Comeback of the Abandoned Wife Chapter 211-220

Chapter 211: You can ask the right person

"I heard that only the people of the royal family and the old family have the surname of black, and the royal family is the royal family. I will not explain this much. The old family was the former royal family. For some reason, the current royal family has overthrown them, but their power still exists. They are still very concerned about the well-being of the people in the Necropolis, but in some ways they are more overbearing and extreme, making the people afraid of them. I have heard a lot of things about the old people in the past few days. From what everyone said, I think Grandpa's husband is more like a royal person. No matter in words and deeds, or in daily expenses, it is more like the people in the current royal family. Just like the boat we take, if it is not for the royal family, it is definitely not dare to build as luxurious as an official palace. Even if they are old people, they do n’t have the financial resources. In addition, I also heard that the prince has been outing in Weifu for the past two years and did not return to the palace until a few days ago, and there are rumors that he brought Back to a concubine, judging by various signs, I guess my husband's husband is probably a prince. "

The old black detective whispered in Wu Ruo's ears: "Master, I don't want to ask me, you should know better than me what color the **** pulled by the prince."

Wu Ruo glanced at him: "Are you sure you are the Prince?"

"80% must be him." Laohe frowned as he was not happy, and asked, "Man, are you worried that the emperor will not accept you?"

Wu Ruodan said: "Of course, a crown prince, how can a future monarch marry a man, not to mention that the emperor will never accept a concubine if he accepts the nation of the dead, let alone the royal relationship is complicated There are constant struggles, and wherever you go, there are days of intrigue and no peace at all. "

"Master, do n’t worry too much. It ’s not as complicated as you think. I heard that the emperor of the Necropolis is not like the emperor of the kingdom of heaven. The emperor has three palaces and six courts. They have only one queen. The five princesses are the same father The relationship between brothers and sisters is very harmonious, and the inheritance method of the royal family is also different. Regardless of whether the other party is male or female, long or young, the throne is only passed to the strongest person, and everyone else is disqualified. Even if the prince died suddenly before taking office, other people can no longer inherit the throne, and will only pick out candidates from the grandchildren. Then, after the succession to the name of the deceased prince, the original parents of the selected grandchildren will be Reduced to civilians, never again enter the royal family. "

Wu Ruo raised an eyebrow: "This method of succession is quite special.

On the one hand, it can dispel other people's thoughts of succession; on the other hand, it prevents siblings from intriguing each other; and on the other hand, it prevents others from attempting to borrow their son to take over.

"Anyway, I still hope that Shao is not a prince."

Laohe smiled, looked at the house in front of him and said, "Master, it's here."

Wu Ruo stood in front of the tattered gate: "You live here?"

Everyone who came in and out of the gate was wearing tattered robes, his face was dirty, his hair was messy, and some people even found a bad smell.

"Yes." Old Hei made a please gesture: "Master, please."

Wu Ruo entered the gate, and the courtyard and the house only lighted a big lamp, which was very dim and could hardly see each other's appearance. Therefore, the beggars in the house did not notice that Wu Ruo arrived and they were all in their own nests. Chatting quietly or sleeping in a daze. And all the children concentrated in the central courtyard and had fun, and the courtyard was full of their laughter.

"Uncle next." The old black belt Wu Ruo went to the far corner of the room: "I have found my master."

The uncle next to him is an ordinary person. After the age of Hua Jia, he has become old-fashioned, his hair is gray, his face is frowning, and his robe is wrinkled. When he sees the old black coming, he stands up: " Wang Ping, what did you just say? "

Wang Ping is the old name of Lao Hei.

Lao Hei took the hand of the uncle next to him: "I said I found my master. He knows some medicine and can see your granddaughter and grandson."

Uncle Pang excitedly said, "Really?"

Lao He nodded, and pulled the uncle next to Wu Ruo.

Uncle Pang saw that Wu Ruo was so richly dressed, and immediately he knelt down: "Uncle, please save my little granddaughter and little grandson ..."

Laohe quickly helped him up: "Uncle Po, get up quickly. My master is here to agree to come to see a doctor, so don't worry."

Wu Ruo asked, "Where are his granddaughters and grandchildren?"

Lao Hei pointed at the two children covered by the quilt.

The room was too dark. Wu Ruo took out the previously illuminated instruments. Suddenly, the room was as bright as daylight, and everyone looked over.

"It's so bright." The child happily ran to Wu Ruo, watching the implement curiously along the way: "Is this a lantern? Why is the light so white and bright? I've never seen such a lantern, and I've never seen it before This color shines. "

The beggar outside the house curiously walked to the gate to watch.

Wu Ruo squatted down and opened the quilt. Two five- and six-year-olds were shaking constantly. When he touched their skin, he immediately felt a cold. The situation was exactly the same as the children healed the other day. .

He looked up solemnly and looked at the person Heihe said, "They are suffering from anemia."

As soon as this word came out, the room was sad, and the uncle next to him couldn't help crying, "How can I have a poor grandson, they are so young. This is called me, what shall we do in the future?"

Everyone looked at Uncle Po with sympathy.

Laohe whispered nervously, "Master, can they still be saved?"

Wu Ruo asked him, "Should you hear about this symptom?"

The old black face showed a sad nod and no one knew that those suffering from anemia were not saved.

Wu Ruo sighed. Before coming, he thought that the granddaughter and granddaughter of the old beggar were suffering from common illnesses. So, if you do n’t want to, you will agree to come and see. It ’s just like this. The next one, Yamworm, temporarily saved one, but couldn't save the second.

The cry from the uncle in the room, the other quiet.

Suddenly, a woman kneeled in front of Wu Ruo: "Master, please show my child too.

Wu Ruo nodded: "Where is your child?"

The woman quickly brought Wu Ruo to the corner where she lived. Similarly, her children were covered with a thick quilt.

Wu Ruo looked at the quilt constantly shaking, and could already guess that her child's illness was the same as that of the grandfather and grandson beside him.

The woman quickly opened the quilt.

As soon as Wu Ruo touched the wrist of the child, he knew the child's condition.

The woman looked at Wu Ruo nervously, "Master, how is my child's health?"

Wu Ruo whispered: "I have also suffered from anemia."

Suddenly, the woman fell to the ground, as if she had lost her soul.

Everyone at the scene knew that those who had a deficiency of the sun were not saved, so no one would ask Wu Ruo to save the children.

Next, Lao Hei brought Wu Ruo to see the three children, and they were all in the same situation. The original house full of laughter became all cries, and the atmosphere was very sad.

Lao Hei hurried Wu Ruo away from the big house to prevent everyone from being overly sad. Taking Wu Ruo out of breath: "Man, I didn't expect that the children would all suffer from anorexia. Alas, I heard that this disease cannot be cured."

Wu Ruo did not speak.

Lao He turned to the topic and said, "Master, it's not early, I'll take you to the inn.

Wu Ruo nodded.

Laohei took them to an inexpensive and comfortable inn.

Wu Ruodao: "You have also moved here to live with us. Hello everyone, there is a care. In two days, we will go to the first floor to find them."

"it is good."

After Wu Ruo stayed in the guest room, she kept remembering the crying in the broken house. After thinking about it, she couldn't sit still. She went to the big drug store to buy medicine for refining.

The April Festival is the only festival in Chicheng. Early in the morning, everyone got up to burn incense and worship the gods, and set off firecrackers. Wu Ruo was so noisy that he couldn't sleep, so he got up and had breakfast with the eggs. When it was time, he and the eggs Egg they left the inn.

On the street, like a new year, it was very lively. Many people changed their clothes and they were full of joy.

"Master, I heard that today's market will sell other things in the city. Would you like to see it? However, there are a lot of people there. You should be optimistic about the young master and the old man's talents, otherwise they will be scattered." Wu Ruo didn't respond, even with a heavy heart, wondering, "Man, what are you thinking?"

Wu Ruo went back to God: "I'm thinking about Grandpa. Will they let me heal his grandson?"

In this life, he had planned not to worry much about it anymore, but all the people who saw the deficiency were all a group of innocent children, and his heart was always a bit unbearable. Moreover, if Hei Xuyi is really a prince or a royal person, should he, as Hei Xuyi's companion, make a contribution and share his worries for his husband?

Lao Hei was overjoyed: "Master, do you want to heal Grandpa next to you?"

"I just wanted to try it, but I didn't know at all. It would be overkill to take a child to test medicine. The most important thing is that it might heal someone, so I have been hesitating to do it."

"You can ask Uncle Ping about their wishes and explain to them everything. If not, we will do it." Lao He frowned. "Honestly, the lack of Yang is equal to waiting for death, it is better to try Maybe there is a rescue. Grandpa, do n’t think too much about it. Today ’s April festival is a lively day. Let ’s have a good time. After I go back, I ’ll ask Uncle next to try it. If we do n’t want to, we can just leave early. ”

Wu Ruo thought that he would buy a gift for the family of Hei Xieyu, and for the time being left behind the problem of lack of sun: "Old Hei, ask you something, do you know, cough ..."

He looked down at his eyes and whispered, "Did you find out what the Prince's family likes?"

The old black laughed, "Master, you can ask the right person. Let's go. I'll take you to pick a gift."

Chapter 212: Inherit your goodwill

Wu Ruo followed Lao Hei's selection of several gifts, but he was not satisfied. The main reason was that he was not sure of the identity of Hei Xuan. If he was a prince, he would buy the gifts that his family liked, which would make others think he had a plan. , Inquire about their identity early to please them. If he is not a prince, and bought a gift that others like, and disrespects the family of Hei Xieyu, after much deliberation, he decides to draw the picture by himself to make accessories, and then spends a lot of money to make it out in two days, regardless of whether the other person likes it or not It was his heart.

Later, when he bought the medicinal materials in other layers, he asked the doctor in the drugstore about the various conditions for treating anemia. Out of the drug store, they bought a bunch of toys for children, robes and accessories of the ghost woman, and robes worn by the old black. When the time came, the four men went hungry for dinner.

After eating rice, Wu Ruo took out 12,000 silvers from the space and exchanged them for silver.

Lao He changed the silver ticket and went directly to the broken house to talk to Uncle Wu about healing his grandson and granddaughter, and informed the consequences to Uncle Pan first. Uncle Pan learned that Wu Ruo gave his grandson free of charge, The granddaughter healed the illness, and went to the inn with Laohei holding the child.

Wu Ruo saw the children who kept fighting in his hands and asked, "Uncle Pang, Lao Hei should have told you that it may not be able to heal your grandchildren and granddaughters. It may even be possible ..."

Uncle Poon choked with red eyes and said, "Everything has been said, everything has been said, so that they can lie in pain, it might as well give it a try, maybe there is a vitality."

"You put your child on the bed." Wu Ruo took out the booklet bought from the doctor in the drugstore and looked at it carefully. It is said that every doctor's method of treating anemia in these years has been recorded in this booklet, but no One person is successful.

Laohe whispered to Uncle Poon, "Uncle Poon, let's not disturb Grandpa here. How about I take you to my room for dinner?"

Uncle Pang was not comfortable sitting here, so he left with Lao Hei.

Wu Ruo looked at them, continued to study the booklet in his hand, and took out a pile of medicinal materials to refine the potion.

At this moment, a loud noise came from outside the house.

"Dad, I went back to the broken house and learned that you brought the two children out for treatment. I don't know how worried you are. I was worried that you might be cheated, so I came here to take a look."

"Dabian, speak quietly, my grandfather is refining the medicine." This was the old black voice.

"What do you think of us beggars that deserve to be deceived by others?"

"Dad, I don't mean it that way." Grandpa looked at Lao Hei: "I'm the child's dad. I am here to see who is going to heal the child. Don't worry, am I right?"

Wu Ruo heard this and took the initiative to open the door and walk out of the room: "I am the one who heals your child."

When the side saw Wu Ruo with a beautiful appearance and wearing a gorgeous robe, she suddenly lost her mind.

