Comeback of the Abandoned Wife Chapter 371-380

Chapter 371: Big Wedding (1)

Qian Shen froze.

The blackbird walked out of the room.

Qian Shenxinxi followed up: "What do you mean?"

Hei Pingxing didn't answer, and let him follow his own room, then opened the bed and opened the secret road.

Qian Shen looked at the dark secret road: "Where are you going?"

Hei Pingxing took out the fire, entered the secret road, and said to Qian Shen, "Down."

Qian Shen hesitated before walking down the secret road, and then the secret road door was closed.

The secret road is long and I don't know which way to go.

Walking down the road, neither of them spoke.

Until he reached the end, Hei Xingxing stopped and pushed the stone gate in front of him. Suddenly, the lights were bright and there was a lively laughter behind the door.

Qian Shen followed Hei Ling walking in and saw a group of people talking and laughing while drinking. Some of them were the guardians and elders of the old people, and many were trusted by the leaders of the underworld.

Someone saw Hei Xianxian, quickly put down the bowl in his hand, stood up and said, "The young master is here."

Others also lowered their bowls, stood up and called respectfully, "I've seen the young master."

Hei Ling nodded, turned his head and said to Qian Shen, "They are all the people I trust the most.

He told Qian Shen about such important things, which shows that he believed in him and believed that he would not tell the underworld things that he was conspiring with others.

Qian Shen looked at the trust in himself in his eyes, speechless for a long time.

In the early morning of the second day when he returned to the state of the dead, Hei Xiu was back to the past.

Before leaving, he awakened Wu Ruo, who was still asleep, "Xiao Ruo, I'm going to face up."

"Um." Wu Ruogang just woke up, rubbing his eyes stupidly, his appearance was particularly affectionate, and Hei Xun couldn't help kissing his lips, and said, "After the down, I still Many things are busy. I don't come back for lunch at noon, dinner depends on the situation, but I will come back to rest at night.

Wu Ruopo gave a baffling hum. He used to never wake him up to say these things to him. Is it because the soul of the previous life came into this body and the person became considerate?

"I am leaving."

Wu Ruo looked at Hei Xieyu out of the back of the room, slowly waking up, and soon realized that Hei Xieyu awakened him to tell him these words to make him feel at ease.

At the moment, my heart is warm.

When he heard the sound of opening the door, Wu Ruo jumped up quickly: "Xun."

He ran out of the room without wearing shoes, rushed to Heishuan, and hugged people: "Wait for you to come back."

"Um." Hei Xuyi saw that he wasn't wearing any shoes, he bent and picked up the man and returned to the room. He covered him before turning around and leaving.

Wu Ruo was happily unable to sleep anymore, and rolled joyfully on the bed.

Heishuyu, who had not gone far, heard the giggling smirk, the corners of his mouth were bent, and he went upward with joy.

In the following days, Hei Xieyu became very busy, but when he was busy, he would return to Hengxing Palace to accompany Wu Ruo and the children, and the day gradually became quiet. The old race was like a former wild horse that became more and more wanton, ignoring the existence of the court, looting homes and looting, in just seven days, it ransacked three money houses, and then recruited horses with the money it stole to buy horses. The royal family put their eyes on it.

In addition, the surrounding countries seem to be starting to move with others' provocation. After learning that the Necropolis can be cursed, they want to join hands to seize the fertile land of the Necropolis, and then divide up the fat. The emperors of the neighboring countries were afraid that they would not be able to get the land too late. They first sent troops to the borders of their land. As soon as there was movement, they would immediately attack the dead nation.

Nowadays, in the early morning, the emperors and ministers are trying to do everything possible to deal with this, but because they have not fully solved the curse, they ca n’t stay on the land for too long, so even if they have a good plan, they ca n’t show it. Solve internal problems first.

Some ministers thought that as long as the teleportation team below the 13th floor was closed, the people of the old clan could not go up to the 13th floor to make trouble, but this approach would make the people below the 13th floor and their hearts toward the court feel cold to the court. The people below the thirteenth floor did not get the help of the court and became frustrated. Instead, they helped the old people to rebel. Moreover, the old people have a long history. They must have prepared for themselves a teleportation array without a court arrangement. They can Use your teleport array to other floors.

In the end, the emperor ordered that as long as the old people committed crimes, there was no need to catch people back and they could be killed on the spot. However, the people were battered by the two people. The houses collapsed, the shops and goods were destroyed, and the damage was particularly serious. Yin Yin compensated the people, but promised them to compensate them for the land house, which only reassured the people.

Time flies, and on the first day of May in an instant, in this **** day of restlessness, the day of the prince's wedding was finally celebrated, and the streets and alleys were decorated with joy.

Wu Ruo was once again awakened by the palace princes in the palace of Hei Xietang's palace before Yin Shi, soaked in a flower bath with his eyes closed, and put on a heavy suit under the maid service.

Wu Zhu and You You came to his room and laughed, "Xiao Ruo, this is the third time I saw you put on a wedding robe. Your groom robe seems to be different from the previous one."

Wu Ruo looked helpless: "Last time, the wedding gown was thrown into the river and washed away, and now the wedding gown was re-made by the embroidered mother of the Shangyi Bureau. I hope this big wedding will be smooth. Smoothly proceed. "

If he tossed a few more times, he wouldn't be happy about getting married.

You You pulled Wu You to sit aside: "This time will definitely be smooth and smooth to the end, even the old people will not make trouble unless they want to stay under the ground all the time."

Wuzhu twisted his eyebrows: "When I talk about the old people, they remind me of limp. His character is definitely not letting the old people do harm to the world. Why did I hear that the bankruptcy was taken by him?"

Wu Ruo also learned about this from Hei Xieyu's mouth, and they couldn't guess what Hei Pingxing wanted to do, just because Hei Xing was not in charge of things like before, the old people would be so presumptuous.

You said, "Don't mention these obscure things on the day of great joy."

Wu Ruo asked them, "What about them?"

"I am afraid that after seeing you, I will be controlled by others, so I didn't follow you, so as not to destroy your happy day." Wu Zhu sighed: "As long as we can't find Qian Shen in a day, we will Life is frightening.

Recently, they dare not let the children approach the thorns to prevent them from threatening them after being controlled by Qian Shen.

"Thousands of Shens will conceal stealth. He wants to hide from someone. No one can find him."

Youyou rolled her eyes in a fit of temper: "Can't you mention something happy?"

Wu Ruo laughed: "Is Xiaoxi back?"

On the fifth day of their return to the state of the dead, they announced that the prince of the state of the dead was about to get married. Even if they were in other countries, Uhi should have received the news that he was going to get married.

"Come back, I'm back." U Xi came with a happy laugh outside the door: "Second brother, I finally rushed back on the day of your wedding."

Wu Zhu stood up happily: "Xiao Xi, you are finally back. I thought you wouldn't be back today."

Youyou also stood up: "Where did you come back to practice?"

"Master and I rushed back from the kingdom of heaven. People in that country are preaching that the prince of the country of the dead can solve the curse as soon as he worships the church. After listening to it, I immediately rushed back to the country of the dead." Wu Xi pours himself a glass of water: "Second Brother, is there a major event in the Necropolis? Why else would we be so strict when we enter the city? If I had Brother Tang's token, I wouldn't be able to enter at all."

Wu Ruo explained: "The surrounding countries are jealous of the Necromancer, and they want to attack the Necromancer after we have completely solved the curse."

"No wonder the holy congress reorganized the army. It was originally intended to kill the dead nation."

Wu Ruo frowned: "You said in the holy kingdom you are reorganizing the army?"

When Hei Heiyu heard that the surrounding countries wanted to attack the dead nation, he did not mention the heavenly kingdom.

"Yes, they did it secretly. At that time, the master and I came out of the mountain to see their team, and they looked like they were going to send troops.

Wu Ruo sank her face.

Wuzhu comforted: "Xiao Ruo, don't worry, Xiu Xing will be ready early."

Wu Ruo nodded, and after He said that Yufu had met Ji Yu and them, Hei Xiu began to train his soldiers to guard against the Holy State.

When the time arrived, Xipo walked in with a smile and said, "The Prince's sedan team is here, and the Prince is waiting for the Princess to go out to worship tea."

Upon hearing this, the maids and court ladies quickly speeded up wearing a gold crown for Wu Ruo, arranged their robes, and took the person to the hall.

Yu Zhaoping and Qin Zhen sit on the main wall theme, Guan Zhen, Gui Po, Guan Tong and Wu Qianqing sit on the left side of Yu Zhaoping, and Yi Yan and Su Baishuang, You Yanwen and You Yan Wu Ze Qin Zhen's right hand side.

Wuzhu took Youyu to the lobby first, and then sat next to Guan Tong. Although Youyou had not married Wuzhu yet, everyone had regarded him as a family.

Wu Xi saw everyone seated and pulled Wu Chenliu to sit down.

Wu Chenliu was a little embarrassed: "I don't need to sit anymore, right?"

Wu Qianqing said, "You are the elder of my Wu family. Xiao Ruo should toast you with tea. Right, you should sit in the same row with your grandmother by generation.

"No need to worry, just sit here, old man."

Wu Xi knew that his master was embarrassed, "Dad, let Master sit next to me."

Wu Qianqing hesitated, and nodded and sat down.

"The princess is here." The **** standing at the door, seeing Wu Ruo coming, immediately opened his throat.

Standing in the middle of the hall, Hei Xuanyu quickly turned around and saw that Wu Ruo in a red robe was like a red maple tree in the Mystery, which made him look foolish.

Wu Ruo, who walked into the hall, stared at the same red and black stubbornly.

Chapter 372: Big Wedding (2)

Wu Xi looked at Hei Xuyi and Wu Ruo, and Porphy smiled: "The two grooms are foolish to each other."

The others laughed.

The little boy who was pulled aside, boasted, "Today's father and father are so beautiful."

Wu Ruo went back to God, embarrassedly walked in front of Hei Xieyu, and everyone with a smirk, quickly kissed Hei Xieyu's lips, and whispered, "You are really handsome in a groom suit."

"So do you." Hei Xuan drew a charming smile in the corner of his mouth.

The others laughed even more when they saw the love between them.

Hei Xieyu took Wu Ruo's hand to kneel in front of Zhaoping and Qin Zhen to give tea to the two elders.

When Guan Tong saw this scene, he couldn't help thinking of Wu Ruo and Hei Xieyu getting married for the first time. At that time, Wu Ruo was still a big fat man, and he was struggling to walk, let alone give them a small cup of tea toast.

Wu Ruo still stubbornly wanted to give them tea, but shattered several cups one after another. She looked at Wu Qianqing. She didn't know how acidic she was, and was distressed. She could not wait to cancel the relationship on the spot.

Wu Qianqing heard her breathing, turning her head to see her lady's eyes red, quickly holding her hand, and whispering, "If Xiao is very happy now, you should be happy."

If he changed to three years ago, he would never have thought that he would sincerely bless his son and grow old with another man.

Guan Tong inhaled and nodded, "I know."


Fortunately, there was no cancellation of family affairs at that time, otherwise Wu Ruo must not be happy now, maybe he is still worried about losing weight.

At this time, Hei Xieyu and Wu Ruo came to the front and gave tea to Guan Zhen and the ghost woman.

After Guan Zhen drank the tea, he took out two golden red envelopes and distributed them to Wu Ruo and Hei Xuanyu: "This is the red envelope for me and your grandmother."

"Thank you grandfather, thank you grandmother." Hei Xuyi and Wu Ruo accepted the red envelope.

You looked at it and whispered to Wuzhu, "The grandfather is indeed a Mymit, and the red envelopes are so special."

Guan Zhen listened to him at the tip of his ear and smiled, "When you get married, I will give you the same red envelope."

You Xuan thanked immediately: "I am here to thank my grandfather first.

Wuzhu glanced at him silently: "It's so shameless."

Youyou blinked at him innocently: "If I want to hide my face, I won't be able to catch my husband."

Guan Zhen was teased by him: "You kid ..."

Qin Zhen laughed: "Xiao Zhen, if Xiao becomes a close relative, it is time to take care of your marriage. I have waited for decades with your father to drink this cup."

