Comeback of the Abandoned Wife Chapter 231-240

Chapter 231: just kidding

Everyone looks at Wu Ruo.

Hei Xietang's eyes brightened: "Yes, Dasao knows medicine, so he can see, one more person to help, one more hope."

As soon as the others heard it, they quickly gave way to Wu Ruo.

Wu Ruo went to the bed and sat down and took the pulse. The veins of Hei Shao Zhao are very weak and almost imperceptible, just like the doctor said that if the disease recurs next time, Hei Shao Zhe wo n’t survive it. The worm may survive the next attack, which can support some time, but the next time, what should I do?

He withdrew his hand and asked the Taiyi doctor, "Yaotaiyi, what medicine did you give him every time the six brothers got sick? And on weekdays, do you give him medicine?"

Yao Taiyi looked at the emperor and said it with his emperor's consent: "Five years ago, we stopped taking medicine after the medicines given to the six princes had no effect. After all, the medicine was three-point poison. Since it is useless, it is no longer necessary. After eating, it was changed to a bubble bath. Only when he was ill, we gave him cold medicine made of strong medicine to restrain the cold, so that the six princes were not so painful when they got sick, but the time that the medicine remained in his body It ’s getting shorter and shorter. Until now, the effect of the elixir did not exceed half a cup of tea. After half a cup of tea, the sixth prince would be tortured by the disease. "

Wu Ruo frowned: "Since it doesn't work, haven't you thought about trying another way?"

"In addition to taking medicine, taking baths, and acupuncture, I have also tried to use the reiki to expel the cold in the body and tried it with other prescriptions in other countries. However, it has no effect. I have also consulted doctors from other countries to study how to treat lack of sun. Disease, but still unable to cure the disease. "

Wu Ruo asked him, "Can you put medicine into the body of your sixth brother?"

Yao Taiyi said for a moment: "Inject medicine into the body? How to lose it?"

"It's just refining the medicine into a potion and injecting it from his veins.

Yao Taiyi looked at Wu Ruo in surprise: "We have never tried it. This method is really strange and unheard of, but is it feasible?"

"I have used this method to treat children with deficiencies ..."

Yao Taiyi hurriedly asked, "What is the result."

"The child recovered as usual, but I don't know how long it will last.

Everyone was happy.

Yao Taiyi's eyes were bright: "How did you come up with this solution?"

Wu Ruo said the inspiration from the treatment of the first child: "In addition to the more potent medicine, it only temporarily warms the body of people with anorexia. Maybe a year and a half later, their illness will still occur. Therefore, these days, I have always thought that in addition to warming the body, the infused potions should also adjust the internal organs and bones of the body. After raising the body, it is to exchange blood. "

"Changing blood?" Yao Taiyi's eyes widened in shock, "Did you replace all the blood in your body?"

"Well, the blood in the sick person is already necrotic, and all of it needs to be drawn out, and then injected with good blood, it may be able to cure the anemia." After all, Wu Ruo is a rebirth. After ten years of treatment, there are a lot of cures. It was because I had seen someone change their blood that I dared to make such a bold assumption: "At present, I am just an idea. I don't know if it will work."

"Drained all the blood. How did the new blood come?"

"Extract some from a healthy person.

"How can only some blood be enough? Unless this person is completely drained, wouldn't that mean saving one person and killing one person?"

If it wasn't for the atmosphere, Wu Ruo really wanted to roll his eyes: "There are so many people in the Necropolis, you only need to take some from each person's body to heal many people, but everyone's blood will be different ..."

"I've never heard of these methods and never thought about them, but it sounds like it can completely cure anemia."

The people present were delighted. Although they did not understand medicine and did not know whether the method Wu Ruo said would work, but the method Wu Ruo said was more reliable than the doctors and doctors.

Wu Ruoyan: "It's all my hypothesis. It's easy to say, but hard to make."

"We are not afraid of difficulties. We are afraid that there is no way. Go with me to the Tai Hospital and discuss the way you said with other doctors." Do not give Wu Ruo the opportunity to answer, and the medicine doctor drags people out of the palace in excitement until busy. Did not leave Tai Hospital until midnight.

Hei Xieyu directly received Wu Ruo from his official residence, and said, "You retired the courtyard of Wang Yueju and lived in the palace."

Wu Ruo lazily lay beside the tub: "I also want to arrange the ghost woman's residence, and I will go to the palace when everything is arranged for her."

The ghost woman is his life-saving benefactor, which is also equal to the black life-saving benefactor: "I will do this."

"No, the ghost-wife is afraid of being born, she dare not approach you."

"I have a few big houses outside, and you can take her there tomorrow."

"Okay, then I don't need to find a house, right, finally, help find some honest people to take care of her."


Wu Ruo yawned.

Hei Xuanyu took him out of the water and put him on the bed. When he cleaned up and put on his obscene pants, Wu Ruo was so tired that he fell asleep.

Woke up the next day to have breakfast, and Wu Ruo went out to arrange the ghost woman's affairs. Did you know that when the ghost woman knew that he was going to be separated from her, he hugged people and cried especially miserably. a feeling of.

Wu Ruo helplessly said: "Ghost woman, I don't want you, I will come to see you at every turn.

The ghost woman couldn't listen at all, just holding Wu Ruo and letting go.

Wu Ruo was not good at forcing her away.

He looked at Lao Hei: "You think of a way."

The old black mouth drew: "The ghost woman only recognizes you, what can I do?"

Wu Ruo: "..."

He will definitely be living in the palace with Hei Xuyi in the future. It is impossible to accompany the ghost woman all the time. If she can be like a normal person, he may be able to bring people to live in the palace. However, she saw Hei Xu at first sight.翊 They just hide, and they cry and make trouble from time to time, how can they bring people to the government.

The old black eyeballs turned smartly and whispered, "Master, aren't you going to the palace and you can't bring people into the palace? But you can send the ghost woman to the old lady.

"Old lady? You say my mother?" Wu Ruo puzzled: "Why send people to my mother?"

"You look similar to the old lady. The ghost woman is definitely willing to take root with the old lady. As long as the ghost woman is comforted, she should be like a normal person and will not cause trouble to the old lady."

"Is that ... okay?" Wu Ruo thought it was unkind to hand over the ghost woman to his mother.

"You can try it first, and if the hag is in trouble, take her away."

Wu Ruo looked at holding him crying again and again, and only then he was more at ease: "Well, now I will take the ghost woman to the fourth brother."

He took people to the beast cart and came to Heixuantang Mansion, and found Guan Tong them, but he couldn't explain it. After seeing Guan Tong, he was holding the ghost woman who he couldn't help but immediately changed to Guan Tong.

Wu Ruo: "..."

Old Black whispered in his ear: "I said it would work."

"Xiaoruo, what's the egg? Why didn't the egg come with you?" Guan Tong asked Anxian while he was there.

Wu Ruo hurriedly said it in the future.

Guan Tong smiled softly: "It turned out that I will take care of the ghost wife first."

"I'll stay here for one night, and if she cries, I'll take her away."

"Okay, I'll have someone prepare a room for you."

Wuzhu quickly said, "Mother, let Xiao Ruo sleep with me."

Youzhen immediately cast an envious and envious look on Wu Ruo, and it would have been nice if Wu Zhu also raised himself to sleep with him, but every night he had to climb the window to enter Wu Zhu's room.

Wu Ruo returned to his proud look. "Okay, I'll sleep with my brother tonight, and by the way put a big array on his room to prevent the thief from entering."

"..." Youyou walked behind Wu Ruo, and Youyou asked, "Little uncle, are you trying to block the lives of others?"

Wu Ruopong smiled: "I'm kidding you."

He watched as he sat next to him, playing with Jiji's hairy Ye Ji, could not help thinking of the past in his dream, and whispered, "Dasao, ask you something.

Youyou saw his expression become serious, and she took a serious look: "What's the matter?"

"Is it possible that some of your demons have rebelled?"

"Well, what do you ask this for?"

Wu Ruo did not answer him, and continued to ask: "Are you sure there are no rebels in your demons?"

"Now the demons will be my subordinates. They have always been loyal to me and will never do anything that is sorry to me."

Youyou twisted her eyebrows, "You ask, have you heard anything?"

"I'll make sure, after all, you are my sister-in-law, and of course you should care about you."

"is it?"

"Of course, if you deal with the demons, I will rest assured that I will give you the elder brother." Wu Ruo thought his rebirth might have changed Ye Ji's death.

Youzhen didn't believe this, but didn't think anything was wrong.

"By the way, Ma'am, is your concubine dead?" Wu Ruo remembered that Hexin took her to the boat.

"Torture her like this, even a fairy will die."

Wu Ruochi smiled: "Thank you for the compliment."

You You: "..."

"So what do you do with her body?"

"On the day I arrived in the state of the dead, I let her throw her body into the sea to feed the fish."

"Brother knows her?"

"I didn't tell him, but he should have found it."

Wu Ruo sighed: "I'm relieved to see you protect my elder brother so much and give him to you."

It's just that sometimes, protecting too well may not be a good thing.

After dinner, everyone sat in the lobby for a while before returning to their rooms to bathe and rest.

"Xiao Ruo, don't have your robe here, you should wear mine first." Wu Zhu took out a set of robes from the cabinet and handed them to Wu Ruo.

"I have a robe." Wu Ruo took out his obscene clothes and pants from the space in front of him.

Wuzhu stared in shock, "Where did your clothes change?"

Wu Ruo asked, "Have you ever heard of mustard space?"

Chapter 232: You think so thoughtful

Wuzhu shook his head: "No."

Wu Ruo explained: "In fact, I don't know much about mustard space. I only know that a space object can hold a lot of things, and I have a shadow space in my body."

The family members of Hei Xieyu knew that he had space, and he had no reason not to tell his family, so he would tell Wuzhu everything after the seal was unsealed.

Wuzhu was surprised: "So, all you can fight against Wu Chenzi is because you have shadow stealing skills, can you absorb other people's spiritual power to quickly rise to the ninth level magician?"


"Our mother is the maiden of the hermit and the descendant of the fairy?"


Wuzhu confused: "Why don't I have the secret technique you said?"

"I listened to Xu Yan. It is because the descendants of the fairy and the mortal marry to give birth to offspring. One generation has become inferior to the other. Therefore, not everyone can inherit the secret technique, brother, you won't blame me for hiding this thing."

"You must have had a hard time concealing these things, just like the mother can't say that things in her clan are because she has sworn poison." Wu Zhu slaps Wu Ruo's shoulder with an envious face: "You can rise quickly without practicing. Ninth order, the ability of shadow stealing is simply against the sky.

"Brother, sooner or later you will be able to reach the ninth level."

"Yes, although I haven't inherited the secret technique, but what I say is a descendant of the fairy, and I think I'm very powerful, haha."

Wu Ruo also smiled politely.

"Ah-" Suddenly, a scream came from outside.

Wu Ruo's face changed: "It seems to be a mother's cry."

He and Wuzhu ran out of the room quickly, and ran to the room where Guan Tong lived. As soon as he came to the door, he heard Wu Qianqing yelling, "Don't come in first.

They stunned.

"I just heard my mother's cry, what's wrong with my mother?" U Xi hurried over.

Wu Ruo and Wu Zhu shook their heads: "I don't know.

After a while, Wu Qianqing opened the door of the room: "Come in."

Wuzhu anxiously asked, "Dad, what happened?"

Wu Qianqingyan said with a black face, "Somebody dared to peek at your mother to bathe and change clothes."

The three brothers and sisters were dumbfounded and angrily: "Dad, have you seen who peeked at the mother's bath? Have you sent someone to arrest this person?"

"Youer, they rushed out and caught someone as soon as possible."

Wu Ruo asked, "Where's mother?"

Wu Qianqing said: "I am getting dressed in the inner room."

Wu Ruo went to the screen where the bath tub was placed, looked around, and found a glance in the lookout window, and a small hole was dug in the corner of the paper window.

"Xiao Ruo, what did you find?" Wu Zhu came in.

Wu Ruo pointed to the small hole in the window and said, "That person should be peeking from here, but how did the mother find someone peeping at her?"

Guan Tongxin, dressed in a robe, walked in and said, "I accidentally saw a small hole in the window when I turned around, and when I saw an eye blinking behind me, I was screamed, right, Xiaoxi, Xiaoxi, haven't you bathed yet? "

Wu Xi shook her head pale. "I was about to undress and I heard the cry of mother."

