Comeback of the Abandoned Wife Chapter 241-250

Chapter 241: I really give flowers to Buddha

Wu Ruo looked at the black eyes and other officials, and they seemed to be accustomed to it: "Every time you send rice, they will hide in the house?"

Hei Xuanxi said softly, "It's almost like that."

"..." Wu Ruo admired the blackness and generosity in his heart. Although the state of the dead is a black family, it is their responsibility to send rice to the people. It is their responsibility to keep the people from starving. It's chilling. The matter of sending rice did not require the people to give back, nor did they ask them to thank Dade, let alone spend a penny, as long as they came out to pick up a rice, but they did not see anyone, and they asked people to open the door. Open the collar meter.

If it were him, maybe he would have been angry and turned away. However, Hei Xieyu and others still patiently knocked at each door.

When Wu Ruo saw a four- or five-year-old skinny child holding a small bowl filled with many small black bugs, and hungry, he grasped the cooked little bugs and stuffed them into his mouth. Think, maybe the people here have a last resort.

He walked in front of the child, and squatted down and asked, "Little baby, how about your father and mother?"

Everyone else hid in the house, but the child hid in the corner, eating the bug that someone accidentally dropped on the ground.

When the child saw Wu Ruo wearing a mask, his eyes showed fear and his body kept shaking.

Wu Ruo thought that because she was hungry at any time, she put a pile of cakes in the space, and then she took out a plate of cakes and gave them to the children.

The child looked at Wu Ruo and the pastry in the saucer. The fear in his eyes was much less. He carefully sniffed the taste of the pastry. The aroma suddenly came out and the child's eyes brightened.

Seeing him like this, Wu Ruo couldn't help but think that when he looked at the food, his face was also squinting, which made him feel funny.

The child stretched out his black hand and grabbed the edge of the dish. At the moment of Wu Ruosong's hand, he immediately turned around with the cake and ran, leaving Wu Ruo with a miserable face.

He smiled helplessly, wondering if the mood of Hei Xiu Pai Mi was the same as his moment, making it impossible to care about their actions.

Suddenly, there was a commotion in the distance.

"Old people are here to grab rice."

The guards fought with the old people.

The scene was chaotic and fierce, but most of them used ordinary swordsmanship or kung fu to fight against each other.

When the old people saw Hei Xieyu coming, they rushed to grab a beast cart with rice and ran on the beast.

The guards wanted to chase.

Hei Xieyu raised his hand to stop them.

The head of the guard reported to Hei Xieyu: "Prince Qi, the old clan injured us seven guards and robbed us a beast cart."

Hei Sui asked: "Is the guard seriously injured?"

"It's not serious, it's just a sword injury on the arm and thigh.

Hei Xuyi asked again, "How many households are still missing rice?"

"It's all done."

"Go to the next town."

"Yes." The captain asked everyone to get in the car.

After Wu Ruo got on the car, he asked Hei Xieyu: "Every time you send rice, the old people come to grab rice?"

Hei Xuan squinted his eyes: "Not necessarily, they grab the rice without rice, they grab the medicine without rice. If neither of them will make trouble, we will not let the people send rice to the people, nor will they let the people take rice."

"Why do people hide when they see you sending rice? Is it because they fear the old people?"


Wu Ruo twisted her eyebrows: "After the old people grabbed rice and medicinal herbs, do you use them yourself?"

"When they grab the rice and herbs, they will distribute them to the poor in other towns to make the people thank them.

"I will really use flowers to offer Buddha." Wu Ruo sneered: "They won't make money by buying and selling on their own?"

"They do business, but we have strict checks and we are not allowed to buy too many things."

Wu Ruo thought for a moment: "You are doing this to prevent them from growing?"

Hei Xuanyu said quietly: "Hundreds of years ago, our royal family did not manage the people of the old people for a period of time. Later, they relied on the money they earned to buy horses to rebel and regain their position. "

Wu Ruo puzzled: "Since you will encounter the old people below the 15th floor, why not move the people who are willing to leave here to the upper floor?"

"Don't look at the old people and us. They are very caring for the people below the 15th floor. Every first and fifteenth day, they will give people supplies. If we move all the people, the old people will not be restrained and will become Unbridled to trouble all levels. Just now you should have seen that when we played against each other, we did not use powerful mystery to fight, because they were just as worried about the collapse of the floor and hurting the people.

Wu Ruo: "..."

He felt that when Hei Xuyi said this, although he was expressionless, he didn't have the deep pain and horror he imagined, instead he expressed a slight appreciation of the old people in his tone.

In the next few towns, the old people appeared to trouble the rice medicinal materials or assassinate the black clams, but none succeeded.

In addition, Wu Ruo found that there were many people who were involved in the funeral. After inquiries, I learned that because the ground was too cold and lived here for many months, people could not bear the body. Many people were around forty years old. Passed away.

Over time, there will be fewer and fewer people in the dead nation.

If the curse is not solved again, maybe one day, there will be no more Necropolis.

At the eighteenth floor, more and more old people appeared, and it became more difficult to send rice to the people.

Finally, they came to the end town. Wu Ruo couldn't help remembering the time when he was rescued by the ghost woman, but did not expect people to come here again in the past two months.

Seeing Wu Ruo looking at the street in a daze, Hei Xuyi asked curiously, "What are you thinking?"

"When I was awakened by the flood, I was in Suzhen."

Hei Xieyu heard what he said about the ghost woman's rescue: "Is there a friend here?"

Wu Ruo chuckled: "I can't stay here for two hours. How can I have friends?"

At this time, the prince of Xiaoguanzhen, Mozhen, hurried over with his wife, son, and several concubines: "Xiaguan has seen the prince."

Wu Ruo raised his eyebrows when he saw Zhen Taishou's wife and his son. Isn't this rich and rich rich?

He teased his lips with a joke: "Friends are not there, so they provoke a few enemies."

Would Hei Xieyu not understand what he meant, and the eyes of Zhen Taishou cooling down instantly, Shen said, "Come here, take off the official hat of Zhen Taishou from the palace.

"Yes," said the guard.

The princes of the town and the wealthy were horrified. They knelt down and asked, "His Royal Highness, Xiaguan has always been doing dedication, but if he keeps his duty, I don't know what happened to him."

"If you keep your duty, how can your wife and children dominate the town and make the people afraid, even if their wives and children can't manage it?"

The wealthy and wealthy mother-in-law had a pale face. They did not expect that their behavior would make the town **** lose his official position. They hurriedly bowed their heads and called injustice: "His Royal Highness, we have never oppressed the people, and I ask you to check."

"This palace will find out what happened, come and bring them down."


Under the cries of the prince of the town, the guards dragged them onto the beast cart, and when the people saw this, they secretly greeted them.

Hei Xieyu also called for other officials to let them find a place for the town eunuch.

Wu Ruo asked curiously, "How do you know they are bullying the people?"

"Eggs told me what happened after you were scattered by the water, and also said that if I saw them in the future, I would have to get rid of these bad guys.

Hei Xiuyu also guessed from the story of the lover, probably the wife and children of Zhen Taishou.

Wu Ruo: "..."

His son was so good that he knew at a young age that he should tell his father about his grievances and let his father take the lead for them.

Hei Xieyu lowered his face in Wu Ruo'er's ear, and said, "Everyone, also said that the songwriter's person had set a family relationship for you."

Wu Ruofu.

Hei Xun chuckled slightly, and then Hemou chilled, and had the opportunity to take good care of the Qu family.

Wu Ruo asked: "The officials below the fifteenth floor are also under your management? Will the people of the old clan come to knock on the door?"

"The portal's teleportation team needs mental energy to maintain it. The old people are unwilling to do such difficult and unpleasant things. Let us manage it. Naturally, they will not go to the portal to cause trouble. The warrior who is working hard to maintain the teleportation formation, the government has not made a penny. "

Wu Ruo looked around and determined that there were no people around. He lowered his voice and asked, "Is the passage you dug out on the eighteenth floor?"

"The aisle is on the first floor. Because the aisle is connected to the water source of each floor, you will be washed to the eighteenth floor.

Hei Xuan said here, squinting cold eyes, at that time Wu Ruo they would be washed away, all by the hands and feet of the old cast.

Wu Ruo asked in surprise: "How deep is each floor of the Necropolis?"

He remembered that when he came to the kingdom of the dead, he came down to the entrance of the passage with a boat down to about ten miles, wasn't that layer separated from the land by ten miles?

"Except for the first floor, which is only ten miles from the land, the other floors are about twenty miles apart.

Wu Ruo calculated: "So, we are standing hundreds of miles away from the land, no wonder it's so cold here."

He said, could not help but tighten the cloak on his body, and asked casually: "I heard that there are 56 small towns and 9 large cities on the 18th floor. How big is your Necropolis?"

"It should be five times as big as the Kingdom of Heaven. At that time, when our ancestors dug the ground, they were digging in the shape of a triangle, digging down one layer at a time. Thirteen big cities and 362 small towns have the smallest area of eighteen floors. Only in this way will the ground not collapse.

"So big?" Wu Ruo originally wanted to ask something, but was interrupted by the troubled old people.

Hei Sui saw that the rice pie was indeterminate, no longer entangled with the people of the old clan, and took everyone back to the officials for dinner. After the sun went down, he hurriedly brought officials and a group of civilians into the costume of ordinary people. An Wei went to the border town on the land.

Wu Ruo and Hei Xie walked out of the door and were attracted by the lively scenery.

Chapter 242: border town

The frontier city occupies a large area, larger than the national capital, and there are more people than the national capital. Walking on the street is to rub shoulders, and the voices of hawkers are everywhere. If I have seen the most lively scene.

However, it is not the crowds that attract him, but the strange dressing and disguise of the people here. Many women are bare-chested and dress very bold. It seems that they have long been used to looking at them without any shame. Even generously displayed their proud body. And some men have shaved hair, wearing various kinds of jeweled hair bands, beautiful big earrings on their ears, no sleeves on their robes, no pants, showing their smooth arms and thighs, and others The man was even more exaggerated, with a cloth around his waist.

In addition, some people's eyes are very weird, some are blue, some are green, and some are golden, as beautiful as a gem.

Wu Ruo was stunned and had no idea where to put his eyes.

The black man next to him saw that he had been staring at others, and he couldn't help raising his hands to cover Wu Ruo's eyes. He asked with a sour tone: "Where are you looking?"

Wu Ruo went back to God and pulled down his hand: "Are you sure we are still in the state of the dead?"

"This is the border town of the Necropolis. It is also the border between a large country and five small countries. Businessmen in one country have to pass here to do business in another country. Later, people in other countries knew us You ca n’t leave the Necropolis and treat it as a place to buy and sell in seven countries, so many businessmen come from afar to do business here. "

Wu Ruo was surprised: "Wasn't there people in seven countries doing business here?"


"No wonder there are so many people here. I thought that the merchants of the Necropolis would send ghost people or use other people's bodies to do business in other countries." Wu Ruo quickly eyed the bare-chested woman and asked curiously : "Which country are those girls who wear boldly? Men in their country allow them to be so exposed?"

"It's Yan Rongguo. Their national wind is always open. Every summer, women wear robes with very few fabrics, and men only wear a waist skirt." Hei Xunchang calmly turned Wu Ruo's face to him. , And then put the next Hubei, so Wu Ruo can only watch him talk.

"What about the eyes?"

"They are people of the Blue Eyes, and their eyes are usually blue. Green and gold eyes indicate that the other is a child of Blue Eyes and life in other countries."

"Which country does the man with earrings belong to?"

"Heavenly kingdom." Hei Xieyu's tone cooled down.

Wu Ruoyi said: "You actually let them come here to do business?"

"The items they sell have what we need." Hei Xuanyu didn't want to mention too much about the heavenly kingdom, and pulled Wu Ruo to inspect elsewhere.