Guan Zhen took hold of the ghost woman's affairs: "After a while, when the day calms down, we will get married."

You said with a smile: "After my grandfather and grandmother get married, they will come to me and Xiaozhu."

Yu Zhaoping smiled happily: "It's really good to come one after another."

You looked at Uxi jokingly: "After we wait, Xiaoxi's turn."

Uxi suddenly blushed, "I'm not so fast.

You Yanwen and You Yanwu sighed: "We should not be left behind for juniors, and it is time to find a companion to live on."

Su Baishuang took the opportunity to say, "You should hurry up, let me and your father, hug your grandson, and let your grandfather and grandmother hug your great grandson."

My aunt's grandson is married and has children, she is very envious.

"We will hurry.

Wu Xi is smaller than Wu Ruo, so after Wu Ruo and Hei Xieyu gave Wu Chenliu the tea, they did not give Wu Xijing tea, but U Xi still gave them a red envelope.

The couple respected the tea and were sent out of the hall.

Hei Xieyu walked to the entrance of the hall and stopped Wu Ruo.

Wu Ruo looked at him in wonder: "What's wrong?"

Hei Xunyu walked to him, then squatted with his back to him: "Come up."

Wu Ruo was surprised.

Xi Po laughed: "The prince is going to be gone by the prince."

Because of her high status and unwillingness to bend her back, she didn't dare to mention it. Now that the prince has taken the initiative to bend down, it can be seen that he really likes the prince.

Guan Tong urged: "Come up."

Wu Ruo hesitated before lying on the back of Hei Xuyi and whispering, "Will this damage your identity as a prince?"

Hei Xunyu bent his corner of the mouth and stood up and said, "How can I damage my identity when I carry my princess?" "Wu Ruo smiled, hugged his neck quickly, while others secretly kissed him. Kissed his man's neck.

Children and others followed behind them.

Hei Xuan looked at the long promenade in front of him and sighed, "Finally I can really marry you home."

Wu Ruo heard what he meant, and squeezed his neck tightly: "Yeah, the two of us can finally be together. Time is passing so fast. The blink of an eye has passed so many years. Do you remember that we were in Gaoling Are you married? "

Hei Xuanxi chuckled: "Of course I remember. You were so fat back then that you needed to walk."

"Hum, are you disgusting me?"

"How dare I abandon you, I was still thinking of carrying you through the door, but your body and weight, I really have a lack of energy."

Wu Ruo thought of the scene where he would be crushed by himself. Haha smiled: "You're sorry to say that you didn't lead me into the door at the time." "

Wu Ruo: "..."

At that time, he was reluctant to even look at Hei Xieyu, and he was not willing to let Hei Xieyu touch him. Therefore, Wu Da and Wu Xiao helped him in.

Hei Xuyi continued: "When you entered the door, I wanted to help you, and in order to hide from me, you accidentally stepped on the brazier and burned your shoes and robes.

"Don't say it, don't say it, it's a shame." Wu Ruo embarrassedly buried his face on Hei Xieyu's back.

Hei Xunyu said with a smile, "Fortunately, make fire in time, otherwise you have to enter the door naked."

With a stunned porch, Xi Po and the maidservants next to her couldn't help laughing, and the elders later saw them so happy, they also showed a big smile.

"Black shame." Wu Ruo was so ashamed that he had no place to drill.

"Okay, I won't say any more." Hei Xieyu walked on the promenade with his back on his back, just like the feeling of 13 years since the last life, every bit of it was engraved in their minds, always between them It was a misunderstanding of each other's meaning. The two had missed each other for so many years, and finally ended with a separation of life and death.

"Ran 翊 ..." Wu Ruo whispered.


Wu Ruo passed his mouth to his ear: "I really like it, I like you so much, it is good to have you by my side."

"Me too." Hei Xieyu throbbed in his heart, tossing him up with a smile, and quickly walked out of the door.

The people at the outside of the door saw them coming out, and they all shouted in excitement: "Prince and concubine have come out."

"The princess looks so good, and she's so good with her.

"This time, it shouldn't be like the last time, the wedding was cancelled at the beginning, right?"

"The last time I cancelled the wedding was helpless. The prince and the concubine were going to find a solution to the curse, otherwise the big wedding would not be cancelled."

"Prince, consort, congratulations."

"Prince, concubine, I wish you old age."

The people sent another blessing.

"Thank you for your congratulations. We will worship the ancestors at the Royal Ancestral Hall in the future. Welcome everyone to watch the ceremony." Hei Xieyu said to everyone, and then she let Wu Ruo down and helped Wu Ruo ride on horseback.

Wu Ruo wondered, "Don't I need to be a spoiler?"

"No need." Hei Xieyu leaped onto the horse's back: "I want everyone in the country to see what my prince looks like.

Daomei led Xiaoxiao over and said, "Father, father, we have to ride horses too."

"Okay." Hei Xuyi looked at his eyes.

Before you left, you put the eggs and a small hug in front of Wu Ruo.

The people couldn't help but marvel when they saw the two children.

"Is the child in the crown prince's arms two princes? They look like the prince and the prince."

"I heard that the two high princes used the flesh and blood of the prince and prince concubine to fuse with the thirty-seven stones, and then cultivated two children with spiritual power."

"So it's no wonder that they are so like the princes. So, the children are born to the princes."

"of course."

"The status of the concubine is even stronger, and the position of the empress must be him."

"We're gone." Hei Xuan screamed.

The people at the front of the team immediately played the gongs and drums, and Hei Xingyu followed slowly. Behind them was a gorgeous flower car, followed by Wu Ruo's dowry. People saw boxes of dowry and couldn't help it. Smash your tongue.

"The princess's dowry is so much that it can be lined from the gate to the end of the gate." The man said nothing exaggerated.

Years ago, Wu Ruo prepared a lot of dowry for himself in the morning so that no one would look down on him and his father and mother. After Guan Zhen came, he added a large amount of dowry, which was several times as much as Wu Ruo prepared himself, and they were all so expensive that many people could n’t name the instruments, materials, elixir, etc. In addition, there are also dowry items sent by Wu Qianqing and Youjia, Youyou, Yeji. They are a face for Wu Ruo. Ministers not only dare to look down on Wu Ruo, but also envy Wu Ruo. The family's wealth is so rich that no Crown Prince has been so rich like Wu Ruo for so many years.

If it weren't for the prince's welcoming team, I'm afraid the people who watched the ceremony wanted to be a robber and take away all the dowry.

Wu Qianqing waited for the team to leave their sights before saying to the others: "They need to go around the city and then go to the shrine, then we will wait at the ancestral shrine."

"it is good.

Wu Qianqing came to the sacrifice hall in the palace, but accidentally encountered Hei Zihe, who was rushed back from the hermit, and she was followed by several people. Wu Qianqing and they fixed their eyes. One of them was actually in charge. Policy.

Heizi Tea first greeted them: "In-laws, in-laws, in-laws, grandmothers, old ladies, you are so good.

Guan Tong was surprised: "Ce, Ce."

"Chief, why are you here?" Guan Zhen didn't think that the policy would leave the Mysterious Clan. It seems that the charm of Hei Zihe is not small, but he can say that he has not been outside the clan's policy except for his experience. Willing to come out.

Chapter 373: Big Wedding (3)

Hei Zihe replied on behalf of Guan Ce: "I heard that my eldest brother is getting married, so I asked Atze to send me back."

But it took her a long time to manage it before promised to come back with her.

Guan Ce didn't speak, watching Guan Tong quietly. Once the little girl has combed her hair, and her face is more mature than before, standing with the ghost is like a pair of sisters. However, such a statement would only feel that the ghost woman looks young, but Guan Tong is getting older.

Let him realize that Guan Tong, who has lost his spiritual power, will be like an ordinary person, and will soon grow old and die soon. This is not the situation he wants to see.

Wu Qianqing saw Guan Ce's eyes blinking at his wife, unhappy, trying to block the other's eyes, but Guan Zhen held his shoulders.

Guan Zhen whispered in his ear: "Did you see that? The patriarch is guilty. After Xiao Ruo's big marriage, he should release the seal on Tonger."

Wu Qianqing looked to Guan Ce, and the other person looked at his wife very purely, just like Wu Ruo Wu Zhu looked at his sister. There was no trace of men and women. As Guan Zhen said, Guan Ce's eyes contained A trace of guilt.

Guan Tong suppressed his excitement: "Ceer, I haven't seen you in a long time.

Guan Ce said lightly: "Tonger has grown up and is now a grandmother."

When Guan Tong listened to his words, he knew that he had forgiven himself, and suddenly his eyes became red.

Wu Qianqing said distressed: "Today is the day of the son's great joy, don't cry at all."

Guan Tong quickly wiped his tears.

Heizi Hola held the sleeve of Guan Ce: "Ace, let's go to the ancestral temple to observe the ceremony."

Guan Ce said quietly.

He followed her into the formation and teleported outside the ancestral hall square.

Hei Zihe said, "Aze, I want to take you to see my father and mother, would you?"

Guan Zhen, who came out of the teleportation array later, said, "The governing policy is the patriarch of our mysterious clan. Now that we have arrived in the state of the dead, we must meet the emperor and the queen. "

The policy nodded hesitantly.

Hei Zihe smiled, "It's great."

She pulled the sleeves of Guance and said, "My father and mother are on the sacrifice platform. Let's hurry up."

Guan Tong, who came out of the teleportation team, saw Guan Ze being run by Hei Zihe, who did not blame the other side. He could n’t help but wonder: "Ce has always disliked others without rules, but now he is running without Zi He. She's really amazing. "

Guan Zhen laughed: "I'm afraid I will be more behind."

Youyou walked to them: "Yes, after he and Zihe become married, they will follow Zihe to call Xiaoruo Dayi."

Guan Tong smashed his tongue: "I called him Cege, and his name was Xiao Ruo, but Xiao Ruo called my mother. This relationship is really ..."

Qin Zhen came over and said, "Don't worry about standing here and talking, the emperor and queen are still waiting for us to pass."

Wu Qianqing said, "Go, don't let the emperor and empress wait long."

They followed Hei Zihe to the sacrificial stage. "

Hei Zihe saw the emperor and queen, loosened the sleeves of Guan Ce, and ran over in excitement: "Dad, mother, I am back.

Guan Ce stood in place and watched her get together with her family. The bright smile was matched with a glittering robe. It was as dazzling as the sun, making him a little invisible. The people around him were attracted by Hei Zihe .

"Ace, come here quickly." Hei Zihe waved to Guan Ce.

Without waiting for Guan Ze to return to God, he was followed by Guan Zhen to the Emperor and Emperor: "Emperor, Empress, this is our patriarch, Guan Ce."

The emperor and empress looked at Guan Ce with a look of surprise: "You are the patriarch of the Miyin tribe, disrespectful."

While they were talking, they quietly looked at the policy, feeling very satisfied, and felt that this person was really suitable for their daughter.

Control policy is not humble: "I have met the emperor."

The emperor appreciated his calmness and calmly invited him to sit.

Hei Ziya pulled Hei Zi He aside: "Second sister, is that the one you like?"

Hei Zihe nodded generously: "How's your second sister's vision OK?"

Hei Ziya praised, "Yes, I'm ready for such a brother-in-law. Sister, you have to work harder, and hope that after the elder brother gets married, it will be your turn to get married next time."

"I think too, but now he doesn't even call my name. Every day, he is either a black girl or a girl, and he doesn't want me to be a girl."

Heizi Ya porked out, and laughed at her.

Hei Zihe looked around: "Why didn't you see Miao Yi? Didn't your mother invite Miao Yimei?"

Hei Ziya sighed, "How could she not ask her, but she would not come by herself."

Hei Zihe also sighed silently.

While they were chatting about Miaoyi, Wu Ruo and Hei Xieyu walked in a circle, and on the way back to the palace, they saw Miaoyi falling down with the floor. If and black rendering 翊.

Wu Ruo leaned on the chest of Hei Xieyu and whispered, "Xue Ye, have you seen it?"

