Comeback of the Abandoned Wife Chapter 381-386 (End)

Chapter 381:

Blackbird pedestrians and others: "..."

"After being retired, my family who always loved me started to think that I was a burden, an ugly woman who never used value again." Yu Xuanxuan was so disappointed with her family that she was extremely sad, and her grievance gradually turned into hate : "People who have no use value will no longer spend their minds on me, nor will they spend a little more money on giving me a medical face, and let me live and die in my yard, and you ..."

Deep chant: "..."

He was also very angry at the time when the old master asked the young master to marry a man and grieved his young master, so he never thought about the feelings and fate of another person whose marriage was cancelled.

"It's not about the young master of my family at all. It's all the masters who do it privately. We didn't know about it until we returned."

You Xuanzhuang ignored him and yelled at Hei Pingxing: "Every day you go out, you are right."

Deep chant: "..."

Every time the master goes out with him, how can he be ignored?

"I'm gone ..." You Xuanyuan cried. "It's going to blame Qian Shen. Would it be like this if I weren't for him? And you, Hei Lingxing, you're also cold and ruthless, I like you so much, why can't you look at me more? "

Hei Xingxing said: "Even if there is no Qian Shen, I will not be married to you. You should have known that I have never liked you. The relationship between you and me was set by my father. He never Did not ask if I would. "

You Xuanxuan anxiously said, "We have been dating for so long, haven't you liked me a little bit?"

"No," Kurosaki said with certainty.

Yu Xuanxuan sat down on the ground, then burst into tears, with a sense of despair in her voice.

I saw her crying and even snot came out, and frowned.

Wu Ruo asked: "How do you know she's Yu Xuan?"

"She was hit by my poisonous fire, and now her poisonous fire is still on her body. I was the one who noticed her and recognized her.

"So it is."

Hei Xiexi frowned lightly: "Well, aren't you protecting your father and mother in Xutang Mansion? Why did you come here suddenly? Did your father and mother encounter anything?"

"Oh, I almost forgot." I took a letter out of my arms and handed it to Wu Ruo: "Someone sent this letter to Heixuantang Mansion and named it to your father, but, Stopped by You on the way. "

"What letter?" Wu Ruo took it. There was no word on the envelope. He opened the envelope and wrote that Uber was in my hand, and wanted him to come back alive and well. I went to the junction of the Seven Kingdoms by myself. If I hadn't seen you before tomorrow morning, I would send Uber's head up.

He squeezed the stationery and sank his face down.

He said, "Yu said, worrying that your father will act irrationally after reading the letter, let me give you the letter and let you decide."

Wu Ruo: "..."

Because of his father's and elder brother's temperament, it is very likely that he will run to save people, so you are right.

In fact, since you chatted with Wu Ruo privately, you have been worried about accidents that he didn't expect, and fear that some things will repeat. Therefore, he will pinch them to death in all kinds of things that may harm them. In.

Hei Xieyu took the letter and took a look: "The person who wrote the letter wanted to lead his father to leave the undead country, so that he could arrest him and threaten us."

Wu Ruoyan nodded his head: "I guess the people in the kingdom of heaven seized Wu Bo."

Hei Sui asked: "If the letter is true, what are you going to do? Looking for someone to save him?"

Whether it was true or not, Wu Ruo did not intend to save people. Not to mention it was an ambush, he said that he had some suspicions when he met him after he rescued him, and he lived in Heixuantang The purpose is not simple.

He thought about it and said to Hei Xingxing, "Can Xing Xing use your magic weapon to hide your body and breath?"

Without saying anything, Hei Ling took out his magic weapon and handed it to Wu Ruo.

Wu Ruo put the magic weapon in his hand: "Hey, please help me to find out what happened in the place stated in the letter."

"Do you want to save someone?"

Wu Ruo shook his head: "No."

"Okay." I took the magic weapon, and handed the chain to Wu Ruo: "Thank you for helping me to see her."

Wu Ruo Xuanyu nodded, and asked the guard to lock him up.

"No, I don't want to kill me." Yu Xuanxuan yelled in fear.

The guard dragged people away.

Hei Pingxing said to Hei Xieyu: "After the end of this time, I will dissolve the old people. I hope that you can help us capture other old people's shares and let the people under my hands let them do ordinary The identity of the people lives elsewhere. "

Hei Xieyu didn't want to kill the world, and not everyone in the old race was as abominable as Heitu: "As long as they don't organize trouble again, I won't pursue the past."

"it is good."

Deeply happy, "It's great. I'll tell the brethren the good news."

The old clans who followed Hei Pingxing were all happy when they heard this, and immediately attracted the attention of the guards. With their laughter, the atmosphere of tension and sadness was suddenly diluted.

This battle between the imperial court and the old people finally came to an end. After that, there will be no troubles between the old people and the people can finally live a stable life.

At this time, the night was getting dark, and there was a silence at the junction of the Seven Kingdoms. The night breeze blew softly. Flowers and trees saw the sound of rustling.

"When is it now?" Someone whispered.

"It should be almost time."

"That's not far from dawn, and those who receive the letter will never come."

"If we don't come by then, we'll go back.

Everyone stopped talking, and at that moment, the sky glowed with white light. They still used light work to rush back to the military camp dozens of miles away and came to the coach's tent.

The man in the purple suit sitting behind the desk was wearing a purple mask. When he heard the returnees returned, he raised his head and asked quietly, "Caught someone?"

The leader who was responsible for catching people quickly hurried back: "If you return to the emperor, the other person will not come at all."

The words fell, and the atmosphere in the tent dropped to freezing point.

The leader was afraid to pant.

Ji Yuzhen looked at the leader: "You said they didn't come?"

"Yes, we waited till the hour, and we didn't wait for someone to come back to you."

"Back down."

"Yes." The leader left quickly.

Ji Yu got up and walked behind the screen, and said to the person who was sitting on the ground and was locked with the seal spiritual chain, "Have you heard? Your third uncle doesn't care about your life and death."

The people who were locked on the ground were leaving Wu Bo with the dead nations together with Wu Ruo several months ago, and he breathed a sigh of relief: "That's great, San Bo hasn't been fooled by you.

Ji Yu's eyes were cold, and there was nothing to see.

No beam pulled out the long sword at the waist.

"Brother Huang." Outside the screen, a lazy voice interrupted Wubei's action of chopping people, and then Ji Yu's brother Ji Yun came in.

He looked at the cypress on the ground and raised an eyebrow: "Brother Huang, what are you doing?"

Ji Yu didn't answer him, she sank her face and asked, "How do you come in?"

Ji Yun opened the fan and fanned it: "I'll ask if you want to send troops today."

"Let the soldiers rest for a day and send them out tomorrow."

"Oh." Ji Yunhe went back to the fan and looked at him without a smile, and raised his chin with a smile: "Brother, who is this person? Looks pretty handsome."

Ji Yu said coldly, "It's not about you, go out."

Ji Yun continued without fear of his majesty: "Let me guess, brother Huang tied people in their tents, either assassins or people who could be used, but if they were available, they would be killed like this Would it be a pity? "

He smiled at Ji Yu's cold eyes and said in a low voice: "Brother Huang, if there is nothing, I will go out."

Immediately after he left, Wushu raised his sword and cut it at Uber.

"Wait." Ji Yu remembered what Ji Yun had said, and stopped immediately: "He should still be useful, save it first."

Wushu said softly: "Master, first cut a finger of him with the token on his body and send it to Wu Qianqing, let him know that we are not playing."

Ji Yu nodded.

The next moment, a scream came from the coach's tent.

Then the guard outside the tent was called in and pulled Uber into another tent.

Ji Yun, who had been standing in the dark, saw this, and Hooked her lips and turned away.

The guard kept Uber behind his cage and left.

Several men in the cage next to him saw Uber return and hurriedly got up: "Little ber, are you all right?"

