Comeback of the Abandoned Wife Chapter 91-100

Chapter 91: You get away

Wu Ruo ignored all kinds of eyes cast in all directions and looked at P akse calmly.

Wu Shi didn't expect Wu Ruojing to do such a bad thing, and quickly took the opportunity to ridicule Wu Ruo: "Hey, I'm so shameless, I went to the restaurant to meet privately. I must have been * * * *by a man last night. Be comfortable. "

He deliberately did not name or name, anyway, someone knew who he was talking about.

"You shut up for me." Wu Anyi scolded angrily.

However, he had witnessed what happened and knew who was with the husband and wife of Bashir. Therefore, he didn't want to just 'reconcile' with the P eking University, and have a conflict with the East University.

Wu Shi was scolded with a clue: "Second Brother, what's wrong with you?"

Is n’t the second brother also hating Wu Ruo? Why not let him say it.

"You don't know the truth of the matter, so don't make any random noises." Wu Anyi said while paying attention to the complexion of Dongdayuan.

Wu Ruo glanced at Wu Shi and laughed: "P akse, I think you're wrong ..."

"How could I be wrong." Basher still thought that he and Wu Ruo had a husband and wife: "Xiao Ruo, you forgot how enthusiastic you were last night, holding my legs around my waist and shouting constantly I'll work harder and leave me full marks on your body. You are really small and tight, so that I like it ... "
He didn't say this shamelessly, and no matter what the occasion, he just said it.

"You * * * *egg." An angry voice roared out of the crowd in the East Courtyard, and then a dark gray figure rushed to Basir and punched him.

P asir was so painful that he immediately rolled up.

And the man who beat him was Wu Qiansu, the fourth grandfather of the Eastern Academy, the father of Wu Sheng and Wu Xia.

"Lao Tzu is going to kill your beast." Wu Qiansu sighed angrily on Basra's face, and then took out a sword to kill Basra.

"Siye, you are slow." Ubfang's housekeeper stopped Wu Qiansu. Today's Wuqiansu Na also heard the advice of others: "You get away."
After his youngest son left Zuoyuelou last night, he has n’t returned yet. He sent someone to look for it, and he did n’t find him. He did n’t know if he had done something stupid. The thought of his younger son might be somewhere Seeking short-term, my heart was terribly painful, and I wish I could kill P akse.

"Siye, calm down." Ubud's housekeeper hurried him to the corner.

An unsuspecting person said strangely: "The man named P ak said that he clearly had a husband and wife relationship with Wu Qianqing's son. Why did Wu Qiansu have such a big reaction?"

"You don't know then. Last night, it was actually Wu Xiasu's younger son, Wu Xia, who was with Hussein."

"Ah? What the * * * *is going on?"

The insider immediately said what happened last night. Soon, everyone in Wu family knew what happened to Bashir and Uxia last night. Even if Wu Qiansu didn't rush out to fight P akse, things couldn't be concealed, because
last night, too many people saw the scene of P akse and Wu Xiahuan in love, and it was impossible to seal the other's mouth.

After everyone knows this, everyone thinks that Uxia is self-reliant. If it wasn't for designing and harming others, would the person who was the last man be himself?

Wu Shi heard others discussing last night's affairs, and he put aside his lips and said, Ruowu was also very lucky, so he didn't win.

The Ubud side from P  u Jinyuan heard everyone's discussions and frowned. They just let the handshake between Nanyuan and Beidayuan the night before, and now there is a conflict between Beidayuan and Dongyuan. This year, the Wu family is really not going well. .

He couldn't help but think of asking God for the results during the winter festival. Is there really a big calamity in their Wu family?

The elders Rong and Xian, who were behind them, also thought of the hexagrams that they used during the winter festival.

The elder Xian asked: "P atriarch, our Wu family has been really uncomfortable lately. Can you tell us about the divination of our winter festival?"

Ub Fang sighed: "Before the new year, I had informed Wu Yanlan about this and asked him to tell the divination to the National Normal University."

Elder Rong wondered: "It's been a long time now, can there be news from the National Normal University?"

Ubud ’s eyebrows were even tighter: "I have n’t heard from the National Normal University so far. It may be that his old man is relatively busy. He ca n’t take care of things next to us, or Wu Yanlan forgot to tell him about it. National Teacher's College, let's not talk about this matter, how can we solve the matter of P akse and Beijing University and East University? "
Elder Rong and Elder Yin sighed.

Ubud came to P   akse and said positively, "P   akse, if you give up the solution, I will spare you."

P asir resisted the pain, coughed a few times, and a bloodshot ran out of the corner of his mouth: "If you let me go now and let me take Xiao Ruo away, I will give you the antidote immediately."

Ubud can't help but look at Wu Ruo. It is undeniable that Wu Ruo is really a peerless beauty. Although he is similar to his mother, his mother is not as handsome as him. In terms of aspect, they are a quarter shorter than Uruo.

Immediately afterwards, he received the sharp eyes of the men around Wu Ruo, and he quickly drew back his gaze: "Xiao Ruo already has a husband and cannot follow you."

Basir yelled: "I and Xiao Ruo also have a husband and wife, why not take him away.

Ubud's face sank. "It's not him who's married to you." P asir froze.
Not Wu Ruo, who is it?

He felt sick all the time when he thought of doing something with an ugly man who was unknown.

"You lie." Bather didn't believe it.

Ubud sneered: "Believe it or not, but I want to tell you that we have already found a wizard to help you, but we haven't come to Gaolingcheng so soon. If you want to be a good friend, you can help the people in the Nanyuan compound now. The people of the Nanyuan compound will be released, and I will immediately release you. If you don't want to, wait for the people of the Dongyuan compound to clean up you. "
What he was telling the truth was that the sorcerer his friend had invited was already on his way, but he wasn't sure if the sorcerer could relieve the people of the Nanyuan compound.

P akse sneered: "If you really invited a wizard, would you need me to unleash it? It's almost like you're lying to a fool."

Seeing that he was unwilling, the Ubud side no longer talked much and said directly to the people in the Eastern Hospital: "This person will leave it to you."

The housekeeper who was blocking Wu Qiansu immediately released Wu Qiansu.

Wu Qiansu held up his long sword and rushed out: "I want to kill you, you beast."

Suddenly, there was a loud bang from the sky, and then they shook the ground. Everyone quickly stood still: "What happened?"

Wu Ruo was held in his arms by Hei Xuan, and his eyes were glaring at the distant place.

At this moment, countless people flew into the compound and rushed to P akse, while everyone had not returned to God. Cut off the iron chains of Bashir's limbs, and then quickly leave Wu's house.

Wu Qiansu saw that P akse was rescued and hurriedly shouted, "P akse was taken away."

The people of the Eastern compound immediately called out the gods to chase them.

Hei Xuan looked at Ba Se's direction of departure, and his black eyes flashed coldly.

The P akse people prepared an escape route early in the morning, and planned early on how to avoid the hunting by the gods of the Wu family.
Therefore, after leaving Gaoling City, they were able to easily get rid of the gods released by the Dongdayuan.

When they left the border of Gaolingcheng and hid in the unmanned mountain forest, they slowed down.

"Master, are you okay?" Basher's guard asked with concern.

P akse rubbed his wrists tied all night and sneered coldly, "I'm fine, but unfortunately I didn't take Wu Ruo away."

"Young Master, we will have a chance in the future."

P akse suddenly remembered what Ubud said, and frowned, "Do you know who I was with last night?"

"We heard from the Wu family that the person who had a good night with the master was Wu Xia of Dongdayuan."

"I clearly saw Wu Ruo, how could it be Wu Xia?"

The guard said: "Young Master, you may have hit the Wu family's illusion, so think of Uxia as Wu Ruo."

"So, is it possible that Wu'an Shu could not find Wu Ruo, and he would find someone to perfunctory me at will?" Basher's face was gloomy, and the more he thought about it, the more likely he was: "Wuan Shu, you
* * * *dare to lie What I want is Wu Ruo, but he gave me such a low- quality goods, do you think my P akse is so foolish? You * * * *me, remember, one day, my P akse will count this account."

The guard looked at the surrounding environment: "Young Master, it shouldn't be here for a long time. We better leave here as soon as possible."

Basher nodded, but his body seemed to be strangled and could not move. He couldn't help but startled: "What's going on?"
The guards are in a similar situation to them, not only can't move their bodies, they can't even talk.

P akse quickly chanted a spell, and the magic charm placed in the guard's clothes flew out and hit him, as if in the air, it had no effect.

He angrily said, "Who is pretending to be a ghost and get out of here?" Of course, no one ignored him.
After that, the hem under him was picked up, and then he took off his pants. Then, a cool wind blew from under him, making him shake.

P akse believes that some people have driven powerful ghosts and gods to seize them. Moreover, it is certain that the other party is not a member of the Wuling family in Gaoling City. At present, the people in Wuqian have not been so powerful that they do not even have their magical charms.

"I don't know how the junior offended the senior, and asked the senior to come out and see."

As a result, no one ignored him, but the minibuser under him was stunned.

When Bashir saw his life fall in the hands of others, he finally showed his fear: "Senior, what do you want to do? Senior, I will depend on it for succession, and you must not hurt it."

The guards around him widened their eyes and watched the lord of the family like twisting twists, making a few big turns, scaring them to gather their legs.


Immediately, a loud scream came from the forest.

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Chapter 92: Great youkai

The city of Gaolingcheng still shook outside the city. P eople thought it was an earthquake and ran from the house to the open space. The people in Wujia thought it was a rescuer of P akse. But, After P akse successfully escaped from Gaoling City, the shock continued, and everyone was on alert.

Wu Ruo counted the days and murmured, "It's time to show up."

However, P akse was lucky. If it were not for this sudden shock, P akse people would not have been able to rescue people from Wu family so smoothly.

Wu Ruo looked up at the man beside him, but saw that he slightly raised the corner of his mouth. If he didn't look closely, he wouldn't know he was laughing.

"What are you laughing at?" Wu Ruo followed his gaze and did not see anything funny, but that direction was the direction that Bashir left.

He turned his mind, and soon thought of something, and immediately asked: "Did you do anything to P akse?"

Hei Xuyi heard the word Basser finally reacted, and pressed down the smile on the corner of his mouth, and said quietly: "It just ruined his life."

In fact, he also crushed P akse's Lingtian to see how he would play his wife's idea in the future.

Wu Ruo: "..."

At this moment, the vibration stopped, followed by the roar of the monster, shaking the earth, and everyone was trembling.
The face of the Wu family has changed greatly, and the wizard can usually tell whether the monster's ability is large or small by sound. Today, the roar of this monster is so powerful that it is definitely not a good little monster to deal with.

Elder Rong said, "A big demon is coming to our Gaoling city."

The Ubud party immediately ordered that everyone in the Wu family go upstairs to deal with the demon.

Wu Qianqing did not follow the city tower, but let U Xi go, and told her that she must be careful, and left if she could not beat.

The people in Gaoling City naturally heard the roar, and they were frightened with their legs shaking on the spot, until someone shouted, "There is a big demon coming, everyone quickly find a place to hide."

The people hurriedly hid in the hole in their yard and hid it. At the time of the two pillars, the people who had filled the street became empty and surrounded by nothing. Only the ground was left with people's things, very messy.

Wu Ruo said, "Let's also go over to the tower."

Hei Xieyu did n’t go to the tower, only took people to the highest place in Gaoling City, so that Wu Ruo could see the big demon outside the city at a glance. The shape was a big white bear, but he was fiercer than the big white bear, his eyes were red. Teeth are large and sharp, as if they have n’t eaten for years, and the yellow drool is constantly falling around the corners of their mouths. When they fall to the ground, they will make a hissing and corroding sound. Their nails are extremely sharp, and they only need one claw. The city wall immediately turned into ruins, and the body was covered with large black horns, just like its armor, which could block the attack of other magical instruments. Its body was very tall, like a mountain, so the wizards could only Fearfully looked up at it.

