Comeback of the Abandoned Wife Chapter 71-80

Chapter 71: dream

Everyone sees that the elder Chen who is in charge of the management school hurries back aside.

The ebony quickly ushered Uhila behind.

Seeing Wu Yu, who was bleeding on the ground, Elder Yun was shocked. He quickly stepped forward and fed a wound medicine. Then he looked up at the people around him and said, "Who is it? Who is hurting in the school?"

"It's me," Wu Zhu admitted voluntarily. "Elder Li, I injured him.

"Ebony bamboo?" Elder Chen stunned, but never thought that it would be a person who has always beaten good children, but he couldn't even care to ask more. Wu Yu's face was sunken, and an urgent need to find a doctor For treatment, let Wuzhu wait in his study, and then ask someone to help Wuyu to the doctor for treatment. By the way, please check with other people about the situation.

However, the Wu family is currently in short supply of talents, and the elders in the school will not give excessive punishment to the outstanding ability of bamboo, not to mention that bamboo is a first offense, and there is no violation of the rules of using mystery in the school to hurt people, and Wu Yu's injuries were not serious, and he recovered quickly under the doctor's treatment. Therefore, the elders finally decided to increase the difficulty of Wuzhu's experience and let him go home and reflect.

Wu Zhu returned to Shu Qingyuan, and saw Wu Qianqing standing in the yard watching him.

Wu Qianqing whispered: "I heard that you are in the school, Wu Yu is the villain, right? You didn't want to say it last night, you were worried that I would stop you from hurting him?"


Wu Qianqing sighed: "You child, be smart next time you hit someone, don't give people a handle and fault, and make people feel that you are right to hit people, and you can't act recklessly today. , In the end, I only got a good moment, but in exchange for severe punishment, you know? "

Wuzhu looked at him in surprise: "Dad, don't you blame me for playing Wuyu?"

Wu Qianqing sternly said, "Are your father and me such a pedantic person? You have been bullied into your head, can you still be fine?"

It seems that his gentle attitude towards people in the past made children feel that he is a person who will give in to everything and can be bullied. In the future, he needs to change his way of dealing and treating others, otherwise the children think he is not a reliable Father.

"I will take care of the rest. You will have a good rest at home for the past two days. After the Yuan Festival, you will go out and practice immediately."


Wuzhu turned back to his yard to rest.

After receiving the news from Wu Yu ’s family, Ruan Lanru and Wu Anyi hurried to the school to see Wu Yu, and when they entered the door, they saw Wu Yu sitting in a daze.

"Xiaoyu, are you okay?" Ruan Lanru anxiously left before touching Wu Yu's injured face and shoulders.

Wu Yu avoided her hand: "Mother, I'm fine."
He just didn't understand how he and Tianbao's things were known to Wuzhu.

Ruan Lan said angrily: "The bamboo cub of Wuzhu, dare to hurt you, mother, must get justice for you.

Wu Anyi said, "Xiaoyu, I said earlier that you shouldn't go too close to them. You just don't listen. You see, are you losing now?"

Wu Yu gave him a cold look: "I'm not so close to them for you."

At present, Nanxuan Courtyard is controlled by his grandfather Wu Xuanran, but in fact, all major matters must be approved by his great- grandfather. The situation in Nanyuan Courtyard is because Wu Xuanran is too much. Moderate incompetence, although Wu Xuanran is sometimes quite savvy, but mysticism is inferior to other brothers, not even his own son. How could the great-grandfather who had worked so hard to build the Wu family watch the Nandayuan decline? So, one day, the great- grandfather would re-elect the talent management Nanyuan.

Wuzhu and Wuqianqing are the best candidates. In the future, the father and son may still be the heads of the entire Wu family. If they are not removed now, neither his father nor the older brother will have the opportunity.

Wu Anyi frowned: "What do you mean?"

Wu Yu said nothing, got up and walked outside.

Ruan Lanru and Wu Anyi followed, and on the way out of the school, the second person pointed at them.

"I would say that Wu Yu is a hypocrite. He usually looks polite and kind, but he is a sinister in private. I dare you to be too close to him in the future."

"Well, I thought Wu Yu was the best character in the Nanyuan compound except the people in the Shuqingyuan of the Nanyuan. I didn't expect to do
such a villain.

"The character of the people of the Nanyuan compound is really dare not be complimented. First, I took the junior's gift and then I didn't return it by borrowing a magic weapon. Now I have such a thing. I don't know what will happen in the future."

Wu Anyi has never been so humiliated since childhood, even if those people did not blame him personally in front of him, it also made him unacceptable.

Suddenly, he turned to whisper to those who whispered, "Is your character in other courtyards good? If it is really good, you wo n’t have to share it when we get a junior gift in our southern courtyard. One, before talking about others, should you also review yourself carefully, otherwise, you really think how noble you are. "

At the moment, everyone's face turned red and blue, because they knew in their hearts that their father and grandfather were also receiving gifts.

Wu Yu, however, did not hear what they said, quickly walked out of the school, left Wu's house, and found Yu Tianbao them.

Yu Tianbao knew that he had said what he should n’t say last night, so he cried and begged for mercy: "Yao Shao, we also said something wrong because of drunkenness, but I was heard by Wuzhu without knowing it. It will be so. I won't come out for an appointment last night.

Jiang Xiaoliang looked at Yu Tianbao angrily: "Did you not ask us out? Where did you go?"

Yu Tianbao froze: "I asked you out? How is that possible? I was invited to Dr. P an Feng before I went to Zuoyuelou."

P an Feng looked at them in surprise: "You said that I invited you to Zuoyuelou? Are you mistaken? Apparently Xiaoliang asked me to go to Zuoyuelou."
Jiang Xiaoliang said angrily: "When did I make an appointment with you? I think it's true that you made a mistake. I was invited by Tianbao.

Yu Tianbao yelled: "I didn't ask anyone to go to Drunk Moon Tower at all, I can swear to heaven."

Wu Yu found the question and asked, "Why do you go to Zuoyuelou?"

"Yesterday, my subordinates told me that the subordinates of the P an Feng family had a message, saying that they had not been together for a long time, so they asked me to come to Zuoyuelou at night and then I went.

P an Feng said busyly: "I didn't send anyone to give you a message yesterday, and I didn't ask you to come out to meet you.

Wu Yu asked, "Why do you go to Zuoyuelou?"

"I'm the same as Tianbao, but I received a message from Xiaoliang's subordinates."

Jiang Xiaoliang shouted injustice: "I didn't find someone to give you a message, I was still invited by Tianbao."

Wu Yu immediately understood that the three had been tricked. Someone had deliberately asked them to come out, so that Wuzhu could hear their drunk words, so as to expose his true face, and let Wuzhu no longer believe him.

But who is behind it?

Even if Wu Yu wanted to break his head, he wouldn't think this person would be Wu Ruo.

At this time, Wu Ruo was listening to the corpse and reporting to the Wu family school. When he learned that Wu Yu was interrupted by ebony, he could not help but smile slightly, and he would not let Wu Yu. Die so fast.

Therefore, Wu Yu, you have to give me a good life, live well until I lose weight.
Wu Ruo asked, "Did the Nanyuan Courtyard today hand over the security inspection work of Gaolingcheng to the West Courtyard?"


Wu Ruo smiled a little deeper.

On the fifteenth day of the first month, it ’s the Shangyuan Festival. Eggs got into the bed of Wu Ruo early in the morning: "Daddy, get up."

Wu Ruo opened his eyes and looked at him, and looked at the sky outside the window, and closed his eyes to sleep.

Hei Xie directly got the baby out of bed, then got up and changed clothes to leave the inner room.

"Master." Before the black letter left, he took out a black letter from his arms and whispered, "A letter is coming from the clan."

Hei Xuan stunned his black eyes. He took the letter and opened it for reading. Then, he passed the paper to a fire candle and burned it.

"Master, we have been out for more than half a year. Should we go back to the Hui clan, or ..."

Hei Sui interrupted him with a deep voice: "I know something. Hei Xin sighed softly.
Suddenly, an exclaiming sound came from the inner room.

Hei Xun looked a moment, walked quickly into the inner room, and saw Wu Ruo looking at the tent curtain above his head, breathing breathlessly around his chest.

He went to the bed and asked, "What's wrong?"

Upon hearing this, Wu Ruo quickly looked at Hei Xieyu, looked up and down, and seemed to be sure that this man was intact. After a while, he let
out a sigh of relief: "I just had a small nightmare."

After just being awakened by the egg, he fell asleep again. Although not long, he had a little dream.

He dreamed that Hei Xieyu stood in front of a black formation, lowered his head, didn't know what he was thinking about the formation, and his whole body exuded sadness, which made him particularly distressed, and he wanted to get close to comfort.

At this moment, the sun rises, and the sun shines on the black body, and then a weird scene occurs. The black shade in the dream was like a piece of paper that was put into the fire, and his body was burnt bit by bit.

He looked very anxious and frightened, and wanted to stop all this, but he couldn't do anything, and could only watch Hei Xieyu turn into a pile of ashes, the wind blew, and the black and grey scattered around.

Then he woke up.

Wu Ruo wiped a cold sweat from his head and asked Hei Xuanyu to pull him up: "You let the corpse come in and dress me."

Hei Xuan turned around, was about to go out, and heard Wu Ruo said, "I just dreamed of you just now."

Hearing that, he turned around and looked at him.

Wu Ruo continued, "Dream you stand in the sun and get burned to ashes."

Hei Xuan's eyes lightened for a moment, and he said softly, "It's just a dream."

Wu Ruo murmured: "Is it?" However, he felt so real.

Chapter 72: First Festival ( 1)

Wu Ruo has not been able to get out of his dreams. He was haunted by the regret that Yu Xieyu in the dream turned to ashes and Yu Xie. He did not understand why he was so anxious when he saw He Xuanyu disappearing. Sad and heartache, hasn't he always hated black shame?

"Daddy, why do you keep looking at your father?" Egg Dan asked strangely on his lap.

From the moment he got up, Wu Ruo stared at Hei Xieyu, and while he was eating breakfast, he still watched. He got into the carriage and watched intently as if he didn't look enough.

Wu Ruo turned to the black eyes with black smiles.

He coughed uncomfortably: "He is my husband, do I think he needs a reason?"

Hei Xieyu: "..."

Everyone murmured: "Then I'm your child, why don't you see me more?"

"Look at you now, okay?" Wu Ruo pinched his small face with amusement: "When I lose weight, I hug you every day."

Everyone happily giggled on the belly of Wu Ruo Mian Mian. Wu Ruo looked up to Hei Xieyu: "Where are we going now?"
Hei Xuyi simply said, "Watch the temple fair in the morning, ice-skating in the afternoon, and the lantern at night."

"Did you arrange it early?" "Ok."
At this moment, the carriage stopped, and Hegan outside the carriage said, "Master, there are too many people in front, and the carriage cannot pass."

Wu Ruodao: "Let's get off and walk."

Hei Gan found an alley to park the carriage.

Wu Ruo came down from the carriage and saw the crowd outside the alley at a glance: "It's so busy on the street today."

Heisin, who came down from another carriage, said with a smile, "It's mainly because the weather is good today."

Since the new year, it has been either snowing or gloomy. Today there is a rare sun, and everyone is coming out.

Heixin held the eggs and winked at them and the close guard. Everyone smiled silently and followed Hei Xin out of the alley. Wu Ruo stunned: "Where are you going? Don't you help me?"
In fact, he has lost a lot of weight and can walk on his own without any help. However, after walking for a while, he still needs to stop and catch his breath. Moreover, today there are many people and it is easy to be knocked down.

Shijiu turned back and said, "The butler said that we take a day off today, and the care of the wife is left to the master."

Wu Ruo: "..."

Hei Xieyu: "..."

The two looked at each other silently.