Uber endured intense pain and said weakly, "I'm fine."

Others saw blood on his body, and said with excitement, "It's bleeding, and you're okay? All blame us. If we didn't involve you, or if they threatened you with us, you wouldn't be locked up here. "

"It doesn't matter to you, I deserve it." Uber said more and more sad, and said more and more quietly, and finally murmured: "I was so stupid, I thought that as long as I promised them to be on the fourth brother, Leaving medicinal powder to let them find the hermit will let you go. I didn't expect them to be so shameless and shameless. I also wanted to use my life to seize the third uncle to threaten Liu ... "

When he and the warrior team arrived in the kingdom of heaven, he was offended by accident, and the person who arrested them learned that he was the Wu family of the kingdom of heaven, and then asked him to do one thing. Will release him and his team.

He learned that the only thing to help was when Wuruo went to find the hermit, they sprayed tracking powder on them to help those who caught them find the hermit, and those who arrested him and promised him that they would never Only by doing things that hurt Wu Ruo, they agreed.

He was then taken to the kingdom of the dead, and he was inexplicably sold as a slave. Later, he learned that the person who arrested him did so intentionally, which would allow Wu Ruo them to meet and let him come to death. The things in the spirit kingdom will not be so abrupt as to cause suspicion.

Later, he participated in the mystery contest in order to find Wu Ruo and quietly patted the medicinal powder on his back while they went to hug farewell to the Miyin and Wuzhu.

In fact, he originally wanted to put it on Wu Ruo, but Wu Ruo healed, so he was afraid to be found, so he had to put it on Wuzhu with low spiritual steps.

After Wu Ruo left, they returned to the kingdom of heaven to find the person who had taken his companion. They didn't want to, and the other party broke his word. Not only did he not let go of his companion, he also arrested him and led them to come out.

Fortunately, his third uncle was not fooled, otherwise he would be more guilty.

Chapter 382:

When the Holy Emperor sent Uber's broken finger and the token to the dead, the puppet sent to investigate also rushed back from the army of the kingdom of the heaven to the dead, and sent the broken finger and the token to When Hei Xutang was in the middle of the palace, he stopped the things sent by the emperor with You and sent them to Wu Ruo. Then he heard the conversation between the emperor and Uber, and he was put back into the cage. Tell Wu Ruo what he said.

After listening to Wu Ruo, he frowned lightly: "So it was Xiaobai who promised the Emperor to sprinkle the tracking medicine powder on his elder brother in order to save his friends, so the talents of the Heavenly Kingdom will find the entrance to the Mystery."

Ying Ying said, "Yes."

Wu Ruo sighed: "In the end, Xiao Bai is too young, how can he trust the other person so easily. He never thought that the emperor lied to him, but in fact, the tracking powder was used to hunt us down?"

Uber just turned seventeen this year. Strictly speaking, he is just a teenager.

Hei Xuan said: "The Holy Emperor did not ask him to poison us, nor did he let him assassinate us to relax our vigilance and do the dusting."

Wu Ruo put the box with broken fingers and tokens on the table. He still had no soft heart to send someone to save Ubai: "If he can survive after the battle with the Holy Kingdom, that's his life."

After blocking the death of Hei Tu and the defeat of the old clan, Hei Xieyu and Wu Ruo rested in the palace for two hours. The daughter-in-law rushed to the border with most of the royal family and fought with the six nations.

Heavenly Kingdom is indeed a big country, but the strength of one country has reached as many as three million people, but what made people in five small countries even more shocked was the strength of the Necropolis. Although the strength of the kingdom is not as large as that of Heavenly Kingdom In addition, the ghost clan's strength is less than three million, but they can control the dead bodies, and they can resurrect all the soldiers who died in the five kingdoms the night before, and turn them into their own strength. Then the number of people added is almost the same as them.

The soldiers of the five countries opened their mouths in surprise when they saw the soldiers of their own country. See the power of Necropolis again.

The military division of Ye Luoguo whispered in his own commander's ear and whispered, "Even the soldiers from the dead nations who control our five nations are fine, but they wear the same armor as us, and they will not fight. The subordinates believe that before starting the war, they should be tied with white cloth strips or other items so that they can recognize themselves, so as to avoid accidental injury or being attacked by others. "

The commander of Ye Luoguo also felt that this should be done, and he ordered the soldiers to tie white cloth strips on their arms, and other soldiers in other countries followed suit. Unexpectedly, the controlled corpses were also tied to the arms with leashes in the armor. on.

Seeing nothing, he said to the commanders of the countries: "The corpse under control will not speak. If you are afraid to kill yourself, let your people speak."

The blue-headed commander narrowed his eyes: "The beamless guards seem to know the Necropolis very well."

Wushu said faintly: "Our country has a record of the state of the dead."

Lan Muguo's commander was furious: "Since there are records, why didn't you tell us about this earlier? It hurt us to lose so many soldiers."

Wushu gave him a glance: "Holy heaven asks you to wait for us to discuss how to fight for the dead kingdom, just to tell you something about the dead kingdom, but have you waited for us to tell you?"

The commander in chief of the Five Kingdoms was blocked by these words and turned red and blue.

"Archive." Ordered without restraint: "Exorcism."

The two soldiers of the Heavenly Kingdom flew up using the magic weapon, opened the ten-foot-long Huangbula in their hands, and painted the Buddhist scriptures. Then, the six soldiers wearing red armors were trained in platoons. A good team formed a Fuyu, and then formed a Buddhist gate formation with other soldiers. At the next moment, the Fuyu and the soldiers on the yellow cloth were like the rising sun, the golden light was flourishing, and the army of the Necropolis was illuminated. Close your eyes.

When the soldiers of the ghost clan saw the light from the Buddha, they retreated and dared not to step forward.

The five small countries saw this scene, and the morale of the destroyed was instantly increased, and they were excited to immediately rush over to fight the dead nation.

On the side of death for the kingdom, Prince Yuxian said to Hei Xieyu: "Xue Ye, their formation is extraordinary. It seems to be more powerful than Buddhism's formation. I am afraid even if they recruit the top ghosts, they are afraid of their formation. . "

Wu Ruodan said, "They should be using the formation method of that place."

He refers to the world of cultivation.

"Um." Hei Xieyu also felt that they were using the matrix method of the practice world: "No matter how powerful the matrix method is, if the people who use it are not high or insufficient, they will always find opportunities for us to break through or they can directly Capture it. "


Hei Xieyu ordered the ghost: "The ghost family is waiting to be ordered."

Ghost: "Yes."

Hei Xuanyu ordered the army behind him: "Put it in."

The neat teammates changed their formations and instantly improved their attack and defense. With the sound of crisp flutes, the soldiers' attack and defense were superimposed through the sound, making them like a shield. As sharp as a spear.

Wu Ruowen looked up, and the man who played the flute was the prince of his priest Xuanshu.

He smiled slightly, borrowed the bow and arrow from the soldiers next to him, put on the arrow, gathered the spiritual power and opened the bow at the yellow cloth rune of the heavenly kingdom, and suddenly let go, and the arrow whistled out, as if the eagle flying from the sky The sharp yelling sound penetrated all the eardrums and resounded through the sky, and many people couldn't bear to cover their ears.

The arrow flew as fast as lightning. The place it flew over seemed to be hit by a strong tornado, and the ground was opened by a sound wave from the arrow to open a large crack, making a banging sound.

The momentum was so fierce that the enemy magicians couldn't stop it. When the arrow flew on the enemy, the soldiers below it were overturned by its sound waves, which was killed by its sound waves. The lethality was particularly strong, which made the soldiers very afraid.

As the arrow shot, the general of the Necropolis immediately shouted, "Chong."

The battle of the Seven Kingdoms kicked off at this moment, but when the ringing arrow came in front of the yellow cloth, it was blocked by an invisible hood and fell to the ground.