The people in the western courtyard responsible for the security of Gaolingcheng died in a short period of time. Although Ubud took the Wu
family to the tower, they could barely prevent the big demon from entering the city. If this continues, the demon will sooner or later break through the city walls and formations, killing all the wizards in the city.

Just as everyone was fighting fiercely, someone suddenly said, "Isn't this the big monster they unblocked?"

At this time, although there were loud sounds of the instrument on the monster, some people still heard what the person said.

Wu Qianfan, the second grandfather of the Western Courtyard who was treating you, heard this and quickly turned his head to see that the person who spoke was Wu's guard. He immediately grabbed the guard and asked, "You just said Say what?"

The guard was startled, only to realize that he had said something wrong: "No, nothing."

Wu Qianfan bit his teeth and said, "You just said that this big monster was released by the uncle. Who is the uncle you said? Who is the uncle of the compound? You'd better be honest, otherwise, I'll settle you right away. . "

The guard was afraid and hurriedly confessed: "It is the uncle of the Southern University."

"Wu Qianjing?" Wu Qianfan bleeds in his eyes: "What the * * * *is going on?"

The guard quickly said something about catching the monsters with Wu Qianjing.

After Wu Qianfan heard it, he shoved the guard away angrily. "Well, you're a southern courtyard. Such a demon dares to provoke you. It's almost dead."

He looked at the corpse of the Western Courtyard, including his son Wu Anya, and was so sad and angry that he immediately found Ubud and told the whole story.
Ubud could not believe that the monster was actually recruited by the people in the Nanyuan compound, and quickly asked Wu Qianjing to ask.

Wu Qianjing did not expect that Ubud would know about it. Suddenly, his face was ashamed, and he did not need to admit it. Ubud could judge from his face that the big demon was provoked by Wu Qianjing. Having to slap the Wu family to slap, he was furious and said, "In addition to only causing trouble, what good things can you do in the Southern Courtyard? Except for the former youth, one or two can't make people worry."

Wuqianjing was slapped in public, embarrassed and humiliated. When Ubud side mentioned Wuqianqing, her heart was angry and jealous, and the heart said, except for Wuqianqing in the entire Nanyuan compound, Who can get into your eyes? Today, Wu Qianqing has been made into a waste by us. You still mention Wu Qianqing. Since you think he is so good, ask him to deal with this big demon.

Ubfon didn't know what he was thinking, and continued to ask: "This big demon was unsealed by you. Do you know the French side who sealed the monster back?"

Wu Qian Jing shook his head: "I don't know."

Ubud was even more angry: "How do you know how to unblock it?" "We also listened to the man who wanted to catch the monster." Ubud snarled: "What about others now?"
Wu Qianjing: "..."

"Come on, do you want to kill more people?"

Wu Qian contended: "He is not from Gao Lingcheng."

Even if that person knew how the seal was, after all, the far water couldn't save the near fire, they found someone, and Gaolingcheng was finished.

Ubud's body shook and almost fainted.
He felt that today's Wu family will be planted on this big demon, and they are afraid that they will not survive this calamity.

"Grandfather, are you okay?" Wu Qianjing hurriedly helped him to fall down Ubud.

Ubu Fang waved his hands weakly, looking at the fallen Wu family one after another, with unspeakable despair and sorrow in his heart, just when he wanted everyone to evacuate here, suddenly, a big bird monster flew to the big monster In front of it, two delicate-looking children sat on its back.

Their presence caught everyone's attention.

Uxi's face changed, and anxiously shouted, "Egg, there's danger there, you should come back to me soon.

"Aunt, I'm going to try my new weapon made by my father." Danzi giggled, not afraid of danger at all, and then took a ball from the bag given to him by Hexin and threw it at the monster like a hidden weapon. "" Shit, "the magic weapon hit the big demon, and then, boneless, rolled down from the big demon.

Everyone: "..."

The thorny spine sitting behind him knocked on his head with anxiety: "You must inject spiritual power into the magical instrument before throwing it to open it. You just throw it out like this, and it is different from throwing a stone.

After that, he let the uncle fly down and pick up the magic weapon.

At this time, the big monster found them, raised their claws and caught them.

"Everybody, be careful." Uxi saw this, her heart beating on her throat.

The cricket speed is very fast, and the thorny hand speed is also fast. When flying over the magic weapon, pick up the magic weapon quickly, and then escape the danger of the monster.
Ushi was so frightened that her legs were soft. Others also sweated for the two children.
The monster didn't kill anyone, and still didn't give up, attacked them again.

He spit out a raging fire directly into the claws of the monster, burning the monster to sorrow and sorrow, stepping back and forth several times.

Ubud's eyes brightened, and he felt hopeful to drive the monster away, and hurriedly found Uxi and asked, "Who are those two children?"

Uxi's worried eyes never left Eggman: "The younger one is my second brother's son, the older one doesn't know who it is, maybe the child of my brother's relatives."

"Second Brother? Little Ruo? Little Ruo has a child?" Ubu Fang quickly thought that the child was brought by Hei Xieyu, and quickly said, "You let the child call that big bird to burn a big monster, put The monster is driven away. "

"Ah?" Ushi froze.

"What, you, do what I say."

Uhi nodded and shouted at Udan as Ubud said. Desperate, muttering, "No, I haven't played enough." Ubud was almost fainted by this child. Is it time to play?
The big monster patted the fire on the claws, and immediately aimed the eggs with black horns. Then, the black horns shot countless small black horns, like Wan Jianqi hair, all shot at the eggs.

Xu sensitively avoided, and spit another fire into the monster's eyes.
The big monster screamed, fell to the ground, and patted it with his paw, throwing it near his eyes, burning a flame.

And the egg on the back is still distressed about how to open the magic weapon: "How to open the magic weapon."

"Inject spiritual power." Thorny Teach teaches him how to inject spiritual power into the magic weapon.

It took Nine Tigers and Tigers to understand how to use the magic weapon. As soon as the magic weapon was opened, it flew up and covered them.

Strangely: "Why doesn't it hit monsters?"

Echidna rolled his eyes: "This is a defensive weapon. It can only protect people, not attack monsters."

"Ah?" Dandan looked for a magic weapon in the bag again. Thorny looked into the bag: "It's all defense.
"Everything is a defense weapon?"

"This is what your father made for your father. They can help you protect your father. Of course, they only serve as defense devices.

The Ubuds in the distance couldn't hear what they were talking about, and saw that they were still discussing with the weapon, and they were anxious.

At this moment, the fallen giant monster got up again, and the black horns of his body exuded black gas.

Ubud thought it might be poison gas, and his face changed: "Not good."

I also noticed that the situation was not good, and spit fire into the monster. This time, the flame was more violent than the previous two moments. The hair on the monster was ignited, and it screamed in pain. Escape from Gaoling City.
Seeing everything, he hurriedly called, "It's about to run away, alas, catch up quickly."

He ridiculed Heavenly Aunt, and flew in the direction that the monster ran away.

Wu Ruo, who was watching from a distance in the high spirits, saw Douban chasing after the big monster, and felt a pain in his forehead.

Chapter 93: Separation (1)

Ubud hurriedly sent someone to follow behind the big monster, determined that the big monster was away from Gaoling City, and then breathed a sigh of relief, then turned to look at the warlock on the tower, either dead or severe internal injuries, it is difficult to recover in a short time come.

This is the first time he has encountered such a big monster since the Wu family was established in Gaolingcheng. With the ability of Gaolingcheng's wizard, he is not the opponent of the big monster at all. Now, I am afraid that all the magic coins will die here, and Gao Lingcheng will become a ruin.

Before Elder Rong came to Ubud, he reported the tragedy of the casualties: "Patriarch, we have counted the number of people. Except for the western courtyard that is responsible for public security in Gaolingcheng this year, the east, south, and north courtyards coming from behind are all guards ... ... "

Ubud took a deep breath and asked with a trembling voice, "How many people died in the Western Courtyard?"

Elder Rong looked sad: "In addition to the children who have gone through training and in the school, the uncles and grandfathers of the Western Court have died unfortunately, as well as the grandfather's eldest son and your son. ... "

Ubud Fang heard the words, his body shook suddenly, his eyes turned black for a while.

Elder Rong hurriedly supported Ubud: "Matriarch, are you okay?"

Suddenly, Ubud had a lot of oldness, and he waved his hand in sorrow: "It's okay, it's okay. First arrange the injuries here, and talk about other things later."


Elder Rong first arranged that the injured people would go back to support the wounds, and then arranged for the buried guards to be buried by hand, and the uncle who died at the Western Courtyard would be taken back to the Western Courtyard first.

He arranged everything to return to the Wu family, and heard that the second grandfather of the Western Courtyard and his mother asked Ubud to take the decision and let the people who deal with the Southern Courtyard severely. Otherwise, they would release such a monster. So many people will not die.

Originally, there were not as many people in the western courtyard as there are other courtyards. After the current war, the western courtyard became even more deserted.

Ubu Fang and Elder Yin finally managed to appease the second grandfather and his mother of the Western Courtyard and let them go back for a good rest. .

"How did this happen?"

Ubud suddenly felt tired and had no intention of taking care of these things again.

Elder Rong said: "Patriarch, this is probably the calamity of our Wu family. We must quickly find a solution to it, otherwise our Wu family will be over."

Elder Xian sighed, "It's March, and there is still more than half a year. I don't know what will happen next."

Ubud sat wearily on the chair and didn't want to move.

"Bu Fang, you immediately wrote to the National Teacher Master to let him come up with an idea." Wu Bufang's wife Yao Yanyuan came in and said.

"Yeah, yeah." Ubud squared up and let the housekeeper prepare the ink and paper.

Just then, the servants in the courtyard hurriedly came in with a tall guard: "Patriarch, the capital city is here."

Ubud Fang stood up and looked at the caller: "Are you ... are you Yao Yao's guard?"

When he went to see Wu Chenzi, he had met this person twice.

Yao Weiwei smiled: "Yes, in fact, the junior is still from the Yao family in the capital, named Jin Kun, my father is Yao Yizhi, so you should respectfully call your aunt and aunt.

Yao Yuanyuan was surprised: "Are you Zhizhi's son?"

Since she got married, she has rarely returned to the Royal Capital. Even if she goes back, she will definitely be able to see all the people in the Yao family, not to mention that she is only a niece in the Yao family. After the Yao family, it was impossible for the people of the Yao family to send everyone to receive her, so it was normal to not know the person in front of them.

"Yes, aunt."

Yao Yuanyuan hurriedly invited him to the seat: "I don't know why you came to Wujia this time?"

Yao Jinkun received the tea handed down by the next man: "I sent a letter to the Wu family for the National Normal University."

Upon hearing this, Elder Rong and Elder Xian immediately raised their spirits.

Ubud quickly asked, "Master, hasn't he figured out a way to resolve this calamity at Wu family?"

Yao Jinkun looked dignified, took out the letter from his arms and handed it to Ubud: "Uncle, you can see it for yourself."

Ubud quickly opened the envelope and looked through it. The content of the letter was not long, and only two words were written at the end-separation.

His face was miserable, and the letter slipped out of his hand without notice.

At the same time, Wu Ruo also received a letter from the imperial city, with only two words on it-splitting.

He smiled slightly and folded the stationery slowly.

Although the letter did not have the name of the depositor, he knew it was sent by Prince Mohan.

On the day of the winter festival, when Ubu Fang asked God to break the three pillar incense, he already calculated that Ubu Fang would let U Zhanzi figure out how to solve this calamity, so he sent Ling Mohan back to the emperor. The conditions of the capital are very simple, that is, let the person who Ling Mohan inserted in Wu Chenzi's side, when Wu Chenzi calculates how to crack the Wu family, he secretly promoted it and let the Wu family branch in Gaolingcheng be cracked. Method.

Now he received a letter stating that Lingmo's people had successfully convinced Wu Chenzi, and even Wu Chenzi had sent someone to split Ubud.

