Comeback of the Abandoned Wife Chapter 31-40

Chapter 31: lovely

"Before taking the medicated bath, I would like to ask you something." Wu Ruo showed Nu Mu the prescription used by his father, and explained his father's situation: "After my dad had taken the medicated bath for a few days, Lingtian had already Healing started. I want to ask you if this recipe needs to be improved. I worry that my father's recovery is not stable enough. "

He hopes to change from 70% to 10%, so that his father can recover his body faster.

Numu took a closer look at the recipe, and suddenly his eyes lightened: "Good boy, where did you get this secret recipe?"

Wu Ruo: "..."
Can he say that the two of them studied it together in the last life? "This recipe is really wonderful. I can assure you that this recipe will
definitely heal your father. Moreover, the person who can study this recipe must be a peerless medical talent. I really want to compare his medical skills with him. Superb, Wu Ruo, do you know who this person is? Where is he now? "

Wu Ruo: "..."

Studying this secret recipe is yourself, how do you compete with yourself? Seeing him silent, Noum wondered, "Can't you say?"
"It's not impossible to say, but I don't know where he is now." Numu regretted: "It's a pity, do you know what his name is?"
"He didn't tell me his name when he gave me the recipe. If I see him in the future, I will definitely introduce him to you."


Wu Ruo murmured: "I want to add Juling Cao to stabilize his spirit after
3 0 days of immersion in my father. If Ju Yuan Cao does not work, take a Ning Ling Dan every day and try How about that? "

"I think so too." Numu looked at Fang Zi and nodded, and then looked at Wu Ruo: "Do you know medicine?"

Wu Ruo said in a guilty conscience: "Slightly understand one or two." Nourang laughed: "I can't see more than one or two."
He returned the prescription to Wu Ruo: "Let's go and take a medicinal bath now."

Wu Ruo put the recipe back into the shadow space: "Should we first prepare a cauldron that can hold me?"

"When you go to the theater to watch a show, I will let people prepare." Nusen took Wu Ruo and they came to the bathroom next to their room: "When the water is hot, you can go in."

He opened the medicine pack he had put here before pouring it into the cauldron.

Wu Ruo saw that the medicinal materials were various small bugs, and the goosebumps all came out: "Will I have to soak this?"

"Don't look at them as disgusting. In fact, they are all precious medicinal materials. If you can't stand them, just wait outside and wait for the water to heat up. I will tell you to come in. By the way, lunch should be almost finished. Come back for lunch. "

Wu Ruo and Hei Xieyu are not good at throwing Numu alone, but they ran to dinner and waited for Numu outside.
When the water was hot, Numu let Corpse Nine and Corpse Yuan Fuwu Ruo in.

Numu said: "Take off all your clothes."

The corpse Yuan and the corpse killed the Wu Ruo completely.

Wu Ruo was so cold, but his face was a little hot. This was the first time he was naked in front of Nu Mu, so he was naturally a little embarrassed.

"Help him into the pot." Numu commanded the corpse them: "Be careful, the ground is wet and easy to slip, Wu Ruo, you go up the small stairs I made ..."

Before he finished speaking, Wu Ruo, who had only half footed into the water, was unstable and leaned back sharply: "Ah ~ ~ "

"Be careful." Numu quickly stepped forward against his back. At the same time, the bathroom door was quickly opened.
Wu Ruo looked black, and raised his feet in the pan angrily and swept the person at the door, splashing water on the body with medicinal materials.

He said angrily, "Hey, you go out."

Regardless of this life or the last life, he never let Hei Xuyi look at him. Hei Xun's face suddenly darkened.
Numu saw that Wu Ruo wasted his precious medicinal materials, and was angry with his white and tender big buttocks, and patted: "Don't waste medicinal materials."

"..." Wu Ruo was so ashamed to sit in the pot quickly, at this time his face was hotter than the water under him.

Numu said with a good temper and amusement: "It's all men, look at it without losing a lot of meat. Besides, Heizi is still your husband. Both of
them admit that they have been exposed, what's so shy?"

"Master." Wu Ruo was so ashamed that he had forgotten that he had not worshiped Numu as a teacher in this life.

"Haha." Numu laughed aloud: "For the sake of Master, I will accept you as a disciple. Just because I do n’t have a disciple, it is time to take a disciple to inherit my mantle."

He raised his hand and searched on himself, and took out a piece of black jade jade to Wu Ruo: "I do n’t like trouble, so the ceremony is not necessary. This jade pen is for you. See him if you see me. Find me in the southern witches. "

Wu Ruo stared at Yu P ei.

He wanted to make excuses to worship Numu as a teacher before, but he did not expect that a master would let Numu happily accept him as an apprentice.

Numu saw that he did not pick up Yupei and raised an eyebrow: "Why, wouldn't you like to worship me as a teacher?"

"No, no." Wu Ruo quickly accepted Yu P ei: "Thank you, Master."

Xun Yupei is very unique. A small silver bell hangs on each of its little feet. If you shake it gently, you will hear a crisp jingle bell.

Numu turned and looked at Hei Xuan and said, "You go out and wait, I have a private conversation with my apprentice."

Hei Xun walked out of the door with a calm face.

Hei Gan quietly came to Hei Xieyu's body, took off the medicinal material little by little, and asked with a smile: "Master, what did you see when you entered it?"

He knew that fantasy of Mrs. Nude was an outrageous thing, but still couldn't help thinking about what the lady's figure looked like after taking
off her clothes.

"..." Hei Xuyi glanced at him coldly, thinking of the scene he just saw, and couldn't help but twitch his lips.

When he went in just before he could not see the situation clearly, he was splashed with water and dazzled his eyes, only to see a large white ball rolling into the cauldron.

To be honest, he really doesn't know what Wu Ruo is shy about. Everyone is a man. He should have everything. Besides, everyone is married to him. What can be shy?

