Faraway Wanderers Chapter 41-50

Chapter 41. despair

Zhou Zishu used to go to Ping'an Yinzhuang. He always went in with his legs raised. Who knew that after the shopkeeper let him into the lobby today, he first fell down with Wen Kexing who looked around like a countryman entering the city. After having a cup of tea, he stood on the side with a smile on his face, and said in his mouth, "Just a moment, Grandpa Zhou is here, and today Qiba is here, and the master will report in."

Zhou Zishu jumped in his heart, suddenly "near hometown timid."

Wen Kexing asked indifferently: "Hey, it's not that Gu Xiang and Zhang Chengling are in this way, it's not necessary to bring the two little broken children out directly. They also informed something and followed Wangfu. "

Zhou Zi Shu Moran said nothing, and his heart-feeling Wen Kexing was really a **** and a man, even guessing one.

For a moment, Ping An came out quickly and said, "Zhou Gongzi, Master and Witch are waiting for you inside."

When Wen Kexing heard the word "Big Witch", it was a shock. What "Big Witch" was in his heart? Could it really be the mysterious Witch of South Xinjiang?

-This Central Plains martial art is really getting more and more chaotic.

Too late to think about it, Wen Kexing followed Zhou Zishu into the inner hall and pushed open a wooden door that was a few years old. There was a small yard, a row of osmanthus flowers, and when they entered, they smelled a fragrant fragrance. When I brought it into a room and opened the curtain, the heat inside came at once. Wen Kexing looked up and saw that there were two men besides Gu Xiang and Zhang Chengling.

His gaze involuntarily confronted the man in black, but only for a moment, the next moment, the two nodded at the same time to each other at the same time, and looked away to show concession.

Wen Kexing looked at another person casually, thinking that this was probably the "seven grandfather" that the shopkeeper said. At this glance, he couldn't help secretly amazed, and he said that he had seen a lot of good-looking people in the world, but none of them could compare to this person-his eyebrows were so beautiful It was a little frivolous, and he was rather overwhelmed by the expensive air of one person, but exposed a little indescribable romantic style. The word "Zhilan Yushu" was just for him.

The next moment, he listened to Zhou Zi with a respectful cry: "Seven Lord, Dawu."

Qiye gave him a handful of smiles, looked at his face again, and said with emotion: "I haven't seen you for many years, Zishu, your taste ... It's more and more dare not to agree."

Zhou Zishu laughed. He reached out his hand and gently wiped it, then wiped off the human skin mask on his face, put it in his arms, and smiled bitterly: "For so many years, dare to wear a beauty face 'hidden head and exposed tail', except for the little girl , I also only know the one silly boy in Jiuxiao. "

His brother Liang Jiuxiao who died in the Battle of Beijing at that time was a regret of his life. Zhou Zishu never dared to mention it, as if it had been so long, and the scene was like a dream, but now facing the deceased, it seems Back to the capital of the thirty-month-long Wangyue River, those old people and old things flashed in front of him one after another, and then blurted out and said the person's name.

Speaking out, in fact, it's nothing, except that the chest seems to be called out, and it's empty like a missing piece.

Qiye smiled, sighed, and looked at Zhou Zishu again before frowning: "How do you clear this look?"

Zhou Zishu shook his head and smiled: "It's hard to say a word, maybe ... it's getting old."

Wen Kexing is a good man. When he comes in, he admires it, but he feels that the "seven masters" is absolutely terrible, but at this moment he is inexplicably dissatisfied. He thought, for so long that he had softly and hardly soaked, if it wasn't for Yu Qiu and others who were embarrassed, I'm afraid I haven't had a chance to see the true face of the man. The man came in and said in a few words that he wiped his human skin mask. And know his real name ...

Wen Kexing was angry.

Ping An asked the two of them to sit down and give them tea. They only listened to Qiye and asked, "Is it always good in Beijing?"

Zhou Zishu leaned on the back of the chair. At this moment, it seemed as if his whole body was relaxed, and he slowly said, "People who have good skills and those who have good looks, Princess Jing'an married to Xiao Hou Ye Yunxing, and the couple went far northwest. It's considered to be rooted there, the emperor ... It's also very good. I just got a little prince this year, but I'm going to take a step first. I can't keep up with the three princes' full moon wine. "

The two of them answered one-on-one, both of which were unhurried. The big witch didn't interrupt, but listened in silence on one side, the incense burner seemed to slow down as time passed.

Wen Kexing felt that there was a strange aura between the two men. He had never seen such a quiet and unscathed Zhou Zishu sitting there drinking tea and gossiping, feeling that they had not seen each other for many years. My acquaintances and old friends met at first sight, but there was no joy, but there was no need to say something as light as water, but they were in common.

He felt that this "seven grandfather" was not pleasing to his eyes, and said to his heart, where did this little white face come from? "Seven Lords" and "Seven Lords" did not dare to reveal even their first names and surnames, it was definitely not a good thing.

Wen Kexing then very displeasedly tore off the human skin mask, beckoning Gu Xiang and Zhang Chengling, who had already looked at him, beckoned, "Come here, two of you."

The other three people all looked at him for a while. The slightest feeling of nostalgia on Qiye's face had not faded, and he asked, "What is this?"

Zhou Zishu hesitated for a moment before he said, "A river ... a friend ..."

However, before he said this, Wen Kexing suddenly grabbed Zhou Zishu's hand on the small table and put it on his chest. He squinted at Zhou Zi and said, "Friends from the rivers and lakes? Didn't you and me So, what are you going to do, Ah Su?

At that moment, the expression on Qiye ’s face could be said to be “amazed”, and even the big witch who had been silent for a while paused, and the black eyes swept between them, and finally his eyes were strangely set at The hand that Wen Kexing was pulling.

Zhou Zishu freed his other hand and bounced gently on Wen Kexing's elbow. He forced him to release his hand, and then continued to hold the tea bowl calmly. Generally speaking, "It's called Wen Kexing. People are insane, they always talk nonsense, Qiye shouldn't be surprised. "

Qiye was dumbfounded for a while before he finally couldn't stand it, and said, "Peace, what's your use of long eyes, don't you add water to Zhou Gongzi?"

Zhou Zishu Rumeng awakened and put down the empty tea bowl, and had to give Wen Kexing a stern glance. Wen Kexing accepted it with regret, exposing a smirk that made people hate itching.

Qiye continued to sigh in horror: "I want the Gold Cup and Cui Qiao to be right and wrong, and now the moonlight river piled with grease powder and those carved jade blocks, I don't know what it looks like now In that year, Beijing was in a hurry. You and I once agreed on the high-rise building that if you come to Japan, you will be drunk. However, I have waited for wine in Nanjiang to cool down, so people have no intention to come. "

Immediately afterwards, his voice turned, and Taohua's eyes narrowed, and he deliberately said: "Zishu, you missed the appointment, but I never did, and now you remember that you said you should ask me to find a thin waist for you Girl, I noticed a lot, I don't know ... "

The big witch gave a cough, and even a little smile appeared on his cold face. Zhou Zishu felt that he couldn't wait any longer, so he stood up and hurriedly punched, and said arrogantly: "Ah ... what, Qiye arrived Dongting, the driver is tired, we will not disturb ... "

Qiye said: "Actually we are not tired at all."

Wen Kexing shouted at the same time: "What? You have said that, A Su?"

Immediately, the room was silent, and a few people widened their eyes wide, until Gu Xiang, who was rough, suddenly patted Zhang Chengling's head, who was completely absent, and said with emotion: "This is how much Acacia knows in one night. Xiaochengling, I think it's the two of us to rescue Brother Cao. This group of people is only jealous of fighting for the wind, which is totally unreliable. "

Qiye laughed and said, "The little girl doesn't need to worry. You say that your brother Cao is a person of the Qingfeng sword school, and those weirdos don't dare to treat him. But if you are not ready, you will be in a hurry. After he was accused, it would have added trouble to him—Zi Shu, how long would it take for you to leave? Sit back for a while, the ancients often sigh that there is no one in Jin Serenity, and now you and I finally meet again. Once, you still have a glass of old things in the future, so why rush? "

Wen Kexing only felt that this person was talking and pulling and writing, and it was irrelevant. The more he looked at him, the more displeasing he was. I thought it was "elegant and false, and vulgar." Nonsense Many people really hate people, neither can beauties, nor can peerless beauties, so they pulled Zhou Zishu and said, "Yes, yes, don't disturb the rest, we still have something ..."

The big witch smiled and shook his head, while laying down his hands and holding the playing pieces, and stood up and said, "Zhou Zhuang, I look at you, you look bad, describe it as stagnant, can you explore your veins?"

Zhou Zi was relieved, but Wen Kexing held his hand tightly.

The joke on the face of Qiye disappeared, and he frowned and asked, "What?"

Da Wu said: "I need to look at this to be able to say it correctly, but IMHO, Mr. Zhou Zhuang, I look at you as if the meaning of the lamp is exhausted. What happened?"

Wen Kexing heard the words, slowly let go of Zhou Zishu, his unruly complexion dignified.

Qiye suddenly said, "Why, He Lianhe wouldn't even let you go?"

"Helianchi" is the name of the emperor today, and he blurted out indifferently, but no one noticed the details at the moment. All the people who knew or did not know were watching Zhou Zishu.

Zhou Zishu had to smile a little, stretched his wrists, laid it flat, and handed it to Da Wu, and smiled: "Qiye, what is there, what kind of person is he ... aren't you more clear than me? "

The big witch put three fingers on Zhou Zishu's pulse. The brows frowned and tightened. It took a long time before he let go of him, sighed softly, and asked, "I've heard that the skylight has a seven-knack, three-kill ..."


"You nailed one every three months, and told it to grow into your body, and the meridians are dying bit by bit, so that you won't be sloppy and save a little internal force, will you?"

Qiye's eyelids jumped, Zhou Zishu still smiled: "The big witch has good eyesight."

The big witch ignored him, but just walked on his back and slowly paced in the room. Wen Kexing suddenly felt a little panic, opened his mouth, but did not make a sound, but Qiye asked him for him: "Wuxi, Do you have a way? "

Dawu didn't say a word for a long time, heard the words, and thought about it for a while, then slowly shook his head: "If you nailed seven nails at a time, although people are unconscious, I may still manage to pull them out Afterwards, if you take good care of yourself, you will be able to recover a little bit, but once the nail on your body is pulled out, your internal force will surely break all the meridians that are about to die, and then the gods will have no way ... "

Ye Baiyi had already said this once, Zhou Zishu waved his hand and expressed his unwillingness to listen to it again. When the big witch just spoke, he didn't say it, after all, he still had a few periods in his heart, otherwise he would not Hand over your wrist.

He didn't know when it started--perhaps it was the noisy people around him, maybe it was a mix of many disturbing things, and he was nostalgic for the world.

At this moment, when I heard Dawu say, I felt a little bit upset in my heart, and barely laughed, "I should have told me this earlier. If I had known that Dawu was so amazing that the nails could be pulled out, the skylight would be changed. A safer way is to leave no fish missing. "

Dawu looked at him with a pair of eyes, still thinking about the countermeasures carefully. Without answering, Zhou Zishu nodded to Qiye and said, "Let's leave first and see you later."

They came to the door and suddenly heard the big witch say, "Wait, or ..."

Zhou Zishu is still okay. Wen Kexing has grabbed him. His iron-like hoop was on Zhou Zishu's wrist, and he nailed him in place. He turned back and asked politely: What is the big witch thinking? "

The big witch hesitated a moment before he said: "Zhou Zhuang, if ... if you abandon all your skills, maybe I can have two points to keep you safe ..."

When Zhou Zishu heard the words "abandoned his skill", an indescribable smile floated on his pale face, raised his hand to stop his voice, and gently asked: "Abandon this. What else do I have in my body? Am I still me? If not, why am I still alive? "

Then he broke away from Wen Kexing and turned away. The big witch talked to his mouth, but he still didn't say it, but turned it into an inaudible sigh—

Chapter 42. Make a noise

Zhang Chengling followed behind the two men in perplexity. He felt that after the Master changed his appearance, it seemed that the whole person had become a little different. The atmosphere was extremely depressed, and even Gu Xiang on one side did not dare to make noise. He did not dare to follow.

As long as you usually get together, you have to say one sentence to the other and keep talking to each other to release too much energy. The two people did not say a word, but they went their own way. Zhou Zishu even had a human skin. The mask was not brought back again-anyway, no one recognized him right now.

He felt as uncomfortable as suffocation in his chest. In the words of the big witch, it was as if he had given him a severe blow to his chest—to dispose of his martial arts, Fang had 20% hope, so he would rather not have this hope, just like that Die slowly and calmly.

Throughout the ages, I do n’t know how many people in the martial arts have fought for a cheat book. That time, they have been trained for decades like winter, nine, and summer, and they have been struggling for decades. I realized it.

That's not just something outside, it's not just a skill, it's the essence of a person.

What does it mean to abandon martial arts? It's as if a person has no soul, it might as well become a fool at the beginning, and feel stunned.

Dawu naturally understood this, so in the end, he just sighed and did not persuade.

If the Seven Souls went to Liu Shao, if this last dignity was lost, wouldn't it be only one death that the floating life owed? He really wanted to live, but he didn't want to die.

Suddenly, Zhou Zishu couldn't help but sing a long song: "If Yu Yu is going to be too late, I am afraid that I will not be able to live with the age; the magnolia of the pilgrimage will be the place where Xi Lanzhou stays; The sequence of Qiu Qi; but the sprawling grass and trees are afraid of the twilight of beauty ... "

The voice was a little hoarse, one word at a time, hiding the sadness and anger, but left the indescribable anger and arrogance. This innate arrogance came to an end, struggling for thousands of miles in three mountains and six rivers Between the rivers and mountains, the Jiuqu disc lingered in the chest for too long and too long, and finally broke his throat.

That day was gloomy, the land was down heavily, and the whole world was looking away. There was only such a path covered with grass and dead trees. The unrelenting wind didn't stop there. Xiao Xiao came hurriedly through the crevice forest, crying like a mountain ghost. A thousand years is like a day, and ten thousand years is like a day.

The wind swelled Zhou Zi's wide jacket sleeves, as if to tell him to go with the wind. Wen Kexing raised his head, staring at the back of Zhou Zishu's skinny bones. The long hair of the horns was curled like a whip by the wind. He pulled his eyes on his side, and closed his eyes. Feeling the hot pain.

