Comeback of the Abandoned Wife Chapter 221-230

Chapter 221: Past Life Past Life (7)

Wu Ruo followed them to the front yard, and at one glance they saw the formations left in the yard. They could not help but widen their eyes. Isn't this the formation that sent him back to life?


Is he dreaming?

But how could he dream about what happened after he was sent away?

Wu Ruo hadn't figured out what was going on, and a force pulled him to Hei Xuan's side.

On the streets, corpses screamed and the screams continued, and the houses collapsed one after another, as if the end of the world came, and the bustling city became a **** on earth.

The Wu family, the first big family, did not escape the difficulty. The gates and walls collapsed, and they could enter the compound by stepping directly on the stones. No one was obstructed, and no one had time to ignore the black shame.

Hei Xiu came all the way to find Wu Chenzi.

Wu Chenzi and the head of the Wu family are struggling with the top ghosts, and even took out the immortals that had not been returned. If there were no immortals to protect them, the Wu family would have fallen.

Hei Xieyu called out his explosive bones, rushed to the fairy, and made a slamming sound. Suddenly, a powerful vibration was emitted, and the people around him took a step back, and then the two magical instruments hit.

Wu Ruo was surprised that the bursting bone could compete with the fairy, but Guichao once said that the aura in the fairy had nothing left, otherwise, the bursting bones made with black rendering would not be able to face the fairy.

Wu Chenzi saw Hei Xieyu, his eyes flashed with fear: "Hei Xieyu."

Wu Weixue heard the words, showing joy.

However, she couldn't be happier for a long time. After the Wujia people lost their protection in the fairy wares, they were immediately eaten by savage ghosts. In a moment, the Wujia people fell down, and their bodies were chopped to only one bone.

"Grandfather, save me ..."

Wu Weixue screamed, and the used mysteries and magical tools were invalid for Li Gui, and soon his arm was torn off by Li Gui.

"Ah, my hand, my hand." Wu Weixue fell and rolled on the ground.

The more she screamed, the more crazy Li Gui was, and she darted to bite her red lips, and she lost her lips and looked terribly beautiful.

Wu Chenzi couldn't protect himself, and he couldn't keep up with Li Gui: "Hei Xie 翊, Li Gui was you recruited?"

Wu Ruo turned to look at the handsome face that was even more frightening than Li Gui, but made him feel that his heart was crying in sorrow, and he couldn't help but want to step forward and take a sip, but the outstretched hand was wearing Passing his body: "Ran ..."

Hei Xuanyu flickered and came to Wu Chenzi: "Who is Ruan Ye's master?"

Wu Chenzi froze and laughed madly: "Hei Xuanyu, are you so angry, Wu Ruo has already lost his soul?"

The next moment, he was slapped on the ground with a black palm.

"Zhu Yiyi" Wu Chenzi spit out a blood spit, and it is unbelievable that the younger black shaman had such a strong spiritual power.

Before Hei Xieyu walked, he stepped on Wu Chenzi's chest: "Who is Ruan Ye's master?"

Wu Chenzi sneered weakly: "The deity will never tell you who Master Ruan Hui is, and the deity will let you never find this person in your life."

Hei Xieyu's eyes became redder, like a ghost asking for his life. He stretched out his white hand toward Wu Chenzi. Suddenly, Wu Chenzi felt like he was about to leave his body.

His eyes flashed with fear: "Hey, what are you doing?"

Wu Ruo clearly saw Wu Chenzi's soul out of his body.

"Ah one one" Wu Chenzi yelled in pain, and his soul was drawn away more painful than cutting his bones. He wanted to use the mystery to deal with Hei Xuan, but he couldn't play because of the unstable soul.

Hei Xieyu increased his spiritual power, and instantly pulled Wu Chenzi's soul out of his body.

The people of the Wu family were horrified. They who did not have the main force were soon devoured by Li Gui.

Wu Chenzi, whose soul was sucked out of his body, was so anxious that under the cruel control of Hei Xieyu, he said unconsciously, "I don't know Master Ruan Ye at all, I have never seen this person."

Hei Xuan raised cold eyes, a force that crushed Wu Chenzi's soul.

Wu Weixue's body was still eaten by Li Gui with a bite of horror. She never thought that this good-looking man would be so horrible. If I had known it, don't provoke this person.

Hei Xuan turned his head to look at Wu Weixue.

Immediately, Wu Weixue was greatly frightened, and her body pain caused her to be fainted by the man who had been fascinated by her. Soon, her breath was lost and her body was stunned to a bone.

Hei Xietang said in a hurry: "Brother, all the Wu family are dead, you should stop your hands. The use of the mystery of the feast of the ghosts for a long time will exhaust your spirit, and you don't want Aunt to worry about you?"

Hei Xuanyu heard him mention Wu Ruo and quickly gathered up his spiritual power.

Wan ghosts didn't eat enough food, licking the blood in their hands, while making a piercing weird smile, they slowly disappeared into the Imperial City.

Hei Xietang hurriedly gave five Hei Xie to Hei Xie.

"He will never worry about me again." Hei Xieyu pushed Hei Xietang back to Heifu in an unstable manner. Although Heifu has become a ruin, he still accurately found that they lived there. Yard.

Wu Ruo kept silent behind him, wanting to hug him and tell him that even if he was born again, he would still remember him from the last generation.

Hei Xiu stood motionless in front of the shattered house, everything in front of his eyes seemed to be remembered, and the red silk in his sad eyes never faded.

Hei Xietang and the others followed, but did not dare to disturb him, and silently stayed behind him.

The sky gradually lights up, and then gradually darkens, and then slowly lights up, and then slowly darkens, but Hei Xieyu never moves for half a minute.

Wu Ruo's eyes watched as he changed bit by bit, Xia'e also gradually appeared black scum.

"Xiyu, I beg you not to torture yourself like this, seeing you like this, my heart is so uncomfortable, you will die if you do n’t eat or drink like this."

However, Hei Xuan could not hear him at all.

At this time, Hei Xietang came over with a bowl of chicken soup: "Brother, you have a drink, otherwise, you won't be able to eat your body like this."

Hei Xieyu ignored him.

Hei Xietang looked at the broken house in front: "Brother, I know this place is full of memories for you. If you are reluctant to come here, shall we rebuild it? Will it be restored to its original state?

Black shading still does not move.

Seeing such a big brother, Hei Xuantang felt very uncomfortable. He choked and said, "Brother, the one-year deadline is coming soon. We haven't had much time here. Therefore, we must leave here and return to the kingdom of the dead. "

Hei Xunyu moved slightly.

Hei Xietang saw him move, his face filled with joy, and continued, "Brother, we will go back in two days, otherwise, we will not be able to keep up with the time when the efficacy of the medicine will expire.

Hei Xieyu looked up at him, and said hoarsely, "I'm going to the demon world."

"As long as you drink this bowl of chicken soup, we will accompany you wherever you go."

Hei Xunyu thought of what he was going to do, so he took the chicken and drank it.

Hei Xietang and Wu Ruo breathed a sigh of relief.

Hei Xieyu first took people to the black market to find the city owner. After getting the city owner's permission, he went to the demon world through the passage, and then sneaked into the palace.

Wu Ruo followed them all the way. At first, he did n’t know Hei Xuanyu ’s intention to go to the demon world. Later, he thought that Hei Xuanyu was going to steal the thirty-seven stone. Heixu asked about the whereabouts of thirty-seven stone. See Sanqi Stone.

"Why not?"

He turned the whole palace again, but he still couldn't find it until he encountered Jiji.

Hei Xiu knows that Thorns have a contractual relationship with Wu Ruo, and he is not afraid that Thorns will find someone to arrest him, and will appear directly at Thorny.

After seeing Hei Xun stunned, Gu Jiu frowned, "Why are you here?"

Wu Ruo also stunned when he saw Thorns. The person in front of him had faded his pride. The whole person seemed very calm. What happened after Thorns left him and returned to the demon world?

"Do you know where Sanqi Stone is placed?" Hei Xieyu opened his door and asked.

Ji Yi brows tighter: "What are you doing on March 7?"

Hei Sui did not answer him.

Thorny asked again: "Where is Wu Ruo? Why did this contract suddenly lose his contractual relationship with him?"

For more than a year, he never went to the human realm and did not know what happened.

Hei Xuan narrowed his eyes and stared at him coldly.

Ji Yi jumped in his heart, wouldn't this man kill Wu Ruo? But it didn't look like killing a person, but his face was more like a dead wife.

Is Wu Ruo really dead.

The more I think about it, the more this is possible. Only then can I inexplicably break the connection.

Hei Xuyi asked again: "Where is the Sanqi Stone?"

The scary eyes made Jiyi secretly swallowed: "You don't say that you want the use of Sanqi Stone, this seat will not tell you where Sanqi is."

Hei Xuanyu grimaced his lips, and when he thought that he would kill himself, he heard Hei Xuan's mute voice and said, "I want to pinch a child to Wu Ruo after being born again."

"Reborn Wu Ruo?" Tiaozhu looked at him in shock. "Wu Ruo really died? You sent people back to the past, oh my god, are you crazy?"

Hei Xuanyu stared at him coldly: "Where is the Sanqi Stone?"

Thorny: "..."

He has been with Wu Ruo for many years and has witnessed the process of getting together with Wu Ruo. He therefore thought that He Ruo Xi did not like Wu Ruo, but he did not expect that this person could do so.

Thorny hesitated and struggled: "You follow me."

He came to his house with Hei Xieyu, took out Sanqi from the back room and said, "This is my partner who deliberately married the princess from the devil to get my family to agree with us. The purpose of Sanqishi is to let us have a child so that the family will not oppose us being together, but ... "

Thorny smile: "It's no longer needed."

Wu Ruo, who has been looking at the thorny residence since entering, has heard the words and found that the spirit card of Ye Ji was placed on the incense stand on the main wall.

Chapter 222: Past Life Past Life (8)

Wu Ruo quickly walked to Xiangtai and looked at the Ling card in surprise. Yeyi died? How did you die? Will Tenwing die in ten years?

He looked at Jiyi, did the demons suddenly become stable and mature because their partner died?

Hei Xuanyu glanced at the spirit card on the incense platform, took over Sanqi Stone, and said dumbly, "Thank you."

"No thanks." Thorny turned and looked at the spirit card: "This seat not only looks at Wu Ruo's face, but also wants to be able to change the fate of all people through San Qi Shi."

He took out a black handkerchief, gently wiped the wipe card, and whispered, "Go out yourself, I won't send you out."

Hei Xieyu held Sanqi Stone, turned around and left the room, and then asked the people in the government that the thorny partner died tragically in the hands of someone because of some mutiny.

Leaving the thorny mansion, and Hei Xingtang they returned to the Heifu of the Kingdom of Heaven.

Hei Xietang said quickly: "Brother, have you got what you want, can we go back to the kingdom of the dead?"

Hei Xuan said quietly: "You go back first.

Hei Xietang hesitated: "What about you? Aren't you going back?"

Heigan said, "Master, if you don't go back, you can't stand the hot sun."

Hei Xieyu ignored them, turned to the study, and removed the fallen wooden boards and rubble piece by piece.

Heisin they hurried over to help, half an hour later, they dug a large black box from the ruins of the inverted puppet, which was engraved with frozen runes.

Hei Xunyu carefully opened the box, which actually contained an ugly scorched corpse.

Hei Xietang opened his eyes wide. "Why is there a scorched body in the box? Whose body is this?"

Hei Xin quickly pulled the sleeve of Lai Heitang and whispered, "It's the lady's body."

Hei Xuantang's eyes flashed with surprise. His elder brother still kept his uncle's house: "What does he want to do when he takes out his body?"

Wu Ruo looked at his scorched corpse, his mood was extremely complicated, and Hei Xieyu saved his body so well.

Hei Xieyu brought out Jiao Zhe, and then took out his sword to shave the meat from Jiao Zhe little by little.

Wu Ruo saw Hei Xieyu's hands trembling, and his heart was violently agitated. If it had been necessary, this man would have been reluctant to cut off his flesh.