Suddenly, the stationery in Wu Ruo's hand was taken away from him.

"Ma'am, what are you laughing at?" Hei Xietang opened the stationery and looked at it. "Divided?"

Immediately, he widened his eyes: "Aunt, won't you want to break up with your elder brother?"

Hei Xieyu raised her eyelids and looked at Wu Ruo.

Wu Ruo angrily gave him a black and white look: "What do you want?"

He snatched the paper letter back and burned it.

Wu Ruodao: "Four younger brothers, if you are so leisurely every day, please trouble me to do one thing.

Before, they saw the big monster return to Heifu after fleeing from Gaoling City. The goods were so restless that they were sleeping peacefully. They were not afraid that the big monster would come in and step him down.

Hei Xuantang's eyes brightened: "Dasao, what do you want me to do?"

Since I came to Gaoling City, I have nothing to do all day, sleep when I'm full, and eat when I wake up. No one is playing with him, hum, it's pitiful.

Now that there is something to do, it can't be better.

"I bought a house next door the other day, and you're responsible for helping me find someone to renovate. The sooner the better, you know?"

Hei Xietang's eyes widened again: "Ma'am, you really want to break up with your elder brother."

"..." Wu Ruo was too lazy to explain to him.

At this moment, Doudou ran into the hall and flung into Wu Ruo's arms with excitement: "Daddy, father, I'm back."

"Are there any injuries?" Uruo immediately picked him up and examined him.

"No." Dandan slipped from Wu Ruo and said happily, "Daddy, I have a gift for you."

Wu Ruo raised an eyebrow: "What gift?"

"Yiyi, hey, come in fast."

Thorny walked in, rolling his eyes: "Don't I let you stop calling me?"

This little guy was originally called his elder brother, but he thinks that this name will make him shorter than Uwu. If they are a little shorter, he will not allow the little guy to call him that. Little girl's name.

Thorny was followed by a cricket, and it had a small thing burned into black charcoal in its mouth, not only white smoke on the body, but also the smell of roast meat.

Hei Xietang sniffed: "Little nephew, are you roasting pigs for Dasao?"

Upon hearing the little thing being held in his mouth, he immediately struggled and shouted.

Hei Xietang was startled: "Ah, alive."

Thorny explained: "It's the big monster just now. He just accidentally burned it like this.

Wu Ruo couldn't help but look up and down, this Wu looks ordinary, but the body is bigger than the other Wu, but did not think that the ability is stronger than the big monster, it should not be an ordinary bird.

He put the big monster in front of Wu Ruo.

Wu Ruo was a little complicated.

Because after going through a lifetime, I knew early on that this big demon would be recuperated for more than a month after he was released, and he would hate others to disturb his dormant nature. Therefore, he planned to let this big demon deal with the Wu family's people and kill as many people as possible at that time, and he did not plan to contract this big demon again, but he did not expect the final result. The demon still returned to him, does this indicate that the trajectory of fate has turned back.

Seeing that Wu Ruo didn't have any smile, he asked immediately: "Daddy, don't you like it? It can protect you."

Wu Ruo rubbed his forehead: "No dislike, but it now needs to heal the wound."

Danzi said, "I let my grandma take care of it."

Immediately he picked up the demon and left the room.

Hei Xietang enviously said, "I really envy Ma'am, my little nephew is so filial to you."

"My son, if you don't obey me, who else can you obey." Wu Ruo picked up the egg and kissed Bai Nennen's little face.


Hei Xuanyu looked at his father and son so intimately, and bent his lips.

Echidna rolled his eyes, but there was a small curtain of envy in his eyes.

The Heifu side is happy, but the Ufang side is sad and dismal. The Wu family he and his dad have worked hard to build can't possibly divide it. If they are really divided, there is a good chance that they will never get together again, and Gaolingcheng will never have a Wu family again.

Therefore, he would not agree with the separation.

Elder Rong and Elder originally also did not agree that a large family was divided into pieces. However, people who are not the Western courtyard come to cry every day, or they hear the sound of a fight between the Eastern Courtyard and the Northern Courtyard. The Southern Courtyard Restless, I came to ask Ubud's sorcerer every day.

Sometimes it happened that the people from the Nanyuan compound and the people from the Western compound happened to come to the Ubud side, and they immediately made a big noise in the presence of Ubud side. In the end, things got out of hand.

In just five days, Ubud's two wives had a lot of white silk.

Elder Rong and Elder Yin had to persuade Ubud to let everyone move out, but this was an expedient measure. After the year has passed smoothly, let everyone move back.

Chapter 94: Separation (2)

Yao Yuanyuan also didn't want to endlessly make noisy noises every day, especially when she saw the scenes of disharmony between her children and grandchildren. She was sadder than anyone else, so she joined the elders to persuade Ubud. I do n’t know all the thoughts in your heart, but I also know more or less what you are thinking. I know that this Wu family is your hard work, equivalent to your son, and it ’s you who grew it little by little, hope It can spread its leaves and become stronger, one day it can surpass the status of the main house of the imperial city. But now the Wu family has to face the calamity that we have anticipated. If this continues, maybe the Wu family will really be destroyed. Once, then you can't regret it. "

Ubud had a calm face and clenched his fists, still no idea of separation.

Yao Yuanyuan continued: "You also see that there has been too much happening in the past six months. We can't stand a bigger blow anymore. We don't necessarily have to split up, just let them move out to live in the last six months. After a year of sorrow, and letting them move back, we can still be together in the future. "

Ubud sighed: "I understand what you mean, I just worry about letting them move out, and still can't escape the calamity. Now the four courtyards have made this happen. Without my restraint, it might be even more presumptuous."

Yao Yanyuan frowned: "However, after they move out, this calamity may be dispersed, so that it will not fall on everyone's heads, and let us be the next generation in the family."

When Ubud heard the next four words, his heart tightened, and he got up and said, "I'm going for a walk."

However, after leaving Pu Jinyuan, he didn't know where to go, so he had to stroll around in the courtyard.

At that moment, there was a loud noise from the Dongdayuan.

Ubud side looked over and saw that Wu Qiansu took a group of people out of the Eastern Courtyard and went to Beijing University to find someone to trouble.

He walked towards them quickly, but took two steps, stopped again, sighed, and said, blocking once, can he stop the second?

Ubfang simply stopped paying attention, turned around and walked in to the gate of the courtyard next to him, but the purpose was to go up to the White Mausoleum, White Lanterns, and White Flowers. From time to time, only miserable cry came out.

Only then did he know that he had entered the Western courtyard.

Ubud wanted to give Zhu Xiang the deceased in the lobby, but in the funeral, he was very taboo about sending white people with black hair, and he did n’t know how to face the descendants of the Western Courtyard, so he turned away from the Western Courtyard again. , Unknowingly walked to the Nanyuan compound.

The Nandayuan was beaten up and down and looked very broken. Although some places have been repaired, it is covered with a pile of yellow mud. If the rain comes, it will be at any time. However, the atmosphere is better than that of the Xiyuan One point, it's a little more popular, and on the surface it's very harmonious. The masters of each hospital stayed in their own hospitals, no quarrels, no crying, and unexpectedly felt a little peace. "Hee, Dad, come and catch me."

Suddenly, a child's voice was heard in Ubud's ear.

He could not help raising his eyebrows, thinking, how could there be a child's voice here?

Wu Bufang followed the voice to the door of Shu Qingyuan, and saw Wu Ruo, blindfolded, playing a blind game with the little baby who had killed the monster that day.

Wu Ruo smiled and said, "When I catch you, hit your little **** and see if you dare run away."

"You can't catch me, you can't catch me." Xiao Waer was very flexible to avoid Wu Ruo's pursuit.

Ubud couldn't help but get a smile.

Wu Ruo couldn't see it, he could only listen to his voice and catch people. Suddenly, he felt a body.

"Well? Who?"

"..." Ubu Fang Renyou Ruo touched his face.

"Dad?" Wu Ruo frowned. "Not like."

Gambling giggled: "Dad, if you guess who is right, I will fart you."

"That's what you said." Wu Ruo touched the other's robe again. "Dad is not wearing this robe today, then it's not Dad, who is it?"

The material of the robe is very good. It is definitely not something that the people in the yard can afford. Is it the uncle?

Hei Xu, who stood watching, saw Wu Ruo touching another man, squinting his eyes, and walked over. Under the puzzled eyes of Wu Bufang, he reached out and let Wu Ruo feel.

As soon as Wu Ruo touched his hand, he immediately confirmed: "It's shame.

Hei Xie nibbled at the corner of his mouth slightly, pulled his hand and brought the person into his arms.

Wu Ruo sniffed: "The fragrance on the body is the same, which is definitely good.

He put his hands on Hei Xuan's chest affectionately: "I guessed, are you going to teach me to practice swords?"

Ubud was secretly surprised. He always thought that Wu Ruo hated this family relationship and didn't want the relationship between them to be so good.

Hei Xieyu took off the cloth towel on his face.

Wu Ruo smiled: "I guessed it.

At random, he remembered that the clothing he had just touched was different from that of Hei Xieyu, so he looked aside and unexpectedly saw Ubud.

"Great-grandfather !?"

Ubud nodded and asked, "Are you father and mother?"


Wu Qianqing and Guan Tong heard Ubud's voice and came out of the hall: "Grandfather, why are you here?"

Ubud sighed and laughed: "Walk at will."

"Come and sit inside." Wu Qianqing invited him into the hall.

Guan Tong said: "It's almost noon, and grandfather will eat here before leaving."

Ubud wanted to refuse, but as soon as he thought of going back, the people in the western courtyard might find him to dispose of the people in the southern courtyard, so he promised to have lunch in the Shuqing courtyard.

Of course, it wasn't that he was unwilling to punish them, and he was so angry that they actually let out the monsters and killed so many of his children and grandchildren. How could his heart not hurt? After the arrival, the Western Courtyard will stop there. They are full of hatred for the Southern Courtyard. They want everyone to die. If the Southern Courtyard is disposed of, the people in the Western Courtyard are likely to take advantage of it. With the injury to the Nanyuan compound, they will kill them, which is not the result he wants to see.

The atmosphere of the Shu Qing Yuan is very quiet. Everyone talked and laughed, making Ubu Fang reluctant to leave, but this is not the place where he wants to stay, so after eating, he left the Shu Qing Yuan and returned. In Pu Jinyuan, board his favorite tower.

Recently, he hasn't been here for a long time because of too many things happening.

Standing on the top, looking at the large houses belonging to the Wu family, Ubud square is sore in heart. If people are forcibly left in the Wu family compound, the descendants of the Wu family may die here one by one, and they will eventually die. Sun, if they let them live, maybe the disaster would be spread to everyone, as his wife said, and everyone would bear a little bit, maybe they could really spend the year safely.

Ubud thought a lot in the tower and stayed late at night before coming downstairs.

The next morning, he recruited everyone in the compound to Pu Jinyuan.

As soon as the four courtyards met, they almost fought again. At this time, where were they like blood relatives, they were like enemies for centuries.

Ubu Fang saw that they were speaking opposite each other, his eyes were a little red, Yao Yaoyuan next to him patted him on the back, to appease him. Ubu Fang, who had not been fully determined before, saw such a scene, and sank his face sullenly. , Said coldly, "Do you still remember the winter festival, after I asked God, did the matter of Sanzhuxiang be broken?"

Everyone looked at him stunned.

"I will tell you the result now. These three pillars are foreshadowing that our Wu family will be in great calamity. I wrote a letter to the Supreme Master to help him write back and said that I need you to leave the Wu family to avoid the limelight and wait for this. One year, you will come back again. After you go back now, you will immediately find a place to stay. After five days, you must leave Wujia. "

Everyone's face changed, and one after another talked, but no one doubted Ubud's words, because everyone knew that Ubud took the unity of Wu family very seriously. There was no real matter, and they would not let them leave at will.

