Comeback of the Abandoned Wife Chapter 81-90

Chapter 81: End

Wu Ruo came out of Wu's house after class and took the carriage directly. On the way back to Heifu, the carriage suddenly stopped. The corpse responsible for driving the carriage said to Wu Ruo in a small voice, "Madam, I saw Wu Yamato is small. "

When hearing the names of the two men, Wu Ruo couldn't remember who they were. It was not until he heard the quarrel that he heard the noise and opened the curtains to look out.

Wu Da and Wu Xiao were blasted out by the restaurant manager.

"Hurry up, I can't afford your two big Buddhas in this small place." The shopkeeper was angrily holding a broom and beating Wu Xiao, who wanted to enter the restaurant again.

Wu Dayan said, "It's okay for us to leave, but you have to pay us ten days' wages."

Since Wuzhu knew that they had collected Wuyu's silver, they did not dare to return to work in Wu's house. Now they can only find other jobs to support their families.

"You guys are so sorry for asking me to pay?" The shopkeeper was almost annoyed by what he said: "You came to me and only worked for ten days, you broke a bunch of dishes and bowls, and the dishes were not good. , Often throwing dishes on the ground, and playing with the grandfather's temper offend guests, I have not asked you to accompany the silver is already pretty good, do you still want to pay?

He picked up the broom and patted them again: "If you ca n’t walk, if you do n’t go, I will report to the officer, and I will ask you to lose my dish bowl. P hlegm left Wu Xiao.
"Who is this?" The shopkeeper scolded the sputum as he scolded.

The corpse looked at Wuda and they went away, whispering to Wu Ruo, "They have not been very good in recent days."

After Liu Xiaoru and Chen Xi'er got married, they first treated the Udawu children tenderly and thoughtfully for a while, coaxed them to spend their savings and then started quarreling with their family, either for a day or three days. The chicken jumped, and other big and small housework made Wu Dawu annoyed.

Wu Ruo smiled ironically.

Wu Da and Wu Xiao were by his side when they were twelve or three years old. They ate well, dressed well, and gave them the surname Wu. In addition to serving him, they did not have to do rough work at all, and even clothes helped them They do n’t need to be irritated by washing.
They have been comfortable like a young master for more than ten years. Now they are asked to wash dishes and dishes. How can they do this and suffer from this anger?

"Ma'am, do you want to follow up?"

Wu Ruodan said, "No, depending on their current situation, the good times should be coming to an end.

Corpse Yuan left in a carriage.

Wu Da and Wu Xiao were in a sullen mood. They did not notice that Shi Yuan and Wu Ruo sat on the carriage and looked at them. On the way back to their house, an old woman walked up and down, "The brother-in-law's wife is really too Too much, I asked them for your brother and sister's gift and dowry silver this morning. They dared to tell me that they had no money, and asked them to use this month's home, and that they had no money. In the eyes of my mother-in-law, I'm so angry. "

Wu Da and Wu Xiao's faces became more and more ugly. Even if they were swept out of the house, their feet had not yet stepped into the door of
their house. The mother asked them for money like a debt collector, and her mood became worse.

When they got married, in order to have face in front of their father-in-law and mother-in-law, they didn't let them look down on themselves. They spent most of their savings to prepare a gift, and then put wine, and bought jewelry for their daughter-in-law. I thought I could return to Wujia to work, but I did n’t expect that Wuzhu would find out that they took Wuyu's silver. Afterwards, Wuyu found someone to beat him. It was really worth the loss. Wu Yu's silver will not be able to find an easy job, they miss the days of serving Wu Ruo, but now they can't even enter the gate of Heifu, and they also heard that Wu Ruo has lost weight, do n’t Need someone to serve him.

"I said that your two brothers could hear what I said?" The old woman kept angrily saying, "Before next month, you must have your brother's and sister's gift and the gift of silver all together. You can't even have one money. Little, you give me this month's home first, I'll wait for it to buy food. "

The sound of crickets made Wu Da and Wu Xiao more upset. Moreover, they always mentioned money, money, and thought that they could change the money to spend for them at any time?

"By the way, you have been married for several months. Why haven't your daughters conceived a child? Is there a physical problem? If there is a problem, go to see the doctor. If you can't have a baby, just marry another wife. Also, after you go back, you should take good care of them, otherwise, you will all ride on the head of my mother-in-law, let alone, you quickly give me money. "

The old woman reached out to them.

Wu Da's forehead jumped with blue tendons, and finally he couldn't help getting angry: "You open your mouth and shut up with silver. What is there in your eyes except silver?"
The old woman was snarled and snarled, and said, "I've worked hard to raise you up, and ask you for money? Ever since I was young, have I treated you badly? Now if you ask for a family, it's fierce. I, you two wolf- hearted, have a daughter-in-law and forget your mother, I know you two daughter-in-law are not good things, it must be the two of them who won't let you give me silver, right? Your appearance has taken away your conscience. "

"Enough is enough." Wu Xiao growled and turned away. Uda also left.
The old woman saw her two sons ignored her, and immediately sat down on the ground crying, "I'm not alive, I'm not alive, the raised son doesn't care about me anymore, I really have two white eyes ..."

P assers-by around and people living nearby looked over.

Wu Da and Wu Xiao really didn't have a face to stay, and quickly stepped away and returned to their homes. Before they could catch their breath, they heard a voice calling for help in the room: "Help, help."

The two brothers heard Chen Xier's voice. When their faces changed, they rushed into the room together and saw a man pressed on Chen Xier's body. Chen Xi'er's placket had been ripped open, revealing a white neck.

Suddenly, the two became angry, dragged the man, and punched him in the past.

Chen Xi'er quickly buckled his clothes and ran to the door.

"What's going on? What happened?" Liu Xiaoru, who came back from the outside, ran to the door and asked.

"Ah, don't fight, don't fight, misunderstanding, misunderstanding, big cousin, second cousin, it's me, Wang Ting, don't fight." Wang Ting shouted holding his head.
"Wu Ting?" Wu Xiao stopped and looked at him, and it turned out to be his cousin Wang Ting, and then gave him a hard punch: "You * * * *you dare to touch your sister-in-law, I will kill you.

After hearing this, Wu Da paused for a moment and looked at Chen Xi'er at the door uncomfortably.

"Second cousin, it's really a misunderstanding." Wang Ting really got upset about this second cousin early in the morning, but because of the identity of the other party, he had a guilty heart and no guts, so he dared to watch secretly. Who knew that when passing by here today, the second watchmaker took the initiative to call him into the room and seduce him to bed.

Then, without holding back, he pushed the person to the bed, but he didn't have time to do anything. He heard that Wu Dawu Xiao came back. He panicked and wanted to get up, but Chen Xi'er hugged him and called for help. Down was the scene seen by Wu Dawu Xiao.

"You * * * *mother, have pressed people to bed, dare to say it is a misunderstanding." Wu Xiao angrily kicked him again.

Wu Da also kicked several feet with force, and sent the wrinkles of anger to Wang Ting's body.

Liu Ru'er and Chen Xi'er glanced at each other, and quickly opened their voices and shouted, "Don't hit, don't hit."

Wu Dawu Xiao didn't know how many punches and kicks on Wang Ting's body. In the end, Wang Ting fell to the ground motionless.

"You * * * *think you're fainted, and I will let you go." Wu Xiao kicked Wang Ting again.

Wang Ting didn't move.

Wu Da stumped him with his feet: "Wake me up." Wang Ting still didn't move.
They stunned, looked at the people on the ground, and murmured in their hearts, wouldn't they die?

Wu Buda was relatively bold, squatting down, shaking his right hand and looking under Wang Ting's nose. He was so breathless that he scaredly jumped up and stepped back: "dead, dead."

"Why, what?" Wu Xiao's face paled. "Brother, are you mistaken?"

He squatted down and reached out, and sure enough, he was out of breath. Wu Xiao's legs softened and fell to the ground.
Liu Xiaoru and Chen Xi'er glanced at each other again. Suddenly, he opened his voice and was afraid to cry, "Dead man, dead man."

Wu Da and Wu Xiao panicked, and said angrily, "Bitch, please shut up. Do you want everyone to know that your husband has killed someone?"

Liu Xiaoru and Chen Xier quickly exited the door. "You get us back."
Wu Da and Wu Xiaodan told the story and hurried out of the house, and saw a group of officers with swords running into their yard: "Where is the dead? Where is the dead?"

Wu Da and Wu Xiao were stunned. Why was the official mission just after they died?

Their legs trembled in shock, and they had never encountered such a thing, and had no idea at all.

Liu Xiaoru and Chen Xier hid in the corner, looking very scared.

The leading officer looked at Wu Da and Wu Xiao who ran out in a panic before stepping into it, saw Wang Ting, who had fallen to the ground, stepped forward and took a breath, and found that the man was dead.
He went out, ordered Wu Da and Wu Xiao to be arrested, and brought Liu Xiaoru and Chen Xi'er back to the door for interrogation.

After returning to Yemen, Liu Xiaoru and Chen Xi'er were in the public hall, and they identified with the adults in the trial the Wu Da and Wu Xiaoquan beat and kicked Wang Ting to death.

The evidence is conclusive, and U Da Wu Xiao has no way to deny it.

In the end, the adults sentenced them to death, and after the fall, they asked him to cut off. After hearing the verdict, Wu Dawu Xiao passed out on the spot.

Soon, this incident passed to Wu Ruo's ears.

Chapter 82: Echidna

"Liu Xiaoru reported to the officer in the morning, plugged the officer with money, and then brought the officer to the house. He originally planned to arrest them whenever U Dawu beat them. Dead. The two brothers are now being held in jail. The officials in the jail received the silver from Chen Xi'er, and they will take good care of them in the future. Just before, the two learned that each other had their own wife and beat each other to death. .The life of their family is not good. Wang Ting's family went to their house every day to make trouble in Uda. Uda ’s younger brother and sister killed someone due to Uda ’s young, and their relatives were retired. Uda ’s sister almost died. , And the neighbourhoods of the neighbourhood avoided them like snakes, now Liu Xiaoru, Chen Xi'er and their families are going to leave Gaolingcheng to live in other towns. "

Zujiu reported to Wu Ruo the recent situation of Wu Dawu Xiao and their family.

Wu Ruo had expected that one day, he wouldn't be too interested in Wu Dawu Xiao's affairs, as long as they knew that they were not doing well.

Hei Xietang next to him listened earnestly: "Dasao, who is Wu Dawu Xiao?"

Shi Jiu replied, "If you return to Master Four, the two of them were once the personal servants of the wife, but they received money and bullied the wife."

Hei Xietang said angrily: "It's too much, you can't let them go. I'll send someone to jail now and solve them with a blow to Dasao."

Wu Ruoxiao sneered: "It's not easy to solve them with one stroke? But when people die, they don't know anything, why should they be cheap?
They are now in the fear of dying every day, so let them enjoy this time Come on.

Hei Xietang nodded and put his hand on Wu Ruo's shoulder and said, "Ma'am, if you need our help, just speak, my elder brother will do everything he can to help you, elder brother, do you mean?"

Hei Xieyu lifted his eyelids lightly, bounced his fingertips, and chopsticks flew out, hitting the back of the hand resting on Wu Ruo's shoulder.

"Ah, it hurts--" Hei Xietang quickly withdrew his hand and saw that there was a red mark on the back of his hand. He immediately yelled, "Brother, you are too jealous. You and I are both bitter Man, what's up with a shoulder? "

Wu Ruo: "..."

Hei Xieyu: "..."

At this moment, Hessian hurried in: "Master, madam, little master is gone."

He frowned darkly.

"What?" Hei Xietang stood up anxiously: "My little nephew is gone? Why is it so good? It won't be taken away?"

Wu Ruo was also anxious to stand up: "Did he run out by himself?"

Hei Xin affirmed: "The young man's robe is still next to the bed, but he and the quilt he covered are missing. By the way, he was stunned by the bed, apparently taken away, not Run out by myself.

"Who would beat him?" Wu Ruo first thought of the Wu family, but thought it was impossible. Some people in the Wu family would hate him and would not deal with a child, and they would catch them with their false decent temperament. The child will not sneak into the dark house to catch it.
He looked to Hei Xieyu: "Will your enemy take the child away?" "Impossible." Hei Xieyu and Hei Xietang said in unison.
Wu Ruo: "..."

