Faraway Wanderers Chapter 61-70

Chapter 61: Put in array

Cao Weining and Zhang Chengling each had a dung bucket in their hands, and the smell was so foul, Cao Weining thought with joy, that Ah Xiang was really resourceful and female Zhuge.

Zhang Chengling didn't have his realm, only felt that Gu Xiang was missing eight virtues.

The two were doing hard work, covering those dung buckets with lids, and putting a lot of cover on them. Under the direction of Gu Xiang, they were placed on the roof and on the ground, placing the most disgusting man in history. Dung bucket array.

Teacher Gu Jun himself ran far away, covering his nose. After setting them up, they called them over, covered their noses and whispered to Zhang Chengling, "Did you remember the route I said?"

Zhang Chengling nodded and said, "Relax, Sister Gu Xiang, I will take a good step in Liuyun Jiugong, otherwise Master interrupts my dog leg."

Gu Xiang poked his head with his fingertips and said, "If you take the wrong step, you will become a bed bug."

She glanced at Cao Weining again, waving her hand, and ordered: "Action!"

The figures of the three separated in the night. Gu Xiang was batted on the eaves like a bat. The whole person was motionless. The girl's eyes were surprisingly bright in the darkness, like a small animal waiting quietly for predation. Then she His eyes flashed, Yu Guang swept through the fire in the backyard, knowing that Cao Weining was already there, just wait for the fire to start ...

Then I just listened to Cao Weining's throat in the backyard and said, "The big thing is bad, the house will fall!"

Gu Xiang was so angry that he almost turned aside. Cao Weining thought that Gu Xiang was on the house, so he screamed out such a sentence, and when he said it, he also responded that he said something wrong and quickly changed his tongue: "No, no I mean, let ’s go! Let ’s go! Let ’s run! The house is burning! ”

A moment later, the inside of the inn followed the commotion, and several women in black rushed out. The other people in the inn were noisy, and the other guests in the inn were noisy. Gu Xiang turned it down. Put on the mask, mix in casually, and then quietly throw a few flare from the wide robe sleeve, and the flare quickly rushed out, exploded in the noisy crowd, the small flames screamed and screamed Four times, I do not know who it was, shouted "come to the house on fire", and then everyone ran in different directions, and even scattered those women in black.

Gu Xiang frowned secretly. This chaos was a little bit more than expected. The following things need to be done with care. Who knows that God is helping her, just as she is standing in the corridor stupidly? The crowded black woman suddenly shoved her and said loudly, "Go and see the girl with the last name, I'm afraid someone did it on purpose!"

Gu Xiang couldn't wait to laugh three times, and was taken by her obediently, and walked into the house where Gao Xiaoli was imprisoned-her heartbeat was getting faster and faster, she was very excited. The woman holding her was very alert, and when she was about to push the door in, she looked back at Gu Xiang in surprise and asked, "What are you shaking?"

Gu Xiang sank in his heart, pretending to be in the trenches, and said quietly, "I ... I ... afraid ..."

I don't know who this woman thinks of her. It is estimated that the girls of this age are similar in shape. She gave Gu Xiang a contemptuous glance, and pushed the door to enter, while humming from her nose, saying, " Look at your wacky baggage, keep me at the door, dare to let people ... "

She didn't finish talking, and suddenly her waist was cold, and she looked up at Gu Xiang in disbelief, only feeling a numbness, an indescribable coolness spread down her waist, and even if she couldn't move, she stood straight. Falling forward, Gu Xiang reached out to help her, and said quietly, "Be careful of the threshold."

Then she closed the door from the inside in a hurry, and saw Gao Xiaoli was tied to the table. There was another woman in black in the room. When she heard the movement, she just turned on the light. When she looked over here, she saw Gu Xiangfu. The unlucky ghost who lived at the beginning looked helpless.

The other woman in black came over, squatted down, and said anxiously, "What's wrong with her?"

Gu Xiang said lowly, "I ... I don't know. She suddenly fell down like this, but don't it be a sheep-horn wind?"

The woman in black was just checking the situation of her companion, and suddenly heard Gu Xiang playing such a sentence, she immediately raised her head vigilantly: "You ..."

However, Gu Xiang was waiting for her early, raising her sleeves, and a white smoke rushed over to the woman in black and covered her face. How could the woman in black not know how powerful it was? When it was cold, Gu Xiang popped a dagger in her hand, and while she was out of breath, she was fascinated by Bai Yan, and cut her neck with a knife.

Gu Xiang had always been fierce, and the woman's vocal cord broke instantly, and she fell to the ground without a word. Gao Xiaoli has been stunned.

Gu Xiang took off the mask on her face, dropped it aside, and said in her mouth, "Stupid lady, white-faced is also afraid." She talked on her mouth, but her hands did not stop at all. She cut off Gao Xiaoli's body a few times. The rope, Gao Xiaoli, was shocked and happy, so he had to stand up. If he was grateful, he had n’t had time to exit. Suddenly the door was opened from the outside. Cao Weining rushed in and rushed in, saying, "Axiang, hurry up! Can't live! "

At this moment, Zhang Chengling climbed out of the window, beckoning them forcefully, Gu Xiang pushed Gao Xiaoli, and said to Zhang Chengling: "You carry her!"

The three had discussed it earlier. I saw Cao Weining quickly put on the mask again, and put on a black long dress. Zhang Chengling, regardless of Gao Xiaoli, ran back quickly, Gu Xianghe Cao Weining pretended to be behind, and Gu Xiang shouted, "Where does the thief run!"

The two of them pretended to be chasing, while pretending to be weak. Gu Xiang pretended to limp. Cao Weining covered her chest as if to shake at any moment. Suddenly, a strong wind struck behind her, and the old black mother-in-law's hoarse voice sounded. Get up: "Give me away!"

Then the whirlwind passed them both.

A group of black women followed in the footsteps of the black grandmother's mother-in-law, surpassing these two good sisters who were "gravely wounded" and still did not forget to chase the enemy.

Gu Xiang and Cao Weining glanced at each other, stubbornly stubborn, stubbornly stubborn, and ran along the agreed line.

Besides Zhang Chengling and Gao Xiaoli, it ’s much more dangerous. Gao Xiaoli did n’t know why he had to carry himself, and he kept saying something, and he felt that he had affected him, and she had already recognized Cao Weining and Zhang Chengling. At this moment, I was moved and said, "Little brother, let me down. I still have the skill and can run with you."

Zhang Chengling recite the dictations intermittently, and in his busy schedule he replied: "No, we have to go a little longer." Thinking of the "fat bucket array" in front of him, he was no longer distracted and concentrated on carrying the dictum.

Gao Xiaoli knew what was going on, and when he saw him solemnly, he knew what arrangements they had, so he kept silent and stopped disturbing him. Seeing that his body looks like a ghost, I don't know what method it is, and he is secretly quite shocked. This is just a year less than a year ago. What kind of adventure did the boy have that he was so powerful?

When he smelled a scent of spleen, Zhang Chengling knew it. His strings were tight. Hearing in all directions, he knew in his heart that the black-in-law mother-in-law was about to catch up. It is, but now he remembers that he is still carrying a person, and this person is still counting on himself to save his life. He is nothing. If this lady Gao was caught by the bad women, she would not end well, so she felt tall. , The whole body is full of strength, and he yelled, speeding up again.

On this night, Zhang Chengling actually defeated the only one who was just a little bit. He had no idea how much he had improved, and then went out. I am afraid that the skill must also go to the next level, all the thoughts are ruled out. Only Gu Xiang said in his mind. You can't go wrong in one step.

The recipe in his mouth recites faster and faster, and the whole person's afterimage generally follows the route of the dung bucket array that they laid down in advance. Seeing that they were going to chase them soon, who knew that the thief was suddenly accelerating, and where he was willing to go, he rushed to the chase immediately.

Suddenly, she felt a line in the air trapped her sleeve, and a traction force came. The first reaction in Blackhead's mother-in-law was that there was a mechanism. She had no time to think about it, fled away, and hid in the dark. One of the dung buckets suddenly splashed on the place where she was standing, and the contents were splashing out.

No matter how a black mother-in-law is a woman, and she has some cleanliness, how can she withstand this? For fear of something splashing on her, she stepped back three or four steps. She only felt something under her feet, and she murmured, After listening to the sound, he escaped again, and the man had not yet landed. The third bucket was rolled down by the second one. He was impartial and poured a black mother-in-law's face.

This old lady is so mad that she ca n’t wait to yell, “Little thief, I ’m going to crush you!” But you ca n’t open your mouth, for fear that a tragedy will happen with one mouth. The teenager carrying Gao Xiaoli is long gone. Traces, she wanted to smash the corpse, but there was no target.

Her disciples were no better than her. One by one in this dung bucket array, the black women who were coaxed by the cowhide and blocked the gods and the Buddha were so indescribable. .

When Zhang Chengling arrived at the meeting place, he let Gao Xiaoli down. He was out of breath. Gu Xiang and Cao Weining had already waited there. When they saw the two, they immediately came to answer. Zhang Chengling said: "She, they ... won't chase it back, right? "

Gu Xiang patted his chest and said, "It's impossible, but if she's still a mother, she didn't say she dared to run at night with her dung on her face!"

Cao Weining said with excitement: "Axiang is putting on too much time!"

Gu Xiang was a little embarrassed by him, he waved his hands and said, "Study and sell now, this is what the seventh master taught me ... Oh, yes, the seventh grandfather also said that if you see Zhou Xu, they want Write to him! "

Gao Xiaoli is grateful and Gu Xiang is busy sending a letter to Qiye and Dawu again. The four of them tossed for a night, replaced their body, and led by Zhang Chengling back to the inn where Zhou Zishu lived. They would go to peace with the two men.

Gao Xiaoli was very silent along the way, although Cao Weining had questions in their hearts, but Zhang Chengling would not ask, Cao Weining checked her eyes and realized that she was in a bad mood, so she was embarrassed to ask, Gu Xiang was totally unconcerned, and ran to Zhou Zishu cheerfully The inn, and under the guidance of Zhang Chengling, went to the door of Wen Kexing's house and shouted, "Master! You don't think I ..."

Before she said a word, she saw the door of a nearby room opened, and Wen Kexing gave her a severe look at her, and lowered her voice, "What are you arguing about, Ah Su falls asleep."

Gu Xiang stayed there with his mouth wide open, pointing at Wen Ke's sidewalk: "Master, you, you, you ..."

Zhou Zishu was a dead person and was woken up by her voice, so she got up helplessly, came out wearing her clothes, nodded first to Gu Xiang and Cao Weining, and gave Zhang Chengling a vicious look, then she saw him unexpectedly After Gao Xiaoli was a little surprised, she passed over a few people, stood in front of her, and asked, "Miss Gao, why are you here?"

Gao Xiaoli had met Wen Kexing and heard his name was A Su. He immediately responded. Who this strange man might be in front of him asked: "Yes ... Zhou ..."

"That's right." Zhou Zishu nodded, and saw her describe how embarrassed, so he called Xiao Er to prepare her room and eat.

Gu Xiang still stared with wide eyes on one side: "Master, you finally gave him ... he gave it to the beast?"

Wen Kexing glanced at her, and then glanced at Cao Weining, who was pleased with a smirk, and looked like Yue Zhang, commenting: "Don't think you have an in-laws, you can be presumptuous."

Then disregard the young couple, walk down and close Zhou Zishu's robe carefully.

Several people were neatly packed, and then sat down. Zhou Zishu previously listened to Gu Xiangyu's rescue process and met Gao Xiaoli. Then he asked softly: "Miss Gao, why are you alone here? , Was caught by Mother-in-law of Hei Ye again? Where is the hero?

Gao Xiaoli was silent for a long while, and suddenly cried out with a "wow", and said abruptly: "My father ... my father is dead!"

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Chapter 62: balance

As soon as she said this, several people froze for a moment. Zhou Zishu sat up a little, but didn't ask, waiting for Gao Xiaoli's emotions to be released, and she thought about what looked like, and frowned.

Wen Kexing glanced at him, and naturally took a small cage in the bowl in front of him, glancing at the corner of Gu Xiang's eyes, busy bowing his head in disguise, half a moment, and raised his head sneakily. Then, looking around the two men, he thought about it and felt unbalanced, so he also caught Cao Weining, and Cao Weining was immediately flattered.

It was only Zhang Chengling, feeling sick with Gao Xiaoli, and he could n’t bear to see her cry. He was clumsy and did n’t know what to say. He had to be careful to accompany her with sadness, half a moment, and then came out a word , Said: "Miss Gao ... Don't be sad, my father is dead ..."

Zhang Chengling bit his lip, scolded himself in his heart, and felt that there was no reason to say this sentence. Is your own father dead, should anyone else's father die? He was a little helpless. Gao Xiaoli didn't take it seriously, knowing that he was kind, he barely squeezed a smile at him, be grateful.

Cao Weining said aside: "I heard that some time ago, Gao Xia personally escorted the body of Shen Xia to Shu, and then ... what happened?"

Gao Xiaoli reached out and wiped away the tears, lowered her eyes, and her face calmed down—the first time they saw this girl, she was sensible, but after all she was a young lady with pride and respect. With a little immortality. However, in just a few months, she had experienced too much, as if she had suddenly become another person. Her voice was still shaking, but her mood was under control.

Softly: "At that time, Dad said that he would send Uncle Shen to the heroes for a ride. He was going to take me and Brother Deng, but the day before he left, he suddenly changed his mind and left me. I ... I was fighting against him for a while, and quarreled with him, but my dad was so stubborn that he didn't take me, and said ... I also said a lot of bad words, like what is happening right now, maybe halfway There will be many situations, people in Ghost Valley are still shaking outside, and I will drag them down and the like ... "

A drop of tears rolled down her cheeks, and Zhou Zi said steadily, "I want to come to make Zun think of something, and it's inconvenient to say it. That's why I care about your safety and leave you behind."

Gao Xiaoli nodded: "But I ..."

Zhou Zishu said: "If you are safe, you have left his blood in the world, and you will not disappoint your father's hard work."

