Comeback of the Abandoned Wife Chapter 301-310

Chapter 301: You gave birth to a good son

Wu Ruo frowns: "Since she has been executed, why does she still appear in the palace?"

Hei Xieyu recalled the events of the year, and Shen said: "At that time, the guard first pressed the person into the jail and closed it. When I was dressed up neatly, the guard asked me how to solve her. I never liked others for greed. She enjoyed the wealth and wealth and climbed to someone else's bed, but as a maid in my palace, she knew she had committed the crime, and ordered her to be executed for the sake of acting. Later, because the other party was just a maid and did not go to see if she died or not. Thinking of someone who dared to disobey me at that time, I have been asked to find out who executed Xia in the past, as for the children who came with her ... "

He held Wu Ruo's hand: "She vowed to tell me that the child is mine, and that child is really similar to me, and it will also be our royal mystery.

"So the child is a royal?"

"Yes." Hei Xieyu said definitely, "But I am definitely not my child. At that time, I was drunk and fell asleep as soon as I touched the bed. It was impossible to touch the other women physically."

Wu Ruo listened to him repeatedly to ensure that he did not miss Xia, completely relieved. Of course, he believed in black shame, but if he didn't clarify the events of that year, his mood wouldn't be better.

"Even if you are drunk, there should be a guard guarding you outside the door. How did she get in your room?"

"She and Fu Qiu are my personal court maids. According to the previous royal rules, the personal court maids are like the housemates of wealthy people outside, but since our ancestors snatched the throne, this rule has been eliminated, but for the royal appearance, When the prince is twelve years old, she will choose two personal palace maids to be with her, who will be responsible for the daily life of the princes. They can also watch the night in the princes ’bedmasters. She is in the room for the reason that I am drunk. I had a chance to succeed here, and since then, I have no need to be close to the maid, and all the people responsible for my clothes and food have been replaced by eunuchs. The fourth and fifth brothers also removed the close maids because of this matter. . "

"If the child is not yours, who will it be?"

Hei Xieyu saw him believe that he was also relieved. Before returning, he was actually worried that Wu Ruo would become furious when he heard this, and might even disbelieve him: "Although the child looks like me, but looks similar to me There are many people here, and the royal family is very large. Maybe the child inherits the great-grandfather from the next generation like my father, and their looks are not necessarily, so it is difficult to find out who the child is. "

"Would you like to bring someone to me? I'll try Xia with Spiritualism or Divine Control. Maybe she can tell the truth." Well, you can try it, but she dare to bring the child When you enter the palace to admit your relatives, you should think that we use mysticism such as the spirit of words to force her to tell the truth, and she will definitely take precautions against us. "" If that is the case, there must be someone behind her who is leading the matter, and she planned it all five years ago. Why did the master do it behind the scenes? Is he trying to threaten you with a child? Still want to destroy our feelings? "Wu Ruo thinks about it, and thinks that the possibility of destroying his relationship with Hei Xieyu is relatively high." Hei Xiefei squinted his eyes: "At this time, it must have happened to destroy our previous feelings and not let us Solve the curse. "

"You mean the old people did it?"

"It should be them, logically, but the people of the old clan haven't put such a big hand in my officer.

Wu Ruo grabbed Hei Xuan's neck with both hands: "Then how are you going to solve Nian Xia and her child?"

Hei Xuanyu caressed his hair: "Nian Xia was originally the person to be executed. If she had not given birth to a child belonging to the royal family, she would have been pulled and beheaded at that moment."

"Can't she kill with a child now?"

"It's not impossible to kill, but the mother said that the child can't live without her mother. Moreover, we haven't found the master behind the scenes. If she kills her, the clue may be broken. Most importantly, I think the person who leads this matter It's the same person who controlled the sixth-tier wizard to kill our children. "

Wu Ruo slightly surprised: "Same person?"

"Well, it's just speculation." Hei Xieyu stood up and laid him down. "It's noon, let's have lunch first."

Wu Ruo nodded.

After having lunch, Wu Ruo had Hei Xin take the child down for a nap, and then, he was sent to Xia Xinggong to send Xia Xia to his mother.

As soon as Nian Xia entered the palace, he immediately pulled the child to his knees: "Yu Xun Nian Xia has seen the princess."

Wu Ruo's eyes fell on the small child, squinting, wasn't this the child he met in the food street?

I remember the mother of the child at the time, calling this child Liangliang, um, after changing the new robe given by God, it made people feel more like him.

Wu Ruo looked at the child's mother and read Xia, with a beautiful appearance, a trembling expression, and a pitiful and affectionate look. If she hadn't entered the palace on the grounds that she had been in a black bed, maybe he would treat her. Generate a touch of mercy.

"Get up."

Nian Xia pulled the child away.

When Wu Ruo saw that she couldn't afford it, she didn't bother to call them up again. They knelt as long as they loved to kneel.

He slowly swallowed a tea cup and sipped tea: "I heard that this child is the son of you and Shi Yan.

Nian Xia was afraid to return, "Yes, yes."

"and then?"

Nian Yiyi: "Why, what then?"

"What is the purpose of bringing your child into the palace?"

"It wasn't the slave who brought the child into the palace. It was Master Mao who inadvertently found our mother and son on the road. When he learned that Liang Dong was the child of a prince, he insisted on taking us into the palace. He thought that the blood of the royal family should not be left out.

"So you don't want to go to the palace?"


"Okay, I'll send someone out of your house now, and then settle your residence.

Nian Xia quickly scratched her head and thanked her, "Thank you, Prince. Thank you."

Wu Ruo's eyes flashed sarcasm. If he really let him arrange an official, why bother to say that the child is a prince.

"But, as Master Mao said, your son is a royal blood and cannot be left out."

He deliberately procrastinated, and then caught the expression of Nian Xia quietly: "But I don't want to leave a woman who has been in the bed in the palace, so let your child stay and let me take care of , You go out of the house yourself. "

When Nian Xia's face changed, she hurriedly said, "Prince, please don't separate our mother and son.

Wu Ruo sank his face: "I let your son stay to be kind to you. I will not treat him in the future. I will certainly seek his place as the king and let him enjoy the glory and wealth of his life."

"Prince, my son and I have thicker blood than water, and they are inseparable. I also ask her to recover her life."

"You really make me embarrassed. The royal blood cannot be left out. Your son must live in the palace, but I don't want to see you ..."

"If the slaves live in the palace, they will hide far away and will never destroy your relationship with the prince.

Wu Ruo chuckled his lips coldly: "Who do you think you are? You can destroy my relationship with Xie Yun?"

If he hasn't passed the previous life, maybe this palace lady can really destroy his relationship with Hei Xieyu, but after the last life, even if the heavens are down, they can't be separated.

Suddenly, Liang Dong stood up and stood in front of Nian Xia, angrily to Wu Ruo: "Bad guy, don't allow you to bully my mother-in-law."

Wu Ruo hesitated for a moment, and couldn't help remembering the time when the defender defended himself.

Nian Xia quickly brought Liang Dong back.

Wu Ruo tickled his lips: "You have a good son."

It's a pity that I only know how to use it, but I don't know how much I love it.

Nian Xia was worried that Wu Ruo would anger her child and hurriedly hoeed her head and said, "Prince, the child is not sensible, and she also asked the princess to spare us once."

Liang Dong stared at Wu Ruo with an angry expression.

Wu Ruo and Liang Dong looked at each other for a moment, and then said, "For the sake of children, let you stay temporarily in the small palace next to Hengxing Palace, and come to arrange rooms for them."

"Yes." The **** standing outside took their mother and son out of the hall.

Hei Xieyu came out of the screen, Hei Wu hugs Wu Ruo and sat down with smile: "You were just like a bad guy who broke up the mother and son."

Wu Ruo hummed: "I'm sorry to say, if I weren't you, do I need to be a bad person?"

"When you find the person behind you, send them away immediately.

Wu Ruoan sighed, "I just tried to use the magic of words and divine control, and it really has no effect on reading Xia."

"The person behind her will be found unless she has no contact with the person behind her for life."

At this time, the dark guard came to the entrance of the main hall: "The subordinates have seen the prince and the prince."

Wu Ruo took the initiative to get out of Hei Xieyu and sat on the chair on the other side.

Hei Xuan asked softly, "How did things go?"

The dark guard said: "The two guards who executed Xia at that time were dead."

"Dead?" Hei Xuan narrowed his eyes. "How did he die?"

"Four and a half years ago, when the prince led his soldiers to capture the old clan, the two guards were killed by the old clan."

Hei Xiuyu remembered this. Many guards died at the time. Later, he sent someone to bury them and gave silver to their families.

"What about their family?"

"They have no family."

Hei Xieyu: "..."

Wu Ruo said, "The person who arranged this matter should think that when you Nian Xia reappears in front of you, they will investigate the matter again, so find a chance to solve it in advance."

Hei Xuanyu also felt that the two guards died too coincidentally, and he asked the dark guards: "At that time, only they two executed Xia?"


Hei Xuan vowed back the dark guard.

Wu Ruo said, "Now we can only send someone to watch Nianxia secretly."


Nian Xia and her son were very safe after living in the palace. They never stepped out of the small palace and never heard the sound of children playing, as if they were not living in the palace. It's scary.

Wu Ruo did not put their minds on their mother and son, or did what they should do as usual. After the wizard's test resumed, he again went to the stadium every night to watch the games on time.

Nine Tier 6 surgeons were not allowed to participate in the competition after being disposed of by the director. Wu Ruo they banned the children from participating in the competition. The black market can only make all Tier 6 surgeons to compete again, and then perform the top ten with Tier 5 surgeons. Qualifying.

The test time passed particularly quickly. It was September 12th and 9th. The surgeon's test time, the border city once again ushered in the lively scene of people and the sea.

Wu Ruo took the children to Heishangtang's palace and had dinner with Wu Qianqing. Then they came to the border town and found a place closer to the platform.

Wu hoped to ask Wu Ruo around his eyes: "Second brother, my brother and Tang brother, will they come to watch the game later?"

Wu Ruo laughed: "Tonight is the last match, they are busy visiting the border city, and may not have time to watch the game."

Wu Xi looked at Yu You with a bit of loss: "Ma'am, you're about to race later, are you nervous?"

You You calmly said, "I can definitely take the first place, so why are you nervous?"

Wuzhu said silently: "You are too confident, if you don't take the first place, isn't it shameful?"

Guan Tong smiled softly: "Yuer is confident."

Xiao Wu chuckled and said, "My father can take the first place.

Giggles giggled: "Auntie, I'm so bullish on you."

Little Nightthorn also said coolly, "You can do it."

Youyou was encouraged by the four children, and her heart blossomed: "Wait for me to get my first reward back."

Wu Chenliu patted Youyou's shoulder: "I think you can."

Wu Qianqing told Yu You: "It's a good thing to win, but you must do your best, don't hurt yourself."

"Okay." Youyou looked at Wu Ruo: "I will not show mercy if I meet your friend."

"No need for your mercy." Wu Ruo stepped around and looked around: "I don't know where he is, I want to encourage him before the test."

"I'll look for you." You Xun flew up, still looking for the edge of the platform, because the people who usually try to stand in front of him, and finally he found them walking not far from the judge: "Find Now. "

Wu Ruo's eyes brightened: "Where?"

Youyou pointed him in the direction: "Stand not far from the referee, you can walk down the platform to the right and you will find them."

Wu Ruo gave the child to Guan Tong: "Mother, I'll go back as soon as I go."


Wu Ruo walked along the platform, and found the limp and praised them: "Limp."

I was talking to Shen Song, and I heard Wu Ruo's voice, and quickly turned my head. When I saw Wu Ruo, the corners of his mouth couldn't restrain himself from going up: "Panyang, you are here, come to see me and try ?"

"I came here to encourage you, I hope you can win first."

Li Xing slowly put away a smile: "Your friend will also play the test, don't you want him to come first?"

"Of course I hope he can win first place, but I'm happy no matter which of you.

The limp resumed his smile again.

With a deep smile, "My master will never lose to your friend."

Wu Ruo smiled: "After waiting for the test, we will choose another time to test and make up for the regret that we did not play on the ring."

"it is good."

Li Xing stared at Wu Ruo's beautiful face, and her smile became deeper. Suddenly, a powder figure rushed over and pushed Wu Ruo sharply.

Chapter 302: Be kind to donkey liver and lungs

Wu Ruo stepped back two steps and bumped into someone else.

The other side was hurt, and he scolded, "Mother, are you looking for death?"

Wu Ruo apologized to him.

The man didn't want to let Wu Ruo originally, but when he saw Shen Song stare at him fiercely, he was afraid to speak again.

Li Xing quickly asked: "Panyang, are you all right?"

"It's okay." Wu Ruo shook his head and looked at the man who pushed him.

Pingxing also turned his head and saw that the person who pushed Wu Ruo was actually Xuan Xuan, stunned, and lowered his face: "Y Xuan Xuan, what are you doing?"

Yu Xuanxuan said with fear and anger: "Brother Xing, he may hurt you without your attention."

The limping face was even more ugly: "How can he hurt me if he is my friend?"

Wu Ruo frowned, and really didn't want to spend more time with Yu Xuanzhang for half a column of incense: "Yeah, my friend is still waiting for me to go back there, I won't bother you here."

Limping nodded in anger, it was not easy to keep him.

You Xuanxi shouted unwillingly to the back of Wu Ruo's departure: "Yu Panyang, I think you rushed to leave when you felt guilty, do you think that I haven't seen it? I ...

"Shut up," hesitantly said, "Come here, take Miss You back to me. In the future, I don't want to see her again and don't let her appear in front of me."

