Comeback of the Abandoned Wife Chapter 251-260

Chapter 251: Humanoid

Wu Ruo returned to Hengxing Palace to see Hei Xieyu sitting alone at the table to eat, his heart was stunned, he ran quickly to hug him, kissed his cheek and said, "Xue Ye, we are back.

Dandan also ran over and hugged the black thigh's thigh: "Father, we are back."

Hei Xuyi's cold and tight mouth cornered slightly, rubbed his child's head, and let Heixin take the child to take a bath. Then, holding Wu Ruo on his lap, he said, "I heard that Youyu wanted a Sanqi. The petrified child has shaved off the flesh of both legs. "

Wu Ruo took the bowl on the table and quickly fed Hei Xieyu: "The fourth brother told you?"

Seeing his hands wrapped in gauze, Hei Xieyu immediately grasped and asked, "What's wrong with your hand?"

Wu Ruo paused: "It's okay, just a little hurt, just a few days."

He stuffed the food into Hei Xieyu's mouth: "You haven't said how you knew what to do to them."

Hei Xiu swallowed the rice in his mouth before saying, "The news from the Xitang sent guards."

"Did they accept Big Brother and Big Brother?"

"I didn't say accept, but they took care of Yuyou personally to show that they accepted the elder brother.

"That's good." Wu Ruo gave Hei Xieyu a meal again, looking at the chewing thin lips, and his brain turned around. He decided not to tell Hei Xieyu about the small dumplings first, so as not to become disfigured. Empty joy.

After eating, while he was sleeping, He pierced his fingers with a needle and squeezed two drops of blood to feed the dumplings.

Hei Xuanyu woke up instantly, and Wu Ruo kissed the corner of his mouth quickly: "I just borrowed two drops of blood for you, you continue to sleep.

Seeing that he was his partner, Hei Xieyu didn't bother, and closed his eyes and fell asleep.

Wu Ruo put the small dumplings in his alchemy room, and smiled at the small dumplings lying in the magic weapon: "I hope that in five days, you can become a human."

In the next five days, Wu Ruo became very busy. It was either alchemy, alchemy, or amulet. Fortunately, Hei Xieyu helped him find a person who was responsible for medicines in other countries, otherwise he would be more busy.

On the fifth day, Wu Ruo was so tired that he lay down in bed early to rest.

Hei Xieyu covered the quilt for him and went out to review the memorials. Suddenly, the cry of the child came from outside, very weak, like the cry of a baby.

He wondered, looked up, why was there a cry of children in the palace, or was he exhausted and hallucinated?

Hei Xieyu got up and walked to the door, and asked the guard outside the door quietly, "Did you hear the cry of the children?"

The guard shook his head.

Hei Xuanyu looked at the eunuchs and housewives busy in the yard, and they didn't seem to hear the children cry.

Suddenly, a whistle came from the room, and then Wu Ruo, wearing only obscene clothes and pants, hurried out while wearing his shoes: "Xun, are you crying?"

Hei Xieyu quickly took off his cloak and put it on his body: "No."

"I thought I was crying." Wu Ruosong sighed, turned and walked to the table to pour himself water. He always felt as if he had forgotten something very important.

Seeing that the water glass was full, Hei Sui continued to pour water, his eyebrows frowned even tighter: "You pour water."

Wu Ruo seemed to have heard nothing, and continued to pour water.

Seeing him absent-minded, Hei Xun wanted to step forward and take the teapot, but he heard him yell.


Wu Ruo hurriedly threw the teapot on the table and ran out quickly: "I remember, we have a little son."

Black shame is in place.

Do they have a younger son?

"Transformed? Definitely transformed." Wu Ruo hurriedly ran to the alchemy room, pushed in, ignited the candlelight in the room, and ran to the magical weapon holding the small dumplings. Sure enough, look Arrived at a little baby the size of his palm.

"I'm going, I'm really transformed." Wu Ruo rubbed his face fiercely.

The little baby was naked, with long black hair, and saw Wu Ruo coming, waving her limbs happily.

"Xiao Ruo, what little son did you just say? What kind ..."

The black child who followed later saw the little baby in the instrument, and the words behind disappeared into his throat. The indifferent and handsome face showed a surprise, and the little baby was exactly the same as Wu Ruo when he was young, so beautiful that he kept him for a long time Can't get back to God.

"Brother, it's brother." Dandan ran in excitedly.

"Her Majesty, put on your clothes." Hei Xin chased in, and quickly put on the robe of the egg: "Did you just say that you are sleepy and sleepy? Why suddenly you have spirit again?"

Dandan crawled to the chair aside, happily pointed at the little baby in the implement and said, "Xinbo, look at it, this is my brother, my brother."

Hei Xin froze and looked at the magic instrument. Inside it was a small baby carved with a forefinger with only one forefinger. It was incredible and beautiful. His eyes were dark and his mouth was smiling. It seemed that I was very happy and kept waving my limbs.

Will this little baby move? Not from Mengbu?

Everyone touched the little baby's face with his little finger and excitedly said, "Xinbo, come here quickly."

"Ah !?" Hexin said, "This ..."

"Come on."

"Oh, okay, okay." Hessian quickly ran out of the room.

Wu Ruo looked back, carefully holding out the child: "Really, really transformed?"

"Yes, it's changed, it's changed." Dou Yan was particularly happy and stretched her fingers and rubbed the **** child: "Daddy, he's so young."

Wu Ruo's mood is complicated, happy, and worried. Can this child be too small to support him? No, should I be able to grow up? Can it be as big as an egg?

"This ... Hei Xieyu also looked back, wondering:" Xiao Ruo, he ... he is ... "" Our youngest son, Dandan's brother. Wu Ruo passed the little baby to him: "Do you like him?" "

Hei Xun stunned: "You born?"

Wu Ruo full of black lines: "Do you think I was born?"

Hei Xieyu tickled his lips: "Don't you get the eggs?"

"Eggs, it was made from Sanqi petrochemical, so is this child."

Hei Xuan wondered: "He was also made of Sanqi petrochemical?"

"Um." Wu Ruo said that he had separated the three or seven stones from Youyu a few days ago, and then raised his hand wrapped with gauze: "My hand was cut by a piece of meat that was hurt by Echidna. By the way, the other day I pierced your finger just to feed him. "

Hei Xuanyu gently held his injured hand: "Why didn't you tell this when you came back?"

"I think the small dumplings are so small, the transformation may not be successful, and even the egg is not sure if it can turn into an adult, so I don't want to make you happy, and I haven't told you." The little baby in Wu Ruo's hand The child reached out to him: "Would you hug him?"

"Are you sure you hug it?" Hei Xieyu looked at a child the same size as a newborn kitten, his frowns were tight, but his eyes were gentle, and he was worried that he might hurt the child, because the child was really Too young, he didn't dare to mess around: "He is really too young."

Wu Ruo gently put the child into his palm, then took out a piece of silk from the space, folded it in half, and covered it with the child: "Look for someone to make him a small quilt."

"Here, he comes, Ling milk comes." Hei Xin rushed in, holding a bowl of Ling milk: "My Highness, Ling milk is here."

Dandan happily urged: "Dad, feed your brother soon, my brother is hungry."

"Okay." Wu Ruo looked at a spoon larger than his younger son, and was in distress: "This spoon is so big. How can I feed it?"

"I'm coming." Hei Xuyi held the child in one hand, picked up the spoon and dipped in the milk, and carefully handed it to Xiaowa's mouth.

The baby's mouth touched the spirit milk on the tip of the spoon and immediately sucked the spirit milk into the belly.

Everyone could not help but breathe a sigh of relief.

Wu Ruo said happily, "He drank."

Hexin swallowed: "Prince, he ... he is ..."

This child will not be born by a big demon, and can be transformed into an adult demon baby, right?

Wu Ruo explained: "He is the youngest son of me and Xie Yi, and like Qidan, it is also petrified."

Heixin's eyes widened in shock: "Prince and Prince's child? But why is he so young?"

Wu Ruo explained to him why.

Hei Xin heard the words and wept with joy: "It's great, it's great, the prince has a second prince, old slave, old slave, and tell the emperor them."

He put down the milk-filled bowl and ran out quickly. Wu Ruo couldn't stop it. Finally, Hexin went. Anyway, the emperor would know the child's affairs sooner or later.

Everyone grabbed Wu Ruo's sleeve: "Daddy, what's your brother's name?"

Wu Ruo thought for a while: "He is so young, his name is Xiaoxiao, and he will take it later."

Hei Xiu looked at Wu Ruo: "Little looks like you."

Wu Ruo laughed: "Of course my son looks like me.

"Little, little, I'm your elder brother, you must grow up and play with me." The egg gently touched the little hand.

Wu Ruo asked Dandan: "Can he grow up? Just as big as you.

Everyone shook his head: "I don't know."

After drinking five drops of milk, Xiao Xiao put aside his face and stopped drinking.

"Full?" Hei Xu raised his black eyebrows and was full after drinking only five drops of milk? Eat too little.

Wu Ruo was also a bit worried: "This is too easy to feed. Five drops of milk can feed him. I really hope that he will grow as big as the egg after drinking the milk.

Hei Sui saw them still standing in the alchemy room, and said, "Let's go back to the room first.

"Um." Wu Ruo picked up the bowl filled with spiritual milk, and left the alchemy room with their eggs and returned to their room: "While little is still asleep, give the little one a bath first, and I'll let the people fight now Hot water comes in. "

"No." Hei Xieyu took the pot with the hot tea and poured the water on the saucer. After trying it, it was not too hot, and then put the little into the water.

I was so happy when I encountered water. My little hand was playing with the water.

Wu Ruo: "..."

Children are small and convenient.

Chapter 252: My favorite is you

Before long, the emperor and the queen hurried to the Hengxing Palace. They both shed their hair and did not wear their clothes. They just came out wearing cloaks.

"Xuan Ye, Xiao Ruo, we heard the black letter saying that you had a child again with Sanqi Stone?" The empress ran the emperor and came in, looking around: "Where is the child and where is our little grandson?"

Wu Ruo silently pointed at the little baby of the saucer.

The emperor and the queen were stunned. The two looked at each other. A baby too small to be too small was lying on the saucer-taking a bath! ? And I was very satisfied to take a nap, seeing them coming, Xiao Waer smiled at them.

"This ... this ..." The Emperor and the Emperor were both frightened. They had never seen such a small child: "This is our new grandson?"

Wu Ruo nodded.

The empress looked worried: "Why is he so young? Is there any problem with his body? Can he grow up?"

Wu Ruo distressed, "I don't know if he can grow up."

The emperor wondered, "Isn't there only one Sanqi stone in the world? How can there be a Sanqi stone turned into a child?"

"Sanqi stone can be divided into several children." Wu Ruo said what happened a few days ago: "So, a small child is so small."

He lightly touched the child's little feet with his fingers: "I don't know if the child will grow up and blame me for pinching him so small."

"Little daddy will blame Dad." Sitting in Wu Ruo's arms and hugging Wu Ruo's waist, "Little likes Dad as much as I do."

Wu Ruo smiled and rubbed his little head.

The empress comforted Wu Ruo: "You are his father. As long as you love him so much, how can he blame you."

He seemed to understand the words of the empress, waved his limbs, and made a humming sound.

The empress laughed and said, "Look at him for my word."

Hei Xuan narrowed his eyes, took Xiao Xiao out of the water, and carefully dried his body carefully.

The queen quickly said, "Let me hug him."

After speaking, she couldn't get started. How can this child be so small?

Hei Xieyu put the child in the palm of the empress,

"Little, my beloved grandson." The empress teased the baby with a smile.

Xiao Xiao grinned very much.

The emperor laughed and said, "Xiaoxiao looks exactly like Xiaoruo when he was young."

"Yes." The Empress looked up at the Emperor: "You don't say I haven't noticed yet, Xiao Xiao is like Xiao Ruo as a child."

Wu Ruo knew they had seen him as a child, and could not help but smile.

