Comeback of the Abandoned Wife Chapter 331-340

Chapter 331: So amazing

Li Xing thought of his father, and a flash of irony flashed in his eyes: "I was just trained."

In the afternoon of the day when Wu Ruo's true identity was known, he and Shen Song were called by his father to the main house to inquire about his acquaintance with Wu Ruo. He was severely reprimanded later, saying that he was stupid, but Wu Ruo was not found. His true identity, missed a good opportunity to kill Wu Ruo.

The most ironic thing is that the brothers and sisters took the opportunity to go down the rocks and did everything they could to take off his young master title so that he could take the lead.

Therefore, he was very envious of the harmonious people in the family, just like the black prince who was a prince, and he was obviously in a high position, but his brothers and sisters were very supportive of him.

Although the limp was only a brief introduction, Wu Ruo knew his situation, but he was unwilling to say that he didn't ask much.

He gave him a piece of meat: "Don't just drink and eat more vegetables."

"Yes." Li Xing put the meat in his mouth, swallowed and asked, "Prince really don't care if you keep going with me?"

"Of course it is true. He praises you very well, and says how competent you are. I have tasted it after hearing it. I have never seen him praise such a person."

Li Xing whispered a smile, and looked at Wu Ruo when he mentioned Hei Xieyu, his face looked bright and colorful, both attracting him and making his heart uncomfortable: "Prince Prince praised me, compared to Prince Edward's ability, I I feel ashamed, remember that when the prince first took over the affairs of the emperor, he was just in the age of dancing elephants, but handling things was resolute and popular, and it was even more compassionate to the people. If we were hostile, we might be very good. friend."

Wu Ruo found that Li Xing did not have much prejudice against the royal family: "You even speak the same."

Curiously asked: "What's the same?"

"He said, if you are not the old people, he and you may be good friends."

Li Xing's eyes flashed with surprise. He didn't expect the Prince to think of making friends with him.

"You look surprised?" Wu Ruo chuckled: "Actually, he didn't think you rejected the old people as much as you thought, but he has a great hatred for those who killed his loved ones, otherwise he might get along with the old people. "

Li Xing laughed at himself: "At the same time we killed his relatives, his relatives did not also kill our old people, it is difficult to live in peace."

Wu Ruo burst into a smile: "We rarely get together and don't talk about these unhappy things."

Li Xing nodded: "There is one thing I still want to ask you, how does the royal family cure the anorexia? If this matter can not be passed on, you can not answer me."

The famous doctor he called heard that someone had healed anemia, and kept researching, but he couldn't figure out a way. So these days he has been curious how the royal family cured the anemia.

"Nothing can't be said, let alone you also want to heal the children of Tongzhen." Wu Ruo eats dishes: "In the beginning, you should adjust the internal organs of the patient. When the recovery is poor, find a good partner. The patient ’s blood was fused and the internal organs such as the blood of a person without any disease fully recovered, and the blood that was found was immediately transfused into the patient. ”

He frowned, "It's that simple?"

"Simple?" Wu Ruo sneered: "People with anemia suffer from necrosis in their blood, and they quickly destroy some internal organs that have just been recuperated. This is equivalent to sacrifice of their previous achievements. Therefore, it is necessary to increase the amount of internal organ medicinal materials. There is a deficiency of the sun. No, even if the other person is just an ordinary person, it will not be able to bear this strong medicine. Furthermore, the more he nurses to the back, the dose will increase, and the patient will become more and more distressed. In the end, it was difficult to swallow, and I did n’t even have the strength to move my fingers. I could only lie on it and breathe hard, and the patient felt pain even if I breathed. This is not something that people with anorexia can afford. Why does Emperor allow patients to exercise more to strengthen their physique.

"Isn't it almost like incurable?"

"It's better than having no way to cure anemia, isn't it? However, it's not yet fully cured, and you still need to observe for half a year if there is no recurrence to really be better."

Li Xing nodded: "How do you know so clearly? Are you also present when the Taiyi doctors treat patients with anemia?"

Wu Ruo took a sip of wine and said calmly, "I am the one who healed me, and of course I know everything."

Limbing looked at him in surprise: "Are you cured?"

"Well, I told my doctor about this idea at the time, but the doctor didn't have the heart to see the children's pain. The mild dosage caused the viscera that had just been conditioned and had just improved and was damaged by necrotic blood, so I had to heal it. "

Pingxing laughed: "From the moment I saw you rescue the child with tapeworms, there was a strong feeling that you could cure the anorexia, and you were really cured of the disease.

Wu Ruo jokingly said, "I am honored to respect me so much."

He pours a glass of wine on him: "You should still think of ways to try not to make the patient so painful during the healing process?"

"Um." Wu Ruo frowned. "After thinking about it, I can only start with medicinal materials. Only better medicinal materials can adjust the internal organs in a short time."

"Then what medicine do you think of now?"

"Not at the moment, but I have asked my younger son to help me check the medicinal books of all countries. I believe he should be able to research it soon."

Lim wondered: "Your youngest son? Eggs?"

He had heard that Wu Ruo and his prince had two sons, but he didn't know whether the eggs were big or small.

"Dome is my eldest son, and I have a younger son named Xiaoxiao."

Li Xing was surprised again: "Egg and egg are only two years old, isn't he younger? He can read medical books?"

Wu Ruo mentioned his son and said with pride: "My youngest son is terrific. Not only does he have the ability to remember and look at everything at a glance, but he also learns everything fast, and he is a good person. He even speaks softer than before. "

"It's so powerful?" Li Xing asked. "How old is your youngest son?"

"About four months."

Limping: "..."

Wu Ruopong smiled: "Are you scared?"

"It was a little scared. The four-month-old child could understand the medical books. It was indeed a child formed by the petrochemical of Sanqi."

"If you raise big eggs and small ones according to feeding ordinary children, the small is still in the midst of babies, but he is Sanqishi. After feeding him and drinking spiritual milk, he can grow up to be two years old overnight. Child. "

"It's so amazing."

Wu Ruo talked about the children's affairs with Li Xing again. When they talked to Hai, the two men left the No. 1 shop.

After walking back to Tongzhen, Jun Rong immediately fell into a deep loss. When eating with Wu Ruo, he clearly wanted to know more about him, but he saw his eyes fluttering and talking about his and his prince and son, heart It's like being pinched with a hand, and terribly uncomfortable.


If only he met Wu Ruo earlier than the prince.

Thinking of it here, his eyes were somber, even if he could meet Wu Ruo earlier than Prince Edward or be happy with Wu Ruo, they could not be blessed by his family like Prince Edward, nor could he be sure to protect Wu Ruohe Wu Ruo's family, because most of his people are people who do not want to solve the curse.

"Master, you are back, it's great." Shen Song hurried over.

Li Xing frowned: "Is something wrong?"

"My lord is here."

"My father?"

"Well," Shen Song said in a low voice. "The old man's face is not very good."

Li Xing asked coldly, "Where is he?"

"He's in your house."

He limped to the yard where he lived, entered the house where he lived, and saw his father look at him with a dark face and asked him, "Where have you been? Why not even go to Shen Song?"

Limping softly: "Just walk around."

With a snap, Hei Tu coldly put his cup on the table and put it back on the table: "Since you are free to walk around, why don't you take the time to learn from your brother and do something that is beneficial to our family."

"I'm doing things that are good for our family now."

Heitu satirically said: "You have to talk about what you do to benefit our family?"

Limping silent.

"You can't say it yourself?" Hei Tu Lengheng: "In your heart, you only think that helping the patients with anorexia and the poor people is doing good to our family, but in my opinion it is all It's a futile thing. I didn't bother to talk about it, and I put a lot of money into it. If you have so much spare money, you might as well buy some good instruments for the children in the family. "

Li Xing pursed his lips without talking.

Heituo was half dead and could not take him, so he turned to the topic with anger: "I am here to tell you that you and my family have a good life after the New Year, that is, on the second day of February, you and Xuan I am married, there are still two months to prepare for you. During this time, please do n’t make any trouble for me. "

Li Xing said with a calm face, "I will not marry You Xuan Yuan."

Dark Road was furious: "Do you dare to disobey my orders?"

"I'm not just marrying her, I'm breaking her engagement.

"You reversed, didn't you? You be careful I kicked the young master.

Raising his right hand in the dark path, San Song rushed in and stopped in front of the limping when he was about to hit: "Master, don't be angry, he will only make you angry if he is in a bad mood."

"Every time I see him, which time can't bear me angry, do you feel bad every time?"

Shen Song laughed: "Master, it's getting late, shouldn't you go back to rest?"

Heitu was not good at beating his son in front of his subordinates, and said with a cold face, "You show him good for him and help him prepare for the gift.


Shen Song quickly sent him out.

Li Xing looked at the back of Black Road leaving, his lips evoked deep irony, really thought he was the rare master?

He picked up the jar of wine on the low cabinet, sat on a chair, poured himself a bowl of wine, and drank it.

Chapter 332:

Shen Song sent Hei Tu back, saw a drunken face with a drunk face, and quickly walked away to grab the bowl in his hand: "Master, the master has already returned, you should rest early."

The limp directly raised the wine jar and continued to pour into the mouth, the wine slipped from the corner of his mouth, flowed down his neck, and penetrated into the robe.

Shen Song snatched the wine jar again: "Master, I will help you go to bed."

Limeng did not resist, Ren Shensong helped him to the bed.

Shen Song removed the robes and shoes for him, then pressed the person to bed, laid the quilt on, extinguished the lights and left the room.

Soon, someone pushed the door open and walked in, came to the bed lightly, and let the person sneaking in clearly see the face of the person in bed by the lights coming in through the window. The face of a person, such as the appearance of dust from the fairy stock, is still amazing in the dimness.

Chong Rong sat on the bed, raised her arms, and gently stroked her limping beauty. From the eyebrow to the larynx, the cold pupils revealed complex emotions, including forbearance and happiness, as well as tenderness and obsession. It's ruthless.

His fingers gently rubbed Pingxing's cheeks, and he was reluctant to collect them as if he were treating treasures. After some time, he finally moved his body, slowly bent down, and lowered his lips to look good. On the lips with wine fragrance, he was reluctant to leave.

It wasn't until the other party's uncomfortable groan did his thoughts come back.

Zhong Rong quickly stood up and turned to leave.

The man on the bed opened his eyes sharply, as if he had never been drunk before, staring soberly and sharply staring at the door of the room. He didn't know what he was thinking. He closed his eyes for a while.

At night, tranquility was restored again.

In the early morning of the next day, Wu Ruo and the children used breakfast to take their children to the Empress.

The queen saw two little grandchildren, and was very happy, holding one in one hand: "It seems that the little one has grown up a lot."

Wu Ruohan said with a smile: "Yes, about half an inch will grow every half a month. According to this situation, after half a load, you can run around with the eggs."

The queen nodded with a smile: "The little robe is short, and it is time to change into new clothes. Just as the new year is approaching, you look for the Shangyi Bureau to make ten new years for your father and son. New robes, five official robes and ordinary robes. "

"it is good."

"Queen, the imperial princes and princes of the world have come to see you and are waiting outside the gate," said the official girl outside the gate.

The empress smiled even more: "The second emperor is here, please invite them in."


The empress looked to Wu Ruo: "The princess Yuxian is the princess of your second emperor, the concubine of the second imperial concubine, the concubine of your second emperor is the concubine of Dihui, the eldest son of the second emperor. The princess of the world shouted loudly.

Wu Ruo only met people from other royal families at the banquet at home, rarely seen on weekdays, did not know much about other relatives, and did not remember their looks.