You Xuanxuan stomped angrily and anxiously: "Longer brother, do you know those who know the royal family from Panyang?"

The limp and deep chant lingered for a moment.

"I saw him with Princess Lingfeng that day."

Shen Song hurriedly asked, "Ms. You, are you correct?"

"I was standing opposite him and I could see it clearly. I wouldn't read it wrong." Yu Xuan looked at him anxiously: "Brother Xing, he must have taken refuge in the royal family and wanted to kill you while you were not paying attention. "

Flimbing eyes became deeper and colder: "Enough.

He turned his back: "Send me back to Miss You."

"Yes." The two men in the line made a gesture to Yu Xuanji: "Miss Yu, please."

Yu Xuanzhang knew that if she didn't leave, the limping men would take her away, and then she would be ashamed.

"Good intentions are like donkey liver and lungs." She turned away in anger with anger.

"Master." Shen Song looked at the limping a bit worried: "Miss You's words may be true."

Li Xing glanced at him slightly: "How about Panyang and Princess Lingfeng? Or do you think he will hurt me?"

Deep chant: "..."

He didn't realize that Youyang wanted to hurt the master, and at the beginning, they were entangled by Youyang first, and later, Yangyang slowly accepted them.

Lim looked at the eye stage: "I'm going to test, I'm on stage."

Chong Rong looked at his back and tickled his lips.

On the way back, Wu Ruo always felt that someone was watching him. When he turned back suddenly, he saw the Lord Fuyao and her friends standing in the crowd looking at him, and quickly turned away after facing his sight. look.

Wu Ruo also ignored her and returned to Guan Tong.

Youyou saw someone coming on stage and said, "I'm going on stage too."

He handed the child to Wuzhu, and quickly kissed Wuzhu's face: "Wait for me to bring the reward back to you."

"You need to be careful."

Youyu took off and took off to the platform.

At first glance, you saw Youyou, eyes locked tightly on Youyou.

You can feel the embarrassment of inquisitive inspection, and you can't help raising your eyebrows and land in front of the limping, but stop at a distance of one foot from the ground. .

Li Xing raised his head and squinted his eyes, this person is so tall?

His gaze moved from You's face to his feet, and it turned out to be flying in the air.


"Yes." Youyou looked at the line with her hands behind her. "You seem to be hostile to me."

With a glance at the hawk eye: "Hostility?"

Is he hostile to this person?

You Yan's beautiful mouth evoked a bright smile: "It seems you don't know it yourself."

Limping: "..."

He really didn't know he was hostile to this man.

The limp face became heavy.

Why this is so, he knew very well. He is jealous of this man, jealous that this man can be liked by Youpanyang, jealous that this man can be with Youpanyang at all times, and jealous that this man has all the attention of Youyang.

He is jealous because he likes Yu Panyang.

I hadn't noticed it before, but after he had missed for a month with Youpanyang, he missed the ecstasy when he saw Youpanyang again, so he clearly realized that he really liked Yupanyang, I fell in love with a man and was deeply attracted to it by a man named You Panyang. This was something he had never thought of before, nor did he think that he was exposed unconsciously because of jealousy. With his own emotions, when did he become unable to restrain himself?

Youyou thought about it, "Did I offend you once? But I'm pretty sure I haven't seen you."

Glimbing glanced at him coldly, turning his back and no longer paying attention to him.

Then, the other eight ninth-level magicians also successively entered the ring.

When the time is up, the referee also walks to the ring to announce that in order to save time, matrix formations, magic charms, magic implements, elixir, and items that do not belong to their own ethnic group can not be used. Enemy, but the witches can use maggots, because this is a unique mystery of the witches.

After the start of the competition, ten players will be divided into five pairs, and the winner and loser will play in the top five and the last five.

The opponent drawn by Youyu is a male priest, and the opponent drawn by Pingxing is a female ghost.

The ability of the male priest can be regarded as a middle-level master in the ninth stage, but he is comparable to the demons of the demons. A hundred strokes can make everyone see the male priest. Facing the disadvantages, the referee finally lost the game.

It is even easier to deal with the female ghosts by virtue of the fact that the Necropolis originally controlled the ghosts and the ability to restrain the ghosts. Therefore, it can only be said that the female ghosts were very unlucky and actually encountered the people of the dead spirits and hit dozens of tricks. Afterwards, the female ghosts knew that they could not fight, and gave up.

After Yu You won, she stood next to the same winning team and asked, "We'll be facing each other later. What do you think?"

Flicked his eyes narrowed and did not speak.

You glanced at him: "Why don't you talk? It's boring."

He frowned, "Am I bored?"

Did you feel that he was boring?

Youyou asked him, "Do you think it's funny for a person who doesn't talk? Young man, you're still young, don't be boring like an old man."

Limping: "..."

"I won't be kind to you because you are an 'elderly'."

Li Xing said quietly, "You can use your best to deal with me when I meet. I can just see how strong you are."

"That's exactly what I want to say to you." You said with a tickle. "Speaking back, I have been in the Necropolis for so long. I haven't had time to deal with the people in the Necropolis. Now it is just fine. Let ’s see how powerful your people in the Necromantic Kingdom are. However, no matter how powerful they are, they ca n’t be better than the royal mystery? It ’s a pity. I personally want to play against those who have the royal mystery. ”

Limping means "Reassurance, you will soon see."

Youyu heard the words and turned to look at him silently.

After an hour, the top five and the last five will be ranked again, and the rankings will be drawn again before the start of the competition. After the start of the game, the first five candidates will need to compete against the second. If anyone wins, they will compete against the third, whoever wins will compete against the fourth, and so on. Youyou was drawn to the fourth place in the top five. As long as you win one game, you can play the final match with the last one.

Under the ring, Wuzhu and Wuxi were particularly nervous.

Wu Chenliu reassured them: "With the faint ability, the three wizards in front of him are not his opponents, and they have the opportunity to win the first and second places."

Wuzhu asked: "Where is the last person to compete? Can you win the last one?"

Wu Chenliu shook his head: "I don't know, the last warlock hasn't really demonstrated his ability since the start of the game, so it's not easy to make a conclusion."

Wu Xi looked at Wu Ruo: "Second brother, wasn't your last wizard your friend? What is his ability?"

"This ..." Wu Ruo frowned. "I don't know."

When entering the top ten competitions, although he was able to observe every wizard on the court after being beaten by the Son at the time, the credibility was always protected by his people, which can be said to be sent In the top ten competitions, because of the problem of racial restraint just now, the female ghosts have voluntarily given up the competition because they have not used their real abilities. Therefore, he does not know the strength of the competition.

Wu Chenliu frowned slightly: "This comparison can be said to be very unfair. Very few people can be squeezed into the top ten by their true strength. Therefore, the people standing on the ring may not be all ninth-level wizards. The best magician in there. "

Wu Ruo agreed with this saying: "Well, some powerful wizards have not come to take part in the test."

For example, neither Heihuanyu nor Dalingbi came to participate in the competition. If they came, at least two people on the stage would not be able to squeeze into the top ten.

Wu Zhu said, "But if you play one-on-one, it will take a year to complete."

"Yeah, there are too many sorcers and it's particularly time consuming."

After the cup of tea, the test started again. As Wu Chenliu said, the first, second, and third wizards who took the top five were not faint opponents at all, so after two hours, it was finally their turn.烨 and 隽 行 battle.

Wu Ruo is happy for them, no matter who snatches the first, he is happy for them.

"锵-" The gong sounded, and the final competition for the first contest officially started, and everyone was extremely excited.

You like to be pre-emptive, and at the moment when the gong sounds, immediately use the magic bite to attack the limp.

The Demon Eater uses spiritual power to emit a mass of black mist from the body to cover a large area. If the spiritual power is not high enough for the caster, the person will be trapped by the Demon Eater, will be eroded by the black mist, and will be sucked away by the ghost. force.

When the limp rushed over, he bit his skin finger quickly, made a shield of blood with a drop of blood to cover his body to prevent it from being swallowed by the black mist, and at the same time used the secret dance of bones. Skeletons, people, and ghosts, as well as demons, and demons, rushed towards the cymbals.

The bones of the demon clan were very large, and when they roared at the black mist, they dispersed the black mist.

"Interesting." You Hou smiled, and flew up into the air, with a lot of black gas condensing in his hands, and swayed the small skulls, and then waved towards the skeleton army, the small skulls roared out, as if the **** demon drew the soul It seemed to be scattered in all directions and rushed towards the bones. The bones hit by the skull condensed by the black gas all burst open and instantly became a pile of powder.

People watching under the ring, covering their noses, quickly patted the dust with their hands.

Wu Ruo was clever, using a magic weapon to cover him and his family.

Wu Xi's eyes widened: "Dasao is so amazing."

When I watched the game before, I didn't think you were so powerful. It seemed to be hiding strength at that time.

Ye Ji whispered, "He's a demon."

Wu Chenliu's eyes flashed with surprise, Youyou turned out to be the Emperor, no wonder he felt Youyou was different from ordinary demons.

On the ring, I saw the black little skull rushing towards me, quickly pushed the blood shield out, sucked the little skull into the blood and turned it into my own power, and the cloth black gas little skull became a little blood skull. He turned his head and rushed toward You, and used bone hand secrets. After that, thousands of bone-dried human hands drilled out from the ground, grabbing You's body at lightning speed, making him unable to move.

You squinted and squinted, blasted out the magic through the air, and exploded all the bones that grabbed him. The bones that weren't blown away were blown away by the air in his body and slammed into the flying On the blood skull, there was a sudden bang sound, and the ground trembled.

"I'm going, it's terrific." The teachers who watched quickly left the edge of the platform to avoid being hit by the people on the platform, and the ninth-order wizards were also shocked by the sound of the explosion.

On the ring, the dust and **** smell of the sky.

When Li Xing rang through the explosion, he said two words to You: "The Emperor."

Youyou bended her mouth and said, "You are also a royal person. That's great. I want to know how powerful the descendants of the fairy are."

He used to hear the ancestors talk about how terrible the descendants of the fairy or how powerful they are, but he never had the chance to see it. When I learned that Hei Xie is the descendant of the fairy, I want to compete with Hei Xie, and I do n’t want Hei Xie to be too busy to take the time to play with him, and I have no chance to see how powerful the descendants of the fairy .

Li Xing heard the next four words, his eyes darkened. Since the other party is a demon, that ordinary ability is unable to cope with You. You can only use big tricks: "Since you want to see it this way, I will complete you."

You said: "I'll wait."

The limp walked around the corners of his lips coldly, and read a string of spells. Suddenly, a violent wind was blowing on the platform.

Chapter 303: These two people are too powerful

When the wind blows, all the dust on the platform is blown away, and everyone can see everything on the platform again. However, the wind is getting fiercer and fiercer, and the place where it is blown is getting bigger and bigger, from the ring to the whole to the competition When the field reached the entire border city, everyone quickly raised their hands to cover their faces with their sleeves to prevent the sand from blowing into their eyes.

The last five sorcerers who competed on the other side were all blown by the wind and couldn't play anymore. They all stood aside and waited for the wind to end.

Many sorcerers rarely see such a big scene, and are curious and ask: "Who are the two people competing for the first place on the stage? It's amazing."

"I don't know. I only know that one is a demons and the other is a dead nation."

"It is said that the wizards of the Necromancer are very powerful, and it really deserves its reputation."

Seeing the demons who demolished the demons burst into a straight body, except for the ancestors, only the demons can make such powerful skills, and the people on the stage are so young. Long devil.

Limping is also recognizing the other side from You's moves.

The Mozus were particularly excited at the thought that the other party might be the Emperor.

Suddenly, the lights were dark.

Everyone was shocked.

Immediately afterwards, the light was on again, but the light was a tinge of cyan. If you didn't look closely, you wouldn't see it at all.

"Well, there are two more people on the stage." Someone was surprised.

Everyone looked to the stage. There were two more people around the limp. No, it should not be said that they were human. The other was transparent and floating in the air, like a ghost that had just died.

Individual demons were shocked when they saw the appearance of the ghost.

You also stumbled in place.

Off the stage, the egg held by Wu Ruo excitedly called, "This is the taboo technique that Wu Shu has not taught me."

Wu Ruo was surprised: "Don't you mean the royal mystery used for limp?"

No wonder he feels that limp is like royal bones made by black shackles. So limp is also a royal person?

Uh, I ca n’t blame him for not knowing the royal mystery of the Necromantic kingdom. He has seen the number of times he has used the black magic in his two lifetimes with five fingers. He came over to teach the eggs, but he was busy with things in the store, how could he go to see the eggs and learn the secret technique.

Every little bit of a small head.

Wu Ruo asked Dandan: "Did you just say this is a taboo?"


"However, I heard your father said that using taboos may be robbed by the other party. Isn't that limp dangerous?"

Dandan explained: "Uncle Wu said that as long as his father did not recruit people who had been dead for thousands of years, there would be no danger for adults. The limp adult recruited two and could control them, indicating that they did not die long.

Wu Ruo wondered, "Who is the one who is recruited by the limp?"

Uxi whispered next to him, "Why does Grandma look stupid? What happened to him?"

Wuzhu frowned, looking at the stage with a worried look.

On the ring, Heng Xing ticked his lips: "How do you feel when you see your loved ones?"

He moved his finger, and the two ghosts, who were closing their eyes, opened their eyes squintingly. They looked at each other, and soon realized that they had been brought back to earth.

Youyou drooled and called to the two ghosts: "Dad, grandfather."

The two ghosts looked at You, flashing his eyes and wondering, "Hey?"

Youyan nodded.

Youyun's grandfather was able to see his grandson again, and was very surprised: "It's so big."

