Comeback of the Abandoned Wife Chapter 311-320

Chapter 311:

Run out of gas!

The crowd looked at Wu Ruo unbelievably.

Suddenly, the queen's eyes darkened and passed out.

"Mother." Hei Zihe and Hei Ziya hurriedly helped the empress sit in a chair beside him.

With black eyes, Hei Xuantang sorrowfully pulled out the swords around the guards and pointed at Shen Taiyi, choked and snarled and said, "Who sent you to kill Sixth Brother?"

Shen Taiyi knelt on the ground with his legs shaking: "Master, you are so wronged, it is such a great injustice. The death of the sixth prince is really not related to the Xiaguan, and there is no reason for the Xiaguan to kill the sixth prince."


Hei Xietang raised his sword with his eyes cut.

Hei Xieyu quickly grabbed Hei Xietang's wrist, and ordered his voice dumbly: "Tie Shen Taiyi first, don't let him commit suicide, and go back to the palace to find another doctor."

He didn't like his sixth brother and died like this.

"Yes." The guard **** Tai Shen Shen.

"Fifth brother, why don't you let me kill him." Hei Xietang asked angrily.

"Kill him, you won't find the master behind the scenes."

"..." Xu Tang stunned slightly, angrily throwing away the sword in his hand and covering his eyes, and then, tears of soup rolled down from his eyes.

The emperor fell sadly to the bed, clutching the cold hand of Hei Xixi tightly, and choked with red eyes, "I promised you a few days ago that I would heal you, but I will What have you done?"

If it wasn't for his anxiety just now, she wouldn't let Shen Taiyi have a chance.

Hei Zihe and Hei Ziya covered their mouths and wept.

The lord of Tianyao County took out silk silk and wiped the tears in the corners of his eyes. At the same time, he was also surprised that the emperor's extreme trust in Wu Ruo had no suspicion at all.

"My son, my son." Bin Guanshi burst into tears, taking care of Hei Xixi all the time, just like his son. Now that Hei Xixi is dead, wouldn't he be sad.

The room was full of sad crying.

Wu Ruo's tears kept rolling in his eyes, if he hadn't been lazy just now, if he had been staring just now, if ...

"Six brothers ..." Hei Xietang rushed over Hei Xixi sadly: "You do n’t ask the world, why do those people take advantage of the opportunity to harm you, why are they so heart-burning, that you wo n’t let it go, if you are I know who it is, I must crush him to pieces ... "

He wailed and slammed on the bed, his face embarrassed, and he could not wait to kill the person who killed Hei Xixi.

Suddenly, a click.

Everyone hasn't responded yet, and the big bed collapsed instantly.

Wu Ruo quickly protected Hei Xixi's upper body so that the bedpost would not hit him.

"Father Emperor, Grandma, Fourth Brother, Fourth Brother, are you all right?" Everyone froze and rushed over to tear off the bedpost and the curtain.

Hei Xuantang jumped up to speed up the emperor, and quickly asked, "Aunt, are you all right?"

"I'm fine." Wu Ruo answered, followed by a rapid coughing sound: "Cough cough."

"Everyone coughs so much, and they're okay?" Hei Xietang and Hei Xieyu hurriedly removed the wooden pillars and tent curtains on his body: "It's all because I accidentally patted the bed with my spiritual power.

"I'm not coughing."

As soon as the bed post was removed, Wu Ruo hugged Hei Xixi and jumped out of the room.

Everyone stunned.

Hei Xietang hurriedly asked, "Dasao, where are you holding Xiaoxi?"

"Xiao Xi is not dead." There was an urgent voice from Wu Ruo outside the room, and everyone rushed out of the door anxiously, came to the next room, saw Wu Ruo quickly took out the needle bag, and gave Cui Heihei who kept coughing. Stitch.

Everyone was overjoyed: "Xiaoxi is all right?"

Wu Ruo didn't say anything, and he gave Hei Xixi more than ten needles. Hei Xixi stopped coughing, and he pulled the needle until his breath calmed down.

Hei Xiexi asked eagerly, "Daiji, didn't you say that Sixth Brother died? What is going on now?"

Wu Ruo took the pulse for Hei Xixi and confirmed that he was temporarily okay. "He did not have any signs of life at first. Now he should be able to survive because of the conflict between the poison of Shen Taiyi's poison needle and Xiaoxi's blood. The stagnation of the five internal organs and the six internal organs caused false death, so I mistakenly thought that he was out of breath. Fortunately, the fourth brother patted the bed. Sixth brother ’s body produced a severe vibration when he landed, and the solidified venom was shaken. The venom was cleared by the blood, the blood vessels were unblocked, and the internal organs resumed their activities. The sixth brother will wake up. If it is slower, even if the venom is dispersed, the sixth brother will suffocate and die. "

Everyone was shocking.

Hei Xietang was embarrassed to say, "I just blame myself for shooting too hard.

Hei Xuanyu glanced at him: "The moment I saw the bed, I wanted to hit you, and I didn't need to think about doing things."

Hei Ziya laughed at all: "Fortunately, the fourth brother made such a shot, otherwise, we really have to lose the sixth brother."

Hei Xieyu: "..."

The emperor frowned, "How could Xiaoxi's blood clear the venom?"

Wu Ruo explained: "I was worried that the lack of sun would recur again, so many blood-resistant and anti-toxic drugs were infiltrated into the blood of his inner body.

Hei Xieyu asked, "Da'er, you were defending Shen Taiyi before. Did you suspect that Shen Taiyi had a problem early?"

"If I knew Shen Taiyi had a problem, I wouldn't let him stay in the room or even let you lock him up."

then you:"……"

Wu Ruo smiled bitterly: "I guarded him because I was separated when I came to the kingdom of the dead, and I met a couple who took advantage of me to heal their children in order to get money from me. In the case of anemia, I secretly kill and poison my child, and then plant it to me. I want to cheat silver, so after this incident, I have some vigilance in treating anemia, and I am not familiar with Shen Taiyi. , Don't want him to help. "

Hei Xietang was furious: "Wang bastard, who planted the robber? I killed him for you."

"It's all over, let alone mention it."

The emperor asked: "How is Xiaoxi now?"

"Having been troubled by Shen Taiyi, Xiaoxi's condition is slightly better, his breathing is no longer weak, and now he can see from the undulations of his chest that he is still alive."

"Is he still in danger?"

Wu Ruo frowned: "It's really hard to say, you have to wait for him to wake up to be truly out of danger.

"Hmm ..." Hei Zihe saw that Wu Ruo had blood on his collar, and quickly asked, "Dash, has your neck been hurt?"

Everyone looked at his neck.

Wu Ruo heard what she said, and immediately felt a pain in her neck, raised her hand, and she had a lot of blood on her hand.

Everyone was surprised.

The emperor hurriedly asked a doctor to come over.

"Dad, don't be nervous, I'm fine." Wu Ruo took out the medicine and wounded Mo Mo's wound: "My neck injury should have been scratched by the bed frame, but it was just a skin injury, just apply some medicine.

At this time, the guard came in and said, "Here is the doctor."

Hei Xiatang sank his face: "Let them all wait outside."

He is now a soldier and a soldier, and when he saw the elder doctors, he felt that they had dealt with Xiaoxi like Shen elder doctors.

The emperor Shen said: "Let them go and see the emperor's situation."


Wu Ruo said, "Let's be quiet, let Xiaoxi take a good rest.

As soon as he spoke, the voice of a guard from the door came: "I have seen the Prince."

Hei Xietang rejoiced: "Brother is back."

It was like finding the main force and reliance. He could not help but breathe a sigh of relief, and so did everyone else. Everyone felt that as long as Hei Xie was there, he could feel at ease.

Hei Xuxi walked into the room and asked, "I heard about Shen Taiyi. How is Xiaoxi's health now?"

Hei Xieyu whispered before leaving: "Brother, let's go out and talk."

Hei Xun nodded.

They came to the yard, and Hei Xieyu said what happened before.

Hei Xuan narrowed his eyes and pierced the conspiracy of Shen Taiyi: "Shen Taiyi was not directed at Xiao Xilai, but at Xiao Ruolai."

He completely awoke Hei Xieyu: "Yeah, why didn't I think of this? Xiaoxi is dead. It doesn't do any good for others except to make us sad. Why bother to kill him? It's better to kidnap him to threaten us, so to say that it really came to Dasao, then why do these people do this? Would you like to use our hands to kill Dasao? "

"Almost so."

"But who wants to use our hands to kill Dasao? The old people? Brother, we will go to question Tai Tai Shen now.

"This will be said when Xiaoxi wakes up, now you call Miaoyi."

Hei Xuyi said for a moment: "Miaoyi? Are you asking Dayi to know the old people?"


Hei Xuan called the Tianyao County Lord to Hei Xuan.

The Lord of Tianyao saw the shameless black shame, and she couldn't help trembling. It was strange to say that she was not afraid of the emperor, but she was afraid of this big cousin: "Mr. Prince cousin."

Hei Xuanxi stared indifferently at her pretty eyes: "Tell me how you knew Xiao Ruo knew about the old people."

Tenjo-gun Lord swallowed his mouthful,

Hei Xieyu said, "Miaoyi, just tell what you see. Brother will not eat you, don't be afraid."

Tenjo County Master: "..."

He wouldn't eat her, but his eyes could freeze her to death.

Hei Xieyu squinted his eyes, scaring the Lord of Tianyao County to quickly tell Hei Xieyu a scene before the top ten players of the Ninth Level Wizard.

"Is there anyone else who sees Xiao Ruo and Pingxing talking to you? Have you told this to others?"

"In addition to me, there are my best friends in my girlfriend, and then I told my cousin and my father."

Hei Xuyi asked again: "Since I saw him with the old people so early, why didn't you tell us things early?"

It is not easy for people to misunderstand when they just told Wu Ruo to know the old people.

"In the beginning, like my cousin, they thought that the big cousin did not know the talents of the old people and would associate with the people of the old people, so I dared not rush to the front of my aunt to sue. When I saw Xiao After my cousin was in an accident, I was worried that this matter was related to the big cousin, so I chose to tell him about the old people at this time. "

Chapter 312: Make sense

Hei Xieyu stared at the Lord of Tianyao County and said nothing, until she was panicked by him before she said, "It's already night, why did you suddenly run into the official? Uncle is also assured that you come out?"

Miaoyi said, "I'm here to give my aunt delicious food."

Hei Xuyi raised an eyebrow: "Give me my mother food?"

Miaoyi nodded quickly,

Hei Xuan asked curiously: "What is delicious will make you eagerly send it to Guanguan for my mother to taste."

When Miaoyi said that she had eaten well, she had a happy smile on her face: "It's Gui Rong cake, a cake made of nine kinds of beans, it tastes great, so I want my aunt to taste it too. Recently I saw my aunt I was so worried because I was frowning, so I wanted to make her happy with delicious pastries. "

"You are attentive, but my mother can't eat it tonight. You give the cake to my mother's maid and give it to my mother tomorrow."

"it is good."

Hei Xuyi asked, "Your pastries are made by the people in the government?"

"Well, the cook in my house knows that I'm tired of what he cooks. I'm afraid I'll fire him, so I went back and learned a few tricks. Nowadays, whether it's food or pastry, they are especially delicious. And because of the skill of the chef, I often go to my house to eat. "

Hei Xieyu said, "When you have time, come to your house and taste the food you cook, it is not too early now, and I will send you back.

Miaoyi frowned. "I want to wait for my little cousin to wake up before going back."

"Well, go with my mother now.

"Okay." Miaoyi turned and left.

After Hei Xun waited for her to enter the room, she lowered her voice and asked, "Brother, are you doubting Miaoyi?"

If it is not doubtful, his elder brother will not ask some irrelevant words.

Hei Xuanyu also did not hide: "I suspect that someone is using her, after all, her appearance is too coincidental."

"Who is using her? Chef?"

"A little cook, she hasn't been so capable enough to make her run to the palace.

Hei Xunyu thought for a moment: "Is my brother suspicious of my uncle and Lou Luo?"

"It's hard to say. You'll send someone to check the assassination of the chef and Yaotaiyi's family."

"Okay, brother, don't you know Dasao knows people from the old race?"