"Is there so many countries around me that no one ever thought of taking in while you couldn't come out during the day?"

"This is a cursed land, and their capture is also a curse."

Wu Ruo blinked: "Have any countries tried it?"

"Well, a small country once sent a team of 2,000 people to harvest our food and put their flag on our land. That night, they stayed with us and didn't leave. The next morning, When the sun rises, they are burned to ashes by the sun. "

Wu Ruo fantasized about the scene of the 2,000-man soldiers being burned to death: "So, in fact, the cursed land is also good, at least without any effort or even hands, it will invade your land. People are gone. "

Hei Xunyu bent his lips slightly: "You can say that."

"Will those who come here to do business be cursed?"

"As long as you don't want to take the land here as your own, you will be cursed." Hei Xuanyu said here, they just happened to reach the most prosperous section, and asked: "Are there anything you want to buy?"

Wu Ruo looked at people coming and going to the street, as if he had discovered business opportunities. Suddenly, his eyes shone: "Is the shop here expensive?"

"One million two small empty shops."

"How small?"

Hei Xiu raised his finger towards a small shop that could only accommodate six people.

"It's really small and expensive." Wu Ruo narrowed his eyes. "How much does the small stall in the middle of the street cost?"

"Small stalls are only rented or sold. It's thirty-two thousand a year." Hei Xuyi saw him ask such detailed information and asked, "Do you want to buy a shop?"

"Um." Wu Ruo originally planned to buy a shop in the capital to sell medicine for his dowry, but after coming to the border town, he found that it was more suitable for business.

"How big is your shop?"

Wu Ruo knew that it would be very difficult to buy shop noodles without a network in the border town, so he said politely, "Small shop is good. Can you buy it for me?"

Wu Ruo smiled happily and quietly hooked his palms with his fingertips. If there were not many people here, followed by many official guards, he would definitely kiss him.

Black eyes smirked, and quickly grabbed the restless fingers.

Officials walking behind saw the close interaction between the two of them.

Lou leaned down and looked at their hands, and then moved his eyes.

Hei Xieyu took Wu Ruo to the Shangfu of the Border Town.

The commercial government is responsible for managing the transactions of border towns. It is mainly responsible for collecting rents, collecting taxes, investigating smuggling and trafficking, and supervising duties.

Hei Xuyi came here to deal with. In order not to let Wu Ruo wait too boring, let him walk around with two guards. However, because of the mixed population in the border town, let him not go too far. Walk around the house.

Wu Ruo is happy to not follow up with the government, and can just be familiar with the environment here. There are many items commonly used in various countries around the world, such as cloth, medicinal materials, rituals, elixir, and ingredients. Some people are particularly selling. Law, sculpted runes and slaves.

Suddenly, a roar came over: "Stop, you have to run again, we will deduct your pass to buy and sell here."

Wu Ruo looked back, and saw someone flying over the monster, speeding very fast, and rushed to him in a blink of an eye.

"My son, be careful." The guard hurriedly hid Wu Ruo aside.

The people riding the monsters roared past them, knocking down several people in succession, and the chaos behind them were chasing after each other.

Wu Ruo looked at the figure who was riding away from the monster and twisted his eyebrows. From the figure of the person sitting on the monster, it seemed to be a deep tribute, but the speed was too fast, and the light at night was not enough for daylight. Therefore, he could not see clearly.

He thought for a while and thought it was impossible. He didn't think they could meet him anywhere. "What happened?"

The guard replied: "People of the old race should be smuggling and selling again."

Wu Ruo still wanted to ask something, so someone asked him politely, "I don't know if the son is going to buy arrays or to run a rune?"

Wu Ruo and the guard turned their heads and found that they were standing in front of other people's shops.

The shopkeeper continued to introduce them: "On the left is the method of selling arrays, and the right is carved with runes."

"Selling arrays? Is it selling arrays?" Wu Ruo glanced curiously inside, and the shop was much larger than the small shop he had seen before, with more than a dozen guests standing in it.

The shopkeeper smiled and said, "There are also array formation books, as well as arranged array formations."

As soon as Wu Ruo heard it, he became even more curious: "How can you sell good arrays to others?"

The shopkeeper smiled and pointed to the yellow magic stick that was pasted behind the counter. The paper was very wide and occupied the entire wall. It was like drawing a ghost charm. On the large yellow paper charm, a matrix was drawn: "We just sell the array to others It ’s good that the opponent can drive the matrix method with only a little spiritual power, and the effect is absolutely as strong as the hand-made matrix method. "

"What if the paper is torn suddenly during the process?"

"We can use yellow cloth as a magic charm, and then embroider it with cinnabar thread. In this way, we are not afraid of breaking, and are not afraid of water and fire damage. We can use it several times continuously, but the price will be higher.

The words of the shopkeeper seemed to remind Wu Ruo. Immediately, he was inspired. If he engraved some runes in the elixir, would the effect be better than ordinary? It's like the person on the right of the shop engraved the rune on the magic weapon.

He couldn't help but be pleased: "It's quite innovative, and makes me want to buy a matrix from you and go back."

The shopkeeper asked with bliss: "I don't know what array the son wants?"

"Just feel free." Wu Ruo didn't really want to buy arrays. Only the shopkeeper inspired him, and he wanted to patronize the business here.

This words stumped the shopkeeper. People who used to buy arrays will have the array they want to buy, but now the other party is free to say, what is the better array he wants to choose for the other party?

"Son, we have Juling array, Frost ice array, Jinguang array, Blood Devour array, Jiuqu array ... Roaring wind array, fierce array."

Wu Ruo patiently heard the last: "What is a fierce battle?"

"Popularity is that the formation of the fiery fire can be used to make enemies or alchemy, depending on how you want to use it."

Wu Ruo blurted out, "Can you warm up?"

After asking, he regretted it.

I must have seen the people below the fifteenth floor too cold before asking the stupid question of whether the array can be warmed.

The shopkeeper said: "Heating? This, this should not work. If people stay on it after starting the formation, they will definitely die, unless the opponent's spiritual power is higher than that of the array, then they should be able to warm up."

Wu Ruodao: "It's time to fight."

Anyway, I bought it casually.

"Okay." The shopkeeper happily took out several fierce arrays of different shapes and sizes for Wu Ruo to choose.

Wu Ruo bought all the yellow charms he took out at a stretch.

The shopkeeper smiled at him.

Wu Ruo walked out of the shop, put the array of magic spells into the space, and then looked at the road on the left and the right and the shops on the opposite side, hesitating where to look better. At this time, a familiar figure passed by the shop on the opposite .

Chapter 243: I like you so much

Wu Ruo squinted.

Owner! ?

The other party is dressed in the same style as before, and should be the owner of the city.

But how could he be in the kingdom of the dead?

There was a hint of uncertainty in Wu Ruo's eyes.

The Lord of the City seemed to be following someone, kept staring at the front, and avoided the crowd, very cautiously, he could not help but step up.

There are too many people on the street, and it is not known who the city is mainly following.

"Prince, Prince said, you can't leave the business too far." The guard said suddenly.

Wu Ruo looked back at the guard, and when he looked forward, the owner had disappeared.

He quickly followed a few steps and jumped up to look at it. The whole street was full of dark people. He couldn't tell who was who at all. In order not to worry about Hei Xieyu, he dismissed the idea of catching up, not to mention the city. Who the Lord follows has nothing to do with him.

Wu Ruo strolled around Shangfu and bought a bunch of toys and snacks for his son.

Hei Xieyu just finished talking about the matter and saw the guard behind Wu Ruo carrying a bunch of toys, raising his eyebrows and asking, "Done shopping? Would you like to go elsewhere?"

"No more shopping, you are tired after a busy day, and come back later when you have time.

"Well, let's go back."

On the way back, Hei Xieyu wandered slowly to Wumen with Wu Ruo. After entering the teleportation team and returning to the emperor and the officials, he took out two pieces of written paper from his sleeve and dangled in front of Wu Ruo. Akira.

Wu Ruo hesitated, lifted the mask on his face, took a look at the paper, one was a permit to buy and sell, and the other was written with the word 'house deed', and was surprised: "This is a deed in the border town. ? "


Wu Ruo happily hugged Hei Xieyu, while looking at the address written above: "You're done so? Action is really fast. Shop No. 1 in the city, you know the good location at first glance, Xie Ye, thank you . "

He quickly put his toes on his toes and kissed them on the lips of Hei Xuan.

The guard behind him looked up at the lamp, pretending not to see the closeness of the two.

Seeing him so happy, Hei Xun couldn't help but smile, and patiently listened to his next plans.

"I am going to use it to open medicine stores, sell runes, maggots, as long as they are the yin and yang masters and sorcerers, I want to make them for sale. By the way, Master Xihua once gave me a runes book. I can also draw the priest's runes and sell them ... "Wu Ruo said, frowning:" I was wrong, I should have a bigger shop, otherwise, such things are not enough . "

Hei Xuyi said, "Shop No. 1 is not a small shop."

Upon hearing this, Wu Ruo quickly picked up the deed and took a closer look. It turned out to be a big shop.

He pulled down Black's neck with excitement, and kissed his mouth hard: "Xi, I like you so much."

Hei Sui was a little hesitant. He heard Wu Ruo like him for the first time. Although the relationship between the two did not need to be expressed in words, he could tell from each other's words and deeds and the love revealed by his eyes that he liked each other , But when they hear the other person say the like, they are still unable to suppress the joy, and even too happy to control themselves.

The corner of his good-looking mouth almost grinned to his ear, hugged Wu Ruo, kissed Dan Lip lowered, and let him go until the other party spread his arms softly.

Hei Xuan said hoarsely: "Say it again."

Wu Ruo panted and asked, "What did you say?"

"The words just now."

"What did you just say?" Wu Ruo remembered what he said just now, and then his face turned hot: "I forgot what I said."

In fact, he was embarrassed to say it again.

Hei Xunyu nibbled at his next kiss: "Huh? Really forgot?"

Wu Ruo shoved his chest shyly, "Someone is watching."

Hei Xuan looked at the guard sideways.

The guards turned around and left.

Hei Xuanyu pressed him against the official wall: "There is no one now, you can say."

"There will still be someone passing by here, I'll go back and talk."

Hei Xieyu immediately picked him up and flew back to the Hengxing official with light work.

As soon as he landed, Wu Ruofei pushed him away quickly, like a monkey, and went to the courtyard where he lived.

Hei Xieyu: "..."

He was fooled.

However, he came to Japan.

Wu Ruo ran to the door of the room where Lao He lived and tapped on the door; "Lao Hei, Lao He slept?"

Laohei heard Wu Ruo's voice and hurried to open the door: "Man, I haven't slept yet. Are you going to find anything wrong with me?"

Wu Ruoyang raised the deed in his hand and the pass to buy and sell: "I am going to open the store, and then you will be the shopkeeper to help me look at the store."

"Really?" Old Heixin rejoiced. "Well, finally, something is done."

Sleep every day when you are full, eat when you are awake, and chat with the eunuchs when you are not asleep. People are going to mold.

Wu Ruo teased him: "There is food and clothing, and someone is waiting for you, isn't it?"

Laohe said with a bitter face: "Man, I am a born toil, and I feel itchy when I'm idle."

Wu Ruo smiled and handed him the deed: "Okay, you'll go to Border Town tomorrow morning. Let me know firsthand what the people in Border Town sell, or what medicine is better for sale. What ’s so special about medicine, and how much more help me see how to sell priests, shamans, and wizards ... "

He thought for a moment: "This is the way it is now. After inquiring, find someone to clean the shop."

"Okay." Lao He carefully packed things away.

Wu Ruo gave him the pass token for entering and leaving the palace: "The environment in the border city is chaotic. When you go, take two guards to follow you."