The soldiers of the heavenly kingdom breathed a sigh of relief. They were really worried that the sound of arrows would destroy their exorcism array. However, they were too relaxed. When they looked back to the necropolis, the soldiers and horses of the necropolis He rushed in front of them.

The soldiers were shocked that the two sides were half a mile apart, how could they always be in front of them so quickly. The queens hurriedly drew out their swords and tore them to death. In a short period of time, many people were injured and injured.

Suddenly, someone roared: "This is a fantasy, it is a fantasy, all his mother wakes me up, I said, the enemy army will use illusion, so you don't believe it easily."

The soldiers heard the roar, and the image of the killing in front of them changed. From the deadly and wounded enemy army, they became their own. Everyone is afraid and afraid. They have heard their generals say that the enemy ’s hallucinations will let them watch. To something that makes them feel scared, sad, and so on.

At that time, they didn't take it seriously, thinking that as long as they didn't take it seriously, they had to encounter it before they knew that the illusion could be so real, and it wasn't that they wouldn't have hallucinations.

"You idiots." The generals were half-dead, and they killed themselves as soon as the war started. "Now the enemy is really here, everyone rushes."

Immediately after the words fell, people and bodies around them suddenly exploded one after another, blasting everyone into a stun, not knowing what happened.

Wushu shouted with a calm face: "Don't worry, just rush into the enemy troops, they will not dare to use blood blasting and corpse blasting."

The soldiers heard that they rushed into the team of the Necropolis and started a real torture with them.

Yan Rong looked at the corpses of their soldiers and murmured, "The people in the Nation are really amazing."

A beamless look at him coldly.

At this moment, the fallen body seemed to have regained life and quickly rolled up, rushing towards the commander.

The six commanders were startled and drew out their swords.

Wushu said, "Just cut off their limbs."

"Yes." The commanders rushed up.

Wushu turned around and said respectfully to the elders behind him: "Trouble elders to treat all the wounded."

One of the old men frowned at his long beard: "Okay.

They performed healing mysteries to heal the soldiers who were being wounded for the slain. As long as they did not die, they could instantly recover the wound.

Seeing this, Hei Xuantang said depressed: "I go, they have been healing like this, isn't it impossible to kill?"

The enemy soldiers were just cut off, and they resumed the next moment and continued to fight with their men.

Hei Xuan said quietly, "As long as they die, they can cure people."

"Yeah." Hei Xuantang quickly ordered.

Hei Xieyu and Wu Ruo looked in the direction of Wushu, and Wushu was just looking at them.

Wuxi took out a few magic weapons from the waist bag.

The commander of Zi Shenguo asked with curiosity: "Unguarded, what magic weapon do you have in your hand? The aura is so strong."

Grace looked at him lightly and did not hide: "This is a magical weapon."

He and his lord worked hard for years to find out that the cultivation world is in the Miyin Clan. After exhausting their thoughts, they followed the Miyin siblings to the deep mountains outside the Miyin Clan, and then they could not find it. Entrance to the Mystery.

Fortunately, they prepared another hand in the morning, and let Ubai drop the tracking powder on Wuruo to find the tree. The aroma stopped on the tree. If he didn't reach out and touch it, he wouldn't know there was an entrance.

Speaking of which, this big tree is really amazing. It is not only an entrance, but the scenery inside the tree is exactly the same as the outside scenery, but they will not continue to spin in the deep forest like the outside.

When they found the hermit, they were immediately attracted by the scenery there. It was like a fairyland on earth. The beauty made them reluctant to leave, and indeed made some companions have the idea to stay in the hermit, but the hermit The people of the clan do not accept them, but send them to the cultivation world, precisely because their purpose is to find the cultivation world.

Chapter 383:

Wushu and his people went to the cultivation world for three purposes. One is to learn the spells of the cultivation world, the other is to find a solution to the curse, and the third is to buy various books, spirits, elixir, etc. in the cultivation world and bring them back to the world. The kingdom of heaven was strengthened, so they brought a lot of money.

Unexpectedly, the spiritual world only accepts spiritual stones, and things are as easy and simple as they imagine. Although they successfully entered a certain sect under the introduction of the Miyin clan, everything had to start from scratch. The first test was Lingen, and later they were divided into disciples outside or disciples inside.

The disciples in the martial arts learned that they came from the human world, and all of them looked down on them. The lowest-level fifth and sixth-level practitioners could pinch them all at once. How can they stand up to others who have always been respected by others? After spending a few days in the martial arts, they discussed how to leave here, but how can they bring something back before leaving the cultivation world, after all, it is rare to come to the cultivation world.

Coincidentally, when they were sent down the mountain to buy living supplies for the martial arts, they met a monk who was hunted down. After the monk died, the killers did not search for his belongings, so they picked up a bargain. The monk's space ring contains not only spells, formations, and Danfang books, but also elixir, spirits, and stones.

They used spirit stones to buy a lot of things that could be used in the human world. Then, they encouraged the refining monks to go with them to dominate the world. Unfortunately, the refining monks were arrested by the monks they chased. Escaped while in chaos.

"Spirit? This is a trick?" The head of Zi Shenguo's eyes flashed with greed.

After the last mystic competition, things that are more powerful than the top magic weapon have spread to everyone's country. I did not expect that Heavenly Kingdom could have so many spirits at the same time.

Ignoring him for nothing, he drives the spirits to attack them in the dark.

Prince Yuxian of the Necromancers, they saw a weapon flying over, and they took out their own weapons.

Hei Xuyi noticed that the unbounded instruments were very different, and hurriedly said to Hei Xuyi: "Big brother, their magic instruments are full of power, not like ordinary magic instruments."

Emperor Gao Zu narrowed his eyes and said, "Everyone should be careful, it is really not an ordinary magic weapon.

Hei Xieyu said, "It's a magic weapon."

Everyone was surprised: "Spirit?"

Wu Ruo quickly took out Qian Fu's bag from the space, and when he opened it, the rich aura quickly spread around.

Hei Xietang asked curiously, "Dasao, what's in your bag?"

"It was a magical tool given to me by others." Wu Ruo said as he took it out, and then he drove the magical tool toward the flying magical tool.

Everyone looked at Wu Ruo in surprise.

"Spirit?" Hei Xietang's eyes glowed. "Dao, why do you have so many artifacts? Did your grandfather give them to you?"

"This was given to me by Qian Shen's sister Qian Fu." Wu Ruo turned to Hei Xuanyu and asked, "Did you say that Qian Shen's sister had already guessed the spirit artifact of Tiansheng?"

"should be."

Suddenly, a loud bang slammed, and several spirits collided together, making a bang, and the soldiers who tore under them were broken by their spiritual power, and fell to their death.

The others were so scared that they quickly avoided the artifact.

The opponent's level of spirits was comparable. After countless collisions, they couldn't support it anymore, and finally exploded. With a bang, they not only blasted the ground into a large pit, but also caused most of the soldiers on the field to fly and disrupt. All formations.

The huge wind blew around, Wu Ruo hurriedly stabilized their bodies, raised their hands to block the strong sand blowing.

Wu Ruo secretly rejoiced that Qian Shen gave him a magic weapon, otherwise they will lose today.

The commander of Zi Shenguo coughed a few times and stunned: "The magical tool is so good."

He raised his eyebrows without restraint. Although it is not surprising that Wu Ruo will also have a magic weapon, his face is still not good-looking. He originally wanted to use the magic weapon to take a big advantage to capture the dead nation. Fight. "

The nine-ranked sorcerers of the six kingdoms all entered the battle.

Hei Xieyu saw the senior warriors of the Six Kingdoms rush to the front of the battle, a wave, and everyone except the ghosts rushed to the battlefield.

At present, the whole grassland is either the sound of killing or the sound of explosion, and various mysteries emit colorful lights, which are both beautiful and spectacular, and make them feel particularly dangerous.