Wu Zhu said, "I will help you stay outside when you bathe and change clothes.

At this time, Youyou, Thorny, and Yeji came back and shook their heads, "We have been catching people at the fastest speed, but the other party is faster than us. I guess the other party is a ninth-level wizard. . "

When Wu Ruo heard them, their faces did not look good.

Should they be grateful that the other person just peeked at someone to take a bath instead of taking lives?

You continued to say, "Don't worry, if the other party really wants to take the mother's life, it should have been done long ago, but that one did not do so, so my other party should want to find someone in the government, and then accidentally steal I saw my mother bathing. "

Wu Ruo calmed down, "Hope is just that."

"In-laws, in-laws, are you okay?" Hei Xitang received the news that Wu Qianqing had sneaked into the thief in their yard, and rushed over to take a look.

Guan Tong said, "We are fine."

Hei Xietang asked again: "Did you get hurt? Did you catch who the thief was?"

Everyone was dark. "No."

Hei Xutang swept across the faces of Wu Ruo, You You and Ye Ji incredulously: "None of you three ninth-level wizards are here to catch anyone? How terrible is the other party to escape from your hands."

Wu Ruo, You You, Ye Yi: "..."

"It seems I have to send additional patrols. Otherwise, you have a long and short. My brother and father and mother must peel my skin."

Guan Tong said: "It's not early, you go back to rest early."

"Well, dad, mother, rest early." Wu Ruo walked out of the room and said to You, "Let's look around and see if there are any suspicious characters.


Wu Ruo walked around in the yard and determined that the guard was not outside, he returned to the yard where Wu Xi lived and stood outside with Wu Zhu.

After the bath was finished, Wu Ruo called Shou prison and enchanting to protect Wu Qianqing, Guan Tong and Wu Xi.

The night passed calmly, except for the demons, everyone came to the lobby for breakfast with dark circles.

Ushi yawned and asked, "None of you have slept well?"

Wu Zhu said: "We are worried that the thief may still appear, where can we fall asleep, and Xiao Ruo often gets up to patrol the yard."

Wu Ruo also yawned, "I can't sleep peacefully when this happens."

Guan Tong distressed: "Wait for breakfast before you go to sleep."

Wu Ruo said, "I won't sleep anymore. I will go out and buy some medicines later.

Ushi quickly said, "Second brother, I will go too."

"it is good."

At this time, Hei Xietang walked in: "Dasao, I transferred the twelve spirit soldiers from my brother."

"Twelve spirit soldiers?" Everyone looked at him suspiciously.

Hei Xietang patted his palm: "Come out."

Suddenly, twelve women in black armor walked in from the door, and each female spirit soldier was bright and magnificent.

Wu Ruo asked, "They are ..."

Hei Xietang introduced: "They are the spiritual soldiers secretly trained by our royal family. Except for Emmanuel Ninth-level magician, everyone else is in the eighth-level magic power. With them, they can protect the women in the courtyard."

Wu Xi smiled grinningly, "You think so thoughtfully."

Hei Xietang was embarrassed to say, "It was my eldest brother who thoughtfully thought that when he learned that this happened to his mother, he immediately mobilized the female spirit soldier."

Uxi rolled his eyes: "I said how suddenly you became careful.

Hei Xietang: "..."

Wu Ruo asked, "Xi Tang, are you going to the palace if you wait."


"Then you tell Xu Yan, I will live in your house for two days."

Hei Xietang smiled and said, "Big brother has guessed that you are not at ease here, so let me tell you two days, he will pick you up and go to the palace with his parents and mother.

Wu Qianqing was surprised: "Are we going to the palace too?"

"Yes, my father and the emperor told them that since you came to the kingdom of the dead from your father-in-law, neither of them has met, so I will formally invite you to come to the palace and discuss the marriage of the eldest brother and aunt.

Uxi opened his eyes wide. "Marriage? Haven't eldest brother and uncle got married?"

Wu Qianqing and Guan Tong also froze for a moment.

"Brother-in-law's marriage was done outside. Naturally, when they return, they will have to do another one to let the people in the dead nation know who the princess is."

Wu Zhu said, "Xue Xi is the prince, and we must make up another marriage."

Guan Tong nodded: "Okay, we will be well prepared."

After having breakfast, Wu Ruo and Wu Xi left the palace.

"Second Brother, shall we go directly to the pharmacy to buy medicinal materials?"

Wu Ru, who looked excited, said: "It was originally intended to be like this, but you followed it, you can't just go to the drug store."

Ushih said happily: "Great."

Wu Ruo rubbed her hair: "I'll take you to the monster market first."

"Second Brother, do you want to buy a monster?"

"I'm not buying a monster, but a pet for you."

"Second Brother, why do you suddenly want to buy me a pet?"

"I remember when I saw a pet on the black market. I liked it very much. I wanted to buy it for you, but because I wanted to take a picture of the best **** Dan, I was afraid that I didn't have enough money to buy it."

Uxi moved to embrace Uxi's arm: "Second brother, how nice you are."

Almost a year has passed and I still remember this.

"You are my sister, isn't it good for you, who is it good for?"

Wu Ruo took her to the monster market and immediately felt a contract fluctuation.

He narrowed his eyes, took Uhi to the inside of the market, and heard someone anger from a distance: "Your monster market is really dark, so you can't sell me a little cheaper after trading with you so many times. It ’s not that this monster is really good. I ca n’t bear to spend so much money. "

Wu Ruo raised an eyebrow, which seemed to be a deep song.

The hawker at the monster market laughed and said, "Master, the younger knows that you are a regular customer here, and I want to make it cheaper for you, but this monster was caught by our people with great efforts. Knowing how many talents have been injured to catch this monster, now we are just making money.

"Forget it, forget it ..." Shen Song took out a silver ticket and handed it to the hawker.

The hawker counted the silver tickets, and then he was taken out of the monster.

"Yiyiyi" Uxi opened his eyes wide and pointed at the drawn monster: "Second brother, look at it, isn't that a horn?"

Wu Ruo naturally also saw Jiaojiao, wondering: "Where is Jiaojiao here? Didn't it come to the first floor with you?"

He always thought that Jiao Jiao was with Ji.

"When we disembarked, it disappeared with my uncle. At that time, they might have been washed away by the water like you. We saw you later because we were so happy that we forgot to tell you about it, ah, brother. , Let ’s hurry up, otherwise Jiaojiao will be taken away by that person. ”

"Don't worry." Wu Ruo passed the contract induction to Jiaojiao.

With a look of death, he didn't want to surrender to the corner where others sat down. He felt the presence of Wu Ruo, raised his head sternly, and yelled excitedly.

Chapter 233: Actually Dasao is a man

"Why is this monster suddenly so excited?" The guard at the monster market wondered.

Jiaojiao dragged two guards and hurried towards Wu Ruo with excitement: "嗷嗷-"

The hawker called anxiously: "Stop it, don't let it run away."

Jiaojiao ran to Wu Ruo and stopped.

The guard holding the horns quickly asked: "Son, miss, hasn't this monster hurt you?"

Wu Ruo glanced at them and said quietly: "No injuries, but do you want to confess my pets for sale?"

The guard froze.

Uxi said angrily, "You are too much, and you even tied it with a chain of runes."

"Qu San Gongzi !?" Shen Song came over to see that it was really Wu Ruo, with a hearty smile: "It's really you, I just thought about how your voice sounds so familiar.

Wu Xi was confused, how could this person call him the second brother song and the third son?

Wu Ruo slightly nodded: "Master, I won't see you for a long time."

Shen Song patted his shoulder and laughed before leaving: "It's been a long time, we really have a fate, we can meet everywhere, right, did you just say that this monster is yours?"


Shen Song turned his head and angered the hawker: "You monster market did this business? Catch someone's pet to sell? If I ride out, wouldn't it let the monster's former owner come to me?" Who would dare to buy the pets in your market? Maybe you will be caught back after you buy them. "

The hawker retorted "nonsense, our market has a rule, and we will never catch other people's monsters to sell, which will cause trouble to our customers."

He looked at Wu Ruo: "Son, what evidence do you have that this monster is yours?"

Wu Ruo shattered all the chains of Jiaojiao with spiritual power: "Tell them who your master is."

"Master." Jiaojiao stood next to Wu Ruo and roared at the guard gate, scaring the guard guard and turning to flee.

Ushi said, "Did you see it? It's our monster."

The level of the monster that can speak is definitely not low. How could a hawker be willing to let the monster go like this: "Okay, since it is your monster, then you will compensate it for our one million yuan. Two medical bills, but it hurt us a lot of guards. "

Shen Song insulted Wu Ruobao: "You are the lion's mouth."

He bought this monster for only 1.5 million two, but the hawker charged one million two silver for medical expenses, which is too much.

Ushi sneered: "If you don't catch it, it will hurt you?"

The hawker replied: "It was the brutality that hurt our people, and our talents caught it.


Wu Ruo stopped U Xi and continued, asking the hawker: "Are you sure we want us to pay for the medical expenses? Then your people hurt my pet, should we also ask you for medical expenses?"

Hawker: "..."

When Uxi heard it, he was happy: "Yes, you also have to pay us for medical expenses. According to the degree of injury to your horns, each wound is at least 10 million or more."

Hawker gas knot: "You might as well grab it."

Uxi chuckled: "We'll grab your money now."

Hawker: "..."

Wu Ruoan asked in a low voice: "Are we going to lose money? And, if we continue to argue, it may not be very good for your monster city."

The hawker saw more and more passengers watching, and quickly hurried people: "Go, go, take your monsters away, mother, it's really shameful to meet you."

Wu Ruo said goodbye to Shen Song, and they turned with Wu Xi and left to find the pet they wanted.

Shen Song took his silver ticket back and caught up.

"This group of indifferent humans, I think a grand demon once sold only 1.5 million two, 1.5 million two, even worse than the eighth-order monster, they know I have but Monsters of the blood of the monster race can change adults at any time as long as they cultivate. Monsters like me have to pay at least hundreds of millions of silver. "Jiaojiao was indignant all the way:" I blame the seal on my magician, harm I have been sealed for so many years, otherwise, I will be able to change into a human form long ago, and not only ca n’t I become a human form now, but I have also lost my cultivation as a horrible thing. Break them. "

Uxi touched its hair to appease him: "Yes, they have no eyesight and they see you as a little monster."

Jiaojiao proudly raised his head: "If I restore my original strength, even the ten ninth-level wizards will not be my opponent."

Uhis eyes brightened: "Really?"

Wu Ruo rolled her eyes, interrupted the angle and continued to brag about herself: "Hey? Haven't you been with You?"

"No, when we got off the boat together, we were scattered by the water. Don't worry, he is so powerful that he will never be caught.

He hasn't found you right now. He must have no silver to enter the teleportation array, and can only fly slowly to the first floor. "..." Wu Ruo glanced at the corner and saw that someone leaned over and turned his head.

"The third son of Qu." Shen Song asked with a smile on his face before walking: "Are you also here to buy a monster? Then we will buy a monster mount together.

Wu Ruo couldn't find a reason to refuse, so he followed.

Song Song looked at U Xi: "Qu San Gongzi, is this your wife?"

"No." Wu Ruo did not introduce U Xi's identity, only said: "Her name is Xiao Xi."

Uxi and Shen Song nodded with smiles and continued to find pets in the cages on both sides.

Shen Song asked again, "Where is your son? Why don't you see your son?"

"With his grandmother." Wu Ruo did not want him to inquire about too many things, and then turned to the topic and asked: "Master, deeply. I remember that you don't have a mount? Why should you buy a mount, a person can ride so many demon Beast? "

Deeply helplessly said: "This is bad luck, and I don't know who made my master angry, and then my mount became my master's out of air bag and was kicked to death."

Wu Ruo: "..."

"Yes, my owner has been looking for you."

Wu Ruo wondered, "Why did he ask me?"

"He didn't say, just explained that if I saw you, I would keep you, or ask where you live." Shen Song asked, embarrassed, "I do n’t know where you are inconvenient to tell where you live, but also Yes, do n’t I owe you a meal? When my master comes, I will ask you out to eat at the restaurant. "

Wu Ruo laughed: "It's been so long, you remember this."

"I have always spoken with deep praise."

