulent. On the surface, everyone eats, drinks and drinks, and the atmosphere is fairly harmonious.

After three rounds of drinking, Helianchi reached out and held Jing Qi's hand holding the wine glass to his mouth, pressed it, and then chopped chopsticks for him, saying, "It's almost there. Don't drink if you have the chance. I haven't seen you eating for a long time, and I noticed that my alcoholic headache caused a headache, and I was under pressure. "

Jing Qi's drink volume is clear, so that one thousand cups are not drunk, but three cups, two cups, and a few sips are nothing, just a little absent-minded, and when Helianji stopped, he dropped the cup obediently and ate slowly. Get something up.

Wuxi looked silently on the side, and suddenly felt that His Royal Highness looked at the Nanning King's eyes as if he were not the same as the others. Naturally, it was natural to say that when He Lianchi put his head to Jingqi's side dishes It seems that there is a subtle softness and a little smile at the corners of the eyebrows.

It made him feel a bit redundant sitting next to him.

However, Wuxi didn't know. It wasn't just him who noticed here, but Hellenki's eyes were not far away from the three of them. A fleeting smile flickered across the thin corners of his mouth, and he looked at Li Daoren in a pointed way.

Jing Qi was absent-minded, but it was because of Helian Qi.

He knows this person too well. He Lianqi is a must-have. He is deeply minded, but too vicious and narrow-minded. He has no room for tolerance, is jealous and jealous. At the moment it is determined that the witch boy dismissed his face, and I am afraid there will always be conflict.

But the witch boy was dragged in by himself. How to go this way, we have to plan something.

After returning from the birthday feast of Lu University scholars, Helianyu saw that it was too late and was not able to stay, so he went back to the palace first, and Wuxi and Jingqiyi went back to their homes.

Wuxi is not a squeak, and the two Aya Lai and Nu Aha brought out were completely confused. I only knew that someone invited guests to dinner, followed by the witch boy to eat and drink, and then went back. There was nothing to worry about.

Jing Qi estimated that if he had nothing to say, the witch didn't know what to say, and he didn't bother himself, so he went all the way and personally sent Wuxi to the gate of Witch Mansion.

Jing Qi then planned to leave, and returned to the house with a small waitress.

But suddenly I heard Wu Xi say, "What you mean, I understand."

Jing Qi paused and blinked: "What is this witch boy?"

Wuxi said, "Reassure you, if there is a person to be your emperor in Daqing in the future, I also hope that person is the prince. He Lianzhao is an enemy. I offend him and it will affect my clan ... and just now He Lianqi, he has great ambitions and unscrupulous mindsets. He has always remembered the witchcraft of our southern Xinjiang. If he were emperor, we would have no peace. "

Jing Qi was taken aback. He always felt that the child was somewhat indifferent, but he did not expect that he would not speak so well.

"If it was His Royal Highness, it would be natural for me to live peacefully with Daqing and Southern Xinjiang," said Jing Qi. Now. "

"Can you say this on his behalf?" Wu Xi asked.

This witch child is usually confused or ignored, but his heart is concerned only with his family far away from the sky—Jing Qiyi smiled. This gentleman might be a confidant: "I do n’t know , The Prince's Palace went down, the king still knows a little or two, although the witch boy is assured. "

Wuxi nodded.

Jing Qidao said: "This will not disturb the witch boy." He left.

Who knew that he had just turned the horse's head, but was stopped by Wuxi: "Master Wang ..."

For so long, the cold witch boy didn't seem to call him actively, Jing Qi Yiyi, turned his head.

Wuxi lowered his eyes, as if it was difficult to exit. After a short while, he whispered softly, "You ... could you ... call my name again?"

Let him have a good idea. In the far south, thinking about the old man named by his name, the big wizard, said that the name is very important and it must be followed for a lifetime. The name is also powerful. If you keep calling someone's name in your heart for a long time, that person will know that there will be feelings.

But when he came to Daqing for a few years, Wuxi felt that he was about to forget who he was and what his name was.

When I heard Jing Qi's understatement before the banquet, although he knew he had deliberately said it in front of the Hellenki, he felt as if he had been hit.

After waiting for a long time, he raised his eyes, but saw that Jing Qi only opened his eyes, which meant to look at him unclearly. Wuxi was a little disappointed in his heart, nodded hurriedly to him, and turned to walk to Wujifu.

However, listening to Jing Qi said with a smile: "Brothers of Wuxi, often come to the palace to sit and sit."

Wuxi turned back suddenly, only to see the man smile at him and take the horse away.

He just felt an indescribable taste in his heart, and gently stretched his left hand into the sleeve of his right hand, stroking the ice-cold body of the snake on his wrist, and the snake ran softly around his palm.

Wuxi thought that even the snakes he raised were not hostile to him.

The author has something to say: Does any wood have a taste of bamboo horses?

Is there wood there is wood there?

Some wood tiles are invisible ~~~~~

Chapter 14: Near the end of the year

The light in the room had faded before it was time to hold the lamp.

He Lianqi was sitting on a carved wooden chair, holding a tea cup in her hand, and did not drink, but unconsciously pinched the edge of the cup with her fingers, staring straight at the ground.

Li Daoren was sitting aside, not moving or speaking, his thin body was like a piece of wood that was about to die. At first glance, he could not notice his existence.

Suddenly, Hellenki slammed the tea cup in her hands to the ground, and the hot water splashed everywhere. A little girl waiting at the door immediately heard the sound, and leaned in panic to pick it up with her hand. Qi stopped drinking and said, "Dog slaves, who let you in, get out!"

The little girl was startled by him, and her green fingers screamed and shattered a piece of porcelain to make a bloodstain. She didn't dare to say it, and hurriedly bowed out.

From beginning to end, Li Daoren was indifferent, and the splashed tea stained his boots. He didn't care much, and never even retracted his feet.

He Lianqi couldn't sit still. She stood up and paced back and forth in the room: "It's just a barbarian ... it's just a little **** born from a stealing man! Relying on the color given by the old man, he must climb to me Here comes the head! "He patted the small wooden table next to his hand, and felt uneasy, swiping his long arm, sweeping all the bonsai tea sets on the table to the ground, shattered into a pool.

Hellenki stretched her hands on the table, panting, "Don't kill him, don't kill him ... I'll write Hellenki's name upside down!"

Li Daoren began to speak slowly, his voice was extremely hoarse, like a rusty piece of iron scratching in and out of it: "His Royal Highness is a little bit restless, I see, the southern Xinjiang witch boy It just happened to be all the way with the prince. It may not be related. "

"Prince?" Hellenki sat down aside, sneering, as if the name was pronounced and stained his mouth. "Helena is just a little cub whose hair is not fully grown. What kind of prince?"

Li Daoren nodded and said, "This is it, His Royal Highness is a person who is going to do big things. When I have to clean them up in the future, why bother with them now? The most important thing right now is the boss's side, the Hellendzor wolf ambition, It is not a concern for a group of rough people to put eyeliner in the army with a mind, but if they let it go, it will not end in the event that he will have full wings and force the palace. "

Hellenki snorted heavily.

I just listened to Li Daoren and said, "It's just one point, that Helian is the emperor's close prince. Even if Her Royal Highness gains momentum in the future, I'm afraid it will take some effort to be justified."

He Lianqi sneered: "He was so weak when he met the people in the palace and nodded, but there is a half and a half of the prince's frame? The eldest brothers raised by his father are more expensive than his gold."

Li Daoren rubbed his sparse beard and shook his head: "Although it is not a cause for concern, it should not be underestimated. His Royal Highness also needs to pay attention to Jingbeiyuan. Although King Nanning has a profound understanding, he can be deeply favored by the emperor these years ... … "He paused slightly, his broom frowning." The poor old man thinks he has something weird. A child in his tenth year, without the restraint of his parents and brothers, could endure loneliness all these years. If not, After the New Year, he will have to hear from the dynasty and say that he will not be out of the gate of the palace ... it is always a bit unusual. "

He Lianqi said slowly: "Even He Lengqi understands that he is a delicious lazy embroidered pillow. Why should the director care?"

Li Daochang put down the tea cup: "This is not necessary, I'm afraid that His Royal Highness King Prince is somewhat unusual."

Hellenki paused, thinking of something like it, with a little sloppy / obscene expression on her face: "This is true, although the Jingbeiyuan people are unwieldy, they look handsome every day, Hellenki. Three days and two heads walking towards him, what a peace of mind ... hey! "

Li Tao said humanely: "His Royal Highness, has been diligent and frugal for many years, and sold such a name that is stricter than others, but I am afraid that only the true feelings of the people will be clear."

He Lianqi frowned, and asked, "How do you say?"

Li Daoren only smiled inexplicably: "I still need to observe and observe ... I said that today I met the King of Nanning. I actually remembered one person. It was a family who had helped the poor when they were down, there was a girl named Tweety, she was only 17 years old this year, and later caught up with the epidemic. Her parents were both ill. She begged along the street alone and told the team boss to take care of her and raise her up. She also sang some fame in a few years ago and went to Beijing some time ago. When he heard someone say, he came to the poor road, thinking of his family's kindness, and the poor road accepted her as a daughter. "

Hellenki froze and didn't understand what he meant.

Li Tao said humanly: "Remembering now, Tsui'er frowns a bit like Lord Nanning, and it's a coincidence."

He Lianqi groaned for a while and laughed, "I'll see you in another day."

Li Daoren smiled and said nothing.

At this meeting, someone came to the door to report that it was Mr. Zhao's family who came to deliver the New Year's goods to His Royal Highness. He Lianqi was interrupted, and was a little unhappy, so she asked, "Which is Master Zhao?"

Jia Ding Bao said: "It's Zhao Zhenshu, Master Zhao from Beitunchang."

He Lengqi just came back to her, and for a moment, her face went dark, showing a meaningful smile, and said, "Come and invite."

After a few moments, the Zhao family arrived, and there were several large boxes behind them, one by one.

The Zhao family met He Lianqi, saluted with a smile on his face, and worshipped in his early years, with great respect, opened a box, He Lianqi glanced at it, and saw that there were some fabric embroidery and the like, and smiled. , Also a few words, and let people arrange it, do not neglect the guests.

When the Zhao family went, He Lianqi stood up and asked his confidant to take out the cloth and the like from the box. It turned out that there was only one layer of new year goods such as cloth embroidery inside, and there was a box full of gold bars.

This is also true for several other boxes, dazzling with gold and silver jewelry.

Hellenki looked at it one by one, and then she was satisfied and told someone to lift the box down.

