Comeback of the Abandoned Wife Chapter 291-300

Chapter 291: Purple man

The surrounding people were attracted by the miserable cry, and saw a man holding a child covered in blood kneeling in front of a man wearing a purple face and a purple mask, and banging his head.

"What's going on?" Everyone surrounded the curiously.

"I just saw that this man ran from the test field. His child should have participated in the test and was seriously injured.

"It's a pity." Everyone looked at the child's wounds. "It doesn't seem to be too bad."

"It should hurt the internal organs, otherwise, it won't stop bleeding."

"Then taking medicine, it won't do much."

Wu Ruo and Li Xing looked at each other, and walked in unison to see.

The man in purple said gently: "I only see three patients a day, and the patient I just sent is just the third one, so I'm sorry that you still have to treat the child's body while the child is bleeding a lot."

"But other doctors said that my child was pierced by his intestines, and he was incapable of healing him, and the doctor asked me to come and try it for you. They all said that you have the skill to rejuvenate. Child. "The man's head was torn, and blood flowed from the corner of his eye to the corner of his mouth, very pathetic.

The children were also dying, almost as if they were dying. Everyone sympathized with them, all pleading for men and children.

"Save one's life and win the seventh-level floating slaughter. Doctor, you can do it, save his child's life."

"Yeah, it's just one more patient than usual. What's the difference?"

"As a doctor, no matter how hard you are, how can you be dead?"

"Children are so poor, doctor, you can help them."

The guard standing next to the man in purple clothes said angrily, "There is a reason that our son treats only three people a day. If you do n’t understand, don't talk nonsense.

"We don't understand the mentality of your doctor. We obviously can save people but still have to pose, but we can't afford money."

The purple man's guard was out of breath. "you……"

The man in purple raised his hand to stop him from talking.

Chong Rong, who had not spoken, asked Wu Ruo, "Isn't San Gongzi a doctor? Can you help them?"

Wu Ruo shook his head: "I don't have the abilities to get the internal organs back."

Deeply muttering: "I thought you could do everything."

He glared at him coldly.

Shen Song quickly closed his mouth and did not speak.

Li Xing said to Wu Ruo, "Don't care what he said."

Wu Ruo smiled indifferently.

Chongrong looked at them, lowered his eyelids, and seemed to be thinking about how to save the child.

People around still persuaded the man in purple.

The man in purple was very distressed. When he saw that the child was getting worse, he immediately picked up his robe and examined the wound.

The guard hurriedly stopped: "Son, you don't continue anymore ..."

"I'm fine."

The man in the purple clothes saw that the child's stomach was cut open, and quickly used spiritual power to heal the child.

When someone saw this, he couldn't help whispering, "Can you heal without drugs?"

When the guard heard this, he glared at the speaker.

Wu Ruo used shadow theft in order to see how the man in the purple clothes healed the child, but he couldn't see the flow of aura inside his body.

He squinted, guessing that the man in the purple shirt blocked the view.

Some people say, "Look, the blood flowing from the child's body is getting less and less."

"Will the body's blood run out?"

"Should not be."

"I think the child's wound is getting smaller and smaller.

Everyone took a closer look. The scars on the child's stomach were indeed much fewer, and everyone couldn't help but be surprised.

Shen Song said in his ears: "Master, would you say this man ..."

Li Xing probably guessed what he was going to say, and nodded.

"What will it be?" Wu Ruo asked curiously.

He limply glanced at him: "It's not convenient here."

Wu Ruo no longer asked.

After about half a column of incense time, the wound on the child disappeared without trace, as if he had never been injured.

The man in the purple clothes immediately fed the child a big tonic when the wound was closed.

"God, it's really god. It can recover the wound with only spiritual power."

Others have never seen this treatment and it is amazing.

The child woke up slowly and called weakly: "Daddy ..."

"Yes, I am." The child's father excitedly hugged the child: "Great, you are fine."

The child gave a vague glance at the people around him and closed his eyes slowly.

Someone hurriedly asked, "Well, why did the child close his eyes, wouldn't he be dead?"

The child's father was startled and quickly looked at the man in purple: "Doctor, my child ..."

The man in purple comforted him, "Don't worry, he just passed out weakly and passed out. When he went back, he would give him more blood.

"Thank you, doctor, thank you." The child's father hugged the child and thanked the man in purple clothes. "Doctor, I don't know what the consultation fee is."

He was busy pulling out a purse from his sleeve: "There are a hundred or two here. Don't know if it's enough?"

Guard Leng Yan: "Our son will receive a minimum of 12,000 gold for a person's illness.

The child's father looked pale: "Ten thousand, ten thousand gold, I don't have so much silver.

Others were dissatisfied: "Will it be too bullying, just recovering the wound with spiritual power will cost tens of thousands of gold? I have never seen any doctor charge such a high consultation fee, even a famous doctor would not be able to charge so high cost."

The guard was furious: "What do you know ..."

"Ashe." The man in the purple clothes drank the guard and continued to say to the child's father: "I will not accept your consultation fee.

The child's father froze and cried, "Thank you, benefactor."

The man in purple stood up, and suddenly, he shook his body and fell down.

The guard hurriedly caught his body: "Son, are you okay?"

"I'm fine." The man in purple shook his head.

The guard glared angrily at those who said their son was not, and deliberately exclaimed, "Son son, you are exhausting your mental energy, your body can't afford it, and it may even kill you.

Everyone who said that the man in purple was not ashamed, and ashamed to stay here again, turned around and left.

When the child's father heard the words of the guard, he pushed the silver into the hands of the purple boy again. Then, fearing that he would not accept it, he quickly thanked him and left.

The man in purple clothes wanted to chase him, but he just took a step, his eyes were black, and he fainted. When the body fell, a man with a black cap quickly caught the man in purple clothes, quickly picked him up, turned and left. Cargo area.

Wu Ruo looked at the man wearing a curtain and squinted his eyes. When the black veil of the curtain was blown by the wind just now, he saw that the man's face was a twin-eyed man who met in the slave market.

He hurried to Li Xing and said, "I still have something, and I'll meet again next time."

The limping hadn't responded yet. People had already ran out two feet. He quickly explained that Shen Song followed the man in purple clothes and went to chase Wu Ruo. However, Wu Ruo disappeared without a trace.

His eyes flashed with horror: "Why are you missing so soon?"

Chong Rong, who followed him, asked, "Master Limeng, shall we continue shopping?"

"No." Li Xing looked around and wanted to find Wu Ruo.

"Don't you say that you want to buy the materials for the utensil? The materials are laid out in front."

Ignoring him, he jumped up and used light work to chase Wu Ruo's direction.

Chong Rong stayed calmly in his place and didn't know what he thought, his face was particularly ugly.

"My son, are you okay?" A young girl stepped forward and asked boldly when she saw that he looked good-looking.

Chong Rong looked back, glanced at her fiercely, and scared the young girl to leave quickly.

He narrowed his eyes, pointed and forgot about it, coldly twitching his lips: "Finance has finally weakened."

Zhong Rong put down his hand and turned to the material shop to buy the material first.

Wu Ruo used Tibetan Shadowcraft to chase the man in the purple clothing all the way. They came to an inn outside the border city and hesitated for a while, but decided not to go in, in case there was a dragon cave in Longtan.

Hei Xieyu sent people to Wu Ruo's inn, and only saw the Zi Yizi said by Wu Ruo, but did not see the men with twin pupils.

When Wu Ruo saw Hei Xieyu, he asked, "Did you catch someone?"

"After we went to the inn, he was no longer in the inn, but I sent someone to stay outside the inn."

"He knows you're going to catch him, and he's definitely not going back to the inn."

"If he is a man in purple clothes, then just hold on to the man in purple clothes."

Wu Ruo said: "That purple man's medicine is so weird that he can heal other people's wounds with only spiritual power.

Hei Xuan squinted his eyes and said, "He should be the descendant of the Celestial Immortal, and just use spiritual power to recover the wound."

"Ah?" Wu Ruo looked at him in surprise: "He is the descendant of the Celestial Gods? Right, I just used shadow theft to see how he could heal a wound, but I couldn't see it.

Hei Sui said: "I once heard my great-grandfather they said that before, the Holy Kingdom was most afraid of the hermits, and they were afraid of stealing their restorations, etc. Later, a special robe can be used as a body to prevent secrets. The hermits saw it. The man in the purple clothes might have guessed that there are mysterious herds, so he wears a robe to cover his body. "

"So guarding against the hermit." Wu Ruo sneered: "The patriarch of the former hermit also blinded his dogs and tried to be loyal to someone who was defending himself."

Hei Xieyu ticked his lips: "In the past, the Hermits and Necromancers just didn't care about power, but they didn't care about the attitude of the people in the heavenly kingdom to them."

"The more they guard, the more they curb my curiosity, the more I want to know if I can steal their abilities."

"There will be a chance."

Wu Ruo laughed: "Yes, is Ji Yi back?"

"I came back early in the morning, and now it is time to teach them how to fight the enemy in their children's room.

"That's good, I'm also worried that he fainted halfway." Wu Ruo pulled Hei Xieyu to sit down. "I went to see the director before."

Chapter 292: made money

After Wu Ruo and Hei Xieyu talked to the director of the recording, the two discussed to resolve the matter of the ghost wife first. In the early morning, Wu Ruo went to Hei Xietang's house to see his father and mother.

Wu Qianqing They were having breakfast, and when they saw Wu Ruo coming, they ordered their servants to set him the dishes.

Wu Ruo sat down to look at the ghost woman who was drinking porridge and smiled slightly. "Mother, I went to the city owner last night."

Everyone stopped and looked at him.

Guan Tong quickly asked, "Did he see you?"

"I only saw Mr. Lu, who told me that the city owner had been brought back to the clan because he violated the rules in the clan.

Guan Tong anxiously said, "Is it serious?"

"The director of recording said that it was not serious, but he might be placed under house arrest and that he would still ..." Wu Ruo stopped here intentionally.

"Say what?"

Wu Ruo said with a frown, "Also said that the people in the clan arranged a family relationship for the city owner."

"Pap--" The bowl in the ghost's hand fell on the table, and the porridge was sprinkled on the table and the ground.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry, my hands are too slippery." She squatted down to pick up the chopsticks.

Guan Tong hurriedly asked, "Ghost, have you been burned."

"I'm okay, I'm okay." The ghost woman sat back in her chair, lost in spirit.

Uhi ordered his men to take the dishes again.

Wu Ruo said, "Ghost, I don't think you are in good health. Would you like to go back to your room to rest?"

The ghost woman clenched her fists under the table and said, "I'm really fine."

Guan Tong determined that she had not been scalded, and continued the topic just now: "Xiao Ruo, you said that the people in the clan had arranged a relationship with my father?"

The ghost woman quickly raised her eyelids and looked at Wu Ruo.

Wu Ruodao: "The general manager told me this. He said that the people in the clan had seen the city owner alone for decades. He had never found a partner. Now the mother is not with him and should be with him. Arrange a family relationship. "

The lie about arranging family affairs for the city owner is the way he and Hei Xieyu discussed last night. The purpose is to stimulate the ghost woman and let the ghost woman take the initiative to heal her face. If that doesn't work, it means that the ghost woman has no city owner. Or the ghost knot is so big that you can only wait for the ghost knot to slowly untie her knot, but the time will be very slow, it may take several years, it may be decades, or even a lifetime.

Guan Tong stunned: "It will not be a problem to live another five or six hundred years with Dad's ability. It is time to arrange a family relationship for him. He cannot be left alone for a lifetime. However, Dad only has a mother in his heart, and he may not be married. Alas, if the mother is still alive, then there is someone to accompany my father, and I don't have to worry so much. "

"Mother, don't worry, I heard that the clan has arranged a beautiful girl for the city clan, which will surely make him forget his grandmother."

Guan Tong chuckled: "Well, the girls in the clan are more beautiful than one, and there are several girls who like my dad, and I hope they can get married and succeed."

Wu Ruo saw the ghost woman's face becoming increasingly ugly and smiled even more. Although his mother didn't know it, her words successfully stimulated the ghost woman.

The ghost woman can't sit still.

Seeing how she wanted to get up and leave, Wu Ruo said, "Mother, I also listened to the director, the grandmother who used to be a necromancer, the ghost who wanted to get up, stopped and looked at Wu Ruo . "

"Really?" Guan Tong looked at Wu Ruo in surprise.

