Comeback of the Abandoned Wife Chapter 51-60

Chapter 51: Aren' t you human

The black letter to Wu Qianqing's gift list is more than twice as long as the Wu Qianqing's gift list in his sleeve.

Wu Xuanran and Wu Qianjing immediately felt complacent, wanting to refute and deny, but after seeing Wu Qianqing's red eyes, all the words were choked in their throats and couldn't say anything.

"No wonder I feel that the handwriting of the gift list is so familiar. It turned out to be the one written by the housekeeper in Big Brother's House. You are too much, even dare to steal my son's gift.

Wu Qianqing angrily took out the gift slip in his sleeve and smashed it on the table. The sound of "snap" sounded like a slap on Wu Qianjing. They felt hot on their faces. They had never before He was shamed, angry, and embarrassed when he was exposed in person through his behavior.

Guan Tong has always known that uncle they like to take advantage of her husband, but uncles are usually very good to their family. They always think of them when they have good food and clothes, but they never thought that they were so shameless in private, even her son's The gifts are dare to swallow them privately.

Take it, and take away most of the gifts, leaving only a small portion of the gift of the gift to them, even if it is a good replacement of a small portion of the gift, it is too much .

"..." Ubu Fong was still lucky, thinking that Black Letter might not find that most of the engagement gift was taken away, but now he is whimsical, and He Xin is up and down the house. How to manage everything with everything, how can you not notice the wrong inside.

He was about to say something, Wu Qiantong could not bear the aggressive manner of the third brother who had always been gentle with
others, and said angrily, "Isn't it just a little gift, third brother, do you need to be so mean? "

Since Wu Qianqing knew it, he felt that there was no need to hide again. Dong Jiji echoed: "That's it."
Ubud retorted sharply: "You two shut up for me." Dong Jiji was afraid to shrink his shoulders.
Wuqiantong snorted and put aside his face, but his words had touched the anger that Wuqianqing had long held in his heart: "I'm stingy, you say I'm stingy, Wuqiantong, if you marry a daughter, I take Would you be happy for most of your daughter's gift? Would you generously let me take it away? Besides, I am married to a son, a son! "

‘ I ’m marrying a son, it ’s a son’. With all his energy and anger, he yelled out all his dissatisfaction and resentment during this time.

Under this world, who would marry his son? Because of his incompetence as a father and his inability to protect his son, he was greatly wronged.

Immediately, the grand anger shook everyone present.

Everyone looked at him with bloodshot eyes. He had never seen him like this for so many years.

Even Wu Ruo, who was reborn, has never seen Wu Qianqing so angry, not to mention that this incident will completely anger Wu Qianqing.

Wu Qianqing's expression of grief and grief caught everyone's heart, and no one dared to speak.

Guan Tong stood beside her husband, holding his hand tightly as if supporting him.

Wu Qianqing glared angrily at these so-called relatives: "Even if I pay for my son's marriage gift, are you still human?"
Wu Xuanran slumped his face: "Wu Qianqing, in front of the elders, how can you tolerate wanton! "

Although it is known that Wu Qianqing scolded Wu Qiantong for them, he was also a part of the person who took the gift. Scolding Wu Qiantong was equivalent to scolding him.

Chapter 52: Really help him too

Wu Qianqing saw that Wu Xuanran did not accuse the person who stole the gift, but instead rebuked him as a victim, guessing that his father must also have taken the gift of his son, and his heart was beyond words.

He suddenly turned to face the Ubud side, and solemnly asked, "P lease ask my grandfather to take charge of the grandchildren, so that the person who stole the gift will return my child's gift."

Ubud square frowned: "This is of course, I will certainly get back your offer."

Hei Xin has even moved out of Wu Chenzi just now. If he doesn't help Wu Qianqing get his engagement gift, he will probably go to Wu Chenzi, so he can't afford to lose that face.

If others let him know that his Wu family is so greedy that he even steals the junior's gift, the world will not know how to laugh at them.

Ubu Fang lowered his face and looked at Wu Qianjing angrily and reprimanded: "Even the junior's engagement gift is taken, do you still want to lose face? This thing has to be said, who else dare to trust our Wu family, after you go back, immediately Return Xiao Ruo's engagement gift to Qian Qing, and afterwards, write a confession to come here to accept my family punishment. "

Now that the evidence is conclusive, Wu Qiantong has admitted that he has been offered a gift. Wu Qianjin and others cannot deny the matter, and have to respond reluctantly.

Wu Qiantong was a little angry, but let them hand over the things they had already obtained, and he was really uncomfortable: "What if the things have already been used?"
Heisin sneered: "Then compensation will be given. The master's gift to the wife, but each one is not less than 100,000 silver, and some are even more than 500,000."

Wuqian Tong was furious: "You are trying to rob while you are on fire. Where are some items worth 100,000 yuan?"

"Since it feels worthless, return all the gifts intact." "You ..." Wu Qiantong suddenly became speechless.
Wu Fangbu saw Wu Qiantong's righteousness when he did something wrong, and angrily reprimanded: "You must roll back quickly and take out all the gifts."

"Wait." Hei Xin took out the water-blue jade fan from his sleeve: "This fan is also a magic instrument that the two little boys mortgaged to the shopkeeper of Gambling Club, and I will give it back to you."

He put the black tooth fan on the table.

Wu Ruo was surprised: "Isn't this my weapon?"

Wu Qiantong was so angry that Wu Bo, the little rabbit, mortgaged two pieces of magical equipment.

He reached out to get the magic weapon, but Wu Qianqing took the magic weapon to his hand.

Wu Qianqing stared coldly at Wu Qiantong: "I lent the instrument to you that day because I saw you need it. I wanted you to return it later, but I pushed back three times and said that I would not return it if I no longer needed it. However, it is really chilling that you have used the weapon as a counterfeit. "

Wu Qiantong: "..."

Today, Wu Qianqing is extremely cold-hearted towards his brothers, so instead of considering the brotherhood, he turned to Wu Fang and said,
"Grandfather, didn't you ask me some time ago, where did my magic weapon go?"

Wu Qianjing's face changed slightly.

Wu Fangbu looked at Wu Qiantong and said, "Well, yes, what's wrong?"

"I can now tell my grandfather that my instrument and some of my wife's instruments have been borrowed by the older brother, and said that they will be returned within seven days, but after more than three months, I still do n’t see the older brother. The meaning of the magic weapon, I once asked them privately, but they refused. Now that everyone is there, I want to discuss the magic weapon against the elder brother, the second brother, the fourth brother, and the fifth brother. I have a few more weapons to protect my children. "

He knew it was because he was so good at talking before, so that the elder brothers would have no fear, and time and time again to return to the magic weapon.

Wu Ruo slightly hooked his lips. It was Hexin who took out the black tooth fan after the resolution of the gift, because he knew that with his father's temperament, he would not be bullied forever.

Ubud side looked at Uqqin and said, "Is that so?"