"When he grows up, he must be a big beauty like his father."

Wu Ruo quickly corrected the words of the empress: "It is a beautiful man."

The empress smiled and said, "Yes, it's a beautiful man."

Xiaoxiao played with them for a while and was so tired that he yawned.

The emperor said: "Small boy is deformed and easily tired, so let him rest first."

The empress reluctantly handed the child back to Hei Xieyu: "It's not early, and you should rest early, and we'll see him tomorrow."

Wu Ruo got up and sent them out. When he returned, Hei Xieyu had put Xiaoxiao on the bed and covered the child with silk silk.

"Hope the child will grow up tomorrow."

Hei Xuanxi said softly, "This is also good."

"Are you sure it's really good?"

Hei Xunyu held Wu Ruo in his arms: "I can always take my child to a belt bag and take it away."

"Would you like to bring a little body with you everyday?"

Hei Xieyu provoked Wu Ruo's Xia'e: "Seeing him is like seeing you."

Wu Ruo raised his eyebrows: "How do I feel that I am out of favor.

Hei Xie lip: "Who said that, my favorite is you."

He lowered his head and kissed Wu Ruo's lips. Suddenly, someone pulled their sleeves.

The two husbands looked down and saw their eldest son look at them with a grievance: "I am the one who falls out of favor."

They don't remember having a son watching them in the room.

Wu Ruo laughed out loud and hugged her eggs: "You stay here tonight to sleep."

"Okay." Dandan happily kicked off the shoes on her feet, climbed to the bed, and lay down obediently to sleep beside him.

Wu Ruo and Hei Xieyu were so happy and nervous that they never slept because they never thought they could have a second child. In this way, they stared at Xiaoxiao for one night and witnessed the changes of the little baby. His face shape, hair, and body have become much larger, and he is even more beautiful and refined than when he was just deformed. The sad thing is that his body is only half an inch taller. almost.

"Depending on the situation, the child can't grow up to the size of an ordinary child." Wu Ruo touched his small face with his index finger.

"Even if the child is young, I will hurt him." Hei Xuanyu rubbed Wu Ruo's head: "Don't think too much, I'll let people make clothes and toys for the little ones later."

Wu Ruoqing said.

Hei Xieyu kissed Wu Ruo's small face: "I'll go up early."

it is good. "After He Ruoxiu left, he sent a letter to Wu Qianqing to inform them of small things.

Soon, the people in the Shangyi Bureau came to the Hengxing Palace and saw Wu Ruo. They immediately knelt down and saluted: "The slave silkworm has seen the princess."

Wu Ruo wondered, "are you?"

"Slavery is the direct director of the Shangyi Bureau. It was the prince who asked Slavery to come and make clothes for His Royal Highness."

Wu Ruo got them up and asked, "Can the Prince have mentioned the situation of His Royal Highness to you?"

He asked this, not that they wanted to frighten his children after they saw him.


Wu Ruojiang only allowed silkworms into the room.

The silkworm saw a small hour and was very calm. He took out a ruler to give a small body and feet, head and wrists, and then left the outdoor to take the cloth brought by the official girl: "Prince, this is the Prince Please look over the lining. "

The cloth picked by Hei Xuanyu is definitely the best. Wu Ruo nodded and said, "Just use these cloths."

"Yes, please use it for the princess."

Wu Ruo asked the palace ladies to bring silkworms to the next room.

Half an hour later, Si Tun came to Wu Ruo again, holding a little robe and accessories in his hand: "The prince said that His Royal Highness was petite and easy to comb. Just wear a gem forehead, because time is too fast, we can only make one forehead. After two days, we will send other accessories over. "

"You're ready so soon?" Wu Ruo took up exquisite costumes and looked at: "You have a good craft."

He gave them a few silver coins.

After the people in the Shangyi Bureau left, they woke up.

"Daddy, I woke up with Xiaoxiao."

Wu Ruowen heard the sound, walked into the room happily, and saw Doudou holding the naked little in his hand.

The egg's hand is too small. To the child, it is like a chair hanging in the air, and it may fall down at any time. He holds the egg's little finger tightly in fear.

Seeing this, Wu Ruo quickly hurried out: "Don't you be careful, don't fall on your brother."

Hearing Wu Ruo's voice, he raised his head quickly, and looked at Wu Ruo with curly black eyes.

Wu Ruo was like a dad for the first time, and his heart was particularly tense.

He went to Xiaoxiao and asked softly, "Little, do you know who I am?"

Little nodded shyly, "Daddy."

Wu Ruo's voice melted into Wu Ruo's heart, and he anxiously wished to catch the child and kiss him, but reasonably told him that the child could not stand such a rude action.

Wu Ruo asked, "Will I dress you?"

After listening, "I want my father to dress me."

"You lie down first, cover the quilt and keep cool. I'll dress your brother and then you." Wu Ruo held the little, covered the quilt, and then picked up the freshly made robe. Little put on.

The little man in the robe is like a small porcelain doll, not like a real person. If he sits still, he will look more like a doll.

Wu Ruo couldn't help but praise: "Little is so beautiful."

"Daddy is also pretty." Xiaoxiao grinned and hugged Wu Ruo's forefinger and kissed him.

Wu Ruo smiled and put him on the bedside: "Little, sit here, I'll dress your brother."

Little nodded obediently.

Wu Ruo put on Yudan's robe and ordered Hexin to bring in breakfast.

After a small snack, half a spoonful of porridge is full.

Wu Ruo also only drank a bowl of porridge, and the rest of the large table was eaten into the stomach by the eggs. It was simply a king of stomachs, and it was all right to eat.

After having breakfast, Wuqianqing, Wuzhu, Guan Tong, Wuxi, Acanthus came to the palace to see the children of Wu Ruo. Although I had reminded them that the children were very young, I could n’t bear seeing them Zhulian Lianlian was surprised.

"The child is so young." U Xi held up Xiao Xiaoxin and said, "Second brother, he looks exactly like you."

Wu Ruo said happily: "Of course my son looks like me.

Guan Tong asked, "Did you give him a name?"

"My name is Xiaoxiao."

Wu Qianqing smiled and nodded: "Small name is very suitable for him."

Wuzhu gently touched his small face, and said with a smile, "I don't know when my child and my uncle can be transformed like a little one. I learned that Youyu uses the flesh of her own legs to pinch When he was a child, he was shocked, angry, and distressed. He was so angry that he was full of doing this, but when he saw that there were not a few pieces of meat on his legs, he was replaced with extremely distressed, even distressed Burke, even You You once deceived him completely at that instant.

Wu Ruo said: "It may be about a month."

"Really?" Wuzhu's eyes were bright.

Wu Xi was also very happy: "So, in another month, I will be an aunt again?"

Wu Qianqing and Guan Tong are also very happy: "I don't know if the child is like Xiaozhu or Youyou."

Originally Youyou wanted to make Sanqishi into a bamboo, but they stopped them. They thought that the child that Youyou had exchanged for their own meat should not be so unfair to Youyou, so they decided to let it go Naturally, no matter what the child looks like, they accept it.

Thorns and Yeji didn't pinch the children, no matter who they looked like, they liked them.

Ushi said: "I hope the elder brother's child is as cute and cute as a little one."

Thorny sneered: "Children of Sanqi petrochemicals cannot be so well behaved.

Even if it is well-behaved, it is pretended.

The little boy sitting in U Xi's hand turned his head silently, his black eyes staring at Jiji.

Chapter 253: Exactly three inches

Echidna was seen by a little hairy, and even gave him a feeling "this child is terrible."

Suddenly, Xiaoxiao smiled innocently at him.

The thorn teaches for a moment.

"Smile, Xiaoxiao laughed." U Xi yelled happily: "Xiaoxiao is so beautiful, I really want to take him back while the second brother is not paying attention."

Wu Ruo laughed, "Do you want to rush me?

"My in-laws, in-laws, we are here." Hei Xuantang went to the official court and shouted to the people in the hall. Then, Hei Xuantang and five other brothers and sisters came in one after another.

Hei Ziya came in and asked, "Where is my little nephew?"

"I'm here." Quickly came out.

Hei Ziya smiled and hugged him: "You are now an elder brother, and you will be your big nephew, and your younger brother will be your little nephew."

Qiaodu mouthed and asked, "Will I fall out of favor?"

This made everyone laugh.

Hei Xuyi smiled with a smile: "We hurt you too late, how could we fall out of favor."

Wu Ruo hugged the eggs, "You are our child and you will never fall out of favor."

Hei Xunyu came over and rubbed his little head.

Hei Ziya asked, "Dasao, where is your little nephew?"

"Here." Uhi handed the little one to them.

Hei Ziya looked at her 'porcelain doll' in surprise: "Is this a real person?"

Wu Xi grinned, "Cute."

"It's so cute." Hei Ziya hurriedly took Xiaoxiao over.

"Be careful, don't hurt the little one."

"Little, is your little nephew's name?"


Hei Xixi smiled slightly: "Little, little one."

Hei Zihe came over and asked, "Is this little thing three inches tall?"

The little nephew was too young to dare touch him.

Wu Ruo smiled helplessly: "The length of the Shangyi Bureau has been measured before, just three inches.

"Daddy." Xiao Xiao reached out to Wu Ruo.

The sound of milk and milk made Hei Ziya listen to the crisp, and quickly put the little in Wu Ruo's palm.

Little kissed Wu Ruo's finger: "Daddy, I can be born and am very happy."

Wu Ruo was a little surprised, and was very moved.

Hei Ziya said: "Little is really sensible, so little will comfort dad."

Others were also surprised that Little would be comforting.

Wu Ruo kissed his little head gently, and gave the child to Hei Ziya, let them take a good look at the child, and then walked aside with Wu Zhu and asked, "Is their health OK? "

Wuzhu said lightly: "Now in the flesh, everything is fine except the legs will feel particularly itchy."

Wu Ruoqing looked at them and said, "Daddy, do they accept you?"

Wuzhu smiled slightly: "The mother said that they never interfere with who we like, but only the girl they thought I liked before, and Youyou concealed her identity would make them temporarily unacceptable. So that they could accept that we had cut the meat of our legs, we were relieved. "

Having said that, he put his hand on Wu Ruo's shoulder and said, depressed, "Xiao Ruo, but you are my brother, how can you hide this matter with You from them?"

Wu Ruo shouted injustice: "I started with hiding the seven or seven stones apart, but I didn't know Dasao would hide you from cutting your own flesh."

Wuzhu looked at him suspiciously: "You really don't know? What did your father and mother say about you about cutting meat?"

If it wasn't for his father and mother knowing what Youyou did from Wu Ruo's mouth, then came running to force him, maybe he is still being hoodwinked by Youyou.

"I saw that you were bloodless that day, and later I heard Thorny said that they could n’t come for breakfast. I guess they must have cut their own meat. Then they secretly asked Thorny to determine that they really did. Now, in order to get their father and mother to agree with you and Dasao earlier, I ran to tell them. Speaking of it, you should thank me brother.

Wu Zhu laughed and said, "I really want to thank you very much. My mother told me that if you had married you in the morning, they would not have accepted or could not agree with us so quickly."

Wu Ruo joked: "Now your father and mother agree with you, when are you and Dasao going to get married?"

Wuzhu sighed, "You should know better than me. There are no good days this year."

Wu Ruo said happily, "It's better that we get married on the same day.

Wuzhu glanced at him helplessly: "His Royal Highness Princess, do you think that we, as ordinary people, can marry you on the same day? And, I'm planning on it, and we will pick a date to marry you after we have married you."

"Youyou is the devil of the demons. Can he be a civilian? If he does a wedding, he must be bigger than our wedding."

"I just want a normal wedding."

Wu Ruo did not argue with him about this, because he believed that Youyou would never wrong his elder brother, and he would have a beautiful wedding.

Everyone had lunch in Hengxing Palace before reluctantly leaving the emperor.

After the two children took a lunch break, Wu Ruo took them to the land to see the sunlight.

