Comeback of the Abandoned Wife Chapter 351-360

Chapter 351: To the Mysterious Clan (2)

Wu Ruo put the children on the ground, and said to the spine, "It should be controlled by people who have eaten the superb **** Dan.

"..." When Ye Ji thought of the best **** Dan he photographed, Wu Ruo and Hei Xieyu suspected that there was a problem with the elixir, but he didn't find out what the problem was: "How did you know he was controlled? of?"

"At the time, I needed Needy Spirit Dan to promote cultivation, and Needy Spirit Dan appeared, so I suspected that someone wanted to use the Needy Spirit Dan to lead me on the hook, and you did not go to the auction, and you took back the elixir If there is no problem, we will not think about it again. Until you give the elixir a coma, and I ca n’t doubt the elixir, but I can check the elixir's health many times. For reasons, we are not good at making more guesses, but I found that although the thorns no longer faint, but sometimes the behavior is very strange, it seems to be directed at me, for example, he would be bored to go out with me to buy things, Another example is when I left Xitang's palace, he was always proud and ran to take me out, but halfway through, people ran back silently. At that time I found that he was really wrong, guess It is very likely that the behavior will be different from normal because of being controlled. I originally wanted to check him again, and I was worried that the person who controlled him or I would be jealous and unable to check the problem. I ’m just a little Learn to After quietly to his physical examination, I still did not find out where the problem can only be called the first firm to spy on his every move "black eye to see if Xi was knocked out of the spine, exclaimed:".. Really is a problem. "

Hei Xingxing, who was standing behind the crowd, suddenly said, "I met you on the second night of the 9th level test. I saw him standing behind you and raised his arms towards you, and seemed to want to kill you. . "

Everyone looked at him.

"After I called you, he put his hand back."

Wu Ruo asked, "Why didn't you say that?"

"He is your friend, and I just feel that he wants to kill you. I'm not quite sure. I didn't tell you because I was worried that it would destroy your friendship."

Wu Ruo stood up and sighed, saying: "The problem is still not detected.

Youyou frowned: "Take the spiny cockles back to the room before making plans."

Ye Ji quickly took the person back to the room, and the others were inconvenient to follow up, so they went back to their own rooms. At this time, there was only Ye Ji, Thorny Wuruo, Youyou, and Heishuyu.

Wu Ruo glanced down at the closed door and said in a low voice: "I guess the best **** Dan was auctioned by the Son.

Ye Ji looked at him with red eyes and Youyan: "Why would you doubt him?"

"The time for Needy God Dan appeared about the same as the appearance of the Son. It wasn't that he could have five masters like this to give out five Need God Shen Dan. He was supposed to harm me, but we didn't go to the auction. Just hit the idea on Ye Ji. The sage should have been severely cursed in the elixir, otherwise it would be impossible to find out. "Wu Ruo took out the silver needle and inserted it into the acupuncture point of the spiny thorn, and after a moment, The spiny spine woke up.

He looked at the four people by the bed and frowned. "Why are you staring at me?"

Spinach fly sits up, hissing, rubbing his neck: "Why does my neck hurt so much?"

Ye Ji took out the ointment and applied it to him: "Do you remember what happened?"

"Just now?" A thorny gesture, looked around the room: "Did I eat on the first floor before? How could I lie in the room?"

Wu Ruo asked, "You don't remember what happened just now?"

"What happened just now?" Thorny thought for a while, and then remembered something: "I remember seeing you go out while eating, and I somehow also wanted to go out with you, just stood up and watched later. Until you and the kids are flying a kite ... "

He looked at Wu Ruo: "I don't remember anymore."

Wu Ruo asked again, "Have you felt uncomfortable lately?"


Ye Ji was very worried: "Xiao Xun, think again. What ’s so abnormal about you after you eat the best gods?"

Seeing everyone's face dignified, I tightened my eyebrows and thought seriously: "Is there something that makes me feel a little unusual, but I don't know if it's something you said is abnormal, just like I was sitting there drinking tea and thinking After a while, I became sitting at the table to eat, but it didn't make me feel anything wrong, but it was taken for granted. "

Wu Ruo affirmed: "It is certain that you are controlled by others, then you will take it for granted that everything you do is controlled, but the person who controls him is not yet proficient in using this ability, so all exceptions are intermittent. And, Thorny has an eighth-level wizard, and it is difficult to control him completely. "

"This place is under control?" Thorny's face is particularly ugly, and he has always been proud to accept things under his control.

"Well, it should be the superb **** Dan you ate."

Ye Jihan asked with a face: "Can you lift it?"

Wu Ruo shook his head: "I don't even know where the problem lies, so I can't get started.

Hei Xieyu said, "I'm afraid only the Holy Son or the hermit can solve the spell."

Youyou raised her eyebrows: "So we have to take the spiny thorns to visit the Hermit?"

Wu Ruo frowned and nodded.

When his mother said that he should take as few people as possible to the hermit, he planned to go to the hermit by himself or with Hei Xieyu, but the big spiritual master later asked him to bring the children and had to bring the eggs to them, then Hei Pingxing also said that he was looking for ways to prevent the old people from disappearing. As a result, two more people were added. Now there are some troubles. I am afraid that there are a few more people who do not know this. Don't let so many people in.

Suddenly, there was a fluctuation of spiritual power in the room, and I saw thorny eyes covered with bloodshot blood, and my hands condensed.

Ye Ji speed interrupts his use of mystery with spiritual power, and binds his person with a device.

The beast roared like a thorn in his mouth.

Wu Ruo saw that he noticed that his spiritual power was condensed on Lingtian, and his face changed: "No, he wants to blow himself up."

Yeji was frightened, and hurriedly stunned the person, and then, the spiritual power within the spine was dissipated.

Everyone's face is very bad.

You You whispered: "If he wakes up, he will explode, sooner or later, he will have to die, and he will have to solve the spell as soon as possible."

Ye Ji's heart lingered: "Well."

"I asked them to speed up." Hei Xuanyu turned and left the room.

The waterway originally took about ten days, and it took them only seven days to reach the border of the road.

During this time, Echinococcus has developed several times, and each time he becomes sick, Ye Ji will faint, otherwise he will explode himself.

It was early in the morning when the big ship docked, and U Xi and Wu Chenliu had breakfast and left with baggage.

After Wuzhu sent them away, he asked Wubo, "Little Bai, why don't you go with Xiaoxi?"

Uber shook his head: "Senior Chenliu is not my master. He cannot be left alone to take care of two people. Moreover, if someone is always taking care of me, it will make me dependent, so I will never improve."

Wuzhu smiled and patted his shoulder: "You have grown up, so what are your plans?"

"I've been seasick recently, and I plan to take a break here and go on the road again. There is no purpose. Where can I go?"

Wuzhu took out a bag of silver from his sleeve: "I know you are short of silver, and this bag of silver will be left for you on the road."

Uber was embarrassed to accept.

Wuzhu shoved it into his hands: "This is for my brother to my brother. There is nothing to be embarrassed about. You must be ashamed, and then return it to me if you make money later.

"Thank you, Brother Four." Ubo put the silver in his sleeve, looked at the guard who was carrying the sedan to disembark, and asked; "how can I take a sedan? Isn't riding faster?"

"The guards who carry the sedan are all ghosts. They can fly. They can fly with the sedan and run faster than horses."

At this moment, Wu Ruo under the boat shouted, "Brother, we are gone."

"Okay, I'll come." Wuzhu hugged Uber: "Little cypress, there will be a period later, if you can't solve the problem, go back to the necropolis to find father."

Ubo hugged him back and patted him gently on the back: "Four brother, be careful all the way."

"Well, I'm gone." Wu Zhu released him and stepped out of the ship.

Hei Zihe also quickly followed the ship and got into Wujiao's sedan chair.

Hei Xizi, standing outside the sedan, said, "Come down."

Hei Zihe raised the curtain to Wu Ruojiao and said, "Da'er, I want to go too, so let me go."

Wu Ruo felt that there was no difference between one more person and one less person, and he had no objection: "When you go to the Mymit, you can't act wildly."

"Yes, Ma'am." Hei Zihe grinned at Hei Xuyi: "Brother, Ma'am agreed, you can't object any more."

Hei Xuan stared at her.

Hei Zihe pointed to the ship and said to Wu Ruo, "Oh, my baggage, please trouble me to take it for me."

Wu Ruo turned his head and the guards came over with ten boxes.

He drew a corner of his eye, and fatefully received all her boxes into the space.

Sitting in the sedan chair on the other side, Shen Song saw the scene, lowered the curtain, and whispered, "Master, after a few days of getting along, I found that the Prince listened to the Princess."

Hei Xingxing said quietly: "The prince is not listening to Xiao Ruo, but he has Xiao Ruo in his heart and everything goes along with Xiao Ruo to make Xiao Ruo happy."

"The princess is also quite capable, so that people who are afraid of our old clans can serve him well. You see, the prince actually allowed him to deal with us. If the princess was replaced by someone else, it would have been abolished. "

"Maybe." Hei Lingxing really couldn't be able to confidently do that place like a prince.

"It's off," the people outside shouted.

Immediately afterwards, the people in the sedan felt that the sedan was flying.

Standing on the big boat and watching them leave, Ubai looked at the car team that was gone, and the cloak clenching his chest whispered, "Four brothers, six brothers, sorry."

Chapter 352: Hermit

Wu Ruo spent another three days to come to the vicinity of the Miyin people, and the hundred miles of it was either a grassland or a deep mountain and wild ridge. There was no one in the house and it was not like a place to live.

The person who was responsible for supervising the secret family's every move and pointed at the rolling mountains said: "We once saw the maiden of the hermit disappear into the mountain and disappeared. The subordinates speculated that the hermit should be inside, but After our people went in, it was similar to the ordinary deep mountains. No one lived there, and it was easy to get lost in it. "

Wu Ruo speculated: "They should have confused our eyes with Qimen's armor, or illusion."

Hei Xuyi also thought so: "We can only wait for our grandfather to send someone out to pick us up now."

Ye Ji said anxiously: "Can't send someone to look for or fly to the air to detect the situation?"

"We still don't know what the purpose of our grandfather calling us here is, we are acting rashly, I'm afraid it will provoke the hermits."

Ye Ji slumped: "We are waiting here, we don't know when we can wait for people, and we don't know if the entrance is here."

Youyou patted him on the shoulder: "I know you're in a hurry, but you can't eat hot tofu in a hurry. If we venture in, they're not the same thing. Maybe we won't give the thorns a spell."

Ye Ji's face eased a lot.

Thorny pulled his sleeves lightly: "You don't need to worry too much about me. If there is something abnormal, you just have to knock me out like usual."

Ye Ji nodded.

Standing in the deep chanting not far, did the eyes turn from Thorny and Yeji? Then, they looked at Youyan and Wuzhu again, and there was a strange gleam in their eyes.

Kurosaki gave him a glance: "What are you looking at?"

Shen Song whispered, "Master, have you found that in addition to the prince and the concubine are husbands and wives, the eldest brother of the concubine and the man named Youyou are also husbands and wives, and also called Jiao and Yeji Are also husbands and wives, and they all have their own children. "

He was very puzzled. Now why so many men are paired with men, which leads to getting along these days, he must think that the other half is a man.

Deeply thinking about this, he couldn't help but have a cold chill, he couldn't have **** with men.

Hei Xing asked softly, "Are you ostracizing men with men?"

"Everyone rejects, right?‘

Hei Ling walked calmly without speaking.

"However, after so many days together, I am used to watching and watching." Shen Song lowered his voice by two points: "The main thing is that they all look good, if they all look like drivers in our house ... ... "

The driver in his house was so bullish and tall, he still had a black beard and acne on his face, and he had a big belly. When he wanted to kiss two men together, he couldn't bear it. There was a shudder in the place of residence: "Oh my god, I can't imagine that my chicken skin has fallen off the ground. The most important thing is that I can no longer look directly at the driver in my house."