"Well, because the old people stopped them, the city owner and grandmother were separated from each other." Wu Ruo sighed: "If things happen now, we can help the grandmothers. They will not let them. Old people bully their grandmothers and city owners. "

Youyan stared at Wu Ruo for a while, and then said, "Well, I will also destroy the old race with the entire demons."

Guan Tong sighed, "How can there be so many if, if there are so many, there won't be so many tragedies."

Ushi said unhappyly: "The old people are really abominable. What other people care about is what they do."

At this time, the servant took the chopsticks in again.

The ghost woman got up and said, "I'm not feeling well. Go back to my room to rest first, and eat slowly."

Guan Tong hurriedly asked, "Where is it uncomfortable? Would you like to show it to Xiaoruo?"

"No need." The ghost woman quickly left the hall.

Wu Ruo and You You glanced at each other.

Guan Tong said uneasily: "Xiao Ruo, you should go and see the ghost woman."

Wu Ruodao: "Mother, I think she needs to rest for a while, or wait until she sleeps."

"it is good."

Wu Ruo thought the ghost woman would come to him to heal his face soon. Who knew that he had waited until dinner, but did not wait for her, and the servant who sent her to dinner said that she was not in the room, and in the afternoon, out.

After having dinner, Wu Ruo returned to the palace, just to meet the black shaman who was about to leave the palace.

Hei Xuanyu left his guard, followed by Wu Ruo's hand, and asked, "How did you go to test the ghost woman today?"

"She left the palace after being stimulated, and this time, she didn't know when she would return." Wu Ruo looked at his face: "Why don't you bring fake skin today?"

"When you're going to meet the Holy Emperor Ji Yu of the Heavenly Kingdom, which is the man in purple clothes you saw yesterday, he knows that the person who sent someone to search the inn last night was me, and told the guards to meet me.

Wu Ruo was surprised: "He is the emperor?"

"Well, I just knew his identity."

"Why would he come to the Necropolis himself? Is there anything he can do to you?"

Hei Xuan narrowed his eyes: "Bacheng is for cursing. Ji Yu has 30 or 60 years this year. In a few years, he will be cursed to death alive even if there is no illness. Now he must be anxious to solve the curse. "

"They really want to solve the curse. When they were cursed, why did n’t any of their ancestors give up their magic power to solve the curse? Now that all these years have passed, the magic power of the descendants of the immortals has become weaker and weaker. Help them curse? "

Hei Xieyu clenched his hand: "Don't forget, we can bring back the soul of the dead."

Wu Ruo: "..."

Hei Xuyi asked, "Are you going with me?"

"Go, I want to hear what they say." Wu Ruo took out his mask and put it on his face.

The two came to Ji Yu's inn and were stopped by the guard outside when they entered Ji Yu's room: "Our son only wants to see the Prince.

Hei Xieyu and Wu Ruo stared at each other: "You are waiting for us outside the door.

Wu Ruo stepped aside after receiving the soothing look of Hei Xieyu.

The door was closed as soon as Hei Xun entered.

The guards of the Heavenly Kingdom prevented Wu Ruo from approaching the room. Wu Ruo had to wait for Hei Xuan in the courtyard, and immediately noticed that there was someone on the wall.

He leapt off and took off, only to see the man quickly turn away.

Wu Ruo frowned.

That one seemed to be a deep chant just now. Why is he here?

After about two hours, Hei Xie came out of the room with no expression.

Wu Ruo saw the person who sent the black shame was a man with twin pupils, squinting his eyes slightly.


Hei Xieyu took Wu Ruo and left the inn to get into the beast cart.

Wu Ruo asked, "What did you talk about?"

"It's the solution of curse. If we can solve their curse, he will heal the anorexia for us."

"Did you promise him?"

"I said to think about it, and then took the opportunity to ask about the curse on you. He said that the person who cursed you was not him, but his twin brother Ji Yun, and the twin-eye man who followed Ji Yun was unrestrained. , Is also the twin brother of the twin pupil man who just sent me out. The twin pupil man we saw last time in the slave market was actually unrestrained. Ji Yu said that his twin brother had hated curses since he was young. Their people, so when we learned that we had found the Hermit, in order not to let our undead nation solve the spell, I ran to curse you. "

Wu Ruo wondered, "If you don't want us to solve the curse, you can kill me directly, why just cast a curse?"

"It should be that the city owner sent you to protect you or that he himself protected you secretly without giving them a chance to start."

Wu Ruo chuckled: "I'll see the owner again in the future. Thank you so much for making him worry."

He was most grateful that the city owner let him be born again. Although it was not voluntary before he was born again, when he saw his family happily together, he was glad that the city owner forced him back.

At this moment, the beast car stopped.

Wu Ruo stepped out of the car, looked at the strange surroundings, set his sights on the inn in front of him, and turned to Hei Xieyu and asked, "Should we still be outside the border town?"

"Um." Hei Xieyu took him into the inn and came to the shopkeeper's room: "Take out two robes and put them on.

"Why change your robe?" Wu Ruo took out his robe and handed it to him.

"While it's still early, we'll go out to the party again. Without changing our robes, someone will chase us all the way." Hei Xieyu changed his robes and pulled out fake leather.

"I'll wear it for you." Wu Ruo quickly put on his robes and snatched fake leather.

Hei Xieyu sat down and hugged Wu Ruo who walked in front of him: "Will you wear it?"

"It's just a matter of sticking to the face." Wu Ruo stroked the perfect facial features of Hei Xieyu, and slowly pulled the hair sticking to his face to the side: "Speaking, this is the first time I'll give you Wear fake leather.

When he lifted the hair on his forehead, he could not help being attracted by the beautiful black eyes, as if the starry sky above the empty head was black and bright, so that he could not look away.

Hei Xuanyu smiled and said to Wu Ruo who was watching him, "This palace allows you to kiss my lips."

Wu Ruo turned back and hummed softly, "Who said I was going to kiss you?"

Hei Xuanyu gently touched his eyelids: "Your eyes told me." "The eyes can't speak. Wu Ruo quickly stuck the fake skin to his face, and finally couldn't help but kiss it on his beautiful thin lips.

Hei Xuanyu smiled softly, pulled someone into his arms, kissed his lips, and let go of them until he was breathless, "Let's go."

He took Wu Ruo to leave the inn from the underpass, and from the underpass, they came to another street.

Wu Ruo looked up and said, "When can we return to the kingdom of heaven, no one will kill us even without wearing a mask."

Now the two go out, either he is wearing a mask, or he is wearing a black leather mask, and once they do not need to wear a mask.

Hei Xunyu clenched his hand: "It will be fast."

"Where are we going now."

"Take you to see my master." Hei Xieyu pulled him to the gate of the border city: "I met his elderly man during the tour a few days ago, and he complained that I would bring you back to the dead nation without bringing You go to him and say I don't take him to heart and don't honor him. "

Wu Ruo looked at him in surprise: "Do you still have a master?"

"It's the master who taught me the refiner, the master who taught me how to explode the bones."

"Why haven't I heard you before?"

"When I was in Heaven, I wanted to introduce you when I came back, but I have been busy since I came back, so I didn't tell you about it."

Wu Ruo asked curiously, "Does he know your partner is a man?"

"Know, I told him about this when leaving the Necropolis to find you. He didn't care if my partner was male or female."

"That's good. I'm afraid I don't know. I'm angry with his old man."

Inside the east gate of the border city, there is a small humble shop, which is covered with broken copper and iron, and an old wooden board is hanging crookedly on the door, with the words 'Datiepu' written on it. An old and broken small shop, but a large group of people crowded at the door, asking the shopkeeper to help implement.

Wu Ruo had not come to the door before they heard someone yell, "Lao Tzu only hits iron and does not use tools. Get out of Lao Tzu."

Seeking help from the shopkeeper, the person asking for help did not dare to leave, and hurriedly put the gift he brought at the door and turned away.

As soon as the crowd dispersed, Wu Ruo saw the middle-aged man with a dark face, holding a wire in his mouth, holding an iron broom in his hand and yelling at the people who left: "Even if you put the gifts here, even if I accept yours Li, I'm not going to help you. "

When the big man saw those people go further and further, he immediately hugged the gift with a smile: "I earned it."

Wu Ruo: "..."

Hei Xunyan flashed helplessly under his eyes: "Master."

The big man heard the sound, quickly raised his head, and saw his apprentice with a bigger smile: "Did you, my filial apprentice, bring my wife-in-law?"

Hei Xieyu brought Wu Ruo to him: "Master, this is my partner."

Wu Ruo greeted him, "Master, hello."

"This ... this ..." Jin Lian saw Wu Ruo with a beautiful appearance and suddenly became nervous: "Okay, okay, here for you."

He handed Wu Ruo all the gifts that others had just given him, and then wiped his dirty hands on his body, and became overwhelmed.

Jin Lian hurriedly poured tea into the shop.

Wu Ruo looked at Hei Xuyi in wonder, shouldn't the nervous person be him?

"When he sees people who look good, he becomes nervous," said Hei Xieyu.

Wu Ruo whispered, "Does he do the same when he sees your true face?"

"Well, if I meet him on the road without wearing fake leather, he will pretend he doesn't know me."

"How long have you known him?"

"fifteen years."

"Not used to your true face for so long?"


"Will I put on the mask?"

"No need to."

Chapter 293: You dude

Because of the sudden arrival, Wu Ruo was not ready to meet. Fortunately, Jin Lian didn't care. It should be said that he was so nervous that he didn't dare to see Wu Ruo. When he was talking, his eyes kept looking at the black shame. Otherwise, he could not tell words.

If he weren't the master of black shame, Wu Ruo really wanted to tease him. Such a big and burly man who would shake his voice when he opened his voice would be like a young daughter-in-law Feeling shy, it really makes Wu Ruo laugh and cry.

"So, that ..." Jin Lian stammered.

Hei Xingyu covered teak lips by drinking tea.

Wu Ruo thought that Hei Xuanyu deliberately prevented him from wearing a mask to make his master nervous.

"When I was a kid, I looked and looked very ugly. When I saw and met good-looking people, I would have low self-esteem and tension. After so many years, years have passed, and I still can't change this habit. Let me show you jokes. Now. "

Wu Ruo remembered that when he was a fat man, he took out his mask and put it on: "I was inferior because I was very fat when I was a kid."

When Jin Lian saw the ugly mask, she breathed a sigh of relief: "How fat were you before?"

Wu Ruo said with a smile: "Fat enough to get stuck on the door.

"Really?" Jin Lian asked in surprise: "You wouldn't say that just to keep me nervous?"

"I was so fat because of Zhongli. When I became married to Shaanxi, my body was six feet wide and almost the same as a disabled person. If no one was around, nothing could be done. And, spiritual power Being sealed, I always thought I was an ordinary person, and I was often bullied, so I can appreciate your feelings. "

Jin Lian patted Wu Ruo's shoulder distressed, and then angrily said, "Mother, which **** damn is Laozi's daughter-in-law's daughter-in-law, and seals his spiritual power. If the dead person knows that he must kill him.

Wu Ruo smiled and raised his mask for a cup of tea. Unexpectedly, Jin Lian returned to a tense look, and he had to wear the mask back.

Seeing his master's counseling for a while, Hei Xuanyu laughed a little while bravely.

Jin Lian stared at the black shame: "You kid are very bad. Every time something is asked of me, I will take off the fake skin and make me nervous. As soon as I am nervous, I will immediately answer his request.

Hei Xiexi raised a brow: "This trick works, doesn't it?"

Jin Lian hummed.

Wu Ruo laughed: "He often used this trick against me."

Jin Lian looked at him in surprise: "You also get nervous when you see his face?"

"I'm not nervous, but tempted by his beauty."

Jin Lian laughed.

Hei Xiu smiled even more.

They sat in the shop for half an hour before they got up and left.

Before leaving, Jin Lian took out three magic instruments to Wu Ruodang's meeting ceremony: "This ring is for you. You just need to wear it on your finger. When using it, use it to drive the spirit towards the other Force, the ring will emit a strong light to make the other party syncope, but the higher the enemy's spiritual order, the shorter the time to fall into syncope. "

The ring is very ordinary, just a silver halo that just fits on the **** of Wu Ruo.

"This cheek is for the young apprentice, as long as you wear it on your face, you can change hundreds of different faces."

Wu Ruo smiled: "Everyone will love it."