Of course, such a generous "new year's goods", even the Gongqing nobles, are not available to everyone.

Near the end of the year, everyone was busy, preparing, returning, banqueting guests, worshipping ancestors, and Buddha. Even buying and selling on the street is more lively than usual. After tightening the belt for a year, I finally hope that by the end of the year, I can eat, drink, and indulge. Everyone has a little joy on their faces.

The population of Wangfu was not large. In addition, the old people have gone home in recent years. Jing Qi is too annoying. He refuses to let Ping An buy new people. Therefore, when the festival is celebrated, he sees that Ping An is not long. His legs, running east and west, were too busy to kick his heels on the back of his head.

Jing Qi leaned on the door of the study, looked at him unconsciously, stretched his back, and commanded: "So what, I'm a idle person. I'm stuck in your eyes by this pestle, go out and turn around, be safe for you Busy. "

He hugged him in peace and resentment, Jing Qi smiled, turned and walked out.

Ping'an was busy: "Where is the master? Who should follow? Prepare a horse?"

Jing Qi waved his hands lazily: "Be prepared? Everyone is following me, I will go to the witch's party, there are no steps in total, if you have a shout in the courtyard, I can hear there."

He strolled out, safe and quiet, and lost his account book to follow, but was shouted with auspicious sounds behind him: "Song steward, you go quickly, the Lord Lu arrived, How come back ... "

In a flash of people, the prince who was out of touch with his family disappeared.

Since returning from the Lu University scholar that time, Wu Xi has spoken clearly, and Jing Qi also admitted frankly that after the two stood on a thief boat together, there was a lot of alienation on that level.

Wuxi found that in fact this person just had more things in his eyes, but it was not harmful, and he was full of curiosity and socializing. Compared with those Daqing people who were full of benevolence and morality, they were more candid and uncluttered, not so much. hypocritical.

Since he came back, wandering around Wutong Mansion and seeing him practicing poisoning and poisoning, it seems that Wutong Mansion is a hunting ground. Come to see if there are any new "things" when you are free.

In fact, it's no wonder that King Qi is, in some respects, well-informed. The demons and demons in the world, the charms of the underworld, the eccentrics, the stingy, the sad and the sorrowful have all met, and sometimes nothing is new. And still feel boring.

However, he has never been to southern Xinjiang in his life. When he went to Wuxi for a while, he looked at everything fresh, and even thought of his desire to travel far away.

There is no need to count people or remember anything. Think about it, so many reincarnations have revolved around only one person. Isn't it a pity to have no chance to take a closer look at the world?

Even a few people from the southern Xinjiang province of Wujifu were surprised. In Daqing, for several years, the fearful and ill-mannered secretaries of Daqing were afraid of anything. They thought it was a flood monster beast and monster technique. I rushed forward in this way.

Since Wuxi found that the little prince who had no knowledge of the heights and heights squatted on the corner of the wall and stared at a small eye with a colorful poisonous scorpion for a moment, he tentatively reached out and grabbed the scorpion's tail. It is already impossible to tell whether this person is ignorant or fearless or confused.

In the past, I just felt that this person had to roll in my heart a lot before talking and doing things. He was a soft-skinned man, but he didn't know it. He was so unscrupulous and unconscious.

No wonder it is said that the emperor of Daqing spoiled him, but the old and the young are actually quite different.

Later, as long as King Nanning arrived, the whole house felt a bit like an enemy. After all, this little man can also be regarded as his taciturn master. The only friend who can speak in these years can't really let him be indifferent, because his curiosity died here.

Jingqi arrived in Wuxi on this day, but found that there is no New Year's atmosphere here, and it is still no different from usual. The little marten squatting at the door has become familiar with him, and he heard the movement raised his head and scanned him with small eyes. , He no longer cares about it, turned his back and only aimed at him with his butt.

Jing Qi felt itchy and picked up a stick to tease it. The little marten remembered that he had been reprimanded by the owner when he wanted to bite him last time. This time he didn't dare to ignore the scourge, but just glanced at him with a contemptuous look. With his back to him, he lifted his **** and moved it aside, Jing Qi did not hesitate to continue, and Xiao Qi decided not to be able to hide, and ran away, jumping into one's arms three or two times. Aggrievedly exposed his tail, his head pierced deeply, not seeing or worrying.

Wuxi heard the newspaper saying he was here, and he greeted him with a bang. He saw the sable he kept in his arms and rushed into his arms like a frustration: "Don't tease it, it has poison on its teeth, a new solution The medicine has not been dispensed yet. "

Jing Qi smiled, "hehe", throwing away the wooden stick in his hand and standing up, bouncing the soil on his body: "I like it as soon as I see it. Why not give me a few days?"

Little Sable poked his head to look at him, and pierced his head into Wuxi's arms, facing him with his butt. Jing Qi rubbed his chin awkwardly, and Wu Xi said honestly and rudely, "It doesn't seem to like you."

Jingqi said with a "swipe", followed Wuxi into the house, and asked, "Why don't you have any activity during the New Year? Isn't South Xinjiang just a new year?"

Wuxi paused and said, "Yes."

Jing Qi looked at him side by side, and saw Wuxi rubbing the fur of the little sable with both hands, his eyes were slightly dimmed, and he understood what he meant. The year was about to spend with his family. No relative, but what's the difference? It's just that others are annoyed and lonely.

This child, he was very heavy without being attentive. Jing Qi reached out and patted his arm, and it was cold. Although the little bamboo Ye Qing was a bit drowsy, depending on the temperature of the person, he was awoken by the shock and found out He stared at him fiercely, vomiting the letter like a threat, and was frozen back by Han.

Jing Qidao said: "From the beginning of the first day, there was a temple fair in Beijing. There is no curfew. People have been playing all night. You have been here for many years and haven't been out yet? This year, I will take you to see."

The author has something to say: Are you diligent today?

It rained for a day ~~~ It is said that there is rain in the head and there is rain in it ... well, it's quite big

Chapter 15: Mochizuki River

Chinese New Year is a big event. There is a banquet in the palace. Except for the old people who are prepared to be cheerful, everyone else is upset.

Inside there are concubines and marvels. The so-called three women are a drama. Countless women are together. It is a disaster of millions of ducks. A group of pro-sons and sons from outside have their own thoughts. Come and go. The guns and arrows, the ministers all just smiled with a smile.

After all, He Lianpei just didn't care, it wasn't empty-headed. After spending most of his life in the deep palace, Zhi Guoping wouldn't be in the world. He still understood the struggle for favor.

After sitting for a while, I still felt lively at first, and later I was annoyed.

The father-in-law gave a warm stomach soup, and He Lianpei took a sip in his hand and asked, "Where is Beiyuan? Ask him to come and sit with him for a while."

Xi Gonggong froze for a while, and looked around, and found that the seat of King Nanning was long empty, and he was busy asking.

For a moment, the father-in-law said to Helianpei softly, "Return to the emperor, the prince just said that there was a cold wind outside, and he had some headaches, so he went back and pleaded guilty."

He Lianpei's eyelids were raised slightly, and he waved his hands. Father-in-law Xi saw that he looked sullen, and did not bother to stand back.

For a moment, he heard He Lianpei sigh softly. The emperor's face looked a bit dull under the lights, and the wrinkles one after another scrambled out from the corner of his eyes. Under the Chinese clothes, he was especially defeated: nothing……"

On this night, the entire capital of Beijing was filled with laughter.

Jingqi knew that he had escaped, and could not let Helianchi see this. His Royal Highness was a typical one who needed to be backed up. He did n’t say that the poor and the dead friends still jumped, and he was uncomfortable. No one can escape.

It wasn't until He Lianxu was pulled by Lu Xin, the champion of the new division this year, that Jingqi seized the opportunity, rubbed his feet with oil, ran to the free world outside the palace, and ran away.

He pretended to be weak all the way, and didn't ride a horse. He told Ping An to prepare a car, and when he reached the palace, he said he wanted to go to bed early.

Ping An was worried, for fear that the grandpa really had a headache and hot brain, and when he saw that he was unwilling to speak, he served him to wash and sleep, and turned off the light early.

Jingqi heard that there was no movement outside, so he got up, changed his undressed burlap clothes, rushed his hair, and turned to the backyard. In the evening of the 30th year, the people in the royal palace were not restricted in activities, and the backyard was quiet. No one was watching, Jing Qi sneaked out of Jiaomen and ran to Wuxi.

At the first sight, it was him, and he stung for a while before talking, and Jing Qi covered his mouth.

Jing Qishuang entered the Wutong Mansion, so he let go of him and laughed, "I was looking for your master. I didn't ask Ping An to know. I wo n’t let it go until dawn."

Ai Lai looked at him stupidly, some did not understand why he went out as a prince and agreed in peace, so he nodded: "Then ... then I'll call the witch boy."

"No need, he knows, your little marten is too shameless, others forget it, I will run in as soon as I come." Jing Qifang only glanced at the little purple marten's figure flashing, with some resentment, Xin Xin didn't do anything, so I liked it, and this time, it became a real name for cats and dogs.

Sure enough, the words faded, and Wuxi came out of the room.

At the sight of Jing Qi, he froze for a moment. Wu Xi did not wear his clothes that were not black and slippery. He wore only casual clothes, and his hair was loosely covered behind him without a veil.

He has not seen light all year round, his skin is a little pale, and even the color of his lips is light. His facial features are deeper than those of the Central Plains, but they are not obtrusive. Instead, he has a special secluded beauty. Jing Qi turned back and pointed at him with a smile and said, "Why don't I‘ hold the pipa half-covered ’today and tell me that vulgar person has a glimpse of fairy posture?”

Wuxi said "Oh" and said very succinctly, "I didn't wear that today."

Jing Qiyu died, and his heart said that you treat me blind?

In fact, the black veil masked, when the southern Xinjiang was catching up with ceremonies and other ceremonies, the clothes that witch children would wear were usually not worn, but after Daqing, they unconsciously distinguished themselves from those around them. Whoever I saw, he was always so tight that he never took off his clothes.

It's like wearing a veil so that no one can see him, no need to see others.

But it ’s because Jingqi often comes to trouble recently. Although Wuxi and the poisons he raised and raised saw the Nanning King ’s first reaction, his head was big, but his heart was also relaxed a lot, and this day has gradually become more realistic. The gate of Witch Boy's House is no longer closed so tightly.

Wuxi looked at him in a strange way. Although Jing Qi was not usually worn in red and green, he was used to pampering himself. Even if he was traveling in plain clothes, the embroidery used by the material was bound to be very particular. The commoner's cloth was on him. Then he asked, "Why are you here ... still dressed like this?"