Wu Qiantong, who was about to refute the denial, said Hei Xin firstly: "Before coming to Gaoling City, Wu Guoshi always praised the patriarch of the U tribe as having both virtue and talent. Not only do people steal the gift of others, but they also do n’t return the instrument. If the Wu Guoshi knew this, would he not think you were hitting his face? "

Wu Qiantong's face changed from blue to black. If they could, they would jump on and kill the black letter.

Ubud side has the most face. When he heard that, he quickly ordered Wuqiantong to return the weapon to Wuqianqing.
Wu Qiantong angrily said, "If we want to return the magic weapon, first return the materials we gave you before, anyway, you already have the magic weapon to defend yourself, there is no need to use the material weapon again."

How dare to threaten him. Wu Qianqing chuckled: "The instruments you borrowed are mine. They say they should be returned within seven days. Now more than three months have passed. I should keep my promise and return them to me. The materials you lent us are also good. Yes, when my son comes back, he will return it to you when he finds the same materials. Besides, you used all the materials you gave me, how can I return them? "

Speaking of the word 'same', he specifically accentuated his tone. "you…  …"
Wu Qianbin stopped Wu Qiantong and said, "Brother, it's our fault. We will return the materials and the artifacts to you."

Dong Jiji asked: "Black housekeeper, you said you caught Xiaoshi and Xiaobai, where are they now?"

Hei Xin smiled slightly: "Two little boys will be released later." Dong Jiji snorted coldly, and they left P u Jinyuan with her husband.
Wuqian Tong immediately asked, "Four brother, why don't you let me finish?"

Wu Qianbin lowered his face: "Don't you see grandpa's complexion?" If you say any more, you will be immediately pulled out to hit a hundred boards. "

Wuqian's boyishness: "Do you really want to return the weapon?" Isn't their material borrowed?
Wu Qianbin narrowed his eyes: "What are you anxious for? Grandpa asked us to return the materials and the implements, but did not say that we
would take out all the materials and return them to Wu Qianqing." "Four brother, do you mean ..."
Wu Qianjing's eyes flashed coldly: "Your fourth brother means that we can slowly drag and drop the materials, and we can't find them at one and a half. After that, we will return them one material every other year and a half, hum, like this In the end, even after ten years, few materials can be retrieved. "

Wu Xuanran faintly glanced at Wu Qiantong: "Your elder brother said it very well, ex-boy, isn't he talking about you for your father, can you do things in the future, don't be so impulsive, can you move your mind?

Wu Qiantong also knows that his temper is irritable and irritable, and he wants to change, but he can't change it by nature.

Wu Qianli asked, "But if you do this, will your grandfather blame us?"

Wu Qianjing sneered: "Don't forget, the grandfather also accepted those gifts, so as long as we don't do too much, and things will not pass to Wu Guoshi, and there is a gift to Wu Qianqing , He will open his eyes and close his eyes as before. "

Ubu Fang loves his face so much that he won't let Wu Qianqing pass on the matter. He will surely seal the mouths of the Wu Qianqing family and the Hei family.

Wu Qiantong breathed a sigh of relief: "That's good."

Wu Qianbin rolled his eyes. This person often fails and loses more. If this person is his brother, he would not want to answer him: "Go back, take out the cheapest materials and implements and send them back. . "

Shortly after they left, Wu Ruo also came out of the hall.

Wu Fangbu suddenly shouted: "Qing Qing, you stay, I have something to tell you."
Wu Qianqing stopped and said, "Yes."

Wu Ruoyan tickled his lips, knowing that he knew Ubud, and left his dad, nothing more than to persuade his dad not to tell the story, worrying that it would ruin the reputation of the Wu family, but unfortunately ...

Thinking of this, he smiled meaningfully.

Just then, a domestic servant hurried past them and came to the door of the hall: "Homeowner."

Ubud, who was about to comfort Wu Qianqing, asked in a bad tone: "What's the matter?"

The servant came to Ubu Fang and whispered: "Now the whole Gaolingcheng people are telling us that the Wu family stole the gift of the third grandson of Nantai Courtyard."

"What?" Ubud squared his eyes narrowly. "What happened? Who transmitted it?"

Just to persuade Wu Qianjing to forgive them once in Wu Qianjing, and forgive Wu Qianqing not to tell the matter, but now everyone in Gaolingcheng knows about it.

"It came from Gambling Square. It was said that things were quite big at that time, and many people saw it."

Ubud side looked at Wu Qianqing waiting on the side: "Qian Qing, you go back first."

The matter has already spread, and it is useless to stay young before staying in Ukraine. It is imperative to suppress this matter.


Wu Qianqing walked out of P u Jinyuan and saw Wu Ruo they were waiting for him. He sighed before leaving: "I really didn't think my brother would do such a thing."
Guan Tong comforted: "Qing, don't be sad."

Wu Qianqing smiled, and then gathered a smile: "With our understanding of our grandfather and my dad, I'm afraid it's not so easy for them to hand over their gifts."

Since his elder brother and third brother swallowed the gift, he must do everything possible to delay the return, and his grandfather would not allow him to tell the story.

Wu Ruodao: "Dad, there will always be a solution to the problem, you don't have to worry about it, right, how are you now?"

Mentioning his physical condition, Wu Qianqing showed a smile: "Lingtian recovered very well and can slowly gather spirits. I also added Juling grass to the bath medicine as you said, and daily They all took one Ning Ling Dan, both of which worked very well. No accident. After forty- nine days, they could fully recover, but they just had to wait for a while to restore their original practice. "

"That's good."

When they left the area of the courtyard, they were heading towards the south courtyard. A high-spirited young noble boy came face to face, with a handsome face, a purple satin crown on his head, a precious sable cape, feet He wore exquisite embroidery boots and hundreds of guards behind him. The whole man looked unattainable.

The nobleman squinted and looked at Wu Ruo, stunned, and smiled: "It's really fat."

After speaking, he took a person and followed the servants of the Wu family to walk past Wu You and walk to Bu Jinyuan.

Wu Qianqing whispered: "That's Wu Yanlan, the great great grandson of Wu Guoshi."

Wu Ruomu's light flashed, it really helped him.
Originally thinking that it might take some time before they could force Wu Qianjing to hand over all their gifts. Now it seems that today they can let Wu Qianjing obediently send all their gifts back.

Wu Ruo whispered in the corpse's ear.

The corpse nodded and rushed to the courtyard.

Chapter 53: It is him

Wu Yanlan was curious about the servants who took them to P u Jinyuan after they had gone far, and asked, "Who was the big fat guy?"

The servant responded respectfully: "That is Wu Ruo, the third son of the Third Lord of the Southern University."

Wu Yanlan grinned and said, "It's him."

