Comeback of the Abandoned Wife Chapter 61-70

Chapter 61: Waitress

Wu Ruo opened the quilt: "Hurry up."

Hei Sui hesitated for a moment, and sat up: "You take off your pants."

"..." Wu Ruo's forehead slid down the black thread: "The needle has a thread on it, which can be pulled out without taking off your pants."

Hei Xuanyu walked to the other side of Wu Ruo. Although he was in the dark, he could still see the white hanging pants hanging at a glance.

Wu Ruo anxiously asked, "Did you see it?" Hei Xun's eyes lightly moved: "No."
"No?" Wu Ruo depressed: "Then you go to light the lamp, and you can see the flames more clearly."

"No need to.

"How can you find it without lighting?"

Hei Xiu said nothing, but his hand touched his ass.

"! ! ! ! ! ! " Wu Ruo's eyes widened in shock. "What are you doing?" Hei Xingyu ticked the corner of his mouth: "Look for a needle."
Wu Ruo was about to resist this way of finding a needle, and the people behind him touched the place where they were pierced: "Yes, yes, there is."

"This?" Hei Xuyi deliberately deviated. "No, go up."
Hei Xun's hand moved a few inches to his waist.

"It's to the left, not to the top. I'm lying on my side now, and it should be moving toward the thigh side." Wu Ruoqi said quickly: "Hey, if you can't see it, hurry Light up.

Hei Xieyu had a deeper smile under his eyes. Before he was not angry, he pulled out the needle thread, and then saw a black shadow hanging below the thread: "What's this?"

Wu Ruo quickly turned around and snatched the purse back to the pillow: "Nothing.

In fact, this is the gift he wanted to give to Hei Xieyu. In order to show the specialness of the gift and show his sincerity, he decided to do it himself.

Seeing that he was unwilling to say it, Hei Xun no longer asked much, and stretched out his pants.

Wu Ruo was startled and hurriedly grabbed his trousers, angrily: "What are you doing off my pants?"

Hei Xuan said quietly: "Apply the medicine."

Wu Ruo quickly refused: "No, the wound is not big, so no medicine is needed.

Besides, the wound is so small, how can you find the injured place. "determine?"
Wu Ruo gritted his teeth, "I'm pretty sure." Hei Xunyu was no longer attached.
Wu Ruosong sighed, pulled up the quilt, closed his eyes to sleep, but did not see the corner of the man's mouth bend a perfect arc.
On the next day, Hei Xieyu got up on time, and Bi Ruo went to the lobby to eat.

Before long, Numu also came to the hall.

"Hey kid, the new year is coming, and I need to get back to the witch family to survive."

Hei Xuxi raised his eyebrows: "When will we leave?"

"I'm going out today to buy some herbs, and leave tomorrow morning." "Need me to send you back?"
"You don't have to be so troublesome." Numu took out a piece of paper and put it in front of Heishuyu: "Today, before you go to bed every night, follow the steps I wrote above to push out the maggots in Xiaoruo's body."

Hei Xingyan picked up the paper and read it carefully.

"When the tapeworm comes out, it must be burned with fire to prevent it from getting into another person's body again.

When the black letter that stood by the side kept silent, his eyes moved, and he asked, "In this case, you must take off your clothes when you drive the maggots out. Otherwise, where do the maggots come from? I don't know when I come out. "

As he said, he kept blinking at Numu.

Numu looked for a moment, quickly understood his intentions, and said with a smile: "Yes, it is very likely that tapeworms will come out of a certain part of the body. You must pay attention to it if you get back into Xiaoruo's body. , Is tantamount to wasting thoughts, wasting the spiritual power of the black boy.

Hei Xin chuckled.
"Um." Hei Xingyu, who focused on reading the content on the paper, did not find the eyes of the two communicating.

"What are you talking about?" Wu Ruo was helped by the corpse and corpse into the hall.

Numu knows that Wu Ruo, who knows medicine, is not so deceived as Hei Xie, naturally he did not tell him to take off his clothes and force insects: "I'm talking to Hei Zi about the witch's age tomorrow."

"Ah?" Wu Ruo hurriedly asked, "Master, are you going back? Can't you live here for years?"

"It's not convenient for me to live here, and there are still some things at home that I need to wait for." Numu took out a medical book: "I have written my many years of medical experience in this book, you Check it out when you have time. "

Wu Ruo looked reluctant: "When will you come back again?"

"This ..." Numu shook his head: "I may not come to Gaolingcheng again, and I have nothing to teach you."

After getting along with this time, he knows that Wu Ruo's medicine is very good, and his experience is very rich. It doesn't look like he just learned medicine, so there is really nothing to teach him except to teach him witch medicine. .

Wu Ruo was a little angry: "Do you have to teach me medicine to come to Gaolingcheng?"

"I didn't mean that." Numu saw that he really was reluctant to rub himself, rubbing his forehead: "Xiao Ruo, we still have a chance to meet again, yes, don't you have my jade? If you miss me, you can find me at the Uzu. "

Wu Ruo knew that Nu Mu had a family in the Wu clan, and it was not easy to force him to stay here for years.
After having breakfast, he asked the corpse to prepare new year gifts for Numu to take home.

Heisin asked, "Ma'am, how are we going to spend the new year in our house?"

Wu Ruo was surprised.

Every year in the previous life, Hei Xieyu brought his people back to his clan almost every time he lived. Therefore, every year the Heifu in the new year is deserted, and there is no atmosphere of a new year.

In this life, he wants to be lively.

"Make two new suits for each low-level corpse servant, four sets of robes for the middle-level corpse servant and guard, and six sets for the rest. The fabric should be new, not lethargic, it is better to let others see it. I know it's us.

Hexin kept all these words in his heart: "Will the mansion be redecorated?"

"Before I became married to Hei Xieyu, the house was renovated, and there is no need to waste silver for renovation. At that time, as long as the festive decorations are hung in the house, uh, we need to prepare new year gifts and gifts. That's all for now. "

"Okay, I'll send someone to do these things later."

When the words fell, the children's giggling laughed outside the door. Hei Gan came in and hugged the eggs.
Hei Xin chuckled: "Little Master woke up."

Doudou broke free from under the black dry body, excitedly moved her short legs and unstable steps, hurriedly ran to Wu Ruo, then hugged Wu Ruo's calf, and giggled her head toward Wu Ruo.
Wu Ruo raised his finger and touched his little face: "Don't you talk?"

HeiXin laughed and said, "I can't speak yet, but the old slave is already teaching him to learn to call dad. I believe it won't be long before the young master can call his wife."

"Come, call Dad." Wu Ruo teased.

As if he couldn't understand what he was saying, he blinked his beautiful big eyes, and his long thick black eyelashes were like two small hair fans, one by one.

"If you call my father, I won't blame you for the trouble you caused yesterday, and I will let Xinbo take you out to play."

Everyone's eyes lit up: "Daddy." Heigan "..."
He thought the young master was naughty and cunning. Hei Xin rejoiced, "Little Master can talk."
Wu Ruo was angry and funny, poking her face with her hands: "Did you pretend not to speak? Uh?"

Giggle giggled and turned to hug Shin's calf.

Hei Xin picked him up and laughed, "Wait for the young master to have breakfast, we will go out to play."

Everyone nodded happily.

Wu Ruo warned in advance: "If you go out as naughty as yesterday, you will not be allowed to go out again."

Everyone nodded happily again.

Wu Ruo sank her face: "Since you can talk, don't nod."
Yandan flattened his mouth: "Okay. Wu Ruoyang smiled.
When the child was full, he returned to the room to continue what he did not finish last night. Then, after spending the morning and afternoon, he finally embroidered the money bag. The only dissatisfaction was that his embroiderer was too bad. The runes and formations on the purse are still valid.

Wu Ruo stared at his masterpiece for a long time, and decided to wait for the new year before giving the money bag to Hei Xieyu.

At dinner, Hei Xin instructed the servants in the kitchen to make a large table dish, let Wu Ruo and Hei Xieyu give Nu Mu the practice, and gave New Year's gifts to Nu Mu in advance.

The three stayed together until they were finished. Take a bath in the advanced bath room.
After he came out, it was Uro's turn to wash in again.

As soon as Wu Ruo went in, he felt that the bath room tonight was a little different. P erhaps it was because he didn't need to take a medicinal bath anymore. The whole room had an aroma.

When I walked to the front of the tub, I saw petals on the water. Wu Ruo raised an eyebrow and asked, "Why put so many petals?"
The corpse replied: "The butler said that his wife had too much medicine on her body and needed to go to her body.

Wu Ruo doubted him, took off his robe and sat in the bucket.

Zhe Yi, Zhe You and Zou Jiu came around. One person was responsible for massaging him, and the other was rubbing his back. The other two were
responsible for washing hands and feet. They were so enthusiastic that they did not rub off a layer of skin.

Wu Ruo saw them working so hard, it was very enjoyable, but it was not right after washing. After the corpse Yuan followed them, they hadn't seen them so carefully, even they had to help him with the cracks in their nails. Clean it up.

"Are you guys hiding something from me?" "No," the four said in unison.
Wu Ruo felt they were even more suspicious: "You must have something to hide from me."

The four stopped talking, and after cleaning him, they helped him out of the bath tub and then applied him with sesame oil.

"You absolutely have something to hide from me. Otherwise, why is it the petal bath and the scented oil, please tell me honestly." Wu Ruowen smelled his hands, the scent of his body could smoke people.

The four corpses looked at each other. In the end, the corpse coughed embarrassedly and whispered, "The butler said, his wife is going to bed tonight."


Wu Ruo froze, staring blankly, and couldn't settle: "What? Waitress?"

Chapter 62: crush you

The corpse looked at his unacceptable look, and nodded daringly.

Wu Ruo asked again: "The dormitory you said, wouldn't it be the dormitory I think?"

The four corpses noticed his anger, and did not dare to speak any more. He lowered his head and put on his obscene clothes and heavy cloaks.

Wu Ruo couldn't believe it.

He was so fat that he even wanted him to sleep! ?

The corpse Yuan and the corpse also silently helped him leave the bath room and came to the interior of the room.

Hei Xuanyu was watching the steps that Numu gave him. When he heard the steps in, he raised his eyelids and looked at him slightly.

Wu Ruohe stood by the bed with a black face, motioned to the corpse to go out, and then stood in front of the bed and stared at Hei Xuan.

Hei Xieyu put the paper away and tucked it under his pillow: "Go to bed." Wu Ruo's forehead was straight, and he resisted the urge to hit him.
Hei Xuan saw his motionless and tightened his brows: "Come up.

Wu Ruo looked at him and looked at the bed again: "You hold me up." Humph!
Didn't he let him sleep? Come on!
Uncle I crush you.

Black rendering 翊 "..."
Wu Ruo was so proud of herself that she couldn't hold her? It was embarrassing to have him sleep, it was just death.

Seeing his contentment, Hei Xuan raised his eyebrows, lifted the quilt, stood up, and tore off the cloak straps tied to his neck.

Wu Ruo quickly grabbed the cloak: "What are you doing?

Hei Xuanyi tore his cloak off and hung it on the clothes hook, and then thought about how to hold the person to bed. After all, Wu Ruo's body is too wide, and his arms can only hold half of his body at most. If you can't hold it, you will fall easily.

"Hurry up, I'm cold." "Wu Ruo shook without a cloak to keep warm.

Hei Xieyu grabbed his right wrist, then squatted down and grabbed his right ankle. Suddenly, with a force, he lifted the man to the bed and threw it.

Suddenly, Wu Ruo turned around in the sky. The next moment, the man was thrown onto the bed. Fortunately, the bedding was thick enough, otherwise, he had "undressed." Hei Xuan said quietly.

"I don't." Wu Ruo moved his body inside hardly.

The black muscles on the forehead bounced wildly. He spent his spiritual energy to help him out of the worm, but he was so reluctant. Is it worried that it will hurt?

He squinted. "Are you hurting?"

I remember that Numu said that the process of exorcism would be very painful. This person must be painful.
Wu Ruo's fat face was red and hot, and he was furious: "If it were you, you would also be in pain."

He still clearly remembers how they felt when they loved each other for the first time.

Hei Xuanxi frowned. "Don't worry, you'll be well soon." Wu Ruo stared at him shamefully, "You lie."
The shortest time in the last life was half an hour, and this man usually took it more than once.

