Comeback of the Abandoned Wife Chapter 41-50

Chapter 41: Attentive to nothing

Wu Ruo saw Hei Xieyu finish eating one piece after another, and hurriedly stopped: "I will go to bed after the meeting, eat too much and easily accumulate food, just try one piece of each, and leave the rest to eat tomorrow."

Hei Xieyu tasted a piece of dessert, put down his chopsticks, and rested for a while. Wu Ruo asked the corpse and corpse to massage him and relax his body.

While sleeping, the corpse took off his robe for Wu Ruo and left the room.

Wu Ruo didn't lie directly on the bed and turned to Hei Xieyu who just came in and said, "I'll give you a coat."

Hei Xuan watched his rolling belly against his abdomen calmly, and then watched his fat hand stretch out awkwardly to undress his robe, and the corners of his mouth rose slightly.

Wu Ruo took off his shirt to his upper body, and exhaled, "I'm too fat to squat down. You take off your pants."

After that, he lay down inside the bed.

Hei Xiu took off his pants unhurriedly, lay down on the bed, and looked at Wu Ruoan softly and said, "Say it."

Dedicated to nothing, there must be something to ask of him. As soon as Wu Ruo's eyes brightened, he waited for him.
He quickly turned over and asked, "I heard the corpse and said you would make a magic weapon?"
In the last life, he didn't know that Hei Xieyu would make a magic weapon.

"Hm." Hei Xuyi thought that the other night, his wife thought he was too little, so he asked more: "Do you want to use magic instruments?"

"Yes." Wu Ruoxin asked. "Are you free to do me a favor?" "Yes, how many do you want to do?"
A flash of embarrassment flashed across Wu Ruo's eyes, "a lot." Hei Xunyu didn't answer and waited for his following.
"I'm going to use up all the materials in the gift you gave and the gifts in the gift some time ago." Wu Ruo turned over and lay flat. "Lest people in Wu's family keep remembering what you sent."

There are also those precious medicinal herbs. He also asked Master to help him to make all the elixir.

Hei Xuyi raised his eyebrows. He sent a lot of materials. If he relied on them all by himself, at least after the new year.

Wu Ruo saw that he was silent, and asked, "Is there a little more? If you can't do so much by yourself, I'll ask another master of magic to help."

Hei Xuyi said, "You can't finish all the materials after the new year."

"It's more than two months before my elder brother goes out to practice, as long as he does well before he goes to practice."

Hei Xiu said no more, put his hand on his belly, rubbed it, and passed a little spirit into his body.

"Thank you." After Wu Ruo's awkward thanks, she asked uneasily, "I heard the people in Wu family say that the Xizha Opera Garden has become a ruin. Is it yours?"
"Well." Hei Xuanyu patted his flexible stomach.

Wu Ruo ignored his actions and praised: "Good job, next time we dare to write operas with our affairs, and then tear down their theater."

Whoever lets the theater people use their affairs to write stories for entertaining is too much. The content of the story is not only too outrageous, but also bad reputation. And what made him most happy was that after the Xizha Theatre was turned into ruins, a large sum of silver was deducted from the Nanyuan compound book to rebuild the theatre. His uncle would definitely be so distressed by the silver matter that he couldn't sleep at night, but it ca n’t be like destruction The garden is often disrupted like that, otherwise his father, the third grandfather of the Nanyuan compound, will suffer.

Hei Sui retracted his hands and closed his eyes to sleep. Wu Ruo turned to look at him.
The unlit candlelight shone on the face of Hei Xieyu, and the black scales on his face seemed particularly eerie, but he didn't know why, but he really wanted to touch the face.

Wu Ruo stared at him for a long time, and the ghost sent him down. He stretched out his fingers and poked at the scales on his face. The hard scale shell made him feel particularly bad.

Suddenly, Hei Xuyi opened his eyes.

Wu Ruo was startled, hurriedly withdrew his hand, and turned over to face him.

Hei Xieyu: "..."

Chapter 42: You are so good

Wu Ruo, who carried the past in his back, was particularly guilty, thinking that he was really crazy just now, so he thought about using his fingers to poke his face, and did n’t know if he was angry.

He waited for a half-pillar incense, and didn't wait until Hei Xieyu scolded him, secretly relieved, in fact, he was very curious why He Xieyue had fake skin on his face, because he was afraid the enemy would recognize him, I'm afraid that someone will find out his true identity, or because he looks so good, and doesn't like others to stare at him to bring fake leather, there may be other reasons.

Wu Ruo went to sleep before thinking.

As soon as it was early in the morning, Hei Xieyu opened his eyes on time and rose lightly to get dressed.

In the dream, Wu Ruo vaguely felt that the people around him got up, and asked vaguely, "What time is it?"

"Awkward." Hei Xie answered as she dressed.

Wu Ruo paused for a while. After leaving, he got up and asked the corpse to come in and wait for him to wash and change clothes. Then, he went to the front yard hall and asked him to have breakfast.

As soon as I entered the door, I saw a Numu wearing a witch-specific gorgeous costume sitting at the dinner table. The clothes had a variety of patterns. He wore a large silver crown with animal pictures on his head, and his neck and wrists were hung. Wearing an exquisite large silver collar and a large silver bracelet, light makeup was painted on her face, and she looked like she was about to attend the grand ceremony.

"Master, what are you going to dress up for?"
Numu laughed: "The day after tomorrow will be the Winter Festival. According to the customs of our witch family, I will also sacrifice like you. In order not to mix with the sacrifice of your Gaoling city, I will complete the sacrifice two days in advance."

Wu Ruo asked, "Where are you going to worship?"

"I have set up an altar in the courtyard before. You can watch my sacrifice later. It is not too early now. Hexin, bring my breakfast cooked this morning."

Numu commanded Heshen.

Heixin left the hall with a strange look. Soon, he came in with the corpse carrying the food container, and then took out the breakfast from the food container and put it on the table.

Wu Ruo looked at all kinds of worms and widened his eyes, "Is this breakfast?"

Hei Xieyu watched the bug's feet twitching in the dish, and the corners of his eyes twitched.