The cold wind slammed into Zhou Zishu's throat. His tone, which he didn't know where to go, stopped abruptly, and his waist coughed slightly. On the nearly transparent lips, there was only a point between the two lips. The thin and thin line could see the bleeding. , But as if with a smile, Yin Hong Yin Hong.

Wen Kexing suddenly looked up, looking at the general sky that was about to fall, and then a little bit of cool things fell on his face-this was the first snow in Dongting.

Why are heroes dead? Why is Hong Yan finally old?

Wen Kexing suddenly felt an unspeakable gloom rising in his chest, as if for himself and for others, almost overflowing, he refused, his fingers trembled, only felt that there seemed to be a desire to tear the heaven and earth The desires / desires of the Eight Wastelands and Six Harmonies, he wanted to question the heaven ... What is creation, and why is he born to be a man, and must be at the mercy of creation?

Gu Xiang trembled as she watched her master turn back, and asked her with a smile: "Axiang, do you like Cao Weining's silly boy?"

Gu Xiang looked for a moment, staring blankly at him: "Master ..."

Wen Kexing asked again, "Do you think he is OK?"

Gu Xiang only felt that his eyes seemed to be looking into her heart, and suddenly a strange emotion rose in his heart, thinking, "How is Cao Weining?" She thought about the man seriously and said to herself, "In case you are wrong, in case you know in the future, I'm afraid you will be sad", thinking that he erected a long sword hard and reached the top. Live the pair of old fairies, look back in a hurry, the sentence "You take him first, hurry up!"

Gu Xiang suddenly remembered that no one had said to her yet, let her go like this, I do n’t know why, her eye circles suddenly became red, and then nodded dumbly, but her mouth just said, "Big brother Cao is very good, will Speak and learn ... "

Wen Kexing laughed silently: "Yes, he can say such things as" Spring Sleep, Sleeping, Sleeping and Dying ").

Gu Xiang heard that he seemed to be saying something ironic, so he retorted seriously: "Spring is sleepy, autumn is short, summer is snoring, and people are all sleepy in spring. Is n’t he asleep or awake? I think Brother Cao makes sense. It's not even a little bit better than those nerds who say "chrysanthemum fragrant from the bitter cold" with their mouths closed. "

Wen Ke looked at the young girl with red cheeks narrowly, nodded suddenly, and said, "OK, let's save him."

Gu Xiangyi: "Ah, that Qiye was not ..."

Wen Kexing suddenly interrupted her, and said loudly, "If you want to save someone, you will save someone, if you want to kill someone, you will kill someone. You can do whatever you like. See who in the world dares to stop Lao Tzu from going on the road. What so many crooked things? A sour scholar with a small white face, knows the fart! Ah Su, will you come? "

Zhou Zishu laughed and said, "Dare not to be accompanied."

Wen Kexing's mouth slightly twitched, but his brows were raised, revealing an indescribable murderous look, which made his masked face look a little scary, saying, "Okay, Xiang, who are you willing to save? Just save it, I'll accompany you for a big fight. "

Cao Weining was very embarrassed at the moment. His body rolled up and down like a mud monkey, his clothes were tattered, and his eyes were swollen, some could not be opened, his hands were tied behind him, his sword left him, and he was pushed all the way Walking stumbled, Feng Xiaofeng roared and screamed from time to time in his ears, but for some reason he was very quiet.

He thought that he was really out of luck. The ancestor of the Qingfeng Sword School was "the sword is in the people, the sword is broken, the righteousness is cut, the demon is cut and the demon is removed". Now that his long sword has been folded, he may be regarded as It doesn't matter if you go all the way with the demons, Cao Weining always feels that he is not a big man who is lazy and lame, and who is lame with martial arts. He is worthy of conscience in all things, and he deserves it.

He only saw Brother Zhou's good deeds and Gu Xiang, a thin and thin girl, who was desperately protecting the children of the Zhang family. Instead, these well-known righteous people were fighting hard.

What is positive and what is evil? Cao Weining's greatest advantage since his inception is that he can think of it.

The Qingfeng Sect taught him the way of good and evil, but did not teach him the way of fame and fortune. So what if everyone said he was bad, and all said he had gone astray and fell away? Cao Weining thought about it, and felt that it was very uncomfortable, but he felt uncomfortable. He didn't feel that there was anything wrong with him, so he had to think bluntly, not to say that I was good, then let it go. No one can hinder anyone, except ... it seems a little sorry to Master and Uncle.

Cao Weining seemed to be discounted by a male Liuliu with a rib, and his chest felt hot and painful between his breaths, and he was a little confused. They threw him to a dark place, and he didn't see it, so he closed it first. Eyes, adjust his breath, plan to raise his spirit first, and then escape—he still intends to escape. It does n’t matter how others are. Gu Xiang takes Zhang Chengling alone, in case he ca n’t find Brother Zhou and Brother Wen. , Isn't it troublesome to meet poisonous scorpions again?

I do n’t know how long, a sudden commotion came from outside, only one of his very familiar voices roared loudly: "You fart! We Qingfeng Sect, when did the demon crooked out? I was looking at the peach red willow green you two An old monster doesn't look good! "

Then Cao Weining's eyes lighted up, the door closing his hut was opened, and a group of people came in. He narrowed his eyes, looked like a bear, carefully looked over, and found that the anger in the crowd was exactly him. Uncle Mo Huaikong, Cao Weining thought, broken, my uncle is going to explode.

Mo Huaikong was already mad—the moment he saw Cao Weining, he yelled violently, shoved his sleeves and pushed Liu Lugong to a big buttock. He was not respected at all, and Taohong was angry, screaming: "Mo Huaikong, what are you crazy?"

Mo Huaikong was also unambiguous, and shouted back in front of everyone: "That was my nephew. What bad thing he did was naturally my brother in charge clearing the door and using your old monster dog to lick the curtain. Point your finger at your feet ?! "

Cao Weining couldn't help but cry out, saying that although the uncle was bad-tempered, he still turned towards him. Who knew that Mo Huaikong said again, "You have to look at the master!"

Cao Weining felt silent and burst into tears.

Feng Xiaofeng screamed suddenly, pulled a gauze slave who had been covered with gauze over his eyes, and pointed at Mo Huaikong: "Well, you are a breeze sword school, ask you what a good teacher nephew has done? The little demon girl who was with him poisoned Ashan's eyes and couldn't catch the little demon girl, so I was going to dig out the eye of the boy named Cao! "

Mo Huaikong just wanted to talk, just listening to someone who snorted beside him, and said, "A young girl is so vicious at the moment of her shot. It can be seen that she is also a little witch. Why is Cao Shaoxia indifferent to this way? Women mingle together and ask for advice. "

Then he blocked Mo Huaikong's words back. Mo Huaikong looked at Cao Weining with a dark look, and the latter opened his mouth and called aggrievedly: "Uncle."

Mo Huaikong angrily said, "Who is your uncle?" He took a step forward, took Cao Weining's collar, and whispered, "They said, who is the person with you? Say!"

Cao Weining opened his mouth and whispered, "That's ... Ah ... Xiang, Ah Xiang is not a bad person, uncle, Ah Xiang ... Ah Xiang ..."

Tao Hongpo sneered: "Axiang? It was so sweet."

Yu Qiuyu, who hurried back from the other direction, also interjected calmly: "Young people are bewildered by beauty, and there is nothing wrong with it. As long as you are rehabilitated, you are not unreasonable and narrow-minded ..."

Before she finished, Feng Xiaofeng was angry: "I'm going to dig her eyes!"

I don't know if it was intentional or unintentional, and successfully smashed the field of the head. Yu Qiuya gritted his teeth and couldn't wait to trample the dwarf to the ground.

At present, noble Zhao Jing, Master Tzumu and others are busy handling prudent funerals, and they are not here. This group of dragons has no leader, and you are even more reckless in saying a word to me. In a jump, Cao Weining stunned the whole person from the ground, gritted his teeth and said, "Negative obstacles, honestly, where did the little demon robbed Zhang's child?"

Cao Weining laboriously opened his mouth and said, "Axiang didn't ..."

Mo Huai slaps his hands in the face like a pig's head, just right, just listen to a clear voice saying: "Where is the little demon girl, look at your old shameless people, if you have the ability Come catch me! "

Cao Weining exploded in his head—Axiang!

Chapter 43. Save people

Gu Xiang appeared at the door in such a big way, and she looked fearless, and then she saw the tragic situation of Cao Weining, and immediately raised an unknown fire in her heart, sneer: "I also said that you are all famous But you ca n’t beat other people to attack it. There is this tradition of daring! Zhang Chengling, come out to me, and you tell them, where did I hijack you? ”

Everyone saw this. A shrinking young man behind her seemed to make him say something in a crowded place, and he was a bit embarrassed. In addition, Feng Xiaofeng and others were so fierce that they called He couldn't help but wince. Zhang Chengling stepped up to Gu Xiang step by step with a big girl and a daughter-in-law, and said softly, "Sister Gu Xiang never hijacked me, I followed them."

Liu Lugong said angrily: "No bullshit, boy Zhang, how old are you and learn to be beautiful? Can you be blinded by these demon?"

As soon as Feng Xiaofeng saw that Gu Xiang's eyes were red, he took out a large knife and cut it at her: "Dead girl, leave your eyes!"

Gu Xiang took three steps back sideways, avoiding the blade that looked like him, flew over the beam, and condescendingly said: "Feng Dwarf, that stupid big man has followed you for eight lives of blood mold, the girl is kind and soft, but let him Blind pair of tricks, if you run into someone else, you have his life, not to mention that you are okay to find something to affect your mountain slave, hum ... "

Her last snor was a little lacking in breath, and the girl's body was writhing on the beam of the house in a panic, while avoiding the siege of a group of people, she secretly focused and approached Cao Weining.

The zodiac also flew up onto the beam, intercepted Gu Xiang, and didn't say a word of greeting, attacked her. Gu Xiang, but the hero did not eat, and jumped on the other beam, and he stretched out like a monkey. Living in Yokogi, the body made a beautiful spin in the air, as if something was thrown out of his hands, and his mouth said, "Here!"

The zodiac called her a fright. Who knew what poisonous hidden weapon was in the hands of the little demon girl of unknown origin, then snarled and took a big step back, but there was nothing, look again, Gu Xiang has already He shook him off and laughed without looking back: "Ugly monsters, scare you!"

Mo Huaikong dropped Cao Weining, who was frightened, and watched indifferently. He thought that his idiot nephew had suffered a disaster. The little girl had obviously got away, but came back to save him. It is also a kind and righteous thing, which is a little bit difficult. point.

He glanced at Cao Weining's stupid look that was shaking left and right and couldn't wait to pull Gu Xiang. He squeaked his lips, and his heart was difficult to get tangled. Anyway, some people are willing to marry a Hedong lion in the future. suffer.

Just as it happened, Tao Hongliu Lu scrambled up and left Gu Xiang in the middle. Gu Xiang was unambiguous. He lifted his leg and the small dagger popped out, and aimed at Liu Lugong's forehead. That Liu Lugong still has some skills, do not dodge or dodge, cross the crutches for a while, Gu Xiang only felt a strong wind hit, knowing that he was out of reach, quickly shrinking his legs, shrinking fast enough, on the tip of the shoe The dagger was broken.

Gu Xiang immediately turned around and wanted to re-execute the trick. Who knew that Tao Hongpo had touched her from behind.

Gu Xiang anxiously said, "I'm going to die, you guys still watch the fun!"

Just listening to a chuckle, then Tao Hongpo felt a strong wind hitting her. When she hit her back heart squarely, she had no time to hide. She could only try to throw it forward, and the whole person was like a big one. The gecko caught on the beam of the house, and Gu Xiang took the opportunity to jump down from the beam. Everyone found out that she almost scared Taohong to a good thing. In fact, it was a walnut shell ... still half .

Then there was a sound of "gripping" walnuts at the door. I saw a handsome man holding a small packet of walnuts in his hand. He crushed with **** and the walnut shell burst open. Then he threw the walnut kernel into his mouth. Eating with relish, he was followed by a man who was even more sorry, the two of them looked like a mother-in-law, and their blushing eyes were swollen.

The person holding the walnut was still polite and said to the person next to him, "Aren't you going to eat?"

The man next to him leaned back as if he were hiding from the beast of the flood, with a look of disgust: "Take this thing further."

The man who took the walnut laughed, "Yeah, dignified ... would you even be afraid of eating walnuts? Fool, this is a good thing. Eat more clever and fill your brain."

The man next to him stepped forward, stretched his arms around Zhang Chengling's shoulders, and said in the mouth, "The same is true for the pig brain."

Yu Qiu frowned and asked, "Who are you?"

I saw the man who embraced Zhang Chengling pushed the boy forward, and whispered in his ear: "I don't see him pleasing to the eye, and you give me a shot."

Zhang Chengling grew up and looked at him stupidly: "Master ... I ..."

"What are you? They bullied you sister Gu Xiang, and you just watched next to it? Is it a man?"

Zhang Chengling stretched out a finger and pointed it at Qiu Ling, and at a loss pointed to himself: "This ... that ..."

The weirdo couldn't get used to the look of his mother-in-law, and stretched out a kick to his ass, Zhang Chengling took two steps and almost flung into Qiu's arms.

Yu Qiuxi was overjoyed, and he softened his voice and said to Zhang Chengling, "Children of the Zhang family, come to me."

Zhang Chengling still had a pair of perplexed eyes, almost like a bunny who couldn't find his home, and the man holding the walnut chuckled, "You're too cruel."

The man next to him said calmly: "When the young eagle grows up, he will be taken out of the nest by the eagle, and I am also for his good."

Zhang Chengling, who was regarded as an eagle, took a step back timidly, almost like Yu Qiuyu as an old pervert who catches children. Feng Xiaofeng was not as polite as the head of Huashan, and he thought to himself that it seemed that the little thing named Zhang was with them. It would be good to catch him, not to be afraid to keep these people, no matter who he is. Just don't kill him.

Then he went out and reached for Zhang Chengling.

Zhang Chengling turned around and ran without any excitement, and yelled, "Mother, he wants to catch me!"

The person holding the walnut laughed, and touched the person next to him with his toe: "I said, your little eagle has blown hair."