Gao Xiaoli bit his lip for a long while, then said, "I don't have a feeling in my heart. I want to wait for them to go away and then follow up secretly. Who knows Dad ... Dad actually sent someone to look at me and took it with me. Brother is gone. I took a mad bet for more than half a month, and watched my brother let me out, saying that it was also arranged by my father, and he wanted to take me to a place to meet with them. At that time ... I felt something was wrong. . "

Several people couldn't care about eating, while listening, only Wen Kexing's expression was fairly bland, not to interrupt, just to eat slowly and rarely, and occasionally give Zhou Zi a chopsticks.

Gao Xiaoli said, "I ran away secretly while they weren't paying attention, and wanted to find my father in Shu. Who knows ... who knows that I encountered Brother Deng halfway, he was seriously injured, and someone chased him."

Cao Weining asked: "It's Ghost Valley ..."

Suddenly, Zhou Zishu interrupted him, and asked, "Do you know the person who chased him down? Is it someone in the Dongting Heroes Association?"

Cao Weining looked at him with a stunned look, swallowed saliva, and said neatly, "Zhou ... Brother Zhou, don't you say that okay?"

Zhou Zishu leaned on the back of the chair and said softly, "Listen to Miss Gao, the heroine is taking people from various majors. If he is really a ghost valley, how can they chase when they are crowded? Kill Deng Kuan? Whose life is that?

Gao Xiaoli shuddered: "Yes ... you are right, you are a decent man. They said that my father was the murderer who killed Uncle Shen, that he was the culprit who killed the Zhang family and the head of Taishan. The collusion of the ghosts is to ... want to get Liulijia, and also said that Rong Xuan and others tossed it out, and stole the martial arts cheats of various factions, with my dad involved. For the sake of his reputation, he hid this paragraph. You have to kill and kill yourself, swallow alone ... "

Zhang Chengling's eyes widened and he suddenly stood up: "What? He ..."

Zhou Zishu glanced up at him, and said coldly, "Little ghost, sit down for me."

Zhang Chengling looked at him: "Master, she said ... she said ..."

Gao Xiaoli's voice rose sharply, screaming: "It's not true, they're bullshit, they're wrong with my father, my father is not that kind of person!"

Zhou Zishu just said lightly: "Yes, Gao Xia is really not that kind of person, Miss Gao, you continue to say."

His voice was low and low, as if there was a special appeasement. Gao Xiaoli glanced at him and felt that he had overreacted, a little stunned, and slightly lowered his eyes, and then said: "Brother Deng told me to run away ... … I was frightened, I could only panic, and I was afraid that others would catch up with me, avoiding the crowd along the way, my brother was seriously injured at the time, I do n’t know if he ... Is he still ... ”

Zhou Zishu and Wen Kexing looked at each other. From this point of view, Deng Kuan was probably too fierce.

Cao Weining said: "Later, you panicked and accidentally met the black grandmother's mother-in-law. They didn't pay attention to revealing their identities, but they got upset and caught it?"

Gao Xiaoli nodded: "It wasn't that I accidentally exposed it. Someone caught up with me. During that period, the black grandma's mother-in-law stepped in and took me away ... They thought that the glass armor was in the hands of my father, and now He died, and those ghosts must be in my hands ... "

It is simply another Zhang Chengling.

Gu Xiang interjected: "Well, yes, last time after we separated in Dongting, Brother Cao and I met Qiye and they said they were going to save Zhou Su with an idea, and they followed us for a while, I just do n’t know where you went to get rid of the **** to get married ... ”

Cao Weining heard her more and more unsettling, and quickly interrupted her with a cough.

Wen Kexing paused, ignored Gu Xiang nonsense, and asked, "Qiye said there is a way?"

Gu Xiangdao: "The big witch said he thought of some, let us contact them after finding Zhou Su-the group of black-in-laws is said to be the remnants of the black witches of the southern Xinjiang then, and was killed by the big witches in early years. Where did I lie to a bunch of silly girls who followed them as believers, and have been breathing for many years, this time it was mixed with water, and the big witch said that they had been completely wiped out. Brother Cao and I were all right, so I went to watch, all when Jide is doing good, who knows that I met Gao, this time Jade is making a big deal! "

Wen Kexing looked at her in amazement, frowning slightly, but said nothing, but instead asked Zhou Zishu, "Look?"

Zhou Zishu was silent for a long while, and sighed, saying: "The people who know the truth are almost dead, and there is only one left. We have already won or lost. Why do you ask me such a question?"

At the same time, Qiye and Dawu, who are being discussed, are also in an inn. Qiye is having a good time with a chopstick, and he is quite childish trying to put a chopstick upside down on the table. on.

Unfortunately, the head of the chopsticks is not flat and slightly curved. After working hard for a long time, he is still unsuccessful, but he is still playing with perseverance.

The big witch looked at him for a long while, and finally sighed, softly like coaxing a child: "Beijing, stop playing, eat well."

Qiye answered, but still didn't leave the chopsticks. The big witch had to feed him bite by bite. This southern big witch looked cold and didn't talk much, but he seemed to have endless patience with Qiye.

Qiye was used to feeding and eating, and the big witch couldn't help asking: "What are you doing?"

Qiye said, "I want to put this chopstick up."

The witch frowned, not understanding what he meant, so he took the unfortunate chopsticks out of his hand and poked it gently on the table. The table surface was made like tofu, and he was asked to poke. When a hole came out, the chopsticks stood firmly inside.

Qiye glanced at him: "You are brute force, you can't do this."

The witch smiled indulgently, but said nothing, but watched him play with it in silence, while feeding him food.

Qiye said to himself: "One can't stand, you need to find another one."

He said, picking up another chopstick, for a long time, the two chopsticks really let him stand upside down on the table, supporting each other, Qiye carefully lifted his two hands away She spoke very lightly, as if she was afraid that her breath would become stronger, and she blew down the chopsticks that had finally stood up.

Just listen to him saying, "Balance-it's not easy."

The witch was slightly puzzled and asked, "What did you say?"

Qiye said with a smile: "For a round, if you want a long-term stable result, you must have a balance. A balance is a balance, and a balance is a balance. The way of balance is ..."

The big witch pinched the bridge of his nose and interrupted him: "Beijing, don't pull it."

Qiye was not angry, as if he was used to being interrupted. He continued: "If you want to balance, there are many conditions and it is extremely difficult to achieve. First of all, you must get both sides to be equal, not strong or weak, otherwise the strong one The weak side must be swallowed up. Even a close match is not enough. A close match can also fight for your life. There must be some natural or artificial barriers that cannot be surpassed. Both sides have to cast squirrels. Both parties have concerns and refuse to open this head ... Generally speaking, to achieve such a perfect and beautiful balance result, it is composed of various coincidences, that is, God's cloth. If it is artificial, you need to work step by step, be careful with layout, and make mistakes in one step, then you lose. It's especially easy to get out of this game. "

He said, reaching out to extract one of the chopsticks, and the other fell down, just hitting a plate of meringue snacks, smashing some small cracks.

Qiye laughed: "Just take one of the boards like this, and the balance will be broken immediately. But ... why should you take this board?"

The witch wondered, "What do you see again?"

Qiye took up the tea bowl, lowered his head, took a sip, and shook his head and smiled, "You can't say it, you can't say it."

Chapter 63: The night before

A thunder broke through the night of late spring and early summer, and Xingyue was invisible.

The icy rain fell, washing up the world's Fang Fei in April.

The roof of the inn's old house was leaking. There was only a little bit of light in the room. A man in a red suit, with a dignified face, flicked the lantern with his fingers, killing his face.

It is Sun Ding.

Suddenly, a breeze came in from outside the window, and the lights flickered slightly. Sun Ding's eyes stared and he looked up at the poisonous scorpion in black coming out of the window, waiting in silence for the news.

The poisonous scorpion in black took a note from his arms and handed it over. Sun Ding picked it up, looked it over, put his hand on the lamp, and a bloodthirsty smile appeared on his face, making him Those half faces were even more red and scary. He raised his hand and pulled up his sleeve. The palm of his hand had turned purple, and he grabbed it in the air, as if he had caught something and crushed it into pieces, then twisted his fingers finely.

The poison scorpion seemed to have received instructions and turned around and jumped out of the window.

They were like performing a silent puppet show.

Sun Ding lifted his head slightly, with a sloppy expression on his face, and said to himself, "Xue Fang, you are finally ... showing up."

He wrapped his big **** tightly, like a bat, with a crazy smile on his face, and went out-he and Xue Fang have been fighting for eight years, and how many more years are there in life? The owner of Fengyashan should be changed. Xue Fang was removed and Liulijia was obtained. Sun Ding believed that there would be no one who could stop him in this world.

No one restrained him from coming out of that seductive place, and the hypocrisy and sectarianism would be swept away by him eventually-what is right and wrong in this world?

But the king is defeated.

Xue Fang had already shown his mark, and he was waiting to be completely beaten by him.

At the same time, in the inconspicuous place in Liuxiang, Luoyang Flower Street, the scorpion's head was dark, playing with a black and white **** in his hand, separated for a while, mixed together, and a profound smile slowly appeared on his face. .

Zhou Zishu and his party stayed in the inn, waiting for Qiye and Dawu. When they were in Shuzhuang, and they did not think about Shu, they did n’t know if the dream was awake or not. Control the rapid changes.

The five major families have long since fallen apart, and their former glory has not fallen under the three-foot loess. Only Gao Chong and Zhao Jing are left with fruitful results.

When Gao Chong colluded with Ghost Valley and hanged ghost Xue Fang to remove the last obstacle, Zhao Jing, he finally conspired and was revealed.

Suddenly, everything can be explained clearly-knowing the position of each piece of glass armor accurately, knowing everyone's weaknesses, can easily steal glass armor from Zhaojiazhuang, and can play the heroes of the world in the applause , Deceived Shen Shen's glazed armor, and guarded the thief ... In addition to the mountains and rivers to make the master Gao Xia, what else can do?

The people who had been twirled with each other finally realized that they had all kinds of tastes in their hearts for a while, and they didn't know how to sigh.

Gao Chong laughed and died, seeming crazy, hanged the ghost Xue Fang and was missing. Zhao Jing was seriously injured and Liu Lijia disappeared.

Then there were rumors that, before heading to the Shen family, Huashan head Yu Qiu had conspired with the noble night ... Yu Qiu's son Yu Tianjie escaped from Zhaojiazhuang on the day he lost his glazed armor in Zhaojiazhuang. At first, everyone thought he was killed by a hanged ghost, but the corpse that was found had no head. In retrospect, who was really sure at that time, the deceased was Yu Tianjie?

Do you need to talk about these twists and turns?

Deng Kuan is dead, Gao Xiaoli is missing, Gaojiazhuang seems to have premeditated, all the birds and beasts are scattered, and Yu Qiu's whereabouts are unknown-the worst situation is that all five glass armors have fallen into evil Ghosts. Thirty years ago, the arsenal was about to be opened, and the madman's Liuhexin method was about to see the sky again soon.

Wuyuan in the Central Plains, the darkest time has come.

Waiting for the seventh night at the inn, after a while at midnight, Zhou Zishu took a breath and couldn't sleep from side to side, holding the wine jar, holding a broken bowl, and sitting on the rooftop with a mouthful. Drinking.

Sitting in the courtyard, Gu Xiang looked up at the sky with a confusion, his back to Zhou Zishu, and with her skill, he couldn't detect anyone on the roof behind him.

Rarely noisy, she sat quietly with her cheeks stretched out, her slender legs stretched out, holding a piece of grass in her hand, shaking it all at once, like this, it was a bit like "This star is not last night "Who is the wind and the midnight snack" taste.

Wen Kexing opened the door, looked at Gu Xiang's back, and suddenly sighed, as if he had some kind of "My daughter has grown up", he slowly came out of the room and looked up. Zhou Zishu glanced and sat quietly beside Gu Xiang.

Gu Xiang glanced at him, saying lethargically: "Master."

Wen Kexing smiled. This time he smiled without the crooked suffocation. It was very mild and almost gentle. He asked, "Why, you quarreled with Cao Tsai? Anymore? "

Gu Xiang continued to be lethargic, saying: "He dares, my old mother hit him."

Wen Kexing introspected himself. A good girl, who looks like a dog, has a nose and eyes, how can you develop this virtue for yourself?

He yawned and patted Gu Xiang's head lightly, asking: "What's the matter, you don't sleep in the middle of the night? What kind of spring sadness and autumn hurt you in the yard?"

Gu Xiang glanced at him sternly, holding his chin in his hands, and said nothing.

Wen Kexing sighed softly and patted Gu Xiang's head and said, "I said, why did you start to save people with Cao Ning ’s silly hat? You also accumulated good deeds ... Why, are you afraid that the masters of the Qingfeng sword school will not Let Cao Weining want you? "

Gu Xiang lowered her eyes, like she was still a very young girl, chucking her cheeks and biting her lips without talking, and used her index finger to dig out the bricks on the floor.

She is more afraid than she is. She is not afraid of what she looks like, but she is afraid of mentioning her origin.

Even if she is invincible in the world of martial arts, even if she looks like a country, she ca n’t defeat her. She says you are a good girl, who believes?

Beneath Fengya Mountain, there is no one, will there be a good girl? When I was a baby, I was picked up by the insanely devastated ghost valley owner, and kept by my side, without father and mother, seeing with my eyes open, whether it is killing or being killed, will it become a good girl?

Even Gu Xiang herself was confused. She never wanted anything, occasionally unscrupulous, and sometimes petulant, although sometimes her temper was not so good ... but she knew for the first time that she was a woman who couldn't see her light.

The ugly daughter-in-law can see her in-laws, but she is Zisha, and she dares not.

Gu Xiang thought for a long time, finally squeezed out a smile, and said to Wen Kexing: "It's still good in your family, one person is full of the family and not hungry, and there are no seven aunts and eight aunts ... oh!"

Before she said this, she was smashed by something on her head. When she looked up, she saw Zhou Zishu look down at her from the rooftop, and the wine bowl in her hand disappeared, just smirking with a smile. Gu Xiang.

Gu Xiang was smashed in pain, covering his head, and said to Wen Ke: "You don't care about him!"

Zhou Zi Shu Fei got down from the roof, patted Wen Kexing on the shoulder, and commanded: "Go, warm the bed for my grandpa."

