Faraway Wanderers Chapter 51-60

Chapter 51. Old things

"At that time, Rong Xuan and I, as well as several other people, were all still young. They thought they were good, they smelled like each other, and they had some friendships. They often talked and drank together. Rong Xuan is the one with the highest kung fu and understanding in our day. Later, Rong Xuan suddenly burst out with emotion, saying that if the boy was born in the world, wouldn't it be regretful if he hadn't completed an industry and had spent his entire life in obscurity? "

Long Que spoke very slowly, and said last time, it was necessary to stop for a while, I do not know if it is physically exhausted, or those things have been too long, you need to remember carefully. Ye Baiyi didn't see anything on his face, but Wen Kexing stopped and listened infrequently.

"Rong Xuan said that martial arts methods are extensive and profound, and the martial arts of the major schools in the rivers and lakes have their own strengths and weaknesses. Every few hundred or hundreds of years, there are wizards in the martial arts who are born and become a grand master. This is the case with Cangshan, but the successor is often weak, but the stereotyped imitation of the predecessors, one generation is not as good as the next, there will be a decline, and there will be a death. The major factions are all blessed, and the effort is like pressing the bottom of the box I do n’t want people to see it. In the long run, I do n’t know how many magical skills have been lost. Rong Xuan feels that the martial arts thing is stupid ... ”

When I heard this, Ye Baiyi couldn't help but sneer: "These words were originally said by me, but the kid was just according to the original Xuanke. All the people who claim to be from which school still think they are pretty good, don't need to look, they know they must be Rice buckets, what others learn and what they learn, what is the difference between monkeys trained in juggling entertainers? As for extinction, is n’t extinction also written by people, robbing their heads to compete for a cheat book written by others, It ’s still awesome to pick up people ’s teeth, do you think your parents have two heads, or do you not have a head? ”

Zhou Zishu heard a smile and couldn't help but smile slightly. Who knew Ye Baiyi glared at him immediately and said, "What are you laughing at? You were taught by Qin Huaizhang's incompetent things."

Long Que heard it, and remained silent for a long while, and said, "The predecessor is indeed a strange man."

Then he went on to say: "So he came up with an idea, and a few of us privately agreed to agree to steal their martial arts from their homes, put them together, build an arsenal, and integrate them, to create a masterpiece of the masters of the family. I made the arsenal's organ, which is the legendary complete glazed armor. After opening, we need a key. The glazed armor is kept by us separately, and the key is kept by Mrs. Rong ... "

Ye Baiyi interrupted him again: "Gathering the strengths of all the families? There is nothing in this world that is as long as it is long-he is farting, can King Kong Palm and E's Eyebrows fit together? Can the man be stuffed into the skirt of the little girl? The child understands the truth-if you can really understand the true essence of martial arts, flying leaves, and ebbs and flows, if you ca n’t, steal Every book in the world is just a copy. "

The queen bird was silent, but sighed long.

Among them, Zhou Zishu understands that others have no idea about it. Whether it is stealing other people ’s secret books or leaking their skills to outsiders, it is a taboo in the rivers and lakes. As soon as he heard it, he understood that Zhao The reason why King Zhao Zhao was expelled from the house, he couldn't help but ask: "The few people you said were the rising stars in the five major families of the year, such as Zhao Jinggao's Shen Shen generation?"

——No wonder Gao Xia kept silent about Liulijia and was vague in the end.

Long Que nodded and smiled bleakly: "Yes, ridiculously we thought we were the first to break the boundaries of all martial arts-and Rong Xuan took out the half-bodied Liuhexin method."

The eyes of several other people concentrated on Ye Baiyi involuntarily. Zhou Zishu couldn't help but ask, "Senior, what is Liuhexinfa?"

Ye Baiyi frowned, with no rare words, saying: "The legend of Liuhe Xinfa is an ancient thing. The real Liuhe Xinfa has actually been lost for a long time, and one of my friends ... accidentally got its remnants, and it took twenty years. , I completed a copy myself, divided into two volumes, and the next volume was stolen by Rong Xuan. The first volume was left on Changming Mountain that year and was destroyed by us ... "

Zhou Zishu immediately got two messages from his words. One is a person who talks with Ye Baiyi's peers on the Changming Mountain, and the other is a man who dare to complete the ancient things. He is definitely an expert. Bai Yi said, "When did I say that I am an ancient monk?" Meifeng asked lightly. Could it be that the talent is a real ancient monk in Changming Mountain?

So Ye Baiyi went down the mountain alone under the name of an ancient monk, because the real ancient monk could not move, or ... was no longer there?

These thoughts flickered in his mind for a moment, only listening to Long Que continued: "We have all read that half of the ancient book. The content is too high and profound. No one can understand. During that time, everyone They are all sleepless and forget to eat. They hungrily searched in the vast books, hoping to find a little clue to explain the mind-its attraction is too great. Rong Xuan said that if he can penetrate the book, he can Seeing the Eight Wilds and Six Harmonies, the true harmony of man and nature. "

It is a realm of ancient legends. Everyone is pursuing that realm. They will be the best. No one can resist that temptation.

However, there has never been a so-called shortcut in this incident. For example, Tiancaidibao will always grow in the most dangerous places. The more things that can make people stronger, the harsher the test of people's mind will be, and the more profound martial arts will be. , The easier it is to get into trouble.

Ye Baiyi was silent this time.

"Rong Xuan is the farthest and deepest obsessed among us. He is almost obsessed with that mentality, but none of us noticed that because we were all obsessed at that time-until one day, he said He finally learned that the original intent of the so-called Liuhe Xinfa is to break through and stand on its own. "

Ye Baiyi shuddered and murmured, "What ..."

Long Que's hand was shaking, and his whole body was shaking: "Liuhe Xinfa said," Go to the extreme, Fang spies the heavenly gate. "What is going to the extreme? It can be self-defeating martial arts, it can be self-broken meridian, It could even be self-defeating ... "

A weird look appeared on Ye Baiyi's face, and asked, "Do you think so?"

The dragon bird just nodded and saw Ye Baiyi suddenly burst into laughter. When he laughed, his face was stiff, and the corners of his eyes could not be squeezed with a smile, but instead he twitched unnaturally. : "Self-defeated martial arts, self-destructive meridian, self-destructive ... Haha, you want to come out."

Long Que muran said, "At that time, we were all crazy. Everyone became more and more irritable, especially Rong Xuan. He said that if you want to be first, you must have first. The courage to dare to follow the path that others dare not think of ... At that time, Yu Zhuan was already pregnant with Rokko. Although I was affected by the demon book, I did not reach the point of leaving my wife and son, so I quit first. It was dangerous and they asked me to defend the law. "

He took a deep breath: "They chose the hour, and they sat in a circle. If they didn't succeed, they became benevolent, but at that time, except Rong Xuan, everyone else was on the cliff."

Ye Baiyi said coldly: "People are practicing martial arts, but for status, ambition, and not for martial arts. It is not worth taking such a big risk, but only Rong Xuan is the real martial artist. There is nothing unexpected about this. of?"

Long Que nodded and said: "He broke his heart, with a smile on his face, but he was frustrated. We didn't dare to go out and waited for a long time before we realized that he was wrong ... The big dream wakes up here, all of us, sitting or standing, are stupid. Although Mrs. Rong can't martial arts, but comes from the Valley of Divine Medicine, there are countless living people. Naturally, she is unwilling to die, so she calms down and takes out Eighteen silver needles were inserted into Rongxuan ’s chest. For three hours, he just kept a little warmth in his chest, and he had a weak breath. We all thought he was alive, but he could n’t wake up, clearly. Just a living dead. "

"Mrs. Rong washed her face with tears for three days, and finally decided to return to the Valley of Divine Medicine and steal the yin and yang book. She would not martial art, this trip was dangerous, so I went with her, and it was still I who brought the thing into the world between."

Wen Kexing suddenly looked at Zhou Zishu, pursed his lips, interrupted the queen sparrow for the first time, and interjected and asked, "Well ... the yin and yang book, can you really save those who have broken their hearts?"

Zhou Zishu heard a moment, and when he looked up, he just met his gaze, and suddenly felt his chest was hot-even the great witch of South Xinjiang shook his head and was wounded to death, but someone still remembered for him Why is this necessary? He wondered blankly, the world meets like Pingshui, but it is not possible to be a guest from another country ... Is that person really sincere?

Once again, he couldn't help looking away, only to feel that Wen Kexing's sight fell on him, as if he had weight and temperature.

Long Que sneered: "A medical book is really a sacred thing. What is the Valley of Divine Medicine? Can it be hidden by hanging a card with hanging pots? What is the so-called Yin-Yang Book? To repair a person's heart, you need to exchange a living heart that has just been pulled out of someone else ... What kind of sacred thing is it? "

Zhou Zishu asked: "Mrs. Rong really ..."

Long Que was silent for a long time, then sighed: "It is natural to be close and distant, she is not a saint, but a woman who has betrayed her husband for the sake of her husband. This is not right among us outsiders."

"Rong Xuan is alive." Ye Baiyi said.

"Yes," said Long Que, "not only did he live, but it was a coincidence, or his mind was really so strange. When he woke up, his body was so full of anger and life and death that he actually got through half of it. He didn't even have the opportunity to let Mrs. Rong lean on his shoulders and cry for a while, and went directly to the retreat to complete the first half. "

Ye Baiyi commented: "little beasts."

Long Que continued: "I did n’t know much about what happened afterwards. Neizi was in a hurry. I just stayed with her. She was extremely dangerous during her delivery. The doctor reluctantly pulled their mother and son back from the gate. , Her body was hollowed out, and I stayed with her for half a year, and finally the doctor could n’t get back to heaven, finally ... "

He said, tears came from the corner of his eyes, and slowly shook his head, saying, "I'm discouraged, and a friend accompanied me to go back to them, so I want to stop it ... back to the arsenal, who knows what happened? I happened to meet Mrs. Rong, who was seriously injured and was dying. She had Rong Xuan's sword in her chest. Both hands were bloody. I wonder if I was stupid or I came back from the madness. I just looked at it side by side. She. My friend was impulsive and cut his sword at him. I wanted to stop it. It was too late. Fortunately, Rong Xuan shook his heart and fell in love, and ran away. At that time, Liu Lijia had disappeared, and Mrs. Rong was dying. The key to that arsenal was handed to my friend, and we took a poisonous oath. In this life we will never reveal a word, so that no one can open the arsenal. "

His words fell, and a few of them were speechless. For a long time, Zhou Zishu asked: "Did Rong Xuan's crazy hair later be chased into Ghost Valley and then besieged to death?"

Long Que sighed, and said, "I have already returned to Xinzhuang at that time, and don't ask about the world again, Jomo, that's it."

"Good death." Ye Baiyi closed his eyes, and clenched his arms tightly against the white sword's hilt. The green tendons on the back of his hands burst out. The hilt was actually squeezed into a powder by him, and the blade scratched him. The palm of his hand fell to the ground, Ye Baiyi seemed to be unaware, but repeated it again and again, "Dead ... well."

After saying that, he didn't say a word of greeting, turned around and left, but he shook for a few moments and disappeared.

Zhang Chengling heard everything from start to finish. If they were both silent, they couldn't help but ask boldly, "Old man, what do you do?"

Long Que pondered for a long while, groping for Zhou Zishu's clothes, and whispered: "Young man, do something good, take your sword, and give me a good day, Long Xiao's evil barrier will not let me die, now he I also went to see King Yan, and I can go down and settle accounts with him! "

Before Zhou Zishu had time to speak, Wen Kexing stepped forward, bent down, carefully supported the dragon's body, stretched out his palm, and reached his chest. It was rare and respectful to say, "I can shatter you instantly The meridian will be very happy, senior, you think about it. "

Lonely laughed: "Okay, okay, you are doing good deeds, do it ..."

His "hand" words only fell, and Wen Kexing softly put his fingers there, and suddenly the lizard laughed, his whole body twitched, and that smile remained on his face forever.

Zhang Chengling couldn't believe it, and said bluntly, "Old man ..."

Wen Kexing reached out and closed Long Que's eyes, and told him to lie flat. He touched Zhang Chengling's head and said, "Don't humiliate him any more. He is a hero, and he deserves to be a hero."

He paused and comforted Zhou Zi: "I want to stay for a while and see him off."

Zhou Zishu stood up, holding on to the bed pillar, and said, "Okay."

Then he went out and Wen Kexing stopped him: "Axu, stay with me and raise your wounds."

Zhou Zishu said with a smile: "Is this a good one, is that a good one? Since it is not good, I still have a good time to eat, drink and play ..."

Wen Kexing bowed his head and whispered softly, "Then ... you should stay here with me for a few days?"

Zhou Zishu paused, and remained silent for a while, then said: "Okay."

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Chapter 52. Yamai

In the end, Wen Kexing failed to put the corpse of the dragonfinch off the bed that was pierced by the big iron pillars, and had to set the bed together, kill and set fire to the end, and carry out the evil goodness.

Zhang Chengling stood not far away, looking at the burning smoke, and suddenly his nose was sore, and somehow came from it. At this time, a hand was placed on his shoulder, Zhang Chengling looked up dimly, and saw Zhou Zishu's eyes glowing with fire, I do not know whether it is sadness or joy, I do not know whether to say to him or to himself: "What a cry, how can anyone not die?"

These are the rivers and lakes. Some people laugh and drink wildly. There are no traces of treacherous movements. There are no traces. Someone silently walks to the end in such a inaccessible place. There are only a few strangers with no thoughts. Take him to the Huangquan Road that is cold and sparse. Every day, young people are ecstatic to get closer to their dreams, and every day, some people die.

