Comeback of the Abandoned Wife Chapter 21-30

Chapter 21: not so good

"I really don't know you," Wu Ruo said half-true.

How could he know the brutal killing of his father and mother.

"You ..." Ruan Yue was annoyed by his words and was about to get angry, but Wu Ruo smiled, revealing a thick smile that had not been shown for many years: "Did I get mad at me?"

For a moment, Ruan Yui didn't know where Wu Ruo was acting.

Wu Ruoqing hummed: "You haven't come to see me for more than half a month. I almost thought you forgot who I was. Do you know what the people in Ufu say to you? They say you are because I can't The waste of cultivation will be my friend, and only in front of me will you find yourself more useful ... "

Ruan Yue was said to be central, with a stiff face, and angrily said, "Nonsense, how could I be such a person."

When he said this, he felt guilty and did not dare to look at Wu Ruo.

Wu Ruo looked at him with a smile, and said to his heart, you are such a person.


Now Ruan Ye is really young. If she talks at will, she shows a guilty expression. Ruan Ye, who was 13years after the last life, can completely hide her true side.

"I know that you are not such a person. I just mad that they said you like this, and that it took you a long time to come to see me. You must accompany me for a good day today without getting drunk."
"Okay, no problem." Ruan Yue said with a smile and looked at the dead nine: "Have you changed the attendant? Where are the two little brothers, Wu Dawu? Where have you been?"

Wu Ruo explained briefly: "They will marry in ten days and are now preparing for their marriage at home."

Ruan Yue was surprised: "I haven't seen it for more than half a month, why are you suddenly getting married?"

"Old age, the family is worried for them."

"Also." Ruan Yue looked at him and said, "Yes, how are you at Heijia today?"

"Not so good." Wu Ruozhuang pretended not to mention the black shame, calmly turned to the topic and asked: "Where have you been for most of the month? Where will you go to learn from the teacher?"

Ruan Yue laughed at himself: "I want to worship a master, but who would accept me as a disciple?"

Wu Ruo saw that he was not lying.

In the previous life, before he had lifted the seal, he often mingled with Ruan Rong. At that time, Ruan Rong did not have a master. In order to cultivate, he would have fewer chances to meet Ruan Rong. How did he get to know the mysterious man.

Wu Ruo asked, "Auntie Er, is she still reluctant to ask someone to teach you the technique of yin and yang?"

Ruan Ye is only a young master of a small family, and only knows some low-level mysteries. If his second aunt, Ruan Lan, was a distant aunt to Ruan Ye, Ruan Ye would not have access to people in the big family.

"She always felt that I was not suitable for learning mystery. How could she ask someone to teach me?" Ruan Yue revealed her reconciliation and
anger: "The two brothers haven't seen each other for more than half a month, so don't say her, go, we Drink and go. "


Wu Ruo sneered. At this time in the last life, he was injured and was lying in bed for more than a month. Ruan Yue only visited him once, but later told him that the black family didn't like him to visit him but didn't come to see him. , Which also made his impression of Hei Xieyu worse.

Looking back now, this should be an excuse that Ruan Ye didn't want to see him. He knew that he wouldn't go to Hei Xieyu to ask a clear question before he dared to lie so big.

Wu Ruo and Ruan Yue came to the yard where he lived and ordered the kitchen to deliver food and drink. As soon as they drank, they drank until night, and their faces were intoxicated.

Ruan Yun said with a look of intoxication: "I obviously have spiritual power, why isn't it suitable for me to learn mystery? I think she just abandons my distant relative and thinks I'm in trouble."

Wu Ruo Zuixun said, "Why are you so good that it is not suitable for learning mystery? I think my aunt must be afraid that you will surpass my cousin, so I dare not ask anyone to teach you."

Ruan Yue heard this, and she felt much more comfortable. She took the wine glass and drank it.

At this time, the corpse also walked in and said, "Madam, Master Ruan's servant never took him back."

Wu Ruoying said, "Let them come in and help him back." "Yes."
Ruan Yue ’s four guards were also drunk, his whole body of wine, and even his footwork was unstable. He could barely help Ruan Yue to leave Wu Ruo ’s yard.
After they left, Wu Ruo, who was so drunk, instantly recovered his face, as if he had never had a drink.

The corpse also came forward and whispered, "Ma'am, it's well arranged." Wu Ruo sneered: "Help me to bed."
"Yes." The corpse also helped him into the interior and took off his clothes for him.

"Remember to take everything back."

Wu Ruo gave a confession, and fell asleep, and the next day it was still bright, and heard a cry from outside the house: "Second Master, it's not good."

Chapter 22: Something happened

The corpse vigil outside the door lowered his voice and reprimanded: "Mrs. is resting, what's up when the lady gets up."

Shu Qingyuan's servants anxiously said, "But, however, it was Master Ruan who had an accident. If the master gets up, then everything will be late."

Wu Ruo in the room heard what the next man said, ticked his lips, and said lazily, "What happened outside?"

Dead Yuan said to the room immediately, "Madam, the servant in the courtyard said that Master Ruan had an accident."

Wu Ruo asked in an anxious tone, "Well? What happened to you? Corpse Yuan, come in and change clothes for me."