Hei Xunyu had limited patience and went straight to take off his clothes.

"Hei Xieyu, do you want the overlord to bow hard?" Wu Ruo angrily pounced on Hei Xieyu, pressed the person under him, and then picked up the pillow and smashed Hei Xieyu. Can't you wait for me to lose weight and do that again? I'm so fat now, how can you get your mouth off? "

He was snoring by him, and for a while, he didn't understand what he said.

At this time, a piece of white paper floated down from the air, and landed on Hei Xuan's face.

Wu Ruo stunned: "What is this?"

He took a look and wrote several steps on it, because the previous life had solved it, so he knew that this was the solution.

Hei Xingyu explained in a deep voice: "This is the step that Numu gave me. He wants me to start tonight."

Wu Ruoqi stared at him: "Since you are going to untie, you still want that."

"Which one?" Hei Xunyan was unknown. "You want me to undress.
"It was Numu who said he had to take off his clothes to see where the bugs came out."

Wu Ruo quickly figured out the whole thing: "Master, you bastard, you deceived the layman. You do n’t need to take off your clothes when you try to gnaw the worm. You just have to push the worm to my fingertips. It will come out from my fingertips, you see, the steps on the paper are clear.

Hei Suihe heard his tone determined, and knew that he was being played by Numu.

However, there is an extra step to undress. Is it necessary for Wu Ruo to be so excited? He also said he wants the overlord to bow hard?

Hei Xunyu couldn't help asking, "when I asked you to undress, what were you thinking?"

Wu Ruo's face became red and hot again, embarrassed and said, "Nothing, let's drive the maggots out quickly.

Hei Xuyi didn't intend to let him go: "You don't think I want you?" Wu Ruo did not admit that he was killed, "No."
A black smile flickered at the bottom of his eyes: "Are you sure you don't think so?"

Wu Ruo was really embarrassed by his questioning and didn't look at him with an angry look: "When I was just taking a bath, I was in a petal bath, and it was oiled again. The corpse behind told me that I was going to sleep tonight. Hesitating? It must have been Heixin's ghost. He told the dead body that I was going to bed tonight. "

Hei Xuan looked at him with shame, anger, and embarrassment, and couldn't help but scratch his lips.

"If you laugh again, I will crush you." Wu Ruo picked up Hei Xieyu's whole body, as if Taishan pressed the top, and the people under him moaned.
Black rendering 翊 "..."
Uh, this guy is really heavy.

Wu Ruo saw him frown and smiled happily: "Are you afraid?" Hei Xuan slumped his face: "Get up."
"I'm sorry.

Hei Xuan narrowed his eyes and raised his hand to his waist.

Wu Ruo was just scalded by the hot water. He suddenly removed his body and saw Hei Xie decided to lift the quilt to sleep. He quickly hugged each other's waist: "Master, I was wrong."

He will have to rely on this person to drive the insects later, but he can't offend people.

Hei Xuyi raised an eyebrow: "What's wrong?"

"I shouldn't doubt your kindness, let alone take advantage of your weight."

Hei Xun said that his lips were slightly tilted, and he was very satisfied with his confession.

After the two drove out the worms, they went back to their beds to sleep, and got up early to see Numu off the next morning.

Wu Ruoyi reluctantly said, "Master, when I am free, I will go to the Wu tribe to find you.

"Okay." Numu couldn't bear the sadness when she parted, so she turned the topic and whispered in Wu Ruo's ear, "How did you do with the black boy last night?"

Wu Ruo rolled his eyes. "Nothing happened."
Numu smiled and patted his shoulder and said, "I see the butler is anxious about you, so I help you. Okay, it's not long before I leave."

"Well, Master, walk slowly."

Wu Ruomu watched Numu leave with his men until he couldn't see them, and then walked back to Hefu with Hei Xieyu.

Hei Xiu went directly to the refining room.

Wu Ruo told the corpse, "In these days, Wu Yanlan will definitely send someone out of the Wu family to find someone. You have to find a way to let Ling Mohan mix into their team."

"Yes." The corpse turned and left again, and hurried back until noon, and then left Ling Mohan to leave Heifu, after which only another corpse returned to the government.

Two days after Ling Mohan left, it was the Twelfth Lunar Festival. The whole family had to eat their own home-made sacrifice stoves to pray for the * * * *of blessing and the family to be safe next year. On the twenty- fourth day of the second month of the lunar month, dust-cleaning day, every household has to clean the environment, wash all kinds of appliances, remove bedding and curtains, sweep the six-story courtyard, dust the cobwebs, and dredge open channels and ditches to clean the atmosphere of the New Year. While the corpse servants in the house were cleaning, the eggs were being destroyed. As soon as the yard was cleaned, the courtyard was chaotic. In the end, Wu Ruopu thought about it and stopped.

Life was so fast that in the blink of an eye, we ushered in the New Year's Eve.

Hei Xieyu came out of the refiner room early, and looked around. The red trees everywhere, the zero-adjusted trees seemed to grow red leaves overnight, and they were covered with many red ropes, and they were hung on the promenade and under the eaves. Rows of red lanterns, brightly lit, were very festive.
He came outside the hall door, and before he entered the room, he heard the laughter full of the room. He couldn't help being infected, and his lips were slightly bent.

In the hall, Wu Ruo is sending red envelopes to Heixin, Heigan and Zheyuan: "Zheyuan, Zheyou, Zhejiu, and Zheyi, I don't need you to serve here tonight. The four of you can go to the kitchen and talk to others.
P eople spend the New Year's Eve together and have a good meal. The four corpses rejoiced, "Thank you, Madam."
Wu Ruo saw Hei Xieyu come in and smiled, "You are here, let's have dinner."

Everyone rushed to Wu Ruo's lap, and raised his head to his mouth and asked, "Daddy, what about my red envelope?"

Hei Xin smiled: "Little Master wants a red envelope, too."

"I'll keep your red envelope for you, and wait for you to grow up to marry your daughter-in-law.

Dandan's ticket was bright and her eyes were full of curiosity: "Daddy, what is your daughter-in-law? Can you eat it?"

Hei Gan pressed a corner of his mouth and smiled, "Eat." "Go." Hexin pushed him away. "Teach the young master."
"Sit down." Wu Ruo invited Hei Xin and Hei Qian to sit together. "Thank you, Madam."
Hei Xieyu took out a red envelope from their sleeves and gave them even a corpse Yuan, and Wu Ruo had the largest red envelope.

Wu Ruo tightly dragged the red envelope and said thank you softly. This was the first time he received the black envelope from Hei Xieyu, and he felt inexplicably happy.
Dandan is also very happy, because he received the red envelope for the first time, and opened the red envelope in person, which contained four small silver bracelets and many bells hanging on it: "Thank you father"

Hexin took the ring directly to his little hand for him.

"啾 ~ " The big bird monster screamed dissatisfied at seeing everyone having a red envelope.

HeiXin laughed and said, "He wants red envelopes, too." Wu Ruo wondered: "This black howl?"
"It's the young master's name.

Hei Xie took out a red envelope and gave it to him.

He excitedly carried the red envelope with his mouth, and then hid under its wings.

Everyone waited until the head of the family called for dinner before picking up chopsticks.

Excited, "I want to eat chicken legs." "Okay." Black Letter picked him up.
Hei Xieyu clamped another chicken leg and put it on Wu Ruo's wrist.

"Thank you." Wu Ruo looked at them with a smile while eating, and couldn't help sighing. If it was the last life, he would not believe that he was there--the day will be New Year with Hei Xie.

Outside the house, the snow was flying, but it couldn't stop the festive atmosphere of the new year. The whole Gaoling city was full of bamboo cannons and everyone's laughter.

Wu Ruo was happy and couldn't help but drink two more cups, and then returned to the room after Shou Shou, who was already drunk.
He took the purse he had embroidered from under his pillow and handed it to Hei Xuanyu: "Give it to you."

Chapter 63: Love coq uettish

Hei Xieyu took the black purse and took a closer look. The purse was condensed with three kinds of spiritual power, from the demons and demons, and also from the precious materials. Only the rune and matrix method above were embroidered. It's a little skewed, and the embroidery work is very poor, just like a beginner takes a needle to embroider, and the purse contains Wanxuedan and Yiqidan, which are the elixir he often uses.

But how did Wu Ruo know that he needed these medicines? Wu Ruozu shouted, "Do you like it?"
"Um." Hei Xieyu's long fingertips touched the embroidery thread on the purse, and I could not help thinking of Wu Ruo getting stuck in the buttocks a few days ago: "Is it embroidered by yourself? He would not admit that he embroidered it if he died, but now he is drunk: "Yes, I embroidered. "

There was a smug smug expression on his drunken face: "This is me, my first time embroidering a money bag. Is the technique good?"

Hei Xunyu was somewhat surprised that he would do it himself: "Yes."

"It took me a lot of effort to embroider." Wu Ruo put his white and fat hands in front of Hei Xieyu, grumbled and grumbled, "I got a lot of needles at the time, it hurts, you give I blow.

Hei Xunyi raised his eyebrows slightly. "Blow, blow me." Wu Ruo urged.
Hei Xunyu hesitated for a moment and sighed at his fingers. Wu Ruode inch inch: "Kiss it again."
Black rendering 翊 "..."
I never thought that this person would love to be coquettish after being drunk.

"Quick kiss." Wu Ruo looks like you're not kissing, I won't sleep. Hei Xiu took his hand and put it to his lips to kiss.
Wu Ruo smiled contentedly and threw the person excitedly, but it was not the entire person who pressed it, but his arm against his chest.

"Heidi, you know? I never expected that I would live with you one day or that I would sleep in the same bed with you, let alone that we would live in harmony one day.

"..." Hei Xuyi listened quietly.

"We need to get along well in the future," Wu Ruo said with a look of intoxication, "we must get along well, don't look like ..."

He thought of the last life, and tore up the black shaved hair angrily: "Black shad, you are really annoying sometimes."

Hei Xuanxi frowned slightly.

"Every day I look so cold that I can't guess what you're thinking or like to talk. I don't explain anything to me. I don't know if I misunderstand you. Do you know? I really I hate that you suddenly turn around and leave, making me feel that you and I are far away, how can I not be close to you, I also hate that you do n’t listen to me, which makes me feel disappointed in your heart ... If he looked at him pitifully: "Don't do this in the future, okay? "Hei Xuan's eyebrows tightened, and he reviewed his attitude towards Wu Ruo after he got married, which was indeed too cold.

Wu Ruo shook him: "Okay.
Hei Xunyu didn't want to be more serious with a drunk person, he gave a low voice.

Wu Ruo smiled happily: "Then kiss me every day when you wake up."

Black rendering 翊 "..."
If he wakes up and kisses him after drinking, I'm afraid he will get a punch.

"Wait for me to have breakfast in the lobby.

Hei Xun said that this request was normal, and he hummed.

"I will come back later, you will hug me and say‘ you are back ’, you will let me know that you care about me.”

Hei Xieyu: "..."

"Also, when we walk together, you can't leave me alone and walk in front of me. When we eat, you have to give me more food, I ..." Wu Ruo felt more and more dizzy, Everyone in front of them appeared double: "I seem to be sleepy ...

Talking, he closed his eyes.

Hei Xuanxi gently lifted his arm from his body.

Suddenly, Wu Ruo opened his eyes again and looked at him with shining eyes: "I still have nothing to do."

Hei Xieyu: "..."

Wu Ruo held up her body hard, leaned towards Hei Xieyan, and then lowered her head to Hei Xieyan's lips.

Hei Xingyu touched her soft lips, and her indifferent black eyes flashed intently.
"Ann." Wu Ruo closed her eyes and fell asleep directly on Hei Xieyu's chest.

Hei Sui did not return to God for a long time, and he moved the person to the side until the other person was so tired that he could not breathe. It was funny and funny to see the person who slept loudly. I don't know how he would react.

However, when Wu Ruo wakes up, he doesn't remember what he said or did last night.

From the first day of the first month to the third day of the first month, heavy snow was blowing and the cold wind raged, and every household hid in the house to keep warm until the fourth morning of the first month, and the snow gradually stopped.

Wu Ruo had breakfast and went to Wujia New Year with Hei Xieyu.

When he arrived at the Wu family, he first brought gifts to Bu Jinyuan to pay tribute to Ubufang and his wife Yao Yuanyuan, and then to Xuanwanyuan to pay his grandfather Wu Xuanran and his grandmother Mu Xiuwan to pay New Year, and then send other gifts separately. To Shu Jing Yuan, Shu Li Yuan, Shu Bin Yuan and Shu Tong Yuan.