They are afraid and reluctant to live here now. After all, they have been living for so many years and they must have feelings. Moving around is also a big trouble.

Someone asked, "What about children going to school?"

Ubud said: "Pause first, wait until you come back and continue, you can teach the children first, all right, go back and find a house."

Everyone was afraid that they couldn't find a good house one step later than the others and hurried to disperse. Only the people in the Nanyuan compound stayed in place.

Wu Qianbin said, "Grandfather, our people haven't resolved yet."

Ubud said: "The wizard should be at Wu's house tomorrow. After I arrive, I will ask him to relieve you. You should go to the house now."

The people in the Nanyuan Courtyard had to leave. After returning to the Nanyuan Courtyard, Wu Xuanran first told his subordinates to find a house to live in. Then, in the presence of Wu Qianqing, he called the children and grandchildren of the other people's yard to his yard. Ignore Wu Qianqing.

Wu Qianqing smiled bitterly, and returned to Shu Qingyuan with Guan Tong Wu Xi.

Uhi said: "Dad, grandfather should not want to live with us, neither of them consider us as Wu family members."

Wu Qianqing sighed, "If you don't get together, you don't get together.

Guan Tong comforted him: "Some of us live quietly, without so much trouble."

Now that she can finally be separated, she doesn't want to live with people from other hospitals, and causes a lot of inexplicable things.

Wu Qianqing nodded.

"Dad, mother, Xiaoxi, you stand here." Wu Ruo, who came to the school to see the class, asked them strangely.

Wu Xi couldn't control his mouth, and immediately called Ubud side to Bu Jinyuan and Wu Xuanran told them all about the family.

Wu Ruoyu listened to the smile on the corner of his mouth, and finally suppressed his inner excitement and smiled happily: "Is that right? Grandpa let you all move out. That's right. I bought a big house near Heifu some time ago. You can move in. "

Wu Qianqing looked at Wu Ruo's smile stunned and wondered, why was his son so happy to hear these two things?

Chapter 95: Separation (3)

As soon as Wu Xuanran and his children and grandchildren entered the hall, they said bluntly: "You just heard that. Your grandfather asked us to move out for a while. So I just want to live with your four brothers, so I can take care of them. People in the compound or our enemies came to us, and we couldn't pay for them. "

Wuqian Jingwuqianbin, Wuqianli and Wuqiantong all nodded, none of them had an opinion.

Wu Bo looked over here, and looked over there, without seeing the people in Shu Qingyuan, and asked, "Grandfather, what about Uncle? Doesn't he live with us?"

Wuqian lowered his face timidly: "Little Bai, adults speak, children do not interrupt."

Wu Xuanran said lightly: "This time I moved out, I don't plan to live with them, nor do I want to see them."

Wu Bozhen said, "But there are so many enemies in the third uncle, and now Lingtian is destroyed, and the fourth brother is not there. Only the Seven Sisters in the whole Shu Qingyuan can do mystery. If they don't live with us, they will die . "

Wu Xuanran said relentlessly: "If you die, you will die. It's not bad for his son."

Wu Shi sneered: "Yes, it's better that they die. Ever since they found out that we took their engagement gift, our luck has never been better. If they die, we may come back with luck."

Since the last time he lost because of gambling, his family was found to have been offered a gift, and he was punished, and he has no favor with the people at Shu Qingyuan. Not to mention so many things happened later.

Wu Anyi said, "After we left the Nanyuan compound, we couldn't protect ourselves. How could we still have the extra capacity to take care of people without spiritual power.

Uber: "..."

Wu Xuanran looked at Wu Qianjing: "Forefront competition, you will make it clear to Wu Qianqing later, we will go live together, and he will find another house by himself."

Wu Qianjing nodded, left Xuanwanyuan, and went to Shuqingyuan with the other three brothers.

When they entered the courtyard, they saw the people at Shu Qingyuan busy, and found some places they couldn't take, and put everything they wanted to take in the car.

Wu Qianli laughed: "The packing will be done so soon. The third brother will not think that we have gone to find a house and let them move in. If we know that we will not live with him, let him find another house. I don't know what it will be expression."

Wu Qiantong chuckled a smile: "Maybe we will beg them to move away and live together. After all, their family, except U Xi, have no spiritual power, how to protect themselves."

Wu Qianjing and Wu Qianbin took a look at each other, although they felt that everything in front of them was not as much as Wu Qianli said, but as long as they thought about Wu Qianqing who had been better than them, they had to whisper and beg their anger. When the Qingyuan family left, they couldn't express the pleasure in their hearts, and they even felt that Gao Wuqianqing was first-class.

Wuxu, who was busy seeing Wuqianjing, immediately notified Wuqianqing.

Wu Qianqing stepped out of the hall and greeted the four with a smile: "Big brother, second brother, fourth brother, fifth brother, I was going to talk to you about the move. I didn't expect you to come over."

Wu Qianli smiled: "San brother, we just want to talk to you about finding a house and moving."

Wu Qianqing looked back: "Oh, did you discuss the results?"

"Yes, there are results." Wu Qianli looked at Wu Qianjing.

Wu Qianjing was thinking about how to say this, so he heard Wu Qiantong bluntly say: "Dad just told us just now that I don't want to live with the people in your Shu Qingyuan, but only with our four brothers. So, this Moved out again, not planning to take you with me. "

Wu Qianqing frowned, knowing that this would happen, but she still felt bad.

Others in Shu Qingyuan also heard Wu Qiantong's words and stopped to look at them.

Wu Qiantong, they are proud, and they are afraid.

"If the third brother is worried that an enemy may come to you, he can move to live near us. Maybe we can take care of you when we are free. Of course, if you ask us more, maybe we can talk to dad. Ask his elders to agree that you live with us. "

The people at Shu Qingyuan stared at him indignantly.

Wuqian Tong said angrily: "Look what you see, after you Shuyuan left Nandayuan, after you left us, you are nothing. I dare not say that for three days, someone will collect your corpses for you."

Wuqian sank his face green and was trying to say something. Suddenly, a crowd of people came in.

"My dear, I'm sorry, we're late." Hei Xin walked in with fifty guards with a smile, as if he didn't see Wu Qiantong, he squeezed four of them beside him: "What can we do for you? of?"

He saw that everyone at Shu Qingyuan was moving tables and chairs, and he quickly said, "The tables and chairs will be moved. There is everything in the mansion. You only need to pack valuables and your own clothes. As for bedding, You do n’t have to bring anything, you buy new ones over there. ”

After that, he looked at Wu Qianqing with a smile on his face: "My dear family, the mansion is bigger than your Shu Qingyuan. It will surely make you live comfortably, even if you don't want to leave. They have also bought it. Some people want to live nearby and let us take care of it without thinking, so you do n’t have to worry about it, you do n’t need to bother about it, just live in peace. ”

Wu Qianqing saw that Wu Qiantong's faces were angry with a pig's liver color, and instantly changed from sadness and anger to a pleasant mood.

Wu Ruo, who came out of the hall, saw that his father finally smiled, and he was more and more satisfied with the handling ability of Hexin: "Dad, what are you talking about, so happy?"

After speaking, I pretended to find Wu Qianjing and Cunfeng: "Hey, uncle, you are also here? However, we are preparing to move and have no time to say hello to you.

Wuqian Qingyan's eyes raced against Wuqian, and he said quietly, "Your uncle, they will also be busy looking for a house to move out of here, and have no time to come in for tea."

"Well, who will the grandfather live with?"

"Your grandfather said, you don't want to live with us, only your uncle, second uncle, fourth uncle and fifth uncle live together."

Wu Ruo smiled even more: "Is that so? That's great. Uncles will trouble their grandparents in the future. My father and my mother don't have to worry about the two elderly people."

Wu Qianbin lowered his face and exclaimed, "Wu Ruo, are you too filial to say this?"

"Why am I not filial? It was my grandfather who didn't want to live with us. Presumably they didn't want to give us a silver pension, so we can save even this money. I hope my grandfather can do it because I don't want Seeing them come to my father and mother, begging my father and mother to keep them. "

Wu Ruo said at the end that his face grew colder.

Now that his father and mother have moved out of Wujia Nanyuan, there is no need to lie to these people.

"Uruo, you ..."

Wu Qiantong stepped forward, looking like Wu Ruo.

Hei Xin and Wu Qianqing immediately blocked Wu Ruo.

Wu Qianjing angered, "Wu Qianqing, how did you teach your son? You don't even know basic filial piety."

Wu Qianqing froze coldly: "Brother, the son you teach is not much better than my son. My third uncle and third uncle, but I have a mouthful of Wu Qianqing in my back, with a disdain and contempt."

I really thought he didn't know how his uncle called him in the back. He just thought he didn't know and didn't want to care about the juniors.

"..." Wu Qianjing retorted speechlessly, clearly knowing what his children were saying and doing.

Wu Ruo said, "Xinbo, drop off, they are not welcome here."

"Yes." Hei Xin walked to the door and gestured please.

Wu Qian was so competitive that he left.

Wu Qianbin and Wu Qianli followed behind.

Wuqiantong took two steps and was really furious. He suddenly turned around and threw amulet at Wuruo and Wuqianqing.

Hessian hurriedly said, "Mrs. dear master, be careful."

Wu Ruo did not move.

Wu Qianjing heard the words, quickly turned around, and saw Wu Qianqing sing a spell in his mouth, yelling, "Break!"

Immediately, the sound of "bang-".

Two yellow charms flying in the air burst immediately, and Lingbo bounced back, and immediately flew Wuqian Tongzhen out of Sanzhang.

"Ah-" Wu Qiantong screamed, and then, snorting, spitting blood.

Wu Qianjing they stood on the spot on the spot, staring at Wu Qianqing with incredible eyes.

how is this possible! ?

Wuqian Qingming Mingtian was destroyed, how could there be spiritual power to use mysticism! ?

They must have read it wrong just now.

They used to look at Wu Qianqing's body with spiritual power. Wu Qianqing was indeed destroyed by spiritual power, and it is impossible to recover it.

"I don't welcome you here, please leave here immediately." Wu Qianqing looked furious: "Also, in the future, if you hurt your wife and children at will, it's not just as simple as spraying blood, I will let you try Taste the destruction of Lingtian. "

His brother shot him and hurt him. He could bear it, but he couldn't bear them to hurt his wife and children.

Wu Qianjing they still stand still, they have not recovered from the fact that Wu Qianqing has restored Lingtian.

Wuqian Qinghan sternly said, "If you don't leave, we'll beat you out."

The fifty guards brought by Heixin immediately walked towards them with a look of dismay.

Wu Qianjing regained their consciousness, and took a step back in a hurry, and soon fell to the ground.

"Get off--" Wu Qianqing drank.

Wuqian Jingwuqianbin and Wuqianli were frightened by Wuqianqing and the fifty guards. With a stunned expression, they stumbled out of Shuqingyuan, and even Wuqitong fell to the ground.

Shu Qingyuan's servants lifted Wu Qiantong before leaving and threw it out. Then someone asked: "Master, have you recovered from Lingtian?"

Uxi ran out of the hall and rejoiced, "Dad, have you recovered your spirit?"

"Um." Wu Qianqing smiled slightly.

"It's great, it's great." Wu Xi happily hugged Wu Qianqing and cheered.

Wu Ruo could not help laughing as she turned a corner.

Wuxu was crying with joy, and wiped the tears in the corner of her eyes secretly.

"It's great, it's great, the master has recovered his spirit." The others looked surprised and cheered loudly.

Suddenly, the entire Shu Qing Yuan was their cheers.

Chapter 96: Tell you a secret

Wu Qianqing did not notify Wu Xuanran and Mu Xiuwan, and took the people from Shu Qingyuan tow the cart and left the Wu family happily and happily.

Wu Xuanran They learned that Wu Qianqing had recovered Lingtian and had left the Nanyuan compound. His lungs had exploded, and he fell on his chair and kept breathing.

