Comeback of the Abandoned Wife Chapter 271-280

Chapter 271: Double pupil

Shen Song glared at Wu Ruo in shock: "Panyang, it turns out that you want to rescue the slaves alone when you go to the thatched house. Then you are too kind. You didn't take us with this kind of excitement.

Wu Ruo blinked at him: "Isn't he taking you to save someone now?"

"But if it wasn't for the Lord's discovery of your purpose, we're still in the dark, have your kids treated us as friends?"

"Of course I do. I have always regarded you as a pig friend."

Shen Songqi smiled and stretched his hands on his shoulders: "You guys ... OK, pig friends and dog friends are also friends, you have to remember well, if there are such fun things in the future, you must find us, then come back, Why are you saving a slave? "

Wu Ruo lied, "I just think he is like a friend of mine."

"So that's the case."

With a dull face, he pushed away Ruo's arms on Wu Ruo's shoulders, "You give me a little seriousness."

Shen Song put away a smile: "Master, I heard that there are three ninth-level magician guards behind the auction table. We just ventured in and might be caught. Do we want to find some more people? "

Li Xing and Wu Ruo stared at each other. "I and Panyang deal with the ninth-level magician. You and Chongrong save people."

Wu Ruo asked: "Limp, are you really going to save people with me?"

"if not?"

Wu Ruo: "..."

In fact, he does not have to save Uber, as long as the person who photographed Uber treats him well, it is not bad to be a slave. After all, he does n’t have much sympathy for people other than his own family. If he had n’t done too much to their family in Uber I and this life, he would never have photographed him. idea.

He limped to watch the guarded door "When they opened the door and pushed the next slave out, we rushed in.

As soon as he finished speaking, he heard a commotion from the auction floor.

The market guard patrolling nearby hurried to the front desk.

Deep Song asked: "What happened outside?"

Limping Road: "You go and see."

"it is good."

Shen Song left, and then the door that closed the slaves was opened, and two Ninth-ranked magicians were walked out. They were wearing large white capes and oversized hats to block most of their faces.

Pingxing quickly took out the magic weapon to cover up their body and breath: "You lean on some, the scope of this magic weapon shield is not large."

Wu Ruo stood to the left of the limp.

Standing outside, Chong Rong stood on the right hand side of the limp, and when two ninth-level surgeons approached them, he could not help but recline to the right chest of the limp.

The limp twisted his eyebrows slightly. He didn't like to be so intimate with others, and then moved slightly to the left for two steps. Then, holding one hand on his waist, he turned his head sharply. He said, "If you retreat, I will be squeezed out of your magic weapon.

The hot breath sprayed into his ears, making his ears vortex itchy and hot, and his heart moving inexplicably.

"Come here." Chong Rong leaned tightly in his arms, and the two Wu Ruo at the bottom pressed a slight muffled sound.

The limp body stiffened and did not dare to disturb.

Wu Ruo tightened her eyebrows and didn't quite understand Chong Rong's concerns. Obviously there were magical instruments covering their body and breath that would not allow the ninth-level wizard to find them. Why should they be afraid? Is it because only the sixth-level reason will be nervous because of seeing the ninth-level wizard.

At this time, the two ninth-ranked wizards came to them, and suddenly, a ninth-ranked wizard on the left stopped.

The ninth-level wizard on the right also stopped and wondered, "What's wrong?"

The ninth-level magician on the left slowly turned around in the direction where Wu Ruo stood, and then raised his head, and the light shone on his pale face. Rong Yanjun, an ugly scar moved from the middle of his forehead to his nose to The chin, but this is not the most terrible, the most shocking thing is that there are two black eyeballs in each eye of the opponent, which is very scary under the dim light.

Wu Ruo was stunned, remembering that the head of the descending tribe had said that the eyes of the servant of the person who gave him were those with two black eyes, would this person be a person named twin pupils?

Chong Rong was taken aback by the face of a pupil pupil who was only a foot and a half away from him.

Limiao quickly covered Chongrong's mouth.

The ninth-level wizard with two black-eyed beads took out his staff and went to the place where they stood.

The limp quickly pulled Wu Ruo and they walked lightly down.

"Do you suspect anyone here?" Another ninth-level wizard asked.

The surgeon with two pupils said quietly, "I just felt a breath coming from here."

The ninth-level wizard came over and kicked Wu Ruo to the place. Fortunately, Wu Ruo responded quickly, and quickly raised his foot without being kicked by the other party.

"Look, nobody."

The ninth-level wizard with two pupils retracted the magic weapon: "Maybe I was mistaken just now."

"Okay, let's hurry to the front desk to see what's going on."

After they walked away, limp loosened Chong Rong's mouth.

Chong Rong apologized quickly: "I'm so sorry, just now that person's eyes were too scared. The talents would be taken aback. Fortunately, the adults in the limping line covered my mouth in time, otherwise they would find us hiding here. "

Li Xing said quietly, "I don't blame you. I was scared by his pupils just now. I have never seen anyone with such a terrible pupil before."

Wu Ruo, who was out of breath, reminded them, "Can you pull back a bit? I'm about to be crushed by you."

"Sorry." Pushing away the heavy banyan quickly, turned around and pulled up the half-squat Wu Ruo.

Chongrong looked at Wu Ruo and lowered his eyelids.

Wu Ruo exhaled, "Who is the person who has the pupils just now?"

"I've been to the slave market many times, and I have never seen this person." Li Xing looked at the door in front of him: "While there is only a ninth-level magician in it, how about we go in?"

Chong Rong asked: "Can't you wait for Shen Song to come?"

Pingxing said: "There are two ninth-level wizards who have left, and the wizards inside are not afraid. When we meet people, you will be responsible for unlocking the slaves."

"it is good."

Wu Ruohe and Pingxing rushed to the gate where the slaves were suppressed, stunned the gatekeeper, and then opened the door and rushed in.

Wu Ruo first took the key and threw the locks on the slaves of Zhongrongrong, and then dealt with the guards who came around.

Directly against the only ninth-level wizard.

After the slaves were unlocked, they fled here hurriedly, and the spiritual wizard helped to deal with the guards.

There were only fifteen slaves held in the auction house, and Zhong Rong quickly rescued all slaves, including Uber.

Wu Ruo threw a medicine bottle and a bag of silver at Wu Bo.

"Thank you." Ubo thanked Wu Ruo thankfully, his green face was more mature than ever.

"Hurry up." Wu Ruo and they exited the door, then threw a few charms at the entangled ninth-level wizard, temporarily trapping the ninth-level wizard.

Limeng turned and ran outside, smiling at Wu Ruo who was waiting for him: "Let's go."


Wu Ruo went back to the auction front desk along the same road, at this time, the auction venue was in chaos.

A group of people wearing the same robes as those under the hands of Hei Xuyi are hunting the teeth of the slave market.

Li Xing looked around, and frowned and asked, "Well ... what about Wang Ba?"

Wu Ruo shook his head: "I don't know. I just saw him running out with the slaves. He should have left the auction house."

Li Xing looked at the auction house again, without seeing the deep chant, he said to Wu Ruo, "Let's go."

Wu Ruo was sure that there was no black shame here, and no one had seen the two before, so he nodded and left the auction house.

The auction room was also very chaotic. The rescued slaves took the opportunity to rescue the locked slaves.

Soon, Wu Ruo and Li Ling found a deep chant standing outside the gate.

Song Songsong said, "It's great, you're finally out."

Li Xing asked: "What the **** happened in the auction house? Why did it fight?"

Song Song said, "I'm not very clear, it seems that people from the government came to grab their teeth and prepare to block the slave market."

Li Xing guessed that "it may be that the teeth are too mad and then they will dispatch the government. Right, do you see Zhongrong?"

Shen Song pointed to the left and said, "He said to go there to help the slaves. I'm worried that you can't find us when you come out, so I'll stay here and wait for you."

Limping tightened his brows: "Why don't you stop him from messing around?"

"I stopped him, but he didn't listen to me, and there were too many people, and I couldn't stop him." Shen Song looked innocent, "Do we want to go to him now?"

"Go." Xing Xing nodded: "If we wait to be dispersed, don't stay in the slave market. We go to the gate of the city and wait for Wu Ruoying to say:" OK. "The three people went to the direction where Chongrong left, but there were too many people in the slave market and the scenes were mixed. It was not that ordinary slaves and ordinary guests who came to buy slaves were fleeing the slave market frantically. Or the slave artisans fight with the teeth, or the people of the government arrest the teeth, and the lights are not very bright, so it is not easy to find someone.

In the end, they limped and had to act separately, but several houses that suppressed slaves did not see Chongrong.

Wu Ruo came out of the last slave room. The nearby slaves and guests had disappeared without a trace, and the streets became deserted.

When he was about to give up, suddenly, a bang came not far away, and then he saw the black pupil with a mask chasing the pupils he had seen before.

Wu Ruo wanted to chase him, and he heard Shen Song shouting, "Hope ... bitch, have you found Wang Ba?"


Deeply wondering: "Do you say he will leave the slave market?"

"Maybe." Wu Ruo looked at the place where they left and said, "I still have something. You go back with the beast first. If I meet Wang Ba, I will let him go to you."

Having said that, he ran over to Heishiuyu.

"Well? Where are you going?" Shen Song chased after him, but did not see Wu Ruo: "Mother, I will be scolded to death."

Chapter 272: Indeed he

Wu Ruo found several streets and didn't see Hei Xieyu, and there was no one around him, only the sound of fighting came from not far away.

He trot with his voice, and suddenly, a white shadow rushed out of the house where the slaves were suppressed and attacked Wu Ruo.

At the same time, two voices sounded at the left and right crossings: "Be careful."

Wu Ruo looked stunned, and quickly evaded, followed by two figures rushing in front of Wu Ruo and attacked the white shadow of Wu Ruo.

Bai Ying quickly ran away.

When Wu Ruo saw that the person was black and limping, he breathed a sigh of relief, and then looked at the man who attacked him in a white robe and a white cap.

He frowned. This man looked exactly like the Son. Is the Son chasing after the dead nation?

Hei Xun and Xing Xing did not intend to let go of the sneak attackers, condensed a strong spiritual power, and intended to capture the people in white.

The man in white knew that he could not fight one enemy and three, and quickly turned to flee.

Wu Ruo wanted to chase, but was stopped by Hei Xieyu: "Stop chasing."

Li Xing asked, "Slut, are you okay?"

Wu Ruo shook his head, a little unwilling to let people go: "It's all right."

Hei Xunyan looked at the eyes and walked: "It's very chaotic here, you leave the slave market as soon as possible."

Wu Ruo hesitated for a moment: "But one of our friends is missing."

"As long as your friend is not a tooth, the government will not arrest him and send him out of the slave market. You may see him now if you leave here."

Wu Ruo and Xun Xing nodded at each other. When he turned around, he said: "I will go home after I find Wang Ba.

These words seemed to be spoken to the protagonist, but in fact they were told to Hei Xunyu.

I hummed.

Hei Xieyu also subconsciously addressed Wu Ruoying.

Li Xing looks strangely dark, what does this person follow him?

Hei Xiu put his fist to his mouth, coughed to cover up the embarrassment, and then turned away.

Wu Ruo's eyes limped: "What are you looking at?"

"I just think this person's identity is not simple."

Wu Ruo secretly said, can the identity of the prince be simple?

He turned to the topic and asked, "Where's the deep song?"

"I have let him wait for us at the gate."

"Okay, let's go out."

The two left the slave market and came to the appointed place. They saw Shen Song and Zhong Rong waiting anxiously.