As soon as Wu Qianjing heard that Wu Ruo sent someone to send gifts, the smile fell down instantly. They would never forget the shame of that day and sent back all the gifts. They were also punished by a family punishment. Moreover, Ubud was right. They dealt with them severely in the face of the juniors, and they lost all their old faces, and the outside world spread the four of them very unbearably. Many people did not dare to spend money to find someone from the South Hospital to do things, because They are notorious abroad, worrying that they have not received any money after receiving the money. As a result, the Nanyuan has not received any income recently.

When they opened the gift, they were even more angry. The inside contained only ginseng which was not spiritual. The price for selling it was between one thousand and five thousand silver. Of course, it was given
to Wu Ruo by Hei Xieyu. Compared with the gift, it is indeed not expensive enough, but the price of a ginseng is enough for ordinary people to live a life of peace and worry.

"This Wu Ruo is so stingy that he only sent one ginseng over." Wu Qian had to sweep the gift box to the ground.

His eldest daughter, Wu Min, saw the people on the ground miserable and her face changed slightly. The gifts she and her husband sent were not as good as Wu Ruo, but her father said that he was stingy, did n’t he imply that she was also stingy? .

Wu Min's husband Lu Ziding didn't speak calmly.

Wu Qianjing's wife Sang Dongyi quietly pulled her husband's sleeves and motioned his eyes to look at his daughter and son-in-law.

Wu Qian took a glance at them, but the words had been exported, and it would not help to say anything to make up for them. He sighed and said, "I'm going to find my second brother."

As soon as he left, Sang Dongyi immediately comforted his daughter: "Your father is just angry.

Wu Min lowered his eyes: "Daughter knows."

However, the atmosphere has not been harmonious before.

Wu Ruo gave gifts to the courtyards and brought his people to Shu Qingyuan.

As soon as he was admitted to the hospital, he shouted, "Father, mother, older brother, younger sister, we are back."

"Xiao Ruo and Xie Ling are back." Wu Qianqing and Guan Tong greeted them together, their faces were full of happy smiles.

The always indifferent black shawl was infected, and the corners of his mouth were curved slightly. Suddenly he understood what Wu Ruo said
when he was drunk. It felt really good to have a loved one coming out to greet him. It can be seen that he was valued by them.

Wu Ruo said hello to Wu Qianqing one by one.

Wu Qianqing laughed: "It's cold, go inside and sit."

Wu Ruo winked at the egg that was held by Hei Xieyu, motioning to him to call someone quickly.

Yandan flew to Wu Qianqing immediately: "Good grandfather. Wu Qianqing and Guan Tong stunned: "Xiao Ruo, this child is ..." Wu Ruo smiled and said, "My son."
"Your son?" Wu Qianqing would not think that the child was really Wu Ruo, but it was not easy to ask him in front of Hei Xieyu.

He bent over and hugged the child. When he saw the face of the child, he couldn't help but marvel: "This child looks so beautiful."

Guan Tong and Wu Xi rushed to hug each other when they were so cute.

Before he came, Wu Ruo had already given a good idea how to recognize people, so when Guan Tong picked him up, he immediately called out, "Good grandma, good aunt, good uncle."

The sound of milk and milk made Guan Tong's heart bellow.

Wuzhu teased the baby while asking, "Xiao Ruo, what's the name of this child?"

"The name is Hei Wuqiang, and the milk name is Egg."

Ushi immediately liked the egg name: "The egg name is so cute.

"It's cold outside, don't freeze the children. Whatever we say, we all go to the room." Wu Qianqing let them warm in.
As soon as he entered the hall, Wu Ruo took out the black magic weapon and put it on the table: "Dad, these four weapons are made by my uncle's materials, you will wear it in the future Body. "

He picked up a purple bracelet: "This purple gold jade bracelet is a defensive weapon, which is most suitable for the mother. The yellow Buddha glass waistband is a magic weapon used to bounce others' spells. The last two waistbands are used. The weapon is an attack weapon. Dad and big brother can pick one at will. "

These instruments were his deliberately made Hei Xieyu to be able to wear the instruments on his body, the purpose is to compete with them in anger.

Wu Qianqing asked, "Have you made your weapon?"

Wu Ruo pointed at the white jade pendant hanging on his waist: "Here is mine, just like his mother's.

Wu Qianqing saw that his younger son also had a magic weapon and was relieved.

Wu Ruo said, "I can't do anything by myself. At present, I have only made some of these instruments, and I will send them when the others are ready."

Wu Qianqing said busyly: "Don't worry, don't let Xie Yi exhaust his body."

"Oh! " U Xi looked at Wu Ruo with a surprised expression: "Second Brother, I find you seem to be thin."

Everyone looks at Wu Ruo.

Guan Tong looked at Wu Ruo carefully, and said happily, "It seems really thin."

They haven't seen Wu Ruo for half a month before they can see that Wu Ruo is thin.

"Really?" Wu Ruo was particularly happy to hear them say he was thin.
Wuzhu smiled and nodded: "It is indeed thin, the whole face is not as round as before, you can see that the cotton robes you wear are all loose.

Wu Ruo also felt that the robe on his body was much looser. Unlike some time ago, his robe was almost broken by him.

Wu Qianqing has an excellent look: "Xiao Ruo, aren't you dieting to lose weight?"

This has happened before, but the more you diet, the more fat you get, and eventually you fall ill on the bed.

"There is no dieting, it is shame to ask a doctor to treat me."

Wuzhu patted Black Shao's shoulders and thanked him, "Shau, thank you for finding a doctor to treat my brother."

Hei Xuyi simply replied, "He is my wife."

What this means is, ‘ Wu Ruo is my wife. It ’s right to find someone to treat my wife ’s body. ’

Everyone understood what he said, and couldn't help laughing at each other.

Chapter 64: Fight

Wu Qianqing was more and more satisfied with this boyfriend. After lunch, he took the initiative to talk to the black boyfriend. Although this boyfriend didn't talk much, he respected him very much and listened to every word he said. He will also give opinions and make him particularly happy.

Wu Ruo sat on the other side and talked with Wuzhu about the training: "Brother, you are going to go out for training. Do you want to go out alone, or do you want to form a team with people from the clan?"

In the last life, Wuzhu went out to practice with his second uncle's younger son Wu Yu and his fourth uncle's young daughter Wu Qing, as well as the Eastern University Courtyard Wu Liang and the Western University Courtyard Wu Yan. P eople, resulting in the tragic death of Wuzhu in the hands of the demons.

Wu Zhu laughed and said, "Xiaoyu said that he would go out with me to practice."

Wu Ruo frowned, "Is it just you two?"

Wuzhu looked slightly for a moment and nodded.

Uxi, who was making fun of each other, couldn't help but turn around and interjected, "Second brother, you don't know. Sister Qing originally told the two cousins on the east and west sides of the compound I went to practice together, but later, I suddenly changed my mind.

Wu Ruomei moved slightly: "Oh? Do you know what happened?" "Xiao Xi." Wu Zhu said aloud to prevent U Xi from continuing.
"Brother, there is no need to conceal this brother." Uxi continued: "Second brother, since the last time they asked your uncle to hand over your offer, the others in the school have begun to alienate us. At first we didn't know how to return. I later learned that they were reluctant to stay with us because of the bad reputation of our Nanyuan compound, and the people on the Nanyuan compound alienated us because of our shame and disgrace. In fact, my brother and I knew very well that they I was alienated because of handing over the gift, and now Xiaoyu's brother is willing to play with us. "

Wuzhu hurriedly said, "Xiao Ruo, don't think about it, it's not your business."

He was worried that Wu Ruo would blame himself for the incident.

Wu Xi Lengheng: "Of course it's not the second brother's business. They are faceless and skinless. They took the offer of someone else and embarrassed them to show us their faces. I don't seldom stay with them. Right, second brother, you must I do n’t know, the uncles and uncles of the Eastern, Western and P eking University have actually got your offer. They are too much. "

Wu Ruo smiled and asked, "Now only Wu Brother is willing to walk with you?"

Wu Xi nodded: "Brother Xiaoyu is worthy of being a modest gentleman. He doesn't mind what others think of us, and he apologizes to me for what his father did. He also said that he would definitely help his brother succeed in training.

Wu Ruowen sneered, humorous in his heart, what a modest gentleman is, he sees it as a hypocrite.

It is strange to say that others have alienated his elder brother and younger sister, but Wu Yu does not, and does not know what idea he is working on. Will the death of the elder brother be related to him?

No, he can't let his elder brother and Wu Yu go to practice.
"Brother, what do you think of Wu Brother?"

Wuzhu's impression of Wuyu is very good: "He is very enthusiastic. He will help anyone who has difficulties. He is polite to us and humorous. Going with him will definitely not be boring."

Wu Ruo asked, "What if he doesn't look like you?"

Wuzhu and Wuxi were stunned and stopped by Wu Ruo's words. "boom!
There was a sudden explosion outside, and the whole house shook. "What's the matter?" Wu Qian stood up and asked the people outside.
Others also stood up nervously and quickly left the hall, for fear that the house might fall into people.

The guard quickly said, "Go and check."

Before long, people returned: "Master, the second son of Grandpa's family and Master Anrun of P eking University fight."

Wu Ruo heard a smile and smiled.

Wu Qianqing asked, "Do you know why they are fighting?" "do not know."
Guan Tong asked, "Qing, would you like to see it?" "Um." Wu Qianqing left Shu Qingyuan.
Uxi was curious and hurriedly took Wuzhu to watch the excitement.

Wu Ruo also wanted to know the specific situation, so they asked the corpse to help him out, and from a distance, they heard the sound of
fighting and the anxious cry of Sang Dongyi and Wu Min: "Do n’t fight, do n’t both of you . "

"What's going on? How could it be a good fight?" Everyone in the hospital rushed over.

Wu Qianjing went straight up and pulled people apart: "Wu Anrun, how are you from Beijing University?

Wu Anrun said angrily: "Then you have to ask your good son for shameless things."

Wu Chu looked at him angrily without saying a word.

Wu Qianjing was very dissatisfied with Wu Anrun, but depending on the situation, it seemed like his son had done something wrong: "What's the matter, let's go into the room and say."

"If I don't go in, I'll make it clear here so that everyone can comment on me." Wu Anrun pointed to Wu Chu and said, "Your good son knows that Zhuang Qiurong of the Huaian City V illa is my fiancee, but I seduced Zhuang Qiurong in my back, and also lied to me who was far away in Gaoling City, saying that Zhuang Qiurong was ugly and useless, the purpose was to get me to divorce. Fortunately, I personally ran a trip to Huai'an City, otherwise, I was taken by you The villain cheated.

Wu Qianjing's face was particularly ugly. He turned to look at Wu Chu, Li Li asked, "Is this really the case?"

Wu Chu's silence is tantamount to Wu Anrun's words.

Wu Qian competed with a slap and slaps him in the air. He slams Wu Chu to the ground on the spot.

Sang Dongyi saw his son's mouth was bleeding and was so distressed that he rushed to Wu Qianjing in angrily and said, "Wu Qianjing, can't you ask the situation and try again?"
Being called by his own wife, Wu Qianjing was even more upset: "Yes, you can let him make it clear. What is going on?"

Sang Dongyi lifted up Wu Chu: "Xiao Chu, hurry up and talk about what is going on."

Wu Chu wiped off the blood from the corner of her mouth and explained: "Mother, I didn't rob the cousin's fiancee. I knew Qiu Rong before they got married."

"Yes, you met before we got married, but after we got married, shouldn't you avoid suspicion? But you didn't. Instead, you stuck to her even harder, and later designed to frame me against my reputation. The dealer misunderstood that I was an inferior, so that the owner of the dealer could take the initiative to terminate the marriage contract. You are really shameless. "

Sang Dongyi lowered his face and asked, "Xiao Chu, is he saying what is true?"

Wu Chu once again defaulted to Wu Anrun's words.

At that time, he also listened to other people's words, throwing Wu Anrun into a brothel, so that the owner of the market misunderstood that Wu Anrun was not a reliable person.

Sang Dongyi said angrily: "Xiao Chu, how do you do such a thing?"

Wu Anrun sneered: "He dare to do the killing and killing, and he dare not do anything."