Wen Kexing agreed very diligently, and left without saying a word. Gu Xiang widened his eyes and took a deep breath, feeling that either the world was upside down or she had nightmares.

Zhou Zi sat down comfortably, sighed, and said, "What are you worrying about blindly, I haven't worry about it yet-I thought I could still have a year and a half of good work, but now it looks like it doesn't take that long, press The big witch said, my meridians can't support my internal force ... This effort has become a burden. Maybe when I saw the lamp and the wax pot, I saw the king go. "

Gu Xiang stared at him with wide eyes, wondering what to say, for a long time, he whispered, "You are really out of luck."

Zhou Zishu didn't expect her stinky mouth to say anything nice. When she heard the words, she couldn't help laughing and shook her head: "Your mother, Gu Xiang, if you are not a little girl, I have to take a day. You can't do it eight times. "

Gu Xiang carefully moved his **** to the side and looked at Zhou Zishu alertly. Later, when he saw that this person was just drinking and didn't really want to do anything to her, he was relieved and thought about it, comforting with compassion. Said: "Seven Lords said that the big witch might come up with a way to save your life?"

Zhou Zishu took a sip of wine in his mouth and carefully tasted it for a long time, as if he couldn't bear to swallow it. It took a long time to say, "It's difficult."

Gu Xiang blinked his eyes and frowned, as if he didn't understand something. After a while, he gently stroked Zhou Zishu with his toes and asked, "Don't you want to live?"

Zhou Zishu glanced at her and said, "You don't want to live."

"Then why did you ..."

Zhou Zishu laughed.

Looking at the man laughing slowly and silently, somehow Gu Xiang felt that his heart was beating a little bit fast, and he looked away quickly, saying that red-face was a scourge, and a good-looking man was also a scourge. Just listening to Zhou Zishu said, "For me, there are only two paths in this life-either to live well or to die well. For this, I can stand for a while, but no one can stop me."

He is good at calculation and sometimes soft-hearted, but when he shouldn't be soft-hearted, he can feel like a rock. He can be ruthless towards others and himself. He has never been wanton, never wants to endure what he wants, even if he pays a price that others do n’t seem worth, he never looks back, and never regrets it.

Yang Tian laughed and went out, is my generation prone?

Zhou Zishu looked at Gu Xiang and said quietly: "Girl, how are you, you have the final say, others do not. It looks very clever. Why do you want to understand it?"

Gu Xiang was almost foolish, Zhou Zishu emptied the jar of wine in his hand, threw his hand aside, and turned back to the room.

He pushed the door open, suddenly reached out a hand in the darkness, hugged him tightly, and threw the door up. Zhou Zishu did not resist, as he threw himself onto the bed, his eyes slowly raised, and Wen Kexing faced up.

Silently, Wen Kexing suddenly lowered his head and kissed his lips like a bite. His breath was slightly frantic, with an indescribable danger. For a short while, Zhou Zishu suddenly pushed him away and raised his elbow. He hit Wen Kexing's ribs, rolled over and pressed him underneath, supporting his hands on both sides, his scattered hair hanging down his horns, and landed on Wen Kexing's chest, only those eyes in the darkness , Amazingly bright.

Zhou Zishu asked, "If I die, don't you lose?"

Wen Kexing didn't squeak, suddenly turned his head, biting Zhou Zishu's wrist firmly, it was like drinking his blood and eating his flesh. Zhou Zishu frowned, but didn't hide, just He bit him without a word, and the blood slowly flowed out, flowing down the corner of Wen Kexing's mouth onto the quilt, and instantly wet a large area.

I do n’t know how long, Zhou Zishu ’s arm there began to tremble slightly, Wen Kexing slowly closed his eyes, loosened his teeth, licked his wound, then sat up and pulled him to In his arms, Fengxue stopped bleeding, and said, "Loss, I haven't lost such a lifetime."

Zhou Zishu laughed silently and said, "Crazy."

The lunatic ripped a piece of cloth from his lining, wrapped his wrists, then lifted the quilt, wrapped them in, and soaked in the **** smell, hugged and fell asleep.

Three days later, Qiye and Dawu finally arrived.

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Chapter 64: Bet on life

The two of them seemed to have run the entire Central Plains in a circle, and they both felt a little bit of dust.

Not much nonsense at the meeting, the big witch checked Zhou Zishu's body. Zhou Zishu first subconsciously handed his left wrist up and raised it halfway. Then he remembered that this wrist was a little unsightly at the moment, and it was quietly retracted and changed. Another one.

The witch glanced and asked casually, "Your wrist is hurt?"

Zhou Zishu calmly said, "Oh, it's all right, the dog bite."

The pulse gate is one of the key points for the Xi Wu people to guard against. The big witch is a solid eye. He heard the words stunned. While reaching out and holding Zhou Zishu's wrist, he wondered: "What kind of dog is so powerful that it can treat you Bite it? "

Zhou Zishu was silent, while Wen Kexing, who was listening silently, suddenly stretched his hand to Zhou Zishu's mouth, and sighed, "I know that you are so careful about your revenge. For this, I did n’t let me in for three days. It's in your room, here you are, bite it back. "

Qiye, who had just sat down and started drinking tea, was stunned by him. Gu Xiang covered his face and turned his back, indicating that he had seen nothing and heard nothing.

Zhou Zishu's eyes twitched slightly, reaching out and pulling away Wen Kexing's hand, his face was unchanged: "You have to be a little bit nostalgic."

Wen Kexing laughed, but this smile was a bit perfunctory. He seemed to have no energy to play with Zhou Zishu, and completely turned his attention to the big witch, staring at him without blinking, like a big witch Suddenly flowers appeared on his face.

After a short while, the big witch let go of Zhou Zishu's wrist, and Wen Kexing immediately asked, "How?"

The big witch hesitated, and said truthfully, "It's more serious than I thought-Master Zhou, have you been hurt again these days?"

Zhou Zishu retracted his wrist, gently adjusted his sleeves, and lowered his eyes. If he smiled casually: "If people are floating in rivers and lakes, how can they not be attacked?"

After all, the big witch is from the southern Xinjiang. There are some slight differences between the facial features and the Central Plains. The eye sockets are extremely deep, and it seems that the eyes are darker than others. He looked at Zhou Zishu for a while, and it seemed Of course, what is like, said: "Zhou Zhuang, if I have no confidence at all, I won't come to you, to give you a block, you can rest assured."

Zhou Zishu looked up at him and smiled reluctantly, "If it is a waste of my martial arts ..."

At that moment, the man's face had a fragile fragile touch, even though the trace disappeared, it seemed to be dazzled by others. Seeing the score, Da Wu nodded and said, "I won't mention those words again. I have a way to keep your martial arts and your life."

Wen Kexing straightened up to say anything, but Zhou Zishu suddenly interrupted him and asked, "Can I save my life, but also my martial arts ... What do I need to pay?"

There was no clue on his face, but he didn't look happy, his eyes sank, and he was very cautious, as if he was not discussing his injury with a friend and a doctor, but was negotiating with someone, cautiously Thorough, all-inclusive, full of heart——

How can there be such an easy thing in the world? Fish and bear's paw can never have both. Zhou Zishu felt that although he didn't live long, it was enough for him to understand the truth. There was no truth about the pie falling from the sky. Even though the two people in front of him were barely called friends, even in the way of the big witch. Clear, but still can't believe it easily.

Because ... I hope this kind of thing will hurt people.

Qiye gently held the tea bowl in his hand and said, "In the past six months, we have searched a lot of places-you also know the forces of the Witch Doctor Valley. You still helped build it in the past, as long as All the medicinal materials that can be obtained in this world can be said to be irrelevant, but these few medicines are relatively rare, so we still need to find them all now. "

As he said, the big witch pulled out a small bottle from his arms in cooperation, and Zhou Zishu took it. As soon as he opened the lid, there was a full bottle of small pills, and a bitter medicine smell floated out. "You take these medicines and take them at midnight. They can suppress the onset of your Qiqiao Sanqiu nails, and you can also slowly remove the poison from the nails."

Qiye continued: "Although poison is troublesome, it is still a small matter. The key is that your meridians are nailed. If you rashly pull them out, the meridians cannot bear your internal force. You are not willing to give up power. It will definitely take some effort to cure it. I'm afraid it's hard. But ... "

He smiled and looked at Zhou Zishu: "Others or can't stand it, I think, you can try it."

The Dawu went on to say, "We need a man with strong skills who can instantly break your meridians around you-you can do it yourself."

Gu Xiang, Cao Weining and Zhang Chengling were stunned while listening, Gu Xiangne asked intently: "Shocked ... Is the body meridian dead?"

The big witch looked up at her, and did not deny it, saying, "It is possible, but Zhou Zhuang's skill is so strong that he won't be discouraged immediately. During this time, someone kept his heart ... "

Wen Kexing asked: "Do you mean, reshape the meridians?"

The witch nodded.

Wen Kexing opened his eyes and asked, "Can you do that?"

The big witch paused, and he spoke very cautiously, never saying full words, saying: "I only have 30% certainty when I do it, but it depends on whether ... the owner can survive it."

"30% ..." Wen Kexing frowned. "Is it only 30%?"

The witch nodded and said, "Forgive me for learning."

Zhou Zishu laughed loudly, and the last haze on his face was also cleared: "Okay, don't say 30%, I'm willing to gamble, and there is no loss anyway."

He put away the small medicine bottle, solemnly punched Dawu and Qiye, and said, "Thank you."

Dawu didn't say anything, just nodded lightly, as if he didn't give someone a bottle of life-saving medicine, but two gimmicks, Qiye smiled, "Thank you, Wuxi, this silly boy, if you don't let him I paid back the kind of friendship we owed you back then, I'm afraid it's going to be unreliable in this life. "

The big witch glanced at him and didn't refute, but just said, "It's not easy to reshape the meridians. I need an extremely cold place, so you will probably suffer some chills in the future, but you can recover your skills slowly. Conditioning is not a problem. "

Wen Kexing thought about it and asked, "In your opinion, what about the top of Changming Mountain?"

Legend has it that the top of the Changming Mountain is like a fairyland, with ancient monks and immortals on it, and the clouds and mist are lingering on the mountainside. The ice and snow on the top of the mountain do not change all year round.

Wen Kexing said: "It's a coincidence that the old food owed me and I don't know how much money to eat. Let's go to his old nest and let him manage the food-Ah Xiang."

Gu Xiang immediately answered.

Wen Kexing said to her, "Would you like to run a leg for me and get me Ye Baiyi, and I'll prepare two street dowry for you?"

Gu Xiang bargained: "Three."

Wen Kexing took a pat on her head: "Two and a half, okay? Don't get cheap and sell, go."

Gu Xiang rubbed his head and pulled Cao Weining to go back to pack his luggage. Wen Kexing stopped Cao Weining and said, "Don't listen to her. Packing things like this would require you to be a big man. Don't get used to it. She has no shape and looks like you. Come with me. Little devil, do n’t stop learning. You have been lax in your practice for the past few days, are you waiting for your master to scold you? On. "

After all, Cao Weining was dragged out indiscriminately. Zhang Chengling was a acquaintance. He glanced at his master and realized that his eyes were starting to look bad at himself, so he immediately slipped out with his tail, and as soon as the room was clean, The remaining three are Zhou Zishu Qiye and Dawu.

Qiye looked at Wen Kexing's back, and suddenly said, "You… friends, rivers and lakes, isn't it easy to come. Do you follow him all the way?"

Zhou Zishu froze, did not deny, but looked up at him, wondering what Qiye suddenly said, and saw Qiye smile again, and said, "But it ’s really good for you, except ... It's good to have never seen anyone like you so much. "

Zhang Chengling was chanting his secrets in the small yard, as if he practiced kung fu like a slap and a glance. In fact, at this moment, so many people came and so many things happened. The young man's heart could not help but feel a little bit floating. He also wanted to follow Gu Xiang And Cao Weining went to Ye Baiyi. Zhang Chengling reacted slightly slower than other children, but he was not stupid.

After listening to Grandma Hei's mother-in-law about it, Zhou Zishu didn't say anything other than punishing him for one more hour of daily practice. Zhang Chengling did this impulsively, but it also allowed Zhou Zishu to see the child's potential-after so many and so cruel things, he still kept the purest thing in his heart, never covering his cowardice, but When it's time to be brave, it never disappoints.

Zhou Zishu always felt that a boy with no scars on his body grew up smoothly and was a waste that would never fly under the wings of others.

Zhang Chengling himself also reflected on himself — he could n’t rely on Master for a long time. Master taught him a lot of stuff like a duck, and he learned everything by rote, but he did n’t understand it in many places, even if a master broke up and shattered it. Speaking, I still don't understand, he needs to experience.

Now that the injury on Master's body is at a critical moment, Zhang Chengling feels that he should not just follow him around, and should go out and do something for him.

He thought wildly, and the moves he practiced were messed up.

Wen Kexing saw it from a distance, and said nothing, and he was very confused. He only had 30% certainty. He had countless lives and deaths in his life. Every time he could survive 30% surely, but ... It's Ah Su.

Wen Kexing didn't return until Cao Weining called him, Cao Weining looked at him carefully, waiting for him to speak. Gu Xiang said that she was raised by this man, and Cao Weining suddenly raised a feeling of respect and fear for "Old Taishan" to him, accompanied by a laugh: "Brother Wen called me out ... ... "

Wen Kexing glanced at him, and suddenly it seemed like he didn't know where to start. After thinking for a while, he said, "I ... Axiang, who was a half-old child, I picked up. She I also knew my father and mother. She died. She was too young at the time and was hidden by her mother. The enemies didn't notice it and let her take her life. "

Cao Weining didn't dare to breathe, and listened almost with pious expression.

Wen Kexing continued: "She is not my girl ... Although we have always been a master-servant, I did not treat that girl as an outsider, just like my own little sister."

He smiled and paused, adding: "If it is a pretender, I look at her when she grows up, and it is a bit like my daughter. The place where we lived as a child was very unpopular, and I myself was a The child, who stumbled with her, burned her mouth the first time she fed her, and now it is not easy for Axiang to live to such a large scale, in fact ... she is not easy to blame. "

Cao Weining vaguely knew what he was about to say, and he said straightforwardly: "Brother Wen is assured that from now on to the death in my life, I count all the time, and there will never be a moment when I will live up to Ah Xiang."