Hei Xietang explained: "Dasao, we have no enemies here. Hei Sui who ordered Hesin to send someone.
Wu Ruo hurriedly walked out of the hall: "I went to see where he used to go, maybe he was just playing for a while and ran out by himself."

"I'll also see where these days take him to play." Hei Xietang left the hall with Wu Ruo.

Wu Ruo walked out of Heifu, walked directly to his usual carriage, lifted the car curtain, and saw two children sitting inside. One of them was exactly the egg they were looking for, and the other was more than a month. Invisible Demon Clan-Thorny.

Wu Ruo was stunned, this demons finally played enough, and came back to find him.

He quickly turned around and told the people outside to report that the child was found, and then let the corpse wander around in a carriage. Then, sitting in the carriage, silently watching the strange posture of the two children.

Spiny spined legs sit cross-legged.

Barely shoving his legs around his neck, and pulling the pigtails on his head with a small hand, it seemed as if he might run away.

It took a lot of effort to tear the egg from his body. He chilled with a small face: "No one has ever pinched his neck with his feet. You are the first."

He threw the child on Wu Ruo.
Giggle giggled, and then, a transparent water jet shot out of Giggle's little eggs, went straight to the thorny face, and fed him a pee.

Wu Ruo was suddenly stupid, and forgot to turn the egg around for a while.

The thorny forehead had blue muscles and jumped wildly. He grabbed the egg with a black face and pressed it on his leg. He raised his hand and patted it on the * * * *of the egg. "P apa", the sound is extremely loud. After two clicks, the small * * * *is red Now, it can be seen that Jiyi has exerted his strength.

"Daddy, save me--" Dandan asked Wu Ruo with tears in her eyes.

Wu Ruo had never beaten the child, and took him back distressedly, and wrapped him in a quilt, so as not to catch cold: "He is only a child, and he is not sensible, so forgive him."

Ji Yi took out her handkerchief and wiped the urine from her face, and said coldly, "Because he is a child, this seat is tolerated to this day." Another thing is that for Wu Ruofen, otherwise, he would let the other party disappear In this world.

Wu Ruo looked down at Yandan and Shen Sheng said: "You are too naughty, how can you pee at others?"

"I can't help it." Dandan was aggrieved.

"..." Wu Ruo didn't believe him: "So how did you run out yourself? Do you know how worried I and your father were when you were gone?"

If it hadn't happened, he would have never thought that in just two months, he would have such a deep affection for this child. When he heard that the child was gone, his heart would be immediately disturbed.

Dandan said, "I want to play with my big brother.

Everyday, adults play with him, and now it is hard to meet a child, of course, hold on first.
He gave him a stubborn glance and explained to Wu Ruo: "Originally, I wanted to find you, but I accidentally walked to the wrong room. Then, I was entangled by this little ghost. In order to prevent others from discovering him, he took him Waiting in the carriage. "

Wu Ruo looked at the child in her arms, and asked Thorny, "Do you know who he is?"

Thorny snorted coldly: "Why should I know who he is."

Wu Ruo said directly, "He is the child born from the big white egg you gave me.

Everyone knows where they came from, so they didn't avoid saying it.

"Big white egg?" Thorny's face flashed with suspicion, and it took me a while to think about it, wondering: "Isn't this egg yours? How did it become this seat for you?"

"I never saw this egg before I woke up that night, so I still think it is the egg you gave me.


Thorny sound: "You somehow brought this seat to the world, and this seat gave you an egg? Do you think it is possible?"

Wu Ruo: "..."

This makes sense, he couldn't refute.

"Is that big white egg really taken out of my legs?"

Ji Yi stared at him for a while, then said, "When this seat was called by you, it was already with you."

Wu Ruoan was relieved. Fortunately, he was not born.
But where did this egg come from? "So why are you here for me?"
Thorny expression flashed awkwardly, watching Wu Ruojiu silent.

Wu Ruo didn't know what he wanted to do for a while, but he remembered something. The thorns of the last life told him that 13years ago, because of losing with others, his body was reduced to the appearance of a six- year-old child, but the actual age is much older than Wu Ruo. . At that time, it wasn't that he brought the thorny righteousness to the world, and the thorny did not tell him the reason for the world. He did not like to dig out the privacy of others.

Dandan said, "Dad, I want my big brother to live in our house ..."

Thorny said immediately, "I need something to eat every day before I live."

"There is something delicious." Wu Ruo: "..."
He looked at Thorns and came to him just to live in Heifu. Thorny Lengheng: "The consent of your family is needed." Wu Ruo wondered, "Who?"
"Master of the Black House."

Dandan happily said, "This is okay. Father will be there, father will agree."

Wu Ruo squeezed his small face with amusement, but it seemed that Hei Xuanyu didn't really refuse his request.

He looked at Thorny: "Did you cause anything outside?"
Based on his understanding of Jiyi, if this person did not encounter something, he would never despise living in someone else's house unless he really wanted to live.

The thorny look paused, and angrily said, "What can this provoke?" Wu Ruo didn't ask much if he didn't want to say it.
The three returned to Heifu, and as soon as they entered the hall, Hei Xieyu stared at Blackthorn with black eyes.

"Oh ! ?" Hei Xietang curiously walked to Ji Yi: "You are a demon.

"How about this seat is the demons?" When Tiaozhe said this, she could not help but glance at the black, making sure that the other party wouldn't take any action before she was relieved.

Wu Ruo said, "Xu Xun, he will live here for a while."

Hei Xuanyu put the cup on the table and asked quietly, "He was the last Demon race?"


"Is he the egg?"

Hei Xitang asked curiously, "What egg?" Wu Ruo and Hei Xieyu ignored him directly.
"No, he said when he came, the egg was already with me."

Hei Xieyu seems to have expected this result, and his expression has not changed. He said to Thorny, "You can't make people discover that you are a demon.

He didn't mind if there was a demons in the house, but people outside the house would not think so.
Human beings are still very resistant to demons, demons, ghosts, and monsters. If they know that there is a demons in Heifu, they will definitely cause troubles and bring trouble to Wu Ruo's family.

"Yes." The thorny black sleep instantly became the same as that of human beings. If his ability was not as powerful as hiss, he would never find his identity.

Hei Xingyu motioned for Black Letter to take him to the guest room. The spiny thorn said before leaving: "This seat is called spiny thorn."

Chapter 83: Indeed it is

Arranged for Jiyi, Wu Ruo immediately rushed to class.

When he arrived at Wujia, he came down from the carriage and found that there were some strange little bugs on the edge of the corner outside the gate of Wujia Nandayuan. However, the guards guarding the door didn't notice it. But you ca n’t blame them, because no matter who they are, as long as they do n’t know about bugs, they generally do n’t find them strange. The reason why he was able to detect these small bugs so quickly was because he had been alert to P akse in the morning. As long as a bug crawled past his eyes, he would first observe whether the bug was a tapeworm.

Fortunately, although the atmosphere of the Nanyuan Courtyard is not very good, the defense measures are still well done. Under the dual protection of the magic weapon and the formation method, the bugs cannot be mixed in for the time being.

Wu Ruo didn't know if Wu Xi was still waiting for him to go to the school, so he went to Shu Qingyuan first, and then noticed that Nanda Courtyard today is a little more popular than the other day because he walked in the courtyard alley There were obviously more people than the previous few days. The injuries of those fighting with the P eking University were better, and the Nanyuan compound slowly recovered.

"Little Ruo."

Wu Ruowen looked up, Wu Qianqing, Guan Tong and Wu Xi came towards him.

Uxi ran in front of him, worried, and said, "Second Brother, I have been waiting for you not to come, thinking that something is wrong with you."
Wu Ruo rubbed her forehead: "I encountered something this morning, so I was late. If you can't wait for me next time, you should go to the school yourself, don't you know that I've delayed learning?"


Wu Ruo looked to Wu Qianqing and Guan Tong: "Father, mother, where are you going?"

Wu Qianqing was about to speak, but U Xi first said: "The aunts two of them just sent us to take a trip to Xuanwanyuan. I don't know what it is. Huh, they just can't rest, they are hurt. I just ran out and tossed again, I really hope they lay in bed for a few more days. "

If it was changed to the past, Wu Qianqing would stop U Xi from saying such outrageous things, but now he just frowned.

"Just call us Shu Qingyuan?"

"No, people in other hospitals will go as long as they are in the Nanda University."

Wu Ruo probably guessed what Ruan Lanru was for. Guan Tong sighed.
She was most afraid of going to Xuanwanyuan. Every time she went there, she would be ridiculed by her mother-in-law. Although she got used to it after listening too much, sometimes what she said was really ugly and sad.

Wu Qianqing took her hand: "Whether it doesn't matter what my mother said, you shouldn't hear it, or just perfunctory her."

He knew that his mother had to ridicule a few times when she saw Guan Tong, and her speech was particularly unpleasant. He had also quarreled with his mother several times because of this, but it didn't work. His mother didn't like Guan Tong, and he was not good at treating people. I didn't let his mother talk to choke to death. Behind them, they could hide and try to avoid Xuanwanyuan.
Wu Ruo looked at Tong Tong and squinted.

His grandmother didn't like his mother. One was that his mother had no identity, not Miss Jingan of the family, and the other was that her mother had no spiritual power and could not be mysterious. Therefore, no matter how filial his mother was to her mother, his grandmother would not wait to see her mother. .

They came to Xuanwanyuan. Except for the mission and experience, everyone else has been waiting here for a long time, and Uber and Ushi each sat beside their grandmother Mu Xiuwan, making her laugh and keep laughing. Others Seeing her grandmother happy and accompanying her laughter, the atmosphere seemed happy.

However, after seeing Guan Tong's arrival, Mu Xiuwan immediately sank his face and sarcastically said, "Let you come to Xuanwanyuan and ask me to ask someone to ask for help, and those who do n’t know thought I sent someone. It ’s our Wu family ancestors. "

Wu Qianqing explained briefly: "We will be late if we have something to delay on the road. I'm really sorry to keep you waiting."

Guan Tong and Wu Ruo approached Mu Xiuwan.

Mu Xiuwan originally wanted to sneer at Guan Tong in the past, but after seeing Wu Ruo, his expression stopped.

"Is this Xiaoruo?"

She had long heard that the servants in the courtyard had said that Wu Ruoshan had become thinner. She also said that Wu Ruoshou was as beautiful as the immortal when she came. At that time, she didn't believe it. Now, when she heard it, I didn't exaggerate the facts, she was so beautiful that she couldn't bear to look away even when she looked at it.

Even Ruan Lan, as they are attracted by Wu Ruo's features, like Mu Xiuwan, have recently been wounded in the hospital. They did not come
out to see people. Wu Ruo's skinny, they all listened to the children and their descendants. .

Wu Ruobai replied, "Yes, grandmother."

In the last life, he did not like this grandmother. He always put on a serious face to show her majesty. He liked the words of all the juniors. Moreover, he was particularly biased and he always faced the juniors he didn't like.
Blame, only a smile will appear in front of the juniors who like it.

Mu Xiuwan stared at him for a while, and found that Wu Ruo was like a mother-in-law, and immediately felt bad: "It is indeed thinner than before, but it does n’t look good. I prefer you to be fat. P oint, don't want you to be as insane as a crap. "

Everyone immediately covered his mouth and laughed. Wu Ruo ignored them.
Wu Xi and Guan Tong saw that Mu Xiuwan was an elder and did not go out to refute her.

Wu Qianqing sank his face: "Mother, if you don't welcome us, we will go."

Even if his father didn't like him and his family, even his mother, he was about to wonder if he was their child.

Mu Xiuwan was even more upset: "What? Is it really impossible for me to speak?"

Seeing that the atmosphere was not right, Liao Liuyan, Wu Ruo's third concubine, rounded up the scene, lest the purpose of coming here be impossible: "Mother, it's getting late, let's talk about the business."

Everyone listened and quickly put away a mocking smile.

Mu Xiuwan snorted coldly: "The purpose of coming here to talk about repairing the Nanyuan compound is that everyone here knows that after the last battle with the Beiyuan compound, our Nanyuan compound
suffered heavy losses. Our people are not The death is the injury, and the compound is also shattered. On weekdays, it is impossible to entertain guests. If this thing spreads out, it will be the face of our compound, so I want to renovate the university hospital.