In the bathroom, Numu asked Wu Ruo's understanding of medicine after they left, and found that the young man not only knew all kinds of medicinal materials, but also had a wealth of medical knowledge. He knew more than some old doctors. He didn't need to teach it from the beginning, so I was very happy in my heart. I didn't expect that the doctor could pick up a big baby here, so he was determined to pass the medicine he learned to Wu Ruo during the period of Gao Ling.

Wu Ruo came out for dinner after taking the medicinal bath, and found that Hei Xuan's eyes kept turning around him, staring at him for a while, then staring at him chewing something, or staring at his rolling belly.

He was watched like this all the time, he was uncomfortable all over the body, and was just trying to ask Hei Xieyu what to look at, so he listened to Numu and laughed: "Xiao Ruo, I think you look so funny."

Xiao Ruo's name was when he was in a bath, Wu Ruo made him call it that.

Wu Ruo frowned: "Interesting?"

"Do you know that you are like a child just learning to eat now? Because the stomach is too round to get near the table, the fingers are too fat and the chopsticks are not stable, and because the arms are too curved, they do n’t come back. Effortless, but not willing to let others feed you, just
compete with yourself, and barely feed yourself, so cheeky, cheeky and cheeky, like a two-year-old fat baby Like, uh, how would you describe it ... "

Numu thought for a while, then found a word to describe: "Yes, it is cute, especially cute, I want people to pinch your face."

lovely! ?

Hei Xieyu stared at Wu Ruo, squinting his eyes, and just now I could not find the word to describe Wu Ruo. Now Jing Numu said that Wu Ruo was really cute.

He nodded in agreement, the word was quite appropriate.

"Master." Wu Ruo looked helpless. He was struggling to eat and was even made fun of.

Nomhaha smiled: "I'm not joking with you, you are really cute, but unfortunately, I will lose weight in a few months."

Hei Xunyu nodded, also felt a pity.

Seeing this, Wu Ruo wasn't very angry: "What do you nod, eat."

He deliberately picked up the chicken he had bitten and put it in the bowl of Hei Xieyu.

Hei Xiu looked at the meat like a dog, raised an eyebrow, and then took the chicken and sent it to his mouth.

Wu Ruo: "..."

How can you dare to talk like that?

Nou lamented: "You and your husband have such a good relationship." Wu Ruo was embarrassed to say, "Who is good to him."
"Shy?" Numu said with a smile. "Xiao Ruo, you are so easy to be shy, see your face turn red into a monkey's ass."

Wu Ruo didn't admit it: "My face was red by the candlelight."

He is actually not a shy person, but after rebirth I do n’t know what happened to him, and he is particularly shy when facing Hei Xieyu.

"Uh-huh, I know, it was illuminated by the candlelight." Numu looked at him with a smile, and said gravely: "Xiao Ruo, everyone has shame, so it is normal to be shy, but If you are too shy in some way, you can easily lose important things. "

"I'm full, you eat slowly." He lowered his chopsticks, got up and walked to Wu Ruo's ear and whispered, "If you like the black kid, give me a good hold, don't wait for others to * * * *it away. regret."

Wu Ruo rolled his eyes in his heart, so he could not wait to tell him when there was no one, to know that people with spiritual power have very sensitive ears, even if they do n’t know, seeing the black-shaded ear's ears are always moving Later, you should know that he is overheard.

After Numu said these words, he left the hall, leaving Wu Ruo awkwardly facing Hei Xuanyu.

He quickly chopped up the rice in the bowl: "I'm full, too. I'll go back to my room to rest."

Wu Ruo quickly left the hall with their help.

Hei Xunyu watched him fleeing like a ghost, and twisted his eyebrows.

Seeing this, Heixin mumbled his eyes, and quietly exited the hall. Soon after, he folded back and took out a book and put it in front of Heixuan.

Hei Xuanyu looked down in confusion, and wrote three big words on the writing: 房 o 中 o 术 “…  …”

Chapter 32: Trust him once

Wu Ruo returned to the room, while washing, and told the corpse also: "If Wu Anrun goes to Huai'an City, you will send someone to follow him, and when appropriate, solicit his relationship with Wu Chu."

"Yes," said the corpse.

Wu Ruo thought about it and said, "Someone in Wu's family swallowed a part of my gift. P lease check it. Whose lost gift is in whose hands."

The corpse said, "I'm responsible for checking this."

"Well, I'll give you the offer list tomorrow, and ..." Wu Ruo flashed coldly in his eyes: "Find a chance to quietly grab me the shopkeeper of Gambling Club."

He knew that the middle corpses were not capable, but the corpses would know what they could do. If they couldn't, they should know how to borrow money from Heigan.

Corpse Jiuying said, "Yes."

Wu Ruo rubbed his brain: "This is the case for the time being, you can step down first."

Dead Yuan said: "Madam, I'll undress you." "Ok."
Wu Ruo took off her robe and lay down on the bed, her eyes staring at the big red veil above her head for a moment.

He has changed, and since he was reborn, he has changed completely.
In the past, as long as his family was peaceful and happy, but now he is thinking about * * * *the Wu family's talents every day, and he always tells himself that he must be cruel and never be soft to anyone. Otherwise, he and his family would die in the hands of others like the last life.

At this time, Hei Xieyu came in, took off his robe and lay down, and put his hand on Wu Ruo's belly.

Wu Ruo moved his body unconsciously, knowing that Hei Xieyu was losing spiritual power, so he went there, and when Hei Xieyu retracted his hand, he asked in a voice: "Hei Xieyu, more than a month How do you plan to spend your new year? "

He remembered that in the first half of the last year, Hei Xieyu took Heigan to leave Gaolingcheng with him, and he stayed with his father and mother in Wujia. He Xiexiu took Heigan after the new year passed. They come back.

Hei Xuanxi frowned lightly: "I am here this year."

Wu Ruo turned to look at him in surprise: "Aren't you going home to celebrate the new year?"

"No." Hei Xuanyu glanced at his big belly: "Wait for you to return and then go back."

Wu Ruo: "..."

Is this going to take him home? Why did n’t he take him back in the last life?

It seems that after his attitude changed, Hei Xieyu's attitude towards him also changed.