The escorts of Shu Qingyuan took advantage of the dead body to push in the door and quickly said to Wu Ruo in the room: "Master, when Master Ruan returned home last night, Master Ruan's two personal waiters somehow came to Shu Li In the courtyard of the second lady, the second lady was also frivolous. Now Master Ruan is being questioned by the second master, saying that he is going to punish Master Ruan. "

Wu Ruo angrily said, "Why are you reporting such a big thing now, how is your close-knit servant?"

"I heard that I have been beaten to death." The next man called Qu: "Master, I just got the news, and then I immediately came to tell the master."

"I see. I'll rush over to see it now."
The servant left, Wu Ruo said to the corpse who had dressed him, "You don't need to dress so neatly."

The corpse knew, so she wore her robes loosely, making Wu Ruo anxious.

Wu Ruo hurriedly walked out of Shu Qingyuan with the help of Shi Jiu and Shi You.

Because there was no intention to plead for his enemies, he slowed down when he walked into the unmanned alley, and almost hurried to Shu Liyuan.

Wu Ruo saw Yuan Ruan's other two close guards Ruan Sheng and Ruan Ying being stopped outside the gate of Shu Liyuan and rushed around.

When they saw Wu Ruo coming, they hurried over: "Master Ruo, please save our young master."

Wu Ruo was out of breath, took out silk silk from his sleeve and wiped his forehead with sweat: "To the end, hair, what happened?"

He wasn't pretending to look like this now. He walked so far with his bulky body, and was really tired.

Ruan Sheng and Ruan Ying saw Wu Ruo in a mess, and they were particularly moved. If the young master was indeed a good friend of the young master, after receiving the news, he ran over without even wearing his clothes.

Ruan Ying said, "Last night, we left Shu Qingyuan and walked directly to the side entrance of the South Hospital. In the end, only Ruan Sheng and I helped the master out. At the time, we didn't care, thinking Ruan Ying and Ruan Yong were too drunk. Delayed on the road, we first left with the master in a carriage and let Ruan Yong and Ruan Ying go back on their own horses. The guard who left Shu at the middle of the night came to our Ruan's house and said Ruan Yong and Ruan Ying slipped into Shu Leyuan Miss Yard's courtyard was light on Miss Er's skinny girl, so, without a word, we caught our young master Shu Li and interrogated. "
Wu Ruo asked: "From Shu Qingyuan, go left to the side door, and go right to Shu Liyuan and other courtyards. How did Ruan Yong and Ruan Ying come to Shu Liyuan?"

Ruan Sheng cried and said, "We don't know what happened. At that time, the five of us were obviously walking together towards the side door. I don't know what happened behind them. Walking and walking, Ruan Ying and Ruan Yong disappeared."

"Don't worry, I'll go in and see what's going on."

Immediately after Wu Ruo's remarks, Dead Jiu said, "Master, Master Ruan is out."

Chapter 23: Deserve it

Ruan Xu supported her waist and limped out of Shu to leave the hospital, apparently hitting a stick. Behind him was Shu Liyuan guard who carried Ruan Ying and Ruan Yong out.

"Master, are you okay?" Ruan Sheng and Ruan Ying rushed to help Ruan Yue.

Nguyen Tuan squeezed her pale lips tightly, and her eyelids were closed to block the huge anger and humiliation in her eyes. Since she was born, she has never been as embarrassed as she is today.

"You lift people out of the Wu family yourself." Shu Liyuan's guard throws Ruan Ying and Ruan Yong onto the snow with a disgusting look.

Ruan Sheng saw the two covered with injuries and exclaimed: "Ruan Ying, Ruan Yong."

He hurried forward to check, the two were about to die, and quickly took out the injury medicine.

Shu Li's guard patted him directly to the ground: "Our master said, we can't feed them medicine."

Ruan Sheng was anxious and angry: "They will die without feeding them medicine."

"If they die, it is their life. If they can survive, our master will not pursue this matter."

"You ... you ..." Ruan Sheng knew that Ruan's family was worse than Wu's family, so he asked Wu Ruo for help: "If you are young, please rescue them."
Wu Ruo's eyes flashed ruthlessly, so fast that people couldn't catch it: "Zombie Nine, Zombie, give them medicine."

"Yes." Corpse Jiu picked up the pills on the ground.

Shu Li's guard Shen Sheng stopped: "If you are the master, this is our thing to leave the hospital. Do you want to step in?"

Wu Ruo said: "This is two lives. How can I see death without help, not to mention I have known them for so many years."

The guard from Shu Liyuan asked him: "The servants of Shu Qingyuan have been with Master Ruo for a longer time. If they have done something wrong, would the Master not see that they would not punish them for their many years together? Come, how can there be rules? "

"Do you want me to watch them die?"

Corpse Nine and Corpse squatted directly next to Ruan Yong and Ruan Ying.

Shu Liyuan's guard shouted, "No feeding."

Ruan Sheng and Ruan Ying glanced at each other and quickly blocked Shu's guard.

"I don't hear it, don't allow it." Shu Liyuan guards angrily: "If you are so determined, Master, I have to ask our master to come out."

At this time, Shijiu stood up and said, "Madam, the servant is dead." The corpse then said, "This one is out of gas."
Ruan Sheng and Ruan Ying winced: "What? Dead?"

They squatted hurriedly and sniffed. Ruan Ying and Ruan Yong were out of breath, and they were stunned on the spot.

Brothers who have been together for more than ten years have died. Shu Liyuan guard yelled, "Deserve it."
"Take the person away," Ruan Yue said with a clenched fist, and then dragged the injured body towards the side door without turning her head back.