The three of them settled down in Sheshan Village. Wen Kexing found a large stone and erected it in front of the small cell with the blackened walls. It was engraved with "Bingchen Year, the 8th day of the first lunar month". The date is said to be written slowly until the beginning of next spring.

Zhou Zishu laughed and declined to comment. Zhang Chengling listened, but faintly rejoiced-he also felt that the organs here were heavy and weird everywhere, but now he felt that this place was like a paradise, so he didn't have to fight desperately. There is no need to be chased by anyone. Every day, I just practice and daze and get scolded by the master ... scold it, just scold, anyway, the master ca n’t really cut off his head as a night pot. One truth too.

There are several rooms next to the cell, some of them are guest rooms, some of them seem to be lived by people, but no one has been living for many years, and they have been ruined. Zhang Chengling, in order to express his filial piety, hastily packed up— —Although it is still very unsightly, but a few people are accustomed to the heavenly scenes, so it is just fine.

That night, when Zhou Zishu lay down and stumbled to sleep, he heard the door squeak open, a blast of cold wind poured in, and the person quickly closed it. Zhou Zishu was awake at that moment. , There is no sleepiness, but I do not know why, but did not open his eyes, as if he did not care.

Wen Kexing held the quilt and smiled cheaply and lewdly. He stood beside his bed and said, "I can't live in that room, and there is a puppet in the corner, a spider web in my head, like a little ghost, lying down. When he opened his eyes on the bed, he stared at him with big eyes ... "

Zhou Zishu closed his eyes and interrupted him, "You can turn him over."

Wen Kexing lowered the quilt in his hand and said, "I'm not interested in my ass. You go inside and make room for me."

Zhou Zishu said nothing, pretending to be dead.

Wen Kexing educated: "Axu, you must be compassionate in your life. You say you must build morals and do good. We have died together for so long. You have n’t even half a bed, is it appropriate? "

Zhou Zishu opened his eyes and glanced at him, and said, "I just felt inappropriate, but now I feel very suitable ..."

His voice stopped abruptly—because Wen Kexing decided to move faster than his heart, and started doing it himself, he just pushed his hand under his leg and bent his shoulders, lifted him up, and moved three feet into it. Sitting down happily, Dove lay down on the nest.

At the end, a contented sigh was also issued.

The bed was not small, but as soon as he squeezed it up, he immediately felt that it was difficult to even turn over. Zhou Zishu stiffened unobtrusively, barely turning over, and turned his back to him, turning himself Stuck in the quilt, as if you can't wait to sleep, but opened his eyes the moment he turned around, only to feel that nothing could close.

Wen Kexing seemed to feel that his bed was exceptionally comfortable. He turned over, moved, and looked like a big monkey scratching his head. This place is so big, and the other party ca n’t wait to make a small earthquake on the bedboard. Zhou Zishu felt every movement, and felt a sudden anxiety in his heart, and he wished he could kick him down.

After a while, Wen Kexing finally stopped. Zhou Zishu Qiang forced himself to close his eyes, trying to ignore the people behind him, but listening to Wen Kexing suddenly said: "Axu ..."

Zhou Zishu ignored him, and then he heard the sound of hair and pillows slamming each other. About the man turned his head to look at his back. When thinking of this, Zhou Zishu suddenly felt uncomfortable on his back, as if there was a little bug. After crawling like it, Wen Ke paused, and found that Zhou Zishu didn't want to talk, so he stretched out a claw of Lushan, gently put it on Zhou Zishu's side waist, and whispered: " Ah Su ... "

When Zhou Zishu was standing, all his hairs stood up, turning back in anger, cursing: "Don't you sleep? Go back to your own room and talk to the dummy!"

Wen Kexing pillowed his bent arm, looked at him sideways, and said with confidence: "I'm here, and you're going to sleep without saying a word, don't you know that I feel bad about you?"

Zhou Zishu said that the shamelessness of this man had reached the point where there were no ancients and no comers. He couldn't think of anything to say to him. Wen Kexing's dog paw on his waist seemed to be motionless. Jian Jian stunned in place for a while, Zhou Zishu subconsciously wanted to pat his hand away, but when he saw that Wen Kexing's dead pig was not afraid of boiling water, he changed his mind and turned over again. Lie down, there is a lot of meaning to sleep on this, a sentence: "You do it yourself."

Then he went very stiffly.

Wen Kexing percussion for a while, seeing that he is indeed a rare master in the world, full of determination, he also smiled silently behind him, and closed his eyes gently.

Until midnight, Wen Kexing suddenly felt that the people around him twitched slightly, and immediately woke up, knowing that it was midnight.

Xu Shi's cold quilt didn't keep warm. He fell asleep and fell asleep, and the two rolled to the same place. Zhou Zishu's back was slightly bent, and it looked like he was in his arms. Zhou Zishu would not sleep in the middle of the night. I have long been used to it. Only when I opened my eyes and heard the breath of someone nearby, I remembered that there was such a person around me, and I was a little embarrassed. Gritted my teeth.

Wen Kexing frowned, his arms tightened, raised his upper body slightly, and vacated a palm against his back, but did not dare to act lightly, and only asked softly, "Why, it hurts?"

Zhou Zishu didn't speak, he just consciously bent his back even harder, and clenched his fingers in the quilt—it would be the best to alternate with this midnight every day. After passing through, he would be able to adjust his breath and feel better.

He closed his eyes, and in the cold winter months, his forehead was sweating, trying to keep his breath as flat and slow as possible, but even so, Wen Kexing still heard some unstable shaking between his breath.

He silently embraced Zhou Zishu's entire shoulder and back, wrapped his other hand around his waist, and told his head to lean against his chest, gently calming him like a child with a nightmare. Holding his back.

Zhou Zishu's rare obedience.

At that moment, they were all awake, but they were silent, Wei Yang passed by the window at night, time and pain seemed to be extremely long, so long that they had to be unforgettable.

Zhou Zishu's mind was a bit stubborn, thinking of breaking up the platform in the day to make it worse, but at night, it seemed as if they depended on each other. Isn't that impermanence?

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Chapter 53. New year

When Wen Kexing said that he could do it, he put that big stone, and his name was to slowly write the epitaph to Father Long. It was really "slow", just like embroidery, so many words were engraved in a day. You have to look up and look left and right. You have to rhyme and style well. You have to take a few steps back after you finish writing, enjoy it yourself, carry your hands on your back, shake your head, and treat yourself as if Li Du is alive.

Looking at the content again, it is literally a thousand words away, three papers can't see a donkey hair, and it is free to play at will. Even Zhang Chengling looked at it and felt that senior Wen was too focused when he wrote this epitaph. Long seniors have forgotten.

Zhou Zishu was drifting in the rivers and lakes when he was young. He always had rough skin and thick meat to fight stubbornness. After two days of sickness and crookedness, he jumped up alive and tossed Zhang Chengling in the small courtyard of this villa and walked through the wall, suffering. It was unspeakable, but the young man dared not have half a complaint, lest his master say that he was hurt and wanted to leave.

But probably this winter was too cold, even Shuzhong was frozen, people and animals were a little lazy, and Zhou Zishu really forgot to leave this thing.

After Laba, after a small year, although this big Zhuangzi has only three people, it is still lively and lively.

On that day, Zhou Zishu shrank for a long time in the arms of Wen Kexing, so that the second day of Wen Kexing was a little sincere and horrified-he knew that if he was hurt, he would definitely suffer, but he did n’t know that he would suffer such a great crime. When he got up, he regarded Zhou Zishu as a porcelain man, and he didn't dare to mess with him manually.

But who knows, he watched with sincerity for two days, and found that this week the porcelain was almost heartless and heartless. He was a man who did n’t remember to eat or beat. Every day dawned, and the pain passed, and he seemed to forget his claws. Generally, you should be joking and joking. You should scold your mother and scold your mother. You can wash your face and wash your face. At breakfast, you can continue to play like a flying god.

I knew in my heart that some people aren't born with a delicate life. It is better to be sorry for a pig than to be sorry for him.

When Long Xiao was there, villagers from the mountain came up with supplies every month. He was very cautious, he only controlled Qiang to give things and did not see anyone.

It's almost New Year's Day. Zhou Zishu and Wen Kexing studied it for most of the day. During the two rounds, the two of them had four or five different nicknames with the theme of "waste" and different appearances. I was not listening to everyone's words either, so Lord Wen Gu had to condescend to hold the map and fumble to pick up the New Year's goods.

A group of honest villagers always saw only dummies. This time suddenly they saw a flesh and blood, and the sky descended to the sight of them. They thought that the **** had finally descended, and they worshiped at the back of his meritorious deeds. Worship again.

The three of them happily packed and waited for the New Year.

What is Chinese New Year? The people worked hard for a whole year, they did n’t want to eat, they did n’t want to wear it, I hoped that God would leave a meal, I hope that the world will be peaceful and safe, I hope that the family will come back and reunite in the end-it is not easy to live, I hope However, my heart is not injustice, but it has been so for thousands of years, and this grievance has settled into the bones, no longer showing the mountains and the water.

Only on the day of the New Year, suddenly let go, put a few firecrackers crackling, make a big move, and take out the things you don't want to eat.

Even if Kaichun then tightens his belt. Looking forward to such a replay throughout the year, even if it is too poor to clang, as long as there is a family, this night is to be photographed.

Master Wen Gu did not expect that he had one day to handle the Chinese New Year's Eve dinner in his lifetime. Zhang Chengling was a young master. Although he tried to express his filial piety, he was clumsy, but he couldn't handle it. As for Zhou Zishu, the former Uncle, still uncle now.

Wen Kexing felt that this matter was very memorable, so he took a lot of thought and was so busy that he first instructed Zhang Chengling: "Little ghost, kill the chicken."

Zhang Chengling froze, looked at the murmuring chicken, pointed to himself, and said, "Senior, I ... Zai ... it?"

Wen Kexing said funnyly, "Will it be able to kill you? Go ahead, the chicken must be stewed early, and it will take a long time to taste."

Zhang Chengling took the knife in trembling, walked lamely, and gathered courage. He raised his hands, closed his eyes with a gritted tooth, and then hacked down. The chicken fluttered aside and hid away, snarling his neck. Screaming, quite meant to fight him to the end.

Zhang Chengling carefully took a step forward, boldly reached out and grabbed, the chicken saw that he was strong and strong, jumped very fiercely, pecked down at his hand, Zhang Chengling was frightened and quickly retracted his hand, and the chicken had to go in. , Step by step, one person and one bird do not know who is going to kill who, so they whispered in the small yard, crying and screaming.

Zhou Zishu drew a piece of grass, squatted at the kitchen door, and watched it very joyfully. When Wen Kexing saw him idle, he stretched out his toes and nodded him, and instructed: "Bull knife, go and kill the chicken. "

Zhou Zishu raised an eyebrow and glanced at him, only listening to Zhang Chengling yelling, "Master, help!"

So Uncle Zhou finally said nothing, and obediently killed the chicken. He killed Lisuo and slaughtered the animals. The rooster fighter finally withered in his hands, and he did not even have the last words to die. Zhou Zishu's effort to open his stomach was even more remarkable. After a while, he cleaned up the chicken, washed his hands and turned around, and was doing nothing.

Wen Kexing looked at his finished product and felt that he was very virtuous, and then chopped the vegetables while directing: "Give me the fire in the stove."

Standing next to the cooktop, there was a cricket, with his head lowered and unshakeable. It can be seen that these things are not done by people in weekdays. Zhou Zishu picked up and set it aside, only listening to Wen Kexing I did not forget to take the time to make a joke and said, "The unfilial son of the dragon is really too ignorant to enjoy. If he eats, he must eat it with his own hands. "

He gave Zhou Zishu a wink and said, "When you taste it at night, you can eat it."

Zhou Zishu ignored it, squatting on the ground and studying the cooktop like an enemy, clumsily picking up the fire tongs, reaching out to hold it, how could I feel awkward, then changed the position to hold it, and researched it repeatedly. Several times.

Wen Kexing waited for a long time and didn't move. He tilted his head and couldn't help but said, "Okay, what's the power of you and it looking at each other with affection? Quickly start a fire."

Zhou Zishu had done this kind of thing, and took a large bundle of firewood to take it for granted. He pushed it in, tilted his head and looked at it. Seeing that it was not filled, he thought it would be troublesome to add more firewood later. Thinking of doing it once and for all, he held another bundle, stuffed it in a brain, and nodded.

This was incredible. The fire didn't see a few stars. The black smoke came out first. He hid quickly, took a big step back with his fire tongs, and stared at the stove in confusion. Come over to rescue, chop out more than half of Chai He, turn your head and cough twice, and say, "Ancestral, you want to burn the house?"

For a moment, Zhou Zishu dumbfounded and judged with a word and pretended to understand: "This wood is not good, the smoke is so big, it is probably too wet."

Wen Kexing also burst into tears and asked to go out, with Zhang Chengling's big eyes and small eyes, waiting to eat.

When the sky was getting dark, Wen Kexing prepared this big table for the big New Year's Eve dinner, and it became colder and colder outside. The northwest wind blew the window sash "stop", and there were several small stoves in the room. However, it was steaming, the wine was warming, and the aroma gradually came out. Zhang Chengling followed the dishes with joy, and sat down, feeling like he was fascinated by the heat.

He thought that he would never have a home again in this life, and he was destined to be displaced in this life. Who knew that he could still have such a decent year, he felt that most of his grievances had dispersed, and looked at Zhou Zishu with a jerk. Looking at Wen Kexing, I thought this would be an eye-opener.

Zhou Zi Shuping made a good wine. He smelled the maggots when he smelled the taste. He poured himself a cup, lowered his eyes, and smelled it for a while, then took a sip, only the wine made by the farmer. It is not a famous product, but it contains a scent of indescribable fragrance, which melts on the tip of the tongue, and keeps all the internal organs warm and comfortable.