At first he was very worried that Xiaoxiao would be lost because he was too young. So he tied a small bell on the little boy and posted a tracking sign. Later, he found that Xiaoxiao was really well-behaved, playing with the eggs for a while, Just stayed quietly beside Wu Ruo and watched Doudou play.

When the sun went down, Wu Ruocai took his child back to the palace for dinner. Then, the eunuchs came to the Hengxing official with a bunch of newly made pocket toys, pocket beds and quilts.

Doudou picked up a slingshot that was not as big as his two fingers, and muzzled his mouth: "How small is the slingshot?"

Wu Ruo said with amusement: "This is for Xiaoxiao, not for you."

Little was lacking in toys, so he picked it up and put it down.

Wu Ruo found this and asked, "Did Xiaoxiao dislike these toys?"


Wu Ruo thought and asked again, "Do you like toys?"

Little nodded.

Wu Ruo felt that the child was too obedient, and he was worried and asked, "Do you have anything you like?"

Raise your finger slightly to the desktop.

Wu Ruo turned right and looked at the tea set, fruit, pastries and books on the table: "Do you like ... books?"


Wu Ruo's eyes flashed with surprise, and he got up and took the two books: "The paintings and runes are all drawn in these two books. Do you want to read them?"

This is the priestly book that Xihua gave him.

Originally I wanted to wait for the child to sleep, and then draw it for sale with reference to the formation method and runes in the book. I didn't want the child to read the book.


Wu Ruo had to pick up the book of formation methods and show him: "Do you understand?"

"I don't understand at the moment, but I can write it down.

Wu Ruo: "!!!!!!"

As soon as he opened it, he gave him a small glance, letting him turn to the next page.

Wu Ruo looked at him in surprise: "You finished watching?"

Still playing?

Little nodded.

Wu Ruo had to turn the next page a few times. As soon as his little fingertip moved, he immediately turned the next page. Within a short time, the entire book was turned by him.

Little asked for another copy.

When Wu Ruo saw that he was looking seriously, he picked up another one, and similarly, he could not read another one, and finished reading another.

"Little, are you really looking seriously?"

An adult has to draw the rune dozens of times before he can barely remember it. A little glance at it?

"Note it all." Xiaoxiao looked at Wu Ruo anxiously: "But I can't read."

"I'll ask the teacher to teach you how to read the character tomorrow." Hei Xieyu, who came back from the outside, said immediately.

Xiaoxiao nodded happily: OK, thank you father. "

Hei Xunyan looked soft, came forward and stroked the child's hair, turned his head to the egg holding the anti-books and said, "You will also learn the characters with your brother tomorrow.

Dandan looked at his father blankly, and then looked at the reverse book. He couldn't understand it, and yawned, "Daddy, I'm sleepy."

Hei Xieyu: "..."

The tempers of the two children are really different.

Wu Ruo laughed, held her egg and said, "Take a bath and sleep."

"it is good."

Wu Ruo said to Hei Xieyu, "You eat first, and I will take both of them to take a bath."

Leaving the room, Dandan immediately became energetic, hugged Wu Ruo's neck and said, "Daddy, I don't want to learn Chinese characters."

Wu Ruo asked curiously, "Why?"

"I want to sleep as soon as I see the word."

Wu Ruo: "..."

Now that the child is so young, it's a very fun age. Maybe it's too early for the child to learn Chinese characters.

"If you don't know how to read, if you want to go to the royal dining room, how do you find it?" He asked, following Hei Xing who came out.

Wu Ruo looked back: "Why are you out?"

Hei Xieyu took the egg in his hand: "I will accompany you to take a bath and eat.

Dandan said, "Where you have food, look for it.

Wu Ruo shook his head with a smile, his eldest son was a foodie.

Hei Xuyi raised an eyebrow: "What if you want to choose a recipe for a recipe?"

When I heard it, I almost drooled: "I want it all."

Wu Ruo grinned.

Hei Xuan drew a corner of his eyes: "I can only pick a few dishes from the recipe.

Dandan excitedly said, "Then come the best."

Wu Ruo couldn't help laughing anymore.

Hei Xuanyu patted his little buttocks: "If only you put the cleverness in the idioms."

Xiaoxiao said, "Brother, if I can't read, I will be better than my brother."

After all, this is okay. How can my younger brother be better than my older brother: "I will begin to learn Chinese tomorrow."

Wu Ruo and Hei Xieyu looked at each other, and it seemed that there was little way.

The family of four took a bath, and then, after eating with Hei Xieyu, let the child go to bed.

Because Xiaoxiao was deformed, she temporarily lived in Wu Ruo's palace. She didn't want to go back to her room to sleep, and she stayed with Xiaoxiao to sleep.

After the child fell asleep, Wu Ruo said to Hei Xieyu, "Little won't he really remember the contents of the two books?"

"He should have the same memorable skills as me." Hei Xieyu thought for a while and said, "Maybe it will be more powerful. We can not have to guess here at a glance, and we will ask the teacher to teach him to learn calligraphy tomorrow." Just know.


Chapter 254:

Early in the morning the next morning, after having breakfast, Shi Bao came to the Hengxing Palace to teach eggs and small Chinese characters.

Wu Ruo hurry up with his child while he is studying.

What I thought I could do in peace of mind did not want to be the roar of Shi Bao to the egg all morning.

"Hi lord, please put away your toys."

Shi Bao's roar came from the opposite room again, and Wu Ruo, who was giving the elixir of the elixir, twisted his right hand, and the whole elixir was destroyed.

Wu Ruo shook his head silently, went to the opposite room, and took away all the toys.

Everyone muttered his mouth unhappyly.

Wu Ruo opened his eyes and didn't look at his poor little face: "I'll give it to you after class."

Eggs aggrieved: "But I can recognize the words" teacher and teacher "."

Shi Baoyi said: "Do you recognize it?"

Did he just remember it once?


Little obediently said: "Brother is very smart, he just can't sit still,"

Shi Bao's eyes narrowed.

Not only can't sit still, it's just that I can't rest my heart. Throughout the morning, I don't eat cakes, play with toys, or amuse the ants on the ground. I also like to make trouble with His Royal Highness.

Wu Ruo asked, "Will you write?"

Everyone shook his head.

He pulled Rauluo's robe: "Daddy, we want to learn all the words before we learn to write."

Wu Ruo glanced at their little hands, it was really not suitable for holding a pen: "Can you always remember without writing?"


Wu Ruo said to Shi Bao, "Let them recognize the word first."

Shi Bao also feels that the children are too young to hold the pen, and it is good to let them remember once they have read it. Of course, it would be better if the Highness can rest a little.

Next, Eggs still couldn't rest, very active, otherwise, he would doze off. Fortunately, he remembered the words of Shi Baojiao for a day, and the two brothers knew a lot of words, which can basically be viewed by one person. Finish a book.

When Hei Xieyu came back, Shi Bao kept telling him that the two brothers were very smart.

"Don't fall asleep during class?" Hei Xie asked.

Shi Bao helplessly sighed: "His Royal Highness is naughty, unlike the second quiet, he will not fall asleep as long as he is playing, and can remember the words taught by the old minister, but he will be sleepy when he reads a book."

"What about him? Can he do everything at a glance?"

"Yes, His Royal Highness reads books very fast, he can remember them, and he is very clever. He only needs to teach him once to understand.

Shi Bao said that small praises continued: "According to his speed, the old minister will have nothing to teach him within one year."

Hei Xunyu nodded and walked into the sleeping officer.

Wu Ruo is drawing arrays.

Xiao Xiao was sitting aside while watching Wu Ruo's drawing method, while playing with her toys, and seeing the black back, her eyes brightened: "Father."

Hei Xunyu came to him and sat down, stroking his hair with his fingertips: "Shi Bao just praised you in front of me."

After all the words, he quickly rushed to Wu Ruo's arms to steal joy.

Fortunately, Wu Ruo painted the formation method, otherwise he would be destroyed.

"You are so embarrassed to laugh." Wu Ruo hugged him in a funny and angry manner. "Tomorrow will not make the Master angry again."

Everyone looked up: "Dad, I want to learn mystery, I don't want to learn Chinese characters."

Wu Ruo knew that he could already know a lot of words, so he didn't plan to force him any more: "You will learn the words with the teacher tomorrow, and the next day will teach you mystery.

Everyone answered happily: "Okay."

"I asked the five brothers to teach him the royal mysteries of the dead."

Everyone's eyes were bright: "Thank you father."

Hei Xieyu looked down at Xiaoxiao. Instantly, his eyes looked much softer: "Do you want to learn mystery?"

"I don't have high spiritual power. I will learn mystery when I grow up."

"Then what do you particularly want to learn?"

Xiao Xiao looked at Wu Ruo: "I want to study medicine with my dad while reading a book from the teacher."

Wu Ruo was very happy that his younger son was willing to study medicine with him: "Okay, I will start teaching you tomorrow."

Hei Xuyi made arrangements for them. Later, after Hei Xuyi went down, he came to teach the eggs and the royal family. He learned from Shi Bao in the morning and Wu Ruo in the afternoon.

As far as the egg is concerned, learning metaphysics is fun. Therefore, learning metaphysics is both serious and attentive. The teacher has met. I sigh that the egg is half serious when studying with him.

Eight days later, Wu Qianqing sent the painting's runes to the officials, and sent a small meeting ceremony together.

Wu Ruo took the amulets they had drawn and the elixir they had refined. The maggots went to the border town of the land surface, and by the way, they took the children to the land to see the sunlight and play.

The big and two small people walked out of the door, and all the attention was attracted by the big shop with golden light on the opposite side.

Wu Ruo is a little dumbfounded. Is this a pavement or a palace?

He wouldn't have thought it was his storefront if he hadn't seen Lao Hei at work.

Laohei saw Wu Ruo and ran over quickly: "Master, you are here."

"Don't tell others that I'm the owner of this shop." Wu Ruo reminded Lao He first, and then looked up at the tiles on the house: "Why are the tiles gold?"

The houses in this row are all red and black, or black and white. They are a golden and black building, which is particularly majestic and luxurious, and also attracts the eyes of others. In the daylight, it flashes brightly. Golden light.

Laohe laughed, "Hey, this is Shop No. 1, of course, it should be more attractive to others, so that more people know the existence of Shop No. 1, so I let people paint gold and let people spill Gold powder, so that everyone can pay attention to shop one, right, sir, did you choose your shop name? I'll find someone to make the brand. "

"If you get it right, it's called No. 1 Pharmacy. Shaanxi has already found someone to build it. It will be delivered in a few days."

The old black detective whispered, "Will it be an emperor's own nomination?"

Wu Ruo raised an eyebrow: "Should not."

Wouldn't it be even more interesting if it was exactly what Lao Hei said?

Laohe invited Wu Ruo to visit the shop. The shop has been renovated, and all the medicinal materials have been transported to the shop. They have even been placed in the medicine cabinet. Today, many people have come to buy medicine.

"The master helped to invite six doctors to the hall. Two doctors were in charge of seeing the doctor in the evening, and the other four doctors were responsible for the day consultation. I also invited sixteen people who recognized the medicine to sell medicinal materials, and twenty people in charge of the building. On top, in addition, ten shopkeepers are invited, two on each floor, one for the night and the other for the day.

Shop No. 1 is open all day at twelve hours, so many people are invited.

Wu Ruo asked: "Is anyone in charge of the day from other countries?"

"Yes." Lao Hei took Wu Ruo to the second floor.

The decoration on the second floor and above is very elegant. There is no cargo at present, so no one above the second floor is guarded.

Wu Ruo turned around upstairs and went to Lao Hei's temporary room. Then he took out his refined medicine dan, maggots, and painted charms and formations to Lao Hei.

After the two discussed the price of the items, Wu Ruo took Xiao to identify the medicinal materials, but he only remembered it once with the novel. If he encountered any unknown medicinal materials, he would let them introduce them.

At noon, Lao Hei took their father and son to lunch at the restaurant.