When Shen Song saw them coming back, he breathed a sigh of relief: "You've figured it out."

Limiao looked at Chongrong: "Where have you been?"

Chong Rong explained: "I saved the slaves and left the slave market, and then I met Master Shen Song."

Strictly, "Don't do it alone next time."


Wu Ruodao: "Since the son of Zhong Rong has already returned, I will go back."

He asked, "Would I like to take you back?"

"No, see you at the test." Wu Ruo turned and left.

The limp also returned to their child town.

After sending Chongrong to the yard where they lived, Limiao and Shensong returned to their yard.

Limping to sit on the chair: "Deep Song, I have a question for you."

Shen Song, who was preparing to prepare bath water for the limp, turned around and asked, "Master, what do you want to ask?"

"If ..." hesitated for a moment, then continued: "I said that if a man reacted to another man, what do you think it is?"

Song Song looked at Pingxing in perplexity: "Master, what's your response?"

Li Xing stared at him coldly: "I seem to be asking the wrong person."

"Master, please be clear. If you don't make it clear, how do I know what you are asking?"

Limping: "..."

Is he not clear enough?

The clumsy look didn't really understand what he said, and made it a little clearer: "It's because a man reacts to another man who wants to go to bed. What do you think?"

Shen Song paused, and opened his mouth in disbelief and looked at him in disbelief: "No? Master, why did you suddenly ask this question, did you react to other men?"

Limping: "..."

Really guessed by him.

When he heard the humming sound of Panyang, he did react. Fortunately, he responded quickly, and quickly used his spiritual power to suppress the dryness in his body, otherwise he was embarrassed. At that time, Chong Rong relied on his arms. If Chong Rong was found, he thought he was interesting to him.

"No, master, you can't like men." Shen Song quickly denied that he had been with Pingxing for many years since he was a kid. Does his master like men like him?

"Master, are you talking about Panyang?" The more he thought about it, the more likely he was, he couldn't help exclaiming: "Isn't Panyang thinking about you? Does it react to you?"

Limping: "..."

It's the exact opposite.

"Damn, I know he likes men, and let him be close to you. No, I can't send the master to the wolf mouth." Shen Song angrily said: "Master, we can't meet him again next time, so that He died this heart. In short, I must not let him take his master into the abyss and ruin his reputation. "

The lingering voice interrupted his wild thoughts, "I just asked you a question, and you just guessed at the mess. What's the matter with Panyang?"

"Master, aren't you talking about Panyang?" Shen Song patted his chest: "It's really scared to death. If this is the case, you can't continue to contact Panyang and make friends with him, it's really a shame."

Glancing coldly, "If you can't answer my question, go out."

"Well, master, do you still need to answer this question? A man responds to another man, of course, because he is interested in men, just like men respond to women."

"Just interested?"

"Now that you can respond to men, you can also like men, just as Panyang likes men.

Limping: "..."

He reacted to Youyang, did he just like Youpan?

No, it's impossible, he never knew he would like men.

However, when he saw Shen Song put his hand on Yu Panyang's shoulder, he was very upset that someone touched Yu Panyang. What does this mean?

Deeply singing, he asked quietly, "Master, is there a problem with my words?"

"No, will you prepare the bath water?"


After Shen Song left, the limp was lost in thought.

After Wu Ruo and Xun Xing had separated, they encountered the Hei Gan sent to pick him up.

"Mrs. Master asked me to pick you up."

Wu Ruo got into the beast cart: "When will Xuan Ye return to the palace."

Hei Gan Road: "He asked us to wait for him at the gate of the city, and he would come out from the slave market and come back to us with the palace."

"He's busy? Don't he have to scratch his teeth again?"

"The person he was trying to catch has fled, so long as he has something to say, he can come back with us."

"Okay, let's wait for him."

About two tea hours passed, Hei Xieyu left the slave market and got into a beast cart.

Wu Ruo fluttered into his arms and laughed, "How did you run to the slave market today?"

Hei Xieyu took off his face mask and hugged the person tightly in his arms, saying, "Now the wizards are getting closer and closer, and there are more and more people coming from other countries to participate in the test. Confusion, want to catch a group of wizards to make money at the auction of the Necropolis, because more and more people are missing, and the monarchs of many countries learned of this, and sent a letter to us to rectify this matter severely, and we can no longer let our teeth I did not want to do anything myself, but I heard that this time I was so good that I had to go to the slave market myself.

Wu Ruo asked, "I saw that you were catching a ninth-level magician with two pupils. Is he a slave market guy?"

"He is not a person in the slave market, but a person responsible for the auctioneer's auction. According to my investigation, he is a man in the kingdom of heaven."

"Tian Sheng Guo?" Wu Ruo tightened his eyebrows. "If it is a person in Tian Sheng Guo, it is probably him."

Hei Xuanyu lowered his head and asked, "Who?"

Wu Ruo said what the chief of the descending tribe said.

Hei Xuyi asked, "Why didn't you tell me about it at the time.

"I was anxious to leave the imperial capital, and later I forgot to tell you because of various things."

"I will intensify my efforts to capture this person comprehensively. After I catch this person, I will interrogate him well." Hei Xuanyu caressed his hair: "The person with you today is your friend?"

"um, yes."

Hei Xuanyu tightened his eyebrows: "Why are they calling you bitch?"

When they heard they called Wu Ruo bitch, they had the heart to kill them.

Wu Ruo smiled and explained to him the situation at the time: "We are just playing."

"You, really ..." Hei Xiu rubbed his hair silently: "Who are your friends?"

"I heard other people call them adults. They should be the ministers under you. I will introduce you to them later when you have time, but I'm afraid they might be scared by you. You think, they talked to The prince's prince became a friend, wasn't she scared? "Wu Ruo joked.

Hei Xieyu kissed his eyes with amusement, and then, in his mind, he looked for the Minister of the whole dynasty, who has such a powerful momentum, if there is such a person, it should be impossible for him to forget.

Wu Ruo asked, "By the way, the man in white who attacked me before, would you say that he is the Son? He is dressed exactly like the Son.

His eyes narrowed darkly: "It is indeed him."

Wu Ruo sat up straight and asked, "Is it really him?"

"Well, his spiritual power is exactly the same as that of the Son."

Wu Ruo was surprised: "He even came to the Necropolis? Wouldn't he come here to hunt me down? Right, how did he know that I was in the slave market? Did he follow me all the way?"

If so, the Son's ability is really much higher than him, and he can follow him all the way to the slave market without being aware of it.

Hei Xuanyan tightened his eyebrows: "He seems to be much stronger than before, so you have to be careful when you leave the house."

"Well, I will."

Chapter 273: well done

Hei Xieyu and Wu Ruo had the rare time to chat alone, and Hei Qian took a long way to return to the palace.

When it was time to return to the emperor, the six guards sent by the emperor in the morning were no longer weighing the stars, and Wu Ruo and Hei Xuan came to the egg and the small room quietly. It was easy to see that the child had fallen asleep. Pull the quilt lightly for them, and then walked out of the room and asked Hei Xin, who was sleeping outdoors, "How are the two children and Grandfather getting along with each other today?"

Hei Xin smiled and said, "The two His Highness did not speak with the Emperor Gao Zu, nor did they even look at each other. The Emperor Gao Zu saw that the two His Highnesses were so cute and cute. When leaving the Hengxing Palace, all six were downcast. "

Hei Xunxi nodded slightly: "Good job."

Wu Ruo rolled his eyes: "Are you indulging your child to your high grandfather like this?"

Hei Xieyu said: "They are a group of old stubborn, good-looking people, and because of their seniority, they like to put on display. If children are not allowed to do this, I ’m afraid they wo n’t be able to accept you when we get married. At the wedding, something unpleasant happened. "

Wu Ruo didn't want to look at other people's faces when they got married, so they left.

Hei Xin picked up the small box on the table and handed it to Wu Ruo: "Prince, my family's master heard the news in the afternoon that the ghost woman had returned to the royal palace. She left this time to just pick up the task to make money. You have to leave the house to pick up the task. This is the magic charm that the ghost woman drew when she was out of the task. She asked you to buy it in the store. "

"Take the task?" Wu Ruo took her eyebrows and took over the box. Although she didn't know why she was so aggressive in making money suddenly, she knew her whereabouts and she was at ease, and other things were arranged by her.

"Yes, this is how the guards sent by my in-laws told us."

Wu Ruo turned to Hei Xie 翊: "Xie 翊. The ghost woman may be my maternal grandmother."

"how do you know?"

Wu Ruo and Hei Xieyu left the room, and then told Hei Xieyu what happened to the two brothers at home today and the previous guess: "From their words, I'm sure the ghost is my maternal grandmother?"

"Eighty-nine is inseparable from ten." Hei Xuyi also felt that Wu Ruo's guess was right: "I have sent people to inquire that the family is an old person, and that the incident happened more than forty years ago, and I wanted to check this one. It's not easy. "

Wu Ruo shook his head: "As long as the ghost woman doesn't hurt my family, you don't have to check it. Right, when you auctioned Uber tonight, did you finally take him down?"

"Well, the slave market is going to be closed. If you don't want your money to be spent, let the people below you bid."

Wu Ruo asked curiously, "How do you know I'm screaming?"

Hei Xuan's eyes burst into a smile: "Before going upstairs, after hearing so much you praise me, of course, you must remember the voice under your mask to be worthy of your praise?"

Wu Ruo hugged his waist, raised his head and asked, "Honestly, after hearing so much praise from you, isn't your heart beautiful?"

Hei Xunyu did not deny: "It will make me happy for several days."

Maybe when I think about it later, I will still be happy.

Wu Ruo kissed him with a smile.

Hei Xuan's eyes darkened, and he quickly bent over and took him to the bathroom.

The next day, the emperor Gaozu came to the Hengxing Palace again, and the eggs and the little ones still ignored them. The emperor Gaozu didn't know how to coax the children, so they kept on consuming.

Life was extremely fast. In the hectic period, it was August 29, and Wu Ruo's 20-year-old birthday was also ushered in.

Wu Qianqing went to the palace for Wu Ruoqing's life early in the morning. The arrival of Xiaowuyou and Little Nightthorn made the originally deserted palace instantly lively. Every corner was the sound of children laughing, the **** in the palace. The maids also became infected and smiled.

Wu Ruo looked at the man who celebrated his life in the main hall, and could not help thinking of his 20th birthday. At that time, due to the death of Wu Zhu, his father and mother were in sorrow, so he did not celebrate his birthday. At dinner, his mother cooked him a bowl of noodles, which is considered too old. Therefore, I did not expect that today's weak crown birthday will be so lively and grand.

"Xiao Ruo, what are you doing?" Wu Zhu handed his birthday gift to Wu Ruo: "It's for you."

"Thank you, Brother." Wu Ruo took the gift with a smile.

"I have it too, I have it too." U Xi happily handed the gift box to Wu Ruo.

Others also came up with gifts.

When it was Jizhi's turn, Wu Ruo stunned and looked at the thorn that had become an adult and was surprised: "Jiaoyi, have you become an adult?"

There is not much change in the meaning of adults, but the face has become larger and sharper, and the figure has become taller. The whole person looks a lot more mature, but still the same arrogance.

Thorny whispered: "To participate in the test, of course, you need to become an adult."

Ye Ji, who was standing beside him, said, "Thank you very much for the black market for hosting the sorcerer contest."

Otherwise, he doesn't know how long it will take to make Thorny nod back to an adult.

Wu Ruo asked, "When did you get back?"

Ye Ji said, "It is only this morning that he would eat the superb **** Dan he bought for him and become an adult."

Thorny glared at him and turned to the chair aside.