"He once told me to know a few friends and to introduce me to him. He also said that the other party was an adult, but he never told me the other party ’s name. Now he should think of Hei Xingxing and Hei Shensong. . "Hei Xuai thought of the people he saw in the slave market, and couldn't help narrowing his eyes. "Hei Xieyu was surprised:" How did Dayi know the young master of the old clan. "

"He didn't talk to me."

"Will it be Hei Xingxing who knows Daxu's identity and intentionally approaches Daxu?"

"Hei Ling Xing is not such a mean and shameless person, this matter still waits for Xiao Xi to wake up and ask Xiao Ruo." Hei Xiu Hui went back to the room with his hands behind him, and immediately opened his collar to check the wound, Put down the collar when the wound has healed.

Wu Ruo turned around and hugged his waist.

Hei Xuanyu patted his back: "The rest will be."

Wu Ruo shook his head. After closing his eyes, such a big thing happened. Hei Xixi almost lost his life. This time he must stare at Hei Xixi.

Hei Xiu did not force him, and sat down and hugged him and waited slowly.

No one in the room was silent, sitting quietly in a chair watching Hei Xixi on the bed.

In the middle of the night, the queen-conscious queen also came to guard with everyone, and at sunrise, people who could not see the light returned to the underground palace.

Wu Ruo and Hei Xuyi continued to stand by Hei Xuxi.

After night, the emperor once again came to the black-shaded mansion.

The queen hurried to the bedside: "Did Xiaoxi wake up?"

Hei Shao shook his head.

The queen urged them to go to a rest meeting when they saw that their eyes were particularly dark.

Wu Ruo said: "Sixth brother's chest is getting heavier and he should wake up soon."

The emperor rejoiced, "Really?"

The others were particularly happy, and then waited quietly for the bed to wake up.

As the child approached, his eyelids moved.

Wu Ruoqi, who had been staring at Hei Xixi, stood up.

The emperor looked at him, "What's wrong?"

Wu Ruo quickly held Hei Xixi's hand: "Xiaoxi, Xiaoxi ..."

Everyone hurried around, and saw that Hei Xixi's eyelids moved so badly that he was ecstatic.

After a while, the man in the bed finally opened his eyes slowly.

Everyone was crying with joy, and even the eyes of Hei Xieyu were red.

Hei Xixi opened his mouth with great effort, and was very weak, shouting, "Big, big ..."

"You are still imaginary now, try not to talk." Wu Ruo carefully examined his pulse, and then checked the temperature of his body and nose. After a series of examinations, he said excitedly: "At present, the diagnosis has been successful. The hospital is so good for Xiaoxi's anemia. "

Everyone was ecstatic: "Really?"

Wu Ruo was not too worried about his medical skills: "You] call some more doctors to show Xiaoxi."

The queen turned to the guard and said, "Pass in the five doctors next door.


Hei Xietang said: "Mother, they will not be like Xiao Taiyi, right?"

The empress lowered her face and said, "I will not let Shen Taiyi's incident happen again. Before I come, I have searched their bodies."

"Just use."

After a while, the five doctors came to the house to diagnose the pulse of Hei Xixi, and did not check for the symptoms of anemia, and finally concluded that the body of Heiying Zhao had recovered.

After the queen they heard, they cried and laughed.

"Xiao Xi, have you heard? Your body is healed." Hei Ziya said to Hei Shaizhao.

Hei Xixi was very happy, but didn't even have the strength to touch the corners of his mouth.

Wu Ruo pulled the quilt for him: "Xiao Xi, you are still alive and need a good rest."

"Um." Hei Xixi closed his eyes.

The doctors immediately asked Wu Ruo about the process of healing Hei Xixi.

Wu Ruo took the Taiyi out of the inner room: "The healing process has been the same as the method I said before, but it has not changed much, but it will not be successful if it is used on other patients."


"Sixth brother lived on the land all the year round. With the daily sunlight, there have been some changes in the body. For those who have been suffering from anorexia and still live under the ground for many years, my method may not be effective for them. This is my conclusion when he healed Sixth Brother. "

One of the doctors nodded: "It makes sense. After we go back, we need to continue to study the method of healing."

Wu Ruoti made a suggestion: "Let people who suffer from anorexia exercise more."

"Exercise yourself more?"

"It's very painful in the process of healing. If you don't have a good physique, you can't survive it."

"But some patients have difficulty even standing up."

"Some people are not very serious when they first have this disease and can exercise well."

"Okay, we'll send a notice to everyone when we go back."

Hei Xunyu came out and held Wu Ruo's shoulders: "Let's take a break in the room next door.

Wu Ruo hesitated "but ..."

"The elder doctors will take care of Xiaoxi." Hei Xieyu directly held Wu Ruo and walked outside.

Now that Hei Xixi wakes up and is out of danger, Wu Ruo's heart can finally be put down. In a blink of an eye, he leaned into Hei Xiu's arms and fell asleep.

When it woke up again, it was bright outside.

Wu Ruo sat up quickly.

Hei Xieyu, who came in with the food, saw that he was dressed in a hurry, and frowned, and asked, "Where?"

"Go and see Sixth Brother."

Hei Xieyu pushed him back to the bed: "Sixth brother is more spiritual than you.

"More mental than me?" Wu Ruo tightened his brow. "How is that possible? He should be weak now, how could he be so fast?"

What medicine did you give him? "

Hei Xieyu raised an eyebrow: "Do you know that you have been sleeping for seven days and seven nights?"

Wu Ruo said, "No, I have slept for so long?"

Hei Xieyu didn't answer him, first washed and dressed him, then fed him food.

"I really slept for so long?"

Hei Xingyu ticked his lips when he was almost eating: "Fool you, you only slept for a day."

Wu Ruo rolled his eyes silently: "Why do you lie to me?"

"Don't lie to you, can you sit and eat with peace of mind?"

Wu Ruo: "..."

Hei Xieyu took his hand: "Let's go and see Sixth Brother.

They came to Hei Xixi's room, and Bin Bin was feeding him.

Hei Xixi's eyes brightened: "Big brother, big brother."

"Are you better?" Wu Ruo habitually sat down and gave him a pulse. He didn't notice anything, and then let go of his hand.

Bin Guanshi smiled and said, "My son's health is much better now he can swallow food."

Hei Xixi laughed: "It's all thanks to the big sister."

Wu Ruocao rubbed his hair: "After half a year, your anorexia will not recur, thank you again."

"it is good."

Hei Xixi drank the porridge and continued to lie down to rest.

When Wu Ruo saw a doctor standing here, he walked out of the room with Hei Xieyu: "I haven't seen my sons for a long time.

Hei Xuyi blinked a faint smile in his eyes: "They miss you so much, but they are afraid to disturb you and your sixth brother before they come to see you."

Wu Ruo grabbed his waist: "Let's go back and see the son."


The two returned to the underground palace through the teleportation array. On the way back to Hengxing Palace, Wu Ruo asked, "In the evening when Xiaoxi changed her medicine, I clearly asked the medicine to come over. Why was Tai Tai Shen coming behind?"

"Yao Taiyi's family was assassinated, so Shen Taiyi came over."

Wu Ruo frowned: "Should all this be arranged?"


"Is the medicine too good for the family?"

"His wife and mother were both seriously injured. Fortunately, his life was worry-free, but it took six months to recuperate."

"Just as there is no danger to life, yes, have you interrogated Taiyi Shen? Do you know who is behind the scenes?"

"Not yet. Interrogate him with you later.

"Okay." Wu Ruo hesitated, and then asked after a while: "The night before, I heard the Lord of Fuyao said that limp and deep song were old people? Is this true?"

Chapter 313: You have to work harder

Hei Xieyu nodded slightly: "Lou Xing is the second son of the old clan leader. Because of his outstanding ability, he has been banished by the young master. His status in the old clan is equivalent to that of the royal prince. The young master is sent to the sidewalk to be a close guard. "

"No wonder he knows royal mystery ..." Wu Ruo was very complicated to know the identity of the limp, and he was surprised and had some difficulty accepting the time and didn't know how to deal with him and the limp. After all, he was slow in this period of time Slowly limp them as friends.

He was silent for a moment, and then asked, "Is he sending Xiu to kill us?"

Seeing what he had in mind, Hei Xieyu embraced people and said, "It was his father who sent us to repair him and kill us. It has nothing to do with him."

Wu Ruo looked puzzled: "You ... seem to be helping him."

Hei Xieyu did not deny: "In the old tribe, the only person I admire is him. Before he took over the affairs of the old tribe, the relationship between the old tribe and our royal family was very bad. It can be said that there will be a death when the two tribe meet. At the same time, in addition, the environment below the tenth floor was very chaotic at that time, and frequent fights took place. The poor people were often so poor that they could n’t open the pot, and some people who followed them had complaints, and his father was extremely cruel. For generations, as long as they do not obey him, they will kill until they submit to him. Many people are miserable. After Hei Ling became the young master, great changes have taken place. He worked with us to help the poor and stop the old The clan fought with the royal family, healed the patients suffering from anorexia for free, and worked hard to change the harsh environment below the thirteenth floor. His prestige was higher than his father. He was also not easy, and at the beginning he was promoted to young master. When trying to change everything, his father blocked it many times, and his brothers and sisters were very disdainful to him. He was once taken off by his father as a young master, but he still did not change his original intention to help people, the old tribe. There were also many people who supported him, so he returned to the position of lord. Now he has a bad relationship with his father. His father can tolerate him to change so many things, and it is because of his existence that the entire old people can become complete."

Wu Ruo saw his eyes and tone full of admiration and admiration, raised his eyebrows: "I will be jealous when I hear you, I haven't seen you praise me so much, otherwise he is People of the old clan, I thought he was your confidant. "

Hei Xuanyu and Hei Gu kissed his hair with a smile: "If it weren't for his old family, I might be a good friend with him.

Wu Ruo frowned; "I have now regarded him as a friend, and I plan to tell him his identity, but now that he is an old man, I do n’t know if I should tell him or return my identity. Shouldn't get along with him. "

"Since you consider him a friend, you should be honest. If he also treats you as a friend, even if you are my princess, he will not fight you. Moreover, the two of you are hostile, it is best to speak clearly Lest someone use you.

Wu Ruo nodded: "Well, I have a chance to go out of the palace and tell him clearly, uh, if, I say, if ..."

Hei Xuan turned his lips and said, "If you continue to be friends with him, I will not object."

Wu Ruoxing turned: "How do you know I want to say this."

"I am your husband, would you not know what you are thinking?"

"But he is the young master of the old clan, and I am your princess, will it have any effect?"

"It has no effect on me, except that someone will join you in my book, but don't worry, as long as I believe in you, I don't need to bother about other people's gossip."

Wu Ruo kissed his face happily: "Although I don't know if I will still be friends with me, I am very happy to have your support."

Hei Xingyu pointed to his mouth: "If you want to kiss, kiss this."

Wu Ruoli immediately kissed him again.

Hei Xun's eyes darkened, and he hugged the person and said dumbly, "We haven't been in the house for a long time. You have to get your body back quickly."

Wu Ruo grinned and found that Hei Xieyu's speech became more and more explicit, which also showed that his relationship was getting closer.

"Yes, what is Chong Rong's identity?"

"Chong Rong?" Hei Xuxi frowned. "I haven't heard of this person."

"I heard that he has a way to grow plants under the dark surface of the surface. You should pay attention to him if you are such a character. After all, if the spell is unsuccessful, you will do everything possible to learn from him method."

"It does, but I really haven't heard of this character, and I sent someone to check his identity."

The Hengxing Palace is just in front, Wu Ruo speed comes down from Hei Xieyu, so as not to damage the image of Hei Xieyu's prince.

At the entrance of Hengxing Palace, he saw Nian Xia standing at the door.

Nian Xia saw them return and quickly saluted them.

Hei Xunyu pulled Wu Ruo as if she did not see her.

"Father." Just after class, Liang Dong saw Hei Xuyi, his small eyes brightened, and quickly ran to Hei Xuyi.

Hei Xuanyu looked down at him: "What's the matter?"

Liang Dong asked carefully, "Will my father have dinner in the palace tonight?"


Hei Xuan murmured quietly.

Liang Dongxin rejoiced, "Great."

Hei Xuan looked at his innocent smile, raised his hands and rubbed his head, and took Wu Ruo to find them.

When Nian Xia saw this scene, his eyes were full of smug smiles.

Liang Dong ran to Nian Xia: "Mother-in-law, I'll have a meal with my father tonight."