He remembered that at this time in previous years, the capital was the most lively, there was a night market, and Wang Yuehe sang on the moon, Jin Wu could n’t help but the bustling life, but the glass of fine wine for decades in that glass seemed to be stained with butter The same qi, drinking in the mouth, and always thinking about other things in my heart, then tasteless, no such fragrance.

Suddenly a pair of chopsticks was inserted into the bowl, and some dishes were given to him. Zhou Zishu looked up suddenly and saw Wen Kexing, who has always been unscrupulous and unhappy, looked at him with a soft smile and said, "Eat, drunkard."

He felt as if there was a string in his heart that was slightly flicked.

I saw Wen Kexing suddenly sighed and said with emotion: "This is really the year I have had the most like in my life."

Zhang Chengling did not know where he was sacred, but just listened in fog, only to Wen Kexing and then said, "In previous years, today, it was just dealing with a bunch of people who were flattering or bad-hearted, and then two with Gu Xiang, Like that, after drinking a few glasses of wine, and having nothing to say to her, she spent another year in trouble. "

He shook his head: "Without a home, how many years will it take? It's boring to ask for yourself."

In Zhang Chengling's eyes, this senior Wen immediately became a poor man with a bleak life, and felt sympathy in his heart. Zhou Zishu looked at him with a smile and said, "What about your red ... blue-eyed confidant?"

Wen Kexing said: "One pays to get drunk, and one laughs and sells himself. What is it like? Ah Su, good Chinese New Year, don't be jealous."

Zhou Zishu very much wanted to use wine to splash him. In the end, he couldn't bear it, hesitated again and again, and poured it into his mouth.

After having a hot dinner, Zhang Chengling pulled out a firecracker without knowing where he was, and then put it in the yard. It was booming and the firecrackers were young. He was like a careless teenager and laughed. .

Zhou Zishu was sitting on the steps, and the cup kept burning. Wen Kexing also sat down and caught his hands to grab his wine glass. He smiled at him squinting, and deliberately found the place where his lips had just touched, leaving the rest. I drank half a glass of wine and licked it at the end.

Zhou Zishu turned his head away from looking at him, but felt that his ears were a little hot, and Wen Kexing held his hand with a smile, and pulled it into his arms to keep warm.

I feel that this year has been the fastest one in my life.

Chapter 54. Dream

It's night.

Winter has passed. It was just when the warmth was still cold, and there was a slight chill in the clear air of the plants and trees, and the chill seemed to be particularly obvious near the water.

The stream of talented rivers flowed quietly. A man in a red suit stood by the river with a **** red birthmark on his cheek. He tilted his head to pay close attention to the movement around him. With one hand stretched out, his fingers were slightly bent and dropped to his side. He could see clearly the skin-like luster on the moonlight.

Suddenly, several dark shadows rushed around him, and Sun Ding flew up, and quickly engaged with these people in night clothes.

Among the top ten most insidious ghosts in the Valley of Ghosts, they are headed by "Happy Zombies", "Hanging Ghosts", and "Immortal Ghosts". It is not that other evildoers are not powerful, but these people have already taken root in Ghost Valley. It will also attract and suppress people, and has become its own forces.

Sun Ding ’s pair of Rakshasa palms does not say that there are no ancients and no comers. At least for now, the Central Plains Wulin is the only one. The middle one is killed instantly within three steps. A blood-red palm print will be left on the body. Wear it all the way to the back.

Suddenly he was besieged late at night, and he was not panicked, as if he was not scared at all. A pair of poisonous palms were flying around, and after a while, the group of small bugs who saw from him were fleeing and fleeing. Already. Sun Ding didn't chase, just leaned down, picked up a corpse's clothes, and sneered when he saw the ghost face tattooed on the corpse's waist.

After about half an hour, a person appeared from behind him, came over, frowned, leaned over the ghost's face on the body's waist, and asked, "What's going on?"

Sun Ding folded his hands back to his sleeves and gave him a slight glance, saying, "Lao Meng, you are late."

——This old Meng was exactly when Zhou Zishu and Wen Kexing were deeply trapped in the enemy ’s hole that day, Gu Xiang found a helper for digging the ground. He was still a normal burlap sackcloth. The left foot was a little sloppy, but it wasn't obvious. You can see it carefully. He was plain-faced, and if he was not serious, he looked kind-hearted, and in front of him was covered with a large apron commonly worn by pig-killing butchers—like Wen Kexing said, and changed into a butcher.

Lao Meng took off the mask on the corpse's face, squatted on the ground, pondered for a while, stood up again with a sigh, and shook his head, "It's Xue Fang's person."

As soon as he looked up, he saw that Sun Dingzheng was staring at his big apron with interest, and then explained: "Bring him in the order of Lord Gu, do you have any comments?"

Sun Ding sneered, and said, "Gu Zhu? So a thing that's not stubbornly offspring, is it worth you to put him on a pug-like bustle?"

Lao Meng's face did not change, and after listening only said, "You can say the same in front of him."

Sun Ding seemed to think of something, his eyes twitched, he snorted coldly, and became smarter, no longer tangled in this topic, pointing at the corpse on the ground and saying, "Since this, Lao Meng, you might as well report it to the Lord of the Valley." In order to let him know and know how Xue Fang was so bold, he went out of the valley to violate the rules without saying, but now he was so angry that he wanted to kill me. "

Lao Meng frowned, and said, "I haven't been able to contact Gu recently ..."

Sun Ding said impatiently: "What about Zisha?"

Lao Meng shook his head again and only asked: "In your opinion, is Xue Fang doing this for Liuli Jia?"

When he mentioned the word "liujia", Sun Ding's gaze flickered quickly, and even when he looked elsewhere, his mouth just said: "Xue Fang's heart is so big, I advise you ... also If you are the owner of the valley, it's better to be careful, otherwise ... hum. "

Lao Meng was silent for a while, and suddenly asked, "Did Shen Shen kill you?"

Sun Ding paused, raising his eyebrows, prolonged his voice and asked, "Why, are you trying to test me?"

Lao Meng smiled unclearly, stuck out a finger and poked at his chest, lowered his voice, and said, "Brother Sun, we don't speak secretly, Liulijia, who doesn't want to? Said to be a hanged ghost, even the underlying ghosts are eager to move. Even a long-tongue ghost dare to set a trap crypt to fight the fortune teller .... Who gets the glass armor, who is the owner of the wind cliff mountain below "If you don't want to, what do you keep staring at that little Zhang?"

Sun Ding froze, and a while later said, "I want the kid named Zhang to identify Xue Fang!"

Lao Meng just looked at him with a smile, and did not make a judgement. Sun Ding has always hated Lao Meng's smile, only to think that this person laughs in a particularly secretive way, just like his lunatic master Wen Kexing, which makes people indifferent. Explaining what he was thinking, he impatiently said, "What impermanence, what do you mean?"

Lao Meng shook his head and smiled: "This, Brother Sun doesn't have to worry about it. The child whose name is Zhang is now with Gu Zhu. As long as he remembers, he can be identified at any time-Shen Shen is dead, two in Gaojiazhuang A piece of glazed armor was missing, and I think we should grab Xue Fang first, and then do a good job, what do you say? "

Sun Ding narrowed his eyes, and fiercely looked at his gentle face for a while, grunted coldly, and turned away.

At this time, in the Sheshan Villa surrounded by thousands of mountains in Shu, the Wen Guzhu in their mouth was grabbing a quilt with Zhou Zishu.

Spring has already begun, and Shuzhong is warming up quickly. The reason for "clothing for years to be cold like iron" is obviously diminished. Zhou Zishu also specifically instructed Zhang Chengling to pick up a room for the dog skin plaster named Wen, but Still can't stop the momentum that he got in at the point.

And this person kicked his nose on his face, and from the beginning of his own luggage, he became more shameless and ran over with his bare hands in the air.

A tattered quilt was pulled by the two of you. I pulled it over. The catcher dip in clothes and fell to eighteen. Martial arts tried everything, and they almost sweated until the last two. It's too warm to cover the quilt.

Zhou Zishu was not in its heyday. After a hundred and ten rounds, he lost a move. Wen Kexing proudly held half of the quilt in one hand and pressed Zhou Zishu's wrist against the pillow with the other hand. Necked his neck and showed him a little white teeth, and beckoned to him, "Ah, you come, I'll hug you to sleep, to ensure that it is not cold."

Zhou Zishu really wanted to kick him, so he looked at him three times down and sneered, "You are not fragrant or soft, and you have ribs on your chest. It ’s better to hold a bedboard. "

Wen Kexing immediately stared, grabbed his hand and put it on his chest, and said, "Nonsense! I'm not a row of ribs, I don't believe you touch it!"

Zhou Zishu lifted his feet and bent his leg, and retracted his hand, as if he encountered something dirty, and threw it in the air. Wen Kexing held the quilt and watched him screaming strangely: "There are weird things every year, and those who take advantage of it don't care. You who take advantage of yourself are so blindly reserved. Generally this situation is ..."

Zhou Zishu was not prepared to listen to him continue to talk nonsense, put on his clothes, decided to make it impossible to hide, to change to a room to sleep, terribly squeezed with Zhang Chengling, and told the little ghost to hit the floor.

Who knew that Wen Kexing's hand holding the quilt suddenly turned out a weird arc, and leaned on his shoulder, Zhou Zishu immediately sank his shoulders and elbows to remove him, and then he suddenly felt a numbness in his whole body. Before anyone could stand up, he fell down and fell right in the arms where Wen Kexing opened and waited there, and a melon seed shell fell on the quilt surface ... He was in the way of this thing.

Wen Kexing continued with a smile in his ear: "Generally, in this case, it is a desire / dissatisfaction, only to be a guilty conscience, you see, don't you give it away?"

Zhou Zishu was speechless. He really couldn't figure out why someone had slept at night and had to put a seed shell on his body to sneak attack on others as a hidden weapon at any time.

Wen Kexing laughed, as if seeing what he thought, added: "I actually still have walnuts, do you eat them?"

Speaking of the word "walnut", Zhou Zishu raised a goosebump, and Qiangqi reluctantly laughed, "Why, you hold me, do you still want to sleep?"

Wen Kexing rolled his entire body into the quilt, while turning his eyes, and pressed his shoulders with both hands, he ran along the edge of his lining, and his mouth hurriedly joyfully said, "Nothing, nothing."

Wen Kexing's shot was not heavy, and Zhou Zishu's acupuncture point was rushed away. It was just when Wen Kexing's hand became less and less ridiculous. Since he left Beijing and entered the rivers and lakes, his body was injured, and the second thing happened. One after another, I did n’t have that mood. Zhou Zishu really did not get close to people. Wen Kexing twitched gently, just as if he had set a fire on him. Seeing that the situation was going to get out of control, Zhou Zishu gave a shudder. Holding his wrist, he gritted his teeth and said, "Gu Zhu is very kind. I still ... respect, thank, not, sensitive."

Wen Kexing laughed: "You're right, you're wrong, but you are disrespectful."

Zhou Zishu stiffened out a smile: "I really deserve it."

The two were in a stalemate. Suddenly heard an exclamation from Zhang Chengling's room next door. Zhou Zishu frowned and pushed away Wen Kexing. He threw his robes behind him with a thunderbolt and started to run. Wen Kexing shook his head. He sighed, moved his five fingers closer to the tip of his nose, closed his eyes and took a deep breath, and then followed slowly.

Zhang Chengling was just stunned by the dream. When Zhou Zishu pushed in the door, he found that he was closing his eyes tightly. He didn't know what he was muttering. He was sweating with punches and kicks. Zhou Zishu pushed him in general and found out Failing to awaken him, he took his wrist and shoved a small amount of infuriance into it. Zhang Chengling shivered and shouted, "Don't kill him!"

Then he sat up abruptly, his eyes slowly drifting away, revealing a little puzzled look, looking at Zhou Zishu, and shouting, "Master ..."

Zhou Zishu patted his head, pressed him without a word, pulled him under the quilt, and said, "Let's sleep." Then he sat by the bed, leaned on the bedpost, and clasped his hands on his chest. Keep your eyes closed, as if to accompany him.

Zhang Chengling was silent for a long time, and suddenly pulled Zhou Zishu's clothes gently, whispering: "Master, I just dreamed about ... a man with a tightly wrapped body, holding a knife, put it on my little mother's On the neck, he asked my father, 'Where is the thing?' Is it just ...? "

Zhou Zishu opened his eyes. At this moment, the door was opened from the outside, and Wen Kexing came in. He heard his face look upright and asked thoughtfully, "What does that person look like and what are the characteristics?"

Zhang Chengling thought for a while, then shook his head with guilt and said, "I can't see clearly in my dream ..."

Zhou Zishu remembered the words that the happy and bereaves forced the young man that day, and then he asked, "Have you seen that man's hand has no five fingers or four?"

Zhang Chengling shook his head again and looked at him with wide eyes. Zhou Zishu sighed, patted his head, and whispered: "You sleep ..."

The two sat and stood, Gu silently, until Zhang Chengling was breathing evenly, apparently falling asleep, Zhou Zishu pulled his quilt up, stood up, and went out with Wen Kexing.

Wen Kexing sighed suddenly, stretched his hands behind his back and held him, resting his face on his shoulder for a long while, and then whispered: "These days, it seems like a good dream ... but how can I wake up so fast? What about? "

Chapter 55. Wall root

Walking path, Luoyang River, Lanyuan is not empty, pedestrians are getting old. It is said that there are infinite Yan Zhao daughters. On the golden ladder, the wind and the wind blow from the east of Luoyang, and the wind passes from the west of Luoyang.