After a while, the imperial concubine and the concubine came in, both wearing luxurious palace clothes, looking dignified and elegant. After a series of visits, the imperial concubine immediately enthusiastically pulled the queen to speak: "I have nothing to do today, so take my daughter-in-law to see you. You have been in good health recently."

When she saw the empress holding her two children, she smiled and said, "This is little and dandy."

"Yes." The queen handed her eggs to her, and handed them to Shi Zifei.

The pale-faced concubine finally burst into a smile: "This child looks so exquisite and beautiful."

The Empress heard that someone was boasting about her grandson, and she was very happy: "Xiaoxiao looks like Xiaoruo."

Shi Zifei looked at Wu Ruo, and then looked at Xiaoxiao: "Well, it really looks like a princess."

Wu Ruodao: "Dang Ao, just call me Xiao Ruo."

The Queen said, "Yeah, there are no outsiders here, so you don't need to be too polite."

Princess Yuxian agreed with this, so she would not be polite.

Princess Shi liked the children very much, and she was reluctant to let go when she had lunch. She was reluctant to leave the palace after the meal, and after leaving the children, she kissed and kissed them.

The queen sighed softly.

Wu Ruo asked, "Why do you sigh?"

"Your cousin also had a child, but unfortunately, she died at birth. Your cousin was overly sad and hurt her body, but because she has been depressed, she has never been able to conceive a second child.

Wu Ruo wondered, "Didn't you let the doctor check her?"

"Of course it is. The doctor who checked her is still the medicine doctor. The medicine doctor said that the body is not a big deal, but the heart disease still needs the heart medicine doctor. Because she has a heart knot, she can't get pregnant."

Wu Ruo didn't know much about pregnancy and couldn't say much.

Back at the Hengxing Palace, the master of the black letter resigned to let him visit the temple in the afternoon.

Wu Ruo took a nap with the children and went to the sacrifice hall.

"Come here." The Great Master sitting in the hall waved at Wu Ruo: "Come and sit."

Wu Ruo sat down.

The master pours a tea cup for him: "In recent months I have made a lot of money thanks to the many amulets you sold for me."

Wu Ruo sipped tea: "You came to me just to say something about silver?"

"Of course not. It ’s the New Year, and there will be a grand sacrifice. The prince asked me to teach you etiquette and rules in advance, and I got up this morning to calculate a good day for you to get married. The second day of February and the 23rd of February are good days for marriage. Which date do you want to marry? "

Wu Ruo puzzled: "I don't need to ask the emperor about this matter?"

"The emperor said that you are happy, you can choose any one."

Wu Ruo said, "Well, the second day of February."

The faster it is, the better.

Da Lingshi whispered, "I can't wait to marry my prince.

"Of course." Wu Ruo was not ashamed: "I wish I could stick to him every day."

"I envy you for being so good." The Great Master looked aspirationally.

Wu Ruo smiled: "You can also find someone to accompany you, then you don't need to envy us, right, can the Master be married?"

"Yes, but I have been dragging on until I find a suitable person. This dragging is four hundred years old. When I am of this age, I do n’t want to harm the children.

Wu Ruo: "..."

Have forgotten that this person is over 400 years old.

"Why didn't you bring the eggs and the little ones over?" The Great Master pointed to a few dishes of pastry on the table: "These are all specially made by me to get the children to eat, but now it's fine, nobody Taste it. "

"I thought you had something important to me, so you didn't bring them over to disturb us. When did we start learning etiquette and rules?"

"Now I will talk to you about simple rules. Honestly, you should be fortunate that you have not married the prince yet. Otherwise, you must read this code thoroughly." The master gave the big discount on the table. Give him "I will remember all the above rules in the future, and this sacrifice, you only need a few, you do not need to be nervous, and then follow the prince to do actions, and generally do not go wrong. In fact, my requirements are not high, It does n’t matter if you do n’t follow the rules, but some old-fashioned sacrifice will think you are disrespectful to the gods, and for unnecessary troubles, teach you how to do it, so that you do n’t know anything at that time.

Wu Ruo opened the book and saw that the rules above were one big and two big: "When is the sacrifice?"

"New Year's Eve, this is called the New Year's Rite, so it will be very grand."

The great spiritual master and Wu Ruo emphasized a few important rules, Wu Ruo quickly remembered. Wu Ling didn't stay because the master had other things to do.

When he left the sacrifice hall, he saw two people come to the sacrifice hall with dark faces, one of whom was the Xiaofu Lord whom he had seen at the Shuyuan every day, and the other was King Lijun, the father of Tianyao County.

When they saw Wu Ruo, they walked over.

Fuxiao saluting: "Xiaguan has seen the princess.

Lijun Wang laughed and asked, "Is the prince also coming to look for Master Spirit?"

Wu Ruo said, "I just came to learn the etiquette and rules of sacrifice.

King Li Jun nodded: "The sacrifice to the New Year is very important to us. This is really not sloppy."

Fu Xiao said, "Prince, the officials have important issues, so I won't disturb you."

Li Jun Wang made a cold hum inaudible, and then resigned from Wu Ruo.

Wu Ruo looked at the background of their departure, and always felt that the atmosphere between Fu Xiao and Li Jun Wang didn't seem to be very good. Although the two walked together, they didn't have any conversation, not even a look at each other.

Wu Ruo watched them enter the main hall before stepping back to Hengxing Palace. When he saw Laohe sitting in the main hall with tea and cakes, he raised his eyebrows and asked: "Is the business in the shop busy?"

Lao He quickly got up: "Now we are approaching the New Year, people from other countries are rushing back to the New Year, and the snow on the land is so cold and freezing that almost no one comes to buy it. Closed. Our buddies in the store have never taken a break since opening the store, so they arranged to take turns to rest, and the monthly money is still the same as usual. After the Lunar New Year, it resumes normal business. This time is just to speed up the artisan Set up shop. By the way, I also sent them money in advance to make them happily live a new year. After they got the silver, don't mention how happy they are, they are working harder than before. "

Wu Ruo went to the No. 1 shop last night, and naturally knew the situation in the store. He teased, "There are more and more big shopkeepers, and everything is so thoughtful."

Laohe smiled happily: "I used to beg outside some big shops, and when I read more, I would slowly learn something, and then I studied it by myself or stood by the guys to take a detailed examination to catch their minds. Let them work for us. "

In fact, it is quite easy to find a rough job with the old black smart money, but the old black is always unlucky and often unlucky, and he does not change his destiny until he meets them, so sometimes one's luck is really important .

"Since the shop is not busy, you should intensify your cultivation, but don't waste your time."

"Will do."

Chapter 333: May disappear

Wu Ruo and Lao Hei chatted casually, and came in on the fourth and seventh. He whispered a few words in Wu Ruo's ear, and what was said was what Wu Ruo asked him to investigate the day before.

Wu Ruo frowned: "Check it out?"


"It seems we were all misled before." Wu Ruo waved his hand, motioned him to step down, and said to the old black side, "I'm afraid it might be like you said. If it is true, you have a lot of Credit. "

Heihe knew what he was referring to: "It was just an accidental discovery and he didn't dare to take credit."

"Say this to Xuan Ye at night."

After night, Wu Ruo was on time, and when the ministers of the Academy were all busy, he took the stew to watch Hei Xuan.

Nowadays, the ministers of the academy of papers are used to sending soup to the princess, so they can fill their stomachs, and everyone will not be so hungry. So when you see Wu Ruo, do n’t mention how happy you are. You can not only drink, you can also go rest.

After the ministers left, Wu Ruo quickly sat beside Hei Xieyu, chin on his shoulder and whispered, "I'm telling you something important.

Hei Xie asked, "What is it?"

Wu Ruo sensed all around with spiritual power, and was sure to whisper in Hei Xuan's ears without overhearing; "I suspect Liang Dong is not a child of summer."

Hei Xuanxi frowned lightly, and the reaction was not very great. He once guessed such a thing, but there was no evidence. He was sent to investigate, and he did not find out who in the royal family who was in the same vein with him was in the house. People have relationships with women or men outside, and haven't heard who has children outside. After all, their ancestral training is still very strict, and younger generations are not allowed to come at will.

The ancestors formulated this kind of ancestral training, and also hoped that one day when the curse was solved, they would not fail the curse because of their mercy.

"Also, I have a bold guess that Liang Dong is likely to be the son of cousin Heidi Hui.

"What?" Hei Xieyu put the bowl on the table and slammed it. The soup suddenly came out and sprinkled on the official document.

Wu Ruo quickly took out the silk and carefully sucked the soup from the official document.

Hei Xuan was angry and asked, "Why do you guess so?"

"The day before yesterday, Lao Hei sent a brush to Fu Qiu and happened to hear the dialogue between Nian Xia and Fu Qiu ..." Wu Ruo recounted Lai Hei's words: "Lao Hei saw Nian Xia when he heard Fu Qiu said that cool winter is not When she was like her, her face became quite ugly, and she was also very excited. When Lao Hei saw it, she felt that there was a problem. You mentioned this to me. You also know that Lao Hei is very proficient at checking and watching, so I After hearing this, I also felt that it was possible. Let the people who use you to inquire about what happened four or five years ago, and see if anyone in the royal family has any ambiguous relationship with other people, but everyone is at ease. Yes, I did n’t follow Hu or my outsiders, and only your eldest daughter-in-law's daughter-in-law died three years ago, so I guess it might be someone who gave birth to her I changed my child from time to time, or I gave the child a fake death medicine, and I hid it from everyone, and then I got the child out after the child was buried. "

He had previously heard of such things happening in the royal family. For example, the concubines in the palace bought other midwives who were also preparing to have children. The son will take the opportunity to exchange the child.

It is very likely that the grandson of Prince Yuxian was also tampered with, because when a woman like your rich family had a child, most of the family were waiting outside the door, leaving the midwife and other girls inside. What happened in that room, Prince Yuxian, they didn't know at all.

Black shame his cold eyes, this thing is not impossible.

Wu Ruo continued: "Although Tang Yan was a child born four years ago, one year later than summer, but three-year-olds and four-year-olds look similar, and we can't tell how old the children are."

Hei Xieyu: "..."

He also didn't guess that Liang Dong would be his cousin ’s dead child because of the difference in age between the children by one year. Moreover, the child was 'dead' under the eyes of the second uncle. The thought of a child may be fake death.

"I'll have to look it up carefully." Hei Xie howled to the black season to quietly go to Wen's wife, who gave birth to him at that time.

Wu Ruo said after the black season left, "The person who replaced the cousin's child should be the one who sent someone to the ring to kill our child. The purpose is to make Liang Dong be your child and successfully inherit the crown prince. In the future, Liang Dong is the emperor, and those who control everything will get all rights. Who do you think will be so ambitious? "

Hei Xieyan frowned: "Big ambitions will hide their ambitions very well ..."

"Do you always have suspicion?"

"Well, I currently have three suspects. One of them is Tinghe Wang, the descendant of the ancestor who helped our ancestors win the throne. They are not convinced that we are the orthodox royal family. Their ancestors also helped our ancestors to seize the throne. To surrender to our feet, I always feel unconvinced and often do things that run counter to us, but our ancestors have ancestral teachings, and we must treat the heroes and their descendants with courtesy, and they have not made a very extraordinary We just opened our eyes and closed our eyes. The other is He Yong, whose ancestors were the old tribe. When our ancestors snatched the throne, their ancestors suddenly turned against each other, and our ancestors had a greater chance to seize them. Throne. The last ... "

Hei Xuan frowned again: "The King of Lijun ..."

"The king of the county? The father of Tenjo county?"