Numu explained, "We Witches eat this during the winter festival." Wu Ruo: "..."
Can he not eat?

Numu seemed to hear his voice and said, "Xiao Ruo, you have bugs in your body, so you should not eat this."

Wu Ruo gloated and laughed: "Is it? It's a pity, shame, you have to eat more for me."

"..." Hei Xuyi didn't see where he felt sorry.

"I see that these bugs are very supplementary. You are too thin. Your waistline is not half that of my waistline and should be supplemented
more." Wu Ruo took the spoon and sipped a spoonful of fried The grasshopper was put into the bowl of Hei Xieyu: "Eat slowly, you can use it as a night food if you can't finish it."

Hei Xin silently glanced at Wu Ruo's waistline, and secretly said that if the master's waistline was half your size, it would be better to be thinner.

Hei Xieyu: "..."

Numu nodded: "Don't look at these dishes being difficult to import. In fact, they taste good. Hey kid, you taste it, and you are satisfied with the taste."

Hei Xieyu looked at the moving insects, no matter how good they tasted, but did not stutter, but was looked at by two pairs of anticipating eyes, but it was not good to refute their good intentions, and frowned, "Let's eat after the sacrifice."

Wu Ruopo smiled, picked up the buns sent to the mouth.

Numu also knows that ordinary people can't stand these bug dishes at all, so there is no barely black shame, and after breakfast, he takes his people to the sacrifice.

Ten Nu Wu men dressed similarly to Numu, after Numu ignited the torches around the altar, patted the drums around her waist, while dancing prayers in the snow around the altar, the bells on her body followed They danced, making a clear and pleasant 'bell bell' sound.

Numu stood on the altar and read the congratulations in the language of the Wu tribe with the rhythm of drums, as the ancient gods manifested their spirits, and the scene was very solemn.

Hei Xuan and Wu Ruo stood at the entrance of the hall to watch.

Wu Ruo whispered, "When our Wu family sacrifices, there are obvious spirits of God, and we don't know what the Witch sacrifices will be."
In the last life, although he knew that Numu was a Wu people, he had never seen Numu sacrifices.

Hei Xunyu glanced around: "There will be bugs."

"Ah?" Wu Ruo shuddered, and then saw all kinds of bugs pouring out from all directions, crawling towards the altar, and seeing that his scalp was numb, otherwise his body was too big and too heavy to jump, I really want to crawl on others, avoiding the bugs crawling under my feet.

Outside Heifu, many people screamed, and everyone suddenly felt so scared when they saw so many bugs.

Soon, the Wu family who maintained the security of Gaoling City came to ask about the situation. They learned that someone was sacrificing and saw that Numu had put all the insects in the city into the big pot they brought without interrupting Numu.

The people of Wujia warned before leaving: "The day after tomorrow, our Wujia will also worship, do n’t make any troubles like today."

Wu Ruowen said that he could not help recalling the situation of the Wu family sacrifices of the last life, his eyes moved slightly, and Tara pulled the sleeves of the black shawl and said, "The Wu family will worship at Xiangbo Temple the day after tomorrow. Let ’s go and see how ? "

Hei Xuan looked at the distance and turned to look at Wu Ruo. Wu Ruo anxiously said, "What on earth?"
The black letter behind coughed gently, reminding kindly: "Madam, Xiangbo Temple is on the highest mountain on the outskirts of Gaoling City."

In truth, Yi Ruo's physical condition could not climb at all. Even if someone carried him, it would be difficult to go up the mountain in this heavy snow.
Wu Ruo naturally understood the meaning of Heisin's words, but he couldn't do it.

He was tangled inside, and said cheekily to Hei Xuyi: "Hei Xuyi, you are so powerful, there must be a way to get me up, right?"

Seeing Wu Ruo so trusting their master, Hei Xin smiled slightly and stopped talking.

Hei Xuyi heard his wife praise him, even if it didn't work: "I'll arrange it."

Wu Ruo smiled happily, turning her eyes to Numu, but she no longer looked at the sacrifice.

He felt that it was really bad for him to rely on the black shamans all the time. He was most afraid that one day the black shamans would treat him like Ruan Ye, and he would restore his spiritual power quickly. Only in this way can he protect himself.

After the Numu sacrifice was finished, they took the bugs they had caught and used them to make pupa.

On the day of the winter festival, before the day was bright, Wu Ruo was dug up from the warm quilt by black shackles, like a bun, and was wrapped in layers of robes on his body, and then put on The thick cloak went to the hall for breakfast, and then followed Hei Xieyu to go out of the city in a carriage.

The carriage left Wuli of Gaolingcheng and stopped suddenly. Wu Ruo frowned. "Why did you stop?"
Hei Xuan looked at him lazily.

Suddenly, Wu Ruo felt that the carriage was going up, and then the carriage ran again, faster than before, but he didn't hear the sound of the hoof.

Soon, Heigan sitting outside said, "Master, here it is."
Wu Ruo was surprised: "Here? Where is it? At the foot of Xiangbo Temple?"

Hei Gan opened the curtain directly.

Wu Ruo came out of the carriage and saw three large characters on the door of Xiangbo Temple, indicating that he had come to Xiangbo Temple.

He asked curiously, "How did we get up?" Heigan did not answer him.
Wu Ruo guessed that the ghosts around Hei Xuanyu carried them up the mountain.

The welcome monk at Xiangbo Temple came over: "Welcome the donor to Xiangbo Temple."

Wu Ruo asked, "Is the Wu family here?"

The welcoming monk replied: "The donors of the Wu family have walked halfway up the mountain, and probably need two pillars to reach the top of the mountain."

Wu Ruo was a little bit cold by the cold wind, pulled his robe and said, "Let's go around by ourselves."

"Okay." After the welcome monk left, the people who came to the mountain to see the sacrifice of the Wu family came to the mountain one after another. The Kuanda Temple soon became crowded with people. one day.

The people first put incense in the temple, and then waited outside for the Wu family.

Before long, Wu Bufang led the sons and daughters of Wu family to Xiangbo Temple, and everyone cheered and greeted.
When Wu Ruoqing saw them, he walked over with black shame: "Dad, mother, elder brother, Xiaoxi."