Jin Lian happily pointed to a necklace as large as a ring and said, "This small necklace is for small, attackable and defensive. You can let him study it slowly.

"Thank you, Master." Wu Ruo was a little embarrassed to accept so many greetings.

"You'll bring your children to see me next time."

"When they finish the test, take them to see you, otherwise we can see their four mischievous eggs when we enter the palace now."

Jin Lianyi: "Four? Don't you only have two children?"

"We have only two children, the other is my elder brother's, and the other is my friend's. Four children can come together and tear down your shop.

"I welcome them to tear down my shop." Jin Lian opened a smile and said, "I don't know that there are two more children. When they come next time, I will make up for their gifts."

Wu Ruo talked with him a few more words, said goodbye to leave, and then asked Hei Xieyu, "Isn't your master a refiner? How can he open an iron shop, and he will also iron?"

Hei Xieyu explained: "He didn't want too many people to come to him to practice the iron shop."

"But there were still many people looking for him."

Hei Xuanyan frowned. "Because people from the outside world have said that he has been to the practice world and learned the refiner, so many people are looking for him."

"Has he ever been to the cultivation world?"

"I never asked him, and he never told me, but his method of refining is really different from others."

If the bird had opened its mouth, what else would it have been asking, then there was a beautiful girl in front waving her hands happily and seemed to know them.

The beautiful girl came over and asked, "Where are you going?"

Wu Ruo listened to her voice like the second girl Hei Zihe who was black, and could not help looking at her. Her robe was a red woman's dress, her hair was tied like a man behind her, and her hand was long red Whip, patted on the hand.

"You ..." Hei Xiu frowned, and when she opened her mouth, the beautiful girl said, "I know, I will leave now."

She turned sharply and left with her companion.

Wu Ruo wondered, "Do you know each other?"

Hei Sui sighed: "She is the second sister."

Wu Ruo: "!!!!!!"

It is hard to imagine that a well-dressed girl is the Heizihe who likes to wear gold and gold.

"Isn't she fond of bling?"

"I ordered her to wear strong clothes when visiting, and try to be as concise as possible."

Wu Ruo laughed: "I have known her for so long, and for the first time I clearly saw her appearance, which is much better than usual."

As the words came to an end, he stepped slightly, and across from them, a pretty girl stared fiercely at them.

Wu Ruo twisted her eyebrows, remembering the other party's name was Yu Xuan.

"Xuan Xuan, don't come in yet." Someone in the shop yelled at Yu Xuan.

Yu Xuanyan stared at Wu Ruo fiercely and turned into the shop.

Seeing Wu Ruo facing the street, Hei Xuan looked at him, and saw the back of a girl: "What are you looking at?"

"Seeing someone I know." Wu Ruola raised his hand, "Go, let's go back to the palace."

On the evening of the sixth day of September, it was the top ten ranking competition for the fifth-tier magician and the sixth-tier magic coin.

Before the match, Wu Ruo handed Jin Lian the face and necklace to the eggs.

After getting his face, Dandan was very excited: "It's great, I don't need to wear a mask again.

The thickness of the skin is as thin as the paper, and not only does it feel affixed to the face, it is also similar to your own skin.

After wearing it, it becomes completely another person, and looks ordinary, and will definitely not attract others' attention. After using spiritual power, the face gradually changes and becomes another person: "Fun, fun."

Xiao Wuyou and Xiaoyethorn looked at the eggs with admiration.

Yeji and Youyou saw that his son also liked it and wanted to get a face for his son. Unfortunately, the skin that can change multiple faces requires a lot of valuable materials, and even some materials he couldn't find.

Wu Ruo rubbed her hair: "I'll see Shigong in the future. Thank you very much for the elderly. Well, it's best to prepare a small gift for him to make him happy."

"it is good."

Wu Ruo looked at Xiao Wuyou with a grimace and said, "Master said, the next time you go to him, he will give you gifts.

Xiao Wuyou's eyes sparkled: "Great."

Xiao Ye's eyes are raised, indicating that he is very happy.

"Little nephews, your fourth uncle is back." Hei Xingtang, who had just returned from inspection, ran to the hall and held his four children with open arms. "You can't lose the test tonight. If you lose, My silver will fly. "

Every bit of eyeballs turned around, squealing angrily, "Who are you?"

Seeing the strange little face, Hei Xietang said, "Who are you?"

Wu Qianqing laughed and hid.

Hei Xietang asked Wu Ruo: "Dasao, whose child is this? Eggs? Why don't you see them?"

Wu Ruo smiled and said, "Everyone is still changing clothes in the room."

"Then whose child is he?"

Dandan said, "I am the nephew of the son-in-law of your high grandfather's daughter-in-law."

"My grandfather's son-in-law's son-in-law's son-in-law's nephew?" Hei Xietang counted with his fingers: "My grandfather has so many daughters-in-law. Which daughter-in-law is it? The nephew of your son-in-law's son? So you should be the same generation as Xiao Xiao, why haven't I seen you? "

"You pig head." Suddenly, a peanut meter smashed into Hei Xietang's face.

Hei Suitang was in pain, and suddenly turned his head outside the hall, and saw six tall guards passing by without squinting.

Uxi couldn't help but grin, "Haha."

The ebony clenched her fist against her lips, preventing herself from laughing.

Eggs couldn't hold it anymore, giggled, and saw the black shabby that came in, and ran over with a short leg: "Father."

Hei Xunyu held him up: "Are you sure tonight?"


"Is he jerk?" Hei Xietang was surprised. "He's easy?"

Wu Ruo said with a smile, "It's almost like that."

"Well, you guys dare to play with four uncles." Hei Xietang gently pinched his little nose, and then began to tangled what the egg said: "But why is egg egg my grandfather's daughter-in-law? My son-in-law's son-in-law's nephew? My grandfather's daughter-in-law is my great-grandmother, my great-grandmother's son is my grandfather, my grandfather's daughter-in-law is my mother, my mother's son's nephew? Should not be my mother Son of his son? "

Uxi was silent: "Aren't you your mother's son? Who is your nephew?"

"Egg and little."

"That's not right.

The others couldn't help laughing.

Xiaoxiao hee hee said: "Four uncles are stupid."

Author gossip

Chapter 294:

Tier 5 and 6 competitions begin. Twenty contestants enter the stage at the same time, and then they are divided into ten groups. Finally, the referee judges whether to win or lose. It is to shorten the test time and prevent the participants from seriously hurting the participants.

As soon as twenty contestants came on stage, they immediately caught the attention of the audience.

More viewers came to watch the test tonight than in the past, almost equal to the number of watched the 9th-level wizard. In fact, most people came for three little boys. They want to take a closer look at the little boys. How children won the test.

"The man in the black cape on the stage should have seen the little baby the night before, right?"

"Small faces and hands are just like children, they should be good."

"I came here to see the test tonight, just for them."

"Me too." The others echoed.

"Speaking of which, these children are really bold. They only dare to step on the stage with only one level of spiritual power, and they are not afraid that the other will accidentally kill them. Their family will be assured that they will come on stage.

"As the saying goes, 'Newborn calves are not afraid of tigers', not to mention that they are only two or three-year-olds. Can they know what it means to be afraid? How can they know to die?"

"If the magician who fights the child is stepped down by three little boys, I don't see them coming out to see people afterwards."

"Well, if they are seen face to face, people below the sixth level will have no face."

"You think too much. Their ability can only have six levels if they are combined. If they are separated, their spiritual power is still low, but they cannot stay together every day."

"I heard that Xiaowa's odds are high."

"Of course it is high. Although many people come to see them, not many people buy them.

"Who did you buy?"

"In short, I didn't buy a baby."

Hei Xingtang heard this, snorted coldly, and quickly turned to Ye Ji and whispered, "How are they training these days?"

Ye Ji whispered, "Just teach them some tactics and fighting experience. I also found a Tier 6 surgeon to try and compare with them. The problem is not big."

Hei Xietang relaxed, "That's good."

"You buy them to win."

"Of course it is first."

Ye Ji shook his head.

Hei Sui's heart raised.

"If you encounter Tier 7 or you already mentioned Tier 7 on the way, or you meet a talented wizard, you may not win."

Hei Xietang covered her chest and said, "Is it too late to find someone to withdraw money?"

‘锵-’ The gongs and drums ringing on the platform started the test.

Ye Ji gave him a glance: "It's too late."

Hei Xietang: "..."

Wu Xi asked: "Brother Tang, how much did you buy?"

Hei Xingtang stretched out a finger.

Uchi no longer guessed as innocently as before: "A million dollars?"

Hei Xingtang nodded.

"Prodigal." Wu Xi rolled her eyes without a lady.

Hei Xietang said rightly, "I'm here to make money to marry a daughter-in-law."

Uhi: "..."

Guan Tong shook his head funny.

On the ring, when the trained babies were fighting with people, they finally had the same look. They would n’t fight any more, and they worked perfectly together. The so-called one-handed fist is hard to beat the four hands. This is the situation of their opponents at this moment. They are so busy that they can't cope at all.

"I knew the kids were so powerful, so I should buy them to win." The viewers began to discuss again.

"What kind of children are they? You can use the myths of the human, ghost, demon, and demons at the same time. Do they use the four myths of the same person, or use them separately?"

"It should be used separately. The bottom child can fly up. He should be a demons."

"Even if we use mystics separately, but we have four races, and they only have three people. Where does one kind of mystics come from? And when they use humans, they will use other martial arts. Xuan Shu, this is too powerful.

Wu Ruo was especially happy to hear that people around him had been boasting that their children were terrible.

He looked at the man next to him, but Hei Xieyu looked at the broadcast station with a serious look.

Wu Ruo looked at Yan Yantai and asked, "Is there a problem on the broadcast station?"

Hei Xuan faintly said: "No."

Wu Ruo thought about it and whispered, "Are you worried that the Son will not be good for the children?"

Hei Xunyu nodded: "He is unlikely to appear, he should have guessed that we would guard him."

"If he really dealt with me because of pre-dreaming, I don't know what he dreamed of."

Hei Xunyu asked Wu Ruo "If you catch the Son, what would you do to him?"

"..." Wu Ruo flashed a harsh dark light under his eyes.

If he catches the Son, he will chop him up as if he were living in hell, making him worse off than life, and avenging himself for the last life and his father and mother.

Wu Ruo was shocked at the thought of this place.

Maybe the Son saw him coming to revenge in his dream.

Seeing his face cold and sullen, Hei Xie quickly held his hand: "What's wrong?"

Wu Ruo thought back: "It's all right."

At this time, Hei Xietang beside him happily shouted, "Win, win."

When he saw the referee deciding that he was winning, he shouted Uxi happily.

Ushi blushed, "You let go."

Hei Xietang quickly let go of her: "Sorry, sorry, I was too happy just now ..."

Wu Xi was so ashamed to hide behind Guan Tong.

Wu Qianqing gave a black glance at Hei Xuantang: "Men and women are incapable of accepting each other, and they are not allowed to approach my daughter within three steps before they have no relationship."

Hei Xietang hurriedly said, "It's set tomorrow."

Wu Qianqingqi laughed: "Do you think you have played family games like children? Maybe?"


Wu Qianqing waved his hand: "I'm not an ancient and immortal person. As long as you love each other, I won't stop, but before, you have to keep a distance from my daughter and maintain her name."

Hei Xietang nodded hurriedly, but his eyes quietly glanced at Uxi.

U Xi was embarrassed to look at him, keeping his eyes on the broadcast station.

On the stage, after they won the contest, they flew up and down in the sky excitedly, and everyone under the stage was infected by their lovely laughter.

They won this round, indicating that they can enter the top five competition. After everyone has finished playing, they will be divided into the top five and the top five and the next five will be played against the next five. The process of head-to-head fights is rounds. First, two warriors are drawn from the top five to fight. The loser is the fifth, and the winner is the fourth.

The fourth place will play against another person. If you win, it will become three. If you lose, you will stop at the fourth place. The third place will play against other people, and so on. Of course, the win The person will eat and restore Dan to restore spiritual and physical strength, and then fight with the next person. In this way, the winner will not lose to the next person because of exhausting spiritual and physical strength.

It ’s unfortunate that they picked the first one to fight against others. Although they can eat and restore Dan to restore their spiritual and physical strength, they can let those who wait behind find their flaws, attack their weaknesses, and let them defeat .