Wu Ruo saw Hexin and they had come out of the alley, thinking that they couldn't stand here and stare at each other all the time.
He held out his hand: "I'm not waiting for your wife."

"..." Hei Xieyu took his hand and squeezed it unconsciously. There was much less meat on the palm of the hand and the back of the hand, but it was still soft and cotton, and it felt very good.

Wu Ruo glanced at him, pretending not to notice his movement.

When he walked out of the alley, he saw Heisin standing next to the alley and waiting for them with a smile.

Eggs cried immediately: "Father, I want candy gourd."

Hei Xieyu looked at the hawker walking past with a handful of candied gourds, and spit out a word from thin lips: "Buy."

Hei Gan immediately drew a piece of silver to the hawker.

The hawker thanked Hegan as he gave all the candies in his hand.

Hei Gan first took one of the bunches of sugar gourds and handed them to the egg: "How can I finish eating so much?"

HeiXin laughed and said, "No more, no more, we happen to be a bunch of each one."

Hei Gan took another bunch of sugar gourds to Hei Xuan.

Hei Xunyu has never eaten such a thing, hesitated, then took a bite, and then frowned, "Too sweet."

Wu Ruo saw that he was about to be thrown to the ground, and said, "Don't waste it, give it to me."

He still likes to eat gourds. Hei Xuyi said, "I have eaten."
Wu Ruo blurted out: "It's not like you haven't eaten your saliva.
Hei Xieyu: "..."

Wu Ruo realized what he had said after he realized it. Suddenly, his face was red and hot. He forgot that it was the same thing as when they kissed.

He blushed and grabbed the sugar gourd in Hei Xieyu's hand to take a bite to cover his embarrassment.

They all hid quietly and laughed.

Heigan sent everyone a sugar gourd, even one himself.

P assers-by passing by can't help but look at them a lot, because the scene of a large group of men licking and biting with candies is too spectacular, especially among them there is a very beautiful little baby, which makes people even bear Live a few more glances.

After eating half the eggs and sugar gourd, he cried, "Father, I want a kite."

Hei Xieyu looked at the kite: "Buy."

Everyone points to the toy next to the stall: "Father, I have to pinch the candy man.


"Father, I want a donut." "buy."
"Father, I want to ..."

Without waiting for the child to say it, Hei Xieyu said, "I bought it." The children around looked enviously.
Wu Ruo looked at the toys and eating more and more in the guard's hands, and drew the corners of her eyes, but when she saw that the child was so
happy, she did not stop.

The closer you get to the Lingcheng Temple, the more people flow, and the more lively it becomes. From a distance, you hear the sound of drumming:
"咚咚 锵, 咚咚 锵."
As soon as I heard it, I immediately climbed to Hegan's neck and sat down, pointing excitedly at the front and shouting, "Uncle Gan, let's go and see."

"OK." Hei Qian carried him through the crowd and came to the side of the road in front of the Lingcheng Temple.

Everyone took the initiative to give way to the middle, so that the parade can walk freely. The children nearby saw the lion dance team coming and immediately came and applauded and shouted. Each lion has two people working together, one dancing the head and one dancing the tail. The two beat down on the gongs and drums, dressed as lions, and performed various forms of lions.

Behind the lion dance team is a rowing boat. The dry boat is not a real ship. It uses two thin plates, sawn into a boat shape, tied with bamboo and wood, and covered with colored cloth, tied around the girl's waist, as if sitting in a boat, holding an oar in his hand and doing rowing. P osing, while running, singing some local minors, singing and dancing, there is a man beside him dressed as a boat passenger, dressed as a harlequin, to entertain the audience with various funny moves.

The next step is on stilts. P eople on stilts not only wore stilts in costumes, but also had heavy makeup on their faces. They also sang and danced, and often dressed as drama twists. The roles of stilts are different because of their different identities, so they have different shapes and heights. One.

At the back, there are beautiful women dressed in costumes to play as immortals for everyone to worship, and then there are long teams such as the waist drum team and various dancing with flower baskets and colorful fans. They were dazzled and couldn't bear to leave.
When the procession ended, everyone went to the Lingcheng Temple to burn incense and worship God.

The incense in the temple was very flourishing.

Wu Ruo was smoked with tears, and after finishing the incense with Hei Xie, she hurried to leave.

At this time, it was noon.

Hei Xieyu took everyone to a restaurant box already set for dinner. After lunch, he went to the ice-skating car outside the city.

Although it is a cold winter month, it is white everywhere, and there is no shelter from the wind in the suburbs. Everyone is trembling with teeth blowing, but it can't stop everyone's enthusiasm for the ice-skating competition. Many people brought their own made ice carts to the bank of the river, and some people bought silver ice carts from those who sold them.

Wu Ruo couldn't help seeing everyone rowing on the iced river. Sadly, the small ice car couldn't accommodate his fat Buddha.

Hei Xuyi glanced at Wu Ruo, who was turning from bright to dark, and instructed Hei Gan: "Bring our ice cart over."

Wu Ruo stunned: "Do we have ice cars ourselves?"

Heixin smiled slightly: "Madam, this ice car was built overnight by us yesterday, and it was also specially made for you and the young master."

Wu Ruo's eyes lit up again: "Really?"

Before long, the guards came over with a big ice wagon that was a purple dragon. At the moment, it attracted everyone's attention.

"Wu Ruo?" Someone suddenly shouted.
Wu Ruowen looked up, and the man who came was a handsome man in a dark blue suit.

He twisted his eyebrows, and after a while, he remembered that his counterpart was Wu Sheng, the cousin of Dongdayuan.

"Sheng Brother, you come to the ice car too?"

Wu Sheng nodded, looking at the black man standing beside him: "Is this your husband?"

Wu Ruo briefly introduced: "Yes, he is my husband-in-law. He is my cousin Wu Sheng.

Hei Xieyu and Wu Sheng nodded each other, be regarded as saying hello.

Wu Sheng looked at their ice carts: "Xiao Ruo, my brother and his friend are over there, preparing to race the ice skates. Are you interested in competing with us?"

Wu Ruomen hesitated, thinking that it would be boring to just skate on the ice, it might as well be more exciting to compete with others.

"it is good."

Wu Sheng again said: "We have bets, how about one hundred and two golds per game?"

The people next to them heard that their bet was one hundred and two gold, and they all took a sigh of air conditioning. One hundred and two gold was enough for several families to spend their lives.

Wu Ruo looked to Hei Xuanyan: "Did you bring out the silver?" Hei Xuan looked at the black letter.
Hexin immediately issued a 12,000 silver ticket to Wu Sheng: "Son, can you have 12,000 silver tickets?"
Wu Sheng smiled and took the silver ticket: "Yes, of course, I can tell my brother first."

He returned to his brother Wu Xia and whispered, "Wu Ruo has promised to play against us. You see, he also gave me a 12,000 silver ticket. I can't afford to lose it later.

Uxia sneered: "He's so fat, can the ice skate move?"

Uxia's friends all laughed, "I think the ice will be crushed by him."

Wu Sheng said, "It's not better if his car can't slip. We've earned 10,000 silver."

Uxia thinks about it too, and raises an eyebrow at her six friends: "Will you know how to do it?"

His friend Chen Hou patted his chest and promised: "I promise he will lose even without wearing pants.

After that, the eight laughed again.

Chapter 73: Upper Yuan ( 2)

Hei Xuanyu glanced at Wu Sheng over them, and then looked at Heigan.

Hei Gan nodded, and took out a golden leaf to the corpse Yuan: "Buy an ice cart for everyone."

"Yes." The corpse took Jinye to the hawker in exchange for thirty ice carts, and then distributed the ice carts to everyone. The ice carts they bought were very simple, similar to ordinary sleighs, but there were more I have a chair and two sticks. During the skating process, I need to use my stick to glide.

Heigan simply said "play freely" and stopped saying anything.

The guards, who were always cold and stern, had a rare smile after they got the ice cart.

It's been a while before the race. Let's try a few laps on the river.

There are three seats in the ice cart that Heixin rushed out. They are sitting directly at the front. Wu Ruo ’s body weight is heavy and he sits in the middle. Hei Xieyu sits at the end. The three try to slide. It feels pretty good. The main thing is that the egg and the black rendering are more powerful, and the cooperation is good. One controls the front direction, and the other is responsible for the power. The one sitting in the middle is only responsible for enjoyment.

When not too much, the game starts.

P eople with ice carts slide the ice cart to the shore to unify the starting point.

The rules of the game are very simple. No mystery is allowed. You can only ride on a sled. The number of participants can be selected by
yourself. One or more people can team up. However, if a team of two or more people can only ride the same ice cart, However, under normal circumstances, one person skates faster and is more flexible and does not need to cooperate with other people. Therefore, no one like Wu Ruo and the three of them ride on the same ice cart.

The starting point and ending point of the game is to slide from the river bank to the opposite side. The whole journey is two hundred feet long. On the opposite side of the river, there are three pieces of chess pieces.
Whoever gets the flag successively wins the top three in the game.

The top three people all have rewards. The first place has five gold bars, the second place has three gold bars, and the third place has only one gold bar. Although the reward is not as much as if Wu Ruo had placed so many bets, it is for ordinary people. This is already a large amount, so everyone who comes to participate in the competition is directed at gold, which is produced by a wealthy merchant in Gaolingcheng who likes to do good deeds.

The number of people in the competition is particularly large, at least a thousand or more. Wu Ruo and Wu Sheng are also mixed in their matches. If Xie gets the chess pieces first, he will win.

Wu Ruo looked at them and raised them, and found that several Wu family children also joined the competition.

The referee of the game was a woman. With an order, everyone like a bee in a honeycomb came out of the nest, and a swarm of bees rushed out.
Ordinary people are ordinary people after all, even if the magician does not use mystery. Next, they can also be defeated by the arms that have been trained over the years.

Without half a column of incense, ordinary people lag behind for a long distance. Most people knew that they could not catch up, so they voluntarily gave up the game, slipped to half the distance, and fell back.

At the beginning, Wu Ruo slid twice, and later found that whether he could move or not, the speed was so fast, he directly put away the stick, pulled
his cloak, and looked at the scenery quietly.

Suddenly, the sound of 'bang' was hit by a car body. Then, the ice cart turned quickly like a spinning top.

Wu Ruo quickly held her hands on both sides of the ice cart and stabilized her body.

After a few noises, Wu Sheng rushed past them like a wind. Dandan shouted anxiously: "Father, come on, they have passed us." Hei Xiu said, "Don't worry.
After that, Wu Ruo saw that the people in their house had rushed to the front and entangled with Wu Sheng.

Hei Xingyu slid the ice cart again and caught up. Then someone ran over again.
This time, how could Hei Xunyu make the other party succeed again, and quickly avoid their collision when the other party came over.

Wu Ruo found that the person who hit them was a friend of Wu Sheng's brother. When his opponent hit him again, he picked up a stick and inserted it under their car. At the moment, everyone who hit them overturned. Severely fell out.

Everyone cheered: "Dad, good job." Wu Ruo tickled his lips.
Soon, they overtook them.

Wu Ruo passed by Wu Sheng and sneered, "Sheng Brother, let it go."

Wu Sheng and Wu Xia, entangled by the people of Hei Xuanyu, saw Wu Ruo like a big man sitting on a snowmobile and enjoying it, and
immediately became angry.

Eggs exclaimed excitedly, "Father, hurry up, get rid of them.

Hei Sui made a force. The ice cart was like a sharp arrow that just shot a bow. He took a moment and flew out. In a moment, they left Wu Sheng behind them far away, leaving Wu Sheng to them. Laughing voice.

After half a column of incense, the father and son successfully reached the other side of the river and pulled out three flags.

By the time Wu Sheng arrived, Wu Ruo had already received their reward. Wu Ruodao: "Brother Sheng, we won."
Wu Sheng, Wu Xia, and U Xia's friends turned black, but did not mean to present a silver ticket.