Wu Qianqing asked differently: "Xiao Ruo, why are you and Xun?" "Xi Yan brought him here without seeing the Wujia sacrifice." Ushi curiously said, "Second Brother, how did you get up?"
After she arrived, she felt exhausted, and her second brother couldn't climb to the top of the mountain with strength.

Wu Ruo smiled mysteriously: "I will not tell you." "Second Brother is really bad."
Wu Qianqing glanced at the Wu family walking away, and whispered, "Xiao Ruo, have you found the person who practiced the magic weapon?"

Wu Ruo looked at her eyes and nodded, "I found it." "Then when are you going to start crafting?"
Wu Ruo narrowed his eyes, "need to wait." He can't use the materials yet.
"Well, you have something in mind, I'll just ask it later."

Wu Qianqing took the ebony into the temple and stood in line as before.

Wu Ruo was regarded as a married person, and it didn't matter whether he participated or not.

Wujia sacrifice is not like Numu witches need to dance in prayer, but the process is very long.

As a patriarch, Ub Fang first paid homage to the gods in the temple, and stood on the altar to read the long sacrifice. Then he took the children and
grandchildren to worship the four deities, and then prayed for blessing.

During this period, everyone could not speak out, including the onlookers, so the atmosphere was very serious and solemn.

Finally, Ubud needs to ask the gods to ask the gods if the situation will be peaceful next year.

This is an important link. Everyone is holding their breath. Ordinary people can't feel the existence of the gods. Even the Ubud who invited the gods can only feel the presence of the gods.

Ub Fang asked God with a respectful look, inserted three incense sticks into the oven, and looked at the three-pillar incense still burning, his serious face finally revealed a smile.

Suddenly, with a pop, all three incense sticks were cut off. Everyone's face changed greatly.

Chapter 43:Omen

After asking God, if the three incense sticks in Ubud ’s hand are still burning in the incense burner, it means that the weather will be smooth next year, but if the incense is broken, it means a catastrophe.

More than ten years ago, Ubud had broken a piece of incense when he asked God. The following year, Gaoling City and the towns of thousands of miles suffered droughts, soil erosion, and withering plants. The summer climate was much hotter than in previous years. Later, a locust plague was triggered because there was no drop of rain in a year, and it just happened to close the gate of the ghost. The ghosts were wanton in the world, causing the people to suffer.

In that year, only one incense was broken, and hundreds of people died. If three incense were broken at the same time this year, how much disaster will be waiting for them?

Suddenly, people were trembling.

Wu Ruo looked at the broken three incense sticks and frowned.

In the last life, although he did not come to Xiangbo Temple to watch the sacrifice, but he never heard anyone say that three incenses or one incense was broken when asking God, and the following year was Wufu Min'an, which did not happen at all. Catastrophe.

Wu Bufang's face was extremely ugly, so he asked Wu family to understand the divination technique of the elders Rong and Xian elders.

The two elders walked up to the altar and took out their magic weapons.

Everyone nervously looked at the people on the stage, and they were afraid to speak up, they were afraid to disturb the elders.
About two columns of incense passed, and the two elders finally calculated.

Seeing that the two elders weren't looking right, Ubu Fang quickly lowered his voice and said, "Sooth the people first, and wait for something to come back to."

Elder Rong sighed and said to the people: "Everyone need not be nervous. Ask the disaster that God foreshadows has nothing to do with the people in Gaolingcheng, so you don't have to be afraid. Next year, you will be as peaceful as before."

The people were relieved a little, but it was inevitable that they felt a little nervous.

Ubud declared that the sacrifice was over and everyone dispersed.

The two elders of Wujia can't wait to go back to Wufu to say something. Elder Xian quickly said, "Matriarch, great things are not good."
"Three incenses are broken. What can be good for you?" Ubu Fang sighed, "What can you tell?"

Elder Xian looked at Elder Rong hesitantly: "Elder Rong, what did you do just now?"

Elder Rong tightened his eyebrows: "The results I calculated just now are hardly related to the people in Gaolingcheng, but this horrible omen points to our Wu family."

Elder Xian sighed: "That's what I counted."

"What ! ?" With regard to the Wu family, Ubud was anxious: "Can you figure out what happened?"

Elder Rong and Elder Xian glanced at each other and shook their heads: "It can only be calculated that it is related to Wujia. It is really impossible to figure out what it is."
Ubud eagerly looked at Elder Xian: "What about you? What did you figure out?"

Elder Xian said, "I consume a lot of spiritual power and longevity, and just calculate that the Wu family will encounter an inevitable calamity, and even the Wu family's direct line will be implicated."

The technique of divination requires a glimpse into the heavens. Sometimes it consumes not only spiritual power, but also life and longevity. This is why few people choose to learn the technique of divination.

Ubud stunned: "Is there no way to crack?" The leisure elder sighed.
Elder Rong murmured: "With our current ability, there is no way to crack it. However, the National Normal University is different. He has high mana. If we report this to him, maybe the National Normal University will have a solution. "

When it comes to Wu Chenzi, Ubu Fang feels relieved, glanced at their Wu family descendants, and settled on Shinto: "Go back and talk."

Chapter 44 : He is a prince

Wu Ruomu watched the Wu family leave Xiangbo Temple, and after they went away, they asked Hei Xieyu around him, "Did you just hear what my great grandfather said to the two elders?"

"Wu family, fierce." Hei Xieyu said briefly.

Big fierce? Wu Ruo sneered, letting him be born again to get revenge, Wu family was more than just a fierce one.

He looked up to the sky and squinted his eyes: "We rarely come to Xiangbo Temple, so don't rush back. I remember that there is a plum forest in the backyard of Xiangbo Temple. Now it is exactly the flowering season. Let's see how ? "

Wu Ruo didn't give Hei Xuan a chance to speak, and pulled his wrist directly and walked to the backyard.

The backyard full of golden cancan plums stands proudly in the snow and wind, and the beautiful scenery attracts a large number of visitors to come and watch.

Wu Ruo's gaze was eager to wear the Meilin as if looking for something, so he never stopped on the plum blossom.