At this time, Lao Hei knew that the egg was not a little baby, but a person, Wu Ruo's younger son. Fortunately, he had seen so many strange things before begging that he was not scared.

After lunch, Wu Ruo took the children to stroll around the street. He bought them whatever he liked. When she arrived, she slowly walked back to Yamen with her children.

Since it was not yet night, not many people were in and out of the Yamen, Wu Ruo stood in the teleportation array for a long time.

Looking at the teleportation array and Wu Ruo, he asked curiously, "Daddy, why have you been staring at the teleportation array?"

Wu Ruo shook his head and hugged the children from the teleportation array to return to the emperor. After dinner, the children were allowed to play beside him, and he was studying the formation map.

After getting tired of playing with the eggs, Xiaoxiao ran to Wu Ruo and looked at the array map he drew: "Daddy, this array map seems to be a teleportation array."

Wu Ruo, who was distressed, nodded: "It belongs to the teleportation array, but instead of teleporting people, it transmits the heat of the sun. However, it is strange that the people of the dead nation are scorched by the heat. What went wrong.

Little knew that people in the Netherland could not see Nikko during the day, and asked, "Dad, do you want to modify the formation and pass in the heat of the sun?"

"Well, I want to pass in the heat to keep everyone warm. I don't want to see you and Yudan get cold and sick." Wu Ruo wanted to modify the formation, partly because of the children in Tongzhen, partly because Because of their children. People are selfish. When they see their children living under the ground for years and months, they can't bear it.

"Dad, how do you want to change it?"

Xiao Xiao sometimes does n’t speak like a child. Wu Ruo talks with him and does n’t consciously discuss with him: “Although I have n’t seen the array method that absorbs sunlight on the ground, I think that array is legal After the sun is absorbed, the light of the sun is hidden during the transmission. Therefore, the sun is still there, and it will burn people when it is transmitted. "

Little nodded.

Wu Ruo pointed at the runes on the formation: "I now want to modify the runes in the middle to change the way the sun changes."

Small novel: "Dad can be modified by referring to the raw wood formation method on page 29 of the priest formation method book."

Wu Ruoyi stunned: "Raw wooden formation?"

"It is an array method used to grow plants. It absorbs sunlight and transforms it into fertilizer, which makes the plants grow faster. Dad can use it to fuse into the transmission array, and then modify the sunlight into fertilizer. The sunlight turns into heat. "

Wu Ruo quickly took out the priest's book of formations, opened the page of the small novel, and was pleasantly surprised: "Little is so powerful, I can remember which formation is on which page only by looking at it once, and can remember its function. "

Little was embarrassed by Wu Ruo, and his face turned red.

Chapter 255: Shop No. 1 opens

Ten days later, Wu Ruo's shop finally opened.

At 10:00, Lao Hei lit a bamboo cannon, pulled down the red cloth covering the plaque outside the gate, and announced to everyone that Shop No. 1 was open for trial.

People came to see the congratulations and applause.

Wu Ruo also brought Wu Qianqing to see the opening of the store, and let them know where the No. 1 was.

Wuzhu asked, "Xiao Ruo, didn't you say the shop was called No. 1 Medicine Shop? How did it become No. 1 Grocery Shop?"

Wu Ruo whispered, "This is a plaque nominated by the emperor himself. When he learned that my store was not only selling medicines, he said that the number one drug store was too narrow, and he changed it to the number one grocery store. He said the name would be more attractive People, you see the emperor's name and seal behind the shop. "

As soon as he finished speaking, someone noticed that there was a stamp on the plaque on the plaque.

"Look at it, is the word behind the plaque shop writing the name and seal of the Emperor of the Necropolis?" "Ah, it is really the seal of the emperor. "

"The back of the No. 1 grocery store really has a backing, and the emperor who was able to move the dead nation asked for a pen to write a plaque for him."

"If it weren't for the backing, could you buy the number one overnight?"

Everyone was more curious about the No. 1 grocery store, and they crowded into the store to look at the items sold in the store.

Uhis pursed, "So lively."

The store was full of people, and I couldn't squeeze in even though there were a lot of people coming out of it, and there were a lot of people coming in behind.

In fact, most people were attracted by the boss behind the scenes as early as a month ago, and they planned to check it out soon after opening. Today, there are nominations by the emperor of the Necromantic Kingdom. It is even more curious what is sold inside. Moreover, the old black has a business mind, and there is a striking carving plate outside the door, which writes each layer. Everyone wants to take a look at the goods sold in the building.

Wu Qianqing smiled slightly: "I don't know how many people who come in will actually buy things."

Wu Ruo said, "You won't know if you go in."

They waited for a group of people to come out, and quickly squeezed into the lobby on the first floor. There were many people buying medicines, because many types of medicinal materials are relatively cheap in Border Town. You can buy everything without going to other stores. For medicinal materials, people who do not want to go around the city to find a pharmacy just buy the medicine in the first shop.

Wu Ruo they managed to squeeze onto the second floor. Similarly, the second floor was full of people.

When you first saw that the traditional Chinese medicine painting had runes, you were curious and listened quietly to the shopkeeper and said to you, "This is a low-grade traditional medicine, because the runes are painted on it, so when you eat it, , The effect is the same as the intermediate elixir, but the price is cheaper than the intermediate elixir. If you do n’t believe it, you can try one before buying. Everyone listens. Only people who really want to buy elixir can try it. If you find a little effect No, you can not buy our elixir, and you can taste it only on this day. I feel good, and I hope everyone can help promote it. "

As soon as he said it, those with more free money immediately said he would try.

After trying, it did have such an effect. Immediately bought the elixir he needed, and then went to other cities to see what was good.

With one person buying, there will be a second attempt. Gradually, more and more people will buy, and the three buddies will be too busy.

Wuqianqing and Wuzhu were tongue-tied, but with more runes, the elixir became so easy to sell.

They came to the third floor, and they were still crowded. Everyone had not seen the Yin Yang Master, Wizard, and Priest, and the magical paintings of the Demons had bought a few to try it, but they sold it during the tea time. Hundreds of magical charms were dropped. Fortunately, these days, Wu Qianqing painted a lot of magical charms and gave them to Lao Hei, otherwise they would not be sold enough.

Ushi was very excited: "So many people buy magic charms."

Wu Ruo laughed: "If people who buy it back find it useful, more people will buy it in the future."

"Are there more people than today?"

"Yes, and more will be bought."

Uxi suddenly felt like he was about to make a fortune.

Wu Zhudao: "If every day in the future sells as well as today, it will be more profitable than doing tasks."

Guan Tong laughed and said, "If the raw materials are scarce and expensive, if the magic charms we paint are sold everywhere, they won't be sold so well, nor can they be sold at such high prices."

"Mother is right." Wu Ruo walked to the stairs on the fourth floor. "Let's go to the fourth floor again."

Although the level of the fourth floor is not high, but it is finely made and sold cheaply in other shops, which is very suitable for the magician who does not have silver on his body.

Wuzhu lowered his voice and asked, "Xiao Ruo, how come you have so many instruments?"

Wu Ruodao: "It is a magic weapon that has been refined from a young age. Today, there are about 30,000 treasuries in our official hall."

Wuzhu was surprised: "So much?"

Wu Ruo laughed. "Well, if so many people buy instruments every day, it is estimated that they will be sold out in about six months."

Wu Xi whispered, "Second brother, why isn't my brother coming here today?"

"He has something to do, he can't get away, and he may be busy until he is old."

"When it's too ... cough, it's not easy."

Wu Qianqing said, "Let's go up to the fifth floor."

They turned around and saw that the stairs on the fifth floor were full of people and couldn't go up at all.

Those who couldn't go up grabbed those who came downstairs and asked what the tapeworm was.

People coming upstairs said, "It's a maggot made of various worms. Listening to the introduction of the shopkeeper, it seems very evil. You can use maggots to control people, you can also use medicine to save people, and you can curse people."

"Is anyone buying tapeworms?"

"Yes, it ’s like controlling tapeworms. If you want anyone to listen to your orders, you can buy tapeworms to control each other.

Wu Ruo heard this and proposed: "Let's go down."

Guan Tong nodded.

Leaving the No. 1 shop, Wu Qianqing asked: "Xiao Ruo, is it really good to sell tapeworms to others? Will it hurt others?"

Wu Ruo said: "Dad, some people want to harm people, even if they do n’t buy our maggots, they will also harm people. For example, they can buy our magic charms to kill people, because the magic charms are also lethal, and the medicines we sell have tonics. There are also poisons.

Wu Qianqing thinks about it too, so he doesn't bother.

Wu Xi said excitedly: "Second brother, if so many people buy things in the store every day, a few of us will simply be too busy. In a few days, are n’t the magic charms and the elixir tapeworm just sold out?"

"At the same time that I sell things, I will also sell other things at a low price, so that there will be no shortage of things to sell, and I will settle your cash at the end of each month.

Wu Zhu laughed and said, "There are more people coming to Shop One than I thought.

Wu Ruo took out a bottle and gave it to Wuzhu: "Brother, this is the injury medicine for Dasao, and when they go back, coat them."

Wuzhu took the medicine and said, "Thank you. Now their injuries are much better. In less than a month, their meat should be able to grow back."

"Can you walk down the ground now?"

"Yes, but the trousers will rub against the thighs when walking, so try to keep them walking less." Wuzhu glanced at the sky: "It's going to be lunch at noon, how about it?"

Wu Ruo asked: "It's a rare trip to the border town. Don't you plan to visit here?"

Wuzhu asked Wu Qianqing them with his eyes.

Wu Qianqing said: "It's rare for the body to go to the land and just walk around and bask in the sun."

Wu Ruo proposed: "Then we will go to the restaurant for dinner first, and after we are full, you can go shopping."

Wuzhu twisted her eyebrows: "Listening to you means that you intend not to be with us."

"I have one more thing to do."

"okay then."

Wu Ruo had enough food with them, and returned to the underground city of the imperial capital, and then came to Tongzhen through the teleportation array.

As soon as people stepped out of the teleportation array, they heard a deep and joyful cry: "Qu San Gongzi."

Wu Ruo looked up and saw Shen Song, who was sitting on the stone, jumped up happily.

"Qu San Gongzi, you are here." Shen Song ran over with excitement.

Wu Ruo asked, "Are you waiting for me? '

"I have been waiting for you since the day you left Tongzhen."

Wu Ruo raised an eyebrow: "Do you know I will come here again?"

"My master said, you will definitely come here again."

Wu Ruo was surprised: "He will fortunetell?"

"My master will not be divining. He relied on guessing that you would definitely come again, because all the poor children here, the parent Qu Sangong, must not bear their suffering."

Wu Ruo tickled his lips: "Your master really guesses the minds of others."

Deeply proud, "My master is terrific, yes, I will send someone to tell him to come over."

Wu Ruo didn't stop because he happened to be looking for limp.

After Shen Song sent someone to notify the limp, he asked Wu Ruo: "Qu San Gongzi, what good news did you bring this time?"

Wu Ruo laughed: "You're so sure that I will bring good news this time?"

A deep chant: "Isn't it?"

Wu Ruo no longer teases him: "I don't know yet, so it's not good news."

Shen Song exhilarated, "Is it possible to cure anemia?"

Wu Ruo shook his head: "No."

After the incidents of the uncles, he didn't want to easily experiment with others by himself.

Shen Song was a little lost: "What's that?"

"That's how you can heat without burning wood.

A deep expression of praise: "Really? What to do? How to keep warm?"

Wu Ruo rolled his eyes: "Don't be too happy, you don't know yet."

He originally wanted to try with Hei Xuyi's modified matrix method, but recently Hei Xuyi came back more and more late, and then, he got up earlier and earlier. If he doesn't wake up in the middle of the night, he won't see Black shame man. And he's not good at taking other people's experiments to settle the talk, so he thought of limp.

The method of absorbing daylight is seen from the limp here. It should be no problem to come to him to test him.