Jing Qi rolled his eyes: "You unconsciously little cub, didn't you say in the first few days that I would take you to the lively place in the city to see and see?"

Wuxi was stunned, he thought Jingqi was just a casual comment.

The Central Plains people are very hospitable. When there is something, there are always a few phrases hanging on their lips, but no one takes them seriously. Although Wuxi often cannot distinguish the true and false of the Central Plains people, for many years, it has also understood that It ’s impossible to count the number of times when you ’re visiting, “Come and sit often”.

"Are you serious?"

Jing Qiyi shook his sleeves and turned to pretend to go: "How often is it that the king said something to you? Hey, it's easy to get out of the palace. People are not rare, not rare, let's go back to sleep Before the dawn of the province, you have to be a thief ... "

Wuxi grabbed him by the shoulder, he clumsily stupid, Jing Qi said ten sentences may not be able to connect to one sentence, then anxious, for a long time, just babblingly said, "I'll go with you."

Of course, Jing Qi usually has ten words in his mouth. Nine sentences are all horse-drawn carriages, but when he met Wuxi, a child who was indifferent to the true and false, he also knew that he was harmless here, and maybe he could be here. Broken friendships, so most of the time is more sincere, never easy to promise.

He lived for so many years. He only liked children and small animals. When he saw Wu Xi and the small sable sitting on his shoulder, everyone and the animals were staring at Wu Xing's eyes. I wanted to make a tease, so I deliberately said, "Dare to ask me to follow you?"

Wuxi said, "I ... I didn't mean that ..."

He was only really angry at Dao Jingqi. This person has always been very generous. Whether he doesn't speak well, he is attacked by a nasty mink, or he does n’t understand the courtesy. Don't care, it always passes with a smile. Who knows this time he really left his sleeve to leave.

Wuxi had a pale face, and a layer of pink rose slightly because of eagerness. He knew in his heart that Jing Qi had been letting him, and he said in case he really annoyed this man, I am afraid he would not even let him You can't coax it back.

Thinking about it this way, inexplicably, a little panic rose in my heart, afraid that he would leave like this, and he would still be like a stranger to everyone, as before, this witch boy's house was as dead as a grave ...

"Bei Yuan!"

Jing Qi ignored him and just walked forward. Wuxi was a good kid since he was a kid, naturally he could hold him, but he was afraid he would be more angry and afraid to force, but he was dragged forward a few steps. The little sable seemed to understand something, and rushed to slap the clothes on Jing Qi's body with his claws catching his collar.

Jing Qi originally teased him. Who knew that Wuxi's solid eyes were so anxious that his eyes were red, so he stopped, stretched his face, looked at the little sable lying on his arm, and stretched out his hands. Living on the back of a sable, lifting it up, said shamelessly, "Or you can give me this for a few days, and I won't be angry with you."

Wuxi glanced at the innocent little sable, looked at Jing Qi's face again, nodded his head quickly, and turned his head and said to Ai Lai: "Give me a bottle of freshly prepared antidote."

Imao Lai immediately took a small porcelain bottle from her arms, and Wuxi handed it to Jing Qi Dao: "Take it away, this little beast is very poisonous in his mouth. It is familiar to you. It will not bite you. If it bites you, Others in the family just have to take one capsule. "After thinking about it, I don't worry," You ... you said you would not be angry. "

Jing Qi was wearing a wall-thick face, and suddenly found himself as an uncle-level and deceiving honest children in a disrespectful way.

Quickly coughed and gave a little smile: "I spare you this time."

The little sable still tried to reach out his clothes with his claws and opened his round eyes. The unfortunate little beast did not know that he had been sold by his owner.

There is a big river in the middle of the capital called Wangyue River. The water system runs through the north and the south. On this night, the lanterns floated a few miles away. Stars and dots are endless. Fireworks on the earth have covered the entire night sky, and even the stars and moon are dim. Silk bamboo mixed with human voices came from the river paintings. The tower was soaring, and the orange-red lights hung on the edge of the corner tower, following the traces of snow falling before it could be cleaned.

The people on the streets were shoulder-to-shoulder, and the north wind was a bit shaved, but they still felt a little warm when mixed with the crowd. The small vendors sold only a few household items, very rough, not so good, but wonderful. atmosphere.

Walking around the street, Wuxi even sweated a bit.

He had never seen such a lively scene. He was infected for a while, and his eyes were brilliant. How could it not be enough? Jing Qi carefully guarded the little sable in his arms while pointing at the various places in Beijing. Show him.

At this moment, the whistling sound of a flute seemed to break through the hustle and bustle of the earth, soared up, pierced into the ears of people, and seemed to be quiet around them. The loud people were slightly quieter, all crowded by the river. I stretched my neck and looked at a painting in the middle of the moon.

Wuxi could not help asking, "What are they looking at?"

Jing Qi also froze for a moment. He didn't think of it for a while. He stayed in the palace very late every year. He went back to the palace to clean up and fell asleep. This year, he promised to take Wuxi out to confuse the crowd. There was such a show at the time of the year, and what it was was a bit vague.

Just listening to the person next to him slowly said: "This is Yue Niang going out to sing."

Jing Qi only felt that his scalp had exploded, twisted his neck stiffly, and squeezed out a smile: "Please His Royal Highness ..."

Hellene looked at him with a smile, "Well, a headache?"

Chapter 16: Beauty under the moon

Jing Qi stepped back half a step subconsciously: "His Royal Highness Prince Lau is worried, this will be fine."

"Hello fast!" Helianchi snorted coldly.

Perhaps the crowd was too noisy, maybe it was a bit of alcohol and got on the head. The young Chu Jun suddenly felt that his chest was blocked by something, and his brows slowly frowned.

I also felt that it was a bit of an accident for such a thing, and I had to swallow the thick and inexplicable inexplicable constriction, so how I saw Jing Qi was not pleasing to the eye.

Like the tapeworm in his stomach, Jingqi had already seen this expression and knew it was not a joke. His Royal Highness was really annoyed. He immediately turned his eyes, shifted the topic, dragged Wuxi on one side, and laughed: " His Royal Highness, look, who is this, do you know? "

Helian froze for a moment, the young man was very stunned, and then he looked carefully, only to find the subtle differences between his facial features and the Central Plains. In addition, I saw Ai Lai standing behind him. Needless to say, this is Nan The Xinjiang witch boy looked at him with a surprised look, and said that the face of the southern Xinjiang witch boy was a little tender, but it was a little younger than his real age.

Wuxi didn't expect him to appear suddenly, and he didn't want to talk to him more. After saluting, he stood beside Jingqi silently. At first glance, the two seemed to be quite intimate. With a relaxed face, squinting and pointing around, this time I met myself, and my eyes began to twitch again, as if trying to figure out how to disappear from my eyes, and my heart became even more unhappy and his face did not feel a little heavy.

Jing Qi wondered why he was so angry today. When he looked up, he saw a young man who had followed a plain shirt not far behind him, and immediately found another **** that could go down the donkey, and asked, "Oh, what? Xiongtai's eyes were born very much, did he come down with the Prince? "

Only then did He Lianji remember to forget the person behind him, and he turned around and beckoned to the young man behind him: "Zi Shu, come and see the little prince and the witch boy in Nanjiang." Seventy-two said, "This is a friend of the rivers and lakes who happened to have met by chance. You can get closer and closer after you know each other."

The smile on Jing Qi's face almost couldn't hang—Zi Shu? This person is ... Zhou Zishu? !!

The young man in the plain shirt came forward, and Wuxi and Ailai both froze for a moment. They only felt that this man appeared out of thin air. It was not pointed out by Jingqi that they didn't even notice behind Helian. There is such a person.

I don't know if he was born this way or deliberately. Wu Xi felt that the young man in front of him had a face that was more characteristic than no feature, and when he turned around, he forgot about it.

This is a person who clearly stands under everyone's eyes, but can make everyone ignore him. Even He Lianhe just got angry and almost forgot his existence. Wuxi glanced over his head with a doubt. 7. How did he find out?

Zhou Zishu was shocked but more so. His housekeeping ability made people turn a blind eye to him, and it was the first time in his life that he was pointed out in public.

Who is Zhou Zishu then?

The most mysterious group of Daqing royals is called 'Skylight'. Regardless of whether he is a nobleman or a trafficker, as long as that day's order, the antenna of the "Skylight" can reach almost anywhere in the world. This "skylight" was established by Herren's life-long efforts, and the first leader was Zhou Zishu.

He is proficient in Yirong, and no one knows how many faces he has. He is such a pervasive, respectable and terrible person.

In the previous life, Jing Qi and the prince Zhou had a bad smell, almost hitting each other, and the two of them were bright and dark, which directly destroyed the two factions of Helian Zhao and Helian Qi. However, when Helian Xu wanted him to die, he The top ten counts are also Zhou Zishu's masterpieces.

It's not that he doesn't miss friendship. Zhou Zishu deliberately sneaked into the palace while he was in the middle of the night and warned him, but unfortunately it was Jing Qi who had a knot in his heart and didn't hear a word.

What did you say to him then?

It ’s like ... If you have a future life, you will drink with you and stay drunk.

On that day, Zhou Zishu sighed and walked away. On top of the court the next day, King Nanning's top ten counts of crimes were cleared down, one word at a time, smashing his blood dripping—only to say that from beginning to end, Zhou Zishu was sober A person who knows who his master is, ca n’t say that he is ruthless, but just knows what kind of world and what to do.


Of course, these past lives in this past life are not the focus of the sad spring and autumn sadness. The point is that Zhou Zishu's face is not the one he used often, plus hundreds of years, Jing Qiyi did not recognize it for a moment, but just see it in previous lives He was used to standing behind Helien like a shadow, and intuitively found that there were more people there.

However, judging from common sense, he should not have the insight that Zhou Zishu can notice that he is a young boy who only spends his fists embroidering his legs and squatting at home all day long.

Sure enough, Zhou Zishu looked at his gaze and took a little look: "Cao Min has seen the prince, the witch."

Jing Qi was busy pulling out a smiley face: "Fortunately, fortunately, Wang always hoped that one day he could walk the rivers and lakes to mix a hero or something, but Brother Zhou had to mention a lot."

He Lianchi laughed and said, "You can't be a hero even if you walk in rivers and lakes. What else can you do besides pitting?"

Jing Qi frowned, thinking hard for a long time, and said, "... Eat or drink?"

He Lianlian slapped his palm on his forehead, his voice was loud.