Wu Ruo felt that he was good with the puppet actor, and made friends with them. Anyway, he did not have a friend in the state of the dead. However, his identity was not disclosed, so he had to return to Wangyueju. The room told him: "I'm currently living there. If you need something, go there and find me. If I'm not there, you can leave a message with the shopkeeper."

"it is good."

Wu Ruo looked at the fork in front of the eye. One was to lead to the area where little demon pets were bought, and the other was to sell horses and monsters. Then he stopped and said, "Master, we are going to buy pets. You ... "

Song Song understood what he meant, and laughed: "I want to buy a mount, I can't go the same way with you."

"That's good for adults."

"Uh-huh, okay, I'll look for you when we have time." Shen Song turned and went to the area where the horse was sold. In a place where Wu Ruo couldn't see, he quickly left the monster market to find his master.

Uxi didn't ask Deep Son until she could see: "Second brother, who is that person, why did you call you three sons?"

"Remember the ghost woman admitted that I was wrong?" Wu Ruo said briefly: "They just regarded me as the third son of a songwriter."

Wu Xi grinned, "It's a coincidence, but fortunately, you look like a ghost woman's son, otherwise, the ghost woman won't save you."

Wu Ruo laughed and said nothing.

Wu Xi smiled and frowned: "Second Brother."

Wu Ruo turned to look at her: "What is it?"

Ushi said sadly, "I found that Dasao didn't like me."

Wu Ruo wondered, "Why do you say that?"

He sees Youyou's good attitude towards their family members, and he can't wait to make everyone happy so that Wuzhu can answer to marry him.

"It was when I wanted to take his hand that he would immediately avoid it. Although the performance was not obvious, but after a few times, I noticed that he was hiding from me, and every time I asked Dasao to buy a daughter's house Things, he always said that something could not go away.

Wu Ruo: "!!!!!!"

Wu Xi was very grieved: "I also want to do more with Dasao to make the relationship closer. But Dasao doesn't like to be alone with me, brother, do I not like Dasao?"

Wu Ruofu: "No, Xiaoxi, don't think about it."

Uxi anxiously said, "Don't you dislike me, what's that?"

Wu Ruo was speechless: "Xiao Xi, after I told you, I hope you don't know about this matter, don't tell your father and mother about it, and Grandma will speak it out later."

Ushi nodded.

Wu Ruo took a deep breath and said, "Actually Dasao is a man."

Suddenly, Uhis froze, "Men, man?"

"Yes, he ’s a man, because he ’s a man, so you wo n’t let a girl pull his big man ’s hand, after all, it ’s not your brother, you ca n’t be as close as we are, and you ca n’t be with a woman like you He didn't say anything about buying his daughter's house now. He should want to confess the matter to his father and mother after the elder brother really accepted him. "

Boom, Uhis cheeks are as red as monkey's ass: "Men, Dasao turned out to be a man. Ah, it's a shame. I've never seen him in the future."

I remember that some time ago, she also asked Dasao to buy bellybands, and when she came to the moon, she also asked Dasao to pad under things. Oh, she should not go back to the palace to see people.

Wu Ruo said: "Blame me all, forget that uncle and aunt are not the same, otherwise, I will tell you about this earlier.

"Second Brother, I don't want to go back to the palace.

Chapter 234:

Wu Ruo was made to cry and laugh at her. When she saw a group of ladies in front of them watching around a cage, she turned her attention away by this: "Xiao Xi, look at the group of people in front of you, it should be a cage With beautiful pets. "

When Uxi heard this, he quickly looked up.

Wu Ruo patted her shoulder. "Let's go and see."

Uhi walked to the women watching the cage and was immediately attracted by the pretty little monster in the cage. She exclaimed: "So beautiful."

The little monster is like a pink kitten with short limbs and black innocent eyes, but a small pink horn grows on the top of the head. Three furry tails are behind the ass. It ’s all beautiful, and I ca n’t wait to hold it and kiss.

When the hawker saw someone coming around again, he quickly introduced: "This little monster is a three-tailed cat. Although it doesn't have much magic power, it has a beautiful and beautiful surface, which is very suitable for wife and young lady breeding. , So the price is one million two. "

Many ladies and young ladies reluctantly turned around and left after hearing about one million two. They really wanted to buy it, but it was not worth the cost of one million two to buy a pet.

Wu Xi's desire to buy was also frightened. He turned around and caught Wu Ruo's arm and said, "Second Brother, let's go."

Wu Ruo wondered, "Don't you like it?"

"I like it, but it's too expensive. It's more expensive than what we saw on the black market. Brother, let's go around and maybe there are better and cheaper."

In front of Wu Ruowang's eyes, there are only a lot of people watching, which shows that the three-tailed cat and monster market are currently good pets.

He looked at the hawker: "We want this little monster."

Everyone looked at him in surprise and envy.

Uxi hurriedly said, "Second brother, one million two, it is too expensive."

"It's hard to buy love with money, as long as you like it."

The hawker asked: "My son, do you really want to buy this little monster?"


The hawker smiled happily and lifted the cage and said, "My son, miss, you follow me."

Wu Ruo and Wu Xi and the hawkers came to a place where they had encountered a deep song before.

The hawker shouted to the hawker who had collected the medical expenses from Wu Ruo just now: "Four treasurers, someone wants to buy a little monster."

The four shopkeepers saw them as Wu Ruo, and suddenly their faces darkened: "You won't say that this little monster is yours again?"

Wu Xibai gave him a glance: "Don't you listen to this hawker? We want to buy a little monster."

The four shopkeepers heard that they wanted to buy, and their faces improved: "Little monster beast one million two silver."

Wu Ruo took out the silver ticket given to him by the black man and gave it to the shopkeeper.

The eyes of the four shopkeepers flickered arrogantly, thinking that the two would have a price. He took the silver ticket and counted it, it was indeed a million silver tickets, and nodded. At this time, someone said, "This little monster is the main county."

Wu Ruo and Wu Xi turned their heads and saw three well-dressed young ladies approaching them with a group of nieces and guards.

The young lady who walked in front pointed to the little monster on the table and said again, "How much silver is this monster, this county is the main one."

Wu Ruo was too lazy to care for her, and left with the three-tailed cat's cage.

The county chief was furious: "Did you not hear what the county chief said? Come, stop them."

Her guard immediately stopped Wu Ruo.

The lady in blue, standing on the left side of the county host, said, "My son, I advise you to put down the little monster and leave."

Wu Xi said angrily: "Have you heard of first come first come? What's more, we have already bought the silver ticket, why should we give you Miss Huang Yi, who is standing on the right side of the county master?" Just because she is Tian Yao County Lord, niece of the empress. "U Xi looked for a moment, hesitantly glanced at Wu Ruo, worried that this matter would make Wu Ruo embarrassed and make Wu Ruo's life in the palace difficult.

Wu Ruo also gave a soothing look, and when he was about to speak, he heard the gurgling sound of the surrounding cages.

Everyone looked up, and the cage above fell instantly.

The master of Tianyao County and the two young ladies suddenly became pale, and the guards hurriedly protected them.

Wu Ruo quickly pulled U Xi back a few steps.

Immediately afterwards, someone grabbed Wu Ruo's wrist and said, "Follow me."

Wu Ruoyu looked at the comer; "Master Xun !?"

With a faint smile on Ying Yingrui's eyes, "We are really destined.

Wu Ruo laughed: "It is Lord Songsong who told you I am here.

"Yes .: Take them out of the monster market first:" I have been looking for you for a long time. "He was fortunate that he strangled Shen Song's mount, otherwise he didn't know when he would see the man.

Wu Ruo asked, "What are you looking for?"

Li Xing was about to speak, but looked at U Xi beside him, looking at him, and asked quietly, "She is your wife?"

"No." Wu Ruo passed the little monster to U Xi.

Uxi teased the little monster in the cage while aiming uncontrollably. This man looks good and gives a very dangerous feeling, like a huge top monster standing in front of her, giving her a sense of fearful oppression, and the powerful momentum emanating from him My brother doesn't make any difference.

Pingxing no longer asks: "Do you remember the grandson of your uncle?"


"His grandson's health has returned to normal."

"That's good."

Seeing that he was not very interested based on his behavior, guessing that he should not want to remember the things next to him, he said, "I'm looking for you, but I really want to ask if you can give me a prescription for treating anorexia. Can you fully cure anemia? "

Wu Ruo nodded: "Of course, you can give me the prescription, but you don't need to study it every day or two if you want to fully cure the deficiency.

"Then ..." What else would Li Xing want to say, and Shen Song ran to them panting, "His mother, the royals like to bully others."

Wu Ruo frowned lightly, and realized that those who did not like the royal family deeply chanted.

Shen Song asked: "It's almost noon. Shall we sit down and talk?"

Wu Ruo said sorry, "I'm going to the drug store to buy some herbs."

"Don't even have time for a meal?"

Wu Ruo laughed: "No, because I have a lot of medicines."

"That ..." Shen Song looked at Li Xing, said Li Xing, "Let's go to the drug store with you. Write me the prescription when you come to the drug store."

"Okay." Wu Ruo went to the largest drugstore in the capital with them, and Wu Xi took the horns to hang out elsewhere.

After Li Xing got the prescription, he stood with Shen Song and saw Wu Ruo picking the herbs.

Deeply chanting that Wu Ruo had to buy one hundred catties for each kind of medicinal material, and he couldn't help but stare at his eyes: "He bought so many medicines, did he want to eat them as a meal?"

Limping whispered: "He should want to study how to cure the anemia."

Song Song's eyes widened even more: "Heal the deficiency ..."

He glanced at him indifferently.

Shen Song quickly hurriedly closed his voice.

Bad walking has been following Wu Ruo, staring at him for a while before leaving.

Wu Ruo bought the herbs and sent them to Wang Yue Ju, and then went to Wu Xi again.

Uxi immediately asked, "Second Brother, who is the limp man?"

"A friend I met on the eighteenth floor."

"He should not be an ordinary person, and he looks very imposing.

Wu Ruo teased her: "Xiao Xi, won't you fancy him?"

If that is the case, it will be difficult.

Like a man who is too strong by virtue, he is not a man who easily gives up his heart, so it is not suitable for Uhi.

Wu Xi blushed: "Second brother, what are you talking about? I just think he looks like my uncle."

Wu Ruo said strangely, "Where is it like? My house is much better-looking than him."

Wu Xi was ridiculed: "Yes, yes, yes, the best looks is my brother, but I am not talking about looks, but momentum and other aspects."

"Really?" In Wu Ruo's eyes, the man in his family is the best, other men can't compare.

Uhissi knew what he was thinking at first glance and rolled his eyes: "Let's go back."

The two returned to the palace, and U Xi saw the sorrow walking towards them, and suddenly thought of what Wu Ruo had said in the monster market. Suddenly, his cheeks became hot, and he hurriedly called a big sister to run into the room.

You You sweated with sweat: "What happened to her?"

Before Uxi saw him, he called his grandmother affectionately, how could he run so fast this time.

Wu Ruo held back a smile: "It's all right, all right."

After dinner, everyone went back to their room to rest.

Wu Ruo secretly hid in the dark while his mother and little girl were bathing, and then turned to the room where Wu Zhu lived until his mother and little girl took a bath, and then they walked around the yard Haunted woman.

He raised an eyebrow and walked over: "Ghost."

The ghost woman was thinking about things, and when she heard someone calling her, she couldn't help but startled and jumped.

"Sorry, scared you?" Wu Ruo came to her: "What are you doing here?"

The ghost woman waved her hand, saying nothing.

"I'll show you back to the room."

The ghost woman hesitated, nodded, and kept looking around.

Wu Ruo sends the person to the room, then observes every action of the ghost woman, confirms that she is back to normal, and then takes the opportunity to ask: "Ghost woman, have you bathed and changed?"

The ghost woman shook her head.

"Then I'll help you get someone to fetch water to come in, will you?"

The ghost woman nodded.

"Ghost, are you used to living here?"

The ghost woman nodded again.

Wu Ruosong said, "How about you live here?"

The ghost woman continued to nod.

Wu Ruo tentatively asked her, "But, I don't live here, do you want to live here?"

The ghost woman stunned: "Ah ah ah?"

Seems to be asking where Wu Ruo lives.

"I will live elsewhere in the future. Will you leave with me?"

The ghost woman tightened her brows and shook her head.