He wandered round and round with black shame, and stopped on the sixth lap. He looked at the sky and murmured, "Is it really not here?"

Hei Xuanyu looked at Wu Ruo full of thoughts, and felt that he was not looking for plum blossoms, but was looking for someone.

At this time, Heigan said, "Master, Madam, is it time to stay in the temple for lunch?"
Wu Ruo frowned: "It's noon?" "Yes."
"Go back and eat again."

Wu Ruo saw that there were no more people enjoying flowers in the backyard, so he took the black shaman and left Xiangbo Temple to the place where they parked. Suddenly, a white figure rushed in, slammed into him, and rebounded. Unconscious on the ground.

Wu Ruoyu took a few steps backwards. If it wasn't for the corpse, they stood up behind them, and the person would have fallen down.

The corpse asked him, "Ma'am, are you okay?" Wu Ruo shook his head: "It's all right."
Hei Gan quickly stepped forward to examine the man on the ground. The other was very handsome, but his face was very pale. The blood from his arm had stained the snow, and it seemed to be pursued by others.

Wu Ruo stared at the man in white for a while, and became more and more familiar. After recognizing who the man was, he held his heart to rejoice and glanced around, determined that there was no one nearby, and quickly said, "Hey, hold him to Don't let anyone find him on the carriage. "

Hei Xuan narrowed his eyes: "Who is he?"

He felt that Wu Ruo was in Meilin just for this man.

Wu Ruo realized he was unhappy and explained his voice without concealing: "He is a prince."

It was also his purpose to come to Xiangbo Temple.

He remembers the last life, his father once said that P rince Ling Mohan was about to go to Gao Lingcheng to be hunted down and killed in the
Meilin of Xiangbo Temple at around noon when he married Hei Xieyu in the winter festival. The second prince will be selected later as the prince.

Since his father also listened to what his grandfather Wu Xuanran said when he was drunk, he wasn't sure if this was true, but Ling Mo Han, the prince of the last life, did die during this time, only then The emperor declared that Ling Mohan was rescued and died, and then sent Ling Mohan to the tomb of Huanghuang.

The reason why he wanted to save Mo Mohan was that he did not want Wu Chenzi to have the opportunity to pave the way for his great-grandson second emperor to ascend to the throne, and continue to sit under one person and over ten thousand people.

As for who is going to kill the prince, it is self-evident that the ingenuity and wisdom of the prince can think of who will harm him, and when he goes back, he will not make those people feel better.

Hei Xieyu was satisfied that Wu Ruo confessed to him the identity of the other party and ordered Hei Qian to do what Wu Ruo said.

Hei Gan quickly took off his cloak and covered Lingmohan's body, covered the blood on the ground with snow, and hugged him to the carriage.

When Hei Xieyu and Wu Ruo both got into the carriage, he drove away quickly.

Soon, a group of people in black came to the door of Xiangbo Temple, and looked for a talent in and out of Xiangbo Temple for a long time, and left Xiangbo Temple.

Chapter 45: Change of life

On the carriage, Wu Ruo first fed Ling Mohan with elixir, and then gave Ling Mohan a pulse. He was relieved that he was not seriously injured.

Back in Heifu, the blood of Ling Mohan's arm was stopped, and his face slowly recovered blood.

Heigan took the person to the bed in the guest room. Soon, Ling Mohan woke up and saw a group of strangers standing in front of the bed. He sat up quickly and retreated to a safe distance, staring at them coldly and alertly: " who are you?"

"We are the ones who saved you. You can stay here and rest assured. If necessary, you can tell the people in the house to do it. Of course, you can also leave at any time." Wu Ruo was not saving the P rince. , Took out a bottle of wound medicine and put it on the table, let the corpse Yuan help him to leave the guest room.

Lingmo Hansong breathed, staring at the small white medicine bottle on the table for a while, thinking that if the other party wanted to kill him, he would take advantage of his coma, and there was no need to keep him alive or make it More tricks give him a chance to escape.

He covered his injured arm, walked weakly to the door of the room, opened the door to check the surrounding environment, there was no guard outside the door, and there was only a male servant in the courtyard slowly cleaning the white snow in the courtyard.

Before long, another manservant took a slow step and took the food container to his room. After simply saying "eat", he turned away.

Lingmohan looked at the hot food and hesitated before picking up chopsticks.
His surface injury now only hurts his arm, but the internal injuries are still very serious. Without escort, he cannot return to the capital alone, not to mention many people ambush in the dark on the way back to the capital.
He throws himself in the net, so leaving this place is almost like sending him to death, so why not stay here and take good care of himself.

Ling Mohan thought of those who wanted to take his life, and his dark eyes rushed to Morin's killing intention. After he returned to the imperial capital, he would smash these people into pieces.

Wu Ruo came to the lobby for dinner from the side courtyard, and saw Hei Xieyu looking at the black credit copper coins.

He raised an eyebrow, never knowing that Hexin would divinate.

Wu Ruo softly approached and sat down, and then asked, "What are you doing?"

He also asked casually, not thinking that they would answer himself, but did not want Hesin, but said, "The master asked the old slave to divine the hexagrams of the Wu family's sacrificial offering today."

Wu Ruo's surprise Hei Xuan remembered this thing: "What can be calculated?"

Heixin shook his head: "Nothing can be counted and there is no way to crack it."

Black eyes narrowed his eyes.

Wu Ruo waited for the entire Wu family to lose, so they didn't care if the Wu family could crack it.

Hei Xuyi suddenly said: "Separate."

Wu Ruo hesitated and looked at Hei Xuan 翊: "Divided?"
He soon understood the meaning of Hei Xieyu's words: "You're worried about my father and mother, they're all right, right?"

Hei Xun nodded.

Wu Ruo was a little moved when he saw that he cared about his family.

When he learned that the Wu family was fierce, he only thought that the Wu family had the best things, but he did not think about his father and mother. They would also be implicated.

However, it is easier said than done, let alone say that Ubud will not agree with the Wu family's descendants to leave Wu family, as far as his father's filial piety is certain, he will not be separated indifferently, nor will he be a family member. one person.