You's dad raised his eyebrows seriously: "Are you married?"

Youyou nodded and shook her head.

Youyu's dad glared: "Did it happen or not?"

You said quickly, "I plan to get married next year.

Youyou's grandfather said, "So you have a target."

You You proudly said, "Yes, we have children."

"Which girl, please bring it to us quickly." Youyou's dad asked anxiously.

You said generously, "He is a man, not a girl.

Li Xing's face sank: "I recruited them, not to make you old."

The expressions of the two ghosts also changed, from a kind face to a fierce evil, and they fiercely attacked Youyou.

You were shocked and evaded quickly.

He limped coldly: "Although the ability to recruit the ghosts is not as powerful as their heyday, the two of them are more than enough to deal with you.

Youyou dodged from left to right, "You are so despicable that you have brought back my loved ones."

"Don't you want to see royal mystery?"

The lingering idiom fell, and the dreadful dad and grandfather simultaneously used the Emperor's best trapped beast.

The cage of the sleepy beast is very powerful, and just the air blowing from the side has torn the faint arm and the robe of his body.

Pingxing can use the blood rupture while his arm is bleeding, and he can use the blood to blast the opponent's body, but before he can play, he hears a bang, and the referee announces that he won the game. Therefore, Li Xing won the first place, and there is no need to compete with others. The second place is You You.

Youyou looked at the referee in depression, "We are not finished."

"You're clearly in a disadvantage." The director Lu came and said, "Or do you think you have the ability to win over your two elders?"

You You: "..."

If he only dealt with his dad during the heyday, he still has a lot of confidence. However, now that there are more grandfathers and limps, he is equal to one to three, and he will definitely lose.

Youyou asked Pingxing: "Are there any other mysteries you haven't used?"


You have to admit that the secret technique of the descendants of the fairy is very powerful: "I lost."

Pingxing said: "In fact, you are very good. If I were not a descendant of the fairy and inherited the secret technique that the fairy gave us, I don't think I can win you."

At the beginning, when he died to deal with You with small tricks, he was always suppressed.

"Royal mystery is really powerful. It can actually bring back loved ones who have been dead for many years to deal with me." You Xuan stepped down with him: Unfortunately, I only saw one trick, but why didn't you use it at first? "Walking path:" In fact, the royal secret technique is not suitable for the test on the stage. "


"Because the moves are more suitable for battlefields or multiplayer fights."

You and limp are strangers, after all, he does n’t ask much about other people's affairs. After returning, he can ask Hei Xuan and Eggs and pat his shoulders: “Please drink next time. "

He turned and flew back to Wuzhu.

Wuzhu quickly asked: "Are you all right?"

You said to him, "The two ghosts just now, one is my dad, and the other is my grandfather."

"Ah !?" Everyone looked at him in surprise.

Thorny raised her eyebrows in surprise: "Is it the former demon emperor? He recruited the two demon emperor?"

Wu Ruo asked, "So when they attack, they just don't hide?"

"Um." You said with a sharp smile. "I told them I found a woman, and I told them I had a son."

Wuzhu: "..."

You You continued: "They also knew my partner was a man.

Wuzhu: "..."

Wu Qianqing and Guan Tong are particularly speechless.

Dare to talk about the old is not the hoop stage just now.

Youyou looked at Dandan: "Do you know all the secrets of the royal family?"

Everyone nodded: "Uncle Wu explained all mysteries on the first day he came to teach me."

"The person who just hit me said that there are still many mysteries that have not been used, and why the royal mysteries are not suitable for the ring."

"Some mysteries will directly kill the aunt's life." Doudou gently spotted the wound on the arm of Secret with his little index finger. Then, blood flowed down his fingers like running water, and then, he He pressed the blood back again: "As long as you suffer a little injury, I can absorb all the blood in your body. This is called life draining, or you can use your blood to explode directly."

Ushi exclaimed: "So terrible?"

"Even if it is not injured, as long as there is blood on the body, it can be deadly. This is called blood rupture."

You You took out the wound medicine to stop bleeding: "And there is."

"There is also a trick called Death Spread, which is suitable for use on the battlefield and can revive all corpses indefinitely."

Ye Ji narrowed his eyes: "Isn't it possible for one person to attack a country? '

Nodded nodded: "We can also control the army of bones to fight against the enemy, all the bones buried on the ground can be resurrected, and death blasting can use the dead corpses to generate a large explosive force, Wu Shu said that if there are more corpses, you can destroy one The biggest thing in Ayutthaya is the distortion of death, which can send the living to the place of death, that is, directly kill the living. "

Speaking of this, he grumbled unhappy: "But the five uncles first taught me Shadow of Blood and Blood Puppet.

You asked, "What is the secret technique?"

Dandan turned her head and fell into Wu Ruo's arms, expressing her unwillingness to answer.

Short story: "For escape."

You You laughed, "I'm so convinced that I lost."

At least he couldn't do it alone.

Thorny said: "If the state of the dead is solved, the world will become the state of the dead."

"No," Guan Tong said.

Everyone looks at Guan Tong. By the way, there is the existence of the secret hermits, and they can restrain the dead nation with them.

Ye Ji said, "There is another trick called Wangui feast, right?"

Everyone said lightly.

You said, "I heard the ancestors that they said the feast of all ghosts and the army of bones. Whenever they mention the two mysteries, they have a look of fear or awe. If these two methods are used by the mysterious people, I am afraid Destroy more than 50 countries in one go, because they can draw the spiritual power of others infinitely so that the ghosts and bones can always exist in the world. As long as there is spiritual power, they will never disappear. "

Ye Ji nodded: "The royal family of the Dead Dead and the Hermit are comparable in strength. One can recruit ancestors to help, and can even recruit the ancestors of the Mystic tribe with immortal power. This means that they can learn the mystery of the Necromancers' royal family. There are really two powerful and contradictory beings. The two races must be defeated and wounded. "

Ushi exclaimed: "These two peoples are too powerful."

Chapter 304: prize

Yin Shi, the test is finally over.

The top ten surgeons who entered each stage came to the stage to receive awards.

"Congratulations to the lord for winning the first place." Shen Song congratulated while he went to the stage to receive the prize.

There was no joy in the limp: "If someone didn't take the test, the first place might not be my turn."

"No matter what he does, I can get the first place. I don't know what the black market will give us. I look forward to it."

Let's go up to each other and stand in the teams of each team.

Pingxing stood with You.

After the cup of tea, the record manager took the prizes of various stages to the ring.

Suddenly there was a commotion in the ring, and everyone wondered what the reward was.

The director of the recording first came to the prizes that rewarded the children. At the moment when the red cloth was opened, a spiritual power emanated. Although the table was filled with either elixir, medicinal materials, magic charms, magic instruments, etc. The things that have not been seen, the rich aura makes everyone drool.

"I've never seen anything in this country."

"I have traveled all over the world and have never seen these things."

Everyone talked a lot, and the recording manager on the stage introduced them one by one: "If you talk about quality, these things are not as high as third-order, but they can play ten times the effect, and they can reach eighty-nine. effect.

Someone asks curiously, "Recorder, can you tell me the origin of these things?"

The director of the recording said quietly: "No comment, but I can assure you that these things have a legitimate origin and are definitely not stolen or stolen by us. You can use it with confidence."

This makes everyone wonder how the black market has so many good things.

Some contestants said, "Can you send your rewards quickly? I can't wait to see the prizes below."

Others have also urged the director.

The recording manager no longer talks nonsense, and sends prizes directly to contestants.

As the magician's spiritual level is higher, the prizes in the back are more precious, and the aura is more boring. Everyone can't wait to see the prizes of level nine.

When the recording director opened the red cloth covering the ninth-order prize, many people swallowed it. Then, white light was emitted, and the aura was magnificent. Ten prize stars appeared, and everyone looked straight.

But this time someone asked the director to introduce them to the prize: "Director, let us introduce the function of the prize."

The director who originally planned to step down frowned, and slowly and carelessly started from the tenth prize: "The tenth prize is a magic book ..."

The ninth-ranked contestant in the tenth place couldn't help feeling a little disappointed. For him, magic books were everywhere.

"Each charm in it is very powerful. If the person who draws the charm can draw the magic spell in it, any one can be lethal to the ordinary ninth-level magician."

Suddenly, the tenth-ranked ninth-level contestant rushed out like a flying arrow, anxiously stuffed the book into his arms, fearing that others would **** it away, and quickly hugged it tightly. .

"..." Everyone can understand his behavior. Maybe when the ring is down, someone will win the idea of a prize.

The record manager continued to introduce the ninth prize: "Three leaves are Tianlian leaves. Just eating one will increase the life span of fifty to eighty years.

The ninth-ranked ninth-level magician also hurried over to hide the prize.

The next reward was getting more and more powerful. At the third prize, everyone calmed down and listened carefully.

"Everyone sees that the prize for the third place is three medicines. White light is emitted by it, which means that it is of a very high grade. It can be said that no one in the world can make it now, and its function almost reaches life. As long as the wounded person's breath is left, he will be able to recover instantly. "

Suddenly, everyone was about to move, there was an urge to take power.

Someone asked, "Director Lu, you said that no one in the world can make three elixirs. Who made them?"

The record manager still said that: "No comment."

"Our heavenly kingdom is a great alchemy country, can't we make what you call elixir?"

The director recorded a moment of silence and said quietly, "No."

Everyone really wanted to get on the stage to pinch him and lifted their appetite, but it was abominable not to tell them.

The record manager continued to introduce the second prize: "This is a space ring. The space inside is about the same size as the guesthouse. It can contain anything except living things."

Everyone was uproar.

You stunned, laughed, and looked proud, second place was also good.

"The space ring is actually a space ring in the cross." Everyone has only heard the rumors, but they haven't seen it with their own eyes.

Everyone glared at You with envy and envy, and almost stripped him alive with his eyes, and then won the ring. Even the limp who won the first place looked envious, knowing the second The name is a space ring, and he won't fight for first.

Wu Ruo under the ring is also very envious, in fact, he also thinks that his man also has a space ring.

Echidna and Yeji were jealous.

Youyu brought the space ring to the middle finger, then raised her hands to let everyone appreciate it again and smiled proudly: "Mine."

His move is simply pulling hatred, everyone in the audience is jealous.

Wu Ruo patted Wu Zhu's shoulder sympathetically: "Brother, when you go out, don't say that he is a man. I'm afraid you will be killed alive by others on the road.

Wuzhu shame: "Thank you for your advice."

Wu Ruo passed to Wu You: "Similar little nephew, don't recognize him as your father."

Xiao Wuyou looked blank.

Wu Xi smiled: "As long as he looks the same as Dasao, some people believe they are not father and son."

"Poor little nephew." Wu Ruo rubbed his head

Youzhen returned to the side of the limp and stood, and handed him in front of him: "Envy? Did you regret taking the first place?"

He gave him a quick glance: "Yes, regret not killing you."

Youchan shook his hand with the space ring in front of him a few times: "I am even happier when I hear you, come on, alas, look at it a little more, and you wo n’t have to see it later, oh ,correct."

He took out all the items hidden in his body, and then stuffed them into the space ring: "It's convenient, so I don't need to hang so many things on my body in the future."

"..." First watch him stuff something into the space ring, and then take it out of the space ring again, and the corner of his eyes can't help but draw the extraction manager and said to You: "You drop a drop of blood on the ring, it I will recognize you as the master, and even if others steal your space ring in the future, they will not be able to use it.

Youyou quickly bit her finger and put a drop of blood on the ring. Immediately, the ring flashed brightly, indicating that the recognition of the Lord was successful.

The magicians who had wanted to grab the ring dispelled.

You looked at the ring on her finger again happily, and asked the recording director, "The first one is the red bracelet?"

The director said, "This is a magic weapon."

"Spirit?" Everyone was puzzled.

The general manager explained: "Everyone should have heard of fairy wares?"

Everyone was shocked: "Is it a fairy?"

"Of course it is not. It is inferior to the magical instrument, but it is superior to the magical instrument we use. Therefore, it is called a magical instrument, which means that it is more powerful than any top-level magical instrument in the world.

Even if it is not a fairy ware, everyone will be jealous.

With a stunned glance, he quickly took the bracelet to his hand and driven it with spiritual power. Immediately, the bracelet wrapped his entire hand like a glove, and a red flywheel appeared on the back of the hand, which seemed very ordinary. However, you can feel its power and its spiritual power fluctuation, which is not comparable to ordinary magic instruments.

The record manager stopped him by saying, "Before you are familiar with it, don't use it casually, it will hurt others."

Nodded his head, collected the artifact, turned and walked back to the original position.

You said, "That's right."

Pingxing is also very satisfied with the spirit.

After the prizes were distributed, the record manager announced to everyone: "At the end of the competition, we will open the channel again to send you back to China after half a month. In this half month, everyone will have a good time and don't miss the opportunity to meet in rare countries.

The "gong one one" gong sounded again.

The referee announced: "The end."

Youyou immediately flew back to Wuzhu them.

Ushi quickly asked: "Ma'am, can you show me your space ring?"

Youyou took off the ring and gave it to her.

Uxi took it and took a serious look: "It's almost the same as the precious ring on my brother's hand. Can such a small thing really hold a lot of things?"

"Apart from living things, you can put a lot of things in the house." Youyou removed the jade from his waist and stuffed it into the space, and then took it out again: "Very convenient."

U Xi saw that Yu Pei disappeared as soon as she touched the ring, and she could not help but stare: "It's really amazing.

Before that, she had never heard of the space ring.