Wu Ruo also said, "I'm willing to gamble to lose."

Wu Xia felt that he could win steadily, but now he lost. Naturally he was not convinced. His eyes glanced at Wu Ruo, Hei Xieyu, and Yudan. His eyes flashed suddenly, and he said, "No."

Wu Ruo squinted his eyes: "No?"

"We are all in a car on ice, but you are in a car of three, not counting.

Wu Ruodao: "Before, you didn't say that three people were not allowed to take a car without a car, nor did the rules of the game say that only one person could ride on an ice car."

Wu Sheng said: "We are each an ice car. How could one think that the three of you would sit in a car? This is not fair.

Wu Ruo's eyes were cold, and the stick in his hand poked to the ground, and said coldly, "True, no, no? Huh?"
The people from Heifu quickly came around. They were thirty people in total, and Wu Sheng was only a dozen people.

Wu Sheng sank his face: "Wu Ruo, do you want to use force to force us to concede?"

"It's you who want to settle accounts, forcing us to do something." Wu Ruoyan's eyes were more than 20 people: "Sheng brother, everyone is watching, you don't want your people in Dongyuan compound to look like our Nanyuan compound. It ’s also known to be bad reputation and character? "

The faces of Wujia people have changed.

Wu Sheng thought that because of the poor reputation and character of the current Nanyuan compound, no one forgave the money to ask them to do something, so he took out the 12,000 silver tickets given before the black letter and the 112 gold they lost to Wu Ruo. .

Wu Ruo looked at the gold in the purse: "Brother Sheng, so many of you have lost to us. Shouldn't it be one or two gold for each one?"

Wu Xia was furious: "Wu Ruo, you don't have to go in."

Wu Ruo's gaze was sharp: "Uxia, I didn't understand what you were calling me just now, and you asked me to listen again."

Wu Xia stared at him, thinking that he was younger than him, and that everyone around him was unwilling to whisper, "Ruo brother."

"Don't call it wrong next time." Wu Ruo glanced at them: "This time, for the sake of not clarifying the rules of the game, I will only charge you one hundred gold. Shaanxi, let's go."

"Yes." Hei Xieyu helped Wu Ruo sit back on the ice cart, took the stick and pushed it towards the ice, pushed it back, and hesitated, the ice cart slipped out.

Heifu people followed behind and left.
Wu Xia stared at the back as they left. "Wu Ruo, one day I want you to look good."

Chen Hou said, "Yes, I don't believe this boy has so many people protecting him every time."

Wu Sheng looked at the people next to his eyes: "What's the matter, go back and talk."

Wujia people and Uxia friends nodded, one after another on the ice cart one after another.

When they had just slipped out of the 3 0 meters, suddenly, there was a sound of Caracala under their feet.

Wu Sheng frowned: "What's the sound?"

Wu Xia looked on her face, her face changed greatly: "No, the ice is cracked, everyone will return quickly."

"What?" Everyone looked down at their feet, and saw that the cracks under their feet, like a spider's web, stretched around at lightning speed.

Before they responded, a loud bang made the entire ice layer of the river exploded. Instantly, the thick ice surface became a piece of gravel, as if the entire land sank into the sea. The scene was spectacular The people still on the shore watched Wuxia with sorrow and they all fell into the river and turned into dogs.

The people looked at Wu Ruo, who had already gone far. They thought they would fall into the water. Unexpectedly, they watched their ice-cars fly into the air and flew back to Gaolingcheng.

Uxia swims back to the shore, the cold wind blows, his teeth can't stop shaking, and the water above and below the body instantly freezes into a moraine.

He looked at Wu Ruo, who was glaring red, and gritted his teeth, "Wu Ruo, I can't agree with you."
Unfortunately, Wu Ruo couldn't hear what he said, and even if he heard it, he wouldn't take it to heart, because his current focus is on Hei Xieyu.

Wu Ruo looked at the flowing water under him, turned his head and asked Hei Xieyu, "Did you make it?"

Of all the people here, only Hei Xuanyu has the ability to shatter the entire ice.

Hei Xingyu did not deny.

Everyone clapped and shouted, "Father, that's great."

Wu Ruo chuckled, turning her gaze towards the setting sun. The mild daylight shone on the river, and the river turned into a golden river, flashing a golden light.

He exclaimed: "Really beautiful."

Wu Ruo looked at it, his eyes fell on Heigan and the bodyguards unknowingly, his expressionless face softened a lot under the light of the setting sun. Feeling indifferent.

But in the last life, he felt that these people were abominable. Every time I saw them, they didn't look good. But in this life, when they saw these people, they found that they also had a tender side, not as bad as he thought Nearly human.

Chapter 74: First Festival ( 4)

Wu Ruo and Hei Xieyu returned to Gaolingcheng Restaurant for dinner. The sky was completely dark, and the lantern festival officially began.

The entire city of Gaoling is brightly lit, full of lanterns, people coming and going on the streets, some people are watching the fire dragon dance, some people are watching the lanterns, and some people are guessing the lantern riddles.

Wu Ruo thought that the literary style could not work, so she wasn't guessing lantern riddles. After watching the fire dragons and admiring the fire lanterns, she went to the riverside to place lanterns with Hei Xieyu.

As soon as Heixin heard that they were going to put a lantern, they immediately bought a stall of lanterns and let them slowly put it on.

Wu Ruo wrote “Looking for a safe journey for the family” on the lantern, and placed the lighted lantern in the river and watched it flow down the river.

The egg next to him held a lotus lantern and ran to Hei Xieyu: "Father, write a few words for me."

Hei Xieyu held him in his arms and asked quietly, "What do you want to write?"

"I hope to be with my father and father forever."

After hearing the words, Wu Ruo took a moment to turn around and looked at them.

Hei Xieyu looked at Wu Ruo helplessly, and immediately the two eyes collided together.
"Father, write quickly." Dandan hurried.

Hei Xieyu retracted his eyes, raised a writing brush and wrote the wish of the egg on the lantern, and then watched the egg and put the lantern in the river.

Wu Ruo didn't go to see the lantern, but they watched their father and son gradually become fascinated. Under the light, the face full of black scales became much softer, no longer making people feel terrible, long and thick Eyes and lashes, with the same rhythm as the little baby in her arms, gently fan together.

He looked at him and couldn't help but smile, it was really father and son. Hei Xuanyu heard his laughter and looked over.
Wu Ruo hurriedly looked away and looked elsewhere. He saw that there were still many lanterns bought by Hexin and picked up another one, but he didn't know what to write.

He looked at the people who were setting up lanterns around him, but he caught the eyes of Hei Xin and He Gan sneaking at him.

Hei Xin and Hei Gan quickly drew their eyes and pretended to pick up the lantern to write their wishes.

With a slight movement of Wu Ruomu's light, he wrote a sentence on the lantern and put the lantern in the river.

Hei Xin looked at the lantern in the river and quickly turned back, winking at a guard behind him.

The guard nodded and quietly retreated from the river. "Dad, what wish did you make?" Egg Dan asked in his arms. Wu Ruo smiled and said, "It won't work if you say it." "Ah?" A few moments later, a look of crying soon.
Wu Ruo thought of the child's desire to write wishes in black, and quickly comforted: "Your wishes are different. I am already with your father, and of course they will be together in the future, and you will never be separated."

Tears of tears twirled in the eye sockets and looked like they were about to fall out: "Really?"

"Of course it is true." Wu Ruo looked at Hei Xieyu: "Hey Xieyu, you're saying something."

Hei Xuan faintly said, "Yes."

Wu Ruo rolled his eyes: "Well what? If I say something, I don't want you to say a word."

"..." Hei Xuan said quietly: "It won't separate." Heixin and Heigan looked at each other and smiled.
The sky was getting deeper and deeper, and the wind was getting stronger and stronger. The sky gradually snowed, and the lantern festival ended.

After getting on the carriage, Douya lay in Heishuyu's arms and fell asleep.

After seeing the child fall asleep, Wu Ruo still had her mouth angled high, and followed it with a smile, and she could see that Eggs had a great time today.

Hei Suihe heard his laughter, raised his eyes, and asked "very happy?"

Wu Ruo froze and nodded, not denying: "Well, I am very happy today, I have not been so happy for a long time."

In the last life, since the elder brother and younger sister died, they have never been so happy, nor have they had such a happy Shangyuan Festival.
Today, in addition to being happy, Hei Xuyi also accidentally accompany them with his skating car. At the beginning, he thought he would just stand by the shore and watch the children play.

Wu Ruo thought that all the family members were alive in this life, and a big smile from the bottom of her mouth burst into the eyes, as bright as a sun-dried lotus.

Hei Xieyu was slightly lost, as if he could already see how Wu Ruo would lose weight in the future.

Wu Ruo yawned: "So sleepy, I will sleep." He lay on the cushion and closed his eyes.
Hei Xieyu kept looking at him, and he didn't take his eyes off until the carriage heifu.

Hei Xuan gave the sleeping child to Hei Gan and asked Hei Gan to take the person back to the room.

Wu Ruo went directly to the room to take a shower and sleep.

As soon as he left, Hei Xin walked in front of Hei Xuyi and took out a note to Hei Xuyi: "Master, this is the second wish made by his wife.

Hei Xingyan clenched his lips tightly, not very satisfied that He Xin took the note from Wu Ruo back.

Hexin noticed his feelings and apologized, "The old man claimed to send someone to find his wife's lantern, and asked the master to forgive him, but he still asked the master to see his wife's wishes."

Hei Xuanyu hesitated, and finally decided to take a look at it, the purpose is crooked font, which says that I hope to be able to live in harmony with Hei Xuanyu in the future, and I hope that every day in the future will be like today So happy, don't be deceived and deceived, and don't show various schemes.
Hessian whispered: "The slave thought that this wish was intentionally written by the wife to the master."

Mrs. Wisdom must have guessed that he would send someone to look for his river lantern and peep at what he wrote.

Rubbing the note in his hand, he walked out of the hall without a word.

That night, Wu Ruo didn't wait for Hei Xun to return to the room to rest, but when he woke up the next day, he saw that Twenty-three superb magic instruments were placed on the place where Hei Xun was lying on weekdays.

He took up one of the instruments in surprise and looked at them, divided them into five parts, and then asked the corpse to come in and serve him.

Wu Ruo came out of the inner room and saw Hei Xieyu sitting at the table drinking tea: "Did you not sleep last night?"

"Well, I was refining the artifact last night." Hei Xieyu lowered the tea cup: "Wait for your brother to come out of town and come back to rest."

Wu Ruo looked at the blue shadow under his eyes, and ordered the corpse to pass in for breakfast.

After having breakfast, Wu Ruo and Hei Xuanyu went to Wujia Shuqing Hospital together.

In the hall, Wu Qianqing repeatedly explained the precautions for the ebony to Guan Wuhong, and Guan Tonghong checked the baggage for the ebony to see if there was anything missing. Wu Xi cried in embarrassment while holding the bamboo, and could not bear to leave.

"Dad, mother, brother, Xiaoxi, here we are," Wu Ruo shouted as he entered.

"You're here." Wu Qianqing glanced at Wu Ruo and sighed again, if not worried about the trouble of looking for the ebony secretly in the second
concubine, they would not rush to leave the ebony after the first Yuan Festival.

Wu Ruo asked Hu Yuan to bring the magical instruments, and then handed one of them to Wuzhu: "Brother, you have to put all the magical instruments in here, please don't let anyone steal them. "

It is a pity that his elder brother does not have shadow space like him, otherwise, he does not need to mention such a thing.

Wuzhu was not polite with him either, took the magic weapon, patted him on the shoulder and said, "Father and mother will take care of you from now on."

Wu Ruo nodded: "I will, brother, be careful when you go out, even if the other person is from the Wu family, you must guard against it."

After Wuyu's affairs, Wuzhu will no longer trust others so easily.

Hei Xieyu took out a few bottles of the best elixir and gave it to bamboo.