Wu Yan Dong Ji Ji Lima said, "But after spending a lot of money to rebuild the Xizha Theatre, the silver two of our Nanyuan compound has become leftless, and it is simply not enough to repair the Nanyuan compound."

Mu Xiuwan said: "I want everyone to pay for their own money to build the Nanyuan."

Everyone was immediately distressed.

Wu Ruoqi sarcastically ticked his lips, the point is coming.

The second aunt Ruan Lanru said, "Mother, for nearly a year, we were either a weapon or a lunar silver, and when we were injured some time ago, we did n’t know how much silver we spent on the precious medicine to heal. There is no money in the account, and the money is like flowing water. How can there be extra money to build the Nanyuan? "

Uncle Sang Dongyi said, "My situation is similar to that of my second sibling."

Her voice was so weak that Wu Ruo couldn't help but glance at her, her face sullen and silver spitting from both sides.

Liao Liuyan and Dong Yanji also quickly said that their situation was the same.

When Guan Tong heard this, he probably understood the intention of coming here, and then he said that his hospital was short of silver.

Immediately, everyone looked at Guan Tong for them.

Dong Jijiong said: "Sanji, I really don't want to say you Shu Qingyuan. Now, the richest person is you. You can buy ready-made materials without
buying them. Silver didn't cost much, and when we were fighting with the P eking University some time ago, where were you? Was anyone in your hospital injured? No? "

Ushi retorted, "A dozen guards have died in our hospital. Why are no one injured?"

"Xiao Xi, I mean, do you guys have any injuries? Which one has to spend silver to buy expensive medicine to heal?"

"My father and mother have no spiritual power. Going out is equivalent to death."

"Then you always have the spiritual power? Why don't you see you go out to help? Wu Yun and Wu Bo in our family are younger than you, and both came out to help me hit people at the P eking University.

The others nodded again and again: "That's true." Uhi: "..."
This is a fact, and she cannot refute it.

Ruan Lanru looked at Wu Qianqing: "Third brother, we can understand that you and the third brother and sister have no spiritual power and cannot come out to help the people who retreat P eking University. We also understand that you are worried about Xiaoxi being injured and not let Xiaoxi come to help us, but, After the First World War at P eking University, is it time to talk about your Shu Qingyuan doing something? "

Guan Tong said, "After the incident, our Shuqing Hospital also sent you many valuable medicinal herbs to heal you."

"This we admit, but that injury medicine was nothing to our injury at the time. We also spent a lot of money to buy medicine later."

Wu Qianqing said with a calm face: "Secondary, Fan Xiu Nan compound can require a lot of silver. Where can I get so much silver to repair Nan compound? Moreover, I have to consider for myself in the future. Neither
I nor my wife have spiritual power. , Can not take the task to earn silver, in the future will also need some silver pension.

Dong Jiji said: "San Brother, we are not renovating the entire Nanyuan compound, nor are we asking you to buy good materials for decoration, but just letting you repair the damaged area, then it is also convenient for us to receive guests."

Wu Qianqing lowered his eyelids for a moment, then nodded: "Okay, then I'll fix the damage."

Wu Ruo looked at Wu Qianqing and did not say anything. The others smiled when they saw the trick.
"Daddy--" Wu Xi couldn't believe that his dad just agreed to it so easily. The size of the Nanyuan compound would cost a lot of money even if it was only repaired.

Ruan Lanru yelled out: "Xiao Xi, we are adults, without your junior, if you really want to say something, then we will talk about what happened after Xiao Zhu injured my son that day, I heard people present that you were I also kicked my son several times. How do you account for this account?

Uxi glared at her: "Second aunt, the wrong thing is Brother Wu."

Chapter 84: Poor lady

"You hit someone, do you still make sense?" Ruan Lanru, as long as she thought that her younger son hadn't been redressed for his younger son from the time she was beaten, she felt distressed and angry.

Ushi was furious: "You ..."

She never knew that Auntie Er was so shameless, it was obvious that they were not right before, and they looked right.

Wu Qianqing walked in front of Wu Xi and blocked Ruan Lanru's aggressive sight: "Erotic, since we want to settle accounts, let's start from the beginning. Everyone knows that the whole thing happened because Xiaoyu bought the money from Tianbao and they came. Bullying Xiaoruo first, then pretending to help Xiaoruo's help, so that Xiaoruo can borrow materials from me. This kind of shameless behavior is really shameless.
My son Xiaozhu played Xiaoyu well.嫂 If you come up with that tone, you can. "

He changed his look and became very dire: "But before that, let us bully Xiaoyu back. From the beginning to the present, Yu Tianbao has bullied Xiaoruo a total of 19 3times. Then we have to Bully Xiaoyu 19 3times. Also, Xiaoyu has n’t returned any of my countless materials through me. Eryi, I ’ll ask you to return the materials to us. After these accounts are cleared up, I will let Xiaozhu come back to Xiaoyu. Let's have a meal, Erji, are you satisfied? "

Ruan Lanru's eyes widened: "..."

How many times did Wu Yu buy them from Tianbao?

Wu Ruo saw aunt dumbfounded, and a smile flashed under his eyes.
In Tianbao, the number of times they bullied him was obviously talked casually by his father.

Wu Qianqing Mai took a step forward: "If you can't do it, please don't mention it again, otherwise, we will ask the patriarch to comment and let the patriarch to solve this matter."

Ruan Lan blushed with anger: "..."

If her son was bullied back 19 3times, her son would be half dead if she didn't die, and she had to borrow the materials. In the end, she could only hit black bamboo.

Mu Xiuwan saw the second daughter-in-law being furious, and frowned, saying, "Okay, letting you come here today is about renovating the Nanyuan compound, not about your children's fight, you have to Settle it privately, and if everyone has nothing to do, go back to your own yard. "

Wu Qianqing saw that his mother was obviously helping Er'an to make a siege, and he could not help but glance at Mu Xiuwan deeply.

This glance made Mu Xiuwan's heart shake, and he felt inexplicably guilty.

Leaving Xuanwanyuan, U Xi couldn't wait to ask: "Dad, you really have to pay for the Nanyuan compound?"

Guan Tong also looked at Wu Qianqing with anxiety, not that they could not afford the money to build the yard, but if they had been so good at talking, those people would only become more and more excessive.

Alas, they were really naive before.

P eople in other courtyards gave them a little favor and thought that those people were good people. Now when I look back, I feel that these people are false and seem to be good to them, but in private I want to get more from them.
"When the two courtyards were fighting you and I died, my brother did not help. It was really unreasonable. Therefore, we are justified in this matter. There is no reason to say that we cannot repair the southern courtyard, but
... With a sneer: "As for how I repair, it's my business. "If he used to spend a lot of money overhauling the special repairs, he would renovate the Nanyuan compound, but now ...

Hehe, he won't be so stupid anymore.

Guan Tong and Wu Xi curiously asked, "How do I fix it?"

Wu Qianqing didn't tell them how to repair. After returning to Shu Qingyuan, he sent someone Wuxu to find a master craftsman.

Wu Ruo didn't know Wu Qianqing's intentions, but when he left Shu Qingyuan, he saw a craftsman master carrying a pile of mud to slowly repair the walls of the courtyard. He asked only to know that Wu Xu had only invited him. A craftsman master renovated the yard. Under the condition of food and food, only half a month and two months of silver were given. As for the mud that was repaired, it was brought back by the river, and it cost nothing.

Wu Ruo listened and smiled.

Before in Xuanwanyuan, he didn't speak out but wanted to see how his father was doing this thing. Now he saw that his father had really changed, and he was no longer an honest person, so he was relieved.

P eople in other courtyards learned that Wu Qianqing invited Master Craftsman to repair the Nanyuan Courtyard, and they all ran out to see. When they saw that only one craftsman was using mud to repair the wall, they were disgusted on the spot.

They never thought that Wu Qianqing, who had always been good at talking, would have come up with such a bad move to deal with this.

When Wu Ruo left the Nanyuan compound, he quietly moved the layout of the Nanyuan compound. At present, the matrix method is invalid.
The people of the Nanyuan compound immediately noticed that there was a problem with the formation. The Nanyuan compound caused a commotion and quickly sent someone to inspect it.

Wu Ruo looked at people who were busy and smiled. Since the people in Nanyuan Courtyard had troubled the people in Shuqingyuan when they were free, don't be too leisurely.

By the time he stepped out of the gate of the Southern Courtyard, the formation had been repaired.

Wu Ruo saw that the bug outside the gate had fallen to the wall and rolled into the wall.

After he got on the carriage and left, two people came out of the alley opposite.

"P akse, won't you really like Wu Ruo?" Wu Anshu asked with a frown.

P ak looked obsessed with Wu Ruo's direction of departure: "Yes, as long as you help me get him, I will help you to deal with the people in the Nan compound. Wu Ruo began to linger.

"But      he      is      already      the      wife      of      someone      else." P akse smiled gloomily: "So what, as long as I get him, I don't care."
"Well, as long as you deal with the people in the Nanyuan compound, I will get Wu Ruo for you."

Wu Ruo didn't know anyone was working on his idea, returned to Heijia, saw the hall turned into ruins, and could not help but stare.

Before he left, he was okay, and suddenly went out and came back to me? "Ma'am, it's great that you are back." Hessian walked over quickly.
Wu Ruo pointed at the hall with a surprised look: "What's going on?"
Heisin bitterly "..."

"Dai ---" A terrifying scream interrupted Hei Xin's words. Then, Hei Xietang ran over in tears, "Dai-yong, yong-yi ---

Wu Ruo was frightened by his appearance: "What's wrong with you?" Crying so miserably, what happened?
Hei Xietang took a piece of white silk from his arms, and wiped the tears on his face: "Sister, brother is going to die."

Black letter: "! ! ! ! ! ! "

"What?" Wu Ruojiu was in place, unable to believe what he heard.

Hei Xietang cried anxiously as he pulled him away: "Big brother, seriously injured, it's almost impossible, you can go and see big brother." Why, what's going on? Wasn't it okay before? "U Ruo tried to stay calm and didn't want to, his trembling voice betrayed his mood at the moment.

"Don't ask so much before you go and see Brother." Wu Ruo hurriedly asked, "Where is he?"
"In your room."

Wu Ruo quickly broke away from Hei Xietang's hand, and hurriedly ran to the backyard.

"..." Hei Xin didn't see Wu Ruo before turning to Hei Xietang and asking, "Why don't I know the master is going to die?"

Hei Xietang smiled grinningly, but where did he cry and said: "I lied to him."

Black letter: "..." P oor lady.
Wu Ruo dashed all the way to the backyard, rushed into the interior of the room, saw the black shawl lying motionlessly on the bed, his heart trembled, and an unprecedented panic suddenly came to her heart.

"Black shame."

He rushed to the person hugging the bed, never thinking that one day he would be afraid to lose this person.

Suddenly remembering that he also knew medicine, Wu Ruo hurriedly took out his black hand from the quilt, and saw a long blood mark on the back of his hand. "Uh ..." The man on the bed was awakened by him.

Hei Xuyu opened his eyes and saw an anguished Wu Ruo, with a caring color on his eyes: "What's wrong?"

"Don't talk." Wu Ruo quickly took his pulse for him. However, the pulse was smooth, strong, and healthier than ordinary people. It was like a dying man.

"You ..." He froze, raising his head angrily and staring at Heishuan: "You lie."

Wu Ruo put down his hand and got up to leave.

Although Hei Xuai didn't understand what was going on, he saw that he was about to leave. He immediately got up and grabbed his wrist, and pulled the person into his arms. He wondered, "What did I lie to you?"

Wu Ruo turned to look at him and saw that he didn't know his face. He soon realized that he had been fooled by Hei Xietang, and gritted his teeth, "It's your fourth brother who lied to me, you're almost out of it."

When he returned, he saw the hall turned into ruins, and then saw Hei Xietang crying so sadly, and he didn't suspect that it was fake.

Hei Xieyu: "..." He just took a nap.
Wu Ruo asked, "What's going on in the lobby?"

Hei Xunyu thought of this, and had a sense of powerlessness: "It was the eggs and the spiny snoring.

Afterwards, I wanted to deal with these two mischievous guys fiercely, but when they saw the tears and they couldn't bear it, they punished them to face the wall.