Not only did he see Miao Yi and Lou Tingluo, but he also found that Lou Tingluo's eyesight was very complicated, and even with a trace of obsession, it was obvious that he had not completely lowered Hei Xuanyu.

Hei Xun squinted quietly without squinting.

"Mother, didn't you invite your cousin to your wedding ceremony?"

"Please, she may be embarrassed to come to my big wedding.

"..." Wu Ruo wasn't talking, and looked away from Miaoyi from time to time. Suddenly, her mouth moved, and she seemed to be congratulating. When he wanted to take a closer look, Miaoyi pulled down and turned away .

Hei Xuan sighed insignificantly.

Wu Ruo comforted him: "Someday she will let go of her father."


After the welcome team entered the palace, they went directly to the sacrifice hall. On the way, the **** palace ladies and guards kept congratulating them.

After coming to the sacrifice hall, Wu Ruo wondered, "When you first met the Great Spirit Master, didn't you say that we were going to hold a sacrifice to heaven here? Why didn't anyone have it here?"

Hei Xieyu explained: "When he said this, we hadn't solved the curse and we couldn't see the sun. Now people in the Netherland can spend an hour on the land and naturally choose to worship their ancestors in the ancestral hall."

He rolled off his horse and hugged Wu Ruo and the children: "Eggs, wait until you pull Xiao Xiao to your father's side, you know?"

Everyone nodded obediently.

"Let's go." Hei Xuyi hugged the child in one hand and Wu Ruo in the teleportation array with one hand.

The guards responsible for welcoming the relatives followed them into the array.

When he came to the house of the ancestral temple, Hei Xiu went out of the room and put the child on the red carpet on the ground.

The guards coming out immediately lined up.

Hei Xieyu took Wu Ruo's hand and looked at the **** next to his eyes.

The **** quickly cleared his throat, and opened his voice and shouted, "Prince arrives, Princess concubine arrives--"

Immediately after, a whistle, the musicians played the trumpet, the joyous sound rang throughout the ancestral hall, and the cheers of the crowd came from the square. From the sound, it can be discerned that there were many people on the square.

Wu Ruo suddenly felt a little nervous, only at this moment did he realize how grand and grand his big marriage with Hei Xieyu was.

"Don't worry, I'm here." Hei Xieyu clenched his hands, held him, took a slow pace, and walked toward the gate of the compound.

Everyone pulled a little to keep up.

The moment they walked out of the courtyard, they were immediately caught by the crowds of people. Except for the royal family and ministers, many people came to watch the ceremony. The whole square was crowded so fast that there was no leg. Was sandwiched into a meatloaf, but their enthusiasm for viewing rituals could not be wiped out.

The people close to the side courtyard saw Wu Ruo and excitedly shouted at the people behind them: "Prince and concubine have come out, and the two high princes have also come out."

"The prince and the princess are really handsome." The women looked at Hei Xuan and Wu Ruo with a foolish look, but they soon turned their eyes and saw that they were also wearing red robes and cute little buns The **** and the little one immediately screamed in excitement: "The two high princes are so cute and so beautiful."

They all want to have a child like his highness.

Eggs and Xiaoxiao did not hesitate to show a naive smile to them, so that everyone can see the heart.

"Two His Highnesses are very cute, but why is one of them so small?"

"I heard that when the prince concubine cultivated her highness, she only used the thirty-seven stones the size of her thumb, so when she was an adult, it was only three inches tall, and now it grows to a foot. It should be normal soon The child is almost the same.

"The two high princes look like princes and princes."

Wu Ruo heard everyone talking about their children, and smiled slightly: "Eggs and Xiaoxiao are more eye-catching than us, and they forget that we are the protagonists today."

"Someone is watching us, too." Hei Xuyi glanced in one direction: "You look at the top of the big tree diagonally opposite to the right-hand side."

Wu Ruo glanced in the direction he said, and saw three people standing on the top of the big tree, and then fixed his eyes, it was actually black limping, deep chanting and Qian Shen not seen in more than a month.

He was startled: "Qian Shen? Did I read it right? He was walking with him !?"

"You read that right."

"What's going on? How could Li Xing be with Qian Shen?"

Hei Xuanxi frowned slightly: "I don't know how the two of them got together, but he took Qian Shen to watch our wedding ceremony. He should want us to know that Qian Shen is with him. Let us be at ease. "

Wu Ruoqing: "It's really reassuring to have a limp looking at it."

Hei Xiuyu turned him in a direction and walked towards the sacrificial platform. In order to match the children's steps, they both walked slowly.

Their ears were full of congratulations, and of course some people despised them, but they were ignored by Hei Xieyu and Wu Ruo.

The royals were all on the altar, looking at the two newcomers on the red carpet with a look of joy.

When Wu Ruo and Hei Xieyu were about to walk to the altar, the policemen and the Wu family members left the sacrifices and went to the corners to watch them worship the ancestors.

Chapter 374: Big Wedding (4)

Hei Xieyu and Wu Ruo walked to the sacrifice stage. When they turned around, the sunrise of the east just jumped over the five-storey shrine roof and shone on them. Suddenly, the gold thread on the wedding robe was illuminated. shining.

The people in the square narrowed their eyes and stared at the two new people on the sacrifice platform, as if the heavens and the earth were ordinary, and people could not help but want to bow down.

The great spiritual master saw that the morning sun had risen high, and signaled that the ceremony of the official presiding officer of the wedding had begun.

The official immediately opened his voice and shouted, "The sacrifice to heaven begins--"

Immediately afterwards, Le Coins changed to a low, solemn tone. The officials and the people who watched the ceremony from behind the stage put away the jokers and looked at the sacrificial stage seriously.

The great spiritual master omitted a long list of sacrifice words, emphasized a few sacrifice words, and then led the royals to bow toward the east.

The civil and military officials and people under the sacrifice platform also bent down.

The black bamboo standing in the corner looked at the black squishy head in the square, and lowered his voice and asked, "Aren't we going to worship?"

In the whole square, except for the musicians, only they are standing.

Guan Zhen glanced at him: "We are mysterious people, we don't need to worship their ancestors with the people of the dead nation. You also have your own ancestors. It doesn't matter if you don't offend them.

The ebony is relieved.

After worshiping the four gods, they began to worship the ancestors.

The ancestor worship ceremony is almost the same as the New Year's ritual ceremony. After worshiping the ancestors, they entered the worship ceremony of the newcomer, and the scene restored the lively atmosphere again.

"Finally at the church," Uhi said excitedly.

Youyou raised her eyebrows: "I also wanted to make trouble when Xuanyu came to pick up people, but unfortunately they were anxious to cast a spell on the country of the dead, but it doesn't matter. When they are in the cave, we won't be too late . "

Wu Xi grinned, "Good idea."

On the stage, Hei Xieyu's parents and Gao Zu all sat on their chairs, and others who did not belong to Hei Xieyu Gaotang all stood aside.

The royal worship is the same as ordinary people. One worships heaven and earth, the other worships high church, and the third is husband and wife worship.

Qian Shen, who stood on the big tree, looked at the new man who was worshiping the heavens and the earth, and turned to Hei Lingxing: "They worshiped."

Kurosaki bended his corners: "As long as they worship, we will be fully cursed."

Qian Shen did not see a lost expression on his face, thinking to himself that this person might really let down the bird.

"That's great," Shen Song said happily, "Finally can solve the curse."

Kurosaki gave him a glance: "Don't be too happy."

Deeply praised the following things, and put away a smile.

At this point, the two newcomers on the stage worshiped Gaotang.

The wedding official excitedly opened his voice and shouted, "Worship with husband and wife--"

Wu Ruo and Hei Xieyu turned around and looked at each other, their eyes glowed with excitement. At this moment, the eyes of the two were only each other, and the scenes of the previous life were reappeared in front of each other. One of them had always misunderstood the other and the other But I did n’t know how to please each other. I did n’t see each other ’s feelings until life and death parted, so I missed 13 years in vain.

I thought the two would never get together again, but I didn't want them to worship the curse after they came back.

Suddenly, someone shouted, "The hour we can see has passed, Prince, Princess. If you and your husband and wife should worship each other, we will be scorched by the sun."

Others followed suit and were very anxious for them.

Wu Ruo and Hei Xieyu looked back and found each other's eyes were red.

The two looked at each other and smiled.

At the same time, golden light flashed in the sky.

"Look at the sky, everyone." Everyone looked into the sky, and there was golden light toward the sun in the east, south, west, and north directions. As if the hood had been put away, the sky seemed much clearer.

Then someone cried in surprise: "It doesn't hurt anymore, it doesn't hurt when exposed to sunlight."

The others heard it, touching their bodies, and exclaimed, "It really doesn't hurt."

"It's great. The spell has finally been solved. We are no longer afraid of daylight."

The whole square was cheering. Even the minister and the royal family shouted regardless of their status. They will never have to live under the sun.

Hei Xingxing saw here and turned away with Shen Song and Qian Shen.

Wu Ruo held Hei Xie's hand and looked at the people who said, "I used to have a wish ..."

Hei Xuanyu clenched his hands: "Is it the wish on the lantern that just came to the Necropolis?"

Wu Ruoyi said: "Well, how do you know?"

"I see it." Hei Xuyi smiled at him.

"The sky lantern is not burned. How do you see it?"

"The words" May the previous life "have not been burned." Hei Xieyu pulled the person into his arms: "Did you wish that I from the previous life could be with you again.

Wu Ruoqing said with a smile, "My wish has come true."

Hei Xuan lowered his head and kissed his lips.

Looking at his father and father so lovingly, Yandan giggled, turned his head and kissed his little face.

Wu Qianqing, they walked back to the sacrifice stage, You You said to the official presiding over the wedding: "There is one word you did not say."

The wedding official asked, "What is it?"

"If you enter the cave, we are still waiting for the cave.

The wedding official laughed and laughed: "Yes, yes, yes."

He cleared his throat and opened his voice. "Send the two newcomers to the cave."

At the same time, someone shouted, "Leave the necromancy and lift the spell."

"Really?" Someone asked excitedly.


The crowd cheered again, covering up the words that they would send the two new men into the cave.

The official presiding at the wedding looked helplessly: "Everyone is happy to solve the curse."

You You: "..."

Wuzhu laughed: "By the evening, you can make it to the cave."

Guan Zhen grabbed the ghost's shoulder and laughed: "Finally the curse is solved, I can finally take you out of the necropolis and go to other places to visit the mountains and rivers, and take a look at our mysterious clans. . "

Wuzhu nodded: "It's really beautiful there. Don't miss the beautiful scenery."

The ghost woman nodded with red eyes. "OK."

Guan Zhen said to You Zhaoping, "Dad, mother, elder brother, and elder sister, if you are willing, you can also take a look at the Miyin tribe."

You Zhaoping readily agreed: "Okay, we have spent so long in the Necropolis, and it is time to go out and broaden our horizons."

Guan Zhen turned to Guan Ce and asked, "Patriarch, is it okay for me to take them to mystery?"

Guan Ze raised an eyebrow: "I said there was a problem, would you listen?"

Although Guan Zhen was called his patriarch, he talked about his seniority, but his elder.

"No." Guan Zhen laughed and asked the opportunity, "patriarch, shouldn't you untie the seal on Tonger? Look at her, she looks older than me after she has no spiritual power. After a few years, others Think she's my mother. "

Wu Xi couldn't help but grinned.

You and Wuzhu both laughed out loud.

"Daddy--" Guan Tong was so annoyed: "Are you talking about your daughter like this?"

"Am I wrong?"

Guan Tong: "..."

Wu Qianqing comforted Guan Tong: "You are always young and beautiful in my eyes."

Guan Tong blushed embarrassed.

Guan Ce looked at Wu Qianqing and Guan Tong, and asked quietly, "Tonger, have you been happy all these years?"

Guan Tong froze and nodded: "In the beginning, I lost my spiritual power. I was really not used to it. It was very uncomfortable to be looked at from time to time. Fortunately, Qian Qing has been protecting me from all my grievances. Lingli didn't like me, but for this matter Qian Qing hit her mother-in-law many times, and then after having children, I put all my thoughts on the children ... "

Guan Ce can see that she has been happy all these years, even if her husband is not a strong person, she feels satisfied.