"Thank you, Xie Ye, you need to take care of Xiao Ruo in the future." Wu Zhu said goodbye to everyone, then picked up a few bags on the table, ready to leave.

Wu Qianqing shouted at him: "Xiao Zhu, bring your baggage and follow me."

Wuzhu froze and followed Wu Qianqing to leave the hall.

Others looked at it in confusion, before too much time, Wu Qianqing came back.

Guan Tong asked in a dumb voice, "Where is Xiaozhu?"

Wu Qianqing said: "I have let him leave from the secret road." Everyone looked at him blankly.
Wu Qianqing explained: "Erhu has tried everything to deal with Xiaozhu because of Wuyu's affairs. However, Xiaozhu has been staying in the Shuqing Academy and she has not found a chance to start. Now Xiaozhu is going out, she must be I will teach Xiaozhu while he is out, so I let Xiaozhu leave the secret road. "

Wu Ruo raised an eyebrow, he never knew that there was a secret passage at home.

His father is hiding so deep.

Ushi asked curiously, "Do we have a secret passage at home? Why don't I know?"

Wu Qianqing said: "I secretly dug this secret passage, even your mother didn't know it."

He has a lot of enemies, so he will dig a secret way in case of need.

Wu Ruo's eyes turned around and said, "Since getting the engagement gift, the grandfather and the uncle have had a great opinion of us. Now the elder brother hits the fifth brother in the school, and the second uncle doesn't like us anymore. It has even become apparent that people in the other yards have rejected the entire Shu Qingyuan, and if they continue, bad things may happen. Dad, have you ever thought about splitting up?
Moving out of Wujia? "

Wu Qianqing froze, and sank his face, "Xiao Ruo, don't mention the separation again."

Hearing words, Wu Ruomu flashed.

When he mentioned just now, his dad didn't even have an atmosphere. This is a good phenomenon, and it also shows that his dad is likely to have the idea, but he just ca n’t move out, so things will be much easier to handle.

Wu Ruo thought that Hei Xuyu didn't sleep all night, so he didn't stay for lunch. He gave away his utensils to his father and mother and left Wu's

Back in Heifu, he suddenly remembered something and asked Hexin about the divination two days ago: "Xinbo, did you really count it for my elder brother, or did you pretend to be in divination?"

That day, he asked Heixin to pretend to give Wuzhu divination, the purpose is to let Wuzhu go to Zuoyuelou by the technique of Gua.

Hexin said, "The old slave really gave Zhu Gongzi a divination." Wu Ruo asked quickly: "What can be calculated?"
Now that the elder brother is without Wuyu and no one else, I don't know if his fate is the same as before.

Heixin shook his head: "Nothing counts."

Chapter 75: You be careful

"..." Wu Ruo looked at him strangely: "How can it not be counted?"

Even the children studying divination in the Wujia School can more or less see the fortunes of a person from the face of the person, not to mention that Heisin is not just a beginner.

Heisin honestly said: "I can't just count the future fortune of Zhu Gongzi. Even the wife and the people close to her can't calculate a star, maybe the slave is not capable enough to penetrate the secret."

Wu Ruo: "..."

Is it related to his rebirth?

Wu Ruo thinks more and more that this is possible, after all, many things have changed since he was reborn.

Now it is impossible to tell whether the experience of the ebony drill is going well, and he began to remember the safety of the ebony again. He was worried that although the life of the ebony was changed, it was likely to return to the original track at some point.

After Wuzhu left Wujia, other 20-year-old children in Wujia also gradually sorted out their baggage, bid farewell to their families, left Gaoling City, and opened their new and unknown road.

The atmosphere of parting is always sad, but reunion is joy. After the children who went out to experience leave, some successful children have returned to Wujia one after another.

There were a total of five children who had successfully returned from this experience. Ubud was pleased to first celebrate the banquet for them, then worship the ancestors and sacrificed them, put them in the genealogy, and
finally engraved the longevity card. It was enshrined in the hall of Changsheng, but did not know that such a move completely stimulated Wu Qianjing.

Originally Wu Chu was able to come back successfully, and like the five people, he could be crowned with a generation, but Wu Chu was dead. It has been more than half a month now, and Ubud has not punished the murderer. Why is Wu Qianjing not angry?

On the day of the sacrifice, he took everyone in the Nanyuan compound to discuss with Ubud. However, Wu Anrun had been hidden by his father Uqianheng for a long time. Wu Anrun's whereabouts, under such circumstances, he can't always find someone to replace Wu Anrun to accept the punishment, so things will not be left out, but Ubud side has promised to find Wu Anrun after the Wuqian competitive disposal .

Wu Ruo smiled when he heard the news, then wrote an anonymous letter to Wu Qianjing, and waited more than half a day before writing an anonymous letter to Wu Anrun's father Wu Qianheng.

Five days later, the news of Wu Anrun's death in P ingxuan Town spread instantly. It is said that Wu Qianheng saw Wu Qianjing killed his son with his own eyes. The death was tragic. Not only was Lingtian destroyed, but also Separating the households shows how much Wu Qianjing hates the murderer who killed his son.

Since then, the Beijing University and the Southern University have been in a weak position. The water and fire are incompatible. As soon as the people in the two hospitals meet, they will fight. Once the people who have been in the two hospitals were seriously injured, this will stop. .

Ubud has a headache now, and he can't figure out how to deal with a matter that can be resolved well, but he can only mediate the relationship between the two courtyards as far as it can go.

Wu Ruo stayed in Heifu because he didn't hear anything outside the window. He concentrated on refining medicine and staying with his children at home, and taught him to practice martial arts, but because he
was too fat, things could only be taught after he got thinner. Moreover, he has long missed the best time for martial arts training. Now martial arts training is just for physical fitness, and it is okay to deal with ordinary people. If someone who understands martial arts only loses.

However, he was not discouraged, because in the last life, because he was unable to practice martial arts, he strengthened the strength of his bones through a bubble bath. After that, he did not know whether it was because of his special constitution. If you encounter a master, you still can't beat it, so he will be called to teach him kung fu.

At a glance, in the past month, time has passed unknowingly. The Nanyuan, once a gated city, has become very depressed. The guards at the gates have not been as dutiful as before, and they have not stood upright like before. Yawning.

At this time, a gorgeous carriage stopped at the gate of the Nanyuan compound.

The guard quickly stood up straight and saw the carriage curtain was lifted up. A beautiful and slender hand like white jade was stretched out on the back of the slave's hand. Then, from the inside, a beautiful-looking boy, long The eyebrows are like willows, the lips are like damask, the skin is as delicate as beautiful porcelain, and the eyes are like the galaxy. The white robe worn on his body makes him look like a daffodil standing upright in the wind, making people look away ...

The four guards at the door saw their eyes straight, and they lost their minds for a long time. They have been here for many years. They have never seen such a beautiful person. If they don't look closely, they think that the other party is a girl in men's clothing.

Ignoring their existence, the boy in white walked directly into the gate of Nandayuan and went to the school of the Intermediate P eople's Court.

Until his figure disappeared into their sight, the four guards took back God.
"Who was the boy just now? He looks so good. I have never seen such a beautiful person."

"I haven't seen such a good-looking boy. Even the flower queen of Chunyi P avilion doesn't look beautiful. Right, who does he come to the Nanyuan compound for?"

After that, the four looked at each other, and then their faces changed greatly. They just looked at the others and forgot to check the identity of each other. If the masters knew that they had neglected their duties, they would be severely punished.

"Which court has the boy gone to?" "I do not know.'

At this time in the school, the elders teaching were asking all the children to find someone to go to the courtyard to learn from each other. Soon, everyone found the object of discussion. Only U Xi stood alone.

She looked around and saw that everyone had a discussion. There was a loss of eyes in the eyes. When the older brother was there, the older brother and her discussed it. Now the older brother is gone, and the others don't wait to see her. I don't know what to do That's good.

"Xiao Xi, I can discuss with you." Someone suddenly said.

Wu Xi looked up and saw Wu Xia, the cousin of Dongdayuan, with a smile: "Okay, thank you Xia for accompanying me."

Uxia glinted under his eyes and smiled, pointing to the open space in the corner and saying, "How about we go there to practice?"

"Okay." Uhi nodded and walked over to him.

Wu Xia said: "Xiao Xi, I can't manipulate Xuan Shu freely at this moment. If you accidentally hurt you, please forgive me."
"Xia brother, please forgive me if I accidentally hurt you." "Okay." Usha immediately cast a spell to draw his deities.
His deity is a female ghost who has been dead for hundreds of years. She is wearing a white robe, her hair is loose, her face is bloodless, her eyes are only white, her nails are sharp and long, like ten swords are extremely sharp, just raise your hand. With one swipe, people can be torn apart.

Uhi saw that he had recruited the most proud god, and his face changed, and he quickly took out the rune paper and arranged the formation.

Wu Xia's eyes were so sharp that she did not give her the opportunity to prepare and directly manipulated the ghost to attack the past.

The female ghost came to Uxi in a teleportation and raised her hand with a fierce wave.

Uxi threw the yellow rune hurriedly. Unexpectedly, the female ghost did not fear these things at all, and tore the yellow rune into pieces with one claw.

"Xiao Xi, your yellow charm is useless to my gods, don't waste your mind." Uxia smiled coldly, and her smile was so cold that she even carried a trace of ruthlessness.

The blow just made U Xi clearly feel the killing sent out by the female spirit ghost. Wouldn't U Xia want her life? However, she wondered why she had no injustice with Uxia. Why did Uxia want to put him to death?

"Xia brother, we are discussing, not a duel of life and death. If you hurt me, the elders will definitely deal with you."

Uxia sneered: "Yes, we are discussing, in the course of discussion, it is common to accidentally hurt each other, and the elders will never blame me."

At the same time, there was a commotion at the gate of the school.
A boy in white walked into the courtyard of the school from the outside. The beautiful appearance made all the children stop talking and whisper.

"Who is this boy? It looks so good. Is it our Wu family?" "P robably not. I have never met this person."
"This man is so beautiful. Is he a man or a woman?" Asked a man with a blushed face and the man next to his elbow.

The man who looked at him also straightened his eyes: "Which man would look so good, he must be a girl."

Immediately, a female disciple retorted them: "You can't be blind. He is obviously a man. Didn't you see him wearing men's clothing?"

"Who has a rule that women must be men's? If you girls go out for training, do some people dress as men for the sake of convenience?"

Girl brother Lengheng: "Which woman have you seen that grows taller than you? I think you want him to be a girl because he looks good, so you can marry home, right?"

The boyfriend retorted: "Don't you just look good because he looks good, and hope he is a man, and then you will have a chance to marry him?"

"You ..." The female disciple was so angry that she could not help looking at the boy in white, but found that the boy in white didn't look at them at all. Eyes like black agate turned around in the yard, and his eyes kept on the yard Shuttled here, and finally, stopped in the corner of the yard, where Usha and Uhi met.

The angle of the mouth of White Man's mouth was slightly bent, and the smile was like a flower, and the beauty was eclipsed. Everyone couldn't help but look down, they don't remember what year it is tonight, they held their breath, they would disturb each other.

He took a step and shouted with open hands as he walked, "Little Greek ..."
Everyone heard the voice of a man, and quickly turned back to God, and saw that Ushi was taken into the arms by the son of White. Then, they saw Uxia's female ghost attacking the son of White and Uxi. The offensive was fierce. It's fierce, it just wants to take the life of the other party.

Everyone exclaimed: "Xiaoxi, be careful."

Chapter 76: How did you get so small

Unfortunately, their reminder was one step behind, and the sharp claws of the female ghost spirit had fallen on the white man and U Xi.

Some timid female brothers quickly covered their eyes, and everyone thought that they would see the two torn to pieces. Suddenly, the white man shot a lot of golden light on the female ghost.

