Comeback of the Abandoned Wife Chapter 361-370

Chapter 361: Sounds good

The elders who were sitting were very ugly, and obviously all knew what happened to Hei Xieyu and the floor.

Wu Ruosheng said, "I'll explain this to my father and mother after I ask Hei Xuyi for a clear explanation."

Guan Zhen angered: "The man in the Necromancer doesn't really have a good thing. As soon as he has solved the curse, don't stop at Xiaoruo. Xiaoruo, such a man is not worth your nostalgia, if he really wants to marry someone We will leave immediately. When we return to the Mysterious Clan, we will go to the cultivation world to find someone to curse them back. In the cultivation world, as long as they can bear the spirit stone, both the demons and the ghosts will be happy to work for us. "

Wu Ruo lowered his eyelids and did not speak.

Guan Tong knew that he was sad and upset. If he continued, it would only make his son more painful, and he said, "We have breakfast first, and we have something to wait for before we have breakfast."

The ghost woman sighed quietly: "Xiao Ruo, let's have breakfast first, don't starve the child."

Wu Ruo nodded and sat down.

Guan Tong and Guipo each took the child from him and sat down.

Wu Ruo took the porridge from Wuzhu and looked at each of them quietly.

"Xiao Ruo, drink fast, or it's cold," Wu Zhu reminded him.


Everyone had half breakfast, ten dark guards came in and said they wanted to pick up eggs and go to Tianxiang officer, but the behavior was very rough, and they wanted to grab people.

Wu Ruo directly beats the dark guard who wants to be tough to lie on the ground.

Wuzhu was furious: "Are you here to pick up people? I think it's almost like grabbing people."

The injured Dark Guard said angrily: "Prince, do you want to disobey the Prince's order?"

Wu Ruoleng whispered: "I said, if you want to see the child, let Hei Xieyu come to me in person.

"Prince has no time to meet you."

Wu Ruo sneered: "I have time to meet the child but I don't have time for me? Do you think I will believe what you say? You go back and tell Hei Xuan, if you want my son, just walk over my body."

The dark guard gave a glance.

"What's the matter? What's the matter? Why is it so noisy here? What happened?" Hei Xietang came in from the outside and saw what happened to the dark guard when they saw them facing each other.

The dark guard told Hei Xutang.

After Hei Xietang listened, he asked the dark guard to go back first, and then said to Wu Ruo, "Sister, can we talk?"

Wu Ruo nodded.

The two walked into the courtyard pavilion.

"Dasao, I heard about Big Brother. This thing is really not kind." Hei Xietang sighed: "But this is not to blame Big Brother, as a prince, who bears a great responsibility and understands how to save the dead nation. Man, he has to give up the person he loves, and he has to trick you into marrying you to lift the curse. If you want to blame, you blame us, we forced him to do so. Now that the curse has been lifted, we all want big brother He can be happy, and he is only happy now with Lord Lou. If you can't bear two children, give the egg to the big brother and let the little ones stay with you. "

Wu Ruo hooked his lips coldly: "What about me? How do you plan to place me?"

"If Dasao is willing to stay in the dead nation, we will let Dasao enjoy endless prosperity and wealth."

"That sounds great."

Hei Xingtang rejoiced, "Da'ao, you agree?"

Wu Ruo asked, "What do they think of the emperor and empress?"

"They mean the same thing."

Wu Ruohe smiled: "Really?"

"Ma'am, what about you? What do you think?"

"What do I think?" Wu Ruohua said fiercely: "Of course I won't give up the person I like. If the person I like dares to marry someone else, I must abandon him and try it if you don't believe it.

Hei Xietang heard that, his face changed: "Dasao, why are you doing this? Big Brother doesn't like you at all, and you will not be happy with him. Besides, Big Brother has decided to marry Lou. Also let the great spiritual master pick a good life for them and get married after half a month. "

Wu Ruoqi sank his face: "They have decided to get married?"

"Yes, my elder brother planned to get married again in half a year. But last night, the Tianxiang official hall collapsed. The elder brother was worried about the night long dreams, so he decided to marry Lou as soon as possible, so as not to let the Lou be wronged."

"Oh, he really distressed Lord Lou."

"Sister-in-law, for the sake of our time together, I advise you to obediently give the egg to the elder brother, otherwise you will lose even the young and the glorious rich, and then expel you from the kingdom of the dead."

Wu Ruoan said lightly, "If you lose the value of use, you will ignore the life and death of the other party. It is really cruel."

"That's all for now. Think about it.

Wu Ruo stared sharply at Heixiutang: "How about you? What are you going to do with Xiaoxi?"

"If Xiaoxi doesn't mind Brother's affairs, of course I want to be able to marry Xiaoxi, but if I don't accept it, I can only give up on her."

Wu Ruo sneered: "Compared to your brother's behavior, it's almost half a catty, not much difference."

He turned his back to Hei Xietang: "Go back and tell Hei Xieyu, if you want to see the child, come here by yourself, if you want a child, then you will fall down with Loulou to cancel the big marriage.

"Brother will not see you, nor will he cancel the marriage contract with Lord Lou."

After Hei Suitang left, Wuzhu immediately left and surrounded him: "Xiao Ruo, what did Hei Suitang tell you?"

Wu Ruo shook her head.

The ghost woman drove everyone away: "Let Xiaoruo calm down.

Soon, a group of guards surrounded the Yongkang Palace, except that the children could not be taken out, everyone else could enter and leave the palace at will.

Wu Ruo didn't care, but the others were very angry and scolded the black wolf's heart.

Guan Zhen asked Wu Ruo angrily, "Xiao Ruo, do you plan to swallow your voice all the time?"

Wu Ruo looked at him and squinted. "If things are true, of course I can't be silent."

"Then what do you want to do next?"

"I want to go out for a walk." Wu Ruo got up and left Yongji Temple.

The **** palace is full of joy and joy, and the **** palace ladies J are busy with the wedding of the prince and are very lively.

The eunuchs whispered that the women saw Wu Ruo, who was slow and aimless, whispered. When one of the palace ladies still called Prince Wu Ruo, the others quickly reminded her: "You are not going to die? The Prince and Lord Lou are about to get married. He was also called his prince, if it was heard by the real prince, it would kill you.

The palace girl was pale with fright.

Wu Ruo left the palace as if he didn't hear what they said.

First, he went to the Hengxing Palace in the Dungeon Royal Palace, and the scenes and things in the government remained the same as when he left. Even the palace where he lived was almost the same as before he went to Miyin. Once, The changed robe was still hanging by the bedside.

Seeing this, Wu Ruo ironically ticked.

Later, he left the underground palace reluctantly, went to the No. 1 shop in the border town, and saw a large group of guards surrounding the No. 1 group, and pushed out the shopkeeper and the guys in the shop.

Wu Ruo saw Laohe being kicked out and asked, "What's wrong?"

"Master." Lao Hei was very excited. "They said that the future Prince Princess liked this shop and forced us out. But aren't you the Prince Princess? The shop No. 1 was not bought by the Prince. How do you say take it back? Is it really rumored that the Prince has someone else he likes? "

Wu Ruo didn't say anything, and looked up at the shop that was only five stories high.

The people around the world are whispering.

"I heard that this shop was purchased by the prince before for the princess who solved the curse for the dead nation. Now that the curse has been removed, the prince immediately took the shop back and offered it to the current princess as a gift. Alas, the royal family. People are really cold-blooded. "

"You don't want to die, you say such a thing."

Wu Ruo looked at them, and looked at the situation in the shop. The guards removed all the contents and threw them to the ground.

Lao Hei anxiously said, "Man, they threw out all our goods. Can you think of a way?"

Wu Ruo lowered his eyes.

"Little Ruo." Someone suddenly called.

Wu Ruo turned to see Hei Ling walking and Shen Song standing behind the crowd.

Hei Xingxing frowned and came over, "What is going on with the Prince? Why is he marrying someone else?"

Deeply sneer: "At a glance, I know that the prince just used Wu Ruo to solve the curse. Now that he has solved the curse, there is no use value."

"Don't bullshit."

Shen Gongsong skimmed his lips and stopped talking.

Wu Ruo asked softly, "Why are you here?"

Hei Xingxing explained: "I heard about the prince, so I wanted to come to Lao Hei and ask about it. I didn't expect to meet you here.

"Things are true."

Hei Pingxing frowned: "Xiao Ruo, you ..."

At this time, the guard chief came out of the shop, glanced at the onlookers, and then fixed his eyes on Wu Ruo and Hei Lingxing.

He said, "I know everyone is very curious why the prince is not marrying the princess who solves the curse for us."

The people stopped talking after hearing what he said.

"That was because the former princess collusion with the old people." The head of the guard angered Wu Ruo: "This man is the one who solves the curse for the dead nation. The man standing next to him is the son of the old people Black limping. "

The people who hated the old people heard this, and smashed everything in their hands to Wu Ruo angrily.

"It turned out that the old clans had colluded, and it is no wonder that the prince would not want him.

"The prince did not arrest him for committing such a serious crime. I am afraid that he did not blame him for solving the curse of the dead nation."

"This kind of person deserves to die." The people were very angry.

Hei Pingxing held his face down for Wu Ruo's throwing things.

Laohei couldn't control the situation and quickly said, "Man, let's leave here first and talk in another place."

Hei Xing didn't say a word and hurried Wu Ruo, and led them back to the child town of the dungeon.

He said apologetically to Niaoruo, "Xiaoruo, sorry, I didn't expect that I would cause you trouble.

Wu Ruo smiled bitterly: "This is just an excuse for their dissolution of the marriage contract to give the people an account, so even without you, they will find another way to frame me."

"So what do you do now? Are you going back? By the way, what about your family? Where are they?"

"They are still in the palace, and I will go back to them."

"But you go back like this, will they let you go, Prince?"

Wu Ruo affirmed: "They will not do anything to us."


"Don't say this." Wu Ruo interrupted him, pointed to the pharmacy specializing in the development of drug deficiency, said, "Take me in and see how?"

"it is good."

Wu Ruo followed him into the pharmacy and turned around, and found that the doctors were still studying the prescriptions he used to heal the granddaughter's granddaughter and grandson, but he said nothing and stayed in Tongzhen until the afternoon before returning to the palace.

Chapter 362: This is my man

Wu Ruo returned to the palace, and no one was embarrassed by the things of the old people. He waited for five days in Yongji Palace, but he didn't wait for Hei Xieyu to meet him.

Seeing that the big wedding is getting closer and closer each day, Wu Qianqing is anxious day by day, but in addition to the daze in the palace, Wu Ruoqing is still in a daze on the day of the big wedding, Wu Qianqing they can't sit still .

Wu Qianqing said indignantly: "Xiao Ruo, you can't deceive yourself any more, that ungrateful person will never come to you again, but he will come to you long ago."

Guan Tong was upset and advised, "Xiao Ruo, if you feel uncomfortable, shall we leave here? If you don't speak like this, your mother is worried about you."

The ghost woman also has a heartache: "Xiao Ruo, if you have any thoughts, just say it. As long as we can do it, we will do our best to help you."

Wu Zhu said indignantly: "They just got married like this, have you ever thought about Wu Ruo?"

Youzhen patted him on the shoulder: "Xiaozhu, it's not worth being angry for this kind of person, and if Xiao can see the true face of the black shaman before the wedding, it is not a good thing to pay.

Guan Zhen agreed: "Xiao Jun is right, it is not worth being angry for this kind of person."

Wuzhu held Wu Ruo's arms: "Xiao Ruo, let's take the children away."

At this time, there was a sound of horn blowing from outside the palace. It was the sound of the welcome team entering the palace. Wu Ruo went back and said quietly, "I really want to get married."

Wuzhu said angrily, "Xiao Ruo, wouldn't you still be naive to think that it was a fake that Hei Xieyu fell in love with the building?"

Wu Ruo did not reply to him, and looked out of the hall.

The six guards walked in and said, "Prince Wu, the prince asked us to take the two small halls and worship the ancestors, and asked Wu to not disturb us."

Wuzhu sneered: "You want to take the opportunity to take the child away."

Wu Ruo stood up and said, "I won't let you take the children away, but I can take the children to worship the ancestors."

The six guards knew that they could not beat Wu Ruo, but they did not dare to take charge. They went back to ask the prince, and then they took Wu Ruo to the shrine after getting consent.