"Well, can you tell me where your family is first, and who is in your family?"

"You will know them when you see them." Hei Xuyi said that there was no more, but his meaning was very clear. When Wu Ruo went to his house, he
naturally knew where he was and how many there were in the house. personal.

Wu Ruo rolled his eyes and said that he didn't say, "When we got married, no one in your family came to celebrate, did they not agree that you should marry me?"


"..." Wu Ruo pulled his long hair unhappyly: "Heidi, can you say a few more words?"

In this life, he had the idea of knowing him, but he didn't say it, it was really annoying.

"..." Hei Xuan narrowed his eyes. "What do you want me to say?"

"At least you need to let me know what kind of man I am marrying?" Wu Ruo knew nothing about him, and even suspected that Hei Xuanyu's name was not true.

Hei Xuanyu stared at him for a moment before saying: "The man who can protect you and your family."

Wu Ruo slightly hesitated. Hei Xie said this only if he knew what he had done the most recently. But if he can really protect him and his family, in the last life, his family would not be one by one. One died. But if it wasn't for his bad attitude towards Hei Xuyi, and he repelled Hei Xuyi close to him, the ending might not be the same.

Just like in this life, Hei Xuyi helped him a lot.

Wu Ruo thought about it all night, and at last, decided on this life, and tried to believe in Hei Xieyu once.

Chapter 33: Prepare

In the next few days, Wu Ruo was either taking a bath or studying with Numu the unfinished medical skills and techniques of the last life, and Hei Xieyu sat and watched them discussing medicine, practicing while reading or meditating with Hei Chess, life was very peaceful.

Sometimes Wu Ruo thought in his mind that it would be good if this time stopped at this moment, but the actual time passed very quickly. In a blink of an eye, Wu Dawu ’s marriage day passed quickly, and his father took a medicine bath. More than ten days have passed now, and it is time to visit his family in Wujia.

When Wu Ruo came to Wujia and saw the word Wufu from the carriage, he was particularly ironic. In the last life, he felt that Wujia was his sheltered alley and the place where he belonged, but now he likes to stay in the dark. In the days of the government, it was only there that made him feel at ease.

Wu Ruo looked back and was about to enter Wufu, and saw a carriage parked behind his carriage. Then, his second son Wu Anyi and his younger son Wu Yu got out of the carriage.

Wu Yu's face was pale, and he was about to pass out. The attendants around him quickly supported him.

"Xiaoyu, are you okay?" Wu Anyi asked with concern. Wu Yu shook her head weakly: "It's all right."
"I don't think you can go there, Master Li. Take a good rest and wait for the training after the new year. Therefore, at this time, you must not go out of the business, so as not to pass the assessment, you can't go to the training."
Wu Yu frowned: "But, I don't worry about your elder brother passing by alone."

Wu Anyi murmured: "This thing is really a bit tricky. At that time, I'll just find another person to go, no big deal, split the money with that person equally."

Wu Ruo had probably guessed what they were going to hear here.

In the last life, he often heard people say that Wu Anyi and Wu Yu often helped rich merchants and aristocrats do something detrimental, either to catch the ghosts or ghosts of the people who were killed by them, or to raise ghosts for the wealthy merchants and aristocrats. Demons come to hurt people, thus earning large sums of silver.

At that time, he heard these rumors and thought it was nonsense. He didn't believe that Wu Yu would do such a lack of virtue. But in this life, he would not think so simply that they really just help people catch ghosts and remove demons and do good deeds.

Wu Ruo smiled and greeted Wu Anyi: "Second brother, fifth brother, where are you going back?"

When Wu Anyi saw that it was Wu Ruo, she said lightly, "I haven't gone."

Wu Yu smiled gently: "Xiao Ruo, come back to see your uncle and uncle today."

"um, yes."

Wu Anyi didn't want to talk to Wu Ruoduo, sinking down, "Xiaoyu, if you're not feeling well, talk less."

Wu Yu smiled apologetically at Wu Ruo: "Xiao Ruo, I'm sorry, I'm not feeling well. I'll go back to rest first."

"Well, brother, you have to take a good rest." Wu Ruo gathered all the smiles after they left.
He didn't believe that the people in Wujia didn't know what they were doing. Maybe the other people in Wujia were like them, but the people in their Shuqingyuan didn't know.

Wu Ruo entered Wufu and came to Shu Qingyuan, but saw Wu Qianqing coming out wearing a cape.

"Dad, are you going out?"

"Well, your great-grandfather let me go there." Wu Qianqing thought for a moment: "You haven't been to your great-grandfather until now. It's justified that you should prepare a few gifts to pass with me to avoid Others gossip. "

Wu Ruo wondered, "But I don't have a gift on me, how can I prepare a gift?"

Wu Qianqing squinted his eyes: "Just pick out a few from the gift sent by Xun."

Wu Ruo heard that his father said that he would take the gift from Hei Xieyu as a gift to Ubud. They thought that his father should have guessed why Ubud asked him.

And if he did not make a mistake, those people are remembering the precious gifts sent by Hei Xieyu.


It was so shameless, even if he took away his engagement gift, he was still thinking about the gift from Hei Xieyu.

Chapter 34: Ubud

Wu Ruo picked out the gifts that Ubufang might use recently from the gifts sent by Hei Xuyi, and then went to the P u Jinyuan where Ubufang lived with Wu Qianqing.

On the way, Wu Ruo quietly took the pulse by supporting Wu Qianqing's wrist: "Daddy, how have you recovered from Lingtian recently?"

Wu Qianqing smiled cheerfully: "Although I haven't had the psychic power to check the condition of my psychic field, I can feel that I have recovered very well. After soaking for half a month, I should be able to slowly gather my psychic power."

Wu Ruo saw that he did recover well, so he said, "Well, before you come here, let me tell you that after soaking for a full month, you will add a little bit of grass to the village. If you still ca n’t, To stabilize your spiritual power, you should take Ning Ling Dan every day. By the way, before you have recovered your previous strength, it is better not to let others discover that you have recovered and repaired. "

Wu Qianqing nodded, and began to think about what magical means to cover the spiritual power in the body.

