Comeback of the Abandoned Wife Chapter 321-330

Chapter 321: Don't make a bad idea

Hei Xuyi, Hei Ziya and Hei Xutang all looked at them and frowned.

"Hei Xing !!" Hei Xietang shouted in shock. "Why are you here?"

When he came in just now, because the eldest brother was facing away from him and blocking the person sitting on the left hand, and the uncle blocked the person sitting on his right hand, so he only noticed the uncle and did not go to the table. other people.

Limping and deep chanting returned to God, lowered his face and looked at Wu Ruo: "Who the **** are you?"

Actually, Wu Ruo didn't need to explain. Hei Xingtang could already guess his identity from their title, but they couldn't face his conjecture.

Wu Ruo said the whole thing again and again: "I only knew your identity a few days ago."

He looked at him deeply, "You're actually named Wu Ruo, didn't you come from Panyang?"

Wu Ruo nodded, "Yes."

"You turned out to be Wu Ruo, the prince's princess ..." Shen Song's face was unbelievable, but the old man tried everything to kill him, but they had been friends with this man for more than half a year.

There was a hint of complexity in his eyes. If he didn't like Wu Ruo, maybe he would accept his identity calmly, even if he didn't care that he was a princess, but now he ...

He took the tea cup and drank it, as if to wash away the uneasiness in his heart: "I'm glad you haven't continued to hide our identity from us, but if we continue to be friends, presumably the prince will be unhappy."

Hei Xuanyu said quietly, "As long as you are happy."

I was surprised, and I was very surprised by this answer. He didn't expect that Hei Xiu was not angry, but also supported Wu Ruo. Instead, he seemed to be small, but if he knew what kind of mood he was friends with Wu Ruo Can it be accepted so generously?

Wu Ruo is not in a hurry to answer immediately, after all, the royal family and the old people have been inextricably linked since the millennium, and it is not easy to want peaceful coexistence.

After a moment of limping, he stood up and said, "I have something in my body, so I will leave first."

Wu Ruo nodded: "Walk slowly."

Shen Song quickly stood up.

After he walked away from the table, he paused and asked, "I saw the emperor list just issued this morning, and said that someone had cured the anorexia. Is this true?"

As soon as the emperor's list came out this morning, things were rumored. Everyone was discussing the authenticity of the matter. Some people speculated that the emperor just gave everyone a hope and let the people regain confidence in the royal family. Even he guessed. After all, in the past few decades, there has been no progress in the treatment of anemia, and the people who have it and their families have fallen into despair. Now the emperor has released a list of people saying that he has been cured of anemia, and asked for it. Patients with yang and not very serious should exercise more daily, I don't know how many people are happy and glad.

Hei Xuan said, "It's true."

The limp and deep song flashed in surprise, and then they walked out of the gate.

Under the order of Hei Xieyu, the guards gave way to let them walk past.

Leaving the tea house, came to a place where no one was, and Song Song recalled thoroughly: "Yanyang turned out to be the princess, oh no, you should call him Wu Ruocai, master ..."

The limp was still in a daze, not listening to what he was saying.

"Master." Shen Song patted his shoulder.

Limping back to God: "What's wrong?"

Deeply looking around, he saw few people, so he lowered his voice and said, "Should we continue to be friends with him, and then ..."

He made a 'kill' gesture.

Faintly lowered his face: "Don't make a bad idea."

Shen Song smiled embarrassedly: "I was joking too. When I really wanted to do it, I really couldn't get out of it. In any case, we have been friends with him for half a year."

Li Xing tightened his eyebrows and looked at the distance. His mood was so complicated that he never thought that he would be the princess of Hei Xieyu ...

"He hasn't married his prince yet, isn't he a real princess?"

"He and Hei Xieyu have become close relatives in the Kingdom of Heaven, and their two children have been transformed with their own flesh and blood and thirty-seven. Even without a big marriage, their status cannot be shaken."

Shen Song was surprised: "So, the egg is made of Sanqi Stone?"

Limping softly: "It should be."

After seeing that the limp came out of the tea, Shen Song was very depressed, and he asked, "Master, are you having a hard time accepting ... uh ... Wu Ruo's concubine?"

Li Xing pursed his lips and did not speak.

"Master, do you care about him that way?" Shen Song didn't quite understand. Every time he met with Wu Ruo, he almost followed his identity. When it comes to his relationship with Wu Ruo, he should be about the same as his master, but, Why is the master so concerned about Wu Ruo?

"Which ..." The two words stopped before stopping.

Shen Song always felt that the master had an unspeakable sadness, so he turned to the topic: "Master, Miss You was seriously injured. We were also present at the time. It would not be good if we did not visit her. After all, She is still your fiancee. "

Li Xing didn't like Yu Xuanzhang, but he promised to investigate the man in white, and went to Yu Jia with Shen Song.

The owner of Yujia was furious in the lobby and saw that the baby granddaughter was injured in an adult-like manner. He was so distressed that he severely punished the servants who followed Yu Xuanyu. Then he sent someone to find the big bird monster and go Find Your Home Find Your Hope.

The others were afraid to keep their heads down.

As soon as Limiao and Shensong entered the hall, they saw the wolf, all bottles and cups smashed by the owner.

Looking at the limping, the owner said with a sad look: "Young Master, my son is hurt so badly, as a fiance, you must avenge her."

Sales office frowned. "Where is she?"

"The doctor is healing her in her room. The old man will come to see her with you." The owner walked out of the hall with him and said excitedly. "The doctor said that it would take about a year and a half before her injury would be slow. Go slowly. "

Limping surprised: "So serious?"

Under normal circumstances, burned by a fire, you can recover within half a month with the ointment you use.

"That **** monster has the blood of a Phoenix. The fire it spit out is a hundred times more powerful than ordinary fire, and it also carries the poison of fire. It is fortunate that the child was not burned to ashes. The doctor said that these injuries were second, most What's important is her eyes. Her eyes are no longer recoverable unless ... "said the owner and stopped halfway.

The limp knew that unless he wanted to say that the descendants of the immortal kingdom of Heaven would take the shot, otherwise, his eyes could not be cured at all: "Homeowner, how do you know that the **** monster has the blood of the Phoenix?"

The owner knew that this matter could not be concealed, and he honestly explained: "This **** monster was caught by me and other elders. Although I brought it the weapon to control it, it has reached the state of transformation. , The magic device can't control it, and it is locked in the backyard. Anyone who wants to use it can use it, and I will take it out because of this, who wants it ... 唉 …… "

Deep chant: "..."

This is simply the fault. How can they avenge you? Did Yu Xuan slap the pain device and said she shouldn't take the monster out?

Li Xing asked: "Is the owner, Xuan Yuan, is there a powerful Nine-level magician beside him, and his spiritual strength is no different from mine?"

The owner frowned, "No."

The limp saw that he didn't seem to be lying, so he didn't ask further.

They came to the courtyard where Yu Xuan lived, and a sad cry came from inside.

When Yu Xuan's mother saw the arrival of the owner, she quickly came to the owner and cried, "Dad, you must take revenge on your son."

"The old man will definitely take revenge on his son." The owner entered the room.

Limiao and Shensong are men who are inconvenient to enter the girl's boudoir, waiting outside, and then unexpectedly saw Zhong Rong also standing outside the door of Yu Xuan's room.

Shen Song asked: "Chong Rong, why are you here?"

Chong Rong said: "I heard Miss Yu was injured. I came here to see her and didn't know how her injuries were."

"Everyone forgot that you lived in Yujia. You have to come and see Miss Yu. It's just a few yards away."

Chong Rong smiled quietly, and turned his attention to the limping: "What happened before, why did the lady hurt so much?"

"This thing is really hard to say ..." Shen Song couldn't say that this thing was caused by Xuan Ye. If she hadn't brought the big bird monster against Wu Ruo, and the big bird monster happened to be a black monster Without hurting yourself: "Yes, Chong Rong, you do n’t know that Panyang actually ..."

He slumped his face and interrupted his words: "Deep Song!"

Zhongrong asked: "What's wrong?"

Song Song coughed, "Nothing."

At this time, a gatekeeper hurriedly walked in and reported to the owner: "Homeowner, those who are next to you are gone.

Glancing and chanting glances.

"What !?" The owner stepped out of the room and asked angrily, "What's missing?"

"When we went to Yu Yi's mansion, the door of their house was locked, and there was no one inside."

The homeowner was furious: "They must know that the old man's granddaughter fled in fear of being injured by Panyang."

Li Xing squinted his eyes, and the owner wanted to push Wu Xuan's injury to Wu Ruo.

Immediately afterwards, another gatekeeper ran in: "Master, someone has given you a letter."

The owner took the anger and took the letter: "Who sent it?"

"The other person is a little beggar, and the little one doesn't know."

The homeowner asked as he opened the letter; "Did the sender say nothing?"

"Just say that this letter will be handed to you, and you will know when you open it."

The owner opened the stationery in doubt, and browsed it at a high speed. His face was shocked.

Seeing that his expression was wrong, Li Xing asked with concern: "From the owner, what happened?"

"You Panyang is actually a princess ..."

Pingxing and deep chanting chanted.

"It's no wonder that the people from the house next to you are gone. Why is that? Because they didn't take our old people into view at all. They have been serving their lives for many years. It turned out to be this day. , Dare to deceive us for such a long time, this account is definitely to be accounted for by them. "The family passed the letter to Pingxing angrily, which clearly stated the passage of Wu Ruo from Panyang and Wu Ruo. True identity and identity.

Li Xing took a look and frowned frantically. Wu Ruogang had just confirmed his identity and someone would send this letter to the owner. Within half a day, all the old people would know about this. By then, Wu Ruo they would definitely He believes that this incident was passed on by him, and the person who appeared to spread the word seemed to destroy his relationship with Wu Ruo.

But who is it? Who wrote the letter from the owner?

The owner thinks that his granddaughter knew him from the limp, so he asked, "Master, don't you know about this?"

Limping: "..."

A guilty conscience flashed through Shen Song's eyes, and he shouted loudly: "How could the young master know this thing, and if he knew it, he wouldn't be with him."

"Also." The owner did not doubt them.

Deeply spit secretly.

Zhong Rong looked at them silently, without speaking.

Chapter 322: I am not so old

Wu Ruo and Hei Xieyu came to Hei Xietang's palace and listened to the guard saying that the ghost had received the news from the government.

They came to the courtyard where Wuqianqing lived, and there was a wailing cry.

Wu Ruo entered the hall and saw Guan Tong crying with a woman who looked similar to her, and Wu Xi and the ghost were beside them wiping silk tears.

Wuzhu and Wuqianqing comforted Guan Tong, and You and Thorny stood aside to see the people in the house recognize each other, but You Yi and Su Baishuang were particularly embarrassed.

"Yan Panyang !!" As soon as Yan Wen saw Wu Ruo coming back safely, he stood up excitedly, with a look of joy and anger on his face: "You, you kid, are obviously my concubine, but they occupy us. Cheap, either call us brother or call our name directly, you, you are awful. "

Yi Yi glanced at him: "You still call him Yu Panyang?"

"Yes, call him Wu Ruo."

With a sigh of sigh, there was a sorrow of sorrow that could hardly be caught under his eyes. It turned out that his youngest son had already been killed, but he, the father, knew nothing.

Seeing Wu Ruo, Su Baishuang was even more embarrassed. She used to force 'Prince Princess' to marry another person. If the Prince knew that she would chop her.

She carefully glanced at the black shawl beside Wu Ruo, seeing the other side coldly glance at her, her shoulders shrank, and she quickly lowered her head to not look at anyone.

You Yanwu saw the big bird monster behind Wu Ruo, and jumped up in shock: "Yu, You, Oh, no, Xiao, Xiao Ruo, how did you bring this big Wu monster back, you know I don't know if it is very powerful, it can be transformed into a human being. Without seven or eight ninth-level wizards, it can't deal with it. "

Wu Ruo looked at the puppet behind his eyes and explained, "It was originally our beast. When it came to the kingdom of the dead, it was separated from it, and then it would be captured by the people at home.