Wu Qianqing, when they saw Wu Ruo with the guards, hurriedly said, "Xiao Ruo, what can you do if you go? Do you want to watch Hei Xuanyu marry someone else?"

"Xiaoruo, if you go, it will only make you more uncomfortable."

You said: "Let him go. Only when he sees that the person he likes is married to another person will he die.

Wuzhu didn't worry: "But ..."

"If you are not assured, we can also go and see if there is any accident, we can also help."

"it is good."

Everyone followed Wu Ruo and they came to the Ancestral Hall.

At this time, outside the square of the ancestral hall, there were many ministers and their families, and all the relatives of the imperial family also came.

After they saw Wu Ruo, they quieted quickly.

Wu Ruo looked at a pair of new people on the sacrifice platform, the big red wedding robes on them both stinged his eyes.

In the back Wu Qianqing, they also saw a pair of new people standing on the sacrifice platform. They really wished to rush to them and slap them.

Wu Ruo held the child to Wuzhu and held them, then walked towards the sacrificial platform.

The guard quickly stopped.

Wu Ruodan whispered, "I'll let you all the people in the necromancy solve the curse. Now let me say a few words to your prince?"

The ministers looked at each other.

Lou Qing nervously held Hei Xuan's hand.

Hei Xuanyu calmed him: "Don't worry."

The emperor said, "Let him come."

The guards dropped their hands.

Wu Ruo stared straight at Hei Xieyu, stepping on the red carpet step by step and stepped on the sacrifice platform to Hei Xieyu.

Hei Xuanyu said coldly, "What are you doing here?"

Wu Ruo smiled slightly: "Look at you as a marriage."

Hei Xieyu: "..."

"You two shouldn't visit the church yet?"

Lou Tingluo clenched and said, "Wait for the church."

Wu Ruo smiled even more: "That's good."

Hei Xuan slumped his face: "What the **** do you want to do?"

Wu Ruo looked at him: "Do you remember when we saw the ancestral souls in the Miyin clans?"

"..." Hei Xieyu said nothing.

Wu Ruo continued, "After the ancestors solved the curse, I have been thinking, how can we eliminate the resentment of the past two thousand years with a few words and a few clicks? Wouldn't it be too simple? If this is really so easy, why bother with the royal family of the Necromantic Kingdom to find people who want to find the Hermit to fall in love with them? "

Black eyes narrowed his eyes.

Wu Ruo chuckled: "So, I haven't been able to figure this out until you return to the dead, you haven't come to see me, to restore the official position of Lou Qingluo, and then to see you intimate with Lou Qingluo , You start to see the problem. "

Hei Xun asked quickly: "What's the problem?"

"There are many problems. For example, I saw in the dormitory where we lived that the clothes we changed before departure still hung on the bedside. For example, I saw that the number one store was still five floors high. There is also Tongzhen, the doctor who was retrieved by Hei Lingxing is still researching my medicine for treating the grandpa and granddaughters next to me ... "

Hei Xuan slumped his face: "What's the problem?"

"The problem is big. Whether it ’s the robe hanging on the bed, the No. 1 shop, or the pharmacy in Tongzhen, I have seen it with my own eyes. The things I did n’t see later have n’t changed. After that, it ’s like after we set out for the Hermit, there should be women to pack our robes. The No. 1 pharmacy should also be under construction, reaching the height of six and seven floors. The pharmacy in Tongzhen should also study the conditioning of the five internal organs. Liu Liu's medicinal materials are. "

His eyes narrowed, "What on earth do you want to say?"

Wu Ruo put a smile on her face and said with confidence, "I want to tell you that I believe in my husband, I believe that he loves me and everything I love is true. I believe that except me, I will not If I touch other people, I believe that he will never betray me. I also believe that he did not use me to solve the curse. He also believes that he will not abandon me after the curse, and marry another person. And despite your disguise, you fail. "

Hei Xuan said in a deep voice: "You said these things, would you still be naive to think that I really like you?"

Wu Ruo still calmly said, "You have created illusions to design this play through everything I see. Isn't it just trying to test how much I trust my husband, isn't it? Your goal has been achieved. I also Debunking all this, then no matter how much you do next, in my eyes it is false, so please also raise your hand to let the younger generation leave the fantasy ... "

Hei Xieyu: "..."

Wu Ruo salutes respectfully, "Thanks to my ancestors first in this junior."

Hei Xun stunned and laughed, changing from the man's thick voice to the woman's crazy laugh.

The picture in front of Wu Ruo gradually became blurred, and then, people fell into the dim, and when they woke up again, they still saw the black-shaven face, but it was no longer a cold, handsome face, but a With anxiety, joy, and worry.

"Xiao Ruo, you finally woke up."

Wu Ruo blinked: "Kiss me.

Hei Xieyu kissed his lips without saying a word.

Wu Ruo murmured: "It's a real feeling, this is my man."

Hei Xuan asked and asked, "Are you uncomfortable?"

"Yes, my heart hurts." Wu Ruo raised his hand and punched Hei Xieyu's chest.

The punch was full of strength, and the unprotected Hei Xieyu was directly knocked to the ground, and he looked at Wu Ruo with his head full of sweat.

Wu Ruo sat up: "Although the person in the illusion is not you, I am still very angry, but I ca n’t let my breath out on the other person, so I can only beat you out, and you will suffer if you are unhappy, because I am You are wronged. "

Porchi heard a laugh, sitting deep on the other side and laughing.

The others laughed.

Hei Xiu rubbed his chest and stood up, "You can just wake up."

Wu Ruo looked at the others: "You are all here."

Wuzhu came over and said, "Xiao Ruo, you don't know that we are going to be scared to death by you."

"Being us?"

Wuzhu nodded: "When we went to the Academy to find Qian Shen's sister that day, you, Xun and Li Xing suddenly passed out.

Wu Ruo was surprised: "Darkness and limping also passed out?"

"Yes, you woke up in a coma for a long time, and you were unconscious for five days, and you were unconscious for more than half a month."

Wu Ruo looked at him in shock: "I've been fainted for so long."

"Yes." Hei Xieyu sat down and hugged him. "If it wasn't for the grandfather's ancestors that were testing us, we would all be anxious."

Wu Ruo looked at him curiously: "What did your ancestors test you for?"

Hei Xieyu said, "For the eldest brother, they said that we were unconscious, but I didn't feel that way. At that time, I should have entered the illusion after entering the college. We were taken by a teenager to see the patriarch. The patriarch called Guan Zang. He said that he would solve the curse for us, and then came to the deepest part of the academy, casting and arraying, please out of the ancestor's soul, we kneeled down and asked her to forgive us, and finally, we were sincerely moved and willing Speak to us. She said that she had forgiven her husband for a long time, but if you want to solve the necromancer, you must borrow your body. Only she can use the body of the hermit to unlock the curse, but , After using your body, you can't stand her blast and die. "

Wu Ruoli guessed the next thing: "She wants you to make a choice, right?"

"Yes, she said whether you agree or not, as long as I want to solve the curse, I can enter your body at any time, but if you miss this time, there is no next chance, even if there is a royal family and When the mysterious people come here in love, she will no longer help with the spell, because her ability is getting weaker and weaker, so she gave me a moment to think. "

Wu Ruo said with confidence: "You choose me if you want to, right?"

Chapter 363: possible

Hei Xuan turned his lips tightly and hugged him tightly. "Yes, although I feel quite wrong with everyone in the Nation, I still choose you without hesitation."

He thought that even if the people of the Necropolis couldn't solve the curse, at least they would still be alive, but if Wu died, he would be dead, and he would never be with him.

Wu Ruo kissed the corner of his mouth happily: "It's not too bad."

"Hey, hey, hey, I said, can you two stay old when we don't exist, and then take care of ourselves?" Shen Song can't stand them, even if he accepts men and men in a strong way. The fact that they are together, but he loves beauty, he still can't accept the scene of seeing two men kissing you every day, and I kissing you again.

Others covered their mouths and laughed.

Hei Xuyi asked Wu Ruo: "Xiao Ruo, what is your test?"

Wu Ruo rolled his eyes in a fit of temper: "I never want to see the test, the murderous heart is there."

Everyone looked at him curiously.

Wu Ruo said the things in his imagination one by one: "At that time, when I saw Xie Yiqinlou fell, I almost killed both of them. I thought about it all night, No matter how I think, I will not do this to me, because in my heart, I have a lot of trust in Xuan, so at first I wondered about the solution to the curse and wondered if I would be in a fantasy Everything in Zhong Ke is too real, and it makes me very helpless. I can only try to find flaws to prove that my idea is true.

You said with a smile: "After listening to your affairs, I think you just beat him with a punch just now."

Wuzhu agrees and nodded: "If Xie Yan dare to just get married with other people, even if I don't kill him, I will do it."

"..." Hei Xu felt that he was quite wrong, and the person in the fantasy world was not him. How could he breathe out at him, but he was very happy that Wu Ruo trusted him so much.

Wu Ruo hugged Hei Xuan in his arms tightly and felt the true existence of this person. After a while, he looked at Hei Xingxing and asked, "What about you? What happened after you passed out?"

Hei Xingxing reluctantly said: "I was in the fantasy before the ancestors were killed. As my perspective, I was the patriarch of the Necropolis. But I couldn't control my body, and watched every thing I knew. It happened when I was desperately trying to stop it. The moment before I killed my own child, I finally resisted and won the right to control my body and prevent the tragedy. "

Speaking of the back, he showed a little embarrassment, and the things behind him and his ancestors made him difficult to tell.

Deeply sighed: "If our ancestors were able to wake up in time in that year, the Necropolis would not be cursed."

Wuzhu was puzzled: "I know that the ancestor's test of Xun Zhe was to see if Wu Ruo's position in his heart and whether Xun Zou really loved Xiao Ruo, and the test of Xiao Ruo was the same. This is to test whether Xiao Ren will create a realm if she is willing to act in harmony. As for your test, I can't understand it. I want you to enter the fantasy before she was killed. What do you want to test for you? "

Wu Ruo murmured, guessing: "The lineage that belongs to the old race should be similar to the appearance of the patriarch in the illusion. After the ancestors saw the lineage, they thought of the patriarch of the year and the things of the year. After all, There were great misunderstandings at that time. After the ancestors died, they knew that the patriarch was controlled by others before they could make a beast-like behavior. Therefore, in addition to resentment and guilt in the heart, they created a fantasy and wanted to change the history and let the limp walk. There was a happy ending that year. "

Kurosaki nodded in agreement: "I think so too."

It was only when he realized this that he would accompany her for a period of time, as his ancestors thought.

Suddenly, there was a tremor on the ground, as if agreeing with them, with a trace of wailing in the vibration.

At this time, Guan Zhen came in: "Xiao Ruo, are you awake?"

Wu Ruo answered, "Maternal grandfather, I woke up."

Guan Zhensong tone: "Wake up just fine, it means you passed the test."

"Listen to your grandfather's meaning, can't you wake up without passing the test?"


Everyone: "..."

Failure to pass the test turned out to be so serious.

Hei Xieyan frowned: "Why didn't you listen to this before?"

Guan Zhen sighed: "I wasn't afraid that you were worried before, right. If Xiao wakes up, his stomach should be hungry. I will let you have a bowl of porridge for you to drink. After we finish eating, we will see the patriarch."

Everyone's eyes were bright: "The patriarch would like to see us?"

"Well, before the patriarch asked you to stay here, in fact, he had made an appointment with his ancestors in the morning, and he must test you when you are not prepared here. After the test, the ancestors will see you."

"Ancestrals want to see us?"

"Um." Guan Zhen didn't tell them more and turned to leave the room.

Deeply inquisitively asked: "Master, you have all seen ancestors in a fantasy world. What do ancestors look like?"

Wu Ruo frowned: "When I saw the ancestors, she was just a white shadow, and she couldn't see her face. How about you?"

Hei Xieyu said, "Me too."

Everyone looked at Hei Ling Xing, only he had really contacted his ancestors.

Hei Hexing hesitated: "She looks a bit like Qian Shen."

Everyone said in unison: "Oh."

"..." Hei Pingxing always felt that this sound was meaningful.

Wu Ruo drank the porridge, and Hei Xun rushed them to the hall.