Nian Xia raised a big happy smile: "Well, I see your father likes you more and more."


Nian Xia patted his small shoulder: "You have to work harder to make your father like you more.

"it is good."

"Rarely your father is back, go and spend more time with your father, remember to listen to your father."

Liang Dong frowned slightly: "But, my mother said that I ate with me tonight."

Nian Xiamu flashed: "Your father will not agree with me to eat with you.

"I'll tell my father that you want to stay." Liang Dong turned and ran.

Nian Xia quickly stopped him: "This will make your father unhappy, I will accompany you for dinner tomorrow afternoon."

Cold winter nodded.

Wu Ruo saw the sons who had not been seen for a few days, and quickly hugged them and kissed them. Then he looked at the small novel: "Xiao Xiao seems to have grown up again.

Xiaoxiao said happily, "I'm four inches tall now."

"Really?" Wu Ruo looked at his shortened robe happily, and smiled. "It seems I need someone to help you make a few more robes."

"Thank you Dad."

Hei Xuanyu touched the small face gently with his fingertips and slightly frowned, "Grow tall?"

Wu Ruo looked at him: "Why don't you seem to be happy that he has grown taller?"

"He's so good." Hei Xieyu likes his second son, who is soft and soft, and is very well-behaved. It makes him feel bad even if he hasn't been disgusted all his life. Take care of him.

Wu Ruobai gave him a glance: "You used to think that I was fat and pretty good, and I was not afraid that I would crush you."

Hei Xingyu ticked the corner of his mouth: "It's really fat and good, and the meat on the body is particularly elastic."

"I'm so fat, can you hold it? And, if I'm still so fat, the door in the palace will be dismantled and rebuilt, otherwise, I can't squeeze out."

Hei Xiu laughed and hugged the person to his lap. "It's still good."

"It's good to know." Wu Ruo hugged his neck with a smile and saw Fu Qiu, who put the fruit pot on the table, and went out, and whispered, "Can Fu Qiu be your close-knit official? "

"Of course, I told her once that if she wanted to marry someone, she would let her out of the house."

"That's good."

Hei Xuyi raised an eyebrow: "Why suddenly ask this?"

"Old Black likes her."

"Well, Lao Hei is a good match for her."

"I also think that I don't know if she likes Lao Hei."

At this time, the ghost woman came in, "Xiao Ruo, you are back."

She saw Wu Ruo sitting on Hei Xie's legs, and asked, "I haven't disturbed you?"

"No." Wu Ruo wanted to stand up, but was hugged tightly by Hei Xuan.

"Just sit and don't care about me." The ghost woman sat opposite them with a smile and twisted her eyebrows: "Xiao Ruo, you are thin, have you not taken care of yourself recently?"

Wu Ruo laughed: "The grandmother has become better looking, the flesh of her lips and nose has grown, and the scars have become much lighter. She will be able to restore her original appearance in a little more than a month."

The ghost woman smiled and touched her face: "I can't wait to see Tonger now."

Wu Ruo blinked: "Is my grandmother going to see my mother?"

"Well, it's time to meet her." The ghost woman clenched the handkerchief in her hand. "But I feel nervous when I think of going to see her. Xiaoruo, can you accompany me to meet them?"

Wu Ruo nodded: "I haven't seen them for a while, I will be out with you early tomorrow morning."

"We're going, too." Eggs holding the novel.

Wu Ruo gently scratched his small nose: "You are indispensable."

Hei Xuyi said, "I have a lot of work to do tomorrow, so I won't be with you.

"Well, you are busy with you, you don't need to accompany us. By the way, we won't come back for dinner tomorrow night. If you can come back before dinner, you can eat in the fourth brother's house."


After dinner with the family members, Hei Xieyu and Wu Ruo went to question Tai Tai Shen.

In the process of interrogation, Wu Ruo used the magic of words. However, Shen Taiyi was threatened to do such a ridiculous thing because his family was arrested and threatened. Therefore, he did not know who the master was behind the scenes.

Hei Xieyu immediately sent someone to Shen Taiyi's home for inspection, and Shen Taiyi's family had all been killed. Even his descendants did not let Shen Taiyi know that the matter was distraught, and he also knew that poisoning the sixth prince was Sin, biting his tongue and committing suicide while the guard was unguarded.

The emperor had mercy on Shen Taiyi's family and sent someone to bury him and his family.

Chapter 314: Recognize each other

In the early morning of the next day, Wu Ruo had breakfast and checked Hei Xixi's body. After making sure that he was okay, he took the ghost and the eggs together to go to Heixitang House to visit Guantong.

On the bus, the ghost woman was very nervous: "Xiao Ruo, if you said your mother knew that I was his mother-in-law, how would she react?"

"She will be very happy." Wu Ruo patted her shoulders to make her feel at ease: "Maternal grandmother, you will be separated from my mother for various reasons. My mother will forgive you, so you should not be nervous. You do n’t have to worry that my mother will dislike your appearance. There is something that does n’t mean that a child is not ugly. Even if you are really ugly, a child will not dislike you, let alone you now. It ’s not ugly. After you have completely restored your appearance, you will stand with my mother. Everyone thought you were two sisters. "

The following words are true. The ghost woman is a ninth-level magician. After her appearance is restored, she is as young as forty years ago.

The ghost woman breathed a little sigh of relief, but when she arrived at the palace, she became nervous again: "Should I wear a veil first?"

Wu Ruo thought for a while and laughed: "Even if you wear it, you can surprise my mother."

The ghost woman immediately took the veil and followed Wu Ruo to the courtyard where Guan Tong lived.

Wu Qianqing They saw Wu Ruo they came, and quickly stood up: "Little Ruo, egg, little, you are here."

At first glance, Guan Tong found that Wu Ruo was thin and distressed: "Xiao Ruo has lost a lot of weight. He must not sleep well or eat well recently. I'll let the stewed soup and soup for you.

"Okay." Wu Ruo laughed and put the children down and let them go out with Xiao Wuyou; "Mother, I'll introduce you to someone."

He leaned over his body so everyone could see the hag.

Before she went to office, Uroth looked for someone to dress her up. At this time, the ghost woman was wearing a light blue gauze skirt, and she was wearing a variety of jewellery with her ten sons, making her look just like her. Fantastic teeth woman in her early twenties, very young.

Guan Tong froze: "This is ..."

She saw the ghost's eyes and tentatively asked, "Is it a ghost?"

Wu Ruohe grinned: "The mother is so powerful, she recognizes the ghost at a glance.

Guan Tong laughed: "I also recognized her as a ghost woman from my eyes."

"Is this the ghost woman?" Uhi stared in surprise, and looked up and down the left and right: "Except for the eyes, nothing looks like it."

In the past, the ghost woman didn't pay attention to dress and dress. In order to disguise her identity and match her ugly face, in the past, all the clothes were worn by the old woman and the jewelry worn by the old woman.

Wu Qianqing also carefully looked at the ghost woman: "Did the ghost woman heal her face, the scars on her forehead are gone, and new skin has grown back, and now there are some scars left."

You You and Thorny, Ye Ji they came around.

Wu Xi smiled and said, "I said why the ghost woman looks different. It turned out to have healed her face."

Wuzhu was curious: "The ghost woman has been wearing a veil, can't your face be blown?"

Wu Ruo looked back at the ghost woman: "Take off your veil."

The ghost woman looked nervously at Tong Tong.

Guan Tong said, "If you can't blow hair, don't pick it."

"No, pick it," the ghost woman said anxiously.

Guan Tong froze.

Wu Ruo patted the ghost's shoulder: "Don't be nervous."

The ghost woman slowly took off the veil, and suddenly everyone stopped.

Uhi looked at the ghost woman's face stuttered in shock: "Mother, mother, mother ..."

She looked at Guan Tong and then the ghost woman, except for the scars on her eyes and face, as well as the different dresses, the two were almost identical.

Wu Ruo took a sigh of cold air: "Oh my God, it looks like it."

Guan Tong was also very surprised: "Ghost, are you really a ghost?"

The ghost woman took a deep breath and said, "I'm a ghost woman, but also your mother-in-law."

With the exception of Wu Ruo, the Wu family couldn't afford to look at the ghost woman.

Guan Tongzheng went back to God: "My mother?"

The ghost woman nodded excitedly.

Wu Ruo saw the red-eyed ghost woman speechless, and quickly said for her: "Yes, she is our maternal grandmother, the director of the recording has told me that our maternal grandmother is Yujia Ran, and she personally Confirm that the haunt is our maternal grandmother.

"But, but ..." Guan Tong couldn't believe it. "But my father said my mother ..."

"It's hard to say a word." Wu Ruola took Guan Tong and Gui Po to his right and left, and then told everyone more than 40 years ago.

Guan Tong learned that the ghost had sunburned her face and eyes because she was looking for herself and ran to the ground. Her heart hurt so much. She had red eyes and choked and asked, "Are you really my mother?"

Wu Ruo stood up silently, leaving them alone.

"Yes, yes." The ghost woman cried first, and couldn't help but embrace Guan Tong: "Tonger, I am really your mother, really your mother."

"Mother--" Guan Tong hugged her tightly.

Wu Qianqing was happy for both of them: "It turns out that the mother-in-law is still in the world, which is great."

Uxi also flushed his eyes: "The ghost woman is so pitiful."

Wuzhu raised her hand and tapped her forehead: "Also called a ghost woman."

"Yes, it's called grandmother." Uxi cried. "The old people are really abominable. Without them, the grandmother and grandfather wouldn't be separated, and the mother would never hurt her without mother."

The ghost woman wiped her tears. "I will be more painful in the future."

"What about me?" Uhi asked.

The ghost woman burst into tears and smiled: "Of course, you little girl."

Wu Qianqing took the opportunity to say, "Don't cry, don't cry anymore. This is a happy thing, everyone should be happy."

In fact, he was particularly worried that Guan Tong cried and broke his body.

Guan Tong wiped his tears with silk silk, held the ghost's hand and said, "Mother, you will live with us from today, don't go back to the palace with Xiao Ruo."

Wu Ruo laughed: "I brought my grandmother out, and I didn't plan to take her back to the palace again."

Guan Tong smiled, feeling better, and then looked at the ghost woman with a smile and said, "Dad said that I look like you, and it really is, we are like twins.

Wu Xi smiled: "With the second brother, they are triplets.

The ghost woman saw everyone easily accept her, and the stone in her heart finally fell back to her original position.

Guan Tong caressed the scar on the ghost's face and asked, "Can your face be okay?"

The ghost woman smiled slightly: "Well, Xiao Ruo said, after a few months, the scars on my face will heal."

"What about the eyes?"

The ghost woman looked for a moment.

Wu Ruo said, "Mother, don't worry, I will do everything to cure the grandmother's eyes."

"That's good."

You said, "Should we celebrate?"

Wuzhu asked, "What to celebrate?"

"Celebrate your mother and grandmother know each other."

Wu Ruo nodded: "Yes, let the next person prepare a rich table at noon, we must have a good meal."

Uhi said to the steward standing by the gate, "Xubo, have you heard? Prepare a delicious table at noon."

Wuxu smiled and nodded: "I'll go and tell the cooks to do it."

Guan Tong quickly got up and called the housekeeper: "Wuxu, Xiaoruo is thin, you let the chef cook the soup and eat more eggs, so they have to prepare more food, right, mother, what do you like to eat? I'll let the cook prepare it for you. "

The ghost woman saw her happy, and also co-operated with a few dishes she liked to eat.

"If only Dad were there." Guan Tong sighed.

"Yes, we will meet together someday."

Wu Ruo and everyone happily ate lunch, and left the palace alone to Langshan Pavilion.

When he was about to come to Langshan Pavilion, Wu Ruo met a man with two pupils, and the other person neither wore a mask nor a veil, and just walked face to face. When passing by, the man glanced at him lightly. Passed by him.

The competition is over. Why is this man still in the necropolis?

Wu Ruo curiously stopped and turned to see the man turn to other streets before turning back into Langshan Pavilion.

When the shopkeeper saw Wu Ruo, he said excitedly, "My son, you are finally here."

Wu Ruo asked, "What's wrong?"

"It's not a big deal. The boy who left you a message can't wait for you. I'm worried that you've got an accident. I come here almost every day and ask a few times."

"What about others?"

"Jiancha just left."

"Then did he leave a message for me?"

"No, but he will come here every day, saying that if he sees you, he must leave your address or make an appointment."