"Well, his ancestors were from the old tribe. Later, because of the relationship with the old tribe, the blood was getting weaker and weaker. Slowly, he had no connection with the old tribe. He was not qualified to sit in the county. King ’s position, but he married my little aunt, and my mother was as painful as a daughter when she was a child. So, when the aunt became married, my father gave the aunt uncle the king of the county. The Rite will come to the Rite when it is the busiest. "

"Then how can you doubt him?"

"I have never doubted him before, but since Miao Yi identified something you knew with the old people, I have been looking for someone to stare at him, because I suspect it was him or Lou Qing Luo who secretly encouraged Miao Yi to come to my mother that night Pastry, arrange a series of things to frame you, and my people slowly find out something unusual. "

Wu Ruoyan frowned, "If it was him, it would be great to hide it. You haven't even noticed it before, and you can arrange so many things in these years."

"It's not too late to find him. I'll find someone to stare at him. As long as the evidence is conclusive, he will be arrested immediately."

"He can hide so deep, it shouldn't be so easy to catch him."

Hei Xuanxi sneered: "But he was anxious, if not anxious, he would not show his feet so quickly."

Wu Ruo raised an eyebrow: "What is he anxious for?"

"He is the blood of the old people. Of course, he is worried that we will succeed in solving the curse."

"So, should King He Yong be worried that we will succeed in cursing?"


Wu Ruo twisted his eyebrows lightly: "After the curse is solved, will the old people really disappear?"

Does that mean that lameness also disappears? Is limp also afraid of disappearing?

Alas, although the two are still friends, sooner or later they will become enemies. This is the last thing he wants to see.

Hei Xingyu is not quite sure: "It may disappear."

"Is there a solution?"


Wu Ruo looked away from Hei Xieyu and saw the position where Fu Xiao sits: "Yes, isn't Master Fu Xiao incompatible with Li Jun King?"

Hei Xuan frowned: "How do you know they don't agree?"

"I saw the strange atmosphere between the two of them today, so I guess they are not in a good relationship.

Hei Xieyu explained: "They used to make money for the household. It was unpleasant. At that time, the king of the county calendar desperately needed silver for sacrifice. The silver money was given to the army, causing the Li Jun king to lose all his face, and the sacrifice was also confused. My father was very angry at this, and the Li Jun king spit his anger on the adult. "

Having said that, he couldn't help thinking of something.

Wu Ruo saw that he was thinking about things and didn't bother. It took him a while to pick up a bowl and feed him soup.

After having breakfast the next day, Wu Ruo took the children to the great spiritual master.

While the master is doing things, playing with the children, and teaching Wu Ruo to learn etiquette, he is very busy.

Wu Ruo learns seriously and learns fast. One morning, Wu Ruo remembers the movements almost, but it is not standard enough.

When the Great Master saw the palace lady coming in with food, she said, "We train here first, and continue tomorrow, Xiao Ruo, you and Dandan will stay here for lunch.

Wu Ruosong sighed, put his hands down, and sat on the chair: "Sure enough, the sacrifice activities of the royal family are more complicated and more regular than the sacrifice activities of the small family."

When he was in Wujia, Gaoling City, how could he learn such a thing, as long as the patriarch and elders presided over it, and all the other children would be there.

The great spiritual master sat next to him: "The rules of our Necromancer are few, and the rules of other countries are too much for me to bear.

"Master, the county king is here." The outside maid came in and said.

Wu Ruoguang blinked and asked, "Why did the Lijun King come to the Great Spirit Master?"

The master instructed the palace maid to let the Lijun King come in, and said, "He is the person of the Ritual Department. He is responsible for the sacrifice, but he cannot be the master. He needs to ask my opinion."

King Li Jun walked into the hall and saw Wu Ruo also, and immediately opened a smile: "Prince Princess is also here."

Wu Ruo nodded: "Well, the Great Master is teaching me the etiquette and rules of sacrifice.

The Great Master invited King Li Jun to take a seat: "King Li Jun, we are about to have lunch, and you also sit down and eat with us."

"OK." Li Jun Wang sat down politely.

Chapter 334: Celebrate a fart

Wu Ruo was watching the King of Li Jun while feeding himself and his children while the King of Li Jun was talking with the Great Master.

King Li Jun is a bit similar to Lou Qingluo, with a handsome appearance, a gentle smile, and standing with Lou Qingluo, just like a gentle brother, people can't see the ambition at all.

"I don't know where the Great Master is going to do the New Year sacrifice?" Li Junwang asked. "

The great spiritual master said: "Last night I spoke a divination, intending to worship at the royal ancestral temple on the land, hoping that the ancestors would bless us to successfully solve the curse.

The Lijun king laughed and said, "Okay, the king will arrange everything, so that the ancestors will see our sincerity and bless us with the success of the curse. Half of them are their ancestors, and I am afraid they will come to trouble by then. "

Wu Ruo saw his grip on chopsticks tighten.

The master said: "This matter will be guarded by the Ministry of Defense."

Wu Ruo asked quietly, "Does the Master know how we solve the curse? Is it true that when I became married with Shi Yan on the second day of February?"

As soon as he had finished speaking, he saw King Li Jun's hand holding the chopsticks tightened a bit, but soon released.

The king of Li Jun was astonished and asked, "Prince and concubine are celebrating the second day of February?"

The big spiritual master smiled at Wu Ruo with a smile. "Well, the day that was set yesterday, both Prince and Princess wish that the sooner the better."

King Li Jun also asked, "They can solve the curse when they are married?"

"Maybe," said Master Ling, ambiguous, "I still need to study the solution of curse, hoping to be successful at once."

Li Jun Wang laughed: "It's only two months since the second day of February. It's very compact. When I go back, I need to prepare my rituals immediately. . "

Wu Ruo Xie said, "It's troublesome for the county king."

"This is what the king should do." King Li Jun looked at Dandan and Xiaoxiao. "The two high princes are so good, they are not noisy and noisy. They are not like the wives of the king's family. I like tossing people, I do n’t like food, I do n’t eat it no matter how I feed it, and I especially cry. ”

Da Lingshi Avenue: "The two high princes are never picky eaters, and the king of the county will eat fast, otherwise the food will be eaten by the high prince."

Li Jun Wang Ding glanced at him, it was really eaten by him, and other dishes were sandwiched by Wu Ruo. He quickly picked up his chopsticks for dinner.

After the meal, Wu Ruo took the children back to the lunch break, and the county king discussed some things with the master spiritual master. Only in the afternoon, he left the sacrifice hall alone and went out of the palace in a beast cart.

Passing by the bustling market on the way back to Jun Wangfu, the beast car had to slow down.

At this time, another beast car also rushed over, and went side by side with the Li County King's carriage. Suddenly, Wang Lijun, who was closing his eyes on the matter, heard someone pressing his voice and said, "How to arrange it?"

When Li Jun heard the familiar voice, he opened his eyes wryly, and he shot his cold and angry eyes, silent for a moment, and said in a low voice under the anger, "Ancestral Temple."

After that, the beast car next to them passed them, speeding up and leaving the downtown.

Immediately afterwards, a silhouette quietly followed the car.

King Li Jun said to the driver outside, "Speed up and go back to your home."


Just as the beast car was about to return to the county king's palace, a large crowd of people and yamen crowded the road, and the people were whispering.

King Li Jun faintly heard the people discussing the topic of 'brothel', but he had something in mind, so he didn't listen carefully. He returned to the study in the county king's mansion, and angered the housekeeper and asked, "How can he return? Matter? Didn't the king explain that he couldn't meet directly? Why suddenly broke this rule? "

The steward knew who he was referring to, and said in a low voice: "Because the underground passage from the brothel to his house was destroyed, many people are now staring at the passage, the brothel and the mansion there, and the other party has to come to you to inquire.

The king of Li Jun was shocked. When he thought of hearing something on the road, did he mean the destroyed channel?

"When is this a good thing? How can a good underground tunnel be destroyed by people, and there are matrix formations underneath, it shouldn't be so easy to be destroyed ..." There must be something wrong with this matter, you quickly send People secretly investigate what is going on. "" Just half an hour later, I sent someone to inquire. It is said that two ninth-level surgeons struck up in order to **** a high-level material. It was very fierce and they blew up the underground passage. Many people ran Came to watch, and shocked the knock gate, but the two ninth-level wizards ran away. Fortunately, the entrance to the brothel in our house is not in the same place. Otherwise, people in the door will find our passage.

"Celebrate a fart!" Li Jun Wang rarely said rudely: "This thing is definitely not easy, you quickly send someone to fill up the passage from our house to the brothel."

"Send someone to fill it out."

King Li Jun breathed a little sigh of relief, and gave the housekeeper a glorious look: "Fortunately, you are clever, or sooner or later you will be discovered the passage between us and the brothel, and more intelligent people will think that we are passing through the passage Meet at the brothel. In any case, he was too risky to find the king immediately after the passage was destroyed. What if someone stared at him? "

The steward twisted his eyebrows: "The old slave thinks he's coming to you now, but it's not so easy to notice, because everyone's attention is now on the channel, will someone investigate them at one-thirty, wait for everyone's attention While in the brothel and over there, I'm afraid he would have difficulty getting away. "

King Li Jun thought about it too: "In the future, you have to be more cautious in doing things, so that he has nothing important and you don't want to find him.


Although the matter of the passage did not involve him, the king of Li Jun was still uneasy, and always felt that the destruction of the passage was intentionally done.

The next morning, the emperor had not yet arrived, and other ministers whispered in the hall to discuss a fight in the street yesterday, which blew up an underground passage.

"I heard that this passage is a brothel on one side, but it leads to Wu Xuan Pavilion on the other side." One of the ministers said aloud, jokingly, "I really did not expect that Wu Xuan Pavilion, which always likes good things, is also some inferior people. , Dare not go to the brothel in a bright and honest manner, fearing that his reputation would be ruined, he dug a passage in his house. "

Another minister said with a profound smile: "The brothel is far away from the Wuxuan Pavilion. Digging this tunnel will cost a lot of energy and doing things that are labor-intensive and costly, shows that Xuanwu Pavilion is in great demand."

The ministers listening to their chats all laughed.

Master Fu Xiao Lengheng: "If this channel is only convenient for indecent things, but if it is used in a plot that is not in order, this matter must be thoroughly investigated. Master Jing Zhaoyin, you can't blame this thing. thing."

"You guys are really confused." Suddenly, a deep voice came in.

Everyone saw that the prince was here and saluted one after another: "Xiaguan has seen His Royal Highness."

"No need to be courteous." Hei Xieyu looked at Jing Zhaoyin: "Jing Zhaoyin, our statute has regulations, in order to prevent the dungeon from collapsing, others must not dig tunnels in their own residences, but some people ignore us. Law, so we must severely punish the matter, thoroughly investigate the reason why they dug the tunnel, and take advantage of this opportunity to check whether there are other underground tunnels. "

"Yes." The Prince himself ordered, and Jing Zhaoyin was afraid.

Wang Lijun sighed fortunately, but fortunately, he sent someone to block the passageway before, but in the future, I want to contact the people of Wu Xuange, I am afraid to change the way.

At this time, the **** opened his voice and shouted, "The emperor is here."

If Hei Xieru had a glance at the county king, he turned and walked to where he usually stood.

At the court, sometimes fierce arguments, sometimes bored listening to the emperor talking something.

Wu Ruo, who is studying etiquette in the sacrifice hall, is not much better. In the hall, he repeatedly repeats the teachings of the master spiritual master, and he is released from the sacrifice hall until the master master can't make mistakes.

Wu Ruo returned to the Hengxing Palace and saw three children hiding in the grass to play. The eunuchs' ladies looked at them from afar in order not to disturb them.

"Brother egg, little brother, I have sugar, do you eat?" Liang Dong took out the candy from his arms and handed it to the egg and the little one.