"Brother, what are you doing? Grandma is dead, why are you ...

Hei Xu raised his head and stared at Hei Xutang coldly, sternly: "He is not dead."

Wu Ruo: "..."

He was sent back to the past, which is logically not a real death.

Hei Xietang: "..."

Heixin sighed sadly: "Master Four, please let the master go by himself. Maybe only in this way will he feel better."

Hei Xietang said angrily: "They all blame the big masters. They have to be big brothers to like big brothers, knowing that big brothers are short-lived, and they need to come close to big brothers. Now that's fine, big brothers are dead, but my big brother is like a lost soul. Looks like, people are not like people, ghosts are not like ghosts, there is no big brother, how will my brother live in the future? "

The more he said, the more sad he became.

Hei Xieyu, if he did not hear Hei Xietang, removed all the meat easily, and then put the remaining bones back into the box: "Bring Xiaoruo back to the state of the dead, and bury it in our tomb."

"Yes." Hei Gan ordered the two ghosts to lift the box away.

Hei Xieyu picked up one of the corpses and rubbed it with Sanqi Stone. It took about half an hour for the corpse to completely melt into Sanqi Stone. He picked up another piece of meat and placed it on Sanqi Stone. .

Wu Ruo sadly crouched beside Hei Xieyu, watching him rubbing the thirty-seven stones, and the body around him became less and less.

As time passed by, the sun went down and rose again.

Hei Xingtang is more and more anxious, their time is running out.

He hurried to find Hei Xieyu and said, "Brother, you can't stay here anymore. Come back with me."

Hei Xieyu sat on the ground and rubbed the last piece of corpse into Sanqi Stone.

Wu Ruohong looked at Hei Xuanyu with his eyes, knowing that he would not leave, he would not stand the sun exposure: "Hei Xuanyu, Sanqi Stone can be kneaded anytime, anywhere. The most important thing for you now is to return to the fourth brother Necropolis, otherwise, there is no place for you to hide. "

Although what he said could not be heard by others, he still choked and persuaded Hei Xieyu.

"Brother, have you heard me?" Hei Xietang could not help but cry out loud, "Hey, you will die if you go on like this."

Wu Ruoyi said: "..."

In this scene, he remembered that he had dreamed.

Hei Xietang stepped forward anxiously to pull Hei Xie's arm and persuaded: "Brother, you should be clearer than anyone. If you die, you can't be resurrected. You can torture yourself like this, you can't come back. I talk? Do you know, father and mother, they are very worried about you, you should go back with me. "

Hei Xietang cried and said, "Brother, I beg you, am I still okay? I beg you to come back with me, and you will stay here again, you will be really dead."

Hei Xieyu stood up holding Sanqishi: "I won't go back."

"You ..." Hei Xietang raised his hand and tried to stun Hei Xuan, but he was penetrated by Hei Xuan's thoughts, and he was stunned by He Xiyi.

"Hei Xin, Hei Gan, you bring Xitang back to the dead nation.

Hei Xin and Hei Gan came out: "Master, how about you?"

Hei Xun said nothing.

Hei Gan Road: "Master, will you come back with us, okay?"

Hei Xuanyu gave him a cold glance.

Hei Xin knew that he could not persuade Hei Xieyu, and sighed, "Okay, let's go back, master, you need to take care of your body."

He asked the ghost people to hold Hei Xietang on the carriage, and ordered some of the ghost people to dig a hole in the earth. After the effect of the medicine was over, Hei Xieyu could hide in the hole and explain everything before dragging Heigan left.

Wu Ruohong yelled at the man who changed his mind, "You big fool."

Hessin they left, and the ghosts dug holes immediately.

Hei Xieyu rested for an hour, and then bleed blood on Sanqi Stone.

For the next half month, he obediently ate the food of the ghost clan in order to have more blood and spiritual power to support the Sanqi stone.

Half a month later, the anti-curse effect passed, and Hei Xun can no longer leave the burrow during the day.

Wu Ruo accompanied Hei Xieyu to hide in the cave.

"Xiao Ruo likes children like me, so you have to look like me in the future." Hei Xieyu bleeds blood while manipulating Sanqi stone. "" If you dare not look like me, I'll hit you. "

At this point, Sanqi Stone was more humane, like shaking Shishi's body after hearing the words of Hei Xieyu.

Hei Xingyu ticked the corner of his mouth.

This is the first time a smile has appeared after losing Wu Ruo.

Wu Ruo laughed when he saw him: "You have threatened him before the child has formed. No wonder the egg is so scared of you. However, don't worry, the child looks like you, although sometimes very naughty But sometimes he is very good and sensible. When he sees me ill, he will be so sad that he will cry and shame. This is the best gift you give me, and I will hurt him well. "

Hei Xuyi made Sanqishi look like he was when he was a child, and said, "In two days, I will send you to my father. After that, you will take good care of him for me, and you ca n’t let me bully him. That dare to bully your father and hurt your father, so you help me beat him, do you know? "

Wu Ruo laughed: "The children have helped me call him a bastard."

Hei Xuan's eyes suddenly darkened and murmured: "However, that I like him so much will not make Xiao Ruo sad, but there is one thing I have been hiding from Xiao Ruo. I should have told Xiao Ruo as soon as I knew it. After Xiao Xiao returned to the past, she would not be in conflict with me because of the concealment of the curse. However, it is better not to say, lest I be so easy to get Xiao Ruo, I will feel uncomfortable. "

Wu Ruo: "..."

What a man with a small belly.

Wu Ruo saw the fact that Hei Xieyu had let go of his death, and was a little bit happy and sad in her heart, and it only came out of sadness in the past few days. Did he really like him?

Two days later, Hei Xieyu used several materials to make an eggshell. She placed the thirty-seven stone in the eggshell, sealed the eggshell with spiritual power, and then took the large white egg out of the hole.

On flat ground, set up a battle.

Hei Xingyu puts the eggs into the matrix and uses the power to drive the matrix.

After a while, the big white egg disappeared into the formation

Wu Ruo looked at the black formation and twisted his eyebrows. This scene seemed to have been seen before.

Hei Xuan looked at the array and murmured, "You have gone to Xiao Ruo, and I want to go to Xiao Ruo."

He sighed with sorrow.

Just then, the sun rose.

Wu Ruo stunned, and hurriedly called, "Xu Xun, the sun is out, you should go back to the cave."

Hei Xuanxi looked at the rising sun quietly, as if in relief, the invisible smile aroused in the corners of his mouth.

Wu Ruo was anxious and angry, and even cried out: "How can you do this, you bastard? Send me back if you don't want me to disappear, but you are here to die, black shame, you deliberately, you Seeing this on purpose, it made me sad, and didn't want me to forget you, did you? "

Hei Xiong made a noisy sound on his body, as if he had been corroded with water and his skin was burnt bit by bit.


Heiyang and Heiyin saw this scene and hurried over.

Wu Ruo anxiously shouted, "Hei Yang, Hei Yin will send him back to the cave."

As soon as the words ended, he saw Heiyang and Heiyin and they were rebounded back.

At a glance, Wu Ruoding had a defensive enchantment on the ground. Heiyang and Heiyin couldn't get through.

"Master ..." Heiyang knelt down: "Master, have you forgotten the emperor and queen that they are waiting for you to go back?"

Wu Ruo was frightened and angry again: "Now it's useful to say these things, quickly find a way to break the enchantment and pull people back into the hole."

Of course, it's too late to save people at this time, and Hei Xun's body has become unfocused, even worse than his scorched corpse. Finally, it turns into a pile of ashes, and the wind is strong. Blowing, black and gray are scattered around.

Chapter 223: Heart hurts

Wu Ruo shed tears and stared at the place where Hei Xieyu turned to gray. He couldn't return to God for a long time, and he wailed until Hei gray passed over his face.

Hei Xun is dead.

His husband is dead.

Wu Ruo is about to suffocate.

"Father, father ..."

"Little Ruo, Xiao Ruo ..."

Wu Ruo heard the sounds of eggs and black shabu, crying for a moment, the picture in front of her eyes was distorted and turned black, and when it was lit again, the eyes were full of tears, and black shabu was worried.

Seemingly, Dad wakes up, wow, and cry into Wu Ruo's arms: "Dad, you are frightened."

Hei Xunyan flashed the joy in his eyes: "Xiao Ruo, you are awake."

Earlier this morning, Dandan ran out crying and told him that Wu Ruo kept crying and could not wake up, which really scared him, thinking that what happened last night stimulated Wu Ruo.

Wu Ruofei quickly got up and hugged Hei Xieyu crying.

It's great that this person has not died or disappeared.

The eggs rolling down from Wu Ruo fluttered on Wu Ruo and cried.

Suddenly, the cry of the whole room was like the death of her husband and father, her heart was broken, she was so distraught, and even she almost cried until her breath passed.

For the first time, Hei Xuyi saw Wu Ruo so sad, and he clung to him with anxiety and asked, "Xiao Ruo, are you uncomfortable?"

Black letter, black stem and old black face looked at each other.

Wu Ruo hugged Hei Xieyu tightly and couldn't cry. After the tea, the doctor and the doctor who were invited came to Wangyueju. The cry in the room still didn't decrease.

The doctor and the elder doctor stood embarrassingly at the door of the room and looked at him: "The cry is so full of vitality, it doesn't look like you are sick."

The doctor nodded.

Black letter first let everyone leave the room, leaving the master and wife alone.

Jo Mo passed a cup of tea, and the crying gradually faded.

Wu Ruo was tired of crying and hugged Hei Xuan and fell asleep.

Everyone lay down on Wu Ruo's thigh.

Hei Xiu was afraid to move, so he was afraid of waking up big and small.

When the black letter outside the door heard that there was no movement in the room, he walked in lightly and asked, "Master, do you want the doctor and doctor to see your wife?"

Black renders a slight forehead.

Hexin stepped out of the door and said, "Mrs. and Little Master are asleep. When you enter, whisper a little."

The doctor and doctor nodded, and when they entered the room, they were afraid to pant.

The doctor first gave Wu Ruo the pulse, the heart pulse was normal, healthy, and his lips were rosy, his complexion and temperature were normal, not as if he was sick.

It was the turn of the Taiji Medical Examination, and the results were the same.

The two walked out of the room to discuss the condition of the pulse and said that Wu Ruo was not sick, but everything had to wait for Wu Ruo to wake up and tell them what was uncomfortable.

Hei Xiu kissed her tearful eyelashes side by side, and kept wondering why Wu Ruo was crying.

Wu Ruo did not fall asleep for a long time, and was awakened by the dream that Hei Xuanyu was ashes.

Hei Xunyu quickly patted his back to appease him.

Wu Ruo looked up at Hei Xieyu, tears couldn't help falling again.

Hei Suiyu distressedly drew the white silk in her arms and wiped tears to Wu Ruo: "Why are you crying again?"

Wu Ruo Dingding looked at Hei Xuanyu, and couldn't bear to blink his eyelids.

Was the previous dream real?

After his rebirth, did he choose to be ashes by the sun?

If all this is false, why is it so true?

When Wu Ruo thought of this, his heart was so painful and uncomfortable that he was out of breath: "Heart hurts."

Everyone was crying. It must be very painful. Hei Xieyu hurried to the doctor and the doctor to come in.

Wu Ruo cried, "I don't want doctors and doctors."

Hei Xieyu: "..."

The doctor and the doctor at the door were neither, nor were they.

Black channel: "Wait in before you go in."

Wu Ruo grabbed Hei Xuan's hand and put it on his chest: "Just rub it for me."

Although separated by a layer of clothing, I can still feel the heat coming from my hand.

Wu Ruo was sure that this man lived in front of his eyes. The pain in his heart was relieved a lot. He reached out and pushed him away: "I haven't forgiven you yet."

In fact, after the dream of the last generation of black shame disappeared, no matter how angry, it was replaced by grief and sadness. However, the black shame in the dream said that he did not want the black shame in this life to get him so easily, or he would feel uncomfortable, so he wanted to toss the black shame, and was not going to forgive him so easily.