Hei Xingxing: "..."

Wu Ruo came to them and said, "Limp, deep song, we camp here first and wait for my grandfather to come out to pick us up."

Hei Ling nodded.

Everyone set up a tent, and the children were joking around, so busy.

Wu Ruo lived under the mountain for five days. During this period, they never saw anyone enter or leave the Mymit.

You start to wonder if the hermit is really nearby.

"Are we in the wrong place? Otherwise, why don't we see someone come out?" Shen Song asked.

Hei Xuanyu also looked skeptically at the people who had watched the hermit.

The man hurriedly said, "Prince, there is absolutely nothing wrong with his subordinates. We were here when we met the mother of the Princess.

Wu Ruohuo said, "Listen quickly, is there someone playing, and it seems that someone is singing."

The crowds calmed down immediately, and raised their ears to listen more.

After a while, Wuzhu said out loud, "I didn't hear anything. What about you guys?"

Hei Xu shook them and shook their heads, saying that they did not hear them.

Wu Ruo wondered: "Did you both hear? Is it that I have hallucinations?"

Youyou asked Wu Ruo, "Xiao Ruo, what did you hear?"

"I heard the sounds of all kinds of musical instruments, and the singing of women, just like the sound of nature, very pleasant."

"Where did it come from?"

"In the mountains."

You You and Hei Xingyu stared at each other: "Will it come from the Mysterious Clan?"

Hei Xunyu nodded: "It's possible."

Wuzhu asked, "Why only Xiaoruo can hear it?"

Hei Xuanyu groaned: "It may be because Xiao Ruo inherits the inheritance of the Mymit, so only he can hear the sound from the Mymit and everyone else looks at Wu Ruo.

"Daddy--" Dandan pounced on Wu Ruo's lap, pointing at the mountain, and said, "Daddy, I heard someone singing, so listen."

Wu Ruo looked at Dandan in surprise: "Did you hear that too?"

Douya nodded hard at his little head: "Xiaoxiao and Wuyou also heard."

Wuzhu wondered: "Wuyou heard it too? How could he hear it?"

You said, "Half of the blood flowing in his body is your bloodline. Maybe this half of the bloodline has inherited the heritage of the hermit.

Wuzhu overjoyed: "Really?"

Ye Ji said, "Is it true? After trying it, we will know that now we are mainly going to follow the singing into the mountains."

Wu Ruo raised an eyebrow: "Do you mean we are going into the mountain now?"

"I don't think it's surprising that you can hear the sound, it must have purposely guided you inside."

Hei Xieyu nodded: "I think Ye Ji said it well, otherwise he won't wait so many days later, only today can hear the voice."

"Then we clean up and go into the mountains."

Hei Xieyu explained that Hei Yang and Hei Yin took the ghosts to guard them at the bottom of the mountain, and others went into the mountains to check.

"In order to avoid dispersal, we had better tie the rope to our body, and then hand in hand into the mountain." Wu Ruo took out a long rope from the space and tied it to his waist: "Who is the second one?"

"I." Hei Zihe picked up the rope before leaving. As a girl's house, it was inconvenient for her to be close to other men. She could only join Wu Ruo and Hei Xieyu into the mountains.

The next step was to blacken them, and the children carried their bodies on their backs, prepared everything, and led Wu Ruo into the mountains.

There are many trees in the deep mountains, and there are also many wild beasts in the forest. However, they are all spiritual. Knowing that if they are not provocative masters, they will not dare to come forward. Even the overlords in the mountains must give way to them.

Children are very fresh about things they haven't seen before. As soon as they see a small animal running past their eyes, they will be excited to ask what kind of animal that adult is. The quiet mountain forest is destroyed by the children's innocent voice, but it gives The quiet Moriko added a lively color.

Wu Ruo searched for the sound and entered the deepest part of the forest. However, he still didn't see a house. Soon, the sound of the instrument stopped, and he couldn't follow the sound to find, but had to stop still: "The sound disappeared. "


Everyone looked around, still a wood.

Hei Zihe asked: "What shall we do now? Wait here?"

Wu Ruo raised his eyebrows: "When I came in, I observed that there was no strange door armor set here, it should be from illusion, so we could only see a forest.

The others looked at each other and hoped that they would find a clue.

"Daddy, I want to pee." Wu Ruo yelled.

Wu Ruo was speechless.

Hei Zihe smiled and helped put the eggs down.

Wu Ruo pointed at the big tree in front: "Just pee there."

Everyone trot over.

Wu Ruo looked at him with short hands and short legs, and quickly said, "Slow down, don't fall."

Immediately after the words fell, Douban was pitted by the branches under his feet, and the whole tree rushed over.

"Be careful." Wu Ruo was too late to pull him, watching the child slam into the tree, and then the figure disappeared in front of everyone.

Hei Zihe screamed: "It's gone, it's gone."

The adults looking at their surroundings quickly turned their heads, "What happened?"

Hei Zihe pointed at the big tree and said, "Just a few times ago, he fell over and hit the big tree. Then, no one was seen."

"Everything." Wu Ruo anxiously walked under the big tree and touched the big trunk, only to find that his hand could pass through the big tree, and he hurried to go inside.

The followers saw him disappearing into the tree, the others looked at each other and quickly followed.

After entering the tree, Wu Ruo's eyes were dark, and soon, he lit up again, and saw a man holding his son and urinating, and this man was the general manager who had not seen him for many days.

He smiled rejoicingly, "Recorder."

"Finally came in." The director said faintly, and then skillfully put on the pants.

"Dad." Dandan rushed to Wu Ruo's thigh.

Wu Ruo picked up his son: "Are you okay? Did you hurt?"

Everyone shook his head.

People who walked in behind looked around and found that the scenery inside had not changed.

Heizihe wondered, "Isn't this where we stood just now?"

Wu Ruowang looked around and asked, "Director Lu, what's going on?"

The record manager explained: "This is another world."

"Is this a Mystery?"

"Well, we still have to go a long way to get to the clan." The director of the recording looked at the people behind him: "Why do you bring so many people in?"

"It's hard to say a word," Wu Ruo asked, "I'm bringing so many people in, won't it make my grandfather embarrassed?"

"I only worry about you messing things up."

"Will not."

The director of Lulu warned them: "The people here are very powerful. You must be careful not to offend people."

The others nodded.

"There is no lifting here, you can untie the rope on you."

Wu Ruo they quickly untied the rope.

Mr. Lu turned around and took them to the right: "It takes about ten miles to get to the Mymit."

Chapter 353: Hermit (2)

The scenery inside the tree is exactly the same as the scenery outside the tree.

Wu Ruo, while following the director of the recording, looked at the surrounding environment, while wondering in their hearts, they couldn't help thinking about what the other world that the recording director said was going on.

The distance of ten miles is not long or short, and it took about half an hour to finally arrive outside the Miyin Clan, and everyone was immediately attracted by the beautiful scenery.

"It's so beautiful here," Hei Zihe exclaimed.

The hermit is located in a large valley, where the four seasons coexist. There is light snow in the north, the mountain has been covered by white snow, but the sun is bright in the south, and it is so hot that people want to jump into the river to swim, and there is light rain in the east, and the water flows from the waterfall to the river and flows into the lake. The water is so clear, like a mirror, that it can clearly illuminate the blue sky and white clouds. To the west, as in autumn, maple and apricot trees fall like rain.

In the center of the valley is four seasons like spring, with various flowers blooming in it. You can see both winter plums that bloom only in winter and water lilies that bloom only in summer.

Mr. Lu looked at the beautiful valley with a rare smile: "We call this the Four Seasons Valley."

Hei Xingxing did not expect to see such a beautiful scenery when he left the Necropolis for the first time. He admired: "The valley is like its name."

Shen Song hadn't seen such a scene, his eyes widened.

Hei Xuyi asked: "Coexistence of the four seasons, wouldn't it be contrary to common sense?"

Recording the general pipeline: "This is another small world and cannot be viewed normally."

Suddenly, there was a gurgling noise above his head.

Everyone looked up, and one-on-one red and green birds flew over them.

Director Lu explained to everyone: "That's the messenger bird. They will tell the people in the village that an outsider is coming. Let me go and see you."

Wu Ruo followed him and asked, "Recorder, before I entered the mountain, I heard the sound of musical instruments and the singing of women. Did these come from the Valley of the Four Seasons?"

"Well, that's the guide song played by the girls in the clan. In addition to the people of the mysterious clan, they can also be heard by some people. Most of the people who heard the song came here along the song. . "

Wu Zhudao: "We can't hear if it means that we are not here."

"It's not a miss, if you can come in with Wu Ruo, it means that you still have a fate here."

Hei Xieyu was curious: "What will happen to the people who hear the music coming in here?"

The head of the recorder's micro-hook mouth said: "You have asked the point, but I have no right to tell you that you can ask the master."

The valley is large, and you can't see it at a glance. Everyone's house seems to be built randomly, but the layout is neat, and it won't be one east and west. When you enter the inhabited road, the villagers in the clan stop curious Look at them.

Among them, the old people who chatted at the village mouth chattered with a smile: "There are people coming into the village again."

"This time more people came in than before. One or two people came forward, never seen more than a dozen people entering the village at the same time.

"Yo, there are still such young children this time. It seems that they have a good spirituality." Old people are distracted when they see the children. Especially when the children are so beautiful and cute, they make them want to hug each other. hold.

"I've lived for more than 500 years, and it's the first time I've seen such a handsome guy enter the village."

"Well, the guy behind the recording manager looks like Xiaotong."

"Yeah, it really looks like her. I haven't seen Xiao Tonger for a long time, and I don't know how Xiao Tonger lives outside."

"Why do you carelessly, Xiao Zhen will certainly not let his family suffer?"

"Oh, that's the same, but the person who looks like Xiao Tonger and walks with the manager is definitely Xiao Tonger."

An old man couldn't help but asked, "General manager, who is the guy behind you?"

The general manager respectfully introduced them to Wu Ruo: "He is the second son of Ruo Tong, Wu Ruo, and her eldest son Wu Zhu, and three young grandsons of Guan Tong. These are their partners. The name is Hei Xieyu, and the girl is You Xie, and the girl is Hei Zihe, sister of Hei Xie, and the rest are friends of Wu Ruo. "

Older people smile even more.

"It was Xiao Tonger's son. They are all so old. Time flies. In a blink of an eye, more than twenty years have passed. Xiao Tonger is a grandson."

"Xiao Tong'er's sons and grandchildren and daughter-in-law look so handsome."

Wu Ruo they were originally worried that they would exclude men from being with men, but they were surprised when they saw that they not only accepted frankly, but also looked very ordinary.

One of them asked, "Surname is black? Congratulations?"

Director Lu didn't answer which surname: "Seniors, I want to take them to see the master, so I won't bother you chatting."

"Okay, Xiao Zhen must be very anxious to see his little grandson and great-grandson, so he won't let him wait long."

Director Luo continued to take Wu Ruo into the village.

After walking away, Wu Ruo whispered, "Are the people here not to welcome the people in the Nation?"

Mr. Lu shook his head: "It is not very welcome, but it is not very exclusive. Now everyone is living in a cozy, peaceful and generous manner, and they will not be too concerned about long-term things. Of course, the premise is not to disturb their tranquility. life."

Wu Ruosong said, "Where does my grandfather live?"

Director Lu pointed to the big mansion down the hillside and asked, "Did you see the Millennium Phoenix Tree?"

Everyone looked in the direction he was pointing at, and at a glance they saw tall red trees with lush foliage blocking most of the house.

"See, is it there?"


"Go, let's hurry over.