When Guan Zhen saw them, he stood up and said, "Let's go."

Wu Ruo followed him and asked, "Maternal grandfather, is the clan called Guanzang?"

"Gangzang?" Guan Zhen froze. "No, where did you hear your name?"

"In the illusion, I thought that the patriarch of the illusion was the same as the patriarch of the real world. So, the patriarch we saw looked like the patriarch of the real world.

"It should be." Guan Zhen thought for a while: "By the way, I remember that her ancestor was her brother named Guan Zang. At that time, it was because her brother was the patriarch that she could be brought back to the hermit and suppressed in the Valley of Four Seasons. Will appear in your fantasy, you should miss your elder brother, maybe you want to meet her elder brother before leaving. "

"Her elder brother should be dead?"


Everyone froze.

Wu Zhu was surprised: "It's almost two thousand years ago, her brother is still there? How is it possible? Her brother has such a long life?"

Guan Zhen explained: "In the realm of cultivation, there is nothing impossible. Besides, it is only two thousand years old. You don't know that there are many people living in the realm of cultivation.

"Her brother is in the world of cultivation?"

"Yes, her elder brother is practicing in the realm of cultivation, and now she is a monk during the deification period."

Deeply stunned and questioned: "Monk of God? Is he ready to become a god?"

"The deification period is not the meaning of becoming a god, but a level, just like the magician is divided into one to nine levels, and the deification period monk is equal to our fifth-order monk?"

"If it is equal to a fifth-order monk, shouldn't it be very powerful in the realm of cultivation?"

"You are wrong. The deification period is a very powerful person in the cultivation world. In the cultivation world, there are very few people who can achieve the cultivation period. Moreover, their promotion methods are different from ours. We have enough spiritual power to be able to Advancement, but they are divided into one to nine stages in each stage. The last stage is the peak period, and you can advance to the next stage when you reach the peak period. However, you cannot successfully advance each time. If the advancement fails, If you fix it, you will go backwards, and serious ones may never be able to advance further. "


Wu Ruo thought and asked: "Grandfather, ask you a question."

Guan Zhen glanced at him, "What are you asking?"

"According to the situation of the Miyin people, everyone should be long-lived. Then, the great-grandfather should still be in the world, why have we never met them? Did they go to the cultivation world?"

"Yes, they are all cultivators. After leaving the Mysterious Clan, they have gone to the cultivation world and haven't come back yet. Of course, the most important thing is to cultivate there. It may be one and a half years or ten years or Twenty years have passed. "

"It takes so long to practice?"

"Of course, in the practice world, most of the one hundred years are spent in cultivation.

Wuzhu twisted her eyebrows: "I have been practicing in seclusion, how can I still experience the joy of life?"

"They have a higher class and a longer life. Most of them have time to experience their lives.

Hei Zihe saw them walking up the hill in the back room and said, "Old lady, are you going to take us up the mountain? But isn't there only one person in charge on the mountain?"

Guan Zhen smiled and said nothing.

Wu Ruo and Hei Xie gave them a glance at them, faintly guessing the identity of the policy.

Guan Zhen took them outside Guan Ze's house and entered directly through the open door.

Hei Zihe saw the management policy sitting under the big tree reading a book, and smiled happily: "Ah policy, here we are."

Wu Ruo was surprised and asked Hei Xuyi: "During my coma, Ermei and Guan Ce came so close, they all called A Ce.

Hei Xuanxi said softly, "She has a long mouth. She wants to call it like that, and she can't help it."

Wu Ruo admires Hei Zihe very much, compared with Hei Zihe who gave up in a fantasy world.

Guan Ze looked at Hei Zihe, put down the book and stood up and said, "You are here."

Guan Zhen said with a smile: "I'll introduce you again. This is our patriarch, the policy."

Except for Shen Song, Wuzhu, and Heizihe, others behaved calmly: "I have seen the patriarch.

Hei Zihe was surprised: "Our house is a patriarch, it's amazing."

Wu Ruo: "..."

Hehe, the appellation has been upgraded again. From Guance to Ace, and then to my house, Ace, before she became her, she has become her.

Guan Ce pumped invisibly, and these days she has become accustomed to her way of doing things. Even if he corrects her, she will continue to call him my house intimately on the grounds of not remembering or calling habits.

Guan Zhen looked at the sense of powerlessness of the head of the family in the face of Heizi Hoot, hooked his lips, and finally found a girl who could overcome him.

Guan Ce's eyes glanced from Wu Ruo, Hei Xieyu, Hei Xingxing: "It seems that the three of you have passed the test."

Wu Ruo asked, "Patriarch, is this really a test?"

But why test this for them?

"Well, come with me." Guan Ce took them to the backyard.

The innermost part of the backyard is the mountain wall, which is engraved with a lot of ancient runes, and a large stone gate on the mountain wall is restrained by a yellow sign attached to a gossip figure.

Guan Ce put his hand on the mountain wall, using spiritual force to urge, and then, the big stone gate slowly opened, exposing a passage.

Guan Zhen raised an eyebrow: "The ancestors were sealed down?"

"Well." Guan Ce gave them five lighted torches.

Deeply inquisitively asked: "The ancestor's eldest brother is Guan Zang, what is the ancestor's name?"

"Guan Yi." Guan Ce took the torch to the front.

Hei Zihe hurried behind him: "Ace waits for me.

Guan Ze carefully took the torch and took a picture so that she could see the stone ladder under her feet.

Guan Zhen saw the scene and nodded with satisfaction: "There is hope."

The aisle is not wide. Only two people can pass side by side. The more the ice goes down, the more slowly the fire on the torch changes from orange-red to green.

Everyone looked at the torch in surprise.

Guan Ze explained: "Because there are grudges below, the color of the torch will turn green."

The repressed souls underground shuddered when they realized their arrival.

Everyone hurriedly supported Shibi to stabilize his body.

Guan Ce said to the channel, "Senior, we are here to see you."

As the conversation ended, the vibration stopped.

After burning tea, they finally reached the bottom, but there was a stone door in front of them.

Guan Ce once again applied spiritual power to Shimen, and immediately afterwards, Shimen rose slowly.

Wu Ruo they blinked in surprise when they saw everything in the door.

They thought that there would be a dark cave behind the door, and the ancestors were suppressed inside, but in reality, a boudoir arranged as a girl inside the stone door was surrounded by bright night pearls, and the room was bright as day.

Everyone put torches outside the door.

Guan Ce said, "Senior, we are coming in."

"Come in." The woman's voice came out quietly.

Guan Ce took the lead in the room and came to the dressing cabinet, respectfully saluting to the person with his back to him: "I've seen seniors."

Wu Ruo also saluted each other quickly: "I've seen our ancestors."

Guan Yi was wearing a white robe with her hair spread behind her back. She slowly stood up and turned to look at them: "You don't have to be polite."

Wu Ruo looked up, and she looked similar to Qian Shen.

Guan Yi looked directly at Hei Lingxing: "You and Ah Chi look so similar. The moment I saw you, I thought Ah Chi was here. But I know Ah Chi died a long time ago."

There was a sorrow in her eyes. Gradually, her eyes became reddish, and she expressed a great resentment: "It is the fault of the people of the heavenly kingdom. If not for them, I and Azhi would not separate."

Guan Ce quickly stopped her from going crazy: "Senior, things have passed, please don't be sad and sad about the previous things."

Guan Yi looked at the eye, and then looked at Hei Ling, and when she was resentful, she walked around and stopped in front of him: "Thank you."

Chapter 364: Voyeur

Hei Xing Xing laughed without saying a word, but knew in her heart that Guan Yi was thanking him for spending time with her in a fantasy world, and because of this, her resentment was much relieved.

Wu Ruo quietly looked at Guan Yi. Although it was just a ray of soul, it was no different from a ghost who had an entity.

Guan Yi noticed Wu Ruo's gaze and turned to look at him: "At that time, if I trusted my husband like you and found his abnormality earlier, we wouldn't ruin our home."

After so many years, she has always felt guilty and felt ashamed of her husband. If she hadn't misunderstood him, she would not have cursed people in the country of the dead.

Wu Ruo asked: "Since the ancestors already knew it was a misunderstanding, why not lift the curse."

"I have deep resentment. I have been in a state of madness for nearly two thousand years, otherwise I will not be sealed here. Whenever I wake up and want to cast a spell on the nation of the necromancer, I get caught in the scene of being killed again and again. Come out. My elder brother said that I ended up with this kind of ending because I did n’t love my husband. test.

Hei Sui asked: "The test is the relationship between the two?"

Guan Yi flew up, sat on the Qianqiu, and swayed gently: "Yes, the test will be like my husband and I. One is a person from the royal family of the Necropolis, and the other is a hermit. When I fell in love and encountered the same situation and trusted the other party, I confessed that I was not enough to love and did not trust my husband. After setting the test, my elder brother followed the spirit of the Necromancer. The division and the emperor said this. "

"Then why did you use Hei Pingxing's illusion to return to what happened that year?"

"Because I am unwilling, the relationship between my unwillingness and my husband is over, so what is this to do to fulfill my last dream? If my husband could wake up earlier, we might not have such an ending . "

Wu Ruo asked, "Did we pass your test and fulfill your wishes?"

"Well, you made me realize that I did not trust my husband enough. At the same time, you also fulfilled my last wish. When you leave, I will lift the curse for the kingdom of the dead."

"Then ..." Wu Ruo looked at the dark eyes and chanted them: "Will the old people disappear after the curse is removed?"

"My heart is resolved, and the old people will not be implicated again.

Shen Song and Hei Ling were relieved.

Hei Xieyu asked, "I don't know how the ancestors would solve the curse? Do they need younger people to help?"

"It's easy for me to solve the spell and no one else needs to help."

"That trouble ancestor."

Guan Zhen frowned: "Senior, now that your heart is gone, why are you still so angry?"

Guan Yi looked cold: "The remaining resentment in my body is directed at the people of the Holy Kingdom. If it were not for them, I would not be separated from my husband and fallen here."

Everyone was silent.

After a while, Wu Ruocai said, "I have another question."

Guan Yi looked at him: "What's the problem?"

"It's about pre-dreaming. Some time ago, I had the same dream with Li Xing. In addition, I had one more dream than Li Xing, all related to Qian Shen and us. I guess The thing we dreamed about was the pre-dream of the Son of God, if it is really a pre-dream, why is there a good or bad pre-dream? Why is there such a big difference between what happened in the dream and what happened in reality? "

After receiving the pre-dream dream of the Son of God, Wu Ruo would wake up every time and wonder why he had a wonderful dream, and had a bad nightmare, and the situation between the two dreams was too different. If it is said that because of his rebirth, Qian Shen's first dream dream changed, then what happened in this life should be similar to the second dream dream, but the reality is similar to the second dream dream, but Most of the things and the results were different from what happened now, so he felt particularly strange.

Guan Ze knew what he and Dingxing were dreaming, and explained to him, "It is better to say that it is a pre-dream than to peep into the heaven."

Wu Ruo looked at him in wonder: "Peeping heaven?"

"Well, thousands of years ago, the pre-dreams of the Virgin and Child could reach thousands, and we can see that they have thousands of endings, but our ancestors are not called pre-dreams but heavenly machines, and the so-called dreams are not Dream, but see something else in the world ... "

Wu Ruo heard this, his heart beating a few times.

Youyou glanced at Wu Ruo.

Kurosaki asked curiously, "Another world?"

"Another world is not in the same space as us, but has the same people and things as our world. For example, everyone in this world also has exactly the same name and identity as us in another world. People, but the time and things that happened are slightly and hugely different from ours. What the sage and the maiden saw in the dream actually happened in other worlds, and you can rely on what you see to change your current life. But as the power of the immortal weakens from generation to generation, the dreams of the Virgin and Child are less and less, and now only one good ending and one bad ending can be seen. "

Bird Ruo: "..."

No wonder he felt that something was wrong. The original dreaming was not a real dream.

Shen Song and Wuzhu were surprised.

Heizi He wondered: "In another world, there are people who look exactly like us, but also have the same name and identity? It ’s really amazing, Atzer, do you say I in another world have already followed Did you have children? "

Everyone: "..."

Guan Ce's calm eyes flashed a sense of helplessness: "Black girl ..."