Hei Xieyu: "..."

Wu Ruo gently held the egg and lay back to his original position, turning around without looking at him: "You go out."

Hei Xieyu stood up: "Before going out, I want to make sure that you are not uncomfortable."

He can be mad at him, but he cannot joke about his body.


"I'm just out there, just call me if you have anything." Hei Xieyu bent and hug Wu Ruo, kissed his face and turned away.

Wu Ruo looked down at his son in his arms: "You are indeed the child he gave me."

Today, he almost believes that what is in the dream is true, because in the dream he saw how the child came.

Wu Ruo distressed and wiped away the tears on her eyebrows, and kissed the tender little face before exploring.

Soon, Lao Hei brought in the cooked breakfast.

Wu Ruo commanded: "You go and get a token to get in and out of the land. At night, I want to take a look at the land."

"Yes." Lao Hei set the breakfast: "Man, lord and they stay in the hall, the ghost woman refuses to come out for breakfast, we send her breakfast in, and she opens a gap, closes the door with a hoe.

Wu Ruo took a spoonful of porridge: "Did they scare the ghosts?"

"It should be afraid of life, and now I won't even let it in."

Wu Ruo ate a mouthful of porridge: "I'll go and see her later. By the way, when you go to get in and out of tokens, by the way, see if anyone in the first floor wants to sell a house.

It is impossible for him and the ghost woman to live in Wangyueju all the time, and it is impossible for the ghost woman to live with him. They can only arrange another accommodation and find a few to serve her.

Wu Ruo took another 500,000 yuan from the shadow space to let the old black exchange silver tickets.

Lao Hei helped people move Silver.

They were awakened by the hot sleeping eggs, and immediately rushed to Wu Ruo sitting on the bed drinking porridge, staring at Wu Ruo with red eyes: "Daddy, don't be sad."

Wu Ruo distressed and held the child in his arms: "Sorry, it scared you in the morning."

"Dad, **** bullied you last night?"

Wu Ruo laughed: "Oh, are you hungry? Would you like to have breakfast?"

Doudou was quickly attracted by the breakfast on the table. He pointed to the hibiscus cake on the table and said, "I want to eat this."

Wu Ruo first put on his robes, then clamped a piece of pastry into his hand.

After the two were full, he gave breakfast to the ghost woman.

The ghost woman saw him and hurriedly pulled him into the room.

"Ahhhhh ..." She pointed outside, waved her hands in fear, and shouted again.

Wu Ruo took her hand: "Ghost, don't worry, those people won't hurt us."

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh when yAHWHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHhHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH she seemed she wanted to say something to Wu Ruo.

"Guipi, I don't quite understand what you mean. If you can write, can you write it down." Wu Ruo thinks Guiqi is a Qu family and has no reason not to write.

"Ah-" The ghost woman widened her eyes in fear, shook her head, and shook her head desperately.

Wu Ruo was worried about stimulating her, and quickly turned to the topic: "Ghost woman, we are going to play on the land tonight. Would you like to go together?"

Unexpectedly, this remark made the ghost woman even more excited, and even initiated madness, yelling constantly.

Wu Ruo was startled. His words might remind the ghost woman of her face being sunburned, and quickly clicked her fainting point.

The ghost woman passed out.

Wu Ruo picked her up and put it on the bed, looking at the sunburned face of the ghost woman, thinking that the curse must be lifted quickly.

He turned around and laid a small array on the table to keep the breakfast warm, and then left the room. As he passed the hall on the way, he saw Hei Xieyu sitting on a chair with his eyes closed and rested. He hesitated and hesitated, and quickly released. The cloak on his body, gently covering the body of Hei Xieyu, and the black letter guarding the hall door saw this scene, and smiled and said to Heigan, "I said we don't have to do much, and somebody will distress the master to catch cold."

Hei Gan glanced inside and found a smile on the corner of Hei Xun who was resting.

In the afternoon, the people of Jufengzhai sent the nine-level ghosts and monsters to the courtyard where Wu Ruo lived.

Wu Ruo learned that Hei Xieyu was bidding on ghosts and monsters for his bidding, and he was not pretending to be out of the house. He contracted ghosts and monsters directly from the room.

Ghosts and monsters want to resist, but as long as they have this idea, the body will be painful, just like being torn apart by humans, making them worse than death, until they are willing to obey and kneel on the ground, the pain slowly disappear .

Wu Ruo asked, "I won't resist anymore."

The monster gnashed its teeth, his heart burst into anger, and the pain came again. It no longer thought about it, and hurriedly expressed its heartfelt: "From this evening onwards, I am enchanted and willing to obey the Lord's mission.

The ghost also quickly expressed his willingness to surrender to Wu Ruo: "I have a son, my first cell, this is my name during my lifetime."

Wu Ruo looked at the ghost: "On the auction day, I heard that you have the ability to see through? Is it true?"

"Yes." First glance glanced at Wu Ruo: "Even if the master does not take off his clothes, I can see the internal organs in your body. Have you ever eaten peanuts before?"

Wu Ruo raised an eyebrow: "So, even if I don't take off my clothes, can you see me smooth?"

The ghost immediately felt that Hei Xieyu shot a cold light at him, freezing him so that he shook his body, as if as long as he said something wrong, he would kill him: "I will not look at the master without the consent of the master Or someone else does n’t wear a robe. "

"So what role does your perspective ability have in addition to looking at other people's bodies?"

"In the gambling house, I can help the master to make money and help the master to see where the best materials or gold mines are buried."

Wu Ruo was very happy: "This is good, I will rely on you to go to the casino in the future."

Chapter 224: My good grandson

After understanding all their abilities, Wu Ruo put on a serious face and said to them, "In the future, you will follow me. Then I will tell you my rules. I do n’t ask you much, and I do n’t need you. Be with you at all times, so if you can be sure that you can protect me and my family no matter how far away, you are free, you can do whatever you want to do thing."

The enchanting and the first stared at him sternly. They thought they would be treated like beasts when they were caught in Jufengzhai or before.

Next, I never heard Wu Ruo's voice, and the enchanter couldn't help but asked, "That's it? No other requirements?"

"No." Wu Ruo thought for a while: "Yes, I will give you lunar silver every month."

After all, they are all nine-level ghosts and monsters. They have their own consciousness and opinions, as well as their own needs. Naturally, they need silver to buy what they need to improve their abilities, or use silver to buy magic weapons. If he had been with him, there would be no extra time to make money, of course he would have to send them moonlight.

The enchanting and Shouao staggered again, and they no longer resisted Wu Ruo as before.

Wu Ruo gave them a thousand and two silver tickets for them to pack up and go to the land with him at night.

After dinner in the evening, Wu Ruohu took the eggs and they left Wangyueju.

Hei Xuyi also changed into ordinary people's costumes early in the morning, wearing a mask on his face, waiting for Wu Ruo downstairs, and behind him were only two secret guards Wu Ruo had never seen.

Wu Ruo glanced at them and walked towards the gate.

When I came to Yemen, I saw a line of dragons, and many people thought that the land was breathable. Fortunately, the speed of entering the teleportation array was very fast. After a column of incense, it was Wuruo's turn.

Lao Hei came up with a token that could allow twenty people to enter and leave the land.

He asked, "Which of you are on the land?"

Lao Hei hesitated, after pointing at Wu Ruo, he also pointed at three people.

"go in."

After Wu Ruo entered the teleportation array, the picture in front of them changed, from the lantern-filled gate to the sky full of stars, and the temperature also changed. Wu Ruo and Hei Xuan took off their capes.

Laohe took a deep breath of fresh air and the scent of flowers not far away, and could not help feeling: "I spent a month under the ground, I can hardly remember the smell of flowers and trees."

"Dad, what's that?" Eggy asked curiously at the dense stars in the sky.

Wu Ruo looked up and saw the stars in the sky constantly rising to the sky, and sighed: "It's beautiful, like a sky lantern?"

He has also seen others put sky lanterns before, but at most at the same time put more than ten sky lanterns, unlike the number now reaching tens of thousands, the entire sky is illuminated by sky lanterns.

Hei Xuan replied: "Part of them are stars and part of them are kites?"

"Kite?" Laohe stared with wide eyes. "Kite flying at night? Can you see where the wind is flying?"

Hei Xieyu explained to them: "The kites here will be bright, and the pictures are drawn with a special kind of ink. You see the kites emitting colorful light."

Dandan happily said, "Dad, I want to play kite."

"Okay, when you see someone who sells kites, I'll buy one for you." Wu Ruo put the child on the ground and let him play on his own, floating in the prison for the first time, and always followed the egg.

Hei Xieyu walked to Wu Ruo: "What do you want to buy? I'll buy it for you."

Wu Ruo didn't look at him, walked to one of the stalls, and saw what was fun, and took it directly.

Hei Xiu who was behind was responsible for giving the money.

Wu Ruo suddenly knew that when she saw something, she wanted to buy it, because the taste was so cool. If she couldn't get so many things, she would give it to him.

Hei Xuanyu was happy to see that he was happy to buy.

Suddenly, a veiled woman in white picked up the embarrassing woman who was walking in front of her, and smiled happily: "My dear grandson, why are you here in the capital?"

Wu Ruoyi, who is this woman?

He hurried forward and said, "Ma'am, you acknowledged the wrong person. He is my son, not your grandson."

The woman in white stunned: "I confessed the wrong person? How is it possible? This child is obviously very similar to my good grandson, husband, come and see if this is our good grandson."

A man in white, also in a white veil, came over and nodded: "It really looks like our good grandson.

Wu Ruo: "..."

How can there be similar people everywhere in the dead nation.

Standing at the back of Wu Ruo, he looked at the woman in white and the man in white, his eyes flashed.

The man in white took a closer look: "But if you look closely, it's not very similar."

"Daddy." Dandan reached out and asked Wu Ruo to hug.

Wu Ruo took the child: "Sorry, you really admit the wrong person, this child is indeed my son.

The man in white expressed his apology: "I'm sorry it's us. My wife and I haven't seen grandchildren for a long time. When I see a child who looks similar, I think he is our good grandson."

"Fu Jun, do we really recognize the wrong person?" The woman in white looked at the child pitifully, and wanted to hug the child: "Can I hug him? I haven't hug my grandson for a long time "" This ... "

Wu Ruo was worried that the two people who came out suddenly were bad people, and he was naturally unwilling to turn the children into their hands.

The man in white also looked ugly.

Hei Suihe suddenly said, "Let them hug."

Wu Ruo turned to look at him.

Hei Xuanyu patted him on the shoulder: "Don't worry, I'm here."

This reassured Wu Ruo and he gave the child to the woman in white.

The woman in white took the child: "I just heard you call the child eggs. Is the child called eggs?"

Wu Ruo nodded, "Yes, yes."

The woman in white took the little kite in her hands and teased her, "Grandma bought you a little kite. Do you like it?"

Wu Ruo pumped at the corners.

Eggs are not her grandsons, is it appropriate for Eggs to call her grandmother?

Or was she mistaken for her grandson again?

"Ma'am, how can I let you spend it."

The man in white said with a smile: "It's all some gadgets, not worth a few dollars. How about you treat these gadgets as a gift for us to hold our children? Otherwise, throw them back into the storeroom and leave them for a long time. It ’s easy to break things. "

"Should you buy it for your grandson?"

"I did have such an idea when I bought it, but I don't know when I will see my grandson. I might as well coax your son to smile and see him later and then bring him to buy it."

Wu Ruo is still not very embarrassed to accept other people's things. However, looking at their clothes and dressing, they are not short of money. They will never put a few grains of money in their eyes, and they will not worry about this matter anymore.

Everyone looked at Wu Ruo nodded, and was glad to receive the gift: "Like."

"If you call me a grandmother, I'll accompany you to wait for the wind, okay?"

Wu Ruo: "..."

It seems that this woman really misses her grandson, let alone let her play with her for a while.