As a direct member of the Wu family, he would never have known Wu Ruo, a small and unnamed pawn. But some time ago, he heard his father say that a black man who had rescued Gao's grandfather came to ask his little aunt for a kiss, but because the great-grandfather felt that the man with the black surname was a bit wicked, and the little aunt's suspected black man looked Too ugly, he pushed this family relationship to the next family. Later, it was said that because the man with a black name liked men, the patriarch of the Wu family pointed out a junior named Wu Ruo to the man with a black name. This matter was resolved. I didn't expect this junior to be so fat.

"Have you heard? The grandfather and the second, fourth, and fifth grandfathers of Wujianan Courtyard stole the gift from Heijia." The voice suddenly passed from the other side of the wall.

When Wu Yanlan heard the word "black family", she could not help slowing down and raised her hand to stop the servant from speaking out.

"I heard that this matter has spread throughout the city. The owner ca n’t suppress the pressure. Alas, the Third Lord of the Nanyuan Courtyard is really pathetic. Lingtian was destroyed half a year ago, and he was forced to marry his son to a man. Now it ’s dark. Most of the engagement gifts sent by the family have been taken away, and the people in the Nanyuan compound are really bullying too much. "
"I heard that the reason why the people from the Nanyuan Academy stole these dowry gifts was the U.K. division."

Wu Yanlan was full of anger. These people were simply * * * *and ruined the reputation of their imperial capital, Wu Family.

"Isn't it? Wu Guoshi is so poor that he has to steal someone's gift?"

"Who knows? Don't say anymore. Hurry up and clean the yard, otherwise, we will be caught by the housekeeper."

Wu Yanlan heard the footsteps leaving, and grimaced angrily: "Take me to see your patriarch."

The servant nodded quickly to lead the way.

The people on the other side of the wall didn't actually leave, and they were Wu Ruo who asked them to come here and deliberately told Wu Yanlan's corpse and corpse again. The two heard a anger and smiled at each other. Wu Yan Lan came to P u Jinyuan and saw Ubud who greeted him. He snorted coldly: "Matriarch Wu, I always thought you were a smart and capable person. Otherwise, Wujia will not be built in just a few decades. This has caused such a large scale, but after I came to Gaoling today, I realized that your Wu family was so poor that you needed to steal the gift of a junior to live. It is really shameful. The most hateful thing is
... "

The more he said, the more angry he said: "This incident even involved my great-grandfather, saying that my great-grandfather asked you to do this. When I go back, I must tell my great-grandfather about this and let him remove your sideline so as not to be banned. Your reputation is ruined. "

Ubud's smile suddenly froze and hurriedly explained: "Yan Lan, this is a misunderstanding ..."

If removed, this Wu family will no longer be the largest family in Gaolingcheng.
"Whether I misunderstand or not, as long as our Wujia reputation is bad, it won't work."

"I know." Ubu Fang felt that he was really unlucky and wanted to keep things down, but Wu Yanlan came to Gaoling City at this time.

"You know? You know it's not fast enough for the people in the Nanyuan compound to return Wu Ruo's gift to him, and then suppress everything for me." Wu Yanlan now just wants to deal with this matter quickly.
P eople in the big family over there know that they will certainly make fun of their Wu family by this incident. At that time, no one in Wu family will have a face to go out to meet people.

"I have asked the people in Nanyuan to return the offer to Wu Ruo."

"That's good." Wu Yanlan took the next hot tea, took a sip, and felt uneasy: "I think it's better to go for a trip in person, I'll wait for your news here, I must be here today Return the gift to Wu Ruo. "

Ubu Fang hesitated and nodded: "Okay, I'll do it."

He walked out of the hall and immediately ordered the housekeeper to take out the gifts that Wu Qianjing had sent them. These were some of the gifts given to Wu Ruo by the Hei family.

The Wu family heads out personally. Wu Qianjing can only obediently hand over the gifts and instruments. For half an hour, the gifts from car to car were sent to Shu Qingyuan.

"Ma'am, you don't know, uncle, how ugly they looked when they opened the storeroom for the gift. The fifth grandfather was so angry that he took out rattan to chase the nine and ten boys, and the scene was particularly lively." The corpse whispered again and again that Ubud side personally came to ask Wu Qian to compete with them to open the warehouse for the ceremony.

The corpse suppressed the smile on the corner of his lips and said, "The Uzbek said that those gifts that are good enough do n’t need us to return
them. They are treated as a gift, and then take your grandfather and grandpa with them. Going to the P u Jinyuan to accept family punishment, now the uncles are not only losing their wives but also losing their troops. "

Wu Ruo smiled slightly, looking at the eighteen cars outside the hospital. The smile on the corner of the mouth became bigger and bigger, but it was so cold.

It was just to get back what belonged to him, and Wu Qianjing was so angry that if they were dead individuals, what would they look like.

Oh, really looking forward to it!

Chapter 54:Going to break the shell

Wu Zhu and Wu Xi came back from the school and learned that what Wu Qianjing had done was both shocked and angry, how could they never have thought that someone who had always been good for their family would do something to steal the gift, but how angry they were As a junior, you can't do anything against the elders, so you have to suppress the anger to help Wu Ruo divide the materials of the implement into the car.

Wu Ruo had dinner in Shu Qingyuan, and left the Wu family with the materials of the 13 vehicles in the eyes of the envy and envy of all the people in the Nanyuan compound.

The shopkeeper Yu, who was left on the carriage, was already hungry and screamed. He took the bun from the corpse and immediately ate it. After he swallowed the last bite, he said, "Six or six boys, I You have completed what you have said. Can you cancel the contract? "

Wu Ruowen said, raising his eyelid slightly and looking at him with a smile: "To the shopkeeper, my contract is permanent and cannot be cancelled."

"What! " The shopkeeper was anxious and afraid to resist.

"As long as you don't betray me, this contract won't work. You can still do whatever you want. I know you don't like to be controlled by others, but you should worry about how to lie."

In the eyes of the shopkeeper, he flickered intently, stuttering, "Well, what lies?"

"Today you told Ushi them that they let them mortgage the magic weapon because your friends need it to catch big monsters, but my fourth uncle would not be so fooled. By then, they will thoroughly investigate the matter, and you"
Wu Ruo stopped here, and the shopkeeper couldn't help but swallowed his mouth, and he could already think of his miserable end: "So, what should I do, Liu Gongzi, I'm working for you, you can't see me dead. No way. "

Wu Ruo motioned for him to come. The shopkeeper passed his ears.
Wu Ruo whispered.

Yu Treasurer heard his brows frown tighter, and finally, gritted his teeth and agreed to this matter.

Wu Ruo smiled deeply and motioned to the corpse driver to let the driver stop at the shopkeeper.

Yu Treasurer seemed to be chased by evil spirits. As soon as he got out of the car, he immediately ran away.

Wu Ruo smiled and lost in thought.

It's almost New Year's Eve, so let them live a good life.

Back in Heifu, Wu Ruo saw Hei Xieyu and Nu Mu sitting in the hall playing chess.

Seeing Wu Ruo, Numu gave a laugh: "Hey boy, your wife is back."