Wu Ruo: "..."

Knowing this, you shouldn't let Thorns live in. "Then what happened to the back of your hand?"
Hei Sui didn't care about the injury on his opponent's back: "I accidentally got scratched when I fell in the hall."

"Why don't you apply the medicine." Wu Ruo pushed him away a bit, and got up to take out the wound medicine from the cabinet: "Raise your hand."

Hei Xiu obediently shot.

Wu Ruo's eyelashes trembled slightly, and the wound on the back of his hand seemed to scratch his heart, feeling a little painful.

Hei Xunyu watched him apply the medicine carefully, fearing that it would hurt his appearance, and the corners of his hard mouth could not help but tilt upwards.

The inner room has a warm atmosphere.

Hei Xin and Hei Xietang, who were hiding outdoors, covered their mouths, smiled quietly, and turned to leave the room.

Hei Xietang proudly said, "Look, I'll say that Dasao definitely cares about Brother."
Hei Xin smiled and nodded: "I see it too.

"The two are not close enough." Hei Xietang touched E: "We need to work hard again.

Black letter: "..."

Chapter 85: They bully me

During dinner, Wu Ruo didn't see the eggs and thorns, only to know that the two were trapped in the wall of the instrument for three days, during which time they were not allowed to eat or sleep, otherwise, they would face the wall for three more days.

Heisin was very distressed, but Wu Ruo did not intend to plead with the child. He believed that the child should indeed be fined. As for the thorns, someone should be punished or punished. Otherwise, he used his wanton nature and soon Will cause trouble.

"Brother, do you really want to keep your little nephew out?" Hei Xietang said as he went to the ribs in the saucer. Unexpectedly, when chopsticks touched the meat, Wu Ruo was taken away.

He chopped his chopsticks at the other ribs. Then, he was pinched again by Wu Ruo, and he looked at Wu Ruo wonderingly.

Wu Ruoruo put the spare ribs in Heixiuyu's bowl casually: "Xueyu, you have to eat more to replenish your body, but today you were crying and someone said you can't do it."

Hei Xieyu: "..."

"..." Hei Xietang quickly understood Wu Ruo's revenge on today: "Ma'am, I didn't want to see if you didn't care about my brother."

Wu Ruo motioned slightly: "Did you see that?"

It is undeniable that the appearance of Hei Xietang today made him see that he cares about Hei Xuan, but his mood is very complicated. He obviously hated this person in the last life.
Hei Xietang nodded in excitement: "I saw it, I saw it, I saw that Dasao was very concerned about Brother.

Hei Xuanyu looked at Wu Ruo.

Wu Ruo's cheeks couldn't help getting hot, and he embarrassed himself to eat.

Hei Xietang continued: "If only my elder brother and sister-in-law could get closer in weekdays."

Wu Ruo stared at him, "You will know how close we are when we meet. Shao, you say?"

He blinked at Heishuan, while poking at the dish in front with chopsticks. Hei Xunyu understood, a slight hum.
"That's good, that's good." Hei Xietang smiled happily, picked up his chopsticks, and went to the ribs clamp again. Unexpectedly, Wu Ruo quickly snatched it away.

"Sister-in-law." He looked at Wu Ruo with a sad face.

Wu Ruo said, "I'll just clip this one, and next time, I won't grab you again."

"Really?" Hei Xietang didn't believe it. He stopped sandwiching ribs and replaced duck meat. Who knew that another pair of chopsticks caught his duck meat one step ahead of him.

"Dam, don't you mean ..." He thought it was Wu Ruo again, but looked up and saw Hei Xieyu put the duck meat in Wu Ruo's bowl, he was excited: "Brother, you bully me."

Hei Xuan raised an eyebrow.

Wu Ruo laughed and said, "Don't you want to see us intimate? We are now intimately serving each other, aren't you happy?"
Hei Xietang lowered his chopsticks and rushed to the black letter standing next to them, "Black letter, they bullied me."

"Master Four, the old slave will give you dishes." Hei Xin smiled and picked up the unused chopsticks: "Give you your favorite dishes.

"You are still good to me." Hei Xietang turned his head and saw Hei Xin put a garlic in his bowl. "When did I like to eat garlic, Hei Xin, even you bully me."

Wu Ruopo laughed and laughed.

Hei Xuan also smiled at the corner of his mouth.

The atmosphere of the Heifu is very happy, but the people in Wujia Nanyuan are not so good.

From the night, they felt tingling on their bodies, as if something was biting them. After undressing, they did not see the wound, but they felt uncomfortable all over their bodies.

While sleeping, some people feel cold, some people feel extremely hot, some people feel itchy, and some people feel pain all over the body, and they feel uncomfortable for a whole night. When they wake up, they feel nothing, and everyone doesn't care However, their faces are not very good- looking.

When Wu Ruo came to the Wujia Nanyuan, they noticed that everyone was pale and in a bad spirit.

"Second Brother." Wu Xi happily ran to Wu Ruo.

Wu Ruo looked at her: "Did you sleep well last night?"

"Well, if we dream of our auntie, they will sleep better if they get mad at us.

Wu Ruo shaved the tip of her nose with a funny smile: "This is not something Auntie can hear."
He glanced at Shu Qingyuan and saw that everyone was as relieved as usual.

Wu Ruo and Wu Xi passed by Shu Tong Yuan, Wu Bo and Wu Xiao and Wu Yun came out.

Uber yawned and said hello, "Brother, good morning."

Wu Xiao and Wu Yun lowered their heads as if they were about to fall asleep.

"Second brother, we will be late, let's go faster." U Xi didn't want to stay with them at all, and ran Wu Ruo.

Wu Ruo looked back at Ubai them.

The three of them are particularly insane and have no energy to walk.

When he arrived at the school, Wu Ruo saw that Wu Shi and Wu Ge were the same. When they came to the school, they went directly into the classroom and lay on the table.

"I didn't sleep well last night, so tired." Wu Shi said to Wu Er.

"I didn't sleep well, too." Wu Hao rubbed his shoulders. "It was so hot last night that I couldn't sleep."

"No, I was so cold last night that I covered three quilts." Wu Hao wondered, "Is it because I am sick and feverish?" "You better go to see the doctor.
"I don't feel hot anymore.

When Wu Ruo overhears their words, he looks at the children of P  eking University and sees that the children of P eking University look at them from time to time.
"Second Brother, what are you looking at?" Uxi whispered.

Wu Ruo said, "Recently these days, after returning to Shu Qingyuan, don't just run around, you know?"

Uxi nodded: "When I got home, I rarely went out, and no one accompanied me to play.

When she hadn't had a conflict with people in other hospitals before, she sometimes went out with Wu Yan and Wu Yun to go shopping, and now she can hide as far as possible to avoid them being inexplicable.

Wu Ruo comforted her: "It will be fine in the future."

"Well, in a few years, I can go out and practice like an older brother. I will definitely make a lot of friends.

"Friends must be careful." "I know."
After class, the two left the school directly, went to the courtyard leading to the courtyards, and heard someone cry, "Xiaoruo."

Wu Ruo looked back, and P ak came with a red gift box with a happy face and came over: "Xiao Ruo, here you are.

Wu Ruo frowned slightly.

This man has always been very attentive to him sending this and that. "Thank you, but I can't accept it.
P asir asked carefully, "Don't you like my gift?"

"It's not the problem. We haven't known each other for a long time. How could you take your things away? You should take them back. Don't send them back in the future.
"Just hold it." Basak grabbed his hand directly, shoved the gift box into his hand, and then turned and ran away.

Wu Ruo: "..."

Wu Xi frowned, and whispered, "Second Brother, do you think he likes you?"

Wu Ruo looked at her: "You mean ...

"I mean the love between men and women. I think he just likes you. Otherwise, why does he come to see you every time we have a class?"

If it didn't happen that her second brother was married to a man, she would definitely not think about it. Besides, her second brother is now more beautiful than the girl, and it is not surprising that there is a man pursuing it.

Wu Ruo: "..."

When he saw P akse for the first time, he also thought that P akse looked after him, but in the last life, P akse clearly liked his sister and was only interested in women, so he thought he was doing it himself Wrong, I feel that P akse gave him a gift in order to please him, because he was Uxi's second brother.

Now listening to Uhis words, is it really ...

Wu Ruo couldn't help hitting a chill when he thought of Bashar's feelings for him: "Don't mention it later."

"Second brother, you still have to reject it quickly, so as not to let my uncle know and make a lot of misunderstandings."

Wu Ruo stared at the gift box, but her eyes flashed slightly.

In the next few days, the situation of the Nanyuan compound became worse and worse, many people vomited and diarrhea, and others suddenly fainted to the ground. The situation was very bad. They invited the best
doctor in Gaolingcheng and could not find out For any cause, later, several servants died, and the death was particularly ugly.

Wu Qianqing was the first person to find that something was wrong and thought that the people in the Nanyuan were Zhongli, so he immediately invited Ubud to the Nanyuan.

Ubud knows a lot and knows at a glance that the people in Nanyuan are indeed in the middle.

"Zhongli?" Liao Liuyan held his sore stomach and asked weakly, "We haven't gone out recently.

Ubud explained: "It is not necessary to leave Wu's house to be slaughtered. Maybe it is the people who put down the slugs to put the worms in the southern courtyard."

Ruan Lanru asked, "Who is that?"

Liao Liuyan said: "Only the talents in the south will use cymbals. We have never offended the people in the other side. How can they sacrifice us?"

Wu Qianqing said, "Maybe someone else invited us to deal with us." "Ah." Dong Jiji screamed.
Everyone was taken aback by her. "what happened?"
"I'm in pain." Dong Yanji's face was blue, his lips were purple on the chair, as if poisoned, and then he looked up in anger. "Grandfather, I remember something ...

Ubud asked: "What is it?"

"I remember a strange thing happened two days before the Winter Festival last year. Many bugs appeared in Gaoling City. At that time, it was exactly
the ex-children who defended the law and order of Gaoling City. It is said that a wizard in Heifu is doing sacrifices.

Wu Qianqing heard that she heard Heifu, and immediately had a bad feeling.

Ubud wondered: "Black House?"

"It's the house of Wu Ruo's husband." Dong P uji stared with red eyes: "It must be Wu Ruo, it must be he who let the wizard sacrifice us."

Wu Qianqing said angrily: "You are bullshit, why Xiaoruo wants to hurt you?"

"Because we once took his engagement gift, he was resentful, so he asked the wizard to stab us, and his heart was so wicked."

"It cannot be Xiaoruo, and Xiaoruo cannot harm you.‘

Dong Jiji exclaimed excitedly: "Then how do you explain, you and your wife, and why Xiaoxi has nothing at all."

Chapter 86: you' re lying

With pain, everyone looked at Wu Qianqing's family, and there was a hint of vigilance in their eyes.

Wu Qianqing: "..."

Such people are simply unreasonable.

Guan Tong sacrificed a gentle face: "Nothing means that we have harmed you? Then do you want to see us to make you feel at ease? Such an idea, isn't your mind poisoned?"

Wu Xi was also very angry: "Xiao Yun, you said that my second brother poisoned everyone because you took his engagement gift, but everyone knows that people who take his engagement gift are not only the people in Nanyuan, why are they only in Nanyuan? What happened? The other compound is safe and sound? Also, what's the benefit of my second brother to harm you? Before the matter is clear, please don't spit it out. "

"That's because he can go in and out of the Nanyuan compound at any time, so he started from the Nanyuan compound." Dong Jiji rushed to Wu Fangbu: "Grandfather, you must decide for us, I'm pretty sure Wu Ruo wants to harm us Or else, who else can be besides him? "

"Dong Jiji--" Wu Qianqing stared at her fiercely: "Now things are not clear, you are talking nonsense, do you want to cause nagging in the courtyard, so that the murderers who harm us are tricky and you are happy? Then, one day the Nanyuan compound suddenly fell apart, and you are the accomplice. "

Dong Jiji was scared back to Ubud by his fierce eyes.

What Ubud wants most to see is that the Wu family is growing stronger and stronger, rather than letting the Wu family fall apart. Therefore, after
listening to Wu Qianqing's words, he immediately stared at Dong Yanji fiercely: It really shouldn't be anyone's doubt. "

Liao Liuyan said weakly, "Grandfather, should we first find someone to help us?"