Wu Ruo asked Shi Jiu to help lift the body, and shouted to Ruan Yue: "Wait, wait for me."

Ruan Yue seems to have not heard him, walking faster.

By the time Wu Ruo chased out of the side door, Ruan Yue had left with the body.

Dead Nine asked: "Madam, do you want to chase it?"

"Yes, of course." Wu Ruo had to get things done, anyway, after he caught up, Ruan Yue wouldn't see him.

Sure enough, after chasing Nguyen's house, Nguyen Hue was closed behind closed doors.

Wu Ruo returned to Wujiashu to leave the hospital.

The corpse also reported to Wu Ruo last night: "After being arrested, Ruan Ying and Ruan Yong were whipped all night. Later, Master Ruan was taken to Shu to leave the hospital. Then he took off his pants in public and ate thirty plates. stick."

Wu Ruo sneered, Ruan Ye was so humiliated, and he must have facelessly appeared in front of him for a long time.

He looked at the dead body and the dead body: "To be honest, how did Ruan Ying die?"

Dead Nine replied: "Xiao took his lifeline while feeding medicine and others didn't notice, and let him die immediately."
The corpse said, "Me too." "well."
Wu Ruo smiled with great satisfaction, and they were really witty and could understand every word and instruction of him.

Now Ruan Yue suddenly loses two close friends, she must be particularly angry, and she is even more resentful to Ruan Lanru, but today ’s affairs are just the beginning.

Chapter 24: hope so

Wu Ruo ordered the corpse to send someone to stare at Ruan Yue, and then came to the lobby to eat early, but saw Guan Tong sitting at the table frowning and sighing.

"Mother, what's wrong with you?" Wu Ruo sat beside her and asked with concern.

Guan Tong returned to God and picked up his chopsticks: "I'm fine, let's use breakfast."

Wu Ruo looked at her as if she were all right: "Dad and big brother?"

"Xiaozhu and Xi'er went to the school, your father and him ..." Guan Tong sighed: "I didn't taste the breakfast, so I went to study in the study."

"Dad, did something happen, otherwise, how could you eat without taste?" Guan Tong stopped talking.
"Mother, don't hide me, you will only make me more anxious."

Guan Tong sighed: "In fact, there is nothing, that is, when your father and your uncle went to discuss with your grandfather, they told your uncle about the artifacts they want to borrow, but your uncle said you Dad does n’t have access to the magic weapon anymore, so he has to borrow it for a while ... ”

At the beginning, it was said that it should be repaid within a few days, but now two or three months have passed, and I did not intend to see them returning. It is clear that I did not want to repay them.

Wu Ruo had expected this to happen, and patted Tong Tong's back: "Mother, don't worry, uncle they will return."
"I hope so."

Wu Ruo picked up chopsticks and clamped a piece of taro snack for Guan Tong: "Mother, have breakfast."


Wu Ruo had breakfast and took a few dishes of pastry to the study to see Wu Qianqing. When he saw that his father was not as unhappy as he had imagined, he was relieved: "Daddy, are all the herbs ready?"

Wu Qianqing put down the book: "It's already found. When are we going to start taking a bath?"

"It's best after everyone is asleep at night." Wu Ruo thought, and said, "We also need to prepare a large iron pot that can hold yours, and put it on the stove to burn and soak."

"Well, I'll let Wuxu prepare for the meeting." Wu Qianqing got up and sat beside Wu Ruo: "Xiao Ruo, you lived in Wu's house last night, do you know what it is? And why is Wu Dawu Xiao not? Come back to Wu family with you? "

"Xie Yun left the city the night before, and will be back in a few days, so I plan to stay here for a few days and then go back, but U Da Wu Xiao they are going to get married in a few days, and are now in a hurry to prepare for a marriage."

"Well, it's time for them to get married. At that time, you have to prepare two great gifts for them. After all, they have been with you for so many years." They were only hired by Uda and Wu Qianqing didn't ask more: "Yes, When I came back just now, I heard about him, how is he now? "

Wu Ruo sighed: "Two servants died, and they also suffered thirty big boards. Now people are not willing to come out to see me in the house."

Wu Qianqing groaned and said with a frown, "I think someone wants to be ashamed. Xiaoruo, you have such a good relationship with him. You have
to be careful lately. I worry that anyone who wants to harm him will hurt you."

Wu Ruo's heart jumped and asked, "Dad, why do you think someone wants to be assassinated?"

"They were drunk and drunk last night. How could your servants go to Shu leave the hospital, and if someone keeps the door, they can still enter Shu leave the hospital. It can be seen that someone arranged it." Wu Qian Green squinted his eyes: "I wonder if they were deceived when they left the side door, or if someone arranged a mystery such as matrix formation, so that they could avoid the guard's eyes and enter Shu Liyuan."

Wu Ruo: "..."

His father is still very smart.

Wu Qianqing smiled suddenly: "By the way, your uncle's second son, An Run, is about to marry."

Wu Ruo raised his eyebrows, his thoughts drifted to the time when Wu Anrun was about to get married, and then he smiled deeply: "Is that so? Congratulations to my cousin."