Anger said: "If in recent years I hadn't changed my shape quickly and caused my body to be weak, it would have been impossible for a few of them to catch me.

Thorny Fly flew in front of him: "I finally found you back."

"You've been looking for me?" I was particularly moved.

Wu Ruoming said: "Jiaojiao and egg collection are both missing you."

"Where's the egg?" The egg was hatched by the uncle, and he had a special affection for him, just like his own son.

"He's in the palace and will take you back to see him later. Jiaojiao is in the backyard. You can go to him."

"Um." I turned and left the hall.

Wu Ruo asked Hei Xieyu: "Is he really your monster? The monster that has become a human being is very distinguished in the monster race. How can I listen to you?"

Hei Xieyu said, "As it said, my body was very weak during the metamorphosis period, and I just caught it back at this time to hatch eggs.

Wu Ruo's eyes widened: "Did you catch it back then?"

"Well, is there a problem?"

"I thought it was a monster that was always with you, no wonder I was the last ..." Wu Ruo said here, and quickly swallowed the words that he had not seen it: "In its status, And it ’s a male, why would you be willing to condescend and noble to hatch eggs for us? ”

"It wasn't willing to do so. Seeing the egg's emanation from the back helps it to change shape early, and it's in a weak period and needs somewhere to hide to change shape before agreeing to it. I also promised it that as long as the egg hatch After that, it can leave at any time. "

"That was the case." Thorny sneered: "I said how it would stay with you to look after the children."

Guan Tong had cried almost, wiped her tears, and called Wu Ruo and Hei Xuan to come and introduce the woman she was holding and the man standing next to Wu Qianqing: "Maternal grandfather, maternal grandmother, this is the second son Wu If, next to him is today's prince. "

Upon hearing this, Zhaoping and Qin Zhen quickly called for their sons, daughters-in-law, and grandchildren to come and salute. Although the ghost woman explained everything to Wu Ruo to them in the morning, she was still shocked to see Hei Xieyu, she could n’t believe that someone from her family would become a princess, and she would n’t dare to face him one day. Talking, this is something they never dreamed of.

Wu Ruo quickly said, "You don't have to be polite, you don't need to salute here."

Guan Tong nodded: "Xiao Ruo is right, because he doesn't care about these false gifts."

The ghost woman said to Wu Ruo, "Xiao Ruo, I brought my father and mother here without your consent, wouldn't you mind?"

In the first prison, you brought Yu Yanwen and Yu Yanwu back to the palace, and told her the previous thing, she felt that the big event was not good, and quickly took Yu Yanwen back home to persuade her father and mother that they would leave. Fortunately, father and mother consciously To the seriousness of the matter, there is no intention to stay in Yufu.

"Maternal grandmother, you worry more, they are all my loved ones, how could I care, just ..." Wu Ruo raised his eyebrows: "Is there only so many people left by the family?"

The ghost woman guiltyly said, "In the past, there were a lot of people. But after my incident, we were killed by most of the old people's leaders. Some people did not dare to offend the old leaders and took their families to hide. After getting up, slowly, we were left with our family and several elders and their families.

Wu Ruo asked, "How many elders can you let them take refuge?"

Qin Zhen said, "Several days ago, several elders learned that Ranren had been home. When they felt that something bad was about to happen, they asked someone to test it, but they couldn't figure it out. They were worried about it. What happened decades ago, and quickly left with his family. "

Thorny Lengheng: "These people are quite shrewd.

Hei Xuan said softly, "Either they leave.

Suddenly, Su Bai fell to her knees and said, "Please His Royal Highness Save my mother's life."

The ghost woman embarrassed, "We were in a hurry, but we just sent someone to inform Dasao's family. I just didn't know what they said or didn't believe me. Maybe they are still in the house."

Hei Xieyu reassured them: "I dare to arrange for someone to protect them. As long as the wind blows, they will immediately take them away."

Su Baishuang nodded his head gratefully, "Thank you Prince."

Guan Tong hurriedly helped Su Bai to get up: "Mother-in-law, all are family members, you don't need so much courtesy."

Su Baishuang was so ashamed that she didn't know how to face the ghost woman and Wu Ruo. What she had done before was really shameless.

The ghost woman held Su Baishuang's hand: "Dasao, the past things have passed, I hope you can let go of the past things and get along with us again."

In the past, Su Bai treated her like a sister. Later, because of her involvement with Guan Zhen, Youjia and Su's family were in trouble. In the end, Youjia was in trouble. In the end, she needed to be a seller to maintain her life. Su's life also followed, and every time Su Baishuang returned to Su's family to visit her family, she was either ridiculed by the Su family or she was not allowed to enter the house. Over time, Su Baishuang complained about her.

Qin Zhen and You Zhaoping also opened their eyes to what she did because they knew that Su Baishuang would not be easy.

Su Baishuang looked at her with tears in her eyes and couldn't believe the ghost woman so easily forgave her for her bitterness and harshness over the years.

"You do not want it?"

"Of course I want to ..." Su Baishuang quickly answered.

Wuqianqing Road: "It's almost noon. I'll ask the housekeeper to arrange your accommodation and ask you to come over for lunch when you have lunch."

Hei Xieyu told them: "Don't leave the house recently."


After they left, Hei Xietang came to the courtyard of Wu Qianqing and said, "Brother, I just heard that the people of the old people already knew that a princess had been **** by their home. The old leader also ordered, as long as they saw People who look similar to Yu Yi and Qin Zhen killed them, brother, do you think it was Hei Xingxing who let the news go? He just revealed his identity to him, and then it was passed on that she was a prince. Throughout the old people. "

Hei Xuan narrowed his eyes: "This is not your style of Hei Xing."

Wu Ruo nodded: "I don't believe it will be him who tells the story."

"No matter who passed it on, Dasao will not be able to go out alone in the future. By the way, my mother-in-law and Dasao are similar in appearance and cannot go out alone."

Guan Tong said, "Please rest assured that I will not go out for a while."

Hei Sui said: "They found the home, and soon they knew that Xiao Ruo's family lived in the house, so not only the mother, but also dad, Xiao Xi, and big brother, don't go out alone. If you want to go out Let ’s take more people to protect you, but in the first layer, the people of the old people are not afraid to mess with us. ”

You said dissatisfied: "I said brother-in-law, although I haven't got married to Xiao Zhu, but anyway, it's a half-Wu family? Why don't you care about me and let me go out alone?"

Hei Xuan faintly glanced at him: "You can't die alone."

Hei Xietang laughed: "Dasao, if you go out alone, I will worry more about the old people who don't have long eyes, because they will die instead of you."

Youyou raised her eyebrows, "I'm praising me in disguise."

"Yes, I'm just bragging about you."

The others couldn't help but smile.

Wu Ruo looked at You and touched her chin: "Suddenly I'm curious how old is this year."

He asks this because he feels that you are like a child sometimes, but he also has a daughter brought by him. In this way, he should be young.

You looked stiff.

Everyone was curious and looked at You.

Wu Zhu said, "After hearing Xiao Ruo's words, I realized that I don't know how old You are."

"I don't want to tell you about their age." Youzhen said in the girl's voice, the men present were shaking, and goosebumps came out.

Hei Xietang said, "Da'ao, can you stop wearing men's clothes and speak with a woman's voice, it's disgusting."

Ye Ji groaned: "I remember the previous generation of the Emperor, that is, the brother of the Emperor was one hundred years old, and the Emperor was at least seventy or eighty."

As soon as the words came down, you were sent out by Youyou to the fan: "Mother, I'm not that old."

Chapter 323: No regrets in this life

After lunch, Wu Ruo and Hei Xieyu left the palace in a beast cart.

There were people coming and going on the street, the beast car could only move forward slowly. Wu Ruo, who was sitting in the car, heard that people outside the car were talking about the treatment of anemia, and they were very curious about how the royal family cured it. of.

Hei Xieyu heard several people praise the doctor who cured the anorexia, happily raised the corners of his mouth, and pulled Wu Ruo into his arms and whispered, "Xiao Ruo, thank you, if not for you, your sixth brother may support Not until now. "

Wu Ruo turned around and kissed him in the mouth: "Thank you for this kind of sincerity."

Hei Xun chuckled.

Wu Ruo quietly leaned in his arms, but thought about the fate of the last generation of Hei Xixi, unfortunately, he had not heard of the person of Hei Xixi until his death, but after he told him More than a year after he became married, Hei Xuyi had been depressed for a while, and it took about half a year to get better. Maybe Hei Xuxi did not cure the anorexia at that time.

Oh, after his rebirth, he changed the destiny of many people. In the last life, those who did not die are dead, those who are still alive, and have seen people who have never been seen in the previous life.

Wu Ruo took the big hand on her chest and put it to her mouth to kiss her.

With just a simple movement, Hei Xieyu's heart throbbed and she could not help but tighten her arms and hug her in her arms. In this life, there is a person who cherishes so cherishly, there is no regret in this life.

Wu Ruo and Hei Xiu leaned on their faces, and kissed intimately: "It's almost November, the weather has become cold, and Liu's body may be unbearable. After returning to the palace, let's take a look Sixth brother, I have something to confess to him. "


The two returned to the palace to see Hei Xixi and then return to Hengxing Palace. Just when the two children took a lunch break, Wu Ruo asked the **** to take a small look at the mysterious books received by Lao Hei in the hall.

The speed of reading is small. I read all mystery books in one afternoon. After that, it took another three days to read all the other books of magic books, medicinal books, and medicinal materials, but Wu Ruo turned it over. A book, familiarize yourself with all the moves in the book and then turn to the second one, and then look at the book and study how to use them together.

If it weren't for Hei Xieyu's account of Heixin to supervise their father and son, otherwise they would often sleep and forget to eat.

On October 30, Lou Tiao's body had fully recovered, and he left the emperor to continue his official duties. Then, Hei Xieyu became very busy. He could not see anyone at both ends for three days, nor could he return to rest at night.

Wu Ruo was just starting to study mystery with Xiaoxiao, and didn't pay attention to this. Later, he found that Hei Xieyu had not been seen for seven days. Every time he asked Hei Xieyu's guard, he didn't hear 'Prince and Lord Lou went to inspect' I heard the guard say 'Prince and Lord Lou are in a disaster relief somewhere'. In short, every time I heard Hei Xieyu fell with Lou.

At first I did n’t think there was any problem, but then I always heard the guards report that Hei Xieyu fell with the floor. Wu Ruo was a bit depressed, especially once he explained that Hei Xin must come after Hei Xieyu returns. Dan Fang told him, but when he learned that Hei Xieyu went back to the palace and hurried out of the house, he had not had time to see the previous one. Hei Xieyu had been dumped by the building and called for urgent business.

Of course, he believes in Hei Xieyu, and it is impossible for him to betray him, but after he feels that Lou Qingluo is interesting to his man, he thinks that it is Lou Qingluo deliberately leading all this , Deliberately not to let their husbands meet. However, Lou Qingluo was looking for Hei Xieyu to do his official business, and he didn't seem to be jealous of asking him to keep a distance from Lou Yiu.

Wu Ruo wanted to go here and ticked his lips. If he is really only 20 years old now, he may really be arguing about Hei Xuan. Do n’t meet with Lou Qingluo, but his psychological age is over thirty years old. Is an adult man.

Well, adult men should behave like adult men.

"Daddy, what are you laughing at?" Eggs asked curiously when Wu Ruo was smiling.

Wu Ruo went back to his life and wiped his mouth. "If you are full, take your brother to lunch break."

"Oh." Doudou picked up a little and left.

Wu Ruo looked to Liang Dong: "Go back to your lunch break, too."

"Leng Dong retired." Liang Dong ran out of Heng Xing Guan excitedly and returned to the small official hall next door: "Mother-in-law, mother-in-law."