Hei Xieyu put down the black chess in his hand, looked at the door, and said to Wu Ruo that came in, "Here you are.

Wu Ruo thought they were waiting for their return, and could not help but smile: "Did you have dinner?"

"I have eaten it." Numu asked, "How are you going back to Wujia to ask about the gift? Have you got your gift back?"

"Get them all back." Wu Ruo stepped aside and let them see the corpse servants carrying a cart and cart of gifts into the yard.
Hei Xuanyu said quietly, "Tomorrow will begin to refine the magic weapon."

Wu Ruo nodded, "OK."

I have been dragging it before, because I was worried that Wu Qianjing would have to deal with the number of the gift when returning the gift. Therefore, there was no rush to implement it.

Hei Xieyu said, "It's going to break the shell." Wu Ruo hesitated.
What's broken?

Numu asked curiously, "Broken shells? What is broken?"

After a while, Wu Ruocai understood the meaning of Hei Xieyu's words and looked at him in surprise: "Do you mean that the big white egg I gave you is going to break the shell?"

Chapter 55: Broken shell

Hei Xieyu, Wu Ruo, Nu Mu, and Hei Xin and Hei Gan who heard the big white egg's shell are coming to the room next to the backyard study.

As soon as I entered the door, I saw the big bird monster staring nervously at the large white egg in the nest, and a crack with a wide nail had cracked in the egg shell.

Heisin exclaimed excitedly, "Little Master is coming out, he is coming out."

Hegan's eyes were a little more nervous.

Wu Ruo was excited by them, expecting the child to come out soon.

The big bird blame ‘ 啾’ to Hei Xin, begging him not to say anything, otherwise, the child in the egg will be scared.

Hei Xin quickly covered his mouth and walked out of the room. He whispered to the corpse servant who was outside the room, "Get hot water, wait for the young master to take a hot bath after getting out of the shell."

"Yes." The corpse walked away slowly.

In the room, Numu curiously reached out and poked at the big white egg.

The big bird looked strange, and immediately spread its wings and fanned at Numu.

Numu was startled, and quickly took a few steps back to avoid the attack of the big bird monster. He lowered his voice and asked, "What kind of egg is this? Is it the egg of this bird?"

"My son." Hei Xuan said quietly.
Wu Ruo: "..."

This man really treats this egg as his own son?

"Your son?" Nu Mu raised his voice slightly, looked at Hei Xuanyu in shock, then smiled, and patted his shoulder. "Hey kid, I didn't expect you to make a joke. The person who married is not The same, even the temperament has changed. "

Hei Xuan looked at him expressionlessly.

Numu saw him with a serious look, and hesitation flashed between his eyebrows: "This ... Is this really your son?"

Suddenly a "click" made the gap in the eggshell bigger.

Everyone immediately raised their spirits, staring intently at the big white egg, but Banzhuxiang passed by, and the big white egg did not respond.

"Why not come out?" Hessian was anxious.

Numu asked him, "Which pregnant woman have you ever given birth to?" Black letter stuffed.
Numu comforted him: "Don't worry, let it slowly break through the egg shell itself, so that it can show that it is healthy."

Black Letter nodded.

Jo Mo passed half a column of incense again, the egg shell again made a 'click', and the cracks became a little bigger. After that, every time the column incense time, the gap between the egg shells became a little bigger, until half an hour later With a "snap", the egg shell was finally separated in two halves, revealing a cute little baby who was wet and white and tender, but it was one circle larger than an ordinary baby, like a five- month-old baby boy.

Wu Ruo marveled, what a beautiful little baby.
"Little Master is out, Little Master is out." Hei Xin excitedly picked up the child and washed it in the hot water he had prepared.

Hei Gan was also very happy to roll up his sleeves while squatting to help support the child.

Xiao Waer was very well-behaved, neither crying nor making troubles. He looked at everyone curiously with * * * *eyes, and when he fell on Hei Xieyu and Wu Ruo, he suddenly opened his mouth and giggled.

"Little Master laughed." Hei Xin hugged the child with a smile, dried the child's water with spiritual power, wrapped it in a small quilt that had been prepared in the morning, and hugged it to Wu Ruo and Hei Xieyu.

Hei Xingyu raised his stubborn corner of his mouth slightly, and held a faint smile, raised his long fingers and touched the little baby's face.

Wu Ruo turned to look at the black color, his light smile made him look lost.

Does this man like children so much?

Nourang laughed: "This child looks exactly like his father."

Wu Ruo wondered, "Master, have you ever seen the child his father?" He didn't even know who the baby was, how could Numu know?
Numu rolled his eyes at him and pointed at Hei Xuan and said, "Isn't the black boy just saying that the little baby is his son? The baby's father isn't him anymore."

Wu Ruo: "..."

Hei Xin smiled and said, "Yes, the young master looks exactly like the master when he was a kid."

Wu Ruo felt that Heixin wanted the young master to be crazy.
How could the child emerging from the egg be the same as Hei Xieyu.

Wu Ru stared at the little baby and stared straight at him. He was born just now, but his black hair has grown under his shoulders. His round face, delicate facial features, his skin is white and tender, his clear and innocent eyes are as bright as the sky The stars are shining with dazzling light, and the small mouth is even more red than the cherry. It is almost as beautiful as a ceramic doll, which makes people want to hug him and kiss him.

The more he looked, the more familiar his face became, looking like ...

Wu Ruo couldn't help but look at Hei Xieyu's face, then turned back to the child, and then he looked back at Hei Xieyu, his gaze moving back and forth between the faces of ‘ Father and Son’.

The more he looked, the more he was astonished, because he found that the appearance of the little baby was just like Hei Xin said, and it was very similar to the black shading with the fake skin removed.

How could this be?

This egg was obviously given by Hei Xun, how could he look so similar to Hei Xun? If he didn't see the little baby running out of the egg with his own eyes, he would have to doubt whether this little child was Hei Xun I was born with other women.

Hei Xuanyu noticed the eyes of the people around him, turned his head to Wu Ruo's shocked eyes, and seemed to suspect that this little baby was made by him and other women.

He frowned slightly and said quietly, "He was born to you." In fact, he wondered how the child looked like him.
"..." Wu Ruo was simply dumb to eat Coptis chinensis and said it bitterly.

He was joking with Hei at that time, how did he know that it would become true.
Is it really the egg he gave birth to?

But it's not right. Even if he wants to have a baby, he should have a child who looks like himself. He has not had the same room with Hei Xuyi, how can the child be like Hei Xuyi.

Or is it that the big white egg was actually a child born by a fairy to which Hei Xieyu was with, and then secretly put it on his bed.

Wu Ruo thought it, but thought it was impossible.

In the last life, he had never seen this egg, nor heard that Hei Xieyu had children, and he had never seen Hei Xieyu had an ambiguous relationship with any woman. Moreover, he had tricked Hei Xieyu into this egg. At that time, Hei Xieyu was completely blank for a while, obviously he did not know the origin of the big white egg.