Wu Chenliu was also very envious of the secluded good luck: "The black market is really a mysterious place. It can connect the four ethnic groups and countries and can take out so many items that have never been seen. It can be seen that the identity of the black market owner is very different general."

Wu Ruo gave them a silent look.

Wu Zhu said, "Fortunately, the ring can recognize the Lord, otherwise, it must be very crowded."

Guan Tong smiled slightly: "The magic weapon in the first place is also very good."

"Yes." Wu Chenliu nodded: "In this world, except for the magical artifacts protected by the state, this one is the best."

Wu Ruo said, "Those immortals are left over by the immortals. Now, for so many years, the immortality on the immortals has been left unused, and they may not be stronger than the magic artifacts won by the first place."

He had used a fairy, and it was broken after being beaten by a few ghosts.

"It does."

Wuqianqing Road: "It's better for us to rush back home now."

Wu Xi wondered: "Dad, what's wrong? Are you anxious to show respect?"

Wu Qianqing didn't feel good: "Now that the prizes have just been distributed, there must be a lot of people thinking about rewards, and it will become very unsafe here.

You You nodded: "Yes."

As soon as they finished speaking, they heard someone shouting, "Someone grabbed the prize."

Chapter 305: Relapse

Suddenly, a large group of ninth-level magicians appeared in the competition field, they wore special masks to grab the contestants' prizes. Most of the spectators who watched the game were low-level wizards and some ordinary people. In the face of high-level wizards fighting, they could only escape. Soon, the guards of the Necropolis came to apprehend the robbers, and suddenly the scene was chaotic.

"Look, look, the prince is here, it is the prince," someone shouted.

Everyone raised their heads and looked in the direction the man pointed. A handsome man rushed over with a large group of guards.

"What prince?"

"It is the Prince of the Necropolis. I heard that he is extraordinary in mystery. Those robbers are dead."

"What good is his mysticism? It's almost dawn, and he won't return to the dungeon and be burnt to ashes.

"Also, the robbers must be aware of this before they come to the robbery when it is almost dawning."

Uxi heard the discussion next to him and whispered to Wu Ruo, "Is that my brother?"

Wu Ruo glanced: "No."

"Second Brother, you are so good that you can recognize them?"

Wu Ruo: "..."

If she knew that he had been married to Hei Xuyi for more than ten years, she would understand why he could recognize each other at a glance.

"Second Brother, are you going to help?"

Wu Ruo shook his head: "The most important thing for me now is to send you back to the dungeon safely.

He gave the child to Guan Tong and hugged them, and then he and the princes were in charge of protecting them. He finally came near the gate, because the sky was about to light up, and there were too many people going back to the underground city. Water leaks.

Fortunately, the gates of the yamen are wide enough and the formation is large enough to bring all the people of the necropolis back to the dungeon before dawn.

Wu Ruo had breakfast in the palace and took the children back to the palace.

When the father and son returned to Hengxing Palace, they saw Nian Xia talking to Hei Xin. Nian Xia saw Wu Ruo coming back, her face turned slightly, and she hurriedly returned to the small palace next door.

Hei Xin came to Wu Ruo with a smile and took the sleeping egg and Xiao Xiao, and whispered, "Did the princess have eaten breakfast?"

Wu Ruo nodded. "Why is she here?"

Knowing that he was asking Nian Xia, He Xin said: "She said that the child had no playmates in the palace, and she was not too young, so he wanted me to ask her child to have a teacher to be the child's Enlightenment.

"Let her child come to study with the little ones." Although Wu Ruo didn't like to go to the palace with the purpose of studying Xia, the child was innocent, and he liked the little baby who was protecting his mother. child.

"Yes." Hei Xin patted the sleeping eggs gently. "Prince, the slave first brought his highness back to the room to rest."

"Go on."

Wu Ruo went to check the wounds of the ghost woman and returned to the room to rest.

As soon as I got up in the afternoon, the gate guard of the emperor came to report that the director of the black market wanted to see you.

Wu Ruo asked the guard to take people to the Hengxing Palace.

Mr. Lu came to the palace to explain his intentions immediately: "I will return to the Mystery tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. Before leaving, I want to see my wife."

Wu Ruo twisted her eyebrows lightly: "I have to ask her opinions on this matter."

Recorder nodded.

"Wait a minute." Wu Ruo left the hall and took the hag to the hall after the tea.

The general manager saw the ghost woman wrapped in a gauze without lips and black eyes, and there was a hint of carelessness in her eyes. No wonder the ghost woman was unwilling to see the master.

The ghost woman nodded to the recording director.

Wu Ruo explained to Mr. Lu: "My grandmother has a wound on her face. Speaking will tear open the wound that was difficult to suture."

The record manager took out several pill boxes from the space ring and handed them to Wu Ruo. Each pill box was marked with the effect of the medicine: "This is the wound medicine I took out of the master and child medicine store without permission. I hope to hurt the wife useful.

Wu Ruo took the pill box, but stared at the director's ring all the time: "Do you have a lot of space rings in the black market?"

"People of the Mystery Clan, except those who inherit the Mystery Art, each of them has a space ring. Although I am not a member of the Mystery Clan, the master has asked me for a space ring." "Mrs. should also have a space ring."

Wu Ruo looked at the ghost woman in surprise, his grandmother was really hidden.

The ghost woman nodded and pulled a thin necklace from her neck with a pink ring on it.

The record manager excitedly said, "This is the ring."

The ghost woman thought about it and took a purple peony gardenia from the space ring and handed it to the record manager.

The record manager looked even more excited: "You are indeed your wife."

Wu Ruo raised an eyebrow: "Director Lu, your purpose here is to confirm whether she is really my grandmother."

Mr. Lu resumed his calmness: "Sorry, I really came here to discern serious hypocrisy, because the master can no longer afford to be disappointed again and again."

Wu Ruo: "..."

Director Lu took the Peony sister-in-law and asked, "Madam, do you want me to take it back to the master?"

The ghost-wife nodded, then took out a pen and pen and wrote, "Tell him that I am alive, and when the injury on my face is healed, I will come out to see him."

The recording director nodded slightly, and put the peony gardenia in the space ring.

Wu Ruo looked at his ring and asked, "Do you still have extra space for the ring? I also want to buy one for Xuan."

Director Lu said, "The next time you see the master, you can ask for one yourself, maybe the master will give you one for your grandson's sake."

Wu Ruo: "..."

"If it's your wife to discuss it yourself, don't mention one, it's ten, and the master will get you."

Wu Ruoleng said: "It's really different."

The thought of Hei Xieyu between him and the child will also choose to take him first, and my heart is relieved.

The ghost woman pouted and wanted to laugh, but was afraid of touching the wound, but she held back.

The director of the recording also gave a token to Wu Ruo: "If you lack medicine to heal your wife, take this token to the black market to find the principal, and he will give you a way to get it, or let you go to the owner's personal Look for medicinal herbs in the storeroom.

"If I didn't take the medicine to heal my grandmother?"

"Then you wait for the master to come out and kick you."

"If he dares to hit me, I won't let my grandmother recognize him." Wu Ruola took the ghost's hand: "Maternal grandmother, the city owner is so fierce, we should ignore him.

Director Lengheng said: "The master is pretty good to you. In order to let you learn more mysteries, the Master Contest was held and many private items were given to reward the winners."

"The city owner should also know a lot of mysteries. Why didn't he come to teach me in person, so that he would have to spend so much money to host a master contest?"

"He swears to the patriarch that he can't teach you mysticism, otherwise he won't spend a lot of time on hosting warlock competitions."

Wu Ruo thought and asked again, "Why did he seal my spiritual power then."

"When the master received the letter from the lady, and learned that the lady was pregnant with you again, when the lady was seven months pregnant, she quietly visited the lady and found that the child in the stomach of the lady inherited the mystery of the hermit and secretly sealed you. Spiritual power, I will untie the seal after you are eighteen years old. This way you do n’t want too many people to know that you exist. If someone finds that you have someone who has n’t seen mystics, you may be terrible to you. Act. Moreover, the master also bears the responsibility of Miss you to protect and teach you who are not sensible, you will definitely violate her poison spell, which will kill Miss. "

When Wu Ruo heard this, he could not help thinking of the selfish U Fang. If he knew that he had the mystery of the hermit, he would definitely send him to Wu Chenzi and let Wu Chenzi study himself: It is the city owner who has worked hard. "

"Well, no matter how you are also his grandson, he will definitely not hurt you." Director General Lu asked the ghost woman: "Madam, I'm going back to the mysterious clan, don't know if you have anything to bring to the master?"

The ghost woman handed the letter that had been written in the morning to the director.

Mr. Lu carefully collected it, "I will find a way to heal my wife's eyes. It's not too early, and I won't stay here if I have more work to do."

Wu Ruo asked, "What about the robbery rewards?"

"I don't handle this matter. When your husband comes back, let him tell you more. If nothing happens, I will go back."

Wu Ruo asked the guard to send the director to leave the palace, and then opened all the wounds sent by the director, immediately aura.

The six guards patrolling outside noticed aura coming out of the hall, and quickly came to the outside of the hall to probe and peek inside.

"Good medicine," Wu Ruohe smiled, "maternal grandmother, maybe he can heal your face quickly."

The ghost woman looked at him in surprise.

"I'll give you medicine now." Wu Ruo removed the gauze on the face of the ghost woman, and ordered someone to draw in water to wash the ointment on the face, and then applied the medicine sent by the director to the ghost woman. The wound was stitched together at a speed that was visible to the naked eye.

"Itchy, itchy." The ghost woman couldn't help but want to catch it.

Wu Ruo quickly held her hand: "Don't grab, your wound is closing fast."


"Really, it's dozens of times better than the medicine I made. The medicine from the city where it came from, the effect is so good." "The ghost woman laughed:" He should be the medicine from that place.

Wu Ruo asked curiously, "Where?"

The ghost woman shook her head: "This cannot be said."

Wu Ruo vaguely guessed something and didn't ask again.

About a time after the pillar of incense, the cracks on the ghost's face turned into a pile of black fine marks.

Wu Ruoxin said joyfully, "Maternal grandmother, you touch your face.

The ghost woman touched her face lightly, but she didn't touch a crack, and her whole face was flat as if she was not injured: "Is my face okay?"

"It hasn't fully recovered, your face is full of scars, and your skin hasn't grown back, but you can already see how you look in the past. According to this situation, it only takes three or four months to recover the original shape. You Now I can talk freely, no need to worry about the wound cracking. I knew that the director had such good ointment, so I asked him for a few boxes. "

"Is it three or four months? After three or four months, I will be able to go to Guanzhen?" Before the ghost woman had time to be happy, she smiled again with a bitter smile: "Even if you are fine, you can't leave the dead nation."

Wu Ruo patted the back of her hand: "Don't worry, I and Xunyu tried to solve the curse. The grandfather returned to the hermit to also think of lifting the curse of our spiritual dead country. We work together to make the people of the dead spirit see the sun again. . "

The ghost woman smiled slightly, "OK."

The six guards outside looked at each other and turned silently away from the hall.

Wu Ruo removed the gauze from the ghost's hand and looked at the ghost's face, and smiled, "Maternal grandmother, my mother looks like you."

The ghost woman said happily, "She is my daughter, and of course she looks like me."

"I look like that too."

"Yes, your three siblings, you look like me the most, Xiaozhu and Xiaoxi look like your father."

"Your face is almost recovered, shouldn't you be able to recognize my mother?"

The ghost woman touched her lips and nose: "When the flesh in these two places grows, go and see them."

"It will take several months." Wu Ruo looked at the pillbox delivered by the director and picked up one of the pillboxes. "This pill is said to restore flesh, let's try."


Wu Ruo applied the medicine to the ghost's nose and mouth corner, but it did not grow the meat back quickly like a face: "Is it useless?"

"Useful," said the happy woman. "I feel itchy nose and mouth."

Wu Ruo carefully observed for a moment: "It seems to grow slowly, and it cannot be seen by my naked eyes, but the ointment must be better than my medicine. You should get up once a day afterwards."

"OK." The ghost woman received the medicine in her space ring.

Wu Ruo looked at her space ring and asked, "Why put a space ring on your neck?"

"When I was crazy, I still remembered that this thing was very important, but I was afraid of being snatched by others and hid in my neck. I did n’t want too many people to notice that I did n’t take it off, and then I wore it. Get used to it, "laughed the ghostwoman," I'll wear it when I see your grandfather. "

Wu Ruo had treated her wounds and it was time for dinner. After eating, the ghost woman returned to her room, and Wu Ruo accompanied the children to play in the hall.

He couldn't help but play with toys beside him.

Wu Ruo sees Xiao Xuan quickly, and he turns all the books on Xuan Shu to Xiao Xuan, and then the father and son discuss how to use Xuan Shu.

It wasn't until he sent the children back to the room to sleep that Hei Xiu returned to the palace.

Wu Ruo immediately ordered the **** to prepare hot water.

Hei Xieyu sat down and raised his eyes closed.

Wu Ruo could not bear to disturb him, so he sat beside him, waited for the hot water, and went to the bathroom with him: "You will sit in and I will wipe your back for you."

He said as he unbuttoned the black suit.

Hei Xieyu sat down in the bathroom to rest on his stomach, and opened his eyes when he was almost washed. He talked to Wu Ruo about the robbery. Caught a group of troublemakers. "

Wu Ruo asked, "Do you know who led them to make trouble?"

"They said that the person who caused them trouble was a masked person and didn't know who the other party was." Hei Xuanyu rubbed his forehead: "These people should be confused and tempted by prizes before they can think silly. Things. "

Wu Ruo frowned: "I remember that the prize for the third place was three wounds.


"Will the person who got the medicine have left the necropolis?"

