Faraway Wanderers Chapter 31-40

Chapter 31. Shelling

Suddenly, Zhou Zishu felt a gaze on him. Someone seemed to stare at him specifically, then turned his head, and just hit Ye Baiyi's sight. Ye Baiyi was also standing in the crowd, not far from him. There was nothing to say. He didn't even nod his greetings. He still looked at him without blinking, and his expression was calm, like saying to Zhou Zishu It's the same as when "you're going to die".

You're dying, and you've been a turtle with a shell all your life—Zhou Zishu said silently in his heart, and he thought, what's the big deal, I've come to this field, and gave it forward What paves the way, and what is the plan? If a person has never been impetuous in his life, isn't he too depressed and sad?

Suddenly, he realized that in fact, his wish was only to be a king of eight without a shell.

The clamoring crowd suddenly heard a chuckle, and his laughter supposedly shouldn't be highlighted in the noisy crowd, but I don't know what method the man used, and everyone's voice was suppressed by birth. Then, a man with a yellow face and a shameless appearance came out and whispered, "You, everyone in the court, embarrassed a child. What is the truth?"

Zhang Chengling opened his eyes, opened his mouth, and silently called "Master."

Cao Weining recommended Gao Chong for Zhou Zishu, so Gao Chong paused and called out his identity. "Brother Zhou."

Gao Chong only felt very strange. At this moment, the man was wearing a peculiar style of masters. It stands to reason that he should definitely not forget to look at it. However, when Cao Weining brought them to Gaojiazhuang that day, he did not notice At this point, even until then, he could barely remember his surname Zhou, but he couldn't remember his name. Gao Chong's heart was a little surprised.

I saw Zhou Zishu beckoning to Zhang Chengling and said, "Little ghost, come here."

Zhang Chengling immediately rushed into his arms without saying a word, just like seeing his dad.

Feng Xiaofeng said sharply, "Who are you?"

Zhou Zi embraced Zhang Chengling's shoulders, tilted his head and looked at Feng Xiaofeng, and when he saw him, he felt very upset, so he provoked slowly. "Don't you even recognize your father?"

Feng Xiaofeng was furious, and this time he did not wait for him to speak. He shouted at Zhou Zishu with a roar, and his body was very huge. Every step on the ground seemed to affect the ground and shock him. Similarly, then the mountain shouting tsunami rushed over, and with a meteor hammer as big as a human head in his hand, he had to hammer Zhou Zishu into a meat sauce.

He seemed to treat everyone who dared to insult Feng Xiaofeng as if he killed his father and his enemies, and the relationship between the two was really weird and weird.

Zhou Zishu's figure flickered but was no longer in place. By the way, Zhang Chengling was taken away, and the meteor hammer hit the ground, which actually knocked the bluestone slab out of a large pit.

Gao Chonglian looked on, and thought that this person's light work seemed to have reached the point where he could be absorbed into the world, and he could still have such a speed while holding a person.

When the mountain slave missed it, he lifted his hand and swept out with another hammer, "humming". Zhou Zishu saw the timing, and his toe was slightly on the chain, and he pulled up two feet high, and then made a kick on the hammer by the direction of the meteor hammer, and I did n’t know how big his foot was. Anyway, when people reacted, the meteor hammer had already made a circle and rushed towards their master.

Alpine slaves are not very flexible, they are unavoidable. In anxiety, he had to hold his body tightly, withdraw his head, leaned to the side, yelled, and slammed it with his shoulder. He flew out and fell to the ground.

Feng Xiaofeng screamed, as if the meteor hammer was hitting himself. At this moment, he couldn't even care about others, so he flew up to see his alpine slave first. Alpine slave's shoulder was shattered to one side, but after all, he was thicker and thicker than others, alive and conscious, and curled up into a huge pile on the ground, without speaking, his eyes looked so painfully Feng Xiaofeng.

Feng Xiaofeng then looked up, and cast his eyes fiercely on Zhou Zishu.

Zhou Zishu faced Shen Shui, and said, "He wants my life, but I don't want his life." Then he pulled Zhang Chengling and said, "Let's go."

"Stop!" This time it was Hua Shan who was in charge of Qiu Ling. As soon as he stood up, several major martial arts behind Hua Shan faction followed him. Yu Qiu looked at Zhou Zishu very poorly, and then hugged rashly Holding his fist and gritting his teeth, he said, "This knight, you just took this child away from the heroes in the world, but you didn't look at the big guy too?"

Zhou Zishu glanced at him, and asked lightly, "What about Yu said?"

Yu Qiu said. "If you can go, you can tell him why he was chased by him three or two times. Does the Zhang family have anything to do with Liuli Jia? Who is Liuli Jia now?"

Zhou Zi Shupi smiled glanced at the head of this bitter and hostile Huashan, lowered his head, and asked Zhang Chengling. "Do you know what he is talking about?"

Zhang Chengling tightened his lips and shook his head.

Zhou Zishu asked again, "What did he want to say if he asked you?"

Zhang Chengling reached out his hand and carefully held his clothes without saying a word. Zhou Zishu nodded, and then turned back to Qiu Yun and said, "Yu head, you can ask if you don't have to answer. We'll just leave it there and it will be good in the future."

Yan Yan pulled Zhang Chengling to raise his leg and walked away. The Zodiac leader of Cangshan behind Yu Qiu sneered and said, "No one in the eyes of a kid!" This zodiac is very unreliable. He has a black egg face, which is as crooked as possible, and he prefers to follow the old fan Yu Qiu who is holding a folding fan all the year round. He does not know what he thinks .

At this moment, he was dissatisfied, like a huge potato bouncing.

Zhou Zishu laughed secretly, saying that no one in his eyes was right, anyway, these hen-like goods can only be whispered, none of them can be seen. Seeing that the zodiac was delivered, Zhou Zishu Zhang Zhangling The hands never let go. The crowd only felt a flower in front of them, and the two of them did not know how many moves they took. Then the zombies groaned and took three steps backwards, spitting a spit of blood. Then he sat on the ground with one butt.

Into a baked potato.

Immediately under the court, "Master!" "Head!" Exclaimed.

Yu Qiu anxious, pointed at Zhou Zi and said, "Where did the demons come from, are they with the group of evil spirits? Don't let him go!"

If you can't hit it, you will buckle up a big hat. Zhou Zi shouted and twitched Zhang Chengling. He didn't intend to entangle with them, and it was a few feet away in a blink of an eye. There was chaos in the field, with Cao Weining stubbornly defending him, those who were sublime and impassioned, such as the sublime Zhao Jing, and others who were choked by a group of rice barrels headed by Qiu Yu and followed the incident for unknown reasons .

Yelling, it's like a dog market.

Zhou Zishu walked through the crowd like a ghost, and occasionally shot a few to hit him. Zhang Chengling in his arms, because of the relationship between Liujia, has become a piece of flesh and bones that everyone wants to take a sip, Yu Qiuyu suddenly turns into a mad dog, chasing after him. Zhou Zishu only felt that the head of Huashan was like an old woman, and it was not over!

Then my heart burst into flames, paused, and turned around, intending to touch him.

At this moment, suddenly a whiplash burst into the air, just intercepting the way of Qiu Yun, and then a rush of wine rushed towards the face. Zhou Zishu took a closer look. The man in a messy clothes was actually last night. Wen Kexing who left without saying a word of greeting.

I saw Wen Kexing's eyes were red and red, and his steps were cluttered with drunkards. He smiled at Zhou Zishu very arrogantly, and planned to look back at Bai Meisheng, but was destroyed by a wine drinker-- He said, "Axu, you ... you go first, I will stop you ... they."

Before he said this, the man was stunned. It looked like a tumbler in the wind, shaking his head and tail, and it was frightening to look at it. However, he turned to Yu Qiu to greet him. All of them hid.

In the left and right shaking, his whip was thrown in a random way, and he did n’t know what happened, so “just right”, he got entangled in Qiu Ling ’s calf, and in front of the eyes, he tripped the head of Huashan. Malaysia.

Wen Kexing also rubbed his eyes vigorously, while stepping on the Yangge steps like the noodles with soft legs, he tilted his head and looked at the shameful and indignant Yu Qiu, shaking his hands in front of his eyes and saying with a big tongue. That ... two or two heads, you ... you drink too much? What do you do on the ground? "

Zhou Zishu glanced at him, shaking his head in his heart, feeling that this time the Huashan faction was going to wear out with Wen Kexing.

He led Wen Kexing to this situation without delay. He picked up Zhang Chengling and took it away. He didn't know where to get the two horses. He threw Zhang Chengling on the horse and took him away. go with.

Zhang Chengling couldn't ride-he just couldn't do anything. He didn't go far enough, but he couldn't catch up with Zhou Zishu, and dangled on horseback.

Zhou Zishu sighed in his heart, knowing that he was a rotten tree, he did not ask him as a beam, and abandoned the horse after running for a while, and led Zhang Chengling into a deserted yard that had been inhabited for a long time. After a long day, the teenager took a rest.

After a while, the gate of the courtyard was suddenly pushed open from the outside. Zhang Chengling immediately jumped up all around, but saw that Wen Kexing walked in step by step.

At first Zhang Chengling thought he was pretending to be drunk. However, at this moment, he found that he was almost indistinguishable from north to south, and walked a few steps like a headless fly. Flick forward and fall down.

Zhou Zishu quickly lifted his face and saw that Wen Kexing was ruddy and showed no signs of injury at all. He also smirked at him. He held Zhou Zishu's legs tightly with his two arms and rolled them aside. Lying on the ground, I wonder whether he used his legs as a pillow or a quilt.

Zhou Zishu couldn't help but asked, "Did you fall into the wine jar?"

Wen Kexing said with a big tongue, "I found a wine, a wine cellar yesterday ... well, I spent a night in it and drank a dozen altars ... happy, happy!"

He really drank too much. When he laughed, he couldn't stop. He hugged Zhou Zishu's legs and buried his face in his mouth.

Zhou Zishu watched his head tilted aside without words, and Qingtian woke up and fell asleep day by day, so he concluded that the man was full.

Chapter 32. Rong Xuan

Let's say that the three of them patted their **** and walked away. At this moment, Gaojiazhuang was messed up. Cao Weining was still indignant with the people next to him, saying that the matter was obviously unkind to Huashan. Mo Huaikong He pulled him and ordered briefly. "You shut up for me."

Cao Weining turned to look at his uncle, and just wanted to say uncle how can you bow to the evil forces? Then he saw Mo Huaikong pointing at Yu Qiu and said, "Did you ever find him alive in search of death? Shut up, shut your fart and watch it honestly!"

Cao Weining shut up honestly.

He looked around for a while, then lowered his voice, and asked Mo Huaikong, "Uncle, you said that the heroes Zhao and Gao, how could it be so easy for Brother Zhou to take the Zhang family's children away?"

Mo Huaikong stared forward with a pair of hawk-headed eyes, and Wen Yan glanced at Cao Weining coldly, extruding a sentence from his teeth, and said, "Are you eaten by your dog?"

Cao Weining was scolded by him for a long time, and he didn't see any blush. He was still very sincerely waiting for the uncle's confusion. Who knew that Mo Huaikong twisted his face and ignored him, Cao Weining wanted to understand after a while. I found that I was really eaten by the dog, and I could n’t even see it—it was clearly his uncle!

Master Tsam came hurriedly. He was also followed by a middle-aged man. This man was thin, a black suit, his mouth was pointing down, and there were two non-shallow decrees, with eyebrows and eyes closed. Liang, at first glance, knows that he is a messy master. Seeing this farce scene, Master Cimu had no choice but to use Shaolin's roaring shout. Many martial arts called him with such a roar that his hair turned black, and the crowd calmed down.

Gao Chong and Zhao Jing met the man behind Master Cimu, but both stood up. Zhao Jing took the lead to break the identity of the man and shouted, "Brother Shen Shi!"

Cao Weining only heard Mo Huaikong's "slap", and then asked in a pinch, "Uncle, who is this?"

Mo Huaikong frowned and said, "This is Shen Shen, the owner of the Shen family in Shu, who is like a big girl in the ordinary days. He never walks out of the door and stays at home, raising a white face in the house, lest he tan him. Yes, why are you so willing to wear a fine-skinned meat today and go all the way to Dongting to see the sun? It ’s strange. "

Cao Weining didn't hear of this person, so he made a stupid "ah", Mo Huaikong didn't get used to his stupid look, and glared at him. He explained. "Most of your age I do n’t know. At the beginning, the five most prestigious people on the rivers and lakes were the Zhang family in the south of the river, the Zhao family in the Tai Lake, the Gao family in Dongting, the Shen family in Shu, and the Lu family in Taihang. However, in addition to Gao Chong and Zhao Jing, the Zhang family There is only one person left. The Shen family has long been washing their hands in Jinpen, regardless of the affairs of the rivers and lakes, and the Lu family has no one. The five big families have long lost their names, and many young people no longer remember them. "

Cao Weining calculated with a finger, and asked, "Sir, uncle Zhang, count the descendants of the Zhang family. This brings us to four surnames. Where are the five?"

Mo Huaikong said impatiently. "That was because the owner of the Lu family had died of illness for the first ten years. He had not accumulated any morals in his last life. He had died in this life. When I fell in love, I entrusted my family property with a few apprentices to the Taishan School. Now Hua Qingsong is here, isn't it Lu's family? You do n’t understand how shit, there are so many questions? Do n’t tell others I'm your uncle, shameful! "

Seeing what Shen Shen said to Master Qimu lowly, Master Qimu sighed, recited a Buddhist chant, and nodded. Then Shen Shen stood up and took back a box that was held by the children of the Shen family, and opened the box. There was a small parcel wrapped in silk. Shen Shen opened the package, only to hear someone gasp. Cried out, "It's Liulijia!"