"Eat." The delicious eggs immediately brought the sugar over, but did not forget his brother. He opened the paper wrapped with sugar and handed one of the red sugar to the little one: "Little snack."

"Thank you, brother." Xiao Xiao took the candy and sniffed under his nose. He raised his eyebrows and said to the egg. "Brother, dad said that he couldn't eat too much candy, he would have a toothache, and he would have to eat later, more Can't eat sugar. "

Everyone looked small and put the sugar in the paper: "Eat later.

Liang Dong grinned, "Remember to eat."


Wu Ruo saw this and shouted to them: "Eggs, little, cold winter has lunch."

Everyone happily hugged a little and rushed to Wu Ruo: "Daddy."

Wu Ruo smiled and hugged them.

"Prince Princess." Liang Dong screamed carefully.

Wu Ruo rubbed his head: "Go to eat."

Liang Dong smiled happily. After more than two months of getting along, he was not so afraid of this man.

After lunch, Liang Dong returned to the lunch break next door to the Xiaogongyuan.

Little and Dandan obediently put the candy in front of Wu Ruo.

Wu Ruo's eyes became cold, he took away the candy, and asked Xiaoxiao, "How have you learned the pulse recently? Can you accurately detect the pulse of others?"

Xiaoxiao obediently replied, "If you have learned almost, you will be short of practice.

"In the afternoon, I'll let you take you to the No. 1 shop to help people diagnose the pulse. If 10 of them can get a diagnosis, how about helping Dad do one thing?"

Xiaoxiao was very glad to be able to go to the pharmacy to help people diagnose the pulse: "Okay."

Wu Ruo rubbed his little head with a smile.

Chapter 335: Ink is not delicious

After studying for three days in a sacrifice hall, Wu Ruo was finally familiar with every action taught by the master spiritual master, and he only needed to get up and practice in the room once a day.

Wu Ruo returned to the Hengxing Palace and saw Hei Xieyu teaching Liang Dong and Eggs to write. With his eyes brightened, he quickly walked over: "How come you are free today?"

Hei Xuanyu looked down at Liang Dong: "I haven't eaten with my children for a few days, so I will take a moment to come back to accompany them. After dinner, I will return to the academy."

Wu Ruo knew that the children wanted their father to think hard, so there was no monopoly, so that he could accompany the children.

"Father, please look at it." Liang Dong handed the calligraphy paper to Hei Xieyu, and sat waiting nervously.

Hei Xieyu took a serious look at it: "At your young age, you have written quite well, and you can see that you have worked hard."

"Really?" Liang Dong rejoiced.

"Hm." Hei Xieyu praised, and then instructed him: "It would be better if I used it a little bit harder."

Wu Ruo glanced, Liang Dong's words were really good. He looked at the son of Zi Zi, and he couldn't help touching the amount. It was almost terrible. Almost all the ink converged, and he couldn't see what the words were, but Don't blame him, his hands are too small and he can't hold the pen stably.

Hei Xieyu also looked at Doudou.

Yandan found his father and dad were watching him, and giggled, so that they could see his teeth, and the teeth exposed on his lips were dark, like poison.

Wu Ruo hurriedly asked him, "Why did your teeth turn black?"

"The ink is not delicious." Egg Dou frowned.

Wu Ruo: "..."

If it weren't for his own son, I really wanted to pump him.

Hei Xieyu directly picked him up and handed it to Heixin, asking Heixin to take him to wash.

It was just the time to start the meal.

As soon as everyone was seated, the guard outside the palace came to report: "Prince, Lord Yin is here."

Wu Ruo's eyes were dark.

Hei Xieyu stood up to the door and greeted Prince Yuxian in person: "Er, why are you here?"

Prince Yuxian said with a smile: "I went to the Academy to find you before, but you were not here, so I had to come to your palace.

Hei Xuyi asked, "Er, for what?"

Prince Yuxian walked into the hall and said, "We are going to hold a New Year sacrifice at the Royal Ancestral Hall this year. We are the same as the old people. They will not allow us to worship their fathers. The old clans come to make trouble. "

After entering the hall, his gaze turned to the sitting Wu Ruo and the children. When he saw the cold winter sitting next to the egg, his eyes flashed with excitement.

At a glance, Wu Ruo knew that Prince Yuxian knew about Liang Dong. Moreover, it should be confirmed that Liang Dong was his grandson, and it was just an excuse to come to Hei Xieyu to discuss the matter.

He stood up and said to Prince Yuxian, "Second, we are about to have dinner. You can sit down and eat with us."

Hei Xieyu also invited Prince Yuxian: "Er, let's sit down and talk."

"Okay." Prince Yuxian couldn't hold back the surging heart, and sat across from Liang Dong, watching the child's every move at any time.

Wu Ruo taught them to be called: "You are not yet called uncle.

"Uncle," the three children cried in unison.

When Xun met Prince Yuxian's eyes, she nodded politely.

Prince Yuxian was happy and lost, and finally fell on Liang Dong, pretending to be calm and asked: "It's a good boy, shame, this child is ..."

"His name is Liang Dong."

Suddenly, Prince Yuxian turned red.

Hei Xieyu looked away and said to Hei Xin, "Serve."


After a while, the eunuchs' ladies served the dishes.

Wu Ruo greeted Prince Yuxian for dinner.

Prince Yuxian talked to Hei Xieyu about the celebration of the New Year, and looked at Liang Dong as he looked at it, the more he liked it.

He had four children in total, but none of them looked like him. Unexpectedly, the grandson born of his daughter-in-law inherited his features.

Liang Dong is very well-behaved. He will pinch the dishes in front of him. If he ca n’t, he will come over to help. If it is Heixuan 翊, if he helps him to chop vegetables, he will be happy, and send the dishes to his mouth while smiling. .

Prince Yuxian was very distressed. When giving eggs and small vegetables, put more vegetables into the cold winter bowl: "You are too thin, eat more."

"Okay." Liang Dong obediently ate the vegetables he had prepared.

Prince Yuxian smiled slightly.

After having dinner, Hei Xieyu and Prince Yuxian stepped out of the hall and saw a sneaky man hiding behind a big potted plant and watching them secretly.

Prince Yuxian lowered his face and exclaimed, "Who is there?"

The man hiding behind the potted plant trembled and walked out in a daunting expression: "Nian Xia has seen Prince Yuxian and His Royal Highness Prince."

Hei Xuan narrowed his eyes: "Why are you hiding there?"

Nian Xia said quickly, "I'm here to take Liang Dong back to the palace to rest."

Hei Xieyu didn't ask much, and turned around with Prince Yuxian to leave.

Nianxia heard that they were discussing the sacrifice of the New Year. They were relieved, came to the main hall and received the cold winter, and quickly brought people back to the small palace next door. They closed the door and asked, "Cool winter, you are eating. What did Prince Yuxian tell you at that time? "

Liang Dong looked blank: "Mother-in-law, who is Prince Yuxian?"

"The one who left with your father."

"Do you mean uncle?" Liang Dong said happily. "Uncle is very nice to us, and he and I will cook vegetables."

Read Xia Xinxi, "You call him uncle?"

Liang Dong nodded: "The princess asked us to call him uncle."

Nian Xia rubbed his little head: "Yes, it's called the uncle, and he will be called uncle when he sees him later."

"it is good."

While Nian Xia was talking about Prince Yuxian, Prince Yuxian was also asking about Nian Xia: "The woman just looked familiar."

Hei Xuan whispered softly: "She is the mother of Liang Dong.

Prince Yuxian's face changed dramatically: "She ..."

Immediately thinking that this is not the place to talk, she pressed her anger and said, "She was originally Liang Dong's 'mother'."

The word "mother-in-law" was almost squeezed from the teeth by Prince Yuxian.


Prince Yuxian murmured: "Damn.

Hei Xuanyu calmed him: "Second, don't worry."

Prince Yuxian took a deep breath: "Sorry, I'm really anxious, but I can't help it."

"I understand, just bear with me."

"As soon as I see him, I can feel the closeness between him and me, so I am pretty sure he is our family. You must take care of him and not let him be hurt."

"I will."

After talking to Prince Yuxian for another year, he returned to the Academy to continue his official duties.

As he approached Hai, Wu Ruo brought his stew on time to see his husband.

As before, the ministers drank the soup and left the academy.

Wu Ruo whispered while he was drinking soup, "I think Erbo's performance today seems to be Liang Dong being his grandson."

Hei Xieyu sipped his mouth and said, "Hei Ji said that Wen ’s wife, who had delivered for Tangtang, was missing three years ago. In order not to alarm other people, I had to talk to Erbo in private and let him open a coffin for autopsy. .After the inspection, the child in the coffin is indeed not the grandson of my second uncle. Therefore, we are more certain that Liang Dong is the cousin's son. Although we have not verified it in person, we still feel that we are inseparable. "

"Why not ask someone to verify it?"

"For the time being, don't strike the grass."

Wu Ruo nodded and smiled: "It hasn't been verified yet, Er Bo is so anxious to come to see Liang Dong." "Well, he wants to see Liang Dong with his own eyes, so let Er Bo come here with a pretense. Ask me to discuss things and take a good look at the child. When he left, he told me that seeing this child had a sense of closeness, and it must be his grandson. "

"I also think they must be relatives, right, Erbo hasn't told this to Princess Yuxian yet, have they?" Wu Ruoting was worried that Prince Yuxian came today and it seems that it will be a cold winter, and tomorrow may be a Yu The wise princess, the day after tomorrow, will become a concubine and a concubine.

"I have ordered Erbo to stop telling the family about this."

"That's good." Wu Ruo waited for Hei Xieyu to finish the soup, and took him to rest in the room of the Academy.

In the early morning of the next day, Wu Ruo returned to Hengxing Palace and encountered Lao Hei who was just returning from the border town.

"Master." Lao Hei smiled at Wu Ruo.

Wu Ruo asked, "How come back at this time?"

Lao Hei said: "The land surface is too cold, so go back to the palace to rest, there is a matrix method to warm up, and you will not be awake when you sleep."

Wu Ruo raised an eyebrow: "You will enjoy it when you arrive."

Laohe smiled and took out a box from his sleeve: "This is what the limping master asked me to give you."

"What is it?" Wu Ruobu took it and opened it for a look. Inside it was a pair of large and small golden lock collars, which were carved with the auspicious unicorns and 'Fu' Shou '. The characters are very exquisite, and there are three small bells hanging under the golden lock. A slight shaking will make the bell ring.

He smiled slightly. "He's kind."

"Lord Xingxiang told me to tell you that you will not have time to come out and drink before you reach the age of your birthday, so you will send two new year-old gifts to your two highness in advance. I hope the two highness like it."

Wu Ruo laughed: "Egg and Xiao are so small, the accessories are a burden for them, but I like it very much.

Back at Hengxing Palace, he immediately removed the children's accessories and put on a golden lock, which instantly made the children look more expensive and compelling.

Before Wu Ruo wore the children with silver jewellery, it was different when they put on gold jewellery. Therefore, Wu Ruo decided to make a few sets of gold jewellery for the children to celebrate the new year.

Just before eating breakfast, the direct palms of Shangyi Bureau and Shanggong Bureau all came to Hengxing Palace.

This time, they will not only do the robes and accessories worn by the new year old, but also help Wu Ruo and Hei Xieyu to make the robes for the wedding, so they will be very busy in these two months.

After measuring for Wu Ruo and the children, he picked the accessories and left in a hurry.

Chapter 336: Don't stare at me

Time flies, and the twenty-third of December is the blink of an eye, which is the twenty-third of the twelfth lunar month. For everyone, this is a small year, a day of sacrifice, and the chefs of Hengxing Palace get up early to eat Came to worship the stove god.