Lao Hei received the token: "No, I'm used to being alone and taking two guards instead is eye-catching. If I really encounter something thorny, I will use the official token to find the difference. They will definitely help me with the token. "

"Smart enough, the big red around Princess Fei, the store will rely on you in the future, you take a good rest, I leave." Wu Ruo stood up with a smile and left, returned to the room, and saw Hei Xieyu bathed in bed He also went to take a bath before lying on the bed, kissed the man who closed his eyes and rested, and the next moment he was hugged in his arms.

"Are you still awake?"

"Waiting for you to come back." Hei Xuyi opened his eyes. "Did you just go find Lao Hei?"

"Well, I'm going to let him be the shopkeeper and show me the store. Can you give your token to Lao Hei and let the frontier of the border know that he is yours?"

"The people in Shangfu and Jianmen know that I bought the first shop and they will protect it there."

"That's good." Wu Ruo kissed the corner of his mouth, and after lying down, he got up again: "Yes, I saw the city owner before."

Hei Xuxi frowned. "Are you sure?"

"Well, Bacheng is him. At that time, he seemed to be following whom. I originally wanted to catch up and see. After being interrupted by a guard, I couldn't find him."

Hei Xieyu thought for a while and said, "The black market is built in the middle of the four ethnic channels, which means that all the nations of the human race are connected. It is easy for the city to come to the Necropolis, as long as you go from the black market to the countries around the Necropolis Just go here again. "

"No wonder the black market has nothing for so many days." Wu Ruo wondered: "Why must the Necropolis come from the surrounding towns? The black market cannot come directly to the Necropolis?"

"The Necromancers do not have a passage to the black market. Even if there is a passage, it is useless, and the Necroman cannot leave the Necropolis to go to the black market."

"So that's right, there are enchantments on every floor or in every city in the Necropolis?"

"Well, this is set by the old people to prevent us from knowing their whereabouts."

"It's no wonder that I'm on the same floor with him, and I can't use the contract to sense each other's existence." Wu Ruo kissed his face: "Sleep fast, you have to get up early tomorrow morning."


In the early morning the next morning, Wu Ruo and Hei Xieyu had breakfast and went to the Taiji Hospital to buy recipes of elixir from doctors in various countries. As long as he had not seen or heard of the recipes, he bought them for refining.

When the doctor of Du Quanguo heard that he wanted to buy a formula, he couldn't help thinking of one thing, and said, "My husband heard that the Emperor of Heavenly Kingdom has all the elixir formulas in each country."

Everyone heard it, curious to stop the work in hand, surprised: "Really? Impossible, right? Where did he find so many recipes?"

Du Quanguo shook his head: "It ’s true or false, the old people do n’t know. Our country is right next to them, so we can hear so many rumors. As for the recipe, the old man still listened to Master. "

Wu Ruo asked: "Doctor Emperor? What did you mean by Emperor Medical? Their emperor is a doctor, so is it called Emperor Medical?"

"It's not their emperor who is called a doctor. It is a doctor who has very good medical skills and was eventually named a medical emperor. Moreover, I heard that the doctors in their country have ranks, and the lowest are ordinary doctors. The senior is the emperor, and even the elixir is graded. "

Men Linguo's doctor said: "The doctors in our country are also divided into ordinary doctors and famous doctors, and there is also a difference between ordinary and high-quality or traditional Chinese medicine.

Physicians in other countries have also said that their country is the same.

Physician Du Quanguo waved his hand: "Not the same, not the same. We only become famous doctors based on the reputation we have accumulated through medical experience. However, they hold a doctor's test every year, and they can give alchemy points to physicians through diagnosis and treatment of incurable diseases. The grade is almost a form of our imperial examination. Also, their elixir is not like we only divide ordinary, low, intermediate, advanced and superb elixir. Their country will divide the elixir into one to nine. The best elixir is up to seven elixir in their country. "

Everyone was surprised: "So amazing?"

"How powerful is the nine-level medicine?"

Du Quanguo shook his head: "The old man has not seen the nine-level elixir, only to hear people say that the nine-level elixir will emit a faint white light, just like the elixir made by the fairy. It can make people come back to life, but this should be an exaggerated metaphor, but it should be true that white light is emitted. The old master's master said that he had seen such an elixir. "

Chapter 244: Good idea

The doctors and doctors at the Tai Hospital are both medical obsessives. When they heard something unheard of before, they all gathered around to listen to the things in the heavenly kingdom.

"Elixir emits white light, which is unheard of."

"Someone's refined elixir can emit aura, and it should be true that it can emit white light."

"Do you really want to see what Nine-Class Elixir looks like? Is it round like ordinary Elixir? What is the color of Elixir?"

"The physicians of the Holy Kingdom of Heaven can make such high-quality elixir, and the medicine should be quite powerful.

"Can the physicians of Heavenly Kingdom cure hypoxia?"

As soon as this word came out, Tai Hospital quieted down instantly and looked silently at the talking physician.

The doctor was stared at him and asked, "I, what did I say wrong?"

Everyone who saw him knew that he didn't know what happened between the kingdom of the dead and the kingdom of heaven.

The doctor of Du Quanguo shook his head: "These things are not conclusive."

Yaotai Yi said, "Okay, don't stay around here, let's get busy."

After receiving many formulas and medical books of elixir, Wu Ruo asked Yao Taiyi: "Yao Taiyi, how well are you preparing for the sixth brother to heal your body?"

"We are going to wait for the next prince six to treat him next time. So before he got sick, we found five dying children to heal." Yao Taiyi said here very excited: "The first stage Treating the children according to the prescriptions and methods you gave is very successful. The children are rejuvenated and no different from ordinary children, but the second stage ... "

He frowned: "Not very optimistic. After we adjusted the internal organs for the children, the body just got better. If they had been necrotic in their bodies, they would destroy the newly conditioned internal organs, which made the children suffer again and again. So, we I am going to prepare for a blood exchange first. "

Wu Ruo thought about it: "If the blood is changed first, it is very likely that the blood will be destroyed by the uncleaned internal organs in a short period of time.

Yao Taiyi's brow tightened again: "This is indeed possible.

"I think something is wrong with our prescription."

Yao Taiyi said: "We are the best prescription for conditioning the internal organs and bones. Why is there a problem?"

Wu Ruo squinted his eyes: "The medicine we dispensed is too mild, and we can only slowly condition the internal organs, leading to the body being destroyed by necrotic blood before we can adjust the body. If we increase the strength of the medicine, it will be different. The bones and bones are two points, and if the necrotic blood can only destroy one point of the internal organs, the internal organs have a chance to improve.

Yao Taiyi sighed, "We also thought about this, but the children's bodies couldn't stand the potent medicine."

Wu Ruo thought that the children with a deficiency of the sun were four or five years old, and frowned: "Have you tried it?"

"No, no one can bear the test of the child's body."

Wu Ruosu's eyes are frowning, and doctors are thinking of a way to cure the deficiency syndrome: "If you don't try, it will only be a dead end. If you try, you will find a chance.

He is not a hospital person, he can only give some thoughts and opinions, and he will not interfere with their decisions arbitrarily, but he does not want the doctors to deal with things decisively, because he wants to heal Hei Xixi as soon as possible.

Wu Ruo, when she bought books on the identification of herbs and herbs from different countries, she returned to Hengxing Palace to make medicines. In a single day, she also refined more than a hundred medicines, and did not know when she would open the store. Moreover, he not only refining medicine, but also drawing symbols, refining crickets, he couldn't be too busy alone.

Suddenly, he thought of Wu Qianqing.

"Grandfather, I'm back." Lao Hei was happy outside before he entered.

When Wu Ruo saw him panting into the room, he poured a glass of water: "Don't worry, just breathe away."

Laohe panted, drank the tea, and continued happily, "Master, the shop you bought is really a good place. It must have cost a lot of money?"

Wu Ruo smiled: "I bought it last night. I haven't had time to see where the store is yet. Tell me how good it is to shop No. 1?"

"It was originally bought by the master. No wonder the location would be so good." Laohe smiled. "Shop No. 1 is just across the gate. Everyone who walks out of the gate from the teleportation array can see Shop No. 1. People from the gate of the city also have to pass through Shop No.1. Therefore, it is the place with the highest number of people, and no one dares to make trouble at the entrance of Yamen. The height is high, I heard that there is also a small courtyard behind. "

Wu Ruo was surprised: "So big? By the way, when I went last night, I remember the rows of shops across the door were open."

"It's really open, but when I went this morning, the people who bought the first shop were moving, the onlookers were asking who the first shop was for resale, and some people were calling the original shop as the original owner. Dasha, he sold such a good shop to others. "

Wu Ruodao: "Should the shopkeepers be unwilling to move?"

"It's quite unwilling to look at them, but the human rights of buying a shop are huge, and they can't help it. However, I heard that they were bought by a shop of 120 million yuan, and now they sell 200 million yuan, and , The people who bought them also compensated them for a shop that was as big as a shop and a good location. "

Wu Ruo was shocked: "It took so much money."

Lao Hei smiled: "The master is good to grandpa and wants to give the best to grandpa."

Wu Ruo was happy and distressed. "When will I be able to make back 200 million yuan and that shop?"

Lao Hei said excitedly: "I believe Grandpa will soon be able to make money back.

Wu Ruo raised an eyebrow: "You just deserve me?"

"Because I found out that the frontier city did not sell the items of the yin and yang priests, priests, and wizards, and we will be the only one in the future. It will definitely attract many people to the store to buy things. I guess the master bought this big because of this. Shop. "

Wu Ruo smiled happily: "Really?"

"Of course it is true, I have investigated it clearly. There is no one to do business here. The sky and the kingdom of the dead are separated by the ocean. Even if there is a yin and yang priest, a priest, and a wizard, there is no one here. With support for them, they would not dare to open a shop here at random, and if something goes wrong, no one will be fair to them. "

Wu Ruo heard him say this, and he became more and more confident in opening the store. He took out a stack of silver tickets and several lists with the names of the medicines and gave him: "You will buy all the medicinal herbs tomorrow and send them to Xitang's house. And then, within half a month, please bring back 20 or 30 guys who are not Necromancers. "

The old Hei Lian nodded again and again.

"Okay, you go down and rest."


Wu Ruo thought he was going to be the boss. When he couldn't sit still when he was excited, he used a fine needle to dip the red potion extracted from the medicinal materials and drew a symbol on the black elixir. The elixir is not large, and it takes a lot of effort to draw the charms on it, and you can't make mistakes. After the drawing is finished, Zancha has passed.

He breathed a sigh of relief and wiped the sweat off his forehead.

"Are you uncomfortable?" Hei Xieyu came back from the outside to see Wu Ruo exhaling and sweating.

"No." Wu Ruo happily drew Heishu to her. "Look at my elixir."

Seeing the runes on the elixir, Hei Xieyu raised an eyebrow: "Why run the runes on Ju Ling Dan?"

"I was wondering if I could increase the effect.

"Can you eat it?"

Wu Ruo hesitated: "I don't know if it can be eaten, but since it can be made into a rune painting on yellow paper and then affixed to a person, there should be no problem eating it."

Hei Xiu directly threw the elixir into his mouth.

"Ah, how did you eat?" Wu Ruo was anxious, nervous and angry: "Are you all right?"

Hei Xieyu asked him, "Are you crafting a low-level or a medium-level julin?"

"Low-level." Wu Ruo wanted to make more elixir, so he started at a low level.

Hei Xie said with a corner of his mouth: "Yes, it has a medium effect.

"Really?" Wu Ruoxin grabbed Hei Xuan's arm with joy: "Do you feel uncomfortable?"