Gudan obediently called, "Grandma."

The woman in white ecstatically kissed the child's face.

The man in white took a small sky lantern from the layman and teased the child, "Egg, you are her grandmother. Should you call me a grandfather?"

Everyone saw the sky lantern in his hand, his eyes shining brightly: "Grandfather."

"How good." The man in white was particularly excited.

Wu Ruo: "..."

Seeing them get along, I feel like an outsider.

The man in white turned his head to Wu Ruo and said, "Do you mind if we play with the children?"

Wu Ruo shook her head.

The man in white laughed. "Then we take the children to the sky lanterns and kites."

Wu Ruo originally wanted to take the children to fly the sky lanterns and kites. Hearing that, he naturally agreed.

On the way, Wu Ruo bought a few sky lanterns and a few kites, and Hei Xingyu who followed him continued to pay him.

When the man in white saw the behavior of Hei Xie, he could not help but look a few more times. When he looked at the eyes of Hei Xie, there was a funny smile on the bottom of his eyes.

Hei Xu glanced at him and continued to follow Wu Ruo.

Following the old man in charge of lifting things around Wu Ruo, he looked around curiously: "I thought that there would be no house on the land, even if there was a house, it would be shabby."

But now look, it is even more prosperous than the Imperial City of Tianxing Kingdom, and the paving is very brand new. It is brightly lit with lanterns everywhere.

Wu Ruo laughed: "Not only do you think so, before I came up, I thought it would be darker than the ground. There are only a few shops for people to play, and there are not many people who want to come up. Now look at it. One look, people are everywhere. "

Hei Xuyi said: "Everyone is under the ground every day, always thinking to get up and breathe during the night to see the stars and the moon in the sky."

In the state of the dead, most people want to return to the ground, want to watch the sunrise and sunset, but because of the curse, many people do not know what the sun looks like or how it feels when the sun shines .

The old black looked left and right: "It's so prosperous here. It used to be the capital of the Necropolis?"

"Yes, when I was cursed, I dug a hole directly under the ground."

Wu Ruo asked curiously, "Where does rice come from?"

Hei Xieyu breathed a sigh of relief, and finally Kengen said: "The people of the Necropolis come up to grow food at night."

"Willn't it be stolen while the sun is out?"

"Let's set up a battle, or ..." Hei Xieyu said here, and couldn't help but pause: "Either let the ghosts, or take the bodies of other people to protect the farmland.

When Wu Ruo and Lao Hei heard this, they did not accept the robbing of the human body, but the people of the Necropolis were helpless. If they didn't, they would starve to death.

Chapter 225: He cheated

The light outside the city is relatively dim. Only some lanterns are hung around the venue where the sky lanterns and kites are placed. After exiting the city, all the toys bought in the city immediately glow "I want to put the sky lanterns." Slipping from the woman in white: "Grandma, I want to put the sky lantern."

The woman in white heard that he called his grandmother so naturally, and smiled so quickly that he could not close his mouth: "Okay, let's put the sky lantern first, but before putting the sky lantern, write your wish on the sky lantern. What's the matter? desire?"

Eggs looked at Wu Ruo and Hei Xie, smiled, "I hope Dad and Wang Badan will stay together forever.

"..." Wu Ruo was touched by this, but he did not expect his son's first wish was to think of him and Hei Xieyu.


Son, how can you call your father a **** in front of others.

Hei Xieyu: "..."

Eggs continued: "I also hope that Wang Badan will not bully his father and make him cry."

Wu Ruowen said he really wanted to pick up his son and kiss him.

Hei Xuan looked silently at Wu Ruo.

The woman in white froze: "Who is the bastard?"

Everyone secretly glanced at Hei Xuan, whispered in the woman's ear, "It's my father."

Woman in white: "..."


The man in white couldn't help laughing.

Hei Xieyu: "..."

The woman in white asked with a smile, "Why do you call your father a bastard?"

"He made my dad angry and made my dad cry."

The woman in white nodded: "The person who makes your partner cry is not a good partner, and you cannot forgive him until your father has forgiven him."

She took over the charcoal from the next person.

This is a small pen made of charcoal and bamboo. It is about as long as a middle finger, but only half the thickness of the middle finger. There is only a small charcoal under the bamboo. It is especially a charcoal pen used to write wishes for people who buy sky lanterns.

The woman in white wrote her wish on the sky lantern, and wrote her wish to see her grandson and daughter-in-law to the other side.

Hei Xieyu asked Wu Ruo with the sky lantern he bought before, "What's your wish?"

Wu Ruo said, "I hope my family will always be safe."

"Is there only one wish?"

"One more ..." Wu Ruo picked up another sky lantern and snatched the charcoal in Hei Xuan's hand: "I want to write it myself."

He stepped aside, wrote a sentence in the sky lantern, and put the lantern on the sky himself.

Hei Xiexi raised his eyebrows, very curious that Wu Ruo wrote his wishes after avoiding him.

When the sky lanterns rose, Wu Ruocai turned around and walked back, glanced at the dark shame with a guilty conscience.

Hei Xuan raised an eyebrow.

Wu Ruo looked at the sky lantern he had put on himself. Suddenly, the sky lantern ignited and fell to the ground instantly.

People around shouted and spread out.

"Ah?" Wu Ruo quickly walked over and saw that the sky lanterns had been burned down more than half. He couldn't help but say, "Don't God want to realize my wish?"

Laohe comforted him: "Man, the sky lantern you just put on will only be ignited if the hawker doesn't do well. Would you like to try again?"

He handed another sky lantern to Wu Ruo.

Wu Ruo shook his head: "The wish I just made is almost impossible to achieve, let it go."

"That's not necessarily. Maybe God just promised your wish before he burned your sky lantern, indicating that he has received your wish."

"I hope so."

"Dad, let's go kite flying." Eggs shouted in the distance.

"it is good."

After Wu Ruo and Lao He left, Hei Xieyu kicked and kicked the half-destroyed sky lantern with his foot still on it, with the words 'May the previous life' remain.

He frowned, what did the three words mean? Why mention previous lives?

"Master, little master they have gone far." An Wei reminded.

Hei Xieyu suppressed the doubts in the bottom of his heart, and Wu Ruo came to the place where they were waiting for the wind.

Wu Ruo looked back at Handan with a kite larger than him, and narrowed his eyes. He turned around and took the kite from Lao Hei's hand and handed it in black: "You're flying a kite."

Hei Xun nodded.

The Dark Guard wanted to help, but was stopped by Wu Ruo: "I only need him to fly a kite.

Black shading faintly glanced at the dark guard.

The dark guard quickly returned to his original position.

Hei Xieyu took the kite and ran quickly to the open space.

Wu Ruo hasn't seen Hei Xingyu running across large strides since the last life. Although his movements are still very elegant, he is not noble in the past. Now Hei Xingyu looks more like a civilian.

He couldn't help but raise his lips: "You're too slow, hurry up, hurry up, hurry up."

Hei Xieyu speeded up his steps, and even almost made a little effort, seeing the wind and so on, and heard Wu Ruo shouting, "You are too fast, slow down."

He quickly slowed down.

Wu Ruo continued to shout, "You slow down a bit."

Hei Xingyu slowed down again, at this time speed was only a little faster than walking.

"Be slower."

Laohe couldn't help but whispered, "Master, no matter how slow, the kite can't fly."

Wu Ruo glanced at him and continued to shout, "No matter how slow."

He deliberately tossed the black shame, because he found that he ignored the black shame, not only the black shame was also very uncomfortable, but he was also uncomfortable with it, and he could n’t help but want to talk to the black shame. , He decided to torture Hei Xunyu another way.

Hei Xieyu slowed down again, and as usual, the kite fell to the ground without wind.

"How stupid you are, you can't even fly a kite." Wu Ruo scolded, but the corners of his mouth were upset by Lao Gao.

Two dark guards: "..."

In the state of the dead, no one has ever dared to call their prince, Wu Ruo is the first.

Old Black: "..."

Wu Ruo shouted, "If you don't put the kite up today, you won't come to see me tomorrow."

Hei Xuyi asked him, "What if I put the kite up?"

"Wait until you put it down."

Hei Xieyu lengthened the line, and then sent out the spiritual force to the wind and waited for it to pass. Suddenly, a strong wind whistled out, blowing the kite.

The old black tongued out: "He lied."

Hei Xuanyu walked in front of him with the spool: "The kite is flying."

Wu Ruo took the bobbin delivered by Hei Xuanyu with a smile: "Tomorrow sees me at Mochizuki before."

Old Black: "..."

Yeah, everyone was still sleeping at that time.

Hei Sui hum.

The woman in white and the man in white looked at each other and smiled.

As we approached Hai, everyone returned to the dungeon one after another.

The woman in white and the man in white gave all the toys to the hands of Hei Xuanyu Anwei, while the woman in white held the egg and reluctant to let go, and the white man persuaded him to let Wu Ruo take away.

Hei Xuanyu sent Wu Ruo back to the courtyard of Wang Yueju: "Xiao Ruo, I want to tell you something."

Wu Ruo frowned. "You won't hide anything from me again?"

Hei Xun pursed his lips and said, "The men and women in white just now are actually my father and mother. They should be listening to my five brothers saying that I have found you, so I ca n’t wait to see you. See grandson and daughter-in-law. "

He didn't want to conceal Wu Ruo, otherwise Wu Ruo would be angry with him again.

Suddenly, there was silence in the yard.

Hei Xunyu looked at Wu Ruo's look like your mother lied to me, and then emphasized: "Really."


"Bang--" Wu Ruo closed the courtyard door directly.

Hei Xieyu: "..."

"Oh my dear, those two people turned out to be emperors and empresses just now?" Lao Hei couldn't agree: "Neither the emperor nor the emperor should be supreme and dignified? Why are they so approachable? Right? Grandpa, didn't you just see your in-laws just now? "

Wu Ruo covered her face: "Please don't say any more."

It's no wonder that the two people kept making eggs call their grandfather and grandmother, and gave so many toys to the egg, it turned out to be the egg's grandfather and grandmother.

He just behaved so badly and bullied their son, they must have a bad impression of him.

The old man knew what he was worried about, so he comforted him: "Dad, don't worry, you were well dressed and polite. Although your attitude towards the master is a little worse, this is between your husband and wife. They have no right to interfere in the affairs of your husband, even if they are the parents of the master and son.


Lao He nodded strongly, "Really.

Wu Ruo rubbed his face: "If Hei Xieyu told me earlier, I could actually perform better."

Lao Heiyan said: "Everything is absolute. Maybe Grandpa knows, then he's tied up, stumbling, and don't know how to face them."

"It makes sense." Wu Ruo was relieved a lot, and patted Laohei's shoulders. "Thank you for your comfort. I feel much better. Tomorrow morning, I want to eat the chicken porridge, noodles, meat dumplings and meat cooked by the chef Hei Xieyu. Ruyi cake, if it's not good, let him redo it. "

"Yes." The old Hei silently prayed for Hei Xuan.

Before the next day, Yin Xie came to Wang Yueju on time.

Laohe opened the door for him and asked Hei Xuanyu to go to the kitchen: "Ye said that you want to make your own chicken congee noodles, meat dumplings, and Ruyi cake, and you're busy. I'll check in for half an hour for good food."

He yawned and turned to leave the kitchen.

Hei Xieyu stood quietly in the kitchen and looked around, asking him to cook chicken porridge, noodles and dumplings, but he only saw chicken, flour and a piece of pork, but no porridge, noodles and dumpling skins. What did he want to do?

After half an hour, the old black got up to check, and found that Wu Ruo was standing outside the kitchen and peeking.

When seeing Lao Hei, Wu Ruo quickly made a hush.

In the kitchen, Hei Xieyu is very busy. In addition, there is a middle-aged man standing beside him and instructing: "Prince, you can put chicken in the pot now and boil it with porridge."

Laohe didn't see Wu Ruo walk into the kitchen, and said solemnly, "Master, your wife wants you to do it by yourself, but no one is allowed to teach you so you must do it again."

