Comeback of the Abandoned Wife Chapter 281-290

Chapter 281: Just kidding

Youyu took the ebony to the back of the cypress.

"Little cypress," Wuzhu exclaimed excitedly.

He is also looking for the cypress with no wu family. When he heard the familiar voice, he suddenly turned around and saw the ebony. When he was excited, he stepped forward and grabbed the ebony ’s arm. "Four brother, you, really It's you."

"It's me." Wuzhu smiled happily: "My father is on the other side, do you want to pass?"

"Yes, I want to see the third uncle them too." Wu Bo released his arm. "Four brother, did you come with the great-grandfather? I haven't seen them since I left the Imperial City. One year, I missed them especially, I do n’t know if their father and great-grandfather are OK. "

The ebony smiled.

After hearing this, I knew that Wu Bo didn't know about Wu's exile.

"I heard that the surgeon competition invited people from all countries, so I waited for them here. With their temperament, they will definitely participate in the competition." Wu Baiyue said more and more excited: "I don't know that they have recently How's it going, dad ... "

Having said that, he smiled bitterly: "Dad he would blame me for not saying goodbye."

Wuzhu tightened his eyebrows: "Where did you go after you left the Imperial City?"

"I left Tianxing Kingdom with a team of travelling warriors." Uber resumed his smile. "With them, I learned a lot."

Wuzhu smiled: "I can see that you have grown a lot and should have risen to the spiritual order."

Uber nodded in excitement: "I am now a fifth-order wizard, and I will come to the stage to take part in the test."

"My dad and I have to take the fifth-level test."

"Really? Wait for us."

Wuzhu asked, "Do you not need to be on the field with the wizard team?"

Uber briefly explained his own experience: "I was caught in the slave market of the Necromancer some time ago and was scattered with them.

"Caught in the slave market? Then you ..."

Uber laughed: "Fortunately someone saved me, otherwise, I will become a slave to others."

"That's good."

Wuzhu took Wubai to Wu Qianqing.

Wu Ruo's eyes flashed with surprise, his elder brother even found Wu Bo.

Wu Bo hugs Wu Qianqing excitedly: "San Bo."

Wu Qian didn't expect to see other loved ones, and her eyes were red and hugged Ubo: "Little Bai, I didn't expect to see you again."

Guan Tong and U Xi looked at them with red eyes.

When Uber calmed down, he asked, "Sanbo, how are you doing recently?"

"Okay, of course." Wu Qianqing let go of him, looked at it carefully, and laughed: "Little Bai has grown up, his height is almost over me, and people are mature and stable."

Uber was embarrassed with a smile: "Sanbo, my father, haven't they come with you? How are they doing?"

Wu Qianqing smiled slightly.

Wuzhu was worried that saying this would affect the test, so he said, "Just as soon as the opening time, we will say after the test, how about it?"

Uber nodded. "Okay."

After about tea time, the tailor let the fifth-level surgeon take the stage to prepare, and then started the game.

Youyu standing under the stage is more tense than ebony, seeing ebony being beaten, his face is more dreary than a rainy day, and even claims to come up: "I do n’t know how to live or die, I dare to hurt my deity, When you step down, your deity will be abolished. "

Ye Ji, Thorny: "..."

Wu Ruo's eyes twitched: "Da'er, calm down.

Youyou took a deep breath, and then laughed and said, "Just kidding."

Wu Ruo: "..."

"I've lost his life at most.

Wu Ruobai gave him a glance: "Dasao, the rare demons have also come to the dead nation, don't you plan to meet your people?"

"After they saw me, they definitely asked me to go back to preside over the whole situation, sitting in a cold position every day, so boring." Youzhen raised his hands and pinched Xiao Wuyou's small face: "It's still fun to be with my husband's child."

"Speaking of this, it reminds me of one thing. When Ye Ji saw Dasao, he didn't know you were the emperor, nor did she know what the princess looked like. It was too strange."

"I used to wear a mask to show people. Few people have seen my true appearance, and Ye Ji only entered the Demon Army in order to get the Sanqi Stone, and after years of earning achievements, of course, there was no chance to see you." He saw another person hit Wuzhu, with a sullen expression on his face: "The deity must destroy those who touch my husband's robes."

Wu Ruo: "..."

Although Wuzhu and Wuqianqing have the same level of spirit as the people present, and the three are better than their counterparts, they can't resist the people who are geniuses or experienced in fighting. When there were still two hundred people, they were beaten down the ring.

Wu Ruo they hurried over and gave Wu Zhu them wounds.

Uxi asked anxiously: "Dad, are you all right?"

Wu Qianqing laughed: "We are all okay, but with a slight injury, we can recover with a little medicine.

Wuzhu sighed: "It's really heaven and there are people out there who, despite being beaten down, have learned a lot of experience and seen different mysteries, even if they don't squeeze into the top ten."

He looked at Ubo: "Xiaobo has made great progress, responds quickly, and is proficient in performing mystery skills. My dad and I are both ashamed. I can see that you have accumulated a lot of experience this year.

Uber smiled embarrassedly: "The fourth brother has won a prize."

Wu Zhu knew that he was anxious to hear the news of Wu Qiantong, and said, "What if we go to the rest area in front of us?"

"Okay." Ubo nodded happily: "I just saw a few people from the top ten families in the Heavenly Kingdom, including the Ling family, the Yun family, and the Yan family, but unfortunately, they did not see the Wu family. It is possible to stand elsewhere to try. "

Wuzhu and Wuqianqing looked at each other.

Wu Ruo said: "I will continue to watch the test and I will not pass.

It was he who sent them to kill the Wuqiantong, so he didn't want to face the cypress by disguising his face without knowing it. In the second place, he really wanted the people in the stands to perform mysticism and mysticism. Stolen it.

Youyu, Thorny, and Yeji knew what Wu Qianqing would say, and in order not to feel the sad atmosphere, they stayed with Wu Ruo.

As soon as Wu Qianqing left, they said, "Daddy, I'm hungry. I want to go to the food street for snacks."

Wu Ruo put the eggs and the little ones down.

Xiao Wuyou also noisily said, "I'm going too."

Xiaoyethorn and Xiaoxiao also expressed their desire to go.

Ye Ji said, "This seat and Acanthurium take them to the food area."

Everyone immediately refused: "No."

Xiaowu You said, "Yes, don't you take it."

Xiao Yechi whispered indifferently: "You go, uncomfortable."

Ye Ji, Thorny: "..."

Wu Ruo frowned: "Ye Ji, they don't care what you eat or how much you eat, why don't you follow them?"

Xiao Wuyou said, "There is an adult who will control us.

Wu Ruo: "..."

That's true.

If they go along, they will definitely not be allowed to do this and that.

Youyou held her son in front of her eyes and stared at him with sharp eyes: "Aren't you going to do anything behind us?"

Xiao Wuyou shook her head.

Youyou turned to ask Xiaoxiao, "Do you really want to go to Food Street?"

Little nodded obediently.

Youyou put Xiaowu on the ground: "Go."

Xiao Wuyou happily pounced on the egg: "Let's go."

Xiao Ye thorns hugged a little, and let Xiao Wuyou pull the egg and run towards the food street.

The four adults stood looking at each other.

Wu Ruo sighed helplessly: "Forget it, let them play."

Hexuan people guard them, he is more at ease.

Youyou said sadly: "My son is still a good time for diapers. I can toss it up. Now that my son is older, I don't want my father."

Ye Ji glanced at him: "You can follow the past."

You You hummed: "I don't want my son to hate."

After half an hour, the fifth-tier wizard's test was over, the tea break was taken, the sixth-tier wizard's test began, and the referee sent the sixth-tier wizard to power.

Youyou turned to look to the right: "Did you feel it?"

Wu Ruo and Ye Ji nodded at one glance: "Egg and Xiaoxiao are still on the test floor.

Ye Ji went on to say, "They seem to be going in the direction of Yantai."

Youyu and Wu Ruo looked at each other silently, surprised, "Would they not take part in the Master's Test?"

Wu Ruo: "..."

Achilles said: "It must be a test on stage. The last time they went to the stage and were discovered by Hei Xuan, so they were unwilling to go to the stage by themselves.

"They are indeed on the stage." A familiar deep voice sounded behind them.

Wu Ruowen said quickly, and turned quickly, and saw the black skin and the black skin with the fake skin standing on their identities.

He happily walked over and grabbed Hei Xieyu's hand: "You are busy with your business."

Hei Xietang asked in shock: "Brother, you just said that they were on the stage?"

"Um." Hei Xuanyu pulled Wu Ruo to the side of the ring.

Wu Ruo quickly asked, "Where?"

"Go find them."

Youyu heard, and Yeji they followed.

They came to the other side of the platform, and Hei Xuan looked at one of the figures on the aisle with a smile at the corner of his mouth.

Wu Ruo they followed his gaze, and on the passage leading to the ring, there was a sorcerer wearing a black cape, a black turban on his head, and a golden mask on his face, just like a drunk wicker, his body swaying and crooked He walked towards the ring, and several wizards around him even stepped on him several times, almost fighting. Fortunately, this person did not arouse public anger by actively apologizing, but the person still looked like a crumbling, and seemed to be very uncoordinated. When he climbed the stairs of the ring platform, he walked very slowly. He was walking on the ring platform with his shoulders supported by others. Then he hurriedly ran towards the center of the ring platform.

Wu Ruo sees here, turns to look at Hei Xuyi: "That person ..."

He pointed to the surgeon who hit several people in succession: "Wouldn't that surgeon with a turban on his head and a mask on his face be the same?"

Chapter 282: Game for four children

Hei Xuan nodded: "Before I came here, I saw a few of them hiding on the stilts behind the big tree, stacking Luohan, and finally putting on a large robe to cover their bodies."

Hei Xietang said silently: "These little guys are really daring. Once they are unsuccessful, they come for the second time, and they are not killed by a single palm."

Wu Ruo twisted her eyebrows lightly: "Since you saw them, why didn't you stop them from coming?"

Hei Xieyu said, "Let them try to what extent they are capable."

"Why didn't you let them try their abilities last time?"

"At that time, Wu You and Nightthorn were transformed, and they had no spiritual power or training, but this time they were different. They worked hard for two months and could try it on the stage. Moreover, I sent someone to the stage. Protect them, and we're watching underneath, nothing unexpected. "

You You chuckled: "It is indeed a father who has been a father for two years and thinks more thoughtfully than us.

"Well, it is indeed my husband." Wu Ruohe grinned. "Yes, what about Xiao? Will he keep up?"

Hei Xun pursed his lips: "Well, I followed.

"You can rest assured that he will go up?"

"The robe material on his body is made of the animal skins of the top monsters. It is difficult for the sixth-tier wizard to hurt him."

"That's good." Wu Ruo didn't want to protect him too much because of his small body.

Youyou hooked her lips: "They must not be able to deal with the sixth-order wizard with their ability, but they want to come on stage to try, they have such a big grasp to win?"

Thorny asked: "With the power of the egg, you can pay the third-level surgeon at most."

Ye Ji whispered: "Everyone comes on stage, let them try."

They didn't know that they had been revealed by their dads and fathers. They jumped up and down on the ring. They didn't know that in the eyes of others, they were like a long, thin wood. When the wind blows, they will fall. On the ground, it's very striking.

Hei Xietang grinned: "Who is the person at the bottom? It seems that I can't see the road and always hit someone.

Hei Xiu could not help but smile and said, "It's Wuyou, he's more energetic and more joyful than eggs."

You are dissatisfied: "Why is my son the bottom one?"

"The egg is the most capable, and it must be to deal with other wizards on the top. The nightthorn is a bit proud like spines, and it is definitely not willing to stay at the bottom. Wuyou is relatively indifferent. As long as you have fun, you can stay anywhere same.

You You sighed, "My silly son."

In fact, among the four children, Wu You's temperament is the best. As his name Wu You, he has no worries and no worries.