Wu Chu stunned: "When did I do killing?"

Wu Anrun said: "Why? I dare not recognize it? If it were n’t for my life, I would n’t be able to return to Wujia today, Wuchu. I wo n’t let this happen, I will tell my great-grandfather, He treats you well, we go. "

He turned and left the compound with his own.
Wu Qianjing said angrily to Wu Chu: "You don't think it's enough to be embarrassing? You're not ready to roll in."

At this time, Lu Ziding came out and said, "Father-in-law, I still have something to do, so I won't bother at the house."

Without waiting for Wu Qianjing to respond, he turned and left. Wu Qian competed for a moment.
In the past, his son-in-law respected him so much.

Wu Min hurried after him: "Zi Ding, Zi Ding, wait for me." Wu Chu really didn't have a face to stay with, so he left.
Sang Dongyi shouted quickly: "Xiao Chu, Xiao Chu, where are you going?"

Wu Qianjing said with a black face and angrily: "Walk, leave for me. Don't come back if you have a seed."

Angrily, he pulled Sang Dongyi into Shu Jingyuan, and ordered someone to close the door to prevent everyone from watching their jokes.

Wu Qianli and Wu Qianbin looked at each other, and then returned to their yards.

Wu Qianqing also returned to Shu Qingyuan with his children.

Wu Xi curiously said, "I heard someone say that sister Min and Zi Ding will be staying in Wu's house for a few days. Why are they leaving today when they come?"

Wu Ruomu flashed. It seems that the ginseng he sent worked.

I remember the new age of the last life. Wu Qianjing kept praising the goodness of the jade Buddha sent by Lu Ziding in front of them. In fact, it was only worth about one thousand and two jade Buddhas, but he praised
his son-in-law to heaven. The relationship is so good that I don't know how beautiful it is.

Therefore, he specially sent a ginseng that was more valuable than the Jade Buddha to Wu Qianjing. Because he calculated that the Wuqian competition thought he would send the best materials, and then opened the gift box on the spot, but when he saw that it was just an ordinary ginseng, he would send Thunder to scold him for being stingy. Although the scold was not Lu Ziding, the listener intended , Weng Yue's feelings also cut through a crack.

Wuzhu tapped Wuxi's head gently: "Sister Xiaoxi, can you not be curious about everything?"

"I'll just talk about it, and I don't know how the great-grandfather will deal with his brother Chu after he tells his great-grandfather about it."

Wuzhu teased her: "Should I send you to my great-grandfather and ask how to deal with the third brother?"

Ushi quickly shook his head: "I don't want to see my great-grandfather."

Guan Tong, who was waiting for their return, immediately asked: "Do you know why they fought?"

Uhi said briefly.

Wu Qianqing sighed: "It doesn't matter to us, it's better to ignore it."

In recent days, he and other brothers are getting farther and farther. If they infiltrate into it at will, it will probably only lead to a fishy body, so it is better not to care.

Wuzhu nodded: "I agree with Dad."

Wu Ruo did not comment, but when he finished dinner and was about to leave Wu's house, he received the news that Wu Chu was drinking and making trouble in the restaurant, and then was destroyed by Ling Tian.

Chapter 65: you are so nice

After Wu Qianqing learned about Wu Chu, he first waited for other people in the courtyard to visit Wu Chu. He then took Guan Tong away from the Shu Qing courtyard slowly, instead of rushing out to visit as soon as he got the news. Of the other people, he often goes to the other's hospital first.

Soon after they went to Shu Jing Yuan, they returned soon.

Wu Ruo, who has not left Wu's house, said, "Dad, mother, why are you back so soon?"

Wu Qianqing, with a somber face, sat on the chair without a word.

Guan Tong's eyes were red, and he choked and said, "Xiao Chu was too hurt. When we went to Shu Jingyuan, everyone was gone.

Wu Ruo's eyebrows moved slightly, and there were some small accidents, and Wu Chu died like this.

Wuzhu and Wuxi couldn't believe what they heard: "How could this be? Who hurt the third brother?"

Wu Qianqing sighed: "Your uncle thinks this is An Run, and has just taken someone to the P eking University. Xiaoruo, you go back first. When the funeral is over, you will come over and send Xiao Chu finally A ride. "

"Um." Wu Ruo and Hei Xieyu left the Wu family together.

Back in Heifu's room, Wu Ruocai also asked the corpse: "Why did Wu Chu die?"

The corpse also replied: "After Wu Chu left Wu's house, our people sent a letter to Wu Anrun. When Wu Anrun learned that Wu Chu was drinking alone, he sent someone to assassinate Wu Chu, and Wu Chu died. In their
hands, our people have left clues to Wu Qianjing. As long as they send someone to investigate, they will soon find Wu Anrun. "

"That's good." Wu Ruo tickled his lips. "In the future, Wu's family will become very lively.

Early the next morning, Wuzhu and Wuxilaihefu met Wu Ruo to attend Wuchu's funeral.

Since the younger junior died, the funeral could not be big, and the white- haired person could not participate in the funeral. Wu Qianjing left the matter to Wu'an Qi, the eldest son.

Wuan Qi set up the funeral in the Wujia Ancestral Hall on the outskirts of Gaoling City. The ceremony was very simple and deserted. Not many people came to the funeral. They were all young people.

Wu Xi came down from the carriage and whispered, "Human life is so fragile that it will be gone when it is said.

Wuzhu raised his eyebrows: "Anrun's cousin is too hot and assassinates his loved ones for a woman."

Wu Ruo pretended not to know, and asked, "Has it been determined that An Runtang did it?"

"Well, the evidence is conclusive. When the third brother was killed, the token of P eking University was found. The uncle demanded his life to be met, and the uncle of P eking University naturally refused. The great- grandfather didn't know how to deal with this matter for the time being. Bi Jing's hands and hands were flesh, the punishment was lighter, and the uncle was unfair.

What makes Wuzhu feel sad is that Wuchu has not yet succeeded in training and cannot be crowned with the Anzi generation. After death, the tablet can not enter the Wujia shrine at all, which means that he is not recognized by the Wujia as his descendants.

When they came to the entrance of the shrine, they took the initiative to keep silent.

The hall was white, with a large inscription hanging on the main wall, and a black coffin was placed in the center of the hall. Wu Anqi and his brother and sister stood by and wept softly. The people attending the funeral first served incense, then comforted the deceased's relatives, and then turned to leave the hall.

Wu Ruo looked around the ancestral hall and saw that the cousins and sisters of Nandayuan quietly looked at them. To be exact, they were staring at Wuzhu and Wuxi.

If he hadn't guessed wrong, they could have seen the materials used to make the waistbands of Wuzhu and Wuxi.

Wu Xi also seemed to notice their eyes, quietly pulling the sleeves of Wuzhu, and whispering, "Brother, I want to leave here."

Wuzhu saw that everyone was there, and it was not good to leave immediately after coming, but also found that some people have been staring at them, and said, "Let's go outside the hall door."

"Um." Uxi nodded quickly, walked out of the hall, exhaled immediately, and then whispered to Wuzhu: "Brother, have you found it? Seventh brother, they have been staring at us, their eyes are so fierce and terrible, It's like eating us. "

"Don't be afraid." Wuzhu patted her shoulder: "They should still remember hate gifts, we don't need to bother them."

"Um." Uhi said to Wu Ruo comfortably: "Second brother, don't be afraid, we will protect you."

Wu Ruowen said something, and he was so moved that he couldn't help crying or laughing.
At this time, Wu Yu stepped out, and walked in front of them with a smile: "Si Si, Xiao Ruo, Xiao Xi, you are all hiding here. It's so cold here, why not go in and avoid the cold wind?"

Wu Zhu said: "Seeing that San Brother had gone like this, I was really sad, so I came out and breathed.

Wu Yu sighed, "No one would have thought of this, and don't be too sad, yes, I'll come out and find you something."

Wuzhu asked, "What's up?"

"The thing is like this. Some time ago, Uncle Si received a big task. After the incident is completed, we will get 200,000 yuan in silver. The original matter was not intended to tell you. After all, Uncle Santian "

Speaking of this, Wu Yu paused and continued: "But the last time we lost a large amount of money at the Nanda compound because of the Xizha Theatre, which caused the Nanda compound to be unable to take out any silver and distribute it to each compound. In the same way, you Shuyuan may not be able to send moon silver to the subordinates, so I want you to complete this task with your uncles. Bi Jing is now in the Shuqing courtyard. Brother Si, you and Xiaoxi have spiritual power, but Xiaoxi is still young. It is impossible for Si to let her go, but you are different.
Joining this mission is for you. One is to get silver, and the other is to advance. After learning from experience, it is possible for Sanlai to count this task into the assessment of the experience. "

Wu Ruo sneered.

He didn't believe that his uncles and uncles were willing to give them forty thousand dollars.

Wuzhu frowned.

Since his father was injured, Shu Qingyuan ’s income has been decreasing day by day. Now the expenses in the hospital are all dependent on the silver saved by his father before, so he had long thought about taking some
tasks to earn silver to support his family. His father has not been allowed to accept private work.

Uxi muttered, "I want to go too."

She also wants to share some burdens with the family.
Wu Ruo asked: "Could Wu Brother tell me what the task is?" "This ... Wu Yu groaned:" I only knew that I wanted to catch a big
monster, and the others were unclear. Because I suffered some injuries some time ago, and now it's almost time to go out to practice, my dad didn't let me participate, so he didn't tell me. "Wu Ruo heard the words" Big Monster ", his eyes moved slightly, and he already guessed where his uncle had received the task.

He said meaningfully: "Really?"

Wu Yu felt a sense of being penetrated. Suddenly, she felt so guilty that she was afraid to look directly into Wu Ruo's eyes. However, it is impossible for this useless waste to know that he is thinking, so he calmed down: "The main reason I would propose to let the fourth brother participate in this task is to think that the fourth brother is about to go out to practice, and he ca n’t let go of his family But if you get the silver in the task, the situation will be different. Not only will the uncle's negative performance be reduced, but the fourth brother's worry will be much less. "

Wu Zhudao: "But, uncle, will they agree to me?" "I'll convince the uncles to them."
Wu Xi smiled: "Brother, you are so good. Wuzhu also looked at Wuyu gratefully.
Wu Ruo: "..."

These two idiots.
Wu Yu saw that Wu Ruo had been staring at him, and turned to the topic, "Four brother, Xiao Xi, the two of you have beautiful waistbands, should they be magic weapons?"

Uxi nodded in excitement: "It's the magic weapon that our second brother gave us. I like it very much."

Wu Ruo continued her words: "Thank you Erbo for them. If Erbo didn't borrow our materials, they would not be able to make such beautiful instruments.

Wu Yu: "..."

How does he feel that today's dead fat man is different from usual, there is always something in the words that makes people incomprehensible, does he think more?

Wuzhu saw the people in the shrine walking similarly, and said, "We should go back."

Ushi had long wanted to leave here, so he should be in a hurry.

Wu Yu laughed: "You go first, I wait for my brother and they leave together."

"Okay, we're going to send Xiao Ruo back, I won't wait for you." Wu Yu watched them leave.
"Xiaoyu, why do you want Wuzhu to participate in this mission." Wu Anyi, who had been hiding behind the hall door, eavesdropped out of the hall with an unhappy look, behind him, followed by Uba, Ushi, and Wuqian Tong's eldest son Wu laughed.

Wu Shi angered: "Five brother, if you do this, you are simply letting the Shu Qingyuan earn 4  20,000 silver.

Wu Yu sneered: "Did you only see forty thousand silver in your eyes? If I said that forty thousand silver can come to buy the life of black bamboo,
do you think it's worth it?"

Wu Anyi's expression was stunned: "Xiaoyu, what do you mean ..."

"No one can guarantee what will happen during the capture of the big monster."

Wu Shi immediately understood what he meant, and he laughed: "Yes, it is common for someone to die in the hands of the monster. We only need to

"Xiao Shi, just be clear in your heart." Wu Yu stopped him from talking.

Wu Xiao stared at the entrance of the ancestral hall in anger: "If this is the case, it would be worth 4 0 thousand dollars less. See if they dare to be proud, and dare to show off with the magic weapon made of our materials.
. "

Originally his father had said yes, when he got married, he would use Xiao Meteor Sand to give him a superb magic weapon, but he did n’t want to be borrowed by the uncle to think about it. Now he still uses Xiao Meteor Sand It ’s a * * * *thing to wander around.