On the way, they met the young people in the village, and found that the people here were either handsome or beautiful, and none of them looked ugly. The people in the village, whether they were girls or lads, saw Wu Ruo and they used a selection The partner's gaze looked at them.

Shen Song was stared at a bit uncomfortable, and leaned back to Hei Linghang, whispering, "Master, I really didn't expect that the director of the black market would be the grandfather's grandfather. So the grandfather's grandfather is the city. Lord? "

Kurosaki frowned, "I'll know when I see it.

"Master, have you noticed that they look at us strangely?"

Hei Lingxing naturally realized this, and gave a slight glance at not answering.

Wu Ruo and Hei Xieyu walking in front of them also found that they couldn't help tightening their brows. The girls felt that they were handsome, just a few more glances. Even the men looked weird with the same eyes. .

When he got to the place where few people were, Wu Ruo quickly asked his doubts.

The director said with a sneer: "Don't you know? In addition to men and women becoming married, women and women or men and women can become partners."

Everyone said yesterday.

Hei Xuanyu wondered: "I heard the great-grandfather talk about the secret hermit before, but never said that women and women or men and men can be partners."

"Phenomena that have only existed since the Hermit moved here."

Wu Ruo wondered: "Since the hermit has such a phenomenon, why did my mother disagree with me when I married him?"

"The outside world is different. They will look at you with a different eye. Of course, the lady does not want you to be wronged like this.

"So too."

"Here it is," said the director, pointing to the big house. "This is where the lady lived when she was a kid, and also your grandfather's house."

The gate was not closed, everyone went straight in.

Before arriving in the hall, the director said, "Master, Master Wu Ruo, they are here."

Guan Zhen walked to the door and not only was so unhappy when he saw so many people, but he greeted them with a smile: "All are here."

"Maternal grandfather." Wu Ruo, Hei Xieyu, Wuzhu, Youyou cried in unison.

The children followed, "Great-grandfather."

Guan Zhen happily picked up the running children: "You are here too."

He hugged Wu You, Yudan and Xiaoxiao, and asked Wu Ruo, "Are your grandmothers okay?"

In fact, when the director of the recording said that Yu Yingran was not dead, he was anxious to run to the Necropolis immediately to meet him. However, the necromancy spell had not been lifted, and even if he had gone, he could not take her away. Ying Ran is always persistent, he wo n’t see him without a good face, and it takes a lot of time to go back and forth. It ’s better to spend time on solving the curse, so he can take Ying Ran out of the dead country and travel to other places faster. Go for fun.

"Well, in addition to the inability to heal the eyes, her face has completely healed. She and her great-grandmother now live in the four brothers' houses of Shaoxing with guards to protect them."

Guan Zhen stunned. "From ... uh ... you mean dad and mother he accepted us?"

"Accepted." Wu Ruo laughed. "It should be said that they have never opposed it. If the old people were not forced by each other, they would not have done nothing. Right, before coming, my grandmother asked me to take this. Give you."

He took out a stack of letters and handed them to Guan Zhen.

Guan Zhenxin let down the children, and after receiving the letter, asked the director to arrange a room for them, and then left in a hurry.

Recording channel: "The master and son will not come out after reading the letter. I will take you to the backyard room first."

"..." Wu Ruo had originally planned to ask questions about being unable to marry, but now he can only wait for Guan Zhen to come out. Anyway, people are here, and they are not in a hurry.

They came to the backyard, and Heizuhe looked around and said, "Why is there such a big house?

"I rarely came back with my master, so I didn't buy anyone back. Now that you are here, I will go to Dongshi to buy a few people to take care of your daily life."

"Dongshi?" Everyone looked at him curiously.

"It's the bazaar. There are a lot of things sold in it that you haven't seen before." The director general asked, "Are you interested to follow me and see?"

Chapter 354: Must be fake

Everyone listened to what the manager said, curiosity was hooked, and after choosing a room, he left Guan Zhen's big house with him.

The city of Dong is on the west side of the valley, and the west side is divided into two halves, half of which is a maple forest and one side of a ginkgo forest. The wind is blowing like a rain, and the leaves are flying all over the sky.

You You chuckled: "Last time we said we had the opportunity to see the ginkgo deciduous scenery. Now that we are fine, we don't have to go anywhere. The maple and apricot trees can be seen.

"Yeah." Black Bamboo reached out and caught the maple and apricot leaves.

Wu Ruo laughed: "When things are done, be sure to bring table wine and drinks to enjoy the scenery while drinking."

Deep Song immediately responded: "I agree."

Hei Xingxing saw that the accumulated thickness of the leaves on the ground was quite high. Some people even swept the leaves into piles and took them home for wood burning. They were curious and asked, "Can't the leaves end here?"

With so many leaves falling, the trees in the woods on both sides are still so lush.

Recording the main pipeline: "It can't be finished, leaves fall during the day, and it will grow back at night."

Everyone was surprised.

In the middle of the two forests, the cave city is a large circular deep pit, and then a road from the road to the ground is built along the wall of the pit and small hill holes are dug in the pit wall to sell small goods for the people. The shop, next to the intersection, is placed on a large stone with the words 'Maple Apricot Cave' carved on it. The leaves on both sides of the big hole will occasionally fall below the cave.

Not many people come to Dongdong to buy things, and the owner doesn't care about the business. They meditate when they are fine, or chat with the owner next door.

As soon as they entered the cave city, their eyes widened. In order not to express their "no knowledge", everyone tried to suppress the shock in their hearts. In their eyes, the so-called ceiling products and top elixir, rare materials All the goods are spread here. There are things that can't be bought outside, or tens of millions of silver can be bought here, and only 12 or 120 silver can be bought here.

Shen Song covered his chest that accelerated his heartbeat: "The fakes must be fakes."

Wu Ruo deeply felt the same, because he saw that the superb **** dandelion could be bought for only fifty-two silver, and his mood was too complicated to know how to describe it.

He turned his head silently to Hei Xieyu, and the two of them silently looked back at him, spending 20 million yuan to capture the night of a superb spiritual **** Dan, and asked, "How many can you buy for 20 million yuan? Anymore? "

Ye Ji: "..."

Thorny ticked his lips: "I can buy 400,000."

Ye Ji: "..."

Hei Xingxing looked at the artifact next door to be marked fifty thousand two thousand, and his mood was not much better. The prize he earned was originally worth fifty thousand two thousand yuan, which was worse than the reward of you.

Wu Ruo whispered, "I can buy everything in Dongshi with the silver on me."

The record manager said quietly: "Don't think about it, these things will not let you take them out, unless you use them here, or let local residents give them to you, you can take them outside."

Wu Ruo: "..."

Hei Xieyan frowned: "Was it useless if we bought it?"


Everyone: "..."

They had to continue to go down, the more they went down, the more precious materials, many things they had n’t seen before, such as the elixir that glowed, the magical instruments that glowed, and cultivation books, etc. They are all very powerful things, but unfortunately they bought them and couldn't take them away.

Shen Song asked Mr. Lu: "Mr. Lu, how can things here be so cheap? Is it easy to find the materials?"

"Yes, because these materials can be found everywhere, they are very cheap, and some hard-to-get materials outside usually flow out from here."

Everyone dumb again.

"Then if you guys sell things, don't they all become rich?"

"There are rules in the clan, you cannot sell the things in the clan at will."

You suddenly stopped and asked, "What is the spirit stone?"

Wu Ruo looked at him in wonder: "What spirit stone?"

Youyou points to one of the stalls, and the items on it need to be replaced with spirit stones.

Director Lu said, "After you go back, let the Lord tell you."

Along the way, if they had bought some books and some items that could be used recently, they followed the record manager to the bottom to buy ten people.

"The princess is gone." Shen Song said suddenly after the director gave the money.

Everyone turned around and did not see Hei Zihe.

Wu Ruo frowned and looked around: "She was obviously here just now."

The little man sitting on the shoulders of Hei Xie said, "Auntie is up."

Hei Xunyu lowered her face: "Why did she go up suddenly?"

Shaking his head slightly, "I don't know."

Director Lu asked, "Do you still have anything to buy?"

Shen Song cried and said with a sad face, "Yes, I want to buy the entire Dong city, but I can't take it out."

Hei Xingxing patted him on the shoulder with a funny smile: "Just look at it.

"But, it doesn't matter." Shen Song smiled and said, "I'm not small when I come here.

Everyone returned to the ground outside the cave and saw Hei Zihe kept staring at Xinglin's side, walking curiously.

Wu Ruo followed her gaze and could only see a white back from a distance, wondering: "Second sister, who are you looking at?"

Hei Zihe grabbed Wu Ruo's arm with excitement: "Dasao, I saw a man who looks so handsome, and I like him at first sight."

Wu Ruo: "..."

Hei Xieyu: "..."

You said with a smile: "Are you asking him for his name, or where did he live?"

Hei Zihe froze, "No, I'll ask now."

She hurried to catch up, Hei Xieyu took a step slower to stop, and she had already run out of her feet.

Director Lu said: "Don't worry, the people in the clan are very friendly and will be fine."

Youyou said with a smile: "Xuanyu, it seems that in the near future, you will have more brother-in-law."

Hei Xieyu: "..."

Wu Ruochi smiled and said, "I believe my father and mother will be very happy.

Wuzhu asked, "Are we waiting for her here?"

Hei Xieyu's forehead: "With her temperament, it will be quick to start and should return soon."

On the other side, Hei Zihe took off the necklace on his neck, and at the same time he used light work to catch up with the man in white: "My son, my son, you dropped something."

The white man heard the sound behind him, stopped and looked back, a golden figure floating like a ginkgo color, and then fell in front of him, the dazzling light stabbed him to keep his eyes open, not waiting for his response Come here, stuffed with cold objects in his hand.

"My name is Hei Zihe, and I love you at first sight when I see you in Dongshi. Now you are holding my token for you." Hei Zihe smiled and took off the red jade on his waist. , Turned and left: "Whether you like me or not, you must come to Guan Zhen's house to find me."

She blushed and returned to the black shame.

Hei Xunyu gave her a light glance.

Wu Ruo asked funnyly, "Are you asking the other person's name and address?"

"No, but I told him my name and where I live now, and gave him the necklace my mother gave me." Hei Zihe shook the red jade pendant in Wu Ruo: "I also took it His jade pendant, so it doesn't matter if he doesn't ask his name and address, he will come to me by himself, so that I can see him a second time. "

The record manager saw Yu Pei squint his eyes, and said quietly, "Great."

Wu Ruokoua said: "It's so smart.

Hei Xieyan frowned: "What if he is a married woman?"

"Ah ..." Hei Zihe cried and said, "I didn't really think so much just now. I just wanted to like it, so I must seize it. This is what my mother taught me."

Everyone else admired her behavior, and if they were men, they would certainly be able to do her part.

You said: "You should do this if you like someone, but don't wait for him to like other people to regret it."

Hei Zihe grinned, "That's what I think."

The director said, "He has no partner yet."

Hei Zihe's eyes brightened: "Really?"

Wu Ruo asked curiously, "Director, do you know who he is?"


"who is he?"

"You'll know when he comes to ask for jade."

Mr. Lu didn't want to say more, and everyone did n’t ask much. When they returned to Guan Zhen ’s house, the people in Dongshi sent their descendants to the house. They worked very well, just like they were trained. The affairs in it are clearly assigned.

When it was time for dinner, Guan Zhen finally came out of the room.

Wu Ruo hurriedly asked, "Why grandfather, why would you stop me from getting married with Xun?"

Guan Zhen teased and said, "Because I found out how to understand the curse, and then, I do n’t have your grandfather. What is your relationship? Do you have my grandfather in your eyes?"

Wu Ruo: "..."

Well, it was he who was in a hurry to get married, and thought hard.

Hei Sui said apologizing, "Sorry, we are too anxious, and please forgive my grandfather."

Guan Zhen hummed.