"You don't have to sell anything. Hurry up and tell me what to do."

Wu Ruohe and Shen Song stepped out of the yamen, pointed to the formation of the yamen, and said, "I modified this formation ..."

Shen Song listened very carefully.

When Li Xing came to Tongzhen, he saw Wu Ruo, who was explaining to Shen Song. His beautiful appearance coupled with a serious look was amazing under the lights.

Chapter 256: Dissolve

"Langling brother, what are you looking at?" A pretty-looking girl came out of the teleportation array, and saw Lixing standing outside the gate of the Qiang gate and staring in front of her. She walked over and glanced down at him. Shen Song was talking to a beautiful young man.

The limp walked back to God, and smiled slightly at the corners of his mouth, and went forward to praise them: "Looking forward to the sun."

The pretty girl was surprised, and every time she was with her, she laughed with a stingy expression that didn't talk.

Shen Song heard and turned his head, excited, "Master, you are here.

Wu Ruo greeted with a smile and said, "Lord Xing, I haven't seen you in a long time."

Limiao looked at the matrix on the eye wall: "What are you talking about with Shen Song?"

"I'm talking to Lord Shen Song about changing the formation method for heating. I don't know if it will work, so I will come and discuss it with you."

Shen Song shook his head embarrassedly: "I don't understand the formation method, I don't understand what the son-in-law said, but I think the son-in-law makes a lot of sense.

"Oh?" Looked at Wu Ruo first: "Can you tell me again?"

Wu Ruo slightly forehead, pointing at the array on the wall and said, "The last time you told me, this array is here to absorb the heat of the sun and send it here to keep everyone warm, but many people were burnt by the heat. But I do n’t think that hot air can burn people. It must be that the transmission array is in the process of absorbing sunlight. Which part of the link is out of order. Instead of absorbing heat, the sun ’s rays that hide the sun will burn people. miss you……"

"You talk nonsense." A beautiful anger screamed and interrupted Wu Ruo.

Wu Ruo realized that a girl was standing behind Pingxing.

A deep and hearty smile: "Miss Yu, you are here too."

By last name? Wu Ruomu flashed.

Yu Xuanzhang walked in front of Wu Ruo: "My grandfather painstakingly studied the matrix method for many years, there can be no mistake."

Wu Ruo did not speak.

Flicking lightly on the eyebrows: "Shen Song, you take Miss You around and I have something to tell Panyang.

"I'm not going anywhere." Yu Xuan glared at Wu Ruo. "I want him to apologize to me."

Wu Ruoluan said quietly: "It seems that Master Xing is inconvenient to speak today, I will come again."

According to Xingxing, if he left, he wouldn't come here again, quickly grabbed him, and calmly said to Shen Song, "Shen Song, send me back to Miss You.

"Yes." Shen Song Xiang Youxuan made a please gesture.

"I don't leave." You Xuanyuan saw Pingxing's face was somber, afraid and unreasonable: "I want to stay and hear what he said. If he really modified the array to keep everyone warm, I would ask him apologize."

Perseverance: "If you want to stay, apologize immediately."

You Xuan was half-dead, but she also knew that she could not match her temper. She was angry and said to Wu Ruo reluctantly, "I'm sorry."

Li Xing said to Wu Ruo, "Panyang, I really want to know your thoughts on modifying the formation method. Can you tell me?"

As long as Xuanyuan does not care about it anymore, Wu Ruo cannot be concerned with a girl: "I want to modify the rune of this place ..."

He said the recently developed matrix method: "I haven't tried it, and I don't know if it is feasible. I just came here to discuss it with you."

Li Xing thinks his idea is feasible: "I think it can be tried."

"Try it now?" Wu Ruo hesitated a bit. He is not a member of the Necromantic kingdom. He will never try it out, otherwise he won't come here to discuss it with others.

Jiao Xing nodded: "You modify the matrix method, let me try."

"No." Shen Song and Yu Xuanyu said in unison.

You Xuan sighed angrily and said, "Since he has come up with the way to modify the formation, he should try it himself."

Li Xing does not like others to deny his decision: "I have decided."

"What if you get burnt?"

"That's my business, too."

Yu Xuan stomped in exasperation: "You are my fiance, you must not be injured.

Limping softly: "The body is mine and has nothing to do with you.

The marriage was set by his grandfather, and he never acknowledged the fiancée.

Yu Xuanzhen suddenly red eyes.

Shen Song hurried round: "Do n’t bother you. It ’s better for me to test the rudeness. I am a natural person who likes to do harm to myself. You do n’t want me to grab anything, otherwise I ’ll Who is in a hurry. "

Wu Ruohuo laughed loudly, and thought it was interesting to chant this person deeply.

Li Xing laughed at him and stopped arguing.

Shen Song urged: "You three sons, you need to change the formation."

Wu Ruo raised his right hand: "Master, can you let me go?"

Hesitating for a moment: "Sorry."

The moment he let go, he could not help but clenched. The opponent's hand was very soft, unlike a man's bones full of bones.

Wu Ruo wiped out the rune in the middle of the array, and then drew his rune again, and then modified a few places: "Master Ode, if you feel any discomfort, rush out and I will close immediately Matrix. "

"it is good."

Li Xing instructed people to bring the children back to the house. After half a column of incense, only Wu Ruo, Shen Song, Li Xing, Yu Xuan, and a few of Li Xing's men remained.

Li Xing said to Yu Xuan Yuan, "You go back to the house, too."

Yu Xuanyu saw that he cared about himself, and finally felt better, and hesitated for a moment, then turned around and entered the Yamen to hide.

When Shen Song saw Wu Ruo's formation, he said, "I'll start the formation myself, and you should step back a bit."

Wu Ruo and Li Xing stared at each other, and went to the door of Yi Xing to stare.

Deep chanting used spiritual power to drive the formation. Then, the wall-colored formation shot blue light, and the runes on it spun quickly, getting faster and faster. After the startup, the rotation speed slowed down.

Li Xing asked: "Dong Song, do you feel unwell?"

Song Song wiped his face: "No."

Wu Ruo asked, "Is there any heat?"


Pingxing said: "It shouldn't be so fast, wait a minute."

However, half a cup of tea passed, and Shen Song was not burnt or felt the heat.

Wu Ruo asked: "Did there be any heat in the formation before it was changed?"

Nodded his head: "Yes."

Wu Ruo thought for a while: "Will it be that the teleportation array on the ground cannot be connected with my modified array method?"

"It's possible, or I'll take you to land to see the array we arranged at night."

Wu Ruo hesitated.

Lim asked: "Inconvenient?"

"My son is waiting for me to go back at home." Wu Ruo thought of the two sons waiting in the palace waiting for him to return, with a gentle smile on the corner of his mouth.

He walked for a while, forgetting that he had a son, and the wife at home must have been waiting for him to go home: "That ..."

"It's hot, it's hot," Shen Song exclaimed excitedly. "It's hot."

Li Xing quickly asked: "Are you all right?"

Shen Song excitedly said: "It's okay, I'm fine now. I'm not burnt, I don't know if there will be problems later."

The heat transmitted by the formation method spreads quickly, and Wu Ruo and Pingxing, who were standing at the gate, felt the heat coming.

The limping men were also very excited.

Everyone waited patiently for two teas, and the air around them became warmer and warmer, and Shen Song went away without being injured.

Song Song was pleased and said, "You three sons, you are amazing."

Wu Ruo was embarrassed by his exaggeration: "In fact, I studied this formation with others. Without him, I may still be struggling to modify the formation."

The man he said was his youngest son, Xiaoxiao.

"Who is that person?"

Wu Ruo smiled slightly: "A person who is important to me."

The limp smile paused.

The children who lived nearby felt the warmth, and curiously looked up at them.

After half an hour, everyone was okay, and the surrounding environment was getting warmer and warmer. The children could not bear anymore and ran out of the house, shouting happily: "It's warm and comfortable. "

Some children even started to take off their robes and happily cheered and ran on the street.

Deeply chanting: "If we have a few more formations, the whole Tongzhen will warm up."

Pingxing also agreed: "On winter days, the temperature of the sun will drop, and you need to put in more arrays to absorb heat.

Wu Ruo asked: "If there is no problem with this method, can I ask you for a map of the sun on the land? I want to make more people feel warm."

"Why are you here?" Yu Xuanzhang said from the door.

Li Xing ignored her and nodded, "Yes, I will have the matrix map sent to Langshan Pavilion tomorrow morning. You can pick it up at that time."

You Xuan sighed angrily: "Langling brother, that's the format of my grandfather's hard work, how can I give it to an outsider."

"..." Shen Song began to think that Yu Xuanzhen was very unreasonable. If it was not for the third son, this formation method would be useless at all and would never be used again. Everyone will be cold after leaving the firewood, but it is different now, regardless of the future Everywhere I go is warm and coquettish, all thanks to the third son.

Yu Xing gave a cold glance to Xuan Yu: "For me, Panyang is an important friend of mine. Please don't treat my friend any more rudely.

You Xuanyu: "..."

Wu Ruo said out loudly, "Master, limp, since the matrix map cannot be given to others, I don't need to bother you. I can go back and study slowly the matrix method that absorbs the sun. You two don't have to hurt me for my sake.

Yu Xuanxuan vented his anger on Wu Ruo: "Since Xingxing can study the formation method of absorbing sunlight, why do you still ask Xingxing brother for the formation chart? You are clearly provoking me and Xingxing brother. "

"Yixuan a moment." He walked down his face, calling her name as a warning.

You Xuanxuan's body shivered.

Wu Ruo rolled her eyes secretly, this woman is really unreasonable: "It's not early, so I won't bother you here.

As if there was a plague here, he quickly turned towards the gate.

"Panyang ..." Li Xing quickly caught up.

Wu Ruo came to the array and turned to him and said, "Go to Langshan Pavilion and leave me a message in the future."

It's good to see you again, and I breathe a sigh of relief: "Okay."

Wu Ruo entered the formation.

He limped his eyebrows and raised his hand to grasp the robe on his left chest.

Shen Song ran up and asked, "Master, will the third son be here again?"

Li Xing didn't speak, and returned to Yu Xuanzhang, Shen said, "We are breaking the marriage contract."

Chapter 257:

Wu Ruo returned to Hengxing Palace and saw Hei Xieyu sitting in front of the book to help him read the book. He smiled happily, hurriedly hugged the man's neck before running, and unconsciously said with a hint of coquettishness: "What are you doing today? Came back so early? "

Hei Xieyu kissed the corner of his mouth sideways: "The shop is open today. After dinner, we will take our children to see."

"Okay." Wu Ruo held his neck without letting go. "What books are you reading?"

"It was the medical book that I sent someone to search for," said Hei Xuyi, turning a page for Xiaoxiao.

Wu Ruo saw Xiao Xiao take it so seriously, and laughed, "Our young man will definitely become a divine doctor, even more powerful than the emperor of the heavenly kingdom."

Hei Xuan narrowed his eyes and murmured, "It is only because he is the descendant of the Protoss that he can sit firmly in the position of the medical emperor."

"Ah." Wu Ruo said in surprise: "The emperor is the descendant of the Protoss?"

"Well." Hei Xieyu turned to Xiaoxiao another page and said, "The ability of the Holy Saints is related to medical skills. They can use spiritual power to help others recover wounds, cure diseases, and have powerful healing power. Their wounds recovered in an instant. If their hands and feet were broken, they could be taken back. After half a column of incense, they were able to recover freely. Now their fairy power is getting lower and lower, otherwise, it is difficult to kill them, even if they are blown into pieces. It will also regain human form in about half a month. "

"This, so powerful? Are they still human?"

"They used to have the ability to resurrect from death, but now they cannot use it because the fairy power is too low. Even if they want to use this ability, several people have to drive it.

Wu Ruo asked in amazement: "Really able to rise from the dead? What about the ghost who sent the ghost?"

"I heard that the ancestors of Tianshengzu had an agreement with King Yan. If the ability to recover from death can only allow that person to live for decades, the specific situation is not very clear. However, this ability is not intended to make it come out. of."