Cao Weining also stretched his neck to see, and saw that the contents of the box were completely exposed, but it was a very delicate piece of glazed glass, but his palm was large, and a faint light shone in the sunlight. If you do n’t say, who knows, it ’s this gadget that set off such a big storm?

Yu Qiu's throat moved slightly, his voice cleared, and he murmured, "Is this really one of those five glazed armors?"

Shen Shen said. "It's true." After he said this, he turned his eyes to the sublime.

The expression on Gao Chong's face was indistinguishable, and he was silent for a while, then said to Deng Kuan on the side. "On the shelf on the left side of the door of my study, there is a dark grid behind the Book of Rites in the third box. You put it Open it and bring me the contents. "

Deng Kuan was unknown, so he took the order, and returned a short time later, and touched a small box in his hand. Gao Chong took it, sighed, and opened the box in public, side by side with the small box of Shen Shen. The legendary glazed armor appeared in front of everyone in this way.

I only listened to Gao Chong said. "To this day, old people must explain to you. Liulijia is indeed a total of five pieces. These years, in fact, five of us are holding one piece. Brother Lu a few years ago When he died, he entrusted his piece to the hero of Taishan, but he didn't want to ... he was killed.

Master Cimu took the conversation and said, "Amitabha, the old man knows a little about this."

Everyone turned their eyes to this shaolin monk, who was kind and shameless, and only heard him say, "I don't know who is present, who remembers the martial arts catastrophe thirty years ago."

As soon as this remark was made, some older people's faces had suddenly changed, and even Ye Baiyi, who had been watching the lively side, looked up slightly.

At this time, Zhou Zishu also relied on his memory to tell Zhang Chengling, who was completely covered in stock, the old things of the Zhang family. Wen Kexing slept on the side without knowing what was happening to him. He was opened by Zhou Zi, still tightly holding his sleeve and not letting go. He was lying there leaning back and forth.

When Zhou Zishu was pulled out by Cao Weining in the morning, he was preparing to eat something. Before he had time, he had to wrap it up and take it away. Then he took it out to Zhang Chengling and watched the boy gobble it.

"Thirty years ago, I just knew about it. It was about when your father was young. There was a martial arts wizard named Rong Xuan in the rivers and lakes. I also like Yunyou to make friends with all parties. It is said that the young generations of the five big families were very close. Now the five big families are no longer mentioned, but as the descendants of the Zhang family, you always know? "

Zhang Chengling nodded, still having dim sum on his mouth, and said, "But my father never mentioned him."

"Not only did your father mention that his name has been a banned word for the past thirty years," Zhou Zi sighed, and then said, "Rong Xuan married his relatives later. It is said that his wife is also an outstanding girl. Very beautiful, but from the Valley of Divine Medicine ... "

His voice suddenly stopped here, and he looked down at Wen Kexing on one side, and said that his heart was also the origin of Divine Doctor Valley. Is this also a coincidence?

As soon as he looked up, Zhang Chengling looked at him without blinking and said that Zhou Zishu had some doubts in his heart, but did not show them in front of him, and then continued. "The two are deeply affectionate. They are immortal relatives, but who knows, One day, that Rongxuan's wife was killed. "

Zhang Chengling froze and asked a silly question. "Why is that?"

Zhou Zishu laughed and killed someone. Is there any reason?

He thought about it and explained, "Most of the time ... the husband is innocent, and guilty of guilt. I have never seen Rong Xuan's swordsmanship. I only heard that the word" unprecedented "is truly forbidden. He has not arrived. In the year of his establishment, he formed his own school and created the legendary "Fengshan Sword". In this life, I have never seen the Fengshan swordsmanship that split the mountains and the sea, but it is also a great regret. His Fengshan sword is divided into two volumes. The first volume is a martial arts mental method, the second volume is a sword move, the second volume is his own creation, the first volume, the legend is a secret book he passed down from ancient times, and his heart is compiled. You know ... It's the word 'peerless master' that makes people crazy. "

Zhang Chengling asked. "What happened then?"

"Later, Rong Xuan's heart was so violent that he went into a demon, changed his temperament, and began to kill innocent people. As a last resort, the five major families of the year took this head, and even called the Shanhe Ling to join him in pursuit of killing-count, It has been more than thirty years since the last time the mountain and river came to this world. Later, Rong Xuan fled into the Green Cliff Mountains of Fengyashan, where there were one who pursued him led by the five major families. In the fierce battle, I don't know how many people have died. It is said that the dead can still cry at night. Who can think that those who used to wear a pair of trousers are so good that the swordsmen are facing each other?

So-called affection in this world, isn't Chengdu so impermanent?

He paused for a moment and nodded. "Yes, Fengyashan Green Bamboo Ridge is Ghost Valley. No one understands why the evil spirits of that year stood by Rong Xuan. I do n’t know how many days and nights the battle was fought In the end, Rong Xuan committed suicide. The heroes of the world were damaged by more than half, and the five major families have also been stunned. It is also because of that time, both sides were really hurt, and after that, there were rules that Ghost Valley could not get in and bought three. Ten years of peace. "

When Zhou Zishu said here, he also frowned. The story was only heard, and he did not add his own guess. In this way, there are many unknowns, such as what happened in Fengya Mountain However, how did Rong Xuan's wife die, how could such a wizard who should have become a grand master fall to Ghost Valley and work with those people? Fortunately, Zhang Chengling is not a savvy child. He just listened inexplicably and didn't understand much.

How many of these things have been buried for so many years?

Those who participated in it either died or kept silent, and even the skylight could not collect the truth of that year. Zhou Zishu suspected that ... the glazed armor was the relic of the battle of Fengyashan that day.

In the evening, Zhou Zishu finally opened the hand of Wen Kexing and dragged his clothes, hit some wild animals back, roasted and ate, he wondered, it does n’t matter where he goes, but he brought such a small thing, It is a burden.

But he didn't want to force him, just let Zhang Chengling himself think about where to go.

Wen Kexing was so drunk that he got dark all day and was still paralyzed in the same mud. Zhou Zishu also taught Zhang Chengling a few tips and asked him to comprehend it by himself. I don't know how long after that, he was a little confused to fall asleep, and suddenly felt that he was fumbling with one hand, and went to unbutton the button of his coat.

Zhou Zishu grabbed the door and opened his eyes.

At this time, Wen Kexing was still half drunk. When he was caught, he didn't panic. He just smiled at him in the dark, and justified. "I just want to see what the legendary Qiqiao Sanqiu nails look like. Looks like, I didn't want to treat you, nor did I deliberately play hooliganism. "

What is called "explanation is concealment, concealment is the wrong beginning", a specific explanation was given by the insignificant man named Wen.

He was grasped by Zhou Zishu on one wrist, and the other was propped on the ground, almost half-volted on Zhou Zishu. Zhang Chengling had already fallen asleep at this time. Both of them breathed and spoke very lightly, in the dark. There is an inexplicable ambiguity.

Wen Kexing suddenly got closer, unbuttoned his robe, wrapped it around him, raised a strand of hair in his horns, and whispered, "Axu, 'Zhouxu' is your real name?"

Zhou Zishu shook off his hand, pushed him away, and said with confidence. "What jokes are you brother Wen saying? It's like 'Wenkexing' is your real name."

Wen Kexing raised his eyebrows and asked in a softer voice, "What do you call me?"

Zhou Zishu was silent for a moment before he whispered, "Brother Wen, are you really Wen? I think you should be Rong."

Chapter 33. Ghost master

Wen Kexing slowly sat upright and looked at him silently. He crossed his two long legs, banged his fingers on his knees, and whispered, then said softly: "I don't have a surname, I only hate someone who hasn't seen that surname in this life or this life, otherwise see him once and slaughter him once . "

Zhou Zishu couldn't see any surprise on his face. He paused after hearing his words and said, "Oh? It seems I guessed wrong, I thought ... I thought the ghosts of today Lord, it is the descendants of the family. "

In the darkness, only Zhang Chengling's soft snoring sounds could be heard. The two were not far away, but they were silently dead. I didn't know how long it took before Wen Kexing slowly showed a smile. This smile is not the same as his silly face and invisible eyes. There are no smiley lines in the corners of his eyes. His dark eyes are still cold, reflecting the faint light, looking sharply, raising his eyebrows slightly, revealing a smile on his skin. With a smile: "Oh?"

Zhou Zishu's voice was so light that he didn't even move his lips, but his speed was extremely fast: "The joyous and devastating ghosts spent money on the poisonous scorpion, all the way to decorate the little ghost. Actually, he didn't want to kill him, but wanted to know very much In the tragic case, has he ever seen a person with one finger missing? As far as I know, the ghost Xue Fang was hanged by one finger. But that day he met that in the ruined temple. From the beginning of the group, I knew that the Zhang family's case was not done by the people in Guigu. "

Wen Kexing seemed to be interested and asked, "How did you know?"

Zhou Zishu smiled softly: "From the hundred thousand evil spirits, he was escorted to Taihu without any injuries, with all arms and legs. If I had such a great skill, I would have ruled Wulin for a long time, and I am still here. What a mess? "

Wen Kexing looked at him with a very hot gaze and said, "... you don't have to be so humble."

Zhou Zishu continued: "But why do hid and zombie ghosts chase this little ghost? I think there may be only one explanation, no matter who made Zhangjiazhuang's case, there must be a green bamboo ghost in the middle, out of the valley, Involved in it, happy and bereavement doubt ... Or, if you want to make others doubt, that person is a hanged ghost. On the other day, when the black man killed by Gu Xiang in the ruined temple was dying, he said one ' Zi 'word. What about Zi? I think ... wouldn't it be Zisha? "

Wen Kexing nodded and said, "Yes, the two of them followed Jiangnan all the way to Taihu, and they followed Dongting all the same. They came by coincidence and appeared suspiciously. I also killed the little ghost in the crypt. I was afraid he would reveal my identity ,Right?"

Zhou Zishu said: "It's not difficult to guess. Brother Wen, looking at the whole rivers and lakes, there are too few people who can't guess the way. The southern Xinjiang and northern deserts are not counted. The Central Plains Martial Arts can count them with one hand at best After so many days with you, wouldn't it be silly if you didn't understand it? "

Wen Kexing was silent for a while, without saying yes or no, "噗嗤" laughed out, nodded, and said, "You know too much, Zhou ... the landlord? Master Zhou?"

Zhou Zishu laughed: "Now there is only one Caomin, the ghost master is really kind." When Wen Kexing just named "Qiaoqiao Sanqiu Nail" directly, Zhou Zishu knew that he might have guessed his way.

The two were speechless. At that moment, Wen Kexing was no longer a chubby masculine, and Zhou Zishu was no longer a tramp in the wild and downcast-the secret master of Fengyashan and the skylight. The former leader of the two in a deserted house silently confronted each other, more like a silent contest.

The only witness was still asleep on the side.

Zhou Zishu took a glance in the direction of Zhang Chengling and pressed his voice lower: "Do n’t the ghost owner follow the child, because he thinks he knows something, for example ... the jealousy left Ghost Valley and then chased him afterwards. Who are the people? "

Wen Kexing asked with a smile: "How do you know that I'm following him?"

Zhou Zishu laughed: "Don't you follow him, can't you follow me?"

Wen Kexing just laughed. It was so easy for people to misunderstand that he was looking at a lover affectionately. When he smiled, Shu Zi felt a little hairy. For a long while, Wen Kexing asked lightly: "Axu, you Don't you think we are getting better together? "

Zhou Zishu firmly said: "I don't think so."

Wen Kexing looked at him, still only with a gentle face that made people feel cold. Zhou Zishu and him looked at each other for a long time, and suddenly asked, "What medicine did you take wrong, or the sequelae of practicing magic?"

Wen Kexing suddenly grabbed his fingers gently, groped to hold his palm, held it, lowered his head and kissed him gently on the back of his hand, and asked, "What do you say?"

Zhou Zishu immediately got goosebumps and pulled back his hands, only to feel that the gentle touch of that lip was entangled with the entangled eyes of the man, and he felt that he was crazy and sick, Then he laughed dryly: "Brother Wen's appetite is really good."

Wen Kexing said shamelessly: "It's easy to say, I just have an appetite when I see you. What can you do?"

Immediately waiting for Zhou Zishu's interface, Wen Kexing continued to pull away in a marginal way: "Still many years ago, I saw a dead body on the side of the road, my hair was dying, scattered into a ball, and my clothes could not see the original Color, with a flesh-colored face on it, the nose was shaved off, not even the outline of the five senses, and the body was pierced by a gun from the front chest to the back, under the sphenoid bone, I looked a few more Seeing that pair of bones, you knew that this lifetime must have been a peerless beauty. Later, what do you guess? "

Zhou Zishu took a deep breath, but Wen Kexing rushed in front of him and said, "I have never seen human bones in my life, so, Ah Su, you simply washed Yirong and let me also Hugs and kisses have been enjoyable. Beauty in the world is rare, but it is not particularly rare. I have read the aspirations of the beauty in the world, and I have never been entangled. Maybe I have seen your original appearance. One night, I don't forget. You ... I want to live with you forever. "

Whatever Zhou Zishu wanted to say, everything came to his lips. As soon as he heard this, he forgot his words and stared at him dumbfounded.

Wen Kexing laughed back and forth, pointing at Zhou Zi Shu: "Frighten you."

"Your mother." Zhou Zishu commented briefly, but after a pause, he thought of something, and suddenly patted his shoulder, and said, "Forget it, you will change your grief."

Wen Kexing froze and asked negligently, "What?"

Zhou Zishu no longer talked to him, but leaned on his side and closed his eyes to raise his soul.

Why do I still remember the characteristics of a dead man so clearly after many years, even what he wears, and his hair repeats all the scores? It must have been recalled countless times, already engraved in my heart, and pretending to say nothing about Dong Laxi repeatedly, lest I forget his appearance.