Wu Ruo was somewhat happy and strange: "You want to live here?"

The ghost woman seems to prefer his mother.

The ghost woman nodded.

"Are you really not following me?"

The ghost woman nodded again.

"Then you live here, but you can't make trouble."

The ghost woman made a hum.

Chapter 235: Master Spirit

Two days later, Hei Xieyu personally brought a team to Hei Xietang's palace to pick him up, drove the beast cart into the palace, and stopped directly outside the courtyard of Wuqianqingzhu.

The beast car has a very large space, which can accommodate about ten people. After Wu Xi got on the beast car, he always couldn't control his eyes and aimed at You.

Seeing this, You asked, curiously, "Xiao Xi, why have you kept peeping at me?"

Everyone looked at Uhi.

Wu Xi was embarrassed to say that because he knew he was a man, he couldn't help but look a little more curiously, so he made an excuse and said, "Dasao is so beautiful today."

Today, you are indeed beautiful, with a very good looks and dress, exquisite makeup, and gorgeous robes. If you can be a little petite, it is definitely a peerless beauty who can hurt the country and the people.

"Really?" You Xun smiled and lowered her head and trimmed her dress. Today, he is particularly in a good mood, because Wu Qianqing and Guan Tong brought him into the palace together as family members to see the emperor, indicating that they had put He treated it as his own family, so he didn't find that Uhis was wrong.

He turned his head to Wuzhu's ear with a smile and whispered, "Are I pretty today?"

Wuzhu Lengheng, men dressed as women, no matter how beautiful they are.

My heart was thinking like this, but my eyes couldn't help looking at Youyan's face.

Youyou caught his peeking gaze, and the smile on his face was even greater.

When the emperor arrived, the Wu family became somewhat restrained.

Hei Xuantang was soothing and amusing them to relax them.

Wu Ruo and Hei Xieyu walked in front of them: "Xue Ye, I saw the Lord of Tianyao County yesterday ..."

Speaking of yesterday ’s incident was just to let Hei Xuyi know that there was such a thing, not to ask Hei Xuyi to help him resolve the matter. Later, when he talked about smashing people with iron cages, he did n’t specify who he was, he only said it was a friend .

Hei Xuanxi frowned: "My mother distressed Miao Yi when she lost her mother, she spoiled her lawlessly. You don't need to bother her. After introducing you to other relatives, she would not dare to provoke you."

Wu Ruo hummed: "I am a cousin, she dares to provoke me?"

Hei Xuanyu black eyes squeezed his hand with a smile: "Yes, a little county master, how dare you provoke the princess."

"Go." Wu Ruobai gave him a glance.

Hei Xiu took his hand and kissed him.

The **** girls who followed them flashed with surprise, and this person who was petting and wishing to tie Wu Ruo to his trousers and waist bag was really the prince who had always been cold-hearted?

Arrived at Yuxiang Palace, the two black people finally met.

Wu Qianqing and Guan Tong are very surprised that the emperor and empress can be so kind, and finally they are not so nervous. Gradually, everyone sits and chats together like a family.

Hei Ziya and Wu Xi have similar personalities and like-mindedness, and they seem to meet each other late, so they chat about each other, as if the topic is endless. Go out for a play tomorrow.

Wu Ruo was also glad to see the two people so harmonious.

After having dinner, the two elders began to talk about the marriage of the junior, and Hei Xiu took Wu Ruo to see the great spiritual master.

Wu Ruo asked curiously, "Your great spiritual master lives in the palace?"

"Well, he lives in the sacrifice hall. His existence is similar to that of the sages and saints of the witch tribe. Although he does n’t have much real power, he is second only to the emperor, and he is very powerful. Centennial. "

Wu Ruo said subconsciously, "So old?"

He thought that the Great Master was as old as Wu Chenzi.

"Who said I was old? Where am I old? Little guy, when you meet me, you will know how young I am." Suddenly, a male voice sighed from a distance.

Wu Ruo was startled, and looked around quickly, but saw no one.

Hei Xieyu explained: "It's a spirit sound, and he's using a spiritual power transmission."

Wu Ruo: "..."

When he came to the gate of the sacrifice hall, Wu Ruo saw the white-haired young man holding a black cloth fan embroidered with white peony and gently shaking the fan. The suit on his body was like the fan in his hand. , A beautiful blooming peony is embroidered, and a black jade peony is inserted into his white hair. His facial features are very delicate, white eyebrows, almost transparent skin, and his lips are very pale. His eyes It is also gray and white, looking noble and mysterious, and enchanting like an elf, giving a very unreal feeling.

Behind him, there were six women in black and white robes. They were holding black flower baskets, which contained small white flowers. Then, they grabbed one and sprayed it into the air, letting white-haired men see it. It looks like the heavens are descending.

The white-haired man put away the fan in his hand, provoked Wu Ruoxia, and tickled his lips: "Little guy, see me now, do you still think I am old?"

Wu Ruo's eyes widened in surprise.

Is this person a great spiritual master?

Why look so young?

With a hint of helplessness, Hei Xieyu introduced Wu Ruo: "He is a great spiritual master.

Wu Ruo: "!!!!!!!!!"

When he heard Hei Xieyu said that the Great Master is 400 years old, he immediately thought that the other person had wrinkles on his face, his teeth were missing, his eyesight was no longer good, and he needed to stick on a cane or lean on others. Come to see them in trembling steps.

The great spiritual master was very satisfied with Wu Ruo's expression. Suddenly, his eyes narrowed, and he looked up at Wu Ruo: "little man, you look. You have experienced many things."

Wu Ruo looked for a moment, and it was not known whether the Great Master was referring to the matter of his rebirth or the thing encountered in the kingdom of heaven.

If it means rebirth, he has to say that this great spirit is really great.

The great spiritual master retracted the fan: "Very good, no longer a short-lived appearance."

Wu Ruo: "!!!!!!"

Hei Xuan breathed a sigh of relief.

The Great Spirit Master glanced at him: "Don't be too relieved. Although his life style has changed, he is no longer an immutable short-lived appearance, but it does not mean that accidents will not happen in the future.

Hei Xieyan frowned and asked, "What can you see?"

The big spiritual master shook his head: "I can't see anything."

"You can't even tell?"

Da Lingbi looked at Wu Ruo and hummed meaningfully: "What are you doing to me today?"

"I want to ask about curses."

The Great Master sneered: "Do you think your relationship can be cursed now?"

Wu Ruo and Hei Xieyu sank, and the Great Master was doubting their feelings?

The great master guessed what they were thinking, and said, "I mean, you only know each other for more than a year, and it is not enough to solve the curse. Don't think that the curse is easy."

Their faces eased a lot.

Hei Xieyu said, "We are here to ask about the curse solution. I heard that it is very dangerous."

"I heard that if the two do not fall in love with each other, it will be dangerous. As for the specific situation, I am not very clear. After all, no one has solved the curse and does not understand how the curse is solved."

Wu Ruo and Hei Xieyu glanced at each other.

"Don't worry, when the curse can be solved, I will tell you how to do it." The Great Master opened the fan: "Go, sit in my temple."

Wu Ruo and Hei Xieyu walked into the courtyard of the sacrifice hall: "This place is bigger than the other halls."

"We are here for sacrifices," he said. "The space is large enough to accommodate more people."

The great spiritual master covered his mouth with a fan, and smiled and said, "You will come here to sacrifice heaven when you are married, yes, I can count the days for you now."

He shouted, "Oh, this year seems to have no good days."

Hei Xuan said lightly, "Really?"

The great spiritual master put down his hand and said helplessly: "It really isn't."

"When is the fastest day next year?"

The Great Master joked: "You've all been married, and you've all slept together. Why are you so anxious to get married?"

Wu Ruo: "..."

Hei Xuyi ignored his words, and pulled Wu Ruo into the hall.

The great spiritual master sat down and poured them a cup of tea: "Drink tea."

Wu Ruo picked up the tea cup and smelled it, exclaiming: "This tea is still aura."

"I'm making tea with the fallen leaves of our fairy tree." The Great Master smiled and lowered the tea cup and said, "My little guest is here."

Wu Ruo and Hei Xieyu flashed their doubts. Then, there was a running sound from outside, and a childish voice: "Great spiritual master, great spiritual master, I am here."

Wu Ruo: "..."

Isn't this the sound of a jerk?

After a while, Doudou ran into the temple and saw Wu Ruo and Hei Xieyu were also there. After a moment of stinging, he rushed into Wu Ruo's arms: "Daddy."

Da Lingshi raised an eyebrow: "You have a father, don't you want me?"

Doudou let go of Wu Ruo, and rushed to the Great Master: "Great Master."

The big spiritual master smiled and hugged the egg with a smile: "This child is much more cute than when Xie Yun was a kid, not only loves to laugh and talk, but is also very smart. Unlike Xie Yan, he always kept his face cold and didn't speak, as if I was his kill Like a father. "

Hei Xieyu: "..."

Wu Ruo could not help laughing out loud.

The big spiritual master pinched the small face of the egg: "Little egg, what do you want to eat today?"

Wu Ruo saw that the relationship between the two was so good, so she asked, "When did the great spiritual master know the egg?"

The master said with a smile: "This little guy has come to my palace to eat pastry every day since he entered the palace."

Wu Ruo twisted her eyebrows: "Every egg, you can't eat enough?"

Eggs said: "The pastries here are more fragrant."

The spiritual master said, "My pastries are aura. They are more fragrant than the pastries made by others. Moreover, I especially like eggs. I hope he will come to accompany me every day. When he sleeps, I still You can see many things in his dream. "

"What did you see in his dream?" Wu Ruo and Hei Xuanyu asked in unison.

The big spiritual master blinked: "I won't tell you."

Wu Ruo: "..."

He felt that this great spiritual master was so unpleasant that he always kept his appetite.

Wu Ruo looked at Dandan: "Dadan, what did you dream of when you slept?"

Giggle giggled: "I dreamed that I had eaten a lot of pastries at the Master."

Wu Ruofu.

"Haha." The great master kissed Hannah's face happily.

Chapter 236: Fairy tree

That night, Wu Ruo lived in Guanli. The next morning, he was drawn to the Taiping Hospital to develop a potion. He was busy until noon. Hei Xieyu personally came to find a person who would drop the refined potion in his hand.

Wu Ruo said excitedly as soon as he came out of the Taiyuan Hospital: "I only discovered today that the Taiyi doctors in the big hospitals come from different countries. With them, I know a lot of herbs that I have never seen before, and I have learned a lot of different medicines."

Hei Xuyi saw that he couldn't say anything when he mentioned the medical technique. Some reluctantly said, "In order to cure the lack of sun, we have invited well-known doctors from different countries. Today, at least 15 doctors come from Taiji Hospital. Different countries."

Wu Ruo looked at Hei Xuyi with a puzzled expression: "I can see from your daily expenses and other aspects of your expenses that your country should be endless. Why is it 18th floor, oh no, it should be said from 15th From the beginning, people ’s lives are not as good as the other levels. "

"People living below the 14th floor, most of them are loyal to the old people. They would rather suffer than accept our help. However, we still sometimes give them the supplies they need on weekdays. For us, they It is also our people. In fact, many people want to stand on our side, but they have no action because of the threat of the old people. Moreover, our country is relatively large, there are many places where we cannot take care of it, and there will always be poverty and no A rich place. "Hei Xuyi thought for a while and then said," After eating, I will take you to the land. "

After eating rice, Hei Xieyu brought Wu Ruo and Yudan from the official teleportation array to a certain house on the land.

Wu Ruo and Dandan saw the sun and took a deep breath with joy: "I haven't seen the sun for a long time."

Dandan ran out of the house excitedly, pointing at the distant scenery and asking, "Daddy, what is that? Green, yellow and red."

Wu Ruo went out and found that they were on a high-rise building, and they could see all the scenery. There were fields nearby that could not be seen at a glance: "That's a field, there are vegetables of various colors."

Hei Xieyu took them to the other side, pointed at the light blue tree not far away and said, "That's our fairy tree.

Wu Ruo felt the aura emanating from the fairy tree from a distance. The fairy tree was very wide and very tall. Under the light of the sun, it exudes a pale blue luster, so beautiful that people couldn't bear to blink.

"I'm going to take a look." Dandan happily took out the windmill Hei Xixi gave him and flew over.