"come here."

Guan Tong froze.

Guan Zhen quickly pushed her in front of Guan Ce.

Guan Ze said: "Back."

Guan Tong obediently turned around.

Govern the right hand to gather strong spiritual power.

The people on the sacrifice noticed spiritual fluctuations and looked over to them.

Guan Ce quickly clicked a few points on Guan Tong's back, and then pressed her waist again, and gathered up the spiritual power.

Immediately, Guan Tong felt that the spiritual power burst out from her spiritual field and wandered wildly about every part of her body.

She has not had spiritual power for many years, and it is difficult for her to bear such a great spiritual power for a while, and she screams in pain.

Wu Qianqing was worried about taking a step forward.

Guan Zhen quickly stopped him: "Just a moment, don't disturb her."

After Guan Tong's body slowly adapted to the spiritual power, the whole person became a lot more relaxed. She rejoiced and looked at the concentrating spiritual power: "Unlock the seal, thank you, Brother Ce.

Guan Zhen and Gui Po are both happy with Guan Tong. Guan Tong with spiritual power looks younger than before.

Wuzhu looked at Guan Tong up and down: "The mother's spiritual order seems very high."

Guan Zhen laughed: "Nineth, do you say high?"

Wuzhu and Wuxi were surprised: "Is the ninth-level magician before my mother married my father?"

Guan Tong nodded: "Yes."

Guan Zhen said: "Our Mysterious people can only go out of the valley to experience training, and your mother met your father at that time."

You Yanwen widened his eyes: "Nine steps can go out to practice? Aren't there many people in the Mystery who haven't gone out of the valley."

Guan Zhen grinned, "Except for the children of the college, all of us are ninth-order magicians."

Everyone: "..."

The hermits are amazing.

"Oh, I accidentally revealed the secret hermit thing." Guan Zhen looked to Guan Ce: "Cpatriarch, I said these things are all right?"

Guan Ze didn't bother to care about him, and turned his head to look elsewhere.

Wu Chenliu said: "The mysterious aura should be enough. After Xiaozhu and the second princess went to the hermit, they all reached the ninth stage."

"Ah ..." Wu Xi stared at Wuzhu with his eyes wide open. "Big brother is up to the ninth level? Why so fast?"

Wuzhu looked embarrassed: "This ... this ..."

Guan Zhen directly threw Wuxi a superb **** Dan: "He took this elixir to rise to the ninth order, Xiaoxi, you haven't reached the sixth order, wait until the sixth or the seventh order."

U Xi has seen the superb **** Dan, thanking Guan Zhen happily.

Chapter 375: Battle

Now everyone knows that Eggs and Little are the children of Hei Xiu and Wu Ruo, but Hei Xiu still announces to everyone that Eggs and Xiao are using him and Wu Ruo flesh to fuse with Sanqi Stone, and then use spiritual power Raising children frees others from guessing.

Near noon, the spectators dispersed.

The royals and ministers brought their family members to the palace to use the banquet. Everyone was very happy. They were discussing all the things to settle down, and then they took their family to swim in the mountains and waters, and they would place all the places on the land of the dead nation. Play it all.

Hei Xieyu and Wu Ruo arranged Wu Qianqing's seat, and went to worship the emperor and queen.

There are no seats yet, the emperor and they are all sitting in the side hall.

As soon as Wu Ruo went in, he saw the high hall they worshiped. Although they were dressed grandly today, reflecting their identity, Wu Ruo recognized six of them as the six guards who sent the emperor to Hengxing Palace.

Hei Xieyu introduced six guards to Wu Ruo: "Xiao Ruo, you should recognize them, they are the six guards my dad sent to the Hengxing official, but their true identity is actually my elder."

He introduced Wu Ruo from the left: "This is my nose grandfather and my nose grandmother ..."

Below the earliest ancestors are distant ancestors, princes, fierce ancestors, heavenly ancestors and high ancestors.

Wu Ruo heard the smashing of his tongue. Gao Zudi turned out to be the youngest of the six guards. The earliest ancestor of the oldest looked like an ordinary person in his early sixties. His face was red and weeping, his body was strong. Not as strong as he is.

After introducing several ancestors, Hei Xieyu introduced relatives from other generations.

After serving the tea to all the elders in the side hall, Wu Ruo received a stack of thick red envelopes. He was embarrassed to put the red envelopes in the space in front of everyone, and let the **** who served tea help collect them.

The grandmother who held the egg and smiled and laughed and asked Wu Ruo to come over: "Xiao Ruo, your grandfather, they always love Xi Xun, and do n’t want or have the heart to marry someone who does n’t like the country and responsibility, so your grandfather They didn't accept you from the beginning and didn't wait to see you. I hope you can forgive them, don't care about them, and don't be angry with them. "

The first grandfather was embarrassed.

Wu Ruo hurriedly said, "I can understand that the grandfather of the nose is unable to accept the relationship between a man and a man. I also know that the grandfather of the nose is for the sake of goodness, and that the grandfather of the nose is a blessing of love. How could they be mad at them? "

"That's good, Xuan can marry someone he likes, and we are all happy for him." The grandmother smiled and took off the black jade bracelet on her hand and said to the daughters-in-law of all generations who were sitting, "You all know, Hei Feng The jade bracelet is passed on to the children. Now, I give the black phoenix jade bracelet to Xiao Ruo, do you have any comments? "

Daughters-in-law of all generations laughed and shook their heads, and passed them on to everyone.

The grandmother raised Wu Ruo's hand and put the black phoenix jade bracelet on Wu Ruo's hand.

Wu Ruo saw the black phoenix jade bracelet as a valuable item: "Nose grandmother, wouldn't this be too expensive?"

Hei Xieyu put on him: "The nose grandmother gave it to you, so you take it."

This is proof of the royal recognition of the bird's identity.

Wu Ruo Xie said, "Thank you grandmother."

Hei Xixi, who was standing aside, breathed a tone of breath: "Nose grandmother, when you called Dasao just now, I still think you are not satisfied with him, and want to tell him a pair of rules.

The grandmother with a big smile laughed: "If you are not satisfied with our child, we stand up and oppose it before we get married. We still have to wait for the church, and then we will say that there are some of you brothers and sisters who protect Xiaoruo. We object to it. ?"

Hei Xixi immediately coquettished her: "You and your grandfather are the oldest. One sentence of yours can be used by hundreds or thousands of others, but it is useless.

His first-grandfather and first-grandmother both laughed at him. Suddenly, there was a sound of 'Guru', and everyone couldn't help looking at the sound.

The grandmother in the arms looked at them innocently: "I'm hungry."

Everyone heard the words and laughed.

The Emperor announced: "Open the table."

Everyone talked and laughed during the dinner. They were very happy and ate until the afternoon.

You Xun wanted to make trouble in the cave, but just after dinner, the news came from the border town. Five small countries around the border have arrived at the border of the dead country.

After the emperor and the ministers heard the news, they immediately went to discuss the big stocks to discuss strategies. The atmosphere at the banquet became very tense. The empress and family members had no intention to stay and use the table, and they all got up and left.

Wu Ruo personally sent Wu Qianqing to go out.

Wu Qianqing emphasized on Wu Ruoyan: "Xiao Ruo, the Necropolis and the surrounding countries are about to go to war. Your princess and concubine as Necropolis must also go to the battlefield. Be careful about everything and don't hurt yourself. "

Wu Ruo also didn't worry about Wu Qianqing. "Now the dead nation is an internal and external problem, and it is very unsafe. I think ..."

Wu Qianqing saw that he wanted them to leave, and lowered his face timidly: "You don't have to think about anything."

Not to mention the other, if they leave like this, all the people in the Necropolis will abandon Wu Ruo, and when the country is in crisis, how can they be selfish and want to send their families away.

Wu Qianqing snorted and turned to leave.

Wu Ruo sighed. He knew that he was wrong and selfish, but when he was in danger, his first thought was to protect the safety of his family.

You said: "Xiao Ruo, don't worry, I will protect my father and mother, if necessary, I will send people of the Demon Clan to support the dead nation."

"Thank you Auntie first, but ..." Wu Ruo also had concerns. Although Youyou was a demon emperor, other ministers could not let Youyou bring troops to fight for no reason.

Youyou interrupted him: "I do n’t immediately get help, I only come out to help in a crisis, and after we help the Necropolis, we will have trouble with the demons and the Necropolis It is incumbent on us to help us.

Guan Zhen patted Ruo Ruo's shoulder: "Xiao Ruo, the royal family of the Necropolis is all descendants of the immortals, don't underestimate their ability, if you really fight, one person can top one country."

Wu Ruo smiled: "Maternal grandfather, I don't believe in the ability to render them, I only worry about your safety."

"With the patriarch and me, it won't let others hurt everyone, so please settle this heart." Guan Zhen turned to Guan Ze and said, "Patriarch, I'm right."

When Guan Ce opened his mouth to speak, he heard Hei Zihe shouting, "Ace."

Hei Zihe hurried over. "Aze, sorry, I wanted to arrange for you to stay in my house and take you around, but I didn't expect a sudden war. Now I can only wrong you and my old grandfather. They went to my fourth brother. I will stay for a few days at your house, and we will treat you well when we return from victory. "

Guan Nodded and said, "Be careful."

Hei Zihe laughed: "With your words, how can I protect myself, only when someone comes back can I have children with you."

She turned quickly and ran while he hadn't rebuked.

Management policy: "..."

Several people who followed the policy all covered their mouths and chuckled.

Guan Zhen laughed: "Zihe has a straightforward temperament. He is a good match with the patriarch who likes to talk about everything in his heart. Let's go."

He took the lead in the beast cart.

The others also sat up.

The atmosphere in the palace was very depressing, and the guards were strengthened to prevent any surprises. The people in the palace were both excited and worried that for thousands of years, the Necropolis was at war with other countries for the first time.

Wu Ruo's Hei Zihe came outside the hall of discussion and saw Hei Xieyu leading Hei Xieyu and Hei Xietang, and several generals hurried out of the hall.

"Xiao Ruo, we now need to rectify the soldiers and horses and set off overseas immediately. Would you like to go with us?" Hei Xieyu said as he walked: "Zihe, you and Ziya will stay in the palace to prevent the old people from assaulting."

Wu Ruo nodded: "I'll go."

Heizu said, "Yes."

Hei Xieyu said: "Brother, let's rectify the soldiers and horses first, and you and your sister to change their robes."

Hei Xieyu looked down at the costume on his eyes, and whispered, pulling Wu Ruo back to Hengxing Palace.

Wu Ruo asked: "Is there only five small nations surrounding the Necropolis? There is no other action in the Holy Kingdom?"

Hei Xuan narrowed his eyes: "If I didn't guess wrong, this battle was picked up by the Holy State of Heaven. Let the five small nations weaken our forces and then attack us."

"This morning, Xiaoxi came back and said that when she and her master returned from the Heavenly Kingdom, she saw that Heavenly Kingdom was secretly reorganizing the army. It is very likely that, as you said, when we hit two small countries with two defeats When they were injured, they came and wiped us out in one fell swoop. "

"Don't worry, I won't let him have this opportunity.

The two returned to the palace, put on armor and light armor, and went outside the border city.

All the shops in Border Town closed their doors and closed their doors, and the people living in Border Town were trembling. After all, people from other countries came in and they were the first ones to suffer, so everyone hid in the underground city.

Hei Xieyu they are ready to go, but the team is only about 50,000 people. Each soldier is wearing the same armor, and a fierce monster is mounted around him, making the whole team very powerful and strong. The people looked at their hearts in awe.

Hei Xutang reported to Hei Xuyi: "Brother, we can go."

Hei Xieyu and Wu Ruo each sat on the monster's back.

"Departing--" Hei Xuanyu ordered, and everyone rode on the monster and followed Hei Xuanyu out of the border city.

Tens of thousands of monsters ran up together, the momentum was huge, and the ground shuddered, as if hundreds of thousands of troops were advancing, the hoof clanging.

The soldiers were very excited. For the first time, they fought against people from other countries.

