Comeback of the Abandoned Wife Chapter 341-350

Chapter 341: Blessed later

"It's very possible." Hei Xuanyu hoped that this woman would quickly bring the Son to the Mysterious Clan, and never let the Son appear in front of them, hurting his prince.

"Brother, sister, are you all right?" Hei Xietang ran over.

Wu Ruo saw that they cared so much about themselves, and said, "We are all fine, you guys, have you been hurt?"

"We're okay, too." Hei Xieyu looked up at the sky: "Not too far from the dawn, we still have to hurry people to bring the injured back to the dungeon.

Hei Xun nodded and ordered the task to them.

Wu Ruo turned his head and looked elsewhere, the original solemn square became a mess, corpses were everywhere, mourning continued, blood was sprinkled everywhere, and a large hole was blasted in the center of the square, where a large number of human bodies were scattered. mutilation.

Uninjured guards moved the wounded and the limbs back to the dungeon, and officials returned to the dungeon to await the emperor's instructions.

Everyone was busy and didn't notice that there were two people standing on the big tree outside the gate of the square. One was wearing a purple robe with a purple mask on his face, and the other was wearing a black cloak with a mask on his face, but The mask is white, but the eyes that are exposed outside the mask are pupils. In the dark, people feel a little scary.

"Restraint, did you see it? Did you see it?" Ji Yu was particularly excited, and even grabbed his arm, so excited that it was difficult to suppress his emotions.

Restraint said respectfully: "Master, his subordinates saw it, and they saw it clearly.

"Well, I'm pretty sure that the two water dragons and the thunder and lightning produced by Wu Ruo are definitely not the mysteries that our world possesses. Therefore, the cultivation world really exists, and the mysterious people do not know where the cultivation world is."

"Subordinates also feel that the Mymits know where the entrance to the cultivation world is.

Ji Yu turned to look at him: "Did you send someone to follow the man in white?"

"No." The anger thrown by the restrained fearless master continued, "The white men and the women leaving the white men are not ordinary people. If they keep up, they will only fight against the grass and scare the snake. We just need to be on their way back. can."

"Also, you send someone to follow Wu Ruo." Ji Yu turned and jumped down: "Go back."


Soon after they left, the square slowly returned to peace, but the square outside the second gate of the underground city's palace became busy, and all the doctors were called to heal the injured.

Wu Ruo also joined the team for the doctors and bandaged the wounds for everyone.

"Daddy." The two children ran to Wu Ruo, and one of them was holding a baby.

Wu Ruo was relieved when they saw the eggs. Squatting down, holding one in one hand and asking, "Are you all not injured?"

Everyone, they shook their heads and turned away a mess of hair falling from his forehead for Wu Ruo; "Daddy, aren't you hurt?"

"No." Wu Ruo was softened by his son's concern.

The people next to me looked at them with envy. The injured injured saw the children's innocent and lovely faces, and instantly felt that the pain was much less: "His Royal Highness are really sensible, and the Crown Prince is blessed in the future."

However, some people are upset.

The King of Li Jun, who was standing not far away, saw that Dou Dan and Xiao Xiao were standing in front of him, his eyelids were jumping wildly, and he had a bad hunch.

"Well, you don't look good, are you hurt?" Lou Qingluo came over and asked.

King Li Jun shook his head: "I'm fine."

Lou Qingluo was still uneasy: "Well, I'll send you to rest."

King Li Jun looked at the people around him. Those who were slightly injured would be okay to take a pill. Those who were seriously injured were placed in the Tai Hospital. Therefore, one after another left. Only a few people remained here. About a hundred people.

"Well, go back."

"King Li, please stay." Someone cried suddenly.

Li Jun Wang Helou dumped and turned around to see the captain lead a team of guards towards them.

At the moment, Li Junwang's heart fluttered, and the bad feeling was getting stronger and stronger.

"King Li County, please come with us."

Li Jun, the king of the county, calmly asked, "What's the matter?"

The captain said, "The king of Lijun will take a trip with us to know."

"If you don't make it clear, how does King leave you?"

The captain turned his head and said to the guard behind him, "Bring people up."

The two guards standing at the back came over a bruised man.

King Li Jun saw the other side, and his heart jumped again. The other side was the person whom he had sent to kill them before. They were called Tao Jun.

The chief guard said to Tao Jundan: "Say, who directed you to assassinate your highness?"

Tao Jun raised his head weakly and glanced at the head of the guard, the king of Lijun Helou, and then glanced foolishly at him, as if he had lost his soul, his eyes were empty.

Li Jun Wang Helou fell and realized that he was looking behind them and looked back, except for a bunch of injuries, which was Wu Ruo, who was with the children.

The guard erupted and pushed Tao Jun angrily: "Ask me."

Tao Jun returned to God, and his eyes were heard on King Li Jun. He raised his weak finger and said to King Li Jun, "It was him who instructed us to kill our Highness."

People around were shocked when they heard this, and couldn't believe that King Li Jun sent someone to kill His Highness.

The building fell slightly.

The eyes of King Li Jun flashed panic: "You are a bullshit, without saying that the King doesn't know you at all. Even if he knows you, the King and His Royal Highness have no injustice and revenge. How could you let them kill the High Royal?"

The person in front of him is obviously a dead man raised by him, why would he betray him?

Lou Qingluo said on behalf of Lijun Wang: "It is impossible for me to send someone to kill His Royal Highness. This matter does not benefit him at all."

The guard said: "Whether or not, please ask the county king to come with us and we will find out the truth."

The king of Li Jun saw everyone watching him, hesitated, and then refused: "Okay, I'll take a trip with you."

The captain secretly relieved.

After they left, others whispered.

"I don't think King Li Jun will send someone to kill His Highness."

"I also feel that the king of the county is not a royal person. His highness is dead. He is of no benefit."

Lou tilted and tightened his eyebrows to glance at the crowd, his eyes stopped on Wu Ruo's body not far away.

Just as Wu Ruo looked at him, Wu Ruo smiled and continued holding the children to speak.

His calmness disturbed Lou Tingluo, and he quickly followed the guards.

King Li Jun was taken to the Ministry of Justice.

The building that followed was dumped and stopped outside the Ministry of Justice.

King Li Jun saw that the captain of the guard took him into the cell, and immediately stopped his anger and said, "My king is not a prisoner, why should he bring my king to his cell?"

The captain said politely, "King Li Jun, we took you to the cell just to let you see a few people, but no intention."

King Li Jun's anxiety grew stronger and stronger, and he even had the urge to turn around and jump.

The first cell in the cell was a middle-aged man. He had a normal appearance, but his eyes were soft and impenetrable. He had a beard that reached his chest. The moment he saw King Lijun, His eyes flickered, and then he lowered his head and said nothing, and did not seem to know the Lijun King.

"King Li, do you know this person?" Said the guard, pointing at the middle-aged man in the prison.

The king of Lijun shook his head calmly, but was shocked in his heart. The other party was Yan He, the head of Wuxuan Pavilion. When was this person caught?

The head of the guard took him to the second cell, where it was the Supreme Court Shang Shuhuai and the Court Guardian Xu.

King Li Jun's heart was even colder. Master Huai and Xu had no relationship with each other on the surface, but in private he sought them out for countless meals and bought them with millions of dollars.

When Master Huai and Xu saw the head guard, they rushed to the guard's cell: "Head guard, why should the prince shut us down?"

The head of the guard turned to King Li Jun and said, "This is Lord Huai and Lord Xu. I believe King Li Jun knows it, so I won't say much."

When Master Huai and Xu saw King Li Jun, they probably guessed what happened, and their legs were soft and fell to the ground.

Although King Li Jun was still standing, he was not much better than them, because when he saw them, he knew that the prince must have found his purchase of the Ministry of Punishment, asking them to be the queen of Wu Xuan Ge, and not let others doubt Wu Xuan Ge Body.

The third, fourth, and fifth are the big cells, which contain hundreds of people. Most of them are from Wuxuan Pavilion, and a small number are the dead who are mixing with the old people today. When they saw the king of Lijun , Just glanced, then bowed his head again.

The chief guard did not ask the county king whether he knew him or not, and took the person to the sixth cell, which contained a **** with a low grade and a guard.

At this time, Li Jun's face was particularly ugly.

The **** saw the king of Li Jun stunned and was afraid to shake. He quickly ran to the knees in front of the captain and cried, "The captain, the slave is just a sweeping eunuch. From morning to night, apart from cleaning or cleaning, I really do not know the slave What's the matter, you need the captain to take the slaves to the Ministry of Justice yourself? "

The **** who spoke was the **** who talked with Nian Xia last night. After talking with Nian Xia, he went for a chance to find the guard responsible for guarding the gate of the palace, that is, the guard sitting next to him. Vanishing told the guards that when they returned to their room, they were caught here by a group of guards.

The guard ignored him and turned to King Li Jun and asked, "King Li Jun, do you recognize them?"

The king of Li Jun sank his face: "As the king of the county, he rarely enters the palace, how can he recognize them?"

The guard did not ask much, and took the Lijun King out of his cell.

Li County Wang Dasong breathed a sigh of relief, but when he saw the head guard leading him to the lobby of the Criminal Department, that heart raised again: "Why bring my king here? My king can't go back yet?"

The head of the guard made an offer: "King Li Jun will know when he enters."

Chapter 342: Die hard

The king of Li Jun came into the lobby, and saw the prince, Hei Xieyu, sitting on the top of the high hall, the queen and the queen sitting on the left side below the high hall, and Wu Ruo sitting on the right side of the lower hall and listening. The expressionless guards, like the three court meetings, have a solemn atmosphere.

He couldn't help but tremble slightly.

Hei Xieyu raised his hand toward Wu Ruo's position: "King Li Jun, please sit down."

The king of Li Jun was stunned and sat beside Wu Ruo, but his palms were sweating a lot.

"Open the church and bring the prisoner Yan He to this palace."

The two guards walked to the hall, pressing Yan He, who was wearing a magical torture chain: "Prince, the prisoner has arrived."

They kicked behind Yan He's knees, and immediately they fell to the hall.

Hei Xiuyu didn't make nonsense, went straight to the case and interrogated: "Yan He, 13 years ago, the Jishengtang extermination tragedy, but you led someone to do it?"

Jishengtang was originally a family of divine doctors in the world. In addition to helping people diagnose and treat, it also opened a drug store to sell medicine. Before it was exterminated, there was a drug store in almost every city on each floor. Three years ago, people were killed overnight. All the medicinal materials in the pharmacy were ransacked, and all valuable things in the home were taken away. All of the up and down Jishengtang were spared. Separation of the corpse was executed by Ling Chi, and the woman was raped and killed first. The means were extremely brutal, not even the babies of the world.

After investigating for a year that year, nothing happened, and the matter was set aside.

Yan He did not admit: "No."

With a snap, Hei Xuan slaps the gavel in anger: "Dead to the point of death, but still stiff."

Yan He said, "Catch the thief and catch the dirty, His Royal Highness, what evidence do you have that I brought someone to destroy Jishengtang?"

Hei Xieyu brought a bunch of valuable medicinal herbs to him: "At that time, all the precious medicinal herbs lost by Jishengtang were found in your house. What else do you have to say?"

Yan He also wanted to deny, suddenly, but could not control his own brain and mouth, and told him about the genocide many times in more than ten years. He would also confess to Master Huai and Xu for his aftermath After coming out, in the end, I couldn't control my hands and pressed.

The king of Li Jun was startled. How could this Yan He who had vowed not to bring things out even if she died, admitted these things so quickly.

Wu Ruo, sitting next to him, ticked the corners of his lips. The people in Wuxuange may have all been brainwashed and ca n’t remember what they did, but as a leader, it is impossible to brainwash themselves. Allow him to obey everything.

Hei Xiuyu brought five children to the court again: "Yan He, did you send these five children to the ring to kill on the first night of September?"


"Who sent them five to kill?"

Yan He replied, "Go kill your child."

When the emperor heard it, he was furious and patted the armrest of the chair.

The empress's face was also very unsightly.

King Li Jun clenched the armrest of the chair tightly.

Wu Ruoyan glanced at the county king with a cold hum.

Hei Xieyu didn't ask him to ask his child to kill him, and he asked another question: "Did you confuse the other nine sixth-order wizards during the top ten of the sixth order on the night of September 6th, Let them kill the children in this palace? "

Yan He answered without hesitation: "Yes."

King Li Jun almost jumped when he heard this.

Hei Xuan narrowed his eyes and asked, "October 15th, did you send someone to hurt Yao Taiyi's family and then send someone to kill Shen Taiyi's family?"


"Why do you do this?"