Hei Zihe asked curiously, "What's the solution to the curse?"

Guan Zhen was unhappy, and he was silent when he was unhappy.

Xiaoxiao pulled his sleeves: "Great-grandfather, don't you get angry?"

Your uncle's immature voice was really sweet to Guan Zhen's heart. For a small share, he began to say, "Although the ancestor who cursed the nation of the dead was dead, a strand of her soul was brought back The Mystery. "

Everyone was surprised: "Is there such a thing?"

"Well, I just managed to pry open the patriarch's mouth to learn about this. Now her soul is locked under the valley to suppress it."

Wu Ruo wondered, "What is it about our marriage?"

"The patriarch said that only if you untie her old knot and let her go to have a rebirth, can you worship the church and solve the curse. If you first visit the church and then solve her knot, you will be disrespectful to her."

Wu Ruo anxiously said, "What should I do if I have been married to Hei Xie?"

Guan Zhen looked up at him and said, "You don't count without worshiping the fathers of Hei."

Wu Ruo and Hei Xie sighed with relief.

Hei Xingxing respectfully said, "The elder, the younger name is Hei Xingxing, the son of the old clan leader. I want to know if there is a way to solve the curse while not letting the old people disappear.

Guan Zhen squinted his eyes narrowly, and he didn't want to see the old people. He would not have been separated from Ying Ran for so many years. He screamed angrily at Heishu: "Aren't you incompatible with the people of the old people? Why are you here with the people of the old people?"

Wu Ruo wanted to explain, Hei Xingxing said, "It was the younger generation who insisted on following him. Please forgive the seniors and ask the seniors not to blame the princes."

Chapter 355: What a difference!

Guan Zhen was so angry that he could not speak.

Deeply chanting that although he was very angry, he didn't mean to drive people away, and he couldn't help sighing.

Wu Ruo wanted to say a few words for Hei Pingxing, but he was restrained with his eyes.

The atmosphere was a bit stiff, and others were not good at speaking out.

Just when Hei Lingxing wanted to say something more, suddenly, the ground was shaking violently.

With a bang, the vase under the wall fell to the ground and shattered into pieces.

The sitting person quickly stabilized the tableware on the table.

Guan Zhen's face changed slightly, and he quickly walked out of the house.

Everyone looked at each other, and then went outside.

The Four Seasons Valley is beautiful at night, whether it is big trees, flowers or the sky, there are a lot of flowing fireflies, as if the flowers and trees will shine.

Wu Ruo, when they saw the people in the distance, came out of the house to watch, and asked, "What happened to my grandfather?"

Guan Zhen lowered his voice and said, "The ancestor's soul is awake."

Everyone froze.

"Is it the ancestor who cursed the dead nation?"


If the souls could hear their words, when they heard the words "Necromantic Kingdom", the violent vibration was more intense, and the room made a banging sound.

Guan Zhen explained: "It used to shake from time to time, but the shock was not strong. For a long time, everyone was used to it, but it was shaking tonight. She should have sensed your arrival."

Hei Xieyan frowned: "Are we going to meet her now?"

"I have to discuss this with the patriarch." Guan Zhen calmed down the shock and turned back to the room: "Go back to dinner."

The people in the house had cleaned up the debris, brought them back the tableware, and brought the food to the table.

Guan Zhen seems to be particularly interested in feeding Xiao Xiao. After a meal, he personally feeds his great-great-grandson: "Xiao Ruo, one of your children eats too much, and one eats very little. With so few snacks, can they grow up? "

Wu Ruo laughed: "Little has grown up a lot, thanks to the grandfather who came to Shaman to pray."

He always believed that small can grow up, all because of the problem of absorbing spiritual power that night.

Guan Zhen smiled and stroked his small hair: "It's good to grow up. Tonight, Xiaoxue sleeps with me."

Wu Ruo raised his eyebrows, and found that his grandfather liked Xiao Xiao very much.

Hei Xiu whispered in his ear: "He must be wondering if his grandmother was as cute as Xiao when he was a kid."

As soon as he said that, Guan Zhen said, "I don't know if Ying Ran was so cute and cute as a child."

Wu Ruopo smiled, others laughed, and apparently everyone heard what Hei Xieyu said.

Guan Zhen stared blankly at Hei Xuanyan: "How do you know what I'm thinking? Do you have mind reading?"

Hei Xieyu shook her head: "No."

Wu Ruo was curious: "How do you know what your grandfather thinks?"

"Because every time I see a child, I think that when you were a child, you were just as cute as a child, and you look similar to your grandmother. When you see a child, your grandfather must also imagine when your child is young.

U Ruo was a little embarrassed at first, but in fact he would think like this every time he saw the egg.

Guan Zhen hummed.

"Great-grandfather." Xiao Xiao shouted.

"Yes." Guan Zhen responded quickly.

"I'm stuffed."

Guan Zhen carefully wiped his little mouth for him, and then scooped up the half-eaten egg to get off the table: "Let your brother play with you."

Eggs aggrieved, "I'm not full.

"You've eaten half a table and you still have it. Hurry up and play with your brother."

Deeply chanting: "What a difference."

He smiled with black lips.

Guan Zhen looked up at him: "If you don't disappear after the curse is solved, it will also depend on the ancestor forgiving you. Only she will forgive you, and you will not disappear."

Hei Pingxing did not expect that he would tell him the French side so quickly and thanked him quickly: "Thank you for telling me."

Guan Zhen Lengheng: "I also do this for Ying Ran and Xiao Ruo. I wouldn't tell you if they were not part of the old race."

Hei Ling still thanked him.

Suddenly, Thorny, who was sitting beside him, picked up the tableware and smashed at Wu Ruo.

Hei Xun looked pale, and quickly raised his hand to block Wu Ruo quickly for him.

Ye Ji hurriedly stunned the spine.

Guan Zhen frowned. "What's going on?"

Wu Ruo told him what happened.

"He is really ..." Guan Zhen was so angry that he got up and gave Thorny a pulse: "Qian Shen may have used the soul control spell."

"Soul-controlling curse?" Everyone has not heard of this mystery.

"This is ... well, whatever, after you stay here for a while, sooner or later you will find out what's going on here. It's better to tell you things first, lest you do something wrong." Guan Zhen glanced at the person sitting: However, you must first swear that you cannot tell the secrets of the hermit and the Four Seasons Valley, and I will tell you. "

In the hall, one of them launched a poison oath. After the oath was established, a golden light flashed on them.

Everyone has never seen this before, and looked at each other: "What is the light just now?"

Guan Zhen said: "Swearing here, the oath will come true, but it will not be punished like breaking the oath outside."

Song Song was surprised: "Really will it come true?"

Guan Zhen squinted at him: "You will know if you ask Xiaoruo."

Wu Ruo nodded: "My mother also made a vow of poison. If she wanted to tell something here, even if there was only one word, she would have pain in the body and vomit blood.

Guan Zhen Lengheng: "Spitting blood is only light, if you say a few more words, you will die."

Deep chant: "..."


Ye Ji asked, "Senior, can you talk about the soul-control curse now?"

"Have you heard of the practice?"

Everyone: "!!!!!!!!!"

"The soul-controlling curse is a spell passed down from the cultivation world."

Shen Song and Hei Zihe said in unison: "Is there a real world?"

"Yes." Guan Zhen pointed to the north and said, "On the snow-capped mountains, there is an entrance into the cultivation world. This is where our ancestors unintentionally found. In order not to let too many people break into the cultivation world, we and The monks in the cultivation world have made an agreement to guard them there, and they will send people to teach us spells every few years or more than ten years, send us some materials, or accept some people to practice the magic in the cultivation world, and we As long as people are not afraid of death, they can come and go as they want to find all kinds of materials. "

Everyone was so surprised that they couldn't speak.

"Qian Shen has learned the soul-controlling curse from the practice world. He can remotely control other people's physical actions, or can enter the other person's body-moving ability. On the basis of your friends, Qian Shen's soul-controlling curse is not yet proficient. In order to keep your friends awake and controlled. "

Ye Ji hurriedly asked, "Is there any way to solve the curse?

"Except for Qian Shen himself to actively curse, or to kill Qian Shen himself, otherwise, only those who are higher in the spiritual world than Lord Jin Dan can solve the curse."

Ye Ji stood up suddenly: "Where is Qian Qian now?"

Youyou quickly held him down: "You're looking for him now is tantamount to death.

Hei Xunyu nodded: "That's true."

Wu Ruo asked, "Maternal grandfather, has Qian Shen returned to Miyin?"

"Yes, it was his sister who pressed him back before the Yuan Festival, and I told his sister that the others were in the Netherland."

Wu Ruo's eyes flashed coldly: "Where is he now?"

"Temporarily held by his sister at home." Guan Zhen saw that he looked wrong, and immediately warned: "You can stop making trouble here."

Wu Ruo nodded calmly.

You You asked: "Maternal grandfather, when we went to Dongshi today, we saw that some items need to be purchased from spirit stones. Are these spirit stones the currency of the cultivation world?"

"Yes." Guan Zhen thought for a while and said, "Speaking of which, if you can enter here, you can be regarded as a destined person. Destined people can be sent to the cultivation world to learn spells. I don't know if you are interested in the cultivation world . "

Everyone shook their heads unanimously.

Guan Zhen was curious: "Many people want to study in the real world. Why aren't you interested?"

Wu Ruo said: "Right now I just want to solve the curse, others can't think of so much for the time being."

Heipingdao: "So do we."

Ye Yi said, "If I can solve the curse for him, I'll go."

You You sneered: "I'm a terrific figure outside, but when I go to the cultivation world, it will be different, and I will become a silent, slaughtered ant."

Wuzhu nodded in agreement.

Guan Zhen laughed: "Yes, you can see clearly. After entering the realm of cultivation, not only you, but even us here can be kneaded by others, and it will be tested until the realm of cultivation. Will be taken into the door. "

Wu Ruo asked, "What is spiritual root?"

"It's almost the same as Lingtian, but it can also be divided into good and bad. Like me, it is the single spirit root of the thunder system. It is regarded as top grade. . "

"Thunder is the single spirit root?" Wu Ruo thought of the thunder technique used by Guan Zhen in the test: "Is the thunder technique used by my grandfather related to the spirit root?"


"So am I a thunderbolt?"

Guan Zhen looked at him in surprise: "Can you also use Thunder?"


Guan Zhen laughed, "Good job."

"Old lady, why don't you ask me why I don't go to the true world?" Heizihe couldn't help but asked, "I don't think you asked me, it made me feel ignored."

She likes everyone to watch her, just as everyone's eyes will be attracted by her gold medal.

Guan Zhen was speechless: "Why don't you go to practice?"

Hei Zihe took out the red jade from the man in white: "I like the owner of this jade, I swear to chase this person, so I will not go to the true world."

Her eyes glowed and she vowed.

Hei Xuan shouted at the corner of his mouth.

Guan Zhen looked at the jade pendant in her hand suddenly, burst out a laugh, and patted Hei Zihe's shoulder several times with a smile: "Good, I especially support you. If you don't know how to pursue people, come to ask I."

Everyone: "..."

Chapter 356: Management policy

When falling asleep, Wu Ruo felt the spiritual fluctuations in the nearby rooms. Shen Song, Wu Zhu, Thorny Bay, and Hei Zihe together took over and bought the superb **** Dan in Dong city. Now they are in the house and impact the spiritual order Others are not far behind, and the Four Seasons Valley is full of spirits, sitting in bed and meditating and practicing, only the children are sleeping.

Early in the morning the next day, everyone came out of the room with great energy, and Shen Song, Thorny Spin, and Hei Zi He all rose to the ninth level, their faces full of concealed joy.

Shen Song gave a laugh: "I thought it would be ten years or eight years, or I couldn't reach the ninth stage in my life."