They left the grassland two hundred miles away from the border town and finally met the troops of five countries. From a distance, more than two million people approached them little by little like a flood. , And their footsteps sounded like thunder.

Chapter 376:

The two armies met, and each general immediately stopped the team.

The commanders of the five nations showed vigilance and readiness when they saw Hei Xieyu leading the elite team, but when they saw that they had only tens of thousands of soldiers and horses, the commanders stunned and laughed.

Their two million team in front of tens of thousands of soldiers and horses is like a giant beast facing a piece of meat, and they can eat them at any time.

The commander of Lan Muguo said, "Don't you say that the Necropolis is a big country? But only sent tens of thousands of soldiers and horses to us? Shouldn't it be because there has never been a war and I do n’t know how to march. Front? Or is there no one in the country? Haha-- "

Yan Rongguo's commander laughed: "They haven't fought for nearly two thousand years, so how can they lead a war?"

The commander-in-chief of Yuecang Country sneered: "There has been no war in the past two thousand years, which is quite enviable."

Zi Shenguo's commander gave him a glance at him: "What do you envy them? Envy them will not fight? Or envy their country is about to flesh?"

Lan Muguo's commander taunted: "There have been no wars in the past two thousand years. I am afraid that everyone has been adopted. What envy?

The commander of Ye Luoguo quietly said, "Don't take it lightly. They only brought tens of thousands of soldiers and horses. Their complexities and calmness showed that they were prepared, and maybe not only the tens of thousands of soldiers we saw. "

The commander of the Yuecang State agreed: "I heard that their royal family and the old people are very powerful."

The commander of Lan Muguo didn't take it seriously: "No matter how powerful, we can't beat us more than two million people. Alas, so many soldiers and horses come over the leucorrhea."

The leader of Ye Luoguo stared closely at the every move of the Necromancer team. When he saw Hei Xingtang waving his sword, he seemed to be calling something, and immediately shouted, "Everyone prepares for battle."

The other commanders quickly rolled up their smiles and looked at the Dead Spirit. On the sky behind their team, a vortex rolled up, getting larger and larger, and a black hole appeared in the center of the vortex. Immediately after, teams of ghosts wearing black armor flew out of the vortex and landed behind the teams in the Netherland. In a short amount of time, the number of soldiers and horses expanded from 50,000 to over 200,000. In addition, ghost soldiers continued to emerge from the vortex.

The five generals were shocked.

The commanders were shocked and doubted: "How can the people of the ghost clan help the people of the dead nation?"

The commander of Ye Luoguo was afraid that he could not deal with too many people, and quickly raised his sword: "The warriors are out of the ranks."

The soldier behind him split into two halves at once, gave way, and the warrior ran out from behind.

Warriors are soldiers with mystery, they can use the enemy to control.

Ye Luoguo's commander pointed to the team of the Necropolis: "Chong."

The other commanders were not far behind, and they sent the soldiers into charge. The higher-ranked soldiers stayed in place to help the lower-ranked soldiers.

Hei Xieyu did not let his soldiers move, and Hei Xieyu turned over and jumped onto the monster's back.

Wu Ruo looked at them side by side, and Heishuyu had black gas on her body, bit her right hand's finger, and drew a rune on her right palm.

He has seen this rune, and in his previous life in dreams, when he was sent away, Hei Xiuyu used this rune to call many top ghosts.

Hei Xuanyu noticed his gaze: "This is the ancient ghost symbol, used to recruit ghosts."

Then he read a long string of spells.

Hei Xingyu used bone bone surgery, and the ground rumbling when the enemy rushed over.

The warriors of the Five Kingdoms were startled, and looked at their feet in haste. The ground shook constantly, and then the ground made a violent sound, blasting one small hole after another. The cave became bigger and bigger and became a crack. The cave was once again When a loud noise was found, the ground was blown open, and the soil was splashing. The soldiers quickly raised their hands to prevent SARS from shooting into their eyes.

"Everyone is careful."

The warriors of the Five Kingdoms stepped back vigilantly, the explosion sound was getting smaller and smaller, everyone lowered their arms and opened their eyes. Hundreds of thousands of skull armies appeared in front of their eyes. Some people's bones and some monsters' bones. They Rising from the ground in all directions, surrounded the army of the five countries.

They twisted their bodies and made crunching sounds, and the eyes of the black holes were soaked, and the people of the Five Kingdoms couldn't help swallowing.

Although the Necropolis has only 50,000 soldiers and horses, together with the ghost army and skeleton army, it has far exceeded millions of people, from a small piece of meat to a fearful eagle.

Ye Luoguo's commander shouted: "Don't be afraid, just ordinary skeletons, just break them."

This sound once again boosted the morale of the soldiers.

The soldiers roared, wanting to fight against the skeleton army and the ghosts.

Suddenly, there was a change in the sky, and it suddenly darkened. The sound of the wind was whistling like a ghost crying, and various terrible weird noises came from the sky.



"Ohh Ohh ohh--"

People in the Necropolis and the Ghost clan have spiritual power and use their spiritual power to seal their sounds. Those without spiritual power can only cover their ears. However, the effect is not great, and the sound can still penetrate their eardrums and sting. It hurts them.

Hei Xietang quickly took out the instrument to cover them, so that his voice could not pass through.

Fortunately, the people of the Five Kingdoms are not lucky. Although ordinary soldiers have a magician to protect them, there are not as many magicians as ordinary soldiers, so they can only protect a limited number of people.

The soldiers who were not blocked by the hearing all rolled on the ground in pain, screaming and crying. After a while, blood bleed from their ears, nose, mouth corners, and eyes.

"Commander, I hurt."

"Commander, help."

The commanders and soldiers of the Five Kingdoms fear to retreat and stay away from these people.

The commanders hurriedly asked the current situation of the military divisions in the same defensive circle. Why are the soldiers so painful?

Dozens of military divisions glanced at one, and one of them said, "This situation is a bit like the mystery of the feast of the ghosts in the legend of the Necropolis ..."

Lan Muguo's commander was furious: "A feast for all ghosts? What about ghosts? Where are they?"

He had just finished speaking, dozens of top ugly and savage ghosts emerged from the ground, looking at the soldiers who stood in front of them, and the savage ghosts drew out their long tongues, smirking and licking their lips, The soldiers were scared to hide behind the commanders.

Other top ghosts got out of the sky, under the grass, and in the mountains, and swarmed over the troops of the five nations, scaring the soldiers of the five nations.

When the commander of Ye Luoguo saw that Li Gui was different from ordinary Li Gui, he hurriedly ordered: "Everyone will use Ghost Exorcism and Ghost Exorcism, as long as everything that can drive Ghost is used."

The soldiers of Ye Luoguo quickly took out the ghost expelling charms, and the warriors set out to expel ghosts. The soldiers of the other four countries even did not have the order of the commander in chief, and they did as the commanders of Ye Luoguo said.

The top fierce ghosts are cruel and fierce and crazy. No matter what they are, they will be torn to pieces or swallowed. Most of the exorcism charms are useless to them, and the formation can only resist them. For a while, not to mention the army of skeletons helping the slaughter, the soldiers of the five countries were busy.

The whole scene was hissing and screaming, and before half a column of incense, many soldiers fell.

The surviving soldiers watched as their companions were either completely eaten or torn apart, and their legs were too scared to stand upright.

The commanders of the Five Kingdoms looked very ugly, and ordered the warriors to quickly find a way to stop the catastrophe.

Hei Xuan looked at the slaughter of the Five Kingdoms and sneered: "I can't laugh now."

Before the end, they dared to laugh so arrogantly, really when they were bullied by the dead nation.

Wu Ruo looked blankly at the people of the Five Kingdoms.

Hei Xietang worried: "Brother, they have died a lot of people, you can take back the secret of the feast of all ghosts, and retain spiritual power to deal with their master."

"Um." Hei Xieyu quickly put away mystery and exhaled.

Millions of ghosts chuckled and licked the blood on their hands, disappearing into the grassland contentedly.

Hei Xietang immediately took out his anger and gave it to Hei Xie. Then, the army of the five nations made a bang.

Hei Xieyu and Hei Xieyu quickly looked at the enemy soldiers, and saw that the enemy's troops exploded again and again, with loud noises that were deafening and screaming, and the soldiers, whether alive or dead, were blown to pieces.

Seeing the explosion caused by the corpse, Hei Xietang could not help looking at Hei Xie 翊 and Hei Xie 煦: "This seems to be the death blast of our Necromancer. Who are you using this secret technique?"

Hei Xieyu shook his head. He had just recruited a large number of Skeleton Legions, and it was impossible to immediately use the great secret to deal with the enemy army, but he needed time to breathe.

Hei Xuanyu looked at Wu Ruo, who had not spoken.

"It's you! Grandma !?" Hei Xietang was surprised.

Wu Ruo put away the mystery and laughed: "I have seen the old tribe use this mystery in the New Year sacrifice, so I wanted to give it a try, as the egg said is really powerful."

Unfortunately, this mystery requires a lot of spiritual power.

Hei Xietang laughed: "Several major secrets have been used in a row, and the soldiers of the Five Kingdoms have suffered heavy casualties.

Judging from the big bang just now, most soldiers must be stained with a lot of blood. As long as they use the blood blasting technique, they will be able to lose a large number of soldiers.

The commanders of the Five Kingdoms looked at the Necropolis without using a single soldier to smash their troops into a shard of sand. They immediately became furious and looked back at their team. They were already out of the army. The army of more than one million people may now only have more than one million left. The morale before that has weakened, and the soldiers have resigned.

"Mother, it's abominable." The commander-in-chief of the blue eye country no longer dares to look at the country of sarcasm and contempt.

The head of Yan Rongguo's eyes flashed with fear, and the thought of retreating came into his heart.

The commander-in-chief of Zi Shenguo was very reconciled. Before they encountered a cold hair, they received a painful lesson.

A military division of Ye Luoguo trembled and said, "The Necromancer is indeed a big country. Two thousand years ago, the country that even the great kingdom of heaven must not be underestimated."

Chapter 377:

"Are you aspiring to others and destroy your own might?" The commander of Lan Muguo glared at the army officer who fell into the night, his expression of fear and timidity made him look more angry, and he lifted his sword to the army officer who fell into the night. Beheaded.

With a bang, the commander's sword was blocked by the spear of Ye Luoguo's commander, and the soldiers of Ye Luoguo hurriedly hid behind the commander.

The commander of Ye Luoguo said coldly, "Sir leader, our army soldiers at Ye Luoguo are not up to you, let alone our army teachers have said well that we can make Tiansheng Kingdom, a country that big nations are afraid of, we should not Take it lightly, and you should not let your anger out to yourself.

Commander Lan Muguo sneered, "Whoever is with you is yours."

Commander of Ye Luoguo: "..."

The commander-in-chief of Yuecang State sank his face: "Before we start fighting, do you want to go back in the nest?"

Lan Muguo snorted, and didn't speak again.

Yu Cangguo gave him a faint glance at him: "Although the Necropolis is cursed and cannot fight with other countries for many years, it is also beneficial. At least we know nothing about the Necropolis, and we can only know the Necromancer from some rumors. The people of the royal family and the old people of the country are very powerful, and they will have some secret skills that no one can. As for how powerful, we have no way of knowing it. But the Necropolis knows quite well what we have been fighting on the battlefield for many years, what military personnel we have or It is the mystery that will determine the investigation. "

The commander of Yan Rongguo said angrily: "Now it's useful to say these things, the commanders of their leaders can defeat us."

The commander of Ye Luoguo said: "They have already used the great mystery. They must not continue to use other mysteries. We will attack now."

The commander of the Zishen Kingdom immediately ordered the soldiers: "Spread out and set up a battle."

The soldiers of the Five Kingdoms quickly spread out, half-embracing the team of the Netherland State in the form of a fan, and trained to quickly form a formation. The formation method can not only make ordinary soldiers increase their attack power, but also play a defensive role. Normal soldiers cannot hurt them.

The ghost soldiers also lined up, and the ghost rushed out with an order. Immediately, the two armies struck, the ears were all popping, the nose was bloody, and the soldiers in front of them were one after the other. Fall down.