"Before giving out the rewards, I had started the formation, and now no one can leave the necropolis."

"Even so, it's hard to get the elixir."

"Yes." Hei Xuan narrowed his eyes. "The surgeons caught by us said that the people who took them to grab the prize went directly to the medicine. The people who seized the medicine were not because they wanted to save people, but Those who love alchemy will not pretend to **** drugs. "

"Listen to your doubts?"

Hei Xuan nodded: "It reminds me of the Holy Kingdom. I always feel that the Holy Emperor of the Heavenly Kingdom comes in person and the Necromantic Kingdom does not think it is so easy to solve the curse."

"No matter what his purpose is, you can't search him without evidence."

Hei Xun pursed his lips without talking, and went to bed directly after taking a bath.

The next morning, it was not yet bright, and Hei Xieyu left the palace to investigate the robberies of the elixir.

Wu Ruo had no sleepiness, so he got up to accompany the child for breakfast.

After dinner, Liang Dong was brought to the Hengxing Officer by an eunuch.

When he saw Wu Ruo, he stared at Wu Ruo with angry eyes.

Wu Ruo glanced at him, and asked the **** to take him along with Yandan and the young people to read and learn with Shi Bao Xue. Then, a primary school apprentice in the Taiji Hospital hurried to Hengxing Palace and said to Wu Ruo: Xi Gongzi got sick again. "

As soon as Wu Ruo's face brightened, I listened and stood up: "Where is Sixth Brother?"

"Yes, at Tai Hospital."

As soon as the elementary school student's words fell, Wu Ruo rushed out of the hall and came to the Tai Hospital as quickly as possible. Seeing He Xiexi sitting in a chair in an unscathed state, he raised his hands and wiped a sweat, and asked "Six Are you okay, Sixth Brother? "

Hei Xixi saw him look anxious and warm in his heart: "Thanks to the big maggot, otherwise I can't sit here and talk to my big maggot."

"Don't say stupid things." Wu Ruoshun gave him a pulse and frowned. "The next time, you won't be so lucky."

He said these words showed that Hei Xixi's body was not optimistic.

The medicine doctor beside me frowned.

"Xiaoxi, is it okay for Xiaoxi?" The Empress and Emperor hurriedly rushed into the Taiji Hospital and saw a flushed black Xixi, and the Emperor suddenly asked with relief, "Yaotai, Xiaoxi's body How's it going?"

Yao Taiyi said: "The six princes need to be rehabilitated as soon as possible."

"Then hurry up, don't you want to do it?"

"This ..." Yao Taiyi was embarrassed.

The emperor sank his face: "What else do you have?"

"All the doctors in our hospital have studied for several months in accordance with the French Prince's instructions, but there is still no way to condition the internal organs in the bad blood. If the blood is changed and the body is nourished, the blood will die again in two days. Huang Shu veteran is incompetent. "Yao Taiyi kneeled to the ground with guilt.

When the emperor heard that his son could not be cured, he suddenly became furious: "Incompetence, but it is really a group of incompetent waste. How long have you been given to you, you ca n’t cure it, then you ca n’t cure it, what do you want use?"

Hei Xixi quickly said, "Dad, don't be angry, please don't be angry with your son."

The emperor's anger dropped instantly, and he held the younger son's hand in distress: "Xiaoxi, don't worry, I will heal your body."

The queen's eyes were red, and she turned to her side, and quietly wiped the tears in the corner of her eyes.

Wu Ruo stopped talking.

The emperor said angrily to Yao Taiyi, "No matter what method you use, be sure to heal my son's body, and then he can't heal. I want your head."

Yao Tai Yi immediately ordered: "Yes."

The other princes were so frightened by the emperor's anger that they lowered their heads and did not dare to provoke the emperor again.

"Dad ..." Xixi pulled Ladi Huang's sleeve.

The emperor's look eased quickly: "What's wrong?"

Hei Xixi looked at Wu Ruo: "Dad, I think the way to exchange blood was proposed by Dasao, so let Dasao try it."

Everyone froze.

Wu Ruo wanted to refuse: "But I ..."

In fact, he also wanted to heal Hei Xixi, but he hadn't studied the matter of recuperating the body and changing blood, and he didn't have much confidence in his heart.

Hei Xixi smiled slightly and interrupted his words: "Da'er, I believe you can do it."

Wu Ruo frowned.

"Even if there are bad results, I recognize them." Hei Xixi held the emperor and queen's hands: "I want to give my body to Dasao to heal, I hope my father and mother will be complete."

The emperor and empress looked at each other.

The queen nodded with red eyes.

The emperor looked at Wu Ruo: "Xiao Ruo, Xiao Xi will give it to you."

Wu Ruo looked at the imploring expression of Empress and Emperor and the expression of trust in Hei Xixi, hesitated for a moment, and nodded vigorously: "I will do my best to heal Sixth Brother.

"That's great." The Empress held Wu Ruo's hand in excitement.

Wu Ruo said to Hei Xixi, "My healing technique will make you particularly painful. Can you hold on?"

Hei Xixi smiled calmly: "I have persisted for more than ten years, how can I not persist these months."

Wu Ruo nodded, and told the great medicine doctor to show him the prescription for conditioning the body.

The medicine doctor quickly picked up the list at the table and handed it to Wu Ruo.

While the emperor was watching the prescription, the emperor ordered that the entire hospital in Taijiu should cooperate with Wu Ruo's work.

Wu Ruo quickly browsed the prescription, modified the weight of several herbs, and then handed it to the apprentice next to him to grab the medicine.

One of the princes heard that a certain prescription had increased the weight, and quickly said, "If you increase the dosage, the body of the sixth prince will not be able to bear it. It may be that the prescription is too strong and it will not survive."

The emperor and emperor were worried.

Wu Ruo said with a calm face, "Since all of Liu's body was given to me, I will do it according to my methods.


Hei Xixi said, "Just do it, and I will endure even the pain."

Chapter 306: Fantasy

Wu Ruo took the medicine and the black shade captured by the apprentice and returned to the house where he lived.

The guest manager who was in charge of waiting for the black renderings immediately pushed the black renderings back to the room to rest.

Wu Ruo puzzled: "Sixth Brother, now is the time, you are sleepy? Or are you tired?"

Hei Xixi smiled and said, "I'm not sleepy or tired."

"then you……"

"Yaotaiyi said I was physically weak and couldn't be too tired."

Wu Ruo frowned: "So, you usually sleep in bed?"

"Most of the time I lay down, sometimes I was pushed into the yard to bask in the sun." Hei Xixi returned to the room and stood up from a wheelchair.

Wu Ruo was surprised: "Sixth brother, can your legs walk?"

"Yes." Hei Xixi smiled. "Dai, don't you always think I can't walk?"

Wu Ruo said embarrassingly, "I always thought you had a disability in your legs. Since you can walk, why should you use a wheelchair?"

"The doctors say I can't be too tired."

"This is really ..." Wu Ruoqi was angry, but couldn't say what the doctors said was wrong. Then he calmly said, "In the case of getting some serious illness, you really can't be overworked, but you have anemia. In addition to sunbathing every day, you need to exercise more daily to avoid being so cold. "

Hei Xixi's eyes brightened: "Dasao means that I can walk around with my legs?"

Wu Ruo nodded: "Well, now I will heal your body, you should do as I say. After you get up every day, you will walk outside, but because you do n’t exercise your body all year round, your body is very weak. It is easy to feel tired, if you are tired, sit down and rest immediately. "

"Okay, I remember." Hei Xixi nodded excitedly: "I'm going outside now."

Bin Bin immediately stopped and said, "My son, the doctor said ..."

"Now I'm in charge of my condition, and everything I listen to."

"I'll stay with you." Wu Ruo asked Bin to take the wheelchair.

Leaving the house, Hei Xixi lamented: "From childhood to large, I have walked so many paths for the first time."

Wu Ruo silently looked back at the big mansion behind him, not too far away from them.

"It feels good to walk out and see the scenery outside myself." Hei Xixi opened his hands and took a deep breath. "The breeze was blowing, making Wu Ruo feel that he would be swept away by the breeze at any time, and he could not help rubbing his hair before leaving:" You will see more scenery in the future. "

"Well." Hei Xixi smiled grinningly, "Da'er, I believe you can cure my illness."

Wu Ruo was a little stressed, and a little grateful to Hei Xiezhao for trusting him so much: "Why did you choose me to treat your disease?"

"When Yao Taiyi said that you can't adjust the internal organs according to your method, I saw that you seemed to have something to say, so I guessed that Yao Taiyi didn't treat your disease as you did, and then there is ..." Hei Xixi smiled helplessly: "I am expensive as a prince. The doctors will have some jealousy in my heart. They are worried that they will be stabbed by my father after they die. Therefore, they are always cautious in taking medicine, but they ca n’t bear to take other people. Experiments have led to my illness not being cured in the end, but it is very different. "

Wu Ruo joked: "Do you mean that I am more cruel than Taiyi?"

"Of course not." Hei Xiexi hurriedly explained: "Aunt is not as worried as the great doctors. If you only want to heal me in your heart, you will use up all your tactics, even if it will make me feel uncomfortable. do."

Wu Ruo's thoughts were all in his mind, and he smiled and pinched his shoulders: "It's boring to go on like this."

Hei Xixi looked at Wu Ruo with excitement: "Aunt, do you have something fun?"

"Yes." Wu Ruo smiled even more.

The guest manager who had been following him silently wanted to stop them from going too far, but when the voice reached his lips, he saw that the surrounding scenery suddenly changed, from the winding forest trail to the ocean.

He stood in shock, looking at the landscape ahead.

Hei Xixi hesitated and rejoiced, "Oh my God, this, this is ..."

"This is my illusion." Wu Ruo smiled and said, "The scenery you see now is the sea at the border of the kingdom of heaven. Before we came to the kingdom of the dead, we lived in a seaside village for a period of time. The scenery here is Isn't it beautiful. "

"This is the sea? Is this the sea?" Hei Xixi was so happy: "I've never seen the sea, it's beautiful."

Bin Bin has never seen the sea, and was very excited to see the sparkling sea.

Hei Xixi asked, "Can I play with water?"

"Of course you can," Wu Ruo said with a smile, "In my illusion, you can truly feel the existence of water, but in reality, you play with mud."

Hei Xixi ran to the water and squatted down, and gently touched the water: "It's really water, it's really water, Hei Bin, come over and try it, wow, and the sea breeze, it's really comfortable. "

Bin Guan hesitated, then walked over.

Wu Ruo watched them have fun and didn't bother them. When they played almost the same, the scenery changed again from the sea to a beautiful waterfall: "This is the peach blossom forest I have been to. A beautiful waterfall. "

"Really beautiful." Hei Xixi was happy and envious of Wu Ruo walking through so many places: "It was like going to a peach blossom forest in person.

Wu Ruo laughed: "There are so many beautiful places, and I will take you to see them tomorrow."

"Not right now?"

"It's time for lunch."

"Okay, let's go back to dinner."

Bin Bin said, "My son, I'll push you back.

"No need, I'm not tired now." Hei Xixi jumped back to the mansion courtyard excitedly, saw his back standing in the yard and waited for them, and ran happily: "Brother, brother. "

For the first time, Hei Xieyu saw him so happy, raising an eyebrow: "What happened to be so happy?"

"Otaru took me to see the sea, the waterfall and the peach blossom forest. It was so beautiful."

"The sea?" Hei Xuyu wondered, is there a sea here?

"Dasao uses illusions on us just as if they were there, wind and water are so real." Hei Xixi still remembers the scenery he just saw.

Wu Ruo came over and asked, "Why are you here?"

"I heard that Sixth Brother is sick, and came over to take a look at it." Hei Xieyu took his hand. "I will trouble you to take care of Sixth Brother."

"Then have a meal together and leave."

Hei Xun nodded.

Wu Ruo and them came to the hall: "Yes, Shame, after I came to the kingdom of the dead, I never saw the corpse them. Where did they go?"

"They were just wild ghosts, and then I put them into other people's bodies and became corpses. Before that, I promised them that as long as they die again, and not leave their current bodies, I will overdo them. Let them go to lift stocks. When they were drowned by the flood when they returned to the Necropolis, I went to reincarnate them. "Hei Xuanxi frowned." Why do you suddenly ask this? "

Wu Ruoting was reluctant to corpse them, but since they were going to have a rebirth, he couldn't stop others from rebirth: "I lack some people like them to send me."

"I will send you some senior corpses."

"It doesn't matter if there is a mystery, but it must be clever."

"Okay." Wu Ruo saw that the dishes had not been served, so he ordered everyone to move the decoction stove outside the hall door. He wanted to cook while eating.

Hei Xixi watched Wuruo busy and whispered in Hei Xie's ear, "Brother, you have married a good man and wife."

Hei Xiuyu heard his brother boast about his prince, and his mouth curved a nice arc.

After lunch, he went to work again.

Hei Xixi was lying in a lounge chair in the hall waiting for Wu Ruo's medicine. When he was about to fall asleep, he heard Wu Ruo outside the door saying, "Sixth brother, the medicine is done."

He stood up and sat down at the table.

People put the medicine in front of Hei Xixi.

Wu Ruo reminded him before he drank: "The first time you drink the medicine for conditioning the internal organs, it will be extremely painful and may be more uncomfortable than when you got sick, but you must hold back anyway."

Hei Xixi nodded: "As long as my body is getting better, even if it hurts, I will survive it."

"Very good, you have this determination." Wu Ruo used a fan to heat the soup and medicine fan, and waited until the temperature could be swallowed in the stomach before Hei Xixi swallowed: "Drink while hot."

