Comeback of the Abandoned Wife Chapter 261-270

Chapter 261:

Wu Ruo took the black market leaflet to Heixuantang's palace. When he saw Guan Tong, he handed the leaflet to them: "August 30th, the black market will hold a magician contest in the land border town of the Necropolis. The above rewards are things I have n’t seen. They only say that they are superb materials, elixir, magic instruments, etc., but they have not been introduced in detail. They are deliberately hanging on to everyone ’s appetite. But why the black market suddenly held a magician Test? Even people from all over the world are invited to participate, as are the demons, ghosts, and demons. Is it too grand? "

The black market in the previous life has never held a sorcerer's contest. Why did this life suddenly hold such a grand competition?

Guan Tong took the leaflet to scan the list of rewards, and suddenly his eyes brightened: "Xiao Ruo, the prizes above are all good things. If you can, you can all win back."

Everyone is very curious: "How good is it?"

Guan Tong pointed at the tenth prize, and before he said it, he frowned and waved his hand: "Can't say, can't say, anyway, it's fine.

Wu Ruo guesses that these rewards are related to the hermit, so his mother can't tell how good the rewards are.

Youyou browsed it again: "From the name of the reward, it is indeed a good thing, even with silver."

"August 29th is Xiaoruo's 20-year-old birthday." Guan Tong smiled slightly: "It is the year of Xiaoruo's weak crown. Perhaps the test is the growth gift he gave Xiaoruo."

Everyone knows that she is referring to the black market owner.

Wu Ruo hesitated.

If his mother didn't mention it, she wouldn't remember she was only twenty.

Twenty is a big day for men.

"What does it mean to grow a gift?"

Guan Tong said with a smile; "Gifts that will allow you to learn more, you must look carefully at that time."

Wu Ruo soon understood what she meant. By then, she could absorb spiritual power and learn other people's mysteries. It would be two kills. If she could win the reward, she would get three kills.

"At that time we will participate together, I believe we will always get a reward back."

Youji, Thorny, Yeji glanced at each other and nodded.

Doudou immediately yelled, "Dad, I want to participate, too."

"I want to participate too." Xiao Wuyou followed.

Little Yeats said: "I want them too."

Wu Ruo glanced at the leaflet: "Yes, there are also children's games on the day, and only the age and no spiritual order are specified. You will participate in this competition at that time."

Everybody opened his mouth and wanted to say something, but he turned his attention to the small eyes.

"I made an appointment for someone to go to Langshan Pavilion for lunch, and in the afternoon I would pick up Xiaoxiao and Qidan." Wu Ruo got up and left.

Quickly picked up Xiao He and Wu You, Ye Tiao left the hall and ran to the pavilion in the yard to discuss the matter.

Wu Ruo came to Langshan Pavilion's room, limp and Shen Song had been waiting for a long time inside.

After Li Ruo waited for Wu Ruo to take a seat, he poured a glass of wine: "Panyang, I respect you."

He drank it: "I'm so sorry that day, I hope you don't mind.

Wu Ruo laughed: "When I am a friend, don't say such words, not to mention it is not a big deal. I can't get the matrix map, I can study the matrix method myself."

Pingxing pours another glass of wine and finishes it with a sip: "This glass is to thank you for your help."

"Master Li Xun, you are so kind, helping you is equal to helping myself, and I hope everyone can keep warm."

Shen Song asked: "Is the first layer and other layers able to heat up? Are you using the research matrix method?"

Although they sent the sun-absorbent array map to Langshan Pavilion the next day, no one came to get the map.

Wu Ruo calmly said, "Yes."

Shen Song was embarrassed with a candid look on his face and asked the following words, smiling awkwardly.

Wu Ruo asked, "Is there a problem?"

Limping faintly sings with alarming eyes.

Shen Song hurriedly said, "No problem, no problem, but I think you're great. Our array masters have studied the array method that absorbs the sun for a long time, but you can do it in half a day. Moreover, it is better than ours, and it can also **** the fragrance of flowers and plants into the array. 'Actually, he wanted to ask to whom he studied the array, but looking at him so calmly, he was embarrassed to ask him privacy.

"This is something I researched together with others, and it's not very powerful."

Pingxing asked Wu Ruo: "I haven't seen you recently. What are you doing?"

Wu Ruo laughed. "Busy to make money to support my family."

Li Xing asked curiously, "How to make money?"

Wu Ruo said half-truthly: "Just sell the refined elixir and draw the magic charms and formations, and sometimes take the task to make money.

Shen Song asked him, "Will the heating method you researched not be sold to the government to earn money?"

Wu Ruozhen wanted to answer what he wanted, and said limpingly, "The task is to walk around, no wonder you are unstable."

He picked up the menu and handed it to Wu Ruo: "We only ordered signature dishes, Panyang, do you want to eat anything?"

"I feel free."

When not too much, Xiao Er brought the dish up.

During the meal, Wu Ruo and Li Xing were eating and chatting, and Shen Song sat and watched and listened, and then found that the behavior and behavior of his master was a little weird. With a gentle smile, the chopsticks scared of deep chanting almost fell to the ground.

When Wu Ruo bowed his head to eat, the limp stopped and stopped eating, and stared at Wu Ruo quietly, with an inexplicable emotion in it. When the other person raised his head and turned to look at him, he immediately lowered his head to eat the dish, or served the dish to Wu Ruo.

Shen Song has never seen such a master.

He touched Hubei, and said to his heart, has his family recently encountered any good things that have become so gentle? However, I was about to cancel my marriage contract with my family recently. Where did the good things happen?

When it comes to canceling the marriage contract, the owner of the family was really indifferent that day, no matter how crying Yu Xuanzhen and how the elders persuaded him, the owner of the family had to cancel the marriage contract, because there was no way to arrange the heating array. success.

When Wu Ruo had eaten almost, he asked, "Are you going to participate in the warlock contest one month later?"

"Participate." Li Xing lowered his chopsticks and took out the leaflet from his sleeve: "Looking at the reward above is pretty good. If you missed it, it would be a pity that Wu Ruo smiled and asked:" Are you sure you can get the reward? "Songsong quipped himself:" If you are not confident, how dare you come to power? Even if you can't get the first place, you can always get the next place, right? Fortunately, the top ten of each spiritual order set by the black market can get rewards, otherwise, I will definitely not get prizes. "

He sneered at the corner of his mouth: "The black market is really a big deal. This time, there are nine spirit steps in the competition, each of which draws ten places. In this way, the black market will prepare ninety best prizes, but there are many people who come to the test. It's really hard to say if you can win the top ten. "

"I believe the master will be able to take the first." Shen Song lowered his chopsticks and wiped his mouth. "Yu Sangong, how about you, will you participate in the test?"

Wu Ruo smiled: "I didn't intend to take the test, and I was never interested in the test, but my mother advised me to try it."

What he was telling the truth was that when he got the leaflet, he really didn't intend to participate in the competition, because he had participated in too many warriors in the last life, and it became boring over time.

"How many spirit steps do you have? We won't be right?"

Wu Ruo turned to the deep chant: "How many spiritual steps do you think I am?"

Deep Song shook his head: "I can't see it, but the Lord said that you are better than me."

Wu Ruo raised an eyebrow: "Is the adult limp can see my spiritual order?"

"Well." Pingxing squinted his eyes: "You have a magic weapon on your body to cover your spiritual power. You need to be careful to find out your spiritual order."

Wu Ruo pours a glass of wine to himself and Li Xing: "Do you say we will become rivals?"

Pick up the glass first: "Yes."

"Master Xing Xing, I won't show mercy to your men then." Wu Ruo toasted with him, all he did.

"I won't show mercy." Li Xing laughed and drank the wine.

Shen Song widened his eyes in surprise: "Yu Sangong, you are also a ninth-order spiritual force?"

Wu Ruo ticked his lips: "Guess?"

Song Song depressed: "You can't say it directly?"

"You'll know by then."

The three had a full lunch. When coming out of Langshan Pavilion, Wu Ruo said, "You are invited to eat these two times. It's my turn next time."

Shen Song smiled openly: "Okay, it's my turn to slaughter you next time."

"Okay, then we ..." Wu Ruo didn't finish, and suddenly someone slammed into a deep song.

Shen Song's instability rushed to Wu Ruo.

Glinting his eyes sharply, he quickly took Shen Song's arm.

"Mother, which Wang Ba cake doesn't have such eyes." Shen Song turned around in anger and saw that the person who hit him was caught by a man wearing a light green robe.

Immediately, Wu Ruo was astonished by the appearance of the man, and the other was as if she was a fairy, and she was in a transcendent immortal temperament.

The man in green clasped the hand of the man who knocked down Shen Song and said to Shen Song, "Your money bag?"

Deeply singing a song, setting her waist, she said angrily: "Mother, it's such a courage to dare to steal even the money bag I deeply praise.

He stepped forward and kicked the thief hard, took back the money bag, and thanked the man in green: "Thank you for catching this thief, otherwise, I will lose a lot today."

The man in green said quietly: "You're welcome."

He watched Wu Ruo he walked over, and turned and left.

Shen Song quickly asked, "My son, what's your name?"

The Green Man didn't say anything, turned around and waited for his companion to leave.

"My son ..."

According to the way: "No need to call, the people who follow him and leave are from the family."

"Ah? Are those who help me also the family?"

"I haven't met him, but if you want to thank him, you can ask his family where he is.

"it is good."

Chapter 262: Heavy ficus

Deeply praising the man in the green clothes who looked far away, he quietly looked at Wu Ruo and muttered, "Why men now look so beautiful, and they compare women to the eighteenth floor underground."

The looks of the two are indistinguishable from each other. The former is like a green lotus, the fairy is a breeze, the dust is fluttering, and the latter, depending on the dress, sometimes looks like a daffodil and ice, and sometimes looks like a peony. Sometimes bright and elegant like small white daisies, it will always be amazing.

Li Xingyun gave a deep glance: "What are you muttering?"

Deep Song shook his head: "Nothing."

Wu Ruo kicked the little thief on the ground with a foot, sneer: "Dare to steal praise from the adult's money bag, do you want to die? Sir, you tell this thief the person who stole our money bag last time?"

Last time? Deeply confusing, has anyone stolen their purse last time? Why doesn't he know?

Flicking his eyes, he tickled his lips: "I cut his limbs and fed them to the wolf."

Deep chant: "..."

Are they so cruel?

The thief hurried to his knees and begged for mercy: "Three uncles forgive their lives. The little ones are old and the little ones are young. Then they will be forced to come out to steal and see that the villain is a first offender. .

Wu Ruodao: "The thief who stole the money bag told us the same way last time, but we went to see his house and lived in a house better than us.

Limping sneered: "Who would be the first offender to steal a purse from under our eyes?"

The thief saw that the lie was exposed, his body shook, and he hurriedly scratched his head: "The three uncles spared their lives.

Wu Ruo Lengheng: "Do you think we will believe you? Master Xing, I think this time pickled the fifth leg of this little thief, what do you say?"

"The fifth leg?" Shen Song stared at the thief and looked at him all over again. "Where's his fifth leg?"

Wu Ruo stepped under the thief's belly: "Well, isn't the one under his belly the fifth leg?"

Deep chant: "..."

Limping: "..."

The thief was **** out on the spot and his pants were wet.

"So timid and dare to come out and steal." Wu Ruo loosened his feet: "If there is another time, I will directly abolish you next time."

"Thank you, Master, for your life." The thief scrambled to escape.

Limping shook his head funny.

Shen Song was surprised: "Yu Sangong, you are scaring him?"

"Um." Wu Ruochi smiled. "You don't really think I'll pickle him?"