Hei Xietang laughed and said, "Wu You must have forgotten to cut a hole in the robe.

The other adults couldn't help laughing, and followed them and heard someone say, "You look at a wizard wearing a black robe who is so thin as a stick that he can't stand firmly. I dare say that he will be punished at first Hit it down. "

The companion of the person who said this also said, "Oh, it's too thin, I can pinch him with one finger."

You Xun heard the words, and for a moment, all stared at the people who said this, dare to say that their son can't do it?

"Cough." Wu Ruo gave a heavy cough to the man. Suddenly, a spirit of wind swept over, saying that the two young men whose sons couldn't do it fell to their knees.

The spiny cockroach flew in the air, staring at Ru Ru with arrogant disdain, and looked at the two youths: "The courage is so small, a cough scares you to the ground.

"Who are you?" Said the young man who could pinch a dead man with one finger.

Thorny sneered while releasing his spiritual power: "One finger can pinch your person."

The young man noticed that the other person's spiritual order was higher than him, and he shouted to the elderly person not far away: "Step elder--"

When the elder Bu heard a disciple shouting at him, he walked quickly to the disciple: "What's the matter?"

The young man pointed at the thorns and said, "This man attacked his disciples for no reason."

The elder stepped towards Ji Yi, with a wink in his eyes: "Demon race? I don't know why this son attacked the old man's disciples?"

Seeing that his spirit level is higher than himself, Thorny said with disdain, "I want to hit him if I want to hit him. Why not?"

The elder Bu was annoyed by his words: "It's too arrogant, it's too arrogant. If the old man doesn't give you a lesson, he will lose face to the human race."

As soon as he condensed his spiritual power, Wu Ruo came to the thorny side, and you dare to take a shot, and we are here to abandon your expression and look at him.

The elder Bu found that the spiritual power of three of the men was stronger than him, and he was slightly hesitant. No matter which one he was, he couldn't mess with it, not to mention that now he was one enemy and three, and he had no chance of winning.

He quickly put away the mystery, and said in anger, "Our luck is bad, let's go."

The two youths also knew that the other was not provoking, and hurriedly got up and left the elder.

Wu Ruo and You You stared at each other for a moment, and Porchi smiled: "It's a pleasure to overpower people with spirit steps."

Hei Xuan smirked and rubbed his forehead with a smile.

Just then, there was a bang under the ring.

"The test is about to begin." Youyou quickly turned to look at the ring, but found that the eggs were gone: "Wuyou where have they gone?"

Hei Xietang laughed, pointing at the people who fell on the ground and said, "There, they just stepped on their robes and fell."

Youyou saw the half-stilted stilts exposed under the black robe and couldn't help but ask: "Can they win in this situation?"

Wu Ruoer smiled and asked, "Isn't it small enough?"

"At the moment of the fall, Tudan lifted up Xiaoli, but he fell hard.

Before Wu Ruo could breathe a sigh of relief, when he heard that the eggs were falling and hurt, his heart trembled again: "Wu You and the Nightthorn should not fall lightly."

"They can fly. It shouldn't matter."

The surgeon standing next to them, saw the stick exposed outside the robe, kicked with his foot, wondered: "What is this?"

Xiao Wuyou hugged the little spines' legs quickly, and the little spines quickly hugged the eggs.

The surgeon saw them flying and ignored them.

"The competition officially started.

Raised his hand excitedly and shouted, "Go up, hit the wizard in front."

Xiao Wuyou rushed forward happily, but she was getting farther and farther away from the target.

Suddenly stopped.

Hei Xuantang laughed and his stomach hurt with a smile: "Haha, they must have reversed their direction after wrestling just now, and the front of the egg turned into the back of Wu You.

Wu Ruo couldn't help crying or laughing, the children were almost funny.

Ye Ji and Thorny Eyes pumped wildly, feeling sad for their son.

Xiao Yeyou on the stage kicked Xiao Wuyou with his foot: "If you fly forward, we will fly out of the ring."

Aware of the problem, Xiao Xiao said, "The opposite of Wu You and Wu You is the opposite."

Nightthorn thought about it, flew up, turned around, turned the egg back to the front, and he turned to look behind himself.

Small novel: "This is good, Yeats can defend the back.

Under the stage, Hei Xuantang saw Douhan's head turn around the robe half a circle, and laughed louder: "I don't know anyone who thought he had encountered a monster, and who can twist his neck from behind to front."

You You laughed: "Fortunately, there are ghosts, demons and demons, or they will be caught as monsters."

Immediately after, he saw a female wizard attacking them.

"Nephew, be careful." Hei Xietang's heart was all on his throat, and he was trembling.

Wu Ruo could not help but worry.

The moment the female artist struck her head, suddenly, the blue light flashed, and she slammed the female artist back hard.

A small blue formation appeared on the top of the egg, and after a few laps, it disappeared.

"Rally." Wu Ruoyi said: "This is the priest's formation."

Except for the little ones, the other three children did not read a priest's book of formation.

Wu Ruoxin grabbed Hei Xieyu's hand: "It's small, it must be small that uses the rebound matrix method."

You You boasted: "Little is really good."

Of the four children, the small one has the lowest spiritual power, but can use the formation method to block the attack of the sixth-order wizard.

"My son." Hei Xuanxi's indifferent face showed a touch of pride.

Hei Xutang also proudly said, "My nephew."

You said, "He is also my nephew."

Thorny Lengheng: "Are you bullying us that we have no kinship with Xiaoxiao?"

Ye Ji said quietly, "Let our son marry Xiaoxiao, and Xiaoxiao will become our son."

A burly smile: "It makes sense."

Hei Xuyi glanced at them coldly, and just hit his baby boy's idea, trying to kill him.

"Hey one by one" Wu Ruo rolled his eyes: "How young are you?"

"Don't be noisy, don't be noisy, you're going to shoot." Hei Xietang cried.

Everyone's eyes returned to the ring.

Douyu cast out the rogue spell roar and hit the female wizard who had just attacked them.

The female surgeon was stunned and hurriedly took out the amulet and lowered it.

At the same time, Yudan spit fire at the female sorcerer.

Wu Ruoren, who was on stage, waited: "Why is there a fire in the mouth?"

Ye Ji said, "The trick just now seems to be the ability of the demon tribe."

Youyou nodded: "It is indeed the ability of the demon tribe."

Thorny raises an eyebrow: "I see, he learned Xuan Xuan."

Wu Ruo was surprised: "When did Egg Dou learn Xun's mystery, how do I know?"

Echidna gave him a glance at it: "Don't Eggs often accompany crickets before? I learned them over time."

"That's the case, my son is amazing, he can do anything." Wu Ruo couldn't help but be proud.

Hei Xietang was confused: "Speaking of 啾啾, I don't seem to have seen it for a long time, brother, haven't you found 啾啾?"

"No ..." Hei Xieyan frowned. "Maybe it was caught."

Hei Xietang said, "The one who can capture him must be a ninth-level wizard.

Wu Ruodao: "If we are really arrested, can we find it?"

"Now we can only wait for the person holding him to bring me out, otherwise it will be difficult to find it."

Chapter 283: Debunking identity

On the ring, the spitting fire of the eggs has burned out the magic charms that are only effective for the low-end magic tribal magic.

The female surgeon was about to burn her hand when she saw the fire, and hurriedly threw away the remaining yellow charms. Then she looked at the eggs in surprise: "You have two mysteries?"

"Smmm ... hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhmmahhhhhhhhhhhhahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhahahhhhhhhhhhahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhyewwwwwwwwwwwwwwfww.ww.hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… I am so shocked to see the female sorcerer), just as soon as I made a sound, I was twisted in the calf by Sakae.

He quickly put away his laughter and chanted the spell, and suddenly five clusters of ghost fire burst out around him, rushing to the female wizard.

"Do you still have the ghost tribal art?" The female warrior was even more shocked, and it was too late for God to want a low gear, and his body was frozen by the ghostly fire.

Xiao Wuyou jumped at the opportunity and kicked the female wizard out of the ring using spiritual power.

Everyone was giggling.

Xiao Shen said, "Don't be too happy."

Then, two wizards gathered around.

Wu Ruoren and others on the stage were all surprised that while Qidan could use ghost art, she could freeze the sixth-tier female wizard.

Wu Ruo lamented: "My son has learned more mystics than I do."

Thorny doubts: "It is impossible to freeze the sixth-level wizard with the current spiritual power of Tudou."

Wu Ruo was also very strange: "Did they secretly use magic weapon or take the elixir?"

Youyou shook her head: "It shouldn't be.

Ye Ji said, "If you really do this, you will definitely be discovered."

Hei Xuan narrowed his eyes: "I guess they are likely to merge spiritual power."

"Fusion of spiritual power?" Everyone looked at Hei Xuan.

Hei Xieyu said lightly: "Since the three or seven stones can be used separately, maybe they can also merge spiritual power."

His words are not unreasonable, otherwise how to explain that the egg can freeze the sixth-level wizard.

You You nodded; "Maybe it is."

"When they come down and ask them, they won't know."

Hei Xun flashed a smile under his eyes: "If they don't want to tell us, we will temporarily assume that they don't know and let them surprise us.

Hei Xietang smiled, "Okay."

Wu Ruo was curious: "The test wizards should have bought amulets higher than their own level, why can't they see them?"

"Dam, don't you know?" Hei Xietang wondered: "When the first-level magician competes, the judge announces that he cannot use amulet higher than his own.

Wu Ruo: "..."

Before the children's test was over, they left the playing field. They didn't know that the referee would announce the new rules during the first-level wizard test. It was only after the fourth-level wizard test that they came to the stadium to watch the Ushi test. At that time, the new rules should have spread to everyone's ears, so they did not hear any new rules when they came to the field. And dad, they don't want to rely on high-level magic charms to win the test, so there is no foul, they even don't know about it.

On the ring, they had no fighting experience. They were struggling when facing two warlocks, but they didn't want to be kicked out so quickly. They had to avoid the situation of playing more and less.

You looked at the children on the stage and said, "Several children have inadequate fighting experience, but they are still very clever. They do n’t have hard bars. They also know that they can retreat and learn to fight. In the sixth-level test, I will definitely take him a few people to train strictly for one month to ensure that no one can beat them. "

Wu Ruo said: "Train them well after the end of the test."

Over time, there are fewer and fewer magicians on the platform. They are still insisting on the platform. After nearly two hours of fighting, the children's experience is getting richer and richer. It was originally four people in one. In the back, it becomes four people in one, that is, when others hit them, it is equal to one against four, and the children also know how to cooperate with others to deal with others.

Hei Xietang said excitedly: "They are expected to enter the top ten."

Wu Ruo was also particularly excited.

Black shame stunned his eyes.

Wu Ruo asked, "Isn't the fifth brother teaching egg egg mystery? Why can't he see him?"

"Dome should be trying to save its strength. Now there are fewer and fewer people. They are worried about attracting the attention of others. In the end, they only used the Demon Mystery. It seems that they have great ambitions and want to enter ten."

You said proudly: "My son should be in the top ten.

On the ring, competition is getting more and more fierce, and people under the stage are more and more afraid to look down on the thin-skinned surgeons on the ring. When there are about fifty people left, five of them surround them.

Hei Xietang grabbed Hei Xie's arm nervously: "Brother, what should I do? Five wizards hit their four children, and their identities are different. There are masters, priests, wizards, and demons. And the demons, how do you deal with this? "

He Xuan glanced at him.

Ye Ji whispered: "I believe they can handle it."

On the ring, every mouth moved quickly.

The high-level wizards watching near the ring platform immediately noticed that the whole body was wrong, and then they saw that the wizard wearing a robe was attacking five warriors fiercely.

The five sorcerers were shocked and hurried to use mystery to deal with them. However, when they hit each other, the other person's figure disappeared without a trace. They were stunned, and one of them quickly saw the tricks: "He uses illusion."