"There is no discomfort, and no one has ever painted runes on elixir. However, it ’s better that you just draw the middle-strength juling pill on the lower level juling pill. Moreover, once the elixir comes out, people in other drug stores must be sure. They follow suit, or guests can paint directly. "

"Rest assured, I have already thought about this. They must imitate it, but the key is on the runes. I will draw some runes that the Necromancer and the surrounding countries cannot draw, and they] have to Come to me to buy medicine. "

Hei Xunyu nodded: "Good idea."

Wu Ruo stood up and hugged his neck: "How did you buy me such a large shop, I don't know how to fill the shop.

Hei Xieyu held his hand: "The first floor sells medicines from various countries, the second floor sells elixir, the third floor sells magic charms, and the fourth floor sells magic instruments ..."

Wu Ruo wondered, "Where's the magic weapon?"

"The storeroom is stocked with a bunch of artifacts I made from childhood. You can sell them."

"You willing to sell?"

"It ’s all unavailable.

"Okay, what else is on the fifth floor?"


"Why are tapeworms on the fifth floor."

"No one here has ever seen tapeworms, which can attract them to watch them upstairs."

"Good idea, I'll take a look at the storeroom now." Wu Ruo happily ran out of the room and asked Hessin to open a storeroom dedicated to the player.

As soon as the door opened, Wu Ruo was stunned. Only one storeroom was as large as a palace. Inside, there were hundreds of shelves up to the ceiling. Each shelf was filled with magic instruments. Software tools: "Why are there so many tools? All are rendered?"

Hei Xinyu laughed: "There are 30,237 pieces of artifacts here, all made by the prince himself. The princes when they were young loved the maker very much. On average, two to three pieces are made every day. Instruments, over time, filled the entire warehouse.

Wu Ruo walked into the warehouse and carefully touched each of the artifacts: "The artifacts here have been successfully refined?"


"Shinbo, can you write down the materials of each weapon?"

"We recorded it when we entered the warehouse."

Wu Ruo was surprised: "Can you show me the record book?"

Immediately after the words were spoken, he was hugged by the founder, Hiroshi: "The main thing you have now is to accompany me to take a bath and rest, and do other things until you understand them. Otherwise, I will take the shop back."

Wu Ruo was crying and was taken away from the warehouse.

Black letter smiled even more.

that's nice.

The relationship between the prince and the concubine is getting better and better.

Chapter 245:

After Hei Xiu went to the early morning, Wu Ruo also got up and went to the palace to find Wu Qianqing.

When Guan Tong saw that Wu Ruo didn't bring the eggs out, he asked, "Xiao Ruo, why didn't you bring the eggs out of the house?"

"Yesterday he knew a few friends in his words. He promised to go out to play today, so he didn't come with me." Wu Ruo came to Wu Qianqing: "Dad, are you better?"

"It's much better." Wu Qianqing smiled slightly. "You leave the palace every three or five. The emperor didn't say you?"

Wu Ruo inspected Wu Qianqing's hand and said, "Dad, don't worry, the rules in the palace are not as many as those in the Royal Palace of Heaven and Earth, and they are not as severe as you think. OK, by the way, I will stay here for two days and wait until the second day of June. "

Wu Qianqing thought his son would live here because he was worried about his hands: "My hands are fine, you don't need to worry about me living here."

"I live here because of other things." Wu Ruo sat aside with a smile: "Big brother and little girl, what about them?"

Guan Tong laughed: "They are all in Xiao Xi's yard, watching the little monster sent by Xu Tang."

Wu Ruo was curious: "Xitang sent a little monster?"

"Don't you buy a three-tailed cat for Xiaoxi? Xiaoxi likes it so much that she plays with it every day when she comes back. Xitang sees Xiaoxi likes pets so much, and this morning gave five little monsters come."

"Four younger brothers are quite kind." Wu Ruo stood up with a smile: "Let's go over and see, I just have something to tell you."

Wu Qianqing and Guan Tong nodded at glance.

Wu Ruo together they went to the small courtyard where Wu Xi lived. Before they entered the door, they heard Wu Xi's happy voice: "They are so cute, I like them so much, thank you Brother Tang."

Jiaojiao Lengheng: "It's all a bunch of waste. I can step on them with one foot. I really don't know what you can do to keep this waste and can't protect you."

Hei Xietang said, "Jiaojiao, after hearing this, you know that you don't understand your daughter's heart. No wonder you have a lot of years and haven't married your daughter-in-law."

Jiaojiao asked: "You know your daughter so well, do you have a daughter-in-law?"

This remark was just in the heart of Heixietang. Uxi, who was playing with the little demon beast, said, "I'm pursuing it better than you don't even have an object."

Jiaojiao: "..."

Wu Ruo they came in and saw a few cute little monsters running around in the yard.

Wu Xi and Hei Xietang sat on the side to tease the little monster. Wuzhu, Youji Yeji, and Thorny were chatting in the pavilion, and they all stood up when they saw Wu Qianqing coming in.

Wu Xixin ran to Wu Ruo, "Second brother, you are here."

"I have something to do with you." Wu Ruo took them to the pavilion.

Hei Xietang took the lead in saying, "It should be good to see how the grandma looks."

Wu Ruo did not deny: "There is indeed a good thing."

Everyone looked at him curiously.

Wuzhu curiously asked, "What's good?"

Wu Ruo explained his intentions directly: "I am going to open a shop in Border Town. I plan to sell magic charms, herbs, ceremonies, tapeworms, and elixir. However, I must be busy by myself, so I want you to help me too. . "

Ushi asked "How can I help? Is it to let us be buddies at the shop?"

"No." Wu Ruo said funnyly, "How can I let you do these things? It's just overkill, I just want you to draw magic charms."

Everyone said in unison: "Drawing a charm?"

"Yes, it ’s the magic rune. The frontier city of the Necropolis is on the border land. There are people from seven countries doing business in the border town, but no one sells the magic runes of the yin and yang masters and demons. I'll sell it, there must be many people buying it, and it will definitely make you a lot of money. "

Wu Xi and Wu Zhu's eyes brightened: "Really?"

"Of course it is true. If I hadn't found someone, would I dare to come here and tell you?" Wu Ruo looked to Hei Xietang: "Four younger brother, what do you think of my thoughts?"

Hei Xietang laughed: "Dasao is right, no one in the border city really sells these things. If you sell things that others don't, you will sell well."

Wu Qianqing was slightly worried: "But our spiritual power level is not high, and the level of magic charms we draw is not high."

Wu Ruo comforted him: "Dad, you don't have to worry about this. Although high-level charms make more money than low-level charms, high-level charms are not necessarily better than low-level charms. You must know that not everyone can buy high-level charms."

You said, "Xiao Ruo makes sense."

"Right." Wu Ruo took out a pile of medicine bottles from the space: "I also want you to help me draw rune patterns on the elixir, and I will give you the silver when I earn silver later."

Ye Ji curiously picked up the bottle: "Why draw a rune on the elixir? Is it useful?"

Wu Ruo explained: "It can increase the effect. For example, if you draw the charm of runes on the lower level, it means you have an intermediate elixir.

Wu Qianqing was surprised: "Is there such a thing? I have never heard of it."

Others also said they had never heard of such a thing.

"Actually, it is similar to the runes carved on the implements. Moreover, not every elixir is suitable for drawing runes. After painting, we have to test the effect and sell it if it is useful."

Wu Xi very much agrees with Wu Ruo's idea, because she also wants to make money, but she has low spiritual power, and no one asks her to do anything without saying that she will not be able to complete the task in terms of her ability.

Wuzhu and Wuqianqing have similar ideas to Wuxi. It is better to practice while earning silver, but after the spiritual order is high, go out to take on the task.

Secret, thorny, and night-thinking they don't care, they should earn a small amount of money.

Wu Ruo saw no objection: "If you don't say a word, you agree with my idea? Then, in this half month, each of you will draw five hundred charms and give me ten each.

Wuzhu nodded: "OK."

Hei Xietang asked, "Da'ao, your shop is ready."

Wu Ruo asked him, "What do you say?"

"Haha, there is an elder brother, sure there is no problem, where is the storefront, I will find someone to patronize you in the future.

"Shop No. 1 in the city."

"Shop No. 1 in the city, um, I remember ..." Hei Xuantang said half of it, glaring his eyes wide, jumping up, and said excitedly, "I went to Shop No. 1 in the city, turned out to be No. 1 in the city?"

Except for Wu Ruo, everyone was taken aback by Hei Xietang.

Guan Tong twisted his eyebrows and asked, "Is there anything wrong with Shop No. 1 in the city?"

Hei Xietang explained quickly: "Dear mother, don't worry, this shop has no problems. The reason why I was so surprised is that Shop No. 1 is the best shop in the border town. Its location is opposite the entrance of the Yamen. People can see the No.1 shop as long as they come out of the teleportation array. People from other countries must pass in front of the No.1 shop when they enter the city gate. It is conceivable how many people pass through the No.1 shop every day. Five years Previously, the people who took the next shop spent 100 million yuan, and their business was so jealous. Now five years have passed, and the value must be more than that. "

Wuzhu and Wuxi both looked at Heixuantang in shock: "One hundred and two million !? One paving is worth two hundred and twenty million?"

Guan Tong worried: "Xiao Ruo, just selling what you said can earn back the money of the shop?"

"Dear mother, don't worry, as long as it is a practical thing that no one sells in the border town, it will definitely make a lot of money." Hei Xietang looked at Wu Ru with an envious look: "Big brother is really generous to big sister, no wonder the big brother is so fast With Dasao ’s heart, it seems that I must be willing to treat people I like, um, I have to work harder. "

Wu Ruo pumped out the corner of his mouth: "Dare to love your brother's buyer's shop and let you realize your experience."

Wu Qianqing got up and said, "Then we will start to draw symbols so that the shop can open soon to make money.

Wu Ruo hurriedly said, "Wait, Dad, I still have something to say."

"What is it?" Wu Qianqing sat down again.

Wu Ruomin hesitated and said, "It's just the matter."

People in the Wu family were particularly concerned about "Egg and Egg" when they mentioned him.

"Don't worry, the eggs are fine." Wu Ruo reassured them. "I want to say the origin of the eggs."

Hei Xieyu has told the emperor that the egg is the result of the thirty-seven stones, so he can't keep it hidden, so that his family will finally know the origin of the egg.

To be honest, he was uncomfortable, his family always knew about him later.

Wu Xi nervously said, "Don't **** damn come here?"

Wuzhu and Wuqianqing looked at Wu Ruo anxiously.

"Haha." Hei Xietang laughed out: "Dasao, you don't see me thinking that way, even Xiaoxi thinks that the egg is born of the big brother and other women.

"Isn't it?" Uhis confused.

Hei Xietang looked at Wu Ruo: "Let Auntie explain to you in person."

Wu Ruo looked at his timid: "Have you heard of Sanqi Stone?"

The people in Wujia shook their heads.

Wu Ruo explained: "The thirty-seven stone is the spirit of the demons, it ..."

He informed the Wujia people of the origin and usefulness of Sanqi Stone.

The Wu family looked at Wu Ruo in shock.

Wuzhu asked, "Xiao Ruo, do you want to tell us that these eggs are made of Sanqi Shi?"

Wu Ruo answered, "Yes?"

Wu Qianqing asked, "Is it made out of flesh and blood?"

"It was made with shame's blood and my flesh.

The Wu family's eyes widened.

Guan Tong asked, "So it ’s you and Xun's child?"

Wu Ruo nodded.

Wu Xi's face was unbelievable: "Oh my God, Egg is actually the child of the second and second elder brothers."

Wuzhu looked at Youyu: "Can Sanqishi really give birth to children?"

Youyou nodded: "It was the spirit left by the demon fairy, which has been preserved by the demons of the demons to this day."

Wu Qianqing raised her eyebrows: "Xiao Ruo, since Eggs are your children, why didn't you tell us?"

Wu Ruo said the long-awaited speech: "I only know it recently."