With the addition of the generals, the Necropolis' offensive became more and more fierce, and the large sword in his hand resolved one enemy, while Tongpu's nine-level spells were not opponents of the descendants of the immortals, and they were only suppressed on both sides.

The five small national soldiers never dare to underestimate them and have never fought against them.

Each time Wu Shu tried to attack the enemy with a large formation, Wu Ruo was shot with arrows.

The doctors of Heavenly Kingdom could not resurrect the dead soldiers even with the powerful self-healing technique. Moreover, under the continuous large-scale self-healing of the wounded, they became less and less spiritual, and they became more and more tired.

But for an hour, the large grassland was stained with blood, but the sound of the killing still shook the earth. The power of the Six Kingdoms was getting less and less, and the power of the Necropolis was increasing. They controlled other countries. The dead corpse soldiers were forced to defeat the Six Kingdoms as an adult meat shield, and they were beaten into scattered sand.

Wushu realized that although the Necropolis had been closed for nearly two years, both the military strength and the formation were stronger than their heavenly kingdom.

Seeing that the situation was not good, Yan Rongguo's commander quickly asked the people under his hands to let the people in his country retreat.

The blue-headed commander was furious: "You timid rat."

The commander of Yan Rongguo sneered: "Just as you are brave, you really have such a great ability to take your soldiers to the funeral, I will not be there."

He turned with his tens of thousands of soldiers and left.

Lan Muguo's commander was half dead: "Your mother-in-law."

As soon as the porridge blew up, several doctors in Tiansheng Kingdom who were in charge of treating the wounded soldiers spewed out blood in unison. They were because of excessive treatment that depleted Lingtian, causing retrograde vomiting of qi and blood.

One of the doctors wiped the blood from the corners of his mouth: "The Necroman is worthy of being called the God of War. From the beginning, he has been fighting with so much power."

Ye Luoguo's commander said: "I think it's better to withdraw troops and discuss from a long-term perspective."

The commanders of Zishen State and Yuecang State nodded in agreement.

Wu Shuhan faced, gritted his teeth and said, "Withdraw."

In fact, if they did not ask the old people of the Necropolis to solve their spells on the heavenly kingdom, or if the old people of the Necropolis were eager to attack the royal family, they would first study the books brought back from the cultivation world thoroughly. As for getting so embarrassed.

Wushu thought of the old tribe, and frowned.

By the way, what about the old people?

Did n’t the old people say that they were rebellious? Why didn't you see them?

The blue-headed commander angered: "I thought the heavenly kingdom was very powerful. I didn't expect to encounter the necropolis, and you only had to withdraw the soldiers and gave him a cold glance. Sweeping from the horse, and riding on his horse to lead the team to leave Heixuantang to see them lose their helmets and armors and fled the grassland, laughing out loud; "Brother, should you catch up?" "Hei Xuan squinted: Yes, this time until they dare not have the next time, the ghost clan will obey and throw the corpses of the six kingdoms into their escaped team." "Yes." All ghost soldiers He flew out, picked up the corpse on the ground, and quickly chased the troops of the six countries.

Hei Xietang laughed even more: "Brother, really."

Some troops from the six countries who were fleeing looked back, and their faces changed greatly.

"Look, the ghosts are coming after them, and they still have the body in their arms."

Everyone turned back and saw the densely packed ghost soldiers in the sky, hurried to speed up, but no matter how they ran, no ghost soldiers in the sky were flying fast. After a while, the ghost soldiers flew over their heads, hesitating the dark clouds Cover the sun, blocking the daylight overhead.

"Run, everyone," the soldiers of the six kingdoms yelled, "they must want to use corpses to bomb us."

People in the Six Kingdoms heard that they could not wait for themselves to grow and retreat.

The ghost soldiers threw the corpses down to them, screaming at ordinary soldiers, howling and dodging. After they were thrown away, the ghost soldiers quickly evacuated. The next moment, a sky-thunder sound came out one after another. The people in the six kingdoms were not What died was the wounded. Originally, there were more than two million people who died in a blink of an eye, and the sound was heard even by the emperor who was dozens of miles away.

The Emperor stepped out of the tent and asked, "What happened?"

"I don't know." The four guards looked at the direction of the sound: "Holy Emperor, the sound seems to come from the direction of the battlefield."

"On the battlefield?" The Holy Emperor had a bad hunch: "Can anyone send someone to report the situation?"


The emperor sank his face: "No one came back to report the situation, wouldn't you send someone to inquire?"

The four guards looked at each other, and one of them said, "Subordinates, let's inquire about the situation."

"Come back." The emperor stopped at his footsteps, and shouted to the tent, "Nong Su."

"Subordinates are here." A tall man walked out of the tent quickly: "What did the Emperor Saint command?"

"You have done a great job, and you can give back to the situation in a short time."

"Yes." Nong Su turned around, and suddenly, ten figures emerged from the shadow of the tent, blocking his way.

When Nong Su saw the people, he was startled, and hurried to protect the emperor.

The four guards were shocked when they saw the people wearing ordinary robes and shouted, "Who is coming, why did you break into the military camp of the Holy Kingdom?"

The guards around heard the sound and came around.

The emperor looked at the ten tall young men in front of him, and then looked at Nong Su with a tense face, and asked in a low voice, "Who are they?"

Nong Suwei whispered to the people behind him and said, "Holy Emperor, they are people of the hermit. They should come for our escape. He met these people when he went to the hermit and naturally knew who they were. .

The emperor frowned frantically, and said, "You haven't taken them down yet."


The guards rushed over.

"Holy Emperor, our people are not their opponents, let's go quickly." Nong Su ran with the holy emperor.

The emperor also knew the power of the Mymit, and no longer maintained the dignity of the emperor, and quickly followed Nongsu.

The guards behind them were vulnerable, as long as the Mysterious Clan used one trick to bring down all the surrounding guards, and then jumped up, using light power to fall in front of the Holy Emperor, blocking their way.

Chapter 384:

Nong Su saw the hermit with a cold face, and hurriedly shouted, "Come, come and escort."

He shouted and took out a magic weapon to deal with the hermit.

"Dare to dare to deal with us with a magical weapon." The people of the Mymit clan were no longer polite to them. Ten people shot at the same time and easily captured Nongsu and the Holy Emperor.

The soldiers rushing behind saw the emperor dare not move in their hands.

The emperor sank his face: "Bold, do you know who He is?"

The mymit-headed man sneered: "You are not the Holy Emperor of the Holy Kingdom. If your order is not obtained, your guard will not run into the mystery."

"Since you know who you are, you dare to catch him, and you are not afraid that you will not be able to leave this barracks."

The man headed by the mysterious clan snorted: "Little military camp, we don't look at it, and we are catching you."

They were the ones who were sent out to catch the Hermit who had escaped the chaos, and followed them all the way down, and they were particularly angry when they found out that they were the people of the Holy Kingdom. Although the mysterious people no longer hate the days when the holy kingdom was provoked by the hermit and the necromancers, they still do not have a good opinion of the holy kingdom. For so many years, the holy kingdom even dare to send people to their tribe. There is no need to be kind to the people of the Holy Kingdom. "He took out his sword and held the Holy Emperor's neck, and yelled at the soldiers around him:" Give me everything. "

The soldiers looked at each other and slowly backed away.

"All withdrew from outside Sanzhang, otherwise ..." The head of the Miyin clan moved the sword slightly, and a bloodstain appeared on the neck of the emperor.

Seeing this, Nong Su hurriedly said, "Did you hear anything? Ask you to quit outside Sanzhang."

The soldiers hurried back and made way for them.

"And ..." The man headed by Miyin said to Nongsu, "Call me everyone who went to Miyin with you."

"Now I'm in the barracks, and the others are on the battlefield with the unguarded guard."

The mysterious headed man snorted, pressing them both to leave the barracks with their own people.