Unfortunately, it was too late. Two of them had been knocked off the ring. Although the illusion was lifted, a matrix appeared at their feet. The next moment, people disappeared on the stage.

The audience stunned.

"Where are you? Where have you been? Why are you missing?"

"Did you get killed?"

"Impossible, how could the other party have such a great ability in the public eye to kill the three wizards silently.

"How do you explain that the three wizards are gone?"

"Did you feel familiar with the formation on the stage?"

"That ... it looks like the teleportation array of the Necropolis ..."

Can you be unfamiliar with the teleportation formations of the Necropolis?

Everyone was silent: "..."

Hei Xuantang heard the noise around and laughed again: "Haha, they are so cute, even using the teleport array on the ring, they don't know where they sent the three wizards."

Wu Ruo couldn't laugh or cry.

He has never seen anyone using a teleportation array on the stage. Even the array method is rarely used. Because the array method takes time to arrange, if the egg is not hidden, there is no time to arrange the array method. . Even if it is used on the stage, it is a simple arrangement of small arrays or a magic map of arrays is brought early.

After the three wizards disappeared, more than a dozen surgeons consciously jumped off the ring platform. In the end, there were only ten on the platform.

Everyone was weird: "It's all over, why are so many surgeons abstaining?"

Wu Ruo whispered in Heishu's ear, "Are you the one who abstained from voting?"

Hei Xun nodded.

With a beep, the referee announced: "The competition is over."

Xiao Wuyou heard it and jumped excitedly: "We won, we won."


"Fool." Little Yeats couldn't help but evoke a smile.

Xiaoxiao also smiled slightly. Although they are not yet winning, but everyone is so happy, he is not disappointed.

Wu Ruo happily hugged Hei Xieyu and kissed him on his ugly face.

You are also proud of the children.

The referee gave a small cough: "Today's seventh-tier surgeon will add rules to the contest, and must not use a formation method such as a teleportation array to send people away.

Little urged Xiao Wuyou to step down quickly.

Xiao Wuyou immediately flew out of the platform, and suddenly, a severe wind swept over.

Eyes narrowed and stared: "Flick away."

Xiao Wuyou did not respond for a moment.

Doudou hurriedly avoided him. The little nightthorn that had previously held his legs relaxed his vigilance because of the end of the test. He released his hands immediately before stepping down, so Doudou fell, and his black robe He was torn down.

Suddenly, the audience exclaimed.

The skinny surgeon turned out to be two children, no, they were dressed up by three children.

"Oh my god, the magician was dressed up by three children, and he was only two years old.

"Are they sixth-order at their age?"

"Three children disguised as a sixth-order wizard, is it illegal?"

"The two children are so beautiful. I wish I had such beautiful children."

Everyone's incredible opinions have caused many girls and women to feel bad for their children.

Wu Ruo dumbfounded their faces and saw the children being watched by everyone in a pitiful and distressed manner.

Guarding the eggs in secret, their guards quickly came out to catch the attackers.

Wu Ruo they went to look at it, it was the young man who called the elder at the opening.

Youyou cast a soothing look on Xiaowuyou.

The sixth-level surgeon who was beaten down the stage was dissatisfied. Some people asked the black market manager to speak, and some people asked to try again.

When not too much, the recording director still maintained a look of calmness and walked to the stage.

Everyone is quiet.

Recording the main channel: "Before that, we did not stipulate that three people cannot disguise themselves as one person to participate in the test, so this is not a violation, but the test after the seventh stage can no longer be so deceiving.

Everyone was dissatisfied: "It's not fair. This is equivalent to playing three people by one person. We ask to retest."

The record manager looked at all this indifferently, listening to them noisily.

"锵-" Someone struck the gong with spiritual power, and immediately everyone tinnitus.

The record manager continued: "Although we did not require three people to disguise one person to participate in the competition, we have regulations that higher-level wizards cannot participate in lower-level wizard competition tests. If the three children's spiritual levels add up to more than six, we will Will they be disqualified from the competition and re-select a wizard to enter the top ten competitions, do you have any comments? "

Everyone answered one by one: "No."

The recording manager asked the referee to get the aura mirror for testing the spiritual order.

After about tea time, the referee took the aura lens to the stage, and then motioned to come over to test.

Xiao Wuyou learns to enter the magic force into the aura mirror, and then the aura mirror shows a ‘one’.

Everyone was even more shocked.

The last is the night thorn, and his spiritual order is only one order.

"Everyone has seen it," the referee said. "None of the three children is a Level 6 or higher wizard, and even their spiritual levels do not add up to Level 6, so they can continue to add reference tests. . "

The people present did not believe that the children with low spiritual order could be in the top ten of the sixth-order magician. Some people suspected that there was a problem with the magic mirror. The referee asked these people to verify the magic mirror. Some people said they Eggs and eggs they use magic instruments, but whether or not they are used, as long as people with a high level of spirit can sense them, so if eggs and eggs are used, they will be accused of long ago, how can they stand in the end .

The referee asked them, "Little boy, can you tell us how did you sign up for the competition and how did you squeeze into the top ten? If you don't make it clear, the uncles and uncles in the audience will be very unconvinced. . "

Eggs will say the words that had been discussed a long time ago: "This is the secret of our family. We can't say it, but we can let the aura test the spirit.

"How to test?"

Douban came in front of the Lingguang Mirror, Xiaowuyou and Xiaoyethorn stood on his left and right sides and were close to him. Then he entered the spiritual force into the Lingguang Mirror. The next moment, the Lingguang Mirror showed a six character.

The referee and the record manager were all surprised: "How did it happen?"

Everyone shook his head.

The referee stood up and faced the incredible crowd: "Everyone sees that they have reached the sixth level. Although they don't know how they did it, as far as you can see, don't let the three children get through."

Since they do n’t cheat, everyone is not good at commenting. It ’s not too early to see everyone, and everyone has left the test venue.

"Dad, father."

Everyone was excited and ran to their arms.

Wu Ruo patted Xiaoyan's little butt: "Suddenly we took part in the sixth-level competition."

Doubt looked innocent: "We just want to surprise you."

"Surprise? I look scared." Wu Ruo looked at the youth on the ground and asked, "What to do with him?"

The young man said angrily, "It's yours that comes first."

Before that, he was furious, and after thinking about it, he did n’t know how to provoke Wu Ruo them, so he secretly turned back to where Wu Ruo was sitting and overheared what they said. It was not that they only provoked Wu Ruo and discovered the secret of the black robe wizard, so when the children stepped down, they exposed their faces so that they could not continue to participate.

Regardless of his personal grievances, Cai Huai said that tomorrow night was the seventh-tier wizard's test. Don't be late for the seventh-tier wizard, and leave the test room with the director.

Hei Xuan said coldly, "He's abolished his first order."

The young man panicked: "It's obviously that you are wrong first, why did you spend my spiritual order, do you know how difficult it is for me to practice the first spiritual order?"

You You stared at him with a look at the dead: "You should be fortunate that we were wrong first, otherwise, it would not be as simple as abandoning the first order.

The youth was pale.

Hei Xutang said, "Take people down."

The youth shouted anxiously: "I didn't mean to hurt your children, nor did they hurt them. You can't do this, you can't abolish my spiritual order ..."

The guard dragged him away from the test court.

Hei Xieyu held the little one and made sure there was nothing to say, "From tomorrow, I will send someone to train you strictly."

The children's eyes brightened, and Dandan excitedly said, "Father, do you agree that we will participate in the test?"

"Well, if you don't get first, you will be punished."

"Ah !?" Dougian pitifully lay in Wu Ruohuai's arms: "Daddy, father doesn't love me anymore."

Wu Ruo pinched his small face with amusement and amusement: "If you can't get the first place, go to the second place.

"Dad, you don't love me anymore."

You You chuckled: "It is necessary to train well. Now everyone knows that they are little babies. Wait until the top ten contests. If it is still a mixed match, other sixth-level wizards will have a chance. I will first knock you out of office. If it is not a mixed match, then the top ten people will not be able to deal with it, so if you do not train well, you will be knocked out soon. "

Small novel: "Father, we will try to win first."

Hei Xunyu stroked his small hair: "You can do your best."

Ye Ji asked his little Ye Ji, "Is your spiritual power able to merge?"

Xiaoye nodded.

Thorny said: "Sure enough."

Youyou put Xiaowu on your neck: "Someone wants to talk to us about something in the future. If your reasons can convince us, we won't let you do it unreasonably."

Xiao Wuyou happily lowered her head and drowsed her hair up: "My father is so good."

Youyou grinned like a fool.

Hei Xuantang walked to the side of Qidan and asked, "who came up with the method of sending people away using the teleportation matrix during the test."

Doudou and Xiaowuyou, Little Nightthorn look at Xiaoxiao.

"Is Xiaomin figured it out?" Hei Xietang laughed. "Xiaoxiao is really clever. I thought of such a trick, really, where did you send people to?"

Shaking his head slightly, "I don't know."

"I don't know?" Hei Xietang didn't believe: "How could you not know, if you don't put the matrix in the place where you are teleported, it is impossible to pass it on.

"We set up several teleportation points and we don't know where he was teleported."

"So that's the case."

Wu Ruo asked, "Xitang, why are you so curious where they were sent?"

Hei Suihe smiled: "I think young people may think of each other by passing people away, so I just asked them where they were passed."

Xiaoxiao and Yudan looked at each other, and there was a guilty conscience in his eyes.

Youyou pinched Xiaowuyou's calf: "Don't you pass people to dangerous places?"

"will not."

"Really not?"

Xiao Wuyou nodded: "Well, we will only send them to places where they can be happy."

He told Eggman they overheard the guards saying that it was the place where men felt happiest.

Everyone looks at Xiao Wuyou.

"A place to be happy? Where?"

"Don't tell you"

Wu Ruojia was not as entangled with this kind of problem, so he asked Dandan: "Are you hungry?"

The four children said in unison: "Hungry."

"Let's go to the food court and eat delicious food."

"Okay." The children smiled.

At this time, three men suddenly emerged from a room in a green building in the Fireworks Land on the ninth floor of the Necropolis. They were either holding magic charms or holding long swords.

The girls in the room were not panicked by the men who suddenly appeared here, but embraced the three men in a hug: "Guy, you are here."

The three men looked in surprise at everything in front of them. They were obviously in the test room. How could they appear in the girl's room?

They looked at the six undressed girls in front of them. They wore only bellybands on the upper body and transparent gauze skirts underneath, exposing snow-white armbands and legs, thick makeup, and exuding the aroma of the fox kitty, and bracing them with proud breasts. .

"Severe cold." One of the men pushed away the two women around him. He looked left and right: "We must be in a fantasy."

"It must be so. We must leave this illusion."

Two other men also pushed away the women around them.

The girl in the red, who was pushed down to the ground, quickly got up, pounced on, and snorted: "Guest, how can you be so rude?"

"We won't be fooled by you." The man with the sword raised his sword with a look of justice and stabbed at the girl in red.

The girl in red screamed and flew away quickly.

The other girls turned pale and hurriedly opened the door and shouted, "Kill, kill."

All three men were standing still.

After a while, all the guards in the blue building rushed into the room, and it took nine cattle and two tigers to finally arrest the three men, and then-sent the officer.

The poor three sixth-level magicians were imprisoned in this way, and they still think that they are in an unreal state, but the four culprits are eating and drinking on the food street, but they are happy until the sun rises. Drink and eat enough to be held by adults and go back to the palace to rest.

After the rumblings, they secretly participated in the competition and the children who were protected by the Heiyu sent to the stage, so that Wu Ruo also had a new idea. He could sneak into the seventh- and eighth-level competitions before the ninth-level competition. On the court, secretly sucking the magic powers of the seventh-tier and eighth-tier teachers. When they are almost the same, then step down to watch their test and learn their mystery.