"I learned that on October 15th, the princess wanted to change the blood of the six princes, and I wanted to frame the prince through this incident, but the medicine prince was loyal to the royal family. Even if he caught his family, he would not give in and accept We threatened that we had to hurt Yao Taiyi's family first, let Yao Taiyi go back to take care of his family, and then arrest Shen Taiyi's family to threaten Shen Taiyi. "

The empress was very angry: "You beast."

If they did not believe that Wu Ruo was human, or if his younger son was blessed with great fate, otherwise, not only would his young son die, but Wu Ruo would also be wronged.

The emperor patted the back of her hand and motioned her to be calm and impatient.

The queen hummed coldly, and glanced at the King of Li Jun if there was nowhere.

Hei Xuyi asked again: "Last night, we found a group of people under the sacrifice platform, did you let them lurk in it?"

"Yes, I arranged them to wait there early in the morning. When the time comes, I will kill your two children."

Hei Xuan slammed the gavel coldly and angrily, and asked the guard to put people aside first: "Bring the guard and **** in jail."

After half a column of incense, the guards pressed the guards and eunuchs of the gate of the emperor official to the lobby.

When the **** saw the emperor, they softened their legs and fell to the ground.

Hei Xuyi said, "Little Shuzi, if you are honest and frank, this palace will spare you not to die."

Xiao Zizi quickly hoeed and said, "As long as the slave knows, the slave knows everything and says everything."

Li Jun's eyes were so sharp that he wanted to kill the **** secretly, but found that his body could not move.

Wu Ruo turned her head and said in a low voice, "Is the King of Lijun tired all night? Are you tired? Then just sit and watch.

His voice was like magic. King Li Jun's body was just moving, and obediently, as he said, he sat and watched Xiao Shuzi honestly answering the words of Hei Xuan.

Hei Xuyi asked, "Little sister-in-law, why did you go to the guard at the gate of the palace after you left the small palace next to Hengxing Palace?"

Xiao Shuzi froze, and glanced quietly at Li Junwang.

Hei Xieyu slammed the gavel: "This palace is asking you why you look at the county king."

King Li Jun scolded the **** in his heart.

Xiao Shuzi quickly scratched his head and said, "Small, small ..."

"The palace said that if you honestly explain, you can spare you."

Xiao Shuzi was annoyed when he saw Hei Xieyu, and hurriedly told the story in the original place: "The slave accepted the silver money of the Li County King, as long as he was responsible for preaching for him."

Hei Xuanyu eyes the county king: "Which word? To whom?"

Fine sweat came out of Li Junwang's forehead.

Xiaozi said: "It's just a message to Nianxia girl who lives next to Heng Xingguan."

"What did they say?"

"The minions and minions only passed on the word twice. The first time was to hand over the leaves to the guards guarding the gates of the palace, and then he was responsible for telling them to the king of Lijun. The second time was to leave His Royal Highness Liang Dong at Hengxing Palace. Tell the guards, and he will tell the king of the county. "

Hei Shen sighed, "Is that so?"

Xiao Shu Zi shook his body, and said in a hurry: "The king of the county also asked the slaves to bring something to Nianxia."


"The first time was to give elixir, and the second time was a bunch of candy."

"Is there any use?"

Xiao Shuzi looked at the Lijun King who was full of sweat, and was afraid to say, "Okay, I want to use them to poison two little highnesses."

Hei Xu slaps the gavel in anger, and glances coldly at the county king.

The emperor stood up angrily, staring angrily at the opposite Lijun Wang: "Floor meets white, we treat you well, why do you poison the grandson of this palace?"

The king of Li Jun, who was still under control, couldn't reply. Wu Ruo said, "Mother, it's not too late to ask the Li Jun after the trial."

The queen stared at the county king, took a deep breath, and sat down.

Hei Xieyu looked at the guard next to Xiao Shuzi: "He has recruited, what else can you say?"

The guard said frankly: "The next one is only responsible for conveying the letter when King Li Jun is in office, and the rest are unknown."

Seeing that he really didn't know anything, Hei Xieyu asked the guard to bring up Master Huai and Xu again.

When Master Huai and Master Xu came to the lobby and saw Yan He and Li County King, they knew that the east window incident had happened. Before Hei Xieyu asked questions, they fell to the ground and begged for mercy: "Emperor's mercy, His Royal Highness mercy."

Hei Xuan asked faintly, "Why are you talking about why we should spare you?"

"We shouldn't be greedy for money, we shouldn't ignore the law of the king for the sake of a small benefit, cover up the crime for the offenders, and let them get away with impunity, and we must kill the innocent people again and again. His Royal Highness sees that we have spared our lives for our many years of service to the court. "

"Now that you know that your sins are unforgivable, how can you let this palace spare you, if not for you to deal with Wu Xuan Ge again and again, will you kill so many people?"

"Begging for mercy by the prince, beg for the mercy of the prince!" Master Huai and Master Xu forced their heads hard.

Hei Xuyi asked, "Whose money did you collect?"

Master Huai said without thinking, "It is the King of Lijun County. He gave us a large sum of money, which meant that we should not investigate the destruction of several major families in depth. When we saw the money, we were fascinated and thought that everyone had been Killed, no further investigation will help, just, just ... "

Li Jun Wang's heart closed like eyes.

"Here is the Lijun King ..." Hei Xuyi looked at the Lijun King and turned to Yan He and asked, "What about you? Whoever instructed you to do what you admit before?"

Yan He honestly said, "The King of Li County."

"He also directed you in this great genocide case in the years to come?"

"Yes, no, Wuxuan Pavilion was founded by Wang Lijun in the first hand. Because there was not much money to feed too many people in the founding period, we decided to start from a big family, but the ability was not very powerful. After a few votes, there was more and more money, and then started a small business, and the disciples took some tasks to earn money. "

"So the person who let you kill the son of this palace is also the king of the county?"


"Come." Hei Xu looked at the Li County King coldly: "Tie the Li County King to this palace.

"Yes." The two guards took out iron chains to restrain the spiritual power and put them on both hands of King Li Jun.

Wu Ruo waited for them to unravel, then unlocked the mystery of God's control on Lijun King.

Hei Xuan asked sternly: "King Li, what else can you say?"

King Li Jun chuckled, and gradually the laughter grew louder and louder.

Chapter 343: it's him

Everyone looked at Li County King coldly, but did not stop him from laughing.

When the smile was almost the same, Wang Lijun slammed the armrest of the chair, angered the emperor, etc., and said coldly: "You just found the guilty of the king based on their one-sided words, wouldn't you be too hasty? Ask the Prince, what is the evidence? How can there be no evidence to prove that what they say is related to the King? Why does the King kill His Royal Highness? "

Hei Xuan Hanhan threw his account on the table to King Li Jun with a face on his face: "This is the account that I found from your house."

The king of Lijun shook his body, and opened one of the books, each of which contained his silver records for both Master Huai and Xu. This was to write down the books in order to hold the handles of the two adults, and several others. It is the income of Wu Xuange.

"I really look down on you, King of the County." Hei Xieyu said coldly, "In order to gain greater power, I bought the guard maid in the palace five years ago to calculate the palace. If the calculation is unsuccessful, I will buy Wenwen to give the newly born child a fake death medicine while my cousin is giving birth, so that the child can be stolen so that the child can pretend to be a child of this palace a few years later, when the child grows up You can inherit the crown prince, and then you can inherit the emperor, and you can control everything and control all rights behind the scenes, but you did not expect that this palace will have its own children so quickly, so you are deliberately trying to kill Drop my official ’s son so that Liang Dong can stabilize his position, right?

"Clap". King Li Jun's account slipped to the ground, paralyzed in a chair as if he had lost all his strength, and stared blankly in front of him: "My King thinks he has done everything carefully, how did you discover everything your King did. "

"From the night when Xiaoruo exchanged blood for Xiaoxi, Miaoyi began to send pastries to her mother to identify Xiaoruo's understanding of the old people. At the time, Miaoyi said to her that Xiaoruo knew the old people and told you only When the fall, the palace will send someone to investigate your affairs. Moreover, the palace did not believe that Liang Dong was the son of the palace, and supervised them in secret.

"Then how did you find out that Wuxuange is related to the king?"

"Many cases of genocide have not been solved. This palace has always suspected that it is related to Wuxuan Pavilion, so it was sent to monitor their actions many years ago. Later, the mystery test was on the child's first test. My friend found that there was Five suspicious children felt that they seemed to want to kill someone, but they didn't think much about it until the sixth-level surgeon attacked my child to associate them with each other. Later, my friend encountered five suspicious children on the road. The child traced all the way to Wuxuan Pavilion, but never saw that Wuxuan Pavilion had contact with anyone, the palace guessed that they had secret passages in and out of Wuxuan Pavilion, and they found someone to fight in Wuxuan Pavilion intentionally to explode the secret passage. Unsurprisingly, under Wuxuan Pavilion There are mysteries. Although your people blocked the secret passage early, they were still traced by the official. The palace connected everything and guessed the beginning and end of the matter. "

King Li Jun smiled lowly, his laughter revealing the sorrow of failure.

He was worried that Wu Ruo and Hei Xieyu would release the curse at any time before rushing to kill Wu Ruo, otherwise, he would not use his daughter.

Thinking of his daughter, he hurriedly raised his head to look at Hei Xieyu: "All the things that the king has done have nothing to do with Miaoyi, and she is not clear about what the king has done in private. It is for her cousin's sake. Blame her. "

The queen said angrily: "Since you don't want to confuse Miaoyi, why do you still want to do these things? This palace asks you not to be trivial. It both seals you as the king of the county and allows you to enjoy all the riches and riches. What else can you do not be satisfied? of?"

"Human, no matter how high you stand, you still want to climb a little higher." Li Jun Wang said with red eyes, "this is the case of the king, not to mention that the king also has the blood of immortals, and naturally wants to be an emperor. This is ambition. Do you people sitting in high positions understand the thoughts of those who kneel at your feet? "

Wu Ruo sneered: "Thinking about it from another position, do you know the helplessness of being an emperor? Do you think that the emperor sitting in the highest position just needs to use his mouth to direct the ministers to do things, and it is so simple to watch others kneel on you every day? You can see them Toiled day and night, and you see that you are graying your hair every day for national affairs? In fact, as long as you calm down and think about it, you will know that the person sitting in the higher position will lose The more things, such as freedom and time, of course, if you want to be a stunner, it's another matter. "

Wang Lijun said angrily: "As a princess, you will still be the queen of more than 10,000 people. Of course, standing and speaking will not hurt your back."

Wu Ruoqi tickled his lips and didn't want to talk more to this obsessed person.

Hei Xieyu didn't want to say more. He pleaded guilty to the paintings and let the guards take them all down.

"Why is this the case?" Said the empress sadly. "Tonight is a big night, so don't tell Miao Yi about this first."

Hei Xun nodded and said, "I know."

The empress put her hand on the emperor's arm: "I'm a little dizzy and help me go back to the palace to rest."

"Um." The emperor sighed and helped the empress leave the criminal department.

The building waiting outside fell down to see them coming out, and hurried forward to say, "The emperor, the empress, the king of Lili County of Weichen was definitely wronged."

The empress did not have the strength to wave his hand, indicating that he did not want to speak.

Lou Qing murmured a heart, and immediately felt something bad, didn't he?

He quickly shook his head and didn't dare to think about it. Then, he saw Hei Xieyu and Wu Ruo coming out, hesitantly walked up: "Prince ..."

Hei Xieyu interrupted him: "You go on to order for this palace. From today on, civil and military officials give leave for seven days, and before the night, soothe all the families of the dead."

Lou Qingluo has been with him for many years. After hearing what he said, he knew that Hei Xuyi was unwilling to talk more about the county king. He had to respond: "Honor."

Hei Ruo took Wu Ruo away.

When he returned to the harem, Wu Ruo asked, "Lou Qingluo doesn't know about Lijun King?"

"The king of Li Jun may not trust him or everyone, and did not invite others to join him. Moreover, Lou Qinglu's mother and Li Jun Wang are not brothers and sisters, so Lou Qinglu's relationship with Li Jun Wang is not very close. Dear, they can come so close, because Lou Qing was clever from childhood and grew up with Miao Yi from childhood to make King Li Jun treat him differently.

Wu Ruo was a little surprised: "Isn't they close?"

"No, Lou Qing's mother was brought up from the sidelines to support her."

"Oh." Wu Ruo thought and asked again: "Tonight is a big night, Li Na is not going back to the house, Tian Yao County Lord must have doubts, how can you explain to her?"

"You can only stop her from entering the officer first, otherwise we don't want to have a good year."

"That can only be the case."

When the two returned to the Hengxing Palace and passed by the small palace, they glanced into each other inadvertently.

Hei Xieyu and Wu Ruo returned to the palace without sitting in a chair, and Prince Yuxian brought Princess Yuxian, her eldest son and daughter-in-law to Hengxing Palace.