"You were so fierce that I had to think so, but why not arrest him for an official?"

Wu Ruo explained: "This kind of thief is useless to send officials, as long as there is money to clear it, it will be released. It is better to scare him to let him know that he will not steal again next time."

Xing Yuan nodded: "Even if there is a last resort, let him learn a lesson.

"It's getting late, I should go back." Wu Ruo made up his robes and said goodbye to them: "Master Xingling ..."

Interrupting him: "Just call me afterward."

After listening to the song, he also said, "Then call me Shen Song. Every time you call from an adult, you make our relationship unfamiliar."

"Okay." Wu Ruo smiled. "Limp, deep song, I went back."

"Well, there is something to leave a message in Langshan Pavilion."

"it is good."

Wu Ruo turned and left.

Li Xing stood there and watched him leave. Soon, Wu Ruo's figure was drowned by the crowd.

Seeing his eyes deeply, Song Song couldn't bear to remove his eyes, and whispered, "Master, we can't see anyone anymore, should we go back?"

The limp walked back to God, turned and walked to Yamen, and came to Tongzhen by teleporting the town.

"Brother, you're back." Yu Xuanyu saw the limping, quickly burst into a bright smile, and ran to the limping side.

Flicking up Yingmei's eyebrows, sharp eyes passed over her.

Yu Xuan Yuan originally wanted to hook his arm, but was frightened by his eyes and quickly withdrew his hand: "Brother Xing, my grandfather asked me to introduce you to someone."

"Who?" Li Xing saw the man in the green suit standing a short distance away for a moment, wasn't this the man who helped them catch the thief before?

"It's you." Shen Song joyfully walked to the man in green: "I haven't thank you very much just now."

"It's not enough to raise your hand." The smile of the man in green is fleeting like a flash of flash, making Shen Song lose his mind.

You Xuanzhen asked: "Do you know each other?"

"This boy was the thief who helped me catch my wallet."

You Xuanxi smiled and said, "Yes? That's great. It seems you have a lot of fate. He is the one my grandfather asked me to introduce to you."

Li Xing asked: "He is ..."

"His name is Rong Chong, because my grandfather saved his life, so he has stayed with my grandfather for help all these years."

"Why haven't I seen him before."

A man like Zhong Rong who looks like an immortal, if he has seen it once, he will never forget it.

"Don't say that you haven't seen him. I don't even see him once a year. On weekdays, he researches planting in his grandfather's courtyard. He rarely comes out to meet people.

Yu Xingyou mentioned the word planting and quickly asked: "You said he studies planting?"

"Yes, after a few years of research, I finally have the research results this year. My grandfather immediately asked me to bring you to see you."

"Can it be grown under the ground?"

You Xuanzhen smiled proudly: "Yes.

Deeply ecstatic: "He can really grow food under the sun?"

"If you are planting food on the ground, I don't need to bring him to see you." You Xuanyuan asked Zhong Rong to come over: "Zhong Rong, let me introduce you, this is the Lord Xing Xing, you will follow Do things around him. "

Chong Rong's fist: "I've seen a limp adult."

"No need to be polite." Hao Xing rarely smiled at the first time he met. "You follow me."

Chong Rong followed him, ticked the corner of his lips, and when he was about to disappear around the corner, he glanced at the man who came with him.

After the man limply walked away, he turned his head and said to Yu Xuanzhang, "Miss, on the way we just came, we saw a man who almost killed you and your adult Lord."

You Xuanzhen looked at him strangely: "You haven't seen him again, how do you know it is him?"

"According to the description of the lady, it should be that he is good, and few men look so good." The man thought for a while and thought, "I found that he looks very similar to Youyi and Yiyou."

"Yue Yizhen?" You Xuanyuan said for a moment, thinking for a while: "Listening to you, they really look alike, right, I remember Shen Song once called him" Yongsan ", you should check Check his identity, huh, this man almost caused me to dissolve the marriage contract with Li Xingge, and the heating method developed by the government, it must be that he got the blueprint given by Li Xing, and then gave it to the government .This **** is really shameless, I can't let go of him. "

"Miss, when we passed by them, I heard him say that next time I would like to invite them to eat ..."

"Please eat?" Yu Xuan's eyes narrowed, and her mind was up.

Wu Ruo, who picked up the child and returned to the palace, didn't know that someone was ‘Kee Ji’. When he returned to the official, he immediately found a master craftsman to make a magic weapon for him. After about an hour, the craftsman brought the seal artefact to Wu Ruo: "Prince, the seal has been made, but no one has made a seal artefact since ancient times, and Xiaguan is also the first time to try it. , So I do n’t know if it will meet your requirements. "

Wu Ruo took the instrument and thanked him: "Master Guo, hard work, if the instrument is feasible, I will trouble you to make more seals."

The shape of the seal is up and down, and the top is filled with potion. The bottom is the seal. As long as the spiritual force is driven, the potion can be squeezed from the top to the bottom. Then, the water will overflow from the bottom of the stamp and cover the elixir. The print marks of the rune pattern will be printed.

When Guo Guo saw that the seal was actually stamped on the elixir, he couldn't help but widen his eyes, and suddenly remembered the need to raise the rune on the elixir on the edge of the land.

Wu Ruohuo said, "I don't want too many people to know about this."

Guo Guo nodded quickly: "Xiaguan will not tell anyone."

Wu Ruo put down the seal and looked at the runes on the elixir exactly as he drew: "I don't know how it works?"

Mr. Guo is a little nervous, and he especially hopes to succeed.

Wu Ruo threw the elixir into his mouth.

Guo Guo quickly asked: "How is it?"

Xiaoxiao and Dandan both looked at Wu Ruo.

Wu Ruoxin smiled: "The effect is better than the intermediate elixir, indicating that the stamp of the applicator seal is better than the one drawn by hand."

The magic instrument can not only make his spiritual power more pure, but also improve the composition of the potion, killing two birds with one stone.

Guo Guo was relieved.

Little smiled and praised, "Daddy is really good."

Wu Ruo touched his small face lightly: "The little boy is very good. If you don't remind me, I'm still immersed in drawing."

"I just reminded my dad to use an engraved seal, but Dad thought of using a seal.

"You are all terrific." Dandan took a seal and put several seals on one of the elixirs.

Mr. Guo saw his father and son in harmony, and could not help but smile: "Like His Highness stamping more seals on the same elixir, will the effect be better?"

"Yes, but with only a little improvement, it won't become a high-quality elixir just by printing a few more seals."

"That's the case, then I don't know what else the crown prince needs me to make."

Wu Ruo handed over to the master Guo Guo: "You make two each according to the rune patterns on the paper. After you have refined these things, I will also ask you to make the magical seal magic instrument. In short, You will be very busy in the past few months. "Master Guo laughed:" It's a good thing to be busy. "

Originally, he was very repulsive to do this, but after seeing the effect of the seal, he was particularly excited, and wished that each seal was made to try the effect.

Chapter 263: You are fat

Since the seal instrument has been used, the efficiency and quality have improved a lot, and there will no longer be a shortage of elixir. Even if Wu Ruo can't produce so many elixir, it can still be enough to collect the elixir made by others. Make money by printing runes yourself.

And there are many more types. Originally, only one rune was painted on one elixir, but now there are two, three, or four or five runes on each elixir. In terms of price, the more runes, the more expensive, but cheaper than the elixir directly refined, and naturally more people buy it.

After that, Wu Ruo still printed the rune marks on the intermediate, advanced, and best elixir, and found that if the spiritual order is not enough for the fifth order, he can't put the seal on the intermediate elixir, even if he himself can't draw it. Advanced elixir requires a seventh-level spiritual master, and best elixir requires a nine-level spiritual master.

The business of No. 1 Hybrid Shop is getting better and better, especially after No. 1 Grocery Shop launches a new magic charm, which attracts more wizards.

The new amulet effect is the same as the elixir. The amulet drawn by the fourth-level magician can achieve the effect of the fifth-level magical amulet, but the price is lower than the fifth-level magical aura. Of course, everyone buys it better and cheaper. The appearance of magic charms is no longer limited to drawing red runes with yellow paper. Today, yellow paper blue light runes, yellow paper green light runes, yellow paper purple runes, and so on are very attractive to others, and the effect is very good. .

Other merchants also want to imitate the magic charm made by No. 1 grocery store. However, the magic charm made by their fourth-level magician is still the fourth-level charm. There is no way to improve the level of magic charms like the No. 1 grocery store. They bought a lot of charms from the No. 1 grocery store many times and went back to study, but they didn't see a result, they just watched the booming business of No. 1 grocery store.

Every day, the No. 1 grocery store is full of people, and I almost did n’t sell No. 1 to the crowd. Even the most deserted time is lively, especially on August 30th. A surgeon test will be held to buy things. There are more and more people, and even the fifth floor maggots are becoming more and more popular.

Lao Hei had to invite another 50 guys, 20 shopkeepers and five accountants. The shopkeepers and guys who had previously been invited were finally able to breathe out. At the same time, he was glad that Lao Hei had given them wages, otherwise he really could not do it. Going on, the business in the shop is too busy and tiring, and only rest for a while while eating.

Lao Hei also checked his account and felt his eyes ache. Almost every day, two or three full books were sent to him for inspection. Every ten days, he would come into the palace with a thick book. Wu Ruo.

Wu Ruo looked at the pile of tall books, which were the first two large, and realized the feeling of pain and happiness.

He picked up one of the ledgers and flipped quickly at will: "Why so many ledgers?"

The old black smiled and said, "Master, you do n’t know how good the No. 1 grocery store is now. Every hour of every day is full of people. If it is not expensive, I would like to expand the store, especially now The surgeon is about to start than the test conference, and more people are buying things. "

Wu Ruo was very happy when he heard about the business in his shop, but he had a headache when he saw the books.

"Daddy, the number is not right," said Xiao, sitting on Wu Ruo's shoulder, suddenly.

"Ah?" Wu Ruo turned his head and said, "What's wrong?"

"The number of ledgers is wrong."

Laohei Yiyi: "Little Master, how do you know that is not right?"

"When Gang Dad turned over the book, I followed it, and it was a hundred and fifty-two missing."

The old black tongued out: "Yes, you turn the page so fast, you can write it down? And, have you figured it out?"

Wu Ruo was also very surprised. He just flipped through it just a moment ago. He didn't remember the name of any item written in the account book, and his son calculated it.

Little nodded: "Yes."

Wu Ruo was overjoyed, and quickly picked up another book to look at it.

Scan at a small speed: "This is not wrong."

Wu Ruo opened another book for Xiao Xiao.

In a short period of time, I have read the account books that others need to read for several days. Except for the first and eighth account books, there is nothing wrong with it.

Laohe held the tea cup and stared at Xiaoxiao with a stunned expression: "Little Master is really good."

Wu Ruo put Xiaoxiao on the table with a smile, and then sternly "take the wrong book back and let the gentleman in charge check it again. Although it is not a large number for me, it is also checked."

"This is of course." Lao Hei set aside the wrong account book and asked Mr. Guan to check it again when he returned.

Wu Ruo looked at Lao Hei, "You're fat."

Laohe said embarrassedly: "Recently I have invited a lot of guys in the shop. Slowly, I ca n’t help me in the shop. As long as I check my account, I feel relaxed and eat more , And also slept well, and unknowingly became fat.

Wu Ruo said nothing.

Laohei looked at him seriously, and asked carefully, "Can't I be fat?"

Or is he dissatisfied that he is lazy?

"You really can't be fat." Wu Ruo frowned. "Now you make me aware of a problem."