When Nian Xia heard his son's voice, he laughed and hugged the child: "Why is it so happy?"

Liang Dong happily said: "The five uncles praised me for my good knowledge of metaphysics.

"Liang Dong is really good." Nian Xia asked again, "How are you getting along with your brothers now?"

"We often play together." After all, Liang Dong is a child. He didn't dare to play with them at the beginning. He has been together for a long time now, and he likes to play with toys in class after class.

Nian Xia rubbed his head: "So you get along well with your brothers, shouldn't you also take out what you like and share it with your brothers?"

Liang Dong nodded happily, ran back to his room to find all his toys, and set aside his favorite short wooden sword: "This is the egg egg brother, the egg egg brother likes playing swords the most."

Then he turned to other toys and frowned angrily: "Little brother is too small, he can't take these toys ..."

Liang Dong thought and thought. When he saw the bergamot cake on the table, his eyes were bright. He liked to eat bergamot cake best. It was best to send the bergamot cake to the younger brother.

Nian Xia who came in later asked: "Liang Dong, what gifts do you plan to prepare for your brothers?"

Liang Dong grinned: "Little short wooden sword and bergamot."

Nian Xia shook her head: "Not good."

Liang Dong stunned: "Not good?"

"Well, your little short wooden sword is only suitable for the Highness to play, but the small stocks can only watch from the side, and your bergamot cake is too big for the Highness to swallow.

Liang Dong frowned. "What should I do?"

Nian Xia took out a small elixir from his sleeve: "You give them to the two princes, and they will love them. However, when no one sees them, you quietly put them in the two princes. In the tea, if they think the tea is delicious, they prove that they like your gift. Then you give them a little surprise and tell them that it is a gift from you. If they do n’t say it is delicious or do not speak, you should be I do n’t know about it in case they are unhappy. Even if someone asks you, you have to say you do n’t know, you know? ”

Liang Dong took the elixir and nodded.

Nian Xia again urged: "Be sure to remember what I say."

"it is good."

Nian Xia took off his robes and hugged him to bed. Then, he had two teas a day longer than usual to call him up to Heng Xing Palace to learn the cold winter. When he came to Heng Xing Palace, Shi Bao had not yet arrived, and the eggs Eggs and Xiaoxiao are still on their lunch break. In the hall, only Hessin is busy.

"Xinbo." Liang Dong went to the temple and sat obediently in a chair.

HeiXin smiled slightly: "Her Royal Highness, slept well during lunch break? Would you like to drink a sober tea made by old slaves, His Highness Eggs and Little Highness will wake up every time they wake up and drink old slaves' tea You can also refresh yourself with a drink.

He poured Liang Dong a cup of tea and put it in front of Liang Dong: "The tea is a little hot. You can drink it later.

"Thank you."

"You're welcome." Hesin counted the time when they got up and poured out two cups of tea to dissipate the heat. After a while, the **** came to report that His Royal Highness they had woke up, and Hessin returned to the room to dress them robe.

Liang Dong stared at the three cups of tea on the table for a while, then, his eyes flashed, he watched the guard standing outside the door, quickly took out the medicine for Nian Xia, put them in the egg and they waited for the meeting. Sober tea to drink.

The elixir melted into the water and did not see anything in the water at all.

Liang Dong thought that his two younger brothers would like his gift, so he felt very happy. He sat down in a chair and ran to their room to see them wearing robes.

They were all neatly dressed and taken to the hall.

Hei Xin picked up the tea with a smile: "The temperature of the tea is just right, the two high princes sip, sober and awake."

Eggs and a little sip of tea, the whole person immediately got a lot of energy.

Liang Dong looked at them with wide and shiny eyes, but unfortunately, they could not wait for the eggs, they said that the tea was delicious, indicating that they did not like the gift he gave, and could not help but darkened.

Hei Channel: "Shi Bao is here. Your Highness Liang Dong, don't let Shi Bao wait for a long time."

Liang Dong's learning ability is not as good as they are. Therefore, Liang Dong must learn to read and write with the teacher's insurance no matter it is morning or afternoon.

At the end of class, Liang Dong hurriedly ran back to Xiaoguandian: "Mother-in-law, mother-in-law."

With a hint of anxiety, Nian Xia heard his voice and ran out quickly: "What's wrong?"

"Brother, don't like my gift."

After reading Xia Yi, quickly hugged the child into the room, closed the door and whispered, "You put me elixir in their tea?"

Liang Dong nodded: "Let it go."

"Did anyone see you put the elixir in their tea?"

Cold winter shook his head.

Nian Xia suddenly relieved: "Did they drink these teas?"

"Drank, but they didn't say they liked it or said they didn't like it."

"Just drink." Nian Xia smiled, "It doesn't matter if they don't like it, just give them the toys you want to give them before."

"Isn't my mother saying that wooden swords and pastries are bad?"

"Even if it's not good, it's your intention. They won't dislike it."

"it is good.

After Nian Xia An soothed his son, he asked, "What did the two little princes do after drinking tea?"

"Brother Yandan is studying mystery with Wushu, and little brother is reading a book with his wife."

Nian Xia frowned: "When you came back, were your two high princes unwell?"

Liang Dong shook his head: "No."

Nian Xiaxin wondered: "Strange, how could there be no response?"

Could it be that the elixir is not useful to them because they are made of Sanqi Stone?

Nian Xia waited for another night, but still didn't hear the two His Highness abnormal, so they threw a leaf outside the small palace in the middle of the night and returned to the room to rest.

Chapter 324:

The leaves lay alone on the ground without eyes, just like ordinary leaves falling from the trees. The patrol guards passing by would not look at the ground at all, and the eunuchs would sweep the leaves before they died.

As soon as the time arrived, the masters of the palaces continued to wash their bodies, and Wu Ruo was no exception.

He habitually touched him when he opened his eyes. He didn't touch anyone or felt cold, and he couldn't help feeling lost.

Wu Ruo sat up and looked at the large room, humming softly, "Thirty-one, forty-seven come in to change clothes for me."

Thirty-one and forty-seven pushed through the door: "Which robes will the Crown Prince wear today?"

"Random." Wu Ruo got out of bed, put on his shoes, and sat at the dressing table to comb his hair.

Forty-seven took a light purple robe from the wardrobe.

Wu Ruo asked, "Do you know where the shame is?"

The fourth and seventh replied: "Last night the Prince was busy in the office of the Office of Documents, and when he was a child, he put his clothes on the soft couch and rested.

"It's so hard." Wu Ruo frowned and didn't want to be a black prince. "If he is busy in the palace, he will report it."


His Majesty He went to the Document Hall to see the document and discuss with the ministers.

Trinity they got the news and immediately informed Wu Ruo about it.

Wu Ruo quickly put down the things in his hand and came to the instrument hall. However, the person was stopped by the guards before entering the gate.

Wu Ruo had expected this to happen. He smiled and took out a letter and handed it to the guard. "I won't go in. Just help me hand the letter to the prince."

"Yes." The guard closed it carefully.

After Wu Ruo left, a **** guarding the gate of the hall came over and asked in a low voice: "What's the matter for the princess?"

The guard honestly said: "The prince-in-law let his subordinates deliver the letter he gave to the prince."

The **** narrowly squinted Wu Ruoyuan's figure: "It shouldn't be a big deal, just put his letter in the ordinary official letter, and the Prince will see it."


The guard entered the hall and saw Hei Xieyu and the ministers discussing things on the other side. After placing the book given by Wu Ruo to the position of the eunuch, he turned and left.

He glanced at the guard at the building where he discussed the matter with Hei Xie.

Hei Xieyu and the ministers discussed good things, sat back to their positions, pointed to a large pile of ordinary documents on the left and said, "Take these documents."

"Yes." The ministers cooperated with each other, divided the official documents into equal parts, and returned to their seats.

After reading the original document, one of the ministers picked up the document just sent out, and the first document was a letter with no name or content on the cover.

He opened it and saw only three words in it: Miss you

"This ..." the Minister frowned, and murmured, "What letter is this? Who is so incompetent and actually sent such a ridiculous and shameful letter to the Hall of Clerics? It's so irritating."

The building behind him fell down and looked at the letter, pursing his lips tightly.

The minister threw the letter on the table, frowning at the black document of the official document, and hesitated again and again. He still did not hand in such an unimportant letter to the black document, so that the prince would not be happy even they would Suffer.

He broke the letter into a ball and threw it into the paper.

Lou leaned down and looked at the paper ball in his eyes, ticked his lips, and turned back to his position.

In the next five days, Wu Ruo came to the Document Hall to see Hei Xieyu. Every time he was stopped by the guard, he was not angry. After being stopped, he would give the guard the letter he wrote early in the morning and let the guard Transferred to Hei Xun.

But every time, the guards put them into ordinary documents, and then they were seen again and again by different ministers, and then they were brought to the waste paper, and finally the eunuchs burned them as waste paper.

Hei Xin saw Wu Ruo perseverely write a letter to Hei Xuyi daily and sent it to the clerical palace in person, but Hei Xuyi did not return to see them once, which made him very distressed to Wu Ruo, so he comforted Road: "Prince, now close to the year, the official duties are very heavy, the Prince must be busy with a lot of things, so he did not mean not to come back to see you."

Wu Ruo knows that Hexin cares about him, but it makes him feel funny and angry that Hexin thinks he will be unhappy because he is too busy with his official duties, and he is not an idiot who does n’t know how to do this. Unhappy with a little thing.

He sighed and said, "I know, I just worry that he can't afford to eat, and he will be exhausted sooner or later if he doesn't work day and night.

HeiXin laughed; "If the Crown Prince knows that the Princess cares about him so much, she will be very happy."

Wu Ruo laughed and stopped speaking, and continued to read.

Hexin poured a cup of tea for him and left the hall.

"Uncle Wu, I miss my father," whispered Liang Dong, who was studying mystery in the courtyard and Hei Xieyu.

Hei Xin heard this and stopped.

"I miss my father, too."

Hei Xiong rubbed his little head in a funny way: "I think you want your brother to buy you delicious food."

Everyone nodded honestly.

He likes to think about when his father bought him.

"You ..." Hei Xuai cried and couldn't pinch his small face.

Liang Dong asked: "Uncle Wu, when can we meet our father?"

"It's ..." Hei Xuyi is not very sure: "I have a lot of things lately, my elder brother will be very busy, and it may take a few days to come back. I am also very busy now, and teach you every day to learn from half an hour to an hour. I'm going to do business. "

Heixin jumped out and said, "Prince, if you are a prince, tell him, both the prince and his Royal Highness miss him very much, and you will let him take the time to see it. It won't take long for the tea time to let the prince The concubines are very happy. "

Hei Xieyu agreed without thinking, "I'll talk to my brother when I will."

As soon as the teaching time arrived, he went to the Academy, because he had an official position, he could enter and leave the Academy at will, so he soon saw Hei Xieyu.


Hei Xuyi raised an eyebrow: "How come you here?"

"I came from Hengxing Palace."

The building on the side fell and gave him a glance.

Hei Xiu came to Hei Xiu: "Brother, big ..."

Before he could finish speaking, Lou fell upright and stood up: "Prince, there is an urgent official document.

Hei Xuanyan frowned. "What is it?"

"It was the official document from the twelfth floor, and it was said that the matrix method we studied was out of order."

Hei Xieyu quickly took a scan of the document.

Lou Ting fell aside and explained, "Originally, the method of transmitting heating became the method of transmitting air conditioning. Now the entire thirteenth floor is extremely frozen. As in the Daxue Mountain, many people's hands and feet have frostbite, and even some people's hands and feet It was swollen and rotten. Moreover, people with deficient diseases became ill, leading to insufficient medicinal materials and insufficient doctors. Nowadays, several people who have deficient diseases have died. Therefore, all city owners and town officials on the thirteenth floor have died. They all started to let us take the doctor and the frost medicinal herbs. "

Hei Xieyu immediately assigned tasks to the ministers and went to the thirteenth floor with them.