Zhou Zishu just knew that feeling inexplicably--maybe they met by chance in the vast crowd, and they didn't know each other's details, but this didn't prevent them from being born confidants.

On the second day, Zhou Zishu and Zhang Chengling left the deserted courtyard—of course, with an uninvited surname Wen, a follower. Zhou Zishu plans to go to Ping'an Yinzhuang again to see how they checked the entrustment last time, and to learn a lot about things in order to put something in Zhang Chengling's empty brain, so that he can not understand Know silly practice.

Zhang Chengling soon realized that it was very painful to learn something with his cheap master. He just memorized a long list of slobbering and unintelligible formulas, and he didn't care if others understood or remembered, Ca n’t live, this is even taught to you. The beautiful name is “Master leads into the door, and practice is personal.”

Zhang Chengling only felt that the threshold led by Master Zhou was too high, it was even higher than the mid-mountains of other people. It was in the clouds and mist, and his mind was even more muddy. The stupid look made Zhou Zishu very impatient, and he slapped his palms on the back of his head, cursing: "Are you talking about it or hanging yourself?"

Zhang Chengling knew he was stupid and didn't dare to talk back. He looked at him with a grievance. Zhou Zishu said, "What?"

Zhang Chengling said, "Master, I don't understand."

Taking a deep breath, Zhou Zishu felt that he had a patience with his Master, so he was forced to hold down his temper, slowed down his speech, and consciously asked, "Why don't you understand?"

Zhang Chengling glanced at him and lowered his head silently, whispering: "I don't understand anything ..."

Zhou Zishu silently looked away and looked away. After holding it for a long time, he couldn't help it, saying, "Is that the thing on your neck is the head or the night pot ?!"

Wen Kexing followed him to pick up the music, and when he saw the situation, he stepped forward and pulled them apart, automatically thinking of himself as a loving father next to Yan's mother. Alright, will you teach your disciples? How clever will make you foolish. "

Zhou Zishu said: "Why not, my brother-in-law taught me by myself."

Wen Kexing opened his eyes slightly and wondered: "What do you do when your teacher can't recite the tactics and can't practice?"

This is a long time ago, and Zhou Zishu frowned for a while, then said, "I asked him to copy the basic Qi training recipes three hundred times. No ... no need to sleep, I asked someone to lock his bedroom in the middle of the night, and told him to comprehend it in the snow. "

Zhang Chengling heard a secret shiver. Wen Kexing sighed for a long while before sighing: "Make my brother ... really fatal."

Zhou Zishu stepped in a footstep, and suddenly said, "He's not dead, he's dead." Both Zhang Chengling and Wen Kexing looked at him. His yellow face didn't show the slightest clue, Zhou Zishu was not very gentle. Slap Zhang Chengling's head and tell the truth flatly, "Study hard. If you want to live a few more days, you must have the ability."

Then he threw Zhang Chengling to Wen Kexing, leaving a sentence: "I'm going to see a friend, and you can see him for a while." Then he played a little work and left without looking back, leaving only Zhang Chengling and Wen Kexing. Two faces looked at each other.

For a long while, Wen Kexing said deeply: "Your master is very reasonable and must have the ability-forget it, he is not there, let's change our mind, and then I will tell you the story of that red baby. the second half."

Zhang Chengling was unpromising, and immediately regained his spirit. The two walked to the nearest restaurant while listening to Wen Kexing said: "What can those monsters and monsters do? Red child thought for a long time and tried countless ways , Finally let him come up with an idea, just a magic weapon-"

The two of them spoke well, one was very popular, and the other was very happy on the way. They wanted to walk into a restaurant. Suddenly, they heard only one girl behind them shouting, "Master! Master, I can find you!"

Wen Kexing and Zhang Chengling turned around and saw Gu Xiang leaping up and down, surprisingly, she still followed Cao Weining behind her. Wen Kexing couldn't figure out how to mix the two goods. Before he asked, he listened to Gu Xiang's crackled beans and said, "I missed you yesterday, so I went to find out, but I heard this brother Cao Say you and Zhou Su took the kid from Zhang's house, he volunteered to take me out to look for you! "

Cao Weining smirked, and even said, "Be self-serving, self-serving."

Gu Xiang continued: "Master, Brother Cao is not only human, but also very knowledgeable. I tell you ..."

Wen Kexing simply wanted to pretend he didn't know the two of them, and pulled Zhang Chengling and walked into the restaurant.

The author has something to say:

Today, I was actually treated as a little loli by a strange monster ...

Chapter 34. Demon girl

When Zhou Zishu walked into Yinzhuang again, it was not the shopkeeper alone.

A man with a chubby figure and a blessed face heard him coming and strode out. The man narrowed his eyes and his nose, and his face looked like a big white bun steamed from a steamer. favorite. Yinzhuang's shopkeeper slightly bowed his waist, followed two steps behind this man, with a very respectful attitude.

When he saw Zhou Zishu, he paused for a moment, and then asked tentatively: "Are you ... Gongzi?"

Zhou Zishu laughed and said, "Why, Ping An won't recognize it?"

It turned out that the man who was greeted was Song Daping, the head of the “Ping An Yin Zhuang”. Song Ping An was originally a housekeeper on the Nanning Prince's Mansion. When the master died, he came out by himself and relied on a little savings to do business for a few years. , They have done a great job.

His industry is found all over the country, and he travels around the year, no one knows where he is. Many merchants know that Song Da is in charge. He is very savvy when it comes to doing business, but he is a rare and unscrupulous person. He is kind-hearted. After one or two visits, his word of mouth is very good, and even the way is broad, and the Song family is flourishing. stand up.

Song Ping'an was very excited, and ordered the shopkeeper to snooze. He dismissed the young man and cleared the field. He asked Zhou Zishu to sit down and said, "The minions were near Yangzhou. When they heard the news, they immediately rushed in, and the people there have been negligent. Son? My master has been thinking about you for years! "

Then Ping An lowered his voice: "Thank you very much, Mr. Zhou, and concealed the news that my family member was leaving Beijing.

Zhou Zishu took a sip of tea and laughed: "It's just a matter of raising his hand, how is Qiye always good?"

But I thought in my heart that your family member would get rid of it as soon as possible, and everyone would be able to live a peaceful life.

Ping'an laughed: "It's so good, so good, the troublesome son remembers that the villain sent a letter back when he received the news. Only yesterday he received a reply from the master saying that he and the witch are coming here, ten and a half months. I think we will be there ... "

Zhou Zishu heard that, his calm face twitched immediately, and his heart said that the Central Plains martial arts was already chaotic enough. The scourge had to come and mix with one foot. It was really a bad time. He also said politely, "How can you work hard for Qiye and Dawu?"

Ping'an said: "Is there anything? My master lived in southern Xinjiang for a long time and was very busy doing nothing. He just came out to move his body and bones. The master said that he had agreed with his son that year, and he would have to say something beautiful for his son in the future. South Xinjiang ’s sister-in-law is a wife. ”

Zhou Zishu sweated and busyly said, "Just a joke, a joke ..."

He thought of somehow in the deserted courtyard the day before, and Wen Kexing solemnly said, "I want to live with you forever," and felt like sitting on a chair under the bottom like a nail. It's so uncomfortable.

Ping An greeted him with a few words, and then said the main topic, "The son came to ask about Liulijia, and the slave asked the people to pay attention. These days I know something-the son knows, yesterday a man named Shen Shen The man appeared in Dongting with Abbot Shaolin, and brought a piece of glazed armor? "

Zhou Zishu said: "Shen Shen, the owner of the Shen family in Shu?"

Ping An nodded: "Yes, this person hasn't asked about the world for a long time, but this time suddenly appeared, apparently hearing the news of the Zhang family's death, he couldn't wait."

Zhou Zishu turned sharply and immediately responded, saying, "Yes, the Lu family in Taihang did not leave any sons at first. Only a few apprentices, who were unwieldy, were handed over to the head of Taishan Huafang. ...... Can it be possible that the five glazed armors in the legend actually belonged to the five big families of the year? "

Ping'an said: "Zhou Gongzi really knew everything, and when Shen Shen appeared, Gao Chong also acknowledged Liujia, and there was a piece in Gaojiazhuang. Finally, he said the ins and outs of this thing. Have you heard of it? Yin Yang Book "Fengshan Sword" and "Liuhe Divine Gong"? "

Zhou Zishu frowned slightly and nodded: "I only heard a little about the book of yin and yang, I do n’t know if it is true or false. It is said to be the sacred object of the Valley of Divine Medicine. The peerless master Rong Xuan, who had fallen into the magical way before, created himself. The lower part is a sword trick, and the mentality of the first part is he learned from the "Liuhe Divine Gong", which was passed down from ancient times. There are many defects, which are very obscure and easy to get into the magic, but they are also very powerful. There is no such thing as a competitor in the world ... Noble meaning cannot be said. The secret in the glaze is Rong Xuanliu. The next two martial arts classics? "

Ping An nodded and said, "Exactly, according to Gao Xia, Rong Xuan went into the devil in the past, on the one hand, it was the pain of bereavement of his wife, but after that, his magical hair was also caused by improper practice. After Rong Xuan died, several of them found After seeing Liulijia, they saw that the two great skills and the sacred medicine of the Valley of the Holy Medicine 'Yinyang Book' are contained, but anyone who practiced kungfu could not fail to dump it. They only thought that this thing was too dangerous, so they took Liuli The armor was broken, and it was agreed that each of the five families would save one piece, and no more magical powers would appear.

Zhou Zishu frowned after hearing this, and then nodded very slowly, saying, "This is what Gao Chong said ..."

Heian face said shamefully: "Slave is really limited."

Zhou Zishu shook his head with a smile and said, "Skylight and Sijizhuang, the inside story of the tragedy 30 years ago is still unknown, let alone a businessman? It has helped a lot-but then, the five big families Holding a piece of glazed armor, what about the Zhao family? Zhao Jing didn't give a statement? "

Ping An nodded and said, "The owner of the Zhao family claimed that the glazed armor of the Zhao family was stolen and was missing. Once he said this, everyone at the scene was about to cause trouble. The head of Huashan seemed to have conclusive evidence, saying It was like Zhao Jingfu swallowed the glazed armor of the Zhang family. The person sent by the slave yesterday said that the head of Huashan almost started to fight with Zhao Daxia. "

Zhou Zishu remembered the piece of glazed armor that he saw in the crypt that day, most of which was lost by the Zhao family. One of the two who died the night must be Yu Tianjie and Mu Yunge. Unfortunately, the mantis caught him. After the cicada and the yellow sparrow, a small ghost in Guigu got a bargain, and then the glazed armor ghost sent the **** to Wen Kexing's hands and told the party to steal it, but now the party is dead and suspected to be dead. Joyous and derelict ...

Zhou Zishu just felt uncomfortable as if he blocked a big rock in his heart. He kept fighting against the bitter water. Can his mind be more complicated?

He had a hard time to stay safe, and went back to Zhang Chengling all the way. When Chong Chong said, Zhou Zishu was not fully convinced-he had to deal with a lot of true and false news, and reported it to the emperor. For one thing, there are often many causes and consequences that need to be verified, and all are not flawed before they dare to submit. Therefore, no matter what you hear, you are used to be doubtful and ready to overthrow what you know before.

After entering the restaurant, he looked up at Wen Kexing's Zhang Chengling and Cao Weining and Gu Xiang. Zhou Zishu also said, Why did these four people come together? Later, he found that Zhang Chengling and Wen Kexing each occupied a corner of the table, their expressions were very dignified, and they were a little bit unclear. So they raised their legs and went upstairs to say hello. They heard Cao Weining's emotions there.

"... In fact, what I am most worried about is the fact that the backyard of the middle class is on fire. Everyone hurts harmony for this glazed armor. Wouldn't you hear the story of the second 'Li' killing the three men? This is the scene of the 'deceased as if ...' "

Gu Xiang asked silly and innocently: "What's dead?"

Cao Weining said patiently: "'Zi is by the river, the deceased is like a husband'. It is Lao Tzu and his elderly man who wandered in his sleep one day as if he had reached the river. Looking down, the dead were together with the flowing water. Down the river, very sad, feeling it ... "

Gu Xiang widened his eyes and said, "Master, Brother Cao knows so much, and where will he drop his bag!"

Zhou Zishu knew why Zhang Chengling and Wen Kexing were so dignified. At the moment, nothing seems to be happening, they made a spin under their feet, turned around and walked out.

Who knew it was Wen Kexing's sharp-eyed and low-mouthed one? This person was typically dead and had to be dragged on his back, and immediately exclaimed excitedly, "Axu, how do you go out? Wait for a long time, come over ! "

... Zhou Zi reassured that the devastated Ghost Valley host really lost his grandmother for eight years.

Wen Kexing opened a chair cheerfully, asked Zhou Zishu to sit down, and poured him wine himself. He said diligently, "Come and taste the good wine of this restaurant. It tastes good."

Zhou Zishu expressionlessly tried to express his condemnation with his eyes. Wen Kexing and he stared at him for a long while, then suddenly whispered, "This is still under broad daylight ..."

Gu Xiang met, while covering Zhang Chengling's eyes with his hands, he said bitterly, "The dog's eyes are blind."

Cao Weining blushed and became stuttered and said, "Gu, Gu, and Gu girl, in fact, you don't need to envy Brother Zhou and Brother Wen as deep as a girl. If a girl is a beautiful family, she will ... There are good people secretly admiring ... "

Gu Xiang blinked at him with big ignorant eyes and asked, "Ah? Really? Where is it?"

Cao Weining stared at her dumbly, and for a long while, she said unansweredly, "Gu girl, can I, I, or I call you Xiang?"

Zhou Zishu bowed his head intently and drank, telling himself not to listen to indecent assault, just like sitting on a needle felt, but felt that his tongue was numb with vomiting, and for the first time in his life, he did not drink the contents of the cup.