That night, everyone had dinner, and Hei Xieyu found an experienced instructor to help train four children.

Although they are very sad that they can no longer go to the food street to eat food, they are very happy to learn fighting skills, and even if they want to watch the game, they wo n’t quarrel with them.

When Wu Ruo came to the test field, he used the hidden secret technique to hide into the shadow of a seventh-level magician, and absorbed the spiritual power of others. When the eighth-level magic test was performed, he hid in the thorny hermit. 

Chapter 285: Ninth level competition begins

After the end of the eighth-level wizard competition, the next night was the ninth-level wizard competition, which ushered in the biggest climax in the current test. Many want to meet the ninth-level wizard or want to worship the ninth-level wizard. Or even those who want to see the powerful battle scenes of the Ninth-ranked Warrior are looking forward to the game tonight.

At Shen Shi, Wu Qianqing came to the palace and smiled when they saw the children working hard in the yard.

Wu Xi excitedly asked Wu Ruo, who was preparing for the evening, "Second Brother, I heard Dasao said that they were pretending to be an adult and took part in the sixth-level test, and they also squeezed into the top ten. They were too powerful. It ’s more than my little aunt. Would n’t you want my little nephew to protect my little aunt in the future? " you? When you go back to dream at night, it may come true. "

Wu Ruo said "Nobody cares so much about his son."

Wu Xi smiled grinning, "Yiyi, I heard that you are also in the top ten."

"Good luck." Tachibana is telling the truth. If it weren't for the friends of the Mozu team, they would be knocked down by other people. Wu Ruoyan was watching Wu Qianqing, who was training by the children, and asked with a low voice. "Xiaoxi, how did you talk to Xiaobai the night before?"

Wu Xi smiled, red eyes, and choked, "Second brother, I now know that the Wu family may have been the new emperor ..."

Wu Ruo patted her shoulder: "Don't be sad."

Uxi inhaled: "I don't know if Master is all right."

"He was expelled from Wu's house long ago, and nothing should happen.

"That's great. I hope to see Master and the elderly tonight." Wu Xi smiled forcefully and said that he was in a better mood before he said, "Xiao Bai was hit hard when he heard about this, and he cried out on the spot. He said later Just calm down and leave. "

Wu Ruo asked, "Did you tell him where do you live now?"

"Dad said, let him find us in the palace if he has something to do."

"Well, it's normal for him to be difficult to accept for a while, so let him calm down for a while." Wu Ruo looked at the people outside and asked, "Why didn't the ghost woman come to the palace with you, did you pick up the task again?"

Ushi said: "She said an outsider, it is not good to talk with us, and then go to the stadium to see the test."

Wu Ruo twisted her eyebrows lightly; "Look at the test? Doesn't she participate in the Tier 9 competition?"

"She said not to participate, and she was not interested in the game." U Xi felt very sorry. "If the ghost woman also participated in the test, it would be good, and I can work with the second brother and you against other people."

Wu Ruo smiled: "She doesn't want to take part in the trial for her reasons."

At this time, the voice of Hei Xietang came out: "Dear father, mother, we are back."

Wu Ruowen could not help but smile: "Every time the four younger brothers come here, they have not seen anyone, so they hear his voice."

Wu Xi grinned.

Wu Ruo got up and went out to greet Hei Xuyi: "Why are you back so early today?"

Hei Xitang looked at Wu Xi coming out from behind his eyes and laughed: "I have a big test tonight, how dare you miss it."

Wu Ruo looked at Hei Xieyu, her eyes narrowed into a crescent moon with great smile, and he was very pleased that Hei Xieyu returned for dinner specially for him.

Hei Xieyu took Wu Ruo's hand and said to their mentor, "Master, this is where you are today."

"Yes." Master Ju left the yard.

Hei Xieyu let Hei Xin pass dishes to eat.

After dinner, Hei Xiu took Wu Ruo back to the room: "I'll change your robe tonight."

Wu Ruo hesitated and opened his arms and laughed, "OK."

Before he walked away, Hei Xun unwrapped Wu Ruo's collar and exposed the snow-white neck. His eyes moved from Wu Ruo's face to his neck, his eyes darkened.

Wu Ruo joked with a smirk: "Fu Jun, your breathing sounds heavier than before."

Then he felt the moist fingertips slipping over his neck, and the throat knot rolled up and down, and said dumbly, "Don't take advantage of it."

Hei Xunyan smiled under his eyes, put the man in his arms, and whispered in his ear with a magnetic voice, "Will you relax before the test?"

Wu Ruo's ears itched, and his body reacted, his breathing getting hotter: "How to relax?"

Hei Xuanyi tightened his arms, turned his head to **** his lips, and swiped his hands to his waist to remove the belt from his body. When the belt fell to the ground, he probed into his underwear and relieved him. Desire.

Wu Ruo's legs were soft and paralyzed in the arms of Hei Xieyu.

About half an hour later, the two came out of the room in a refreshing manner.

People who knew what good things they had done in the room stared at them and smiled.

Wu Xi looked at Wu Ruo in a light blue dress with a shocked look: "Second Brother, you are particularly manly in this robe, just like heroes in a river and lake.

Wu Ruo couldn't hold back a smile: "I don't feel like wearing strong clothes for the first time, it's very light, unlike the robes which are cumbersome and hand-tied, I think I will be able to reach out tonight."

Hei Xietang laughed: "Dasao, don't underestimate the enemy. There will be one or two masters in each country. It will take some effort to get them out ..."

"Yes, be careful about everything." Hei Xiuxi took out a gorgeous mask from his sleeve with Wu Ruo's face.

Wu Ruo touched the mask on his face: "Why a mask?"

"The crown prince's identity is exposed, and someone will definitely kill you on the ring."

Wu Ruo sighed: "It's not easy to be a princess."

"Ma'am, it's very easy for you to be a princess now. If the princesses of other countries have to learn this and that, you can't talk about etiquette, but you must also talk to the wives and concubines of the ministers' backyard.

Wu Ruoxiao said, "Should I still be grateful that I am a man? Otherwise, the minister who looks at me unpleasantly will definitely force me to learn embroidery and flower arrangement."

Hei Xuan chuckled: "It's very possible."

Wu Xi said with a smile: "After the second brother put on the mask, it looks mysterious and beautiful."

Wu Qianqing asked curiously: "If Xiao is squeezed into the top ten, will anyone make Xiao Ruo's face mask to replace Xiao Ruo's position?"

Hei Xietang said: "Dear father, don't worry. If Dasao squeezes into the top ten, you can show the real person in the black market in private so that no one dares to impersonate Dasao."

Wu Qianqing laughed, "That's good."

"It's not early, let's go to the border town." Hei Xieyu put on Wu Ruo's mask and pulled his hand out of the official palace.

"Well, go early, you can find Master.

Hei Xuanyu clenched his hands: "Nu Mu didn't come to take part in the test."

"Ah?" Wu Ruo looked at him in surprise. "How do you know?"

"When I saw the people of the Wu clan, I sent someone to ask them to disappear. I heard that there are many things about the Wu clan. To lead by example, he needs to train more powerful young witches."

Wu Ruo was a little lost: "I can only visit him later when I have time."

"The scenery in southern Xinjiang is beautiful, and you can live there for a while."

"it is good."

The border town at night had an unprecedented grand occasion. Actually, there were many more people on the night of the test. As if people from all countries were concentrated in the border town of the necropolis, they were crowded and the sky was crowded with flying people.

"Oh my God, there are so many people, how can I find a Master?" Uxi murmured.

Hei Xietang said for her to stop the crowded person next to her: "Your master is a ninth-level surgeon. If he comes, he should be on stage to test. When Dasao meets him, he will help you retain him, and, There are not many ninth-level surgeons, and there are about a thousand people in more than 50 countries. You can see at a glance whether he is on stage or not. "

Wu Xi quickly said to Wu Ruo, "Second Brother, if you see my Master, you must keep him."

"I will."

Hei Xieyu took out a half-section tool and handed it to Guan Tong: "Mother, this is the instrument I just made. After you wear this, you can see everything on the stage clearly."

"Really?" Guan Tongxinxi took the mask and put it on his face, and he could immediately see the scenery and objects in the distance.

Wu Qianqing asked: "How?"

"It's like you can see far away without losing your spiritual power." Guan Tong smiled: "Honestly, it was quite painful when I couldn't see people on the platform before. Now I'm fine. I can see you better. Now. "

Wuzhu They are also happy for his mother.

When they came to the gate of the trial field, they saw the ghost woman standing beside the gate.

Ushi quickly shouted, "Ghost, we are here."

The ghost woman walked towards them, entered the playing field with them, and saw a lot of sorcerers standing on the ring.

Wuzhu was curious: "Are you going to start the test?"

You said: "It's only half an hour before it starts."

"Why are there so many people on that stage?"

"There are many people in the audience, so it's better to stand on the platform."

"It's true that there are too many people and they're almost out of breath."

Wu Xi hurriedly pulled Wu Ruo's sleeve: "Second Brother, have you seen my Master?"

Wu Ruo swept around the stage: "Uh, I saw Yan Tianshi from the Yan family and people from other families ..."

Immediately after, he saw the people surrounded by Yan Tianshi. It was Wu Xi who was looking for Wu Chenliu, and his eyes brightened: "I found it."

"Where? Where?" U Xixin jumped up and waited.

"He is blocked by others. You must stand by me to see it." Wu Ruo pulled her to his side and raised a finger: "Did you see?

He stood with Yan Tianshi them. "

Uxi took a closer look, exulting: "See, see, it's Master and his old man."

Wu Zhu curiously asked, "I haven't met Xiaoxi's master yet. Which one is Xiaoxi's master."

"Just that ..." Wu Xi was depressed. "It was blocked by others. You will know when the second brother comes on stage and talk to him."

Wu Ruo looked at the stage and squinted. It seemed that the Yan family and others were very unfriendly to Wu Chenliu.

He turned his head and said to Hei Xieyu, "I'm on stage first.

Hei Xun nodded.

Chapter 286:

The passage to the ring was full, and Wu Ruo had to use light work to fly to the ring.

Everyone saw someone coming on stage, and someone was exclaimed with excitement: "There are more advanced wizards coming on stage, alas, wearing masks again, why do so many advanced wizards like to wear masks?"

"Whether wearing a mask is not afraid of the enemy's pursuit, or it does not want to let too many people know him, or else he is afraid of losing, and feels ashamed of being stepped down."

Wu Ruo ignored the buzzing discussion and flew to the ring, and walked towards Wu Chenliu, before he could speak, Wu Chenliu turned away with a cold face.

Parent Ling always said angrily: "He just went to the stage to take the test alone, and he dared to use such a trick, and we will get him out of the office later."

Parent Yun always sneered: "People in the Wu family have always been used to it."

"The Wu family is gone. What other tools does he have? Hey, all blame the emperor for being too kind and letting Wu Chenliu pass. Does he know this person is likely to be a hidden danger? Maybe one day Wu Chen The stream will make Wujia Dongshan rise again, when ... "

"Well, with his discussion of Wu Chenliu here, it is better to think about how to deal with the people on the ring." Yan Tianshi stopped them from talking.

Wu Ruo heard this and walked towards Wu Chenliu, who hasn't gone far: "Morning Chenliu."

Wu Chenliu stopped and turned around, seeing that he was wearing a mask, his eyes flashed with doubt: "You are ..."

Wu Ruo came to him, lifted the mask halfway and quickly put it down.

"Xiao Nuo ..." Wu Chenliu calmed down quickly after being surprised: "You really have reached the ninth level, Xiaoxi? Is she OK?"

"Xiao Xi is under the ring. She hopes to get together with you after the test."

Wu Chenliu smiled slightly: "Okay, if I get kicked off, I'll wait for you next to the ring."

Wu Ruo asked: "Is the predecessor alone? If it is a single person, are there any interests? Let us join forces to deal with others?"