Helianchi hit himself, and felt that his hands were heavy, and then stretched his fingers to rub it for him. Wuxi stood a little awkward, and said that the two of them seemed to be so good, but he was always an outsider, so he turned his head Go and look at the big painting in the middle of the river.

Jing Qi was busy shifting the topic, so as to avoid the somewhat intimate action of He Lianren, and asked, "Yes, it will not come out for many years. What is Yueniang doing?"

"Yueniang's best female champion in Beijing every year, one review every year, sometimes a prostitute, sometimes a famous actress. Last year's champion was a girl in the lotus house in the Yanyan Tower. No one knows where this year went." Explaining with a smile, "It's a coincidence that Cao Min also ordered a boat. If a few nobles don't dislike it, you can take a closer look, which is also elegant."

Jing Qi opened his mouth and asked, "Is there any wine?"

"Of course it is." Zhou Zishu had no other problems, except for the things in the cup. Upon hearing this, his eyes suddenly lightened a bit, "I don't know what kind of king you want?"

Jing Qi smiled: "It happens to be warm this winter, there is no ice on the river, the lake is moonlight, the beauties are like jade, and the beauties are best. It is best to keep the old daughter red, do you have it?"

Zhou Zishu Dunjue found a confidant among the drunkards and laughed: "Thirty years, Your Highness, Lord, Witch Boy, please!"

There are white heads in the world, like new ones, and there are still other things.

Buddy, I made an appointment with you to stay with you. Even if you do n’t remember, now I ’m here to make an appointment—Wuxi looked at Jing Qi, watched him talk and laugh with impunity, and suddenly felt this There is a subtle sense of incongruity in a person.

Seen from the front is a handsome boy, but from behind, because of his casual coarse sackcloth, he brings out a little bit of vicissitudes.

It ’s like he ’s been on the road all the time, and people just want to get a glass of muddy wine to warm his stomach, like he ’s been waiting or holding on like this all the time, others want to catch up, but he always feels separated by a thousand The distance is so far.

I don't seem to know where I've seen such a back, but I can't remember it when I met God.

Taking a closer look, King Nanning is still the little prince who replaced the Chinese clothes and mixed with ordinary people and was indifferent to the four bodies. He just followed him behind him, three and a half steps away.

Zhou Zishu was born in a family of rivers and lakes, but he also has some family members. Of course, the so-called "boat" is not so small. The boat is full of food and wine. The best thing is that the docking position of the boat is very close to Yueniang, who is on stage. At this position last year, it is said that thousands of silver were sold.

Only a few people filled the glass with wine, and there was movement on Mochizuki. Only the old pirate was playing the flute. He was wearing a soap-coat and standing not far from the side of the ship. The old monk was settled and his eyes closed. Mouth, I didn't know any signal at this moment, suddenly raised the flute and put it on the lips. On the other side, the piano boy had already set up the piano. A young man sat down, closed his eyes, and put his hands on the piano.

Zhou Zishu said: "These two musicians were dug up by the masters of the Caiyu class and couldn't easily come out to perform."

I saw the pianist suddenly opened his eyes, picked up a hand, and the sound of the flute slowly reconciled. The misty music floated over the water and circled upwards. The people on the banks of the river were quiet, the atmosphere Without saying a word.

Then the bright female voice broke out, as if to tear the night, the woman in plain clothes slowly opened the curtain, and the singing began from the full ripples of the Moon Moon River in thirty miles. The excitement of all stopped for this voice, and turned up and down. The ending will be unbroken, and the hairspring is always lingering, connected with the sound of the flute, like a sigh in his chest.

This is the capital city of Zhuhai, Huying Luoqi, 100,000 people.

This sedum? Where does this song come from?

The woman's eyes flickered, and the lights were dim all the time. She was blessed, and she smiled. Herlian felt that she felt a stab in her heart for a while. Say she looks like this, is it so familiar, can it be that ...

Zhou Zishu listened with emotion, shook his head, and bowed his head to drink a bowl of wine. Wuxi seemed to have a feeling, lowering his head and wondering what he was thinking, Jing Qi was dumb.

He had forgotten that woman's face, Qingye ... Su ... Qingye ...

For a while, it seemed to feel all kinds of pain-the pain of squeezing, the pain of broken bones, the pain of thirst and death, the pain of chopping skin ...

The water vapor in the Wangyue River shed a cold, killing gas, slowly covering his whole body, freezing every inch of bones and blood, and blowing cold wind, Jing Qi was agitated and awake.

After all, it's the old rivers and lakes. The prosperity has returned, and there are some mixed feelings in my heart, and I can't tell any taste, but those tastes have faded because of the age, and before they taste, they are clean.

Fortunately, Zhou Zishu and Helian Xu were looking at Yue Qing, the young lady on the stage. No one noticed him, but Wu Xi gently raised his hand and held his arm, and whispered, "What happened to you, why did you just Shake a bit, is it cold? "

With this sound, he only brought the other two's attention back. Hellenchi knew that he was in a state of abnormality, coughed gently, and asked, "Why, is it frozen?"

Jing Qi smiled: "It's really cold."

Zhou Zishu hurriedly called someone to the shore, and took another big slap over him to cover him: "It's my intention. I forgot that some of us are so rough-skinned that we can withstand the rough skins. Does it matter for the little prince?"

Jing Qi waved his hand to show that it was not in the way: "It's not so expensive, it's just a bit of wine and it can't be windy, it's too late today, forgive me, are you with them or Wuxi ..."

Wuxi was new at the beginning. Although he was young, he did n’t have a lot of fun, and everything was natural enough. In addition, he was unfamiliar with the other two and did n’t even have a good word. Then he said, “I ’ll go back with you . "

He Lianhe hesitated for a while, but wanted to say something, but Jing Qi turned back and gave him a wretched smile: "Prince, don't worry about me, good night is short, so cherish it."

After that, he pulled Wuxi away.

The so-called skin pain is also a thing of the past.

Helian frowned, but immediately turned her attention to the new moon mother this year. Some people do not believe in fate, but some people are born to be destined to miss, or lack a little fate, or lack a little luck, who knows?

Wuxi followed silently behind Jing Qi. After getting familiar with it, Jing Qi has always been more talkative, it is difficult to imagine that he has so much knowledge about a sister-in-law who does not go out to eat and wait for death. Wuxi generally plays the role of listening, and encounters interesting The place silently noted in his heart, and did not want to investigate.

Walking silently like this, Wuxi knew he was a little tired.

The advantage of staying with Wuxi is that you never have to worry about being rude, because the other party will always do more rude things. Without those tricks, you will seem to be very natural. He was dazed.

Wuxi knows that he doesn't understand many things, and never talks about other people's affairs.

Suddenly, Wuxi grabbed him and dragged him behind, Jing Qi faintly turned back to God, only to see where he had just stood, there was an arrow with some blue light shining on the ground .

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In the grass

Chapter 17: Nocturnal Assassin

Jing Qi's eyes cleared immediately.

He didn't pay any attention to it, only to notice at this moment that the group of people had turned to a small alley. They went to the capital in the middle of the night, and the crowds were empty. These places are like shadows under a lamp.

Adele yelled, "Witchboy, you go first."

He looked very angry. As soon as he reached out, he took out a weird knife hidden behind his clothes and hidden behind his clothes. Jing Qi glanced at it and realized that this group came from Wuxi. Look This is not the first time.

So he whispered, "What's going on?"

Wuxi pouted, grabbed his arm, and dragged him to his side. Only then did he curiously look up at the teenager's face, and did not answer Jing Qi's question, but said, "Don't Fear, it has nothing to do with you, you go back, there are many people there, they will not chase you. "

His voice had not yet fallen, several figures came out, all covered, his arms were exactly the same as Alai's, colorful threads were wrapped around the hilt, and a small crossbow was carried on his back. It looked like the poisonous arrow just now Shot with that thing, the five poisons of Zhang Yawu claws embroidered on the clothes of a group of people.

Jing Qi narrowed his eyes-is it Nanjiang's own person? Nan Manzi was indeed brave enough to stab the emperor's feet down.

Earlier I heard Wu Xi say that although Ai Lai looked at his head and scratched his head, he was the first warrior in the Southern Xinjiang clan. He really had a few brushes. Several assassins were immediately hijacked by him. Wu Xi forced Jingqi Pushed behind him: "Run, go back to the crowded place!"

The young man was usually bullied when he looked at his words without saying a word, but when he shot hard, he pushed Jing Qi a few steps and almost hit the wall.

The little sable popped out of Jing Qi's arms and screamed anxiously.

Jing Qi gently covered his head with the palm of his hand, whispered "Shh", and said softly, "It's all right, don't be afraid."

Alailai was entangled by several assassins, and suddenly another assassin came out in the other direction. Alailai Yu glanced, but it was too late, and the people directly ignored Jingqi and rushed to Wuxi.

Wuxi's big eyes flickered suddenly, and suddenly he lowered himself, as if he had shrunk to the ground in a vacuum, flashed the blow, the assassin exerted too much force, and then returned his hand, which was slowed down by half a beat. Reaching out from a weird angle, there seemed to be something reflective on the nails, pinching the assassin's throat.

The assassin's movement stopped suddenly, almost instantaneously, a black cloud spread over his body, covering his exposed hands and the skin on his forehead, his eyes protruding, and a few noises in his throat. His hands and feet twitched and fell to the ground.

An odor came, and Wuxi crossed the body and looked up at the assassins.

But for a moment, the body on the ground turned into a pool of corpse water.

There was a disgusting expression on Jing Qi's face, and he unconsciously patted the little sable's head. He said for so many years that he thought that this little poison had changed from evil to evil. It was true that his daring became worse. He was not disgusted when he started so hard.

This trick really killed the assassins. When Wuxi came to see them, several assassins actually took a half step back.

Jing Qi shook his head and sighed. He probably had some bottom in his heart. Wuxi saw that he hadn't left yet. He was anxious, and turned his head to glare at him.

But Jing Qi, if no one walked to the corpse, squatted down, looked closely, and said, "Several friends from the South have the true nature, and can't wait for a while. They will come out and kill someone if they get the chance. If Li Daochang knows, he will I don't know how to vomit in my heart. "

The leading assassin's eyes widened and he looked at Jing Qi in amazement. However, I saw that the weak boy took off the outer blouse, took it in his hands, stacked several layers, and picked up the southern Xinjiang crossbow that fell to the corpse when he fought, "啧啧" Two times, sighing: "Good stuff."