Hei Zihe blinked at him. "Aze, who are you calling? We don't have a person named Black Girl here."

Management policy: "..."

"No," Wu Ruo said suddenly, "the patriarch and Ermei were not together."

Guan Ce's eyes flashed intently.

"Didn't you?" Heizu He frowned, and dropped his eyelids in loss.

Wu Ruo glanced at Guan Ce and continued, "In my first dream, which was Qian Shen's pre-dream, I was dead, and there was no chance to come to Miyin with Xie Yi, and Ermei did not. Chance to meet the patriarch, in the end, you have been alone for a lifetime. The second dream died early because of Qian Shen, and did not see the end. "

Heizihe patted his chest: "Dasao, you are really scared to death. I still can't be together after I meet Atce, then I will be sad all my life."

"Pre-dreaming can't be together, doesn't mean they can't be together in reality, but things can change."

Guan Ce interrupted Wu Ruo and continued: "Since the seniors are already happy, then please troubleshoot the curse of the dead nation."

Guan Yiqing said, "I want to see my brother. Come back for me. Maybe this is the last time I see him."

Hei Xingxing cared, "Ancestor, why do you say the last time?"

"I am just a ray of soul, and it has been my attachment and resentment until now. My heart has been resolved now, and the remaining resentment cannot let me stay in this world for too long. It is time for me to give birth. I hope to see my husband again. "Guan Yi waved his hands wearily," You all step back. "

Everyone looked at each other, walked out of the underground cave, and returned to the land. Except for Hei Zihe, everyone left Guanye's house.

Wu Ruo said to Hei Xuyi, "When I said that the patriarch could not be with the second sister, the patriarch seemed to not accept my ending. It seems that the second sister still has great hope to be with the patriarch."

Hei Xieyu nodded in agreement, and with his sister's cheek, it was difficult not to win the patriarch.

As soon as they returned to Guan Zhen's house, the three men, Hei Xun, Li Xun, and Shen Song, instantly felt very relaxed.

The three quickly stopped.

Wu Ruo looked at them in wonder: "What's wrong?"

Hei Xunyu looked at Heiyu: "Did you feel it?"

Hei Xingxing nodded: "I feel like I've let go of a heavy burden, and my body is relaxed a lot."

Shen Song excitedly said, "Me too, me too."

Guan Zhen laughed: "It seems that the predecessors have lifted the curse on the dead nation."

"Really?" Shen Song rejoiced.

Hei Xieyu and Hei Xingxing felt like Guan Zhen said that the ancestors had released the curse.

Wu Ruo hugged Hei Xieyu happily: "It's great that the people of the Necromantic Kingdom can move to land. Hurry up and squeeze my face. Am I still in a fantasy?"

Hei Xing chuckled: "Xiao Ruo, are you afraid of the ancestor's illusion?"

"I was really scared by my ancestors. You haven't experienced that kind of taste. It's so real. You can't feel that you are in a fantasy." Wu Ruo hugged Hei Xuan: "Although I found out that the other person Xunyu, but I still feel uncomfortable seeing people who look exactly like the ones they like have a big wedding with other people. "

Hei Xieyu ticked the corner of his mouth and was just about to say something. Shen Song quickly called out: "Stop, stop, I see that atmosphere and you know that you are going to kiss me again. The backyard is over there, please both of you Go back to the room and get affectionate again. "

Black bamboo and yuppies laughed loudly, and Ye Ji and Acanthus and Guan Zhen couldn't help but bend their corners.

Wu Ruo gave him a look of anger, "Deep Song, do you know how happy you are?"

"I only know that my eyes are hurt." Shen Song was particularly afraid that after returning to the state of the dead, he became a man who loved only men and women.

Suddenly, there was an explosion from the Snow Mountain to the north.

The crowd looked at the snowy mountains to the north, and the snow on the mountain collapsed suddenly, rolling down from the snowy mountain and rushing fiercely to the houses under the snowy mountain.

Wuzhu tightened his brow: "What's wrong?"

Guan Zhen's expression calmed, and he hurriedly left a sentence to let Wu Ruo leave if they didn't want to leave.

At the same time, they saw Guan Ce, who lived on the top of the mountain, using light work to fly over them and rush to the north.

Hei Zihe, who followed, returned to Wu Ruo's side.

Because they were standing a little far from the north, they couldn't see what happened, so they had to wait outside the gate of the house, and the people in the clan ran out when they heard the movement.

Chapter 365: Your son is injured

The sound of the explosion in the north continued for a while. Everyone heard it terrifying. It was speculated that the monks in the realm of cult came to Fanjie to make a noise.

"Uncle Zhen and his grandson." Someone suddenly called out, "Your son is injured."

Wu Ruo looked away. A man hugged a baby boy and ran quickly with light work. Behind him, he followed a few baby boys.

They fixed their eyes, and the man's arms were actually wounded and unconscious eggs, followed by the arms of the little nightthorn and the little Wuyou.

"Eggs." Wu Ruo hurried over and hugged the child from each other's hands: "How could the eggs be hurt?"

As the man entered the room with them, he explained: "The children skied and snowballed under the Beishan Mountain. Suddenly a group of people broke out at the entrance of the cultivation world. They accidentally injured the child in the fight. I quickly brought the children back when I saw them. , I've sent someone to see a doctor, and I should hurry to see the child when I meet. "

"Thank you." Wu Ruo thanked him.

Wuzhu quickly asked the other children if they were injured, and the three children shook their heads.

Back in the room, Hei Xieyu quickly put the child on the bed, took out the wound medicine and treated the egg with a small wound on his forehead. The wound disappeared quickly.

Wu Ruo was sitting next to the bed and examining her body, except that she sustained minor injuries on her forehead, and was intact.

When Wu Zhu saw him withdraw his hand, he hurriedly asked, "Xiao Ruo, are you all right?"

Wu Ruosong sighed, "Apart from the injury and coma on his forehead, it was not a big deal."

Others were relieved.

Suddenly, with a bang, He Xuanyu stood still and fainted beside the bed.

Everyone was surprised.


"Xu Xun." Wu Ruo and You Xuan quickly lifted the person to bed and lay down, examining the body.

Wuzhu anxiously walked back and forth: "How well I passed out.

You Xuan frowned: "Xiao Ruo, how about Xun Xuan?"

Wu Ruo frowned. "He seems to be ... asleep."

Everyone snapped: "Asleep?"

Just standing still, why did I suddenly fall asleep?

"Little lord, the doctor is here," shouted the servant outside.

Wuzhu quickly walked to the door: "Please ask the doctor to come in."

When the doctor entered the room, he first checked the body of the egg, and after confirming that it was not inconvenient, he gave the veins to Heishu: "Is this person asleep?"

Everyone: "..."

Wu Ruo anxiously worried: "He just stood by the bed just fine, and then, like a sudden collapse, fell to the bed, is it really just asleep?"

The doctor said: "Although you said the situation is not normal, after the husband's examination, he is indeed no different from the person who fell asleep."

Wu Ruo: "..."

The same is true of his conclusion.

The doctor said, "Let's look at the situation first, and if we haven't woke up tonight or tomorrow morning, we will think of another way.

Wu Ruo nodded: "It can only be so.

Wuzhu sent the doctor and the man who had sent the children back.

Two hours later, Guan Zhen returned to the house, heard about Eggs and Hexie, and hurried to the room to ask, "Are Eggs and Shie wake up?"

Wu Ruo shook his head bitterly.

Guan Zhen comforted: "Xiao Ruo, don't worry, although the secret hermit doctors don't have the magic of coming back to life from the descendants of the Celestial Gods, but the medical technique definitely surpasses the descendants of the Celestial Gods. He said nothing will be fine."

Wu Ruo clenched Hei Xuan's hand tightly and did not speak.

Hei Lingxing asked with concern: "Senior, I don't know what happened before?"

Guan Zhen sank his face: "The people who were sent to the cultivation world more than half a month ago were a group of ninth-level magicians. They have been used to the days of the stars holding the moon. Now when they go to the cultivation world, everything must start from the beginning. In the eyes of these people, a ninth-level magician can be pinched to death with a single finger, so when they just got to the point of being oppressed, now they ca n’t bear it, they want to sneak back. In fact, it ’s okay to return. Especially for those who have just arrived, as long as those immortals say a word, they can be put back at any time. But these people are really daring. Not only are they lucky enough to pick up the dead monk's space ring, which contains a lot of magic drugs and spirits. Shi also encouraged some lower monks to seek hegemony in the world. "

Shen Song hurriedly asked, "What now? Have you caught these people?"

"The lower monks were taken back by other monks, and the ninth-level magician left the hermit while chaotic." Guan Zhen narrowed his eyes: "I am afraid that these people have planned to enter the hermit. Because in them On the day I entered, I bought the things in Dongshi and sold them out. In fact, this is normal. As long as people who come here from outside see good things, they will want to buy them, but other people only go to Dongshi before entering the cultivation world. Buy what you need, unlike when they come in and buy everything in Dong-dong. "

Hei Ling wondered: "Did you not send someone to chase these people?"

"Yes, the patriarch has sent someone to chase them.‘

Ye Ji asked strangely: "Why don't the Patriarchs of the Hermits send people to guard the door?"

When they came, they didn't see a guard outside the door.

"The entrance in the clan is very secretive, and the clan is always safe. Even if someone sneaks in, the letter Wu will know. Therefore, we never send someone to stay at the door." Guan Zhen sighed: "It's because of this that people make each other. There is an opportunity to take advantage of this. I am afraid that the Hermit will seal the entrance and exit, and will only pass to the people in the future. "

Wu Ruo they did not speak again, they had unspelled, and it would not matter to them if they were not sealed.

After waking up at night, Yudan yelled at Wu Ruo when he was hungry, ate a table of meals, and immediately resumed the lively flurry of the past.

Wu Ruo was relieved a little, but he didn't have time to take care of the children, so Guan Zhen was brought back to his room to sleep.

Before leaving, Dandan said, "Dad, father will wake up soon."

Wu Ruo heard the words, looked up in surprise, and wanted to ask him if he knew something, but the egg had left the room with Guan Xiao and went to bed with Guan Zhen to sleep.

It was late, and others returned to the room one after another.

Wu Ruo looked at Hei Xie's sleeping face, both anxious and helpless: "Xi, what's wrong with you?"

He caressed his face distressed, and suddenly, the lying man groaned, "Well."

Wu Ruo was surprised to hold Hei Xie's hand and shouted, "Xue, Xie ..."

Hei Sui slowly opened her eyes and saw Wu Ruo with a happy face, a moment's surprise: "Little, Xiao Ruo ..."

"Xu Xun, you finally woke up, did you know that you scared me before?" Wu Ruo asked as he pulsed, "Xi Xun, do you feel uncomfortable? If you are uncomfortable, you must tell me And, do you remember how you fainted before? "

Hei Xun stared at him without blinking.

"You're talking." Wu Ruo was dying. "Do you know that you suddenly fainted and made me dying?"

Hei Xuan asked mutely, "Aren't you the illusion I saw?"

Wu Ruo said with amusement, "Are you scared by your ancestors too? Do you think you have hallucinations again?"

He lowered his head and kissed **** his lips: "Do you feel that I really exist?"

Hei Xuanyu quickly grabbed his waist to prevent him from getting up, so the two lips pressed against the lips like this: "Hot."

Wu Ruoyi said: "What's hot?"

"You're breathing, and it's hot." Hei Xuan 翊 eyes were red.

"What stupid thing are you talking about?" Wu Ruo rubbed his forehead: "Don't your ancestors test you again when you pass out?"

The more he thought about it, the more he thought it was possible.

"Ancestors are testing me?" Hei Xuan looked at him blankly. "But everything is real."

"I also feel that everything is real in the ancestor's illusion." Wu Ruo knew that he was the cause of his fainting. He finally settled down and asked with a smile, "What do you do in the illusion?"

Hei Xieyu hugged the person to the bed and said, "I don't know if I have seen everything before, but it seems to me that it has really existed. In the illusion, I appeared in the kingdom of heaven. In Gaoling City, my body is not under my control. At that time, I was rushing to Wujia as quickly as possible ... "

"Wujia ..." Wu Ruo heard the Gaoxingcheng Wujia in Tianxing Kingdom, and looked at it for a long time. I haven't heard about Wujia in Gaolingcheng for a long time: "What are you doing in Wujia in Wujing?"