"Three sons." The low voice caught everyone's attention.

Wu Ruo looked at the master of the voice and gave a slight stun: "Master Xing ...

Li Xing's eyes flashed a smile: "We are really fate."

Wu Ruo smiled: "Yeah, we really have a fate."

If it weren't for the fact that no one was following them, they would have thought that limp was following them.

Uncle Pang pushed him: "You have already seen who is going to heal Xiaoshui and Xiaoli, so go back quickly and don't bother uncle to heal the child.

The prince looked back, looked at the food in the old dark room, and swallowed: "I want to stay here to see how the grandpa heals the child."

Wouldn't Lao Hei know his purpose and let Xiao Er hit another bowl of rice?

Wu Ruo turned back to the room.

She asked before walking: "Can you go in and see?"

Wu Ruo nodded hesitantly.

He walked into the room with a walk and talked about why he would appear here. "Today I came to Chicheng, I wanted to buy something in other floors, but I saw that the beggar was stopped by the shopkeeper and Xiao Er just now. I've been seeing children outside the gate of the inn, and I heard that his child is here to cure the anorexia, so I was curious to take him in and see, I didn't expect to meet you. "

Wu Ruo pours a glass of water: "I just want to give it a try, it may not be successful."

Li Xing took the tea cup: "You are busy with you, I will sit and watch without disturbing you."

"Okay." Wu Ruo had no time to entertain him and turned to continue to refine the herbs.

With a light sip of tea, looking at the children on the eye bed, his eyes were fixed on the instrument on Wu Ruo's head, and he could feel a higher instrument without going to see it. However, Wu Ruo was regarded as ordinary The use of candle lights is too wasteful.

The corner of his mouth turned a little funny.

Limu moved his eyes and turned to look at Wu Ruo's face. After meeting him so many times, it was the first time that he had taken a serious look at his appearance. The white light illuminated his body, making the beautiful beauty even more pure and elegant. As if the white moon in the sky can only be viewed from a distance, it seems that close to him will break the beauty, the black thick eyelashes are like two black feathers, gently moving the hearts of others, raising their noses, and cherry red Lips, paired with a perfect face, are like a peerless beauty coming out of the painting. They are so beautiful and indistinguishable from his sex. Because of this, it is easier to look like a man and a woman. Bewitching everyone's minds, they say that beauty is looked at under the lamp, and beauty that is carefully refined under the lamp is more attractive. I've seen the limpness of countless beautiful people, and I can't help but look at the idiot, and I don't return to my heart until the door is knocked. At this time, the tea in my hand is cold.

Seeing that Wu Ruo was immersed in the refined medicinal materials, he set down the tea cup and opened the door.

The man outside the door was Lao Hei, and when he saw the person who opened the door was acting, he stunned and said respectfully, "Master, it's time to eat."

Pingxing looked back at Wu Ruo, who was concentrating on refining the medicine: "Eat first, wait until he finishes refining these herbs, and I will eat with him."

No, Wu Ruo refined it until the next morning. During the period, the uncles fed the children porridge and took a hot bath.

Wu Ruo put the last drop of the potion into the bottle and exhaled, "What time is it?"

"The second day of April, Chenshi." Pingxing, who had been watching his refining medicine, got up and said.

Wu Ruoyi said: "Ah, it's been a night?"

He asked, "Did you always do this?"

Wu Ruo wondered, "how?"

"As soon as the medicine is refined, it will become obsolete.

"Well, if you focus on refining medicinal materials, you will forget time, but my husband and wife may not allow me not to eat or sleep, otherwise, do not give me refining medicine." Wu Ruo mentioned black shading, a soft look .

Listening to him, he heard his wife, looked dumb, and nodded, "Your wife is for your good. Now that all the herbs have been refined, should you go downstairs for breakfast?"

"Okay." Wu Ruo twisted his neck and went downstairs with him for breakfast. When they returned, Dapan and his wife were talking with the two children.

"Daddy, I'm so cold," Xiao Shui said weakly.

The daughter-in-law hurriedly quilted the child: "When the doctor cures you, you won't be cold."

When they saw Wu Ruo, they stunned and kneeled in front of Wu Ruo: "Please, uncle, please save my child?"

Wu Ruo helped him up: "You took one of the children to the bathroom downstairs. Let me try to see if the medicine I refined has any effect on the child's body.

"What about the other child?"

"If the drug works for my child, I will give it to another child.

"Okay." Dabian directly picked up his daughter Xiaoli and went downstairs.

Li Xing asked: "Will you save the child without rest?"

"Children's health is getting weaker and weaker. It is important to save them.

Wu Ruo took the medicine he extracted to the bathroom, first put the medicine in the bath into the tub prepared by Lao He, and then let the child put the baby in the water to soak the bath, and wait for the child's skin to warm up He took a thin needle from the waist bag and a funnel above it and placed it on the table.

"What's this?" Liming asked curiously.

Wu Ruo glanced at him: "Have you seen the worms crawling into the child's body last time?"


"So, I want to try if I can put the potion in the child's blood vessel. This is the thing used to transmit the potion. I made it specially for people. I don't know what it is called for now." Pointing at the needle tube, he said, "This side is pierced into the child's body. This side of the funnel is used to put medicine into the child's body."

Li Xing's eyes flashed with a whisper: "Other doctors have either taken a medicine bath or fed the medicine into their mouths, and have never seen any doctors try this."

"I also passed the last thing and suddenly thought about it, I didn't know if it would work."


Wu Ruo hesitated and laughed: "Take your good words.

Limping saw his smile, the corner of his mouth slightly bent.

Seeing that the child's body was getting hotter, Wu Ruo took the sterilized needle tube, carefully inserted it into the blood vessel on the back of his hand, and poured the medicine drop by drop into the funnel.

He limply watched him fall slowly and couldn't help holding his breath.

Dapon was anxious and asked quickly, "Can't you hurry up?"

Wu Ruodan said: "The potion is very strong and needs to be fused with the blood drop by drop. If it is too fast, the child's blood will boil like boiling water and be alive and dead."

The limp stared coldly.

The side shivered and didn't dare to speak again.

After about two teas, the child's pale face was finally rosy.

Wu Ruo said to Li Xing, "Master Li Xun, please take a look at your child's breath and see if it gets hot."

"Hmm." He limped out his index finger and reached under the child's nose, feeling the hot breath coming out, and said excitedly: "Hot, it's hot."

He hadn't been so excited for many years. At this moment, he felt like a child. He was about to suppress his inner excitement and wanted to jump up and cheer.

Wu Ruo looked up at him, raised the corner of his mouth, and smiled.

Suddenly, with a bang, the little girl squirted blood from her mouth.

Chapter 213: The wicked will have evil reports

Everyone froze.

Wu Ruo hurriedly stopped dropping the potion: "How can this be?"

Even if the medicine he made was unsuccessful, it would not be enough for the child to vomit blood, not to mention that just after giving the child medicine, the medicine would never be too strong.

Of course, the little girl not only vomited blood from her mouth, but even her eyes, nose, and ears were bleeding, almost like poisoning.

Flimbing squinted.

"Xiao Li." Dabian hugged her daughter and wept.

Wu Ruo took Xiaoli's wrist and took the pulse, but was patted by the palm of his hand. He cried and yelled, "It's all you, it's you, and if not you and my Xiaoli would not vomit blood."

Wu Ruo sank her face: "You won't let me look at her body, she's really dead."

"Without your good intentions, if it weren't for you, my Xiaoli wouldn't have changed like this." Dabian wiped the blood on her daughter's face, probed her nose, and then she felt a shock, making it difficult to communicate: " No, I'm out of gas. "

Wu Ruo was surprised.

"What's wrong with Xiaoli?" His wife-in-law hurried to his daughter when he heard the cry running down, and saw his daughter's blood on her face, and she fell flatly in Dabian's arms, crying immediately: "My daughter, you died so terribly."

She looked at Wu Ruo in tears, and turned sharply on his body: "You bastard, return my daughter's life. If it weren't for you, my daughter would be fine.

"What are you crying for? What happened? Uncle Grandpa, the ghost, and the idiot ran into the bathroom and asked.

Da Pang cried, "Dad, Xiao Li is dead."

"Ah?" Grandpa next gave a sigh, if it weren't for Lao Hei's help, he would fall to the ground.

Laohe frowned, and came forward to explore Xiaoli's breath, shook his head at Wu Ruo, indicating that he was really out of breath.

He limped away from the side, grabbed Xiaoli's wrist and pulsed his head, and said, "It's poisoning."

Wu Ruo twisted his eyebrows. The medicine he gave was not poisonous. How could it be poisoned?

"Poisoning? It turned out to be poisoning!" Da Pan pointed at Wu Ruoqi and yelled angrily: "You poisoned me, didn't you? You bastard, I'm going to fight you."

Limping quickly stopped him and said to Wu Ruo, "Yu Sangong, go and see what is going on.

He did not believe that Youyang would poison, or that Youpan would inadvertently infiltrate the poison in the potion, not to mention that Youpan had no reason to poison the child, and the death of the child was not good for Youpan, so There must be something wrong here.

The daughter-in-law of the side always hugged Wu Ruo to pass him: "You goddamnly killed my daughter. You pay my daughter, otherwise I will send you to the government."

Dapon followed, "Yes, if you don't lose our daughter, I'll send you to the officer."

Uncle Pang returned to God and said, "It's irrelevant to the grandfather. We already said it before. If something goes wrong, don't blame the grandfather."

Dapon said angrily: "Dad, he said good to you, but didn't say good to us."

"Dad, did you let my daughter die in vain?" The concubine stood up and pulled him out: "You'll see the officer with me now." The daughter-in-law next to him looked at Da-Pan again, squinting, and asked quietly, "How do you want me to pay your daughter?" "

The wife of the wife next to her eyes lightened slightly: "You, you lose me a thousand and two silver, I will not sue you."

He lowered his face with a shudder and made it clear that he was making money. He faintly felt that something was not right, and he couldn't help looking at the cold-faced Wu Ruo.

Uncle Pang was angry: "Prank, Uncle saves our child with kindness, and you are embarrassed to ask for his money."

"Dad, is he kind? Will kindness heal my daughter?"

Grandma concubine stared angrily at the grandpa: "Daddy, is Lily your granddaughter, why do you keep talking to outsiders?"

Uncle Pan was mad at their couple.

Wu Ruohe asked Lao Hei to give him a thousand and two silver tickets, and then said to the wife-in-law, "This is a thousand and two silver tickets ..."

The daughter-in-law of the side gladly stretched out her hand, but Wu Ruo avoided it.

"Before getting the silver ticket, you answered me a question.

The daughter-in-law of the side stunned: "Why, what's the problem?"

Wu Ruo stared at her eyes and asked with the spirit of words: "What did you do to Xiaoli before we came back for dinner?"

The daughter-in-law, who has won the magic of words, immediately and honestly answered, "Before you came back, we stole poison for Xiaoli."

Everyone froze.

Wu Ruo asked sharply, "Why do you poison your daughter?"

He really thought that there was something wrong with his medicine. Later, when he saw the daughter-in-law who stopped him from passing him, and listened to the words of their husband and wife, "Send the officer without losing the daughter," they felt that there was a problem, and then used it. The spirit of the word told her to tell the truth, and sure enough, it was really their own poison.

"My husband said that no child with anorexia can survive. It is better to let his daughter die without such pain, so that he can blackmail you a sum of money.

Wu Ruo: "..."

Both of them even poisoned their daughters for money.

The side panicked: "Afang, what are you talking about?"

Uncle Pang cried angrily: "You two, who have lost their goodness, cannot die."

Lao Hei was particularly angry. His master was kind to save people, but the couple used this to try to make a lot of money from it. It was too much.

Pingxing's eyes were red and cold, at this time, they even had the heart to kill Dabang.