On the ring, the referee said after the draw: "People who haven't come to the test first step down.

The moment the referee turned and stepped down, all of a sudden, nine sixth-tier contestants gathered their spirits and attacked their children facing away from them.

Everyone exclaimed.

"You guys, be careful ..." U Xi and Guan Tong exclaimed.

Youyan opened their eyes and suddenly, their hearts were on their throats, and they rushed towards the ring.

The dark guard, who was sent to protect the eggs, quickly rushed to the ring.

But no matter how fast they are, they can't be faster than their closest contestants.

Seeing mystery is about to hit the children, suddenly, they disappeared in front of everyone.

Everyone froze, and immediately, they appeared on the edge of the platform.

You just flew to the edge of the ring, and quickly guarded the child behind.

The Dark Guard captures nine Tier 6 wizards as fast as possible.

The scene was a riot.

The recording director rushed to the stage and announced that the test was suspended.

But everyone was reluctant to leave and wanted to see what was going on.

"Why did the nine wizards attack three children?"

"Are they afraid that the children will win them? They feel ashamed, so take the opportunity to kill the children first?"

"It's impossible. If you are afraid of losing to your child, you will kill the child long ago, and you won't do it in the public eye."

"It's such a mad guy, he actually attacked a few little babies."

Uxi they couldn't care less what the others said, and hurriedly took their father and mother to see what was going on.

The director of the recording asked the dark guards to press nine sixth-tier wizards into his tent for interrogation, and Wu Ruo followed them.

Tiaohan Han flew into the account pen with his face, and kicked one of the wizards with one foot: "Say, who sent you?"

Hei Xuanyu glanced coldly at the nine warriors kneeling on the ground, seeing that they were dull, and twisted his eyebrows: "They seem to be controlled."

Wu Ruo directly used the magic of the spirit on the nine wizards: "Who sent you to kill the children?"

The nine wizards were bewildered, and none of them could answer his questions.

Youyou frowned: "They really seem to be under the control of others, otherwise they would definitely say who sent them.

Wu Ruo looked up at Hei Xieyu: "Did you say it was done by the Son?"

Hei Xuan narrowed his eyes: "In addition to him, there may be others."


"Old people ..." Hei Xieyu thought for a while: "There may be others ..."

Ye Ji couldn't help thinking of the children's playing field: "Do you remember when the children played on the evening of August 30, when I said that seeing a few great children was not like looking for someone?

Wu Ruo nodded: "Remember, you mean those people might be killing them?"

"Well, at that time they didn't participate in the test, so they went down without finding anyone."

At this time, Wu Qianqing and they hurried in: "Eggs, little, Wuyou, Nightthorn, are you all right?"

The children, who were sitting calmly on the chairs and eating snacks on the table, rushed to Ushi and said: "Grandmother, we are fine."

Guan Tong Dasong said, "It's all right, all right."

Wu Xi held up Xiao Wuyou and hugged her arms tightly: "Fortunately, you guys responded quickly, or you'll be hit."

Xiao Wu grinned, "We used the Ghost Clan's teleportation."

"When did you learn this trick?"

"The first two days."

Wuzhu looked at the people on the ground and asked Youyou: "Is it clear what happened?"

Youyou shook her head: "They are under control, I don't know who is going to kill the child."

Hei Xuyi said, "It should be directed at me and Xiao Ruo."

Wu Ruo calmly said nothing.

Ye Ji said, "Get people awake first, maybe you can ask something."

Wu Ruo released them from one of the wizards.

The sixth-level surgeon looked around blankly: "Where is this? Why am I here?"

He saw eight warlocks kneeling beside him, and quickly got up, but was kicked to the ground by the guard.

"What are you doing?" The sixth-order wizard wanted to resist, but after seeing the director, he hurriedly asked, "Director, why did you arrest us? What did we do wrong?"

An Wei asked, "Don't you remember what happened in the ring?"

"Yuantai?" The sixth-level surgeon froze for a moment, thinking about it, "I only remember that I entered the top five competitions, and then ... after ..."

He tried hard to think, but still didn't make any impression.

"I don't remember well." The Tier 6 surgeon raised his head quickly. "What happened next?"

The dark guard said something before.

After listening to the sixth-level surgeon, he quickly said, "The director, I don't know these three children at all, and I have no reason to kill them. I must be controlled to be assassinated."

Wu Ruo asked, "Have you seen anyone before the game? Or has anyone ever looked for you?"

"No," the sixth-order wizard affirmed.

Wu Ruo used the spirit of words and asked again: "Really?"


Wu Ruo and Hei Xieyu looked at each other and did not ask any more.

You said, "Ask others."

Wu Ruo unlocked other people's control techniques and got the same results.

Director Lu said: "They come from different countries, and you are not in a position to deal with them, just give them to me.

The sixth-level surgeons hurriedly asked the director to spare them: "We are really innocent, we have never thought about killing children.

The director of the recording let people take them back, and then said to Wu Ruo, "Send more people to protect the children in the future."

Wu Ruo they left the test venue and returned to Hei Xietang's palace.

As soon as Hei Xietang entered the hall, he said, "It must have been done by the old people."

Hei Xieyu shook his head: "Not quite like the old people.

Hei Xietang frowned: "Brother, didn't you suspect the old race before?"

"I initially suspected them, but they had no reason to kill a child."

"How can there be no reason? They haven't always wanted to kill you? But they can't kill you, they can only kill children to make you miserable."

"It's because of this that I have lifted my doubts about them and killed the children with them. It would be better to arrest them and threaten me and Xiaoruo."

Hei Xietang: "..."

Wu Ruo's eyebrows were cursed: "I don't think it's possible for the Son to say so."

Hei Xun nodded.

Wuzhu asked, "How do you say?"

"As Xu Yan said, killing a child with it is better than grabbing the child to protect me. Then, when he wants me to live, I will live, if he wants me to die, I will have to die ..."

Wuzhu: "..."

Wu Xi clasped the little Wu You who had slept, and asked with a worried expression: "Who would want to kill them?"

Wu Ruo squinted his eyes, and now his only enemy is the Holy Son, which means that the person who wants to kill the child should be the enemy of the black man.

He looked at Hei Xuan.

Hei Shao shook his head, and for the time being he couldn't figure out who was going to kill the child.

Chapter 295: Ghost Story

Wu Ruo and Hei Xieyu left half of the hour in Hei Xietang's palace and said goodbye to everyone, leaving Xiaoyuan and Qidan with them and leaving the courtyard where Wuqian lived.

Because syncope did not occur in syncope, there was no need to live in the palace again, and the children did not need to train anymore. Xiaowuyou and Xiaoyethorn remained in the palace.

Wu Ruo and Hei Xunyu came to the place where the beast car was parked. The dark guard immediately reported to Hei Xunou that the ghost woman was waiting for them in the beast car. Wu Ruo took the lead in the beast car and saw the ghost woman's eyes flushed with redness. He shouted, "Ghost."

The ghost woman looked back at Wu Ruo, and then her eyes turned secretly to the black shawl who was holding the child in the car and asked dumbly: "I heard that the children are better than what happened in the test?"

"They're fine." Hei Xiexi lightly laid the sleeping children on the cushions and laid them down, then covered them with blankets.

Wu Ruo asked, "Ghost, are you here waiting for us to find something?"

The ghost woman inhaled. "I went back home to visit my father and mother."

Wu Ruojing listened to her following.

"I begged them to forgive me for many years of filial piety, and also asked them to agree to let me be with the person I like."

Wu Ruo asked, "Did they agree?"

The ghost woman nodded slightly, weeping and weeping, covering her mouth with weeping joy.

Wu Ruo patted her shoulder: "Why cry? Isn't this a good thing?"

"I am happy." The ghost woman wiped away the tears in her eyes and looked up at Wu Ruo: "Little Ruo, have you already guessed that I am your maternal grandmother?"

Wu Ruo nodded slightly.

The ghost woman smiled bitterly: "Sure enough, I was stupid enough to conceal this matter and forcibly refused to recognize my daughter. However, when I gave you the magic charm for sale, I should have guessed One day, I was both afraid and expecting you to reveal my identity. "

Although Wu Ruo was sure that the other party was his ancestor, when she heard her confession, she was still a little stunned: "I also speculated when you sold the charm to me. At that time, I My mother recognized that the magic charm you painted was created by my grandfather. She also said that in addition to the grandfather, there will be only one person. Although I do n’t know who it is, the relationship with the grandfather will not be shallow. Based on other signs, I think You may be my maternal grandmother. Later, I met You Yanwen them a few months ago. I learned from them what happened in that year, and I was more sure of your identity. "" The ghost woman nervously said, "Does Xiaotong know that I am her mother?" ?

"She always thought her mother was dead because her father had set up a grave for you."

The ghost woman clenched her hands in pain. "I had always wanted to conceal this thing and no longer recognized Guan Guan, but after being stimulated by your words, I realized that after so many years, I never let go of my heart."

Wu Ruo ticked his lips: "Are you sure those words I said stimulate you, not really?"

"I was really fooled by you at the beginning. When I calmed down later, I knew that you had deliberately stimulated me. Guan Zhen once said that people in their clan would not arbitrarily arrange family affairs, and since Guan Zhen can He will be alone for decades, and he will definitely not marry another person in the future. He will always do it. "When the ghost woman mentioned Guan Zhen, her face was gentle enough to drip water.

Wu Ruo asked with a frown, "If I didn't lie to you, you weren't stimulated. Are you going to disagree and let the grandparents keep your life alone?"

"I ..." The ghost woman covered her face sadly: "Of course I want to be with him, but you also know the situation of the Necropolis, I can't leave the Necropolis with him at all, nor can he stay here, or he will be The old people hunted down and that year ... "

Thinking of the events of that year, she clenched her fists, her eyes filled with hatred: "It was because of the opposition of the old people that we killed many people from home."

Hei Xuan narrowed his eyes and asked, "What's the matter?"

"At that time, my father and mother agreed to work with Guan Zhen, and my father and mother were very satisfied with Guan Zhen, the son-in-law. We have chosen the date of marriage, but the old people do not know where to learn that Guan Zhen is a hermit. People, they are worried that our marriage will prevent us from getting married when we let the Necromantic nation lift the spell. We sent people three times or two to make trouble, smash things, and forced us to leave the house together with Guan Zhen until no one knew us. I thought that this thing would soon pass. Unexpectedly, just when I was about to give birth, the old people found me and threatened to go back with my family's life while Guan Zhen was out, I Worried about the safety of their father and mother, they returned to the home with them. Then, they set up a large array to prevent Guan Zhen from sneaking in to take me away from home. It may also be because the old people threatened my life. Guan Zhen, I have n’t seen him since I came back from home, but because of this, I miss my heart. My spirit is getting worse every day, and my body is getting thinner every day. My father and mother hurt me and wanted to treat me. Escaped, but was discovered by the old people Caught it up. "The ghost woman said here, her hate was stronger:" Several elders from our family were killed because they felt that the old people were too ruthless to intercede for me, just because they said that I was with Guan Zhen Together, they may not be able to solve the curse. After all, I am not a true descendant of the fairy. Even if the curse is not bad, you do n’t have to stay under the ground and see the sun in the sky. Because of this, the old people think that we are from home. With ambitions, they started to kill the world, forcing relatives and friends to dare not deal with us. At that time, I saw that the elder died and was stimulated in front of him. That night, Xiaotong was born a month earlier. "

Speaking of her daughter, there was a touch of mother's love on her face: "With Xiaotong, I put all my thoughts on her, and do n’t want to run away anymore, but the people of the old clan are still not assured and worried about me They will also be with Guan Zhen, and they will send someone to guard the family every day. My father and mother worry that the old people will kill Xiao Tong, and they do n’t want to have a tragedy at home. The two discussed about sending the child away. But this will let the leader know, so in order to reassure the people of the old clan, discuss with the old clan leader to send the child out. Finally, I could n’t stand it and let it go. This thing was when I returned home from the day before, my father and mother told me I only knew it. I did n’t see you and Xiaotong until I thought my child was dead. My father and mother lied to me and said that because of hating Guan Zhen's misfortune, I threw Guan Zhen's child on the ground and Ren Riguang burned the child to ashes. At that time, I didn't know if Xiao Tong could see the light and go crazy. He rushed out of the house and looked for children ... "

The ghost woman trembled and held her chapped face: "I was burned at that time, and I was crazy because of my daughter's death. My family also took the opportunity to help me with a funeral. I deceived Guan Jing and I was dead. I was really crazy and could n’t control so much. Later, I mistakenly gave birth to my uncle ’s child as Xiao Tong and took people away from home. I did n’t wake up slowly until several years later. I used to want to find Guan Zhen, but I do n’t know where to find him, and I ca n’t live without the kingdom of the dead. So I lived in the 18th floor with Panyang. Panyang is the name I gave him, which means that People can see the sun again, who knows Panyang ... "

She couldn't help crying: "He was always bullied because of his bad brain, and someone later took him to the river and drowned while I was away.