You You lay on Ye Ji's shoulder and whispered, "These days, must I be broken?"

Ye Ji coldly glanced at him: "You are the best at understanding how I feel, do you still need to ask?"

Although ebony looks like an adult, it does not have the same room as Youyou.

Youyou Lengheng: "I can at least pull Xiaozhu's hand, kiss his little mouth to quench thirst, how about you, can you start a six-year-old child?"

Ye Ji: "..."

Wu Zhu was sullen with a red face and said, "Can you two not say something indecent about Xiao Ruo's birthday?"

You Xuan smiled and pulled up the hand of Wuzhu. "No, I won't say any more. We will talk to the room at night."

Wuzhu glared at him angrily: "You still said."

Youyou shut up directly.

Wu Ruo drinking tea: "I said, can you not intentionally stimulate me when my partner is not in the palace?"

You asked: "Where is Xun? Why is he not in the palace on such an important day? If it was me, even the big things would be put down with Xiaozhu."

Wu Ruobai gave him a glance: "Tomorrow is the day when the magician will take part in the test. He needs to visit the border town and come back to me at noon to celebrate his birthday."

"Da'ao, Da'ao, we're here." Before Hei Xietang entered, he heard his cry outside the hall. Then, Hei Xiu and his five brothers and sisters came in.

When Wuzhu saw the black scorpion that came in at the end, he could not help but whispered, "Sir, you haven't visited the border town? Why are you back so soon?"

Hei Xieyu nodded slightly to Wuzhu, saying hello.

Wu Ruo looked at Hei Xuan, a moment's glance.

Wu Xi jumped up from her chair excitedly, "Brother, what birthday gift did you prepare for the second brother?"

Hei Xietang and Hei Xie gave them a glance at each other and smiled.

Wu Ruo looked at them and drank tea slowly.

You Xun said, "Xi Xun is Xiao Ruo's companion, and the gift is definitely better than us."

Wu Ruo laughed: "It doesn't matter if there is a gift, as long as people are with you."

Hei Xietang pushed Hei Xieyu in front of Wu Ruo: "Big brother just came back because he knew Dae wanted him to accompany him."

Wu Ruo put down the tea cup, looked up at the black eyes in front of her eyes, and then burst into a bright smile.

Hei Xunyu flashed slightly.

Wu Ruo looked at Hei Xietang: "Get a fake to fool me, aren't you afraid your brother will come back to pump you?"

Hei Xietang sighed: "Dar, you see it?"

Hei Xuyi was also very surprised: "Dao, how do you recognize it?"

"When he first came in, I knew he was not my husband."

Hei Xixi was surprised with Hei Zihe and Hei Ziya: "What? He's not our elder brother? No?"

The others were shocked, "Isn't he black shame?"

Hei Ziya walked unbelievably in front of Hei Xieyu and looked around. No matter how I saw it, I didn't see the difference: "I walked with him and found that he was not our elder brother. Ma'am, how did you tell? "

Everyone also looked at Wu Ruo with curiosity.

Wu Ruo said proudly: "When my husband enters the door, the first person I see will definitely be me.

Everyone is speechless.

Hei Xietang asked, "Is it just that?"

"Of course there are others." Wu Ruoxiang said to Hei Xie 翊, "Although his walking posture, temperament and other aspects are very similar to Xie Yan, we can see that he has specially trained to imitate Xie Yan's words and deeds. However, human feelings cannot be trained, and he looks strange to me.

‘Hei Xuan 翊’ heard it, and quickly changed his look to show his emotions to Wu Ruo as much as possible.

Wu Ruo laughed: "No matter how you pretend, it's useless. You don't like me, you just don't like me. This feeling can't be disguised. Even if you act affectionately, I can understand it."

Sighed "Hei Xie 翊", no longer imitating Hei Xie 翊: "The princess's eyes are as sharp as eagle eyes, which makes her subordinates very admired."

Wu Ruo laughed: "In fact, you are disguised very well, but you are missing the feeling you should have.

Hei Xuanyu patted Hei Xuan's shoulder: "Okay, you can go down.


Wu Ruo asked Hei Xuyi: "Why did you bring this person? Is it a gift for me?"

Hei Xieyu quickly denied: "Of course not, if I give this to my aunt, I will be killed by my elder brother."

"Then ..."

"He is a substitute for Big Brother, who is responsible for the task of replacing Big Brother tomorrow. We bring him here, just to tell you, do n’t recognize the wrong person at that time, and by the way, let everyone see if he can recognize him as false. . "

Wu Ruo curiously said, "Is Shaanxi not going to visit tomorrow?"

"Of course, it's just a secret tour. Brother Tomorrow will wear fake leather, which is the face you have seen before. You've all seen wearing fake leather. I won't say much."

Chapter 274: Good son

After discussing the replacement of Hei Xieyu, Hei Xietang also gave out gifts to Wu Ruo. Even the enchanted and the first prison who had been hiding in the dark to protect the Wu family gave gifts to Wu Ruo.

In the end, Guan Tong took out the birthday gift from the ghost woman to Wu Ruo: "This is a birthday gift prepared by the ghost woman 10 months ago. She said that if I can't get back today, let me give it to you."

Wu Ruo took the gift box and asked, "How did she know that August 29th was my birthday?"

Guan Tong laughed: "When we were chatting, we accidentally talked about your birthday, and she knew it.

"Does she have a direct assignment this month?"


"Did she say why she would pick any?"

Guan Tong shook his head.

Wu Ruo said: "Mother, when she comes back, you persuade her not to be overworked. Our Wu family is not short of her meal. If there is no money, we can say."

"Well, I will."

"Dad, father, second uncle ..." The children rushed to the hall, holding the small box and brought it to Wu Ruo: "Daddy, this is our birthday gift for you."

Wu Ruo was surprised and happy: "Do you also prepare gifts for me?"

Hei Xin, who was waiting aside, laughed and said, "The two high princes know that August 29 is your birthday, so you can learn how to draw a magic charm and sell it to Lao Hei. They will then take them to give gifts. "

Wu Ruo excitedly kissed the kisses and little face.

"Uncle, we have them too." Xiao Yethorn and Xiao Wuyou gave them gifts to Wu Ruo.

Wu Qianqing said with a smile: "They also draw pictures to make Lao Hei sell silver and buy you a gift."

Wu Ruo was very happy holding her two nephews: "Thank you for your gift."

You Yan enviously said, "As a father, I haven't received a gift from my son."

Wuzhu laughed, "Who has made your life pass."

Xiao Wuyou said, "I will prepare a gift for my father when my father is born."

"My son is so nice." Youchan happily hugged her son: "I still have my son's filial piety, and I didn't hurt you for nothing."

Wuzhu looked at them with a smile.

Thorny-eyed looked arrogantly at his son Xiaoyethorn: "Are you supposed to say something to us?"

Xiao Ye nodded coolly, indicating that he would remember the birthday of his father and father.

Ji Yi rolled her eyes: "I don't know who you are."

Guan Tong covered his mouth and chuckled. Xiao Ye Ji always could not speak without speaking. He seemed too lazy to speak, and he would not be as caring as Xiao Wu You, but he was absolutely filial.

"Dad, please open the box and see what gifts I gave you." Egg Yan urged: "I chose this myself."

"it is good."

Others were also curious that the egg was a gift.

Wu Ruo opened the box, and two life-like shoutaobao appeared in front of everyone.

Wu Xi porked a smile: "It's really a gift."

Everyone looked at Shou Taobao and swallowed.

Wu Ruo was helpless and funny. Shoubao was prepared for those who have lived. However, this is his son's filial piety. He is very happy no matter what the gift is.

Hei Xin laughed happily: "The old slave remembered that her Highness sent twenty birthday packages, which meant that the concubine was over twenty years old. Why are there only two left?"

Eggs looked at Wu Ruo embarrassedly, and said carefully, "I was eaten."

"You little miser." Wu Ruo laughed and couldn't pinch his lower jaw.

Xiao Xiaodao: "Dad, you can also see what gifts I gave you."

"Okay." Wu Ruo put Shou Tao aside and opened the small box, which contained a box of ointment. He was curious, "What kind of ointment is this?"

Little shy smiled and said, "It's my hand cream made by me.

Wu Ruo hesitated slightly and asked, "Why do you send me hand cream?"

"I saw my dad used to use two hands recently, and my fingers and palms were cocoon, so I just wanted to give you hand cream."

Hei Ziya laughed: "Little is really caring."

Little shy asked: "Daddy, do you like it?"

"Like." Wu Ruo held him in his hand, joking and laughed: "Is the cocoon in my hand making you uncomfortable sitting?"


Wu Ruo smiled: "Just kidding, I like your gift very much."

If you have a child like this, what is your husband asking for?

Soon the gifts of the emperor and queen were also sent to Hengxing Palace.

At noon, Hei Xieyu returned to the Star Palace with the Emperor and Emperor.

The young man in the room saw the black shading coming in, and the atmosphere rose to the highest point.

Hei Xuyi came in first to scan the hall for Wu Ruo's location. After seeing Wu Ruo, his eyes would stay on him for a while, and then he would say hello to Wu Qianqing.

Wu Xi laughed: "This time, I can be pretty sure he is my uncle.

Hei Ziya smiled grinningly: "Sure enough, she said the same thing to Auntie, and he will find him where he sits."

Wu Ruowen heard the words and looked proud at Hei Xieyu.

Hei Xingtang smiled.

The others looked at Hei Xun with a smile on his face.

Hei Xiexi raised an eyebrow, and guessed what was going on from their words, he said quietly, "I'm a substitute."

The emperor and queen looked at each other, and some did not understand what these young people were playing.

"Ah?" Ushi froze.

Others stunned for a moment.

Wu Ruo gently hummed: "Don't dare to pretend to be a prince.

Hei Xieyu: "..."

Everyone: "'"

The guard at the door responded immediately: "Yes."

They came in, holding Hei Xieyu's arms out.

"Well, I'm kidding, kidding." Wu Ruo quickly got up and pushed away the guard, protecting Hei Xuanyu behind him.

Hei Xietang smiled and said, "Dasao is so nervous about him, this must be true."

The others laughed.

Wu Ruo angrily said to Hei Xu: "Let you pretend to be a substitute."

Hei Xun rubbed his hair and rubbed his lips.

Uxi asked, "Brother, what gift did you give to Grandma?"

Wu Ziya was also very curious: "I also want to know what gift Brother eldest gave to her."

Hei Shuizhao said: "Brother is absolutely extraordinary."

"Every gift from my father is not as good as mine."

Uhi squeezed his small face: "You little cat has only given two brothers Shoutao Bao, but I'm sorry to say that it's not good for you."

Hei Xuyi asked, "Brother, you are empty-handed, wouldn't you not have prepared a gift?"

Hei Xietang said: "Dasao, if your elder brother does not prepare gifts, you will not let him enter the room to sleep at night.

Wu Ruo burst into a bright smile: "OK."

Hei Xuan narrowed his eyes and Hei Xuantang: "You treat your brother like that?"

Hei Xietang smiled.

Hei Xieyu said to the people outside, "Bring in the gift.

"Yes." The five outside guards came in each with a tray in their hands. The tray was filled with weapons, robes, boots, wristbands, and hair crowns.

Hei Xietang raised an eyebrow: "Why are these just robes and shoes? I thought my brother would send something more special."

Hei Shaozhao said, "It's just that ordinary clothes don't emit aura."

Everyone surrounded them curiously.

Wuzhu touched the weapon and exclaimed: "This is a magic weapon. Just touch it and you can feel the huge spiritual power it emits. You must use the best materials to build it."