After leaving the barracks, the hermits disappeared with their instruments and disappeared before everyone.

Ji Yun saw this coming out from behind the soldiers, and her lips twitched coldly.

The soldiers hurriedly reported to him: "Master, the emperor has been captured."

"Oh." Ji Yun said lazily, "Since the emperor was arrested, the teacher returned."

The soldiers stunned: "But the emperor has been taken away. Do you need to send someone to save the emperor?"

Ji Yun stared at them coldly: "The king said that the teacher returned to the North. Didn't you hear that?"

The soldiers met his cold eyes, swallowed, and hurried to get someone to camp.

Ji Yun coldly hummed, turned and went to Guanwa Ubo tent.

When Uber saw him, his eyes flashed with surprise: "It's you."

At that time, if this person had not entered the coach tent and prevented the Holy Emperor from killing him, I am afraid he would have entered the prefecture.

Ji Yun stood in front of him: "Go back and tell Wu Ruo, it's me Ji Yun who let you go, and if Wu Ruo wants to heal his grandmother's eyes, he can come to me anytime."

Uber froze.

Ji Yun walked outside the tent and let the soldiers open the cage.

Uber and his companions couldn't believe that the people of the Holy Kingdom would let them go.

Ji Yun sent them to the gate of the barracks and gave them horses. "East is fighting, you can go south to the necropolis."

"You ... you really want to let us go?" Uber wasn't convinced: "You won't kill us when we're halfway through?"

"To kill you, why bother you and let you go."

Uber thought about it too, and after thanking him, he quickly led his companion to the south.

He walked to Ji Yun without restraint and asked, "Really do not save the emperor?"

Ji Yun glanced at him: "Do you think we have the ability to rescue people from the hands of the hermits?"

Unrestrainedly affirmed: "No."

Although Tiansheng Kingdom has always attached great importance to the cultivation of mystery, no matter how powerful it is, it is not an opponent of the descendants of the fairy.

"Since we can't save it, why not sacrifice it for nothing? Besides, my elder brother is too ambitious to solve the curse for Heavenly Kingdom. We will still die when we are forty years old." Ji Yun smiled wryly: "I don't want Died so early. "

Although he and Ji Yu are twins, they do not have Ji Yu's ambition, nor do they agree with Ji Yu's approach, because the two have different ideas and the relationship between the two has always been bad.

Now the mysterious clans come to arrest people, just to let him take over the heavenly kingdom, he will surely find a solution to the curse of the heavenly kingdom.

Frown without restraint: "Then my elder brother ..."

"It depends on his luck. If he was caught by the hermit, we would be incapable."


After being successfully escaped by the necromancers that they were talking about, they met the people of the hermit, but he and the people who had been to the hermit were taken by the hermit. Capture them one by one, then disappear in front of the soldiers.

The army lost its coach, and the soldiers fled back to the barracks, seeing that the barracks were pulling out, and completely stupid.

Ji Yun saw a team of three million people with only one million people left. There was a sarcasm in his heart. If it were not for his big brother's ambition, he would not have died so much, and his family members would not be lost.

The commanders of other countries saw Tiansheng Kingdom class teachers return to the dynasty, and they also ran away in a hurry. They would never dare to invade the dead nation.

Hei Sui learned that the Six Kingdoms had left the camp, and no one was sent after him. He looked at the corpse all over the ground and instructed Hei Xietang: "Move our soldiers back to the thick burial, and the soldiers of other countries are set on fire."

"Yes, brother." Hei Xietang took the soldiers to find the bodies of soldiers in their country.

Wu Ruo came to Hei Xieyu's side: "So many people died in one battle. I hope there will be no war in the future.

As long as they use mysticism, they will hurt people over and over again. Such a war is to see which country's mysticism is powerful and which country's weaponry is more advanced.

Hei Xiu took him into his arms. "After this lesson, they dare not commit crimes easily."

"Brother, sister-in-law, please see if that person is a cypress?" Hei Xietang turned back and pointed at a few people who came from Zema.

Wu Ruo squinted his eyes: "It is indeed him, how did he escape?"

Hei Xietang ordered the soldiers to drop their sword and let Uber come over.

Uber looked at the corpse all over the ground, jumped off the horse with excitement, and rushed to Wu Ruohuai's arms: "Liu, sorry, sorry."

Wu Ruo raised an eyebrow: "Why are you sorry?"

Uber simply said from the beginning that he and his companion had been arrested: "Fortunately, the third uncle came. Otherwise, I will feel even more guilty."

Wu Ruo said quietly: "Even if you have learned one lesson, you will not trust others easily."

Hei Xuyi asked, "Little Bai, how did you escape?"

Wu Bo wiped away his tears: "It was a man named Ji Yun who let us go. He also asked me to tell you that he could heal the ghost's eyes."

Wu Ruo and Hei Xuyi took a look at each other: "Why did Ji Yun suddenly say this?"

Hei Xunyan frowned lightly: "Maybe you want to please us."

"Just fought against us and turned around to please us, wasn't it ridiculous?"

Hei Xuyi couldn't guess what Ji Yun wanted to do, so he didn't say anything again.

Wu Ruo patted Wu Bo's shoulder: "The letter sent by the emperor was stopped by You, and he gave it to me, so my father didn't know what you were arrested, you saw He shouldn't talk nonsense, lest he worry. "

"it is good."

Wu Ruo asked again: "I didn't send someone to save you, do you blame me?"

Uber quickly answered, "Of course not.

"That's good." Wu Ruo found several guards and escorted Wu Bo to return to Heixuantang Mansion to rest.

Then Heiyin appeared in front of them: "Master, Wushu and several ninth-level wizards were arrested."

Hei Xuanyu wondered: "Who took them?"

"I don't know. There are ten people in the other party. They are very powerful. They also have magical tools in their hands. They captured them without restraint. To the group, they were holding a man in a purple robe and a mask. . "

Hei Xieyu and Wu Ruo immediately thought that the man in the purple robe was the emperor Ji Yu.

"Did the emperor be arrested?" Wu Ruo was surprised. "Did you say that the hermit would do it? I don't know how they will deal with the emperor."

At that time, after the people of the Heavenly Kingdom fled from the hermits, the governing staff sent them to arrest them. Besides, who would have a magical weapon besides the hermits, and could seize them without restraint three or two times. ?

"I'll know when I go back and ask Guance." Hei Xuanyu took him to the monster and returned to the kingdom of the dead.

Although this battle lasted only half a day, millions of people died because of the extensive use of various mysteries, and the blood on the ground was like a red cloth dropped on the stage.

The people of the Necropolis learned that their army had won the battle and ran to the ground to cheer and celebrate.

After returning to the underground palace, Hei Xieyu immediately proceeded to deal with the things of the old clan.

The children of the Black Way and the Black Way, as well as the elders of the guards, and the heads of the major families, were to beheaded and the important members of the old clan were not spared. As for their family members, although they were not involved in the affairs of the old people, they were still abolished, and the other affiliated families fell light.

Wu Ruo asked He Xuan and several other members of the family to hand him over to him for personal treatment before Hei Xiu issued the imperial list for disposing of the old clan.

After getting people, I quickly abolished their Lingtian, and tied their necks with iron chains. From now on, the person at home is a dog, and can only crawl and walk forever, never to stand up and eat again. Always bury your head in a bowl like a dog.

啾啾 If you are in a good mood, you will also be taken outside to go shopping, learn to bark at passersby, and sometimes let the eggs and the little ones sit on the back of the family and ride away. Of course, these are the last words.

As soon as the emperor's list of executions was executed, Hei Xie immediately led his soldiers to copy the home, first from the home of He Tu, and then they collected many gold and silver treasures and various rare materials in He Tu and other people's houses And medicinal materials, as well as a variety of top-level magical instruments, the old people who had once been so scary have disappeared into the sight of the people.