They have spiritual power and can support it for a while, but if this goes on, they will have to prepare a coffin.

Mu Xiuwan endured the severe pain and said, "Did you just say that there is a wizard living in Xiao Ruofu? P lease ask him to come and show us."

Dong Jiji said, "Yes, there are wizards and grandfathers in Wu Ruofu. P lease let the wizards in Wu Ruofu show us. As long as we are cured, we believe it is not his wife."

Uhisse poked sarcastically, suspecting that others still wanted her to treat her, it was so shameless.

His life was off, no matter how dissatisfied Wu Qianqing was, and it was not good to refuse to find Wu Ruo, he sent someone to Heifu to inform Wu Ruo.

Hei Xuyi learned of this, and went to Wujia Nan Courtyard with Wu Ruo.

Many of the people who were present had not seen Hei Xieyu, their eyes fell on his face, and they saw the black scales on their faces, and the bottom of his eyes flashed contempt. This man was ugly.

Seeing only the two of them, Ubud asked hastily: "Why are there only you two? The wizard? Why didn't the wizard come with you?"

Wu Ruo frowned, "Before the new year, the wizard had returned to his clan."

Everyone's face changed greatly.

Without a witch doctor, who do they look for?
"You lied." Dong Jiji said excitedly: "I think you do n’t want the wizard to heal us. That ’s what I said, I said, I said it was you to find the cup of the wizard, otherwise, why not let the wizard give Are we untie? "

Wu Shili, who was almost halfway to his life, said, "I agree with Xiaoyi. He looked at Mu Xiuwan, "Grandma, you say something."
Mu Wanxiu, who was so pained to death, looked at the world and said, "Xiao Ruo, if you let the wizard heal us, we won't hold you down."

Wu Qianqing stared red and stared at Mu Xiuwan: "Mother, why don't you even think Xiao Ruoxia's puppet?"

Others suspected his son that he was angry at best, but his mother felt it was his son's puppet, but it hurt his heart.

Guan Tong and U Xi looked at her angrily.

Mu Xiuwan was furious: "Do you think I want to doubt him? But Ji Ji's words are not without reason, aren't they? Anyone will doubt him, right?"

"Mother, are you skeptical? Your tone is certain that Xiaoruo did it." Wu Qianqing was disappointed with her.

As an elder, Mu Xiuwan was accused by her son, making her lose face, and her heart was even more frustrated. "I just think what happened to him?"

"..." Wu Qianqing's red eyes flashed with water, and he said wearily: "It's so disappointing to me, my, mother, dear."

The next four words made Mu Xiuwan panic and quickly left the beginning without looking at him.

Wu Ruo looked at them ridiculously: "Just because the wizard in my house said that I was killing you, that's how you judged one thing? I think your brain is poisoned."
Hei Xuanyu took him into his arms, coldly glanced at everyone here, his sharp eyes made everyone shrink, and even Ubud did not dare to look at him.

"Wu Ruo ..."

What Dong Yanji was about to say was a sudden "snap", and Ubud slammed the desktop angrily, snapping back: "Enough, I have already said that before you can find out, you can't doubt anyone. You are Don't you take what I said just now? "

Dong Jiji was not reconciled: "Grandfather, Wu Ruo and his husband can't leave before things are cleared up. Everyone say is it right?"

Liao Liuyan hesitated, and nodded with Ruan Lanru.

At this time, the Wu family's security guard ran in excitedly: "The patriarch, the grandfather and the second grandfather are back."

Except for Wu Qianqing and Wu Ruo, everyone else's eyes brightened, and their backbone was back.

Before long, Wu Qianjing and Wu Qianli hurried into the house: "Everyone is okay?"

When Dong Jiji saw his husband, he immediately cried to him, "Ex-boy, hurry up and save me and your son."

Wu Qiantong saw Dong Yanji's face pale and black, and was shocked. He quickly stepped forward and helped her up: "We all told you how are you now? Is there anything?"

"It hurts all over, and I'm about to die." Dong Jiji leaned weakly on him: "Ex-boy, we died a few times last night, but we have nothing to do, so scared, ex-boy, you are fast Let Wu Ruo give up the antidote, otherwise my son and I will die here. "

Wu Ruo sneered.
Wu Qiantong looked at Wu Ruo, and did not jump to the front immediately, forcing Wu Ruo to surrender the antidote, but his face was not very good-looking.

He calmly said, "It wasn't Xiaoruo." Dong Rongji froze.
Others were also stunned,

Wu Qianjing asked, "Are there a guest at Beijing University?"

Dong Jiji looked blank, and recently they were all wounded in the yard and did not notice these things.

Ushi immediately thought of P akse.

Lying on the chair, Uber took a deep breath and said, "A guest from P eking University came here. He was dressed very strangely, his clothes were made of feathers, and there was a print on the corner of his eye. A few feathers, full of evil. "

Wu Qian competed: "That's good. When we returned to Gaoling City, we heard someone said that a strange man had been invited from Beijing University. According to this man's dress, some people recognized him as a descendant from the southeast. The head teacher will kill people with puppet technique. After hearing this, we were worried that something would happen to our Nanyuan compound, and we hurried back quickly. No one knew that you would be stunned as soon as we entered the door. I guess this is P eking University. The guest of the hospital did it.

As soon as Beidayuan invited this person, Nandayuan had an accident. It wasn't for the descending division. Who else could be, of course, if it wasn't for bedaiyuan invited such a person, he might also suspect Wu Ruo.

Ubud's eyes flashed with surprise, and the spearhead of the incident did not suddenly face the P eking University. However, listening to Uber's
description, this man did seem to be a descending division in the southeast.

Wu Qianli walked in front of Wu Fang and begged: "P lease ask my grandfather to bring this person here for interrogation."

Wu Ruo lowered his eyelids, covering his eyes.

Ubud raised his eyebrows. It wasn't good to catch people before things were cleared up. However, Nanyuan compound is in such a difficult situation. If he does not help, Nanyuan compound will die many people.

He sighed and felt very tired. The two courtyards were so troubled that you died or I died, which was not what he wanted to see.

"I'll send someone to bring this person here now."

Ubud asked his cronies to take a trip to P eking University.

Unexpectedly, P akse has left P eking University, so everyone must have acted immediately. The people in Nan University were so angry that the people in P eking University wanted to put them to death.

Dong Jiji cried: "This person is gone. What about the poison in our body? If we don't solve it, we will all die."

Ruan Lanru looked to Wu Ruo: "Xiao Ruo, don't you know the wizard? You can ask Xiao Ruo to ask the wizard to help us untie our worries."

Everyone's eyes brightened and they all looked at Wu Ruo.

Wu Ruodan said: "Let ’s not say that the wizard living in our house has already left. Even if I have n’t left, I have not asked the wizard to release the plan for you, because I worry that the solution will be unsuccessful, and you will push all kinds of responsibilities. Come to my head and say that I did n’t do my best or hurt you accidentally, and you just wonder if my people have tried to hurt you, I ’m so sorry, I ca n’t bear the consequences, you Also please, bright, let's go. "
Hei Xu embraced Wu Ruo and walked out of the hall with incredible eyes.

"Wu Ruo, Wu Ruo ..." Dong Xunji was afraid of dying like this, and hurriedly cried, "It was we who were wrong, it was we who blame you. We misunderstood you just now, we apologize to you here, and you Forgive us for your loved ones.

"Xiao Ruo, we did blame you just now, because we are in a hurry, we will injustice others in a wrong way." Ruan Lanru whispered to those who went out in a low voice.

Of course, no one responded to him.

Dong Jiji looked anxiously at Wu Qiantong: "Ex-boy, you are Xiao Ruo's uncle, let him ask the wizard to see it for us, don't you want us to die here?"

Chapter 87: Sin

Wu Qiantong's face was ugly. He asked an elder to whisper and ask for a junior. He couldn't afford to lose that face.

Uhi sneered: "When you confessed that your brother-in-law was poisoning you, did you think he was your loved one? No?"

Dong Jiji was ashamed: "I was because I was in a hurry to find the murderer of Xia, so that everyone can get the antidote to relieve the pain, Xiaoxi, if you are me, you are also afraid of death, and you do not want to see With your own son and daughter suffering, you will also be anxious to find the killer who wants to get a cure soon. "

"Yes, I'm in a hurry, but I won't be wronged like you. You won't even get the antidote in the end, and others won't save you." Uxila held Guan Tong's arm: "Mother, we Let's go back."

"Well." Tubing didn't want to stay here.

Wu Qianqing followed them and turned around.

Seeing this, Yanliu Yan hurriedly pushed Mu Xiuwan to let her speak out quickly.

"Qianqing." Mu Xiuwan endured the pain and weakly called Wu Qianqing's footsteps: "The people here are not your parents or your brothers, or your nieces and nieces, you look at us with patience Are you dead? "

Wu Qianqing turned around and said, "Mother, when you thought it was Xiao Ruo Xia, you thought that I was your son? And if Xiao was your grandson? If you remember a little affection, you wouldn't There is such a situation.

"You ..." Mu Xiuwan was anxious, "a quick spit, a spit of blood from his mouth.
"mother." "grandmother." Everyone embraced it.
Wu Xuanran was furious: "Animal, she is your mother, so you just watch her die in front of you?"

Wu Qianqing's eyes flashed with anxiety, but the thought of their son's chin was just cold, and he turned around and stopped looking at them, leaving quickly.

Mu Xiuwan looked at her son who had always been the most filial piety and left without turning back. He said angrily: "Since he married Guan Tong, he doesn't have my mother in his eyes. I should stop the * * * *from the beginning. Marry in, she snatched my son. "

Ubud side looked at the family and sighed heavily: "do evil."

If in the beginning don't arbitrarily blame people, Wu Ruo will not be willing to take action to save people.

Wu Qianqing walked out of the Xuanwan courtyard, and saw Wu Ruo, Hei Xieyu, Guan Tong and Wu Xi waiting for him.

He sighed, "Go, let's go back."

Wu Ruo asked, "Dad, do you ignore them?"

Wu Qianqing smiled bitterly: "With your great-grandfather there, they can't die for a while. Your great-grandfather will definitely have a way to save them. I'm not a doctor or a witch doctor. I can't control them so much."

He is getting more and more intolerable at the Nanyuan compound, if he can, he really wants to ...
Wu Qianqing thought of this, and quickly stopped: "Xiao Ruo, Xun Ye, you go back first."

"Well," Wu Ruo said to Wu Xi, "I will come back to class in two days. Uhi nodded: "Okay, brother, I'll wait for you."
Wu Ruo and Hei Xieyu walked out of the Wu family's door without seeing them in a carriage.

Wu Ruo said strangely, "Where is the carriage?"

The guard guard pointed at the horse tied to the tree at the door and said, "Six sons, your servant has left a horse for you and left. He said he would let you ride back on your own."

Hei Xieyu: "..."
"..." Wu Ruofu: "I'm sure it's the idea of your fourth brother again." "It's not bad to go back on horseback." Hei Xieyu walked under the tree
and turned on his horse, and then raised Wu Ruo and hugged him in front of him.

Wu Ruo leaned on Hei Xieyu and whispered, "Did you feel that someone was watching us?"

Hei Xuanyu glanced down at the alley across, and murmured. Wu Ruo looked up at him and said, "Who do you know?"
Hei Xuan looked at the rosy lips near her eyes, her eyes darkened, she lowered her head, and kissed.

"You ..." Wu Ruo angrily glanced at him: "This is outside, you don't want to mess around."

He looked at the guard at the door quietly, only to find that they were not relieved to look at it.
Seeing his shame, Hei Xun asked his lips and left.

After they left, a person walked out from the alley opposite, he was Ubud and they were looking for P akse.

P akse stared at the distant figure, his gloomy face showing jealousy: "If Xiao is mine, that ugly man is not worthy of him. He retracts his eyes, looks at the door of Wujia, and turns away.

At this time, Xuanwanyuan was in a bleak state. Wu Ruo was unwilling to find a wizard to save them, and the doctor was helpless with maggots.
Everyone was in despair.

"What to do, I don't want to die, I don't want to die yet." Dong Yanji cried loudly while covering his painful stomach.

Sang Dongyi glanced at her weakly: "If it weren't for you that Wu Ruoxia had harmed us, would we be like this now?"