"The mud doesn't get on the wall." The man whispered, and suddenly gave a slap through the air. Zhang Chengling felt a strong surge in the air, as if someone had pushed him hard and blocked his steps. Then he just felt like a marionette with his arms raised and rushing towards Feng Xiaofeng, Zhang Chengling closed his eyes in fright, shook his fist subconsciously, and his fist was in the middle of Fengfeng's nose.

Shocking the dwarf, Zhang Chengling opened his eyes and looked at his fist with dizziness, unable to believe it. Just listening to one person's voice entering the room, Master's voice sounded in his ear, cursing: "Stupid, what's going on, kick him in the middle point!"

Zhang Chengling did it subconsciously, only to feel that the power hadn't dissipated, as if it had been imbued on his limbs, pushed him forward, and actually flew the Feng Xiaofeng out.

Yu Qiuhao exclaimed, "Who are you?"

The weirdo didn't speak, and took a slap behind Zhang Chengling, Zhang Chengling yelled and slammed at Yu Qiuyu, Yu Qiuyu's gaze was fixed, and he pulled out / extracted a sword that he didn't know where to find it He greeted him, seeing that Zhang Chengling was about to hit his sword, only to scare the young boy fart and urinate, while involuntarily running forward, while shouting arrogantly: "Master saves!"

The voice in his ear said again: "His sword tip is trembling, he must have a back move, step back to Jiu Gong, take his elbow."

Zhang Chengling heard that it made sense, and he couldn't help but take a step forward diagonally, and turned to the edge of Qiu's sword. Yu Qiu immediately trembled with his sword. His leg took another step forward, his posture was awkward, and it was weird and cumbersome, but somehow escaped the sword of Yu Qiuyu. Then he obeyed Master ’s instructions to "take his elbow", and then closed his eyes. Closed, gnashed his teeth and bumped into it.

It was Wen Kexing who whacked the walnuts. At the sight of this scene, it was almost unbearable. The original Zhou Zishu taught Zhang Chengling was the Liuyun Jiugongbu which is one of the best skills. Immortals are like it too. Chic and beautiful, Wen Kexing knew for the first time that someone could walk this Liuyun Jiugong step like a bear dancing.

On the one hand, Zhou Zishu frowned, and found that although the child was awkward, he did not take the wrong step under his feet. I knew that Zhang Chengling was serious and learned the tactics. After going back, the same steps were taken thousands of times, so that he became so nervous, but his feet were not chaotic.

Yu Qiuqiang was very hurt when he met Wen Kexing on that day. At this moment, Zhang Chengling was hard-hearted, and the weapon he put on in his hand was immediately released. He was furious and said, "Don't let them run away!"

When the crowd heard the words, they immediately surrounded them. This was not what Zhang Chengling could handle. Wen Kexing stuffed the remaining half of a walnut into Zhou Zishu and said, "Give it to me, Grandpa, I will teach this group of grandchildren!" They burst into the crowd with a big laugh.

Zhou Zishu always felt that walnuts were very disgusting, and the taste was disgusting. They looked like human brains. They pinched with **** in disgust, and stretched their arms to stay far away from themselves, while continuing to "pass into the room" "Guide Zhang Chengling, watching the excitement.

Gu Xiang took the opportunity to approach Cao Weining, kicked a person who tried to stop her, and stared at Mo Huaikong fiercely, saying that I care who you are and dare to stop me, so I want you to look good!

Who knew that she hadn't come near, and suddenly saw that Mo Huaikong said "Ouch" and bent down, his face seemed still very painful, pointing at the inexplicable Gu Xiang gasping out of breath: "This … This little demon girl is so good… I am so terrible! ”

Then he sat on the ground with a stun, and closed his eyes tightly.

Gu Xiang and Cao Weining looked at each other, neither of them reacted.

Mo Huaikong, who closed his eyes, suddenly opened one eye and swept towards them, whispering: "Not running anymore, are you stupid?"

Gu Xiang immediately drew / extracted the dagger, cut the rope on Cao Weining's body, and Cao Weining jumped down, lowering his voice in a low voice: "Thank you, Master."

Gu Xiang followed and said, "Father, you are so memorable. I will definitely set up an arch for you when you go back!"

"Your mother, you just set up a torii, your whole family sets up a torii!" Mo Huaikong pretended not to close his eyes, and at the same time he was scolded in his heart, and found that the little girl like Gu Xiang looks like a dog. It really didn't make people talk.

Seeing that Gu Xiang and Cao Weining had run away, Zhou Zishu suddenly swayed over, picked up Zhang Chengling's neck, and threw him as a mallet. Zhang Chengling's legs were smashed by him. On the zodiac's chest, the zodiac was smashed back a dozen steps. Zhou Zi Shushun shoved the bag of walnuts into Zhang Chengling's arms, and said to Wen Ke: "You don't want to leave it, don't leave!"

Wen Kexing "haha" smiled and flew forward, saying in the mouth: "The green mountains will not change, the green water will flow forever, everyone stays with you!"

Later, they went side by side with Zhou Zishu, who was holding Zhang Chengling. The two men's meritorious deeds came out with all their energies. Where others could keep up, they disappeared in a blink of an eye.

The three of them ran a long distance before they stopped. Zhou Zishu lowered Zhang Chengling, took off the human skin mask, unfurled his entire jacket, and lowered his head, but saw Zhang Chengling's eyes looking at him brilliantly, as if the animals were begging. He paused in his hand. His previous tradition was that the younger brother had to punish him if he had something wrong, so that he could remember whether to eat or beat. The younger brother had a good place to not boast, so that he could be proud and complacent, but seeing the child's expectation, his heart was not softened. After a while, I thought about it and just said, "It's okay to do light work."

Zhang Chengling just blossomed. Who knew that Zhou Zishu turned his face immediately and scolded, "What a pride, look at your courage. When you encounter something, you know that crying father and mother are shameful."

Zhang Chengling fell down again, and suddenly covered his back with a warm hand, and saw Wen Kexing smiled and said to him: "Don't listen to him, his little face is as thin as paper. It is easier to be shy if he takes off his mask. ... "

Before he finished speaking, he saw Zhou Zishu turned back with a smile, saying quietly, "Lao Wen, what are you talking about?"

Wen Kexing reconverted from kindness: "I said that you are almost unpredictable and thunderous, your skin is not thin at all, you are not ashamed, and the awl is impenetrable."

Zhou Zishu suddenly stretched out a hand to hold his cheek, Wen Kexing clasped, Zhou Zishu didn't say a word, but leaned very close, and stared at him deeply without blinking.

Zhang Chengling looked at this and looked at that. He didn't know what the two of them were doing. He had a great deal of incense. Zhou Zishu released Wen Kexing with a smile, and his fingertips popped on his earlobe, and laughed. Road: "It's red."

Wen Kexing took a firm step-same hands and feet.

Zhou Zishu laughed.

Suddenly, his laughter ceased, and Zhang Chengling and Wen Kexing looked up along his gaze, and saw a man in white looking blankly at this side, standing not far away.

Chapter 44. During shu

At first glance it was Ye Baiyi, Wen Kexing's face became ugly. When Ye Baiyi blinked at Zhou Zishu's face without blinking, Wen Kexing's face became harder to look.

Zhou Zishu was a bit surprised, and he saluted a long distance, saying, "Ye senior."

Ye Baiyi looked at him for a while, and then said, "Is it you? Aren't you human-like? What do you always do to make yourself a ghost?" The ancients still said, "You can't change your name, you can't change your name." What's more, aren't they born of natural parents? Don't you know what it means to be "bright and light"? "

Zhou Zishu looked up at the sky, as if he could suppress the desire / desire in his heart to shoot Ye Baiyi flat. After a short while, he lowered his head and showed a humble smile. He said gracefully: It must be. "

Ye Baiyi nodded indifferently and said to them, "Follow me."

Wen Kexing felt that the old man was simply unreasonable, so he sneered, "Who are you, do I know you?"

Ye Baiyi turned his head, and there was no particularly happy or unhappy expression on his face, but he was silent for a moment and asked: "Thirty years ago, Rong Xuan and his wife Yue Fenger, and Liulijia's mess What is the situation, don't you want to know? "

Wen Kexing, who had already turned around, stopped suddenly, his face was facing the ground, so that no one could see sadness and joy.

A few people were so stalemate for a while, Wen Kexing turned his head and asked in a very strange tone: "Why do we ... want to know about Rong Xuan and his wife?"

Ye Baiyi sighed suddenly and said, "When you live to my age, you will understand that sometimes it is not as difficult as you think to see what a person wants."

Wen Kexing immediately saw that his tone of relying on the old and selling the old was unpleasant.

Zhou Zishu glanced at him and asked, "Is the senior knowing what is wrong?"

Ye Baiyi smiled—his stiff face always made him unable to see whether he really wanted to laugh, or a smirk of yin and yang, and then just listened to him and said, "What do I know? I just don't see the sky in Changming Mountain An old fool who has lived for many years, what can you know? "

He turned his back to them, and walked forward: "But I know that someone may know what happened then."

Zhou Zishu commanded Zhang Chengling and said, "Follow me." He caught up, and Wen Kexing was a little strange, so he asked, "Who is so amazing?"

Ye Baiyi didn't turn his head back, and a few words floated out of his mouth: "Xinzhuang Dragon Sparrow."

Zhou Zishu's brow frowned, and he couldn't help saying: "It is true that there is such a village in the land of Shu, but it is hidden in the mountains. That Zhuangzi actually seems to be mobile. I have asked people to draw a map several times, but every time the person who corrects the map vowed to say that there is no problem, and then go to visit, the ghostly place Zhuangzi is still missing ... "

Ye Baiyi said: "You waste."

——The dog's mouth cannot vomit ivory.

Zhou Zishu closed his eyes, took a deep breath, opened his fist and clenched, and looked at Ye Baiyi's head in silence. The more he looked, the more he felt that the shape of that head was very suitable for being stung. While Zhang Chengling was pulling his clothes corner, he opened his mouth to ask what, and Zhou Zishu gave him a stern glance, impatiently dragged his clothes back, and cursed: "You guys in your teens, if you have something Speak, what do you mean to be a little daughter-in-law? "

He was clearly outraged, Zhang Chengling shrank his neck and couldn't speak.

Zhou Zishu glanced at him again and said, "What do you want to say, say it!"

"Master, Master, are we going to go to Shu?"

Zhou Zishu was stunned, what was his heart, a long way. So Zhang Chengling couldn't live by himself. After asking such a word, he was tortured by the evil master Zhou Zishu all the way, sometimes calling him upside down, walking upside down, and sometimes he stretched out a hand to hold his shoulder. To make the young man go forward as if he was carrying a mountain with all his strength ... it's better to die.

Wen Kexing didn't say anything, still squishing his walnuts and eating, while disgusting Zhou Zishu, he seemed to be thinking about something thoughtfully, and saw Zhou Zishu no longer care about Ye Baiyi. The old live donkey whispered to Ye Baiyi and asked, "What is the relationship between you and Rong Xuan? Why do you know what happened 30 years ago?"

Ye Baiyi glanced at him, groaned for a long while, and when Wen Kexing thought he was going to say something, he only listened to him in a bird's beak and said, "How do you look like an old lady who loves to chew the tongue, what? Ask them all? What's your business? "

When Wen Kexing pressed his fingers hard, the walnut shell was directly torn apart by him, and he slammed away a distance of one foot. With a strong wind, like a hidden weapon, Zhang Chengling immediately hid away to avoid a fire in the city gate. Cormorants and pond fish.

Wen Kexing only thought about opening his mouth to talk about him a little more. Who knew that there was a flash of light in front of him? He looked intently, and found a silver wire in Ye Baiyi's long hair. Then he wondered: "Hey, surnamed Ye , You have white hair. "

I don't know if it was his illusion. At that moment, Ye Baiyi's pair of wooden eyes seemed to quickly flash a light, so fast that people couldn't tell. He couldn't help but reach out to touch his own hair. Halfway up, but put back again, just said lightly in the mouth: "Have you never seen white hair? It's rare and strange."

Wen Kexing thought about it, also, this old monster is old, if it is necessary to change the bones of a person, what is the long white hair?

Then he couldn't find any more. Ye Baiyi had the ability to tell people not to provoke him. From Dongting to Shuzhong, he was like a walking dummy along the way. Only when he ate, the mountain blew the tsunami and swept away. Qian Qian's posture like a roll of seats can let others know that he is a living creature.

Zhou Zishu and Wen Kexing were so bored, so they could only quarrel with each other, making noises, and at the beginning Ye Baiyi listened calmly and calmly. After hearing this, they really felt that the two of them were indifferent, saying: " You two have the ability to get up and go to bed and talk, what are you talking about? Two big cocks, like two big cocks, can't you stand up, or are the big girls playing men's clothing, what pretence? They are funny, shut up! "

Zhang Chengling was walking upside down in accordance with the methods taught by Zhou Zishu. The retrograde qi was very sad. When he heard this, he froze for a while, then the half-old child understood something dimly, his face flushed. The internal interest was a mess, and he fell down sideways, and blushed around his neck and shouted "Ouch" "Ouch".

If it wasn't for Ye Baiyi's claim to be able to find "Xinzhuang", Zhou Zishu and Wen Kexing would like to work together to teach the dead old man a meal. The two looked at each other very tacitly, but Wen Kexing somehow glanced at the handsome man. Reluctantly suppressing the angry face, his eyes went down uncontrollably. Through his placket, he could see the flesh inside. He imagined it by himself, his throat moved up and down, and suddenly felt Ye Baiyi said It also makes sense.

The two's last entertainment project was gone, so they teamed up together to toss Zhang Chengling.

Zhou Zishu called him to "gather together and walk on all four limbs. If he would flow into the sea, dredge the meridians, and reverse it, it would be free." Wen Kexing secretly told him "You have unstable internal interest and your skills are too shallow. , The internal interest should be scattered and should not be gathered, should be step by step, feel the authenticity of your body, let it be. "

Both people sounded very reasonable. Poor Zhang Chengling didn't know who to listen to. One head turned into two big ones. The qi in the body gathered and dispersed for a while, and then went forward and backward. He also had to accept Zhou Zishu's special training method-not even seeing how hard he worked, the hand that pressed on his shoulder was like heavier weight.

Zhang Chengling couldn't help but worries a little. He felt that he was being held down by Master like this for a long time. The appearance of Feng Xiaofeng's teeth dancing claws appeared in his mind, and he could not help but fight a shiver.