Hei Zihe said, "I also thought that it would take me several years to reach the ninth level."

Thorny didn't speak, his body soared in the air, flying around, and he didn't speak to know that he was very happy.

Ye Ji looked at him and tickled his lips.

Guan Zhen came out of the room with a small arm: "It shows that you have a fate here."

Wu Ruo looked at the bamboo at the back and smiled, "Brother eighth order?"

It is difficult to conceal the joy, and nodded with a smile.

Hei Zihe looked at the little nephews and asked, "Can the children eat the superb **** Dan?"

Guan Zhendao: "The child is still young, so don't rush to take the elixir. The main thing now is to give the basics a solid foundation."

"Master, it's time to have breakfast," said Mr. Lu, who walked into the backyard.

"it is good."

Everyone had breakfast, Guan Zhen went to meet the patriarch, and before long, people returned.

Wu Ruo immediately asked, "Grandfather, what did the chief say?"

Guan Zhen frowned. "The patriarch didn't say anything, just let you stay in the clan, except you can't go to the northern entrance of the cultivation world, you can come and go as you please."

Wu Ruo was anxious: "Did you say when you can solve the curse?"

"Don't say, yes, he also said that you and your children can go to college to study." In fact, Guan Zhen was also anxious, and now he was anxious to lift the curse to see Yu Yingran.

Wu Ruo: "..."

Ye Ji asked: "If the patriarch would be asked to help Qian Shen solve the curse, would he help?"

"This is a grudge between you, the patriarch will not step in, and the others will not."

"Even if we kill Qian Shen, don't you say a word?"


Hei Xuanyu wondered: "Will your mysterious people help your own people?"

Guan Zhen said with a calm face: "Qian Shen is a saint who has the ability to pre-dream, can predict the future, and can change everything in the future. In our family rules, people with such ability are not allowed to change the future, and he But he knows that he committed the crime, and everyone will certainly not help him, not to mention that the person he hurt is also considered to be a half-kind person. You can strike him at any time, but only if you cannot destroy everything here. "

If he wasn't the same person as Gan Shen, he would have dealt with this person long ago.

Ye Ji nodded: "Okay."

"If you feel bored at home, feel free to hang out."

Wu Ruo looked at each other and left the house.

Deeply anxiously said, "Master, we don't have much time, so we can't spend it all the time."

Their fruit lasts only one year, and it is almost a month now.

Hei Pingxing tightened his brow: "I think the patriarch wants us to stay here for a good reason, or just wait and see."

Hei Xuyi also said, "I don't think it's easy to keep us in the clan."

You You said: "Because of its distress here, why not visit the Four Seasons Valley again, there may not be a chance to come here in the future."

Wuzhu nodded: "Yes."

Wu Ruo they couldn't solve the curse, and couldn't find the Holy Son. They could only stroll through the Valley of Four Seasons according to the relaxed mentality that Yu You said.

They were unfamiliar with Four Seasons Valley and did not dare to go too far, so they strolled around where there were residents.

There are many people in the valley. They are like a small country. They are very hospitable and very good. No matter where they go, they will be invited to sit at home, especially warm.

Wu Ruo finally went to the academy mentioned by Guan Zhen. After being introduced by the enthusiastic people, the college was divided into two parts. One part was the children who inherited the fairy tradition. Like Wu Ruo, they had unique secrets in their brains. However, only a few dozens of tens of thousands of children have been passed down. They are highly respected by ordinary children and have a higher status in the college.

The children who have been passed down the immortal tradition have a heavy schoolwork and have a lot of things to learn. Because they are the pillars of the future of the hermit, they need to learn alchemy and forging tools in addition to mystery.

Wu Ruo they strolled around the college and found that the college here is no worse than any of the colleges in the Necropolis and Heavenly Kingdom. The academy has a rich collection and complete materials, and even the Dan furnace is the best.

Wu Ruo sees Xiaoxiao always staring at the academy, thinking that if he can let his son stay in it for a few days, it will be good to read all the books in it.

"Xiao Ruo, a girl has been staring at you." Hei Lingxing said out loud.

Wu Ruo went back to God: "Where?"

Hei Xing looked at the white girl who taught her children to learn mystery in the courtyard: "It's her."

Everyone looked over, and the girl in white immediately turned her head back and continued to teach the children to learn.

Wu Ruo didn't see her face, but she certainly didn't know each other.

Wuzhu whispered, "Does Xiaoru know her?"

"I don't know, but I guess the other person is most likely Qian Shen's sister."

Ye Ji sank his face.

You immediately warned: "Don't be impulsive.

Yeyi nodded: "I know, I won't mess around."

Hei Xingxing said: "She looks a bit like Qian Shen. She should be Qian Shen's sister."

Hei Sui said: "We are not familiar with this place, and it is another person's territory, it is better to stay on the ground first."

Wu Ruowen's white woman: "Well, let's go elsewhere."

In the afternoon, everyone returned to the house where Zhen lived, and then saw a white man standing under the phoenix tree outside the house facing the side of the man in white, looking quietly into the distance, hearing the footsteps and When talking, I looked back and saw that, as if time was still, everyone was attracted by his beautiful and elegant face, as if the immortal who could soar at any time, was full of immortality.

"You are here." Hei Zihe ran to the man in white in excitement, and then said to Hei Xie and Wu Ruo, "Big brother, big brother, he is who I said."

The white man froze slightly, nodded politely to Wu Ruo.

Wu Ruo whispered to Hei Xuyi, "Ermei has vision."

Hei Xieyu also felt that this man was very suitable for his sister, a dazzling, elegant and elegant, very complementary.

"I ..." The man in white looked back at the girl in front of him, but was interrupted by Hei Zihe before exiting: "What's the matter, let's go in and say, yes, what's your name? We can't let us Tell you to feed. "

"Control policy." Control policy followed Hei Zihe into the hall of the house.

The others went back to the backyard with interest.

"Do you also surname? Well, Guance, good name." Heizi tea entered the room and poured Guance a cup of tea.

"Thank you." Guan Ce drank his tea, and then took out the necklace given by Hei Zihe from the space: "This ..."

"Is this necklace good-looking?" Hei Zihe picked up with a smile and said, "In fact, it is not a necklace. It is a bracelet worn by a man. My mother said that if you have a person you like, give it to him and wear it yourself. On his wrist. "

Guan Ze frowned lightly: "Do you always like to interrupt others?"

Hei Zihe's smile continued: "I know that you are here to reject me, so I will interrupt you intentionally so that I can spend more time with you."

"Guan Ye was a little displeased at first, but after seeing her frankly explain the reason, a little bit of dissatisfaction disappeared quickly.

Hei Zihe took the necklace back and gave him the red jade pendant: "Can you drink tea before you leave?"

Guan Ce took back Yupei, hesitated, and nodded.

Heizu He smiled brightly and filled his tea with speed: "The tea is hot, drink slowly."

Guan Ce held up the tea cup and blew.

Hei Zihe found that even when he loved someone, he even looked good at blowing tea.

She held her chin in her hands and said with a smile, "Introduce me to you again. My name is Hei Zihe. I am the princess of the Necromantic kingdom. Far away here is to accompany the eldest brother to find solutions to curse. I like gold. , Because I think it is as bright and dazzling as the sun. You should know that our country has been cursed, so I ca n’t see sunlight for many years. I heard someone say that sunlight is shining like gold flakes under a candlelight. I have been from that time. I like gold, you see, I have a lot of small sequins on my body ... "

Although Guan Ce didn't say anything, her gaze was still looking down her robe. The embroidery on it was made up of many small pieces of gold. It was very exquisite, shining brightly under the bright light.

He had seen someone like her with gold all over her body, but it made him feel vulgar, but the person in front of her did not feel that way, as if she existed for gold, and people shone like gold.

Hei Zihe turned around with a smile: "Isn't it good-looking? Hee hee, although you don't have an expression on your face, you don't have to look away to show that you don't hate it. That's great, I'm also worried that you don't like me at this point.

Management policy: "..."

Hei Zihe sat down and continued, "In addition to me in the family, I have five brothers and sisters. I ranked second. It was only near the eighth-order spiritual power, but after eating your best **** Dan, it rose to nine overnight. Tier, the things you sell in your clan are so cheap and the people are amazing. Before I walked around with your elder brother and found that most of the people have reached the Tier 9 stage. Unfortunately, this is not a Necropolis, otherwise, just I can invite you to eat the golden apricot cake made by the chef at my house. I like this pastry most. It is like seeing the color in Ginkgo forest. The taste is very delicious. I guarantee you want to eat it again.

She didn't dare to push too hard. When she saw him drinking tea, she didn't pour any more. She just asked, "Management. Where do you live?"

Guan Ce lowered the tea cup: "In the house on the hillside behind."

"It's so close. I have time to play with you."

Guan Ce got up and said, "I'm gone."

"How about eating here and leaving?"


"Then I'll send you out." Hei Zihe sent him out.

When they came out of the backyard, they saw their Guan Zhen hooked his lips.

Guan Ce left the house and used light work to fly to the mountain.

Hei Zihe, who watched him leave, shouted, "Management, I want to tell you that your leaps and leaps are very good. I like them very much."

"..." Guan Ce nearly fell off the sky.

Wu Ruoren, who was sitting in the backyard chatting, and other spiritual forces were all Liu. Naturally, she could not help laughing when she heard her shout.

Chapter 357: dream

Hei Zihe returned to the backyard, and everyone looked at her with a wink.

Guan Zhen was satisfied: "Zihe, Guan Ce lives on the mountain. He has always been alone, and you can spend more time with him when you have time."

"Okay." Hei Zihe walked to the kitchen: "I'll learn to make apricot cake, and I'll send it to him when it's done."

Hei Xuan said quietly, "I have never eaten what you made."

It's different with people who like it. People who have never touched their fingers are willing to cook.

Hei Zihe snorted softly: "I haven't and haven't eaten your food."

"I have eaten it." The playing eggs giggled: "My father's meals are not delicious, only my dad said they were delicious.

Hei Xieyu: "..."

"Don't expose your father's shortness." Wu Ruo smiled and threw a peanut meter at the egg, and the egg immediately caught it with his mouth.

Shen Song was surprised: "Prince will still cook."

He thought that noble figures like the prince would stay away from the kitchen.

He smiled and smiled, "Because his father made his father angry, his father punished his father for cooking, washing, and cleaning the toilet."

The others laughed.

Shen Song and Hei Xingxing were surprised that Hei Xunyan could do this for Wu Ruo.

Hei Xieyu stroked his forehead, and his first name was destroyed in the hands of his son.

Guan Zhen laughed: "If Xiaoruo can do this, Tonger hasn't married his son in vain."

Wu Ruo smiled darkly and kissed his face.

Hei Xingxing's eyes darkened, and then lighted up, gradually letting go of Wu Ruo's like, judging by his heart, he couldn't do Hei Xun's share. Wu Ruo deserves to be cherished by people like Hei Xun.

Late at night, each returned to the room to rest.

Because there was a child, Wu Ruo kissed Hei Xieyu's breathing angle, and hugged the man to sleep.

There was a faint sound of flutes from outside the house. It was gentle and lingering, and everyone fell asleep peacefully.

Wu Ruo once again dreamed of the scene when he was killed in the last life, but after seeing Qian Shen leaving with Ruan Hui, he did not continue to dream of Hei Xuan to save him, but as Qian Shen left, he His consciousness also followed.

After Qian Shen arranged everything for the kingdom of heaven, he went to the kingdom of the dead to find the black cricket.

He created various opportunities to meet, meet, and know each other, and the love between them was very deep, compared with Wu Ruo and Hei Xieyu.

In the end, Wu Ruo saw the two of them come to the end. The two of them met each other and were very loving. Together, they created peace for the dead nation for centuries, and the old and the royal family coexisted in a real sense. The moment the two were dying, they made an appointment to be partners in their next life and then loved them again.