Prince Yuxian hurriedly asked: "I heard you sent someone to capture King Lijun?"

Hei Xun nodded.

"Did he confess?"


Prince Yuxian said excitedly: "Great, great.

The imperial princes, the great princes and the concubines did not know what happened, and looked at the prince prince in wonder: "What happened to the king of Lijun?"

Yuxian said angrily: "In that year, the beast bought Wenwen, who helped Xuexian deliver the baby. Then, when Xuexian gave birth, Wenwen gave the child a fake death medicine, which made us mistakenly believe that the child died shortly after birth. Then, while we buried the child, we replaced the child, and then through Xue Xian's children, they pretended to be the sons of the uncles to inherit the crown prince and the throne, thereby obtaining supreme power. "

Xue Xian is the concubine's girlfriend's name. After listening to it, Princess Yuxian's eyes widened in disbelief: "Why, what? You, you mean that the children of Di Hui and Xue Xian are not dead?"

"Yes." Prince Yuxian slammed the table angrily: "Not only did he not die, but he lived well, and now he is in Hengxing Palace."

Under the shock of surprise and excitement, Shi Zifei suddenly felt dazzled and stomped.

"Xian Er, are you okay?" Shizi hurriedly supported her.

"I, I'm okay." Shizi calmed down and asked quickly: "Where is my child?"

Everyone looked at Wu Ruo anxiously.

At this time, the children ran in: "Daddy, father."

Cold winter and holding the child's egg on Wu Ruo's leg

Prince Yuxian excitedly pointed at Liang Dong and said, "It's him, it's him."

The imperial princes and princes of the world looked at Liang Dong with surprise, "Master Wang, he looks like you."

Prince Yuxian proudly said, "Of course my grandson looks like me."

The imperial concubine and the concubine stepped happily over.

Liang Dong was startled, and quickly hid behind Ruo Ruo: "Daddy, who are they?"

The imperial prince Yuxian looked at Wu Ruo, wondering, "Why is he calling your father?"

Wu Ruo explained: "I changed my memory with mystery and made him forget the woman who raised him."

Prince Yuxian clapped her hands and applauded: "Good job, I don't want my grandson to always remember this person."

Princess Royal Yin frowned lightly: "Does the child always treat you as a father?"

What about his son? His son is the father of the child.

Wu Ruo understood her concern: "I will revise his memory to let him know who his relatives are."

The imperial concubine rejoiced for a while.

Concubine Shi worryed: "Is this okay? Will it affect the child's body?"

"will not."

Shizi said: "I agree with the concubine's approach. At least he will not always reject us and he does not want to go back with us. After modifying the memory, we just need to be good.

Prince Yuxian and Princess Yuxian also agree with this approach. Children can't remember what happened before, but as long as they treat the child well in the future.

Chapter 344: pistachio

After everyone's consent, Wu Ruo used hypnosis to change Liang Dong's memory, and replaced Prince Yuxian. They gave the child a good name a few years ago, and now Liang Dong is renamed as Xiangyan.

After the confession was changed, they saw that Prince Yuxian was no longer afraid, and happily and intimately fell into the arms of Shi Zifei: "Mother-in-law--"

The emperor's eyes suddenly redened: "Let the mother kiss take a good look at you.

She held up the small face of an utterance, and the temperature passed from her could not help shed tears. It's great. Her son is still alive and well. It's so good.

Shi Zifei hugged the child excitedly.

Shizi and Prince Yuxian were also red-eyed: "Just come back, just come back."

Princess Yuxian wiped her tears and said, "Xue Xian, don't scare your child."

"My dear, don't cry." Xiang Yan wiped away tears for Shi Zifei very thoughtfully.

"Okay, I don't cry, I don't cry." Shi Zifei said not to cry, but the tears fell more fiercely, not only happy to be able to return to her side, but also happy that the child was so obedient and obedient. Suffering outside.

"According to the words, will you let my grandmother hug you?" Princess Royal Yin chuckled softly.

Although Shi Zifei didn't want to let go of her son, she knew that her mother-in-law missed her grandson like her, and she wiped her tears: "Go to my grandmother."

The words fell on the arms of Princess Royal Yin: "Grandmother."

The immature voice was sweet into Princess Yin's heart: "It's good to say that."

Shizi inhaled and asked, "Dad, when did you know the truth about the talk?"

Prince Yuxian sighed, "I didn't know it more than half a month ago, because I was afraid to fight grass and scare the snake, so I didn't tell you."

Shizi patted Hei Xuan's shoulders: "Xu Xuan, I really want to thank you this time. If it weren't for you, we would never have seen our children for life."

Hei Xieyu said, "It's thanks to Xiao Ruo. If it weren't for him, I didn't expect anyone to steal your children to impersonate my son."

Wu Ruoke didn't dare to take credit, and quickly said, "This is one of my servants who accidentally found that there is a problem with Nian Xia, otherwise, I didn't guess that this would happen."

Prince Yuxian asked, "I don't know where your servant is now? I want to thank him well."

Wu Ruo said: "Thank you for saying this later. The most important thing now is to bring your child back to a happy new year."

Princess Yuxian said: "Yes, yes, we have to go back and find someone to make new clothes for the children and prepare new toys for the children."

Prince Yuxian laughed: "I had arranged for the housekeeper to prepare things for the children.

"It's rare that you are so careful."

Shizi said: "Dad, thank you for waiting for the new year and we will find another time to thank you. I just want to take my son back home soon."

With tears in her eyes, Shi Zifei said, "Yes, we are going to take the child back to his house to see his home."

Prince Yuxun Yuxian nodded, and turned his head to Hexu Yan sternly and said, "Xu Xun, you must be the king of the county, but you cannot be kind to him because he is your uncle."

"I will." Hei Xieyu sent their family out of Hengxing Palace. When they came back, they listened to Wu Ruo and said, "In the future, Liang Dong brother cannot play with us."

Wu Ruo corrected him: "Brother Xiangyan is now called, I have not erased his memory of us, he will come to you to play, of course, you can also go to him to play."

Small novel: "It's nice that Xiangyan Brother found his biological parents. I'm happy for Xiangyan Brother."

Hei Xingyu asked Hei Xin to take the children outside to play.

Wu Ruo looked at the quiet hall with a slight sigh of relief: "The things that are cool and talkative come to an end. In the future, don't raise a bunch of children to confess your relatives. Seeing Erbo they are so nervous talking , I believe they will be very good at talking, by the way, what are you going to do with King Lijun? "

Hei Xieyu didn't answer him, but pulled him to sit on himself: "Who is the one the Son likes?"

He has been hanging on this matter from last night to today.

Wu Ruo: "..."

This topic is moving too fast, right?

Hei Sui asked again: "Who is the Son of God?"

Wu Ruo honestly said, "He said it was limp."

Black eyes narrowed his eyes: "In the dream of the Son, are you walking with Black God?"

Wu Ruo quickly explained: "Of course not, the Son said that I snatched the person he liked because he didn't like him either in dream or reality, so he felt that I snatched the person he liked."

"Darkness in reality likes you?"

"Shengzi said so, but I don't feel at all. Maybe Pingxing hasn't liked me yet, but he said that I have a great fate with Li Xing."

Hei Xieyu nodded: "In the future, you must not go private with Hei Pingxing."

Wu Ruo laughed: "You taste good? You can rest assured that after the sacrifice, there are very few opportunities to deal with him."

He yawned, "I'm sleepy, let's go to sleep. '

"After lunch and sleep."

Wu Ruo hooked his neck: "How many days can you stay with us during the new year?"

Hei Xuan said, "I will be more relaxed today until the tenth day after we get married."

Wu Ruoxi kissed him on the lips: "It's almost the same."

After having lunch, the two men rested in the craftsman's house, only to be called by the **** to bathe and change clothes when he was asleep in the afternoon.

When taking a shower, Xiao Xiao was particularly excited and patted the water: "New Year, New Year."

Wu Ruo met Xiao Xiao for the first time: "Little likes Chinese New Year?"

He nodded slightly.

Hei Xuanxi tapped his small face: "New Year, do you have anything you want?"

"I want a table that can be lined from the gate of the palace to the back door of the palace." Egg Dou said very consciously.

Hei Xunyan flicked his little forehead and chuckled, "I know to eat."

Wu Ruo pulled the egg over and rubbed his back: "Unconsciously, the egg is two years old, and time flies."

Giggle giggled: "After two years of age, I can slowly grow up to become an adult, and I will be as tall as my father in the future."

Small novel; "I will grow up."

"It will be." Wu Ruo was particularly happy, kissing each of the two sons' faces, and then turning their heads to kiss the black-stained lips.

Hei Xieyu stood up: "It's not too early, you can't let father and mother wait long."


After the father and son put on the new Chinese robe, they first gave a red envelope to the eunuchs in the palace, and then went to the Royal Palace. On the way, they met Hei Xingtang, Hei Xing, Hei Zihe and Hei Ziya.

The four were silent and did not have the atmosphere of the New Year.

Wu Ruo asked, "What happened to you?"

Hei Xietang frowned: "Oh, when we entered the palace, the beast car was stopped by the magical instrument that had been waiting outside the gate."

Wu Ruo and Hei Xieyi knew what was going on.

Hei Ziya sighed: "When we got out of the car, she rushed to her knees and begged us to take her into the palace to see her mother, but the guard said that her elder brother would not allow her to enter the palace."

Hei Xietang asked, "Dasao, today someone is telling the King of the county to send someone to kill them. Is their news true?"

Wu Ruo nodded: "It is true, he recruited himself."

"Wangbadan, why did Lijun Wang do such a thing, why did he kill them?"

Hei Sui said: "After the seventh day, let ’s talk about these things, and do n’t like to mention Miaoyi as a mother to avoid her unhappy. When you go back, you can persuade Miaoyi to go back and persuade her to go back. Just let her wait outside the palace. "

The four siblings nodded.

Everyone came to the Royal Palace. As soon as Wu Ruo entered the palace and saw the queen's gloom, she dropped the eggs and Xiaoxiao: "Go and find your grandfather and grandmother."

"Grandfather, grandmother." The two children ran towards the emperor and queen.

The queen saw the grandchildren, and the sadness on her eyebrows disappeared a lot. She picked up the egg and the little who changed the red robe, and said with a smile, "Today the egg and the little are very happy in the red robe. It ’s like Two little golden boys. "

Everyone said with a small mouth, "I prefer to be a lucky boy."

The emperor blew up: "Why?"

"When you are a lucky boy, you can get many red envelopes."

The empress was laughed at by his words, and the emperor couldn't laugh or cry: "It turned out that Eggs wanted a red envelope."

She took two red envelopes out of her sleeve and gave them to Dandan and Xiaoxiao: "Give you red envelopes."

"Thank you grandma." Dandan happily kissed her face.

The queen smiled awkwardly.

The emperor also gave a red envelope to the two children.

Hei Xietang whispered in Wu Ruo's ears: "There is still a way to do it, and in three or two sentences it will please the mother."

Wu Ruo proudly said, "Of course, eggs are pistachios for everyone."

At this time, Hei Xixi, who came down from the land, came in and saw the people at the door, and quickly smiled and greeted, "Big brother, big sister, second sister, third sister, fourth brother, fifth brother, and the new year is wishful."

Wu Ruo subconsciously took his hand to the pulse: "Are you better?"

Hei Xixi opened his arms: "Well, I can now run around like a normal person, and it doesn't matter which place I go.

Hei Xuanxi tapped his head: "You can't be sloppy when you are well. Take care of yourself."

Hei Xixi nodded with a smile: "I'm going to please my father and mother."

Wu Ruo wondered, "Aren't they grandparents with us?"

Hei Xieyu lowered his voice and said, "Er 2 had just recovered his grandson, and when he was happy, he asked grandfather Gao to congratulate the children in the past and take a good look.

Wu Ruohan smiled: "It should be lively."

No matter who they are, they are eager to celebrate.

The emperor looked at them: "What are you guys doing at the gate? Come and sit down."

Hei Xitang hurried to the emperor: "I thought my father had forgotten us as sons with grandsons."

The emperor couldn't laugh or cry: "How old a person is, and he is jealous with children.

Hei Xietang lay on the empress's shoulder with a smile: "Mother, what about my red envelope?"

"Everything, both." The Empress and Empress took out a few more red envelopes and sent them to them.

After everyone happily accepted the red envelope, the emperor announced that he would have a meal.

Chapter 345: offense

The New Year's Eve's meals are very rich, full of a large table, and every bit of drool is watching.

Little is also very happy, looking forward to playing with his brother after a meal.

The adults also talked and laughed about various interesting things. Other eunuchs and eunuchs and guards were also put together to eat, drink, and drink. The palace was very lively throughout the night. There was laughter everywhere. Indifferent, that is the small palace next to Hengxing Palace.