But why aren't Hexin and Heigan surprised when they see Xiaowa's blackness?

It seems that I have to find the thorns and ask clearly, but this guy just came to the world and will not come back to him until he is tired of playing outside. He wanted to bring people back, but it was really annoying that his current spiritual power could not bring back the thorns at all.

Heixin, who was teasing the child, suddenly remembered that Wu Ruo hadn't seen Hei Xieyu's true content before turning to the topic: "Madam, would you hug the young master?"

Wu Ruo hesitated.

The little baby is very cute, and it ca n’t bear to refuse. He stretched out his hands towards the child, but there was too much meat on the arm. After bending back, he could only hold the little baby barely. Black letter held his hands.
When Numu saw this, he laughed: "Xiao Ruo, I think you should hold him after losing weight."

Wu Ruo gave him an angry look.

The little baby waved her arms happily at Wu Ruo and giggled.

HeiXin said with a smile: "You see, young master likes his wife very much."

Wu Ruo's eyes softened, and he had a feeling of closeness to the child inexplicably. He even felt that there was an unexplainable connection between him and the child, which was looming, not obvious, if he was not focused , Can't sense its existence at all.

How could this be?

Wu Ruo unbelievably returned the child to Heixin, and then asked the corpse to help him out.

Numu asked, "Xiao Ruo, where are you going?"

Wu Ruo's head didn't return, "I need to take a bath and calm down." Nou: "..."
The medicated bath gets hotter and hotter, how to calm down? No one noticed the abnormality of Wu Ruo.
After he left, Hei Xin smiled and said to Hei Xieyu: "When the young master was born, his stomach must be hungry. The old slave first brought the young master to eat."

Hei Xuan faintly hummed.

After Hei Xin and Hei Gan left their children, Numu reached out and patted him on the shoulder, seriously, "Hey kid, you're too unkind, just take your child and bring them back for you At home, you said how did
you let Xiao Ruo think of you? Did you know that doing this would just embarrass him? "

Hei Xieyu: "..."

This egg was still given to him by Wu Ruo.

"Fortunately, if Xiao is not angry, otherwise I, as a master, will never be able to forgive you. After returning to the room, you should coax Xiao Ruo to know? Also, please also ask his opinion for the name of the baby, after all He is now your wife. As a man married to another man, it is not easy to face the ridicule of the world, so you must treat him well. "

Hei Xuanyu heard his name mentioned, his eyes moved slightly.

Numu talked to him a few more words, and then went back to his room to rest.

Hei Sui went to the study next door to deal with things, and calculated the time for Wu Ruo to take the medicine bath before returning to the room.

Wu Ruo, who was lying on the bed, saw him coming back and asked weakly, "Hei Xuan, why don't you ask me where this egg came from?"

Hei Xunyu glanced at him, took off his coat, and said nothing.

Wu Ruo hugged the quilt depressedly: "Actually, I don't know where it came from. I was still wondering if you secretly put it on my bed, no ..."

Having said that, he paused suddenly, originally to say ‘ otherwise, why the child looks like you’, but at this time he did n’t know the true appearance of Hei Xieyu.

Seeing his face distressed, Hei Xuan seemed to have no idea how the big white egg came from, and he raised his eyebrows in amazement: "How could that egg be in your hands."

"I don't know. When I woke up that day, I saw a demon holding a big white egg. He told me that the egg was taken out of my legs, and then he left.
Soon, you guys Come in. "Wu Ruo frowned:" This child is a bit weird, do you think it will be the child of a big monster, otherwise, how can the child maintain its original shape after coming out of the egg. "

"No." Hei Xieyu was very sure: "There is no enchantment or magic in the child."

Wu Ruo thinks about it too. If there is demon or magic, Hei Xie will not leave the egg with him: "Forget it, don't want to, let it be, one day, you will know the origin of this child. "

Seeing how he wanted to sleep, Hei Xiu took out a piece of paper and handed it over.

Chapter 56: Get married

"What do you do for the paper?" Wu Ruo took the paper in doubt, with a large string of surnames written on it: "Hei Shaofeng, Hei Tianzong, Hei Yangyan, Hei Aozhi, Hei Jinyu ..."

He was thinking, he probably understood what Hei Xuyi wanted to do, and looked at Hei Xuyi in surprise: "These are names for children?"

Hei Xuan faintly hummed.

Wu Ruo asked, "Do you like children very much?" Hei Xuan frowned: "I don't like it."
Except his children.

"..." Wu Ruo didn't feel like he didn't like children: "The names you have chosen are all good and difficult to choose, but why are your first names black? Didn't you have the same last name as me?"

Hei Xun glanced at him: "Marry and marry."

So the child should have the husband's surname.

From your head. Wu Ruo sucked at the corner of her mouth, closed her eyes, and raised her finger to poke on the paper, and then poked one of the names.

He opened his eyes and said, "Just this name."

"..." Hei Xieyu took the paper back and looked at it, "Hei Haoqiang, uh, just the name."

"I heard that a newborn child must have a breast name. It would be better to raise a child." Wu Ruo thinks that since Hei Xieyu gave the child a big
name, then it is fair to give the child a small name. Call it a pig egg. " In fact, the name is completely deliberate.
"..." Hei Xieyu ignored his nipple's name directly, shoved the paper under his pillow and closed his eyes to sleep.

When Wu Ruo saw that he did not respond, he leaned over and asked, "How is this name?"

Hei Xunyu seemed to fall asleep and did not respond.

"What the * * * *is going on?" Wu Ruo poked his arm with his hand: "A noise."

Hei Xunyu remained motionless.

"Black shame." Wu Ruo angrily poked at his waist, suddenly, his wrist was caught.

He stunned, and wasn't so angry: "Since you haven't slept, you can't answer."

Hei Xieyu didn't open his eyes, didn't say anything, let alone let go.

If Wu wants to withdraw his hand, why the opponent is so powerful, he can't get rid of it: "Hei Xuan, you let go of me, I'm going to sleep."

Hei Sui slowly opened his eyes, and said softly, "Milk name, egg."

He could barely accept this milk name. As for pig eggs, dog eggs, or something, he didn't want to hear it again.

Although Hei Sui's tone didn't fluctuate, Wu Ruo had no room for refutation: "Every egg is just an egg, you let me go."

Hei Xunyu didn't move, still clutching his wrist.

Wu Ruo rolled his eyes: "I'm all married, what else do you want?"
Hei Xuan shook his lips slightly, and released him.

Wu Ruo angrily kicked him with his leg, turned to sleep, and ignored him. Hei Xuanyu closed her eyes again.
Before the sun was shining, the two heard a slamming knock on the door, and an anxious voice from Hei Xin: "Master, Madam, it's not good. Get up and see the little master."

Hei Xuan heard the sound, opened his eyes wryly, rolled over, just put on his cloak and went out.