It ’s a pity that Wu Ruo didn't know about it, otherwise, he was happier. After coming out of the Wu family, the smile never fell. He who was waiting for them at the mansion saw that he was in a good mood, just like letting go of half of his heart. There is no longer a sad look between the eyebrows. It is sincerely happy that Wu Qianqing and Guan Tong have entered the mansion that Wu Ruoxin bought. At the same time, they are relieved and a little nervous. They never thought that one day they would move out of the Wu family and face again. The strange environment still needs a little time to accept, but the mansion is so elegantly arranged that they like it at a glance, and, as Hexin said, the new mansion is larger than Shu Qingyuan and can accommodate many people .

Wu Xixin rejoiced, "Second Brother, this is so beautiful."

Everyone at Shu Qingyuan was very happy to see the mansion.

Wu Ruo said: "This is the fourth brother of Xunyi's help to decorate, if there is something that is not satisfactory, you can ask someone to change it, yes, the card on the door, I wrote" Qingfu ", Dad , If you do n’t like it, you can change it. "

He didn't want to be involved with the Wu family anymore, so he named it "Qingfu".

Wu Qianqing nodded.

If it weren't for Wu Ruo who always said that the big house was bought by them, the account name registered in the door was his name. If he didn't live in, he would have to leave the moldy grass empty, otherwise he would n’t Sorry to take the whole family into the house.

Guan Tong admired: "It's really nice here."

Better than Shu Qingyuan, living here in the future, no longer have to face the false faces of the Wu family.

Wu Xi quickly said to Wu Qianqing. "Dad, we will live here in the future, shall we not return to Wu's house in the future?"

Wu Qianqing said nothing.

In fact, he thought so.

I wanted to move out of Wujia before, but I didn't find a chance. Now that I am out, it is impossible to return to Wujia in the future. Because the current Wujia is no longer the Wujia he saw when he was a child. The current Wujia is full of calculations, jealousy and suspicion, and it is really not suitable for the people in their Shuqingyuan to survive.

Wu Ruo had Hessian arrange their accommodation.

At noon, I stayed in Qingfu for lunch, and introduced Hei Xingtang to Wu Qianqing. They knew each other. They couldn't help but drank a few more drinks until the night ended.

Wu Ruo was leaning drunkly on Hei Xieyu's arms, and along the way, he kept muttering: "Hei Xieyu, I am very happy today, really happy, my father and mother finally moved out of Wu family, I do n’t have to be angry with them anymore, and my dad ’s spirit has recovered, and I no longer have to worry about my dad being bullied by his grandfather. ”

Hei Xuanxi tapped his waist to make him more comfortable: "I will send someone to guard the door and not let people in Wu family harass your father and mother."

When he said this, he looked at the black letter aside, and signaled that he would send someone to guard the gate of Qingfu from tomorrow.

The black letter holding the egg nodded, and whispered to others to go back to Heifu first, leaving time for Hei Xuanyu and Wu Ruo to be alone.

Wu Ruo raised his hand to hold Hei Xieyan's face. "Then you must protect them, you can't let my father and mother die again, and you can't give them to the Wu family."

Dead again? Hei Xuanyan raised his eyebrows and didn't quite understand what he meant. Perhaps he was drunk before he said something.

Wu Ruo couldn't get an answer, and was unhappy to pinch his black-skinned face: "You promise me soon."

"..." Hei Xuanxi gave a faint hum.

"Really good." Wu Ruo's intoxicated eyes twitched and a charming smile drew to Heishu's mouth: "For your obedience, I quietly tell you a secret.

"What's the secret?" Hei Xiu was interested.

Wu Ruo secretly aimed at the left, then at the right, then secretly at the top of his head and at his feet.

Seeing him look funny in his heart, Hei Xuan said, "No one is nearby."

"Oh." Wu Ruo grabbed his neck, pulled down, and whispered in his ear: "I told you, everyone in the Wu family must die, I won't let them go. One, one , Both, no. "

"..." Hei Xuanyu looked at the fierce color shot from his drunken eyes and narrowed his black eyes. "I will help you.

"You are so good." Wu Ruo muttered, "Why did I get so stupid before and think you hate it?"

This is the second time that Wu Ruo has been drunk and said he hates him for a second time. Hei Xuyi raised his eyebrows: "How disgusting?"

"Hate so much that I don't want to see you again."

"..." Hei Xieyu guessed that Wu Ruo hated him because he married him. "Now?"

"Now ..." Wu Ruo's eyes flashed confused, staring at Hei Xunyu for a long time, then he shook his head, squinted his eyes, and looked through Hei Xun's ears: "You ..."


Wu Ruo woke up sharply, pushing Hei Xieyu hard, with an outstretched arm, a silver sword exuding a spiritual force appeared in his hand and pierced the front, and yelled, "Who are you?"

There was a sudden strong wind in the yard, and then a white and black figure appeared in the air. The face of a person wearing a white robe was half a human face, half a bone without meat, and part of the face was particularly demon. Different, the face of another man in a black robe was engraved with many black runes, which was very scary.

Wu Ruo squinted his eyes: "Are you ghosts?"

The opponent directly attacked Wu Ruo.

Wu Ruoren just lost weight, and his body was too late to exercise, so he had no moves but was not powerful enough to hurt the enemy by half.

Hei Xuan raised an eyebrow.

As far as he knows, Wu Ruo has practiced swordsmanship from the future before he has lost weight, but he has behaved like a beginner.

Wu Ruo knew of his own problems, and quickly took a few steps away, waving his sword and chanting: "Qian, Kun, Ji, Zhen, Khan, Li, Gen, Dui ..."

Suddenly, Wu Ruo shot in front of Wu Ruo, and a big golden gossip appeared: "Xie Xie-"

The big golden gossip shot out, hitting the opponent.

Ghosts in white and black sneered, breaking his gossip lightly with his fingertips: "Your spiritual power is insufficient. This gossip evil spirit is far worse than Wu Chenzi.

Wu Ruo took a step back because he drank too much wine, and Lai smiled, "Is it?"

At this time, the center of the broken gossip array flashed golden light again, like a cauldron, hoeing, and covering the ghosts in black and white.

The faces of the two changed greatly, and they could be swallowed by Jin Guang before they could react in the future.

The sound of "bang one by one" turned Jin Guang into a golden bell and landed on the ground.

Wu Ruo walked over and hugged the big bell and said, "I let your cars pass by the enemy, let you despise the enemy, hum, let you look down on me, I won't let you out."

He knew early on that he couldn't beat each other, so when he came to Jixi, he first deliberately used the gossip matrix method to distract them, in fact, he wanted to use the instrument to take them.

Hei Xunyu walked over to help him.

Wu Ruo smiled drunk "Am I terrible?"

"Um." Hei Xuai admired him very much, a novice, but the reaction was so resourceful.

Wu Ruo patted his chest and said, "I will be more powerful in the future, more powerful than Wu Chenzi."

Hei Xieyu supported him with one hand, put away the instrument with one hand, and released the people inside.

"You ... why did you let them out."

As soon as the ghosts in black and white came out, they immediately knelt down in front of Hei Xieyu. "Master, it is our enemy that we despise, please punish you."

They did not expect that a person without experience would be so cunning. Of course, the most important thing is that the other person's spiritual power is not high enough to let them underestimate Wu Ruo.

Hei Xiu looked at Wu Ruo, who was drunk, and said quietly, "Hey Yin, Hei Yang, he will be your master in the future."

The two ghosts immediately knelt down and saluted Wu Ruo: "Little, met the lady."

"It turned out to be an acquaintance ..." Wu Ruo hit a wine goblet, and then, with a vomit, all the food he ate today spit on the two ghosts.

Hei Yin, Hei Yang ...

"Everyone is an acquaintance, don't you mind if I vomit, right?"

"..." Heiyin and Heiyang were stared coldly by Hei Xuanyu, and he had to stiffen his hair and said, "don't mind."

Wu Ruo climbed to Hei Xuan's back: "Hei Xuan, I'm going to sleep in the room."

Hei Xieyu first took the person to the bathroom to take a shower, and then carried the person to the bed.

Wu Ruo slept as soon as he touched the bed.

Hei Xieyu also closed her eyes, not knowing how long she had slept, and felt that the people around her were suddenly shocked, as if sitting in a nightmare, sitting up quietly.

Opening his eyes, he saw Wu Ruo panting, "have a nightmare?"

Wu Ruo was a little confused about the reality in her dream. After a while, she wiped the sweat from her forehead and said, "I dreamed of two ghosts, one in a black robe and the other in a white robe ..."

Hei Xieyu: "..."

"Ma'am, do you mean us?" Two figures suddenly appeared in front of their bed.

Wu Ruo saw them and said, "Yes, it's you."

In the dream, he not only dreamed about them, but also dreamed that he also became a ghost, and became friends with these two ghosts. Later, his body became transparent from the entity, and he felt inexplicable fear in his heart. This disappeared, and then, I was awakened.

Heiyang smiled grimly, "Mrs., finally we can see us."

Wu Ruo looked at them still could not return to God.

Hei Yin explained: "Before, the lady was not so spiritual and could not see us."

Wu Ruo rubbed his face and asked, "Are you guys called Heiyang and Heiyin?"

The two ghostly nodded.

Wu Ruo continued: "Heiyang likes to steal a woman's belly, Heiyin likes Heiyang, but he never dares to say it."

Heiyang: "!!!!!!"

Hei Yin: "!!!!!!"

Hei Xieyu looked at the expressions of the two ghosts and asked, "How do you know?"

Heiyang and Heiyin said in unison: "Did you not say that?"


They have n’t told anyone about their personal affairs. The master and son ca n’t possibly know. How did Wu Ruo know?

Chapter 97: No one can solve

Wu Ruo asked, "If I say I dreamed, do you believe it?"

He himself felt incredible, even if he dreamed of Heiyin, Heiyang and himself becoming a ghost, it was strange that he could accurately dream about the people and things that the two ghosts liked. "After all, since the rebirth, I always dream of some strange dreams, and I don't know if these dreams are just dreams, or if these dreams foreshadow something, and I hope it doesn't happen.

Black shame, black sun, black shade: "..."

The three obviously didn't believe what he said, but couldn't figure out how he knew it.

Suddenly Heiyang exclaimed, pointing at the black **** incredibly: "You, you you do you like me?"

Heiyin embarrassedly put aside his face, thinking that since he was known by the other party, he decided not to conceal any more, gritted his teeth and said, "Yes, I like you for a long time. Even if you do n’t accept it, I like you too. . "

If the master and his son had married a man, he would not know that he liked Hei Yang, because it is shocking that a man likes a man. Therefore, he has never dared to say it, just because Hei Yang hates him.

Heiyang stared in shock, wondering how to respond to Heiyin, turned around and disappeared into the room.

Heiyin lost his eyes, and he felt envious of the husband on the bed.

Wu Ruodao: "One day, he will accept you."

Heiyang in the dream did accept Heiyin.

Heiyin's eyes brightened.

"The premise is that you don't give up."

"I will not give up." Heiyin hurried to chase Heiyang.

At this time, the door was knocked: "Daddy, father."

"It's an egg." Wu Ruo and Hei Xieyu looked at each other. It wasn't even before Yin, how the child ran over, and seemed to cry.

Hei Xunyu got up and opened the door.

As soon as the door opened, Dandan cried and ran into the room: "Daddy, father."

"What's wrong?" Wu Ruo hugged him distressedly, took off his small shoes, put it on his lap, and covered it with a quilt.

The black letter that followed said, "Little Master has a nightmare and is clamoring to sleep with his wife. Now that Yin is not here, the old slave will not bother the wife to rest with her master."

Hei Sui closed the door and sat back on the bed.

Wu Ruo watched the child cry so sadly, and asked curiously, "Egg, what dream?"

"I dreamed. My father turned into a ghost and disappeared." Egg Dou said while crying and snoring.

Wu Ruo: "!!!!!!"

The child had the same dream as him ...

Hei Xieyu watched the child cry so sadly, frowning lightly: "Just a dream."