However, at this moment, a person came in suddenly at the door, and when he saw the person, the noisy restaurant suddenly quieted down—this is a woman who came in without squinting, and saw the shopkeeper holding the plate staring at him dumbly. She smiled slightly, and the plate in the shop used to be a goose went to the ground and broke.

She was so beautiful. Most people who saw her felt it at that moment. This was the most beautiful woman they had ever seen. Even Gu Xiang stayed for a while. Lala Cao Weining's sleeve, whispered: "Look at her, but don't you be a fairy?"

Who knows that Cao Weining just glanced down at Gu Xiang's eyes, and then regained his attention, whispering: "This woman's eyes drift and drift, the photo book says it's called peach eyes, and her mind is definitely not right, not as good as ... ... "

The words behind him were so low that Gu Xiang, who was staring at the beauty, did not notice.

However, Wen Kexing laughed aloud, and said that Cao Weining was not clever, so he didn't get used to other people's eyes. He was so straight-eyed and narrow-eyed as Gu Xiang.

The beauty glanced around, then went upstairs, and walked towards them, she didn't see anyone, she was locked on Zhou Zishu alone, and her pair of affectionate eyes seemed like she could only pretend Next week, Zi Shu will be alone and come in all styles, stand beside him, bend down and breathe like Langland said to him, "I ask you to invite me to drink, will you?"

This is a big peach blossom that fell from the sky. Anyone can be smashed and turned dizzy. However, Zhou Zishu didn't wait to speak. I saw a sudden hand stretched out from the side, separated between them. Xing politely poked his hand into Zhou Zi's arms, thundered out his money bag, shoved it into his arms, and said calmly, "Girl, I can't do it."

Chapter 35. Green demon

Zhou Zishu raised his head and looked at the beauty. The expression on his face was quite soft, and he whispered, "Girl, do you recognize you?"

The beauty smiled: "Will you not recognize me, wouldn't you like to invite me to drink?"

Zhou Zishu smiled and said, "Why not? Don't say a pot of wine. With a character like girl, you just want to eat my meat, drink my blood, and never blink in the next-Xiao Er , Put a good pot of wine. "

Then he paused, glanced at Wen Kexing, who looked poor, and pointed him to the shopkeeper: "Let him account."

Gu Xiang was the first time to see such a colorful look on his host's face, and he suddenly felt that the meal was worth the death.

The beauty smiled tremblingly, her voice was like silver beads falling from a jade plate, and the charm of Qin Song's song was nothing compared with her. The wine was quickly delivered and Zhou Zishu said, "Girl, please sit down."

The beauty leaned softly on his shoulder and said softly, "If you don't sit, I'll leave after drinking."

Zhou Zishu uttered "Ah", showing a slight disappointment, but Wen Kexing snorted and said, "Yeah, the table is a bit crowded."

The beauty glanced at Wen Kexing and drank it from the glass. She even looked better than anyone else. She raised her hands and cast her feet everywhere. Zhou Zishu's eyes were reluctant to leave her face. I saw that the beauty put down the empty wine glass, stretched out her finger and stroked Zhou Zishu's face, and asked, "I'm leaving, can you follow me?"

Zhou Zishu said nothing, stood up and followed her, without even returning one. Just listening to the "snap", the chopsticks in Wen Kexing's hands were broken into two pieces. Gu Xiang and Zhang Chengling immediately bowed their heads, pretending that they saw nothing. Cao Weining was indignant, pointing at the dog and the man's direction away: "Brother Wen Wen, you have a deep affection for him, how can he see so ......"

Forget about it? Seems not right, Cao Weining bit his tongue.

Wen Kexing turned his head to look at him. For the first time, the silly boy with the surname Cao felt so pleasing to his eyes, so he looked sobbing for comfort-this time Gu Xiang bit his tongue.

However, Cao Weining pondered for a moment, and then straightened out to Wen Ke: "This thing ... I always think it's not that simple, hey, Brother Wen, it's just my mouth that is fast, you must not go to your heart, Brother Zhou is not like that person , There must be some distress as a last resort, and you must not misunderstand him. "

Gu Xiang immediately echoed: "Yes, master, don't get me wrong. Look at Zhou Su's heels are directed at you. You can see how reluctant he is."

This time, even Cao Weining heard Gu Xiang's dislike, but looked at her helplessly and embarrassedly.

Zhang Chengling said: "Sister Gu Xiang, stop talking."

Wen Kexing suddenly stood up without a word, turned around, and left, chasing Zhou Zishu, leaving three people facing each other. Gu Xiang swallowed and whispered, "My host is in a hurry."

Cao Weining shook his head and sighed: "It's really raining at night, how much tears ... It is a word that has hurt the most since ancient times. What can I do?"

Zhang Chengling said, what else can I say? So he said nothing in silence and bowed down to eat.

The beauty has always taken Zhou Zishu to a small alley, turned left and right, entered a small courtyard, and a few plums were planted in the courtyard. Before the flowering season, the beautiful woman opened the door of the house, and then a faint The subtle fragrance came from the nose, and the beauty rolled up the bead curtain, leaned halfway by the door, and said with a smile: "Why, wouldn't you go in?"

Zhou Zishu glanced in her eyes. From the open door, you can see the fragrant screen inside, the dressing table tilted in a corner, a woman's long dress and a rouge box hanging next to the bronze mirror. Uncovered, the makeup is scattered-the legendary gentle township is just the same.

Zhou Zishu smiled and shook her head: "The girl's boudoir, how can you enter casually in the next smelly man?"

The beauty smiled: "You will return the gentleman. I invite you to come in, will you not come in?"

Zhou Zishu smiled again, looked down at the tip of his shoe, and said: "The girl atonement, there is one more courage underneath, but I dare not drill into the room burning rouge grave, that is to stand Go in, come out sideways. "

The smile on the corner of the beauty's mouth froze slightly, and then she smiled again, "You men, don't you say that the peony flower is dead, and it's okay to be a ghost? Why are you all following me, will this be useless again?"

Zhou Zishu said: "Say this, but it is better to be alive. You can live longer and live under the peony flowers a few more times. Do you mean? Besides, I do n’t have the At first glance, you can see the charm of this man not marrying. This self-knowledge is still there. The girl is too exalted. Let's not hurry up, just say what you have planned, say it, maybe ... negotiate. "

The beauty held him, sighed quietly, and said, "Who can go without running to you? Your group, not women, or ignorant children, and a silly boy, all in one heart On the silly girl, another ... "

She paused slightly: "The other one is even more strange. I haven't looked at me since I went in. I just stared at you as a 'stinky man'. Do you think it's strange? Hey, it seems Go, there is only a normal man like you. If I do n’t run to you, who else can I run to? ”

Zhou Zishu coughed, and immediately regretted asking the question himself, so he said directly: "If the girl came running with glazed armor, I can go back. I don't have Zhang's glazed armor, but I heard yesterday that Gao Xiaxia And Shen Xia each came up with a piece. If you have a heart, you might as well go to them and ask. "

The beauty narrowed her eyes slightly and lowered her hand holding the bead curtain, whispering softly: "I will always take all the glazed armor, no matter who owns it, and if you say no, how can I believe you? Do n’t you like to lie? ”

Zhou Zishu just leaned under the plum tree. He neither nodded nor shook his head. He stared calmly at the beauty's face for a while, and suddenly said with emotion: "Girls describe manners in many women I've seen, they are also regarded as Outstanding. "

This sentence was originally a good word, but I don't know why, the beautiful woman heard it, but the smile on her face could not be maintained immediately, and she asked sternly, "What did you say?"

Zhou Zishu shook his head and whispered softly: "I just said that the girl's person is already beautiful. Even if the facial features are ordinary, it is another kind of beauty that is difficult to hide. Why should you be obsessed with skin, but rather inferior? Friends have said that the face is natural, what it should be, what it looks like, with a little change, it can show people the clues. I think the girl is also exquisite in craftsmanship, why can't this reason?

The beauty's face chilled: "Then you still come with me, isn't it to humiliate me?"

Zhou Zishu just shook his head and said softly: "It doesn't mean that underneath."-Yi Rongzhi, laymen can't see it, there are more insiders. Zhou Zishu is used to watching people, at first glance, I know that although this woman is pretty in appearance, she is certainly not young, but the color of her face and the skin on her hands is very natural. It is as natural as possible, without any flaws. The world can do this. To a degree ... only the unique skill passed down from Sijizhuang that year-although I don't know where she learned from.

I saw the beauty suddenly sneer and said, "Okay, then I'll let you know."

She took a piece of Kampa and a small bottle of medicine out of her arms, poured the potion on the pad, and began to wipe her face. The beautiful picture-like face peeled off little by little with her action, and the skin faded. The color and facial features changed shape, and then from the left half of the face, peeled off a cicada-like human skin mask, just like the legendary painted skin.

Zhou Zishu held her breath. The woman was not ugly. Although not as shocking as her paintings, she was definitely a beauty—if it was n’t for the weird and scary burn scar on her left half of her face. .

At that moment, he knew who the woman was, so he blurted and asked, "Are you ... the green demon Liu Qianqiao?"

The green demon Liu Qianqiao is definitely not a good thing. It is said that she has thousands of painted skins and is proficient in charm. She loves avatars to seduce young men and attracts people to death. She didn't know how many cases she had done, but she was so changeable that no one could catch her.

Liu Qianqiao sneered: "This time, do you understand why I must get the glass armor?"

Zhou Zishu Moran for a moment: "You are not to seal the mountain sword, you are to the book of Yin and Yang."

She has a lot of changes, but her face can't shine under the broad daylight. A woman loves beauty and justice. An ordinary woman can do a lot of amazing things for a good skin, not to mention that she was.

If you are proficient in easy surgery, if you ca n’t keep your heart and you are clinging to the skin, you can exchange thousands of masks for it. You often do n’t know who your first name is, whether it ’s beautiful or ugly. Isn't the madness far away?

Zhou Zishu shook his head and said, "The glazed armor of the Zhang family is really not on any of us."

Liu Qianqiao sneered, showing a short sword in his hand, and did not say hello. He stabbed at Zhou Zishu. Zhou Zishu turned around and turned away, clasping her wrist with his fingers, but unexpectedly, her wrist suddenly A circle of hedgehog-like needles popped up, all glowing blue light, and then a cloud of mist emerged from her sleeve. Zhou Zi quickly drew back her hands and closed her breath for three steps. Liu Qianqiao's figure flickered and was gone.

Only one sentence was left: "You wait!"

Zhou Zishu sighed, suddenly worried about the way forward, there is a green demon today, who will come tomorrow? Zhang Chengling is the biggest trouble in the world. No wonder that the two old foxes who sublime Zhao Jing took the scourge away by themselves that day.

He turned around and walked out before pushing open the courtyard door. Suddenly, he extended a hand on the side. His movements clasped his shoulders electrically. Zhou Zishu reflexively retracted his shoulders and narrowed his elbows. He smashed it, and the man gave him a stubborn snorting sound, and rushed to him with a sigh of relief, and shouted, "Murder a husband ..."

Zhou Zishu kicked him open, folded his arms over his chest, and frowned, "Master Wen Gu, have you forgotten to take your medicine today?"

Wen Kexing gritted his teeth and covered his ribs with a grinning look, but he said stubbornly, "You went away in front of my face and the woman! You followed her to this place. , Solitary boys and widows in broad daylight ... "

Zhou Zishu blurted out the sentence: "Isn't it time for you to go to Golan Yuan and fooling around?"

As soon as this remark came out, Zhou Zi's remorse almost swallowed with his tongue, and his heart must have been confused. This kind of remark could be said.

Wen Kexing first froze, and then posted it with a smile on his face, "Since I decided to entangle you, I have never touched anyone else."

Zhou Zishupi smiled and said without a smile: "Thank you Master Gu for your love, I'm really sorry, but I didn't decide to get involved with you."

Wen Kexing thought for a while, and seemed to think it made sense, so he nodded: "That's true-but you can just feel at ease, and I can listen to the corner at any time."

Zhou Zishu asked: "Master Wen Gu, do you know how to write the word" shameless "?"

Wen Ke said loudly: "When it is time to be shameless, you must be shameless."

Zhou Zishu lowered his head and exhausted the strength of the nine tigers and two tigers before he flattened his fingers into a fist and flattened them. Who knows that the five fingers seemed to hurt the acacia, and they desperately tried to get together, and were very excited The earth wanted to look at the man's face in front of him.

He then forced himself not to look at Wen Kexing's face, and turned away in a smoky way-even he had forgotten to return with his money bag.

Chapter 36. not regret

There is an old man in the corner. The shop's younger kind-hearted and did not drive him away. The old man ’s body seemed to be shrinking, his face was wrinkled, he was wearing a worn-out cotton coat, his thin beard was messy, his hands were closed, and he kept kneeling on the ground The ground was raving about the passing people, with a broken bowl beside it.

Zhang Chengling looked at him with eyes full of Cao Weining's talk: "... there is a chrysanthemum fragrance coming from bitter cold ..."

"No, Brother Cao, chrysanthemums bloom in autumn. Is it so cold in autumn?"

"Cough, most people who sing poetry groan without disease, do nothing, they are a bunch of people who have nothing to do in the study, chanting the wind and the moon, it is normal to know what season chrysanthemums are opened!"

"Oh, it really is a bunch of nerds who want to make a fart, don't understand anything, hahaha ..."

Cao Weining and Gu Xiang discussed Fenghuaxueyue and poetry, and they really drove people crazy. Zhang Chengling endured again and again, and finally couldn't hear anymore. Then he found out a few copper plates, went downstairs, and leaned over to The begging old man's bowl.

The old man whispered and said, "Good people, thank you, goodness, great compassion, and goddess of mercy, bless you ..."

Zhang Chengling pursed his mouth and smiled very reluctantly. He thought his father was really a good man. God blessed him for a lifetime, and that night, the **** was drunk and he didn't see it, his father died.