Wu Ruo retracts the spirit of words.

The daughter-in-law of the side went back to God, and for a long time, remembered the matter of holding a silver ticket.

Wu Ruo threw the silver ticket into the fire, and said coldly, "Even if I burn it, I won't give you the silver, old black, and call the messenger here."

"Yes." Lao He turned and walked outside.

Wu Ruoan looked at the woman who rushed to the fire to get the silver ticket: "I was already planning. If something happened during the healing of your children, I would compensate you for fifty thousand two hundred dollars. Even if it succeeds, it will I have gotten 12,000 silver tickets for you to live a good life, but you killed your children for a thousand silver tickets, haha, it's a good calculation, and it's actually calculated on my head. "

Da'an and Da's wife looked at him wistfully.

Compensate them for fifty or fifty thousand silver ...

So what's the point of killing their daughter with their own hands?

Li Xing is inexplicably sorry for Wu Ruo now, but also feels sad and angry for him.

"Xiaoshui, wouldn't you also poison Xiaoshui?" Uncle Pang worried about his grandson's safety and stumbled out of the bathroom.

"Big asshole." Dazed and stared at them beside him, turning his head and lying on the ghost's shoulder, when he saw his father, he would tell his father about these things and let his father handle them.

Wu Ruo lowered his eyelids and blocked the discomfort in his eyes, but he had a rare kind intention in exchange for a calculation. Can he still save people in the future?

By patting Ruo Ruo's shoulder before walking: "Don't be sad, the wicked will have evil reports."

Soon, Lao Hei came back with a mess.

According to the test of the difference, the medicine powder on the fingers of Dabang was consistent with the poison in Xiaoli's body, and the difference brought them to Dabang on the charge of poisoning the children.

As soon as they left, the uncle next came to the bathroom with his grandson in his arms: "Uncle, please save my grandson quickly? He will soon die."

Look at Wu Ruo by doing.

If Wu Ruo didn't do anything to save people, no one would dare to accuse him of seeing him die.

Wu Ruo silently took Xiaoli's body out of the bucket, poured out the potion in the water, washed the wooden bucket, refilled with water and put the medicinal materials in, and then let the next uncle put the little water in the bucket.

"Uncle, we are sorry for you. I'm sorry for your son and daughter-in-law who have been fascinated by ghosts." Uncle next cried and knelt down to plead guilty to Wu Ruo.

Wu Ruo glanced at Lao Hei.

The old man knew, and hurried to raise Uncle Po: "Uncle Po, do n’t do this. It's your son and daughter-in-law's fault. It doesn't matter to you. You don't need to apologize for them, and our family members won't because they don't Save the little water. "

"Thank you, Uncle, who is really kind." Uncle Pang cried out in tears.

Wu Ruo had no mood to talk. When Xiaoshui's body became hot, he inserted the needle tube on the back of the child's hand, and then handed the medicine bottle to the limp: "Pour the medicine at my previous rate until it is all done. .

Judging from his behavior, he was not in the mood to stay here, nodded, took the potion and poured it into the funnel.

Wu Ruo turned and left.

Lao Hei and the ghost wife followed them out.

About half an hour later, Xiao Shui woke up and resumed life.

"Xiaoshui wakes up." Uncle next rejoiced.

Pingxing couldn't be happier than before, put down the bottle, and quickly left the bathroom to find Wu Ruo. However, there was only a five thousand and two silver ticket for the uncle in the room, and a letter to him. The letter explained what Xiaoshui needed to do after waking up, and explained that if the treatment was successful this time, it would only last for half a year, but the subsequent potion was not developed.

Seeing the word goodbye at last, he hurried out of the inn, rushed to the Yamen with his monster, and looked around and couldn't find Wu Ruo.

Holding on to the letter, he limped out of the door.

"Master ..." Shen Song saw the limping from afar, and quickly rode on the monster to the side of the limping: "Master, where have you been this day? I'm going crazy for you."

Li Xing looked up at him.

Suddenly, Shen Song was startled by his red and angry eyes. How long has he not seen the master angry?

He couldn't help swallowing: "Lord, Lord, what's wrong with you? Who upsets you, you tell me, I'm going to cheer you on."

He couldn't stand the wrath of the monster under him by his wrath. Immediately, the monster screamed and flew out like a cuju.

Shen Song jumped down in shock, and then, the beast slammed into the wall fiercely, and fell to the ground with no sound.

Looking at Shen Song based on his behavior, he said coldly, "Help me to rob me of the couple who were just in jail. I will treat them well.

Shen Song quickly responded: "Yes.

Who is Dabian couple? There is such a big patient that he can bear the anger of his master.

Guixing turned and returned to the Yamen.

Deeply anxiously asked, "Master, where are you going?"

Li Xing didn't answer him, and he jumped into the teleportation team and left Chicheng.

Chapter 214: Come to the first floor

Wu Ruo did not leave Chicheng after leaving the inn. Instead, he found another inn and stayed there. He did not leave immediately because the things he had built had not yet been cast out. The second was because he wanted to see the medicine he refined. Does it have any effect on Uncle Grandpa's grandson.

"Man, I blame me if I didn't get things done so that Da Pang will have a chance to take advantage of them." Lao Hei is very blame, both angry and frustrated with Da Pang's approach. If it were not forced by life, maybe this would not happen In the past, he did not do a lot of horrible things for the sake of silver.

"I can understand them for the sake of silver, but they ca n’t forgive them for killing their daughter for the sake of silver. Do n’t mention it." Wu Ruo turned with a black rattle, and the projectile hit the drum. Make a loud noise.

Obviously it was a little baby's toy, but the old black was frightened, and some cold sweat came from his forehead.

Wu Ruo looked at the old black who was trembling with fear: "Do you know what this is?"


Wu Ruogo smiled with a lip: "Well, it is a rattle, but it contains a female tapeworm. As long as I turn it slightly, the rattle sounds, and it will make people with child tapeworms feel anguish. . "

Laohei was illuminated by candlelight. There seemed to be a worm in the rattle. He couldn't help swallowing. He wondered if Wu Ruo had any intention to say that, and he asked, "Who did you put Ziyu to early?" On you? "

Wu Ruo gave him a meaningful look: "What do you say?"

Laohei immediately thought of Dabang and his wife.

"Daddy ..." Dandan rushed to Wu Ruo with excitement, reaching out for a rattle: "Give me, I want to play."

Wu Ruo gave him a rattle: "Take it, don't kill the female tapeworm inside, otherwise the person with the child tapeworm will not survive."

"Oh." Doudou kept spinning with a rattle.

Lao Hei's heart jumped out of his throat with a snoring sound. According to the master ’s turn, the person with the larvae in his body did n’t know how much pain it was, and for a moment, they felt very pitiful.

Of course, the poor must have hate. After they were arrested, they still did not confess to killing their daughters. They did not plead guilty until they had some inexplicable pain in their bodies. The chariots agreed that their physical pain was God punished them, everyone clapped their hands in person, this kind of person who kills women and earns silver should be damned.

That night, the Dapan couple was robbed from prison.

When Wu Ruo received the news, people were hanging around in other towns. He found that the people living in the cities had a better life. The poor people in other towns were worse than the poor people in Tianxing Kingdom. At least people have water to drink. People here have difficulty drinking water.

Two days later, Wu Ruo got the gift of creation and took the old black to go to the door. The cost of going to the other floors was relatively high. Each person had to pay three or two dollars and charged one layer higher than one.

Every time you go up, you can see a big change. Although Wu Ruo came to the 17th floor of the Yamen, and immediately went to the 16th floor from the 17th floor of the Yamen's teleportation array, they still got the size of the Yamen. Everyone ’s You can see that one layer is richer than the other, and the temperature is warmer than one layer.

When they went up to the first floor of the capital, they felt like they were coming to heaven. Compared with the eighteenth floor, this place is just heaven.

The street is ten feet wide, and the houses on both sides have reached ten storeys high. The lights are colorful, as if it is a new year, and it is very lively. In addition, there are countless white lights floating on the top of the street. The spheres illuminate all the avenues, and the Buddha is on the land, and the whole city is as bright as day.

"Yeah, I heard someone say that the light ball on the first floor of the capital that can illuminate the street can change at any time. If it is night, the light ball will become like a star, flashing and flashing. Everyone can know when it is. "

Wu Ruo marveled: "So amazing?"

"I want it, Dad I want it." Dandan reached out her hand in excitement.

Wu Ruo helplessly pointed at his small waist bag: "If you can fit it here, I'll get it for you."

The two small waist pockets on his son's waist were not as big as his half-slap, and the magic weapon inside it took a lot of work to make the shape small and exquisite, and at the same time, it could play the biggest role.

Everyone looked down at his small waist bag and looked at the ball on his head that was as big as his small head, and mumbled his mouth: "I can't fit it."

"You can't see everything after that, you know?"

Doudou nodded obediently.

Lao Hei said, "Master, how about we find a place to live first, and then inquire about the news?"

Wu Ruo asked, "Where do you know the best restaurant here?"

"I heard that Wangyueju is the best. The environment and decoration are comfortable, just like the feeling of returning home, but the price is more expensive than other inns, and the minimum price is one hundred and fifty-two one night." Laohe said I feel sore here: "The first-class room in the Grand Inn of Tianxing Kingdom is only about fifteen or two. How expensive is the accommodation here?"

"Is it in town?"

"Well, right in the center of the city."

"Let's go and see."

Wu Ruo was completely curious about why Wangyueju spent so much money for one night. When he came to Wangyueju, he knew that the place to stay was not just a room.

Moyue is located inside, occupying a large area, and can not be seen at a glance. There are ten buildings in it, each of which is ten stories high. Each floor has an independent small yard, four rooms and a kitchenette. People live in it, and there are three servants in the house waiting to live and live. You can either spend money to buy food and cook rice, or you can spend money to make the inn deliver food, just like buying a small house, which is very comfortable. It is also very convenient.

The most important thing is that it is very safe. There are rules for Mochizuki. You cannot fight in Mochizuki, and violators will be expelled from Mochizuki, and you will have to pay a lot of fines. In addition, each room has a defensive formation. And there are six-tier magician patrolling Wang Yueju.

The courtyard of Wangyueju is more expensive. It costs 1,000 yuan a night. The place is much more spacious than the small courtyard. It can also see lakes, waterfalls and other scenery. There are more people waiting. Wu Ruo does not think it is necessary to live this large. Place, the cheapest small yard was chosen. The four of them lived in the small yard just right and would not look empty.

When Lao Hei took out two thousand and two silver tickets as a deposit for the shopkeeper, his heart was bleeding all the time. He kept praying to find the black master as soon as possible, and they didn't need to spend so much wrong money.

After lunch, Wu Ruo took out another ten boxes of silver for Lao Hei to exchange for silver tickets, and then went to the place where the palace was located. Not to mention the Royal Palace. The large array of layers protected the inner court of the Palace. The guards were very strict. Many guards patrolled back and forth. He could not enter at all, but had to wait outside for dinner. Nor did anyone wait for someone to come out of the house.

Later, I heard that the prince was in love with the future princess in the palace. I thought that the prince could not be black, and he went to other mansions with the last name of black to find, or he could not find anyone. He was a little angry, if not Hei Xieyu didn't tell him his real name and true identity. As for coming to the state of the dead, he couldn't find anyone for a month?

Suddenly, Wu Ruo found that he didn't know much about Hei Xieyu. It was not that he didn't care about his husband's affairs, but every time he asked him about his family's affairs, he said he would tell him when he came to the state of the dead. Intentionally wanted to hide something.

"No more," said Wu Ruo angrily.

Laohei didn't dare to say a word, and he was very resentful at the bottom of his heart. As a husband, he didn't even tell Wuruo his real name and identity, who would be annoyed.