Chapter 25: Back to Heifu

Later that night, after everyone fell asleep, Wu Qianqing quietly got up to take a medicinal bath. Wu Ruobi sat down with a pen and paper to record Wu Qianqing's response to the medicinal bath, and secretly checked the pulse to see if the medicated bath was real Have effect on Wu Qianqing.

After observing for four nights, it was confirmed that Lingtian showed signs of healing, and the heart hanging on his chest was finally put down. Unfortunately, on the morning of the sixth day when he returned to Wujia, Heixin sent someone to inform him that Heixiu was back.

After having breakfast, Wu Ruo took Zou Jiu and they left Shu Qingyuan. At the gate, they met two cousins ??who had just returned from the outside, namely Wu Shibin, the younger son of his second uncle Wu Qianbin. Wu Qiantong's younger son, Uber.

Wu Shi and Wu Bai saw Wu Ruo and exclaimed excitedly, "Liu."

Wu Ruo ranks sixth among uncles and uncles' sons, so cousins ??younger than him are called his sixth brother.

Wu Ruo smiled and asked, "Where did you come back from early in the morning?"

Uber was young and couldn't control his mouth: "We just came back from Gambling House."

Wu Shiqi shouted, "Wu Bai, didn't you tell me not to say it? If my dad knew that I went to Gambling Square and took you there, I would definitely beat me."

Wu Bo smiled grinningly: "The four uncles are reluctant to hit you."
Wu Ruo laughed: "Rest assured, I won't sue them with my uncle, but Gambling P lace is not a good place, so it's better to go less in the future."

Uber said: "Sixth brother, I went to Jiuwu half a month."

Wu Shida rolled his eyes: "Master Wubo, do you know that you sold yourself clean?"

Uber shouted embarrassedly: "I wanted to talk to someone because I was happy to win the money."

Wu Ruo smiled and didn't ask how much money they had won.

Wu Shi was worried that Uber said something that shouldn't be said, and quickly pulled Uber away.

Wu Ruo looked at the two teenagers leaving, smiling even more: "Gambling Square is actually a good place, right?"

They responded very cooperatively, "Yes."

Wu Ruo turned to the carriage and said to the corpse who helped him get in the car, "After going back, I changed the driver."


Before returning to Heifu, Wu Ruo went to Ruan's house first. He learned that Ruan Ye was still unwilling to see him before returning to Heifu.
When I got out of the car, I saw a crow flying over, and stopped on the shoulder of the dead body.

The corpse also removed the small note at the foot of the crow, and immediately destroyed it after reading it. After entering the gate of Heifu, he whispered, "Mrs. Master Anrun and her friend have an appointment to go to Xizha Theatre tomorrow. "

When Wu Ruorun learned that Wu Anrun was going to get married, he asked the corpse to inquire about Wu Anrun's whereabouts. If Wu Anrun left Beijing University, he should immediately inform him.
He nodded: "You can arrange it. I will also go to Xizha Theatre to see a play tomorrow."


The corpse also turned to leave Heifu.

At this time, Hessian came over: "Madam, Lord is waiting for you in the lobby."

"Wait for me?" Wu Ruo's eyebrows frowned. "Are you looking for anything?"

"Master brought someone back and wanted to introduce you to you." Wu Ruo asked, "Do you know who this person is?"
"do not know."

Wu Ruo walked to the hall, and before entering the house, he heard the hearty laughter in the hall: "Hey boy, you bought such a big house in Gaolingcheng, wouldn't you want to settle here?"

Wu Ruo heard this voice, and froze, this, this seems to be the voice of his master.

Chapter 26: Nou

In the hall, Hei Xiu was sitting on the main seat, while sitting on his left side was a middle-aged man with a firm silhouette and no eyebrows, but his eyes were large and bright, his nose was high, his lips were thick There was a long black beard at the chin, and the laughter was hearty and bold, and I knew it was an informal person.

Wu Ruo saw his middle-aged man and was so excited that he almost called him Master.

Seeing Wu Ruo coming in, Hei Xieyu stood up and introduced, "My wife, Wu Ruo."

Then he looked at the middle-aged man: "He, Noum." Wu Ruo: "..."
Good simple introduction.

"This is your wife?" Numu stood up and walked in front of Wu Ruo, looked left and right, and then patted his hand on Wu Ruo's shoulder, and laughed: "Young man, you are the most beautiful I have ever seen It ’s no wonder that Black Boy is going to marry you as a wife, and looks like a little girl. Well, the words “all over the country” are perfect for you. "

Hei Xieyu: "..."

"..." Wu Ruo gritted his teeth. "I am a man, and it is not appropriate to describe it by beauty."

When he first saw Dengmu in the last life, he said the same thing in the first sentence: "Young man, you are the most beautiful man I have ever met." At that time, he was still a big fat man as he is now, so the first reaction was that Numu was taunting him, so annoyed that he wanted to
slap the person. After getting familiar with him later, he knew that Numu could discern the true appearance of others through the contours and facial features of people.

After he lost weight, he looked very similar to his mother, and his slender and tall skeleton really made people mistakenly think that he was a woman, but it was not as beautiful as Numu or as glamorous as Numu said.

However, he did not know Numu through Hei Xieyu.

His first meeting with Numu was on the street. At that time Numu stopped him and said that he was the most beautiful person he had ever met. Then he scolded Numu and turned away. After that, Numu appeared in front of him three to five, until Numu healed a dying person in the medical museum and changed his appearance. Then, after slowly understanding, he learned that Numu's medical skills were extraordinary, and he began to worship. Thought, Numu did not reject him, and immediately accepted him as an apprentice.