The rule broke, and someone was drunk with the wine.

East is everywhere, the bustling is old, there are a few thin horses on the official road, are walking leisurely.

The two men were long and sturdy, just one of them, with some sickness on their faces, hanging a hip flask around their waists, and not rushing to drink, just holding it in their hands, shaking it all at once, including I tasted it for a while, then swallowed slowly, I don't know what I was thinking. A tiger-headed teenager followed behind them.

It was Zhou Zishu and his party who came out of Fang Shu.

Wen Kexing looked on the side and found that the person took a sip and then a sip. Then it took a long time for a large pot to reach the bottom. When he saw it, he couldn't help but send him in his mouth to hold him. The forearm said, "Alcohol, almost?"

Zhou Zishu glanced at him obliquely, changed the hip flask and said, "The tube is so wide, are you my daughter-in-law?"

Wen Kexing then reached out to grab his hip flask, and said in a straight line: "Even the skin relatives have it. Can you just throw me away?"

Zhou Zishu laughed as he saw Zhaozhao Zhao: "I'm afraid you're widowhood."

Wen Kexing, regardless of Zhang Chengling's presence, continued to say shamelessly: "It's okay, anyway, now I can't see or use it. I also keep my eyes open every night."

Zhou Zishu slipped his hands, and the jug was taken away by Wen Kexing.

Zhang Chengling put his head down behind them, almost trying to get into the seam.

Wen Kexing took his jug, took a big sip, and smiled at Zhou Zishu, squinting, and said, "Wine is not good wine, but it tastes really good, good."

Zhou Zi Shuran looked at him for a while, and suddenly urged the horse to get closer, and put it in his ear, saying, "Mrs. Is this a lonely sleepless sleep / dissatisfaction? I really treat you badly for my husband, I wash it at night and wait I must call you ... "

Wen Kexing was so impatient that he was empty, and the jug was snatched back.

Zhou Zishu learnt his look and slanted his eyes. The corners of his eyes were slightly narrow. When he glanced over, he didn't see a bit of charming. Instead, he couldn't tell the meaning of narrowing. He proudly lifted the jug toward Wen Kexing. He waved a few times and then took a big sip of contentment.

However, I suddenly felt that a small thing slipped into my mouth. Zhou Zishu spit it out and spit it out. At that time, he almost jumped directly from the horse's back-it was actually a small walnut!

Zhou Zishu's appetite was as if he was spitting out of his mouth, not a small walnut kernel, but a human brain, glaring at Wen Ke Road: "You foolish!"

Wen Kexing hurriedly humbly said, "Where and where, transferee!"

With a blank face, Zhou Zishu pointed at him and said, "You ..." I felt that my stomach was tumbling. I felt nauseous no matter how I felt, but couldn't help but think about it.

Wen Kexing came slowly and took one of his hands. He actually put out his tongue, rolled a roll on the palm of his hand, and rolled away the small walnut kernel. He chewed a few times and laughed, "Sangong, you all So grown-up, what about picky eaters? It's just too ridiculous. "

Zhou Zi turned his face silently, not looking at him for a long while, then said quietly, "I want to divorce my wife ..."

Wen Kexing laughed.

Zhang Chengling looked at the two old and unruly people with a red and green face, and it took a long time to get up the courage, and then he stumbled slowly, stuttering, saying, "Master, Master, why should we go to Luo , Luoyang? "

Zhou Zishu's nausea has not been suppressed, and he glanced at Zhang Chengling with a green face in his face, and said impatiently, "Go and see who wants your life."

Zhang Chengling looked at him unknowingly, opened his mouth, and said, "Ah?"

Wen Kexing held one hand loosely on the stable, raised one hand to scratch his chin, and asked, "At that time, there were two groups of people who hired two groups of scorpions, and wanted the life of this little ghost. ... "

Zhou Zishu interrupted him: "The hilarious ghost in red clothes should not want to kill him, he should do it early, and he won't abandon him for so long."

Wen Kexing turned back, looked at him thoughtfully, and said, "So you want to find out the people behind the poisonous scorpion corpses? Could it be that you came to the scorpions? Difficult If you don't become a poisonous scorpion, you are in Luoyang? "

Zhang Chengling admired Wen Kexing adoringly, but he felt that the predecessor was really wise, and he was so clever. Zhou Zishu coldly hummed: "You have so much nonsense to show that you are better than that little ghost ? "

Wen Kexing was thick and thick, and he ignored it, and then asked, "Can you even know where the poisonous scorpion's nest is?"

Zhou Zishu subconsciously wanted to take another sip of wine, remembering what was put by the **** named Wen in the jug and sent it to his mouth, then he had to put it down again. He hated others for spoiling the wine, so he stared at Wen Ke severely. A quick glance, said coldly, "You don't know it doesn't mean I don't know either."

Wen Kexing hurriedly coaxed: "That's what it is, Master Zhou is really a brilliant martial artist with eyes open to the sky, why should I wait for such a flat-headed person to look back?"

Zhou Zishu only felt that his tongue was slippery, and he got into the car with nonsense. He wanted to slap him very much. After thinking about it, he felt afraid that he couldn't beat him. Then the man turned his head and turned away from it.

The three went all the way to Luoyang City. In a restaurant, enough to eat and rest enough, Zhou Zishu called Zhang Chengling into the room.

Zhang Chengling was unknown at first, so Lediandian ran away. Who knows that Zhou Zishu said nothing and patted his shoulder with his palm. Zhang Chengling knew immediately that this was another exam for Master anytime and anywhere. Open, describing it as wretched under his arm.

Zhou Zishu frowned, and found that this little ghost has a talent. No matter how smart and handsome the move is, in his hands, he will become ashamed like a donkey, but if he is wrong, his move makes it not. wrong. He sat still, then palmed up, and covered Zhang Chengling inside.

Zhang Chengling said "Oh," he lay down flatly with a "thump", his spine was pinching the ground, and loach squirmed a few times on the ground, crawling up and down again, jumping on the table with a loud noise, hiding After Zhou Zishu's third palm, the big toad jumped up and down, his four feet hit the ground at the same time, turning over and not standing firmly. He sat on the ground with his buttocks, flipped his legs backwards, and avoided. Zhou Zishu's kick swept out of the chain was actually smooth.

Just turning on Zhou Zishu's nose was also crooked, pointing at him and saying, "How much good does the store give you, so that you can do the best you can to clean the floor?"

Zhang Chengling stood up, holding his sleeves and blowing his nose, looking down at Zhou Zishu, whispering: "Senior Wen and Wen said ... all the moves that can save lives are good, you can't follow the moves when you start Come, forget to be in a hurry and adapt yourself ... "

Zhou Zishu said angrily: "Wen Kexing, you roll in for me, you crooked dates, you have to mislead others, and teach others to crook dates like you?"

Wen Kexing was leaning on the door frame at this time, standing and watching the excitement, and he didn't know where to get a packet of walnuts. The walnut kernels were filled with words, and the speech was vague. When he heard the words, he raised his clothes. With half a sleeve on his face, he looked at Zhou Zishu with a resentful look, and said tremblingly, "Xiangong, are you ... are you abandoning your wife?"

Zhang Chengling looked at the senior Wen sympathetically. He felt that although he was not in the hall, he was able to get the kitchen. Although he was a bit uncomfortable, he was able to beat and thicken the skin. It was a rare talent. It was really pathetic to be rejected by Master.

Zhou Zishu didn't want to talk to the two of them any more, so he told Zhang Chengling: "Stay in the restaurant for a few days yourself. Waiting for me here, I will explore the scorpion's territory."

Zhang Chengling said, "Master, I'll go with you!"

Zhou Zishu said: "Go to hinder?"

Zhang Chengling just pursed his lips, his face reluctantly reluctant, whispered: "Master ..."

Zhou Zishu kicked him on his thigh and said, "Are you still going to be fed? Get off, wait for me to come back, if your kung fu is still practiced like this bear, interrupt your dog's leg."

Zhang Chengling was driven away in grief, and his fingers counted, he could hardly count how many dog legs he would be interrupted in a day.

When Wen Kexing saw him go out, he immediately rushed up and said, "I'm with you ..."

Zhou Zishu took a moment to hide behind, reached out his finger against his chest, looked at the packet of walnuts in disgust with his eyes, and regarded Wen Kexing and walnuts as the five poisons and four evils.

Wen Kexing smiled flatteringly, shoved the small paper bag containing walnuts into his arms, rubbed his hands vigorously, and followed him away.

Wen Kexing followed Zhou Zishu all the way to the outskirts of Luoyang, turned into a small alley, passed a bunch of lush plants, strung on a street, Wen Kexing looked up, only felt that the place was very familiar-the lights were ambiguous, flowers The fragrance of wine is clearly a place of fireworks.

With a strange expression on his face, he pointed to the singing girl playing the harp on the small building and asked, "The old nest of the poisonous scorpion ... in this place?"

Zhou Zishu glanced at him and laughed: "Okay, you don't have to be serious, as if Lord Wen Gu is a spotless water lotus."

He lifted his feet to leave, Wen Kexing quickly grabbed him, and whispered, "Isn't that ... all family members, Zhou Xiangong?"

Zhou Zishu pinched his chin, Wen Kexing looked at him with affection. Zhou Zishu shuddered and commented, "Mrs. Wen, you are really disgusting."

Then let go of him and shuttle back and forth between the seekers.

Wen Kexing said in his mouth, "Okay, dare to steal food in front of me. When I am dead, let you know what hedong lion roar is."

He took a deep breath and brewed his feelings before yelling, but at the end he was discouraged again, shook his head, had to raise his heels, and comforted himself, "Three from four virtues, three from four virtues, hey!"

Zhou Zishu Yi was bold, so he stood up in front of everyone's eyes. The drunk fat man in front of his eyes only felt a small wind blowing, sobered up, looked up, and did not even see his personal image. Wen Kexing followed closely, and at the feet of the two, they gently tapped the tiles above the song tower, passing by without stopping.

Later, Zhou Zishu turned in a nice arc in the air and fell into a small backyard. Wen Kexing looked around. He could hear the sound of pushing cups and changing cups from the red men and women, and thought with interest: "If the old nest of the poisonous scorpion is in such a place, they will always want to be dissatisfied. "

Zhou Zishu walked along the root of the wall, and Ningshen heard an ear under each room, and distinguished carefully. Wen Kexing was amazed. He just felt that he could look upright at the root of the wall. This person is really amazing.

Then Zhou Zishu stopped behind a room, compared to Wen Kexing's "Here is Here" gesture, and stayed there, motionless.

Wen Kexing listened attentively to an ear, and immediately understood the mystery here-he knew that Zhou Zishu was not listening to the human voice, but the "creaking" movement of the bedboard inside.

Then he came over and deliberately posted him tightly and listened to the girl's shouting / bed sound.

The author has something to say:

Caught a cold ... o (> _ <) o ~~ crawl away

Chapter 56. Black crow

Zhang Chengling returned to the room, and couldn't sleep over and over again. The shadow of a tree with new buds on the window hit the window. When the wind blew, the "rustle" moved more and more. "Wife-in-law", this place became "Zhangya dance claws, monsters and monsters."

He first reluctantly sat there shaking his head and shaking his head to back the tactics-this habit has been scorned by the two people and I don't know how many times, senior Wen said, you have to memorize this thing without saying a word, how can it be integrated ? His master is more straightforward, but he simply said that if he understands the practice, it will be natural. He has never seen anyone in his life who can learn a broken formula more than the four books and five classics. It can be seen that Zhang Chengling is stupid, almost stupid. Be creative.

Then Zhang Chengling suddenly remembered that Master and Senior Wen had gone out. This huge restaurant seemed to be alone, so he trembled. When he felt something was going to happen, he uneasily pulled the bed curtain down, and The quilt was pulled over his head, as if it was safe to do so--and he didn't know what he thought.

He waited and waited, listening carefully to the movement in the master ’s room next to his ears—of course, he completely ignored the fact that even if Zhou Zishu came back, he could not hear it with his ability—like a disturbed rabbit, I've been waiting for most of the night, and I didn't hear any movement. Finally, I still couldn't resist the acacia disease on the upper and lower eyelids, and fell asleep.

Until the next morning, woke up by the movement of other tenants, Zhang Chengling climbed up and ran to his master's room. Then he was disappointed to find that the pillows were cold. Did not return. Restaurant Xiao Er came up to say hello to him, but Zhang Chengling couldn't, and went downstairs to have breakfast by himself.

He couldn't lift his spirits stupidly, feeling that he was a bit wasteful. For a guy of 15 or 16 years old, his pants were getting shorter every day, but he always seemed to be standing still. Uncle Li saved his life, then met Master, then Master sent him to Taihu, followed Uncle Zhao to Dongting, and found Master ...

It seems that no matter where he goes or what he does, he is not free and autonomous, but just follows others ignorantly.

Zhang Chengling absent-mindedly wrapped buns, and for the first time pondered the question of where to go from here.

Just then, there was a small riot at the door, Zhang Chengling took the bun, looked back, and stopped with the others in the shop.

I saw a dozen women coming in at the door of the restaurant. These women were all black, like a group of crows, and flew in together. I can't see how they look-because everyone has a mask on their faces, like the crudely made smiley doll masks sold to children on the streets during the holidays, but these pale dolls are hanging on the corners of their mouths. In addition to the smile, there were bloodstains, eyes wide open, and he looked like a ghost.

The first person glanced at the dull little two one, and said coldly: "By the head of a person, one person puts on a bowl of plain noodles, and one more look, then you dug your eyes!"

Her voice was rough and hoarse, with indescribable malice, and sounded like an old lady. When she glanced away, the people who looked secretly immediately lowered their heads—these girls did not look like good people for a long time. No one wants to get in trouble when walking.