Wu Ruo woke up from his sleep, "What's wrong?" Soon, Corpse Yuan came in to change his clothes.
Wu Ruo hurriedly asked, "I just seemed to hear the voice of Hei Xin, what happened?"

According to him, if there were no major issues, Hessian would not come to knock on the door.

"This ..." Shi Yuan hesitated. "Madam, it's better to go out and see for yourself."

Wu Ruo saw that his look didn't look like something serious, so he settled down a little, and when he got out of the inner room, he saw He Xuanyu staring at a two-year-old baby.

Chapter 57: grown up

"Whose child is this?" Wu Ruo curiously walked to Hei Xieyu's side and saw the child's beautiful face, and could not help but stunned.

How does this child look like his cheap son? Black Channel: "Madam, he's a young master."
Wu Ruo was surprised: "Isn't it just born yesterday? How can it grow so fast?"

Even the children of demons and demons cannot grow so fast.

Heixin was worried: "The old slave didn't know what was going on. When he woke up, the young master was so big."

The little baby was sleeping soundly, not knowing that adults were worried about him.

At this moment, Numu came in with a yawn: "What's the matter of calling me early in the morning?"

Heisin said busyly, "Sir, please take a look for my little master." Numu asked puzzled, "What happened to your little master?" Heixin pointed to the baby in Heixu's arms: "He grew up overnight."
When Numu saw the two-year-old baby, his eyes were stunned and surprised: "He was the little baby last night? Why is he so big?"

"The old slave didn't know what was going on."

Nu Mu stepped forward to give the child a pulse, and frowned, "The meridians in his body are different from ordinary people, like humans and
not humans, not even demons and demons. His spiritual power is pure and sufficient, more than I have ever seen. All the children ’s spiritual strength is even higher. Hessin, what did you give him yesterday? ”

He Xin quickly said, "The old slave fed him a drink of spiritual milk."

From the moment their children are born, they will breastfeed the female demon beast until the child is weaned. This is also to make the child grow stronger.

"It is no wonder that the spiritual power in the child is sufficient. If you feed him the spiritual milk, the body will not be able to bear it, which will indirectly cause his rapid growth."

Hexin asked worriedly, "Is that young master all right?"

Numu smiled slightly: "Don't worry, he's in very good physical condition now, but don't feed any spiritual food in the future, because this is tantamount to plucking seedlings, which will hurt him, and may even cause violent body because of excess spiritual Die. "

Heisin felt scared after thinking about it: "No, I won't feed these young masters."

Wu Ruo gave the baby a pulse and was relieved that she was really fine. Hei Xiu returned the child to Hei Xin, and went to the inner room to dress.
Numu shaved the baby's nose lightly, and Haha laughed, "It's good that the child is so big, at least you don't have to work so hard."

Hei Xin looked at the child with a loving expression: "The old slave would rather work harder than the young master to suffer."

Wu Ruo was very complicated to see that he cared so much for this child.

Just then, the two youths came in and shouted cheerfully: "Master, we are back."
Wu Ruo saw that the people were Wu Da and Wu Xiao. The eyes were dull, and for a moment, the atmosphere in the hall was frozen.

He smiled slightly: "Why are you back so soon? Why don't you spend more time with your wife at home?"

With his knowledge of the two brothers, he can be lazy if he can be lazy. It is impossible to come to work so aggressively soon after the wedding.
Moreover, he just ran back the day after he got his engagement gift. Wouldn't it be to collect other people's money to monitor his every move?

Wu Da said: "There is nothing to do at home, we will come back, after that, we will come in the morning and go back in the evening."

In this case, without asking Wu Ruo's disagreement, he decided his working time. He really didn't take Wu Ruo as his master.

Wu Ruoguang blinked slightly and nodded: "You're right back, I have something for you to do."

Chapter 58: Beaten

Wu Da, Wu Xiao's eyes brightened: "I don't know what the young master asked?"

Wu Ruodao: "Every time I ask the corpse to go to Bai Shi Fu to buy dim sum, I ca n’t always buy my favorite flavor. Now that your brothers are here, please run a trip to Bai Shi Fu. Haven't eaten a delicious snack for a long time. "

"Yes, we must buy delicious snacks for the young master." Wu Da, Wu Xiao glanced proudly at the corpse people around Wu Ruo and so on. In any case, the two of them have also taken care of Wu Ruo for more than a decade. What flavors Wu Ruo likes, they know best, but they are not comparable to Wu Ruo who only has Yu Yue.

After the two left, Wu Ruo smiled ironically, how could he keep them around to monitor his every move.

He asked the corpse to come over again and whispered something. The corpse nodded again and turned to leave the hall.
After Hei Xin asked Wu Ruo's name, he went to prepare breakfast for everyone.

Wu Ruo and Hei Xieyu had breakfast, Wu Da and Wu Xiao limped back, their faces were beaten like pigs, blue and purple, and their clothes and hair were as messy as beggars. Dirty and rotten.

Wu Ruo asked in surprise: "What is wrong with you?"

"Master, you have to decide for us." Wu Da was called Qu as soon as he came back.
Wu Xiao cried, "We were in a hundred restaurants and accidentally touched a young man's cakes. Then, his servant beat us without saying a word, and let us lose his money. "

They were so unlucky that this happened just as soon as they came to work.

Wu Ruo asked, "Which son is it?" "do not know."
"Since I don't know, how to help you decide, I think you are hurt badly, or go back to rest quickly and come to work after the new year."

Wu Da and Wu Xiao couldn't find the boy to take revenge, suffocated, but consuming it here would only aggravate the injury, and there was no objection: "Let ’s go back to the doctor ..."

Having said that, I stopped and looked at Wu Ruo pitifully. When they were injured before, Wu Ruoli would give them medical bills immediately.

However, Wu Ruo in this life can't wait to kill them, and may give them money to see a doctor: "Well, I will let the corpse send you out of the house."

Wu Da and Wu Xiao mistakenly opened their mouths and couldn't believe Wu Ruo just let them go back.

The corpse stepped forward with a please gesture: "Two please." Wu looked angrily at Wu Ruo: "Young ... Master, we ..."
Wu Ruo Dan said, "Don't delay the healing time."

The corpse element did not leave traces and blocked Wu Dawu's sight of Wu Ruo.
Wu Da and Wu Xiao couldn't get the silver, and they left the backyard with the dead body in anger.

Wu Ruo sneered, thinking that it was too light to just let the corpse beat them again, but their good days were coming to an end.

He asked the corpse nine to help him get up: "Where's Hei Xieyu now?" "Master is in the room in the small yard next door."
"Take me there." "Yes."
The corpse nine and the corpse also helped him to come to the small yard next door. In order not to disturb Hei Xieyu, they walked to the window lightly, opened the window quietly, and saw Hei Xieyu focused on giving Spirit power is poured into the furnace, and the fake skin on the face is like human leather, and it emits a lot of fine sweat, which looks very hard.