"I seem to know that you are going to have an accident, so I rushed to Wu's house." Hei Xiexi frowned, holding Wu Ruo tightly, and said, "After I went to Wu's house, your uncle stopped me from letting me in , I had to break into Shu Qingyuan all the way, but saw you whose body was burnt ... "

"What?" Wu Ruo raised his head in shock, excitedly grabbing his black-stained robes: "What did you just say? You say it again, what do you see?"

"I saw that you were dead, the body was burnt, and the body of your father and mother was lying next to it, and ..." Hei Xuyi's thoughts were still immersed in what he saw before, and he did not notice Wu Ruo Anomaly: "I see your soul dig out of the corpse."

Seeing all this, he was so distressed that he was about to die. Not only did he hate himself for being useless, even his wife could not protect him, but he also hated the people who killed Wu Ruo angrily. At that time, he wished that everyone would be buried with Wu Ruo.

"What happened later?" Wu Ruo asked anxiously.

Hei Xiuyu was once again caught in the situation where Wu Ruo was killed. The emotions at that time had infected him now, and his eyes became red and hot: "You are so sad that you have become a ghost, and I didn't come to rescue you earlier, otherwise , You and your father and mother will not die. "

Wu Ruo saw He Xieyu so blame, and hugged him sadly and choked and said, "Don't blame you, this can't blame you at all, because I mistrusted others at that time, and I ended up like this. Don't blame yourself, don't blame yourself again, okay? "

In the last life, although Hei Xieyu did not show his own situation, Wu Ruo knew that he had always blamed himself for not arriving in time to save himself.

Chapter 366: Two black renders

Hei Xuanyu looked at Wu Ruo, his words made him unable to react.

Wu Ruo found himself too excited, buried his face in his chest, and calmed down, "You go on."

As he recalled, Hei Sui slowly continued to talk about the previous things, and gradually, he integrated himself into things.

Wu Ruo was shocked, pleased, and suspicious. Hei Xieyu said clearly that it was a thing of the last life, and his ancestors could not know what it was. Why did Hei Xieyu see these things?

"When Wu Chenzi sent someone to hurt you with a fairy, your grandfather came. If he hadn't arrived in time, the consequences would be unthinkable. The purpose of his coming is to simply send you back to the past and regenerate you. He told me that he knew such a day many years ago, so over the years, he has been looking for a way to turn things around, and eventually he found a formation that can send people back to the past to change their destiny. I did n’t agree with it. But you are beaten to the instability of your soul. If you do n’t send it away, you will lose your soul. "

Wu Ruo asked, "Why didn't he tell me it was my grandfather?"

"It should be worried that telling who you are will change too much."

Wu Ruo grasped his robe tightly and asked softly, "Have you seen anything in the illusion since I was sent away."

Hei Xuan squeezed him tightly, and his throat knot rolled up and down because of sadness, and said quietly: "I was very sad after you were sent away, and I ca n’t wait to follow you. Kill everyone in the city, including those from the Wu family, to be buried with you. After that, the fourth brother reminded me that the efficacy of my fairy fruit had expired and I had to rush back before, but I did n’t want to leave like this, let alone promise If you have a child like me, I will find your grandfather, go to the Mozu through the black market to find Sanqi stone, and then I encounter a thorn, Sanqi stone is what he gave me, and then use your body The flesh and the blood on me are fused with the Sanqi stone, cultivated with spiritual power, and give the child to you. "

He kissed Wu Ruo's hair and continued, "After doing all this, I was very unwilling, even if the other person was myself, I was not willing to give in to someone I like, so I specially The sun is about to rise, start the formation, let the sun burn itself to ashes, and while giving the child to you, the soul gets into the child's body and hides with him ... "

"What !!!" Wu Ruo raised his head in shock and looked at him excitedly: "What did you say !!!"

Did his man bask himself to death, and followed him?

Is true or false.

Hei Xuanyu wondered: "What's wrong?"

"You ..." Wu Ruoyuan wanted to tell him to say it again. Suddenly he saw a white shadow floating on the bedside. He was startled and looked up quickly. A face familiar to him was no longer familiar.

His pupils narrowed, and his eyes widened: "... Say ..."

Does the person floating on the bed look exactly like the man under him?

The other stared at him passionately, slowly catching the corners of his lips.

"Xu Xun ..." Wu Ruoqi sat up, how could there be two black Xun Xuan?

He looked closely, the body of the man floating in the air was somewhat transparent, indicating that the other party was just a soul.

Is it the last life ...

Wu Ruo's eyes were hot.

Hei Xuanyu heard Wu Ruo's own name, but instead of looking at himself, he turned around and looked up, and then he stunned for a moment, alertly sitting up and crying, "Who are you?"

The black body of the soul body looked at him silently, without speaking.

Hei Xieyu found that he had a certain induction with the other side, and slowly let go of his guard, looking at each other, and looking at the same soul as himself, he felt weird and kind.

Wu Ruo's eyes locked the black body of the soul body without blinking. If it wasn't the other person's soul, he would rush to hug the other person.

The black body of the soul body approaches the black body little by little, and then gets into his body.

Hei Xiuyu not only did not resist him, he even had a wonderful feeling that he finally became complete. Then, his head hurt, and his memories erupted like a volcano.

"Xu Xun!" Wu Ruo anxiously holding black Xuan Xing covering his head: "Are you all right?"

"Head, it hurts ..." A lot of fine sweat oozed from the forehead.

Wu Ruo hurriedly examined him and found nothing strange: "Why did you suddenly get a headache?"

"Uh ..." Fortunately, the pain of Hei Xiu passed quickly, and when receiving the last memory, the pain disappeared instantly.

Wu Ruo anxiously shook his hand: "Xun, are you all right?"

Hei Xiong exhaled loudly. When he was completely adapted to the memory in his brain, he looked up at Wu Ruo and smiled slightly: "Xiao Ruo, it's good to see you again."

"You, you ..." Wu Ruo was surprised and helpless again: "You, you ..."

He was glad that his wish had come true, and finally he could see the black shaman of the last life again, and feared that the two people ’s souls would be a big problem when they squeezed into one body, and he was worried that the two black shamans would reject each other.

Hei Xieyu held him in his arms and explained: "Don't worry, although we are in different worlds, but we are all the same person and our souls are the same. In addition to the memory of a lifetime, we can make the soul Apart from being stronger, there is no difference. Just as you were reborn into this specific body without any problems, these are what your grandfather told me. "

Wu Ruo hugged Hei Xuanyan suddenly, choked and exclaimed, "You stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid ... you big stupid."

Hei Xuan looked soft, followed him and said, "Yes, I'm a big fool."

"You are really a big fool. If you do n’t want me to leave, why do you want to leave me? The most horrible thing is that you let yourself be ashes. When I saw this scene, did you know that my heart was going to be so bad? Die. "

Hei Xie's mouth brought a bit of bitterness: "After you left, I was sad, especially hated and unwilling, and I was tired. I gradually felt that this world was uninteresting, and I wanted to be selfish and let go of all my responsibilities and Heavy burden, come with you. "

"Then why didn't you say it at the beginning? If you said it earlier, I wouldn't be so sad."

"This method is not necessarily successful. Just as the egg is not shocked by the monk's spiritual power, I cannot eject it from his body and I may not be able to successfully come with him."

Wu Ruo remembered what Quda said before leaving: "Does he always know that you exist?"

"He found me after I was shaken out of him."

"Why can your soul be put in him? And, haven't I left before you? Why can you still see what left?"

Hei Xieyu distressed him and wiped away the tears that were about to fall off: "He is a thirty-seven stone. He has a physical constitution different from others. He can store the soul and cover up my soul. You can see what happened after leaving Because of my soul in the egg, and we, as his relatives, have some kind of induction with him, so you can see some memories of that time as observers. "

Wu Ruo suddenly kissed Hei Xuan's lips, both hard and deep, her tongues entangled tightly, as if feeling the real existence of the other party and wishing to **** the other party into her body, this kiss did not bring any sexual desire, I just want to convey my thoughts and emotions to each other.

Hei Xieyu hugged him, following his movements and strength, feeling his affection and care.

Wu Ruo loosened his lips and hugged him tightly, panting against his forehead and asking, "Don't I dream?"

"No." Hei Xieyu took his hand and kissed him.

"So am I in a fantasy?"


Wu Ruo glanced at his side face: "I dare not close my eyes, I am afraid that if I open my eyes again, everything is false."

"Fool." In fact, even Hei Xieyu was quite afraid that all of this was fake, holding the person in his arms tightly.

"If it weren't for the grandfather's house now, I really want to fulfill the wishes of the previous life." After Wu Ruo became a ghost, in addition to revenge, I just wanted to make a dark bed on the bed with Hei Xieyu. Unfortunately, next door is Guan Zhen's room. The children lived in the house.

Hei Xuan chuckled: "There are many opportunities in the future."

"Well, we have to be good in our lives."

"Will do."

Wu Ruo suddenly thought of Qian Shen's affairs, and his face sank: "Thousand Shen's affairs need to be resolved as soon as possible. With him, I'm not at ease.

Before, everyone did not understand his grievances, and could only keep talking to his heart. Now there is finally a speaker.

Hei Xuanyan frowned: "Although the grandfather said that no one would help, but here is the mysterious hermit, it is not easy to do, his sister will certainly help, and other people will not really watch and ignore."

"I was unconscious for half a month. Did you go to his sister?"

"No, our hearts are all hanging on you. How can we find them?"

"Then you have to find them as soon as possible, otherwise, the body that is controlled by Qian Shen will not be able to handle it."


The two hugged each other and watched each other for a whole night. They lit up in the sky, and someone walked outside. Wu Ruo blinked and said, "Xi Ye, are you still?" Hei Xie Ye cried and laughed and couldn't pinch his face. : "If you do this again, I will feel bad for myself in this life, and I will think you don't like me in this life. "

Wu Ruo hurriedly explained, "How can it happen? I am now lost and regained, and I am particularly nervous when I lose again."

"I know." Hei Xieyu kissed him.

At this moment, the door was knocked: "Xiao Ruo, are you awake?"

Wu Ruo heard the voice of black bamboo, and responded quickly: "Wake up."

Heishu hugs him out of bed. "

"Ring, are you okay?"

"Xu Yan also woke up, all right."

"That's good. Get up and freshen up, and have breakfast in the lobby."

"it is good."

The two washed up and came to the hall holding hands.

Everyone saw the hands they clasped, and they felt that their feelings were better than before. Looking at each other's eyes, they were full of love, not even letting go at breakfast.

Chapter 367: go away

Everyone had a full breakfast. Wu Ruozhen wanted others to discuss with his sister, Qian Shen, who would report to him, and Qian Shen's sister came up.

As soon as Qian Fu entered the hall, he said to Guan Zhen with guilt, "Uncle Zhen, Qian Shen ran away."

Guan Zhen raised his eyebrows.

The others froze slightly.

Ye Ji sank his face: "How did you run away?"

Qianfu's face was not very good: "Yesterday the monks in the realm of the realm were fighting. They just hacked our house and destroyed my formation. Qian Shen took the opportunity to leave with those who escaped the Four Seasons Valley. Let me tell you, Qian Shen is no longer in Four Seasons Valley, and Uncle Zhen said to the patriarch, I will go out to find Qian Shen. "

She turned quickly and left.

Ye Ji looked to Guan Zhen: "Senior, can she believe what she said?"

Guan Zhen said: "Qian Fu is a kind and honest girl. Although she has a selfish brother to protect her, but if her brother has really done something wrong, she will not tolerate it. Moreover, yesterday ’s monk did take her The house was smashed. I think Qian Shen should really leave the Mymit. "

Ye Ji stood up and said, "We must leave Miyin as soon as possible to find him.

Wu Ruo nodded: "If you drag on, Qian Shen will completely control the thorny body."

Spinach frowns and doesn't like being controlled by others.

"Ah!" Heizihe couldn't bear to look: "We're leaving?"

Wu Ruo laughed: "Now the curse is gone, Ermei can stay here without any worries and wait to go back again."

Heizihe hesitated, she wanted to stay here, but she couldn't rest assured.