Lao He quickly sat up straight: "What's the problem?"

"If you continue this way, you will die as quickly as ordinary people." Wu Ruoke did n’t want the old black to have a short life span like ordinary people. In the future, he would like to find such a capable and smooth person. Difficult.

Old Black: "..."

Recently he has neglected cultivation.

"You are a person with a spiritual field. Don't waste your own conditions. Since many things don't require you to do it yourself, you can practice and improve your spiritual level when you have time." Wu Ruo took out a bottle and handed it to the old man. Hei: "These elixir is the elixir that I recently researched which can only clean a small part of the impurities in your body, but it will not make it difficult for you to advance in the future."

Laohe took the elixir gratefully: "Thank you, elixir."

Wu Ruo took out a few high-level artifacts to Lao Hei: "In the eyes of others, you are already the big shopkeeper of No. 1 grocery store. Maybe someone will be jealous and ask you to trouble, and bring a few more artifacts to defend yourself Better."

"Yes." Old Heihong took the instrument with his eyes closed. On the day he was contracted, he never thought that the master would be so good to him, better than his family to him.

"Lao Hei, the No. 1 grocery store business is so prosperous now, you don't take it lightly on weekdays." A deep voice came from outside the hall.

Wu Ruo they looked at the door and Hei Xieyu came in from the outside and said, "There must be someone who is jealous of finding trouble in the shop, and may secretly frame our goods with problems."

Lao Hei said: "I have told the guys in the store that before selling the goods, the customers must check again and again to make sure that there is no problem before selling the goods to the other party. Once we leave the store, we will not Responsible. Every morning, I will have people check the herbs to see if they have been mixed with similar herbs. "

Hei Xieyu is satisfied that Lao He is cautious in doing things.

Laohe did not disturb the rare time between the two masters with interest, and they talked briefly with Wu Ruo and left the Hengxing Palace.

Wu Ruo asked Hei Xuyi: "When you only apply now, why are you back?"

"There will be a family banquet tonight. Other relatives will be invited to the banquet. At that time, you and the children will be introduced to other people." Hei Xiu will hold the little one out of the hall, and let the black letter take the little one and the eggs to bathe .

Wu Ruo was surprised: "Why didn't you tell me this before?"

"When I came back, you were already asleep, and didn't tell you about it when you didn't want to disturb your sleep, and it was just an ordinary family banquet. You don't have to take it to heart. Just go for a meal."

Wu Ruo watched the **** palace girl come in holding the newly made Chinese robes and various jewelry accessories, raising her eyebrows: "It's just an ordinary family banquet. Need to prepare new robes?"

"The palace wants everyone to know that no one can match the crown prince of the palace." Hei Xuyi took his hand to the bathroom.

Wu Ruo smiled sweetly in her heart: "Only you think I am the best."

Hei Xuan bent a corner of his mouth, held up Wu Ruo and put it in the tub: "Of course, the princess of this palace is the best."

"Before I took off my robes, you put me in?"

Hei Xieyu went straight into the water without taking off his robe. "I'll take it off for you now."

Wu Ruo smiled and kissed his beautiful thin lips while he leaned over, then leaned on him with soft cotton and rubbed him round and flattened.

When they came out of the bathroom, Xiaoxiao and Yandan were already neatly dressed. Both had the same Chinese robes and the same hair style. They were wearing loose hair and wearing a forehead, very cute.

When the **** palace girl saw Wu Ruo and Hei Xieyu coming back, she quickly dressed and combed them. The style and color of the robes were similar to those of the children. The black robes were embroidered with purple and gold embroidery patterns. The purple veil was **** high and passed through the purple jade crown, and then fixed. The long hair dropped from the other end of the purple jade crown and the skin was behind the body.

In the end, the palace ladies gave Wu Ruo their eyebrows, and they wore a purple jade necklace made of purple jade and black silver, which was embedded with one purple jade stone, and the waist was decorated with purple dragon jade tassel. , Will shake with.

Wu Ruo stood in front of the bronze mirror, and some could not believe that the noble man in the mirror would be himself.

"Daddy, it looks so good." Little mouth was sweet.

Doudou followed and said, "Father looks good."

Upon hearing this, the two adults turned quickly and saw each other.

Seeing the appearance of his own crown prince, he couldn't help but pull people into his arms: "What can I do? I don't want to take you out. If you are as small as I am, I can just take it Hidden in the box and carried around. "

Wu Ruo laughed, "Put me in the box? Do you want to strangle me?"

The **** palace girl covered her mouth and laughed.

Hei Xieyu kissed his face with a smile in his eyes, and then put Xiao Xiao on his shoulders, then held the egg, and took Wu Ruo's hand to leave the star officer.

Chapter 264: Home feast

In a hurry, the people invited to the family banquet had arrived at the Royal Palace on time, and the men and women depended on each other. The queen and the black men talked about important national affairs, and the queen and the female dependants chatted about miscellaneous small things. The children were divided into groups to talk about the world with their age and gender. Although they were divided into several groups of people, their eyes were aligned towards the door.

"Three months ago, I heard that the prince brought the future concubine to the palace, but I don't know whether the prince was reluctant to bring people out, or whether his prince was really unseen, and he has only been introduced to us. "Those who say this are those who have reached the age of marriage but have not yet married out of the female group.

"I heard that the princess is a man, and the prince married each other to understand the curse. Therefore, I think 80% of the talents have been slow to introduce to us. Do you think, how much better a man can look? right?"

Most people nodded in agreement.

"However, I heard that the princess looks better than a woman.

"You just heard, did you see it with your own eyes?"

"That's not the case, but the Lord of Tianyao County has seen the prince, and just ask the Lord of Tianyao County."

Everyone looked at the Lord of Tian Yao County who had not spoken.

Someone asked, "What are you doing tonight, Lord of Heaven's Shake? Why don't you say anything? In the past, we were the most talked about you."

Tenjo-gun said: "I just don't know what to say.

"What more can you say, please talk about Princess Concubine, haven't you met him? How is he?"

"You can see him later, why bother talking about this."


Just then, the **** who was outside the palace shouted, "The prince and concubine are here, and your highness is here.

Everyone in the official hall stopped talking, and they turned to look at the entrance of the hall. Two handsome men entered the palace hand in hand. The taller men were the princes they knew. Another man walked out as if in the painting The beauty is so beautiful that all the women present are ashamed. As a woman, none of the men looks good, and the men suddenly feel a sense of excitement when they see him.

"He is the princess?" The junior boys all saw God: "No wonder the prince would marry him as a consort. If I were, I would also marry such a man back.

Then someone warned: "Do you want to die? Dare to say such things in front of the Prince."

"I'm a princess in disguise. She looks better than any girl I've ever seen."

Hei Xieyu, who brought Wu Ruo in, was very satisfied that everyone showed a stunning look at Wu Ruo, took Wu Ruo to meet the emperor and the emperor, and then introduced Wu Ruo from the oldest elder.

The elders were very friendly to Wu Ruo, and praised Wu Ruo's goodness to the emperor and the emperor. Then he gave a greeting to Wu Ruo. Everything seemed very peaceful. Everyone welcomed Wu Ruo very much. Crown Prince.

After introducing the elders, Hei Xieyu was called by the guard to the hall to report some things.

Wu Ruo went to find them, halfway through, they were pulled by their robes and looked down. They looked like two four- or five-year-old boys. They looked very similar, they should be a couple. Twins.

"Brother, are you a princess?" The child on the left asked curiously.

Wu Ruo hesitated slightly and nodded: "Yes."

The child on the right asked: "My mother said that you were married to your elder brother because your elder brother is your elder brother, right?"

The surrounding adults didn't stop the children from asking questions, instead they raised their ears to hear how Wu Ruo answered.

Wu Ruo frowned.

Although these words were spoken by the child, it is obvious that the child's family is privately saying at home that he is a man who admires vanity.

The child on the left said, "My mother said that my elder brother married you because of the curse of the dead kingdom. After the curse is solved, I will break you or execute you, and then marry another big sister. Wife, elder brother, aren't you afraid of death? "

The child on the right went on, "My dad, they said that a man cannot marry a man, otherwise, he is mean, big brother, are you committing mean?"

The little man sitting on Wu Ruo's shoulders sank down his face.

If hugged, they would glared at the two children.

Some people snickered secretly.

"Nanling and Nanhuai, how can you talk nonsense in front of the princess?" A sharp shout came over, and immediately, the noblewoman hurriedly pulled the two children behind her, her face pale. Wu Ruo said: "Prince, I'm so sorry. The children said these words inadvertently, please confer them on their innocence."

Wu Ruo smiled slightly at her.

What the children said was really careless, but they were all heard from adults.

The lady looked at a dazzling smile, and suddenly her scalp was numb. She hurriedly took the children around and left, but she saw Hei Xuanyan staring at their mother and child with a cold face, scaring the lady's legs to tremble on the spot, although they were relatives , The same level of status, but the status is in the middle, no matter how old, but the status is the prince's black shame, you must be obedient when you meet, not to mention black shame is not a mud ball, can be manipulated by anyone people.

She didn't dare to look directly at the black eyes, and lowered her head in fear. "His Royal Highness, His Royal Highness."

Hei Xuanyu coldly swept over the two children in her hands. Although others were outside the palace, everyone in the palace could hear everything clearly.

He sternly said: "If you do n’t teach, the father will pass. Earl Cheng Hsiao, who is a child ’s father, ca n’t even teach his children. How can he lead other adults to work for the dead nation? From tomorrow, Earl Cheng Hsiao will be reduced to Viscount and hereditary will be cancelled. qualifications."

The Prince's power is similar to that of the Emperor.

The noble lady fell to the ground unsustainably, and wow, she cried out loud.

Others could not help but sympathize with the noble lady, and did not know to teach the children well before they came to let them not talk nonsense. Now it is fine, because the children's words not only lowered the title, but even hereditary power was cancelled. Means their children will become civilians.

When the Lord of Tianyao County, who was standing not far away, was glad to offend Wu Ruo, Hei Xieyu was not present, otherwise, it was not as simple as thinking behind closed doors.

Earl Chengxiao heard his wife cry and hurried over to see her wife crying with her child in her arms: "What happened?"

The lady cried and said something just now: "Please beg your prince, and let him spare us once."

Count Chengxiao was pale.

Hei Xieyu didn't even look at Earl Xiao, and took people in his arms before Wu Ruo before leaving. He kissed him and his forehead distressedly: "Don't bother them."

Wu Ruo smiled, he didn't take their words to heart at all.

"Brother, sister-in-law, what happened?" Hei Xietang and Hei Xieyu approached.

Hei Xieyu did not answer his words, and brought Wu Ruo to the emperor.

The emperor patted Wu Ruo's shoulder. Although he said nothing, Wu Ruo felt that he was comforting and supporting himself.

Hei Xuanyu glanced at the **** beside the emperor.

The **** understood and cleared his throat and shouted, "Silent."

His voice was not only sharp and loud, but everyone who was present stopped talking.

"Prince has something to tell you."

Everyone looked at Hei Xuan.

Hei Xuan took Wu Ruo seriously to announce to everyone: "Here, here in this palace, we will solemnly introduce to you once again. The man in the arms of this palace is the princess of this palace. Whoever disrespects or humiliates him is tantamount to disrespecting the house and humiliating the house, and will be treated in accordance with the crime of humiliating the prince. "

He glanced lightly at everyone in the palace, making sure there was no dissatisfaction, and then continued: "The palace also introduces the birth children of the palace and the concubine."

Hei Xiu took the egg of Wu Ruohuai: "This is the eldest son of this palace, Hei Haoqiong ..."