In terms of numbers, although the soldiers and horses of the Five Kingdoms suffered a lot of casualties, they are still more than the number of Necromancers, which is considered to be a major advantage, but the sky has gradually darkened, and the ghosts who help the Necromantics can not only see the night vision, but also Being able to fly into the air, the body is very light, and the ghosts who reach level 6 or higher can move instantly, so it is not easy to kill them. Moreover, they are not really ghosts, and the common exorcism house is useless to them.

What surprised the commanders of the Five Kingdoms most was that although the skeleton army could not move after being cut and scattered, some skeletons would use mystery to deal with them. In addition, all the soldiers in the Necropolis were fierce generals and fought. This is more fierce than one, and Wu Ruo uses various mysteries to restrain the advanced warriors of the five kingdoms from using the great mystery. This has caused the senior warriors to have a useless place, and the soldier's spirit has become lower and lower.

The commanders of the Five Kingdoms saw an increasing number of casualties in the team, realizing that it would be very unfavorable for them to continue this way. They hurriedly called for retreat, and the soldiers fled in panic.

The ghost soldier wanted to catch up, but was stopped by Hei Xieyu.

Hei Xietang saw them fleeing the grassland after losing their helmets and armors, and laughed aloud: "It is just a small country and dare to scream with us. This is something they don't know. This time they lost the battle and killed so many people , I definitely dare not mess around again. "

Hei Xieyu ticked off his lips: "The people of the Necropolis and the Hermit people cooperate together to fight against the enemy. Other countries can only be defeated. It is no wonder that the Holy Kingdom of Heaven was so jealous of the people of the two races. Separate between the Lingling and the Hermit. "

The people of the Necropolis can make all kinds of powerful attacks, and the mysterious people help from the side to help restrain the other's mystery. The two races are simply a match made in heaven.

Wu Ruo said, "It's very spiritual to deal with so many people for the first time."

"Don't be too happy." Hei Xuan narrowed his eyes. "The sacred kingdom's troops are still waiting for us. It will be a hard battle for us afterwards."

Wu Ruo agreed: "Heavenly kingdom dare to deal with the dead nation, must be sure to dare to fight us."

He is now more certain that the people of the Heavenly Kingdom have gone to the hermit to collect the mystery of the hermit and the spiritual medicine of the true world. The purpose is very simple. If they use the spiritual tools of the true world to deal with the dead spirit country, the consequences are unthinkable.

Hei Xingtang and Hei Xunyu heard the words and slowly smiled.

Hei Xieyu ordered the ghost soldiers to return to the Ghost clan first, and then let Hei Xietang take the soldiers and horses of the Necromancer to stay behind and wait for the arrival of the army behind.

Previously, it was because the troops of the Five Kingdoms had arrived at the border of the Necropolis. Otherwise, they would not just bring 50,000 people to ride the monsters to stop the invasion of the Five Kingdoms. Next, other teams of the Necropolis Will arrive here on foot.

Hei Xieyu explained good things, and returned to the border city with Wu Ruo first.

After the troops of the Five Kingdoms had fled twenty miles away, it was determined that the people of the Necropolis did not catch up before they slowed down.

The commanders lost their battles and looked ugly. They did not speak until they returned to the camp.

"His grandma's ..." Lan Muguo's commander kicked angrily at the table with a slam, and the table was kicked to the ground.

Ye Luoguo's commander whispered, "What's the use of taking a table out of breath."

Lan Muguo's commander stared at him severely.

Yan Rongguo's commander calmly said: "I knew this before, and we should wait for the Heavenly Holy Land soldiers to come and deal with the dead."

Others were silent, if they were not too jealous of the power of the heavenly kingdom, fearing that they would not gain any benefit after the death of the kingdom of the dead, and they would not rush to attack the kingdom of the dead before the kingdom of heaven came.

"Commander-in-chief, the guards of the Holy Emperor of Heaven will meet five commanders."

The commanders glanced at: "Let him in."

A short while later, a man with two pupils walked into the tent: "I haven't seen you, Captain.

He said respectful words, but his expression was not respectful.

"What about the emperor?" Asked the commander in chief of Yuecang State.

"The master is still behind, walking with the soldiers. He learned that the commanders sent soldiers to attack the dead nation before we arrived and immediately sent me to stop them, but I didn't expect that I would be late."

The five commanders looked awkward.

Wushu scanned them and continued to say, "I want to know how many people are still in your commander's hands, and I have trouble asking you to send a letter to the dead nation."

The five commanders were alert: "What letter?"

"Perhaps the letter of the concubine of the Necropolis can be contained. As to whether it can succeed, it depends on the weight of that person in their hearts."

The commander of Ye Luoguo knew that as long as he restrained the princely concubine of the Necropolis, he could restrain every action of the prince of the Necropolis, and immediately called the soldier to send a letter for him.

When the letter was sent to the Necropolis, Wu Ruo and Hei Xieyu returned to the Necropolis to see many people running out of the dungeon in panic.

"The old people are going to rebel." One hundred people said in fear.

Some people are particularly angry: "The country is in dire straits, but they are rebellious at this time and it is really exasperating."

"Yes, it's so annoying." The other people agreed.

"If the imperial court loses its battle for this distraction, they will be one more sin."

"The people of the old clan just don't have the brain. If the court loses, what's the point of their taking the throne?"

"If the Necropolis returns from the war, the court will have to deal with the old people severely. They cannot let their behaviors go, nor can they condone their crimes."

Hei Xieyu and Wu Ruo heard the words of the people and hurried to the Yamen to use the teleportation array directly to the palace to return to the palace. Then, hearing the sound of bombing from the gate, all the guards in the palace went to the palace The door rushed over.

One of the guards saw Hei Xuan stabbing them, and quickly reported to them: "Prince, Prince, and the old people are fighting."

Hei Xieyu walked and asked, "Did you come in?"

"They broke into the first palace gate. The formation of the first palace has been destroyed by them."

Wu Ruo and Hei Xieyu hurried over.

Hei Ziya saw them coming back and rejoiced, "Brother, sister, you are back."

Hei Xie asked with a frown, "How's it going?"

Hei Ziya lowered her face: "This time, the old people dispatched everyone, and it was necessary to break into the palace. The grandfathers all participated in this battle to drag the old people's ancestors, and the people on the first floor also suffered. The pond of the fish pond, hiding in fear on the ground. "

Wu Ruo took the lead to go upstairs to the second palace gate to watch the situation below. The first palace gate had been collapsed, all the old people rushed in and the ground was blasted open one by one black huge pits. The smell of blood pierced into the nose, and there were countless corpses lying on the ground, including palace guards and old people.

As the imperial court sent troops to the border, leaving only less than 100,000 troops to protect the dungeon, they were struggling to face the old people who had more people than them. Otherwise, they and all members of the royal family joined the battle. The old people I'm afraid it was already in the palace.

Hei Xuyi walked to Wu Ruo's side, and at a glance he saw Hei Xing walking in front of the city gate. He was fighting Hei Xuyi's cousin Heidi Hui. As long as he observes carefully, he will find that Hei Dihui is not the opponent of Hei Xingxing, but Hei Xingxing did not kill Hei Dihui, and even intentionally made Hei Dihui.

Heidi Hui was puzzled, but he started harder.

Hei Xieyu said to Wu Ruo, "I will go black and walk."

Wu Ruo quickly said, "Be careful."

Hei Shenyu looked at Qian Shen in the other corner of the eye: "You must also be careful. The great spiritual master once said that although your life form has changed, it does not mean that no accident will occur."

In fact, he was more eager to solve the problem for Wu Ruo, but if Wu Ruo was not allowed to kill the other person, the resentment and knot in his heart could not be lifted.

Wu Ruo knew that he was worried that he would be in danger against Qian Shen: "I will. If I can't beat him, I will never stand up.

Hei Xunyu turned and flew down.

Chapter 378: happy New Year

Hei Pingxing saw Hei Xuanyu fall in front of him, invisibly raising the corners of his mouth.

Hei Xunyu intervened in their fight.

Heidi Hui looked at his cousin and said, "It's over to you."

Hei Xun sighed softly and took out his bone blasting weapon.

Hei Xingxing quickly carried his back and jumped away, away from Hei Xuan, three feet away, and glanced at the dark road not far from him.

Hei Xuan narrowed his eyes, and with his gaze also glanced at him, quickly rushed to Hei Xun and attacked.

Wu Ruo on the tower saw the two of them fighting, and opened his eyes to look at Qian Shen.

The person Qian Qian dealt with was Hei Mingbei's uncle Hei Mingbei. Although Hei Mingbei was also a ninth-level magician, he was struggling in the face of a variety of mysteries.

Wu Ruo jumped up and fell in front of Hei Mingbei: "Uncle Tang, give this person to me."

Dry eyes lightened.

Hei Ming don't think that Qian Shen is definitely not as simple as an ordinary sorcerer, and even think that Qian Shen is a hermit like Wu Ruo. If this is the case, it is really not easy to deal with.

He stepped back and said, "Be careful, he can't handle it."

Hei Ming, don't be a face-saving person.

Wu Ruo nodded, staring at Qian Shen tightly: "This time, I won't let you run away."

Qian Shen looked at Hei Mingbei, who was far away, and sneered: "Wu Ruo, do you think you can kill me?"

"If you don't try, how can you know?"

"I don't know where you came to deal with me with confidence."

"With a wave of Qian Shen's large hand, a superb low-level artifact flew out of his space: even with your ability, even my spirit can't deal with it.

He had not used a magic weapon before because he was released from the valley at the age of training. According to the rules of the clan, he was not allowed to use the magic weapon outside, and his sister asked him to surrender the magic weapon. This time, he got the seal sealed in his house while the monk broke his sister's formation.

Wu Ruo squinted.

This is the difference between him and Qian Shen. The other person lives at the entrance of the cultivation world all the year round. He can easily obtain various elixir and good artifacts. Even if he has the best elixir and magic weapon in the world, Can't deal with each other.

However, he did not flinch because the opponent had a magic weapon.

Qian Shen's magical objects revolved around Qian Shen, forming a state of protection: "Wu Ruo, you have no dreaming at all, right?"

Wu Ruo pursed her lips and didn't speak, but secretly searched for a chance to sneak in.

"After returning to the Mymit, I asked my sister and other elders, and they told me with certainty that only the Son and the Virgin had pre-dreams. For thousands of years, there was no exception. You did not pre-dream. But you can know the things in my dream, then you are likely to be someone from another world, and only the people who came from the world in which I dreamed knew the things in my dream. "Qian Shen sarcastically smiled:" Wu Ruo, don't you think you are ridiculous? Another person in the world is not me, nor is the person who killed you. It is not me who made your family die. Did you find me to avenge me?

Wu Ruo twisted her eyebrows lightly, Han said: "What you call a dream dream is to see something happening in another world, but you want to kill me for this, is it impossible to laugh?"

Qian Shen sank his face, sophistically angered, "I'm different. I'm taking precautions. I don't want my sister and Pingxing to die because of you."

"So am I. I don't want myself and my family to die in your hands. What's the difference between someone who wants to kill me and you in the other world?"

"..." Qian Shen squinted his eyes: "Wu Ruo, if you insist on killing me, then I don't have to be kind to you."

Wu Ruoleng stared at him: "Even if I don't kill you, you won't let me go."

"No ..." Before she finished speaking, she heard a continuous explosion sound not far away, deafening and amazing.

Wu Ruohe and Gan Shen looked at it. Heiyu Xing and Hei Xieyu fought quite fiercely. Both of them used big moves. The ground was blasted into a large pit. The people around them were afraid of being hit by the pond and hurriedly avoided it. .

Hei Xuanyu and Hei Xing did not give up each other. The various instruments of the two were fighting each other in the air. There were several times when the black road where He Xuanxi and the emperor focused on fighting did not escape Hei Xuan. He was so angry that he yelled, "His uncle."

Gao Zudi took the opportunity to attack.

Heitu's expression was stunned, and he seriously battled again. Then, Heixu's magic weapon shot again.

When he realized the danger, he quickly flashed and avoided the danger.