Youyou raised a corner of the robe and looked at it: "The robe seems to be forged from the skin of the top monster, and the belt of the robe is the same material as the magic weapon, and the shoes should also be made of the monster's animal skin . "

He looked at Hei Xuanyu: "It's not easy to catch the top monsters?"

Hei Xu laughed and said nothing.

Ye Ji looked at his wristbands and hair crown and simply said four words: "All are superb."

Hei Xixi smiled slightly: "I said that the gift from the elder brother must not be ordinary."

Hei Zihe snorted softly: "It's even more expensive than the gift I gave. I'm really uncomfortable."

Hei Ziya said funnyly, "Second Brother, Big Brother is Big Brother's companion, and the gift he gave must be better than you."

Hei Xuyi asked Wu Ruo: "Do you like it?"

Wu Ruo's heart was sweet: "As long as you send it, I like a hair."

Hei Xieyu ticked his lips: "Although it is a birthday gift, I also wish you a victory tomorrow."

Hei Xietang said, "Yes, you must win tomorrow. I will bet on you, and you can't let me lose."

Hei Sui said: "Dasao will definitely win with a set of magic equipment sent by his elder brother."

Wu Ruo raised an eyebrow: "Don't you give me too much pressure, don't forget, there are two masters in the hall who are ninth-tier masters."

You said, "Today is your birthday, so let you be proud first, and tomorrow I will not be merciless."

Ye Ji then said, "Me too."

Guan Tong smiled: "You're all over, I don't want any of you to get hurt."

Wu Ruo nodded.

Yandan yelled, "Daddy, hurry up and eat Shoutaobao."

Wu Ruo gently scratched his little nose: "Did you ask me to eat Shou Tao Bao because you want to eat Shou Tao Bao."

Dandan honestly said, "I want to eat, but after Dad eats, I can stop glancing."

Everyone laughed.

Wu Ruo took out a birthday peach and handed it to Dandan: "We are one each."

Everyone shook his head: "This is for my dad. I can't eat it."

The queen said, "Xiao Ruo, this is what you like, so you eat it, lest he look at the bun and drool."

Wu Ruo nodded and took a bite of Shou Tao. Before he could swallow it, he heard the sound of swallowing eggs.

"Daddy, is it delicious?"

"good to eat."

Everyone swallowed again.

Wu Ruo smiled and almost got caught by the bun.

Hei Xin shook his head and walked out of the hall with a smile. Soon, the smell of fragrant buns spread to the hall.

Everyone looked at the hall, and each of the five eunuchs came in with a tray of birthday peaches.

With a whimper, joy rushed over.

Hei Channel: "I know that His Royal Highness likes to eat, so I decided to let people buy five plates for everyone to enjoy."

"Xinbo, you are so good." Dandan immediately grabbed a bun and sent it to his mouth.

The others also picked up a shoutaobao.

Chapter 275: All in pairs

Everyone had eaten half of their Shou Tao Bao, and their gifts were also sent to Hengxing Palace.

Seeing the gifts piled up into a mountain, Xiaoxiao smiled with satisfaction and said to Gao Zudi's guard, "We asked Tian Grandfather to eat Shoutaobao."

Hei Xin smiled and handed a plate of Shoutao Bao to the guard.

The guard carefully left Shou Tao Bao carrying Shou Tao Bao.

The emperor Gao Zu, who was hiding in the corner and peeking at the hall, saw the guard carrying the Shou Tao bag, and quickly dragged the person into the corner. He asked vehemently: "This Shou Tao bag will not be rewarded to you? "

The guard hurriedly said, "This is the gift from the little lord to the emperor."

The emperor Gao Zu suddenly burst into exhilaration: "Small and small gifts for us?"


Emperor Gao was so speechless that he quickly grabbed one of the Shou Tao Bao and delivered it to his mouth: "It's delicious, it's so delicious, it's better than any Shou Tao Bao I've ever eaten."

Five other people quickly grabbed the buns and took a bite.

"It's really delicious."

"There's still meat inside."

"This is the first time Xiaoxiao has dealt with us."

"Our efforts have finally paid off. If we don't cheer up Xiaoxiao and Yudan again, we won't be able to talk to our daughter-in-law."

"Well, it shows that we are right in Wu Ruo."

Gao Zudi gave a meal, and then quietly took a bite of the bun and raised other thoughts.

In the hall, the empress looked at the presents piled up into a mountain, and smiled and said, "They finally know how to make the children happy."

Wu Ruo laughed and said nothing.

Hei Xie said: "Tonight there will be sacrifice activities after dark, we can go and see after dark."

"Sacrifice?" U Xi, Hei Ziya, and the children stared at Hei Xuanyu with bright eyes.

"Well, it's a blessing before the test. Warlocks from 53 countries will participate, and it will be very lively."

Wuzhu asked, "Will the people of the kingdom of heaven come?"

"Yes. All channels are opened on the black market. All wizards will reach the border town of Linguo through the black market, and then go from their town to here. The test time is half a month to about a month.

Ushi was surprised: "So long?"

"There are a lot of people coming here to test, and the time will be longer."

"Where do the magic coins in other countries live?"

"The open space near the border city is full of tents, and people who come here will live in the tents." Hei Xuanyu rubbed his little head and said, "We also have a gourmet area where food from all over the world will be concentrated. . "

His eyes became brighter: "Really."


Dandan quickly rushed into Wu Ruo's arms: "Daddy, I want to eat the food of various countries."

Wu Ruo wiped his saliva funny: "Okay, you must be full this time."

It seems that he has to be ready for silver money, otherwise his son can't eat enough.

Wu Xi said excitedly to Guan Tong, "I don't know if I can see Master."

Wu Ruo said: "As long as he comes to participate in the test, he can definitely see him."

Wu Chenliu was expelled from the Wu family long ago, followed by Wu Xi ’s master. Therefore, Ling Mohan did not embarrass Wu Chenliu, but after the Wu family was exiled, Wu Chenliu also left the imperial capital. I don't know where to go.

"Hope to see Master."

Guan Tong touched Uxi's hair: "If you see your Master, you must ask him to stay longer."

"it is good."

Uroti Uhi mentioned Master and reminded him of Numu, "I hope my Master will come."

Uhi said happily, "I also hope to see Master Noum again."

Wu Ruo sees Wu Qianqing frowning all the time, guessing that he must be thinking of Wu's family, he turned to the topic and said, "Dad, don't go back today, wait for dinner, let's go to the border town to watch the sacrifice activities. . "

Wu Qianqing nodded.

At noon, Hei Xie ordered people to invite the great master to the Hengxing Palace to give Wu Ruoqing a birthday together. A dozen people lived up to dinner before going to dinner.

Hei Zihe, Hei Zihe, and Hei Ziya, as the princes and grandfathers, were mainly responsible for night inspections. After leaving Hengxing Palace, they immediately performed tasks. The emperor and queen were distinguished and should not be squeezed into the mixed crowd, so they returned to their officials to rest, and Hei Xie and He Xietang were responsible for day inspections because they ate fairy fruits and did not fear the sun. , They can go with Wu Ruo to visit the sacrifice activities.

Hei Xieyu put on fake skin and everyone stared at him for a while.

Wu Ruo laughed and got up to arrange his collar: "I haven't seen you wearing fake leather for more than a year, and now I'm not used to it."

"When the royal family is in trouble, you have to camouflage yourself when you go out to play." Hei Xietang took out a mask with a sullen face from his sleeve and asked Wu Xi wearing his face: "Xiao Xi, do I look good?"

Ushi was very honest: "The mask is so ugly."

Hei Xietang said behind his chest, "Xiaoxi, you can't lie to me by saying something nice?"

"If I say something nice again, your tail will go up."

The big spiritual master laughed: "I made an appointment with someone to see the sacrifice activities, so I won't go to the border town with you."

Wu Ruo nodded, "OK."

Hei Xunyu touched the fake skin on his face and said, "Let's go, too."

"It's great, finally I can go." The eggman was particularly happy after wearing the mask: "To the border town, I want to eat food from all countries."

"I want to eat too." Xiao Wuyou was also infected by him, took his hand excitedly, and ran out of Hengxing Palace first.

The little nightthorn followed slowly behind them.

Thorny raised an eyebrow: "After going to the border town, you have to follow them, otherwise, no one will be seen in a blink of an eye."

Hei Xuan said, "Don't worry, I sent a lot of people to follow them."

Wu Ruo held up Xiaoqiao and asked, "Do you want to play with them?"

Xiaoxiao was also a little excited tonight: "Let the nightthorn hug me."

Wu Ruo handed the little one to the nightthorn, and among the three older children, he also believed in the little nightthorn that had always been silent.

Wu Xi smiled: "Still a little quiet.

Wu Ruo sighed softly.

If they are so big, they will definitely want them to play together.

Hei Xun patted his shoulder lightly: "Let's go."


Youyou took the hand of Wuzhu: "Let's go."

Wuzhu smiled and shook his hand.

Ye Ji looked at the thorns flying in the air: "Can you come down and walk?"

"I'm used to it." Before the thorn was always a child, but unwilling to be shorter than others, he flew in the air every day and stared at Wu Ruo. Now he suddenly changes back to an adult, and can't change his habit for a while.

Ye Ji walked silently beside him and stopped talking.

Ushi walking in front looked back, all could not help but whispered: "Both pairs."

Hei Xuantang whispered in her ear cheekily, "Isn't I also a pair with you?"

Uhi glanced at him.

Honestly, although Hei Xietang is sometimes unreliable, but he is really good, cheerful and funny, she is often laughed at by him, and is very good to her, and does not spend a lot of time outside. Or have a constant relationship with other girls, as her father said, there are not many such men. And she likes Hei Xietang very much, but she does n’t know whether it is the like of her brother or sister or the love between husband and wife. Therefore, the **** has never returned to Hei Xietang but received More and more gifts.

Hei Xietang smiled and took out a cross-body bag made of monster fur from the wide sleeves and handed it to Uxi: "Give it to you."

Wu Xi saw the furry yellow cross-body bag, and her eyes brightened, she liked the bag very much, and then she was very entangled in whether to accept the gift, because she recently received a lot of black shado, although most of them are black Xie Tang shoved it to her, but Hei Xietang sent everything she liked, making her reluctant to return it.

Hei Xingtang hung the bag directly on her and nodded with satisfaction: "It fits your light green dress perfectly."

"Thank you." Uxi hesitated for a moment, but still did not refuse, but decided to send Hei Xietang a few gifts after the contest.

"Just like it."

Guan Tong, who walked behind, covered his mouth and chuckled, "It's good to see that the children have found their other half."

Wu Qianqing took her hand and said, "After they are married, I'll take you to other countries. How about it?"

"OK." Guan Tong's mouth opened a beautiful and happy smile.

When everyone came to the border town, they were stunned by the crowd.

Wu Ruo hurry up to avoid being scattered by the crowd.

Yeji and Youyou also picked up their children.

"So many people?" Wu Qianqing took Guan Tong in his arms and protected him.

"It's the eve of the test. Everyone is preparing for tomorrow's test. When the sacrificial event begins, there will be fewer people here."

Wu hoped that the shop on the opposite side would soon be crowded, ecstatically said, "Wow, there are so many people on the No. 1 miscellaneous loan shop."

There were too many customers in the grocery store No. 1 to squeeze in. The shop buddies were too busy to turn around and couldn't even greet them. Even the guards were called to the lobby to help.

Yeyi said: "Business is good."

Wu Ruo grinned broadly: "It's best to sell everything overnight.