Nian Xia stood under the palace wall and listened to the sound coming from the next door. She felt particularly lonely. In the past few years, Liang Dong had accompanied her to spend the New Year with her, and she was used to this child's company. Her heart was empty, and she even regretted asking the maid to take the child away.

At this time, footsteps came from behind.

Nian Xiaxin turned and turned: "Cold Winter--"

When she saw that the person was the maid of the order, the smile on her face disappeared instantly: "It's you ..."

The maid said coldly, "I have eaten."

She returned to the temple with a food container, took out the food and put it on the table. When she came out, she said, "I want to see Her Highness Liang Dong and hurry to eat."

"What do you mean?" Nian Xiaxi looked at her.

The court lady ignored her and turned away.

Nian Xia hurried back to the temple to eat. She was hungry for a day, everything was delicious, but the food tonight was a bit sweet.

She was eating with a big mouth, and she didn't notice leaving the officer and girl and turned back, standing at the corner of the hall door to watch her eat.

The palace lady froze her lips coldly and saw that Nian Xia had eaten several dishes before turning around and leaving. This time, she did not return, and only came early the next morning to pick up the chopsticks.

On the first day of the new year, the masters of the palace rarely have holidays and are unwilling to get up and lie lazily on the bed.

Wu Ruo and Hei Xieyu spent a day in bed, and on the second day of the new year, they took the child out of the house. When the beast car drove out of the gate of the palace, it stopped abruptly, and the little boy sitting on the legs of Hei Xun's legs did not sit down and fell down. Fortunately, the cushions did not hurt.

Hei Sui quickly lifted up Xiaoxiao and lowered his face, "What's going on?"

The outside guard whispered, "His Royal Highness, the Lord of Tianyao County is stopping."

Hei Xuan frowned. "Leave her alone."

Sitting at the door, Wu Ruo opened a small gap and glanced.

The Lord of Tianyao County has been waiting here for two days, his hair is slightly messy, his robe is dusty, and there are several nieces next to them, who are kneeling in front of the beast cart together.

Lou Tingluo was also there, wearing the official robe worn during the sacrifice.

"Prince's cousin, my father Wang was absolutely wronged. He asked his cousin to check." Tian Yao County Lord bent and struck his head with a heavy blow to the ground. Immediately, his forehead was smashed with blood.

Immediately afterwards, more than a dozen guards ran over and pulled them away.

The guard driving the beast cart quickly drove away.

"Prince's cousin ..." Tian Yaojun's host cried anxiously.

Hei Xuyi said quietly, "Let's come to the palace on the eighth day."

Tian Yao County Lord heard the words, rejoicing and turned to the floor and fell down and said: "Cousin, have you heard? Prince cousin asked me to go to him on the eighth day, indicating that my father was wronged."

Lou Qingluo was not as optimistic as she was. On the contrary, she was worried and worried. The prince just said "Homiya" instead of "I", and there was a hint of rustiness in the middle. Moreover, the prince only said that he was looking for him on the eighth day, but did not say Will investigate the matter clearly, it can be seen that things are definitely not as simple as his cousin thought.

However, he was also not good at disappointment, so he persuaded the Lord of Tianyao County to return to the house to rest, and then come to the Prince for the eighth day.

Wu Ruo they came to Heixitangdi Mansion, Wu Qianqing and they were chatting and chatting around the brazier. Everyone talked and laughed, and the atmosphere was very harmonious.

In addition to the eyes, the ghost woman's face has been completely healed, and she has restored her youthful appearance, sitting with Guan Tong like two sisters.

During this period of time, under the guidance of her, the spiritual power of Yan Wen, Yu Yan Wu and Wu Qianqing smoothly rose to the sixth level, and U Xi also smoothly rose to the fifth level. Everyone celebrated their promotion.

On the third, fourth, fifth, and sixth day of the new year, Hei Xieyu took Wu Ruo and the children to walk with relatives, and on the evening of the sixth day, he went to Jin Lian's house for dinner. On the seventh day of the new year, Prince Yuxian brought his family to thank him, and the old black received a bunch of expensive gifts, which made other **** women envious.

The eighth day, the New Year's holiday ended, and the early dynasty resumed.

After the next dynasty, Hei Xieyu and the Emperor and Prince Yuxian discussed the handling of the Lijun King in the Imperial Study Room, and came out of the Imperial Study Room near noon.

Before he returned to Hengxing Palace, Hei Xiu was stopped by the Lord of Tianyao County: "Prince's cousin ..."

Hei Xuanxi raised his eyebrows: "This case will be tried before this afternoon. Then you will go to the Criminal Department to watch."

"Then my father ..."

"There will be results in the afternoon." Hei Xuyi walked away from her.

Suddenly the Tenjo-gun lord had a very bad hunch. At the end of the afternoon, she and Lou fell to the Criminal Department.

There are ten chairs on each side of the Ministry of Justice's lobby, of which thirteen chairs are all officials with more than three grades. The guards of the Ministry of Justice invited them to the seat and brought them two cups of hot tea.

Seeing that the atmosphere was serious, Tianyao County's heart was tense. She was not afraid of these ministers, but she was worried that things exceeded her expectations: "cousin ..."

Lou Duo twisted his eyebrows: "Don't worry, if you really don't do it, the Prince will be fair."


At this moment, the guard outside the door shouted, "Prince arrives--"

Everyone in the lobby stood up and looked out the door.

The people who came in were more than one person, and followed by Wu Ruo, Prince Yuxian, Princess Yuxian, Shizi and Shizi.

Hei Xieyu sat up directly in the high hall, and the others sat on five chairs opposite the Tianyao Lord.

Lord Yuxian gave them a slight glance at them.

Tianyao County noticed that the people across her eyes were very unfriendly to her, and she couldn't help but sit up straight. She didn't seem to offend them, did she?

Lou Qingluo also felt that the people across the place were hostile to them, and curious about Prince Yuxian and Shizi coming to the hearing, so why did Princess Yuxian and Shizi come?

Hei Xieyu took the gavel and patted it, "Bring the prisoners up."


After a pillar of incense, people in the lobby heard the sound of 哐 啷 哐 啷.

The people who were sitting turned to the door and saw four criminals in white dragging their locks and moving forward step by step.

Seeing the prisoner walking in front of him, Tianyao County Lord stood up stunned and looked at the other side in shock: "Father ... Father King."

This face is frowned, his hair is messy, and the person in prison clothes is really her father?

But isn't it clear? Why did her father become a prisoner.

Lou Qingluo and the ministers were also surprised.

King Li Jun heard his daughter's voice, looked up suddenly, and exclaimed, "Miaoyi."

"Father King--" Tian Jun rushed to the past, looking at the clothes of Li County King in disbelief: "Father King, how did you become a prisoner?"

King Li Jun smiled in pain.

Unsuspecting adults also expressed doubts.

Prince Yuxian Lengheng.

Lou Qingluo stood up: "Well, you ..."

Hei Xieyu picked up the gavel and knocked, "This is a public hall, not a vegetable market, everyone is a little farther away from the prisoner."

The guard immediately separated the Li County King and Tian Yao County Master.

The Tianyao County Lord quickly knelt down in front of Hei Xieyu, crying, "Prince, my cousin, my father is wrong. He cannot send someone to kill their nephew."

Hei Xuan snorted: "Go back and sit down."

"I do not……"

"Come here, take the Tenjo County Master down."

The building fell down and quickly pulled back the Tianyao County Master.

Hei Xuan stared coldly at them.

The guards knelt the prisoner in the middle of the lobby.

Hei Xuanchi looked at Yan He: "The prisoner Yan He, being evil, killing Jishengtang ... beheading and showing off, and sealing off Wu Xuan Pavilion."

Yan He gave a cold hum, and did not resist, she had already set aside her life and death.

Hei Xuan looked at Master Huai and Master Xu: "The Ministry of Punishment is still on the stage, and the servants of the Ministry of Justice Xu and Tang, as court officials, took bribes privately ... Remove the official position, decapitate the public, and block their house ..."

The two adults were courageous and shook from start to finish. When they heard the word beheading, their eyes rolled over and passed out.

Shizi sneered: "Since you were afraid of death, how dare you collect money."

Hei Xie ordered the three prisoners to go down, and the king of Li Jun was finally on his knees.

"King Li County ..."

The family of Prince Yuxian all stared at the people on the ground.

The Tian Yao County Master wanted to kneel down again and call for grievances, but was dumped by the floor and held his shoulder.

King Li Jun lowered his head and did not speak.

Hei Xuan said sternly: "You are guilty of several crimes, and you really do not forgive it. One of the crimes, as the emperor's captain of the emperor, privately set up the Wuxuan Pavilion, using his disciples to do harm to the law, and to rob others of their family business. Thousands of lives have died in your hands ... "

"What?" The Lord of Tianyao looked at Hei Xieyu in disbelief. "Prince, cousin, are you mistaken? My father and king cannot do this kind of thing."

Hei Xieyu ignored her and went on to say, "Secondly, he bought the official and the girl next to the prince and climbed onto the prince's bed. After the plan failed, he took advantage of the imperial concubine of the Royal Emperor's Palace, and the stable woman who bought the concubine The newly born Xiaoshizi gave a fake medicine so that he could steal it out in order to impersonate the Prince's son in the future. "

Tian Yaojun's eyes widened, and he kept shaking his head and said, "Impossible, impossible.

Lou dumped and clenched his fists. Just two sins were enough to make their house imprisoned.

"Three crimes, repeatedly sending Wu Xuange's disciples to kill the two children of the prince, four crimes, vain attempt and use the younger son to conquer the throne and gain more rights.

Hei Xieyu Lengheng: "If you have a good guess, Li Jun, you will send a message to the old people, destroy the underground passageway to the outside, and let the sea flood our ship. If so, then you still The fifth sin is the intent to murder the prince and concubine. "

The lord of Tianyao slammed into the face of King Lijun: "Father, please tell me, this is not true, this is not true."

Chapter 346: Hate is useless

King Li Jun looked at Tian Yao County Lord, who was in tears, and pulled the hair from her ears behind her ear, choked and said, "Take care of yourself."

He didn't regret doing so many wrong things at all. If he had power, he would revolt directly like the royal family overthrew the old people. Unfortunately, he hasn't, and can only calculate step by step.

Tian Yao Jun's master looked at him. Did her father and king acknowledge what he did?

"No, Father, you can't leave me alone." She rushed up and hugged King Li Jun and wept.

The Prince Yuxian family looked at their father and daughter coldly.

Hei Xieyu continued: "The king of the county, heinous crimes, punishment for several crimes, and unforgivable crimes. In accordance with the statutes of the Necromantic kingdom, the title was slashed, the palace was seized, and the beheading was revealed. , Should be degraded to slavery, and then sent to the official family as slaves, but in the case of the Lou clan did not participate in the power seizure and the Lou clan's dedication to serve the court for thousands of years, only the officials , Sealed the Royal Mansion, degraded to civilians, and never again enter the DPRK as an official ... "

Lou looked down at Hei Xuanyu, he should be glad that the prince did not kill the Lou family, but he was not happy, and after he was cut off from the official rank, it would be even harder to see this person again.

"No, I do n’t want my father ..." The Lord of Tianyao turned to Hei Xiemeng. "Prince cousin, my father will only offend you for a moment, and please, please forgive my father, or It is ok to save my father with my life. "

She lost her mother when she was a child. She grew up in the palm of her father's hand. How can she accept her father now?

King Li Jun sank his face: "Miaoyi, don't say silly things."

The Prince Yuxian's family was hostile to the Lord of Heavenly Shake, but when she saw her appearance, she couldn't bear to ridicule people.

"Prince, my cousin, please, please don't be so cruel to let my father and daughter be separated forever."

Hei Xuanyan tightened her brow, and sighed slightly.

Although Miaoyi is his cousin, he also grew up like his sister. If it was not the King of Lijun who could not blame him, he did not want his cousin to lose his father again.

Tian Yaojun's leader saw Hei Xieyu indifferent and quickly got up: "I'm looking for my aunt, I'm going to ask my aunt for help, and my aunt will definitely help me out of the criminal department.

Hei Xuanyu did not stop her: "Beheading was performed after the first festival."

The king of Li Jun murmured without much reaction.

The guard pushed him back into prison.

People who were bribed by the Li County King were not only pregnant and adults Xu, but also a lot of adults. Hei Xieyu and others gave them to other ministers to deal with.

On the day of the resumption of the dynasty, more than a dozen officials, large and small, were cut off, and their mansions were sealed up. This incident caused a lot of commotion. The most shocking thing for the people was that Wu Xuange, which has always done good deeds, was a murderer and a demon. Everyone couldn't help but feel scared and felt that they could no longer look at a person in the future.