The middle-aged man said, "If I didn't teach the prince, the prince would not make these foods.

"I don't care. My wife asked me to supervise the master, so I supervised the master."

The middle-aged man is half dead, and it is too much for the prince to make breakfast.

Hei Xun directly dumped and redone everything previously made.

"Prince, you ..." The middle-aged man was particularly distressed by his prince.

Hei Xu glanced at him and motioned to shut up.

Lao He left the kitchen and was taken to the hall by Urora: "He worked hard for half an hour, how can you make him redo.

"I'm testing the master for you." Laohei smiled and said, "Master, are you willing to bear the hardship of the master?"

Wu Ruo glanced at him and said nothing.

"Honestly, I used to be mad as your husband before, but I will not tell you anything, but now that he is a prince, he is willing to do these things for you. , I can't help but want to say something good to the master, Lord, just let it go. The master is indeed a good man. If you change to someone else, you must turn around and leave. "

Chapter 226: sour

Wu Ruo did not explain the reason to Lao Hei. After sending Lao Hei to sleep in the room, he went back to the kitchen door lightly and saw that his long and fair hands were burned a little, and immediately became red. Ruoxin was stunned.

The middle-aged man was also half distressed: "Prince, be careful, don't burn it anymore, or let slaves do it, they can't see it anyway."

"You are an imperial chef, and whenever you taste the food you cook, you know that it is not made by the palace, not to mention that the palace wants to make it for the princess himself."

"Prince Princess?" Shi Yuzhu's eyes widened. "Do you want to make breakfast for Princess Fei?"

He thought that it was Diao Min who borrowed a dog from Tiantian to dare to ask the prince to cook breakfast for him. He just cursed the person who made the prince cook the breakfast.

"Hmm." Hei Xuanyu looked at the door, his mouth slightly tickled.

Wu Ruo, who peeked outside the kitchen door, hummed in his heart, thinking that he would be forgiven to others if he was said to be his princess.

Thinking so in my heart, the corners of my mouth have long been raised, and I can't hold it down.

After an hour, Hei Xieyu finally prepared breakfast.

Wu Ruo saw a slimy breakfast at the table, lengheng: "It's only done so late, do you want to starve me to death?"

Hei Xunyu gave him a bowl of porridge: "Drink hot."

The imperial chef stood secretly looking at Wu Ruo, secretly, the princess looked so beautiful, no wonder the prince would put down the means to cook for the princess. If he had such a beautiful lady, he would be willing to let him kneel for breakfast.

Wu Ruo put his hands under the table: "I don't want to move, you feed me."

"Okay." Hei Xie scooped a spoonful of porridge and blew it to Wu Ruo's mouth.

Wu Ruo opened his mouth to eat.

"How does it taste?" There was a glimmer of expectation in Hei Xuan's black eyes.

Wu Ruo said, "Not bad.

In fact, the porridge is particularly salty, and it also has a burnt flavor.

Hei Xuanyu breathed a sigh of relief and gave him another sip.

Wu Ruo looked at a plate of dumplings in front of him and picked E: "I want to eat dumplings."

Hei Xieyu clamped an unshaped dumpling and put it to his mouth.

Wu Ruo took a bite, chewed in her mouth, suddenly stopped, and stopped.

Hei Xieyu wondered: "What's wrong? It's not delicious?"

"No, I just bit my tongue." Wu Ruo swallowed the flesh from his mouth into his belly.

Hei Xuanyan raised his eyebrows: "Open your mouth and let me see."

Royal Chef: "..."

The prince was very kind to the prince, but just bit his tongue and was distressed.

"It's okay." Wu Ruo ate the dumplings on his chopsticks into his stomach.

After another cup of tea, Wu Ruo eats most of the breakfast on the table.

At this point, Dandan ran out of the room: "Daddy, Daddy, I'm hungry."

The moment the imperial chef saw the eggs, he could not help but widen his eyes.

Isn't this the prince of downsizing?

Oh my god

The prince has a son?

Everyone ran to the table, picked up the dumplings, and stuffed them into his mouth. The action was so fast that it was too late to stop drinking tea.

Suddenly, a click.

The jerky action of biting the dumplings.

Wu Ruofu.

This clicking sound is too loud, it is difficult for everyone to hear it.

The imperial chef quickly stepped forward and asked, "What's wrong with your highness?"

Pitifully spit out the dumplings in his mouth "so salty."

Everyone has a fixed look, there is a big piece of salt in the meat.

Wu Ruo: "..."

Hei Xieyu: "..."

The imperial chef clamped a bowl of noodles: "Your Highness, you can eat noodles."

Everyone nodded obediently.

Wu Ruo stopped talking.

As soon as Dou Dan took the first bite, she frowned: "So acid?"

"Sour?" Yu Chu bowed his head and smelled it, and it really had a sour taste: "Really sour."

Hei Xieyu: "..."

He might have used soy sauce as vinegar just now.

However, Wu Ruo said it was delicious.

Hei Xiu and Yu Chu both looked at Wu Ruo.

Wu Ruo pretended to drink tea without seeing them watching themselves.

Hei Xuyi asked Wu Ruo: "Did you also eat salt just now? Why is it so unpleasant to eat in your stomach?"

"I think it's delicious." Wu Ruo put another dumpling in his mouth.

Royal Chef: "..."

It seems that the princess also likes the prince very much, otherwise, this unpleasant breakfast will not be swallowed.

Soon, Lao Hei and the people came back with a food container for breakfast.

After everyone is full, Wu Ruo thinks of other ways to toss the black shaman, let him sweep the floor, do laundry, wash the toilet, bathe the child and so on.

Hei Xunyu did not show any dissatisfaction, and if Wu asked him to do what he did.

Wu Ruo looked at everything. He felt distressed and didn't want to spare him so easily.

After three days like this, Wu Ruo finally asked, "Is it really just two in love that can lift the curse of the dead nation?"

If only that, then the curse should have been lifted long ago.

Hei Sui fainted for a moment. He thought that it would take a month or months before Wu Ruo would forgive him, but he did not expect Wu Ruo to take the initiative to curse so quickly.

Wu Ruo was uncomfortable looking at him: "You better talk about what happened before I regret it?"

"This also asks the Master how to do it." Hei Xieyu held Wu Ruo's hand. "But before, I want to take you to see my father and mother and introduce my family to you."

Wu Ruo couldn't help thinking about seeing the emperor and queen three days ago: "Will they dislike me?"

"No." Hei Xieyu clenched his hands: "When they learned that you and Eggman were missing, they didn't know how worried they were, they couldn't sleep well every day, and every other hour they would ask if you The news is that if I hadn't stopped them, they would have sent people to search for you. "

"Really?" Wu Ruo thought the emperor and the emperor should be concerned.

"You have been with my father and mother. You should know that they are not strict elders. They never interfere with the decisions made by their children. When you have been with them for a long time, you know that they are good parents-in-law."

Wu Ruo immediately retorted: "What a father-in-law is, to me, my father-in-law."

Hei Xuanyu bent his corner of the mouth: "You only need to call my father and mother in the future."

Wu Ruo really had the feeling of an ugly daughter-in-law who wanted to see her in-laws, and she was very disturbed: "I'll talk about seeing your father and mother later. I want to see my father and mother first."

His mother should now be hesitant to Hei Xieyu because of the curse, he must let his mother settle down.

"Okay, I'll arrange it."

In fact, Hei Xuyi also felt that Guan Tong's attitude towards him had changed since he arrived in the Necropolis. If he didn't guess wrong, Guan Tong would do this because of the curse of the Necropolis, so Before the two officially met, Guan Tong finally resolved his misunderstanding.

Wu Ruo took the egg and took the carriage arranged by Hei Xieyu to Hei Xietang's mansion.

Wang Ye's mansion is not ordinary. Even if he lives under the ground, he still planted all kinds of flowers and plants, and the light was as dazzling as the day.

In order not to make Guan Tong unhappy, Hei Xieyu first sent Wu Ruo and Dandan to the courtyard where Wu Qianqing lived, and then went to Hei Xietang's yard to find Hei Xietang.

Wu Xi They learned that Wu Ruo was here and everyone was ecstatic and ran out of the courtyard to meet them.

Wu Ruo passed the child to Guan Tong and asked, "Dad, are you still used to living here?"

Wu Qianqing chuckled: "It's good, like living in your own residence. It's very free. You can go wherever you want. No one in the house will interfere with us."

Wu Zhu went on to say: "It's just a bit shady under the ground. We who are used to the land are not used to the days without daylight. Xiao Xi has just come here very happy, and now the whole person is stunned."

Xiaoxi murmured: "I just want to play on the land during the day, but the land is quiet in the daytime, just like entering a ghost town without a person, it is not fun."

Wu Ruo followed them into the hall of the house, and asked, "Where are they thorny?"

Wu Zhu said: "They heard that the 翊 can use the implements, so they went out to buy materials, and wanted to find the 翊 help to make a few tools."

"That's the way it is." Wu Ruo sat on the chair: "After all, this is Xitang's palace. It's not good to stay here. After a while, I'll buy you a house outside the house and move in."

Wu Qianqing said, "Xiao Ruo, we won't live here too long, so don't waste your money."

Wu Ruoyi said: "Dad, do you want to leave the spiritual dead country?"

He never thought that his father and mother would leave him.

"We came here just to see if you were doing well, and we were relieved to see that you were doing well.


Wu Qianqing knew he was reluctant: "Don't worry, we won't leave in a year and a half."

Wu Ruo no longer persuaded them, but only hoped that during this time, his father and mother would be reluctant to leave here.

He looked at Guan Tong: "Mother, I want to tell you something alone."

Guan Tong hesitated, and guessing what he wanted to say, he handed the egg to Wu Xi's hands, and then took Wu Ruo to her room.

Wu Ruomen saw the mountain and said, "Mother, Shi Yan has told me that the Nation is cursed. She also knows that the mother is the sage of the Hermit. She also told me that only the Royal Nation and the Hermit Love can lift the curse of the dead nation. "

Guan Tong frowned.

Wu Ruo held her hand: "Mother, are you cursed, and you have a prejudice against Xun, thinking that he approached me with a purpose, right?"

Guan Tong nodded: "If it weren't for this, how could a grand prince marry a man?"

"When Xu Xuan said these things to me, I was also very angry and sad. I felt that he was a liar. However, he did like me, and when he saw the situation of the dead, he also wanted to lift the curse for them. I don't want them to stay under the ground. "

Guan Tong was very anxious: "Xiao Ruo, you don't understand. It's not that simple to solve a curse, I heard ..."

Without waiting for her to finish, suddenly, with a snoring noise, she spit out blood from her mouth.

Chapter 227: Because he likes me

Wu Ruo was shocked, and hurriedly gave Guan Tong a pulse: "Mother, how did you vomit blood? Is it uncomfortable? Or did you eat something wrong?"

Guan Tong waved his hand, took out silk silk, wiped the corners of his mouth, and appeased him: "Don't worry, I just want to say things in the clan will be swallowed by poison oath. Now vomiting blood is already light."

"Having blood is considered light?" Wu Ruo determined that she was just qi deficient and didn't worry, she could not help but clenched her hand: "If it is serious, wouldn't it be dead?"

Guan Tong was silent, but silence was the default.

"Mother, you still don't have to say it." Wu Ruo didn't want his mother to be in trouble. "Yes, I can't say it. Can it be written on paper?"

Guan Tong shook his head: "I tried it before and couldn't write it on paper."

Wu Ruo twisted her eyebrows. "Just now, my mother said that if the two love each other, they can solve the curse, right? Seeing her anxious, is there any danger in the process of solving the curse?"

Guan Tong nodded.

Wu Ruo stared at her for a moment. "Mother, I found that as long as you are responsible for nodding and shaking your head to indicate that my guess is correct, you will not be swallowed by poison."

Guan Tong thought about it, as if it really were.

"Before I came, I asked Xuan Ye how to lift the curse. He said that he had to ask the Master how to do it. It can be seen that he did not know the danger of cursing, and thought that the curse could only be lifted if the two were in love."