Hei Xieyu said, "If you really like the patriarch, stay here, and the Necropolis will not fail because you are one."

Hei Zihe said happily, "Thank you Brother."

Wu Ruo encouraged: "Second sister, you have to work hard to get a beautiful boy."

"I will."

Guan Zhen is also very happy: "I can finally find Ying Ran, yes, I'm going to tell the patriarch and see if he has any other orders from the chief, so you can pack up and wait for me to return, as well as the family members , You have arranged them. "

"Yes." The director turned back to the backyard.

Hei Zihe hurriedly said, "My in-laws, I will go to see Ace with you."

Guan Zhen nodded. After leaving the house, he said to Hei Zihe, "Zihe, I need to tell you something."

"what's up?"

"The patriarch and my daughter, Guan Tong, is a childhood friend and had a marriage contract ..." Guan Zhen saw her smile froze, and said quickly: "Don't be nervous, listen to me first, the management policy is a few years older than my daughter, and Growing up together from a young age, the two have a very good relationship, but the young girls may not necessarily like each other. Therefore, my daughter fell in love with Wu Qianqing during the training and wanted to marry him. Although the patriarch agreed to terminate the marriage contract with his daughter, but But to seal my daughter's spiritual field and spiritual power, my daughter became an ordinary person. "

Speaking of this, he had a headache: "This approach, because of love and hate in the hate of others, has not been married for so many years, everyone thinks he still likes my daughter, but in my opinion, he treats my daughter Only the brother ’s feelings for his sister, he would seal my daughter ’s spiritual strength and stand on the elder brother ’s stand. My daughter found a man who could not protect her. But the patriarch did n’t understand this, and always thought that the sibling relationship was the relationship between men and women. Even other people think he still likes my daughter, so if you stay in these days, if you hear these rumors, do n’t care, do n’t give up, you must catch the patriarch ’s heart. Now, I can see that the patriarch is quite special to you, and you are very hopeful to be with the patriarch. "

Heizihe Dasong sighed: "My in-laws, I almost scared you to death. I thought you were going to stop me from being with Ace."

Guan Zhen was angry and rolled his eyes: "I want to stop you, I have stopped you for a long time. I can't wait for him to get married quickly, so as to relieve my daughter's spiritual power. This matter depends on you. You have to make him aware of him It's sibling love for daughters. "

"Rest assured, I will definitely take him down, otherwise I won't go back to see my father and mother."

Guan Zhen laughed, "Okay."

They talked and laughed and came to Guan's house.

Seeing the policy of practicing sword, Hei Zihe immediately shouted, "Ace."

Guan Ze put away his moves and looked at them: "Is something wrong?"

Hei Zihe said before Guan Zhen said, "My elder brother, they are leaving here."

Guan Ce frowned lightly, opened his mouth, and seemed to want to say something, but in the end it was just a whisper.

Hei Zihe asked, "If I left, would you miss me?"

Guan Ze said: "You and I are friends, and I will always have concerns."

Heizihe was unhappy, but now he can treat her as a friend very well: "Do you have anything to tell me?"

"Bon Voyage."

Heizihe hummed and turned to leave.

Guan Ce looked at her leaving back, her eyebrows tightened.

Guan Zhen sighed, "Patriarch, Zi He is a good girl. Don't miss it."

Guan Ce said softly, "I have no plans to get married in my life."

"Really? When Zi He becomes married to another man and man, don't regret it again." Guan Zhen was too lazy to say more: "I'm leaving with my grandchildren to go to the dead nation today, I don't know when they will return, So I came here to tell you, and Qian Shen escaped; Qian Fu had already gone out to find him. If you are fine, I will leave. "

Guan Ce's eyes flashed with surprise: "You are leaving today? So urgent?"

Guan Zhen ticked his lip. If he used to say that he was about to leave immediately, Guan Ce would not have to ask more. It can be seen that he still cares about Hei Zihe.

"Yes, is there a problem?"

Guan Ze said for a moment and said, "You tell Wu Ruo, they can only truly unlock the curse after going back to Hei Xieyu to get married."

"Okay. Anything else?"

Guan Ce hesitated for a moment, and asked, "When will the valley come out?"

"When I go back to find Xiao Ruo, they will go out of the valley."

"I'll send you a ride." Guan Ce saw Guan Zhen cast a joke, and then calmly answered: "By the way, close the gate of the clan."

"it is good."

Guan Zhen returned to the house with his policy and asked Wu Ruo: "Are you all packed?"

Wu Ruo said one after another: "Get ready."

"Then let's go."

Wu Ruo and Guan Zhen left the house. Along the way, many people enthusiastically asked them where a group of people would go. When they learned that they were leaving, many people gave various materials to Wu Ruo as a farewell gift.

To the people, they are just ordinary materials, but to Wu Ruo they are very precious. Outside, any piece of material can be sold for millions of dollars, so they are afraid to accept it.

Guan Zhen said, "Take it away. It's all worthless."

Wu Ruoren and others: "..."

Wu Ruo was cheeky and received all the materials in the space. After returning, he distributed the materials to everyone.

The tribe only went to the gate of Four Seasons Valley, and Guan Ce accompanied them all the way to the entrance to the Miyin tribe.

Guan Zhen stopped and said to Guan Ce, "Stop here."

The policy nodded hesitantly.

"Patriarch, we're gone, good-bye." Wu Ruo took the lead in holding the child into the big tree as the entrance.

Others have also managed to bid farewell.

The policy nodded.

After Guan Zhen walked into the tree, only Hei Zihe was left.

Guan Ce's eyes fell on her.

"Acer, I'm so reluctant to leave you, can I hug you?" Hei Zihe said quickly as he wanted to refuse, "I'm leaving now, can't you fulfill me?"

Management policy: "..."

Hei Zihe laughed: "If you don't speak, I will agree with you."

She was not given a chance to oppose her, and she took the initiative to hug him.

Guan Ce was in intimate contact with the woman for the first time, her body was stiff, and the faint lotus fragrance emanating from her made him feel particularly good.

"The more I hold the more I can't bear to leave, what should I do?" Hei Zihe raised his head and smiled: "Ace, I'm not going, do you think it's good?"

The policy was silent.

Heizihe mumbled, let go of him, and walked towards the tree: "Acer, I'm leaving."

She walked in front of the big tree and looked back and said, "I really want to go."

Guan Ce squeezed his lips tightly.

Hei Zihe lowered his eyelids, turned and stepped into the big tree, and then heard the man behind him say, "After the entrance is closed, outsiders can no longer enter the hermit.

Although this statement had nothing to do with retaining people, she still felt that he was staying, rejoicing, turned back, and ran back: "Then I won't leave, I'm afraid I won't see Acer again in the future."

Hei Zihe walked quickly towards the hermit.

Guan Ce did not stop her and closed the entrance directly.

Hei Zihe turned back with a smile and said, "Ace, if I live alone with my in-law grandfather's house, I will be afraid, but I am only familiar with you in the Miyin clan, will I move to your house when I return? Anyway, your house is big, and it's no problem to live with me alone. "

"..." Guan Ce returned to the valley and saw that the servant bought by Mr. Lu came to his house with a box of clothing, and immediately knew that he had been deceived. A person who was leaving would not Leave the pack in Guan Zhen's house.

Watching Hei Zihe busy picking and decorating the room, he quietly took out his sword and continued to practice his sword.

At the other end of the tree's entrance, Guan Zhen saw that the entrance was soon closed, thinking cheerfully, that next time he should be able to drink Guan Ce's wedding drink, he would let Guan Ce solve the curse for his daughter.

Wu Ruo patted the trunk of the big tree at the entrance: "Is it really sealed? What do people in the tribe do?"

"Just can't let outsiders enter the clan, and didn't say that they can't enter the clan." Guan Zhen turned around and said, "Leave. I can't wait to see your grandmother."

Ye Ji frowned: "The world is so big, where can we find Qian Shen?"

Wu Ruoruo glanced at the black limousine walking in front of him: "Qian Shen's escape shows that he is unwilling to return to the kingdom of the dead.

Chapter 368:

Leaving the deep mountains, Wu Ruo they meet with Heiyang Heiyin.

Heishiu asked them the latest situation: "Did you see someone coming out of the mountains yesterday?"

Hei Yang nodded: "Probably eight or nine people came out of the mountain. The spiritual power from them was very fluctuating. They should all be ninth-level magicians.

"Did they not find you?"

"Yes, they found us before they entered the mountain, and there were even people who wanted to kill us. Someone stopped them behind, saying that what they were going to do was more important. Killing people at the foot of the mountain might prevent people in the clan from accepting them. And then they left. "

Hei Xuanxi frowned. "They want to kill you?"


Wu Ruo curiously said, "Who are these people, why do you kill Heiyang?"

Hei Xing Xing squinted his eyes: "Those people should know Hei Yang, they are your talents, and they want to kill Hei Yang, and their purpose is to enter the hermit, but they are not afraid to cause trouble under the mountain solution. Yang them.

Hei Yang asked Hei Yang: "Which direction are they leaving?"

"Everyone was scattered, and someone chased them out later. I think our ability seems to be better than those people, so I told the people who chased them out, and those who chased them were scattered to chase them." Heiyang Leng Humming: "It's best to kill them after you catch up with them."

Black gloomy face: "Master, the people who want to kill us are a bit like the people of the heavenly kingdom. Although they are not embroidered with the mark of the heavenly kingdom, they are similar in terms of service."

"Heavenly kingdom?" Hei Xieyu and Hei Pingxing looked at each other with a faint premonition.

Hei Pingxing thought for a moment: "A few months ago, the people of the Holy Kingdom of God sought my father."

Shen Song looked at Hei Pingxing in shock, and did not understand why he told Hei Xuan such important things.

Hei Xuan said quietly, "I know."

Hei Xingxing continued: "You know that my relationship with my father has always been bad, so I don't know exactly what they talk about, and they will not take the initiative to tell me about it, but it is not difficult to guess my father. I want to use the power of the Heavenly Kingdom to deal with the royal family. The people of the Heavenly Kingdom want my father to recruit their ancestors to solve the curse on them. I think you can also guess this. "


Wu Ruo asked, "Why does the heavenly kingdom want to join the hermit?"

Hei Xuan narrowed his eyes: "I'm afraid it's for the cultivation world."

Wu Ruo wondered, "How did they know that the cultivation world is in the hermit?"

"It should have been discovered through some clues." Hei Xuyi thought for a moment: "Do you remember the magician's test, the reward of the elixir was stolen, and then the elixir was returned?"

"of course I remember."

"I didn't suspect that the people of the Holy Kingdom did it at the time? Now they are definitely more sure of what they do. The purpose is to determine whether the elixir comes from the cultivation world, and then find the cultivation world by other means."

Wu Ruo also thinks this is possible.

Guan Zhen couldn't help saying, "All of them have been to the Mysterious Clan, but they have also entered the cultivation world, and later ran out of the cultivation world, breaking the rules of our Occult clan. At this time, they also care how they found In the world of cultivation, we might as well think about what they will do next, but what I want to do now is to quickly leave here to see your grandmother in the Nation. "

He walked to one of the cars, "You guys, get me on the car quickly."

Youyou wondered: "Maternal grandfather, can't you go to other countries through the black market channel? Why bother to take a weekly trip with us to go back to Guan Zhen and be unhappy?" Do you think I didn't think of this? However, since the last warlock contest, the patriarch has been banned from using the black market channel at will. "He stared at Wu Ruo:" It's all for you rotten boy. "

Bird Ruo: "..."

Wuzhu asked: "Can't use the channel in the future?"

"It's not impossible to use, but it can't be used casually for nearly a year. It's a punishment."

Wu Ruo wondered: "I heard that the director said that when you were brought back to the Mysterious Clan, you would be banned from coming out. Why can you come out now?"

"They all banned me for half a year without leaving the Mymit, would they still want to ban me for a lifetime?" Guan Zhen snorted: "Hurry up on the sedan."

Heiyang they quickly packed up and carried people away from the foot of the deep mountain. Similarly, they spent three days returning to the coast.

It took another seven days to quickly return to the sea where the entrance to the channel was opened.

Wu Ruo looked at the calm sea and asked, "When will the passage open? Master, do they know that we are back?"

Hei Xieyan frowned: "Suddenly we felt relieved for a while while we were solving the curse. They should also be able to sense it, then they would have time to open the door for us."