The headed old lady in black sat down and beckoned, beckoning, "Take care of that little bitter person, and set off immediately after eating."

The women in black under her hands did not make nonsense, and sat down satisfactorily. Zhang Chengling saw it clearly. There was also a young woman with a shawl exuding a trembling hair. They were held by them and pushed over. He looked intently, only startled, and thought to himself, "Isn't this Miss Qian Jingao who is the heroic hero? How was she caught by these black people?"

The wolf-ridden woman was Gao Xiaoli. She did not see Zhang Chengling, her mouth was broken, and she was so hot that she worked hard. Immediately, she felt a pain in her waist, and felt half-numb, and a woman pressing her shoulder retracted the long needle that had just pierced her waist, and said coldly in her ear: "You feel, Am I just going to make you a dead man who can't even stand up? Or should I make a few strokes on your shiny little face? "

Gao Xiaoli didn't dare to move. Her eyes were red, and she was frightened and angry. The woman stepped on her knee fiercely, and almost told her to go to the ground and scolded: "Then you will be honest!"

Zhang Chengling hurriedly lowered his head, pretending that he hadn't seen anything, avoiding the eyes of the woman in black, and seeing that she had sat down, then carefully raised her head and looked at Gao Xiaoli carefully.

He has always had a good impression of Gao Xiaoli. He felt that this was a soft and beautiful sister who spoke softly and softly. When she saw that her face was still bruised, it was obvious that she had been beaten. Groups of women in black are not good.

He then looked at the door again, thinking anxiously, Master, why haven't they come back yet?

This group of people in black is obviously on the move, unlike Zhang Chengling who chewed slowly and filled his stomach, and immediately put down the money to leave, but Zhou Zishu and Wen Kexing have not yet returned. meaning.

Zhang Chengling couldn't sit still.

Strange to say, as long as Zhang Chengling is in front of Zhou Zishu, it seems to be a special waste. The word "waste" is often hung by his first impatient master that day. Moreover, he himself has The master relied on it, as if there were mother-in-law's children. A trivial matter called "Master Help", all his powerful Master scolded him to rescue him.

At this time, Zhou Zishu was absent. Instead, he was calm and daring, and secretly called Xiao Er, so he told him so carefully and chased up carefully.

On the other side, Zhou Zishu, who had not returned overnight, had an adventure with them.

As Wen Kexing listened to the sound of the bed and people becoming more and more unscrupulous, he couldn't help but have some doubts. The place of fireworks is generally in the heart. These good things are in the boudoir of the pick-up girl. Silly, it's so empty under the bedboard that she didn't know that she lived in a large nest?

He pulled Zhou Zishu's hand and wrote on his palm, "Who's room?"

Zhou Zi paused and said, "Big scorpion."

Wen Kexing was even more puzzled. Could it be that the head of the poisonous scorpion had let the sister Yao pick up customers in his own bedroom? He thought in horror, would it be impossible for the scorpion to be so poor that he could not support him by killing and setting fire?

Then he stroked on Zhou Zishu's palm again: "Mother Scorpion?"

Zhou Zishu shook his head, and Wen Kexing was even more puzzled. He listened intently for a while, and found that there were actually three people in the room, but the man and the woman were in a fierce battle, and they almost obscured the voice of the other person. Now, although the extra person breathed lightly, but still could hear a little rush, Wen Kexing became even more frightened, and the scorpion head's hobby was really weird.

So he wrote, "Isn't he OK?"

Zhou Zishu paused for a long time, then nodded cautiously.

His face reflected the moonlight that had just risen, and his official business affairs face looked as if Lord Zhou was dealing with national affairs, not listening to the roots of the wall. Wen Kexing looked at him, and felt that the world was awe-inspiring. Second, no one can be first.

After a long while, the sound inside slowly subsided. Zhou Zishu felt that it was almost the same, and waited patiently for them to leave. Who knew that for a moment, the bedboard started to creak again. It seemed to be more lively-Zhou Zishu's brows frowned, and he said that the two were not over, that would have to be skinny and thick, thick and heartless, in order to have a personal viewing next to him Work hard!

Wen Kexing was almost amused by his tangled expression, listening to the sound of the room in the ear, and the intermittent singing of the front yard, looking at the people in front of him, his eyes lingered around Zhou Zishu's waist and legs in particular-- The two of them were quite interested, and they had nothing else to do, so they stared at the place where they did not look at it.

After he was so impressed, he raised a hand and placed it on Zhou Zishu's side waist. Zhou Zishu's brows frowned even more, and he tilted his head to glance at him. Wen Kexing raised a forefinger in his mouth with a smile. Side, looks very innocent.

Zhou Zishu felt that he was a little over-sensitive by his tossing. He thought about himself as a big man, and touched it. If he wasn't taking advantage, he ignored him.

Wen Kexing got cheap and continued to sell well, slowly moving the palm down, and he became more satisfied. I felt that this child looks really smooth, but it is slightly thinner, but thinning also has the benefit of thinning, if you take off your clothes , This small waist can be grasped, but it feels even more.

Zhou Zishu reluctantly returned his hand to slap on his respectful hip, cooperating with the scream of the woman in the house, twisting his two fingers, blowing his breath gently, and squinting Wen Kexing One glance and chuckled.

Wen Kexing's wink sank immediately, holding him tightly, and kissing Zhou Zishu before his smile disappeared. None of them dared to make any move, they could only compete with each other very limitedly. The first time was that Zhou Zishu didn't respond. The second time was that he was hurt and was sad. This time it was the first time that he met his opponent.

These two people, one who lingers in the flowers, makes countless flowers, and takes the world as his duty, one gets out of the capital of the 30-year-old Wangyue River and is accustomed to pushing cups and changing scenes. They are all old-fashioned, they are lips The entanglement must be either the east wind overwhelming the west wind, or the west wind overwhelming the east wind.

I do n’t know how long it has been, I was almost suffocated in my chest in one breath, and even the two wonderful voices in the house were quiet, so Wen Kexing released Zhou, who was also unstable and still struggling to relax. Holding his hand, he leaned very close.

He suddenly stopped smiling, just watching Zhou Zishu quietly. At that moment, there seemed to be a thousand words and a thousand words to say, but after all they fell silent. The people in the room sighed, and the singing from the front yard became clear. The female voice sang softly, "Recall Mei Xiazhou, Zhemei sent Jiangbei ..."

Wen Kexing wrote in the palm of Zhou Zi's palms: "I only hope that my heart is like my heart, and that I will not miss his love."

Zhou Zishu looked at him for a long time, palms closed gently, and gently pushed Wen Kexing's fingers into the palm, but only touched, and then separated again, he lowered his eyes and once again avoided Wen Kexing's eyes He sighed indifferently.

At this moment, a male voice in the room whispered contentedly: "OK, you go." Then a door rang, and Zhou Zishu took the opportunity to stand up like a bird, silently landed on the roof, and gently lifted the tile out Gap, looking into it.

Wen Kexing looked at his fingers, as if the temperature in the palm of his hand was still there, but the night breeze was too cold, and it fluttered lightly, and then disappeared. At that moment he couldn't tell what it was like in his heart, he could only laugh at himself and smiled bitterly.

The author has something to say:

It will snow tomorrow, o (> _ <) o ~~

Too sad, too sad, too sad ...

Chapter 57. gambler

Zhou Zishu thought that the action was already very light, but who knew that the people in the room seemed to have already noticed it, but he raised his head so loudly that he just met his eyes.

Zhou Zi shuddered, and saw the man smiled at him, and he was embarrassed to be too small, turned over from the roof, knocked gently on the window, and said loudly: "The uninvited guest is not invited, the owner forgive me."

The window was pushed open from the inside. A plain-clothed man stood inside, holding a cup of tea in his hand, his eyes lingered on Zhou Zishu's face, and he scanned Wen Kexing again, smiled, and asked softly: "If two people want to see it together, they can knock on the door, why are they so sneaky?"

The voice of his speech seemed to be imaginary, especially soft, lest his voice be loud and startle something. He was so gentle, with a single eyelid, a courageous nose, but also very human-like, just looking at the face, really I can't see that he was the head of a scorpion who had lost his life for eight years.

Zhou Zishu's face was naturally thick, and he didn't feel cramped when he heard the words. He said generously: "Thank you for your kindness-it's not necessary, we don't hide it, we have something to ask for."

The big scorpion glanced at him and groaned, "There are only two things that come to me, either for my children to kill and set fire, or to ask, who actually let my children go The murderer and the arsonist are capable of two men, I am afraid it is the second one? "

Zhou Zishu calmly said, "Yes."

The scorpion set the tea bowl aside, held his hands on his chest, and looked at him playfully: "What can you give me?"

Zhou Zishu said bluntly, "You just mention it."

The scorpion saw him very bold, with a look of wealth and fearlessness, and then he looked at him with a slight timid look. Generally speaking, people like this are either too arrogant and think that heaven and earth have entered Jinshan and Yinshan. Things, things you can't get, or ... just make up your mind and decide to hang on.

If you ask the price, I will never sit back and pay.

The scorpion slowly said, "Can you tell me to sleep with me, do you agree?"

Zhou Zi looked critically at his face, and looked around his waist, legs and **** again, and then reluctantly agreed: "Okay."

Wen Kexing, who was listening with enthusiasm, immediately protested, "No! The two of us have been sharing the bed for so long, and I haven't seen you so happy!"

Zhou Zishu lifted his eyelids and asked him, "What should I ask, do you know the answer?"

Wen Kexing froze.

The scorpion laughed, licked his lips, his eyes turned fiercely between them, then took out a small jar from his arms, shook it twice, poured out two dice from it, held it in his palm, whispered softly "It's better, you bet me and win me a game, I will tell you one thing and lose me a game ..."

Wen Kexing whispered to Zhou Zi: "I finally know why he is in a hurry to make money. With this hobby, his family business is not enough for him to lose. You have never heard of 'winning with one heart and winning with two eyes. , Three meals are tasteless, limbs are weak, five industries are deserted, six relatives are not recognized, Qiqiao smokes, Bafang borrows debts ... '"

Zhou Zishu stepped on him.

The scorpion chuckled: "It makes sense for you to say so, but isn't it a big gamble in my life? Many people want to kill me. When I die, they win, and if I don't die, they will always be stunned. Uneasy, someday, someone who came to urgency came. You said, wouldn't it be boring if it were smooth and smooth all your life? "

Zhou Zishu interrupted the in-depth discussion about life between these two youths and asked, "What about losing you?"

The scorpion stared at him at an angle, saying slowly: "Don't worry, I don't want your money or your life. If you lose a game, you two will do a show for me, and I will be refreshed. ——It's just that the two of them weighed in. They lost too much, but it was not easy to end. "

Zhou Zishu didn't say a word, and firmly said: "There will be a period later."

At the same time, Wen Kexing cried out, "I think this bet is fine!"

Zhou Zishu pretended not to know him, and walked out indifferently. The scorpion said behind him, "I'm afraid. I just asked me to make an offer."

Zhou Zishu's feet kept on, and his mouth just said lightly: "I'm all old people, and I'll just let the jifa go."

Wen Kexing laughed along the side: "That ... Brother Scorpion, forgive me, my family, everything else is fine, but my face is tender and my skin is too thin ..."

Before he finished this sentence, he saw Zhou Zishu turned back expressionlessly and said to the scorpion, "What do you say, bet?"

Sometimes, it doesn't matter if the law is used, it depends on who made it.

Only then did Scorpion lift the dice cup in his hand, and Zhou Zishu sneered, "It's just a little trick, I'm afraid we just got a night out and can't tell the difference."

Scorpion frowned, thinking about it, turned around and walked into the room, Wen Kexing and Zhou Zishu jumped in through the window. I saw that the scorpion turned out a pack of small needles as thin as a cow's hair, and Zhou Zishu's brows frowned-he had done this thing.

The scorpion twisted a small needle and licked it lightly with the tip of his tongue, and said, "This is not too late to poison, so let's bet. Who eats more, OK?"

Zhou Zishu and Wen Kexing looked at each other. At that moment, the two of them were at a loss, thinking at the same time-why is Ye Baiyi not here?

The scorpion narrowed his eyes and opened his mouth to bite. The needle was like noodles, and he bit it into sections. Then he swallowed the needle like this. Zhou Zishu and Wen Kexing looked at each other. I did not expect this big scorpion. After all, it was an iron-toothed copper tooth.

Scorpion asked with a smile: "Is the gambler or a coat?"

Wen Kexing seemed very eager to choose the latter. Zhou Zishu suddenly picked up a wine glass from the table, opened his own jug, poured a full glass, reached out and pinched two needles, a pinch at the fingertips, the two The small needle turned into a pile of powder, which melted into the wine in a blink of an eye. He looked up at the scorpion. The scorpion was quite graceful. He raised his hand to ask him to invite first. Zhou Zishu frowned and drank the wine in the glass. After lighting the bottom of the cup, Wen Kexing watched his face coldly, and felt that the taste of the drink would not be better than that of the walnut.

The scorpion smiled: "This man, don't blame me for not reminding you. You eat with wine like this, but you can eat more of my belly than me. Can you two want to deal with me together?"

Wen Kexing waved his hands and said, "No, no, no, you do n’t have this Yaxing and teeth, you can do it yourself."

Zhou Zishu smiled suddenly and said, "I ate two, and you ate one. I think it is enough to win you."

His words did not fall, he made a cheap move, slap on the table, those cattle hair needles flew up and down, the cold light overflowed, the scorpion only felt a force hit, subconsciously drank, bent down Flashed over, and then turned back, and saw that all the ox hair needles on the table rubbed his body and nailed them in the wall, but it was a few inches deep, but I could n’t take it anymore.