Wu Ruo returned to the backyard after eating.

Hei Xin hurriedly said to Hei Xuyi who was going to the study: "Master, Madam's life has changed."

Hei Xuan frowned: "Changed?"

"Yes. His life pattern has become so chaotic that no one can count him." "How could this be?"
"Unclear, but one thing, I can be sure." Hei Xin smiled slightly: "Mrs. life is no longer an immutable short-lived aspect."

Chapter 46: Crap

At a blink of an eye, the winter festival rituals have passed for seven days, and Wujia is still as calm as usual. What do you do or do you seem to have forgotten that the sacrifice asked the * * * * to break the three pillar incense.

After the sacrifice, Wu Shi and Wu Bai, the ninth son of Wujia Nanyuan, returned from the school almost every day and ran to Dulefang.

The so-called ten bets and nine loses, the two boys are betting more and more losing. In less than a day, they lost all the silver they had won before and the monthly examples issued by Wujia in the past. They even borrowed a lot from Gambling Club. Huge amounts of silver were duplicated, and a letter of promise was made to return the silver within seven days. Unexpectedly, in just half a day, the borrowed silver was lost.

At this moment, the two sons were in a hurry. They did not dare to ask the family for money, nor did they dare to let the family know. In the end, the shopkeeper at Gambling House was willing to let them use the mortgage, but the mortgaged thing must be a dragon bone, Ghost flute and black tooth fan.

When Wu Shi and Wu Bai heard this, they immediately became suspicious of the shopkeeper of Gamble. How did this person know that their home had these instruments? But after thinking about it, Gambling Square is a place where dragons and fishes are mixed, and the shopkeeper of Gambling Square is very well-connected. It is not surprising that there is a way to know that they have these instruments, so they dispelled the suspicion to go home and take the instruments.

However, all the magic instruments are placed in their storeroom, and they must get the key to open the door of the storeroom.

Wu Shi and Wu Bai waited patiently at home for two days, and finally found the opportunity for Wu Qianbin and Wu Qiantong to go out for
inspection together, and then made excuses for their mother to open the warehouse.

"Mother, everyone in the school said in private that I was shabby, and I didn't even have a decent pendant on my body. It was worse than the attendants around them. I'm almost faceless now and go to the school again." Wu Bai Holding his mother's pro-Dong Jiji's hand, she coquettishly said, "Mother, let me go to the storeroom to pick up some precious pendants, so that I can destroy their power in the school."

"How good are your cousins?" Dong Yanji heard someone say bad things about her baby son, and he was immediately unhappy: "I remember going to your school last time and I haven't seen a few people dress better than you. What qualifications do they have for you? Take the pendant on your waist today, but it is made of fine white jade. It is the master of the jade carving of the imperial capital. Alas, where is your jade ornament on the waist?

There was a guilty conscience in Wu Ba's eyes, and naturally he did not dare to tell her that all valuable things were taken away as pawnshops: "I put it in the house, and it will only be embarrassing to see it."

"How can it be a shame, but ..."

Wu Bo interrupted: "Mother, you don't know the cousins of the Western and Eastern courtyards. They don't wear bone Dong Yupei bracelets or some jade jewelry, everyone is better than me."

"Is there such a thing?" Dong Jiji thought that the baby son was more shabby than others, so he felt uncomfortable, and did not want to be laughed at by other cowards, so he stood up and took out the storeroom key in the inner room: "Go, follow the mother Go to the storeroom. "

Uber succeeded in his plans, and was very pleased. He followed Dong Jiji to the warehouse to pick out three precious pieces of clothing worn by the man, and then went to Dong Jiji to look at the secret room where the artifact was stored.
Dong Jiji was soft-hearted, and opened the secret room for him to enter.

While she wasn't paying attention, Wu Bo quietly tucked the ghost ghost flute and black teeth into her sleeves. After leaving the warehouse, she quickly found an excuse to leave Shu Tongyuan and came to the carriage outside the gate that had been agreed with Wu Shi. Waiting there.

About half an hour later, Wu Shi got on the carriage.
Uber asked anxiously, "Nine brother, how about it, did you get it?" "Who is your ninth brother, how could I not have got it." Wu Shi smiled
proudly: "I want to know the idea of letting our mother open the storeroom is still my thought."

Wu Bai smiled happily, and then stunned again: "Nine brother, if my father knew that I had stolen the instrument, I would definitely break my legs."

Wu Shi put away a smile: "Don't worry, my father and uncle haven't used the weapon recently. We just need to redeem the weapon before they find it."

"But, where do we get so much silver to redeem the magic weapon? By the way, my mother just gave me three precious pieces of jewelry, we can use them as debts."

Wu Shi rolled his eyes: "You're stupid. These pieces of clothing are to be hung on your body every day. If you disappear, how can you tell your mother?"

"Also, how can we have silver redemption tools?"

"Isn't the new year coming? By the time we will receive a lot of red envelopes, we will have silver to pay off our debts."

"Yeah." Wu Bai grinned. "Still Jiu is smart."

The two came to Gambling Square and hurried to the third floor.
There are many people who come to gamble in the gambling house, and people come and go.

When Wu Shi ran to the second floor, they suddenly bumped into a man who was about to go downstairs. Then, with a bang, a black-blue jade flute fell out of Wu Bo's sleeve.

Uber was startled, and hurriedly put the ghost flute back into his arms, angrily: "You walk without eyes? If you hit my weapon, how can you pay me?"

"Ten brother." Wu Shi was worried that he might cause something, and quickly stopped him from saying, "It is good that the instrument is not broken. We now see the treasurer."

Wu Bo snorted, and the man who hit him fiercely stared at him on the third floor, walked to the innermost room, got the consent of the guard, and entered the shopkeeper's study.

The man who hit Uber was not someone else. It was just called here to stare at Ushi's black gan. When he saw that the door on the third floor was closed, he turned and followed him on the third floor, with six behind him. Guard.

"At the treasurer, we brought the weapon you want." Wu Shi and Uber took out the weapon.
The shopkeeper laughed: "Nine sons and ten sons really kept their promises and brought the mortgaged instruments over the prescribed time."