Hei Xieyu also asked to help out.

They came to the thirteenth floor, and they were immediately frozen and shivered. People with spiritual power hurried to use the heat to warm them. Those without the power put on a thick cloak.

The situation on the thirteenth floor was worse than they thought, because poor people froze their hands and feet without firewood to heat them up, so much that they couldn't do anything, and even some people had problems walking. Patients who come to see a doctor outside the pharmacy are in a long line, and the medicinal materials are also very expensive, and many people can't afford the money. Crying everywhere, many people who could not stand the cold went to the twelfth or fourteenth floor to take refuge.

Seeing injuries everywhere, Hei Xuyi's face was dark and dark: "Why did you report it to this point?"

The city lord who came to greet Hei Xieyu hurriedly explained: "In the beginning, everyone thought that the weather was getting colder, and the formation method didn't care if it couldn't absorb the heat of the sun, but it became like this when things got serious, but seven days ago, The matter has already started, but I do not know why His Royal Highness has only received the news now. "

Hei Xu frowned and looked at the minister who received the official document.

Suddenly, the minister sweated coldly on his forehead and hurriedly explained: "Recently, there has been a lot of official duties. Wei Chen has tried to subdivide the important documents as much as possible, but he did not expect ..."

Hei Sui interrupted him with a deep voice: "It is better to think of how to solve the current situation to justify himself."

"Yes, yes." The minister quietly wiped the cold sweat of his palm.

Hei Xieyu said: "Brother, my brother thinks that it must be someone who moves against the matrix to prevent the matrix from absorbing heat. We should check the matrix as soon as possible to restore warmth. It is our first priority now.

Hei Xunyu nodded: "You take the team to check the formation."

The city lord hurried out his voice: "Prince, I have sent people to check the formation of the thirteenth floor, and there are no problems."

Hei Xuyi said, "It should be a problem with the formation method of the land surface. I will send the corpse to check it."

Hei Xiu will dispatch other people to do other things.

At noon, the temperature on the thirteenth floor finally warmed up, and the people finally smiled, but they still had to wait in line for treatment.

Hei Xuyi learned that the land surface array method was due to a natural disaster, so he severely punished the guards who did not report the situation in a timely manner. After that, he took several ministers to visit the frozen family and was always busy. It wasn't until late at night that he was out of breath.

Hei Xieyu had dinner and closed her eyes in the beast car parked outside the gate.

Soon, Lou Qingluo got on the beast car, and when he saw Hei Xuan's frown, he felt very uncomfortable: "Prince, Weichen, how about rubbing your brain and relaxing?"

Hei Xieyu was thinking about things with his eyes closed, and didn't listen to what Lou Qing said.

Lou Ting thought that he agreed with his approach, and bent his corners of his mouth, pressing his fingertips on his temple.

Hei Xuanyu noticed that someone touched him, and opened his sharp black eyes suddenly, quickly grasped the falling wrist of the building, and said in a deep voice, "Who allows you to touch this palace?"

Chapter 325: I miss you

Lou Qingluo smiled stupidly: "Wei Chen just asked the prince's opinion, and seeing that the prince did not say anything, he thought the prince agreed with Wei Chen's approach."

Hei Xuan slumped his face: "Go down."

"Yes." Lou Qingluo turned sharply and walked out of the car.

Hei Xun looked at the door and squinted.

When he came to Heixiuyu of Heixiuyu, he saw Lou Duo's face ugly into the medicine shop, and he got on the car and said, "Brother, are you scolding the minister again?"

Hei Xieyu looked at his brother, thinking for a moment with a calm face, and asked, "You came to the Academy from Hengxing Palace this morning? How are Xiaoruo them recently? Have you eaten and slept on time?"

"Daddy, they miss you so much. I went to the academy to find you just to do something for them."

Hei Xieyu thought of Wu Ruo and his sons, his face was much relieved, and then frowned again: "Find me for their affairs? What happened to them? What happened?"

Hei Xieyu rolled his eyes: "You haven't returned to Hengxing Palace for more than half a month. Of course, they want you to think about it tightly, but they can't see you in the Academy of Classics. Hexin couldn't see it, so I had to see you. Then let me know and let you take the time to go back and meet them. "

Hei Xuanyu rubbed his brain: "I've been too busy lately."

A few days ago, I wanted to go back and have a meal with them. Unexpectedly, as soon as I sat down, something urgent was called away. Every time after the busy work at the academy had passed, I lived directly at the academy in order not to disturb Wu Ruo and to facilitate the handling of business.

Hei Xiu leaned on the back of the car and exhaled, "I can understand this, and I'm too busy to get out of breath. Fortunately, I can take a breath as soon as I reach the new year."

Hei Xunyu was weird: "Only Hexin let you tell me to go back to see Xiaoruo them? And Xiaoruo have nothing to tell me?"

According to Wu Ruo's temperament, it is impossible to wait in the palace quietly for him to go back to see him, let alone be so pitiful that someone needs to be told to go back to see them.

Hei Xieyu looked at him with a speechless expression: "Dayi wrote to you every day and sent it to the Academy in person. What else do you want him to say?"

"Letter?" Hei Xuan frowned. "What letter? I haven't received Xiao Ruo's letter for many days at the Academy."

"How is that possible?" Hei Xieyu wondered: "I see Daxi leaving the Hengxing Palace with a letter every day, why haven't you received his letter?"

"I did not receive the letter." Hei Xieyu raised the curtains and called the Dark Guard: "Black Season."

Hei Ji immediately came to the car: "What does the master say?"

Hei Xieyu asked: "You have been with me recently at the Academy, have you seen Xiao Ruo send me a letter?"

"Yes, in recent days, the princess has delivered you letters on time every day."

Hei Xuanyu lowered her face: "Why didn't I receive a letter?"

"The princess gave the letter to the guard, and the guard sent the letter to the hall. The other subordinates didn't know." Hei Ji was only responsible for staying outside the hall, and was not clear about the situation in the hall.

Hei Xieyu thought for a moment: "In terms of time, it may be that the elder brother happened to discuss matters with other ministers at the time. The guard did not dare to disturb and put the letter on the table. Somehow, he mistaken the letter as an ordinary document To other ministers. "

Hei Sui also thought so, so he asked the ministers.

In addition to the building dumping and black shading, the official documents and other ministers to send medicine in the city. Only three ministers remained in the same city as Hei Sui.

When the three ministers heard that the prince wanted to see them, they thought they had done something wrong. They were frightened, and their legs were straight and soft. They came to Heishuyu and asked, "I do n’t know what the prince called the Xuanguan?"

Hei Xuyi said bluntly: "Have you received a letter from the princess to this palace?"

The three ministers looked at each other: "No."

Hei Xuan snorted: "Really sure?"

Hei Xiezhen carefully raised the three ministers: "Just think about it carefully, such as letters that are not official documents."

The three ministers thought seriously, and then the minister who received the letter from Wu Ruo for the first time saw that the black face was getting ugly and had to bite the bullet and said, "Xiaguan has seen a letter without a name So, I do n’t know if it was written to the prince. "

Hei Xuan asked quickly: "Can you remember what?"

"Remember." It's just three words, even if the minister doesn't want to remember.

Hei Xieyu was anxious for his emperor: "Then you don't hurry to talk about it.

"There are only three words on the letter, and it reads ..." Minister Bian said blushingly, "I, I miss you ..."

Hei Xuanyu smiled: "Although he didn't have a name, he knew that it was written by his elder brother to his elder brother. At that time, he thought that the guard would hand the letter to you, and he didn't write it to anyone and didn't save it."

Hei Xuan bent his corners of his mouth, as if he set aside Wu to see Mingyue, and his mood was so good that his eyes were much milder.

The Minister was relieved.

The other two ministers saw that Wu Ruo held an extremely important position in Hei Xieyu's heart, and hurriedly told the matter that he had received the same letter before.

"Wei Chen has also seen a letter without a name or a name to whom, it only says‘ I miss you so much. ’”

"Xiaguan also received such a letter, which says that I miss you especially."

There was a smile under his eyes, and his prince and concubine missed him so much that he felt very happy, and all his fatigue disappeared.

The three ministers looked at the smile on Hei Xuyi's face with great surprise. Recently, the prince was frowning. Everyone dare not mess with him. He didn't want the princess to be so happy in just a few words.

Hei Xuyi smiled slightly: "What about the letter?"

The three ministers froze.

Hei Xuanyu guessed the general situation at a glance: "Throw it? Or burn it?"

One of the ministers whispered, "Throw it, and it was burned by the **** Na Yun.

Hei Xuyi's face sank, as if the storm was about to come, scaring the three ministers into a cold sweat.

"Mr. Prince, Xiaguan thought that the letter had been mistakenly inserted into an important official document, and that he had no name, no surname, and no name to whom he would dare not look at you. If he was afraid to make you angry, he would give the letter to Throw it. "The minister said quietly.

Another minister hurriedly said, "Wei Chen also thought that he was a prank and ignored him.

"So is Xiaguan."

The three ministers were so scared that they did n’t dare to pant. If they knew it was a letter from the prince to the prince, if they knew that the prince ’s letter would make the prince feel better, give them a hundred courage, and they would not dare to throw it away, or even The princess will also be asked to write a few more letters so that they do not have to face the Prince every day.

Hei Xuyi said, "Brother, don't be mad at them. If they knew it was written by you, they would not dare to throw it away."

"Yes, yes, yes." The three ministers nodded quickly.

Hei Xuyi continued to say, "Will I ask Dayi to write more letters for you tomorrow?"

"No need." Hei Xieyu relaxed his eyebrows. "I'll go back tonight ..."

Thinking that there are still many things here that are not busy, I changed my mind and said, "I will go back to see them tomorrow and eat with them."

"Okay." Hei Xieyu motioned the ministers to step down.

Hei Xieyu instructed Hei Ji, who was standing outside, "Go and find out why the guard did not deliver the letter to my hand.


Hei Ji turned around and left, and for an hour, he returned to Hei Xuyi: "Master, the receiving guard told his subordinates that the **** responsible for helping to deliver the letter felt that the princess had nothing important, so let him take the prince Fei's letter is treated as an ordinary letter, and you will see it if you put it like this, and every time you send a message, the master is discussing with the ministers, and he put it in the ordinary letter.

Hei Suichen said angrily, "Who gave this **** the right to decide where to put the letter of the prince?"

"The **** passed the letter and said that because I saw you sacrifice your break time in order to be busy looking at all kinds of documents, I was very distressed about your body. I didn't want you to hinder your office due to other things, and shorten your break time. , I do n’t know that the letter from the Crown Prince will be so important to you, and thought that your name was written on it. Others will give you the letter even after seeing it, but I did not expect that you did not receive a letter. "

In the name of a good master, he took the idea for the master privately and did not make Hei Xieyu happy, because this **** had already passed over, and such a person would not be liked by any master: "Replay this **** A hundred big boards, then rushed out of the palace, and from now on, the princess can enter and leave the academy at will. "

If the **** is not a person with no spiritual power, a hundred big boards are enough to kill him. If there is only a little spiritual power, after being hit with a hundred big boards, it is not much better.


Hei Xuyi sneered: "This **** is too brave, and dare to treat the letter of the prince as an ordinary document at will."

Black eyes narrowed his eyes and fell into contemplation.

The floor that had been standing near the window of the drugstore looked very dignified. He just heard the dialogue between the Prince and Heiji and the ministers just now.

The reason why the **** asked the guard to treat the letter of the prince as an ordinary document was actually because he hinted the **** in charge and asked the **** to order the **** to do this, in order to prevent the prince and the prince from meeting each other, thereby destroying them. The relationship between the two.

He could not be traced even after the investigation, so he was not worried about being exposed.

One thing he didn't quite understand, why the Crown Prince's name was not written on the princess's envelope, and the content of the letter was not named to anyone, let alone the name of the account.