Zhou Zishu didn't know what he was worried about. He just felt that the child was working hard, but he didn't know anything about it. When he taught Liang Jiuxiao, he always thought he was too stupid. By comparison, Liang Jiuxiao is a peerless clever egg.

If it hadn't been for grinding his temperament early in the middle of the years, Zhou Zishu felt that he had patted the heart of this unlucky child with one palm.

Zhang Chengling is actually wronged. The effort of Wen Kexing and Zhou Zishu is not a way of life. If they are taught by one person, they can still enter the country. Whoever will not teach the disciples, you can only say one word to me. It does n’t matter if others understand it or not, sometimes I ’m talking and I ’m going to quarrel. When I ’m too busy, I ’ll go out and fight back. It ’s very aggressive, but in the end it ’s always red and white. Ye Baiyi narrated on the side, saying that they "this is the name of learning and doing wrong", and only said Zhang Chengling while imagining and embarrassing, but still didn't understand anything.

The days passed, and he felt that his skills meant that he could not move backwards. The hand that Master pressed on his shoulders was like day after day, and it was so hard that he could not breathe.

In fact, Zhang Chengling's method of studying kung fu is very dangerous. If he changed his person, the hand that Zhou Zishu had been pressing on his shoulders could virtually adjust his internal interest for him, so that the two of them would be tossed into trouble.

They walked very fast, and within a few days, they had already left Dongting's right and wrong place and reached Shuzhong.

Zhang Chengling was really unable to walk on this day. He gritted his teeth and forced himself to walk out of Shilili, only to feel that the temples were suddenly moving, panting with a big mouth, and the heart of his chest was about to jump out. Every time you lift up, use your whole body.

Zhou Zishu's voice sounded coldly in his ears: "Why, this will not work? Continue!"

Wen Kexing glanced at him, raised his eyebrows, and seemed to feel that Zhang Chengling was pitiful, so he couldn't help but interject: "Axu ..."

"You shut up." Zhou Zishu's eyebrows didn't move, there was almost no humanity, and he ordered, "I'm telling you to go."

Zhang Chengling's eyes had begun to bloom, and he wanted to speak, but he couldn't tell, and his mouth would leak out. By then, Zhou Zishu's skinny hand could press him like a carrot In the ground.

There are many mountains in Shu, which are undulating everywhere, as if it is endless. Zhang Chengling's heart suddenly rises, and the road will never end. The sense of despair, his legs trembling more and more, and he barely looks up to see Master His face, Zhang Junxiu's side face was still cold, and he didn't even look at him, like a ruthless stone statue.

"Thanks for a long time, leaving the post of Governor, like Baichuan entering the sea, without trace--"

"The internal interest is tangible, the spirit is like a snake, and it is continuous, free to travel--"

At that moment, facing the mountains in the middle of Shu, Zhang Chengling was forced into a state of despair, and suddenly a word flickered across the flash of light in his mind--tangible and infinite!

He just felt that his chest suddenly filled up, his vision became more blurred, but he could feel the changes in his body more and more. The internal contents of those limbs and bones had always been there, but he could not move, and this thought suddenly felt The stock surged, shaking Zhou Zi's palm on his shoulders.

The last thing he saw was Zhou Zishu's expression, then his eyes were black and his head fell down.

Chapter 45. Hope

Zhou Zishu frowned and looked at his shaken palm. When Ye Baiyi turned back, he said coolly, "Yes, you finally forced him to death. Are you satisfied?"

Only Wen Kexing had a bit of conscience, bent down and picked Zhang Chengling up, palms against his back heart, and a thin ray of instinct hit him into the body. After a while, he gently "snucked". With a sound, he said, "This boy ... the meridians are inherently much wider than the average person, is it a wizard?"

Zhou Zishu said: "Yes, he was injured by Charisma that time, and I found out when I helped him adjust his breath."

He took Zhang Chengling from Wen Kexing. The teenager was pale, his eyebrows were still wrinkled tightly, and his trousers were hung above his ankles, which was a little cramped, like just a month and a half of work, he grew taller again. Some more. Zhang Chengling was born in the Zhang family and was the only son of Zhang Daxia. For so many years, he should not have been so bad. When Zhou Zishu healed him that day, he found that the foundation of the child ’s internal strength was so strong that he did n’t use it. Out.

It's like a young child with a sharp weapon but no chicken hands.

Ye Baiyi was also very interested in seeing this. He stretched out a hand and pinched Zhang Chengling up and down, wondering: "There are such people in the world, their brains are stupid, but their bones and bones are very good. God is asking him to let him OK, or is it bad for him? "

Then he took a look at Zhou Zishu and said, "He has a wide and smooth meridian, which is an excellent material, but his perception is too poor, but it is more difficult to touch the door than others ... Well, you can force him a little bit, anyway I can't die in half. "

Fortunately, Zhang Chengling passed out.

Because of Zhang Chengling, the other three decided to find a place to live on the same day, and waited for the little ghost to enter the mountain. In the middle of the night, Zhou Zishu was woke up by the nails on his body as usual. He curled up into a ball, pressed his fingers on his chest, and did not adjust the internal force to suppress it. He just lay on the bed with his eyes open, looking at the moonlight that shot into the window. It looked like a daze—feeling those nails on my heart.

Compared with the past, Qiqiao Sanqiu's nails are now not only painful. The original feeling of someone stirring with a small knife in his chest seems to be lessened, or he may be numb to it, and Gradually, a feeling was felt as if something was pressing on his chest, and the breath became no longer smooth, and it seemed more and more obvious these days.

Zhou Zishu knew that this was a symptom—in three years, he had gone for less than a half.

A long time ago, he always thought that the extra three years was a kind of grace, but now he knows that this is another kind of torture.

It ’s not terrible to die—in the past two decades, it ’s not easy for him to live to this day. All the methods he used to force Zhang Chengling to learn kung fu were the ones he experienced as a kid, even harsher, even he did n’t have the child That talent can bear those harshness unscathed. He has experienced enough things so that he can not fear anyone or anything in this world, he is not afraid to live, what is terrible to die?

What made him uncomfortable, however, was that it would take days to die for the past three years.

He has endured so much, he has a firm mind, never had death, but he has to wait for death in the most free, carefree, and most wanton days, isn't it ironic?

Zhou Zishu found that this was probably another stupid thing he did.

At this moment, his door was knocked gently from the outside, Zhou Zi was relieved-Wen Kexing and Ye Baiyi never knocked on the door. He got up from the bed, a dull pain in his chest, almost let him lie back, Zhou Zishu clenched the sheets unconsciously with one hand, took two deep breaths, and insisted that his vitality would press the feeling of suffocation After going back, he opened the door with a somber face.

Zhang Chengling stood outside, hesitantly holding up a hand, as if to knock again, and the door opened. When he saw Zhou Zishu's face was not good, he immediately seemed to have done something wrong with himself. Guilt bowed his head in pain, and a mosquito buzzed in his mouth, "Master."

Zhou Zishu frowned, and asked, "What do you do?"

Zhang Chengling swiped down at the corner of his mouth, showing an expression of crying, "Master, I just woke up ... I can't sleep."

Zhou Zishu clasped his hands on his chest, leaned against the door frame, and sneered: "So ... you mean, let me sing a lullaby to coax you to sleep?"

Zhang Chengling's head was buried lower, Zhou Zishu was simply worried that his neck would be broken. At this time, it was already deep winter. Even in the middle of Shu, it was quite cold in the middle of the night. Zhou Zishu suffered internal injuries, some were not cold-resistant, only felt that the small wind was blowing on him, and he was still a little cold. At the same time, looking at Zhang Chengling impatiently, he asked, "Can you hurry up, have something to say, and fart quickly?"

Zhang Chengling whispered: "Master, I dreamed of my father again, it's been so long. Why do you say I haven't forgotten it? Am I particularly unpromising?"

Zhou Zishu froze for a while, Zhang Chengling thought he didn't want to care about himself, and secretly raised his head to look at him. He regretted that he ran over so rashly, only to find that Zhou Zishu stepped aside and gave him a gentle nod. Head and motioned him into the room.

Zhang Chengling followed him like a pardon.

Zhou Zishu lit the lamp, and there was no water in the room, so he picked up a cup, took off the jug, poured half a glass of wine, and handed it to Zhang Chengling. Zhang Chengling didn't know his liquor, and drank it. He felt that a small fire burned from his throat all the way into his stomach. At that time, his face became red and he was speechless.

Zhou Zishu looked at him stupidly, his flat face couldn't help but loosen slightly, and turned his head and smiled slightly.

This is the first time that Zhang Chengling has seen him as a "Master Yan", and smiled at him with his own face. He didn't even dare to come out and looked at him stupidly.

When Jiangnan met in the past, he was helpless. He was the only man beside him who talked to others and talked about himself, so he was like a drowning man who caught a life-saving straw. Can't stop wanting to be close, but I'm afraid that I'm annoying-although Master does seem to be annoying him all the time, slowly, this cautiously becomes awe, every time I talk to him, I must tremble.

But even so, every time he felt sad, he couldn't help coming to him—in Zhang Chengling's heart, Master and Dad really looked different from head to toe, but for some reason, he just felt that they were the same. People.

Tall, powerful, and ... good for him.

Zhang Chengling said, "Master, let's follow Senior Ye to the divination village and ask about Liulijia. After asking about things many years ago, do you know why they are killing my father?"

Zhou Zishu raised an eyebrow, avoiding stress and said lightly, "Who knows then."

Zhang Chengling frowned, meditating for a while, and said, "Master, do you say that someone will kill someone for no reason? I think so much, they want to kill my father, is it because my father has done something bad?"

Zhou Zishu thought about it, the question was too big, he stopped him, and for a moment I didn't know what to say. Looking down at the little ghost, he still looked sad and frowning, and then raised his collar. , Dragged him out of the house, and said, "Since you sleep a lot during the day, and now you are so tired that you ca n’t close your eyes, it would be better for the stupid bird to fly first and practice well. I think I'm not enough to force you, so you can have energy have a bee in one's bonnet."

He said, grabbing a handful of small stones from the ground, and suddenly bent to Zhang Chengling and bounced out, Zhang Chengling was dodged, and he was in the middle of his head, "Ouch", when the small stones arrived again, he had to climb the ground with flashes. Open, just listen to his demon master shouting: "I don't have the trick of" dog eating / **** "in my kung fu."

Zhang Chengling had no time to think about it. He could only cope with the small stones covered by Luo Di's net that day. Until Zhou Zishu finished playing with a stone, he was relieved. Before he could spit it out completely, he Listening to Zhou Zishu said: "You are the Liuyun Jiugongbu? The spiders climb better than you! The first few styles look like a little, what are the last few styles? You are here, give me from beginning to end Walk again and interrupt your dog leg by mistake! "

Zhang Chengling was frightened and scared. He was like a toddler. He had to think carefully before raising his leg. He walked more carefully than the old lady with a lame leg, lest she step on the ground like an ant. He had to sneak a glance at Zhou Zishu from time to time, always worried that he suddenly got into trouble and really broke his dog's leg.

Zhou Zishu sat down, and his heart was really unproductive. His chest was still stuffy, and he couldn't help it. He turned his head and coughed, and his pale side face floated with ominous blood. It seemed a bit shocking.

At this moment, he just felt warm behind him, and then turned around, and saw Wen Kexing wondering when he was standing behind him, wrapped a big badger around him, and quietly sat beside him. After a while, Wen Ke Xing asked headlessly: "Does it hurt?"

Zhou Zishu said, "Otherwise, you try?"

Wen Kexing suddenly tentatively reached out his hand and gently lifted his placket. Zhou Zishu didn't know why and didn't avoid it. He just sat there, shaking his hip flask with half a pot of wine. Wen Kexing saw his chest as thin as a finger, and the nail nailed to the top of his chest, his eyes flashed, and he took a deep breath and closed his placket again.

The two sat side by side, but at the moment were relatively speechless.

After a while, Wen Kexing asked: "I said, after so many years, it was so hard for me to find such a fate, can you not die?"

Zhou Zishu asked: "Is it up to me?"

Wen Kexing stopped speaking, and suddenly he sighed and looked away, as if he didn't want to see Zhou Zishu anymore, his eyes only stared at Zhang Chengling, who wobbled right and left like a baby in the yard, and picked it up from the ground. A pile of stones popped up in the middle of Zhang Chengling's buttocks, and then said: "Little devil, the so-called light body kung fu, in the final analysis, is a word of" quick ". Are you embroidering there, is it light footwork? It ’s all imaginary. Maybe there ’s a footwork for jumping the god. You ’re a good step. Is it slow and useful? ”

Zhang Chengling looked at the two of them aggrievedly, and found that the two had differences not only in terms of practicing qi, but also in terms of practicing light power, and this day could hardly pass.

Wen Kexing kept saying "Hurry up" beside him, holding a small stone and chasing after him. Although Zhou Zishu didn't say a word, he could not stay away from Zhang Chengling's feet, waiting to see him wrong, with excuses. Break his leg--

This place is thrilling.

Zhang Chengling sighed silently, and suddenly remembered that his long-cherished wish was not to be a master of masterpieces. If it were not for the sudden tragedy of the Zhang family, he would only want to open a snack shop in the future to support his family and honor his father. Welcome to send.

He never dared to say this wish, but now he is almost timid even thinking about it.

Early the next morning, Ye Baiyi ate eight cages of buns and drank two bowls of porridge from the sea. Finally, when Zhou Zishu and the three of them were preparing to change tables, he announced that they would take them into the mountain today—he already wanted Figure out how to break the formation outside the Xinzhuang.

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Chapter 46. Unlucky

Several people have been following Ye Baiyi in the mountains, and around, they walked into a forest, and once Zhou Zishu entered the forest, for some reason, his whole body was involuntarily tightened-he could not tell this Lin Zi has some mystery, but has a sense of crisis from instinct.

Looking at Wen Kexing, who was very noisy along the way, he closed his mouth at this moment, and even Ye Baiyi's expression was dignified.

Only Zhang Chengling is unknown, so he just secretly rejoices that he seems to be able to take a holiday today. Master has been holding his arm with one hand. The fingers are thin and strong. Particularly secure, Zhang Chengling was obediently dragged away by him, and the dark center was full of bloom.

Ye Baiyi kept saying something, and occasionally stopped to write on the ground with a small branch. Wen Kexing was very interested at the beginning. Standing beside him for a while, I felt a little confused. He turned dizzy and turned back in silence, stood side by side with Zhou Zishu, and whispered: "Aren't you going to see what he does?"