Wen Kexing glanced at him, and said with a smile, "Don't say so much."

Cao Weining held up a hand, pointing to the sky and swearing: "The Emperor Empress Dowager learned from all the facts."

The genius Cao was afraid that Wen Kexing would not believe it. He said in anxiety that the only sentence in his life was wrong, but he was still listening to something that was not making people laugh. He said, "Every time goes by, there is no such thing Expiry. "

Wen Kexing glanced at him strangely and asked, "Even if she might not be what you think? Even if ... you will find that you don't actually know her?"

Cao Weining said: "Be assured, I know her naturally."

Wen Kexing laughed, picked up a small pebble, threw it towards Zhang Chengling, and said loudly, "Little devil, what daydreaming? Don't take it away!"

Don't worry, I naturally know her—Axiang, you have a lot to worry about.

Chapter 65: Startle

The two were entangled in the fragrant warm quilt. The room was full of lascivious / extravagant atmosphere. The scorpion sat on the side, watching without any movement, like a ghost.

The two people on the bed seemed to be getting more and more engaged, and the call was getting louder and louder. If you look carefully, this time he chose two youngsters. It took a while for the two youngsters to calm down from the aftermath of love / lust. , The two looked at each other, draped in clothes, came to the scorpion half-covered, kneeling on one knee.

The scorpion put down his glass discerningly, glancing around the flushed faces and bodies of the two teenagers.

At this moment, the door was pushed open from the outside, a gust of wind blew in, and a young man kneeling on the ground flinched, and a tall masked man stood at the door.

The scorpion didn't look up, as if he didn't know that someone was coming. He reached up and pinched a young man's chin, forcing him to raise his head and look carefully—the young boy was born with pink carvings, a pair of eyes blinked, Actually, there was a flood of water, a sharp chin, a tender little face, a boy and a girl.

The scorpion shook his head and sighed in disappointment: "It's not good, I'm so feminine, I can pinch the fat powder."

The masked man strode in, as if not completely taboo, and heard a glance at the trembling pair of teenagers and said, "It's just two rabbits, aren't they all such piss, what's the matter? Bizarre? "

The scorpion waved his hand, and the two boys made a ritual like amnesty and crawled away from his room. The scorpion slowly poured himself a glass and said, "It's boring not to be a genius. If this man is the same as a woman, why should I play with a man? It's a pity ... the last time they were called away."

The masked man sat down and asked, "Oh, can you run these little things by yourself?"

The scorpion glanced at him with a smile and continued to say slowly: "Not my people, but two unscrupulous guests-speaking, you probably know one of them, I look at him like you A big man. "

The masked man froze, paused, and asked, "Is ... he?"

Scorpion said: "Who knows?"

The masked man was silent for a long while, and couldn't sit still. He stood up, walked a few steps in the room with his hands on his back, and muttered to himself: "He disappeared a while ago. This would come here ... he said that he would Come and catch Xue Fang, recover the keys, and try not to get the attention of the martial arts, but you're out of control again, what does this man mean? "

The scorpion thing repeats itself: "Then who knows ..."

The masked man stopped suddenly, raised his hand to interrupt the scorpion, and asked, "Don't say this, have you solved Sun Ding?"

The scorpion responded, kicked out a box from under the table, and rubbed the ground in front of the masked man. The man tossed the box away with his toes, and there was a human head inside, which was already a little rotten. The piece on his cheek The red birthmark can still be seen. The masked man breathed a sigh of relief and laughed: "One is solved, this is good, and the other is easy to handle. Haha, happy zombie ... Zhao Jing released the news of fake Xue Fang , No one else is okay, but this fool got hooked and just made me wipe out. "

When the scorpion heard the words "the rest is easy to handle," there was a faint flash of light in his eyes. Do n’t laugh deeply: "Yes, the others do n’t need to worry, they will always solve them one by one. . "

Suddenly, he put the wine glass on the table, his eyes cleared, and said, "Nothing else to say, where are Zhen Xuefang and your so-called 'key'? Are there any clues now?"

The masked man shook his head and asked, "Neither do you?"

Scorpion frowned: "It's weird ... this man seems to have evaporated from the world. Where can he go?"

The masked man groaned for a moment and said, "I'm not busy looking for him, I'll get all the glazed armors before I say, Zhao Jing's heart is getting bigger and bigger, he seems to have realized that I hid the 'key'- I'm sure that his next step must be to plant the whereabouts of Liulijia on the head of Guigu, and then make a secret Chencang, and then consolidate his power. At the moment, the Central Plains martial arts are noisy, and everyone doesn't know what is going on. After hearing his encouragement, it was hard not to follow him. He was going to use Ghost Valley to start the operation. "

The masked man snorted and said, "Cooperating with Zhao Jing, I already knew that there would be such a day, nothing, just ..."

The scorpion raised his eyes and looked at him, and asked, "Why, you got the idea of your family's owner?"

The masked man laughed: "But a lunatic, at best, has the ability to fight and kill with a thick skin and thick flesh. It is finally useful to him, so let him fight with that Zhao Jing. Since he has arrived in Luoyang , I also met you, but I have to work harder, 'Please' his old man is coming out to work. "

Scorpion nodded and said, "It's easy."

At this time, the group of people being calculated was still at ease.

Zhang Chengling said that he wanted to go out with Gu Xiang and went to Zhou Zishu. Zhou Zishu rolled his eyes and gave a two-word reply: "Fart."

Zhang Chengling opened his mouth and decided to study like Senior Wen, stubbornly chasing him, chasing Zhou Zishu like a cockworm for a whole day, and chasing him until the night when he returned to the room. Zhou Zishu took the door and he stretched out a foot Stuck there, holding the door frame, looking up at his master stubbornly, begging: "Master, let me go, I can't do nothing, I ..."

Zhou Zishu's eyes sank. He didn't have much patience. Right now, he was in a good mood. He let the little entangle all the way. It would be annoying. He lifted his feet and darted to his chest. Zhang Chengling thought he was trying his own kung fu. , Flipping back in a measly manner, avoiding this, and just when he was about to speak, Zhou Zishu "touched" and closed the door.

Wen Kexing didn't know when he was behind Zhang Chengling, Mochizuki sighed: "Well, this time the door is not accessible."

Zhang Chengling shook his head, Frost's eggplant stood aside, listening to Wen Kexing's tone, as if he was too tired to get in. Wen Kexing sighed again and said quietly: "Man, always staying alone on the vacant room, easy to desire dissatisfaction, desire to be dissatisfied, easy to do something that loses his mind, loses his reason ..."

Although Zhang Chengling's reaction was a little slow, but after all, he was not stupid. There was an illusion of murderous steamed buns popping from the top of Wen Kexing's head. He was immediately shocked, jumped up, and disappeared into his sight. in.

Wen Kexing looked at his back, as if he was still a little confused and quite confused. He raised his hand and knocked on the door while holding his hand against the window, ready to break into the window at any time.

Who knew that the door opened from the inside, and Wen Kexing, who was going to do bad things, was wrong. Until Zhou Zishu turned his side and let him in, he still rarely said stupidly, "You ... let me in?"

Zhou Zi gave him a glance, raised his eyebrows and said, "Do not come in, don't come in." When he raised his hand, he would close the door. Wen Kexing quickly pushed away his hand, got in, and smiled.

Zhou Zishu turned on the light. He didn't mean to rest at all. He bent down and poured two cups of tea. He sat down at the table and lowered his eyebrows. He didn't mean to be joking. There was something serious to say. Like.

Wen Kexing looked at him for a while with a smile on his face, and slowly, the expression on his face also converged, holding a tea cup, but holding it in his hand instead of drinking, he leaned on the back of the chair and stretched. With their legs folded, they looked at Zhou Zishu side by side and asked, "Why, do you have something to tell me? Did you decide to make a promise in the future, or ..."

Zhou Zishu Shu interrupted him with a smile, looked up at him and said, "Don't you have something to tell me, Lord Wen Gu?"

Wen Kexing's voice got stuck in his throat. He opened his mouth, half a moment, shook his head, and said, "The great witch in southern Xinjiang is a very powerful person. You can follow him, I'm relieved."

Zhou Zishu dipped his fingertips on the table and drank tea on the table, and asked, "Gone?"

Wen Kexing looked up and looked at him. Looking through the eyes, this man softened his handsome face under the lamp, thinking of a lot-he felt as if he had known this person for a long time, and when he saw the bones behind him, he was very moved, and later, he liked it His identity, thinking ... The leader of the skylight was originally such a person. He suddenly felt that the other person was like another self in this world, all lonely wolves trapped by beast clips, desperately unable to escape. , Would rather bite his leg severely.

He couldn't help but follow him all the way, looked at him, then suddenly, knowing for the first time in his heart that he can live like this, can he also live like this?

After thinking about it, I got stuck, and I couldn't get out. Wen Kexing unknowingly reached out and touched Zhou Zishu's face last time, his fingertips were slightly curved, but he was only holding it gently. The man's not delicate skin and his cocoon covered with the wounded palm touched slightly. He suddenly said, "Don't you die, if you die, wouldn't I be alone if I live alone?"

Zhou Zishu held his wrist, but did not shake him off, and smiled: "If there is a line that can live, I can't die. The life is mine, the martial arts is mine, God gave me this way It's not so easy to take my things again. "

Wen Kexing could feel his breath with his fingers, and he narrowed his eyes, seeming to say foolishly: "That year, an owl flipped the red water in the hands of a villager ..."

Zhou Zishu looked at him, and asked the question that he had asked softly without changing his face: "Why do the villagers hold a bowl of red water?"

Wen Kexing smiled slowly and said, "Water has no color, but if human blood falls in, doesn't it turn red?"

Zhou Zishu looked at him, no longer speaking, Wen Kexing seemed to return to God suddenly, his free eyes came clear, and he smiled and looked at him and said, "Axu, why don't you sleep with me once, so Once you and I are concerned, you will not die easily, nor will I die easily. Do you think so? "

He seemed to be joking, but Zhou Zishu didn't answer the question. He just looked at him with a strange look. After a while, he asked, "Are you genuine?"

Wen Kexing laughed, leaning towards him, almost rubbing his lips and saying, "Is that sincere, can't you see?"

Zhou Zishu froze slightly, and whispered, "I ... I can't see it. I haven't seen it sincerely in my life. I can't tell. Are you?"

Wen Kexing's fingers climbed up his shoulders, pulling down his bun, and a black hair fell away, instantly making the tough man look a little more fragile. His laughter converged and his voice returned. Light, but landed and said, "Yes."

Then close her eyes and stick to Zhou Zishu's lips, sinking the turbulent heart to the bottom, no longer worry.

Zhou Zishu slowly raised his hand. It took a long time before he landed on his shoulder, and his fingers grabbed the cloth on his shoulder.

Suddenly, a scream exploded in the night, and Zhou Zishu's gaze was immediately clear. Wen Kexing's actions stopped, and the two of them fell to the ground together in this ambiguous posture at the same time.

Wen Kexing hung his eyes expressionlessly, pulled the placket folded between himself and Zhou Zishu, and whispered softly, "At this time ... you said, should I steam the come or braised it?"

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Forgive for incoherence

Chapter 66: Night raid

The scorpion was standing in a dark place where the moon was not shining, and his whole body was covered in a large hooded robe. The breeze swelled like a ghost in the corner.

He was holding a beautiful boy in his hand, just one of the two who just stepped down from his bed. The boy was wearing a tight night clothes and a chain was hanging around his neck. The other end of the chain was in the scorpion's hand. Here, it looks like a dog with red lips and white eyebrows.

Scorpion stretched out his fingers and gently combed the boy's hair, sighing: "If we don't remind Master Wen Gu, that great man, I am old and gentle in this life, Baiyun doesn't envy Xianxiang. Well, if the heroes are so ambitious, who will reveal the true face of that hero? "

The beautiful teenager narrowed his eyes as if enjoying himself, and unconsciously pinched the scorpion's fingers, hoping to get more caress. Several dark shadows rushed into the small inn, and the people who were implicated in the misfortune were awakened from their sleep, and the screams sounded. Suddenly, a door opened, and a half-sized boy with an untidy clothes crawling from it. Ran out, a poison scorpion behind him.

The scorpion looked on coldly, and saw that the young man described that although he was both ridiculous and ridiculous, the steps under his feet were not disorderly. It turned out to be a wonderful light work. He didn't seem to be awake and did not have the sense of resistance. Li wow shouted, "Mother, why are these people in the dark winter, awake and awake, and I have not dug your ancestral graves!"

The final word "ah" broke and turned into a scream. A small needle like a cow's hair was released in the hands of his poisonous scorpion. Zhang Chengling slammed in a posture similar to that of a dog. On the ground, the fleshy worm wriggled around with his buttocks, and then deftly rolled to the side, flying up to his feet, climbing up a few steps by the wooden post on one side, turning back when he twisted, holding in his hands Something, slammed the poisonous scorpion behind him, and said in the mouth, "Look at my needle!"

The poisonous scorpion bent back almost subconsciously-Zhang Chengling has been deceived since he was born, and finally succeeded in cheating with a series of cheap tricks by Gu Xiang and his master, who did not use any means to show face. Once, when someone else was in full bloom, he climbed up like a bear holding a wooden post, and explained proudly, "Haha, you are too stupid. This is how my master taught me to lie."

Just listening to one voice angrily said, "Non-sense, when did I teach you such a trick?"

Poor that poisonous scorpion, only to react, to catch up, suddenly a gust of wind struck behind him, he could not turn his head, his head rolled from the neck to the ground, Zhang Chengling's laughter got stuck in his throat, looked stunned and wondered where he was Come out of Wink.

At that moment, with his eyesight, he could only clearly see a residual image passing through the air, and then the poisonous scorpion separated his head. Wen Kexing stood aside indifferently, lowered his head, and there was no blood on his clothes. Then, there were only four fingers of the left hand dripping blood.