However, his voice faded, and he suddenly shot like a flashlight, opened the crossbow, and never aimed at it. The sharp arrow shot out, and the South Xinjiang assassin directly opposite him clearly did not expect that this Sven young man did not even say hello. He hit and killed him with a single beep, and was unable to respond for a moment, but he shot a pair of crosses from the chest to the back, and fell to the corner.

Jing Qi shook his head: "Ah, neglect to practice, that little shot-kung fu was returned to the first division, so it was impossible to shoot so close." He narrowed his eyes and smiled, and said to another assassin, "I was originally You are aiming. "

This time even Wuxi looked at him with an overwhelming response.

Jing Qi stood up and patted him on the shoulder, looking like a hard brother and a younger brother, shaking his head and sighing: "I thought that this kind of internal fighting was a special product of our Daqing. You also have it there, who is this wave of brothers?"

Wuxi said: "It's the black witch family ... It's okay with you, you step back."

"It doesn't matter to me?" Jing Qi raised an eyebrow and said slowly, "Daqing Beijing City, at the foot of the Son of Heaven, openly stabbed ... Well, this king is also a court life official, so he sees blood ... Witch child said, and Does it matter?

He sneered, holding a crossbow across his shirt with one hand behind his back, and his usual laughing and cursing face stretched out with a sharp arc.

The assassins looked at each other, and murmured something that Jingqi could not understand, and Wuxi on one side immediately became nervous and blocked in front of Jingqi.

At this time, Jing Qi took out a small firework just bought from the market, inserted it with an arrow, and shot it into the sky. A bunch of small fireworks burst out in the air, but it looked pretty good.

The people in southern Xinjiang were unknown. So they rushed at two people. Wuxi pulled a hook from his arms, the length of his forearm was like a scorpion's tail, and it was needless to say that it was highly toxic. The assassins were quite good at his weapons. For fear, the two sides fought together.

I only listened to Jing Qi on one side in an unpleasant and slow voice, but let everyone understand clearly: "I do n’t understand what a black witch is, but you guys know, even a few today If I can go back, I am afraid that I will be punished by the leader. If I am not mistaken ... Your master ca n’t make such an order. Who brought himself out intelligently? ”

Sure enough, an assassin was distracted by his words. He was hooked in the neck by a hook from Wuxi, and he yanked, his head fell in half, and the blood sprayed several feet. Jing Qi stepped back three or four steps and was still sprayed with blood. When he reached the entire front, he snorted, and the little sable hiding from his chest immediately fluffed his hair, jumped up, and jumped to his shoulder three or two times.

I only listened to Jing Qi and then said, "I do n’t understand why? How many people knew what I was looking for from the witch boy tonight? I think it was just after I met His Royal Highness, His Royal Highness made a special report to our house, so he called the whole palace. Does anyone know that I'm no longer in the house? You ambush here like an unknown prophet, didn't you tell me directly, there is a pile buried by the second prince Helene in my house? "

Jing Qi knew that there were eyeliners from Helianqi and Li Daoren on the house, which had been difficult to scare the grass, but didn't want to be exposed by the group of dumb assassins this time, just down the donkey.

He was accustomed to the big scenes early, and I do n’t know how many times he was alive or dead. Although he was not good, a few southern Xinjiang assassins didn't pay attention. With a sneer, he continued: "Poorly seeing Helian Er, how many years, it was so easy to put on eyeliner in the palace. When the king goes back, as long as he asks who went out after night, it is natural to know. You said that he and the cow-nosed old man How can you think about it? Don't be afraid that you will lose your favor and lose your bones ... "

This is Hu Yan. There are more people going to Wangfu tonight. Jing Qi knows so well that he knew that there was such a person in the palace.

He wasn't finished talking. An assassin was anxious and tried to cross Wuxi. This was what Jing Qi was waiting for. He knew that he couldn't get his fists and kung fu out. He had already installed the poison arrow on the small crossbow. As long as he came, it was the next one. Right.

But he didn't want to. The assassin was robbed by Wuxi halfway. The child seemed to have determined that he did not have the ability to resist. He was desperately guarding him. A hook caught in the assassin's chest, and his internal organs were hooked.

However, when he turned around like this, there was a flaw behind him. An assassin immediately seized the opportunity to slash under the blade. They were moving too fast, and Jingqi's eyesight was no longer clear. Wuxi flung forward hard. I saw the assassin chasing again, and Jing Qi immediately shot the arrow on the small crossbow from a very tricky angle. The assassin was trying to kill Wuxi. He didn't watch out for his cold arrow. .

But the poisoned arrow was so poisonous that the assassin of the arrow did not take a half step forward, and then fell to the ground without moving.

This was a thrilling fight, and Jing Qi breathed a little sigh of relief, and continued to say indifferently: "Why is this so atmospheric ... Originally, your master thought that Helen II was the godfather, and one did not cooperate well, but turned into each other. After the dismantling, there are people like you who want to come to your hometown. You ca n’t be so clever. If I were you, I would just let it go. Why bother to go back to block people? ”

At that moment, just listening to the footsteps of a group of people echoing in the alley, the assassins were startled, and Jing Qi shook his head and laughed: "It's come, why, maybe a few people came from a long distance and I don't know. Secret, in order to prevent the water from flowing, it is necessary to spend flowers on the streets and rivers in order to prevent the water from flowing. The ban on allocating flowers to the streets has been in place for many years. Jin Wuwei finally came to arrest the violator. "

Then laughed aloud: "Where is King Nanning, who dares to make trouble ?!"

The closer he came, the more hurried his footstep seemed to be across the alley. The assassin's leader stunned, his fingers were whistle, and howling, several assassins all stopped, jumped on the wall and fled.

Jing Qihan said: "Oh, don't arbitrarily? Good to leave."

The little sable crouched on his shoulder, followed by a flick of his tail.

Wuxi was relieved and had not had time to speak. Jing Qi suddenly pulled him, waved at Alai Lai, and whispered, "Hurry up."

As Ai Lai is unknown, he asked, "Why go ... not Jin Wuwei ..."

"I'm in a hurry to cover them, and go back first." Jing Qi lowered his voice.

As Ai Lai ran after him, he looked back and asked, "Who is the person who came?"

Jing Qidao: "No fireworks in narrow alleys is a customary rule among folks in the neighborhood, and children who are optimistic about each family are always afraid of running away. I just caught the attention of some residents in the neighborhood just now. The lesser-eyed child who came here to teach flowers is probably irritated by such a voice just now, so the pace is faster, and you will not lose money if you don't go ... "

His voice suddenly stopped, because Wu Xi shook his head and planted him.

Jing Qi took a step back to hold him, only to feel the wet hands on his back, his heart tightened: "Are you hurt?"

Wuxi gritted his teeth for a long while and did not squeak, holding his clothes tightly, his breath was heavy, and it took a long time to slow down a bit, and he barely stood up against Jing Qi's shoulders: "I'm fine, I don't hurt, I also have antidote. Follow me, you can go. "

The child was more embarrassing than a living donkey, and Jingqi was too lazy to ignore him and said directly to Alai Lai: "carry him."

This obedient, forced to carry Wuxi on his back, the three of them returned to Wutong Mansion with blood on them.

That night, Wuxi started to burn. In terms of poison, he dared to call the second. It is estimated that no one in Daqing dared to call the first. A few southern Xinjiang warriors guarding him also said that they were okay. The normal reaction of the medicine is all right after a night of burning.

The little marten crouched beside the master's bed, and looked at this and then that with a pair of eyes, and used his small head to top Wuxi, and when the owner ignored it, he squeaked and squeaked. It is pathetic.

This witchcraft mansion is a group of grandfathers, not even a maid, Jing Qi sighed, feeling that he was the child's life, so he stayed, and told Ai Lai to find someone to go to the palace to find peace With a whistle, he was told to tell Ping An that from now on, no one in the palace can leave the house at will, and everything will wait until he returns.

After the incident, Jing Qi sat down aside, took the mink up and put it in his arms, and asked someone to bring a basin of cold water, soak the towel, put it on Wuxi's forehead, and cool him.

Outside, Ai Lai was telling other people about the evening. He used the Southern Xinjiang dialect and Jingqi couldn't understand it, but guessed what they said, didn't bother, and sat for a while, a little confused. Get up, so lean on the bed and close your eyes.

When it was almost dawn, Wuxi suddenly opened his eyes. As soon as he moved, Jing Qi woke up. He reached out and tried his forehead, and found that he still had a low fever. Knowing that he must be uncomfortable, he asked: "You still Does it hurt, do you drink water? What medicine do you use? "

But seeing Wuxi look like a trance, as if dreamed.

Jing Qi patted him gently: "Wuxi?"

Wu Xi stared at him dumbly and said with a dumb voice, "I just saw you ..."

King Qi Yiyi.

Just listen to him: "I dreamed of you ... sitting in front of a big rock with white hair, and I talked to you, but you ignored me ..."

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Chapter 18: Wang Yan

Jing Qi flashed his head and quickly reacted, reaching out and shaking slightly in front of Wuxi's eyes, only to discover that he actually just opened his eyes and was not really awake, and his eyes were out of focus. After finishing the sentence called Jing Qi's heartbeat, he tilted his head to the side and lost his mind.

About to dawn, the little sable was sleeping next to Wuxi, but Jing Qi approved a light cyan robe sent by the safe trustee, and his sleepiness disappeared.

Full of white hair-sitting on the Sansheng stone.

He has been wandering in the underworld for hundreds of years and knows the rules. For example, no soul can enter, such as those who pass by him who have drank Meng Po Tang. They have been washed away by the water without understanding. I'll remember how he sits on the Sansheng Stone Bank.

Then Wuxi was born, if it wasn't for ghosts ... it was ecstasy.

Suddenly remembering the place of rebirth, the ecstasy said, "Because of me, I have broken your life, and caused you to reincarnate the world for no reason, and endure the suffering. Now you have nothing to pay for, and you practice everything for your next life" Reversing yin and yang is against heaven, is he really devoting himself to practice?

Jing Qi raised his hand gently, and pointed his fingerbrows with his fingertips, as if there was still a trace of blood stains there. After a while, he returned to his seat and sat next to the bed, looking intricately at the low fever lying there. juvenile.

"Although it is a strong buy and a strong sell, but I still owe you a favor ..." He touched Wuxi's hair lightly, and felt that the creation in this world is really magical, and meeting under Huang Quan can also make him in the vast. Meet again in the crowd.

Jing Qi's wide sleeves fell down, and he scratched on the little marten's eyes. The little marten opened his eyes cautiously. When he saw him, he closed his eyes and formed a wool ball. He arched into his sleeve and fell asleep. Already.