"It's not a dream." A big and a small voice agreed.

Hei Xieyu: "..."

Wu Ruo frowned.

What is it if it is not a dream?

Wu Ruo himself couldn't understand it, so he re-exported and comforted him: "It's just a dream. Look at me. Isn't it here right now?"

Dandan was frightened by dreams. When Dad was about to disappear, he was particularly sad. He hugged Wu Ruo and kept crying. After a fragrant incense, the voice gradually fell down, and he slept slowly.

Wu Ruo gently put the child into the quilt, and then lay down on his side, patting the child's back to make him sleep more peacefully.

The man behind leaned over and held his waist.

Wu Ruo looked at the long eyelashes with tears and smiled softly, "We haven't slept with the child yet."

It feels very fresh. His child is lying in his arms, and his husband is holding him behind him. The real family is sleeping together, which was never thought of in the last life.

"Um." Hei Xieyu kissed his neck.

Wu Ruo closed his eyes at ease.

After waking up, it seems that Eggman has forgotten the dream of last night, and recovers the original little heartless, bad guy. When she comes together, she screams for 羲 羲 and 啾啾.

Wu Ruo was smashed into the yard by black shackles.

While correcting his posture, Hei Xiezhen said positively: "From today on, Yin Shi gets up and strides for two hours, and then he will have breakfast before teaching you to practice swords."

"Okay." Wu Ruoxiu couldn't wait for Hei Xuanyu to be able to practise him to the death, but for his current body, he couldn't take it anymore. For less than half an hour, his legs could not stop shaking.

Hei Xiu was not at all soft, and he directly placed a big incense under Wu Ruo. As long as Wu Ruo could not stand a little, he would be burned to the bottom.

Wu Ruo gritted her teeth, holding on to her trembling legs.

Hei Xieyu raised an eyebrow to see that he could bear it. Suddenly, he reached out and scratched Wu Ruo's waist.

Wu Ruo was itchy, his legs shook, and he couldn't hold them anymore. His **** fell. At the moment, he touched the incense under him, screamed, and jumped up. Then, he hurriedly tied it again. Good step.

He glanced angrily at him: "Dark, shabby, stingy."

Hei Xieyu hooked the corner of his mouth, raised his sword, and waved in the open space in front.

Wu Ruo's eyes spun unconsciously with his figure. The silver sword spewed letters like a white snake, hissing and breaking the wind, and like a dragon shuttle. When walking around, he was as light as a swallow, when he turned a sword, sometimes as lightning and leaves. Flying, sometimes breaking the bamboo trend, sharp and aggressive, sword Jiansheng wind, momentum as rainbow. He was reluctant to look away when he saw it, and had forgotten that he was sticking his legs.

When Hei Xieyu received his sword, it was exactly two hours when he turned around and picked up Wu Ruo to return to the room to change the pants worn by the incense.

Wu Ruo was surprised: "Two hours?"

I did n’t even remember the time when I watched a sword, but now I ’m back, my legs are not his, it ’s sore and painful, and I feel terrible.

The next four days, each time I finished the horse step, I almost couldn't get out of bed. I ate from the inner room to the outside hall, almost stepping out.

Hei Xieyu will not let him apply medicine, let him slowly adapt to the feeling of Zama step.

By the fifth day, Wu Ruo's legs were finally better, but some people were not good.

Ubud let the people of Wu family find a house and move out within five days, and the ideas of the four courtyards of the east, west, and north are consistent with the ideas of Wu Xuanran. Still live together so as to take care of each other.

But somehow, all the big houses in Gaoling City seemed to be in the early morning appointments. They were all rented out some time ago, and they could be recovered after one year. Where can the people of Wujia family wait for a year? You can only find other small houses, but the remaining empty houses can only accommodate one family, and can barely accommodate five or six people. As for the next house, you can only find another house. Of course, there is a large distance between each empty house. In case of something, the guards can't catch up, Jane is really sad for everyone.

In the end, after discussion, we still had to live separately.

After hearing the news, Wu Ruo sneered. After he got the letter from the imperial city, he rented out all the big houses. Therefore, it is impossible for the Wu people to take care of each other. It is impossible for them to spend every day safely.

On the night that the people of the Wu family moved in, Wu Ruo sent Ugans to harass the people who moved out of the Wu family. Moreover, they continued to harass for five or six days. The people in the courtyard had to squeeze into a small, small house, and let a large group of guards protect them.

After Wu Ruo reached his goal, he didn't care about them anymore. Anyway, people had more trouble than they had. They went to trouble themselves. He concentrated on learning how to practice sword with Hei Xieyu, and then took the eggs to see his father and mother in the afternoon. .

Sometimes when I went to Qingfu, Wu Qianqing was just teaching Wu Xi to learn mystery. Wu Ruo, by the way, let Yandan follow them to learn, while he and Guan Tong were watching.

Guan Tong smiled softly at the egg: "Eggs are so smart, they can learn as soon as possible."

"Mother, you don't see whose son it is." Wu Ruo smiled proudly, and then fixed his eyes on Guan Tong: "Mother, can't you really recover your spiritual power?"

He said while holding Guan Tong's hand, taking advantage of Guan Tong's pulse, and even quietly inputting spiritual power into Guan Tong's body, and then he found that Guan Tong's Lingtian was intact, that is to say in his mother's body And spiritual power.

There was an incredible flash of light across Wu Ruo's eyes.

But why didn't he feel the power of his mother?

Guan Tong smiled bitterly and shook his head: "It's been so many years and I'm used to being an ordinary person."

"Mother, have you ever thought that ordinary people's life span is shorter than that of the magician, and it ages faster than the magician. Don't you want to grow old with your father?"

Guan Tong smiled and patted the back of his hand, soothing: "You don't have to worry about this, I will live well, you should know that my appearance is like a sorcerer, not as easy as an ordinary person to grow old."


Guan Tong interrupted him: "Xiao Ruo, I know you are good for me, and don't want your grandfather and grandmother to look down on me, but I really can't use mystics anymore."

Wu Ruo frowned: "We have left Wu's house, so I don't care what my grandfather and grandmother think of you. I just worry about your safety. If you have spirit and mystery, you have the ability to protect yourself. I don't need to be so afraid of you. Being bullied. "

Thinking about the last life, his mother couldn't even beat the guards beside Ruan Yue, and she was finally ... "Guan Tong laughed:" With your father, who dares to bully me. "

"These things are inaccurate." Wu Ruo clenched his fists and lowered his face: "Mother, I don't hide from you, I just secretly input spiritual power into your body and realized that your Lingtian is intact, Explain that your spiritual strength and cultivation are still there. "

If so, in the last life, why would his mother prefer to be raped instead of using spiritual power to resist?

Guan Tong sighed and sighed, "You're right, my spirit and cultivation are all there, but my body is sealed and mystery cannot be used at all. Your father also knows this. As for other things, Do n’t ask questions about things. "

Wu Ruo asked quickly: "Can't it be unblocked?"

Guan Tong looked to the distance and murmured: "The seal that that person has, no one can understand.

"who is it?"

Guan Tong no longer spoke.

Chapter 98: Sooner or later

Wu Ruo asked twice, and his mother still refused to say anything. Thinking of his mother's vows, she dared not ask any more. If she accidentally violated the oath, the consequences could be serious.

He hit his mind on his dad, and while his mother was in the kitchen to pick up pastries, he immediately let Uxi and Dandan learn by themselves, and pulled Wu Qianqing to the side to talk.

"Dad, do you know about Nim ’s being sealed?"

Upon hearing this, Wu Qianqing, who had a gentle smile on her face, suddenly became very serious: "Why do you suddenly ask about this?"

Wu Ruo pretends to ask at will: "Gangniang said it herself, but she refused to tell me how to unblock it."

Wu Qianqing twisted her eyebrows: "Why unblock, isn't it good?"

Wu Ruo wanted to say something, and there was a loud noise outside the house.

Wu Qianqing sighed: "The people in the four courtyards of the Wu family are fighting again."

Since the people of the Wu family moved out, except for the people in the four courtyards, they did n’t go out. When they met each other, they would fight for your life. The people in Gaolingcheng are miserable. Now they ca n’t restore the peace of the past. No one guarded the law and order of Gaoling City any more, and Ubud wanted to manage it, so they left it.

Wu Ruo lowered his eyelids and covered the coldness of his eyes: "Dad, since we have all moved out of Wu's family, don't worry about their affairs."

His father only saw on the surface that the four courtyards were fighting each other every day, but he did not know that the private internal fights in each courtyard were also very fierce. Since he sent a hack to harass the people in the four courtyards, the courtyards of the courtyards In order to live together, they bought money to buy the houses of nearby residents, and then the problem came.

Although everyone has a care for each other, no one is convinced, as is the case of the Southern University. After moving out, Wu Xuanran's seniority is the biggest. He should be the master of the family, but he has a mediocre qualification and his children and grandchildren listen In his words, he did not agree with him at all in private, and then the question of who the brothers contended for was in charge. In principle, Wu Qianjing, who was the eldest brother, should be the master, but Wu Qianbin believed that he was capable of all aspects They are better than their elder brothers. They should be able to live in order to grow the southern courtyard. However, when they are not convinced, they gradually come out of contradiction.

Wu Xuanran was not very happy. After moving out, neither one or two listened to him, and his life was very miserable. Moreover, it is said that three women have a show, not to mention that there are more than three women in the Nanyuan compound. After the women at the Nanyuan Group got together, there were many things. Everyone said in private that the other person was not, and they said it. They were also known by the other person. So over time, there was a big conflict. Noisy and noisy, but they were afraid of death and did not dare to move out of the house, so they spent it in quarrels and noisy, and every day, the wounds were large and small, and it was impossible to go out for the task and make money.

According to this development, sooner or later, human lives will be made.

Seeing Wu Qianqing's thoughts flew out of the house, Wu Ruo took them back to Heifu.

The hall is still under construction, and Wu Ruo returns directly to his room.

Hei Xieyu and Hei Xietang sat in the hall, the two brothers looked dignified.

Wu Ruo has never seen them look like this: "What's wrong with you? Why are you so serious? Did something happen?"

Hei Xietang looked at Hei Xieyi and said, "Oh, we just received the news from the clan. When I left our clan, the enemy who had always been against us, took the opportunity to sneak out of the clan, the purpose should be to deal with the meeting. we."

"Dead enemy?"

Wu Ruo could not help but think back to the last life. Has Hei Xieyu's enemies ever appeared?

In his impression, in addition to He Xinhui, who is going to return to the clan, he rarely leaves Heifu like a casual person, and Hexin and Hegan always look at him and Heixuan with anxiety. Every time I see that their husband and wife have a worse relationship than strangers, they can't help but shake their heads and sigh.

However, during the period before his death, Hei Xieyu suddenly became very busy. He returned early every day and returned late. When he returned, his body was stained with dust or his robe was torn. Is it his enemy? Was it just then?

So, it was because he was stumbling, that he came to save him so late? And in this life, many things changed because of his rebirth, so this enemy appeared early?

Hei Xietang rarely showed a serious face: "Yes, it's someone who was sent by our deadly enemy. As for who we sent, we really don't know, ma'am, you have to be more careful when you go out, and you have to remind your relatives. "

Wu Ruo nodded and asked, "The other party is very good?"

"It was definitely not the average person sent to deal with my elder brother."

Wu Ruo raised his eyebrows. Before that, he had worried that his mother would be harmed if he did not restore his spiritual power. Now that the enemy of Hei Xieyu appears, it is even more necessary to lift the seal of his mother.

"I ask you one thing. If someone has been sealed with spiritual power and cultivation, how can I lift the seal?"

Hei Xietang curiously said, "Dasao, who are you talking about?"

Wu Ruo did not answer him.

Hei Xuan narrowed his eyes: "It depends on what kind of seal it is. If your spiritual power is sealed on the Changsheng card, you must crush the Changsheng card to remove the seal."