"Use a pen and a pen." Wu Ruo wrote a short message to Pingxing, folded it, and took out a piece of silver to the shopkeeper: "Troublemaker, give the letter to my friend."

The shopkeeper smiled, and had not yet received the letter and the silver. Suddenly, someone smashed a bag of silver on the table and said angrily, "Checkout."

Wu Ruo could not help but glance at each other, could not help but look at it. Isn't this just that he saw the twin pupil man? How could he still appear in Langshan Pavilion after passing by him just now?

Oh, by the way, they are twins, so I don't know if this is unrestrained or unrestrained.

"Yes, yes." The shopkeeper quickly put away what Wu Ruo gave: "I don't know which table the guest will settle the bill?"

The two-eyeed man said rudely, "Azalea Pavilion on the second floor."

"Please wait a moment, how much money the little needs to count."

"Um." The twin-eyed man looked at Wu Ruo, who hadn't left, seeing that he had been staring at himself, his face slumped, "What are you looking at? Haven't you seen a man?"

When Wu Ruoguang's eyes moved, he tentatively asked, "Nothing?"

The pupils narrowed their eyes and did not answer him.

Wu Ruo tentatively asked again, "Unrestrained?"

Listening freely to him calling his name, suppressing anger: "Who are you?"

Wu Ruo twisted her eyebrows lightly, "Don't you remember me?"

Look at him freely: "Have I met you?"

"Take a closer look, do you really don't remember me?"

He stared at his face without any restraint and glanced at it, but there was no impression: "I'm sure I haven't seen you. Did you recognize the wrong person?"

Wu Ruo rolled his eyes: "If I admit the wrong person, will I call your name accurately?"

Chapter 315: A big liar

"Also." He stared at Wu Ruo's face for a while, but couldn't remember where he had seen this person. He touched E: "I've met someone like you who look so good-looking I will remember later, so I ’m pretty sure I have n’t seen you. Hey, why did I struggle with this matter, and I do n’t remember you to prove that our relationship is not good. Since it ’s not good, why should I take care of you. Hey, you Anything? If you're okay, don't bother me, I'm in a bad mood right now. "

"..." Wu Ruo saw that he was impatient with his face, and twitched the corners of his mouth. Then he turned his eyes and tickled his lips. "You don't remember a few years ago that you borrowed ten million yuan from me. ? "

Eyes wide and unconstrained: "I fuck, aren't you **** looking for death? How dare you cheat on Lao Tzu, do you look at me so bullying? You ..."

"Unrestrained ..." The lazy voice at the mouth of the stairs interrupted unrestrained words.

Wu Ruowen got a good reputation, and from the stairs was a superb gentleman with a gentle and graceful face. He was dressed in white clothes and painted a red landscape painting on the clothes, which set off the whole person's elegance and elegance. , Stepping down the stairs step by step with grace and came to the unrestrained front.

Unbridled anger, respectfully called to the coming down: "Master."

Wu Ruo heard his title, and guessed that the boy in white should be Ji Yun, the brother of the emperor.

Ji Yun raised an eyebrow: "Are you still angry with your brother?"

Unrestrained humming.

"Why care about your brother, we want to stay here as long as we can, he can't control it, even my brother can't control it, don't bother them. Well, you quickly checkout, I also want to take advantage of The hour is still early in the other floors. "

The shopkeeper smiled and said, "Gu coffin, you have spent a total of 1,132 here."

Take out one thousand and two silver tickets and one hundred and two hundred silver from the silver bag.

The treasurer accepted the silver: "Welcome the guest to come again next time."

"Well, the food here is good, and will come again." Wu Ruo turned around and watched Wu Ruo still standing. "Why are you still here, don't you think I will pay you back ten million yuan?"

Ji Yun wondered, "No matter, he is ..."

"A big liar, even said that I owed him ten million dollars. If it weren't for the Necropolis, I would have beaten your teeth early."

"Oh? Liar?" Ji Yun looked at Wu Ruo and squinted her eyes. "Now the liar wears such expensive robes? The embroidery on the robes is not worse than the embroidered lady in the palace. What do I think? Don't feel like he is a liar. "

He said freely, "Master, he also knows the names of me and my brother."

Ji Yun frowned, politely asked, "I don't know your son and your surname?"

Wu Ruo stared at his face and said his real surname directly: "Surname Wu."

"Wu? This last name is very rare."

Unrestrained Lengheng: "I don't know anyone whose surname is Wu.

Ji Yun secretly looked up at Wu Ruo, the other person's temperament was outstanding, and he was dressed in an expensive manner, not like an ordinary wealthy son.

His eyes moved slightly, and he smiled and asked, "Wu Gongzi, can my guard owe you $ 10 million?"

Wu Ruo ticked his lips: "I saw that he didn't recognize who I was, and joked with him to deepen his impression of me. If I ever see me again in the future, I will probably recognize him in the shortest time. Find out who I am. "

Unconstrained: "I know you even if you become gray in the future.

Wu Ruo smiled: "Really? You look so good, a pile of ashes can make you recognize who the other party is."


Ji Yun raised her hand and motioned to say no more: "If Wu Gongzi has nothing to do, we will leave."

Wu Ruo nodded.

Ji Yun left Langshan Pavilion with no restraint.

Unconstrained: "That man is inexplicable."

Ji Yunji smiled, "Do you know who that person is?"

"Who? The son knows him?"

"If I haven't guessed wrong, he should be the princess Wu Ruo, Prince of the Necropolis.

Unrestrained surprise: "He turned out to be Wu Ruo, are you right, Master?"

Ji Yun hooked his lips: "The robe on his body doesn't mean that an ordinary person can wear it, and it has a beautiful appearance and a surname of black. I think it's inseparable. Stay away from him, after all, this is the kingdom of the dead. "

Unrestrained lowered his face: "He won't send someone to arrest me?"

"If he catches you, he just started, let alone him, let's go elsewhere."

After they left, Wu Ruo explained to the shopkeeper a few more words and then walked out of Langshan Pavilion. Then, he was slammed into the head.

He quickly stabilized his steps, staring at the two people who had fallen to the ground, staring at the ground with a wink, "Yan Yanwen? You Yan Wu?"

You Yanwen and You Yanwu heard someone calling them by their names, and quickly looked up, seeing Wu Ruo, surprised and excited, "Panyang, it's you, that's great."

They hurried up to hide behind U Ruo.

Wu Ruo looked back at them strangely, "What are you doing?"

"Please help us." Yan Wen straightened his head and looked to the front. A group of big men ran over, and the leading man rolled up his sleeves and said angrily, "His mother, dare to run away. Legs, see if you dare to run. "

Wu Ruo asked, "I don't know what happened to this guy?"

The leading man looked at him in a luxurious suit and politely replied to him: "The two of them owed us 500,000 yuan of money to the gambling house and said they would return it after one month. It has now been more than a month, let alone return the silver. None of the copper plates were seen. "

Yu Yanwu, who was hiding behind Wu Ruo, shouted, "If we don't have silver, can't you be graced for another month?"

The leading man said angrily, "I still live in a good inn and eat good food and drink. You don't think we don't know you have been here for two months.

Yen Wu justified the loss, and quickly pulled Rawu Ruo's robe, "Panyang, I know you have silver, so you should return the silver for us."

Wu Ruo sneered, "Which eye do you see that I have silver? Because I dress better than you? Then you should have silver than I live in a good inn and eat good wine and food, I do n’t have You spend so much money, and since you owe it, you pay it yourself. "

He pulled back his robe and turned away.

Yan Wu quickly rushed to catch up: "Panyang, you can't see death and you can't save it. If you don't have so much money, can you pay the interest money for us first."

The lead man yelled, "Dare you run, I will break your legs. If there is no money back, use your life to pay for it."

He and his people took out various instruments and attacked them in the direction of Yanwu Wu.

You Yanwu and You Yanwen were shocked, and hurriedly hid behind Wu Ruo, let Wu Ruo block them.

When the magical instrument hit Wu Ruo, Wu turned back and waved, and the black shadow shot from his hand. Everyone hadn't had time to see what it was. They just listened to the sound of bang and all the shatters were shattered.

Immediately after, Heiying returned to Wu Ruo's hands, and everyone fixed his eyes on it. It turned out to be a snake and arrow weapon.

The leading man had scruples against Wu Ruo. After all, the weapon that can break their weapon with one stroke is definitely the top weapon, but he still let the people under his hand attack.

Wu Ruo found that these people did not fight with Yan Wen, but they dealt with him severely and fatally, and he could not help but have doubts.

The leading man saw that his people could not only approach Wu Ruo's body, he could not even deal with a snake and arrow, so he had to retreat the people under his hand: "Go."

You Yanwu was anxious and startled: "Well, how did they leave?"

You Yan did not blow his head with a good fan: "You idiot, wouldn't it be better if they ran away? Do you want to be killed by them?"

Yan Wu looked at Wu Ruo and nodded quickly: "Yes, yes, yes, they ran better."

Wu Ruo turned and left.

You Yanwen and You Yanwu glanced at each other and hurried to catch up: "Panyang, Panyang, don't go."

Wu Ruo pointed at them with the snake arrow in his hand: "Follow me again, and the person this arrow will shoot at will be you."

If it wasn't for his grandmother's account that her life had caused her family's day to be worse than one day, otherwise he wouldn't bother to answer these two statements.

You Yanwen and You Yanwu were caught by his cold eyes, swallowed, and dare not follow up.

"How did Yu Yangpan become so powerful?" Yu Yanwu wondered.

"Just the magic weapon."

Looking at Wu Ruo farther and farther from Yan Wu, he hurriedly asked, "Brother, what should I do? If I don't catch up, he will disappear."

You Yanwen watched Wu Ruo disappear into the crowd, and gritted his teeth: "Don't worry, he should appear again soon.

Yen Wu looked at Yanshan Pavilion and smiled, "Yes, he should come again soon."

Returning to the courtyard where Wangqianqing lived, Wang Ruo heard the bright laughter of Wuqian before entering the hall. He was surprised and curious. He hadn't heard his dad laugh so much for a long time.

He walked into the hall and saw Wu Qianqing and Wu Bai, who hadn't seen him in a few days, sitting in a chair and talking.

Wuzhu saw Wu Ruo coming back and laughed, "Xiao Ruo, you are back."

Uber quickly stood up: "Liu."

Wu Ruo smiled slightly: "You are here."

"Well, I wanted to go back to Tianxing Kingdom to take a look, but now I will be arrested when I go back. In the end, I will either die or become a slave. Therefore, I plan to wait a year and a half, and the new emperor will not Keeping an eye on Wu's house, I will go back and look at it again. ”Ubai said that he was a little embarrassed here.

Wuqianqing Road: "Xiaobai, you can live here with peace of mind. You can stay here as long as you like. I asked Wuxue to arrange a room for you. By the way, you can live with Wuwu seniors. Everyone is from the Wu family so they can take care of it. "

"Thank you Sanbo."

Wu Qianqing ordered Wuxu to take the cypress to rest for a while, and then called him over for dinner.

After Wu Bo left, Wu Ruo asked, "Xiao Bo has figured out their uncle's death?"

Wu Zhu said, "What can you do if you can't figure it out? A person can't be born again. His only wish now is to return to the heavenly kingdom to give his family a pillar of incense."

Wu Qianqing sighed: "When things pass, I'll go back with him to see them, but before that, don't mention them again."

Wu Ruo and Wu Zhu looked at each other and nodded.

Chapter 316: Taste

At dinner, the Wuqianqing courtyard was as lively as the banquet, and the hall was full of laughter.

Wu Ruo said, "I'm going back to the palace."

Guan Tong couldn't bear him: "Won't you live here tonight?"

"Sixth brother just woke up, I will go back to see him."

Everyone knows the situation of Hei Xixi, so he no longer keeps him.

Wu Ruo wiped his mouth with the greasy eggs, and said, "Eat slowly, let's go back first.

Everyone said, "Walk slowly, be careful on the road."

Wu Ruo walked out of the compound, holding her eggs and little ones.

Suddenly, Dandan asked, "Well, do you want to go to the palace with us?"

Wu Ruowen turned around and saw the thorns standing in the midst of the sky: "Why are you out?"

Thorny was silent for a moment, and said, "I'll send you out of the house.

Wu Ruo joked: "When have you been so polite?"