Hei Xieyu used light work, came to the big tree holding Wu Ruo, pointed to one of the fruits that was shining with silver, and said, "That is the fruit of the fairy tree."

Wu Ruo looked up at the fairy tree shining blue and silver, and exclaimed: "This tree is beautiful."

The fairy tree felt like he really praised him and made a rustling noise.

"At night, this tree will be more beautiful, and all the fields here will be illuminated by its blue light."

Wu Ruo remembered what happened in his dream and asked, "Will the fruit of this tree be eaten by you sooner or later?"

Hei Xuan looked a little, and nodded slightly: "Yes, every year there is less and less fruit. In a few years, I am afraid that I will never have any more fruit, and I may even die."

He stroked the trunk before leaving. Although his face was expressionless, he could hear his resentment to the fairy tree from his voice.

Hei Xuan turned his head and said strangely, "Who told you this thing?"

Uno: "..."

Can he say what he heard from the mouth of Hei Xietang in his dream?

Wu Ruo did not answer him and asked, "You said that you must eat the fruit before you can use its fairy power to block the curse. What about repairing them?

How did they stop the curse from going to heaven? "

"They] sent ghosts to steal fruit."

Wu Ruo's eyebrows were cursed: "I remember when Xiu Ruan brought out the repairs, repairs could have escaped, and later ran back from the blast to kill me and said that you were using it. Is he worried about our solution?"

Hei Xieyu mentioned the old tribe, his tone faded: "Yes, he is an old tribe. At that time, it was difficult to lead you out of Heifu. If I didn't kill you, I might not have a chance in the future. Once I will Restoring spiritual power, he can't kill you at all, he will want to blow himself up, at least half the chance of success. "

Wu Ruo puzzled: "Don't you say that after the curse, you can see you again, so that you can leave the country of the dead? Although the curse is useless to the old people, it will not do them any harm."

"It is said that after the curse was eliminated, the old people would disappear, as if they were turned into ashes by sunlight."

Wu Ruo shuddered when he heard the next four words, remembering how Hei Xieyu died in his dream.

Hei Xuanyu noticed his strangeness, his face didn't look good, and he walked back to him: "What's wrong?"

"Nothing, nothing." Wu Ruo breathed in. "Just thinking of bad things, yes, what's going on with you and the ghosts? Why should they take orders from you?"

"Really okay?" Hei Xuyi found his hands a little cold.

"It's all right, you haven't answered my question yet."

Hei Xieyu warmed his hands before he said, "You know that the people of the ghost clan are not really ghosts. They are the descendants of the ghosts and their descendants, or the descendants of the ghosts and their descendants. We Necromancers can They control ghosts, so their ancestors, that is, the real ghosts, were once under our control. They signed a contract with our Necromancer in order to give birth to a local government. Their descendants can be driven by us, but only to the royal family. Other people want to drive Ghost clan depends on the will of the ghost clan, and then contract with the ghost clan. "

"I think Xiu Xiu can also drive the ghost clan. When you fight, shouldn't the ghost clan kill each other?"

Hei Xuyi slightly foreheaded: "We and the old tribe can also be regarded as killing each other."

"So you say that the enemy is actually the old race, right?"


Wu Ruo has a general understanding of the situation of the Necromancers.

"Daddy, can I eat this?" The egg flying to the fairy tree asked the silver fruit.

"This fruit is very important to your father and cannot be eaten."

Suddenly, she was choked down.

At this moment, the fairy tree made a rustling sound again, and the silver fruit of the egg just now fell to the ground like a meteor.

Everyone hurriedly said, "Dad, I didn't touch it."

"..." Of course Wu Ruo could see it.

"The fairy tree has a fairy spirit. It should sense that the child really likes it and it will fall down and reward it to the child." Hei Xuan turned his lips to pick up the fruit on the ground and toss it to the eggs: "This is the fairy tree Yours, you have to keep them safe and do n’t eat them indiscriminately. "

Fruits are rare and may be eaten by children as snacks.

Eggs received the fruit, eyes bright: "Thank you father ... oh ... Wang Ba Dan."

Black shackled his eyes.

If it were not for the child's protection of his father, he would have caught and spanked.

Wu Ruo smiled: "Call my father."

"Can you call your father?" Egg Dan asked with a tilted head.


He smiled grinningly, "Dad forgive my father?"

Wu Ruo looked at her eyes and said, "Yes."

Hei Xuanyu pulled the man into his arms and lowered his head to kiss Wu Ruo's lips.

Wu Ruo quickly pressed his hand against him: "The fairy tree is watching."

"It doesn't know what we are doing."

Wu Ruobai gave him a glance: "Don't you say that the fairy tree has a fairy?"

Hei Xieyu: "..."

Everyone shouted in the tree: "I saw you kissing, shy."

When the fairy tree said something in the echo, it rustled.

"Let's hide away from other places." Hei Xieyu hugged people and flew under the big tree.

Wu Ruo couldn't help but look in the direction of the fairy tree. I don't know if it was a light problem or the reason for the sun's rays. He seemed to see a transparent figure standing under the fairy tree, looking like a man.

He quickly pointed to the fairy tree: "Xuan Ye, do you see a man under the fairy tree?"

The moment when Hei Xuyi looked back, the transparent figure disappeared without any trace. Then, a figure flew to the side where the transparent figure stood, and smiled at Hei Xuyi.

"Well, it's gone." Wu Ruo looked at the man in wonder: "Why is the Master also coming?"

Hei Xieyu said, "He comes to Fairy Tree almost every day to deworm and water the Fairy Tree. I heard my great-grandfather said that he can always keep his youthful appearance because Fairy Tree has given him Some fairy. "

"So he has a good relationship with Xianshu."

"Well, when the Great Master learned that Xianshu might not live for a few years, he was sad for a long time, and he was holding on to the Taiyi to let the Taiyi study the medicine that gave Xianshu a lifespan, but Taiyi is Mortal, no matter how great, it is impossible to increase the life of the fairy tree, and the great spiritual master did not know how to figure it out, and no longer obsessed with seeing the fairy tree.

After Hei Xieyu and Wu Ruofei flew away, Doudou jumped down from the tree and happily pounced on the Great Spirit Master: "Great Spirit Master, do you have any pastry on you?"

The Great Spirit Master pinched his little nose angrily: "How do you always know how to eat, but I do n’t eat it now, but I will introduce someone to you to know.

He looked at him blankly.

The spiritual master pointed at Xianshu and said, "This is Grandpa Fairy.

Fairy tree seems to be dissatisfied with this title, constantly shaking her body.

The big spiritual master laughed, "Little egg, have you heard the sound?"

Everyone blinked and stared curiously at Fairy Tree: "It seems that Fairy Tree is talking."

Just now he seemed to hear someone say not to call my grandpa.

"Hehe, you are worthy of being a spirit. You can hear his voice. I didn't hear him talking until I was a hundred years old."

"That's you stupid ..." Xianshu heard a voice again.

"Yes, it's me stupid. I can hear you now, haven't you gotten smarter?" The Great Master touched the big tree trunk and said, "Our Necromancer is expected to solve the curse, thanks to your fruit, and you But he lost his spiritual power because of this. "

He was a little sad, and then he smiled again: "After the curse is released, how about I accompany you all over the country?"

The sound of a rushing tree sounded particularly happy.

Chapter 237: thief

After leaving the fairy tree, Hei Xieyu hugged Wu Ruo, and sat on the monsters prepared by the ghost clan to inspect the fields.

On this day, Wu Ruo knew how busy he was as a prince and how much responsibility he had. In addition to inspecting the field plantings throughout the afternoon, I will personally go to the big medical hall to see the situation of the children with anorexia. Finally, I will listen to reports from officials in various places to discuss how to solve various tricky matters.

At the end of the day, Hei Xieyu could finally sit down and take a breath and eat the food from Wu Ruo. Then, he began to help the emperor to approve the memorials. He was busy until the hour when he took a bath and returned to the room to rest. You have to get up early, and then you have to be busy with other things.

Wu Ruo lived in the palace for half a month. He watched Hei Xieyu come out early and return late almost every day, and sometimes he was particularly distressed when he could not sleep more than three hours a day. But he couldn't help him solve the problem, he could only develop a medicine to cure the anorexia as soon as possible to solve a big trouble for him.

While he was discussing with Yao Taiyi about how to treat Hei Xizhao to recuperate his body, Hei Xietang sent news that Wu Qianqing was injured, scaring him to quickly put down the medicine in his hand and hurriedly sit on the beast. The car came to Heixuantang's palace and saw Wu Qianqing only sigh of relief after breaking one arm.

Wu Ruo asked quickly, "Dad, how did you get hurt?"

Wu Qianqing saw Wu Ruo stunned, and lowered his face: "Don't I tell you not to tell Xiao Ruo what happened to me?"

Wu Ruo frowned, not understanding why Wu Qianqing had to hide his injuries.

Wuzhu and Wuxi do not speak.

"Now don't say, he will know sooner or later, well, you didn't sleep all night and hurry to rest." Guan Tong hardly pressed Wu Qianqing back to bed and lay down.

Before Wu Qianqing closed her eyes, she issued a warning to Wuzhu and Uxi, and seemed to keep them from talking nonsense.

Wu Ruo winked at Wuzhu, leaving them to talk to themselves.

When he left the room, he immediately lowered his voice and asked, "Why did Dad get hurt? Who hurt him?"

Wu Xi clasped her lips tightly and shook her head desperately to indicate that she didn't know.

Wuzhu was in a dilemma: "Little Ruo, don't ask me."

"You don't say, I will only be more anxious."


"Let me do it." Guan Tong came out from behind and walked in front of Wu Ruo: "Here will be noisy to your father, let's go to the hall to talk."

The four came to the side hall, Guan Tong sat down and sighed, and said to Wu Ruo, "You know we were in a hurry when we left the imperial city. We did n’t have much silver, even if we had a lot of silver tickets on our body. It ’s actually not a big deal when it ’s used in the state of the dead. We eat and live here, and usually do n’t spend much money. But after discussing the marriage with the emperor, things are different. Your father thinks You will be a princess in the future. When you marry, you ca n’t be shabby. You do n’t even have a decent gift. Therefore, in order to let you marry beautifully, do n’t let other people look down on you and let you live. After struggling, he went out to take on tasks to earn money.

Wu Ruo was surprised and distressed, and even more sad: "Dad was injured because of the task?"

Guan Tong nodded.

Wu Ruo asked, "Mother, didn't you tell Dad that I brought all your possessions to the kingdom of the dead? And you gave me a dowry before, and you don't need to prepare these things at all."

"I told him about this, but it is far less than the offer of the emperor. Although we don't want to compare with the royal family who gives the most, but at least we have to get the table, what: the situation ..." Guan Tong looked at Wuzhu: "Xiaozhu should almost start a family and start a career. It must not be less than Xiaoruo."

All her children, of course, must be treated equally.

Wu Ruo: "..."

Wuzhu said silently: "Mother, I am not in a hurry."

"You are not in a hurry. Someone is in a hurry." Guan Tong said distressed: "Youer, a girl's family, has been following us from the kingdom of heaven to the kingdom of the dead, don't you want to be responsible to her?"

Wuzhu: "..."

Uhi bit her lower lip tightly and almost laughed.

Guan Tong frowned lightly: "Blamed me for being useless, if ..."

Having said that, she stopped and sighed.

Wu Ruo took the opportunity to ask: "Mother, I am now a ninth-level wizard, can I unblock you?"

Guan Tong looked at him: "You have just risen to the ninth stage and have insufficient ability. You also need to expand Lingtian to store more spiritual power."

Wu Ruo: "..."

That being said, he can't unblock it, and he needs more spiritual power to expand himself.

"Mother, I have a way of giving my own gift, and I will marry myself beautifully.

Wuzhu quickly said, "Me too."

Guan Tong stood up: "I'm telling you these things, but I'm just telling your father the cause of the injury. It's not a matter of dowry that you have to solve. Besides, these things should have been prepared by the elders. Okay, you go down. "

When they saw Guan Tong not wanting to say more, they turned around and walked out of the side hall.

Wu Ruo said, "I really didn't expect that getting married would put so much pressure on my father and mother."

Wuzhu patted him on the shoulder, jokingly: "No way, who made you marry a prince?"