Uber stared at them with wide eyes: "You ... shouldn't you want to ..." God.
His brothers actually wanted the life of another brother.

Wu Yu's index finger was in the middle of his lips, and he booed, "Xiao Bai, this thing may be said."

Uber: "..."

Chapter 66: Someone wants to kill me

As soon as Wu Ruo got into the carriage, he wanted to persuade Wu Zhu not to accept Wu Yu's offer.

But Wuzhu said before he said, "Xiao Ruo, Xiao Xi, I hope you don't tell Dayu this task that Xiaoyu said."

If my father and mother knew about it, he would definitely oppose his participation in this mission, but he didn't want to give up like that.
Besides, he was already an adult, capable of bearing all the consequences, and able to raise this family.

Wu Ruo: "..."

If in the absence of evidence, he told his elder brother that Wu Yu's proposal was actually a trap, his elder brother would certainly not believe that Wu Yu would hurt him, and Bi Jing Wu Yu was a 'good heart'. Why would he want to be so vicious? Scheme to harm.

Uxi was worried: "Brother, you have no experience, I'm afraid you will be in danger.

Wuzhu rubbed her forehead: "Just because I do n’t have experience, I have to learn from it. If I do n’t go because of danger, then I do n’t have to go out to practice, because experience also encounters dangerous things, and I ca n’t always wait at home, right, so do n’t worry, I will protect myself. ”

He looked at Wu Ruo, who had spoken since he got on the car: "Xiao Ruo, why don't you speak?"

Wu Ruo sighed: "Everything has been said by you, what else can I say?"

Although he really wanted to say that Wu Yu wanted to hurt him because he was jealous of his ability, would they say it, would they believe it?
Wuzhu chuckled: "Are you worried about me?" Wu Ruo rolled his eyes: "It's good to know.
Wu Xi shook Wuzhu's arm and coquettishly said: "Brother, you see that the second brother is also worried about you, you still don't want to go.

Wuzhu smiled helplessly: "You guys ..."

Wu Ruo didn't know what he thought, his eyes flickered suddenly, and he felt that his elder brother and his Wu Qianbin would not be a good thing for them to go on a mission. task."

"Aren't you opposed to me?" Wu Zhu raised an eyebrow in surprise.

"Well." Wu Ruo smiled slightly: "This time the mission can allow the elder brother to learn the experience well. The next time, the elder brother will remember long and will not hurt himself. So, how can I oppose the elder brother? "

Wuzhu choked, why do you think there is something in this brother's words.

After half an hour, the carriage returned to Heifu.

After Wu Ruo got out of the car, first let the corpse bring his medicine box, and then said to Wuzhu: "Brother, wait for a while, I have something for you."

"Well, okay." Wuzhu and Wuxi also got out of the car.

Wu Xi looked into Heifu: "Second Brother, you have been married for so long. I haven't entered your mansion."

Wu Ruo slightly hesitated, and did not let his family come here, even for the last life, he did not let his father and mother come to Heifu: "Would you like to have lunch with me and then go back?"
Wu Xi shook her head: "Daddy and mother are still waiting for us at home, come again next time."

"Okay, in a few days, I invite you to come and sit again."

Before long, the corpse came out with Wu Ruo's medicine chest.

Wu Ruo took out a small bag containing only two small pills from the medicine box and handed it to Wuzhu: "On the day of my mission with the fourth uncle, I put this small bag around my neck."

Wuzhu opened the bag and smelled it, but did not smell any medicine: "What kind of elixir is this?"

Wu Ruo laughed: "It's just for refreshing, it must be hanging on the body before the mission returns, otherwise I will tell my father and mother about this."

"Okay." Wuzhu hung the small bag around his neck. "Then we go back."

Wu Ruo watched them leave in a carriage and hummed coldly until they saw the carriage.

He is now more certain that the death of the elder brother of the last generation must be related to Wu Yu. Unfortunately, this time Wu Yu made a wrong abacus.

Wu Ruo narrowed his eyes and turned into Heifu.

In the hall, he was talking to Hei Gan, and Hei Xuan saw Wu Ruo coming in and said quietly, "You are back."

He got up and walked to the door, reaching out to Wu Ruo. Wu Ruo hesitated.
The corpse element probably guessed what Hei Xuyi wanted to do, and gave Wu Ruo's hand to him.
Hei Xieyu led Wu Ruo to the chair in front of the dining table. Wu Ruo looked at Hei Xieyu in shock.
Why is this person suddenly so enthusiastic about him?

Heigan also seemed surprised by Hei Xuan's behavior, his expression was dull.

Hei Xieyu said to the black letter next to him, "Have dinner."

"Yes." Hei Xin walked out of the hall with a smile and told the chef to pass on the dishes.

Hei Gan hesitated, followed Hei Xin went out, and then stopped the man: "belief."

Heixin turned around: "Xiaogan, is there something wrong?"

Hei Gan showed embarrassment: "Nothing, just want to talk about the master and wife.

Hexin probably understood what he wanted to say, and asked with a smile, "Are you surprised by what the master just did?"

"Hmm." Hei Gan has never seen the master so enthusiastic about who he has ever been, and never seen who the master has helped, including his relatives.

HeiXin laughed: "Now you can see that the master is not wronged, right?" Hei Qian: "..."
Hei Xin patted him on the shoulder: "It's time for lunch now, and you can get the little master back for me."

"Where is Little Master?"

"If I knew where, would you still look for it?"
Hei Qian: "..."

The servant brought the dishes to the table in the hall, and Hei Xieyu directly picked up a piece of roasted meat and put it in Wu Ruo's bowl.

Wu Ruo eats the roasted meat, and then another piece of baked chicken is put in his bowl.

He gave a strange glance at the dark shame.

Hei Xuyi asked, "What kind of food do you like to eat?" Wu Ruo stunned: "Steamed fish.
Hei Xieyu picked up the fish on the long dish, ordered the sauce, and put it in his bowl.

Wu Ruoyu looked at the dishes in the bowl, silently picked up the chopsticks and ate them. After that, every time he finished the dishes in the bowl, Hei Xieyu would immediately put the vegetables into his bowl. It was strange, but he didn't exclude him from picking vegetables for him, but he was inexplicably happy, and even felt that the food was more fragrant than before.

He Xin, who was waiting aside, looked at their interaction with a smile, and saw that the relationship between the two of them was getting better and better, and the master had changed a lot.

On the second day of Wu Chu's burial, Wu Ruo received a letter from the Uxi sent him, telling Wu Zhu that he had left the mission with his uncle. After reading the letter, he calculated the time when Wu Zhu returned. , When that day, he took the corpse to Wu family.

When Wu Qianqing saw him, he slumped his face and scolded, "Why are you and Xiaoxi so arrogant, they kept us from your brother and your uncle's mission, in case of an accident ..."

"No accident," Wu Ruo affirmed.
Wu Qianqing stunned: "I heard that this mission is to catch a big monster, how could there be no danger."

"Danger doesn't mean there will be accidents. The older brother will go to practice in a few days. When the time comes, there will be many dangers. Doesn't dad let him go out?"

"That was not what I meant."

"Dad, I know what you are worried about, but Brother is already an adult. There are many things he can do for himself."

Wu Qianqing sighed, "You're also an adult. Dad needs you to enlighten and comfort."

Wu Ruo hee smiled: "Yes, I am also an adult, it is time for me and my brother to support you."

Wu Qianqing and Guan Tong were finally coaxed into a smile by his words.

Wu Xi, who had been trained for a few days, also breathed a sigh of relief and spit out his tongue at Wu Ruo.

At this time, the servants of the Wu family guarding the gate came to report: "The third master, the third wife, the fourth master and the fourth son, they are back."

Wu Qianqing and Guan Tong stood up immediately: "Are they okay?" "Siye, they all suffered some injuries."
Wu Qianqing quickly took Guan Tong to pick up Wuzhu, and saw that Wuzhu was helping to bring the injured person into the door. Then she was relieved. At the same time, people from other hospitals came to the gate.

Wu Yu and Wu Shi saw the bamboo, they both stunned, but soon returned to normal.
Wu Xi rushed to Wuzhu: "Brother, are you okay? Do you know that I am worried about death these days?

"I'm fine." Wu Zhu patted her on the shoulder, then looked at Wu Qianqing them: "Dad, mother, let's go back and talk."

Wu Qianqing looked at Wu Qianbin and nodded.

Wuzhu returned to the hall of Shuqingyuan. His face sank in an instant, and he sat on the chair without a word.

Wu Ruo glanced at him, and signaled to Hu Yuan that they should close the door and guard it outside.

Wu Qianqing immediately realized that something was wrong: "Xiaozhu, what happened?"

Wuzhu was silent for a moment before he said, "Dad, someone wants to kill me."

Wu Qianqing, Guan Tong and Wu Xi looked at Wuzhu with shocked faces: "Who wants to kill you?"

"It's our Wu family's servants, but I have never seen them before. It is also possible that someone from outside came into our Wu family team to assassinate me.

Wu Ruo sneered.

Those people really did.

Ushi said: "Is it Dad's former enemy?" Wuzhu shook his head: "I don't know.
Wu Qianqing said: "You tell us what happened then.

"The way we went was very peaceful until we went into the depths of a mountain forest called the First Worm Forest. Then, my uncle let me bleed
to unlock a strange seal, and then a big monster emerged. It is as big as a mountain ... "
Ushi was shocked: "Oh my God, can you catch such a big monster?" Wu Qianqing said, "Xiaoxi, don't interrupt, let your brother finish. "As soon as the big monster came out, they ate people everywhere.
Although the four uncles immediately took out various instruments to deal with it, but the instrument hit him, just like tickling it, it had no effect on it. Fourth uncle, they were injured soon, and the most severe was the second uncle. Not only did he spit blood, but Ling Tian was also damaged. In a short period of time, our people were eaten by the monster. For the most part, everyone ran, ran and ran, and no one was able to deal with it.
On the way, I was knocked down by the monster. "

Except Wu Ruo, everyone took a sigh of cold air: "What then?"

Chapter 67: Vomited

"Then ..." Wu Zhu thought of the scene at the time and still couldn't help trembling. "It opened his mouth and blew it towards me. I wanted to escape, but my body was too painful to climb up. I thought I was When it was dead, it suddenly stopped, sniffed and sniffed on me, and then it took two steps back abruptly, and then vomited. "

"Spit?" Wu Qianqing, Guan Tong and Wu Xi looked at him in confusion. Wu Ruo slightly raised the corners of his lips.
Wuzhu nodded: "Well, it vomited, even the body that had just been vomited."

Wu Xi quickly hugged Guan Tong: "Mother, it's terrible." Guan Tong patted her back: "Don't be afraid, don't be afraid." Wu Qianqing was strange: "Did it eat too many people?"
Wuzhu did not answer his question, and then said, "I took advantage of it to spit up, and quickly got up and fled. As soon as I escaped from the depths of the forest, I met five servants who fled from our Wu family.
They besieged me without saying a word Live attack me.

Wu Xi said angrily: "These people are so abominable. At this time, they were still thinking about killing you, brother, what happened later? Did you kill them?"

Wuzhu shook his head: "They have a higher spiritual order than me. I am not their opponent. Fortunately, I have many magic instruments, especially if the magic instruments given to me are very powerful, I will knock down two, and the next three will be overtaken. The big monster was swallowed, and the attendant I was injured swallowed.
Ushi slaps and yells, "Swallow well."

Guan Tong frowned: "Where is it? The big monster will eat your elder brother after swallowing the attendant."

"Yes, after the big monster eats the attendant, he immediately turns his head and wants to bite me again." Wu Zhu now thinks of the big * * * * mouth, and immediately feels the stomach is very uncomfortable. The big mouth is not only terrible. It was very smelly, especially when you were near him, you could smell the smell of corpse exhaled from its nose: "But as soon as it approached me, it vomited again.

Wu Xi wondered: "Why did you vomit again? Brother, you didn't take a shower?"

"I didn't take a shower in those two days, but I wasn't the only one who didn't take a shower at the time, so I don't think it was the reason."

Wu Qianqing asked, "Why do you think it vomited?"

Wuzhu touched the small bag hanging around his neck and looked at Wu Ruodao, "I think Xiao Ruo can answer this question.

Everyone listened to Wu Ruo.