He put Xiaoxiao in his hand again and said, "Heihanji, the youngest son of this palace."

When others saw the small moment, they couldn't help exclaiming: "So small? How can a child be so small?"

They didn't notice the little child on Wu Ruo's shoulder just now.

Hei Xieyu glanced over the Tianyao County Lord standing next to the empress and continued: "The two children were formed by mixing the flesh and blood of the main palace and the prince concubine with Sanqi stone, so this palace is Their father, the prince-in-law is their father and father, there will never be any rumored child mother, and no woman will come to recognize her child. "

Tian Yaojun's master shuddered a little, always feeling that Hei Xieyu said this to her.

Afraid that everyone would not believe it, he hugged Wu Ruo's shoulder and shouted, "He is my father."

Wu Ruo squeezed his little nose with a funny pinch.

"Daddy." Xiaoxiao shouted.

Wu Ruo's eyes softened and he stroked his little head with his fingers.

The empress looked cute and funny when she looked at the two children protecting her father.

People who do n’t know what Sanqishi are in private ask what Sanqishi is. After inquiring about it, they are shocked. The two men not only became pros, they even have children, but they are also two children. Then they Now even if he is not married, Wu Ruo can still sit in the position of the concubine.

Hei Xieyu handed the child back to Wu Ruo and looked at the crowd sternly: "From tonight, as long as you know that he is a person identified by my official, he is the princess of the palace, and the father of the children of the palace. He does not need Your identification does not require you to accuse him of words and deeds. You only need to respect him as you respect the palace. Also, the palace does not want to hear any more gossip about the princess. You have the energy to talk about these things. It ’s better to focus on business. ”

No one at the scene refuted, and even the elders of Hei Xieyu did not make any denial.

For the first time, Wu Ruo saw that Hei Xieyu had an irresistible detached position in the hearts of the royal family and ministers.

Chapter 265: You should relax when you are full

Hei Xieyu doesn't need to say more nonsense, but also tonight and tonight, the ministers of the entire dynasty and the lowest-priced slaves in the family will know what happened to the feast. In the future, if you want to chew the tongue, you must also think about what the Prince said tonight.

Hei Xieyu said everything that should be said, and let everyone sit down for a meal.

The emperor, the queen, and their children and grandchildren are at a table. The others are seated in rows. After sitting down, there are several tables on both sides of the emperor's throne. According to the usual practice, that is the highest-ranking person. Sitting position.

Hei Xuanyu put Xiaoxiao on the table and glanced at the empty table next to him. "Aren't they here, Gao Grandfather?"

The emperor said: "Your high-grandfather they value you most, and for a while cannot accept your marriage with a man."

Hei Zihe sneered: "A group of old die-hards, now that they have become a boat, how can they make trouble?"

The emperor, who was holding the eggs, said, "They just can't pull their faces down. If they know that they have such a cute grandson, they can't wait to hug them in their arms every day."

Wu Ruo asked strangely, "Gao grandfather, don't they know that there are eggs and little ones?"

"Of course I know." The queen explained to him: "But they are a bit conservative, thinking that the child was not born of a married wife who was married to a famous matchmaker. If he rushes to see the child, it will make Xi's wife's heart happy. It ’s uncomfortable, so on the one hand, they are taking care of your mood, indicating that they have already accepted you who have become a close relative to Xuan Yi, and on the other hand they do n’t accept Hei Xuan ’s partner as a man. contradiction."

"Did the last time I announced that my children were my own, didn't I tell them?"

"No, Xie Yan wants us to keep it secret for the time being." The empress looked at her eldest son and smiled. "I think Xie Yan should want to see how others treat you."

Hei Xuanxi chuckled: "After tonight, they know that the child is born to his grandmother, and they will not be able to sit still, and then run secretly to see them."

"After the prince declared that the child was born to the princess, they could not sit still." A voice was inserted into their chat.

Everyone turned around, and the Great Spirit Master sat beside Wu Ruo with a smile.

"Great spiritual master," the emperor and queen called in a respectful tone.

The spiritual master said, "When I first arrived, the children were wandering in the courtyard. I was embarrassed to go in, depending on the situation, waiting for you to invite them in, but I was sent back to avoid When they come in, they have to put on display, so that everyone can't even eat. "

Wu Ruo was awkward to hear this. A man who looked like his own age, but called the emperor's great grandfathers as children, was a little funny.

The Great Master noticed Wu Ruo's gaze and turned to smile at him: "Don't bother with the old stubborn, if not for them, there would not be so many objections."

The emperor frowned: "Will they be sent back? They should be even more angry?"

"I told them that when I really accept Xiaoruo to come and see the children, lest everyone will not cheat too fast, it will cause the children to dislike them, and they leave immediately when they hear that the children will not like them." He stretched his fingers and stroked his little head: "If you two little babies will show up to those old stubborn ones, if you don't accept your father, don't talk to them."

Little nodded.

The empress said with a smile, "It's so good that they can also taste unacceptable.

The emperor and Wu Ruo smoked at the corners.

Hei Xuan was silent, indicating that he was not opposed to the Great Spirit Master doing so.

When the emperor saw that the dishes had been served, he announced the opening of the table.

The master spiritual master said in Wu Ruoer, "I know that you have opened a shop and the business is booming. I happen to have a lot of elixir in my palace. How about you sell it for me?"

Wu Ruo whispered, "How much?"

The Great Master estimated: "There are probably thousands of cases of magic charms, and hundreds of cases of elixir."

Wu Ruo was surprised: "Why so many?"

"When I am okay or angry, I will draw alchemy alchemy to meditate, and the backlog will be more than a few hundred years. Most of it is the low-level alchemy and low-level amulet that I have made before I became a great spiritual master. , And reluctant to throw it, I painted so beautifully, it was a pity to throw it. "

"Why can't I send it out?"

"It ’s not that I ca n’t send it out. At first I was relatively low in status. I was embarrassed to give it to others. I was worried that others would n’t accept it. These things. After I became a great spiritual master, everyone who came to me wanted high-level amulet elixir. In order not to reduce my identity, the refined elixir amulet could only be stored. "

Wu Ruo couldn't help crying: "Your elixir was sent to my palace, and the magic charm was sent to Shop No. 1 for Lao Hei to receive, and you will be cleared at the end of each month."

"Okay," the Great Master said with a smile: "Fortunately, I haven't thrown them away, otherwise I've made a lot of money."

Wu Ruo: "..."

Hei Xutang, who was sitting opposite him, saw Wu Ruo and Da Lingshi talking so happily, he asked casually, "Da Lingshi, Da'er, what are you talking about?"

The big spiritual master was embarrassed to say about finding a magic charm for Wu Ruo, so he looked for a topic that many people have discussed recently and said, "We are talking about the magician competition after a month."

Hei Xuantang was surprised: "Are you going to participate?"

"I'm a great spiritual master, and I'm really in a bad position to participate in the magician comparison test." The great spiritual master is very self-confident: "But if I participate, I will definitely take the first place."

Hei Xu sneered: "With my elder brother, do you want to take the first?"

Wu Ruo was surprised. Black shame is more powerful than a 400-year-old great spiritual master? Just kidding.

Hei Xieyu said: "On the day of the test, I will be responsible for the law and order of the dead nation. I cannot take the test."

Wu Ruowen said that he was very fortunate that he didn't have to match up with Hei Xuyi, but if Hei Xuyi did not participate, the chances of getting the first prize would be reduced.

Hei Xieyu glanced at Hei Xietang: "You guys are better not to participate."

He was worried that someone would take the opportunity to kill them on the stage.

Hei Xun nodded.

After dinner, everyone left the emperor.

After leaving Yuxiang Palace, Douyu was comfortably paralyzed in Wu Ruo's arms and asked Wu Ruo to rub his swollen belly. Then, he took a small nap contentedly and at the same time he let out a fart, hehe A smile: "You should relax when you are full."

Hei Xun faintly glanced at him.

Wu Ruo patted his **** funnyly: "Smelly."

Everyone muttered, "Daddy is deceiving."

Wu Ruo raised an eyebrow: "How did I lie?"

The odor was dispersed in the air.

"Dad, you said, I'm all good in your eyes, then I fart, you should smell good."

Wu Ruo pumped at the corners.

Hei Xingyu bent his corner of his mouth, and as soon as he was about to laugh, he heard someone flutter, and laughed one step ahead of him.

"Who?" Wu Ruo looked at the laughter, but didn't see anyone coming out.

Hei Xuanyu glanced lightly, and pulled Wu Ruo back to Hengxing Palace.

Wu Ruo asked, "Who was laughing just now?"

"Grandfather them."

Wu Ruo said, "Did they not leave?"

"They didn't see how the children were willing to leave, and later they would ignore them if they didn't show up on their own." Hei Xieyu sent the children back to the room and went to the study to handle the business.

While **** the child, Wu Ruo asked Heixin, "Xinbo, the grandfather Gao is still there. Why is it his father's turn to become emperor?"

Hei Xinzhang laughed: "The emperor Gao Zu did not love to manage affairs. After the children can support the overall situation, he quickly passed on to the next generation. Princess Concubine, after you have married the prince, the emperor may do the same."

Wu Ruohan ashamed: "Isn't it?"

"Since the emperor took over, the emperor began to give way to the child. The emperor did not love to manage politics. Therefore, most of the things will be handed over to the prince. Try to wait for the prince to become a relative. Position passed to him. "

Wu Ruodao: "I also don't like to be an emperor. He has no time to accompany me."

He rubbed his head and said, "Hurry up and take over your father's position."

"Everyone, I don't want to be emperor."

Wu Ruo looked at him anxiously: "Why not?"

"I don't like sitting on a dragon chair."

"Also, you are a person who can't sit still. If you are an emperor, I still have to worry about whether you will destroy the undead nation." Wu Ruoan looked at Wen Jing, who was sitting in a small bed: " It ’s better to be small. "

However, ministers who are too small and have poor eyes may not see anyone on the dragon chair.

"The old slave also thinks His Highness is more suitable."

Wu Ruo laughed: "We said this is too early. If we put it into other countries to discuss these things, I'm afraid it would have been dragged out and beheaded. By the way, believer, when I just ate, I didn't dare to refute it. Why is that so? "

"The prince treats all relatives equally, not because he is a loved one, he will not be soft-hearted, nor will he let them be unbridled in front of him. Over time, a majesty is established, and everyone can dare to refute the emperor's words, but not The Prince dared to say a wordless thing in front of them, and they knew very well that as long as they did what the Prince said, the Prince would treat them with courtesy. "

"That was the case," Wu Ruo thought and asked again, "when calling for dinner, the fifth brother said that if the shaman had participated in the magician competition, the great master could not take the first place. Why is that? The master did not have more than 400 years. Is it a practice? Is it not as good as shame? "

Hexin said: "It's not a cultivation problem, it's that the mysticism is not strong enough. The prince has inherited all the mysticisms left by the immortals, so the odds are still very big when facing the great spiritual master."

"What mystery?"

"Old slaves don't know very well about mystery, you should ask the prince when he is free."

"Okay." Wu Ruo covered the children's quilt before leaving the room.

Chapter 266: Penny

Early the next morning, Heng Xingguan came with six new guards, tall, with strong eyebrows. The most striking thing was that all six had a thick black beard, which almost covered most of their faces.

Heixin introduced Wu Ruo: "Prince, these six guards were sent by the emperor to protect the Hengxing officials. What do you want to do?"

Wu Ruo looked at the six guards, filled the eggs with a bowl of porridge, and said quietly: "It's just right, there are hundreds of medicine chests in the Great Spirit Master's Hall to be transported here, so you go to the Sacrifice Hall to help get medicine Boxes to move over.