He reached out to them: "P lease bring me to see if it is the instrument I want."

Wu Shi raised his hand to block the magic instrument handed out by Uber: "Yu shopkeeper, before I give you a view instrument, I want to know why
you specified that you want to use these three magic instruments as collateral?"

The shopkeeper's eyes flickered slightly: "I'm not afraid to tell you that a friend of mine has recently arrested a big monster and needs some high- level and special attributes to help him succeed, but he didn't. I inquired that only your Wu family ’s weapon is suitable for him, but he was not familiar with your Wu family ’s people, so he asked me, and I happened to ask him for something, and I thought about what to do. To help him borrow the magic weapon, but I didn't expect you ... "

He grinned: "You know what happened next."

Wu Shi's eyes sank: "You wouldn't deliberately let us lose silver in order to borrow a magic weapon?"

The shopkeeper slowly smiled and looked at him seriously: "Jiugong, do you think I am this kind of person? If I do, who else will dare to gamble at the Music Square?"

Wu Shi thought about it too, so he handed out the instrument.

The shopkeeper checked the three instruments again, and determined that they were the instruments he wanted. They were required to write and guaranty them, and let them stamp to prove that they were mortgaged to him.

Wu Shidao: "The magic instrument has been mortgaged to you, but you must also ensure that the magic instrument is intact when we redeem it."

"There is no problem with this." The shopkeeper took a smile and took a look at it: "Nine sons and ten sons are still early today. Would you like to gamble two more copies?"

Wu Shi sneered: "I'm afraid I will continue to gamble, and I need to bet two more instruments to reduce debt."
He pulled Uber and turned to open the door, and saw the man who had just hit them blocked at the door.

Uber said angrily, "Get out."

Ignoring his anger, Hei Gan stepped forward and forced Uber and Ushi back into the room.

Wu Shi felt that this man was not an ordinary person, and he was followed by six guards, and he quickly grabbed Uber to keep him silent, so as not to offend the offending person.

Hei Gan went directly to the shopkeeper, picked up the instrument on the table, and said quietly, "This instrument is an engagement gift given to my wife by my master. How can it be in your hands?"

When Wu Shi and Uber heard it, their faces were pale. Crap!
This person turned out to be a black family.

Wouldn't it be that Wu Ruo knew their dad had stolen his gift?

If the members of the Heijia came to the door to face each other, the two of them would be more than just broken legs.

Wu Bo grasped Wu Shi's hand, afraid to ask, "Nine ... Nine brother, what should I do?"

"I ... how do I know." Wu Shi was also very scared. In terms of age, he was not much older than Uber and did not have much experience in working, so naturally, he was panicked when he encountered such a big thing.

As soon as the shopkeeper heard what he said, he knew his identity, but still pretended to be angry and said, "Who are you? How dare you trespass into my study? I know that the entire gambling house is my place, you, hey, what do you , Give me the paper back, come on, come on. "
Hei Gan snatched all three instruments and papers directly, shoved them into the bag in his cloak, and turned to the guard and instructed: "Bring people back."

Wu Shi and Wu Bai heard that they hurriedly turned around and ran, but were blocked by the guards, and their spiritual power was not high, and the guards were stunned to the ground within two strokes.

The shopkeeper was afraid that they would do it themselves, and said quickly: "Don't hit me, I'll just go with you."

In order not to attract attention, Hei Qian took them directly from the window, then left from the backyard of the casino and returned to Heifu.

Wu Ruo saw Hei Gan grabbed everyone back and raised an eyebrow in surprise.

He had let Jiujiu send someone to guard at Gambling Square, and then, he got all the dirty things, but he did not expect that Jiujiu would ask Heigan to do this.

Heigan put three pieces of instruments and papers on the table: "Madam, two of them are indeed made by the master, and the other one ..."

Wu Ruo took the Xuanya fan and looked at it, and nodded: "It's my mother's weapon."

He put down the mysterious tooth fan, and picked up the note, not only with the signatures and handprints of Wu Bo and Wu Shi, but also the seal of the Wu family. Moreover, there was no loophole in the note, and he sat down with satisfaction to look at the black letter.

Heisin knew the meaning in his eyes immediately and asked with a smile, "I don't know what to tell my wife?"

Chapter 47: this is…  …

After Wu Ruo explained something, Hei Xin took him, Hei Gan and some guards, as well as the captured Wu Shi and U Bai, and went to the Wu family with the shopkeeper.

At Wu's house, Heixin left Wu Shi, Wu Bai, and the shopkeeper on the carriage, and ordered four guards to guard them. Then, they came to Shu Qingyuan with Wu Ruo.

When Wu Qianqing and Guan Tong saw Wu Ruo brought such a person, they could not help but stunned: "Xiao Ruo, you are ..."

Wu Ruo looked at Heixin.

"The old slave has seen his in-laws and his in-laws." After he saluted to him, he took out the bone dragon spike and ghost ghost flute to let Wu Qianqing look at them: "Is the in-law seen these two weapons?"

Wu Qianqing looked carefully and shook his head, "No." "Are you sure you haven't seen it?"
"V ery sure."

Hexin also said, "I wonder if the in-law master can show the old man the gift slip we gave to his wife that day."

Wu Qianqing looked at Wu Ruo and saw that he nodded, and instructed the housekeeper Wu Xu to take out the gift list.

Heixin took the gift list, suddenly, narrowed his eyes. Although he had heard the corpse and said that the part of the gift was taken privately by the Wu family, but he didn't expect that it would be so much less, and there was still a part of the gift Was replaced.
"Trouble in-laws and in-laws, go with the slaves to see your Wu family's owner."

"Is there anything wrong with the gift list?" Wu Qianqing asked Wu Ruo as he looked at Wu Ruo, who had been silent.

Heixin returned the offer list to Wu Qianqing and asked him to bring it with him: "When I see the owner, the old slave will inform them one by one."

Before seeing him, Wu Qing looked cautiously, nodded, and took Guan Tong and Hei Xin together to leave Shu Qingyuan.