On the 24th day of the second lunar month, the eunuchs and women of the entire palace were busy, sweeping the floor, cleaning the windows, hanging red lanterns, and trimming the potted plants. Although everyone was too busy to turn around, they were very happy. The eunuchs and palace ladies talked and laughed, and unknowingly a day passed, and the palace was renewed.

Everyone looked at the new palace with a happy smile, but some people couldn't smile.

When Nian Xia saw the cold winter coming back from Hengxing Palace for dinner, he hurriedly hugged people into the room and asked with a low voice, "Did you give the sugar to the two younger brothers?"

Liang Dong nodded happily: "It's done."

"Did they eat it?"

Although Doudou didn't put them in their mouths immediately after receiving the candy, Liang Dong thought that the younger brothers would eat, they would definitely eat, and then nodded to Nian Xia again: "Eat."

"Since you have eaten, why isn't there anything?" Nian Xia Gao's voice, Qing Xiu's Jiao Rong became embarrassed with anger, scared Liang Dong with red eyes.

If it was in the past, Nian Xia will comfort the child, but she is particularly anxious now, because they do not die, they will not be able to take over her son, and the prince and concubine will celebrate the wedding ceremony as scheduled. If she succeeds, she will lose her back, which is absolutely not allowed to happen.

Seeing Liang Dong wanting to cry, Nian Xia was even more upset and threw the child into the bed, angrily, "What do you cry? Do you think crying can solve the problem?"

Liang Dong looked at Nian Xia who had red eyes like evil spirits, and couldn't help wow, crying in fear.

"You close your mouth and don't cry." Nian Xia was angry and anxious, worried that she would be heard. Hurry up and cover Liang Dong's mouth and nose: "If you cry again, I don't want you."

Suddenly, Liang Dong was out of breath, and cried to open Nian Xia's hand, but how old a boy he was, how pale he was, and his face was getting whiter and gradually unable to breathe.

Suddenly, the room door was severely split open. A palace maid came in and served Nian Xia and Liang Dong in the Xiaoguan Dian on weekdays.

Nianxia was shocked: "Who let you in?"

The palace girl saw Liang Dong who was covering her mouth, her face changed, and quickly walked away and snatched the child: "His Royal Highness?"

Liang Dong was finally able to breathe smoothly, as if catching a life-saving straw, and rushed into the arms of the palace girl, crying out of breath.

Nianxia realized that she had done wrong, and immediately regained a gentle look: "Cool winter, it wasn't right that the mother was right now, and the mother shouldn't be angry with you, come over and let the mother hug."

Liang Dong was really scared to see the appearance of Nian Xia, lying in the arms of the palace maid and holding her tightly around her neck.

"Cool winter." Nian Xia screamed anxiously.

The palace lady Lengheng: "Nianxia, you have been in the palace for many years. You should know that although you are the biological mother of His Highness Liang Dong, but your status is still low, it is enough to punish you for your death ...

Nian Xia's face changed slightly: "I just covered his mouth just because I didn't want his cry to disturb everyone ...

"Cover your mouth?" The official girl sneered: "When I came in, I saw him, but covered his mouth and nose, and almost killed His Highness Liang Dong."

She didn't miss Xia Duo either, and left with cold winter.

"Cool winter, cool winter, you come back, quickly return to your mother." Nian Xia hurried to catch up, but stopped when chasing out the door, thinking that Liang Dong was crying and was taken to Hengxing Palace, The prince can make him feel more distressed and deepen the relationship between father and son, and she is Liang Dong's mother. After two days, Liang Dong will forget what is happening today, return to her, and don't rush to bring people back.

Liang Dong was taken to the Hengxing Palace by officials and girls.

Wu Ruo, who was playing with the children in the hall, heard that the child immediately got up and walked out of the hall. When he saw Liang Dong crying, he immediately asked: "How did Liang Dong cry?"

In order to prevent Liang Dong from thinking about the bad things before, the maid did not speak in person.

Wu Ruo distressed, walked over the child, patted his back gently, and coaxed softly: "Be good, don't cry, let my brothers play with you, OK?"

He used to have a good opinion of this child. After learning that this child is a cousin's child, he loved the house and black, not to mention that he looks similar to Eggs and Eggs, and he likes this child even more. He is also very distressed to see him cry. .

Liang Dong was scared not only by Nian Xia, but also by Nian Xia. He couldn't coax at all. She cried until the end.

Everyone hugged them out: "What happened to Brother Liangdong?"

Liang Dong saw the younger brothers come out, and hurriedly buried his face in Wu Ruo's neck. Although he was just a child, he had the consciousness of being an older brother, and felt that it would be a shame to cry as a brother in front of his younger brother.

Xiao Xiao stared at Liang Dong for a while and said, "Brother Dong, we will play tomorrow, OK?"

Liang Dong entered the palace for a few months and has not yet been out of the palace. As soon as he heard that he was able to leave the palace, the cry was much smaller.

Wu Ruo sees the little words distracting Liang Dong, and then says, "Long Dong, I'm going to take Xiao Xiao and Eggs out of the house tomorrow, are you going?"

Liang Dong still weeping and snoring.

Wu Ruo said, "Don't you want to go?"

"Think." Liang Dong hurriedly said.

"If you want to go, you can't cry anymore. If you cry and get sick, you won't be able to work tomorrow."

Wu Ruo intentionally scared him, Liang Dong really stopped crying, but still couldn't stop beating.

"It's not early. Let's go to bed and sleep together. We will get up tomorrow to play."

Liang Dong, who had never bathed with other people, looked forward to following Wu Ruo and Egg Dou into the bathroom.

The wooden bucket in the bathroom is very large, and it is no problem for four adults.

Wu Ruo first stripped his clothes and tossed him into a bucket.

After the eggs appeared on the water, they giggled, raised their hands and splashed on Liang Dong and Xiao Xiao's body.

Little beak.

Wu Ruo took off his robe for Xiaoxiao and threw the man into the water. The two brothers immediately played.

"Want to go?" Wu Ruo asked Liang Dong.

Cold winter nodded.

Wu Ruo undressed him: "Would I throw you in too?"


Wu Ruo threw him into the water.

Liang Dong giggled happily.

With a corner of Wu Ruo's mouth, the child finally laughed.

He rid himself of himself.

Liang Dong has never seen an adult man's body, can't help but stare wide, and stops his eyes on Wu Ruo's majestic part.

Wu Ruo was a little embarrassed to stare at him, and poured water on him: "Go, go, go, play with your brothers, don't stare at me."

Yandanqiang twisted Liang Dong's head to the other side and said, "You can't look at Dad. Dad's body can only be seen by his father."

Wu Ruo couldn't laugh or cry.

The little child splashed water on Liang Dong's face. Immediately, the three children fought water battles and had a very good time. They were all laughing outside the house and they were willing to go to bed when they were nearing Hai.

After they slept, the bird Wuruo called the officials and daughters of the small palace to inquire about Liang Dong. When they learned that Nian Xia was so cold to Winter, she slumped her face and could not help thinking of the first time she saw Liang Dong in the food street At that time, the cold winter seemed to avoid studying the summer. I am afraid that at that time, sometimes it was not good for the cold winter.

He decided not to send Liang Dong back to the small palace.

The children played late and couldn't get up early the next morning. He had to let them dress while they slept, and they were both cute and funny when they saw how they were confused.

After having breakfast, Wu Ruohe and his wife left the palace with their new year's gifts and children, and went to see his father in Heixuantang.

As soon as the children met, the whole yard started to make noise, all wows and giggles.

Wu Ruo looked at the thorns that the children were playing in the air, and laughed and shouted, "Thorn thorns, please take a little with them and play with them."

"Hmm." Spiny cockles flew over, picking up Xiaofei and flirting with them.

Wu Ruo brought gifts to Wu Qianqing, and then gave them gifts.

You Yanwen and You Yanwu did not expect that Wu Ruo would give them a New Year's gift, which was both unexpected and happy.

Wu Ruo quietly observed Su Baishuang, maybe because his mood is different now, and he was exposed to a lot of bleakness. His body exudes a faint calmness, like a boat that has gone through strong winds and waves, and finally can find a dock. It doesn't look as if it's small.

He took the opportunity to leave the hall when everyone's attention was not on him, and summoned his head in an unmanned pavilion.

The first prisoner appeared in front of Wu Ruo.

Wu Ruo whispered, "You have been here recently, but you find that your family members have behaved abnormally?"

"No, they can eat as much as they can, they can sleep and sleep, and they feel at ease. They haven't seen any ghosts. Others stay in the house in peace and don't go out with the people outside the hospital.

Wu Ruo calmed down: "Very well, keep staring here, right, what about enchanting?"

The first jaw picked chin: "There.

Wu Ruo looked in the direction of the children's fun.

The enchanting lie on the rock behind the child, grinning at the fangs also sitting on the fake, seemingly dissatisfied with the puppet that can become a human.

Glancing at him lazily, he beckoned at the corner with the children: "Come here."

The horns are like loyal dogs, and they slammed onto the rock.

The children did not lose their fun because they lost their horns, and they ran to play with Ushi's pets.

Wu Ruo has a lot of work to do. He had lunch, and He took the children away.

Today the children had a great time. They got into the beast car and chatted non-stop, and returned to the official school with a spirited look.

Wu Ruo first sent the eggs and cold winter to the room where the children slept, and then took him back to his room.

"Little, how?" The question he asked was only understood by the father and son.

Shaking his head slightly, "I can't see anything."

Wu Ruo was lost in thought.

Chapter 337: You do n’t look better

Nian Xia waited in the small palace for two days without waiting for Liang Dong to return. On the third day of the 28th month, she still did not see the child, so she could n’t sit still. She got up and went to Hengxing Palace. However, this time it was blocked by the guard.

She was anxious and angry: "Bold slave, I'm His Royal Highness Liang Dong, why can't you get in?"

The guard looked blankly forward, as if he did not know the existence of this person.

Nian Xia didn't give up and wanted to break through, pushing away the guard while sulking: "If you don't let me in, I will let my son punish you for your sin."

The guard pushed the person directly to the ground, pulled out the sword from her waist, and reached her throat: "Those who walked privately to the weighing house, die--"

Xia Xia hurriedly crawled around and ran back to Xiaodiangong, but she didn't give up, and returned to Hengxing Palace and shouted, "Cool winter, my mother came to see you, come out soon, Liangdong , My mother came to see you, you come out soon, if you don't come out again, I will leave. "

No one in the palace agreed.

Nian Xia saw Fu Qiu holding a fruit plate and walked to the hall, anxiously shouted: "Fu Qiu, I am reading Xia Qi, Fu Qiu, please bring you the cold winter, I miss my son."

If Qiuqiu didn't hear her cry, she walked into the temple without looking back.

Nian Xia shook with anger: "Slut, remember to me."

The guard took out his sword again: "Noisy here again, I'm welcome."

Nian Xia didn't dare to stay, she could not see the cold winter, she was particularly panic.

One day passed, she still couldn't see the child coming back, and her heart became more and more scared. Without the cold winter, she would lose everything.

After a night without sleep, she hurried up to look for Liang Dong, and as soon as she walked to the door of the small palace, she saw two Shang officials from the Shang Gong Bureau and Shang Yi Bureau who led the court women in the two bureaus in gorgeous new robes And a variety of exquisite clothing and accessories passed by her.

Nian Xia stopped suddenly and stared in situ, looking greedily and enviously at the trays in the hands of the maids, rushing towards it, snatching everything and putting it on her body.

The court ladies all squinted and walked towards Hengxing Palace.