Zhou Zishu said very consciously: "Look at what he does, I don't understand."

However, he frowned slightly again, and also lowered his voice to Wen Ke. "Supposedly ... the people I sent also had masters and people who were proficient in Qimen Jiajia. Why couldn't one find the Xinzhuang?"

Wen Kexing asked casually, "Don't you say someone has drawn a map?"

Zhou Zishu said, "Yeah, when he took someone to find a map he had drawn, he never returned."

Wen Kexing gave a solemn glance at the back of Ye Baiyi squatting on the ground, and pressed his voice even lower: "If even ... folded here, do you think this old food is reliable?"

Zhou Zishu just wanted to speak. Before a voice came out, he saw Ye Baiyi stood up and turned back to him coldly and said, "The rest of the road is dangerous. Don't want to die, just step on my footprints."

Zhou Zi shook his nose, and saw Ye Baiyi glance at him, sneer: "Proficient in Qimen Panjia? Their heads are so useless, can they not be rice buckets?"

Yan Yan turned and left.

Zhou Zishu and the other three had strange faces—whoever saw Ye Older's appetite with his own eyes, and heard his ears say that others were rice buckets, his faces would be strange.

However, weird and strange, except for Zhang Chengling, the two adults were not indifferent. They immediately followed, and Zhang Chengling glanced at the sight of the increasing number of bones of various animals on the roadside. After walking for a while, he even saw several human bones. The corpses were separated, which was terrible, and he hurriedly asked Zhou Zishu: "Master, the person we are looking for, what do we want to live in such a place? What about? "

Zhou Zishu tilted his head and glanced at him, and said, "How do I know? The forest is big, and every bird has a cricket."

Zhang Chengling carefully straddled a section of a human thigh, and couldn't help asking: "He lives in such a remote place, and he has built many of these institutions. He was shocked step by step. If he came out by himself, he would get lost. What to do? Isn't it the same as putting a mouse clip under your bed? "

Zhou Zishu Qi said, "Put a mouse clip under your bed?"

Zhang Chengling said, "When I was a kid, there was a mouse in the room. I couldn't catch it. I put two mouse clips under the bed and slept. As a result, I forgot it the next morning. Folded. "

When Wen Kexing heard that “噗嗤” came out vocally, Zhou Zi sighed and watched him almost carelessly speak with one foot, then he stunned him, and said, “Shut up, look under your feet, Want to die? "

Zhang Chengling put out his tongue, Zhou Zishu said coldly again: "Don't use others as your own, how many people in the world are as stupid as you?"

Wen Kexing took the topic and said to Zhang Chengling gently: "The reason why the world hides is actually only a few reasons. Or it may be that this person feels that there is an enemy who wants to kill him, but he has to shrink to one. You can't go anywhere ... "

Zhou Zishu intercepted and said, "Like a ghost valley?"

Wen Kexing glanced at him and said, "If you want to say that ... that's right."

Zhou Zishu then took the opportunity to ask, "So what did the owner of the valley do when he was angry and resentful, so he had to hide in the valley of ghosts?"

Wen Kexing didn't care about the temptation when he saw the stitches. He just said frankly: "Am I? I'm naturally special, I haven't done anything, so I went in, and now I don't understand. Good people, how did they live with a group of evil spirits for so many years. It is really mud and not stained, and it is clear that they are not demon. "

Zhou Zishu laughed and said nothing, totally when he farted.

Wen Kexing sighed and said, "Axu, you're really hurting me-little devil, do you think I'm a good person?"

Zhang Chengling had a good temper and martial arts, and the predecessors who could still tell the story were worshipped in five bodies. When asked, he said nothing and immediately nodded.

Wen Kexing was so touched, he touched his head and said with emotion: "It's still good for the child, he has conscience, knows how good others are, and he remembers that, unlike some people ... hmm!"

Zhou Zishu didn't say a word. He was also the leader, like Gao Chong, who led a group of people who thought he was right, or like himself, he led a group of killers and spies, which was not the same as the owner of Guigugu. As long as Gao Chong uses the words "the righteousness of the world," he can make those people draw the ground for himself, and the people of the skylight basically come in to give him life and give it to the emperor. Behind that organization is the heavy royal power that has formed to this day. No one except him himself dare to challenge it.

But Ghost Valley is different, because Ghost Valley is a group of desperate people.

They are like a group of extremely vicious poisonous insects. They are locked in a small, narrow cricket, and killing each other is the only way to survive. Hundreds of thousands of dark places, either you die, or I live, without morality, without justice, only the strong are respected, and finally only strong enough and vicious enough to devour everything, that worm that has become the king of the king can see the sun again.

Wen Kexing's disguise was too good. Many times, even Zhou Zishu would have mistaken this as a mere ordinary man.

Just listening to one side, Wen Kexing continued to say to Zhang Chengling, "In addition to being afraid of being chased by others, there is another reason for someone to hide from others, which is sad. He knew in his heart that the person he wanted to see was never seen again. He simply buried himself here, and after a long time, he could comfort himself that he didn't find it, just because he couldn't find it. "

Then he sighed softly and continued: "If your master is gone in the future, maybe I'll find a place like this to hide, otherwise I will run out and see the beauty running across the street. Would n’t it be sad for the one you want? ”

Zhou Zishu laughed and said, "I thought you were going to live with me and die."

Wen Kexing also laughed: "I said you didn't believe it."

Zhang Chengling interjected next to him, "Like ... like Yu Boya fell on the piano?"

The expressions on the faces of the two men were blank at the same time. Zhang Chengling looked at this and looked at that again. I didn't know what I said wrong. After a while, I heard Wen Kexing whispered: "No one in the world understands mountains and rivers, and it's right ... ... but that's not right. "

He glanced at Zhou Zishu, but Zhou Zishu looked away. Wen Kexing stopped speaking, but just followed Ye Baiyi tightly.

Suddenly, Ye Baiyi stopped for a moment, stopped, listened intently, raised his palms to stop their steps, and whispered, "Closure."

Zhou Zishu grabbed Zhang Chengling's hand and suddenly tightened. Then several people lowered their heads at the same time. They just felt that the ground beneath their feet seemed to be shaking. There was a "humming" sound, and Wen Kexing immediately gave Zhou Zishu With a sad expression of "I say this food is unreliable and you don't believe it", Zhou Zishu had no time to pay attention to him, because the next moment, a strong rush from the ground rushed up, and it seemed to crack and shake A few people rose up at the same time.

Zhou Zishu grabbed Zhang Chengling and tapped on a large branch, but the branch was like a fake, and when he tapped it, it broke down and fell straight down. Zhou Zishu was shocked in the air and turned in the air. Body, toes hooked on the trunk, who knows in a blink of an eye, the big tree fell so suddenly.

Zhang Chengling put his face in his arms, and suddenly remembered a word taught by Mr. Shu when he was a kid-leaning down the mountain and shaking it from tree to tree.

It turned out to be true ... Sure enough, he didn't listen to the old man, and he didn't spend money on losses.

The entire earth was sunk in. The ground seemed to have opened an unknown big mouth to swallow everyone in. Zhou Zishu finally swept out four or five feet away by the power of the fallen tree. He just stood still, and before he could breathe out, he frowned—in a blink of an eye, Wen Kexing and Ye Baiyi were gone!

Then, his feet fell empty, and the whole person fell down. Zhou Zishu immediately understood the reason why they were gone. In the flashlight, he had no time but to protect Zhang Chengling in his arms. It was dark and he stepped on the air. That part of the place seemed to be alive, and quietly closed again.

I don't know how deep this hole is, and Zhou Zishu said with ease that it was not about to fall to death? He suddenly lifted his breath, and patted his palm on the stone wall below the slope. I don't know how strong it was. The stone wall was recessed by him. The stone debris turned around and the two fell. However, Zhou Zishu took the opportunity to stretch his leg and kick the wall lightly, and performed his boundless and skillless skills.

When I saw him, he seemed to be sticking to the wall, but he was a bit bigger, forgetting that his skills are not what he used to be, and he was holding a big boy like Zhang Chengling, just like this The internal interest was a little stagnant and tight. Zhou Zishu Fang was not good at secretly, but saw that the wall he had dented was trembling again, but he didn't wait for him to respond. A sharp sword came across the gap, and he almost wore them both. Into sugar gourd.

The two men were startled, Zhou Zishu had no choice but to relax his feet, and the two continued to fall down.

Fortunately, this is almost the end. Zhou Zishu landed on both feet and released Zhang Chengling. Fortunately, the illuminated little night pearl that fell in the crypt with Wen Kexing was still on the body. Although it was only a little shimmer, it was enough. He can see things, and Zhou Zishu doesn't know how he has such a relationship with the ditch, thinking whether this is a crime or a mole?

At this moment, Zhang Chengling whispered suddenly: "Master ..."

Zhou Zishu "shushed" him and lowered his voice: "Don't make a noise."

Zhang Chengling was so frightened that his voice changed his tone: "No ... Master, look ..."

This time, he didn't need to point his finger, Zhou Zishu saw it himself-in the narrow and narrow stone room, not far from them, there were two bright eyes, looking at them quietly.

Zhou Zishu held up the night pearl and saw the whole picture of the thing-it was a large python, with a waist so thick, was vomiting a letter, and stared at them with stunned eyes.

Blessing Wushuang arrives, misfortunes do not come alone, Zhou Zishu licks his lips, at this time he deeply understands what it is to drink cold water and plug his teeth.

Zhang Chengling was somehow scared to the extreme. Instead, he talked loudly in his ear: "Master ... Master, I ... I heard that this big python is moving so fast that mortals can't hide at all, It ... It probably has a bad mouth. Before eating, you must pinch the person first. Once ... when it is entangled, the person will be strangled, the bones of the whole body will be crushed, and the internal organs will be squeezed into a ball. , It becomes a facial pocket with only a skin bag, and then it feels digested, and swallows again ... "

Zhou Zishu reached out and held down the "white clothes" soft sword on his waist, gritted his teeth and said, "Shut up, mouth!"

Then, in the snoring of Zhang Chengling's crying father and mother, the big python raised his head and hurled at them quickly.

Chapter 47. puppet

The boa constricted higher than Zhou Zishu, opened his mouth and bit it at Zhou Zishu's throat. Zhou Zishu threw Zhang Chengling into the corner, hiding short, and pulled out a white sword with his backhand, and chopped the sword here. Beast neck.

The blade of the white clothes hit the skin of the big snake, and it seemed as if a spark had been wiped out. The big snake hadn't even scratched the skin on its neck, flung the long tail, and rubbed it over the shoulder of Zhou Zishu, if not He flashed fast, this time can discount his neck, "snake" a snake tail fell to the ground, hitting a flying sand and stones.

Zhou Zishu stepped back three steps, and he felt awkward, knowing that if he wasn't holding white clothes in his hand, he was afraid that the ordinary sword would have been broken by this one.

He immediately felt that something was wrong, and suddenly a thought crossed his mind-when the big python opened his mouth and rushed at him, he didn't smell fishy! This beast is a perennial Ru Mao drinking blood, how could there be no gas in his mouth?

Zhang Chengling stretched his head and stretched his head, looked at it for a while, and suddenly said, "Master, this seems to be a fake snake!"

It didn't matter as soon as he made a noise, the big snake immediately excited, raised his neck, hissing in his mouth and turned to him. Zhang Chengling didn't seem to be so scared. He jumped stupidly from the ground. He still reached out and patted his trousers. He pointed at the big python who was ready to give him a mouthful and said, "Master, look, this snake is really true. The same ... "

He didn't finish a word, and the python had rushed at him.

Zhang Chengling was so scared just now that it was fake, and he was heartless and heartless, as if he felt that the fake snake didn't need to eat people, and there was no danger. Zhou Zishu simply didn't know what to say about him— -Is there a difference between being wrapped in a face pocket by this snake, or being swallowed after being wrapped in a face pocket?

But when he saw that he was going to lose his life, he couldn't ignore it, Zhou Zi jumped up comfortably, a Dapeng spread his wings and flew to the snake's head from one side, and bent the snake's head in a direction, the fake snake I don't know what material it is made of, it is extremely hard.

Zhou Zishu fell to the ground, only feeling his calf pain.

Zhang Chengling was afraid to speak this time.

The moment Zhou Zishu landed, he saw a black hole behind the snake, and he had an idea in his heart, and whispered to Zhang Chengling: "I will lead it away in a while, you run into that cave, but do n’t go in, at the door Wait for me, hear nothing. "

Zhang Chengling nodded obediently.

The snake shook his head, as if he had tasted it again. Zhou Zishu quickly pushed Zhang Chengling: "Go!"

Zhang Chengling rushed forward with his eyes closed and headless. He almost collided with the python, almost as if he was performing what is called "head rat walking". Zhou Zi was so frightened that he fought with a sword, right in the eyes of the python. I gave birth to one of those eyes that I didn't know what the material was, and the python suddenly couldn't take care of Zhang Chengling, and rushed to fight Zhou Zishu to death-of course, it wasn't originally alive, and it was difficult to die again. .

Zhou Zishu climbed up the stone wall, took a sigh of breath, and choked up two or three feet. The big python immediately chased it, biting it tightly. Zhou Yushu Guang glimpsed that Zhang Chengling had run to the opening of the cave, looking anxiously. On this side, he felt relieved and kicked the stone wall suddenly. The whole person turned over in the air, as if folded in half, and fell down from the narrow space.

The fake python was so meticulous and embarrassing that he followed him and folded it, but the space was too narrow, and its waist that could break the sword was not as soft as Zhou Zishu's.

Just listening to the sound of "click it" in the air, then Zhou Zishu fell to the ground and rolled away-but he was more concerned, the fake snake was only half short and half connected, and it was stuck in a narrow place. In the mouth of the cave, a huge tail swayed in the air, giving birth to a little joy.

Zhang Chengling immediately rushed up, "Master, are you not injured?"

Zhou Zishu looked at him and said nothing. Zhang Chengling was very nervous, blinking his eyes. If the master was usually too powerful, Zhang Chengling would just jump up and touch it again to make sure he had short arms and short legs.

Zhou Zishu sighed, hit him on the back of his head, and said, "Internal injuries-that also made you angry, follow me."

Zhang Chengling shook his head and followed him carefully into the cave where the snake was guarding.