"You are wrong, the word beauty can be placed on anything." Numu directly pulled up his wrist and pulsed: "I heard Hei Zi said that you were stabbed to make you look so fat now, and, The maggots in the body will also draw people's spiritual power ... "


Numu took his pulse seriously, and after a while, he said, "It takes a while to get rid of pupa. After all, worms have survived in your body for more than ten years."

Wu Ruo knew that Numu would be able to solve the problem, but how he was most concerned about Numu being here.

"Hey ... Is you looking for a solution for me?"

"Of course, if he didn't come to me to solve the problem for you, I wouldn't come even if the King of Heaven asked me to come." Numu
retracted his hand and walked to the door: "I want to go to the drugstore to find some herbs and come back at night You do n’t have to wait for me to eat. "

As soon as he left, the hall calmed down.

At this moment, Wu Ruo was in a very complicated mood, both shocked and very angry. At the same time, he was also grateful and helpless, because he found that someone who had encountered Numu in the last life was deliberately arranged, and the person who arranged to meet them was his husband. Hei Xieyu, therefore, he has a feeling of being played by others, but after all, it is a thing of the previous life, and it is not easy to anger the current Hei Xieyu.

Moreover, the last life can't blame Hei Xuanyu. If he went directly to Numu to see him, he would refuse to the extent that he hated him. He must have seen this before he arranged Numu to approach him.

Hei Xuan turned and sat back in his chair and continued drinking tea. Wu Ruo said, "That ..."
Hei Xuanyu looked up at him.

Wu Ruo stopped talking and thanked the two words in his throat. He finally said nothing and finally decided to thank him in another way: "I invite you to the theater tomorrow."

Hei Xieyu: "..."

Chapter 27: gain weight again

The next morning, Wu Ruo and Hei Xieyu had breakfast and invited Hei Xieyu to ride a carriage with him to Xizha Theatre.

After getting on the carriage, Wu Ruo suddenly felt that today's robes had narrowed, and the abdomen had been tightened so tightly that it was difficult to breathe.

Hei Xuanyu watched him twist like a white silkworm, and twisted his eyebrows.

Wu Ruo noticed Hei Xuyi's gaze and laughed at himself: "I'm getting fat again."

Hei Xuan looked at the abdomen tightened by the silver belt, and Shen said, "Sit over."

Wu Ruo held up his body subconsciously, but he was too bulky and did not support his body with all his strength.

He exhaled, took a break, and worked hard again, focusing on his strength. He didn't realize at this time that he was like a fat bamboo bear who could not stand up in the eyes of Hei Xieyu, which made people want to drag Rub it in your arms.

Wu Ruo still couldn't work after trying twice, then rolled his eyes: "Uncle, can't you sit by my side?"

Knowing that he has inconvenience, he also needs to move his position in a small space, embarrassing him.

Hei Xingyan invisible hooked his mouth, got up and sat beside him, then put his hand on his stomach and rubbed it.
"What are you doing?" Wu Ruo glared at Hei Xun, and immediately felt a spiritual power injected into his body to feed the insects. Suddenly, his abdomen became loose, and he no longer had difficulty breathing.

He exhaled, looked at Hei Xieyu, and asked, "Would you rub my belly to gather the worms in my body together?"

Hei Xun said nothing, patted his belly with elasticity, and sat back satisfactorily.

"..." Wu Ruo pumped the corners of his mouth, wondering if patting his stomach constantly would make his impression of him worse.

When we arrived at the Xizha Theatre, the sky was covered with fine snow, but it did not affect everyone's enthusiasm for watching the show. One carriage after another stopped at the gate of the theatre.

Wu Ruo and Hei Xieyu came down from the carriage, and their fat bodies and ugly faces immediately attracted the attention of the people around them.

"Look, that fat man should be the Sixth Master of Wujia Nan Courtyard?" Someone whispered to his companions.

"The body is so fat, it must be him. No one in Gaolingcheng is heavier than him. Hey, is the man wearing a black cape around him is his husband, wow, looks so scary, just like in a play It ’s the same thing. It ’s really ugly. I do n’t think a woman would choose to marry a fat man if she wants to marry him. ”

"To marry a big fat man should also marry a woman. What's the matter of marrying a man home now? Don't you feel disgusting?"

Wu Ruo glanced at them coldly.

The people who were talking about them suddenly screamed, and somehow got swollen and swollen.
The people who were beaten could not see the people who beat them, yelling, covering their faces and facing the empty place: "Ah, who, who hit us?"

"Which * * * *hit us, and some kind of land stood up for us, ah! " This man was only finished, his face was beaten again, and he was beaten on the ground and couldn't get up.

The other frightened people frightened away, leaving in their own carriages.

Wu Ruo squinted his eyes, and also did not see those who saw them, so he glanced at the black shame, remembering that this person can control the ghost, and often surrounded by a group of lonely ghosts, so He guessed that those people should have been beaten by ghosts, but unfortunately he hasn't cultivated and can't see what happened.

"Who is so bold to make trouble in Xizha Theatre?"

An outcry came from the gate, and then five young men came out.

Chapter 28: came to this end today

At a glance, Wu Ruoding saw that one of the very handsome young men was his cousin Wu Anrun, who was his goal to come to Xizha Theatre.