Wu Chenliu looked surprised: "Are you going with me? You ..."

He stopped at halfway.

Wu Ruo confused: "What happened to me?"

Wu Chenliu looked at Yan Tianshi and said, "Aren't you supposed to be with them?"

Wu Ruo raised an eyebrow. "Why do you think I would be with them?"

Wu Chenliu was silent.

Wu Ruo speculated, "Did the seniors hear that I helped Ling Mohan and thought I would join forces with them?"

Wu Chenliu hesitated for a moment and nodded.

"Did the senior blame me for dealing with Wu family?"

Wu Chenliu sighed: "I know that on the day the top ten families tried, Wu Chenzi sent someone to kill your Wu family in Gaolingcheng. It is not surprising that you have to deal with him.

Wu Ruo: "..."

It seems that Wu Chen misunderstood that he was avenging his loved ones, but since he misunderstood, let him misunderstand.

"Furthermore, Wujiashu has a big wind and Wuchenzi is ambitious again. Sooner or later, it will cause a great disaster. Because of this, I had expected such a day, but the matter of seizing the place was very wide and affected many innocent Wu family. Stop, everything has passed, and I do n’t want to mention it again. ”Wu Chenliu looked at Yan Tianyuan. They said,“ Since I was on the ring platform, I do n’t want to be beaten down so quickly. If you are with the people from the top ten families, we can join hands, but you will be attacked by the people from the top ten families. Will you still be with me? "

Wu Ruo smiled: "I will meet them as soon as possible."

"That being the case, let's stay together." Wu Chenliu looked at the magician around his eyes: "The others are three or four in a team, should we still find a few companions?"

"No need, there will be two friends who will come to the stage to join us together." Wu Ruo said for a moment, then asked: "Senior, have you been doing well recently? Are you still living in the Imperial City of Heaven? "

Wu Chenliu shook his head: "Since the Wu family was copied, I have blocked my mansion from traveling around and intend to return to the kingdom of heaven in a few years. By the way, is it because you spoke for me in front of the new emperor? Did the new emperor send someone to arrest me? "


"Thanks here."

Before too much time, the referee sent the 9th-level wizard to the stage.

You Yan and Ye Ji flew to the stage and came to Wu Ruo's side.

Wu Ruo gave them a brief introduction, and then waited for the test.

The audience on the stage cheered to the people on the stage. The ninth-ranked sorcerers on the stage were like unattainable people who had been used to looking up and looking up at them from lower ranks, while enjoying everyone's worship of them.

At half a column incense time, all ninth-level magicians came to the stage.

Wu Ruo saw limping at a glance, and he was followed by eight ninth-level magicians, who looked very respectfully to him.

Pingxing is also looking for Wu Ruo's figure. The person wearing the mask is identified by Wu You in the back. He originally wanted to say hello in the past and asked Wu Ruo to join hands, but a large group of people beside him let him Dispelled the idea.

You also said in a low voice during the discussion, "We are just four people, and we are likely to be besieged by more teams than us." . ""it is good. "

After the cup of tea, when the discussion was about the same, the referee finally announced the start of the competition. Below the ring, everyone cheered and the atmosphere was very high.

Yan Tianshi's team immediately rushed towards Wu Ruo. Unexpectedly, they were stopped halfway, and it was the team brought by the limp.

Wu Ruo took the opportunity to help the three-man team to deal with the five-man team. After the five-man team was out of the game, they played with the three-man team in a tacit agreement.

Just when they successfully hit three teams in a row and attacked the fourth team, suddenly, one person confronted Wu Ruo, and the powerful spiritual force pushed him back several steps.

Wu Ruo looked at each other in surprise. This man was the handsome man who spoke to the shaman that night.

"Boy, don't be distracted." Jun Lang's man flew Wu Ruoyu out of two feet.

"Xiao Ruo." You Xun wanted to come forward to help, but was stopped by Wu Ruo.

Off the stage, Wu Xi said with a worried expression: "The second brother was kicked so hard, and his chest must be painful."

Hei Xuan sullen his face and said nothing.

Wuzhu was also very worried: "Xiao Ruo, wouldn't he just be stepped down?"

"No," Guan Tong said with a smile.

Wu Xi turned to look at her: "Mother, how can you be so sure?"

Wu Qianqing chuckled, but with a bitter smile, he did not expect to see this person in such a situation.

Guan Tong looked at the men on the stage, his face softened with excitement, "Because the person who kicked Xiaoruo was your grandfather Guanzheng."

"Ah ?!" Wu Xi and Wu Zhu looked at Guan Tong in shock, "He is our grandfather?"

Hei Xunyan looked calmly and looked up at the demon ghost.

Guan Tong nodded with a smile.

Wu Xi covered her mouth with excitement: "Oh my God, this man turned out to be our grandfather, really our grandfather. This is the first time we have ever met a grandfather."

Hei Xietang followed with excitement: "He is the city ... heh ... he turned out to be our grandfather."

Ushi gave him a nasty look: "How did our grandfather become your grandfather?"

"Sooner or later he will become my grandfather." Hei Xietang smiled. "The grandfather looks younger than his in-laws."

Wu Qianqing smiled bitterly: "Yeah, I didn't expect that more than two decades later, he is still so young."

Wu Xi stared at Heishangtang: "You mean my father is old."

Hei Xietang hastened to deny: "How come? My in-laws look younger than me."

"It's pretty much the same."

Wu Qianqing grinned.

Hei Xieyu silently looked back at the ghost and ghost.

When the ghost woman heard what Hei Xietang said, she couldn't help raising her hand to caress her face. If she took off her veil and walked on the street, she told others that she would be believed if she was over 300 years old.

Hei Xietang put his elbow on the top. "Brother, that's your grandfather, aren't you surprised?"

Hei Xuan said quietly, "I only know that he kicked Wu Ruo."

Hei Xietang smiled, "Did you feel bad?"

Hei Sui hummed.

"I knew that, so I should follow up to protect Dasao, and with your current deference, who knows who you are.

Hei Xuanyu was too lazy to answer him.

Hei Xietang said to the egg in his arms, "That's your grandfather, you and your little ones must remember."

Giggle giggled: "I've seen him long ago."

"Ah?" Everyone snapped: "When did you meet him?"

Eggy blinked her innocent eyes: "Just when I went to the black market, he gave me a lot of delicious food, and asked me to call my great-grandfather."

Hei Xietang squeezed his face: "Why don't you tell us?"

Everyone muttered a small mouth: "He didn't let me tell you. He said it was a secret between us. If I keep it a secret, he will bring me something delicious in the future."

"You, eating is more important than anything.

Everyone immediately refuted: "Who said, father, father and little are more important than food."

Hei Xuanyu was very satisfied with this answer and raised his hand and rubbed his little head.

Hei Xietang sneered: "It will be a flatterer."

Everyone patted his hands on his face and continued to see the comparison.

Wuzhu was strange: "Mother, is that person really a grandfather?"

Guan Tong said, "Of course your grandfather, I can't admit that he was wrong."

"Then why did he play Xiaoruo?" Wuzhu puzzled: "Don't he want Xiaoruo to win?"

Wu Xi is also curious: "Yeah, if he is a grandfather, he should help his second brother to deal with other talents. How can he deal with his own people? Will it be the appearance of other people's grandsons? The technique is so clever that it can fool everyone's eyes. "

"No, right?" Wuzhu couldn't help carrying it.

Guan Tong appeased them: "Don't worry, you just know it slowly."

Wuzhu and Wuxi had no choice but to live in an uneasy mood, and continued to watch the competition.

Chapter 287: gap

On the ring stage, Guan Zhen's facial features were extraordinary, with thick eyebrows, a cheerful and playful smile on the corner of his mouth, and his hair dancing with the night breeze, revealing a very public and unbridled momentum.

Wu Ruo stood up and held his sword at him.

Guan Zhen looked up and down Wu Ruo, and left his corner of his mouth: "Unstable sword holding, his footsteps are floating, it is simply a flower shelf."

Wu Ruo pumped the corners of his mouth. After rebirth, it has been just over a year since he learned Wushu, so he wants to make him a master in the master? Moreover, it does not rely on force to confront the enemy.

He stared for a moment, using the priest's mystery-praise. That is, attacking others with various sounds, such as the sound of a sword swing or the sound of the surrounding wind, and combining the witch corrosion ability to attack Guan Zhen. As long as he is injured by his sword, he will instantly erode his body and be attacked by him. Spiritual power shatters the soul.

Guan Zhen hooked his lips to "carve the worm."

He jumped off to Wu Ruo and disappeared into the sight of everyone at the moment his shadow covered Wu Ruo.

Offstage, Uxi exclaimed: "The second brother and grand-grandfather are gone."

Guan Tong gently frowned and said nothing.

At this moment, Wu Ruo was in the darkness where he could not see his five fingers, and he knew that this was the shadow area of the other party.

If the other party wants to kill him, he can be divided into numerous shadows in the shadow realm. As long as he hits his shadow, he can be severely injured or even killed.

Suddenly, Guan Zhen's voice rang behind his ears: "The wrath of the corpses of the corpse."

Wu Ruo was startled, and quickly turned away from Sanzhang, seeing that a grayish shadow was forming a fingerprint on the position where he stood before, and then he felt several cold breaths coming out of the grayish shadow, although You can't see it in space, but you can feel the approach of breath.

This is the secret trick of the zombies to recruit zombies and kill people. Wu Ruo hastened to use the demon demon technique that he had stolen from the Heavenly School to kill all the zombies.

Guan Zhen did not give him a chance to pant, and continued to make moves: "Shaman's picking soul."

Wu Ruo heard the whistling sound coming, and immediately used the defensive enchantment, which was worthy of blocking the attack. If he was defeated by the soul-spelling technique, the soul would be miserable.

"Ziyou's demons." Guan Zhen broke his enchantment with one palm.

Wu Ruo quickly jumped out of the place, staring at the pressing figure, and slowly found out that the opponent was teaching him to move, otherwise he would n’t read out the mystery of which tribe he was attacking. Intentionally slow motion, obviously obviously intentionally let him see the process of casting mystery, but also intentionally minimize the power.

After understanding Guan Zhen's intentions, he studied hard while coping, and then used the skills he had just learned to fight back.

Guan Zhen used hundreds of different mystics in just over an hour. All mystics have different countries and clans.

Wu Ruowen said, his eyes narrowed suddenly.

Under the ring, Wu Ruo had never been seen, and they all rushed to U Xi.

Hei Xietang said in Hei Xie's ears, "Don't do something disrespectful to Grandpa when she went to the black market last time, so Grandpa took the opportunity to teach her."

Hei Xuan gave him a glance: "This grandfather's cry is so smooth."

As a real grandson, he hasn't been aggressive yet.

Hei Xietang smiled: "Practice first."

Hei Xieyu looked at Wu Qianqing and Guan Tong: "There are ready-made ones in front of me, and I don't see you practicing more."

"I hate it, I will be shy."

Hei Xunyu glanced coldly and turned his gaze.

At this moment, Wu Ruo's figure emerged out of thin air, and fell to the ground fiercely from a height. He was so painful that he could hardly speak, and a flash of laser light appeared on his body.

Then Guan Zhen also appeared in front of the crowd, jumping up and flying out of the ring.

Ye Jifei came to Wu Ruo quickly: "Are you all right?"

Wu Ruo stared at the stars in the sky, all in his head, Guan Zhen's last words, boy, you are too weak, you are not his opponent at all.

He felt that Guan Zhen's "he" should refer to the Son.

"Little Ruo." Youyou came over and helped him: "Are you okay?"

"It's not good." Wu Ruo was numb by the electricity and could not help for a while. "I was severely hit."

He is really really strong. Without Guan Zhen's full strength, he can only avoid blocking the opponent's attack.

You Xuan frowned: "Who was that person just now?"

"Probably our great-grandfather."

You fainted for a moment.