He didn't have a sword or other sharp weapon in his hand, but he didn't know what method he used to actually "cut" the poisonous scorpion's head with his bare hands. Could it be that he could condense into a sword by pointing at the wind? The whole person of Wen Kexing is like the evil spirit that Difu climbed up. There is no special solemn expression on his face, which makes people want to retreat.

Zhang Chengling opened his mouth, holding the pillar, speechless.

At this time, Gu Xiang, Cao Weining, Gao Xiaoli and others also came out to join the war circle. Zhou Zishu appeared at the door unhurriedly, opened the small medicine bottle given by the big witch, and swallowed it without water. A pill, hands clasped to his chest, his belt still loosely tied, and did not take out the white sword, his eyes skipped Wen Kexing and others, directly to the scorpion standing in the shadow.

The windows in the large witch's room had already been pushed open. He didn't blend in, but leaned against the window to look aside, and frowned when his eyes fell on Wen Kexing.

Qiye put on his coat and asked behind him, "What do you think of this man's kung fu?"

The witch groaned for a moment and said, "If it's true kung fu, Zhou Zhuangzhu might be able to fight with him when he was hey, but he really started to work, and he would definitely not win."

Qiye took a moment to froze and asked, "What about you?"

The big witch shook his head: "I would never fight this person unless it was a last resort."

He stared darkly at Wen Kexing, who was standing in the middle of the courtyard. Wen Kexing seemed to smile slightly, raised his hand, and licked gently on the four fingers dripping with human blood, leaving on his lips. The next blood stain was red.

Either the big witches themselves or Zhou Zishu, they may also be rare masters in the rivers and lakes, but the kung fu is taught by the master, and then taught by others, and then slowly explored and practiced hard.

Although the practice is personal, after all, there is a master leading the door. Their motivation to learn kung fu is nothing more than long-term ability and realization of their dreams. Although they ca n’t see it, others have a real presence. The ingenuity that goes on, but this person is different.

This man's martial arts has been honed between decades of **** death and death-he has no tactics, no way, only choices to live or die again and again.

This is probably the scariest martial art in the world.

The scorpion opened his mouth slightly, his voice trembled. I did n’t know whether it was fear or excitement. He shrank his fingers and scratched the beautiful boy in his hands. The young man ’s facial features wrinkled slightly, showing a painful expression. He said, "If I say that he is not the owner of Ghost Valley, I will not believe it if he is killed."

He suddenly released the teenager he was holding and patted him on the back of his head, saying, "You will meet the very lucky child, play with him, and we will chat with you."

The boy flew out in response, and his martial arts were not weak.

At the same time, the scorpion screamed as a whistle, and all the alive poisoned scorpions jumped out of the circle and ordered neatly beside him.

The scorpion stepped out of the dark, stood in front of Wen Kexing, hugged his fist and said, "The two are meeting again."

Wen Kexing let go, and a poisonous scorpion's body fell to the ground. He glanced at the scorpion, and he was very impatient and asked impatiently: "Are you looking for death?"

The beautiful boy brought by Scorpion had flew to Zhang Chengling. Scorpion stopped looking at him indifferently, but Zhou Zishu, who had not moved, looked up and looked at the two teenagers who had been fighting. It seemed to move slightly. Moved, hesitated for a while, but still didn't intervene-the beautiful teenager started fiercely and fiercely, at first, he only pushed Zhang Chengling into a desperate situation.

However, Zhou Zishu can see that if the efforts of these two people are poor, there is no way to go. He already knows that Zhang Chengling is the kind of person who is forced to enter a desperate situation but will enter the country. Anyway, there are so many people beside him , I'm not afraid that there is any difference between the little ghost, so they had to go.

Scorpion laughed: "I dare not dare, but I am still very sad. Now that our goal has been protected by the owner, we are eating the bear heart leopard gall, but we dare not break the ground on the old year. "

Wen Kexing looked at him impatiently, as if he was going to screw his head off to talk nonsense.

Scorpion continued: "I came here, but I was entrusted to pass a word to this young master Zhang."

Wen Kexing looked up and glanced at the two teenagers who had been playing on the house, and didn't bother to pay attention to him again. He walked back to Zhou Zishu with a stinky face, lowered his eyes slightly, and narrowed his expression in his breath. He whispered, "Did you take the medicine?"

Zhou Zishu responded casually, and asked the scorpion, "What is it?"

The scorpion stood with his hands up, looking up at Zhang Chengling, who was still hiding in Tibet just now. Although he was still embarrassed, he could still play a few tricks. He couldn't help but "snapped" and saw that the teenager didn't know When I found a sword that was like torn copper and iron, it was used for practice at a glance. In the seemingly unscrupulous move, it seemed that two extremely sophisticated swordsmanships were hidden, a peaceful and moderate, Quite the gentleman's spirit of the Warriors, another kind of lightness and chic, if it is fully used, it should be as beautiful as flowing clouds.

The two swordsmanship was combined by the boy in a clumsy and rampant way. The donkey's lips were not right and the horse's mouth was wrong. What a weird look, but there was a weird harmony.

The scorpion also looked at it. Within ten strokes, the seemingly aggressive offensive of the child he raised must be resolved, and he sighed, "Are you a master?"

He suddenly raised his voice and said loudly, "Master Zhang, do you want to know who is really hurting your family?"

Zhang Chengling was shocked when he heard the words, and the chain on the opponent's neck flew over, entangled with the sword in his hand, which was not a very powerful weapon. It was broken into two pieces by such a twist, and the beautiful boy immediately Chasing after victory, raised a dark knife in his hand and waved it.

Zhang Chengling rolled in a hurry, and had no choice but to raise his foot and kicked the young man. The teenager was frightened and angry, but he had to turn sideways.

Everyone at the scene couldn't help but look weird.

Zhou Zishu and Wen Kexing looked at each other and said in unanimous tone, "What kind of apprentice do you teach this?"

Wen Kexing stared, "It's your apprentice."

Zhou Zi said with confidence and confidence: "Fart, this apprentice who can't do anything but shamelessly indecent, how can I teach, it is obviously a breed with you."

Zhang Chengling jumped up, stepped on Liuyun Jiugongbu at full speed, and the beautiful boy behind him followed the eaves and walked the wall. After hearing only the scorpion's surprise, he laughed and said, "It's an eclectic child-tell you the truth, kill your father, kill the person in charge of Taishan, and secretly be the owner of the Shen family. The people who planted mischief to the heroes were actually one. "

Zhang Chengling asked loudly, "Who is it?"

The scorpion asked, "Who are you? Now anyone can secretly mobilize the world ’s heroes to siege the Valley of Ghosts while secretly holding the glass armor, while slaying all the people inside, and then kill all the people in the Valley of Ghosts' Where's the key 'and Liulijia? "

Zhou Zishu said "Ah" and looked at Wen Ke Road meaningfully: "The key to Ghost Valley-no wonder ... we have never heard what Dragon Sparrow said, except that the owner is calm and not surprised at all."

Wen Ke Road: "You are not surprised."

Zhou Zishu laughed: "I'm not surprised at all-Guigu has been silent for so many years, why suddenly a traitor appears and the target points directly to Liulijia? He is taking such a big risk, if he comes out of an empty glove white wolf, But it's too abnormal. "

Wen Kexing hesitated for a long while, and whispered to him, explaining, "Yes, the top ten evil spirits in the valley have been fighting more than ever. They are led by Sun Ding and Xue Fang. Before that, I do n’t know what method the hilarious ghost used. Most of the evil spirits fell to him. This is because more pressure than less. In the valley, the side that is not as good as humans will die, and Xue Convenience will take the risk ... or he had planned such a day and stole the 'key'. "

Zhou Zishu nodded, prolonging his voice and said, "Oh, I don't know what to do--"

At that time, there was only one person in the five major families. Zhang Chengling was just stupid. He also heard who the person in the scorpion was alluding to. At that moment, his heart stopped and he yelled, "You're bullshit! That's impossible!"

Zhou Zishu raised his head and said in a deep voice: "Little devil, if you want to be a avenue, you have to be firm. You don't need to deceive yourself when you want to understand. You feel that he can fart, you can naturally go in and out of your left ear."

He said, but he didn't see how to move. The figure flickered to Cao Weining, took his sword in hand, threw it up, and said, "Then, aren't you going to go with Gu Xiang, if you can kill That white-faced fake girl, I promise to let you go. "

Zhang Chengling flew over to take Cao Weining's sword, and "swipe" a long sword out of the sheath, yelled, and without hesitation, a sword was chopped off at the beautiful boy.

He was simply using Cao Weining's sword as a golden ring sword. At that moment, there was a kind of big opening and closing, overwhelming posture-no one had taught him this.

The beautiful boy was startled, panic-stricken, and made a mistake, he made a mistake in the back-he was holding one foot slightly, usually he couldn't see it, and then retreated in a hurry, only to appear, suddenly the scorpion face With a smile of unknown significance, Zhang Chengling naturally saw his feet, and his eyes suddenly glazed, and a sudden sullen hate appeared on his face, and he split it straight.

Cut the boy from his face to his chest.

Blood splattered his face.

Zhang Chengling turned his head, looked straight at the scorpion, and asked, "You said, it's Uncle Zhao."

Zhao Jing took him all the way to Dongting, and those poisonous scorpion killers slowly emerged—Why did Zhao Jing so easily let Zhou Zishu, who was unknown, take him away?

Because he was away from him, it was really a killer.

At that time, all the insiders were dead. Now, there is only one Zhao Jing left, who was injured for the martial arts path. At present, he has high morals and looks great.

This is the truth.

The author has something to say:

Is this the truth?

Obviously not yet ... crawl away ==

Chapter 67: Depart

The beautiful boy wasn't dead. After all, Zhang Chengling never hurt anyone. Although he was fierce, he hesitated for a moment, but he left a long and deep mouth on the other side, and blew his blood out.

The scorpion looked at Zhang Chengling, smiled strangely, and murmured: "Someone in the world has such good luck, good boy, you have an incalculable future."

After he finished speaking, he bent down and hugged the beautiful young man who fell to the ground. The young man was twitching, looking at the scorpion, his face was struggling, and the scorpion gently squeezed his chin and shook his head: , Face is ruined. "

After speaking, the hand suddenly exerted strength, and the young man's neck crooked, showing an unnatural arc, and he was strangled to death.

The scorpion did not look at his body, nodded to several people, and turned away with his poisonous scorpions.

Zhang Chengling, holding a **** sword in his hand, stood alone in the yard, as if shaking all over.

Cao Weining tentatively walked over, took his sword from his hand, cleaned the blood, glanced at the young man's corpse on the ground, and patted Zhang Chengling's shoulder, and said, "This ... we were actually quite surprised Yes, I do n’t think he looks like a good guy. What he says may not be true. "

He looked up as if looking for support, but saw Gao Xiaoli staying like a wooden chicken, Gu Xiang thoughtfully, the other two ... clearly have a long-term appearance.

Cao Weining remembered that day when Gao Xiaoli complained of the encounter, when Zhou Zishu said to Wen Kexing when he asked, "The people who know the truth are almost dead, and there is only one left, and we have already seen winning or losing."

Win or lose ... see? He couldn't help but secretly shivered. It turned out that they had thought about it at the time. It turned out ...

Zhang Chengling suddenly raised his head and said to Zhou Zishu, "Master, I remember the day when the man was wrapped in black and asked my father what he looked like. I just ... just ..."

He turned his head, his eyes fell on the young man's body, and his throat moved, but he shook even more. He raised his hands and slightly stomped his feet, and said, "He is ... so tall, his shoulders are wide, and one foot ...... One foot is not easy to see, but when I chased me, I was anxious and walked a little bit, like him-it was the man who seriously hurt Uncle Li, he ... he ... "

Gu Xiang exclaimed in a low voice with "ah", covering her mouth with one hand, and her eyes, which were already large, were about to stare out, as if she had heard the worst thing in the world.

Wen Kexing glanced at her, and quietly raised a hand that was not stained with human blood, touched Zhang Chengling's head, nodded, and said gently: "I know."

He raised his head, his eyes seemed to look far away through the night, and a strange smile appeared on his face, like a tired traveler. After walking through the mountains and rivers, he finally got to see the true face of fate In the same way, there is a little less irony, but more indescribable relief and calm.

Gu Xiang slowly put down his hand and whispered, "Master ..."

Wen Kexing raised his hand to stop her, and said, "You are a girl who got married and spilled water. This matter will never matter to you from now on. You should go to Ye Baiyi and Ye Baiyi tomorrow. Naturally I won't owe your dowry, so don't go back there. "

Zhang Chengling wants to be as strong as possible. He just decided to raise his chest like a real man, protect the protector, and eradicate the thing that is to be eradicated. He will never shrink back, never fear, but tears no matter what he encounters. It seemed like he couldn't stop, falling down one after another. He felt like he was crammed and felt like he was back to the weak child who couldn't do anything.

The bad guy has killed his family. He wants to learn hard and be strong so that he can protect his relatives and friends from being harmed in the future. He can even kill the bad guy and revenge for the dead.

But that is Uncle Zhao ...

His father closed his eyes and took Uncle Li's hand, asking him to guarantee that the person he entrusted to him was that cold night, in a wilderness ruined temple, and Uncle Li dragged Master again, asking him to entrust himself to People.

It was the man who was not with him at all times during those darkest days. He was the one who had red eyes in front of the heroes in the world, and said with a voice that he wanted to get justice for himself. He was ...

The world is too difficult and the heart is too deep. Even the closest and most reliable people cannot be trusted. What else can we trust?

Wen Kexing sighed vaguely, stopped looking at the crowd and turned back to the room, but Zhou Zi paused and beckoned to Zhang Chengling: "You and me, come here."

Zhang Chengling wiped his eyes vigorously, but soon his vision blurred again. Knowing that Zhou Zishu was the most impatient of him crying, he twitched and said, "Master, Master, I, I didn't really want to cry, I was ... I was ... I will be fine in a while ..."

Zhou Zishu sighed and rarely said anything. He reached out and embraced him in his arms. He only approved a gown on the outside of his blouse. He wore it very thin and his body temperature passed through easily. The clothes came out, and Zhang Chengling buried his entire face in his arms. At that moment, it was like leaning on a mountain that would never collapse.