Lou tilted his brow and tightened.

At the beginning, he guessed that if the prince and the concubine had never met each other, the prince would write a letter to the prince sooner or later, and then he would take advantage of the prince's carelessness to destroy the letter, so that they would not meet again, and then slowly provoked from it Their feelings, but when he saw the ministers tear open the letter, neither the envelope nor the letter had a name. After the ministers saw it, he didn't need to say more or do more, and he threw the letter into the wastebasket. This situation made him very satisfied, but now he thinks back and makes him feel something wrong.

Chapter 326: Swollen

If it ’s just that you did n’t write the name on the letter, but if you did n’t write the name on purpose, then Wu Ruo ’s mind is too deep and horrible, which means that I had guessed that the letter could not be delivered to the Prince. In the second place, he might have guessed that he liked Prince Edward, and even guessed that he would take the letter secretly. Thirdly, the letter was deliberately refused to be sent to the Prince so that other people could destroy the letter. When the Prince knew about the incident, he would be furious and change the rules of the Academy. After that, Wu Ruo would be able to enter and leave the Academy at will. Finally, let all the ministers know that Wu Ruo occupies a very important position in the crown prince's heart. Later, the ministers of the Academy will see Wu Ruo extremely respect and dare not arbitrarily face. Wu Ruo also told him in a different direction that such a small means could not dismantle them, indicating that Wu Ruo had absolute confidence in himself, his prince, and the relationship between them.

Lou Qingluo thought of this, the fist in his sleeve clenched little by little. It was he who underestimated Wu Ruo too much, thinking that a young master of a affiliated family, even if he had even more powerful means, could not compare with the officials who played all kinds of deliberations on the official court, but he ended up losing to this young master In the plan.

It is he who underestimates the feelings between them.

He always thought that the prince did not like men, so he always suppressed his feelings, as long as he could accompany the prince.

The prince and the man are forced into marriage by the situation. Perhaps the prince has affection for Wu Ruo, but it is more likely to be used, wanting to use Wu Ruo to unlock the curse of the dead nation. Moreover, he thought that the prince and Wu Ruo had only known each other for a short time, and their feelings would not be too deep. If they had to be careful, they could break their feelings, but they did not expect that the feelings of the two had reached the point where they would be difficult to break up.

He just saw that Prince Edward and Wu Ruoen were loving and began to worry. If he didn't stop it, he would never have the chance to insert, "Master Lou, Prince Edward is looking for you."

The guard's voice interrupted Lou's thinking.

Lou Duan gently twisted his eyebrows, faintly feeling that the prince would not be good for him.

He came to the beast car and listened to Hei Xuyi saying, "This winter's grain harvest is not very good. It is up to you to check and see how to improve the winter harvest by the way."

Lou fell in shock, this was to move him away, but why was it so sudden? Moreover, as long as such a trivial matter is sent to a small official who knows farming, how can he send him as a Sanpin official?

"But Wei Chen has other official duties ..."

Hei Sui interrupted him: "This palace will let Prince Lingxuan take charge of your affairs.

Lou Qingluo saw that his mind had been decided and his face was pale. He felt that the incident suddenly had something to do with rubbing his brain for the prince just now. Perhaps this little move had made the prince aware of his mind. But, even so, is the Prince so intolerant that someone who likes him stays by his side?

Or does the prince want to let the prince concubine misunderstand him before she is transferred away?

Lou Tingluo thought of the possibility behind him, and suddenly felt breathing difficulty. After a short while, he opened his lips hard and said, "Chen, respect."

In the beast car, Hei Xieyu heard Lou's footsteps and left, and immediately asked: "Brother, Lord Lou has always been your left arm and right arm. Having him by your side has reduced a lot of burdens, but why did you suddenly transfer him away? I was also sent to look at the farmland. It was a big deal and a lack of help from adults. You will become more busy in the future.

"I have my own intentions to do this." Hei Xuyi closed his eyes and stopped talking.

Hei Xieyu is also not good at interfering with the decision made by his brother.

Lou Duoruo was transferred away and the letter passed to Wu Ruo's ears early the next morning.

He guessed that Hei Xuanyuan should find out that Lou Tingluo had feelings for him. He might even have found that the letter did not pass to his hands. It was because of Lou Tingluo. Nothing was done on the part, instead, people were transferred away. No matter what the truth was, it was a good thing to dump the building.

Of course, if nothing happened to the letter, Lou Duo may only be warned.

Wu Ruo tickled his lips: "I can't eat hot tofu."

If you're really anxious, what did you do in the morning? You have to wait for the black princess to find the princess to grab someone, don't you think daylily is cold?

Near noon, Hei Xieyu returned to the official.

The children saw him back and yelled excitedly: "Father is back, father is back."

Hei Xiuyu was infected by the children. He squatted down with a smile and hugged the eggs that ran over. "Have you been naughty recently, have you troubled your father?"

Everyone murmured: "No."

Hei Xuanyu rubbed his bangs, saw shyness hiding next to him and looked at his cold winter expectantly, reached out his hand and said, "Come here."

Liang Dong ran forward happily, holding his **** hand, raised his head and asked, "Father, will you leave when you return?"

Hei Xieyu looked down and saw the worship, attachment, and awe of his father revealed in his eyes: "Well, I need to be busy for more than a month."

Cold winter is a bit lost.

Hei Xieyu led him to the hall.

Wu Ruo had been waiting for him at the gate of the hall early in the morning, and a smile appeared as soon as the eyes of the two of them were facing each other: "Come back."

Hei Xun said with a soft smile under his eyes: "Well, come back.

"Father." Little Xiao excitedly reached out his hand to Hei Xieyu.

"I want to die." Wu Ruo hugged him directly into Hei Xieyu's arms, raised his head and kissed his thin lips.

Hei Xieyu kissed him back, but unfortunately, the children were there, not too close.

Heixin was very pleased to see Hei Xieyu come back, and quickly ordered the chef to get a table of delicious meals.

Wu Ruo raised his hand and touched his handsome face, and raised his eyebrows: "It's all thin and the eye circles are dark. Is it really so busy lately?"

As he entered the main hall, Hei Xuyi said, "The year is coming, there are many things that need to be handled as soon as possible before the new year, otherwise there will be no time to accompany you through the new year."

Wu Ruo was very distressed by him, handed the little one to the egg, and let the egg take the little and cold winter to play, and then pulled Hei Xieyu back to the palace: "You will rest, I will call you after lunch. "

He unbuttoned his robes for him and laid the man down on the bed.


Wu Ruo used the spirit of words to hypnotize people to sleep.

If you change to someone else, the Spirit of Words is not easy to work on Hei Xieyu, but the other person is the person who allows him to drop his whole body alert, and the simple two words close his eyes.

Wu Ruo lay beside her husband and looked at her husband. The more she looked at it, the more she liked it. Then she couldn't help raising her hand and touching her black eyebrows. She kissed the tip of her nose. Her big hand was still uneasily penetrating into the obscene clothes and touching her strong body. If it wasn't for Hei Xieyu being hypnotized, I would have been awoken by him.

In the end, his fingertips rested on the dark circles of Hei Xieyu.

Will you be more busy in the future, right?

It's a pity that he knows nothing about government affairs, otherwise he can help.

However, he is also busy with each other, because the more magical spells he knows, the more magical spells he will engraved, which attracts many people to buy magical charms in Shop One. Therefore, he needs daily Part of the energy to engrave the magic charm.

In addition, he has to work hard to learn the mysteries of various countries. He does not want to be the other party who is suppressed next time he meets the Son again.

After half an hour, Hei Xieyu woke up and suddenly felt numb lips.

He touched his mouth, and it seemed a bit swollen.

Wu Ruopo, who had been watching him sleeping, laughed and said, "Don't touch it, it was swollen by me."

Hei Xieyu: "..."

Wu Ruoqing hummed: "I haven't seen it for more than half a month, so I have to make up for it. So, while you are asleep, I kissed a few times, and then the more prone I became addicted, the more I accidentally swelled."

Hei Xieyu cried and laughed and couldn't hold people in his arms: "You don't need to kiss me while I'm asleep. You just have to say a word and I can make up for it at any time.

Wu Ruo touched his lips with his fingers: "Okay, you have to compensate me when I am new."


Wu Ruo got down, hugged him and didn't speak, listening to the sound of his heartbeat quietly.

Hei Xiu also did not make a sound, and enjoyed a rare quiet time quietly.

Soon, Hei Xin came to the door and called them to eat.

Wu Ruo gets up and dresses up for Hei Xie.

When he came to the main hall, Hei Xieyu saw a red-haired man sitting in front of him, teasing his eggs, and tossing them into the air. When he fell, he caught them quickly.

Everyone giggled happily.

Liang Dong and Xiaoxiao looked at them with envy.

The red-haired man asked them, "Do you want to play?"

Cold winter nodded shyly.

The red-haired man put the egg on the chair and hugged the cold winter and threw it.

Liang Dong was afraid and happy, and at the moment he was caught, he finally settled and threw the red-haired man toss him.

"Huh?" Hei Xiu raised his eyebrows and sat next to Yandan.

"Yes, it's me." He put off Liang Dong with a smile: "What's my shape?"

Hei Xunyu nodded slightly: "Not bad."

Only his eye hair and eyeballs were red, and at a glance, he knew that he was a monster.

Wu Ruo sat down and asked, "You can change your figure at any time now. When do you plan to leave?"

He asked: "You want to drive me away?"

"Of course not. I'm just asking what you plan to do. It would be better if you could stay."

Doudou immediately hugged him: "I don't want to go away."

I held him in my arms: "I have no intention of leaving for the time being."

He followed them for a while, and was not very willing to leave.

"If you want to leave, tell us.

"it is good."

After lunch, I took the children back to the room to rest.

Hei Xuyi is also going back to the Academy for business. Before leaving, he took Wu Ruo's hand and said, "I have dumped the building away from the Academy. You can come in and out of the Academy in the future, and you can also check the Academy at will Document. "

Wu Ruo asked directly, "Did you notice his mind?"

Chapter 327: He hides so well

Hei Xuanxi frowned slightly: "Forget it, at present he is not very obvious. If you haven't said that he likes me, with all my attention on the official document, I might not have discovered his mind about me so quickly. "

He also said from Lou Tingluo that he would massage him, and guessed that what the **** did was likely to be what Lou Tingluo did behind, to make sure that Lou Tingluo was likely to really like himself.

Wu Ruodao: "He should have liked you a long time ago, only for some reason will he suppress his feelings, and will not burst out until I appear.

Hei Xuan narrowed his eyes: "He used to hide too well."

Wu Ruo paused and asked, "Don't you get busier without him?"

"I will find a few more people to replace him."

Wu Ruo knew that Hei Xieyu would handle the falling of the building, so he didn't say more.

Hei Xun cuddled and hugged him: "I'm leaving."

Wu Ruohe grinned: "I can now go in and out of the Academy freely, and I will visit you every day.

"it is good."

Hei Xieyu kissed his hair and turned to leave the hall. As he stepped out of Hengxing Palace, the dark guard went to his side and whispered: "After the leaves were thrown out by Nian Xia, only the patrol guards and sweeping eunuchs saw We have watched this patrol and guard without any doubt. Only the **** has contacted many people. We checked it all the way and found the adult Fuxiao ... "

"Master Fu Xiao?" Hei Xieyu tightened his eyebrows: "This person is with me at the Academy of Literature. He has always been diligent, diligent, impartial and honest in his work. He never associates with others for personal gain. Why is it related to him? Reason to interfere with the royal family's affairs, and you continue to look up, do not let people look away. "


After Hei Xiu left, he returned to Hengxing Palace from the outside and came to the main hall. After seeing Wu Ruo, he immediately reported to him: "Prince, the younger went to what you called Langshan Pavilion and received a message from the adult. He said that he did not find a man in white, and after Xuan Xuan woke up, he did not remember what he had seen in white. He also said that Langshan Pavilion was no longer suitable for leaving messages or meeting there. If he sees you in the future, he will find a way you."