Hei Xuantang's eyes flashed with doubts, Dasao has only recently known? However, it doesn't look like this.

Chapter 246: Let's get married

Wu Qianqing looked at Wu Ruo strangely: "Why do you know this now? Isn't it Sanqi Stone that Xunyi got?"

Wu Ruo knew his dad was not so perfunctory: "Dad, this matter is difficult to explain in one word. I can't explain it in a few words. I don't know how to explain it to you, but the egg is indeed my child and Xuan's child."

You said for Wu Ruo: "The child transformed by Sanqi Shi knows who his parents are, and Egg likes to follow Xiao Ruo, it means that Xiao Ruo is really his father."

Guan Tong couldn't hide his excitement: "Dome is actually my own grandson, which is great."

Wu Xi and Wu Zhu were also very happy and could not wait to see their nephew right away.

Wu Qianqing said cheerfully: "Xiao Ruo, after a while, you will send the eggs to live here for a few days."

Seeing them wanting to see the eggs, Wu Ruo said to Hei Xietang, "Four younger brothers, you will take the eggs down tomorrow morning."

"it is good."

The Wu family waited for the excitement before returning to the room to draw magic charms.

The others also dispersed, and Wu Ruo went to see the ghost woman.

The ghost woman is trying to learn to speak in the room, but she can only say a few words at the moment. The words are not very clear, but she is very happy to speak.

Wu Ruo didn't bother her when she entered the room, stood by the window for a moment, then turned her head away, and saw you standing in front of the courtyard and watching him quietly.

"Aunt, are you waiting for me?"

Wu Ruo intuitively thinks that you are asking Sanqi Stone.

"Yes, wait for you." Youyou recovered the man's voice: "Let's go to the compound?"

Wu Ruo nodded.

The two walked silently to the bridge of the compound, and You said in a low voice, "As far as I know, there is only one Sanqi stone in the world and it is in the hands of our demons. Marry my daughter quietly, I gave it to Ye Ji, and now Sanqi Stone is in the hands of Jiyi, so I wonder how the eggs come from? "

Wu Ruo looked at him and said nothing.

"I have watched you, and you know that you know where the eggs come from, and I don't force you to tell them, I just want you to hear that I guessed right."

Youyou stared at his eyes: "If there is really only one Sanqi stone in the world, then it is very likely that another Sanqi stone was never transmitted from our world.

Wu Ruo wanted to pretend to be stunned by the shocked appearance, but the other side's calmness made him think that if he did, he would only be amused by acrobatics monkeys.

"If this is the case, the appearance of the same Sanqi Stone in the same world will change a lot of things, and there are many unforeseen things waiting for us." You Yan saw Wu Ruo's face unchanged, and became more sure of her guess. I don't want to ask about this, but if you know the inside story, you come from another world, then I have to pay attention. "

He squinted and looked elsewhere: "I once remembered Xiao Zhu said that his younger brother was a very daring but very kind-hearted fat man, but what I saw was different from what he said."

Youyan's gaze turned back to Wu Ruo. "It can make people change so much in a short time. It must be a great stimulus to make such a big change. So what I value is what makes you change. I also value me. The other world in question is actually the future world. "

Having said that, his face became serious: "If all I guess is correct, Xiaoruo, you have to pay attention to one thing. When you think you have changed a lot of things, in fact, some things have not changed. . "

He thought Wu Ruo wouldn't tell him more, and he would leave when he turned around, but heard Wu Ruo accidentally say, "Dasao, you need to protect big brother."

Youyou turned to look at Wu Ruo.

Wu Ruo clenched his fists: "If something like you said hasn't changed, the elder brother may still die."

The Son of Heaven did not die for a day, he was not assured, and now he does not know whether the Son of Son followed him.

"Will you still die?" Youma grabbed Wu Ruo's arm sharply and asked, "What do you mean?"

Wu Ruo looked at the faint sorrow of his eyes, hesitated to tell the story of the last life.

"Don't tell me," You said suddenly, "you can't say it."

Wu Ruo stunned: "What do you mean?"

Youzhen let go of Wu Ruo, took a deep breath, and calmed herself down slowly: "I remember my ancestor said that it would be punished by the sky to say such things."

Wu Ruo: "!!!!!!"

He only knew that the person who sent him to be born again would be punished by the heavens, but he did not know that the reborn would be punished by the heavens.

Wu Ruo couldn't help but think of the elders of the same week and the great spiritual master. They all seemed to see that he was born again but said nothing. It should be because he knew that he would be punished by heaven.

You asked, "Have you ever told anyone?"


Secretly raised an eyebrow: "My brother-in-law never said that?"

"No." Wu Ruo hasn't told Hei Xuyi about his rebirth. The big reason is that he is selfish, because deep in his heart, he really wants Hei Xuyi to have the memories of his past life like him. After all, things told by others are not as profound as they have been.

Unfortunately, it is impossible for Hei Xieyu to have memories of previous lives.

"It's okay not to say." Youyou turned and left, and came to Wuzhu's room.

The ebony is earnestly drawing a rune.

Youzhen stood by the window and looked at him seriously, but thought about what Wu Ruo said before. Guessing from the words that in the future, Wuzhu will be dead, and at that time, he may not know Wuzhu, because Wu Ruo the year before last saw him for the first time and was curious and surprised, and did not know who he was. .

Wuzhu noticed that someone was looking at him, looked up at the window, and saw you standing in front of the window in a daze, and couldn't help asking: "Why not come in.

Youyou walked back into the room, came to the back of Wuzhu, bent over and put his head on his shoulder, and said softly, "Language, let's get married."

Wuzhu froze slightly and turned to look at You: "You ..."

"You wait for me." Youyou suddenly got up and left the room.

Wuzhu felt lost, so he didn't want to be quiet and just left. Suddenly, he lost his mood of drawing.

He got up and walked outside the door, staring at the scenery in a daze. Soon, Wu Ruo came in from the door leading to the compound.

Wuzhu opened his mouth, and before he shouted, Wu Ruo suddenly took a moment and turned away quickly.

Black bamboo is full of sweat and sweat, why one or two just left.

"Xiaozhu." A deep, hoarse voice came from the other side.

As soon as Wuzhu was stunned, he turned to look at the other side. A man in an ink-colored forged Chinese robe walked over quickly, his gorgeous face was as enchanting as a hibiscus in the moon, making Wuzhu unconscious.

The man hugged the bamboo before walking: "Xiaozhu, let's get married.

Wuzhu looked at him hoistingly, "You?"

You said again, "Xiaozhu, let's get married."

Wuzhu looked at You and couldn't return to God.

The masquerade of men is even more dazzling than that of women.

"If you don't say anything, I'll take it as your acquiescence." Youshen saw him staring at himself, his mouth twitched, bowed his head to kiss his lips, and squeezed his arm with a restless hand.

Wuzhu hurriedly stopped: "Wait."

"Don't wait." Youyou kissed him and quickly untied his belt.

Wuzhu panted, "This is outside the room."

Youyou immediately picked up someone and entered the room, put it on the bed, and pressed it up.

Wuzhu felt a hard object against her, and immediately reddened her face: "You ..."

"Ask you a question." Youyou kissed him and continued, "Are you going to marry me? Or do I want you to do it now?"

Wuzhu said angrily, "What's the problem?"

"Of course, I've asked you already. If you don't answer, I will agree with you now that I am dating you, and then marry me.

You's hand reached into his lewd pants, rubbing the part that she wanted to stand upright.

"Hold up." Wuzhu has never been touched by that part, and I don't know what to do.

"Xiaozhu, you're hard." Youyan flashed joy under his eyes.

In fact, before touching ebony, he was very worried that ebony would be disgusting to men and treat him like this.

Wuzhu was already embarrassed to see Youyu: "Then you don't stop."

"I'll help you solve it." Youma kissed his ear vortex as she seduced with a **** voice: "Xiaozhu, relax your body and be good--"

His voice was like magic, let Wuzhu could not help but relax his body, making a seductive moan.

Youyan's eyes darkened, restrained the urge to eat people, and speeded up the desire to relieve the body: "Are you comfortable?"

The ebony was so comfortable that he couldn't help hugging the man.

Youyou whispered a smile and asked, "Let's get married, okay? After getting married, I will make you more comfortable."

"Um--" In a timely manner, Wuzhu groaned, seeming to agree to his proposal.

You were so excited that he confessed himself.

He stunned and whispered, "Damn."

Wuzhu noticed that the hard object that stood against him was much softer and hesitated slightly: "You ..."

You You grieved, "You are responsible to me."

The ebony bit his lower lip and finally didn't hold it back, and laughed: "You ... you so soon ..."

Youyou kissed his mouth to prevent him from continuing to speak until the person under him let out his desire: "I'll ask my father and mother for a kiss now."

"You wait." Wu Zhu hurriedly grabbed his sleeve.

Youyou lowered her face, "You regret it?"

Wuzhu pushed him away: "I didn't promise you at all."

You You looked at him with a wounded look: "You and I have skin lovers."

"You ..." Wu Zhu refused him recklessly: "You are going to meet my father and mother like this."

You are puzzled: "Is there a problem?"

Wuzhu blushed and pointed to the wet part: "Should you change your robes and go again?"

"You agree?" Youyou kissed his mouth happily.

Wuzhu asked him, "Will you not mention it if I disagree?"

"No, I'll go back and change my robes now." Youyou didn't give him a chance to refuse, quickly dressed him in clothes and turned to leave the room.

Chapter 247: Use separately

Wu Qianqing saw his eldest son walk in with a man holding his hand. The big hand trembled, and suddenly, the pen was crooked to the other side, and a piece of yellow paper was thus destroyed.

Guan Tong looked at the man pulling Wuzhu in surprise: "Are you ... youer?"

Her daughter-in-law wears men's robes better than women's dresses.

Wu Ruo Dan had a sip of tea. When he saw the queen who had changed back to men's clothing to find his elder brother, he guessed that they would come here sooner or later.

"Mother, Dad," Youyou called respectfully.

Wu Qianqing looked suspiciously at You's dress: "You, you are ..."

There was a moment of hesitation and nervousness in Wuzhu's eyes, and I didn't know how to talk about his relationship with You. Originally, I wanted to come and confess my identity to my father and mother first, so that his father and mother could not accept the fact that both sons were with the man. But as soon as he changed his robes and came out, Youyou came to the door, as if afraid he would run away.

Suddenly, his hands were clenched.

Wuzhu noticed the sweat in the palms of the other side and looked at you in surprise.

This high-ranking demon emperor would even be nervous.

Youyou raised her robe and knelt to the ground: "Dad, mother, in fact, I am a man, the demon of the Devil, named Youyou, but I have been deceiving you for a while, but I am not happy, but I am not I wanted to conceal the fact that I was a man, and asked my father and mother to forgive me.

Wu Zhuyu, did not expect that the divine emperor would kneel for him.

Wu Ruo, sitting on the left in front of Youyou, quickly got up and walked to the side.

"What are you doing?" Guan Tong hurriedly assisted Youyou: "If you have any words, let's talk.

Youyou didn't stand up and Chengxuan said, "Mother, I want to get married with Xiaozhu, and I hope you and dad can complete us, and we will be filial to you in the future.

Guan Tong froze.

With a click, Wu Qianqing's pen was pinched by him.

Wu Ruo's heart was fortunate that when Hei Xie was married, his father and mother were forced into helplessness, so they would not be like the older brother who was worried that their father and mother would not agree to their marriage.

Wuzhu knelt to Youyu quickly: "Dad, mother, I knew Yuyou was a man early in the morning, and has been concealing that you are the one who blame me if you don't blame me ..."

Guan Tong interrupted him: "Get up and talk first."

Wuzhu and Youyou glanced at each other, stood hand in hand.