He called out, "Run brother."

When Wu Anrun heard someone calling him, he followed his voice and immediately found the person calling him: "Little Ruo?"

Wu Anrun's friends also looked in the past, and soon realized who Xiaoruo was in Wu Anrun's mouth, because Wu Ruo and Hei Xieyu were too prominent.

"An Run, is that your cousin?"

Wu Anrun's friend Liu Ding asked Xi, and the other three friends looked at him with a blank expression. Suddenly, Wu Anrun felt ashamed that such a fat and useless younger brother was embarrassed. Wu Ruo asked, "What are you doing here?"

"I'm here to watch a show." Wu Ruo introduced to him: "Run brother, this is my husband, Hei Xieyu."

In the last life, he took face seriously, and the more he avoided things he didn't want to face, the more people laughed at him. Therefore, what happened in the last life didn't want to happen again. All black history is erased.

Now that everyone knows that Hei Xiu is his husband, he faces it frankly. Even if other people want to make fun of him, after seeing his embarrassment and inferiority, they will gradually feel bored and stop doing such boring things.
Hei Xieyu raised his eyebrows, not expecting that he would introduce him so frankly to others.

Wu Anrun was not good enough to shake his head in front of a friend, and nodded his head toward Hei Xuan.

Wu Ruo laughed: "Run brother, I heard my father said that you are about to get married. I will congratulate you here first, congratulations on marrying a beautiful girl."

Wu Anrun frowned: "Have you ever seen that girl?"

In fact, he was not satisfied with the marriage at all. Until the date of his marriage, he only knew that the woman was the niece of Zhuang Qiurong, the daughter of Huai'an City, but she was tall, short, fat or thin, beautiful or ugly.

Wu Ruo shook his head: "No."

"Since I haven't seen her before, how do I know she's a beauty girl?"

"I heard the servants of the Nanyuan compound say that Zhuang girl is very beautiful. Maybe they have said so before."

Wu Anrun opened his mouth and wanted to rebuke. Liu Ding quietly pulled his clothes, and then said to Wu Ruo with a smile: "If the son, the opera is about to start, I will let you take you upstairs. . "

"Okay, trouble you."

Wu Ruo and Hei Xuan followed Liu Ding's people upstairs. Because he was fat, he walked very slowly, and naturally he heard what Wu Anrun was talking about.

Wu Anrun said unhappy: "Liu Ding, why didn't you let me talk just now?" "The words of your cousin made me think of a good idea," Liu Ding said. "What a good idea?"
"Don't you just want to get married because you don't know what the girl who married you just like? We can find someone to see, or is there someone in your Wu family in Huai'an City, and let them make a portrait of Miss Zhuang Come back, if you don't like it, find an excuse to retire the marriage. "

"Is it reliable?" Wu Anrun thought uncertainly: "I remember that there was a cousin at the Nanyuan compound, who was training in Huai'an City.
Maybe you can tell him to go and see, maybe Zhuang Qiurong is beautiful. He said it out. "

Another friend of Wu Anrun sneered: "I think it's more reliable to see it by myself. Anyway, we have nothing to do now, and we can go with you."

Wu Ruo heard this and raised his lips. Today came this purpose.

Chapter 29: See a play

Wu Ruo remembers that Wu Anrun of the last life, because he obtained the seniors through the examination and experience, began to look at himself first-class, and naturally has many requirements for his future wife. Not only must he have a good family history, he must be good- looking, and he must be high. If he wanted to marry a girl he hadn't seen before, naturally there was resistance and dissatisfaction, not to mention that the Zhuang Qiurong family was smaller than their Wu family. Just this, Wu Anrun thought she was not qualified to be his wife.

Later, Wu Anrun didn't know where to hear that Zhuang Qiurong was ugly, and after getting a portrait of Zhuang Qiurong, confirming that the other party was really difficult to see, he looked for various reasons every day to destroy the marriage. In order to get rid of this family relationship, he found a family lady who almost met his requirements to cause a private affair.

Wu Anrun's father had to retire from the dealer and let Wu Anrun marry the family lady. Unfortunately, after the marriage, the two were not happy, they often noisy, and their lives were annoying.

Half a year later, Wu Anrun heard that Wu Chu, the third son of the Nanyuan Courtyard, had successfully returned, and was planning to marry with Zhuang Qiurong, a bookmaker in Huai'an City, half a year later.

He learned that the news was scornful. Later, when he was married in Wuchu, after seeing Zhuang Qiurong's flowers and moon, he was regretful and had no dreams. Zhuang Qiurong would be so dignified and beautiful. In his mind, his wife It should be like this, unfortunately, he was the one who destroyed the marriage first, and now Zhuang Qiurong marries his cousin, no matter how sorry he is.

However, after seeing Zhuang Qiurong, Wu Anrun began to miss her so much that she thought about it and dreamed at night. Wu Anmeng
dreamed of Zhuang Qiurong during the day and dreamed of her at night. Unconsciously, she was in Dream called Zhuang Qiurong's name.

The wife who sleeps on the same bed with Wu Anrun knows that her husband misses another woman and is even more troubled. Wu Anrun can't bear such a wife, and she misses dignity and elegance. Zhuang Qiurong.