Wu Ruo held up the egg that had been stunned for more than half a month and said, "Daddy will take you out to play." "Egg and eyes were bright, hugging Wu Ruo's neck, and exclaimed excitedly:" Okay. "

Seeing his son so happy, Wu Ruo lost a lot of anger. He looked at the ghost woman: "Ghost woman, do you want to go out for a walk?"

The ghost woman shook her head.

Wu Ruo did not force her: "Then you stay here, and if there is anything, you are ordered to do it."

The ghost woman nodded.

Wu Ruo left Mochizuki with Hudan and Laohei: "Laohei, do you know if there are any interesting places in the country?" "Yes, but most of them are built on land and will not open until sunset. We You also need to get in and out tokens, otherwise, don't give them. "

Wu Ruo looked up at the white ball on his eyes: "It's day, isn't it open yet?"


When Wu Ruo's eyes were constantly looking at the stalls on both sides, when he saw that he wanted to buy things again, he put the person on the ground. The child was not as tall as the stall. If he wanted to see the stalls, he had to Jump up and watch.

Wu Ruo looked at his son on tiptoe and looked at the stall, and couldn't help but chuckled: "My son is so cute."

Laohe smiled and said, "Little Master looks like a master."

Wu Ruo heard him mention Hei Xieyu, and snorted coldly: "Don't mention him today, you will be angry when you mention him."

"Yes." Old Hei smiled and closed his mouth.

Wu Ruo saw a large crowd in front of him, and asked curiously, "What's up?"

"Man, let me inquire."

Lao Hei walked over and came back after half living, saying, "Ju Feng Zhai has a reception at noon."

"Reception? Drink?"

“It ’s not a drink, it ’s a cocktail party, but it ’s similar to an auction, but it ’s a little different from the auction format. For example, the auction only sells real objects. Big man, however, the entrance fee is one hundred and two dollars. After entering, you can eat and drink in it. "

Wu Ruo is more interested in the last sentence: "Egg, are you hungry?"

Everyone looked at a pancake stall and swallowed: "Daddy, are you buying me pancakes?"

"Don't eat pancakes." Wu Ruo held up the egg and smiled. "Let's go eat something better, you have to give me three hundred and twenty silver."

"Okay." Droopy drooled in excitement.

"..." Old He silently looked at the small belly. Some wondered that the young master had to eat several meals a day. I had more meals than the adults. I really do n’t know where he went.

Chapter 215: Competitive bidding

Everyone went to Jufengzhai to make friends, only Wu Ruo went straight to the table full of food.

Laohe was distressed by three hundred silvers and put the most expensive pastry in the bowl. When he saw the big and cheap food sandwiched between the eggs, he quickly said, "Little Master, this red bean hibiscus cake is more expensive. You better eat this . "

Wu Ruo was funny: "Lao Hei, don't worry, our three hundred and two silvers will never be white."

If you do n’t have aura, you will not be full.

"..." Laohei watched Doudou finish eating bowl after bowl of food, and changed from distressed to sympathetic to Jufengzhai. If there were more people like Little Master, he would definitely lose money.

"I heard that the owner of Jufengzhai invited the prince to come to the shower party.

Wu Ruo and Lao Hei heard them mention the prince, and they looked at the table beside them.

"Really? I haven't seen the prince yet. What does the prince look like?"

"The prince is extraordinary in appearance. He is the best-looking man I have ever seen since he was born. By the way, the prince will also bring his future prince to Fengfengzhai.

"I heard that the princess is a man, and, not the people of our necropolis, can the emperor and queen agree to this marriage?"

"I do n’t know if the emperor agrees, but there are many ministers who oppose it. However, the prince is going to marry a man, and it is useless for the minister to object. They didn't even dare to fart. "

One female wizard said enviously: "I really envy the future concubine. I don't know what the concubine looks like. If it looks too ugly, I won't accept it." What is it about the princess who looks ugly? It's not that you marry the princess. "

Someone reminded them: "It's noon and the prince is ready to come."

Everyone was afraid to discuss the Prince's affairs.

Wu Ruo and Lao Hei looked back.

Eggs have finished eating the food in the bowl, and let Lao He come back with a bowl.

"I earned it," the old black smiled and said, "Three hundred and two are earned back, and the young master can really eat it."

Wu Ruo smiled, and looked at the arrangement of the Jufengzhai. The pillars and beams of the house were engraved with a rune to suppress spiritual power to prevent the induction of various spiritual wave contracts and other defenses. The wizards destroy everything here.

At this time, there was a commotion outside the door, and some people heard that the Prince came.

Immediately afterwards, two men in Chinese clothes, under the protection of a large group of guards, joined hands and entered the Jufengzhai lobby. One of the men had perfect contours, perfect facial features, like a knife and an eyebrow painting, just like the handsome and noble under heaven. The man standing next to him was wearing a purple-black robe with his face wearing a white mask so that he could not be seen. Looks, but the temperament revealed through the body is absolutely extraordinary. "Prince, it's Prince." The surgeons who wanted to get to know the Prince surrounded them.

Wu Ruo's eyes flickered for a moment.

Lao Hei saw the person, his eyes widened in shock: "Then, that's not the black master ..."

Isn't that black shame?

He really is a prince.

Great, no need to look for him, people will come to your door.

But who is he pulling? Crown Prince?


Laohei looked at Wu Ruo, who was cold, and shook his body.

Dandan stood up in excitement: "It's the father ..."

Wu Ruo covered his small mouth, coldly raised his lips, and got up and said, "Hey, we go upstairs."

Lao Hei went back to God and said, "Master, going upstairs will be charged separately."

"How many?"

"One box is one thousand and two.

"It's okay, my son can eat it back." Wu Ruo picked up the egg and went up the stairs next to it.

"..." Old He quietly took out a thousand and two silver tickets and handed them to the guard who guarded the stairs, and then went to the second-floor box with Wu Ruo.

Everyone immediately picked up the fruit on the table and took a bite.

Laohei said, "Little Master has eaten so many cakes, won't he hurt his belly?"

"No, I'm not full."

"..." Laohei's flat belly.

Wu Ruo went to the window with curtains and bead curtains and stared at everything below.

Okay, you ’re a black shame. I ’ve been looking for you for a month, but you are holding someone else ’s hand here, and clamoring that it is your princess, what am I?

He sneered, "Hey, you're dead."

Hei Xuyi noticed that someone was looking at him and looked up at the second floor, but because there was an obstruction in front of the window, he could not see the other person's face. The familiarity made his heart beat.

"Dad, I saw my father." Dandan ran to Wu Ruo's feet and said, holding him by the corner.

Wu Ruo stared down at him: "No father is allowed."

"Oh, what's that name?"

"Son of a bitch."

Old Black: "..."

Wu Ruo squinted his eyes: "In short, I can't recognize him until I don't agree, you know?"

Everyone noticed that Dad was unhappy and nodded quickly.

Lao Hei had scolded Hei Shao a thousand times in his heart, and they worked hard to find someone, but others, but with the future concubine beckoned, deserving that the son should not recognize you.

Hei Xieyu took people to the third floor and went into the room diagonally opposite.

The wizards in the lobby downstairs first get to know each other, and then recommend each other's things or their abilities. If someone wants to buy each other's items or capabilities, and discuss the price, they need to hand over the silver and items People in Jufengzhai, who wait for Jufengzhai to confirm that the goods and silver have not been counterfeited, charge the corresponding fee, and then exchange the things into the other's hands, which is equivalent to a successful transaction.

In this way, it is safe and not in conflict, and you can safely buy and sell the best things.

Wu Ruo had no intention to watch the situation downstairs, and stared at the room upstairs opposite, until the sound of "哐" came downstairs, he returned to his mind: "Lao Hei, wait no matter what items they shoot, We're bidding with the back, and don't let them hear you. "

Old Black asked carefully, "Master, are you good enough for money?"

There are hundreds of millions of silver two in Wu Ruo's space, but he is still not sure: "It should be enough."

He thought about it and added: "If it is more than 80 million, it's fine.

Lao Hei could not help but take a sigh of air-conditioning. At present, he can't imagine anything that can exceed 80 million yuan.

Jufengzhai took out some of the best instruments, medicinal materials and materials. No one in the room across the bargained. It was not until the party Zhai pulled out a nine-level ghost, and the room upstairs did not respond.

"This ninth-level ghost is a hand captured by three ninth-level wizards working together. I do n’t know how much effort was spent during this period. It can be seen that it is extraordinary in ability. Moreover, the ghost is over five hundred years old. In contrast, it can be invisible through walls, into the sky or into the ground, and has the ability to see through and use ghost fire. Therefore, its base price is two million two silver, and each bid cannot be less than 12,000 silver. "

The ninth-level ghost is only a ninth-level wizard can control it, but there are not many ninth-level wizards on the scene, and for some ninth-level wizards, controlling ghosts is quite troublesome. If one is not good, then Will be taken away by the ghost, unless you spend a large price to buy a magic weapon to control it, so except for the magician who uses the ghost magic weapon, the magician of the dead spirit country generally does not control the ghost like the yin and yang priests. The spirit comes to attack people, not to mention that the people of the dead country can call the ghosts to help, which is why the ninth-level ghost spirits are so cheap.

"2.1 million." Someone cried in the room next to Wu Ruoxiang.

The auctioneer asked, "2.1 million, can anyone bid again?"

Wu Ruo is very enthusiastic about the ghosts of the ninth-order ghost, because he has no spiritual creatures that can be used now, in addition to the use of Jiaojiao Qiangqiang, and with his current ability, he should be able to control three ninth-order ghosts. Ghost spirit or monster, demon, etc.

He was about to make an offer, and a shout came out of Hei Xuan's room: "2.5 million."

Zhong Laohei, who was always nervous, heard Hei Xuan's asking price, and then shouted, "Two and a half million.

His voice was trembling and excited.

Wu Ruomu turned his head to look old and dark.

Lao He wiped his sweat: "I made an offer at the auction for the first time, and when I spoke, it was worth millions. It was inevitable that I was a little excited."

Wu Ruo ticked his lips and said, "I'll get used to it a few times."

"three million."

"Three thousand and one thousand." Lao Hei shouted after the price and asked: "Man, I only call ten thousand each time, will they let them realize that we are targeting him?"

Wu Ruoheng hummed: "I just let them know that I am targeting them."

Old Black Pine breathed: "That's good."

"3.5 million."

"3.5 million."

"..." Hei Xuanyu soon realized that the other party had 10,000 more than them on purpose.

"five million."

"Five million and one thousand." Laohe said more and more smoothly.

"Eight million."

"8.1 million."

Eighty thousand has exceeded the value of ghost spirits, and the black-shoulder's room has dispelled the idea of buying ghost spirits, and Wu Ruo has obtained ghost spirits.

Next, Jufengzhai pulls out a monster monster that looks like a tiger and a lion. The monster has a great effect on the people of the Necropolis. It can be used as a horse or as a guard to attack people. Attacks are diversified, and there are even some abilities that the wizards cannot cope with.

The auctioneer introduced the ability of the Nine Tier Monster: "This Nine Tier Tiger and Lion monster has a thick skin resistance and can fly. The Five Elements Demon Art is so proficient that it is captured by the magicians when it is injured. To it ... "

Everyone heard that the monster and the five-element monster art were eager to move, but unfortunately, not many people could control it.

"The reserve price is 10 million, and each bid cannot be less than 100,000.

The person next to Wu Ruoxiang shouted immediately: "11 million."

"Thirteen million ..."

"Fifteen million."

"19 million ..."

Until the price exceeded 30 million yuan, there were fewer and fewer talents.

"Thirty-five million." Someone in the black-shacked room started to bargain.

Lao Hei shouted immediately: "35,100 thousand ..."

Hei Xiexi frowned, motioning to the people next to continue to bargain.

"Forty million."

"40.1 million ..."

The man next to Heishiuyu was angry: "Did the one downstairs deliberately target us? It was only one hundred thousand more than us each time."