The headed guard said: "Prince, we are only responsible for protecting the security of Hengxing Palace."

Wu Ruoqi lowered his face: "Since you are in Hengxing Palace, you have to listen to my plan. If you do n’t even listen to my orders, what's the use of you?"

Six guards stared at Wu Ruo for a moment, and turned silently away from the hall.

Hessian quickly asked: "Prince, do you know who the six guards are?"

"The emperor Gaozu waited?"

HeiXin smiled: "Prince Princess guessed quite well,"

Wu Ruo tickled his lips: "I wasn't quite sure at first, and I thought I guessed right after hearing you ask such a question."

"How can the Crown Prince guess that they are Gaozu emperors and so on?"

Wu Ruo pointedly pointed at the guards outside: "Look at the guards in the entire Hengxing Palace. Which one has a big beard? Today, six guards are all bearded people, for fear of being recognized by others. It came out, blocking most of my face. I don't want to make such a guess. "

Hei Xin asked with a smile: "Since the prince has guessed their identity, why should they do coolies?"

"Since you have come to enslave me, why is there no need?" Wu Ruo gave Xiaoxiao a dish: "They must be here to see the children. When they return from the box, they will be in the Hengxing Palace. Patrol, as for the other ... "

He stroked his little hair lightly: "Let it be up to Xiaoxiao and Shima to decide."

Little looked at each other and nodded.

Wu Ruo said, "Today is the first day of August. I'm going to your uncle's palace and settle the money made in July with your great-grandfather, so I won't take you there."

Everyone answered immediately: "Okay.

The answer was too quick, which made Wu Ruo very strange.

If you change to the past, you will definitely go out with him, but recently, the child has been very active in learning the secrets with Hei Xieyu. Even if there are delicious food or fun things, he cannot entice him to leave.

Xiao Xiao said, "Daddy, walk slowly, I will take care of my brother."

Wu Ruo was very relieved about Xiaoxiao. After having breakfast, he left the emperor's office and went to Heixuantang's palace to find Wu Qianqing.

Xiao Wuyou saw Wu Ruo's special excitement: "Second uncle, second uncle, Elder Brother and Younger Brother did not come with you?"

Wu Ruo smiled and hugged Xiao Wuyou and the small nightthorn that followed him: "I have something today, so I won't bring them over."

Xiaowu murmured: "I still want to talk to the egg brother better than anyone else."

"You two are far worse than eggs." Jiyi, who flew over, relentlessly interrupted the children's fantasy.

Xiao Wuyou suddenly stunned.

Wu Ruo comforted: "Don't listen to thorny bullshit, eggs are just older than you, as long as you work hard, you will definitely exceed eggs."

Xiao Wu's eyes brightened: "We will work hard."

Xiao Ye thorned: "Me too."

Wu Ruo put them on the ground with a smile, and asked Thorax: "Aren't you going to participate in the competition?"

"Of course participate."

Wu Ruoxi asked, "Why don't you get back to the original? Or do you plan to go to the children's playground with your son and bully others' children with your son?"

Ji Yi glared at him angrily, turned and flew back to the hall.

Wu Ruohan took the child into the hall with a smile, and said to Wu Qianqing, who was chatting, "Daddy, mother, I'll send you silver."

Wu Xi cheered, "Second Brother, are you going to settle the money for us?"

"Yeah." Wu Ruo smiled and took out seven boxes and put them on the table. Each box had a name written on it. He handed the box with the name of Uhi to Uhi: "This is the silver ticket you earned. "

Ushi excitedly opened the box and took out the silver ticket.

Wu Qianqing and Wuzhu also gathered around and asked, "How much did they make?"

"Open it yourself and take a look." Wu Ruo took the box with the name of the ghost woman and handed it to Guan Tong: "Mother, the ghost woman's magic charms have all been sold, this is the silver ticket that the ghost woman sold the magic charms. Give it to her. "

Guan Tong took the box and said worriedly, "I don't know what happened to the ghost woman, so far I haven't returned."

Wu Ruo squinted her eyes: "Perhaps she encountered something tricky. If I don't come back for a while, I will find someone to inquire about her."

"it is good."

"Wow." Wu Xi likes to shout, "One hundred and twenty thousand silver tickets. Why are there so many? I have drawn three thousand charms in total. After they are sold out, they are at most about thirty thousand silver two."

It ’s great to make so much money without going out for dangerous tasks.

Wu Ruo laughed: "Don't forget that we can make money by engraving the runes on the elixir. The first-level elixir is sold as the second-level elixir. The silver obtained from it is extremely profitable. After the seal of the instrument, we print faster It sells fast, so it makes more money.

Wu Xi smirked: "We only got the instrument seal in late July, and we can make so much in just ten days. Isn't there more in the whole month of August?"

Wu Ruo looked at her sister with a silly face: "Well, now there are more people who will buy elixir magic instruments than in the early part of the test. Therefore, if you want to make money, you must hurry and draw more magic symbols and Paeonia medica, until September, the business will be relatively deserted, and it will not slowly recover until October.

"I will work hard to make money this month."

Wu Ruo asked, "Are you not going to take the test?"

"I certainly can't get the ranking myself, but I will still participate. I will try to improve how much I have improved. Therefore, I will go down to the stage and try to get down. I don't need to prepare specially.

Wu Ruo agreed with her approach: "That's fine."

"I actually made four hundred thirty thousand silver. Why is there so much more than Xiaoxi?" Wuzhu looked at Wu Ruo unbelievably. The money was almost equal to the one-month income of Nanyuan compound.

Wu Ruo said: "After using the magic seal, your fifth-level amulet can be sold as a sixth-level amulet, and you can also imprint the amulet on the intermediate elixir. Of course, you earn more silver than Xiaoxi."

Ushi said: "I have to hurry up to the fifth level."

Wu Ruo warned her: "You can't jump into the ranks because you want to make money. Be careful you will go into magic."

Wu Qianqing nodded: "If Xiao is right, this will only do no harm."

Uhis tongue out playfully: "I'm just talking."

She looked at You. "Ma'am, how much money did you make?"

"I haven't watched it yet." Youyou opened the box, and it contained twenty silver tickets, each with a denomination of 100,000. He was surprised: "So many?"

Before selling magic charms, he had an indifferent mentality to earn silver, but he did not expect to make so much.

Wu Ruo rolled his eyes: "Oh, you are a Ninth-order demon, and of course you sell the amulets. Of course, there are few people who sell a nine-step amulets. The amulets of the clan are only me. The price of the amulets is relatively It is relatively high, and you can sell thousands of tens of thousands to tens of thousands of silver for a single charm. However, because of the relatively high price, you still have a lot of magic charms that have not been sold, but this month is definitely sold out. So, you'd better draw more and earn more silver. In the future, I will also make some elixir suitable for the runes of the Mozu, which will make you more profitable. "

Ye Ji and Ling Ji also hurriedly counted their silver tickets, adding up to three or four million silver.

Wu Ruo looked at Wu Ruo curiously: "Second brother, a few of us earn six or seven million silver and two silver, how much money do you make in a whole shop?"

"It all adds up to almost $ 20 million."

Everyone was shocked and widened their eyes: "So much? Wouldn't you be able to make money back from buying a shop in a year?"

Wu Ruo explained: "It's mainly because I have a high level of spirituality. I can draw a variety of amulets, and can also engrav various amulets on high-grade elixir. There is also a low cost of tapeworm, but it can sell a high price. A lot of magical instruments and medicinal materials are also sold. Of course, all this is due to the old black business. He spent a million dollars two days ago to rent the best publicity positions at the four city gates of the border city. Everyone in the city can see the billboard at grocery No. 1. "

Wuzhu asked in amazement: "I spent a million dollars just renting out the position of the billboard? How long?"

"Six months."

"A million dollars will be needed in half a year?"

"Yes, the effect is very good. People who enter the city will go to the No. 1 shop when they see the brand. Moreover, Lao Hei also found a lot of smart people to go to the city gate to start a business. I was asked at the meeting what to buy or to buy or sell. Those who are suitable for the first shop will send people to the first shop to buy and sell. "

"I didn't expect Lao Hei to be a talent for business.

Wu Qianqing said: "Xiao Ruo, you can't treat him like a man who can do business like Lao Hei."

"This is of course. The monthly money I give him is 100,000 yuan. The items in the store are for him to use."

"That's 100,000 yuan a month?" Wu Xi hugged Wu Ruo's arm excitedly. "Second brother, please invite me too. You only need to give me fifty thousand yuan."

Wu Ruo directly gave her a fifty-two thousand silver ticket: "You give me a good practice at home, and you will not lose your monthly money."

Wu Xi was also not polite to him: "Thank you brother for the money.

Wu Ruo smiled and brought out the master ’s newly-crafted instrument seal to Wu Qianqing: "This is the newly-crafted instrument seal. In the future, you can draw fewer charms, ma'am, you and Yeji Their spiritual order is relatively high, and what they make is not sold at a low level, so your magic seal must be made later. "

Youyou shrugged, saying it didn't matter.

Chapter 267: Two brothers from home

Wu Ruo and Wu Qianqing had lunch and left the palace to go to Langshan Pavilion to leave a message for them. They met at the entrance of Langshan Pavilion about the tenth day of August.

When they came out of Langshan Pavilion, they were stopped by a group of people. They were led by two handsome men with similar looks and wearing handsome tops. They looked at Wu Ruo with a smile on their faces.

Wu Ruo's eyes flashed with doubt. Who are the two?

The man in the best blue Luoyi flattered and said, "Panyang, if you are very similar to your father, I really don't recognize you as our younger brother, Panyang."

Wu Ruo raised his eyebrows. Is it the brother and brother of Panyang?

He couldn't help but look at them. His appearance was similar to that of Su Baishuang, but his flattery look made people look like a flatterer.

Yu Yanwu saw Wu Ruo looking at them with the eyes of strangers, and said with a heartache, "Panyang, wouldn't you not know who we are?"

You Yanwen followed sadly and said, "Panyang, I am your elder brother You Yanwen, and he is the second brother You Yanwu. Did you forget us after you healed?"

Wu Ruo heard their identities, and asked along the way: "I just wonder why you are here."

Yu Yanwu's eyes flickered and he laughed: "We heard that the black market is going to hold a magician contest, so we came up to register, but we didn't expect to meet you here."

Yan Wenwen put on Wu Ruo's shoulder affectionately, and said with a smile, "Three brother, have you made a fortune recently?"

Wu Ruo calmly avoided his hand.

Yu Yanwen didn't care, and still smiled with a smile on his face: "Second brother, since you are rich, should you take care of your big brother and second brother?"

Wu Ruo raised an eyebrow: "Who do you hear I'm rich?"

"Do you still listen to anyone?" Yanwen pulled the precious robes on Wu Ruo: "Look at the robe you wear, but it's made of fine silk and fine purple gold. At least fifty-two thousand pieces of silver can buy me a good weapon. "

Yen Wu greedily swept over the robe worn by Wu Ruo and grinned; "Third brother, lend us a million and two silver ambassadors, and we will return them to you when we have silver.

Wu Ruo sneered, it was really a lion's mouth, one question was one million two silvers, and when they were wronged, they would make money for them.

He pulled back his robes, and ignored the words, and asked, "Have you ever seen a ghost woman recently?"

"Ghost woman?" Youyan Wu Yiyi: "Are you talking about auntie? We haven't met her."

You Yan also shook his head.

Wu Ruo turned and left.