Wu Ruo and Hei Xieyu came out of the Ministry of Criminal Affairs and asked, "Mother, do you know if you executed the house? The people in the house and the owner of Tianyao County were degraded to civilians."

"Know, she agrees with me very much." Hei Xieyu took his hand: "It is better to be derogated than to lose my life, and she also said that the Tian Yao County Lord was degraded and the civilians were similar. She will not suffer too much. Fortunately, the house family has always been loyal to our royal family and has done many things for our royal family. Otherwise, they will be beheaded by the Jiu tribe and even the entire tribe. "

"The Lou clan has been burdened by the King of Li County. They must hate the death of the King of Li County."

"Everyone is going to die, and hate is useless."

Wu Ruo smiled slightly: "So too."

The two returned to the palace road outside the Hengxing Palace. As they passed through the palace, Nianxia came out of it: "Prince, Prince, and slaves have not seen their son Liang Dong for ten days. Let's meet him. "

Wu Ruo and Hei Xieyu glanced at each other, his eyes flashed, and his lips answered, "Okay."

Nian Xinxi looked at him: "Really?"

"Of course it's true, I'm asking people to bring Liang Dong over here." Wu Ruo said to Hei Xieyu, "Xi Ye, after you go back, let Heixin bring Liang Dong over."

Hei Xuan looked at Wu Ruo and nodded.

Wu Ruo walked into the small palace.

Nian Xia wondered after him: "Prince, you are ..."

"Of course to stay here to watch you, I don't want to let Liang Dong be beaten by you."

Nian Xia hurriedly explained, "Prince, the slave has never played cold winter."

"Really? What happened last time?"

"Last time was because ..."

Wu Ruo interrupted her: "Forget it, the last thing has passed, don't mention it again. Do you still get used to it here? The food here is also delicious to you?"

"Slavery is very good here, and the food is very delicious." Nian Xia was surprised, how suddenly this person cared about him.

Wu Ruo looked at her with a smile: "Look that you have gained a lot of weight recently. The New Year should eat well these days."

Nian Xia was afraid to say so many mistakes, so he laughed and replaced them.

"Yes, you don't know if you heard about it in the Xiaogong?"

Nian Xiayi: "What did you hear?"

"Thing about the county king."

Nian Xia's heart jumped: "No, no."

She stayed in the little palace every day and no one came to talk to her. She had no idea what was going on outside.

However, this person is really weird. Why did you suddenly mention King Li Jun? Did you find out about her and King Li Jun?

The more she thought about it, the more it was possible, because the little **** said that he had to let King Li Jun come up with an idea, but it has been too weird to see people in such a long time.

"The king of Lijun has an accident. He not only set up Wuxuan Pavilion in private, but also received bribes from some ministers. The most abominable thing is that in order to obtain supreme power, he failed to calculate the prince.

Nian Xia's face changed greatly.

Wu Ruo saw her face look so ugly and smiled with satisfaction: "Now that he has been locked up in the prison cell of the Ministry of Justice, he will be beheaded after the Yuan Festival, and his accomplices will end in the same way.

He really knew Liang Dong wasn't her son anymore. Nian Xia's legs softened and fell to the ground.

Wu Ruogu looked at her with a puzzled look: "Well, why did you sit on the ground?"

"Prince, please." Nian Xia quickly got up and knelt and gave Wu Ruo a hoe.

"What are you doing? You, Your Highness Liang Dong, how can you kneel at will?" The official girl from Wu Ruoyuan called to sit Nian Xia Fu in the gazebo and let the palace girl pour two cups of heat Here comes the tea.

"I, I ..." Xia hesitated whether to confess before Wu Ruo had pointed out something. Suddenly, the nose felt hot, and two heat streams came out of the nose.

She raised her hand, there was blood on the back of the hand, and she couldn't stop flowing down.

Wu Ruoyi said: "How did you bleed? Raise your head quickly and don't let blood flow out. I'm afraid you have eaten too much fried foods and other things recently, causing imbalance between yin and yang, and strong internal fire. If you don't mind Let me show you, how? "

Even if Nian Xia raised his head and threw up the blood, he couldn't help panic. After hearing Wu Ruo's words, he thought of giving him his hand.

Wu Ruo carefully gave her the pulse, but she couldn't find out the cause: "There is nothing wrong with her body."

"So, why do I keep bleeding? Right, pass on the doctor to see me." Nian Xia was afraid to yell to the maid next to her.

The maid looked at Wu Ruo, and saw Wu Ruo nodded before calling Taiyi.

Wu Ruo looked at the blood on her face and said kindly, "Would you like to try to plug the nose with silk silk?"

Nian Xia quickly took out silk silk and plugged her nostrils.

Soon, Taiyi was called in, but the cause could not be found.

"Quack doctor." Nian Xia jumped up with anger.

Taiyi Qijie: "You little niece, dare to disrespect Taiyi.

"Do you know who I am, but I ..." Nian Xia suddenly remembered that she was no longer Liang Dong's mother, and could no longer rely on her Highness's mother's identity. She stood embarrassedly, with great vigor Weakened in a moment.

At this time, Hei Xin entered the Xiaoguanyuan with a tray and put it on the table.

Wu Ruo asked the doctor to go back and called another doctor.

Nian Xia quickly thanked Wu Ruo.

Wu Ruo pointed at the cup with a smile and said, "Do you know what these two cups of tea are?"

Nian Xia stunned: "What tea?"

"They used to be called sober tea, but then a niece made her fake son change the flavor after putting two pills in each of the two cups of tea, so I don't know what the two cups of tea are now. Can you taste it for me? "

When she died, Nian Xia lost her blood on her face, and her lips became pale due to a nosebleed.

"This, this is not, is not already ..."

"What is it?" Wu Ruo teased his lips with a joke. "Did they drink it already?"

Nian Xia looked at him in shock.

"Don't be surprised how I knew about this?" Wu Ruo took out one of the cups of tea: "When you live here, we will send someone to monitor your every move.

He said after the cold winter day that he took the medicine in the tea: "After he took the medicine, he went to the room to find the eggs. People who didn't know that I had changed a cup of tea, so my sons didn't drink these two glasses of water. , And I specifically left these two cups of tea for your drink. "

Wu Ruo's gaze suddenly flickered, and Nian Xia fell off the stool.

The two court ladies behind her grabbed her, squeezed her mouth, and then the tea that Wu Ruo took was poured into her mouth.

"No, don't ..." Nian Xia's eyes widened in horror. There was a feeling of death right in front of her, and she was particularly afraid.

The palace maid drank her tea before releasing her.

"Cough ... cough ..." Nian Xia hurriedly pulled out his throat.

Wu Ruolong hooked his lips and said, "Do you know why you bleed? That's because the candy you gave Liang Dong has been ground into powder and mixed with the food you eat during the Chinese New Year. At that time, I was still worried that I would eat it. But I just heard you say that the food is delicious, and I'm relieved. "

Chapter 347: Cannot marry

Nian Xia Wenyan hurriedly took off the bracelet on his wrist and folded it in half, poured out a small pill and put it in his mouth.

The maid next to her wanted to stop, but stopped Wu Ruo's eyes.

After Nian Xia took the antidote, she no longer had nosebleeds, but her eyelids became heavier. She knew that the medicine in the tea had played a role, and there was a panic on her face, and she didn't know what to think. A smile came to her lips, so she felt relieved The ground fell to the ground.

The official girl squatted down and sniffed her breath: "Prince, she's out of breath."

"I'm out of breath ..." Wu Ruo sneered under his eyes, and said to He Xin: "Put the person into the coffin and bury it on the ground."


Wu Ruo took out pen and paper and drew six notes to the black letter: "Attach them to each side of Mumu separately.


Wu Ruo got up and returned to the Hengxing Palace, and Hei Xieyu, who was accompanied by Xiaoxiao, asked: "Dead?"

"Not dead." Wu Ruo sat next to him: "She has the antidote to unlock the poison of candy.

"What's in the two cups of tea?"

Wu Ruo said: "It is a medicine similar to a fake death medicine."

The tea was tested when the tea was in front of him. The king of the county should want to exchange their children as if they had stolen the talk. If the power fails, they can use the children to threaten them. However, the children are fine. The county king had to kill the children, so the second kind of candy poison is very powerful. It can make people not detect what is wrong with the candy, and they can't find out the situation after eating the belly. It can be seen that the county king does not give them any help to save the child. Opportunity.

Today Nian Xia has solved the poison in candy, but she has no medicine to counterfeit death, which means that she will wake up one day after she dies.

She could die with a smile, and expected that she would escape by fake death, but unfortunately ...

Nian Xia did have such an idea, but she never expected that she would be locked in a coffin after her death, and her eyes were dark. No matter how she called it, she could not open the coffin. No one ignored her.

She was getting scared, and finally, suffocated in the dark fear.

When she was about to run out of breath, the amulet sticking out of the coffin burst open, and even the coffin and the earth's soil were blown up, and she was also exposed to the sun. As if it was lit by fire, the body automatically burned and emitted Noisy sound.

Nian Xia yelled in pain and rolled all over the ground, but there was no place to hide from the surrounding sunlight, the body was getting more and more focused, and finally a pile of black and gray drifted with the wind.

However, this is all an afterthought.

Less than half an hour after Wu Ruo and Hei Xieyu returned to the Hengxing Palace from the Ministry of Criminal Affairs, they received the Emperor's refusal to see the Lord of Tianyao County, and sent someone to return the Lord of Tianyao County to the county palace. For the moment, I didn't want to drive the car and committed suicide. Fortunately, the speed of the beast car was not very fast or we would die on the spot.

The Empress received the news, and hurriedly brought the Taiyi to the office.

It was inconvenient to show up, so Wu Ruo took a lot of tonic to the county king's palace.

On the way, when passing by the residence where the adults lived, Wu Ruo saw that several residences were sealed up. The lower people were either taken away by the guards or driven out of the house. Some adults were taken off their official hats and off their official uniforms, wearing white The middle clothes stood outside the gate and sighed, and the family members stood beside them crying, very disturbing.

The people came to watch, and the whole street was blocked so differently.

At a glance, Wu Ruo saw the building falling, wearing a coat with a shawl, and standing outside the door with a cape, looking at the palace in a daze. When he saw the beast car belonging to the prince coming from the front, it was crazy. Stopped the car.

"Prince ..." Lou Duo came to the car with joy and eagerness, and saw Wu Ruo, who raised the curtains, slightly surprised: "Fei ..."

Lou Duo looked into the car from the window. There was no one except Wu Ruo inside.

Wu Ruokou said: "Disappointed?"

The building fell and sank.

"If you don't have anything important, don't block my way, I'll go to the county king's house to see the Lord of Tianyao County."

Lou Qinglu hurriedly asked, "What happened to Miao Yi?"

"When he was sent back to the county king by the queen, he jumped off the car and attempted suicide." Wu Ruo looked anxiously and asked, "Would you like to go with me?"

Lou Duan did not hesitate and quickly got on the beast cart.

Wu Ruo had nothing to say with him, thinking about things with his head down.

"Since I was three years old, I have become a companion to the prince. Every day I accompany him either to study calligraphy or to practice sword and Xuanshu together, and to accompany him together to be happy and sad. He likes what food he eats and what others don't do I know everything clearly. After joining the DPRK as an official, he dealt with various difficult matters with him every day. Before he did not leave the necropolis to go to heaven to find you, I was almost inseparable from him. "Lou Duanyouyou said.

Wu Ruo raised his head and looked at him calmly: "Are you showing off? Or do you want me to be jealous of you? Or is it the last time I have the feeling?"

Lou Tiaoluo twitched his lips, not denying, "I do want you to be jealous of me too, but it seems to have failed. I doubt if you really like Prince Edward, otherwise, why did you hear him and others Staying together but not responding. "

"When you are jealous, it is to make you look at a joke, and you do n’t have the capital to make me jealous now. If I am really jealous, I should show it in front of my face, and then ..." Wu Ruo sneered with a smile, his smile entrained With a charming temptation, even if you do n’t say it, you can know how Hei Xuanyu will “love” him in order to appease him, or promise every condition, such as letting the Prince do not fall away with the building. Too close.

Lou Tien clenched his fists in the cloak: "Prince does not like those who play tricks."

"It depends on who is playing tricks on him." Wu Ruo tickled his lips: "I remember that before coming to the kingdom of the dead, Xie Yan told me that he is not afraid of my cruelty, or of my deep thinking. Others, he is afraid that I have no ability to protect myself. "

Lou fell for a moment, and did not expect that the words would come out of the mouth of the prince who hated others in front of him.

No, it must be Wu Ruo.

But the other's gentle and proud look showed that he hadn't lied.

Lou Qing's jealousy mentioned the extreme, why can this person get all the favor of the prince?