P u Jinyuan is located in the center of Wufu, surrounded by water, and the environment is very quiet. In the center of P u Jinyuan, a seven-story building tower was built, reaching a height of ten feet. Standing at the top of the tower, you can see The style of the entire Wu family.

Ubud's favorite thing to do is to go to the top of the tower every morning to take a look at the Wu family he built himself. Looking at the Wu family without seeing the end, he has a deep sense of pride in his heart.

Wu Ruo and Wu Qianqing came to Bu Jinyuan, and just happened to meet Wu Bufang from the tower. The father and son immediately greeted him.
Ubud Fang saw Wu Ruo's servants holding a bunch of gift boxes, and his stern eyes flashed with satisfaction.

Wu Ruo immediately offered the gift: "The great-grandchild became a relative for many days, and so far I have come to greet my great- grandfather. It is really filial. I hope my great-grandfather can forgive my great-grandchild."

Ubud is 115 years old. As a practitioner, he looks only in his early forties. Except for a few crow's feet in the corners of his eyes, the other parts of his face are very smooth. Over a hundred years old.

Ubud asked: "Xiao Ruo, why didn't your husband come with you?"

Wu Ruo's smile froze instantly, her eyelids dropped and she did not speak, a pitiful look.

Ub conveniently thought that Hei Xieyu could not wait to see him, and sighed, "It makes you wrong."

This great-grandson is also the younger son of his favorite grandson anyway. He also has a little bit of love for Wuwu and Wuwu, so when he sees Wu Ruo, he feels a little guilty. If he did n’t want Wu Chenzi's attention, Wu Ruo won't be allowed to marry a man, but whenever he sees Wu Ruo's fat body and insomnia, he really can't like him, and can't see him without seeing him, so as not to look upset.

Ub Fang thought of his grandson, and could not help but glanced to Wuqianqing.

This child is the most outstanding of his sons and grandsons, and he is the most optimistic one. He has wanted to train this grandson many times to take over one of the Wu family heads, but it is really regrettable that he was abolished.

If it weren't for the grandson's eldest son who was as capable as he was, otherwise, this vein of the grandson would be considered useless.
Ub Fang narrowed his eyes and didn't know what to think. His eyes flashed sharply, and he whispered, "Qian Qing, your father and your elder brother are waiting in the lobby. You go first, and I will return to the room to change my clothes. Come here. "


Chapter 35: You still have face

Wu Ruo and Wu Qianqing came to the hall and heard the laughter in the room. When they entered the hall, suddenly, the laughter stopped and the atmosphere was weird, but it soon returned to its original state, as if the laughter never broke. Too ordinary.

"The third brother is here." Wu Qianjing laughed and said, "Well, Xiaoru, why are you here?"

Wu Ruo greeted his grandfather and uncle uncle with a kind smile, "I'm here to greet my great-grandfather."

He looked at his grandfather Wu Xuanran: "I wanted to see my grandfather after seeing my great-grandfather, but he didn't expect his grandfather to be here."

Wu Xuanran whispered softly, "I'm just interested."

Wu Qianqing saw his father's indifference to his son, and frowned lightly: "I thought my grandfather called me alone."

Wu Qianbin laughed: "Before I did n’t come, I thought my grandfather only called me by myself. I came here to know that my grandfather called my dad and big brother. Now that we are about to be a new year, I think our grandfather will let us all I want to know the situation of Nanyuan in recent years. I heard people here say that people from the other three courtyards have already come here to report on their situation. "

Wu Qianqing nodded.

Wu Qianbin and the other brothers looked at each other silently.

Soon, Ubud came to the hall and sat down and said, "I remember that the security of Gaoling City was in charge of your Nanyuan compound this

Wu Xuanran answered, "Yes."

Ubfang's face sank: "What happened to the Xizha Opera Garden that was smashed into ruins a few days ago? But who did it?"

Hearing that Wu Ruo's eyelids jumped to the black shame.

The faces of Wu Xuanran and Wu Qianjing five brothers suddenly became extremely ugly.

Wu Xuanran said: "The listeners of the Xizha Opera Garden and the guests who watched the show said that they were smashed by ghosts. Our people went to investigate and found no trace of ghosts."

"You still have a face to say." Ubu Fang slaps the table angrily: "There are ghosts mixing into the city, but you don't even notice it. In the future, how can the people in Gaolingcheng believe that our Wu family can protect them? Our Wu family turned over money to protect them? This money is a great source of income for Wu family. "

Wu Xuanran and Wu Qianjing did not dare to speak.

Ubud took a deep breath: "Give you three months to find out these horrifying ghosts, and the silver for the reconstruction of the Xizha Opera Garden is from your Nanyuan."

No one dared to object.

Ubud eased his tone: "Now talk about the situation in your Southern compound for nearly a year."

Wu Qianjing showed the account of the Nanyuan compound that was sent by the former attendant to Ubud and reported the situation for nearly a year. After that, he said, "Grandfather, after the new year, there are a few children in the Nanyuan compound. To test and experience, but now the children still lack materials, and they ca n’t find them in a short time, so I want to let the children borrow some materials from Wujia people who do
n’t currently need materials. After the children have successfully come back, they will find the same materials and return them. Can you say that?

Sure enough, the idea of the materials in the gift came up. Wu Ruo lowered his eyelids to block the sneer at the bottom of his eyes. These words were so nice to say that he borrowed materials, but would he really return them? If you ca n’t find the same material, do n’t you pay it back?

Are they embarrassed to let their dad say the shameful words if they dare to let them have the materials?

Ubud's eyes moved slightly, and he smiled, "Before, other people in the compound also mentioned this idea. If everyone agreed to do this, I naturally have no opinion, but I want to make it clear that if the person borrowed the material is Ask the person who borrowed the materials to return the materials. Everyone must not rely on the account. You ca n’t be so troubled that you have to do it with your family at last, you know? "

"I know." Wu Qianjing assured: "Grandfather, I assure you that this will never happen."