He said to the guards around, "Scream, keep calling."

"Yes," the guard yelled, "45 million ..."

"45 million ..."

"Fifty million."

Old Hei heard this number, his lips shook uncontrollably, looking at Wu Ruo, not sure whether to continue screaming.

"Scream, scream." Dandan shouted excitedly.

Laohei looked at Wu Ruo.

Wu Ruo hesitated for a moment, thinking that it was worth the tens of millions to buy the monster.

The man sitting in black sneer sneered: "That man is definitely not silver enough, and he dare not argue with us.

Then, a childish voice came out of Wu Ruo's room: "80 million ..."

With a bang, everyone looked at the room on the second floor.

Chapter 216: Little Master speaks well

Hei Xuan heard the sound and stood up stupidly.

"Is it crazy on the second floor? Raise 30 million, the monster is not worth 80 million at all, okay." The man with a mask sitting next to him was angry and saw Hei Xuanyu stood up and wondered. "What happened to you?"

Hei Xieyu quickly turned his head: "Heigan."

Heigan understood what he wanted to ask: "It seems to be the voice of a young master."

The other party only shouted three words, it was too fast for people to distinguish.

Hei Xuan turned his head to the door of the room.

Hei Gan stopped quickly: "Master, beware of fraud, let the genus go down and see first."

"80 million, is there any 30 million higher?" Shouted the auction officer downstairs.

"The auction will be paused for a moment." Hei Xuan said in a whisper, Hei Gan left the room quickly and walked to the second floor.

The guests downstairs were talking.

"People on the second floor are obviously bidding against Prince Edward, which only increased by 100,000 yuan each time, and it was the same when auctioning ghosts before."

"Who is the person on the second floor? If you are so rich, if you pay 80 million two, plus the previous 8 million two, you will be close to hundreds of millions.

"The princes all called for a pause, and the people on the second floor were dead."

"The voice just sounded like a child. Could the child on the second floor bark?"

"What I heard was also the voice of a child. When I first entered Jufengzhai, I saw someone bring the child in.

"If it is really the child who is asking the price, and the person who brought the child pays the money again, then they will be miserable. Jufengzhai is not a place where people will randomly bargain, even if the other party is just a child Investigate it. "

In the second-floor room, Wu Ruo and Lao Hei stared at each other with their eyes wide open, and they were particularly generous.

Dandan blinked her innocent big eyes at her dad: "No more than 80 million."

Wu Ruo "..."

It is not more than 80 million, but it is more than 80 million plus the previous 8 million.

Old Black: "..."

He raised 30 million in one breath. Little Master, you are so generous.

Yeah, the room upstairs may be sent over. "

Wu Ruo looked at the room upstairs opposite to him, and vaguely saw that Hei Xuyi was still in the room: "He may have let Hei come over, you will let him in."


A moment later, the door was knocked.

Laohe opened the door of the room, and the guard of Jufengzhai said, "His Royal Highness's guard will see you."

Hei Ganmian's expressionless face flashed with joy: "It's you, old black? Isn't Mrs. and the young master in there?"

The old black snorted, turning his head to ignore him.

"..." Hei Gan had a bad hunch. Thinking of the previous bidding situation, the bad hunch became stronger.

The guard of Jufengzhai glanced at Laohei, who was this man, and dare to pose for His Royal Highness's guard.

Hei Gan stiffened his head and looked into the compartment. Immediately, he looked at Wu Ruo's cold eyes, and his heart was a little stunned. Seeing that the situation was not good, he knew that the master would come by himself.

Wu Ruo looked at him calmly: "Who are you?"

Holding all the bananas just peeled for him and pointing at the black stem, Xue Wuruo asked with a stern face: "Who are you?"

Heigan called respectfully: "Mrs ...."

Wu Ruoleng said, "There is no your wife here."

"..." Hei Gan looked at Eggman with a look of shame: "Little Master.

"There isn't your little master here." The bitter banana bitterly.

Heigan saw them so energetic and let out a sigh of relief: "It's great that you are fine."

Wu Ruo said sarcastically, "When I woke up and asked my partner where he was, he found out that he didn't know where his partner's residence was or what his partner's identity was, and even the hyphen was fake, looking for a month, OK? Do you think it would be okay to see your partner but see him holding someone else's hand? "

Heigan: "..."

Eggs learned his tone and said, "When I woke up to ask people about Wang Badan's whereabouts, I found out that I didn't know where Wang Badan's mansion was or what his status was, and even the words were false. After searching for a month, how can you see your own **** but see him holding someone else's hand, do you think it will be okay? "

Lao Hei: "!!!!!!!!!"

Really called Wang Ba Dan.

Heigan: "!!!!!!"

Even the **** dared to cry, and it seemed that his wife and young master were very angry.

With a twitch at the corner of Wu Ruo's eyes, he turned to look at Doudou.

He just said at will, he really called.

Doudou bite the banana and said domineering, "I won't recognize him until Dad doesn't forgive him."

"Little Master said it well." The old man walked away with a smile and peeled a banana from the egg.

Heigan stared at Laohei: "Madam, listen to your subordinates."

Wu Ruoleng whispered: "You go back, I don't want to listen to anything now."

Seeing him really angry, Hei Gan nodded helplessly: "Yes."

As soon as he left, Lao He quickly closed the door: "Master, He is really ..."

"No," Wu Ruo affirmed.

He actually believed that Hei Xun was human, but when he was too frustrated to find someone, He Xun appeared in front of himself while holding others' hands, and also made others mistakenly think that the person he was pulling was his partner. Even if Hei Xieyu has hidden feelings or has no purpose, or pulls the other side to cheat the world by cheating, it makes him very angry.

Old black pine tone.

Heigan went back to the third-floor box room with a horrible expression on your face. He looked at Hei Xuyi: "Master, it's the wife and the young master, they seem very angry."

After that, Hei Xieyu had left the room and hurriedly walked outside the door of the second floor.

The guard knelt hastily: "I've seen the prince."

Hei Xiu directly pushed the door, but the door was locked.

He raised his eyebrows and knocked gently on the door: "Little Ruo."

The two guards looked at each other. Who were the people inside? They could let the distinguished prince talk in a low voice.

No one answered him, and no one opened the door. After a while, the old black voice sounded in the room: "When do you want to pause? If we don't start, we don't want this monster."

Hei Xuanyu heard the words and told the guard at the door: "Let the auction continue. If the people in the room take pictures of the monsters, all the silver will be paid by the palace, and let the auction end early.


The two guards left with interest, and Hei Xieyu continued to knock on the door to explain: "Xiao Ruo, the person I was pulling into Jufengzhai was my fifth brother, not my prince."

The door was opened, and his eyes flashed with joy.

"Master." Lao Hei turned sideways and let Hei Xuan enter.

"Xiao Ruo." The moment Hei Xuyi saw Wu Ruo, the heart hanging on his chest finally fell back to the original position.

Wu Ruodan said, "Don't come over."

Hei Xuanyu stopped to watch his indifferent eyes, and his heart froze.

"Are my father and mother okay?"

"They live on Shatang House."

Wu Ruo heard that the auction was over, and picked up Qidan and stood up and walked out of the room.

Hei Xingyu followed closely behind.

Holding Wu Ruo's neck and humming, he buried his face in Wu Ruo's neck and ignored him.

Hei Xieyu: "..."

Even his son ignored him.

The wizards in the lobby didn't leave immediately, they just wanted to see a good show and see how the prince treats those who compete with the monsters. However, the honorable prince put down his body and escorted Wu Ruo out of the house, and even left with him.

Heigan quickly chased them.

Everyone saw this scene and looked at each other.

"Who is the man who has the charm of the city? He actually let the prince send them away. Is it the prince?"

"Probably not. Look at the man who is dressed up and looks nothing like the previous princess."

"I've seen that man before. They came in early in the morning and sat in the corner to eat pastries."

"Where's the princess? The princess wouldn't want it, right?"

"The prince is not married yet, where's the princess?"

"The man just looked so good, the prince must have liked him.

"The man brought by the prince is really pathetic."

The person who was sitting in the third-floor room was chuckled: "From the birth of the king, the first time I saw the emperor was so nervous, his emperor really looked good, and stood with his emperor. Very right, so he was relieved.

Wu Ruo returned to Wangyueju and closed Hei Xuanyu outside the house.

"Birth, don't blame your wife for treating you this way. You think you have been married for more than a year, but you haven't told him anything, even the name is false. We just have to ask about you because we don't know about you. Your news, in the days when I'm looking for you, I go out early and return late every day, stay outside the door of someone else's house, I am afraid to miss the opportunity to meet you, and you are good, and take the hands of others and shake into the Fengfengzhai, Can you say he can't be angry? "Lai Hei sighed and closed the door to block people out.

Heigan stepped forward and asked, "Master, my wife looks very angry, what should I do?"

"..." Hei Xuyi knew that Wu Ruo was really angry and he didn't tell him anything: "Send someone to say to his father-in-law and mother to find Xiao Ruo."

"Would you also like to tell the emperor and queen? They have been looking forward to seeing her daughter-in-law and her grandson."

"The fifth brother will tell them."

After half an hour, Wu Qianqing hurried to Wangyueju: "Where is Xiaoruo? Where is Xiaoruo?"

"Mrs. is inside." Heigan hurriedly knocked at them.

Laohe opened the door and saw them as Wu Qianqing, so they let them in.

Hei Xietang, who came with him, sympathized and patted Hei Xuan's shoulder: "Brother Huang, I'll tell you something good, brother Huang."

Lao Heixiao said to Hei Xietang: "Master Tang, you can't come in."

Hei Xietang anxiously asked, "Is Dasao angry with me?"

"As long as the surname is black, you cannot come in."

"That egg is also black."

"My grandfather said that he would change his surname to Wu in the future."

"Bang one by one" Hei Gan closed the door.

Hei Xietang and Hei Xuan were left to look at each other: "This time Dasao is really angry, what should I do? He won't take people out of the undead in a hurry?"

Hei Xieyu: "..."

He drew a corner of his black mouth: "Master, please don't crow's mouth."

Hei Xietang: "..."

Chapter 217: Really good

"Xiao Ruo--" Wu Qianqing and they hurriedly walked into the hall. They saw Wu Ruo sitting on the chair with a smile, and smiled joyfully: "Xiao Ruo, it really is you, that's great, you are fine."

Wu Zhu hugged Wu Ruo, who stood up with the same face hug before leaving, "You haven't seen us for a month, you have been anxious to death."

Wu Ruo held back Wuzhu with one hand: "Brother, I am also very worried about you, and I am relieved to see that you are all right.

"Second Brother ..." Wu Xi cried with red eyes and walked to Wu Ruo.

Wu Ruo rubbed her forehead: "I'm fine, don't worry."

Guan Tong hugged the egg and checked whether there was any injuries. He was relieved when he saw that he was fine.

She cried sweetly, "Grandma, I miss you."

Guan Tong burst into a smile: "I miss you too."

Uxi teased: "What about me? Did you miss me?"

"miss you."

"How good." Uxi sipped on his white, tender face.

When Wu Ruo saw the thorny sorrow and Ye Ji coming, he asked them to sit down: "Did you all be washed away by the water at that time?"

Wu Zhu said: "At that time, we did not disembark. At the moment when the big water washed down, Shaanxi immediately opened the ship's protective cover to block the big water, so we were all fine. How about you, where have you been washed? I sent so many people out and didn't find you, and we are dying. "

"We were rushed to the bottom, and finally saved by an old woman." Wu Ruo saw the ghost woman who was afraid to hide outside the hall, and quickly got up to bring people in: "Dad, mother, this is what saved me and the egg Everyone calls her ghost woman.

Everyone saw the ugly face of the ghost woman for a moment.

The ghost woman hurriedly hid behind Wu Ruo, carefully leaned out her head and looked at them.