"Well? Third brother, Panyang, how did you go?" You Yanwu and You Yanwen quickly caught up: "Three brother, wouldn't you be so ruthless and righteous? You are now living a good life, Don't care about our lives? "

Wu Ruo raised an eyebrow: "Did you care about me and the ghost while you were living a good life?"

Yu Yanwen sneered: "Did we not manage you? Over the years, Dad has wanted to take you home and raise him many times, but my aunt is unwilling to come back to the house with Dad, and you are obviously Dad. Her own son, she will also occupy, if you call her mother, or you ... "

He gave a cough and didn't say the rest.

Wu Ruo probably guessed what he wanted to say behind him. If it wasn't for you that Panyang was a fool, Su Baishuang would noisily take the child back to Yufu.

"Why not go on?"

Yu Yanwu said, "If the aunt lost her daughter and went crazy, and mistakenly treated you as his child, it wouldn't hurt our brothers' separation and cause us to be very weak.

Wu Ruo was right in guessing that the ghost woman had lost her daughter, not her nephew, but her daughter, and asked, "How did the ghost woman lose her daughter?"

Seeing that all passers-by were walking around by Yan Wu, he did not continue.

Wu Ruo looked at Sanlang Pavilion and said, "Brother and brother, didn't you eat?"

"No." You Yanwen and You Yanwu looked at Wu Ruo with a smile: "The third brother wants to invite us to dinner."

"Um." Wu Ruo made a please gesture to them.

After entering Lanshan Pavilion, he asked for two tables at the first floor to entertain your men, and then they went to the upper room for dinner.

As soon as Yu Yanwu sat down, he ordered the most expensive meal for Xiao Er.

After Xiao Er left, he laughed and said, "I've never been in such a good restaurant for dinner. Brother 3, don't you think Brother 2 ordered more?"

Wu Ruo gave them tea]: "As long as you tell me about the ghost woman, I can make you eat and drink here for seven days.

You Yanwen said strangely: "Did the ghost woman tell you about her all these years?"

Wu Ruo rolled his eyes: "Aren't you unaware that the ghost woman is not only crazy, but also dumb, how could you tell me about her past?"

"For the past few decades, she has been living madly." Yu Yanwen sighed. "Think back then, before she was not crazy, but a first-class beauty, I have never seen any woman look better than her. of."

Wu Ruo asked curiously, "How beautiful?"

"Have you ever seen it? Oh, by the way, she was disfigured when you were born." You Yan sipped tea: "As long as you go back and look in the mirror, you know how good she was.

"Do you mean that I look a lot like her?"

"Well, my aunt and my father are born with dragons and phoenixes. However, some people say that the dragons and phoenixes are unlucky. When the grandfather was ten years old, they announced that their father was older than the aunt. At that time, the aunt was very weak and clearly It's ten years old, but it looks like he's several years younger than dad, and no one doubts it. "

"Then how do you know about this?"

"Grandfather and grandmother told us that grandmother said she didn't support herself because she gave birth to the dragon and phoenix, so she only had father and little aunt, and she really loved the little aunt, but never thought that would happen , Causing the aunt to become less human-like and ghost-less. "

So the ghost woman has no sisters. Wu Ruo asked quickly: "Which thing?"

You Yanwen and You Yanwu took a look at each other and continued, "At that time, we were not very old, and they also intentionally hid from us, so we didn't remember the whole thing very well, only the aunt I fell in love with a man, and my grandfather agreed to the marriage. I do n’t know what happened later ... ”

You Yanwu interrupted You Yanwen and said, "I heard that a big man didn't agree with the aunt's relationship with that man."

Youyan looked at him in surprise: "Is that so?"

"I also overheard my father and mother's conversation by accident, and I don't know who I am."

Wu Ruo asked, "What later?"

You Yanwen said: "Grandfather seemed to be very afraid of that big man, so he didn't marry this marriage. Later, the aunt eloped with the man. We haven't seen her for a long time. When we see her again, yes She was arrested when she was pregnant and was about to have a baby. Then, within a month, the little aunt gave birth to a daughter. "

Yu Yanwu recalled: "The little cousin looks beautiful and looks very similar to her aunt, but unfortunately, she was taken away without staying with her for three months."

Yenwen wondered, "Did you get carried away? How did I hear it was dead?"

"I heard that my father and mother did n’t die. They were sent by my grandfather. I do n’t know where they are going. My aunt went crazy to find a little cousin because she knew this. She ran away somehow. On the land, her face was tanned by the sun. If she had been saved by a kind person, I would have turned into a pile of ashes. Grandpa would find someone to give her a face treatment, and she would not. Every day, she was insane, causing her grandmother to wash her face with tears. "

Wu Ruo asked, "So hope, then how did I become her child?"

"At that time, about a month later, the mother gave birth to you, and the crazy aunt took you as her daughter and took you away. There was no news for several years. When I found the aunt and you, It has been five years, and you have become dependent on your little aunt. Mother, he sees you ... uh ... In short, you do n’t want to leave with Dad, or accept Dad ’s relief, you have been living in the end of the city. "

Wu Ruo silently drank tea and said leisurely: "If the daughter of the ghost is still there, should it be 45 years old this year?"

"Ah?" You Yanwen said: "I was only seven years old when these things happened. I am now 52 years old. The little cousin should be 45 years old.

"Do you know the birth date of the ghost-wife daughter?"

"I was so young, who remembers it?" You Yanwen asked You Yanwu: "Yan Wu, do you remember?"

"I was younger than you then, and you don't remember, how could I remember."

Wu Ruo asked again, "What month should you always remember?"

Youwen thought about it: "I remember when the little cousin was born, it was just when the peony was blooming, and the others couldn't really remember."

At this time, the door was knocked, and Xiao Er's voice sounded, "Guest, serve."

Wu Ruodao: "Come in."

Xiao Er pushed the door open and walked in with a few dishes of delicate dishes.

You Yanwu and You Yanwen watched the dishes in the tray almost drooling.

Wu Ruo took out a fifty-two thousand silver ticket and handed it to Xiao Er: "Is this silver ticket enough for them and the people downstairs to eat and drink here for seven days?"

Xiao Er's face laughed and said, "Enough is enough, absolutely enough."

"Brother, brother, eat slowly." Wu Ruo stood up: "I still have things, so I won't accompany you to eat.

"Okay, okay." You Yanwen both attracted the attention of the dishes on the table, but they could not care about Wu Ruo. When they ate almost, Yuyan Wu chopsticks gave a meal: "Oops, brother, we all Forget your purpose here. "

You Yanwen looked pale: "Don't worry, we just have to wait here, and we will definitely wait."

Yu Yanwu faced bitterly: "I hope so."

Chapter 268: Really an enthusiastic person

Wu Ruo came out of Langshan Pavilion and was absent-minded and got into the beast car. Before that, he just asked Yu Yanwen if they had a birthmark on the waist of the daughter-in-law's waist, and she would know if she was a daughter of a ghost-wife. But he didn't do it because he thought it would be better for the ghost woman to admit it personally, so now he just needs to know that the ghost woman won't hurt them.

Of course, even if he didn't ask the mother-in-law's daughter whether there was a birthmark on her waist, he still felt that things had stayed the same.

The sudden crackling noise interrupted Wu Ruo's thoughts, and the sound of jingling bells came from outside the car. Immediately, someone yelled impatiently: "You **** mother, let Lao Tzu go faster. If anyone goes slower, Lao Tzu interrupted anyone's legs. "

As the conversation ended, Ding Ling's voice became more rapid, and the Beast Car slowed down.

Wu Ruo opened the curtains and looked. A large group of slaves covered with whiplashes, wearing bracelets and anklets on their limbs, dragged their heavy steps in the opposite direction.

The teeth responsible for supervising the escape of the slaves saw that the slaves were slower than he expected, and raised their whip again, but before the whip fell, they were caught by the wrist.

Wu Ruoding glanced at, the man who grabbed the teeth of his wrist was the man in green that helped Shen Song catch the thief a few days ago.

"His foot was hurt. If you hit him again, he can't walk fast." Chong Rong pushed his teeth away with a calm face, took out the wound medicine and applied medicine to the injured slave.

When the female slave met a good man, she cried with excitement: "Good dear, please save me. I don't want to be sold to the slave market, where I will be killed alive, please."

Zhong Rong hesitated, then asked Yazi: "How much silver does she sell?"

Teeth's anger disappeared instantly, showing a flattering smile: "Master, although this slave is just an ordinary person, it can help you ..."

Zhong Rong said coldly, "You just have to tell how much silver."

Yazi quickly said, "One thousand two, not two."

Zhong Rong took out a thousand and two silver tickets to Yazi.

Yazi collects the silver ticket, and then hands over the deed to Zhong Rong.

"Thank you Grandpa, thank you Grandpa." The female slave grateful.

Immediately afterwards, other slaves also knelt down, begging Zhongrong to buy them.

Chongrong was in a dilemma, and finally spent 60,000 yuan to buy all the slaves.

The slaves were so grateful that they cried.

"It's really an enthusiastic person." Wu Ruo said lightly, as he was about to put down the curtains of the car, he saw that Shen Song, who had an appointment for about ten days, ran towards Zhong Rong. He thought about it and let the driver stop.

He came down from Zeng vehicle and said, "You go back and pass a message. I won't go back to dinner tonight."

"Yes." The driver left by car.

Wu Ruo chanted them and walked over.

Shen Song asked Zhong Rong: "How are you going to house them?"

Zhong Rong frowned anxiously.

"Deep chant," Wu Ruo said.

Shen Song turned around and saw Wu Ruo, rejoicing: "Your son, what a coincidence, where are you going?"

"It's really a coincidence." Wu Ruo thought that when I came out, I would almost meet them, and I had to sigh: "I just went to Langshan Pavilion to leave a message for you. When I get to you, I think it ’s better to have dinner today, but I just do n’t know if you are free.

"I'm free." Shen Song looked at the slaves around him. "However, I need to help them first.

Zhong Rong thanked him, "Trouble is deeply praised."

Shen Song asked: "You bought the slave, how many stay to serve you?"

Zhong Rong shook his head.

Wu Ruo looked at Chong Rong: "Songsong, I remember this son was the one who helped you to catch the thief last time."

Deeply laughed and said, "Yes, his name is Rong."

Chongrong smiled at Wu Ruo slightly.

Wu Ruo nodded to him: "My name is You Panyang."

Deep Song pointed to the shop where the seeds were sold on the opposite side: "Three sons, the master is in there. You should wait for me there, and I will come as soon as I go."

Wu Ruo nodded, walked to the opposite store, and when he entered the door, Pingxing looked down and picked the seeds.

He walked behind him, and before he could say anything, he limply said, "You can buy one slave, or you can spend dozens of slaves, but you cannot buy all slaves."

Zhong Rong, who came in behind, heard the words and lowered his eyelids.

Wu Ruo chuckled: "Listening to you, it seems that he does not agree with Zhongrong Rong to save people."

When he looked up limpingly, when he saw Wu Ruo, a smile of joy flashed in his indifferent eyes: "Panyang, why are you here?"

"Just passing by, I met them deeply and decided to ask you to eat tonight."

"Thank you in advance."

Wu Ruo glanced at the seeds in his hand; "Are you buying seeds to plant on the land?"

"No, we plan to plant it underground."

Wu Ruo was surprised: "Can you grow without the sun?"

Limeng looked at the silent Ficus ficus: "Fira ficus has developed a formation that can be planted under the ground."

Wu Ruo really praised: "Zong Rong is really good."

"I think you're great, too." Li Xing invited him to sit down and have tea at the guest's rest place.