To her, Yu Panyang is her second child, so why doesn't it hurt her?

Wu Ruo was surprised: "He is dead?"

The ghost woman nodded: "Yes, he died, or I buried him with my own hands. No one else knew it, but thought he was washed away by the water."

"Does the person who took him to the river know that he is dead?"

The ghost woman said angrily: "After Panyang died, I killed him, so no one knew that Panyang was dead."

"Then why do you still think of me as your child?"

"When I saved you that day, it happened to be the sacrifice day of Panyang. I cried sadly, and my head was not sober, and you looked similar to Panyang and rushed up from the river. I thought it was He Shen sent Panyang back, and really regarded you as Panyang. Later, I slowly saw that you are different from Panyang, but your appearance really looks like Panyang, making me very reluctant to leave. I plan to follow you like this. "The ghost woman wiped her tears." But I know you are not my child, so I just want to leave after you find your family, but I didn't expect to meet Xiaotong. "

She took a deep breath: "If there is no one in the world who is similar to me and my parents, but two people who are similar to me and my family have to make me doubt, and Xiaotong's name It was precisely when I and Guan Zhen thought about the name early in the morning, it became more and more certain that she was likely to be my daughter, and then she would peep at her to take a bath. Later, you discovered that I was afraid to recognize my daughter I'm afraid that my daughter won't recognize me and I will lie to you that my niece is lost and that she has a birthmark behind her, but she actually wants to know if Xiaotong has a mole on her waist. "

The ghost woman calmed down and continued to say, "You know the next thing. After hearing what you said the other day, I went back and met my father and mother. I hope they can agree with me again with Guan Zhen. My father and mother also hoped that I could be happy with Guan Zhen and my daughter's family without embarrassing me, and also told me what they had deceived me in the past. "

She held Wu Ruo's hand: "The matter between you and the prince is likely to make the old people find your home again, so I want to take my father and mother with them to leave the home together for part of the reason , But my father and mother do not want to follow me. "

"I will send someone to protect them."

"Thank you." The ghost woman was also not polite to him, because she came here to let Hei Xieyu send someone to protect his family.

Chapter 296:

Wu Ruo looked at the ghost's face: "Will you let me treat your face now?"

"Of course I do. I did n’t want to heal my face before. I just did n’t want the old people to find me again, and Guan Zhen was no longer with me. What can I do to restore my face? Why not maintain the status quo so that no one Disturbed my life, but now ... ”The ghost woman touched her face:“ I saw Guan Zhen as young and handsome as forty years ago, but my face was ugly, I did n’t dare to go to him and stand By his side, others thought I was his tall grandmother.

Wu Ruo: "..."

The ghost woman asked nervously, "Xiao Ruo, can my face recover as before?"

Wu Ruo twisted her eyebrows and checked her face: "Your face has been left untreated for more than 40 years, and you have to stay in the low, wet ground every day, aggravating the severity of your skin. It will take three or four years. "

"Three or four years ... Can you heal my face faster?"

"Why are you suddenly in a hurry to heal your face?"

"I want to see Guan Zhen and Xiao Tong, and I want to see them in the best possible way." When the ghost woman saw Guan Zhen again, she couldn't wait to recognize him. After making up her mind, she couldn't bear it anymore. Live in an urgent mood.

"You can also meet them the way you are now."

"No. I don't want them to see me now."

"But my mother has seen you now."

"Not the same, I'm going to see her as her mother now." The ghost woman said sadly, "You should also understand my mood. If it were you, after decades of separation from your lover, would you also like to The best image to see him? "

Wu Ruo looked silently at Hei Xieyu. If decades later, his lover is still as beautiful as he is now, and he is ugly, he will indeed humble himself and dare not meet.

Hei Xuyi saw what he was thinking: "I don't mind if you are beautiful or ugly, and you don't need to look for appearance, and let us reduce the time we spend together for several years."

Wu Ruo asked, "But if you change it, I still look like you now?"

"As long as you don't care about my ugliness, even if I'm ugly, you still like it, and I won't care."

Wu Ruo hugged him quickly and kissed him fiercely on the fake leather that he had tied up. When he thought that the last black scorpion was burnt, he only had heartache, so how could he be disgusted.

Ghost: "..."

She's not here to see how good their relationship is.

Hei Xun bent his corner of the mouth, hugged Wu Ruo and said to the ghost woman, "If your grandfather still likes you, you won't mind your appearance, let alone your face can be healed, so why not go before you are healed? Test whether he has deep feelings for you, and you have n’t seen him for decades. You will feel uneasy in your heart, afraid that he no longer likes you. If he can accept you now, it means that he can be good for a lifetime. Love you. "

The ghost woman looked at him in a faint hair.

Wu Ruo doesn't want to push the ghost woman too tightly. The ghost woman also needs time to sort out her feelings. When you meet the family, you will feel uneasy: "If you go back to the palace with me, I will heal your face as soon as possible."

"Thank you." Gui Gui flashed tears in her eyes. For decades, the old people's brutal killings of their families were vividly remembered, so if Wu Ruo just lied to her to manage her affairs and be arranged for family affairs, she did not show her ability To protect her family, she may not immediately confess her identity, because she does not want to lose her father and mother again because of her affairs.

Back in the palace, Hei Xieyu asked Hessin to arrange the ghost woman's residence, and Wu Ruo went to the alchemy room to refining the ghost woman's medicine, and then, while removing the dead skin on the ghost woman's face, asked softly, "Grandma, you these years How are you doing? "

When the ghost woman heard his title, her body trembled suddenly, and her eyes were red again: "In the first ten years when I came out of the house holding Panyang, I had been crazy, sometimes in the next ten years, people were awake and sometimes It ’s like a crazy woman. When you are awake, you will quickly promote yourself to cultivate the silver that I ’ve earned for me. I will use it to help me improve my elixir, and my blood will flow in just a short time. It has risen to the ninth level in decades. I was not so lonely and sad when I was accompanied by Panyang for a few years, but when the night was still, I still thought of Guan Zhen and Xiao Tong. Even when I dreamed, I dreamed of being with them. No It's great to think of seeing you in the next few decades. It's great. "

"Don't cry." Wu Ruo wiped away the tears that were about to fall for her. "Now that we can get together again, we should be happy."

"Well," said the ghost woman with a smile, "Panyang must have seen a lonely man alone in the sky, so let you come to me."

Wu Ruo smiled slightly: "Yes."

He picked up the ointment and applied it to her face: "This ointment is not a wound medicine. It is to soften the dead skin in your cracks. After applying it to your face, it will make your face feel hot and painful. Itchy, but you can't grab it with your hands, you know? "

"Well." The ghost woman immediately felt very uncomfortable like a burn on her face, as if she was hurt by a cat's claw.

Wu Ruo quickly peeled off the dead skin under the cracks in the skin, and a bunch of blood immediately flowed out of the torn skin.

He quickly wiped out the bleeding with a clean wet silk, then accelerated his movements to tear off the dead skin in other gaps, then cleaned the fine seams, and then applied the entire face with a cool wound medicine, and finally with white gauze Tighten the face so that the cracks can close as the skin regenerates.

Next, she cleaned her hands for the ghost woman: "Fortunately, the skin under your robe was not sunburned, so the most troublesome thing now is your eyes."

"What about the meat on my mouth and nose? And can I wash my teeth?"

"The meat on the mouth and nose can grow back, and the teeth can be washed white. You don't have to worry about this." Wu Ruo took care of her hands and said, "You rest early, I will take you to Tai Hospital tomorrow to check your With both eyes, can you see if the doctors in the Tai Hospital can treat you? "

"it is good."

In the early morning the next morning, after having breakfast, Wu Ruo took the ghost woman to Tai Tai Hospital to check his eyes.

The doctors at Taiji Hospital shook their heads one after another. The ghost woman hurt the inside of her eyes and could not be cured at all. Fortunately, she did not cause blindness. Wu Ruo had to take the ghost woman away.

Back in the Hengxing Palace, he received the news from Hei Xieyu from the border city.

Because of the incident last night, the test was suspended for three days, which made everyone happy and worried.

At noon, Hei Xieyu returned to the emperor's office early, and said to Wu Ruo after lunch: "I just met Master again. He was anxious to see them, so let's take the children to him tonight. Household meals. "

Wu Ruo asked, "Wu You, are they going?"

"Well, Master said that he has prepared two magic instruments for the two children, and he will be required to bring them] together.

"Then I need to speed up."

"What action?"

Wu Ruo smiled mysteriously, and after drinking the tea in her hand, she hid her two children and hid in the danfang to hurt the little secret of the merchant.

In the afternoon, Hei Xieyu took Wu Ruo and took them to Hei Xietang Mansion to pick up two children. Due to the incident that the kid was attacked last night, you could not rest assured, so they followed Wu Ruo to Jinlian's home for dinner .

Jin Lian's home is outside the border town. He was so happy to see so many people coming to his house to be a guest, but everyone's appearance made him worry. When he saw Wu Ruo they became nervous and speechless Fortunately, Wu Ruo had a foresight. He bought a mask when he came and was on the road. After he introduced Jin Lian, he let them hide in the mask.

Thorny wondered: "Why a mask?"

Wu Ruo's eyes were busy urging them to enter Jin Lian: "His master will be nervous when he looks good-looking."


When Jin Lian saw the children wearing masks, he said, "Children don't wear them."

Wu Ruo asked curiously, "Aren't you nervous when facing your child?"

"No." Jin Lian chuckled and took them out to Xiao Wuyou and handed them to them: "I am here for the two children. This soft sword is for Wu You. It You can stretch your hands freely, and you can tie it to your belt when not in use. This claw is a nightthorn, which is very sharp. Even sharp objects can be crushed by its claws, and they can grow larger and smaller on your hands. As for what else you can do, let yourself go back and explore, so that you can find the joy in it. "

Xiao Wuyou and Xiaoye Ji brightened their eyes, quickly took the instrument, put it down and touched it again and again, indicating that he liked the gift from Jin Lian very much.

Jin Lian was very happy to see them like it so much.

Wu Ruodao: "What do you say when you receive someone else's gift?"

Xiao Wuyou immediately said, "Thank you."

Xiaoye spine said sorry, thank you.

Jin Lian rubbed the heads of the two children with special joy.

Wu Ruodao: "Master, we have gifts for you."

Jin Lian said unhappy, "What else do you bring with me?"

"This is what I made with Egg and Little." Wu Ruo took out a box and handed it to him.

When Jin Lian heard it, they did it with their own hands, smiled again, and took over their gifts: "Still you have the heart, I have known Xu Yan for so long, this boy has never given me a gift."

Hei Xuan drew a corner of his eyes: "I have sent you the materials before, but you don't, throw all the materials back to me."

"That's because you are not sincere."

Hei Xuanyu wondered: "Why not enough?"

"You bought the materials from someone else?"

"No, it was dug up by a subordinate.

"Anyway, you didn't do it yourself. You see Xiao Ruo's gift is different. It was given to me by yourself. This is sincerity."

Hei Xieyu: "..."

Wu Ruo laughed: "Master, open it quickly and see if you like it."

"OK," Jin Lian opened the box with a smile.

Chapter 297: Has grown tall

The gift box contained a yellow cloth.

"Yellow cloth?" Jin Lian curiously took it out and opened it for a look, with a pattern of purple sand drawn on it: "This is ..."

Others were also curious to come and see.

You said, "It seems to be a spirit gathering, but it seems not."

Ye Ji raised an eyebrow: "Well, it's like a blessing formation."

Thorny's eyes narrowed: "How does this block feel like a sky fire array dedicated to refining?"

Hei Xuanyu also couldn't see what kind of matrix: "It seems that various matrix methods are fused together."