Nian Xia's eyes turned, the speed was behind the team, and she wanted to take the opportunity to mix with the Heng Xing Officer to find Liang Dong. Unexpectedly, the guard's eyes were as sharp as gods, and she was seen at a glance.

The guard pointed at her with a sword, and said blankly, "The next time, stand up!"

Nian Xia was so frightened to leave quickly, and dare not come to Hengxing Palace casually.

"Stupid thing." Suddenly a disdainful voice came into her ears.

Nian Xia was startled and looked around. An **** lowered his head and swept the floor.


Without waiting for her to speak, the **** said in a voice, "The Lord asked you to take good care of His Royal Highness, but it did not make you kill His Royal Highness. You are good enough to force His Royal Highness to the Hengxing Palace. Here. Now that the child is young, it is not easy to remember. Maybe even your mother-in-law will forget it for a while, and then I will see how you talk to the master. "

His tone was getting colder, and Nian Xia's legs were straight and soft: "I and I are also poisonous ..."

After connecting so many times, they haven't poisoned them, she is of course anxious.

"Shut up! You stupid take care of your mouth." The **** interrupted her angrily.

Nian Xia shuddered and did not dare to speak again.

"Hurry up and try to find a way to bring His Highness Liang Dong back, and when I go back, I will also tell the master about this, and let him have an idea." The **** swept the garbage on the ground and left in a hurry. He didn't notice anyone following him.

The people from the Shangyi Bureau and the Shanggong Bureau entered the Hengxing Palace, and the palace became very lively. The giggles of the children passed to the small palace, which seemed to become even more deserted.

After a while, he finally handled all the official tasks. He returned to the Hengxing Palace to accompany Wu Ruo and the children for dinner. Then they went to the bathroom to take a pomelo flower bath and soaked the entire body. Then, Yu Shang The officers and girls of the clothing bureau dressed them, layer by layer of robes on their bodies, and they were too heavy to breathe.

Wu Ruo counted quietly. He set a total of twelve pieces back and forth. Fortunately, he was a man, otherwise he would wear a pile of headwear that could break a person's neck.

After wearing it, he stood in front of the bronze mirror of the whole body and took a picture. His luxurious robes made him more noble and gorgeous, and he nodded with satisfaction: "This robe makes me look more handsome, um, you guys The craftsmanship is really good. It gives me the confidence to confuse your prince.

The court ladies covered their mouths and smiled.

"You've long lost my head and fainted." Hei Xun smirked and turned around and embraced the person, lowering his head and whispering in Wu Ruo's ear, "You don't look better."

"Go." Wu Ruo gave him a look of anger.

At this moment, Hei Xin walked in and said, "Prince, Prince, Her Royal Highness Crying all the time, crying to see her mother, no matter how old the cousin can't coax."

After all, the child is still young. After two days of forgetting and fearing, he will think of his own mother again. After all, he was brought up by Xia Xia.

Wu Ruo frowned.

Hei Xuan narrowed his eyes and whispered in Wu Ruo's ear.

Wu Ruo nodded, "I'll go see Liang Dong."

He came to the room where Eggs lived, and the officials and girls took the Eggs and the little out to play. After a while, the crying in the room became smaller and smaller.

Wu Ruo came out of the house and asked the officials and girls to dress Liang Dong.

The maids entered the room and saw Liang Dong jumping around in excitement on the bed. There was a doubt in his eyes, and his throat was crying before. Why was he so cousined so quickly?

Although they have doubts in their hearts, it is not that they can not ask too much.

At four o'clock in the evening, Hei Xieyu put on a furry purple cape and took Wu Ruo out of the Hengxing Palace.

Nian Xia, who had been waiting outside, saw Liang Dong held by Hei Xin, and she rushed forward with excitement: "Cold Dong, Liang Dong ..."

Hei Xieyu and Wu Ruo frowned.

The guard leading the way stopped her.

Nian Xia anxiously exclaimed, "Cool winter, come to your mother-in-law."

Liang Dong looked at her with blank eyes.

Seeing him as if he didn't know himself, Nian Xia was even more anxious: "Liang Dong, I'm your mother-in-law, come here soon ..."

The leading guard lowered his face and pushed her aside.

One of the guards pulled out his sword and chopped down, choting Nianxia, scaring her into screaming.

Just before the sword was an inch from her neck, the guard's arm was caught.

The guard turned to look at Wu Ruo, and quickly withdrew the sword.

Wu Ruo said to Nian Xia, "If you don't want to die, go back to the small palace."

He would stop the guards. First, he didn't want to scare the children, and second, he didn't let Nianxia die so easily.

Nian Xia confronted him with cold eyes and straight body, feeling that although this man did not want her life now, he could not know it later.

"Let's go," said Hei Xuanxi faintly.

Wu Ruo nodded gently and walked away with Hei Xieyu.

Liang Dong looked down at the ground and read Xia looked up and asked Black Letter: "Xinbo, who is this maid? How could you call my name?"

Hei Xinyue looked at Xia and smiled and said, "She's just a madwoman, Her Royal Highness needn't bother."

"Oh." Liang Dong nodded obediently, no longer asking.

"Liang Dong, you ..." Nian Xia looked at him incredibly, and the child didn't even know her.

She saw that the guard was about to draw a sword again, and quickly closed her mouth. She wanted to follow and didn't dare to keep up. Only when the team disappeared in front of her eyes did she return to her sleeping quarters with a look of dismay, watching Liang Dong play Passed toys, slowly returning to God, replaced by a look of anger.

She rushed to the table angrily, sweeping all the toys on the floor: "You, the white-eyed wolf, came to the palace with me and enjoyed the wealth and prosperity, then forgot my mother-in-law, really Wan Negative dog stuff, has raised you for so many years in vain, you white-eyed wolf, dead thing without conscience, I step on you, I step on. "

Nian Xia angrily shattered Yu Yu on the ground.

The officer and girl guarding the door glanced into the room and saw that she looked like a madman, coldly hooked her lips, turned her head and continued to guard the door.

Hei Xieyu took Wu Ruo to the emperor's palace.

Hei Xitang They have been waiting in the temple for a long time. When they saw Hei Xiu coming, they all stood up: "Big brother, big sister."

Hei Ziya hugged Xiao Xiao, who was sitting on the shoulders of Hei Xuan, happily said, "Our little is not only getting bigger, but also more beautiful, and it will kill your little aunt and me."

The little girl wearing a dark purple Chinese suit shook a shy smile like purple lisianthus flowers, so that Hei Zi could not help but kiss on his fragrant little face: "I really want to take you back as a son."

Hei Xie sighed softly: "I'm not afraid that Big Brother will kill you.

The empress chuckled: "It's getting late, but you can't keep the ministers waiting."

Hei Xieyu asked, "Did the Great Master come yet?"

As soon as he finished speaking, the **** outside shouted, "The great spiritual master is here."

The master wears a Chinese robe with dark purple tones as the royal family. However, the style is not the same as the royal family, and the patterns and accessories on the body are mainly human bones. Others know his identity at a glance. Is a great spiritual master.

"We have seen the emperor and queen, and we can go to the land." The great spiritual master took their teleportation sacrifice to the hall, and directly transmitted to the ancestral hall of the royal family.

Out of the room with the formation method of the teleportation array, the **** immediately opened his voice and shouted, "The emperor, queen, and prince arrived ..."

Because Wu Ruo had not yet married Hei Xieyu, the **** did not call the princess.

"The emperor, the queen, the prince arrived ..." Another **** standing not far away saw the emperor and they came and opened his voice to let others know that the emperor was here, and just passed on like this Yes, it continued into the square outside the courtyard.

The winter night was extremely cold, and the sky was still covered with fine snow. The civil and military officials standing on the square were not afraid of the cold and stood upright in the snow. When the emperor arrived, everyone kneeled.

Chapter 338:

"Long live the emperor, long live the long live, long live the emperor long live, long live long lived by the prince, long live long live ..." Lu Liang's voice echoed again and again throughout the square.

Wu Ruo saw such a great battle for the first time, and at a glance, everyone in the square knelt on the ground.

There is a mile long from the end of the square to the ancestral hall. When we look up, we can see the tall and grand hall standing in the snow.

On the sacrifice stand in front of the main hall, a large group of royal people in dark purple official costumes stood with their backs waiting for the emperor to come.

When the emperor's peers or the emperor's juniors saw the emperor walking up to the altar, they painted and bowed and saluted: "Have met the emperor, the empress ..."

Then, the emperor took the queen to salute the senior ancestors.

After saluting, they each stood at their own positions, and when everyone stood up, the emperor turned around, raised his hands majesticly, and said to the civil and military officials: "Be flat.

"Emperor Xie."

Baiguan rose up and looked at Wu Ruo on the altar.

Many ministers have already heard about the Crown Prince, but this is the first time I have really seen myself. The beautiful and handsome appearance and outstanding temperament make the Baiguan feel satisfied. They all feel that they are very suitable for their Royal Highness, and at the same time they feel very sorry. I thought that if this girl should be a good girl, I would be able to tell a good story for the future.

Standing on the floor in Baiguan, I heard other ministers whispering that the princess and the prince were very right, but unfortunately it was a girl with a bitter and envious heart, and the black on the altar and Wu Ruo really matched Even he thought they were a match made in heaven.

The emperor's sharp eyes looked at everyone: "The new year is coming ..."

Upon hearing this, Wu Ruo knew that the emperor was about to say a lengthy phrase. He looked away from the emperor and looked at the square. From the white ground, several blood-stained colors were seen. Not long ago, There was a fierce fighting in the square, and it was in this way that it was now a short-lived peace.

The Lijun King below the altar was about to finish when he heard the emperor's speech, and the surroundings were still so calm that he could not help raising his eyebrows.

After the emperor's words, the great spiritual master stood up, but Zhang opened his mouth and heard the sound of fighting outside the ancestral hall, making a loud noise.

I don't know who shouted, "The old people have come in."

The hundred officials frowned and turned their heads. They saw that the guards were struggling to resist the old races, and everyone began to talk about it.

"Old people finally came in."

"The ability to call in before the sacrifice shows that their people are still very good."

"Fortunately, the old people can't see the light in the daytime either, otherwise it's not as simple as just calling in."

"Will you continue to worship?"

The officials looked back at the altar,

When the master spirit saw that the hour had passed, he decided to omit the long sacrifices and start the sacrifices: "The ceremony began."

The boys on the sacrifice stage sprinkled paper money into the sky. Under the wind, the paper money spread instantly, like white snow, scattered in every corner of the square.

The emperor turned around, facing the hall.

The master spirit reads the sacrificial words that everyone does not understand. There are ten little masters dancing around him, and the candlelight on the stage seems to feel the lively atmosphere. Rejoicing, this is a good sign.

When the old clan was still half a mile behind Baiguan, the great spiritual master gave the three incenses lit by money paper to the emperor.

"A worship of the gods, may all gods bless the spirit of the nation of the dead, and prosperity and prosperity ..."

The emperor held three incense sticks, bent down slightly, and worshiped.

The royals behind them are not simple, they need to do a few complicated sacrificial movements to bow down and worship. Since everyone worships every year, everyone ’s movements are very uniform, and there is no fast motion or slow motion.

Wu Ruo secretly rejoices that Hei Xieyu asked the Great Master to teach him the sacrifice of worship. Otherwise, he would not stand, and worship would not.

The egg and little standing next to him, because they were less than three years old, omitted the sacrifices and just bowed to the adult for a week, as did the other children who were less than three years old.

The civil and military officials under the sacrifice platform bowed their waists together after worshiping the royal family.

"By worshipping our ancestors, I hope that the ancestors of Hei's blessing for the younger generation will be able to solve the curse successfully, and let the people of the dead nation see the light again ..."