Ubud asked the others: "Then you all agree with him?"

Wu Xuanran, Wu Qiantong, Wu Qianbin and Wu Qianli nodded.

Ubud side looked at Wu Qianqing who did not nod or agree: "Qian Qing, don't you agree?"

Wu Qianqing twisted her eyebrows slightly, thinking about how to answer, but Wu Bufang asked Wu Ruo: "Xiao Ruo, what do you think of your uncle?"

Chapter 36:

Everyone in the hall looked at Wu Ruo.

Wu Qianqing frowned, worried that he would say the wrong thing.

Wu Ruo looked at them excitedly: "Uncle's idea is really good."

Wu Qianqing's eyebrows tightened a little.

Wu Qian competed with a corner of his mouth and sneered, this man is really a fool ...

Wuqian smiled at each other deeply.

Ubud raised an eyebrow and asked with a smile, "Do you really think so?"

"..." Wu Qianqing was very anxious. If his son agreed with his elder brother, the material sent by Hei Xieyu would be 'borrowed'. It would be difficult for them to want them in the future, just like the instruments he borrowed. same.

"Of course." Wu Ruo was afraid that they didn't believe it, nodded strongly, and then said, "My father and I just lacked the materials for the implements, and were worried about how to find them in a short time. I didn't expect Uncle to think I ’m really glad to have such a good idea. Uncle, can you lend us the weapon first? Also, uncle, uncle and uncle, we also need your crystal feathers and bones. Yan Tie and Xiao Xiaote, I hope you can also borrow it for us and wait for my brother to come back and find the same materials and return them to you immediately. "

He said that these materials are precious materials that Wu Qianjing has collected for many years, and they have been reluctant to take out tools.

When Wu Qianqing heard it, he almost laughed, but Wu Qianjing felt like they were eating shit, and his face was particularly ugly.

Ubud square smiled slightly: "Why do you need so much material?"

Wu Ruo explained: "After the new year, my elder brother will leave home to go to practice, but my father ca n’t find a magic weapon to protect his elder brother. He is very anxious, and he wants to do something before my elder brother goes out to practice. A magic weapon for my brother. "

Ha ha!

Uncle, they really have a good idea, so how can he not complete them?

Since he dared to get the idea of the gift materials, he rushed in front of them and said that they didn't have enough materials, and then borrowed the materials in front of the patriarch to see whether they would borrow or not.

Ubud squared his eyebrows: "Qian Qing, is this really the case?"

Wu Qianjing's face quickly changed, and they were very worried that Wu Qianqing would tell them that their borrowing tools had not been returned. In fact, they originally wanted to return it to him after using it, but his weapon was really powerful. After using it, he was reluctant to return it, and even had the idea of wanting to own it. Give it back to him, thinking that Wu Qianqing is already a waste anyway, he ca n’t use the magic weapon at all, why not give them good use. Wu Qianqing has always been generous, never hesitating with his brothers, never robbing them of material resources, and sharing good things with them. They just think that he has a good temper and will not chase them for tools. I won't make trouble with my grandfather, so I dare not return the weapon to him.

Wu Qianqing's eyes flashed with hesitation, and he nodded hard.

Ubud's eyes narrowed: "I remember that you didn't find a lot of rare materials before to make some superb magic instruments? Where have you been?"

Wu Qianqing smiled bitterly and didn't tell the elder brother that they had borrowed the magic weapon.

Ubud side glanced at Wuqin before competing with them. When they saw that they had a guilty conscience, they soon understood what was going on and stopped questioning in person. Materials, as well as a lot of materials in the gifts sent more than ten days ago, why isn't it enough for you to build a magic weapon? "

Chapter 37: All done

"Great-grandfather." Wu Ruoqiang said in front of Wu Qianqing: "It is true that the materials are not enough for us, because we do not only do for my elder brother, but also for me, my father, my mother and my sister Uxi."

Wu Qiantong held out his anger and asked, "You and your father, they don't have to go through what tools they need?"

"Uncle, you know my physical condition." Wu Ruo lowered his eyelids and said sadly, "Now in a black house is no better than having a family member in the Wu house. If there are not a few powerful weapons to defend themselves, the situation is very difficult. They They bully me for having no spiritual power and inconvenient movement. I do n’t think of me as a master at all. I ’m eating coarse tea and rice, and I ’m not full. I have to call the toilet for a long time before someone enters the house to serve me"

He said that they were referring to Wu Da and Wu Xiao, but they did not refer to other people. As for Wu Qiantong, what they thought was their thing.

"I know, Xiaoruo you have been wronged." Ubu Fang interrupted him and did not let him go on, because Wu Ruo was not good, he was beating his face.

This marriage was settled by him, but his great-grandson was greatly grieved, and his life was worse than the next generation. If this story goes out, many people will surely feel that Ubud's cold blood is ruthless. In order to please Wu Chenzi, even the great-grandson's situation will be ignored. In the future, the children and grandchildren of the family will truly respect him.

Ubud side looked at Wu Qianqing and said sternly: "Wu Ruo's weapon must be prepared as soon as possible."
Wu Qianqing responded quickly: "Yes."

Wu Qiantong was reconciled: "Then the three brothers, the three concubines, and the small Greeks, they don't need to prepare instruments, right?"

"Uncle, how can you say that?" Wu Ruo looked at him: "My elder brother is still at home and can still protect the people in Shu Qingyuan for a while. When my elder brother leaves, no one will protect me. Father, mother and sister. You know that my father has offended many people before, and now there must be a lot of people who want to take revenge while he is being destroyed. If there are few magic weapons to defend themselves, how can they defeat each other? Besides, he has to protect his wife who has no chicken hands. "

Wu Qiantong Lengheng: "Who dares sneak into our Wu family to assassinate?"

"My dad can't go out all my life, right? Besides, my dad is the third grandfather of the Nanyuan compound. He doesn't even have a decent instrument. Wouldn't it be a laughing man if he said it out?"