Wu Ruowang's resolute side face could not help seeing God.

Since returning from the rebirth, he has given gifts to his family or to his servants, or to help him do this and that, he has never asked for a return, and he has never even given a small gift to Hei I was embarrassed in my heart.

However, Hei Xiu wanted silver and silver, as well as materials and materials. He didn't lack anything. He didn't know what to send.

Wu Ruo thought about it, closed the window gently, left the backyard, and then told Zujiu to prepare what he wanted.

Chapter 59: A little devil

He hadn't reached the front yard and heard Hexin anxiously from a distance: "Little Master, it's cold in the snow, stop playing."

Wu Ruo heard the corners of his mouth tilted upwards. The little guy woke up.
The little baby in the front yard had a particularly good time, and he could hear giggles from time to time.

Wu Ruo thinks that it is good for children to grow up to two years old. They can run and play by themselves.

He stepped out of the white jade archway leading to the front yard. Suddenly, a group of snow dumplings rushed towards his face. He and the corpse beside him and Shijiu did not respond. "P op", the snow dumpling hit Wuruo fiercely. On the nose, then slowly slipped to the ground and shattered into a ground.

The corpse quickly cleared the snow on Wu Ruo's nose: "Madam, are you okay?"

Wu Ruo felt that the bridge of his nose was about to break, and his tears burst into tears.

He looked at the corpse, and then two hot currents flowed from his nose: "Do you think I'm fine?"

"Ma'am, you have a nosebleed." The corpse quickly took out a handkerchief and wiped his nosebleed.

Hessian hurried over, "Ma'am, are you okay?"
Wu Ruo ignored him and looked down the little baby who was still giggling.

The little baby in the snow was wearing a red cotton robe. Her skin tone was even whiter, her hair was tied into a small ball, her bangs were cut flat, her eyes were big and round, and she laughed like The crescent moon in the sky is especially beautiful and cute.

The big bird monster standing next to him had no human five fingers, but he could use the tip of its wings to quickly pinch out one snow ball after another, and then hand it to the little baby, and let the little baby throw it in the yard. Walking corpse servant.

Most of the corpses in the yard were covered with snow dregs, and the baby was very happy, but after seeing Wu Ruo's nosebleed, she felt guilty and quickly stepped into the big bird monster with her short legs. Behind him, before waiting for Wu Ruo to make a noise, he quickly climbed up the back of Big Bird Egg, and flew away from the front yard on the big bird monster.

Wu Ruo: "..."

Is he so terrible? Why does the child run when he sees him? "Master Dandan, where are you going?" Hessian hurried to catch up.
Wu Ruo's body was so heavy that he really had no strength to manage the child.

He came to the hall, and as soon as he sat down, he heard the angry roar of Nou behind the room, scaring him to jump up.

"Ah, you little jerk, dare to destroy my carefully crafted maggots, little jerk, that worm can't eat." Numu chased and shouted, "Little Ruo, control your son."

While apologizing, Hei Xin shouted, "Little Master, don't eat bugs, Little Master, don't disturb the master. The master is working on the mixer.
Heijian is careful."

The next moment, Wu Ruo heard the sound of someone falling into the water, and the corners of his eyes could not help but pull straight. This child was just a little devil, who was specifically to toss people.

When not too much, the soaked black dry face came into the little baby with no expression, followed by a big bird monster also covered with water, and a numb hair, and a worried face Black letter.

When I saw Wu Ruo, I immediately giggled, and then, looking at Wu Ruo with pitying eyes, opened my innocent eyes, it really made me unbearable to blame him.

Noum stunned him over: "Don't you think you're poor, can you escape punishment? Uh?"

"Sir, our little master is still young and unreasonable, please forgive me." Black confidence hugged him in pain.

Suddenly he made a little grimace at Numu. Nou: "..."
If it weren't for the child's age, I really wanted to pump him. Seeing this admiration, Wu Ruo could not help but help.
He has a very strong hunch, and his future life must be extremely ‘ wonderful’.

At this moment, a corpse servant came into the hall: "Mrs., the guest of the hospital wants to see you."

Chapter 60: Pinned

"Guests from the hospital?" Wu Ruo slightly surprised: "You said Ling Mo Han?"

Ever since Ling Mo Han was rescued, he has never seen him again. He almost forgot that this person is still living in Heifu. Seeing that he is about to reach the new year, Ling Mo Han should be anxious to leave Gaoling City, otherwise the emperor would think The prince has died.


"Invite him to the lobby." "Yes."
When Heigan saw that Wu had something to do, he followed the corpse servant and returned to the room to change clothes.

Heixin took the child to play elsewhere.

Numu also left the hall and returned to the room to sort out his worms.

Before long, Ling Mohan, wearing a blue suit, came to the hall and expressed his gratitude to the sitting Wu Ruo: "Thank you, Mrsfor
your rescue, and for the multi-day care. If not for your help, I am afraid Already killed. "

During the period of living in Heifu, although the identity of the owner of Heifu was still not found, we still found strange places in the government. For example, the fat man in front of him is actually the wife of another man, and the servants in the government are like There is no popularity, he is dead-hearted, speaks and moves very slowly, and he has endless energy, which is really strange.
The corpse also poured a cup of hot tea for Ling Mohan.

Wu Ruodan whispered: "You don't have to be polite, no matter who fell in front of me at that time, I will rescue him."

"Anyway, thank you Madam, you are harassing your house for many days now, and it is time to leave."

"You want to leave?"

"Yes." Ling Mohan hesitated, thinking for a while, and said, "Before leaving, I have an unforgiving invitation.

Wu Ruo raised an eyebrow, and a prince talked to him in a low voice, ignoring his identity. It turned out that he wanted to ask for help. If he didn't make a mistake, Ling Mohan wanted to ask him to send him back to the capital.

He asked calmly, "What is it?"

Lingmo Han said: "I want to borrow a few powerful guards from my wife."

On the way back to Huangdu, there will definitely be many people waiting to take his life, but his physical condition has not completely recovered yet, and he cannot deal with so many people at all.

Wu Ruo narrowed his eyes, "I'm sorry I can't accept your request."

"I know your concerns below, but rest assured that I just want to ask your guard to * * * *me home."

"My son, you should know that your request is difficult for some strong men. I do n’t know who you are and whether you really let my guard take you home. If you borrow my people to do something illegal, Wouldn't it involve people in my entire house. "

Ling Mohan also knew that his requirements were excessive, but he had no other choice. If he didn't go back, he might be snatched by his second brother.
He was silent for a moment and decided to take a gamble: "Madam, I am actually the prince Ling Mohan of Tianxing Kingdom. I will only be assassinated when I am assassinated on the way to the micro-clothing tour. Now the new year is approaching, I hope my wife will help me to send When I return to the imperial capital, I will definitely reward my wife in the future, if you do not believe that I have the jade pendant and the palace token as proof. "

Ling Mohan handed Yu P ei and the emperor's token to Wu Ruo.