Dong Jiji said angrily: "You are blaming me now? If you didn't think so, why didn't you see him say something good?

Now come to blame me afterwards.

Liao Liuyan frowned: "To this day, don't blame each other, but think of a countermeasure."

Ruan Lanru said, "But now, no one except Wu Ruo knows a wizard. Otherwise, I ran away from you to the Wu clan and spent some money to invite a wizard."

Wu Qianli shook his head: "The Wu people are full of gas barriers, and there are also many maggots. If no acquaintance takes us into the Wu people, they will easily die outside the Wu people."

Wu Qianbin frowned: "Also, the Wu tribe has a weird character. When he is willing to help you, he will do nothing, he will help you, even at the expense of himself. But when he is unwilling to help you, No amount of silver is useless. "
Dong Jiji cried and said, "This ... what to do about this? Let's ask Wu Ruo."

Mu Xiuwan said angrily: "The beast just stated that he was so hard-hearted that he didn't want to save us. How can I ask him?"

Wu'an Qi looked angrily: "This Wu Ruo really intends to die?"

"Don't mention Wu Ruo them again, we don't want to hear their names again." Wu Xuanran chuckled, turning to look at Ubu Fang, who has been silent, "Dad, you know a lot of people, you must be able to Save us, right? "

Ubud was silent.

Wu Xuanran was even more certain that Ubu Fang would have a way to save them: "Dad, you must save our daughter-in-law and grandson, and you can't just watch them die."

Ubud sighed: "I don't know a wizard or a bowman, but I recognize a doctor who once heard that he has a friend in the clan. I don't know if I can ask the wizard to help."

Wu Xuanran quickly said, "Dad, you try it, maybe it will work." The others begged to look at him.
Ubud squared his eyebrows: "I want to try it, but there is a condition." "You say.
Ubud said sternly: "After we have solved the problem for you, we can no longer go to the P eking University."

Wu Xuanran asked angrily: "Is it just a matter of meddling?"

"You can rest assured. After I go back, I find out that they did it. I will deal with them well and will not let them get into trouble. You cannot be like
the people at P eking University. P lease behead your head and harm P eking University. P eople in the hospital, can you do that? "

Nandayuan couldn't bear this tone, but what can we do now besides agreeing?

Wu Qian said, "Okay, I promise."

He didn't want to lose his wife and his son anymore, so that he would plan later.

Others agreed with the big brother and nodded.

"V ery well, I'll find a chance to let you guys in the two courtyards swear together."

Ubud said he turned around and left to write to his friend.

Two days later, Wu Ruo came to the Nanyuan compound again, and saw that everyone was taking smokers around the smoked insects, just like walking through the water. The mansion was full of smoke and fog, and it was impossible to see who was standing next to it Only Shu Qingyuan is as usual.

"Second Brother." Wu Xi saw Wu Ruo, flew over and hugged Wu Ruo's arm, "I thought you would not come today."

Wu Ruo pointed at the thick smoke in front: "This ..."

Wu Xi exclaimed, "The great-grandfather brought in smokers to smoke out the tapeworms and burn them all. Every hospital has smokers. As long as our hospital doesn't have them, they said that we don't have Chinese medicine. We don't need smokers It's too much. "

"No, there isn't." Wu Ruo had been put on insect-resistant powder in the morning, and those bugs couldn't climb into Shu Qingyuan at all.

Wu Xi saw Wu Ruo's face indifferent, and his eyes turned round, and he whispered, "Second brother, do you have smoker?"
Wu Ruo laughed, "How can I have smokers?" "Then why don't you worry?"
"Because I had insect repellent powder in the morning, those bugs could not enter Shuqingyuan."

Wu Xi's eyes brightened: "Really, but brother, why did you put insect- proof powder in the morning?"

Wu Ruo said half-truth: "The wizard who lived in our house once told me how the head-dresser was dressed, so when I first saw P akse, I recognized him as he was. Beheading Division, and moreover, he was brought by a person from Beijing University, so I must guard against it, right? "

Wu Xisong sighed: "Fortunately, the second brother is alert, otherwise, my father and mother will be strangled."

"Zhongli is not afraid, isn't there me? I will definitely find a wizard to help you uncle, right, auntie, their uncle?"

"Not yet. They are so painful that they can't get out of bed now, but I heard that the great-grandfather had gone to ask the wizard to relieve them."

It was a pity that Wu Ruo's eyes flashed, and the people in Zhongli were still alive.

Wu Xi and Wu Ruo came to the classroom of the school, and they heard someone cry, "Little Ruo."

The two looked back, and Wu Sheng pulled Uxia over. Wu Ruo raised his eyebrows, "Sheng brother."
The two men actually greeted him, it was really raining.

Wu Xia stared at Wu Ruo fiercely, and immediately set aside his eyes and ignored him.
Wu Sheng pushed Wuxia; "You're not happy to call someone."

Chapter 88: Shake hands

Wu Xia's face pursed his lips, and after a moment, he reluctantly called out, "Ruo brother."

"Um." Wu Ruo nodded, wondering, "You guys ..."

Wu Sheng explained: "My father asked him to apologize after he wrote the review."

He pushed Tuxia again: "You can't say it yet."

Wu Xia struggled before whispering, "If brother, I could n’t afford to lose the skater that day, and I was too stingy. I still had trouble with losing the skater. I almost hurt you later, I am here to say sorry to you, I hope Ruoge can forgive me for everything. "

In the previous Yuan Festival every year, he went to the skater with his friends, asked other people to bet on the game, and then let his friends make troubles during the game. Then he could get the game rewards and silver bets, and then went to the restaurant P aton and cents.

Unexpectedly, this time, the first yuan festival missed, and was defeated in the hands of a fat man without spiritual power, and lost a big face in front of his friends. He was really unwilling to swear in front of his friends that Wu Ruo would look good, but Wu Ruo was always black He would not want to start from Uxi until he came home.

Wu Ruo naturally heard that the apology had no sincerity, and also saw that the other party was very unwilling, but it did not matter to him: "Knowing about mistakes can change and be good at it. I hope that such things will not happen again in the future."

Wu Sheng assured him: "I assure you, there will never be such a thing in the future. Tonight, the Southern Courtyard will be together with the
Northern Courtyard for dinner. I will not go out with you, so I will change to tomorrow night, please Go to Zuoyuelou to have a meal with Xiao Xizhi, and then make a formal compensation to you, let's just say so.

He was afraid that Wu Ruo would regret it. He pulled Wu Xia away.

Wu Ruo raised his eyebrows and turned to Wu Xi and asked, "Tonight, the Southern Courtyard will eat with the people from the Northern Courtyard?"

Wu Xi nodded and said, "Well, it was the great-grandfather who invited us from the two courtyards to dinner at P u Jinyuan. The purpose was for the people in the two courtyards to shake hands. I originally wanted to talk to my brother after class. I didn't expect to be promoted. I said earlier. "

This is the scandal of the two courtyards of the Wu family. Wu Ruo did not call Hei Xieyu together, but sent someone to tell Hei Xieyu not to go back for dinner.

That night, people from the Nanyuan and Beidayuan came to Bujinyuan, and even people who did not have their way came.

The juniors at the Beijing University Courtyard saw the people in the Nanjing University courtyard eating with a dark and swollen face, and couldn't help but snicker, but the people in the Beijing University were also upset.

After investigating the matter clearly, Ubud immediately dealt with the Beijing University compound immediately. Now they are all injured, bruised and swollen. They limped along the way. The moment I sat on the chair, it hurt. They almost called out.

The people at P eking University are very depressed. In fact, they never thought about asking other people to deal with the people in the Nan Courtyard. Later they saw Wu Anshu's special ability in P akse from the outside. Then they had a bad idea. Otherwise, who would be stupid? Is it necessary to invite those who deal with the Southern Courtyard back to the Northern Courtyard, so that the Ubud side has a chance to find them?
As soon as the people from the Nanyuan and Beidayuan met, they put on their stinking faces and took their seats apart, staring at each other.

After the Ubud party came, the atmosphere eased a bit. He first made the people in the two courtyards take a heavy oath to stop hurting their relatives in the Wu family.

Because the Nanyuan compound promised Ubud early in the morning, it swears that after this time, it will not deal with the people of the P eking compound. In fact, the people in Beijing University also worried that they would take revenge on them, and naturally they were willing to swear.

Wu Ruo looked at the people in the two courtyards and shook hands and smiled silently.

"Well, see the dead." Wu Shi, who was sitting beside him, saw Wu Ruo laughing, and his pain was even more uncomfortable, and his heart was particularly hot. "Not worthy of being our Wu family."

They were all juniors at this table, and everyone looked at Wu Ruo.

Wu Ruo pressed U Xi, who wanted to refute, and calmly whispered, "I know that in your eyes, only those who don't know things clearly will frame your loved ones as Wu people."

"You ..." If it wasn't for Wu Anyi's holding down Wu Shi's hand, Wu Shi would have lifted the table for a long time.

Wu Anyi stared at Wu Ruo coldly: "Wu Ruo, Xiaoyu, they didn't find out what happened, they decided that you were the murderer. It was really they who were wrong, but that was because they were in a hurry. But you know them It's possible to die without trying to save, and that's your excess. "

Wu Ruoan glanced at a group of people who glared at him: "I am not a saint. I don't think I can do it. After being identified as a murderer, I have to work hard for the people who framed me to find witch coins. What about you If you think you can do it, you can only say that you are saints.
The saints have always been broad-minded, and they must forgive me, a person who can't help me, right?

Everyone "..."

Wu Ruo almost ate and said to Wu Xi, "I'm full, go back to Heifu first."

Wu Xi didn't want to stay with Wu Anyi and they followed him: "Second Brother, I'll send you out."

Their table is in the corner, so few people can notice when they leave.

Wu Anyi lowered his face: "How did this Wu Ruo become so sharp? Even his character changed a lot."

Wu Shi sneered: "P eople are getting thinner and better, and people are more confident. Now they really want to kick everyone from Shu Qingyuan out of Nanyuan.

In fact, he wanted to kill Wu Ruo even more.

Wuan Qi shook the wine glass in his hand: "As long as people in our other hospitals ignore them and exclude Shu Qingyuan, they will have the opportunity to kick Shu Qingyuan out of Wu's family."

"Hope this day, come soon." Wu Shi took a drink and drank.

Uber's lips, which remained silent, moved, and in the end, said nothing.

On the following day, Wu Ruo's death spread throughout Wu family. When the people in the Eastern and Western courtyards saw Wu Ruo, they began to point and point at him. Wu Xi's mouth was beeping. , V ery unhappy that others misunderstood her second brother.

Wu Ruo directly ignored their gossip, and at the time agreed with Wu Sheng, took Wu Xi to Drunk Moon Tower for dinner.

Under the guidance of Xiao Er, came to the room that Wu Sheng had settled in the morning. As soon as the door opened, the voice of everyone
laughing and laughing was very lively. In addition to Wu Sheng and U Xia, there was U Xia in the room. A group of friends, that is, people who played together in the Shangyuan Festival.

"Little Ruo and Xiao Xi are here," Wu Sheng shouted immediately when he saw Wu Ruo and U Xi.

Everyone stood up to the door and enthusiastically stood up to invite Wu Ruo and Wu Xi to sit.

Uxi was flattered. Before he came, he thought that there were only Uxia and Wusheng. The atmosphere would be very bad at that time, but he did not expect such a situation.

Wu Ruo was also quite surprised.

Everyone sent them to their seats like VIP s.

"Xia Xia and Sheng Brother said that Wu Liugong's looks were very handsome after he lost weight. We didn't believe it at first, but now he looks handsome and handsome." Chen Hou took the wine glass with a smile and said to Wu Ruojing: " Sixth son, we were wrong on that day. P lease forgive us for the villain ’s behavior that day. I ’ll do it here first. "

He drank it and sipped it down, indicating that he really drank it.

Wu Ruo saw that he was so refreshing, and it was not bad not to drink such a glass of sprinkles. He took the cup and put it to his mouth. Then, he smelled the fragrance of flowers in the wine. He motioned slightly: "What wine is this?"

The others looked, Chen Hou laughed loudly: "This is kite wine. I brought it from home. It's very delicious. Six sons, try it."