Wu Zhu thanked her sincerely before leaving: "Thank you Gui Po for saving Xiao Ruo and Eggs."

"Ahhhhh ..." The ghost woman yelled in fear, motioned him not to come over.

Wuzhu looked at Wu Ruo in doubt.

Wu Ruo smiled helplessly: "She should be afraid of life."

"That's it." Wuzhu backed away.

Youyou posted and hugged him: "Xiangong, I'm not afraid of being born, I'm more afraid we're not familiar enough."

The ebony's eyes narrowed, and he pushed his head against his shoulders.

Guan Tong took the egg and stepped forward, smiling softly at the ghost woman: "Ghost woman, thank you for saving my son and my grandson. If you weren't for you, we might never see them again."

The ghost woman looked at her shyly, rushed to Guan Tong, and yelled "ahhhhhh ..."

Wu Qianqing hurried over without hurting the ghost woman: "Xiao Ruo, what happened to her?"

"I don't know what's going on. It may be that seeing your mother reminds her of her son." Wu Ruo stepped forward to appease the ghost woman: "Ghost woman, please see the person in front of you, she is my mother, not you Son. "

"Ah ..." The ghost woman stunned and cried, hugging Guan Tong.

Guan Tong saw that she was so sad, and quickly said, "Don't persuade her, just let her hold together, she should not hurt me."

Wu Ruo helplessly sighed.

He thought that the ghost's head was awake, knowing that he was not his son, and did not expect to see another similar person, and began to cry and hug.

Wu Qianqing was strange: "Your mother is a woman. How could she think of your son to your mother? And, what about her son?"

Wu Ruo explained: "Her son has been missing for several years, and she is very excited to see someone who is similar to her son."

"Is that the same when she sees you?"


"Does her son look like you?"

"I haven't seen her son. I don't know how similar the two of us are, but many people mistake me for her son. Well, in fact, the missing son is not her son either. I learned later that she The son is actually the son of her eldest brother, and ... "Wu Ruo laughed." You will be surprised when you say something. When I saw the elder brother's elder brother, I almost thought I was the elder brother's elder brother. I am very similar to his biological son. "

Ushi was surprised: "Is there really such a person?"

"Well, it's exactly the same except that he has one more beard than me after he got on."

Wuqian Qingdao "The world is so big, it is not surprising to meet someone who looks similar to himself."

"Uh, ghost woman, why are you taking off my robe?" Guan Tong quickly pressed down the collar and didn't pull her collar.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhe since the hawk anxiously pulled her robe.

Wu Ruo directly clicked on the ghost woman's acupoint, hugged the person into the room, and then came back and said, "She may have done so many ridiculous things because of excessive stimulation."

Uxi asked curiously, "Second Brother, what's the matter with the ghost's face?"

"It was a sunburn. I made her a pharmaceutical ointment, but she didn't want to apply it.


"I don't know. The ghost woman can't speak or write. It's hard to guess what she wants to express."

Wu Qianqing felt that the ghost woman was very pitiful: "Xiao Ruo, do you take her to take care of her?"

Wu Ruo nodded: "Originally I wanted the ghost woman to go with her elder brother, but her elder brother and sister-in-law didn't welcome her. The ghost woman was often bullied on the eighteenth floor, so she wanted to take her to the first floor to settle down. .

Wu Qianqing agrees with his approach: "Then you pack up, let's leave here before making a plan."

Wu Ruo lowered his eyelids and blocked the emotions in his eyes: "Dad, I want to settle down and leave."

He is still angry, and doesn't want to go back with Hei Xuan.

Wu Qianqing immediately found out that something was wrong. When they came before, they saw Hei Xieyu standing at the door, and Hei Xietang came with them, but they didn't see them in, and they found their relatives. Later, shouldn't Huanhuan follow the family and leave the inn? Even if you want to settle down, you can settle the ghost woman after leaving Mochizuki.

Guan Tong said, "Wait for you to settle down, we will pick you up."

Wu Ruo's eyes flashed with surprise, and Guan Tong's temperament must be the first to persuade him, but why was he the first to agree with him to stay here? U Xi quietly walked behind Wu Ruo, whispering: "Since coming After the Necropolis, the mother was a bit abnormal. Suddenly she didn't want to see her brother. Every time her brother came to see us, she said she was uncomfortable hiding in the room and no one saw her. And every time she mentioned her, Calm face, as if my brother-in-law was her slaying foe. "

At first, they really thought that Guan Tong had a physical problem, but later found that as long as Hei Xiu came to Hei Xitang's house to see them, she said that she was uncomfortable and had to return to the room to rest.

Wu Ruo: "..."

There is such a thing.

Guan Tong didn't hear what U Xi said, and looked at the environment and asked, "Should I have a lot of silver for a night here? Is there enough silver for my body?"

"Enough." Wu Ruo asked Lao Hei to hold Tong the redeemed silver ticket, and asked her to keep it in case she needed it.

Guan Tong knew that he had room for shadows and could put down a lot of things. Before coming to the Necropolis, he would change the silver ticket to silver two, so he would not accept the silver ticket politely with him.

Lao Hei smiled: "Master, Madam, I have ordered my subordinates to go shopping, so you stay here for dinner and then go back."

Guan Tong nodded.

Uhila walked to Wu Ruo and asked, "Second brother, how did you find you?"

Wu Ruo simply said, "A chance."

Wu Xi smiled: "It shows that you have a fate, right, brother, do you know my brother is the prince of the dead nation?"

Wu Ruo twisted her eyebrows lightly: "I only know today."

Wu Xi said excitedly: "Second Brother, you will be the princess in the future."

Wu Ruo asked her, "Do you think it is good to be a princess?"

Wu Xi thought about it seriously: "No, maybe he will fight with other concubines in the future."

Wuzhu knocked on her head before leaving: "Don't say that this makes Xiao Ruo unhappy, Xiao Ruo, don't listen to her talk blindly. I asked Xie Yi, and he said that even if he is a prince, he will only have you And never marry another person. "

Wu Ruo laughed and said nothing.

Seizing Wuzhu's shoulders, he said to Wu Ruo: "You can rest assured that people in the Netherworld cannot be polygamous or polygamous." "Wu Ruo looked at him:" You seem to know the Nation. Some inside information.

He came here for a month, and he had never heard that the people of Necropolis could only be monogamous.

Youyou asked him, "Have you said the curse of the dead nation?"

Wu Ruo nodded: "Heared, it is said that the people of the Necropolis cannot leave the borders of the Necropolis, and they cannot be exposed to the sun.

"This is true, but this is only half of the curse, and the other half you do n’t know, that is, people in the Netherworld can only marry one or only one person, unless the other half dies, they can marry or remarry. , Otherwise the soul will fly away, and once there were people in the Nation who tried to die at home as soon as they hired someone else. "

Wu Ruo: "..."

He remembered that Hei Xietang said that people in their clan could only marry one person in the whole generation, originally because of the curse.

Uxi asked curiously, "Da'er, do you know where the curse of the dead nation came from?"

Wu Zhubai gave her a glance: "Where's Dasao?"

You said with a smile: "I was telling you the big bang at the little girl, and I told you that it was said that more than a thousand years ago, the emperor of the Necromancers originally loved the empress very much. Suddenly one day, the emperor Because a woman killed the queen, before her death, the queen cursed the emperor of the dead nation and the people of the dead soul with her soul and the remaining spiritual power. You know the content of the curse, and I do n’t Say more. "

Uhis eyes widened: "That's it?"

"I also listened to the predecessors of the Demons. As for the truth, only the talents of the Necromancers knew."

Wu Ruo puzzled: "Even if the queen is a ninth-level wizard, there is no one who can curse the entire nation of dead spirits?"

It would be impossible to curse such a large country if it were not for its vast ability.

Thorny sneer: "The Necromancer and the queen are descendants of the immortals. When they want to curse a country, it is easy for them. Unfortunately, the next generation is worse than the next generation. Less, but if the Necromancers can return to the land, they can still dominate the world, and defeating Tianxing Country and other countries is as simple as pinching an ant.
Wu Ruo murmured and asked: "Just a moment ago, it said that the Necromancers are the descendants of the immortals. The emperor who is also the descendants of the immortals should not be the people of the necromants?

"It really isn't. It was someone from another country who got married. Because of the curse of the queen, her country also went silent, hiding in a place where others couldn't find it."

Wu Ruo asked, "Can the Necropolis lift the curse?"

"It should be okay." You You smiled deeply. "They should be looking for a solution to the curse now.

Uxi asked curiously, "Don't you say that the people of the Necropolis cannot see the light? Then why can they go to the kingdom of heaven again?"

Wuzhu twisted his eyebrows. "I heard that the people of the Necropolis will catch people from other countries, and change their souls to the bodies of people from other countries, and then leave the Necropolis ..."

"Changed your body? Then, that old brother, he, have they changed their bodies too, my old brother and second brother, they both, uh ..." Uhis eyes widened in shock, saying the words no matter what.

You quietly blinked at Uxi and said, "How is your uncle and your second brother?"

Wu Ruo: "..."

Ushi reddened her cheeks, and stomped angrily: "That's it."

Wuzhu patted his hand on his shoulder: "Don't teach my little sister badly.

You looked innocent: "I said nothing."

Wu Ruo said, "They should have used other methods to escape the curse and go to the kingdom of heaven."

Wu Xi said with relief: "That's good, that's good.

Wu Ruo: "..."

Youyu made a funny noise, and the egg that was talking to Guan Tong and Wu Qianqing said, "I am more curious how this Sanqi stone came.

Wu Ruo: "..."

I always feel that the emperor seems to know the origin of the egg.

Ye Ji and Ji Yi: "..."

After all this time, the Emperor has never mentioned Sanqi Stone, thinking that he no longer remembers it.

The three looked at You, looking at him with the pretense of not understanding what you said.

You sound.

Wuzhu and Wuxi looked puzzled, "Sanqi Stone?"

"I'm talking nonsense." Youyou walked in front of Guan Tong: "Mother, can I hug you? I haven't huged him yet."

Guan Tong smiled and handed the child in front of him.

Everyone's eyes stared at Yuyou without blinking.

Youzhen clicked his little face with his fingertips and asked with a smile, "Do you know what to call me?"

When in the seaside village, his identity was a bit embarrassing for the Wu family, and Dandan only ran out with his little friends every day, and the two could only meet up when eating. Then I got on the boat. Because of seasickness, everyone usually stayed in the room to eat, so they had never had a chance to teach him how to call him.

The flamboyant little eyeballs turned around, and the little mouth opened a smile: "Big aunt."

Youyou smiled cheerfully: "Little baby, so clever, this jade is for you.

He took out a piece of black jade pendant and handed it to Dandan "With it, you can walk everywhere in the Devil World without hindrance."

"Thank you, Auntie." Dandan stuffed Jade into his small waist bag.

You You laughed and threw him into the air.

Everyone giggled and had a particularly good time.

Seeing Wu Qianqing's heart beating, what if Youyu didn't catch the child?

Guan Tong watched them having such a good time, and chuckled his lips. "Yu'er likes children so much, he can have one with Xiao Zhu."

People who knew You were almost not drooled by their saliva.

"Okay," You said without thinking, "I want a child who looks just like Xiaozhu."

Wuzhu: "..."

If it weren't for Guan Tong and they were here, I really wanted to roar: how did the two big men give birth? ‘Ye Ji and Ji Ling looked at you quietly, and the demons wanted to grab their thirty-seven stones.

When it was time to eat, Uxi asked, "Aren't you going to eat?"

It was so hard to find the second brother, my uncle did not come to eat.

Wu Ruo smiled for a moment, thinking that Hei Xuyi might still be waiting outside the door, uneasy.

Lao Hei, who is spreading vegetables, said, "The prince is a prince. He has more things to do. He will come back later."

Wu Ruo looked at Lao Hei.

Laohe glanced out the door, indicating that Heishu was still at the door.