After hearing this, Wu Ruo thought deeply.

You Yanwen they could find him in Langshan Pavilion, because You Xuanyuan told them, indicating that You Xuanyuan knew that he and Lihang often met in Langshan Pavilion. So, Langshan Pavilion is really not suitable for walking. Meet in the message, otherwise, the villain will use this to harm them. However, Li Xing left a message saying he would come to him, indicating that he was still willing to make friends with himself, which made him very happy, so he waited for Li Xing to come to him.

Just the matter of the Son ...

Wu Ruo raised his eyebrows. The prince possessed the secret technique of hiding shadows. When he ran away, he could not catch him at all as long as he hid in the shadows, and therefore he could not find where he was hiding. This is really a headache, but it is certain that the Holy Son is not lurking beside him, because everyone in the Hengxing Palace has spent more than eight years in the palace, everyone is familiar with each other, as long as It is a bit abnormal, and it will report the matter to Hei Xieyu, and everybody will check the identity of everyone severely, so it is very safe in Hengxing Palace.

As for the fact that Xuan Xuan did not remember the Son, it should be that the Son used God to control God ’s control or the Spirit of Words to control her mind. Therefore, Xuan Xuan not only brought the Son to the gambling house, but afterwards Forget everything about him.

Thinking of the technique of divine control and speech, Wu Ruo suddenly thought of something, narrowed his eyes, and came up with a bold idea in his heart.

"Prince, Trinity is back." Wu Ruo interrupted her thoughts.

Before that, Sanyi was sent by Wu Ruo to send magic to Lao Hei, and he was busy until noon.

Wu Ruo looked back and saw Sany carrying a group of guards and carrying more than twenty boxes into the compound. Then, Sany quickly stepped and said, "Prince, the outer box is Lao Hei's subordinates. The things that come back, he said that these are all the goods you want to buy, let you check them carefully. "

Wu Ruo stood up and walked outside the yard. The guards quickly opened the box, which was full of precious medicinal materials and various rare magical materials. He asked Lao Hei to buy these goods for future dowry.

"Lao Hei is doing a good job, Sany, you put these boxes in the warehouse first.

"Yes." Sany took out a small box from his sleeve and whispered to Wu Ruo: "This is given to Aunt Fuqiu by the old Hetuo."

Wu Ruo knew that he took out the gift to let him glance: "No need to read it, just give it to Fuqiu."

"Yes." Sany pointed to several small boxes above the big box: "These boxes are filled with silver tickets. Lao Hei said that it is not good to put too many silver tickets in the shop and let his subordinates bring them back to the princess. Let the crown prince's silver ticket separate from the others. "

Wu Ruo looked at one of the boxes and said it was the Great Spirit Master, so he took the box and gave it to 47: "April 7, you send the silver ticket to the Great Spirit Master."

"Yes." Four or seven left the Hengxing Palace holding the box.

The other small boxes were written with their names secretly, Wu Ruo took them back to their bedrooms, intending to see the father and mother who have not seen in a few days, and then handed the silver tickets to them.

After having breakfast early the next morning, Wu Ruo and Ai took their two children out of the house together with twenty senior guards dressed as ordinary guards.

Since the incident that Wu Ruo was a princess was spread, Hei Xieyu sent twenty accompanying guards to Wu Ruo so that he could take people out to protect him and his children when he was out of the palace.

They came to Heixuantang's palace, and met Yuyou, Echidna and Black Bamboo, Yeji who were going out.

Wu Ruo asked curiously, "Brother, where are you going?"

Wu Zhu said, "The yellow paper in the house is gone, and we plan to go out and buy some.

"Isn't there someone to buy yellow paper?"

You said with a smile: "In fact, we want to go out and breathe. After spending so much time in the house, it's almost broken."

He said, "I also have something to buy. I'll go out with you."

Wuzhu asked Wuruo, "Xiaoruo, are you going?"

Wu Ruo thought for a while and nodded: "I have been bored in the palace recently. Now that I am with a companion, let's go shopping together."

He put the eggs down: "Eggs, you go to Wu You to play with them."

"Okay." Doudou excitedly ran to the house with a little hug.

Wu Ruo quickly raised his voice to warn Eggs: "Now it's very dangerous outside, you can't sneak out of the house to play, you know?"

"Got it."

Wu Ruo they left the palace, and the accompanying guards followed them at a distance of five feet.

Wuzhu whispered, "Xiao Ruo, are you going to take so many people with you in the future?"

"This is the case for now."

You said: "Now the people of the old clan are staring at Xiao Ruo, and naturally they have to send more people to protect him."

Wu Zhu sighed: "I really hope that the old people's affairs will be resolved as soon as possible, otherwise they will not worry about their father and mother going out.

Wu Ruo twisted his eyebrows lightly: "After the curse is dispelled, the old clan will not stare at me anymore, but the great spiritual master is worried that my relationship with Xu Yan is not deep enough to allow us to dissolve the curse. Talk later. "

Tricky: "Just take your father and mother out of the dead, and there will be fewer things to worry about."

You You nodded: "Thorn is right, but the mother and grandmother just recognized each other, and I'm afraid they won't leave the Necropolis now."

"Magic Emperor," Ye Ji suddenly called.

Youyou turned around and glared at him: "Don't I let you call my name here?"

Ye Ji walked quickly to him, lowered his voice and said, "Look at the children in front."

Youyou saw that his face was dignified, and quickly followed his gaze. Five children, about ten years old, stood blankly in front of a stall to buy things.

He squinted. "They seem to be ..."

Ye Ji continued his words: "They were the amazing kids I saw when they were in the first kid game. At that time, I thought they were weird.

Youyou nodded. "It's them."

Wu Ruo remembered this too: "I remember you still suspecting that they wanted to be bad for them."

"Yes." Ye Ji Shen said: "Maybe these children are the same group as those who controlled the top ten contestants of level six to kill our children. At that time, because none of the nine level six surgeons had any memory of being controlled. So, they lost their clues. In the end, nine sixth-order wizards were dealt with by the black market. Although they were controlled, they were still punished by the law, and they had to be held in prison for half a year before they were released. Their country The emperor has no objection.

Wu Ruo quickly called out, "First prison."

The first prisoner who has always been invisible appeared next to Wu Ruo: "Master, what do you tell me?"

"Go and follow those kids."

"Yes." The first prison left in stealth.

At this time, one of the children turned around and Wu Ruo quickly pretended to continue shopping.

Wu Ruo said, "Since a prisoner is following, we'll wait for the news."

Wuzhu nodded: "Okay."

Wu Ruo turned back and asked: "Hey, what do you want to buy?"

"There are a lot of things I want to buy, such as the ingredients of the utensil and some medicinal materials suitable for me."

"You want to buy medicinal herbs?"

"Well, I'm still a little bit debilitated. I need some medicine to make up for it, but I don't have silver money now. I want to borrow some silver money for you."

"I have a lot of medicinal materials in my grocery store. Just tell me what kind of medicinal materials you want. You can use the medicinal materials." Wu Ruo took out a stack of silver tickets from his sleeve and handed him: "If not enough, tell me . "

"Thank you." I collected the silver ticket.

You said, "How about we go to the material shop first?"

Others don't matter.

Everyone came to the third floor of the material shop, where high-end materials are sold. At a glance, the fire red material placed on the top of the counter was marked with the word Lieyan. You take down the material from Lieyan and let it look. "

At the same time, someone cried, "Treasurer, I want to see the material called Lieyan."

Chapter 328: Still you know me

Wu Wensheng turned his head and saw that the other side was a man with two pupils, squinting involuntarily.

The other side frowned.

The shopkeeper smiled and took down 'Lieyan' to show them: "This material bucket was dug up by a sorcerer to dig into the volcano. In the volcano, it takes about ten years to condense such a large piece of material Therefore, it is very precious. It can be used to make fire-related instruments. Please watch slowly. "

He looked at the two pupils, and said in unison: "You please."

At this moment, Wu Ruo came over: "Well, which piece of material do you like?"

"It's you!" The twin-eyed man stared at Wu Ruo angrily.

Wu Ruo raised his eyebrows and recognized who he was at a glance: "Nothing."

Why is this person still in the kingdom of the dead.

Unrestrained humming: "You can clearly distinguish between me and my brother."

Wu Ruo laughed without saying a word. If you saw him, don't talk to him, maybe you won't even look at him.

"Since it's your friend, I won't **** this piece of material from him." He snored without restraint: "And I think you need this piece of material more than me, forget it."

He turned and went downstairs.

I asked, "Are you friends?"

Wu Ruo shook his head: "No."

He glanced around and lowered his voice and said, "I've seen him at your home."

Wu Ruo narrowed his eyes, "Are you sure?"

"His eyes are so special. I don't think it's easy to read wrong. At the time, he followed a man in a purple dress and a purple mask. This man impressed me."

Wu Ruo: "..."

According to Yan's description, it should be said that Wushu and Ji Yu.

"When did this happen?"

"It was about two months ago."

Wu Ruo calculated the time, that is, during the match, when Ji Yu and them were looking for Hei Xieyu, they were also looking for the old tribe. He couldn't help sneering in his heart. Sure enough, the people of the heavenly kingdom were really ambitious. The people in the royal family of the Necropolis discuss the solution of the curse, and when they draw the people of the old clan, they do not know what the people of the heavenly kingdom want. They would not want the royal family to solve the curse for them.

"Xiao Ruo, are you ready?" Wu Zhu came over and asked.

Wu Ruo looked at 啾啾 "啾啾, do you like the materials on the table?"

I picked up the materials on the table and took a closer look. They were really suitable for him, so I discussed the price with the shopkeeper, and then bought a few more materials before leaving the material shop with Wu Ruo.

"Is there any time I haven't been able to help with the crafting?" I asked.

Wu Ruo helplessly sighed: "You also saw that he was too busy to return to Hengxing Palace. However, if you want to use a magic weapon, I can introduce you to a person whose magic weapon is better than rendering. Okay.

You You thought of Master Helian of Hei Xieyu very well.

I asked curiously, "Who?"

Wu Zhu laughed: "Xiao Ruo, are you talking about Master Jin Lian? His master is really good. It is the best master I have seen."

Wu Ruo ticked his lips: "Yes, that's him. He is the master of rendering, and the refined weapon is definitely better than rendering."

Wuzhu couldn't help thinking of the last time he saw Jin Lian: "I don't know if Master Jin Lian has won Ye Dazhen, I really hope to be able to drink the two of them."

"I do n’t know if Master has succeeded in chasing Ye Dazhen. Recently, things have been too much. Neither I nor Xun have time to go to Master. If you find him to make a magic weapon, we can take a look now. He, by the way, bought herbs in Shop 1. "


Others also agreed with Wu Ruo's proposal, however, the accompanying guards could not see the sunlight, but had to wait in the yamen for them to return.

Everyone came to the border city, and suddenly, it was extremely cold, and the fine snow gently fell on their faces. Looking around, the ground was blank and there were fewer people walking on the road than ever before. When he came to Jin Lian's shop, Jin Lian was smiling with a silly look on Ye Zhi cleaning the counter. If Ye Zhi looked up at him, he would immediately resume his solemn appearance.

Ye Zhi knew that Jin Lian was watching her, so she was embarrassed to be busy.

Wu Ruo they smiled at each other when they saw this scene.

When Ye Zhi saw the handsome boys outside, he immediately put down his work and said to the busy Jin Lian that he looked down, "A guest is here."

Jin Lian said without raising her head, "Ignore them."

Wu Ruowen said, jokingly: "Master, you ignore us, we leave."

When Jin Lian heard Wu Ruo's voice, she quickly raised her head and saw the real Wu Ruo them, and stood up happily: "How are you here? Children? Why didn't you take them out?"