Jing Qi sighed and stretched out his hands to pinch his nose: "I still remember the involvements of past and present life, this life ... this life I try to keep you safe as long as possible." He frowned, fussy. Take a look at Wuxi and let go of your mouth. "A little bunny, you said, if I don't care about you in the future, how long can you live with your donkey temper?"

Wuxi rarely had a fever experience. He just felt that the seams in the bones of the whole body were like pantothenic acid water. He was in a mess and couldn't remember the cause and effect. When the consciousness was a little clear, he felt that there was a person around him. When you are afraid, when you are weak, you are wary of everything around you. You want to open your eyes to see who is there, and you want to gather all the strength in your body to die.

But the man had a particularly good smell. It was light, a little sweet, cool and cool, and had a warm hand on his head, very light and soft.

Wuxi slowly relaxes strangely, it may be burned a little, or his body is too tired, and he has the illusion that it is safe to be with this person, like a small animal from a murderous forest Li went back to the deep hole in the ground like that, you can close your eyes to spend the whole night and have a dream about warmth.

By the time he had completely gone, and awake, it was already when the sky was bright.

As soon as I opened my eyes, I saw a slender palm with the palm facing up. In front of it, the sable was half squeezed into his sleeve, and the blue robe was loosely tied. Jing Qibaan leaned on his bedside, head Crooked aside, a strand of hair fell down, passed under the chin, and fell on the chest to the bed, where the hair ends seemed to flutter slightly with his breath.

Wuxi stayed for a while, as if he had never known this person before. He opened his eyes with a pair of extremely dark eyes and looked at Jingqi carefully.

He thought this person was so good-looking. He thought it was him. He spent the night with him yesterday, thinking about why he was not afraid or escaped when he was assassinated at night.

He thought that this person was the only friend he had met in the whole five years after he arrived in Daqing.

So I couldn't help but smile softly, and closed my eyes gently.

By the time he woke up again, Jing Qi had already left.

Jing Qi leaned for a while, almost woke up to restore some spirit, and then stabbed the little sable with a head in his sleeve, explained to Alai Lai, and went back to the house.

After all, the palace still had some serious matters for him to deal with.

Ping'an greeted him personally, presented the roster of the servants in the house, and told him that all the people had lit up according to the roster, and all gathered in the yard and waited.

Jing Qi glanced at the roster and returned it to Ping An, with a smile on the corner of his mouth, and strode forward to the front yard.

When everything is okay, I like the noise of peace and bow my head quietly. He suddenly felt that the moment when Xiao Wang stepped in the door, he seemed to have changed into an individual. The general laziness, like a layer of camouflage, can be easily lifted off.

It's still that face. Naturally, it's hard to say harshly, and sweeping lightly on other people's faces, but it makes people feel cold.

Like a lazy and quiet cat, when he woke up, he suddenly turned into a tiger who looked coldly at its prey. Ping'an Xin said that if the grandfather also looked like this, and borrowed his courage, he would not dare to chatter in front of Xiao Wang.

Jing Qi stood still in front of the crowd, but did not look at them, but just bowed his head slightly, staring at the ground. Ping An immediately moved the lounge chair he usually sat in and asked him to sit down and lean on it.

Jing Qi sat down, slightly tilted Erlang's legs, put his hands on his thighs with a smile, and looked vaguely at the people in the courtyard, and said, "Last night, His Royal Highness called for someone to inform you , Said that the king was outside with the witch boy. "

Ping An whispered: "Yes, His Royal Highness said that the Lord was turning around and instructed the minions to prepare hot water and change clothes, etc., and wait for the Lord to return to serve."

Jing Qi nodded. This is a rule. Needless to say that the palace is an ordinary gentleman in the capital. The owner did not go down without a horse. The reason why he went out by himself was discovered. Yesterday, Hellenda had already brought blame in a few words.

In the aristocratic circles of Daqing, they pay attention to lightness, gentleness, stability, incompetence, and indifference.

Lightness is to be Eguan crown, to be weak, to be soft and weak when speaking, to have a sense of lack of vitality, and to be a gentleman; slowly refer to the noble, and walk slowly. Yes, riding is to walk slowly, this is educated; stable, it means that people with identity, indifferent when things happen, sadness, joy, and anger can not be seen in color, this is a status; also pay attention to the noble family The son cannot practice martial arts, that is the behavior of vulgar savages, and should not be angry and quarrel with others, that is the level of the people in the market.

Of course, the above-mentioned fashions advocating disease plums are actually some songs that specialize in cultivating waste and small white-faced rules that can't be picked by the shoulders or by the hands.

Helianchi handled it in accordance with the methods of the Gongqing family. When she met an aristocratic child without servants outside, she wanted to report peace to her family, to show her concern, and to make her family feel relieved.

Jing Qi drank tea with Ping An's hand, and drank some dry lips: "Hey, what are you all doing here? Why, you want to make money with me?"

The crowd called Ping An to gather here early in the morning, and they didn't know what had happened. They were relieved when they heard that the Lord was fine.

Auspiciousness is clever, but at this moment, holding his face, and seeing that he is not in a good mood, he said tentatively: "Master, the gifts from various adults, how to return, butlers and minions are organized into books , Left in your study, will you take a look? "

Jing Qidao said, "Don't look at it, piles of piles, seeing the brain hurt."

Auspicious nodded and said, "You see, the housekeeper called everyone early in the morning and didn't know what was happening. Now that the master is back, we can rest assured that everyone will do what they need to do. Now. "

Jing Qi nodded and said, "Well, let's do something busy."

Everyone looked at each other, and they were a little confused, and they were about to fall away.

But at this time, he heard the granddad slowly say, "If it's okay, you might as well stay and listen to the king to tell a joke. As for the thing last night, you know that the king and the witch child last night, Who did you meet? "

Even the peace is unknown. Therefore, the people from Wutong Mansion came over last night, but they said it was too late. The Lord lived there for a night, and he safely listened to his orders. Although he knew that something must have happened in the middle, he did not. Understand what happened.

Jing Qi smiled, and his eyes swept through the crowd for a week, and everyone gave birth to the illusion that he was watching me. Just listen to him: "Meet a few assassins with short eyes."

When he was surprised, his slender eyes widened two times in an instant: "Assassination ?! Can the master be hindered, are there any injuries? Should he pass on the doctor?"

Jing Qi took the tea bowl from his hand, took the lid off and took a sip, saying, "No need, don't make a fuss, it's just a few southern savages called 'black witches'. Just kill them."

When he said the words "kill it by hand" in his mouth, his tone became softer, but it brought a **** trembling. At this moment, the little sable was drilled out of his sleeve, and the little guy was yesterday Spilled with blood, and had no time to wash, half of the body was mottled, with bright eyes of the thief, it was strange and scary.

A few timid, already feel the legs are soft, and said to his face that this face has also become very fast, just now it was drizzling with the wind, and I don't know what it means.

I only listened to Jing Qi and continued: "We have a big brother in here. As soon as we receive the news, we immediately feel that it is a rare opportunity. We hurriedly told him ... um, master. Who knows this? The master and grandpa didn't see it, but instead saw the grandfather's son. "

Jing Qi laughed softly, and everyone in the room was silent. He blew the heat in the tea bowl: "The one didn't say anything, but the brothers below couldn't sit still. It came to stab people at this time, and turned up In the circle, there are no other benefits. A few people died, and I also asked the king to recognise this big man in our government ... "

He suddenly raised his head, staring at a person like an electric light, and smiled, "Why, what's wrong with His Royal Highness? I'm anxious for you. Are you relieved?"

His voice didn't fall, and a gray-headed face standing in that corner, a man with a crouched shoulder suddenly changed his face, and rushed to Jingqi with agility, during which the bones rattled a few times. Another look, this person is still the old man Zhang, who was shrinking, thin and small, sweeping the yard, is clearly a brawny big man!

Throwing the teapot in his hand in anxiety, smashing against the big man's head, he shouted, "Assassin, protect the Lord!"

The man escaped, clasped his fingers straight to Jing Qi's neck, and the change was too fast, and the guards could not respond. However, the man ’s hand only touched Jing Qi ’s neck, and he heard a “squeak,” and saw that the man took a big step back, screamed, desperately shook his hand, and the little sable jumped back quickly to Jing Qi Standing on his shoulders, shaking his tail, he looked arrogant.

The big man's hand was already purple, and the purple gas quickly went up, and he immediately climbed up the entire arm.

Jing Qi was a little surprised, glanced at the little sable licking his paw: "So powerful?"

The sable tooth that was underestimated: "Squeak!"

Jing Qi laughed and looked back. The guards had taken down the big man and pressed him to the ground, but he had no time to argue, but he screamed sadly with his arms several times thicker, and even said the whole sentence Before coming out, Ziqi climbed up his neck, and his throat rattled.

Jing Qi touched his chin and asked Ping An: "How long can he sustain?"

Ping An had been shocked by this series of events, and for a while, he pointed at someone who was already cramping on the ground and said, "This ... Uncle Zhang ?!"

Jing Qi reached out and patted his shoulder, waved his hand: "Let's go, let's go, be safe, go back and ask the accountant to seal a red envelope for everyone, and say I said, to give everyone a glory."

After that, he walked to the study, and he caught up safely: "Master, that ..."

He pointed at the old man Zhang who hadn't moved on the ground, glanced again and turned his head in shock: "That uncle Zhang, what?"

Jing Qi didn't stop walking, and commanded: "Burnt down the man, take off the clothes, fold them up and iron them, and turn back to the second prince and send them together."

Peace was stunned.

Looking at the level of this pile, we can see that Helien Qi didn't pay much attention to him before. Jing Qi smiled gently. He didn't want to provoke you, it was all your own bad things. It seems that this Let's go back and see--

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Flowers are fragile

Chapter 19: Rain is coming

When Wuxi was invited in safely, he was hearing a woman ’s song and the piano sound floating in the palace, and he heard the singer who sang. He was the mother of the moon on the moon that day. After all, He has never heard of a second woman who can sing so beautifully.

He listened attentively, only listening to Su Qingying singing: "Feng Ge Long Lou Lian Xiao Han, Yushu Qiongzhi as Yan Luo, how many times--"

As soon as he looked up, Jing Qi greeted him personally and pulled him with a smile: "There is a rare customer. You have a blessing. Come in and sit down together."

The little sable came out of his sleeve, and when he saw that Wuxi was very close, he immediately abandoned the person who was now delicious and delicious for him, and rushed to Wuxi's arms. Jing Qi smiled and cursed, "An unconscionable beast." So go with it.

Wuxi asked, "Is that Yueniang? What did you ask me to do?"