Wu Ruo turned to look at the things in his hand and said, "I don't know these things, so I can't tell if what you say is true or false, but if you really want the imperial capital, I have a way, I don't know if you dare not Dare to try. "

Ling Mohan quickly asked: "What's the solution?"

He dares to do anything as long as he can return to the capital.

"There is a distinguished guest from the Wu family in Gaolingcheng who will return to the imperial capital in a few days. At that time, you can safely return to the imperial capital as long as you mix in his team.

When Ling Mohan heard that it was Wujia, Xinsheng was wary: "I don't know that the distinguished guest is ..."

Wu Ruo smiled slightly: "The great grandson of Wu Guoshi, Wu Yanlan."

As the new year approaches, Wu Yanlan also made a special trip to Gaoling City, which should be to catch Ling Mohan. As the saying goes, the most dangerous place is the safest place. If Ling Mohan hides in his team, he can definitely return to the imperial capital safely.

Lingmo lowered his face coldly. "Because he is the great-grandson of Wu Guoshi, his schedule should be hidden. How does the wife know that he is in Wuling, Gaoling City?"
Wu Ruo smiled: "Don't live here for a while, don't you know I'm from the Wu family?"

Ling Mohan was stunned, his eyes flashed, and then he thought for a moment that if this person intended to harm him, there was no need to tell him that he was a Wu family, nor was it necessary to say that Wu Yanlan was in Gaolingcheng Just kill him directly or send it to Wu Yanlan.

He tightened his brow.

This is really a thrilling gamble. If the bet wins, he can smoothly return to the royal capital. If he loses, he will immediately die here.

Wu Ruo was not anxious for his answer, and sipped his hot tea slowly. Ling Mohan asked, "Can you help me get into his team?"
Wu Ruo did not answer him.

Ling Mohan was clever, and at a glance he didn't know he asked: "I don't know what my wife wants me to do?"

Wu Ruokou smiled. "If you are really a prince, come here."

Lingmo Han hesitated, and passed his ears before leaving. Wu Ruo whispered in his ear.

Ling Mohan looked at him in surprise: "Do you really want me to do this?" Wu Ruo laughed and said nothing.
Ling Mohan asked again, "I wonder if your wife can tell me your name?"

Wu Ruo Dan glanced at him: "My name is Wu Ruo. Stay here patiently for two more days, and I will find a chance for you to join Wu Yanlan's team."

"Thank your wife here first." Ling Mohan turned and left the hall.
Suddenly, there was a loud bang outside the house, and then Hei Xin anxiously shouted, "Master Xiaodan, leave the house when you want it."

Wu Ruo "..."

He suspected that if he went on like this, within a month, Heifu would be flattened by the child.

The corpse also couldn't help but smile and said, "Mrs. Little Master, really energetic."

Wu Ruo rolled his eyes.

The child's energy is too much.

When it was time for dinner, the child was finally tired, and he slept on his shoulders and slept.

Wu Ruo and Nu Mu looked at his innocent and sleeping face, and those words of teaching were choked in his throat.

"When this little bad guy falls asleep, he is the elf that everyone loves. When he wakes up, he is a little devil with a headache. He is so naughty that you will be affected in the future."

Hei Xuanyu looked like the child continued to eat if he didn't hear him.

Nu Muzheng said: "The loving father and mother are prone to many failures. You must teach him well, otherwise, you may cry in the future."

"Master, I want to teach him well, but you look at my body." Wu Ruo looked helpless: "It is difficult to hold him, let alone how to catch him and scold him."

Numu thought about it too: "Your medicinal bath has been soaked for a month now, it's time to force the insects out of your body. Hey kid, I'll teach you how to do it tomorrow.

"Yes." Hei Xingyu said a faint whisper. After eating, he went to the refiner.
Wu Ruo went to take a medicine bath, and after going out of the medicine bath, he went straight into the bed: "Zou Jiu, what I want you to prepare this morning, are you ready?"

"Ready." Zijiu took out a black money bag soaked in blood from the Demons, a red thread made from the thin ribs on the monster, and a fine needle made of precious materials and put it in front of Wu Ruo. Then take out the writing brush and blood cinnabar made from monster hair.

Wu Ruo nodded with satisfaction: "V ery good, everything is ready, you go out, I'll do it myself."

"Yes." Shi Jiujiu found a clean white cloth and spread it next to Wu Ruo, and placed the things he bought on it before turning away.

Wu Ruo first put the black money bag on the right side of the body, then took a brush and stained it with blood-stained cinnabar, and then drew runes and matrix methods on both sides of the money bag. Since his hands were too fat to hold the pen, money The motifs and formations on the bag were crooked by him, but it was inevitable that they would be strong.

After the blood cinnabar on the money bag was dry, pick up the red thread and needle again, because the pinhole was too small, and his arm was not bent back, so it took a lot of effort to put the red thread in.

"Huh," Wu Ruo exhaled, wiping the fine sweat on his forehead, and said, "I knew Zujiu had put on the red thread before going out."

He took a break and picked up the black money bag and needlework.

As soon as Wu Ruo sewed the needle in the purse, he heard the door was pushed open, and then the man entered the inner room.

He saw through the hollow of the screen that the black back came back, and he was shocked. He hurriedly packed the money bag into the quilt, and grabbed the white cloth that was placed beside him before the nine, quickly wrapped it in the corner of the pillow, Then he smiled and said, "You are back."
Hei Xunyu found his small movements and frowned slightly.

"It's not early, rest early." Wu Ruo guiltyly lifted the quilt and lay down. Suddenly, his * * * *   was pierced with a needle, and a tingling came from him.

"Ah ..." He moaned in pain.

Damn, his * * * * must have been stuck by a needle in the purse.

Wu Ruo reached out and grabbed, but his body was too fat and his hands could not hook at all.

Hei Xieyu took off his robe and lay on the bed, but watched him grabbing with his hands, his eyes flashed with doubt: "What are you doing?"

"It's okay." Wu Ruo was embarrassed to say that his * * * *was pierced. Hei Xuan saw his face smile and smile, not as if he was fine.
Wu Ruo quickly closed her eyes and pretended to sleep.

Hei Xingyu stared at him for a while before closing the eyes with the candlelight out.

When the room was dark, Wu Ruo quickly opened his eyes and grabbed the needlework behind the buttocks, but he couldn't catch it.

Hei Xiu was so moved that he couldn't sleep, and turned to look at him sideways.

Wu Ruo faced the bright eyes in the darkness, and felt that it was only herself who didn't say it anymore.

He cried without tears: "I ... my * * * *was pierced by a needle." If it weren't for him, he wouldn't ask him.
Hei Xuan blinked her eyelids and thought she had heard it wrong.
When Wu Ruo saw that he didn't respond, he gritted his teeth and said again, "My * * * *was stuck by a needle, please help me take it out."

Black shame ...
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