Thorny humming.

"Okay, if you want to send me out of the house, just leave the house. You can send me back to the palace without any problem."

Wu Ruo turned around and went on.

The little boy held in his arms looked up at Thorns.

The spiny bird suddenly stopped in the middle of the air, blinked, looked at Wu Ruo, and looked at the courtyard where Wu Qianqing lived, then turned back and flew back to the hall.

"Thorny, have you ever fainted recently?" Wu Ruo asked, but didn't hear the answer, then turned his head. At this time, there are still thorny figures: "Well, this person is really strange , And also said that when I was sent out of the house, I lost my way of delivery. "

Ever since Thorny became an adult, he has behaved strangely.

Wu Ruo tightened her eyebrows and hugged the child to the backyard, took the beast cart to the palace, and then took the child to see Hei Xixi.

Hei Xixi was particularly happy to see Eggs and Xiaoxiao, but unfortunately he is still very weak, so he can't say a word or two: "Xiaoxiao seems to have grown a lot."

Wu Ruo put Xiaoxiao on the bed, and Xiaoxiao fluttered and hugged Hei Xixi's face: "Uncle Liu should get better soon."

"Um." Hei Xixi blinked a gentle smile under his eyes and asked Wu Ruo: "I heard Hei Bin said that Taiyi Shen wanted to kill me while Dayi was treating me.

Wu Ruo explained: "Shen Taiyi was forced by threats. Someone arrested his family and tried to kill him to poison you, so as to trap me. In fact, the person who arrested him was against me, not you, you were subject to me. Tired. "

"No, it's us who have trouble you." Hei Xixi knew in his heart that Wu Ruolai's Necropolis is not long, and it is impossible to avenge people in a short time. It must be because of the curse that so many people have Want to kill Wu Ruo: "How about Shen Taiyi and his family now?"

"Shen Taiyi's family was completely killed. Shen Taiyi committed suicide when he learned of the incident."

Hei Xixi felt sorry for Tai Tai Shen.

Wu Ruo shook his hand: "Don't think too much. The most important thing now is to raise a good body. The thing that poisoned you and framed me will be checked out, and she will take revenge on Shen Taiyi."

Hei Xixi blinked to indicate that he knew.

Wu Ruoshun gave him the pulse: "Restoration is good, continue to maintain a good mood, after half a month, you can get out of bed and move around, and then take good care of your body, within two months, you can be like a normal People go wherever they want. "

Hei Xixi held his lips slightly.

Wu Ruo saw that he was tired. "Have a good rest. I will see you tomorrow morning."

Hei Xixi closed his eyes directly.

Wu Ruo explained to the good stewards that he took care of Hei Xixi, and holding the eggs, they returned to the Hengxing Palace in the underground palace. When they saw the guard hurried in, he asked, "Why did you find a doctor? injured?"

The guard said: "It was Lord Lou who was seriously injured."

Wu Ruo a little sigh of relief: "Why is Lord Lou seriously injured?"

"The old clans came to make trouble. We fought with them, and then Lord Lou stopped for the prince."

Wu Ruo quickly walked behind the screen in the lobby with the Taiyi, and saw the building fell unconscious and fell asleep on a reclining chair, holding tightly the corner of Hei Xie's clothes.

The guard said, "Prince, the doctor is here."

The doctor came to salute: "The old minister has seen the prince."

"You show Lord Lou how the injury is." Hei Xieyu looked up to see Wu Ruo coming back, then took the egg in his arms and said, "I thought you would live in the house of the fourth brother tonight."

"Sixth Brother is not recovering yet, so he can live with his heart down." Wu Ruo looked at the pale building and fell, and whispered, "Is he seriously injured?"

"He was given a wound medicine before, and he is still unconscious."

Wu Ruo hugged the child and said, "I'll take the eggs first and let them go and let Hexin take a bath for them."


When Wu Ruo held the child to the screen, he heard an anxious voice coming from the floor, "Prince, Prince ..."

He looked back, and Lou Tingluo was still in a coma, but his Prince was eagerly called in his mouth.

Hei Xuan looked at his eyelids rolling, and when he woke up, he answered, "I'm here."

Lou Tingluo called again, and suddenly woke up, staring blankly at everything in front of him. When he saw the black shaman standing next to him, he eagerly asked, "Shaman, are you all right?"

Hei Xuanxi twisted his eyebrows lightly: "I'm fine."

"You're all right, all right." Lou dumped and closed his eyes weakly.

Wu Ruo turned around to leave the room and took a bath for the children. The guard had taken the medicine prescribed by Tai Yi from the Tai Ping Hospital.

Hei Xieyu said to the guard: "Bring Lord Lou to the West Hall to rest, and then find someone to take turns to watch him."

"Yes." The guard saw Lou Tingluo grabbing the black robe and tried to separate it before he left. Unexpectedly, Lou Tingduo pulled tightly: "Prince, this ..."

Hei Xie cut his hand with a knife, and cut off the clothes corner.

The guard picked up the building and fell to the bed in the west hall room to rest.

The man lying on the bed opened his eyes slightly, looked at the cloth in his hands, clenched his fists and smiled bitterly, then closed his eyes and continued to rest.

In the hall, Wu Ruo accompanied Hei Xieyu to eat: "How did you meet the old people?"

"We met the subordinates of the old clan leader, and they would come to us if they were okay." Hei Xu looked at the tea on the table, squinting his eyes: "Their hands on me this time indicate that they are afraid, I am afraid that we will succeed in solving the curse. The next days will be uneven. You should be careful when you go out in the future. "

"Um." Wu Ruo gave him a piece of roast meat and put it in his bowl.

Hei Xieyan swallowed a meal and said, "I sent someone to investigate the matter of Zhong Rong. This person came up only recently. His identity is very mysterious, although everyone is rumored that he was rescued by the old family by the owner. But very few people have seen him, and my people have never found anything that saved them by the owner. "

Wu Ruo frowned: "In fact, I didn't intend to let you investigate him. As an old man, he is very normal to follow the old people. He does not have much contact with me on weekdays. He does not investigate him. It doesn't matter, but I always think he is hostile to me. "


"Well, this hostility is not obvious, and sometimes even feels like my delusion."

"If your gut is true, why do you think he will be hostile to you?"

"I really can't think of this. I have only met him a few times. I didn't say a few words, let alone offend him." Wu Ruo wanted to go back and forth without knowing where he offended the person. : "Stop saying him, yes, I saw Unrestrained and Ji Yun today."

He stopped motioning darkly and asked Shen Shen: "They didn't do anything to you?"

"No." Wu Ruo put down his chopsticks and said, "But one thing surprised me."

"whats the matter?"

"The two of them don't even know me. It stands to reason that if he and Ji Yun were really the ones who gave me down, they should know my mother. I look similar to my mother, and even after seeing my face, I am separated. Ten years, there are more or less impressions. When I told them that my surname was Wu, they did not respond, but Ji Yun should have guessed my identity behind. "Wu Ruoban narrowed his eyes:" So, I was thinking In fact, I was unbridled by them, and then pushed the matter onto them, because before I saw them, I also saw them. When I saw me, I didn't have any expression, But he gave me a special glance. As expected, the emperor is not credible, and now the emperor and Wushu have not left the necropolis? You need to be careful of them, maybe they come to the necropolis state for other plots. "

"I will."

"It's going to be cold. Let's eat." Wu Ruo picked up his chopsticks and continued to cook for him.

Hei Xiexi coughed, "If you don't touch my thigh, I will feel that you really let me eat."

From the beginning of the meal, Wu Ruo's left hand has been resting on his leg, touching his leg back and forth.

Wu Ruo stopped and snorted coldly, "How can I touch your legs, I touch your robe."

"My robe?" Hei Xieyu looked down at the cut-off robe, and he didn't understand what was good about it. Is this robe better than other robes?

Wu Ruo didn't speak, and he grasped firmly on his robe and let go of his hand.

Hei Xieyu thought about it for a while before he came over and asked, "Did you eat the taste of Lord Lou?"

"Um." Wu Ruo did not deny: "I found that Lord Lou seemed to like you.

Judging from the previous move, Lou Qingluo was filled with black shame.

"He likes me?" Hei Xuyi thought it was impossible: "If he really likes me, he should show something, but he has kept a distance with me for many years and has never done anything wrong, at least I never Did not feel his like. "

Who likes him is more or less perceptible, but the floor fall has not been shown, and if he really likes himself, it means that he has been hiding well these years.

Wu Ruo did not want to speculate on others maliciously: "Hurry up and eat, and we will take a bath together."

Hei Xieyu heard the following words as if she had the motivation. The speed of eating increased a lot. In a short time, all the rice in the bowl was eaten, and then she took her own princess and bathed.

Chapter 317: I also like little

Uroyo limped to meet them on October 20. Unexpectedly, depending on what happened, they couldn't come, so they had to leave a message to change their appointment and meet again two days later.

Then, coming out of Langshan Pavilion, he was stopped by Yu Yanwen, who had only met a few days ago.

Wu Ruo frowned: "It's you again ..."

"Panyang, your second brother was arrested by our debt collector." Yan Wen grabbed his wrist and anxiously dragged the street to his right: "You see, we are brothers. Help us, otherwise, the Civil and Military Association will not die. "

Wu Ruo kept his footsteps and said quietly, "Don't you think it would be more practical for you to go home and ask them to pay for their debts?"

"Dad they kicked us out of the house and said they wouldn't give us any more."

Wu Ruo raised her eyebrows: "Yes? Your mother is so painful to you. In order to promote your cultivation and sell me to others, how could she be willing to let you be wronged outside."

"She wants to help us too, but the money in the house belongs to her father, and she can't take out so much money for us, now only you can help us."

"If you want me to help you, you have to answer me a question before helping you."

Yu Yanwen was ecstatic: "As long as you help us, don't say a question, even if you answer ten questions, there is no problem."

Wu Ruo pulled back his hand calmly: "I just want to know why you came here to find me?"

Yu Yanwen flashed a guilty conscience and stuttered, "We have met you here two times before, so I tried to try my luck here. I didn't expect that I was really waiting for you."

This makes people look right.

Wu Ruo tickled his lips: "Is it?"


Wu Ruo looked at his eyes and squinted: "Can you say it again, why did you come here to find me?"

Yu Yanwen's expression suddenly became dull: "Someone told us we can find you here."

Wu Ruomu coldly said, "Who is it?"

"Yu Xuan's young lady."

"It's him." Wu Ruo frowned. "Why does she want you to come to me?"

"I don't know the reason, she said nothing when she found us, as long as we brought you in front of her, but when we first saw you, we didn't complete the task, she was very angry when she knew, and said Next time, I will directly teach you a meal, but in order not to be found that she is looking for someone to hit you, let us pretend to owe gambling debts, let her people pretend to be debt collectors and slam you hard After a meal, I didn't expect you to have such a powerful weapon. Now she asked me to lie to you to see her again. This time, she seems to have brought in a ninth-level wizard and a powerful monster to deal with you. "

Wu Ruo sneered: "Your brothers have said to me that they are brothers, but now they help outsiders to deal with me. They are really good brothers."

"If they didn't force us, we wouldn't want to do this to you."

Wu Ruo wondered, "How did she force you?"

"She said that if we did n’t do what she said, we would make our home look good, and we would even make it across our entire family. But we can no longer afford to toss, we do n’t want to see father and mother anymore. The whole family was heartbroken, and they didn't want their grandfather and grandmother to bow their heads to people from home. "Yu Yanwen said, and tears flowed out of his eyes:" So we agree with her, anyway, you Just give her a breath of air. "

Wu Ruo looked at his tears for a moment, and it seemed that Yu Yanwen and Yu Yanwu were not bad. If he really wanted to resist and could not help, he would not shed tears under his control.

In fact, if he hadn't noticed something wrong the last time, and after a few days met so coincidentally outside Langshan Pavilion, he didn't want to use words to force them to tell the truth.

Wu Ruo drew a tracked charm in Yu Yanwen's robe corner, and then unlocked the spirit of words.

Yu Yanwen gradually regained his thoughts and blinked, and found that his face was cold, and he raised his hand with doubt, and a water stain was on the back of his hand: "Ah? Why is there water on my face?"

Wu Ruo said: "The person you are going to collect debts said, I will prepare the silver bank today and send it to him tomorrow."

Yu Yanwen stunned: "You, you want to return money for us?"