Immediately afterwards, the screen turned around. Wu Ruo saw that the two people who had already aged were restored to their youthful appearance, but their attitudes were somewhat different. Qian Shen deliberately discusses Hei Lingxing, but Hei Lingxing deeply likes another person. That person is Wu Ruo, so no matter how Qian Shen pleases Hei Lingxing, Hei Lingxing does not answer him. He devoted himself to helping Wu Ruo to solve all kinds of troubles and even to hurt Wu Ruo and die for Wu Ruo.

"Little Ruo, Xiao Ruo."

Wu Ruo heard Hei Xuan's anxious voice and opened her eyes slightly.

Hei Xieyu exhaled slightly: "You sleep a little bit, you can't wake up even if you call it, are you unwell?"

Wu Ruo sat up and shook her head silently, her thoughts still immersed in her dream.

Hei Xuanyu saw that he was still in a daze, took the robe next to him and put on him: "Everyone is waiting for us to have breakfast."

Wu Ruo looked up in surprise: "It's so late?"

"Well, when I got up, I saw that you were asleep, so I didn't call you. When everyone got up, I was a little worried about your body when you were still asleep."

"Relax, I'm fine."

After Wu Ruo washes, He Heixuan came to the hall, and then He Xunxing and Shen Song came too late.

"Sorry, I'm late," Hei said as he sat down.

No one cares.

Guan Zhen shouted, everyone picked up chopsticks.

Wu Ruo was eating and eating, his thoughts drifted away.

The same is true of the black nibbling on the opposite side. After drinking a few mouthfuls of porridge, he didn't know what to think of, and looked at the porridge in the bowl for a while.

Wuzhu saw that they were both still, and wondered, "Xiao Ruo and Li Xing, what happened to you two?"

Everyone looks at them.

Wu Ruo and Hei Ling walked back to God, saying in unison: "Nothing."

When they heard each other's answer, they could not help but glance at each other.

After having breakfast, Wu Ruocai said, "I had two dreams last night, but the person in the dream was not myself, so I felt strange."

Heiming listened to him dreaming and tightened his brow.

Hei Xuyi asked, "What did you dream of?"

"I dreamed ..." Wu Ruo looked at Hei Ling.

Hei Xing lined his eyes and immediately guessed that something must be related to him, and his eyebrows tightened again.

Wu Ruo simply took it: "I dreamed of Li Xing and Qian Shen in love."

Although he was a bystander in the dream, he could deeply understand the feelings of humiliation between Gan Shen and Hei Pingxing. They loved each other so much that they only saw each other in their eyes.

"Ye--" Shen Song, who was drinking tea, sipped tea from his mouth: "What dream are you doing?"

Even if he likes men, he still dreams that his master likes men.

Hei Xing looked at Wu Ruo rudimentally: "I realized this dream last night. I was so immersive that I could deeply feel this feeling.

Everyone: "..."

Wu Ruo: "..."

He thought that the first dream last night was a continuation of his last life. He saw the emperor, empress, Hei Zihe, Hei Xixi, Hei Ziya, Hei Xutang living well, including Hei Zihe Single life.

Deep chanting tongue: "No, Master, you and Zhong Rong him, he, alas, how can you ..."

Kurosaki gave him a glance: "It's just a dream."

Although it is a dream, he has not been able to get out of it yet. In the dream, his relationship with Qian Shen is too deep. When he saw himself and Qian Shen dying in the dream, he felt happy and Feeling heartache and sadness, I think it would be better if they stayed together for a longer time, making him reluctant to wake up in a dream.

Hei Xuyi asked, "What is the second dream?"

Wu Ruo looked for a moment, looking at his eyes limping: "Did you dream?"

Heidi shook his head: "I only dreamed and dreamed."

Wu Ruo Ansong tone: "The second dream is the opposite of the first dream. Qian Shen and Li Xing meet later in the dream, so Li Xing first likes someone else, and this other person is me ..."

Honestly, before he said that, he was quite worried that Hei Ling would have a second dream, and then he was bothered by the second dream, because the Hei Ling in the dream loved deeper than the current Hei Ling, at least for himself. As an onlooker, he can also deeply feel the feelings of Hei Lingxing to him, and the moment he saw Hei Ping's behavior, he was very sad as a friend. But in the dream, he was like his full hatred when he was just born again. He knew Qian Shen ’s feelings for Hei Pingxing, and facilitated the separation of his feelings with Hei Ling, and killed his sister. Gang raped Qian Shen. In short, how he and his family died before his rebirth, how Qian Shen died. "Everyone:"! !! !! !! !! !! "

Deeply silent: "What dreams did you have, how could my master like you?"

Hei Xingxing: "..."

Wu Ruo said, "I have the same dream as Li Xing, it is absolutely unusual."

Guan Zhen calmly said: "Someone intentionally made you two] have such a dream."

Deeply angrily: "Who is so deficient makes my master have such a dream."

Wu Ruo guessed: "It's mostly Qian Shen's sister."

Guan Zhen nodded in agreement.

Wuzhu wondered, "What is her intention?"

"The dream we have should be Qian Shen's pre-dream. His sister wanted us to experience Qian Shen's hatred and love for us. He wanted to let us ... spare her brother and let Qian Xing accept Qian Shen. . "

Deeply angrily: "How could I make my master like a man."

Hei Xingxing: "..."

Wuzhu asked: "Xiaoruo, what do you think?"

Wu Ruo: "..."

In the eyes of others, Qian Shen just failed to kill him, and it was not enough to forgive sin, as long as the two talked well. There is still a chance for reconciliation, but after his last life, it is difficult for him to let go of everything to forgive Qian Shen.

"I don't know anymore, I'm going for a walk." Wu Ruo stood up and left the mansion.

Hei Xunyu quickly followed.

After Wu Ruo left the house, he pulled up his hand: "After this dream, it made me feel that something was wrong, but I couldn't tell what was wrong."

Hei Xuanyu squeezed his palms: "Think slowly, don't worry."

Wu Ruo nodded.

At this time, Hei Zihe ran out with the food container: "Brother, sister, I'm looking for a policy."

Wu Ruo laughed: "I wish you success."

"Yes." Hei Zihe smiled and used the light work to fly to the house on the mountain. The gate was not closed, and the inside was deserted, not even a waiter.

Guan Ce is practicing his sword in the yard.

Hei Zihe didn't bother him. He stood at the gate and watched every move of him obscuredly. When he stopped, he laughed and shouted, "Tell me to come to you."

Guan Ce raised an eyebrow, put away his sword, and turned into the hall.

Hei Zihe followed happily. "Management policy, I brought you apricot cake. I made it myself. You try it."

"I often get pastries here, so you don't need to trouble yourself." Guan Ceke refused her.

"Okay. I'll send you something else next time."

"..." Guan Ze had a sense of weakness, and the other party followed his intentions very boldly every time, and then thought of other methods to approach him, and the other side smiled, which made people unable to refuse.


Guan Ce hadn't spoken yet, but only listened to the noise from the sky outside.

He frowned lightly, quickly walked out of the big house, and looked at the gate of the clan.

"What's wrong?" Hei Zihe came to him and asked.

Guan Ce narrowed his good-looking eyes: "Someone has entered the Mystery again."

Chapter 358: It's that simple?

Wu Ruo they also heard the call of the messenger bird, knowing that foreigners in the clan came in again, because the people from the foreign clan were other people, so they did not know who the other party was. Later they heard that the people who came in lived for three days. Was sent to the realm of cultivation.

For the next five days, Wu Ruo and Hei Linghang dreamed a lot of dreams every night, which caused them to feel heavy every day, and it was difficult to get out of the dream.

Shen Song saw that his master was in a daze every day when he got up, and he was particularly anxious. He was worried that his mood would change in the long run: "If the mother doesn't like this dream anymore, her master will not like a man but she will like a man.

Hei Xingxing gave him a cold glance and said to Wu Ruo: "It is not the way to go any longer, shouldn't we find his sister and don't go on?"

In the first few days, he didn't pay much attention and thought it was just a dream, but the feelings in the dream have become stronger and stronger in the past two days, which can already affect his mood. "Hei Xuyi agrees very much. He doesn't want the princess of his family to dream of other men being injured and dying for him.

Wu Ruo rubbed his forehead; "Well, we have been here for so many days and it is time to find her."

In the past few days, they have quietly inquired about their sisters and brothers, and unexpectedly found that everyone's evaluation of them was very high.

Everyone said that when they mentioned Qian Shen later, they felt sorry, because after Qian Shen was troubled by the pre-dream, he became untalking, became more gloomy, and had less contact with people in the clan.

At that time, the clan did not know the reason. Only when he grew up and became calm and calm, until this time Guan Zhen came back to talk about the thousands of things, everyone knew that he was enchanted by dreams.

You said, "Everyone says her sister is a kind girl. We can, by the way, persuade Qian Shen to solve the spell on the thorny body."

Everyone heard that adults had something to do, they said, "Daddy, we're going to find Xiaoyou and play with them."

It ’s been eight days since I came to the Miyin Clan. The children have been playing with the children nearby and have become good friends. After having breakfast every day for the past few days, the four children will leave the big house and go out to play.

Four Seasons Valley is very safe, and adults will help to look at the children wherever they go, so Wu Ruo they are very relieved to let the children go out and play alone.

After leaving the house, Shen Song said, "We have been here for several days, and we don't know when the patriarch came to see us or took us to see their ancestors to solve the curse. Does the patriarch want to keep us here? "

Hei Ling Xing and Hei Xing Ling did not speak. In fact, I was also very worried. I was either eating here or taking time to practice or play around. The life was particularly comfortable, but I always kept things in mind and it was difficult. Play with peace of mind like children.

Suddenly, the ground violently vibrated.

The people quickly ran out of the house.

A family name ran out to the neighbor next door and said, "I used to quake only once every other month, but was it shaking every day in recent days?

Is there a big monster underground in the valley that is suppressed below or a big problem under the ground. "" Yeah, it's really strange, but someone asked the patriarch before, and the patriarch said it's all right, let us rest assured. "

"Since the patriarch said it was okay, the problem should not be too big.

Wu Ruo heard the conversation between the people, looked at each other, and walked towards the college in silence. When they came to the gate of the college, the ground vibration stopped.

Shen Song said with fear, "The vibrations are getting stronger day by day, and I think the old ancestors of the mysterious clans will come out of the ground and kill us."

Hei Xingxing lowered his face: "Don't talk nonsense, this old ancestor is how our ancestors hurt us."

Hei Xuan said: "That's right, she's married to the Necromancer is our ancestor."

Shen Song hurriedly folded his hands and worshiped while thinking: "Old ancestors, the younger generations have offended, please forgive me."

Wu Ruo came into the gate of the college with a smile, and suddenly a strong wind came over. The sand in the wind blew into his eyes. He quickly closed his eyes and rubbed.

Hei Xieyu asked, "Xiao Ruo, are you okay?"

Wu Ruo put down his hand and looked away. The scenery in front blurred a little, but soon it became clear again. He shook his head: "It's all right, but my eyes got into the sand."

At this time, a teenager came over: "Dear sons, our patriarch please."

Wu Ruo they stunned.

Great joy: "Your clan will finally meet us?"

"Yes, please follow me." The teenager took them to the hall where the chiefs of the college were busy with their official duties: "Our patriarch is inside."

Wu Ruo they entered the hall. A majestic and handsome man was talking to the chiefs, and when they saw Wu Ruo, they said, "I will take you to solve the curse now."

Hei Sui asked politely, "Are you the chief of the Mystery?"

Wu Ruo looked at the patriarch. He and the chiefs were wearing uniform dark blue robes, and they seemed to be holding a ceremony, which was very formal.