"I'm fine, just lying down and resting will be fine. Leave me alone and help the seniors."

"Okay." Youyou stood up and turned around. Suddenly, a white shadow strung out of his shadow. Then, no one within ten feet could move.

Everyone was shocked. Someone could hold their bodies. This was a very dangerous thing. If the other party had the intention to kill them, it was just a blink of an eye.

Wu Ruo looked for a moment, quickly throwing a charm, blocking the opponent's attack.

Bai Ying froze for a while, but did not expect that the other party could move.

After all, Ye Ji is a nine-tier demons, and he has good abilities, so he hasn't been fixed for a long time. At the moment when he can move, he quickly drags Wu Ruo out of place.

You immediately set off black gas, turned around and hit the person.

The attacker easily escaped the attack and jumped out of place.

Wu Ruo looked at the man wearing a white robe and a hooded hat and sneered, "I knew you would hit me while you were in the test, but I don't know why you would kill me three or two times, but I could I'm pretty sure I've never seen you and offended anyone. Can you answer my question, Son? "

Before he was numb with electricity, he fell into the enchantment and was not held by the other side.

The Son sneered sneerly: "If there is a next life, I will tell you."

This sentence, in the last life, Wu Ruo heard him say, and reminded him again of how the Son treated his family in the last life.

He smiled low, and laughed full of sarcasm: "Next life ..."

Youyou could not help but look at Wu Ruo, then realized that his breath had become fierce and angry, and hatred filled his eyes.

"Even if you have the next life, you don't remember what you said and what you did in this life." Wu Ruoyan opened his eyes, using the magic grip of the ghost to hold the opponent's body, and then chopped off with the demon learned from the demon tribe. The Son and his shadow.

The sage is stronger than Wu Ruo, so the time to be settled can only be blinked. When Li Feng beheaded and killed, he jumped up to avoid the attack of the opponent: "It depends on your ability and you want to decide ..."

Before he finished speaking, Wu Ruo had rushed to him and pulled him into his shadow realm. With that, Wu Ruo distributed his shadow to every corner of the shadow realm, no matter how the Son hid, as long as Attack his shadow just fine.

But when he attacked the shadow of the Son, the Son was not only not injured, but even laughed loudly.

Wu Ruo became more angry and hit him directly. Suddenly, the Son was like a soul disappearing and his body became more and more blurred.

He couldn't help but hesitated, and soon realized that he was just a phantom.

Wu Ruo folded the shadow realm, and suddenly, a powerful spiritual force struck him.

"Be careful behind you," You You shouted.

Wu Ruo quickly went to enchantment, however, the opponent used the demons.

Demolition can destroy other people's defense hoods, as well as others' enchantments. If they hit the demons, they will make the demons feel bad. After breaking through Wu Ruo's enchantment, the magic of breaking magic rushed to Wu Ruo's body and hit the ring.

"Ah-brother, it's off the ring." U Xi hurried.

Guan Tong and Wu Qianqing frowned.

Seeing the immortality of the Son, Hei Xuanyu flickered in the direction of Wu Ruo.

In the corner of Shengzi's eyes, Yu Xuan saw Hei Xieyu flying over, and he quickly closed his hands and turned to leave the test venue.

"Xiao Ruo, are you okay." Hei Xuyi quickly raised Wu Ruo.

Wu Ruo rubbed his stinging chest: "I'm okay. The enchantment has blocked some of the spiritual power of the Son for me, and I still wear the costume you made for me. So, hit me and It doesn't hurt. "

In fact, it can be resisted by the mage's shield of the master, but he has just recently learned the mysteries of various countries and is not very proficient, so the response is not fast enough. When he remembered, people were already stepped down.

Wu Ruo thought of it with a cold look: "The Son is a mysterious man."

When Ruan Hui mentioned that the mysterious child can have any secret technique, he should have thought that the elder son might be as good at stealing shadows as he was, but when he heard the curse of Hei Xieyu later, I thought of him as a holy tribe, thinking that the Son wanted to kill him to prevent him from solving the curse.

Well, when I saw him strung out from the shadow of You, I knew that he was a hermit.

"I'm a fellow of the same family as him. Why did he kill me?"

"This is something only he knows." Hei Xieyu thought for a while: "Maybe your grandfather knows too."

"If he could tell me, he would have told me, even if he taught me mystery, it would be sneaky." Wu Ruo calmly said, "I wanted to squeeze into the top ten and get super materials, but it was destroyed by the Son. .

Hei Xuanyu rubbed his head: "It's okay if everyone is fine."

Wu Ruo was not happy with his comfort: "As the city owner said, my ability is too far behind the Son."

He is not an opponent of the Son.

"He learned metaphysics from an early age, and I don't know how much spiritual energy or metaphysics he absorbed."

Wu Ruo was discouraged: "I don't know when I can catch up with him.

"After the wizard reaches level nine, there will be a limit to the storage of spiritual power. At the limit, you can no longer absorb too much spiritual power. You can catch up with him at any time, as is mysticism." The stage said: "The intention of the test conference held by the city owner is to let you learn more about mystery, and you must not disappoint his good intentions."

This finally made Wu Ruo smile: "I know, I will work hard."

"Second Brother, Second Brother, are you okay?" U Xi and Wu Qianqing squeezed out of the crowd.

Chapter 288:

In order to reassure them, Wu Ruo hurriedly said, "I'm fine. Don't worry."

Everyone is relieved.

Wu Ruo asked: "Mother, was the person who just fought against me our grandfather?"

Guan Tong nodded: "Yes, it is him. Did he tell you anything?"

"He only taught me some secret techniques." Wu Ruo looked at the place where the city owner jumped down before. "Mother, would you like to meet your grandfather?"

Guan Tong froze and pulled Spar in his hand nervously: "Will he see me?"

"Now that others are nearby, why not try it.

Guan Tong looked at Wu Qianqing, who nodded, "I'll go with you."

Ushi said, "Mother, I will go too."

Wuzhu also said, "I will go too."

"I'm going too," Hei Xietang said quickly.

Guan Tong hesitated for a moment and smiled, "Well, let's go together."

Wu Ruo said, "I want to see a test, so I won't pass."

"Okay." Guan Tong took his family in the direction that Guan Zhen jumped off the stage.

The ghost woman quickly followed.

Guan Tong, they saw the director in the position of the tribunal.

Mr. Lu also saw them. He shook his head indifferently to Guan Tong who was getting closer.

Guan Tong stopped suddenly.

Uxi asked, "Mother, why don't you leave?"

"Your grandfather doesn't want to see us, let's go back."


Guan Tong was sad and turned away with his family.

The ghost woman silently looked at the direction of the eye-recording manager, and left with Guan Tong.

Soon after they left, Guan Zhen, who was wearing the robe of the city owner, came out, looking at the direction in which Guan Tong was leaving, and sighed uncomfortably.

After Ruo Guan left, Wu Ruo asked Hei Xieyu, "Why is the Son so afraid of you?"

Each time Hei Xie Yu appeared, the Son would quickly flee.

Hei Xieyan frowned: "He is not afraid of me, it is his ability to fear me. Do you remember that the Holy Son brought in ghosts, did I use the taboo technique to attract ghost masters?"

"How could such an important thing be forgotten."

"Holy Son, no, it should be said that the entire mysterious people did not like us to use taboos from ancient times, because we can recruit their ancestors, which is very disrespectful to them. Second, they are afraid of their ancestors. Ability, although the ancestors recruited are not as powerful as before, but the ability can not lose the current Mymit people, recruiting their ancestors, indicating that they want to hit their own people, making them very unhappy.

Wu Ruo: "..."

He finally knew why the saint of the last life heard Hei Xieyu coming and hurried to leave.

"You should just see that I was struck by the city owner. Actually he ..." Wu Ruo looked around. Except for Yi Yi, everyone else's attention was on the ring, and he was in Heishu's ear. Whispered, "Thunder from the cultivation world."

Hei Xun 翊 Hemou flashed a surprise under his eyes. "Are you sure I lied to you?"

"It shouldn't be, at least I have never seen people from any country who have used this mystery."

"Then do you write down how to use it?"

"He remembered it only once, and it's not very clear, and it's different from the mystery we use."

Hei Xuan narrowed his eyes.

Soon, Guan Tong brought people back to them.

At a glance, Wu Ruo knew that they did not see the owner of the city, so they comforted him a few words, and then focused on watching the contest on the stage, trying to write down every mystery as much as possible, and it was not known whether it was because of shadow stealing The reason is that he only needs to read a few times to write down simple mystery. If he ca n’t remember it, he will write it down on the paper. After he goes, he must practice mystery well.

Hei Xuanyu could see that he was very stimulated tonight, so he didn't bother him, and even helped him write down every move.

After an hour and a half, Yan Tianshi and his party all stepped down.

There were fewer and fewer people on the ring. From five or six hundred people to more than two hundred people. After half an hour, Wu Chenliu and Ye Ji were stepped down at the same time. They came to Wuruo together.

Wu Xi cried in excitement and hugged Wu Chenliu: "Master, Master, it's great to see Master."

Wu Chenliu patted her shoulder and teased, "How old are you, crying?"

"I cried when I was glad to see Master." U Xi changed his arms around him. "Master, where do you live now? If there is no place to live, how about staying with us for a while?"

"This ..." Wu Chenliu hesitated, embarrassed to run to someone else's house.

Wu Qianqing and Guan Tong also joined the persuasion.

Wu Chenliu nodded and agreed.

Just before dawn, the ninth-level magician finally ended, and the limping and the yuppy successfully squeezed into the top ten.

Youyou step down to find Wu Ruo and they ask: "Xiao Ruo, who was the one who knocked you out?"

When he was on the stage, when he heard Wu Ruo's mention of the next life, he felt vaguely related to Wu Ruo coming from another world.

Hei Xuan shouted, "Let's go back."

"Okay." Everyone first accompanied Wu Chenliu to his tent to collect baggage, and then returned to the underground palace.

Wu Chenliu knew that Hei Xieyu was the prince of the Nation, and Hei Xietang was the prince of the Nation. He was very surprised and wondered how a prince went to Heaven to marry a boyfriend.

After returning to Hengxing Palace, Wu Ruo briefly talked about the Son, and then asked Guan Tong, "Mother, did you offend people in your clan before?"

Guan Tong thought for a while, and was not quite sure: "Should not."

Wu Qianqing patted Tong Tong's hand and said, "Let me do it."

Wuqian Qingdao: "I have been to the Hermits, but only for one day. In my opinion, the atmosphere of the Hermits is very friendly and the people of the tribe are very harmonious with each other. Whoever has difficulties or needs Help, everyone else in the clan will come to help, and your mother is a saint, everyone respects her, and it is impossible for you to offend anyone because of your mother's nature. Even if you are expelled from the clan, everyone will send us away. . "

Wu Ruo asked curiously, "Dad, you have been to the hermit, haven't they given you a vow to say something about the hermit?"

Wu Qianqing was funny: "I stayed there for a day, walked around the clan and felt the atmosphere of the clan. Besides, I knew nothing about the other things, what can I say? However, they have made me swear that I can't tell others where the siege is. "

Wuzhu asked, "Dad, why didn't you say these things before?"

"I don't want to make your mother sad, and I'm afraid that saying these things will make your mother's poison vows come out. Now that you all know the secret hermit, I have nothing to hide."

Hei Xietang wondered: "Since my mother didn't offend anyone, why should the hermits target the grandmother? Yes, will the Son be the Son of the Hermit? It is the same as the Virgin, so the Son is very It may not be the real name of the person who chased the sister-in-law. "

Hei Xun said, "It's possible."

"If I really didn't offend anyone unintentionally, and he was really the Son of the clan ..." Guan Tong's expression grew more dignified: "It might be that Xiaoruo is targeted for that reason."

Everyone asked in unison: "Why?"

Guan Tong smiled bitterly.