Wuzhu said, "It is not convenient to take children out recently."

Jin Liandao: "Is it because the old people have found Xiaoruo's identity?"

Some time ago, he overheard the people of the old clan mentioned the matter of the prince.

Youyou pinched her chin: "I found that Master can no longer stutter when she sees our true face."

Jin Lian was embarrassed scratching her hair: "Thanks to your help."

After Wu Ruo and they helped him dress up, slowly, he regained his confidence, especially when Ye Zhi promised to be with him, he felt that he was not as bad as he thought, and then he saw that People are no longer stuttering, and the time they spend with Yeats has gradually changed.

The thorny thorns meant to see Ye Zhi in the eye drill: "Master, don't you tell us who the lady in it is?"

Others covered their mouths and laughed.

Jin Lian gave him a blank look, and introduced Yeats to them with a smile.

Ye Zhi is a woman after all, and it ’s not easy for them to make too many jokes. After the introduction, Wu Ruo asked: “Master, are you still the same, do n’t you take the job?”

Without waiting for Jin Lian to answer, Yeats said, "He, whoever sees the eye will pick the other's business. If he doesn't like the eye, he will catch the broom, but most of him can't. Two businesses are good, alas, I have never seen anyone do it. "

Jin Lian smiled and said, "You still know me."

"You ..." Yeats couldn't help him and turned to pour tea for everyone.

You said with a smile: "Master, you ca n’t do this all the time. In the future, you will have to feed your family. If you take one after the other, you wo n’t be able to open the pot."

Wuzhu nodded in agreement: "Especially after having a child, it is a great expense."

Just like since he had Wu You, he has always wanted to feed his children well, play well, and dress well. He really wants to spend all his money on the children, making him smile happily and carefree.

"It makes sense." After listening to these words, Jin Lian remembered that he would no longer be living alone, and would have to make money to support his family in the future, so that Yeats would lead a good life: "I will make more money in the future."

"Now look for Master alive right now." Wu Ruo patted his shoulders with a smile: "This friend wants to be a magic weapon, I don't know if Master is free."

"I'm free," Jin Lian asked, "what do you want to do?"

啾啾 Immediately expressed his thoughts: "I want to make a magic weapon that can be used in combination with my mystery."

"What's your mystery?" Jin Lian talked about the magic weapon, his expression became more serious, and he invited you to sit down and talk with him in detail.

"Tea is here, you drink a cup of tea first, warm up your body." After Ye Zhi delivered the tea to them, she stood beside and looked at Jin Lian with a serious face, obsessed and shy. It can be seen that she really loved Jin. Refining.

Wu Ruo were happy for Jin Lian. At noon, Jin Lian invited them to eat at his house.

Thorny and Yeji took charge of shopping, came to Jin Lian's home, everyone helped, and happily ate lunch before they got up and left.

Jin Lian sent them out: "Please come back to me to play next time, yes, remember to bring your children."

"Okay." Wu Ruo looked at Ye Zhi, who was picking up the chopsticks in the room, and whispered to Jin Lian, "Master, when will you marry Ye Dazhen?"

Jin Lian was a little shy: "I plan to mention this to her after the new year, and I don't know if she will agree."

"I will definitely agree, Master. Remember to invite us to have a wedding drink."

"Okay, no problem." Jin Lian said to him with a smile: "Hey, I need to study the magic instrument you said. You come to me here to retrieve the magic instrument in seven days."

"Okay, trouble you."

After Wu Ruo said goodbye to Jin Lian, they went to the place where they bought the yellow paper to buy the yellow paper, and then went to the grocery store No. 1 to buy the medicines. After buying what they needed, they returned to the royal palace in the underground city.

At this point, Wu Qianqing had a lunch break, and the children's giggling laughter infected everyone.

As soon as Wu Ruo entered the hall, he distributed the silver tickets obtained from the purchase of magic charms to everyone. Then, they gave Wu Ruo the most recently painted magic charms.

When Zhaoping and Qin Zhen saw curiosity, they asked about the situation and learned that they could sell magic charms to make money. It was a pity that they were from the Netherworld. The magic charms sold were not worth the money.

Wu Ruo took the children back to the palace after having dinner at Wu Qianqing.

Back in the Hengxing Palace, he immediately called out the first prison: "First prison, how is the child's affairs checked?"

"They are disciples of Wuxuan Pavilion, and they live in Wuxuan Pavilion. It is said that the people nearby said that the adopter of Wuxuan Pavilion was an orphan without parents. Whether with or without spiritual power, the master will teach them a skill. On weekdays, they also donate money The wealth has helped the poor people, so the people are full of praise for Wu Xuan Ge. I only have so many investigations at present, and it will take some time to check them carefully. "

Wu Ruo thought for a while: "I first asked Xu Yan, he should know about Wu Xuange."

He called Trinity in, and determined that Hei Xieyu and the other ministers were still reading documents in the academy of papers, and they let the people in the kitchen prepare for hot ironing and sent him to the academy of papers.

Chapter 329: Sure enough

Wu Ruo was not blocked by the guards when he came to the Academy, and he went unobstructed all the way to the hall of the Academy. The ministers were quietly watching the official documents. When they couldn't solve the problem, they would discuss with other ministers or ask Hei Xuan.

Seeing Wu Ruo, the **** guarding outside Daban Gate hurriedly said, "The princess is here."

The ministers looked up to see Wu Ruo coming in with the food container, and they all stood up: "Xiaguan has seen the princess."

Wu Ruo said quickly: "You are busy with you, don't worry about me, by the way, I brought you soup, everyone will take a rest, please drink a bowl of soup and be busy."

Hei Xieyu put down his memorial, rubbing his eyebrows and asking, "What time is it?"

Wu Ruodao: "It's almost time for Hai."

Hei Xieyu tightened his eyebrows: "It's so late? Then everyone will go back to rest after drinking the soup."

The ministers were relieved, and they were all grateful to Wu Ruo for coming well, otherwise they would really be exhausted to die at the Academy.

Everyone drank the soup and resigned.

Wu Ruo took the last bowl of soup and sat next to Hei Xieyu: "You also drink a bowl of soup to rest."

"Um." Hei Xieyu took the soup bowl, scooped a spoonful of soup and blew.

Wu Ruo looked at the academy while he was drinking soup. Except for the middle office, the entire hall was surrounded by bookshelves filled with various books and documents, and the black-shaded tables and ministers' tables were also on the table. Full of documents and letters can almost drown people. No wonder everyone is so busy.

"I have to read so many documents every day, and I should let the royal chef's stew pot keep eyes and clear soup."

Hei Xieyu has no objection. They use their eyes excessively every day and they really need clear soup to protect their eyes.

Wu Ruo waited for him to drink before asking: "Do you know this place of Wuxuange?"

"Of course I know, they often come out to do good deeds." Hei Xieyu put down the bowl: "The people all say that the owner of Wu Xuange is a good man, but it may not be so in my eyes."

"How to say?"

"The scale of Wuxuan Pavilion is quite large. There are about tens of thousands of disciples. In addition to only sending disciples to take on tasks to earn silver, there are several large shops in the gate. According to this situation, they do not earn much silver, but They can hold good instruments and donate money to help people. If they do n’t take private jobs in private, can they have so much money to feed so many people? "

Wu Ruo frowned: "Do you mean that they will do something harmful in private for the sake of silver?"

"I am not sure whether there is any harm to the cause.

"Have you investigated them?"

"I have been sending people to investigate them. There have been several major cases of extermination. I suspect that they did it. Even the family members of Yao Taiyi were in danger and the family of Shen Taiyi was killed. I think it might be theirs. It is a pity that they have a clever means of committing crimes and can erase their traces of committing crimes every time. I even suspect that a minister secretly gave them an aftermath.

"Then you wonder which minister gave them a cure?"

"Well, there is no evidence, nor can they be easily handled, and I still rely on them to catch the big fish behind them."

"Have you tried a mystery similar to the Spirit of Words to confuse them and let others tell the truth?"

"They are very careful in doing things, and they will be brainwashed and cleared of what they do after each mission." Hei Xieyu gave him a puzzled look: "Why did you suddenly ask about Wu Xuange?"

"It's like this ..." Wu Ruo said what he saw five children tonight: "The first prisoner said that the five children were disciples of Wu Xuange. After hearing what you said, it made me more certain that the five children were for killing. Talents enter the ring, as Yeyi said, they are likely to be in the same group as the control of nine sixth-order wizards.

Hei Xuan narrowed his eyes: "Then I need to add more staff to investigate this matter."

"By the way, there is one more thing." Wu Ruo said that when encountering unrestrained things, "I see that the Holy Emperor of the Heavenly Kingdom is uneasy. Even the Holy Emperor is likely to help the old people to deal with us to regain the throne for understanding the curse. . "

"It's possible." Hei Xuyi tightened his eyebrows: "He came to the Necropolis in person, and his purpose should be more than just solving the curse."

"Then what do you think they have?"

"I can't guess for the time being, but we need to take precautions early. Tomorrow, I will let the second sister step up training."

Wu Ruo was surprised: "Ermei is responsible for training?"

"Well, she's in charge of the military, and sometimes she's in charge of training."

Wu Ruo: "..."

It's hard to imagine that he likes to wear a dazzling black Zihe who is in charge of the army.

"Did she wear armor if she was training? Then, her armor was made of gold."

Hei Xun chuckled: "She does have a light armor made of gold."

Wu Ruo said: "Sure enough."

"It's not early, and we will go back to the palace to rest." Hei Xieyu pulled Wu Ruo up.

Wu Ruo said, "Let's just rest in the academy. In this way, you can save walking time and let you sleep for half an hour."

The officials ’Jinlin Hall is not far from the Academy of Literature, but it is some distance from the Hengxing Palace. It takes some time to go back and forth, and it is better to let Hei Xieyu take a good rest.

Hei Xieyu brought Wu Ruo to the room where he usually rested, and after taking a bath, he hugged someone to sleep. As soon as Yin Shi arrived, he had to get up again.

Wu Ruo also got up and went back to Heng Xing Gong to make up for his sleep. He got up to accompany the child for breakfast, reading, and learning mystery. He would take time to see Hei Xixi in the afternoon.

Today, after more than a month's recuperation, Hei Xixi is getting better and better, and his face has become ruddy. Moreover, he has been able to get out of bed and walk around. It is no longer necessary for Wu Ruo to come to check his veins and check his body.

However, the weather is cold and you cannot blow out the cold wind.

In the next few days, Wu Ruo will take the tonic every night to go to the academy to watch Hei Xuan. As soon as the ministers see him, they will be like the Bodhisattva who rescued and rescued them to rescue them from the bitter sea.

On the last day of the month, Lao Hei again came to Wu Ruo to send books and silver notes.

Wu Ruo directly opened the account book for a small look.

Lao Hei, who was sitting aside, said with a smile: "Today's shop No. 1 business is getting better and better. If it weren't for the shop in the frontier town, I would like to buy more shop flooring. Otherwise, I would often be so busy that everyone has nowhere to stand."

Wu Ruo thought for a while and said, "Isn't there a small yard behind Shop No. 1? Expand it into a drug store, and then build the floor ten storeys right. Remember to leave a small place below the first floor to make a cottage and a meeting. The living room and the tenth floor are made into small rooms for people to rest like an inn. "

"Ten floors?" Laohe widened his eyes in surprise: "I have never seen such a high storey and house except a pagoda. Is this too high? And, our store is now a half-old old house , If you build it up, it will probably collapse. "

Wu Ruokou's lips: "No, as long as I put down the array and stick the magic charm, it will not be a problem for hundreds of years."

Lao He smiled peacefully: "Okay, I'll find a craftsman when I go back."

"You give more silver to the craftsmen and let them build them as soon as possible. Also, the materials for building the house are the best."

"no problem."

Wu Ruo bowed his head and asked Xiaoxiao: "Did you finish watching it?"