"Isn't the second brother taken by them? I don't redeem him for money, don't I just watch him get killed?"

Yu Yanwen saw that he was willing to take out 500,000 yuan of silver, and suddenly felt guilty: "Okay, okay, I'll wait for you here tomorrow."

"Um." Wu Ruo turned away, waited for the place where You Yanwen couldn't see him, summoned the first prisoner, then gave him the tracking sign, and let him follow You Yanwen to look at You Xuanzhen now where.

After that, he returned to the palace and waited for the news.

In Hengxing Palace, Hei Xieyu sat in the courtyard while teaching eggs and cold winter to learn mystery, and accompanied Xiaoxiao to read the book. When Wu Ruo came back, he raised his eyebrows and put down the book and asked, "You do n’t want to Is it okay to see Kurosaki? How come back so soon? He doesn't accept your status as a princess? "

"They have something, and didn't come to the appointment." Wu Ruo sat next to Hei Xieyu: "When I came back, I met You Yanwen, my mother's big cousin.

He said something just now: "Do you want me to help them?"

Hei Xieyu said, "The grandmother is most worried about the family, and she has to help them. Then, you let Yan Wenwen persuade your great-grandfather that they leave the eighteenth floor for one more convenience. We protect them better.

Wu Ruo nodded.

He Xin, who was waiting beside him, said, "Prince, Lord Lou is out."

Wu Ruo and Hei Xuanyu looked towards the backyard gate.

Lou dumped the steps and walked in front of them.

Hei Xieyan frowned: "Your injury is not good yet, how come out?"

Lou Qingluo smiled weakly: "It's time to go back in the womb for too many days."

"Wait until the injury is healed."


Hei Xingyu directly made the guard fall back to the room.

Wu Ruo looked at the back, drank tea, and said, "It is really a sick and beautiful man."

He always felt that when Lou Xunluo was in the palace, he specially dressed himself as a pitiful appearance to say goodbye to Hei Xunyu, and even guessed that Hei Xunyu would not let him leave before he dare to say so .


Is his mind too complicated, so he wants to make people's minds complicated too?

Hei Xieyu: "..."

Wu Ruo turned to the topic and asked, "Why are you so free in the palace today?"

"I didn't leave the palace today, so I stayed in the palace to review the memorials."

What else would Wu Ruo say? Suddenly, the first prisoner appeared in front of them: "Master."

"Has anyone been tracked?" Wu Ruo asked.

"Well, you met Yu Xuanyu at the 15th floor of the banquet in the city of Youwen. You Xuan Xuan had a ninth-level wizard and a senior monster. The ninth-level wizard and the monster's ability were not bad. So I didn't dare to approach. After that, they returned to the home on the 14th floor, where there were more ninth-level wizards. I didn't dare to sneak in. "

"Can you say to what extent they are capable?"

"The ability of the ninth-level wizard is about the same as that of Wu Chenliu, and advanced monsters are even more powerful than enchanting."

Wu Ruo was surprised: "It's better than a monster?"

The enchanting ability has been regarded as the middle and upper level among the monsters. It is better than the enchanting monsters, isn't it the top monster in the monster world.

"Well, this monster seems to have reached the realm of humanoid."

Wu Ruo was surprised: "The realm of transformable human form? Such a powerful demon should not be subject to the human race, how can he be willing to obey the order of Xuanyuan who is not high in spirit.

"He is under the control of a magic weapon and has to obey her orders."

Wu Ruo looked to Hei Xieyu: "What do you think?"

Hei Xuanyu thought for a while and said, "At least eight ordinary ninth-level wizards are required to deal with deformable monsters. However, the monsters are not willing to surrender to Yuxuan Yu, and Yuxuan Yu cannot control it every time. Tomorrow, I will find five ninth-level magicians to accompany you. "

Wu Ruo asked, "Are you free tomorrow?"

"I still have business tomorrow, but I happen to be going to the 15th floor of Baocheng. You go there first, and I will come to you later."

"Okay." Wu Ruo wondered: "Why do you say this woman is so stingy, I just mean that her grandfather's formation method may have gone wrong in some way, just ask someone to give me a meal, huh? I really regret for Xun Xing, even if I want to marry a woman who remembers to hate others as a trivial matter, he will suffer in the future. "

Hei Xieyu also felt sorry for Hei Xingxing. Such a capable man should not be dragged down by a woman who cares about everything.

"I don't think Li Xing likes Xuan Xuan. It should be a family order."

"It was set by his father and the owner." Hei Xuanyu was very fortunate that his family was so open-minded and would not mess with the children.

"Everyone is cursed. They should not forcibly get engaged with the juniors and force them to be with people they don't like. Isn't that hurting the juniors?" Wu Ruo looked at the little boy sitting at the table obediently, using his fingers to eat. Gently stroked his hair: "In the future, no matter who my children like, I will strongly support them together."

He raised his head and looked at him: "Daddy, I like brother."

Everyone ran over and picked up Xiao Xiao and kissed him, "I like Xiao Xiao too."

Little shy smile.

Wu Ruo laughed: "The two brothers have a great relationship .--

Hei Xiu took the silk and wiped the saliva on his face.

Wu Ruo looked at them standing next to the pillar with an envious look at Liang Dong, and whispered to Hei Xieyu, "Lang Dong looks very distressing. Please hug him, anyway, he is also royal. Child, and maybe your brother or your uncle's son. "

Hei Xuan said quietly, "The more you give him, the greater the disappointment in the end."

Wu Ruo thought about it too.

Liang Dong now regards Hei Xieyu as his father. If he is too good for him, it will make him very sad to know that Hei Xieyu is not his father.

Wu Ruo patted him: "Go and play with Liang Dong."

Chapter 318: Really enviable

After having lunch, Wu Ruo and Hei Xieyu took the children to eat in the compound, but they met Nian Xia who came to Heng Xing Gong to pick up the children for lunch.

Her face was painted with exquisite makeup, she was wearing an off-the-shoulder soft gauze, and there was a charming look between her hands and feet. When she was saluting, her eyebrows were seductive, just like trying to seduce the emperor's concubine.

"Mother-in-law." Liang Dong saw Nian Xia and flew over.

Nian Xia gently held up the child's hand and retreated to Hei Xuyi, but He Hei Xu only caressed little and didn't even look at her.

She didn't care, and still pulled Liang Dong away with a smile.

Wu Ruo was so funny. Hei Xieyu five years ago because she crawled to his bed to behead her, and I really do n’t know where her self-confidence would make Hei Xieyu like her five years later. Can a child make Hei Xuanyu treat him differently?

"Prince." The guard from the backyard came to report: "Master Lou suddenly vomited terribly."

Wu Ruo: "..."

Really gone and another.

He shaved his face darkly: "Since you're vomiting badly, then why don't you go to see the doctor to see your doctor?"

He isn't a doctor too, can he stop vomiting if he finds him?

Wu Ruo laughed very much when he heard this.

The guard's eyes silently glanced at Wu Ruo.

Wu Ruo would understand: "I'll go and see Lord Lou."

Hei Xuan gazed coldly at the guard.

The guard was baffled by him, and he didn't know what he had done wrong. Shouldn't he let the princess see the doctor?

But the princess knows how to heal, so why bother to stay close?

Wu Ruo came to the room where Lou fell and saw the man on the bed couldn't help but stunned.

At this moment, the floor fell down with black filaments lying on the bed, and her face was pale and bloodless, as if the cherry blossoms that were about to wither were pure and beautiful.

Wu Ruo lowered his eyelids. Before that, Lou Qing fell like a white lotus, it was pitiful, but now he looks so delicate that he feels more distressed and loving, making him think again that Lou Qing is intentionally trying to attract the attention of Hei Xun force.

"Master Lou, are you okay?" Hei Xuyi asked before leaving.

"Prince." Lou Tiao fell weakly to support his body and fell back again.

"Just lie down."

Wu Ruo calmly poured pulse on the floor.

"Trouble Prince, please." Lou Tiaoluo raised his eyelids slightly and looked at Hei Xuanyan: "Prince is busy with his business affairs, but also makes the Prince care about Wei Chen's affairs, and makes Wei Chen unhappy."

Hei Xiu is not the kind of person who is good at caring for courtiers and pursing his lips without talking.

"Prince ..."

Hei Xuan frowned: "If you are not feeling well, don't talk."

Wu Ruo held down the corner of her mouth and smiled slightly, and asked Lou Tingluo: "Why does Lou Lou vomit easily?"

Lou Qingwei said weakly: "Weichen ate well when he ate, and suddenly, he would not vomit if he was not comfortable."

Wu Ruo stood up to check the food, and then asked the **** for the prescription prescribed by the eunuch, and knew that the **** that the **** had given to Lou Qinglou and one of the dishes.

He pointed to the dish on the table and said to the eunuch, "This dish is equal to the medicine prescribed by the eunuch. Don't serve this dish again."

The **** responded quickly: "Yes."

"Master Lou is still taking the medicine prescribed by Taiyi, so I won't prescribe the prescription anymore, you can get better by taking a good rest.

Lou Tiaoluo asked the **** to help him to get up: "I have delayed a lot of official duties and can't delay any longer.

Hei Xuyi said: "This palace will let others share your official duties, wait for you to raise your body, and then do your best."

"Thank you Prince for your sympathy for Weichen." Lou Qinglu smiled at him as Xuelian burst open.

Hei Xuan turned his head and told the **** to take good care of the building and fall, and pulled Wu Ruo out of the room.

Lou Tiaoluo saw the black shading room out of the hollowed screen and held Wu Ruo's shoulder in a close and whispered. Suddenly, the smile froze on his lips: "The relationship between the Prince and the Crown Prince is really good.

The **** smiled and said, "Yeah, if the princess has a little cold and pain, the prince will be half-dead."

"I'll be distressed and half dead ..." Lou Qing couldn't help pinching the sheets: "I thought the Prince was indifferent to the cold ..."

"When Princess Prince first entered the palace, we also thought so, but seeing that they have been together for a long time, we know that the Crown Prince treats Princess Prince very differently, and we are very envious when we watch it."

Lou Tiu lowered his eyelids and said, "Yeah, it's enviable."

"Master Lou will find a lady who treats you well."

Lou Qing fell silent.

Wu Ruohe stepped out of the backyard and suddenly fell into Hei Xieyu's arms.

Hei Xieyu hugged him quickly: "Xiao Ruo, what's wrong with you?"

Wu Ruo frowned and pulled her chest tightly. "My chest hurts."

Hei Xieyu was worried that if he was in a coma for a few days when he was in the kingdom of heaven, he hurriedly picked him up and passed on the doctor.

"Wait, you don't need to pass on the Physician." Wu Ruo called the Physician when he heard it, and immediately resumed his life: "I don't need to pass on the Physician, I'm kidding you."

Hei Xieyu: "..."

Wu Ruo looked at him with a dark face and a guilty conscience in his eyes. He was embarrassed to say that he was jealous and said, "I want you to care more about me."

Hei Xieyu said badly: "The next time you pretend to be ill, I will really let you lie in bed for three days and three nights."

Wu Ruo smiled and hugged his neck: "How do you want me to get out of bed?"

Hei Xieyu raised an eyebrow, meaningfully: "What do you say?"

"If you like me, you are welcome to keep me out of bed."

Black shame flickered helplessly.

"Shadow ..."


"I've taken care of myself in the last few days ..." Wu Ruo flashed a shame under his eyes, and stroked his thumb on his back neck, and asked dumbly, "How about we return to the house?"

Hei Xu's eyes darkened, and Wu Ruo jumped up, using light work to fly to their dormitory.

Wu Ruocan smiled brightly. His men only liked him and were only attracted to him. Others wanted to reverie his men. No way.

After closing the door of the room, the two kissed fiercely from the door to the inner room. Instantly, the robes fell to the ground.

By the time they reached the bed, the two had met naked, and even the desire mentioned the highest point.

The outside guard heard the gasping sound in the room, and kept away from the palace with interest.

They stayed until late at night.

Wu Ruo hugged Hei Xieyu with a contented face and closed her eyes.

Waking up the next day, Wu Ruo, who was reluctant to get up, stunned his husband-in-law, and was happy until his husband's desire was upright.

Hei Xieyu rolled over and pressed him, and kissed his lips: "I'm going to be busy, come back at night and 'clean up' you."