"Prince, you never thought that the prince was with you because of the curse? He may not really like you."

Wu Ruo chuckled: "You just vowed to know him, but do you really understand him? If he really doesn't like me, he won't be with me because of the curse."

Lou dumped: "..."

He probably knew everything.

Wu Ruo put away a smile and said seriously: "Master Lou, you are an understanding person, not your things, you are not forced to come, but no matter how far apart your things are, he will come to you, you are so dead now Holding on will only make you more painful. "

"I have liked it for so many years, how can I let it go?" Lou Qingluo was clear that Hei Xuanyu didn't like him, or he would not cut his official position without losing his old feelings, but he was unwilling.

Wu Ruo asked him: "Since you like it for so many years, and since you can't let go, why don't you confess your intentions before I appear, or ask me to grab a man after I appear?"

"I ..." Lou Qinglu felt a touch of shame. A man like a lieutenant woman was dignified. In order to get the attention of the other party, he used contempt. This was the thing he felt most shameful before, but he was jealous. Fainted.

Wu Ruo didn't say more so that he could be quiet.

"I used to think that the woman that the prince liked, fearing that he would hate or look down upon him, even driving me away from him. And he is the supreme prince, and will be the emperor in the future. It is impossible to follow The man was married.

Wu Ruohuan said: "If you really like him, you will like him desperately, and if you really understand him, you should also know that if he really likes the last one, you will rule out the difficulty of being with the other party. You So will it. "

Lou fell silent.

"Of course, you can't say that you don't like each other, it's just not pure enough."

Lou dumped: "..."

At this time, the guards driving outside said, "Prince, the county king's palace has arrived.

"Wait for the Lord of Tianyao County, and don't let her do stupid things anymore." Wu Ruo opened the curtain and got out of the car as soon as he stopped.

The people in the county king's palace were all put on the prison car by the guards in the palace. Everyone was crying, very miserable. The county king's palace is extremely quiet, no one walks, and no one speaks. Only the loneliness left in the past prosperity.

Lou Qing frowned and hurried to find the courtyard where the Lord of Tianyao lived.

Standing on the side and watching the unconscious queen queen of the Lord of Heavenly Shake, her heart was pained and sad. Fortunately, she was only fractured, otherwise she didn't know how to explain to her dead sister.

"Cao Ming has met the empress." Lou dumped forward to salute.

"No need to be polite," the empress sighed, "Miao Yi will leave it to you to take care of it."

She was worried that she would not be able to stand the plea of her niece, and could not bear to see the niece unhappy, so she had to wait for her to calm down before visiting her.


The empress left two officials and girls to wait for the Lord of Tianyao County, and left Ruowang Mansion with Wu Ruo.

In order to prevent cousin from touching the scene, Lou Qingluo took her to a house where she had bought before taking a rest before she woke up.

After the Yuan Festival, King Li Jun and the others were pulled to behead, Tian Yao County Lord took a group of people to make trouble, and was finally arrested and locked up in a prison.

The minister responsible for the beheading read that the lord's niece was the queen of the Emperor in Tianyao County, and she was released after the beheading. After that, the Lord of Tianyao County became seriously ill.

When Wu Ruo heard from her, he was busy with his big marriage with Hei Xieyu. Since he could not marry directly from the official to the official, he had to move outside to live. He took his child to live in Hei Xietang's palace, and he could not meet with Hei Xieyu three days before becoming married.

Wu Ruoyuan thought that he would miss Hei Xieyu for three days without seeing him, but he did n’t want to be so busy that he did n’t even have time to miss people, and other people were not idle, because the prince ’s marriage was a big thing. It was very festive outside, and even red lanterns and red silk were hung on the street. It was very lively.

On the second wedding day of the second day of February, Yin Ruo was pulled up by the palace nun to take a flower bath, and then dressed up.

"Brother, my heart is so complicated." Wu Xi looked at Wu Ruo surrounded by a large group of court ladies, turned to Wu Zhu and said, "The second brother Mingming has been married once, and he and his brother also live together for two. It ’s been years, but I'm still willing to marry my second brother. "

Wuzhu could not look at her crying and laughing.

Youxi joked and asked Uxi: "After your second brother gets married, it's your brother's turn to marry me, so you can't bear to be your brother?"

Ushi wanted to say, "No.


"Big brother is the party who marries you into the door and will not leave us."

You You: "..."

Wuzhu smiled and nodded: "Yes, I won't leave you.

Wu Ruo turned to Wu Xi with a smile and said, "Xiao Xi, we can't stay with you forever, you will have to marry a woman and leave us later."

Wu Xi muttered, "I don't want to."

You You said: "If you don't marry someone, someone will be sad."

Wu Xi thought of Hei Xietang, his face could not help but red: "Dasao ..."

"Xiao Xi is shy." Wu Zhu no longer teased her when she saw her face getting more and more red, and turned to Wu Ruo and asked, "Xiao Ruo, today is your big wedding. Will the old people come to trouble ?"

Wu Ruodao: "The old people didn't want to see that we would destroy the curse. They had been recuperating at the time of the last sacrifice.

Wuzhu opened his mouth, and what he wanted to say, a guard interrupted him at the door: "Prince, there is a letter from someone who claims to be the black market manager.

"Black market?" Wu Ruo and Wu Zhu glanced at each other.

Uhi brought the letter to Uru.

Wu Ruo opened the stationery and glanced quickly, his face became heavy.

"Xiao Ruo, are you ready?" Guan Tong and Wu Qianqing walked in with a group of them jokingly: "Waiting for the sedan car is coming."

Wu Ruo put down the stationery, and said solemnly, "Mother, I can't be married to Shaxi."

"What?" Everyone froze.

Wu Ruo first let the maids and sister-in-law in the house go out, and then asked the guard to find Hei Xietang.

Guan Tong hurriedly asked, "Xiao Ruo, why are you saying you can't be married?"

Wu Ruo passed the letter to Guan Tong: "Mother, grandmother, see if this is the handwriting of your grandfather?"

Guan Tong and the ghost-wife froze, quickly took the letter and looked at it. It only read: Can't get married, and the mother and daughter looked at each other: "It's the word of father."

The ghost woman nodded.

Wuzhu quickly asked: "Hua sedan is about to come. Why did my grandfather write a letter suddenly to prevent Xiaoruo from getting married?"

Wu Ruo shook her head: "I don't know."

He felt vaguely related to the curse.

Wu Qianqing asked before leaving: "What's going on?"

Guan Tong looked for a moment, took the letter paper under the red candle and smoked it, and then, under the letter paper that could not be married, four more words appeared: Quickly come to my family.

Chapter 348: Come back

"Come to my clan?" Wu Qianqing said softly.

The ghost woman twisted her eyebrows slightly: "Is this to let Xiao Ruo go to Miyin?"

The people at home heard that the Miyin face each other, and Wu Chenliu and Wu Bai also looked at each other.

Guan Tong turned the stationery over and over, and even the envelope was opened by her. When it was determined that there was no content, the stationery was burned: "Why is Dad going to go to the hermit? Is it related to spell-solving?"

Wu Ruodao: "Whether it's related to the solution of the curse or not, the grandfather must have his reason to keep us from marrying, or go to the hermit first."

Wu Xi sighed: "I was obviously reluctant to marry my second brother, but now I heard that my second brother cannot be married, and then I was anxious for my second brother, and my grandfather suddenly wrote to say that he cannot be married. problem?"

Wu Ruowen twisted his eyebrows.

Wuzhu tapped Wuxi's head: "Today is a good day, don't talk nonsense."

Uhis tongue stuck out.

Thoroughly said, "I've been married once before, can't I not be married?"

Ye Yi said quietly, "This time is different. It is necessary to worship the ancestor of the Hei family, maybe it will have some impact."

"Ma'am, Ma'am ..." Hei Xietang yelled before he even entered the door: "Ma'am, Huajiao is here, yes, Ma'am, what are you looking for?"

"Just let Xunyu come in alone." Wu Ruoyuan wanted Hei Xuantang to stop Huajiao. After all, Huajiao was unlucky at the door, but now people can do it.

Hei Xuantang said strangely, "Why?"

"Don't ask so much, just call someone in and you'll know."

"it is good."

Hei Xitang soon called Hei Xiu to Wu Qianqing's yard.

Wu Ruo was not the first time to see Hei Xieyu wearing a groom's robe, but he was still stunned.

"Hey, come back." You You patted his shoulders playfully.

Wu Xi porked a smile.

Wu Ruo coughed uncomfortably.

Seeing Wu Ruo changing her groom's suit, Hei Xun walked to the front and wrinkled her eyebrows and asked, "Will you let me in alone, what happened?"

Wu Ruo said: "My grandfather wrote to us that we couldn't get married and asked me to go to the Miyin."

Hei Xun said for a moment: "There may be reasons."

"The letter only says that you can't marry, come to my tribe."

Hei Xutang, who followed in the back, said depressedly: "Hua sedan is all at the door, how can you write a letter saying that you can't be married? Isn't this to make everyone happy?"

Hei Xuanxi said decisively, "Just do what my grandfather said."

"What about that sedan? What about father and mother?"

Hei Xieyu took off his robe and the golden crown on his head, and handed it to Hei Xuantang together with Wu Ruo's wedding robe: "You put the wedding robe on the sedan chair, and let the welcoming team slowly circle the city to the river, They threw all the red-related joyous things in their bodies into the river. As for my father and mother, I'll talk to them when I go back. "

Hei Xietang was puzzled: "If no one has received it, why go around the river?"

Hei Xieyu ticked his lips: "The old people are still waiting to destroy my wedding, so they need to wait a little longer."

"Haha, brother, you are so bad. I'll do it now and make sure they think you are all in the sedan." Hei Xietang left happily.

Wu Ruo took out a set of robes from the space and put on Hei Xieyu.

Hei Sui asked: "What do you guys think?"

Wu Ruodao: "Of course it is a hermit, but where is the hermit?"

Guan Tong: "..."

Wu Qianqing: "..."

They glanced at each other and shook their heads to indicate that they could not speak.

Hei Sui said: "My people probably know the location of the hermit, but I don't know where it is and how to get in."

Wu Ruo frowned: "Let's go and plan again, but the underground passage that went out was not destroyed by the old people? How are you going out with me?"

"It takes three days to prepare, and then borrow the Great Spirit Master and Gao Zu to work together to open the channel."

"Then we will go back to the palace and talk to them."

Hei Xieyu looked at Wu Qianqing and said, "Dad, mother, do you have anything to say?"

Guan Tong sighed: "Don't go around after you go, don't be too curious, listen to your grandfather's arrangements."

"Mother, can I go with my second brother?" Uxi asked.

Guan Tong shook his head: "No, not too many people know where they are."

"Oh." Ushi dropped her head and fell.

"Six brothers ..." Uber suddenly called out.

Everyone looked at him.

"I've been here for several months, and it's also time to leave here and go somewhere else, so I want to leave the dead nation with you.

Wu Qianqing quickly asked: "Little Bai, don't you wait for us to return to the kingdom of heaven?"

Uber was embarrassed to say, "Sanbo, after all, this is not my home. I have been here to eat and drink for you to keep and feel like a waste, so I want to go out and practice myself, wait a while Half a year later, I will come back to you and go to the kingdom of heaven. "

Wuzhu smiled and patted Ubai's shoulder: "I have ambition."

Wu Chenliu agrees with Uber ’s approach: "It's time to go out and make a break and stay in the house to cultivate. No matter how high the cultivation is, it will not play its role. A higher order will also be a loser. Now that I heard Xiaobai say this, I also want to go out and practice myself. "

Ushi was surprised: "Master, you have to go too?"

"Well, I wanted to wait until Xiaoruo became married. Now Xiaoruo cancels the wedding, and the return date to Mymit is uncertain, so I also want to go to other countries."

"Then I will go out with you too, and I will come back when the second brother becomes married."

"This ..." Wu Chenliu looked at Wu Qianqing.

Wu Qianqing said: "If seniors are convenient, take Xiaoxi out to practice, she also needs to exercise herself."

Wu Xixin likes to shout, "Great, brother, when are you and your elder brother coming back to get married? I'll be back with Master to attend your marriage ceremony."

Wu Ruo thought for a while and said, "If things go well, it may take two or three months. If things go wrong, it will take half a year to a year or so. What do you think?"

Hei Xunyu nodded: "It takes almost that much time."

Ushi said, "I will come back and ask."


Achilles said, "That being the case, Yeji and I took the children back to the Mozu to see their families."

Ye Ji stunned.

"It's time to go home and see my parents.

There was a rare excitement in Ye Ji's eyes.

"I'll go back, too," You said.

The bamboo shoots stunned.

Youzhen took Wuzhu's hand: "It's also time for me to take you and your child back to tell you clearly."