This is a narrow passage, very narrow. There is a door in front of it. Zhou Zishu stood at the door, reached out to stop Zhang Chengling's footsteps, and whispered: "Stand against the wall, flash."-Such a small space Here, if there is a mechanism popping up if the door is pushed open, it is inevitable.

Zhou Zishu hesitated for a moment, and cautiously, said to Zhang Chengling: "Hold your breath."

Then he pushed open the small door twelve minutes with vigilance, the door shaft made a "squeaky" sound, the dust fell, Zhou Zishu's whole body was tightened, but nothing happened.

He raised the night pearl in his hand and looked at it, and saw that it was a small stone room full of dust. There were two people standing in the corner, but they were motionless. Zhou Zishu grabbed Zhang Chengling's front flap with one hand, carefully approached the two people, and walked in. It was discovered that it was not a human, but two dolls.

Life-size, a man and a woman, actually scored nothing, as if living, eyes were looking at the door, as if staring at the two intruders.

Zhou Zishu frowned, and his heart was so strange that he didn't want to be called Sheshanzhuang. There was no popularity in this village, and there were strange weirdoes everywhere. With the lesson of the fake snake in front, Zhou Zishu didn't dare to enlighten him. He observed the puppet His joints seemed to be a lot more flexible than that big snake, and it would be impossible to repeat the tricks, so he whispered to Zhang Chengling, "You go ahead, slow down."

Zhang Chengling walked cautiously, Zhou Zishu leaned against him and walked backwards. His eyes did not leave the two figures for a moment.

At the end of the stone room, Zhang Chengling whispered, "Master, there is another door in front of me."

Zhou Zishu heard a crossword in his chest, called Zhang Chengling to give way, turned over to the side, and pushed open the age-old door. In front of him was a bottomless passage, Zhou Zishu whispered, "Go. "

The two entered the passage one after the other, and Zhou Zishu hesitated before leaving—the two puppets, like any other puppet in the world, had no life and would not move, but I do n’t know Why, he just felt the hair on the back, and then subconsciously closed the small door behind him and plugged the door bolt.

So he didn't see it. When he closed the door, the eyes of the two puppets in the stone room turned at the same time for a week, as if looking back at his back.

There seemed to be an echo in this small passage, echoing the footsteps of the two, and seemed particularly lonely and saucy, and also extremely gloomy. Zhang Chengling suddenly got goosebumps inexplicably, and whispered, "Master, I ... I'm a little scared."

He regretted it immediately, thinking that Zhou Zishu was going to scold him. Who knew Zhou Zishu gently raised his hand and placed his palm on his shoulder. His hand was so thin but so warm, Zhang Chengling tilted his head, Seeing Zhou Zishu's side face through the light of the faint night pearl, she felt as if she had taken a reassurance pill.

I do n’t know how long the stone gallery is. It ’s almost impatient for Zhou Zishu to reach the end. Zhou Zishu thought to himself, and did n’t know where Ye Baiyi and Wen Kexing had just arrived. He was n’t particularly worried. Someone can survive the slump, that is, the two goods, but he himself, with Zhang Chengling at such a critical moment, can only make troubles, it is more troublesome.

At the end of the stone gallery, there is another door. This time it is a gate. The sight seems suddenly clear. Zhou Zishu pulled Zhang Chengling behind him and pushed open the door. It looks like a hall, an empty hall, Zhou Zishu's eyes Looking down, I found that the ground was actually black and gray.

Zhang Chengling leaned out of his head and looked at his master in doubt, wondering why Zhou Zishu stopped here.

Zhou Zishu used to be cautious, so he found a piece of broken silver from his arms, stretched out his hand and bounced out, and fell to the dark gray ground. The broken silver rolled twice, and nothing happened-he was slightly relieved. However, at this moment, a drop of water fell on the roof, and under the gaze of the two people's four eyes, it just dropped on the silver thrown by him, and then the broken silver was just on the ground!

Then something more terrible happened. Drops of poisonous water fell to different places, getting denser and denser. In the end, it seemed to be raining.

Zhou Zishu understands why the ground is such an ominous gray-black. After being washed by such terrible rain, people may even turn their bones into gray.

His heart was cold-there were no traces of snow on the world, but he never drifted from the rain, and the dripping water did not touch the light work.

Zhou Zishu took a step back and said, "This road is nowhere, go back."

The two men turned around and heard another footsteps coming from the long stone corridor.

Da da da--

Zhang Chengling was almost entangled in Zhou Zishu, stuttering, "Master, master ... Master, is this ... is this haunted?"

Zhou Zishu raised a finger, motioned him to shut up, and turned his head to Zhang Chengling and said, "Close the door, and save it for a while, quickly, and then you hide at the door and don't make a noise."

Zhang Chengling immediately complied. The footsteps grew faster and denser, and finally changed from walking to running like a rush. Suddenly, there was no sound. The light of the night pearl could only shine on a small area in front of him. Zhou Zishu had to He listened attentively, but he couldn't hear the breath of the second person in this shattered stone gallery except Zhang Chengling.

Then a flash of light flashed in the darkness, Zhou Zishu subconsciously lifted a white sword, and the opponent's epee was pushed down, making him tingle in the tiger's mouth, and in the flashlight fire, Zhou Zishu saw who the other party was. Cold sweat came down-the man holding the epee was the man in the small stone room.

Zhou Zi's thoughts turned sharply, and he immediately realized the poison of the designer's mind in this place. If he just touched the organ in the small stone room, I'm afraid he would take Zhang Chengling back immediately. Although difficult, it is not extinct for a master who can deal with fake pythons.

The designers expected it, but they wanted to lead them into this impenetrable situation. In this small stone corridor, it is difficult for you to perform the work of the world. It is to block all the way of people.

Zhou Zishu was crying bitterly in his heart, and pulled back with his back. The sword in white hit the doll's arm and couldn't cut it—whether it was made of a material with the snake or not, it must be as hard as possible. , The puppet then wielded the sword mechanically and chopped it over.

Zhou Zishu grasped the timing, and made a flick to make a clever move. The white coat flipped a sword flower lightly, and the blade edged against the blade. Then he slammed his strength. The epee in the hand of the doll was split in half by him.

Zhang Chengling had never seen anything like this, and the atmosphere did not dare to stare.

But the doll didn't care, opened his fingers mechanically, threw down the epee, and then carried his arm over—he was not afraid of pain and death, and his whole body could be used as a weapon. Zhou Zishu became two big with one head, and grabbed the arm that was swinging. If it was an ordinary person, I'm afraid he would be taken down by his arm, but the doll was so hard that he pushed him all the way back. Until Zhou Zishu's back was stuck to the door of the stone room behind him.

Zhou Zishu withdrew his hand and flinched. The door made the puppet make a big hole. He was very grateful that he had planned ahead and called Zhang Chengling to close the door. However, the next moment, he could n’t be grateful because he was Behind the man, I saw another woman. This thing seemed like it wouldn't turn and could only go forward.

She walked forward and slid straight to Fang Chengling, who had shrank to the other side to avoid Zhou Zishu and the puppet.

Zhou Zishu exploded his scalp, dwarfed the male doll's cross arm, and slammed into Zhang Chengling. The female doll's movement seemed to be faster. He only had time to protect Zhang Chengling, a long flute in the doll's hand. Sweeping over like a long stick, the place was too small, Zhou Zi could not avoid it, and was only able to take a hard hit on his back, and immediately spit out blood.

With his arms on the wall, blood dripped from his mouth onto Zhang Chengling's shoulders, his body fluttered uncontrollably, almost pressing the boy. Zhang Chengling couldn't wait to be afraid at the moment, so he stretched out his hand to support him. Zhou Zishu tried to hide beside him. The woman even rubbed his scalp with a second blow.

He almost let go of his white clothes, and his chest was trembling with seven jewels and three autumn leaves, his eyes were black.

Zhang Chengling said angrily, "Dare you hurt my master, I have fight with you!"

Regardless of whether they want to pounce on the puppet, the cub is always timid when it should be timid, but timid when it should be timid. Zhou Zi took a slow step without holding him, and looked at Zhang Chengling Zhang Ya flapped his arms at the frosty woman puppet. He was defenseless and almost seemed to bite her with his teeth.

"Little ghost ..." Zhou Zishu wanted to say something, but his mouth was choked by his own blood, and he coughed.

Just as it happened, the stone gallery wall next to the woman's doll suddenly collapsed, the woman's doll could not dodge, and was pressed underneath. The iron flute was still waving in his hand, and a embarrassing man broke in, coughing and beating himself Du Chen said, "What the **** is this ... Ah Su!"

Zhou Zishu breathed a sigh of relief, and was almost unconnected. For the first time in his life, he was so happy to meet Wen Kexing.

Chapter 48. Danger

The woman puppet still stretched her legs and feet on the ground. Wen Kexing didn't pay any attention at first. She almost stepped on it and was swept away by the flute on the ground before jumping away. The man puppet had pulled her arm out of the door hole. Turning this way, Wen Kexing lifted Zhang Chengling, waved and threw it into the wall hole, then leaned down to hold Zhou Zishu, and jumped in.

The man even chased after him, Wen Kexing turned around and stared at the doll with caution. Who knew that the doll could only turn in two directions, forward or backward, without the function of left and right, it could not find a person, and kept on There, back and forth, the long flute on the woman's puppet swung her leg, which was really a shield attacked by the spear of the child, a loud noise, both puppets fell down, and the man puppet suffered When they attacked, they used their arms to pinch the puppet's head, and then the two of them killed each other and stunned inside.

Wen Kexing was relieved, and whispered to Zhou Zi: "Don't talk." Then he closed his acupuncture points and lowered the person, watching the blood on his chest frowned, and said to Zhang Chengling. : "You devil, go and take a look there, if there is one ..."

He paused, not knowing how to describe it, then reached out and gestured, and said, "It's a foot tall, and rolling things like you are rolling over, just run and come back and tell me."

Zhang Chengling said "Oh" and asked, "Senior, my master ..."

Wen Kexing seemed unusually impatient and interrupted him with a cut: "It's okay, I can't die."

Zhang Chengling asked again, "Senior, what are you talking about?"

"I don't know," Wen Kexing sighed, pointing at the blasted wall, "it was the result of that blast."

Zhang Chengling followed his fingers and suddenly felt indifferent. He thought that the predecessor who looked very powerful was also chased after, and he dared not say anything, and ran to the other end nervously to guard.

Wen Kexing reached out to untie Zhou Zishu's clothes, and the latter pressed his wrist, and Zhou Zishu laughed dumbly: "What do you do to take advantage of me?"

Wen Kexing opened his hand and poked lightly on his chest, saying quietly: "Just a few words, you are almost blowing the lights and pulling wax, and you are still poor."

Zhou Zishu felt that his life was complete. He had just been scolded by an old foodie, and was humiliated by a big talk.

Wen Kexing carefully untied his clothes. His eyes flickered unconsciously when he touched several nails on Zhou Zishu's chest. Zhou Zishu didn't care. He felt that his chest and his back were on fire when he breathed. Similarly, I knew that the injury was not minor. I am afraid that the bone was broken and the lungs were injured, so I forcibly did not cough, and even the breath was kept low to avoid aggravating the injury.

Wen Kexing turned him over and saw the injury on his back at a glance. He couldn't help but take a breath and said coldly, "Just a little more, that thing can break your spine, do you believe it?"

Zhou Zi's whispered like a gossip: "Don't talk nonsense, if I can interrupt the spine with a dummy, I have no face to live on."

Wen Kexing snorted, put his hand on his back, carefully examined his injury, and for a long while, sighed, "Are you stupid? Don't you know it hurts?"

He didn't know where he pressed his finger. Zhou Zishu snorted immediately. He didn't say a word for a moment, only half a while, gritted his teeth and said, "You ... might as well give me a shot, try it for yourself ..."

Wen Kexing was rare and silent, so he straightened Zhou Zi, reached out to his back heart, and passed his anger. He didn't dare to force too hard, lest he touch the nail on his chest like Ye Baiyi did last time.

Wen Kexing's practice in his life has always been to kill and hurt people. This is the first time that he has tried to save people with such care, as if a butcher picked up the embroidery needle, and it was almost a trembling, and his forehead was sweating.

After half an hour, he put the amp on and released Zhou Zishu, telling him to lean over his shoulder against the wall. Zhou Zishu knew that he had limited physical strength and did n’t waste much, but he closed his eyes and raised his head, and a little blood on the corner of his mouth had not been wiped clean. His pale face grew even more shocking.

Wen Kexing looked at him for a while, and suddenly couldn't help but leaned down, gently covering the corner of his mouth, and licked a little bit of his blood. He seemed to sigh and reached in / Zhou Zishu In their hair, the two breathed very close together. Zhou Zishu didn't know when he opened his eyes, but didn't waste his energy to avoid him. He just whispered: "It's a villain who is in danger."

Wen Kexing didn't raise his eyelids, and said in a low voice, "It's as if you are a gentleman."

He chuckled and exhaled, as if whispering, Zhou Zishu's calmness finally couldn't hold it anymore, and he opened his face a little uncomfortably, but was pinched by his chin, and asked, "Do you have a conscience? I heal you Isn't there even such a benefit? "

Zhou Zishu was silent for a long while, and finally said, "I have no intention of selling myself for the time being."

Wen Kexing laughed: "Do you know what happens when the situation is not as good as others?"

Zhou Zishu raised his eyebrows, and looked at him with a kind of "people can still be shameless" eyes. I only heard Wen Kexing attach to his ear and whispered: "Strong, buy, strong, sell."

Zhou Zishu smiled bitterly: "You're very interested."

Wen Kexing's gaze stared at him for a while, then he let go of him, folded his hands behind his head, stretched his legs and stepped on the other wall, and lay down, proudly: "But You can owe it first. "

Zhou Zishu was exhausted, so he stopped talking about him and closed his eyes half-stunned and half-sleeping.

Wen Kexing knows his patience. A few of them, except Ye Baiyi, no one understands this inexplicable and mysterious Qimen Jiajia technique. They walk around without a fly and may encounter something. Zhang Chengling now It's a little ghost with no full hair. Zhou Zishu is also seriously injured. It's better to stay in place and take a break, and take a moment to think about it.