"Oh, you heard it." Jing Qi squeezed his eyes at him, and his second question was only when he didn't hear, "Why, my young man grew up at first, and started to think confounding.

Wuxi didn't understand what he was saying. Looking at his wretched expression and knowing that it was not good, he ignored it and asked, "What did she sing?"

"Good song." Jing Qi smiled softly, "the legacy of the predecessors, where is the voice of death."

Wuxi didn't understand why "The Voice of the Dead Country" was a good song, but Jing Qi had already pulled him into the small garden. In the middle of the garden was a plain-looking woman who played the harp, and there were a few people around him. In the center was Helianchi Beside, besides Zhou Zishu whom I knew that night, there were two strangers.

One has a long face, a white face, a scholar dressed as a blue shirt, and the other is more than eight feet long, with copper bell eyes and wide shoulders. Although he is also dressed as a scholar, he has a sabre on his waist.

Seeing him coming, all stood up except Helien.

Wuxi felt that it was not time to come, but at this time, it was too late to want to quit. He had to be dragged in by Jing Qi all the way, and bowed his head slightly to Helien: "His Royal Highness Prince, and Zhou ..."

He paused, not knowing what to call Zhou Zishu.

Jing Qi answered: "Heroes."

Zhou Zishu laughed: "The grassroots can never afford to be the hero of the little lord, but the rivers and lakes are reckless. The grassroots walked at home for three, and the witch called me on Wednesday."

Wuxi shook his head and said solemnly: "Mr. Zhou, you are a capable person and should be respected."

Jing Qidao: "All of you here are not talented, I'm afraid they are all capable people, this—" He pointed to the scholar in blue, "This is the new champion of this department, Master Lu Shenlu Now, temporarily surrendering to Hanlin Academy is my pillar for Daqing's future. "

He did not brag. When he died in the previous life, I remember that Lu Shen was the prime minister of the DPRK, and doing some miscellaneous copying at Hanlin Academy at the moment was indeed wronged by him.

Lu Shen is actually Lu Renqing's nephew. He has a supernatural power since he was a child. Although he is a scholar, he is deserved to be a champion, but he has nothing to do with the literati. Moreover, people mentioned him secretly and secretly, and they all loved to give An a "nephew of Lu University scholars" in front of him, as if he was superior by his uncle Dongfeng.

Therefore, what Lu Zhuangyuan hated the most in his life was that others mentioned his uncle, and he was not filial. But when I heard Jing Qi introduced him, he was highly respected, but he didn't mention Lu Renqing at all, he just felt better than anything.

Immediately, he bowed his head and said, "Dare not, Lord Wang is wrong."

Jing Qi pointed to the sword with the words: "This is the only son of Jingjie Hou, Xiao Hou Ye Yunxing, a handsome man with both military and military skills. This year, the streets are full of shakes, things that are all right to help the wall and blood He anointed his brethren, allowing his brothers to be truly independent. "

He Yunxing came over to see the ceremony, and he didn't even dare to laugh.

Helien glared at him: "Beijing shouldn't be foolish and ask the witch boy to take the seat first." Then he turned to the woman's road that broke the sound of the piano and stood quietly on the side. "This is a witch boy from the southern Xinjiang, that day I also heard your song on the boat, but I left early that night and didn't have time to see you. "

Su Qing conquered Wanfu.

Wuxi took a closer look at the woman and thought that she was very beautiful. She had a natural charm and charm from her face to the sky. Unlike the charming charming on the Moon River that day, her face was a little childish. When she lowered her head, let People think she is quiet.

But I don't know why, Wu Xi felt that this woman had something that made him uncomfortable, and couldn't tell what it was, she just didn't like it instinctively.

So he just nodded and said nothing.

Several people took their seats again. Su Qingyu tuned the piano and changed the song. Wuxi sat beside Jingqi and listened to these people talking casually about the wind and the moon. Most of them didn't understand because they liked it. Who is going to marry and go home, there are not so many romantic willow and peach blossoms, and I do not know that there are still things in the world that can be entered into poetry, painting, and singing.

At first, it sounded a novelty that made people want to be intrigued. After listening to a few songs, they felt that it was the same way back and forth, a little boring.

Wuxi thought that if she really liked someone, she would like to think in her heart and dream of her at night. If she wants to die, she should also make her smile. The world is the only one who looks the best. That feeling is beyond words.

Those moons, flowers, are irrelevant things, but it ’s just boring for the composer to pretend to be affectionate, to express his talent, or something else.

After sitting for a while, Helian Chan said, "Take the young girl to the backyard to rest your throat. Although we people love to listen, we should not be too pity for Hong Xiangxi. If you sing your throat, you can't afford it. "

Jixiang hurriedly brought in the young girl Su Qingying, who had been standing outside, to help her pick up the piano. Jing Qi said busyly: "Tell them to bring the bowl of honey and chrysanthemum tea for the girl to drink. Here I am. Nothing else. Some antiques are still handy. If the girl is eye-catching, it ’s the blessing of those objects to pick out a few things. The minions are rough. If you are indifferent, please bear with me.

Su Qingxuan quickly bowed his head and whispered that Wang Ye was polite and blessed everyone, and then went out with Jixiang and the servant.

Ping An told people to withdraw the wine and put in tea, and Helianji was right there, and asked, "What's going on that night?"

His Royal Highness naturally has his own eyes and ears. Jing Qi glanced at Zhou Zishu and said a little about the day's events, leaving a lot of details out, and only covering himself with the assassination and the injury of Wuxi, and finally said: "It's a pity what I can't do, what to eat is not a drag, and it hurts the witch boy."

Wuxi froze, and wanted to say that this was not the case. I saw that Jing Qi gave him a wink by taking tea and moistening his throat, and swallowed the words again and again.

Helien frowned, mourning silently, but He Yunxing whispered quickly: "The two His Highnesses are not at ease, thinking about usurping power and seizing power, and at the same time thinking of immortality?" Mix together, I do n’t know what elixir, I ate it all together. This time I looked at the secrets of the South Xinjiang. Just because the witch was unwilling to associate with him and swept his face with the king, he colluded with the demon to do these inaccessible things. What? "

He has a hot character and ignores his words. He only snorted: "If Daqing falls into the hands of such a person in the future, what better?"

Hellenwa waved his hand, motioned him to be calm and calm, and said to Jing Qi: "I heard that you later killed the inner ghost in the house, and sent the clothes of the dead to the second prince's house along with the festive gifts?"

A word came out, and everyone stunned, He Yunxing laughed: "Master Wang is a man of nature, happy."

Lu Shen frowned, "Master Wang's move ... a bit of anxiety and thoughtlessness."

Jing Qi calmly said, "Well, I have done this."

Helianji disagreed: "You ... oh, Beiyuan, I said before that you are sensible, how can you just rip your face without even talking about it? You are out of breath, how can you end it now?"

Jing Qi lowered his eyebrows slightly and chuckled: "Since I have the courage to provoke him, naturally I have a way to deal with him. Who doesn't let His Royal Highness be too messy in Beijing today, and recruits some unclear people? Making him messier also makes it. "

Helian frowned even deeper before she could talk. Jing Qi gently placed the tea cup on the table, crossed her fingers on her legs, and slowly said, "Last year, Beiyuan suffered a locust plague, and there were more than 10,000 refugees. "

When he came here, his tone paused a little. Since Helianpeng was impressed, he never remembered that he had talked about national affairs in such a serious way, and he couldn't help himself for a while. Jingqi went on to say, "This year's Great Cold On that day, I remember clearly that the sun was melting, and even the snow on the eaves had melted. The old man said that this was a sign of the cold spring. If so, I'm afraid this year will be bad. I won't say anything about my own affairs. What can I do in the spring market this year? "

Wu Xi was used to his hippie smile, and looking at his face, he knew that what he was saying was very important. Although it had nothing to do with Nanjiang, he couldn't help putting down what he was eating and drinking. Listen carefully to what he said and hear Here, I couldn't help but asked, "What is the spring market?"

He Yunxing heard the words of the witch boy who was so precious that he could not help but interjected: "Witch boy is from the south, I'm afraid I don't know. In the deserted area of the north of Daqing in Daqing, there is Wage. The tribe lived on a nomadic life. The Emperor Taizong commanded two trips northward in the same year. The leader of Wagyu surrendered to my Daqing. In order to prevent their trouble, there was a saying in the spring city. Every spring, the Wagwa people went to Beijing to pay tribute. Bring fur, livestock, and other things, and exchange some silk cloth and grain with me. They have been peaceful for hundreds of years. "

Although Wuxi was a little bit honest, people were clever. Upon hearing this, they understood that the spring market was to help the Waggai people there, and they nodded because they feared that the frontier would be wrong.

Lu Shen, however, followed the thinking of Jing Qi and said, "Master Wang is justified. Natural disasters have been going on in recent years. The treasury has long been empty, and the population of barbarians is increasing. Whatever animals are brought in, regardless of the good or bad of the year, I am afraid it is acceptable. Sooner or later this year, one day will be stretched. "

Hellenchi sneered: "There are more places to stretch, so why worry more?"

Jing Qi nodded: "But if you want the country to be stable, some places with sores must be stricken ... Jing Beiyuan is not a material that can be used in the heavens and the earth. His Royal Highness speaks very well, but it is not clumsy. mud."

Helien took the little fruit from the plate and threw him, smiling, "When did you say it alone?"

Jing Qi smiled: "This point of self-knowledge, there are still ministers, there is nothing else that can help, these squinting dirty eyes, listening to things to wash your ears, there are some means ... the fact that the second hall down is chilling where."

Hellen kept his words silent, his face inscrutable, and for a moment he asked, "What are you going to do?"

Jing Qi turned his head and smiled at Wuxi: "Next month is the day of holy life, I'm afraid I will also use a witch boy."

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Chapter 20: Heartfelt words

Until He Lianzheng was gone, Wuxi was still sitting quietly.

Jing Qi was silent for a while. When he lowered his head slightly, when he lowered his eyes, the person sitting opposite could not see the flattering smile on his face all year round. The raised eyes make people feel a bit indifferent.

After a while, auspiciously came over and said to Jing Qi: "Master, girl Su has drank the water and said that the hour is almost over, and she is leaving."