Generations intersect, but scams and scams, Pingshui meets, but can depend on each other.

Cao Weining pulled up Gu Xiang and left without a word. Gao Xiaoli took a deep breath and returned to the room with a lot of thought. There were only two masters and apprentices in the yard. The big witch looked at them through the window. He whispered and asked, "Is that ... Zhou Zhuang? When is he like this ..."

Qiye smiled softly, not knowing whether to answer him, or said to himself: "Isn't he always like this, it was also to Liang Jiuxiao that year, although his face has always been like a father like a brother who doesn't give up." In fact, he secretly planned everything for him, but unfortunately others did not accept him. "

Dawu turned around and looked at him. There was no light in the room. Most of the seven grandfathers were in the dark. Only Yuehua landed on his small half of his face, which looked unlike ordinary people. Qiye said: "If you say that he is a good man of kindness, courtesy, wisdom, I'm afraid he can't admit it. If it's not a good thing ... these thunderstorms he's done, but nothing One is out of selfish desire, for himself. "

Suddenly he turned around, grabbed something, opened the door and walked out, sighing almost inaudibly.

Qiye strode to the yard and threw the things in his arms into Zhang Chengling's arms. It was actually a black iron sword. Zhang Chengling took it in a hurry, stunned, and then slowly nodded after Zhou Zishu nodded. Pull away.

The sword was so wide that it was twice as wide as Cao Weining's. It didn't see any light. Instead, it had an old awkward atmosphere, with a faint halo, and a deep killing intention on the edge of the sword. The average sword is two or three times heavier.

Jian Ming was engraved with two words-"Dahuang".

Qiye said: "This was sent to me to hold and play. The style is good, but I am not good at learning, it is useless, and it is not easy to handle. It is too heavy and I will give it to you."

Zhang Chengling said "Ah", his eyes were red, and he was at a loss.

Qiye said: "The sword should be given to the hero, even if it is a future hero, I have nothing to gain. There is at most one wealthy idler in this life. Hold it, and don't let it down in the future."

Zhou Zishu said positively, "Thank you Qiye."

Qiye smiled slightly, glanced at him obliquely, and said meaningfully: "I've been dating you for some years. I've been struggling and killing each other together, but you're joking with others like that, why? Partially paired with me, so serious and uninteresting? "

Zhou Zishu froze.

Qiye waved his hand, turned around and walked back, saying in his mouth, "Zishu, I am not the King of Nanning, and you are no longer Zhou. With your cleverness, haven't you thought about it yet?"

Zhou Zishu was silent for a moment, and suddenly a look of relief appeared on his face, and laughed loudly at Qiye: "It's not that you dare not make jokes, Qiye looks so beautiful, I am terrified that my vinegar jar has turned over."

Qiye walked for a while, but was not angry, just looked back at him with a crying smile, shook his head helplessly, and went into the room.

Zhou Zishu never slept, and taught Zhang Chengling a set of swordsmanship in the yard. The teenager looked at the side with swollen eyes and he was still slow to respond. The same trick, others might read it, but he wanted to see it. Many times, the question was asked upside down, and it was counted as the past.

At the end, he turned out the pen and paper again, and drew every move of Zhou Zishu's teaching on the paper, and marked with tips and a pile of messy notes next to it. He could not wait to write every word that Zhou Zishu said.

Zhou Zishu asked: "What do you do with this? Isn't it just going to practice?"

Zhang Chengling blushed and said neatly, "Master, you have n’t practiced in Islam before, I ... I know I am stupid, so I set a rule for each move, I practiced 10,000 times before I started Practice the next move, and then review it from time to time, get up early every morning and back ... back ... "

He remembered that Zhou Zishu didn't like him turning his back and forth, and got stuck there and said nothing, carefully looked up at Zhou Zishu, and vomited his tongue.

Zhou Zishu looked at him with complex eyes-if Dazhi is stupid, if he is clumsy, if he is not impatient, and when he is down-to-earth-Scorpion says that Zhang Chengling is lucky, and suddenly he feels that he is more fortunate to be taught by the world's elite.

He patted him on the shoulder and said, "Go ahead tomorrow, do what you can, don't ... sorry for the sword that Qiye gave you."

On the second day, Gu Xiang, Cao Weining and Gao Xiaoli and Zhang Chengling set off. On the one hand, they went to find Ye Baiyi. On the other hand, Cao Weining was uneasy about the Qingfeng Sword School. Gao Xiaoli and Zhang Chengling also wanted to see the truth, and decided to go in secret Seek traces of Zhao Jing and others. Wanting to come to high is one of the masters of the mountains and rivers. If something goes wrong, Ye Baiyi won't stand idly by, maybe he will run into it.

After sending away the four most noisy, Zhou Zishu planned to return to the room for a rest, and pushed the door, and saw Wen Kexing waiting in the room waiting for him. Wen Kexing was sitting on the window with one leg swinging outside. One leg slumped, his hands crossed on his knees, and when he came in, he looked up and smiled.

Then he said, "Axu, I'm leaving."

Zhou Zi paused and asked, "Huifeng Yashan?"

Wen Kexing nodded: "I have been out for a long time, and I have seen people and scenery I have never seen in my life. I should go back and finish the business. Ah Su ..."

He seemed to want to say something, but he didn't know where to start. He had to grab his own hair, and finally came up with a sentence: "You ... heal yourself well, but don't allow Hongxing to come out of the wall. I will go to Changming Mountain to find you, if……"

Zhou Zishu took out the jug, dangling it in his hand, poured himself a glass of wine, no longer looked at him, but interrupted him with a cut: "I see, you go, don't die."

Wen Kexing smiled silently, and said "take care", the next moment, the figure was no longer in place, only the empty window frame was blown by the breeze, as if there had never been a person sitting there.

Zhou Zishu drank the wine in a glass.

Chapter 68. Letting Go

After walking for a stretch of time, Cao Weining realized that Gu Xiang was being quiet. She had been, ever since that scene of turmoil from the start of the night.

Gao Xiaolian, a reserved young woman, was not especially familiar with them, and was just fine with not speaking on her own initiative, merely following behind them distantly while she carefully helped Zhang Chengling with leading the reins; the little guy was holding his new Great Famine sword in his arms while dozing off on the horse’s back. His drool was flowing onto its neck, dampening its hair and causing the little horse to shake its head the whole time.

Cao Weining gathered in close to Gu Xiang, leaned down, then tilted his head to take a careful measure of her expression. “What’s wrong?” he asked. “Did you not sleep well, either?”

She looked at him listlessly, then lowered her head, the spitting image of a young wife. That only frightened him, though. Believing that she had eaten something spoiled, he quickly reached out to feel her forehead, thinking to himself, This woman that always jumps around and all about is being very docile… she couldn’t have fallen ill, right?

She leaned backwards, flung his hand away, then turned to look back at the pair that was a good bit away from them. “It’s a… you’ve always thought that honesty was a bit foolish, and normally, three kicks wouldn’t get one fart out of you. What anyone else said would just be whatever,” she said, sullen. “How did someone that’s apparently never grown a brain end up turning into a major devil that plots behind everyone’s backs?”

He chewed on her words a couple of times, then made a weird face. “Ah-Xiang, have you… misunderstood something about Xiao Zhang?”

Gu Xiang went mute for a short moment. “You who is surnamed Cao,” she started, sinister, “can go ahead and die.”

She then raised her hand and went to hit him.

Cao Weining smiled mischievously as he dodged her. “Ah, don’t. Won’t you be a widow if I die? To be widowed at a young age would be very pitiful.”

After thinking about that, she felt it to be true; she still didn’t yet hold the two-and-half streets of dowry her Master had promised, so doing this would be a loss. Glaring at Cao Weining, she took her raised hand back, deciding to fight with language, not fists.

She knew herself to not be any sort of highly capable. Many times, she couldn’t understand what her Master was saying, simply following beside him in ignorance, occasionally flapping her trap to entertain him in addition to her everyday life of attending to him. She, and he… and they… were not people going the same path. She couldn’t be considered a flower of considerate words, nor a close confidante of rosy cheeks.

Like a child, she had only a smidgen of deviousness and cunning, where she could approach benefits whilst shunning disadvantages. Even though all the people she had seen below Fengya Mountain had been nothing good, her Master had been there, and none of them had ever gotten the idea to dare strike her. Thus, extraordinarily uncommonly, she was able to preserve her naïveté; she wasn’t that great at fathoming peoples’ intentions, and in spite of knowing what evil was, she had no idea what genuine evil looked like.

Lao Meng, the Ghost of Impermanence, had been wearing old-farmer-esque clothes at Lake Tai when she had temporarily nabbed him. He had dug a hole in the ground to drag those two sorry-looking men out of it, and then, because of one word from their Master, specifically sought out the clothes of a butcher to wear, smiling happily at everyone. She had even heard people talking behind his back, saying that he was a dog raised by their Master.

Even dogs would have a bit of a dog’s temper, but he didn’t even have one of those.

Did he steal the key? Did he betray Ghost Valley? Where was the Hanged Ghost, Xue Fang?

There had been a fake Xue Fang, back when the Zhang family had been silenced. Was Lao Meng the impersonator? Starting from that point on, had Lao Meng been colluding with that Zhao guy?

Noticing that her brows were still furrowed, Cao Weining attempted to ease her worries. “Truthfully… I understood a bit of what Brother Zhou and the rest had said yesterday.”

Blinking her big, apricot pit-like eyes, she looked up at him. Once glanced at like that by her, he practically emanated a heroic aura, like he could do anything, and suddenly felt himself to truly be a purely manly man.

A purely manly man who, for the sake of cajoling his lady when she was upset, would suffer her blows whenever she was angry, and stand up to give her a thorough analysis whenever she didn’t understand something.

“I heard them say ‘Lapis Armor’ and ‘key’,” he said. “They evidently want to get what’s in the Armor. Finding the five pieces of it alone isn’t enough, as it still requires a key, which is in the hands of that limping villain Xiao Zhang had spoken of. At the start, this villain and Zhao Jing were in the same group, so they set out together to do evil and steal the other pieces. Zhao Jing murdered Patriarch Shen, framed Hero Gao for it, then obtained all of them; now, one has the Armor, while one has the key, thus dividing the loot unequally, and making them start to fight.”

Gu Xiang pondered this, then nodded. “That seems to be so… who the one wanting to kill Zhang Chengling, then?”

“Think about it. Xiao Zhang saw the crook that’s been hiding all this time. Even if he had forgotten it for a time, that crook still feared that he would remember, then unveil his identity, so he hired people to hunt him down… ah, yes, Zhao Jing must have known about this, else he wouldn’t have allowed Brother Zhou and them to bring Xiao Zhang away amidst such a mess. Once he was brought away, he then wouldn’t be able to set about killing him so easily — but why is that Ghost Valley crook afraid of having his identity exposed? It took me half a night of thinking before I understood; he’s likely scared of the Valley’s internals discovering that he’s a traitor, then killing him.”

She looked at him in adoration, thinking to herself that his theory was like a blind cat bumping into a dead mouse.

Upon seeing her expression, he felt even more like he was walking on air, waving his hand in false humility. “I’m just randomly guessing, that’s all. Ahem. Let’s not worry over stuff like fools; we’ll go expose Zhao Jing’s plot, look for Hero Ye, then go back to live a good life, just you and me.”

“Your shifu disdains that I have no father or mother, and am a wild girl,” she pointed out. “What if he doesn’t allow it?”

Cao Weining made another big hand wave. “Then you’ll abduct me, and we’ll elope.”

“Pah! Am I that ravenous?” she fumed.

He thought some more. “Then I’ll pretend to switch roles to a flower-stealer, abduct you, and we’ll elope.”

Upon deliberation, she believed that that was a terrible idea, but also just good enough. She thus nodded, satisfied, and reached out her tiny hand to hook around Cao Weining’s. They rode side-by-side, which was simply sickeningly sweet.

In full contentment, he thought, So, this is what it is to have a wife… having one is really nice. She’s soft, smells good, and when she leans against me, even my heart melts after her. She smiles at me, and I immediately get dizzy. She’s someone who will know when I’m feeling hot or cold, or will make up the bed… in the future, we’ll build a little house with a little courtyard, have a couple chubby little kids, and I’ll hear her voice sharply calling for me to come home for dinner…

The more he thought, the more beautiful those thoughts became, until his desire to spout poetry was overwhelming. “Golden wind and jadeite dew meet once, superior to the countless meetings of the mortal realm,” he crisply recited. “In the Heavens, I wish for us to be birds of the same feather. On Earth, I wish for us to be conjoined trees…”[1]

Those people scheming this and scheming that the day long, struggling to make others die while living themselves; what was the point of it? Practicing exceptional, divine arts, being number one in the realm through a thousand autumns and innumerable generations; what was the point of that?

They would still be old bachelors all their lives, never getting wives.

Cao Weining vaguely felt them to all be a bit pitiful.

When Lord Seventh and the Great Shaman returned carrying a bunch of medical supplies, they caught sight of Zhou Zishu sitting in the courtyard, whittling a flute. His craftsmanship was nothing great, and he was using materials from his surroundings, even having ruined a few prior, all sounds they made muted when played and producing a field’s worth of wood dust. As Lord Seventh drew near, he discovered that his latest flute had since taken shape.

The Great Shaman nodded at Zhou Zishu, then turned and went in the house, not having anything to say to him.

Lord Seventh conversely sat down at the side. “What are you doing?”

“Cultivating myself physically and spiritually,” Zhou Zishu answered lazily. He put his carved flute up to his mouth, then blew, finally getting it to make sound… when others played the flute, it was a heavenly sound that entered the clouds, but when he played it, it was a demonic noise that pierced the ears, sometimes shrill, sometimes hoarse, and not a single note in-tune regardless, crowing and twittering. This was clearly not self-cultivation — it was a cultivation of any listeners’ endurance.

Covering his ears, Lord Seventh took the carving knife and wood piece out of his hands. His fingers were extraordinarily nimble; in just a few motions, the flute was fully shaped. It didn’t look any different from Zhou Zishu’s craft at a surface glance, but after the latter took it back, brought it to his lips, and then tested it out, the change was audible. He played out a folk ditty from the wildlands, which was actually quite nice.