Hei Xixi took the medicine for many years, and the bitterness of the medicine was nothing to him.

He swallowed all the medicine in his stomach.

Wu Ruo said, "Go back to your room and lie down."

"Okay." Hei Xixi had just returned to the room to lie down, and the severe pain hit his body as if his internal organs were to be torn apart, causing his body to shrink.

Wu Ruo wiped his sweat from his forehead while appeasing him: "Sixth brother, you just have to survive half an hour."

Hei Xixi opened her lips hard: "I-will-".

Mr. Bin was helpless and hurried to the side.

Hei Xixi is very strong. Since it hurts again, he didn't make any sound, which made Wu Ruo feel more hurt for him.

"Tomorrow, I'll take you to see the sea of flowers, where the scenery is particularly beautiful, all kinds of flowers are ..." Wu Ruo deliberately distracted him: "In addition to the scenery, I can 'take' you Go on an adventure? "

"Risk, take risks?" Hei Xixi asked the pain that made him worse than death. "How to take risks?"

"Phantoms can let you see beautiful scenery, and also allow you to encounter all kinds of adventures that you can't imagine, as long as your heart can bear it, I can create dangers that you can't imagine.

"Me, my heart is fine."

Wu Ruo talked a lot with him.

After half an hour, the pain subsided.

Hei Xixi was so tired that he fell asleep.

Bin Bin hurriedly asked, "Prince, his son ..."

Wu Ruo took the pulse for Hei Xixi and said with relief, "Don't worry, he just fell asleep."

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Chapter 307: He is not my son

After entering the night at night, the emperor emperor and the brothers of Hei Xixi came to the land to visit Hei Xixi, and saw that he had a lively conversation with Wu Ruo, and immediately felt relieved.

In the next few days, Hei Xixi was unable to eat daily under the torture of potent medicine, which resulted in his body becoming weaker and weaker, and finally it was difficult to sit up, but he still appeased everyone with a smile.

Everyone sees that it hurts in his eyes, and he can't bear to suffer any more from his illness.

In order to make Hei Xixi eat, Wu Ruo tried everything possible, and finally researched foods that are the same as water but can replenish his strength and fill his stomach, so he barely allowed Hei Xixi to survive the medicine again and again. Torture.

Seeing Wu Ruo's loss of weight in a particularly distressed area, Hei Xieyu asked Yaotai to take care of his younger brother, and then took Wu Ruo back to the underground palace.

He took Wu Ruo's hand and rubbed his phalanges, and he could not help frowning; "Thin."

"I'm thin?" Wu Ruo raised his other hand and touched his face: "Are you there? By the way, the emperor of the Holy State of Heaven doesn't mean that as long as you help them to solve the curse, they will heal the lack of sun. Are you sick? How do you think about this? "

Hei Xieyu slowed down: "Do you want the Holy Emperor to help with anemia?"

Wu Ruoqing: "I really can't bear the pain of Sixth Brother.

"It is better to let him continue to suffer because someone takes his life, and Liu Di won't want us to be restricted by others because of ourselves."

Wu Ruo squinted his eyes: "You mean you are worried that the emperor will make small moves from it?"

"It's almost like that, the people of the Holy Kingdom of Heaven can't believe it. When they meet the Emperor that night, I want to take this opportunity to ask about what happened to you that year."

Wu Ruo's image of the saint, who sacrificed himself to save people, was instantly distorted: "Is it really his twin brother who sacrifice me?"

"I sent someone to inquire that he and Wushu did have a twin brother, but it is not known what his brother did. After all, it is difficult to find out what happened 20 years ago, but, Things in the slave market are indeed unrestrained. "

"Will they do the prize for the third-ranked ninth-level wizard?"

Hei Xieyu shook his head slightly: "The person who snatched the reward of the third place has returned the elixir to the third-ranked ninth-level wizard."

Wu Ruo was surprised: "It's so easy to return?"


"Did the person who took the elixir change the elixir or touch it?"

"We have identified the black market, and people on the black market have said that they have neither been traded nor passive."

"It's really weird. It took a lot of time to steal the elixir, and in the end, I returned it without doing anything. It was really puzzling. I don't think it's that simple.

Hei Xuan frowned.

"Speaking of which, the rewards of the top three are really good." Wu Ruo laughed: "If you also participate in the contest, you will be able to win the first and second place, and get the reward of space ring or spirit."

Hei Xie ticked his lips and said, "You just believe that I can win the game?"

"Of course, you are the most powerful person in my eyes and heart, like a mountain soaring in the sky, leaning against me, letting you do anything without fear.

Hei Xiu smiled deeper.

"Yes, the first place ..."

Before Wu Ruohua finished speaking, he was interrupted by the children's voices.

"Daddy, father." The egg and the younger just after class saw that Wu Ruo had not been seen for several days, and rushed over excitedly, hugging Wu Ruo's thigh: "Daddy, hug."

Wu Ruo smiled and hugged him, kissed his little face, and kissed his little head again: "Did you miss dad?"

"Think," the two children answered in unison.

Wu Ruo also missed the child in particular, tightening his arms slightly, holding the child and walking towards the hall. Suddenly, a shout came from behind: "Father"

Everyone heard the sound and looked back. Liang Dong hid in the hall door of the class and trembled out his small head and looked at Hei Xuan.

Hei Xu's face was calm.

Wu Ruo pressed his elbow to him: "He is calling you."

Seeing Wu Ruo with his eyes, Hei Xun screamed at the child, tightened his brow, and nodded at Liang Dong.

Liang Dong's small face quickly burst into a smile, ran quickly and took a small step to the front of Hei Xuyi, carefully pulling the sleeves of Hei Xuyi and said, "Father, the teacher today taught me to recognize a lot of words."

Hei Xuan slumped his face: "Who told you I was your father.

"Mother-in-law said." Liang Dong noticed that Hei Xieyu's face wasn't right, her smile froze slightly, and she retracted her hands in fear.

Wu Ruo quietly squeezed a hand on Hei Xuan's waist, begging him not to be so fierce to the child.

Hei Xieyu raised his hand and rubbed Liang Dong's little head, said softly, "Go back to dinner."

"Okay." Liang Dong ecstatically ran outside the hall.

Hei Xuan turned to Wu Ruo and said, "He is not my son.

"I know." Wu Ruo sighed. "I asked you to answer him just now. Firstly, I don't want to make the child sad. Secondly, if you leave them alone, things won't progress and you won't find the master behind the scenes."

This is not unreasonable. Hei Xunyu nodded: "I know how to do it."

Wu Ruo Lengheng: "I only allow you to approach the child, but I do not allow you to approach the child's damn, if you dare to be within a foot, hum ... hum ... I will not speak so well."

Seeing that he was finally jealous, Hei Xun suddenly felt better: "No."

"It's almost the same." Wu Ruo asked the child, "How do you get along with Liang Dong?"

"You don't like to talk," said Zi Yan with a small mouth.

Xiao Xiaodao: "He is seriously literate every day, and he is careful in doing things, so he doesn't dare to offend us."

Wu Ruo guessed that Miss Shading had warned the child something.

Hei Xuan held his shoulders: "Let's go to lunch and I will take a rest with you afterwards."

"it is good."

On the other side, Liang Dong happily ran to the room where Nian Xia lived: "Mother-in-law, mother-in-law."

After hearing her son's voice, Nian Xia quickly came out: "Liang Dong is back. How do you learn from Shi Bao today?"

"I talked to my father just now." Liang Dong said excitedly.

Xia Xinxi said: "Really? What did you tell him?"

"I told my father that I knew a lot of words today."

"Did he praise you?"

Liang Dong put up a smile and shook her head, and then said happily, "He touched my head and said that he would let me come back for dinner earlier.

"He should admit that you are his child." Nian Xia's response to Hei Xieyu was very satisfied: "The next time I see your father, I will ask him to eat with him, and then ..."

She whispered several times in the child's ear.

Liang Dong nodded obediently.

After class that afternoon, he waited for Wu Ruo to take a break for an afternoon, and then carefully asked, "Father, can I have dinner with you?"

Hei Xuan flashed an invisible look of discomfort under his eyes, and nodded, "You'll stay here for dinner tonight."

Liang Dong happily said, "Thank you father."

During the dinner, Liang Dong sat across from Heishiyu, looking enviously at the egg sitting on the left hand side of Heishiyu and the little one in front of Heishiyu, if he could sit next to his father Already.

He secretly glanced at Wu Ruo, who was sitting on the right hand of Hei Xieyu, thinking of Wu Ruo's attitude towards his mother-in-law, and he couldn't help shrinking his neck and being invited to eat with him. "Xiao Ruo, this child is ..."

Wu Ruo briefly introduced: "He's Liang Dong."

"Oh." The ghost woman immediately understood that this was not a child of Hei Xieyu, and Wu Ruosong breathed in her heart.

Liang Dong felt that the face of the ghost woman was terrible, and she shrank in fear.

Wu Ruo observed the ghost's face and laughed, "Maternal grandmother, your lips and nose seem to have some flesh, and the scars are also lightened."

The ghost woman held her cheek lightly and couldn't hold her mouth and smiled, "The regenerative ointment given by the director is very effective. I believe that after a month, I can see Xiaotong."

"You return home at the end of many days, they are very worried about you, and have sent people to the government many times to inquire about your whereabouts. It can be seen that my mother has regarded 'Ghost Woman' as a loved one. . "

"Well, I can't wait to meet your mother."

At this time, the eunuchs passed the dishes to the table.

Wu Ruo first clamped a piece of chicken for the ghost woman, and then a duck for cold winter who didn't dare to use chopsticks: "Just be your home here, and whatever you want."

Liang Dong carefully picked up the chopsticks, while chopping the white rice, while watching with admiration, he gave the black eggs to the eggs and small pickles.

Wu Ruo saw that he didn't eat the food he had given him, so he stopped making good people.

Black eyes narrowed his eyes in cold winter, and gave him a taro.

"Thank my father." Liang Dong was so happy that he ate the taro in his mouth quickly. "It's delicious."

"Just eat more." Hei Xieyu said rarely.

Liang Dong finished eating taro and whispered, "This is the first time I have dinner with my father."

Hei Xiexi twisted his eyebrows lightly: "You can come here for dinner often.

Liang Dong's eyes brightened: "Can I bring my mother over for dinner?"

He slumped his face darkly.

Liang Dong noticed that he was unhappy, and Bian Xiaochuan grieved, "I want to eat with my mother and father."

Hei Xun was silent.

"I've never had dinner with my mother and father." Liang Dong said, tears falling into his eyes.

Peppa and Little looked at each other.

Wu Ruo was very upset.

Obviously, these words were taught by the children, so he was so angry that they used the children again and again.

With a snap, Wu Ruo put down his chopsticks and Shen said, "Give me back when you have enough rice."

Like a little mouse, Liang Dong shrank his shoulders in fear: "I, I'm full."

He hurriedly lowered his chopsticks, slid down his chair, and ran out of the hall.

The ghost woman wondered, "Xiao Ruo, this is ..."

"It's hard to say, let's eat first." Wu Ruo reluctantly shook his head and continued to pick up chopsticks to eat.

Liang Dong returned to the Xiao Gong Yuan and immediately cried while holding Nian Xia.

"How did you cry?" Nian Xia quickly picked up the child: "Don't you eat with your father? Why did you come back so soon?"

Liang Dong snored and said, "I do as my mother said, and my father, father, and concubine are not happy.

Nian Xia Leng chuckled her lips: "Are the Crown Prince unhappy? That's great. The more unhappy he is, the more happy I am. I just let him be in conflict with your father."

Liang Dong stopped crying and looked at his mother-in-law blankly. Suddenly, the mother-in-law felt strange to him, and even made him afraid.

Chapter 308: Like very much

Wu Ruo had a night's rest in Hengxing Palace, and the next morning, he went to Hei Xixi's house to examine him.

"Ma'am, are my internal organs better than before?" Hei Xixi asked weakly.

Wu Ruo regained his spiritual power and nodded: "Your internal organs are no longer black like before, but it will take about a month to recuperate your internal organs, and the amount of medicine in the back will become heavier and heavier. It will be more painful, and it is likely to be unsupportable. "

"Just a month, I will survive it, ma'am, you can just take the medicine, don't worry if I can hold it." Hei Xixi held Wu Ruo's hand: "After I'm fine, I will talk to The family swims together and goes to places that Da'er hasn't been. "

Wu Ruo chuckled: "There are so many places I haven't been to. You're probably going to spend a hundred years to walk through all the places, so after you're healthy, you need to practice and increase your life span."

"I will." Hei Xixi closed his eyes slightly. "Oh, I'm tired, I want to take a break."

"Sleep." Wu Ruo put his hand under the quilt and covered it. After he fell asleep, he would go outside and give him decoction.

The medicine doctor saw Wu Ruo coming out with two packs of medicine, and said quickly: "Prince, you can't increase the amount of medicine anymore, the sixth prince will not be able to support it."

Wu Ruo clenched the pill in his hand: "It's over here, how can it be half-way, isn't it painful for Liudi for many days? As long as another month, a month will definitely make him better."

Yao Taiyi couldn't bear to see Hei Xixi's tortured medicine, choked and said, "I'm going back to the hospital first. What's the matter, you send someone to come to me."

"it is good."

Soon after Yao Taiyi left, Hei Qian brought four tall men to Wu Ruo: "Prince, the four of them are the ones that the prince asked me to send to you. The prince said that they are not capable, but they do things. Very clever, just tell them what to do. "

"Thirty-one, forty-seven, sixty-two, and eighty-five met my wife." The four men saluted Wu Ruo respectfully.

