Faraway Wanderers

The leader of assassin organization "The Window of Heaven", Zhou Zishu, quits his position in pursuit of freedom with drastic measures. In his travels, he meets Wen Kexing, the leader of Ghost Valley who wants nothing but revenge.

The two meet after they become entangled in various machinations within the martial arts world, and eventually become soulmates instrumental in each other's redemption. One conspiracy, two soulmates, five pieces of treasure, twenty years of grievances, and thousands of years of jianghu dreams have linked these two's destinies closely together.
Associated Names:Tian Ya Ke, Tiānyá kè, Tyk, Word of Honor/山河令 [Drama], นักรบพเนจรสุดขอบฟ้า, 天涯客, 천애객
Related Series:Lord Seventh (Prequel)
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