Wu Qianqing saw that the children were sullen here, and laughed, "Go, let's go, but don't forget that we are here waiting for you to come back."

The people at home are very envious that they can leave the necropolis and see the sun outside.

Wu Ruodao: "Anyway, you have to come back to my big wedding."

Wuzhu and Wuxi both answered: "It will."

Hei Xieyu and Wu Ruo left the child in the palace and returned to the palace in a beast cart.

After the emperor and empress heard the reason for canceling the wedding, they were relieved and thought that it was a big deal to cancel the wedding on the day of the marriage.

"Since it has something to do with the curse, go to the Mymit to understand all the conditions before talking about it," said the emperor. "As for the marriage, we will choose another day after we return."

The Empress ordered her daughter: "It is not too late, Zi He, go and prepare the big ship."

"Yes." Hei Zihe dragged his glittering heavy robes away from the hall.

"By the way, the Great Master and the great-grandfather, and the ministers are still waiting at the sacrifice hall to wait for Xuan Ye to welcome Xiao Ruo back to the church, but you ca n’t let them wait for a long time. In this matter, although you can't see them becoming married, everyone can still stay for dinner. "

"Okay." Hei Xuyi turned and left.

The emperor asked Hei Xuyi: "What are your plans for this trip?"

Hei Sui said: "I don't know the situation of the hermit, and it may not be necessary to make more plans, but the hermit does not want to let too many people know their location, so I don't plan to take this time. Too many people go. "

"Well, just arrange it yourself."

Soon, Hei Xieyu returned to the hall: "Big brother, Grandfather Gao, they have already made preparations, and the big spiritual master said, you have to take the eggs with you this time."

Wu Ruoke never thought to take the child, and he could not help but whispered: "Take the egg? Why?"

"I don't know, the Master said nothing."

Emperor Road: "The Great Master must have his reason to say so, so you take both children."

Wu Ruo nodded.

Hei Xieyu pulled Wu Ruo to stand up: "Dad, mother, Xiaoruo and I went back to prepare."

"Okay, go.

After leaving the emperor's palace, Hei Xieyu and Wu Ruo walked silently on the palace road.

As he approached Hengxing Palace, Wu Ruo said, "Why don't you speak?"

Hei Xieyu clenched his hand: "I was thinking what my grandfather said 'Cannot be married'."

The words are too brief to make people think.

"Are you worried that we can't get married?"


Wu Ruo embraced his waist and kissed his face with a smile: "If you can't get married, you can't get married, anyway, it's not that we can't be together." speak? "

Wu Ruo frowned. "Did I move to Xutangfu before? I have realized a very serious problem in these days."

"what is the problem?"

"I have lived in the Wu family for so many years. I have always regarded myself as a Wu family member. Later, after knowing the things of the Mymit, I also thought that I could be considered a half Mymit, but I never thought of myself. It also has the blood of the old people. Although the ancestors of the family only drank the blood of the immortals, it does not mean that they have no connection with the old people. So, if the spell is successfully solved, will I also disappear? I think the grandfather is anxious to find a solution The method of curse should also have thought of this. "

Chapter 349:

Hei Xunyu stopped.

He had never been aware of the situation.

Wu Ruo continued, "I also lived with my family for a few days before thinking about this problem."

Hei Xuan sighed to him: "The grandfather was anxious to let us go to the hermits, it should be to find a solution, we go there and make plans."

Wu Ruo felt a little dull, and turned to the topic: "Eggs and Xiaoxiao would be happy if they knew we were going to take them out."

Hei Xuan chuckled: "I want people to prepare more food on the boat."

"Well, we can't make our son hungry. By the way, how many days will it take for the Necropolis to reach the Hermit?"

"The waterway will take ten days to the border, and another five days to the vicinity of the Mymit."

"It seems that the hermits are hard to find, and I have to prepare more food in the space."

The two went back to the palace and discussed the use of things on the road. They had a very good talk, but they suffered from the old people. They received news that the prince ’s wedding would be held on the land, so it was ambush on the land as soon as it was dark, not to be stricken by the wind and snow, and they had to hide in the dark and maintain a posture Of course, after waiting for one night and not waiting for the royal family to appear, it was later known that the big marriage was cancelled, and the people of the old clan were stunned to death.

The people are divided on this matter. Some people speculate that the future princess has encountered an accident, some people think that the members and ministers of the royal family oppose the princess to marry the royal family, and some people think that the future princess and the prince cannot solve the curse. In the future, the princess, but no matter how much guesswork, could not be confirmed.

People of the old clan were also anxious, and kept asking people to find out the details of the incident.

The old chief thought that the cancellation of the big marriage was related to the solution of the curse, but he couldn't hear the news and turned his attention to the owner of the family: "Have the man named Zhong Rong who lived in your house ever returned?"

He also wanted to find Zhongrong, and wanted to fight him and hide his purpose in the old clan. Moreover, the person to be dealt with by Zhongrong was Wu Ruo, so they could use it.

The family said: "He was revealed, it is impossible to return to the old man's house, he should have been brought back to the family." The owner mentioned that Chong Rong felt a little bit afraid, and in his memory, he had saved this person. , But also arranged people to the house, but many people do not know Zhongrong. Therefore, after discovering Chong Rong's true identity, both he and Hetu think that his memory is likely to be tampered with. If the other party is to be against him, he can kill him at any time.

"If this man comes back, try to keep him." Hetu looked at the black cymbal sitting beside him. "Your marriage will be changed to February 23 ..."

The corners of Kurosaki's mouth evoked irony invisibly.

If it wasn't for the prince's wedding, or if the old people had to mess with the prince's wedding, I am afraid that today will become his marriage day. Of course, he is not a submissive person.

Hei Xing stood up and left the hall without a word.

Shen Song immediately followed.

Walking out of the mansion, Hei Xing murmured, "Deep Song, how many years have you been with me?"

Deeply said, "It's been 25 years."

"How do I treat you these years?"

"Same as my brother."

Hei Xingxing stopped to look at him: "Then you help my father monitor me?"

Deep smile: "Master, I did not watch you, but you followed you like you always did."

Hei Pingxing stared at him for a while, turned and walked towards the yamen, and came to the No. 1 shop in Border Town through the teleportation array to find Lao Hei, who met in the evening.

Wu Ruo could not help remembering what Qian Shen said when he heard the words conveyed by Lao Hei. He thought that he and Hei Xingxing were not suitable to meet now. He used the excuses of busyness to excuse him, and then concentrated on preparing to go to the Necropolis.

Early in the early morning of the sixth day of February, Youyu, Wuzhu, Wuxi, Uber, Wuchenliu, Thorny, and Yeji took the children to the emperor's office, and they were planning to leave the Necropolis with Wuruo by boat.

Wu Ruo looked at them strangely: "Xiao Xi, Xiao Bai, and the seniors took us on a boat to go to other countries and I can understand. Why would you want to go back to the Mozu with us?"

They only need to leave the Necropolis from the border city, and find a place to arrange the teleportation array to return to the Demon tribe, and they can return to the Demon tribe. Why bother?

Youyou watched and bewildered the children: "Wuyou and Nightthorn heard the eggs and said that it is fun to take a big boat, but also want to sit aboard, we have to take the children with you to the destination of the ship and return to the Mozu. "

Wu Ruo couldn't help crying when he heard this reason: "Well, come with me."

He took people to the meeting place.

Hei Xunyu looked at them and turned to take them into the formation leading to the river.

The scenery changed from the emperor to a river.

"It's a big ship, a big ship." Xiao Wuyou screamed happily when she saw the tall ship.

Xiaoyethorn's expressionless face also smiled, expressing curiosity about the new things.

Everyone picked up the little one and took Xiao Wuyou's hand: "Let's go on board to play."

The four children ran to the boat happily, and everyone around them was infected by their naive laughter.

Wu Ruo was shocked again by the ship, and the whole ship was glittering, like a large golden mountain floating on the river.

The emperor told them: "Be careful."

Hei Xuan points a little bit: "I know."

"Brother, sister-in-law, take me with you, too." Hei Xietang fluttered and hugged Hei Xieyi's arm: "I'm willing to leave you."

Black eyes narrowed his eyelids: "Are you sure you want to leave us?"

You Yu said, "If you want to follow Xiaoxi's sister, you can just say it."

Ushe immediately flushed her cheeks.

The emperor and empress looked at Uxi with a smile.

Ushi was so ashamed to hide behind his master.

Wu Chen chuckled and couldn't help thinking of his youth.

Hei Xietang smiled embarrassedly: "I was penetrated by Dasao.

You You hummed: "Who is your aunt?"

Hei Xieyu directly returned Hei Xietang to him: "Four brother, this time you don't want to throw everything to me again."

He threw people to his guard: "Watch him, don't let him run away."

"Yes." The guard caught Hei Xuantang.

"Brother, why are you so cruel."

"I'm not cruel to you, it's me who is affected." Hei Xuyi turned his head and urged Hei Xuyi: "Brother, you are about to get on the boat, I'm afraid I will let the fourth brother run away.

Hei Xixi and Hei Ziya hurried over to see them off.

Hei Xieyu wondered: "What about Zihe?"

The queen looked around: "She was here just now. There may be something going on."

"Mother, we're on the boat." Hei Xuanyu pulled Wu Ruo up the boarding ladder, and the others followed.

"Grandmother, grandfather, fourth uncle, fifth uncle, sixth uncle, goodbye, my aunt." Egg egg and Xiao Xiao stood on the boat and waved at the people under the boat.

Xiao Wuyou also learned to play with their eggs, they called: "Grandmother, grandfather, fourth uncle, fifth uncle, sixth uncle, goodbye aunt."

The emperor waved and sighed, "there are no children in the palace and they will become deserted again."

The emperor held her shoulders: "After the children become pros, the palace will become very lively."

Both Hei Xuyi and Hei Ziya said they did not want to get married so early.

"You don't want to, I think." Hei Xietang said bitterly, "but my partner will leave, and you won't let me chase."

The emperor could not laugh or cry: "You stay and take care of your business.

At this time, someone shouted: "Set sail-"

On the side of the practice, the great spiritual master and Emperor Gaozu immediately activated their spiritual power to open the door outside the passage to the ship.

Suddenly, a bang sound.

One of the guards called anxiously: "Emperor, old people are here to make trouble."

The emperor looked for a moment: "Send someone to stop them and not let them destroy the ship.


The Queen frowned: "Why do they know that they want to leave the kingdom of the dead?"

The emperor said: "They should always send someone to monitor every move here, and when someone boarded the ship, someone would come over to make trouble."

The people on the boat heard the fighting and came to the boat.

Hei Xieyan frowned: "It's the old tribe again."

Wu Ruo said: "They should come to stop us from leaving the kingdom of the dead.

You said: "It's a ghost."

Hei Xuan turned around and said to Hei Gan, "Come down and speed up."


The big ship speeded up after the Great Master and Gao Zudi opened the passage together. Then, Heigan recruited two big bone fishes to pull the big ship upstream.

Wu You, who hasn't seen a big bone fish, yelled excitedly, Wu Chenliu and Wu Bai also watched their big ship with a novel look. The other side of the water gate was a passage leading to the sea. Forcibly separate, you can see the light above.

"It's so magical." Wu Bai reached out and touched the water wall. It was dark inside, and he couldn't see if there were any fish in it.

Wuzhu quickly reminded him: "Don't go in, Xiaobai, there will be strange fish biting you."

Uber was frightened and quickly withdrew his hand.

Suddenly, the ship shook a bit, and was hit by the old man's mystery. Hei Xieyu quickly took the defense weapon to block the attack.

Heigan saw that the rowing speed was too slow, so he had to recruit two bone fish to push behind the ship, and the speed increased a lot. In a blink of an eye, the ship disappeared in front of the empress.

Wu Ruo was worried and said, "Dad, mother, will they be fine?"

Hei Xuan shook his shoulders: "Rest assured that the old people can't stop us and we will leave."

"Father, father, what kind of fish is that?" Xiao Wuyou asked excitedly, pointing at a very strange fish in the water wall.

You quietly glanced at: "Six fishes."

Wu You pointed at another big fish full of teeth and asked, "What about that one?"

"Devil fish."

"What about this one?"


No matter what kind of fish Wu You refers to, Yu You can answer it.

Wuzhu wondered, "Why don't I know you know so many fish?"

The others looked at You with admiration.

You said with a smile: "I said it blindly.

Everyone: "..."

You You hummed: "I can't let my son look down on me."

Everyone: "..."

The corner of the ebony was drawn.

Chapter 350: Go to the hermit

When the big ship drove to the bottom of Shanghai completely, the sun shone on the ship, and everyone ran to the ship's armor.