Guan Tong flashed and was surprised: "He doesn't know?"

"Well, ma'am, the real reason for you to avoid shame should be that he approached me with purpose and put me in danger, right?"

Guan Tong sank down. "Yes."

"Do you know how to solve the curse?"

Guan Tong shook his head.

"So it sounds dangerous to say that the process of cursing?"

Guan Tong nodded.

"When I go back, I'll ask Shaw."

Guan Tong frowned: "He will tell you the truth?"

"Yes." Wu Ruo smiled at her shoulders. "Because he likes me."

Guan Tong was amused by his words: "I'm really ashamed."

"I mean it, mother, aren't you worried that he cheated me and tricked me into solving the curse? But, you think, if he didn't really like me, could he succeed in solving the curse?"

Guan Tong froze.

Before, she only worried about her son being deceived, but did not think that Hei Xieyu had to give up her true feelings.

Wu Ruo continued to say while her attitude was soft: "Mother, it is really abominable to approach us with her purpose. I was mad at him for several days after I learned about this, and I deliberately made him embarrassed and asked him to make breakfast for me , Laundry, toilet flush, I have no intention of forgiving him yet. "

Guan Tong shouted, "You asked him to brush the toilet?"

"Yeah, you don't know how funny he is. When he brushes the toilet, he covers his face like a thief."

Guan Tong thought of being a prince, but wanted to brush the toilet, and he couldn't help laughing.

"I calmed down after I was angry and thought it would be excusable for him to approach us. Mother, you only see that the people on the first floor are not much different from the people of Heaven and Earth except that they cannot go to land in the daytime, but You do n’t know how bad the conditions on the 18th floor are. Not only is the temperature cold, but there is no wood burning and no water to drink, and there is even less food to eat. Many people have to dig under the ground for insects. There are many more Children who suffer from anorexia are not ten years old. The reason they have anemia is because they do not see the sun all year round. As a prince, it is natural to take the safety of the people. I want to let the dead nations out of danger and let them live a good life. "

Guan Tong was soft-hearted and kind-hearted. When he heard the situation on the 18th floor, he felt uncomfortable: "Can't the child's illness be cured?"

"No." Wu Ruo frowned. "I have tried before, at best, they can live a little longer."

"So bad?"

"Well, if you have time, you can walk with your dad to other levels. However, the law and order below is not good. You must bring your grandmother together. If you are found that you are from other countries, you will be vulnerable. Seize the house. "

"it is good."

Wu Ruo stood up: "Mother, it's almost noon, let's go out for lunch."


When they returned to the lobby, Uhi immediately ran over and asked, "Second Brother, what are you talking about with your mother hiding in the room?"

Wu Ruo smiled: "We are discussing how to marry you."

Wu Xi blushed, "I don't want to marry so early."

Wu Ruo teased her: "When are you going to marry?"

"At least after thirty."

Wu Zhu laughed: "When you meet someone you like, maybe you can't wait to get married when you're less than 20 years old.

"Mother one by one" Wu Xi ran to Guan Tong: "Big brother and second brother bullied me."

Guan Tong wasn't angry and stared at Wuzhu and Zhuruo: "People who are brothers are also embarrassed to bully their sisters, and they are going to have lunch. Xiaoruo, you send someone to invite Shao and Shatang to come and eat.

"it is good."

At the dinner time, Guan Tong was finally willing to talk to Hei Xieyu, and gave him a piece of chicken, indicating that she was no longer so angry.

Hei Xietang relieved his elder brother.

At night, Wu Ruo and Hei Xieyu left the palace. On the carriage, Wu Ruo talked about Guan Tong's reference to cursing.

Hei Sui said, "After the two have met, I will check it out and take you into the palace tomorrow to see my family."

When Wu Ruo heard this, she couldn't help feeling nervous, returned to Wangyueju, and immediately pulled out all the robes from the space and put them on the bed: "Old black, please show me which suit is suitable for me to wear in the palace. There are also eggs, which suit is better? "

Lao Hei looked at the robes on the bed before leaving. Some of them were embroidered, some were simple and plain, and some were too flamboyant. They did n’t seem to fit in the palace: "Master, It seems that your robe is not suitable for wearing in the palace. After all, there are many rules in the palace. If you wear a robe with embroidered characters, you may pick out your mistakes because of the words on your robe. Simplicity will certainly be looked down upon again. If it is too gorgeous, it will make you feel that you are too noticeable and steal the limelight of the royal family. "

Wu Ruo nodded: "You're right, what do I wear? I can't go into the palace naked tomorrow, right?"

Lao Hei thought for a while, and smiled awkwardly; "That, dear, I want to tell you something."

"what's up?"

"Just the second day when I learned that the master is the prince, didn't you give me 500,000 yuan of silver to exchange for silver tickets? After I exchanged the silver tickets, I thought that sooner or later I would enter the palace hall with the master, and You entered the government as a future prince, so I will rush to you and the young master to make three suits suitable for entering the palace, so as to prevent you from entering the government without clothes. "

Wu Ruoding looked at him.

Lao Hei stared at him uncomfortably, asking cautiously, "Man, don't you think I'm troublesome?"

"Okay, Lao Hei," Wu Ruo laughed. "I didn't expect you to be so thoughtful."

Lao Heisong breathed, his nose couldn't help but tilted up: "I will be the person next to Princess Fei, and of course I will take care of things around Princess Fei."

Wu Ruo picked, meaning meaningfully: "I heard that the people around the princess are all eunuchs."

Laohe tightened his lower body and looked at him bitterly: "Would you not treat me so hard?"

Wu Ruo grinned and retracted all the robes into the space: "You can't bring me all the robes for me yet.

"Yes." The old black went back to the room with a smile and brought the new robe. Wu Ruo liked the red and white robe on the top at a glance. The cloth was made of fine white silk, and the necromancer was embroidered with red silk. The country's unique beautiful pattern, when worn on his body, is neither too simple nor too beautiful. It not only highlights his Bai Zhe's complexion, but also adds a bit of beauty to his beautiful face.

The old black shoes and accessories matching the robes were worn by Wu Ruo. Suddenly, a peerless young master appeared in front of his eyes.

"Master, you look so good." Lao Heiqing couldn't help but sigh.

Even Hei Xie, who came to pick up the person the next morning, couldn't help watching Wu Ruo lose his mind.

Wu Ruo's heart was beautiful: "Does it look good?"

Hei Xun said with a smile under his eyes: "It looks good."

"What about me? Am I good-looking?" Egg Dan pulled the black robe and made him look down at himself.

Hei Xieyu looked down at his son who was wearing the same clothes as his prince, and raised his eyebrows with curiosity: "Not good."

Wu Ruo: "..."

Yandan flattened her mouth and looked at Wu Ruo with grievances: "Daddy ..."

Wu Ruo stared at the dark, and hugged her distressedly: "Don't listen to his nonsense, my son is the cutest child in the world."

Tears said with tears: "The father must punish the bullshit.

Wu Ruo smiled and asked, "How do you think I punish him?"

"Do not allow him to kiss you."

Hei Xuan sucked at the corners of his mouth, and the child became more and more lawless by relying on Wu Ruo.

The old black covered his mouth and grinned.

Wu Ruo glanced at the black eyes with black lines on his face and tickled his lips: "Okay."

Hei Xuanyu couldn't help but say, "Xiao Ruo, don't listen to him."

He smiled grinfully and spit out his little tongue at Hei Xuan.

Hei Xun yan held his face in his arms, patted his little buttocks: "Enter the palace."

They came to the emperor in a beast cart, because Hei Xiu was a prince, and they could go all the way to the place where the beast cart was parked.

After getting off the car, Wu Ruo looked around curiously. The palaces are very tall and majestic, so as to avoid frame, there will not be too wide a field in the emperor. The roof of the palace is combined with the top soil surface. Role.

Doudou also looked around curiously: "Daddy, where is this?"

"Royal Palace." Wu Ruo thought for a while, whispered in his ear: "You will see your father's family when you meet, you can't call your father a **** in front of them.

He talked softly: "Did the father forgive his father?"

Wu Ruo looked at the man with his ears eavesdropping and hummed softly: "Not yet."

Hei Xieyu: "..."

Chapter 228: You are genius

Hei Xietang, who was waiting at the gate of the courtyard early in the morning, saw Hei Xieyu coming and happily greeted him: "Brother, brother, young nephew, you are here."

He smiled and took the eggs in Hei Xiu's arms; "Little nephew, the uncle, take you to see your grandfather and grandmother."

Wu Ruo quietly looked at Hei Xietang's dress, which was almost the same as that of ordinary wealthy merchants, very casual.

Hei Xuanyu also dresses in the same way, it seems to be dressed as a civilian, so that Wu Ruo is more comfortable.

"Xiao Ruo, don't worry, my father and my mother like you very much." Hei Xieyu took Wu Ruo's hand and walked into the compound: "They don't want you to be tied because of their identity, so they set up in the compound The feast also ordered us not to wear palace costumes, nor to call them father and emperor. The mother and mother just want to make you feel more at ease and make this place your own home. "

Wu Ruo heard him say this, and she felt relieved immediately, and was very moved by what the emperor and the empress did for themselves.

After entering the compound, only a few court ladies and eunuchs were busy, and they all changed into regular clothes, just like ordinary people's servants.

The official girl and **** went to salute: "I have seen a young master and a young lady.

Wu Ruo: "..."

Even salute moves and titles have changed.

"My beloved grandson, grandmother, wants to die for you. Please take a look at the grandmother who bought you a lot of fun toys. Do you like it?"

Wu Ruo heard the voice of the woman in white from afar.

Everyone giggled happily: "Like."

"What's the name of the little nephew?" Qinglang's voice was vibrant again.

"My name is Dandan."

"Donny is a milk name, right? What's your name?"

He blinked at the speaker, and then blinked.

The man who asked him teased him and said, "Don't you know your name?"

Everyone murmured, saw Wu Ruo coming, and quickly ran to "Daddy, do I have another name?"

Wu Ruo held him up: "Yes, it's called Hei Hao Qin."

They never called the name.

Fuck listened and frowned. "I still like you calling me fuck."

Everyone couldn't help laughing.

Hei Xieyu brought Wu Ruo to the emperor and empress: "Father, mother, he is my partner, Wu Ruo, you can call them Xiao Ruo in the future."

The emperor is very similar to Hei Xieyu. He tried to show a kind face to Wu Ruo as much as possible, but Bi Jingjiu stayed high. It was still difficult to hide the majesty of the emperor. The appearance of the empress was as elegant and beautiful as the blooming narcissus. Her eyes flickered like a child with a naughty light. She looked like Hei Xietang.

Wu Ruo sees that the emperor and queen are dressed in the same way as Hei Xuyi said. They are all dressed up as ordinary people. The last trace of tension finally disappeared without a trace. I've seen my father, my mother-in-law. "

The queen finally couldn't sit still, and quickly got up and took Wu Ruo's hand and said, "Xiao Ruo, you should be your own home here. Don't be restrained. We are all your relatives. Tell my mother, I'm angry with you. "

She stared at him with black eyes: "Even if he is my son, I will pump him hard for you."

Wu Ruo could not help but smile: "Thank you mother."

The empress did not put on the queen's shelf at all, and said with a smile, "Xi Yan should have told you what we have seen in the past few days? I hope you don't blame us, we are too anxious to see you Children, I have to pretend to be close to you. "

"Mother, don't keep grabbing Dasao and keep talking, Big Brother hasn't introduced us yet." The woman in a yellow dress beside her said anxiously, her appearance was similar to that of the Empress.

"Then I will talk later." The empress was unhappy and glared at her daughter, and let go of Wu Ruo reluctantly: "Xiao Ruo, we will sit down and talk."

Wu Ruo liked the empress very much: "Okay."

Hei Xuyi introduced the woman in yellow to Wu Ruo: "Xiao Ruo, this is my third sister, Hei Ziya."