Since the seal of the instrument, he is no longer afraid of being out of stock. He can print more than a thousand magic symbols in one hour. If the speed is faster, there are absolutely no problems with two thousand. The elixir given by the great spiritual master is enough for him to sell medicinal materials for one month. There is a special person who is responsible for purchasing medicinal materials from other countries. Some people return the goods almost every five days.

As for the fourth-floor magic weapon and the fifth-grade maggot, don't worry, there are still about 20,000 magic weapons in the storeroom, and it can be sold for a while, and other goods will be sold when there is no source. Ordinary tapeworms are very easy to be refined, and can be refined and sold in batches.

"The sacrifice is outside the city, let's go out of the city before we talk about it." Hei Xieyu took them to the left gate.

Chapter 275:

The sacrifice time is getting closer and closer, and more and more people are rushing out of the city.

The appearances and dresses of sorcerers in various countries are very specific. Some countries have dark skin, which is similar to a piece of black charcoal. In some countries, the neck of the sorcerer is longer than that of ordinary people, and the nostrils of magic coins in other countries are particularly large. It's big enough to put a thumb in it. Apart from that, there are many monsters walking on the street, and there are ghosts and demons flying in the air.

Wu Ruo they are very new to the surrounding magicians. Among them, none of them saw people from such a country at the same time.

Wuzhu marveled: "Just one sorcerer test, you can see people from so many countries, as if you have traveled to all countries."

Wu Qianqing also sighed, "Yeah, even if it's not for the test, it's good to come here to see."

Hei Xunyu nodded: "Well, chance is very rare."

"Where is the food court?" Dandan is more interested in this.

Wu Ruo squeezed his little nose funnyly: "You child."

Hei Xieyu said, "After walking out of Shili, I went to the sacrifice place and walked forward to the place where the tent will be located. On the left side of the sacrifice is the food area and the right side is where the goods are sold in various countries. After the sacrifice, we can Go shopping. "

Eggs immediately said: "Go to the food area first."

"Okay." Wu Ruo nodded in agreement. When they reached the place where they sold food, they only needed to buy a little bit of food. The speed would be faster. Then they went to the place where the goods were sold to pick their favorite things slowly.

After almost half an hour, Hei Xieyu finally came to the place of sacrifice.

At this time, many people have occupied the forefront of the sacrifice stage, and the people behind can only stand behind to watch. Fortunately, the sacrifice stage is relatively high, and people standing in the distance can see the people on the stage.

Wu Qianqing asked with concern: "Tonger, do you have no spiritual power to see the figures on the stage clearly?"

They were standing a little far from the altar, and people without spiritual power could not see the people on the platform at all.

"No," Guan Tong said with a smile. "You don't have to worry about me. You just come here for fun. It doesn't matter if you can see the people above."

Wu Qianqing originally wanted to say anything, so he heard a husky voice shouting behind him: "Xiao Tong, Xiao Ruo."

Wu Ruo heard them and turned their heads, a woman with a veil standing behind them.

Guan Tong saw the ugly skin falling out of the veil by the light of his head and rejoiced, "Ghost!

Wu Ruo was curious: "Ghost, so many people here, how did you find us?"

The ghost woman smiled slightly: "Before I went to the mission, I drew an invisible tracer on Xiao Tong."

"Are the missions smooth? Will you take on missions in the future?"

"Wait for the task after the wizard has finished."

Guan Tong said, "Ghost, if you are short of money or have any difficulties, tell us that we can help you. You don't have to take risks to take on the task."

The ghost woman is unwilling to say more about taking on the task, so she will stop talking when the answer is good.

At this time, the sacrifice began.

A male shaman with colorful cloth on his body walked to the stage with a wand full of bells. His face was covered with white powder, and even the lips and eyebrows were covered with powder. Long feathers made feather hats, with bell rings on all four limbs, and jumped barefoot on the platform.

Immediately after, dozens of men and women of the same dress walked to the stage with big flat drums, tapping on the big drums and ringing bells to weave into a beautiful song. The shaman said something in his mouth, and seemed to read the ritual.

Most of the people at the scene did not understand the sacrifice he said, but everyone clearly felt that the body had changed, light and comfortable, and he felt inexplicably in a good mood.

"Look at the sky," someone cried suddenly.

Everyone heard the words, raised their heads one by one, and saw the white light drop from the sky. Snow fell like the following, first falling on the ghosts and demons flying in the air, and other light spots floating on the people standing on the ground.

"Really beautiful." Uhi reached out to catch one of the white spots, but after falling in her hands, the white spots disappeared without a trace.

Wuzhu looked at the white dots disappearing on them, and asked, "What is this?"

Guan Tong explained: "It is the white light spots that the shaman condenses the aura in the air into the human body, which can increase the spiritual power, but not many. If you don't notice it carefully, you will not feel it at all, so An effect of shaman's blessing. "

Everyone opened his mouth to pick up the white light dots, and then smashed his mouth: "Why is there no taste."

"You really eat everything." Wu Ruo patted his little **** with anger, "This is not food. What can it taste?"

He murmured a small mouth, and said to the little in the arms of the nightthorn, "Little can absorb them more and increase your spiritual power."

Wu Ruo asked "Is it good to have a small body?"

Everyone nodded: "Our bodies are too big. These spiritual forces have no effect on us, but they are very useful for small people. Maybe they can grow."

Small novel "I also feel that my body is very different."

"Really?" Wu Ruo looked at the white light in the sky with joy and depression. Most of the white light spots were absorbed by the ghosts and demons on the sky.

Echidna hugged too small: "This seat took him to the sky to absorb white light."

He flew up to the highest point in the sky and took a little white light.

After the tea, the shaman retired to the stage after reading the sacrifice. Then, a beautiful shaman wearing a gorgeous dress was like a fairy. He used spiritual power to hum a nice tune and flew down from the air. Dancing lightly, sometimes twisting like a wispy wicker, and sometimes dancing in the air like a colorful butterfly, beautiful.

"She dances so beautifully," Uhi admired.

Wu Ruo stared at the female shaman and saw a lot of spiritual power in her body through shadow stealing: "I'm more curious how she flew up. Is she a ghost or demons?"

Guan Tong explained: "They can use sounds to make them fly, just like priests, they can kill people by sound."

Wu Zhu looked at Guan Tong in surprise. "Mother, how do you know the shaman so much?"

Guan Tong laughed: "I used to practice in the Shamans. I stayed there for about two months before I left the Shamans. I don't know them very well."

Wu Ruo stared at the female shaman for a while.

After the dance, everyone applauded fiercely, and many people shouted, "It looks good."

After the white light spots disappeared, the spiny cockroach flew down and handed it to Wu Ruo.

Wu Ruo asked quickly: "Little, how do you feel?"

A little smile broke out, "I feel very comfortable."

Wu Ruo asked carefully, "Will you grow up?"

"do not know"

"Such a little is fine." Hei Xieyu put Xiao Xiao on his shoulder: "Do you want to watch the shaman parade?"

Wu Ruo asked: "Will their parade activities increase everyone's spiritual power as before?"

"No. Guan Tong answered.

"Then I take the eggs to buy food, do you want to come with us or to see the goods of other countries?"

Hei Xietang immediately said: "I took Xiaoxi to see the goods."

After speaking, he pulled Uhi away and disappeared into the crowd in an instant.

Wu Qianqing and Guan Tong also planned to go to see the goods, and Youyu chose to buy food for the children with Wu Ruo.

"Where is the ghost woman?" Wu Ruo asked.

From the beginning of the ritual, the ghost woman who has not spoken seems to have not heard his question, staring blankly at the ritual stage.

Wu Ruo tried to call her again, "Ghost?"

The ghost woman still didn't agree.

Wu Ruo followed her eyes, the shaman of the sacrificial stage had come down from the stage, and stood on the platform that was only half as high as the sacrificial stage. Then he saw that the former male shaman was talking to a handsome man In the words.

Is the ghost looking at the male shaman, or is he looking at that man?

Wu Ruo looked at Hei Xuan, and asked with a mouth-shaped voice, "Do you know the male shaman and the man around him?"

Hei Shao shook his head.

Wu Ruo asked again, "Have you ever touched a male shaman?"

Hei Shao shook his head again.

"Ghost?" Guan Tong patted the ghost's shoulder with concern. "What happened to you?"

The ghost-wife seemed to be electrocuted, hurriedly withdrawing her gaze, and quickly touched her face, showing pain in her eyes.


The ghost woman slowly looked back and said dumbly, "I'm fine.

Wu Ruo raised his eyebrows: "Are you unwell? Would you like us to send you back to rest?"

"No, I want to visit here again." The ghost woman reluctantly looked to the altar again, and saw the male shaman and the man off the stage together, she rushed out, but just two steps away Stay on foot.

"No, I can't go." She shook her head in despair.

Guan Tong worried about catching up: "Ghost, what's wrong with you?"

The ghost woman looked at Guan Tong blankly, and then returned to God, saying, "Where are you going now? I will go with you.

Wu Ruodao: "We young people and children are going to the food court to buy food. My mother and my father are going to sell goods. Where are you going?"

"I'll go with them, Xiaotong."

"it is good."

Wu Ruo and Hei Xieyu turned around and left until they couldn't see the ghost women, and Wu Ruo asked Hei Xieyu: "Are you a male shaman and a man around him?"

Hei Xieyu said: "The city owner is not a Shaman, it is impossible to dress up as a shaman and run to the ritual. Moreover, the white powder on Shaman's face, who knows who he is.

"It's also." Wu Ruo stared at Heishuan's face: "If you put on a face and stand on a high platform in the distance, I certainly can't recognize it. So the ghost is looking at the man next to Shaman, but It ’s not like the owner of the city, my grandfather? ”

Hei Xingyu tickled his lips: "Think of the master."

The great spiritual master is more than 400 years old and not yet as young.

Wu Ruo "..."

Chapter 277: People are similar

Coming to the food street, the fragrance is tangy.

People come and go on the streets, and there are many people who buy snacks of various countries here. It is very lively and hot. Soon, Wu Ruo will be attracted by all kinds of special snacks, and there will be hanging above each stall. A humble wooden sign that reads XX snacks from XX country.

Wu Ruo asked Doudou, "What do you want to eat?"

Excited shouted, "Eat from the first stall."

The first booth is a few monster and beast girls are setting up their stalls. Because they are a combination of man and demon, they all have a face and a figure, but they are green and red, but their eyes are not. Transparent is silver-white, and the skin is very weird, with cyan and blue, covered with large and small black spots, and a pair of erected pointed ears on the top of the head. The nails and teeth are sharp and sharp. Behind them was a big fluffy tail.

The half demon saw that their booth was a group of handsome young boys and a few beautiful children, all showing joy, and even staring at them boldly, but remembering that they were half demon, they felt inferior. He hurriedly lowered his head and did not dare to look at it anymore. Because the status of the half demon in the human race and the demon race is very embarrassing, it is neither welcomed by the human race, nor by the friendly treatment of the demon race.

Wu Ruo saw ten large pots on the stalls, each of which was filled with different kinds of animal meat, and said to the demon: "Each kind of animal meat comes in a large portion."

"Okay." One of the half-monsters spooned a bowl of animal meat and placed it in front of the eggs.

Doudou quickly picked up the chopsticks, because the fingers are relatively short, so they look clumsy and make the demon feel very cute.

Wuzhu, Yeji, and Heishiu also picked up chopsticks to feed the children.

Wu Ruo looked at the food street where he could not see his head: "When and how long does it take to eat?"

Moreover, there are more than one food street. There are dozens of streets on the left that are filled with the cuisines of various countries, and almost have the size of a small town.