Wu Ruo took the tea cup and, while drinking tea, glanced down at the heavy ficus. It seemed to be unhappy because of what the bank just said, but also, it was difficult to save people but was not approved. .

He put down the tea cup and exercised a wink at Hajj.

Li Xing looked at Zhong Rong, and poured him a cup of tea: "Zhong Rong, the reason why I don't agree with what you just did is that I don't want you to spend money in vain. Just a simple sentence, but makes Zhong Rong beautiful. The corners of the mouth are clear and beautiful, like shy green lotus blooming.

Wu Ruo could not help but watch, the water in the cup almost spilled out.

Seeing that Wu Ruo was disappointed when looking at Chongrong, his face sank, he picked up the teapot and asked, "Panyang, do you want to pour tea for you?"

"Yes, yes." Wu Ruo opened his eyes in guilty conscience, fortunately, Hei Xieyu was not here, otherwise, he would definitely be mad at watching other men.

Chong Rong asked, "What do you think I should do?

Pingxing asked Wu Ruo "Panyang, if it were you, what would you do?"

Wu Ruo didn't know why he wanted himself, but he honestly said, "If I really want to save the slaves, I will find someone to smash the slave market together. This way, I can help all the slaves without spending money. I can get the silver in my hands to help the slaves. "

Li Xing mouth corner ticked: "I think so too."

Chong Rong lowered his eyelids and drank tea, then raised his head again and asked, "Master, limp, after dinner, would you like to go to the slave market?"

Pingxing squinted his eyes: "You want to save all slaves?"

"I just never went to the slave market, so I wanted to take a look."

Wu Ruodao: "I haven't been to the slave market either."

Li Xing asked: "Do you want to go too?"

"Well, there is nothing to do today, if you go, I want to go with you to the slave market guide."

Li Xing said happily: "I have known you for some time, but I have been sitting in the restaurant to eat, but I have not gone out with you yet."

Wu Ruo smiled and was about to speak, but saw Zhong Rong put down the tea cup and stood up and said, "Master Xing Xing, while the hour is still early, we continue to pick seeds."

"Go on your own, Panyang and I are waiting for you here."

"Okay." Chong Rong got up and went to the counter to choose several vegetable seeds.

Wu Ruo drank tea and said, "Limp, do you plan to become a farmer after buying so many seeds?"

Yingxing Yingrui's black pupil dyed a smile: "Isn't the farmer good? When I grow the vegetables, I'll send you some of the vegetables I grow to ensure that you want to eat it.

"It's really an honor of my life to eat the vegetables of the adult limping family, but first of all, there are bugs, I do n’t eat, I do n’t eat sweet vegetables, and if the dishes are not good, I Do n’t eat it, I ’m not going to eat it if it was bitten by a bug. ”

Limiao said silently: "Are you eating food or picking vegetables?"

Wu Ruo smiled.

Limbing looked at his smile, and the corner of his mouth unknowingly followed an arc.

At this time, Chongrong came over and asked, "Master, how about we grow some beans and eggplant?"

Limping nodded: "It's okay."

Zhongrong turned and left.

Pingxing asked: "Panyang, what do you like to eat? I can grow it for you.

Wu Ruo said, "I like to eat eggs. You can grow a few for me."

"Okay." After Xing Xing agreed, immediately felt wrong, and frowned and asked, "Isn't the egg laid by the hen?"

Wu Ruohe grinned, "I thought you didn't know."

Pingxing looked at him helplessly, and even if he had never eaten an egg, he knew that the egg was laid by a hen: "Panyang, I found you ..."

After he didn't finish speaking, Zhong Rong came over and asked, "Master, do we want to grow melons?"

Limping tightened his eyebrows: "You decide these."

"Um." Chong Rong turned and left again.

Wu Ruo raised an eyebrow, and there was a faint feeling in his heart. Chong Rong seemed to intentionally bother him and chat with Xunxing.

After Chong Rong didn't come again, Wu Ruo thought he might have thought more.

An hour later, Shen Song came to the seed shop, and the four discussed the nearby restaurants for dinner. After having dinner, the four went to the slave market together.

The slave market is outside the capital city. Some slaves are tied to the roadside for selection, some slaves are kept in iron cages, and some slaves are kept inside the house.

Wu Ruo came to the slave market for the first time and couldn't help but wonder: "What is the difference between a slave on the roadside and a slave in a cage?"

Deep Song asked: "Don't you know?"

Wu Ruo shook his head: "I came to the slave market for the first time.

Shen Song investigated the life situation of Panyang before, and did not continue to ask: "The slaves who were locked out were slaves without Lingtian. Their prices were relatively low. The slaves in the cages did not look good. It is low-level surgery, and the price will be much higher than ordinary slaves. There are also powerful magician slaves locked in the house. If you want to see it, you can go inside and take a look. "

Wu Ruo asked again, "I just heard that the price difference between ordinary slaves is also very large. Why is this?"

Li Xing explained: "Of the ordinary slaves, the slave with the lower price indicates that he is a member of the Necropolis, and the price is higher because people in other countries can take their bodies to the land to see the sun."


Chapter 269: Slave market

The slave market is the size of a small town. The place is spacious, and there are many people who come to buy slaves. There are people on the street, but most of them are people who buy slaves from other countries.

"Panyang, is there any slave you like?" Pingxing asked Wu Ruo, who was curious.

Wu Ruo shook his head: "I'm just here to hang out with you today, I don't plan to buy slaves to go back, yes, I may not come out again this month, you don't need to go to Langshan Pavilion to leave a message for me See you on the day of the test, or make an appointment to meet again after the test. "

Li Xing raised his eyebrows: "Isn't it going to see you for a month?"

"Well, this month will be very busy. After this month, I will be much more relaxed."

"Are you busy making money again?"

"No money, who will support me?"


Li Xing just said a word to me, and Chong Rong behind him said, "Master Li, what is there? Why are there so many people in and out?"

Li Xing looked back and saw a luxuriously decorated gate in the direction he pointed: "There is a slave auction house. As long as there are fine slaves, they will be auctioned at the auction house. Would you like to see it?"

"miss you."

Pingxing turned his head and asked Wu Ruo: "Panyang, how about you?"

"I feel free."

"Then go in and see."

To enter the auction house, each person needs to pay twelve silver, and then the teeth will send a mask to the incoming guests.

Wu Ruo took the ugly mask handed over by Shen Song and glanced up and down: "Why wear a mask when entering the auction house?"

Shen Song put on a mask and said, "You do n’t have to wear a mask. Some people do n’t like others to find out who they are, they will put on a mask. Actually, this is a business method of the slave auction house. They charge our admission fee. Sending a mask to us as a small gift will make others more comfortable. "

"This mask is quite interesting, and it can actually change the voice." Wu Ruo sees everyone wearing the mask, and also puts the mask on his face: "Do you guys think that even if we wear a mask, it doesn't seem to be useful, just call it You can check the identity of the other person by the name, or should you change your name? "

Li Xing wore a good mask and asked, "What name?"

"Animals, Wang Ba, bitch, stupid, pick one."

Deep chant: "..."

Limping: "..."

Four are cursing names. Is there a difference in picking one?

"I said you can't take a few good names?" Shen Song said extremely silently: "I really saw the first time someone called this name to scold myself."

Wu Ruo hee smiled and said, "I was joking, but if it was fun to call it, anyway, everyone did n’t know our identity and no one knew.

He put his hand on Shen Song's shoulder and joked, "Fool, smile."

Limping: "..."

He found that before this person was familiar with them, he always had a serious face of 800. After getting familiar with him, he would slowly make fun of them.

Deeply chanted, "Slut."

Wu Ruo raised an eyebrow: "You see how pleasant you are."

Song Song rolled his eyes: "Go in."

He walked in front of Wu Ruo and tickled his lips: "Slut, what do you think my name is."

"Animals, they are perfect for you."

Shen Song, who was walking in front, heard Wu Ruo calling his lord beast, and almost stomped his feet flat: "You, you even called him beast ..."

Li Xing asked quietly, "Stupid, do you have an opinion?"

"..." Deeply chanting silently: "No.

As long as his master is called happy.

Zhong Rong: "..."

He didn't want to be Wang Ba at all.

Wu Ruo asked with a smile: "Stupid, where are we sitting?"

Deeply chanted his teeth and said, "Slut, let's sit upstairs in the box."

Wu Ruo was amused to see his teeth tickling.

Li Ruo looked at Wu Ruo with a smile on his shoulder and shook his head helplessly.

Wu Ruo headed for the stairs first, and then asked Deep Song behind him, "Fool, where are we ..."

Before the words were over, suddenly, I was bumped into a step backward.

"Be careful." Li Xing reached out and stroked Wu Ruo's arm.

"Thank you." Wu Ruo thanked the walker first, and then said to those who accidentally hit him, "Sorry."

The people who were hit by him came quickly to pull out the sword at the waist, and they looked like menacingly wanting to kill, and other guests did not dare to approach them.]

With Uruo behind him, he looked at each other indifferently.

"Retreat." The impacted man ordered a deep voice.

His men quickly retracted the sword and returned to their original positions.

Wu Ruo poked his head from behind the line to look at the other side. Although wearing a terrible mask on his face, his tall body could tell that the other side was a man.

When he saw the black robe of the man, he couldn't help but hesitated. He remembered that when he woke up this morning, the man in his family wore this robe, which is also often worn in the kingdom of heaven.

Wu Ruo quickly looked at the eyes of the man's mask. There were only two small holes in the eyes of the mask, and the corners of both sides of the eyes were so tight that he could only see the eyes. However, he still recognized the other from the indifferent black eyes of the other. His husband is black.

His eyes were rejoicing, but he still didn't recognize him on such occasions.

At this time, Hei Xieyu's attention was on the body of the limp, the opponent's fierce and powerful momentum made him look at it more.

Li Xing also stared at Hei Xingyu with hawk-eyed eyes, and found noble and majestic breath all over his body, so that at a glance, he knew that his identity was definitely not low, that is, who the mask was.

Wu Ruo came out from behind the limp, and looked at Hei Xun, and looked at the limp. The two were in the same momentum. The former was like a golden dragon in the sky, high above him, and extremely honorable. The overlord on the ground exudes an overwhelming momentum and is intimidating. The two met, just like Wang Jianwang, no one loses in momentum.

He coughed, "Should we go upstairs?"

Hei Xuan looked at Wu Ruo, his eyes lightened for a moment, and immediately recognized the other party as his wife.

He could not help but take two steps back and let them go up first.

"Thank you." Wu Ruo thanked him politely and turned to walk upstairs: "Stupid, where are we on?"

"Slut, we are on the third floor." Immediately after the deep chanting, he received the cold gaze of Hei Xuanyu. He felt a cold in his neck and hurried to Wu Ruo's side and whispered: "You and that person Do you know? "

Wu Ruo asked him with a smile: "Do you think I will know such a person who is so handsome, elegant, and noble?"

Hei Xieyu heard his wife so praised by the public in the large court, and could not help laughing out loud.

I walked, my eyes darkened, and turned upstairs.

Shen Song looked back at the man downstairs: "You don't know so much good words."

Wu Ruo whispered, "Everyone has given way to us. We say something nice and we will not die. Besides, the other person is wearing a mask on his face. How do I know who he is?"

"That makes sense."

Finally, Zhong Rong, who went upstairs, took a deep look at the dark eyes before stepping upstairs.

The four came to the fifth room door on the right-hand side of the third floor, and then Shen Song took out a token and looked at the guard outside the door.

The guards saw the house sign of their slave auction building, and immediately opened the door for them to enter. The layout of the house was very simple. They set up a long table and several chairs, and there were several dishes of fruit on the table.