Chapter 385: Finale (1)

The next day, in order to avoid night long dreams, the old tribe beheaded by the deceased Tongtong were pulled out of the gate of the frontier city to let everyone see the end of the rebels.

Many people came to watch, and Wu Ruo and Hei Ling walked, and Shen Song also came.

They stood on the tower and watched it blankly.

When the old people's heads fell to the ground, Hei Xingxing closed her red eyes, and her ears were filled with sounds of joy.

"Master, grief by the way." Shen Song choked on the shoulders of the black limping choked.

Hei Xingxing opened his eyes after the guards dragged the body away, and said hoarsely, "Let's go back."

"it is good."

Wu Ruo walked down the tower with them: "What are your plans?"

"We have lived under the land of the dead for decades, and it is also time to go outside and visit the exotic scenery." Hei Xingxing said this, the whole body was relaxed a lot, no longer as sad as before, the corner With a faint smile: "Everywhere I go I will write a letter to you."

Wu Ruo hesitated slightly and smiled, "It's okay to go out and relax.

Deeply afraid that Hei Ling would leave him, he said quickly, "Master, I will go with you."

Hei Pingxing glanced at him: "Now the old clan is scattered, and wherever you are, you can just call me to walk."

Shen Song did not refute "OK, limp."

Wu Ruo asked, "When are you going to leave?"

"right now."

Wu Ruoyi said, "Now? Leave in such a hurry?"

"There is nothing left for me to remember, but now, when do you stay?" The black owl walked in front of his monster and stopped.

"When will you come back?"

"The date is uncertain."

Wu Ruoting was reluctant to his friend, raised his hand and patted him on the shoulder, and pressed: "Be sure to come to me to drink when you come back."

"Okay." Kurosaki jumped onto the monster's back.

Shen Song quickly said, "Lord, oh, limp, my baggage has not been packed yet, wait for me to pack up."

Hei Xingpa patted the bag hanging on the back of the monster and said, "I've packed it for you."

Deeply laughed and laughed, "Let's go."

"We're gone." Hei Pingxing drove the monster to the gate of the city.

Deep song quickly followed.

Wu Ruo walked behind them and kept sending them out of the city: "Humbling, you must remember to write to me, at least one month, so that I know you are safe. If you are in trouble, you must tell me . "

Hei Xing Xing smiled slightly at him, turned back, drove away, riding the monster.

Wu Ruo stood on the ground and looked at their distant back, there was a faint kind that they would not see each other for a long time.

He was a little sad, but also reluctant, and quickly opened his voice and shouted, "Limp, deep praise, I wish you a safe journey."

In response, he only chanted the hearty laughter from far away, as if when they first met, they let the monsters fart on him and the egg, and the laughter was as happy as today, as if it happened yesterday. It's still vivid, but unfortunately I want to hear it again later.

Time flies so quickly that more than a year passes.

Wu Ruo stood for a long time outside the door where people came and turned around, and saw the big spiritual master standing in front of the horse and smiling at him.

"Great spiritual master." He walked in surprise.

The great spiritual master came to him: "What a coincidence."

Wu Ruo saw the burden behind her and raised an eyebrow: "Master Spirit, you are ..."

The Great Master chuckled: "Now that the curse has been resolved and the old people have been removed, it is also time for me to let go of the Great Master's identity and travel around. I didn't want anyone to know, but I met you here."

Wu Ruo was surprised: "Ah, you have to go too?"

"What? Is anyone else leaving?"

"I just walked them away."

The great spiritual master looked into the distance: "Now everyone is free, and they want to go out and see the outside world, even I am no exception, let alone have been trapped in the dead nation for more than 400 years, and it is time to let go of the great The spiritual master is responsible. "

Wu Ruo asked quickly: "Are you planning to come back?"

The master said with a smile: "If one day I get tired of the outside world, maybe I will come back here to take care of myself."

Wu Ruo glanced behind him: "Are you alone?"

"Who says I'm alone." The Great Master raised a branch in his hand: "I will never be bored with him."

"This seems to be a branch of a fairy tree."

"Yes." The Great Master looked up at the sun in the sky. "It's not too early, I won't tell you more. We have a chance to meet again."

"Don't you really say goodbye to them?"

"This will only add to the sadness." The Great Master turned over and jumped on his horse. "We're gone, drive."

"Take care."

Wu Ruowang watched the spiritual master leave. In the sunlight, the background of the spiritual master was like a flying fairy. He wanted to worship. He seemed to have a transparent figure sitting behind the spiritual master, and he was on the floor. Teacher's waist, bowed his head and whispered.

Wu Ruo rubbed his eyes, and the figure behind the Great Spirit Master was still there.

The Master also didn't know what the other person said, and turned his head to make a beautiful smile. Then, the transparent figure turned his head as if he noticed Wu Ruo's sight, waving his hand at Wu Ruo with a smile.

Wu Ruo shuddered and raised his hand and waved.

Until they couldn't see them, they turned around and returned to the city: "Well, three of them were gone at once, wouldn't there be anyone left?"

Feeling sad from being separated.

"Little Ruo?" Suddenly a surprised voice called Wu Ruo's footsteps.

Wu Ruo looked back and saw that the person calling him was Jin Lian, and rejoiced to walk over: "Master."

Jin Lian laughed, "It's really you, that's right, I don't need to send this thing to the palace anymore.

Wu Ruo wondered, "What is it?"

Jin Lian took out a wedding invitation from his arms: "I and you, Ye Dazhen, are going to get married. You and Xi Yan, they must come to drink their wedding wine, and your brother, I will not send wedding invitations, you directly Let them come over for a drink, it's hilarious. "

Wu Ruo accepted the post happily: "Master, you are finally getting married."

"Yeah." Jin Lian sighed, "I originally planned to get married after your second wedding in February, but you suddenly canceled the marriage contract and left the Netherland. You had to postpone your marriage. , Until now. "

"I am here first to congratulate Master, and we will definitely be there by then."

"If you dare not, don't let me be a master." Jin Lian patted his chest: "I still have several posters here to send to others, so I won't talk to you more here."

"Master, walk slowly."

Jin Lian turned and left happily.

Wu Ruo opened the post, and the date of marriage was seven days later: "Oh, I'm really anxious."

He closed the poster and walked to the yamen.

Today, Border Town is as lively as ever. Although the Seven Kingdoms have just fought, it has not affected people from all countries to continue to do business in Border Town.

Hei Xieyu also gave peace of mind to the merchants of various countries. The war is a state-to-state matter. The Necropolis will definitely not spit on the merchants and innocent.

The merchants of the six countries listened to it, and immediately relieved that the court did not come to trouble them. What should they do in the past and what they do now? They did not raise taxes or pay more for their houses.

Wu Ruo walked to the entrance of the Jianmen and stopped to look at the grocery store No. 1 opposite.

The shops that were once only five stories high have now been set up to ten stories. They are very eye-catching in the entire border city. People who have not yet entered the city can see the buildings of shop No. 1 in the distance, especially the shops that have been painted. Jin Cancan, under the light of the sun, is like a pagoda of the Lianfo Temple shining brightly.

In the shops, as before, there are too many customers to stand still.

At this time, Lao He squeezed out of the shop, exhaled, and looked back at the crowded lobby. He couldn't be proud of it. In his heart, the business of Shop No. 1 was so popular that he had some success. inside.

He turned around with a smile, and saw Wu Ruo standing at the door of the door, smiling at him, stunned, and walked happily: "Man, why are you here? Did you come to No. 1 Shop?"

"No, I just went to see the old people beheaded." Wu Ruo looked at Lao Hei: "Where are you wearing such a good robe today?"

Heihe smiled: "Today is the day when Qiuqiu leaves the palace. I will pick it up and give her a good celebration."

Wu Ruo remembered that Fu Qiu had reached the age of leaving the palace: "Did she promise to be with you?"