You You, a very pet-loving child, said, "You can't finish eating tonight. When they don't compare, let people take them here to continue eating."

The nightthorn squinted like a hungry wolf: "They eat so much every day, how to pull out so little, really unreasonable."

Wu Ruo, who was picking up chopsticks and preparing to taste a piece, heard his words and rolled his eyes in depression. "Can you not mention indecent things while we are eating?"

Thorny looked at the children who were eating with interest: "They are not eating very well yet."

"They didn't even listen to what you said." Wu Ruo picked up a piece of meat and stuffed it into his mouth. "The meat is very fragrant, very good, thorny, you guys also try it."

Prickly thorns looked silent at the meat in the bowl.

During the night of feeding the child, he took a piece of meat and handed it to Thorny's mouth.

The thorns chewed: "Not bad."

After having eaten the animal meat, Danyu pulled Xiao Wuyou and went to the stall nearby to eat the rice.

The half-monsters watched the children who had eaten ten large pots of animal meat continue to gobble down several large bowls of rice, and they could not help but stare, and these children were too edible.

Wuzhu chuckled: "Eat is a blessing."

"I think that even if I buy the food in the entire food court, they will not be enough to eat it." Wu Ruo admits to the half demon, "How much silver is there?"

"A total of 1,222."

Wu Ruo gave them a silver ticket, and then looked at the empty cauldron: "Are you guys allowed to collect the stalls early?"

"Yes." The half-monsters smiled in confusion: "Welcome my sons to come again next time."

Wuzhu patted Ruo Ruo's shoulders: "If you go on like this, no one million will feed their belly."

"This kind of opportunity is very rare, let them eat happily, if I have the ability, eat up the silver on me." Wu Ruo smiled and turned around and saw the building fell and the Tianyao County Lord took the guard in the house Standing in front of the stand diagonally opposite.

Lou Qingluo and Tian Yao Jun nodded slightly to Wu Ruo, then, watching Hei Xieyu feeding the little meal, he took the guard out of the food area.

After walking away, the Lord of Tianyao whispered, "Couple down, is that ugly man holding his Royal Highness Prince cousin?"

"Well." Lou Duan said lightly.

"You won't bring me here deliberately because you know that your cousin will bring your highness with them to eat here?"

"Don't guess." Lou Tiaoluo Shen said: "I brought you here for tasting because I knew the food was delicious."

"I guess?" Tianyao County Lord hummed quietly: "If you really think the food here is delicious, just let someone buy it and send it to my house, why bother to bring me here? And, you do n’t know Me, for me, the food is as delicious as the rouge and gouache. "

Lou dumped: "..."

The master of Tianyao County continued: "Cousin, although I was not involved in the affairs of the chapel, but I know that you have not seen the prince cousin for over a month because you are responsible for managing the construction of the tent, the food street and the goods street. After that, you may still be unable to meet the cousin of the prince because you are responsible for the law and order of this generation, so you took me over to see if you could meet him. "

Lou Qing frowned and didn't speak, which was the default thing she said.

"I support the cousin to win the cousin's cousin, but the princess and cousin have children and their position is very stable. You want to ..."

Lou dumped and lowered his face: "Enough, don't say it."

Tian Yao County Lord also realized that people here come and go, it is really difficult to say this thing, and shut his mouth obediently.

Lou tilted down and looked at the children running around in front of him, and squeezed his lips tightly.

After Wu Ruo dumped them on the floor, he came to Heishuyu and whispered, "Did you just see your cousin?"

"Hm." Hei Xuan said quietly, "don't bother her."


Since Hei Xieyu announced that the child was his biological relationship with Wu Ruo, Wu Ruo met Tian Yao County Lord twice in the palace, probably because of punishment and warning. Tian Yao County Lord saw him obediently He didn't bother him any more, and he wouldn't embarrass a little girl because of a little thing.

Next, they ate several stalls of food in succession, but the adults couldn't eat anymore, so they just chatted and watched them eat.

As soon as the children ate, they took them to a stall, and Wu Ruo and Wu Zhu took charge of the checkout at the back.

Just after they paid for the silver, suddenly, a little figure rushed over and fell under Wu Ruo's feet.

Wu Ruo looked down and saw a child wearing a small black cape. He immediately squatted down and helped him to get up: "Are you all right?"

The child looked up, and instantly, Wu Ruozhen was in place.

Oh my god, this kid really looks like a dandy.

The child turned hurriedly and ran.

Wuzhu saw Wu Ruo standing on the ground motionlessly and quickly asked, "Xiao Ruo, are you okay?"

Wu Ruo looked back and shook his head: "I'm fine."

"What's wrong?" Hei Xuyi came over and asked.

Wu Ruo hesitated. "The child just looked like a dandy. People who didn't know thought they were two brothers."

Wuzhu Road: "No, right?"

Wu Ruo nodded: "Really."

Hei Xuyi didn't care to say, "People are similar, things are the same."

"Dad, come here quickly. This fried noodle is delicious." Egg Egg waved at them. "Wuzhu said," Let's go. "


Hei Xuanyu turned around and was grabbed by his arm: "Son, have you seen a three or four child who looks very cute and is wearing a black cloak?"

He lowered his head with a cold face, and the man who arrested him was a young woman with a black and gray face.

The young woman was frightened when she saw Black's face, and quickly let go of his arm, jumping two feet away.

Wu Ruo knew that the young woman was referring to a child who looked like an egg, and couldn't help looking at her for a few moments before saying, "He ran over there.

"Thank you." The young woman with tears in her eyes, thankful for her expression, ran to the direction of Wu Ruozhi: "Cold winter, cold winter, where are you?"

Hei Xiu returned to the side of the egg, suddenly thought of something, could not help but glance in the direction the young woman left.

Wu Ruo they ate in the food street for an hour and a half. Before they left, they bought a lot of snacks. They were willing to go with Wu Ruo to go to the goods area. They bought some favorite items and left the goods area to return. National Capital on the first floor of the Dead City.

Because the first game of tomorrow night was the children's test, Xiao Wuyou and Yeats stayed in the palace for a reason to discuss how to win others tomorrow. A few children were willing to sleep until midnight, and came together the next morning. Began to play in the yard again.

Wu Ruo's heads were about to be blasted by them: "You have been playing around, and at night, do you have more energy to try?"

Xiao Wu smiled grinning: "The four of us will definitely win the game.

"Four?" Wu Ruo stared at them with wide eyes, and finally his eyes fell on the little body on Yudan's shoulder: "You don't plan to take the little together to participate in the game, right?"

"It's three." Xiao Yechi glared at Xiao Wuyou coldly. "It's all wrong. Are you sure you can take the test?"

Sayaka blinked and smiled, "Yes, three."

Wu Ruo didn't bother about how many people could take part in the test, and put out a bunch of runes into their hands: "Don't let yourself be hurt, just confront your own people, just click and stop, you know?"


At this time, Hei Xin came in with a few smiles and carried a few trays with all the instruments and equipment used by the children: "This is the battle suit prepared by the prince for the two highnesses and the two young masters." Win the contest. "

Wu Ruo was surprised to pick up one of the robes: "Are there little ones?"

"Yes, the prince said, they should be treated equally, regardless of participation."

The little man sitting on the shoulders of Yandan shook his two calves, thinking of a beautiful smile.

In the afternoon, at the afternoon, Wu Qianqing went to the palace for dinner, and after changing the clothes for the eggs, they went to the border town to take part in the test.

Chapter 278:

The border city, like last night, was crowded, and everyone flocked to the field outside the city.

The platform is made of special materials. It is about three meters high and can accommodate about 100,000 people. It is very spacious. Each corner of the platform is painted with guards to prevent everyone from breaking the platform.

Wuzhu curiously looked at the runes on the stage; "Which country's runes are painted on the stage?"

You squinted: "I don't know which country it is, but it looks like ..."

He looked at the ghost woman standing behind Guan Tong, and lowered his voice, "It's a bit like a rune painted by a ghost woman.

Wuzhu looked at the ghost woman and stopped talking.

When Wu Qianqing saw that Hei Xie did not follow, he asked, "Xi Ye, don't you watch the egg race?"

Wu Ruodao: "There may be some trouble just after the test has begun, so he will be responsible for the inspection, if he has time, he will come to see it, or he may be monitoring the law and order nearby.

Uhi said, "Brother, I'm really busy."


Wu Qianqing asked, "Was he so busy, could he not take part in the test?"

"He did not take part in the test with his other siblings."

Wu Xi said unfortunately, "It's really a shame. If my elder brother comes to power, he will certainly win the top ten in the competition."

Youyou looked at Wu Ruo: "Xiao Ruo, why don't you wear the robes that Xiyan gave you yesterday?"

"It's not our turn tonight, and it's useless to wear it."

"So many people come to take part in the test, at least until the fifth day before we turn to power."

"Xiao Xun, aren't you physically comfortable?" Guan Tong asked suddenly.

Everyone looked at Thorny, and he shook his head: "It's okay.

He just suddenly felt dizzy.

Ye Ji frowned: "Your lips are a little pale, are you sure you're all right?"

Wu Qianqing said, "Let Xiaoruo take the pulse."

Spinach rubbed his temples: "I'm really fine."

Wu Ruo also noticed that he was not right, and whether he wanted it or not, he directly pulled up his hand.

Ye Ji asked, "How is his health?"

Wu Ruo shook his head: "No problem."

"I'll say I'm fine." Thorny pulled his hand back.

Yeyi touched his face and then touched his hand, making sure there was no cold or fever before he said, "If you are uncomfortable, say it, don't be stubborn."

Echidna wanted to refute a few words, but nodded as he cared so much about himself.

"Someone came on stage," said the ghost woman mutely.

Wu Ruo looked to the platform and saw someone walking slowly up the stairs: "That person seems to be the director of recording?"

Wuzhu asked: "Director of Recording? Father-in-law in the palace?"

"No, he is the head of the black market."

Guan Tong has no spiritual power, is far away, and cannot see the appearance of the people on the stage: "Xiao Ruo, is the general manager you said a young man with a very ordinary look, with thick eyebrows and a larger nose than ordinary people, And, always with an expressionless face? "

"Yes. Mother, do you know him?"

Guan Tong smiled slightly: "He is a child adopted by your grandfather. He is a very dry person."

Wu Ruo asked, "What is his name for recording?"

Guan Tong smiled.

Wu Xi looked at her strangely: "Mother, what are you laughing at?"

Wu Ruo raised an eyebrow: "Isn't it the funny name of the director?"

"Of course not." Guan Tong waved his hand: "I laugh because he called the director.

Wu Ruoren and others: "..."

Wu Xi shamed: "Why did anyone take such a name."

Guan Tong laughed: "This name was taken by your grandfather. Sometimes he is lazy and sometimes naughty like a child. When he picks up the director, your grandfather says that he will be the director after the director It was renamed Director Lu. "

"Is his last name?"


The ghost woman covered her mouth and chuckled.

Guan Tong said, "Does the ghost woman also feel that my father is helpless sometimes?"

"Well." The ghost woman smiled deeper and softer.

Wu Ruo looked at the ghost woman, and then she looked away.

On the stage, the record manager went to the center of the platform.

Everyone saw someone coming on stage, and they were saying, "It's started, it's started, someone came on stage."

It was all buzzing.

Suddenly someone on the stage knocked on the gong, and the sound of the gong shook like a sea wave under the urgency of the spiritual force. Everyone quickly covered his ears, and the people who couldn't bear it almost fainted.

Wu Ruo's eyebrows tightened, the people on the black market were really masters, and just hitting a gong made everyone on the scene feel uncomfortable.