Wu Ruo lowered his eyelids, and after forbearing and forbearing, he still didn't let Lao Hei ask Hei Xuan to come in for dinner.

After the meal, Wu Qianqing rested for half an hour, and then got up and went back. When they opened the door, they saw Hei Xieyu and Hei Xietang standing outside.

Uxi sighed and said, "Brother, why are you here now, we have eaten only, have you eaten?"

Hei Xuantang's mouth was drawn.

Xiaoxi sister is so naive!

He couldn't bear to tell her that they didn't leave at all, and stood at the door drinking the northwest wind.

Hei Xun nodded.

Wu Ruo looked at him and said nothing.

Wuqianqing Road: "Xi, let's go back first."

"Okay, father-in-law, walk slowly."

Hei Xietang rushed into the door while the door opened, and then he gestured to Wu Qianqing: "Dear father, mother, I will go back with you."

Guan Tong looked at the two husbands who stood at the door of the house intently and looked intently. He opened his mouth slightly, seemed to want to say something, and finally turned into a helpless sigh. He turned and left with Wu Qianqing.

Wu Ruoqing, who had forgotten to send Wu Qianqing to the downstairs, couldn't look away when he looked at Hei Xieyu, pressing his heart deep in his thoughts that he would almost emerge like a volcanic eruption.

The same is true for Hei Xieyu. Since Wu Ruo disappeared, he hasn't missed the other party for a moment, and now he is in front of him, and he can't wait to hold him in his arms.

They both stared at each other and wondered whether they would remember the year tonight or even the son who had been standing on his feet.

Everyone looked up at his little head and looked at his father and his father. They both ignored him. They were a little bit upset and drew Rauluo's robe: "Daddy, I want to take a bath . "

Wu Ruo looked back, quickly turned his eyes, and hugged his son into the house.

Hei Xieyu stared at the children. This little bad guy actually bothered them. He should have been taken away by Hei Xietang just now.

Eggs made a grimace at him and said to Wu Ruo, "Daddy, Wang Badan stares at me."

Hei Xun sucked the corners of his mouth.

Wu Ruo glanced back and said, "You are not allowed in."

Hei Xieyu: "..."

He giggled and held Wu Ruo's neck and said, "Daddy, take a bath with me."

"it is good."

Hei Xieyu: "..."

I really want to spank my child.

When Wu Ruo waited for the hot water to be loaded, he took the child into the bathroom and closed the door.

Hei Xieyu was blocked out of the door. Only from the shadow on the window, Wu Ruo took off the child's robe and put the child in the water. Then, one by one, his clothes were removed, exposing attractive The body, almost seeing a scene of blood boiling, almost came out of nosebleeds.

He glanced around quickly, but fortunately everyone was cleaning the hall in the room.

Hei Xieyu took a deep breath and suppressed the desire in his body, secretly, this month, wouldn't Wu Ruo take a bath like this?

If this is the case, he will definitely dig out everyone's eyes here.

His people can only be seen by him.

In fact, Wu Ruo deliberately did this, and deliberately printed the shadow on the window to seduce Hei Xuan, so that he could only watch but could not eat.

In the bathroom, all the eggs and Wu Ruo's joking voices, the father and son in the bathroom did not know how much fun to play, so that Hei Xieyu jealous of eggs, really want to catch the child for him to take a bath.

After two cups of tea, one big and one small came out of the bathroom.

Wu Ruo hugged the child back to the room in wet hair.

Hei Xieyu got in while he didn't close the door: "Xiao Ruo.

Wu Ruo didn't look at him, he dried their hair with spiritual force, and put the child on the bed.

"Xiao Ruo." Hei Xuanyu took his hand.

Without further explanation, this person will be angry for several days, and he can't stand Wu Ruo's indifference to him.

Wu Ruo shook his hand and did not shake off: "You let go."

Hei Xieyu pulled people into his arms: "Xiao Ruo, my name is real and I did not lie to you. However, Xie Xie is my word. My family calls me Xie Xie, and Hei Xieyu only has the name It will only be used when leaving the kingdom of the dead, and it is not surprising that you did not inquire about me. When you left the kingdom of heaven, you already planned, and will tell you everything when you return, but I did not expect to bring you back. Something will be washed away by the water. Sorry, it made you look for me for a month. "

Wu Ruo looked up: "Is Heigan and Heixin their names the same? I have also inquired about them before, and other people still don't know who they are."

Hei Xieyu explained: "Hey, they are my shadow guards, and ordinary people do not know their existence."

Wu Ruo calmed down: "I'm gone, and you don't send anyone to look for me."

He inquired about things at Yemen, but he didn't hear about the Prince's partner missing.

"I sent a lot of people to look for you, as long as everyone who has seen you is sent, but you can't look for people brazenly, you can only let them pretend to be ordinary and mingle in the crowd."


"Because I'm worried that my enemy will take you away or kill you, so I will fake the news that I and the future prince have returned to the palace, and let my fifth brother pretend to be you and let him follow me When I go to Jufengzhai, let others think that the future princess is really together, so as to distract others. "

Hei Xiu realized that the person in his arms had lost a lot of anger, bowed his head and kissed the hair above his head, and asked, "Are you willing to hear me tell you everything now?"

Chapter 219: past

Wu Ruo stared at him: "Tell me first, is this body your own?"

"Yes." Hei Xuan stunned for a moment, and the smile on his eyes was fleeting: "Did you hear about the death of people in the Nation?"

"I also heard that you people in the Necropolis cannot leave the Necropolis. How did you and your people go to the kingdom of heaven?"

"We have a fairy tree planted by a fairy here. You can use the fruit it produces to refine the elixir. After eating it, you can use the fairy power inside to resist the curse, but only for one year. After one year, you need to eat it again. The elixir of fruit. "

Wu Ruo asked again, "When we came to the kingdom of the dead, we entered from the bottom of the river, so why didn't everyone know about it?"

"That was the passage dug out by our royal family, of course the others didn't know."

"You can leave Necropolis from the bottom of the sea?"

"The bottom of the bottom of the sea is buried with the immortal bones of the Necromancers. It can bless our people from leaving the necropolis, and it also depends on it to open the undersea channel."

Wu Ruo pushed him to sit on the bed and hugged the egg in his arms: "I'm done, what do you want to tell me next? Explain that your identity as a prince is something else?"

In fact, he still had a lot of questions and wanted to ask Hei Xuyi, but he vaguely felt that what Hei Xuyi wanted to say was what he wanted to ask.

Hei Xiu sat down and pulled his loose hair behind his ears: "Before speaking, I hope you don't get angry after listening."

Wu Ruo raised her eyebrows and turned to the bed with her eggs in her arms: "You don't have to say it before, I'm afraid I won't help you."

He was originally angry, and if he got angry after listening, he would definitely hit someone.

Hei Xieyu: "..."

If hitting him can make Wu Ruo dissipate, don't hesitate. Don't ignore him.

Hei Xieyu took off his shoes and hugged him, "Don't you want to listen?"

"Want to hear." Dandan got up excitedly: "I want to hear the bedtime story.

Hei Xuan drew the corners of his eyes, who would tell him the bedtime story.

Wu Ruo pulled the egg back into his arms: "Hurry up and sleep."

In a blink of an eye, the child snorted loudly.

Wu Ruo scratched the soles of his feet.

"Giggle--" Dandan laughed immediately.

Wu Ruo patted his little fart: "Huh? Pretend to sleep, let you pretend to sleep.

Hei Xuanyu saw them so happy, the corners of his mouth followed. Seen for a month, the relationship between father and son is better than before.

Eggs lie on Wu Ruo: "Daddy, I can't sleep."

Wu Ruo pinched his little nose: "I think you want to hear the story."

"Um." Doudou stared at Hei Xuan with glittering eyes.

Wu Ruo turned over and said to Hei Xieyu, "You say, if I can't be angry, I try not to be angry."

Hei Xieyu sat up and took his hand: "This matter will start from more than five thousand years ago ..."

Wu Ruo saw him so serious, and sat up holding her egg, "More than five thousand years ago?"

How do you mention something more than 5,000 years ago?

"Um. Do you remember what I told you about the descendants of the immortals? That's true. At that time, the descendants of the immortals and the ordinary people were divided into three major families, namely the Heavenly Saint, the Necromancer and the Mymit. Among them, there are more people of the Tiansheng tribe and their ambitions are larger. When they saw the establishment of one country after another, they discussed with the Necromancers and the Hermits to invade other countries to establish a great country. The Necromancers and the Hermits have always been There is no dispute in the world, but they do n’t want neighboring countries to invade their territories, so they agree that the Tiansheng tribe will attack other countries. For them who inherited some of the fairy power of the immortals, even if the three clans add up to less than 2,000 people, they are enough to destroy Neighboring countries. "

"In just two years, the three major ethnic groups defeated countless nations and established the Great Heavenly Holy State. The Necromancers and the Hermits guarded the Holy Saints as the right and left guardians. At the beginning, everything was quite peaceful. Never administer, only when there is war, will the war kill the enemy, and the Lord of the Heavenly Kingdom is very satisfied with the attitude of the two ethnic groups to dislike power. Until more than three thousand years later, the Necromancers and the Hermits became more and more The more and more powerful, the two ethnic groups have close relationships with each other like brothers, brothers and brothers. Later, the patriarch of the Necromands fell in love with the priestess of the Mysterious clan. The intermarriage between the two ethnic groups made the relationship between the two ethnic groups closer. Do n’t let the Lord of the Heavenly Kingdom be vigilant. Originally, the Three Saints ’ability was not as good as the other two ethnic groups. Therefore, the owner was worried that the intermarriage of the two races would jointly take away everything from the Holy Kingdom. Make a wicked scheme to separate the two races. "

"At that time, the Necromancers and Mymits did not know that the landlords had a different heart for them. Therefore, at a banquet, the way of the Lord of the Heavenly Kingdom was gradually followed. The feelings of the hermit saints are getting weaker and weaker, and they even marry the princess of the heavenly kingdom as a flat wife. They can use the rights of the patriarch's wife at will, and even to please the princess of the heavenly kingdom, the patriarch of the necromancer actually killed Miyin. Patriarch, even his children and the maiden did not let go, the mysterious priestess saw her child die in the hands of the necromancer, to the necromancer and the necromancer Resentment soared, and before her death, she used her last spiritual and fairy power to curse the kingdom of the dead. "

"People who curse the Necromancer can never see the sun of tomorrow again, nor can they leave the Necropolis half a step. They also curse the Necromancer not to be polygamous or polygamous, and curse the patriarch of the Necromancer. The imperial royal family must not live on the land, otherwise it will be reduced to ashes and never reincarnate.

Wu Ruo asked: "Is the prince of the mysterious clan insufficiently immortal? Otherwise, she should be able to curse them directly."

"Yes, if her fairy power is a little higher, the Necromancer will become even worse." Hei Xuan narrowed his eyes and continued: "After the death of the maiden, the patriarch of the Necromancer suddenly woke up, Seeing his dead wife and children, he was extremely distressed. He learned that the Heavenly Holy Kingdom had cast a spell on him, and while he was awake, he cursed the Heavenly Holy People with half of the magic power. And cursing the Lord of the Kingdom of the Holy Kingdom has a short life span and can not live forty years old. The other half of the fairy power is to give the Necropolis a chance to solve the curse, as long as the Necropolis and the royal family and the hermit love again , You can lift part of the spell. "

Wu Ruo asked curiously, "Which part of the spell?"

"Seeing the sun again, everyone in the dead nation can leave the dead kingdom, and the patriarch of the dead souls is atonement for themselves."