The emperor once again held up three great incenses, but the actions of the two ancestors were different. After Wu Ruo calmly made the skilled movements, he bent and saw the candle light brighter.

"Three worship priests ..."

After three weeks of worship, the great spiritual master hurried to let the slaughter animals shed blood and drink wine, and then asked the emperor to put three large incense in the incense burner.

Everyone saw that the incense was not broken or extinguished, and everyone smiled.

Suddenly, a magical instrument flew over and cut off the three large incense. Then, the candlelight on the altar went out as soon as it said, and it went out instantly.

The great spiritual master's face sank: "Old people made the gods angry--"

When the emperor saw that the old tribe had met after the Baiguan team, the little officials fought, and said angrily, "The civil and military Baiguan listened to the order, let alone kill."

The military attachés drew the sword in their arms and rushed up.

The civilians can fight and participate in the fight. Those who cannot fight hide or run in the direction of the formation, and teleport back to the dungeon through the formation.

Hei Xieyu immediately instructed the dark guards to **** all the children here to the palace.

In the Lijun King who fought against the old clans, he saw dozens of guards guarding the children and walking towards the yard. He was very anxious and strange. He clearly instructed the people in Wuxuange to use any means to sacrifice. The Prince's children were killed, but why haven't they appeared yet?

The king of Li Jun fought and entangled his old people with a palm of his hand, and went to find his own people who had mixed in with the old people. They had made an appointment in the morning and waited at the gate of the backyard on the right side of the worship platform.

After seeing his own people, he pretended to fight with them and hit no one, so he told them to kill Eggs and Xiaoxiao, and then asked the people who remained: "Where are the people in Wuxuan Pavilion?"

His people were weird: "Did they not mix into the shrine early in the morning and hide under the altar?"

"It is logical to arrange it this way. I also confess that after half of their sacrifice, when they were not prepared, they rushed out to kill the children, but they are not seen now." Wang Junyin of Li Jun had a bad hunch.

"Will there be no mix-in, double or find no chance to start? Or maybe they are still hiding in the ring."

"In their past fierce style, they will not be timid, and they will not be late." Li Junwang speculated: "It is very likely that they have encountered accidents before then."

"What then?" Those who talked to Li Junwang were a little worried.

King Li Jun twisted his eyebrows: "If they are dead, they won't tell me anything. If they are not dead or caught by the emperor or the prince, it will be troublesome. They may confess us. come out."

"People sent in should not know who you are? Don't worry so much if you don't."

"I hope so." King Li Jun was still not assured: "You lead someone to ambush in secret, while the guards protecting the children are not prepared to kill the children."

"Yes." The person from the Li County King pretended to slap the Li County King, and the Li County King fell to the ground, and then took the person out of the square.

The black shaman standing on the altar took a close look at everything in the square and hooked his lips coldly.

"We don't have to go down to help?" Wu Ruo whispered.

"No, now the old clan has other people to deal with it. We have to deal with the old clan from behind. You should also be careful at that time, they are likely to come all at you."

Hei Xieyu originally wanted to return Wu Ruo to the underground, but doing so would definitely make Wu Ruo unhappy, and overprotection is not a good thing. Wu Ruo is not weak, and he has the ability to deal with any of the old people. people.

Wu Ruo set his sights on the square again. Most of the old people who broke into the square were either ordinary people or some low-level wizards. The more powerful old people had not come in yet.

As the night wind blows, the air is filled with a thick **** smell, mixed with the cold ice wind, and the smell is a bit unpleasant.

This is the first time that Wu Ruo has seen a real fight between the royal family and the old people. It is no different from other countries occupying the territory of other people. Everyone is either injured or killed.

The dead guards and the old people will be summoned again to continue fighting, and the injured people are not good. Even if only a drop of blood is left, the end will be miserable than the dead people, because the blood of the immortal descendants of the Necromancer will burst blood As long as there is blood on the blood, the body may explode at any time, which is very scary.

However, the offspring of the Necromancer did not easily use this trick, because a poor control would kill their own people.

Hei Xuanyan frowned: "Be careful, don't let yourself get blood, if you get blood, drag your clothes immediately."

Wu Ruo asked him, "What about you, will you be fine after getting blood on you?"

Hei Xieyu shook his head: "No, I can draw blood or remove it from the body, and the other party can't use this trick for me. Similarly, I use this trick to equal the height of the stage. People are helpless, but if there is a special magic weapon, it can also resist blood explosion.

"You can **** the blood off or take it off, then I can, don't forget, I can learn your ability."

Hei Xieyu ticked his lips: "Forgetting that you can learn all mysteries, then you won't go down first and see how I use this mystery to deal with other people.

"it is good."

Just then, there was a burst of blasting noise outside the door, which continued to be loud, and many people looked outside. I saw a large group of people rushing in with a group of monsters, and saw people who were not the old tribe hacking at will.

Chapter 339: Don't be affectionate yourself

"The old leader of the old tribe is here." Hei Xuan narrowed his eyes and shot a colder look than the snow, even the tone temperature dropped to the bottom.

Wu Ruo asked, "Limp father?"

"Um." Hei Xieyu said to him, "The man who runs at the front and rides on a black horse like a bull monster is black road, and the person following him to the left is Zuo Faheen, who is Xiu's father. On the lower right side is Right Guardian Heixi, and behind them are the children of Dark Road, and behind them are elders and other old clans ... "

Wu Ruo looked at the dark road while listening to his introduction. His eyebrows were similar to Pingxing. He was very burly and dressed in black animal fur. He was suffocated. His eyes were seeing bloodthirsty light, facing the rush. The enemies that came were one knife at a time, and they were very clear when they killed people. They deliberately spilled the blood of other people on the blood of other people, and no matter whether they were or not, they would use blood blasting to blow people up, which was very cruel. The more **** smells he smelled, the worse the smile on his face, and his life was as low as weed.

His two major protections are as cruel as his, and the children behind him, in addition to the black limps, are also madly killed like crazy, and do not take human life seriously.

Hei Xingxing saw Wu Ruo standing on the altar at a glance. He and Hei Xuan were so right with him. A handsome, a beautiful young man wearing a similar robe was like a pair of gods. , People are reluctant to take them apart.

Wu Ruo met his gaze. He pursed his lips and said, the two kept facing each other.

Hei Xieyu saw them rushing over, jumping up, like a purple eagle flew to the sky, and then ferociously dived down the black path.

Other royal families also jumped up and rushed to the old people, the battlefield became apparent

Wu Ruo did not rush into action, first observing how Hei Xieyu resisted the blood on the body before moving.

When the empress saw Wu Ruo acting, she quickly said, "Xiao Ruo, you must be careful."

Everyone knows that in addition to destroying their sacrifice, the old people also want to kill Wu Ruo and Hei Xieyu to prevent them from cursing, but Hei Xieyu is strong. It is not easy to kill him People of the clan will surely transfer the stop sign to Wu Ruo.

"Um." Wu Ruofei passed over and gave the old clans a grip. Instantly, some of the old clans were immobilized, and the royals took the opportunity to kill them. Some of the old clans were only blinked in time The effort, however, is enough to make others extremely embarrassed in restoring their freedom.

The dark red eyes stared at Wu Ruo, and with this person, their old clan would be overwhelmed.

Other old people also realized this, and rushed to Wu Ruo by accident.

The royals rushed forward to protect Wu Ruo behind him.

Shen Song saw that all the people of the old people were killed in the settling body, and he sighed with regret. The heart, the people of the Miyin people were really powerful.

Wu Ruo took the sword in his right hand, and took out a golden rattle from left to right. While controlling the minds of the old clan with God Control Mystery, he rocked the golden rattle and attacked the old clan with the sound of the golden rattle. Under attack from others.

Hetuo saw that some people of the Japanese clan were controlled by Wu Ruo and turned against each other. He angrily pointed out Wu Ruo: "Kill him, kill him for this seat."

Hei Xing sarcastically raised his lips. He hadn't seen his father get angry for many years, but now it's so hard to see such a fire because a junior has used two tricks.

The old people all attacked Wu Ruo.

Wu Ruo quickly flew back. Suddenly, a white man in a mask rushed out from the rear. At the same time, he used Wushu to hold Wu Ruo and everyone's body and attacked Wu Ruo.

"Xiaoruo, be careful."

"Ma'am, be careful."

The royals all hurried.

It is a pity that Wu Ruo was unable to move because he was immobilized, and everyone was too late to save it.

The moment the white-clad man hit Wu Ruo, a bang and a golden light bounced the white-clad man back hard. Then, the first prison holding the magic weapon appeared behind Wu Ruo: "Master, are you okay? ? "

Wu Ruo instantly restored his freedom and turned around to kill the white-clothed man as fast as he could.

He first fixed the white-clothed man with the secret grip of ghosts, then used the magic of magic, speech, and divine control to control the mind of the white-clothed man, and then used the thousand handprints of the Buddhist door to attack the other.

Thousand handprints can attack a large range of people in a wide range, and even if the people in white are fast, even if there is an anti-Uro's fixation, it is not expected that Uro will use illusion, speech, and divine control at the same time, and Illusion has not changed the scene. What picture I saw before and what picture I see now, but Wu Ruo hides his figure by using the magic mirror, and the combination of the word and the **** control, and the effect is more effective. Jia, the man in white clothes froze for a moment, so the man in white clothes did not notice for a moment, did not find himself in a fantasy, and did not see Wu Ruo using a thousand handprints, only by sensing a huge spiritual wave approaching him, hurriedly dodging, He was still hit with a heavy blow, and when he flew out, he took a spit of blood.

Wu Ruo chased while he was winning, and while the other party was not yet aware of wearing the illusion, he successively sent countless surprises to the people in white.

The man in white rushed to dodge again and again, very embarrassed. While evading, he took the medicine and looked around, but he didn't find Wu Ruo. Soon, he found that he was definitely in a fantasy, and quickly unlocked Bibi, and Wu Ruo immediately appeared in front of his eyes.

The man in white stared at him deadly: "You are better than before."

Wu Ruo sneered: "It was all you forced, so thank you, Son."

He had long guessed that the Son would attack again, so this time he specifically waited for the Son to appear, and he had found the first prisoner to guard the rear for him in the morning, so that he would concentrate on dealing with the old people without worries.

"Oh, no, I shouldn't call your holy son ..." Wu Ruoqi lip coldly: "I should sink, or ..."

The Son narrowed his eyes when he heard Qian Shen's name.

"Or call you heavy ficus again." Wu Ruo's words fell, and the mask on Qian Shen's face was divided into two halves, falling down to reveal the peerless fairy appearance. This was Qian Shen accidentally stroked by Wu Ruo's sword while avoiding. Broken mask.

"Chong Rong?" While fighting with others, they were distracted to see Wu Ruo's deep chant, watching this scene with great surprise.

Hei Xingxing didn't have any expression, it seems that he had long guessed that Chongrong is the Holy Son.

Hetu laughed and laughed, "It's kinship among people of the same race, okay, it's okay."

Qian Shen didn't have any panic. He watched the black limps in the fight with others and asked Wu Ruo: "How did you discover my identity?"

Wu Ruo said, "Because every time you see me, there will be a kind of hostility, so we have investigated you, and you appear suddenly out of thin air, and people cannot find out about you. According to your appearance, everyone may not know you, but everyone other than the old people who belong to your family does not know your existence. Therefore, I guess you are very likely to use the mystery of control by your family. They brainwashed them, making them mistakenly think they had saved you, and making them think you had been at home for several years. In fact, you have just arrived in the Netherland. Not long after that, when we went to the slave market, we praised you It ’s time to save people, but when we searched in the direction pointed to by Shen Song, as a holy son, you suddenly came out and attacked me, which has to be doubted. And this time, Xuan Yuan dealt with me, this time, she What you do cannot be preached everywhere, but you know it clearly, indicating that you have been lurking beside You Xuanyuan. From all the signs I have mentioned, I have made bold speculations. May be the Son of God, and she really ca n’t tell me Expected."