"So how is the medical practice of the Emperor?"

"After all, the offspring of the Medical Immortal must have extraordinary abilities, and the rumors that they passed on the medical skills to the gods must be related to their abilities."

"Then they can cure anemia?"

Hei Xieyu shook his head: "It's hard to say, even if they can, they won't help the people in the dead nation."

"So too." Wu Ruo thought and asked again, "Can stealth skills learn their ability?"

Hei Xieyu tickled his lips: "You will see them in the future. You won't know if you try it quietly."

Wu Ruo grinned, "OK."

Hei Sui rubbed his head: "Let's eat.

The family of four had dinner. Hei Xieyu and Yudan both put on masks and went to the land border town with Wu Ruo.

Stepping out of the Yamen, you can see the crowded shop opposite you at a glance.

Wu Ruo marveled: "There are still so many people at this time."

Hei Xiuyan is very satisfied with the shop's business so well: "People from other countries come to buy things during the day, and people in the Necropolis at night."

"According to this situation, the goods will be sold very quickly." Wu Ruo was so happy that he reached the corner of his mouth, and at the same time, he was glad that the maggots and magic charms were still very easy to handle, otherwise the supply was still in short supply: "Will you go in and see? "

Hei Xuyi said, "I just came here to see the situation, mainly to accompany you out for a walk.

He hasn't been with his partner and sons for more than half a month. Once tonight, there will be many things to be busy.

Danzi pointed at the kite in the distance: "Dad, I want to fly a kite with my brother."

The little **** sitting on the shoulders of Hei Xuyi said, "Brother, are you sure I'm flying a kite, not a kite?"

Wu Ruo laughed and thought it was funny when she thought of the younger son being hoisted by a kite.

He couldn't help but post it, and gently touched his small face with his mouth.

Hei Xieyu turned her head and kissed Wu Ruo's forehead,

At the same time, Wu Ruo seemed to hear someone shouting, "You three sons."

When he heard this title, he turned his head subconsciously and looked around, all of them were people, but none of them knew him.

Wu Ruo's eyes flashed with doubt. He seemed to hear the voice of Shen Song just now. Is he wrong?

Hei Xuyi asked, "What's wrong?"

Wu Ruo shook his head: "I seem to hear someone calling me.

Hei Xuan looked around. He didn't see any familiar people, nor did he see who looked at them.

"Maybe I heard it wrong." Wu Ruo held Heishuan's hand: "Let's look elsewhere."


After they left, the two figures came out of the yamen, and they were exactly the honours and deep chants they had met with Wu Ruo in the afternoon.

"Master, standing next to Yu San Gongzi with a mask on his face, the person holding the egg in his arms should be Yu San Gong's wife? The two are close, and certainly not wrong." Shen Song wondered: "But he His wife is too tall. What a man it is. "

Li Xing said, "It's a man."

"Ah?" Deeply chanting, difficult to say: "Is it really a man? The third companion is a man? How did the child come from?"

Are they brought in? Is it the third son or his partner who lives with other people? "Limbling glanced at him coldly:" Why do you care so much about others? "

"Doesn't the master care about the three sons?" Shen Song looked at the limping strangely.

Limping: "..."

To be honest, he didn't know why he was hiding. Just when you saw Panyang with another man, she took a deep reflection and hid back to the yamen.

When he saw Panyang making an intimate move with another man, he felt dazzling and made him uncomfortable.

"Master, you really want to know about San Gongzi, right?" Shen Song smiled and said, "If San Gongzi's partner is really a man, do you say they went to church to get married? If you knew it For one thing, you should not agree with them. "

When he saw that he didn't speak, he said to himself: "I don't think they should go to church to get married, otherwise, they will definitely bring it out for everyone to know."

Limping murmured: "Don't go to church to get married?"

He heard six words, and he felt very happy. He didn't know what he was happy about.

"Master, should we follow up and see?"

Shaking his head against the line: "They will be found."

"Then I won't follow you. After being found, it will not only be embarrassing, but also make you unhappy. You will ignore us in the future."

Looking at the direction where Wu Ruo left, he said quietly, "If you see Panyang in the future, don't mention today's things."

"I know that if he speaks out, he will be embarrassed. If he doesn't know how to face us, he should be afraid that we will laugh at him." Shen Song pointed to the number one grocery store opposite: "Master, I heard that number one grocery The owner changed, and business is booming nowadays, and they are not selling things from the seven countries.

Li Xing looked at the shop sign and squinted his eyes: "The emperor nominates and seals himself."

"Master, do you think this shop will be ..."

"Find someone to monitor the owner of the shop tomorrow."


On the other side, Wu Ruo didn't return to the No. 1 grocery store until they played in Hai. At this time, there were a lot of people.

They found Lao Hei and asked about the opening today.

When talking about business, Lao Hei was so happy that his eyes narrowed into a straight line, as if Shop No. 1 was opened by him: "If you return to the master and grandpa, today's business is so good that you can use a sentence to sum it up, that is, counting my silver to my hand. The medicine that has just entered has already sold one-fifth, and the elixir on the second floor was sold out, because the lower-level elixir has the same effect as the intermediate elixir after drawing the rune, but it is cheaper than the intermediate elixir Therefore, everyone is willing to spend money on low-grade elixir. Later things spread, and more and more people came to buy. The magic charms on the third floor also sold more than half, and the fourth-level magic instruments sold thousands of pieces. The fifth floor There are relatively few roundworms. Everyone buys one or two bugs to go back to try. I think it's okay and they will buy us again. "

With that said, he frowned: "Business is good, but this afternoon some drugstores started to imitate the runes we painted on the elixir. Fortunately, their runes are different from ours. Otherwise, the price of elixir will definitely Once it came down, it wasn't as good as it is today. "

At that time, he was very angry when he heard this, and later heard other shopkeepers say that doing business is like this, and they will learn to imitate when they see good business. In the future, they will imitate each other if they look at the business of others, and then he will Released.

Wu Ruo raised an eyebrow: "Is it effective to imitate us so quickly?"

"Well, I went to see it secretly, every pharmacy did it." Lao He took out a box and handed it to Hei Xuan: "Master, this is money for selling magic instruments. I worry that it is not safe to put in the shop. , You still get the money back first. "

Hei Ruoyu let Wu Ruo collect: "I will send a few guards to protect the shop, and Yemen will take care of this side."

The three talked for a while, and when they saw the children yawning, they stopped talking, left the shop and returned to the palace. After taking a bath, the family of four lay on the bed.

After Wu Ruo slumbered the child, he took out the box containing the silver ticket and handed it to Hei Xuan.

Hei Xuyi glanced and said, "Just keep it well."

Wu Ruo shook her head: "This is the silver you got from selling the magic weapon.

His intention to open a shop was to earn dowry money for himself. If he took the money, he would lose the meaning of dowry. After earning the money, he would also have to buy the shop money. In the future, the first shop would also be his dowry. One.

Hei Xuanxi frowned lightly, and didn't like the way he separated the two things so clearly.

Wu Ruo saw that he was unhappy, put the box on the table and said, then, he wanted to speak out his Fa.

Hei Xieyu listened and said funnyly: "The silver ticket I earned is not in conflict with your dowry."

This makes sense, Wu Ruo put the box back.

Chapter 258: Bunny

Wu Ruo woke up and had breakfast, so he went to make a few stoves, and in the afternoon, he and Xiaoxiao studied the formation method of absorbing sunlight on the land. In the last two, they also improved the formation method, and the smell of the grass and large trees outside was both Suck into the array, so that the ground is no longer damp and soily.

In the evening, Hei Xiu came back, and Wu Ruo was brought to the table to check their achievements in the afternoon, and learned that it was the matrix method of absorbing heat.

Send people to the ground overnight to arrange several heat transfer arrays.

When the sun rises, try the matrix method immediately to make sure that people will not be burned. Hei Xieyu quickly sends people to arrange more matrix methods to make people warm.

The eunuchs and court ladies in the government felt the warmth and smelled the green grass and flowers that can only be smelled on land. Everyone was ecstatic, and they spent all day discussing the method of heating the array.

Wu Ruo saw everyone so happy, and the sons no longer wore thick robes, and felt that it was worthwhile to develop a heating method.

In just three days, the whole Necromantic kingdom became warm and coquettish. Although it would slowly cool down at night, everyone lay in the quilt and slept at that time.

Late at night on the tenth day of July, Hei Xietang heard the news that Wuzhu's children successfully turned into adults.

Early the next morning, before dawn time, Wu Ruo didn't eat breakfast, so he took his two sons to Heishangtang's palace to see his little nephew.

The three came to Wu Qianqing to be hospitalized, and everyone happened to have breakfast.

As soon as Wu Ruo entered the house, he saw the spinach flying dark with his face in the air, secretly aiming at how Guan Tong taught You Xun and Ye Ji to change diapers: "What are you doing?"

"Second Brother." Wu Xi saw Xiao Ruo sitting on Wu Ruo's shoulder, his eyes brightened: "Little is here, I want to die, my aunt."

She quickly cuddled Xiaoxiao before she ran: "Little, have breakfast?"

"No." Little eyes turned to the dinner table.

"Let's come over when we get together." Wu Ruo took out the special tableware for Xiaoxiao and put it on the table.

Wu Qianqing ordered the next person to make more breakfast.

Dandan ran to You, raised her head and said, "I want to see two little brothers."

Wu Ruo picked up the egg and brought it forward. The little baby who was being wrapped in diapers by Guan Tong looked very similar to the cymbal, with a thick eyebrow and eyes, and a red mouth, and immediately saw a big smile , At first glance is a particularly laughable child. The other child looked awkward and had a proud look. After looking at his eyes, he opened his eyes coolly and kicked his hands to help him wrap the diapers.

"Well, why are the children so young? Didn't you feed them spiritual milk?"

Wuzhu held back a smile: "Yu said that if she wanted to learn how to wrap a diaper for her child, she forced Yeji to study with him."

Wu Ruo looked particularly awkward looking at You and Ye Ji: "Did you name your child?"

Wuzhu thought of the child's name, and couldn't help but ask: "Youyou named the child with our two people's last names. In the human race, Wuyou was called Youwu when you returned to the Mozu."

"Wu You, You Wu, uh, a pretty good name." Wu Ruo looked at Yeyi's child: "What's the tricky child?"

Ye Ji said, "It's not named yet."

The thorns said, "Nightthorn."

Ye Ji's eyes flashed with surprise.

Ji Yi gave him a cold look: "You said the name was for me, or did you have an opinion on my name?"

"No." Ye Ji flashed a smile.

"Ah, one, one" Suddenly, Youyou exclaimed.

Wu Ruo and they turned to look at each other, and saw Xiao Wu You shot a pee at You Yu.

"Giggle--" Egg Dou laughed out of face.

The others couldn't help laughing.

Ji Yi tapped her small head: "You've shot the face of this seat before."

Pudan looked at him innocently.

"Bunny suffers." You patted Xiao Wuyou's buttocks with a funny and angry gesture: "Still give them a spiritual milk and grow up quickly, we really don't have so much energy to care for such a small child."

Guan Tong laughed and said, "So it ’s not easy to be a parent, and your child is too young. I want him to grow up quickly. When he grows up, he has to worry about whether he has spiritual power, will he be bullied, and get married. And so on.

Wuzhu lightly looked at Guan Tong's shoulder: "My mother and father are working hard, and raising our three siblings must not be easy."

"Among the children, your three brothers and sisters have been very obedient. They have rarely cried since childhood, and are more sensible than others. Moreover, there are grandmothers who take care of them. We are not very hard. "You, don't you change your robe and come out for breakfast?"

You said with a smile: "My son's urine is so fragrant, there is no need to change it.

Guan Tong chuckled silently: "You child."

Wu Qianqing greeted them over: "Everyone has breakfast first, otherwise the food will be cold."