Wuzhu is not very familiar with the game, and he can't see what the game is, so he asks, "Xiao Ruo, what kind of game is this?"

"Yeah, what kind of array is this? I have never seen this array of maps." Jin Lian looked left and right: "But if Xiaoma gave me such a map, I should be able to use it. , And I'm a refiner, you must give me the method used in the refiner. "

"Yes." Wu Ruo smiled with Xiaoxiao and Qidan with a smirk at God, and continued: "We have improved the Skyfire array and integrated it into the Spirit Circle and the Blessing Array. When we use the Skyfire array in the future, we can make it Skyfire condenses more spiritual power, and you can increase the strength of skyfire and spiritual power by praying for blessings.

Jin Lian looked surprised: "This array method actually has so many effects?"

"We don't know what you like, so I wanted to give you a gift that suits you. Then, I thought of the matrix map, and I asked my sons to study and improve the matrix method for you."

This is the experience obtained from the last study of the solar array.

"Hahaha--" Jin Lian laughed happily: "I like it, I like it very much, look, look ..."

He said to Hei Xieyu, "This is sincerity, or your partner is interested."

Hei Xieyu: "..."

Wu Ruo smiled.

You and Yeji also gave out gifts to Jin Lian.

Jin Lian happily accepted the gift and went to the kitchen.

Wu Ruo asked, "Are we going to help?"

Hei Xuai shook his head: "Master likes to cook, and he likes to watch others taste his dishes, but he doesn't like others to stop him from cooking."

"Daddy, come here quickly, so beautiful." Xiao Wuyou exclaimed in the yard excitedly.

Everyone walked outside the hall and saw the furry white snow drifting on the sky in the yard under Xiao Wuyou's soft sword.

Wuzhu reached out to pick it up, and immediately encountered a cold, he was surprised: "It turned out to be true ..."

"Fake." Hei Xuyi said, "All we see is fantasy."

"And, there are." Xiaowu Youjian turned, the sky was covered with red maple leaves, and the ground was covered with maple leaves.

You Xun smiled and asked, "Isn't it just that a fantasy will appear as soon as a sword dances?"

Hei Xieyu can say: "This can be controlled at will, and when the dark spirit is stronger, you can also use it to create larger and more realistic illusions to confuse the enemy."

Wuzhudao: "Seeing the maple leaves reminds me that this is also the time when the ginkgo leaves are deciduous. If it is in the ginkgo forest, the scenery is definitely not worse than the maple leaves, and the ground is golden and very spectacular."

Wu Ruo has also seen the scene of gingko leaves: "At this time next year, we can go to see gingko.

You said: "You can go now."

"We are in this situation, and it is impossible to sit and drink tea under the ginkgo tree without interruption."

"So too."

Wu Zhu watched his son have a good time and said with a smile: "I think Xi Xun's stable temperament is not cold and hot. I thought Xi Xun's master would be a serious gray-haired old man, but he didn't want this person to be cheerful and free Bar. "

Wu Ruo said, "I thought so before Xuan Yuan brought me."

Wuzhu looked at the small nightthorn that stood beside Jing: "The children love Master Xi's meeting ceremony.

Ye Ji looked at his son.

Xiaoyethorn is playing with his claws. After he puts it on his hand, he can make it bigger and smaller by the psychic power. When it becomes smaller, it will be as thin as a piece of black leather that wraps his hands and stretches freely. It is neither tight nor loose, and it is also breathable, as if no claw sleeve is worn. After it becomes larger, a stiff iron will emerge on the back of the hand, which can block the sword attack, and the sharpness on the fingertips As long as the paw is gently pressed on the small stone, it suddenly turns into powder.

He looked at the powder on the ground, his eyes shining.

Ye Sheng rubbed his head: "Like?"

Xiaoye nodded strongly.

Ye Ji hasn't seen his son so strongly that he likes something.

"It's time for dinner." Jin Lian came out of the kitchen with a large bowl of vegetables and put it on the table in the lobby.

"So fast?" Wu Ruo rolled up his sleeves and went in to help with the dishes.

Others have helped in the past.

Jin Lian said with a smile, "I know the children eat a lot, so I wash the dishes early in the morning, and some dishes are ready at noon, so you can eat enough."

Wu Ruo, when they entered the kitchen, they saw several stir-fried meat in different cauldrons. The delicious flavor made everyone appetite.

When Yeyi brought out the last large pot of food, she saw that the spiny **** was still standing in the yard and was in a daze, she called out, "Xiao?"

Thorny lingering, he frowned, saw Ye Ji's dish, and asked, "Is the meal started?"


Spinach fly back to the lobby and sit next to his son.

Jin Lian put the tableware in front of them "I don't know what you like to eat, so I cooked all my specialty dishes, I hope you like it."

Wu Ruo took out the small tableware used in the space, the small chair and the small table with which he was sitting, and said with a smile, "You only need to look at the eggs to know how much he likes your dishes.

At this point, Egg's little mouth had been stuffed with a large piece of meat.

"Master, the dishes you cook are delicious."

"Just eat more." Jin Lian gave him another piece of meat, then, looking at the little sitting at the table, asked with concern: "Little, can you grow up in the future?"

Wu Ruo frowned lightly: "I don't know.

Putting Wu Ruo on the index finger of his little table, he said, "Dad, I'm a little taller than before."

Wu Ruo and Hei Xu looked at Xiaoxiao in surprise: "Really?"

In their eyes, they couldn't see it at all.

"Really." Xiaoxiao got down from the chair: "Dad, see if my robe is shorter than before."

The robe he had worn had reached his heels, completely blocking his shoes, and now the robe was short enough to be under the ankle, exposing the upper.

Thorny raised his eyebrows: "I think it's your shirt that has shrunk."

Little: "..."

Hei Xunji gave a cold glance.

Wu Ruo glared at the thorns. "My son said he must be tall when he grows tall."

"Just grow tall, just grow tall." Jin Lian said to everyone, "Have dinner."

Hei Xiu took a piece of roasted meat, cut it into small pieces with a knife, and put the meat in a small bowl.

"Thank my father." Xiaoxiao thanked him well.

The black eyes flashed a gentle touch,

Jin Lianyu said, "Besides the refiner, for the first time, I saw Xuan Ye so careful."

Hei Xuan said faintly: "Of course be careful with your son."

You You laughed: "I haven't seen you so careful about Douban.

"If I'm careful with him, he can't stand it."

Eggs agreed and nodded: "Father picking vegetables is too slow to keep up with my speed."

Wu Ruopong, who was busy giving eggs to vegetables, smiled: "His name is elegant, it's like you have a mouth full."

Every time he gave the eggs a long distance, he almost used a spoon to scoop a large spoon into the egg bowl. Otherwise, he couldn't keep up with his son's speed.

Yandan looked at Xiao Wuyou across from him: "Wu You also eats full mouth.

Wu Zhu said, "The dishes that Master cooked are so delicious."

Xiao Wuyou nodded and stuffed vegetables in her mouth: "Well, delicious, delicious."

Jin Lian laughed and said, "I haven't been so busy here for a long time."

You asked, "Where's Master?"

Jin Lian was embarrassed to say, "I haven't married my wife yet.

Hei Xuanyuan said, "It's time to find me a master."

"They look down on me."

Youyou joked: "So you already have someone you like?"

Jin Lian did not admit: "No."

"If you do, hurry up and wait for others to take it away, and you will cry."

Jin Lian: "..."

Hei Xuyi asked, "Who is it?"

All eyes were cast on Jin Lian.

"Really do not have."

You said, "If you don't tell us, we won't be able to help you catch people."

"It's the widow in the house opposite." Jin Liansheng was afraid that he could not chase anyone, so he quickly said what he liked.

Hei Xuan raised his eyebrows: "No wonder the magic instrument you made can make children like it so much, it must have sent a lot of magic instruments to widow's children.

Wu Ruo: "..."

Jin Lian embarrassed: "Although she is a widow, she is very nice, that is, when I see her shy, I can't say the whole thing every time I stutter."

Hei Xuan yelled, "You will stutter when you see her, indicating that she looks good."


You You tapped the half-mask on her face and said, "Master, you can make an ugly instrument to see everyone, so that you will not stutter."

Jin Lian smiled bitterly: "I tried, but it would make me unrecognizable even to the enemy."

You You: "..."

Wu Ruo, who is here, said, "Master is mainly insecure about his appearance to have a sense of inferiority. When a group of people think you are a very attractive man, you will slowly become confident.

Yeji and Wuzhu both felt that Wu Ruo was right.

Wu Ruo wants to measure Jin Lian's dress, her face is tough, her facial features are fortitude, but her hair is too messy, her clothes are too casual, her skin color is a bit black, and her short beard is still on her lips. I don't like Jin Lian: "If Master masters her appearance a little, she will definitely attract many girls."

"Really?" Jin Lian's eyes lightened, then darkened again: "I just want to attract the widow from the opposite side."

Wu Ruo smiled: "After you have a full meal, I will groom you and make you attract a group of girls, oh no, attract the opposite widow."

Chapter 298: Don't allow you to see other men

After supper, Wuzhu and Youzhe were responsible for helping to clean up the tableware. Wu Ruo helped Jin Lian organize her appearance, combed him, shaved his beard, and then washed the dull complexion of Jin Lian with wheaten with potion. Finally, Help Jin Lian to repair her eyebrows.

Jin Lian raised her eyebrows: "A man also fixes his eyebrows? Isn't this what a woman should do?"

Wu Ruo said as he cut off the excess hair under his eyebrows, "Eyebrows are trimmed without distinction between men and women, and no one says that men ca n’t trim their eyebrows. I remember when I got married, I refused to trim my eyebrows. The extra eyebrows cannot be denied. After the eyebrows are trimmed, the whole person looks much more energetic and will make the eyes more attractive. "

Hei Xieyu looked at Jin Lian after his eyebrows: "Well, it's really spirited."

"Really?" Jin Lian took the bronze mirror and took a picture, surprised and opened his mouth, stuttered: "This, this, this person, the person is me, me?"

Wu Ruopo laughed: "Is Master frightened by his resolute appearance? He even stutters when he sees himself."

Jin Lian embarrassed and smiled. She was really scared by herself in the mirror. She could hardly recognize the person in the mirror.

"I bought my robes." Ji Yihe Yeji put the box with the shoes on the ground.

Wu Ruo picked a dark blue robe for Jin Lian to put on.

Ye Jidao looked at Jin Lian: "Well, people really want clothes, and Buddha wants gold clothes."

Thorny said: "It's like changing people."

"Are you ready?" Wuzhu returned after washing the dishes. When he entered the door, he saw Jin Lianhuan a moment: "Master, Master?"

Jin Lian uneasily pulled up his robe: "Does it look good?"

The ebony was swollen, and suddenly, his eyes were dark.

Youyou who came in behind covered Wuzhu's eyes. "You are not allowed to look at other men."

Wuzhu: "..."

Jin Lian smiled.

You said, "Now that you've finished your makeup, try the results."

Jin Lian asked: "How to try?"

"Of course, try to see if your charm now attracts the widow's attention."

Jin Lian immediately persuaded.

You You patted him on the shoulder: "You don't need to talk to her, just go out and go to the shop as usual when she comes out."

"She rarely goes out at night."

There was a mysterious arc in the corner of You's mouth: "I'll let her go out.

After the cup of tea, an immature cry sounded outside the house, "Ye Daye, Ye Daye, are you home?"

When Ye Zhi in the room heard someone calling her outside the door, he responded quickly: "At home, who are you?" "People outside said," Ye Dayi, someone asked me to send you a box of cakes. "

Ye Zhi saw a two-year-old baby carrying a box of pastry in the door gap, carefully opened the door, and confirmed that no one on either side of the door asked, "Well, who asked you to send me a pastry?" of?"

Xiaowa shook her head: "The man didn't say."

Yeats was a little embarrassed.

At this moment, the opposite door was opened, and a burly man with a good appearance and a steady temperament came out of the room, with a firm face and bright eyes, giving a very reliable feeling. The most important thing was to make Yeats feel this Where have the portraits been seen.

At this moment, the burly man glanced at her, as if the stick was hitting the drum, Ye Zhi's heart quickly jumped out, and he could even hear a ‘咚咚咚’ sound from the heart.

Her eyes moved unconsciously with each other.

The burly man noticed her gaze and nodded politely to her.