"Ma'am, you look so good." Hei Ziya waited for Hei Xuyi to finish her introduction, and couldn't wait to grab Wu Ruo's hand: "It looks better than my elder brother. I'll take you out and talk to my sister We show off that I have a beautiful lady. "

Wu Ruo was embarrassed by her.

The man next to him snorted softly, "Be careful, Brother killed you."

Wu Ruo discerned from his voice that this man was the person who asked the name of the egg before. He looked similar to the emperor and had a touch of pride.

Hei Xieyu introduced him: "This person is my fifth brother Hei Xieyu, that is, the person that I entered into Jufengzhai holding hands."

Hei Xuyi smiled grinningly, "Dasao, that day when I saw my elder brother leading me in Jufengzhai, did you get jealous?"

Wu Ruo nodded honestly and admitted, "Well, I'm jealous, so your elder brother was hit."

Hei Xieyu: "..."

Hei Xun stunned and laughed, "Have you let him kneel and wash clothes?"

"No, I just let him go to the toilet."

Hei Xunyu laughed even more pretentiously: "Haha, you let my elder brother brush the toilet, haha, you are so talented."

The others couldn't help laughing.

Hei Xuan narrowed his eyes: "Do you want to try it?"

Hei Xieyu quickly put away his laughter: "Brother, you have to introduce your sixth brother to him."

Hei Xie sighed coldly and took Wu Ruo to look at the thin young man who was sitting in a wheelchair smiling: "Xiao Ruo, this is my six younger brother He Xie, he suffers from a deficiency of the sun, so he has been very bad since childhood . "

Wu Ruo felt distressed at the pale teenager who was about the same age as Wu Xi.

Hei Shaozhao smiled at Wu Ruo slightly: "Aunt, well, I'm glad to meet you.

"Xi Xi, I'm glad to see you." Wu Ruo could not help holding the boy's hand, and suddenly, passed coldly.

Hei Xieyu looked around his eyes: "What about Zihe?"

The empress reluctantly said, "You didn't know your sister's temperament. You wouldn't go out if you didn't toss.

Hei Xieyu: "..."

"Brother, you haven't introduced me to Auntie yet." Hei Xietang jumped out to speak.

Wu Ruo glanced at him silently: "Do we still need an introduction between us?"

He picked up the eggs and taught the children how to call others.

At this time, the **** shouted outside the door: "Master, Madam, Miss Er, here."

Wu Ruo and Dou Yan looked at the door, and immediately saw objects flashing with dazzling gold moving towards them.

Everyone couldn't help raising their hands to block their eyes or squint.

Eggs covered her little hands and covered her eyes: "Daddy, what's that?"

Wu Ruo's eyes narrowed, and he wasn't quite sure: "It seems, is a lamp?"

Maybe it's dim here, so eunuchs brought the more capable lights to the backyard.

Hei Xietang heard the words, and laughed, "Da'er, are you laughing at me?"

Others couldn't help but cover their mouths and grin.

Wu Ruo looked puzzled. Did he guess wrong?

Hei Xuan narrowed his eyes.

"Dad, mother, brother, haven't I been late?" Said the ‘lamp’, which was shining with golden light.

Wu Ruo and Yu Dan stunned, and the object that shot the glare turned out to be a person.

Hei Xieyu introduced Wu Ruo: "This is my second sister Hei Zihe."

Hei Zihe held Wu Ruo's hand in excitement: "Oh, I'm glad to meet you. I haven't kept you waiting."

"No, no." Wu Ruo couldn't see what she looked like because of the golden light reflected from her body of gold. She even wore a pile of dazzling gold ornaments on her head.

The emperor sternly said, "Don't you let me change to a more ordinary robe?"

Hei Zihe said innocently: "This is already the most common piece in my robe."

Wu Ruo: "..."

This is already the most common one, and how dazzling are the most unusual clothes? "

"Haha, ma'am, let me tell you that my second sister likes gold glittering things, and she also likes to dress herself like gold glittering, wherever you go, you can brighten that place, right, we The big ship she sat on when she came back was originally made of gold paint, and was changed to the color of an ordinary big ship by her brother before she was willing to drive out the ship she built.

Wu Ruo: "..."

If you come back from a ship full of gold paint, you will be robbed.

"Well, you really don't have a vision. You don't understand appreciation for such beautiful gold." Hei Zihe took a gold mirror and took a picture: "I'm so beautiful.

Hei Xuan sarcastically said, "Second sister, are you sure that the mirror is looking at you instead of golden light?"

Wu Ruo: "..."

This is what he wanted to ask.

Hei Zihe, if he didn't hear his sarcasm, handed the mirror to Wu Ruo: "Dao, this mirror is a greeting for you, and ..."

She took out a golden Cuju and gave it to the egg: "My lovely little nephew, you look like your big brother. This is the big aunt ’s playtime ceremony. Call her aunt."

Hei Xietang couldn't help but say, "Second sister, you made cuju from gold, are you sure your little nephew can move?"

"Did I let him kick? I let him hang on him. You see a golden rope here."

Everyone: "..."

Such a big ball hangs on my body?

Hei Xixi coughed slightly: "I want something for Grandma, too."

He took out a long box from behind his back and handed it to Wu Ruo: "I don't know what Dasao likes, so I personally picked you a sword and liked it if you could."

Wu Ruo was not embarrassed to accept it.

Hei Xieyu took it directly and shoved it into his hand: "Give it to you."

Wu Ruo thanked Hei Xixi.

Hei Xixi smiled and took out a big windmill to the egg: "Egg, this windmill can take you up."

"Really?" Eggman's eyes brightened and he took the windmill excitedly: "Thank you Uncle Liu."

He grabbed the handle of the windmill and ran out, and then, the windmill quickly turned and flew into the air.

Everyone giggled happily.

The empress hurriedly said, "Donkey, don't you let go."

Others saw Hei Xixi and Hei Zihe both presenting a meeting ceremony, and they also brought out a bunch of gifts to Wu Ruo and Egg.

Chapter 229: Old man old man

Everyone gave Wu Ruo high-level implements, and all the eggs were toy-like implements, and Egg's favorite were Hei Xixi Windmill and Hei Xiu. You can run without a trace instantly.

When the gift was almost received, Wu Ruo also brought out a custom-made gift for everyone in the morning. It is a set of accessories for each person. Compared with the gift from the black family, it is very ordinary and can be extraordinary. Very similar, as long as they wear it, others can recognize them as a family.

Everyone saw that Wu Ruo took out gifts from the space in front of them, with a bigger smile on his face, which shows that Wu Ruo really treats them as his own people, so there is nothing to hide the space.

After sending the gift, Wu Ruo apologized and crouched in front of Hei Xizhao: "Sorry, I only heard that Xie Ye had only four younger brothers and sisters and did not prepare your gift."

He speaks directly in front of so many people, and really treats them as a family.

Hei Xixi smiled and said, "Dasao doesn't need to be so polite, as long as your mind is here."

Hei Xieyu explained: "Ma'am, it's not surprising that you didn't know the existence of Sixth Brother. He was sent to the land to live from an early age because of a lack of sun disease. The teleportation array in his room returned directly to the imperial palace, so everyone outside thought that Sixth Brother had died, and we did n’t deny outside rumors that the Sixth Brother could live safely on the land, and the people also Not knowing the existence of Sixth Brother, even our relatives and friends rarely know about it. "

Wu Ruo looked at Hei Xixi distressedly: "Although I didn't prepare the sixth brother's gift, there is something in my body that is very suitable for the sixth brother.

Everyone looked at Wu Ruo with curiosity: "What is it?"

Wu Ruo came up with a small red box that was not half as big as a slap: "The box contains a tapeworm that can be used to save your life when the deficiency is severe, of course, I hope you will never No such bug is needed. "

"Ascaris?" Hei Xietang asked, "Sister-in-law, is it an ascaris made from your master's Numu?"

"Yes. If ordinary people encounter it, they will be burned to ashes by the fire inside them. If a surgeon below level 3 touches it, they will resist the time around the tea." Wu Ruo opened the box for everyone. See what's inside.

Everyone was surprised, a little bug turned out to be so powerful.

Hei Xietang asked with a frown, "Is it safe to put it next to Sixth Brother? A worm can really save Sixth's life at a critical time?"

"Of course it's safe. Sixth brother's physique is cold and cold, and it will never be a problem to meet it. Moreover, the person who controls the wormworm is me. As long as I don't let it attack people, it won't attack people." Box: "Can I really save the life of Sixth Brother, I can't give you too many guarantees. However, I encountered a child who was dying of hypoxia in the 18th floor. At that time, I didn't know What is the disease of anemia? When you see your child is cold, try to use the tapeworm to overcome the cold in the child's body. Later people are rescued and they return to their usual health. However, the child can only live another two years or so. During this period, his illness must be cured as soon as possible. Sixth brother is older than the child, at most about six months.

Emperor and Emperor Lu Xi rejoiced.

This gift is better than any gift for them.

Hei Xietang shoved the box into Hei Xizhao's hand: "Sixth brother, you can always bring the box with you."

Hei Xixi was very happy: "Thank you, Grandma, I like this gift very much."

As long as everyone is afraid of death, not to mention that he is so young, he doesn't want to see even the best side of his family, and suddenly dies.

Hei Xuyi asked, "Ma'am, how did Liudi use this bug?"

"Just put the bug on the back of Liu's hand and let the bug get into his body."

Hei Xixi thanked Wu Ruo again, and others were very grateful.

After lunch, Hei Xieyu took Wu Ruo around the palace, familiar with the environment of the palace.

After leaving the compound, Wu Ruo asked Hei Xieyu: "When you introduced the six younger brothers and they met me, did they only introduce them?"

"Well, we call them privately, and I'll tell you their names and titles in detail later." Hei Xieyu took his hand: "Now that you have met my family, do they get along well? "

"Well" Wu Ruo smiled and nodded: "I like them very much.

Hei Xie's family is approachable, unlike other imperial families who stand high and look unattainable.

With a smile in his eyes, Hei Xuan was very glad that he could accept his family.

Wu Ruo twisted his eyebrows and asked, "Sixth brother lives on the land and can't heal his illness if he is exposed to the sun all year round."

"He moved to the land to live with the disease. If he can't completely cure the disease, he can only live a few more years than other people with the disease."

"Is there really no cure for this disease?"

"Not at the moment." Hei Xiuyu was glad that he cared about his younger brother, but didn't want him to frown when he first came to Huangyan, so he turned to the topic: "It's almost the palace where I live."

"Well." Wu Ruo followed Hei Xieyu for a while, and found that the palace was not half the size of the emperor of the Heavenly Kingdom, and the eunuchs and women were not as many as the emperor of the Heavenly Kingdom: "There seem to be few palaces here. "

Hei Xuyi explained: "There is no harem in the palace, so the palace will naturally be much less. Moreover, it is underground, it is not convenient to build the palace too large, and it will easily cause the ground to collapse."

Wu Ruo asked again, "Are you the only siblings living in the palace now?"

"Well, except for the prince and other princesses and princesses who have reached the age of eighteen, they will be crowned knights according to their abilities, but they cannot be hereditary." Hei Xieyu took him to his palace: "This is my residence Hengxing Palace. "

The **** ’s **** ’s **** saw the return of Hei Xieyu, and quickly saluted him: “I have seen the prince.”

Hei Xuan met him, his face returned to indifference, and quietly introduced Wu Ruo: "This is the princess of this palace."

The eunuch's woman was slightly surprised, and quickly saluted to Wu Ruo: "I have seen the princess."

Wu Ruo was kind of not used to calling him like this.

Hei Xuanyu noticed his strangeness: "What's wrong?"

Wu Ruo said embarrassingly, "I'm not too used to being called my prince, and I have a bad name."

In the end, the voice is getting quieter.

He was married to Hei Xieyu and worshiped in the church, but when they got married, he was in the Kingdom of Heaven. At that time, Hei Xie's family was not present, and the people of the Necromancer did not know their affairs. Therefore, Now with Hei Xie, there is a feeling that he has not become married.