Little nodded: "Nothing went wrong."

Lao He praised: "My little Highness is really great. If you weren't there, I'd be afraid to look at the account book every day."

Xiao grinned at him.

"That's right." Laohei looked at Wu Ruo: "Lord Xing Xing let me preach to you."

Wu Ruo hesitated: "Why would he ask you to talk?"

"He saw me when he came to Shop No. 1 last night and saw that the guys in the shop called me the treasurer. He guessed that Shop No. 1 was your store.

The plaque on Shop No. 1 is nominated by the emperor himself, and has the emperor's seal, and the shop also sells spiritual charms of other countries, and the old black is the treasurer. It is not difficult to guess.

Wu Ruo asked cautiously, "Are you sure he is a limp?"

Now the people of the old people know his identity, and it is hard to guarantee that no one will easily lead him out.

"I checked his identity with him. He knew what happened to the 18th-floor inn with the uncles. He knew everything, so I can be sure he was."

"Then what did he say?"

"He wants to meet you in shop one tomorrow night, and he doesn't know if you are free."

Wu Ruo is sure that the other party is limp when he hears the meeting place. If he wants to harm him, he will not be stupid enough to meet on the first floor. After all, Shop No. 1 is all his people, and the opposite is the knock gate. Hurt him there: "Okay, if he arrives earlier than me tomorrow night, you will take him to your room and prepare a table of good wine and food to serve."

"Okay." Laohe turned his gaze with a smile: "Man, I want to go to the backyard to see Fuqiu."

Wu Ruo smiled: "Did she agree with you?"

Laohei bitterly said, "After I told her about Heaven and Earth, she immediately rejected me, but I didn't want to die so quickly."

"If you really like it, work harder, I believe she will move her someday."

"Well, I'll go down first."

Lao He left the main hall and went to the backyard. Then, when he saw Nian Xia, who lived in the small palace next door, he also went to the backyard.

Nian Xia ’s identity in the palace is very embarrassing. In the eyes of an unknown person, she is a woman who has given birth to a prince. It is reasonable to respect her. However, the prince does not recognize her identity, and Everyone knows Nian Xia. For them, Nian Xia is just a low-ranking subordinate, so it is easy for people to ignore her existence.

Nian Xia came to the backyard and found Fu Qiu's room.

Fu Qiu was embroidering flowers. He heard the sound of footsteps, looked up, saw that it was summer, and lowered his head to continue embroidering.

"Fuqiu, you still live here." Nian Xia looked around and sneered: "Without my bed, this room is quite spacious."

Fu Qiu seemed to be embroidering silk silk carefully if she did not hear her talking.

Chapter 330: Want to kill you

Nian Xia went to Duobaoge and picked up one of the colorful and rich bottles and said, "Prince is really good for you. Not only is there a Duobaoge in the room, but so many precious porcelains are also placed, which shows that you have been upgraded. It's really enviable.

But what she said was sour and jealous. Then she sneered: "Unfortunately, no matter how high you are, you can't be higher than me. At least a child was born for the prince, and it was a boy. Later, oh, No, you should salute me when you see me now. Aunt Fu Qi, am I right? "

Of course, she wouldn't be satisfied with a court maid saluting her now. If her son inherited the crown prince or the throne, she wanted all the people in the palace to bow to her.

Nianxia Jianqiu kept her head down in embroidery, and bit her lower lip in anger. Why did this lowly slave girl ignore her existence? She clenched the colorful and rich bottle in her hand. Suddenly, her hands were loose and the vase fell down. With a bang, the expensive vase fell apart.

Fu Qiu looked up and looked at her with a flat chest.

"Ah ..." Nian Xia whispered, "Sorry, I didn't mean it."

Of course, there was no apology in her tone, and she had a proud smile in her eyes.

Fu Qiu calmly said: "This is a colorful and rich bottle that the emperor made to me. If you break it, it is tantamount to guilt against the emperor."

Nian Xia's face turned pale, but soon returned to normal: "I am His Highness Liang Dong's mother, the emperor will not blame me for a broken bottle. Besides, there are only two of me in the room now. I Just tell others that you broke the vase, and you will be the one the emperor will pursue. "

Fu Qiu gave her a faint glance at her: "His Royal Highness Liang Dong's mother? But you really don't look alike like His Royal Highness."

After reading Xia Wenyan, his face flashed with panic: "Fujiu, what do you mean by that?"

Fu Qiu ignored her and put down her embroidery and stood up.

Nian Xia opened her arms and stopped her before hurriedly running: "Tell me clearly.

Fu Qiu looked at her flustered face: "It's just that you don't look like His Royal Highness at all. What's the point?"

"He is my son, why can't he look like me?" Nian Xia said angrily: "You look at his lips and eyebrows, exactly like me. Fuqiu, if you talk nonsense again, I will let His Royal Highness Heal your sin. "

Fu Qiu sneered: "You have been in the palace for more than two months, and the prince hasn't even looked at you for a second time. What skill do you have for him to deal with my sin? Right, let me give you a note on the fact that we worked together. Wake up, you do n’t have to show off as your mother-in-law of Liang Dong in the future, it will only make you look down on you even more. Now if you look at it with all your heart, you will find that no one in the whole palace will take care of you, because everyone ignores you Existence, even your identity is worse than slaves in our eyes, so don't take yourself too seriously. "

"You ..." Nian Xia was so angry that she raised her right arm, but before she fell, she was firmly grasped by her wrist.

Fu Qiu looked at the man who grasped Nian Xia's wrist, and said for a moment: "Old black."

Laohe pushed Nianxia away and sneered: "I just saw at the door clearly that you deliberately smashed the vase on the ground. If I tell the emperor about this, the emperor will rule your sin."

"You, you deceive people too much." Nian Xia Qi was anxious and kicked Lao Hei.

"Oh--" Lao Hei fell to the ground: "How dare you kick me, do you know who I am? I'm the big celebrity beside Princess Fei, and if I tell Prince Fei this, he will drive you out Out of the palace.

After reading Xia Xia, he hurriedly turned and ran.

"Lao Hei, are you all right?" Fu Qiu quickly helped Lao Hei.

Lao Hei smiled: "I just pretended to fall to scare her. Is it you? Is there anything wrong with her?"

Qiusong Song said, "I'm fine."

Lao Hei pointed at the broken bottle on the ground: "What about this? The emperor won't really blame it, right?"

Qiu Jing laughed: "I was lying to her just now."

"Cheat her?"

"Yes, in fact, I bought this vase out of the stall and bought it for display. Nian Xia has never understood these things, thinking that good-looking things will be very valuable.

"That's good." Lao Hei puzzled: "But why did she come here to make things difficult for you? Have you offended her before?"

Fu Qiu shook his head: "Prince used to prefer calling me to pour water or to stay with me to serve him, so Nian Xia mistakenly believed that Prince liked me and favored me, and she slowly produced After being jealous, whatever I do will have to be directed against me. Now she is returning with His Royal Highness's child. Of course, she has to find a chance to show off to me.

"This woman's jealousy is really strong. You will stay away from her in the future. I worry that she will be dared to do anything if she is jealous. Just as she just wanted to hit you."

Fu Qiu smiled slightly: "I will."

She smiled like a white magnolia gentle and white, making Old Black a little obsessed. Before she found it, he quickly returned to God and asked, "Yes, why did you just say that Her Royal Highness Liang Dong looks nothing like her? "

"I said this because she deliberately angered her. However, her appearance does not look like her, even her temperament, and I doubt very much how she made such obedient and filial children." Fu Qiu looked puzzledly. Holding him: "Is it okay for you to come to the backyard, Lao Hei?"

"I just came to see you." Lao Hei took out a small long box from his sleeve: "I heard that you like to write, so I bought you a fine wolf pen to write beautiful fonts. , I still have something to stop talking to you. "

He knew she would reject herself, so, while she hadn't responded, leave the room quickly.

Qiuqiu stood silently.

Lao He left the backyard and returned to the main hall. Wu Ruo, who was discussing Xuan Shu with Xiao Xiao, saw him come back and wondered, "Why did you come back so soon, wouldn't Fu Qiu refuse to meet you?"

"Of course not. I am as talented as I am. The instrument is extraordinary and the style is elegant ..."

Wu Ruo interrupted him: "Old black, your skin is getting thicker and thicker. If you say such a disobedience, you can still be so blushing and gasping."

Heihe smiled.

"Say, what's up with you?"

Old Black quickly bent down and whispered in his ear.

Wu Ruo's brows frowned tightly after listening, "Are you sure?"

"I have been wandering for many years. In order to make a living, I look at the warmth and coldness of the world, and I also know how to look at the face, so there is absolutely nothing wrong.

"Okay, I'll send someone to investigate this."

"Man, I'll go back to the frontier first."

"Well, remember to prepare wine and dishes tomorrow night." After Ruohe left, Wu Ruo brought in four or seven tricks and whispered something in his ear.

Nodding at four or seven, he turned away from the hall.

Wu Ruo continued to discuss mystery with the child.

After entering the night the next day, Wu Ruo came to No. 1 grocery store wearing a mask.

Old Black took him to his room.

As soon as Wu Ruo entered the door, he saw the limp sitting alone on a stool and drinking.

"Two grandpas, eat slowly here, if something is called, the younger waits outside." Laohei closed the door.

Wu Ruo stood at the door and looked at Pingxing.

After a long time, the limp asked him to come and sit down: "How do you wear a mask?"

As Wu Ruo sat down, he took off his mask: "I worry that people from the old people will see you with me, making it difficult for you to do it later."

Limping chuckled: "You are so thoughtful.

"How about you? Why are you alone this time? How about the son of Shen Song and Zhong Rong?"

Li Xing took a sip of wine and said, "I was afraid they would reveal your whereabouts, so I didn't call them."

Wu Ruo laughed: "You don't think the same way.

Li Xing looked at his beautiful smile, lost his mind.

Wu Ruo pours himself a glass of wine: "If you want to find me in the future, come here and tell Lao Hei."

"Then should we have a secret code? I'm worried that someone will impersonate us."

Wu Ruo smiled even more: "Just think of it with me. The password is any sentence we talked about when we met last time, so that the password can be changed at will."

"Good idea." Li Xing took the wine glass and touched him, and then drank it. "Can you talk about the Son?"

Wu Ruo also did not hide: "His real name is Qian Shen, and is the sage of the Mymit."

"He is a mysterious person?" Li Xing clearly knew Wu Ruo's true identity, and was very strange: "You are also considered as the same family, why did you kill you? Haven't you stayed outside the family all the time? How did you provoke him Didn't he not want you to cast a spell for the Nation? "

"I didn't provoke him, and I don't know what happened, but my grandfather said he might be troubled by the pre-dream."

Puzzling: "Pre-dream?"

"It is said that as long as the selected saint and sage are able to dream about the future, maybe I did something to him in his dream to make him want to kill me."

Li Xing tightened his eyebrows: "Will it be ridiculous to kill you for a dream?"

Wu Ruo murmured, "I also felt ridiculous at first ..."

But he is a rebirth, and after knowing who his enemies are, he doesn't want to solve them as soon as possible, so he knows a little about why the Son did this.

Li Xing asked: "Do you know what he looks like?"

"I don't know, every time I meet him, he wears a mask or a hood." Wu Ruo squinted his eyes. "However, he is the descendant of the fairy.

"Well, the descendants of the immortals are better than ordinary people in terms of appearance." Xing Xing thought for a while: "If you look good, and you are by your side ..."

Suddenly, a figure flashed in his head.

When Wu Ruo saw him look pale, his eyes flashed slightly and asked, "What's wrong?"

I walked back to God: "After I go back, I will help you find it, you should not come out often recently, my father them ..."

Having said that, he stopped, poured himself a glass of wine, took a sip and continued, "I want to kill you."

Wu Ruo asked: "After the incident, you should already know that you have contact with me? Has your father embarrassed you?"
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