Ye Zhi smiled shyly. After the other person walked out of Wuzhang, she found that the man looked very similar to the opposite Jin Lian, and she hurriedly asked, "Are you Jin Jin?"

If the other party didn't hear her cry, walked to the street, a turn disappeared in front of her eyes.

Yeats lost for a while, watching the man disappear for a long time.

"Ye Daquan."

The immature voice interrupted Yeats's preoccupation.

Yeats went back to God, and a widow even looked at a man and lost sight. Suddenly, his face became hot, his whole face turned red, and he was too afraid to see anyone.

"Ye Daquan."

Ye Zhi heard the sound, then remembered that there was a little baby standing beside him.

The little baby stuffed the pastry into her hand and ran quickly toward the direction where the man disappeared. After the corner, a big hand pulled him into his arms. "Egg and awesome." Wu Ruo held the little baby and kissed him. Sip.

He smiled, and used the power to change a face that everyone didn't know.

Wu Ruo said, "Can't you use other people's faces to know in front of the family?"

"it is good."

Wu Ruo glanced out quietly: "Master, look, Ye Dazhen hasn't entered the house yet, he is still looking at us."

"She should look at the eggs." Jin Lian felt very useless. When Yeats called him just now, he didn't dare to agree, so he was afraid to ruin the current image.

You said, "You see she turned to look at your house.

Jin Lian: "..."

About half a day later, Yeats returned to the house with the cake.

Wu Zhu laughed: "According to this situation, Ye Dazhen should be able to make Master like Master."

"This ... this ..." Jin Lian was happy and worried about Bai Xingyi.

Wu Ruo patted his shoulder: "Now you need to exercise your self-confidence, otherwise you can't speak in front of her?"

Jin Lian asked uncertainly, "Will she really like me? But I don't think I am like myself now, so I feel uncomfortable in this way of dress. In case she only likes me now, I don't like weekdays. What do I do? "

"Master, you think too much. What we are doing now is just to let her see that you are also a charming man after changing your robes, not to make you dress up like this every day. Usually if you go to the store To open a shop, you just need to comb yourself neatly. If you go to a wedding banquet and put on a robe made of other fabrics, your temperament is still the original temperament, and it doesn't make you change anything.

The others nodded.

Jin Liansong said, "That's good."

Hei Xuan murmured: "If she doesn't accept the bad side of you, it means that she is not good enough, and my apprentice will not accept her."

Jin Lian immediately said for Yeats: "She is not such a woman."

Hei Xieyu: "..."

"Let's go shopping." Wu Ruo pushed Jin Lian to the street, and when he got to a crowded place, he let Jin Lian walk alone in front, and the others followed.

Jin Lian walking in front always felt that someone was looking at him, and he turned around, and saw a few girls secretly watching him. When he saw him looking past, they were shy.

Jin Lian: "..."

Does he really look good in this way?

After that, more and more people watched Jin Lian. From the beginning, they were not used to the eyes of everyone, and gradually found a little self-confidence.

Xiao Wuyou, who had been behind, yawned boringly, and saw a crowd of people in a circle and shouted in excitement, curiously pointed at the front and said, "Father, I want to see there."

You You looked to the right hand side in front, it turned out that everyone was watching a shadow play: "Xiao Ruo, past?"

When Wu Ruo sees the eggs and Xiao also want to pass, he nods, and then sees that he has gone far away from Jin Lian, and asks, "Would you like to call Master back?"

Hei Xuyi said, "Let him get used to the sight around him."

Thorny opened his mask: "It's inconvenient to wear a mask all the time.

In addition to the black skin with fake skin on the face, others also took off their masks.

Wu Ruo they walked behind the crowd, the shadow puppets on the white curtain were fighting fiercely, let everyone see with interest.

I did n’t know they had n’t seen the addiction yet, so they listened to the artist behind the white curtain saying, “If you want to know what ’s going on, look at the next time.”

Wu Ruo them: "..."

"Ah?" Xiao Wuyou lost her face. "No?"

"One more time." The children were reluctant to leave, standing still and noisy for the performers to perform again.

The boss in charge of the shadow play came out and said, "I'm sorry, we have been performing for a day, our throats are dumb, and our bodies are very tired. We need to go back for a night to rest, and the little boys who want to see the shadow play again can watch it tomorrow morning. "

Some acting leather artists have left when they are tired.

"We will come back tomorrow," Wuzhu said.

Xiao Wuyou didn't quarrel like other children to watch, but couldn't hide their lost faces.

Wu Ruoshi was reluctant to make the children unhappy, so he took out some gold and walked to the boss.

When the boss saw Gold's eyes brightened, he bitterly said, "Guoke, you've seen it. Our artist has gone back to rest. Even if you give me more money, I can't perform it for you alone. "

Wu Ruo said, "You just need to lend us a stall,"

The boss froze.

"Just lend it to us, and this gold is yours." Wu Ruo passed the gold to him: "Lend it?"

Wu Ruo could buy the entire stall with gold in his hand. How could the boss not borrow it? He gladly took it and said, "You can just use it, don't destroy the shadow puppet."

"Will not."

The boss sat aside with a smile.

Wu Zhu asked before leaving: "Xiao Ruo, do you want to perform a shadow puppet show yourself?"

"Yeah, we've seen so many shadow plays before, and we want to do it ourselves, brother, would you like to come together?

Wuzhu was also very interested in the performance of his self-initiated battle: "Okay."

When Wu Ruo saw that the white curtain had a length of one foot, he asked Hei Xieyu to come over to help, and You Xie and Ye Ji were responsible for drumming and gongs, and Thorny was responsible for protecting the children.

Wu Ruo they got behind the white curtain for a while and became familiar with the operation.

Wu Zhu asked: "Xiao Ruo, what program are we going to perform better?"

"..." This stumped Wu Ruo. Although I watched a lot of shadow play as a child, the content of the story was almost forgotten: "Brother, can you remember the story of the shadow play we watched as a child?"

The ebony shook his head.

Wu Ruo looked to Hei Xuan.

"I never watch a shadow play."

Wu Ruo: "..."

The children outside hurried: "Daddy hurry."

Behind the white curtain, Wu Ruo suddenly flashed, and smiled, "I know what to do."

Chapter 299: So tired

After about two teas, the white curtain finally opened.

Under the intense percussion of musical instruments by Youyou and Yeji, a group of audiences were attracted. Because of not accepting cash, more and more people were watching.

The children clapped their hands in excitement.

You Ji whispered in Yeji's ears: "For the sake of the children, this deity is condescending and noble, and for the first time did such a low thing."

Ye Ji: "..."

"After returning to the Demon Race, don't talk about it."

Ye Yi whispered quietly: "Don't say."

No one believed it even after speaking.

You You stopped within half a column of incense.

Behind the white curtain, a clear voice came: "In the period of mysticism, everyone has spiritual power, and whoever has high spirituality can learn more mysticism. Respected by others, on the contrary, the less the students learn the lessons, the more they are looked down upon. However, in a small town, a little boy with no spiritual power was born, because he ranks the top nine in the family. Everyone Call him Ajiu ... "

Although Wu Ruo heard a lot of shadow puppet shows when he was young, after all he just listened but never learned, and he would not sing like a shadow puppet artist, so he told the children stories in the form of storytelling, but let Children prefer it because it is easy for them to understand and attracts their attention. It is also welcomed by adults who accompanied their children to watch it.

At this time, a white curtain appeared in the small village and a small child.

"Because there is no spiritual power, Xiao Ajiu is not welcomed by his family, and he is often compared with his genius brother A Yi. He even has to do all the work at home, and he is despised by others outside. , But also the exclusion of children of the same age, the children are happy to bully him ... "

There were a few more children on the white curtain. They punched and kicked Xiao Ajiu, and let Xiao Ajiu lie on the ground like a dog, ride them on a horse, and urinate on him.

The adults who accompanied the children to the shadow puppet show were very angry. They all felt that Xiao Ajiu's family and other people were too much. They wanted to rush into the shadow puppet show and fight with people who did not like Xiao Ajiu.

The non-sensible children were laughed at when they were bullied, and the sensible children were as angry as adults.

People passing by were attracted by the excitement of the people who watched the puppet show. They thought that something big happened in the puppet show. They went to see the curiosity in their arms. Finally, more and more people were watching.

"Xiao Ajiu was beaten with bruises every day, and he cried in the quilt every night, but he was not discouraged because he had no spiritual power. Whenever he was quiet every night, he would learn that adults would sit and meditate in bed. In this way, day after day, there is no interruption. Huang Tian lived up to the caring person. At the age of 98, he finally got into the body. It turned out that Xiao A's body was different from other people, and he needed to practice hard. With spiritual power, Xiao Ajiu is very happy, but he did not tell his family, because only spiritual power will not be mysterious, and still not loved by his family, so since that day, he secretly ran to the college every day to steal He studied mystery, but was beaten out of the hospital again and again. "

Behind the white curtain, Wu Zhu is responsible for dancing other children to bully Wu Ruo's villain.

His heart was very complicated, and he whispered, "Well, bullying his brother, is he really uncomfortable?"

Wu Ruo turned around and smiled with his voice while he was free, "It's all fake, what's so uncomfortable?"

"It reminds me of when you were bullied as a kid.

"It was originally adapted from what I was bullied of when I was a kid."

Wuzhu blame himself: "It's all useless to me, not to protect you well."

"Brother, it's all over, and I'm doing fine now." While Ruo was talking, Yu Guang glanced at the corner of the crowd opposite Bai Bu, and a group of big men stood outside. , Limp and heavy ficus.

He smiled rejoicing, raised his hand and waved at them,

Limp bent his corners.

With a deep laugh, Haha laughed, "I said that his voice was like Yang Yang, and it really was him."

From this angle, they can see Wuzhu and Wuruo.

"The shadow play he made was really interesting. When his shadow puppet was beaten, he not only played the sound, but he also looked very hurt after the white cloth.

When Pingxing saw Wu Ruo being beaten, he made a "ah ah" cry, and his smile was deeper.

Chong Rong whispered, "Master, we have other things, shouldn't we go?"

Saying without squinting: "Look at it again."

Heavy ficus lowered his eyelids.

When Wu Ruo's villain struck, he also fell to the shoulder of the other side, "Xi Jun, I'm injured."

He was responsible for changing the background. He smiled at the corners of his mouth: "What hurt?"


Hei Xiu bowed his head and kissed him quickly.

Wu Ruohe smiled: "Your lips are a panacea, and all my injuries will be cured instantly."

Wuzhu's eyes turned wide, and many people looked outside, and the two of them turned up casually.

"锵锵 锵-" You Mi knocked on the gongs and drums, reminding Wu Ruo to perform quickly.

When Wu Ruo stood upright, he glanced at someone off the tent and stared at them. He couldn't help looking at them, and saw the building fell behind the crowd, watching them intently.

"It's Lord Lou," he whispered.

Hei Xuyi glanced slightly, then closed his eyes.

Wu Ruo continued to tell the story: "A decade later, Ajiu grew up, and people in the town still like to bully Ajiu, and even children often like to throw stones at him. But on one day, There was a great wizard in town who wanted to take in the town's genius Ayi as an apprentice. Ayi was very happy. Others were also happy for Ayi, but only Ajiu saw that the wizard was a human. Big devil. On the spot, Ajiu revealed the true face of the wizard in front of everyone, but no one believed it, and even kicked him out of town. Ajiu sneaked back without worrying about the people in the town When he arrived in the town, he saw that the big devil was absorbing the spiritual power of the people in the town, while the others were either backhand-less or scared to urinate ... "

Some of the little babies outside were also trembling with the big devil on the white cloth.

"Ajiu was very angry when he saw that his family had been absorbed by the demon. Although his family did not like him, he still regarded them as relatives and saw that his relatives had been absorbed by him, regardless of his ability. Can't defeat the devil, just rushed over ... "

Wu Ruo rushed towards the shadow figure in Hei Xieyu's hand with his shadow figure: "Devil, see tricks--"

"Hit him, hit him." The little baby outside Baibu was very excited.

"Look at my thousand palms." Wu Ruo's little shadow figure slaps on the black shadowy little shadow figure, and at the same time, he helps the dubbing to make an ‘ah’ sound.

The black shadow puppeter was taken back a few steps.