Shen Song asked: "Aren't we solving the curse? Can't we let the ship dock?"

Guan Zhen said loudly, "You haven't solved the curse completely yet, you are not close to the shore."

Everyone: "..."

Deeply singing nervously: "Are we not yet solving the curse?"

"Well, I left the former patriarch and told me that it would take a real solution to the curse after Xiao Ruo and Shiji Baitang became married."

Deeply chanting to Wu Ruo them: "After you go back, quickly go to church to get married."

Hei Xunyu nodded: "Yes."

Wu Ruo smiled.

Hei Xingxing smiled at them and said, "I'm sure I can't take part in your wedding, so congratulations here first."

This time, it was really letting go of this person.

Deeply laughed and said, "I congratulate you first."

Wu Ruo smiled again: "Thank you."

At this moment, a quake struck the sea, and the ship's hull followed.

The crowd quickly looked forward, and saw ripples on the sea surface. Then, a crack slowly opened on the sea surface, and they stopped shaking until they could enter a large ship.

Heigan drove the ship quickly to the bottom of the sea.

Guan Zhen chuckled at the deep-sea passage and said, "You people of the Necropolis have come up with the idea of leaving the Necropolis from the bottom of the sea, which really opened my eyes."

Hei Xieyu said, "It was our ancestors who blessed us."

You You sighed, "After returning to the state of the dead, I have to live under the ground, and I feel terrible."

Deep chanting Lengheng: "So you feel terrible, think about us but we will spend a lifetime below."

He looked up at the warm sunlight: "I really want to go back."

Hei Pingxing carried his hands on his back, and looked at the sunlight illuminated by the sea with a look of perturbation: "After the spell is completely lifted, he can always live on the land, and he will no longer worry about the unborn child's lack of sun. disease."

Wu Ruo thought of Hei Xixi when he heard of anemia, "I don't know how Liudi's body is, and whether he has recurrence."

Hei Xuan shook his shoulders: "Go back and know."

Next, everyone didn't speak again, enjoying the daylight quietly, the children yelled happily.

Back in the dungeon, they saw the great spiritual master and emperor who came to meet them.

Hei Lingxing and Shen Song quietly left the river from the stern while others were not paying attention.

Wu Ruo, when they came down from the boat, Hei Xietang rushed to Hei Xuan 翊 with excitement: "Brother, you are so amazing, the Nation has finally solved the spell successfully"

The others looked at them with great joy.

Hei Xuan raised his eyebrows: "Are you completely out of curse?"

"The curse has not been completely solved." Hei Xieyu pulled Hei Xietang away and gave a smile: "However, we have been able to stay in the sun for an hour. People have discovered this phenomenon and don't know how happy they are. Unfortunately, they still You cannot leave the land of the Necropolis. "

The emperor went before and asked, "Did you fail to solve the spell?"

"After I got married with Xiao Ruo, it was really successful.

Hei Xietang said: "Now that you are back, hurry to host a big wedding."

The spiritual master shook his head: "There have been no good days in the past month."

The queen said with a smile: "Then we will have a big wedding one month later, just let us prepare again, and let the people slowly adapt to the sun. After the big wedding, everyone can move to the land to live. "

Wu Ruo asked, "Don't you need to build a house?"

"Of course, you can build a house at night and sleep in the day. After one month, many people will have a house. Besides, on the day when the curse was solved, we already sent someone to build a house."

Hei Ziya asked, "Big brother, big sister, second sister? Why didn't the second sister come back with you?"

The queen looked at the ship: "Yeah, where is Zi He? Hasn't she got off the boat yet? This girl is really true. She won't tell us if she wants to go, she must worry us secretly.

"she was……"

Before Heihuan had spoken, Guan Zhen said, "This little girl likes our patriarch, and will not come back for the time being."

The emperor looked at Guan Zhen, his eyes flashed with confusion: "This is ..."

Wu Ruo quickly introduced them: "Dad, mother, this is my maternal grandfather's rule."

The emperor laughed loudly: "It turned out to be an old lady in the family, disrespectful, disrespectful."

Guan Zhen bluntly said: "I will not be polite with you, I just want to see my wife now.

The emperor naturally knew about Guan Zhen and said to Hei Xietang, "Xi Tang, please take your in-laws to your house."

"Yes." Hei Xietang made a gesture to Guan Zhen: "Dear old lady, please."

Wu Ruo said to Guan Zhen, "Maternal grandfather, go with the four younger brothers first, and I will go to see you later."

Guan Zhen nodded.

You You also left with Hei Xietang.

The emperor said, "Let's talk and talk."

Everyone walked towards the teleportation team.

Hei Ziya hurriedly asked, "What happened to the old lady who said that her second sister loved their patriarch? Was it true?"

Hei Xunyu nodded and said, "It's true.

Wu Ruo went on to say, "The patriarch of the Mymit is called Guance. Regardless of her identity, good looks, or temperament, she is very suitable for the second sister. Father, mother, don't worry. The patriarch is definitely a reliable person.

The emperor covered his mouth and chuckled: "I don't worry about Zi He, because of her temperament, I will fall in love with her, and my daughter is so good, I don't believe that the patriarch will not like her."

Chapter 369: VIP

"I'm afraid she needs some time to bring people back to see you." Wu Ruo smiled and swept over the emperor and so on. He did not see Hei Xixi, and asked with concern: "Where is Xiaoxi? Is he better? Is there a relapse? "

The emperor said happily: "Yao Taiyi checked him yesterday, and his condition did not recur, and his health is also very good. He gets up every day to practice martial arts with Xiao Yan, and he is much stronger. Just now we had too much time, so we did n’t notify him. He comes to pick you up. "

Wu Ruo finally rested.

Everyone walked into the teleportation array and returned to the palace. Hei Xieyu noticed that the Master had been watching him with a smile and raised his eyebrows: "Does the Master have something to say to me?"

Everyone else heard the words and looked at the Great Master.

The big spiritual master looked at the embarrassed embarrassment in his arms, and smiled, "I just found that you finally became a complete person."

Wu Ruo and Hei Xuan stunned for a moment, while the others looked at the Great Spirit Master with a look of fog.

"Your trip is worthwhile, and you should get a lot."

Wu Ruo and Hei Xieyu glanced at each other, and nodded, "That's true."

They didn't say anything about the secret hermit, they just said about the process of cursing.

The emperor's eyes flashed with surprise: "It turned out that Hei Ling went to the Mysterious Clan with you. No wonder the old clan did not disappear after the curse was solved.

Hei Xixi said: "No news from him for more than a month, we thought he had an accident."

Hei Ziya laughed: "Dasao, do you think you are still in the mirror?"

Wu Ruo looked helpless: "It's true. As long as the mind calms down, it will think wildly and worry that all this is false."

The others couldn't help laughing.

Hei Xieyu asked the emperor: "Dad, have the old people been moving recently?"

The emperor frowned: "After Hei Pingxing left with them, the old people lost their oppressors. They were like unlocking the shackles and doing everything to destroy the good of the conscience. Later they realized that people would not disappear after the curse was removed. The behavior was even more crazy. Hey, in the more than a month after Hei Ling left, the old people are going to change. "

While they were talking about the black limping, Black limping and Shen Song returned to the children's town. The town, which was originally full of children's laughter, is now silent, with a strong **** and rancid smell covering the entire space.

Their faces changed, and they quickly walked out of the teleportation, only to see the children's bodies covered, and the walls, the roof, and the ceiling were covered with corpses. Not only that, some corpses were divided, some corpses were hollowed out, and some girls were humiliated. The methods were extremely cruel and extremely angry.

Black limping and deep chanting instantly reddened their eyes. Judging from the rotten corpses, the children had been dead for some days.

"How could this be?" Shen Song couldn't believe looking at everything in front of him: "Who is so cruel, even the children are spared, humans, is anyone still there? I am Shen Song, is there anyone?"

He yelled, and no one responded.

Hei Xingxing resisted the anger in his heart and quickly checked the corpse to see if there were any children alive. However, they turned around in the town and did not find a living person. Even the doctor in the pharmacy died and the medicinal materials were scraped. Empty.

Deeply angrily: "Too abominable and cruel. If Lao Tzu knows who did it, Lao Tzu will destroy his ancestor eighteen generations."

The black owl silently put down a dead body of the child on the wall and laid it on the ground, put some internal organs back into the children's belly, and finally put on a robe for them.

Deeply chanting the crimson eyes looking at the black limping, it is clear that although this person does not say a word, his heart must endure anger and pain. After all, this is the hard work of the black limping for many years. All were killed overnight, and no matter who it was, it would be sad.

After the two kept their bodies silent, Hei Xingxing said dumbly, "Let's go back."

Praying deeply at the corpse of the eye: "Then they ..."

"Someone buried them."


Hei Lingxing took a deep chant to return to his house, and the people saw them returning, and they were relieved.

The housekeeper in the government walked to Hei Lingxing with red eyes and excitement: "Man, you are finally back."

Hei Pingxing walked all the way back to the study room and asked, "What happened to me during this time?"

"The children of Tongzhen ..." The steward took a breath and said, "The old man couldn't find your person to be married to Miss Youjia, and thought you had the intention to embarrass the two, and sent someone to kill him when he was angry. All the children in Tongzhen, our people want to stop, but whoever speaks out will die. Awu and Ayi died because of intercession for the children and died under the sword of the master. "

Awu and Ayi are the close guards of Hei Lingxing. Due to the limited number of immortals, Hei Lingxing will surely take the two together to the Miyin clan.

Hei Ling Xing Yan said that, except for a slight trembling of his eyelids, the other aspects were very calm, and he seemed to have long guessed who did it.

Shen Song looked at the housekeeper unbelievably: "Is the old man sending someone to kill Tongzhen's child? Awu and Chen Yi are dead?"

The lord is really cruel.

The housekeeper nodded sadly: "After the killing, we are not allowed to collect corpses. Also, when you are not in this period, the old master has set up your third brother as the young master. Later, I do n’t know what the reason is, and then he The position of the third brother was withdrawn, and the position of the young master was returned to you. By the way, the old master has confessed. After you return, you immediately go to another house.

Hei Pingxing said quietly, "Give me a hot bath first, and I'll go after I wash it."

The steward smelled the rancid smell of him, and knew that the master had been to Tongzhen before returning, and hurriedly prepared the people to take a hot bath.

Hei Xing Xing washed himself and came to the house of his father, He Tu.

"I've seen the young master." The men in Heitu Mansion immediately saw Hei Xingxing salute him, but there was not much respect on his face.

Hei Pingxing came to the lobby and saw Hei Tu playing chess with the elders. He stepped over and said, "I've seen my father."

Heitu's harsh eyes glanced at him coldly, and hummed, "Do you know how to come back?"

Hei Xing asked softly, "Don't my father ask me where I went?"

"No matter where you go, you can't get out of the dead nation."

"I went to the hermit."

With a bang, the **** sitting in the hands of the elder opposite the black path fell down: "Young Master, have you gone to the Mystery?"

Kurosaki replied: "Yes.

Heituo was also very surprised: "What are you going to do for the Hermit?"

"Go find a way to keep us from disappearing after the curse is removed."

Heitu and the elders were a little anxious: "Did you find it?"

"I found it." Hei Xingxing told what happened to see Guan Yi.

"Great, great." Hetu laughed.

Blackbird looked at them blankly.

When Heituo laughed about the same, he suddenly thought about the situation in Tongzhen, put a smile away, and stared at Heidi asked, "Do you know anything about Tongzhen?"

There was no wave on Kurosaki's face: "I know."

Dark Road raised an eyebrow: "Don't blame me?"

"These children's illnesses were not treated well at all, and now they are dead, which is a relief."

"What do you think of the bodyguard?"

"The father is their master, and there is no reason at all for their lives."

The black path froze and laughed: "Haha, okay, okay, well spoken, well spoken."

He stood up and patted Hei Pingxing's shoulder: "If you could see things like this before, our father-son relationship would not be so stiff."

The elder twisted his eyebrows lightly. Although the black limping line today is very obedient, it disturbs him.

Hei Tu sat back in place: "I know you don't like Yu Xuanyu, so I will no longer force you to marry her. From now on, your marriage will be abolished."