Wu Ruo took a sip on his neck before letting him go: "I'll remember to send the wizard over."

"Um." Hei Xuyi lay on his body and waited until the desire had subsided before getting dressed and washing.

Wu Ruo also got up to accompany him for breakfast.

After dinner, five ninth-level surgeons came to Hengxing Palace to report.

Wu Ruo took them to Langshan Pavilion to meet with You Yanwen.

Seeing him from Yanwen was excited and guilty: "Panyang, you are here."

Wu Ruo nodded: "Where are we going to redeem?"

"Go to the 15th-floor Baocheng Casino."

"Let's go."

Yenwen looked at the five people behind Wu Ruo in doubt, "They are ..."

"They are my people."

"Why bring them?"

"Don't we go to the casino to redeem people? If we don't take a few people, the people in the casino will not necessarily release people after paying the money, so it is safer to bring a few people."

Yu Yanwen no longer speaks, and Wu Ruo they come to Yamen, through the teleportation array to the 15th floor of the treasure city.

Dufang is not far from the fifteenth gate, hesitated as soon as Yanwen left the gate.

Wu Ruo saw him slow down and asked, "What's wrong?"

You Yanwen frowned: "Panyang, I ..."

He originally wanted to let Yu Xuanzhang save Panyu's home, but Yu Xuanzhang not only brought a ninth-level magician, but also a high-level monster, and the posture did not seem to hit you. Yang's meal was so simple, I always felt that You Xuanying wanted the life of Pan Yang.

"What's wrong?"

"I, I ..." Youwen scratched her head. "I just want to ask if you have enough money?"

"Of course, 500,000 silver tickets are in my arms.

"Well, I ..." You Yanwen was anxious: "Panyang, do you really want to redeem the feast?"

"I've been here with you, is there any leave?"

"..." You Yanwen wanted to tell him the truth, but he was afraid to hurt the second brother and his family. After all, now Yan Yanwu is really in the hands of You Xuanyuan.

Hesitating, the two came to the door of the casino.

Wu Ruo looked at the gate and said, "Is it here?"

You Yan bowed his head; "Yeah."

"Why no one enters the casino to gamble?"

Wu Ruomai took a step forward, and Yan Wen hurriedly grabbed his wrist: "Panyang, forget it, we won't go in."

"Why didn't you go in suddenly?" Wu Ruo raised an eyebrow, and it seemed that the man had found it with conscience.

"I don't think it's easy for you to make money. How can you make this money back?" Yan Wen kept pulling Wu Ruo out: "Leave, let's leave."

"Why did you want to leave again?" Suddenly a group of people gathered around, pushed several of them into the house, and closed the door.

"Brother, Panyang, you are here."

Excited by Yan Wu, they walked to Wu Ruo. Unexpectedly, they were pushed back to their original place by the gambling house.

Wu Ruo issued 500,000 silver tickets: "We brought the silver tickets, should you let them go?"

"Let it go?" Gambling House sneered: "Then ask my lady to disagree."

He turned his head and said, "Go and invite the lady out."

"Yes." Gao Xiaoluo entered the backyard.

After a moment, a girl in a pink dress and mask came out of the backyard and saw Wu Ruo, sneer: "Yanyang, finally let me wait for you."

Wu Ruo was amused for a while. You Xuanyuan wanted to deal with him, but did not dare to show his true feelings.

"Wait for me?" He looked at her in disguise: "Why wait for me? Wait for me to redeem with a silver ticket?"

Yu Xuanzhen didn't talk nonsense to him, he said with a wave, and ordered: "Give me up and fight to the death."

Hundreds of people in the casino rushed over.

Five ninth-level magicians quickly protected Wu Ruohe and You Yanwen.

You Yanwu anxiously said, "Miss You, don't you just say that you just need to teach him a meal? Why are you still fighting?"

In a cracking place, Yu Xuanzhen gave a whip on Yu Yanwu's face.

Youyan Wu screamed and fell to the ground fiercely.

You Xuan exclaimed, "You stupid, what did I say before I came?"

She had repeatedly warned not to reveal her identity, but what did he do?

"Yan Wu, are you all right?" You Yan asked anxiously.

Yu Yanwu covered her face and got up, and saw that the people at the gambling house fell in half.

"A bunch of waste," Yu Xuan said angrily to the men around him, "Go and pull out the beast, and invite the seniors out.


Yun Xuan's men quickly ran into the backyard, and then dragged out a big red bird monster and a white man with a mask on his face.

Chapter 319: Well done

When Wu Ruo saw the **** monster, he made a slight sign, wasn't this big bird strange?

I saw Wu Ruo and waved his wings excitedly, but he wore a yoke that controlled the monsters, and was dragged by Xiao Luo to death.


Yu Xuanzhao and Chao Xie slammed hard: "Animals, if you don't obey, I will destroy you."

At the moment, a few feathers were removed from the cricket. Fortunately, its skin was thick enough, and the whip hit it like a tickle. However, for top monsters, this is a great humiliation.

Wu Ruomu's eyes lightened.

They never found a puppet, and it was originally captured by the old people.

Wu Ruo gave him a soothing look, and at the same time, the corner of his eye scanned the entire gambling house and found that a powerful array was laid around him. It was not easy to break it from the outside or inside, unless it was destroyed. The formation method, otherwise, it is difficult to break out.

He stopped noisy, and his red eyes glared at Yu Xuanyan fiercely.

The man in white quickly summoned a ghost clan, a demon clan, and a demon clan, and then gathered a powerful spiritual force to attack Wu Ruo.

Wu Ruo saw that the other side's spiritual power had been as strong as described by the first prison, and quickly took out countless top defense weapons to protect everyone.

The man in white was obstructed by the magic weapon, and his eyes were sharp. He used his full strength to break the top magic weapon with his contract companions.

There was a loud bang, and all the advanced instruments exploded together. Wu Ruo quickly took out a magic instrument to resist the impact of various air waves.

Xiao Luo, who had no magic weapon resistance, was blown up, and even Yen Wu and Yu Xuan Xuan were rushed out by the wind. At the same time, the array method arranged in the gambling house was manipulated.

The formation was broken, the gambling house could not withstand the huge impact, and it collapsed instantly. Even the surrounding houses suffered from the pond, and passersby passing by were rushed a few feet away.

The loud noise caught everyone's attention.

Immediately afterwards, Yan Wu took off and took off to Wu Ruo.

"Master." The first prisoner appeared beside Wu Ruo.

Wu Ruo nodded: "Good job."

If it weren't for the first time to stealthily disrupt the formation while stealthing, they would still be trapped inside.

The first prison will throw You Yanwu to You Yanwen.

You Yanwen quickly catches You Yanwu: "Yan Wu, are you okay?"

"Brother, it hurts." He was not only beaten by Yu Xuanyu's face, he also had many wounds on his body, all of which were cut by pieces of magical instruments.

Wu Ruo said to the head, "You take Yan Wen first and they wait in a safe place."

"Yes." The first prisoner flew out of the house and the two brothers flew out of me.

"Ah-" Suddenly, a scream came from the gambling house: "Animal, you animal, ah, senior, help, help.

Wu Ruoding glanced at it. He used his sharp mouth to peck blindly Yu Xuan's left eye and burned people with a spitting fire, and Yu Xuan rolled with pain.

The white man ignored her life and death and rushed to Wu Ruo directly.

Five ninth-level magicians blocked in front of Wu Ruo.

The white man slammed two of them and rushed to Wu Ruo.

Wu Ruo blasted the ghosts of the ghosts head-on, this move with great impact and lethality.

The man in white was not afraid, and he used the Buddha's treacherous maneuver to resolve Wu Ruo's attack.

"Holy Son." Wu Ruo sees the other party's use of multi-ethnic mystic skills to immediately understand his identity, and his calm eyes become fierce and cold, with a black and blue gas in his hand. Out.

This is the Witch's Corruption. As long as it is touched by the black and blue gas, both the clothes and the hair can be gasified into a futon. The sleeves of the child are stained with gas, and instantly become ashes. The priest's purification technique immediately radiated white light on his body. When the black and blue gas hit the white light on his body, a noisy sound was emitted. The black and blue gas became a pile of white smoke and slowly drifted upward.

At the same time, a bunch of disgusting bugs flew out of his sleeve, and flew towards Wu Ruo.

Suddenly, a pile of fire blew over, Wu Ruo and Shengzi were startled, and quickly took a few steps back, and the insects flying in the air were immediately roasted into coke.


He yelled angrily and angry, in order to get rid of the control of the magic weapon, it exploded wildly because it was sometimes awake and sometimes controlled by people, so no matter who it was, it blasted wildly and passers-by were burned by fire. There was also a fire in the house.

People around shouted, "You're walking, you're walking."

Others went to the doormen to resolve the matter.

The Son was unwilling to miss the opportunity, and swept away the scorching worms that blocked him, and used the perfect power to attack Wu Ruo.

Wu Ruo also condensed spiritual power. Suddenly, a figure flew in front of him to meet his Son.

Immediately, the two powerful spiritual powers were like fighting overlords. At the moment of contact, they made a loud noise. The power was quite horrible. The air waves sent by the spiritual power opened a crack in the earthquake, as if an earthquake and a tsunami struck at the same time. The ground trembled and the turnovers were rolled up.

The warriors who were fighting aside were blown a few feet away.

Wu Ruo used sleeves to block the wind and dust, and he could not help seeing the person in front of him, he said, "Limp.

Limping Shen said: "Hurry up."

At this time, someone shouted, "Don't hit any more, don't hit any more, otherwise you will be dozed off on the 14th and 15th floors."

However, no matter whether it is a limp or a holy son, whoever wants to take over the spiritual power will be hurt by the opponent's spiritual power.

Immediately afterwards, a figure rushed over and slashed down in the middle of the collision with the Holy Spirit and the walking spirit. They separated the two's spiritual power on the spot, and then the wave rushed around and knocked Several houses.

The limp and Shengzi took a few steps back, and then looked at the person.

Wu Ruoin, who was standing behind the limping, did not hold his feet for a while, was hit by a strong spiritual force and flew out, and fell into the crack in the ground.

The limp saw that the person who interrupted them was Hei Xuan, and immediately frowned.

The Son quickly turned and ran, followed by the guards who came over to Hei Xuan to quickly chase.

"Master, are you okay?" Shen Song speed ran over and checked his lame body.

"It's all right."

Song Song breathed a sigh of relief, and then stared at Hei Xuanxi vigilantly.

Hei Xuan turned his head, and asked the Ninth-level wizard following Wu Ruo: "What about Xiao Ruo?"

The ninth-level wizard silently pointed at the crack.

Hei Xuyi's face changed slightly, and quickly walked over.

Li Xing also asked Shen Song: "What about Panyang?"

Deep Song pointed to the crack, and he was embarrassed to say, "He fell into it. I originally wanted to catch him, but your spiritual power is really strong. I can't get through at all."

Li Xing black face walked quickly to the crack.

"Little Ruo--"


Hei Xuan and Xing Xing shouted in unison, and then they both looked at each other.

"I'm fine, I'll go up myself," Wu Ruo under the ground replied.

Hei Xingyu and Pingxing heard that his voice was full of sigh, and then he breathed a sigh of relief, then, a spit of fire rushed over and flashed quickly.

"啾-啾-" 啾啾 still spit fire wildly.

"Master, that **** monster is crazy." Shen Song shouted, "It will kill Miss You."

Seeing that the **** monster killed several Luos who were protecting Yu Xuanyu, hesitated for a moment, or chose to save Yu Xuanyu in the past.

Seeing that the **** monster is the cricket, and seeing that the cricket is going to fight against his deceased hand, Hei Xie jumped up and stood in front of the cricket, and then unlocked the magic weapon on his body.

"Woo--" Wrath angered, "I want to kill this woman."

Since it was captured by the people in the house, Yu Xuanyu has been using it as a beast, and as long as it does not agree with her, he will scold and scold it, which is worse than their watchdog.

"Brother, save me." You Xuanyuan cried and hugged Pingxing, shaking with fright: "I hurt, I hurt all over."

At this point, the eyeballs of her left eye had been taken away, her robes were completely turned to ashes, her body was burnt black, and her hair was burned barely. Otherwise, she would have been protecting her face, terrifying Shen Song could not recognize who she was.

Shen Song quickly took off his robe and put on Yu Xuanyu.