"Ah-" The female ghost spirit screamed, her body was ejected more than ten meters away, and then disappeared in front of everyone, followed closely, everyone heard a gurgling sound, Uxia spit out a blood and fell on On the ground.

"Uxia." Wu Sheng saw his younger brother vomiting blood and hurried over to feed the elixir.

"What happened?"

The class elders who let the children learn from each other heard the movement and hurried to the compound. Immediately, a girl brother accused Wu Xia of "the elder of the class. During the discussion, Wu Xia recruited a hundred years of ghosts to deal with Xiao Xi. If it were not for the white man's magic weapon, the white man and Xiao Xi would be killed In his hand, Wu Xia was injured because he was so defeated because he was backstabbed. He deserved it. "

In fact, she deliberately made things serious so that she could punish Uxia well.

Wu Sheng angered: "You're bullshit."

He knew that Wu Xia had been worried about Wu Ruo because of the skating car, but Wu Ruo had been staying in the Heifu, and had been
struggling to find U Xi without the opportunity to start, but he only wanted to hurt Wu U Hope, Yinwu Ruo came out, never thought of killing Wuxi.

The girl brother looked at him lightly: "Am I talking nonsense, just ask the people present and you will all see it."

Others quickly answered, "Yes, we all saw that the century-old ghost's offensive was fierce and fierce. It was not a matter of negotiation, but the death of others."

If we change to the past, everyone will be pretending to be deaf and dumb, and will not help Uhis talk, but today Uhis is guarded by a white man, and everyone's heart can't help leaning towards people who look good, so as to gain a good impression.

Everyone acknowledged that it was Uxia's fault. The elder of the class ordered the club to hit Uxia's fifty boards, and then faced the wall for another month. After coming out, he needed to submit a review to continue to the school.

Wu Sheng hurriedly asked the elder to forgive: "Elder, my brother has been seriously injured, and hitting the fifty boards will definitely take his life. He also asked the elders to take the punishment of the fifty boards."

The elder of the class stepped forward to take the pulse for Uxia, and it was really not bad. If the back bite was more serious just now, it is likely to destroy Lingtian: "It was really bad, you take him back to treat the injury. After the injury is good, Go to the wall. "

"Yes." Wu Sheng hugged Uxia, staring angrily at Uxi and the white boy before leaving.

The elder of the class looked at the boy in white, and his eyes flashed a stunning look, like a fine-looking boy: "Who are you and why are you in the Wujia School? It is forbidden for outsiders to enter here. If nothing happens, please leave the boy . "
Uxi then found himself in the arms of the white boy, blushing, and away from Wu Ruo.

The son in white respectfully said to the elders of the class: "The elders of the class, the younger son is Wu Ruo, the third grandfather of the Southern University."

"Ah?" Uhis eyes were dumbfounded.

In front of her is the second son, Wu Ruo, who is as beautiful as she came out of the painting?

"What! He is Wu Ruo?" The children of the Nanyuan Courtyard looked at Wu Ruo with unbelievable eyes. How could this beauty be the fat man? It is absolutely deceiving.

"Wu Ruo? Wu Ruo? Who is Wu Ruo? Ah! I remember, it is the big fat Wu Ruo, I'm going, isn't it true?" The other courtyards remembered who Wu Ruo was, and looked. Shocked, his mouth widened, he didn't go back for a long time.

The elder squad was not interested in his sudden weight loss, and frowned, "You are Wu Ruo, what are you doing here for?"

"I didn't come to the school because of inconvenience. Now that people have lost weight, I think I am a Wu family member, but I do n’t know anything about the Wu family ’s mystery. Schools learn some basics. "

The elder nodded and nodded: "Since the patriarch agreed to you, let Uhi take you first, and the others will continue to learn from each other."

He talked about the good things and left.

Wu Ruo looked at Wu Xi, seeing that she was still looking at herself stupidly, and pinched her nose funnyly: "Stupid girl, there are bugs flying into your mouth, and you can't close your mouth quickly."

This voice was indeed her brother. Uxi looked back and still looked at him with disbelief: "You, are you really my brother?"
Wu Ruo teased her: "What? After I lost weight, you won't recognize it?"

"I really don't recognize it, are you really the second brother?" U Xi never thought that her second brother would look so beautiful after she lost weight. Attached, she found that Wu Ruo looks like her mother, and she is glad to see it open. A smile: "You are really the second brother, really the second brother. Dad said before that when he was young, he looked like his mother."

She rushed into Wu Ruo's arms happily; "Second Brother, it's great that you can lose weight, it's really great."

"Stupid girl." Wu Ruo said with a smile, "I haven't seen my father and mother for more than a month. Let's go back and see them first. How about it?"

"Okay." Wu Xi hugged Wu Ruo's arms and pulled him towards the big mouth. They found that everyone still looked at Wu Ruo in shock and couldn't help smirking. Come on, hee hee. "

In the past, when the second brother was still fat, other people would joke about it with her elder brother. Now they are watching her second brother as if they are stunned.

Wu Ruo's eyes flashed sarcasm, a group of superficial people.

Uxi asked, "Second Brother, do you really want to come to the school for class?"

"Um." Wu Ruo didn't originally plan to stop attending the Wu family school in this life, but recently, the corpse also received news that Wu Xi was often bullied and rejected in the school after Wu Zhu left, so he decided to come to the school. In class, he also gave Ubud a few excellent materials for this.

"Great, I can finally go to the school with my second brother." Wu Xi was particularly happy, especially on the way back to Shu Qingyuan. Seeing
everyone see her second brother was astonished and couldn't tell Happy, everyone will never say that his second brother is fat.

When they returned to the Southern Courtyard, the atmosphere became different in an instant, and the surroundings were quiet. P eople did not dare to speak, but just kept their heads down to do things.

"Second Brother, I told you that many things have happened in the past month when you haven't been to Wu's house. Uncle did not know where to get the news. He learned that the brother Anrun of P eking University was in P ingxuan Town. I rushed over and killed Anrun cousin. At that time, the uncle of P eking University went to see Anrun cousin, but no one saw that our uncle was killing his son. "Wu Xi felt so terrible, in just one month, Two cousins died, and family members killed each other.

Wu Ruowen said, his eyes flickered slightly, and he said nothing.

"The uncle at the Beida University brought people to the uncle at the South University to find their accounts. The people in the two courtyards fought. At that time, the casualties were heavy. Fortunately, the second brother did not come to Wu's house, otherwise they would be injured."

Wu Ruo asked: "Are both father and mother okay?"

"Dad and mother have no spiritual power. Naturally, it is impossible to help Uncle them. I was too young and my father did n’t allow me to take a shot. When the people in P eking University entered Shu Qingyuan, they were also glad that they had They did not succeed. ”Uxi pointed forward:“ Second brother, look at these rotten walls and the ground, which were all fought out that day. Now there are no silver repairs in the Nanda compound. The compound, even if there is silver, I think they will be reluctant to take it out. "

Wu Ruo looked in the direction she was pointing at. Most of the courtyard walls collapsed and the ground was pitted. It looked like an old house in disrepair for more than ten years. At first glance, there was no good place.
Ushi said sadly, "I never thought that the Southern Courtyard would become like this one day."

Wu Ruo rubbed her forehead: "Don't worry, things will get better."

"Now uncle they have taken up tasks elsewhere, I want to go, I also want to earn money to support my family."

Wu Ruo raised his eyebrows: "My father and I should worry about these things, and the main thing you need now is to learn mystery well, you know? Besides, Shu Qingyuan is not so downcast that you need a girl to support your family."

"but…  …"

"No, but." Wu Ruo said in a low voice: "Don't forget, Dad was the best of all the brothers. Natural silver also came quickly, and Dad didn't spend a lot of money like uncle. They must have a lot of money. Silver, not to mention so many precious gifts that Hei Xuanyu sent, and just taking out a piece of material to sell it, can make Shu Qingyuan eat for several years, so you don't have to worry about it blindly. "

U Xi thought about it, so she thought of going out of the mission, returned to Shu Qingyuan, and immediately shouted to the people in the room, "Dad, mother, see who is coming."

Shu Qingyuan's servants were just like everyone else. When they saw Wu Ruo, they were stunned. Only Wu Xu felt that the son looked like his wife.

Wu Qianqing and Guan Tong came out of the room and saw Wu Ruo dumbfounded.

Guan Tong wondered: "Xiao Xi, this boy is ..." This man looks like he's seen somewhere.
Wu Xi porked a smile and didn't say who Wu Ruo was.
When Wu Qianqing saw that Wu Ruo was very similar to his wife when he was young, he was not sure: "Little Ruo?"

Wu Xi murmured: "Dad, how can you guess so fast, it's not fun.

Wu Qianqing laughed: "Of the three siblings, you look like your mother." "But it's impossible to guess right."
"I think in this world, except for Xiao Ruo, it is difficult to find a second person like Tong Er."

"Ah? Is he Xiaoruo?" Guan Tong was surprised. "It's only been one month, why is Xiaoruo so thin?"

Wu Ruo smiled: "Dad, mother, are you okay recently?"

Wu Qianqing thought of the recent situation and sighed, "Go into the house and talk.

After Wu Ruo entered the house, he talked with Wu Qianqing about the recent situation. As the egg was waiting for him to pick him up at the restaurant, he did not stay at the Wu family for lunch. As soon as noon, he left Wu family to pick up the drunk moon. Lou Tingshu's son.

When he came to Zuoyuelou, Wu Ruo came down from the carriage and before he entered the restaurant door, he heard someone crying sadly: "Ah, brother, brother, how did you become so small, did you take the wrong medicine? Has it become so small? Brother, do you remember who I am? "

Wu Ruoxuan looked and saw a handsome man crying hugging his son.

Chapter 77: My brother is here

Suddenly he was hugged, first hesitated for a moment, then, with a small hand, he opened his face with tears and snot and wiped the man with his nose: "Who are you? You have stained my robe, Let me go. "

Seeing this, beside him, he shouted while fanning the man with his wings.

The handsome man cried even more. "Brother, you really don't remember who I am, but it doesn't matter, I will find the best doctor to heal you."

The cute little face was so annoyed, "I don't have a big brother like you, and my father can't have a son like yours."

The surrounding guests were amused by his children's words, thinking that the child must have encountered a madman, and was trying to help, a beautiful-looking white boy came over and asked, "What is the matter, egg? ? "

Every look brightened: "Daddy."

The handsome man stumbled upon hearing the words and looked at the person.

Everyone took the opportunity to break free of his embrace, and hug Wu Ruo's thigh "Daddy."

Wu Ruo picked up the child and stared at the handsome man: "Son, what did you just want to do to my son?"

"Your son?" The handsome man stumbled again.

The guard behind him quickly apologized: "Sorry, sorry, my son recognized the wrong person, I'm really sorry."
After speaking, after seeing their eyes closed, they quickly erected the handsome man and left the table drunk moon tower.

Wu Ruo looked at the stained robe on his face: "Is it all right?" Everyone shook his head.
Wu Ruo solemnly said, "If someone holds you like this next time, you must ask the adults around for help?"

Everyone answered obediently: "Okay."

Wu Ruo smiled with satisfaction: "Is the story told today by Mr. Shu Shu good?"

Everyone burst into a lovely smile: "Good, I'll be back in the afternoon." "can.
Wu Ruo hugged him on his horse and returned to Heifu.

"You're back." Hei Xuyi saw them coming back, took the child from Wu Ruohuai's arms, and said to Heihe: "Supper."

Hexin went out and asked the servant to pass on the dishes.

Hei Xunyu put the egg on the chair beside him: "I need to go home." Wu Ruo slightly surprised: "When?"
"On these two days.

Wu Ruo asked, "Do you want me to go back with you?" "Ok."
Wu Ruo frowned.
It is not that he is unwilling to go back with Hei Xuyi, but he is really at ease with his family. Nowadays, there is a particularly stalemate between P eking University and Nan University. His father and mother are in a very bad situation in Wujia. If he leaves Gaoling City at this time, it is hard to guarantee that something he could not predict will happen.