Wu Ruo raised her eyebrows: "Yeah, who told you to marry a demon princess in the future, and you don't plan to give me the same gift, how can you pass?"

Wuzhu language stuffed.

"Haha." Uxi smiled politely.

"You can still laugh." U Xi gave her a look of anger, "You have recently advised us to persuade your father and mother that they don't need to worry about the dowry, and I will fix it."

"Okay, I try, but they don't necessarily listen to me." U Xi didn't want his father to be hurt again.

Wu Ruo saw the dark room where they lived, and asked, "Where have they gone?"

Ushi said: "When they came to the Necropolis, they didn't have much silver with them, so they went to earn money early in the morning and came back about two days later."

Wu Ruozhuan smiled: "Originally, like me, is preparing a dowry for myself."

Wuzhu rolled his eyes and said nothing.

Uxi said: "Second brother, it's not early, you can stay here tonight for one night."

"Um." Wu Ruo nodded. "Brother, let me live in your room."

"it is good."

The three returned to the room separately, Wu Ruo asked, "Have you been in trouble recently?"

Wu Zhu said as she unbuttoned her robe, "She is at peace every day, and she sticks to her mother almost every time except for sleeping time.

Wu Ruo was strange: "She likes mother so much?"


"Is there anyone who recently peeped at the bath?"


As soon as the Wuzhu words fell, I heard someone outside yelling, "Catch the thief."

This time, Wu Ruo reacted quickly, rushed directly out of the window, used mystery, hidden under the shadow, and saw a dark shadow passing by.

Wu Ruo quickly followed, trailing behind the man all the way.

He found that this person was very familiar with the environment here, knowing where there were patrol guards, where there were female soldiers, or where the dead end was not seen. After making a few turns, the other side easily escaped the pursuit of the yard guards and went into one of the rooms to close the door.

Wu Ruoyi stunned, isn't this the ghost's room?

He was worried that the other party would be harmful to the ghost woman, and quickly pushed in, and saw the ghost woman remove the black cloak from her body.

The ghost woman was frightened and looked at Wu Ruo anxiously as she walked in.

Wu Ruo's eyebrows frowned: "Ghost woman you ..."

He stared tightly at the black cloak in her hand.

The ghost woman hurriedly tucked the cloak under the bed.

Wu Ruo: "..."

At this time, the female spirit soldier and the guard ran over, and saw that the people in the room were Wu Ruo and the ghost woman, and quickly saluted: "I have seen the princess."

Wu Ruo motioned them to get up and asked, pretending to ask, "Is there anything wrong?"

The female soldier explained: "We just saw someone peeking at the old lady to change clothes."

Wu Ruo glanced at the nervous ghost woman: "Can you see who peeped at my mother?"


Wu Ruo nodded, "You keep looking."


As soon as they left, Wu Ruo closed the door: "Ghost, are you right? Are you peeking at my mother changing clothes?"

The last time a **** could escape You's eyes so quickly, it should be that she hid back to the room in the shortest possible time. Moreover, no one could imagine that a woman would peek at another woman to take a bath.

The ghost woman bowed her head and rubbed her dress.

Wu Ruo asked as softly as possible: "Ghost, I know you don't have any bad intentions, but can you tell me why you should peek at my mother to take a bath and change her clothes?"

The ghost woman remained silent.

Wu Ruo took a deep breath: "If you don't say it, I can only send you away from here.

Upon hearing this, the ghost woman suddenly raised her head and shouted with excitement: "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhwhwhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh) when I heard that, the woman shook her head and shouted," Ahhhhhh ... "

"If you don't want to leave here, then you'll tell the truth." This time, Wu Ruo didn't plan to appease her and waited until she calmed down before saying, "I know you can't speak, but you can write it, you are a song Miss Jia, it's impossible to be ignorant. Also, don't pretend to be stupid, I know you are very clear-headed. "

The ghost woman looked at him in surprise, shed tears, and looked very sad.

Wu Ruo was a little soft-hearted, but he couldn't leave any danger beside his father and mother.

He ordered someone to bring a pen and paper and put it on the table in front of the ghost woman: "Write it down if you want to stay."

The ghost woman cried for a long time before lifting the writing brush tremblingly, perhaps because she hadn't held the pen for many years. Her posture of holding the pen was a bit incorrect, and then she wrote a YES word crookedly.

Wu Ruo wondered: "Yes? What is it? The last time you peeped at my mother's bath was you?"

The ghost woman nodded and wrote that it was me again.

"Why? Why are you peeping at my mother bathing?"

The ghost woman slowly wrote on the paper: "She is like my lost niece."

"Niece?" Wu Ruo was puzzled: "Aren't you the son you lost? By the way, Qu Panyang should be your elder brother's son? That should also be a nephew, not a niece."

The ghost woman lowered her eyelids and wrote, "It's a niece ..."

Wu Ruo is full of fog and sweat, how can he be a niece? Doesn't even Qu Yihuan and Su Baishuang know that they are born male or female?

Forget it, it doesn't matter whether he is male or female.

"What about my mother like your niece? What's going on with her peeking at you?"

The ghost woman continued to write, "I want to see if she has a birthmark on her."

Is that really the case? Wu Ruo was skeptical.

Seeing disbelief, the ghost woman hurriedly wrote, "Can you help me ask her?"

"My mother cannot be your niece."

The ghost woman wrote again, "How do you know not?"

"My mother has a father. How could it be your niece?"

The ghost woman asked, "Who is her father?"

This sentence brought Wu Ruo down.

The ghost woman looked at him anxiously.

Wu Ruo frowned: "My mother only said that she has a father, but did not say who her father is. In short, my mother and his father are not in the dead nation."

"You don't know your grandfather?"

"Yes." Wu Ruo waved his hand: "My mother is definitely not your niece. When your niece was separated, my mother was always with us.

"My niece was separated forty-five years ago.

Wu Ruo's brow tightened a bit, his mother seems to be forty-five years old this year, but his mother cannot be the niece of a ghost woman, otherwise how could he inherit the mystery of the mysterious clans.

"Isn't your niece Qu Quyang?"


"There are so many people who have lost your composer.

"..." The mother hurriedly wrote on the paper: "You just need to ask me if your mother has a birthmark, then I can die.

Wu Ruo's inquiring gaze swept across the ghost's face, confirming whether what she said was true or false.

The ghost woman knew what he was worried about and wrote, "I swear, I will never do anything to hurt your family."

Wu Ruodai believed her. If the ghost woman really wanted to take his family's life, the people in their Wu family did not know how many times they had died.

He asked, "How tall is your spiritual order?"

The ghost woman quickly wrote: "Nineth order."

"The ninth-level wizard is still being bullied?"

The ghost woman does not explain.

Wu Ruo understood how she wanted to find loved ones. After thinking about it, she nodded and said, "Well, let me ask you, where is your niece's birthmark?"

"On the lower back."

Wu Ruo thought that Guan Tong should not sleep and turned around and walked out of the room.

The ghost woman hurried to keep up.

The two came to Guan Tong's room and saw Guan Tong's room door open. Wuzhu and Wuxi were inside, and they went in: "Mother."

Wuzhu quickly asked: "Xiao Ruo, did you catch that thief?"

Wu Ruo looked at the ghost woman: "I'm here to say this."

"Did you catch that person? Who is it? Who peeped at the mother three or two times?" Wu Zhu said angrily.

Wu Xi whispered, "Brother, keep quiet, Dad is sleeping inside."

Wu Ruo said directly: "The peeping mother took a bath and peeking at the mother's changing clothes was done by a ghost woman."

Everyone froze and looked at the ghostly woman stupidly.

Wu Xi's unbelievably wide eyes looked at Wu Ruo's old woman: "Ghost?"

Guan Tong was surprised: "Why the ghost woman peeked at me to take a bath?"

Wu Ruo said: "She thinks his mother may be his niece who has been separated for many years."

Guan Tong froze and shook his head: "Ghost, I can't be your niece."

The ghost woman immediately cried with excitement.

Wu Ruo said, "Mother, she just wants to know if you have a birthmark on your lower back, so she can die."

Chapter 238: Diaomin, kneel down

Guan Tong said, "I don't have a birthmark on my lower back."

The ghost woman watched her silently.

Guan Tong thought she didn't believe it: "Ghost, I don't have a birthmark on my back."

Wu Xi also said, "I used to bathe with my mother when I was a kid. There was no birthmark on her waist and only five small red moles on her waist."

The ghost woman's eyelashes twitched slightly, and her eyelids dropped quickly, so that she could not see what she was thinking.

Wu Ruo sighed, "Ghost, do you listen? Can you die now?"

The ghost woman quickly turned and left Guan Tong's room.

"The ghost woman looks sad," Uhi said.

Wu Ruodao: "I send the ghost back."

He walked out of the room, silently accompany behind the ghost woman, listening to her covering her mouth and crying, feeling sad and happy.

Happy? Wu Ruo frowned. The ghost woman was crying, how could he feel that she was happy, thinking too much.

Wu Ruo accompanied the ghost woman back to the room, and after comforting a few words, she returned to Wu Zhu's room.

Wuzhu cared and asked, "How is the ghost woman?"

Wu Ruo unbuttoned her robe and said, "She should want to take a look at the mother to change clothes when Dad is injured while they are not in the house, and when her father is injured again, I don't want to rush over to see my mother overnight I'm caught. People are crying now. "

"The last time she was able to escape from Youyan's eyes, that means her spiritual order is not low."

"Well, she just confessed to me just now, her spiritual power reaches level nine."

Wu Zhu was surprised and said, "She really just wants to see if there is a birthmark on her mother's waist?"

Wu Ruo said: "It should be, otherwise, I really can't figure out why an old woman should peek at another woman to change clothes and take a bath. If she is really bad for us, it is not so simple. . "

The ebony thinks about it too.

Early the next morning, the two brothers went to the lobby to have a meal, and saw Guan Tong looking at them with an expression beyond expression.

Wu Ruo asked, "Mother, do you have something to tell us?"

Guan Tong opened his mouth and finally shook his head.

At this time, Uhi and the hag also came to the hall.

Because Wu Qianqing was injured and was still resting in the house, the ghost woman gave Guan Tong a vegetable directly at Wu Qianqing's position, but she did not take a few bites.

Wu Ruo, Wu Zhu, and U Xi looked at each other for a moment, but Guan Tong looked helpless and persuaded the ghost woman to ignore her and let her go.

After breakfast, Guan Tong hurriedly asked while the ghost woman was away, "What's wrong with the ghost woman? I waited outside the door with water in the early morning. When I came together, I waited for me to dress and wash my hair, and also gave my hair thrush."

Uxi said: "No wonder the hair style of the mother is different from the past, and it looks pretty good."

"Really?" Guan Tong smiled and stroked her hair bun, and she also liked the ghost woman to do her haircut, very young.

Wu Ruo and Wu Zhu glanced at each other: "I think the ghost is overly sad after confirming that you are not your niece, and temporarily treats you as his niece."

"This way ..." Guan Tong thought the ghost woman was pathetic. "Then leave her alone and wait for the facts to be clear, she won't do these things again."

Soon, Hei Xieyu sent someone to send the wounded medicine, and Hei Xietang also sent a lot of tonics.

Wu Ruo was determined that his father's injuries were not serious, and he was planning to return to the palace. When he left the courtyard, he was stopped by the ghost woman.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh when you point to your throat, he shows a piece of paper to Wu Ruo, saying: Xiao Ruo, can you heal my throat?

Wu Ruo froze, wondering why she suddenly wanted to heal her throat: "Only treat her throat but not her face?"

The ghost woman froze, pointed to her face, and waved her hand to express her death.

Wu Ruo took her to the pavilion and examined her throat: "Your throat is fine."

The ghost woman wrote with a forefinger on the table, "But, I have a sunburned throat."

Wu Ruo asked, "When did you get sunburned?"

"Forty years ago."

Wu Ruo raised an eyebrow: "It's been so many years, your injury has long been better, not to mention that the recovery ability of magic currency is stronger than ordinary people."

"Then why can't I speak."

Wu Ruo thought for a while and said, "Did you not get medical treatment when you were injured? So, you think you are dumb?"

The ghost woman nodded.

"You don't talk to people in the future. You lose your language skills over time, but it doesn't matter. You practice speaking more in the future."

Take the medicine I dispensed for you, and I'll be able to speak soon.

"Thank Xiaoruo."