"Promised." Lao Hei was particularly pleased: "We plan to marry after we settle down next year."

Wu Ruo was pleased with him: "Okay, I'll let you give you a house on land."

"Thank you, Grandpa." Laohei and Wu Ruo went into the teleportation array and returned to the basement. Wuruo said to Laohei, "You go back to the palace first, and I'll meet my father and mother."

"Man, let me take a step."

Wu Ruo saw Lao Heifei ran towards the palace at a general speed, and he couldn't help but feel funny, and at the same time hugged him beautifully.

He came to the backyard of the King's Mansion of Heixitang to see the spines playing with the children, and walked to Yeji and asked, "Did the spines solve the curse?"

"Solved." Ye Ji watched the thorns having fun, and slightly tickled his lips: "A letter from Qianfu said that Qian Shen had solved the thorns."

"Qian Shen is getting better?"

"This is not mentioned."

"No ..." Wu Ruo felt strange. "The fastest time for them to return to the Hermit is ten days, and they will send someone to send a letter. It will take at least two or thirty days. Now it is only three or four. Why are you writing? "

"Qian Fu came back to the mysterious clans through the black market, and then passed the letter through the black market." Guan Zhen, who came out of the small courtyard, answered Ye Ji.

Wu Ruo turned around and watched Guan Zhen holding the ghost woman's hand over, "Maternal grandfather, Maternal grandmother."

Guan Zhen said: "At the same time, the elders of the hermits also wrote to say that they had caught people who had fled the hermit while in chaos."

Chapter 386: Finale (End)

Wu Ruo asked, "Is it true that the people who fled while in chaos are the people of the Holy Kingdom of Heaven? Was the Holy Emperor of the Holy Country also captured by the Hermits that day?"


"What will the hermits do with them?"

"The elders have abolished their spiritual fields and will never leave the Hermit. In the future, they will only stay in the Hermit as slaves."

"The Holy Emperor must not be reconciled to becoming a slave from a supreme emperor."

"More than reconciliation, when our people told him that the kingdom of heaven was defeated, he thought we lied to him. He thought that it would be impossible to lose the battle with the formation and spirits of the cultivation world, because he could not accept the defeat. , People are crazy, and now a man named Wushu is taking care of him. "

"It's good, you can immerse yourself in your world after you are crazy, and you don't need to worry about anything anymore." Wu Ruoqi said sarcastically, "Yes, grandfather, the emperor's twin brother said he can heal grandma's eyes, you Are you going to ask him for help? "

The ghost woman heard this, and clenched Guan Zhen's hand with excitement.

Guan Zhen asked, "What do you think?"

"This war, most of the people in the Holy Kingdom have been destroyed. They do not pose any threat to us. He would not be able to reverse the situation even if his grandmother's life came to threaten him. He wouldn't be so stupid to hit a stone at this time, Therefore, I feel that he really wants to help his grandmother heal his eyes, so that we can solve the curse on them. "

Guan Zhen Lengheng: "Just healing a pair of eyes wants us to untie their curse? Is it too naive?"

He didn't say that Ying Ran's eyes were inferior to a curse, he just thought that the Heavenly Saints were too self-righteous.

"He should also think that we will not easily agree." Wu Ruo thought for a while: "So, he may just want us to provide a little help, the rest depends on their own good fortune.

"..." Guan Zhen narrowed his eyes, and didn't speak again.

Ye Ji saw that they were silent, and he said, "Xiao Ruo, it is time for me and Thorny to return to the Mozu, and we will invite you to visit the Mozu when we become married."

Wu Ruo hesitated and sighed sadly: "Another person who wants to leave."

Ye Yi was emotionally infected by him, and he was also reluctant to say, "We can see each other again in the future. If you miss us, you can come to the Demon to see us."

"When do you plan to leave?"

"It should be just these two days."

"But our master will be married after seven days and let you go to celebrate him."

"Your Master?" Ye Ji raised an eyebrow. "You say Master Jinlian?"

"Yeah, that's him." Wu Ruo smiled and picked up the post. "I met him in Border Town just now. He gave me the post and told me to come and drink his wedding. After seven days, it's not too late to wait for your wedding drink. "

Ye Ji nodded: "Master Jinlian must drink the wedding.

Xi Xi, who heard their chat, flew over: "We are also his matchmakers, and of course we have to drink wine before leaving."

"Jinlian?" Guan Zhen could not help but interjected and asked, "Which gold? Only one? Is it the goldsmith who works in the border town?"

Wu Ruo answered: "It is gold of gold, the refiner of the refiner. He really lives in the border town, and is also a famous refiner. Grandfather, do you know him?"

Guan Zhen smiled openly: "It's really him, this kid is finally going to get married, right, will he still stutter when he sees a good-looking person?"

"No stuttering," Wu Ruo asked curiously, "maternal grandfather, how do you know him?"

"He once had a chance to enter the Miyin clan and went to the cultivation world to learn the cultivation industry with a well-known refining master. However, he had a close relationship with the cultivation world, and his master let him return to the human world." Guan Zhenyi He missed his face and said, "But he was reluctant to leave his master. Later, he was driven out of the cultivation world by his master and thrown by his brother into the Miyin clan. At that time, he cried sourly and lived in the Miyin clan for a year. Many are willing to recognize the fact of being kicked out of the division. "

Wu Ruo remembered that Hei Xuyi once said this thing: "I have heard that Xu Xi said that there have been rumors that the master has gone to the cultivation world, but I did not expect to have actually gone to the cultivation world."

"He lived in the Miyin for more than a year, he lived in my house. Later, he was ashamed to continue disturbing and then left. Before leaving, he said that he would ask me and the patriarch to drink him when he got married. Welcome. "

Wu Ruo smiled happily: "When Master gets married, the grandfather and the patriarch will come with us to drink his wedding."

"Well, I haven't seen him for a long time."

Wu Ruo asked again, "Does my mother know Master Jin Lian?"

"Your mother had just gone to practice, and was not at home.

When the Guan Tong people in the hall heard the laughter outside, they came out and asked, "Dad, what are you talking about so happy?"

"We're talking about Master's marriage."

Wuzhu happily said, "Master Jinlian is getting married?"


"That's great."

Wu Qianqing asked: "When will he get married?"

"After seven days."

"We need to be ready for congratulations."

Qin Zhen covered her mouth and laughed, "Should we also choose a day to let Ran and Xiaozhen marry?"

Yu Zhaoping said with a smile: "I have seen the life before, and I have a good life after half a month."

Guan Zhen seemed to be afraid of his remorse, and quickly said, "Father-in-law, we will be married on that day."

Ye Ji: "..."

It seems that the time to return to the Mozu is going to be delayed, but they are happy for Guan Zhen and the ghost woman. After two decades of mistakes, they can finally be together.

Yiyao laughed, "Look you are so anxious ..."

"I've waited for decades, can't you worry?"

The ghost woman's face was crimson and stared at Guan Zhen.

The final decision was made by Zhaoping: "Okay, the day of great joy will be set a month later. The time is more urgent. We must quickly prepare for it."

Wu Ruo said: "I asked the Shanggong bureau to help the grandfather and grandmother to make the wedding gown."

Guan Zhen and the ghost woman did not object.

Qin Zhen said: "Now that the old people have been eliminated, and they want to pay homage again, it is time for us to go back to our house and arrange some."

Yu Zhaoping and You Yi nodded.

Guan Tong is very reluctant. Fortunately, it is very convenient to go from the first floor to the eighteenth floor.

Everyone discussed the good things and went away.

After returning to the palace, Wu Ruo talked to Hei Xieyu about the great event that the great master left the necropolis and Jin Lian and his grandfather got married.