"Can't wait any longer?"

Hei Lips frowned. "Can't wait any longer."

He knew Wu Ruo was worried about the safety of his father and mother, but he could send someone to protect them.

Wu Ruo's eyebrows tightened again: "Did something happen?"

There was a moment of hesitation in Heishuan's indifferent face, and he was thinking about whether to tell the story. An excited voice suddenly came over the door: "Brother, brother, I'm here, your dear brother is here."

Hei Xieyu: "..."

Wu Ruo: "..."

Why does this sound sound so familiar?

Dandan also felt the sound familiar, staring at the door with wide eyes. A purple figure jumped into the yard and rushed into the hall like a horse.
When he saw the three people sitting in the hall, he stopped.

Wu Ruo squinted his eyes. Isn't this person the handsome boy holding the egg in Drunk Moon Tower?

"Why did you come here?" Egg Dan angry. "Dad, this person follows us."

The handsome man looked at Wu Ruo, and then looked at Hei Xieyu, then looked at the egg, and then suddenly hugged the egg: "Brother, I know it is you, I know that I did not recognize the wrong person, brother, You have become so young, how can I tell my father and mother? "
Wu Ruo: "..."

Black shame: "..."

He whispered, pulling his hair with a small hand, "I'm not your brother."

"Cough." Hei Xin stood at the door with a fist and put a cough to his mouth. "Master Four, that child is not your elder brother."

"Ah?" The handsome man looked up at Heixin.

Hei Xin pointed to Hei Xieyu: "That is your elder brother."

The handsome man looked at Hei Xuyi, and immediately loosened the egg, and rushed directly to Hei Xuyi: "Brother, how can you be so ugly, can it be cured?"

Hei Xiu was black and threw people out of the hall. Wu Ruo picked, "He is your brother?"
This man is really the younger brother of Hei Xieyu? Are the two brothers' characters too bad? Moreover, it looks nothing like it.

But having said that, it was the first time he had seen his relatives, and sure enough, many things changed after he was born again.

"Well," Hei Xieyu said faintly, "called Hei Xietang."

Hei Xingtang ran to hug Hei Xuan again: "The throwing posture is still so good-looking, you really are my brother."

Wu Ruo: "..."

His husband's brother is a masochist!

Hei Xietang held up the egg: "Brother, who is this child? How does he look like you?"
Hei Xin smiled and said, "This is the young master, the master's son."

"What?" Hei Xietang said in shock: "He was the elder brother's son? When was he born? How did I know that? Dad and mother do they know?
Brother, you came out this time ..." He shaved his face darkly: "Shut up.
Wu Ruo raised his eyebrows. He felt that Hei Xietang wanted to say something he didn't know just now, but he was stopped by Hei Xie.

Hei Xutang noticed that his elder brother was in a bad mood and shut his mouth obediently.

At this time, the corpse brought the food in. Hei Xuan said quietly: "Dine."
"Okay." Hei Xietang quickly picked up his chopsticks, like a refugee who has n’t eaten for half a year, and quickly delivered the meal to his mouth. Just a pin of incense, the table was swept away by him Light.

Wu Ruo and Dandan both looked stupid. They haven't eaten five meals since they started cooking.

Black Confidence said, "Master Four, haven't you eaten for a few days?" Hei Xietang was full, "I haven't eaten anything since last night."
When I came to Gaoling City, I originally planned to come to the eldest brother after having dinner in Drunk Moon Tower, but was taken away by the guards because I knew the wrong person, so I had to find the eldest brother before eating.

"Is that four young masters full? If not, I will let the people in the kitchen prepare more food."

"I'm full." Hei Xietang glanced at the hall: "Brother, where's Grandma?"
Hei Xin immediately introduced him to Wu Ruo: "Master Four, this is the wife of the master, and your sister-in-law."

Hei Xietang's eyes were wide, and this man was so good-looking. Apart from his elder brother, he had never seen such a good-looking person: "He is my uncle, but he is not one ...

Having said that, he remembered something and closed his mouth quickly.

Hei Xin knew what he wanted to say, and laughed: "Before the wife was obese because of the reason of the concubine, now that she has been relieved, people naturally lose weight."

"That's great." Hei Xietang happily put his hand on Wu Ruo's shoulder. "Then my brother doesn't need to ..."

"P op--" Hei Xieyu put his chopsticks on the table, put his face up and said, "Come with me in the study."

"Yes." Hei Xingtang whispered in Wu Ruo'er's ear: "Dao, when I come back, I have a gift for you.

Hei Xuanyu swept coldly over the arm resting on Wu Ruo's shoulder, and turned out of the hall.

Hei Xuantang quickly followed.

Wu Ruo frowned: "Xinbo, that person is really your brother's brother?"

"Yes," Hei Xin said with a grin. "Master Four is more lively and asks his wife not to be surprised."

Wu Ruo smiled: "This is good."

Hei Xin laughed without saying a word, looking out of the hall, his expression became a little dignified, and he didn't know what the fourth master came here suddenly.

Hei Xingtang followed Hei Xuan to the study.
Hei Xuan asked immediately: "Why did you come out?"

Hei Xietang received a smile, no longer like a stupid look before: "In half a month, the door will be closed."

He raised his eyebrows darkly: "Half a month? Shouldn't there be more than a month to close?"

Hei Xietang's expression was dignified: "The time has suddenly shortened. The big spiritual master is afraid that the elder brother will not come back, and something will happen, so let me come out and look for the elder brother."

"What is it about the Great Master?"

"I don't know." Hei Xietang took out a small medicine bottle from his arms and handed it to Hei Xuan: "This is what the Great Master asked me to give you, and it only has one year's worth."

Hei Xiu took the medicine bottle and asked, "Do we need to wait for a year to go back?"

"Yes, the Great Spirit Master lets you hurry up."

Hei Xuanyu clenched the bottle and said quietly, "If I can succeed in the time, I would not spend so much time here."

"So--" Hei Xitang smiled proudly: "The master sent me to wish you a helping hand."

Hei Xuan sneered: "You're fine without bad things.

Hei Xietang said unhappy: "How can I be bad? Brother, don't underestimate people, I am not as good as you in terms of ability, but in some ways you are not as good as me."

"Well, I'm really inferior to you in terms of trouble."
"Brother, don't you need to hurt me this way? OK, I said but you, I won't tell you this." Hei Xietang smiled: "Brother, please tell me how the child looks like you Matter? Who is the child's mother? "

Hei Xieyu: "..."

"My dad and I thought you would have no children in this life. I didn't expect that the elder brother was so powerful, and he was silently more than two years old. By the way, my aunt has no opinion about you having a child with another woman Right? If there is an opinion, wouldn't it ... "

"You talk too much." Hei Xuyi didn't want to tell him anymore and walked out of the study.

Hei Xuantang quickly followed.

When he was about to return to the hall, Hei Xuyi stopped suddenly and warned Hei Xutang: "Things in our clan and the purpose of our coming out are not allowed to say to anyone, you know?"

Hei Xietang nodded quickly.

Chapter 78: Jealous

The two returned to the lobby, and Hei Xietang immediately asked the guard to give Wu Ruo the gift he brought: "Dasao, please open the box and see what gift I gave you."

Wu Ruo: "..."

It seems not good to open the gift in front of the giver. "Quick, quick." Hei Xietang urged.
Dandan also urged Wu Ruo to open the gift box with curiosity: "Daddy, open quickly, open quickly."

Wu Ruo looked to Hei Xieyu and asked him for opinions. Hei Xunyu nodded: "Go on."
Wu Ruo opened the outer red paper of one of the gifts, and then opened the gift box, which contained a red cloth.

He took a look in doubt, turned out to be a pair of red lewd pants, but--

"Uncle Four, why is there a hole in the back of the pants?" Dandan curiously asked Wu Ruo what he wanted to ask, and the big hole in the obscene pants was obviously not cut, but cut out with scissors. Yes, because the hole was like the moon of the sixteen, Heishangtang smiled mysteriously: "Because this hole can be convenient ..."

Before he could finish his words, hesitated, and the black lewd pants were pulled out of Wu Ruo's hands by black shame. Then, he passed the black pants to Heixin with a black face: "Since the pants are bad, Then burn it. "

"Ah?" Hei Xietang said quickly: "I cut these pants like this, not bad, that
Hei Xuanyu gave him a cold glance.

Hei Xuantang shrank his shoulders and quickly changed his words: "It really is rotten, burn it quickly, ma'am, look at the second gift again."

Wu Ruo was still curious about why Hei Xitang cut his pants, but they did n’t want to let him know and there was no way but to open the second gift box. I just saw a white cylindrical jade in the box. Specifically, What shape did he have before he could see it clearly, the box was quickly taken by Hei Xuanyu to Hei Xin's hand: "Send these gifts to the storeroom and put them away."

Hei Xietang said unhappy, "Don't worry, it's not too late when the gifts are dismantled and put in the storeroom."

Hei Xuan said quietly: "No."

"Brother, don't talk too much, I bet you will use it all one day." Hei Xieyu: "..."
HeiXin laughed: "When the master needs it, I will use it for him."

"But I brought it from thousands of miles, and you have to put them all away," Hei Xietang hurriedly followed when Hessing went out, then whispered in Hessin's ear: "My elder brother and aunt Is n’t there that yet? ”

Black Letter nodded.

"I knew at first glance that my brother was really slow." Hei Xuantang turned back to the hall.

Dandan asked immediately: "Uncle Si, what is my gift?"

Hei Xietang hugged him: "Big brother didn't tell me that I had a little nephew, so I didn't prepare your gift. When we go shopping tomorrow, what do you want, my uncle will buy it for you, how? ? "
"it is good.

"It's still a nephew." Hei Xietang bowed his head and kissed him. "If Dad knows that the elder brother has such a cute son, he will be very happy."

While talking, he glanced at Wu Ruo quietly, and felt relieved to see that Wu Ruo was not unhappy.

Wu Ruo asked Hei Xieyu: "Your fourth brother is here, so will you go home in two days?"

"No more, no more for the time being." Hei Xietang replied on behalf of Hei Xieyu: "Brother has promised me just now, and he will play with me enough and then go back to Hei Xieyu and nod.

Wu Ruo was relieved, it was great.

Although he didn't understand why Hei Xuyi was in a hurry to go home and why Hei Xutang changed his mind after he came, he was still very happy that Hei Xuyi could stay.

"By the time, Ma'am is going home with us." Wu Ruo asked, "How long will you play here?" "About a year."
One year is enough for him to solve everything, and then he can safely leave Hei Xieyu. Wu Ruo opened his mouth and smiled and said, "Okay, I will go back to you in a year."

The smile without any impurities made Hei Xieyu and Hei Xietang slightly lose sight.

Hei Xieye couldn't help but admire: "Ma'am, you look so nice when you laugh, ah-"

His foot was suddenly stomped hard.
Hei Xietang looked at Hei Xie, whose face was calm, and immediately understood that his elder brother was jealous.

Wu Ruo wondered, "What's wrong?"

"It's okay, I hurried all night, so tired, I'm going to sleep." Hei Xietang yawned and stood up holding the egg: "Little nephew accompany me to sleep."

Everybody usually takes a nap, so there is no resistance.

In the evening, Wu Ruo went to sleep in the room, and saw that their large beds were covered with various petals, and the petals also exuded a good smell.

He raised an eyebrow and turned to shout out, "The Corpse Yuan." "Ma'am, what's wrong?" Tomoto entered.
Wu Ruo pointed at the petals on the bed: "You put them?" The corpse shook his head: "No."
"Who put it?" "do not know.
When Wu Ruo saw the corpse really didn't know, he let him out, and then he saw a red box in the center of the big bed.