On the way, Black Letter asked Wu Qianqing to find someone to inform Wu Xuanran and Wu Qian to compete with them, and their wife to take a trip to P u Jinyuan.

Ub Fang, who was preparing for his lunch break, learned that Black Letter was coming, and it was not easy to take it easy. After all, Wu Chenzi had let him entertain the Hei family.

When he came to the lobby and saw Hessian standing in the middle of the lobby with a group of people, a bad hunch immediately rose in his heart.

Wu Bufang walked into the hall with a smile: "The butler, come to the cold house by car, I don't know why you need to bother you to come to see the husband in person?"

Heixin politely addressed Ubud a moment before saying, "The chief of Uzbekistan, when others come, I will explain the intention in detail."

Ubud raised an eyebrow: "Is there anyone else?" "Yes."
Ubud asked them to sit down.

Heixin was a subordinate, and he would not forget his identity because Ubud side treated him with courtesy. He respectfully stood beside Wu

Ubu Fang asked Wu Qianqing and Wu Ruo the intention of the black letter while they were not here.

Both father and son shook their heads slightly, saying they didn't know.

Before long, Wu Xuanran and Wu Qianjing and Wu Qianli took their wives to P u Jinyuan, and even Wu Qianbin, Wu Qiantong, and their wives who had gone out for a morning inspection hurried over.

They saw Hei Xin and Wu Qianqing. They were all in the hall, and they were all stunned.

Heixin smiled slightly: "P resident Wu, everyone is here." Ubud Fang asked Qi: "So the butler can explain the intention?"
"Before I explain my intentions, I have something for everyone to see." Hei Xin took out the two artifacts of Skeleton Dragon Spike and Ghost Flute and put them on the table. "I don't know if you can recognize these two artifacts?"

As soon as Wu Qianbin, Wu Qiantong and their wife saw the viewer, they were shocked and almost jumped out of the chair.

Isn't this the magic weapon they stole from Wu Ruo's gift? How could it be in Hessin's hands?

The others looked blankly at the instruments on the table. Ubud squared his eyebrows: "This is ..."

Chapter 48:

Heisin glanced at everyone's look: "This is the corpse dragon spike and ghost ghost flute. It is a magic weapon made by our master himself. You see the name of my master engraved on it. In addition, these two weapons are also It was two of the gifts given to my wife before my husband and wife got married, but-- "

His tone changed, and he became extremely severe: "My wife and my in-laws said that they had not seen these two instruments."

Wu Xuanran and Wu Qianjing heard the words "promotional gift", their faces flashed uncomfortably, and they did not dare to look directly into Hei Xin's face.

Ub Fang's eyes flickered, and he was vaguely guessing what happened to Hessin.

Wu Qianqing was puzzled: "Butler, you said that these two instruments were a gift of marriage before your marriage? But why didn't I receive such a gift, Xiaoruo, did you receive it in private?"

Wu Ruogu shook his head blankly: "I haven't seen these two instruments, Dad, may you be wrong?"


Today he wants his father and his mother to see the faces of these people.

Wu Qianqing frowned: "How can I remember the offer that I personally ordered? Even if I remember it correctly, I will also have an impression of the two artifacts on the table, but I not only do not have the impression, the gift list I haven't seen these two artifacts. If you don't believe me, I'll show you a gift list, there are no two artifacts on it. "

He really hasn't seen these two instruments, and believes that if Heisin gave them as a gift, then why did these two instruments not reach him, and why are he now returning to his hand? in?

Wu Qianqing thought of the situation where Heixin asked to see the gift list before, and her heart burst suddenly, and she could not help but scan to the sitting relative, and she had other ideas in her heart.

Upon hearing this, Wu Qiantong was anxious, worried that stealing the gift would be worn out, and quickly asked: "Butler, you said that the two instruments on the table are gift to Wu Ruo, but why is it in you? On hand, not in my third brother's coffers? I think it's your fault. "

He determined that even if the instrument was in the hands of Heisin, there was no evidence that they had taken it.

Wu Qianbin frowned, thinking that his brother was an idiot, and people were waiting for him to ask that, and he stupidly snagged himself.

Heixin smiled slightly: "Five grandpas asked well. This is a very strange matter. I think only these two papers can answer your questions."

He took out the papers they signed on Ushi and put them on the table: "This is the papers that our black family guards accidentally found. As for where they are found, we have to gamble at the gambling hall from nothing today. Speaking at the time. At that time, they lost the money and were about to leave the gambling house. When they went downstairs, they accidentally bumped into two young boys, one of which dropped a black blue in the sleeve. The jade flute of our house felt that the flute was so familiar to him. They followed behind the two little boys. It was not until the two little boys mortgaged the two instruments to the shopkeeper of Gambling Club that they confirmed that it was our master. The guards in our house are very weird. Why do the weapons fall into the hands of other people, they brought the man with the instruments and papers back to the house and asked my wife, but my wife did not know the two The master thought that it was strange, so he brought someone to ask his in-laws. I did n’t want to. The in-laws did n’t know these two instruments, so I found the Uzbek patriarch. ... you can take a look first, It is a sign of what the person's name. "

Chapter 49: Annoying

Everyone stepped forward and looked at the two characters, which said that the names "Wu Shi" and "Shi Bai" were clearly written on it, and the signature of the signatory and the Wu family seal were beside them.

Everyone froze.

Wu Xuanran, they secretly said badly, the matter of stealing the gift was revealed.

Wu Qianqing and Guan Tong were so cold that they had already guessed what was going on.

Ubfang's face was also extremely unsightly. In fact, the day he gave the gift to the Wu family, he knew that Wu Xuanran stole Wu Ruo's gift. The reason why he did not come forward to stop it was because he wanted the materials in the gift. He opened his eyes, closed his eyes, and did n’t know what to do, but did not expect to be discovered by the black family.

It can only be said that the grandchildren were not careful enough to allow their sons to have the opportunity to steal the magic weapon to mortgage the handle.

That's it, he can't ignore it. "bump--"
Ubud furiously banged on the table, sternly asked: "What the * * **is going on?"

Wu Qiantong's heart shuddered, angrily: "Grandfather, it's fake, this word must be fake."