Guan Tong sighed and sat down and said to Wuzhu: "My father and I once thought that Youer was a man. After all, no matter how you watch and behave, you really do n’t behave like a girl ’s family, but I also think you can't like men, so you don't think much. "

Wuzhu: "..."

Before encountering Youyou, he really likes girls. He wouldn't like Youyou unless he was posing as a woman.

Youyou saw Wuzhu in a daze, and clenched his hand slightly anxiously.

Wuzhu raised and smiled at him.

Guan Tong saw the interaction between the two of them and smiled helplessly: "To be honest, my father and I have a hard time accepting the fact that you are married to a man."

They had two sons. It was helpless to marry the second son to a man. They didn't want their eldest son to follow in the footsteps. As parents, they could not accept it so quickly.

She sighed again: "You step back and let me and your dad relax."

Wu Ruo said loudly: "Brother, let them calm down."

Wuzhu looked at Wu Qianqing, who was silent, and nodded, pulling Youyu away from the hall.

Wu Ruo also went out, comforting Wu Zhu and said, "Brother, don't worry, father and mother they speak out against it, indicating that sooner or later they will accept your affairs with Dasao."

Their father and mother are already quite open-minded, at least they didn't make a lot of noise when they heard their son was with a man, nor did they seek death.

"I know." Wuzhu smiled bitterly: "In addition to the inability of my father and mother to accept a son's marriage with a man, we also have no way to succeed the Wu family.

"How come no one succeeds the Wu family's heirloom." Wu Ruo patted Wu Zhu's shoulder: "Brother, do you forget that the egg is my son? Later, the first boy my son gave birth to was Wu."

Wuzhu raised an eyebrow: "Emperor, will they agree?"

"My son is already black with their surname, then my son's first son should be my surname Wu." Wu Ruo laughed: "I will let the eggs be more coaxed when Xitang tomorrow brings the eggs out. Coax them. "

He looked at the silent voice: "Da'er, don't make the idea of Sanqi Stone in Jiyi's hand. They also rely on Sanqi Stone to let their family agree with them."

In the last life, it was the thorny thorn that gave the Sanqi stone to Hei Xuan yan, and they had the same eggs. Therefore, in this life, he hoped that the thorny thorn and the night ji did not separate.

Youyu, who was playing the idea of Sanqi Stone, turned back to her, and nodded earnestly to Shangwu Ruo. Urot reminded him that this should be because of the future world.

"Sanqi Stone?" Wuzhu looked at Wu Ruo and You Xuan in wonder: "Is there Sanqi Stone in Acanthus?"

You Yan said quietly.

Wuzhu also wants a child of his own and asks, "How many stones are there in this world?"

Wu Ruo and You You didn't say anything at all.

Wuzhu looked at them strangely: "Don't you know?"

Wu Ruo and You You are silent.

Wuzhu noticed a strange atmosphere between them: "Don't you know or can't you say?"

Wu Ruodao: "It's not impossible to say."

You said, "There is only one."

"One?" Wuzhu wondered, "Why is there only one? Isn't the egg egg made of Panax notoginseng? Why is there another Panax notoginseng? Shouldn't it be two? Or can it be used separately?

Youyu and Wu Ruo stunned when they heard the last four words, and then the eyes of them flashed with joy, maybe they could be used separately.

Wu Ruo looked back at him, and quickly looked at You: "Da'er, can you?"

You are not sure: "I haven't heard of it, I haven't tried it, maybe ... it might work."

Wu Ruo said excitedly, "Try it.

Wuzhu sweaty: "What are you talking about?"

What are they doing?

Wu Ruo and You Xun laughed without saying a word, and said in unison: "Nothing?"

The ebony face was suspicious.

"Second Brother, Second Brother, can you see that the magic charms I painted can be sold?" Wu Xixing hurriedly rushed over to Wu Ruo with a few magic charms: "Will it be too ugly to sell?"

Wu Ruo laughed: "The magic charms we sell are not sold better than anyone else, as long as they are not too ugly or wrong."

"That's good." Wu Xisong sighed, looking at Wuzhu and Youyu, staring at it suddenly, eyes widening: "Big, big, big, big?"

This man who looks like Dasao must be Dasao, right?

You Xun tickled her lips, just wanting to answer her, listened to her scream, and turned away like a ghost.


Wuzhu was strange: "What's wrong with her?"

Wu Ruofu: "She just found out that Dasao was a man, so she ran away excitedly."

"But, I haven't said Youyou are a man yet. Did she know that he was a man in a man's clothing?"

"I told her once."

Wuzhu was even more puzzled: "Since she said that, she was so fussed?"

Wu Ruo meaningfully said, "This is where you will ask Dasao."

You You: "..."

He probably guessed what happened,

During the period when men dressed as women, Ushi really regarded him as a woman. He had wanted to pull his hands to do intimate moves with him many times and asked him to buy his daughter's belongings many times. Monthly affairs.

Now that Ushi knew he was a man, she must be embarrassed to face him.

In fact, he was very embarrassed at the time. He tried to tell Ushi that he was a man many times, but he couldn't say anything about seeing Uxi's enthusiasm and enthusiasm to cultivate his aunt-in-law relationship. On the one hand, he couldn't open his mouth, on the other, he also wanted to close the relationship between his aunts.

Wuzhu looked at Youyan: "What did you do to Xiaoxi?"

You are speechless: "When no one else, I will tell you, I have something to do now, and I will come to you later."

Wuzhu nodded.

Wu Ruo said, "I'm going to see the ghost woman."

Wuzhu wondered, "Did you not go to see her before?"

"She was practicing speaking at the time, and I didn't bother her.

"Well, I'll go back to the room and draw a charm."

Wu Zhu left, and You and Wu Ruo walked to the thorny room together.

As soon as the two came to the door of the room, the door was opened by Ye Ji.

The thorns flying behind Yeji said, "I knew Xiao Ruo had said about Sanqi Stone, and the Emperor would come to us."

Turning his eyes to Wu Ruo, he couldn't guess why Wu Ruo came here.

"The deity came to talk about the thirty-seven stones." You You see Yeji and Acanthus vigilance: "Don't worry, the deity will not rob your thirty-seven stones, come here to confirm only one thing to you . "

Ye Ji asked quietly, "What is it?"

"Have you heard that Sanqi Stone can be used separately?"

Tricky and confused: "Use separately?"

Wu Ruodao: "I just cut it in half and use it, maybe it will be two children."

Ye Ji frowned: "I have never heard of such a thing."

Thoroughly said: "I haven't heard of this seat yet, has the Emperor heard this?"

Youyou shook her head: "My ancestor never said it."

Wu Ruo proposed: "How about trying it?"

Ye Ji disagreed: "What if it doesn't work?"

If not, wouldn't it ruin the thirty-seven stones. There is no second Sanqi stone in this world for them to turn into children, so he dare not try it easily.

"I don't want you to immediately divide the thirty-seven stones into two halves. Also, don't worry too much. I think that since the thirty-seven stones are spirits, they will not be destroyed because they are divided into two halves.

You said, "Xiao Ruo is right, Sanqi Stone has existed for thousands of years in the world, and absorbed the heaven and earth aura. It cannot be turned into a waste stone because it was cut in half."

Thorny asked: "It's not two halves, how do you try?"

Wu Ruo stretched out his thumb: "Just cut half the size of the female finger and try it out. What do you think?"

Chapter 248: Pinch the child

Thorny thorns put his hands in his chest, and raised his eyebrows: "Can it be cut so small, will it work? Will it be cut into two pieces and then turned into waste stones?"

Wu Ruo rolled his eyes silently. If he had been worried about the burdens and burdens, it would not have been possible, but he could understand their concerns.

You Xuan frowned: "Cut such a small child that can turn into an adult?"

"I don't know." Wu Ruo embarrassed, "When I was thinking of cutting it, I just tried to use other living things, such as the fusion of the flesh and blood of Sanqi Stone with Sanqi Stone."

His eyes narrowed: "Is it too wasteful to use the flesh and blood of the monster to fuse the thirty-seven stones?"

Wu Ruo asked, "Are they employed?"

Youzhen asked Yeji, "What do you think?"

Ye Ji murmured: "The so-called Sanqi Stone is a stone with three souls and seven souls. If it is separated, wouldn't it be incomplete?"

Wu Ruo: "..."

This makes sense.

You Xun was unwilling to give up so quickly: "Since ancient times, Sanqi Stone has been circulated as a stone with three souls and seven souls, but it has not been said whether the stone has one three souls or seven souls, or two three souls. There may be more three souls and seven souls. "

Ye Ji saw his unwillingness: "Then try it. If you don't try it, you will not be willing to leave like this."

You said sincerely, "I will respect your decision."

Ye Ji said: "Try to cut the Sanqi stone first."

The spiny cockroach flew to the head of the room, took out the box placed under the quilt, flew out, placed it on the table, opened it and asked, "How to cut? Who will cut it?"

Yeji and Youyou look at each other, but they have no intention of doing anything.

"I'm coming." Wu Ruo took out the magic weapon sword from the space, pointed at the edge of the Sanqi stone taken out of the box, and said, "I'll cut a small piece here, do you have any comments?"

Ye Ji said, "No, cut it."

"Then I cut it." Wu Ruo took a deep breath, and stabbed slightly at Sanqi Shi, and suddenly clicked.

Thorny stared suspiciously at Sanqishi: "What's the sound?"

Youzhen tightened her brow: "Willn't it be broken by Sanqi?"

"No, right?" Wu Ruo quickly lifted the sword, and then the sword was broken in half.

Everyone froze and looked at the broken sword.

"Broken sword?" Youyu inspected where Sanqi Stone was scratched: "There are no traces, indicating that it cannot be cut with a sword.

Wu Ruo: "..."

I did not expect that the Sanqi stone of soft cotton could not be cut.


His magic sword was so destroyed.

Ji Yi asked: "Do you want to try again?"

Wu Ruoyan frowned: "Even the magic weapon sword cannot be cut, how can you try it?"

Youzhen picked up Sanqi Stone and looked at it from right to left. Whatever it looked like, Sanqi Stone looked like a ball of dough. He raised his hand and pinched one part of Sanqi Stone and pulled it.

He put down Sanqi Stone and said, "Let's try if we can pull out a part of it."

Ye Ji nodded: "Pull it."

Wu Ruo threw away the shuriken and used his right thumb and forefinger to pinch one part of Sanqishi to pull out the site. The more he pulled, the longer the man walked to the door, and the pinched part was not broken, but the connection The part is getting thinner.

Ye Ji held down the Sanqi stone on the table and said, "Xiao Ruo, you pull out.

"Okay." Wu Ruo walked out a few feet again: "I go, why can't I keep going?"

Ye Ji said, "If you pull out further, maybe you will die."

You looked at the thinnest part of the connection part, thinking about it, bent over, picked up the broken sword on the ground, and threw it toward the thinnest part, and immediately, the connection part was divided into two halves.

"Ah-" Wu Ruo, who was pulling hard, fell sharply to the ground.

Youyou quickly asked the people outside, "Xiao Ruo, are you okay?"

Wu Ruo rose from the ground: "I'm fine."

Others heard that the people outside were okay, and immediately focused on the thirty-seven stones on the table.

Ye Jisong breathed: "Reiki is still as strong as before, there is no sign of destruction, and the pinched silk is slowly retracted. According to this situation, Sanqi Stone should be able to separate the two halves, just don't know The three souls and seven souls are still not there, and can they be transformed into human form. "

He retrieved Sanqi Stone into the box.

"Isn't Sanqi Stone broken?" Wu Ruo hurried back and asked.

You replied, "No."

"That's good." Wu Ruo took out the part that was pulled out, "What to do next?"

Thorny face slightly changed: "Xiao Ruo, the thirty-seven stones in your hand are stained with blood."

Both You and Yeji frowned.

Wu Ruo took a look and found two drops of red mark on the other side of Sanqi Stone: "How can there be blood?"