Ubud's most important thing is to nod and agree when he hears that the people of Wu family will be teased: "Well, Qian Qing and his wife are the three masters and three wives of the Nanyuan compound, and they must have no magic weapons."

Wu Qiantong said, "That little Greek ..." Ubud slumped: "It's all done."
Everyone else has a magic weapon. How many magic weapons are you sending?

Besides, if it wasn't for Wu Qianjing they had taken Wu Qianqing's magic weapon, would Wu Qianqing be so disappointed that they could reuse the material weapon?
Wu Ruo did not give Wu Qiantong the opportunity to talk to them, and immediately thanked Wu Qiantong with a smile: "Thank your great- grandfather, thank you uncles and uncles for your materials, and I will return the materials to you after the elder brother returns."

Hehe, it will take at least a few years for the elder brother to come back to practice, you wait slowly, even if you come back, the materials will not be returned to you.

Wu Qianjing's face was too dark to be black, but they could not show their discomfort in front of grandfather. The idea was what they thought, and they agreed and nodded in agreement. Can they regret it?

Of course not.

The Ubud side confessed to Urumqi before they gave the materials to the Uro as soon as possible, and then told them something to let them leave.

Chapter 38: Are you dumb

As soon as Wuqianjing left Bujinyuan, they calmly left the Wuqianqing father and son to leave quickly, and then slowed down when there were two alleys far away.

Wuqian hit with a punch on the wall: "His mother, we obviously came up with this idea in order to 'borrow' their materials, but they were one of the first to borrow our materials, and we just moved. Rock yourself in the foot. "

Of course, they can also use materials like Wu Ruo, but they do n’t have other precious materials fused with their treasures into a magic weapon, so if they ca n’t take out the magic weapon, their grandfather will know that they are I didn't want to borrow materials to make such excuses. In this way, my grandfather would only be more angry.

Wu Qianbin lowered his face and said coldly, "Brother, did you say that the third brother deliberately borrowed our materials to threaten us to return his weapon because we did not return it?"

Wu Qian narrowed his eyes, "It should be impossible. Before going to see my grandfather, he didn't know that we would propose the idea of borrowing materials. But Qian Qing is still unknown to us? If he wants to return to the magic weapon, just now I just went back in front of my grandfather, and he didn't say it because he took care of our brotherhood. "

Wu Qianli was furious: "You said whether we should return the magic weapon to him, so that they would not need us to use our materials, and we could borrow their materials."

"Second Brother, are you stupid?" Wu Qianbin gave him a white look: "In today's situation, even if we return the instrument to the third brother, we still need to give him the material because we have promised to put it in
front of our grandfather. Give them the materials and return them to the weapon, aren't we tantamount to losing the wife and killing? "

Wu Qiantong burned in anger: "Will we really give them the materials?"

Everyone you look at me, I look at you, they are unwilling to take out the materials.

Wu Qianbin pursed his lips: "We can only take out the materials now, and then think of a way to bring it back with interest, what do you say?"

Wu Qiantong and Wu Qianli both looked at Wu Qianjing: "Brother, what do you think?"

Wu Qianjing looked at Wu Xuanran, who had been silent, "Daddy, why don't you speak?"

Wu Xuanran squinted his eyes: "I think Wu Ruo today is very different from usual."

In the past, Wu Ruo was very small, and every time he saw him, he felt uncomfortable, and his voice was very low. When everyone gets together, a person often hides himself in the corner of no one, trying not to attract the attention of others. However, although Wu Ruo is still as fat as before, he no longer hides intimidation as before. Later, even dare to refute the words of the uncles and uncles, so that he could not help but pay more attention.

Wu Qianbin frowned: "Listen to your father, I think Wu Ruo is very different today."

Wu Qiantong chuckled: "What's different? Still the same annoyingly fat."

Wu Qianbin said: "You didn't realize that he not only dared to say so many things in front of so many people, but also spoke sharply and for good reasons, and his character was no longer cowardly."

Wu Qiantong disagreed: "I think he was afraid of being bullied, so he had to stand up and fight for some magical tools to save his life, otherwise, he
would not know how to die in Heifu."

Others can't think of why Wu Ruo is different from the past, so they can only agree with what Wu Qiantong said.

Wu Xuanran said: "When you go back, send your materials to Shu Qingyuan. I'd like to see what kind of magic weapon they make with your materials."

The implement is not made with only one material, and not all materials can be fused together. Therefore, he wants to know if there is any material in Wu Ruo with the borrowed material.

Wu Qianjing quickly understood the meaning of his words, and his eyes moved: "Dad means that if they do n’t have the materials fused with our materials, we have an excuse to stop them from using the machine, and then they leave the rest "Lend it over?"

Wu Xuanran nodded.

The other three brothers smiled gleefully.

Chapter 39: benefit

Wu Qianqing didn't know that Wu Qianjing was counting them, but what Wu Qianqing was calculating was exactly what Wu Qianqing was worried about at the moment: "Xiao Ruo, you said that you need to use your uncle's materials and tools, but We do n’t have any other materials fused with their materials, so how do we use them? ”

Before I saw his dad and his brother eating tadpoles, there was really an indescribable joy in his heart, but after that, he was worried about refining. The magic instrument requires the synthesis of multiple materials to make it, and each material must have the same properties or can be fused together to make it successfully. If he gets his brother's materials, and no other materials are used to make the instrument, it is likely that they will be deceived by the materials, with serious consequences.

Wu Ruo comforted him: "Dad, rest assured, since I say so, it shows that I am confident."

He is also a rebirth person, as long as they are created according to the recipes of the last generation, they used the precious materials to create the magical instrument. Besides, the materials sent by Hei Xuyi are not ordinary, they can be used with almost all kinds of materials. Fusion together, so don't worry about this at all.

Wu Qianqing saw that his son was well-positioned, and he couldn't help looking at the little son again.