Wu Ruo looked at Wuzhu blankly, "I? How do I know why the monster vomited."

Wu Xi said: "Yeah, how could the second brother know that it would vomit."

"Because I think the big monster vomited after smelling the medicine in my bag. I can't think of other reasons besides this." Wu Zhu has been thinking about this question since he escaped.

Wu Ruo smiled: "Brother, all I give you is refreshing medicine. In fact, ebony was right.
On that day, the shopkeeper deceived Wu Shi of Gambling House because they were looking for talents and would use the magic weapon. He already thought that Wu Qianbin would find the shopkeeper for a clear inquiry. So, on that day, On the carriage, he explained to the shopkeeper that a reliable person was posing as a friend who wanted to catch the big monster. When Wu Qianbin came to ask about the situation, he told them that there was a big monster sealed in the depths of the first insect forest. They are willing to capture, and the friend of the shopkeeper will give 200,000 rewards after the completion of the event.

This big monster was discovered by accident in the last life. Then, he signed the master-servant contract by accident. This big monster had to obey him. Later, he refined the refreshing nerve because the smell of the medicine was too pungent. This big monster vomited for three days and three nights and almost vomited to death. However, humans can't smell these pungent medicine smells. Only by eating into the belly can they stimulate the nerves and refresh the spirit.

Therefore, he refined Relief Dan early in the morning, which is why he dared to let his elder brother go with their four uncles.

Wuzhu didn't believe it: "Really?" "Brother, you know what you eat."
Wuzhu took out one of the pills and swallowed it, and instantly felt a lot of energy, and the body seemed to have an endless force: "It's really refreshing."

"Otherwise? Could it be that I can foretell your calamities just like Elder Rong? They can even figure out exactly what medicine can be used to drive away the monsters? If only I had such a great power.

Wuzhu asked, "Why do you give me refreshing medicine? Shouldn't you give some life-saving medicine?"

"Brother is going out of the mission, of course, I also want to contribute, and I just gave you just learned to make Titian Dan, Titian Dan can make
you hurry up, not so tired."

Wu Qianqing wondered: "Xiao Ruo, when will you refine the elixir?"

Wu Ruo explained, "Isn't Xunyou invited a doctor to heal my body? When I was bored, I learned a little medicine from him. This refreshing dan can be refined without spiritual power."

"It turned out like this." Wu Qianqing frowned. "After listening to Xiaozhu's words, I think the people who want to kill Xiaozhu are not Wujia people, or people who disguised Wujia in the early morning ambush in the first insect forest and wait for the opportunity to kill them. Drop bamboo. "

"I think so, too." Wuzhu nodded. "If they had been in the team early in the morning, they wouldn't have noticed it."

"It would be okay if other people ambush in the first worm forest early, but if ..."

Wu Qianqing said here, and stopped, the other people's looks became extremely dignified and ugly.

Wu Ruosu looked at the faces of everyone, pretending to say inadvertently: "If the people of our Wu family do it, then the father destroys Lingtian, is it also the Wu family's conspiracy ..."

"Xiao Ruo, you can't talk nonsense." Wu Qian lowered his face and scolded him, then immediately couldn't help thinking about the situation before and after his injury, and slowly found that something was wrong.

Wu Ruo: "..."

He knew that before there was no evidence, it was difficult for Dad and them to believe that Wujia people would harm them. However, he could understand his father ’s thoughts before he was born again. I never thought that the people of Wujia would harm them.
Looking at his father's face now, he should find something suspicious after he reminded him.

Guan Tong said, "It's not easy for us to make a conclusion before things are cleared up."

"Um." Wu Ruo turned to the topic: "Brother, did you just say that the second uncle was seriously injured?"


"Then we should go and see Uncle?"

Wu Qianqing nodded: "It's time to go and see." Wu Ruodao: "Send some medicine in the past?" He can't wait to see Wu Yu's expression now.
"Okay." Wuzhu went to the storeroom to find some valuable wound medicine, and then went to Shuli Hospital with Wu Qianqing.

The hall of Shu Liyuan was full of people, including Wu Qiantong, Wu Qianbin and their wives, children.

Wu Anyi saw them coming, her eyes were somber, and she took the initiative to greet: "Uncle San, San Mi, you are here."

Others saw Wu Qianqing them, and looked a little darker again. Wu Qianqing asked with concern: "Is your father okay?"
"Now the doctor is consulting and we don't know what the result will be."

Wuzhu handed the medicine box in hand to Wuyu who came: "Xiaoyu, this is the best healing medicine, I hope Erbo can recover soon."

Wu Yu's expression was stiff, and she smiled barely: "Thank you."
Wuzhu comforted: "The two Berges are in heaven, they must be fine."

Wu Yu looked up and down the bamboo: "Four brother, this time you captured the big monster, are you not injured?"

"I have only suffered a minor injury. Taking a medicine for healing is completely fine. You need not worry."

There was a strange gleam in Wu Yu's eyes.

Wu Ruo sneered, big brother, big brother, which one of you saw Wu Yu caring for you.

Wu Xiao hummed coldly when he heard Wu Zhu's words. Wu Shi whispered, "Why didn't he die?"
Wu Qianbin, who was sitting in front of him, glanced back at him and motioned him to talk less.

Wu Shi obediently shut up.

At this time, the physician came out of the inner chamber. Wu An also immediately asked: "How is my father?"
The doctor said: "It's just that Lingtian has been damaged and there is no worry about his life. I will prescribe it for you later. You just follow the instructions above. I guarantee that the second man will recover in one or two years.

Wu'an also breathed a sigh of relief.

"The second brother is fine." Wu Qianbin stood up and said, "We will not disturb the second brother."

Wu Qiantong also stood up.

Wu Yudao: "Four uncles, I will send you out."
As Wu Xiao walked in front of Wu Zhu, he stopped suddenly: "Four brother, everyone went to capture the big monster and was injured. Why didn't you do anything?"

The others stopped to look at them.

Wuzhu sank his face: "Wuxiao, what do you mean by that?"

"I don't mean anything, I'm just guessing if Brother Si escaped."

Wu Qianqing looked coldly, "Do you mean that your fourth brother will be injured to prove his strength?"

Wu Zhudao: "Did I run away, my uncle and they all saw it all. At that time, I was the last one to run out of the first worm forest.

"At that time, the scene was so chaotic. Who would pay attention to your every move, maybe you hid early in the morning and waited for everyone to leave."

Wu Xi was furious: "Wu laugh, don't let your blood flow."

Wu Xiao sank his face: "U Xi, I'm your brother, you should honor me as a seventh brother, instead of calling his name directly, otherwise people who don't know, think you have a mother and no mother.

"you…  …"

Guan Tong said angrily: "I have taught my daughter well. I know it well. Even if she doesn't understand politeness, it's much better than you nonsense wrongdoer."

"I didn't wrong the fourth brother, I just said my opinion." Wu smiled and winked at Wu Qiantong, let him quickly say something.

Wu Ruo saw this and chuckled: "Seventh brother, I do n’t think the uncle and the uncle were injured. Did they escape in a row? Or do you want your father and your uncle to be seriously injured like the second uncle, you Are you happy? Wouldn't it be a little bit tantamount to think so? "
Wu Xiao: "..."

Chapter 68: It's so nice of you

Everyone was stunned, thinking at the same time, how this Wu Ruo suddenly became how to talk.

When they looked at Wu Ruo again, they suddenly realized that the man was actually thin. Although the wide cloak blocked Wu Ruo's figure, people couldn't see how much he had lost, but his face was thin and his eyes were all thin. Much bigger.

Wu Yu quickly looked back and said to Wu Xiao with a wink, "Xiao Ruo, Xiao Xiao only saw my dad suffered such a serious injury, and he was anxious to say something bad, uncle, uncle, you Do n’t blame. There is also a small laugh. You really misunderstood the fourth brother. When the fourth brother came here just now, he told me that he was also injured. The back was because of the healing medicine. You are not ready to apologize to Brother Si. "

Wu Xiao was a little reconciled, and after bearing it, he said, "Four brother, I'm sorry. I just said something unpleasant because I was too worried about Erbo's injury. P lease don't take it to heart."

Black bamboo and black Qianqing's complexion slowed down a lot.

Wu Qiantong said with a look of regret: "San brother, I'm really sorry, this child will hit you with a moment of anxiety. I hope you will forgive him Wu Qianqing, with a sullen face and a pouting lips, and not talking, and nodded, also No forgiveness, no forgiveness.

Wu Qiantong rebuked Wu Xiao: "Smelly boy, come back with me." Wu Xiao bowed his head and left Wu Qingtong with Wu Qiantong.
As Wubai passed by Wuzhu, he whispered, "Four brother, it's great that you are fine."
Wu Ruo heard his words, could not help but look at U Bai more.

The uncle Wu Qiantong has three children. The eldest son Wu laughs like Wu Qiantong. He is impulsive and irritable. He often does things without going through the brain. The second daughter, Wu Yun, is one month younger than Wu Xi, but she is very weak. He often hides behind his father, mother, and brother to seek protection. The third son, Uber, may be innocent because of his young age, but the previous life did not know what the reason was. After the death of Wuzhu and Wuxi, he never returned to Wu Family.

Wu Ruo wondered whether Wu Bai left Wujia because he felt disdainful of what the Wujia people did.

Wu Qianbin left his wife and children after Wu Qiantong left. Wu Ruo looked at their back and squinted.
His fourth uncle Wu Qianbin is the smartest of the five brothers. The wife he married is also very smart and capable. Their eldest daughter Wu Ling is currently training outside. Although Fang Ling is 22 years old, Xuan The daughters of the magicians are married later than the daughters of ordinary people, because the daughters of the magicians not only have a long life, but also because of their spiritual power, their appearance is not easy to decline, and they pay more attention to future achievements, so, generally Only when they are about 3 0 years old will they find a marriage partner. The second daughter, Wu Yan, is nearly 20 years old. This year, she just went out to practice with Wu Zhu at the same time, and her younger son, Wu Shi, is very gambling no matter in the previous life or in this life.

Wu Yu made a pleased gesture to Wu Qianqing: "Uncle San, San Mi, I'll send you out."

Wu Qianqing and Wu Ruo went out with Wu Yu, and met Wu Anyi, who sent Wu Qiantong on their way.
Wu Anyi just talked to Wu Qianqing lightly and walked slowly, and ignored Wu Ruo them.

Wu Ruo smiled sarcastically.

Among the four children that Erbowu left before, the eldest son Wu Anyi is most like his mother Ruan Lanru. He is a bit arrogant. He always feels that he is higher than others. He thinks that no matter how hard people try, they cannot keep up with him. Therefore, I don't care about people like Wu Ruo who have no or little spiritual power. The second daughter, Wu Yuan, is still married, but she is married to someone else.

Wu Qianli ’s third daughter is Wu Ya. She is the same age as Wu Ling. Now the two are teaming up to practice outside. As for Wu Yu ...

Wu Ruo squinted his eyes. Wu Yu was Wu Qianli's youngest son. In the last life, he was just like Wu Zhu and they always thought that this man was a modest gentleman and a great man.

Wu Zhu saw Wu Ruo in a daze, and asked, "Xiao Ruo, what are you thinking?"

Wu Ruo turned back and lied, "I didn't see Uncle them coming over, so I wonder if their mood is better."

In addition to Wu Chu's four sons, Wu Qianjing also has four children, Wu Anqi, the second daughter, Wu Min, the third daughter, Wu Yu, and the youngest son, Wu Hao. Wu Hao is the most fun. He often can't see his figure. As long as he has a lesson in class, he will go out to play with other cousins in the other courtyard.

Wu Yudao: "I went to see Uncle and Uncle yesterday, and both of them have been stunned a lot. The only thing they do now is to run to the great grandfather's yard or to make trouble in P eking University. I don't know when the third brother's affairs will happen. Was resolved. "

Wu Qianqing sighed.
With his elder brother's temperament, he will not die until he lives. "Xiaoyu, just send here and we will go back by ourselves.
"Okay, uncle, three uncles, four brothers, Xiaoruo and Xiaoxi, walk slowly." Wu Yu stopped and watched them leave until he couldn't see them. not dead?"

What about those people sent by his father? Was it killed by the monster?

This bamboo is also very lucky, no, it should be said that Shu Qingyuan has been very lucky recently.