On one occasion, Wu Anrun accidentally learned that Wu Chu and Zhuang Qiurong had known each other before he and Zhuang Qiurong became their relatives, and gave each other a token of love. He immediately thought of hearing the news that Zhuang Qiurong was ugly, and he guessed This incident must have been false news deliberately released by Wu Chu in order to be with Zhuang Qiurong, so that he could cancel his engagement.

The more Wu Anrun thought of this possibility, the more he confronted Wu Chu, and then the two fought out. After that, they were mediated through the patriarch Ubfang several times.

I don't know what this life will become.

Wu Ruo was anxious to know the results later, and when he returned to God, he had come to the door of the third floor.

P ushing in the door, you can immediately see the stage downstairs, and their room is facing the stage, and the location is particularly good.

Wu Ruo satisfied: "The location is good."

Zujiu helped him to sit on the big chair that the corpse had instructed the theater buddies to replace in the morning.

Wu Ruo patted the position beside him with excitement and said to Hei Xieyu, "Sit here."

Hei Xieyu sat in the position, glanced lightly at the vocal first floor, frowned, and didn't like this lively scene.
Wu Ruo asked him, "Have you ever come to the theater to watch a show or have you invited a theater class to the opera to sing a opera?"

In the last life, he had never seen Hei Xieyu watched the drama. He was alone or in a quiet place.


Wu Ruoyang smiled. "Neither did I."

Regardless of this life or the last life, he never went to the theater to watch a show. First, because he was too fat and humbled himself, he didn't want to go out to a crowded place to let others watch his joke. After losing weight, he followed Numu. After studying medicine, and later unsealing the spiritual power, he spent all his time on cultivation, but Wu Bufang, the head of the Wu family, felt that the role of the opera was low, and he was not worthy of singing opera in the Wu family. Therefore, Wu family never invited him. The troupe, and he has never seen a troupe.

The corpse also handed today's song list to Wu Ruo.

Wu Ruo glanced at him. The opera name of the second single immediately attracted his attention because the song title was 'Ugly Fat Xianggong'.
The words ugly and fat made him very sensitive, and he asked subconsciously: "'ugly fat Xianggong' "? Why is this opera name so strange?"

The corpse also explained: "According to the theater folks, this is based on the story of the master and wife."

Hei Xieyu: "..."

Wu Ruo's forehead leaps bluely: "I'm going to see what story is sung in the opera."

The first opera started soon, but because of the second opera in my heart, I didn't hear what the first opera sang.
After the second opera, Wu Ruo and Hei Xieyu could not help but sit up and stare at the stage.

After the start of the opera, a big fat man appeared on the scene. Regardless of his face or body shape, he looked very similar to Wu Ruo. Even the clothes on his body were made similar to Wu Ruo.

As soon as the big fat man came out, he fell into a tumble and fell on the ground and couldn't stand up. The audience immediately laughed.

Wu Ruo's eyes were drawn straight.

Then, a middle-aged couple appeared, and the fat man immediately cried and didn't want to marry. In the end, he was forced to sit in Dahuajiao and marry an ugly man.

Seeing this here, Hei Xiu took a meaningful look at Wu Ruo.

Wu Ruo has been quietly observing the reaction of Hei Xieyu, naturally noticed that Hei Xieyu looked at his eyes, he was ashamed and angry: "I have never cried like a fat man on the stage."

For him to marry another man, there must be resistance, resistance, and tantrums, but he never cried like a woman.

Hei Xiu blinked a smile under his eyes, turned his gaze back to the stage, and said lightly, "I know, why do you cry if you want to marry me so much?"

Wu Ruo: "..."

For so many years, he had known Hei Xuyi, and for the first time he had known Hei Xuyi's thick face.

"I said where did you learn the mystery of" blind words "?" "I just realized it."
Wu Ruo: "..."
The drama on the stage was not a good time until the two men became married. The fat man often found trouble with the ugly man. He also liked a widow, but how could the ugly man allow his boyfriend to be with other women? He used a trick to separate the fat man from the widow and killed the widow. After learning the truth, the fat man chose to die with the ugly man.

Wu Ruo angrily lifted up a shot: "Uncle, who made this twisted reality story."

The corpse also said: "I heard the folks in the theater say that because everyone doesn't like the story of broken sleeves, I have adapted this ending to please everyone."

Hei Xuan narrowed his eyes.

The corpse also suddenly sweated.

This drama was not adapted by him, what use is it to see him.

"Don't watch it." Wu Ruo's mood for watching the movie was obscured by the play, and he got up and went downstairs with Hei Xieyu.

The two got on the carriage, and sat on the opposite side of the black shackles and stared at Wu Ruo.

Wu Ruo was unconcerned by his indifferent eyes, as if he were the fat man in the show, and he would betray him: "What are you looking at me for? I won't run away with the widow like the man in the show, and then stupid With you. "

In the last life, no matter how much he hated Hei Xuyi, he never thought of killing Hei Xuyi, nor did he think about breaking up with Hei Xuyi, even if Ruan Ye had persuaded him, he just smiled. .

The coldness in Hei Xuanyu's body was reduced for a moment, leaning on the back of the car and closing his eyes.

Wu Ruosong breathed.
In fact, he really wanted to know. If he ran away like a fat man in the play, and he didn't know what he would do to him, it should be more than a simple design to separate him from the widow, right?

"Ah ~ ~ " Suddenly, there were many screams from the theater, and then a large group of people rushed out of the theater.