Is this person his mother's childhood sweetheart?

Well, it is undeniable that he is much better than his father.

"Yes, my name is Guan Zang." Guan Zang and Shan Chang took them to the deepest part of the college with Wu Ruo, then pointed to a well in front of them and said, "The ancestors were sealed under this well."

Heipingxing asked, "Are we going down?"

"No." Guan Zang took out a large sacrifice table from his space, and put on offerings.

The other mountain chiefs arranged the array, and yellow signs were affixed all around.

Guan Zang said, "When we ask our ancestors to come up, you must be sincere. Whether she can forgive you depends on your attitude."

You asked, "What about us, aren't we in the spirit-dead country, should we worship?"

Guan Zang's eyes glanced over the bamboo, you, thorns, and Yeji: "You must avoid it."

"Okay, we'll wait outside for you." You and Wuzhu turned and left.

Guan Zang asked Wu Ruo to stand in front of the table, and then asked each of them to hold three pillars of incense, and then they worked with the chiefs to ask their ancestors.

Suddenly, it was getting dark, the wind was blowing violently, the sky thundered and thundered, it was very scary.

Wu Ruo they dare not move.

I don't know how long in the past, a white mist rose in the well. It can be seen vaguely that it is a woman's form. There is a black gas in the body, which should be caused by resentment.

Guan Zang reminded: "It's not too fast to fragrant ancestors."

Wu Ruo, they knelt on their knees and gave their ancestors a hoe, and they were very heavy on the ground, especially loud.

Hei Lingxing also said a lot of sincere words for the old people, and then everyone bowed down again.

The ancestor ghosts didn't talk, from watching them aggressively to getting calmer and quieter.

Wu Ruo burned the incense in their hands before inserting the incense into the incense burner. Gradually, the ancestor's ghost gradually disappeared, and the incense burner did not break.

Black shame and black shame are overjoyed.

At this moment, the thunder wind stopped and the sky lit up again.

Guan Zang sighed: "Well, the ancestors forgive you. The people of your necromantic kingdom can see the sun again. The hermits cannot stay outsiders for too long. You leave early tomorrow morning.

Hei Ling asked, "Don't our old people disappear?"


Deep joy and joy: "It's great, we will return to the Necropolis to tell everyone good news."

Hei Zihe was particularly happy.

Wu Ruo looked at Hei Xieyu, and then looked at Hei Xing, they couldn't hide the joy: "It's that simple?"

Shen Song did not take it easy on him, "Is it not good for our ancestors to forgive us?"

"No, I didn't mean it that way." Wu Ruo just felt that he had accumulated 2,000 years of resentment. "" It's good to be able to solve the curse, don't think about it. Hei Xieyu held up Wu Ruo's hand. "Let's go home." "

Wu Ruo smiled: "Okay, let's go home."

Everyone happily went out of the deepest.

You You walked over quickly: "Have you solved the curse?"

Wu Zhu laughed: "I see that you are so happy, it must be a successful solution."

Wu Ruo nodded: "Yes, the patriarch asked us to leave here tomorrow."

Ye Ji frowned: "But what about Thorny? Thorny hasn't solved the curse yet."

Guan Zang, who came out later, said, "Just leave here with peace of mind, and I will let Qian Shen lift the spell."

"Thank you Patriarch."

Everyone went back to Guan Zhen's home.

Guan Zhen heard the curse and was very happy: "I'm going to pack up and immediately set off for the kingdom of the dead."

Wu Ruo was surprised: "So fast."

"Not too fast, I can't wait to fly to your grandmother now. You can also collect and clean up. We wait in the hall after half an hour," Guan Zhen explained to the director while walking to the backyard: "Master, you go The children are coming back. "


Wu Ruo and Hei Xiehe returned to the room.

They don't have a lot of things, just clean up their robes.

Hei Xieyu put all his clothes away and let Wu Ruo receive it.

Wu Ruo frowned: "I always have to be dreaming, do we really solve the curse?"

Hei Xuanyu rubbed his head: "Whether it is true or not, we will go back and find someone to try it. We will not know. If it is not successful, we will return to the patriarch."


After half an hour, everyone came to the hall.

Guan Zhen asked, "Are you all packed?"


"let's go."

Guan Zhen took them away from the house. Along the way, many people came to see them off and gave them a lot of things.

After leaving the Mymit, the ghost took three days to take them back to the sea.

Hei Zihe said happily, "It's finally time to go home."

Wu Ruo wondered, "What do you do when you go back? Don't you like him?"

Heizihe's smile remained unchanged: "But he doesn't like me, and I'm useless to force him."


"Don't say this, ma'am, I'm so tired, I'm back to my room to rest."

Hei Zihe yawned back to her previous room.

Wu Ruo's eyebrows weren't he sworn to catch people before?

It only took a few days to give up.

Chapter 359:

Ten days later, Wu Ruo and Hei Xieyu returned from the undersea passage to the dungeon, and then returned to the palace through the teleportation formation.

The palace was quiet and there were no personal pictures. Wu Ruo were a little strange: "Where are you? Where are they all?"

At this time, the dark guard of Hei Xieyu came out from the dark, expressing his expressionless expression, congratulating, "Congratulations to the prince and princess for successfully returning from the curse, the curse of our necropolis is finally lifted, After some people found that the people of the Necropolis could see the light, everyone ran to the land, and the emperor and queen were on the land. "

Hei Xiu was overjoyed: "Really cursed?"

"Yes. Everyone was very happy to see the sun. They were reluctant to return to the dungeon, so the emperor ordered everyone to build houses on the land."

Hei Xieyu said to Wu Ruo, "Let's go and see on the land."

Everyone walked off the road from the teleport. The people were carnival, and some people were lying on the roof to enjoy the warmth brought by the sun. Still others yelled excitedly, "It's a good day to have the sun."

Hei Xun said they were smiling with the people.

Wu Ruo asked Dark Guard: "My father and mother, are they?"

"They were all housed in the palace.

Guan Zhen was anxious: "Hurry up to see them."

Hei Xingxing said to Wu Ruo, "I and Shen Song will not accompany you into the palace.‘

Wu Ruo laughed, "Wait for you to settle down before having a drink."

"OK." Hei Pingxing left with a deep chant.

Wu Ruo entered the palace with the dark guard and was taken to the **** of the palace. The maid in the palace saw Wu Ruo and they came back, and ran to the temple to rejoice with Wu Qianqing: "Prince and Prince came back."

Wu Qianqing heard the disappearance, and speed ran out: "Xiao Ruo, Xun Ye, you [come? Are you in danger on the road?"

"No," Wu Ruo smiled at Guan Tong. "Mother, see who I brought back."

Wu Qianqing and Guan Tong both looked at the people behind Wu Ruo, took a moment's surprise, and said, "Daddy, it's father."

The two walked happily.

Guan Zhen ignored them, staring straight at the ghost behind them.

The ghost woman's eyes were red, her lips were shaking, and she was crying desperately.

Guan Zhen shouted, "Ying Ran ..."

"A Zhen." The ghost woman could not help but ran over and hugged Guan Zhen.

Everyone left with interest.

Hei Xieyu said to Wu Ruo, "I have just come back to meet my father and mother first, talk to them about what happened recently, and discuss the future with them."

Wu Ruo knew that they were going to discuss business affairs, so he didn't follow up: "Are you coming over for dinner tonight?"

"No, the curse has just been lifted. There must be a lot of things. Maybe you have to be very busy. You live on your father-in-law's side, and I will pick you up and the children when I am busy."

"Well, if there is a need for me, send someone to look for me."

"Okay." Hei Xuyi and Hei Zihe left Yongji Temple.

When Wu Ruo returned to the hall, they heard Wuzhu and Wu Qianqing talking about the Miyin tribe. Everyone heard it with interest.

He sat in one of the chairs and listened to them chatting, unknowingly lost his mind.

"Xiao Ruo? Xiao Ruo?" Guan Tong cried worriedly.

Wu Ruo looked back and looked at Guan Tong: "Mother, is there something wrong?"


"We kept telling you that you didn't see any response from you. Are you unwell?"

Wu Ruo smiled; "Mother, don't worry, I'm not uncomfortable, I just. I feel a bit unreal.

Guan Tong wondered: "What is not true?"

"Just starting from the curse, I always feel a bit unreal."

You You joked; "Suddenly the curse is solved, and you feel a little uncomfortable, so you feel unreal."

Wuzhu patted Ruo Ruo's shoulder: "You, don't think too much, now that the curse is lifted, you should think about your marriage with Xuyi.

"Now that the curse has been lifted, the people want to move to the land, and they must undo the place where the people settled first, so I am afraid the wedding will be postponed."

Wu Qianqing laughed: "The people's affairs are more important. It is not too late to arrange everything before mentioning the big wedding."

Guan Tong nodded: "You must be tired just after you return. I asked the palace maid to arrange for you to return to your room to rest, and I will call you after dinner."

"Okay." Wu Ruo, holding her two children, went to the room arranged by the maid, and when she had dinner, she brought them to the hall, and saw that everyone was chatting and laughing, and couldn't help laughing. The family finally reunited.

In the next half month, Wu Ruo did not see Hei Xieyu, nor heard any news from him. He thought he was thinking tightly, so he asked the **** ’s residence in the palace, and learned that Hei Xie He now frowned when he lived in the Prince Tianxiang Palace.

"Xu Xun has recently lived in the Prince's Palace?‘

Now that he has his own palace, why didn't he move in with him and the children?

The too-monitor felt that his face was not good-looking, and responded cautiously: "Yes."

"Take me to Tianxiang Palace."

"Yes." The **** took him to the Great Palace east.

Wu Ruo asked, "Do you know what Xiyan has been busy with lately?"

"The prince has been busy overseeing the construction of houses so that the people can live there.

"Are you just busy with these things?"

The **** said bitterly, "Prince, the slave is just a servant, how can you know what the prince is doing?"

Wu Ruo thought about it too. When he came to the door of Tianxiang official, he unexpectedly encountered Lou Qing.

Lou Duo tickled his lips, revealing a faint look.

He didn't say hello to Wu Ruo and went straight to Tianxiang Officer.

Wu Ruo flashed doubts, wasn't Lou Qingluo removed from his post? How could he enter the palace?

"Prince, I'm sorry, you can't go in." The guard stopped Wu Ruo's steps.

Wu Ruo frowned: "Isn't this Prince's palace here? Why can't I go in?"

"The prince confessed that no one else could enter except those who were allowed."

"Can I do that?"

The guard answered without hesitation: "Yes."

Wu Ruo's eyes narrowed: "Is this what you said?"


Wu Ruo sank his face: "Why can the building fall down?"

Lou Tiaoluo can go in, but as the princess, he can't go in?

"Master Lou has been given permission by the prince to go in and out of Tianxiang Palace at will."

"Master Lou?" Wu Ruo puzzled: "Is he not removed from office and will never be hired? Why can he still enter the palace?"

"The day the Prince returned, he called Master Lou back."

"You let the shame come out, I want to see him."

The two guards glanced at each other, "please wait a moment, please."

One of the guards went in and soon came out again and said, "Prince, the prince said that I have no time to see you now."

"..." Wu Ruo frowned. "When will he have time to see me?"

"I don't know."

Wu Ruo looked inside the eye hospital and decided to wait for the black shaman to come out outside.

About half an hour later, Hei Xieyu and Lou dumped out of the palace.

Seeing this, Wu Ruo hurriedly shouted, "Xun."

Hei Xuan heard the sound and turned back, seeing that Wu Ruo immediately frowned: "Why are you still here?"

"Of course it is waiting for you."

"I have something to do now, and I will come back to you when I come back at night." Hei Xieyu didn't give Wu Ruo the chance to say anything, and Lou Duo quickly left.

Lou dumped his head and smiled at Wu, and then deliberately leaned back to Hei Xieyu, and the two of them looked very close to each other.