Good people rely on God to bless them, but bad people can survive fiercely. Isn't this ridiculous?

He sat on the steps and naturally meditated on what Zhou Zishu taught him. He was still puzzled, thinking and thinking, like a little monk reading the sutra, and then went to God, his eyes flew far away. I wonder why Master hasn't returned yet? The first thing Master would do is definitely curse again. Who makes himself so stupid?

Half-old child, the flesh is growing madly. Just arrived in Zhaojiazhuang a few months ago. Zhao Jing just asked someone to make clothes for him. Now he looks small on his body. His pants are short and he ridiculously shakes above his ankle. .

Zhang Chengling lowered his head, stretched his fingers and pinched his trousers, rolled it up and put it down—I thought to myself, I didn't mean to be so stupid. Who doesn't want to be smart, learn the skills early, and avenge the family earlier?

He remembered that when he was young, the master who taught him martial arts sued his father. His father just touched his head and said to the master with a smile on his face: "Take care of yourself. The five fingers are not the same length. Well, my child had a fever when he was a kid, a little bit slower than others, but he is also a good boy. In the future, I do n’t expect him to be very successful and take care of himself. ”

If there is an emperor in this world, then a trafficker must also be killed, or is it okay?

Zhang Chengling thought that he was born to be a "trafficking man", but God wouldn't let him be safe, but would force him to grow up like Master, and grow up like Uncle Zhao. Isn't this to break his life?

The little boy had all sorts of things in his mind. He couldn't figure out how Master taught him. He couldn't figure out the swordsmanship of his predecessor. He couldn't figure out his destiny. He couldn't figure out where he should go. ——If you can't live, then die.

The desire to die was too painful. His eyes were sore and he couldn't help crying. He couldn't help thinking of Master's flat face again, thinking of him saying, "You're not a man anymore. "Urine", then stung back again.

Zhang Chengling fought against the heavens and the heavens, and did not notice that the entertainer in the restaurant covered with black gauze was plucking the strings and slowly approaching him ...

Let's say Zhou Zishu and Wen Kexing, the two of them had to leave the alley in a strange atmosphere, and suddenly heard a woman's scream not far away, Zhou Zishu's footsteps were a meal.

Then the two saw a flash of white shadow in front of them, and a "thump", the green demon Liu Qianqiao was thrown to the ground like a marijuana bag, rolled aside half a circle, trying to get up, probably was What acupuncture point was sealed, and went back down again.

It is this old man who eats the leaves in white clothes, who is ignorant of pity and cherishes the jade.

Pointing at Liu Qianqiao, Ye Baiyi asked Zhou Zishu: "What is this ugly dog like an ugly dog?"

This sentence almost pierced Liu Qianqiao's dead point. The woman's gaze toward Ye Baiyi seemed to be to make him a thousand swords, and Zhou Zishu knew immediately-most of the strange name Ye is Because he played a bachelor for a lifetime, a product like him, if a woman is willing to spend time with him, the sow will not need to be on the tree, it must be heaven!

Wen Kexing caught up, grabbed Zhou Zishu's wrist, stepped forward, and stared at Ye Baiyi—I do n’t know why, the host Wen Gu was very hostile to his old predecessor. Of course, this reason may be similar to The Wolf Dog's instinct to care for food-just listening to Wen Kexing asked very unpleasantly, "Why is your ghost still alive?"

Ye Baiyi glanced at him and ignored him. It seems that since Wen Kexing said the grand words of "Determine your life within ten years", Ye Baiyi's tolerance for him has increased a lot, just pointing at Liu Qianqiao gently: "I came after a little thief and was about to catch him. The woman suddenly jumped out and stopped me without saying a word, so that the little thief escaped."

Zhou Zishu frowned at Liu Qianqiao, and asked Ye Baiyi: "A thief? The predecessor is so inhumane to fireworks on the earth, even when he catches the thief? What thief is so amazing and stole?"

Ye Baiyi said, "On the second night you left, Gaojiazhuang was stolen. What else could you have stolen?"

Wen Kexing and Zhou Zishu glanced at each other with a shock in their hearts-who is that who can steal things from Gaojiazhuang, who is under strict alert right now?

Ye Baiyi glanced at Zhou Zishu and said, "Boy, you better be careful, you should die carefully."

The response is as fast as Zhou Zishu can't help but hesitated. What is the relationship between Shen Shen's death and his care? What should be done to make him careful and not have time to speak? Wen Kexing has asked him for him: "What's the matter? ? "

Ye Baiyi said nothing, looked up behind them, and a very light line appeared between his brows--the stone Buddha frowned.

A cold hum rang from behind the two, and one said, "Naturally has something to do with you. On that day, Lord Gao received a note that said," If you want Zhang Chengling's life, you will use glass armor to replace it. " I was worried that the son of the deceased chased him out immediately. When we found him, he was already a corpse, and he was carrying a note similar to that of Gao Xia, and Gaojiazhuang was stolen that night. You said, What does it have to do with you?"

After listening to the chaotic footsteps, Zhou Zishu knew that a large group of people were coming. He was suddenly suspicious and turned around. It was the Cangshan leader Zodiac that was photographed by him that day, the Zodiac. When I said this, I was very proud. With the respect of the hoe, it was like a big mouse with its tail up in the sky.

Zhou Zishu didn't know why. Suddenly he felt itchy, and wanted to shoot him again.

Yu Qiuchi calmly stood not far behind the zodiacs, and asked like a sinking face, "Can you explain to me, the son of the family you took away from the eyes of the family that day? Where have you been? "

The so-called one autumn rain and one cold weather. After the autumn rain that night in Dongting, the weather was almost dead. At that time, the head of Huashan was still able to shake the fan, and stood on the street and questioned Zhou Zishu clearly. The taste of world independence-probably the people around him couldn't bear Xu Qingfeng, so they told him to run away.

Zhou Zi paused, lowered his head, smiled suddenly, and asked, "Why, you think ... I took away Zhang Chengling and got Zhangjia's glazed armor. It's not his quality, but he used it as a quality. Zhuang wants to get the other two? "

Zodiac: "Isn't it?"

Zhou Zishu looked up at the sky, suddenly sighed softly, and shook his head: "I was wrong, how can I think that the pig's brain can think of human ideas ..."

Wen Kexing feared that the world would add indiscriminately: "Knowing what is wrong can change, and there is nothing good about it."

"You ..." Zodiac talents wanted to step forward, only to see Qiu Qi "snap" a folding fan, one-handedly stopped in front of him, and said to Zhou Zi: "Zhou Gongzi, then, may I ask, Ye Shaoxia chasing one Gaojiazhuang sneakily came to this place, why did the thieves disappear, but they saw two, and ... "

He glanced down, exactly as Liu Qianqiao's eyes met, Liu Qianqiao gently shivered as if he had been covered by cold water, but Yu Qiuyu laughed and prolonged his voice. : "Oh? This lady, is it the legendary green demon Liu Qianqiao? The ever-changing gods and ghosts are unpredictable, and I can't see him today. What a true glory. "

As soon as the words "Green Demon Willow Qianqiao" came out, a large group of people behind Qiu Yi flashed with surprise, disgust, or scorn, and it seemed that the woman's reputation had deteriorated to a certain extent. She was sealed by Ye Baiyi's acupuncture points, and she couldn't rush when she tried her best, so she fell to the ground, her face flushed, and the scar on her left cheek seemed to be boiling again, which was even more disgusting and terrifying.

Zhou Zi inexplicably remembered the moment she entered the restaurant. She was very graceful and graceful like an immortal. It instantly attracted everyone's admiration, and then walked in such a squint, though knowing that she was not worthy of sympathy, But still vaguely felt her pitiful.

A face is actually so heavy either?

Liu Qianqiao looked at Yu Qiuyu, opened his mouth, seemed to want to say something, his lips twitched slightly, but swallowed back.

Ye Baiyi suddenly said, "Not him."

Yu Qiuyu smiled and said, "Ye Shaoxia is still young, and he has lived in Changming Mountain for a long time. He doesn't understand the sinister mind of the world. If Zhou Gongzi said that it had nothing to do with this matter, would he dare to take off his shirt and call us See if you have that ghost on your lower back? "

Wen Kexing shouted immediately, "What? I can't take it off, what do you think?"

Yu Qiuyu ignored him and focused on Zhou Zishu alone. He asked, "Zhou Gongzi refuses, is there something inhuman on him?"

Seeing no one? Suddenly, Zhou Zishu felt a ridiculous feeling in his heart, thinking that it was all ridiculous-there was nothing on his back waist, but there were seven nails on his chest, but it was not the same as that ghost face, and it was also an inhuman thing. What?

He suddenly laughed and thought: What can I not see? When the first emperor was there, he set up a series of policies and swept the two princes, and it was me who killed a series of court worms. When the northern barbarians invaded the Central Plains and smashed the capital, it was me who stayed at Cheng Wumen. The rivers and mountains of Daqing are now slowly recovering from the wind and rain, showing a little bit of anger, so that all of you can live and work in peace, so that you can eat and drink without any problems-the things behind the bustling world It ’s all my first-hand cooking—I used vicious things and harmed others, but now I can still hold on to the stubborn life and build up good deeds. From the beginning to the end, I have a clear conscience. What ca n’t be seen? !!

Zhou Zishu's eyes glanced at Yu Qiu, and he was silent for a moment, and said gently, "Yeah, what are you?"

Chapter 37. farce

For more than ten years when the half was not a ghost, he was as hard as a stone, never hesitated, and never lost heart. At the age of fifteen years old, he supported the Four Seasons Villa as a child. At the age of eighteen, he encountered a prince, He Lianhe, and he was stirred up by a young man. At the age of twenty-three, he built a "skylight".

Even though Qing Shi couldn't leave his name, these miles and mountains would remember his dedication.

When Zhou Zishu said this, the corner of his mouth was raised slightly, but it was more like a bitter smile, but his gaze swept over, but it seemed like a cold light that couldn't be spoken. At that moment, the zodiac's footsteps shrank, and his heart Suddenly a desire to step back was born. But he swept over Qiu Yan, and stiffened his head again.

The Zodiacs have always felt that Yu Qiuyu and his dead son are small faces with nothing to do, nothing can be done, relying only on the fading martial arts behind them to support their faces, and they can barely be among the major martial arts. . The Cangshan faction has a good relationship with Huashan. The Zodiacs feel that they are looking at the face of intergenerational friendship, helping this little white face everywhere. On the one hand, they are self-confident, and on the other hand, they are looking at Qiu Yu's pity.

In the face of such a poor and reckless man, how could the zodiacs retreat?

He measured the big group of people behind him, and his heart suddenly became thick. He said that with so many of us, even if one person stepped on you, it was enough to step you into noodles, so he exclaimed with anger: "If you have anything to say to him, you'll know it at the first trial!"

His voice exploded, just as Qiu Yan's ears rang, and Yu Qiu's frown gently, unconsciously fanned a few of his folding fans of landscape painting, his head slightly sideways, in his heart Bored with the goods of the Zodiac, I just feel that this person is not good enough, and his behavior is more like a mountain villager. The butcher who kills pigs and meat at the vegetable market is much more elegant and simple-minded. I also like to walk around, and I can hear it with a mouth ten miles and eight villages, lest others don't know he exists.

Yu Qiuyu sneered and looked at Zhou Zishu. He didn't pick up the words of the zombies. He thought that if Huashan hadn't been weak these years, and he was worried that he wouldn't be able to stand alone, which one should be called brother or brother with this stuff of **** and balls? If these two sisters are willing to take the lead, let him go. It is just that the two do not know the source, the depth, and the ancient monk's descendants do not know what attitude they are, and they use him to test the water.

So the embarrassing thing happened-the original meaning of the zodiac was to shout this throat, call Qiu Yan to catch up, and then a large group of people rushed up behind him. He didn't use any effort himself, still waiting proudly there. Now, who knows that Qiu Yan didn't say a word, just waiting for him to charge, and a group of people behind him just looked at him for no apparent reason, and no one moved a step.

Dozens of people were congested in this small alley. At that moment, no one was talking. Even the sound of the needle falling to the ground could be heard.

Wen Kexing has lived this half of his life, but he has not seen such a spectacle. He always wanted to laugh, cry, cry, and want to play gangsters, and gangsters. At the moment, he did not leave these heroes alone. Laughing back and forth together, pointing at the zodiacs and yelling at the Zodiac, "I said, a few of you, don't you rehearse, forget the words? Go ahead, dare to sing the big show without stepping on the field? But there is no reward. . "

Ye Baiyi looked aside for a while, and said in his mouth, "This is all messy." Then he turned and walked away, regardless of Liu Qianqiao, Bai Ying disappeared for a while.

Zhou Zishu thought this was a farce, so he didn't want to care about this group of people anymore, so he had to leave. The Zodiac screamed, "The boy is off!" Then he jumped up, Zhou Zishu's figure suddenly pulled up, his head He did not return, and said in his mouth, "Go!" The long-sleeved roll was actually two strengths, hitting the zodiac shoulders on one side and the other one on his knees, then the zodiac was really good-looking Like all filial sons and grandsons, he lost his word.

Wen Kexing was so happy that he could not stand up against the wall. For the first time, I found that this week, Xu not only attracted people, but also had a spirit of jokes that he didn't know about himself. It was so funny.

However, before he laughed, he was very sad. Yu Qiuyu focused on Zhou Zishu while everyone's eyes were on, and suddenly he got into trouble. The sword screamed out of the sheath, and he didn't say a greeting, then poked straight at Wen Kexing's neck. .

Although he just aimed at Zhou Zishu just now, it seems that he has not seen the character Wen Kexing at all, but he has always been paying attention to this person-Wen Kexing is turned into gray, and the handsome Huashan head will remember, It was he who told himself to fall in front of so many people, and he did not report this revenge. Yu Qiuyu felt that he was just like a man—of course, the head of the Yu was completely worried, because he even The vengeance has come, and I am afraid that there are not many dumb people in the world who take him as a man.