He didn't believe his son would be addicted to gambling.
His wife, Dong Jiji, was also excited: "Yes, it must be fake, my little cypress will never be able to gamble money."

She knows that Ubud ’s most disliked Uighur people ’s bad gambling. If gambling caused the Hei family to find out about stealing Uro ’s gift, her son would not only be dealt with by house rules, but her status in Ubud ’s mind would also be It has plummeted, so we absolutely cannot admit it.

Wu Qianbinhan looked at his wife Liao Liuyan with a face, and asked with his eyes what was going on? The instrument was obviously placed in the secret room of their storeroom. How could his son be used to mortgage gambling debts?

Liao Liuyan tightened her eyebrows and immediately remembered that her son had asked her to open the storeroom and enter the closet today. Was it the magic weapon stolen at that time?

"Fake?" HeiXin looked at the Wuqiantong couple. "Is the Wujia seal on the letter also fake? Then your Wujia seal is too fake."

This remark ridiculed that the Wu family, as the largest family in Gaolingcheng, could even forge a seal at will, let alone guarding the law and order of Gaolingcheng.

Wu Qiantong was said to be blushing.

Not to mention the complicated inscription on the Wujia seal, and the hidden imprints that are difficult for others to imitate. Only the Wujia people can use the Wujia unique method to urge the imprint to appear on the paper, so no one can Forged seal.

Heisin said, "Even if the seal is forged, the handprint on it will not be fake?"

Wu Qianbin said loudly: "Maybe Xiaoshi and Xiaobai are signed under threat."
Wu Qiantong quickly nodded: "Someone must have threatened Xiao Shi and Xiao Bai."

Wu Xuanran immediately stood on the side of Wu Qiantong to help, and thought that Ushi and Shibai would not be able to gamble money.

There was a flash of irony in Wuruo's eyes that could not be captured, and he had expected that they would not admit it.

Heisin asked: "Who dares to threaten the Wu family in Gaoling City?"

Wu Qian dumbfounded his face: "With the meaning of the black housekeeper, it means that the people in our Wu family have taken Xiao Ruo's gift?"

Hei Xin said faintly: "Old slaves dare not, but Siye don't forget, but many people in the gambling house know that the two sons owe a large sum of money to the gambling house. Similarly, many people have also seen it with their own eyes. It is an undeniable fact that the nine and ten sons personally took the magic instruments and entered the gambling shop treasurer's room for mortgage. "

Wu Qianbin: "..."

Wu Qiantong was furious: "Everyone said it was a threat, then someone must have threatened them with a weapon to mortgage."

Heixin smiled slightly: "Five Lord, don't be excited. The old slave brought out the paperwork just to let you know where the two magic instruments came from, not to discuss the authenticity of the paperwork with you."

Everyone: "..." Wuqian boyish knot.
Wu Ruo lowered his eyelids, covering the smile under his eyes. He found that Black Letter was quite capable of angering people.

Chapter 50: Bullying

Wu Qianjing looked at everyone with a calm face and groaned, and said, "Since the matter is about Xiao Ruo's gift, is it better to be resolved in private by the third, fourth, fifth, and butler? I told The second brother will not intervene, it is better to avoid it first. "

He knew that the gift was not concealed, and that it happened so suddenly that he needed to leave here as soon as possible and find a scapegoat.

Hei Xin stopped by saying, "Uncle, it's not too late when the old slave finishes talking."

Wu Ruo sneered, Wu Qianjing really treated others as stupid, thinking that others would not know what he was anxious to leave and wanted to do.

Wu Qianjing jumped, pretending to be calm and asked, "I don't know what else the butler wants to say?"

"I started to talk about the purpose of I came to the Wu patriarch and you to come to Bu Jinyuan." Hexin looked at him and said in a reminiscence tone: "Remember when we followed the Wu patriarch to Gaolingcheng, we took 3 0 full. The car hire ceremony is known to both the Wu chief and the Wu Guoshi. On the day of the appointment, the people in Gaolingcheng also witnessed that we sent 3 0 car hire gifts to the Wu family. Accepted, just because the uncle and the second grandfather said that the in-laws and the in-laws went out of the house, and you should accept the gift instead.
When I look at the offer, I find that the offer is much less. "

He stared sternly at Wu Qianjing and Wu Qianli: "Uncle Ye, Er Ye, can you explain what's going on?"

Wu Qianjing and Wu Qian ducked away from their eyes, guilty enough to dare not look directly at the black letter, and were looking for an excuse to explain, they heard Wu Qianqing coldly said, "On the day of the gift, the
person responsible for the gift was the eldest brother and two Brother and steward, they told me that people from the Hei family were unwilling to send the gift to our courtyard. "

At that time, they thought that the people of the Hei family hated their son, and they were very angry. It turned out that everything was his family's deception.

Wu Qianjing and Wu Qian left suddenly ashamed to face Wu Qianqing, their wives also bowed their heads, embarrassed to see other people.

Guan Tong's gentle face swelled with anger: "The butler said that thirty car gifts were sent, but we only received twelve cars gifts from the steward at that time."

It is ridiculous that Wu Qianjing's housekeeper also explained to them that the twelve-car hire gift was considered auspicious.

Wu Ruo pretended to be totally unaware of the shock: "Why, how can this be? So, where are the 18 -car hire?"

The hall fell into a brief silence.

"This is a great stigma. At the time we asked to be admitted to Shu and left the hospital. The grandfather and the second grandfather repeatedly stopped us. We were not forced to force in, lest both parties would be unhappy, and it would not be good to bring the gift back to the same way.
It was given to Grandpa and Second Grandpa. "Hei Xin was really angry this time:" And there is not only that I found that the gift to my in-laws was not much. I also found out that the gifts on the in-laws's gift list were also dropped. "

He took out the gift list he brought from his sleeve to Wu Qianqing, "Master Dear, this is the engagement gift given to you by our master, and the gift list you asked the housekeeper to show me was not written by the slave at all. "
Wu Qianqing took it over and looked at the nearly ten-foot long gift list with trembling hands: "It's too bullying, it's too bullying."
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