Everyone stopped talking, and for a moment, quietly, even the scream of the bug disappeared without a trace.

The recording manager used Lingli to speak softly, so that everyone present could hear his voice: "I have always disliked talking about Mrs. If I started, I would choose to skip it directly, and then I would like to talk to you In the first game, the children's test, as long as they are under the age of ten, regardless of the height of the spiritual order, will be arranged in the children's playing field. Due to the large number of people, as long as they are dismissed, they will be disqualified , The last ten people standing on the stage will enter the finals five days later, and then pass the competition to rank. Also, during the competition, you must not use magic instruments or take advantage of opportunities to hurt people, otherwise no matter what country you are, We in the black market all have the right to execute you or lock you up. In the end, what I want to say is that you only have to win. "

After speaking, he stepped down, and then the referee came to the stage and said, "Children under ten please come on stage."

You and Yeji put the child on the ground.

Wuzhu rubbed Xiao Wuyou's head: "It doesn't matter if you win or lose, as long as you do your best, and don't hurt yourself.

Alas, since he became a father, he feels a lot of mental energy. He has to worry about the child's affairs every day. Even if the child stands quietly in front of him, he will also worry whether he is in a bad mood, or Physical discomfort.

Xiao Wuyou nodded: "Daddy, don't worry, we will win."

You said proudly, "My son can definitely win."

Xiao Wu grinned, holding Yeatsthorn's hand and preparing to walk on the stage.

Youzhen looked at Yeji: "Aren't you going to talk to your son?"

Ye Ji looked at his son: "I believe you can do it.

Xiaoye nodded.

Youyou shook her head: "Your two fathers and sons are very taciturn, so they can bear you."

Echidna is not a person who is good at motivating people. He patted his son's shoulders and let him go to power.

Wu Ruo also put the eggs on the ground: "If you win, I will move all the food street snacks back to the palace for you to eat enough."

"Okay." Dandan smiled happily.

Wu Ruo gently squeezed his small face: "But you can't be stubborn, you know?"


"Give me the little one." Wu Ruo reached out to him.

Huduo hugged little, quickly turned and ran to the ring.

"Well, **** it, you ..."

Wu Ruo quickly got up, and the timid beside him held down his shoulder: "Don't worry, they will take care of the little ones. Moreover, the little ones are not ordinary children. They are not so easy to be injured. Besides, if they are not You're willing to step on the stage, and you will not be forced to force him, right? "

Wu Ruo laughed: "I'm really worried about it."

The children crowded the crowd to the passage leading to the ring, and then trot up to the ring.

Everyone saw that the children's heights were uneven, and they could not help suppressing the younger children: "Children are too unfair to test. They are all bullies. Children who are ten years old are younger than those who are three years old. After more years of practice, children who are just practicing will definitely lose. "

"This is also no way. If you subdivide your child's test, it will take more time. Besides, if a ten-year-old child is a third-order magician, then he is not going to be against adults, against them. It's also unfair. "

Everyone has different opinions on the comparative test.

Wu Ruo they don't care if the test is unfair, now they are in a hurry to find their figures.

Uxi jumped up and looked at the tunnel. "What about them? Why don't they disappear?"

Guan Tong held her down: "Don't jump up and down again and block the eyes of the people behind you. Now you can't see that they might be blocked."

Wu Qianqing smiled and said, "They should be the youngest among the children of the test, and their height may also be the shortest. It is easy to be blocked by people. When they come to the stage, they may see it.

Yeji and Thorny fly up.

Youyu also flew into the air holding the bamboo.

Wu Xi enviously looked at them: "If only I could fly."

The ghost woman put a flying amulet on her back, and suddenly U Xi flew up.

"Ah! Aah!" Uhi said excitedly, "I flew, I flew."

Wu Ruo asked the ghost woman, "What charm did you put on her?"

"Flight character."

"Anything else?"

The ghost woman shook her head: "No, drawing flying symbols is very laborious, but one flying symbol can be used three times.

"Ah one one," Uhi screamed, "Ghost, I seem to be falling."

Wu Qianqing quickly drew her hands in case she could catch her when she fell.

The ghost woman said, "Control your balance with spiritual power."

Wu Xi hurriedly used spiritual power, and it really became much smoother, and he was able to freely control the direction and flight speed. Wu Qianqing shouted to Wu Xi: "Xiao Xi, be careful.

Wu Ruo looked up and asked, "Brother, have you seen them all?"

"No." Wuzhu frowned, looking less and less among the children.

You said, "There are too many people and you can't find them for a while."

There are more and more children on stage. For a moment, the stage is full of children, and it is difficult to find children.

Wu Qianqing shouted, "Don't worry, they may come to power.

Guan Tong laughed and said, "They are like young you before, always worrying about your child being bullied or lost in private."

Wu Qianqing smiled awkwardly.

At this time, the referee urged: "Children who have not yet come to the stage, hurry up."

The children who were still on the aisle speeded up and ran to the ring.

The referee flew into the air and saw that the children on all the channels had entered the ring, and said, "Give the child who has not been on the stage another half a column of time. If they don't come on stage, they will be abstained."

Chapter 279: ‘Rune’

After half a column incense, no children came back to power.

The referee announced the official start of the contest.

Wu Qianqing looked at the ring: "There are so many children in the game, you can't see where they are."

Ye Ji said, "Maybe it went to the middle of Yantai."

Wuzhu nodded: "It was not so easy to be beaten down in the middle of the ring."

Wu Ruo raised his eyebrows, "How do I sense that they are getting farther and farther?"

Youyan said, "Me too.

A small number of children on the ring were just practicing for one or two years, and they were young, but they were beaten by the children with high order in the tea time.

The adults watching in front of Yantai, couldn't bear how many years old children fell to the ground than Gaotai, catching up with the little baby who flew out of Yantai, and let them down to find their family.

Wu Xi, who was flying in the air, saw the children crying after being knocked off the stage, and couldn't help feeling distressed: "These children are pitiful. I don't know if Wu You will cry after they are beaten down."

Youyou said with a grin: "Under such circumstances, they will not cry, they will only become more frustrated."

"Also, apart from the eggs, I have never seen Wu You cry."

Over time, fewer and fewer children watched the children's tests. Most people were not interested in the children's unskilled fighting. The rest were not the children's family, those who wanted to accept apprentices, and special Bored people, and people who are going to take a first-level test.

The children on the platform are also being beaten more and more. It is only half an hour. There are only three or four hundred people left on the platform, scattered scattered in every corner, but they do not see them. Eggs them.

Wu Xi wondered: "Strange, where did they go? Are they beaten down? Why don't they come to us after being beaten down?"

Wu Ruo looked to the right, "They seem to have left the trial."

Wu Qianqing said anxiously, "Willn't someone catch them?"

When everyone's face changed, and they were trying to chase, someone blocked Wu Ruo's way.

Seeing that they were guards secretly protecting the children, Wu Ruo quickly asked, "Everywhere they went."

The guard handed a piece of paper: "Here is a note written by your Highness to you."

Wu Ruo opened it for a look, and crookedly wrote on it: Dad, we have lost hope, but unfortunately was beaten down by people, resulting in a very frustrated mood, need to go to the food street to eat a big meal, hurry.

Uxi flew down anxiously: "What do they write?"

Wu Ruo narrowed her eyes and handed the note to her.

Wu Qianqing surrounded them.

Youyou wondered: "Someone was stepped down? How could it be."

He watches the strength of other children, most of them are not as high as Wu You.

Echidna didn't believe that his child was so easy to be kicked off, even if there was such a thing, but the eggs that were older than them would still stay on the ring.

Wu Zhu said, "As long as the child is happy, it doesn't matter if he gets a place.

You said: "This is not a ranking problem, I just wonder why they were brought down so soon."

Wu Ruo said to the guards, "Protect them."

"Yes." The guard turned and left.

Wu Qianqing chuckled: "Everyone was clamoring for a test. After seeing the food, the test was left behind."

Guan Tong slightly covered his lips and smiled, "The children are gone, shall we continue to watch?"

Thorny twitched the corner of his mouth: "It's boring, don't watch."

Wu Ruo nodded: "Okay, we'll see again when Xiaoxi tries next night."

The ghost woman said, "I want to go around here again and come back later.

Guan Tong explained: "Then you pay attention to the good times, don't let the sun shine."

"it is good."

The spiny cockroach flew a few feet away, and when Ye Ji was not here, he went back and looked at it. Ye Ji still stood watching the platform: "Ye Ji, go."

Ye Ji heard the sound and turned to fly to the spine. "A few children on the ring behaved strangely."

Thorny asked lazily, "How strange?"

"They are about ten years old, their faces are cold and ruthless, like trained dead men, they have been looking for crowds to try from the beginning, and they rarely shot from beginning to end. Of children easily stepped down, indicating that they have level 4 or higher, but in the end they jumped out of the ring and gave up the test. "

Thorny Lazily said, "It's strange, but what about it?"

Ye Ji doesn't speak.

You, walking on the ground, said, "I also noticed that the children were a little weird, just like going to power and killing people.

Youyun said quietly, "Maybe I want to kill someone."

Wu Xi whispered: "All the children under the age of ten are on stage. Who is so cruel to the children?"

Wu Ruo frowned.

Somehow I felt that these people were going towards them, but felt that they were more attentive. However, the Son had already appeared, and he could not prevent it.

Suddenly, the thorny body crooked, and the person fell from the air. Fortunately, Ye Ji's eyes were quick and he caught his body when he landed, and his indifferent face surged anxiously: "Xiao?

Echidna is in a coma.

Wu Ruo hurried forward to examine the spiny thorn, but still did not detect the problem.

Guan Tong worried: "How is Xiaoyan's health?"

The others were also concerned.

Wu Ruo's eyebrows were even tighter: "The body is normal, without any problems, and it is likely that the thorns suddenly turned back to adults, causing the body to be very weak before passing out.

You said, "If that's the case, when you become an adult yesterday, you will be in a condition. You cannot detect his infirmity."

Wu Ruoan groaned: "It may also be that my medical skills are not high enough to detect the problem. We still bring the spiny thorns back to the palace and seek a doctor for examination."

"Okay." Ye Ji speed thorns.

Wu Ruo passed his token to Yeji: "You fly faster, you take the spine to the palace to find a doctor."

"Thank you." Ye Ji took the token and left with thorns.

Guan Tong was worried: "I hope Xiaoyi will be fine."

You said, "Let's go to the palace together."

They returned to the official, and all the doctors on duty had diagnosed the thorny worms, but they did not find the problem. Fortunately, the thorny owls soon woke up.

Ye Ji quickly asked: "Xiaoyi, did you wake up, did you feel uncomfortable?"

Thorns looked like he didn't know Ye Ji, and looked at him blankly.

"Xiaoyu?" Ye Ji waved before his eyes.

Thorns regained their spirits, regaining their former proud look and staring at Yeji: "What are you doing?"

Wu Ruo said, "Tricky, do you remember that you fainted before?"

Ji Yi shuddered and shook his head: "I don't remember.

"Then you have something uncomfortable?"

"No." Thorny feels his physical condition: "I think I am in good health without any problems.

"..." Wu Ruo turned and asked the doctors: "What do you think?"

One of the doctors asked Acanthus: "Son, do you know how to faint?"

Thorny said, "I don't know."

Yeyi clenched his hand: "Did you feel any discomfort before you passed out?"

Thoroughly thought: "Just before the test, I suddenly felt dizzy, but I didn't have any impression of the fainting thing. It was like I was still flying in the air of the test field. The next moment is here, there are It feels like moving in a moment.