He raised his hand and looked at it. It turned out that he just accidentally scratched his skin, and then accidentally touched a small piece of Sanqi stone.

Wu Ruo depressed: "What to do?"

Youyou raised an eyebrow: "Since your blood is stuck, of course, you should continue to use your blood.

Wu Ruo said: "You wouldn't want to use such a small piece of Sanqi stone to make a child?"

"Otherwise? Are you going to look like a monster?"

Wu Ruo couldn't accept the thought of the Sanqi Stone that had blood relationship with him being crushed into a monster, "No, no, you can't make a monster, ah--"

Suddenly, there was severe pain on his left palm, and he lifted it up and saw that a piece of meat had been cut off.

Wu Ruoyan glared at the culprit: "thorny, what are you doing?"

Echidna wiped off the blood on his sword with a small piece of Sanqi stone, and then picked up a small piece of human flesh on the ground and said, "The idea is yours, of course, use your flesh to pinch the child."

Uno: "..."

Youyu first gave Wu Ruo a wound medicine, then grabbed Wu Ruo's hand and let his blood drip on a small piece of Sanqi stone.

Wu Ruofu's amount: "Do you really want to pinch the child?"

The pinched child is at most as big as a bee. How can he feed the child?

You said, "Don't worry, the kids you squeeze out may not turn into adults.

Wu Ruo did not stop thinking about it again: "Who is responsible for pinching the child?"

"No need to pinch, just rub the flesh and blood together." You Xun saw that the blood was almost the same, so she asked for gauze to help Wu Ruo bandage.

"No pinch?" Wu Ruo thought of the black shame in the dream and pinched the child: "Should I pinch?"

Ye Ji combined Wu Ruo's flesh and blood with Sanqi Stone: "In the case where your blood and black shame are rubbed together, if you want the child to look like, you must pinch the child's shape.

"So it turns out, then I want this child to look like me?" Although the child may not be able to turn into an adult, Wu Ruo thinks that one child has grown up like a black one, and the other child should look like He can do it.

"The blood and the meat here are yours, and they must look like you without pinching."

"Oh." Wu Ruo watched the flesh slowly be absorbed by Sanqishi. "How long does it take?"

"Just wait for everything to merge.

After about tea time, Sanqishi completely sucked in Wu Ruo's flesh and blood.

Ye Ji handed the small group to Wu Ruo, "Your son, here you are."

Thorny curiously stared at the little dumpling and said, "Is that all right? Will it become a human figure?"

"You have to cultivate it with spiritual power."

"..." Wu Ruo took the small dumpling lightly, and suddenly felt like crying without tears. It just baffled a child who was too small to hope that it would be an adult.

Youyou patted Ruo Ruo's shoulder: "Remember to feed it daily with spiritual power. It's up to you if you can take shape."

"It's as big as my tail finger. Even if it's formed, it's not easy to maintain?"

Youyu thought that when the child became a human, only one tail finger was so big, she could not help but smile, and comforted Wu Ruo: "The main thing you want now is whether it can be transformed. Others plan later, rest assured, my aunt Will go to see it every day.

Ye Ji said, "I'll see it too."

Wu Ruobai gave them a look: "If I return to office, what do you think?"

Thoroughly said, "Let's dive into the palace to see him."

Wu Ruo said, "Pray yourself then not to be caught by the guards as assassins."

Thorny raised his head proudly: "That's because the guards have the ability to catch us.

Youyou tickled her lips: "If we are caught, I will tell the emperor that we are assassinated by Wu Ruo."

A corner of Wu Ruo's eyes drew: "Da'er, you're cruel."

He turned around and walked out of the door, holding a small dumpling: "I'll go back and tell your brother that you are bullying."

Youyou quickly caught up: "Xiaoruo, I was just kidding."

After they left, Ji Yi closed the door and asked, "Do you think it will succeed?"

"I hope to succeed." Ye Ji didn't want to face the resentful eyes of the Demon Emperor every day.

Wu Ruo returned to Wuzhu's room and took out a magic weapon from the space to pack the small dumplings.

Wuzhu came curiously: "Xiao Ruo, what is this?"

Wu Ruo said, "I said this is my youngest son. Do you believe it?"

Wuzhu: "..."

Youyou who followed in came in and took the hand of Wuzhu: "Let's go to lunch."

Wu Ruo said, "I won't go. Just let your servant bring my food to the room."

"Okay." You and Wuzhu left the room and met Wu Qianqing's escort.

"Master, master, let your subordinates preach to you and tell you to eat in your own yard today."

When Wuzhu heard it, his eyes darkened: "Daddy seems to have difficulty accepting the fact that we are together.

You drew him into his arms: "Don't worry, I will let them accept me."

As long as Sanqi Stone can be divided into two and successfully transformed into children, Wu Qianqing and Guan Tong will definitely accept them.

In the early morning of the second day, after Hei Xietang lay down in the early morning, he took the eggs to accompany Wu Qianqing and Guan Tong. The two were in a better mood with the children. Wu Ruo brought her eggs to the bamboo house to rest.

As soon as Dandan entered Wuzhu's room, he hurriedly ran to the implement containing the Sanqi stone, opened his eyes curiously and asked, "Is this my brother?"

Chapter 249: It is too small

Wu Ruowen heard the words, surprised and walked to the side of the egg, pointed at the small group of magic instruments and asked: "Do you know it is your brother?"

Everyone nodded in excitement, gently stroking the little dumpling with his index finger, hee hee he knew, "I am your brother."

Wu Ruo asked, "Can you sense that it is also a piece of Sanqi?"


Wu Ruo hugged the egg and sat on his body: "Don't be too happy, it's so small, I don't know if it can become an adult."

Everyone is so happy, pick up the small dumplings, put them on the lips and kiss.

Wu Ruo said funnyly: "I hope it can transform into an adult form to play with you, then another large piece of thirty-seven stones may be able to be divided into two, and pinch a child for the thorny and faint.

Doudou put the little dumplings back into the weapon: "Daddy, you can."

Wu Ruo hesitated: "What can I do?"

"It can be split into two children."

Wu Ruo was excited: "You mean that after being divided into two, can you become a child like you?"

Nodded his little head.

Wu Ruo hurriedly asked: "After one is divided into two, can each Sanqi stone have a complete three souls and seven souls?"


"Are you sure?"


"Is it because you are Sanqishi that you know it can be divided into two?"


Wu Ruoxian was ecstatic, seeing the small group in the instrument, depressed: "But now that we have pulled a small piece out, can we still divide it into two?"

"Yes, Dad." Eggs laughed: "But they are not as good as me."

Wu Ruoyi said: "What do you mean?"

Everyone was happy and said, "After being divided into two, they are not as good as me."

"Do you mean that their spiritual power is not as powerful as you divided in two?"

Giggles giggled: "Yes, they will have to work very hard to catch up with me in the future."

Wu Ruosong's tone, as long as it can transform into an adult form, it doesn't matter if it can be cultivated, but it is better to cultivate so that it will not be bullied.

"What about it?" Wu Ruo pointed at the fingertips, "Can it transform into a human form?"

Everyone shook his head: "I don't know, it's too small."

Wu Ruo was happy and depressed. If they knew that the Qiqi Stone could be divided into two, they would not have come up with a way to try it out.

By the way, you have to tell them to you.

Wu Ruo kissed his little face and put him on the chair: "Eggs, I'll go out and find them, if you're sleepy, go to bed by yourself, you know?"

Nodded and nodded, after Wu Ruo left, he continued to look at the children in the instrument, and could not help but mutter: "You are really too young, if you play in hide-and-seek form, you must not play.

He thought about it, put a forefinger in his mouth and bit it hard, and the forefinger quickly poured blood, and he dropped the blood on the small ball.

Small dumplings seem to sense the same kind of blood and quickly **** it into the body.

He smiled grinningly, "Brother, you have to be human."

He yawned, climbed down from his chair, and went to sleep indoors.

When Wu Ruo found you and the thorns, they immediately told them what they said.

Youyou stood up happily: "Really?"

"Egg and Egg said so. Do you want to give it a try? By the way, Egg and Egg also said that after being divided into two, the child's cultivation speed will not be as fast as that of Egg and Egg. He will have to work harder to catch up with him in the future. "

A thorny cry: "Eggs don't need to cultivate at all."

He taught Eggs and Eggs for a while, and it was clear that as long as Eggs and Eggs eat spiritual food and absorb Reiki, there will be a continuous flow of spiritual energy in the body. And he also found one thing. As you get older, your ability increases.

"Really?" Wu Ruo was ashamed. He didn't even know if his son needed to cultivate. It seemed that he cared little about his son.

Ye Ji murmured, "If the egg does not need to be cultivated, after the Sanqi stone is divided into two, it may need to be cultivated like an ordinary wizard. Even so, it will be stronger than an ordinary wizard."

Wu Ruo stood up and said, "Ask yourself how to do it, I'm gone."

In fact, he wanted to stay and see how they divided the thirty-seven stones, but he was worried that he accidentally stained his blood with the thirty-seven stones, so it was better to leave.

That night, ebony did not return to the room to rest.

In the early morning of the next day, when Wu Ruolai came to have breakfast in the lobby, he saw that bamboo was too much blood, and his face was very pale.

"Brother, you look so bad, haven't you slept well?" Wu Xi asked with concern.

"No." Wuzhu raised his hand and rubbed his brain. It's really strange that he had a few drinks with Yu Xuan last night, why was he drunk in Yu Xie's room, and when he woke up, he didn't see the trace.

Guan Tong cares: "You have breakfast and go back to rest."

Wuzhu nodded.

At this moment, Thorny came in with a black face.

Wu Xi saw the thorns sitting next to her: "Yiyi, your face is not very good, is it because I drank with my elder brother and thorns and looked at the bamboo?" "Guan Tong asked," What about Youer and Yeji? Why didn't the two come? "

A thorny look: "They're discussing things, they just can't have breakfast."

Wu Ruo could not help but glance at the thorns.

He guessed that Youyu and Yeyi must have cut a pile of meat on their bodies and were weak, so there was no way to see anyone for the time being.

After having breakfast, Wu Ruo secretly asked Ji Yi when he was nobody: "Are you and Ye Ji all right?"

Thorny slumped his face: "They have cut off the flesh of their legs and cannot walk for the time being."

Wu Ruo took a sigh of air-conditioning: "Did they take the elixir?"

"Eat, it will take some time before the meat will grow slowly.

Wu Ruo thought that there were many replenishing medicines in He Xixu's engagement gift, so he quickly took out the medicinal materials from the space and gave them thorns: "Give them a good supplement."

Echidna took the aura of medicinal herbs: "Thank you."

Wu Ruo asked, "Does my elder brother not know that I am cutting meat?"

When his mother asked Youyou earlier, his elder brother didn't respond at all, apparently he didn't know about it.

"I don't know, I don't know I'm bleeding."

Wu Ruo smiled. In order not to worry his elder brother, Youyou concealed the whole thing, and even secretly took his elder blood. It shows that You and Yeji really like ebony and spiny thorn, otherwise they will not leave the most painful thing to themselves.

He looked at the back of Ji Yi leaving, pinching his chin and thinking, wouldn't this just make his father and mother accept the best opportunity for You and his elder brother?

Wu Ruo smiled and returned to the bamboo house.

Black bamboo is sleeping in bed.

Wu Ruo came lightly to the small dumplings, input spiritual power to the small dumplings, and then put it into the space, but found that it could not fit into the space.

He looked at the small group strangely: "What's going on? How could it be put into the space, because it can't be put because it has living things?"

Wu Ruo tried a few times and couldn't work, so he had to let Hei Xietang's guards return the small group to the palace first.

Near noon, Wu Ruo went to Wu Qianqing's house.