Wu Ruo rejoiced, and was very glad that the Necromantic nation was able to unleash some of the curses, and then frowned: "The people of the Necromancer and Mystic are cursed, and the people of the Holy Kingdom cannot remain indifferent. Have they cast a curse on your two races? "

"Under such a great curse, we need to exhaust our lives and immortal power. No one in Heaven ’s Holy Kingdom is willing to sacrifice ourselves. However, they will not let the patriarchs of the Necromancer do as they wish, and they will let the nations say that the Hermit has a secret skill. After learning this technique, the world is invincible, and the wizards of all countries are eager to mobilize all the wizards to steal the secrets of the hermit. The people who disturb the hermit are troubled, and the patriarch of the hermit has to take the entire family ’s People live in seclusion so that no one can find them. "

"Isn't that undead nation unsolvable."

"At that time, the royal family of the Necromancer did not mean to curse. Some people were in the vein of the Necromancer. It was the same for them to solve the spell, because they could never survive on the land. . "

When Wu Ruo heard this, he guessed the next thing: "So, your current royal family has defeated the former royal family and made the former royal family the old one?"

Hei Xieyu nodded slightly: "Yes, we all want to go back to the land and see the sun. You have been in the necropolis for a period of time, and I don't know if you have heard of a disease of anemia."

Wu Ruo nodded: "Not only have I heard it, but I have also seen it with my own eyes."

He even healed himself. "

But he did not say this.

"This disease is incurable, so it is urgent for us to solve the spell."

Wu Ruo frowned a bit: "But the hermits are reclusive, how do you solve the curse, or do you already find them? Even if you find them, it is not easy to want the two to fall in love, right?"

"They found their place of seclusion three hundred years ago, but their people only came out when they were trained, and we sent someone to wait for them. However, they were indeterminate, and after waiting for fifty years, they saw only one secret. People, and, just a quick glance, disappeared in the back, until more than 20 years ago, we finally saw the people in the mysterious clan, the identity of the other party is still a saint. Our people are particularly excited I thought that there was a chance to solve the curse. Who knew that the other party had just come back and had already found someone he liked outside. "

Wu Ruo: "..."

What a bad luck!

"Originally our people felt hopeless, but soon after, this virgin was expelled from the Mysterious Clan because she fell in love with people outside the clan and could never return to the clan."

Wu Ruo heard that the woman had the same experience as his mother, and could n’t help but hold the grievances: “How can I marry people from other ethnic groups like my mother, have they ever thought that long-term marriages will cause close relatives to marry, The children born are not healthy. "

Hei Xun decided to watch him silent.

Wu Ruo confused: "Did I say wrong?"


"That maiden has someone she likes, and you can't break them up, right?"

"Well, it is impossible to dismantle them. To dissolve the curse requires two parties to truly love each other. It doesn't make sense to dismantle them. We can only hit our children with their ideas. However, her first child did not really inherit the hermit Bloodline. "

Wu Ruo wondered, "Isn't the child of half mysterious ancestry?"

"It's half-breeding, but this child doesn't have the ability to inherit the hermit, and it doesn't count as a true hermit."

"What then? Continue waiting for her to have a second child?"

"Yes, about two years later, her second child was born."

Chapter 220: Past Life Past Life (6)

Wu Ruo asked quickly: "Should the second child inherit the ability of the hermit?"

Hei Xieyu shook his head slightly: "This child not only did not have the ability to inherit the hermit, but even did not have the spiritual power."

"How can this be? Is it because the maiden has children with other races that the children are not as good as one?"

"We thought this way at first, but later thought it was impossible. Even if one is not as good as one, there is no spiritual power and the third child has spiritual power. Therefore, we feel that there is something wrong with the second child, so we secretly Keep watching him. "

"After you observe, is there really a problem?"

"Well, there is a problem.

"So this child inherited the capabilities of the hermit?"


"What about the third child? Has he inherited the ability?"


Wu Ruo raised an eyebrow: "Now two years have passed, the second child has grown up, and your royal family will not send anyone to contact the second child in the past. What if you like others? Do you have to wait again? His child was born? By the way, who is your royal family planning to contact with the second child? "

Hei Xieyu asked him, "Don't you think it would be bad for us to approach the second child with purpose?"

Wu Ruo thought for a while and said, "It's not very good, but you just make her like the people of the Necropolis, and you don't force her to marry the people of your Necropolis. Your people should cultivate her when they contact her. Feelings, really ca n’t make the other person like you or she like other people, let go immediately, there is no loss to this child, of course, if two people can like each other, it is even better, she likes your people After that, I hope that the Necropolis can lift the curse and will help. However, before contacting you, it is best for your people to like the second child first, otherwise, they will be too sorry. "

Hei Xuanyu looked at him silently.

"What are you looking at me for?" Wu Ruo was uncomfortable with him, then narrowed his eyes, and was a little angry: "Your royal family is not going to send you to contact this child, right?"

Grimly clenching his hand, still silent.

Wu Ruo thought and felt wrong. "However, you already have someone you like, and it is impossible for you to contact the second child."

Hei Xiu sighed helplessly, holding people in his arms.

Wu Ruo shoved him: "Hey, don't talk about half, not half. What's going on? Are you sending someone to contact the second child?"

Hei Xingyu held on tightly to him.

Dandan looked up at the two hugging people and yawned boringly. He couldn't understand the story, and leaned into Wu Ruo's arms to sleep.

Wu Ruo felt that he was weird, and could not help recalling what he said just now, and found that the story of the maiden was somewhat similar to his mother's situation. He was driven out of the clan, and had three children. Moreover, The country was anxious to solve the curse, and someone should have been sent to contact the second child long ago, and it even had results.

He turned his head around, and quickly figured out the whole thing. He shoved the black shawl aside, and red eyes asked angrily, "I'm the second child, right?"

Hei Xuan looked at the angry face and clenched his lips, and nodded hard.

Uro suddenly felt cheated: "You ..."

No wonder such a perfect person would marry him as a fat man. It had been planned early in the morning, and all the initial doubts were found here.

His mother must have known these things before she came to the kingdom of the dead and couldn't wait to see Hei Xieyu.

Everyone was scared by the anger, and he rubbed his eyes stupidly: "Daddy, what's wrong?"

Wu Ruo was afraid of scaring the child, and quickly put away some of his anger, patted his back, and coaxed: "It's okay, you continue to sleep."

His eyelids kept falling, he couldn't hold it, and fell asleep.

Wu Ruo stared sternly at Hei Xuanyu, squealing with angrily, "You go out."

"Xiao Ruo ... Hei Xieyu wanted to hold him, but was avoided by Wu Ruo:" Do you really want me to beat you out? "Hei Xuanyu lowered his head slightly, and looked like he was kicking:" If you can let your breath away, you can hit me whatever you want. "

Wu Ruo sneered: "I want you to lose my breath after a few hits, will it be too cheap for you, will you go? If you don't go, I will go."

Hei Xuanyu quickly held him: "I'll go."

He was worried that Wu Ruo would never return.

Hei Xuyi put on his shoes and walked to the door and said, "Xiao Ruo, although it is my purpose to be close to you, I really like you. If I don't like you, no one can force me to do things I don't like."

Wu Ruo did not look at him.

Hei Sui opened the door and left.

When Heixin saw Hei Xie came out, he asked quickly, "Master, Madam, have you forgiven you?"

Hei Xuan said in a dumb voice, "I told him all the curses."

Hei Xin froze and sighed: "It should be told to him. If he keeps hiding from him, he won't get along well with the two of you, now the lady must be angry, but you can't blame him, after all, we Approaching him with a purpose, just don't know when his wife will forgive the Lord. "

Hei Gan frowned: "Will the lady forgive the Lord?"

"Yes." Hessian said with certainty: "As long as the wife likes the master, she will forgive the master. Although we are close to the lady with a purpose, the master really likes the wife, and we also have distress, because of helplessness, After the lady has figured it out, she will forgive us. "

Heigan asked, "I have a son, are we going back now?"

"No." Hei Xuan looked at the door. "I'll wait here for Xiaoruo to forgive me.

In the room, Wu Ruo was shaking with anger, so as not to wake his son to sleep, he just greeted the eighteen generations of the ancestors of the dead nation in his heart, and finally laughed at himself.

Before, when he did n’t know who was the second child of the Virgin, he was anxious that the people of the Necropolis hurriedly sent someone to contact the second child, hoping that the Necropolis would be able to solve the curse as soon as possible. Unsuccessful has no loss for the second child. However, after learning that the second child of the maiden is herself, she cannot face it calmly, and emotions such as anger, shock, and sadness rush out, afraid of shame I have a false feeling for him.

"Man is really selfish."

Wu Ruo was distressed.

Under such circumstances, it is obviously impossible to fall asleep, but the eyelids are getting heavier and darker, but they soon light up, and then Hei Xuan appears in front of him.

Wu Ruo froze and said angrily, "Did I not let you go? Why ran back again?"

Hei Xuanyu, if he did not hear him, stood with his head down, his breath was full of sadness and pain. If he looked closely, he would notice that his body was shaking like a cry.

"..." Wu Ruo's heart was sullen and uncomfortable. Suddenly, the anger disappeared: "Don't think you're pretending ..."

Suddenly someone yelled, "Hei Xuan 翊 ..."

Wu Ruo heard the familiar voice and quickly looked over. A man dressed up with the city owner came over.

He widened his eyes in disbelief: "Owner !? Why are you here?"

Wu Ruo quickly looked around and found that it turned out to be the backyard of Heifu in Tianxing Kingdom.

why is it like this?

Is he dreaming?

The owner said: "He has been successfully sent back to the past ..."

"Back to the past ..." Hei Xiong's voice was so incomparable, as if he hadn't spoken for many years: "After he returns to the past, he can be with me soon ..."

But what about him?

What should he do if Wu Ruo is gone?

"I hope I won't repeat the same mistake again." The city owner sighed long, saddened with unspeakable sadness in his breath.

He lowered his head, walked past Heishuan, and returned to the yard where he lived.

"Master." Hei Gan stepped out of the darkness, watching Hei Xieyu's back and forth, and finally spit out only four words: "Sorrow and regret"

These four words seemed to touch the black anger, raised his head, and the red eyes were scared Wu Ruo could not step back.

Immediately afterwards, Hei Xun's body condensed with black gas.

Heigan was startled and hurriedly said, "Master, what are you doing?"

Hei Xieyu didn't answer him, bit his right finger and quickly drew a rune on the left palm that Wu Ruo had never seen, while muttering a spell in his mouth, then raised his left hand and drew a few times in the air. The next moment, the strange wind blew, blowing the flowers and trees in the courtyard.

Hei Xietang hurried out and screamed anxiously: "Brother ..."

At this time, the sky changed, and the wind sounded like a ghost howling and screaming, and then, various terrible weird laughter and horrible cry came from the sky.




The strange scream was so harsh that it seemed as if someone had pierced the eardrum with an arrow. The pain caused Heigan and Hei Xietang to cover his ears quickly, but it didn't work. They could only seal the hearing with spiritual force.

Wu Ruo raised his head, countless horrible grimaces sprang up in the sky, and their mouths were snarling wildly with their twisted mouths. The people in the city couldn't stand the ghost crying and shouting painful cry, and the whole city was all at once roar.

After a few moments, thousands of top ghosts from the sky and underground. The trees and other places were drilled out. Their faces were ugly, ruthless, cruel, and killed when they saw people. They shattered when they saw animals. They ate human flesh and bones, as if they hated the whole world. The ghosts even surrounded the flowers, trees, and houses. Don't let go, all of them are destroyed one by one.

This scene is like Wan Ruo night walks that Wu Ruo has seen, but it is even more terrifying than Wan Gui night walks.

When the half-pillar incense was not reached, the whole circle became a ruin, the people fled around, the magicians could not resist, and the fierce ghosts became more and more crazy.

Hei Xietang and Hei Ganren all hid behind Hei Xieyu. Only in this way did Li Gui not approach them.

Wu Ruo was surprised, was this the real feast of all ghosts,

Hei Xieyu lowered his left hand, walked on a messy ground, and walked to Wujia.
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