Hei Xingxing's eyes flashed with surprise. His father tried hard to win the relationship between his family, but how could he suddenly say that he cancelled it?

"The people at home have no opinion?"

Heitu Lengheng: "I compensate them for a bunch of good things, and they dare to have opinions? However, your family relationship with the family was cancelled? But, I ordered another family relationship for you."

Hei Xingxing: "..."

He knew his father wouldn't let go of him so easily.

Heitu said to the steward, "Go and invite the guests, and say that the young master is back."


The housekeeper left the hall.

The dark road held up the tea cup meaningfully and said, "This VIP has a deep affection for you, so don't let him down."

Hei Xingxing frowned, and kept thinking about who the distinguished guest his father said was.

Soon the housekeeper brought the man to the hall.

Hei Xingxing saw the person behind the housekeeper, and cried in surprise: "Heavy ... Qian Shen."

Qian Shen smiled slightly: "Lord, I haven't seen you in a long time."

The black path ticked his lips: "Limp, Qian Shen, the son of a thousand miles, ran to the kingdom of the dead to come to you, so that I can work with you to spend such a life with such infatuated people, which really moved me. See, there should be a lot to say, and we won't bother you chatting. "

Hei Xingxing looked at Hei Tu and the elder's departure, squinting his eyes, and asked Gan Shen: "Did you make some kind of transaction with my father?"

At that time, when his father heard that the prince wanted to take a man as his wife, he was ashamed to see dirty things, and said that if his son would marry a man like a prince, he must kill the son and the other party. . But now his father asked him to marry a man with a smile on his face, and he didn't mind the appearance. It can be seen that Qian Shen must have promised something that would be beneficial to his father before letting him nod your consent. At the same time, it also explained that his father I really don't like him, otherwise I would not easily nod to let him marry a man.

By the way, the official family said that he had been removed from the position of lord, and was able to return to the original position later, which should be related to Qian Shen.

Qian Shen raised an eyebrow: "You really know your father."

Hei Xingxing lowered his face: "What transaction did you make?"

"What if I said my deal was with you and killed Wu Ruo?"

Hei Pingxing tightened his eyebrows: "Wu Ruo doesn't have me in his heart, and I have lost my heart towards Wu Ruo. You don't need to continue to target him or take his life.

Qian Shen Lengheng: "Do you think I can believe it?"

He just talked about taking Wu Ruo's life, and Hei Xingxing was anxious to clarify things, obviously he was protecting Wu Ruo.

"Believe it or not."

Hei Xingxing turned and left.

Qian Shen pursed her lips tightly, her hate and anger and jealous fired under her eyes, and her hatred of Wu Ruo was deepened.

Seeing the black limping go further and further, he inhaled and quickly followed.

Chapter 370: Really magnificent

Wu Ruo, Hei Xieyu and the emperor told each other the latest situation, and they left the palace in a beast cart to Hei Xuantang's palace.

On the way, they heard that the people were talking about the daylight in the kingdom of the dead. Not only do they now see the sun, they will not turn into ashes in a short time even if they are exposed to the sun after an hour. Being slowly sunburned, for them who have not seen the sun for many years, this minor injury is nothing.

Wu Ruo saw the people's faces full of joy and a smile on his face. He lowered the curtain and turned to hug the man beside him, and said with a smile, "If only we could be married today."

Hei Xiu bowed his ears and kissed him.

"Don't tease me." Wu Ruo glanced up at him: "Be careful that I can eat and clean you directly in the car."

Hei Xun sneered and tightened his arms, held the person in his arms, and said that it was the right choice to choose to come to this world with this person.

Wu Ruo played with his fingers and said, "What do you mean by what the Great Master said just now? Does he know that your soul is in the body?"

"It's possible." Hei Xuan sighed intimately, and he crested: "Do you remember the first time I took you to see the Master?"

"Remember, he also said that he could see a lot of things from the egg dream, and I think he should know that I was born again."

"Well, I feel the same way. When we went to the hermit, he asked us to bring eggs, maybe it would be like this."

Wu Ruo laughed: "Should we thank him?"

"As long as you sell all his magic, you are thanking him."

The two came to Heixuantang's palace and walked to the hall of the courtyard where Wuqianqing lived. They saw Guan Zhen kneeling in front of Yu Zhaoping and Qin Zhen, and toasting to the two elders.

With Yi Hong red eyes, turned his back, quietly wiped the tears in the corner of the eyes.

"Okay, okay, I have waited for this cup of tea for many years." Qin Zhen choked on their tea.

After Zhaoping took a sip, he quickly got them both up: "Xiao Zhen, in fact, we have never opposed you, on the contrary, I am very satisfied with your son-in-law, if not ..."

He was talking and tears were set in his eyes.

"Father-in-law, don't say more, I know everything."

Su Baishuang said loudly: "Dad, mother, sister and sister-in-law haven't seen each other for many years, so let their young couple take a good account."

Zhaoping and Qin Zhen nodded.

Guan Zhen really wanted to pull the ghost woman to a place where nobody wanted to say something intimate, but now he had Guan Tong's eyes in his heart, and he asked Wu Ruo when he entered the door, "Xiao Ruo, your grandmother's eyes can't be helped Is it cured? "

The ghost woman heard her words and lowered her eyes inferiorly.

Guan Zhen guessed what she thought, and quickly clenched her hand and said, "Ying Ran, no matter what you look like, I like it, but just seeing you like this makes me sad, and it hurts you all these years I am also worried about the day when you will suddenly lose sight of it. "

The ghost woman was also afraid that one day she would never see her favorite person again, so she looked up and looked at Wu Ruo.

Wu Ruo said: "The outer layer of Grandma's eyes was severely burned. With my ability, no, and with the ability of all the doctors in the world, I am afraid that her eyes will not be cured."

Hei Xuan said: "The descendants of the Celestial Gods should be able to heal their grandmothers."

Guan Zhen thought for a while: "They do have this ability. I'll go get them back and heal Yingran."

"Maternal grandfather, you and so on." Hei Xuanyu stopped Guan Zhen who was leaving: "You are useless to catch them. If they do not really heal the grandmother, they will give them the opportunity to use it and take the grandmother's life to beat us. . "

Wu Ruo asked, "Can't you control them?"

"They can't let the mysterious people see through how they use mystics to save people, there must be a way for you to control him. After all, they are descendants of the fairy. If they don't have any protection, they would have been killed."

Guan Zhen returned to the ghost woman's side: "I was so anxious. After the curse was completely solved, I would take Ying Ran back to heal the eyes. Then the people at us should heal her."

Both Wu Ruo and Hei Xieyu knew that he was referring to the cultivation world.

Guan Tong said, "Dad, you and your mother haven't seen each other for many years. You should have a lot to say to your mother?"

Guan Zhen smiled and pulled the ghost woman out of the hall.

Seeing her daughter's shy face, Qin Zhen cried happily and said, "The two of them are finally together again."

Everyone else was happy for Guan Zhen and the ghost woman.

"Uncle, it's a magnificent shot." Yan Wu turned the elixir in his hand excitedly: "Every shot is a superb spirit **** for everyone."

Except for Guan Tong, everyone else was given elixir.

Anyone who got the superb Spirit Dan can't wait to go back to the room to eat the elixir, but it's almost time for dinner and everyone has to give up.

Wu Ruo they held back their smiles. If they knew that the best **** Dan sold only fifty-two pieces of silver in the Miyin clans, they wouldn't know if they would boast of the generosity of proverbs.

Guan Tong pursed his lips and smiled, and asked Wu Ruo, "Xiao Ruo, how did you solve the curse? Is it dangerous?"

Wu Ruo briefly explained the situation: "If I don't expose the illusion, I won't wake up for a lifetime."

Wu Qianqing frowned: "Although I did not encounter all kinds of dangers during the spell solution, nor did I use life to sacrifice the sky, it was still scary."

If a person cannot wake up, how is it different from a dead person?

Guan Tong was relieved: "It shows that the relationship between the two of you is really good, and I hope to continue to do so in the future."

Wu Ruo took the hand of Hei Xuyi and held it tightly. In this life, he should never be separated from this man.

Hei Xun gave him a smile.

Suddenly, there was a loud noise outside.

The crowd was startled and hurried out of the hall.

"What's the matter?" Hei Xieyu asked the guard.

The guard said, "It's a voice coming out from the thorny son's yard."

The faces of Wu Ruo, Hei Xieyu, Wuzhu, and Youyun changed slightly, and quickly came to the yard where Thorny and Nightwing lived. They saw the two fighting in the air.

Ye Ji was afraid of hurting the thorns, and only defended.

Youyu saw that they were not playing and hurriedly asked, "What happened to the two of you? How could they fight well?"

Ye Ji Shensheng said, "The thorns are under control again."

Everyone made a slight sign.

Wu Qianqing asked: "What happened to Xiaoyu? Who controlled it?"

When Wu Ruo saw the thorn in his hand, he hurried out and said, "Thorn thorn, you don't have to fight anymore, just come at me if you have anything."

He heard Wu Ruo's voice, and quickly stopped fighting, staring at Wu Ruo: "Uruo--"

Youyu lowered her voice and said to Wu Ruo, "This is the first time that Thorns can be controlled, and it seems that Qian Shen's soul-control curse is even stronger."

Wu Ruo asked tentatively, "Qian Shen?"

Thorny smiled lowly: "Yes, it's me."

This answer changed Wu Ruo's face.

Wu Ruo sank his face: "If you really want to kill me, make an appointment for a quick fight. Regardless of life or death, if you threaten us with my friend's body and children, it will only make us look down on you."

"Oh, do you think I'm a fool?" Thorny sneered: "The trick that can easily let you die is not used, and I have to work hard to fight you?"

Hei Xieyan frowned. "What on earth do you want?"

"I ..." The thorny words had not yet been said, and the body was soft and fell sharply to the ground.

Ye Ji rushed quickly to catch his people.

Wu Ruo asked before they walked quickly, "Is thorn and nightthorn all right?"

The nightthorn flew up and shook his head.

Wu Ruo rubbed his little head: "Sorry, because my affairs has affected your father."

Yeats asked, "Daddy, can you get better?"

Wu Ruo didn't know how to answer him.

Wu Zhu said, "Let's let the spiny drowsiness drowsy for a while, and then let's wake up after the troubled things are solved?"

"It's useless," said Guan Zhen, who rushed to the back. "If the spine becomes drowsy, it will be easier for Qian Shen to control his body. If the spine is awake, he will have the opportunity to take back his body.

You You said: "Looking at the situation just now, Qian Shen should not be able to completely control the spine, otherwise, he would disappear without saying half of it, so we must find him before he has complete control."

Wu Ruo squinted his eyes: "I guess he should be in the dead nation."

Qian Shen is indeed in the kingdom of the dead, and he is still staying in the house of Hei Ling Xing, but You Mi is wrong. In fact, he was able to completely control the thorns, but only halfway through it was interrupted.

The person who interrupted him was Hei Ling. He came to Qianshen's room to find Qianshen, but he could not get a response. He pushed in the door and saw Qianshen sitting cross-legged on the bed, seemingly practicing. , But did not feel the flow of spiritual power on his body, speculating that Qian Shen is likely to control Wu Ling's body because of today's events and deal with Wu Ruo, and quickly interrupt him with spiritual power.

Qian Shen's soul returned to his body and opened his eyes to see Hei Xingxing standing in front of him, his eyes brightened: "Master Xingxing."

Hei Ling asked: "What were you doing just now? Why can't you wake up?

Qian Shen confessed frankly, "I'm controlling Thorny Body against Wu Ruo."

Kurosaki frowned.

Seeing him silent, Gan Shen sarcastically asked, "Did you feel bad?"

Hei Xingxing stared at jealousy and hatred in his eyes, without answering: "I want to know what I dreamed in the hermit, is it something you dreamed of in your dreams?"

"Yes." Qian Shen said, "It was my sister who put my pre-dream into the Dream Soul Flute, and then passed it into your dreams through the sound of the flute. After seeing my dream, you should know that we are one. Yes, you and Wu Ruo cannot be together at all. "

"Then do you know that there is a big difference between you and you in your dream now? But now you only have hatred and jealousy, and what I said, you don't believe it at all." Hei Xingxing turned and whispered. "If you can be like the person in your dream, I might like you."
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