"What happened?" Wu Ruo immediately asked the people outside the car. "Madam, it's okay," Heigan replied, and then drove away.
Wu Ruo: "..."

It doesn't look like nothing.

It is a pity that it is winter and the car curtains are all sealed. You ca n’t see anything outside. You can only tell from the sound that everyone seems to be chased and screamed and ran out of the theater. Then, Fighting came from the theater.

Wu Ruo's carriage was getting farther and farther away from the theater, and he never heard any more.

Back in Heifu, Hei Xin walked to them with a smile and said, "Master, the egg moved."

"What egg?" Wu Ruo asked curiously. "That's the big white egg you gave birth to." Wu Ruo: "..."
When did he lay a big white egg?

Ah, wait, wouldn't it be the egg given by Thorny? Wu Ruo asked Hei Xieyu, "You still have that egg?" Uh, keep it, maybe the egg is really his.
Hei Xieyu walked directly to the backyard study.

Wu Ruo quickly followed, and as Hei Xieyu walked into the room next to the study, he saw a big bird monster hatching an egg.

When the big bird monster saw Hei Xieyu coming in, he quickly stood up and let Hei Xieyu watch his big white egg.

Hei Qian carefully lifted the egg and sent it to Hei Xieyu.

Hei Xiu put his hand on the white egg, and used the spiritual force to detect the situation inside. Then, he slightly hooked the corner of his mouth and put his hand back.

"Ma'am, look at Master Xiao, too," said Hei Xin, smiling.

Wu Ruo heard this title, and his eyes twitched. Wouldn't Hei Xieyu really see the big white egg as his son?

He put his hand on the big white egg, and sensed the creatures with his spiritual power. Then, he saw that the white flesh turned into a baby, and he was frightened to put his hand back, and asked Hei Xieyu: ... is this really the egg I gave you? "

How did the meat ball in the egg turn into a baby? Too scary, right?

However, if this egg is a child born of a monster, it is not surprising that the meat ball becomes a child.

Wu Ruo thought so suddenly, relieved.

The next time you come to him with a thorn, be sure to ask about it.

Hexin put the egg back in the nest, and let the big bird monster continue to hatch.

Chapter 30: Pick the second

"..." Wu Ruo saw He Xin and He Qian carefully treat the big white egg, and put a few black lines on his forehead, and said, "Are they a little young master, are they too serious?" Do you really think of the big white egg as the son of Hei Xie?

"I'm looking for you everywhere. It turns out you're all here." There was a laughter of Nu Mulang at the door. P eople walked into the room, looked at everyone in confusion, and looked at the big bird monster: "What are you doing here?" "

Hei Xuyi did not answer the question: "When did you start to solve Wu Ruo?"

"Anytime, right." Numu handed an invitation card to Wu Ruo: "I met a man in your house on the way here, so I took the invitation post and said it was Wu Ruo's The attendant invited Wu Ruo to join the wedding party three days later. "

"Thank you." Wu Ruo took it blankly and posted it. Everyone immediately noticed that he was in a bad mood.
Heisin asked carefully: "Madam, do you need a slave to prepare a congratulation?"

It is impossible for Wu Ruo to worry about congratulations personally like the last life, so he directly passed the invitation to Heixin: "Trouble you."

In the last life, he also personally attended the wedding ceremony, but in this life, let alone attend the wedding ceremony, he didn't even want to see them.
Seeing that he was not interested in this matter, Hei Xin knew what congratulations were being prepared.

Numu said before leaving: "I thought about two ways to solve the problem last night. You choose one to solve the problem yourself. The first one is to use the spiritual force to force the problem out directly. The solution is to It ’s fast and saves time. About seven days to half a month, all the worms in the body can be forced out of the body. However, the process of lysis is very painful and bad for the body. After all, the worms have survived in Wuruo for nearly two years. In ten years, it is equivalent to a part of his body, which is equivalent to removing a part of his body. This will hurt the vitality, and it will be difficult to make up in two years.
Therefore, I do not recommend you to use this method. .I will say this method, just thinking that you may be in a hurry to solve the problem. "

Wu Ruo: "..."

In the previous life, he was anxious to solve the problem and chose the first method. When the solution was completed, he was simply inferior to life, like tens of thousands of insects crawling in the body, and then the insects got out of his body through the blood vessels.

When he watched the disgusting black worms crawl out of the body, goose bumps ran out all over the body, and he didn't eat for a few days and hurt his vitality. Two years after the dissolution, he was like a sick seedling. He was extremely weak, and was unable to lift his spirits every day. He had to take many supplements to replenish his vitality.

Hei Xu squinted and asked, "What is the second method?"

"The second method is to soak the medicinal bath in my medicine for a month to soften the worms in the body, and then force one worm out every day. Therefore, the time to defuse the worms is relatively slow, and it may take three to four months to remove All the worms in his body are cleaned up. Although it is time-consuming, he can slowly reduce his body shape and body weight at the same time, which will not hurt the vitality or the body. "
Heishu immediately made a choice: "Just choose the second." Numu looked at Wu Ruo: "What do you think?"
Wu Ruo looked dark and agreed, "Well, there are two ways."

If there was no black shame, he might still be anxious to force the worms out of his body like the last life. After all, with a fat body and no spiritual power, it is difficult for a person to deal with so many people in Wujia .

Numu said, "Okay, we started taking a medicated bath today, one and a half hours a day."
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