Wu Ruo thinks his mother is different from him, because after being sealed, people can't detect the existence of Lingtian. Therefore, the people of Wu family always thought that he was just an ordinary person, but he just passed the spiritual power into his mother. Physically, he saw his mother's spiritual power intact.

"What about the other seals?"

Hei Xietang preemptively said, "The other seal is that the spiritual practice must be higher than the other to seal the other party. If you want to lift it, you must find a person who has higher spiritual ability than the seal."

As soon as Wu Ruo heard it, he immediately recognized his mother as the one that Hei Xietang said, because he just heard his mother say, "The seal of that person, there is no solution", that is, the person who sealed his mother. Spiritual power and cultivation are very high.

He couldn't help but look at Hei Xuanyu: "How high is your spiritual strength and cultivation?"

Heishang Tang proudly said, "My brother is very powerful ..."

What came to mind later, immediately asked: "Dasao, you asked this question, wouldn't you want my brother to help with the seal? That would definitely not work."

Wu Ruo wondered, "Why?"

"The spiritual power of our people conflicts with you. Unseal it, but it hurts people."

Wu Ruo: "..."

He knew that the spiritual power of Hei Xieyu was kind of evil, and indeed there was a conflict with the spiritual power of their heavenly kingdom.

Hei Xuyi asked, "Whose seal do you want to lift?"

Wu Ruo hesitated before he said, "It's my mother."

Hei Xietang quickly looked at his elder brother, with a little more meaning in his eyes, but Wu Ruo's mind was on his mother, and he did not notice the eye contact between the two brothers.

At this time, Shijiu came in: "Mrs. Ruan, son Ruan.

Wu Ruo didn't respond: "Yuan Yuanzi? Who?"

"Sister Nguyen Xuan."

Wu Ruo sank his face.

This man finally gave up the door.

Hei Xuyi and Hei Xutang immediately noticed that the atmosphere was sinking.

Hei Xietang said, "I'm going to meet you, I'm not here to disturb you. I'll go to Heigan and go outside. I'm going to mold in the house every day.

He stretched himself and walked out of the hall. "

"If you don't want to meet, don't meet."

Wu Ruo sneered, "Even if you don't want to see this person, you need to see it."

When Corpse Jiu heard this, he turned to invite Ruan Yue to the house.

Ruan Yan, Ruan Ying, and Ruan Sheng entered Heifu, and were uncomfortable with the deadly atmosphere in the house, especially when they saw the slow-moving corpse servants as if they were moving. Suddenly, Han Mao stood up. , Dare not look around.

Ruan Sheng rubbed his arms: "Master, do you think there is something gloomy here?"

Ruan wins, "This black mansion is really weird."

Nguyen Xuan kept silent, trying to show a calm look as much as possible. He didn't want to be underestimated by the people in Heifu, and thought he was a whimper.

Entering the backyard, Hu Jiu looked at the house in front and said, "The front is where the wife lives."

The three of them immediately breathed a sigh of relief and walked at a faster speed. Then, they saw the beautiful-looking boy dressed in a Chinese suit walking out of the hall and greeted them with a peach-like smile: "Well, you finally come See me. "

Ruan Yue, Ruan Sheng, and Ruan Ying heard familiar voices and widened their eyes in disbelief: "Small, small Ruo !?"

Although he had heard of Wu Ruo's thinning, and he had heard of Wu Ruo's thinning and becoming more beautiful, he did not expect to be so surprised.

"Master Master? Are you Master Master?" Ruan Sheng looked at Wu Ruo with a stunned look, oh my master, Master Ruo looks really good and looks more beautiful than Hua Kui in the green house, especially when he laughs, think he All souls will be hooked.

Wu Ruo chuckled: "Why don't you look like me? Have I changed a lot?"

After a while, Ruan Yue returned to God: "Well, it has changed a lot. If I didn't hear your voice, I wouldn't dare to recognize you."

A smile of jealousy flashed in his smiley eyes.

In the future, the two were standing together, and the eyes of others were no longer on him. Fortunately, if Wu had no spiritual power, otherwise he would be robbed of the limelight by this person.

"If you haven't seen me all the time, can't you recognize who I am?"

Ruan Sheng said: "Even if you come to see Master every day, we still don't recognize you. If you master, your changes are too great. You who look thinner look so good, we are so pretty that we don't even know you."

Wu Ruo laughed and said, "Just keep your mouth sweet, and walk around yourself. I haven't seen you for a long time, so you should have a good chat.

If it was changed in the past, Ruan Ying and Ruan Sheng immediately ran to the kitchen to find food, but there were strange strangers everywhere in Heifu. They didn't dare to walk around and stood nearby.

Ruan Yue looked silent at Wu Ruo.

Wu Ruo let him see with a smile, and at the same time, he was watching Ruan Yue's monotheism.

In the last life, Ruan Yue also looked at him silently. At that time, he was just happy that Ruan Yue came to play with him, but he did not notice the coldness in the eyes of Ruan Yue.

Chapter 99: ‘Gift’

Ruan Yue noticed that Wu Ruo was watching him, and he coughed, and quickly put away his emotions: "I heard that the Wu family was in great calamity, so all the people in Wu family need to move out of the shelter, is it true?"

Wu Ruo nodded: "Yes, after this year, the Wu family will move back to Wu family.

"Some time ago, my aunt came to Ruan's house to find us." Ruan Yan's mouth roused a touch of irony: "They hit me and killed my people, but now they want to live in our Ruan's house. You said it was ridiculous and you didn't know where she came from. "

Wu Ruo knew that he was talking about Ruan Lanru. In fact, he had heard the corpse and they had said it before: "How did you reject her?"

"Just say there is no room for them. My uncle and big cousin want to lose face and just leave their sleeves." Ruan Yue said, "Let ’s go, anyway, since they hit me last time, I I never thought of relying on them again, so I came here to tell you that I will leave Gaolingcheng for a while. "

Wu Ruo's eyes flickered: "Where?"

Ruan Yu laughed at herself: "Go and see who accepts me as an apprentice."

After hearing this, Wu Ruo wanted to make a contract with Ruan Rong for a while, so that he would listen to himself in the future, but he didn't want to have too much involvement with this person. Furthermore, he was afraid that the contract would change afterwards. The fate of Ruan Yu can never find the one who wants to kill him.

"You are so powerful, someone must have taken you as a disciple, don't be discouraged."

Ruan Yan opened his mouth with a smile, and he liked Wu Ruo to praise him so much. Only in front of Wu Ruo did he find himself useful, at least not as wasteful as Wu Ruo. "Wu Ruo patted his shoulder, and when he looked at his eyes, he quietly used the spirit of the word, implying to him word by word:" Yes, yes, find, arrive, master, father, First, to, to, to sue, to sue, I, to, to. "

Nguyen Xuan looked stunned and nodded "OK."

Later, when he was awake again, his eyes flashed with doubt: "What just happened to me ..."

Why did he say ‘OK’ just now?

Wu Ruo turned his attention away and said with a smile, "You are about to leave, and we haven't seen you for so long. How about having dinner here before leaving?"

Ruan Yue shook his head: "No, I came here to quit with you. By the way, see if you are doing well in Heijia, and then you will leave Gaoling City immediately."

Wu Ruo raised an eyebrow: "So urgent?"

"Now that the security of Gaolingcheng is unstable, it's better to leave early, so you don't have to see people from Wujia every day. If you go on like this, Wujia will sooner or later be over." Ruan Yue said while looking up at Wu Ruo: "You've lost weight now, and people are pretty. Your husband should treat you better.

Wu Ruo deliberately laughed at himself: "What's the use of looking good without a spiritual person?"

Hearing this, Ruan Yu suddenly felt relieved a lot, and thought that Hei Xuanyu was not good for him, so he comforted him: "Don't be discouraged, your husband will find you good sooner or later, it is late, I should go . "

"That line, I'll send you out.

Wu Ruo could not wait for him to leave quickly, and sent the person to the gate, only to see that Ruan Yue got into the carriage and was relieved.

Ruan Yue raised the curtain and shouted, "Xiao Ruo, I will write to you when I have stabilized. If you are not happy at the black house, come to me."

"Okay, you're on your way." Wu Ruo waved at him until he couldn't see the car before turning back to Heifu.

He originally wanted to send someone to follow Ruan Yue, but it would be bad if Yuan Fudi's future father found out, so he dismissed this idea.

Ruan Yue put down the curtain, put away the smile on her face, and said sarcastically: "Even if you look more handsome than before, it is not a waste."

Shortly after the carriage left Heifu, it suddenly stopped.

Ruan Sheng said outside, "Master, I saw people in the Western Courtyard arguing with people in the Southern Courtyard. It is very likely that they will fight. Should we go over or go some other way?"

Nguyen Xuan picked up the driving curtain and saw Wu Xuanran and his several guards at a glance.

Following this, he moved his eyes and said in Ruan Sheng's ear: "When you find someone to tell Wu Xuanran, his third son misses him and invite him to live in Qingfu."

Ha ha.

He and Wu Ruo are ‘good brothers’. Before leaving Gaoling City, how could he give him a big gift to make Wu Ruo lively and lively, which is worthy of his brotherhood.

Ruan Sheng nodded: "Then we now ..."

"Go the other way.

Ruan Yue hasn't left Gaoling City, and there are still people monitoring his every move, so he asked someone to tell Wu Xuanran that Wu Qianqing missed his father's ears soon.

Wu Ruo sneered, "Really good brother."

I came to Heifu for the first time, and I did n’t even bring gifts. I ’m leaving Gaoling City, and I still do n’t forget to send him such a big ‘gift’. Can you say it ’s a good brother?

However, even if Ruan Hui did not do this, Wu Xuanran, who used to live in the compound, would not be able to bear the current small house, and sooner or later he would find his father, so Wu Ruo did not intend to stop Wu Xuanran. Come home.

Wu Xuanran, who had a fight with the second grandfather of the Western Courtyard, had no idea that Ruan Hui was calculating him. He came home with a lot of scars and immediately heard a few sons and daughter-in-law quarreling. No one cared. He was hurt, only his wife hurriedly applied medicine to him, and said in his heart that he was not born and upset, and had given birth to so many sons, but none of them filial piety to him.

At this time, someone came to report that his third son Wu Qianqing missed him and wanted to invite him to stay in Qingfu.

When Wu Xuanran heard it, he was angry first. Later, he felt very proud, thinking that his third son still couldn't live without him, and then thinking that his third son now lived in a big house, and was even more happy, he discussed with Mu Xiuwan. Do you want to live there?

Mu Xiuwan worried: "Before moving, we said nothing and would not live with them. Will we live now?"

Wu Xuanran said rightly: "We are his father and mother, no matter how horrible the words are, or his father and mother, not to mention that he asked us to pass, not that we begged him."

The main thing is that he couldn't stand this small place. He often smelled the smell of pig feces and cow dung nearby. It smelled deadly, and there were dog barks in the middle of the night.

Mu Xiuwan thought about it too, but, if he wanted to put it on display, he deliberately dragged it on for two days before passing by.

Wuqianjing saw their father and mother's big bags moving into the car and immediately guessed where they wanted to go: "Daddy, mother, do you want to go to the third brother?"

Wu Xuanran was a little embarrassed. At first he said that he didn't want to live with Wu Qianqing, but now he moved to Qingfu. He just hit his own face.

"Your third brother begged us to stay a few days.

Wu Qiantong said angrily, "Do you need to bring so many things with you for a few days? Dad, but you said you didn't live with him. What do you mean by throwing us away now?"

Wu Xuanran and Mu Xiuwan put aside their faces in guilty conscience.

Wu Qianbin said: "Dad, mother, since you are going to live with third brother, then we will not stop you, but after you leave, I want to let our children live in.

"Live, stay." Wu Xuanran never thought of returning, and drove away while his sons didn't stop him.

Wu Qiantong was not angry: "Si Si, how did you let your father and mother go?"