Wu Ruo quickly commented: "People in the town saw that Ajiu not only had spiritual power, but also had a lot of mysteries. They were stunned and even forgot to escape. Ajiu's family saw Ajiu regardless of the danger. Come to save them, they were shocked and regretted. They used to be bad for Ajiu, but Ajiu was able to save them regardless of their previous suspicion, leaving them very ashamed. "

After the black shadow puppet man stood firmly, he rushed to Wu Ruo's little puppet man.

Wu Ruo dubbed him: "I don't know what to live or die. Since you want to die, then this seat will complete you."

Immediately afterwards, he also helped the voice of the fight to make the child look very excited.

Hei Xuanyu saw his mouth keep busy, and the corner of his mouth smiled more and more.

The battle scene on the white curtain was fierce.

The baby boys screamed.

Suddenly, a word came out of the white curtain: "My mouth is tired."

The little children were stunned.

The other adults grinned and laughed out.

The limp also kept laughing.

Song Song whispered, "Master, we should go."

"Let's go after watching it."

"..." Shen Song frowned lightly, looked at the limp, and looked at Wu Ruo, and always felt that the sight of his master was not on the white curtain, but on the person behind the curtain.

Wu Ruo and Hei Xieyu played fiercely on the white curtain.

"Squeezed you, crushed you." Wu Ruo's little shadow figure jumped to the black shadow figure's little shadow figure, and then whispered in Hexie's ear, "Kiss you."

He led the little shadow figure to bend down and kissed the little shadow figure's face.

"Hugging you." Hei Xuan smiled and hugged Wu Ruo's little shadow figure with a little shadow figure.

Wu Ruo began to explain again: "Ajiu and the big devil are entangled and cannot be separated."

Suddenly, a voice murmured behind Heixiuyu and Wu Ruo: "Don't the devil be damned?"

Hei Xieyu and Wu Ruo turned back violently, and they saw the urn holding the uranium gong glaring at them with resentment: "My hands are tired, and if it doesn't end, I will hit you as a great demon."

Uno: "..."

Hei Xieyu: "..."

Wu Ruo quickly overwhelmed the small shadow figure of Hei Xieyu to the ground and said, "After hundreds of rounds of battle, Ah Jiu finally defeated the big devil."

"Yeah, victory, victory." The children outside shouted happily.

Wu Ruo continued, "People in the town have thanked those who bullied him after seeing the death of the devil. At the same time, he hoped that he would forgive them for bullying him in the past. Ah Ji looked at each one with regret. Face, saying, 'As long as you bring me back to my house, I will forgive you for your mistakes'. People in the town heard Aya and happily lifted him up and sent him home. Since then, Ajiu has become Big hero in town. "

Black bamboo and black shading removed the background and other shadow puppets from the white cloth, leaving only Wu Ruo's shadow puppets alone.

Wu Ruo coughed, dancing to the villain and saying, "This story tells us that people are strong and weak. You can't look down on and bully the weak because you are strong. The weak are not necessarily as you think If it does n’t work, maybe a weak person will become stronger on a day you do n’t know, and you are the weak who really needs protection, so the strong may not be strong for a lifetime, and the weak does not mean that it will be weak for a lifetime . Alright, that's the end of the story. "

He put down the little shadow figure in his hand and went to look for them, but they didn't know when they left.

Chapter 300:

"Who's looking for?" Hei Xieyu walked to Wu Ruo.

Wu Ruo turned around and said, "I saw my friend just now, but I'm gone."

"Is it your friend who went to the slave market with you?"



Before the black shabby words were finished, the owner of the shadow puppet show laughed: "The shadow puppet show performed by the son just now is very good. Since I was born, it is the first time someone has played a shadow puppet show in the form of storytelling, and it seems to be more popular Welcome, it's really an eye-opener for me, I've been taught. "

Wu Ruo laughed. "I told the story like a storyteller because I didn't rap."

"Daddy." Doudou pounced on Wu Ruo's lap with a little,

Wu Ruo picked up the child: "Is the shadow play just now?"

Giggle giggled: "It looks good."

Little also smiled and nodded.

"Really beautiful?" Wu Ruo teased the child and asked, "Isn't it to make me happy?"

"Really beautiful."

Wu Ruo looked at them with a smile, but found that Lou Tiaoluo was still standing behind the crowd: "Xi Yun, is there something for you, Lord Lou?"

Hei Xuanyu looked down at the floor.

Lou fell back to God, made a few gestures to Hei Xieyu, and turned away.

Wu Ruo asked, "What did he say?"

Hei Xieyu turned his head and said, "He said that just now I saw people from the old clan standing here to watch a shadow play. Worried that they would recognize me, he stood here and waited for them to leave.


Youyou held Wuyou and said, "Go back."

Wu Ruo nodded.

Xiao Wuyou said, "Uncle, I'll see the shadow play you performed next time."

Wu Ruo rubbed his little head: "If you are obedient, I will play for you, or buy a shadow puppet team to come back and perform for you."

"Okay." Xiao Wuyou clapped her hands happily.

Wu Zhu asked Hei Xieyu, "Xie Ji, would you like to tell your master that we are going back?"

"I will send someone else to tell Master."

When they left, there were still little boys and adults asking them to perform one. Unfortunately, it was too late, otherwise, if they did, Wu Ruo would perform another one.

Wu Ruo they returned to the palace, and the guard reported to Hei Xieyu that the head of the old tribe had traded goods.

If Wu didn't understand the old people's affairs, he asked Heixin to take the child to take a bath, and then to change the medicine for the ghost woman.

Now the ghost woman's face and hands are covered with gauze, she can't talk, and can't use her hands at will to avoid the cracks from recovering, so she can only read the book to pass the time.

Change the medicine for the ghost woman, and the Heng Xing Gong's palace will tell him that Hei Xieyu has left the house to deal with the old clan's affairs. He may come back later, but Wu Ruo has not yet got up when he got up the next day. See the black render.

After having breakfast, Wu Ruo took the children to see the empress.

When the eunuchs who were outside the main hall saw Wu Ruo coming, they said quickly: "Prince, the queen is busy with something. You and the two high princes will come back later."

In the courtyard of Wu Ruowang's eyes, he asked, "Is there something to do with my mother?"

The **** calmly moved his steps, blocking Wu Ruo's sight and saying, "Yes."

Wu Ruo felt that the **** was weird.

The **** looked at him with a smile, so that he could not see any problems.

Wu Ruo had to leave with their children. When they came to the compound, they heard a **** whispering, "I just saw that Mr. Mao took a woman and a child into the palace to see the emperor."

"What's weird about this? You haven't seen adults bring their wives and children to see the empress."

"The blame is that the woman is not Mrs. Mao's wife, and that the child looks similar to His Royal Highness."

Wu Ruo stopped here, hearing this.

"His Royal Highness? Are you talking about the eldest son of a prince?"


"You said that child was the same as His Highness? Could it be that you were mistaken, maybe that child was His Highness."

"He is taller and taller than His Royal Highness, his face is not round and lovely, and his skin is not as thick as the cloth worn by His Royal Highness Bai Nen. He is about four years old, so I can be sure that the child is definitely not Your Highness.

"You read that right?"

"I was afraid to read it wrongly, and I hid in the corner and looked at it carefully, and more than I saw the child alone."

"If it really is like you said that the child looks like His Highness, and Master Mao brought him here, would it be ..."

The **** quickly covered his mouth: "Speak to me quietly, it would not be good if it came to the ears of the princess."

"Before I speak, you know what I want to say?"

"Master Mao brought a child who looked similar to His Royal Highness. No one can think of your guess."

"It's not necessarily the prince's, maybe it's the other prince."

"Like the Prince, can it be the other prince?"

"You forgot that Prince Lingxuan is a bit similar to the Prince. The brothers look like emperors, and the emperor looks very similar to his second brother, Prince Yuxian. However, if the child is on the side of Prince Yuxian, , Master Mao will not bring children into the palace, so ... "

"Okay, let's stop guessing and hurry up."

The two eunuchs made a turn and saw Wu Ruo standing in front of the child. The faces of the two changed and they hurriedly saluted to Wu Ruo: "The slave has seen the prince."

Wu Ruo nodded and hugged the children to leave.

When the **** saw Wu Ruo leaving, he patted his chest and said, "Frighten me.

Another **** shook his legs and couldn't help but: "The princess didn't hear us?"

"He was calm, not like he heard us talking. He didn't punish us in person. He probably didn't hear us."

"That's good."

The two eunuchs did not dare to say anything about the royal family and hurriedly returned to their posts.

On the way to the Hengxing Palace, Wu Ruo has been thinking about what the two eunuchs in the compound said, and combined with the eunuch's look in the empress officer, it is very likely that Mr. Mao thought that the child was black and he would bring people to Inside the palace.

Wu Ruo returned to the Hengxing Palace, so she dropped the eggs and went to play. Then she went to the alchemy room. On the way, she saw a palace girl with a pale face running down the courtyard where she lived. Unexpectedly, she collided with the big palace girl who came out of the lower courtyard. Together, they fell to the ground fiercely.

The woman in the palace said angrily: "Who is so arrogant? It's okay to hit me now. What if I hit the little master?"

The official girl hurriedly stood up to help the big palace girl: "Aunt Fu Qiu, are you all right?"

Seeing Qiuqiu as usual is always good-looking Ru Lan, his face eased a lot: "Ru Lan, what happened to you today? Panic, did you encounter something?"

For example, Lan Dong glanced at Zhangxi, did not see anyone nearby, and did not see Wu Ruo who was right next to the pillars of the main hall, and said to the grand palace girl, "Aunt Fu Qiu, I just saw a person."

"Who?" Fu Qi curiously.

"Read Aunt Xia."

Fu Qiu's face changed, squealing angrily, "How could you see her? You know she was ..."

She said that she stopped here, took a deep breath and closed her emotions, and continued, "Don't talk nonsense, you must be wrong."

Ru Lan nervously said, "I read that right. That person really resembled Aunt Xia, and she was taken by an adult to Qiyun Temple where the empress lived."

Fu Qiu's eyebrows were "bringed to the Queen's Temple of Qiyun?"

"Yes, she has a child beside her."

"Child?" Fu Qiu thought for a while and hurriedly asked, "How old is that child?"

No, I don't know. "Ru Lan thought about what I saw just now:" I was only looking at Aunt Qiu at that time, and I didn't pay attention to how old the child might be.

Fu Qiu sank his face: "Don't mention the word Qiu again, be careful that the chief manager hears that he is killing you."

Ru Lan quickly closed her mouth.

"Okay, you shouldn't see this thing, don't you tell anyone that you know it?"

Ru Lan nodded.

"Go down and get busy.

If Lan Fei ran to the backyard.

Fu Qiu looked at her distant figure and counted with her hand: "According to the time of the year, the child should also be four years old, isn't it ..."

She shook her head quickly: "Impossible. Impossible."

Fu Qiu did not dare to think about it, and quickly left the yard.

Wu Ruo came out from behind the pillar, squinted his eyes, and did not try to refinish the alchemy before returning to the sleeping quarters.

Toward noon, Hei Xuan returned to Heng Xingguan with a calm face, sitting on a chair without saying a word.

Wu Ruo, who was changing the robes, asked, "What's wrong? Didn't you catch the old people?"

Hei Xunyu glanced at him, and nodded slightly: "When we went there, they had successfully traded with others."

"Why did you come back to rest last night?"

"I played with the old people all night and came back in the morning if something happened."

After He Ruo wore the children's robes, Hei Xieyu put Xiaoxiao in the arms of Yudan: "You take Xiaoxiao out for a party, and I'll call you back for lunch."

"it is good."

After the children left, Hei Xieyu brought Wu Ruola to her arms and said, "When I returned to the palace, the mother called me to her palace.

Wu Ruo probably guessed what he wanted to say: "Is there anything I can do for you?"

Hei Xuanyan hesitated: "When I went to the palace, the mother was entertaining a woman and a child for dinner, that woman ..."

Having said that, he stopped.

"What happened to that woman?"

Hei Xuan narrowed his eyes: "The woman used to be a maid in Hengxing Palace, named Nian Xia, but five years ago, she should have been executed, but she stood alive. Right now. "

Wu Ruo wondered, "Why was she executed?"

Hei Xuanyu hugged him tightly: "She once climbed to my bed while I was drunk."

Wu Ruo: "..."

Hei Xuanyu noticed his body collapse, and quickly explained to him: "I was drunk at the time, but I'm sure I haven't touched her. I was executed in the back.
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