He picked it up, and just before it was opened, Hei Xieyu came in. Without saying a word, he put the box into the cabinet and let the corpse Yuan collect all the petals.

Wu Ruo asked, "Are you not laying the petals?"

"It's Xuantangpu." Hei Xuanyu said while checking if there were any other strange things on the bed. After making sure, let Wu Ruo go to bed.
"Your brother is really weird." Wu Ruo really wondered why Xie Tang was laying petals on their beds.

Hei Xieyu: "..."

Wu Ruo unbuttoned his robe: "You didn't think the weather was a bit hot today."

It's strange. When I undressed and took a bath, I felt very cold. Why was it suddenly hot?

Hei Xunyu glanced at him.

"It's really hot." Wu Ruo exhaled, as if taking a medicated bath, and was uncomfortably hot. He pulled the lechery on his body: "I can't bear it anymore."

He lay on the bed, panting nonchalantly, "Hei Xuanyu pour me a glass of water."

Hei Xieyu went out and poured a glass of water back to Wu Ruo. Wu Ruo still felt insufficient after drinking: "I want it.
Hei Xunyu found that he was very wrong, raised his hand and touched his forehead, it was not hot, it should not be sick.

"Comfortable." Wu Ruo grabbed his hand suddenly: "Hei Xuan, touch me again.

He quickly lost his sense of autonomy, just trying to find a way to make him comfortable from Hei Xieyu.

Hei Xieyu looked at the charming face, his eyes darkened a little, and soon understood what was going on. He stunned, and sank his face: "Hey Xietang, come out for me."

Of course, no one answered him.
Hei Xuyi said, "I know you are here."

Suddenly, the door of the closet creaked, and there was a person inside.

"Brother, how do you know that I'm hiding here." Hei Xietang had covered up all the breath on his body with a device, and was even discovered by his brother.

Hei Xieyu held his hands stroking on him: "Remedy." "What antidote?" Heishangtang didn't know what he said.
"Don't let me say it a third time." Hei Xuyi's tone was a little angry.

Hei Xietang saw his elder brother get angry, and said quickly: "This kind of charm medicine has no antidote."

Hei Xuanyu stared at him coldly.

"Brother, there is really no antidote, I didn't lie to you." Hei Xunyu raised a hand and stunned Wu Ruo.
Hei Xietang's eyes widened: "Brother, such a good opportunity, you ..." "Shut up and go out."
Hei Xidang didn't dare to refute, sighed, and went outside. Before leaving, he heard Hei Xun's warning sound: "Don't have another time."

"I see." Hei Xietang closed the door.

Hei Xiu took the person to the bed, covered him with a quilt, and was about to pull away. He was attracted by the beautiful face under him. He couldn't help raising his fingers and gently stroked Bai Nen's face, and slid it onto the red lips. , Gently stroked back and forth, and then felt a slight change under him, he quickly pulled out of bed and left.
Wu Ruo was always in the dark in his sleep, and his body was so hot that it was unbearable. Like the last life, when he was burned by Ruan Yue, he was burned. However, the body did not have pain, but it was uncomfortable. Looking for a place to vent.

"Brother, you can't stay here anymore. Come back with me." Who, who is talking?
Wu Ruo suddenly lighted up, and then saw Hei Xietang standing not far. There was doubt in his eyes, where is this? Why is he here?
"Brother, did you hear me?" Hei Xietang standing in front of him cried; "brother, if you continue this way, Wu Ruo, who will die, hears the word" death ", his face changes, He hurried forward and asked, "What's wrong with Hei? "Hei Xietang looks like he can't see him, and desperately pulls the person sitting on the ground:" Brother, you should be clearer than anyone else. If you die, you can't be resurrected. If you torture yourself like this, Dasao can't come back. Did you hear what I said? Do you know that father and mother are very worried about you, please come back with me. "

Wu Ruo looked at the people on the ground, the other side was sitting on the ground with his back to him, and he didn't know what he was doing. His arms kept moving.

"Black shame?"

The people on the ground did not respond.

Wu Ruo quickly walked down and squatted down, and saw Hei Xieyu holding a white ball in his hand, strangely, "Hei Xieyu, what are you doing?"

Hei Xieyu seemed to have not heard what he said, and continued to hold his hand.
Wu Ruo felt weird, why did both of them ignore him, even Hei Xingtang, who was standing beside him, didn't look at him.

He reached out and shook him in black, but the other side didn't react at all.

"Brother, I beg you, am I still okay? I beg you to come back with me? You will stay here again, you will be really dead."

Wu Ruo heard what Hei Xietang said and looked up in confusion. Where is this?

He hadn't had time to see everything around him, and suddenly his eyes were black, and when he lit up again, he saw the red curtain above his head.

Chapter 79: would you like

Wu Ruo looked at the tent curtain illuminated by a faint candlelight, and blinked and blinked. Is he now back to reality? So what he just saw is he dreaming? But it's real, like it's happened before. It is strange that he only saw Hei Xietang today, how could he dream of this person.

He exhaled lightly, feeling secretly funny, but it was a dream, thinking about so much.


How did he lie in bed and fall asleep? Nothing at all.
hiss! ?

Why does his neck hurt so much? It's like being hacked into a note.

Wu Ruo thought hard for a moment, the memory in his head only stayed at him and asked Hei Xieyu to pour water for him, and he didn't remember it later.

He looked over to his side, Hei Xieyu fell asleep with his eyes closed, the black ink scattered on the bed, the two thin lips were gently folded, his hands in the belly were elegant, his breathing was quiet, his breath was still indifferent, and it was difficult to get close, like A majestic lion will wake up at any time, and his majestic impulsiveness will not converge because he falls asleep.

He moved his body lightly, leaned towards Hei Xieyu, turned over and lay on his back, staring at the scaly face.
In the dream, this person is a real person, but the person in the dream is very embarrassed, not as inspiring as the person in front of him, nor as indifferent as the person in front of him.

I don't know if he died in the last life, will Hei Xieyu be upset about his death like he was in his dream.

Suddenly, the deep-sleeper opened his eyelids, and the dark and bright eyes did not seem to just wake up.

Wu Ruo jumped in shock, the next moment, he was held by the other side.

He struggled quickly, but the other side firmly held him in his arms, then gave up his resistance, lay on his chest in peace, and a strong heartbeat passed into his ear.

Wu Ruo hesitated, slowly raised her hand to hold the black waistline, and through the cloth, clearly felt a strong body under the clothes.

He couldn't help but think of the scene where the two loved each other in bed in the last life. The other side was full of * * * *body, strong chest, thin waist, strong arms, thighs full of power, and ...

"Why are your heartbeats so fast?" Because the two of them were close together, Hei Xuanyu could also feel his heartbeat speed. Sexy and hoarse voice not only did not let Wu Ruo stop thinking, but he went deeper and deeper. , Hei Xiong's rough gasping voice lingered in his mind, and the sound of the two bodies colliding constantly made him feel hot.

"It's okay, okay." Wu Ruo buried his head in Hei Xieyu's chest, so embarrassed to look at the other side's face.

Hei Xuanyu didn't think he was okay, and when he thought of looking up, he noticed that there was a hard object on his thigh.

He hesitated a little, and soon he understood what was going on, with a funny smile in his eyes.
At this moment, Wu Ruo was so embarrassed that he kept despising himself. He was really ashamed. He just held the other's waist and thought of the reaction. The most depressing thing was the faint lotus scent emanating from the other side made him more Harder and harder.

"Hey, you let me go."

Hei Xunyu didn't listen to him, instead tightened his arms and reached under his other hand.

Wu Ruo looked up and raised his head, and the next moment, his lips were captured by the other party, and he easily attacked the city and swept every place in the city.

"Relax," he said, kissing his soft lips, and his hoarse, low voice seemed to contain magic, let Wu Ruo soften his body unconsciously, and even instinctively wanted to get more: "Hurry up."

Hei Xieyu had a deeper smile under his eyes, and his eyes were getting darker. Listening to the gasp of moans from his body, his breath became more and more unstable, and finally, the hot little things finally softened on him. Hands.

After Wu Ruo vented, she fell flat and fell on Hei Xieyu, panting, and then felt something against him.

"! ! ! ! ! ! " He looked up in shock, immediately facing the hot black eyes that could melt people: "Yes, to solve it for you?"

Hei Xuan's big hand slid to his hip and asked dumbly, "Would you?" "! ! ! ! ! ! " Wu Ruohong blushed. "I said by hand."
Hei Xun pursed his lips and said nothing, indicating that he didn't want him to fix it with his hands.

Wu Ruo went back to him and whispered, "I'm not ready yet.
Although the husband and wife had long been married in the last life, the relationship between the two was too bad. In this life, the two cannot be separated from each other or abstinence for a lifetime, so he wants to wait for the relationship between the two to do it further.

Hei Xingyu ticked the corner of his mouth.

Without preparation, it means no rejection, and he can wait for him slowly.

He got up and put on a cloak, and then took another cloak to lift Wu Ruo to wash his body.

In the early morning the next morning, Wu Ruo felt three strange eyes staring at him, one from Heigan, the other from Hei Xin, and the other was Hei Xingtang sitting opposite him. The naked eyes made him unable to ignore .

Wu Ruo took two mouthfuls of porridge, put down his spoon and asked Hei Xietang, "Four brothers, why do you keep looking at me? Are there any problems with me?"

Hei Xutang winked at him and asked, "Ma'am, how did you sleep last night?"

Hei Xun's chopstick chop motion slightly, glanced at Wu Ruo.

Wu Ruo did not hear the other meaning in the words: "Sleeping well, it seems that I was hit with a stick and my neck hurts a little."

Hei Xieyu: "..."

Hei Xietang: "..."

"A little bit sour until now." Wu Ruo pressed his neck. Hei Xietang anxiously said, "I'm not asking you this." "Which is that?" Wu Ruo looked puzzled.
"I heard that last night, Big Brother hugged you to take a bath."

Wu Ruo blinked, and suddenly, a bang, Bai Nen's cheeks were painted with carmine: "I'm full, eat slowly, I'm going to class."

He rose quickly and ran out of the hall.

Hei Xietang smiled: "Oh, Dasao can run so fast, it means that you didn't work hard last night, otherwise, he must not get out of bed today."

Hei Xieyu: "..."

Hei Xin and Hei Gan covered their mouths and smiled. "I see. You must have hurt your aunt, then ... uh ..."
Hei Xieyu clamped a * * * *and stuffed it into his mouth.

Wu Ruo went out of Heifu, took the carriage directly to Wujia Shuqing Academy, and went to the school with Wu Xi. On the way, I met Wu Xiao and Wu Bai from Shu Tong Yuan.

When Uber saw Wu Ruo, he jumped up immediately: "Liu, Li, are you really Liu?"

Wu Ruo asked him: "If I am not your sixth brother, who do you think I am?"

"But Liu's brother was so thin and suddenly he hadn't seen him for more than a month, just like he's become a person, but Liu's looks so good to you." Wu Bai looked at him with a smile.

Wu Xiao sneered: "What's the use of good-looking, you must be successful if you succeed in training."

Wu Ruo glanced at him from the corner of his eye.

Of course, in Wu Xiao's eyes, the look seemed to be catching people's soul, his face could not help but snorted, and quickly turned to the

Wu Xi replied: "Qi brother, have you heard of someone outside of you, don't think that you can't afford to be crowned with a generation, maybe you have established a foothold in Wujia, but you don't know how to die outside."

This is the truth. There are many people in the Biwu family. For their great-grandfather, his ability is only a medium level in the Imperial City, and those in the big families will simply ignore him.

Wu Bo asked innocently: "Liu, you are now in the school, will you go out to practice in the future?"

Wu Ruo said directly, "Don't go."

If it was the last life, he would definitely pay attention to the things he experienced. In this life, he is not rare to have his own tablet in the Wujia Ancestral Hall.