Wu Ruo raised his brow: "Thirty-one, forty-seven, six-two, eight-five are your names?"

"Yes," Sany replied.

Heigan explained: "Because there are too many dead servants, they use numbers to represent their names."

He handed the life jade card to Wu Ruo.

Wu Ruo received them in the space, and then took out the corpse jade card of their life. At this time, the corpse jade card of their life had become two halves. Jade: "Yes.

Wu Ruo throws the jade card that has been broken into two halves into a small bucket containing medicine residue: "Lao Hei also needs two trusted people to stay with him, and Hei Gan, you will send the sixty-two and eighty-five to the old man. Hey there, he will arrange them. "


Wu Ruo turned to Trinity and Qiqi: "There is nothing for you to do now, you can stroll around the house at will, or go back to Hengxing Palace to find a black letter to arrange your room."

"Yes." Trinity and Qiqi decided to stay, and when Wu Ruo returned to the palace, they returned to the palace.

Wu Ruo boiled the medicine and brought it to Hei Xuanxi. When he saw that the person was still asleep, he couldn't bear to wake him up, but Hei Xixi seemed to know that Wu Ruo was here. He opened his eyes from his sleep and smiled. Wu Ruo said, "Ma'am, I just dreamed that our family would sit on the beach and barbecue."

Wu Ruo smiled slightly: "What meat did you eat in your dream?"

"We had a full fish feast." Hei Xixi said with a smile: "I also dreamed that Heibin burned my favorite fish."

He had been serving his guest in the house all the time, and couldn't help but smile, but his heart was sour: "When the son is in good health, the old slave will grill you a lot of delicious fish."

"Okay." Hei Xizhao's gaze turned to the soup on the table: "Is it time to take medicine again?"

Bin Guan pleaded looking at Wu Ruo, hoping to stop the medicine for a day.

Wu Ruo said ruthlessly, "Yes."

Hei Xixi asked Bin Guan to persuade him: "Bring me the medicine.

Wu Ruo took the medicine in front of him.

Hei Xixi drank it, and after a while, severe pain struck again.

This time, it was more unbearable than any of the previous ones, and his whole face became distorted with pain, anxious to die.

Wu Ruo hurried to relieve him of his pain with spiritual power.

Hei Xixi grabbed Wu Ruo's hand tightly, and said hardly, "Big, big, I want to see them."

Bin Bin immediately said: "Old slaves will go and invite the empress to them."

"Don't go." Wu Ruozhi Zhibin steward: "After the six brothers get through this time, please ask the empress to come up."

In doing so, he also wanted Hei Xixi to have a hope, so that he would not be defeated so easily by drugs.

Bin Guan stopped and said, "Yes, it's day, and the empress can't see the sun.

Hei Xixi was so painful that he couldn't help screaming.

Bin Guanshi's eyes were red, and he couldn't bear to glance open his eyes: "The old slave prepared for the princess to eat."

If Wu hadn't had to stare at Hei Xixi's physical condition, he would turn around and leave here just like Bin Guan, and wait for Hei Xixi's pain to come back.

Hei Xixi coerced the pain and comforted Wu Ruo: "Big and big, you can rest assured that I still have a lot of things to do, and I will definitely get through."

Wu Ruo nodded: "Yes, we haven't seen you start a family, you will definitely find us a beautiful little sibling to come back and give us a group of beautiful little nephews.

Hei Xixi smiled painfully: "I don't want to get married so early."

"Okay, when you want to get married, you get married. It doesn't matter if you don't, you and I will support you with your elder brother. But when you meet someone you like, you can't help it.

"Big, big sister, hi, how does it feel to like someone?"

"When you like a person, you want to see him every moment and every emotion is affected by his every move or smile. He is happy, you are happy, he is sad, you are sad, you see him Injury, you will feel the same as hurting yourself, more painful than him ... "

"This, isn't it like loving a loved one?"

Wu Ruo rolled his eyes: "Of course it's different. Do you speed up when you see a loved one? Do you feel shy when you see a loved one? When you see a loved one, do you want to hug him and kiss him?"

"will not."

"That's not it, so it's different.

Hei Xixi groaned in pain, and asked, "When Dasao saw his elder brother, would he, as you said, have a faster heartbeat and be shy, and would like to kiss him and hug him?"

"Of course." Wu Ruo talked about Hei Xuanyu, with a smile on his face: "When I saw him, I can't wait to throw someone on the bed and kiss him from head to toe. .

Hei Xixi laughed: "It seems that Dasao especially likes big brother.

Wu Ruo generously admitted: "Well, I like it very much."

Hei Xixi looked behind Wu Ruo: "Brother, are you happy when you hear that Dasao said he likes you?"

Wu Ruo looked swiftly, and looked back quickly. Hei Xieyu stood beside the screen, with smiling black eyes staring at Wu Ruo as if there were only Wu Ruo in the room.

"Why are you here?"

Hei Xieyu came over and hugged Wu Ruo: "However, how can you hear what you say?"

Wu Ruo's cheeks were hot: "Go, Brother Liu is watching."

Hei Xixi curled his body in pain: "Brother, when I'm in the most pain, you can't be with your sister-in-law."

Hei Xuanyan tightened his brow: "Tear it again, and you'll get better soon."


Hei Xixi fell asleep after the pain.

Wu Ruo came out of the room holding a hot medicine bowl and Hei Xieyu: "Every time I see six brothers suffering, I have an urge to stop taking the medicine."

He looked at the bowl in his hand: "Moreover, I don't know if it's right or not, and I'm not sure if my method can cure him completely. I worry that it won't be effective in the end."

Hei Xuanyu comforted him: "I think your method works.

"You're not a doctor, how do you know that my method can cure anemia?"

"The blood in the body of a person with anemia is already necrotic, and the internal organs are being eroded by the necrotic blood little by little. Because of this, those with anemia will die one by one, and your method is just right. It is to adjust their internal organs, replace the bad blood, and let them have a healthy body again. Even if it is not a doctor, you think your method is feasible. "

"But what if the anorexia returns?"

"These things are not what you can expect." Hei Xieyu rubbed his hair: "Do n’t put too much pressure on yourself, if you can heal all six brothers, if you do n’t heal him, maybe a few The month will leave us. "

Wu Ruo clenched the bowl in his hand: "I won't let him leave us, by the way, why are you here so free these two days?"

"The thing before my purpose was to patrol the border town. After patrolling again, I gave it to the stunts and the four younger brothers. After the first day of October, the magicians from other countries left here, and I will start to do other things." Hei Xieyu took him to the pavilion in the yard: "While you haven't left, do you want to buy anything?"

"Everything I want to buy is left to Lao Hei to do, and he will do everything for me."

"You believe him."

"He is really reassuring." Wu Ruo laughed. "However, you are reminded of something."

"what's up?"

"I said that I would take the children to eat the whole food area, and so far I have not fulfilled my promise."

"I'll arrange this and let the four of them have a good meal." Hei Xieyu tickled his lips: "Do you remember what you just said?"

Wu Ruo wondered, "What is it?"

"When you say look at me, you can't wait to throw me on the bed and kiss you from head to toe. Now people are right in front of you. You ... hmm ...

Before Hei Xuan's words were finished, Wu Ruo had flung him into his arms and kissed his lips.

Everyone who cleaned the yard quietly covered his mouth and grinned.

Chapter 309: Bad last step

On the first day of October, the magicians of various countries left the Necropolis one after another.

In addition to letting everyone know the warlocks of different countries, and seeing different mysteries in various countries, this test also allowed you to buy different goods from many countries, and also let you see the dead nation when you saw the guards of the dead nation catching robbers Strong. After going back, they will be able to enjoy them forever.

After the wizards of various countries left, the bustling frontier city suddenly made people feel particularly deserted, and the number of people walking on the street was relatively small.

Lao Hei took the time to relax and took Wu Ruo back to the palace with the goods he bought.

"Man, the box outside the compound is full of books, medicinal herbs, elixir, etc. that you asked me to collect, and the tables and tables are all silver and silver tickets earned in September. Please look around. "

"I can trust you." Wu Ruo opened one of the boxes at random, took out two hundred thousand silver tickets and handed them to Lao Hei: "You worked hard last month, and you've lost a lot, this is your September Moon silver, keep it well, but do n’t take it away, spend all your silver tickets with great care. ”

"Thank you, thank you." Lao Hei received the twenty-two silver tickets with excitement. He dare to say that there is absolutely no one in the world who has more than his moon silver.

"It's also time for you to marry a virtuous and capable daughter-in-law. While you're idle now, pay more attention to the girls around you. When you become married, I will definitely back up the gift to you."

The old black-eyed bead turned round, and whispered in Wu Ruoer's ears: "Is it possible for the maid in the palace to marry back?"

Wu Ruo raised an eyebrow: "Did you look at the maid? Who is it?"

Lao Hei looked embarrassedly outside the hall: "Fu Qiu."

Wu Ruo frowned.

Seeing that he didn't look right, Laohei asked quickly, "No?"

"This Qiuqiu was a close-fitting official girl, just like a girl in a rich house ..."

Old Black's face changed slightly: "She and her master ..."

"No." Wu Ruo interrupted his wild thoughts: "This matter has to be asked before, and Fu Qiu can't see you, after all, she is a big maid and has a certain status among eunuchs and maids.

"This is of course subject to her consent. I don't want to marry someone who doesn't like me back."

Wu Ruo glanced at him: "If you really like her, show it.

He also wanted to marry this close-knit official who was once Hei Xieyu.

"Man, you know that I've been busy with the shop recently. I just walked closer to her when I entered the palace. Every time I went back to the palace, I hurriedly talked to her and returned to the border town."

"Now relax, and hurry up. Right, if Fu Qiu is also interested in you, you must tell her that he has been married to Wu Weixue, don't make both of them unpleasant in the end."

"Yes." Laohei now regrets marrying Wu Weixue, and if Fu Qiu is not satisfied, he will be because of his marriage.

Wu Ruo saw what he was thinking, patted his shoulder and said, "If you really like you, the other party doesn't mind your birth, appearance, status, and whether you have ever been married.

The old blackbird smiled: "Yeah said it."

Wu Ruo looked at him: "Have you been promoted?"

Lao Hei was particularly pleased with the promotion: "Yes, thanks to Grandpa's elixir and Grandpa's care, otherwise I would not be able to advance to second stage in my life.

Wu Ruo nodded: "If there is nothing in the shop, you will stay in the palace for a few days."

"it is good."

"Go on."

"Yes." Laohe left the hall with a smile and went to Qiuqiu.

Wu Ruo looked at the boxes piled up in the courtyard. It was the first two large boxes. How long would it take for him to memorize all the mysteries and magic charms, medical skills, and formation methods? Alas, if he was small, Quickly read it all in my mind.

"Daddy." The egg just after class rushed in and hugged.

Wu Ruo rubbed his little head while rubbing the fuck, said: "After class?"

Behind him, he nodded with a small belly: "I'm hungry."

Wu Ruo couldn't help crying: "Just eat the best, let the **** pass the meal."

"it is good."

At this time, Liang Dong came in, and when Hei Xieyu was absent, he whispered, "Don't my father come back for dinner?"

Wu Ruodao: "He's had a lot of things lately, and he hasn't been free to come back for dinner."

Liang Dong's face was lost, and he wanted to leave when he turned around, but just two steps later, he turned back and walked to Eggman's side to play toys with him.

Wu Ruo squinted his eyes. If this child knew that Hei Xuan was not his own father, he didn't know how sad he would be.

Little looked up at him: "Daddy, what's in the outside box?"

"It's all books and herbs. Would you like to read with me?"

Little eyes brightened, and he nodded excitedly: "Look, I want to see."

Wu Ruo smiled: "Okay, when we have a full meal, let's study together."

After lunch, he and Xiaoxiao read most of the mysterious books for half an hour, and then sent the children back to their room for lunch break, then went to the land to see Hei Xixi.

At this point, Hei Xixi had been skinny and he could not see the original appearance, which was very distressing. Every day he visited the empress of Hei Xixi and Hei Zihe and Hei Ziya would not see in Hei Xixi Place, quietly wipe the tears in the corner of the eye.

As soon as Bin Bin today sees Wu Ruo, he has the urge to pick up a broom to drive people.

Wu Ruo looked at He Xiexi, who was getting thinner, and asked softly, "Xiaoxi, how do you feel?"

Hei Xixi held her pale lips: "I don't think I have any problem taking the potent medicine for another month."

Wu Ruo pulled away the hair on his cheek distressedly: "It doesn't take a month, just take another half a month of medicine and your internal organs will be completely red."

"That's great."

"I'll get you some medicine."

Wu Ruo could not bear to see him hold on to his smile, and quickly turned away from the room.

For the next half month, in order to prevent accidents, he lived in Hei Xixi's room to take care of Hei Xixi's daily life, observing Hei Xixi's physical condition at all times, and preparing Hei Xixi for a healthy blood.

At the night when blood can be transfused, Hei Xixi has become thin and thin, and his body is as thin as a piece of paper. It seems that he can be blown away by a light breeze. The emperor and Hei Xu could not help looking red eyes .

Wu Ruo was not much better. His body was thinner than half a month, his cheeks were sunken, and his eye sockets were blackened, like a patient.

He held the almost dying black rendering and said, "Xiaoxi, your internal organs have returned to normal color, which means that your body is just like a normal person. However, your blood is still bad. In order to prevent your blood from being destroyed again. I must change your blood immediately, and the faster the speed, the better. Otherwise, your blood may infect your internal organs in a short period of time. Everything we do these days is also a shortfall. "

Hei Xixi, who had just taken potent medicine, was so weak that he could only blink his eyelids, indicating that he knew.