Youyu brought the spirit milk to let the children feed the children, and then, sitting next to the ebony, watching the little girl sitting on the table, raised her eyebrows and asked, "Little Ruo, this is your little son ? Little? "

"Um." Wu Ruo shredded the pastry and put the crumbs into a small bowl.

"It's too small. If you put him on the ground and accidentally, others will trample him down. Is there no way for him to grow up?"

"There is no way."

Wuzhu comforted him: "Don't worry, there will always be a way for small to grow up."

Wu Ruo nodded, glanced at the sitting person, and said suspiciously, "Where is the ghost woman?"

Guan Tong frowned lightly: "The previous two days, the ghost woman told me to leave for a few days, and did not say when and when to return."

"Didn't you say anything to do?"

"No, but she was absent-minded when she left, and seemed to be hiding something in her heart, which made me worry."

Guan Tong sighed softly.

After spending some time with the ghost woman, she has taken the ghost woman as her own person, and she is also worried when she sees the ghost woman unhappy.

"Mother, don't worry, the ghost woman will take care of herself." Wu Ruo asked again, "Does the ghost woman speak now?"

"Yes, I usually have no problem communicating with us, but sometimes spit words are not very clear." Youyou took a bite of porridge and said: "I think there are a lot of secrets in the ghost woman. Usually she looks at her mother very differently. Like looking at their children.

Wu Ruo put a bun in the egg and said, "She should treat her mother as her niece."

"But the look in her mother's eyes is not the same as the look in her niece." You groaned. "When she looks at her mother, she looks like her mother looks at her daughter, with a kind and loving face, and with a sadness. Forbearance, the look is very complicated, just as I look at the egg look is different from the look at my son.

Wu Ruo teased him: "Dasao, you become different after you become a father, and you can distinguish between looking at your nephew and looking at your son."

Youyou tickled her lips: "I am also a niece and can understand this mood."

Wuzhu smiled: "Will your niece be unhappy with her many younger brothers?"

Youyou twisted her eyebrows lightly: "I will tell her the truth."

"That's not good?"

"She is no longer a child and it is time to tell her biological parents."

Black bamboo no longer speaks.

After having breakfast, Wu Ruo took out all the gifts he had prepared for the children, including robes and toys, as well as various accessories and jewelry for the children.

Thorny and Yeji are surprised: "Our children have a share?"

"Of course, without discrimination, I have no eccentricity. Both children have as many gifts as possible." Wu Ruo picked up the nightthorn, poked at his small face, and smiled: "This child does not like to laugh."

Everyone grabbed Xiaoye's little hand and said, "I'm brother, you will listen to me in the future."

Xiao Ye spins off at the beginning and ignores him.

Egg egg board is his little head: "I will take you out to play when you grow up tomorrow."

Sayaka blinked, as if saying yes.

Thorny raised an eyebrow: "These four children are together, always making me feel that something bad will happen."

Wu Ruo laughed: "You think too much."

"hope so."

Soon, the two children fell asleep.

Wu Ruo told Wu Zhu and they said about the No. 1 shop: "Now the amulet and elixir are in short supply. If you have time, draw more amulets."

Wu Xi muttered, "The rune of the elixir is too difficult to draw."

Wu Ruo twisted her eyebrows: "It's really not very easy to paint. The elixir is too small to paint."

Small novel: "Daddy, you can print the runes."

Everyone looked at him curiously; "How to print?"

"It's like stamping."

Everyone froze.

"Yeah," Wu Ruoxin said joyfully. "Why didn't I think of it, my son is really too smart. In this way, we save a lot of time and increase the speed of drawing runes."

"Little is so smart." Wu Xi kissed on his little head: "Hee hee, great, I won't need to draw a rune in the future."

You drew a corner of his mouth: "Although people are small, their heads are very smart.

Thorny hummed: "My son will be smarter in the future."

Wuzhu is not far behind: "My son will be smart in the future."

You said, "A child who is transformed into a petrified form of Sanqi is not too stupid."

At this time, Guan Tong took out a large box from the house and gave it to Wu Ruo: "This is from the ghost woman. It contains all the magic charms she drew, about 2,000 pieces. She hopes you can help her sell it.

Wu Ruo opened it and saw that it contained high-level magic charms.

Wu Qianqing asked: "Everyone here sells magical charms, and she paints them. Will they sell well?"

"All her paintings are high-level magic charms. There are relatively few such magic charms, and many people will buy them." Wu Ruo took out a stack and flipped around. When he turned to the back, his eyes flashed with doubt: "What she painted was What kind of charm? It doesn't look like the state of the dead, nor does it look like any other country. In short, I have never seen it.

"Show me." Youyou took a look of one of the charms.

Xi Xi also flew over inquisitively: "It really does not look like the amulet of the undead kingdom. The rune pattern drawn by the people of the undead kingdom is more distorted than the righteousness on the amulet."

Guan Tong glanced curiously, and then he frowned.

Chapter 259: I ca n’t help it

You squinted and squinted: "It's a bit like ... uh ... not very similar."

Wu Ruo asked, "Like what?"

The others looked at you quietly.

"Have you heard of the cultivation of the true world?" You said that when someone nodded and shook her head, she explained: "It's a place dedicated to cultivation of immortals. The monks are better than our ninth-level wizard. "

Uhis eyes widened in surprise: "Cultivation of immortals? Can someone really cultivate to immortality?"

"Well, I also listen to my ancestors."

Wu Ruo raised his eyebrows: "Dao, you mentioned the spiritual world, isn't the magic charm painted by the ghost woman the spiritual world?"

Youyou shook her head: "It's like, but it's not, it's like the amulets in the realm of cultivation have been modified and used."

"have you seen?"

"I've seen several used scraps before."

"Did the ghost have contacted the monk?" Wu Ruo turned over with the amulet: "This kind of high-level aura is really stronger than the stack of high-level auras that belong to the dead nation. Since the ghost has this ability to make money, why live a hard life in the eighteenth floor? "

"As long as she has no intention of hurting us." You Xuan returned the magic charm in her hand to Wu Ruo.

"Um." Wu Ruo put the charm back into the box, and when he was going to cover it, Guan Tong held down the lid.

Everyone looked at her in confusion.

Wu Ruo looked up at Guan Tong: "Mother, you are ..."

Guan Tong retracted his hand and said, "The amulet you just saw is exactly the same as the one drawn by my father."

Everyone: "!!!!!!!!!"

"My dad once told me that the amulet was his own. Except for him, there was only one person who knew it. He originally planned to teach the amulet after I came back, but I did not expect that I would be expelled from the race. "

"Does your grandfather say who this person is?"

Guan Tong shook his head: "When he mentioned this person, he fell into silence. The whole person was sad, so I didn't dare to ask more."

You whispered, "After all these years, if there is only one person who can draw these symbols except the grandfather, and this person is a ghost, then you say she will be ... a grandmother?"

Everyone froze slightly.

Wu Ruo said, "It's really possible. After all, I look like a family member with my mother."

"Impossible," Guan Tong affirmed, "my father told me that my mother was dead, and that my father buried my mother on the back mountain of our family. We will worship her together on the festival day."

"Even if you are not a grandmother, you should have some connection with your grandmother." Wu Ruo looked at the others: "What do you think?"

The others nodded.

Wu Xi said, "When the ghost woman returns, we can ask her if she doesn't. Didn't she say that her niece was lost? Maybe she is actually a niece. In this case, the ghost woman is likely to be his mother's aunt, that is, us Aunt. "

Wuzhu twisted her eyebrows, "But the ghost woman said that her lost niece had a birthmark on the back, but there was no birthmark on the back of the mother.

Wu Ruo thought for a while, squinting, "It is very likely that the ghost is lying, and the birthmark is not on the back but on the waist."

Wuzhu puzzled: "Why did she lie?"

"She may lie just because she wants to know if her mother has a birthmark, and she doesn't want to recognize her."

You You nodded: "Xiao Ruo is right."

Guan Tong: "..."

Wu Ruo suddenly remembered something, and said, "Yes, some time ago, I saw the owner."

Everyone was puzzled: "The city owner?"

"He is the owner of the black market, which means that he may be our grandfather."

Guan Tong was a little excited: "Are you sure?"

"I'm not sure. There were too many people at the time. I wanted to follow up to confirm it but lost it." Wu Ruo frowned lightly: "He seemed to be following someone, hiding in the crowd, walking and stopping, in a flash No more people. "

Wu Xi held Guan Tong: "Mother, if you want to see the city owner, we can go to the black market to find him, maybe there is a chance to meet his people."

Wuzhu nodded: "Xiao Xi is right."

Guan Tong shook his head: "Go, he won't see me."

"Not necessarily." Wu Ruoyan looked at the eggs and the little who were playing with toys: "If it was me, even if my son was expelled from the clan, I would not deny them."

Wu Qianqing patted Guan Tong's shoulder before leaving: "After some time, we will go to the black market to see him. If he doesn't want to see us, we will look at him far away, shall we?"

Guan Tong nodded his eyes.

Everyone sat in the lobby and talked. Unconsciously, it was lunch time. After having lunch, they went back to their rooms for lunch.

In the afternoon, Wuzhu and Youyou excitedly hugged their children to the hall: "Dad, mother, Xiaoruo, Xiaoxi, Wuyou is as big as a dandy."

Xiao Wuyou saw the eggs, and the beautiful Phoenix eyes lightened, and quickly slid down from the bamboo. "Brother."

Everyone ran happily past, the two seemed to meet each other late, hugged together excitedly and giggled, and then they ran out of the hall.

Wuzhu quickly shouted: "Wuyou, you haven't let grandfather and grandmother take a good look at you."

Guan Tong saw the grandchildren so happy and said with a smile, "Let the children have fun."

Wu Ruo was very glad to see his son playing with him, and turned to the small novel sitting at the table: "Are you going to play?"

Before Xiaoxiao said it, when he saw the thorns and Yeji, he took the thorns and walked in. He said, "We are coming."

Growing up with little pride, the little nightthorn grew a little cold, and he fixed his eyes on the little boy on the table. When he heard the laughter of the children outside, he walked out of the hall with the little boy.

Listening to the lively sound of the full house, Youyou said, "It will be lively here in the future."

As soon as I finished speaking, I heard a bang.

Wu Qianqing and Guan Tong smiled, and stood up timidly: "What's your voice?"

The adults quickly ran out of the hall and came to the compound, only to see the huge rockery was smashed into pieces. The children saw the adults coming, and ran away from the compound quickly in guilty conscience.

Wu Ruo knew at first sight that it was a masterpiece of children.

Wu Qianqing coughed uncomfortably: "Let's find someone to rebuild the rockery."

Soon, the guard came to the newspaper: "Little Master, they are out of the house."

Wu Ruo them: "!!!!!!"

Thorny's mouth twitched. "This one said that the four of them were together. There must be no good."

Wu Qianqing hurriedly asked, "Did you send someone to follow?"

The guard said darkly, "Yes, but we lost it."

"How come you lost it?"

"They were small and disappeared after a few rushes through the crowd."

Wu Ruo asked, "Where did they run?"


Wu Ruofu: "If you enter the teleportation array, you don't know where they will go."

Wuzhu asked, "They have silver?"

"It wasn't there, but the emperor and the emperor were too fond of eggs and small ones. They would always put silver tickets on them or let them go out to buy delicious food." Wu Ruo waved his hand: "Forget it, let them Let ’s play by yourself. When the eggs were transformed, they often ran to the restaurant alone to listen to books. When it was time for dinner, he would return.

Guan Tong worriedly asked, "Isn't there any problem if they are so small?"

You You calmed her: "They are all made of Sanqi Stone, they are very clever, they won't be easily deceived, their abilities are good, and they have a lot of high-level magic weapons to protect them from being bullied."

Wu Ruo nodded: "My ghost should follow them."

Wuzhu sighed, "You can't help but dad."

Ye Ji whispered: "As long as they don't make things happen."

After all, Yeats and Wuyou are rigid, and they do n’t understand a lot of things, so they are afraid that they will follow their own tempers.