Wen Kexing couldn't help screaming well. He said that Axu's move was really shameless, much like his own style.

The scorpion frowned, and then slowly unfolded again, still asking arrogantly: "What's your name?"

Zhou Zishu said: "Free your surname Zhou."

Scorpion nodded: "Brother Zhou is very hardworking and thoughtful, but ..."

He stretched out his palm, and a thin needle lay flat on his palm. The scorpion passed it to his mouth and laughed: "This time, I am afraid it is a flat hand."

Zhou Zishu unhurriedly stretched out his palm, only to see that he didn't know when he had hidden a needle. He didn't want to eat, but just sent that needle to the scorpion. The scorpion's complexion changed suddenly, only to find that the root of his hand was actually short, and he didn't know when he was cut half by the palm of his hand.

Zhou Zishu crushed the fine needles in his hands into powder, and laughed, "Two and a half, how do you say?"

The scorpion stared at him fiercely. Both Wen Kexing and Zhou Zishu thought he was going to have trouble. Who knew that the character of this big scorpion was not good? What do you ask, bet on losing? "

Zhou Zishu said: "Except Sun Ding, who paid for Zhang Chengling's life?"

The scorpion paused, and looked at the two of them again, and seemed to understand, saying: "Zhang Chengling? Oh, I know who the two are ... But my people lost your trace in Dongting, unexpectedly I've found it, it's amazing-come with me. "

He lifted the bedboard while talking, and digged in. Zhou Zishu and Wen Kexing followed closely behind.

The two followed the scorpion all the way into a secret passage-this place, with rouge powder dais outside, but an eerie gloom inside, very weird. The scorpion took them both round and round the road, I do not know how many steps down, this is the end, Zhou Zishu looked, and saw that this is a dungeon, a depressing, human-like, but not human-like The roar rang and the two could not help but be alert.

The scorpion took off the torch on the wall, stood in front of a prison cage, and said with a smile: "The two can come and see this thing. It's an old acquaintance."

He might be stimulated by light, and a pale shadow slammed at the scorpion, blocked by the prison door, and then gazed at them with a sullen expression. Zhou Zishu and Wen Kexing saw clearly that there was a monster in it, just like the inhuman monster they encountered in the mysterious crypt that year!

I saw the scorpion looking at the monster tenderly, as if it were a peerless beauty, and whispered softly: "These are our medicine people. They were people before their first birthday. To this day, I was born with copper and iron bones and murderous. He is really a good child ... just not obedient, maybe the medicine used has hurt his brain, and it will be perfected in the future. "

The playfulness on Wen Kexing's face was gone, and Shen Sheng asked: "The crypt was set up by you, and the buyer is a long tongue ghost?"

Scorpion said: "That's right."

Wen Kexing intercepted him and said, "Fart, the long tongue ghost has been slaughtered by me, and who is the one who hunts down Zhang Chengling in Dongting?"

A sly smile appeared on the scorpion's face, saying, "I only said that the buyer was a tongue-in-law, and did not say that no one was behind him."

Zhou Zishu said: "Ah, this is another question, do you mean, would you like to know the answer and bet again?"

The scorpion stooped slightly and said, "Brother Zhou is forgiving."

Zhou Zishu shook his sleeve impatiently: "What do you say, bet?"

Scorpion laughed: "I bet on those gadgets, I'm not as good as Brother Zhou, and I'm not as smart as Brother Zhou. I'm afraid I have to lose again. It's better for us to go by God, go up here, go out to the street, one of you. People blindfolded. From then on, when the hand touched the stone lion at the corner of the street, they started to count and see if the twentieth person was in front of them, male or female. How about that? "

Wen Kexing couldn't help but said, "This bet is very meaningless. I can't see any benefit to you."

Scorpion calmly said, "It doesn't matter what you gamble on. For me, the important thing is a gambling word. It's like someone else is hungry to eat, thirsty to drink water. If you don't let me gamble, I won't be able to live ... you say What about? "

Wen Kexing sighed, only to find that there are strange things every year, this year is really many, so he stretched his fingers and pointed at Zhou Zi and said, "Blind his eyes, so that he doesn't feel that my intention is wrong."

Zhou Zishu glanced at the scorpion without objection, Wen Kexing groped for a long time from his arms, found a sweat towel, covered Zhou Zishu's eyes, grabbed his arm, and said to the scorpion: "Please first . "

The three men slammed on the ground again, all the way to the street of Huahua with this cat hiding style, Scorpion said: "Brother Zhou, you can meet the lion with your hand raised, please invite first, please bet. "

Zhou Zishu and Wen Kexing shared the same voice: "Men."

Although there are flowing orioles in the shuttle here, the fans are more mobile. Since this big scorpion has a generous head, they are disrespectful. Can't wait to lick his lips: "OK."

The moment Zhou Zishu raised his hand, the scorpion began counting people-eighteen, nineteen ...

Even Wen Kexing made him a little nervous. Zhou Zishu had already taken off his blindfolds and looked at them without blinking. The twentieth person passed by. He was wearing a robe with long hair. Crown man!

A smile slowly appeared on Zhou Zishu's face before he began to speak, but as the man approached, his smile froze on his face, but Scorpion glanced at them both proudly, and suddenly took a step forward. Stopping the passer-by, startled the passer-by, only listening to him softly and whispering, "This is a place of fireworks. It is very inconvenient for the lady to enter. The reputation of the girl's house is important, please come back."

The delicate white face of the "man" rose in color, the scorpion said "offended", and suddenly shot off the silk scarf around the neck of "his" like a flash of electricity. "The throat is so smooth that you can't see a little bump.

The scorpion turned around with a smile, put his hands in his sleeves, and slowly said to Zhou Zi: "Brother Zhou, what do you say?"

Chapter 58: thrilling

Zhou Zishu was very panicked in his heart, feeling that this world had changed, and people's hearts were no longer there. A big girl in the middle of the night actually ran to the land of Hualiu to have fun, and she looked up at the night sky and said, "This ... ... "

The scorpion snorted and said, "They are scholars, and they pay attention to 'the words must do, the actions must be fruit'. The sons and daughters of the rivers and lakes say 'a gentleman, a horse and a whip'. Spitting a nail, can Brother Zhou just want to keep his word and fat? "

Wen Kexing was afraid that the world would slap Zhou Zi on the waist without chaos and said, "That is, sneaking and slipping is okay. It's not shameful to speak, even I can't bear to be with you."

Zhou Zishu patted his salty pig hand and thought to himself: You are compassionate, don't go with me.

He glanced at the scorpion, said nothing, and turned his head back.

The scorpion's expression was loosened, and then a smile appeared. He looked really good, but he didn't look good, his mouth seemed a little crooked, and he looked particularly disgusted, and his eyes fluttered with a wave / wave. It is a bit insignificant. Wen Kexing suddenly felt a bit of a sense of crisis, looked at Zhou Zishu's back, and looked at the person next to him, feeling that in front of who and what ... something needs to adjust his mental state.

However, he soon realized that he was actually more concerned.

The scorpion stood at the door of the scented house with his arms on his arms. The bed seemed to have been brought in to clean it up, and the bed hangs half loose. The scorpion asked: "Two people need to bathe and change clothes and use nothing. ... to help? "

Zhou Zishu rolled up his sleeves and said very bachelor: "You don't have to be so troublesome.

The scorpion stunned and patted with his hands after a while. A servant-dressed man ran over in a small step, bent down and stood in front of him. What the scorpion ordered in a whisper, Zhou Zishu added quickly: "A sword is required."

The servant went down, and the scorpion looked at him, wondering, "Isn't Brother Zhou going to play tricks again?"

Zhou Zishu leaned on Erlang's legs, and sat on the bed, laughing, "You watched how much meat rolled around all day, tired or not? Wait a moment, I want you to watch something fresh."

Wen Kexing didn't say a word beside him, he was very savvy. He wondered if Ah Su could be able to withstand Lai, that's good, save the big scorpion cheaply. If you really want to ... wow, marry the chicken and the chicken and the dog. Dog, of course, he could not help but give up his life to accompany the gentleman.

For a moment, pen, ink and paper were all readily available. Zhou Zishu stood up and reached out to the scorpion, saying, "Please wait."

The scorpion was naturally in no hurry, closed the door of the room with his hand, held the teapot, and drank it himself—I saw Zhou Zishu's pen without hesitation. Looking at the posture, it was quite a bit of a sense of daring everyone. After just a few clicks, it became a sheet, set aside to air, and extended the magic claw to the next sheet of paper.

Wen Kexing didn't know what he was going to do. He curiously stood and stretched his neck and looked at it. The more his face looked weirder, the more he raised his eyebrows, and finally he flew out of his face. He seemed to know Zhou on the first day. Like Shu, he felt like he was sighing. I didn't know how to express it, so I stood with a solemn expression and stood beside Zhou Zishu.

It took a while to make a note of incense. Zhou Zishu had already used up more than ten sheets of paper with a sharp knife, and when he was done, he threw the pen aside, picked up the last one, dried it gently, and then dried the first one. When he got up, he patted the wall with the palm of his hand, and the soft rice paper was trapped in the wall. His hands kept moving, and a dozen rice papers were lined up in order in a moment, and all were photographed on the wall.

The scorpion's complexion was already blue-I saw the dozen or so sheets of rice paper with very simple lines, which were drawn like ...

Very simple Spring Palace map, there are only two villains, a circle represents the head, and a few strokes are stretched out to draw out the body and limbs ... Well, the limbs, although they are simple to draw, the figures are still lifelike. In the end, the whole process was painted exactly, and people looked at it one by one, but there was really an illusion that the people in the painting were moving.

Wen Kexing paused for a long time and tried to be as fair as possible: "Axu, I don't see how you can do that."

Zhou Zishu was kind and polite: "Sculpture of worms, shame and shame."

Wen Kexing noticed that his skin was getting thicker and he didn't know what to say. The scorpion clasped the tea bowl in his hand firmly on the table, stood up with a "teng", and angrily replied: "Brother Zhou is teasing me?"

Zhou Zishu put his hands in his sleeves and said without hesitation: "What does this say? I asked who was going to kill Zhang Chengling. The lord told us who the buyer was, and didn't say who was behind him. At the command, isn't this also a hole in the air? In this case, you only say that the two of us will do a show for you ... "

He reached out and knocked on the painting on the wall, and said, "The two of us will do a show for you-there is something different in the painting, and I would like your advice."

Wen Kexing seemed to be afraid that the scorpion could not understand, and enthusiastically explained, "It's too bad, my craft is not very good. Come, if you can't understand, I can tell you, the villain above ,it is me……"

Zhou Zishu glanced at him obliquely, interrupting him coolly: "An explanation is a cover, why do you?"

The scorpion's fist clenched and squeezed a few words out of his teeth: "Too much bullying!"

The words didn't fall, and he didn't see how he moved. On the other hand, seven or eight poisonous scorpions in black came out from nothing. Wen Kexing and Zhou Zishu didn't seem to be astonished. Wen Kexing also laughed: "Here is the next point It is really ashamed that the romantic affairs will be watched by everyone. "

The poisonous scorpions were not prepared to make nonsense, and did not say hello, so they collectively trained to jump up like two people. Zhou Zishu raised his hand and patted the small table in front of him, taking the opportunity to quickly back. It was almost midnight, and his chest began to produce a little dullness, so he was not stubborn, and the man did not want to lose sight of Wen Ke, and said, "I leave it to you."

Then he flicked away from a poisonous scorpion and leapt away from the window.

Wen Kexing smiled bitterly. For the first time in his life, he was doing the mess for others. Seeing that Zhou Zishu had run away, his men no longer showed mercy, and shot out with a single palm. A scorpion in front of him turned out to be like him. This palm dries the essence, and the part of the skin exposed on the face of the calcium carbide fire quickly shrinks and dies, and the eyes glaring out of the eye socket, like a dead body, died.

Wen Kexing looked at his palm and sighed softly: "Just a joke, why is Brother Scorpion angry?"

The scorpion calmed down, raised his hand to stop his poisonous scorpions, looked at Wen Kexing alertly, and asked, "Who are you?"

Wen Kexing looked up at him and said, "Until now, if your Excellency doesn't know who I am, wouldn't the poison scorpion be too useless?"

The scorpion seemed to think of something, and the corners of his eyes jumped abruptly. Wen Kexing lowered his voice, as if he was not prepared to hear it, and laughed: "Which is the same as the evil devil, why bother each other?"

He turned around and walked away. Although the man laughed and didn't see any maliciousness on one face, I don't know why. At that moment, he had a strong **** meaning that was hard to ignore, and many poisonous scorpions were present. Forced by his breath, no one dared to step forward to stop it.

The scorpion suddenly stopped him and said, "Don't you want to know who bought the dead ..."

Wen Kexing glanced back at him and said, "Thank you, I want to understand."

He flew out of the window and chased Zhou Zishu away. In a blink of an eye, the figure disappeared, and only a word whispered in his mouth seemed to stay in place: "If I am too stupid to think about it, how? Don't you want to make the skinny crooks cramp skin? "

Fengyashan, Qingzhuling, there are evil spirits.

Zhou Zishu didn't go fast. He pondered all the medicine people he saw in the basement of Scorpion, thinking about the legendary long tongue ghost-Long tongue ghost obviously recognized Wen Kexing, but he still wanted to kill him. Sure enough There are many stories in it. The long tongue ghost doesn't seem to have much ability. Who is behind him?

Was it the Sun Ding in red who was skeptical, or was the six-fingered ghost Xue Fang that he said made a ghost?