When Wen Kexing patted his body on the wall, he lay down and avoided it. Yu Qiu was reluctant to give up, and "Swipe to brush" a few swords arrived again. One trick was more vicious than the other, and Wen Kexing wondered that day was true. I drank a lot of wine, but I was so drunk that I did n’t know where tonight and evening. I could n’t remember the “little holiday” like that of Yu's head. Even if he thinks about it, I do n’t think it ’s the same—it ’s not Jiao Didi. The big girl wants to be beautiful, and she can just make a big fuss when she falls down.

So at this moment, I do n’t know how I ’m an “innocent” passer-by. I ’m in charge of this place. Seeing the other person ’s posture is like robbing his daughter-in-law—Wen Kexing is very wronged because the world is so big. Most people will not have a man-in-law.

He didn't take any shots, backed up again and again, saying "I mean, what do you mean?"

Yu Qiuqi sneered: "Demons crooked, and everyone in the world wins it. Originally, everyone was shouting, saying more is useless and suffers death!"

Wen Kexing flashed a sword on one side of his face, accurately stretched out two fingers, caught Qiu's sword, and sneered: "Everyone shouts? Sorry, I'm not a mouse, but please Okay, do n’t be as bitter as you are a mouse medicine! "

He gave a soft whistle, and Yu Qiu's sword was folded in his hand.

Weapons and weapons, insulting others in the martial arts, is estimated to be ranked after killing fathers and wives.

Yu Qiu's eyes were all red, and he patted Wen Kexing's chest with one palm, and at the same time he flew to kick him at the same time. The speed of speed was almost like a trick that had been worked out. Fortunately, the zodiac was "rolled out". In the future, the group of people behind him who seemed to be lively finally reacted that they should be demonized and demonized. They all entangled Zhou Zishu. No one saw this small corner. foot".

Alas, weird things happen every year, this year is especially many!

Wen Kexing turned over, and as soon as he lifted his knee, it was lying on the bone of Qiu Yi's leg, and immediately he heard the bone "snap" and broke.

At the same time, one palm was up against him. Yu Qiu only felt a surge of sea-like internal force coming along the palm of his hand, and was shocked to pull it out, but it was too late. The palm seemed to be sucked by the other side. The Neilishan Hu tsunami generally surged along his meridians, almost blasting him.

At that instant, Yu Qiuyan raised his eyes in a panic and saw the expression of this grinning man without a serious face in front of him-indifferent and indifferent, careless, just like a real monster, killing like a numb, unmoved.

Immediately after hearing a woman scream, a violent small wind swept across, and a few pins as thin as a cow's hair rushed at Wen Kexing. He almost spread out on the hillock and shot a palm from the air. The fine needle was smashed by him, but his palm strength remained. The woman who came after it had no time to dodge, was hit by his palm, flew out, and hit the wall severely.

Only then did Wen Kexing see and sneak in him, that is, Liu Qianqiao, who did not know when he rushed to the acupoint. He first stunned, then understood what it was like, and shouted: "Axu, come soon, I saw traitors / love! "

Zhou Zishu simply didn't know what to say about him. He turned around and pushed out a person who would send him up to find death. He leaned over and raised Liu Qianqiao, saying briefly, "Less nonsense, go!"

Wen Kexing responded immediately and ran away with him.

The two of them picked up by light work, and they did n’t know how far they had run. They threw off the clown jumping clowns early, and Zhou Zishu stopped and threw the breathtaking Liu Qianqiao under a tree. She has several big holes.

Wen Kexing hugged his chest with both hands and laughed: "Okay, you took her away, and the reputation of the demon's crooked road is even more solid." He thought about it, and said with pride, "Okay, Anyway, I don't have a good reputation. You are my own, and that's a bit of a misery. "

Zhou Zishu didn't look at him, leaned over to look at Liu Qianqiao's injury, and found a small bottle of medicine out of his arms. Regardless of the three or seventy-one, the dead horse was treated as a living horse doctor, and she first stuffed one in. Said: "Lao Wen, the mouth is used to talk and eat, not to fart-one more effort, she was killed on the spot."

Wen Kexing heard the impatient "Old Wen" who was a little impatient, but he couldn't say the familiar "Lao Wen", and he was immediately full of anger. As for the latter sentence, he automatically thought that "hitting is cursing and kissing is love".

Liu Qianqiao coughed, and this slight movement almost made her fall apart, and her eyes glared at Zhou Zishu, reluctantly, "What kind of kind are you ...?"

Zhou Zishu ignored her, but just squatted down and asked, "I asked you, where did you learn the easy way?"

Liu Qianqiao never thought that this was the problem as soon as he opened his mouth. He then hesitated, and then he uttered a stern breath, and said sternly, "What's your matter?"

Wen Ke Xingyan said, "Miss Liu, is it possible for you to change your appearance, or to win the glaze, all for the sake of Qiu Yun? Then I can persuade you that women are not afraid of being ugly, stupid or afraid. It ’s just that you do n’t have eyes. The goods are so good that you can see them. How did you find us? How did Ye Baiyi chase a man in black to the alley? Who deliberately misled, called Do you think that the black man who ran away was Yu Qiuyi, and even shot against Ye Baiyi? Who identified you in front of everyone? Fool, he used you as a shield. "

He broke through the "girl" mind of this woman who was no longer two or eight, and was even more frightening than the "ugly eight monsters" in front of Ye Baiyi. If Liu Qianqiao had a little energy to move, he would get up and kill him. Already.

Zhou Zishu said, "You shut up."

Wen Ke got the order, and immediately squeezed his lips tightly, he couldn't wait for his lips to grow.

Zhou Zishu estimated the age of Liu Qianqiao, staring at her face with a pair of eyes, and suddenly asked, "Have you ... ever met a stranger without eyebrows, half-starved and injured?" Have you eaten him? "

When his master Qin Huaizhang was young, he was once chased by the enemy and was seriously injured. He fell into a farm and was penniless. It is said that thanks to a little girl with a scar on his face, he secretly brought him food. Helping him through the most difficult time, Qin Huaizhang didn't want to report it. It was a pity to see that her appearance had been destroyed. It was a pity that she taught her a few easy-going skills, but did not expect that she would be harmed in the future.

Liu Qianqiao did not speak on his mouth, but a flash of surprise flashed on Wen Yan's face, Zhou Zishu understood, looked down and thought, took the bottle of wound medicine out of his arms and placed it in front of Liu Qianqiao. He said, "You'll do it for yourself."

Then he got up and left.

Wen Kexing was rushing to Zhou Zishu, and said in his mouth, "She secretly calculated that you are so good to her, but it is ..."

However, his voice suddenly stopped, because he saw Zhou Zi walking away, and took another bottle of potion from his arms, and rubbed it on his face. It was not obvious at first. After a few more wipes, he gradually showed a different complexion. .

Wen Kexing didn't blink his eyes.

The author has something to say:

In order to play the radiation, tile raised a pot of grass, and today I found that it is about to die because of thirst, so I threw it into the basin and soaked == that ... will it die?

Alas, I ca n’t even feed a pot of grass ...

Chapter 38. Rob

The sallow-yellow complexion was slowly washed away, and his chin seemed to have been shaved off of a layer of meat. He took something that Wen Kexing had never seen before, and the bone-like outline of the knife was revealed.

Wen Kexing held his breath unconsciously, and watched his fingers move Yirong from his face--

Unlike the little boy who smiles like a flower in Luoyang City, nor the clear-eyed celebrity with the eyebrows and cheeks on the upper floor of Dongting, this is a man's face, not to mention color, only black and white-pale and shaved His cheeks were thin, his lips were as thin as a line, and his eyes were dark. The contours of the eyebrows were very deep, and the eyelashes were thick, half-hidden by his heavy-colored eyes.

Yes, at that moment, Wen Kexing could only think of such a word-heavy ink, and in his eyes, the blackness that could not be melted was precipitated. Only when the angle changed, a layer of seemingly non-existent, restrained, flowed. Guanghua.

He suddenly found out that in fact, the other person did not remove the Yi Rong in his whole life, and in his heart, he should have always been like this. Now he sees that he looks exactly like his imagination, like ... I've known him for a long, long time.

Wen Kexing rolled his throat unconsciously and said, "Axu ..."

Zhou Zishu inadvertently said "um" and wiped the last point left on his face. He has been carrying this for a long time. He almost thought that it was his own face, and wiped all those things off suddenly. It turned out to be a bit unsuitable. I originally planned to pass this face. Who knows that the trouble is so easy to follow? Is it necessary to change a human skin mask for two days in three days?

He suddenly felt bad again

Wen Kexing moisturized his lips and whispered, "I ... have you said that I actually like men?"

Zhou Zishu glanced at him with an expression of "nonsense, don't I know", remembering what it was like, took out a human skin mask from his arms, threw it into the arms of Wen Kexing, and commanded: "I don't want to Continue to trouble and bring it. "

The man's leather mask was very well-crafted. If it was usual, Wen Kexing would study it with great interest, but at this time, he didn't even look at the thing, just stared at Zhou Zishu. Asked solemnly: "So are you planning to seduce me?"

Zhou Zishu lived at such an old age, consciously that he was a pure man from head to toe. He had never been teased by a man with such a wretched look and so solemn tone. He always felt that Wen Kexing was not in trouble with his eyes. There is something wrong with my eyes-either I have two holes in my heart, or I am open, otherwise why is the beautiful girl lad full of streets not entangled and playing around his disgusting people?

So he ignored him and, as he walked, felt another human skin mask and buckled it.

Wen Kexing staged a big move from a beautiful man to a wretched middle-aged middle-aged man, only to feel that his own internal organs had turned over, and he could not wait to press his eyes in the water and wash them. What he saw was absolutely terrible, and he shouted, "It's so hurting, you can change it for me!"

Having said that, he reached out to do the labor for him and helped him remove it.

Zhou Zishu felt that he was making troubles unreasonably, and his face flickered away. Who knew that Wen Kexing was so obsessed and chased after him with all hesitantness-so the two people who had just been unanimously to the outside world, when the external problem had temporarily gone, he Once again, he returned to the state of internal fighting, and you hit me indiscriminately in the same place.

Zhou Zishu punched the clavicle to Wen Kexing, but Wen Kexing did not dodge. Zhou Zishu didn't plan to really kill him. The electric light fire moved his fist up two inches and rubbed his shoulder. However, Wen Kexing took this opportunity to grab his hand and said with an eyebrow, "Oh, to discuss things, I think you are also a bachelor, shall we make it?"

When he talked, he always had such a grinning look, his eyes narrowed, as if he didn't let people see his expression, and deliberately did not let people know whether he was sincere or fake, Zhou Zishu was impatient. Asked quietly, "What do I want you to do?"

Wen Kexing approached him, raised his hand to the height of his chin, and gently rubbed with the tip of his chin, and then when Zhou Zishu was struggling with his goosebumps, he suddenly shot his hands on his face. The mask was taken off, tossed aside, and lowered his voice and asked, "What do you say?"

Zhou Zishu rolled his eyes, looked at Wen Kexing for a moment without expression, and suddenly laughed. The pale part was too pale, and the thick part was too deep. It always made people feel so indifferent. Righteousness, only when he smiled, his eyebrows stretched out, the corners of his mouth seemed to be left with a slight score, and pale pale lips floated in almost invisible colors, but for some reason he looked a little cute. This lovely man also lowered his voice, and asked, word by word, "Keep you up, but keep eating meat while you're in famine?"

When his low, whisper-like voice sounded, Wen Kexing almost exploded his scalp. Before he could understand what he said, he kicked him hard, his knees were soft, and he almost came to the ground with a five-body projection. Zhou Zi Shu shook him away and strode away, and found a human skin mask and put it on-it was even more ugly than the previous one.

Swaying proudly away.

Besides, the two uncles left leisurely and flirted, Zhang Chengling was sitting alone on the steps thinking about life. He didn't know what happened. When he reacted, he was taken care of by Gu Xiang. The collar was thrown aside after being stung, then warm blood fluttered on his face, screaming and exploding, Gu Xiang's pretty face was full of killing, the dagger in his hand was dripping blood, and under his feet was Only then was the hand of the black harpist who was playing around with the harp ... and a small serpent broken in two.

The violinist jumped away from the window with a pale face, Gu Xiang knew that this place should not be stayed for a long time, so he pulled up Zhang Chengling and said to Cao Weining, "Go, leave here!"

Her voice only fell, and I didn't know where the ten-odd black men came from, and everyone took a hook-this is the second batch of poisonous scorpion dead!

Everyone in the restaurant, including the shop's second child, retreated before things got worse, and there was no time to close before meals. Cao Weining asked in a loud voice: "What's going on? Why do these people suddenly come up? What are they going to do?"

Holding a dagger in his hand, Gu Xiang slowly swept over the poisonous scorpion. Feeling a little sweaty in his palm, he gently turned the dagger in his hand by an arc, secretly crying. They actually encountered the poisoned scorpion dead at this time, and it was easy to go out, but in case she looked at it, told the little ghost to have three strengths and two weaknesses. In the style of her master, she must not tear her alive?

The poisonous scorpions seemed to be very frightened of Gu Xiang, and slowly approached from all directions. Gu Xiang Yuguang swept to the blank look of Cao Weining and Zhang Chengling, who apparently had little fighting power. She really felt that the wind was bleak. This is her life. The most unlucky moment.

Then he said to Cao Weining briefly, "Have you forgotten? The dead man of the poisonous scorpion will kill the little ghost."

Cao Weining said "ah" and remembered that the dead people in Gaojiazhuang were like this, so they immediately guarded, shaking out their swords, and commanded Zhang Chengling on one side, "Don't leave me."