"Wuxiang wine? I have never heard of it." Wu Ruo lowered his eyelids and tickled his lips. "However, it must taste so delicious."

"Absolutely delicious."
Wu Ruo toasted and drank, "Well, that's great."

Uxi also took the wine glass and tasted it, laughing: "The wine is very fragrant, it tastes good."

Chen Hou said: "Miss Seven, if you feel good, drink more. Kite wine is not strong, not drunk."

Wu Xi looked at Wu Ruo and was allowed to open his throat to drink.

Wu Xia's other friends have said that they want to pay Wu Ruo, and each person picks up a glass of wine to respect Wu Ruo.

Wu Ruo also refused. Others toasted, and he drank a glass. When he was almost drinking, he put down his glass. Then he looked up at everyone and opened a big smile. Right."

Everyone suddenly lost their heads, nodded, and then returned to their seats before returning.

The person sitting next to Chen Hou said in a low voice, "The son of Wu Liu looks so beautiful. The smile just now made me fascinated. I don't know how to sit back to my place."

When looking at Wu Ruo, Chen Houyi always felt that the other person's smile was a bit out of place, maybe it was really beautiful, and even he looked stunned.

Wu Sheng said, "Xiao Ruo, Xiao Xia and I haven't respected you yet."

Wu Ruo picked up the wine glass again to deal with them, and then stood up and picked up the jug and poured a glass of wine for everyone: "I poured this glass of wine for you, which shows that I really don't mind what happened that day, Don't mention it again, let's just think we have forgotten this thing, how about it? "

"it is good." Everyone drank.
After a while, Xiao Er successively brought the dishes into the room.

Everyone recovered and talked and laughed. After half an hour, most of the food on the table was eaten.

Uhi's cheeks were rosy and seemed drunk.

Wu Ruo seems to drink too much, and he can't pick it up many times.

When Wu Sheng saw this, he stood up, drank a wine drink, and said, "I'll go to the thatched house, and you continue."

The other four also stood up: "I'm going too."

The five men walked unsteadily and walked out of the room. The moment the door was closed, they looked up instantly.

Wu Sheng walked downstairs with them with a calm face: "Xiaojin, you are responsible for notifying the people in Heifu to pick up Wu Ruo, Xiaoxing, you go and tell the people at Shuqingyuan to pick up Wuxi, and wait for the people from Shuqingyuan After picking up the people, inform Ushi, Wuxiao, and Wu Anyi of the Nanyuan compound to come here. In small and middle schools, you will be responsible for finding people who like to watch the bustling people in the Beiyuan compound and the western compound ... "

Chapter 89: Bad times

After Wu Sheng left, in addition to Wu Xia and Chen Hou, several others also made excuses to leave the compartment.

Uxi asked drunkenly: "Why are all gone?"

"They just went out to blow hair and came back soon." Chen Hou stood up with a smile: "The dishes are not enough. I'll go to the kitchen to see what else is good. I asked Xiao Er to fry a few dishes, Xiao Xia "Your mouth is the most sloppy. Would you like to go and take a look together and pick two of your own?"

Wu Xia nodded, put down his glass, and left the room with Chen Hou.

When Wu Xi saw everyone leaving, he was drunk in Wu Ruo's arms with no image: "Second Brother, the kitty wine is delicious, shall we buy a pot from Chen Hou?"

Wu Ruo's intoxicated eyes flashed a deep meaning: "I'm afraid we have already been drunk."

"It's a pity." Wu Xi was getting more and more sleepy. "Second brother, I'll sleep, call me when you leave."

"Sleep." Wu Ruo helped her to sit in a chair in front of the window and turned away to make the candlelight in the room more vigorous. Then she returned to her place and continued to drink.

Soon, the door was pushed open. "Little Ruo."
Wu Ruowen looked up, and the people who came in turned out to be P akse.
"Xiao Ruo, I heard that you are eating here, so come in and see you." Basat quickly sat in front of Wu Ruo and looked at his face obsessively: "I haven't seen you recently, are you OK?"

Wu Ruo looked indifferent: "Because of your affair, I was wronged by the people in Nanyuan. You said that I was doing well."

P akse hurriedly explained, "I owed Wu Anshu's favor, so I had no choice but to deal with the Nanyuan compound, but I swear to you that when I went down, I never thought of harming you and your family, I have never thought about letting you be wronged by the Nanyuan compound. You believe that my Wu Ruo lowered his eyelids and did not say anything. The delicate face was illuminated by the fiery red candle light, just like a delicate peony, so beautiful.

P akse couldn't help swallowing: "Little Ruo ..."

Wu Ruo raised his eyelid slightly and glanced at him. The beautiful eyelashes were like two feathers, and he gently held Baxie's heartstrings, so that Baxie could no longer hold onto Wu Ruo's hand.

Wu Ruo responded very quickly, and when he met, he quickly closed his hands and stood up.

P az was afraid that he would leave, and he stood up anxiously, but his feet caught the chair, and he almost fell to the ground. He quickly supported the table and chairs to stabilize his body. He looked up and saw that Wu Ruo was still standing and walked over. , Holding his hand: "Xiao Ruo, do you forgive me?"

Wu Ruo should be the reason for drinking too much wine, like a shy girl, and she said nicely: "Well.

Basak held his breath and yanked the man into his arms: "Xiaoruo, do you know when I first saw you, I like you, whether you have spiritual power or not, Already have a husband, I just like you, I ca n’t like it, every night, I will dream of you, you come back to my family with me, okay? I will treat you well.
Wu Ruo looked at him at a loss: "Really?"

Basir looked at the rosy lips, breathing heavily, and eagerly lowered his head and kissed.

Downstairs, Wu Sheng saw the carriage of Heifu coming, and hurried up, and then a man with black scales walked down from the car.

Wu Sheng shuddered, and did not expect that Hei Xieyu would come to pick him up in person, but this is better.

"What about Xiaoruo?" Hei Xuanxi glanced at him lightly.

"Just upstairs, he drunk too much tonight. I can't persuade him to persuade him. After half of the meal, people get drunk." Wu Sheng said while taking people to the third floor where they ate, Chen Hou They and Wu Anshu and Wu Rui of the P eking University and several children of the Xi Yuan did not enter.

His eyes flickered, and he pretended to ask without knowing, "Why are you all standing outside and not going in?"

Chen Hou they looked awkward. Wu Sheng asked, "What's wrong?"
Chen Hou pointed to the room: "Sheng Brother, listen to it yourself."

Wu Sheng walked to the door of the room in doubt, only to hear the moans and rough gasping sounds from the room. He was particularly excited, high, and enthusiastic enough to make his face flush.

"Xiao Ruo, you are so tight there that I'm comfortable with it," said the person inside.

The people outside listened, their faces warmed up.

Wu Sheng turned his head, looking at the black eyes, and said embarrassingly, "What is this ...?"
Chen Hou whispered, "I don't know what happened. When we came back to the hut, we heard such a voice inside, and it was not easy for us to disturb.

Wu Sheng looked at Hei Xuan.

Hei Xuan chilled his face, smashed the door with one palm, and saw two naked men inside lying on his undressed clothes and loving, the scene was very dirty.

In the mouths of those who were working hard, the name of Xiaoruo was still kept.

The group of people standing behind Hei Xieyu were stunned. Then, they looked at each other, looked at each other, and laughed.

Chen Hou turned his head and glanced downstairs. He saw several people hurried up and whispered in Wu Sheng's ears: "Uno's father and Wu Anyi are here."

Wu Sheng heard the words and followed him downstairs. When he looked back, he saw that he was walking forward with a sorrow, and kicked the person directly.

"Ah! " Basque screamed, and the man slammed into the corner of the wall, fainted, and the person who had been pressed by him before, his hair was cluttered on his face, and Bai Zhe's body was pinched One blue and one purple, covered with white liquid, very sensual.

Wu Sheng and Wu Anshu beside him looked at each other and smiled deeply. Suddenly, Chen Hou screamed: "Xiao Xia."

Wu Sheng Yiyi: "Xiaoxia, what's wrong?"

Chen Hou's face was pale, and he incredibly pointed at the person on the floor and shouted, "It's Xiaoxia, Sheng brother, that person is Xiaoxia."

Wu Sheng quickly turned to look at the person who was under the body of Bashir, and looked at the other person's appearance vaguely through the
messy hair.

He was startled, and hurriedly rushed over, pulling the other's hair, and it was difficult to settle: "Xiao Xia, how can it be Xiao Xia? Xiao Xia, you wake up soon."

Except for the children of the Western Courtyard, the faces of others changed.

"What happened?" Wu Qianqing, who was told to come to pick up his daughter from Zuoyuelou, and Wu Anyi, who followed him, crowded the crowd, walked into the room, and saw Wu Sheng hugged and covered his body. Uxia screamed anxiously, and lying under the corner was another naked man guessing at will, and probably understood what was happening.

Chen Hou returned to the gods, quickly picked up a robe on the ground, covered Wu Xia's body, and murmured in his mouth, "How is it possible, how can it be Xiao Xia?"

He obviously went downstairs with Uxia, behind ...

Uxia said he was going to the hut, and he never saw Uxia again.

With the sound of "snap one by one", Wu Sheng slaps angrily at Chen Hou's face in an angry and growled, "Xiao Xia, isn't he with you?"

"He was with me originally, and later said he was going to the hut, and I
..." Chen Hou said more and more, "I didn't follow."

"What's going on here? Why so many people?" A nice voice came in. Everyone looked out, and Wu Ruo led Wu Xi who was still drunk.
"Wu Ruo--" Wu Sheng stared at the person who walked in with red eyes.

Wu Ruo glanced at Wu Xia who was holding him, and looked at the naked P ak beside the wall: "What happened to Xiao Xia? Hey, how is P ak here?" And, he wasn't wearing clothes yet.
"What?" Wu Anyi stared angrily, pointing at the man in the corner and asking, "This man is P akse?"

"Yes, I've met a few times at the school."

"His mother, after looking for him for so long, we found them here." Wu Anyi said to Wu An: "Brother, let's catch them.

Wuan Qi nodded and * * * *with Wu Anyi to tie up the person.

"..." Wu Anshu was not easy to stop, and watched Basher being taken away.

Wu eyes fell on the silent black shame, and said, "Shaw, what are you doing here?"

Hei Xunyu stepped forward and took him into his arms: "Are you all right?"

Wu Ruo smiled slightly: "I'm fine."

"Let's go back." Hei Xuanyu pushed Wu Xi into Wu Qianqing's arms, pulling people out of the room.

Wu Qianqing didn't want her daughter to see such unsightly scenes, and quickly took people away.

The rest of them looked at each other.

The WU courtyard whispered, "What the * * * *is going on here?"

Someone told them to come here to watch a good show, just for Uxia to be with others?

However, this matter is also quite regrettable. I did not expect Uxia to like men, and even ran to a private meeting with men in the restaurant to make such a bad thing.

Someone said, "Things don't look simple."
Wu Sheng heard their conversation and yelled angrily: "Get off, you all get out of me."

Wu Anshu and Wu Rui quickly rushed out the people in the Western Courtyard and warned them not to talk nonsense before closing the door.

At this moment, Wu Xia woke up and saw Wu Sheng holding him, his eyes flashed with doubt: "Brother, what happened to me?"

After speaking, he found that his voice was very hoarse and his throat was dry and uncomfortable.

Wu Sheng pretended to calm down and said, "You just fainted when drunk."

If he wanted to say something, he was defiled by a man. If Wu Xia knew the truth, he would go crazy.

"Brother, my body hurts, especially ... Uxia feels hot in the toilet, so shy that he can't say it at all.

Wu Sheng bowed his head and said nothing, dressed him.

"What's wrong with me?" Uxia lowered her head and saw a blue and purple patch on her chest.

Everyone lowered their heads, and did not dare to see him or speak.

"Did I get beaten?" Wu Xia said, "If I get hit, I don't have any impression at all? I remember I went downstairs with Chen Hou and later ..."

He didn't know what he thought of, and his face grew ugly, and suddenly, he screamed angrily.

Wu Sheng hurriedly asked, "Xiao Xia, what's wrong with you?"

"I remembered, I remembered." Wu Xia remembered that after he was separated from Chen Hou, he went to the thatched house. After that, he didn't know what happened. His body suddenly didn't listen to his call, and
then he climbed directly from the backyard to the third. Floor, from the windows of other rooms to the room where they had eaten before.