As it happened, he suddenly heard a rush of footsteps coming to this side. At this time, the night was already deep, and the street had already been changed. Zhou Zishu subconsciously flashed into a side road, reluctantly exerting power to suppress Qiqiao Sanqiu. Don't call it too violent, listen carefully.

The man seemed to be getting closer. Although his footsteps were messy, but he could hear someone with light merit, but I didn't know why, but his breathing was extremely heavy. It seemed that ... he was hurt?

Before Zhou Zishu had time to see who it was, he heard a person approaching behind him, his spine stiffened, and he turned his fingers and claws toward the man's throat, but was stopped in the middle—Wen Kexing patted his chest and grieved. Bently looking at him, he made a "murder husband" lip, Zhou Zishu put his hand back, and continued to look in the direction of the voice.

The ran over was still an acquaintance, that is, the green demon Liu Qianqiao who had found him because of Liuli Jia. She didn't have a easy look this time, revealing her terrible appearance, and described her as embarrassed and her hair spread out. With blood on the corner of his mouth, Zhou Zishu frowned gently.

May wish to stretch out an arm behind him, hold his waist around him, hold one hand against his chest, and just listen to Wen Kexing whispering in his ear: "Do n’t hold it down, it will make it more painful tomorrow, we are here Wait a while. "

Zhou Zishu frowned, "Then ..."

Wen Kexing "hushed" him, just holding him gently, a tiny amount of internal force came along his palms, combing his meridians, but he didn't dare to force it a little, lest the action would shake a lot His nails, Zhou Zi paused, and did not refuse, but closed his eyes, no matter who ran past, they all went through this place first and then said.

Let's say the two of them didn't return overnight. Zhang Chengling went after the group of black women on his own initiative. He didn't dare to get too close, lest he be found, and afraid someone would recognize him, and picked it up on the side of the road. A piece of mud, a face was smeared, and his hair was chaotic, only pretending to be a little flower.

After chasing for a whole day, these women are like ascetic monks, their feet are extremely fast, and they do not rest. Only when the sky has darkened again, they stop in a small inn, Zhang Chengling looks coldly, only feels high Xiao Lian was really miserable. Being dragged all the way by these women, he thought that if she walked for a few more days, she would probably have half her life left.

It was a bold decision he made to come out without permission. He could not help the second time when he was bold, so he planned how to rescue the Miss Gao while he was at night.

He watched the women in black enter the inn, and then put a handful of mud on his hand, followed it in the appearance of begging, and wobbled around, asking for three or five copper plates, remembering the height I was pushed into which room, and then I squatted outside the inn, like a real little beggar, with his head down, sitting on the steps with his knees, and no one paid attention to him. Still everywhere, he waited until late in the middle of the night before he sat up, moved his hands and feet that had been numb, ready to sneak in.

He lied about Liu Yun Jiugongbu's secret in his mouth, as if he could become more powerful when he read it, and passed silently in the middle of the guest room.

Suddenly, without being wary of a dark shadow falling from the sky—it was actually one of those women in black, she didn't say a word, and started to move up.

Although Zhang Chengling didn't have much self-confidence, after all, after two years of mastering / teaching by Wen Kexing and Zhou Zishu, coupled with hard work, it has been a long time ago, and Yuyu slipped out of the same way, and did not bump into each other , And then fight each other in one move.

However, after a while, the woman seemed to realize what she said, and then she made a fool, and then she disappeared from Zhang Chengling's eyes. Although Zhang Chengling's martial arts progressed, she was inexperienced, startled, and looked around. The woman in black slammed out from behind him. Zhang Chengling felt only a numbness in the shoulder and neck, and then covered his mouth with one hand, and was abducted by the woman.

The author has something to say:

Severe cold, final exam, month of thesis, I am still updating, tears ran, I am really hardworking!

Chapter 59: Meet again

There is only one sentence in Zhang Chengling's heart-finished!

In the past, following Zhou Zishu, whether it was right or wrong, long or short, all of the masters who were born with hard work thought about it. Zhang Chengling, a stupid child, couldn't possibly keep up with the ideas of the two, so he was so lazy. In the evening, my mind is empty and I don't want anything. This will be nothing to rely on, but my brain will be surprisingly flexible.

He wondered why those women hated Gao Xiaoli so much and took her away, regardless of being dragged down by her schedule, but also to control her food and drink? Obviously she was useful to them. Otherwise, she would have died long ago. The most indispensable in the rivers and lakes is the fierce people who stare and kill people. Then ... have been arrested by them this time, would it be necessary for them to go to trial?

Zhang Chengling made up his mind. Even if he tried him, he could not confess his true identity. Otherwise, it would be a big trouble. He has more and more-but what if Gao Xiaoli recognized him?

There was a rumbling in his head, and he was dragged out of the inn by the black woman's marijuana bag to a small corner next to the stable, but the woman suddenly put him down, Zhang Chengling looked at her in surprise, but the woman He waved his hand to unlock his acupuncture point, pulled down the mask on his face, and asked, "Are you Zhang Chengling's little useless?"

Zhang Chengling's eyes first widened, and then she almost cried with joy, and almost rushed up, barely suppressing the trembling voice, shouted, "Sister Gu Xiang!"

He opened his arms as if he wanted to hug her, but Gu Xiang held it with one hand and pushed it aside. Gu Xiang solemnly said: "Men and women are not fat, I am a family member, you Don't move your hands. "

Zhang Chengling blinked his eyes and looked at her for a long time, suddenly realized: "Well? Have you married Brother Cao? I understand, are you and him ... a quilt?"

Gu Xiang's face turned red, and Zhang Chengling stared at him with an eyebrow. "What are you talking about? Which junk teaches you these messy things?"

The difference between a young girl and a mother-in-law is that the young girl is tough again, just when she talks about other people's affairs. When she gets to her head, she always has a tender face. Zhang Chengling was actually innocent in his mind. No matter whether he was on the Zhang family or on the road to exile, no one really told him how those things were.

Only in his two old and dishonest masters, you can play each other with my own words, listen to some clues, and then combine your own imagination to come up with "a quilt has slept, it is a husband and wife". In conclusion, in the pure heart of the young man, the quilt became a magical ritual, like a glass of wine.

He didn't think there was anything impure, so he asked it out, Gu Xiang was blown up, and he raised his hand to teach this babbling gangster. Zhang Chengling was busy reading the formula while hiding away—this is almost With his mark in mind, he can't do anything without thinking about the secret.

Gu Xiang snorted again. When she first started, she felt that the little ghost had some skills. If she did n’t have a few tricks that looked familiar, she could barely recognize the black light, and then looked up and down Zhang Chengling and said, "There is a day No, are you better off, my master and your master? "

Zhang Chengling explained how he was ruthlessly thrown away by the pair of dogs and men. Gu Xiang heard a slap, and slap his hands on the back of his head, yelling, "You have hard wings? Do you know who those people are, even me and ... and Brother Cao dare not act lightly, what heroes do you pretend to be? "

As I was saying, another person jumped on the wall, dressed in a black mask and wearing a woman's long dress, saying, "Axiang, why have you been so long, I thought ..."

When he opened his mouth, he was actually a man. When he saw Zhang Chengling, his voice suddenly stopped, and he took off his mask, which turned out to be Cao Weining.

Cao Weining stared at Zhang Chengling before staring at him: "Ah ... you, Zhang Chengling, that little guy, how do you make yourself a little face? Your master them?"

Zhang Chengling honestly had to say it again, Gu Xiang quickly interrupted: "Don't talk nonsense first, quickly get the girl with the highest surname before you say it."

She drew a piece of paper from her arms, with crooked lines and a few ghostly symbols that no one could understand, Gu Xiang said, "I have drawn out a few rooms in this inn, this The circled place is where Gao Xiaoli is being held—when I saw a ghost, I thought they looked at her in turn. Who knew that these women seemed to be very wary, and even their own people would not believe it, only that Gao Xiaoli was only touched by the mother-in-law's confidants. "

Cao Weining came together, tapping his chin and asking, "What shall we do?"

Zhang Chengling was eager to try, as if he was risking an addiction, so he made an idea: "Let's go and toss a little bit of movement, I will lead them away, you will save people, and then we will reconcile."

Cao Weining said: "Good idea!"

Gu Xiangliang said authentically: "We have a man with the same ability as your master or my master. You can just rush into the fight and grab someone without thinking about it-kid, if you have studied for a few days, you just want to treat others." Lead to '?'

Cao Weining immediately changed his mind and said: "Yes, Ah Xiang makes sense."

Zhang Chengling glanced at him silently, thinking that even if Gu Xiang said "Cao Weining is a **** king bastard", he would nod his head like this and said "Axiang is right".

Gu Xiangyun thoughtfully analyzed: "Those mothers-in-law are not ordinary people. The person headed by them is called" Black Mother-in-law ". Legend has it that they came from southern Xinjiang and would be witches and the like ..."

When Zhang Chengling heard the word "Southern Xinjiang", he couldn't help but interjected: "How come, the big witch is a good man ..."

Gu Xiang gave him a white look: "What about the big witch? He manages the 100,000 mountains in southern Xinjiang. Could he even take care of the Cordyceps that live in it? Besides, I said only legend ..."

Cao Weining immediately said: "That is, we Central Plains people have always been very secretive about the south, but in fact it is not very clear."

Zhang Chengling had to look at Cao Weining silently.

Gu Xiang continued: "How powerful this mother-in-law is, I can't say well ... Anyway, I can't fight it, Brother Cao, if it is a normal fight, maybe I have a bit of certainty, but following this path, I watched coldly, I think there must be other means for Granny Hei, this is difficult, let alone that they are many. "

Cao Weining suggested: "Otherwise ... let's blow the incense?"

Gu Xiang said, "Do you think Mother-in-law of Heilongjiang will be your Taoist or my Taoist? The Central Plains are not as good as the South Xinjiang people, you ..."

She seemed to want to scold someone, took a look at Cao Weining, and swallowed it back. She was his own man and didn't have the heart.

Cao Weining said eagerly, "It makes sense, that's what happened. I'm so stupid, I'll just listen to you."

The three tanners decided to take care of Xiangma first, and she commanded like a demon.

Zhou Zishu survived the three-minute effort after midnight, and felt that Qiqiao and Sanqiu nails were not so painful, only to find that the posture of the two was really wrong, and they coughed, earning from the arms of Wen Kexing. Wen Kexing looked at him leisurely and asked with a smile: "Axu, the picture of your palace is so lifelike, so easy to swipe, is it a thick accumulation?"

Zhou Zishu also replied with a smile: "I have won prizes and awards, but I am graffiti."

Wen Ke Road: "Oh? Can the graffiti be so expressive?"

Zhou Zishu turned his head and walked out of the alley. He bent over and looked at the blood on the ground carefully. He said to him, "It seems that she ran there, but how could Liu Qianqiao be here?"

Wen Kexing followed him behind him, sighing: "Axu, why are you so polite to me? With this idea, you can talk openly and talk about the location problem. "

Zhou Zishu calmly said: "There is no need to discuss this matter."

Wen Kexing smiled wryly, "That's better."

Zhou Zishu interrupted his dream: "Don't dream anymore."

After speaking, he followed the blood stains, and Wen Kexing followed him, apparently not in the state-right now he was busy with sperm on his brain, but he didn't care whether Liu Qianqiao was dead or alive.

The two followed the trail and chased out. On the way, Zhou Zishu suddenly asked: "The long tongue ghost is going to kill you, and the people behind him are going to kill you ... why?"

As soon as Wen Kexing was still noisily chattering and silent, Zhou Zishu thought he was not prepared to answer, and then he listened to Wen Kexing: "You think, why am I the owner of Ghost Valley?"

Zhou Zishu glanced at him and said smoothly: "You have great power."

Wen Kexing smiled slightly, his smile was a bit far-fetched, and he faintly contained some crazy things. He said, "I'm the owner of the valley, because they can't take me anymore. The blame will be written off. If it is a paradise, will it not be crowded out? "

Zhou Zishu thought and understood this with his toes, but at that moment, he was still silent ... as if he just wanted to hear the person speak it out.

Wen Kexing then said: "Under the Wind Cliff, there is no morality. Either you eat me or I eat you. No one can help me. I want to kill anyone, so I am the owner of Ghost Valley. They can't kill me for a while and only listen to me. But this doesn't mean that they don't want to kill me. If they have a chance, they will still toss and toss ... For example, some people think that they got Rong Xuan's cheats in the year, so I can sharpen my big devil. "

Zhou Zishu looked at him and said, "In order to kill you, the evil spirits risked 'sunburning' by the sun, breaking the rules and making waves?"

Wen Kexing laughed silently: "That's because the evil spirits are not very patient. They have not been able to stay in that position for three years. This is my eighth year. They lay there unwillingly, and you said they were not in a hurry? "

Zhou Zishu was silent for a long time, and said, "If I can live longer, I can think that I can stop you from going back and be a little white face to support you."

Wen Kexing gave a meal, turned his face and looked at him, as if confirming whether he was joking or not, for a long while, he said, "You said ... want to support me?"

Zhou Zishu smiled and said, "It doesn't matter in which seat. If you are trapped in one seat, you will feel uncomfortable. This feels ..."

He paused, and the rest of the words fell into a shallow smile-it felt like nothing better than him.

The day is dawning, and soon, Liu Qianqiao's trail is broken. The two of them find a place for a while, and find nothing. When they are about to go back, suddenly, a woman's scream comes, Zhou Zishu frowns, and then starts to perform , Went in that direction.

The two concealed their breath, eased their steps, and hid aside, and saw Liu Qianqiao hit an arrow on his shoulder, still struggling to fight with a person, and that person turned out to be familiar ——Actually, they are Zodiac from Cangshan School.