Hei Xuan bent his corner of the mouth: "After the two of us have met, we will make up the wedding."

Wu Ruo hurriedly explained, "I didn't mean this ..."

Hei Xieyu clenched his hand and said earnestly: "The wedding must be re-scheduled, because I want everyone in the Necromantic Kingdom to know that you are my princess, not to mention that we were not formal when we got married, and were too hasty Moreover, my family was not present at the time, and your family did not accept the marriage, so this time I want to do something big and make you willing to be my partner. "

Wu Ruo heard that his heart was beating very fast, his face was hot and red, and he was embarrassed to say, "It's my old husband ..."

Hei Xun smiled and asked, "Where are we old?"

Wu Ruo glanced at him: "Even with children, aren't they old?"

Hei Xunyu did not refute him and took people to the study.

Wu Ruo looked at the study room full of books: "What are you doing here with me?"

"Let you see something."


Hei Xuanyu pulled him to the table, opened a protruding red cloth, and exposed a transparent crystal ball.

Wu Ruo blinked curiously: "What is this?"

Hei Xieyu explained: "This is a crystal ball. As long as you drop your blood on it, no matter how far away I am, as long as I input spiritual power into the crystal ball, I can see your every move."

"So amazing?"

"Well, listen to my great-grandfather, this is a monk for him."

Wu Ruo heard him say that a monk was not a wizard, and was surprised: "Are you a monk, a monk in the realm of cultivation?"

"It should be that, at the time, he did not identify with my great-grandfather, who guessed his identity through various behaviors of monks."

"Why would a monk give a crystal ball to your great-grandfather?"

"According to my great-grandfather, this monk admired him, but because some things in the cultivation world cannot stay in the human world, he gave him only the crystal ball."

Wu Ruo laughed: "Your great-grandfather must look good, otherwise, monks in the cultivation world would not adore him, yes, I only heard you mentioned your great-grandfather. What about your great-grandmother and grandfather?

Hei Xuan's eyes darkened: "After the death of my great-grandfather, my great-grandmother also died of a serious illness. My grandfather and grandmother died on the field because of fighting with the old people."

Wu Ruo apologized, "Sorry, bring up your sadness.

Hei Xuanyu pulled him into his arms and lightened his forehead: "You are my princess, and you should know these things."

Wu Ruo didn't want him to be upset about the past. He turned to the topic and asked, "Why do you suddenly want to show me the crystal ball?"

Hei Xuanyu releases him and enters the spirit into the crystal ball.

Wu Ruo looked intently at the change of the crystal ball. It was originally a transparent crystal ball. Suddenly, a white mist gushed out. After a moment, it slowly spread out and saw a figure dimly.

He happily said, "There seems to be a personal figure inside, oh no, it's two.

Hei Xuan looked at his smile silently.

The picture of the crystal ball became clearer and clearer. Wu Ruo saw two men standing inside, one wearing a red and white robe and the other wearing a black robe. The man in a red and white robe was shorter than the man in a black robe. For half a head.

He fixed his eyes and widened his eyes, "Isn't it me and you?"

Chapter 230: roll

Wu Ruo looked at the crystal ball and looked at it strangely, "Did you just say that as long as you drop a person's blood on it, another person can see this person's every move from the crystal no matter how far away he is?" ? Then why are we inside? "

Hei Xuyi asked him, "What do you say?"

Wu Ruo thought for a while: "Is your blood dripping into the crystal ball? But, what do you mean by staring at the crystal ball? You ..."

Having said that, he frowned frantically: "Is my blood dripping from the crystal ball?"

Hei Xunyu did not deny: "Yes."

Wu Ruo looked at him in wonder: "When did you drop it? You don't see me every day now? Why should you drop my blood?"

Hei Xuanyu touched the crystal ball: "Twenty years ago, the people of the Necropolis sneaked into Wufu, Gaoling City, the kingdom of heaven, and stole your blood back on the crystal ball ..."

Wu Ruo: "!!!!!!"

"Since that time, in addition to reading books and practicing swords every day, I learned mystery, and I watched you grow up day by day through a crystal ball."

Wu Ruo remembered that the black ball often mentioned the crystal ball: "you, you, you ..."

His face was red with anger: "You won't stare at me when I go to the hut to dissolve, right?"

If this man dare admit it, he will show him constipation.

There was also the time when he had his first dream, and whether various ugliness was also seen by this person.

Hei Xun said for a moment, and laughed out loud: "What are you thinking about?"

Is his wife paying attention to the wrong place?

Hei Xieyu held him in his arms and kissed his mouth: "As a prince, I have to do a lot of things. It is impossible to stare at you all the time, I just have time to watch the meeting every day.

Wu Ruosong said, "That's good."

Seeing his nervous look, Hei Xunyu couldn't help but want to tease him: "However, I once saw you look like you're naked."

This is true, but Wu Ruo was only a few months old.

Wu Ruo immediately glanced up at him: "You voyeur, why do you peek at me every day?"

Hei Xuan seduced his smile: "In the beginning, it was my father and mother who showed me. At that time, I thought you were a child from one of my relatives' houses and looked at you from the crystal with them. The time to watch Not much, I see you once every three minutes. You were very beautiful and delicate when you were a kid. I like you as a little baby at first glance, but it is just like my brother loves my brother. Until you are four After the age, the big spiritual master told me that I must like you like my dad like my mother, because only then can I untie the curse of the dead nation. However, I was still a half-old child and you were with me. My eyes are just a little baby. How can I have a partner-like affection for you, and I don't like others to order or arrange for me to do anything. Therefore, I am very resistant to what the Master said. The anger at the Great Master turned to you, and from then on I put away the crystal ball. "

"After more than half a year, my grandfather and grandmother died because of a fierce battle with the old people, and my six younger brothers were sent to the land for living with a deficiency of the sun. The spirit kingdom must undo the curse of death as soon as possible, and like this, I took out the crystal ball again. When I saw you become a big fat doll, I almost didn't recognize the child as you. From that day on, I I sit down and look at you whenever I have time, and try to change from a pure like to a love among my partners, but after all, you are a child, it is really difficult to like you, and we have not touched each other. You can only observe your daily life from the crystal ball. "

Wu Ruo rolled his eyes: "The longer I grew, the fatter I was. It's no wonder you like me."

"It's really difficult."

"Hey, anyway, now that I have become your princess, you can't say something good to coax me?"

Hei Xie ticked his lips: "If I lie to you, you won't believe it."

"When did you change my mind?"

"I just saw you being bullied. At that time, you were very uncomfortable. You wanted to fight for it, but you couldn't do anything. It looked very grieved, and it made me feel very distressed. Run those people. "

Wu Ruo remembered the days when he was bullied, and frowned, "You don't like this, do you?"

Hei Xunyu admits: "Well, it's not like it, but since then, I want to poke your fat in particular."

Wu Ruo stared at him angrily: "No wonder you always poke my belly with your hands after getting married, did you think it was fun at the time?

Hei Xieyu black eyes dyed a smile: "It is very fun, sometimes I really want to knead you as a dough.

"..." Wu Ruo pinched his waist: "Did you like me when you went to heaven?"

"It's not like it very much. I want to like you more. It can only be achieved through contact. When you were nearly eighteen years old, I took people to heaven and earth. Coincidentally, our people have saved them. Wu Chenzi's father, his father wanted to marry his granddaughter or great-granddaughter to the dead nation in order to repay his grace. "Hei Xuan narrowed his eyes. Our royal family is the descendant of the immortal. I figured out that we would marry a Wujia woman to give birth to a descendant of the immortal.

Wu Ruo was surprised: "There is such an inside story."

"Wu Chenzi's father was very interested in the descendants of the fairy, and also wanted to grow the Wu family. When we knew what his idea was, he killed him while he was out."

"..." Wu Ruo was speechless: "Are you a benefactor or an enemy?"

"Killing him will give you the opportunity to reach your Gaolingcheng Wujia through Wu Chenzi, and will not let you doubt us."

Wu Ruo Lengheng: "I'm not at ease."

Hei Xuanyu rubbed his forehead: "Later, while Ubud came to see Wu Chenzi, we proposed to them. In order to prevent Wu Weixue from liking me, he deliberately vilified himself. You will know the later things. Now. "

"Do you really like me through contacts later?"


Wu Ruo was in a very complicated mood. He didn't like Hei Xieyu to contact him with a purpose, but he was glad that he was the descendant of the Mymit, otherwise he could not meet a man who was so good to him.

Hei Xieyu hugged him and kissed his forehead: "When I came to the kingdom of heaven, I thought you would not like me in this life, or it would take years to make you like me, but I did not expect Everything was beyond my expectations.

Wu Ruo: "..."

If it was the last life, the situation would be the same as Hei Xuyi said.

"Fortunately, the Great Master has chosen to make me like you, otherwise, I must hate that the Great Master did not give me this opportunity." Hei Xuanyu moved her lips to Wu Ruo's lips.

Wu Ruo hadn't had such close contact with Hei Xieyu for a long time. When he felt the hot breath blowing on his face, his legs couldn't help but fall into Hei Xie's arms.

"His Royal Highness ..." Suddenly, the eunuch's voice was heard outside the room.

He shaved his face darkly: "What is it."

"The sixth prince is sick."

Hei Xuyi and Wu Ruo changed their faces, and hurried out of the room: "Where is Sixth Brother now?"

"He is in the Empress's palace.

Hei Xuyi hugged Wu Ruo and jumped up. In an instant, he came to the palace where the empress lived. Hei Xutang turned around anxiously when they saw Hei Xuyi coming over. Brother. "

Hei Xuyi asked, "How is your sixth brother?"

"I don't know, the Taiyi doctor is making a diagnosis now." Hei Ziya cried with red eyes. "When the sixth brother was sick just now, he was very distressed. I thought he would not be able to survive.

Hei Zihe calmed her: "Sixth brother will be fine."

Hei Xieyu went directly to the Empress's room, and Wu Ruo followed in, and saw the Empress sitting in a chair holding tears and tears.

Raised his hands and wiped tears for him: "Grandma, don't cry."

"Good." The empress kissed his little hand.

At this time, the Taiyi came out and sighed at the emperor.

The emperor hurriedly asked, "How about medicine?"

"The sixth prince's health is getting worse and worse. If he doesn't develop medicine to cure the sixth prince or heal his body, I'm afraid he won't be able to survive the next illness.

Hei Xixi can live to this day entirely because he is in the royal family, and he can take the elixir to live on the land.

Everyone turned pale.

Hei Xie, who walked from the outside, said angrily, "Did you develop the medicine that cured Sixth Brother for so many years? Even the medicine that alleviates his pain can be done."

Yao Taiyi was sad: "The old minister is incompetent, and the medicine developed has no cure for the symptoms, but can only make him so painful when he attacks?"

"Go away." Hei Xuan angered into the sky.

Hei Xietang said: "Fifth brother, Yao Taiyi will stay here to observe the sixth doctor's condition."

"Brother, don't be angry." Hei Xixi's weak voice came from the room.

Everyone rushed into the room.

Hei Xixi lay pale on the bed: "I can live to this day, and I am happier than other children who have deficient in the disease, at least I can still see Dasao and my nephew alive."

The crowd immediately reddened their eyes.

Hei Xixi walked and held Liu's hand. "Xixi, we must have a way to save you. Don't talk, hurry up and wait for dinner. We will call you up again."

"Okay." Hei Xixi was so tired that he closed his eyes and fell asleep, but was very peaceful like he died.

Yao Tai Yi hurried forward to give him a pulse, and was sure to really relax before he let out a sigh of relief: "He was asleep."

Hei Ziya could not help crying.

The empress shed tears desperately.

The emperor said to Yaotai: "Healing too much medicine, no matter how much it costs, he must heal the six emperors."

"The old minister will do his best."

Hei Xuan glared at him. He didn't know how many times he heard this, but what happened?

"Can I see Sixth Brother?" Wu Ruo said suddenly.
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