In the lobby of Bu Jinyuan before, he kept watching how the younger son found a reason to persuade his grandfather to borrow material from the older brother. Naturally, he noticed that the younger son was different in the past. He felt that the younger son had changed a lot since he became married. They are coquettish and no longer humble themselves or fear things. This change is very good, indicating that the younger son has
grown up and has his own ideas and opinions. In the future, as a father, he does not need to worry about being bullied every day.

"Okay, how about you leave the magical things to you?" Wu Qianqing also wanted to see his son's ability. After all, the son is now the master of the Heifu, and he should learn how to manage and handle things. .

Wu Ruo smiled at Wu Qianqing: "No problem, I can get things done."

Wu Qianqing was relieved, glanced at them, and whispered, "Is it true in the lobby that someone bullied you?"

"It's true." Wu Ruo no longer concealed, and said the thing about Wu Dawu thief changing his meal.

After listening to Wu Qianqing, his face showed an angry expression: "These two ungrateful things, thank you for being so good to them, so they will repay you? Xiaoruo, you can't let them come back to serve you."

Wu Ruo already had a way to deal with them, naturally he did not agree to this matter, and turned to the topic and said, "Daddy, what do you think of today's affairs."

Wu Qianqing looked for a moment, his face turned to the road ahead.

Since he tried to get the older brother to return to the instrument, their attitude towards him has obviously changed. They no longer talk to him with a smile in front, and their tone is no longer as gentle as before. He clearly feels black They were excluded from the previous competition.

These days he often wondered whether the older brother had changed their attitude because he had been destroyed. He thought that it was a burden to change his attitude, but the change was too fast. Obviously it wasn't for this reason. He didn't like him for a long time. They used to disguise the former harmony.

Wu Qianqing suddenly felt sad. Ever since his grandfather revealed intentionally or unintentionally that he wanted to train him as patriarch,
his father's attitude became cold, as if he had taken his place and treated him coldly every day.

Seeing his father's appearance, he felt uncomfortable in his heart. He never thought about grabbing the position of homeowner with his father, nor was he rare in this position, but his father regarded his child as an enemy for a position. It is ridiculous. The four brothers who thought he had taken care of him would not treat him like his father did, but he did not expect the reality to be so cruel.

Wu Qianqing thought of how they used to “borrow” materials from him, and he did n’t want to borrow materials to protect his loved one as a weapon to defend himself. He regarded them as loved ones, but they Always guard him as an enemy.

Although Wu Ruo could not see any emotions on his father's face, his father and son were connected, and could feel that his father was sad to see through the uncle's true colors, so he raised his hand and patted Wu Qianqing's shoulder to show comfort.

Wu Qianqing looked back at his son who was full of concern, and immediately set aside his uncomfortable mood and gave a smile: "This morning, I have recognized some facts, let alone this."

He only needs to take care of his wife and children in the future. As for his father and his elder brother, he can answer without answering, and the borrowed instruments should be his last gift to them.

Back at Shu Qingyuan, Wu Ruo saw the materials sent by Wu Qianjing.

Wu Qianqing directly gave these materials to Wu Ruo for processing, and opened the storeroom, allowing Wu Ruo to find out the materials for the crafting utensils from the gifts and gifts.

"Ma'am, are the gifts you put here all your engagement gifts?" The corpse who was helping to find the material asked again.

Wu Ruo turned to look at him: "Yes, is there a problem?"
His dad originally wanted to bring these gifts to the black family, but he didn't need them, so he left the gifts with his father.

The corpse handed the jade ornaments in one of the boxes to Wu Ruo: "You don't have this set of white jade ornaments in your offer list."

Wu Ruo frowned. "Are you sure?"

His offer letter to the corpse was the one given by Heixin.

"I'm pretty sure. I've read the offer list many times these days, and I remember exactly what the gift was."

Wu Ruo narrowed his eyes, so that he was not only taken away part of his gift, but also partly taken away. If he didn't guess wrong, the person who took away his gift at that time should want to exchange all the gifts for a good charge, but there is no way to exchange such things in a short period of time, it will lead to a loss of the gift P art.

He lowered his voice and asked, "What's the matter, I asked you to check the ceremony?"

"I've found only a few of them so far." "In whose hands are they."
"In the hands of Mrs. Grandfather and Uncle Uncle, then ..." The corpse paused again: "Then they gave a small part to your great-grandfather."

Wu Ruo sneered, and it was no surprise that Ubu Fang also had a gift. If he didn't, other people would dare not start.

In the last life, he felt that Ubud was a hypocrite. He said it was nice to return to the room and change his robes. In fact, it was the return of the house to dismantle the gift. It was true that the gift sent was in line with his heart and he needed Materials, will help them speak later, otherwise, it is so easy for them to use all the materials in the gift.
"There are still some reasons why the gifts are not found. It may be that these gifts have been sent to other hospitals."

Wu Ruo said indifferently: "As long as I find out who has taken the gift, I know what kind of gift was taken by my uncle and uncle."

The corpse said the names of a series of courtesies.

Wu Ruoyue's face grew colder: "Do you know which of these dowry gifts are particularly rare in our heavenly kingdom? Or aren't we in heavenly kingdom?"

The corpse thought and did not want to say, "The corpse bone nails and ghost ghost flute are the artifacts that the master himself refined, and the refining materials are not available in the kingdom of heaven."

Wu Ruo squinted his eyes: "Whose hands are the dragon bone nails and ghost flute?"

"The bone dragon was nailed in the hands of his wife's second uncle, and the ghost flute was in his wife's uncle's hand."

"I see." Wu Ruo looked at Shi Jiu: "When can I bring the shopkeeper of Gambling Hall?"

"Caught in front of his wife tonight."

Wu Ruo nodded with satisfaction, flipped through the materials in his hand, and thought about who to find the instrument.

After having dinner, he left Wufu and returned to Hei's house by car. He asked Hei Xin that he was busy in the study, and went to the bathroom to change his clothes. When he came out, Zou Jiu just caught the shopkeeper of Hebeifang. House.

"Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo". The shopkeeper of Gambling House was cloaked up with a cloth by Zou Jiu.
Wu Ruo sat in front of him: "Remove the cloth from his mouth." Corpse nine ripped off the cloth from the shopkeeper's mouth.
"You ..." Yu shopkeeper glanced at Wu Ruo's fat body, and immediately recognized that the person in front of him was the sixth son of Wujia Nanyuan, and only Gao Lingcheng had such a fat body: "You are Wujia Wuliu son of the Southern University. "

Wu Ruo did not deny.

V igilant in the eyes of the shopkeeper, he pretended to calmly asked, "Wu Liugong, I don't know what you are doing to get here?"

Wu Ruo took a sip of tea from the dead body and said quietly, "I heard that my two cousins, the ninth son and the ten son of the Nanyuan compound, will go to your gambling house every half month. "

Yu Treasurer hadn't figured out why Wu Ruo had caught him, so he didn't dare to speak to him at will.

The dead said, "Madam, these days, the 9 th son and the 10th son will run a gambling house every other day."

"Really?" Wu Ruo sneered, "That would be better."

He didn't meander, and said directly to the shopkeeper: "I let my people catch you, just want you to let them lose more money."

The shopkeeper looked at him in surprise: "Why?"

Wu Ruo certainly couldn't tell him the reason: "Until they lose the money they want to borrow from your gambling house, but they can't pay it back."

The shopkeeper was a savvy person, and soon understood what Wu Ruo wanted him to do: "Are you trying to force them to use items to mortgage? Or do you want to force them to say something or force them to do something?"
"As long as you force them to use the bone dragon nails and ghost ghost flute, and ..." Wu Ruomu's eyes sank: "Xuanya Fan to mortgage."

The Xuanya fan is a magic weapon and one of his mother's dowry. It was borrowed by his uncle Wu Qiantong a few months ago and has not been returned.

The shopkeeper asked: "These are ..."

"They are all good instruments. Remember, they must be drawn and stamped. In short, you must prove that these items are mortgaged to you. As for the other ones, I don't need to teach you how to do it? After that, you brought all these things to me. "

As the shopkeeper was on someone else ’s site, he would not be stupid enough to resist the other side, but promised too easily and made Wu Ruo doubt him, and asked, "Is it good to do this?"

"Benefits?" Wu Ruo looked at him, his lips lingered meaningfully: "You come."

Chapter 40:Beconvinced

Folding the eyebrows at the shopkeeper, thinking that Wu Ruo had no spiritual power and was inconvenient to move. He couldn't treat him at all, so why fear him?

He hesitated and walked over.

As soon as the person arrived in front of Wu Ruo, the attendant next to him immediately stepped forward and held it, kicked him to the back of his knee, and made a poke, immediately kneeling in front of Wu Ruo.

The shopkeeper was struggling anxiously: "You ... what do you want to do?"

Dead nine, they pressed him in front of Wu Ruo.

Wu Ruo bit her finger and put the blood on the forehead of the shopkeeper. After the blood completely absorbed into the skin, she said, "Becoming my contractual servant is your benefit."

"You ..." The shopkeeper glared at him angrily, not knowing what the contract was about, but he still knew the servant's meaning very well. As the shopkeeper of Gambling Club, he had a higher status and no power than Wujia. However, in Gaolingcheng, it is also a personal thing. How can you be a servant of others?

Even if you want to be a servant of another person, the status and ability of the other party must be at least as good as that of Ubu Fang, the head of the Wu family, not this waste.

In the heart of the shopkeeper, there was a rebellion. Suddenly, the entire body seemed to be burned by the fire. The pain caused him to roll and scream and beg for mercy: "Wu Liugong, I am willing to be your servant. P lease forgive me, please P lease forgive me. "
Wu Ruoxiao sneered: "How to forgive you if you are convinced?"

I heard that the shopkeeper suddenly remembered that the Wu family could manipulate various spirits. As long as they contracted with them, they could be obedient to listen to the Wu family. If there is any conscience, the contract will work and punish the spiritual body for the Wu family. . That being said, the contract servant is almost the same as the contract spirit?

However, aren't people in Wujia only able to contract spirits such as demon, demon, ghost, and monster? And isn't Wu Ruo without spiritual power? How can I contract with someone?

As the shopkeeper suffered from pain throughout his body, he couldn't think about it. Trying to stop resisting Wu Ruo, the pain in his body gradually reduced.

Wu Ruo looked at the shopkeeper who was lying on the ground panting and jokingly raised his lips: "It seems that the shopkeeper will do this for me, so I don't need to say more, corpse nine, send him back."

"Yes." Zou Jiu was so strong that he raised his hand on the shopkeeper and turned around to see Hei Xieyu standing at the door and watching them.
He immediately saluted: "Zi Jiu has seen the master."

Wu Ruo saw frowning at the door, frowned, and wondered how long he stood there and watched. Would he feel that he was just ...

Thinking of this, he quickly interrupted his thoughts and ridiculed himself, how did Hei Xuyi see what he meant, and why did he suddenly care about what he thought of him?

Wu Ruo didn't dare to think more, and asked, "Are you busy?" "Um." Hei Xuanyu sat on the chair next to him.
Wu Ruo asked again, "I brought back some snacks from my father. Would you like to try them?"
Shi Yuan put the tableware prepared earlier in the morning on the table, opened the multi-layered food box with spiritual insulation, and took out six dishes of hot snacks from the inside and put it in front of Hei Xieyu.

Hei Xieyu looked at the exquisite dim sum, picked up a piece of taro meat flame cake with chopsticks, put it near his mouth, and took a bite of grace.

Wu Ruo stared nervously at his indifferent eyes: "How is it? Is it delicious?"

"Um." Hei Xiu swallowed the snack and took another bite.

Wu Ruo Zhan Yan smiled: "Just like it. Don't just eat this one, and then try another snack."

He cast a wink at Corpse Yuan.

The corpse immediately picked up the chopsticks, clamped another snack and put it in the black bowl.

"..." Hei Xuyi looked at Wu Ruobai's tender and chubby face, raised his eyebrows, how did it feel like his wife was courting him?
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