The author has something to say:

Keke, it's late today, mainly because I had an accident ==

I felt dizzy when I took a shower, and then I felt like I was standing upright, but it wasn't until a girl ran up to pull me that I found out that I was horizontal ...

The intermediate process forgot to open up the perspective of God, so I ca n’t test how this five-body casts the ground == But fortunately, I ’m an adult who weighs more than ninety pounds, and the center of gravity has moved down by more than half under the effect of gravity acceleration. Where it hits, you can see that the character is still good ...

Chapter 60: Couple

Zhou Zishu couldn't figure out how these two people came here, and they gathered together to get together. Wen Kexing was spending a lot of time watching the excitement.

Liu Qianqiao was originally injured, and the zodiac pressed again and again. Seeing that she was a little bit left and right, she was forced to retreat. The zodiac soared, slashed across the knife, and drank in his mouth. The old face was actually It flashed a little bit of stingy, fierce and fierce, and was not refreshed by Zhou Zishu's heroic attitude when he kicked and flew.

Sure enough, he is a knowledgeable person who is strong when weak, and strong when weak!

Liu Qianqiao hurriedly set up a dagger and set her head up. It is said that her sword was several inches longer than Gu Xiang's dagger, but after all, one inch was short and one inch was dangerous, and she did not have so many tricks on Gu Xiang. She just called the Zodiac's blade to wipe her fingers, and felt Morin's murderous intention. Then the short sword broke off from the hilt, Liu Qianqiao fell into the ground and rolled away.

These two were chasing after each other, one was running wildly, and it was a deep relationship of love. Seeing that the Zodiacs chased the girl like a beast and ran away, Wen Kexing only took Zhou Zishu for a moment, and was interested Means: "That girl is in distress, don't you help?"

Zhou Zishu lamented that this person was so boring, so he did not even look at him in return and said, "I'm afraid of being jealous for your husband."

Wen Kexing was silent for most of the day, and said positively, "Axu, you are serious, don't always take advantage of me."

Zhou Zishu could not help but glanced at him, wondering, wondering if the surname Wen knew the word "serious"? I saw Wen Kexing's brows frowned, his attitude was positive, and he was serious and honest: "I am easy to vengeance, you always teased me, I will remember in the future when I was in the ceremony of the week, I could n’t hold it. you."

Zhou Zishu was dumbfounded: "You have more thoughts."

Then he followed the trail of the green demon Liu Qianqiao without thinking, and thought to himself, when the three of them were hiding in Shu in the first half of the year, something must have happened in the rivers and lakes. When in Dongting, There was already a faint meaning of a kind of rain coming from the mountains, and at that time they left Dongting and went to Xinzhuang.

Zhou Zishu Yuguang glanced at Yu Wenxing, who was walking behind him, thinking, "He, as the host of Ghost Valley, couldn't see the situation at the time, so he started to play around and follow. Ye Baiyi is gone? Do n’t you be afraid that someone will get Rang Xuan and the key and get Rong Xuan ’s martial arts. Will it be against him? ”

According to Zhou Zishu's observations, Liu Qianqiao and Huashan sent the middle-aged beautiful man Yu Qiuyu who loved the fan a little, and the zodiac was not Yu Qiu's follower? Why let him chase Liu Qianqiao like this? What good is Liu Qianqiao's death for him ... or is Yu Qiu and the Zodiacs inward?

Zhou Zishu's eyes flashed, thinking of the two glazed armors stolen by Gaojiazhuang-that time Shen Shen died, and in the cave ground surrounded by many masters, the people in Guigu were not easy to mix in, it was likely that there was an inner ghost He used the name of Guigu to steal the glass armor, and then reminiscent of Yu Qiu's only son Yu Tianjie, who died outside Zhaojiazhuang, and killed Tianjie's long tongue ghost, but there was a glass armor ...

Zhou Zishu thought to himself that if he was a thief, would he have to inherit his father and son?

The more he thought about it in his heart, the more suddenly he screamed and pulled his thoughts back. Zhou Zishu looked up and saw that Liu Qianqiao's arm was cut off by the zodiac life. After taking four or five steps back, he finally couldn't hold it, and "plopped" to sit on the ground.

The zodiac raised the blade cheerfully and approached her step by step, and said in her mouth, "Why, wouldn't you give things up?"

thing? what? Zhou Zishu frowned, could it be that Liu Qianqiao's and Yu Qiu's private relationship was known? Is it true that the Zodiacs felt that the glazed armor stolen by the adulterer / husband was in the hands of the adulteress / woman?

He hid in the dark and looked at the zodiac. He said that his head looked like a potato, and his daring function was similar to that of a potato—even if Qiu Zhen really couldn't conceal the east window incident, such an important thing, he How could this be given to this woman?

If the previous inferences are true, it is clear that Yu Qiu's slippery look at the big event is not good, so he pushed the silly girl into the top cylinder, but Liu Qianqiao was still deeply affectionate, and he couldn't bite.

At this time, Wen Kexing gave him another sting, Zhou Zishu's thoughts were interrupted again, and he gave him an impatient glance, saying, "What are you doing?"

Wen Kexing laughed and pointed to the **** violent incident not far away, whispering: "You want to know so much, why not save her and ask her?"

Zhou Zishu felt that he had no good intentions, and then instinctively replied, "Why don't you save?"

Wen Kexing said: "I can't save. I am a beautiful and elegant person in Yushu. I can't save a woman. Otherwise, she will look after me in the future. I don't like women. Wouldn't I have failed her? Yinde, you can't do it ... "

Zhou Zishu felt that this man was crazy and crazy, regardless of the occasion. When he looked at his sarcastic bag, it was not pleasing to the eye, so he slammed a button on his neckline and held it in his hand before hitting it. Who knows? Without waiting, Zhou Zishu suddenly looked away, grabbed Wen Kexing and flashed to the side-someone came!

The two men flickered away, and heard a hum in the forest, Zhou Zishu's ears moved unconsciously, Wen Kexing looked funny, could not help but flick with his hands, was pinched his wrists, and received a warning by the way Look.

Then two shining figures flashed out even under the condition of black light blindness-it is the two old goods of peach red willow green. Humming was Tao Hongpo, who stared at the zodiac with a mean face, and said angrily, "If you surnamed Huang, you are going to swallow it alone?"

I don't know if it has been mixed with Wen Kexing for a long time. This sentence suddenly caused Zhou Zishu to have a little bad association. Then he subconsciously glanced at Wen Kexing and saw him stare at these four people strangely. With a sigh, she slightly tilted her lips, and passed the voice into the room: "It's such a romantic affair with high moon, dark wind, unique taste, and a large number of people, it's really a shame for me to be shallow ..."

Zhou Zishu froze on his wrist, Wen Kexing had to shut up. The two listened attentively to the words over there, and saw the zodiac grinning at the old couple without a smile, and raised their voices a lot, saying, "How dare to work for two, such a thief woman, a younger brother People can catch it. "

Liu Lugong glanced at him coldly, and said in his mouth, "You don't play tricks."

The Zodiac said nothing, and took a step back to avoid the suspicion, but the knife in his hand did not return into the sheath. Instead, the guard was sternly guarded, as if to explain what looks beautiful and deviating.

Taohong mother glanced at him alertly, looking at Liu Qianqiao like a serpent, and said, "Little girl, mother-in-law asks you what you better say, which saves your mother-in-law's trouble and saves you from suffering."

Spring cold is still expected, but Liu Qianqiao is as if it was picked up from the water. Her cold sweats, her broken arm failed to stop bleeding in time, her face was extremely pale, and her body was shaking like a leaf in the wind, still Looking at these three men stubbornly, gritted his teeth as much as possible to stop the trill: "If you want to kill, kill, what is it?"

If a person like Liu Qianqiao said this, he would probably know nothing. To her, what is more important than life?

I couldn't understand the three balls, and saw Tao Hongpo sneer: "Toasting without eating and drinking!" She suddenly reached out and drew a short scream from Liu Qianqiao between the flashlight and fire—Peach Red The mother cut her other arm off.

With no support, Liu Qianqiao had to twitch and fell to the ground, kept standing up, panting like a dying fish, squirming on the ground, trying to sit up.

Liu Qianqiao's eyes were scattered, but his mouth still said lowly: "If you want to kill ... just kill ..."

The Zodiac smiled slowly and said slowly: "Sister Taohong, if she died like this, it would be a bad thing. She has already hit me. This is the end of a strong crossbow. You still have to keep your hand a bit ...... The woman said, isn't there such a great way? "

He was insignificant in appearance, and even more indifferent when he smiled, Wen Kexing sighed vicissitudes: "After the Yangtze River pushes forward, I think he is more like a big devil than me."

Zhou Zishu finally knocked the clasp out of his hand. He didn't save his energy. This time he caught off guard on the zodiac's wrist with a knife. He actually gave his wrist a hole, and the zodiac killed the pig. Shouted.

Zhou Zishu was originally unwilling to gossip, and Liu Qianqiao was not a good thing. He replayed her once, and it was already because of her easy-changing method, which may have something to do with the seniors of Sijizhuang. . But for a while, he suddenly felt that such a woman who had been foolishly waiting for a **** all her life to death would die cleanly, and there was no need to be humiliated by the goods of the zodiac.

It's counted that the three people such as Huang Daoren have not seen Zhou Zishu's true face. At first glance, the three of them stunned. Liu Lugong stared at him and asked, "Who are you?"

Zhou Zishu picked up the corner of his mouth and smiled, and did not answer. Suddenly, he took the light work, and the torrential rain swept over, picking up Liu Qianqiao's short sword. The zodiac only felt that the figure in front of him was a flower. Flashing in front of him, he hid subconsciously, his alert throat was cold, and the zodiac bowed his head in disbelief-he was so crossed on his neck!

My neck cracked-this was the last thought of the zodiac, and the blood on his neck spurted several feet, and he twitched and fell suddenly, becoming a dead man.

Zhou Zishu gently touched his toes, half-turned, and the dagger was still dripping blood in his hands. His long hair was only **** with a piece of cloth tape. At this moment, a few strands of long hair fell down, swinging near his cheek. In the morning light, there was a very pale and handsome face, as if with a little smile, looking at the peach red and green willow.

Tao Hongpo and Lu Liugong couldn't help but take a step backward.

Zhou Zishu's feet slowly walked towards them as if he could not help, the blood dripped along the tip of the short sword to his hand, and fell along the way along his fingers.

At that moment, the pressure from the young man almost exhausted the peach red and green willows, and the peach red woman roared and slammed her cane to Zhou Zishu, who seemed to be out of sight in a blink of an eye. The ground suddenly, Tao Hongpo suddenly felt a crisis, barely lifted her breath, rolled forward, and at the same time, behind her was a cold, a strong attack, Tao Hongpo's eyes turned black, and she blew a lot of blood-she felt her own internal organs. They are shattered.

Lu Liugong's eyes widened, looking at Taohong wife who flew out unconsciously, and looked at the young man turning to him again. Without hesitation, he left his wife and ran away.

Zhou Zishu did not chase him, but lowered his eyes, lowered his short sword, and knelt beside Liu Qianqiao, reaching out to seal the acupuncture point near her **** wound, but Liu Qianqiao looked up at him with extreme amplitude. She shook her head gently—she was going to die, she knew in her heart.

Wen Kexing also came out of the hiding place and stood silently behind Zhou Zishu.

Zhou Zishu asked softly, "Liu Lijia is actually at Qiu Ling. He ran away and asked you to lead them away, didn't he?"

Liu Qianqiao just glanced at him without saying a word.

Zhou Zishu sighed, "I don't have much interest in Liulijia. You are going to die. Why is it hard to nod?"

Wen Kexing chuckled and said behind him, "Girl Liu, I could have told you that Qiu Yan is not a good thing."

Liu Qianqiao opened her mouth, her voice was very faint, Zhou Zishu had to lean her ears slightly, only to hear her mouth say: "Ping ... Pingjiang ... Liu Seqing, Huayue Yaoxiang ... Keep. Year after year, Every time, every time ... "

Then a little light disappeared in her eyes, her head was crooked, and she was angry, and her mouth smiled softly, which softened her half-cheeked face. She hided her face because of this flawed face Throughout my life, I was destined to come and go like this.

It was just that I didn't finish reading "Sheng Chazi" for a long time.

Zhou Zishu sighed, reached out and closed her eyes gently.

The two listened only to an old, hoarse laughter behind them. The peach-red woman fled fast, was seriously injured by Zhou Zishu's wind, and was not dead. She was hemoptysis while pointing at Liu Qianqiao and laughing: " Husband and wife ... They are the same birds, and the disaster is about to fly ... not to mention that she, her and that surname Yu have no names, haha ... Since ancient times, women have been infatuated with love, men are lucky, she ... can't even understand It can be seen that it is not unjust to die, not unjust! "

Zhou Zishu glanced back at her, didn't care about her, just got up and strode back.

Wen Kexing and he walked one after the other without knowing how far they were before they suddenly said, "Your kung fu seems to be a lot higher than when I first saw you ... what happened?"

Zhou Zishu stepped back and looked back, Wen Kexing's face was rare and solemn.

Zhou Zishu smiled, pointed to his chest and said, "When I first saw you, it sealed half of my internal force."

"now what?"

"Now it's back to 80% of my heyday."

Wen Kexing didn't seem very happy when he heard the words. He just stared at him silently. Zhou Zishu turned his head and continued to walk forward. He said indifferently, "When I die, I will come back to my full strength. . "

The author has something to say:

Qiye has customized it ^ _ ^

What ’s the big change? I fixed the typos and sick sentences, deleted a little nonsense, and then split the last unexplained Fanwai into a Heliandai and a Wuxi, each of which was completed. The specific content can be found in the title. figure it out
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