Wu Ruo said, "Mother, I know you can't say it, then you still don't have to say it."

"I can only say that the reason is not very reliable, and it is not separate. It is not necessarily what I think. Xiaoruo, if you meet your grandfather again, you can ask him about the Son, and he should treat the Son. I will tell you something. "Guan Tong thought for a while and said," I think he should know the reason why the Son is targeting you, worried that you will eat the loss of the Son, but because you are not a member of the clan, you cannot be righteous Teaching you, that ’s why you have a grand contest to learn more about mystics. "

"Well, I will." Wu Ruohe saw Heixin come in with a breakfast **** and said, "Everyone is tired all night, and then go back to rest after breakfast."

Everyone had breakfast. Except for Thorny, Ye Ji and the children who still lived in the palace, everyone followed Heishangtang back to the palace.

Wu Ruozhen wanted to go back to the room with Hei Xieyu to rest. Lao Hei returned to the government and gave all the silver tickets earned in August to Wu Ruo. He also sent Wu Ruo's famous national charms and spells to him. In the palace.

Wu Ruo also confessed to the old gangster to help collect the mysterious books of various countries.

After seeing what they were doing in the chat room again, Hei Xuan sent the child back to the room to rest. When he came out, he saw a thorny appearance walking around the corridor, as if he had lost his soul. Yes, I will go to the hall for a while, and then go to his room again. Even the **** who passed by the side did not respond.

"Thorny?" Hei Xuan screamed.

Nothing happened.

Hei Xuanying felt that he was not right, so he followed up, and turned to leave when he saw the thorns return to the room. On the way, he encountered Ye Ji coming out of the bathroom.

He stepped forward and said, "Did you find the thorns strange?"

"Strange?" Ye Ji tightened his brow. "I don't know. I went to take a shower just now. Is he unwell?"

"No, he ..." Hei Xuan narrowed his eyes. "It seems as if he is immaculate, and the whole person has no soul. I told him not to.

As soon as Ye Ji heard it, he rushed back to the room, and saw that the thorns were tidying up the quilt they were sleeping on.

After hearing the voice, Ji Yi turned her head back: "Wash it up? Then go to bed.

He stretched out: "I watched the test all night and it was exhausting."

Ye Ji touched his forehead before leaving: "Did you feel unwell?"

"No?" Thorny looked at him in confusion: "Why do you ask like this, and you wouldn't think my body asked again, right? Don't worry, my body is fine."

Ye Ji saw that he was particularly energetic, and didn't settle down a bit like Hei Xieyu said. He took off his robe and lay on the bed.

Thorny said: "You sleep first, I'm going to the hut."

"I stay with you."

Echidna rolled his eyes: "No, I'll be back soon. If I don't come back, you'll go to me."

"it is good."

Chapter 289: Dream

In the lobby, Wu Ruo was talking about the recent incident in the shop.

"Man, someone recently came to the shop to ask about the magical charms drawn by the ghost woman."

Wu Ruo raised an eyebrow and asked, "Is it something about the magic charm, or is it someone who paints the magic charm?"

"They just want to know who is the person who painted the magic charm. They also gave me a lot of silver tickets and looked very anxious.

Wu Ruo guessed that the person who inquired about the ghost woman was probably the city owner.

At this moment, he walked into the hall tremblingly.

Wu Ruo's eyes were puzzled: "Don't you say go to sleep?"

The spinach did not speak, and sat next to Wu Ruo and poured himself a cup of tea.

Wu Ruo continued to discuss things with Lao Hei.

Spiny thorn put down the tea cup, look at the old black, and then look at Wu Ruo, suddenly, raised his hand and touched Wu Ruo's face.

Wu Ruo grabbed his hand subconsciously and touched his face: "Is there anything on my face?"

Laohei stared at Wu Ruo's face for a moment, then shook his head: "No.

Thorny blinked his eyelids, and his apathetic eyes gradually became clear. He looked at Wu Ruo and said, "You have **** in your eyes."

"..." Wu Ruo drew a corner of his eye, let go of his hand, and rubbed the corner of his eye.

Thorny looked left at the hall in confusion, looked at the right, then got up and left.

Wu Ruo looked at Lao Hei with an inexplicable look: "Let's continue."

For a moment, Thorny walked in again with no expression, sat back to where he was, and took another cup and poured tea for himself.

Wu Ruo glanced at him and said to Lao Hei, "While the contest is not over yet, you should collect mysterious books from various countries as soon as possible ..."

"Well, after I go back, I will do this, and I will definitely find a book that squeezes all countries." Laohe smiled and patted his breasts.

Wu Ruo smiled slightly.

Spinach lay down the tea cup, and then extended his hand towards Wu Ruo.

Wu Ruo grabbed his wrist again: "What on earth do you want?"

"I ..." Thorny looked dull: "I want to go to the hut."

Old Black: "..."

Wu Ruo was speechless: "You want to go to the hut, don't you want me to take you?"

Laohe asked, "Did the thorny prince don't know where the hut is? Would you like to take you there?"

"No." Thorny rubbed his face, quickly got up to leave the hall, and met Yeji who was looking for him.

Ye Ji looked at him and saw that he was okay, so he took him back to his room to sleep.

The spiny spinner unfastened the belt and stopped, thinking about it, and wrapped the belt around again.

Ye Ji, who had been lying down, wondered, he gave him a look: "Why not go to bed?"

With a quivering look, he looked at the room where he lived, "I'm going to that cottage."

"..." Ye Ji sat up and said, "Did you not go just now?"

"I ..." Thorny's eyes flashed confused and bewildered: "I went to Xiaoruo just now, you rest first, and I'll come back when I go."

When he saw Ye Ji getting up again, he stopped and said, "You don't have to follow, I will be back soon."

The spiny spinner turned and flew out. When he flew halfway, his expression suddenly fluttered, and he turned around and flew to the hall involuntarily.

Wu Ruo glanced at him and took out a bottle of elixir to Lao Hei: "How are you doing recently? Have you been promoted?"

Lao Hei said happily: "Just work hard for another two or three months and you should be able to advance. If I changed to the previous one, I wouldn't even dare think about this kind of thing, thanks to Grandpa."

Wu Ruo smiled slightly: "You must practice well, maybe you can rise to the fifth or sixth level, and it will not be a problem to live about two hundred years old."

"I will."

The spiny cockroach sat down and took another cup and poured himself a cup of tea.

Wu Ruo pointed to the two cups in front of him and said, "These two cups are the ones you drank before. Now the tea is still hot."

"Oh." Thorny lazily responded, put down the tea cup, and reached out to touch Wu Ruo again.

Wu Ruo had expected him to do this, grabbed his wrist quickly, and frowned: "thorny?"

Laohe frowned, and felt that today's thorns are a bit wrong.

"Why do you hold this seat?" Thorny drew his hand back, staring blankly at the old black, and looking at the hall again.

Wu Ruo: "..."

The old black got up and said, "Man, there are still many things waiting for me in the shop, and I won't bother you to rest here."

Wu Ruo stood up and stretched, "I'm going to bed too."

He walked out of the hall with Lao He and returned to his room. When he closed the door, he saw the spine fly back to the backyard.

Wu Ruo closed the door and went into the inner room. When he saw the man resting on the bed, he could not help but smile. He immediately threw the thorny things behind his head, quickly took off his robe, kissed him, and lay beside the man.

Hei Xuyi opened his eyes slightly, seeing that he was his prince, and habitually took people into his arms and continued to sleep.

That night was the top ten ranking test. There were three competitions, which were the children's test and the first and second order tests. Because the low-level magicians had low spiritual power, they could only use limited mystics. Sometimes they played It became a martial arts competition, so everyone was not interested in the low-level competition, but prevented them from betting on gambling. Many people wanted to take a chance to make a lot of money and bet on the silver, and then went to the competition to see the competition.

Wu Ruo had no interest in gambling, but he still came to the border city at night, and the people who came with him were still thorny.

Speaking of thorns, he always felt strange, everyone else didn't come up with him because of low-level test boring, but thorns came, but in the past, they would never follow such a boring thing. Of course, Ye Ji also wanted to come. It was only now that he was responsible for training the children and had to stay in the palace.

Wu Ruo looked back and saw the thorns wherever he went: "Do you have anything to buy?"

Thoroughly heard, there was some emotion in the empty expression, and he shook his head at him.

Wu Ruo no longer cares about him and continues to go to the test, but he is not looking at the test, but to find the city owner.

Standing with the referee, the recording manager saw Wu Ruo looking very indifferent, and seemed to guess that he would come to the door. When Wu Ruo approached, he said, "Follow me."

Wu Ruo and Acanthus looked at each other and followed the director to a tent not far from Huantai.

Mr. Lu poured a cup of tea for both of them: "Please drink."

Wu Ruo took a sip of water and asked, "I'm looking for the owner this time. I don't know if his old man is there?"

Although his mother asked him to wait until the next time he met the city owner, but who knows when it is next time, he might as well come to the door and ask for it. The city mainly wants to answer what he knows and will be willing to see him.

Mr. Lu sneered: "If he hears you call him the old man, he must be in a hurry with you. Unfortunately, he is not here.

"When will he come back?"

The general manager made a face look and tightened his brow: "He may not come out again."

Wu Ruoqi stood up: "What do you mean?"

"He was discovered by the clan last night for using a secret technique that can no longer be revealed in front of everyone, and this morning he was brought back to the clan to wait for the clan's hair.

"Mystery? What mystery?" Wu Ruo couldn't help but think of the spells in the cultivation world.

The director did not answer his words, and continued, "He knew early in the morning that he would be taken back after using mystics, and sooner or later you would come to ask you some questions and order me to wait for you, but I Before that, I need to ask you something. "

Wu Ruo sat down: "Excuse me."

"Did you open the grocery store number one?"

Wu Ruo answered, "Yes."

The record manager pulled out a piece of paper: "This is a few days ago I saw someone use this magic charm, and then bought it from him specially for a large amount of money. The person who sold my charm said that it was from the first shop I bought it, and the shop at the No. 1 shop also acknowledged it. I just want to know, who is the person who painted the sign? "

Wu Ruodao: "Before answering you, I want to know that the owner seems to know the existence of this sign?"

The record manager shook his head: "I haven't told him yet, I don't want to make him happy for nothing. If he knows this, he won't go back to the clan even if he resists this morning."

Wu Ruo took the sign and said, "This is a woman who saved me. She asked me to sell it."

Mr. Lu said anxiously: "Who is this woman? What is her surname? What does it look like?"

"Her surname is Yuying Ran, her appearance is destroyed, but she heard her family look very similar to me before."

"It's her, it's really her. It's great, she's not dead." The head of the recording rejoiced and stared at Wu Ruo. "Have you guessed anything?"

Wu Ruo said directly, "I guess she might be my maternal grandmother."

Director Luo lowered his face and glared at Wu Ruo: "Why don't you tell the master since you guessed her identity? Do you know that the master has been willing to find her for more than 40 years?"

Wu Ruo looked helpless: "But she can't even recognize my mother, how can I go out without her consent."

"Why? Why doesn't she recognize the lady?" Director Lu was puzzled: "Yes, you just said she was disfigured?"

"Well, listen to her family saying that she was sunburned in the face in order to find a child, and she still refuses to heal her face.

"Can I meet her?"

Wu Ruo shook her head: "I worry that you will scare her away, and it will be difficult to find someone by then."

"But I really want to see her."

"She should also really like to see the city owner. When she came to the stadium many times to see the city owner, she looked at it from afar, but she had a knot in her heart that caused her to dare not even recognize her daughter and those she liked.

Director Lu was annoyed, "Did she keep her like this forever?"

"Of course not. At first she is asked to agree to heal her face, otherwise, she will always humble herself and dare not see the city owner.

The director of the recording also felt that he was reasonable. Since the person has been found, he is not in a hurry.

Wu Ruo said, "I have told you what you want to know. Can you answer my question now?"