Qian Shen smiled coldly: "Either I guess my identity, I will never have to hide myself again.

Wu Ruo Shen cried: "You and I have no revenge, but you have to kill me, won't it really be like my grandfather said that you were trying to put me to death?"

Qian Shen did not deny: "Yes, I just want to kill you because of the pre-dream."

Wu Ruo's eyes were cold and heavy: "Did you dream that I would kill you.

"This is one."

Wu Ruo frowned, "What else did you dream of?"

Qian Shen's face was cold and cold: "My sister, who always loves me, died in your hands."

Wu Ruo: "..."

There is a feeling of special injustice.

"Again ..." Qian Shen's tone was sad, "The person I like has been taken away by you."

Wu Ruo slightly hesitated, looking subconsciously at Hei Xie.

Hei Xu, who was distracted and overheard, said slightly, "I don't know him."

Wu Ruo: "..."

"I'm not talking about you," Qian Shen said angrily to Hei Xu: "Don't be affectionate yourself."

Hei Xieyu: "..."

Not him, who is it?

In Qian Shen's dream, wasn't he with Wu Ruo?

Hei Xiu was particularly comfortable thinking of this possibility.

The black set of lips kissed by Qian Shen frowned tightly. Qian Shen said that the person he liked should refer to him. If that was the case, he was very curious about what Qian Shen had dreamed.

"Who is the person you like?" Wu Ruo quickly thought about his life and the people and things in this life. Except for Hei Xuan, no one said that he liked him. Except for Basir, was Qian Shen like Basser? ?

Thinking of this possibility, he felt a chill, but if Pakse, Qian Shen should not say rob but kill.

Suddenly, Qian Shen used the shadow realm to cover Wu Ruo, and Wu Ruo quickly used the shadow realm to overlap with the other's realm to isolate everyone.

"I mean limp." Qian Shen said.

Wu Ruo looked at him in surprise: "Law? You dreamed that I was with Luck? Impossible."

He immediately denied this possibility. He had never seen black crickets in his whole life. He had never seen black crickets in his whole life.

Qian Shen sneered: "Did I say you were together?"

"Since you're not together, why do you say I robbed your favorite person?"

Chapter 340:

Qian Shen gritted his teeth and looked at him: "Don't you know? He likes you, he likes you very much."

Wu Ruo frowned: "You mean that the limp in dreams likes me, or the limp in reality likes me?"

"I like you both in my dreams and in reality." Qian Shen was very reconciled: "I'm not as good as you in terms of appearance. I can confidently say that our appearance is indistinguishable. In terms of ability, you are still You may not be able to beat me. In terms of academic knowledge, you are definitely not as high as me, but why do you like me rather than me? "

Wu Ruo was so shocked that Li Xing liked him?

It took a while before he passed by: "He likes me, it's his business, why do you kill me? Shouldn't you use some means to make limp like you? If you kill me, you can make him like you?"

"Do you think I haven't tried it? But you have a huge fate. I intentionally want to reach him before you can't do it. I will be blocked by various external forces, making me unable to approach his people." You Qian Shen glared angrily at Wu Ruo: "Only by killing you can you cut off your fate, otherwise he will treat you with you forever."

Wu Ruo is still puzzled: "When you appear as a heavy ficus, you can fully expose me as Wu Ruo, and the limp will never interact with me again, and may even kill me, but why do you have anything did not do it?"

"Do you think I don't want to? At that time, you were already too involved. If I revealed your identity at that time, not only would it not be cheap, but it would also make the limp even more hate me. And only kill you, limp Won't die because of you. "

Wu Ruoyi said: "Walking will die?"

Qian Shen was silent, but the eyes looking at Wu Ruo were full of hatred.

Wu Ruo thought of the last life, and asked, "If I died before I saw limp, what would you do with Guild? Have you ever dreamed of something that died before I saw him? ? "

"Yes." Qian Shen's expression softened a lot: "Without you, we can be like you and Hei Xieyu, like the gods and relatives, holding hands, white-headed and old, we were buried together after death, about Good husband and wife in my next life.

Wu Ruo squinted his eyes, so that Qian Shen, who had killed him in the last life, went to the Necropolis. No wonder he could no longer be found: "You are also a hermit, and his father would not agree You are together, you are solving the curse. "

"I didn't tell anyone in the dream that I was a Hermit, and I wouldn't solve the curse, let alone agree with you."

"Do you mean that the old people will really disappear after the curse is solved?"


Wu Ruo tightened his eyebrows: "Then his father will not agree with you, you are not only a man, but also a fiancee in the limp."

Qian Shen Lengheng: "Heitu and Youxuan have nothing to do, one only needs to use his divine control to brainwash him, and one only needs to kill."

"So, do you have to kill me? But have you ever thought that you killed me, but you walked away from you?"

Qian Shen sank his face and said, "I can't control so much. I will kill you first, and I will make another plan."

"Very well, I just want to kill you ..." Wu Ruolian said coldly, "Revenge!"

Gan Shen stunned slightly: "What revenge are you?"

"Revenge for my father and mother."

"Your father and mother?" Qian Shen felt ridiculous. "Don't your father and mother live well? I don't remember having touched them."

"Since you can pre-dream, I can also pre-dream." Wu Ruo can be sure that Qian Shen did not dream about his reincarnation, so he will tell the events of the previous life in the way of pre-dreaming. In this case, he should not need to Being punished by the sky: "I dreamed you killed my father and mother ..."

Having said that, a lot of bloodshots appeared in his eyes, and the scene before the death of the previous life still went on.

"Impossible," Qian Shen refuted. "You are not a son and a daughter who picked out blood. You cannot have dreams."

"There is no absolute thing in the world." Wu Ruo stared at him fiercely. "In my dream, you used your apprentice Ruan Hui, my so-called friend, to drunk me and drove me to my father and mother. They were all tied up, and then Ruan Yu cut off my dad's head and asked his guard ... "

His voice became more hoarse and angry: "In the end, you asked Ruan Yue to cut my limbs and dig my eyes. If you were not wearing a cape and standing in the dark, it would definitely be when you appear as a heavy ficus. Kill you. "

"It seems that you can really pre-dream ..." Qian Shen dreamed of these things in his dreams, but when he went to the kingdom of heaven in reality, many things had a great deal with Wu Ruo's dream. Different, otherwise Wu Ruo could not live well at all.

Wu Ruobu said no more nonsense, hesitated, people came to Qian Shen, and it was a powerful hangman.

This is the mystery of the Japanese hunting kingdom, and those who are hit will be ground into pieces.

Thousands of people were shocked, and quickly used the defensive weapon to attack: "It's a good companion who can make a weapon."

Wu Ruo's shoes are made of magical instruments, which can increase the speed and come to the other party in an instant.

Wu Ruo smashed his defense with a demon, cut his own finger, and splattered blood on the cloak.

Qian Qian smelled the **** smell, took off the cloak and threw it out as fast as possible, and the cloak was blown into pieces.

He can see that Wu Ruo has not only mastered various mysteries, but also is familiar with the mysteries of various countries. Combining the advantages and disadvantages of mystics with other mystics makes mystics more perfect and impossible to find. In addition to the gap, Wu Ruo's spiritual power has also improved a lot, almost indistinguishable from him.

Qian Shen felt a little admiration for Wu Ruo. From the beginning of the mystery test, it was only a few months before Wu Ruo had penetrated all mystics. I thought that he had spent more than ten years to use some mystics. Come together.

If Wu knew what he was thinking, he would laugh a few times, and he would show off his little son.

If it weren't for the little one, or if he could remember all the mysteries, and could pick out which ones to use together for better results, I'm afraid he is still reading mystery books slowly.

The two have similar spiritual powers, similar reactions, and similar mystics, but after all, Gan Shen is a person from the Mystery. Some mystics have never been seen by Wu Ruo, and they are very powerful.

Wu Ruo guessed that Qian Shen's use of mystery was most likely learned from the practice world.

Watching Qian Shen drill two water dragons in his hand and rushed towards him, the powerful spiritual power made Wu Ruo realize that he could not fight with each other and quickly put away the shadow realm and exited ten feet away.

The transparent water dragon also flew out of the shadow field, roaring upward, and the huge dragon groan almost broke everyone's eardrums. The person hit by the water dragon was either dead or injured, and many of the instruments were shattered by them. .

Wu Ruo saw that the magic weapon did not work for the two water dragons, and could not help thinking of the last trick of thunder that Guan Zhen used in the test.

During this time, he practiced quietly, but the power was not great, and he could only throw a few small thunder balls. It was not like Guan Zhen released countless lightning calls to hit him.

Wu Ruo looked at the two water dragons that were catching up, his eyes flashed, and he ran towards the old people. The old people naturally saw the power of the water dragons. They hurriedly dodged, and those who couldn't escape would be miserable, just In just a few moments, many people died after being dropped.

However, he couldn't run around like this all the time. While the water dragon chased after him, he used the thunder technique taught by Guan Zhen to throw it at the water dragon.

When the water dragon saw the thunder ball flying over, it opened its mouth and bit a bite. Then, the whole water dragon hissed and the current flowed from the dragon head to the dragon tail.

Dragon Tail is still in the shadow realm of Qian Shen, while the current flashes into the shadow realm, Qian Shen's screams are heard, and Qian Shen appears in front of everyone, although he himself has not been seriously harmed, But he was numb with electricity, and it was very difficult to even support his body.

Wu Ruo entered while taking advantage of Qian Shen's weakness, condensed a huge force and struck Qian Shen.

Qian Shen looked at Wu Ruo flying over, and stared unwillingly, but he couldn't move if he wanted to move. He watched Wu Ruo hit him, and hurried out his contract companions, but Wu Ruo speed Too fast, the moment the contract companion came out, Wu Ruo had come to him.

At this moment, a white shadow flew out of the shadow next to it, and the appliance blocked Wu Ruo's attack. Then, holding Qian Shenfei and running.

Wu Ruo frowned and caught up.

The opponent threw a yellow note at him.

Wu Ruo flashed, the yellow charm passed by him, fell to the ground, and made a loud noise, making a huge noise, and the large square was mostly destroyed, and many high-level wizards were also wounded. The yellow charm is amazing.

The royal family and the old people were scared, and everyone ran away.

Heitu did not want to continue to damage the soldiers, and hurried everyone to retreat.

The old people quickly left the wounded, leaving a large mess to clean up the royal family.

Seeing that there was a guard to chase, Hei Xiong immediately said, "Don't chase after everyone."

Everyone stopped.

Hei Xieyu quickly came to Wu Ruo: "Are you all right?"

Wu Ruo shook his head: "I'm fine, but unfortunately let the Son run away."

Hei Xuan looked at the direction in which the Son left: "There is still a chance in the future."

Wu Ruo frowned: "I feel that this time, he will be taken away from the kingdom of the dead.

"How to say?"

"The person who saved the Son of God just now is definitely not an ordinary person, nor is it the Son of God. I guess there may be a person in the Mystery, and this person did not fight with me, indicating that the other party did not want to kill me, that is to say May take Qian Shen back. "Wu Ruo thought again:" The person just now seems to be a woman. "

"It's a woman." Hei Xuyi saw that the other was not tall, and the girls had curvy figures.

Wu Ruo raised an eyebrow: "Willn't it be Shengzi's sister?"
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