As soon as Gu Xiangxian's eyebrows were twisted, he decided to preempt the attack, put a hidden weapon in his hand, and spit it out without the same money, and then the melee began--

Zhou Zishu suspected that Gu Xiang was "Guigu Zisha". The little girl is not old, but she has a lot of skills, and her martial arts are definitely not weak. Although Cao Weining's ability in poetry and songs is a bit painful, it is also a sword of Qingfeng. The best apprentice in this generation is the one who has never been able to practice because of unscrupulous reading activities. The two are really good at joining forces, even if the opponent is a dead scorpion.

It can be destroyed, and there is a small burden Zhang Chengling.

Gu Xiang never killed or set fire in his life like this-I saw Cao Weining was entangled by a dead man, not to be warned, and asked another to bypass him and fling to Zhang Chengling. In anxiety, Cao Weining raised Zhang Chengling in a hurry. Throw it at Gu Xiang, Gu Xiang said "Ouch" and had to catch it, but that was also a hundred-something heavy individual. She was bumped back three or four steps, and it was easy to stabilize. The poisonous scorpion that almost caught her hair, the hidden weapon popped on the tip of the shoe popped on the lower abdomen of another poisonous scorpion.

Daoguang Jianying passed by Zhang Chengling's head and passed by. He wondered whether he had been cut off after a while. He had to reach out and feel it. Then he endured Gu Xiang and Cao Weining and threw him like a sack. Go, dancing in the air, almost dizzy.

Waiting for a scuffle to come to an end, Gu Xiang's trousers have been stained with the blood of the other side, and she has a hook on her waist. Fortunately, she flashes fast, otherwise the little beauty will become a half beauty Now, a pretty face lost his blood, and Cao Weining was no better than her. She was extremely embarrassed.

In this place, almost only three of them are left.

Gu Xiang cut off immediately: "Go now, otherwise there will be more trouble, fast!"

Cao Weining and Zhang Chengling looked at each other with bothers, so they had to follow her, but only heard someone groan / groan in the corner, Zhang Chengling turned back and saw the old beggar begging out of the dead pile, already scared to pee. The trousers, the broken bowl containing the copper coins fell down, the copper coins were scattered all over the place, and the blood was blistered. The old beggar could not stand up, his voice changed the tone, and he trembled and said, "Kill, kill!"

After all, Cao Weining was a celebrity, and he was educated by righteousness, courtesy, wisdom, and childhood. He frowned at the moment. This is not a good thought. Only then did he pay no attention to it and even involved the old man. Then he went up and asked, Have you ever been hurt? "

The old beggar looked up at him blindly, for a long while, and then said, "Ah ..." It seemed as if he was too scared to speak.

Zhang Chengling went up and said softly, "Grandpa, run away, the bad guys are coming."

He gave the old beggar a copper plate just now, and the other party recognized him at the moment, and he said, "Oh, oh, dead man!" While he grabbed Zhang Chengling's arm. Gu Xiang watched coldly, suddenly his eyes were frozen, and he jumped over from the side like lightning, chopped his hand at the old beggar.

Cao Weining exclaimed, "No, Ah Xiang!"

But it was too late. The short dagger in Gu Xiang's hands attacked the old man aggressively. The old man seemed startled, but his hand shrank quickly enough, but Gu Xiang did not give him the opportunity, and suddenly changed his tactics. The last hand, it was fed into his neck, punctured the aorta, and blood spewed two feet high.

Cao Weining and Zhang Chengling stared dumbfounded at the **** girl like Shura on earth.

Gu Xiang pulled the dagger from the old man's body without expression, raised his sleeve and wiped the blood on his face. He raised his eyes and saw his two scared, scared, and unspeakable expressions. Asked, "What?"

Cao Weining pointed at the old man's body, and his tongue was knotted: "He ... he's just ... just an old man asking for food, you ... you kill him ..."

Hum, the famous door is decent-Gu Xiang's eyes are cold, without explanation, he turns around and puts the dagger into the sheath, and picks up Zhang Chengling indiscriminately and walks away.

Who knew that Cao Weining was chasing up carefully, and for a while, he murmured, "I don't mean that ... Axiang, I didn't say that you did something wrong, didn't ... It doesn't mean that you just kill someone casually, it's Wan If you are wrong, in case he is an ordinary old beggar, just in case ... you know in the future, I'm afraid you will be uncomfortable in your heart. "

Gu Xiang paused for a moment, and she was silent for a while before she said roughly, "Shit, what can I be sad about?"

Cao Weining sighed softly and said, "It's going to be sad, but you don't know it ... Well, let's go quickly. Brother Zhou and Brother Wen don't know where they went, Another group of scorpion snakes, I am afraid that others will be sorry for us! "

Gu Xiangbian flattened his mouth, said nothing, and thought to himself, Cao Weining ... Although a bit lacking in mind, in fact, people are not bad.

Chapter 39. Flee

When Zhou Zishu and Wen Kexing rushed back, Gu Xiang and they were gone. Only the dead bodies in one place were left. People in Gaojiazhuang were dealing with them, and they looked around in a big circle to see the lively.

Wen Kexing is still not very used to the feeling of covering something on his face, always feeling that the thin mask like a cicada is about to fall off, and then he sees that Zhou Zishu, who is just being hunted down, is all right Just like that, he walked over in a big manner ... as if he was not himself.

For the first time, Wen Kexing knew that someone with a ghost in his heart could be so righteous, and it turned out that he had a skin on his face, so he followed it surprisingly.

Several people were exploring the body on the ground, and Mo Huaikong of the Qingfeng Sword School was among them. He looked dignified and apparently recognized Cao Weining's handwriting. Wen Kexing looked at him for a while, and gathered Zhou Zishu's ears and said, "Look at the expression of the old man named Mo. Will Cao Weining's kid elope with Gu Xiang?"

Zhou Zishu said, "You are too shit."

He then looked at the corpse on the ground, his brows locked, and felt something awkward. What kind of man was the poisonous scorpion? Just the two unreliable one and a half children, can they cope? Is it dead or alive today? Where did you go?

Wen Kexing thought for a while, and said, "Now that the glass scorpion and poisonous scorpion are all over the city, if Gu Xiang's silly girl should run to no one's place."

Zhou Zishu glanced at him, quickly withdrew from the crowd, and said in his mouth, "What are you waiting for, chase?"

The two of them came and ran fast, and almost no one noticed. Wen Kexing comforted: "It's okay, Gu Xiang's girl is not so useless as you think, and there is Cao Weining."

Zhou Zishu frowned at him, and suddenly asked, "What does Master Wen Gu worry about the life of the little ghost so much?"

Wen Kexing smiled. He felt such a grin. The mask on his face was a little wrinkled. When he was about to fall off, he reached out and pressed it. It looked strange, and asked in his mouth, "What does Master Zhou do so worry about the little ghost?" Life and death? "

Zhou Zishu said, "That's my apprentice."

Wen Kexing answered: "Your apprentice is my apprentice, who do we both talk to?"

Zhou Zishu said: "... you two and me-don't talk nonsense, do you want to know something from that little ghost?"

"I'll tell you as soon as I kiss you." Wen Kexing gave him a wink at him, but unfortunately the man's leather mask on his face was not human-like, such a self-serving romantic look swept over, the effect It's scary.

Zhou Zishu immediately turned his head silently, panicked very much, and felt that he could not live without evil, and said, "Aren't you afraid of getting sores?"

Wen Kexing replied shamelessly: "I'm willing to die."

Zhou Zishu then ignored him again, thinking about it, and then said, "From the origin of Rongxuan and Guigu, I am afraid that the place where the five big families got the glass armor should be in Ghost Valley. This time, the news of glass armor Leaked, all the people in the rivers and lakes are eager to rush, can it be that which evil spirit moved everyone's heart and went out of the valley privately? Is it possible that he also happened to be connected with the Zhang family's extermination case? "Just right" that night saw the daring evil spirit? "

Wen Ke paused and asked, "Otherwise, if you don't know, who else can I ask?"

Suddenly Zhou Zishu glanced back at him, and asked, "Is there any other important inside story, even the owner of Guigu Valley, who was absent from the house?"

Wen Kexing said nothing, just stretched out a finger with a smile, pointed to his lips, looked at Zhou Zishu with great anticipation.

Zhou Zishu pretended not to see anything, pondered for a while, and asked, "What if you found this person?"

Wen Kexing said gently and even with a little smile: "Cooking skin and cramps, thousands of knives." Seeing Zhou Zishu looking at him with a complex expression, Wen Kexing laughed again, very embarrassedly. Said, "-It scares you."

Zhou Zishu Gan laughed: "Oh, I'm really scared."

Wen Ke is thinking, this old fox who can't slip.

Zhou Zi reassured, this pretending bastard.

The two looked at each other with distorted faces and smiled at each other, and then hurried on their way to pick them up when the three were still out of breath.

Gu Xiang, they did n’t actually run to no one like Wen Kexing expected. After all, it ’s easier to kill and set fire in inaccessible places. The three of them wiped the blood on the rush, and ran toward the downtown. However, the goal of these three people is too obvious, Gu Xiang can't do much work, Gu Xiang regrets this decision.

They were intercepted by several people. The leaders were Feng Xiaofeng and Gao Shan, followed by an old man and an old woman. One man was walking with his left hand and the other was walking with his right hand. Silver, with a dozen pounds of gold jewellery on her body, the old woman smeared with grease, a face can be matched with the monkey's butt.

Cao Weining sweated in the palm of his hand at once-this pair of old goods is more difficult than Feng Xiaofeng. It is the legendary "Peach Red Lady" and "Green Willow", a pair of old and unscrupulous. Now, you can do anything shameless.

I only heard Feng Xiaofeng laugh sharply: "Zhang Chengling, after all, you are also decent, and the heroes of the world are now planning to get justice for your Zhang family. You are better off, but you follow two demons who do n’t know where they come from. Run away, is it going to bring your dead ghost back to life? "

Zhang Chengling's complexion changed immediately. He was not good at arguing with others. He was always clumsy and just shouted at him: "You ... you nonsense, my master and senior Wen are good people!"

Gu Xiang was shaved by the poisonous scorpion's hook at the waist, and she was still bleeding. Although she had taken the poison, she still had so much cold sweat that she had no patience. She said, "What's the matter?" Feng Xiaofeng, make way for your aunt, don't think you can't cut you if you are short! "

Feng Xiaofeng screamed, "Where's the stinky girl?"

Then he pulled out a machete behind him and rushed to Gu Xiang. Cao Weining was busy with a sword to intercept his blade and tried to make sense, saying, "Feng Feng, A Xiang is a junior, you and her generally know, and say Wouldn't you go out to your prestige? "

Feng Xiaofeng originally focused on Zhang Chengling, only to see him, and then he froze, wondering: "How can the boy of the Qingfeng Sword School be with them all the way?"

Cao Weining said with a grin: "Senior, I'm afraid there is some misunderstanding ..."

Feng Xiaofeng hummed and held the sword in his hand, only listening to the Taohong wife behind him interjecting: "Since this is the case, Lao Feng, you should also be a little calm and irritable-the boy of Qingfeng Sword School, you will This little ghost has found it. It's good. It's a good thing. The wife thinks you have a future. "

Cao Weining, while secretly alerting, had to drag Gu Xiang to prevent her from rubbing her fire. The cold sweat on her forehead was almost dripping, and she had to say, "Yes, thank you, old senior ..."

The Taohong woman waved her hand slowly, Yi Yi said with angrily, "Zhang Chengling, follow us."

Zhang Chengling immediately took two steps back, staring at her with a pair of big glasses with vigilance. Cao Weining moved a half step to the side, blocking Zhang Chengling, and asked tentatively, "Is the predecessor out for Zhao Ling or Gao Xiang to find Cheng Ling? This is still very clear."

Tao Hongpo sneered, and asked her geologically, "Boy, why do you ask us?"

Cao Weining blocked Zhang Chengling and stepped back two steps, still cautiously said: "Seniors forgive me, juniors just take care of him on their behalf, dare not give this little brother to others at will, it is necessary to pay, but also must be heroes or Zhao ... "

Liu Luweng struck the ground with a cane and sneered coldly, "Do you think you are a character? Today, you have to let go, if you do n’t let go, you have to let go!"

His voice only came to an end, and he and Tao Hongpo had hit him at the same time, waved the big crutch and smashed his head.

Cao Weining didn't dare to entrust him, and then he stepped back and held it up. He shouted to Gu Xiang and said, "Take him first, quickly!"

Gu Xiang's thoughts turned very fast. She knew that Cao Weining was a member of the Qingfeng Sword School. No matter what, these old monsters were afraid of Mo Huaikong and Mo Huaiyang, and they had to be merciful with three points. His life, so hesitant, said, "Take care of you."

Pull Zhang Chengling and run in the other direction.

Where Feng Xiaofeng was willing, he had to chase him. Gu Xiang's eyes were frozen, his hands suddenly retracted into his sleeves, and Zhang Chengling was pushed hard to avoid Feng Xiaofeng, but he rushed to the mountains by this push. The meteor hammer of the slave and the mountain slave immediately smashed over, Gu Xiang avoided it smartly, and suddenly raised his hand and sprinkled a handful of white powder. The mountain slave did not escape, and he screamed in the middle of the door. His eyes were red and red. Swollen, can not open, he rubbed with his hands, but also rubbing bleeding, Gu Xiang started the vicious, but actually used a vicious trick to abolish his eyes.

Feng Xiaofeng turned to the slaves of the mountain, and said in a horror, "Ashan, what are you ...?"

The mountain slave just screamed like a wild beast, grabbed his eyes hard, Feng Xiaofeng rushed up and hugged his arm, the two rolled into a ball, and it took nine cattle and two tigers to seal it. After reaching the acupuncture point of Gao Shan, Feng Xiaofeng looked at his eyes, his heart was cracked, and he yelled, "Xiaojian / People leave!"