Li Xing pushed the person into the deep sorrow with a cold face. If it was not for the sake of Yu Xuan's family, he would not have saved his life.

Deeply silent: "Master, is this appropriate?"

The naked girl in her arms is the wife of the master who hasn't been through the door. It's not appropriate to push a fiancee in the robes of other men onto other men?

Li Xing ignored him.

"Kill it, Brother Xing, kill it for me-" You Xuanyuan cried and yelled, "Come, call my father and let them kill this beast.

Hearing, he was even more angry, and spit fire at them again, limply they jumped away.

Shen Song said badly: "Miss You, we are now on the street where people come and go. It's better that you don't yell like this now, it will ruin your reputation."

He spit another fire at Shen Song.

Shen Song quickly ran away: "I haven't offended you. Don't spray me all the time, master, save your life, I can't beat this big bird monster, its fire is so great, my robe is burned.

Li Xing raised his eyebrows, and immediately raised his feet, he heard Hei Xun Shen said, "Hey, come back."

Hearing about it, he returned to Hei Xuyi's side: "Master, they don't have a good thing at home, and she wants to kill his wife."

Hei Xuyi's eyes were cold, and he stared at Yu Xuanyu, who was held by Shen Song.

Holding the deep chant of Yu Xuanzhen can not help but shake, hurried to hide behind Hou Xing, and then took out the injury medicine to Yu Xuanzhen.

Hei Xuanxi stared at the person behind him, and asked the ninth-level magician around him, "It is she who wants to kill Xiaoruo."

The ninth-level magician replied: "Yes, Prince, after we were locked in the casino, she ordered her men to fight us dead."

As soon as he spoke, a strong spirit gathered in Hei Xieyu's body.

He was shocked at the bottom of his heart, and quickly healed for spiritual defense.

Shen Song is trembling. If the two masters fight, they may not be as simple as the 14th and 15th floors.

"Prince, please raise your hands, Baocheng is just a small town, but you can't stand you fighting against the adults." The owner of the city rushed to the door with the people from the door, and stood among them: "Prince, you Master, you have something to say. "

He directly pecked the city owner with his mouth.

"Ah, don't peck me anymore." The owner of the city dodged quickly.

Hei Xun and Li Xing were facing each other again, and when everyone thought they would fight, a voice came out in the crack: "I'm going, I finally climbed up."

Chapter 320: Yield

Wu Ruo climbed out of the ground, shook the dirt on his body, patted the dust on his robe, exhaled deeply, and when he saw the black shabby and limping not far away, he gladly walked over: "All are here, Great."

Song Song rolled his eyes, where is it? Is he going to fight with the prince without seeing him?

Concerned that Hei Xieyu would hurt Wu Ruo, he quickly grabbed Wu Ruo's arm and pulled it towards him.

Hei Xun's subconscious also grabbed Wu Ruo's other hand.

Li Xing stared coldly at Hei Xuan and lowered his face: "Let it go."

Hei Xuan said quietly: "It's you who let go."

Deep chant: "..."

How did they feel more aggressive.

Wu Ruo noticed the aura condensed in Hei Xie and Li Xing, and raised his eyebrows: "You are ..."

Are they planning to do it?

Li Xing and Hei Xingyu stared at each other without speaking.

Wu Ruo pulled back her arms: "Can you deal with the current matter first and then change to another place?"

The city owner interjected quickly: "Yes, yes, yes, this boy is right, the most important thing is to solve the current thing."

Hei Xieyu thought of the relationship between Wu Ruo and Li Xing, and slowly gathered his spiritual power.

Seeing this, he also gathered up his spiritual power.

Shen Song and the Lord of the City breathed a sigh of relief, but fortunately did not fight, otherwise, sixteen, seven, eight cities may suffer.

Wu Ruo looked around: "Where is the Son? Are you gone?"

"Run away." Hei Xieyu raised his hand to remove the mud on his hair, and patted the dust on Wu Ruo's back by the way.

Seeing this scene, Li Xing squinted his eyes, and Panyang knew him? And the relationship seems to be very good, otherwise, the prince will not pat the dust for the reason.

Shen Song and the owner of the city also widened their eyes in shock, can't believe that the distinguished Hei Xieyu would lay down and wait for others.

Wu Ruo tightened his eyebrows: "Let him run away again, he really is a ghost."

Li Xing asked: "Who was that person just now?"

"His name is Son, and he has been chasing me since a year ago ..." Wu Ruo flashed doubts: "This time, it was really strange to deal with me with Yu Xuanyu."

He wondered how the Son, who was a hermit, could walk with the old people.

Li Xing lowered his face: "What did you say? You said that Yu Xuanzhang was going to deal with you?"

Shen Song looked at You Xuanyu, who was unconscious in his arms, wondering, "Why is Miss You going to deal with you?"

Wu Ruo hesitated, whether he should tell this matter to Xun Xing, after all, Xuan Xuan is his fiancee, he is not good to destroy the relationship between them.

Knowing that he was worrying, he said, "But it doesn't matter."

"Maybe it was because she said her grandfather's formation was wrong last time ..."

Limping: "..."

There should be more than that.

I remember that time, because of the unreasonable harassment of You Xuan Xuan, he proposed to cancel the marriage contract, maybe because of this, you can make Yu Xuan Xuan really hate Yu Panyang.

"Sorry, this thing has trouble you."

Wu Ruo said indifferently: "I just want to know if Shengzi is always staying with Miss You, because Miss You called Shengzi as a senior, and they should know each other."

Flimbing squinted: "I will investigate this matter."

"Trouble you, yes, thank you for your help, otherwise, I might not be able to stand here and talk to you."

"You don't need to be polite with me."

At this moment, Yu Xuan's men came over and said, "Miss, madam, are you okay?"

Shen Song quickly threw people to them: "Hurry up to your lady to go back for treatment."

"Yes." Your family's men hurriedly hugged Yu Xuanyu and left.

A dark light flashed through Wu Ruo's eyes, but did not stop them from leaving.

"啾 瞅-" 啾 瞅 yelled dissatisfied, without killing You Xuan 滢 it is difficult to dispel its hatred.

However, it chased halfway and ran back again, because from the point of view of Wu Ruo, things were not so easy to give up, it still kept good health, and then dealt with Wu Ruo their home.

The city lord hurriedly said, "Prince, according to the statutes, you cannot fight in the dungeon without permission, otherwise you must deal with them according to the statutes, but now ..."

He couldn't help but glance at Wu Ruo and Xun Xing. One was someone the Prince knew, one was the young master of the old race, and two were not people he could offend. What would he do?

The black leader of the guard came over and said in a voice, "You won't open your eyes, close your eyes?"

He really has no eyesight, and don't want to think about one of the offenders, but the prince hurts the princess in his heart. Who dares to touch him with half a cold hair?

"Yes, yes." The city owner received Hei Xuanyu's cold gaze and hurriedly wiped a cold sweat: "Xiaguan went to appease other people first."

As soon as the city owner left, the atmosphere calmed down.

Wu Ruosheng coughed, "It's better to choose a day than hit the sun. How about we find a place to sit and drink a cup of tea?"

Limping nodded.

"Someone may not be willing to sit down with us and drink tea."

Hei Xuyi glanced at him and said, "There is a teahouse in front.

"Then let's sit down."

Wu Ruo took the lead and came to the teahouse that Hei Xieyu said, found a corner and sat down.

Shen Zong, who walked in the back, saw Hei Xieyu and Li Xun sitting at the same table, and whispered: "This is an ancient story for more than a thousand years. The royal prince and the young master of the old family can be calm. Sit together, if you tell the story, no one will believe it. "

Wu Ruo Xiang Xiao Er is going to have good tea and precious pastries, and then he looks at Xun Xing and says, "Xin Xing, do you remember that I left a message a few days ago to tell you something important to tell you?"

Li Xing asked: "Remember, what do you want to say?"

"This ..." Wu Ruo really said badly, and hesitated for a moment before saying, "First of all, I want to clarify that I really treat you as friends, and then, I had no choice but to hide it. I didn't mean to deceive you. "

Flimbing lightly frowned.

I always feel that what Panyang is about to say will be amazing.

Song Song looked at him curiously: "What did you lie to us?"

Wu Ruo was thinking about what to say.

At this time, Xiao Er brought tea and cakes to the table.

Deeply consciously poured a cup of tea for everyone.

"This ..." Wu Ruo drooled his throat.

Li Xing said: "Since you are saying whether you intend to deceive us, you can say things generously."

Wu Ruo and Hei Xieyu looked at each other.

Hei Xieyu gave him a crispy fragrant cake.

Limping tightened his brows, faintly feeling the two of them with a touch of intimacy.

Shen Song also felt weird between Hei Xieyu and Wu Ruo. E light kept moving back and forth between them.

Wu Ruo bite the crispy fragrant cake and said, "This is a long story, we ..."

Before he finished speaking, he heard someone shouting excitedly, "Ma'am, are you okay?"

Wu Ruo turned back when he heard Hei Xietang's voice, and saw Hei Xietang rush to him in front of him, holding the chopsticks in his hands tightly, looking up and down to make sure he was okay, and sighing in relief: Ma'am, do you know that you scared me to death? I just saw several corpses outside the gambling hall and thought you ... thought you had an accident too. If so, how can I tell my brother and Xiaoxi that it's okay? You're okay, right, do you have a broken leg or a broken vein? Hurry up and check, otherwise, my brother knows that I'm late and will kill me.

Then, he pulled up Wu Ruo's sleeve.

He looked at him limpingly, and Shen Song was shocked, and the cake fell to the ground without knowing it.

Hei Xuanyu threw it directly with chopsticks.

Hei Xietang was in pain and turned his head to look: "Ah, brother, you are also here."

Hei Sui continued to pick up a pair of chopsticks for pastry.

Wu Ruo wondered, "How do you know I'm here?"

"The first prison told me that he met me when he took two people back to my palace, and then he told me that you were besieged by many people. I immediately brought someone over and saw a pile of corpses outside the casino. My feet are frightened.

Hei Xuanyu said quietly, "Be productive."

Hei Xietang glared at him angrily: "Brother, if you think that there are big crickets in the pile of corpses, I can't just see that the legs are soft, I'm afraid I'll panic and wonder what's going on.

Hei Xuan couldn't say anything, it was his default.

Hei Xuantang looked at Wu Ruo and continued, "I heard other people say that Dasao is here, so come here quickly."

He picked up the chopsticks he had thrown before, and took a piece of pastry to his mouth: "It's delicious. It's just right for me."

When Wu Ruo saw the limping and Shen Song stunned, and was about to explain, he heard the sound of tidy footsteps outside.

He turned around, and a group of guards surrounded the tea house neatly and orderly, scaring the other guests in the tea house straight.

Wu Ruo looked at the dense guards and said with a whisper: "Xi Tang, how many people did you bring?"

"Ten thousand guards, by the way, I also sent someone ... heh ..." Hei Xietang was swallowed by the cake, hurriedly picked up the tea that Wu Ruo had drank, drank it, patted his chest, and said smoothly: "I also sent someone to inform the second sister, the third sister, and the fifth brother, and they will be there if they wait."

Hei Xieyu: "..."

Wu Ruo: "..."

This time it really worked.

Sure enough, within half a column of incense time, Hei Xieyu, Hei Zihe and Hei Ziya brought tens of thousands of guards to Baocheng.

"Hei Xietang, do you have such a mess, you pighead?"

Wu Ruo had heard Hei Zihe's angry voice before seeing anyone, and then Hei Xiyu, Hei Zihe and Hei Ziya squeezed out of the guard group and entered the tea house.

Hei Zi was so angry that he slaps his head to the back of Hei Xietang: "Oh, he sent someone to tell us that‘ Aunt is killed, and all the guards are sent to take revenge for the aunt ’. Do you really speak?”

When they received the news, they were frightened. They hurried over with all the guards. When they saw the black guard, they hurriedly grabbed people and asked where the corpse was, and the guard who was asked at the time was also frightened. After that, the city owner was also scared to death for a while. The people saw so many guards that they were too scared to go out, and later they knew that they had made a mistake.

Hei Xietang smiled hesitantly: "I was in a hurry at that time, I was afraid that you could not come over in a short time to deliberately say something serious."

Everyone: "..."

"If you weren't my brother, I really want to kill you." Hei Zihe slapped another slap in the back of her head, and then her eyes fell on the limp and deep song.
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