At the end of it, he put the flute down with a smile. “You’re worthy of having been the number one capital dandy that could pick up and put down anything, from poetry, to songs, to dining, drinking, hustling, and gambling. All that playing around gained you a couple of tricks.”

Lord Seventh grinned. “He left?”

The other nodded.

“You didn’t go with?”

“I wanted to, of course, but there’s too much of a mess on their end. One praying mantis is hunting a cicada while having a hundred siskins behind it. I’ll wait a little, then go take an assessment. I’ll go fish him up when the time is right.”

“You’ll only fish him up? Nothing else?” Lord Seventh gave him a look. “If he was Jiuxiao, you wouldn’t be so unworried.”

Zhou Zishu smiled, shaking his head. “How could he be compared to Jiuxiao? He was just a kid, while he… knows what he needs to do. I can’t meddle in his affairs, either. He has to solve them by himself.”

As he talked, he stood up to stretch out his muscles. Sticking the short flute Lord Seventh had carved and his hip flask both into his belt, he turned away. “Thanks a bunch for the flute — if I haven’t guessed wrong, that Scorpion is the first siskin. I’ll go out, grab a flower-engraved pot, and get ready to take flight with him.”

Lord Seventh lifted his head to look at him. Zhou Zishu’s back was against the light; the look on his face was unclear, yet his cheeks appeared to be bordered with gold. “Go quick and come back quick,” he thus said with a smile. “Don’t neglect your healing time.”

Zhou Zishu waved, then strode out.

The other lowered his head, whittled out another little flute, blew the sawdust away, then put it up to his lips, as if to send him off.

That clear, rich sound echoed like the rousing tone of the wind, its trailing notes gently roiling. Despite this being no more than a crude flute made of weeds, it allowed him to play like the natural grace of a seeming flourishing age, as well as its splendrous noise, was coming.

What a shame that before the song’s end, the flute petered out, and Zhou Zishu’s figure had long since vanished.

Lord Seventh lowered his eyes, chuckled, and tossed the flute to the side. Standing and gathering up his sleeves, he then turned to head inside.

Long ago, when Zhou Zishu and he had still been in the capital, when he was still that Prince Nan’ning who would get a hundred answers for his every call, and when Zhou Zishu was still the head of Tian Chuang that warped and weaved in the dark, he had believed that the two of them were the same type of person.

Yet, coming to this day, he realized that they weren’t the same at all. He had never had the man’s same kind of jianghu spirit, where one rolled with the punches. He had never been this open-minded before. Seeing Zhou Zishu live so honestly… actually made him faintly jealous.

Zhou Zishu stayed on a flower lane roof for two days, completely downing about ten jars of wine, after which he finally managed to wait until the Scorpion brought out his entire flock of Poisonous Scorpions.

Sure enough, bitches had no hearts. That lame-legged evil Ghost, who had tried to kill Zhang Chengling, had likely called for him to go gang up on Wen Kexing, then come back to deal with Zhao Jing. He had also deliberately made a lame-legged youth provoke Zhang Chengling, as if he was afraid that the boy wouldn’t remember, or that Wen Kexing didn’t know who was behind the Long-Tongued Ghost.

Both sides were collecting money and selling out, and after that, they still intended to take advantage of the devastation after their fierce battle to cook these people all together in one pot. It was really quite shrewd.

Zhou Zishu was not in a rush. Extracting a human-skin mask from his lapels, his handsome visage was gone without a trace via one swipe of his hand. He mixed into the crowd, tailing after them from a moderate distance.

Following three-ish days of following, he noticed that they weren’t going straight for Fengya Mountain, seeming to have actively taken a detour in the middle, as if they were specifically going to handle some kind of nuisance. Very quickly, he came to learn that this ‘nuisance’ was actually Yu Qiufeng.

The man had previously exploited the Green Vixen in order to flee calamity, but he had no such good luck this time around. He was face with a team of Poisonous Scorpions that was chasing him like cats hunting a mouse, and all he could do was desperately scramble away, currently even more overwrought than Zhang Chengling. Now, he had no one protecting him — there used to be a woman who might have done so, but she was dead.

He wore only rags, looking way more like a beggar than Zhou Zishu had when first entering jianghu. Where was even an iota of Sect Leader Yu, who had grasped a lightly-dancing fan?

The Huashan Sect had since re-established its Leader, and no longer acknowledged him. He had become akin to a stray dog.

Eventually, Yu Qiufeng’s route of escape reached its end, and he was captured alive before the Scorpion.

Chapter 69. Returning

The Scorpion used his toes to lift his chin, beginning to laugh. “Ooo, it’s Sect Leader Yu.”

Yu Qiufeng shook all over. His eyes were dull, as if somewhat delirious. Struggling hard to raise his head, he looked at the Scorpion. “I… I’m not… not in my pl… not in my…” he uttered, stopping and starting.

The other shook his head, leaned in close, and spoke right into his ear. “That night, outside of Lake Tai’s Zhao Manor, there were actually three total people that had died. One was Mu Yunge, Duanjian Manor’s owner. One was Yu Tianjie, your precious son. There’s one more… that none of you knew, as he died in a cave. He was the Long-Tongued Ghost of Ghost Valley. Do you want to hear about what happened with that, Sect Leader Yu?”

Once he brought up the name ‘Yu Tianjie’, Yu Qiufeng resembled a quickly-dying fish placed out of the water, twitching all over. The whites of his eyes were about to bulge out as he stared dead at the Scorpion.

“You had all long known about the Lapis Armor’s existence before you went to Dongting, so you had your dear son wait at Lake Tai to intently watch the Zhang brat, and also take the chance to lie in wait for the Armor. Unexpectedly… Mu Yunge, that nervous wreck, coincidentally discovered that the Zhao’s had a piece, and used the night to steal it. Yu Tianjie had believed himself to have been the only one watching him, but in reality… there were two others doing so that night, as well.”

Yu Qiufeng seemed to understand something, but also understand nothing. He felt that this was all getting absurd. It seemed like there was an unseen hand holding a plan in the dark, and each and every of them was just an endlessly struggling pawn on an immense qi board.

“One was the Delighted Mourning Ghost. The reason why he hadn’t the time to take the Armor was because he sensed the presence of someone else, someone he couldn’t provoke at the time — the Ghost of Impermanence that represented the Ghost Valley’s Master, Meng Hui. Unluckily… he’s also another client of mine. Your son, believing himself to be clever, stupidly took the Armor off of Mu Yunge, and then, right as he excitedly thought to leave, Lao Meng had someone kill him. That someone had once been subordinated to Xue Fang, a general that later changed sides in Ghost Valley’s internal strife — the Long-Tongued Ghost.”

The Scorpion paused. Tears evenly flowed down Yu Qiufeng’s windworn face, as did various unknown fluids, making him look both revolting and pitiful.

“What’s even more unlucky is that the remarkable Ghost Master was meeting with his little paramour when the moon was above the branches of willows, so Lao Meng was too afraid to show his face. The traitorous Long-Tongued Ghost used his old Master’s stunt to kill Yu Tianjie, then shift the blame for it, wanting to deliberately mislead the Ghost Master. Who’d have thought that the gentleman’s pace would be too fast; so fast, the Long-Tongued Ghost couldn’t dodge in time, and thus… he boldly made use of his murderous aura, resulting in…”

The Scorpion gently laughed coldly, shoved Yu Qiufeng away, leaned askew against the back of a rattan chair that a Poisonous Scorpion had gotten from wherever, and sighed with quite a bit of lament. “What type of person is the most tragic? Those who don’t know their own weights, rashly entertaining high aspirations… Sect Leader Yu, do you know what’s different between the heart grown in your chest, and the heart grown in mine?”

He lightly patted his own chest, looking at the man with a set-up-on-high pity, and shook his head. “The one I grew is a heart of ambition. The one you grew… is a heart of wish-ful thin-king.”

Yu Qiufeng’s expression cleared up a bit, and he suddenly spoke up with a mosquito-like voice. “I… Daoist Huang, Feng Xiaofeng… every one of us, the vague information we received before… had actually been all you… all you…”

An aloof smile appeared on the others’ face. “That’s right. How difficult it is… Lao Meng is my client, wanting to utilize me to silently kill. Zhao Jing is my client, wanting to utilize me to impede his partner, Lao Meng. Sun Ding is my client, too, wanting to utilize me to fabricate a bunch of falsehoods, frame Xue Fang — whose whereabouts are still unknown — for the things he had done, and thus eliminate his nemesis via the Valley’s rules and the Ghost Master’s hands… as for me, I was originally a businessman that relied on killing people and selling things to grow my enterprise. If one can’t fish up some money in troubled waters, how could they be worthy of the title of ‘Poisonous Scorpion’? …Wouldn’t you agree, Sect Leader Yu?”

He shook his head, then stood. An underling immediately stepped forth and draped a large cloak over the Scorpion, who no longer looked at Yu Qiufeng. “Four Seasons Manor has lied low for over ten years. I heard that it was playing lackey for the Dynasty. Heh… what are they, even? This martial forest is now in the palm of my hand… you’re really lucky, Sect Leader Yu, to be able to come across me when things have gotten to this extent. What a shame that I can’t give any mercy, as Lao Meng and Zhao Jing have both told me to get rid of you. I really can’t bear it, ah… but what’s to be done? All I can do is try my best to make you an understanding ghost. No need to feel grateful.”

Once he was finished speaking, he had since walked quite far away, the Poisonous Scorpions immediately following after him. Abruptly, Yu Qiufeng’s whole body jolted, and he lowered his head — a Scorpion’s hook had penetrated his back, pierced through his body, came through to the front of his chest, and jabbed apart his raggedy shirt, exposing a blue-tinged tip.

Acute pain enshrouding him, he hissed and shrieked. The Scorpion restraining him expressionlessly drew the hook out, a large amount of flesh and blood flying out with it, and then, without looking at him, turned to follow his companions.

Yu Qiufeng spasmed all over. He knew that he was going to die. Never before in his life had he been so hopeless. The sensation of sharp pain slowly dulled, numbing at first, then spreading cold throughout him. He fought to keep his eyes wide, but his vision continued to fade, as if there was an irresistible force pulling him downwards.

His hand unconsciously gripped the grass growing on the ground, pulling it up by the roots in his convulsion-like grip. All of a sudden, he saw a pair of shoes stop before his eyes. He tried hard to raise his head, but couldn’t clearly see who it was. Several piecemeal sounds came from his mouth: “Help… help… help…”

That someone seemed to crouch down next to him. “Level waters green the color of the willows,” the other said. “The moon and the flowers keep distant mutual watch. Year upon year upon age upon age, every time… every time, what?”

Those few, understated verses were like thunder, instantly exploding in his ears. At a loss, he looked up, but still couldn’t see their appearance clearly. As if hallucinating, he couldn’t even say whether they were male or female, only vaguely recalling… that there had been a giggling maiden, who loved to wear green.

Liu Qianqiao. Such a hard-to-look-at woman. Why had she gotten high hopes with him? She’d been a fool. One fan, and one verse, had been enough to make her dead-set.

“Every time… the ice vanishes later.” Those phrases, long forgotten and once recited casually, were suddenly awakened from his memory in this instant of intersection between life and death. “Several times, the blue sea is calm. Mountain snow… is separated from cloudy peaks. One glance… one glance sees infinite youth. Only this… this heart… is so… old…”

One glance sees infinite youth; only this heart is so old.

He had blurted that out. She had kept it in mind unto death. All his life, he calculated against others, and others calculated against him. Only one such woman had treated him sincerely — missed, then gone.

Yu Qiufeng’s slightly-parting lips finally stopped moving. Hand clutching the muddied grass, his eyes looked blankly to one side, pupils unfocused — they bore his pledge of eternal love of questionable validity, and reflected a road that was infinitely dark, sinister, and cold.

Dust returned to dust. Earth returned to earth.

Zhou Zishu crouched beside him for a time, looking down as if in deep thought, then sighed, reaching out to close his eyes. “Thanks for letting me know,” he said, not very sincerely.

He stood, and followed the Scorpions’ trail.

Zhao Jing amassed heroes of all sorts in the Central Plains, about to strike Fengya Mountain in the name of rectifying the righteous path, taking revenge, and eliminating grudges. The oath of ‘no one comes in, no one comes out’ from thirty years prior was already broken. In this world, where evildoers were to all be thrown out, a thorough purge would begin.

Simultaneously, a figure that had not been in anyone’s view for a very long time arrived at Fengya Mountain.

The mountain was as tall as a thousand blades. Surrounded on all sides, Green Bamboo Ridge was in its middle.

It was the midst of early summer, where plants were just starting to flourish, and birds were going on riots. A small path wound straight into the valley. Were it not for the gigantic sign saying ‘Those with Souls, Do Not Pass’, it would resemble a paradise of gorgeous scenery.

This was Ghost Valley.

A tall figure appeared beside the giant stone signboard. Tilting his head back to view it for a minute, the faint trace of a smile suffused his face.

This was Wen Kexing. He himself wasn’t even sure what route he had taken, to have reached the Valley a step ahead of everyone else. He was leading a straight-black horse along; the beast seemed to have intelligence, pacing fretfully near the sign like it was unwilling to enter.

He smiled, reaching out to pet its face. He took off both its bridle and saddle, then pat it on its body. “Go on.”

In a human-like way, the horse blinked its big eyes as it watched him for a time. After trotting a few steps away, it looked back at the man, as if somewhat reluctant to part from him. Upon witnessing him wave at it, it sped off in large strides.

Wen Kexing stood in place for a second. “Those with souls, do not pass…” he sneered. With a raise of his hand, there seemed to be a strong gust wrapped inside his sleeve as he harshly swiped the stone sign, thus erasing three-fourths of its words with a bang. Detritus fell down in succession. That enormous sound barged into the Valley as it was carried along with the wind, reverberating non-stop.

Shortly after, a gray silhouette appeared out of thin air. The shouts coming from his mouth were extremely sharp, like pieces of iron slashing against each other, and hearing them could give one goosebumps. “Who dares to trespass…”

His subsequent words got stuck in his throat, that gray shadow halting three zhang away from Wen Kexing. After getting a good look at who had come, an indescribable, utterly fearful expression appeared on him in an instant, gurgling sounds coming out of his larynx. He almost couldn’t form any sounds. “V-V-V…Valley Master.”