Jing Qi nodded: "You're looking for someone to send her ... Oh, yes, who sent the coral glazed glass last time, let her take it away, put it in the study dazzling, the girl's house looks pretty. . "

Taking a sigh of relief, in view of the guests leaving, the neighbor of Wuxi was a frequent acquaintance, so he leaned down and whispered in Jingqi's ear: "Master, that was the old grandfather's big price relationship I just bought it, you, you just give it to someone ... "

Jing Qi held out a finger against his forehead, pushed him aside, and waved his hand impatiently: "Money is something outside of you, haven't you heard of a thousand dollars to buy a smile? It's boring. I can pick this out for women, and I will See that girl is willing to marry you as a concubine. "

Ping An feels that his life is different from that of the prodigal son. He whispered: "The slaves would rather not go to a wife, be a bachelor for a lifetime, and never marry a prodigal wife."

Jing Qi stared at him.

Ping An immediately knew that he had said something wrong, and blurted out, as if not only scolding his own master and son, but also classifying him as a "daughter-in-law", so he opened a pair of small slender eyes to the maximum to show integrity and innocence. Dayi said abruptly: "Master, people have limited blessings in this life. We need to be blessed in order to make a long flow, and when we have a lot of money, we must know that we can save money ..."

Jing Qixin said that your little thing still taught me, and laughed: "When the family is full of money, open source and throttling, do you have to wait until the streets are so crowded that you can spend a lot of money? Go and go. Give me a block. "

Ping An's grievance said: "Yes, the slave will come back to pay the bill with the master again. Let's total the time when the government went to the pot to sell iron."

Jing Qiyi slapped him on the back and smiled and cursed: "Little rabbit, push your nose on your face!"

After Ping'an flew away, Jingqi asked Wuxi, "You just wanted to say so much. Why are all people gone, but when should I say it?"

Wuxi with a smile on his face watched their masters and servants whispered loudly and small, and when he heard him asked, he returned to God and said, "Why did you tell them like that just now?"

Jing Qi glanced at him and asked: "If you don't say how to say it, choose me and tell them that the assassination that night has nothing to do with my pot of vinegar. Xinjiang fights? "

Wuxi nodded: "That's what it was."

Jing Qi sighed and held his forehead: "Brother Wuxi, do you have a chest or a heart?"

Wuxi asked petulantly: "Are you calling me stupid?"

Jing Qi was stung for a while, this question is really difficult to answer. But when Wuxi suddenly smiled, he was handsome, but the edges and corners were too clear. When he laughed, his face softened a lot, so he looked particularly good.

Jing Qi stunned in his heart, looking at this little boy, this boy will grow up in the future, maybe it is uneasy.

Wuxi said: "I know that you have long wanted to deal with the second prince, otherwise you would not have spoken to him directly at Lu Renqing's birthday party."

Heck, this is all seen, not stupid, and a little bit of eyesight. Jing Qi was a little surprised and asked, "How else should I talk to him?"

Wuxi thought about it and said, "I will laugh very hypocritically, and then say a lot of nonsense. I think you have more nonsense."

Jing Qi looked up at Qing Tian, and said that he could not have general knowledge with the children.

Wuxi also said, "In fact, you can leave on that day, and if there is no you, it ’s not easy for me and Alai to deal with them. I came to thank you. I remember this. If someone later Bully you, I will desperately protect you. "

When others said it, Jing Qi might have heard it as a joke, but Wu Xi took it seriously, but no matter who he listened to, he knew that he really thought so. Jing Qi took a moment and laughed: " I'm just talking about it. Is there any thanks to the assassin for leaking your whereabouts or the people in my house? "

Wuxi said earnestly: "That's different. The bad guy in your house is Helian Qi'an. It has nothing to do with you. Although there is no blood relationship between us, we have died together like a brother. If you do n’t work hard, you will be a bit furry. It ’s okay to scare people. Others are useless. If someone bullies you in the future, I will protect you. ”

What the child said in his mouth would never make him hear whether he was kind or cursing.

Jing Qi smiled bitterly, thinking about it, and said, "I don't need you desperately, how about another thing with you?"

Wuxi nodded.

"I want the kitten you have that dances and is scented."

Wuxi said happily: "Okay, what else?"

"Dancing sweet cats", if they fall into the eyes of others, are rare and rare animals, but Wu Xi seems to be able to "dance" but the cat was born a little bit smarter and twisted with the sound It's nothing but the fragrant smell on his body was only fed by the medicine when he was bored.

Jing Qi laughed and said nothing: "Do you think I'm a rapper? Next month is the Manchurian Festival ... Well, it's the emperor's birthday, and the gold and silver jewelry antique jade in the House House is not a novelty. My uncle's greatest hobby is It ’s the pets that keep him happy. "

Wuxi knew, "You want to give him a gift."

Jing Qi shook his head and said, "I don't have the courage."

Seeing Wuxi looking at him, he was puzzled, and explained patiently: "I wish the emperor longevity, and the things are good, naturally the heart is happy. Although everyone is eager to dig out, think about it, but look at their identity. For example, If the courtiers steal the show of filial piety from His Royal Highness, that's a big mistake. "

Wuxi thought for a while, then nodded thoughtfully: "You mean you can't give anything better than the emperor's three sons, don't you?"

Jing Qi is quite a teacher, and seeing this child is smart, ca n’t help but teach him a few words: "The ancient saying" wood is in the forest, the wind will destroy it ", this is not difficult, you should understand when you hear it, When you are in your head, you have to have your head broken, and when you should not, even if you are drowned in the flow of people, you must not be in your head. "

Speaking of this, I remembered Wuxi's initial collection of rice and potatoes, and couldn't help mentioning: "We in the Central Plains pay attention to etiquette and exchanges, what to send, how to send, how to return, and when to return, are learned. If you make a mistake, you can easily be manipulated or resentful. These things are safest to understand. If you need it, you can always ask him. "

Wuxi knew that Jingqi was reminding him of the way to live in Daqing. He couldn't understand many things. I thought these people were not tired after living? But he also understood the good intentions of Jing Qi, so he nodded and asked, "Then you want the prince to give the cat to the emperor?"

Jing Qidao said, "The Prince always does not make these crooked ways, shouldn't it ruin his reputation? He wants to sell it to the great prince as a favor."

Wuxi's brow tightened immediately.

Well, this true-eyed child still remembers revenge. Jing Qidao said: "It is not too late for a gentleman to take revenge for three years. Besides, there are no eternal enemies in this world. You will see if you see more in the future."

Wuxi bowed his head slightly, and whispered, "It's for you when you say it to you, whatever you want."

Listening to the tone was unremarkable, but Jing Qi heard that the child was a little aggrieved in this tone, sighed, and poured himself a cup of tea: "I will teach you individual ones, Wuxi, you must always remember There is only one enemy, and this is the way of vertical and horizontal. "

He snapped the table lightly with his fingertips: "People are in the chapel. If you are in a narrow alley, you won't want to suffer the enemy on your back."

Wuxi looked up and looked stubbornly at him: "You're wrong."

Jing Qi half-opened his eyes and stared at Wuxi, as if seeing the young boy's angry heart rolling. He knew that the boy did not want to compromise. Although Wu Xi was born in Jingjing and did not know the etiquette and education, he had rare true temperament, keen and intelligent, and bright heart. He was supposed to be free in the mountains. Vanity Fair is like the dust of Meiyu.

Wuxi was silent for a long while, and his attitude was softer, but his tone persisted: "I don't think you're right. Is it because I made the second prince into my current enemy?"

Jing Qi smiled: "What do you think, how can it be so simple?"

Wuxi lowered his eyes, froze for a while, and whispered, "I see."


"You are good with the prince and want him to be emperor, so the second prince is your enemy, isn't it?"

Jing Qi froze for a moment, but didn't know how to talk to him. Some things were unclear. At Wuxi's age, he couldn't understand.

He remembered that when he opened his eyes in this life, as long as he was within three feet of Helian, he would be as uncomfortable in the fire in his body. At that time, he just wanted to be farther away from him, regardless of the mess. In this life, I will be a wealthy idler, eat and die.

But he knew in his heart that many things had changed since he opened his eyes in this world. Without him, would the current Hellendar come to the top? If you can't ... Can you really watch Daqing fall into a depression? Really clearly see the troubled rivers and mountains, but remain indifferent?

Entering the palace and reading by Taifu Zhou, the first thing Taifu teaches is reading, what to read, not the Golden House, nor Yan Ruyu, but to set the heart for the heavens and the earth, make a life for the living people, and go to the Holy Land. Peerless, open peace for all.

Mrs. Zhou just told the story, but she didn't understand what she said, but these things were already immersed in Jing Beiyuan's bones.

There is no selflessness in the sky, no selfishness in the earth, no selfish photos in the sun and the moon, no selfishness in the saints.

Jing Beiyuan didn't dare to imitate the sages and said the worry of the world first, and the joy of the world later. But his surname Jing is the first surnamed king of hereditary Daqing, the glory that his ancestors exchanged for blood.

Hongchen is just a few autumns. If it was a peaceful world, it would be drunk for a lifetime, and the beauty of Shengge would be a rich life.

But he is the king of Nanning who bears thousands of gullies in his chest, carrying the surname of his ancestors and proud of his bloodline.

At the end, Jing Qi just sighed, "It's not for him, something ... you don't understand yet."

Wuxi just felt that the expression on the face of the person who was sitting and laughing was suddenly dimmed, like a little tired and helpless sadness.

Just like the big wizard who sent him away, suddenly he couldn't say anything to his mouth.

He clenched his fists and parted, and for a while, he said, "You can do whatever you want. I don't understand you, you just know that you won't hurt me anyway."

Jingqi was a little surprised, and asked, "How do you know I won't hurt you?"

"I owe you once, and even if you kill me again, you will be leveled." Wu Xi said, "You saved me with the danger of death, and Nu Ah told me that you used to let Ping An help you in private. I ’ve been a lot. I treat you as a friend, and friends won't hurt me. "

Jing Qi was silent for a long while before asking: "Did you remember the dream words you said when you had a fever that day?"

Wuxi froze and shook his head: "What did I say?"

That ’s why I do n’t remember—Jingqi smiled and said, “It ’s nothing, we Central Plains, call this fate, I vote with you, and recognize you as a friend. It ’s no good to be a friend to me, but when I ’m fine , Occasionally likes to insert a knife into a friend, but when it is critical, it is not impossible to insert a knife into a friend. "

He stood up, tucked his sleeves up, and pulled up Wuxi: "Go, take you out to play."

Wuxi was caught by surprise and asked, "Where to go?"

Jing Qiyi smiled: "When the capital is big, there are some interesting things. If you are able to eat, drink, or have fun, I am the second in the capital."

Wuxi oddly said, "Who is the first?"

Jing Qi but smiled.

the first? Under the Son of Heaven, who dares to call first?

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