Then he was embraced by P akse in his arms and kissed his lips hard. He wanted to resist, but the body didn't listen, and even wanted more.
P akse's movements were very rude, not only biting and gnawing at his body, but he kept calling Wu Ruo's name in the mouth. In the end, he did n’t do any prelude, and used that thing to run directly through his body, madly at him. Twitching.

Uxia thought about it, shouted, pushed Wu Sheng hard, and her eyes were red, staring at everyone here, and she cried in pain: "You all saw it, didn't you? You saw me being pressed by a man, didn't you? "

The injury on his body was not beaten, but kissed by the disgusting man, and behind him, Chen Hou, who was hurt by the man, quickly denied: "No, we didn't see anything."

"You still want to lie to me, I think of it."

Wu Sheng quickly comforted: "Xiao Xia, not what you think."

Wu Xiamu shattered: "It ’s not like that, what is it? It ’s all your ghost idea. In order to make Wu Ruo out, I forced him to apologize and say that I want to frame Wu Ruo, but now? Where? Who is the person who has been raped? You say, you say. "

At this point, he had the heart to die.

The heartbreaking roar made Wu Sheng feel anxious. He flushed his eyes and choked, "We didn't expect this to happen, we ..."

"What's the use of explaining it now? It's true that I've been held down by men, and so many people have seen it, and what face will I see in the future." Uxia's red eyes slipped down two tears of anger, suddenly One turned around and jumped from the window.
"Xiao Xia." Wu Sheng hurried to the window and saw that Wu Xia had left the drunk moon tower on a horse.

He turned back and angered Chen Hou: "You are not ready to chase. "Yes." Several people rushed out of the room.
Wu Sheng looked angrily at Wu Anshu: "Are you supposed to explain all these things? You clearly said that the person Basra liked was Wu Ruo, and you said you would fight Wu Ruo with me, now? You want me How can I tell this thing to my father? "

Wu'an Shu "..."

He knew about the disagreement between the two brothers Wu Sheng and Wu Ruo, so they used them to ask Wu Ruo to come out and get drunk. The other thing was to hand over to P akse, but he didn't expect that this would happen. what is the problem?

"Wu Anshu, if Xiaoxia has a three strengths and two weaknesses, our Eastern compound and your Beijing compound will not be at odds."

Wu Sheng kicked over the next table and turned to leave the room. "Brother, what the * * * *is going on?" Wu Rui was frightened.
Before he came here, his elder brother said that he wanted to bring Zuoyuelou to watch a good show. How could it be that Beijing University and East University formed a beam?

Wu Anshu sighed: "Let's go back and talk to my father to make it clear so that they can prepare for it."

This time, the Eastern University will certainly not let him go.

It was really a bad time. They only ‘ shaked hands with the people’ at Nanyuan last night, and today they had such an incident with Dongyuan.

Chapter 90: You're angry

On the way back to Heifu, Hei Xuyi never spoke.

In fact, this is very common. He didn't like to talk at first, but Wu Ruo found something wrong, and observed the black shading through the lights shot from the window of the car. The lights were hidden on the black scale's face. More gloomy and horrifying than ever.

"Are you angry?" Wu Ruo asked softly.

Hei Xun said nothing, but stared at Wu Ruo tightly.

"Before you came, didn't you tell me that Wu Sheng might do something bad for me while eating, and you secretly sent someone to protect me, why are you still angry?"

Yesterday, when Wu Sheng invited him to come to Zuoyuelou for dinner, he felt uneasy. Therefore, after returning to Heifu, he told Hei Xuanyu to come to Zuoyue tonight to eat and treat himself Speak to Wu Sheng's idea of having dinner. At that time, Hei Xieyu had no objection, and also sent someone to protect him secretly.

Everything is fine, why are you still angry?

Hei Xuan stunned Black Eyes, and pulled people over.

Wu Ruo exclaimed, and the next moment, he lay on his chest.

He quickly raised his head, just as the other person lowered his head, and the soft, hot lips of the two were close together.

Wu Ruo hesitated for a moment, staring motionlessly at the sharp eyes of rage, unable to help softening, snuggling into the arms of Hei Xingyu,
bringing the two hearts closer, and experiencing each other's fierce beating.

The two breathe out slowly from their noses as if the two fiery bodies are intertwined, extremely hot, and extremely lingering, reluctant to separate from each other, unwilling to break the beautiful atmosphere.

No one moved or spoke.

Gradually, the exhalation of the two became more rapid and warmer, as if entering a climax, there was a slight change in their bodies.

"Stupid." Hei Xuyi said with a slightly open lip, his voice was hoarse as sandpaper rubbed across the table, and his lips moved slightly as if to seduce Wu Ruo and he could not help but kiss his thin lips.

The black rage's anger dissipated with the exhaled breath, followed by a sigh of helplessness.

He knew about Wu Ruo's appointment in the early morning, and knew that Wu Sheng had no intention. He even sent someone to follow Wu Ruo's side in the early morning. However, when he heard that the person in the cabin was doing that, he was intimate. When he called his wife's name, he couldn't wait to kill the man, to see if he would dare to fight his wife's idea again.

Wu Ruo thought he was anxious because he was worried about him, and he explained, "Relax, I'm fine, you saw it, and it's Uxia who is pressed by Bashir."

When he got the kitty wine, he knew there was a problem with the wine, which was filled with a scented charm. As long as he took it, he would be in estrus anytime, anywhere, and it was not known whether it was because Wu Sheng thought he was real. The reason is an ordinary person with no spiritual power. What is put in the wine is just the most ordinary charm medicine, as long as the doctor can solve it.
Wu Ruo took precautions early on. He brought all kinds of elixir on his body. Before he drank, he secretly ate an antidote and a hangover elixir to himself, so no matter how he drank something wrong.

Then, while pouring alcohol to everyone, he secretly gave Uhi the medicine, and then secretly gave others a puppet. These puppets were learned by Numu in his last life. At that time, he studied for several years. Unlike in this life, I only studied with Numu for more than a month.

Later, Wu Sheng left the room, and he knew that something was about to happen, so he placed the medicine in the candlelight and arranged the illusion, so when P akse came in, he had fallen into an illusion, and then controlled Uxia Go back to the room and agree with P akse.

Everything went so smoothly, because these people thought he was an ordinary person, and there was no defense against him. Otherwise, it wouldn't be easy for P akse to be fooled.

Black shading eyes flashed cold. Is it P akse?
He remembered.

Hei Xuanyu thought of someone who was always thinking about his wife's idea, and his jealousy grew quickly, his arms tightened.

Wu Ruo couldn't breathe because he was strangled. When he was about to open his mouth, he was kissed severely by the other side. The tip of his tongue came in, sweeping his entire mouth, slowing down slowly and tangling with his little tongue The back and arms were gently rubbed, and the body that was drinking was very hot. Now it is extremely hot. After a while, the body reacts.

He couldn't help but reach out and pierced his strong chest from the black- swept placket.

Just then, the carriage stopped.
"Master, here it is," said the guard outside the car.

Hei Xiu slowly loosened Wu Ruo's lips, and then sucked a mark on his neck and shoulders severely before releasing the person.

Wu Ruo was not satisfied with stroking Hei Xuan's chest and murmured, "How come here so soon."

Hei Xunyu couldn't help but smiled lowly: "Go back and continue?"

Wu Ruobai gave him a glance, took out his hand, and arranged his robes for him.

Hei Xieyu took the man directly out of the carriage to the bathroom, removed the robes of the two, and soaked naked in the water to continue the affectionate doubling. Except for the last step, Hei Xieyu ate almost everyone.

After washing and returning to the room, Wu Ruo softly lay on the bed and watched the man wearing only a pair of obscene pants dreaming.

When I was just taking a bath, I almost opened the gate and let the enemy in. I was willing to commit myself to him.

Wu Ruo couldn't help twisting his eyebrows. This world ’s view of Hei Xieyu changed so quickly. Even if the last time Hei Xunyu came to the Wu family just before his death, even if he had helped him. Many, even if many things can be seen clearly in this life, however, the extreme disgust of Hei Xuyi brought back from the previous life cannot disappear in a short period of time, and even he is still concerned about the other party.

Hei Xuyu noticed Wu Ruo's gaze and raised his eyes to ask.

Wu Ruo looked back and pointed to the box on the table: "Help me get it.

This box was given to him by P akse. After he took it back, he never opened it.

Hei Xuanyu handed him the box.
Wu Ruo took the box and said, "Go a little further, I'm worried that there is something wrong in the box."

"What's inside?

"I don't know. It was given by P akse."

If he hadn't encountered P akse tonight, he wouldn't have remembered the box.

He slumped his face darkly.

Wu Ruo carefully opened the box through a gap and determined that there was no problem. Then he lifted the box and placed a red jade pendant of a gecko inside.

Hei Xunyu quickly picked up Yu P ei.

Wu Ruo saw that he was going to crush it, and quickly stopped: "It is a popular jade penetrating into Cambodia. It may be useful to keep it."

In the last life, he had seen several powerful beheaders carry this jade pendant. At that time, he didn't know the usefulness of this jade pendant. His father told him later, because his father had been to Shupu V illage, so As for this matter, I did not expect that P akse in this life would give him the passing jade. This person really liked him ...

Hei Xunyu hesitated for a moment, put away Yupei, and no longer let Wu Ruo see it.

Wu Ruo didn't care. He lay back on the bed and began to wonder how the people in Nanyuan would deal with P akse. It should not make P akse better than P akse. After Wuanqi took them back, it was really bad.

When I woke up, I still thought about him finally giving the beauty, but then I found something wrong. Not only was my body full of pain, but my eyes were dark, and my spiritual power couldn't come out. I could only feel that my lower body was soaked in water. It's shady.
He struggled in a hurry, and rustled a chain of sounds in his hands and feet.

P akse really couldn't remember what happened after the beauty was crushed, and could only wait for the people who tied him here to come and see him.

I don't know how long it was in the past, the stone door above him was finally opened, and the dazzling light directly entered the water cell. P ak was not adapted for a moment, and he closed his eyes quickly.

Then a cold, angry voice sounded, "P ull him up." "Yes."
The guard above the water cell pulled Basal to the ground.

P akse returned to the ground and saw Wu Ruo in the crowd at a glance, his eyes brightened: "Xiao Ruo."

Others have a meaningful look at Wu Ruo.

Wu Ruo just talked to Hei Xieyu beside him, not even looking at him.

Wu Qianqing's face was particularly ugly. He already knew from Wu Ruo what happened last night. At this moment, he couldn't wait to give Basher a hand.

Watching the lively Wu Shi endure the pain in the whole body, "This man is calling Ruo Ge so intimately, and then Ruo Ge should be an acquaintance. Then we said that Ruo Ge would not be framed by him.
Maybe this is what he asked Bashir to do. "

Wu Shi didn't know what happened in Zuoyuelou last night. Although someone was notified that Wu Anyi and Wuxiao went to Zuoyuelou together, but Wu Anyi had no choice because he was uncomfortable with Wuxiao Looking for Wu'an Che passed together.

"Fuck you shit." Wu Xi was so big, and it was the first time he sweared. "The great-grandfather has already investigated that it was done by a
person from P eking University. You now say that it was done by the second brother. What kind of heart you are is doubtful. The great- grandfather's ability to do things, or do you really want my second brother to find a wizard to fight against you, are you happy? "

Wu Shi: "..."

He had now been dressed up by the tapeworms without a human being. If Wu Ruo found another wizard to stab him, he would not have to live.

P akse heard what they said, and shouted in a responsible voice: "I sacrifice you people from the Nanyuan compound. It's not about Xiaoruo. Xiaoruo doesn't know about it at all. The people at P eking University directed me to do this."

This time, the people in Beijing University's turn wanted to slap in front of them and slap them.

"However, my relationship with Xiao Ruo is really good." Basher continued to shout, "Just last night ..."

He smiled gently at Wu Ruo: "The two of us have done husband and wife in the room of the sprinkler house. I and he already have husband and wife

Wu Ruo quickly grabbed Hei Xieyu's hand, so as not to kill Basher with one palm, that was too cheap for him.

However, he really admired P akse. At this time, he still did not forget what happened last night.

When others heard it, they looked at Wu Ruo.
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