Nightwing: "..."

You said, "It seems that he doesn't remember anything, and he doesn't even remember being lethargic. It's weird."

Taiyi asked, "Son, did you just feel dizzy before?"


Taiyi told Wu Ruo; "Prince, at present it seems that the weakness caused the coma, but because he had eaten the best **** Dan yesterday, he checked his health and weakness. If the concubine is uneasy, he can let him in the palace Stay for a few days so that we can check. "

Wu Ruo thinks the same way. After dawn, he will find the best medicine in Tai Hospital to check the thorny body.

"These days, Thorny and Yeji live in the palace."

Neither Jiji nor Acanthus had any objections.

Wu Qianqing and Guan Tong left the imperial palace, seeing that the thorny body was fine.

Wu Ruo took Ye Ji to the Heng Xing Guan, and then asked Hei Xin to arrange a room for them.

Hei Xiu came back and heard about the Nightthorn, and asked, "Is there a problem with the superb **** Dan?"

Once they did n’t go to auction elixir because they thought there was something wrong with elixir. If that was the case, he was very fortunate that they hadn't been tempted.

Wu Ruo frowned: "But I checked the elixir before and found no problems."

"The problem I'm talking about is not necessarily that there is a problem with the herbal medicine, but that it may be that the herbal medicine is cursed by others so that you cannot check your physical condition."

The words of Hei Xieyu really awakened the dreamer, and Wu Ruoqi looked at him: "It would be difficult if you were like you said. You can't check what kind of curse he is in. Right, I let the night. Let's help Thorny to see if there are any signs of spells on the body. "

He quickly left the room, told Yeyi about his speculation, and returned to the room to wait for his news.

Hei Xuanyu pressed him on the bed and kissed his lips gently: "I also want to check if your body is marked.

Wu Ruo said "I don't have a spell, how could my body have a sign."

"I'll be there when I finish checking."

Wu Ruo quickly understood the meaning of his words, Jun blushed: "Don't make trouble, now there are two or three hours before dawn, and you won't have time to rest if you don't sleep anymore, and it is still possible for Ye Ji come."

Hei Xiu did not like to be disturbed by half of it, and let Wu Ruo lie on the bed.

Wu Ruo said, "I'll give you a massage."

Hei Xiu was really tired and turned to lie on his stomach.

Wu Ruoan sat on his back and used spiritual power to relieve him of fatigue: "Are you comfortable?"


Wu Ruo pressed the tea time: "Strange, just take off the clothes to check if there is a mark on the body, but Yeji hasn't checked yet after so long."

Hei Xuanyu said in a mute voice: "Ye Ji did not check the runes, so he took the opportunity to create a few runes himself."

Wu Ruo: "..."

Chapter 280:

Early the next morning, Wu Ruo saw a purple mark on the neck of the spiny thorn that covered his collar, and smiled at Ye Ji: "I asked you to come to my room after checking the spiny thorn's body Situation, then, I waited for you all night without seeing you. "

Of course this was a joke. After confirming that Ye Ji would not come, he hugged his man to sleep.

Thorny face glared at Yeji angrily and shamefully, humming his head and drinking porridge.

Ye Ji's mouth slightly ticked: "He has no rune on him."

"That's why we guessed wrong." Wu Ruo thought and asked again, "After that, there is still no uncomfortable or fainting condition in the spiny body."

Thoroughly rushed after Ye Ji spoke, he hurriedly said, "No."

The arc of the corner of Ye Ji's mouth turned a little more.

Wu Ruo looked at the thorns and looked at Yeyi again, and probably understood what was going on. He smiled deeply at the thorns.

Thorny Gao Aojun flashed a rosy face, staring at Wu Ruo, quickly drank the porridge and said, "I'll go back to sleep."

Wu Ruo chuckled.

Ye Ji asked, "Are they coming back?"

"They only came back when they were playing ugly. They are now sleeping in the room, and I will wake them up for lunch at noon.

Ye Ji nodded, and followed the thorns back to the room to sleep.

That night, it was the fourth-level wizard's test. Wu Ruo accompanied Wu Xi to her trial at the Border Town. As she said, she just wanted to see her own strength. Therefore, after being stepped down, she did not feel sad, and even followed Wu Ruo them very excitedly City rest.

On the third night of the test, everyone was finally nervous. The first game tonight will be Wu Qianqing and Wuzhu. Both of them went to the ring with the determination to reach the top ten. After dinner, everyone Just go to the border town.

Coming out of the Yamen formation, the children ran in front of each other excitedly and whispered secretly.

Youyou went to Wu Ruo, lowered her head, and lowered her voice and asked, "Did you feel that the eggs are mysterious and mysterious recently?"

Wu Ruo heard him say that the children were a little weird: "Listening to you, I also found that since the start of the test, they seemed unwilling to stay with us. Four people took the guard out after dinner Gong, I didn't come back to bed until midnight. When I was talking, I always lied in my ears mysteriously. "

"Then did they say where to go?"

"They told me to go to Food Street."

"Do you believe this? You haven't asked where the guards secretly protecting them have gone?"

"If the eggs, nightthorn and Wu You told me, I wouldn't believe it, but what I told was small, and I had to believe that I didn't ask the guard if it was true."

You You: "..."

Xiao Xiao's impression is too well-behaved, and he would not lie to his family. Instead, he only believed in the words of the small novel.

"When they came in, they still smelled of food, so there should be no fakes."

You looked at the children who were more excited than the previous two nights. They felt that they were a little too excited tonight. Suddenly, a compelling sight caught his attention. Looking up, a handsome man stood in one of the shops. The door stared at him tightly, looking like he was going to eat him.

There was doubt in his eyes, did he know this person?

Youyou stared back unwillingly.

The handsome man looked at him for a moment, then turned his eyes to Wu Ruo, and instantly the tax and profit eyes became much softer.

Youyou turned to look at Wu Ruo, "Xiao Ruo, do you know that man?"

"Who?" Wu Ruo looked at him doubtfully.

Youyou picked E in the direction where the handsome man stood: "There."

Wu Ruo looked over and saw that the man pointed to by You Xun was limping, his eyes lightened slightly, and then he said to Yu Xie, "It's my friend, I used to say hello."

"Um." Youyou returned to Wuzhu's side.

Wu Ruo walked over: "Limp, long time no see."

With his gaze lingering on his face for a moment, he twitched his lips slightly: "Well, we haven't seen each other for a full month, I wonder if you have time to sit down with me for a cup of tea."

Wu Ruowei said: "Sorry, my family wants to participate in the test and needs to watch it."

"Your family?" Pingxing's eyes haven't gone away yet: "The man who stood by you just now is your family?"

That man should be the man whom Panyang liked. The gorgeous looks really look better than the female slaves in the slave market. The female slaves really can't even match his one toe. He stood with Panyang, really Come on.




Li Xing shook his head: "It's okay, since you are not free, we will reschedule it later."

"Okay." Wu Ruo looked around him: "Why are you alone today, son Song and Zhong Rong?"

"They will come over later."

"Then I won't bother you, let's talk about it when I have time."

The limp suppressed the loss in the heart, and nodded.

Wu Ruo returned to You's side.

You asked, "Did you talk to your friends?"


You Xun looked back and limped, seeing that he had been staring at them, raised his eyebrows, and then a man who looked like a fairy came to Xing Xing's side, and Xing Xing only looked back.

"Master Xing, what are you looking at?" Zhong Rong followed his gaze, and because there were too many people, he didn't see anything attractive.

"Look around." Pingxing couldn't control his gaze, and looked in the direction that Wu Ruo left.

The moment I saw Youyang, I calmed my heart for a month, and suddenly my heart beat so badly that I was so happy that I would forget what year and month it is and where he is now. His eyes are full of reason The figure of Panyang felt very happy as long as he looked at him, but when he saw a gorgeous man standing next to him, his mood suddenly fell from a low to a low point, and there was even an urge to destroy the man.

Chong Rong saw Li Xing looking at the distance again, and followed his gaze again. This time, he saw a familiar face. Although he had only one glance, he was very sure that it was Panyang.

He retracted his gaze and grinned at him: "Master Xing Xing, sing praise to the Lord waiting for us in the shop, let's go."

"Um." I walked away.

Chong Rong watched Wu Ruocai, who had already gone far, followed in the footsteps.

At this point, Wu Ruozheng was having a good chat with his family.

"Dad, brother, are you confident to squeeze into the top ten?"

Wu Qianqing chuckled: "I'm not afraid of your children's jokes. I'm really not sure to squeeze into the top ten, but I will try my best.

Because he wanted to get the materials for the children as a dowry or a gift.

Wuzhu said: "There are too many people in this test, and I don't have much confidence."

You You patted his shoulders to comfort him: "You just relax and go to the game. It doesn't matter if you win or lose, as long as I get into the top ten, just leave it to me."

The ebony didn't look angry at him.

Guan Tong smiled with a lip, and asked Acanthus: "Xiao, are you okay? If you are not comfortable, don't go with us to see the test. When the result comes out, we will go back and tell you.

Seeing her caring for herself so much, she felt warm: "I'm fine."

Wu Ruodao: "He has not been in a coma for the past two days, but he needs to observe for a few more days."

Guan Tong said, "Xiao Ye, if you are uncomfortable, you must tell Xiao Ruo."

"I will."

At this moment, they ran back.

Yandan opened her arms to Wu Ruo: "Dad, I want to ride high."

"Riding high?" Wu Ruo looked confused.

Danzi pointed at the child riding his father's neck in front of him: "Just like him riding high."

Wu Ruo looked at the other person, and put her egg on his neck: "You must hold him small, and not let him fall."

Doudou directly sat on top of Wu Ruo's head.

Youyou also picked up Xiaowuyou and sat down on his shoulder, and Xiaoyethorn flew up directly.

Ye Ji grabbed him and placed it on his shoulder.

Xiaoyethorn twisted his buttocks awkwardly, and finally had to sit in peace, seemingly very reluctant, but his mouth was high.

Seeing thorns and raising an eyebrow, their children will also look like ordinary children and need adults to hurt him.

They came to the test venue, and the number of people who came to watch the test was more than half that of the first day. Wu Ruo finally managed to squeeze into the front place to watch the game.

As soon as Wu Qianqing entered the test venue, she looked around, looking for familiar figures.

Wu Ruo sighed, his father knew that Wu Chenzi was unsuccessful in winning the throne, and the Wu family would surely be killed by the Jiu tribe. Come and participate in the competition.

Guan Tong also knew that her husband was looking for someone from Wu's family, and he helped find it.

"Dad, what are you looking at?" Uhi asked curiously.

"I ..." Wu Qianqing sighed and shook his head: "Nothing.

Wu Zhu, guessing his father's thoughts, motioned for You to hug him around.

Youzhu asked Wuzhu: "It's half an hour before you leave the field. Where do you want to go?"

"Actually, I want to help my father find someone with no Wu family."

"they are not……"

"Maybe someone escaped by chance.

Wuzhu does not need to meet too many Wujia people, as long as there is a dad that appeases first.

"Um." Youyou also knew that his father-in-law had always remembered the Wu family, so he tried his best to take Wuzhu to fly around the test field, but unfortunately, he didn't see the Wu family.

People from Bi Jingwu's family helped the second prince to take the throne, how could the prince let them go.

Just when Wuzhu wanted to give up, he saw a familiar figure.

He excitedly pointed at the person before him and said, "You, look at it, isn't it the Wu family?"

Youyou looked in the direction he was pointing at, and saw a young teenager: "I don't know the Wu family, I don't know if it is him."

"Take me there, he seems to be Uber."
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