Hei Xunyu seems to be not aware, let the floor fall closer and closer.

Wu Ruo was so annoyed with anger that he turned back to Yongkang Palace.

"Daddy." Dandan saw Wu Ruo coming back and immediately ran to hug him: "Daddy, did you see your father?"

Wu Ruo thought of Hei Xie's attitude and quickly lowered his face, "I saw him, but he didn't ignore me."

The little one who came later asked: "Are my father very busy?"

"Well." Wu Ruo didn't want to worry the children, he hugged them and said, "Your father has a lot of things to do, and he will come to see us when he is done with things.

Little comforted him: "Daddy, don't be sad, father is not free to accompany you, we will accompany you."

Wu Ruo was in a much better mood when she heard what the child said, and she calmed down. And after calming down, he began to feel that Hei Xieyu was very wrong, just like being changed into a person, ignoring him, and seemed to be bored even talking to him.

Why is this happening? Maybe it was just his illusion. Maybe Hei Xuyi was too busy to ignore him.

Wu Ruo couldn't help but think of what happened a year ago, and Hei Xuyi would take the time to talk to him no matter how busy he was, but he didn't even see him now.

What the **** is wrong?

Or do you show the show to others?

Wu Ruo couldn't figure out why his man was like this, so he could only wait for someone to come back and ask again. However, Hei Xieyu didn't come to him at night. After waiting for two days, he still didn't wait for someone.

He had to go to Tianxiang Palace again to find someone, but Hei Xiu was not in the palace, and the guard did not know when he would return.

Wu Ruo waited outside the palace for an hour before turning back to Yongji Temple.

"When I was in charge of cleaning the hospital yesterday, I saw the Prince and Lord Lou." Suddenly, a voice came from behind the rockery.

After hearing this, Wu Ruo quickly stopped and stood involuntarily to eavesdrop on the palace woman.

"What's weird seeing them, I can see them together almost every day, and one is a prince and one is an adult, and it is normal to stay together for business."

"It's normal for them to be together, but I saw the prince holding Master Lou's hand and taking him into his arms."

"How is that possible? Did you read it wrong?"

"I see the prince almost every day. Why am I mistaken? Besides, I see more than one person."

"But the Prince loves his wife so much.

"Master Lou grew up with the prince from an early age, and they must have feelings. But loving the princess was before the spell was lifted, and now the spell has been lifted. The princess is useless, and of course there is no reason to spoil him."

Chapter 360: What are you doing with me?

Wu Ruowen said, she sank her face down, stood in a hidden place, and waited for the maids to leave before coming out.

As for what they said, they were dubious. Since the palace girl said that she had seen it, she must have really seen it, but why did Hei Xieyu be intimate with the building?

In his temperament, even if the value of the dumping is useful, he will not sacrifice the hue to achieve the goal, and he will also discuss with him, and he will never do anything jealous of him.

After thinking about it, Wu Ruosi decided to see for himself whether Hei Xieyu and Lou Qingluo were like the maid said.

He waited in the compound for six days, and finally saw Hei Xieyu coming back from the outside on the seventh night.

As soon as Wu Ruo saw them, he hid secretly into the shadows, and followed them all the way.

Lou Qinglu took the initiative to pull up the hand of Hei Xieyu: "Xue Ye, you have arranged for the ministers to build a house. You no longer need to do it yourself, and the official duties at hand are almost busy. Should we think about our marriage? "

The guards behind them were distant from them with interest.

Hei Xieyu put people in his arms: "This thing needs to be slowed down."

Lou Qingluo puzzled: "Why slow down? Don't you say that you will marry me after you solve the curse?"

"It is well known that the curse can be lifted. Wu Ruo has done a great job. If it were not for him, I would not have had the opportunity to enter the hermit to lift the ancestral knot and break the curse, and let us regain the light of the kingdom of the dead, and everyone knows that he is me. The future princess, now less than a month after coming back, I have to announce to you my marriage to you, and everyone will be chilled. "

"But, if you drag on, Wu Ruo will bring you a big wedding. What will you do then? And your children, how will you solve it?" Lou Qinglu pushed him away unhappy: "I Don't want to face your children after getting married. "

Hei Xieyu quickly grabbed his hand and appeasedly squeezed his palm: "Wu Ruo thought that I was still busy building a house for the people, and he would definitely not ask me to marry me at this time. It is better for the two children to stay. After we get married, we will pass the children to your name and let you raise them.

"Children are in Sanqi, they only recognize Wu Ruo, how can they be with me?"

"Whether you are with you or not, as a man, you have to rely on them to stay in position and block the minister's mouth. As for whether they kiss you or not, it is not important at all. After our big wedding, I will ask them to ask Thanks to Master for sending them far away. "

Lou Qingluo thought for a while, nodding his head and agreeing: "If you want to bring the child to my side, do it as soon as possible, wait until the child is familiar with me, and pass them to my name. I must also be happy to see that I live in harmony with the children. "

Hei Xieyu nodded and agreed: "Well, I will send someone to take over the children tomorrow."

Lou dumped a corner of his mouth and smiled, shaking his hand happily.

Hei Xuan looked at him with a smile, and bent a corner of his mouth, bowed his head and kissed him on the forehead.

Wu Ruo, hiding in the dark, saw this scene, and he felt so hard that he even felt difficult to call.

Lou Qing hugged Hei Xieyu's waist, and said shamefully, "Xue You, we haven't been in love for a long time since you went to Miyin ..."

Hei Xieyu breathed heavily, hugged him, and said dumbly, "Fall, you will live in Tianxiang Palace in the future."

"Aren't you afraid of gossip?"

Hei Xu's eyes were cold and cold: "They dare not.

"What about Wu Ruo? Aren't you afraid Wu Ruo knows?"

Hei Xuanyu said quietly, "If he knew better, if a wise man would retreat, he wouldn't need me to find a way to pass him on."

Lou Tingluo tentatively asked, "He would be very sad if he knew you used him."

"What are you doing with me?" Hei Xieyu said indifferently.

"Now you have solved the curse, there is no longer any relationship between you, you don't need to stay together anymore, you don't need to see him again, okay." I'm sad, it's like a knife stuck in my chest. "

"Well, I won't see him again."

Hei Xieyu pulled the floor and fell back to the palace where he lived.

Wu Ruo, who followed them, took a group photo through the window. Seeing the two intimate buildings kissing together, he was so angry that he shivered, while condensing a powerful spirit, he quickly bit his fingers and bounced the blood flowing out to the palace.

Hei Xuyu in the palace noticed the spiritual fluctuations and quickly hugged people to jump out of the window. At the same time, a loud bang sounded, and the entire palace was instantly blown up.

The guards of Tianxiang Palace were shocked, and even the people in other palaces were alarmed.

"Prince, are you okay?"

The guard hurriedly lifted up Hei Xieyu and the building fell.

Hei Xuanyu swept coldly around and found no abnormalities.

At this point, Wu Ruo has left Tianxiang Palace.

On the way, many guards ran to Tianxiang Palace.

Wu Ruo ignored them, and returned to Yongzheng official with a cold face.

When Wu Qianqing saw him, he asked quickly: "What is happening outside, how can there be a loud noise?"

"Dad, it's okay, you and your mother should go to rest, I'm tired, I'll go back to accompany the child." Wu Ruo turned back to the room without waiting for his response.

Eggs and Little, who were playing in the room, saw him coming back and rushed over him: "Daddy."

Wu Ruo's face eased a lot: "Why haven't you slept yet?"

"We are waiting for Daddy to come back.

Wu Ruo asked the **** who was playing with the children to go out and take off his robes for the children himself.

The children were tired after playing all day and soon fell asleep.

Wu Ruo looked at Douya's sleeping face and could not help thinking of everything she had just seen.

Judging from his behavior, he can be sure that the other party is definitely himself, not a substitute, but ...

Thinking of the scene where Hei Xuyi kissed the building falling down, Wu Ruoyan's eyes were cold. Was he really good to him just to use him to solve the curse?

This night is destined to be sleepless.

Wu Ruo hugged the child out of the door with a black eye, and saw Wu Zhu and You Xuan looking at him with a look of utter expression.

"Brother, sister-in-law, why are you waiting outside my room door early in the morning, is it all right?"

"Xiao Ruo ..." Wu Zhu bit his lower lip distressed and angry again, wondering how to speak.

You You patted him on the shoulder: "Let me do it."

Wuzhu nodded.

You looked at Wu Ruo and sighed, "Xiao Ruo, with your intelligence, you must have heard the rumors outside.

Wu Ruo raised an eyebrow: "What rumor?"

"It's the black shame and the building falling, I think you not only heard it, you saw it with your own eyes."

Wu Ruo said nothing.

Wuzhu couldn't help but be angry again: "Hei Xuan is too much. He has always loved Lou Qing, but he also ran to Tian Xing Guo to marry you, and he was just trying to trick you into death. The spirit country solves the curse. After the curse is disregarded, whether you live or die, now you still have to marry the surname Lou. These two **** are really abominable. I want to curse them.

Eggs get angry: "You lie to my father, my father will do so to my father."

"Everything, Hei Xiu is not worthy of being your father.

At this moment, a **** came over: "Prince, the prince sent a guard over, saying that it has been a long time since I saw the two high princes, and they think they are thinking about it tightly, so they let the guard live for a few days."

Wuzhu Lengheng: "He should haven't seen Xiaoruo for a long time. Why didn't he see him wanting Xiaoruo to be tight? Why? After using Xiaoruo to solve the curse, he should be abandoned? Really terrible things. "

The Tianxiang Palace guards who followed later exclaimed, "Bold, you dare to disrespect the Prince."

"What if I'm disrespectful to him? It's nice to pick up the child for a few days and actually want to take the child away."

"We are only responsible for taking His Royal Highness to the Prince."

Wuzhu hurriedly said to Wu Ruo, "Xiao Ruo, don't listen to them. You give them to the children, and you will never see them again."

Wu Ruo squinted his eyes: "Go back and talk to Hei Xun, and come to Yeongji Temple if you want to see the child."

The two guards at Tianxiang Palace looked at each other and turned away.

Wu Zhu hurriedly said, "Xiao Ruo, even if Hei Xie is here, don't give the child to that bastard."

Wu Ruo asked him to soothe his eyes: "Brother, you can rest assured that I have the right mind. Don't tell my father and mother about this matter first, lest they worry about it."

You Xuan frowned: "Even if we don't say it, sooner or later my father and mother will know about this. Now the palace is spreading the story of Hei Xuan and Lou Duo. He thought that Hei Xuei would choose a concubine, so he should choose a person who can help Prince Edward. "

Wu Ruo wondered: "Isn't the fact that the people of the Lou clan can never become officials? Why did they let Lou fall back?"

"I heard that the Lou family had loyalty to the royal family over the years, and many ministers begged them, so the emperor opened up and allowed them to return to serve the court.

Wu Ruo calmly said nothing.

Wuzhu comforted him: "Xiao Ruo, don't be sad, if Hei Xieyu really falls with the floor, we leave, don't think that there is only a man in this world."

Eggs and little felt that Dad was in a bad mood, and then comforted him.

You asked the children: "Eggs, little, if your father and your father are separated, who will you go with?"

The two children shared the same voice: "Daddy."

Wu Ruo finally smiled and kissed the small faces of the two children.

Youyou patted his shoulder: "Xiaoruo, let's go to breakfast."


When they came to the hall, they immediately noticed that the atmosphere in the room was very low, and everyone at the large table was calm.

Wu Ruo and Wu Zhu glanced at each other, and guessed that Wu Qianqing must know something about Hei Xieyu.

Wu Qianqing saw Wu Ruo coming in, took a picture, and slaps the desktop angrily: "What's going on with Hei Xuan?"
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