Hei Tu faintly noticed that Hei Xunyu deliberately wanted to kill him while he was unprepared, and he couldn't help but look back while he was distracted. Hei Xingxing concentrates on making enemies, which is fatal. He almost does not allow Hei Xuan to give him the chance to hit him. Is he really worried?

"If you really want to have a fight with me, just after the war is over, then I will have a fight with you." Qian Shen said and turned and ran to the black line.

Wu Ruo worried that he was not good for Hei Xieyu, and hurried to follow.

Yu Guang glanced at the corner of Hei Xingxing's eyes and saw Qian Shen come over. He glanced at Hei Xuanyi and blinked slightly.

Hei Xieyu looked at Qian Shen and Wu Ruo coming, half-smeared his black eyes, slightly sideways to the side facing the black path, cut his fingertips and squeezed blood drops to the black path.

Qian Shen squinted.

When he was two feet away from the black path, the black path smelled **** and was startled, trying to avoid it. Suddenly, his body couldn't move.

Fortunately, not only him, but also Gao Zudi could not move. Even Hei Xieyu and Hei Xingxing were immobilized, as were Wu Ruo following him. However, Wu Ruo has been guarding Qian Shen, guessing that Qian Shen is likely to use Ghost Grip Mystery, so before being settled by Qian Shen, he took out his attack weapon and threw it at Qian Shen.

But Ghosthold Mystery can only control creatures, not other things. Therefore, the blood drops ejected by Hei Xieyu did not stop, but fell on the right arm of Hei Tu.

Heilu's face changed greatly.

Everyone is a ninth-level surgeon, so they didn't settle for a long time, a time to exhale and exhale. After everyone was able to move, the dark road hurriedly removed the body's blood, but it was too late. As soon as he could move, he quickly burst his blood.

With a loud bang, Blackway's right arm was blown up.

At the same time, Wu Ruo's magic weapon hit a magic weapon that swirled around Qian Shen. Then, a slamming sound was also heard. The magic weapon could not fight the magic weapon, and it exploded at the moment of encounter. At the moment, The burst of aura and debris shook Qian Shen out.

Hei Lingxing glanced at Wu Ruo: "Dad, Qian Shen, are you all right?"

Wu Ruo: "..."

How did he feel that the black eyes were reminding him not to do bad things?

Is it ...

Wu Ruo thought carefully about the situation just now. The fierce battle between Hei Xieyu and Hei Xingxing should be pretended for Heitu. When he was not defended, he gave him a fatal blow. Shen can just help them and let them have more mobile games.

"Ah--" Hei Tu shouted, "My arm, my arm, my arm was blown up."

He stared at Hei Xunyan with red eyes. If he hadn't wore defensive equipment, he would have been bombed without arms.

Wu Ruo guessed about it, and quickly dealt with the dark road with Gao Zudi.

"Boss, boss, are you okay?" Hei Tu's faithful guard saw that He was injured and wanted to come over to help, but was stopped by others.

"I'm going to kill you." Heitu roared at Hei Xuanyu while dealing with Wu Ruo and Gao Zudi, and then asked Qian Shen to help him.

Qian Shen jumped up and fell to Heitu.

Wu Ruo and Qian Shen glanced at each other, and then glanced at Hei Ling Xing and Hei Xuan Ling, and found that the two nodded slightly at him.

He squinted, did he trust Qian Shen?

Wu Ruo quickly used Ghost Grips to hold a Ghost Grip. When he could not move, he gathered a strong spiritual power. However, the person has not hit the black road, and the black road can move again.

However, Heitu just wanted to fight back and his body was fixed again.

He was startled, thinking that Wu Ruo had used Ghost Grip Mystery twice in a row, but I wonder if this time Ghost Ghost Secret was made by Qian Ruo Wu Ruo and Gao Zu Emperor while he could n’t move, Wu Ruo gave a hand Covered fiercely on his dark path's brain, Gao Zudi struck the dark path's chest with a single palm, and suddenly, the defense equipment shattered. The sharp end of the fragment pierced the black path with a robe on his chest.

With a snoring noise, Heitu spit out blood from the inside, and couldn't believe watching Wu Ruo and Gao Zudi: "You ..."

The words had not yet been fully spoken, and suddenly it was dark before falling to the ground.

Gao Zudi raised an eyebrow: "Dead?"

Wu Ruo squatted down and examined his nose and pulse. After he was sure he was dead, he stood up and said, "He is dead."

"Boss, sir." The black guard yelled angrily.

Others heard the shouting of the guards of the black path, and they looked in the direction of the black path, and saw that the black path fell to the ground covered with blood.

"Daddy--" Hei Xingxing's brothers and sisters shouted excitedly, not convinced that the terrible black road would die here.

Gao Zudi announced to everyone: "The dark road is dead."

The guards heard the words and cheered.

The black brother's third brother looked a little scared. The father died, and the leader's position will definitely fall into the hands of the black brother. No, he cannot give up the leader's position, otherwise, he and other brothers and sisters Will die terribly.

He quickly raised his sword and shouted to the old people: "Come on, avenge the leader."

Hei Xing bent his forefinger and put it to his mouth, and the crisp whistle wafted outside the gate of the palace. Then, a part of the old people pulled a red cloth from the sleeve and tied it to his arm.

The rest of the old people are puzzled. What does it mean to tie a red cloth strip?

The black brother's third brother noticed that something was not right and glared at him.

Everyone heard these words, and they turned to Hei Lingxing.

Chapter 379:

The old people who tied the red strips all leaned to the cage of Hei Ling Xing.

Hei Xingxing said to Hei Xieyu: "Prince, the old people with red cloth strips on their arms are willing to submit to the court, and can even cooperate with you against other old people."

There was a flash of surprise in Wu Ruo's eyes. Hei Pingxing joined forces with them to kill his father.

"What !?" The old clans who did not wear red strips looked at Heiming with a shocked expression: "Master, what did you just say?"

The black brother's third brother, Hei Pingguan, was incredibly at the same time with a small chuckle. Originally, he wanted to solve the black bunker while he was in chaos, but he did not expect the black bunker to betray. As long as the black bunker was gone, he You can sit firmly in the position of little master, even the emperor.

He returned to God, and hurriedly shouted, "Hey, he is a traitor. He killed this traitor."

The other brothers and sisters of Hei Lingxing have always been at odds with Hei Lingxing, knowing that whether Hei Lingxing is to be a leader or a traitor is not good for them, and it will be miserable in the end.

They also hurriedly followed Heiyuguan and shouted, "Yeah, kill Heiyuxing this traitor. If it weren't for him, our leader would not have died. It was him, and he and the royals together killed our leader. Do n’t you Let him go. "

The elders have also gone back to God, anxious to break the black corpse into corpses. However, it is not easy to kill Hei Lingxing, because 40% of the old people have betrayed, and there are people from the imperial court here, and the situation is very unfavorable to them.

Before the elders ordered, other old people had already rushed to Hei Pingxing.

Both the royal family and the guards looked at Hei Xuanyu, waiting for his order.

Hei Xieyu announced to everyone: "The old people who don't wear red cloth strips, let alone kill.

"Yes." The guards locked their targets on the old clan without wearing a red cloth strip.

The old people wearing red cloth strips quietly breathed a sigh of relief. When Hei Ling Xing told them to rely on the court to deal with other old people, they were very worried that the court did not trust them, and they did not know whether they would Find them to dispose of them.

The old clans lost the support of their leader and part of the clans, and the momentum fell down at a glance. Without their advantage, they were losing ground.

In just one hour, many old corpses were lying at the gate of the palace.

The elders of the old people saw that the number of people from the old people was getting less and less reconciled. Their status in the old clan is comparable to that of the court minister, enjoying the glory and wealth. If they had laid down the palace, they might even be a king, but now everything is in vain.

The people of the old clans see that they are gone, and they have the thought of wanting to escape. Of course, he was seen through their thoughts and sent someone to capture them.

"Black howling, you bastard, white-eyed wolf."

"Darkness, you must die."

Hei Xingxing's brothers and sisters yelled angrily at Hei Pingxing, who was standing outside Zhangzhang. They were all this man. If it were not for him, the old people would not have lost so badly.

Ignoring their roar, Hei Xing asked the people under his hand about their injuries.

Shen Song reported to him, "Some brothers have died, and one of them is also seriously injured."

Kurosaki frowned.

"Limp." Wu Ruo walked towards the black cricket. "you……"

Hei Xing murmured, "I know what you want to ask."

He turned to look at the body of Hei Tu. A group of people under his hand was holding the body of Hei Tu to vent his anger, and a sword after sword was inserted into the body of Hei Tu. His expression was resentment and sorrow. Road: "Dead, he's dead, Blackway is finally dead."

The guards froze and watched them take out the black corpse. Anyway, this person is also their leader. How could there be such a deep hatred?

Hei Ling asked: "Do you know why they treat my father's body like this?"

Wu Ruo looked in the direction of the black corpse.

"Since my father took over the old clan, he has brutally governed the entire clan. Those who do not accept him will fight them until they are served. Those who threaten him will kill them. If someone in the clan has more rights than him, he will be destroyed. , Always love my grandfather and grandmother, they died in the hands of my father, even the other people in my family did not let go, my mother was afraid to say nothing. I and my brothers and sisters are gone Foreign forces gradually began to pull people from other families. Brothers and sisters ’love began to break up, and even began to fight with each other, distrusting each other. My father not only did not stop, but also saw our brothers and sisters kill each other and kill him. In other words, only the person who has survived to the last one is eligible to inherit his position. The people who hate my father's body are also former victims. Their families have been killed by my father. They thought of revenge. But neither his strength nor his power is his opponent. In addition, my father is very alert and has many powerful guards around him to protect him. It is difficult to assassinate him. Therefore, I can only wait for the moment, and today is the best opportunity. "Hei Xingxing squinted his face and squinted his eyes, and a bitter grief flashed under his eyes. He would not have done it as a last resort:" I didn't want to kill him, After all, he is my father, but if he is rebellious, his followers will be cut off by him, because he will not let any untrustworthy side be there, and it will be a cruel one again. Now that the old people are corrupt, and they will not end the old people, they are like ants and insects eating the nation of the dead. "

Wu Ruo frowned lightly: "It should be more than that that can make you think of rebellion."

"The children in Tongzhen are dead."

Wu Ruoyi said: "All are dead.

Hei Xingxing continued, "Because I escaped to get married, I went with you to the Mymit to find a way to disappear. My father killed all the children with anger, along with ..."

His voice was suddenly dumb, and the knot rolled up and down, inhaling and inhaling.

Shen Song continued for Hei Pingxing: "With our childhood, our brothers who were close to our brothers were also killed by our master ..."

The more he spoke, the more excited he became, and the more he felt sad: "How can he do this, knowing that they are our good brothers, but he didn't wait for us to come back and ask us how to deal with them, and killed people."

"..." Wu Ruo sighed secretly without knowing how to comfort them.

Not far behind, the royals were passing by several old elders who were seriously injured.

The elders glanced at the black line and praised them. Suddenly, the great resentment in their hearts surged into their eyes, and even if they were to die, they would take several people to be buried.

They looked at each other quietly, and one of the elders gathered his spiritual power in the Lingtian.

The royal family who suppressed them realized that he wanted to explode, and while stunned, he ordered the guards to find the seal of the spiritual force.

At the same time, the other nine elders took advantage of their unpreparedness to break free of them, condensing the final spiritual power to attack them.

The royals were shocked, and shouted anxiously to those who turned their backs: "Little Ruo, Princess, please be careful."

Wu Ruo turned around when he noticed the fluctuation of spiritual power, and saw someone rushing over and the urging voice of others. He subconsciously wanted to fight back, but he was pushed far away.

He quickly looked down and saw that Shen Song was also pushed into the distance. Hei Xieyu and Qian Shen, who rushed in desperately, attacked the five elders with attack spirits and defensive magic weapons, and then faced the spiritual impact of the other four elders.

Deeply chanting Dasong's tone, thank Qian Shen for holding each other with ghost grips, so that they have a buffer time, otherwise the consequences are unthinkable, and fortunately, the elders' spiritual power is almost consumed, otherwise the two will have difficulty resisting the four elders.