"I will change blood very quickly, and you will be uncomfortable at that time, but you must hold it, as long as you change the blood, your body will be completely better." Wu Ruo firmly held his hand: "So You have to hold on. Father and mother are waiting for you to go to the mountains and water together after you are well. "

He chose to exchange blood at night, just to let Wu Di and they also be able to watch Hei Xixi and encourage him.

The empress looked at her young son with yellow skin and thin eyes, and choked with red eyes, "Mother is waiting for you outside."

The emperor patted the back of Hei Xixi's hand: "It's the last step if it's the last step."

As long as the blood is transfused, his child may become a normal person.

Hei Xietang choked before walking and said, "I'll wait for you, take you to eat delicious food."

Hei Zihe and Hei Ziya were speechless, and stood with red eyes.

Hei Xieyu patted Hei Xietang's back: "Four brother, let's start."

Hei Xietang quickly turned and wiped his eyes: "Brother? Why don't you see Brother come?"

"Brother, stumbled over things, come over later."

The emperor said, "Let's go out."

The empress scanned her room and said, "Why can't Yao Taiyi come.

Yatai is responsible for emergencies and assists Wu Ruo from the side. "

Everyone looked at the room, shaking their heads and saying they didn't know.

"I'm not ready to send someone to remind you," said the empress anxiously.


Everyone waited for two teas, but still didn't wait for the medicine too.

When Wu Ruohe saw the efficacy of Hei Xixi's body in the past, worried that bad blood would infect the internal organs at any time, he said to the emperor: "Can't wait, start now."

The emperor hurriedly said, "But Yao Taiyi hasn't arrived yet."

"Just leave someone in the room to help."

Hei Xieyu said, "I stay."

Wu Ruo nodded: "The others are waiting outside."

The emperor and queen walked out of the room with their inner panic and worry, and then saw Shen Taiyi rushing over with the medicine box.

"Emperor, Empress, I'm here." Dr. Shen panted and wiped the sweat from his forehead.

The emperor frowned: "Why not you? Medicine too?"

"If something happened at Yaotaiyi's house, let me come and help."

"Then you go in quickly."

"Okay, okay." Taiyi Shen hurriedly entered the room, closing the door by the way, and then heard someone shouting, "Uncle, aunt.

The queen and emperor looked forward with honour, and the master of Tianyao County came quickly with the help of a maid, "Is your cousin okay?"

The emperor wondered, "Why are you here?"

Tian Yaojun explained: "I went to the palace to deliver delicious food to my aunt, but I met a doctor from Yao Taiyi's house at the gate of the palace, because the guard was unknown outside the gate. The doctor stopped my carriage. The wife and mother who said that the doctor had suffered serious injuries to the assassin, and asked me to notify the doctor too. I saw that something was serious and I sent someone to notify the doctor. Yaotai Yikou each learned about his little cousin, so he hurried to come and take a look. "

The emperor said, "Let's not disturb them at the door, wait in the yard and talk."

Chapter 310: Run out of gas

In the room, Wu Ruo washed his hands and put the black shading photo on the right hand outside the bed. He inserted a needle tube that had been prepared by someone to let the blood in the body flow into the tub under the bed. In Xuan Yuan's blood vessel: "Fifth brother, come to bed, raise the sixth brother's hand, and push the sixth brother's blood to the right with spiritual power."

"Okay." Hei Xieyu stepped onto the bed and did what Wu Ruo said.

Shen Taiyi asked: "Prince, I don't know what the old minister needs to do?"

Wu Ruo Dan glanced at him: "You sit next to me. I'll call you again if something unexpected happens.

Hei Xun narrowed his eyes slightly, feeling that Wu Ruo did not trust Shen Taiyi too much.


Hei Xunyu lowered her face: "Just do what my aunt said.

"Yes." Shen Taiyi was unwilling to walk back and forth on the bedside twice before sitting on the chair beside him.

Wu Ruo is responsible for pushing Hei Xixi's left foot blood to the right. After a long time, he will let Hei Xieyu pour the blood into the funnel.

At this point, Hei Xixi could not bear the torture and passed out.

Wu Ruo hurriedly sniffed his breath, feeling a sigh of relief, and relieved slightly: "Continue to force the blood until the blood of Liudi becomes bright red.


Shen Taiyi watched the two of them work hard to exchange blood, and frowned.

Wu Ruo said to the motionless black rendering: "Xiao Xi, I am going to marry my eldest brother next year, and I always do n’t care how solemn the ceremony is, as long as my family is present, yes, you are high My grandfather hasn't agreed with my elder brother's marriage. Then you have to use all your means to help me persuade your high grandfather. Therefore, I need you to support someone when I get married. I can't live without you. "

Seeing Hei Xixi's eyelids moving, Hei Xie quickly said, "Gao Grandfather hurts his six brothers the most. If there are six younger brothers, Gao Grandfather must agree with Dasao and Brother."

Wu Ruo went on to say, "When I become married to Shiji, I will be married to your fourth brother."

"Ah?" Hei Xuan said for a moment: "Four brother."

Wu Ruo ticked his lips: "Don't you know that your fourth brother looks after my sister U Xi?"

"I really don't know." Hei Xieyu asked curiously, "Ma'am, does your sister like my unreliable fourth brother?"

"I think Xiaoxi is also interesting to the fourth brother. Although the fourth brother is not very reliable, but the person is still good. My father is very satisfied with him. However, if I ca n’t be married to your elder brother, do n’t think of your fourth brother. . "

Hei Xieyu nodded: "The young and old are orderly, the eldest brother is not married, how can the fourth brother get married, even I can't get married, the sixth brother, you can't bear your fourth brother and the fifth brother alone?"

When the forced blood became blood-colored, Wu Ruo quickly pulled out the needle tube to stop Hei Xixi from bleeding.

Hei Xieyu no longer forced blood, and focused on giving Hei Xiexi blood.

After all the blood was poured into Hei Xixi's body, Wu Ruo quickly fed him a panacea and bandaged the wound for his left hand.

Hei Xiexi, whose black eyes are almost the same as those of the dead, lowered his voice and asked, "Dao, are you successful now?"

Wu Ruo frowned: "Sixth Brother is very weak, and as long as a little condition appears, he will let his life down."

"Then he ..."

"Now it depends on whether his blood can be fused with his body and whether there will be rejection. As long as he wakes up, even if he is half successful, and then observe for another month, if there is no discomfort, it means that we have successfully maintained our body and changed blood. If, within half a year, his anorexia does not recur, it will be clear that my treatment is feasible. "

"Wait half a year?"

Wu Ruo nodded: "Well, my biggest worry is that anemia will recur."

Hei Xieyu folded his hands together: "God, I have never asked you, Hey, please bless my brother to survive the difficult times."

Wu Ruo also unconsciously learned that he prayed to God.

Hei Xieyu put down his hand: "Yes, I'll go to my father and mother and they say it."

Wu Ruofang whispered, "The Sixth Brother hasn't woke up yet, so let them not come in first, so as not to disturb the Sixth Brother.

Hei Xieyu nodded, walked out of the room, and talked to the emperor about the situation of Hei Xixi.

The queen walked to Hei Xieyu and whispered, "Xiao Ruo has been working for six months for the sickness of the six brothers. People must be very tired now. Go in and help him, and let Xiao Ruo take a break."

"it is good."

Hei Xiu returned to the room.

Wu Ruo was giving the pulse to Hei Xixi. The pulse was very weak. If he didn't probe the pulse carefully, he wouldn't notice it.

Hei Xieyu walked to his side: "Oh, you go to the rest, it's better for me and Shen Tai to stay here."

Wu Ruo shook his head: "It's an important moment. I want to stay here. Moreover, the situation of Liudi is very optimistic, and I can't leave the room.

Hei Xieyu thought for a while and said, "Let ’s go to the chair next to you and close your eyes, and call you every half a column of incense time or the sixth brother's body."

Wu Ruo saw that he cared about himself and nodded: "Must call me."

"it is good."

Wu Ruo sat down on a chair.

Hei Xieyu sat on the bed and stared at Hei Xiexi. Every half of Zhu Xiang's time, she woke Wu Ruo to check Hei Xiexi's body.

The emperor who was standing outside the house waited more than half an hour and had not heard the news of Hei Xixi waking up. He turned to the emperor and said, "I will go in alone to see the situation, and you are waiting for me here."

The empress did not rest assured that they followed the emperor to the door of the room.

The emperor walked into the room lightly.

Taiyi Shen quickly stood up and said, "The old minister has met the emperor."

The emperor raised his hand to make him level, and then walked to the bed, looking at Wu Ruo, who closed his eyes, and whispered to Hei Xieyu, "How is Xiaoxi's health?"

Hei Xuanyan frowned. "Dazheng said that he was not optimistic, and now he can only survive this through his own willpower."

The emperor squeezed his lips tightly and turned to Hei Xixi, who was lying on the bed. As if he was dead, he was very peaceful, and he could not see any undulations in his chest.

He quickly sniffed Tan Hei Xi's breath and could hardly feel out of breath.

"Dad, what's wrong?" Hei Xuyi asked.

The emperor did not dare to make irresponsible remarks, and quickly asked Shen Taiyi to come and take a look.

Wu Ruo hadn't slept when he closed his eyes and raised his mind from Hei Xieyu, but closed his eyes and let the eyes rest, so when he heard the commotion, he opened his eyes quickly and saw Tai Tai Shen taking the pulse, and immediately asked; "What's wrong? ? "

The emperor and Hei Xieyu did not finish.

Shen Taiyi looked up and said with excitement: "Emperor, the six princes are not, and they are out of breath."

The emperor and Hei Xieyu looked at Shen Taiyi unbelievably: "What !?"

A momentary blank appeared in Wu Ruo's mind.

He just passed the pulse, why is he suddenly out of breath?

The people outside heard that the sixth son was out of breath, and rushed into the room anxiously: "What did you say Xiaoxi just now?"

Taiyi Shen sorrowfully said: "The six princes are out of breath."

Wu Ruo went back to his heart, hurried forward, and before he got to the bed, he heard someone scream, "Wu Ruo, why are you here?"

Everyone couldn't help but look at the Lord of Tianyao County.

Tian Shao Jun pointed at Wu Ruo anxiously and said, "Uncle, aunt, it must be him. He killed his little cousin.

The empress queen with red eyes and said, "Miaoyi, what are you talking about?"

"Auntie, I didn't talk nonsense. During the top ten contest of the ninth-level surgeon, I saw him with the limp and deep song of the old people. They must be conspiring to harm the little cousin.

Everyone froze.

Wu Ruo accidentally listened to the Lord of Tianyao County and quickly pushed Shen Taiyi away.

The main leader of Tianyao shouted, "Come here, take down Wu Ruo."

The emperor's guard came in, but they did not dare to move without the emperor's instructions, but the guard who came with the Lord of Tian Yao rushed over.

Hei Xieyu and Hei Xietang blocked Wu Ruo: "Back down."

Wu Ruo ignored them and hurriedly examined the body of Hei Shao Zhao.

Tian Yao Jun's guard looked at Tian Yao Jun.

The master of Tianyao County was lame: "Cousin, cousin Tong, Wu Ruo killed the young cousin, why do you continue to let him destroy the young cousin?"

Hei Xingtang said in a deep voice: "Daxiong will never harm Xiaoxi."

Hei Xieyu said, "I don't believe Daxi will harm Liudi.

Others also nodded, expressing their disbelief that Wu Ruo would harm Hei Xixi. In these days, how Wu Ruo treats Hei Xizhao is obvious to all.

Tianyao County's main spirit quickly broke down: "But he knows the people of the old people and talks and laughs with the people of the old people."

Hei Xieyu calmly analyzed: "Dayi hasn't been in the Necropolis for a long time. He doesn't know who the old people are. It's not surprising that he made friends with the old people by accident. The key will be to kill the big brother first, too many opportunities to kill the big brother, and too many chances to shoot against each other, not to be stupid enough to wait until all of us are there. "

Hei Xietang nodded: "Yes."

Wu Ruo, who is examining the body for the black shading, used spiritual power to detect that a foreign body in the black shading body had penetrated into the body, and frowned tightly, "How can ..."

Hei Xieyu turned back and asked, "Dahao, how about Xiaoxi?"

The empress trembled and said, "Xiao Xi, he doesn't, it won't be like what Tai Tai Shen said ..."

Wu Ruo suddenly flashed the picture of Shen Taiyi's pulse, and quickly took off the gauze on Hei Xixi's wrist, and then found that there was a small hard object on Hei Xixi's wrist, where the needle was inserted, and he hurried Pushing it out turned out to be a short and small poison needle.

He turned sharply and stared at Tai Shen Shen.

Hei Xieyu immediately understood what was going on: "Come here, grab Tai Shen Shen."

Everyone froze.

Taiyi Shen hurriedly begged for mercy: "Emperor, the old minister only gave the sixth prince the pulse, and did not hurt the sixth prince. You just watched by you just now. Even if the old clerk wanted to hurt him, there was no chance to start."

The Emperor was only concerned about Hei Xixi's physical condition now, and hurriedly asked, "Xiao Ruo, how is Xiao Xi's health?"

The others looked nervously at his Wu Ruo.

Wu Ruo continued to check the pulse, and found that the black shading had no pulse.

He trembled his fingertips, raised his hand and reached under Hei Xixi's nose, but there was no breath.

Seeing that Wu Ruo hadn't spoken, Hei Xietang was anxious to die: "How is your sixth brother?"

For a long while, Wu Ruocai said with a quivering voice, "Break, lose your breath."
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