Zhou Zishu's breathing was low, but it was very even, as if he was asleep, Wen Kexing turned his face to look at him, and suddenly remembered what the Southern Xinjiang Witch said-"If you waste all your power Go, maybe I can have two points to keep you alive. "He couldn't help but sit up straight, put his strength in his palm, and slowly raised it, maybe ...

His palm hesitated before he pressed it. Suddenly one hand stretched out of the air, and his cold fingers caught his wrist. Zhou Zishu didn't know when to open his eyes, and the two eyes met in this small space. .

Zhou Zishu's eyes were very calm. He couldn't hear any waves in his tone. He asked, "What are you doing?"

Wen Kexing said nothing.

Zhou Zishu sighed suddenly, looked away, and said blankly, "Others don't understand, don't you understand?"

Wen Kexing slowly lowered his eyes, half a moment, and gently put his palm to one side.

"Yes, I understand." He said, sending his arm down suddenly, and the ground was pressed firmly by his palm with a half-inch deep stamp. He tried to persuade himself, repeating Once again, "I understand ..."

Zhang Chengling did not know when he fell asleep, nor how long he fell asleep, and was suddenly awakened by a loud noise not far away. He jumped up, twisted his neck with vigilance, looked around, and then held his shoulder with one hand. Zhang Chengling stunned and turned back suddenly, only to find that he was the master he couldn't even stand the day before.

Zhou Zishu coughed lowly, held Zhang Chengling and instructed: "Don't move around, follow."

As soon as Zhang Chengling turned his head, Wen Kexing followed him. The boy looked at this and then that, and asked, "Master, is your injury well?"

Zhou Zishu didn't look back, saying, "I'm not human?"

Zhang Chengling thought about it, too, so badly hurt-and ignored Zhou Zishu's bad tone, he went up again and asked, "Master, can you ... can you go by yourself?"

Zhou Zishu took a deep breath. Not only was his body hurting, but his brain was hurting. He asked, "What else do you think I'm doing?"

Wen Kexing turned his head and laughed, Zhang Chengling scratched his head and said, "Master, I mean ... you are so hurt ..."

Zhou Zishu glanced expressionlessly at him: "Do you think I should be weak in this ghost place? Do you want to carry me?"

Zhang Chengling had to show filial piety, and Wen Kexing immediately said, "I can carry you, I can hold you."

Zhou Zishu turned his head and coughed, bowed his shoulder and pressed his chest injury, and said briefly: "Don't talk nonsense."

The three of them followed the tunnel carefully and cautiously approached the place where the loud noise happened. Zhou Zishu cautiously, put the night pearl into his palm, and immediately went dark. Wen Kexing stepped forward to hold Zhou Zishu, dragged him to his side, reached out, took Zhou Zishu's white sword, and drew his finger on the blade, showing a little praise on his face, and then his wrist The sword trembled, and the sword stabbed out.

The man at the corner couldn't wait for a flick, and actually stretched out his finger to deflect his sword tip. Wen Kexing then changed his moves. The soft sword was in the hands of Zhou Zishu, and it was very clear and very clear. , But like the bones of the cheekbones, weird.

In the darkness, the two passed ten times in the electric light fire, but after Zhou Zishu frowned for a moment, he suddenly said: "Senior Ye?"

The other person hummed slightly, Zhou Zishu lifted the night pearl again, and saw Ye Baiyi's unusually stinking complexion. Wen Kexing then withdrew his sword and hugged his fist with a smile: "Misunderstanding and misunderstanding are pure misunderstandings. "

He is obviously talking about ghosts-Zhou Zishu can still guess the other party's whereabouts after hearing the sound, not to mention that he personally fought in the battle. Wen Kexing clearly borrowed the name of darkness, and wanted to do what he wanted. Seeing him The prejudice of this old senior is still somewhat deep.

Ye Baiyi glanced at Zhou Zishu and frowned, "How can you make this person look like a ghost?"

Zhou Zishu was able to save a little effort and lean as little as possible, leaning sideways against the stone wall, and after waiting for his comment, he said kindly: "The junior is too useless, it is a rice bucket."

Ye Baiyi unexpectedly glanced at him, nodded, and said, "You know what you know." He looked around and beckoned to three people: "Here we are."

Zhou Zishu and Wen Kexing knew that this old thing was not vegetarian. They were pleased to ask him to take the lead. The two placed him at the bottom, sandwiched Zhang Chengling in the middle, and walked. Wen Kexing suddenly stuck it up and reached out to embrace Zhou Zishu's waist. He silently pulled one arm over his shoulder.

Zhou Zishu glanced at him and frowned, "I'm stupefied?"

Wen Kexing sighed: "The old monster is here, what are you good at?"

Strange to say, the two people were in distress every now and then, but they felt that this place was like a ghost hole, followed by Ye Baiyi, but it was surprisingly smooth. The four did not know how many laps they had made, and walked to a hall-like hall. The place was calm and calm when I went in. Who knew that after a while, there were countless one-foot-high **** rolling in all directions.

Wen Kexing subconsciously pushed Zhang Chengling behind him, and then picked up Zhou Zi Shu Fei and took out three or four feet. This thing can make him exhausted. I do n’t know how to do it. If he touches it, it will explode. This stuff chased in the tunnel for a long time, and I felt like I was a big mouse.

Ye Baiyi didn't panic. Seeing those **** coming in like a tide, he suddenly sang and pushed forward with a volley. I didn't know what trick to use. Zhang Chengling's eye tipped and saw the slate under his feet instantly. Broken, the first ball that rolled over burst into the air, and then a chain reaction almost occurred. A series of explosions, Ye Baiyi's hands arrived there, but it seemed to erect an invisible wall. Are all blocked out.

Wen Kexing also turned his head and looked at Ye Baiyi's back thoughtfully.

Later, I only heard Ye Baiyi shouting, "I'm not getting out!"

He reached for a hand and a large slate fell on the wall of the hall, and a figure flashed out of it.

Zhou Zishu and others looked at Ye Baiyi's sight, and they all froze for a moment.

Chapter 49. Finches

The man looked at his face, but in his thirties, he was a paralyzed, with his limbs shrunk to the size of a child, and his exposed arms shriveled, only his head was large, and his neck was crooked to one side. Not like people at all, terrible. He was sitting in a wooden wheelchair, and the wheelchair slowly slipped out of the hole.

Ye Baiyi frowned slowly, staring at the man, and suddenly said, "You are not a dragon sparrow."

The finches and his Xinzhuang have been legends for decades, and the real finches can never be so young. The man in the wheelchair gave a sharp laugh and said, "I am certainly not."

His eyes were huge, and Wen Kexing secretly bit Zhou Zhoushu's ear and said, "Do you think his eyes are going to fall out?"

Zhou Zishu only felt that he was boring. It seemed that no matter what the occasion, he had to be pinpointed and bored once to get back the book, so he ignored him.

Just listening to the man in the wheelchair screamed, "Who are you? How dare you break into Xinzhuang?"

Ye Baiyi looked at the man and felt that he was weird and strange. He was not like a good guy, so he reluctantly pressed his temper and said in a human tone: "I have something to see the dragon bird."

In Ye Baiyi's words, this was a good word, but in the ears of others, it was still a stupid and rude idiot, so the man in the wheelchair turned his head, and Jushu's eyes looked up and down. For a long while, he chuckled coldly, "The old immortal bone dregs of the finches are gone, what are you asking him for?"

The ditch between Ye Baiyi's eyebrows grew deeper and deeper, staring at the human being: "The finches died? How did they die?"

The man in the wheelchair proudly said, "Of course I killed it."

This is too incredible. When the three masters of the world trespassed into Xinzhuang, they were also very embarrassed and almost broke inside. With a person who couldn't even walk, he could enter unscathed and kill the owner of Xinzhuang ?

Ye Baiyi apparently did not know what was implicit, and looked at the person, saying, "Don't fart anymore, if you can kill the finches by yourself, I can shake the tree, unless you are his son, let him lie down. Let you chop whatever you want. "

Upon hearing this, Wen Kexing knew that it was going to be bad, and immediately said to Zhang Chengling: "Go out, run away!"

Sure enough, before his words were heard, the weird man in the wheelchair yelled, "Look for death!"

Then he raised his hand and patted him, and saw the densely popped human figures on the walls of the whole hall, and then dozens of bald and glossy puppets poured out from all directions, Zhang Chengling ran out, and did not escape. I ran into a puppet full of arms, the puppet was quite rude, and raised his arms to open him.

Zhou Zishu immediately popped out with his fingers, hitting Zhang Chengling's knee, and told him to "knob" and fell to the ground with a thud, and then he barely avoided it. Zhang Chengling crawled over the ground with a roll, and looked around for a week with his mouth open, sighing: " Master, aren't we here in Yincao Difu? "

Zhou Zishu sighed, knowing that he was born with the word "delicate", he patted Wen Kexing's arm, sandwiched Zhang Chengling between them, and stood back against Wen Kexing, whispering: " This dummy is hard and undead, but it is also good. "

Wen Kexing wondered: "What else is good?"

Zhou Zishu said: "One is not jumping, the other is stupid."

While he was talking, two puppets had attacked from both sides, Wen Kexing was holding Zhang Chengling, and Zhou Zishu seemed to have a rhinoceros, and leaped in two directions at the same time. The two puppets immediately lost their targets and bumped into each other. Together, lingering on the ground.

Wen Kexing glanced at him and covered Zhang Chengling's eyes with a wry smile, and sighed, "The one who is up and down, looks like the Spring Palace is moving."

As soon as Zhou Zishu fell to the ground, a man immediately hit him with a big stick and smashed him. He turned around and flickered away. He felt a pain from the chest to his throat, which was like a fire. I'm afraid a slight cough could bring out a mouthful of blood. Then he bit his teeth firmly and held back his cough.

The puppet didn't hit a stick, and continued to chase unwillingly. When his chest swept across, Zhou Zishu leaned back and ducked away, Wen Kexing saw it, and couldn't help but said with emotion: "This waist is really soft."

Then before raising the third stick of the puppet, he raised his hand and threw Zhang Chengling into the volley. Seeing Zhang Chengling's six gods waving his arms and legs, like a toad cramp, he said, "I teach you Did your sword invite you to dinner? "

Zhang Chengling uttered "ah" and rushed to the doll that was pressing Zhou Zishu, standing high, and threw the doll out of balance. One man and one man fell at the same time, and he rubbed in a panic. Jumping up with a sore buttock, he panicked and asked, "Senior, I ... what should I do?"

Taking the opportunity to take a breath, Zhou Zishu grabbed his collar, threw him back to Wen Kexing again, and said in his mouth, "Don't make a mess."

The three of them were purely implicated, and the situation was not bad. Ye Baiyi, who spoke directly and offended the host here, was miserable. The dense dolls surrounded him so tightly that the old things were getting older and getting older. Be stubborn, you have to stubbornly confront those puppets, and just listen to the "cracking" over there, it is as lively as the New Year.

Zhou Zishu reached out his fist against his chest, forced a bite of sweet blood back, and said to Wenke, who came by, "This won't work, I'm afraid it won't last long. Who knows how much **** there is in this ghost place?"

Wen Kexing said: "This place is called Xinzhuang. I see that there is only one living thing, and the rest are all this stuff."

Zhou Zishu narrowed his eyes: "It makes sense, and it seems that only one can be killed."

The two looked at each other, and they were not good dates. Wen Kexing once again threw Zhang Chengling as the slave of the high mountain slave and watched him overwhelmed with a weeping cry. Zhou Zishu flew forward and rushed out before the fallen puppet threw his arm to the death of the little ghost. , Tossed him aside, then lightly touched the ground with his toes, and flew like a swallow at the weird man in a wheelchair.

The man whispered, "Another one is looking for death." Leaning back, he saw a dozen iron chains suddenly flying under the wooden wheelchair, with a spear tied in front of each chain, from all directions Direct shot to Zhou Zishu.

Zhou Zi took a sigh of relief, a catty drop fell from the air, swayed under his feet, and swayed behind a cricket, and the spear that followed immediately would hit the puppet, the tip of the gun bent back, but the iron cable would The puppet wrapped the bitch.

Zhou Zishu threw it out with long sleeves, and said in his mouth, "Don't you use a hidden weapon?"

The weird was startled, slammed the handle of the wheelchair, and suddenly held up an iron umbrella, but after waiting for a while, nothing happened-these scary cheap tricks were learned by Zhou Zishu and Gu Xiang, and they don't care now Any master who is low-handed is not polite, and he uses it to him.

The weird man found that he was fooled and irritated and waved the iron umbrella, but there was no figure of Zhou Zishu in front of him. He couldn't care about Ye Baiyi either. He looked around and heard someone laugh on the roof: "I said stupid, you Why give a mallet a needle? "

The weird man looked up, Wen Kexing descended from the air, holding a large stick that fell out of which puppet, and smashed it in the head. Who knows where on the wheelchair suddenly burst into a billowing explosion? Wen Kexing could see the nemesis, yelled at the stick with a strong blow, and flew the ball out. He didn't notice where the thing was hit by him. After all, he heard Ye Baiyi roar: "Do you die, boy Wen?"

Wen Kexing rolled over in the air and looked back. When he saw Ye Baiyi's gray-faced face, he immediately rejoiced and turned to the wheelchair geek and said, "Hurry up, give me another ball."

He only made the wheelchair so smoky, but he didn't wait for any response. He just heard a clear howling sound in his ear. As soon as he tilted his head, he saw a clear sword light. He pointed directly at his throat, and he Knowing that he was terrible, he didn't dare to enlarging it. He opened the iron umbrella and stood in front of himself again, and then he planned to escape from this hall.

The next moment, the man in the wheelchair stopped moving, and his eyes were wider than the average person's two circles, and he looked down unbelievably. He didn't expect that the other person's hand was actually A soft sword, a soft sword that can be controlled at will.

This was the last thought in his mind-Zhou Zishu's white clothes penetrated his throat.

Zhou Zishu succeeded in a blow, and did not stop. He heard that the puppet was chasing after him, and he jumped into the air without turning his head back. Since jumping over the wheelchair, the puppet hit an obstacle and immediately hit him with a stick. With a sound, I shattered the incredible magical wooden chair, the parts of the machine fell all over the floor, and then all the puppets in this hall stopped as if they had been fixed.

Zhou Zishu fell to the ground, and while the long-awaited Wen Kexing immediately reached out to catch him, he kissed him on the face and praised, "Good sword!"

Zhou Zishu wiped his face as if he was drooling after being licked by the dog, pushed him away, and said blankly, "So cheap."