The members of the royal family were very sad when they learned that the Master was leaving, and they might not even return, because to them the Master was like their elders. Watching them grow up and grow old, they did not go in person. Farewell, some regrets are inevitable. Fortunately, Jin Lian and Guan Zhen's happy events dilute a trace of sadness. Moreover, they are busy rebuilding the land of the dead on land today, so there is not much sad time.

Rebuilding the Necropolis is a huge project, not only to build houses, but also to plan towns. It is not possible to rely on the court's effort and money. Therefore, the emperor ordered that, in addition to young children under the age of 10 and those who are seriously ill, as well as elderly people, both men and women must help build the city. After the completion of the project, a small house can be allocated for free according to the number of people in the family .

People who want to live in luxury homes and paved floors have to buy silver.

On the day of Jin Lian's marriage, Hei Xieyu put down his busy business and Wu Ruo came to congratulate Jin Lian.

When Jin Lian saw Guan Zhen and Guan Ce, her eyes were red with excitement: "I never thought ... I really did not expect Zhen Brother to be Xiao Ruo's grandfather."

"I didn't expect you to be a master of shame." Guan Zhen smiled and patted his shoulder. "You are too unkind. He said that he would invite us to drink a wedding when he got married, but he would not send us a post If it weren't for Xiao Ruo talking about this, we would still be caught in the drum. "

Jin Lian was very embarrassed. "I originally wanted to send you a post, but I thought they would come here all the way just for a wedding. I'm so sorry, I decided to wait for your marriage to come to your family and ask you to drink. Last cup. "

"Count on your conscience, remember us. When I get married, you will come to drink the wedding."

Jin Lian was surprised: "Pro Brother, you also want to get married?"

Guan Zhen pulled the hand of the ghost woman. "She is my wife. After all these years, I finally found her. We have decided to get married next month.

Jin Lian smiled happily: "It's really gratifying, congratulations first."

"Happiness and happiness."

Jin Lian looked to Guan Ce: "Clan, you are here too, please come in, please come in quickly."

"Master, congratulations, congratulations, I wish you and your sisters are old-fashioned, and they will always have the same heart." The bird Ruoring who followed them was waiting to smile and come forward to the road. Even the house couldn't fit, and immediately envied all the neighbors and guests.

On the same day, Wu Ruo and the children stayed away from Jin Lian's house until the middle of the night.

Guan Zhen looked back at the big red lantern outside the middle of the gate of Jinlian, and clenched the ghost's hand, saying, "Ying Ran, in another month, we can worship like a married couple, and this time, no one will stop us. "

"Well." The ghost wife is also very happy, seeing Jin Lian getting married, they can't wait to be their happy day tomorrow.

Guan Tong saw her father and mother so kindly and snuggled up in Wu Qianqing's arms.

The murmur behind him whispered behind Wuzhu and said, "This time, after the grandfather and grandmother get married, we will also get married."

Wuzhu nodded somewhat embarrassed.

You You kissed his face joyfully and stared back at Ye Ji: "Ye Ji, Thorny, you two can't be married in front of us, otherwise we will send someone to arrest you and make you impossible Dear."

Originally, he wanted to marry Wuzhu after he got married. Unexpectedly, his grandfather and grandmother took the lead. Of course, as a junior, he had to court two elderly people who had waited for decades, so he did n’t want to have another accident, and he could eat. It was so uncomfortable that he couldn't wait any longer.

Ye Ji said, "Childish."

Thorny didn't care. After they returned, anyway, they had to persuade his family and wait for his family to slowly accept him and Yeji before they wanted to be married.

Wu Ruo smiled and asked, "Shall I congratulate you here first?"

"Your congratulations, I accepted it." You Xi Xizi said to Guan Tong and Wu Qianqing: "Dad, mother, after you go back, quickly pick a good day for me and Xiaozhu.

Wu Qianqing said with a smile: "You kid are really impatient."

"I've waited so long, can you be in a hurry?"

Guan Zhen turned back, "Do you have me waiting long?"

"I haven't waited for a long time with my grandfather, but I am anxious that if I am not married, I can only kiss Xiaozhu and kiss ..."

For a moment, Wuzhu blushed. "You, you shut up."

Youzhe saw Wuzhu angry, and quickly coaxed people: "Okay, I won't say anymore, I won't say anymore."

The others laughed.

Wu Ruo also looked at the corner of Guan Ce's mouth and drew a smile, and whispered before leaving: "Patriarch, we are waiting to drink your wedding wine.

Management policy: "..."

Wu Ruo smiled and returned to Hei Xieyu's side.

Once Jin Liancheng passed away, Wu Ruo were also busy managing Guan Zhen's marriage.

Guan Zhen is generous in his offerings and offers more gifts than Wu Ruo's dowry.

When a precious gift was sent to the house, envy all the people present.

Su Baishuang's family members received the news and hurried to the home to make fun.

Seeing the expensive gifts, the Su family almost didn't leave any drool on the spot. Especially after learning that Su Baishuang became the prince's grandmother, they screamed and kissed by Zhaoping and Qin Zhen as their relatives. I almost thought they were family members too.

Su Baishuang looked at his mother's face with a flattering look, and suddenly there was an urge to drive them out of the house.

I thought about how my mother-in-law treated her when she was down from home. Now that her family has become a relative of the emperor, she has come to seduce.

In the end, Su Baishuang still put up with that breath. In the past, she was not because of the incident caused by Ying Ran. She avoided it, and even hated You Ying Ran. Compared with her own family, she also Not much better.

After thinking about it, she was relieved. If everything was taken care of, it would be herself who was unhappy in the end.

Su Baishuang seemed to let go of the burden on her heart, and the whole person became open-minded, so long as her family members didn't go too far, she opened their eyes and closed them.

Five days before their great wedding day, Guan Zhen took the ghost woman away from the dead country. When she returned the next day, the ghost woman's eyes were completely cured.

Under the careful inquiry of Wu Ruo, Guan Zhen took the ghost woman to meet Ji Yun.

When Ji Yun saw Guan Zhen and the ghost woman without even asking for a request, she cured her eyes first.

Guan Zhen was very satisfied with his sincere attitude, so he showed him a clear way and introduced him to a monk who likes to study curse in the cultivation world, but whether he can lift the spell depends on Ji Yunzao.

Ji Yun, who originally wanted to inherit the throne, gave up the throne without saying a word, and took the liberty to cultivate the true world, which made Guan Zhen very much appreciated.

June 20 is the day of great joy for Guan Zhen and the ghost.

Since Guan Zhen's house was not in the Nation, he held a church worship ceremony in Yufu.

When Guan Tong saw his father and mother worshiping the church, his eyes became red immediately.

Standing next to her, Wu Ruo asked quickly: "Mother, today is a good day, why are you crying?"

The tube wiped the tears from the corners of his eyes: "I was in a dream, I dreamed of it."

Wu Ruo slightly hesitated.

"Our family are together." Guan Tong cried and smiled. "It's great, it's great, the nightmare hasn't come true."

"You, I love crying." Wu Qianqing held her shoulders and whispered comfort: "Today is the darling of father and mother, don't make them unhappy."


Wu Ruo, who originally wanted to comfort Guan Tong, saw her father and mother feeling so good and smiled happily, looking at You Zhaoping, Qin Zhen, You Yizhen, Su Shuangbai, You Yanwen, You Yanwu, Wuzhu, Youlian, Wu Xi, Wu Qianqing, Guan Tong, Guan Zhen, Gui Po, Dandan, Xiaoren and other happy faces were skipped one by one, and there was a kind of happiness in the heart, and finally stopped on Hei Xiu's face, gentle His eyes made him uncontrollably lift his feet up and kissed him on the corner of his man's mouth: "Xuan, I love you."

Hei Xieyu hugged him and said softly in his ear, "Xiao Ruo, I love you too."

Wu Ruo burst into a happy smile.

His family and friends were infected with his smile and all showed a satisfied smile, and the atmosphere at Xitang became more joyous.

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