"Sun, I haven't seen the sun for a long time." Uxi opened her arms and felt the warmth of the sun, but the cold wind blowing on her face made her quickly pull up her cloak.

You gazed at the sunlight and smiled. They were stunned during the period of the dead nation.

Wu Ruo looked at Heiyang and Heiyin standing upstairs, holding hands and looking at the sea in front, surprised and smiling: "I haven't seen them for a long time, they should have been together like us."

Hei Xuanyu followed his gaze: "The wizards of the Necromancer are all good at controlling the Ghosts, and the Ghosts who are not up to the ninth level are not convenient to enter and exit the Necromancy. When they return to the Necromancy, they will return Ghost clan, wait for them to leave my necropolis before they come to help. "

Wu Ruo glanced at the people on the ship's armor: "Most of them are ghosts here?"


Heiyang and Heiyin noticed that Wu Ruo and Hei Xieyu were watching them, and waved at them with a smile.

At this moment, two people came next to Heiyang and Heiyin, and they looked at the daylight in front of them, showing bright smiles on their faces.

"Master, is this the sun? It is so beautiful? Is it the sea? Why is it so dark? Doesn't it mean that the sea is blue? Ah, the eyes are sore with light stings and tears."

"Our eyes are not yet adapted to daylight. Don't stare at it for too long."

Wu Ruo and Hei Xieyu were surprised when they saw the two, and the latter squinted with black eyes.

"Law and deep chant? How could they be here?" Wu Ruo was surprised.

The black people soon found that the black people were walking on them, and immediately shouted, "People with old people."

Everyone was vigilant, and some even took out the magic weapon.

Hei Lingxing and Shen Song calmly brought the black cap in his hand to his head to block the strong sunlight, jumped up, and flew in front of Wu Ruo.

Wu Ruo raised his hand and motioned to everyone not to do anything: "How did you sneak up? How did you know we were leaving the dead nation?"

Li Xing said quietly: "You must have a problem when you suddenly cancel the big wedding, so you have been looking for someone to monitor your movements, and later found that you are leaving the dead nation, I guess you are going to find a solution to the curse, right?"

Wu Ruo didn't hide: "Yes."

"We sneaked up to find a way to prevent the old people from disappearing after the curse has been solved. Xiaoruo, you are also half of the old people. You should also think that you may disappear after the curse is solved, right?" Xing looked at the stern where not many people were walking: "Can you speak with me alone?"

Wu Ruo and Hei Xieyu nodded at each other.

The two walked towards the stern, Hei Xing whispered a smile, and his voice was a touch of joy: "I am so big, I still saw the sun for the first time, I once wanted to disobey the curse, and stood in the highest part of the border town to welcome the sun, , Before seeing the sun, he was injured by Chenguang. At that time, he was uncomfortable, thinking that even if he died, he would have to see daylight, but in the end, he was afraid to die and return to the underground city. "

Wu Ruo wondered: "Don't you have a fairy fruit? You can look at the sunrise through the fairy fruit.

"I only have two fairy fruits in my hand. They are used when necessary. One is now deeply chanted and the other is swallowed by myself, in order to find a solution that will not let us disappear after the curse is removed. "

"If so, you don't have to follow."

Black Falcon squinted his eyes for a moment, blocking the emotions at the bottom of his eyes: "If you don't follow, you don't know if you will have a chance to see the sunrise or go somewhere else in the future.

Wu Ruo was a little stunned, and through the black screen, she saw that the bottom of Hei Xingxing's eyes was a bit low, and she couldn't help thinking of Qian Shen's saying that Hei Xingxing would disappear.

"A few days ago, you didn't go to the appointment because you disturbed your sacrifices from the old people and realized that our identity is a hostile issue, or because Chong Rong said something to you?"

Wu Ruo slightly surprised, he did not expect the black guild to ask bluntly. In this case, he does not lie, otherwise only the two will be farther and farther: "Because of what Chong Rong said."

"Does he tell you that I like you?"

Wu Ruo looked at him again in surprise: "How did you know? He told you?"

Hei Xingxing shook his head: "Since the sacrifice, I have never seen him again. He may have been taken back to the Mystery."

"Then how do you know what he said to me?"

"I guessed from what he said on the day of the sacrifice." Hei Xingxing tightened his eyebrows. "After returning to Tongzhen the night when I met you at Shop No. 1, he once kissed me while I was drunk. I, I guessed at the time whether he was the Holy Son you were looking for, but later he never did anything to reveal his identity or do anything extraordinary to me, so he said you took away what he liked When I was a person, I guess he said that the person I liked was me, and he said that you took away the person he liked because he found that I liked you. "

Wu Ruo: "..."

"I do like you." Hei Xingxing said frankly: "Don't you come to see me for this reason, don't you make friends with me?"

"Of course not." Wu Ruo stopped and looked at him: "I don't want to see you because I want you to calm down and get out of this relationship, because I can't respond to you, and I don't want to see you as a friend In pain. "

"It's fine." Hei Xingxing secretly breathed a sigh of relief. When he learned that Wu Ruo didn't come to see him from old Heikou, he felt quite uncomfortable, thinking that Wu Ruo would break him off as a result: "I knew you were a prince Concubine, I am already restraining myself, but it is impossible to put away this relationship in a short time, otherwise I will not like it. "

In the end, there was a hint of bitterness in a helpless tone.

Wu Ruo heard that he really liked himself, and was surprised that he would say so frankly: "You can think so."

Hei Xing glanced over the bow and smiled, ticking his lips: "Since I've asked you to talk to you alone, the Prince's gaze has turned from time to time, and he can see that he cares about you."

Wu Ruo showed a bright smile towards Hei Xieyu, He Xieyi bent his corners, and his black eyes were full of smiles.

Hei Xingxing looked at them silently, with some envy in his eyes, and a little bit of sorrow. He just chose to quit silently because he knew he could not get in between them.

"Sun, I finally saw the sun, and it was as shiny as gold." A woman voice came from the third floor of the ship. "No wonder I want to see the sun so much."

Everyone looked up, and was blinded by Jin Guang immediately.

Wu Ruo raised his hand to block the glare of the glare, so he didn't need to think about it and knew that Hei Zihe had followed him secretly.

Hei Xuan slumped his face: "Come down."

No wonder I hadn't seen Ermei before. I had hid in the boat early in the morning.

"Do you think I'm stupid? Go down and give you a chance to teach me?" Hei Zihe turned and waved in the direction of Wu Ruo: "Sister-in-law, big brother bullied me, you need to support me."

Hei Xieyu: "..."

Wu Ruopo smiled, and felt that the black majesty's majesty had been wiped out.

The others laughed.

Hei Xingxing envied the brother-sister relationship between Hei Xieyu and Hei Zihe: "I am here with you to find a way to solve the curse. I hope you will let us follow."

Wu Ruo looked back: "This time we are going to the hermit, my mother said that the hermit does not want too many people to know the position of the hermit, so I may take you to the past to make them unhappy, or they may Because too many people keep us out of their clan. "

"Isn't the Son trying to kill you because of my affairs? Maybe because of this incident let us in."

Wu Ruo thought about it too: "All right."

The two returned to the bow, and Hei Zihe jumped downstairs.

Hei Xuanyun said in a deep voice: "How come you secretly followed?"

"The fourth brother went to Tianxing Kingdom to find you last time, how could it be my turn this time to go with you to the Mysterious Clan." Hei Zihe shook his hands and reflected the dazzling gold light in his hand. Eyes.


Wu Ruoyuanchang: "Since it's all out, it's impossible to send people back."

Hei Xun sighed coldly.

Hei Zihe gave a grinning smile, and she reappeared after the passage was closed.

Wu Ruo had people arrange a room for Hei Pingxing, and others went upstairs to find a room they liked.

Ye Ji saw that everyone was upstairs, and then turned around. Seeing that Thorny did not keep up, he looked back at the person who was looking at the sea in a daze: "Xiao?"

Echidna did not answer, and looked at the sea quietly.

"What are you looking at?" Ye Ji returned to him, seeing him staring blankly at the surface of the sea, and frowned: "Xiao?"

Echidna remains unmoved.

Ye Ji raised his hand and shook it before his eyes.

A gleam of red light flashed from the spiny eyes, which was too fast to catch.

He slowly turned back to God and turned to look at Ye Ji, his staring expression gradually regained his spirit: "Don't you think the sea is beautiful?"

Ye Ji's eyes are really beautiful under the sun. "It's really beautiful."

It was just that the thorns were not like admiring the beauty of the sea, but rather a puppet controlled by him, which made him very worried.

"What were you thinking when you were looking at the sea? You were so absorbed that you didn't even respond to me."

"Just fascinated by the sea." Thorny turned and went upstairs with the others to choose a room.

Ye Ji saw that he was the same as usual, so he didn't think too much.

On the sea, apart from the sounds of the sea, the sea breeze and the birds, the atmosphere is very quiet. Everyone is unwilling to destroy this tranquility and quietly enjoy the sun.

At noon, everyone gathered on the first floor for dinner, and even Hei Lingxing and Shen Song came.

Shen Song whispered in Hei Lingxing's ear, "Master, hit me."

Kurosaki gave him a glance, something was unknown.

"I never thought that one day we would sit down peacefully with the prince and they would sit down and have dinner together." Shen Song drank the saliva and was shocked: "I feel a little at ease."

They had a fight with the royal family a month ago, and the prince not only ignored them, but also let them eat together.

Hei Xingxing: "..."

Wu Ruo, sitting beside him, laughed: "On the battlefield, we are enemies, and we are friends elsewhere. Deeply chanting, you can rest easy to eat."

Hei Xieyu glorified deeply, "Our people will not deal with you during the return to the kingdom of the dead."

With his assurance, he deeply reassured.

Hei Xingyu poured a glass of wine on Hei Xingxing.

Hei Xingxing's eyes flashed intently: "Thank you."

He took the wine glass to respect the dark and said: "I respect you."

Hei Xunyu clashed with him.

Xiao Wuyou, who was sitting aside, saw that adults were pouring wine and drinking. While his father was talking to Uber, he took a cup and tasted it, and immediately frowned, "Spicy."

The others laughed, everyone ate and drank, and the children saw that the adults ignored them, and when they were almost eating, they ran to the boat to play.

When Wu Ruo had enough food, he went to the children.

After seeing him leave, Thorny blinked in his eyes and walked out.

Ye Po looked at him and continued drinking with You.

The thorny thorn walked to the ship's armor to see Wu Ruo playing with the child in the kite at the stern and walked over.

Wu Ruo looked up at him and said, "Are you full?"

The spine sounded silent.

Wu Ruo told the children, "The sea breeze here is strong and suitable for kites, but the kite cannot be too big. I'm afraid that you will be blown away."

Xiao Wuyou said, "I'm not afraid, I can fly."

Wu Ruo pinched his small face: "I know you're great."

Xiao Wu grinned.

Wu Ruo released the kite a little bit, and as the Huhu sea breeze blew, the kite flew up. He quickly put the long rope on.

"Uncle, give me, let me put it." Xiao Wuyou said happily.

"Okay, here you are."

Wu Ruo gave him the wheel and taught him hand in hand.

The egg that did not release the kite beside him anxiously said, "Daddy, come here and fly the kite for me."

"Wait a while."

Seeing that Wu Ruo was so busy, Xiao Ye thorned and asked him to help himself, so he turned his attention to his father.

But Thorny kept staring at Wu Ruo without looking at him.

"..." Xiao Ji Ye cried.

Thorny still ignored him.

Xiaoyethorn flew to the side of the spine and pulled his sleeve, but when the red light flashed in the spine's eyes, showing a fierce face, he suddenly gathered his spiritual power and hurled his hands to the Wuruo who was carrying them.

After all, the night thorns are still small, and now they are choked by the thorny behavior.

Xiao Xiao, who stood watching, hurriedly said, "Daddy, be careful."

Wu Ruo responded very quickly and quickly hugged the children to dodge. At the same time, the first prison appeared next to Thorny, throwing Thorny to the ground.

With a loud bang, the spine caused the mystery to be crooked on the fence of the ship, and suddenly, a big hole was blown out.

The drinker in the room listened to his voice and quickly ran out: "What happened?"

Everyone ran outside and saw the spiny thorn being pressed down on the ground by the head, and the thorn pimple used various mysteries to bombard Wu Ruo, who was holding the children.

Everyone froze.

Gritted his teeth first, splitting the spiny spine hard.

Ye Ji flew over, "What's wrong with the spine?"

Hei Xieyu hurried forward and asked Wu Ruo: "Are you all right?"

Wu Ruo shook his head and said to Ye Ji, "If I didn't guess wrong, the thorns should be controlled."

Ye Ji stunned slightly: "Being controlled?"

Youyou hugged her child: "How could the spiny thorn be controlled? When did this happen?"
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