P reviously, his father and fourth uncle originally wanted to borrow materials from Wu Ruo ’s husband as a pretext for borrowing gifts from Wu Ruo ’s husband. However, Wu Ruo borrowed the materials that his father and fourth uncle had collected for many years, and Find the right materials and blend them with his father's treasures to make the best magic weapon. Then, Wu Ruo found out that his father and uncle stole his dowry. The original four uncles had already tried to deal with the dowry, but the incident was troubled, and Wu Chenlan ’s great-grandson Wu Yanlan heard this. This incident forced the great-grandfather to personally supervise them to return the dowry gifts, and then it was the ebony thing. At that time, the fourth uncle had let ebony bleed the blood to unlock the seal. It's too lucky.

Wu Yu grunted coldly.

He was about to go out to practice, and he didn't believe Wuzhu would always be lucky.

When he was calculating Wuzhu, Wu Ruo was still thinking about Wuzhu and Wuyu going to practice together. After having dinner, he invited his father and mother to leave Wujia after eating at Heijia on the thirteenth day of the next month. .

Back in Heifu, he immediately asked Zujiu to arrange some things.
Before noon the next day, Wu Qianqing and Guan Tong came to Heifu together.

Wu Ruo brought her eggs to the gate to greet them.

As soon as Guan Tong and Uxi saw the eggs, they immediately rushed to hold him.

Wu Ruo laughed: "Dad, mother, lunch is not good yet, I'll take you around my house first."

Guan Tong should be nice while teasing the child.

Wu Qianqing took advantage of the fact that Hei Xieyu and Hexin were not there, so she pulled Wu Ruo away from the baby and asked about the child's affairs: "Xiao Ruo, whose child is this egg? Wouldn't it be Xie? ...

Wu Ruo quickly interrupted him and said, "Dad, don't think about it, I and Xie are both men. I will definitely have no children in the future, so I will bring a relative back there."

He really couldn't tell him that this child was born from an egg. If he really said that, his father would definitely ask a lot of questions that he couldn't explain.

Wu Qianqing nodded: "While the child is still young, it's good to be with him. He will be more familiar with you in the future. You must treat him like a biological child, you know?"

In fact, what he was most worried about was that Hei Xuyi would marry Xiaoyi to have a child of his own. After all, it is not biological or biological, and it is difficult to get into the heart.

If Hei Xuanyu did this, they would not be able to prevent him from raising offspring, but he was afraid that Wu Ruo would be wronged.

It would be nice if the rules of the Hejia family were the same as those of the Wu family, because the Ubu side did not like the Wu family being suffocated and the environment of the Wu family was too complicated.
Having a woman outside or having a child with another woman will not be allowed into the house.

Wu Ruolian answered again and again: "Huh, I will."

Wuzhu laughed next to him and said, "I didn't expect that the Heifu was quite big. It took a lot of money to buy this big house."

"I didn't ask him this."

Wu Qianqing looked at the corpse servant who cleared the snow in the yard, and frowned. "Xiao Ruo, the servants in your house are a little strange."

Wu Ruo looked along his line of sight, and immediately understood what Wu Qianqing was referring to, and no longer concealed: "Dad, the messengers here are living dead.

Wu Qianqing and Wuzhu were surprised: "Live ... alive?"

"Well, they are already dead people, they can only live to this day if they are controlled by one soul."

Wu Qianqing asked, "Wasn't it impossible to reincarnate?"

"If you have slavery time, when it is time, those who control him will let them go and surrender.

Wu Zhu Shen said: "Controlling the corpses and souls of others is a magic weapon.

Wu Ruo asked him, "Brother, can you control the gods as magic?" "It's different.
Wu Ruo somehow just didn't want his loved ones to see Hei Xuanyu with strange eyes: "As long as the person who controls the living dead does not let the living dead do bad things, why not think about the rest of things too complicated."
Wu Qing saw that her youngest son was defending her husband, so he turned to the topic and said, "Xiao Ruo, we are tired too, and we want to find a place to rest."

"I'll take you to the lobby, and it's almost ready for dinner." Wu Ruo took them to the hall.
The black letter, who was busy in the hall, saw them coming and greeted them with a smile: "Welcome my in-laws and my in-laws to our house. If there is any inadequate hospitality, please forgive me."

Wu Qianqing smiled mildly: "The butler is very kind."

Wu Ruo looked at the butler with a smile and said, "Dad, I'll tell you, our butler is great, especially the technique of divination. Right, isn't the eldest brother about to go out to practice? Just let the black butler give the eldest brother a good job. Hexagram, calculate the future, or see when my elder brother finds me a big sister to come back.

Chapter 69: Fierce

Wu Zhujun blushed: "Xiao Ruo, I haven't passed the training yet. Is it too early to calculate the future partner's affairs?"

The men of Wu family usually come back to the family after they have been successfully trained, and they will only consider marriage after being crowned with a generation.

Wu Ruochi laughed: "What about the experience this time?" Wu Qianqing asked: "Will this trouble the butler?"
In Wujia, when children go out for training, they usually bring gifts to find someone who can tell the trigrams in the family, and calculate whether the trial will go smoothly. In fact, whether they can pass the training is the second most important thing. As an elder, who doesn't want their children to return in peace?

Therefore, he originally wanted to find elders to count Wuzhu, but the elders are a group of old guys who can't spit out bones, especially the elders also know that he received a bunch of valuable gifts and gifts, They will be extortionate fiercely, but they can't blame them for charging such an expensive fee, after all, they need to spend their spiritual energy to divine.

"My dear, you are more concerned about it. It is the honor of the slave to be able to make a statement for the father-in-law." Hei Xin smiled slightly: "I don't know what the father-in-law is?"

Wuzhu looked at her father and mother: "Even if the training is smooth."

Hei Xin took a black turtle shell from his waist bag and handed it to Wuzhu: "P lease take a shake of the turtle shell."
The ebony shook the turtle shell obediently, and then placed it on the table.

Hei Xin picked up the turtle shell and shook it, poured out the coins, and put the three coins back and forth, and then put the coins back into the turtle shell and continued shaking, and then poured out the coins. At this time, the three coins were one P ositive and negative, then, continue to put the copper coins back into the turtle shell, just like that, it repeatedly shakes ten times before stopping.

During the period, Wu Qianqing and Guan Tong were both so nervous that when he saw He Xin stopped, he asked, "Black housekeeper, can you calculate whether Xiao Zhu's experience is going well?"

Hei Xin fiddled with the copper coins on the table and said, "I want the old man to bluntly, Zhu Gongzi's hexagram is not very good."

Guan Tong hurriedly asked, "Why is it a bad idea?"

Hei Xin finally looked at her for a while before spitting out four words from her mouth: "Furious, more, better, less."

Wuzhu: "..."

"Ah! " Guan Tong stunned and said excitedly, "Is the black butler wrong?"

Wu Ruo tightened his eyebrows, "Mother, don't worry, first listen to what the butler said."

Wu Qianqing's face was not very good-looking: "Butler, I don't know what you calculated for Xiaozhu?"

Wu Xi comforted Guan Tong while watching Anxi anxiously.

Black Channel: "Zhu Gongzi's trip was frustrated by a villain. If he doesn't stay away, I am afraid it will endanger his life.

Wu Ruo: "..."
In the last life, Elder Rong, who divined his brother, said the same thing. Later, his father helped several elders in the family who had good divination skills to help divination. The results were the same, and they said there was no way to crack it.

But his elder brother couldn't hide at home for a lifetime, he went to practice in the back, but was carried back.

Now thinking about it, he thinks that it is not that there is no way to crack it, but that they have been bought by others and they are unwilling to tell them how to avoid evil.

Wuzhu asked, "Can the butler figure out who this villain is?"

Heixin again pointed out: "The old slave can't figure out who this person is, but Zhu Gongzi can find out this person himself."

Wuzhu stunned: "I don't know who the other party is. How can I find it?"

Heixin fiddled with the copper coins on the table and said: "At three o'clock today, Zhu Gongzi can go to the most lively street in Gaolingcheng, and there will be no small gains.

After listening to what he said, everyone's heart still hangs, and they don't even feel like eating. After all, it's hard to reach the last moment, but the mood is even more tense.

Wuzhu stood up and said, "Dad, mother, Xiaoxi, you first wait for me in Heifu, and I will come back when I find someone."

Wu Qianqing nodded: "Okay, come back as soon as you find this person, but don't get into trouble.

Originally, he wanted to accompany him, but Hei Xin said that only Wuzhu could go by himself, so he dismissed the idea of going with him.

As soon as Wuzhu left, Guan Tong prayed with his hands folded: "The Buddha is on top, I hope Xiaozhu can find this person smoothly and smoothly."

Wu Ruo lowered his eyelids and said nothing.

Wuzhu came to Gaolingcheng on the most lively street in the past three minutes, but today it is late and the weather is very cold. There are not many people walking on the street, except for some hawkers to support their families. Outside the stall, only the people who come out for fun and go out with friends for fun.

Wu Zhugen didn't know who was the villain in Heixin's mouth, so he had to stroll around the street casually until he heard someone shouting, "Janggongzi, Yugongzi and P angongzi, I haven't seen you for a long time. You are sitting in the lobby , Still have to sit in a saloon. "

"Aren't you nonsense? When did we come to ask for a seat?"

Wuzhu heard the familiar voice, and immediately turned his head to look at the past, and saw the three young boys enter the drunk moon floor with the shop second.

He murmured, "Isn't that Jiang Xiaoliang, Yu Tianbao, and P an Feng?"

These three people often bullied Wu Ruo, so he remembered the three people, and once they were beaten hard by him.

Wuzhu thought about it, are they the villains that the butler said?

He hesitated, wanting to follow up and see, and he was afraid that he missed the villain said by Hesin. But if he didn't follow up, he was worried that these three people were the ones Hesin said.

"I saw Jiang Gongzi and Yu Gongzi, and Gongzi P an came to drink again." A hawker next said suddenly: "They have a good life, unlike ours to support the family, but also come out at night to blow cold wind, alas, it is really cold Already.
"They must have received the money from the five sons of Wujia Nanyuan, so they will have a lot of money to eat and drink in Zuoyuelou.

When Wuzhu heard it, he frowned.

Isn't the five son of Wujia Nanyuan just Wuyu? Why did Xiaoyu give them money?

Wu Zhu thought that the person who accompanied him this time was Wu Yu, and immediately had a bad feeling in his heart.

He hesitated for a moment and walked towards Drunk Moon Tower. Another little second in Zuoyuelou smiled and greeted him with a smile. Wuzhu looked up at the upper room: "Are there any seats upstairs?"
"Yes, the guest letter is with the little one." Xiao Er asked him as he brought him up. "I don't know if the guest letter will take the second or third floor.

At this time, the second person who went upstairs to welcome Tianbao walked out of the middle room on the third floor.

Wuzhu pointed to the middle of the box and asked, "Are there any seats there?"

Xiao Er looked up and smiled, "Yes, the little one will take you up."

Wuzhu entered the room, ordered a few famous dishes at will, and then used the spirit to overhear the movement of the next room. Then they heard Yu Tianbao's voice of laughing.

At first, the three people only made jokes about nothing to worry about. After waiting half an hour, the three talents gradually got drunk and talked about Wuyu.

"Yu Shao will leave Gaoling City to go to practice, we will not have so much silver money in the future." This is what Jiang Xiaoliang said.
Yu Tianbao shouted, "Even if he doesn't leave, we are still not without silver flowers."

"Also, since the four grandfathers of Wujia Nanyuan stole the gift of Wu Ruo ’s dead fat, the people in Wujia did not dare to borrow instruments from Wu Qianqing again. Yu Shao naturally did n’t need to spend money. Let's bully the dead fat man again, and then take the opportunity to dress up as a good person, so that the dead fat man can help him to speak well and borrow instruments and materials from Wu Qianqing. "

When Wuzhu heard this, he stood up timidly, unable to believe what he heard.

P an Feng chuckled: "That dead fat man is really stupid. Every time we use this trick, he doesn't find the strangeness in it. He still stupidly believes that Yu Shao is a good man. Hehe, he is really a good man There will be no bad guys. "

Yu Tianbao said drunkly, "If you want me to say that the family of dead fat people is stupid, they should be deceived casually. By the way, I heard that this time Yu Shao went out to practice with the big brother of dead fat."

Jiang Xiaoliang laughed: "The big brother who died of fat is dead. I dare say that he will be praised as a good man after being smashed by Yu Shao."