Record the director to see the meaning of the eyes.

"He won't tell the story."

Before the director recovered, he looked indifferent: "As long as I know, I will tell you."

Wu Ruo was afraid of his remorse, and quickly asked, "Do you know who my Son is after him? Is he the Son of Mymit?"

Mr. Lu answered, "Yes, after the lady left the hermit, the elder son named Qian Shen was selected. He left the hermit because of the age of training."

Wu Ruo also said: "My mother said that if the Son is the Son of the clan, it may be related to something that will kill me. That thing is very separate, but because she can't tell the things in the clan, so Let me ask the city owner, but I do n’t know whether the city owner knew why the Son wanted to kill me.

"The master doesn't know, but the master guesses that he may be troubled by his own dream dream."

"Dream?" Wu Ruo frowned. "What do you mean? Is there a dream of desire?"

Recording the corner of the mouth of the general manager, "It is the prophecy of the prophecy."

"You mean he can dream about the future?"

"Yes." The general manager of the record: "The mysterious son and maiden of the hermit can dream of their future, as does the young lady."

"The lady you said is my mother?"

"Well, since she was twelve years old, she often dreamed that she was with a young man, and she could even understand her feelings in the dream. Therefore, she had a deep love for the young people in her dreams until she went out to practice When I met young people, this dream stopped. "

"The youth in her dreams is my father?"


Wu Ruo was surprised: "There is such a thing."

Mr. Lu gave him a faint glance: "If it wasn't for the father's dream, the master would not agree with the lady to be with your father, because your father's ability is too weak for the hermit people. , There is no way to protect the safety of the lady. "

Although Wu Ruo was so angry that others looked down on his father, as a father, he could understand the mood of the city owner, and everyone hoped that his children would be happy and happy, and there was someone who could protect their children.

"Miss once said that there were two endings in her dream, one family died dead and the other family was happy together."

Wu Ruo looked at Mr. Lu with shocked expression.

So his mother knew that their family would be killed in the last life?

"Miss was troubled by the whole family's death in a dream, and almost lost her temper while practicing?"

"what happened?"

"She thought about killing all who killed them before the nightmares happened."

"..." Wu Ruo asked quickly: "Who can she dream of killing her family?"

"At first I only dreamed of the other person's fuzzy face, but I couldn't see the other person's appearance. Later, the idea was stopped by the master. The lady never had nightmares and rarely dreamed. Future husbands cultivate feelings. "

Wu Ruo was curious: "How did the city owner stop it?"

Dreaming is not something you can control. Is it possible that the owner has the ability to enter other people's dreams?

"The city owner said that if the nightmare comes true, he will do everything possible to turn her around so that she can live happily with her family. Since then, the city owner has been looking for ways to change her destiny."


At this moment, Wu Ruo was so surprised that he could not speak, and could not help thinking of the rebirth of the Lord of the Last City, and he was excited and admired the grandfather.

Mr. Lu sipped his tea and continued, "The Lord thinks that the Son will kill you, it must be because of the pre-dream, and the Son has reached the point where he will go into a dream, or he will not see clearly in the dream and make him have a nightmare. Who is the culprit. "

Chapter 290:

Wu Ruo clenched his lips tightly. It was ridiculous for him to kill him and his family because of a dream, as his mother said, but the sage's dream can come true, also I don't know what I dreamed of, but I want to kill him.

"When the Son and the Virgin go into trouble, they can clearly see everything in the dream?"

The record manager whispered: "Yes, they strongly want to know everything, to make everything in the dream clearer, to see the unknown, they will be blinded by nightmares and not cut off nightmares Never give up.

"Then my mother, she also dreamed, she ..."

"In the beginning, the nightmare only had a vague image, and I could only vaguely feel the bad ending. Sometimes when I woke up, I didn't remember what happened in the dream. This is what the lady did. She was soothed by the master, otherwise the lady would not be able to escape the predicament in the dream like the saint. "

Wu Ruo raised his eyebrows: "You said before that the owner of the city was brought back to the tribe, and whether he would be dealt with seriously."

Mr. Lu gave him a count of you and your conscience: "The wizards didn't find out what secret technique he was using. It shouldn't be serious, but he may be placed under house arrest and not allowed to leave the clan. . "

Wu Ruo knew that he couldn't help the city owner, but asked politely, "I don't know if I can help him?"

"If you can get your wife and master together early, it will be a great help to the master."

"I can do this without you saying, after all, I also want my mother to recognize her. Just don't know what happened that year? If you know, maybe she can unlock her knot."

Mr. Lu shook his head: "The master didn't tell me, only let me investigate the wife's affairs. After so many years, I only found a little bit of a star. The reason they separated was because the old people prevented them from marrying."

"Why did the old people stop them?"

"According to my guess, it should be related to the curse, because after the incident between the master and the wife, the old people have not allowed the old people to marry foreigners, and to prevent the old people from falling in love with the Miyin people again."

Wu Ruoyi said: "Do you mean that the city owner and the ghost can marry the curse, but isn't it true that only the people of the royal family of the dead nation or the old royal family and the people of the hermit family can love the curse?"

"I don't know if I can solve the curse, but the old people did this just in case. I once asked that many people under the old royal family have once drank the blood of the fairy to become a half fairy. The kingdoms of heaven and earth deal with your repairs and economics. Their ancestors are half immortals. Otherwise, how can they use the royal secrets with their ability. "

"You mean that bone bone surgery and feast of all ghosts are royal mysteries?"

"Well, ordinary magicians can't use this mystery. Xiu and Jinglun are because their ancestors are half ancestors. The use of royal mystery is not particularly pure, especially the feast of all ghosts. They cannot control it by their ability. All ghosts may be bitten back, so in general, or in the test, they may not use it. "Mr. Lu gave a glance at him:" Did your partner tell you this? "

Wu Ruo smiled bitterly: "He doesn't have time to tell me these things now.

"It's not important, it doesn't matter if you mention it."

Wu Ruo asked: "Since the city owner knows that the ghost woman is not dead, why did you let my mother misunderstand that the ghost woman is dead?"

"That year, the family did a funeral for the wife, and the master thought the wife was dead."

"The city owner just believe so easily?"

"At first, he didn't believe it. Later, after looking for several years without news of his wife, he gradually believed that his wife was dead."

"How did you know the ghost woman wasn't dead?"

"Because the lady once said that she dreamed of his wife. After listening to it, the master was very upset. Whether the lady had a pre-dream or an ordinary dream, once again aroused the master to find his wife's heart. Finally let the master hear some news. It is said that someone saw that the family arrested two people and one of them looked like a wife. The master heard it very excitedly, but no one was found afterwards. "

"The ghost woman disfigured after giving birth to my mother, and no one could have seen her ..." Wu Ruo frowned and thought: "Oh, I see. People who see you arrested by your family should see You Panyang Thinking that Panyang was a ghost woman, she spread the news that the ghost woman was still in the world by mistake.

Record Manager is puzzled: "From Panyang?"

"It's the three sons of Eel."

"He really has a third son? But he never saw him."

"Yu Yi's three sons were taken away as ghost daughters because they looked like my mother."

"It was so."

Wu Ruo watched the director for a moment of silence: "Can you tell me more about the hermit?"

"What else do you want to know?"

"I want to know if the seal in my mother's body can be solved.

"It is the patriarch of the mystery who sealed the ability of the lady. In the world today, I am afraid that no one except the patriarch can understand it."

Wu Ruo asked, "His spiritual power is very strong?"

"He has absorbed the spiritual power of two generations of patriarchs."

Wu Ruo: "..."

Director Chen Sheng said, "In fact, it is often the case that people of the Mystery clan marry into other clan, as long as they are expelled from the clan and swear that they cannot say things in the clan.

"Why does that seal my mother's spiritual power?"

"Because the patriarch was a young lady's childhood friend and was a young lady's fiance, he loved her from an early age, but after being waited for so many years, he was snatched away by other men, unwilling, and when she agreed to dissolve the marriage contract, she also sealed her spiritual power. .

Wu Ruo: "..."

There is such a thing.

"So far the patriarch hasn't become married. Some people say that the patriarch still likes the lady, but the owner said that the patriarch loves the lady only between brothers and sisters. Then, he treats this love as a love among lovers. When the patriarch finds someone who really likes it, Will put down all the seals to untie the lady, so in these years, the master has sent many women to the patriarch, but the patriarch's heart is so silent that he doesn't look down on those girls at all. "

"The city owner still does this?"

"For the lady, the master can do everything."

Wu Ruo laughed: "Should I now pray to the patriarch to find someone he likes quickly, then my mother doesn't need to be an ordinary person anymore."

The director of the recording sneered: "The prayers and spells you should deserve now are most successful. Otherwise, you and Hei Xie may die."

Wu Ruoyan frowned, "Do you know how to solve the curse?"

"I am not a mysterious person. I do n’t know much about it. I just listen to the master saying that the two of you cannot solve the curse if you do n’t love each other. As for the other things, ask the master. When I go back, I also want to ask about the solution of the curse. After all, after the spell is successfully solved, the master can take his wife away from the dead country. I will go back once the test is over. "

Wu Ruo nodded: "If there is anything I need to help, just write to me."

"it is good."

Wu Ruo drank half of a pot of tea, "Let's go."

Echidna put down the tea cup: "Is everything done?"

"Um." Wu Ruo stood up and left the recording director.

Thorns twitched into the air and followed him to leave the trial field.

Wu Ruo went to the cargo area.

Thorny in the back watched Wu Ruo walk away, his expression gradually became dull, and he couldn't help raising his hand and reached Wu Ruo's neck.

"Panyang," someone suddenly called.

Wu Ruowen heard the sound, stopped and looked to the right, and saw Li Xing came with a deep chant and Zhong Rong, and couldn't help expressing his joy: "Li limping, Shen Song, heavy Rong son, what a coincidence."

Ji Yi retracted her arm and looked blankly at her hands and at the sight of them.

Li Xing saw his smile and bent his corners. "It's no coincidence. I just saw you coming out of the test field and followed me all the way."

He looked at the thorns that followed, "Look forward, this is ..."

Wu Ruo introduced them: "My friend, Ji Yi."

The limp nodded slightly at the spines.

Ji Yi disapproved, and he showed a vigilant look at him, and said, "I have things to do, so I won't bother you here."

Wu Ruo was worried that Thorns would faint halfway, and reminded him: "Don't wander around, go back early."

"Well." Thornywing flew away quickly.

Li Xing looked at Fang De when he left, squinting his eyes: "Panyang, he ..."

Wu Ruo wondered, "What happened to him?"

Thinking for a while, shaking his head: "Nothing.

In fact, he wanted to say that he just saw the thorns and stretched out his hand from the back, and he seemed to want to do something bad, but if he said that, he might not be happy with Panyang, and, mainly, he was not sure about the other party. What do you want to do.

Wu Ruo: "..."

Song Song bluntly asked, "Does your friend not like us?"

"No, he has always been like this." Wu Ruo turned to the topic: "Where are you going now?"

"We came up to bet on the game and then went back after a while."

"I'm going to see the goods now. Do you want to be together?"

By the way: "We are free."

"Let's go together."

Wu Ruo, who had a smile on his face, asked, "Are you okay last night?"

Wu Ruo took a moment to realize what he asked about the trial, and smiled, "Will I still be here if something happens?"

"I mean……"

"I understand what you mean. Victory and defeat are commonplace in military affairs. Being kicked off means that I am inferior to others. In the future, I will work harder to improve myself. The only pity is that I have not been able to play against you."

"We can also try it now."

Wu Ruo shook her head with a smile: "You just finished the test early in the morning and you should not fight anymore, and you still need to save your strength to get the ranking."

Li Xing said, "Your friend is also in the top ten.

Wu Ruo opened his mouth and was about to say something, and when someone heard him shout, "Doctor, please save my child."
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