He was thinking about helping out, and suddenly, a guard next to him hit the black limps with two top-level instruments.

Wu Ruo was startled: "Walk carefully."

Seeing this, Shen hurriedly threw out all defensive instruments to protect the black limps. No, the purpose of the guard was actually him. At the moment when he threw the tactics to protect the black limps, the guards took out three other magic weapons and attacked them. Qian Shen.

"Yi--" Qian Shen couldn't help it. His abdomen was seriously injured, and a big blood spurted. The elders of the two foreign countries took the opportunity to hit Qian Shen's chest with another palm.

He flew out like a broken kite and landed heavily on the ground.

The guard didn't give the others time to react at all, and took the sword out of his waist to stab Qian Qian.

Wu Ruo subconsciously used Ghost Grips to hold everyone in, and rushed forward quickly, helping him kick away the two elders and the guards.

At the same time, an iron chain shot from a distance and inserted into the guard's left shoulder blade.

The crowd froze and looked up at the person who shot the chain.

Wu Ruohao looked at the person: "Hey."

Leng Leng hummed, kicked and kicked behind the guard's paint blood, and immediately, the guard knelt down.

The members of the royal family returned to God and hurriedly captured all the elders for the black cricket, tortured them with a chain of sealed spiritual power, and pressed them to jail for interrogation.

Hei Xing Xing ran to Qian Shen and hugged people: "Qian Shen ..."

"Master, feed him the wounded medicine." Shen Song took out the wounded medicine and handed it to Hei Lingxing.

Hei Xing Xing quickly fed Qian Shen to his mouth, stopped him from vomiting blood, but the injuries were still serious.

"You. Didn't you get hurt?" Qian Shen asked with severe pain.

"I'm fine, I'm not injured."

Qian Shen smiled effortlessly, "That's good.

Hei Xingxing looked at him with a complex look: "But you are very badly injured, and I extol you to go to the doctor."

"Yes." Shen Song turned around and saw Wu Ruo stepping forward and asked, "How is he?"

Hei Xingxing looked at Wu Ruo with bloodshot eyes: "Can you help me see him?"

Wu Ruo looked at Qian Shen who was walking in black with obsessed and admiring eyes, hesitated, squatted down, and found Qian Shen's Lingtian was destroyed.

Kurosaki asked anxiously, "How is his condition?"

Wu Ruo answered truthfully: "His spiritual field has been destroyed."

Chapter 380:

Qian Shen looked for a moment, but soon he was relieved. It was worth destroying Lingtian in order to save the people he likes.

"Lingtian was destroyed?" Shen Songzhang looked at Wu Ruo.

When he learned that the old master made the young master and Qian Shen marry him, he was very angry, and reported the grievances for the young master, and even felt that Qian Shen used some means to force his young master to marry him. Therefore, during this time, he I have n’t waited to see Qian Shen, and his past goodwill faded away, but when he saw Qian Shen rushed to protect the Master for the first time, he could n’t help but be moved by his actions. Now he heard that Qian Shen Ling Tian was destroyed. Can not help but sad for Qian Shen, thinking that Qian Shen should not end like this.

Hei Xingxing tightened Qian Shen's body and Shen Sheng asked, "Is there no way to cure?"

The destruction of Lingtian is equivalent to the loss of spiritual power. Without the spiritual power, it is difficult to survive such a serious injury.

Wu Ruo faced the eyes of Hei Xingxing, stiffened his neck, and could not shake his head to disappoint Hei Xingxing. He looked at Qian Shen: "Qian Shen, your space should contain the medicine in your clan, take it. Can relieve your pain later. "

Qian Shen's injuries were more serious than his father's injuries that year. The herbs in this world could not cure Qian Shen at all.

"Yes." Shen Song gleam his eyes brightly: "The mysterious clans are so powerful, they must be able to heal your Lingtian."

Qian Shen watched Hei Lingxing with nostalgia, without even looking at Wu Ruo. He said weakly, "Useless ..."

Although there is only one entrance between the Hermit and the Cultivation Realm, the Hermit must not be the Cultivation Realm. Even the Cultivation Realm may not be able to heal his spiritual fields.

Wu Ruo sank his face: "At least after taking the elixir, you won't be so painful."

Qian Shen glanced at him weakly: "You, don't you want me, am I dead? Why bother me?"

Wu Ruo: "..."

He really wanted to kill Qian Shen with one palm now.

Deeply chanting that there was a killing in Wu Ruo's eyes, he screamed, "Prince Princess."

Wu Ruo took a deep breath and left the beginning.

Hei Xinghan faced coldly: "Whether your elixir is useful or not, at least it won't hurt so much, or do you want to die?"

Qian Shen's face was pale and bloodless, but his eyes were as bright as stars in the sky: "Limp, you, do you feel sorry for me?"

Deep chant: "..."

It's his mother's time, and this leisure time wants to win the distress of his master. I was really worried about him before.

Hei Xingxing: "..."

Qian Shen could not get a response, smiled bitterly, and took out the wound medicine from the space.

The black cormorant fed him quickly, and instantly, Qian Shen's complexion returned a little ruddy.

Immediately afterwards, she coughed dry and coughed, and then spit out blood.

Hei Xingxing was startled: "Qian Shen!"

Wu Ruo quickly turned his head and gave Qian Shen a pulse: "He was hurt too much."

The previous three attacking instruments, two of them first shattered his defensive robes, and were seriously injured by the instruments and elders, but he couldn't heal his body simply by taking medicine.

Shen Song hurriedly asked, "What should I do?"

At this time, an anxious female voice came over not far away: "Qian Shen."

Wu Ruo they looked over, and a woman similar to Gan Shen hurriedly came to hug a pair of Qian Shen who was about to die, crying, "Why are you so stupid?"

This woman is Qian Shen's sister, Qian Fu, who once sprinkled medicine powder on Qian Shen. No matter where Qian Shen ran, she could find it. So, after chasing out hermit, she followed the smell of the medicine powder. I searched, but when I found someone along the smell, that person was not her brother. Later, she knew that she had been fooled, and hurried to the Necropolis, because Hei Ling was here, Qian Shen would come to him for him. country.

Unexpectedly, one step came late and failed to protect her brother in time.

Qian Shen called out weakly "Sister ..."

Qianfu quickly gave him the pulse, and found that Lingtian was destroyed and the injury was too serious, and he quickly picked up the man: "We will go back to the hermit to heal."

Qian Shen's face was anxious: "Sister ..."

He didn't want to go back to the Mymit, he just wanted to stay beside Hei Pingxing, and even if he was going to die, he would die in his arms.

Qian Fu didn't give Qian Shen a chance to speak, and quickly clicked his faint point.

Wu Ruo stood up and blocked Qianfu's footsteps.

Qian Fuhong stared at him: "My brother is already injured like this, it's almost like a futile man. Would you still take his life?"

Wu Ruo stared at Qian Shen, bloodshot his eyes, and he kept lingering between killing and not killing. Only by killing Qian Shen could he take revenge for himself and his family in the previous life, and the fragility in front of him was just to like himself. The human's hard work made him unable to kill.

Hei Xingxing tightened his eyebrows: "Xiao Ruo, you ..."

He wanted to persuade Wu Ruo to let Qian Shen leave, but he saw a deep resentment and murderous intention in Wu Ruo's eyes. He could n’t explain the words later, and he really did n’t understand why Wu Ruo was so deep in Qian Shen. Hate.

Hei Xuanyuan walked quickly: "Xiao Ruo, are you okay?"

Wu Ruo continued to fight in his heart, looking at his black shaman who was concerned about him, and then thought of his family who stayed in Heishangtang Mansion, and looked at the numerous guards and old people who were killed and wounded in the field. The second dream surfaced again.

In the dream, he tortured Qian Shen to death, saw Qian Shen being violently turned, and finally crushed the dead body. In his dream, he saw this scene as if he had avenged blood and hatred for his family. .

Later, he thought about everything that happened in the dream again. In fact, both dreams are circulating. In the world of Qian Shen, the first dream is made because of seeing the second dream, and in his In the world, it is because of the first dream that there is a second dream.

Seeing him look like he lost his soul, He looked at him all around and made him very worried. He quickly held Wu Ruo's hand and called his soul out loud: "Xiao Ruo, what are you doing?" Anymore? "

Wu Ruo turned back and looked at Qian Fu for a moment before he said, "I can let you go, but you have to promise me that I will not let Qian Shen take half a step away from the mysterious people, and he will not let him find me. Family trouble. "

Black Frow frowned.

Qianfu loosened his breath, before thinking that if Wu did n’t agree, he would take people away. However, with so many Necromantic people here, the chance of leaving Qian Shen is very low, which is almost impossible. .

She handed Qian Shen to Hei Pingxing's hand, and took out a rune from the space. After running the spell, the rune burned automatically. She raised her three fingers on her right hand: "I swear to Heaven Road that from now on, I will never let Qian Shen's half-step out of the mysterious clans won't let Qian Shen find trouble with Wu Ruo's family, otherwise there will be no thunder and thunder.

After she swears, the runes are also burned, and at the same time, a golden light flashes on her body, indicating that the oath is not a joke.

Wu Ruoren looked at her in surprise.

Qianfu took Qian Shen back and said, "Can I go now?"

Wu Ruo nodded.

"Thank you."

Hei Xingxing called out quickly: "Qian Shen his sister ..."

"If you want to see Qian Shen in the future, you can come to the hermit." Gan Fu took two steps, stopped again, took out a bag from the space and tossed it to Wu Ruo: "The thing inside is thank you for not killing us, You will most likely use it. "

Wu Ruo opened it and looked at it.

"What's that?" A deep curse was taken in curiously, and she was surprised: "Her sister is so generous."

Wu Ruo looked up to Hei Xieyu: "Is this good enough to have a good report?"

Of course, he is not a good person, but he spared Qian Shen, but Qian Fu gave such a great gift that he was very surprised.

Hei Xuanyu rubbed his forehead: "She will accept it for you."

Wu Ruo looked up at him: "Do you think I let Qian Shen like this?"

"It depends on how you think about it. If you think that letting go of Qian Shen can let you put down hatred, that's good.

"It is impossible to immediately drop the hatred. I just hope that after Qian Shen of other worlds sees the end of this world, we can have a good ending for other worlds. I don't want other worlds to kill me because he killed me. Running to kill him, he ran again and looped. "Wu Ruo sighed," I don't know if it's right or wrong. "

Hei Xun said for a moment, and did not expect Wu Ruo to think so: "Maybe you are right."

As for the hatred in my heart, time can dilute everything.

Wu Ruo smiled, "I hope so."

Shen Song listened to their conversation with a lot of sweat. What other world, what he killed me, I killed him again?

Hei Lingxing didn't quite understand what they said.

At this time, the guard came over and asked, "Prince, concubine, can this person handle it to me?"

Wu Ruo looked at the ordinary guards and frowned. "Who is this person who wants to kill Jixing and Qian Shen? Why do you want to deal with him in person?"

He sneered, reached out and touched the guard's neck, and then, pulling hard, a piece of human skin fell off the guard's face, revealing an ugly face that was burnt.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhh"-the guard quickly covered his face: "Don't look, don't look."

Because they blocked too quickly, Wu Ruo did not see his appearance clearly: "He is ..."

Pulling the chain quickly in his hands, the guard screamed in pain.

"She's the girl from Youjia Youran."

"What?" Shen Song couldn't believe looking at the guard: "Is she Miss You?"

"Yes, that's her." Tong coldly drew a corner of his mouth: "Not only her, but I also hope that the people at home will give me the treatment. I will make them live better than dogs."

Deeply angrily: "Miss You, why do you want to be a young master? Where is my young master who is sorry for you?"

Yuran heard the words, laughed wildly, and cried again: "I'm sorry for my place? I like him for so many years, I long to look forward to getting married with him. People make fun of themselves and ca n’t lift their heads, saying that because I ’m ugly, the Hei Ling will not want me. Later, he cancelled the marriage contract with me, and made a marriage with a handsome man, what about me?

With red eyes and black limping, she roared, "Do you know what my end will be after I've been withdrawn?"
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