Wu Qianbin said, "Isn't it good that we don't need to support them?"

Everyone stopped talking.

Wu Xuanran and Mu Wan came to Qingfu happily. Unexpectedly, they were stopped by the guards: "We didn't listen to the master who invited you to stay in the house. Please go back."

Wu Xuanran said politely, "I am your father and mother. Just go in and let me know. Your master will invite us in."

"Our master and wife they went out, not in the house. Moreover, our master's father and mother once said that they would never live with our master, but now you say it is our master's father and mother. Why are you posing? Our father and mother. "

Wu Xuanran suddenly blushed: "We are indeed your father and mother. If you don't believe it, you can let the servants of Shu Qingyuan come out before and you will know whether we are real or not."

The guard sank his face: "If you don't leave, we will start driving you away."

Mu Xiuwan was also anxious: "We are really your father and mother."

The lead guard immediately ordered: "Hit us."

Wu Xuanran was furious: "You dare! I'm your father's father.

The guards scooped up and beat to the death.

These guards sent by Heixin are all masters, but Wu Xuanran is their opponent, but for half a column of time, Wu Xuanran was stunned and thrown away in a carriage.

On the carriage, Mu Xiuwan frowned, "What shall we do now?"

"What else can we do? We can only ..."

Wu Xuanran said that when he stopped halfway, when they came out, he happily left in a carriage, and now there is no way to go back.

He thought it would be harder to calm the tone in his heart, cover his swollen face, and said arrogantly: "Wang bastard, it must be Wu Qianqing who deliberately rectified this shot and beat us."

Mu Xiuwan is also very angry, but think about it, but "I do n’t think he is such a person based on my understanding of Qian Qing. Do you think we have been deceived by other people? Think about it, come and send news at home That person is neither a person from Shu Qingyuan nor someone we know. If Qian Qing really wants to invite us, he should also ask Wuxu as a housekeeper to invite us, right? "

Wu Qianqing has always been filial to them, and even if she is reborn, she can never do anything to beat her parents.

"Not who else is he?"

Mu Wanxiu thought about it: "When we came out, they did n’t stop before the pre-competition, and before Bin Bin immediately asked for our house to live with the children. Do you think they deliberately asked someone to say that it was Qian Qing, please invite us to Go to a small house to steal the house we live in? Or do n’t want to raise us again? "

Wu Xuanran froze for a while and thought that this was not unreasonable.

"Mother, the more they want us to move, the less we don't move, we go back now."

After they left, the guards at the Qingfu immediately reported the incident to Wu Ruo.

After Wu Ruo listened, he ticked the corner of his lips, and no one would bother his father and mother anymore.

Chapter 100: go away

Wu Qianqing didn't know Wu Xuanran came to him, but that same night, he received the news that Wu Xuanran accidentally cut off his left leg during the dispute with Wu Xuanran.

At that time, he took a long time to digest the matter. He didn't know how his father and younger brother could get into this situation. He wanted to go to ask about the situation, but he was worried that the hot face would be stuck on the cold ass. After a few bottles of elixir passed, I never asked about it again.

The situation of Beijing University and Beijing University is also not optimistic. In the process of fighting, the two universities each died a junior. The battle between the two universities was temporarily suspended, but the enmity between them was deepened.

Ubud could not control their affairs. In order not to be bothered by the eyes, after using the treasure and matrix method to block the Wu family from entering, they took several elders and their families to leave Gaolingcheng for a temporary residence in Huangdu. day.

When Wu Ruo heard the news, Hei Xieyu was teaching him to practice swords.

He Xinxin, who was standing in front of the door and watching others, said, "Mrs. and Master are really handsome."

If the master can remove the fake skin on his face, it will be better. The scene in front of him will be the most beautiful picture he has ever seen. The man with the coach sword is tall and erect, and has a strong momentum. He was half a head short and thinner than him, but his appearance was exquisite, and the two stood together as a natural pair.

"Xinbo, who do you mean by the female appearance?" Recently, Wu Ruo Le Jia's practice and medicated bath, plus the experience of the previous generation, in a short period of time, her spiritual strength has improved a lot, and she has been able to Hear what people in the distance are saying within distance.

Hei Xinxi smiled: "The old slave was wrong, it was the male appearance."

Wu Ruo hooked his lips and pointed his sword at him: "I was wrong, he should be punished, hesitate and stab him."

Hei Xuyi raised his long eyebrows, holding his waist in one hand, holding Wu Ruo's hand in one hand, and leaped up. The two flew to Heixin lightly like two dragonflies.

"Ma'am, forgive me, where is the old slave's opponent?" Hessian hurriedly ran away.

Wu Ruo and Hei Xun slumped before Heixin and smiled, "Xinbo, we are not really hitting you. Come back and test with us."

"The old slave can't beat the master." Hei Xin saw Hei Xuantang come from a distance and called out immediately: "Four young masters, help."

Hei Xutang smiled and asked, "What's wrong?"

Hexin said: "Mrs. and the master are going to compete with old slaves, but old slaves are their opponents.

Heixiutang was intrigued, and he immediately took out a fan from his waist bag and grinned, "Heyin, let's deal with them together."

"It's better, you guys go together." Wu Ruo smiled happily. Suddenly, her heart was stunned and her hands were out of strength. Instantly, the silver sword fell from her hand to the ground.

The sound of "哐 啷-" sounded the attention of three people.

Hei Sui immediately noticed that something was wrong, and her face sank. She quickly picked up the man and returned to the room and put it on a chair: "What's wrong?"

He asked while crossing the spiritual power into Wu Ruo's body, but did not feel abnormal.

Hei Xin and Hei Xietang hurried in.

"Ma'am, are you okay?"

"Ma'am, aren't you feeling well?"

Wu Ruo looked at three faces that cared about him, and his heart was very complicated.

Since the Wu family moved out of the Wu family, his mind gradually shifted to cultivation, and at the same time, he secretly observed the attitude of the black family towards him. After all, he still had doubts about the issue of Hei Xieyu marrying him in his heart. But after inspection, he can be sure that the people of the Hei family are really good to him and his family, and there is no falsehood. Therefore, he is very contradictory. He wants to trust them wholeheartedly, but he is worried that the final result will be Like Ruan Ye, his relationship with Hei Xie Ye stopped.

Wu Ruo thinks that the main reason is that Hei Xuyi hasn't told him his identity, why he is willing to marry a big fat man.

"I'm okay, just a sudden panic inexplicable just now, as if something bad happened."

He didn't lie. For a moment, he had a bad feeling.

Heixin was worried: "Mrs. has not practiced swords or practiced medicine or bathed well recently. She hasn't taken a good rest. They all say that Madam, you have to rest for a day and take good care of your body.

Without a word, Hei Xiu took Wu Ruo to the bed, removed his robe for him, and stuffed it into the quilt.

Wu Ruo saw his face collapsed and comforted, "I'm really fine."

He knew his body and he was absolutely not sick.

"The rest will be." Hei Xiexi held his body with both hands directly, his attitude very strong.

"I can't sleep." Wu Ruo's eyes turned: "If you tell me a story, maybe I can fall asleep.

"..." Hei Xiuyu couldn't help disappointing his brilliant eyes, and asked, "What story do you want to hear?"

"Like the story told by the storyteller in the restaurant."

"I haven't heard the story of Mr. Shushu."

Wu Ruo: "..."

Hei Xingtang, who was standing outside the screen between indoor and outdoor, said, "Brother, you can talk about your affairs and let Dasao know you well."

When Wu Ruo's eyes brightened, the four younger brothers were really caring.

He just wanted to listen to the story of Hei Xuyi, so he intentionally told Hei Xuyi to tell the story.

Hei Xuyi glanced at Hei Xutang: "Every day I don't read books, practice swords, learn mystery, but eat and sleep. What can I say?"

Wu Ruo asked, "Don't you encounter anything interesting?"


Hei Xietang sighed: "Dasao, my elder brother did live a very boring life, because his responsibilities are too heavy. In addition to what he said, as long as he is free, he must go to see the crystal ball ... what……"

He found himself saying something wrong and yelled quickly to cover up the past: "I still have something to do, you talk."

"..." Wu Ruo's eyes turned from the screen to Hei Xieyu: "What crystal ball?"

Hei Xieyu: "..."

At this time, Hei Xietang ran back again: "Dasao, my in-laws are here, as if there is something urgent."

Wu Ruo quickly got up: "Why is my father here?"

Although they lived next door, they seldom ran here, because they used to have more. In the past, there must be something wrong.

"Xiao Ruo, Xiao Ruo ..." Wu Qianqing started to call Wu Ruo before entering the door, her voice was slightly anxious.

Wu Ruo put on shoes and ran out of the room. "Dad, is there something wrong?"

Wu Qianqing saw him wearing obscene pants, and stunned: "You haven't got up yet? Or are you unwell?"

"I just wanted to lie down and rest for a while. I didn't get sick. Daddy, what are you going to say?"

Wu Qianqing took out two strands of hair: "This is when I sent your elder brother away from the secret road, your elder brother gave me hair. He said that if the hair was cut in two, it would prove that he had a big problem ..."

Wu Ruo looked at the broken hair in his hand, his face changed: "Then this is ..."

In the last life, his elder brother did not send his father hair. This time, his elder brother may have taken precautions before giving the hair to his father.

By the way, he was suddenly flustered. Is it because of the accident of the eldest brother? Isn't his elder brother going to die like last life?

"I found it broken just now. Your elder brother may have encountered something bad." Wu Qianqing sank his face: "Before he left, he told me to go to Huangdu to make a break, so I thought of Huang They all went to him, but you ca n’t let your mother know that I ’m afraid they will worry. I ’ll find an excuse to leave Gaolingcheng to take care of your mother and Xiaoxi, and I ’ll trouble you and shame. ”

"Dad, I'll go to Huangdu to find Brother ..."

Wu Qianqing immediately interrupted him: "Naughty, you have no spiritual power, and you can't help when you get there. Not much to say, I'm going immediately."

Without giving Ruo a chance to refute, he turned and left the room.


Wu Ruo wanted to chase, but was pulled by Hei Xieyu.

He turned back and anxiously said, "Hey, you go and stop my father."

Hei Xuan said quietly: "Don't stop him, just let him and Gao Lingcheng leave with your mother."

Wu Ruo slightly hesitated: "Leaving Gao Lingcheng together?"

Hei Xietang explained: "People who chase down my elder brother may come here, or have already come to Gaolingcheng, so we wanted to find an excuse last night for you to leave here with your in-laws. ..., of course, it doesn't mean that we can't deal with each other, nor that we can't protect you, it's just ... heh ... Ma'am, it's better for you and your in-laws to leave here first. "

Wu Ruo intuitively thought that the two brothers had something to hide from him.

Hei Xuanyu pulled him into the room and put on his robe: "Your brother did have something wrong, and the ghost family I sent to protect him has just sent me the news that he is missing."

Wu Ruo nervously said, "You know the reason for the disappearance.

"When your elder brother disappeared, someone deliberately stopped the ghost clan I sent, and this person is most likely the one who escaped from our clan."

Wu Ruo: "..."

Hei Xietang reassured: "Dasao, don't worry, we must rescue your elder brother. You are now packing and your father and mother are leaving Gaoling City.

Wu Ruo asked, "What about you?"

"As soon as we caught that person, we went to the emperor to find you."

Wu Ruo worried, "You will be fine, right?"

Hei Xutang promised: "There will be absolutely nothing, those people are not my brother's opponent."

Hei Sui said: "Xiao Ruo, you have space, you can bring all the valuables in the warehouse and valuables on your body."

Wu Ruoyi said: "How do you know I have room?"

He had never said anything to Hei Xieyu.

"In the evening when your father moved out of the Wu family, you were drunk, and then you took out a magic weapon to fight Heiyin ..."

I don't need to talk about it later, and I know that no one can do this except for people who have space.

In order not to drag their hind legs, Wu Ruo could only do what they did.
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