Wu Xidao: "Second Brother, I won't go, anyway, I will marry someone later, it doesn't matter if I don't enter the genealogy."

"Huh? Want to marry at a young age?" Wu Ruo raised her hand and flicked her forehead.

"Second Brother." Uhi shyly stomped. Wu Ruo chuckled.
Wu Bai and Wu Xiao beside him couldn't help but stare at his smile, as Bailian was in full bloom, it was incredible.

At the school, Wu Ruo immediately attracted everyone's attention.

One day has passed, and everyone still can't believe that this beautiful- looking boy will be the fat man who is as fat as a pig. In addition to surprise, they are also happy and sad.
I am glad to see such a beautiful person every day in the future. It is sad that this person is a Wu family like them. They cannot pursue him.

Wu Ruo ignored them and sat in the same position with Wu Xi.

Wu Xi lowered his voice and whispered: "Second brother, wait for the elders' class. When he is in class, you must not be distracted, or you will be punished by the elders."

Wu Ruo rubbed her forehead and smiled: "Don't worry."

After a pillar of incense, all the children in this room came together. Soon, a middle-aged man in a brown robe came in.

Wu Xi whispered, "He is the elder."

As soon as the elder entered the classroom, he noticed that everyone's eyes had been on the man with a beautiful appearance. He snorted and went to the lecture: "I heard that there is a new child today, I don't know which one."

Wu Ruo saw his eyes fall on himself, and stood up: "Wu Ruo has met the elders."

The elders of the industry asked directly: "Can you watch the stars and face each other?"

Everyone heard that the elders of the industry intentionally wanted to embarrass Wu Ruo.

Wu Xi looked at Wu Ruo with a worried expression. Wu Ruodao: "No."
He has never learned anything in this life, of course it is impossible to say yes.

"Can the draw symbol work?"
"will not?"

The elder asked again, "Can you understand the spell?" "can not read it."
The elders' eyes flashed and fooled, "Have you read the book that arranges the formation of enchantment?"

The elder slammed the table angrily: "This will not, that will not, what's the point of your coming to school? The old man also heard that you have no spiritual power, so even if you have learned these yin and yang skills, it is better to use You spend more time coaxing your husband and wife to be happy and keep your male and female positions, so as not to become a cousin. "

Chapter 80: Pakse

These remarks are really mean, everyone heard someone snickers, and some people sympathize with Wu Ruo.

Uxi was furious, and wanted to stand up to speak for the second brother, but Wu Ruo was firmly pressed on the shoulder.

Wu Ruo said respectfully: "The elders of the industry, because the juniors do n’t understand anything, they have to come to the school to learn. At least when others ask the juniors about the Wujia Xuanshu, the juniors can also answer them, so they do n’t lose the wu The face of the family, therefore, it is not necessary to use mysticism to learn, and the younger generation does not understand anything, at least, the younger generation is still very clear. "

The elder sneered, "I'm going to hear what you understand?"

When he knew that Wu Ruo was going to study in the school, he was particularly opposed, because for him, it was ridiculous for a person with no spiritual power to come to school to learn mystery, and it wasted his time to teach a person.

"Although the juniors came to the class on the first day, they still knew that as a tutor, they should have a tolerant heart, should not have any prejudice, contempt, and should not be so mean and bitter, and the negative mentality of the elders is obviously too much. It is very unfavorable when manipulating the gods, and it is easy to be manipulated by the gods. I believe the elders should know this better than their younger ones. "

Wu Ruo's humility and astonishment surprised everyone.

They found that Wu Ruo not only became thinner, but also changed his temperament a lot. If he changed to the past, he wouldn't know which
corner to shrink to, and who would dare to stand and blame the elders. "..." The elder Ye was utterly refuting, his face flushed with anger. "Second Brother, well said." Uxi couldn't help but utter a voice.
The elder Chen sank, and scolded, "Uh, you go out and stand for me." Uxi stuck out her tongue and obediently stood outside the room.
The elder glared at Wu Ruo with a stern look, and at the end of the class, he immediately left the classroom, and U Xi ran to Wu Ruo: "Second Brother, how do you feel about going to class on the first day?"

Wu Ruo smiled: "Nothing special."

For someone he had learned before, it was boring, and he was here to accompany Ushi.

"Second Brother, let's go back to dinner."

Wu Xi hugged Wu Ruo's arm happily and left the school. When he was about to leave the courtyard, five young people walked out of the gate leading to the P eking University. Four of them were children of the P eking University. The other one was very uniquely dressed: "Second Brother, look at that man who is dressed strangely.

Wu Ruoyan looked up, and suddenly, the beautiful star was covered with a layer of ice, staring deadly at the young man who was wearing a special dress. The man looked handsome, with a black tear under his right eye.
Yin, the robe is sewn from various feathers, like a colorful big rooster, with a few beautiful feathers on his head, which is very noticeable.

Wu Xi saw Wu Ruo staring at the man and asked, "Second Brother, do you know him?"

Wu Ruoleng said: "I don't know."
It's strange not to know, even if this person is turned into ashes, he can recognize it.

He was P akse, who married Ushi in the last life, and did not expect to meet him a few years in advance.

P akse also noticed Wu Ruo, his eyes flashed with surprise, and he quickly asked the people around him: "An Shu, who is the very beautiful man?"

Wu Anshu also saw Wu Ruo and shook his head: "I don't know. I have never seen this man before. I only know that the little girl next to him is called Wu Xi, who is from the Shu Qingyuan of the Southern University."

"Brother, he is Wu Ruo, Wu Xi's second elder brother." Wu Anshu, a young boy beside Wu Anshu, said, "It's the big fat man who has no spiritual power. He didn't know what panacea he took recently. It's getting better. "

Wu Anshu was surprised: "He is Wu Ruo ! ?" Bather curiously asked, "Is he fat before?"
Wu Rui nodded: "Well, he's very fat. I heard he weighed six hundred pounds and was over six feet wide."

"..." P akse can't imagine that such a beautiful person once had such a fat body.

Wu Ruo did not want P akse to make U Xi's idea again and took U Xi quickly to leave the courtyard.

Seeing the beauty leaving, P akse was anxious and wanted to catch up, but was stopped by Wu Anzhen: "P akse, you can't go to the southern courtyard."

Bather wondered: "Why?"

"Recently, the Beijing University and the South University have been in a stalemate, and even reached the point where the situation is so fierce. If
you bravely passed by, people in the South University know that you brought me, and they will definitely do something to you."

Bather frowned. "So serious?"

Isn't he without a chance to approach the beauty, thinking of this possibility, he can't help feeling a little lost.

Wu Ruo sent Wu Xi back to Shu Qingyuan, and immediately left Wu's house, and returned to Heifu to ask Jiu Jiu to inquire about P akse.

In less than half a day, news came back, and the dead nine said, "This man named Ba'er was met by Wu Anshu during the training. At present, Wu'an Shu's identity is not very clear. A large family from the southeast with strange abilities, Wu Anshu came to him at this time, I'm afraid that he might want to use his power to deal with the southern courtyard. "

Wu Ruoyan looked cold.

In the last life, P akse was brought back by Wu'an Che. Everyone did not know P akse's identity. It was not until Uhi became married to P akse that he knew that P akse was the son of the P atriarch of Southeastern Cambodia. And Cambodians will all be head-dropping, known as the head-falling division. The falling head division is divided into black falling head division and white falling head division. The former is mainly based on receiving money from others, and there is no morality at all. The latter mainly helps people to surrender, to be in harmony with others. There are countless types of casts and processes. I often like to collect the bones, corpse oil, dry human fetuses, graves, etc. as materials in the dark places. The process of practicing spells is extremely scary and hidden.

These were only later learned by him. In his eyes, the beheader is similar to the wizard, and they are used to kill people.

Wu Ruomu sighed coldly.

P akse, since you came to your door so soon, don't blame me for being cruel.
Wu Ruo took the medicinal materials to make the insect-proof powder, and then let the corpse Jiu take it to the Shuqing Hospital. Spread the powder around the courtyard to prevent strange insects from entering the courtyard.

Early the next morning, Wu Ruo and U Xi met P akse again on their way to the school.

Seeing Wu Ruo, P akse stared so brightly that he walked over and stopped Wu Ruo's way.

Wu Ruo quickly blocked Wu Xi behind him and said coldly, "Is something wrong?"

P akse stared at Wu Ruo's face with a smile: "The next name is P akse, a guest of P eking University. This morning, nothing happened to hang out, but he accidentally lost his way. I don't know where the son is.
Orientation? "

When Wu Ruo saw him stare at him with a sullen expression on his face, wouldn't this person only want the other person to look good?

He pointed in the direction of the P eking University. "The P eking University is on the side."

"Thank you." P asir handed the plum blossom to Wu Ruo: "This is the plum blossom just planted under the tree. Thank you son for pointing the way."

Wu Ruomu blinked and smiled, "Thank you."

P akse looked at his smile a little bit lost, and then saw him take over the plum blossoms, his smile even deeper.

Wu Ruo and Wu Xi continued to walk to the school until they could not see P akse, and U Xi said, "Second brother, this man looks strange.

Wu Ruo glanced at her: "Strange? Why do you think so? I think he is very personable and extraordinary."
In the last life, Ushi commented on P akse.

Uxi eagerly said, "Second Brother, I'm not a good guy at the first sight. Don't be fooled by his appearance."

Wu Ruo was silent.

They also persuaded Uxi in the last life, but Uxi didn't listen and insisted on marrying this person, but no one thought that P akse would curse Uxi.

"Second Brother, do you hear what I say?"

"Um." Wu Ruo shakes the plum blossom in his hand, and suddenly, ‘ a bang, the plum blossom in his hand burns.

"Ah one one," Uhi exclaimed, "P lum blossoms are burning! "

Wu Ruo smiled meaningfully: "It burns and burns. I don't plan to take the plum back."

At the same time, P akse, who hasn't gone far, seems to be sensing something. He stunned, turned around, and looked in the direction that Wu Ruo left. He couldn't believe it and mumbled, "Broken?"

It can be said with confidence that no one except the beheader and the wizard can solve the curse he casts in the plum blossoms, but now someone has broken the magic curse he cast. Who is it? Who broke his curse?

Are there other beheaders and wizards in Wu's house?

P akse did not dare to act lightly, but for the next few days, he deliberately encountered Wu Ruo every day, and found an opportunity to talk to Wu Ruo.

Wu Ruo smiles every time, as long as this person does not hit his loved ones, the others are not afraid.
"Second Brother, I heard that Wu Xia will come to the school today to teach." U Xi said.

Wu Ruo raised his eyebrows: "He's hurt? Isn't it that he wants to face the wall for a month after the injury?"

"I don't know if his injury is good or not. I only know that in order not to delay the course, Uxia's father pleaded with the elders and said that he had class during the day and faced the wall at night.

"Here it comes. We don't have to be afraid of him. He didn't dare to do too much in the school. However, this man has revenge. We must be careful in the future."

"I will protect the second brother."

"You can't even fight Uxia, how can you protect me?"

Wu Ruo smiled and pinched her little nose, and then felt that someone was watching them. He looked up, and the brothers Wu Xia and Wu Sheng stared at them at the gate of the academy. Meaning and anger.

The last time Uxia was hurt and defeated. He suffered a big loss and hurt Uhi. He hurt himself. Even his most proud * * * *was dispelled because of Uru's magic weapon. So how could he possibly Do not hate Wu Ruo and U Xi.

Wu Ruo took the initiative to greet Wu Sheng and Wu Xia: "U Xia, are you hurt?"

"Don't be proud." Wu Xia snorted and turned away with Wu Sheng.

Wu Xi heard Wu Ruo's previous story with Wu Xia: "Second brother, this man is too stingy to ignore such people.

It's too stingy to hate someone just because he won the skater competition, who dare to play with him in the future.

Wu Ruo said nothing and smiled at the distant figure.
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