Quickly reacting, he knelt onto the ground with a plop, then buried his head down low, as if he was soon about to be buried, period. “Respectful greetings to you, Valley Master,” he trembled out.

Wen Kexing didn’t even glance at him. “Have Lao Meng and Sun Ding come back yet?” he asked, indifferent. “Tell them to come and see me.”

Not waiting for the minor Ghost to answer him, he passed right by him. The gray-clothed man nevertheless seemed to have just endured a life-and-death catastrophe; it wasn’t until the other had gone far away that he shakily looked up, his entire back already soaked with cold sweat.

Slowly, he betrayed a hateful expression, stood up, and soundlessly slipped into the woods. Ghost Valley’s Master — that was a genuine lunatic, a real evil demon. His moods fluctuated, where one moment, he would be chatting with someone, all smiles, and the next, he might have snatched the other’s head.

Apart from Purple Danger, who he had raised since childhood, no one else dared to make too loud of a noise before him, since he was a lunatic. He loved nothing, and appeared to have no desires. His entire being was akin to a machine that could only massacre.

No one could bribe him. No one knew what he was thinking. No one knew what he wanted. No one knew when he would create disasters. No one knew how to avoid his blows.

Outsiders knew not a thing, but this place was the land of evil Ghosts.

No morality, no humanity. The weak were only meat for the strong to feast upon — and he was strong, so he could do whatever he wanted. Even if he was just standing around to survey the land, jabbering about household matters, he would still make people act like they were facing a huge enemy.

That was because, in general, wolves would not have the patience to jabber with rabbits.

Yet, even if this madman didn’t look like a human, he still was one. The gray-clothed Ghost’s eyes flashed — the madman had just walked himself into a dead end, but he didn’t even know it.

After less than three quarter-hours of time, Lao Meng hurried to Yama Hall. There was nobody else idly waiting within it, sans the lone Wen Kexing, as well as the unfamiliar maid standing beside him. The man had already changed out of his travel-dirtied clothes, now wrapped in dark, long robes, and was seated languidly atop a spacious chair.

His hair was loose, as if it had just been washed. The maid was cautiously combing it.

Less than half of his face was concealed beneath his crow-black hair, but the corners of his mouth still held a smile, crimson, and those robes had been hastily tied with a dark red belt. His whole body gave off a bit of a ghastly aura.

Lao Meng worked him out in his head. He knew himself to have the upper hand, but upon seeing how he was, a chill seeped through his bones, for some reason. Barely able to settle his emotions, he knelt deferentially, then lowered his eyes to dodge Wen Kexing’s gaze. “Respectful greetings to you, Valley Master.”

Chapter 70. The Eve

Wen Kexing’s gaze landed upon him. Slightly tilting his head, he sized Lao Meng up like an inquisitive child, as if he was seeing him for the first time. Lao Meng braced himself as he knelt there. After not too long of a time, he was already getting suspicious, unable to suppress his own shivering.

No… it wasn’t time yet. There was absolutely no way that he could prevail alone over this man. He needed help…

“Hm. Where’s Sun Ding?” Wen Kexing suddenly asked.

Lao Meng had known from the get-go that he would ask this question, so he didn’t panic, bringing up the answer he had pre-prepared: from the infighting between Gao Chong and Zhao Jing, to Xue Fang’s appearance, as well as Sun Ding’s impetuous advancement and presently-unknown status.

The other gave an ah. “In light of what you’ve said, Sun Ding has likely been lost within it?” he asked, mild.

Lao Meng lowered his head to admit his error. “It was this subordinate that had handled it poorly.”

Wen Kexing went quiet. There was extreme silence all around. Lao Meng couldn’t help but want to look up to see his reaction, yet rigidly controlled himself — for eight years, this man had been an existence to make one shudder, and when he was quiet, he could make their skin crawl all the more.

Yet, unexpectedly, after waiting a long time, he only heard Wen Kexing drop one airy phrase from his mouth. “Since guests are arriving, go make preparations. They are renowned jianghu names that cannot be slighted.”

Lao Meng could finally no longer control himself, raising his head to see him. He had been holding the notion that he would be losing a layer of skin, not expecting that the other would be so tolerant as to let him go.

“Is there anything else?” Wen Kexing asked, expressionless.

Lao Meng hurriedly shook his head. “No. This subordinate will withdraw.”

Bent over with his head lowered, he faced the man as he drew back to the entryway, after which he respectfully bowed again, then turned to leave. However, Wen Kexing seemed to have suddenly remembered something, calling out to him. “Hold on a second.”

Lao Meng’s cheek twitched a little. He didn’t dare to look up, pausing in his steps in accordance with his words.

“Ah-Xiang has freshly found a husband,” he heard the other say, slightly cheerfully. “I promised that I would give her an accompanying two-and-a-half streets of dowry. Go get that ready for me, and don’t be too stingy.”

“Understood,” Lao Meng answered, stooping over.

Upon withdrawal, he came to be under the sun, and gently wiped the cold sweat off his face, stoic as he walked away. An ominous premonition abruptly caged his heart, as he had the general feeling that the man appeared to have gleaned something… he had about eighty-percent certainty of the outcome right now, but there were still some variables, such as the missing Hanged Ghost, Xue Fang.

Lao Meng’s scheme was very simple; he knew that Xue Fang, that trash, would never be able to find any intermediaries from famed, upright sects. By happenstance, he had previously had contact with Zhao Jing, and used that opportunity to straight-up earn some power, make Zhao Jing mistakenly believe him to have the key, then initiate an alliance. Now, their enemies were all gone, and the Lapis Armor was complete, so that alliance had naturally fallen apart. Zhao Jing and he would stake their lives fighting, and whoever was the one that ultimately opened the arsenal… well, it was either live, or die.

He was shoving Wen Kexing out right now to have them fight without rest; could Xue Fang, hiding his head and showing his tail with the key, really be able to keep away the whole time? He had taken the thing in order to open the arsenal himself, and now that the Armor was complete, Lao Meng didn’t have faith that would be able to help himself.

Indeed, another aim of this war was to draw Xue Fang out. At that time, he would reap the profits of others’ fights, and still have the manpower of the Poisonous Scorpions available for use.

Following Lao Meng’s exit, Wen Kexing looked like he was playing with a tiny creature as he toyed with the leaves of a flower growing in a pot. The maid was carefully combing his hair, until she suddenly wasn’t careful and pulled a strand of his hair. The man slightly creased his brow, and she promptly thudded into a kneel; her entire body shook like a thin leaf in a huge storm, voice like spider silk. “Valley Master… I…”

He gently reached out to lift up her chin, only to see the maiden’s face turn white with fright. He thus sighed. “Why, was someone offended? Did another force you to attend to me as a scapegoat?”

A smile was put upon her face, uglier than crying, as she forced herself to talk. “Serving you, Valley Master, is… is this slave’s good fortune, is…”

Eyes cooling down, he let her go. “If you’re unhappy, say so. If I were you, I certainly wouldn’t be willing to come throw my life away in the presence of a great devil. And yet, you actually…”

He glanced at the girl who shook like a sieve, about to be scared to death, and suddenly stopped talking, losing interest in speaking with her. Standing up, he leaned over to pick up the comb that had fallen to the floor, then waved her off. “You can go.”

The maiden was startled at first, becoming overjoyed soon after. Looking up at him as if she had practically escaped catastrophe, she subsequently tamped down her expression with speed, too afraid to be too obvious in her actions. “Okay,” she whispered, then fled at flying speed, lest he change his mind.

Inside the massive Yama Hall, he was left by himself with a flowerpot. It really resembled the underworld, not one bit of a human air to it at all.

He felt like his mind had been thoroughly corrupted by these people. Once, he had been incomparably familiar with, incomparably accustomed to such environs, and when no one was around, he would feel secure, his heart at ease. After going out for a trip and then coming back, though, he found that this place he had lived in for a full eight years had gotten suffocating.

None of you have to worry, actually, he silently thought. Once I find a real road to the human world, I’ll turn back into a human, turn into the same as I had been ‘outside’ — laid-back and even-tempered, no longer temperamental, no longer insane, no longer living a life of casually killing people. There will… be someone beside me, too… he isn’t afraid of me, and I’m good to him. He’s someone I can be with for a lifetime…

He hooded his eyes, as if recalling something. A smile, neither sinister nor indifferent, appeared on his face, and he gently released the plant he was furling.

Living life… what a pretty phrase that was.

Zhou Zishu looked a bit tragic at the moment. Anybody that had followed a bunch of Scorpions for over half a month wouldn’t be too nice to look at, either, but in his opinion, this wasn’t anything too strenuous.

The Great Shaman’s medicine had been of great effect, nearly eliminating his ailment. It had been described as being able to suppress the Seven Acupunctures poison, and then it did. The pain that once inevitably broke out every midnight, reducing him to a half-alive state, was suddenly gone, which he was somewhat unaccustomed to. In any case, he wasn’t a finicky person; the assignments he had been required to go out and do himself in Tian Chuang had generally been a lot more difficult than this.

After this over-half-month, the Poisonous Scorpions stopped in a small town about thirty li away from Fengya Mountain. The Scorpion gave an order, and all the others, well-trained, switched into a black mass of clothes, dressing up as commoners of all trades. Like drops of water, they soon ‘vanished’ into the town’s populace.

Whilst Zhou Zishu was following by example, beneath the calm appearance of this unremarkable town, a dark undercurrent bubbled.

As if waiting for somebody, the Scorpion stopped here, and refused to budge.

In just a few days, word on the wind came in — Zhao Jing was leading the heroes of the realm, spreading out notices for heroism far and wide to crusade against the flock of evil Ghosts. What was most thought-provoking was that he only disseminated notices, not at all invoking the ‘Writ of the Land’.

Reverend Cimu truly was an old monk as cunning as a thousand-year tortoise. As soon as Gao Chong had died, he sniffed something off on the breeze, then immediately fell ‘horribly ill’. As if the Buddha had finally remember this faithful believer of his, he swiftly went to beckon him to Sukhavati.

Another holder of the Writ, the ‘descendant’ of the Ancient Monk, Ye Baiyi, was also somewhere unknown.

Meanwhile, Gu Xiang’s quartet bore a different mission. Undergoing a simple disguise dress-up, they then caught up with the murderous-looking people that had scrambled for the Mountain.

Cao Weining quickly noticed that this time around, not only had his shishu, Mo Huaikong, come in person from Qingfeng Sword Sect, but even his Sect Leader shifu, Mo Huaiyang, had as well.

He was a bit unclear on the situation. He and his shifu had initially been sent down the mountain because his shifu had been in seclusion — had he come out of it, now? The two primary figures of the Sect were mingling here with Zhao Jing — did his shifu know the true face of that Zhao hypocrite, or no?

Mo Huaikong had always been a prick, but Mo Huaiyang seemed a bit like an immortal. He was quite a bit skilled in talking with people, was pleasant to all, wasn’t arrogant or ill-tempered, and could win over peoples’ hearts. It wasn’t strange at all that back when he and Mo Huaikong were of equal excellence, the position of Sect Leader had landed upon him.

The quartet rented a carriage, pretending to be the younger generations of average peasants. Smeared on their faces was some alleged ‘face-changing’ stuff that Gu Xiang had made up; in reality, it was just some yellow that made them hard to notice, totally not on the same level as Zhou Zishu’s massive overhaul.

Knowing that Cao Weining’s shifu was present, Gu Xiang got slightly more nervous. The exact circumstances were currently fuzzy, Zhao Jing was dominating the situation at large, Cao Weining was wavering, and Zhang Chengling plus Gao Xiaolian were all of a sudden seeing their father-murdering enemy, eyes nearly red, only barely consolable.

Of the four of them, Gu Xiang alone was still capable of thinking things over with a cool head, so no one else had any ideas. Now, it was the female Zhuge, Ah-Xiang, that had the prerogative.

“This is an extremely pressing matter,” she said. “Think about it, Brother Cao. If you rashly go up to your shifu and tell him, will he believe you, or that ‘Hero’ Zhao?”

Cao Weining pondered this for a minute, then didn’t have much of a retort, feeling that she had made sense. “Alright. I’ll listen to you,” he said with a nod, like a husband at his wife’s beck and call.

Seeing that he was this okay with talking it over, she sighed in relief. In truth, she had brought another type of scenario to mind: Mo Huaikong would be easy to deal with, but Mo Huaiyang, who was downmountain all of a sudden, was with Zhao Jing like this. Had he really been hoodwinked by him, or did he have some other plan? There had been several days where she had braved the danger, nearly getting discovered several times, in order to observe him, and she believed that the old man was not so simple a character.

“How should we do this, then, Miss Gu?” Gao Xiaolian asked.

“We wait,” she stated without hesitation. “We haven’t yet found Ye Baiyi. With so few of us, we can’t do any big, sky-overturning tricks, let alone with this many people. Even Zhao Jing by himself would be enough for us to eat dirt. Since they’ve all rushed to Ghost Valley, which isn’t an easy-to-pick persimmon, there’s going to be a huge fight…”

She paused, brows creasing as she suddenly thought: Why did her Master tell her to go find Ye Baiyi right now? Weren’t Lord Seventh and the Great Shaman similarly idle? Their methods were far-reaching, so wouldn’t having them go be half the work with twice the effect? She remembered Wen Kexing’s words, where he said that a woman marrying off was like spilled water, and that she would have no connection to the Valley from then on out. Did he think… that the Valley had no chance of victory in this war?

What was he… actually planning?


Cao Weining patted her on the shoulder, and only then did she snap out of it. “We can’t do anything for right now,” she continued. “Just follow after them, quietly watch for changes, and take note of Ye Baiyi’s movements.”

On the surface, she was nonchalant, but her mind was being cautious. Even having Wen Kexing’s protection, living in the Valley for so many years had been enough for her to have more survival skills than typical girls. In this instant, she became the linchpin amongst the four; with her statement issued, no one refuted it.

They then went on like so without mishap, until a few days later, when an incident occurred.

Ye Baiyi… had shown up.
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