"Haha." The three laughed.

The more Wuzhu heard the fists clenched, the creaks made crunchy sounds. Finally, he couldn't hear anymore. He quickly walked out of the room and came to Yu Tianbao's room, and suddenly lifted his collar from Tianbao. Is what you said just true? "

Sitting on the side of the little girl who played the lute and sang a small song, she was frightened by the ebony that suddenly entered the door.

"Who are you?" At this moment, Yu Tianbao had long been drunk, and the figures in front of them were dangling, and they could not see who the
other was.
"Did you just say that Wu Yuhua's silver made you bully Wu Ruo?" "It turned out to be this." Yu Tianbao became so drunk that he couldn't
speak clearly. "Of course it is true. If you don't believe it, you can ask the servants around Wu Ruo, and they also received the silver from Yu Shao. , And then, when we bullied dead fat people, we deliberately did not report waiting for Yu Shao to be a good person. "

"Servant?" Wu Zhu first thought of the corpse, but thought it was impossible. Later, he thought of Wu Da and Wu Xiao, who had not seen each other for two months. He looked back and looked at the three people who were drunk. He gave them a hard meal, turned away from the drunk moon floor, and came to Wu Dawu's big and small house.

Suppressing the great anger, Wuzhu directly broke into the door, lifted Wuda lying on the bed, and threw it to the ground: "Did your two brothers know that Wuyuhua silver allowed Yu Tianbao to bully Xiaoruo?"

"Big, Big Master, what are you talking about?" For the first time, Wu Da was so angry when he saw the young Master who was always gentle and hearty. The whole face of Junyi became extremely embarrassing, which made people feel particularly terrible.

Wuzhu is full of vigor: "Uda, if you don't want to die, it's best to be honest."

Uda ’s wife, Liu Xiaoru, heard the dead words and said quickly: "Master, my husband really knows that the fifth son of Hua Yinzi let Yu Tianbao bully the master, please do n’t kill him.

These things were told to Wu Da after her marriage.

Wu Da's face changed, and he was furious and said, "Liu Xiaoru, what are you talking about?"

Liu Xiaoru refuted him loudly: "Don't you want to die?"
Wu Da: "..."

Wuzhu was furious: "So it is true that Wuda and Wuxiao have collected Wuyu's silver.

Liu Xiaoru quickly confessed: "It's true, please ask Master Da to open a net and spare my husband once."

"You beasts that eat and eat." Wu Zhu slammed Wu Wu's belly with a punch.

Wu Da groaned and passed out in pain. Wuzhu snorted and turned to leave.

Chapter 70: Your wife bullied me

"Deserve it, you beast." Liu Xiaoru kicked Kuda violently on the ground and walked out wearing a robe.

Suddenly, a figure rushed out.

Liu Xiaoru was taken aback immediately, and was about to yell. The comer immediately said, "Daddy, it's me."

She patted her breasts: "How can you walk without sound? I almost scared you to death."

"Is the man who just stepped out of your room just now?"

"It's not him. He knows that you have collected the money of the five sons. He came to question Uda specifically, and said that if Uda didn't answer honestly, he would kill him. In a hurry, I would admit it for him.

Wu Xiao anxiously said, "Ma'am, how can you admit it, my brother and I will not be able to return to work in Wu's house."

"If he doesn't admit it, he will definitely run to you, and then you will be beaten."

"Aunt, are you worried about me?" Wu Xiao looked into the room and saw Wu Da fainted on the ground, grinning, pulled Liu Xiaoru's hand and walked into the dark corner, pressed the person against the wall, kissed Liu Xiaoru's mouth.

Liu Xiaoru pressed his hand against his chest: "Dead, your elder brother is still lying on the floor in the room.

"Don't worry about him." Wu Xiao * * * *soft on her chest. Liu Xiaoru moaned: "Brother and sister, don't care?"
Wu Xiao moved slightly and lowered his voice and said, "She thought I had gone to the thatched house. Let's hurry up once the elder brother doesn't wake up."

Liu Xiaoru smiled charmingly.

The two did not know that there was a figure standing in the outer corner. This person was Chen Xier who came out to check the situation, that is, Mrs. Wu Xiao.

Chen Xi'er listened to the rough gasping sound coming from the corner, and sarcastically poked his lips, and whispered, "Both brothers are of a virtue," and then turned back to the room.

After leaving the courtyard where Wu Dawu lived, Wuzhu returned directly to Heifu.

Guan Tong looked ugly, his eyes turned red, and quickly got up and asked, "Xiaozhu, have you seen that person?"

The others looked at him with concern. Wuzhu said hoarsely: "I see it."
Wu Qianqing frowned: "What does it mean?"

Wu Ruo gestured to the corpse to pour a cup of hot tea to the bamboo.

Wuzhu looked at Wuqianqing, drank hot tea, and thought, "I don't want to say it for the time being."

Wu Qianqing's brow tightened a little, feeling that the eldest son looked at him with a bit of forbearance, and didn't seem to want to tell him anything.

"If you do n’t, do n’t say it. You just need to know who this villain is. Right, the butler told us before. After you know who this villain is, your experience will be much smoother. So, Xiaozhu, you Not only to guard this person, but to know far away from this villain? "After Guan Tong
comforted him, he looked at Wu Ruo:" Little Ruo, it's not early, I will go back with your father. "

Wu Ruo nodded: "Okay, Yuanyuan, send me my father and mother." "Yes." Shi Yuan gestured to Wu Qianqing.
Wu Ruo looked at the back of their departure and tickled his lips. At this moment, his mood is particularly good, and he won't have to worry about his elder brother. They will look at Wu Yu again.

At this time, Hei Xin came in with his small hand and Hei Xieyu and Hei Gan.

"Daddy." Dandan ran a little short legs, ran to Wu Ruo in small steps, looked up at Wu Ruo, and asked innocently: "Daddy, what a bad thing you did with such a thief?"

Heisin was amused by his childish words.

"..." Wu Ruo gently squeezed his small face with anger and laughter: "You laugh so innocently every day. Did you do a lot of good things, eh?"

Everyone murmured, hugged the black-skinned calf sitting aside, and sued, "Father, your wife bullied me."

Hei Xieyu held the baby in his arms, dialed his hair for the forehead, and said quietly, "It's good if you don't bully your father."

Wu Ruo saw Hei Xieyu help him to speak, looking at the child in his arms proudly.

Yandan flattened her mouth and said unhappy, "You, you are treacherous." Wu Ruofu: "Who taught you these words, how to use words arbitrarily." Black letter ashamed.
He didn't know where the young master learned the vocabulary.
The black dry face standing next to Hei Xuyi said suddenly without expression, "After having breakfast every day, the young master would ride to the kitchen of Zuoyuelou to steal food and hide in the room of Zuoyuelou. Liang Shang, eating snacks, heard Mr. Shu telling a story. After lunch break in the afternoon, he would go to the theater to listen to the drama. After dinner, he would go to the green house to listen to the girl playing the piano and listening to music.

So, let alone words, even those stories and songs can be remembered. As the person in charge of going to see the young master every day, he could memorize the story told by Mr. Storyteller, even his handsome face didn't know how many times he was kissed by the girl in the green house.

Black letter: "..."

Hei Xieyu: "..."

Wu Ruo: "..."

The child's daily entertainment program is more colorful than his adult.

Yandan lowered her head, and said pitifully, "I didn't go to those places because my father only looked at the mixer every day, and my dad was inconvenient to move. No one played with me ..."

Black Confidence said painfully: "Master, Madam, Little Master only play with him every day, don't blame him.

Wu Ruo was also very distressed by the child, but it took him at least a month to fully lose weight, so even now he would not have enough energy to play with the child.

Hei Xuanxi frowned lightly: "The day after tomorrow will be the Yuan Festival ..."

Every look brightened: "Does our father take us out to play?" "Ok."
"That's great." Dandan slipped from Hei Xuan's arms excitedly: "I'm going to prepare."

Wu Ruo raised an eyebrow: "Just go out and play for a day. What are you going to prepare?"

As soon as the words were finished, no one had disappeared.

Hei Xinyan laughed: "Little Master is very happy to go out with the master and wife for the first time."

"How about you?" Hei Xuyi looked at Wu Ruo: "Are you happy?"

"What do I have ... Wu Ruo met his dark, serious eyes, and the words of happiness behind him suddenly got stuck in his throat.

Hei Xuanyu looked at him all the time, and seemed not to look away before he could answer.

Suddenly Wu Ruo's heart jumped uncontrollably. He immediately asked the corpse and them to help him get up: "I also have to prepare.

HeiXin laughed: "Mrs. I'm sorry." Hei Xieyu: "..."
The sky outside the hall was getting darker and the sky was snowing slightly.

After coming out of Heifu, Wuzhu never said a word. When he returned to Shu Qingyuan, he immediately locked himself in the room, making Wu Qianqing very worried. However, in the early morning the next day, Wuzhu returned to normal. I will go to school with Ushi before breakfast.

The school was built in the Intermediate P eople's Court, with only a large yard separated from Bu Jinyuan.

When Wuzhu and Wuxi came to the school, many cousins and sisters had already practiced mystery in the compound.
"Xiao Xi, I'm going to go to practice. At that time, no one here will play with you, you ..." When Wu Zhu thought of her sister going to school alone, she was very uneasy. Approach.

Wu Xi immediately interrupted Wuzhu's words: "Brother, don't worry, I can take care of myself alone, er, brother, what's wrong with you?"

When she was halfway talking, she noticed that Wuzhu's face sank a little: "Brother, am I saying something right?"

Wuzhu didn't answer her, but just stared at the people coming to them.

Wu Xi followed his gaze and saw Wu Yu come over with a smile on her face. She smiled and waved to Wu Yu and shouted, "Five Brother."

Wu Yudao: "Si Brother, Xiaoxi, you have come to school so early." Wu Xi smiled and said, "Five brother, you are not so early.
"I heard you guys went to Heifu for dinner yesterday. I wonder if Xiaoruo is still used to it in Heifu?"

Wuzhu heard Wuyu's mention of Wu Ruo, and his eyes sank again.

"The second brother is doing well there, fifth brother, let me tell you, my second brother's son is so beautiful, he ..."

"Wu, Yu." Wu Zhu spit out two words coldly from his mouth, interrupting U Xi and continuing.

Wu Xi and Wu Yu both froze.

Wu Yu put away a smile: "Si Brother, what's wrong with you? His face is so ugly.

"Of course it's ugly." Wuzhu smiled coldly: "Because I want to punch you."
Immediately after the words fell, he raised his fist and hit them with ten layers of strength.

Wu Yu never thought that ebony would hit him, so, if he didn't avoid it, he would take a punch of ebony severely on his face. At that moment, the person was beaten and flew out, hitting a large trunk not far away. The cheekbones on the face and the bones on the shoulders were cracking.

Everyone exclaimed.

Wu Xi hesitated, and hurriedly said, "Brother, are you crazy? How can you hit Brother Wu?"

Wuzhu walked towards Wuyu with an angry expression: "I just beat him with my fist, Xiao Xi, do you know Yu Tianbao, why do they bully him every time they see Xiaoruo? That's because of Wuyu What Hua Yinzi told them to do was to run as a good person to save Xiaoruo, so that Xiaoruo would be grateful to him, and then he could ask Xiaoruo to borrow materials and implements from his father.

In the past, he really blinded the dog's eyes, so he would consider Wu Yu a modest gentleman and a person who likes to help others.

"What?" Wu Xi looked at Wuzhu in disbelief, but looked back. Indeed, every time he saved her second brother, the fifth brother would borrow materials from his father. Dad thanked Wu Yu for saving his son. When he said that, he took out the materials and implements to Wu Brother.

"These words were all I heard from Yu Tianbao last night, and Wu Da and Wu Xiao also received Wu Yu's silver, so every time Yu Tianbao bullied Xiao Ruo, no one notified us. "

Wu Xi was not a stupid person, she looked at Wu Yu and asked, "Brother, the villain said by the butler is not ..."

"Yes, that's him."
"This man is really abominable." U Xi hurriedly walked to Wu Yu in front of angrily, and struck his chest vigorously: "I kick you to let you find someone to bully my second brother, let you find someone to bully me Brother, you hypocrite, I kick you to death. "

At this time, a loud rumor came over: "Who is making trouble here."
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