But where are Gu Xiang and Zhang Chengling?

Gu Xiang concluded that this place was too crowded to take, and he took Zhang Chengling to the wilderness and ran out of his heart, and was anxious in his heart, and he thought for a moment that the master and Zhou Su were out of tune. At least one of them could be found. How about it? After worrying for a while, Fang was forced to do such a trick. Would Feng Xiaofeng be ashamed and angry at Cao Weining? Don't kill that silly boy, right?

However, she was worried that Cao Weining didn't have much time, because the third batch of dead poisoned scorpions was waiting for a rabbit in a forest on the outskirts of the city.

Gu Xiang was crying secretly in her heart. She was injured, and she did n’t know how long she could sustain it. She did n’t even have a person to ask for help. She stuffed a short sword to Zhang Chengling, and desperately pushed him out. "Run!" Then he flew up like a flying swallow and dared to meet the poisonous scorpion dead.

Zhang Chengling panicked and ran to the forest with tears. He shed tears as he ran, how did he think he was so useless and how he always affected others? First Master, then Brother Cao and Sister Gu Xiang ...

However, the reality did not give him time to hurt, sadness and sorrow. A few screams rang in his ears, and three or four men in black came out from different directions, which blocked all his ways. Zhang Chengling stood there with only a dagger Gu Xiang had just given him. He was holding it like a child's toy.

The hooks in the hands of the black assassins came cold, approaching. At that moment, Zhang Chengling was suddenly aroused with blood. He thought, why do you all want me to die? What did I do wrong? Why can anyone live, I can't? !!

A man in black accelerated, and the hook swept over him like a huge scorpion. Zhang Chengling stepped forward with his left foot. Somehow, he remembered what Wen Kexing said to him that night-- Like a hawk catching a rabbit, like opening a bow without regret, the top is weak, the pressure is overwhelming—he suddenly jumped back, stepped on the trunk, and leaped high, and the whole person flew towards the cold light, that For a moment, my heart was empty, there were only two words: spelled.

The dagger is connected with the scorpion hook, and the sound of metal is uncomfortable, and the voice of Wen Kexing remembers in the ear: if it is not infinite, then the sword is like a floating flower, which is unstable and floating. There are thousands of them, all of them. His blade was pinned by the hook, Zhang Chengling scrambled to remove one of his hands, twisted his hand and pierced his hand out, desperately sending the dagger into the chest of the man in black.

The poisonous scorpion hummed before he died, and Zhang Chengling was still unbelievable. For a moment, his heart was filled with joy, fear, and a lot of emotions, but before he could taste it, another poisonous scorpion had arrived. Zhang Chengling raised his hand to stop, but was frightened to find that a black gas started to flow from the place where the palm was torn by the hook, and then his whole body became weak. He shook, couldn't stand anymore, and sat down on his knees.

Zhang Chengling closed his eyes in despair, and said, "Is this going to die?"

However, the fatal blow didn't come down. Zhang Chengling waited for a long time before he glanced at it, and saw that the poisonous scorpion had an arrow in the chest, split his eyes, and then fell suddenly, and then a man's voice was behind him. It sounded and said, "You kill and set fire during the day. Why don't I remember that the folk customs in Dongting have deteriorated so much?"

The author has something to say:

Guess who is coming? Hehe hehe

Chapter 40. Qiye

Zhang Chengling felt dizzy, probably the scorpion poison began to attack, and his ears were thunderous, rumbling, the surrounding sounds were separated by a layer of veil, audible, but somewhat different. Really.

He turned in the direction of the arrow, turned his face, and saw two men.

The man with a small crossbow in his hand struck a navy blue robe, with long sleeves and smart clothes, a wide belt with a slap around his waist, and a white jade flute beside him. It doesn't look like a river or a lake or a scholar, but it looks like a gentleman who is noble and respectful. At first glance, his peach-like eyes seemed to have a slight smile, but he looked carefully, but his gaze toward the last poisonous scorpion was slightly cold.

Zhang Chengling wondered stupidly, this man ... but really the best looking man he'd ever seen.

He was followed by another man, in black, squatting on his shoulder with a little marten, with a cold-looking face.

The dead corpse of the poisonous scorpion seemed to hesitate for a moment, and then the arrow from the string flew towards the person holding the crossbow. What happened, the poison scorpion became a dead scorpion.

Only then did he look at the man in black who was some distance away, but he came to him in the blink of an eye, bent down, picked up his **** hand, looked at it, reached for his several points, and then went to his mouth. Lee slammed a pill and said, "Swallow it, it's scorpion poison."

Zhang Chengling couldn't care about anything else, he just pulled his clothes corner hard and said, "Gu ... Xiang ... Sister ... Please help ..."

The Huayin he spoke with all his might, when he spoke, it became blurred, and it was difficult for the man in the robe next to understand it, but he still understood, and asked softly: "You asked us to help you To save people? Where? "

Zhang Chengling stretched out a finger and pointed in the direction, still saying: "Gu ... sister ... save ... she, save ... save ..."

The man in black looked up at his companion, listening only to the man in the robe: "Not yet."

The man in black scooped the mink on his shoulder and threw it into his arms. "Be careful, I'll be right back."

Then he seemed to disappear after turning around. Zhang Chengling stared blankly at the direction where his back disappeared, almost looking like he was going to wear it. The man in the robe helped him sit upright, and commanded: "Close your eyes, stare, don't think about it, save your life before thinking about anything else. "

Zhang Chengling knew that it was useless to worry anymore, and he closed his eyes in accordance with the words. The little marten came out of the man's arms and arched into a ball. He smelled the smell of blood in the air. There was also a very thin smell of incense on the clothes. Zhang Chengling was in this smell and gradually lost consciousness.

When he woke up, the sky was completely dark, and the numbness of Zhang Chengling's body had faded along with the scorpion poison. Then he slowly crawled up, for a moment, a little confused, I can't think of myself. What's wrong? Just listen to the girl next to her, "Yeah, you're awake!"

Zhang Chengling looked back with joy and looked away. Although Gu Xiang was described as being embarrassed, he still had to be fully tailed, and the wounds on his body had been dealt with. He was sitting next to a fire to warm himself. At this time, a hand full of cocoons stretched out, and his fingers clung to Zhang Chengling's veins. After a while, he let go of him and said, "The poison has resolved."

It was the man in black who saw Zhang Chengling's eyes looking curiously and ignored them, but nodded, and leaned straight against a tree. The deep facial features from From the side, it looked like it was carved from stone. Zhang Chengling found that Gu Xiang's gaze at the man turned out to be full of awe, as though he was restrained from the way he was born yelling.

He said awkwardly, "Thank you ... Thank you for your help!"

The man in black heard that, but nodded slightly, and said in his mouth, "No need." Then he stopped looking at him and turned to look in the other direction.

Zhang Chengling followed his eyes and saw that the man in the robe holding the crossbow in the day was holding a pile of firewood, and the talented man in black had to stand up, and Gu Xiang ran off first, He took Chai He and said in the mouth: "Qiye, sit and sit. I can do all these things. What do you do in person? I was a girl for others ..."

The "Seven Lords" in her mouth heard a smile and bent a pair of peach eyes. Ren Guxiang picked up Chai He and sat next to the man in black. The man in black didn't know where to find a very small piece of warmth. The stove was crammed into his hand, and he took off a dead leaf on his sleeve lightly. I wonder if it was the illusion of Zhang Chengling. He only felt that the man in black seemed to be dead from a dead heart. The stone became a flesh-and-blood person, warming his eyes.

The two did not talk much, but there was a tacit understanding between them.

Qiye looked at Zhang Chengling and asked, "Are you better?"

He didn't speak loudly, but it was very nice. Zhang Chengling didn't know why, and suddenly blushed, bowed his head, and nodded silently, but couldn't help raising his eyes secretly, and wanted to see him again-seeing him in the restaurant that day The woman who arrived was also extremely beautiful, but Zhang Chengling suddenly felt that compared to this man, the woman's face was like a skin on a piece of paper, looking artificial and thin.

Qiye asked again, "What's your surname? Those people ..."

Before Zhang Chengling reacted, Gu Xiang, who added firewood to the fire there, crackled and said, "He is my brother, and naturally his surname is Gu. My two were doing small tasks for the host's house. I When the girl was a little girl, who knew the host ’s family was in trouble, and who knew where it was, he had to kill all of us as human beings. It ’s really a lack of virtue, and there must be no children in the future. □ Thanks to the second place ... "

The man in black glanced up at her, and Gu Xiang couldn't say any more. He only opened his eyes with a pair of grunting eyes.

She talked nonsense, and Qiye didn't have any general knowledge with her, but continued with a cheerful look: "You all have injuries on your body. You should have taken you to the inn, but this little girl said that someone was hunted in the city. It was not safe. Had to be wronged here for a night, and plan again tomorrow morning. Can you two go anywhere else? "

His voice was soft and soft, not too slow, like coaxing two small children. Zhang Chengling listened and suddenly felt wronged, he thought, where else could go? His father died early, and the whole family is dead. Right now, no matter whether he is a good or a bad person, he wants to catch him. He is like a bird that frightens his bow. His wings are almost folded, but the world is so big that he can't find a foothold. Where the eye circles are red, silent.

Gu Xiang thought for a while, and said, "My master and this kid ’s master were going to meet us. I did n’t expect a bunch of people to chase us. I ran out in panic, and I did n’t know they could find them. Can't find us ... "

Thinking of Cao Weining, Zhang Chengling cleverly added: "There is also Cao, and some weirds have been taken away."

Gu Xiang immediately cast an eye-knife and warned Zhang Chengling, a little idiot, not to talk in a mess. Who knew that Zhang Chengling was in a daze and distressed and could not receive it, then he heard Qiye asking: "What kind of weird? "

Zhang Chengling said honestly: "A dwarf and a giant, and a pair of husbands and wives who are all dressed up."

Gu Xiang rolled his eyes and stared up at the starry sky, he couldn't wait to faint Zhang Chengling again.

Qiye didn't seem to be familiar with the people in Wulin, only hesitated and asked, "Who is that?"

The man in black, who only listened to one side, said: "The landlord Feng Xiaofeng and the mountain slaves are colorful ... probably they met Taohongpo and Liulugong."

He stared at Zhang Chengling as if with electricity, and said coldly: "Although it's not a good thing, he can still be conceited and never mix with poisonous scorpions. What will he do to kill you all the way?"

Zhang Chengling was swept away by his gaze, and he felt as if he had blocked an icy stone in his chest, and then he froze.

Qiye laughed, and said, "Little poison, don't scare the children." The man in black, after hearing the words, really lowered his eyes honestly, and the old monk was settled, so he stopped paying attention to them.

Qiye stared at Gu Xiang who was restless, then turned to Zhang Chengling, and suddenly asked, "Child, I ask you, is your master surnamed Zhou?"

Gu Xiangsheng was afraid that Zhang Chengling would say something, and hurriedly rushed and said, "Well, his master is not surnamed 'Porridge', surname 'Soup', he is a wretched and lecherous old man!"

Who knew that her pig-like comrade-in-arms Zhang Chengling frowned and said to her in righteous manner: "My master is not a wretched and lecherous old man, you bullshit!"

Gu Xiang's ten fingers were eager to move, and he wanted to strangle him quickly.

Qiye shook his head and laughed out loud: "Where is such an old-fashioned little girl? Okay, we are not bad people either. In the end, Master Zhou was a good friend of mine in the past."

Gu Xiang's eyes rolled around and he asked, "What do you say, what is his master's name?"

Qiye said: "His last name is Zhou, his name ..."

Suddenly he paused, Taohua narrowed his eyes, pondered for a moment, and thought to himself, Zhou Zishu's man was hiding his head and showing his tail, and he would definitely not use his real name. What would it turn into?

As soon as he lifted his eyes, he saw Gu Xiangzheng staring at him with a pair of big eyes blinking. He was so funny that he couldn't think of being asked by such a little girl, but suddenly, his mind flashed and he blurted out: " It ’s called Zhou Su, is n’t it? “Xu looks like a floating cloud, and his heart is like flying fu”, and there is a brother called Zhou Yun. What does he look like ... I do n’t know what he looks like now, he is used to easy-looking, But there hasn't been much improvement, it has changed, and it's just a man with a pale face and a wretched description? "

He couldn't figure out whether Zhou Zishu would change his name to "Zhou Yun" or "Zhou Su". He said that with that person's temperament, there were only a few of them.

Gu Xiang really bluffed him, said dubiously: "Well? Zhou Su still has brothers?"

She has known Zhou Zishu for so long. Even after hearing Wen Kexing said that he might be a senior figure in the skylight, she still felt mysterious and mysterious. I do n’t know where he came from, where he came from, or his martial arts. He never heard of his brother.

Another thought, the two in front of me, the one in blue is hard to say, but the man in black is really a rare master in her life, the master is here, but it is between the middle and the middle, and she and Zhang Chengling are like, It's so easy to pinch the two bugs, there is no need to lie, and I really believe it.

Qiye saw the two little ghosts bluffed, then lowered his eyes, looked at the rising fire, and laughed silently.

So on the second day, Gu Xiang took Zhang Chengling and walked with the two men all the way, carefully avoiding the eyes of others. Qiye took the two of them to a silver house. The treasurer and a man behind him The family members, who had to be like dough, greeted them immediately, respectfully called "Master" and "Big Witch".

Qiye settled the two of them, took the snack and ate with them, then sat aside, and played against the man in black with interest, and thus spent time. At noon, the big master of Yinzhuang Suddenly came in and said to Qiye, "Zhou Gongzi has already found it, and this will come."

Qiye threw the chess piece, stood up, smiled and put Su Bai's hand back into his sleeve, and commanded: "One of the four great things in life is that he knows what happened in his hometown. He is safe, but please come in quickly."
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