With a somber face, Ye Baiyi picked up Zhang Chengling, who was tripped on the ground by a fallen puppet, and strode over without saying a word. He patted Wen Kexing with one palm, and the latter hid with a hippie smile. Wen Ke Xingbian hides and said: "Oh old senior, why do you still care about these trivial matters with the younger generation?"

Zhou Zishu sighed, coughed lowly, and sat weakly on a fallen puppet, saying, "You two will stop for a while, I say old Mr. Ye, who is not a rice bucket, you have a look at it. These institutions, think of getting us out. "

Ye Baiyi glanced at the fragmented wooden wheelchair, and said, "All the organs have been smashed by you, make a fart." Turning and striding toward the wall hole where the wheelchair stranger came out, Zhang Chengling rushed over and asked quietly: " Are you okay, Master? "

The child was stabbed several times by two people as stones, but he did not cherish resentment. He was still thinking about his master's injury. Zhou Zishu called his pure and caring eyes, and suddenly felt that he was not Something is gone, so it is rare to say gently in the wind: "It doesn't matter."

Zhang Chengling then squatted down with his back to him: "Master, I'll walk with you on my back."

Zhou Zishu laughed and laughed, patted his shoulder, stood up and said, "Okay, I don't expect you."

After only two steps, Wen Kexing could not help but came over and stopped him. Zhou Zishu said comfortably that this guy was not enough to take advantage of him, and then hit his elbow to hit him. Wen Kexing said: "You save effort For a while, the old foodie will have to count on you to fight if you can't play with these institutions. "

Zhou Zishu thought about it too, and leaned on him by his strength. He felt relaxed, and felt that he was almost falling apart.

This is right, just listen to Ye Baiyi saying, "You all come."

The three followed up the hole in the wall, and there were no holes in there. The entire wall was complicated and complicated, and it was actually a map of Xinzhuang.

Wen Kexing looked up dumbly and looked around for a while, before he said, "This ... even if it's for me, I don't understand."

Zhou Zishu chuckled, "It's great, so am I."

Ye Baiyi glanced at the two of them, and finally he was speechless. He directed Zhang Chengling, "You follow me." Zhang Chengling kept up with him, and saw Ye Baiyi touching the wall and touching it on the wall. I didn't know what the tinkering was, but the wall opened at once, exposing the various organs inside, which was simply amazing.

Zhou Zishu looked up and sighed, "This man who built Jianzhuang is really a strange man." Zhang Chengling gave Ye Baiyi a fight, and he tossed for a long time, just listening to the roar, that room Ding Lian opened a wall next to it, revealing a row of steps.

The four of them walked up carefully, and they didn't know how far they had gone. Several of them even returned to the ground, with wind, sunshine, and plants—a nice little yard.

Ye Baiyi said: "This is the real Xinzhuang."

He looked around and suddenly strode to a small iron fence hut at the door. The room was under a big tree, spooky, the windows and the door were sealed. It was like It's a prison.

Ye Baiyi took the palm of his hand and lifted the iron door down. Then the art master pushed the door boldly, and the three followed him, and then stood with Ye Baiyi-only in this small prison There is a bed, a person tied to it by a large iron chain.

An old man with gray hair and eyes blind, because he has been blind in the dark for a long time, as if he heard a voice, turned his head, his skinny body can't help shrinking.

For a long while, Ye Baiyi asked, "Are you ... a dragon sparrow?"

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Chapter 50. key

The old man turned his ears sideways to them, nervously twitched. The chain on his body rang "thinly" with his movement. Zhang Chengling secretly pulled La Zhou Zishu, and whispered, "Master ... that chain, is Did it penetrate his lute bone? "

Zhou Zishu "hushed" him and frowned, finding that the chain on the old man was not wrapped around him, but passed through, from the lute bone, from the knee bone, and the wound was so rotten Bones, Zhou Zi Shujue, so it's not easy to be alive.

The room was smelly and drowned everywhere. The clothes of the old man could not see the original color, and the cover could not be seen. He opened his mouth, as if he hadn't spoken in a long time, and spoke slowly and vaguely. He asked hoarsely, "Who are you? Dragon? Filial?"

Ye Baiyi asked, "Is Long Xiao a paralyzed man in a wheelchair? He is dead-who are you?"

The old man heard the words, and he froze for a while, then suddenly opened his mouth, his face seemed to show a laugh, but there was no sound, and then a few drops of muddy tears slowly leaked out of the corner of his eyes, and they slipped down instantly, then Gone. Ye Baiyi ignored him, but just squatted down and studied the bunch of iron chains on him, making him seem crazy and cry for a while.

After a long while, Ye Baiyi reached out to Zhou Zishu and said, "Bring your sword to me."

Zhou Zishu knew that he wanted to split the iron cable with a white sword, so he untied it and handed it up. Ye Baiyi took the white sword, and the chopping hand slashed down at an iron chain. However, there was a scream, and the iron cable didn't move. There wasn't even a gap, but the white sword in his hand trembled.

Seeing Zhou Zishu was very painful.

The old man suddenly said, "You don't have to ... work hard, it's useless."

Ye Baiyi asked, "What have you done that is so angry, that the paralytic hated you like this?"

The old man was silent for a while and said, "I did ... the only thing I'm sorry for him is to feed him ... a son."

Several people looked at each other. After knowing why Ye Baiyi said the phrase "unless you are the dragon bird and his son", Long Xiao became angry and angry on the spot-this old food was so godlike that he could tell him such incredible things. in.

After a while, Wen Kexing suddenly asked, "You said he was a dragon ... wouldn't it be filial piety?"

Zhou Zishu felt that he didn't open the pot, so he gave him an elbow. Wen Kexing did not dare to hide, and suffered, and looked at him with rubbing his ribs.

The old man laughed mutely: "My previous life was a crime of murder and arson. This life has been revenge!"

The old man leaned on the bedpost, stretched out his orange-like hand, rubbed the bedpost, and spoke for a while. His tongue looked sharper and said, "This is the bedroom where I and Yuchai were. The beast was born here. I wanted to come to my husband and wife, but both died in his hands. Hey, isn't it his life? "

Zhou Zishu asked in a soft voice: "Yu chase is a lady?"

The old man's face was really terrible, and the beauty, ugliness, joy, and happiness were no longer visible. However, the word "yu chase" was mentioned. The gully skin seemed to have a lot of slack, and a tear stuck to him. In the deep wrinkles at the corners of his mouth, the flickering ones didn't fall down, he sighed: "Because I didn't have any children, after Yu chased away, I built Xinzhuang and dismissed my servants ..."

Zhang Chengling glanced at Wen Kexing in surprise, and felt more and more that his predecessor was amazing. He even said that, and only listened to the old man, then said, "I promised Yu chase. I must raise the small animal well, but He was born to be unable to stand up, so I learned everything I had learned in my life, and thought that even if he had no other ability, he had the ability to settle down, oh! "

Ye Baiyi asked, "So, what is he going to do to imprison you?"

The old man trembled and remained silent for a long while before whispering, "It's for the book of yin and yang."

Except for Zhang Chengling, the other three were all staring at each other, staring at the half-dead old man without blinking. Zhou Zishu couldn't help but asked softly, "Is it ... Ms. Rong's Yin Yang Book?"

The old man nodded and said slowly: "Life and death, reverse yin and yang-"

The legendary divine medicine relic of the valley, the world's incurable diseases, all-encompassing, the green demon hopes that it can heal his face, who would be more eager for it than a person with a big mind but born with paralysis?

Zhou Zishu's thoughts turned extremely fast and asked, "Isn't the book of yin and yang combined with Feng Shanjian and Liuhe Xinfa, which were sealed into the glazed armor together? Could it be that he thought the glazed armor was with you?"

"Glass armor?" The old man grinned and shook his head. "You are all wrong. The glaze armor was made by me that year, but it is just a lock. If you want to get something sealed inside, five pieces of glaze armor. It doesn't work, six pieces, seven pieces, eight pieces, it doesn't work, it lacks a 'key'. "

Ye Baiyi raised an eyebrow: "The key is in your hand?"

The old man said, "I don't.

Ye Baiyi asked, "Who is in your hands?"

The old man smiled with a mockery: "Yes, you don't believe it, he doesn't believe it."

Zhou Zishu looked at him for a long while, and suddenly asked, "Senior Dragon, do you know who holds the key?"

The old man turned his face to face Zhou Zishu, as if he could be seen, and nodded, "Yes, I know-I sweared that the key was missing, no one can tell anyone, no one can tell, Long Xiao ... ... Long Xiao is crazy. "

Ye Baiyi narrowed his eyes and asked aggressively: "So, what happened to Rong Xuan and others 30 years ago, are you an insider?"

The old man nodded silently, but before Ye Baiyi asked questions, he said again, "I can't say, Rong Xuan and his wife have a life-saving grace. I promised Mrs. Rong that I couldn't say."

Ye Baiyi chuckled coldly: "This can't help you."

The old man laughed, labored to move one leg, fumbled for the iron chain that penetrated the kneecap, raised it to him, and still said lightly: "What else can you do with me? Long Xiao that little beast ... ... has locked me for three years, what can you do to me? "

Zhou Zishu watched the old man with air in and air out leaning on the foot of the bed, with a little smile and indifferent appearance, suddenly remembered the words of General Fan Yi's old saying, "Dead and unavoidable, Drink wine and settle down? "Can't help but guess, who is this finches?

Amazing. For one person, avoiding the crowds, he built the unpredictable Sheshanzhuang in one hand. For a commitment and a secret, after three years of purgatory life on earth, he was even his own son. , Failed to tell him to relax ... Zhou Zishu suddenly felt that the entire rivers and lakes, because of the lingering old man in front of him, no one can be regarded as a hero.

Wen Kexing's arm holding him suddenly tightened, as if to tighten his entire body tightly, Zhou Zishu frowned slightly and turned to look at him, only to see Wen Kexing staring blankly at the dragon Que, there is no meaning of laughing on a face. For a moment, Zhou Zishu even felt that there was a flash of water in his black eyes, but only for a moment, he disappeared.

Just listen to him say to Ye Baiyi: "Hey, old monster, people would not say, don't be offensive."

Ye Baiyi ignored him, grabbed the arm of the dragon sparrow, and said coldly, "I don't want to know what glass and key, I just want to ask, how did Rong Xuan and his wife die?"

He gripped too tightly, the blue tendons on the back of his hands burst out, and the pain on his face became clear, but he still said, "I don't ..."

Wen Kexing frowned, laid Zhou Zi down, and handed it to Zhang Chengling to help him, angered for unknown reasons: "Old monster, are you endless?"

Then he didn't say a word of greeting, and suddenly broke into trouble and attacked Ye Baiyi's heart.

Zhang Chengling, while holding Zhou Zishu, opened his mouth dumbly, watching Wen Kexing and Ye Baiyi dazzle their hands. He didn't understand why the people who had just joined the alliance all the way suddenly turned their faces.

The two men were not small when they started to move. The prison cell that trapped the finches almost shook the mountains. The two demolished their houses and stunned each other. Ye Baiyi scolded, "Boy, what are you crazy about?"

Wen Kexing sneered coldly: "It's not pleasing to you, I want to slap you, can't I?"

Zhang Chengling didn't understand and asked Zhou Zishu, "Master ..."

Zhou Zishu ignored him, his eyebrows were locked, his heart seemed to suddenly rise to a rough outline, suddenly opened up, he pushed Zhang Chengling away, walked to the dragon bird, and sat down.

Long Que listened and asked, "Are you hurt?"

Zhou Zishu said, "Your son is hurting."

The Lark laughed and said dumbly, "Okay ... look at me, you're fine."

Zhou Zishu didn't say a word, carefully studied the iron chain on his body, and talked about the organs. He had ten tricks and nine tricks. Nothing was known. But when it comes to torture, no one is more familiar than the former skylight leader. However, Zhou Zishu glanced over and over again, but could not tell what the iron chain did. He gave up and said to Long Que: "I am powerless. Now your son is dead, what do you do?"

Long Que thought about it and said calmly: "Then I ought to die too-I should have died, he wouldn't let me, and no one cares about me now. The last thing I regret in my life is I ’ve brought up Yuchai ’s son. I know he ’s my son, but I always think he ’s going to Yuchai ’s life. If ... these years, my father is a good man, and it ’s not harmful. Got him. "

Zhou Zishu felt that this statement made sense and did not know how to comfort him. At the end, he admitted frankly: "Good."

At this time, Ye Baiyi and Wen Kexing had really lifted the roof, and the two jumped out to fight, but the dark cell was brightened. The finches felt the sunlight, and reached out with a trembling hand. , Sighed with satisfaction.

Zhou Zishu was about to talk again, only to hear Ye Baiyi outrageously irritably: "What fun are you kid doing? The last name is Long, I must know what happened to Rong Xuan, that's my apprentice!"

A throat roared out, and even the queen finch stopped, and Wen Kexing swept past and stiffened in the air, maintaining a ridiculous posture, looking at Ye Baiyi queerly, Xindao Rongxuan and Long Que were one For generations, Ye Baiyi is the master of Rong Xuan ... Can this surnamed Ye be a thousand-year-old tortoise?

Ye Baiyi gave him a cold glance, turned to go back to the house, stood in front of the dragon bird, and said stiffly, "Rong Xuan stole half of the Liuhexin method from me and went down the mountain. Because of what he left behind, the Central Plains Wulin convened a mountain and river order, shouldn't I know what happened that year? "

Long Que asked: "You are Ye ... Ye ..."

"I am Ye Baiyi."

Long Que took a deep breath and shook his head and sighed, "I never thought that my predecessor was still alive ..."

An old man with white hair, called a young man to be a senior, the scene in front of him is very weird.

Zhou Zishu thought for a while and interjected: "I accidentally broke through Xinzhuang's organs and encountered two dolls, one male and one female. There are many puppets in this village. That pair looks like a real person. Senior Dragon, your pair of puppets, are you and Mrs. Zong, or Rongxuan? "

The finches closed their eyes, and for a long while, said, "It's Rongxuan couple."

Zhou Zishu whispered softly: "Then they broke their respective heads with each other."

The dragon's hand shook invisible, and Ye Baiyi immediately asked, "Rong Xuan is out of control?"

Long Que nodded silently and said, "Yes, before Mrs. Rong died, he went into a demon. Mrs. Rong died in his hands."
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