Wu Ruo sat down and began to wonder why Hei Xieyu came to the slave market and in which room he was now.

"Panyang, what are you thinking?" Li Xing sat down and asked.

Wu Ruo turned back and said, "I wonder how you have a room here."

"We had previously contracted this room for a month, and now it has ten days to expire."

Wu Ruo asked, "Do you often buy slaves here?"

"We pack this room, not only I use it with the master, but other people will also use this room. Sometimes it happens that a good group of people come here.

"Is there an auction list here?"

"All slaves are sold in the slave market. Where is the auction list? When the auction starts, just listen to the auctioneer's introduction." Shen Song looked at Zhong Rong, who had been silent. Did not speak. "

Chong Rong took off his mask and said, "I just don't want to be called Wang Ba."

Deeply chanting a moment, letting out a laugh: "It's all a bad idea from the third son.

Wu Ruo pulled up the mask and put it on his head, and said with a smile, "I'm just playing and making everyone happy.

He took off his mask and hooked his lips. "It's the first time I've been called a beast."

Song Song rolled his eyes: "It's not the first time I have been called a fool."

Wu Ruo Dan said, "It's the only time I've been called a slut."

Limping, deep chanting: "..."

Wu Ruo saw them silent, and laughed: "You don't need to look at me with sympathy, because the **** have killed me, and even the children they just born have not been spared. I was all killed, and that's the end of my bitch. "

Speaking of which, his smile became gloomy: "Deep chant, be careful, I will take revenge on you."

Shen Song stared at him creepily: "Really?"

Wu Ruocan smiled brightly: "Do you guess it is true?"

Limbing: "It's fake."

He nodded deeply: "Yes, it must be fake. I checked you. You were a fool before. You have never done anything like this."

"Oh?" Urora said in a high tone. "Have you investigated me?"

It's a stupid person to sing and sing in a cold song.

"Cough." Shen Song coughed twice, pointing to the auction floor below: "Stop, stop, the auction is about to start."

The auctioneer knocked on the bronze bell: "The auction started."

The people sitting on the first floor stopped talking.

Then, the teeth carried out an iron cage, which locked a young and beautiful woman, wearing an exposed purple skirt, and everyone who was watching the scene stared at her, and couldn't help shrinking in the corner, like a A frightened bunny stirred up all men's desire to conquer.

Chapter 270: you guessed right

After the auctioneer reported the reserve price, the men who looked after the beautiful female slaves immediately bid.

Wu Ruozuo is lacking. Now he is hanging in which room his man is in. His heart is like being caught by a cat. I really want to see his husband and be affectionate. However, the other party may be here for business. Can't bother each other.

Seeing that Wu Ruo was bored, Shen Song asked, "Your son, what do you think of the female slaves on the stage?"

The limp glanced coldly and chanted deeply.

Wu Ruo glanced lazily, "OK."

Shen Song was so annoyed by him: "Okay? It's okay to look so beautiful?"

By the way, I forgot that what Panyang liked was a man, and no matter how beautiful a woman was, he couldn't make him feel better.

Wu Ruo smiled and said, "If you think she's beautiful and you see her, you can take her down."

"Well, no, I mean she looks so beautiful and you just say it's okay, in your eyes, how beautiful it is to be considered beautiful.

Wu Ruo tickled her lips: "I really can't describe this, anyway, she can't even match a toe of someone I like.

‘Are n’t you like men? ’Then, Shen Song almost blurted out. How could men be more beautiful than women, or did they misunderstand the scene they saw last time?

His eyes were dull, and his lips were closed tightly.

Chong Rong watched his eyes limping, and continued to drink tea.

Shen Song asked, "Did you say that the person you like refers to your wife? How good-looking is she? Female slaves are not as good as your wife's toes?"

Wu Ruo's eyes softened a lot when he thought of Hei Xieyu: "My wife is very beautiful."

"Are you better looking than you?" Shen Song really wanted to slap herself after asking this sentence.

Wu Ruo looked for a moment and nodded: "Yes, it looks better than me."

Shen Song was embarrassed to continue asking, and said, "It makes me even more curious to hear you say that. I will bring you to know us when I have time. Let me see how beautiful Mrs. Yu is."

Wu Ruo sighed: "He is busier than me, and I will introduce you to him when he is busy this year."

"Okay, that's it."

Wu Ruo smiled and shouted: "Ten thousand.

Pingxing raised an eyebrow: "Don't you say you don't buy or slave?"

Wu Ruo blinked at him: "I purposely helped the slave market raise prices."

Limping: "..."

Deeply chanting: "From the third son, I found that you are quite bad."

Wu Ruo smiled and asked, "Did you regret making me?"

"No, no, no, I am very fortunate to get to know you, otherwise you will put your bad on us."

"It's pretty much the same. Don't call me San Gongzi, just call me Panyang like Li Xing."

"it is good."

In the end, the female slaves were called to 132,000 before they were photographed. Then, a few beautiful female slaves were pulled out on the auction table to be auctioned on the stage, and Wu Ruo would cry boringly.

On the sixth, the slave auctioneer finally pulled on a young man. The other was very handsome, but his robes were torn and ragged, all of which were scary bloodstains.

Wu Ruo clearly saw the other person's appearance and narrowed his eyes. The young slave on the stage was actually Ubai who hadn't seen him for almost a year. Since he left the Wu capital of the imperial city, he has never seen him again. No one in the government found him.

Perceived the change in Wu Ruo's face, he asked quietly, "Want to photograph this slave?"

Wu Ruodao: "Well, it looks pretty good."

By line: "..."

Deep chant: "..."

Youpan really likes men.

The auctioneer knocked on the bronze Luo to make everyone quiet: "As you can see, the young man in the cage looks beautiful, and he has risen to the fifth-level magician at a young age. The most important thing is that he is not a member of the Netherworld, so, He can not only hide it for everyone to play with, but also allow you to take your own body. As long as you take a picture of him, you can walk freely in the sun, but the base price is 300,000. It cannot be less than 10,000. Now everyone can bargain. "

Immediately afterwards, someone shouted, "Thirty-five thousand and two thousand.

"Forty thousand two thousand."

"Forty-five thousand and two."

"Forty-seven thousand two."

The higher the price, the higher the price. At 800,000, fewer people called.

The Uber four-legged iron chain locked in the cage, his mouth was sealed with cloth, and he could only scream, but unfortunately, his call was covered by the auction.

"Eighty-eight million."

The auctioneer asked: "Eighty-eight thousand two hundred, has anyone more than eighty-eight thousand two hundred?"

When he saw that no one spoke again, he said, "It's the first time that it's 88,800."

After shouting, and then looking at the people in the audience, there was still no one to speak out, and he shouted, "The second time is 8.8 million."

Wu Ruo raised his eyelids: "One million two ..."

The auctioneer said excitedly, "Someone has made it to one million two. Has anyone made it to one million two?"

Shen Song raised his eyebrows. "Panyang, are you playing, or do you really want to shoot the teenager? If you are playing, you wo n’t have to ask for a price again. After the fifth-tier magician exceeds one million Few people are willing to buy him any more. "

Wu Ruo said nothing.

He wasn't sure if he would take Uber.

"One million two times," cried the auctioneer, and when no one screamed again, "two million times a second ..."

"One hundred and one million and two hundred thousand." Suddenly, Zhong Rong cried.

Wu Ruo and Li Xing all looked at Chongrong.

Shen Song looked at Chongrong in surprise: "Chongrong, you want to buy that slave too?"

Chong Rong calmly sipped his tea: "I learned to call as much as the third son.

Wu Ruo: "..."

The auctioneer on the stage called: "1.12 million, has it exceeded 1.1 million?"

Wu Ruomen hesitated.

Flimbing to see Wu Ruo.

Wu Ruo, when the auctioneer shouted 1.1 million two times, ‘he unknowingly said,“ 1.2 million.

Zhong Rong shouted slowly: "1.3 million.

"You guys ..." looked at them in deep chant, this is their own bidding.

Wu Ruo looks at Ficus.

He felt that Zhong Rong was deliberately targeting him, but when the two men met twice, when did he provoke Zhong Rong?

"You shoot it." Wu Ruo didn't have to take a picture of Uba, and maybe Uba lived well under Zhongrong's hands, so he chose to give up.

Zhongrong nodded.

Wu Ruo thought that when he chose to give up, no one would bid with Zhong Rong again. Who knew that when the auctioneer shouted ‘1.3 million two times’?

Someone cried, "1.4 million."

Shen Song said, "1.42 million has exceeded the number of fifth-level wizards, and it is not worth bidding again."

Zhong Rong ignored him and shouted again: "1.5 million two."

Wu Ruo took a strange look at Rong. If this person really targeted him, he would not have to bid again when he chose to give up. Is he wrong again?

Another shouted: "1.6 million two hundred and twenty-two."

Pingxing said quietly: "This kind of male slave only needs to pay 800,000 two to buy one, so why waste money?"

Zhong Rongji smiled: "Listen to you, no more bidding."

"..." Wu Ruo's gaze turned around Chongrong and Xunxing, did Chongrong confront Xingrong ...

Deeply singing and depressing, "Zhong Rong, I found that you listened to the Lord very much.

Chong Rong said quietly, "Because he is my master, who doesn't listen to him?"

"Also." Shen Song didn't think he was wrong because he always listened first.

Wu Ruo: "..."

He seemed to have misunderstood Zhongrong again.

In the end, Uber was bought for 1.6 million yuan.

Wu Ruo stood up and put on his mask: "I'm going to that cottage."

"I'll go too." Li Xing also stood up.

Wu Ruo: "..."

He actually wanted to see his husband, by the way, asking if Uber had photographed him.

Zhong Rong put down the tea cup: "I'll be there too."

Deeply silent: "Are you going to the last hut?"

Wu Ruo asked casually, "Would you like to go?"

"Go, of course, otherwise I'm so boring here alone." Shen Song got up and put on the mask.

Wu Ruo sighed, and it seemed that he had no way to find his dear husband.

He stepped out of the room and asked, "Where is that cottage?"

"I'll take you there." Go downstairs first, and then take Wu Ruo around to get less and less people.

Deeply confusing: "Master, is that thatched cottage in this direction? Are you wrong?"

"That's right." They led them away from the slave market, and continued on.

Wu Ruo shame, why did the last hut be so sneaky?

Is it possible that the slave market will not let people go?

Shen Song couldn't help lowering his voice and asked, "Master, are you sure we are a hut?"

Li Xing reminded him: "Don't call me master."

"What's that called?"


Wu Ruo: "..."

Zhong Rong: "..."

Shen Song glared at Wu Ruo: "You are really harmless. My poultry and beasts have all been hurt by them, bitch."

Wu Ruo rolled his eyes, what mattered him.

"That's right there." Suddenly the limp stopped, leading someone into a corner, pointing to the front door.

Shen Song looked forward: "That's that cottage? It doesn't look like it? Why is there so many guards in that cottage?"

Wu Ruo is also very strange. The thatched cottage is not important and needs to be guarded? The master of the slave market is afraid that others will not be able to steal poop?

Li Xing turned to Wu Ruodao, "Actually you don't want to go to thatched house, right?"

Wu Ruo: "..."

Actually he was seen by the limp, then he also saw that he was going to find the black shame?

Shen Song said in surprise: "Why not go to thatched house?"

Li Xing continued to say to Wu Ruo, "I know you want to save the teenager you just wanted to take while you are going to that cottage."

Wu Ruo: "..."

After confirming that Hei Xuyi didn't take Uba, he might really be able to do so.

"Uh, well, you guessed it."
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