Wu Ruo asked his subordinates to bring pens and pens, write down the prescriptions, and then took out the silver for the subordinates to buy medicine.

After that, he left the palace and went to Wangyueju. He collected all the medicines he bought into the space, and then went back to the room.

The shopkeeper asked, "Is this you Qu Quzi?"

Wu Ruo looked at him: "Anything?"

The shopkeeper smiled respectfully and said, "A son named Shen Song said to you that it was the second day of June and invited you to lunch at Langshan Pavilion."

"Well, I will go by then."

Wu Ruo went back to the palace after finishing the account, passed the Guanzhong compound, and heard the woman's laughter, one of which was the empress's laughter.

Since the queen was in the yard, he could not be treated as if he didn't know, so he asked the queen to greet him, but before the person left, he hadn't waited for him to speak. The woman sitting next to the queen said angrily, "It's you."

At a glance, Wu Ruoding turned out to be the Lord of Tian Yao County who wanted to grab the little monster they bought that day.

The queen put down her smile and looked puzzled: "Miaoyi, you ..."

Tian Yaojun said angrily: "Auntie, it is him, that is, he snatched the little monster I wanted to buy, and in the back, he also hurt me with the iron cage of Guan monster, and now my hand hurts."

She held her wrists pitifully, hoping that the emperor could pity her, and then angered Wu Ruo angrily: "You kneel, you foolish people."

Empress: "..."

Wu Ruo ignored her directly and saluted the empress: "Xiao Ruo has seen her mother."

Only when outsiders are present will he call the queen mother-in-law.

Tianyao County Master stared at Wu Ruo in shock.

Did she hear me right?

This man calls her aunt as a mother?

who is he?

How could my aunt suddenly have such a big son?

Sitting aside, the handsome young man flashed his eyes, but soon calmed down.

The queen smiled slightly: "I heard that your father was injured. I don't know how serious it was."

"My mother cares afterwards. My dad just broke his arm. It was not a big deal. He will get better in a few days."

"That's good, then I can rest assured." The Empress introduced to Wu Ruo: "Xiao Ruo, let me introduce you, sitting next to me is my niece named Miao Yi, who is sitting next to her The son-in-law is the dump of his cousin, and the servant of the Ministry of Households. He is currently doing things under the hands of Xuan Ye. "

Wu Ruo and Lou Qing nodded and said hello.

Tenjo-gun immediately asked, "Aunt, who is he? Why would she call your mother?"

The empress smiled and said, "He is the princess of Xuan, you will call him a big cousin when you see him later."

Lou dumped: "..."

The Tenjo-gun lord suddenly seemed to have eaten shit, and his face was particularly ugly.

Wu Ruo smiled: "Sister Miaoyi, please take care of me in the future."

The Tian Yao County Lord was not angry, "I really shameless, who is your cousin?"

The empress lowered her face: "Miao Yi, how do you talk?"

Tenjo-gun's main body stopped talking.

The empress said gently to Wu Ruo: "Xiao Ruo, Miao Yi is still young, don't be surprised."

"No, mother ..."

The empress asked curiously, "What did you say about grabbing a little monster?"

Wu Ruo smiled and didn't explain. The empress was not his companion, so it was not good to tell the truth, but in this way, the Tian Yao County Lord was wronged by him, and his current style was not the same, then a smile is the best performance. Neither will it make him feel like a little girl who needs to find a grievance, nor will he make him think that he really robbed the little monster of the Lord of Skyscraper, and a smart person will know what happened at a glance.

When the queen saw Wu Ruo did not speak, she knew that it was her spoiled niece who had done wrong.

The Tianyao County Lord was worried that Wu Ruo would tell the truth, and hurriedly said, "Aunt, he ..."

The empress gave her a glance and interrupted her: "Miaoyi, should it be the little monster you want to grab someone?"

The master of Tianyao County froze, a guilty conscience flashed under his eyes, stomped his feet, pretending to be angry: "Auntie, I've been watching your niece grow up, how can you think of me like that?"

The Empress shook her head and sighed, and stood up and said, "Go back and think about it yourself, have you done anything wrong?"


Tian Yao Jun also wanted to say something. Lou Qingluo stood up and said, "Emperor, Tian Yao Jun will definitely think about repentance and wrong things after returning. Wei Chen will also supervise her and let her write. Sorry for the Empress. "

As he said this, he handed a glance to the Lord of Tianyao County, begging her not to say more.

At this time, a small figure ran into the compound: "Grandmother, grandmother."

The empress heard the voice of the little grandson, and immediately smiled, "Every egg is here."

Seeing that Wu Ruo was also there, his eyes were bright, and he turned his head and rushed to Wu Ruo's leg: "Daddy, you are back."

Wu Ruo smiled and hugged his son: "Did you come to Grandma again to eat?"

Everyone nodded honestly.

The empress looked at her grandson so cute and couldn't agree with her smile.

Tian Yaojun looked at the eggs, rolled his eyes, and walked to Wu Ruo with a smile: "Is he the prince's cousin's son? He really looks like a prince's cousin, it is carved out of a mold, Auntie, what's his name? "

The empress smiled and said, "Egg."

The master of Tianyao County extended his hand: "Eggs, my little cousin hugs me.

Douban looked at Wu Ruo, and before reaching out, she reached out and hugged her.

Tenjo county chief teased him and said, "How old is the egg?"

Everyone answered; "Two years old."

This was what Wu Ruo taught him before.

Tian Yao County Lord looked at Wu Ruo at the side of his eyes and asked, "Egg, what did you just call him?"

Dandan excitedly said: "Daddy.

Wu Ruo smiled at his son.

"But he is not your father at all. Your father should be the cousin of a prince, so you can't call him father, you know?"

The empress listened, and stunned, she looked pale.

Author gossip:

PS: Correct it here. In the previous chapter, I mentioned that Wu Qianqing had broken an arm because I missed it. In fact, his hand was just broken.

Chapter 239: Big Brother's

Wu Ruo seemed to have smiled on his face if he hadn't heard what the Lord of Tianyao said.

Without waiting for the empress to get angry, Douyu hit the Tianyao County Master's face with the toy in her hand. Suddenly, Bai Zhe's face became red.

"Bad guy." Wow, he cried and reached out to Wu Ruohu: "Daddy, father, I want father."

Tian Yao Jun's master froze and did not expect that the child would hit her.

Wu Ruo hugged his son distressedly: "Don't cry."

The queen slaps the desktop angrily, saying coldly: "Tian Yaojun, it seems my official is too spoiled for you."

The master of Tianyao County had a pale face. She was so big that she could anger her aunt with a slap. Nevertheless, she still knew that her aunt would only call her Lord of the Heavenly Shaker or claim to be the palace in front of her when she was really angry. Now that she has both, she is very angry.

She hurriedly said, "Auntie, I didn't mean to make you cry, I just wanted to ..."

The empress interrupted her directly: "Tian Yaojun, this month, this palace doesn't want to see you again, so stay in your house and think about it."

The building's fall did not give Tian Yao the Lord the chance to say more and more wrong, and quickly pulled Tian Yao County Lord to bow down and worship.

The queen apologized and said to Wu Ruo, "Xiao Ruo, don't take Miaoyi's words to heart. You see that Dou Yan really likes you.

Wu Ruo shook her head and did not speak.

The empress came over distressed and reached out to Dou Dan: "Don't cry, don't cry, grandma hugs you, okay?"

Crying and burying his small face in Wu Ruo's neck, ignore her: "I only want dad."

Wu Ruo said sorry, "Mother, I'll take it back to Hengxing Palace first."

The queen was also distressed to see Dou crying and nodded: "Go.

When Wu Ruo left the compound and walked to an uninhabited place, he patted the child's little fart: "No one, crying?"

The child is made of Sanqi Stone. Naturally, who knows who he is, will he be fooled by the trivial words of the Lord of Tianyao County.

Doudou quickly raised his head and grinned, "Daddy, do I look like it?"

Wu Ruo laughed, "I almost lied to you."

Everyone mumbled: "Who makes bad guys bully dad.

Seeing his son protecting him in this way, Wu Ruo could not help but kiss his little face, thinking to himself, should n’t the egg be his son ’s affairs, should the emperor and his father and mother know them?

Moreover, he didn't want others to keep misunderstanding that the egg was a child born to others. But how did he explain to Hei Xieyu where the child came from? Is it necessary to tell Hei Xuyi about the last life?

Wu Ruoxin hesitated, always feeling that now was not the time to speak about the matter of rebirth.

Just as he was tangled up in this matter, the Tianyao County Lord cried back to the County King's Mansion.

King Li Jun saw that the baby daughter was crying and came back with red eyes, and was distressed and angry and asked, "Who made the baby daughter of my king cry?"

Tianyao County cried out of breath.

King Li Jun looked down at the building and said, "Down, who talked about who made your cousin cry?"

Lou Qingluo 151 talked about what happened this morning.

King Li Jun frowned and couldn't bear to blame his daughter. He could only say to her carefully: "Miao Yi, you must recognize your identity, even if the queen is your mother and aunt, even hurt you in your heart, But you also ca n’t compare with her JL son and grandson's status in her heart. When you and her son encounter something, she will definitely only stand on her son's side. ”Tian Yao County Lord cried, no He said willingly, "But the man was obviously an outsider, but his aunt still helped him. My aunt has hurt my nephew for more than 20 years. What is his ability to compare with me? "

"He is a princess and is not an outsider, because he is your aunt's daughter-in-law and represents the entire royal family. If you can't live with him, you can't live with your aunt, you keep him from stepping down, that is, your aunt can't step down. "

The Tianyao County lord said angrily, "I don't like him as a concubine at all, and you are a cousin. Don't you like a prince? You can pursue a prince before they get married."

Lou Qing's face changed greatly: "Miaoyi, what are you talking about?"

King Li Jun was surprised and looked down at the building.

"I'm bullshit? Why am I bullshit?" The Tian Yao County Master glared at him: "I went to your house to find you once and saw you drunk and smokey, but the name of my cousin was always called in my mouth. And said he liked him. "

Lou Qingluo's heart-breaking thoughts suddenly felt embarrassing: "Even so, I can't pursue the prince, the prince already has someone I like."

"Falling cousin, you did not pursue the cousin of the prince before, because you thought that the woman he liked, and now you know the man he likes, why not act?"

There was a pain in Lou ’s temple, and he lifted it up and rubbed it: "Miaoyi, the prince and the prince have already married outside. They are a real husband and wife. I ca n’t get in. We Do you remember the curse of the Necropolis? So the prince will never marry anyone again. "

Tenjo County Master: "..."

Lou Qingluo continued: "Furthermore, I heard that the prince and the prince were married to understand the curse of our Necromantic kingdom. If we destroy them, we can only stay under the ground forever, Miaoyi, you do n’t always want to See the sun? Want to feel the warmth of the sun? Want to see what the daylight world looks like? Just solve the spell and you can see it. "

Tenjo County Master: "..."

"You can kill him after solving the curse," Li Junwang said suddenly.

Tian Yao County Lord and House looked at Li County King in disbelief.

King Li Jun smiled: "Why do you look at King Wang so much? King said jokingly."

Lou Qing fell back to God, holding his fist and said, "Well, I have something to do, so I won't bother you here."

King Li Jun nodded: "Go."

Lou Tiaolou stepped out of the county king's palace, got into his beast car, and the fists that had been hidden in his sleeves finally loosened. He closed his eyes and leaned on the back of the car, as if closing his eyes and thinking about something.

At about noon that day, Hei Xieyu returned to Guanzhong and brought Wu Ruo and Dandan to Yuxiang Palace for dinner. In addition to the emperor and emperor in the temple, Hei Xietang also came, and even his health was not good. Hei Xixi also came to Guanzhong for dinner.

After everyone talked and laughed over the dinner, Hei Xuyi said suddenly, "I want to announce something to everyone."

Everyone stopped talking and laughed, looking at Hei Xieyu.

Hei Xunyu brought Uruola, who was holding her eggs, to her side and said, "Eggs are my children and Xiaoruo.

Everyone froze.

Wu Ruo looked at Hei Xuyi in surprise, but did not expect that he would say this.

"I was born with Wu Ruo." Hei Xieyu aggravated the tone of this sentence.

Hei Xietang stammered: "Born, born?"

Black renders a slight forehead.