At dinner time, the guards outside the compound shouted joyfully: "Master, madam, little master, they are back."

When Wu Qianqing heard them, they anxiously got up and walked out of the hall.

"My in-laws, my in-laws." Hei Xietang called to the people at the entrance of the hall from a distance, then put the two children in his arms down.

"Daddy, father." Wu You grinned into You's arms with a grin, while Nightthorn stood awkwardly in front of Yeji and Thorny.

Youyou patted his little butt: "Where did you go to play?"

Wu Ruo took Xiao from her arms: "Why are you coming back with Xiao Xiao?"

Hei Xieyu said funnyly and madly: "These children even pretended to be adults and ran to the ninth-floor floating city to fight with people on the platform. Fortunately, the elder brother found them, otherwise they will be miserable."

"Disguised as adults?" Everyone was surprised: "How do they disguise as adults?"

Hei Xietang couldn't say with tears: "They increased their height in the form of a stack of humans. Wu You stepped on a two-foot stilt, and the nightthorn sat on his shoulder, and the egg was sitting on the top. The cape, wearing a sombrero, looks like an adult at first glance, and there are not many regulations on the platform. As long as you pay a certain amount of money, you can go up to the challenge. At that time, we were passing by with our elder brother, and the elder brother felt that the person who just came to power was an egg , The elder brother was immediately stunned, otherwise, they had to deal with, but the sixth-level magician must be stricken. "

After listening to the cold sweats, everyone was so smart that they were depressed, and even thought of this trick to go to the snore.

Everyone murmured, "I might hit each other."

Hei Xuanyu pinched his little nose funnyly: "Just your spiritual power can pay the sixth-order wizard?"

"The three of us can work together."

Yeats and Wuyou nodded, and they could do it with their three abilities.

Wu Ruo rubbed his brain: "Eggs, why do you want to go to the ring?"

Dandan said, "We just want to try our abilities.

"Then how do you know that there is a snooze on the ninth floor floating city?"

"I heard the little father in the palace say."

Wu Ruo said silently, "When you hit the stage, don't you bring Xiaoxiao to the stage too?"

Hei Xieyu said: "They put Xiaoxiao on the roof next to the hoe, and they knew how to protect him with a smart device. However, the big brother was still very angry and took Xiaoxiao to such a dangerous place. Be busy, they must be punished. "

Gu Dan cried in guilty conscience: "Daddy."

Wu Ruo rolled his eyes: "Now you know how scared?"

Wu Qianqing said busyly: "Just come back, just come back, let's come in for dinner."

Chapter 260: It's tight again

After having supper, Dandan was afraid to go back and suffer punishment from the black prince and stayed in the palace. Of course, the main purpose is to want to play with Wu You before they are willing to go back to the palace with Wu Ruo.

Wu Ruo was so distressed that he finally had a playmate to accompany him, so he did not forcefully take the person back, but just told him not to be naughty, and he returned to the palace with a small animal car.

Because the beast car cannot enter the palace, the driving guards can only park outside the second palace gate.

When Wu Ruo saw that she was asleep on the soft pillow, she gently covered him with a small quilt, and carefully held up the soft pillow.

At this moment, the laughter of the man came from the outside. "The prince was very considerate to Lord Lou. When he saw the Lord fall into the water, he took off his cloak and wore it to Lord Lou. He also collected the team early for dinner."

Then someone sighed: "Well, if the prince's current partner has half of the adult master's ability, at least he can share some things for the prince, and the prince does not need to be busy all day and night."

"If the prince's partner has half of the adult's ability, even if the other person is a man, the old man recognizes it, but now the prince is doing nothing all day, either not locked out in the Hengxing Palace every day, or taken out of the Palace Looking at his father and mother, he looks like a woman and does something like a woman. If he could not solve the curse of our necropolis, the old man would stand up against the prince to take his wife. "

"Yeah, yeah." The other adults agreed.

Lou Qingluo said humbly: "Thank you for your praise, but Lou is not as good as yours. The prince selected the prince, and it must be that the other party has something special to attract the prince."

"He came to the Necropolis for three months, but the old man didn't see anything special about him."

Wu Ruo in the car seemed to have not heard what they said, holding the child out of the beast car and seeing the adults who were talking about him, nodded indifferently to them, his eyes fell slightly on the floor. At a glance, the cloak on the opponent's body seemed to be black.

Lou Qingluo saluted quickly: "Wei Chen has seen the princess."

When the adults saw the Lord they were talking about, they suddenly flushed.

Some grown-ups have not seen Wu Ruo, and they hurriedly salute.

Wu Ruoyouli said, "You adults don't have to be courteous. I haven't held a marriage ceremony with my prince yet. It's not a real concubine, and I really can't stand the gift of yours."

This sounds very polite and very reasonable, but it also reminds everyone that his status today is insincere and unqualified to help the prince manage affairs. Even if he wants to step in, everyone will not listen to him. People who do not have any identities will make things even more unpleasant. Even if the marriage ceremony becomes a true princess in the future, as long as the performance does not satisfy everyone, it will gossip in private.

The adults were very embarrassed and didn't know how to reply to him for a while.

Wu Ruo took the initiative to leave and turned away.

Lou Qingluo said to other adults, "My lords, it's getting late, and everyone should return home early to rest."

"Master Lou, your robe is still wet, and you have to go back quickly to change your robe."

Wu Ruo heard this and walked into the second palace gate.

"Daddy, don't be sad." Xiaoxiao didn't know when he woke up: "In our eyes, father is the best, no one can beat him.

Wu Ruo chuckled: "They are just outsiders to me. No matter how bad their words are, it doesn't hurt me. The main thing is your father's attitude towards me. If he thinks I'm good, others It's useless to say too much, so why bother with their opinions, right? "

Little smiled cute and beautiful smile: "Yes."

Wu Ruo flashed her god, alas, their family was so cute, they wanted to hold it and kiss.

Returning to the Hengxing Palace, Wu Ruo saw the **** officer woman pass dishes to the hall.

Hei Xunyu sat at the table and looked at the paper in her hand carefully.

"Xu Xun, we are back." Wu Ruo was sitting next to Hei Xun Xing, holding him, "What are you looking at?"

"You're back." Hei Xieyu took Xiaoxiao out of the soft pillow, settled on the table, and looked at the door outside the hall: "What about eggs?"

"He stayed in four brothers' houses and played with two brothers."

Hei Xuanyu hummed from his nose, inaudible: "He was afraid I would punish him."

Wu Ruo laughed and said nothing.

Hei Xieyu picked up the paper just looked at and handed it to Wu Ruo: "This is the name I gave Xiaoxiao, please see which one is better.

Wu Ruo took a look. It was full of black names, and the corners of his eyes were drawn: "Eggs are all your last name, shouldn't Xiaoxi be my last name?"

"Xiaoxiao wants to follow my last name." Hei Xieyu showed a very tough attitude towards Wu Ruo.

Wu Ruo depressed: "Why?"

It stands to reason that Hei Xuanyu would not argue with him about his surname. As long as he raised it, Hei Xuanyu would give way, not to mention that the egg was already black, and the other child ’s surname was not a big problem.

Xiaoxiao laughed: "Because I look like a dad, and my father wants my child who looks like a dad to be his last name, father, am I right?"

If he looks like his father, his father will definitely give him the last name.

"Um." Hei Xieyu stroked his little hair, and the child really knew his mind.

Wu Ruo can see that between the two children, Hei Xieyu prefers to look like his little one: "Well, this reason is so satisfying to me that I can't oppose it."

He put the paper in front of Xiaoxiao: "Xiaoxiao, how about you pick a name from there?"

He nodded slightly, glanced quickly at the paper, pointed to one of the names and said, "I want it."

Wu Ruonian said: "Hei Hanji, um, it's pretty good."

Hei Xunyu nodded: "Just him."

"Hanji, Hanji." Wu Ruo yelled at Xiaoxiao twice with a smile: "Although Han is very nice, he is still used to calling Xiaoxiao."

Xiaoxiao smiled slightly: "I also like my dad and father to call me little."

There was a touch of softness in Wu Ruo's eyes, and Xiao Xiao was too smart and sensible, and he was beautiful and exquisite, and he was still a small one, which made him unable to speak loudly, let alone heavy words. small.

He picked up his chopsticks and spoiled the food for Hei Xieyu: "The food is going to be cold and eat soon."

After having dinner, Wu Ruo took a bath for Xiao Xiao, and then let Hessin return him to the room to sleep first, while the husband and wife stayed in the bathroom to continue bathing.

Hei Xunyu stroked Wu Ruo's smooth back, and said husky, "From tomorrow on, let Xiaoxiao sleep with Heixin."

Wu Ruo hesitated and nodded: "Yes.

Since being small, the two haven't loved each other well in bed, and at most while the children are asleep, the two secretly kissed them.

Hei Xiu's big hand was swiped from the back to the middle of the double strands, and he extended his finger and pressed it lightly. At that moment, the man in his arms groaned and smiled, "Here it is tight again."


Wu Ruo resignedly kissed his throat.

Hei Xuan narrowed his eyes, turned and pressed the person to the edge of the bath, and kissed the seductive lips.

The two hadn't addressed their needs for many days, and the kiss was almost out of control. For a moment, the waves of sound hit the water, and they stopped loving until the hot water became warm.

Wu Ruo leaned weakly in Hei Xieyu's arms, breathlessly asked, "Did you know the Master of the Refiner?"

Hei Xuanyu raised an eyebrow: "You want a refiner?"

"Well, I want to find a seal for a device, so I don't need to use hand-painted symbols to print it. It's quick and easy."

"It's a good idea, who figured it out?"

"Little." Wu Ruo proudly said, "Our son is so smart."

Hei Xuanxi hugged the person out of the water with a petite look, and asked, "Willn't a normal seal?"

"I want to try if the effect of the magic seal is better."

"There is a dedicated refiner in the palace, but the seal instrument has never been made, and the material for the seal instrument must be bought by the palace."

"Just help me find the refiner tomorrow."


Hei Xuanyu put on her robes and hugged people back to the room.

The little boy who was sleeping in the crib was already asleep. The husband and the two walked to the crib, and they kissed the sleeping person and raised their heads, and looked at each other and smiled.

Early in the morning the next day, the refiner came to the Hengxing Palace on time and heard Wu Ruo's request. He suddenly felt that his idea was a bit ridiculous. He had never seen anyone make a seal to make a magic weapon. However, Wu Ruo explained It also makes sense, so I was willing to give it a try, but there was no material for making seals in the palace. Wu Ruo took the little official to buy materials, and took the little one to stroll along the street on the first floor.

When Wu Ruo saw Xiao Xiaodong look around, she remembered that she had never brought Xiao Xiao to the first floor.

After waiting a little, Wu Ruo went to buy the materials.

After buying the materials, he went to Langshan Pavilion to see if they had left a message for him. As soon as he entered the door, he saw Shen Song explaining things to the shopkeeper.

Wu Ruo greeted before leaving: "Sing praise to the Lord."

When Shen Song saw Wu Ruo, he was happy: "Yu Sangong, I was about to leave a message for you, and you came.

Wu Ruo asked, "Are you looking for anything?"

"No big deal, just ask you out for a meal. Thank you for your help last time. It ’s better to hit the sun. How about we eat here at noon today?"

"Yes, but I still have some things to do. Come back at noon." Wu Ruo didn't want them to know the little things, and before they were noon, he sent the little ones to Heixuantang's palace.

Shen Song smiled and said, "Okay, see you at noon."

"Two guests and so on." The shopkeeper took out two pieces of written paper and handed them to Wu Ruo: "I wonder if the two have heard of the black market?"

Wu Ruo raised her eyebrows and took a look at the paper.

"Black market?" Shen Song took the paper in doubt.

"Yes, the black market." The shopkeeper pointed to the paper: "There is a black market introduction on them, and they are going to hold a magician test in the border town on the land one month later."
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