Wu Qianqing was drawing amulets, and Guan Tong was sitting beside him playing toys.

"Dad, mother." Wu Ruo held up the egg and said, "A friend asked me to go to lunch with the egg today. After lunch, I will take the egg back to the palace.

Guan Tong was surprised: "Don't you mean to keep eggs here for a few days?"

"It was originally planned like this, but you have to take care of another grandson. There should be no empty tubes, so I want to take the eggs back to the palace first."

Guan Tong was puzzled: "Another grandson?"

Wu Qianqing quickly drew the last stroke and asked, "What is another grandson?"

Wu Ruo pretended to look at them in surprise: "Did your brother tell you?"

Guan Tong hurriedly asked, "What did you say?"

"Since the elder brother didn't tell you, let him tell you.

"Pap--" Wu Qianqing replayed the writing brush on the table, unpleasantly, "end up."

Wu Ruo faced a difficult look: "Big Brother and Youyou used their flesh and blood to mix with Sanqi Stone in order to have a child of their own. Isn't Big Brother pale when eating breakfast? He just lost too much blood In this way, there is also a sister-in-law, so that the older brother can have a child, so he cut off the two legs ... "

"What?" Guan Tong's eyes turned black. Fortunately, people were sitting on chairs or they would fall to the ground. "You said Youer cut off the meat on both legs?"

Wu Qianqing's face was very unpleasant. Anxiously asked, "Where is he? Where is he now? If he doesn't come to breakfast, can't he get up?"

"He should be in the thorny room with Yeji, and Yeji hurt himself in order to have a child."

"You young people ..." Wu Qianqing really didn't know how to say how they were, and angrily and worriedly helped Guan Tong to leave the room quickly.

Wu Ruoxi smiled, held up the egg and asked, "I have two younger brothers to accompany you in the future, are you happy?"

Everyone murmured: "It's three."

Wu Ruo hesitated, thinking of the little dumpling that had only his tail finger, and his heart was very complicated: "Well, it's three, are you happy?"

"Happy." Dandan excitedly said: "I want to make them my little brother."

"You need to take good care of your brothers in the future." Wu Ruo smiled, put away his toys, and put a small mask on him: "It's almost noon, I will take you to dinner.

He was holding the egg and left the palace. On the way, Egg and said happily, "Daddy, we need to prepare toys and clothes for my brother."

"Well, after we're full, we'll buy a robe for my brother."

Doudou asked curiously, "Is there a robe for my brother in the shop?"


"I mean little brother."

Wu Ruo stunned: "You mean a little dumpling?"


"No, but you can find someone to do it." Wu Ruo thought for a while: "You need to wait for him to transform before you can find someone to make a tailor for him."

Eggs counted his fingers and stretched out a slap: "After so many days, he should be able to deform."

Chapter 250: I want to eat the best

Wu Ruo couldn't bear to disappoint the child, and then he said, "Can it be transformed in five days? So fast?"

Dandan happily said, "Because he is small, he can be transformed quickly."

"How about the other two younger brothers?"

"To ... uh ..." Everyone counted his fingers, but ten fingers were not enough for him.

Wu Ruo looked so cute that he couldn't count it, and couldn't help but kiss him on his face: "Can't you count it?"

Douban counted it again with a small face, he currently only counts from one to ten.

Wu Ruo thought about it and asked, "The other two younger brothers are divided into two, and they should be half your transformation time, right?"

Everyone nodded quickly.

Wu Ruo calculated in his heart that it took about two months from the last life to this life, and the other two children would take at least one month to transform: "Will they drink like you Will you grow as big as you when you have a milk? "


"Well, then we need to prepare clothes as big as yours."

The younger one and the younger one came to the name of Shen Song in the newspaper, and the second one immediately greeted them to the upper room.

As soon as the door opened, I looked at the hearty smile: "I thought you wouldn't come."

Wu Ruoxiao said, "You invited us to eat at such a good restaurant, even if you climbed."

Dandan excitedly said, "I want to eat the best."

Shen Song said to the next two: "Have you heard? Our young master wants to eat the best meals in your restaurant, so you bring the most expensive and best dishes in the restaurant."

"Good." Xiao Er turned and smiled away.

Wu Ruo raised an eyebrow: "Have you brought enough silver?"

"Please come here for dinner, you must bring enough silver tickets."

Sitting in the limp, they watched as they stood outside the door, reminding them: "Don't all stand at the door, all come in and sit."

Shen Song embraced the child and went in: "Why are you little boy wearing a mask?"

Fearful that he would tear off his mask, he hurriedly covered his face.

With a deep laugh, Haha laughed, "Don't stop, if you really take off your mask, you can't stop your ten hands."

Pingxing bent his corners and asked Wu Ruo: "I don't know what your son's name is yet."

"Eggs." Wu Ruo was worried that she would call them in front of him, and she said the name directly.

"Donny, Xiao Ming?"


Singing deeply, "It's very suitable for children."

Pingxing poured a cup of tea for Wu Ruo: "I heard the shopkeeper of Yuege said that you have left the room, where do you live now?"

"At the moment there is no place to stay, and I walk around."

"If we want to find you in the future, how can we find you?"

Wu Ruo thought for a while: "If you want to find me, just leave a message in Langshan Pavilion, and I will receive news when I have time."

"Okay." Passed a piece of pastry to Doudou, "Will you have time to go somewhere with me after dinner?"


Pingxing said mysteriously, "Just take you to meet some people."

Wu Ruo asked, "Can you come back at night?"


"it is good."

The four happily spent lunch, left Langshan Pavilion and went to Yamen, and passed through the town to the most remote town on the first floor. Immediately, Wu Ruo heard the joyful laughter of many children.

Doudou quickly slid down from Wu Ruo and ran out of the door, seeing the children on the street, exclaimed excitedly, "Daddy, come out."

Wu Ruo hastened his steps and went out. The streets and alleys are all children. Some are playing with bamboo dragonflies, some are playing with windmills, and kicking cuju. They are simply children ’s paradise, and their faces are all naive. With a lively smile, rarely saw an adult pass by.

He walked to Wu Ruo, looked at the children and said, "This is a children's town, which means a town with only children.

Wu Ruo wondered, "What about their parents?"

"The children here are suffering from anemia. Most of them have been abandoned by the side of the road since they were young. Our people carried them back, and a small part of them were sent by their parents because they were unable to support them. Children, and the environment on the ground floor is really not suitable for them to survive, so we bought a town on the ground floor to let the children live here. "He Xing patted his arm:" Panyang, I can call you Panyang ? "

Wu Ruo hesitated, and nodded hesitantly. In fact, he wanted to tell his real name, but he couldn't help it.

Pingxing's eyes were grateful: "Panyang, thank you."

Shen Song said, "If you do n’t have the recipe you gave, Tongzhen is still a lifeless town like before. If you come here a month ago, you wo n’t see anyone because the children are lying In bed, I can't get out of bed.

He smiled at Wu Ruo: "Since using your recipe, every day here is full of children's laughter.

At this time, a child noticed the advent of limp and deep song, and they ran over happily: "Master limp, good song, you are here."

Pingxing and Shen Song accompany the children for a few words, and let them take the eggs to play with.

"You are really welcomed by the children." Wu Ruo was infected by the children's smiles. "Master Xingxing, you said take me to meet some people, these are the children."

"Well." Li Xing slightly forehead: "I will take you around."

"Okay." Wu Ruo followed in the footsteps: "Is anyone taking care of the children here?"

"Yes. They are responsible for washing and cooking the children, and others are responsible for teaching the children."

He walked to the place where he took the children to look at. Each room was very simple and very simple. There was a row of beds by the side of the window, and there was a cabinet opposite. There was a table and chairs for dinner. Children who read and write will write seriously on the big chairs.

The limp walked behind, and when he saw the child's mistake, he would guide him to correct it.

Wu Ruo quietly observes lameness. Although this person is often flat-faced and doesn't like to laugh very much, he is very kind or else he will keep so many children with anemia.

Li Xing took Wu Ruo around the town and frowned. "The houses are full of children, but there are still many children on the ground floor."

Wu Ruo asked: "Are they all children with anemia?"


Wu Ruo twisted his eyebrows lightly: "The bottom floor is so cold, can they stand it? There is no way to make the bottom floor warmer? For example, using a magic device or matrix, magic charm, etc.?"

Limping Road: "I have tried heating appliances in the past, but they need a lot of materials to make them, and they need spiritual power to drive them. The heat emitted is not great, and they will break after a period of time. Most people buy Ca n’t afford the magic weapon, so the magic weapon is not practical. Next, we used the magic charm, except that it does not need to consume a lot of material, other things are similar to the magic weapon. Then we use the matrix method, which emits a lot of heat, Ordinary people can't stand it, even accidents happen, and some people die under the formation. "

Wu Ruo was surprised: "So serious?"

"Hmm." He pointed to the top of his head: "Look up, the array you used to do is still there."

Wu Ruo glanced up and saw the traces of the formation method faintly: "Is this the formation method set a few decades ago? It's all grayed out. What kind of formation method did you arrange?"

"It's an array of alchemy. Doesn't it emit heat? We just use it for heating."

Wu Ruo: "..."

Before that, he also thought about using a fierce array to keep warm.

"We used to use a special heating method, but it was too mentally exhausting. After a period of time, it was not used. We also thought about using the method to **** in the heat of sunlight."

Bringing Wu Ruo out of the gate, pointing to the matrix method painted on the wall of the gate, said: "This is the matrix method that can absorb the heat of the sun, but because we are cursed, many people are burnt by the heat. After that, we dare not try again. "

"..." Wu Ruo stepped forward to look at the formation, which is somewhat similar to the teleportation formation: "Did you arrange the formation on the land, and then absorb the heat of sunlight through the land formation, and then transmit it here?"

"Yes. Any questions?"

Wu Ruo shook her head.

He limped his lips, "I really hope you can see the problem."

Wu Ruo: "..."

Although Wujia also studies the formation method, he is not so powerful that he can see the problem at a glance.

Wu Ruo stared at the formation for a while and shook his head: "I really want to help you, but the ability is limited, but, logically, dying ... we should be afraid of the sun being burnt, we should not be afraid of heat, but what? Will it be scorched by hot air? "

He heard Hei Xieyu talk about the curse, and the curse should be to prevent the people of the dead nation from seeing the sun, not afraid of the heat.

"We think so too."

"Will it be yours wrong to pass in the sunlight?"

"If it is to pass in sunlight, there should be sunlight in, but it is not bright when we start the formation."

Wu Ruo took another look at the array method and stopped discussing this issue with Pingxing.

Pingxing took Wu Ruo to the house next to the Yamen: "There are several doctors specializing in hypoxia."

Wu Ruo tickled his lips: "If you really want to bring me here, you should be the doctor inside?"

Li Xing nodded: "I hope you don't mind, I just want to cure the anorexia as soon as possible.

"Master Xingyuan, are you so sure that I can cure the anorexia? Will you take me too seriously?"

"For at least all these years, you are the first to get kids out of bed and play like an ordinary person."

Wu Ruodao: "I just go in and see."

"it is good."

Wu Ruo came into the room with him. The environment was similar to that of Taiji Hospital. He was filled with herbs and full of medicinal herbs. The six doctors were discussing how to cure the anorexia. The content of the discussion to the doctors was similar.

The doctors saw the limp coming and did not stop discussing.

Wu Ruo turned around and left.

The sales office said nothing and invited Wu Ruo and Dandan to have dinner before sending them into the teleportation array and leaving.

Shen Song asked: "Master, do you ask Qu Sangong to stay here to save these children?"

Bingxing said quietly: "I didn't ask him."

Deeply anxiously said, "Why don't you ask him? Didn't you just want to see him this time? Why didn't you keep him? See you next time and I don't know when."

Li Xing looked at the teleportation array without speaking.
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