Hei Xietang jumped up and said excitedly, "Who gave birth? Isn't Dasao a man? Isn't Dasao always dressed as a man? No wonder Dasao looks so feminine. The child was born to him. Dandan's age doesn't match the time when eldest brother and eldest married.

When hearing this, Wu Ruo rolled his eyes, "I'm pretty sure I'm a man, and who said that the child was born of me?"

Hei Xietang was even more shocked: "Is the egg from the eldest brother?"

Hei Xieyu: "..."

Wu Ruo: "..."

Emperor Empress: "..."

Hei Xuyi laughed: "Why didn't I know that Brother is a woman?"

Hei Zihe shook the gold cup in her hand, which can blind the eyes, and said inscrutablely, "Who said that a woman must have a child?"

I think men can actually have children. Strange, why did I hear such amazing news and accept it so calmly? It seems that my determination is still very high. "Hei Ziya was surprised:" Egg is a child born from the elder brother's belly? Oh my god, I can't imagine how big brother is pregnant. I think that picture is scary. "

Hei Xizhao heard this, and couldn't help but imagine that He Xie was pregnant and holding her belly, and he couldn't help laughing. "Well, my brother can have children, it's good."

Wu Ruo: "..."

It's really outrageous.

Hei Xieyu ignored these idiot brothers and sisters directly: "Dad, mother, do you still remember the matter of Sanqishi?"

The emperor froze, and soon understood the meaning of the eldest son saying: "Do you mean that the egg is made of Sanqishi?"

"Yes." Hei Xieyu nodded: "It was my blood and Xiao Ruo's flesh that was rubbed with Sanqi Stone, and then cultivated with spiritual power for a period of time."

Wu Ruo looked at him in disbelief.

How did he know about this?

Is it possible that Hei Xuyi was born again?

Wu Ruo was very excited, but soon calmed down. He didn't think that Hei Xieyu looked like a rebirth or knew the events of the last life, maybe he just happened to tell the emperor a story.

Hei Zixie they were disappointed when they heard that the eggs did not come out of Hei Xuan's belly.

Hei Xietang said unwillingly: "Brother, why didn't you say earlier that I had always thought which woman you had a child with, and I was worried that Dasao would be bad for you.

Wu Ruo gave him a look of anger.

Hei Xietang smiled: "Dar, you can't blame me for thinking that."

The queen smiled happily: "Dome is a child of Xiao Ruo, that's great."

Wu Ruo looked at the empress: "Won't mother blame us for not telling you this?"

"Stupid boy, you did n’t say it, there must be your reasons, how could I blame you." The empress looked at Wu Ruo with a loving look: "Before, I was still worried that you would blame Xunyu to marry you Laying eggs with other girls, and now I heard that eggs are you and Xie's child, I do n’t know how happy they are. No wonder the eggs are so sticky to you, and it ’s harder to call father than father. ”

With a smile on her face, Wu Ruosong breathed without the slightest look of anger.

The emperor was also very pleased that Douyu was the child of Heixie and Wu Ruo. In this way, there would be no gap between the two.

Others are also very happy.

Everyone talked before leaving the palace.

Chapter 240: I want to rob

Leaving Yuxiangguan, Wu Ruo slowly walked along the palace path holding the eggs and Hei Xuan. There were no eunuchs and maids around, and only patrol guards passed by from time to time.

Wu Ruo asked, "Did anyone tell you what happened today?"

Hei Xuanyu said softly: "After Miaoyi left the palace, someone went out of the palace and told me about it."

Wu Ruo moved, the man must be afraid of his grievance. The first thing to return to the palace is to explain to the family that the egg is his and his child: "How can you be so sure that you have rubbed my flesh in the egg?"

Playing with toys, Eggs and Eggs heard Dad mention him, looked up at Wu Ruo, blinked, and then continued to lower his head to play with the toy Hei Xie 翊 raised his hand and poked the egg protein tender face: Children only care for their loved ones. "

Wu Ruo stopped and asked him, "Can you guess how the eggs come?"

Hei Xieyu black eyes looked at Wu Ruo motionlessly: "I guess a little."

Wu Ruo slightly hesitated.

If there is only one thirty-seven stone in this world, then it is easy to guess where the other thirty-seven stone came from, not to mention the stupid person who is not black, so he should guess more than one.

Hei Xieyu moved the hand that poked the egg face to Wu Ruo's ear and pulled his hair behind his ear: "When we get married, I will let everyone in the Necromantic Kingdom know that the egg is our children."

A very common sentence made Wu Ruo's heart warm, and he jumped very fast. The happiness and sweetness would soon burst his body, and he could not restrain his mouth from turning upwards, and his eyes were full of smiles: "Fuck, cover your eyes."

Everyone responds very quickly, raising his hand quickly to cover his eyes.

Wu Ruo quickly lifted up his neck and pulled down to kiss the beautiful thin lips.

The black eyes flashed intently, but soon replaced by a smile, hugging Wu Ruo's waist, holding people in his arms, passively turning back into the kiss and probing into the enthusiastic tongue.

The two kissed him completely, and even the patrol guard arrived without stopping.

Eggs quietly opened the little finger, and saw that the relationship between father and father was so good, he couldn't help laughing while covering his little mouth. When he saw the patrol guard passing by, he quickly made a hush.

After watching the patrol guards who were princely kissing the prince and the princess, after seeing the lovely action of His Royal Highness, they could not help but smile, and walked away lightly.

Hei Xiu loosened Wu Ruo's lips and said hoarsely with an **** voice, "Let's go back."

Wu Ruo took a few breaths, nodded, quickened his steps and returned to Heng Xingguan, handed the egg to Hei Xin, and went to the bathroom with Hei Xieyu. After a while, moans and rough gasping sounds came from inside.

The two have never loved each other since they came to the Necropolis and were scattered by the water. Now they can taste each other ’s body as if they had tasted the forbidden fruit for the first time.

The government girls heard the breathless gasp, and they couldn't help but blush their faces, and in the middle of the night the voices slowly stopped.

Wu Ruo slept in the chest of Heixuanyu for a night, and noticed that the person under him moved, and opened the sleepy eyelids.

Hei Xuan saw that he was waking up, and patted him on the back to let him sleep more.

Wu Ruo was reluctant to let go of him: "Where do you go to inspect today after getting up so early today?"

Hei Xuanyu gently removed him: "Go to the town below the thirteenth floor."

Wu Ruo woke up quickly: "I'm going too.

Hei Xiexi raised an eyebrow and said profoundly, "You don't sleep more?"

"No." Wu Ruobai gave him a quick glance and quickly put on his robe.

Hei Xieyu stopped him, and then, he was asked to bring in a good Chinese robe and let Wu Ruo wear it: "Follow me afterwards to wear these robes."

Wu Ruo looked at the white mask on his clothes, and soon realized that the black shame was protecting him. Now no one outside knows what the princess looks like. Therefore, he usually goes out by himself, and no one looks for him. Trouble, if his identity is discovered, I am afraid that neither he nor his family can survive.

As he dressed, he asked, "Is it still unknown to my dad that they have also come to the Nation?"

Hei Xuan murmured, letting people in to comb their hair.

After having breakfast, he personally put a white mask on Wu Ruo.

Wu Ruo looked at himself in the mirror and found that he was wearing a white mask and looked like a mysterious figure in a white mask. Then he turned and raised his black chin and said rudely, "I want to rob."

Hei Xieyu raised an eyebrow: "What are you trying to rob?"


"Satisfy you." Hei Xunyan's eyes flashed a smile and kissed him on the mask.

"Your color is too good to rob." Wu Ruo pinched his chin and asked, "If other people also rob you of your color, wouldn't you give him that easy too, right?"

Hei Xuan narrowed his eyes. "Others want to find death, just come."

"It's pretty much the same." Wu Ruoxi smiled, let go of his chin, and pulled him out of the room.

Everyone saw that they were going out, and hurriedly asked, "Daddy, where are you going?"

Wu Ruo said, "My father and I are going to visit other levels.

Dandan quickly hugged his thigh: "I'm going to play too.

"We're not going to play, and we're going to be hungry with us."

As soon as he heard Hungry, he let go of Wu Ruo: "Father, father, you're good to go."

"Every day I know to eat." Wu Ruo squeezed his small face with a smile and a kindness.

Hei Xuyi rubbed his little head, followed Wu Ruo left Hengxing Palace, came to the official court where the animal car was parked, and the officials waiting for Hei Xuyi to inspect together had been waiting for a long time, one of them was Wu Ruo had seen the building fall .

Wu Ruo deliberately walked to the right and back of Hei Xieyu, making everyone think he was a guard.

However, no guard can wear a fine Chinese robe, so his arrival soon attracted everyone's attention, and Hei Xieyu didn't intend to use him as a guard at all, and pulled him in front of everyone's face. If he gets into his beast cart.

The officials looked at each other, all looking at who the mysterious man in white was, so that the honorable prince helped him get in the car.

Lou Qingluo intuitively believed that the man in white was the prince, otherwise, the prince who had always been cold would never touch other people so actively.

"Get off." The voice of Hei Xuanyu came from the beast car.

Officials returned to God, quickly got into other beast cars, and left with Hei Xieyu.

The team of Hei Xieyu went directly to the thirteenth floor in a beast cart from the official transport team, and then inspected the situation of the people along the way. Most of the poor people on the thirteenth and fourteenth floors were compared to the lower level. It is relatively calm. Although they live in poverty, they live in poverty and poverty, as long as the day is stable, but the deficiency of the sun still causes great suffering to the people.

On this way, they did not get out of the carriage until they reached the fifteenth floor, and all kinds of bad phenomena emerged. Either someone hit the house or stole money to bully others. These were forced out because they were too poor.

"Stop," Hei Xuan said out loud.

The convoy stopped.

Hei Xieyu got out of the car first, then stretched out his hand in the car, ready to help Wu Ruo down.

Wu Ruo patted his hand directly, got out of the carriage, and put on the mask on his face: "Where is this?"

"Fifteen-story full town."

Other officials got out of the car and immediately took out the notebook and charcoal. Some people wanted to record every sentence that Hei Xieyu said, and some people wanted to record everything here.

Wu Ruo's eyes have been following the historian behind Hei Xieyu, shutting up and not talking, so as not to write all their conversations in.

Hei Xuanyu made the historian aside.

Wu Ruo asked quietly, "Isn't the emperor the official?"

However, Hei Xieyu even reviewed the scores, and it is not surprising to have a historian nearby.

Hei Xieyu explained: "The Prince of the Necromantic Kingdom has almost the same rights as the Emperor, and he must write down every word and every word."

"Do I have to write down my words?"


"Then if I say I like you here or secretly kiss you, will he also write it down one by one?" If so, Wu Ruo felt it necessary to pay attention to his words and deeds, so as to prevent historians from writing randomly.

Hei Xuan turned a corner of his mouth. He wanted to let the historian write it down, but he also had to say it when facing the historian.

Standing on the floor outside Wuzhang, seeing the black and indifferent Junrong Yang smiling lightly, like Lengmei blooming in the winter, making him unable to look away. Unfortunately, the other side did not smile at him.

"Who is that man? The prince smiled at him," an official whispered.

"It should be the princess."

"The prince really married a man?" The official who said this was disdainful.

"I heard that he was married to understand the curse."

After hearing this, everyone stopped speaking, because everyone standing here was anxious to solve the curse, and even if they didn't like the prince to marry a man, they had to give the prince as a god.

Wu Ruo and Hei Xieyu naturally heard the officials' discussions, turned around and asked, "What are we going to do now?"

Hei Xieyu said, "Send rice to the people."

At this time, a guard officer came over and said, "Prince, we have already removed a cart of rice."

Hei Xieyu slightly forehead: "Take it."


Hei Xieyu, Wu Ruo, and other officials followed the guards and looked at their family's Paimi.

The situation of Paomi made Wu Ruo very strange. Generally, when the poor people heard that someone would send Pai to the guards to rush to grab rice, but the eyes were different. The people in the town saw the guards coming and ran away. Fast, blink of an eye, no one in the street. Moreover, the guards must go to every house and knock on the door.

After the other party opened the door, they only reached out a large bowl or pot. After getting the rice, they hurriedly took it back, as if the guard had a plague.

For the people who have been sent rice, the guard will mark it with a charcoal pen, indicating that rice has been sent to the other party.
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